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The best case against independence

Posted on July 14, 2014 by

Remains, we think, the thought that this person could theoretically be First Minister:

Of course, in theory she could be the devolved FM too, so it’s not much of a case, but we’re seriously starting to think that Labour have decided it’s their best strategy.

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    289 to “The best case against independence”

    1. balgayboy says:

      Embarrassingly pathetic.

    2. JLT says:

      Never going to happen. If Yes win on the 19th, she’s gone! If ‘No’ win, she’s still oot the door!

      I would rather bet on Scotland thumping Germany 7-1 in the next set of qualifiers than believe she will be FM, let alone Scottish PM!

    3. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      I hadn’t a clue what she said.

      It was like when Eric Morecambe played a piece on the piano for André Prévin.

      Well he said, the notes are all there, they are just not being played in the right order.

    4. Steve Bowers says:

      She’s more embarrassing than the shouty man in Inverness

    5. Robert Louis says:

      The only reasonable conclusion from watching that interview, is that Johan Lamont has not the foggiest idea what she is talking about. She is simply incoherent, and cannot make a single reasoned intelligent point. Indeed, I have yet to see ANY person within the Labour party explain the ‘extra powers’ they might introduce if we vote NO, and if there is a Labour Government elected to Westminster, and if the MP’s and Lords in England agree to them.

      If really you want things to get better, simply vote YES.

    6. Nana Smith says:

      theoretically be First Minister

      Please NO..not even in a parallel universe. Lamont or any of the present labour lot would be an insult to Scotland.

    7. Yesitis says:

      I see Lesley Riddoch and Alex Massie, but who`s the Labour councillor talking nonsense to Andrew Neil?

    8. Colin says:

      I concentrated very hard whilst watching that clip and still though WTF is she talking about.

    9. Les Wilson says:

      Words from a tortured mind! Truly the pit’s.

    10. Gary says:

      She can barely look anyone in the eye. You can’t command respect from someone if you cannot even look them in the eye.

    11. themadmurph says:

      Stone me! I only got a snippet, but it felt as though I was agreeing with Alex Massie!

    12. Bill Cruickshank says:

      A brilliant summation from Alex Massie.

    13. benarmine says:

      What on earth is she talking about? I think she wants a debate though…

    14. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

      Thanks Johann. That’s all perfectly clear then – we will have the best of 24 worlds.
      (Danny Alexander’s calculator in use again)

    15. Molly says:

      Nope , got as far as Miss Lamont saying “two things” and stopped. There is nothing , nothing this woman can say that is of interest to me at this stage?

      She neither interests me, is representative of me or speaks for me.

      Does the leader of the ‘ Scottish Labour Party’ (who has been noticeably absent throughout the campaign), think if she keeps a low profile, ( it’s was all the nasty Tory money wot did it and what could I do?) come Independence, she will have any part to play?

    16. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      She actually encapsulates why the SLab are where they are now.

      Complete mince.

    17. Danny says:

      I’ve watched it twice now and still don’t have a clue what she was talking about. However thats what she wants.

    18. Muscleguy says:

      Shorter Johann speak:

      ‘A’ve bin briefed to say ‘blah, blah, blah’ regardless of whit A’hm asked and by jings I’m gonnae dae it!’

    19. muttley79 says:

      Wow. When asked what Ed Balls thought, Lamont actually said dunno….I thought heedtracker was joking when he said it on the other thread.

    20. squarego says:

      My IQ has dropped 10 points just from watching that. I wouldn’t rely on her to feed my goldfish.

    21. Gray says:

      So to summarise

      1) We want to make the people who spend the money more responsible for raising their funds.

      2) Once those funds have been raised then responsibility for spending them should be passed to Labour run councils as we can’t win a majority in parliament.

    22. galamcennalath says:

      27seconds of Massie made more sense than over four minutes from Lamont!

      Mind you, if she had spoken for 1 minute or 1 hour, it would have amounted to the same. I suppose the question might be, does she think she is saying something of consequence?

      We have got to have a lot more of her over the next nine weeks!

    23. Illy says:

      She’s backpedaling all over the place.

      She doesn’t know what she stands for, or what the devo committe actually said, and she’s trying very hard to bullshit her way through the interview without it showing.

      I think she failed.

    24. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      I read somewhere, maybe in a parallel universe that Johann will be gone after the Referendum, yes or no, before Holyrood GE 2016.

      She does have an entertainment value though.

    25. Illy says:

      1) We want to make the people who spend the money more responsible for raising their funds.

      So why’s she against Scottish independence then?

    26. handclapping says:

      And that was following her script! Just look at her eye movements. What would she be like if you caught her without a script?

    27. BuckieBraes says:

      ‘If you have a parliament which simply spends money and has no accountability for raising any of it, you end up not taking on the really difficult debates I think people are having to face…across the country.’

      Well, there’s a simple answer to that Johann.

    28. Chris Cairns says:

      You had the audacity to change the speech bubble in my Lamont/half-baked jam tomorrow sponge toon a few months back from ‘Youse whant some?’ to ‘Youse wunt some?’
      I can only apologise now for the lengthy and expensive legal injunctions which ensued. Having watched this clip I see exactly what you mean and have instructed my lawyers to desist.
      Still BFF 🙂

    29. Bugger (the Panda) says:


      You teased that out, are you really sure because I thought that any sentence was completely inchoate.

    30. biggpolmont says:

      I feel my brain is numb! It must be true we are too stupid to run our own affairs cos I cannot understand what the hell she on about!

    31. OK so it is a combination of:

      a big boy done it and ran awa but we canna rightly say wha coz he’ll tak my lunch money, and it wiz the SNP what wouldna let us play shop (even though the big boy…) though Neil cut that down and Johann moved on.

      As someone said, when I feel I am agreeing w. Alex Massie.

      However Johann made lovely conversation apparently when she treated Grannie Labour and friends to an invite-only coffee one day as part of the BT campaign (Gordie’s events are also invitation only – Grannie Labour got one – and was so proud and special: did not see the inherent elitism…).

    32. heedtracker says:

      Interesting watching Alex Massie give Jola a good spanking for Labour’s “arrogance and complacency” but the right must be as annoyed at Labour for picking her as everyone else,

    33. Lesley-Anne says:

      THere are two things in her parties Devolution Commission’s report she THINKS! Erm excuse me for being a just a wee bit satupid here but isn’t she the *cough* LEADER of the Labour Party in Scotland and as such should she not KNOW exactly what is in the report? 😉

      Nice to see that she got onto her anti SNP hobby horse early on though where she feels totally at home. Oh wait a minute she fell straight off again cause Andrew Neil threw in the wee wobbler about Labour not using the tax raising powers either. Cue frantic waving of hands and *ahem* claims that was a different issue. 😛

      Hmm, she works in partnership with her *cough* colleagues at the U.K. level but she has no idea what Ed Balls thought about her idea on devolving full income tax powers to Scotland. Nice to see though that she ignored Andrew Neil’s question about Ed Balls thoughts on this idea until she had finished her, I’ve prepared one earlier, answer. 😛

    34. Brotyboy says:

      I never thought I’d find myself thinking that Andrew Neil is a model of clear rational thought, until I saw this.

    35. Peter says:

      She needs to see a different dentist. Her false teeth are coming loose.

    36. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Johan MUST replace Flipper as spokesperson for the Better No Fuck Off Borders group?

    37. muttley79 says:

      It would be good to hear more from Alex Massie and Leslie Riddoch. What another absolute train wreck of an interview from Lamont. Has any political leader ever had so many as her?

    38. Ian B says:

      Can someone tell me which programme this clip was taken from?

    39. Finlay says:

      Remarkable, still cannot see the strings! How do they make her function?

    40. Mosstrooper says:

      Ah! I see now, all is clear.

      What a mean is-let me put it this way– see–no I’m talking at a different–cross– what it is is the SNP didn’t–well–
      Cue music;

      And as the sun sets on this lovely land let us say farewell and TaTa to oor numptie, your numptie a’ body’s numptie

    41. Les Wilson says:

      The truth actually is that she cannot fully understand Labour’s policy, well join the rest of us!

      Their “policy”, if you can call it that, is a total shambles, concocted to confuse, as a replacement for a coherent policy.
      I think that sums it up.

    42. Brotyboy says:

      @ Chris Cairns

      John Major always said ‘wunt’. Is it something they’re trained to do, so as not to sound common or something?

    43. MajorBloodnok says:

      “What you see is the intellectual incoherence and bankruptcy of the Scottish Labour Party.”

      Am I alone in warming to this Massie fellow, Unionist that he is?

    44. Lesley-Anne says:

      Bugger (the Panda) says:

      She actually encapsulates why the SLab are where they are now.

      Complete mince.

      And here’s me someone who loves, sorry loved, mince especially when it comes with mashed tatties and peas. Now I’m not sure I can ever face mince and tatties ever again now without having a vision of her face sitting next to the tatties on my plate! 😛

    45. Daniel Clouston says:

      I like how Lamont explained what these extra powers are…..oh wait a minute she doesn’t even know herself. These extra powers all parties are talking about does not allow Scotland to have the extra funding we should be entitled to. All they do is allow to raise more of our money while also cutting our block grant, so in theory we will not be any better off as we would with independence.

      Also, to receive these extra powers it has to passed through Westminster that has 600odd MPs who are sick to the back teeth of hearing about Scotland, they’re giving us nothing.

    46. Nana Smith says:

      @Ian B

      I think it was the politics show yesterday.

    47. Lesley-Anne says:

      Ian B says:

      Can someone tell me which programme this clip was taken from?

      I believe it was from the Sunday Politics show yesterday Ian.

      MajorBloodnok says:

      “What you see is the intellectual incoherence and bankruptcy of the Scottish Labour Party.”

      Am I alone in warming to this Massie fellow, Unionist that he is?

      He does seem to have his moments where anyone can warm to him I think Major, and yesterday was definitely one of those moments. 😉

    48. Midgehunter says:

      It took almost 4 1/2 minutes of unintelligable gobbledegook – Andrew apart – before Massie said it straight out, JoLa and Labour are complete bollox and we’ll be having mince for tea. 🙂

    49. HandandShrimp says:

      If it is a Yes vote, Johann will be expected to step aside for the big beasts of the forest.

      She might not acquiesce of course.

    50. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      I think I understand now why the Labour party think we are too wee and too stupid to run our own Country.

      They are using Slab as a yardstick

    51. The Man in the Jar says:

      Johann even used the “Let me tell you this!” phrase.

      Has she got a new script writer?

      Does he come from Govan?

      Does he wear a string vest and a bandage on his head?

    52. Lesley-Anne says:

      HandandShrimp says:

      If it is a Yes vote, Johann will be expected to step aside for the big beasts of the forest.

      She might not acquiesce of course.

      Oh no! We’re doomed, all doomed. The big beast of the forest is coming back to haunt us! And here we were all thinking that we’d finally got rid of him. 😉

      Run for the hills. Run for the hills every one Big Gordon is on his way. F.M.Q.’s will never be the same again. I just want to know who will be picking up the bill for the repairs to his seat/desk after the damage the *ahem* clunking fist does at each week’s F.M.Q.’s. 😛

    53. Brian Powell says:

      Imagine Ms Lamont and Labour at Holyrood trying to deal with a hostile Tory Westminster.

      Her one, bitter, little plan to weaken Holyrood or rather the SNP Government, by having Councils deal directly with Westminster in the guise of further devolution, would lead to the trouncing of these Councils.

      They would be trussed up, skewered and cooked over a slow heat.

    54. Bendybody says:

      Coming out of lurkdom to comment. I can’t believe this woman is head of the labour party, if she is the best they have well what can you say?

      I couldn’t get more than a couple of words for looking at the flailing arms, perhaps she is trying to communicate via sign language.

      Looking forward to the Q&A session with the Scottish cabinet in Wick tonight, at least it will be people who talk sense there.

    55. Kev says:

      The funny thing is Andrew Neil is being quite gentle with her (as he’s supposed to) -if it was an SNP figure up there spouting incoherent babble, he’d massacre them, but instead its like he just hands her a length of rope and she does the rest.

      She’l be deposed on the 19th of September, she’s just far too dim to realise it.

    56. frazer allan whyte says:

      Thankyou very much for this link! As an overseas English teacher far to the east of this interview I often have difficulties with the talented but underconfident students when I am teaching “presentation skills”. I emphasize the importance of real content, coherence, clarity and audience comprehension but this is not easy to accomplish in a second or even third language. You have solved the problem magnificently. I will simply give them the link and say “Whatever she is doing don’t”.

      How can mockers now decry this former teacher’s pedagogical skills ?

    57. R-type Grunt says:

      Comedy gold! I wonder who’ll play her in the Hollywood blockbuster next year. Perhaps she could do it herself, at least it would keep her off the streets.

    58. DocFin says:

      Lamont & Dugdale, oh those Labour Cheeky Girls. Great entertainment. Whit? They believe what they are saying? Good grief.

    59. John H. says:

      I managed to get through two minutes of that waffle, then gave up.Is that her secret plan, to bore us so much that we lose all interest in politics?

    60. iain wares says:

      Hey you lot of Frankie Boyles, where’s your humanity? some compassion for the afflicted and less fortunate in the community wouldn’t go amiss.

    61. Midgehunter says:

      Can anyone give me a link (Uchoob?) to the whole show, would like to see Les and Alex actually speaking?

      I can’t get it anymore on Iplayer because we folk in Frankfurt are like… well… foreign 🙁

    62. kalmar says:

      Three cheers for Alex Massie then!

    63. macart763m says:

      Yeah, vote no or some day me or someone just like me will lead your country…

      … I feel braincells dying just trying to get my head round that conundrum. 🙁

    64. Derek M says:

      oh my god my brain just melted listening to this ,JoLo wtf are ye slavering about,verbal diarrhea in full flow.

    65. Papadox says:

      Vote NO and johann and her gangsters will will be rewarded by Westminster, Tory or labour and the poor NO voters will be hung out to dry.
      The rich NO voters will be celebrating their rewards from the HOL and Westminster and the Tories or labour whoever is in power.
      The other 4000000 million will just have to suck if up and smile as we are punished for thinking above our station.

    66. Black Douglas says:

      Sorry to go O/T so soon but another

      No voter sees the light 🙂

    67. whole programme – middle bit about rUK and post.

      No one asked her on the prospective more bloody than Tory’s Austerity Cuts.

    68. desimond says:

      Im astonished we arent all just having a debate about this.
      Wehn I saw soemeone on sunday referring to Andrew Neil giving JoLA an easy time, i assumed it was reflecting on past events as i assumed she was deemed persona non grata for public appearances these days.

      Johann is toast regardless of referendum. Shes either gonna see her hubby get a big role in Glasgow Council or an Ermine robe in return for her ‘brilliant’ service to the Labour party.

    69. Bob W says:


      Got to be mince, mashed tatties AND beans!

    70. At end she looks about to cry. Or have a stushie.

    71. ronnie anderson says:

      Her voice coach must be tearing they’re hair oot,wunt shum

      voice coaching lesson http://www.slab-erin.cum.

    72. kalmar says:

      Off topic: does anyone here play Ingress, and if so, which faction are you or which do you think is most Yes-ish – Enlightenment or Resistance?

    73. Luigi says:

      Lamont & Dugdale, oh those Labour Cheeky Girls. Great entertainment. Whit? They believe what they are saying? Good grief.

      At least with Fifi, you get the impression that she occasionally knows what she is talking about (even when she doesn’t). With Lamont and Curran (the Stairheid Sisters), however, all you ever get is pathetic waffle and badly memorized soundbites. It’s embarassing enough for an opponent or a neutral to watch those two on autopilot – I can only imagine what long-suffereing Labour supporters must think.

    74. Nation Libre says:

      Listening to that, I got to the end and thought, any minute now she’s going to bring out a big horn and blow it. It’s so Stan Laurel from Towed in a Hole, Profits go the Fish etc

      Rev, why can’t I post the youtube link?

    75. Midgehunter says:

      @ Nana Smith

      Thanks for the link 😉

    76. If she were the headmistress of your kids’ school, you’d be looking for some other school.

    77. JLT says:

      Seriously …can we not have Salmond debate with her for one hour on TV? I’m absolutely sure that the Yes vote will go screaming through the roof! Even Wee Willie Rennie and Ruthie would end up voting Yes after listening to JoLa for an hour trying to ‘big-up’ the Union.

    78. Lesley-Anne says:

      Bob W says:


      Got to be mince, mashed tatties AND beans!

      Well I could go with that but I’ve never actually put the beans in the mince to cook at least you can do that with the peas. 😉

    79. galamcennalath says:


      She doesn’t even need to be in a debate! We need to see much more of this kind of performance on TV. Pure gold!

    80. Gillie says:

      Red Noise (Labour speak) – where the density of the speaker is inversely proportional to the frequency of thought. The standard measure for Red Noise is the ‘Lamont’. Anything above 2 Lamont’s means you will fall through the floor.

    81. galamcennalath says:

      Can we start a Yes JoLa Fan Club?

    82. ScottyC1314 says:

      Meanwhile the Collins dictionary people are busy amending the definition of ‘moron’ to make reference to the leader of the Labour Party in Scotland.

      Salmond can have a field day with Darling on ‘what more powers in event if a NO’ & will need to use all his skill & guile to ensure he continues to get the point across….vote no, get nothing!

    83. Bob W says:


      Beans in with mince, saves using another pan.

    84. bookie from hell says:

      trying her best to kill devolution stone dead

    85. annie says:

      Thought if I watched it again it might make sense but life is too short. These interviews with Johann Lamont could be used to torture people.

    86. Ron Burgundy says:

      To be honest Neill did not help keep the interview flowing.

      His question 1 what are the proposals – she said tax raying powers. No details offered. Then pished away about accountability / spending / pooling and sharing / what we “wunt”, then I got lost.
      Neill did not help her by trying to help her answer, probably because he does not know how to explain the SLAB proposals anyway, few people can.

      No answer to the Balls ambush question apart from don’t know.
      No answer to the Devolution killing independence question.

      All in all an embarrassing train wreck and one of many. She is a huge asset to the YES campaign, so much so that we are all missing something. I feel certain that Lamont will be unveiled on stage at the victory party on the 18th, smiling and blinking at the flash photography around her, champagne glass in one hand, SNP membership card in the other to cheers and applause.

      Kim Philby eat your heart out.

    87. Muscleguy says:


      To post YouTube links you have to take the http:// off the front of the link and just start it at www. It will still come up as a clickable link but will not embed. Embedded videos BTL caused a problem a while ago and are now banned.

      Which is good, This computer has limited RAM despite being maxed out and more than two videos on a page and it slows down to the viscosity of pitch. So I welcome this rule.

    88. Democracy Reborn says:

      A reply to the posters so far from Johann:-

      “Whit are youse aw talking aboot?? Sinclair, Oor Mags & big Jim said ah wiz great! Even Archie said it wiz ma best performance yet : “ye didnae even have tae look doon at yer usual script, hen”. Ye see, that’s the problem wi aw you wee narrow nationalist nazis – ye don’t know whit it’s like mixing it wi the big beasts. Brewer, Neil, Taylor….ah’ve wiped the flair wi them aw. If Paxo came oot of retirement, ah’d gie him a run fur his money.

      Anyway, ah don’t know why ah’m even wasting ma time wi a crowd o’ separatist bawbags. It’s gonnie be “naw” oan the 18th….get it right up yeeze!”

    89. Silver19 says:


    90. Helena Brown says:

      @ Molly says, thanks for that I like a brief summation, I have much better things to do with my time than run upstairs to get the earphones and listen to someone I regard as an inferior being. Well she says I am so, I am merely including herin her remarks.

    91. Nation Libre says:

      Thanks Muscleguy

      Listening to that, I got to the end and thought, any minute now she’s going to bring out a big horn and blow it. It’s so Stan Laurel from Towed in a Hole, Profits go the Fish etc

    92. Come on now – JoLa’s first language is Gaelic, clearly she is still struggling with English.

      That said, I have always understood that students in the post-graduate teaching courses at Jordanhill College were taught how to prepare a case or a lesson, and how to best project their ideas.

      Did Jo-La perhas “dog” (Glasgow meaning of this) that part of her course?

      I would call the clip embarrassing, but, she’s been embarrassing Labour for the past three years, and nobody else in the People’s Party seems, as yet, to have noticed.

    93. Bugger (the Panda) says:


      I like the Nidgehunter live outside UK and so, iPlayer disnae work.

      Thanks very much but we are gonnae need someone to put it up on UChoob

    94. Wee Folding Bike says:

      I wonder how she says “Can’t”.

    95. BuckieBraes says:

      Johann’s gulping, hesitant delivery and facial expressions always remind me of Ronald Villiers from Chewin’ the Fat; and that has never been more true than here. It’s rather endearing, in a funny sort of way.

    96. Flower of Scotland says:

      I think JoLa thinks that she is still dealing with kids ( some politicians seem to act like kids sometimes ) . We have kids more articulate than her on the YES campaign. She talks in riddles and leaves you saying ……eh!..what! Don’t understand! She is cringeworthy!

      I watched the Politics show yesterday, must have missed this!

    97. Robert Peffers says:

      @Gary says: 14 July, 2014 at 1:25 pm
      “She can barely look anyone in the eye.

      No, but she’s very good at the sign language. Don’t speak, (err! Sign!), it myself. Anyone know what she was saying with the animated sign language?

      If it’s not the Darling, “Glennie Blink”, it’s the Lamont nervious hand signals. Here’s a link to a tutorial on Body Language : –

    98. JimnArlene says:

      To me, the Lamontable one let the cat out the bag. They’ll be no extra powers and Scotland will have to *cough, splutter*, share it’s resources. In other words, prop up the defunct UK PLC. All to keep her party with a snowballs chance in hell, of winning now and then at Westminster.

    99. Flower of Scotland says:


      It is on YouTube !

    100. Nana Smith says:

      @Bugger (the Panda)

      try this

    101. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Neil Mackenzie says:

      If she were the Janny, I’d be looking to take my kids out.

    102. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Nana Smith


      I found it by accident via Moridura who will need to be give a medal on the other side for sitting through and uploading all those videos.

      Unfortunately, it doesn’t go to the bit where Alan Massie gets tore intae Labour in Scotland, which is what I really wanted because I wanted to see JoLa’s physiog at that time.

    103. Mosstrooper says:

      You tell them Johann, you tell them. Naw Johann Tell them.
      Bloody hell Johann, dae whit am telling ye.

      NAW JOHANN, fur the love o God tell them!

      AHH, whits the point. The wummins a numptie. Thank F**k we’ve got the MSM on side.

    104. Nana Smith says:

      @Bugger (the Panda)

      think this is the one you want.I had uploaded it on another thread. Go to near the end for Massie getting stuck in

    105. John Sellars says:

      ???? Watched it twice and I just got stupider.
      Her colleagues must cringe with embarrassment at her performances. Cheer up SLab – the leadership job is definitely coming up for grabs in September.

    106. CameronB Brodie says:

      I quite often get more cogent and lucid indyref discussions with random strangers at bus stops. I wonder if JL and AD are waking up to who will carry the can?

      The Herald’s Debater of the Year. 🙂

    107. Haggis Hunter says:

      London obviously needs numpty’s that will do what they are told, regardless.
      This is what their ‘Union’ is all about.

    108. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Nana, Taaa.


      lookin for a new mate for the interim now that Tian Tian is off limits, for a wee whiles.

      Do you want an application?

    109. Robert Peffers says:

      @HandandShrimp says: 14 July, 2014 at 1:52 pm:

      “If it is a Yes vote, Johann will be expected to step aside for the big beasts of the forest”.

      Oh! No! not … not… not … Cooncillor Terry Kelly!
      Ah’m fair frichtit – He micht bring yon big pal he aye spaks aboot. Some gaddgie ca’d Ken.

    110. JLT says:

      galamcennalath says:

      Can we start a Yes JoLa Fan Club?

      I LIKE IT!!!!


      Socrates MacSporran says:

      Come on now – JoLa’s first language is Gaelic, clearly she is still struggling with English.

      No, it’s not. Her first language is regurgitated Mince.

    111. Nana Smith says:

      @Bugger (the Panda)

      Ooh Panda you made this ol girl blush! hahahahaha

    112. Chipmonkey says:

      You had me there for a minute! I thought there was going to be a reason I could put on the no side of the balance scale at last. Surely the MSM won’t protect her feelings after YES vote.

    113. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Cameron Brodie

      The Herald’s Debater of the Year. 🙂

      Who says that political journalist don’t do irony?

      Only possibility, which means they are being told to write the shite that they do?

    114. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Actually Nana, the grape harvest season is coming up very soon and you could be very useful, if you multi task?

    115. Lesley-Anne says:

      Oh come on now JLT. First we had BtP saying that JoLa TALKS mince which kinda put me off any future mince and tatties dinners and now you say she regurgitates mince. THAT’S IT! No more mince and tatties for me… EVER! 😛

    116. Bugger (the Panda) says:


      Dry boaks time?

    117. JLT says:

      galamcennalath says:

      Can we start a Yes JoLa Fan Club?

      Actually, I think this has legs! Remember the old ‘Charlie says’ adverts when Charlie the cat gave kids great safety advice. Well, we can do a ‘JoLa says’ and gives us the Unions reasons for voting Yes. Instead of ‘Meeaoaw, ow, naower, meiow, woaier, miaow’ …we can use ‘Naw, shupbuldin’ Salmund, Nukola, SMP, SMP, Naw, Naw, SMP, Git tae, aye, naw, aye, whit?’

      Works for me!

    118. scaredy cat says:

      Sorry to go O/T but wanted to share a story. I dropped my car off at the garage this morning and I have just picked it up. Someone has made an attempt at removing/destroying the YES sticker on the back.
      I didn’t mention it to anyone as I did not want a confrontation in front of my 4 year old. Anyway, it is just a sticker and easily replaced but I found it quite intimidating that someone would do that to my property when it was in their care.

      I won’t pursue it with them as I can’t prove anything but I know from a conversation with the owner last year that he is a No voter. Just shows that there are bullies on the No side and needless to say they will not get my business again.

    119. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Oh shite, it is Bastille Day here today and I am getting in early, ready for the real one in September.

      Allons enfants de la Patrie

      and it is sunny.

    120. Nana Smith says:

      @Bugger (the Panda)

      Not a lover of wine though my hubby most certainly is. But I sure multi task.

    121. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      JLT says:

      Johan says, works for me.

      On ewe choob, could go viral.

    122. JLT says:


      Apologies. No more mincing about!

    123. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Nana, taa

      Listening to some Tony Joe White on Spotify, right now.

      Ye are a lyricist, ya bass?



    124. Peter Macbeastie says:

      Thought I might watch the video after reading the comments.

      Have read the comments.

      Not going to bother with the video. It’s exactly what I thought it would be.

    125. galamcennalath says:

      My mother-in-law was a Nae until the Nicola Sturgeon and Johann Lamont debate on STV, February I think. History will surely show the important part Lamont played in this the campaign, for Yes.

    126. YESGUY says:

      I Have to agree with all the posters here.

      Again she doesn’t answer the questions and here answers were so bad i can’t understand what she said.

      We really need to get a few posters up quoting her although the sight of a dried up prune rolling in Shit might be a little below most folks taste.

      This women is unbelievably stupid. Every word is gobbeldy gook . Watched it twice , can’t fathom why the others just finished with EH???

      SHE has a position of power .


      I really worry that the people who voted her as party leader are undercover SNP agents.

      Or she’s a robot…. Running on cheap batteries. Aye that would explain it a wee bit.!!!

    127. geeo says:

      O/T but i notice a big article by someone in the Sun today(Ian McNicol?)

      It was basically a tale about people campaigning on the Yes/No sides and quoting the wings article about all the posh nob grandee donors to the No Camp and mentioned the Orange Order, yon nice holocaust denier Alistair whatsisname etc.

      It seemed quite scathing then it got to the “nasties on the Yes side, business for yes, christians for yes sort of thing, then the good Rev Stu got in on the act.

      Apparently the Rev is the devil’s spawn.(my spin..soz)
      Serial blogger, some random insult about his involvement and article over.

      Nearly a full page about dodgy establishment figures and groups, a wee bit of a weak attempt at slating Yes groups, then demonising THE best source of factual information available to bust the lies and clarify the muddied waters.

      Not got a link, read it in my father in law’s paper.

    128. turnbull drier says:

      O/T but just watched this:

      I’ve no idea what to say about it.. I really am lost for words.

    129. Nana Smith says:

      @Bugger (the Panda

      Ta Panda…

      Closer to the truth always a favourite tune.

    130. Clootie says:

      It was like one of those movies were you watch the embarrassing scene through your fingers.
      Cringe factor 10. They picked this to lead the party?

      I wouldn’t leave her alone in a room with a box of matches.

    131. Robert Peffers says:

      @John H. says: 14 July, 2014 at 2:02 pm:

      “I managed to get through two minutes of that waffle, then gave up.Is that her secret plan, to bore us so much that we lose all interest in politics?”

      I have a theory about that. Perhaps, within the Labour Party, it is a bit like the Emperor’s new clothes. The London bosses told Labour in Scotland that Ms Lamont was so intelligent and brilliant orator, that only the very erudite, intelligent and sincere of human beings could understand her. They don’t want to expose themselves as being none of those things so they pretend to agree with her every word.

      They don’t have an honest person among them so no one will cry out to the crowd, “The Leader of the opposition has no clothes on”.

      Oooh! I wish I’d not said that – the mental connotations are just to horrible to contemplate.

      (For AD’s benefit – That was just Kidding Alistair).

    132. Nana Smith says:

      @turnbull drier

      I saw the broadcast of the meeting in parliament when Mr Curran spoke. So moving and agree with you should be spread far and wide.

    133. Clootie says:

      @Danny 1:31pm

      You watched that twice!!

    134. YESGUY says:

      I might be too optimistic here but if we grab a few medals at the C.Games , the country would get a wee lift and one of the big 2 (Sorry meant WRECKORD or SHUN) might “come over to the dark side” and push the YES vote.

      These buggers are looking for buyers and have no loyalty to anyone. The Hootsmon for example is stupidly Pro-union and their sales and share prices have fallen.( Oh my aching sides) The Sunday Herald is on the up since they said YES.

      The big 2 will want to cash in big time.


      Print a big YES sign on the front page and i’ll buy your rag every day till the 19th. Can’t be fairer than that.

    135. galamcennalath says:

      @turnbull drier

      Yea. Finishes with the guy saying, “and that’s all I’ve got to say”. Well he said plenty. Laid it on the line for them. Everybody should watch this.

    136. Robert Peffers says:

      @annie says: 14 July, 2014 at 2:40 pm

      “These interviews with Johann Lamont could be used to torture people”.

      But, annie, they ARE used to torture people. They call it FMQs

    137. pa_broon74 says:

      Comparing that to Andrew Neil ‘interviewing’ Nicola Sturgeon on Sunday there, Lamont got an easy ride. There were – for example – no snide remarks after Lamont’s garbled non-answers and far fewer, less aggressive interruptions.

      Only thing missing was Lamont’s audio feed not being muted every time Neil snuffled out some grunts into his mic.

      The tone was wrong as well. Andrew Neil seemed to be chiding Lamont for having crap policies – not because they were crap – but because she was letting the Yes Campaign win.

    138. Gillie says:

      Johann Lamont was that bad she caused a power outage at Torness when everybody went off to put on a cuppa.

      Torness nuclear reactor has ‘unplanned outage’

    139. Alistair Grapevine says:

      When a couple of months ago she (Jalo )said ” we do not have the intellect to run our own country”,

      have now realized where she got her reasoning from,


    140. Alistair Grapevine says:

      Sorry meant Jola

    141. Peter says:

      Since it is now fine and dandy to threaten to spill blood in this campaign can I baggsy A Gallacher from largs? I can do it in the name of Jesus if that makes it all nice and cuddly.

    142. Geoff Huijer says:

      Just more proof, as if we needed it, that Labour in Scotland can put a rosette on anyone and voters will blindly vote them in.

      A shocking state of affairs that the likes of Ms Lamont can even be elected nevermind being a so-called leader of anything.

    143. geeo says:

      The despair at some people just beggers belief.

      My wife and i had her father at the hospital today.
      We were in the waiting area sitting with our backs toward an old woman and who seemed to be her middle aged son.

      They started(loudly)with the usual No Guff about pensions and currency, i smiled wryly to myself.
      The guy started on about how people didnt want this and that but THAT sammind done it anyway. The womans response to this was a rant about sammind “thinks he is hitler and all they Nazi’s would over run Scotland so im better off sticking wi the queen coz at least she iznae a pape”!

      I kid you not, this woman was about 70.

      At this i leant over and said simply “excuse me, do you think you could cut out all that stuff about the democratically elected leader of the the SNP and the Scottish parliament being like hitler” ?

      “Eh, that wiz a private conversation” came the by now shouting reply.

      I told this woman that comparing the murderer of millions of jews, ethnic minorities etc, not to mention the millions killed on the battlefields, was utterly repulsive and was she calling me a fascist for exercising my democratic right to help put him, A. Salmond and his party in power ?

      I was reminded they were entitled to their opinion.

      I obviously agreed indeed they were, but when their opinion was to loudly and publically slur an elected government and categorise their followers as “fascist nazi’s, they would be well advised in future to keep that opinion to themselves.

      As i turned around, 2 of the 3 other people sitting around us gave a hearty hear hear !!

      I would not even attempt to talk round people like that, complete waste of time.

      Missus was not to happy but he ho, she knows what i am like, especially on subjects like that.

    144. Jim Mitchell says:

      There must have been a mighty row at Better Together HQ’s after this over who let her out without a script, mind you even with one.

      Seriously, it must be obvious how easy a ride Andrew Neil gave her.

    145. Andy-B says:

      Alex Massie was spot on when he said the Labour party hasn’t had a meaningful idea in a dozen years, as for Johann Lamont, I don’t think she’s ever had a meaningful idea in her whole life.

      Andrew Neil was also spot on when he said, the Labour party in Scotland couldn’t lift a finger without first getting approval from their Westminster masters, or words to that affect.

      Why would any Scot vote no, on the say so of the Labour party in Scotland, that led by a woman who has to kowtow to Westminster.

    146. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Jim Mitchell

      there must have been a mighty row at Better Together HQ’s after this over who let her out without a script, mind you even with one.

      They just need to say, silk purse and sow’s ear.

    147. JGedd says:

      Since I, too, gave up listening to Johann rambling on, I found myself thinking that the camera is usually kind to Johann, viewing her from the front, but in profile it appears that she has a chin like a sink. Did her grasp of policy disappear down the drain? It is a vortex after all.

      It also called to mind that following the dubious election result which allowed George Bush into office, an American comedian over here announced that he was fed-up being told how undemocratic it was that now Americans had elected a moron as President. He declared that he begged to differ, it was thoroughly democratic since he couldn’t think of anything more representative of the American electorate than that they had elected a moron.

    148. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Jim Mitchell

      Sorry forgot

      Out of earshot of the sow.

    149. Otto says:

      If she the best that Scottish Labour has to offer then rest of the party must be semi comatose! How the hell did people vote for her.

    150. desimond says:


      Square Go!!!!

      I had the sad misfortune to be on the other end of the spectrum the opther night. At a 40th birthday party with a bunch of young financial professional all doing pretty darn well for themselves.

      One tried to make a joke about YES viters to which i then nipped in the bud by pointing out the host was no a convert to YES too. Stumped the guy asked the host who confirmed his YES leabings, cue “Well eh, Ahm just no convinced” mutterings as the wide-o shuffled back into the shadows.

      Its folk like that that annoy me more than old and embittered No people. These are people that shoudl be hungry to help others but no, they prefer being the “Im all right and so is my ISA and so was my free University education mind but that was ages ago now and all that eh” brigade. All New Labour fans too surprisingly.

    151. Kev says:

      O/T Regarding BBC shenanigans at T in the Park – I was told that Geoff Ellis said on the radio yesterday that they were going to celebrate the last ever show at Balado with a piper doing Flower of Scotland. But when watching Artic Monkeys do the closing set last night on BBC 3, the coverage ended half way through the set and we were told to go to the website for the rest of it.

      Never, ever has the BBC abruptly ended the closing set at T in its history, its always shown TV viewers the full show right through to the fireworks at the end.

      Now we seem to have a possible reason for it, and if true, its one of the BBC’s most shameful political stunts ever.

    152. Truth says:

      *shakes head*

    153. Will Podmore says:

      I quite like the way you all hate politicians. We have all put too much faith in them to think and act for us. ‘Put not your trust in princes’ was always good advice.

    154. Dorothy Devine says:

      CameronB thanks for reminding me that the inarticulate gobbledigooker won the Herald debater of the year award – it made that dire interview several times funnier!

      I do hope that was UK wide and not just a wee” treat” for Scotland with the BBBC pretending impartiality and balance.

    155. biggpolmont says:

      seriously Is she on something?
      Talk about incoherent ramblings? When next someone points out that they dont like Alex Salmond Just say I know he is not everyones cup of tea but in all honesty That nonsensical
      rambler is what you would put in his place!
      Job done referendum won and we can all go home to our beds!

    156. Andy-B says:

      A condescending look at Scottish independence,from Joe Riley of the Liverpool Echo, never heard of him? neither have I.—7420563

    157. lochside says:

      I watched her usual car crash performance with Uncle Andy. The thought struck me: why would any self-respecting human being allow herself to go on totally unprepared, speak a serious of non-sequiturs and mumble shite?

      Does it explain the panda make-up? the inexplicable hand movements and genetic inability to make rational,and politically insightful statements?

      Then I realised: Jo JO is a reincarnation of Professor Stanley Unwin…creator of the gobbledygook language ‘Unwinism’. Younger readers..go to Youtube.

      The garbled neologisms, the nonsensical responses..they’re all there.

      Therefore, I look forward to the near future, when she receives her ermine collar, and to her making her maiden speech in the Housey Housey of the Lordy Dum Dums…Deep Joy!

    158. Thepnr says:

      Well said geeo, we shouldn’t put up with this sort of thing without making a point as to how obnoxious it is.

    159. John H. says:

      @ turnbull drier 3.34pm.

      Incredibly moving and powerful.I’ve passed this on to others.

    160. John H. says:

      You know turnbull drier, when I watched that I thought about Edwina Currie.According to her, people who use food banks are all greedy chancers.

    161. cynicalHighlander says:

      She is trying to become a guest on here.

    162. Thepnr says:

      @John H

      As far as IDS and most other Westminster politicians are concerned. Everybody on welfare is some kind of chancer and they deserve to be hammered for being poor.

      All of them are beneath contempt for spreading this ridiculous propaganda for the last few years. It is so bad that we have Labour saying “we’ll be tougher on welfare”.

      This former Labour voter will never forgive their deceit, I know that more and more learn the absolute truth everyday about our slimy elected officials. I want to make these types history. Vote Yes for the chance to do that or forever rue the day you voted.

    163. Nana Smith says:

      never mind being ousted as a numptie she’s back for another performance. Can’t keep this one in her cage for long….

    164. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Nana Smith

      Jeezz, she is channeling Tommy Cooper!

      Appropriate, none of his tricks worked either.

    165. Cactus says:

      Hot Dang! Think she came up too soon, needs to go back into the musical-chairs bunker.. that was a shocking performance, big slips! Whenever I hear her talking, this is all I can think about, enjoy:

      ‘For mash get Smash’ (an old TV commercial for potatoes) 😉

      X = YES

    166. horseboy says:

      Johann Lamont out of her depth, talking utter babble.

      Andrew Neil never takes prisoners. It super entertainment making Lamont look a fool. More of this please.

      Its an absolute dishonour he’s UK Tory stooge.

      Neil always batters into UK Labour’s Dianne Abbott every second on his late show, goes over her head. Its great sport to watch.

      ps. Johann’s had a makeover with whitewash and had kilo’s of fat sucked oot. Where’s the NECK BOLT, she looks like Frankenstein monster’s sister. Slavering and havering through the interview. UK Labour please please keep Lamont till referendum. She’s finished.

    167. Quentin Quale says:

      No good, I can’t even read her rubbish without hearing Stan Laurel’s horn – thanks Nation Libre! Check the link at 2.49

    168. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Ken Clarke out, radio 4

    169. Ian Kirkwood says:

      Scottish Labour folks must be banging their heads of walls. Wow, it is really much worse than I thought. No wonder she is not in the limelight very much, she has not got a clue.
      So come on all you labour people, vote YES. It is your only chance to get any kind of change from this carnage.

    170. msean says:

      Just watched the video again,doesn’t answer any question. How can a party go into a referendum without any policy except saying no? Just saying “more powers” won’t wash,and seems unreasonable.

    171. Grouse Beater says:

      Lamont’s ramblings ought to be kept on file for posterity so that students can study them as a prime example of classic political waffle.

      The odd thing is how the normally belligerent Neil allows her to waste everybody’s time including his own. Perhaps he thought her inanities spoke more clearly than any policy articulated. I suppose we should be thankful he made plain in his unanswered questions Scottish Labour’s woeful inadequacy which strangely she did not challenge.

      Alex Massie, the next to speak summed up her witless remarks perfectly, “What were listening to is the historical incoherence of the Labour party …”

      Then again, we all knew of it ages ago, and Alex Salmond knew of it before anybody and planned to illuminate it by a plebiscite.

    172. Cactus says:

      Hey Scaredy Cat @ 15:25hrs ~ Yeah that is very intimidating of the garage.. if people tampered with badges/stickers on street furniture, fair enough, but on personal property that’s entirely different and criminal ~ Hope you’re well 🙂

      FYI peeps: ‘Vote naw’ stickers can be altered to read, Vote YER MAW!

    173. John devine says:

      Why can’t we get informed media coverage like this?….

    174. YESGUY says:

      Weird woman

    175. Les Wilson says:

      Rev on STV news!

    176. Brian Mchugh says:

      We’re on da telly 🙂

    177. Ken500 says:

      Wings on STV

    178. Thepnr says:

      Sugar. Missed it.

    179. Cuilean says:

      The insufferable woman’s a glove puppet. Sooty would make more sense! I sometimes fall into the mistake of feeling sorry for her ineptitude then get angry that she has the audacity to take tax payers’ money for her gibberish & gobbledegook. Oh, am I being a cybernat? Sorry Project Fear, I thought it was just me exercising my right to an opinion and free speech. I forgot that’s only allowed if you are voting No.

    180. Thepnr says:

      Dundee and Dundee United fans join together in support of a Yes vote.

    181. Croompenstein says:

      Caught you on STV News Stu. See you never took my advice about a nice pastel coloured shirt 🙂

    182. Jim says:

      Scottish Cabinet meets in wick, Caithness
      Watch it live, here:

    183. Croompenstein says:

      @RevStu – Noticed they cut you off when explaining about Johnstone, I think it should be back on Scotland Tonight so will watch and see if your explanation is played in full.

    184. YESGUY says:

      My buddie just finished some work on a song.

      Most will recognise it and the yes badges.

      It’s brilliant and shows we have real talent out there , but i knew that already. The singer is my closest friend and i am really proud of him for this.

      hope ye like it

      Copy and paste into search bar and chill .

      If it doesn’t work can someone sort it i dunno how to yet.

    185. YESGUY says:

      Checked the link and it works for me.

    186. horseboy says:

      UK ConDem government have today appointed ex UK Labour pension adviser Dr Ros Altmann, as champion for older workers!

      I’ve been watching her longtime, she’s UK Labour’s man!

      I’ve watched her UK Labour advice over last 10years. Ros Altmann and UK Labour pension advice is incompetent and deceit.

      Thanks to 50years of UK government and their advice, I’m living in relative poverty.

      Don’t know what’s her game, but her pensions broadcasts are dangerously fraudulent.

      ps. Basically its my opinion its bad advice for low paid workers to sign up to new Government pension scheme.

      To buy a miserable poverty annual pension of £5000, you will have to pay into a pension scheme saving £100,000 over 50years working life, and so on pro-rata.

      Thats having to save £2000 per year which is £40 per week out of a low weekly wage, and unaffordable for the low paid.

      pps. Its get worse, because if your getting a personal pension, this excludes you from any benefits.

      Its win win for UK establishment, for you, your screwed forever.

      Please please vote YES, and end this.

    187. Nana Smith says:


      Wow this is so good!

    188. Paula Rose says:

      Btw darlings, conversations on the web do not count towards your five-a-day, only face-to-face counts!

    189. Terry Mac. says:

      If Lamont’s incoherent babble is the best Scottish Labour can come up with then they’re in deep doodoo.

    190. Thepnr says:

      Worked for me, excellent version of Caladonia. Cheers.

    191. Lesley-Anne says:

      What a cracking rendition of an absolutely beautiful song there YG. 🙂

    192. Kenny says:

      O/T – I just got back from T In The Park. Lots and lots or Yes badges around. (I also met two cute girls with badges reading “I only kiss boys who vote Yes.” Imagine thay one for the No side…) However, I was surprised that there were no Yes and BT stalls on site. It seemed an ideal place to engage with young people. There wasn’t even a voter registration stall which I’d have thought would be a good idea if they wanted to be non-political. I did hear that they were confiscating Yes flags though, after a couple got on screen during the TV coverage. I’d say it was neutral and they confiscated No flags too, but who the hell has a No flag?

    193. david anderson says:

      @ Thepnr

      Aye Brother, friend and I all contributed to the two teams one city fundraiser, can’t wait to see those billboards displaying a huge YES, they are in a really prominent position. There is a derby two days after the Indyresult comes in, I am hoping that we will be celebrating before, during and after the match regardless of the score!

      As for Jola, Massie hit the nail on the head, oh how we hope she continues to produce such performances for the NO camp.

    194. RogueCoder says:

      Oh… dear… God.

      Have watched the full video on the BBC for the train wreck in its awesome entirety. What you have at the end is Alex Massie – although normally I despise him – absolutely nailing the reason why SLAB are unelectable and will lose again in 2016.

      Then Lesley points out that Scotland has always been different from the rUK and wants a social democracy (hence voting Labour for 80 years until Flash Tony and his Red Tory politics came along), and JoLa just doesn’t get it – Lesley may as well have taken a big wet haddock out of her bag and slapped her around the face with it.

      But more power to JoLa – because every one of these interviews where she reveals herself to be the halfwit and staggeringly inept politico that she is will push another 1,000 voters to Yes.

    195. Croompenstein says:

      New poster from Better Together.. Paula Rose you may want to sit down before opening…

    196. heedtracker says:

      So this is why we never got their 800 grand vote no grot. I thought it was because they were targeting demographics but turns out they’re crap at UKOK propaganda mail shots too. Resign you clown.

    197. Arel says:

      Some unionist troll on the Hootsmon trying to suggest that those displaying Yes wrist bands and stickers at TITP got booed. Immediately put in his place by many who were actually there. More lies and desperation from the No-hopers.

    198. Nana Smith says:


      HAHA….best laugh I’ve had today. Brilliant!

    199. Donny Mac says:

      …and now a political broadcast on behalf of the “YES” campaign…

    200. davidb says:

      Thats strange. I started watching this and was looking forward to reading the comments underneath. By the time I finished watching it Comments Are Disabled For This Video.

      Why is you tube censoring the comments? Politicians have been fair game for years. Wheres the sport in watching one if you aren’t allowed to boo, or indeed laugh out loud!

    201. heedtracker says:

      Get a W and S tattooed on each cheek for polling day down at Pacific Quay, give Jacky Bird something to chew on.

    202. IcySpark says:

      SG Wick Q/A session now live:

    203. Robert Peffers says:

      Lamont is small beer when compared to such as The Right Honourable Iain Duncan Smith. This evil guy published a totally lying CV. BBC’s Newsnight has revealed that Iain Duncan Smith has, shall we say been, a little “misleading”. His Who’s Who entry said he went to the , “University of Perugia”.

      Thing is it wasn’t the “real” University of Perugia, (one of Italy’s most eminent seats of learning), it was the Italian Università per Stranieri in Perugia. In truth it is the Italian city’s language school. Worse still IDS did not even stay to sit the school’s exam. So if you thought the, “Great Man”, had done three hard years toiling away in Perugia doing a degree course – forget it for it’s a lie.

      Another, “Top”, educational establishment on the Iain Duncan Smith CV was the, ”Dunchurch College of Management”, , no more than a few short day-release courses paid for by his then employer, GEC Marconi. He obtained no qualifications there either. What next?

      Oh! Look! The Harvard Business School. He also attended the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 1975 and was commissioned into the Scots Guards as a Second Lieutenant and promoted to Lieutenant in June 1977.

      So we have a cheat & a liar now leading the heroic battle of the Tory/LibDem government to starve the most vulnerable, poor, old, sick and disabled into food bank. Do we Scots really wish to be ruled over by such people.

      Sometimes these people make me sick to the pit of my stomach.

    204. Stuart Black says:

      Oh man, what a great thread, I’m realising just how much I miss Wings since – against my better judgment 😉 I opened a Twitter account, bloody thing’s taken over my very existence. Good to be back, and the Rev keeping up the highest of standards, as usual.

      Hope to see a few of you all at Pacific Quay soon. 🙂

    205. Jim says:

      My links have disappeared?

    206. Paula Rose says:

      @ naughty Croompenstein – I’m getting a few of them to cover up the stains in my carpets.

    207. a2 says:

      “Seriously, it must be obvious how easy a ride Andrew Neil gave her.”

      Don’t agree, the helpful thing would have been to stop her and steer her to safer ground, as it was he let her ramble on with an occasional prod knowing full well she was tying herself in knots. from previous interviews, I’d say he was actually playing to her weakness.

    208. ronnie anderson says:

      @Yesguy , thats a powerfull rendition of Caladonia ave heard, seen some of your earlier posts, You keep yer chin up never lit it hit the flair an if you want a lend o ma coller jist ask, there’s nae loss fur whit a friend gits.

    209. velofello says:

      No complaints from me over Jola’s performance:

      We got hand jive; the old ScotLabour standard,”we tested it”; the aria “shared resources”;

      Unfortunately the Unionists just will not change the key. Its always played out on G – us yer money.

    210. Marian says:

      You can see that Andrew Neil is enjoying playing with Lamont’s complete inability to understand the questions let alone answer them.

      No wonder Labour keep her locked away from their harms way.

    211. BigRik says:

      Ahh, the merits of the Labour selection process, where its not what you care about your constituents, but how well you can parrot soundbites… in any order you like. i can’t remember if she used the current Word du Jour… ROBUST.

    212. McHaggis says:

      ‘Inarticulate’ doesn’t come remotely close…

      A slavering buffoon with poor delivery, suspect knowledge and an inability to communicate in much other than some simian level sign language.

    213. kendomacaroonbar says:


      Excellent production !

    214. McHaggis says:

      Fair play I suppose…

      On the left (despite me generally disagreeing with the political views of two of them) we have 3 political intellectuals who can be coherent, persuasive and knowledgable.

      On the right we have a retarded amoeba plucked from the primordial soup that lies everywhere to the west of Livingston, with an IQ below my collar size and a mouth fashioned for not much more than saying “ah tell you this…”

    215. The Rough Bounds says:

      If you thought this was bad wait till you see Susan Boyle (yon wee fat wifie fae Bathgate that sings like an angle…I mean angel) doing her stuff at the Commonwealth Games then getting interviewed by the BBC and STV.

      Your toes are going to curl up so much you won’t be able to stagger to the TV to turn it off.

      Layburr furr meee…!

    216. YESGUY says:

      Thanks Ronnie.

      Chin well at the attention pose.

      Only a no vote will drop my chin but. That just won’t happen pal.

      Chin up , badge on and a few quick one liners for any no voters and a wink for the YESSERS.

      The musicians in this country are equal to any and i am lucky to one or two …

      Hope to see you all at the PQ . Need a big Flag so off to get one tmoz.

    217. RogueCoder says:

      @ davidb

      YouTube doesn’t disable comments, the uploader chooses whether comments are allowed or not.

      This video – like many other excellent indyref videos – was uploaded by Peter Curran. A couple of months ago he started disabling comments on videos – I assume because of the BritNat trolls who would come on and post some of the most hateful remarks. I patrolled YouTube indyref videos for months debunking the more outrageous claims and was successful in getting a couple of the nastier trolls banned. I was sad to see the comments disabled – but I would guess Peter’s thinking was along the line of Yes Scotland’s; keep the message positive and don’t allow the BritNats to dictate the terms of the debate.

    218. Dorothy Devine says:

      Croompenstein , you have made an old lady very happy!

    219. YESGUY says:


      That’s shocking to the point of stupidity. I cannot believe some one put the couple out.

      I din’t think you could do that. GOBSMACKED.

      Can that happen in Scotland ?

      What a horrible place the UK has become.

    220. TJenny says:

      YESGUY – really enjoyed your pals’ version of ‘Caledonia’. Are they WOS readers too and could they attend a WOS night out?

    221. colin young says:

      If i was at TITP and could not see the stage for flags i would probably have complained, especially if i was stuck behind a large ujack.
      That’s probably the reason for the ban ?

    222. Robert Peffers says:

      @BigRik says: 14 July, 2014 at 7:43 pm:

      “i can’t remember if she used the current Word du Jour… ROBUST.

      No! No! BigRik, That is supposed to be, “Rob Youse”.

    223. Nana Smith says:


      I think folks in Scotland have have more compassion to help people in need at least I would like to think so.
      I’m truly appalled at what a shocking place the UK is heading towards.

    224. davidb says:

      @rogue coder

      Ah. I understand. Might have been funny though …..

    225. Freedom Lover says:

      In the name of Jesus & everything Holy I feel sorry wee Johann. I really do. She has an almost impossible job: on one side she has to make sure that all these incoherent & incompatible Labour policy boxes never touch each other- if they do then they will simply explode & destroy each other, like a surreal manifestation of existential MAD. That is why nothing she says makes any sense whatsoever, as the Party’s vision is so fundamentally fragmented. We she speaks all I hear is “clawhammer” then “accountability”, “clawhammer” again to “accountability”- like some psychotic rondo. In one brief moment of coherence she urges greater political engagement of the electorate & yet she clearly fails to recognize that political engagement in Scotland is at a historical high, due in no small part to the very referendum she repudiates with such blind vehemence. The cherry on top of the icing cake is when Alex Massie enthusiastically volunteers to stick the boot right into Johann, like the Spectators own version of Graeme Souness when he put his studs down that Steaua Bucharest players shin.

    226. YESGUY says:

      The Singer Doc, is a close friend and had planned to go to the last wings get together. But have assured , no excuse he will be at the next. I’ll make sure he brings a guitar with him.

      He’s a YESGUY too loud and proud They all are.

      Come on Wingers get a date sorted and i’ll drag him there if i have too.

    227. horseboy says:

      Would love see Andrew Neil interview oor Alec. In my opinion they’re equal intellect, guile but oor Alec should better him. Its Alec’S patch, and he’s a betting man steeped in Scotland’s economics. Andrew Neil been in soft London for decades and out of touch with Scotland. It would be fight to death. Could be a winner for YES if Andrew Neil taken down. Maybe not wise, very very high risk! Andrew Neil is biggest alpha dog around. ALEC do it, time to risk all.

    228. Rock says:

      Actually she is the right person to be the First Minister of Scotland in the event of a No vote.

      If there is a No vote on 18th September, heavens forbid, the SNP government should resign and call an election in which it doesn’t stand.

      Within a couple of years of Johann Lamont’s ‘leadership’, we will be looking at a landslide Yes vote in a second referendum after a landslide SNP victory.

      If the SNP continue to provide a competent government after a No vote, we can forget about ever getting independence. They do the hard work but because of our corrupt and dishonest media, they don’t get the credit they deserve.

      The No voters will need a very sharp shock in the event of a No vote and Yes voters will have to bear with it.

    229. Findlay Farquaharson says:

      i have loathed, hated and despised her from the first moment i seen and heard her, first fmq after she got oil fund grays job. disgusting vile individual who deserves no respect or mercy and should be removed from scottish political life as soon as humanly possible. dont like that ian davidson much either.

    230. Hood says:

      I think the problem with that way of thinking is that if Labour were in power in Scotland, after a No vote, then Westminster would have puppets willing to be accomplices in removing powers from Holyrood.

      There would never be another referendum again and the devolved Scottish parliament would be quickly demoted to the status of a community council.

    231. Robert Peffers says:

      @Rock says: 14 July, 2014 at 8:18 pm :
      “If the SNP continue to provide a competent government after a No vote, we can forget about ever getting independence. They do the hard work but because of our corrupt and dishonest media, they don’t get the credit they deserve.”

      In fact, Rock, there is no party on Earth that will be able to do a good job running Scotland in the event of a NO win. Without any further efforts from Westminster a post NO Scotland is finished. Here’s why. All three unionist parties have committed to carry out the continued policies already in the pipeline from the ConDems. Most of which have not even yet began. Then we have the Westminster privatisation policies, again promised by all Westminster parties.

      This results in the public paying at source for services and the treasury cutting English funding. There then follows negative Barnett Consequentials and a per capita cut in Scottish block grant funding.

      Next up is the removal of the Barnett Formula and thus no regulation on the allocation of the block grants. The system now has gone from a two kingdom parliament at Westminster to Westminster being the de facto parliament of England ruling over the other three, subservient, parliaments.

      Much of Scotland is being starved already and a no vote will see Westminster finish that job by starving the rest of us.

    232. Harry McAye says:


      I’ve placed a few bets on a Yes vote. The first one was last autumn at 3/1. It then went up to 5/1 in November and now, amazingly, despite some recent polls showing 47-53 and 48-52, it’s still as high as 5/1 with several bookies. So I placed a couple more today but I’ve just noticed this strange wording on Paddy Power’s site. As well as giving the date for the referendum as Sunday 5th October(?) the wording above the odds is a bit ,well, odd.

      “Singles only. Applies to the next binding referendum on Scottish independence. Excludes advisory or non-binding referendum. Bets void if a referendum on Scottish Independence does not take place by the end of the current term”.

    233. Grouse Beater says:

      Would love see Andrew Neil interview oor Alec

      That event has happened – oor Alec was forced to remind Neil of his time as an editor working for Murdoch.

    234. Bob Sinclair says:

      Looks like Panorama is softening us up for Gulf War 3 with what can only be described as Propaganda.

      Whilst I have no doubt that the footage being shown is entirely genuine the way it is being used in this report seems to be for the sole purpose of dehumanising the enemy.

      In a report like this we really need to be given all the info that has led to the current situation in Iraq.

    235. Brian Mchugh says:

      Really enjoyed that IcySpark… lots of good questions and answers and it gave this city lad a bit more of an insight into the issues of concern in rural areas.

    236. Free Scotland says:

      Johann Lamont is the political equivalent of Rab C. Nesbitt. Okay, I admit it, that is rather insulting – to Rab.

    237. DougtheDug says:

      When you think about it it’s not clear why Johann Lamont gets an interview about devolution and the independence referendum.

      She’s not at the top of Better Together and she’s not anywhere near the top of the Labour party, even in Scotland. Alistair Darling and Gordon Brown may hate each other but neither will take any orders from Johann Lamont.

      It’s probably a good idea to remember that Johann is still there because she doesn’t count in Labour. And it’s a good idea to remember that she doesn’t count in the “Better Together”/”No Thanks”/”Keep Labour Lords in Ermine” campaign as well before getting too triumphal about her inability to string a coherent policy together on TV.

    238. ronnie anderson says:

      @ IcySparK thanks for that link good Q/A session.

    239. David G. says:

      Slabs were robotic beings, typically androids, used by individuals of various races (typically criminals) as basic slave drones. Slabs are over six feet tall and tend to travel in pairs. They had a vague form as to not provoke suspicion, but their attitude and internal anatomy were very unusual – they always obeyed the commands of their master, disrespected other beings, … and had the same composition all the way through.

      … from the Doctor Who Encyclopaedia.

      Seems appropriate.

    240. Albaman says:

      So now Westminster , in the form of Davidson and his Scottish Affairs Committee has, after centuries of total indifference to the boarder folk, have suddenly become all concerned about their welfare, I wonder what brought that on?, surely it has nothing to do with a pending referendum !!.

    241. Rock says:


      I think the problem with that way of thinking is that if Labour were in power in Scotland, after a No vote, then Westminster would have puppets willing to be accomplices in removing powers from Holyrood.

      There would never be another referendum again and the devolved Scottish parliament would be quickly demoted to the status of a community council.”

      Would the people of Scotland accept that or would that push them as far as backing UDI by a future SNP government?

      Because if the SNP continues in government, we will definitely not have another referendum AND the SNP will be blamed for all the Westminster enforced problems that follow.

    242. Simon Chadwick says:

      So Kev what did happen after the BBC stopped broadcasting?

    243. john king says:

      BtP says
      “She does have an entertainment value though”

      Weelll yes,
      assuming you get enjoyment from watching a cold,
      sore grow,

      The frightening thing is the extreme arrogance this woman displays, comfortable in the knowledge that no matter how stupid, how facile, how utterly incomprehensible she is she can relax in the warm embrace of the BBC et al who will translate her incoherent ramblings into the words of a higher intellect than us ordinary mortals can ever hope to understand!

      This woman is a dangerous fool.

    244. Dcanmore says:

      Do you really think Johann Lamont believes she’s doing a good job there? I mean, is there some SpAd behind the camera saying ‘well done Johann you did very well?’

      That was truly awful (again) but at least it wasn’t screeching by Mags Curran because I don’t think I could have watched that for four minutes if it was. This will drive more Labour voters to YES just to try and save their party from talentless over-promoted cooncillurs.

      I hope Alex Salmond will just line them all up for debate. Start with Darling, then next night Lamont, then next Baillie, then Grey, chuck on Cockburn the Ukipper for good measure and round off with a Duo of Mags Curran and Rennie. Wipe the the floor with them all.

      How far has Scottish Labour fallen? It only takes Alex Massie 10 seconds to obliterate them in one sentence!

    245. Thepnr says:

      Thanks for the link.

      Good to see the SG get it’s act together with regard the only outlet they have for their message. The internet is our bazooka against their tank.

      Regarding the programme itself, I thought the ministers really did themselves justice despite the many plants in the audience. John Swinney is growing in confidence and I was so glad to see Nicola make the point that an in/out referendum would be for the SG elected in 2015.

      She was on the ball as usual.

      I sense that a few heads are down and that the MSM is getting to you. Don’t fret, channel your emotions into something positive, if you get pissed off. Just say “that’s it, tomorrow I convert another two”.

      Look at Johann today, have you ever saw anyone so demoralised? They are losing and know it, keep the chin up and get in there with the head down!

    246. john king says:

      Robert Peffers says
      “The London bosses told Labour in Scotland that Ms Lamont was so intelligent and brilliant orator, that only the very erudite, intelligent and sincere of human beings could understand her.”

      Could she be the human version of a Jackson Pollock painting,
      no one understands it but they don’t want to make themselves look stupid by admitting it?

    247. Rock says:

      Robert Peffers,

      “In fact, Rock, there is no party on Earth that will be able to do a good job running Scotland in the event of a NO win. Without any further efforts from Westminster a post NO Scotland is finished.”

      That is precisely why the SNP government should temporarily withdraw from politics from 19th September in the event of a No vote.

      After 7 years of the best government Scotland has ever had, we still have this nonsense about people hating Alex Salmond.

      It will be hard for independence supporters but let Johann Lamont be the First Minister after a No vote. Only then will the No voters realise how badly they were misled.

      And when Scots do realise that they have been cheated, there will be no holding them back. Independence, with or without a referendum will follow within 5 years.

      It will be both an honourable thing for the SNP government to resign in the event of a No vote, and an extremely beneficial tactical move to watch from outside as Scottish Labour is completely destroyed once and for all.

      The SNP has absolutely nothing to gain from being in power after a No vote and everything to lose.

    248. Nana Smith says:

      Lets get out while we can as seeing some of those tipped to be promoted in Davy’s reshuffle is worrying to say the least.

      Those tipped for advancement include employment minister Esther McVey – who was also seen entering No 10 – education minister Liz Truss and ministerial aide Penny Mordaunt.

    249. Thepnr says:

      This is Wings Over Scotland. We do not even contemplate a No vote. that attitude is for losers. those supporting Yes are winners. There is no doubt of that.

      Put out of your mind any idea of “next time” There may NEVER be a next time, Westminster will make sure of that.

      Get the finger out, this is the one and only absolute guaranteed time that Scotland will have a vote to be free of Westminster and the policies that are destroying society.

      Be positive as Yes is. We are winning and will win it THIS time. Their is no other time. Don’t forget that.

    250. Paul Martin says:

      I’m sure Nicola Sturgeon learned a big lesson after the no-scoring stairheid-rammy on STV with Lamont. You only have to do what Andrew Neill did…give Lamont the space and time to dig herself into great big deep rambling incoherent holes.

    251. Patrician says:

      I feel really, really sorry for this woman, I honestly do. This could be described as cruel and unusual punishment, not by her opponents but from her own side. She is being set up to take all the blame and none of the glory by members of her own party. Can you imagine, Sarwar, Murphy, Alexander taking orders from her? She is their human shield to take all the flak when it goes wrong. Because, even if No Scotland win it will be an incredibly close result and therefore a moral defeat for them. They need a resounding win or independence will stay as a constant threat hanging over their heads. At any other time members from the Labour party would be lining up to challenge for the leaders job, but right now this is the job no one wants and Ms Lamont is left with it.

      She is so out of her depth it is visible to anyone. I also wouldn’t be surprised if when faced with just a moderately hard interview she could emotionally break down. She is seriously under stress and that is what you are starting to see with the refusal to look Mr Neil in the eye, the robotic answers, and stilted speech. These are classic signs of stress in interview situations.

    252. Stewart Baillie says:

      Lamont believes in independence. That’s why she cant string two sentences together in defence of the union. Yeh she can read a script written up by someone else but her lack of belief and conviction shines through when she has to make it up herself. She only keeps up the pretence in the hope of catching up with the golden carrot dangling in front of her nose and the promise of room at the trough.
      Either that or shes just thick as sh*t….

    253. Luigi says:

      Please do not feel sorry for Jola. She is there by choice and no doubt will be rewarded for her suffering. She is a nothing more than a spiteful, nasty piece of work.

    254. G H Graham says:

      Stairheid on top form again.

      Incoherent, illogical, mumbo jumbo.

      Standard TV reply …

      “Aye, well, wurr wantin’ a debate, an’ ‘at, right, Mack!”

      Whispers, “Whurrs ma fags?”

    255. superjaxx says:

      For a former teacher, she is very inarticulate isn’t she? You’d think she woud be used to translating difficult concepts into more simple language. Instead we just hear nonsense.

    256. X_Sticks says:

      Well, Lamont was barely coherent. I’m sure she’s close to breaking point. I almost feel sorry for her. Thanks to Rosa for the full link to the programme. Not often I agree with Massie, but that was an eloquent filleting of Lamont.

      Turnbull Drier, What a moving speech from Dennis Curran. With the story from Julie Webster at the Maryhill Foodbank as well, how can anyone think this is ‘better together’.

      YesGuy – Superb rendition of Caledonia from your mate, look forward to meeting him at a Wings get together.

    257. Defo says:

      Hope she’s the sub for Flipper, come the 5th debate.
      No hiding place out with the FMQs structure for her.

      She gives a performance here that Massie Jr accurately summed up with a strange gusto, epitomising her as with the “intellectual bankrupsy” of Slab. Ouch.
      I wonder if he has been brewing that turd for a very long time.

      Jola, speaks of not seeing Balls “directive” on income tax, and even has the brass neck to slaver on about winning the political arguement.

      Is she the modern Toom Tabard ?

    258. Doug Daniel says:

      That’s painful to watch. But it’s worth it for Massie tearing into Labour at the end. He certainly doesn’t hold back, does he?

    259. Jim says:

      I have to correct you sir, there were no plants in the audience, I know the people that asked the questions.

    260. Camz says:

      Not religious, but I would pray that she never becomes Prime / First anything. She’s incompetent.

    261. Truth says:

      There were definitely plants at the Scottish Govt cabinet meeting in Rutherglen a few weeks ago.

      I witnessed a group of about ten people all either talking to each other or nodding knowingly at each other before the whole thing started.

      All of them were straining every sinew trying to get in to ask a question. Some succeeded.

      Afterwards they all congregated as if to compare notes. They weren’t even trying to hide it.

    262. Morag Graham Kerr says:

      On the right we have a retarded amoeba plucked from the primordial soup that lies everywhere to the west of Livingston, with an IQ below my collar size …

      As someone who comes from west of Livingston, I can only say – I nearly wet myself laughing. That is quality insult.

    263. Jim says:

      Why would she become FM, not many will vote for her party after this referendum. They accuse the SNP of being tartan Tories but they are nothing more, nothing less, pot, kettle, black.
      They are the modern day parcel of rogues and will become as marginalized as the Tories are, which, if truth be told matters not one jot if there is a no vote because the SNP will still be there,b making the most of the meagre budget they receive.

    264. Jim says:

      That maybe true but unless we want to be swept away on a sea of paranoia then we must stick to the facts as we know them.

    265. Ross says:

      The point I’m making to you is….What I’m saying to you is….we need a debate….pooling and sharing resources…accountability….the point I’m making to you is…we need a debate.

      She just waffles between these preset phrases. She is a berk!

    266. Jim says:

      Whatever, these so-called amoeba have a vote whether you like it or not so maybe convincing them to come over to the yes side rather than insulting them would be a better tactic.
      You do this campaign no favours otherwise.

    267. Jim says:


      There are few politicians that you can say do not use preset phrases, I have watched them all prevaricate on many occasions, SNP, Labour, Tory but, do you in your heart wish to be a citizen of an independent country. There is a lot of information at your fingertips to help you make your decision so forget politics for a moment, evaluate the information you have and make your own choice.
      Salmon, Sturgeon, Davidson, Lamont, Rennie, will be alright whatever the outcome so do it for your own reasons, not theirs.

    268. Kenny says:

      I just got done watching the whole Andrew Neil suite of programmes from Edinburgh. I have to say, This Week from Edinburgh Castle was quite grotesquely biased and I don’t know how anyone can say otherwise. On the one occasion the programme devotes itself to Scotland and the referendum, they had three unionists (and Andrew Neil himself makes four) vs. one indy representative…twice. That’s not even subtle. It’s just a very blatant decision to treat the referendum like any other election – “all the parties are represented so it must be fair.” That’s before you even get to the execrable Sarah Smith and her dreadful little package.

    269. Rock says:


      “This is Wings Over Scotland. We do not even contemplate a No vote. that attitude is for losers. those supporting Yes are winners. There is no doubt of that.

      Put out of your mind any idea of “next time” There may NEVER be a next time, Westminster will make sure of that.”

      I am not contemplating a No vote – I am contemplating a RIGGED No vote.

      Westminster will do its damnest to prevent it THIS TIME, let alone next time.

      The only hope is a massive Yes vote which even Westminster cannot rig.

    270. Rock says:


      “I feel really, really sorry for this woman, I honestly do.”

      No one is forcing her to do what she does – she can resign now if she wants to.

      Do you think someone is forcing her to spout her poison at First Ministers’ questions?

      I have absolutely no pity for the likes of her.

    271. Rock says:

      Stewart Baillie,

      “Lamont believes in independence.”

      No, she absolutely does not. She even opposed devolution.

    272. Lou Nisbet says:

      Here is the answer to Jola’s problem
      ‘expressive dysphasia is difficulty in putting words together to make meaning. In reality there is usually considerable overlap of these conditions but a person who has pure dysarthria without dysphasia would be able to read and write as normal and to make meaningful gestures, provided that the necessary motor pathways are intact.’

      and you should all be ashamed for mocking the afflicted – except – wait a minute – we’re paying her 100K a year plus expenses? Who’s the fool here?

    273. Callan Mackay says:

      I have seen Tommy Wiseau giving answers with more logic than hers..

    274. john king says:

      “Either that or his missus forgot to iron his shirts.”

      Is that a euphemism?

    275. Weedeochandorris says:

      That wummin makes my skin crawl. Andrew Neil gets full marks for restraint, you can tell that he’s having to control the urge to ask her really difficult questions, knowing it would quickly deteriorate into a full blown comedy sketch. She wouldn’t have the script and she would end up foaming at the mouth, rolling around on the floor moaning SNP, SNP, SNP. She is an embarrassment but an absolute gift to the independence movement.

    276. Grouse Beater says:

      A chronic inability to express intelligence.

    277. CameronB Brodie says:

      As someone who has overcome a pronounced dysarthria and dysphasia, without coaching, I don’t think it would be out of place to say such difficulties are not insurmountable. If JL actually suffers from such a condition, I would suggest she might consider taking herself out off stressful situations.

      I am being sincere with that advice.

    278. geeo says:

      Anyone wanting to win the referendum or at least get labour back in holyrood any time soon should have removed her from office a long time ago.

      Thank goodness they didnt.

    279. Patrick Roden says:

      What we sometimes forget, is that Johann was put into her present position by the Unions and was also probably coached through her career by them as well.

      She is the classic ‘puppet king’ that the unions know they can control and use to their own benefit.

      How this would effect Scotland, if ever became First Minister, is of no concern to the Unions.
      They would have a huge bargaining chip that they could use as leverage to get concessions from Westminster, especially if Labour were in power there as well.

      If you look at her political history, you will see her enjoying the funding/campaigning resources of the unions.

      Scottish Labour are corrupt to the core and will betray the people of Scotland at the drop of a hat, if called to do so by the UK Party or the Unions.

      I despise the lot of them!

    280. ken says:

      I’m all for devolution as long as we (UK) don’t have to subsidise you for the next ten years. If you want to go alone then do it. All I fear is that in 10 to 15 years time you decide it was a bad idea. We (UK) take you back with your massive accrewed debt, leaving us to pay for it out of our taxes. Don’t mention the oil that won’t save Scotland alone.

    281. pete the camera says:

      Can we call what will be left after we dissolve the UK on the 18th not as rUK but UKm where the “m” stands for minor that is if they want to keep the UK brand it should be truthful

    282. It increasingly sounds as if Labour want to do away with devolution and bring us all into the fold of Ed’s One Nation Labour. JoLa’s desire to give more power to cities, so weakening the Scottish Parliament, sounds very like what Cameron is punting for down south.

      Labour and Tory policy the same? Who would have thought!

    283. Brian Hill says:

      Massie hit the nail on the head when he spoke about ‘the intellectual incoherence of the Labour Party’.

      As one of the posters – balgayboy put it, her interview was ’embarrassingly pathetic’. And indeed it was cringeworthy. I’ve seen better interviews given by councillors never mind council leaders. Frank Ross SNP Edinburgh has been interviewed several times recently on weighty subjects and each time his interview was flawless.

      Ms Lamont has never looked like a First Minister in waiting and nor is she likely to be burdened with such an onerous task.


    284. Spansco says:

      I would call her an ignorant incoherent fish wife, but that would insult fish wives the world over. She is a glaring example as to why Labour has NOTHING to offer Scotland and simply want London to call the shots. Anyone voting for Labour in Scotland is either as thick as she is or just doesn’t care. The donkey with a rosette vote is what Labour is counting on and there will be Scots who will deliver it as usual, time after time.

    285. Marvin Stone says:

      Copious Fartus.

    286. geeo says:

      I liked the idea mooted that in the event of a No vote the SNP immediately resign en masse.

      Better still, reform as a new party demanding home rule from westminster and cutting the number of constituencies

      Watching labour MSP’s squirm when the only place in the uk that would have them is a shrinking pond caused by ex SNP.

      Lets face it, there will be no other referendum after this one.

      This is the only chance we will get ever so we either take it or get away from anything remotely Scottish as we can before they “cut us loose” in generations to come when the resources up here are wasted yet again.

      Vote No and that is the bleak future we deserve.

      YES is the only sane option !

    287. west_lothian_questioner says:

      Thoughts of JoLa as our FM (indy or devolved) were immediately followed by thoughts of emigration…

      That wifie is scaryus maximus.

      Mr M. does do a nice demolition job though. He must have been thinking that one up all through her self-humiliation.

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