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A standard progression

Posted on May 11, 2023 by

It begins:

It continues:

Plaid’s vote at the election fell from 164,000 to 153,000.

And today, the inevitable punchline:

Failure and corruption are contagious. The price of victory is eternal vigilance.

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  1. Karen says:

    Ha ha ha / wow!

  2. Antoine Bisset says:

    I have had a look at the calendar. It is no longer very early April, but that is very funny. Like the captain of the Mary Celeste running a Nautical College.

  3. Craig P says:

    To be fair, didn’t Angus Robertson successfully manage the SNP campaign in 2007?

  4. Michael Bruce says:

    King Midas in reverse.

  5. SteepBrae says:

    What a pity.

    Where are all the good PR companies when you need them?

  6. Rocko says:

    Plaid is also chock full of Gender Nuts, they’ve been pushing out members in the same way the SNP have.
    Transgender/Woke activists always remind me of the parasitic Socialist Worker’s playbook – infect, infest, destroy.

  7. John Main says:

    My report focuses on five key themes:

    The need for a sense of mission and purpose
    The recognition of the fierce urgency of now
    Maintaining and building momentum
    Instilling local and national leadership
    Grassroots activity

    A sixth theme is needed in reserve:

    Maintaining a fuelled-up, road-legal camper van as getaway vehicle for when the five key themes go pear.

    Adam Price forgot that one and now look at him.

  8. Northcode says:

    ‘There Are Crocodiles’. Brilliant opening scene. Says it all. Should be mandatory training video for all SNP MPs and staff.

  9. I wonder what the price tag was for the SNP’s kiss of death.

  10. Natal XY and proud says:

    Christ- the security forces are at it in Wales now!!!

  11. 100%Yes says:

    Hasn’t anyone in Wales seen what a mess they’ve made of SNP and Scottish Independence.

  12. Vivian O’Blivion says:

    Adam Price is a gay, graduate of the Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government. That description also applies EXACTLY to NuSNP’s very ain John Nicolson.
    Of the seven elected Scottish politicians inducted into the US State Department’s International Visitors Leadership Programme, (Harvie, Dugdale, Yousaf, Gilruth, Crawley, Grady & Thompson) only Yousaf is heterosexual.
    Alyn Smith, Stewart McDonald and John Nicolson comprise NuSNP’s, tres amigos of the NeoCon apocalypse.
    Officers of the State Department / CIA are nothing if not unimaginative, bureaucratic functionaries. They work to a playbook.
    Angus Robertson’s fingerprints appear at every NuSNP “crime scene”.
    Who vetted Stephen “CIA” Gethins when he was hired as a SPAD reporting to Alex Salmond?

  13. James Che says:

    They should wear masks to stop spreading the infiltration virus to Plaid Cymru in Wales

  14. Sue Varley says:

    One wonders, if Angus thought his 5 themes were so key for success for Plaid and Welsh independence, why has the the SNP been heading full speed in the exact opposite direction?

  15. ScottieDog says:

    Very much ‘The fixer’. In the Harvey Keitel sense.

  16. Anonymoose says:

    I see that Maggie Chapman was today sanctioned by the Standards Procedures and Public Appointments Committee for her failure to declare her financial interests in Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre to the Equalities, Human Rights and Civil Justice Committee while the committee were recieving statements/lobbying from the ERCC’s CEO.

    The Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments Committee have senctioned Chapman with a paltry 1 meeting exclusion from the EHRCJC:

    35. In relation to the breach in the current case, the Committee has agreed unanimously to recommend the imposition of a sanction of an exclusion from one meeting of the Equalities, Human Rights and Civil Justice Committee

    Ref: [Conclusion section of ]

    While I welcome the committee’s decision on the breach as it is the only and entirely the correct decision, the sanction they have applied is not only a complete & utter farce, but is also an affront to the public accountability of elected members of the Scottish Parliament and democracy within Scotland.

    In no other walk of public life would an elected person who is financially linked to an organisation which is giving statements/evidence to/lobbying a committee of which said person is a member of (and deputy-convener of no-less) and said person is directly financially involved & linked to those giving statements would that person remain on the committee, they should have completely recused themselves from the committee and all involvement with the topic outside of the Parliaments main debating chamber.

    This amounts to direct-lobbying by a committee member, a committee deputy-convener and an MSP within the Scottish Parliament on behalf of an organisation they are financially involved with in order to influence the creation or modification of legislation and laws within Scotland.

    In plainer words it amounts to blatant corruption on public display in the Scottish Parliament by a demonstrably corrupt member of the Scottish Parliament as evidenced by their own actions.

    A video is available of the Standards, Procedures and Public Appointments Committee meeting on the Scottish Parliament website here –

  17. Bob Mack says:

    He appears determined to destroy ALL the Indy movements.

    Pay must be good.

  18. Maureen says:

    Breaking: A committee of MSPs has found that Green MSP Maggie Chapman breached standards rules when she failed to declare a registered financial interest in Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre before an evidence session of the Gender Recognition Reform Bill.

  19. James Che says:

    So the format is to raise recognition and grow a infiltrated party like the Snp in Wales, rather than gain independence for Wales.

    Just reading between the lines.

  20. aulbea1 says:

    Birds of a feather – indeed.

  21. Merganser says:

    Angus ‘blow your own trumpet’ Robertson hits the buffers. And hpefully more crashes to come soon.

  22. Charles (not the R one) says:

    The real question is this – how much was Angus Robertson paid by Plaid Cymru? Let’s be honest here, that’s the only reason someone like that would get involved in such insignificances as Welsh politics.

    It’s a sad but true reflection that in all of Wales, there’s no-one fit to take on this job, implying they actually believe that no-one in Wales could match even Robertson’s dismal standards. It’s more likely that all those with the brains to do a decent job of it, are also smart enough to avoid getting involved.

    It would be good for Scotland if ‘Oor Angus’ flitted to Cardiff. They could have Mr and Mrs Murrell too!

  23. Republicofscotland says:

    If Plaid Cymru allow Robertson to get involved with the party’s politics etc, then Welsh independence will suffer greatly, we know Robertson is a unionist trojan horse, and a good friend of Shia Masot an Israeli who influences UK politics for his own country’s benefit.

    Adam Price was coached by the USA’s Harvard, John F. Kennedy School of Government, just as at least eight of the SNP’s politicians including Humza Yousaf were part of USA’s State Departments Future Leaders Exchange Programme.

  24. David W Ferguson says:

    I wonder if by any chance a generous fraternal donation might have been made by the SNP to Plaid Cymru, and if by any chance that donation morphed into a substantial fee for greedy fatso’s priceless services, to be spent on his lying wife…

  25. George Anderson says:

    Poor old PC. I thought they read this blog?
    Angus only wanted to wet his beak in a new trough!

    It is like an infiltrated cell in espionage being asked to brief the next cell. Credit to the Unionists. The certainly know how to divide and destroy from within

    Oh! Well. We have enough problems without trying to advise them.

    The blue rinse “ladies” will be rushing down to guide them on Pronoun Priorities…..Indy for Wales will be set back a decade.

  26. AnneDon says:

    So just months after the SNP’s disastrous 2017 GE Campaign which led to 500k indy voters staying at home, Plaid Cymru decided to get Angus Robertson – WHO HAD JUST LOST HIS SEAT IN THAT DISASTROUS CAMPAIGN – to tune up their election machinery?

    FFS. don’t these people read the papers, or are they just not interested in independence?

  27. Angry+Weegie says:

    Just like the SNP, Plaid Cymru has been the party of devolution for several years. Did that happen immediately following Robertson’s review of their campaign strategy? Just like in Scotland, the way to electoral success in Wales (Robertson style) was to pretend to support independence while doing nothing to achieve it and at the same time ridding the party of anyone who actually wants independence.

  28. Republicofscotland says:

    Meanwhile listening to Humza Yousaf at FMQs today pretending to be passionate about Scottish independence, never forget Yousaf stated clearly during the leadership hustings that Nicola Sturgeon is the smartest person he knows, and if she can’t achieve Scottish independence NO ONE CAN.

    Also Justice Secretary Angela Constance should do the right thing and resign over her botched and disgraceful attempts to FORCE juryless trial onto Scots and Scottish lawyers, the latter have railed against it in large numbers.

    Get the SNP out starting with next GE before they do anymore damage to Scotland.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba do it for Scotland and its people.

  29. SusanAHF says:

    Plaid cymru are also gender woo woo infiltrated

  30. Den says:

    Well that’s the Welsh well and truly fucked now. It’s gonna cost a few £k before they realise they been shafted

  31. Doug says:

    Sorry PC and Wales.

    What’s the Welsh word for motorhome? Changed days from the time holiday homes were aflame down there.

    Time for a Welsh Alba.

  32. Zander Tait says:

    The Incremental Rhyming Couplets Documenting the Demise of all Aspirations
    for Scottish Independence Thanks to Nikita Stalin and the SNP, Version 5

    Whither went the 600k
    For IndyRef2 it did not pay?

    A man’s a wummin for a’ that
    But Indy disnae qually for chat.

    But whaur’s the ideas and where is the plan?
    Awa fae Indy the Murrells did ran.

    Coercing yer pals to get Salmond convictive,
    Maks certain that Sturgeon’s pure evil vindictive.

    Both votes SNP, well that was the plan,
    To get 40 Yoon members elected as wan.

    If somethings no’ working, it’s now called a ferry,
    And if someone’s abused, it’s Joanna Cherry.

    For the Railways top job, a wummins been hired,
    Testicles and experience, well they’re no required.

    But if you write truth how the SNP fail,
    As day follows night, they’ll send you to jail.

    Here comes the competent query,
    Is not your post a conspiracy theory?

    Evans did try some Westminster convincing,
    For to proceed with the Salmond lynching.

    Westminster looked at and then did review it,
    And quickly replied for God’s sake don’t do it.

    This plot was hatched in the mind of Nikita,
    Better beware, all those who meet her.

    Now Humza’s FM with a triumph for BAME,
    A disaster for Scots, coz it’s more of the same.

    Your votes are required to get IndyRef2
    It’s a lie, my friends, he hasnae a clue.

  33. Ted says:

    The 2 major nationalist parties, in Scotland and Wales, along with their Green allies, are a parody of woke and as such are a million miles away from the concerns and indeed beliefs, of the mass of Scots and Welsh voters. They simply form a layer of needless and parasitic “government” administering fewer people than some English counties, at far greater expense and with personnel and “leaders” of similar competence. They exist only to feed themselves. Why are we shocked?

  34. David Hannah says:

    Robertson will strip democracy from Paid Cymru to ensure they are contained.

  35. robertkknight says:

    Thanks Rev!

    I haven’t laughed so much since someone pointed out on Saturday that it probably wasn’t the first time that Charles had sat on the throne with a ball in one hand and a stiff rod in the other 😮

  36. Oneliner says:

    We’ll Keep A Gaslight In The Hillside

  37. Beauvais says:

    At breakfast Marmalade + Toast.

    In politics Marmalade = Toast.

  38. Ian McCubbin says:

    I smell shite in the form of MI4.5 here in Wales .
    Is Robertson getting payed for ending Plaids domination of independence in Wales?
    This just could jot be made up by MSM.
    Well let’s see how long before the Welsh create their ALBA party.

  39. 100%Yes says:

    At the march on Saturday, I tried to speak to two Welsh blocks you would have thought I was an Englishman the way they totally snubbed me.

  40. Mike says:

    I get the impression that Stu isn’t the biggest fan of Mr Robertson.

  41. David Hannah says:

    If only there was some way to warn Plyd Cymru about air miles Angus

    Iain Lawson, Yours for Scotland, How to take over a party:

  42. Republicofscotland says:

    The SNPs/murrells luxury motorhome in financial statements appears to have been recorded as “office/computer equipment”.

    These are the kinds of deceitful and devious folk within the SNP that we are dealing with.

    Get the SNP out of office and in the process shut up their online troll farms.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba, do it for Scotland.

  43. Vestas says:

    If anyone reads the “Letter from Wales” series of posts on Barrhead Boy’s site then probably the only useful thing Angus Robertson can advise them on is “getting your judicial system under control for any legal cases coming the party’s way”. They’re well clued up on corruption/nepotism/devo-forever/everyone aboard the gravy train matters already, just like the SNP.

    I did have to check I hadn’t totally lost the plot and it was in fact 1 April when I read Stu’s post……

  44. Antoine Roquentin says:

    Would any of you guys idly stand by and allow one of your country’s major geopolitical assets, with a UN Security Council seat into the deal, become an impoverished, politically unstable shadow of its former self? Of course you wouldn’t! So why the-hell do you think we would!?

  45. Republicofscotland says:

    Jesus F*ckin Christ, now they’re going after kids that can’t speak.

    These people are pure evil.

  46. Ruby says:

    I am an Edinburgh Scot, an Edinburgh Central Scot to be precise.

    I reckon we Edinburgh Central Scots are the unluckiest constituents in the whole of Scotland.

    MSP: Angus Robertson MP: Tommy Sheppard.

    Prior to Mr Marmalade we had Baroness Sausage.

    Can you beat that for bad luck?

  47. Citizen of the World says:

    It’s beyond parody.
    Struggling to see how any Govt( even the UK) would hire him as some sort of mole to undermine Nationalist movements- & that applies to every SNP trougher.
    The suggestion continually crops up on this site.
    The reality is they are hopelessly inept & we keep voting them in – all the UK needs to do is stand back & laugh as they preen themselves & award each other Cabinet positions & salaries & hire their mates as SPADS.
    Then all that’s required is to hoist a Saltire & cry freedom.
    WE put them there- WE allow them to remain.

  48. Republicofscotland says:

    To think it was seventeen months ago that the then, Sturgeon the Betrayers Lord Advocate said this, as the rebellion over it gets closer to coming to a head.

    If Bain loses this and I sincerely hope she does she should have the decency to resign, as should Constance and Dorrian, and the other pushing the utter madness of juryless trials.

    Get the SNP out, along with this deceitful lot in the judiciary, they are trying to tun Scotland into a crackpot authoritarian state.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba do it for Scotland, do it for our won sanity.

  49. Ruby says:

    Republicofscotland says:
    11 May, 2023 at 4:12 pm

    The SNPs/murrells luxury motorhome in financial statements appears to have been recorded as “office/computer equipment”.

    Interesting! I do remember at the time the SNPs accounts were released I queried the astonishing amount spent on computer software & someone here on Wings who appeared to be very ‘knowledgeable’ ‘an accountant’ explained to me that the figure (a massive amount) was a perfectly normal sum to be spend on software by a political party.

    Aye you can’t believe everything the ‘online experts’ tell you.

    In the ‘Let Everyone Speak Party’ we will encourage everyone to trust their instincts. If you feel something just doesn’t seem right you are probably correct.

  50. bluegrass banjo says:

    gordon brown going to offer a constitution convention on more powers scotland – AGAIN

    my baws hurt

  51. Dorothy Devine says:

    Bloody farcical.

  52. Dan says:

    @ Ruby

    I too recall the chatter about the software costs.
    Control F search “software” on this article and you’ll find some posts with discussion and comment on the amount.

  53. Anton Decadent says:

    ATL and BTL here are everything which the media are not, salutations to all of you for being a hellhound on the trail of all of these shitheads. The sharing of knowledge is one of the few things which cheer me in these trying times.

    Re Wales, Ireland is also infested with politicians who completely ignore and act against the wishes and interests of their electorate whilst England has for a leader someone who worked for the same bank as Macron prior to entering politics and someone who is tipped to be a future head of one of Irelands main parties has a spouse who worked for the same bank.

  54. Skip_NC says:

    Ruby @ 5:05pm that may well have been me and, yes, the amount reported in the SNP accounts as spent on software is not out of the ordinary. That, of course, does not mean that it was actually spent on software. It is worth noting, based on membership numbers made public that, between 2016 and 2021, the SNP spent between 6 and 10 quid a head, total, on the membership system.

    We are not going to get to see the auditor’s working papers unless there is a trial (maybe even not then) so we don’t know the extent of audit testing on that area. Even then, audit testing is not 100% foolproof. In any area of the accounts, the auditor will randomly sample transactions and, from that sample, conclude (a) that part of the accounts is free from material misstatement (b) further testing is required or (c) that area of the accounts is complete horlicks and strongly recommend to the engagement partner that the audit opinion in the financial statements makes some reference to it. Because of random sampling, it is entirely possible that the auditor will conclude there is no problem with an area of the accounts, even when there is.

    Here is where I think we are with the vehicle: It was correctly identified on the Balance Sheet as a motor vehicle. Labelling that in the plural is not suspicious. That may simply be a result of using a template. In the Notes to the Accounts, it was reported as Office Equipment. That is just wrong and the Treasurer has some explaining to do. If the Treasurer was not allowed to see the books, I would question why he continued in office. I do wonder if Johnston Carmichael wanted to report the motor vehicle on the Balance Sheet correctly but not in the Notes. Makes no sense because, well, here we are discussing that discrepancy.

  55. Derek says:

    He’s my MSP too, sadly; I spoiled my ballot.

    I’m not sure that he’d recognise “the fierce urgency of now” if it bit him on the bum.

  56. robertkknight says:

    SNP / PC Training & Development Programme

    Unit 1: “How to abandon your party’s primary goal without letting your supporters realise”.

    Unit 2: “How to get your nose and those of your friends/relatives into the UK political trough – and keep it there!”.

    Unit 3: “Inclusion & Diversity – A guide to introducing Social Anarchy and Misogyny in the age of Woke”.

    Unit 4: “Creative Weaving/Accounting: When is an office stapler an 8-berth motor home”.

    Unit 5: “Dealing with insurgents – the art of suspension, expulsion and the fabrication of evidence”

    Unit 6: “Genders and identities in politics – facts, and how to accept an alternative reality”

  57. Ruby says:

    Dorothy Bain another feminist to her fingertips no doubt.

    ‘Professor James Chalmers, a criminal law expert at Glasgow University, said the idea of nojury trials in sex cases is ‘a response to a lack of confidence in the way those cases are dealt with’.

    “The [low rape] conviction rate cannot be ignored.’
    David Harvie, Crown Agent for the Crown Office, told the com- mittee: “The current situation is
    having a disproportionate impact on women and girls – it’s clear and men need to own that problem, and also the solution.’

    It’s all your fault guys you are responsible for the low rape conviction rate and absolutely nothing to do with the way these cases are handled.

    I need help with this

    Glasgow Caledonian University law lecturer Dr Andrew Tickell said that, since the 1700s, the ‘High Court of Justiciary hence, juries – have had jurisdiction’ over rape cases, adding: ‘But the historic approach once held that consent wasn’t part of the legal definition of rape.’

  58. Ruby says:

    It’s all your fault guys. You are responsible for women not getting their story straight in court.

    Appearing before the Scottish parliament’s criminal justice committee, Miss Bain said studies had shown juries were ‘not suited’ to rape cases because many jurors believe harmful ‘rape myths’, for example questioning the honesty of alleged victims who do not fight back against their attackers.

    Well yes I would certainly question that but I would listen to any explanation as to why the victim didn’t and why he/she was still in bed with the rapist the morning after.

    I think Dorothy Bain like Rosa Zambonini really loves Sturgeon and would do anything for her.

  59. JockMcT says:

    @SusanAHF says:
    11 May, 2023 at 2:51 pm
    “Plaid cymru are also gender woo woo infiltrated”

    you mean Plague Cymru…..

  60. chic.mcgregor says:



    Would add

    Unit 7: “The positive power of hubris. Remember, we know what is best and they can’t handle the truth.”

    Unit 8: “accepting adulation with grace.”

  61. Stephen O'Brien says:

    A ‘vacuum’ salesman with literally Nothing to sell. When it’s gone, it’s gone!

    No deposit, no return. Sounds like a bargain. Sign on the dotted line…….

  62. Mac says:

    This is like when another US asset they did not know what to do with was bizarrely appointed Governor of Odessa.

    I am sure all these utterly bizarre moves all look sensible to whatever yank cunt is thinking it up (but it is not you thick uneducated arsehole).

    Think it is more than safe to assume that Plaid Cymru have gone the same way as the SNP.

    What next… monkey tennis?

  63. Republicofscotland says:

    The Bute House Agreement between the treacherous SNP and the deranged degenerates that are the Greens will do terrible damage to Scotland.

    The destroying of small towns and coastal communities that rely on fishing will be an absolute tragedy if the Greens get their way via the SNP. The unamended GRRB has already led to untold suffering for women and children with regards to fully intact men entering their safe spaces, meanwhile Humza Useless is going to wasted god only knows how much of Scottish taxpayers cash to push against the S35, when the majority of Scots don’t want the unamended GRRB to begin with, we the electorate our opinions don’t matter to the SNP or the Greens, its as if they are saying to the electorate F*ck You.

    Then we have the very poorly thought through bottle return scheme, so bad its been pushed further down the road.

    Meanwhile things that really matter education, the NHS, housing etc are teetering on the edge of collapse, and the prices of everything are shooting through the roof, and homelessness and drug deaths continue to rise, the SNP under that treacherous b*stard Sturgeon and now Yousless can’t even build a f*ckin ferry without its hundreds of millions more over budget and will be at least five years late, if they go into service at all. Then there’s the juryless trials, which eventually would be rolled out in other cases besides sexual assault etc cases.

    You’d find yourself up before an obedient judge who could have the powers to send you to prison for speaking or reporting the truth on something they don’t want known in public.

    Alex Salmond would’ve been sent down without a jury, Craig Murray’s kangaroo trial without a jury shows you exactly what will happen if they get their way, not to mention what is happening to Julian Assange, his crime telling the truth.

    We’ve got three more years of this madness under the SNP and the Greens before we can (Hopefully) eject the b*stards or most of them from Holyrood, I can only wonder how much more damage the SNP and the Greens will do to Scotland before then.

    Get the SNP and the Greens out of office.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba.

  64. Shug says:

    The guy that was promoted by Nicola after the perjury trials (no connection there I assume) and who hob nobs with diplomats.

    A person in the upper echelons of the SNP pushing changed the NEC structure for Murrell, stop BREXIT, gender nonsense, juryless trials
    There is in my humble opinion a strong probability of a connection with the security services.

    If they listen to him they have no chance of getting a job done that will promote independence

  65. Iain More says:

    Not only did he avoid standing for SNP Leadership he has now fucked off to Wales.

  66. JGedd says:

    The issue of juryless trials reminded me of an article I read many moons ago by the journalist, Murray Ritchie, shortly before he retired (I think.)

    He took a sentimental stroll into the local Sherriff Court in the passing ( nostalgic perhaps for his days as a junior reporter.) The case being heard was of a man accused of being a drug dealer. There were no productions in evidence as the prosecution case rested on the eye witness accounts of about 6 members of the constabulary who claimed to have caught the accused in the act of flushing away his ‘stash’ in the toilet as they had burst through the front door of his home.

    Each constable gave his account in turn of entering the front door and seeing the accused in the toilet immediately opposite the front entrance of the house and each testified to having a clear view of the accused man in the act of disposing of his cache down the WC and flushing it away.

    You might already be able to spot some holes in the prosecution case. Defending counsel did his job and demonstrated to the jury how difficult it would be for each constable to have the exact same view given the dimensions of the narrow front doorway (and the dimensions of the 6 stout members of the constabulary.) He was able to ridicule the absurdity of the testimony of the 6 burly policemen claiming to have crammed through the door at exactly the same time in order to have the same clear view of the accused in the time frame it took to flush away the evidence. Yet the jury had heard each of them give the same testimony almost word for word.

    The man on the bench sent the jury away to deliberate, on the clear instruction that they must be satisfied by the prosecution case since evidence had been given by 6 stalwart members of the constabulary and they must be impressed by the number of officers who had described so clearly the accused disposing of the evidence. ( A bit reminiscent of the Moorov doctrine; the more witnesses you can bring with the same evidence, the more weight it will be deemed to have before the court.)

    The jury duly deliberated and returned with their verdict of Not Guilty. The man on the bench was furious and incredulous that the jury should have brought that verdict and dismissed them with evident displeasure.

    However, Murray Ritchie reported that he left the court with a lighter step buoyed by the jury’s decision. He felt that the jury had understood that justice would not have been served that day by simply securing a conviction. Instead, they understood a more important principle, that prosecutions should not be rewarded for manufacturing evidence.

    The judge, though, had a different view.

  67. Breeks says:

    Republicofscotland says:
    11 May, 2023 at 8:31 pm

    The Bute House Agreement between the treacherous SNP and the deranged degenerates that are the Greens will do terrible damage to Scotland…

    There’s a new iceberg on the horizon…
    Heard a rumour, next year, landlords renting out property will not meet the criteria for renting if the water supply has lead pipework.

    If the rumour is true, the ramifications will be profound for rented accommodation, and the government’s war on older property continues…

  68. President Xiden says:

    Thought for today, ‘ those who wish to abolish Jury trials for serious crimes are dangerous fanatics’.

  69. Luigi says:

    If (Ha) the SNP has been infiltrated by MI4/5 agents, then I would have thought that old Air Miles himself would have been a choice recruit for the security services. Mind you, there are quite a few others I can think of. I would be very surprised if there isn’t a hornets nest full of them in key Scottish government positions. Kept in check by their dirty little secrets that of course HMG knows all about. When senior politicians make very strange, unpopular decisions that make no sense – that’s a sure sign they have been leaned on. Someone else is pulling the strings.

  70. Mac says:

    Reading that recent wings tweet on Lady Dorrian that links to the article in 2021 (and my own comments which I had forgotten writing) is somewhat infuriating in light of recent moves for juryless trials.

    So I think it is worthwhile examining what justice amounts to under Lady Dorrian.

    Let’s start with the the Salmond trial which she presided over.

    An innocent man was falsely accused by a group of conspirators. The jury saw through their lies and comprehensively and completely cleared the innocent man of every single charge, resoundingly.

    Yet strangely the effective outcome of that trial was to smear the innocent man and inflict massive reputational damage on the innocent man even though he was completely cleared by the jury. That is funny kind of ‘justice’, Dorrian justice.

    This was achieved by allowing the press to report every lurid detail of the prosecutions false accusations and not the defenses rebuttals (showing what a lying dog woman H is for one small example).

    So here we have Dorrian Justice in action for all to see. Even when you get cleared, you don’t get cleared, even when you win, you lose.

    Additionally Dorrian enforced all the secrecy laws to protect the liars. How convenient.

    Dorrian also excluded the evidence showing the conspirators conspiring, some of whom became accusers… yet incredibly Dorrian did not think that was relevant and excluded it from the jury who STILL saw through all the liars.

    Does anyone doubt for a second had that jury not been there to embarrass Dorrian that Salmond, an innocent man, would have been railroaded by her straight to prison. I do not.

    Then we get to the Kafkaesque trial of Craig Murray… make it up as you go along Dorrian bullshit. He was going to jail long before that ‘trial’ even started. We all know it. Dorrian justice.

    It is truly terrifying that this judge is going to get the top job in Scotland.

  71. Dorothy Devine says:

    President Xiden, too bloody right.

  72. Ruby says:

    Mornin’ JGedd Another interesting post. 5 star emoji.

    Not just interesting but beautifully written. I’m so jealous.

    A few months ago you wrote about the the ‘BBC Scotland Disclosure investigation programme, Beneath the Magic Circle Affair’
    which I watched and was horrified.

    Most of the debate so far re juryless trials is focused on innocent people being declared guilty but there is also the very serious issue of the guilty being declared innocent.

  73. Mac says:

    I compared Alex Salmond to Vaclav Havel the other day but it was Craig Murray who actually went to jail.

    Craig Murray was sent to jail for being a dissident. He revealed the truth, that was his crime.

    Orwell yet again…

    “In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

    Look at us all gagged by Lady Dorrian unable to utter the simple truth. Where liars get protected and the innocent smeared.

    What Craig Murray did was a revolutionary act. That is what he was jailed for.

    When it happens, revealing the entire truth surrounding the stitch-up will also be a revolutionary act, perhaps the greatest one so far.

    Lady Dorrian is not just covering up for the lairs, she is covering up for her own actions as well.

  74. Effijy says:

    I watched Question Time last night and I’m completely at a loss of English voters thought process presuming that there is one.

    The loudly applauded as the disasters of the Tory party were discussed even though they are in a Tory and Brexit stronghold.

    In the council elections it was only Tory or Independent so many voted against Tory rather than Independent but in a show of hands the majority haven’t ruled out voting Tory at the General election.

    So they see immorality and corruption abound, 12,mortgage rate increases applied rapidly,
    Fuel bills trebling, food inflation nudging 20%, inflation itself over 10%, the NHS being systematically destroyed and millions on strike and after 13 years of austerity and recession they are unsure if they don’t want it all to continue.

    I feel I have more in common with the French and the man on the moon than the English majority.

    We do have to part company with these people.

  75. Ruby says:

    ‘Beneath the Magic Circle Affair’

    still available on iplayer

  76. Ruby says:

    I watched the ‘Beneath the Magic Circle Affair’ again then clicked on watch next episode and it turned out to be this:

    The Resignation of Nicola Sturgeon.

    There’s nothing new but good to have it all together in one programme.

  77. John Peters says:


    Of course we will vote Tory at the General Election. We will choose the least worse option.

    People have been claiming the NHS is being destroyed by the Tories for decades. Perhaps it’s lucky that they are incompetent as they have not done it yet.

  78. Natal XY and proud says:

    @effijy 8.55 am

    Best to give question time a miss.

  79. stuart mctavish says:

    Ruby @6:30 pm

    I’m beginning to wonder if the reason places like Coldstream were not decorated end to end in lions rampant to watch the Scots’ King dominate England last weekend is because his crown agents in Scotland neglected to distribute them rather than, say, giving them the benefit of doubt in so far as they may have been taking a principled (yet silent)* stand against the order of ceremonies (it being blatant gaslighting/reverse symbolism to have the English and British crowning in advance of the Scottish one) and marching (it being blatant discrimination against gingers to have Harry bring up the rear** despite being only two potentially dangerous coughid vaccines from being Regent for the next 5 or 7 years)

    One reason (among many) for such cynical speculation arising at the personal level stems from questions as to whether the sexy security guard fondling wives’ breasts, (thanks, presumably, to their bra reinforcement) at Edinburgh airport is for the benefit of their husbands (think first stop on tram to Princes St being Anne Summers) or whether i definitely need glasses and its all for the benefit of the men pretending to be women after all (think all the potholes on Frederick St, ie first street you cross heading west from anne summers)***

    *see something, say something being the (new?) british transport police mantra – in a public service announcement resembling something from doctor who and the cyberwar

    **Had his wife with the pretty bottom been in attendance there would at least have been a cheeky excuse for same.

    ***either way the recently established american standard of $5 million/ alleged unwanted alleged grope some 30 years ago could make for interesting study once adjusted for inflation, etc.

  80. Starfish says:

    Loving the grand conspiracy theories

    Maybe, just maybe, the SNP was infected by a bunch of criminals?

    Crims with no intention of furthering independence except where threats of it could be used to extort money from Westminster and line their pockets?

    Is that a possibility? Do you think?

    Or are independence politicians unique manifestations of honesty, probity and solomon-like judgement? Whose motivations are only to serve the cause of independence!

    It has been obvious to most outside observers that the SNP has been taken over, Putin style, by a cabal of self serving opportunists that have been in turn manipulated by a grand coalition of green nut jobs, single issue fanatics and ‘transgender’ activists with dubious motivations

  81. Southernbystander says:

    Effigy – Question Time was from Bexhill-on-Sea in Sussex. Its constituency has a huge Tory majority and has been a Tory held seat pretty much forever. So it is hardly surprising that you observed the audience supporting the Tories. But they do not represent the ‘English majority’. The majority of English people do not in fact vote Tory and virtually never have in any general election since the war but as the non-Tory vote (Labour, LibDem and latterly Green) has always been split, the Tories get in to power more.

  82. Stephen O'Brien says:

    SNP should be trolled by every Indy supporter. If not, you deserve all you get from the party, which amounts to less than zero! The obsession with publication of support for independence, supposedly up or down, is the core reason why SNP, gets away with screwing their own electorate.

    If you’re waiting for official figures to reach 60%, you are as well forgetting about independence, all together. You are giving SNP license to do nothing!

    The figures mean nothing in the absence of an independence campaign. The longer this farce is allowed to continue, without a campaign driven ballot, the polling figures will never budge from around 50/50.

    To sit back and allow this stalemate, enables the gravy train of Devolution, unchallenged and forever obstructing the goal of independence!

    Troll or be trolled by SNP. There is no middle ground. Subservience to Westminster or subservience to SNP, what’s the difference?

  83. Mia says:

    “There is in my humble opinion a strong probability of a connection with the security services”

    I have been wondering for quite some time the exact same thing. There are far too many parallelisms between what has been happening in Scotland and Wales for it to be just a coincidence.

    I also wonder how many of those who are abusing power to railroad through these juryless trials are directly or indirectly connected with the persecution of Alex Salmond and/or have a vested interest in seeing him behind bars or away from frontline politics.

    I have been wondering since the first time I heard of the juryless trials until what point this is being brought foward as a damage limitation exercise: a second unlawful attempt to use a state tool to remove Mr Salmond from frontline politics after they failed with their fabricated Moorov strategy and collection of willing perjurers on speed dial.

    It stands to the obvious to anybody with a functioning brain cell that removing independent juries from the court makes it incredibly easy to transform the courts into a political weapon to lock dissidents on false charges of rape.

    You just need a dirty judge who is either corrupt, has been bribed or is compromised. I don’t expect this would be particularly difficult to find. The multi-millionaire malicious prosecutions of recent times, or the recent Mr Murray case are a testament to just how corrupt and shameless our judges are.

    But there is also the opposite side of the coin: removing juries out of rape cases opens the door for the state to keep free real rapists who are still politically useful to the state.

    So there is a double interest there. And how many perverts, do the Greens, the SNP, the civil service, MI5 or the COPFS themselves hide within their ranks and assets?

    One thing is clear: eliminating juries means eliminating the main layer of scrutiny on bent judges and abuse from the entity they represent: the crown.

    It has been made plainly obvious that there are many establishment people very frustrated that their fabricated Moorov doctrine and perjurers on tap could not convince an honest jury in the case of Mr Salmond.

    Interestingly, some names involved in that case are now behind this juryless trials nonsense. Is that a coincidence?

    For instance, many of the quangos funded by Sturgeon Gov who also helped the accussers to throw more dirt at Mr Salmond beind the shadows, support this. Incidentally these quangos also support opening the doors of female only spaces to male perverts, rapists and paedophiles. Could be here another link to explain a vested interest in not having no juries? Is a state desperate to use courts as political weapons trying to hide behind perverts, rapists and paedophiles to gather support for these juryless trials?

    These quangos were funded by Sturgeon’s government so it is not unreasonable to conclude a direct, vested interest of Sturgeon’s executive in Mr Salmond being removed from politics. Because the unlawful complaints procedure was directed and executed by the UK civil service, it is also not unreasonable to conclude the UK civil service also had an interest in removing Mr Salmond from frontline politics. The same applies to the newspaper which colluded with the leak. It is no secret that the highest civil servant is also in control of MI5.

    And then there is the COPFS which represents the Crown and where we have had until recently an ex-MI5 as crown agent. Havie broke standard procedure and seemingly prompted the police onto the persecution of Mr Salmond at the expense of millions of pounds for the Scottish taxpayer. So, what was the COPFS’, and Harvie’s in particular, motivator for this? What about Livingston?

    Harvie and Dorrian are also interested in juryless trials. Why?

    Bain, who with her bogus “Supreme” court case helped the crown usurp power from the people of Scotland to decide what bills enter our fucking parliament, and helped English judges in an English court overrule our democratic rights to stop the referendum, still sits in Yousaf’s cabinet. Seemingly, she also supports juryless trials and the removal of scrutiny from bent judges in rape cases. So what is her real motivator here?

    It doesn’t take you to have an IQ like Einstein’s to smell a rat on this and suspect a connection between the failed attempt to put Mr Salmond in prison, the proliferation and protection of perverts and pro-perverts among Greens and SNP ranks, malicious prosecutions, the interference of the crown with our legislative and now the demand for juryless trials which would make it incredibly easy for the crown to remove dissidents on false accussations of rape.

    It is not difficult to conclude that the crown would be put in a much more difficult position with regards to its acceptance by the people of Scotland if they refused to put the royal seal to the referendum bill which, giving the pro-independence majority in Holryood, would have comfortably passed.

    So what was the real role in all of this for Bain, Sturgeon and the previous Lord advocate’s in the Keatings case? real role in all of this? Was their intervention to remove “the problem” from the crown’s hands before it entered Holryood to preserve the crowns’ reputation as “apolitical” and to help disguise the link between the crown and the stopping of Scotland’s independence?

    Why was this “problem” taken to an English court with English judges? Was it because it is only this English court that has to abide by the fabricated “parliamentary sovereingty” of the UK parliament?

    And what is Bain’s real interest in all this? Is she just serving the crown or has she got a particular vested interest in stopping Scotland’s independence? And with her support of juryless trials, has she got any vested interest in using the courts as a political tool to cancel dissent on false charges, or has she got an interest in letting real rapists, but useful to the crown/state, free?

    I have been wondering for quite some time how many of those sitting in Yousaf’s cabinet and their SPADS and aids are directly or indirectly linked to the persecution of Mr Salmond, have been carefully selected for this very reason and have therefore a huge vested interest in scrutiny to be removed from bent judges. Was Yousaf coronated as the continuity candidate for this very reason?

    Despite being crazy, despite being profoundly unjust, despite directly opening a door for malicious prosecutions on fabricated charges, despite the boycot from the legal firms, which are actually far more knowledgeable of the law in Scotland than the idiots sitting in Yousaf’s cabinet, the wannabe dictator Constance is determined to rail through with the jury-less trials, just as the useless Sturgeon was determined to force through the disgusting GRR nonsense despite opposition of the majority of the population in Scotland and despite evidently putting children and women at harm. Despite being profoundly unprofessional, Sturgeon seemingly was abusing every opportunity she had to embarrass herself throwing dirt at Mr Salmond despite pretending to take a neutral position.

    What is the particular interest of Dorrian, Bain, Harvie, the UK civil service, Sturgeon, the COPFS, Livingston, all linked to the COPFS, in putting him behind bars?

    I think we need to start looking below the surface at the real motivators of these people to abuse their positions of power in our very noses and now attempting to force these juryless trials through. Who are they trying to put behind bars or what perverts are they trying to save from prison by removing a third party scrutiny from bent judges?

    What was the real reason behind the rushed SNP election to install the continuity candidate? Was it to force these juryless trials to have another go at Mr Salmond or to release some particular pervert?

    Why wasn’t Sturgeon interrogated by the police when she was the leader of the party at the time of the disappearance of the indyref funds?

    Will the outcome of this investigation be influenced in some way the success in installing juryless trials?

    Are we in front of a giant case of industrial scale abuse of power and huge collusion of the three powers to stop independence by transforming courts into political tools to lock dissidents on false rape charges while releasing rapists who tow the establishment’s line?

    What the hell is going on here?

    What do Dorrian, the previous crown agent, Sturgeon, Leslie Evans, Lloyd, Bain, Livingston and Angela Constance have in common?

  84. Republicofscotland says:

    Now the Green degenerates are too good to take public transport.

    “GREEN minister Lorna Slater was tonight branded a hypocrite after it emerged a private cruise boat has been hired to take her to an island.
    She is carrying out a ministerial visit to the Isle of Rum on Friday but rather than using CalMac services taxpayers will be forced to fork out huge sums of cash on a chartered vessel.”

    Officials said Ms Slater was shunning the £9.40 return trip on the scheduled service as the private boat would “maximise” her time on the island.”

    Luxury motorhomes, private boats, the SNP and the Greens really are taking us for mugs.

    Get the SNP and the Greens out before they turn Scotland into some sort of Kafkaesque banana republic.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba do it for Scotland.

  85. David Hannah says:

    Angela Constance, I think she is quite stylish woman, always cutting about with the designer clothes. She’s a good looking woman. And I’m sure she’s an experienced politician.

    But her government are a disgrace. She has gone ultra woke. The alphabettie act sickens me. The entire legal profession are boycotting their plans for juryless trials. And these twats will plough on regardless.

    Ridiculous what’s happening in Scotland. The lawyers need to bring the Government down.

  86. Luigi says:

    Republicofscotland says:
    12 May, 2023 at 10:04 am

    Now the Green degenerates are too good to take public transport.

    Luxury motorhomes, private boats, the SNP and the Greens really are taking us for mugs.

    Indeed. “Do as I say, not as I do”.

    I never trusted those Green imbeciles, and the SNP I can no longer support. Can anyone still tell the different between Green and SNP politicians?

    Me neither.

  87. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Mia (10.00) –


    Each and every question you raise deserves attention and we can be sure it won’t come from any so-called ‘journalists’ working in msm – those who aren’t already state assets face losing their jobs if they step out of line.

    We’re now at a point where the lazy slur ‘conspiracy theorist’ is used ever-more to encourage the type of self-censorship which has rendered so many incapable of critical thought. And if you can’t even ‘think the thought’ you can’t find the words to start describing what your gut instinct is saying.

    There are still people – good, decent people – in the Yes movement who believe that Alex Salmond was ‘guilty’ of something (‘no smoke without fire’) and cling to that belief because the alternative i.e. that he was targeted by malicious ex-colleagues with the connivance of the Scottish legal system, police and British State is just too much to process. They cannot and will not see the SNP for what it now is even though they know that something is horribly wrong.

  88. David Hannah says:

    Cosnstace to me now reminds me of one of these snooty, art types. She’s not working class that’s for sure. An Edinburgh elite arsehole. She doesn’t care about the law societys. The SNP like to ignore legal advice. She is above the law.

    She wants to become the destroyer of the legal system in Scotland. She wants to take Sturgeon’s title.

  89. Mia says:

    “Angela Constance,… I’m sure she’s an experienced politician”

    The average voter, with zero political experience or law background, can see the huge risk that removing scrutiny from judges represents. The average voter knows that it is much easier to compromise one judge than 15 independent jurors.

    It is a risky move and not one that will improve justice for Scotland. It will only benefit a corrupt authoritarian state and perverts/rapists useful to that state. So the question here is, what is the real motivator for Constance to bring forward more potential mistrials, for leaving more rapists without conviction and for sending more innocent people to jail?

    Is there a particular pervert/rapist they are trying to spare from jail, or is there a particular innocent man they are desperate to put away behind bars?

  90. David Hannah says:

    I’m calling it the alphabetty act. We all know it’s being brought in to protect the conspirators.

    The general public also hate the idea.

  91. Ruby says:

    It was very much an English question time.

    English water
    English immigration
    English voting patterns.

    Only politicians from the UK Gov answering questions about English issues.

    A lot in favour of asylum seekers seeking asylum in France.

    I wonder how these people would feel if an iScotland said asylum seekers should seek asylum in England.

    Can’t help feeling a hard border between Scotland & England could be a good thing especially when France decides to ditch ‘Le Touquet’ agreement.

    One panelist spoke about ‘genuine’ asylum seekers and that reminded me of the term ‘genuine’ trans. If those asylum seekers have no document how do you tell if they are genuine.

    It’s a huge problem as is the problem of illegal immigrants which the UK Gov haven’t been able to sort out.
    I wonder if the Tory voters in Bexhill thought Brexit was the answer to controlling the borders.

    Will Fiona Bruce ask the audience next week in Fort William how many people voted SNP and how many will vote SNP at the next election.

    What do you suppose they will discuss next week in Fort William?
    When do we find out who will be on the panel?

  92. John Main says:

    @ Effijy says:12 May, 2023 at 8:55 am

    Fuel bills trebling

    I recommend you change supplier, Effigy. Or is arithmetic not your strong suit?

    the NHS being systematically destroyed

    It’s certainly been gravely damaged by being turned into the National Covid Service for two years. The resultant collapse in the health of everybody with everything that wasn’t Covid has certainly brought the NHS to its knees.

    That was a terrible decision, although virtually unanimously supported on here at the time. Funny how selective and short memories are.

    Maybes we can all agree the NHS needs more spent on it, and here in Scotland, where we fund our own SNHS, we have a golden opportunity to run that idea up the flagpole to see who salutes it (i.e. votes for it).

    More Scottish taxpayer’s dosh for the SNHS. Who has that on their manifesto? What are they going to cut to fund it?

    I seem to recall eradication of poverty took precedence in the New Pretender’s programme. How’s that going anyway?

  93. John Main says:

    @ Republicofscotland says:12 May, 2023 at 10:04 am

    She is carrying out a ministerial visit to the Isle of Rum on Friday but rather than using CalMac services taxpayers will be forced to fork out huge sums of cash on a chartered vessel

    Back in the day, the Hebrideans would chuck anybody they disapproved of strongly enough in the harbour. Of course, that would never have been applied to a woman.

    But it’s 2023. Could be that those fiercely independent and opinionated islanders are long gone.

    Could be that their descendants don’t know what a woman is.

    Why should any of our rulers want to take the chance of encountering real people in the real world? The scenario is just too unpredictable and uncontrollable to be considered. The Risk Analysis people will be in meltdown.

  94. Ruby says:

    Mia says:
    12 May, 2023 at 10:50 am

    So the question here is, what is the real motivator for Constance to bring forward more potential mistrials, for leaving more rapists without conviction and for sending more innocent people to jail?

    She wants to be part of the ‘Magic Circle’ she doesn’t want to be an outcast like Joanna Cherry, be out of a job or possibly find herself in court in front of Lady Dorrian.

    Have we heard Joanna Cherry’s views on trials without jury?

    What do people mean when they talk about an experienced politician.

    How many years of experience does Pete Wishart have?

  95. John Main says:

    @ Ruby says:12 May, 2023 at 11:10 am

    I wonder if the Tory voters in Bexhill thought Brexit was the answer to controlling the borders

    Good question.

    I wonder if Indy supporters think Indy will give Scotland control of her borders?

    It should of course, but then these pesky pro-EU and pro-EFTA types jump in and say that iScotland will be in one or the other.

    Both of which come with free movement of people, so no control of borders after all.

    Not a problem if iScotland will be a poverty stricken desert where nobody wants to live. But we are constantly assured the opposite.

    Whoops. Big trouble ahead.

    It really is simple for any nation state and/or country.

    Wealth. Open borders. Pick one, cos you don’t get to pick both in this twenty-first century.


  96. Ruby says:

    John Main says:
    12 May, 2023 at 11:17 am

    @ Effijy says:12 May, 2023 at 8:55 am

    More Scottish taxpayer’s dosh for the SNHS. Who has that on their manifesto? What are they going to cut to fund it?

    The Greens, The SNP and every party that supports trans rights.

  97. Anton Decadent says:

    Re MI5/6, at least one of these has also been captured with the trans flag flying on its website last year.

  98. Ruby says:

    John Main says:
    12 May, 2023 at 11:38 am

    Both of which come with free movement of people, so no control of borders after all


    It’s free movement of people from the EU not from the entire fuckin’ planet.

    Away you go and talk to ‘Ascot’ he’s another Brexiteer.
    I reckon you two are a perfect match.

    I can’t help imagining him sitting in front of his computer in East Kilbride (claiming he’s abroad in Norfolk Broads) wearing one of his outrageous Ascot hats.

    He’s got a few. This one only just fits into his bedsit.

  99. SusanAHF says:

    No such thing as a ‘genuine’ asylum seeker entering England. They have travelled through several safe countries to get there. They are usually economic migrants attracted by the UKs reputation as a soft touch and no ID required. The borders should be closed to all but bona-fide immigrants with needed skills, willing to assimilate and no criminal record. Proficiency in English should be a must, for getting employment. ‘Chain’ immigration should also be stopped.

  100. JGedd says:

    Ruby @ 8.11am

    Most of the debate so far re juryless trials is focused on innocent people being declared guilty but there is also the very serious issue of the guilty being declared innocent.

    Excellent comment Ruby. A legal jurisdiction can only be assessed as impartially just, when the aim is to find truth by due process not just to achieve conviction.
    The jury system is an important pillar of a democratic justice system. If we don’t have that, then we are back to summary justice.

    Thanks for putting up those links again. It is well worth re-visiting the Magic Circle investigation again as it highlights the fact that there is a dark and murky underworld of paedophilia which is overlooked since there are those who can evade prosecution because they are part of an elite. It isn’t the only dirty secret of the Edinburgh elites involving the exploitation of the vulnerable which has been covered up or only partially prosecuted, leaving many questions unanswered.

    In fact there is another sinister aspect to that investigation because those involved in those sordid activities involving the sexual exploitation of children, invented the Magic Circle story to divert attention to an imaginary secret circle of homosexuals in the legal fraternity and away from their own monstrousness.

    That was an iniquitous use of double bluff which worked for a time but it demonstrates that those in elite positions know exactly how to push buttons and which buttons to push.

    Our media isn’t just diverted from the important business of searching out illegality because of their own shallow venality, but due also to fear of the powerful and wheels within wheels which exclude the ordinary citizen.

    It’s no wonder that those elite circles, most of whom are not visible to the rest of us, would not be keen on juries which consist of those ordinary citizens.

  101. Beauvais says:

    Dani Garavelli had a piece in The Herald on May 7th about the juryless trials pilot. In support of the idea she claimed that France recently did away with juries in trials for crimes with a maximum sentence of 15-20 years.

    In France serious crimes are tried in the Courts d’Assises with 6 jurors and 3 judges. In lesser criminal courts there are no jurors, although a number of years ago jurors were introduced in these courts. However the Hollande administration did away with the arrangement in 2013.

    I can find no mention anywhere though of juryless trials taking place in the Courts d’Assises. Does anyone know about this? Garavelli might be correct, but then, as we know, she does have form for misleading readers.

  102. John Main says:

    @ Ruby says:12 May, 2023 at 12:14 pm

    Twa Ruby’s posting on here.

    The first ane wants to “let everybody speak”.

    The second ane wants “everybody to just shut TF up”.

    We only need a third and fourth Ruby to bring the auld sang up to date.

    All thegither noo:

    “Last nicht there were fower Rubys;
    The nicht there’ll be bit three:”

  103. David Hannah says:

    I wouldn’t listen to anything Garavelli has to say. She talks pish.

    And she lost. Big Eck is back. Fucking stick your juryless trials up your arse Garavelli.

  104. Andrew says:

    I heard today that a wine fridge appeared at the British Heart Foundation charity-hardly used but those in the know are aware of where it came from.

  105. La gomera says:

    Welsh politics/history is very different to Scottish politics. Plaid’s core support is still Welsh speakers in west/north Wales- its never managed to hold on to gains from Labour for very long, usually because the Labour Party has changed tack to respond to whatever caused people to vote for Plaid Cymru in the first place. So for the most part voting for Plaid either says something about your cultural identity or it’s a protest vote. But the demographics of rural Wales are changing and none of Plaid’s seats in Westminster are safe – I think this has increased the chances of total wipeout in the next general election.

  106. WingsOverFrance says:


    Tell me you’re a racist pièce of scum without telling me you’re a racist pièce of scum. We see you.

  107. Michael says:

    OMG. Don’t Plaid Cymru carry out even the most basic due diligence and checkout his promotional independnce limited liabilty company, “Progress Scotland”, and think …….

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