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An absence of Respect

Posted on May 18, 2014 by

Since we’re (reluctantly) talking about the odious and hateful side of the independence debate today, here’s crusading socialist MP and No campaigner George Galloway of the Respect party, retweeting a troll account depicting Chris and Colin Weir as a couple of fat pigs standing around in filth.


And on this occasion, the retweet IS an endorsement.

Because this isn’t one of those occasions when people RT things in order to show how dreadful they are. The context of it can be clearly seen on Galloway’s account:


Apparently, by contributing some of their money to the peaceful, democratic Yes campaign, the Weirs – an ordinary working class couple who just lucked into riches and have given millions to others less fortunate – are trying to “buy and sell Scotland”. Perhaps George would be more comfortable if they gave the cash to terrorists trying to secure Scottish independence with Armalites and bombs and rockets.

As we point out regularly, the Yes side has a handful of anonymous internet loonies who sometimes say abusive things, but George Galloway is a Member of Parliament. His salary is paid by taxpayers – by YOU – and yet he spends his time vilifying decent, honest members of the public who’ve done nothing illegal or immoral.

Independence campaigners should expect an endless, rancid vomit-slick of this sort of provocation in the next four months. Because the only place George Galloway and his ilk know where to fight is down in the mud and dung. If Yes supporters give in to it, he and his unsightly Ulster Unionist allies will win. Goodness knows what sort of poisonous, grotesque Scotland would emerge on the other side.

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    159 to “An absence of Respect”

    1. David Smith says:

      Let’s just win this and decide what we do with this shower of shit afterwards.
      Right now, they demean shit.

    2. ronnie anderson says:

      The best thing we can do in regards G Galloway is no comment, thats what he wants. Rev lets not help the clown.

    3. Diane says:

      Absolutely disgraceful. He’s another one that needs to resign. Have these people got no idea about how Twitter works or are they actually just thick?

    4. Smudger252 says:

      At least it wasn’t Iraqui oil money eh georgy boy 🙂

    5. donna b-s says:

      While on the side of Scotland……I know I’m on the right side, they are on their own side of hate.

    6. bunter says:

      There are some out to provoke, but lets not give them the pleasure of falling for the bait. What it does do is show any undecideds what kind of people these unionists are and what they stand for. Who wants to be part of that or associated with them and their union.

    7. Big Red Machine says:

      Big Gorgeous George a humble, demure man.

    8. Paul says:

      I’m going to see him tomorrow. The best bet for those of us on the pro-independence side is to attend these things and put forward the most cogent and convincing argument, not for Galloway’s benefit, but for waverers in the audience. He is probably the only articulate and eloquent voice that No has, and is someone that appeals to people we might term ‘Old Labour’ that might be otherwise inclined to favour independence.

    9. Brendan says:

      Aye, that’s ‘Respect’ for you! Gorgeous Georgie-boy should get back to licking his cream-bowl in Bradford, and leave decent uprighters like the Weirs well alone. Foul fellow!

    10. Gary C says:

      Rev I pointed out a few names to both Georgie and Brian Wilson and there was no response from either. Could we perhaps get an article up about some of the millionaire donors who have contributed to the main stream political parties? And maybe a list of what title or peerage they got?

      The gloves are off from the Unionists and its only going to get dirtier and more hate filled over the coming months. Its starting to dawn on them that this is a battle they are not winning and they don’t like it one little bit.

    11. bunter says:

      Oh and it goes without saying that the Weirs have deep pockets and if I was them I would be doing something about this filth through the courts.

    12. Croompenstein says:

      Oh George how lower are you going to sink, I actually feel sick that I used to have some respect for you in light of the work you did in Iraq and going to Washington to stand up to the imperialists in their own backyard. But now I have no modicum of respect left for you. You have succumbed to the buzz and power of Westminster and can no longer speak for the people you espouse to represent. Bye Bye George..

    13. eezy says:

      That has absolutely shocked me.
      If GG has actually intimated this, he should be ashamed.
      Kinda lost it when he dressed up as a pussy.
      This though…..shameful.
      GG….please respond, I would welcome it….

      eezypeezylemonsqeezy [at] gmail [dot] com

      I’ll call you straight back.

    14. Nana Smith says:

      Good grief and he is in the ‘respect’ party.

      We will not lower ourselves to his level.

    15. Murray McCallum says:

      Is George Galloway the only remaining person in the Respect Party?

      I wonder if he wins the internal debates with himself?

    16. Democracy Reborn says:

      Aaaaaahhh, George, George……

      A forthright supporter of self-determination for peoples & nations throughout the world….errr, except his own.

    17. Ali says:

      I was thinking about all the photos George Galloway likes to post of himself beside national leaders like Muammar Gadaffi, Yasser Arafat, Sadaam Hussein, Hugo Chavez. People in positions of power in other countries meet him because he speaks up for them or their cause. But it’s more than that. The crucial factor is that he is seen as someone who is part of the British state (an MP) but who opposes the British state. Dismantle the British state by voting Yes and, like the other politicians in WM who get off on ‘punching above their weight’ as part of GB, George becomes diminished. I don’t think George deals very well with anything that might diminish his image. Hence his massive enthusiasm for the unionist cause to prevent the break up of the British state, while at the same time claiming to be an arch enemy of that same state.
      Of course George being the opportunistic charlatan that he is has a Plan B. If his naw campaign fails he is on record as saying he plans to be the first President of an independent Scotland. I just hope noone is daft enough to fall for his conversion to the cause and big talk about helping Scotland to walk tall on the international stage after we get independence.

    18. Alba4Eva says:

      Wait a minute here… do I understand tgis right? …Labour have moved to the right… The Lib Dems are neither Liberal nor Democratic… UKIP believe in separation and being unified simultaneously and the Respect party are disrespectful?

      …feck, at least we know where we stand with the Tory’s then.

    19. Alba4Eva says:

      Wait a minute here… do I understand this right? …Labour have moved to the right… The Lib Dems are neither Liberal nor Democratic… UKIP believe in separation and being unified simultaneously and the Respect party are disrespectful?

      …feck, at least we know where we stand with the Tory’s then.

    20. Alba4Eva says:

      Oops, i’m on a train. That messed up a bit.

    21. Paula Rose says:

      If I’m not mistaken that’s a pair of British Lop pigs, a rare breed from the SW of the British Isles – no point being made, just info, I’m rather fond of pigs.

    22. David Cornelius says:

      If it wasn’t for WOS I would never get to see this sort of thing. The mans a disgrace.

    23. liz says:

      This is completely disgraceful and I hope the Weirs are not upset by this but treat these folk with the contempt they deserve.

      The Weirs have helped a lot of people out there with their generosity and are to be applauded for that.

      The fact that an elected MP on the same day that an elected MSP made a comment re the Rev, can think this is acceptable in anyway, just goes to show what an overrated bunch of a***s make it to high office in this country.

    24. Croompenstein says:

      @Murray –

      I wonder if he wins the internal debates with himself?

      He is a first rate internal debater when I was wee I was told it made you go blind so must be true as George is now blind to Scottish reality.

    25. Anne says:

      I grew up in Northern Ireland at a time when lives were blighted by terrorism. One of the reasons I support the current independence campaign is that it is peaceful and democratic and has given us the opportunity to think about the sort of society we want to belong to. That GG opts for the cheapest shot is not surprising however depressing it might be. But I feel strongly that the best defence is to rise above it. Much of the current No campaign is designed to provoke, to raise an intemperate reaction that, however well justified, will be used as evidence that everyone who supports independence is irrational and hostile. So we must grit out teeth and continue to emphasize the positive and give these people just enough rope to hang themselves.

    26. Jude says:

      This doesn’t surprise me at all about George Galloway. The Weirs don’t deserve that at all, they are the good guys. Remember Galloway also used Hillsborough as a political shot a fews weeks ago, The man is a mysoginist,bully, direspectful rape apologist and down right nasty man. NO RESPECT.

    27. Jim Thomson says:

      @Caesar!4Eva 8:45

      you mean like this …

      The interesting graphic is near the foot of the article.

    28. AnneDon says:

      When we see the forces of reaction arrayed against independence, we have to ask the obvious question, which the Rev does in his final sentence – who would want to live in the kind of Scotland their triumph would herald?

      As for Galloway? When it comes to British Imperialism, there are many strange bedfellows.

    29. fergie35 says:

      Galloway is an Irish and British nationalist, he falls into the ‘Scotland is crap’ mentality. He is also sectarian, probably very similar to Jim Murphy, who cares what they say.

    30. Richard Bruce says:

      I think George sold his soul to Astaroth back in the 70s.

      There is no going back for him and his empty, indefatigable black heart now.

    31. TJenny says:

      O/T – and probably should be on another thread but this one’s most recent – just seen that there’s an ‘EnglishScots4Yes’ twitter account.

      I don’t tweet, but for any Wingers out there who do, please tweet them a HUGE welcome onboard the YES wagon.:-)

    32. Brendan says:

      So, according to George, if a perfectly ordinary and decent couple happen to luck into some money and then decide to use that money to help a legal and democratic political party that they have always supported, then they deserve vilification.Please George, tell us what they have done that is wrong.

    33. Ian Brotherhood says:

      This isn’t really o/t, if it’s being used by way of contrast.

      Great stuff from IndependenceLive (Thistle) and Clan Destiny.

      ‘John Jappy: Hiding the Truth’ –

    34. Lockie says:

      Well well well Mr Galloway how many appointments do you have this week with head teachers or parents in your constituency to discuss bullying ? you know what bullying is George don’t you ? I sincerely hope you didn’t Twat this. I notice the trough is missing from the photo, some of your fellow MP’s busy with it are they ?

    35. Red Squirrel says:

      Jealousy is so unbecoming.

    36. CameronB Brodie says:

      I’ll be kind and suggest that Mr. Galloway appears to have issues. Perhaps his Midichlorian count is at the lower end? 🙂

    37. Mowbs says:

      Galloway is pathetic and best ignored.

    38. Eugene Cairns says:

      Mr Galloway you disgust me

      to the gutter with you

    39. I salute the weirs indefatiquability ( don’t know if I spelled that right , but you get the idea )

    40. Aikenheed says:

      Aye Just remember – never wrestle with a pig – you both get covered in sh1t and the pig enjoys it – leave Mr Galloway and his ilk to their own prejudices.
      Ignore them and they will wilt in the shade of no publicity

    41. Betsy says:

      Galloway is really beyond parody now and indeed has been for a number of years. He’s such a slimy opportunist. If there’s a Yes win I wouldn’t be surprised to see him up in Scotland after he’s kicked out in Bradford, claiming to have been pro-indy all along.

    42. George Galloway would rather Scotland is governed by neo-liberal Westminster Tories than her own people. He’s going round Scotland charging people so he can tell them they’re not good enough to run their own affairs. Its shocking!! Now he’s attacking the Weir’s for doing what they feel is right. I wonder if he would be saying that they’re trying to “buy and sell Scotland” if they were supporting the Union??

    43. Luigi says:

      BT may well refuse to engage in honest, open debate.

      There is no need whatsoever for us to engage with this offensive, counter-productive nonsense.

      If BT refuses to debate in a polite, balanced way, then let’s ignore them and speak to the people directly.

      They damn themselves by their own hateful words.

    44. Alba4Eva says:

      Absolutely Jim Thomson… political compass is one of the first places I send folk. Often people don’t understand how politics fits in with their own beliefs until they go to PC and even take the test. Cheers. 🙂

    45. SteveB says:

      Actually pigs are as intelligent as dogs and, left to themselves, quiet clean.

      Whereas alleged radical politicians cavorting in cat suits on tabloid TV to get exposure is neither of those things.

    46. Indy_Scot says:

      Could not agree more, as long as we rise above the unionist gutter debate and not allow ourselves to be dragged down to their level, then it will be only a matter of time before we are rewarded with the Independent country that Scotland should be.

    47. Tommy says:

      The Weirs are great folk our little playpark got repainted through a donation from their Trust fund. Good Luck to them and hopefully their life long dream of an Independent Scotland will happen.

    48. Craig says:

      Scotland was sold 300 years ago by the parcel of rogues.

      Now we have got a realistic chance of being free again, democratically, the likes of Galloway are campaigning to keep us sold for ever.

      Where does Galloway get his campaigning money from? Those who give money to buy and sell Scotland?

    49. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Many of us have met ‘Thistle’ and are familiar with his stuff. The guy never stops, and, like Clan Destiny, is doing priceless work which has huge documentary value, like the John Jappy interview above.

      We’ve been exchanging e-mails about doing a fundraiser, but I think he’s a bit wary given that there have been so many appeals lately. I’m sure we could help him out here, so I’m just asking for expressions of support – please show Thistle that the will is there to get some dosh raised so that he can upgrade equipment, help cover his travel costs (e.g. approx. £80 train return for the recent Dundee WOS night!) and whatever else it is he needs to keep the plates spinning.

      Just for argument’s sake – is £3k too ambitious a target? Thoughts please, to the Off-topic thread:

    50. Papadox says:

      George Galloway: well he certainly learned well from his teachers in the SLAB House of Lords. Galloway then went on to surpass the depths his political hero’s could achieve, Ried, Wilson, Liddle, Brown, Darling, Curran, Hood, Davidson, Alexander, They new how far to go and how to play their hand, George didn’t and doesn’t he is just a very bitter and twisted loose cannon hence all the others ditched him to preserve their own futures.

      They all have several things in common SLAB, UNIONISTS, and the love of themselves and selfishness, to the core. As George once said on TV, dr J Ried taught him the proper words to his party pieces about the union that they all love so much.

      Poor old george he just didn’t get the timing quite right and instead of his ermine and title he got more bitter and twisted a cat dish and a cheque for his efforts on big brother.

      As for the Wiers they are honest sincere people who should be left alone to enjoy their lives as they wish to spend it. I have total respect for them and wish them well.

    51. BuckieBraes says:

      This post made me feel distinctly queasy at first sight, but then I decided to focus on the mind of George Galloway, who was ‘fund oot’ by his native city a long time ago.

      George doesn’t think the Weirs have the right to buy and sell Scotland. OK; but in George’s mind, the concept of ‘Scotland’ clearly has some significance; otherwise he wouldn’t care if it was bought or sold.

      So, George, what is this ‘Scotland’ whose fate you so care about?

      Is it a country like – ooh, let’s see – Iraq, or is it just a region? If it’s a country, why shouldn’t it have the right to govern itself? And why shouldn’t those who care about that want to assist in the process?

    52. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      I am tempted to say that if George Galloway wins his Respect debates he is just playing with himself.

      But, I will not.

      Revenge is a dish best tasted cold.

    53. Giving Goose says:

      George Galloway is just an imposter.
      The Union has provided him with opportunities to make lots of money and massage his huge ego. He is the ultimate chancer and opportunist.
      He’s a fraud and the most extreme example of a gravy train passenger. By booking his seat on the Westminster express he’s now a part of the Establishment and will fight tooth and nail for his pay check.
      It’s worth voting Yes to rid the good people of England of this charlatan.
      He’s probably looking for a peerage, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

    54. Les Wilson says:

      I would vote for a debate between Galloway and Tommy Sheridan. I feel sure Galloway would not like that, Tommy, like him or not is on fire just now.
      That would be a great one!

    55. Adam says:

      Can we not do a mass letter to a select committee on MP behavior and just make Gorgeous George bugger off for good? It annoys me my taxes go towards this man who comes across as just out for himself.

    56. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      Looks like we won’t be having barbed wire on Hardian’s Wall after all:

    57. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      Somebody has shown NO Respect to the VNOB cinema advert:-


    58. Thomas Valentine says:

      Galloway has been an embarrasing side show freak for years. He’s the modern version of the Raving Loony Party. Who cares what he says or thinks!
      Most of what he does is just for outraged attention he doesn’t even believe it himself anymore, just so long as it gets bums on seats at his next standup session.

    59. steviecosmic says:

      As a very old friend of mine once said to Pat Lally at a public debate, George Galloway, ‘you are a festering heap of shite’.

      This kind of self-preservation politics gives me the dry boak, and I for one, will be reminding people constantly of GG and his mates’ bullshit in an independent Scotland. Pay heed George, come the day of reckoning, there will be an army of good folks making sure you don’t get your manky mitts nor your boak inducing politics anywhere near power in Scotland.

    60. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Thomas valentine

      Actually the Monster Raving Loony Party had some very sensible ideas.

      I’m on an iPad just now but next time I post, if you catch me, I’ll make a list.

      Just remind me, please.

    61. HandandShrimp says:

      Words fail me. It is almost as if the No side are trying to start a fight.

      George is a lesser man in my eyes for this. That is all.

    62. Paul says:

      Who actually listens or cares what that muppet Galloway thinks other than his Muslim brothers. I take it he will be over to Dublin to re-convince the people of Eire that they would be better under Westminster rule rather than their own free state. The hypocrite.

    63. CameronB Brodie says:

      Though I want to support local businesses, such as rope makers, I don’t think your suggestion is particularly sustainable. We kneed to look beyond immediate gratification and think about future generations. I prefer the idea of Katorga. 🙂

    64. kendomacaroonbar says:

      The unacceptable face of democracy.

    65. Mathie says:

      Like a lot of his former self serving ‘socialist’ friends at Westminster, Galloway also has his snout in the trough and is scared $hitless that independence would suddenly stop his monthly cheque. Same with Brown and Darling – their lordship gravy train could run into the buffers in September before it even starts!
      The Weirs on the other hand are using their lottery windfall for the benefit of the many in Scotland, as opposed to the benefit of the few with their snouts in the trough.
      Has either Darling or Brown put their hand in their pocket yet to help out the Better Together campaign? I would seriously doubt it.

    66. Lesley-Anne says:

      George Galloway, the only member of the *ahem* Respect party who apparent;y, although not yet confirmed, is an M.P. in Westminster. His party is *cough* called Respect and yet he constantly pushes his anti Scottish independence s***e with probably some of the worst abuse going around.

      George Galloway who calls for independence for just about any country wanting to have independence, oh except one…Scotland! What is that all about George?

      I wonder when the people of Scotland wanting independence suddenly became an anti democratic decision making process. When did he, a NON Scottish constituency M.P. become the voice of *ahem* reason in this political decision?

      Galloway has NO voice in this referendum, thankfully. A number of his *cough* performances have been cancelled due to lack of ticket sales, personally I’d have liked to see them all cancelled, man is hypocrite of the highest degree. When it comes to representing his party Respect he only has respect for one thing…himself!

    67. Paula Rose says:

      Hmm – no other wingers interested in breeds of pigs then, but just in case –

      Just as interesting as fowl I assure you.

    68. Thepnr says:

      George Galloway when he was the youngest ever secretary of the Labour party in Scotland ever took my £5 note in his hand when I went to join.

      He turned to his pal saying “that’s our beer money for dinner time sorted”.

      That was my first and last ever subscription to the Labour Party.

    69. Paula Rose says:

      @ Thepnr – blimey that will have been 25 pints then!!!

    70. galamcennalath says:

      This referendum campaign is revealing a lot of people it their true colours, eh?

    71. Illy says:

      [i]”Perhaps George would be more comfortable if they gave the cash to terrorists trying to secure Scottish independence with Armalites and bombs and rockets.”[/i]

      Well of course he would, then he could be arguing for Westminster to send tanks up to Glasgow again, declare martial law, and show how he’s “tough” and can make “hard decisions”.

      Shame that we’re not cdancing to his tune ; )

    72. HandandShrimp says:


      That is for sure, although some, like Brian Wilson, are not really presenting any surprises. I thought George had a bit more to him. Hey ho!

    73. Democracy Reborn says:

      Pig 1 : “Did you hear about the Weirs’ latest donation to Yes?”

      Pig 2: “Aye. Hopefully it’ll give a boost tae the campaign. I mean, BT have got millionaire Tories & guys with dodgy connections to Iraq backing them.”

      Pig 1 : ” Talking of Iraq, apparently that dude Galloway isnae happy with the Weirs.”

      Pig 2 : “Galloway? I wouldnae waste your time with him. Likes dressing up & pretending tae be a cat. Mother of all pussies if you ask me….”

    74. Marcia says:

      Since the departure of George Galloway, Dundee has been happy. I wonder if the truth of what happened to the Labour Clubs in the 1980’s will ever emerge?

    75. dave m says:

      – many good points have been made.

    76. CameronB Brodie says:

      The wrong brackets? Try the ones above the apostrophe and full stop.

    77. Boorach says:

      Dinner companion of choice?

      G Galloway or Pigs?

      No contest, just hope the pigs don’t turn me down! 🙂

    78. Thepnr says:


      That put a BIG smile on my face. Come to the Counting House on 30th and make it BIGGER 🙂

    79. Paula Rose says:

      @ CameronB – that’s not an apostrophe dear, it’s a comma.

    80. CameronB Brodie says:

      Thanks for the links Marcia and Calgacus. 🙂

    81. crazycat says:

      Can anyone come to the Counting House? I live about an hour’s drive from Glasgow and wouldn’t want to turn up and find I should have booked or something.

    82. Chic McGregor says:

      Bottom feeders in the cess pit of British politics. The deepest in the World born of centuries of trough feeding by produce.

    83. JLT says:

      The Weir’s have done Scotland proud. If I had won £160 million pounds, damn right I would have handed millions to the Yes campaign if it meant freeing our country from the corrupt, greedy and devious minds of the British Establishment.
      I would happily hand over millions if it means that the Scottish kids of the future never have to live under such an establishment ever again.

    84. CameronB Brodie says:

      Paula Rose
      You knew what I meant. It’s Sunday and I need my eyes tested. 🙂

    85. Paula Rose says:

      CameronB, darling I know but I was concerned about new readers.

    86. Tam Jardine says:

      Pathetic stuff from a guy I respected (albeit about a decade or more has passed since then).

      I love the fact Mr and Mrs Weir are ordinary, normal people, I love the fact they singlehandedly level the financial playing field in the referendum and I love the fact that it riles guys like George Galloway and that prick Johnstone.

      Keep it up George – but just remember that there is a line you and yours will eventually cross and when you do the wonderful, generous and kind Mr and Mrs Weir will tear you a new one.

    87. Liquid Lenny says:


      Its an open invite, the more the merrier, bring some friends.

    88. Marcia says:


      Alas we have the family up from London that weekend so we will be here in Dundee. Have a good time in Glasgow.

    89. Thepnr says:


      Absolutely anyone can come to the Counting House. This is democracy and people power in action. Would love to see you there and bring a friend.

      It’s what grassroots really means. More the merrier!

    90. Paula Rose says:

      @ crazycat – only rule is look gorgeous, the boys always do, see you there! Thepnr has a bus winging across Scotland on the night, which side of Glasgow are you?

    91. heedtracker says:

      Spectacular hypocrisy only miserable old gits in Westminster can produce, attract, nurture or all three.

    92. Paula Rose says:

      Thepnr darling please stop butting in.

    93. Alba4Eva says:

      With all the negativity going on in the media… lets reverse it…

    94. natfisher says:

      George Galloway’s Brian Wilson MP interview Sputnick show:

      Galloway voted against Iraqi War! Wilson voted for Iraqi war! Strange bedfellows indeen.

      (interview begins 12mins in from start)

      George Galloway MP voted against Iraqi War:

      Brian Wilson exMP voted for Iraqi war:

      ps. Brian Wilson MP:
      A former politician, Wilson holds DIRECTORSHIPS in a number of energy related BUSINESSES and continues to publicly comment on UK government energy policy, particularly on the subject of NUCLEAR POWER, which he is a supporter of, and has written opinion pieces in national newspapers as well as appearing on television news programmes to air his views. Both as ENERGY MINISTER and subsequently, he has called for Britain to retain a balanced energy policy with contributions to our electricity needs from NUCLEAR, renewables, clean coal and gas.

      ps. last decade feathering their own nests. Champagne communists.

    95. rab_the_doubter says:

      Alistair Darling talks of ‘Orchestrated Cybernat attacks’ but in the past few days we’ve sen the ramping up of aggressive language in the Media and independence supporters singled out for the most vile abuse and threats – from elected representatives. Who’s orchestrating what?

    96. Oui Things says:

      The man is walking talking ear pollution. Utterly repulsive.

    97. Free Scotland says:

      Why do these Scotland-haters choose names that suggest the opposite of what they are? “Respect” obviously means “Disrespect,” and then there’s “Better Together,” which undoubtedly means “Worse Together.”

    98. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Paula Rose & Thepnr –

      Youse are becoming WOS’s answer to Hinge & Bracket.

      And there’s nothing wrong with that.

    99. JGedd says:

      What a strange mindset George Galloway has. On the same side as the Ulster Unionists? On the same side as the crony capitalists in London and unelected members of the House of Lords? The left hemisphere of his brain apparently doesn’t know what the right side is thinking. Cognitive dissonance?

    100. Lesley-Anne says:

      Apologies if this has already been posted but think it is absolutely appalling and needs widest circulation possible. Let’s face it unionist media will sweep this under the carpet much the same as they did with the 70 year old indy supporter being attacked in Edinburgh last year!

    101. cynicalHighlander says:

      George called the three main parties the three cheeks of the same arse I wonder were he fits in the middle of that group.

    102. blairtahuille says:

      I held this man, Galloway, in some respect until I heard a recent extract from his call-in radio show in which he categorically denied the existence of a distinctive Scottish culture. He went on to rant against the caller with his hatred of shinty.

    103. crazycat says:

      Thanks everybody for your responses about the Counting House – I’ll try to make it.

      Paula – I live in Ayrshire and might be carrying on to Edinburgh, so driving is probably the best plan. Looking gorgeous is alas beyond me; I can do “amusing” though.

    104. Paula Rose says:

      Ian Brotherhood – and you dear are a classic, best summed up by…

    105. joe kane says:

      Galloway has even publicly called for the cultural destruction of one of Scotland’s native languages. He’s beyond the pale.

      To think I used to support and defend this rabid British imperialist on public discussion forums too. I really do feel like I need a shower when I think about it all now. He’s vile.

      Gaelic Station Is A Turn Off For Viewers

    106. Andy-B says:

      Well well, well the mask finally slips aye, George, any credibility Mr Galloway had left, is now well and truly gone. I’m pretty disgusted at how, the naysayers have vilified, Mr and Mrs Weir.

    107. JGedd says:

      @cynicalHighlander 10.47pm

      That’s wonderful! Must remember that one. George is evidently fond of that remark he made.

    108. Paula Rose says:

      @ crazycat, you do the amusing doll, I’ll aim for the glamour as Thepnr knows I have a lovely pair of strappy sandals.

    109. crazycat says:

      @Paula – you’re on! I’ll look out for the sandals.

    110. Paula Rose says:

      I’m also thinking tight jeans, plus I always wear a hat and a man’s jacket – all those pockets saves carrying a bag.

    111. Paula Rose says:

      Oh my – I think fashion tips should be on off-topic, sorry guys.

    112. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Paula Rose –

      I’d happily waste an evening trying to light fork handles for you any time dear. 🙂

    113. Paula Rose says:

      Ian -don’t worry doll I’m bulletproof.

    114. Dcanmore says:

      Let the tide of independence wash away this filth.

      George Galloway is in political no-man’s land these days. Don’t forget he was rejected by the Scottish people when he was looking for home in Holyrood. Now he scours the land looking for the right protest vote to cling on to. Galloway was born into poitics of hate and division, his time is coming to an end as we see a dawn and rebirth of a new enlightened Scotland.

    115. kestral says:

      The heart of Scotland beats true on here
      A people not given to small mindenes
      A people who rise so far above hate
      A people who will not be baited
      A people who will not toe the line
      A people with such inner strength
      A people I am so proud to be a part of

    116. Paula Rose says:

      @ kestral – gor blimey doll, that’s why us darlins moved up ‘ere. wherever I ‘ang my ‘at that’s my ‘ome xx

    117. Dr Ew says:

      Back in the 80s I happned to spend an evening in the company of George Galloway at a post-conference shindig. I had been fantastically impressed by his speech earlier in the day, a deconstruction of the Palestinian cause being misrepresented in the media and so I was, to be honest, rather flattered to be brought into his company. Not for long.

      He spoke to our table of about eight people as if still at a meeting, apparently under the impression we were hanging on his every word. An attractive young woman joined our company he was immediately diverted, but after enduring maybe 20 minutes of his leonine purrings in her ear, it was clear he had been rebuffed. Plainly Gorgeous George’s pride was hurt and he turned on her with a viciousness I would not have believed, addressing the table again he began talking loudly about prick-teases and slatterns – I remember that word vividly as aged 19 I had never heard it before. As the girl got up his face was a pinprick of anger. Plenty to be had elsewhere, he said loudly, and better too.

      A few people at the table called him on behaviour – not me, I confess, I didn’t have the confidence then – but were airily dismissed. He wasn’t referring to the girl, he said, just making a general remark, but if the cap fit…

      One woman confronted him on his blatant sexism, which he denied, listing his achievements with War on Want promoting women’s education in developing countries and his insistence on equal pay within that organisation. Any accusation of sexism, he insisted, was a vile calumny (first time I’d heard that word too). Before long, however, he was making more ‘cap fits’ remarks lesbians, goading the woman that she was perhaps jealous he had not bestowed his attentions on her.

      By then it was clear he’d lost, so he rose to leave us with a few half-apologetic pleasantries spiked with several parting barbs. Off he toddled, possibly to give some other young woman a blast of his charms. It was an extraordinary performance, leaving me with the impression of a deeply twisted man, a brilliant orator but one who even then had disappeared up his own orifice.

      Watching him give his bravura performance before the US Senate Committee almost 20 years later, I remember enjoying him giving the neocons what for – he was batting for our (anti-war) side, after all – but still with an uneasy feeling. Subsequent acts and utterances from the man have only increased this suspicion.

      Political leaders need an ego to do what they do. My belief is Galloway’s ego goes beyond the healthy into the dangerous; dangerous in the sense that he regards himself superior to ordinary mortals, a man of destiny and therefore not subject to normal restraints – a bit like Blair, funnily enough, though without the facade of humility.

      I think he has taken his position against independence purely because he sees it against his personal ambitions. Had he stayed in Scotland he would have definitely fancied himself to be Prime Minister of a new independent Scotland, but his move south has left him in the wrong place at the wrong moment in history and he’s spitting nails over it.

      A risible figure, yes, but absolutely ruthless in pursuit of his own agenda, and a master of a sophistry in service of that. Don’t discount him returning to a future independent Scotland as the People’s Champion against the evil SNP. The temptation of being able to strut on the world stage might be too much for him. And temptation is the one thing George can never resist.

    118. Marcia says:

      More pro-yes websites appearing on the internet, I liked this one:

    119. Thepnr says:

      @Dr Ew

      Great post and I believe every word.

      Let our voice be heard, for we speak the truth.

    120. David McCann says:

      Interesting tale, and it fits with the kind of split personality which is Galloway.
      You should send it to Max Keiser at RT, where, according to this discussion on the Keiser Report, Galloway’s views count for little.

    121. Paula Rose says:

      I did have that George licking cream of the soles of my feet one time – made me quite giggly, but then he does have a history of that sort of thing.

    122. joe kane says:

      Whilst Scottish Labour and the Better Together campaign go on about not wanting to be turned into foreigners in their own country, only Galloway could outdo them in UKIP-populist political trash-talk by making out one of the most ancient, living languages of Europe has no place in its own country and neither do its speakers.


    123. Paula Rose says:

      (this thread is called an absence of respect isn’t it?)

    124. msean says:

      Pre indyref campaign,I would have had some folk down as yes,looks like I may have been wrong on some of them.

    125. Dr Ew says:

      Just realised I’ve posted the above at the end of a long chain of comments so probably no one will read it. Doh.

    126. StevieMcB says:

      Great post Dr Ew

      he’s classic narcissist.

    127. Paula Rose says:

      @ Dr Ew xx

    128. Patrician says:

      Mr Galloway and his dealings in the middle east.

      There has been discussion about how long it would be between some leader of a country having their picture taken with George and them being deposed by the Americans.

    129. Chic McGregor says:

      Dr Ew
      No doubt he would claim you have traduced him, I suspect, rather, you have simply deduced him.

      IMO GG is just another arrested development attention seeker who has chosen the gullible left for their adulation fix. A fruitful hunting ground for those with enough intelligence to grasp the basics of manipulation.

    130. TJenny says:

      Dr Ew – don’t worry, your post will be read as the Rev’s tweeted it. 🙂 An accolade indeed.

    131. StevieMcB says:

      Narcissism link
      No stopping our George, he is a beastly funny to see which way he squirms when we win.

    132. X_Sticks says:

      Cracking post Dr Ew. Sums up Galloway very nicely.

      I’ve often wondered if George has more to him than meets the eye. I have a suspicion he may have more than one master, and that he may report to a higher power. Would explain a lot.

    133. Training Day says:

      @Dr ew

      Yes indeed sir. And if Galloway were not such an extraordinarily litigious individual more would be known.

      In a completely unrelated matter I’ll mention the word ‘drainpipe’.

    134. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Dr Ew –

      Au contraire mister – Rev has tweeted it, and that’s why I’ve just read it, and many others will too, including, nae doots, GG himself.

      Oooooh, he’ll not like this one wee toty bit.

      Serves him right. I used to champion that man when he was giving it big licks on his Talksport show. He read out quite a lot of my e-mails, so it was a big thrill to see him at the G5 rally in Edinburgh (er, 2005?) and shake his hand.

      Even when he did the whole Big Brother gig, I still defended him. But now? I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I distinctly remember him calling Scotland ‘a dying nation’ on one of his Talksport shows – he cited demographics to back it up, but there was something about the way he said it which properly scunnered me at the time.

      I haven’t attended any of his shows, don’t know anyone who has, and haven’t even bothered to see if anything’s on Youtube. But I do wonder if he’s still describing us as ‘a dying nation’ to people who pay to see him and his new pal, Brian Wilson (the only person on this planet who still expects to see WMD uncovered in Iraq) in all their ‘Live’ glory.

      John Lennon sang ‘strange days indeed…’ – aye, and Galloway’s nothing if not a man of his time. ‘Most peculiar, mama…’

    135. Capella says:

      There really are people who buy and sell Scotland. You’ll find the details on Andy Wightman’s excellent blog
      George Galloway could inform himself about it if he wasn’t so busy posturing.

    136. HenBroon says:

      Rev or moderator, I wonder if you would be good enough to tell me publicly why my posts are being deleted please?

    137. Rob Royston says:

      @X_Sticks, You are right, there is a lot more to George than meets the eye. I have not trusted him since hearing his views on 9/11 on his radio talk show.
      Is he an establishment dis-informationist or does he take whatever stance he thinks best suits his own egotistical ambitions?

    138. David Smith says:

      @HenBroon. I shouldn’t read into it much. A couple of mine have vanished might just be the spam filters being over sensitive.

    139. Ken500 says:

      Posts do not get through because of the huge traffic. Words or phrases used which are predisposed to be filtered for essential operational methods. Stu is a bit of a ‘one man band’ for operational purposes. The management logistics have to have filters or the Site could not operate. Add in the gremlins? All posts can be subject to be ‘missing’ or disappeared. Don’t get paranoid. It happens to all commentators. It’s logistics. This has been explained and is not excessive. Keep it simple. There are certain words or phrases which generate the automatic filter which is in place. Otherwise all posts have to be scrutinised individually. An impossible task. Wonder if this post gets through? Battling through the jungle. Drums. Or smoke signals. Better to do it separate.

    140. Ken500 says:

      George is a greedy, self interested, hypocritical racist. Uses every media outlook or cause, for self promotion. Any respect is long gone. A bigot.

      The attack on the Weirs is counter productive. Just shows up the ignorance and arrogance.

    141. Tattie-bogle says:

      Galloway reminds me of a scene from Still Game about Cowboys and War books then it turns round to John Wayne.Look how the Weirs reacted the last time anyway.

    142. Davy says:

      Jim Sillars showed Galloway up for the ignorant prick he is “with stilts on” during their TV debate and actually had him foaming at the mouth when he called him an english MP, very very funny.

      The Weirs have more backbone and honest decenty than Galloway could ever produce. He is so far back in his outlook, yesterdays man passed him by.

    143. donald anderson says:

      He is quite happy to take London gold for his lies.

    144. Alt Clut says:

      Belated thank you to “TJenny” above. I’m so pleased to hear, via your link, about the “EnglishScot4YES” group. Such a positive and courageous step by those people.

      What a demonstration that something constructive and life affirming can come, however accidentally, from an item about the black vomitings of the nauseating Galloway.

    145. bigGpolmont says:

      I have always though George showed respect for others which is why he called his cabal Respect. However this post shows how mistaken one thing I have been correct is that he is a master debater ( or something like that!)

    146. Gregor says:

      It looks like a scene from Westminster.

    147. Grouse Beater says:

      To repeat: Galloway is an aged boxer well past his prime who thinks if given one last chance at the title he’ll win the championship.

      What he means is, he “could have been a contender.”

    148. HenBroon says:

      Thanks David Smith. I thought Spam filters worked before the post gets to the page. However losing one post looks like a glitch, losing three or four looks like human moderation interface nasty thingy. The kind of thing we see on the Gu. Scotsman etc. Any way it’s lovely and sunny and the Clyde needs sails on it so I am of. As an official wrinkly now it is my job to make the landscape look wind swept and interesting. ;o)

    149. HenBroon says:

      See I am now awaiting moderation. WTF is going on?

    150. M.K. Hajdin says:

      After I called Galloway a rape apologist, which he is, he made a parody Twitter account of me and tried to troll me with it. (You can still see it at

      So I’m not really surprised at what he’s doing now. The man is an embarrassment to socialism.

    151. But yet, it has been OK for billionaire businessmen and hedge fund managers to buy and sell the UK for the last 300 years, to buy themselves seats in the House of Lords where they have unelected power, and we can never get rid of them? It is OK for George Osborne’s best man and hedge fund manager at Landsdowne associates, Peter Davies to LITERALLY make a fortune from buying and selling part of the UK (the Royal Mail), but ordinary citizens who lucked into money can’t make legal donations to a political cause? So much for George Galloway’s anti-establishment credentials.

    152. Morag Graham Kerr says:

      Look, guys, we know Stu deletes posts that don’t have double carriage returns between paragraphs. He’s said so often enough. If a post appears, then disappears, and it didn’t contain actual death threats, that’s the probable cause.

      It’s an idiosyncrasy. There’s nothing to be done about it but humour him.

    153. dramfineday says:

      After a period of quiet reflection Mr and Mrs Dram have decided that, following a significant win on the national lottery on Saturday night, we are donating the lot to YES Scotland.

      Hopefully our donation will help secure Scotland for YES and achieve the best wee democracy that money can buy.

      We’re (see what I did there) Spartacus pigs too……and the twenty five quid should put Mr Galloway’s gas at a peep, so there.

    154. arthur thomson says:

      I am surprised that GG apparently used one of his holiday snaps to try to put down the Weirs. I don’t know who his female companion is but she has turned away and seems to me to be thinking: ‘I hope no-one thinks he’s with me. It’s the likes of him that give pigs a bad name’.

    155. Robert Peffers says:

      In dealing with George Galloway it is best to just say, “George Who”?, then ignore him. Ignore also any publication, website or broadcaster who mentions his name.

      Like all trolls George pigs-out upon attention. Deprive him of attention and he starves to death under his dank, dim and dirty waterside bridge.

    156. donald anderson says:

      Cry Gawd for Saint George. Miliband and England!

    157. Paula says:

      Georgie Porgy is a complete attention-seeking phony. His anti-American, anti-imperialist, pro-Muslim retoric is just his way to gratify his lust for eyes to be on him. He is the kind of “socialist” that would have supported the Soviets sending tanks into Hungary. Folk like him are the last thing the left needs.

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