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An old favourite

Posted on August 12, 2023 by

The word “NEW” is working pretty hard there, lads.

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  1. Dave M

    Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the wee donkey. They and their lackeys at that ludicrous rag really do think that we’re the idiots, not them.

  2. Ellie

    Yet another SNP propaganda department

  3. alan scott

    Perhaps Brown’s rebuttal unit failed to show that SNP Bad stories were wrong so Humza is bringing in some new blood with iron in their soul to show the real evil that is Westminster.

  4. Ian McCubbin

    This is so so pretentious and ridiculous.
    Useless is a laughing stock now , it has to be official.

  5. David Hannah

    Answer for the £14 million SNP credit card bill.

  6. David Hannah

    Answer for the £14 million SNP credit card bill.

    Brown can’t believe the BBC were asking questions of the SNP about civil servant spending on play dough and nails. He said:

    “it was carried on BBC international news, alongside stories on international efforts to save the Brazilian rainforest, and the latest situation in Niger.

    Just extraordinary!”

    You know they’re up to no good when they don’t want you talking about them. Isn’t that right Keith?

  7. David Hannah

    Answer for the Scottish Government. Bank card spending, by civil servants that’s cost the tax payer £14.2 million pounds.

    Keith Brown. Answer for it.

  8. Derek

    Caught the tail-end of The Skewer on Radio 4 earlier; it would appear that the BBC’s policy on swearies is moving around a bit. A sketch to do with Trump – but might equally apply, perhaps, to the SNP – describing him as “Hitler-in-the-bunker fucked”.

    And I’ve just heard The Cramps on Radio 4!

  9. Beauvais

    Forget MTV, here we have Yousaf & Brown, the SNP’s feckless, lazy and moronic double act.

    aka Grievous & Rebutt-head.

  10. George Ferguson

    I will settle for compliance with FOI requests, properly minuted Government meetings, a timeously response to Government complaints, any fatal accident inquiries within a few years, Judicial equity, Police Scotland fairness and equity in dealing with investigations, a proper SNP member misconduct process, transparency of Government decisions, compliance with elected manifestos and of course a properly run Scottish Covid Public Inquiry,
    transparency of Party funding and not forgetting a ban on shredders in Holyrood. Your starter for 10. Other gripes available on request.

  11. Andrew scott

    The “trashional” is so bad
    Who actually buys this rubbish

  12. David Hannah

    It looks like the SNP are advertising for more spin doctors.

    You can advertise all you like for new spin Doctors. We know you’re all corrupt as fuck.

    SNP out.

  13. sarah

    Almost the 5th anniversary of Keith Brown’s “rebuttal unit”. Is there any evidence of that unit having done any rebutting?

    What we actually need is an immediate Holyrood election and a combined organisation to act on the breaches of the Treaty of Union but no, another lie about setting up another useless timewasting unit.

    I am sick of their irresponsible betrayal of the people of Scotland.

  14. Ian Brotherhood

    Come on, let’s be fair now.

    There is a difference between ‘unit’ and ‘service’.

    So it’s not the same thing.

    Not really.

    And it’s just bad faith to suggest otherwise.

  15. Al-Stuart

    Well spotted Stu.,,b>

    Rebuttal Unit. FFS.

    Humza Useless appoints Keith Alleged Criminal Brown – he who fails to pay his car tax (rebut that you weak, cowardly SNP Wokeist “tractor” to Independence).

    Keith Brown, you can start by rebutting one of the finest forensic journalists in the country. Here is your RectalRebutting Unit’s first job. Rebut this you tax-doing disgrace to the Royal Marines uniform you used to wear…

    Brown, you are no more than the has-been this comedian nailed so well at the Edinburgh Fringe…

    Rev Stu., you did hint that things were VERY QUIET.

    Surely Keith Transport Minister For Personal Car Tax Dodging has opened a particularly important door for you.

    The Scottish Nonce Pervetts and their Wokeist fifth column creeps are no match for your proven track record of 7 years trying to keep the SNP honest under the lying flea-bag, Sturgeon.

  16. STWebster

    AI. Ministry of Artificial Independence.

  17. Al-Stuart

    Keith Brown,

    Any danger you will rebut this excellent piece of proper investigative journalism…

  18. John Main

    Seems to me that a reporter called Ms Nutt is ideally suited to work in a Rebuttal Unit, so they have time to make her an offer she can’t refuse and get the unit up and running by the autumn.

  19. Stoker

    Humza, you were shoehorned corruptly into position, rebut that. As Ian McCubbin says further up thread, pretentious as f@ck! Not only that but insulting to the average intelligence too. You’re still *NEVER* getting my vote. I don’t give my votes to a racist. You and the rest of the SNP turncoats days at the trough are over. Parasites! And away and get a shave you manky-looking tramp.

  20. Stoker

    Andrew scott says on 12 August 2023 at 10:53 pm:
    “The “trashional” is so bad. Who actually buys this rubbish.”

    Deluded muppets who also believe Westminster will play nice and issue them with a S30 for Xmas. And it’ll be delivered by Santa himself no less. 😉

    For those not aware, S30:

    BTW, Andrew, i like “The Trashional” tag. I’ll borrow that for future reference. LOL!

  21. James Jones

    A Ministry of Truth, then?

  22. Craig

    Al Stuart.

    Posting that link

    I went and read it and talk about being gutted at being reminded of just how much Nicola has fucked Scotland and the eejits are still saying “NuSNP” are the vehicle for independence.

    Reading that was almost as bad as how I felt on the 19th Sept 2014.

    We all have been betrayed, Never thought I could hate a “leader” as much as Maggie “Milk Snatcher” Thatcher, Nicola “Kicking the can doon the road” Sturgeon has nic’d that crown

    (Yes, the pun was intentional)

  23. Willie

    Rebuttal unit, the electorate very soon in Rutherglen and Hamilton is most assuredly going to give the SNP that.

    The bookies have Labour way out in front to win and really the question is just how devastating the SNP wipe out will be.

    Sturgeon and her handlers worked well to destroy the SNP. Throwing Margaret Ferrier to the wolves so as to force a by election that everyone knows the SNP will lose was the deliberate plan.

    Rebuttal unit my arse. The SNP is utterly finished.

  24. Captain Yossarian

    George Ferguson – When you attend a meeting with Scottish Government, minute the meeting yourself. Send out the minutes the next day and if no-one amends them, they have accepted them. They hate it when you do that. What the Swinney and Sturgeon years allowed to develop in Scotland these past 10-years is the feeling amongst civil-servants that they were a protected enforcement gang. That’s the way you deal with that. It works in Africa, the Middle East….and Scotland. So, it works in all lawless hell-holes.

  25. 100%Yes

    How the SNP became Labour with their lies, it also show The Rag will print any old shit and keep printing it without any questions to the SNP about the legitimacy of what there saying.

  26. Captain Yossarian

    Kate Forbes should have been elected leader of course because she speaks for most SNP members. Swinney and Sturgeon couldn’t allow that to happen because they know that there is so much scandal coming down the tracks towards them that they need a barrow-boy and a liar to be in charge of everything. Plenty of us had Swinney and Sturgeon’s card marked for a long time, but I can’t say that I take any satisfaction out of seeing the putrid mess they have left behind them. One word of caution for everyone – if anyone thinks Labour will be an improvement many be in for a disappointment.

  27. 100%Yes

    Captain Yossarian

    You think Forbes should have been elected because she speaks for most SNP members. Kate Forbes is far less interested in Independence than Yousaf, she couldn’t even bring herself to speak about it during the leadership contest.

    If Indy was down to the SNP and its membership were all doomed, 1 only person with a credible plan was Ash Regan 2 20,000 members never voted if we are to believe the SNP has 72,000 members 3 only twenty odd voted for Forbes who’s more a Tory than Margret Thatcher and who I might add believe Westminster is more sovereign than you or me.

  28. 100%Yes

    The problem with the SNP its packed full of Tories and Unionist including Kate Forbes.

  29. Luigi

    Sigh, what a sad state the SNP has fallen into – the responsibility lies completely with the current and recent leadership. The high heid yins. I feel sorry for those who have tirelessly fought for Scottish independence over the years – for no personal gain whatsoever. As for the high heid yins that we should all be looking to for strong and effective leadership, well let’s just call them out for what what we see. Nothing more than “Personal Gain R Us!”. Sad but true.

    Is this the current SNP commandment for it’s troops:

    “Don’t you dare mention the dreaded “I” word!”
    “(unless there is an election looming)”?

    Serious question, folks, serious question.

  30. Tinto Chiel

    Same old crapola, and anyone using the weasel terms disinformation or misinformation is basically a censor at heart.

    How to really deploy a rebuttal unit/service/hingy:

  31. 100%Yes


    To vote for them (SNPBAD) is hard enough, but to walk the streets and hand over your hard-earned cash is even worse and then to leave them something in your will is criminal.

    How one poisoned individual destroyed the Indy movement and how anyone who’s still a member of the SNP could have the obduracy to hold out their hand to her when for the last 8yrs she taken complete satisfaction knowing that she held Scotland future in her hands and at the end of her tenure she passed it to the British supreme court just to ad a further nail to Scotland coffin in this union.

  32. Karen

    So the first SNPBad story the new rebuttal unit will have to rebut, is that the new rebuttal unit is not new? You would think Humza would have the nous to at least call it something else: the anta-anti-propaganda unit perhaps?

    How much buts could a rebut but if a rebut could but buts?

  33. Karen

    So the first SNPBad story the new rebuttal unit will have to rebut, is that the new rebuttal unit is not new? You would think Humza would have the nous to at least call it something else: the anti-anti-propaganda unit perhaps?

    How much buts could a rebut but if a rebut could but buts?

  34. stuart mctavish

    Sun Tzu reckons that as a public information exercise it can have zero credibility post coughid in any event.

    Could still be very useful internally if its able to help develop policy that’s not based on stupid shit like, Scotland should be independent because Boris is Conservative and the Falklands are on our side of the border (not that Grantham shopkeeper’s) – or now that our business ambassador is president of united states we’ll be calling him names when we’re not ignoring him mostly because he didn’t want golfers being distracted by beautiful offshore windmills at any of his properties, etc.

  35. Robert Hughe

    ” ….to be ready by Autumn ”

    After the scorching , scintillating , febrile Nu SNP ” Summer of Independence ” ( coming to a dimension near you – not soon ) don´t know if we can handle this up n coming season of Browny n Youssy´s soporific opera – Brainspotting . Too much excitement . I´m knackered .

    Will this display of autumnal misdirection be followed by a Winter of Quite Content ? In turn – assuming full Dependence hasn´t been achieved by then – succeeded by The Spring Offensive , wherein the Russell Horsebox Battalion launch a fearsome attack on the Evil Empire …aka ALBA HQ @ Berchtesgaden ?

    Turn Off ; Tune Out ; Drop Dead .

    From laughter .

  36. Johnlm

    I see accusations of ‘malinformation’ are becoming a thing.
    Malinformation is a truth which is deemed unacceptable, apparently.
    I expect it will be against the law soon.

  37. Dorothy Devine

    Karen I like your last sentence but suggest ‘many’ instead of ‘much’ before a pedant comes along.

    I think I will be reciting ,
    How many buts could a rebut but if a rebut could but buts.

    Love it!

  38. Johnlm

    Giving exact meaning to words is so yesterday.
    Remember –
    This is NuWorld where words can mean whatever you personally need them to be.

  39. George Ferguson

    @Captain Yossarian 5:28am
    That’s a fair solution. The SNP should spend less resource spinning and deliver services instead.

  40. Breeks

    Makes you wonder if the SNP is actually self aware, or just inhabits a lower plane of existence.

    Sturgeon lobotomised the SNP and Yousaf is merely the proof of it.

  41. Johnlm

    Readymades urinal
    Why I am anxious using the facilities in museums.

  42. Frank Anderson

    All that’s left now is to officially change the party name to NuSNP.

  43. Alf Baird

    George Ferguson @ 8:46 am

    “The SNP should spend less resource spinning and deliver services instead.”

    Delivering services?

    Delivering independence is what the daeless SNP need to do and all they ever needed for that was a Scottish majority at Westminster. They’ve been given three such majorities by the people and still refuse to act.

    Postcolonial theory (Fanon; Memmi etc) predicts all this of course, where the dominant national party, ‘scared of the oppressors tanks and planes’ chooses instead ‘neutrality’ at the ‘decisive moment’, takes the movement ‘up a blind alley’ and ends up ‘behaving like a gang’, becoming ‘an instrument of coercion’ in choosing to run a colonial administration in co-operation with the colonial power and its forces.

  44. wullie

    I cannot understand how Mr Salmond could be so unaware of devious duplicitous unionist cabal that he surrounded himself with in government. How could he have misjudged those he elevated to high office in the party and his cabinet. who , when the opportunity came turned on him and tried to get him jailed for life. For me this brings Mr Salmond’s judgement into question.

    Will the Alba party be a repeat scenario.

  45. Effijy

    Why don’t they just read Wings for answers to Unionist misinformation?

    SNP have been pathetic in countering the garbage the U.K. media churns out about Scotland.

    The last 20 New Labour, Tory, Lib Dem years have been a complete and utter disaster.
    You would need to go back to World War 2 before things were this bad.

    SNP could have a list in 5 minutes about how Scotland rejected Brexit and the extensive list
    of economic catastrophes England created with it to please the wealthiest people in the country. Its final cost is estimated to 4 times that of Covid.

    How about all the Tory Donors racking it in with corrupt Covid contracts.

    How about the benefits to Scotland of HS2 in England that will end up £100 Billion over budget.

    What benefit to Scotland the House of Lords?
    Seats for old toffs to sleep in because their ancestors fought in the Holy Wars a few hundred years ago. Seats for suspected criminals like Lucan, Archer and Mone and a those with large donations to the Tory party. Even a 30 years old female who was Friendly with Boris.

    Do anyone notice how Scotlands oil and gas has according to Westminster been running out
    for 50 years now but the Tories just announced new drilling licenses as the U.K. economy is depending on it. Strange that but did you hear anything from the SNP?

  46. robertkknight

    Sturgeon’s rancid SNP taking their lead from the Scottish Greens, who apart from loving all things Woke, do like a good bit of recycling.

  47. Den

    More like a damage limitation unit. Getting prepared for some really bad news coming down the pipe soon.

  48. akenaton

    100%Yes says:
    13 August, 2023 at 6:58 am
    The problem with the SNP its packed full of Tories and Unionist including Kate Forbes

    Rubbish the real problem is that the SNP, Greens, the media, et al are packed with LGBT+ supporters and there is a reason for that which is not in the interests of those who wish to form a strong economic and social government in Scotland.
    The Captain is correct once again Forbes was the obvious choice as we require the good people from the existing SNP to help construct such a government.

    The promotion of Reagan here and in other areas was a serious mistake and one which could insure the most here will never see “Independence” Forbes was our big chance to really get the show on the road, a good political brain and social views which reflect those of a rapidly changing demographic. Now we face years of infighting as we attempt to loosen Sturgeons grip on Scotland’s women. These women are the key, they have been programmed to confuse natural function with an insane view of the “Patriarchy” as an abuse mechanism; and the madness gap continues to widen with our children and normal women thrown to the wolves.

  49. Republicofscotland

    One wonders when indy minded Scots will do something substantial about all this SNP BS, as you’ve pointed out on numerous occasions we’ve seen and heard it all before.

    I’d imagine the latest round of lies from the SNP, is just another attempt to placate and get onboard Scots who have decided not to vote for the SNP, or have left the party and stopped donating to it.

    The current SNP is full of liars, deceivers and careerists who will say just about anything, so as not to rock the gravy boat.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba, its time for change.

  50. John Main

    @Alf Baird 9:22

    I will breezily admit to being “scared of the oppressors tanks and planes” but of course we are talking of different oppressors. The tanks and planes in your heid exist there and nowhere else.

    You push your colonialist trope past it’s breaking point. Scotland is not some nation of mud tracks and tin huts without electricity, water or sanitation. It is still a mostly first-world country with all of the complex services and infrastructure most of us take for granted.

    The SNP administration was never “scared” to take that on, other than in the sense they understood and recognised just how lacking in competence and capability they were. They fucked it up because they knew the job was beyond them. They talked the talk but flunked the walk.

    It remains beyond them, just as it will remain beyond the next lot until they get some serious, mature, skilled, capable people on board. HR has never had more than around half a dozen grownups, in a sea of eejits. That’s nowhere near enough to achieve anything.

    Your “colonialism” trope just continues to delay the day when this uncomfortable truth will get faced.

  51. holymacmoses

    So what’s in the pipeline to encourage this ‘pre-emptive’ bid?
    Who’s in trouble next week, I wonder?

  52. John Main

    “Go back to WW2 before things were this bad”



    Boris gone, man.

    If you are trying to make some good points, they are drowned in the dross.

  53. George Ferguson

    @Alf Baird 9.22am
    Morning Alf. In my opinion Independence and competent Government services go hand in hand. Evidence is there, Salmond and his Government were universally acclaimed to be competent. He took us close to Independence. When the Independence vote comes along and it will. We need to be able to persuade people on the streets. The Sturgeon Government has been a disaster.

  54. Patsy Millar

    The only people rebutting anything were ordinary indy supporters writing to papers or (very occasionally) getting to speak on the likes of Questiontime.

  55. Mia

    “Humza Yousaf wants a rebuttal unit to deal with misleading claims about independence to be ready by autumn”

    “Labour MSPs warming to Scottish independence, says Humza Yousaf”

    (both headlines from The National)

    It is evident Mr Continuity Candidate has been given by his London masters two priorities:

    1. to preserve devolution by ensuring nobody associates what is left of the SNP with independence ever again.

    2. to facilitate the smooth transfer of a sizeable number of anti-union MP seats to Labour for the next GE. Yousaf is simply finishing the job the political fraud and fakeminist to her fingertips Sturgeon started: making the SNP unelectable.

    This is now so, so blatantly obvious that it has become insulting.

    Labour is so naturally dead in Scotland’s political landscape that it has taken the pathetic crown puppets infiltrating the SNP in collusion with the press and civil service over NINE years to change the SNP brand from a pro-independence party into a useless version of labour that is unelectable.

    It is obvious the architects of this strategy realised Labour could only be seen as an alternative in Scotland if they managed to drastically trash the standards of the SNP. Increasing the standards of Labour to match the people of Scotland’s needs and wants of independence was never an option, because it is never about what is best for the Scottish people. It is all about what is best for the crown and powers that be at the expense of the Scottish people.

    Such was the scale of the job the crown puppets were tasked with, that they even contemplated to permanently remove Mr Salmond out of the political landscape. I guess they thought the only way the political fraud and fakeminst to her fingertips Sturgeon and Continuity Candidate Yousaf could even remotely look as “pro-independence” “leaders” is there was no real pro-indpendence leader around they could be measured against.

    Yet, despite all their non-stopping effort and manipulation for nine years, judging by the increasingly erratic and stupid reactions coming from the SNP (exhibits A, B and C: Mhairi Black, Kirsty Blackman and Nicholson) it seems the crown puppets are still in need of a large supply of adrenaline and defibrillators to complete that fabricated political resurrection of labour in Scotland.

    What will the “brains” pulling the strings of the crown puppets infiltrating the SNP do next if the deliberate damage they have inflicted on the party is still not enough to transfer the seats to labour?

    Will they make SNP MPs and MSPs puppets parade around dressed as furries and bearded babies to scare the bejesus out of ordinary voters, or will they simply rig the election to ensure the result they are after?

    When the establishment is working this hard behind the scenes to manipulate the result at the next election, you cannot talk about democracy. You cannot talk about “rebuttal”. You cannot talk about union. The only think you can say is that Scotland is being smoothered in propaganda, it is treated as a colony and the wishes and opinions of its people are being discarded for the sake of the crown’s and other powers that be’s interests.

    This has become so insultingly obvious now that I am beginning to wonder if the only way to deal with this exceptional level of abuse against Scotland’s sovereignty and rights as a union partner is to send a big fat “fck you and your faux democracy” by spoiling our ballots at every election from now on until the time we are offered real democratic choice. What we have now is nothing more than a disgraceful manipulation of our opinion by stealth to tailor our votes so they fit a particular pre-determined result that goes against our interests.

    It has become obvious for quite some time that deception is the only tool used by politicians (and mainstream media) now in Scotland. But you can only deceive a whole country to subjugate its people and steal its assets for so long.

    The SNP are an absolute and embarassing disgrace and should hang up their heads in shame for the rest of their political lives. The way they have sold their country and people is unfogivable and unforgettable. They have behaved as far worse betrayers than the self-serving cowards who sold Scotland in 1706. At the very least SNP MPs and MSPs could do the honourable thing of coming out from behind the pro-independence flag they obviously have nothing but contempt for and present themselves as what they have been all along:

    Labour sheep.

  56. wullie

    Effijy says:
    SNP have been pathetic in countering the garbage the U.K. media churns out about Scotland.

    And the voice of Alba has been deafening with regard to countering anything.

    We never hear any political party or politician screaming about the rape of Scotland.
    You seriously have to wonder why.

  57. President Xiden

    Craig says: “ Never thought I could hate a “leader” as much as Maggie “Milk Snatcher” Thatcher”

    Actually it is often forgotten that Maggie wasn’t the first to ‘snatch’ the milk away from school weans. Harold Wilson’s Government cut the free milk to secondary schools in 1968, but I suppose ‘Wilson milk snatcher’ doesn’t have the same poetic ring to it.

  58. 100%Yes


    Well said, Wings should have put this as a article. Just what I needed before I watch a Scottish Prism

  59. John Main


    You could be right. Rather than going out to vote once every 5 years, we maybes could engineer a step change improvement in our politics by going out to spoil our ballots once every 5 years.

    Bit I hae ma doots.

    Meantime it’s innarestin and encouraging to realise that not even 100 proud, patriotic, competent, grown up Scots are all that are needed to deliver a thumping majority at HR. 100, across the length and breadth of Scotland, from a population of near 6 million.

    And within that 100, just one charismatic, articulate, visionary, driven leader.

    It really does make you think, when you start to question why this can be done in countries all across Europe, but not here.

    I’m afraid I have my own opinion on why this seems to be impossible but I can’t be bothered right now. As this is Wings BTL I will play to the gallery and write that the BritNat state identifies all potentially capable Scottish politicians during routine amniocentesis.

    Agents working within the SNHS then arrange for an “accident” to occur.

  60. Johnlm

    The Guy with the Elf Army tattoos has certainly developed over the last 10 days.
    From being incoherent he is now positively gnomic.

  61. Captain Yossarian

    What happened in front of our eyes at the Salmond trial and subsequent Fabiani Inquiry was that an innocent member of the public was framed by the political, legal and civil-service establishment here in Scotland. Was there any UK involvement in that? My recollection was that the UK civil-service advised against retrospectively prosecuting any Minister who had left office and so the answer to that question is “no”. It is home-grown criminality, that we are paying for, and that is why Holyrood has no future. It disgraces us. The process of osmosis takes a long time and I still don’t think the majority of Scots understand how bad this is. We are no better than Zimbabwe, believe me. The politics, the press, everything about Scotland is in the gutter and I sincerely hope that Sturgeon and Swinney pay for this.

  62. Republicofscotland

    Good comment Mia, and lets not forget Murrell calling in the enemy of Scottish independence GCHQ to make sure Yousless won the SNP leadership contest, neither Yousless nor Forbes had/have a plan for Scottish independence only Regan had a plan, and she as predicted would finish last.

    What does Regan finishing last say about the SNP membership, it says one of two thing to me, either they don’t want to see an indy Scotland or GCHQ fixed the vote so that she would finish last, either way the SNP in my eyes is finished as an indy party their reputation and credibility have been damaged beyond repair with the indy electorate.

    We should never forget that Yousless said with all sincerity at a SNP leadership hustings that Nicola Sturgeon is the smartest person he knows, and if she couldn’t deliver Scottish independence NO ONE CAN.

  63. Den

    @captain Yoss :11:41, could not agree more, the blatant attempt to have a political opponent jailed is something we maybe expect in old communist countries like we see today in Russia and Belarus but is unthinkable in a modern day Scotland. Many have had their eyes opened, however the fight must continue to get the judiciary in Scotland out of the pockets of the MSPs. The drive to derail juryless trials for sex assault cases to improve conviction rates must be the next battlefield.

  64. Alf Baird

    John Main @ 10:03 am

    ““colonialism” trope”

    Its nae ‘trope’. Postcolonial theory, history and ongoing political, economic and cultural reality fits Scotland like a 300+ year auld ‘colonial corset’; hence our English rulers ain term – ‘holding Scotland tight’. Tho denial (of oppression) is part of the ‘colonial condition’, as is a ‘co-operative’ native elite.

    Fowk shuid ken that independence means decolonization, even according to the UN.

  65. Liz

    He’s not called the continuity candidate for nothing.

  66. Daisy Walker

    It’s clearly a Reboot of the Rebuttal Unit.

    Like a sequel.

    REBUTT REBOOTTED – and this time they really mean it.


    The notion some have of colonialism is that of armed invaders marching in and taking over. Colonialism is more effectively executed by infiltration and «creep». That was how the English or Anglo-Normans «captured» Ireland. An invitation to help out a local warlord turned into slow occupation.
    Similarly, with variations, in very rich Moghul India.
    Anglicization, in Scotland’s case, was the locomotive of a species of cultural colonialism that produced the personal monarchic union and finally the parliamentary union or annexation.
    As in Ireland and India it operated «top down».
    JOHN MAIN seems quite unwilling to think beyond the comfortable normative narrative.

  68. Johnlm

    The gender disphoria flag is the current Anglo/American colonising instrument.

    Accept our flag flying in your country and let us split you population.
    Object to our flag flying in your country and we will economically sanction you.

  69. wullie

    Alf Baird
    I have been watching a you tube video called how the British unmade India. The video a shortened version of Shashi Tharoor book, “Inglorious Empire,”
    Interesting that India went from around 30% of world trade to less that 3% by the time British left.
    How was this accomplished .
    Native institutions demolished
    Economy de industrialised
    Trade network severed
    People decided by caste and creed.


  70. Anton Decadent

    Have a PA playing outside house again with a marquee tent with the trans flag flying next to it. Some people do not get that Sturgeons constituency is the template for how they want all of Scotland, including the rural areas, to look in the future.

  71. PhilM

    This reheated idea is setting off all sorts of burglar alarms.
    They need to tout de suite unilaterally bin the rebooted rebuttal unit innit.
    My Scots’ language ‘elocution lessons’ patreon page is now up and running. Any donations will be quietly diverted into buying some necessary luxury household items first.
    Embezzlers of the world…unite and take over!

  72. stuart mctavish

    In not unrelated news, Owen Thomson getting down on one knee to beg Julian Assange’s jailer for a truth Tzar to punish Scoltand’s MPs (and show Penny mordant to have been bang on the money last week in process) must be one of the wierdest plan A side quests yet.

    36DD chess to get in with m’lady and her influential friends from a personal networking perspective, coded message to directors of public prosecutors* and the like that the list of mi5 operators in northern ireland has a Scottish equivalent, or something even more surprising – such as most of the names on the list having voted for Humza..

    * eg those that might end up deciding whether to take allegations of political crimes meriting FRONT garden murder tents to the next level

  73. dearieme

    Dear blogger,

    I hope you set up your own revbuttal unit.

  74. Merganser

    “No ifs, no buts,” but more rebuts.

    How very backfoot and defensive instead of fronfoot and attacking.

    Same old, same as, devoid of intellectual capacity.

    The Ginger Biscuits will lap it up.

  75. John Main

    @TURABDIN 12:58

    “think beyond the comfortable normative narrative”

    OFFS, the comfortable normative narrative is to pour a dram, start greetin, and post on here.

    One leader and 100 MSPs needed from a population of near 6 million, to get Indy kick started.

    Some real-world policies needed. We’re supposed to be a rich nation, so show us how the money will be used to lower taxes, build houses, train and educate Scots, invest in industries and jobs.

    But naw, I’m increasingly starting to think this will never happen.

    I’m increasingly starting to think Yousaf, or his SLab replacement, will get his 1 million New Scots.

    Scotland will get her 100 MSPs and her dynamic leadership from that cohort of ambitious, driven, competent individuals.

    And finally Alf and his hard-of-thinking acolytes will learn the true meaning of colonisation.

    But fear not. Drams, greetin and posting bitter complaints on Wings BTL will probably still be possible for those Sovereign Scots left behind.

    “I didn’t leave Scotland, Scotland left me”. Have that one for free on me.

  76. Captain Yossarian

    Mia – Scotland was granted a devolved regional assembly because it was understood that there was consistent support for it.

    The first few administrations were Labour and the were pretty incompetent to be honest. Dangerously so. I can think back to the Shirley McKie. However, people put that down to lack of experience.

    John Swinney took charge of the SNP and he appeared to me to be a vindictive character, someone not to be trusted.

    Salmond then ran Holyrood for a number of years and made a good job of it. All fears of incompetence melted away and most Scots were comfortable that Holyrood did have the competence and the honesty to run the country.

    The Section 30 was then issued and Scots could decide for themselves whether to continue as we are, or go for independence. I remember Jim Murphy being pelted with eggs but, apart from that, it was a healthy time almost free from vitriol.

    The vote was lost and Sturgeon and John Swinney took control of everything. They placed their people at the top of all of the civil-service, health boards, police, legal institutions, professional institutions and all the rest of it. It was akin to a military coup and if Sturgeon and Swinney didn’t like you, you were out.

    There has been no UK influence on what has happened in Scotland over the past 10-years. It is all home grown, sadly. Colonialism has got nothing to do with it either. Keep on a steady course with Salmond and Scotland would (probably) be independent by now.

    After 10-years of Sturgeon and Swinney, it is gone. Wasted. No-one reading these pages will ever see independence in their lifetime, nor will their children see it. It will take that long to undo the damage and so it has been a pyric victory for those of us who voted against independence.

    It is not over yet and the death throes are going to be pitiful to watch.

  77. Johnlm

    Cheer up dear.

  78. Republicofscotland

    “There has been no UK influence on what has happened in Scotland over the past 10-years.”

    The Tories lib/Dems and Labour at Holyrood (or as the Electoral Commission calls them (OIM) Optional Image Marks) are ALL branch offices of their foreign HQs in England, they answer to London not the Scottish public which influences their decisions at Holyrood.

    Of course Brexit wasn’t influenced by the dis-untied kingdom either that was all Scotland ‘s fault that the vote went ahead

    Also ten years ago was 2013, and the dis-untied kingdom government of the day its Civil Service and the foreign media didn’t influence the 2014 vote either that was all down to Scotland people.

    Those couple of points are just off the top of my head.

  79. Lorna Campbell

    I would say that there is a rebuttal process, via The National, but the newspaper has allowed itself to be sucked into a vortex of pettiness of a magnitude that has rarely been seen outside a nursery: “Aw look at what he/she/they is/are doing now, Miss. Boo-hoo”.

    We know they are going to play dirty; we know they will use any ammunition against us with impunity; we know they hate the concession of devolution and wil seek always to reduce it.

    So why does the SNP not use real weapons to counter these attacks? SALVO/Liberation and other constitutional and political groups have been working flat out to supply an endless stream of verified and actual breaches of every agreement Westminster/Whitehall have ever made with us, as well as offering tried and tested ways of countering Unionism. Yet, the SNP eschews it all with a “It’s us or nobody. Yah boo and sucks to you” philosophy.

    Infinite cul-de-sacs beckon until there is no more SNP. Totally self-inflicted. Why are self-identified and self-inflicted so closely intertwined?

  80. Captain Yossarian

    Johnlm – The likely return of a Labour administration at Holyrood doesn’t fill me with any optimism. I think we can both agree on that? Labour set the bar-height for corruption, nepotism and malfeasance in Scotland. Alex Salmond wasn’t interested in an of that, but Sturgeon and Swinney leapt over the bar effortlessly and from a standing start. A surprising number of people on here still blame the English for everything and it was the only strategy that really worked for Sturgeon and Swinney. God knows where they all get their ideas from, really.

  81. stonefree

    @ wullie at 9:26 am

    The only way I think he could have been fooled,whilst going about all their business Murrell,Sturgeon McCann plus others were plotting & making moves against Salmond ,Salmond had to resign to kick it off,If he didn’t it sunk,
    Honest John’s plan worked,He got the Depute job ,and revenge

  82. Johnlm

    Every post the same depressing rant.
    Nothing constructive to say (Apart from you prefer WM rule)?

    You’re making my lemmings restless.
    Concentrate on a happy time in your past such as when you were in hospital with the soldier in white.

  83. James Corbett

    The men who put the ‘butt’ in rebuttal

  84. Alf Baird

    Captain Yossarian @ 4:02 pm

    “There has been no UK influence on what has happened in Scotland over the past 10-years. It is all home grown, sadly. Colonialism has got nothing to do with it either.”

    You might wish to reconsider that ‘analysis’ after you read up on the decolonization process:

  85. Captain Yossarian

    I’m glad you read page 1. That’s excellent news. Now try reading the rest. Then, after you have done that, read it again and again. Then, you will be ready.

  86. Grendel

    Ellie: You meant to say “yet another non-existent SNP Propaganda unit”, right?

  87. John Main

    @Captain Yossarian

    I think putting Indy back to our children’s lifetimes is stretching it a smidge. I favour the mid-thirties myself for IndyRef2. That gives us a decade to turn things around.

    But yes, there will be a harsh 5 years of reality under Labour first. For it is written – it’s Labour’s turn.

    The insisters that it’s all about the ancient guff, or Culloden, or the Clearances, will continue to fight their bitter, dogged rearguard action, but the realists who know it’s about the economy will slowly gain ground. There’s an innarestin article on the Guardian Online spelling out the UK’s essentially bankrupt status. That is going to concentrate minds admirably, and not even Scotland will be able to avoid it.

    But a lot of sacred cows have to be slaughtered first, and a lot of shibboleths burnt.

    There’s an innarestin concept in the world of physics and physicists. It is recognised that when a young, brilliant physicist comes up with a revolutionary new idea, she then has to wait decades for all the old physicists to die off before her idea is accepted.

    Sadly, I am thinking this concept carries over without modification to the Scottish Indy movement.

    New leader, new faces, new policies, new ideas, new strategy, new tactics. The politicos of the old guard have had their day and look how that turned out. Very few of them are going to make it through the coming paradigm shift.

  88. Mia

    “There has been no UK influence on what has happened in Scotland over the past 10-years”

    You may choose to believe (or pretend to believe) such bullshit. I most certainly do not and never will.

    Exhibit A:
    an unelected representative of the crown is sitting right in the middle of the Scottish government cabinet acting as a gatekeeper of what bills can enter Holyrood to be debated and passed by our elected representatives.

    This is an affront to Scotland’s democracy, undermines the democratic value of our parliament and represents a theft of sovereignty from the people of Scotland by the crown using a back door.

    Case in point is the referendum bill. This bill could not be even debated by our elected representatives because the Lord Advocate of the day chose to assault Scotland’s democratic sovereignty and democratic rights by blocking the entry of that bill into our parliament.

    Why did she do that? In my personal opinion she did this because she was acting as the crown’s tool of last resource: in a scenario where there is a majority of anti-union MSPs the crown cannot control what is passed in that parliament or what is not.

    Denying the stamp after the bill has passed will reveal the crown as a profoundly undemocratic entity which is actively abusing power against the interests of the people of Scotland to stop independence.

    Having the political fraud and fakeminist to her fingetips Sturgeon whipping the SNP MSPs against passing the bill would expose her as a political fraud and the SNP as the toothless spin off from labour it has become under Sturgeon, Murrell and Swinney. This would lead to a vote exodus towards Alba.

    Solution? With the help of the political fraud, the crown proceeds to veto what enters our parliament by placing its representative in the middle of the cabinet.

    Needless to say that if Sturgeon had been really determined to bring that bill into parliament, there is no way the crown would have been able to stop her. As it is, she comes across as being such coward politically that having the Lord Advocate doing the dirty work on her behalf must have seemed rather convenient.

    Legislative, judicial and executive powers are separated in a democracy. These powers are never separated in a colony. Under Sturgeon, those powers were welded together, signifying Scotland is not a democracy. Its democratic structures are being overly abused and treated as a colony by the crown and by England’s (and Scotland’s) political representatives.

    By the way, many months ago Mr David Davies alerted the rest of the UK MPs in the UK parliament (and us all) of this aberration and undemocratic collusion of powers. He exposed very clearly this aberration of having in Scotland a representative of the crown in the middle of a democratically elected government cabinet.

    Mr Davies also explained that this aberration does not affect England. He also mentioned that both, the HoC and HoL know very well from experience that the collusion of powers is never acceptable in a democracy.

    It was in the power of the HoC to change the Scotland Act to stop that theft of sovereign power from the people of Scotland by the crown by the back door. They have had more than enough time to do this. You cannot keep pretending the UK is a democracy while purposely and knowingly leaving this door wide open.

    As of today, neither the UK MPs, the UK lords or indeed the crown itself have made any move whatsoever to correct that problem. Neither the SNP, labour, Tories, Greens or LibDems in Holyrood or the UK parliament are actively asking for that problem to be corrected either. They cannot say they were not informed. They were well informed as were the public. So Why they haven’t done so? Because the moment they do so the crown can no longer control Scotland’s parliament or what gets passed in it.

    The fact that not a single political party in Scotland with representation in Holyrood is asking for this aberration to be immediately corrected leads to the unavoidable conclusion the leadership of all those parties is not formed by democrats but rather by crown tools actively working against democracy.

    In a monarchy with limited powers it is completely unacceptable that the crown is detetermining what bills are debated in Scotland’s democratically elected parliament and which ones are not. It is a blatant theft of power from the people of Scotland by the crown.

    Exhibit B
    The case of the referendum bill was purposely taken to an English court so English judges could apply the English law convention of parliamentary sovereignty which does not apply to Scotland.

    Exhibit C
    Senior members of the UK civil service were up to their eyebrows in the unlawful and tainted with bias complaints procedure, which was developed, no, actually rushed through at full speed, by UK civil servants to stop Mr Salmond opting to a MSP seat.

    Despite the embarrassment caused by this brigade of incompetent and corrupt UK civil servants, despite the unnecessary cost they inflicted on the taxpayer, despite openly breaching the civil service code for political motivation, not a single UK civil servant involved was disciplined, sacked or fined because of this. They were all sent quietly to different jobs, to the comforts of retirement or they were praised with a salary raise.

    Exhibit D
    It was a senior element of the crown office who instigated the police to proceed with the criminal case against Mr Salmond on the basis of flimsy charges and to high expense for the Scottish taxpayer. Once the whole thing backfired, the crown agent was also swiftly moved out of the way to a low key sherif court elsewhere. The normal procedure is for the police to investigate and then refer to the crown office, not the other way round.

    Again, this very much looks like an example of representatives of the crown fiddling with the judicial power.

    Exhibit E
    It has been suggested the UK civil servants involved in the unlawful complaints procedure brought against Mr Salmond were coached before being interviewed during Fabiani’s farce to ensure it was a complete whitewash. Considering they were UK civil servants, should the UK civil service and the senior ranks within it not consent to this, such coaching would have never been allowed or gone unpunished.

    Exhibit F
    If I am not mistaken, among the evidence presented during Fabiani’s farce, there were communications between the crown office and the UK civil servants within Scotland’s government. Again, this is a sign of crown fiddling with the executive power and its collusion with the judicial power to instigate a targetted political persecution. This is completely unacceptable in a democracy.

    Among the evidence submited to the Fabiani farce there also appear to be signs of collusion between the UK civil service and the SNP hierarchy.

    Exhibit H
    It was elements of the crown office and the lord advocate (representative of the crown) who suppressed the infamous whatsapp messages from the public, who put the Fabiani’s farce in a straight jacket making it toothless and who were actively protecting the identities of potential perjurers involved in Mr Salmond’s case. Conveniently, the protection of the identities of the accusers was used as the excuse to actively and purposely suppress information from the public.

    What do those whatsapp messages hide? Could they be hiding collusion of the SNP with the crown office? Could they reveal at what point the moorov strategy was drafted? Was the decision of following this strategy taken before or after police investigation took place?

    If the decision to deploy this strategy was taken after the police investigation was concluded, why was there ever any need to deploy so many detectives and interview hundreds of witnesses?

    Exhibit I
    What the hell is a crown office doing sticking its unwanted nose in Scotland’s prosecution service, Scotlands parliamentary committees and courts? why there isn’t a crown office in England interfering with its CPS?

    Exhibit J
    Murrell involved the GCHQ in the SNP leadership election. The election of an SNP leader has absolutely nothing to do with the UK. It is a political party exclusive to Scotland. Were GCHQ also involved with the last election of the tory leader or indeed when Starmer was elected?

    Exhibit K
    What is the first thing the SNP continuity candiate did on being nominated FM of Scotland?
    To hand over to the crown Scotland’s stone of destiny.
    Why? Under what justification, with what right and with whose consent? When were the people of Scotland consulted about handing over its heritage to another country?

    The minute there is a coronation ceremony (not matter how small) in Scotland, it is evident the crowns of England and Scotland remain separate. The stone of destiny is for SCOTLAND’S monarchs, not England’s. The only possible purpose of sending the stone to England is to aid with the subjugation of the people of Scotland to the crown of England. That is insulting, unacceptable, unforgivable and tells exaclty what kind of politician Yousaf is: another unprincipled and spineless crown tool.

    Exhibit L
    Who is taking over from the chief police officer in Scotland? Where is the person from? Why do we have a person from England coming to lead the police force in Scotland? Are we expected to believe we do not have good enough police officers experienced enough in Scotland to take that post? Or is the problem that they are “too Scottish” and therefore untrustworthy to do the crown’s dirty work of going against the interests of Scotland to stop the end of the union?

    Exhibit M
    Alba was subjected to an obvious and active blackout by the press and broadcasters, no doubt working in collusion with other forces of the UK state to stop independence.

    It is becoming more than obvious that the grand plan the political fraud and fakeminist to her fingertips STurgeon was following (and now the continuity candidate) was that of deliberately collapsing the SNP to

    1. forcefully transfer the vote of the soft no’s and soft yes to labour so it could be recycled as pro-union.
    2. totally disinfranchise strong yes voters to make them silent

    Such plan only works if there is no other party to which those votes can go to. Hence the blackout of Alba by the press, the continuous and unprofessional attacks by Sturgeon and Sturgeonites against Alba, and the political fraud’s infamous SNP 1 and 2.

    I could continue until next weeks listing exhibits of how this is a UK intervention as there are so many. But the bottom line is you can only choose to credibly believe this has not been orchestrated at UK level to stop Scotland’s independence if you close your eyes and put your fingers in your ears while singing loudly.

    This has always been about stopping Scotland’s independence and about forcefully trimming down the anti-independence majority of MPs Scotland has been sending to the UK parliament for the last 8 years.

    The crown was behind forcing Scotland to enter the union in 1706 and, by the look of how elements of the crown are currently maneuvering in Scotland and abusing power, it very much looks like, through the structures it controls, the crown is actively working to stop the union disintegrating and to hell with democracy and what the people of Scotland wants.

    So much for a monarchy with limited powers, huh?

    Limited powers my foot.

  89. twathater

    Yossa you’re just like ArSA and Scroates no matter how many times the TRUTH is pointed out to you, you just continue with the same shit denials, NO ONE is blaming the engerlish govt totally for the shite that has happened over the past 9 years BUT!!!! all the evidence points to THE FACT that sturgeon the betrayer and her moronic minions have been working if not for wm but in collusion with wm
    YOU ArSA and Scrotes are working to your own agenda which is obviously NOT independence and all your fake admissions that liebour are not worthy of our votes convinces no one, liebour have been proven in the eyes of sensible Scots to be nothing more than THIEVES and LIARS and the very thought of them gaining governance in Scotland terrifies astute voters, and that is where the problem arises , SNP scum nae votes , Labour scum nae votes, tories equal scum nae votes, ALBA get tackity boots on and capitalise on the LIES and CORRUPTION of all the scum parties, and expose sturgeon and youseless for the liars they are

  90. Johnlm

    Attaboy! You’re sounding livelier already.

  91. David Hannah

    Nicola Sturgeon’s book deal rumoured to be £100,000 – £150,000.

    Will we finally find out what happened with the iron in the Balmoral hotel, and was she really eating the French ambassador’s ferrero rocher?

  92. David Hannah

    A book of crap lies ahead. Utter fiction. Written by liar.

    It will be the worst book. This country has ever seen. Unless you’re Nicola Sturgeon, who loves the smell of her own fart.

  93. David Hannah

    If Sturgeon was chocolate. She’d eat herself.

    I do wonder why she hasn’t came out the closet. I wonder if she’s been using Peter all along, to blame him when it all goes wrong?

  94. wullie

    Well said Mia
    I think I am right in saying the Alex Salmond had the representative of the crown removed from the cabinet during his tenure as First Minister.

  95. David Hannah

    I’ve done nothing wrong, but can’t speak for him.

    A marriage of convenience… How convenient Nicola.

    I can’t wait for the truth to come out. And it’s coming out. Very soon.

  96. Captain Yossarian

    We just see things from a different perspective and I have explained mine earlier.

    The Sturgeon and Swinney years have flattened the Nationalist project and you have to start again from ground-zero. Get elected again to Holyrood and govern properly, honestly and cooperatively with all others so that the Scottish public once again have confidence in you.

    It can be done and Salmond proved that. In answer to Mia’s point re the Lord Advocate. He/she doesn’t have to have a seat at government and that was not the case during the Salmond years, was it? In relation to an English Chief Constable – was the Chief Constable before Livingstone not Phil Gormley, who was English and who was very, very good. He was removed by Sturgeon and Swinney because he was of the view that Policing work was for him and not for them. I think we would all pretty much agree with that argument now, but he was made to resign and no-one stood-up to defend him. Also, UK civil-servants advised Scottish civil-servants not to prosecute Alex Salmond.

    I suspect that Humza’a been left in charge for the next 3-years because these will be the “nuclear fall-out” years for the SNP and a hell of a lot more scandal is expected.

    Kate Forbes would have been a better FM and could have made you electable again.

    In relation to Alf’s point – I read that article and it is expertly argued, but I and I suspect man others do not agree with it. Govern the country properly from Holrood for the next 10-years and that is the only route to independence.

    With Humza in charge and Labour waiting in the wings to take over, that’s not likely to happen any time soon. I used to vote Labour as twathater points out, but not any longer.

  97. Johnlm

    Have you ever voted for an Independence Party?

  98. Captain Yossarian

    Yes John – I voted for the SNP from when I was 18 up until I was about 35 or 40. Then I switched to Labour. But, I decided in the past few years not to vote Labour again. So, it’s folk like me you have to convince and Salmond could do that. He didn’t convince me in 2014 but he was close. He should have remained shouldn’t he? Knowing what we know now. There was no reason for him to resign. I think that for all the disagreements I have with you and the others, we can agree upon that?

  99. Big Jock

    6 years ago the SNP bad stories were invented. I know because I defended them. Now unfortunately they don’t need to be invented. The truth is stranger than the fiction.

    I now find myself joining in with the SNP bad stories. Mainly because I prefer the truth to blind faith.

    The SNP are like a religion that is full of followers who don’t know their religion is destroying the very thing they joined for.

  100. Mia

    “I can’t wait for the truth to come out. And it’s coming out. Very soon”

    Is it? I hope you are right. I am however somewhat pessimistic.

    I am of the opinion that the extent of the deception Sturgeon and her masters inflicted on us, the extent of the involvement on this of the crown and other elements of the UK state and its international allies, the extent of the damage to and theft of Scotland’s assets, the identity of all those actively involved in deliberatly subverting democracy, the identity of the alphabets or the brains and strategy planning behind the criminal case against Mr Salmond and the bogus complaints procedure, will not come out until after the day Scotland ends the union and the lead weight on Scotland that the “crown office” represents, is removed from the CPS’s back and the strings it holds our police force with are cut off.

    From the perspective of a voter, the tenure of Sturgeon and her deliberate destruction of the SNP as a vehicle for independence comes across as, at all practical effects, a forced regime change. And we all know who the masters at imposing regime change under the guise of “gifting” democracy are, don’t we?

    We also know what is the main motivation for the world imperialistic powers to impose regime change, don’t we? It is the appropriation of other country’s assets.

    And we have seen how under the political fraud and fakeminist to her fingertips Sturgeon, Scotland’s most lucrative asset (off-shore wind power) was effectively robbed from us from under our nose. We have also seen how under Yousaf, Scotland’s stone of destiny was shifted to England for no other reason than signifying Scotland’s subjugation to the English crown.

    By the time the extent of the damage is known, all the bad actors involved will be either in a safe place elsewhere (above or below ground) and with their pockets full, or with some kind of amnesty/agreement of no prosecution, that is what I fear will happen.

    It seems to me there are far too many actors at very high level and at both sides of the Atlantic involved on this, and too many heavily invested low ranking useful idiots desperately sitting on the lids to stop the compromising information that could see these useful idiots in trouble spilled to the public.

    We have already seen some of these useful idiots frantically at play in the dodgy way Yousaf was catapulted to the post of SNP leader. We all know his election was a total sham. An insult to democracy. I do not think this was the doing of the bigger predators in the chain, but rather the lower ranking compromised useful idiots desperately working to keep the lid on their sins down.

    It very much looks like a power chain and one expects it will behave like that. The rope holding low ranking links will be swiftly cut first and thrown to placate the public wolves. If the wolves are not placated, middle ranking links will be the next to be disposed off. It is always the way it has been in the chain of power.

    That is, in my view, why Sturgeon looks stressed. She holds no longer political value for the powers that be and therefore has become, in the eyes of the big predator of the chain, another low ranking compromised useful idiot who can be politically disposed of.

    Her value now is how good a scapegoat to protect the reputation in the higher predators in the power chain she is hanging from she can make and how many low ranking compromised useful idiots are below her. In my view, the outcome of the investigation of the SNP finances will be determined on how big a scapegoat the high ranking links in the chain need to remain in the shadows for the stitch up of Mr Salmond and the infiltration of the SNP.

    In my opinion, if we want this political fraud to pay for her sins and her blatant betrayal of Scotland and the Scottish people, we need to aim to expose the higher ranking predators in the chain, so they drop her and all the lower ranking useful idiots like a lead balloon and feed them to the wolves. The higher we aim, the more of the chain we will get.

    Sturgeon must know by know that if you sleep with the devil, you should expect to wake up with your body covered in nasty burns.

    The change in physical appearance of Sturgeon since she resigned from the post of FM is more than evident. The drastic change in attire, hair style and make up reflects, in my personal view, the fact that for 9 years she was nothing more than a made up PR product.

  101. Shug

    David Hannah

    who would give up a job to go and work for the SNP knowing you will be out a job in 6 months


  102. Chas

    Wings readers do not want the Tories.
    Wings readers despise Labour.
    Wings readers, give them their due, are aware of how corrupt and incompetent the SNP are.
    Wings readers abhor the Greens and their hidden agenda.
    Wings readers recognise how useless the Lib Dems are.

    The question that has to be asked is who do they think should form the next Government at Holyrood?
    Should it be formed by the likes of Alba Politicians, who appear to currently attract 1 or 2% of the voting public. If not them then who?

    Isn’t life so unfair when you cannot get what you want. Even if what you want is different from the vast majority of the electorate.

    Maybe the best thing to do is to write the same shite on here every day. You could even try dressing it up in some guid Scots words to show how clever you are compared to the rest. Some may even applaud you for doing so and you can bask in that rosy warm feeling you obviously strive for.

    Even the lunatics on the WGD site can recognise some of the nutters on here.

  103. Johnlm

    Endlessly repeating ‘what might have beens’ is not very productive. Boring, actually.

    You didn’t want independence in 2014.
    You want to return to Westminster rule now.
    You have no suggestions on how to proceed to independence.
    You appear unable to differentiate between the SNP and independence supporting parties.

    At your age, I would expect a more coherent philosophy.
    I think you are just trolling.

  104. robertkknight

    Wings readers do not want the Union.
    Wings readers despise faux Nationalists.
    Wings readers can easily I-D Trolls.
    Wings readers don’t give a shit who governs Holyrood as it’s just a branch office of Westminster.

    The question is why the likes of Chas can find nothing better to do than litter BTL with their drivel.


  105. Captain Yossarian

    “Govern the country properly from Holrood for the next 10-years and that is the only route to independence.” @7.11pm

  106. Johnlm

    The chas paradox

    Wings readers are losers,
    Chas is a wings reader.

    Self hatred isn’t healthy Chas.
    Try to be more positive

  107. albafife

    Dont want the Tories but what England wants England gets.
    Despise Labour, but only insofar as they’re Torry light.
    NuSNP? If they cant be jailed then at least send a message saying crime doesn’t pay.
    Abhor the Greens’ not so hidden agenda, but still see Green issues as being more important long term than anything else.
    Lib Dems arent so much as useless but vile, in a sexual predatory way. Bit like the current Green policies.
    Simples really aint it? If theres no Alba or ISP candidate then vote for whoever is most likely to remove the local incumbent NuSNP grifter.
    And not one guid Scots word used to show how “clever” I am. But two; scunnered and thrawn.

  108. Ebenezer Scroggie

    The road to Independence lies in demonstrating that a Scottish “government” is capable of honesty and competence. Swinney/Sturgeon/Youseless have signally failed to do that

    Then, after a “generation” or a “lifetime”, so some time after 2032, they should be allowed to try to persuade more than 38% of the electorate to self-harm by self-amputation and their putative IndyRef2.

    In any event, they should respect the democratically expressed wishes of the Scottish electorate in both the recent Referendum and in the next one in the 2030s.

  109. Mia

    ” who do they think should form the next Government at Holyrood?”

    Personally, no one. Holyrood as a UK construct subjected to the imperial straight jacket of the Scotland Act should be abolished and replaced with Scotland’s reconvened parliament, possibly with an added extra-chamber. This would be to prevent the sell out of Scotland by greedy MPs, as those betrayers did in 1706 and as the crown useful idiots in the SNP have been doing since Sturgeon took over in 2014.

    As per who should form the next Government of Scotland, it should be decided by the people of Scotland in an election after Scotland has repealed the treaty of union and act of union with England.

    Until that time comes by, and for as long as the crown, the UK and the USA establishment and its satellites continue to lord over Scotland’s assets imposing regime change to ensure their control by placing puppets as Scotland’s FM, it will not make an ounce of a difference which puppet of the day claims to govern. It will not be Scotland.

  110. Mia

    “Govern the country properly from Holrood for the next 10-years and that is the only route to independence”

    Nonsense. This is the same old rancid bullshit we have been fed now for decades.

    The only route to independence is the repealing of the Treaty of Union 1707 and the Act of Union with England. There is no other route. Anything other than that is just another poor excuse to retain some form of devolution or another and to hand control of Scotland’s assets, government and territory to somebody else.

  111. Johnlm

    Hooray! Chas, Yosser and Eleanor Scrotum in da house!

    ‘It is never difficult to distinguish between with a Yoon troll with a grievance and a ray of sunshine’
    – P G Wodehouse (with apologies)

  112. Alf Baird

    Mia is right. Mair colonial administration only takes Scotland closer to the abyss. A total break with colonialism is necessary, not a compromise (Memmi).

  113. James Barr Gardner

    Keith Brown could not debate himself out of a wet paper bag !

  114. James Jones

    Alf Baird at 10:03 pm
    “Mia is right. Mair colonial administration only takes Scotland closer to the abyss. A total break with colonialism is necessary, not a compromise (Mummy).”

    Because it would all have worked out so much better if Holyrood had had absolute control?
    It’s hard not see see devolution as an expensive and wasted opportunity so far.

  115. John Main

    Mia 9:39

    You could always try showing us the money.

    Engage Sovereign & New Scots interest in Indy by demonstrating how Indy will make all of us better off.

    Compared with all of the difficulties associated with the other ideas you have, and the lack of connection between these ideas and Scots’ material prosperity, should be a no-brainer.

    When do you hope to start?

  116. David Hannah

    Great post Mia:

    “The drastic change in attire, hair style and make up reflects, in my personal view, the fact that for 9 years she was nothing more than a made up PR product.”

    I think she’s putting it on. Tony Blair died his hair grey after the Chilcot report and the Iraq inquiry. The oldest trick in the book. The poor worn out war criminal.

    Sturgeon has no intentions of going back to her planet of the apes style image of before. She’s a vogue magazine cover girl now. That dines with the Queen.

  117. Alf Baird

    James Jones @ 11:31 pm

    “It’s hard not see see devolution as an expensive and wasted opportunity so far.”

    Indeed, why dine on rotting carrion at the manky colonial cafe when you could have independence a la carte.

  118. Xaracen

    James Jones said;

    “Because it would all have worked out so much better if Holyrood had had absolute control?”

    As long as it complied with Scotland’s constitution, yes!

  119. John Main

    @Alf Baird 6:14

    There’s the awkward fact to consider that the fare being dished up to ordinary Scots was much better before devolution was ever thought of.

    Decent education, up to and including free university degrees for those on low income.

    Easy and quick access to doctors and hospitals.

    Affordable and good quality social housing.

    Decent public transport.

    I could go on, but no need. Every Scot can remember how many things were better back in what you will no doubt categorise as the “bad old days of total imperialist, colonialist subjugation and oppression”.

    Heck, there was even more Scottish content on TV.

    Facts eh? Awkward nae dinging indisputable chiels!

    Should I post a reply claiming that I have mindlessly embraced the colonialist mind set and value system of the oppressor (Memni)? Save you some time this morning?

  120. Robertkknight

    Idiot @9:26

    “In any event, they should respect the democratically expressed wishes of the Scottish electorate in both the recent Referendum”

    2014 – Majority of Scots in Scotland vote Yes

    2016 – Majority of Scots in Scotland vote Remain

    In both referenda non-Scots alter the outcome for Scotland, against the democratically expressed wishes of the Scots who live in Scotland.

    Oh, look… Tumbleweed!

  121. Sven

    John Main @ 08.25

    Probably only if your reply is in some form of pseudo, pidgin Scots, as not spoken by my “ain mither”.

  122. Stephen O'Brien

    Serious question.. The mandate for IndyRef2, why has this avenue been abandoned?

  123. Tommo

    Rebuttal Unit- ie propaganda unit. Wouldn’t it be better for the SNP to create some ‘Buttals’ by producing some specifics for the electorate to consider-on, eg, the currency, economy, immigration and -if they must- gender rights etc etc, rather than the laughable series of ‘papers’ which in any event seems to have ground to a halt.
    The SNP has tried ‘It’ll be great-you’ll see’ and it hasn’t worked to date

  124. Ebenezer Scroggie

    In the IndyRef fewer than 38% of the Scottish electorate voted yes. That’s not a majority.

    “Scotland” did not vote in the Brexit referendum. It wasn’t Scotland or Rutland or Shetland who voted in that referendum. It was the people of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (+ Gibraltar) who voted.

  125. Johnlm

    Legolas is confusing real life with a Hovis commercial I think.

  126. Chas


    The default position with ALL of the hard of thinking, is that any one who asks a question, which the likes of you, are unable to answer, is that they must be a Unionists or a troll.

    You come away with the classic ‘Wings readers don’t give a shit who governs Holyrood as it’s just a branch office of Westminster’. Who do you really think should govern Scotland and from where? If Wings readers don’t give a shit about Holyrood maybe they should.

    There are millions of voters who are sick of the Tories and the SNP/Greens. Most of them have no real interest in Politics however if someone, anyone, can show them a viable alternative they will vote in their droves. Alba currently attracts about 2% of the vote. As John Main constantly alludes to ‘Show them the money’. Forget about all the colonialism, guid Scots words and the 300 year old drivel. At the end of the day people simply want a better life for themselves, their kids and grandchildren. Money does not make this happen but it does help. Ask anyone who is skint!

    Of course people like you can simply survive on eating heather and admiring the views. Can’t they?


  127. Johnlm

    Eleanor scrote thinks N. Ireland left Europe.
    Another howler.

    NB see also – Robert the Bruce was a Protestant and Germany lost the battle of Culloden.

  128. Johnlm

    The Chas Paradox

    Chas detests Wings contributors.
    Chas contributes to Wings.

  129. Ebenezer Scroggie

    The best outcome for Scotland would be if Salmond can get all his shit in one sock and whack the SNumPties with an avalanche of votes for Alba in the next pygmy parliament election.

    One of several inherent problems of that pissy wee parliament is that there simply aren’t enough competent parliamentarians to fill 129 MSP seats. Another problem is that shit floats in that place, as is shown frequently by Lorna Slater and Abu Humza Youseless.

    The United States, with more than 300,000,000 citizens/residents, has just 100 Senators. Scotland, with a population the size of Yorkshire, has 129 numpties.

    The only way to make that wretched place function properly would be to slash the number of MSPs by two thirds and cut the Leith Numptorium’s budget and crew by a similar proportion.

  130. robertkknight

    Just as predicted….

    Ah, but… Ah, but… Ah, but…

    Same shite, different day.

    1979 redux. If you didn’t vote Yes, you thereby voted No, even if you’d shuffled off your mortal coil between the electoral register being updated and polling day itself, apparently you’d still managed to vote No from beyond the grave.

    So, I’ll explain it simply for you, the majority of Scots living in their own nation and who were not dead or otherwise engaged and who went to polling stations in 2014 voted Yes. Got it now?

    Keep moving those goalposts and they’ll fall apart!

    As for Brexit, Scotland, N.Ireland, Gibraltar AND indigenous Wales voted Remain. Only the Little Englanders had a majority Leave that dragged the rest of Great Britain AKA Greater England, and Gib, along with it. And the biggest joke is that the Little Englanders apparently now regret their stupidity. Priceless!!!

  131. John Main

    @RobertKnight 8:33

    I will give you the “majority of indigenous Scots who bothered to vote voted Yes” in 2014 if you will concede the “majority of indigenous Scots who bothered to vote voted Leave” in 2016.


    Awkward stuff eh, this selective questioning of referenda results when you don’t get your way and selective accepting of referenda results when you do get your way.

    Anyhoo, we’ve had our fun. Here’s what really happened:

    In 2014, the majority of those voters resident in Scotland who could be bothered to vote voted No.

    In 2016, the majority of those voters resident in the U.K. who could be bothered to vote voted Leave.

    As I pointed out earlier to Alf, facts are awkward chiels.

    Here’s my breezily confident expectations for IndyRef2 – it will be open to every registered voter with a Scottish address, as is entirely right and proper. Thus, it will deliver a Yes majority only if most Sovereign and most New Scots can see how Indy will benefit them.

    And as the ratio of Sovereign to New is declining at an ever increasing rate, that means the debate will centre on the post-Indy economy, and not the ancient guff, etc etc.

    It was good to see some much belated acknowledgement of this reality coming from Alba last week.

  132. 100%Yes


    Well said.

  133. robertkknight

    “In the IndyRef fewer than 38% of the Scottish electorate voted yes. That’s not a majority.”

    In the BrexitRef fewer than 38% of the UK electorate voted leave. That’s not a majority.

    Sound familiar?


    Chas…if the cap fits…

  134. Molesworth

    Unless you make voting compulsory, you can only guage a majority from those who could be bothered to turn out.

  135. Ebenezer Scroggie

    By what majority of votes cast in the Brexit referendum did the voters vote for Brexit?

    17 million fuckoffs. You may have heard the song.

    By what majority of votes cast in the IndyRef did the voters vote No?

    Aren’t the results pretty clear?

    A Trumpian denial of Reality is inappropriate in a democracy.

  136. Derek Rogers

    Alf Baird @ 13th August 2023 at 1:37 pm:
    “…how the British unmade India. India went from around 30% of world trade to less than 3% by the time the British left.”

    *ewf *berdz qkewnt qv kqlowniql kqntrowl iz shuwrli kqrekt, eevqn dhow his blud-n-soil nashqnlizm diznae ofqr mi q *skotlqnd aid want ivqr tae see igzist. bqt dherz q gap in dhis stori: *indiq, *palqstyn, *skotlqnd – dhq kolqnaizd peepql nivqr qgree on anithin, sow dher duwmd tae inaktivqti. *shashi *tharuwrz “*inggloriqs *empair” showz dhis irifyuwtqbli, n dhq *yuwnz huwv riviuwd it qr weein dherselz wi fryt.

    bqt hew iz dhis broxt qbewt, hwit koziz dhis fragmqntaeshqn qv indipendens muwvmqnts? if wee nyuw dhat, wee kqd get past it qn muwv on.

  137. Rogerborg

    Perhaps the novelty is that this “SNP” unit will be funded and staffed by Holyrood civil servants?

  138. Johnlm

    Apparently, Scrote believes Biden got 81 million votes.

    Another howler.

  139. Alf Baird

    John Main @ 8:25 am

    “…I have mindlessly embraced the colonialist mind set and value system of the oppressor..”

    Aye, we ken. That would explain your denial (of oppression).

    Leeberty’s oor anely remeed at the end of the day, the same for any colony. Just look at the present postcolonial UN membership efter less than a hunner year o decolonizations. As the late Great Winnie Ewing said – stap the warld, Scotlan wants tae git on! Aye, tae jine that decolonization list an feenish thon Brutish empire for guid.

    Tho for sure we first have to reckon with that ‘colonial mindset’ which creates the biggest (cultural) illusion in the colonizer’s box of tricks.

  140. Den

    Marked increase in the Russ Abbot style “see you Jimmy” pish on this site. Not sure if the perpetrators think it makes them pure Scottish btw 🙂

  141. John Main

    @Alf Baird says:14 August, 2023 at 11:54 am

    As always, thanks for your reply. You continue to raise some innarestin points.

    That would explain your denial (of oppression)

    Hmmm. Not feeling much oppressed right now. Maybes I’ll stop denying it if it happens to me. Maybes oppression is in the mind of the beholder, when the weight of the chips becomes unbearable.

    Leeberty’s oor anely remeed at the end of the day

    Hmmm. I am defo all for leeberty, which is another reason for being careful about handing over my leeberty to the manifestly illiberal advocates of Scottish governance.

    The advocates who cancelled my “right” to roam (and cancelled others rights to life), and locked me up for the best part of two years because of flu, a lot of which was cheered to the rafters on here.

    The advocates who valued Craig Murray’s and AS’s leeberty not ane jot. To be fair, the regulars on here called these ones right, but I suspect only because these two individuals are pro-Indy.

    More recently, you yourself and your idea that post-Indy, jobs and influence will be parceled out to those fluent in spoken and written Scots.

    Anyways, Alf, what’s your take on Alba’s late conversion to the idea that the best route to Indy is to make the economic case? Are you going to put your shoulder to the wheel, or insist we can still get Indy by speaking more Scots?

  142. Viscount Ennui

    Captain Yossarian says:
    13 August, 2023 at 7:11 pm

    “Govern the country properly from Holrood for the next 10-years and that is the only route to independence.”

    Couldn’t agree more.

    The problem with the more radical ‘solutions’ is that they are likely to alienate the soft middle-ground of the electorate who might currently agree in principle with self-determination but who are dissuaded from taking a leap of faith because of the way that the SNP has runs things up to now.

    What is so obvious to many of us is that Sturgeon and Swinney made no effort at all to present a convincing case and relied instead on sniping at WM in what was in reality a phoney war.

    This suited the Tories because it depressed the Labour vote in Scotland and I cannot help but think that it was all stage-managed to that end.

    With SNP income falling to an almost laughable level, Rutherglen falling to Labour, and further scandals on the horizon, Mi5 must have a plan for what happens next, and should 2024 herald a UK Labour government, it will complicate the whole picture as far as indy is concerned.

    Tough times ahead. I see Forbes leading the SNP within the next few months and then a push to extend powers rather than any zealous pursuit of indyref2.


  143. Johnlm

    A few posts ago Legolas was whining about losing his leeberty in airports.
    As usual the politics was way over his head.
    His leeberty was lost in New York after 911 with the introduction of the Patriot Act and the DHS which was subsequently rolled out across the World.
    Lockdowns were first Practiced in Watertown Boston at the Boston bombing in 2013 .
    He seems to understand better the flu lockdown, perhaps because he couldn’t blame an ethnic group for that.

  144. Eric

    The summer of independence hasn’t delivered any new initiatives, so they are having to defend criticisms.

    Won’t deliver m(any) converts.

  145. Johnlm

    Just to clarify.
    All 3 events were political showbiz.

  146. Republicofscotland

    When you step back and look at the bigger picture in Scottish politics you realise that there’s not one Scottish independence party at Holyrood even though around half the population support dissolving the union, and countless mandates to fulfill it have been given by the electorate to the SNP under Sturgeon do just that.

    Think about that for a second, around half the population wants out of the union but they have no voice at Holyrood, for every party is now a party for the union or the status quo, which is in essence (with the current SNP in mind) to remain in the union.

  147. Ron Clark

    Johnlm 1.52pm

    I would say that the Glasgow Airport terrorist attack in 2007 had a huge impact on stepping up security around the world.

    Have you ever tried to get your car near a terminal door since that date?… it’s damn near impossible.


    There is no «case» for independence, only a aging status quo might see things that way. There is a «case» for dissolving the British state, a case >300 years in the making with adequate support data even in the fabulous «ripping yarn» histories of the entity.
    The much hyped economic case for staying put looks increasing like something confected by silly season media.
    Functionally, there is now no need for the United Kingdom and in Scotland’s perspective, with the benefit of hindsight, probably never was.
    Scotland is as much British aka English as Algeria was French. A thin veneer once
    sufficiently distressed liable to be easily wiped away.
    Stronger together, economically sound, respected, secure, kith n kin etc will all disappear in the wash. All you need is an efficient detergent alias political force.

  149. Alf Baird

    John Main @ 1:13 pm

    “what’s your take on Alba’s late conversion to the idea that the best route to Indy is to make the economic case?”

    Postcolonial theory suggests that, rather than model national parties on political parties in the mother country, what we need to do is explain to the people the truth about their ‘condition’ and what independence means. First the national parties need to undertake ‘a reasoned analysis of colonial society’, which they have not yet done:

  150. Republicofscotland

    The foreign government (consecutive ones) in England just can’t afford to let Scotland go, this is why our parties at Holyrood have been utterly compromised. We all know that the Lib/Dems Labour and the Tories are nothing more than branch offices of their London HQs which is situated in a foreign country, and they take orders from the HQ’s in the foreign country, as Martin Campbell points out below.

    “During ‘the troubles’ in the north of Ireland, the British State had infiltrated the IRA to such an extent that one its agents was a man called Freddie Scapiticci, codenamed ‘Steaknife’. Scapiticci was the IRA’s Head of Internal Security, and he was an MI5 agent.

    In the 1970s, when British governments feared powerful trade unions, particularly the National Union of Mineworkers, a Special Branch agent was a man called Joe Gormley: he was the National President of the Mineworkers Union. You can’t get higher than National President, and he was a Special Branch asset.

    In the bitter, year-long Miners’ Strike of 1984-85, papers prepared for then Tory Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher showed MI5 were receiving reports from one of their agents called Roger Windsor. Windsor was the Chief Executive of the NUM.”

    Our supposedly independence minded parties at Holyrood have been totally compromised that’s why we are still trapped in this prison of a union, our foreign neighbour has experience and a history of suppressing matters such as these.

    The Greens and the SNP since Alex Salmond stood down as SNP leader have done nothing to bring independence to Scots simply because both parties are compromised at the top, a vote for either party is a vote for the status quo, a vote for the Lib/Dems Labour or the Tories at Holyrood is a vote to roll back devolution and the eventual dissolving of our parliament.

    As I said in my previous comment almost half the population in Scotland that wants to dissolve the union are now politically homeless because there is no Scottish independence party at Holyrood yet.

    Its time to vote for the Alba party in GE’s and at Holyrood elections, expect the our foreign (England) neighbours security service to try and infiltrate Alba, if they haven’t already done so.

    This is why the 50+1% result in whatever turnout at Holyrood or Westminster elections is so important 50+1% and we declare independence no ifs, no buts.

  151. Doug

    SNP on the back foot more often than a one-legged kangaroo.?

  152. Republicofscotland

    A little bit more from Martin Campbell who realises that our political parties and police force have been compromised.

    “Recently, I spoke with a senior serving-officer of Police Scotland. They spoke on condition of anonymity and stated there were some questions they would not answer.

    I started the interview with the core question: has Police Scotland infiltrated the SNP? The officer replied that they could not answer that question. Before I said anything more, the officer added, ‘Although, by giving that answer, I have probably told you what you want to know’.

    Police Scotland does not actually have a Special Branch, but if you press them on the matter, they do admit to having officers who carry out duties that are normally associated with the work of a Special Branch.

    No-one who sees Scotland as a progressive, potentially independent country, could have signed their name to such a grovelling letter to the pinnacle of the English/British establishment. To also see Nicola and then Humza Yousaf bow their heads to the English King confirmed the total capture of the SNP by the British State.”

    There can be no question that the SNP has been infiltrated at the very top, how else could you explain the lack of movement on the indyfront since 2014, nearly ten years on, and we’ve not moved one inch closer to dissolving this union.

    How else could you explain the fit up of prominent independence bloggers and supporters such as Alex Salmond, Craig Murray Mark Hirst and David Lewellyn.

    A recap there are no indy minded parties at Holyrood the ones that were for independence have been captured at the top and now just talk about delivering independence to win your vote, and we can expect the same from Police Scotland and the COPFS.

    Scottish bodies such as the above along with Scottish universities and many the pubic/civil bodies have been extensively infiltrated by as Martin Campbell calls them.

    “The acronym for those reasons is M-I-C-E (Mice), which stands for: M – money; I – ideology; C- compromise; and E – ego. Compromise is, essentially, blackmail.”

    “Are four accepted reasons for why people betray a cause.”

  153. Johnlm

    Ron Clark
    Before Glasgow there was the London subway event, the ricin scare etc. not to mention truck bombs in the Middle East and Africa, trains bombed in Madrid.

    The s3curity s3rvices ran Londonistan.
    Robin Cooke explained that the Mujahid33n were a creation of the West.

    It isn’t surprising that two deluded blokes set fire to themselves in Glasgow.
    The security was all in place by then. That’s why they couldn’t crash through the doors.

    Get folks afraid.
    Population control is the name of the game.
    Problem, reaction, solution.

  154. Ebenezer Scroggie

    Long long before he “makes an economic case” he needs to show that an Alba administration is capable of showing competence in governance. I think he can do that.

    He needs to persuade us that if he puts out a tender for two ferries and receives a fixed price bid of £75M, which is accompanied by a fully funded Performnce Gurantee Bond from a shipyard which has proven that they can build two such ships simultaneously on time and on budget, that he will not give the contract to a lame duck yard for £95M and that the contract will be adminstered in such a way as not to cause a five year schedule overrun and a cost overrun of 250% of the contract value.

    He needs to prove that when a pledge is made to upgrade the A9 to full dual carriageway all the way from Broxden to Inverness, that the pledge will be honoured and that he and his people will not lie in the manner of Sturgeon and Youseless.

    He needs to prove that can reverse the decline in Scottish education.

    He needs to prove that he can reverse the increases in hospital waiting times.

    He needs to prove that he would not do a very grubby deal with the likes of Greensill/Cameron//Gupta in which Gupta got given a free aluminium smelter and a pair of hydroelectric stations and half the Northern slop of the highest mountain, while saddling the Scottish public purse with potential debt liabilities of hundreds of millions if Gupta defaults on his debt obligations at any time in the next few decades.

    He needs to convince his membership, and others, that his claimed membership numbers are something other than a fraudulent lie.

    He needs to disconnect the role of Chief Prosecutor from that of Cabinet Minister.

    He needs to affirm that people with XX chromosome pairs are female and that people with XY chromosome pairs are male and he needs to pledge that he will never consider or contemplate putting convicted rapists in a women’s prisons

    He needs to do all of these things, and much much more, before he can even contemplate reneging on his signed pledge that the Referendum which he lost so spectacularly lost in 2014 was “once in a lifetime”.

  155. Captain Yossarian

    Sturgeon and in Swinney aren’t in hiding for nothing and when the various investigations into the goings on at Holyrood finally report, we will all know if Holyrood is worth saving, or not. Do not underestimate the public reaction if they think they have been taken for mugs for the past 10-years. The roots of this malfeasance run too deep for me and I personally decided to disown Holyrood a few years ago. Salmond and MacAskill (and possibly Hanvey) remain fascinating characters and I watch out for them but, as for the rest, those at Holyrood, you would find more honesty, gumption and intelligence inside a nursery school.

  156. Captain Yossarian

    Scroggie – He also needs to re-set our civil service and legal profession so that they do not behave like an unaccountable gang answerable only to the FM. Also, re-set the Press so that they are not afraid to investigate malfeasance.

    Can Alex Salmond do all that? No, I reckon the rot is too deep and he doesn’t even want to try. Sturgeon and Swinney have had more than long enough to wreck Scotland and not even Salmond and MacAskill can sort it all out now.

    I’m expecting Operation Branchform to be a watershed moment in Scottish history. It will be as shameful to us as the Fabiani Inquiry and Salmond’s trial. All of it Scot on Scot putrid tribal behaviour.

  157. Ron Clark

    And let’s not forget the hero of the day during the Glasgow Airport terrorist attack.
    John Smeaton ‘Smeato”.

    Reportedly, he kicked Ahmed in the groin and shouted: “F****n’ mon, then.”

  158. robertkknight

    “his signed pledge that the Referendum which he lost so spectacularly lost in 2014 was “once in a lifetime”.”

    Attention staff! Effluent clean up team required on aisle 5, effluent clean up team to aisle 5. Thank you.

    John Main…

    “If you will concede the “majority of indigenous Scots who bothered to vote voted Leave” in 2016”


  159. Viscount Ennui

    Watergate brought down the president of a superpower because it was clear that misfeasance had taken place and that powers had been abused.
    If it can be shown that members of the SNP diverted funds intended to promote the case for independence into their own accounts, then the betrayal is far greater than that of Mr Nixon’s.
    Decent, honourable, hard-working people sacrificed their time and their earnings for the good of Scotland and dying Scot’s bequeathed their savings.
    Any convictions arising from Branchform would amount to a form of treason. The betrayal of a nation.
    If that does happen, then the SNP is dead.
    ALBA will become the spearhead for a new indy movement but it will take a long time to re-build the trust of an electorate that those in positions of power and influence have treated with contempt.
    But for ALBA to really gain a strong foothold it will be necessary to expose the perjury that so tainted Salmond’s character and nearly destroyed him.
    WM fears Salmond but they may calculate that the electoral harm done by NS will take decades to repair and that AS, as a wise politician, may bide his time before going in with all guns blazing. So the predicted whitewash of Branchform may not come about, especially if there is evidence of international fraud and thus the involvement of global policing agencies.
    Please don’t let it all be a damp squib.
    A wholesale reform is required and a re-alignment rather than a game of musical chairs within the upper echelons of the SNP.
    PS I hope that Swinney gets fingered too.

  160. twathater

    @ Scrotie 4.31pm I would agree with your requests and demands and quite honestly I would demand MORE, BUT Scrotie your DEMANDS for us to attain independence surely must be echoed and matched by all you unionists insisting we are all better together
    TBQH I can’t be bothered listing all the total fuckwittery , incompetence , corruption , perversions and paedophilia committed by the unionist parties the list has been posted on here numerous times , but maybe you start by explaining how we are all better off and happy being part of this union ,without being facetious maybe happy John main can help you with showing us the fucking money and how we will all financially benefit by being better together , because quite honestly there seems to be an awful lot of engerlish people flooding into Scotland for a better life, are they to be considered economic migrants

  161. Stephen O'Brien

    The Supreme Court ruling only clarifies the Scotland Act. IndyRef2 pledge, between SNP & electorate, yet to be resolved.

    Court action, unavoidable.

    Natural justice by specific performance of a referendum. Remedy by court sanctioned appointment of neutral electoral commission, to conduct democratic process.

    Remedy only possible by suing SNP for misepresentation, via Scottish Courts..

    Referendum campaign timed to suit complainers choosing. SNP no longer fit to take part in any referendum campaign, as party to the Scotland Act.

    In remedy, Court sanctioned referendum distinct from Holyrood. Obstructive Westminster forced to foot bill.

    Fair & Just representation via the ballot box, is that beyond Scots Law? It appears that Holyrood stands between the electorate & democracy. The inadequacy of the Scottish Parliament, is self evident.

  162. twathater

    Yossa @ 5.05pm you are absolutely correct, I must admit the engerlish civil service and legal profession are so much more better than the Scottish one, there are never any queues when you try to get HMRC on the phone you get through right away, if you phone for a passport you can get a brand new one with a new colour and fancy gilding made in Poland and you can get it almost instantly,you can then use your new passport which is the envy of the WORLD to instantly, because there are no queues jump on a ferry and be whisked away abroad ,the legal profession even allows and believe it or not actually ENCOURAGES the unionist government to breech international law and treaties
    YEH you’re right Yossa it is shite being Scottish and living in this shitey country , it just shows how stupid these engerlish bampots are rushing up here to live in this shitey country , what are they thinking

  163. Republicofscotland

    ” he needs to show that an Alba administration is capable of showing competence in governance.”


    Salmond doesn’t need to prove f*ck all, and especially not to the likes of you ASA, Chas and Main.

    I don’t recall Cameron, May, Johnson or Sunak proving anything for the English, however Salmond has a good track record in government and he built the Borders Railway and the New Queensferry Crossing, the latter on time and under budget.

    The only qualification Salmond needs is courage, courage to boot this f*ckin union into touch any way he can, by hook or by crook as they say.

    Alba doesn’t need to prove anything, they just need to deliver independence and everything else will follow.

    Down with the union.

  164. Chas

    Johnlm 9.49

    Chas does not detest all Wings contributors.

    He does have a dislike for the boring ones who post the same repetitive shite day after day-RoS, Che Baird amongst others. Also the hard of thinking ones like your goodself, Robertkknight etc etc who think that anyone who does not share their warped, infantile points of view is a Unionist and a troll-yet they never answer a direct question.

    Round and round we go-day after day.

    I often wonder what a new reader to Wings, who is not averse to Independence, thinks, when he reads some of the posts on here. I suspect that his/her second visit to the site would be the last.

    I wise man once said it is possible to win an argument/debate with a genius but you have no chance versus an idiot.

  165. Mia

    “He also needs to re-set our civil service and legal profession”


    There is nothing “ours” in the current civil service allocated to Scotland. It is the UK civil service. It has always been the case and will remain to be so until either the Treaty of Union is repealed or Scotland’s MSPs and MPs demand that full control of the civil service in Scotland is under the Scottish people and not Whitehall.

    Neither Sturgeon nor Yousaf had/have any intention to do so because they had/have no interest whatsoever in ending the union or severe ties with Westminster.

    The UK civil service allocated to Scotland actively tried to destroy Mr Salmond to stop Scotland’s independence. They did so by fabricating an unlawful complaints procedure.

    This is not surprising. It is not like it would be the first time UK civil servants were working against Scotland’s independence. We saw how in 2014, civil servants associated to the treasury were even given prizes for working so hard to save the union. Never mind their code of conduct expects them to remain politically neutral.

    It very much seems that, in the game of “saving the union”, the integrity and codes of conduct for UK civil servants are quickly flushed down the tubes whenever convenient and to hell with democracy and with what the people of Scotland want. That is never a consideration.

    As per the legal profession, looking at the maneuvering of the current “Lord Advocate” , who happily assisted the crown on helping itself at Scotland’s sovereign power by blocking democracy to stop the referendum bill; looking at her choosing an English court with English judges using the English convention of parliamentary sovereignty to, once again, hand Scotland’s popular sovereignty to the crown; looking at the maneuvering of her predecessor happily assisting the crown office on suppressing information from the Scottish public and stopping Mr Salmond properly defending himself during the Fabiani’s farce; looking the way the crown agent of the day instigated the police to conduct an industrial scale criminal investigation on Mr Salmond (inflicting great and unnecessary expense to the Scottish taxpayer) but then the crown office conveniently delayed for two weeks the approval of a request for a search warrant to search Sturgeon’s home so the “leadership” whitewash context and the coronation of Yousaf could be completed; or even looking at the ridiculous excuse of Dorrian to seemingly produce a reason to put Mr Murray behind bars conveniently stopping him going to the court case in Spain; or the way the identity of potential perjurers is being heavily protected under threat of prosecution and overtly abused to suppress information from the public, one can safely say there is very little integrity (if any left at all) and certainly nothing “ours” among those self-serving high ranking entities in the legal profession operating in Scotland.

    Just like Yousaf and Sturgeon before him, they appear to behave as nothing other than crown tools conveniently deployed on demand to stop Scotland’s independence by suppressing democracy and helping the crown encroach on Scotland’s powers. Meanwhile, the bulldozing of the boundaries between judicial, executive and legislative powers. Scotland is a democracy in name only. In practice, it is a colony.

    Both Sturgeon and Yousaf have purposely placed an unelected element of the crown in the middle of the SGov cabinet allowing them to act as the ultimate gatekeeper for the union and, in practice, handing Scotland’s sovereign power to choose what laws to pass to the crown.

    When the legal profession in Scotland is turning a blind eye or actively helping the crown in the destruction of the boundaries between judiciary, legislative and executive powers to usurp Scotland’s popular sovereignty, or when the legal profession goes along with a farcical criminal case brought forward on flimsy charges and the testimony of perjurers to put an innocent man in prison, but then goes on to fiercely protect the identity of those perjurers under vicious threats of prosecution, you can confidently say that neither that legal profession is Scotland’s anymore nor its purpose is to deliver justice. It has become another political tool.

  166. Republicofscotland

    The English propaganda machines Scottish outpost the BBC in Scotland bumming up oor ain wee colonies hosting of the UCI, the BBC’s propaganda lickspittle news progamme trying to give us wee colonial Scots that feel good factor, to take our minds of the fact that the foreign country of England holds most of the Scottish reins which is utterly detrimental to most Scots.

    Thank f*ck the UCI is over, no more English commentors telling me about my home town, no more Butcher’s Aprons on display, no more outrageous traffic jams, and no more mentions of Great Britain, one wonders if all the tourists who came from abroad for this cycling event realise that many Scots loathe the word British and the British flag, infact anything British is a real turn off in my book.

    Down with this prison of a union.


    His Majesty’s Aircraft Carrier «Scotland»
    Just like the «Battle of Britain».

  168. Captain Yossarian

    twathater – I remember when I was in Libya and the war broke out. Because I had British Passport I was able to get airlifted out from Tripoli Airport on a Hercules. There were Irishmen on the flight too. But, if you go pissing-off the British the way you are, they won’t take any more Scots folk, will they.

  169. Fearghas MacFhionnlaigh

    Thank you for that, Mia (6.51 pm). When Britain/England is under threat, neutrality is considered betrayal.

  170. John Main

    @ twathater says:14 August, 2023 at 5:47 pm

    maybe happy John main can help you with showing us the fucking money

    Now, now TH, I wouldn’t be asking if I could already see how the post-Indy money gets into my wallet.

    I keep asking because it’s a mystery and nobody can answer the question.

    And it’s a simple question, so it takes no time to write it out again. Here you go:

    “All of Scotland’s assets are already owned by individuals, companies, countries and institutions that don’t want to give them up. How will that ownership be legally and bindingly transferred to us Sovereign Scots post-Indy so that we Sovereign Scots and our country will be materially better off?”

    Take your time TH. If you can answer it you will not only get us Sovereign Scots voting for Indy, you will get the arguably more important and defo not arguably rapidly growing hordes of New Scots voting for Indy too.

    Here’s one for your T-shirt to help you concentrate:

    “It’s The Economy, Stupid!”

    BTW, that “stupid” is not aimed at you, it just comes with the slogan.

  171. Alf Baird

    Captain Yossarian @ 5:05 pm

    “All of it Scot on Scot putrid tribal behaviour.”

    Whilst the native elite in colonial society is rightly condemned by its complicit behaviour in allying with the colonial power, perhaps you also need to consider “how colonization works to decivilize the colonizer” (Cesaire).

    Moreover, if colonization disappears so does colonially determined “putrid tribal behaviour”; the latter is a consequence of ‘dependent psychology’ in which, “since no one can serve two masters, one of the two should be sacrificed to the other”.

    The events we are witnessing are therefore entirely due to colonialism.

  172. Captain Yossarian

    Mia – I told you this yesterday – the UK civil-service advised that vainglorious dope Leslie Evans not to prosecute Alex Salmond, but she went ahead and did it anyway. If you recall from the Fabiani proceedings, Alex Salmond was extraordinarily angry with Leslie Evans. He wasn’t at-all angry with the UK civil-service.

  173. A2

    At least they are taking re-cycling seriously.

  174. Mia

    “But, if you go pissing-off the British the way you are, they won’t take any more Scots folk, will they”

    Pissing-off “the British”, you say. Who are “the British”, Yossarian? and how can they ever legally justify not to take more citizens from Scotland with a British passport in such a scenario while this union remains in place?

    Are you implying Scotland is seen as a colony and “the British” (whoever they are) consider the Scottish people second rate citizens unworthy of a safe seat in a plane?

  175. John Main

    @Republicofscotland says:14 August, 2023 at 6:46 pm

    Salmond doesn’t need to prove f*ck all, and especially not to the likes of you ASA, Chas and Main

    I might have said this before RoS.

    I can’t speak for ASA & Chas, but I am not posting here because I think there is any chance of the usual deluded, regulars, including yourself, taking any notice.

    I am posting for the alert readers, the neutrals, the rational people, the non-Scots, who will inevitably form a negative opinion of Scotland and the Scots if the only posts they ever see are from you and your ilk.

    Ordinary, decent, rational, grounded Scots don’t use words like “lickspittle” or “Great Satan” in conversation, or online, other than when parodying the likes of Student Grant from Viz.

    Somebody needs to tell you, RoS, you are not helping at all. Tone it down and up your game.

  176. John Main

    Anybody know if baloneyalism is a word?

    Maybes it’s spelled balonialism?

    Just idle speculation on my part, but I’m defo thinking there is room in my vocab for such a word.

  177. Northcode

    Here’s an example of what in Logic is known as a syllogism. A syllogism’s structure consists of a major premise and a minor premise the consideration of which leads to a logical conclusion:

    Major Premise: All colonised nations and their colonised indigenous peoples are ultimately subject to the rule of a governing power foreign to those colonised nations and the colonised indigenous peoples of those nations.

    Minor Premise: The nation of Scotland and its indigenous people are ultimately subject to the rule of a governing power foreign to the nation of Scotland and the indigenous Scottish people.

    Conclusion: Therefore; the nation of Scotland is a colony and the Scottish people a colonised people ultimately subject to the rule of a foreign governing power.

    Because the Major and Minor premises are both true, the conclusion must also be true.

    That’s the question “is Scotland a colony?” answered then.

  178. Mia

    “the UK civil-service advised that vainglorious dope Leslie Evans not to prosecute Alex Salmond”

    The vainglorious dope had not power herself “to prosecute” Alex Salmond. She might have been all what you want but she was not stupid. Somebody about to enter the joys of retirement would not compromise her prospects in such a ridiculous fashion unless she was following orders from above and reassurance of safety.

    It was the crown agent who instigated the police to deploy the investigation. It was the crown office who chose to prosecute and bring forward a case on flimsy charges. It was the crown office who actively suppressed information from the Scottish public and protected those perjurers. Had the crown office or Evans’ boss demanded that information to be released or a proper investigation into the leaking of the info to the newspaper and the vainglourious dope would not have stood a chance in hell.

    HOwever, the fact the vainglorious dope contacted the crown office to force the criminal investigation forward rather than reporting it to the police as one would expect she should have done, and the crown agent proceeded to oblige, signifies a collusion between the UK civil service and the Crown Office for what looks like political persecution. It also demonstrates active and blatant bulldozing of the separation of the executive and judicial powers by the UK civil service in Scotland highlighting the level of contempt the UK civil service and the Crown Office have for Scotland’s democracy.

    Who is the crown agent’s boss? Who does this position take orders from?

    Now, let’s look at Leslie’s boss Sedwill for a minute. He took officially over as Cabinet Secretary and Head of the Home Civil SErvice in October 2018, but he had been in fact acting as such since 25 June 2018.

    The leak to the newspaper about the complaints procedure was in August 2018.

    The civil case of Mr Salmond against the SGov took place in 2018. Despite knowing their position was seriously compromised, the UK civil service in Scotland chose to continue with the case until it was unsustainable, wasting a ridiculous amount of Scottish taxpayers money. Despite this and the evident gross misconduct of the UK civil service working within the SGov, Sedwill did not instigate any investigation or discipline any of them.

    Sedwill remained as the National Security Adviser to the Prime MInister during that time. Scotland’s independence can be interpreted as a matter of “national security” because it affects the integrity of the UK.

    Mr Salmond was charged in January 2019 and Acquitted in March 2020. All the shenanigans of the crown office instigating the police investigation to bring forward a criminal case, the suppression of information and the protection of perjurers the tenure of this man as the highest commanding civil servant in the UK and as National security advisor to the PM.

    It is fascinating that despite the clusterfuck that the whole thing ended up being, the unnecessary waste of Scotland’s money in stupid charges the gross misconduct of these civil servants caused, and the gross misconduct of UK civil servants themselves bringing forward an unlawful complaints procedure and then continue with a case which they knew they had not a chance in hell to win, he was rewarded with a seat in the HoL in 2020, after only 2 years as cabinet secretary.

    “If you recall from the Fabiani proceedings, Alex Salmond was extraordinarily angry with Leslie Evans. He wasn’t at-all angry with the UK civil-service”

    Leslie Evans was part of the UK civil service, as were the rest of the actors involved in the fabrication and rushing of the unlawful complaints procedure. A couple of those civil servants, incidentally at the core of the problem, and for reasons only understood by Fabiani and her farcical inquiry, were conveniently exempt of face to face interviewing. In the farce the whole thing was, one of them was even allowed to phone in.

    Evans is no mastermind of anything. She takes orders, does not give them. You only need to take a look at her and listen to her for a few seconds to realise of that.

  179. John Main

    @Northcode says:14 August, 2023 at 7:42 pm

    As we have established before, logic is not one of your strengths.

    Moving forwards, you need to consider that every post has a carbon footprint. By making your posts shorter, you can help the environment.

    Let me help you by summarising your post for brevity:

    “Scotland is a colony because it just is – really”.

    Now, Northcode, if you were to really “do” logic, you would realise that you have to start by defining your axioms. If you don’t, your most elaborate “logic” is founded on sand.

    So, off you trot, and come back, if you can, with axiomatic definitions for “indigenous Scot”, “ultimately subject”, and “foreign”.

  180. Fearghas MacFhionnlaigh

    Article by Samera Owusu Tutu, ‘CSW: Civil Service World’ online newsletter, 21 Nov 2014:


    « The team was tasked with producing analysis in the lead-up to the Scottish referendum of how both, Scotland and the rest of the UK, benefit from being part of one country.

    The award, which is aimed at “an individual or team who deserves particular recognition for their outstanding achievement in making a difference on an issue of national significance”, was handed to the winners at the awards ceremony held on Wednesday, 19 November, at Lancaster House.

    Cabinet Secretary and civil service head Sir Jeremy Heywood presented the award to team members Paul Doyle, Will MacFarlane, Shannon Cochrane, and Mario Pisani.

    Pisani said: “In the Treasury, everyone hates you. We don’t get thanks for anything. This is one occasion where we’ve worked with the rest of Whitehall. We all had something in common, we’re trying to save the Union here, and it came so close. We just kept it by the skin of our teeth. I actually cried when the result came in. After 10 years in the civil service, my proudest moment is tonight and receiving this award.”

    He added: “As civil servants you don’t get involved in politics. For the first time in my life, suddenly we’re part of a political campaign. We were doing everything from the analysis, to the advertising, to the communications. I just felt a massive sense of being part of the operation. This being recognised [at the Civil Service Awards], makes me feel just incredibly proud.” 

    Cochrane said: “we’ve learned that it is possible for civil servants to work on things that are inherently political and quite difficult, and you’re very close to the line of what is appropriate, but it’s possible to find your way through and to make a difference.”

    ?And Doyle added: “This award is not just for the Treasury, it’s for all the hard work that was done by all government departments on the Scotland agenda. The reality was in all my experience of the civil service, I have never seen the civil service pull together in the way they did behind supporting the UK government in maintaining the United Kingdom. It was a very special event for all of us.”

    MacFarlane also gave credit to their Scottish Government counterparts, “in particular the government economic service there, who did their jobs for their ministers. I think over the currency debate in particular both governments put forward their economic analysis, which framed where their governments were coming from in the debate.” »

  181. Derek

    I spotted another “slow news week” type story that crops up occasionally to demonstrate the strong hand of the British state protecting poor wee vulnerable Scotland. RAF fighters were scrambled to intercept Russian “bombers”, apparently.

    This happens all the time, though; it was just a couple of Bears stooging around, ‘cos that’s what they do. And, although they can be used as bombers, these ones were being used for reconnaisance, submarine observation and so on.

    The same thing happens the other way around, too.

  182. Johnlm

    Is BLOVIATE a word?

  183. Captain Yossarian

    Lesley Evans takes her orders from ministers. She didn’t specify who, but we can assume Sturgeon and Swinney? (That’s Swinney of the redactor pen).

    She was previously involved in the great-big North Lanarkshire PPI Schools cover-up, so she was always a mischievous old rat-bag.

    We’re best rid of the lot of then if you ask me.

  184. Andrew scott

    What a saddo you are
    “Butchers aprons” etc
    Get a life – we ate now in 2023
    Keep up do
    You do nothing to help the cause

  185. Johnlm

    Software malfunction alert!

    The YossarianBot appears to be faulty,
    It has been printing the same post, several times a day, for 5 days now.

  186. David Holden

    Just had a wander through the comments on here for the first time in ages and good god what is going on? I do hope most of our trolly friends are getting a wage for their efforts as what would anyone of sound mind spend their time in here producing the sort of dross they do unless it was to make a living. Their efforts are wasted as it is the content of the blog that does all the damage not the comments section. At least our new playmate Scrotey is a change from the tedious trolling we have experienced in the past as he is just offensive. I wonder what football team he supports?

  187. Captain Yossarian

    Johnlm – There are 450No pages in Catch-22. You read page 1 yesterday. That surprised me. Now, try reading the next 449No pages.

  188. Alf Baird

    John Main @ 8:27 pm

    “axiomatic definitions for “indigenous Scot””

    ‘Indigenous’ is usually taken to mean the people living in a territory from the earliest times or at the time of colonisation; which would be 1707 in our case as the point of our enslavement, the dissolution of our national parliament, the criminal procurement of our sovereignty and rule by England’s parliament ever since.

  189. Johnlm

    Eleanor scrote is some sort of ‘citizen of the world’.
    He supports whichever team is against Scotland.

  190. Tinto Chiel

    @Fearghas MacFhionnlaigh 8.38: thanks for reminding us of the pernicious and destructive actions of the UK state via the Civil Service during the 2014 referendum (and apparently of some in the Scottish Government, if you can believe that last quoted paragraph).

    Anyone who thinks a future referendum could possibly be fair when the Establishment can control so many of its procedures and practices really needs to stick their heads in a bucket of cold, clear Scottish water.

  191. Viscount Ennui

    Alf Baird says:
    14 August, 2023 at 9:18 pm

    John Main @ 8:27 pm

    “axiomatic definitions for “indigenous Scot””

    “‘Indigenous’ is usually taken to mean the people living in a territory from the earliest times or at the time of colonisation; which would be 1707 in our case as the point of our enslavement.”

    So, 1.2m then.
    And what % of the current population can demonstrate genetic links with them?
    Really, I think this is fruitless.

  192. John Main

    @Alf Baird says:14 August, 2023 at 9:18 pm

    ‘Indigenous’ is usually taken to mean the people living in a territory from the earliest times or at the time of colonisation; which would be 1707 in our case

    Thanks for the definition.

    Not being awkward (OK, no more than usual), but we need to go further in order to arrive at a useful definition to test Northcode’s “logic”.

    For example, I would assume we need to be talking about the descendants of these people. Then we need to ask, do we consider only these descendants still in Scotland?

    Thus excluding those descendants who went off colonising elsewhere.

    What about those who left, but whose descendants returned? Failed colonisers, sent hamewards tae think again. Are they included or excluded?

    What about the thorny issue of intermarriage, the Mischling Test, if you like? Half Scots and quarter Scots and so on.

    And finally, the very thorniest thicket of all. How in the name of all that is holy can Scots be reasonably expected to prove their indigenous ancestry back to 1707?

  193. John Main

    @Derek says:14 August, 2023 at 8:38 pm

    although they can be used as bombers, these ones were being used for reconnaisance, submarine observation and so on

    Phew, that’s a relief!

    Just for a moment, I thought they might be checking out possible launch locations for their Poseidons. What with Kiselyov calling for them to be launched against the UK on state TV.

    “UK could be plunged into the sea” he said.

    But I am confident their maps of the UK have the Scotland bit hatched blue with the legend “NOT TO BE PLUNGED INTO THE SEA” written adjacent. In Russti, obvs.

    Fingers crossed they don’t forget in the heat of the moment.

  194. George Ferguson

    @Captain Yossarian 8:43pm
    On a free speech blog I welcome your contributions. On previous discussions you are a Rangers supporter and a Unionist. I said before I respect your position. Lot’s of Independence supporters agree with your analysis of Holyrood. We have gone back in terms of performance of the Public Service. Post SNP some of us see an opportunity. But that’s up to the electorate only defeat at the ballot box for the SNP will break the the impasse.

  195. Brian Doonthetoon

    Password test Different machine.)

  196. Brian Doonthetoon

    Hi John Main.
    You keep asking about the money and Dan has answered you on more than one or three occasions, pointing out that the Scottish Exchequer would be receiving ALL revenues generated in scotland, rather than an annual back-hander of just a minority percentage.
    Have you not read his many comments? Mybe you should…

  197. Derek

    “John Main says:
    14 August, 2023 at 10:23 pm

    Phew, that’s a relief!”

    *marks Main as “safe” on social media.

  198. Stephen O'Brien

    Remove Holyrood & SNP from the equation altogether.

    SNP no longer fit to take part in any referendum campaign, as self proclaimed party to Westminster’s Scotland Act.

    Natural remedy, by excluding Holyrood involvement in nationwide plebiscite, on the future of the Union.

    SNP has conveniently adopted the position of bosses in Westminster, that Devolution limits statute, not only in Holyrood but over the people of Scotland.

    There’s nothing within the Scotland Act, to prevent the people of Scotland enacting their given right to self-determination.

  199. Ron Clark

    Andrew scott 8.43pm

    You seem unsure about the the phrase, “Butcher’s Apron”.

    Can I just clarify it for you?

    The Butcher’s Apron is the national flag of the scum to the south of our border. They just love it down little racist englander way.


  200. Billy Carlin

    Ron Clark 5.25 pm

    The Glasgow Airport Terrorist Attack was FAKE carried out by CRISIS ACTORS just like all of the “terrorist” attacks since 9/11 and 7/7 have been so John Smeaton was part of that as a CRISIS ACTOR or he was unaware that he kicked a CRISIS ACTOR in the nuts. The reason that they have used CRISIS ACTORS since 9/11 and 7/7 where they killed real people is because the relatives of these victims have been badgering the governments for investigations into these events and for post mortem investigations into their deaths – the US and UK governments have been refusing to do these ever since 9/11 and 7/7.

    For those wanting to see many of these CRISIS ACTORS in action go watch the videos “Boston Hoaxathon : Peekay Truth’s Trouser Bomb Series” on the Peekay Truth channel. Peekay has had his videos and channels taken down by Youtube many times for exposing the TRUTH about these False Flags etc.

    Also go watch the videos about the Manchester Bombing Hoax on Richard D Hall’s website and download his free book about this as well and also his videos exposing how they are trying to shut him down in court to hide all of this – his excellent video on the Jo Cox FAKE murder is on there as well – this was the establishments attempt to try and swing the result of the EU Referendum by making it look like all leave voters were nutters who would even kill for their “cause”.

    Of course the EU is owned and controlled by the same Crown that owns and controls the UK, US and most of this planet and their plan was to get RID of countries once the UK was in with England going to be split into nine REGIONS and the other large countries such as Germany France etc being split into regions as well and Scotland, Ireland etc etc being REGIONS in that United States of Europe that would include Africa – why do you think that they are flooding our countries with immigrants just now to get rid of countries. Here in Paisley just now just about every single person you pass is an immigrant. George Orwell was warning about this in his book 1984 with the other two superstates going to be the the American one (North South and Canada) and the Asian Pacific one. Anyone who voted remain or wants “independence in Europe” then that is what you are gagging for.

    All of this FAKE terrorism is to take away OUR rights and freedom as well as an excuse to go and bomb and invade the countries they did not control just as the FAKE pandemic and the soon to be next one and deliberate trashing of our economies and soon to be crashing of the banks is all part of this agenda.

  201. Alf Baird

    John Main @ 10:08 pm

    “Then we need to ask, do we consider only these descendants still in Scotland?”

    No. Millions of Scots have been transported out of Scotland since the union and they and their descendants need to be considered; in colonial theory this process is referred to as ‘banishment of the natives’.

    The UN has refused to accept the UK Falklands referendum result on remaining part of the UK because it excluded the descendants of the people who had been evicted 150 years previously, it only surveyed the s*****r/colonial population.

    Which raises serious questions about the dubious Scottish local government residence-based franchise which also prioritises the s*****r population.

  202. Stephen O'Brien

    Supreme Court, outed Holyrood as extension of London Rule.

    Voters turning against Holyrood. SNP, now obvious handicap to the Independence movement.

    Independently conducted referendum, excluding involvement of both UK parliaments, inalienable recorded will of the people.

  203. Jock McTavish

    The SNP have set up a new AI department in keeping with modern trends. The AI, Anti Independence, group will Rebut All attempts at Independence…

  204. Ron Clark

    Where would we be without people like this?
    Or rather,,,Where the fuck has she been since 2014?

    Karen Adam MSP:-

    “We have a chance now to refocus our indy efforts”

    ‘We will realise our dream of an independent Scotland… for the future generations to come’
    ‘We will realise our dream of an independent Scotland… for the future generations to come’

    AHEAD of today’s SNP North East Regional Assembly, I have been musing over how far we have come in our campaign for Scottish independence and, more importantly, the journey that still awaits us.

    The call for independence has always been about more than political posturing or individual leaders. It’s about a nation’s collective ambition, shared by many – like my parents, who started campaigning in the 1960s. Although my mum is no longer with us, I’m carrying on this legacy, with my dad – my biggest supporter – in a way which is shaped by their fervent belief in the potential of an independent Scotland.

    The campaign for independence has always been a ground-up movement. Even as the Member of the Scottish Parliament for Banffshire and Buchan Coast, I have always been an activist first and firmly believe that grassroots activism should remain at the centre of any campaign.

    Politics might be my profession but people are my passion. And it is to the people we must turn when seeking to instigate real change.

    Our First Minister, Humza Yousaf, has breathed new life into this movement. He didn’t just call himself an activist – he exemplifies it.

    He has been ensuring the many independence groups in Scotland are at the forefront of our campaigns.

    From national days of action to the independence convention to regional assemblies, he is leveraging the power of the collective, transforming our campaign into a democratic movement driven by people’s aspirations.

    However, the challenge remains – for example in my area in 2014, there wasn’t a significant Yes vote in the north-east. To win hearts and minds, we need to understand the fears and concerns that led to this outcome.

    We need to debunk the misinformation and expose the false promises made by the UK Government and the Better Together campaign.

    But, most importantly, we need to communicate our vision of an independent Scotland – a progressive, inclusive, and prosperous nation where everyone has a place.

    A region-specific approach to campaigning holds the key. Messaging that resonates with local communities, that outlines the direct benefits of independence in a context that is meaningful to them, is essential.

    For instance, groups such as Aberdeen Independence Movement have effectively communicated the benefits of independence to local constituents by addressing specific concerns and finding unique cultural touchpoints.

    That said, diversity within our campaign is vital, and independence groups each have their unique strength and style.

    Groups such as Businesses for Scotland have made substantial strides in outlining the economic advantages of independence, speaking directly to entrepreneurs and businesses.

    However, a line must be drawn. We cannot support groups that infringe upon the rights of others. I refuse to join forces with groups that perpetuate hate and discrimination against any minority.

    It is vital to underscore that the goal of independence is not just a political shift but a social one – to create a Scotland that respects and protects the rights of all its citizens.

    Looking forward, I see a significant event on the horizon – the Believe in Scotland march in Edinburgh on September 2. I extend a heartfelt invitation to everyone to join together on this day of action, solidarity and shared vision.

    There’s power in numbers, and the sight of thousands marching together for our common goal would be a resounding affirmation of our collective will.

    We must also remember to respect each others’ contributions to the cause. While we are united in our ambition for independence, we each have unique ways of advocating for it. Instead of encroaching on each others’ efforts, we must learn to appreciate the diversity of our methods. Each of us has a role to play, and each of us has a voice that needs to be heard.

    The messaging I use to inspire people will certainly not inspire them all, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong. It will be right for some. We cannot each be the right messenger for everyone, it is most certainly a collective challenge.

    This journey we’re on is a shared one. It’s a journey we’ve embarked upon not just for ourselves, but for future generations.

    It’s a journey towards creating a Scotland that we can be proud of, a Scotland that respects the rights of all its citizens, a Scotland that stands independent, strong, and proud on the global stage.

    Campaigning can sometimes seem an uphill struggle and indeed there will be toil. But we must remember that every step we take, no matter how small, is a step taking us closer to our goal. And that’s why we must keep going.

    Every conversation we have, every leaflet we distribute, every rally we attend, and every post we share on social media is a testament to our unwavering commitment to an independent Scotland.

    Join local independence groups and/or national independence groups that interest you – let us use the regional assemblies and the upcoming Believe in Scotland rally as catalysts to refocus our efforts.

    They serve as a reminder we are not alone in this fight. We are a movement, a community, united by a shared vision and a shared dream. Get involved at a level that is manageable for you.

    Let’s remember to campaign in peace, to respect our differences, and to remain focused. After all, our cause is not about any one person or any one group – it’s about all of us. And it’s a cause worth fighting for.

    The campaign for Scottish independence has been handed down through generations. It’s not just about politics, it’s all about the people. It’s about the vision we have for our nation and the steps we are willing to make that vision a reality.

    Let’s keep pushing forward. Because one day, we will realise our dream of an independent Scotland. For my mum, for your families, for us and for the future generations to come.

  205. Luigi

    Mia@8:23pm I don’t think the British establishment consider the expensive, unsuccessful case against Alex Salmond to have been a waste of money. Regardless of the outcome (and millions of taxpayers’ money involved), they would consider it well worth it to destroy the reputation of the man they consider (rightly so) to be the biggest threat to their precious union. I don’t think they completely succeeded in the long term, but they have certainly bought themselves a few years as he continues along the road to recovery. One can but hope and pray he will remain in good health during this time. And stay safe, but that’s another story.

  206. Captain Yossarian

    George – I see it as being about the future of Holyrood. It was set-up to provide Scottish solutions for Scottish problems and if the current inquiries prove that it has not been doing that then it should close. The next UK Government will probably be Labour. That would mean the next Secretary of State for Scotland would be someone like Ian Murray. Would he run Scotland better than Humza Yousaf? Would the Scottish public want him to run Scotland, rather than Humza Yousaf? Holyrood and the SNP/Labour Party have had their chance and if they are not motivated to make it work for us, then we can always go back to the way things used to be run.

  207. John Main

    @Billy Carlin says:14 August, 2023 at 11:38 pm

    the Manchester Bombing Hoax

    I listened to an interview with one of your “CRISIS ACTORS”.

    His daughter was disabled by that atrocity and he is in a wheelchair, as a bomb fragment severed his spinal cord.

    He’s bitterly angry, he has time, and he has more than enough justification. He’s pursuing Hall through the courts and he will win his case. I sincerely hope he pursues every eejit who spreads Hall’s pathetic lies.

  208. John Main

    @Alf Baird says:15 August, 2023 at 12:04 am

    Millions of Scots have been transported out of Scotland since the union and they and their descendants need to be considered

    Ah, c’mon now Ted, you’ve been listening to Father Jack again.

    Tell you what though, Alf, these millions might well be sympathetic to this IndyRef2 question:

    “Should Scotland join the USA as the 51st state?”

    Heck, I’d vote Yes myself, and all those millions of Scot-Yanks could swing it.

    Decent interstates at last, guns for all, and an end to the hated BBC and the rancid EU!

  209. John Main

    @Ron Clark says:15 August, 2023 at 6:35 am

    our vision of an independent Scotland – a progressive, inclusive, and prosperous nation

    I hope the order presented above does not reflect the order of priorities.

    Cos if it does, it’s wrong, wrong and wrong again.

    “prosperous” has to come first. It’s only a prosperous nation that can afford the luxuries of “progressive” and “inclusive”.

    And for most people, even us Scots, it’s only prosperity that really matters.

  210. Johnlm

    My favourite is the Westminster Bridge event.
    It even has the 77ths Tobias Ellwood doing resuscitation with trained paramedics standing around.
    CCTV turned off, patients wheeled into the Marriott rather than St.Thomas 200 m away.

    Very similar to the Stockholm truck event.

  211. stuart mctavish

    Ron clark @6:35 am

    Her elevation of AIM into something with a bit more gravitas than a vehicle for English for indy friends to hate on (Scottish) tories is an encouraging take on whats been seen of them so far.

    Given the leverage gained through similar connections to facilitate potential hate crimes against Suella Braverman, be excellent if it transpires they still have enough time and influence to convince Aberdeen to honour Julian Assange as much as that other famous prisoner (and in some cases his wife) and help north east out virtue signal central belt over issues of even greater concern.

    * of what is/was an entirely Scottish policing and administrative reporting matter no less (assuming the 20 hours plus allegedly worked by Muhammad Rauf Waris was within commuting distance of stirling university)


    There we have agreement.
    The equation progressive+inclusive=prosperous is inadequate without a defining of the terms involved, in particular the first two elements for in the contemporary context they are «problematic».

  213. Billy Carlin

    John Main 7.39 am

    Again you are either a paid shill or extremely dumb – YES you listened to CRISIS ACTORS who were ACTING their parts and getting PAID well to do so. Richard D Hall’s lawyers have requested all of the medical records of these people involved – of course the corrupt courts are deciding just now what “evidence” will be allowed in this case and will try to make sure REAL evidence such as this is stopped from being exposed as is what happened to Chris Spivey when they shut him down after he totally exposed the Lee Rigby Murder HOAX.

    Johnlm 8.22 am – Yep Chris Spivey totally exposed the Westminster Bridge attack on his now shut down website but you can still find it on Many others were exposing all of these totally FAKE events as well and all shut down on Youtube – Google took over Youtube to shut down people exposing the TRUTH because Youtube used to be an excellent site for getting the TRUTH.

    John Main – The intelligent people will already be looking at the links I gave in my last comment to see the TRUTH about these HOAXES for themselves and there are millions of people like me all over the world that have the links to the TRUTH and the videos downloaded into our computers to stop them disappearing forever especially when all of our governments are creating laws just now to ban the TRUTH from online to “protect” our kids from “disinformation” or in reality banning anything that exposes all of the CORRUPTION etc that they are up to and that exposes the agenda they are involved in.

  214. Mac

    Some very interesting information from Ray McGovern in this interview.

    When I look at the various actors in all of this Britain curiously seems to be the most rabid for starting WWIII.

    We have gotten to the point where the leadership of two big countries in the East have concluded that the leadership of the West is ‘crazy’ and cannot be reasoned with. Sadly I think this is the accurate conclusion at this point.

    If you listen to Col Doug MacGregor then the state of the US / NATO military is completely unready for such a conflict. But the neocon extremists running the show have convinced themselves the opposite is true.

    We are in a situation right now that I would argue is worse than the Cuban missile crisis by several orders of magnitude. Yet in Scotland and the wider UK it is as if nothing is really happening. This is another really bad sign. People are sleep walking into it.

    There is such a massive disconnect and gulf between what is in the best interests of the ordinary people in Western countries and the actions of the leaders we supposedly democratically elect to serve our best interests. Why is this always the case.

    If it does kick off Scotland will pay a very heavy price. We have a massive nuclear submarine facility with missile storage silos in the surrounding hills all about 25 miles as the crow flies from George Square in Glasgow (which is also ‘downwind’).

    Unlike the Cuban missile crisis there is no rational leadership in the West to deal with. Instead it is wildly delusional and drunk on its own hubris to the point it is essentially ‘crazy’ to the leaders of the other major powers they are threatening.

    The one thing the last 20 years especially have taught me is that human suffering is meaningless to these neocon mentalists, if anything they seem to desire it as that is all they ever create. As long as it is never them doing the suffering of course…

    Who is really driving all this because it sure ain’t sleepy Joe. Scotland is fodder to these delusional psychos.

  215. Sven

    Jock McTavish @04.52

    Oh dear me, Jock, thanks for the giggle. Nearly sprayed my Ipad with coffee at the true meaning of AI in the SNP.
    (Or, maybe you weren’t jesting).

  216. Dorothy Devine

    Remembering Salisbury , Russia bad tale , where two Russians were ‘given ‘ the most dangerous toxin in the world , the first policeman on the scene unaffected , no reports of medical staff being affected – don’t worry population of Salisbury , give your clothes a wash and wipe your handbags down with baby wipes and you’ll be fine.

    Implicating foreign intervention in referendums, tales of horror and terrorism , reds under the bed brought me to the point of not believing anything written or broadcast by the MSM pointing fingers at ‘unpopular’countries.

  217. Xaracen

    Formal Logic is ‘formal’ because arguments or syllogisms made with it are put into a structure or form.

    Major Premise: Scotland and England are two equally sovereign kingdoms.

    Minor Premise: Neither kingdom has any legitimate authority over the other, of any kind. This is also a conclusion from ‘equally sovereign’.

    1st Conclusion: England’s MPs therefore have no legitimate authority over Scotland’s MPs. The converse is also true. These follow from the Minor Premise.

    2nd Conclusion: A decision made by an English MP majority vote cannot therefore be imposed over a contrary decision made by a Scottish MP majority vote. The converse is also true.

    3rd Conclusion: Valid Union decisions can therefore only be made when agreed by joint majorities of both MP groups.

    4th Conclusion: Any legislation or other decision made unilaterally by majority of only one of the MP groups is invalid in the Union, as inherently denying the Minor Premise, and the first three Conclusions. Such decisions are therefore unlawful, unconstitutional, and abusively undemocratic.

    That even a unanimous rejection of a matter in the HoC by Scotland’s MPs can be routinely ignored by England’s MPs in the UK’s parliament, is a clear demonstration of Scotland’s colonial status, all by itself.

    5th Conclusion: Scotland is a de facto colony of England.

  218. Bobbyp

    Stoker 13th 12.03am. Did’nt know you were

  219. George Ferguson

    @Captain Yossarian 6:46am
    I think a radical overhaul of the structure and processes of Holyrood rather than closing it down. With an emphasis on checks and balances to prevent bad actors manipulating outcomes to their own advantage. It is more than disappointing that the place continually produces bad law. Improvements have been suggested many times. MSPs of all colours have tin ears. It’s up to us to ensure the necessary changes are made. Have a good day Captain.

  220. Stephen O'Brien

    Court sanctioned, democratic process can only be achieved by suing the Scottish Parliament.

    Proving the inadequacy of Holyrood, a slam dunk!

    Concentrate on recording the will of the people, without involvement of Holyrood or MSPs.

    Use the Holyrood template for a legally enabled plebiscite, unhindered by political restriction or interference. Freedom to express a legitimate opinion, using Scots Law for Fair & Just process.

    Ultimately, enactment of the result, takes us to the final stage of that journey.


  221. Ian Brotherhood

    @Mac (9.01) –

    Hear hear.

    Added to which, the almost complete absence of any ‘Peace’ movement.

    There are protests, aye, but they’re given no msm coverage therefore, for many people, they don’t exist.

    MacGregor has already warned, weeks ago, that we’re in Cuban Crisis territory. He reckons this could be even worse. But we don’t have a JFK in the Oval Office, we have a demented stunt double who likes sniffing girls’ hair when he isn’t sleeping.

  222. Johnlm

    The system isn’t broken.
    It was designed this way.

  223. Republicofscotland

    Turabdin @6.59pm.

    Yeah I saw that report on the BBC’s outpost BBC Scotland news progamme yesterday, the reporter didn’t even mention Scotland instead she referred to Scotland as Nato airspace.

    Of course unlike just about every other country in Europe and further afield Scotland hasn’t got an airforce, English controlled military jets are stationed in Scotland, and the foreign government in England gives some minion the nod North of the border when to launch them.

    Infact Scotland has no military defence whatsoever, no army, no navy, no airforce, so even if we decided that we’d remove the corrupt England serving SNP from government and replace them with real courageous indy minded folk, unlike one of the poorest nations on earth Niger, we couldn’t even install and indy minded junta for the transition.

    What a sorry state Scotland is in, and what’s worse is that the majority of Scots don’t even know it.

    Instead of believing our foreign media on China and the RF, which is mainly lies and propaganda, we should be embracing them they could be powerful allies that could help our cause.

  224. robbo

    Show us the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nae bother . Here ye go and they don’t even hide it.

    Add the MPs, MSP’s and all the other spongers in private sector That’s where yer £3 trillion is!

    Been going on for 310 years. Must be ” Ancient guff “

  225. John Main

    @Mac says:15 August, 2023 at 9:01 am

    the other major powers they are threatening

    Nobody was ever threatened. It is deluded to claim otherwise.

    The exponents of unprovoked aggression were told there would be consequences if they used [reasons] to invade, occupy, enslave or systematically destroy a neighbouring country. That is all.

    It doesn’t surprise me there are Scots who sympathise with the attempted destruction of pro-West nations. These Scots hate everything associated with our Western values. According to their lights, we fail the ideological purity tests and most therefore go under.

    But it does continue to astonish me that some of these Scots also claim to be supporters of Indy. The cognitive dissonance that has them happily cheering on the imperialist, colonialist destroyers of a free, independent, sovereign nation and culture is beyond either comprehension or parody.

  226. Mac

    I almost put that in Ian, there is no one in power talking about peace.

    The old ‘left’ is consumed by meaningless woke garbage and long ago dropped the pretence of caring about improving ordinary people’s lives.

    There was one politician I remember being a real thorn in Tony Blair’s side as he lied to justify the invasion and destruction of Iraq (for his neocon masters, gosh, them again).

    And that was of course one Alex Salmond. How convenient for them that he was crudely taken out of the political scene just prior to this utter madness we see going in the blueyellow country. Can’t see Corbyn being so gung-ho neither had he been PM.

    Being pro-peace becomes a death sentence the closer you get to real power it seems. Trump also found that out the hard way. These folks are taken out or thwarted or both.

    I can’t believe the state of the leadership in the US and the EU right now, it is terrifying considering the stakes, and they just keep throwing more into the pot on a hand they (and sadly also by extension ‘us’) are destined to lose.

    It is like that moment where the school bully pushes and taunts the smaller kid to the very edge of that point… the point where the bully learns a hard lesson, and things are never the same for them again. It is coming and it is going to be really hard to predict how it will manifest what happens next when it does. We are being driven off a cliff…

  227. John Main

    @Republicofscotland says:15 August, 2023 at 10:05 am

    they could be powerful allies that could help our cause

    Woo hoo, cue vids of massed Katyusha batteries all firing at once while a male-voice choir belts out patriotic anthems.

    Wonder what cause “our cause” is, eh?

    So what’s your long-term game plan, RoS? Obvs “opponents of the regime” will be taken out if you have your way. Do you expect to survive the purges cos of your long history of loyalty?

    That’s not usually how things pan out. Soz.

    How’s the state of your hands? Calloused enough to pass examination by a street-corner vigilante gang? Careful you don’t get mistaken for an “intellectual” RoS. No way could you last 25 years in the camps.

  228. Republicofscotland

    Billy Carlin.

    You’re way to far ahead for most in here, they won’t accept that info.

    Nor will they accept.


    Behind the Flag.


    7/7 Ripple Effect.

    The Boston Marathon.

    and hundreds of other exposures of what’s really going on.

  229. John Main

    @Mac says:15 August, 2023 at 10:19 am

    What temperature is best for removing habitual soiling from my undercrackers?

    Does that Vanish stuff work as advertised?

    Is there a pocket-sized Febreze for when I am out and about?

    C’moan folks, ah’m shitting masel here!

  230. Johnlm

    JM must have shares in Burisma Holdings or similar.
    404 is the one subject which really pushes his buttons.

  231. James

    The rabid Tory Brexiteer racist ‘John Main’ Daily Mail bot continues his/her/it’s spittle-flecked squaddie slavers…


  232. Republicofscotland

    “It comes after new figures revealed that the number of civil servants who are earning more than £100,000 has almost doubled in the last seven years.
    The number of officials who take home six figures has reached 2,050 – a rise of 88pc since 2016 – of which 195 are now earning a salary of more than £150,000.”

    Robbo @10.13pm.

    The gravy train is alive and well.

    Scotland has a much smaller population than England, we can’t keep on helping to subsidise a country with ten times our population, the above highlights why we need to keep our weailth in Scotland. The 2021 census showed that the population of England is 56,489,800.

    Scotland can easily afford a good state pension at an earlier age, but not whilst its tied to this mammoth wealth sucking entity known as England that has ten times our population.

    Being trapped in this undemocratic union is detrimental to Scots on every level, especially on a financial one, where the profits of our assets head South we must find a way to ditch this rancid union, or continue to suffer the consequences of remaining chained to this wealth sucking neighbour.

  233. Jock McTavish

    Sven @9.17am

    Sorry about the ipad 🙂

    Not much Intelligence involved with the SNP, Artificial or otherwise, except the Military variety!

  234. John Main

    @James says:15 August, 2023 at 10:54 am

    The rabid Tory Brexiteer racist ‘John Main’ Daily Mail bot continues his/her/it’s spittle-flecked squaddie slavers…

    That your best shot? Surely you could have squeezed “Yoon” in there.

    And there’s an entire set of colonialist baloney you could have employed.

    And then take “slavers”. Where’s the clever linkage between slavering and supporting slavery? An open goal missed IMHO.

    FFS James, up your sorry game. Piss poor insults like yours do nothing to advance Indy.

  235. David Hannah

    Daily Express:

    Showbiz Sturgeon’s 5k junket to massage her who after the 2022 council elections. To meet war criminal Nansi Pelosi. We know she likes to sit in airport lounges and be feel important.

    It had no specific outcome but to “promote Scotland overseas.”

    As a result she missed two debates on education and health. Two areas the SNP are failing the worst.

    Nicola likes the airport lounges as she wants to feel important with her own version of Air Force One. Caledonia 1.

    Aveos Nicola then met her 25 person delegation in Egypt at the £150,000 hotel bill Cop 27.

    So Aveos, or adios Nicola could have conversations with hotel staff, cleaners and photo opportunities with the chef and look through the window.

    Tax payers robbed again by Sturgeon and her ego on Caledonia 1.

  236. Johnlm

    I suggest ‘TENA for men’.

    It’s the brand Zelenskiiii uses.

  237. James

    “…Piss poor insults like yours do nothing to advance Indy….”

    Nor does your BS, chum. Sorry; YOON BS. That better?

  238. Robert Hughes

    @ Ian B & Mac

    Really difficult , isn’t it , to know who is the most reliable source of information re the Proxy War – U.S Army Veteran , holder of ……

    Defense Superior Service Medal
    Bronze Star (with Valor)
    Meritorious Service Medal (4)
    Army Commendation Medal
    Army Achievement Medal
    National Defense Service Medal (2)
    Southwest Asia Service Medal (2 Bronze Stars)
    Kuwait Liberation Medal
    Kosovo Campaign Medal
    Humanitarian Service Medal
    French Meritorious Service Medal (Bronze Star)
    Parachutist Badge
    Ranger Tab

    Perceptive analyst not only of military affairs , also of the * Woke * insanity destroying Western societies , the revolting greed and misanthropic disregard of ANYTHING – eg human lives , other than vast profit of the Military Industrial Complex and the concerted assault on Free Speech and access to accurate , truthful information being waged on the – supposed – ” citizens ” of the – alleged – ” Free World ” by the bought and paid for Political Class and it’s servant/master MSM + Big Tech . Namely Col Doug Macgregor . Or ……

    Idiot propagandist for all of the above , ” show me the money ” moron , hate-filled advocate of genocide and all-round waste of skin . Namely the fanny’s fanny Main .

    Tough one , eh ?

    If there was such a thing as a fair , objectively truthful MSM ( there isn’t ) it would be reporting the FACTS re this latest instance of U.S Neocon- instigated Terror .

    This is a conflict that was entirely avoidable , which can’t be – could NEVER have been – * won * , which is slaughtering incalculable numbers of ( mostly U ) lives and unless the psychopaths overseeing this utter carnage are removed and people with a grip on reality installed , could lead to Nuclear Armageddon .

    ” Show us the money ” then ya clown

    BTW Main , I don’t read a word you say , I only know you’re still here shitting out your mouth through others quoting you .

  239. Johnlm

    * it doesn’t stop verbal incontinence, sadly.

  240. David Hannah

    Daily Express:

    Now that Ian Blackford has to go back into the real world he’s now ashamed of his completely moulded and SNP scripted personality in Westminster.

    He rejects claims he’s a pompous arse, it was a scripted personality he says. Which makes one wonder just how bad his real personality is that his handlers thought pompous arse would be bette!

    Yesterday’s man, bye bye.


    The «enemy» is usually critiqued for not subscribing to the vague concept of «Western values». For countries like the US and UK, both not noted for restraint when strategically threatened or strangers to imperialist/ expansionist blood letting to hide behind the concept when dealing with the likes of Russia or China or Iran or Syria is sanctimonious at best and culturally racist, all right thinking Anglos together, at worst.
    The West has no monopoly in the domain of human values. Occasionally it needs to be reminded of that when supplying cluster bombs, drones etc to proxies and even when dishing up that cuddly «Soft Power»
    As a region of the UK Scotland, unlike England is mere useful territory, becoming however more useful, even expendable, as geopolitics changes. Not a good time to be without a genius at the helm of the ship of state, the Scottish state that is.

  242. Big Jock

    I see Harvie is now wanting to stop solar panels and plough our funds into heat pumps!

    I hate to become a conspirator regarding Global Warming. But the more I read about the Greens agenda on climate. The more I am starting to believe this whole Global Warming is home for extreme environmentalists and nodding dog scientists.

    When 90% of scientists agree (allegedly) , the ones alowed to speak. And any doubters are publically humiliated and shut down. Then you do start to question what this is all about.

    I have read alternative theories about what is causing CO2 to rise, and the resultant temperature increase. They are theories from eminent scientists with no axe to grind. They are individuals who just want to offer alternative theories. This is the norm in theoretical hypothesis. But it seems there is one explanation and any off message theories are not credible, according to climate scientists. It’s become like a cult religion , where belief in another god is sacrilegious.

    There is no denying that the temperature is increasing. However that does not mean there is one cause , or that it’s simply manmade CO2. There is no evidence that this is not just an extreme natural cycle that will burn it’s course over decades.

    The alternative theory I have read is that that temperature was increasing naturally and it had the effect of increasing CO2. When CO2 increases it results in higher temperatures. So essentially the trigger was an increase in temperature pushing up CoO2. Then science jumping to the conclusion that all Temperature increases were because of CO2 emissions , which were entirely man made.

    My theory is that there is an element of both, but our 100 year impact on a billions of years old planet. Is simply a fly on a windscreen.

    The Green agenda is to stop progress, to ban cars, to stop industry and to disrupt ordinary citizens. When we have eejits stopping a cycle race and gluing themselves to a road. Then you know it’s home for loonies and cranks.

  243. John Main

    @Robert Hughes says:15 August, 2023 at 11:26 am

    BTW Main , I don’t read a word you say ,

    I like it. Clear guidelines on how to achieve and maintain “impregnable ignorance”.

    See thon list o military decorations in yer wee bit post, Bob.

    Get ane o yer pals tae tell ye that in their een, yon’s a list o abject shame. See if ye can fathom hoo, by yer ain beliefs, thon decorations invalidate yer arguments.

    Annither wee thing ye could do an a. Work oot fer yersel, frae first principles, whose army is across the border in whose country. Ye’ll find things will suddenly get a lot clearer. Bit get a pal tae help if it’s all tae much fer ye. Here’s a wee clue: Use the Google on yer computer tae find oot whit “army”, “border” an “country” mean.

    Dinna ye be readin this noo! Stick tae yer guns.

  244. Ian Brotherhood

    If you ask an AI (in this case, Google ‘Bard’) about Operation Branchform, you get this:

    ‘Operation Branchform is a covert operation by the British government to develop and deploy autonomous weapons systems. The operation was first revealed in a 2021 article in The Guardian, which alleged that the UK was developing “killer robots” that could be used to target and kill people without human intervention.

    The government has denied these allegations, but has refused to provide any details about Operation Branchform. However, it is clear that the UK is one of a number of countries that are developing autonomous weapons systems.

    Autonomous weapons systems are a controversial technology, with some people arguing that they are unethical and could lead to the development of “superkillers” that could decide who lives and dies without human intervention. Others argue that autonomous weapons systems could be used to reduce the risk of human casualties in war.

    The debate over autonomous weapons systems is likely to continue for some time. However, it is clear that the UK is committed to developing these technologies, and Operation Branchform is a key part of this effort.

    Here are some additional details about Operation Branchform:

    The operation is being led by the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (DSTL).
    The DSTL is working with a number of British companies to develop autonomous weapons systems.
    The operation is expected to cost £100 million over the next five years.
    The DSTL has said that the goal of Operation Branchform is to develop autonomous weapons systems that are “safe, effective, and ethical.”

    It is important to note that Operation Branchform is still in its early stages. It is not clear when the UK will deploy autonomous weapons systems, or what kind of capabilities these systems will have. However, it is clear that the UK is taking the development of autonomous weapons systems very seriously.’

  245. Ali Clark

    IB @ 2.06 Almost makes as much sense as the rest of the posted commentary these days.

  246. John Main

    @TURABDIN says:15 August, 2023 at 12:24 pm

    The West has no monopoly in the domain of human values

    Indeed, but you can’t use that argument to say that the west needs to be destroyed because we lack rigorous ideological purity. Hard as it is to believe sometimes when reading on here, Scotland is very much part of the west and will continue to be so.

    Meantime, we can all ponder on what is going on in some of the countries you list:

    R: An ever increasing list of dissidents imprisoned, poisoned, exiled or foolishly booking rooms in high-rise hotels and suffering fatal accidents whilst adjusting the windows.

    C: Entire ethnic/religious groups in concentration camps for “re-education”.

    I: Peaceful, female protesters deliberately shot in the genitals by state security.

    S: Yeah, that place is just thriving. Hence the millions of refugees overseas. When they going back? Never?

    Please don’t respond by saying this is all the fault of the CIA.

    If you do want to respond constructively, maybes ponder why there are no rubber dinghies packed with desperate Scots motoring out of Leith.

  247. Johnlm

    404 latest.

    2nd SS Panter Division ‘der John Main’ is involved in heavy fighting in the West.

    They face a possible rout and request reinforcements of tattoo removal specialists

    And clean underwear.

  248. James Che

    The most accurate and up-to-date confirmation that Scotland comes under the catagory of Colony is that England tells Scotland it can not decide for itself when it can or can’t be free because England relies on reaping the resources and Scotlands name plate esteem to make the logo great britain mean something other wise britain will be known as little England.

    This is all the information needed of modern day entrapment by England Colonising what is hoax treaty for centuries.
    For Scotland has not been politically joined since they dissolved and extinguished Scotland from the treaty in 1707 nor under one monarch joined to England since 1707.

    Article 11: extract,

    ” To remain and continue to the most the most Excellent princess Sophia Electress and Duchess Dowager of Hanover and the heirs of her body being protestant upon whom the “Crown of England” is Settled by an act of the parliament of England in the twelve year of the reign of his Masjesty king William the third entitled an ” Act for further limitation of the Crown ”

    This Crown is Settled only and specifically on England,
    it does not mention Scotland,
    And to this day the monarch of England is never crowned as monarch of the same ceremony, nor co they wear the Scottish crown,
    The monarch in Scotland is not monarch of the Country. But of “the people” if, a big ” IF” they should accept him or her as their monarch.
    This year they shouted, “Not our king” in the Streets,

    This begs the question since 1707 with regards to Sovereignty of Westminster, the royal coffers, taxes revenues, Crown Courts authority in Scotland, the treasury under Bank of England Connected to The Sovereignty of the monarch of England.

    What unravel’s once we are aware that the monarch of Britain? Is acknowledged in the treaty of union as the monarch of England by the old English parliament Act in Westminster.

  249. John Main

    “The operation is expected to cost £100 million over the next five years.”


    Waste 5 years spending a paltry amount (I would have thought 10 billion was a more reasonable sum), and then buy US autonomous weapons systems off the shelf. I bet the Yanks won’t hesitate to spend that 10 billion.

    FFS. It takes around a billion USD to develop a new model of car – and that will be an incremental progression of the dozens of models that went before it, and certainly be re-using a lot of the smaller parts and sub-assemblies.

  250. Republicofscotland

    “As a region of the UK Scotland, unlike England is mere useful territory, becoming however more useful, even expendable”


    Yes Scotland is expendable, it is to be asset stripped and used to house foreign nuclear weapons, its parliament is home to no independence parties all have bee corrupted and infiltrated, we are held illegally in this union and we are utterly propagandised by the foreign media who aid the English government and its House Jocks to keep Scotland trapped.

    As for the likes of Syria, there’s around ten US military bases in the North, they are there illegally they have no sovereignty in Syria and have not been invited in.

    At the al-Tanf US base the US military is training Takfiri terrorists to do the USA’s bidding in Syria, and the ME in general.

  251. Republicofscotland


    Y’know the Yuk-ies are near defeat when the Hill, Washington Post and CNN report that the Yuki counter-offensive has failed, even vehemently anti-RF Polish President Duda has come out and said the Yuk-ies have failed.

    The US hawks want to push us closer to armageddon by giving the Yuk-ies what they want weapons wise, such as Mad Dog Bolton, who in an article in the Wall Street Journal berated Biden’s acceptance that the Yuk-ies will eventually lose.

  252. Captain Yossarian

    George – One of the main functions of Holyrood is making laws and implementing existing laws. For decades, Scots have just assumed that lawyers worked for the public, that Scotland had a more robust legal system that most countries and, because of that, we could just let lawyers work because they were working for us in the end.

    Now this is a personal judgement about how you and your family feel about the way lawyers are now representing them, post Holyrood. Do you feel that lawyers are still working for you? What about GRR and juryless trials? Is Humza the right man to be leading any changes to our legal system? This legal system has taken a few hundred years to get right, but what has the last 10-years done to it? What has it done to the civil-service?

    My feeling about this is that I would rather have a trustworthy legal profession and civil-service than a Holyrood parliament any day of the week. Many on here will not agree with that of course, but it’s a personal view.

    It would be a good question for Alex Salmond and Kenny MacAskill wouldn’t it? I sometimes try to find common ground with the folks on here. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t but I think we could all agree that these are two of our most respected men. What do you think they would say?

  253. Republicofscotland

    “I hate to become a conspirator regarding Global Warming. But the more I read about the Greens agenda on climate. The more I am starting to believe this whole Global Warming is home for extreme environmentalists and nodding dog scientists.”

    Big Jock.

    I take your point, the planet does heat up and cool down in cycles over hundreds of thousands, million of years, and corporations have made millions out of Greenwashing and Bluewashing and carbon offsetting, I think the point is that we as human, its our activities that are speeding up this process, our pumping CFCs into the atmosphere is heating up the planet quicker than it normally would in a heat cycle.

    The real kicker though is that once the temperature reaches a certain point gases such as methane will be released from the frozen tundras and below the seas, these gases will supercharge the global heating process.

    Michael Moore has a excellent documentary on YT called The Planet of the Humans, which explains how big business is making a fortune from jumping onto the green wagon, even Al Gore made a fortune from it.

    Greedy human nature will take humanity to the edge of the precipice, whether we as a species survive or not is uncertain, the Earth will go on, it will brush us off like dandruff from someone’s shoulder. As the five major extinct events have shown previously.

  254. PhilM

    The puppeteer speaking through the puppet.
    If we had any doubt about the continuing influence of Sturgeotti, I present as exhibit A that Guardian article linked to above. Written by Sturgeotti’s media mouthpiece as well.
    Strange that there’s no mention of the worst examples of HY’s toxic masculinity which we all know about.
    Puir auld Scotland…how did we ever deserve this shower of incompetent clowns?

  255. George Ferguson

    @Captain Yossarian 3:03pm
    I would say post SNP rather than post Holyrood. Sturgeon as a failed lawyer has manipulated the Judicial process well. As would any bad actor without checks and balance and properly functioning Institutions. I have stated pretty much everybody agrees that bad law has been produced by Holyrood. Look at the multiple failures. It’s an open goal for Salmond and Alba. Put forward in their manifesto radical proposals to democratise Holyrood and be responsive to the people. A small upper chamber with a combination of professional legal people and lay people to name but one. A revamped Committee system not dependent on the leading party. The Fabiani Inquiry was an absolute joke. I am a silent member of Alba. It’s over to them to seize the initiative. Change is a coming. I am off to see Oppenheimer. Physics and Engineering I will love it!.

  256. James Che

    Why do “Scottish independence parties fake” being tied to Englands Westminster Sovereignty .?

    Scottish independence parties Fake being tied the Crown?

    Scottish independence parties fake being in a union treaty when they were extinguished and dissolved out of it in 1707.

    Scottish independent parties fake being under Englands “Crown Courts ”

    Personally, any politician who is claiming to be a Scottish independence party but ignores these parts or all of the important historical facts of recorded history, is shamming, and is faking being for Scottish independence at all.
    Many so called fallacious hero’s and heroine’s of such Scottish independence parties are working for the other side behind the scenes,
    They simple cannot be valid.
    If they do not mention that the Scottish parliament was extinguished and dissolved from the treaty
    Over three hundred years ago,
    Not assimulated in 1707 as a joint partner to the treaty of the union.

  257. Chas

    You think that Che, Baird, RoS, and various others are bad then up pops Carlin. Where do you start with nutters like that?
    Yet another to be avoided at all costs.

  258. robertkknight


    “Yet another to be avoided at all costs”

    Why not just avoid WoS? You’d make yourself AND a host of others very happy indeed!

    Don’t let it hit your etc.

  259. James Che

    Big Jock,

    Hooray for intelligent people whom can think for themselves, well said.

    May I just Add their are none so blind as those that cannot see, and those who dont want to see,

    CO2 is essential for all living things on this planet,
    If the rise in Co2 is dangerous levels why do the elite jet of to these unelected meeting and forums like WEF, the G 7;and other numbers, the WHO, etc when they could Skpe.

    Why are they not making big gigantic efforts to bring peace, instead of providing weapons to bomb the planet,

    And why kill animals in their natural habitat to replace them with idealogical days of old animals in a experiment under the pretext of posture driven Climate Change,

    At the same time as our politicians jet around the world for foreign their many breaks,

    Some people want to believe because their employment depends on it,

  260. DaveL

    I thought I’d remind myself about how far up in our institutions criminals can get. James Wolfe came to mind, the ex Lord Advocate, the chief cheese, as high as you can get in Scotland’s prosecution service. In the video he flaps about before getting started, at about four minutes in it struck me that thes fella licks his lips a lot. As I watched the lip licking became rapid, during pauses, at the end of short statements, it never stops, it’s incredible.

    I have to say it, this criminal KC could be put forward as definite proof lizard people exist. Icke should hear about this particular crim.

    Take a look, four minutes in is where I noticed, seven minutes in is where he starts admitting his criminal actions, what he said in between I have no idea.

    Q. What’s the blink rate of lizards.

    Also since I’m in the mood, do you think it would still be considered lucky if you were shit on by a pterodactyl?

    PS John Main, yes I know everything I’ve written is wrong and probably detrimental to Scottish Independence so save your condescending “‘soz’ you’re wrong” post and carry on about your day being all knowing and godlike. I’m away to moonhowl.

  261. PhilM

    @George Ferguson
    Having read a few of your posts lately, it strikes me that you are exactly the type of person who understands how deep the rot has set in with Scotland’s managerial class.
    Don’t be silent…speak up man. Speak up!!!

  262. David Hannah

    finger wagging is not the answer”, says Yousless.

    Insisting it was crucial to understand why thousands of young men and boys in Scotland were attracted to celebrity misogynists such as Andrew Tate.”

    Because your fucking demonising them you fucking twat.

    SNP out. The white hating racist out.

    Scum of the earth the SNP.

  263. David Hannah

    Sorry Humza. I know cheif mammy must have made you say it.

    You can tackle mysogynistic attitudes by sacking the incels from you party.

    What the men?

    What about the men’s sheds clubs being stripped of funding, because they’re not the right type of men?

    What about the men, being forced onto the migrant barge.

    What about all the men waiting on housing, dumped and forgotten about?

    What about David Goodwillie with SNP sex pest Jordan linden cancelling clyde? With perjury. Double perjury and triple perjury.

    What about the alphabetties in the SNP?

    The fake allegations of sexual harassment made against high profile men since Me Too.

    Time for the male Me Too Movement Humza.

    Time to stand up for the men for a change. Not the men that wear a skirt. You clown.

    What the homeless men? Help them.

  264. David Hannah

    Humza. Fuck off.

    From a man. Who hates your guts. We don’t like racists in this country.

  265. David Hannah

    Humza doesn’t realise that men matter too.

    We’re just as scared of being attacked on the way home from town as the nightbus in Glasgow in cancelled.

    He doesn’t give a damn about men. For woke elements to exist in the SNP.

    Men are to be demonised as the enemy.

    Sturgeon. She’s the real criminal in the SNP. She’s toxic. Get rid of her you fanny.

    Yousless. Leave the kids alone. You’re a danger to them. Stop interfering, social engineering, stop interrupting their natural course of life.

    Leave the kids alone. Stop funding stonewall. Stop cutting funding for men.

    And resign. Your racist swine.

  266. David Hannah

    Are you an Adult Human Male?

    ME TOO.

    A Man with XY CHROMOSOMES like Kirsty Blackman?

    ME TOO.

    Sick of our polticians demonising you for being the wrong type of man?

    ME TOO.

    Come on men. Time to start the male Me TOO Movement in Scotland. It’s bound to take off.

    No one is listening to us.

  267. Ron Clark

    “THE SNP’s depute leader has condemned personal abuse on the eve of the legal challenge against the blocking of the Gender Recognition Reform (GRR) Bill.”

    Speaking on BBC Radio’s Good Morning Scotland, Keith Brown was quizzed on comments made at the Edinburgh Fringe by his Westminster counterpart, Mhairi Black, where she branded GRR opponents “bad actors,” “50-year-old Karens” and compared “gender critical” arguments to those employed by “white supremacists.”

  268. David Hannah

    Scared about walking home at night from being attacked, because the night bus in Glasgow is cancelled?

    ME TOO.

    Fancy a career in the Royal Air Force, but scared a woke liberal commander will discriminate against you for not having enough victim points for simply existing in your body?

    ME TO.

    Sick of seeing refugees given housing before you because you’re a single male?

    ME TOO.

  269. Ebenezer Scroggie

    “ponder why there are no rubber dinghies packed with desperate Scots motoring out of Leith.”

    The lock gates would be a bit of a hindrance.

    They prefer to go on the loco airlines, always remembering to print their ticket and boarding cards first of course.

    As if on the end of bungee cord, they always come bouncing back, but that’s because Buckfast is so bloody hard to find overseas.

  270. David Hannah

    Worried about your men’s shed club being closed down by the sex pest SNP councillors like Jordan Linden? Because he’s given all the money to Stonewall and his friends at the LGBT Youth Scotland stand?

    ME TOO.

  271. David Hannah

    Sick of equality and diversity managers coming over from Edinburgh to read out aristotle quotes and tell you to smile more while your wages plummet?

    ME TOO!

  272. Brian Doonthetoon

    Hi Republic of Scotland.
    If you’re interested in how to save the planet (and Humans!) here are some links for you.
    My sister and late brother-in-law, Moira and Cammi, were disciples of the work of John D. Hamaker and went as far as establishing the “Scottish Ecological Earth Regeneration (SEER) Centre, just outside Pitlochry at Straloch, some decades ago to carry out practical research.
    According to his writings, in 1976, Hamaker spread rock dust on part of his 10 acres (40,000 m2) in Michigan.
    The following year, his corn produced 65 bushels per acre, compared to yields of under 25 from other local farms, and also tested higher in many minerals.
    He calculated that remineralizing the soil with river, seashore, mountain and glacial rock dust would enable American agriculture to produce four times as much food or the same amount with a 25% reduction in cost, without the need for pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

    The Survival Of Civilization

    In 1982, he produced with Californian ecologist Donald A. Weaver “The Survival Of Civilization: Carbon Dioxide, Investment Money, Population – Three Problems Threatening Our Existence”, which was re-published by Remineralize The Earth in 2002[19] and in 2006 by Annotations and supporting evidence were provided by Weaver.
    The book which initially sold 14,000 copies, concerned the threat of an imminent ice age, remineralizing the world’s soils on a local and global scale and reforesting the planet to return atmospheric carbon dioxide to a normal interglacial level near 280 ppm, to help slow the glacial advance.[20]

    You can download a PDF or other file format of the book at this link:

    Here are some links, showing the results of work at the SEER Centre.

    A 4 page article Moira had published which explains SEER’s whole hypothesis briefly.

    I’ll put the other 4 short video links in a following comment, to prevent pre-moderation.

  273. Brian Doonthetoon

    This info was sent to me by Moira.

    Here’s 4 tv videos about Thomsons and SEER from 2004, and 2007.
    The trees have grown a lot!! It’s a rewilded self sufficient garden now

    BBC Landward

    BBC Scotland Evening News

    BBC Beechgrove Garden

    Swedish News 2007

  274. David Hannah

    Sick of the Edinburgh Elite selling off and demolishing you Glasgow City and turning it into a toxic waste dump?

    ME TOO.

    Sick of a ferry not turning up and your business going under?

    ME TOO.

    Worried you’ll die on your long tucker commute up the A9 to Inverness because the SNP can’t build roads?

    ME TOO Humza. Me Too.

  275. twathater

    “As men, we must listen, we must learn but we also must demonstrate what a positive male identity looks like to our young boys and to other men,” Yousaf said.

    See this positive male identity thingmy does that include shagging other women outwith your marriage or is that only allowed by certain people, are white people allowed to participate in this positive male identity thingmy asking for a friend because it gets rather confusing

  276. David Hannah

    Shagging other women because your first wife isn’t a good enough Muslim?

    Only you Humza! If only you’d been a better man.

    How can your current wife trust you?

    Once a cheat. Always a cheat.

  277. John Main

    @Republicofscotland says:15 August, 2023 at 2:48 pm

    Syria, there’s around ten US military bases in the North

    Thanks for the info, RoS, I didn’t know that. I’ve done a wee bit of research and here’s a handy link:

    Looks like the Yanks are doing a great job keeping IsState and their Hiranian allied nutcases down and out.

    As a result, we can all sleep a little easier in our beds. The last thing we want to see is the medieval head and hand choppers making a comeback.

    That would just cause more faked atrocities on our own streets!

  278. David Hannah

    Stranded on an island with no ferry in sight, why not pass the time by taking selfies in the female toilet like Heather Pervert?

    The SNP philosophy.

  279. David Hannah

    Sick of seeing high profile men like Johnny Depp, Kevin Spacey, Pascal Mendy accuited of all disbelieved charges by juries?

    ME TOO.

  280. David Hannah

    Sick of seeing conspirator Nicola Sturgeon ‘s face on television speaking ill of a innocent man because she doesn’t like the verdict of juries and is a psychopath?

    ME TOO!

    You get the message Humza?

    SNP OUT!

  281. Ebenezer Scroggie

    Brian Doonthetoon,

    Thankyou so much for the info about rockdust fertiliser.

    I’d never heard of it, but does all make sense to me.

    Have any peer-reviewed scientific papers been published on the subject in the past fifteen years? I’d like to look at the data and at the practicalities such as materials handling and what does this abrasive material do to ploughing and tilling equipment?.

  282. Captain Yossarian

    PhilM – George is away to the pictures tonight and so he has probably left the house already.

    He may be advocating a smaller Holyrood; more focussed on the public and less so on politics. With a separate chamber of lawyers, professionals and lay people.

    A different committee set-up which is not skewed in favour of the governing party.

    That sounds a fair idea to me. If I’ve got any of that wrong, he will correct it in the morning.

    George and Dan are two engineers and that explains why they are a hell of a lot smarter than anyone else on here.

  283. Johnlm

    Did that incontinent nutter John Main just say Iran and Isis are allied?
    Another howler

  284. Daisy Walker

    twathater says:
    15 August, 2023 at 6:11 pm

    “As men, we must listen, we must learn but we also must demonstrate what a positive male identity looks like to our young boys and to other men,” Yousaf said.

    See this positive male identity thingmy does that include shagging other women outwith your marriage or is that only allowed by certain people, are white people allowed to participate in this positive male identity thingmy asking for a friend because it gets rather confusing…’

    It’s easy really, as long as you don’t insure your car, when driving on a public road, it’s all fine.

  285. Viscount Ennui

    George Ferguson says:
    15 August, 2023 at 9:29 am

    “@Captain Yossarian 6:46am
    I think a radical overhaul of the structure and processes of Holyrood rather than closing it down.”

    Here, I am agreement with George – but only just.
    Where an organisation has failed as badly and as consistently as Hollyrood has, it must be tempting to destroy it and start again.
    There are merits in that approach.
    But it would not sit well with the Scottish populace.
    Instead, we must strengthen the powers of the legislature over the (fucking corrupt and incompetent) executive to ensure that it is held to account, and never again produces such appalling legislation as the DRS, GRC etc.
    What I notice Alf Baird avoiding (and I respect much of what he writes) is the impossibility of affording more powers to a current administration that has so betrayed the notion that Scotland can govern itself.
    Apologies, Alf!

  286. Brian Doonthetoon

    Hi Ebeneezer Scroggie.

    Here are three for you – I haven’t read them.,%20Mineral%20Fines%20and%20Compost.pdf

    I would treat the last one with a pinch of salt, (pardon the pun) as I was told by Moira and Cammi that rock dust with the wrong geological composition had been used in the 3 year trial.
    Moira could tell you more about the shenanigans of “office politics”, involving John Ferguson of SEPA (author of the 2004 report “Co-utilization of Rockdust,
    Mineral Fines and Compost”) and the lady hired to market SEER Rock Dust, which resulted in Binn Farms taking over the marketing of the dust and the lady gaining employment with Binn.
    I don’t know if Moira would but I’ll flag up the SEER comments here to her.

  287. Johnlm

    Viscount Ennui
    Raise your sights.
    This political mess is not peculiarly Scottish, it is throughout the western world.
    The template was prepared by Maurice Strong and Gro Harlem Brundtland and set out in the
    Agenda 21 UN action plan of 1992.
    Almost every public organisation is captured by it.
    To regain freedom of action on such as GRS and GRC the the UN’s power must be broken.

  288. Captain Yossarian

    Viscount Ennui – The Fabiani Inquiry should have opened everyone’s eyes to the malfeasance going-on, but it didn’t. Operation Branchform though will report to Scots who are less satisfied at what Holyrood is producing for them.

    I have had meetings with Scottish Government civil-servants. Believe me, they are gangsters. There have been murmurings of this from Jim Sillars and a few others, but I have seen it and it is not acceptable.

  289. Ebenezer Scroggie

    Brian Doonthetoon,

    Thankyou so much for those links. It’s going to take me some time to delve into them and into all the inevitable follow-on inquiries which will result.

    I don’t live in a den and I’m not a dragon and I’m no businessman, but I think that there’s a potentially humungous agribusiness opportunity in this thing.

    Good to see that Scots are at the forefront of this thing, so far.

    I’m no farmer, but I do own some LFA (ie, crap) land in the central belt which costs far too much to make fertile at current prices of lime and all the other compounds which could return it to its former arable glory.

    I think there is a possibility that this rockdust idea could be a real game-changer in our country where igneous rockdust is plentiful and is otherwise a waste product.

    Again, thankyou.

  290. Bernard de Linton

    Carlin.. step away from the computer….your mums going to switch it off…That other daftie who posts in the ” Scots Tongue”.. Perfect Oor ma boab, gie it up,min.

  291. MaryB

    Brian Doonthetoon @ 8.35
    I visited the SEER centre in about 2005 with my late husband and we heard the story of the marketing woman. We ordered rock dust for our local allotments. I’ve never heard rockdust mentioned for many years. Did it ever take off commercially?

  292. Merganser

    Humza still ploughing the same referendum furrow, and talking about moving dials beyond 53%. If people can’t see by now the uselessness of this man and the SNP there is little hope of independence in the next 10 years, if ever.

  293. Alf Baird

    Viscount Ennui @ 7:54 pm

    “the impossibility of affording more powers to a current administration that has so betrayed the notion that Scotland can govern itself”

    A colonial administration’s main task is to protect the interests of the mother country and undermine the independence movement. That should be obvious by now.

  294. Billy Carlin

    Johnlm – 7.00 pm

    Yep as I have said many times now he is either a useless paid shill not very good at his job as he is so obvious or just simply very thick and useless at research. Intelligent people who have already used their brains for research know that ISIS was created and funded by the US, UK, Israel etc as was Al-Qaida as well – funny how clowns like him do not notice so called ISIS fighters wearing US army boots and watches etc and driving US built white Toyota military spec pick-ups – these groups sent into the countries that are not owned and controlled by the MAFIAS that own and control our country and most others in order to take out those countries leaders and governments and replace them with their own puppets – Syria, Iran and Russia being among the few countries left not controlled by them.

    Of course Main just wants to ignore the FACT that Ukraine had MURDERED over 14,000 of the Russian people living in the Donbass region that used to be part of Russia up until the USSR made it part of Ukraine REGION that they created back then – They were also ethnically cleansing and trying to force these Russians into stopping speaking and writing in Russian etc as well. Russia has no intention of invading any country never mind the Ukraine – they went into the Donbass region to stop that murdering of these people who also voted in a massive majority to be independent from the Ukraine which resulted in the Ukraine upping their murder of these Russians.

    Republicofscotland 10:32 am – Yep to many people too lazy to actually use their brains to find out the TRUTH and how they have always been getting lied to about everything as part of the MAFIAS that own and control most of this planets agenda such as Chas at 3.55 pm who thinks people providing the TRUTH are nutters because of his cognitive dissonance or his Stockholm Syndrome or just because he is incapable of CRITICAL THINKING in the first place – I will be a nutter according to him for exposing that the BBC did used to occasionally decades ago put out some TRUTHFUL documentaries such as their one om NATO being responsible for going around setting off bombs in many different European capitals etc and putting out it was “terrorists” that were doing it – known as Operation Gladio and yet you get shills such as John Main who backs that corrupt puppet organisation and thinks that Russia is still the USSR – OF course these MAFIAS always have people willing to whore against their own families, friends and humanity for money but who are to stupid to realise that money is FAKE and worthless and created out of thin air – Gold backed money is a total scam as well and people are so unaware that is what the Wizard of Oz was exposing – the Yellow Brick Road and Dorothy’s slippers were actually silver in the book representing silver. The Secret of Oz by Bill Still among others totally exposes this but of course I am a nutter for exposing all of this because Chas’s brain cell struggles to take all of this in because his telly and newspapers and political party never told him any of this.

  295. Billy Carlin

    Bernard De Linton 9:09 pm

    What’s up Bernard – Are intelligent comments and FACTS too much for your brain cell – why don’t you just go back and stick to your trainspotting and leave the intelligent people to do the thinking and commenting – I am sure Stu will let you back on to let us know how many train numbers you have managed to write down in your wee book unless you want to actually PROVE anything that I have said is false – doubt you would be able to do that of course going by your dumb comment. At least some folk on here are up to scratch with what is really going on as per their intelligent comments.

  296. Ebenezer Scroggie


    England is not a colonial possession of Scotland.

    Nor vice-versa.

    The United Kingdom really does exist!

    It’s real!

    Live with it.

  297. Alf Baird

    Ebenezer Scroggie @ 10:10 pm

    “The United Kingdom really does exist!”

    Hopefully not for much longer.

  298. Shug

    is Starmer the continuity candidate

  299. stuart mctavish

    David Hannah @ several

    Brilliant, thank you!

    i*m wondering if we can give Humza the benefit of the doubt and assume he was conflating trannies with extreme right-left-right movements since, if not, one solution currently available might be for SNP to split BEFORE the by-election – and mitigate any fall out from the transition with a Scotland united candidate.

  300. Effijy

    Scotland is an English possession!

    For example at Brexit a massive 60% plus of Scottish votes were to Remain European.

    We have been dragged out against our will because England wants out.
    Removed from our place in Europe by a Tory Party who gets 20% of our votes and never a majority in 70 years.

    I don’t agree with this Trans Bill passed in Holyrood but England dictates we can’t apply the policy because we don’t have their permission.

    I’d like you to consider the position that every single Brexit vote cast in Scotland was for remain. Every voter turned out and every vote for Remain, we would still be out of Europe because the English vote makes our will a fart in a hurricane.

    We were picked out for Tory Poll Tax and Scotland finds itself as the only Remain country not to get a special deal with the EU. N Ireland will always be a winner over Scotland when foreign set up business arrives in the U.K. simply because global trading will be easier.

  301. Ebenezer Scroggie

    “every single Brexit vote cast in Scotland was for remain”

    Another onanist fantasy.

    They just keeping on coming.

  302. John Main

    It’s Scotland’s Rocks!

    Thought I would get in early and copyright the T-shirt slogan.

    Seriously though, if the idea is a go-er let’s hear more about it.

  303. John Main

    @Effijy says:16 August, 2023 at 6:04 am

    at Brexit a massive 60% plus of Scottish votes were to Remain European

    That’s a common misconception, yet a moment’s thought suggests that the same New Scots (AKA English immigrants) who voted No in 2014 voted Remain in 2016.

    It’s not credible to claim that one referendum was affected by the English New Scots and then claim that the other one wasn’t.


  304. John Main

    @Merganser says:15 August, 2023 at 9:42 pm

    Humza still ploughing the same referendum furrow

    Yet it’s the only furrow on the field.

    It’s just that HY’s no longer the man to plough it, just as the SNP is no longer the tractor (ach, this metaphor is shite).

    The point is, a referendum is the only legitimate, democratic, internationally acceptable route to Indy.

    And the route to that referendum is through competent devolved administration, with serious, articulate, principled, grown ups in charge, building confidence among us Scots that our governing classes have what it takes to successfully manage an aspirational first-world independent country.

    And that means, as Alba is belatedly realising, making a sound economic case for Indy, first and foremost.

    This is the real world, not Harry P. It takes years of hard work and confidence building. There is no “magic thinking” route – and with one bound, the Scots are free.

    Ten years should do it, starting from the day the present raft of troughers, incompetents, fantasists and pervs get swept into history’s dustbin.

  305. Oneliner


    Necrotising fasciitis is ‘real’. We ‘live with it’.

    That does not preclude our search for a cure.

  306. Viscount Ennui

    Captain Yossarian says:
    15 August, 2023 at 8:50 pm

    “I have had meetings with Scottish Government civil-servants. Believe me, they are gangsters.”

    No need to convince me. I have had direct personal experience and not too dissimilar to Alex Salmond. False allegations designed to discredit me because I am exposing very high level corruption which implicates Swinney and very probably Sturgeon.

    My antipathy towards them is deeply personal but it has also led me to conclude that I could not possibly vote YES if that cabal is still in power.


    At the risk of treading on delicate toes the anglicization and early stages of anglo colonialism in Scotland began with the Knoxian «reformation» which without English «help» might not have been successful. Knox was an anglophile, mixing mostly with English protestants on the continent and heavily influenced by radical English religious and political thought. His dislike of the French, except the Calvinists, was a driver. Admittedly, «working» in the galleys did not improve his temper in that regard.
    Had he stayed in England, a strong possibility, one might conjecture that the personal and political «unions» might never had happened. The beginning of Scottish fatalism?
    Meanwhile back in century 21….

  308. Iain More

    There is one deluded craven troll who seems to think Scotland isn’t a colonial possession of England. Brain transplant needed. Please don’t feed him.

    English Rule is safe with some of the craven trolls that appear here. It lets MI6 or 5 get on with arresting Russky spies. Cant have those Russkies kidnapping little girls and boys. Well that is the job for the English stroke British Tories and our other rulers and their Wokist Friends in The Pretendy Parly init guvnor.


    «And the route to that referendum is through competent devolved administration, with serious, articulate, principled, grown ups in charge, building confidence among us Scots that our governing classes have what it takes to successfully manage an aspirational first-world independent country»

    Scots, according to JOHN MAIN, are apparently required to do something no other now independent sovereign state has ever been expected to do, effectively prove it can run its own household. Rather petit bourgeois I’m surmising.

  310. Stoker

    So we enter that time of year where the Unionist media spin all their BULLSHIT about Scotland’s finances in a multitude of weird-and-wonderfully inventive ways. Tripping over each other to see which Unionist can be the Chief Anti-Indy Doom-monger. Yes, it’s GERS time. A topic this site has covered endlessly and exposed the repeated lies and deceit of the Unionists.

    There is, however, an interesting line in this archived article for the liars who have appeared on here selling their BS about there being no such thing as “Scotland’s Oil” or no such thing as “Scottish waters”. It says, simply, “That’s because a large majority of the increase in oil and gas revenues will be from activity in Scottish waters.” Yes, “activity in Scottish waters.”

  311. Captain Yossarian

    I have had the same experience with John Swinney’s civil-servant, who is a professional civil-engineer.

    It reminds me of something Alastair Campbell once said of whistle-blowers:

    1. You deny it.
    2. You deny it again.
    3. You discredit the whistle-blower.
    4. You say it was all a misunderstanding.

    The UK gov can get to 4, but Scotgov cannot get beyond 3. They re-run 3 on a continuous loop for years and it has sucked-in the professional institutions and hollowed them out too.

    I’ve had to go to the American Institutions instead. They give you a straight answer to a straight question and they’ve never even heard of John Swinney.

    Sadly, in its present format anyway, Holyrood is clearly not working.

  312. Northcode

    The Fallacy of Accent

    The accent fallacy occurs when a meaning different from that intended is conveyed through a special emphasis on certain letters, syllables, words, or ideas.

    Quotations taken out of context are sometimes gross examples of the Fallacy of Accent.

    For example, the Bible says:

    1) There is no God.

    2) No one can be trusted.

    It’s a fact that these propositions are in the Bible, but in their context the meaning is altogether different:

    1) “The fool hath said in his heart: There is no God” (Ps. 4:1-2).

    2) “I said in my excess: No one can be trusted” (Ps.l 16:11).

    Here’s another example of Fallacy of Accent from a comment posted earlier on this thread @7:06am:

    “every single Brexit vote cast in Scotland was for remain”

    The full context of the quote is shown in a comment made by Effijy @6:04am:

    “I’d like you to consider the position that every single Brexit vote cast in Scotland was for remain.”

    It’s quite obvious that Effijy is asking the reader to consider an outcome based on a hypothetical scenario. This technique is quite valid in presenting an argument and in no way can it be considered an attempt at deception.

    Unlike the example I’ve shown above from a comment made @7:06am, fallacy of accent can be very subtle.

  313. John Main

    @ TURABDIN says:16 August, 2023 at 8:55 am

    Scots, according to JOHN MAIN, are apparently required to do something no other now independent sovereign state has ever been expected to do, effectively prove it can run its own household. Rather petit bourgeois I’m surmising

    Not sure about the biscuits reference, but that aside, has there ever been a successful, newly independent, sovereign state where its ruling elite had just previously displayed a total lack of competence to run a bath?

    Aspirational first-world countries are complex things. It’s only eejits that believe they can be run with any success by other eejits.

    As we are witnessing today on the world stage, through the prism of the Edinburgh Fringe, total reality-denying eejits are calling the shots.

    We can’t risk handing Scotland over to them.

  314. Johnlm

    Based on a rigorous word count of various contributors, and their most used words, our AI psychiatrists have been able to draw conclusions on the subject’s major obsessions.
    They are –
    Yossarian – most used word Swinney
    Eb Scrote – most used word onanist
    John Main- most used word orc

    This is a sad reminder of Thatchers ‘care in the community’ policy.

  315. John Main

    @Iain More says:16 August, 2023 at 8:49 am

    kidnapping little girls and boys … is the job for the English stroke British Tories and our other rulers

    Maybes Northcode will drop in to tell us if this is Fallacy Of Accent, or an accurate summary of Iain’s recently posted shite.

    Tell you what, Iain. I will meet you half-way and assume you meant to write something like “brainwashing our children to believe trans woowoo is tacitly condoned by our ruling elites”.

    Over to you, if you want to agree that writing “kidnapping” was a gross over exaggeration.

  316. akenaton

    Surely the point is that the whole ethos of Scottish Independence has been tarnished by the convolutions of the Murrell regime.

    I was a believer that we in Scotland needed renewal to combat the lethargy which set in in the late nineties and was sucking the spirit from our people. I thought that the idea of being an Independent nation, even if it meant being less financially comfortable was attainable, but unfortunately I was wrong, the installation of corrupt people, even deification of the corrupt leader, indicated that we were unable to play in the streets of be allowed out for long periods on our own.

    Independence is no longer a rallying call, it is a device to enable cowards and villains. As Mr Main has explained we need to settle down to build an economy and social system that makes our people proud of what they have accomplished, not a downtrodden and dispirited population of lookers-on who stand waving flags while all around them disintegrates.

    The future does not belong to those who comment here, but a generation unlike anything which has gone before, who will have been moulded and informed by technology, without self belief work ethic or national pride.

    We should stop fighting the battles of centuries past and “weary cast oor ee’s on prospects drear”, unless we make a start on addressing them now.


    See the context of JOHN MAIN’s argument, however were we to apply such high-end criteria to governance planet wide very few indeed would pass the examination.
    I do not see why Scotland, even in the aftermath of silly wokery should be compelled to do resits ad nauseam.

  318. Johnlm

    Ochone, Ochone.
    A lot of the sissy-boys are on here this morning.

  319. James

    “…As Mr Main has explained we need to settle down to build an economy and social system that makes our people proud of what they have accomplished…”

    How exactly do we do that when our finances/assets/democracy are stolen by the country next door?
    ‘Mr Main’ has never explained anything in his life all he does is blow Tory bubbles.



    FM YOUSSAF believes Scotland should be in the vanguard of combatting «toxic masculinity».
    Is there a case for doing the same with «toxic femininity», or is that sex just all fluffy, cuddly, doe eyed and motherly?
    Sexism operates both ways FM.

  321. John Main

    @akenaton 10:17


    And we can start by trying to deal with the shameful incident being played out in Scotland’s capital in the full glare of the world’s media. I refer, of course, to the cancellation of the Fringe show featuring comic genius Graham Linehan. Graham has been cancelled for refusing to bow the knee before the trans reality-denying woowoo pedlars. Here’s a wee quote from Unherd:

    Graham has been considered controversial for holding a range of beliefs. Most notably: that human beings cannot change sex, that women deserve the right to single-sex spaces and the chance to compete fairly in sports, that feminists such as J.K. Rowling should not have to put up with rape and death threats for stating biological facts, and that gay and autistic children ought not to be medicalised and put onto a pathway to sterilisation. What a monster.

    No Scottish politician who refuses to unreservedly stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Graham’s beliefs deserves any support from us whatsoever.

  322. Ron Clark

    akenaton 10.17am

    Just read your post,,,and it is filled with even more shite than the site prick John Main posts,,,which i never thought possible.

    If it wasn’t for sites like this, Nicola Sturgeon would still be in her job as First Minister for ever more.

    And with arseholes like you around, she would also be in her job as First Minister for ever more.

    As for the present First Minister,,,his position is a temporary one, and won’t be removed until the next Scottish elections. (Hopefully sooner)

    So take your defeatist mindset and ram it right up your defeatist R Sole.

    We’ll continue the good fight without you.

  323. Alf Baird

    akenaton @ 10:17 am

    “As Mr Main has explained we need to settle down to build an economy and social system that makes our people proud”

    In a colonial society? Seriously?

    Sorry to have to remind you that the main purpose of colonialism IS economic plunder. This is the root cause of the under-development of a colonial territory and its people, and their poverty.

    The main purpose of a colonial administration is to ensure that this economic plunder continues. Hence nothing can change until the people are liberated.

    Don’t you folks read postcolonial theory at all:

  324. akenaton

    “How exactly do we do that when our finances/assets/democracy are stolen by the country next door?”

    Perhaps you could try standing around in the rain waving Saltires?

  325. James

    ‘Akenaton’/’Main’; I reckon Ron Clark @ 10:45 has got the pair of you about sussed.

  326. akenaton

    Ron, I don’t usually respond to abuse, but in your case taking your obvious problems into consideration, I will make an exception.
    When I first posted here, most people below the line were engaged in frantically licking Mrs Murrell’s posterior. It was supposed “Glory Time” and I had just sent a two page letter to Mrs Murrell informing her of my resignation from the Party and querying her direction of travel socially. Never received any sort of reply.

    I continue to post and donate here because I admire Mr Campbell and his protection of free speech, this site must be one of the best on the net regarding the ability of commenters to air their views. Even sad abusers are allowed a little scope.
    Mr Campbell steered his flock away from the deification of the Murrells, but there is still a coterie of flag waving, sword swinging, faux Highlanders, which anchor this ship in a dead sea.

  327. JGedd

    John Main @!0.35am

    I agree entirely with your comment. What has happened to Graham Linehan is shameful. There seems to be considerable cognitive dissonance going on with the likes of the Guardian-reading stereotypes and many of our politicians who think that they are ‘on the right side of history’. They parade their ‘liberal’ consciences on certain issues but seem incapable of recognising their own authoritarianism when it comes to transgenderism.

    The entertainment industry and the arts generally seem to have gone completely mad and are seemingly drunk with the power of actually censoring people. They have discovered the unholy delight of shutting people like Graham Linehan down and affecting their livelihood. They have become an anti-democratic lynch mob in mentality and very disturbing it is to see. They seem to be unable to see that their actions are actually ‘illiberal’.

    Perhaps these social justice warriors of yore are totally unaware of what they have become. They seem considerably lacking in self-knowledge to have espoused an undemocratic idiocy that’s like a return to a medieval mentality and have acquired the primitive judgmentalism of witch-finders.

    One day, when reality is resumed, a lot of prominent people in many of our present institutions will have to deal with what they have done and the intolerant ideology they have enabled. If that day comes, I hope that they are not allowed to forget what they have done and what they professed to believe.

  328. Republicofscotland

    Yes folks its that time of year again when the madhatters (Britnats) roll out the BS GERS figures, which have been debunked more times than the myth that Scottish Labour are their own party.

    “GERSday turns up every August, like the proverbial bad penny. Unionists will, no doubt, and as ever, come out with all their usual nonsense about it, so talk about it I must.

    Let me start by getting some facts straight. First of all, GERS stands for the Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland statement.

    Second, GERS was created by the Tories in the early 1990s with the obvious political intention of showing that Scotland was not viable as an independent country.

    Thirdly, to do this they created GERS as a half-baked set of accounts prepared each year for an entity that quite literally does not exist. We could call that make belief entity “government in Scotland”, if we wish. We could just as easily call it Narnia. Neither is real.”

  329. Republicofscotland

    Apparently there’s a 3% rise for Scottish independence in the latest YouGov poll, unfortunately there are no Scottish independence parties at Holyrood so around half of Scotland’s population that wants Scottish independence have no representation at Holyrood on the matter.

    Time to remove these fake independence parties, the Greens and the SNP and replace them with the Alba party.

  330. Stoker

    For those who missed it:

    “Alba Party Rishi Sunak billboard rejected as ‘slander'”

    Awe! The wee scummy Unionist darlings are all offended. Not half as offensive as their filthy BritNat bigotry, eh! On a more serious note, funny how the BritNats never took that line with the cartoons aimed at Salmond pre 2014IndyRef, some of which bordered on outright racist. And then there was Bozo’s anti-Scottish offerings when he was editor at The Spectator. But that was just some jolly jesting, wasn’t it, Old Bean?

  331. Confused

    First of all, Main isn’t smart enough to use logical fallacies like the ones in that list by Schopenhauer, his brain is just a tangled mess

    Secondly, Scotland has a right to have whatever kind of government it wants, no matter how bad it turns out, but you know, being able to choose our own government and not outvoted 10:1 by inglund, we can always get rid of them, can’t we? That is what you get with INDY.

    Thirdly, what is this “good cop/bad cop” nonsense with the nuisance/aggressive Main/Scroggie/ASA personas, contrasted with the “gentle dissemblers” like Yossarian (I get the reference – it’s still a shit book, way overrated), and Akenaton (moses?) – time for some “important shit”

    A meditation on lying with numbers – “oh fuck its awful … ”

    – it’s GERS DAY again, in which we are supposed to believe PROVED WITH NUMBERS AND AN XL SPREADSHEET that the Scots are hopeless, running up bills they cannot pay, but rescued, time and again, by the generosity of the ANGLO, who stuffs our mouths with gold, even though we are INGRATES and fail to appreciate the PHILANTHROPIC MISSION OF THE ANGLO SAXON, that gave the hottentot the railroad, vaccinated the picaninny, and brought freedom and civilisation via central banking, fiat currency, fractional reserves, usury, the masonic lodge, heretical religion, leg chains and the slave market (- thanks for all the smack says the CHINK … )

    song time :

    pick up pickup


    (Rudyard Kipling, eh? – a great NEW INDIAN by Jove)

    while there are “numbers” there are also real numbers : “money?! – get away …”

    while we can’t really take at face value UK accounts which then assign or extrapolate for Scotland, like GERS, even without the taint of shamelessly fraudulent and manipulated numbers – you can’t rely on them, there are numbers, somewhere. It is my belief that there is a true set of accounts, but you will more likely see those for the King, or what happened to Lord Lucan …

    international bodies, like the IMF, do their own numbers and their guys are not all DELUDELY NARCISSISTIC ANGLOS with EXCEPTIONALIST ideas about themselves, so there is no bias, they are not trying to prove anything, they have no agenda.

    so we have a TABLE FOR GDP IN ABSOLUTE TERMS – china and the US out front, more than 20T USD economies, japan and germany around 4T, UK about 3, south korea near 2, taiwan just under 1; our country “peers”, swiss, norway, ireland have approx 800B and 600B economies (but their GDP per capita is the highest in the world).

    GDP is a measure, it measures “something” – it is a decent enough proxy for what you would call “the real economy”, the making and consumption of “stuff”, the means of life; this is what makes a difference to your life and its quality.

    But it does not discriminate in how it treats economic activity – 100 bucks of trade is the same whether it is making computer chips or stuffed into a lapdancers knickers … so we see China produces, while the US consumes, the japs and krauts “make stuff”, South Korea makes incredibly cool electronic devices, while Taiwan is the world’s chip foundry; Norway has oil and oil is the world’s most important commodity.

    For an INDY SCOTLAND, with any level of SEMI-COMPETENT political and economic leadership (and this is no small ask since we have right now incompetents leading us and tr4itors running things, or is that the other way round?) – we should expect, once up to speed, an ECONOMY IN THE 600B A YEAR RANGE 2023 USD, the same ballpark as the swiss, norwegs, irish; we have all they have, potentially even more. Scotland’s current GDP is listed as 205B USD. Work that one out? What could it be?

    – without Scotland, the FUKEW (former UK now England and Wales) successor state, shrinks to around the 2.5T mark, between France and Italy.

    A country 1/12 the population of England, will have 1/4 of its raw GDP.

    We have the potential to be VASTLY RICHER than our ball and chain siamese twin, and in a land unlikely to be affected by climate change, even on the worst projections. It is there if you want it, an argument in money terms, over above the demands of history, justice, self determination, a right to our own culture, respect … if money is all you care about there it is; and even in the short term you get the benefit of the full tax take coming to your coffers, not some cents on the dollar swindle. But it is what you can build on top of that, that is mind boggling.

    The first thing a new Scotland should do is get a comprehensive INFRASTRUCTURE project on the go; run the country on renewables, sell the hydrocarbons, and finance these projects yourself, in your own currency, from your own investment bank (- you don’t pay any interest to foreign bankers). Over the space of 20-30 years you can turbo charge the country – the “600B economy” could be small potatoes; then you might leave for your kids and grandkids, the richest country in the world to live in. You can also then pay for, by bribing the young women, an indigenous population boom, to REPOPULATE the highlands and take our numbers to a more natural, 10-12 million. Then we can eat popcorn as england collapses into a children of men dystopia, a caliphate for the midlands and london, the new liberia, and a tiny rich elite, cowering in their homes, now fortresses.

    But the very, very first thing you need to do would be to RUN THE TR4CTORS AND FREELOADERS OUT OF THE PLACE – politicians, bureaucracy, the business class, the quangos and NGOs (including anyone and anything with a rainbow flag) – anyone who is an agent of a foreign power needs to go. If these guys are still on the inside, wandering around, queering the pitch, they will always be there gumming up the works. If they don’t “work for you”, then they are working for someone else, even if it is just to fill their own pockets.

    – of late the english, of all people, have found a brilliant way of dealing with their own freeloading, ingrate, wastes of space with criminal tendencies, STICK THEM ON BARGES; I say we should follow suit, with 2 massive ones, one each for the clyde and forth, and maybe a processing centre in gruinard. Hell, we can even advertise it on airbnb and make a profit on it.

  332. Fearghas MacFhionnlaigh

    I am thinking that this passage from the writings of contemporary Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben has some bearing on devolutionary Scotland (ironically and rather dismally, as I wrote this just now on my iPad, that torpid term ‘devolutionary’ was autocorrected to the that’ll-be-the day word ‘revolutionary’):

    “At times of war, the enemy city could be conquered and destroyed by force (kata kratos) and its inhabitants killed or enslaved. But, on the other hand, what could also happen was that the weaker city could take recourse to the institution of the ‘Deditio in fidem’ [‘Surrender in trust’], meaning that they could unconditionally surrender themselves to the hands of the enemy, making the victor hold to a more benevolent conduct (cf Salvatore Calderon, 38-41). In this instance, the city could be saved and its inhabitants granted a personal freedom, while not being completely free. They comprised a special group, called the ‘dediticii’ [‘prisoners of war, captives, the surrendered’], who ‘gave themselves over’ as what we would nowadays call stateless people. We should perhaps keep this particular group of nonslaves who were not completely free in mind…” (Giorgio Agamben, ‘THE TIME THAT REMAINS’’, Stanford University Press, English translation 2005).

  333. Northcode


    Good post.

    I might have said this before on a previous comment, but just in case I haven’t; I like the way you write, and I like the style you use in presenting your arguments, too.

    And yes, it is a “shit book”.

  334. James Che

    The united kingdom exists under inventive self appropriated name only,

    There are still two kingdoms, doing two different ceremonies at two different dates.

    If Scottish kingdom disappears from the treaty of union then it is impossible For England to be united with another Country, doh.

    But this is where you are correct,
    It is purely a English presumption only one Country is in the treaty of union,
    Westminster parliament has run the treaty as if it owned it, changing and repealing articles of the treaty without Consulting Scotlands parliament since it was extinguished from the treaty of union in 1707.

    A united Great Britain kingdom does not exist metaphorically or legally.

    We do not share the same sovereignty of crown, Westminster owns Englands Sovereignty.
    The people own Scotlands Sovereignty.

    This is acknowledged time and again, even by Westminster, and by Lord Cooper, and by the “Claim of right” written as part of the fallacious treaty,

    that alone stands as the two kingdoms not being united as one kingdom,

    But if we add the copy and add the extract of ARTICLE 11 of the TREATY of UNION.

    ” That The Succession of the Monarchy to the Monarchy of the of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and the Dominions thereunto belonging after the most Sacred Majesty be, and remain and continue to remain the most Excellent princess Sophia Electress and Duchess Dowager of Hanover,
    and the heirs of her body being protestant upon whom the Crown is Settled by an ACT of the PARLIAMENT of ENGLAND in the twelve year of the REIGN of his late Majesty KING WILLIAM
    The THiRD, entitled an ACT for Further LIMITATION OF THE CROWN.”

    This Act was a English Parliament Act pre- union, and the Monarch came under the English Parliament,

    This did not unite two kingdoms.

  335. James Che

    Further more regarding uniting the Two parliaments together that did not happen,

    The error by Westminster parliament was knowing that the pre union Treaty of union Agreement would Extinguish the Scottish parliament once ratified,

    The Scottish parliament of 1707 was duly Extinguished from the treaty of union prior to the parliament of Great Britain sat in their seats,

    Thus their is “one” parliament sitting in “Westminster parliament” since 1707.
    These two parliaments were not united,

  336. Robert Hughes

    Confused @ 12.05

    Brilliant post , compadre .

    ‘kin annoying when a new WOS post arrives just as you post one of your own , int’it !

    Hopefully yours will still be seen/read .

  337. James Che

    The united kingdom of Great Britain is hogwash.

    Neither the parliaments nor the two kingdoms were united,

    The treaty of Union marries Englands Westminster parliament and Country to itself in a treaty of falsely self proclaimed united kingdom of Great Britain, that does not include Scotland.

  338. JockMcT

    Confused @ 12:05

    Brilliant. It needs to be semi-competent, and 100% Honest with absolute integrity, and so yes, we need the middle management strata surgically removed. With the right Leadership, with vision and the ability to implement and deliver, we grow our economy and deliver for our people, we re-invest, we don’t do austerity, and we become a vey rich wee country. We will however have to invest in our military, just in case the greedy eyes to the south get interested in re-acquiring us. Perhaps to head that off we’ll need to bail them out a bit with a few quid, perhaps a reverse Barnett Formula, and a kind of CELTIC accounting.

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