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And be thought a fool

Posted on November 13, 2023 by

It’s not just the obvious tempting-fate part.

Yousaf himself has been demonstrating his unfitness for office ever since he’s had offices. But that’s not even the dumbest thing about that tweet.

Because Humza Yousaf and the SNP need a general election right now like they need a hole in the head. Polls consistently show them losing at least half of their current MPs, and the reality is likely to be worse.

Humza Yousaf knows this, and he knows that everyone else knows it. The SNP are going to be humiliated at the next UK election – and quite possibly bankrupted if they have to fight it soon – so plainly he doesn’t actually want one. So he’s deliberately, and needlessly, saying something that even by politician standards everybody knows is a particularly egregious and crass lie.

It’s indefensibly dim because if you asked him to explain WHY he wants an election, he couldn’t. He couldn’t say “regardless of independence we need to kick the Tories out” because the only party that can replace them is Labour and the SNP’s entire schtick is that Labour are just as bad.

He can’t say “it’s to bring about independence” because he’s already admitted that neither UK party is going to give him another referendum.

(Polls suggest there’s no chance of the SNP holding the balance of power at Westminster and being able to leverage anything out of a new government, but in any event we know from the Brexit votes that even when they DO have that ability they don’t use it because they’re too terrified of being seen to co-operate with the Tories for any reason.)

You don’t HAVE to say stuff for the sake of it. Scottish Labour are collectively slightly less intelligent than mud, but even they eventually worked out that their best hope of getting elected in Scotland was to just shut the hell up and let the SNP implode, and try not to remind voters how useless the alternative was.

But Humza Yousaf isn’t even that smart. As the Conservative Party rips itself to shreds and with Labour mired in a hideous mess over Palestine, all he had to do was keep his head down and his dish clamped.

But instead he pops up chirping idiot drivel that would insult the intelligence of a drunk toddler, and in doing so manages to drag the focus away from his floundering opponents and back onto himself and the SNP, who need more media attention right now like they need open-heart surgery in a Gaza hospital.

The only rational explanation it’s possible to construct is that Yousaf realises what a poisoned chalice he’s taken on and just wants to hurry towards an electoral thrashing so that he has an excuse to resign.

But in truth the SNP left reason behind so long ago that even that isn’t really plausible. The grim reality is that we’re just watching a clown show.

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  1. Sven says:

    And yet, just imagine the encouragement were he to sack the not so dynamic duo of Harvie & Slater before announcing that he was cancelling his jolly to Cop26 and implementing his promised assistance to Brechin and the northeast.
    Followed by his acceptance of the resignations of messrs Mathieson and Robison.
    Well, one can but dream.

  2. sydthesnake says:

    The clowns clown.

  3. Red says:

    Every “white person” in Scotland should remember what Humza thinks of them when they’re casting their votes.

  4. Geri says:

    He’s getting one whether he likes it or not.
    Braverman defied Sunak to force an election.
    I hear her & her 22 club are looking to her as his replacement.
    Gawd help us.

  5. Ian McCubbin says:

    Interesting none of polls give Alba or ISP any credit to win or hold on to any seats .
    Think folk will get a surprise.

  6. Ted says:

    Rev you don’t mention that the demographic Useless abhors in Scotland might also notice his views and connections concerning Gaza. It’s not quite true to say Labour is in a hideous mess over “Palestine”. The mess they are in is over Gaza and more particularly over the lack of support within Labour for the world’s only Jewish state which was subjected to a pogrom by the “peoples’ choice” in government in Gaza: Hamas. I suspect Useless despises Suella not just because she is a Tory but because she has well and truly got the number of people with his views who just happen to be taking over our streets at a time of rising attacks on Jews for being Jews. I refer you to the numerous incidents just this week-end in London during and after the “peace” march (the march which somehow forgot to call for the “ceasefire” that Hamas already broke on October 7th). I’m sure that everything else you said is right about his tactical and strategic stupidity, but there is a bigger issue here concerning both Useless and Labour.

  7. JockMcT says:

    He must be really thick that one. A GE now, where would that leave those of us who really want Indy and understand that the SNP is gone? I hope ALBA and ISP are on this and put Scotland United on the list. SNP obliterating themselves and the dreadful SLAB picking up the crumbs is an awful outcome for us all. We need an option that says a vote for us is a vote to declare the Union dead and buried. Is it possible to crowd fund this or find some other way to finance it to ensure candidates across the country. We simply can’t wait any longer or let this opportunity pass.

  8. 100%Yes says:

    He’s was probably unfit to attend primary school but it was a legal requirement!

    I’d live a general election myself Humza just to be able to take part in voting the SNP out of government in Scotland.

    Humza makes Bush and Tramp look like geniuses.

    His teacher said I’m going to give you a IQ test, he said why, it always comes back negative.

    Stewart maybe you can do a poll for us to say who’s more stupid Humza our Sturgeon for saying he’s the best man for the job.

  9. David Hannah says:

    Here, here. Says the pot calling the kettle white.

  10. AnneDon says:

    @Geri 12.03pm

    Braverman’s problem (it seems to me) is that she’s been courting the racist vote. That might work within the Tory Party at Westminster, but I can’t see their blue-rinsed brigade voting for a woman of colour.

  11. 100%Yes says:

    Stewart you state “Humza Yousaf knows this, and he knows that everyone else knows it.” I think your given him credit where credit isn’t due. I think if we were to give anyone credit for anything its Sturgeon for promoting him to take her place, knowing he’d continue the SNP destruction without actually having to think about it, on this I give Humza credit.

  12. Somhairlin says:

    I am so done with the SNP. Haven’t even been on Twitter since Useless won the leadership election. The whole sorry situation is depressing. If our only home of independence is SNP voters then we’re completely fucked. Brainwashed morons with no ability to question or hold the SNP to account. Like watching an American football game where the home team is absolutely bombing but the cheerleading squad cheer on regardless. There is no coming back from this point. They can crash and burn when something comes out in the media to completely destroy them (only a matter of time you’d think but then I’ve been thinking that for years now), or it can be a long agonising death causing even more damage to the indy cause. There is no third option. A hugely successful case of what was a genuine indy party fighting the cause being brought down systematically from the inside by UK gov stooges. With the Scotland Act loophole being publicised by Angus MacNeill we were sooo close to setting off down the right path, with Ash ready to take the gloves off and just do it, we were even closer. Then the permanently lobotomised SNP membership, with IV drips feeding them bullshit, malice and gaslighting from SNP HQ we’re fucked. Looks like it’s all eyes on ALBA to pull something out of the hat (Cherry and Ewing defection?) or just resign ourselves to biding our time for another decade. Scunnered with politics. Scunnered with indy folk. Scunnered with indy commentators. You’re the only one I still follow.

  13. Cuphook says:

    Is this a continuation of Sturgeon’s policy of calling for a General Election whenever the UK Government was on its knees? Rather than exploit their vulnerability, she preferred to give the UK a hand up.

    I miss the days when the independence movement was about independence.

  14. AnneDon says:

    I’ve long since given up trying to make any sense out of anything the SNP leadership do or say.

    There’s not one of them with an ounce of strategic (or even tactical) nous.

    The fortunate thing is that they’ve managed to detach themselves thoroughly from the wider Yes movement, and so the grassroots are out doing their own thing without being policed by careerists.

  15. Andy Storrie says:

    Humza is London’s man in Scotland. London has several agents embedded in pro-independence camps, but Humza seems to be their main talisman, and has been for quite some time.

    He has been steadily undermining the SNP ever since he timed his “I’m not an expert on transport” comment for maximum annoyance to the public, given that the country resembled a car park on an ice rink at the time!

    London now seems to be doubling down on activating it’s agents to deliberately piss people off about migration now. Knowing fine and full well that the housing situation (thanks to pro-corporatist London immigration policy) is dire, and that wages for working folk have been trashed by mass migration, London now wants to annoy and herd the Scottish public away from full autonomy by making their agents agitate the public.

    The trouble with London political operators is that the vast, vast majority of them are nothing but spoon-fed squeebs. They convince themselves that they are playing 4D chess, when, in fact, they are actually playing tiddlywinks (and very poorly, at that).

    You can read them like a flimsy pamphlet. That tends to be the case when dealing with the spoon-fed types.

    We at least deserve a more convincing pantomime, with characters far more competent that Humza. The folks from the Singing Kettle could cobble together a more convincing show than London and it’s stable of Ham actors.

    It is an insult to hit the home of the enlightenment with a sub-standard panto like this! London rule has been a wall-to-wall shit show for the vast majority of inhabitants on this island.

    Maybe if the Union had been ran from Edinburgh, instead of from [BabyLon]don, maybe the place wouldn’t have turned out to just as much of a chaotic, pro-parasite, anti-family dumpster fire.

    The least London could do after dragging Scotland down with it is to simply let Scotland go so that she can repair herself.

  16. David Hannah says:

    I want to know what’s on Michael Matheson of Morocco’s 11K laptop. I suspect foul play. All he has to do is hand it back over for inspection. It’s impossible to spend 11K on data roaming charges. Something very sinister going on there.

  17. Merganser says:

    It has been said of Alex Salmond, in an analogy to the game of chess, that he could think several moves ahead.

    Compare that with Humza.

    He doesn’t even think before opening his mouth. Just comes out with a soundbite someone has suggested to him to try and sound clever,

    I wonder who fed him that line – or allowed him to say it, on the off-chance it was original thinking. And why.

    Are they setting him up now to fail quickly so Mammy Sturgeon can come back and take over?

    Scotland’s answer to the return of Cameron – on steroids

  18. Antoine Roquentin says:

    A “clown show” it most certainly is! A real job of political-murder is nearing its successful completion here regarding Scottish democracy and our legitimate concerns. Of which, Yousaf is merely the well remunerated public-face: exactly as his now very comfortably-off and curiously ‘untouchable’ predecessor was. That his party is likely to be replaced by a pro-union, anti independence party will mark the final and incontrovertible success of the project, along with the realisation that the SNP and its usefulness has run-its-course.

  19. David Hannah says:

    In reply to Ann Doun:

    David Cameron is back to replace Suella Devil.

    I didn’t know he was allowed to represent government because he’s not a sitting MP?

    That is not democracy.

    I wonder what happened to all do the stuff surrounding the Scottish tax havens, and his tax haven firm?

    “Campaigners spent nine months attempting to ban the ownership of tax haven land in Scotland – covering a total of 750,000 acres.”

    I don’t understand it. Perhaps somoneone can explain in simple terms to me why Cameron the tax dodging bastard is back in Government and why family owns half of Jura? Is Jura a tax haven?

    We need to talk land reform. Perfect time to bring it up.

  20. David Hannah says:

    Dodgy Dave Cameron, as Dennis Skinner named him.

    Dodgy Dave is back. Foreign secretary. Immediately war mongering.

    He’s even got the blue and yellow Ukraine flag on his twitter profile pic.

    Dodgy Dave: “We are facing a daunting set of international challenges, including the war in Ukraine and the crisis in the Middle East. At this time of profound global change, it has rarely been more important for this country to stand by our allies.”

    Can you believe this?

  21. David Hannah says:

    Dodgy Dave is back as foreign secretary.

    Dodgy Dave: “We are facing a daunting set of international challenges, including the war in UK raine and the crisis in the Middle East.

    At this time of profound global change, it has rarely been more important for this country to stand by our allies.”

    Dodgy Dave has now changed his twitler handle to the yellow and blue flag.

    We’ve had some horrendous foreign secretaries. Britain is a joke it really is.

    Remember Lizz Truss was flying around the world begging for trade deals?

  22. John H says:

    AnneDon 12.38pm.

    I agree Anne. Considering that the Yes movement has no political leadership and there’s no campaign being run, it remains remarkably strong.

    That Sturgeon was a saboteur there is no doubt. She and Murrell. chose Yusaf as her successor for their own reasons. Among those reasons was that they knew he was an idiot. They knew that the destruction of the SNP was safe in his hands.

    In normal times a fool like him would have been happy to join the Labour Party. But it’s been many years now since politics was normal in Scotland.

  23. Young Lochinvar says:

    Good article.
    But hey, just a minute, didn’t Kelly (Gittering) Given preach breathlessly in the National recently that Yousaf is “Storming It” ?

  24. Republicofscotland says:

    I get the feeling that Yousaf and Flynn are mentioning the slaughter in Gaza to ingratiate themselves and their party with the Scottish electorate.

  25. Chris Downie says:

    I think we’re at the point now where a Labour victory (albeit by default) is the only thing that can wake the SNP masses up. Once the reality kicks in, that Starmer is just a Tory in a red tie and that his cronies are Blair-lite at best, only then can the wider independence movement come to terms with the fact the “wheesht for Indy” strategy was always doomed to failed. Then we must all take stock and start to rebuild, but it must never be forgotten how the Sturgeon and Murrell era set us back many years.

  26. David Hannah says:

    I want to talk land reform. Now that Dodgy Dave is back.

    We know that dodgy daves father in law owns half of Jura? What does this mean for the people that live there? And business?

    I want to talk the Crown Estate and the 12 nautical miles. How much money will the Royal family get out of the future wind projects?

    What are the options for land reform in Scotland. How do we get public ownership of our land, sea, and air. What must happen to reclaim the estates and what taxes can we impose on current estates?

    Further to that. I want to know if we have any power to stop the Perthshire community being turned into 320-hectare gated billionaire’s playground.

    That is. The Taymouth estate and neighbouring Glenlyon estate. See link below.,its%20wildlife%20and%20woodland%20estate.

    In regards to the Estate. I note, the owner of the Discovery Land Company claiming the land – Michael S. Meldman – is an American Jew. Based on his Wikipedia page. Sorry not sorry.

    Sounds familiar doesn’t it?

    I then note Angus Robertson, claiming that Scotland is one of the lost Hebrew tribes as inscribed on the Declaration of Arbroath.

    Robertson – link below – praised Israel as “a start up Nation” and said that Scotland is one of the lost Hebrew Tribes of Israel, as inscribed on the Declaration of Arbroath.

    Can someone explain to me, what Robertson is talking about? Is he right, is he wrong?

    I don’t mind in saying this, because I’m not a politican. But it seems to me like the zionists are not trying to steal Scotland?

    Sorry. Not sorry. It’s outrageous what’s going on.

    We need to take back control from the billionaire beasts and their long controlling tentacles from Westminster!

  27. John Main says:

    To be scrupulously fair (no pun intended) to our comedic walk-on brush salesman, soz, pretendy FM, he’s hardly likely to be familiar with the King James bible.

    Innarestin to see that story about my hard-earned tartan taxes going on the ‘Iran Base’. Does that mean they’ve stopped killing lassies who maybe show a bit too much ankle? Or is it women’s hair that drives them into a murderous rage?

    They did shoot quite a few of them. Back in February, the reputed total was 520 Iranians killed, 60 of them women. It was reported in the MSM that Iranian security forces were targeting women at anti-regime protests with shotgun fire to their faces, breasts and genitals.

    Rather than kill them, they thought that maybes the more humane approach was to give the daft lassies something to be permanently modest about.

  28. Red says:

    AnneDon says:
    13 November, 2023 at 12:35 pm
    @Geri 12.03pm

    Braverman’s problem (it seems to me) is that she’s been courting the racist vote.

    Please explain how Braverman had been courting Humza Yousaf’s votes.

    Humza Yousaf is the only currently elected openly declared racist in UK politics. No other serving politician has (yet) gone on record denouncing “white people” for having jobs in Scotland.

  29. Red says:

    Republicofscotland says:
    13 November, 2023 at 1:47 pm
    I get the feeling that Yousaf and Flynn are mentioning the slaughter in Gaza to ingratiate themselves and their party with the Scottish electorate.

    Scottish people aren’t interested in getting involved in a Semitic race war thousands of miles away.

    This is a fringe issue that excites Muslims and the usual goofy Westoids who wrongly think they’re campaigning for peace. Everybody else wants nothing to do with it, Palestine is not a winning issue on Scottish doorsteps.

  30. Republicofscotland says:

    “Dodgy Dave is back as foreign secretary.”

    David Hannah

    Dodgy being the operative word, although no criminality was involved, Cameron lobbied for a company called Greensill at Westminster to secure cushy loans backed by the Westminster government, he (Cameron) was paid around £3.5 million quid for doing so, even though at the last minutes the plan failed, the company Greensill went bust with the loss of over 400 jobs.

    When asked why he (Cameron) wanted to be PM he said not that he wanted to make a better UK for people to live in, no he said he thought he’d be rather good at it.

    David Cameron has only ever had one REAL job outside politics (on one would employ him) and even that job only came about because his then future mother-in-law Lady Astor, asked the head of Calton TV if they could employ him.

    Also in order for Cameron to become Foreign secretary PM Rishi Sunak had to make him a peer first as he was no longer a MP.

  31. David Hannah says:

    Angus Robertson is the cultural secretary on constitutions. He’s done zero work. Wrote a book about Vienna. Used his own department to finance its promotion, blatant corruption of office.

    We know his wife is horrible horrible woman.

    I know from Ian Lawson’s blog Robertson has been key to destroying the internal democracy within the SNP.

    He wants to be First Dad – he claims. Him and Sturgeon are enjoying the demise of Humza from behind the scenes.

    We know Agus Robertson is not loyal to Scotland. He is loyal to the EU flag based on his delusions of grandeur. We know he likes a tax payer funded jolly to New York, all expenses paid for Tartan Day. As they March behind the Union Jack and Scottish Whisky revranded as British.

    We know he likes to employ cross dressing drag queen staffers that are sexual deviants charged by cops. And we know that he likes to button up his young male staffers. In the EU flag. Because he’s loyal to the globalist agenda. He stands with UK-raine.

    Robertson. “This land doesn’t belong to you. It belongs to Michael S. Feldman. And the Discovery Land Project, and the descendants of his self identified belief system of Ancient scripture. And the lost tribes of Israel. The Scottish zionist project.”

    I imagine Angus Robertson saying something like this. Thank goodness he’s not in charge of Scotland.

    And he never will be. Because the truth is going to come out about the cabal and people of his ilk.

  32. David Hannah says:

    We need people that love Scotland to be in charge of Scotland.

    We need go get rid of Nicola Sturgeon and Angus Robertson. And everyone else who is giving Scotland away for free.

    We need to reclaim the estates immediately. Tear up the deals signed by Sturgeon. Challenge the court cases.

    The Tories are also the same. Rosebank is to go to be refined in Norway. Scotland is given away by two horrific governments in both Parliaments.

    We need help. We need Alex Salmond back in charge.

  33. Johnlm says:

    For new visitors to this site, aryan John Main thinks ISIS is allied to Iran.

  34. John Main says:

    @David Hannah says:13 November, 2023 at 2:40 pm

    I imagine Angus Robertson saying something like this

    Maybes goanny no write stuff like that?

    Nobody can seriously discuss or debate other people’s imaginings.

  35. yobkulcha says:

    I’ve just fed a GPT with raw information from the Scottish Parliament website and the House of Commons Library (as much data as I could find pertaining to Scottish Elections).
    I asked it this…

    In 2021 the SNP encouraged their voters to use both of their votes for SNP. Using your knowledge of AMS and the results of previous elections, tell me if this was a good policy for independence supporters.

    Scotland Votes

    The Scottish Parliament uses the Additional Member System (AMS), which combines first-past-the-post (FPTP) constituency seats with proportional representation through regional list seats. Each voter has two votes: one for a constituency MSP and another for a regional list.

    In the 2021 Scottish Parliament elections, the SNP’s strategy of encouraging their supporters to use both votes for the SNP can be analyzed in terms of maximizing seats for pro-independence parties:

    Constituency Vote: The SNP has traditionally performed well in constituency seats. Encouraging SNP supporters to vote for SNP candidates in these seats makes sense to secure as many of these FPTP seats as possible.

    Regional List Vote: The regional list is designed to balance the overall representation and make it more proportional. If a party does well in the constituency section, it’s harder for them to gain additional seats through the list system due to a compensatory mechanism built into AMS. Therefore, when the SNP performs very well in constituencies (as they did in previous elections), additional votes for the SNP in the regional list have diminishing returns in terms of gaining more seats.

    Given these dynamics, there’s an argument that, from a purely strategic standpoint for maximizing pro-independence seats, it might have been more beneficial for independence supporters to vote SNP in their constituency and then for another pro-independence party (like the Scottish Green Party) in the regional list. This could potentially increase the overall number of seats won by pro-independence parties.

    However, from a party perspective, it’s understandable why the SNP would encourage both votes for themselves. They would want to maximize their representation and not rely on other parties for a pro-independence majority. Additionally, party strategies often involve broader considerations than just maximizing seat counts, such as maintaining a clear and simple message to voters and strengthening the party’s overall mandate.

    In conclusion, whether this was a good policy for independence supporters depends on the perspective: from a party standpoint, it solidifies the SNP’s position and mandate, but from a strategic standpoint of maximizing pro-independence seats, a split vote (SNP for constituency and another pro-independence party for regional list) could have been more effective.


    Given your analysis above, in brief, was the SNP’s advice given for the good of the independence movement or for the good of the SNP.

    Scotland Votes

    The SNP’s advice to use both votes for the SNP in the 2021 Scottish Parliament elections appears to have been primarily for the good of the SNP itself. This strategy aimed to maximize the SNP’s individual representation and strengthen its mandate, rather than optimizing the total number of seats for all pro-independence parties, which could have included a combination of SNP and other pro-independence parties like the Scottish Green Party.

    So, in brief, the SNP’s advice was more aligned with enhancing its own position within the Scottish Parliament and solidifying its role as the leading force in the independence movement, rather than a broader strategy to maximize the collective strength of all pro-independence parties.

    I thought I’d post the result here. If anyone is interested I can make the GPT public. You can ask it anything you like about how Scottish elections work, results, stats etc.
    You can even take a quiz and test your own knowledge.

  36. John Main says:


    Here ye gang – a wee smidge o the atteenshun ye so desperately crave:

    John Main says:12 November, 2023 at 8:16 pm

    Johnlm 8:02

    “filling a space, that was designed to be empty, with foam”

    Ye were never meant tae squirt it in yer ears, ye muppet!

    Noo mind weel – nae sic a thing as bad publicity. Ye keep oan posting, an ah’ll toss ye another wee bit bone when the time is richt.

  37. The Flying Iron of Doom says:

    @John Main – I’ve come to the conclusion that David works a bit like a POCSAG transmitter, i.e. he aggregates a number of messages before bringing up the carrier, performing a burst transmission and then going off-air again 😉

  38. A Scot Abroad says:

    This place BTL used to be enjoyably bonkers. I think some of the posts are becoming certifiable now. Lost tribes of Israel, FGS…

  39. George Ferguson says:

    “Never has someone been so unfit for public office as..”.

    As the prospect of a former FM being charged under Operation Branchform. Talk about making a rod for your own back. What’s the chant then Humza? ‘Free Chief Mammee, from the source of the silvery Tay, to the seas that run past my hoose in Broughty Ferree..’

  40. Spikethedee says:

    Oh dear, I can just read the headlines now: “Vile CyberNat calls for children under the age of 2 to be force-fed alcohol”…

    (The line just underneath the quote from Proverbs, in case you’re wondering…)

  41. dasBlimp says:

    Braverman was sacked for telling the truth, so HY should be safe then.

  42. ross says:

    The Catalan independence parties were absolutely HUMPED in the last spanish election

    Ended up holding the balance of power.

    Strange things can happen.

  43. Johnlm says:

    Anglo-Israelism was a good wheeze when a quarter of the World was under the England’s thumb.
    It gave out a nice ‘We English were born to rule’ vibe.
    A foundation of Zionist philosophy?

  44. David Hannah says:

    Shai Masot Courted SNP Angus Robertson ahead of trip.

    Al Jazeera Quote : “Robertson had also told him a story from Scotland’s history of a 14th-century manuscript that laid claim to the Scottish nation by declaring that the Scots were in fact one of the lost tribes of Israel.”

    Al Jazeera link Unquote.

    He’s trying to say we’re a lost tribe of Israel.

    And then we’ve got the American Jewish billionaire putting up a 320 acre fence?

    Cultural secretary, what’s that all about?

  45. Stoker says:

    A Scot Abroad says on 13 November 2023 at 3:21 pm: “This place BTL used to be enjoyably bonkers. I think some of the posts are becoming certifiable now. Lost tribes of Israel, FGS…”

    And if you honestly haven’t heard that one before then i seriously question your claim of being Scottish. Because i remember being told that as a pre-teen child. I shit you not, it is a claim i’ve heard various Unionists state since throughout my life. That Scotland and the Scots are thought to be the lost (12th?) tribe of Israel. So, you see, it is a genuine belief mainly in Unionist circles. I’m just surprised to see it being attributed to Angus Robertson(?) or anyone in the SNP for that matter. Further confirmation the SNP *is* loaded with FUD’s?

  46. A Scot Abroad says:

    Stoker, I’ve heard of that claim many a time. Up there with Jesus visiting Cornwall with Joseph of Arimathea. It’s unlikely that an entire tribe of Israelites came to Scotland.

    Of course, there are DNA markers in a small proportion of Scots indicating some Jewish heritage from way back. But it’s about 1-2%, and it’s not consistent with an entire tribe. My own family has some Spanish DNA, but again very minor, and at least 16 generations ago, which places it in time to roughly (+/- 50 years) to when the Spanish Armada got itself wrecked by a storm off the Hebrides. So who knows, maybe a sailor swam ashore and courted young Flora? The records don’t tell.

  47. KT Lorimer says:

    For those interested in such things the Jewish ie Middle Eastern markers likely arrived with the Roman legions stationed on Hadrians Wall – one was from that area including the last part of the occupation, many stayed when they had finished their
    service – graves and inscriptions record this.

  48. Stravaiger says:

    @Red, 2:16pm

    Yes, but sadly we are involved. We have been since we (Britain) basically created this shit-storm over 100 years ago, and we’re still involved because of our long standing international alliances, and because of a significant number of zionists being in positions of power or influence over the generations.

    I suspect that when politicians make pronouncements one way or the other, it’s not us plebs who are the target audience.

    I agree though, I bloody well wish that we weren’t involved.

  49. Anton Decadent says:

    @Red, Anas Sarwar made the exact same speech but for some reason it has been memory holed, I do not know how to post links on here so do a YT search for this.

    Scotland Labour Leader, Anas Sarwar, lists Whites in Racism speech to Scottish Parliament

  50. David Hannah says:

    And what about the declaration of Arbroath?

    What does he mean by Scotland being a lost tribe as inscribed in the abroath?

    Does he mean the stone of Destiny, which was taken from Ireland. Passing through Spanish and Greek hands. To its home in Scotland.

    Is that what the opening section means, oh holy father.

    Are they trying to claim that the Stone of Destiny is actually the Stone of Jacob? From Jerusalem? A guy in the book of genisis allowing them to claim Scotland?

  51. David Hannah says:

    In 1320 the Declaration of Arbroath, a remonstrance to the pope from the nobles of Scotland, helped convince Pope John XXII that Scotland was a Nation.

    Scotland was Christian country. Before that they pagans and Celts before the nation came to be in the centuries before. The Picti. The Calledoni.

    The Romans were on the other side of the wall.

    They could not get in.

    There’s nothing about Jewish people, or a lost tribe of Jews at all.

  52. David Hannah says:

    We need to get Alex Salmond on the phone. He’ll know the details. And be able to answer the facts.

    As for land reform. We need it now. We can’t be getting locked out our towns and villages for the billionaire’s playground.

  53. George Ferguson says:

    @A Scot Abroad 4:33pm
    So on a par with Neanderthal DNA for Scotland. I think that bins the lost tribe debate. Much like the 9th Legion fable. Of course I have found out that I am 100% Donkey yesterday. I am happy to be associated with Donkeys. Beautiful sensitive animals. Although I am a horse man myself. And not the ones you put a tenner on.

  54. David Hannah says:

    Scotland can’t have Gaza builded here amongst the dark satanic Mills.

    We can’t be locked out our own countryside for a billionaire’s playground and some obscure zionist claim to our land.

    That’s what it feels like to me.

  55. Iain More says:

    Sheep more Independent than SNP – My ribs hurt after reading that.

    Meanwhile the BBCs favorite Yank President Trump has gone full on Nazi on Yank Veterans Day. Overdue time to Nationalize that Anti Indy cunts Golf Courses.

  56. Effijy says:

    Sick of people saying Jews in the U.K. don’t feel safe.

    Hello, how does that compare to the innocent children in Gaza who are bombed and killed every single day.

    Maybe those complaining could swap homes or rubble piles as they are known over there.

    I totally condemn the Holocaust and the recent terrorist attack and anti semitism but for a fascist Israeli government to murder thousands of innocent with the backing of the US, EU and the U.K. is sickening.

    Not in my name!

  57. Shug says:

    The snp comes across as completely glakit now.

    But then that is the brief of the plants.

    I simply cant get over their stupidity

  58. Stuart MacKay says:

    David Hannah

    Digging around on various sites it seems that internet data can be had in Morocco for a little as $0.69 / GB. Vodafone offer a roaming service for $7 a day. I presume there are charges for transfer but your usage would be billed as if you were a local so probably not much. The highest rate I could find was $3/MB which is eye-wateringly expensive and probably not real.

    The thing is though. How do you rack up a bill of that magnitude without alarms going off all over the place. It’s a chunk of money and if I was offering internet service I’d like to avoid being stuck with a bill to a foreign service provider if said tablet holder claimed the device was stolen and refused to pay.

    The prudent course of action is to find out what that money was spent on. Probably not twitter or Netflix.

  59. A Scot Abroad says:


    I doubt that the Israelis are trying to do anything in your name. But they’ll have noted your opinion, and will no doubt give it full consideration.

  60. Red says:

    Anton – what do Humza, Anas and Aamer have in common?

    Seething, angry, jealous eyes.

    Stravaiger says:
    13 November, 2023 at 4:55 pm
    @Red, 2:16pm

    Yes, but sadly we are involved. We have been since we (Britain) basically created this shit-storm over 100 years ago, and we’re still involved because of our long standing international alliances, and because of a significant number of zionists being in positions of power or influence over the generations.

    Who’s “we”?

    We’re Red Injuns on a reservation. Nothing the British or Scottish government does has any connection with how we voted.

  61. Republicofscotland says:

    Red @2.16pm.

    How the hell would you know what Scots are interested in, the multiple demo’s across Scotland to Stop the Slaughter says differently.

    Besides any decent human being MUST have an interest in stopping the Zionists from murdering more babies in incubators.

  62. David Hannah says:

    Stuart MacKay:

    “Digging around on various sites it seems that internet data can be had in Morocco for a little as $0.69 / GB. Vodafone offer a roaming service for $7 a day.”

    It’s all very sinister indeed. Its impossible to spend 11 grand. A government laptop.

    When I go on holiday. I don’t take my work with me.

    Was he with his family, does he have a wife and kids?

    Why would he go to Morocco. Home to the World’s largest cannabis plantations.

    There’s lots of unanswered questions.

    I sincerely hope it’s just fraud.

    It could be worse. It could be blackmail. Then to unlock the laptop he’s got to pay a fee to regain access.

    No. This doesn’t make any sense at all.

    In any normal country the police would be booting in his door and dieing the laptop. Before water is accidently spilled upon it at the dinner table.

    The health secretary has questions to answer and immediately.

  63. John Main says:

    Verra innarestin article on Unherd “Note to Greta Thunberg: Palestine is not a model for climate justice” linking the various protagonists in the latest war to their various climate promises and their actual results.

    As with so much in the world of 2023, it’s a complicated picture.

    If the first casualty of war is truth, it may be the saying needs updating – the second casualty is the environment.

    It’s a crying shame – the de facto cease fire that was so violently shattered on 7th October also shattered a number of initiatives that were going to improve the lives of many peoples in the region, and improve the environment too.

    Maybes that’s why it happened.

  64. David Hannah says:

    In any normal country the police would be booting in his door and seizing the 11k laptop.

    What’s he got to hide?

    Is he selling Government secrets. Is he being blackmailed by Morrocans? What is he up to I wonder?

    Unfortunately the SNP politicians are protected in Scotland.

    Call in Special branch. London HQ. And while they are at it. Ask Manchester Police what’s been reported to them by the SNP auditors.

    As Nicola Sturgeon’s rainbow police force here in Scotland have no interest in justice and law and order.

  65. Republicofscotland says:

    On David Cameron, Sunak has pulled off a blinder appointing him, as a peer he has virtually no accountability, he’s not accountable to any constituents nor to MPs. He knows many politicians and influential people in Europe. I recall Cameron hawking his wares around Europe hoping European countries would shoot down the notion of any independent Scotland in the run up to the 2014 indyref.

    David Cameron can (and probably he already does) side with the Israeli’s and keep quiet or obfuscate when ask about the possibility of a ceasefire on Gaza.

    No doubt we’ll see Cameron jet off to the ME to speak with ME politicians from several countries to, no so much as to warn them off not to get involved in trying to stop the genocide, but to try and turn a blind eye, this type hopping around the ME and warning countries that might stand up of for the Palestinians directly, or more than likely indirectly has already been done by the USA via Anthony Blinken.

  66. David Hannah says:

    I hope he doesn’t destroy the laptop. I suspect he’s working day and night at a plan to destroy it.

    And make it look like an accident. No no. The police must act.

    The laptop must be siezed for inspection.

    It’s a government laptop after all.

    We know the UK government has also banned Scottish politicians from discussing foreign affairs. It’s a security risk to take government matters abroad. Especially to a third world country like Morocco.

    Boot in the door. I say.

  67. David Hannah says:

    Perhaps Matheson of Morocco was on a business meeting, looking to sign a contract for Medicinal Marrujuana on the NHS?

    I can’t wait to find out. He has to hand over the laptop. If he’s got nothing to hide that is.

  68. Stoker says:

    Here’s a wee look at some blasts from the past, folks. Especially for the Unionists on here btl. Know this, your grandstanding tripe btl is like water off a ducks back to us. We’ve heard it all before many times over. And there’s even a few military related ones for our resident Unionist Sodjer abroad. And they’re quotes from much more qualified folk than you will ever be, “A Scot Abroad”. LOL!

    Here’s a couple of good ones from 2013, folks. And if these don’t give you a laugh nothing will:

    “Mr Salmond and his empty brains has not spoken about Spain again but I went over to Spain last year and the fact is now there is more unemployment, begging and everything over there and the pensioners can’t get a pension until they retire and if you retire before you’re 80 you won’t get a pension. So I hope that we work together as a Great Britain.”

    Rev writes: “an attendee at the launch of Better Together Glasgow.” LMAO!

    And this too: “Nothing has changed as a result of today’s White Paper. There is nothing that we found out today that we didn’t already know. Yesterday Alex Salmond’s case for breaking up the UK was based on assertions. Today it is still based on assertions. If this White Paper was going to be credible, it had to address the fundamental issues that people are concerned about. They didn’t.”

    Rev writes: “world champion speed-reader Alistair Darling appraises the 670-page White Paper two hours after it was released (during almost the entirety of which time he was giving media interviews).” Lord Liar!

    And this one takes some beating: “On page 305 of the White Paper, it says that the Scottish Government would look to establish an oil fund immediately on independence to stabilise the economy. What it doesn’t say is where the money for that fund will come from.”

    Rev writes: “the incomparable former Scottish Labour leader Iain Gray asks the big question in the Holyrood chamber. How we’ve missed him.”

  69. Republicofscotland says:

    David Hannah @2.40pm

    Angus Robertson is utterly compromised.

    “In a separate meeting, Masot told our undercover reporter that he wants grassroots pro-Israel movements to fill a “vacuum” in the SNP.”

    Robertson, along with fellow MPs Kirsten Oswald and Paul Monaghan, made their visit in November at the invitation of the Israeli and Palestinian ambassadors to London.

    “During the one-week trip, they met with Israeli and Palestinian government officials, Israeli businesses and human rights groups such as B’Tselem and Breaking the Silence.

    They also visited the Palestinian Shu’fat refugee camp, UN positions in the occupied Golan Heights and the Holocaust memorial at Yad Vashem on a programme Robertson described as “extremely balanced”.”

    Shia Masot is/was Mossad, and a ex-Israel navy admiral.

  70. Stoker says:

    We heads up for anyone with access to Amazon Prime. There’s a half-decent documentary on ‘Prime’ called “When We Speak”. It’s about 3 different stories of female whistleblowers. It lasts for around 70-minutes. Worth watching.

    The first story is about the woman who worked at GCHQ and who alerted the public, via the media, of Tory Blair and his American pals’ intentions of invading Iraq knowing damn well there was no “WMD’s”.

    The second story is about the woman who was successful in getting a top position working for the charity Oxfam. And how she had to blow the lid on male colleagues who were abusing their positions by forcing destitute earthquake survivors to have sex with them.

    And the third story is about the American actress who exposed the misogynistic behaviours of Harvey Weinstein, including rapes and sexual assaults etc.

    Would thoroughly recommend this documentary to anyone with young females in the family. Better role models would be hard to find. Three very brave and principled women.

  71. Republicofscotland says:

    “Braverman was sacked for telling the truth” dasblim.

    Well we know which angle you’re coming from, Braverman was sacked because she’s a vile bigot, and Sunak knew that a public outcry to have that wretch of a woman sacked was building after she called stop the slaughter marches, hate filled marches.

    Her vile bigoted words come as no surprise especially when she revealed in a news article that her husband is a proud Zionist.

    Good riddance to her.

  72. David Hannah says:

    Mossad [Hebrew for “institute”] has responsibility for human intelligence collection, covert action, and counter terrorism.,and%20organizations%20throughout%20the%20world.

    Republic of Scotland. I consider Israel a terrorist state.

    Why are our SNP politicians meeting with Mossad? Are they not meant to work for their local constituency?

    I wonder if Humza considers Mossad a terrorist organisation representing a terrorist state as well.

    Therefore I wonder if he shares my believe that Angus Robertson likes to shake hands with terrorists?

  73. Republicofscotland says:

    Craig Murray has a new thread up and it makes for depressing reading.

    “So basically every country that’s a member is far too afraid of US sanctions to invoke the Genocide Convention, and those that represent the Palestinians such as Mahmoud Abbas, are already bought and paid for, so in reality and its a bloody stark one, no country not even those who supposedly have the Palestinians interests at heart cares enough about them to intervene and stop the genocide.

    139 spineless and gutless leaders can’t even do the right thing, humanity has fallen into a deep dark place.”

  74. Red says:

    Republicofscotland says:
    13 November, 2023 at 6:22 pm
    Red @2.16pm.

    How the hell would you know what Scots are interested in,

    I’m ur one.

    the multiple demo’s across Scotland to Stop the Slaughter says differently.

    I’ve seen pictures from Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dundee.

    On a quick eyeball they looked about 90% Muslims and 10% the usual crowd who show up to these things. Scowling SWP comrades, ambiguously gendered students with rainbow hair, ancient hippies who took too much LDS in the 60’s, George Galloway.

    This is representative of the Islamic and George Galloway communities. The Scottish punter at large bodyswerved these shindigs like Rangers FC does invoices from the facepainters.

    Besides any decent human being MUST have an interest in stopping the Zionists from murdering more babies in incubators.

    Sooner or later, many’s an ardent critic of Israel turns into a parody of a columnist for Der Sturmer. Cursed by the socialism of fools.

    Gie yersel peace, man.

  75. The Flying Iron of Doom says:

    Anton Decadent @ 5:02PM

    Hmmm…I tried searching the Hollyrood Official Report thingie for Sarwar’s HWHITE outburst but I didn’t have much luck on account of the web interface (more specifically the search feature) having apparently been implemented by a team of butane-huffing, crayon-eating gimps whose last gig, if I am not mistaken, would have been the RBS Digital Banking webs(h)ite. Seriously Hollyrood…c’mon now, it’s 2023…how difficult would it have been to have implemented a facility to bundle multiple transcripts into a zip file? ?__?

  76. Stoker says:

    Folks, very recently we’ve seen the old tripe of Orkney & Shetland breaking away being regurgitated by Unionists who have started infesting these btl threads. Here’s plenty of reading for them.

    Oh i do hope they can read. Wouldn’t like to think that’s the reason behind their ignorance. LOL!

    Mind you, maybe the authors of those articles don’t know what they’re talking about and Wingers are all gullible fools for believing them – as stated by the resident Unionist abroad, eh? 😉

  77. Dundee Scot says:

    The leaders of the so-called Independence Party, the SNP, are Houmza Yousaf (Holyrood) and Stephen Flynn (Westminster).
    Neither of whom are ethnic Scots–unless I missed the clan MacYousaf on Moncrieffe’s Scots Clan map.
    Scots Labour–Anas Sarwar. Of the clan Sarwar?
    The Lib Dem leader in Holyrood is Alex Cole-Hamilton–who was born in England, and whose father was born in England.
    Ash Regan of Alba? The name Regan is Irish. It comes from the Irish surname Ua Riagáin.
    The only leader of a major Scots Party who’s actually ethnic Scot, and born in Scotland, is Douglas Ross of the Conservatives.
    One has to love the ironies here, especially for those who believe that only “ethnic Scots” should vote in Scottish elections.

  78. David Hannah says:

    Dodgy Dave is back. As told by Ashcroft and Oakeshott in the book.

    Call Me Dave.

    “Former British prime minister David Cameron inserted “a private part of his anatomy” into the mouth of a dead pig, as part of an initiation ceremony for the Piers Gaveston Society.

    Ashcroft and Oakeshott recount that a Member of Parliament and contemporary of Cameron’s at the University of Oxford told them the anecdote at a business dinner in June 2014.

    They initially assumed the statement to be a joke, but the MP repeated the anecdote some weeks later, and for a third time with more detail some months after that.

    The MP said he saw photographic evidence of the event, describing the dimensions of the alleged photograph and naming an individual who he claimed now possessed the image.”

  79. John Main says:

    @RoS 7:20

    Anybody wondering if maybes Hamas should stop fighting?

    Anybody asked Hamas to stop fighting?

    Anybody demanded Hamas should stop fighting?

    No, no and no again.

    Latest reports describe heavy fighting going on around al-Shifa hospital. Anybody wondering who the IDF are fighting – their own shadows?

    Anybody wondering why hospital sites are battlefields when Hamas supposedly don’t embed in hospitals? Is it the IDF rocking up at the hospitals, and Hamas commuting to them to fight?

    It takes two belligerents to fight. Anybody wondering just why it’s always one particular side that is being expected to stop fighting – and not the other?

    I wish CM well in his endeavours, but even he is hopelessly partial on this war, and so can never be taken very seriously.

    The fighting will continue until either one side is annihilated, allowing the other to “win”, or both sides are forced to accept a compromise that leaves them short of their initial objectives, i.e. an armistice. That may be months away. That’s bad news all round for those millions of innocent Palestinians caught in the crossfire.

  80. David Hannah says:

    Looks like there’s another coup under way against Riki 2 snacks.

    Arise Sir Jacob Reece Mogg. Your country needs you.

  81. Stoker says:

    For me one of the funniest things about the 2014IndyRef campaign was when the ‘No’ campaigns big chief, Blair McDougall, bottled out of a suggestion of a live debate with our host, Stuart Campbell. So here’s the next best thing, Stuart tearing McDougall’s garbage apart. Is it any wonder McDougall crapped it? LOL! Enjoy, folks! Goodnight!

  82. John Main says:

    @Stoker says:13 November, 2023 at 7:47 pm

    In the event that any part of Scotland should choose the momentous once-in-300 years opportunity of the break up of the UK to democratically decide it’s for the off, all of your huffing and puffing won’t amount to a scraping of cold porridge.

    And neither will mine, to be fair.

    So as I already have, get over it.

    Dinna fash yersel about losing their oil, gas and renewables. As Breastplate was pointing out just last night, fixation on the cash bounty from Indy is tantamount to treason. Fight the greed, Stoker, fight it, and wish them well!

  83. Dave says:

    HY is just trying to be relevant. Of course he would shit himself if there was a snap GE, but that’s the thing – it’s easy to whine on about things that aren’t going to happen anytime soon, speaking of which – Independence, anybody? And he’s got a brass neck to talk about division vs trying to bring communities together …

  84. willie says:

    I’d say the forecast of 21 seats for the SNP is an optimistic one.

    The SNP are finished. Everyone knows they are finished as voters continue to slump away.

    Your IPad man Mathieson is a typical example of the absolute free loader that is the current crop of elected MSP and MPs. £11,000 for roaming charges on a weeks holiday at the tax payers expense. This boy know how to shit all over the tax payer, they all do, and the deliver nothing, not referendum, not good governance, just nothing. Utter slime bags both in Hollrood and in Westminster.

    As well, the poor old Scottish voter will just have to get on with getting poorer, sustaining reduced health care, sustaining reduced public services, huge gas and electricity bills. Like the poor Irish so brutally starved at least the gilded gob shites are living well for the time being.

    And £11,000 for a weeks roaming charges that’s more than a pensioners state pension for a whole year. Ha, ha, ha, ha ha, you have to laff!

  85. Republicofscotland says:

    David Hannah @7.20pm.

    Israel is looking for conformation from other nations of its existence and credibility, some techniques used to get this widespread approval, basically to get nations onside is to get their politicians onside by any means necessary, this is what has been happening all over the globe including in Scotland for years now.

    Why do you think that the USA isn’t calling for a ceasefire, the same principle applies to the EU, it has been captured, the latter has definitely been captured by the US which is a strong supporter of Israel, it to has been captured mainly by US Jews/Zionist who have Israel’s interests at heart.

    How can this happen, one word money, truck loads of it, used to influence the less scrupulous politicians into coming down on the side of Israel.

    What else could explain the EU and the US, and the dis-united kingdom failing to call for a ceasefire on Gaza where at least 5,500 children have been murdered whilst babies die in hospitals due to a lack of power to run incubators.

    Other nations fear US sanctions and their leaders keep their mouths shut.

    From Craig Murray’s blog.

    “There are 149 states party to the Genocide Convention. Every one of them has the right to call out the genocide in progress in Gaza and report it to the United Nations. In the event that another state party disputes the claim of genocide – and Israel, the United States and the United Kingdom are all states party – then the International Court of Justice is required to adjudicate on “the responsibility of a State for genocide”.”

    Ask yourself why not one, I’ll repeat that, not one, member nation has invoked the Convention.

    Right now it feels as though the murdering Zionists could kill every single Palestinian man, woman and child, and that they (Zionists) would get away with it.

  86. sarah says:

    @ Stoker at 8.17: the link to Rev dismantling Blair MacDougall in October 2013 is a thing of beauty. Those were the days. And btl comments were all brief, polite and to the point. 🙂

  87. John Main says:

    Here we go folks:

    one word money, truck loads of it, used to influence the less scrupulous politicians into coming down on the side of Israel

    Phew, they have some reach, and some money, enough to buy the world if RoS is right. Check out the “big hitters” on that list.

    Maybes, though, Occam’s Razor comes into play, eh? Maybes, yet again, RoS is wrong.

    Good try, though, I’ll allow RoS that crumb of comfort.

  88. MaryB says:

    I’ve answered you on the previous thread.

  89. PacMan says:

    I get the impression the American Christian Right won’t be liking this clip:

  90. Bernard de Linton says:

    Dundee Scot , One of the best factual posts on here for ages a refreshing change from the countless bollox on here from,to use a old Dundee saying,” Hoors and comic singers”

  91. David Hannah says:

    I remember David Cameron’s big society. The voluntary sector must take over everything. They demonised poor people under his rein. Even though their friends destroyed the banking system.

    Glasgow lost its general post office. When they sold off the royal mail.

    Council tax rises. For 15 years. The council says, we’ve got less money than last. Something’s got to go. It’s outrageous.

    Then when Corbyn came along he said, I want public ownership of the NHS, Rail and Energy. And I’ll borrow for capital spending increases i.e. House Building.

    And the Israeli lobby called him an anti semite.

    Now is the time more than ever to tell the Israeli lobby that they are finished. We’ve suffered enough because of them.

  92. David Hannah says:

    Were it not for the Israeli lobby. The UK would be in a better place. Corbyn may well have been given the job.

    Yet they have such influence in the Labour Party that we’ve now got a red tory party waiting to impose more austerity.

    All we’ve known is austerity since 2008. It’s not fair.

    I blame the Zionist lobby. I really do. I hope they are terrified of the 300,000 Palestinian protesters marching on the streets. It’s only going to get bigger.

    We need 300,000 wake up and march for Scottish Independence.


  93. John Main says:

    @David Hannah says:13 November, 2023

    Now is the time more than ever to tell the Israeli lobby that they are finished. We’ve suffered enough because of them.

    Were it not for the Israeli lobby. The UK would be in a better place.

    I hope they are terrified of the 300,000 Palestinian protesters marching on the streets. It’s only going to get bigger


    So everything the history books tell us is true after all – not that I ever really doubted it.

  94. A Scot Abroad says:

    Funny how different people are. David Hannah wants Corbyn back in his old role. I want Corbyn to be in prison for supporting terrorists.

  95. Effijy says:

    David Cameron had an overview of his background on the BBC.
    They missed out how he has sex with a pigs head at University.
    How with a personal fortune of over £60 Million he claimed every social security benefit he could for his handicapped son.
    The missed out how he ran away from politics knowing Brexit negotiations were going to be a massive disaster.
    It’s all seems to be forgotten about he was going to receive £60 million if he could persuade his Tory pals to rescue a dodgy bank that did go bust.

    He was the first PM to rent out his own home while he could use rent free No 10.

    My favourite memory of him was his face of utter disbelief and indigence when asked if he has considered giving part of his salary to charity like the SNP members had just done.

    He thought he was being mugged and abused by such a suggestion.

    Grant Shapps has commended Cameron’s appointment.
    That is Shapps the Confidence trickster who use a false name to sell an even more false get rich quick scheme.

    Corrupt, immoral millionaires required to bolster Tory Cabinet meetings.

  96. Anthem says:

    And now we have Victoria Atkins as Health Secretary. Who’s husband happens to own the largest “legal” cannabis farm in the UK. No conflict of interest there then eh.

  97. Iain More says:

    @Dundee Scot

    Aye it is ironic. The pity is that Douglas Ross aspires to be an Englishman and is propped up in his political jobs by White Settlers voting for him.

  98. David Hannah says:

    Corbyn inspired 500,000 people to join the labour party. But the minute he started talking about foreign policy, he was a marked man. Because he was divergent to the establishment.

    He wanted to eradicate the worst of the poverty in Britain while the Tories wanted to keep their public sector pay freezes.

    At the same time of the 2017 election, Theresa May was signing off the new deals to renew trident submarines.

    I think Corbyn has a lot to be proud of. He was nowhere near as charismatic as Alex Salmond and his party stabbed him in the back at every opportunity. He was English. He opposed wars. He was a marked man.

  99. David Hannah says:

    It’s a vicious cycle. We destabilise the middle east. Terrorist groups form as it must be really bad.

    ISIS killers wanted the new global jihad. Things were horrible for years we suffered Christmas markets, Manchester bombings, random van attacks. Nightclubs. It was horrible.

    We left the EU as a result I believe because of the migrant crisis.

    We have a new crisis, waging war on people traffickers. That’s where the European Union can come together. That’s what NATO should be concentrating on. Going into Northern Africa and taking out these criminal gangs and drug traffickers.

    Instead of insane foreign policy of a proxy war with Russia and China.

    We need to support peace in the middle east. For peace in Europe.

  100. David Hannah says:

    Last point I’ll make. By supporting peace. That means building a Palestinian State in the middle East. That’s what the Middle East needs. And let them be.

    I hope someone activates this genocide convention Craig Murray talks about.

    I know its inevitable. How big do the protest marches in Britain have to get before, Dodgy Dave picks up the Phone to netynyahoo and says its time a for a ceasefire?

    The alternative is the insane demented Joe Biden escalating another proxy war against Hesbola, Iran and the Arab States.

    Who very interestingly according to Craig Murray’s blog have not decided to sanction Israel. I’m shocked at that too.

    If we want to save Europe it starts with a 2 state solution in Palestine and Israel. If we want to save the reputation of Western Democracy.

    Let them LIVE!

  101. A Scot Abroad says:

    David Hannah,

    it’s fairly well proven now that since 1948, Jews and Palestinians aren’t going to be able to live together in peace. The “two state solution” seems to be hopeless.

    So, get the big boy trousers on. One or the other of the two of them are going to have to move out.

  102. tricia says:

    From an indy supporter all the way. Nope. Done. Bye. Still contributing to you tho Stu.

  103. Dundee Scot says:

    “David Hannah,

    “it’s fairly well proven now that since 1948, Jews and Palestinians aren’t going to be able to live together in peace ….”
    True. I’d go further back and remind everyone of the anti-Jewish riots in 1929 Jerusalem, in which Muslims attacked Jews. Or the Nebi Musa Riots of 1920, which featured similar attacks by Muslims carrying signs such as “Death to Jews” or “Palestine is our land and the Jews are our dogs!” The Muslim leader in those attacks, Amin al-Husseini, supported Nazi Germany in World War 2.

  104. David Hannah says:

    Well, I’m just going to speak authentically.

    My hairdresser is a Muslim lassie. She’s lovely.

    My corner shop owners are muslim. They give me free stuff all the time. That’s going out of date. But they’re nice like that. They care about their community.

    I’ve never had a romantic relationship with a Muslim, but I feel that friendship and that closeness with the many friends and colleagues over the years.

    They care massively about their family. They are closer than any other British family. When a Muslim gets sick. They spend all day with their relative in hopsital and all night. Something you won’t see with non Muslims. It’s a beautiful quality to have.

    I can’t way the same thing about Jewish. I can honestly say I’ve met more transgender people in Scotland than Jewish. I’ve not got the same connection with the Jewish people. But I love Friday night dinner. I think it’s an absolutely brilliant program on Channel 4. A caring loving Jewish family and that’s representative of all in Scotland. Just like two doors down another great show.

    Israel has a problem. The state is racist. It doesn’t seem to apprectiate its neighbours and the colour and joy they can bring to their lives.

    These people are insane they seem to think that if they recreate the homeland. I.e. Genocide of Palestinians then the Messiah will appear. Because we know they won’t believe in the false prophet Jesus the King of Jews.

    The Israeli’s are the one with the problem.

    This is a south Africa style apartheid state.

    They are so greedy. They are north Korea.

    I agree with Craig Murray. I care like the world cared in 1981 when Glasgow made Mandella a free man.

    The housing crisis is bad here. Why not self identify as a jew and get yourself a house In Palestine? Because you’re entitled to a passport to the homeland while the native Palestinians have no right to return.

    We all want the same thing. Jobs. Money. Love. We’re the same. Higher meaning of life. Palestinians living in Jerusalem are absolutely no threat to your existence just as the rest of the world is diverse and mixed.

    I’m off to watch Celtic. I’m off to the Vatican in a week’s time. Hail hail. There’s going to be Chinese tourists with selfie sticks. People of all faiths. Walking around in harmony.

    So why is it that Israel thinks it can lay claim to Jerusalem and no one else.

    They are the ones with the problem. Not palestine. They are racists and it’s long over due we showed Isreal the red card. That’s putting it politely but I’ll leave it at that. Because I could go on all day.

    I suppose all we can do is wait and see. I’ve given a lot of energy to this subject let’s hope for peace.

  105. David Hannah says:

    Scotland has been screwed for 15 years by the Tories in London. That’s the truth. They are the waste of all of our mental energy. Their corruption. Their incompetence has been off the scale. I despise British foreign policy I think it’s a disgrace. I am even more embarrassed about the SNPs demise.

    They are all abject FAILURES. To a man and woman.

    Think of all the hours of your life you wasted listening to. Brexit Means brexit. Take back control.

    The essence of democracy is thinking about what is bigger than yourself. And all we’ve had is the denomination of the poor. Be it in BBC Scotland documentarys called the Scheme. Or benefits street. Or Shameless.

    They have taken everything from us. The Tories as is. And now they are on their way out. And look at the state of the country. Look at what they are leaving us in.

    That extends to the SNP. They’re finished. They sold our their people. Unlike them I care about everyone as much as myself. Those people have sold their souls. Power corrupts.

    We need Independence. We need to talk Independence. We need a vision. We need development. Everything else is a distraction to our one shot at life.

    The next vote in this general election for me. Is Scotland United. A devil’s choice of corruption otherwise but the point is this. You’re voting for something greater than yourself. Independence. So I can vote snp in those circumstances. Because I care about everyone that lives here.

    Hail hail. Mon the Hoops! I hope got blesses the Pope’s 11 and says, listen Davie. You’re a good Man. Lazio’s going to have an off night tonight. Let celtic do the businesses. For your brothers in Palestine!

  106. Breeks says:

    David Hannah says:
    14 November, 2023 at 4:15 am
    Scotland has been screwed for 15 years by the Tories in London. That’s the truth. They are the waste of all of our mental energy…

    Sadly, I feel exactly the same about the SNP for the last 10 years. We’ve all been shafted sideways. It’s not just their failure to succeed, it is much, much worse than failure. They have actively tried to destroy the movement and derail Independence… Worst of all, when it was right there in the palm of our hand. Bastards.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to undermine Ash Regan, but how can I put it delicately, all she is doing is standing by the principle of Independence. That stoicism “ought” to be thoroughly unremarkable. She is only doing the normal and expected thing, and this is being portrayed as a rare mark of leadership calibre.

    Ash is doing fine, good luck to her, but to me, the big story / scandal isn’t Ash Regan’s exceptional brilliance, but rather the abject dearth of integrity amongst the wider SNP who have sold Scotland down the river without a hint of shame or regret. It is “they” who have departed from the norm. What a crowd of despicable shit bags.

    I feel that Ash Regan has the potential to be a great player, and her integrity is there to see, but she needs to grow into the job to some extent. Give her time, and I think she will blossom, and she will become an absolute powerhouse.

    Remember how Thatcher transformed from humble and unpolished politician to Terminator style megalomaniac? Don’t worry, I’m neither a Tory nor closet fan of the demonic milk-snatcher, but she got what she wanted, and we need leadership that can deliver. Comparison ends.

    The SNP, even their stoic membership, need to go and lie down in a darkened room for a while. Maybe a fking mausoleum perhaps. Stop talking, start listening. Weed out the Indy subversives…. then see if the rump that’s left has any contribution left to make, – beyond their profound apologies and heartfelt contrition.

  107. Geri says:

    Effijy 5.37


    It’s the ultra right zoomers trying their best to gaslight.

    I see the English nats (who don’t exist) have disgraced themselves at a war memorial – again. At least they wore their poppy tho!

    How very predictable. A disgrace.

    Not surprising given the media & Bravermans trumpet dog whistle that was even flouted on here would be coming from peaceful demonstrators. That blew that theory as we knew it would.

    We need to get out of this toxic union. We have absolutely zero in common with these fascists & this is the shape & direction they’re taking.

  108. John Main says:

    @David Hannah says:14 November, 2023 at 3:49 am

    I’m off to the Vatican in a week’s time

    Aye, right.

    Bet you’re aff tae The War tae get stuck in. But dinna fash, your secret’s safe wi us.

  109. John Main says:

    @Breeks says:14 November, 2023 at 6:26 am

    Stop talking, start listening

    What’s that you say, Sooty, Show us the money?

    What’s that Sweep? Make the economic case for Indy?

  110. A Scot Abroad says:


    perhaps stop using the “we” word so often? You don’t speak for anyone but yourself, you cannot assume that anyone thinks the same way as you do, and you are being rather arrogant.

    Speak for yourself. Not anyone else.

  111. John Main says:

    Another first-class article on Unherd today, “Israel’s true border crisis”.

    The parallels I see with Scotland are profound and disturbing. Those with open minds will find it interesting. Here’s a wee quote:

    “the physical, political and moral borders that demarcate where a state’s realities begin and end are there not to further immiserate millions of people already enduring unspeakably hard lives, but to keep a society intact”

    Any innocents still clinging to the “iScotland as nicest, cuddliest, friendliest, wee country in the world” trope will find the article disturbing and frightening, so be warned.

  112. Johnlm says:

    Fran and Anna are started early I see.

  113. A Scot Abroad says:

    John Main, re nicest and cuddly countries,

    I’ve had the privilege (and it genuinely is) to know Sweden and Swedes for nearly 40 years. It’s the very loveliest of places, and has treaded the finest of lines between rocks and hard places for nearly a century now. The people there are the most generous and welcoming of all.

    But in the last few years, it’s become dark and fearful. They’ve taken in around 15% population from cultures that won’t assimilate, there is now gang warfare on the streets. That’s not an anti-immigrant statement, it’s just context. And maybe we can all learn from that, whether we think in terms of the U.K. or Scotland.

    My point, to largely agree with you, is that the entity and social agreement, neatly rounded by borders, is at threat if one carelessly doesn’t protect the society and thinking within those borders.

  114. robertkknight says:

    After reading the article you’ve really got to ask just what exactly is the SNP for?

    Answers on a postcard please to…

  115. TURABDIN says:


    « Israel has a problem. The state is racist. It doesn’t seem to appreciate its neighbours and the colour and joy they can bring to their lives»

    My family in Iraq know very well the colour and joy «the neighbours» brought to their lives. That’s why we, and so many like us, now live elsewhere.

    Our ancient, ancestral «homeland» is no longer recognizably ours even the names have been changed.

    Your perception of the history and culture of the region is selective and over «romantic».

  116. Stoker says:

    “Folly of flogging off Britain’s most valuable assets”

    “It is crazy that the City hosts one of the most vibrant wholesale capital markets in the world but our pension funds choose to place the overwhelming amount of the £2.5 trillion of assets overseas.”

  117. Graeme George says:

    I see no difference between the Nazi regime in Germany in the 1930s & the current Zionist regime in Israel, both have an equal propensity for evil & genocide, the only difference is Germany was arguably the most powerful country in the world at that time, If Netanyahu had the same power & resources avail to Adolf Hitler there likely wouldn’t be a Palestinian left alive today, Jordon, Syria & lebanon would be under Israeli occupation and a full scale war going on in Turkey & Iran in other words WW3

  118. A Scot Abroad says:


    what would you rather? Your pension pot over a lifetime of payments in being worth half a million if invested solely in U.K. assets? Or £872,000 if invested more globally?

    I don’t particularly care about your personal answer, but I do know that most people would prefer £872,000 over £500,000, and that’s what fund managers think about.

  119. Stoker says:

    Just came across this new terminology for the first time this morning and thought i’d share it:

    influence peddling: “Influence peddling is the practice of using one’s influence in government or connections with authorities to obtain favours or preferential treatment for another, usually in return for payment. It is also called traffic of influence or trading in influence.”

    Isn’t this just another form of lobbying?

    Lobbying: “In politics, lobbying or advocacy, is the act of lawfully attempting to influence the actions, policies, or decisions of government officials, most often legislators or members of regulatory agencies, but also judges of the judiciary.”

    I suppose the key word/difference here is “lawfully”? Or is it a matter of ethics? Or possibly both?

  120. MaryB says:

    I take your points about district heating. Useful to hear the reality of it.
    Do you have any views about the ground source heating that I mentioned?

  121. Johnlm says:

    Counterfeiting is unlawful.

    Quantatative Easing or otherwise increasing the money supply is lawful

  122. James Che says:

    Alf Baird.


    What shinnagins goes on behind the scenes in Britain and fixing old error cover ups that Scotland is illterate about in regards to Monarchy?
    Missing Oaths and the law of England:

    How The parliament of Great Britain is presuming it is still the parliament of of England in its continuence of English laws.

    Well here is a excellent example of BOTH,
    In how to play hide and seek with the Coronation Oath of England, in deceiving Scotland and still be a continued parliament of England with continued laws from prior to Sixteen hundreds.
    Here is some reading for you from the,

    Just go into google and print Coronation Oath and the following.

    Cambridge University press.
    Cambridge core.
    By Graeme Watt, 31 August 2017.

    Please Let me know your conclusions after reading,

  123. James Che says:

    Nothing states it better than current events of “rising war games ” interlocking with Brits, and the condition the economy, along with the new dictatorship governing the loss of every day freedoms from parliamentarians.

    Than for Scotland to speed up its process and find more than ” one” quick avenue out of this fallacious and deceitful treaty,
    And this would apply to new people living here just as well, for its defends your choices in life equally.
    Scotland needs to be independent from all this mess, more than ever before if we do not wish to sink with the rest of Britain,

  124. stuart mctavish says:

    Stoker @11:09

    Nice one.

    Presumably that could explain in part how the sim card supplier for Scot gov didn’t end up with a forensic tent in their front garden when Mr Mathieson handed in his dodgy telephone bill in January

    Either way, given that telocommunications is reserved,and police and justice devolved, the polemic around Mr Mathieson’s shocking phone bill should offer an excellent (billable!) opportunity for a Parliamentary led inquiry into all the bottle necks and flawed procedures that prevented, obstructed, or terminated any contemporaneous investigations.

    If not, given telocommunications is reserved, and police and justice devolved, how should parliament now go about exposing and explaining the actual reasons for the apparent absence of repairing the bottle neck that prevented contemporaneous investigation

  125. Shug says:

    Mathieson has done the impossible

    He has made wee Dougie look good!!!

    Wonder what they will find on his i pad. I suspect they know that’s why they are asking!!!!

    Even if he hands it over he us toast if he looked at anything other than work. What a fu…. Idiot

  126. A Scot Abroad says:

    James Che, at 12:59 pm,

    It gives me no pleasure whatsoever to write this, but the country of my birth, childhood, and some adult service, has become a millstone to the much greater union to which it is an honoured part. Far from the union holding Scotland back, it is the utter uselessness of devolution and the fifth rate politicians – little more than parish councillors – who hold Scotland down and diminish everything in their power.

    Scotland has the resources, and many people, to be a country as good as any other. For some reason, I always think that Scotland and Denmark are comparable. So too New Zealand. Nobody says that New Zealand or Denmark aren’t viable countries. But you need decent leaders, and Scotland has none. Not a single person, including Alex Salmond.

  127. stuart mctavish says:

    ouch – sorry for the word salad in last paragraph (in particular), pls ignore & forgive.

  128. TURABDIN says:

    Some instructive reading for you.,_Hadith_and_Scholars:Dhimma

  129. Johnlm says:

    AThiefAbroad finally sees the light.

    “Scotland has the resources, and many people, to be a country as good as any other. For some reason, I always think that Scotland and Denmark are comparable. So too New Zealand. Nobody says that New Zealand or Denmark aren’t viable countries.“

    Seems like only yesterday at 10.50am, he was explaining to Alf that Scotland wasn’t viable.

  130. sam says:


    I doubt if you will be willing to absorb academic research. I say that based on your own remarks about your own personal qualities.

    To put it simply then. Neoliberal policies, both Tory and Labour over decades take money from the poorer to give to the richer.

    Their policies result in poverty and inequality across the UK and affecting Scotland more profoundly because of both the greater loss of heavy industry and the “toxic” ( I quote public health research) of th 50s and 60s.

    It takes decades for the full effects of these policies to be known.

    Bottom line. UK damages Scotland profoundly, leaving it without the policies needed to fix things and then blames Scotland.

    Open your eyes, man. You were colonised years ago.

    Scotland’s health used to be good. Until Mrs Thatcher came along. Poverty almost doubled, unemployment boomed, major Scottish industries across large areas collapsed for good.

    Scott-Samuel et al say:”..Thatcher’s governments wilfully engineered an economic catastrophe across large parts of Britain..”

    Increases in deaths from alcohol and drug related diseases began to climb. Life expectancy increases over many decades faltered and did not recover in Scotland for young adults over decades.

    ” it seems clear that Thatcher’s legacy includes the unnecessary and unjust premature death of many British citizens, together with a substantial and continuing burden of suffering and loss of well-being….Thatcher’s neoliberal project was subsequently strengthened and more firmly embedded by her successors in Conservative (Major) and Labour (Blair and Brown) governments.”

    Austerity since 2010 has made things much worse. Poverty is high, wages have stagnated, food banks are necessary everywhere but the richest areas. Life expectancy for the poorest has declined in many places. This is unprecedented except in World Wars and the 1918 flu pandemic.

    Allik et al say,”since the 1980s in Scotland, deaths from alcohol, suicides and particularly drugs have significantly risen…men born in Scotland between 1960 and 1980 and affected by the neoliberal policies of the 1980s have experienced high drug and suicide mortality also in the 1990s and early 2000s, decades after the economic changes..”

    Sayer and McCartney say:”A comprehensive programme to reduce health inequalities will require policies that address the numerous ways in which economic resources flow from poorer groups to richer groups through the design of the economy.”

    The fundamental causes of poor health in Scotland are the unfair, unequal distributions of power, wealth and income. There is zero chance that any UK government will change that. Meantime Scottish governments, whatever hue, will be blamed for something beyond their control.

  131. A Scot Abroad says:


    that copy and paste largely misses the point. Most of what it’s moaning about have been fully devolved powers since 1999.

    What’s the point of the Scottish Government if it can’t even manage what it’s fully empowered to manage?

    No point harking back to Thatcher, or people falsely whining about “austerity”, which was anything but given that real-terms overall budgets grew over that period. About 90% of the money could be reallocated between sub-budgets and departments, and the power to do so lay in Holyrood.

    Scottish politicians let Scotland down. Never forget that. It’s their fault that some aspects of life in Scotland are utterly shit for some people.

  132. James Che says:


    I think it may give you great pleasure to say what you do as a unionest supporter on a site that supports Scottish independence, other wise why would you be here,

    That aside,
    Sam is Correct in saying that you ignore academic research as it suits your agenda to maintain the union first and foremost before facts,

    It Queen Anne, Queen Elizabeth, her father and therefore her son did not take the appropriate oaths it was against the law.

    That also means that they never were legal monarchs,

    Don’t take the word of someone living in Scotland, read the dam thing that academics from Cambridge wrote and stop showing your ignorant racism towards your fellow Countrymen.

  133. Xaracen says:

    “(Scotland) the country of my birth, childhood, and some adult service, has become a millstone to the much greater union to which it is an honoured part.”

    Oh, has it, really, ASA? It seems to me that it has been the Union that has been a millstone to Scotland. Its natural wealth has been plundered for the benefit of everyone else except the Scots who own it. Even now, that wealth is being siphoned off in enormous amounts.

    “Far from the union holding Scotland back, it is the utter uselessness of devolution and the fifth rate politicians – little more than parish councillors – who hold Scotland down and diminish everything in their power.”

    And who exactly was it that so heavily constrained the powers of that devolution? That deemed an entire sovereign kingdom, a full partner in the Union of two partners, to be of no more significance than an English County Council? How many county councils have their own constitution, their own legal systems, their own monarch and crown? How many county councils negotiated, agreed, signed, and ratified an international Treaty?

    It was Westminster’s English establishment that designed Scotland’s devolution to be utterly useless to Scotland. They ensured Scotland’s parliament would be nothing more than a safely sandboxed play area for the Scots, leaving all the real powers to the so-called adults at Westminster. And on that topic, how exactly are those adults doing, these days?

    “But you need decent leaders, and Scotland has none.”

    Decent leaders need decent powers, or nothing can come of their decency. The English establishment-driven methodologies that hamstring our leaders are the methodologies of colonialism.

    You’ve also carefully overlooked the fact that even with all the alleged ‘unlimited sovereignty’ of Westminster behind them, you can’t point to any decent leaders there, either.

    Your analysis is as perverse as usual!

  134. James Che says:


    Stu’ title to this post,

    “And to be thought a fool” need not apply, it depends on those willing to learn and having the ability to intake new information from researched papers.

    I usually ignore people (mentally) blind, as it leads to pre- determined wilful blindness self inflicted.
    And perhaps I should continue that personal policy.

  135. Alf Baird says:

    A Scot Abroad @ 1:20 pm

    “it is.. the fifth rate politicians – little more than parish councillors – who hold Scotland down and diminish everything in their power.”

    Political science tells us that it is not politicians but rather the ‘establishment’ that “holds power or authority in a nation and its organisations” (Barcan 1993).

    Scotland’s ‘establishment’ as a dominant elite structure is mainly comprised of private school elites plus a meritocratic elite largely drawn from rest-UK. It is this ‘establishment’, which holds to similar values, who therefore “haud Scotlan doun”.

    The establishment is not the centre of official power (e.g. parliament), but comprises “the whole matrix of official and social relations within which power is exercised” (Fairlie 1955).

  136. James Che says:


    How legal is a devolved government to Scotland if you believe in the treaty of union articles as real?

    As one and the Same parliament of Great Britain.

    Sooner or later you will have to change your perception of wether it remained the parliament of England that illegally became the Successor to the parliament of Scotland first.

    Or wether the parliament of Great Britain was created from solely the parliament of England.

    Because Westminster parliament and Queen Anne Dissolved the Scottish parliament prior to the date that of the rebranded England parliament of Great Britain was created.
    History records are important
    Etymology of historical records are just as important,

    And yes, I double checked the dates,
    The parliament of Westminster continued after the parliament of Scotland just as you said,
    And the parliament of Scotland was not in the treaty just as you stated.
    It was England Westminster parliament that Dissolved the Scottish parliament, not the creation of the British parliament.

  137. A Scot Abroad says:

    None of the last few comments above actually address the glaringly obvious: that despite one of the largest sets of devolved powers in any modern western democracy, and with full budgetary autonomy between departments, an unallocated block grant, independent tax-raising powers, Scotland has failed to govern itself efficiently in the last 25 years.

    No leadership, vision or strategy. Just a lot of moaning and whining about how it’s someone else’s fault.

    What’s going to be different in the future?

  138. Republicofscotland says:

    Graeme George @10.43am.

    Graeme, to understand why the US won’t call for a ceasefire you need to read this excellent article, infact I’d advise everyone to read it and learn.

    There are wonderful contributions by Mearsheimer and Walt, the US Congress has been captured by the likes of the AIPAC, and West Asian US Foreign policies mirrors not US needs, but Israeli needs.

  139. James Che says:

    Alf Baird.

    The devolved government to Scotland and all the civil servants and politicians breaches the articles of the treaty of union,

    That is if you have a blind believe that the treaty of union is genuine, some do?

    But through research from all angles personally I believe a bigger hoax has yet to have been played on Scotland than this one covering hundreds of years,

    No one answers the big elephant in the room, why the old English Parliament of Westminster, in England had the ability to dissolve the parliament of Scotland.
    Before….. ( it too) was dissolved to create the GB parliament,
    As Xaracen stated in correcting my errors the parliament of England continued until a much later date.
    And in the suggested reading I put forward to your and others self today we observe the prevalent laws of the parliament of old England continuing in the Parliament of GB,
    We also find the Coronation Oaths of Englands kingdom and Country continuing.
    And trying to correct massive errors after the events have taken place wriggling and adjusting laws as a cover up, without informing Scotland that it may not have been under any monarch during that time period of those many years.

  140. A Scot Abroad says:

    Alf Baird,

    a bit of background research reveals that 20% of MSPs are privately educated, with the majority of them Scots Tories. Of the Scottish government, only three are.

    The Scottish government have full control over who sits within the civil service, and have done so since 1999, 24 years ago.

    So your argument about private education doesn’t really stack up. It’s not even, at a level of principle, a good argument. Private education isn’t worth that much in real world impact, it’s the publicly funded universities that round the edges and finish the job of formal education. Even fourth rate polys like your’s.

  141. Republicofscotland says:

    James Che @12.33pm.

    I read it James, it appear mainly to deal with English monarchs not swearing oaths properly, we in Scotland, well some of us anyway, know that with the Claim of Right in mind, that English monarchs indeed don’t swear to uphold it, or if they do, the terms of the Claim of Right are not upheld because they are utterly incompatible with England’s claim, that the monarch is sovereign and not the people as in Scotland.

    Here is James for all to read.

  142. James Che says:


    You have not addressed the glaring obvious ether.

    The devolved government breaches the treaty of union articles that you believe in.
    One Government of Great Britain hereafter,

  143. James Che says:

    Once the Scottish parliament was dissolved by the parliament of England in England, the Scottish parliament was no longer in the treaty of union,

    The Institute of Government are very clear that a parliament under dissolution is no longer a parliament and has no members that can belong to that parliament there after.

    Unless the parliament of Scotland under ( Scots laws) of “Sine Die” reconvened its own parliament in Scotland now,
    As it was only dissolved in England under English laws deleting and extinguishing it from the treaty of union before the Great British parliament of all Britain was created.

  144. James Che says:


    Indeed it deals with (English) Coronation Oaths from pre-union to 2017.

    Not the Coronation Oaths of Scotland,

    Now if I remember my History records Correctly there is monarch of the separate Country England or the Kingdom of England since 1707.

    Got it yet?

  145. A Scot Abroad says:

    James Che, at 3:51 pm,

    I don’t “believe in” ancient guff. I only care about how things are in practice and reality.

    The facts on the grounds are that the four “nations” of the U.K. are as they are: votes divided into roughly equal constituencies, and powers devolved over local matters to councils, cities and regions. Each vote gets counted once, and if a region such as Scotland has a population of just under 10% of the whole, that’s the amount of influence it gets. None of this sovereign nonsense that others write about exists in practice, and it doesn’t matter about oaths and crowns. That’s all flummery and meaningless.

  146. James Che says:


    The Coronation Oath the have been swearing to uphold for the past three hundred years is the Coronation oath to England,
    Not Great Britain,
    Not to Scotland within the treaty of union,
    It is a pre-union oath to the kingdom of England. It mentions England time and Again for the oath,
    Ie, not a oath to Great Britain,

    So where does that leave Scotland, with no monarch for the last three hundred years?

    Interestingly it is their priority that the ( Oath to England ) is what they are worried they F@cked up on.
    Not the one that would include any Country or kingdom outside of England for the past three hundred years.
    Monarchs of England,

  147. Alf Baird says:

    A Scot Abroad @ 3:47 pm

    “20% of MSPs are privately educated”

    The point I made, which you conveniently missed (again), is that politicians make up a a very small part of the ‘establishment’, which comprises “the whole matrix of official and social relations within which power is exercised” in the nation.

    And in relation to the 3% from private school backgrounds who account for around 50% of the top posts in Scotland, you should refer to the ‘Elitist Scotland?’ report:

  148. James Che says:

    Monarchs of England that need to Swear an Oath to the parliament of England for the past three hundred years.

    What? The parliament of England.

    I thought the parliament of England was supposed to have been dissolved in 1707, to create the parliament of Great Britain.
    It still exists.
    The monarchs of England have been swearing an Oath that includes the presise words parliament of England up to 2017.

  149. James Che says:


    The treaty of union is ancient guff,
    So ancient it is over three Hundred years old ancient guff and propaganda.
    Totally agree with you.

  150. Republicofscotland says:

    Alf Baird @4.46pm.

    Spot on Alf, House Jocks and Southerners are parachuted in to lofty positions in Scotland, whilst Scots are left in lower positions, as you put it its another blatant part of colonialism at work.

    Universities are one of the worst for doing this.

  151. A Scot Abroad says:

    Alf Baird,

    far from ignoring your point about the establishment, I address it. You can’t have read my response.

    To put it in plain terms, it’s up to ScotGov as to whom they employ in the civil service (or any other publicly funded position). If there’s a will to employ people who don’t fit your description of those which form the establishment, then the solution is in the hands of Bute House.

    It’s certainly not a union problem. It’s entirely Scotland’s.

  152. Xaracen says:

    ASA said;

    “I don’t “believe in” ancient guff. I only care about how things are in practice and reality.”

    Almost all of that ‘ancient guff’ is the law of the land, ASA, so whether you ‘believe in’ it or not is irrelevant, and contravening any of it is still a crime.

    Not ‘believing in’ it will be no defence at all.

    Scotland’s 10% of the Union’s population is exactly 50% of the Union’s two sovereign partners, and that 50% is the amount of influence it is constitutionally entitled to in the Union. The fact that England’s establishment continually denies it that influence by inventing some fictional ‘democratic guff’ is itself a contravention of the ‘ancient guff’, making it a constitutional crime, and it enabled a whole series of other crimes as well, and work is under way to build a legal case to bring the perps to book for all of them.

  153. A Scot Abroad says:


    all you’ve written is a legal nonsense, and if enough fools are persuaded to part with their money to crowdfund a case, then they’ll get thrown out at the first hurdle.

    There isn’t a Scots constitution, as you well know.

  154. Alf Baird says:

    Republicofscotland @ 5:07 pm

    “Scots are left in lower positions, as you put it its another blatant part of colonialism at work.”

    Aye RoS, in a colonial society we might expect the institutions to be colonial in nature and in terms of their values and leadership. Which is what we see, allegiance only to British rule, even at Holyrood.

    ASA seems to think there is a Scottish civil service!

  155. A Scot Abroad says:

    Alf Baird,

    The Scottish Government employs directly 7,000 civil servants across 8 Directorates and 125 agencies. That doesn’t include Police Scotland, who are on top of that total. Or the thousands of academic wasters employed using public money at Scottish “universities”.

    They ain’t UK civil servants: they are recruited, organised and paid for from Scottish government funds, and report to Edinburgh, not London.

  156. Republicofscotland says:

    “ASA seems to think there is a Scottish civil service!”

    Indeed Alf its his remit to push the everything is all right trope when it comes to the union.

  157. James Che says:

    I am wondering law of which land with the Coronation Oath of monarchs from The Oath from pre fallacious union.
    The Oath is taken to the parliament of England and the kingdom of England right up to when the Cambridge post was wrote in 2017.

    The parliament of England that was supposed to have ceased and be dissolved since 1707.

    Some thing is not right, and it appears to be the misfit of the treaty of the union under one Monarch of Britain that is not the monarch of Britain,

    And a union of two parliament that has only one parliament recognised, ( Englands) in then misfitting nuts and bolts, the oath only refers to the parliament of England. Not two parliaments united.

  158. Xaracen says:

    A Scot Abroad said;

    “Xaracen, all you’ve written is a legal nonsense”

    Scotland’s MPs represent a whole sovereign kingdom, and England’s MPs represent a different whole sovereign kingdom. That’s why it has to be 50% say each. The Treaty doesn’t say Scots MPs must give way to England’s MPs, and their MP numbers weren’t even based on population in the first place, but on relative tax-raising capacity, so, that holes democratic arguments below the waterline, since that would make it plutocratic, not democratic.

    Wealth-based pseudo-democracy doesn’t get to trump sovereignty any more than normal democracy because nothing gets to trump sovereignty. That’s what sovereignty means, cupcake, so suck it up and get over it!

    “There isn’t a Scots constitution, as you well know.”


    Yeah, right; I’ll be having the last laugh on that one, ASA.

  159. James Che says:

    Some one intelligent needs to tie these nuts and bolts of a fallacious union together a bit better than the efforts being made by Union mind pepole,
    The Scottish parliament was dissolved in England 1707.

    2: The parliament of England continued after the date the Scottish parliament was dissolved,

    Where is the parliamentary union between Scotland and England?

    As The parliament of England being (sole Survivor) of two parliaments that were meant to join in a treaty of parliamentary union,

    Then goes forward as the parliament of England to claim without authority in England as itself to be the successor parliament to the Scottish parliament it had just dissolved in England.

    What date did the parliamentary union happen?

    Anne future The monarch of England without the/a Oath being taken to Scotland or a coronation in Scotland as the monarch of Scots or Scotland other than heresay from a letter from England, witnessed in England, swears an Oath to the parliament of England under the monarchy traditions of England in England,

    6: After swearing a Oath to the continued parliament of England Queen Anne then Claimed she was Queen of Scots by default of inheritance un proven as to the question mark hanging over her birth,

    Why did or does as the case my be, Scotland not require more evidence that she was ever enthroned as queen of Scots?

    For all Coronations from prior to Queen Anne until 2017 it is required that all monarchs follow the coronation Oath of England and swear allegiance to the parliament of England,

    These Oaths were not always followed in accordance to laws and Statues of England and its still existing parliament,
    Thus leaving England with a non legal monarch on more than one occassion,

    With England having no legal monarch on more than three or four occasions in the last 300 years which broke the heritable monarchy,…. and Scotland never having had a legal monarch since Charles 11,
    How is the Crown justice system in England never mind in Scotland,
    And with no parliamentary union actually having taken place, with no shared monarch,
    How does England have the authority or legal right to devolve, a part of the (government of England) to Scotland

  160. James Che says:

    To make it clear to people in Scotland and the ramifications of a Oath or a omitted Oath in England is as follows.

    If the monarch has all these years required to swear an Oath to the parliament of England,
    That relays as,

    The monarch is only monarch of England.

    The Westminster British parliament is the parliament of England.

    That their is no shared monarch in Britain.

    That there is no parliamentary or monarchy union.

    This collaspes all thesis on there being a union, treaty or other wise with the kingdom of Scotland and the Scottish parliament,

    As the Queen of England in loyalty and parliament and Oath belong to the parliament of England, and the Parliament of Great Britain Claim its Sovereignty through the Oath of the monarch to the parliament of England.

  161. Alf Baird says:

    A Scot Abroad @ 6:16 pm

    “They ain’t UK civil servants: they are recruited, organised and paid for from Scottish government funds, and report to Edinburgh, not London.”

    Wrang agin. The ‘Scottish Government’ is effectively still a spending department of Westminster via its block grant and is staffed by the same UK Home Civil Service who administer the whole of the UK:

    “There are, in law, three separate civil services. The largest by far is the Home Civil Service, which includes those officials supporting the Scottish Executive and the Welsh Government. The other two are the Northern Ireland Civil Service and the Diplomatic Service. They are for many purposes managed as a single entity.”

    Hence no real difference between the ‘Scottish Government’ and the pre-devolution former ‘Scottish Office’, i.e. same block grant and same UK Home Civil Service running the show.

    Only difference are a few political patsies sitting in Holyrood giving the impression they run the country, which they obviously don’t.

  162. James Che says:


    There is a lot the fallacious treaty does not say and yet a lot that has been done in the name of the parliament of England,

    Where does it state that the parliament of The new Great Britain creation is to remain in Westminster parliament buildings?

    Where does it state that London will be the new Capital of Great Britain?

    Where does it state that all monarchs of Great Britain must swear their Oath to the parliament of England?

  163. A Scot Abroad says:


    you ain’t going to be laughing at all. There’s no Scots constitution, and the Claim of Right is legally meaningless.

    You’ll be laughed out of court. And the Advocates that you engage will pocket your money and move on to the next gullible fool.

  164. Alf Baird says:

    James Che @ 8:08 pm

    “To make it clear to people in Scotland and the ramifications of a Oath or a omitted Oath in England is as follows. If the monarch has all these years required to swear an Oath to the parliament of England, That relays as,The monarch is only monarch of England. The Westminster British parliament is the parliament of England.”

    This seems and feels an accurate conclusion, also based on your evidence James. Scotland is ‘out of the game’, reflecting a colonial status.

    And those thousands of civil servants administering our country whilst all the while serving another country’s Crown looks a bit dodgy:

    “civil servants are employed by the Crown, and not by individual departments”

  165. Geri says:

    No they won’t be laughed at. You will.

    The claim of right is why the Union exists.
    Remove that & they’ve instantly violated the terms to the treaty of Union.
    Union terminated.
    Do not collect £200.
    Collect yer hankie & start greetin’

    Yay! The Union is dead. Ref no longer required.
    Nawbags have to ask Scots to join the Union..Nae chance!

  166. A Scot Abroad says:

    Alf Baird,

    the employment of crown civil servants is by the Crown. The employment of civil servants within the devolved administrations by the Scottish, Welsh or Northern Irish governments is not employment by the Crown.

  167. James Che says:

    Alf Baird,

    Could,nt sleep so happy to respond until sleep catches up,
    As it indicates on that topic by Cambridge University the “monarch by its very Oath” Sworn to the parliament of England, (which was not supposed to exist), automatically is the monarch of one kingdom, England.

    That same Oath states that the parliament of England has to Exist today as the new rebranded parliament of Great Britain due to the ( parliament of Great Britain= parliament of England) claims that it is where its Sovereignty derives from, by pre union English laws

    The intertwined monarch of England Oaths and the parliament of England is no longer in dispute as existing in England,
    but running Scotland under a falsified union of Crown and parliaments.

    The Cambridge thesis was not actually discussing the elephant in the room, ie, that there was and are, still two separate kingdoms in Britain, one with a crown monarch, (England,)
    And one kingdom without a present monarch, Scotland, would that make similar to a republic Alf?

    Nor was the Cambridge university actually discussing its error in mentioning (aloud) that the parliament of England still exists,
    But was rather more concerned that the Monarchs of England maybe actually not been monarchs of England either According to the statues of English law.

    Which is pure irony that that is the error they are trying to correct by wriggle wrangling the English legislation and Statues to make them legal monarchs of England still.

    But what heredity title position does that leave Charlie and Camilla in, if “his” mother, Elizabeth and his grandfather were illegal monarchs of England as the Cambridge University are suggesting,

    Of course That is no longer a concern to the territory kingdom of the Scots,
    Whom are not bound by unity of a Scottish Crown to a English Crown or Scottish parliament to a English parliament,
    Nuts and bolts that never held a union nor could hold a treaty of union between Scotland and England.

  168. James Che says:


    Nothing is as important to Scotland now than the ancient guff propaganda hoax treaty of union having been played on Scots for more three hundred years,

    Perhaps we should forget entirely about the need to discuss the minor details you are suggesting,

    But start discussing the “crown of England lands? in Scotland”
    Or the Crown justice system in Scotland from England.
    Or financial Reparations to Scotland from England. Plus unforseen Damages to its country, culture, it language, and Colonisation of its country over the last three hundred years for the blatant deceitful lie imposed upon Scotland and its nation, for there (never) was a treaty of union between the two Countries parliament or a union of the two Crowns,

    There is over whelming new evidence from many various sources beginning to emerge, The Cambridge university being only one of the latest you did not want to read or believe,

  169. James Che says:

    I am away to bed again, nite nite.

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