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Absolute Riddy Of The Day (25-08-18)

Posted on August 25, 2018 by

GERS Week is always a good time to catch Unionists saying mad stuff. But in the midst of a rant last night about (genuinely) how countries aren’t best running their own affairs but having other countries do it for them, the former “Better Together” chief, recent spectacularly failed Labour candidate and current [NOBODY KNOWS] Blair McDougall came out with a real peach.

We’re sure that the USA, Russia and China (to name but three off the top of our heads) will be startled and dismayed to learn that they’re no longer “serious” nations. But possibly not quite as surprised as the government of Denmark will be to learn that they’re in a monetary union with France.

Because to be in a monetary union you have to have the same money (duh).

Rather than having, say, different ones.

Denmark’s monetary policy is still controlled by its own central bank. Since a number of helpful users pointed out the error to him, McDougall has gone almost as quiet as he does when people ask him about the “at least” 18 warships (including 13 Type 26 frigates) he promised would be built at Govan if Scotland voted No in 2014.

(Actually awarded: three Type 26s, plus five smaller OPVs which were in fact ordered in 2009 and would have had to be built on the Clyde no matter how Scotland voted.)

Perhaps he’s busy telling the Danes to shush.

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    1. 25 08 18 14:56

      Absolute Riddy Of The Day (25-08-18) | speymouth

    98 to “Absolute Riddy Of The Day (25-08-18)”

    1. Welsh Sion says:

      The curse of Bliar McDoughnut strikes again.

    2. Calum McKay says:

      A labour stooge, defending tory policies…….

      And nobody is suprised, it’s the norm and expected!

      Meanwhile, the greatest asset of the tory party is, corbyn!

    3. galamcennalath says:

      Frankly, if Scotland and England had the same relationship as Denmark and France, I’d be happy with that outcome. I think most Yessers would. Sharing currency, or not, being optional.

    4. Andy-B says:

      Why would anyone take anything that MacDougall says seriously. This faux pas proves beyond any shadow of a doubt, that he’s nothing more than a unionist blowhard.

    5. Dan Huil says:

      @galamcennalath 1:26pm


      The only way these britnat media-types can get away with lying is because of the incestuous nature of the British nationalist media. They pig out of each other’s puke.

    6. grafter says:

      LESLIE EVANS………………..”When Evans – whose English accent belies her 30 years in Scotland – became perm sec of the Scottish government just over a year ago, her Whitehall counterparts were all “very welcoming”, although, she says, “they all had different levels of understanding of what it is in Scotland that I do…” She went further during a speech at the Institute for Government (IfG) in February, recalling an early meeting where one perm sec said to her: “I can’t tell you how infinitesimally small Scotland is on my agenda.” ……….”

      She comes down to London “as often as she can” to attend the Wednesday Morning Colleagues meeting of permanent secretaries (which involves setting her alarm for 4.55am), and has worked hard to improve mutual understanding between the 5,000 Scottish government civil servants, who serve Scotland’s SNP government, and the rest of the UK civil service – of which she and her officials are also a part.

    7. Arbroath1320 says:

      They used to say that this time of year was called the silly season because Westminster was on holiday and the media had nothing worthwhile (politically speaking) to report on.

      There is now a second and probably more valid reason these days for this time of year to be called the silly season … This is the time of year all the unionists come out with their boring annual “you can’t be independent cause you’re too poor” shite along with the usual batch of see WE promised we were better together.

    8. Dr Jim says:

      Just nippin out to the bank to check what currency I get my pension in with a bit of luck it’s Kroner and not any shitty British £££££ that aren’t worth anything anymore

      Brings up an interesting question as to who Scotland should have a Union with eh, the stable folk of practically the whole rest of the world or these A holes in London and their dumpling lackies who don’t even know which country uses what for money

      Cannae wait till the first of April 2019 when folk cannae get their money out of the bank and they’ll all think it’s April fools by the English government but they’ve all done a runner wae oor cash tae Argentina for the weekend wink wink at Adolphs old gaff

      No wonder they’re all hating the Jewish folk at the moment it was their boys who found them the last time

    9. Muscleguy says:

      I’m wondering how much money you have to have to get a Euro bank account from one of the UK banks? They are apparently available. As Brexit approaches and the freefall of sterling likewise it would seem prudent to transfer any and all savings into Euros.

      On the other hand if you have any loans denominated in any foreign currency pay them off sharpish.

    10. Iain says:

      OT I know, but …

      When the SG, with good intentions, announced that, effectively, complaints about sexual harassment etc would start a procedure based on full initial credence, my initial thought was this “uh-oh, this could be used … people will be accounted guilty until proved conclusively otherwise, but the smear will remain and will be used with doubt thrown on the exoneration”.

      You have to reckon that there is political motivation behind it.

    11. Athanasius says:

      Total King Cnut.

    12. They really are that thick. For half a century they got away with it. Then came the web and the death of the MSM.
      Their pals on TV and in the ‘papers can’t protect their thickness any more.
      What the feck does McDoug do to earn a wage?
      Who’s paying him and the mass of Branch Office rejects these days?
      I note that Trump is subsidising the new look Regional Herald Scotland. Is he paying generously for adverts for his Trumpland Wonderland in the SE?

    13. Jimbo says:

      Blair McDougall – Trying hard to be the new John McTernan.

    14. Shug says:

      Ok rev i hope you are digging for the links between salmonds accusers and usual suspects
      Am counting on you
      Of course i think it nonsence why the bbc is pushing it

    15. Hamish100 says:


      says leslie evans civil servant—

      does whats shes telt by London

    16. Bob Mack says:

      Blair sounds eminently qualified to be a Labour Chancellor of the Exchequer.

    17. Moonlight says:

      Excuse my confusion.
      I don’t read the msm or listen to or watch BBC
      Has Alex Salmond been accused of a criminal act? Or is some newspaper reporting that he might be charged with a criminal act?
      He doesn’t seem to have been found guilty of any criminal act.

      Were there to be a snap GE and if AS was to stand for election in Banff and Buchan against the despicable incumbent, Duguid, he would certainly have my and my wife’s vote.

    18. defo says:

      Breamer Blair

    19. Jason Smoothpiece says:

      I generally don’t think personal abuse benefits anyone.

      However in this case I would offer that the man appears to be an arse.

    20. Craig P says:

      Blair MacDougall made a tweet
      And in that tweet there was a lie
      With a tweet tweet here
      And a tweet tweet there
      Misinformation everywhere
      Blair MacDougall made a tweet

    21. galamcennalath says:

      OT From Twitter ….

      Murray Foote
      Saturday suggestion to all those vociferous critics of newspapers and press journalists: There is no law preventing you launching your own title that services your needs, represents your beliefs and staffed by your own “type” of people. Zilch, nothing, nada, bugger all. Go for it

      He just doesn’t get it. The problem we face has nothing to do with believes or opinions …. it’s about having a media which investigates and reports actual genuine real world news accurately!

    22. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      galamcennalath @ 16:42,

      That intemperate quote by Foote rather gives the game away. In his mind, journalism has evidently given way to boosterism, and it’s every reader for him/herself.

      Which is exactly what we don’t need. Two opposite polarities each living in their own airless bubble, with no opportunity to evolve.

      Ideas and policies do need to be road-tested, and not everything is necessarily as it ought to be. But representation – and criticism, where necessary – must be evidence-based and fair, and directed in all directions equally, not massively unidirectional and skewed to a hidden agenda, as it almost invariably is in Scotland these days. As I’m convinced any outside neutral observer would agree.

      Until you face up to your own profession’s manifest failings, Murray, your protestations are empty, and will fall on deaf ears. In fact, methinks thou protesteth too much.

    23. frogesque says:

      @ galamcellanath 4.42

      galamcennalath says:
      25 August, 2018 at 4:42 pm
      OT From Twitter ….

      Murray Foote
      Saturday suggestion to all those vociferous critics of newspapers and press journalists: There is no law preventing you launching your own title that services your needs, represents your beliefs and staffed by your own “type” of people. Zilch, nothing, nada, bugger all. Go for it.

      All of which and all well and good.

      That is untill you try to get WH Smith or Menzies or whatever they call their distribution arm these days to actually parcel up and send the paper out to newsagents, supermarkets a garages etc. Then you have to persuade these same outlets to give you counters pace on the newsstands provided by the big nationals and their ferreting reps who threaten and cajole proprietors with with withdrawal of service if they continue to display ‘interlopers’.

      There is more than one way censorship can be achieved

    24. Ken500 says:

      Saturday suggestion to Murray Foote. Bug off.

      There is a bot @ Wings Twitter. Raging about bots. Creepy

    25. Ken500 says:

      Reconsidered Saturday suggestion to Murray Foote. Bug off and take Gordon, Leask and Clegg along.

    26. Robert Kerr says:

      Looks like another DR scoop has disappeared due to the AS furore

      12 actual arrests by Police Scotland.

      And the Pontiff in Dublin Today too

    27. Ian McCubbin says:

      Excellent. Took him on too on a other matter last week a d he went into what I can only describe as a panic rant with poor spelling grammar a d little cohesion.
      Maybe I upset him with irrefutable facts. ??

    28. Ian McCubbin says:

      Excellent. Took him on too on a other matter last week a d he went into what I can only describe as a panic rant with poor spelling grammar a d little cohesion.
      Maybe I upset him with irrefutable facts. ??

    29. Ian McCubbin says:

      Excellent. Took him on too on a other matter last week a d he went into what I can only describe as a panic rant with poor spelling grammar a d little cohesion.
      Maybe I upset him with irrefutable facts. ??

    30. Jock McDonnell says:

      Time was when you had to get up early to catch the opposition at it.

      With the Tuba Kid, you get a lie-in.

    31. Inverclyder says:

      He’s like a turd that refuses to flush.

    32. dakk says:

      Ol’l gross guts strikes again.

      Of all the many Eurozone countries in the EU,the morbidly obese,ignorant british nationalist manages to pair Denmark with France as an example.

      The fat xenophobe probably meant Belgium I would think.

    33. Thepnr says:

      O/T Former Belgian Prime Minister and EU Council president until 2014 is even describing Westminster Tories as Nationalists now.

      He also is of the opinion that a no deal might cause the break up of the UK. I’d agree with him on both counts.

      “The no-deal issue is not just a problem for the UK or Brussels,” he said. “It is also an existential threat to the UK itself. One can imagine that a no deal will have a big impact and cause concern in some of the regions. Speaking of Scotland, it could have consequences for them and others.”

      “We could end up with a situation in which the EU27 becomes more united and a United Kingdom less united. This talk about a ‘no deal’ is the kind of nationalist rhetoric that belongs to another era.”

    34. Robert Peffers says:

      @Ian McCubbin says: 25 August, 2018 at 6:23 pm:

      ” … Maybe I upset him with irrefutable facts. ?”

      irrefutable facts always upset Yoons – it’s in there genes. They are not biologically programmed to do irrefutable facts. In point of fact they don’t do refutable facts either.

      Next time one of them calls the United Kingdom, “The country”, ask them which United Kingdom country they mean and watch the panic set in. If they try to brazen it out and say, “The United Kingdom”, you tell them they just described a United Kingdom that is composed of just two Kingdoms. Then assert if it a two partner kingdom that contains four distinct countries – then move the matter onto even more precise description, by this time they are probably apoplectic.

      Say, “Actually to be precise the United Kingdom isn’t comprised of four distinct countries it is comprised of three countries and a bit of another country. As Ireland is a country that is politically partitioned against its will.

      If they haven’t decided to quit by this time administer the coup de grâce.

      Tell them there is no such thing as, “The British Government”, as there are several British Governments including The Republic of Ireland, the Isle of Man, the Bailiwick of Jersey and the bailiwick of Guernsey, none of which are administered by the Westminster Parliament and thus not parts of the United Kingdom.

      Yoons just don’t go facts.

    35. Chick McGregor says:

      Holding a fact up to a Yoon is like holding a crucifix up to a Vampire.

    36. Iain says:

      It seems that the torY’s and their little red helpers have been up to their usual tricks.
      What a surprise!

    37. Phronesis says:

      The writing is on the wall for the disunited kingdom.Britannia unhinged has lost control of a very unsavoury element that has always been lurking in the background. Scotland unshackled will fare much better in the world as a small independent nation.

      ‘By 2014, the UK Conservatives were allied with far-right parties in Europe and no longer at all associated with the main conservative European People’s Party block. By then the Conservatives were full members of a bloc of MEPs in the European parliament that was to the right of all traditional European conservatives. Summing up, in 2014 the Conservative’s had 23.1% of the vote, with UKIP’s 26.6%, the new ‘An Independent from Europe’ party’s 1.4%, the BNP’s 1.1%, the No2EU’s 0.8%, the new ‘Britain First’s 0.1%, resulted in a 53.1% vote for parties right of mainstream European Conservatives’

    38. Danny says:

      A female has come forward and is accusing Alex Salmond of sexual harassment.

      The Daily Record was the source, obediently carried by BBC Scotland and now Scottish Labour calling for Nicola to throw Mr Salmond out of the SNP.

      The three usual suspects all doing there bit to destroy the career of Alex Salmond.

      The Holy Trinity of Scottish Politics are back together again.

      Scottish Labour
      The Daily Record
      BBC Scotland

      It’s like 2014 all over again.

    39. Capella says:

      Blair McDougall has obviously never been to Denmark. I recommend he goes. Travel broadens the mind.

      What he will find is a modern, social democrat country content to be small but independent.

      The Danes would be horrified by the idea that their big brother neighbour should manage their affairs. The neighbour tried that once in the 1940s but the Danes resisted.

      Learning point? Resist!

    40. Thepnr says:

      Now we have the Deputy Prime Minister of Ireland Simon Coveney pulling up Rees-Mogg for stating that people crossing the border could be “inspected” in the same way as “we had during the Troubles”.

      Coveney at least was polite about it, in describing him as “ill informed”. That’s not how I feel about it, he’s as tactless as Johnson was when Foreign Secretary.

      What a total embarrassment these people are. You have to wonder how they could possibly be elected in the first place.

      Never mind, we can be shot of them at the first opportunity.

    41. Thepnr says:

      Sorry, forgot the link in case you were interested in reading more.

    42. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Thepnr –

      Spent a good five minutes trying to respond to your 11.24 comment but had to give up.

      I don’t believe we will *ever* be free of people like Rees-Mogg. Even when we are ‘independent’, they’ll still lord it over us.

      Unfortunately, it’s a ‘class’ issue, and few dare broach that subject nowadays.

    43. Juan says:

      Danny says:
      25 August, 2018 at 10:58 pm
      “The three usual suspects all doing there bit to destroy the career of Alex Salmond.
      The Holy Trinity of Scottish Politics are back together again.
      Scottish Labour
      The Daily Record
      BBC Scotland
      It’s like 2014 all over again.”

      That’s surely the UNHOLY Trinity!

    44. Dr Jim says:

      What a day it’s been, Nigel Farage accuses Michel Barnier of encouraging the IRA to become active again, Jacob Rees Mogg wants a border in Nothern Ireland like it used to be to check everybody for gun running, the Daily Record prints a statement about Alex Salmond the Scottish government says the Record couldn’t possibly have because it’s confidential and my daughter tells me her friends still have never heard of Brexit and if it’s something bad it must be the SNP who did it anyway

      There are really people still who have never heard of Brexit and have no idea what it is and these are people in their 30s and are walking and talking and are allowed to vote, but according to my daughter they are positive they hate the SNP, so I asked the question how do they know they hate the SNP and where do the learn to hate something they don’t have a clue about, she answered with this

      They hate all people of colour and blame the SNP for bringing them into Scotland but as long as they stay in their shops and takeaways and the haters don’t have to see them it’s OK but send the rest back where they came from

      Apparently this is a Labour Rangers policy an offshoot of the even more idiots than the normal Labour party who’s main aim and slogan seems to be *vote Labour for a stronger Rangers support in the pub gaes another glass e that wine we hate wee Kranky party*

      There’s nobody going to convince me ever that these people can make a useful contribution to any society of any kind, and you know what bothers me most these are mostly young single mums on benefits with transient boyfriends who live with their Mums because they’re paying for maintainance for their other weans from the last single Mum they left with the *I heart yoo frevur* tattoo on their Erse or ankle or neck or arm or………

      What a day it’s been

    45. Juan says:

      Having seen the front pages both yesterday and especially the Sun front page today (not linking, because I don’t want to), is it not time we contacted our MSP’s and had them implement this?
      It would be an extremely popular policy. Broadcasting isn’t devolved but Scots law of defamation is. The “news”papers are almost universally hostile to Scotland regaining our NORMAL state of a self governing country. EVERYONE who works towards Scotland rejoining the rest of the world on equal terms is a possible target. While this isn’t a silver bullet, it would stop some of the worst excesses of the usual perpetrators.
      My MSP is Nicola. I’ll be emailing her in the morning.

    46. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Dr Jim –



      You’ve sent me tae ma scratcher wi a smile ah wisny expecting tae be wearin.


    47. Juan says:

      As for Blair. I worked for the same company as a cousin of his in 2014. His cousin announced he’d been canvassing for “Better Together” over the weekend, when he came bouncing into the office one Monday morning. We had a wee chat and he told me he had got involved because his cousin Blair McDougall asked him to. He tried to convince me to vote No. I asked him why Scotland shouldn’t be a NORMAL self governing country? I also asked him to ask the same question of his cousin and to ask him what benefit Scotland gains from being ruled by England. Myself and his cousin had a bit of too and froing over the week. He was having drinks with Blair that Friday.
      On the Monday after, his cousin came in the office but wasn’t as buoyant about “Better Together”, as the previous week. When he asked McDougall for reasons for Scotland to be ruled by another country, his reply was that “he had 150,000 of them”. It’s what he claimed he was paid to lead the Bitter campaign. (Not a typo).
      After that his cousin not only voted Yes, but campaigned for it too.
      Not everyone has a price, but apparently that was his.

    48. Street Andrew says:

      Twat !

    49. Cactus says:

      Ah pure riddy indeed.

      Dear Blair, ye’ve gone an got yersel ah pure riddy there. Allow me to give ye some FREE advice in the words and sounds of a song… the Dr always knows… and here’s to you Jim, cheers.

      Listen to the monkey men, takes 2 ingredients: (sound familiar?) 😉 😉
      (6,364,157 current views)

      Show us the money… that’s funny.

      Show us all of our ships, now 3.


      What’s a goin’ on in Edinburgh 2018 like?:


      ‘Just one stack of chips’

    50. Ken500 says:

      Expel Alex Salmond. That is quite a dilemma. Half the members will leave. Anyone who knows Alex Salmond or has seen him around women knows he has nothing by respect for them. Helps and supports them. Promotes them. He keeps his distance for obvious reasons, Keeps his staff and friendships for years and has a good relationship with them. Promotes and gives young people chances. He does not suffer fools gladly, It is aknowledged he lets off steam occasionally. Only because he is so passionate about Scotland, the world, politics and injustice, He has been right and telling the truth about Scotland all along. A great Statesman and embassador for Scotland.

      Sack Leslie Evans. The unelected unionists have taken over. There is one elected FM. There is no need for another. Getting paid more than the FM.

      These allegations had better be good. Totally open and the accusers statements given. If the allegations are a load of rubbish. Obviously no one believes it. Something must be done about it. It wasn’t so long ago that there were claims he was gay. So what,

      Single mums need help, understanding, education and information. With help and information they flourish. There is a decline in single mums in any case. They are the ones being attacked by the Tories. Targetted and starved. In any case most single parents had been in a relationship and are divorced or separated, It takes two to tango. It is transitional the children grow up and contribute to society.

      A Sherriff once said in a Court. Referring to single Dad’s wanting access to their kids, They have little rights under the Law, ‘ Before you could not find them at the ends of the earth’. Now they all want access rights. It was quite funny.

    51. Ken500 says:

      Why would a civil servant be in Bute House late at night. Why be in the bedroom. Then claiming Alex Salmond touched her breasts and bottom. Tried to lay on top of her. Make a complaint 5 Year later? The dates and witnesses better match up. Or it is a fantasy. Never heard of any impropriety in a forty odd year career. Yet these claims come out when Scotland is close to Independence. Like Alex Salmond would act like that in the middle of an Indy Ref, Highly unlikely. Let’s see the evidence. It seems incredible, Alex Salmond drinks very little. Never been seen knocking it back. He is usually too busy talking to people,

    52. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Danny at 10:58 pm.

      You typed,
      “The Holy Trinity of Scottish Politics are back together again.

      Scottish Labour
      The Daily Record
      BBC Scotland

      It’s like 2014 all over again.”

      A couple of days ago, I had cause to link to this poster that I put together in early 2015. More people are becoming aware of the unholy trinity…

    53. Shinty says:

      Ken500 says “Alex Salmond drinks very little. Never been seen knocking it back. He is usually too busy talking to people”

      I’m sure Mr Salmond enjoys his dram but doubt if he’d get ‘oot his skull’ during an official engagement. He is on record of being a critic of the Westminster Bars and how he has seen the temptation and downfall of many MP’s who drink more than they should.

    54. gus1940 says:

      Over the last few months we have been lulled into a false sense of the Daily Gerrard having become less biased against Indy.

      However, it is now clear that they are in full blast anti Indy hysteria mode in particular as regards the events of the last few days.

      The media feeding feast over the alleged sex scandal reminds me of films of these hideous creatures – hag fish.

      In the meantime perhaps Lesley Evans and her Civil Service minions could investigate the apparent leaky situation within their organisation.

      Another thing required is for the media to make clear just what the words Scottish Government mean.

      In my view the words apply to the politicians who form the Scottish Parliament Cabinet and not the Scottish Civil Service so why are we being told that AS is in dispute with the Scottish Government when his complaint is against the Scottish Civil Service.

      If ever there was any doubt it is now glaringly obvious that the Brit Nat Establishment are absolutely terrified of Indyref2 and that the WM Dirty Tricks Brigade are geared up for a sustained camapaign of lies, threats and smears.

    55. Danny says:

      Brian 7.35am

      Great minds think alike Brian LOL.

      What an excellent poster. That should be enlarged, laminated and put on show and on the Wings tent at the next Rally.

      With smaller copies made “Fur Ra Punters”.

      So are you the artist Brian?

      And I agree with you, the Record, Labour Party and BBC Scotland are the Unholy Trinity.

    56. Terence callachan says:

      In response to ken500

      It’s a tragedy when a young woman and a young man have a baby and the young woman becomes a so called single parent ,often both are too young to comprehend the importance of the responsibility they have of being a parent .
      The baby is with the mum from conception through to birth and the young dad is usually disconnected to a degree that makes family life unlikely , beyond the point of birth they drift further apart and the likelihood of being a family fades away.Its not all the fault of the young dad, if they don’t have parents that discuss their responsibilities and duties and provide them other guidance assistance live care and attention the young mum and young dad will go it alone.
      The baby has a right to know see and have contact with both it’s parents and regrettably all involved tend to bypass that fact til it’s too late.A baby with an absent dad still wants to know their dad and wants to know about their dad even the bad stuff , we all want to know where we came from and why because it helps us to determine where we are going.
      We need to help young people to avoid having babies in unplanned circumstances ,education and improved financial circumstances always reduce single parent numbers young people with opportunities to get good paying jobs and their own home and perhaps a holiday or a car and nice clothes will always have the right frame of mind to be more responsible for their actions but when you’ve got nothing you’ve got nothing to lose.

    57. doug_bryce says:

      An important observation re: Alex Salmond.

      The Daily record printed details of a witness statement.

      Presumably this means they know that no charges will be pressed. Otherwise their actions would prejudice a future trial AND threaten to expose the victims identity.

      AS has been a naughty boy. However it seems certain he has done nothing illegal. The real question is who in the civil service leaked one side of this story to the press (without AS being able to reply or call witness).

    58. Ken500 says:

      @ Wings twitter

      Reports if Scotland was selling it’s surplus fuel and energy,instead of giving it away. It would be worth £29Billion a year. What a bonanza.

      Scotland pays more for fuel and energy. Despite producing it and being nearer the source, because it is colder.

      Westminster wasting £Billions on Hinkley Point. It will be years late and overpriced. It would have been cost less and produced more energy constructing the Humber project (£9Billion) and the Swansea (£1Billion) tidal projects. Instead of nuclear rubbish. Flying waste around the world.

    59. Danny says:

      BBC Scotland give the Scottish Labour Party a meaning in life.

    60. Tom says:

      One reason to love the Danes.

      It must have been about 20 years ago, but for our first anniversary, I took my wife to Copenhagen. We were sitting in a bar before we were going to get our flight and there was a board that gave exchange rates for various currencies. It had a rate of exchange for Scotland, and it was different from England.

      I thought bastards, and then realised that you were getting a better rate of exchange for Scottish pounds rather than English pounds.

    61. stu mac says:

      @Ian Brotherhood says:
      25 August, 2018 at 11:48 pm
      @Thepnr –

      I don’t believe we will *ever* be free of people like Rees-Mogg. Even when we are ‘independent’, they’ll still lord it over us.


      First sentence is true. The second one is true of the UK because we have a broken democracy (in fact one that was never a full democracy but even that is broken now). Proper democracy is what stops people like that lording it over us.

      That’s why you see democracy being corrupted from within in many western countries; people of the upper classes (whether they admit there are classes in their country or not) find the restrictions of democracy “unfair” – after all they are they elite so why should they be prevented doing what they like? So with the help of the mass media and offering of cushy sinecures, they corrupt democracy.

      An independent Scotland would go ahead I would imagine with some form of PR electoral system, as this is what we have now and are used to it and have seen its benefits. It is simply more democratic that what the UK has. We’d also NOT want anything like the current house of Lords.

      We also need from the start built into law, what use to be “rules” and traditions (not laws) in Westminster but capable of being thrown away on the whim of the Prime Minister: such things as having to wait a decade before working for a business/organisation after being a minister; such things as lying to parliament and being expected to resign when you cocked up badly. These things have been thrown away leading to a parliament that was far from perfect becoming totally corrupt.

      We need a constitution in place which ensures all the faults and corruption we’ve seen in Westminster can’t take place. It won’t make us perfect – human nature ensures whose with power and wealth will always try to influence governments for their own benefit. But it would ensure it was as difficult as possible and that there was some way of stopping them when they were found out.

      It’s obvious from the last sentence a big problem is the lack of a proper range of views in the media in this country, this will be a big difficulty but not necessarily impossible to overcome. All this is something we should be thinking about now. If a new independent Scotland has a new constitution, we don’t want it thrown together in a hurry and we want as much consultation as possible. Otherwise it will be full of all sorts of flaws which can be used later to undermine the new democracy.

      Not my style to write so lengthily but think you hit on a vital point here IB, albeit indirectly.

    62. Az says:

      Morning all.

      Yes, Tuba McTubaface certainy hit a bum note, did he not?

      I could comment on him at quite some length, but I won’t. Other than say his psychological condition is unlikely to be healthy in his position. Unpleasant man.

    63. Robert Peffers says:

      @Capella says: 25 August, 2018 at 11:19 pm:

      ” … Blair McDougall has obviously never been to Denmark. I recommend he goes. Travel broadens the mind.”

      I suppose that would be one way for his mind to catch up with the rest of him.

    64. frogesque says:

      @doug_bryce 8.20

      AS may or may not have been a naughty boy as you put it.

      At present it is all speculation and AS has been found guilty of nothing regarding this affair.

      All I’m seeing is a lurid sleazefest orchestrated by the DR and the usual suspects. One side of a story based on tittle tattle and inuendo.

      A story, that if it were in France or Italy would would have AS lauded as a ‘real male’ hero.

      Until Eck is proven guilty then everyone should just shut the fuck up.

    65. Nana says:

      Never listen to labour on anything important. They are currently scaring old people and their families in South Lanarkshire maybe a wee look at this will help.
      Facebook link here

    66. Naina Tal says:

      Regarding Mr Salmond
      I recall getting a visit from a Tory candidate at a local election some years ago. Just happens she was English. (That’s important for the rest of the story). Told her I wouldn’t vote for any party that was just a branch of an English party.

      Her reply? “I was at a meeting with Alex Salmond the other day and he had been drinking. He’s also a gambler you know.”

      “Aw aye, the typical Scottish traits” sez I, meaning of course “You nasty little piece of work, using false racial stereotypes like that”.

      She deliberately turned it round so that I was suggesting all Scots drink and gamble too much. ” It’s terrible you think so little of Scotland”.

      “Fuck off ye’re a Tory.

    67. Robert Peffers says:

      @gus1940 says: 26 August, 2018 at 7:54 am:

      … In my view the words apply to the politicians who form the Scottish Parliament Cabinet and not the Scottish Civil Service so why are we being told that AS is in dispute with the Scottish Government when his complaint is against the Scottish Civil Service.”

      No Gus1940, you have it wrong. There are Westminster Civil Servants employed by Westminster working in Scotland mainly for the so called, “Scotland Office”, (mainly for Mundell).

      Then there are Civil Servants working in Scotland employed by Holyrood and paid by Holyrood.

      So basically we have United Kingdom Civil Servants and Scottish Government Civil Servants. As usual he who pays the piper calls the tune.

    68. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Danny at 8:04 am.

      You typed,
      “What an excellent poster. That should be enlarged, laminated and put on show and on the Wings tent at the next Rally.
      With smaller copies made “Fur Ra Punters”.
      So are you the artist Brian?”

      Nah, I sourced all the graphic elements from the web. All I did was assemble them on virtual paper in Photoshop. I had A3 laminated versions at the WOS stall at various rallies in 2015 and 2016.
      The pic below shows it on the side of the YES Bus at Dundee’s City Square on 12th April, 2015.

    69. Ken500 says:

      The UK is not a democracy. Scotland can be outvoted 10 to 1. Gets Politicans making decision for whom Scotland never voted, Scotland has never been treated fair and equal. Westminster has lied. illegally and secretly deprived Scotland in the most insidious way. That is beneath contempt.

      Westminster is just full of criminals. They join unionist Parties for what they can get. That has been shown times and time again. Electoral fraud, misuse of public funds, embezzlement, child abuse, illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. They just get away with it. They are above the Law. Apart from being ignorant and arrogant.

      Johnston going on about burkas. Westminster supports absolute despot monarchy. Saudi Arabia, They are going to behead a female activist. They spend the most pro rata in the world on the military. The UK Gov is supplying 2/3 of the arms. £40Billion+. May’s husband’s company is benefitting. They are going to float the Saudi Oil company on the London stock exchange. Many Tories will benefit. Total hypocrites.

      Not sure if PR electoral system is right for Scotland. When unionist Parties which are supposed to be separate can join up together against the SNP. The non existent Unionists and No Party. The reason it was introduced in Scotland, precisely so the SNP could not gain a majority. For good goverance and efficient government. The unionists muck it up every time.

      At council level as well. Unionists borrowing and spending like there is no tomorrow. On groteque mobstrosity projects that no one wants. Not funding essential services properly. The SNP gets the most candidates. While 9 Labour members in collusion are running the procedures. A two job Tory being accommodated, The usual Libdem trickery. With FPTP this would not be happening. One person, one vote. Instead of voting for several candidates. Diluting the vote. Even confusing for the voters. Some think they have to vote for different candidates. When they do not.

    70. Danny says:

      With this latest Alex Salmond smear, it can only mean one thing, some Unionist rag must be running a Poll on Scottish Independence.

    71. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      frogesque at 8.53 am


      And I don’t think this is having anything like the effect our opponents were looking for anyway. Quite the opposite in many cases and some guys I bumped into yesterday were roaring and laughing about it. And Nicola Sturgeon’s stock has risen considerably.

    72. gus1940 says:

      RP at 9.21

      I know that there are 2 species of Civil Servants in Scotland.

      My point was that the media in saying that AS is in dispute with the Scottish Government leaving many people to think that he is in dispute with Nicola and her cabinet colleagues when his action is against the Civil Service which serves the Scottish Government.

    73. Dorothy Devine says:

      Danny , or there is a general election in the offing or Brexit is going doon the stank and an indy ref is on the cards.

    74. Thepnr says:


      Thanks again Nana for all the links, I’m just getting started on them.

    75. Dr Jim says:

      Frankenstein must’ve been Scottish:

      It’s pitchfork and torches waved aloft for the newspapers in Scotland today
      Let’s march up to the castle and destroy the monster they scream, it’s nothing personal but we knew all the time the moster was evil they say

      What’s he done comes the question, well nothing as far as we know but there’s an allegation and that’s enough to condemn him utterly for the rest of his life and make sure he never breathes air again says Alex Massie a prominant pitchfork carrier

      Further investigation of the angry mob reveals that they all opposed the monster before he became the subject of their ire today but this allegation confirmed in the mobs minds that here was an opportunity to kill the monster once and for all before anybody actually discovers the real truth because that could end up worse for the mob if the monster’s ……Innocent!

    76. louis.b.argyll says:

      Robert P, Gus..BOTH right.
      The fact that the word ‘Executive’ is no longer in the title doesn’t mean that Westminster’s claws aren’t still deeply embedded in the Devolution system.
      It could be argued that Westminster’s TOP CIVIL SERVANT IN HOLYROOD, is seen by the Establishment as a higher ‘rank’ than the ‘office of First Minister.

    77. Hamish100 says:

      The AS issue is in part to delay or stop an independence referendum by inferring some sort of wrongdoing by the SNP. I wonder how many complaints internally are held by the civil service and never make it in the papers- because they are confidental of course.
      Unionist moles at the heart of the civil service. Who would have thought it.

    78. carjamtic says:

      Intae The Snaw

      It seems when ‘reporters’ are in a situation in which they lack control,they readily resort to conspiracy theories.

      That Nicola Sturgeon gushed to the French Ambassador about her new found love for Margaret Thatcher or that Alex Salmond supplied Lady Diana Spencer’s driver with quaich’s full of whisky,I know,I know,bad taste but you get the point.

      Creationism is not a new construct (just look across the pond) but the MSM should aware by now,that Winter is coming and the Scots are well used to going intae the snaw,to dig out the truth.

      And when they find it, as they will, there will be no revolution, just evolution and that it is the inconvenient truth that the MSM in this country must recognise.

      Scotland has moved on and they can bring in as many artificial snow machines as they like in an attempt to freeze us,but like Global Warming, Scotland’s ever growing Independence movement is real and the snaws melting.

    79. Robert Peffers says:

      @gus1940 says: 26 August, 2018 at 9:36 am:

      ” … I know that there are 2 species of Civil Servants in Scotland.”

      Yes Gus1940, I know what you were getting at.

      What I’m getting at is that the Westminster Civil Servants, like the, so called, Secretary of State for, Scotland are actively being used, against the elected Scottish Government by Westminster. They thus do NOT serve the Scottish Government – they serve their paymasters at Westminster as does the Secretary of State against Scotland.

      While the elected Scottish Government does employ, and pays for, Civil Servants who do work for the elected Scottish Government.

      The real point being – what was, a Westminster paid for Civil Servant, doing in the then First Minister’s living quarters late at night at Bute House in the first place?

      If she was there on official business late at night would she not have been in the business section of Bute House rather than the FM’s private living quarters? Furthermore, what was she while there doing in his private bedroom? I see no claims she was forcibly dragged there against her will.

      It sure as hell doesn’t seem like a legitimate official government business appointment to me. More like a Security Services set-up trap with a willing agent provocateur doing her best to entrap the FM.

      Either it was a security services entrapment set-up or the woman was extremely naïve, drunk or both. The whole thing reeks of conspiracy to entrap. Why, for example was the accusation filed away for use at an appropriate time?

      I’m not making accusations for I have no information nor would I attempt to pre-empt an official court case and without a court case the people involved, both accused and accusers are legally entitled to be presumed not guilty.

      Whatever else, the press as usual, are claiming they have obtained leaked insider information but the insiders claim also there is, (and I quote), “Salmond Probe, “entirely Confidential”.

      It simply cannot be both “entirely Confidential”, and leaked to a Red Top scandal sheet.

    80. Puzzled Puss says:

      OT re AS smear:

      I may be wrong about this, but my understanding is that the power to hire and fire the permanent secretary to the Scottish Government rests with a civil servant employed within Fluffy’s outfit. Can anyone confirm?

    81. Nana says:

      Morning Pnr & thanks for reading.
      Sometimes I wonder why I bother as all many posters want to talk about at the moment is something no one on here really knows anything about.

      At least with some links the information can be shared and hopefully go towards changing a No to a Yes.

    82. Shinty says:

      Nana, I’m sorry, I never thank you for your links.
      I appreciate the time and effort you put in on a daily basis.

    83. gus1940 says:

      RP @ 10.55

      I agree completely re your suspicions of a conspiracy to entrap – that has been my feeling since the ‘story’ first broke.

      Given WM’s terror at the thought of Indy anybody who doesn’t think that the forces of evil haven’t got infiltrators and agent provocateurs inserted in the SNP, their government and their administrative tail is rather naive.

      One worry is the alleged existence of 2 complainants meaning that if charges arise any trial would involve the ‘words’of 2 against 1.

    84. Jack Murphy says:

      OT. The Sunday Times ENGLAND ONLY Front Page Header:

      “Bobbies on beat slashed by a third”

      “Frontline police numbers tumbleas as violence soars”

      “Slashed by a third since 2015” 🙁

    85. Moonlight says:

      gus 1940 @1149

      I would think that two complainants could only support each others evidence if there was a ménage a trois.
      Has this now been aledged?

    86. Nana says:


      I guess the last few days have been a little fraught and folks have a lot on their minds but we must not let distractions get in the way of independence.

      Here’s a couple more links I forgot to add

      Growth Commission Debate – Dr Craig Dalzell and Professor Iain Docherty in Bearsden, Glasgow ….Following the publication of the Scottish Government’s Growth Commission Report a number of differing opinions have been expressed. Dr Craig Dalzell (Head of Policy and Research at Common Weal) will debate with Professor Iain Docherty (of Glasgow University). followed by a Q&A

    87. Hamish100 says:

      Why now?

      The unionists/ brexiters are losing the argument over our right to be independent.

    88. bjsalba says:

      I do really appreciate your links Nana. Please continue.

      As BBC and most newspapers are printing pure propaganda these days, it is very useful to have pointers to other sources to go to.

      In fact I have gone nowhere near the MSM today and I’ll skim past everything on the AS affair – except for the Peat Worrier piece explaining what AS has asked for.

    89. Shinty says:

      a wee twitter thread, sure to bring a smile on a dreich Sunday

      (from WOS twitter)

    90. gus1940 says:


      Think about it – separate crimes of a similar nature do not need the victims to be in collusion but testimony of a similar nature by more than one party strengthens the argument against the sole defendant.

      Think0 MeToo.

    91. Legerwood says:

      Nana says:
      26 August, 2018 at 11:25 am
      Morning Pnr & thanks for reading.
      Sometimes I wonder why I bother…””

      Nana, please, please continue to bother. I always look for your links on any thread and miss them if they are not there.

    92. Liz g says:

      Nana @ 11.25
      What Ledgerwood says @ 1.59
      While we can’t ignore what the press are doing to Alex Salmond, the Yes movement goes on reguardless …. and you my friend are an important part of it…. You have a remarkable ability to pick out links that keep us updated on what is going on.
      So much so you make the MSM unnecessary.
      You’ve found your role in our struggle and I think you’re stuck with it …LOL…

    93. fletch49er says:

      Demoted from tuba to trumpet

    94. Nana says:



      @Liz g

      Thanks all and sorry I’ve not replied sooner, I guess I was a grumpy so’n’so yesterday, worried we were losing sight of the prize. We are so close now I can almost reach out and grab it.

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