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A casual grenade

Posted on February 22, 2014 by

The Scotpulse poll we mentioned last night in a frankly shameful outbreak of tooting our own horn actually released two sets of data, accompanied by an odd email apologising that the survey had featured an overly wide range of questions. We don’t know if we’re going to see the others at any point, but the second one released yesterday was intriguing.


And we’re not talking about the somewhat leading preamble.

The ostensible purpose of the question was to find out what impact George Osborne’s intervention over a Sterling union had had on Scottish opinion, and the answer was “Not much”. Just one in ten respondents suggested it had changed their position – 5% of undecideds now said they were leaning towards Yes, with 3% shifting the other way.

But just tossed out in the pie chart without comment was an altogether more striking statistic – of the 89% of people who said they hadn’t been affected either way, the referendum was a dead heat, with 38% saying Yes and 38% No. (If you add the newly-leaning undecideds, that gives Yes a two-point lead, 43 to 41.)

We’ve said ever since we commissioned our own first poll that it’s instructive to ask people non-standard questions, because if you ask them ones they’ve heard a dozen times before they’ll probably have an instinctive answer (possibly one rooted in party loyalty) that they’ll give automatically without thinking about it.

But frame it with a distracting decoy and they might just accidentally tell you how they’re really feeling. We don’t know if Scotpulse is a member of the British Polling Council, but we’d be awfully interested in having a nose around their raw data tables.

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121 to “A casual grenade”

  1. john king says:

    I can understand Scottish Skiers reticence to take date at face value and said “parity soon?” so I held my horses but hey what else can you make of this, we have crossed the Rubicon, and the sense of elation fear joy, sorry just got something in my eye.

  2. stramash says:

    Is this the first poll that ‘kinda’ puts Yes in the lead? Is today the tipping point?

  3. K Mackay says:

    I know we’re not supposed to get too excited about polls but that’s really nice to see 🙂

    Nice to think that if that was supposed to be their killer blow (as the media made out) that it actually gave another small swing to us. In my personal experience it’s done more than that, I’ve spoke to a few folk recently who were completely disinterested in the referendum or leaning to No (in a ‘better the devil you know’ way) until Osborne’s currency union threat who are now committed Yes. I think everyone has their own tipping point issue that brings them over to Yes, even hardcore No’s! It’s just our job to find everyones individual tipping point I don’t want to tempt fate but I think we’re in the start of a landslide.

    When’s you’re fundraiser starting Stu? (I think you said before but I’m not great at remembering things.) We’re all desperate to throw money at you! Wings Polls, Wings billboards, wings TV adverts, Wings aircraft carrier, we want it All!

  4. Macart says:

    OK, its too early to start jumping up and down with excitement, but I think everyone should afford themselves a quietly confident smile. 🙂

  5. patronsaintofcats says:

    Folks I think we may be witnessing the turning point 🙂

  6. Davy says:

    So giddy Osborne is useful after all, I wonder which Westminster numpty will be sent north to quell the restless natives next.

    Its very cool to see what we are all fighting for slowly and surely come together, and I bet next weeks independence attacks will be aimed at personality’s. So be prepared to have our First Minister & Nicola Sturgeon and the rest of the YES campaign leadership accused of all types of nonsense.

    Also many thanks to everyone attending the Yes campaign meeting in the Ugie hotel at Keith last night, their was about 55 plus people there and Angus, Richard, Laura and presenter Sandy answered our questions with confidence and commonsense, cheers for that.

  7. patronsaintofcats says:

    Just think, we still have to come the UK cabinet meeting this week in Aberdeen and the Tory Party Conderence coming up in March. Can’t wait to see what that does to the polling *rubs hands with glee*

  8. Albalha says:

    As more and more voters become engaged, listen to the arguments, common sense prevails.

    That’s a problem for No, so much is based on stuff and nonsense be it currency, EU etc.

    And on EU, my morning viewing, most interesting for a whole host of reasons, the Barroso references from 50′.

  9. Patrick Roden says:

    I noticed this as well, but wondered if this was because this was an ‘on-line poll’?

    Not sure if the fact it was on-line tends to make a difference, Scottish Skier please?

  10. Albalha says:


    And the EU elections ….

  11. Paul says:

    I would take this poll with a bit of salt as it is a survey on behalf of STV Scottish television. I just googled Scotpulse and signed up so I think it is more like a focus group for that channel.

  12. themadmurph says:

    K Mackay says:
    Wings aircraft carrier, we want it All!

    Love it, and I know someone who might just have a spare one after September 18th!

  13. Les Wilson says:

    This is all very interesting stuff. Rev, excelling at such things is only one of your talents, hence the support and praise you are given.

    Our Wings community is ever growing and it brings a bit excitement knowing we are helping to make history.

    We are Legion, Nemo me impune lacessit.

  14. scottish_skier says:

    Is this the first poll that ‘kinda’ puts Yes in the lead? Is today the tipping point?

    No, that was August 2013 panelbase. Before that, late 2011.

    Prior to that some back ~2007 and lots around devolution kick off – most in fact. When things were quiet during devolution (away from elections), 4/10 parity was the norm.

    Without the tables and methodology all we can say is that it is what it is.

    However, 38% Yes is hardly weird. We’ve just had that from survation, similiar in panelbase and hardly a mile from ICM.

    38% No is not strange either – TNS is giving 41-42 no consistently.

    This poll asks without asking directly. As noted by the Rev, this tends to give a different picture. Certainly, asking sensitive Q’s in a roundabout way tends to reduce shy Yes factor.

  15. Albalha says:

    Top team on GMS, Mr K McD and I Fraser.

  16. Alt Clut says:

    Excellent news ! Even more than before the key now is to reach and talk with Labour voters. Our group is using Labour for Independence material in areas of traditional Labour support. It’s an opportunity for people to take back their party from the unionist stooges who run it now and be part of pressing forward progressive policies in a new Scotland. Now is the time comrades !

  17. scottish_skier says:

    I noticed this as well, but wondered if this was because this was an ‘on-line poll’?

    Yougov, ICM, angus Reid, panelbase… all online.

    Yougov still weight to 2010 and get good numbers for No. ICM more consistent with panelbase. Angus Reid fewer polls to go on, but were lying between ICM/panelbase and Yougov, closer to the former.

    So no, no issues with online. Arguably much better than MORI telephone which ends up with an older, more ‘conservative’ and clearly too ‘British’ base (Moreno identity Q).

    TNS is in a way the most likely to get a good base as it does not require you to own/use a landline, nor be on the net and signed up for a polling panel. Its problem lies in shy factor – it gives stupidly high DK as Yes people tell white lies to the person that’s knocked their door. That could well change now George took the gloves off. One to watch.

  18. Lisl says:

    Also, only 1% don’t plan to vote? Is that usual or is that option not normally available as an answer?

    Imagine a 99% turnout. The accusations would be of Zimbabwean levels of vote rigging!

  19. scottish_skier says:

    Racing Ahead Online: Catching Up Offline?

    About how Yes is doing far better online. When you consider the fact that BT seems to get a fair bit of attention/support from the rUK, numbers likely to be even better.

  20. Fergus Green says:

    @Macart at 7.10. Yes a wee confident smile here too. Not feeling smug, but quietly confident. Keep this going people 🙂

  21. Horacesaysyes says:

    Am I missing something, or does this poll only have 1% of respondents who aren’t going to vote? That seems an unusually low number to me. Were the respondents self-selecting?

  22. scottish_skier says:

    Also, only 1% don’t plan to vote? Is that usual or is that option not normally available as an answer?

    Probably in part due to methodology – it’s an online panel so people with little interest in politics less likely to sign up maybe. Also, large number of options available so some ‘would not vote’ answer DK etc. People tend to be reluctant about saying they don’t/won’t vote.

    Makes no difference to the numbers anyway as people who don’t/won’t vote clearly won’t make a difference.

  23. caz-m says:

    If the YES vote increased due to the visit of one Tory halfwit, them I would suggest an even bigger swing to YES when David Cameron and his Cabinet full of Tory halfwits visit Aberdeen on Monday.

    And a couple of miles away in Portlethen, Alex Salmond and the Scottish Cabinet meet for a Futures event.

    Things are a changin, fast.

  24. JLT says:

    What I have been finding in the last few weeks is the number of people who are actually moving from the ‘No’ camp to ‘undecided’. There is a small slow swell in numbers moving in one direction.

    At the same time, a huge round of applause to George Osborne! ‘…George, you are welcome in Scotland anytime!’ Love the guy!!

    To be honest, I think it is even-stevens now. Whether we have people who were either undecided or No saying ‘…that’s it, I’m voting ‘Yes’. No one dictates to the Scots’ after George’s little statement, may end up changing their minds again, once they cool down. It will be interesting to see if there is little trickle back towards No. We will just need to wait and see on that one. However, a couple of further outbursts from our Tory friends could push them all the way into the Yes camp.

    Overall though, I’m happy. Things are looking good. Now …what can George or Dave or William give us ‘advice’ on next…

    Right …back to the studying…

  25. Roboscot says:

    Actually, the question posed is very misleading. ‘Leaving the pound’ is a long way from Tory Chancellor rejecting currency union and claiming sterling as an English only asset/currency.

  26. JLT says:

    ‘Imagine a 99% turnout. The accusations would be of Zimbabwean levels of vote rigging!’

    That …is my only fear on the day itself. Cars waiting in laybys with boxes containing dodgy votes. Switch the boxes, and rig the vote.

    I hope the Yes campaign have someone watching over every box on the day; that they never take their eyes off it, I would also follow the vehicles that are taking the boxes all the way to the counting halls, and even follow it right into the room itself. I also hope each box is labelled with a unique identifier and bar code.

    Seriously …I honestly believe that there a couple of places that would try and rig the vote, and there are enough nutters who are just too loyal to the union who would think they could get away with it. Nothing would surprise me.

  27. CalumCarr says:

    Firstly Barroso and Kosovo. Now the Independent and Ukraine and Bosnia


    Pity the Independent isn’t more widely read. Might have reduced the ‘aren’t going to vote’s to zero!!

  28. Alba4Eva says:

    Now this is a man I trust to run our economy…

    Competent, Confident and Proffessional.

  29. X_Sticks says:

    Someone mentioned aircraft carriers…

    “Queen to name new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth”

    “The ceremony will be held on 4 July at Rosyth dockyard, in Fife, where work to assemble the vessel is being completed.”

    Another union flag fest perhaps?

  30. john king says:

    Excuse me I’m new around here,
    can someone point me towards a similar level of enthusiasm in the Better Together camp? 🙂

  31. bunter says:

    These figures, though early days yet, are very heartening and if we can sustain or increase them, then surely the markets will come into play regards Osbornes statement that there would be no SZ, resulting in the rUK having the massive debt all to themselves.

  32. Bill McLean says:

    O/T – read elsewhere that Cameron may be going to support Barrosso’s bid to becme NATO Secretary-General. So that’s what all the EU nonsense is about. Imagine Barrosso who can’t tell Scotland from Kosovo running NATO? What a foul and filthy bunch we are saddled with at Westminster!

  33. @scottish_skier

    The two words ‘refresh p@ge’ only replace ‘@’ with an ‘a’ or your latest post might come true.;)

  34. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “The two words ‘refresh p@ge’ only replace ‘@’ with an ‘a’ or your latest post might come true.”

    I’ve seriously just banned two people. Would really hate to have to do it to SS.

  35. scottish_skier says:


    A wis oan aboot berthegither. Straight fae the heart…


  36. john king says:

    Read that Xsticks
    and the comment from Hammond just add to a sense of foreboding,

    “Defence Secretary Philip Hammond said: “This will be a proud and historic day, not just for the Royal Navy but for the entire nation.

    “It is great news that Her Majesty will officially name the first aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth.”

    Fighting credibility
    He added: “This occasion will mark a major milestone in regenerating the UK’s aircraft carrier fleet and its power projection capability.”

    its only a matter of time before the UK will want to use its new toys and “project” its power,

    I wonder who will be the next country the UK will want to bully, eh I mean show the error of its ways?

    hey maybe it’ll be us imagine how much money that would save you guys you could just leave the carrier right where it is, save a fortune on costs, and eventually when you’ve saved enough out of stopping our pocket money for being rude you’ll be able to get a few old planes to put on it,


  37. MajorBloodnok says:

    If BT has jumped the shark (Wings passim) it looks like Jackson Carlaw might be trying to jump the fence:

    Man the barricades!

  38. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    I see my prediction that Baraosso was touting for himself on Andrew Marr last week.

    He is now being trailed as being supported by David Cameron to replace Anders Fogh Rasmussen as the Head of Nato.

    You read it first on Wings folks. Pity I didn’t put money on it. No guarantees as it is early in the positioning stage but getting Rasmussen in to the EU would a big plus on the sanity side. Oh it is the EU we are talking about, it isn’t going to happen.

  39. Wayne says:

    Isn’t the point about this survey Stu that the results aren’t weighted in any way? By previous voting intention, balances made for demograpics etc. In a sense the data is just raw, which is what we don’t get from the polling companies who weight and manipulate the data to death to compensate for the necessary uneven coverage that comes with a small sample size.

    What we really need are some monster surveys, ask 20,000 people for their voting intention, not just 1,000.

    I really distrust polls quite a bit, and given the unique nature of the referendum, a likely turnout in the region of 80%, referendum polls are even more inaccurate I suspect, which is why, as has been pointed out many times, it is the trend that is the most useful thing. I believe YES is actually ahead in the polls.

  40. caz-m says:

    The question of why Barroso was on the Andrew marr show was answered today when it was revealed that David Cameron will back his bid to become the next Secretary General of NATO in the summer.

    A pattern is starting to develop here.

    You also have the Welsh First Minister, Carwyn (Patsy) Jones backing Cameron, with the promise of more tax raising (stop sniggering at the back there) powers.

    And all the staff at BBC Scotland have been promised jobs for life and Knighthoods all round just as long as they feed the natives with bias British establishment propaganda. (Pish to you and me.)

    These sweetners will increase and have to be bought to the attention of the good people of Scotland.

  41. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Major Bloodnok

    On the BBC’s Jackson Carlaw link the is anotherr we ling to the latest inanity issued in the name of that intellectual and economics God who walks amongst we mere mortals and calls himself, Alister Darling. This time he says that Scotland benefits from UK Charities. I thought that Food Banks were collected locally?

    Mind you oor Alister’s favourite UK Charity does, he hopes, benefit hi,; the House of Lords.

  42. squarego says:

    @ CalumCarr 8:53
    That Independent newspaper article is making a huge leap of imagination. The main threat to a peaceful post-Yes Scotland comes from the nasty and incendiary rhetoric pushed by the MSM and WMinster.

    Every single statement produced by pro-Yes groups shows a commitment to an inclusive, fair and equitable nation. iScotland is for ALL people living here, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, income. It’s for everyone who voted Yes AND everyone who voted No. That’s very different from Ukraine situation which is ultimately caused by those in power looking after their own interests rather than those of the people. The mess in Ukraine has more in common with current UK situation – just that Westminster does it in slow motion and with more sophistication. More people died in UK last week through WM austerity than in the streets of Ukraine.

  43. G H Graham says:

    This is not a turning point but …

    it is yet another indication that there continues to be a shift in intentions amongst the undecided voters & possibly quiet shifting from some NO to YES.

    There remains amongst the electorate an uneasiness to publically declare their voting intentions because of the pervasive influence from direct, indirect & subliminal propaganda from within our society, delivered by the British establishment with plenty of help from the English based/owned media.

    If we manage to extract ourselves from the status quo, it really will be a marketing miracle & experts will be examining for decades how it came to pass.

    Just imagine the shock, that after 300 years of ingrained English/British assimilation & pro Union propaganda, a group comprising no more than 5% of the entire population, decided to pull off the suffocating cloak of British imperialism to demand a fresh start.

  44. There has to be a shovel load of symbolism in a Scottish political interviewer with only one side of his brain and body working, the other half dissing Scotland’s hopes for democracy.

  45. bigbuachaille says:

    You would have had to be on another planet not to have noticed that, since Moore was ditched and replaced by a patent bumbler, momentum has been with YES.
    This article gives us good reason to be hopeful.

  46. Linda's Back says:

    To-days UK media merchants of doom included Art is going to leave Scotland as England will demand “their” Titans back; Standard Life will leave and property prices will collapse.

    Oh and Brian Wilson says Scottish tourists will be stranded with no British Embassy to help them and foreign trade will collapse.

    Prof Steve Bruce has the perfect riposte in Herald’s Letters pages which ends with prediction that plagues of locusts will descend.

  47. Clootie says:

    Barroso has Cameron’s support for NATO position. I’m sure it is just a coincidence that these right wing politicians achieve consensus on so many issues. I expect Tony Blair will speak out shortly to provide “balance”. I am confident we can have better politics than the grubby deals we see so often in this world.

    The EU are not being balanced in this debate by remaining silent at an official level. All they have to do after one of the many unionist attacks is state that this is not the formal position of the EU. I was a supporter of the EU but by allowing manipulation and distortion of the case by those driven by self interest I am less comfortable accepting that they have the individual citizen’s interest at heart.

    As for the Queen coming up for the launch – I wonder if the selection of “Independence Day” for the event is a subtle message?

  48. caz-m says:

    BBC Scotland GMS with Ken MacDonald have been told by the Establishment to dumb down the debate because the YES vote is on the move.

    He dutifully obeys.

    On a two hour show this morning and of all the political topics that are happening in Scotland, from Oil to currency, Ken thought that David Bowie would be what all Scots are on the edge of their seats waiting to discuss.

    Nothing to see here, move along please.

  49. Look Skye Walker says:

    Meg Ryan was asked which side she would vote for if she was able to vote in the referendum:

    Now that is commitment!

  50. G H Graham says:

    Olympic curling medallist, bagpipe champion, kilt wearer: Is Eve Muirhead Alex Salmond’s secret weapon?

    Another anti Scottish gem from The Independent at …

    where the author Tom Peck appears to be quite disgusted that Eve Muirhead is Scottish & then provides evidence that she is proud of it.

    He then claims that she will be adopted by Alex Salmond to champion independence because Eve once wore a Saltire flag on her back for a photo shoot.

    Listen up British Establishment. She’s a proud Scot & once wore a Saltire on her back. Oh, the horror. The horror!

  51. Eric says:

    O/T slightly… But relevant as a negative force in the South, contributing to opinion in the North.

    Read down these BTL comments… There is an increasingly harsh shrill from the unionists, Tories and supporters of the establishment. They are suggesting that Osborne’s rational action has done everyone a favour, by highlighting the wild irrational Scotland in 2014.

    These guys cannot see a single rationale for anyone voting YES. Most of their comments are racist and bigoted.

    Go have a read. It is highly instructive as to what we will be dealing with going forward (YES or NO)

  52. Jimbo says:

    Don’t know if anyone has already mentioned this but there’s a similar Online poll still up and running on the Scotpulse site.

    I don’t put a lot of faith in these kind of polls as they’re easily fiddled by BT.

  53. Schiehallion! Schiehallion! says:

    @ caz-m ,

    Re today’s GMS, just to add that when Ken got onto the subject of the cultural aspects of the referendum debate, with those Young Dudes Pat Kane and Frank McAveety, I noticed Frank McA seemed to imply that a difference between the East End and West End of Glasgow (or Morningside, evidently…) was that the cultural basis of life in the East End is Devolution and that in the West End (etc) is Independence. Sounded like opportunistic tosh to me.

  54. David McCann says:

    OT, but what has happened to the auto-fill address box, which I now have to fill in each time I post a comment?
    Also the return to top arrow has dissappeared

  55. Flower of Scotland says:

    Listening to BBC still rambling on about Bowie ! On Shereen show , they are still wondering why everyone is still talking about it !!! It’s the BBC that are talking about it !!!
    I said yesterday that Jackson Carlaw seems to be putting his feet into both camps ….good move for his future ?…
    BUT now I can feel my blood pressure coming down after reading about the poll . A wee move each day , each week to the YES will do me !

  56. Eric says:


    There are those that will accuse you of being a tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist….

    And there are others who will say, ‘All dirty tricks are possible from the Westminster establishment’

    Me? All I would say is the UK government has form.

  57. Eric says:

    If, after all that they have heard in the last few weeks, more Scots want independence, then it confirms what I have long thought; they are too thick to save and must be cast adrift. The sooner we are rid of this God-forsaken, socialist outpost of whining welfare-ists the better.


  58. liz says:

    Interesting that the ship is going to be called QE with no number.

  59. X_Sticks says:

    David McCann says:

    “what has happened to the auto-fill address box etc”

    All to do with the DDOS (denial of service) attacks the site has come under. We just have to make allowances for the measures needed to keep the site functioning. 🙂

  60. Eric says:

    Osbourne was right to spell out the financial consequences of secession. What needs to happen now is an emotional and heartfelt appeal by British people to keep our country together. Scotland is British – was British long before the Danes and Angles showed up. This is not about being ruled by Edinburgh London or even Brussels. It is a question of identity. I am British from the British Isles just as at home fishing in Cornwall as I am walking in Wales and dancing in the forgotten halls of Kintyre


  61. Eric says:…

    I know I shouldn’t like this… But their bitter rhetoric is getting to me.

  62. Ukraine protests, demanding to be part of the EU – praised for having its heart in the right place.

    Scotland protests, demanding to be part of the EU – derided and belittled for handing away its freedoms.

  63. Eric says:

    Absolutely true, but predictable – the bullying and abuse from the SNP and its supporters shows its true colours, that is a party based on hatred of the English and racism. Take that away and what is left?
    I have heard of those with Better Together stickers in their cars being verbally abused and spat at. And these are the people who will be in charge is the SNP get their one party statelet – sans the EU, sand the UK, sans the pound, sans everything.
    But hey, they can all be independently poor and independently bigoted, chauvinistic and unpleasantly backwards so that’s OK then…


  64. Flower of Scotland says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if a huge group of YES people with flags and banners turned out to greet the Queen at Rosyth !!! We probably wouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the place , but maybe at the entrance and a wee word to STV , to whom nobody wants to speak ( Osbourne , brown , etc ) ……….just a thought .

  65. patronsaintofcats says:

    page refresh

    Rev, before you start wielding the ban hammer too much be advised that if you need to do multiple refreshes like I’m faced with on my ipad air then you get a ‘duplicate comment’ notice. You are only able to use the phrase to refresh one time only. I’ve kept the tab open here after I’ve commented and some event occurs whereby my login details are wiped out, often multiple times in one comment stream. I’m all for rules, but this one only works once in a thread (or at least that has been my experience).

  66. Macart says:

    @Fergus Green 8.25 am

    Yep we keep it steady and reasonable for the next few weeks till after the joint release on positions (coming soon).

    All we have to do is let Westminster and the media do what comes naturally. They can’t help themselves and are the YES campaign’s biggest asset. The Rev has pointed out the obvious many times on this site. They are an institution using decades old anti independence tactics in the 21st century. Almost literally word for word sometimes. Its a cycle they are trapped in by their own doing. To go back on their tactics now would be to invite an even greater public uproar directed at themselves. They’re stuck.

    But the world has moved on. Communication and technology have moved on. People can research for themselves, pass on relevant information to battle disinformation. Communicate, encourage, support each other. We’re no longer reliant on our ‘betters’ to tell us how things are. We’re certainly no longer reliant on or blindly trusting of the 4th estate to analyse and translate political speak.

    Just like in the past ten days when their big play blew up in their faces. The best weapon IMO was quietly directing people to the media articles and the comments. Then redirecting them to sites like Wings, Derek Bateman, Wee Ginger Dug, Bella for contrast.

    There’s nothing like live unadulterated proof to help people make their minds up on something. 🙂

  67. Albert Herring says:

    “I believe YES is actually ahead in the polls.”

    Have we ever really been behind?

  68. jingly jangly says:

    Why have they choosen July 4th for the big day? Bit strange, as we will be reminded that the Americans celebrate Independence on that day!!!

    Is the symbolism to do with saying to the American’s we are your trusty poodles, or is SS correct with his theory?

    One thing is for sure, this date would have been choosen carefully, these things don’t happen by accident.

  69. Vincent McDee says:

    Now we are really fUKed:

    He has already been told that an independent Scotland may not be able to stay in the EU or keep the pound.

    But now Alex Salmond faces perhaps the biggest threat his dream of Scottish statehood.

    For the country’s first minister has now been warned that, if it opts for secession, Scotland might not be allowed to enter the Eurovision Song Contest.

    Read more:

    For an “intelligent” analysis visit:

  70. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    “The forgotten halls of Kintyre” FFS. I feel a song coming on.

    Following the completely concocted headline in the Herald earlier in the week about the Fiscal Commission we have another concoction today about unpaid volunteer interns at the SP(the significant word being “volunteer”).

    Magnus Gardham is working hard for his twenty pieces of silver and bringing the Herald into disrepute as he does so

  71. Andrew Morton says:

    I used to interview graduate applicants for positions in our company’s training programme (large insurance company). If you asked them to describe themselves, they would give you a pre prepared answer, carefully designed to make them look better than they were. My tactic was, later on in the interview, to ask how their best friend would describe them. You would always get a completely different answer! It was obvious from body language and verbal demeanour that this answer gave you a much better picture of the real person.

  72. turnip_ghost says:

    Vincent –

    Read that eurovison story last week on the daily mash!

    Wondering if the DM got itself all mixed up…

  73. yerkitbreeks says:

    @caz-m Yep, I too listened to the whole thing. Thought the extended assessment of the Ukraine crisis was good, but then eagerly anticipated, in view of the week’s poll, Carlaw etc etc , an equally interesting debate on the Indy issues. None came and MacDonald just dropped in my estimation.They announced these bits just before the half hour guff of traffic and sports and then didn’t come back to them.

  74. Vincent McDee says:

    Probably T_G. It’s what happens when jokes and reality are identical.


    My alter ego has received this from YouGov:

    This is your chance for giving them a piece of your mind, or a very cunning way to find infiltrated renegades and my cover’ve been blown.

    In any case, it will give you a peek inside their mind when trying to find out what’s in our.

  75. Jim T says:

    slightly O/T – just been on the yougov website and looked at the comments attached to the “Opposition to currency union” piece. There’s a comment from about 15 hours ago that shows how detached from reality some of the yougov respondents must be. The woman thinks that Eire still uses the Punt [face/palm].

    I would like to think that the ScPulse poll has some basis in people’s knowledge of CURRENT events and situation.

  76. caz-m says:

    Dateline London BBC News 24 will be discussing Scottish Independence about 11.40 am this morning.

  77. Murray McCallum says:

    G H Graham 10.05am
    Independent article
    “Olympic curling medallist, bagpipe champion, kilt wearer: Is Eve Muirhead Alex Salmond’s secret weapon?

    It’s so depressing that, at a time when we are trying to encourage girls to increase their participation in sport, this journalist can’t resist politicising a sporting achievement.

    It’s almost as if he is implying there is something wrong with Eve’s identity. Like she should lock her identity with Scotland up in a closet or something.

    I also see that Eve is a scratch golfer! She seems to be some kind of super hero.

  78. Vincent McDee says:

    Funnily enough, they ask for your opinion about the survey at the end, among your qualifications there’s the option for an open response, this is to be adressed to:

    My paranoia with YG is now supported by themselves.

  79. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Rev, before you start wielding the ban hammer too much be advised that if you need to do multiple refreshes like I’m faced with on my ipad air then you get a ‘duplicate comment’ notice. You are only able to use the phrase to refresh one time only.”

    No, anything with that phrase in it will be caught. If you get a “duplicate comment” notice – and most of the time you shouldn’t – “page refresh X” (where X is anything you like) will do the trick.

  80. HandandShrimp says:

    So when can we get Osballs to come back and do another talking down to the plebs special for us?

  81. Vincent McDee says:

    I’ve been sussed.

    If you clic on the aforementioned link now, it tells you this:

    Sorry for the inconvenience

    This survey is unavailable at the moment

    In nine different languages.

  82. Marcia says:

    If we did get the ESC our opponents would say we would get it in black and white. The first ESC I saw was in 1957 at my Aunts house;

  83. Calum Craig says:

    Has anyone seen the cover of today’s Daily Express? Made me sick- they are gloating that the government’s moves to trim the UK’s “bloated benefit system” have been upheld in court. We need to get off this bus.

  84. GrahamB says:

    Did anyone else notice a couple of strange bits in last week’s FMQs? At about 23 minutes in during the exchange with Willie Rennie, Eck says that after independence the Ginger Rodent will be on ‘our side’! A wee while later he describes wee Willie as a reasonable chap and seemed to be courting him to come over the fence. Any ideas what might be going on?

  85. JIll P says:

    YouGov did another poll last night. Mostly about newspapers. My fav question was “If these newspapers were pro YES how would you feel about them”

    Results will be interesting.

  86. caz-m says:

    FFS you MUST watch dateline London. Gavin Esler BBC and Iain Martin, ex editor of the Scotsman.

    Maximum Cringe all the way through the Independence discussion.

    Lies and untruths and the other guests are sitting there agreeing because they don’t have a fuckin clue about what is getting discussed.

    Ivan McKee, your country needs you. Get yourself down to London and an invite onto that show. We must rebut these stories.

    Gavin Esler and Iain Martin, (Two Scotsmen), hang your heads in shame.

    Need to get this video up as soon as it is on iPlayer.

  87. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “YouGov did another poll last night. Mostly about newspapers. My fav question was “If these newspapers were pro YES how would you feel about them””

    Man, I never get the good polls.

  88. caz-m says:


    “So when can we get Osballs to come back and do another talking down to the plebs special for us?”.

    The whole UK Cabinet will be in Aberdeen on Monday morning 24th Feb.

    And the Scottish Cabinet is in Portlethen Aberdeen, at the same time.

  89. caz-m says:

    Lizzy appearing at Rosyth on 4th July. What is that all about.

    Independence Day.

    It doesn’t matter why they have chosen this date, it just matters that we exploit it.

    “And I name this ship..Me”

  90. ronnie anderson says:

    @Marcia11.46, AM I no kled ah didna see see a TV to about 1959,

    so there wiz even child cruelty in those day,s. LOL

  91. ronnie anderson says:

    Afternoon all,did you,s miss me, just taking some time off from paper folding, hiv you,s all been good boy,s n girl,s.

  92. Patrick Roden says:


    “Did anyone else notice a couple of strange bits in last week’s FMQs? At about 23 minutes in”

    Yes I noticed this and thought it was a bit strange.

    Did you notice Willie Rennies reaction?

    He kinda bowed his head and had a strange look on his face, like he was delighted to hear Alex say this, but couldn’t let on.

    Has Alex and co, got a whiff of something from within the Scottish lib dems?

    They have always been turncoats if it suited them, so…?

  93. Alexandra-M- says:

    Re: Barosso & Cameron…

    Yesterday on WOS’s Facebook page I noticed a user post a link to a BBC news article with a link headline which appeared to suggest that Westminster were behind Barosso’s comments over an independent Scotland’s entry Into the EU. The user had said the link and headline had been changed since and went to another Barosso related article. Did any one else see this, and do you have more information? I was quite intruiged as to what the original article had said.

  94. Alexandra-M- says:

    (Sorry Rev, the above waiting moderation comment is due to a rogue typo in my email address, could you delete please?)

    Re: Barosso & Cameron…

    Yesterday on WOS’s Facebook page I noticed a user post a link to a BBC news article with a link headline which appeared to suggest that Westminster were behind Barosso’s comments over an independent Scotland’s entry Into the EU. The user had said the link and headline had been changed since and went to another Barosso related article. Did any one else see this, and do you have more information? I was quite intruiged as to what the original article had said.

  95. Grant_M says:


    George Osborne won’t be in Aberdeen on Monday – he’s not going to make it back in time from a G20 summit in Australia.

  96. jinglyjangly says:

    O/T according to a report on FB Wayne Rooney’s contract at MU is being paid in USD. If true, then he obviously is not as daft as he is made out to be.

    Worth investigating further, and surely some political capital to be made out of it, that the Financial Advisors of one of Englands top players thinks the pound is going to tank.

  97. gerry parker says:

    Been busy given out leaflets for the Coatbridge meeting in Coatbridge College next week. Now going to fold and deliver some papers in the Whifflet and Rosehall.

  98. MajorBloodnok says:


    …yes, I noticed that too.

    Also, the Labour applause when JoLa started shrieking seemed a bit half-hearted… I think they can all see which way the wind is blowing.

  99. @Alexandra-M-

    Try typing the headline in News Sniffer to see what turns up.

  100. MajorBloodnok says:

    @ronnie anderson

    As a matter of fact, the memsahib and I were discussing only last night (briefly) where you were and how you were getting on.

  101. Alexandra-M- says:

    @cynical Highlander

    Thanks for that, I’ve never came across news sniffer before. I will go have a look now.

  102. a2 says:

    “by an odd email apologising that the survey had featured an overly wide range of questions.”

    I did this poll, if I remember correctly, the second half was totally unrelated to the referendum or politics in any form.

  103. Alexandra-M- says:

    OK I can’t find anything on news sniffer, but the link still works – it just goes to a related article which has allegedly replaced the original one.

    Not sure if this will work, I’ve never tried to add a picture to this forum before…


  104. Alexandra-M- says:

    OK, that didn’t work at all! :-/

  105. ronnie anderson says:

    @MajorBloodnok 1.30,Major, am doing fine, Ive been busy folding papers for Airdrie Yes group,I did post up to say that I was taking time out, many thanks to You & Memsaby,only another 7 hundred to do at the moment.

  106. ronnie anderson says:

    @gerry parker 1.27, If you need any papers I can get plenty,

    keep up the good work Gerry.

  107. gerry parker says:

    @ ronnie, It’s new shoes and knees a’ need Ronnie, got plenty papers.

  108. handclapping says:

    Have I saved much more than £142.50 each year? Yes I’ve added years to my life.

    I know why they give you free TV after 75, its so you’ll die of the embarrassment of knowing people pay to watch BBC

  109. Murray McCallum says:

    I saw that image on twitter last night. Other people also found no track of the original record of this “news”.

    I was a bit suspicious of the wording “Westminster”. I would suspect a news source would say “Downing Street”, or something closer to No.10 press office, etc.

  110. handclapping says:

    Hmm. I was on “tunes”. How did I end up on “grenade”?

  111. Alexandra-M- says:

    Murray, I was quite skeptical too, but since I couldn’t see what word may have followed “Westminster” it made me curious.

  112. Derec says:

    I took part in the survey. The other questions were about topics totally unrelated to indyref. There was a question about engagement rings and another about animal charities. The indyref question was the first section. They asked what a new Scottish currency should be called and also what one question you’d ask Alex Salmond if you had the chance too.

  113. msean says:

    Well done the Scottish rugby team,great finish.

    Back to business then,I think that Mr Rennie thing was him thinking to himself that the libdems are about to implode at upcoming Euro elections. If that happens,then it’s abandon ship time and independence is a lifeboat.All aboard then,we sail with the September tide. 🙂

  114. Whiplash says:

    I notice that not one person voted for No in the PCS vote

  115. Big Al says:

    Has anyone done a calculation on the % of voters who say which way they will vote based on the recent Daily Mail poll results against the % of Yes & No voters that won’t vote is taken into account, i get a No lead of around 3% points not 10% in the Mail poll…
    Any corrections are wellcome

  116. dramfineday says:

    Had an interesting morning with my local YES group in nearly tram city this morning (YES Pentlands). Delivered some newsletters, then returned to help out with the stall (and this is where I need some help from you nautical readers) as I stood at the traffic lights with my YES sign up, a young lad zoomed round the corner in his car, and through an open window shouted “Anchors”. Not being a boating type, I gave him a cheery wave and thanked him for his support – I was right, wasn’t I?

    Thereafter followed a surreal moment when a private bus loaded with people wearing red, white and blue scarfs (and associated apparel) passed by. Some waved and some thought we were a load of French soldiers from the middle ages as they insisted on showing us that their bowstring fingers were intact. Odd that, I thought.

    A little while later, two lads in a nice blue Impretza drove by. They too appeared to be a bit confused as to who or what we were. They must have thought we were middle eastern mystics, as they howled out “Fackiers” (well it sounded like that to me – but I’m happy to take advisement from the readers if I got it wrong) and anyway, to quote Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond, it’s closed season for Fackiers.

    So it’s all go on the YES campaign front – and you do get a little chortle at people making an ass of themselves.

    To quote a guy who used to sign off on Quirkynats (who I hope comes to this site) – “Smile, it confuses the bastards”.

    PS Thanks also to the many toots and thumbs of support we got today…..much more than a few months ago!

  117. john king says:

    “ah didna see see a TV to about 1959,”

    Yea didnae miss onyhin Ronnie
    no unless yea were intae muffin the mule?

  118. john king says:

    It was a kiddies programme you disgusting lot

  119. dramfineday says:

    John King

    John, for the love of goodness stop! Folk will be bring up Captain Pugwash next and making inappropriate references to cabin boys. All an urban myth I understand, but you know these press types!

  120. MajorBloodnok says:

    Maybe the guy that shouted “Anchors” was French and he was actually saying “Encore”. Consequently he may have been the frenchman the bowmen of England were looking for.

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