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The lovebombs keep coming

Posted on February 21, 2014 by

Here’s we’re-not-actually-sure-what-he-is Bob Mills earlier this evening on Radio 4’s News Quiz, hosted by Sandi Toksvig with a very quiet Fred MacAuley twisting his tartan bunnet in the corner and hoping for a pat on the head.


Whatever will they do for laughs without us?

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135 to “The lovebombs keep coming”

  1. James123 says:

    The guy sounded half pissed and made about as much sense. BTW he’s a has-been “comedian” in case you’re wondering.

  2. Flower of Scotland says:

    That wasn’t funny ! That was venomous !
    I usually listen to Fred MacAuley in an afternoon ! I noted how he sprang to our defence !
    Hmmmmmm !

  3. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Aye, we love you too Sandi.

    Let’s be fair here – did Oor Fred come back with some blistering riposte?

    Did he?

    Please don’t make us listen to the whole fucking thing, just give it to us straight…

  4. mogabee says:

    Great stuff eh?

    A comedian no-one’s heard of ranbling on a subject he doesn’t understand all backed with canned laughter.

    Yep, they really, really are holding that door open for us.:)

  5. Cindie says:

    That was just nasty.

  6. The Man in the Jar says:

    Honestly it can’t come soon enough.

    McCauley is pals with Calman. A right pair of wallies! Never heard of Bob Mills and disappointed in Toksvig considering that she is always banging on about being Danish.

    I feel a McGlashan moment coming on.

  7. James123 says:

    @ Ian Brotherhood
    Let’s be fair here – did Oor Fred come back with some blistering riposte?

    He bent over like a good Scot and said “can I have some more sir?”, then quoted some Rabbie Burns in a vain attempt to show how much he loves his country.

  8. Doug Daniel says:

    They’re not even bothering to pretend to hide it now. Oh well, Bob’s in for a bit of a surprise when we vote Yes and we stay in the EU, keep using the pound, and keep selling quality Scottish food throughout the world.

    (How many world class restaurants serve tripe and jellied eels anyway?)

  9. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “all backed with canned laughter.”

    It’s almost certainly a live audience.

  10. TheGreatBaldo says:

    If anyone has iplayer well worth watching ‘Election ’74’….

    Go to about 21:39 when they start talking about Scotland….it’s spooky as beyond the typically naff 70’s clothes and sets the arguments being used about the Scottish question are spookily similar….

    Billy Wolfe is interviewed but it could be any one Alex Salmond has given in recent years.

    The spluttering outrage of Robin Day and guests at even the prospect of people even daring to mention the prospect about the break up of the UK is well worth a look.

    But the overall patronising tone Scotland is talked about will be very familiar to modern viewers….

    Oh and one of the panel muses how ironic and amusing that ‘what we know as the Black Country is now Powell country’…

    Oh yeah, Watergate is also the breaking story….. …

  11. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Let’s be fair here – did Oor Fred come back with some blistering riposte?”

    You heard everything he offered in Scotland’s defence. Although he did have a dig at Salmond later.

  12. Famous15 says:

    Sandi Toksvik’s remark at the end is so funny on so many unintended levels.Poor MacAuley did not have Susan Calman at hand to spin his way out of his cow. Dilemma

  13. Calum Craig says:

    Well, to be fair, it’s better than the HIGNFY travesty last year… That is literally all that can be said about this uninformed bile.

  14. Shiehallion! Shiehallion! says:

    Was there a figure for News Quiz on the STV Scotpulse?

    Just avin a laugh. It’s good that the Fred MacAwful was there to get ‘lovebombed’ on behalf of .. I don’t know who.

    Terrible BBC.

  15. Defo says:

    Wow. Where do you start with the likes of that ?
    Toksvig and co. sounded scripted in their co-ordinated cluster bombing with the panicking establishments propaganda.
    Paying off their future BBC contract dues. Self interest trumps all, for most of the BtG brigade, whereas we seem to be differently motivated.

  16. Gray says:

    Refreshing .. not the comments – the page.

  17. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @James123 –

    I assume you heard it?

    Thanks for saving me the trouble. I don’t want to, and won’t.

    Can’t help wondering – how much is a gig like that worth for an average guest? £400? £600? I’ve no idea really, just wondering.

    But whatever it was, MacAuley won’t even get that in his hand, right? It’ll appear as an ‘extra’ on his next BBC wage-slip, months hence, and he may not even notice it.

    Longtime burning shame on him.

    Perhaps, in the interests of genuine democracy, transparency and creativity, he could be enticed (on a ‘freelance’ basis, naturally!) to participate in a public ‘flyting’ session with Frankie Boyle, for the same fee that he got tonight?

    Anyone know his and/or Mr Boyle’s agents?

    Let’s get it on!

  18. tartanfever says:

    This is what passes as cutting political satire these days.

    Goodbye Mock the Week, Charlie Brooker, fabulous Adam Curtis films. Can’t have anything to critical of the British state now can we.

    Hello Bob Mills, David Mitchell, Victoria Coren. Sandi whats her name, and the ever limp Fred MacAuley. Fucking robots.

  19. Salt Ire says:

    Don’t know if anyone caught The Last Leg just there or Alan Davie’s Winter Olympic’s quiz thingy on at the same time?

    Both’ll be on catch-up for checking.

    It’s definitely going to kick off soon.

  20. David says:

    I stopped listening to the News Quiz a while back. Whenever there’s a story about Scotland it’s the same stuff that comes out and most is verging on racism.

    They usually always get Susan Calman or Fred MacAuley who are paid to simply sit and agree.

    I mean surely Fred knows better. I don’t listen to his show on Radio Scotland but surely he knows these commentators from down south are completely uninformed and out-of-touch with the debate in Scotland.

  21. Andrew Morton says:

    Keep ’em coming! The more they do this, the better it is for Yes. Can you imagine a soft No Scottish Radio Four listener hearing this stuff? It can only swing them in one direction and that’s towards Undecided/Yes. I’d like to see something like this happening every day between now and 18 September. If we could guarantee that we could guarantee a huge Yes vote.

  22. Iain Hamilton says:

    I immediately headed for the comment box then stopped as I realised I really don’t know how to react to that.

  23. rabb says:

    He who laughs last, laughs loudest.

  24. Grendel says:

    Fred MacAuley was never going to spring to Scotland’s defence, not if he wants to keep working for the BBC…

  25. pin says:

    Should’ve made a half time substitution. Fred MacAulay off for Frankie Boyle

  26. Chris says:

    Shame, Shame, Shame

  27. Mosstrooper says:

    Now why did ye have tae pit that bollocks on for the last thing? Noo ma big puddens are eatin’ ma wee puddens and ah’ll be punchin’ the pillow a night. An as for that craven wee shite MacAuley Arrrggg! A hope a dont meet any NO basarts when am puttin’ oot YES papers tomorrow. (has a wee hauf and mutters)

  28. AnneDon says:

    This is the Establishment line being trotted out again on the BBC, by pompous twats, who went to the same universities, but decided to be a bit “edgy” in their 20s, before coming back to the Establishment fold.


  29. Fiona says:


    I switched that drivel off when it was broadcast. I did NOT need to hear it again.

    It is a bit odd though. Comedians like Hardy and Toksvig are not generally right wing nutters and Hardy seems quite politically committed to the left. It puzzles me that they punt this stuff on Scotland. I suppose they know which side their bread is buttered when it comes down to it. But they don’t need to mention Scotland at all so there is a choice

  30. Gary McIlkenny says:

    Ho ho. Very annoying indeed.

  31. MajorBloodnok says:

    Felt sorry for Fred Macaulay. He was sort of objecting but realised which side his bread was being buttered, if ye ken whit ah mean. Still, I think that Bob Mills was a) a tad pissed and b) a lot funnier than Susan Calman usually is (not saying much). I pity them more than despise them now.

  32. MajorBloodnok says:

    Coincidental bread buttering by the way.

  33. Ian Brotherhood says:



    Try this:

  34. Ian Brotherhood says:

    P.S. to my last – 163 views at time of posting…

  35. Dan Watt says:

    Right so….

    Obviously that was vile for us to have to listen to. It wont end post independence either, I’ll wager.

    It did get me to thinking that the mandate of BBC “comedy” is to make everyone sound awful but Britain is still awesome.

    It doesn’t make me feel better thinking “it isn’t just us they hate” but it is pretty obvious that the BBC, when writing comedy, really hates anyone that isn’t British.

    If it runs out of people to hate that aren’t British, it will also hate people who are British but aren’t English/from England.

    Fair assessment?

  36. Aidan says:

    I heard this programme from about halfway through that clip. Later on, the audience laughed uproariously at the fact that pension age won’t have to be raised to 67 after all because the Scots die younger. I’m not kidding.

    Jeremy Hardy was the only one among them to dish out a little bit of truth when he pointed out that Scotland leaving the Union will hit the rUK hard. Otherwise it was wall-to-wall, foghorn-level amplification of BBC propaganda against the very notion of Scotland becoming independent.

    They all went on to laugh at Liverpudlians because so many of them don’t have jobs (so funny!) and there was hilarity at a suggestion that the Windsors could go to Spain and hunt Spanish people. Edgy, envelope-pushing comedy on BBC Radio 4.

  37. MajorBloodnok says:

    If you buy a stick of English rock the word “Xenophobia” runs all the way through it.

  38. Jimbo says:

    About as funny as a dose of the clap – How feckin’ patronising was that?

  39. Chris says:


    Jeremy Hardy may be left leading but has made may jokes at Scotland’s expense in the past; surprised as Sandi though. Its a pity Phil Jupitus was not on tonight, I’m sure that he would have put on a better defence of Scotland than Mr McAuley (going by his display on the news quiz last week).

  40. Dan Watt says:

    Won’t rubbish like this only serve the Yes campaign in the (7 month) longer term?

  41. russell ramsay says:

    Bob Mills is a Leyton Orient supporter, so presumably he is a smug Londoner – just like David Bowie.

  42. TheGreatBaldo says:

    This article is not a spoof……

    Yes folks it’s the fear bomb we’ll all been dreading……is we vote YES we get kicked out of Eurovision.

  43. Chris says:

    My post at 11:29 “many jokes” instead on “may jokes”.

  44. X_Sticks says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “It’s almost certainly a live audience.”

    It’s life, Jim, but not as we know it. 😉

  45. G H Graham says:

    Puerile rubbish is best ignored because a response means reaching down into the manky gutter of English topical comedy.

    And McAulay’s days are numbered anyway after independence. He cringes at his own countrymen while taking money from us to peddle his own childish buffoonery.

    So once BBC Scotland has been cleared out & cleaned up, he can piss off & do some summer comedy circuit in Butlins or Benidorm.

    That should help re-calibrate his humour cos he’s as funny as finding out that your house has just been burgled.

  46. joe kane says:

    The News Quiz host Sandi Toksvig is Danish which doesn’t stop her poking gentle humour at her country and compatriots in the programme occasionally. I wonder if she’d allow such a stream of lies about her country to go unanswered?

    I haven’t bothered to listen to the current series after Calman’s regurgitating facile anti-Scottish stereotypes simple for cheap laughs. Again, Sandi never does this when Denmark is being discussed but uses leg-pulling sympathetic humour whilst also managing to relate something interesting about her people, culture and history. That’s something you could never accuse The News Quiz of in relation to Scotland.

  47. Fiona says:


    I think that it is possible that english lefties like Hardy are where I used to be: they believe in internationalism and oppose nationalism. I was there myself for a great many years and I am certainly not alone amongst left wingers. It took me a lot of time and thought to move to my current position and I have an incentive, being scottish: and something to focus my mind. They haven’t had that.

    But it still puzzles me because Hardy has been quite brave in talking about reunification for Ireland, for example. I don’t know where he is coming from on this.

  48. Clotie says:

    I thiught MacAulay had reached bottom in his quest to be a unionist ("Quizmaster" - Ed) – I was wrong.

    I wonder how people like that sleep at night. Allowing your nation to be ridiculed is bad enough but to take an active role…!

    I hope he joins his new friends in London soon then we will all be happy.

  49. Seasick Dave says:

    I can’t wait to listen to Fred MacAuley and co on Friday 19th September.

  50. Franariod says:

    suppose when we leave they could always find things to laugh about The Isle of Man since at one point they were part of Scotland or the north of Northumberland since at one point they were part of Scotland.

    Its a thought but after independence why not keep the nukes for ourselves, watch rUK get kicked off UN security Council and we take their place, just to see the look on their faces. Its just a thought lol

  51. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Major B –


    Only Starkeian ‘England’ could devise a way of denying the laws of physics in the production of sweets.

    Hoo-rah for the Realm!


    And thrice, hooraz!

    (But it does mean you have to lick it lengthwise to get the message…’WelcometoSurreyHaveaNiceDay!’)

  52. Flower of Scotland says:

    I am sick fed up of the BBC trumpeting the ” loss ” of the gold medal for the SCOTS curling team !
    They were brilliant , The SCOTS were all brilliant in the curling , well done the SCOTS with TWO medals , a silver and a bronze .
    We up in Scotland are very proud of you and maybe next time you will be curling in the Olympics for an Independent Scotland !

  53. Ghengis D'Midgies says:

    “AnneDon: This is the Establishment line being trotted out again on the BBC”


    …. and about as funny as a punch in the face.

  54. Tam Jardine says:

    Strange how this cretin’s ignorance doesn’t rile me like it would have done before the debate kicked off… am I becoming desensitised or just used to this casual racism? Some part of me feels sorry for him… its kind of sad. You have to remember that if you live in England, have nae interest in Scotland and (wronglyx100)think indi will change nothing for you I can see why the debate will be unendingly boring and you just swallow all the shite the press and the empire are feeding you. I don’t get the impression this bob has really looked into the matter.

    All this crap about what we canny do and canny have… they have played this campaign all wrong and underestimated the political intelligence we Scots have developed.
    Funny thing is- you think of the separate legal system, education system etc etc- if we didn’t have these institutions already we’d be getting told how would you run your schools… you can’t use our laws… how would you have your own health service in exactly the same way as they denigrate the notion of a Scottish navy for instance. Its instructive to remember a guy from Arbigland south of Dumfries, he only went and setup the bleedin US navy FFS
    It is all slightly reminiscent of the millennium bug and the media hysteria… I will stumble into this new dawn drunk an aw I reckon.
    1st post- thanks for the great work Stuart

  55. Thepnr says:

    Ian appreciated the video, this is what will win it for Yes. Tomorrow I’m handing out leaflets for LFI in Dundee City Centre. Come along if you can spare an hour or two anybody, you’ll see us somewhere.

    This is the road to victory, we need the people who have been most ignored to vote. These people, like me.

  56. scottish_skier says:


  57. Franariod says:

    @ Flower of Scotland. You should know by now, gold = British, silver and less = Scottish. One nation eh? A United Kingdom? Only when it suits.

  58. rab_the_doubter says:

    I did warn you it was going to be horrible. I cant wait for next weeks jovial funfest when they make light of the 100s of Ukraine People who have been killed.

  59. Thepnr says:

    By the way £20 to the first person that captures the lyrics to that song. Excluding any cundeez and family members 🙂

  60. James123 says:

    Seems that Cameron is backing Buffoon Barroso to become the next General Secretary of NATO, now his appearance and bout of of verbal diarrhea on Andrew Marr’s show all makes sense.

  61. Yesitis says:

    Are there really unionists out there who still think these piss takes are all aimed solely at Alex Salmond?

  62. MajorBloodnok says:

    @ian Brotherhood

    Starkian rock would have uplifting historical references all the way though it to suck on such as “Here comes the Virgin Queen” or “Historians do it in the Archives”, etc.

  63. Zen Broon says:

    Better Together? They f*ckin hate us.

  64. Barney Thomson says:

    Good old Scotland. Providing laughs for Londoners for 109 years.

    Somebody invented the movie camera and this is one of the first things they did with it –


  65. Greannach says:

    It’s amazing how trendy lefties (I am one) outside Scotland leap back into the arms of the empire when a strange phenomenon faces them. They can’t understand our need to live in a democratic country. (Oi, mate, we live in one already) It used to be the case that WE thought there was something wrong and parochial with us. Now we realise we are boringly normal. Look at every other European country outside the fUK. That’s what we want to be like.

  66. HandandShrimp says:

    To be fair it is harsh but fairly typical of political comedy. It could have been the Germans or the French on the receiving end.

    The good news is that the love bombing is a bit if an aberration. I think living in New York Bowie may have heard of Cameron’s intention and mucked in but nobody in England is going to when they they can have a laugh at Johnny foreigner….which includes us.

  67. Les Wilson says:

    I blame the media for ALL the crap that is flying against us, the press put out all their rubbish and people believe it.
    They are turning us into enemies when all we are doing is claiming our own democracy.Something those in power know, the real truth,and they are very very uncomfortable, as they know what is at stake for them.

    The Unionist are shit scared, that is the only reason I see for all of this stuff. They think Scots will buckle so it is all fun and games to the uneducated to mock us and denigrate us at every opportunity. They will reap what they sow this time.

  68. CameronB says:

    As I have said before, God is an English gentleman and the Scotch are definitely others, and so naturally inferior. Understanding this, only a dimwit would fail to see that Scochland is naturally a possession of the English empire. It is theirs to do with as they pleases and it is the establishment’s birthright to assert.

    Like the Scotch, most Englishmen, though resembling God, are in fact more likely than not to be others. A bit of problem really, that can lead to all sorts of beastliness. Imagine the social minefield one finds one’s self in, when it is often uncommonly difficult to tell pigs for humans. Got to keep the gene pool clean, don’t yah know?

    Anyway, Radio 4, eh? You can always count on them to get the usual suspects out to defend the Union. You couldn’t exactly call them March Violets, now could you? No, not the goth band from Leeds, they’re frightful northerners.

  69. geeo says:

    I really wish I had gone to bed before reading these comments.
    I came on here to escape the biased and brainless stuff in the unionist media, like minded people they told me.
    Then I find out we may not get to be in eurovision!
    Think I may have to sleep on the future of Scotland now, not sure it is worth it now,imagine not revisiting that bucks fizz moment ever again!!!!!!
    Goodnight and thanks very much..

  70. Thepnr says:

    Well said Les Wilson, we will not buckle, they hope we will. Fuck em.

  71. Morag says:

    To be fair it is harsh but fairly typical of political comedy. It could have been the Germans or the French on the receiving end.

    Well, yes and no. It’s very much on the lower end of funny, for them. What really drags it into the gutter is the parroting of the re-heated unionist lies. There wasn’t a single flash of genuine wit in the entire clip.

    I met quite a few of that type when I lived in England. They thought they were ever so amusing when all they were doing was insulting someone. Not always us, as you say.

    It’s the appearance of that stuff in the context of the love-bombing that causes it to grate so much. We love you, we value you, we’re better together, up yours Jock.

    OK, have it your own way.

  72. joe kane says:

    It isn’t an exact fit by any means but Calman and McAuley remind me a wee bit of the distinction Malcolm X made between house slaves and field slaves.

    The Black house slave identified with the interests of their owners. As well as being domestic servants of their oppressors, they were also kept like pets for amusement and distraction. Life beyond the plantation owner’s house was unthinkable and escape and freedom was a frightening prospect for these poor souls.

    House slaves looked down on field slaves, regarding themselves as a cut above them, surrounded by fine things and fine people as they were. The field slaves were a source of embarrassment and the house slave cringed at their uneducated manners and rough speech.

    Field slaves hated the owners, wished the owners nothing but harm and would escape in a second if it were possible.

  73. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Major B-

    Ooh-er. It’s all going a a bit pear-shaped.

    Benny Hill’s non-grata, and no-one wants to remember Harry Worth.

    ‘Ere’s ‘ow it was, back in the day…

    All metaphors/analogies gratefully received:

  74. twenty14 says:

    o/T – Rev there’s seems to be issues being raised on FB regarding what can be viewed on school computers regarding YES and BT – may need some investigative journalism ( sectors off Scottish MSM may not apply )

  75. Big Al says:

    I had the misfortune to listen to both the News Quiz and Any Questions, the latter being truly horrific sneer fest with the implication yet agai that we are subsidy junkies (a yes voter I know believes that as well). Needless to say SoS for Portsmouth failed to defend Scotland, and as mentioned, peddled the UK NHS lie yet again.

    I used to enjoy the News Quiz but it has declined markedly in the last couple of years to being set up questions to convey a political point. The script writers are about as subtle as JoLa

    I do wonder about Fred 20 years from now – will he be living south of the border waking up in a cold sweat thinking ‘ If only I had defended Scotland on air?’ Or will he be a reclusive old man in Perth that the kids point at knowing from their parents that he didn’t support the independence that gave them a better life?

  76. Alfresco Dent says:

    Fact Alert!

    Fred McAuley’s car cost more than my house!

  77. Thepnr says:

    O/T I thought these MI5 people were extremely smart. Now I’m not so sure 🙂

  78. Thepnr says:

    Cheap Trick just about sums it up. Lets all laugh at the MSM. Get it up ye.

  79. CJD says:

    To be fair to Fred he`s just the token Scot there to be mocked along with the rest of his countrymen and women. He`s not there to be funny or witty cos he isn`t funny or witty in the slightest. I was unfortunate enough to go to one of Fred`s shows when the BBC in Glasgow was at Queen Margaret Drive I think it was.

    I would have rather sat at home and watched paint dry to be perfectly honest. One of his guests was Jonathan Ross who does have some wit about him and I remember Jonathan just wiped the floor with Fred`s unfunny nonsense that was coming out of his mouth.

    I think Mr Ross was even a bit bemused that this guy had a show and he certainly showed him up for the talentless guy that he is. On watching the show on TV it was edited a lot which was sad because they just about managed to make Fred look like he had something at least but then just about isn`t quite succeeding is it?

    I find him incredibly bland, just like most of the other half wits they like to employ.
    That`s my personal opinion anyway!

  80. twenty14 says:

    Oh Dear – looks like one of the dear old bbc employess – Chris Moyles – caught lying ( allegedly ) – another nail in their untreated coffin

  81. Edward says:

    Does that mean STV will get kicked out of the EBU, when Scotland becomes independent ? As STV is currently a member

    The article is so stupid, as if Eurovision is so important, mind you, the way the English are carrying on, after independence, I would not fancy any English entry in the Eurovision song contest

  82. Appleby says:

    I wonder if the unionist drones like the Better Together hardcore love this kind of verbal beating on Scots or if they have to plaster on a sort of doublethink to live with it and the shame? I can imagine some chuckling along at the open distaste of his or her own people if it served their cause. It’s what Labour and Better Together would want, after all. Keep the Scots humble and scared. Doesn’t matter the long term cost. Scorched earth policy.

  83. msean says:

    Maybe a few don’t knows to yes upon hearing this.

  84. Jamie Arriere says:

    “EU Jimmy”

    Someone call an ambulance, I think my side’s are splitting. I hope there was a health warning before the start of the programme – airing stuff that cutting edge and radical is seriously irresponsible 🙂

    It sounded like a cosy metropolitan dinner party, and Freddie was just delighted to be invited.

    Can’t be bothered getting aerated over ignorance – there was little hate there, just a lack of talent.

  85. Sooner Scotland’s shot of that lot the better it will be. Of course this all comes back to a rabidly Unionist media egged-on by Union, seeding quasi-racist narratives that seem to confirm long-held prejudices.

    It would be useful were every indyref voter to be exposed to this diet of bigotry on a regular basis.

    It is reckless gratuitous vitriol. No more be need be said – res ipsa loquitur.

  86. Albalha says:

    Local officials, it seems to me, getting hot under the collar when it comes to the democratic process, first we had the ‘ban’ by some on the posting of Yes material in house windows and now this from Cupar, I do despair.

  87. Tattie-bogle says:

    When Scotland votes yes. What exactly happens to the Scottish bargaining chips the UK used to get better deals from the EU do they just get to keep them i don’t think so.

  88. Alba4Eva says:

    Handandshrimp, there is a difference between having a private joke about someone when they are not present; and openly slagging them off when they are in the same room listening! We pay for the BBC (not me personally, I stopped) but they didn’t seem to realise Scotland was listening. It was like being invisible in the room.

  89. Look Skye Walker says:

    Remember: If things don’t change they will stay the same! VOTE YES!

  90. Cindie says:

    Morning all, sort of off topic, but maybe of interest? This is from the Facebook page ‘Exposing anti-independence bias on the BBC.

    ‘Share this: We have received information that the Scottish Governments Education and Culture committee have decided to examine a number of areas on Scotland’s constitutional future. Including an inquiry on the issue of broadcasting and Culture. Senior BBC Scotland Executives will be asked to come before the committee to answer questions on the BBC preparations for the coverage of the Independence Referendum.

    It’s has been agreed by the committee that part of the evidence gathering session on Broadcasting will examine the findings of Dr Robertson’s study ‘fairness in the first year? BBC and ITV coverage of the Scottish Referendum Campaign September 2012 to September 2013.

    If you want to make a difference then email this guy and bombard him with emails asking why they bias of the BBC and STV has been allowed and why patent lies and scaremongering have been the standard fair dished out by both these corporations for a over a year now and there are still seven months to go.

    That might make this go Viral.

    It’s time we started to retaliate …….. Go get them.’

  91. CameronB says:

    Alba4Eva said “they didn’t seem to realise Scotland was listening. It was like being invisible in the room”.

    Things which are not moral deserve no attention, as they are other than moral and so can not be made in the shape of God, who is moral. Things which can be said to be moral are English, more specifically an English gentleman.

    Right! Got that? Tish! Now remember, don’t mention the war!

    OK, I’m making a meal of it, but I wonder if there is a sociological link between Anglicanism (as a specifically English form of Presbyterianism), and the assumed moral and intellectual superiority annoyingly displayed by some of our southern kinfolk.

    I’m already out of my depth asking the question, which might deserve more expert examination. Perhaps I’m just obsessed.:)

  92. Bugger (the Panda) says:


    They do that the Church of England is the Tory party at prayer.

  93. Itsagoinwrang says:

    Sorry people but I think you’re maybe taking yourselves too seriously here. This doesn’t merit a mention. I send people to this site for some serious analysis of what’s happening and for it to be getting all excited about some prat trying to be funny on a R2 comedy show is really disappointing. I’m for indy and for focussing on the real issues.

  94. Grendel says:

    “Alba4Eva says:
    22 February, 2014 at 7:47 amHandandshrimp, there is a difference between having a private joke about someone when they are not present; and openly slagging them off when they are in the same room listening! We pay for the BBC (not me personally, I stopped) but they didn’t seem to realise Scotland was listening. It was like being invisible in the room.”

    At least they had the decency to stab you in the back in front of your face…

  95. Bill McLean says:

    Cindie – why doesn’t that link (Stewart.Maxwell etc) work for me?

  96. bigbuachaille says:

    It’s an old London-centric game, called:
    LET’S ALL LAUGH AT THE (insert name of nation).

  97. bigbuachaille says:

    It’s an old London-centric game called:
    LET’S ALL LAUCH AT THE (insert name of nation)

  98. X_Sticks says:

    @ Ian – Thanks for the Flytin’ vid – really good – passed on to the kids 🙂

    @ Thepnr – Thanks for the Cundeez – hadn’t come across them and duly noted – remind me a lot of St Andrew and the Wooolen Mill from auld lang syne.

  99. X_Sticks says:

    Sorry Rev – can’t type!

    @ Ian – Thanks for the Flytin’ vid – really good – passed on to the kids 🙂

    @ Thepnr – Thanks for the Cundeez – hadn’t come across them and duly noted – remind me a lot of St Andrew and the Wooolen Mill from auld lang syne.

  100. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “This doesn’t merit a mention”

    I disagree. Hands up everyone who’s the website editor. Oh, just me, then.

  101. To be fair, there is nothing that is not run of the mill in this segment. I listened to the Radio 4 comedy slot at half past six for years and this is entirely typical of their occasional mentions of Scotland.

    Shows such as this and the Now Show all too often used bottom of the barrel, borderline xenophobic comedy when ‘foreigners’ came up. Scotland was very much treated in the same way. There was never any sense that this was the national broadcaster for Scotland, because we were the butt of cheap jokes in exactly the same way as the French and Germans were (and I found nothing funny in the jokes at their expense either).

    I got sick of hearing it eventually. It’s been years now since I listened and I doubt I ever will again. I could never understand why talented comedians would often demean their work like this.

  102. Brotyboy says:

    By the way £20 to the first person that captures the lyrics to that song. Excluding any cundeez and family members 🙂

    Thanks for the vid. Great to see some old pics of familiar streets and scenes, like a Douglas tenement probably very near to the house I lived in until the age of 7.

    The speakers on this laptop are too shitty to make out much, but I’ll get back to my own machine on Sunday evening and will take up your challenge then.

    On the cundeez theme; I ran into the house at around age 5 shouting that the ‘cokey van’ was coming. Parents went outside to see what the ‘cokey van’ was; it was the lorry that sooked up the silt and rubbish from the cundeez. Did I make it up or did I pick it up from the street? Any insight would be appreciated.

  103. SquareHaggis says:

    R4 were at it all evening. 8 o’clock had Dimpleby asking “can england something or other without Scotland” Carmichaelmoore collecting his cozy fee to say FA. THEN roger scroton came on for 15 minutes with the biggest load of misinformed drivel I’ve heard in my puff, utter guff. Had to switch it off.

  104. turnip_ghost says:

    The one phrase that caught my attention was from Sandi…

    “Scotland has finally plucked up the courage….”

    Finally? Wow. Is that the way the world saw us? Cowardly? If so, and we’re NOW plucking up the courage what will they think if we give them a No Vote??

  105. rab-the-doubter says:

    Complaint about Bob Mill’s ‘political satire’ duly made on BBC website.
    This is becoming a daily duty.

  106. Stevie says:

    Really getting pssed off with their casual racism.

  107. Croompenstein says:

    I can honestly say, hand on heart, that I have never laughed at anything Fred McAuley has said or done he just isn’t funny. Scotland doesn’t need his kind and this sort of shite won’t be forgotten he is welcome to stay with the rest of the United Kingdom including Carwyn Jones

  108. Helena Brown says:

    Got to the point when I turn off anything which mentions Scotland on radio or television. The BBC is seldom watched for anything other than the weather and believe me we tend to look out the window to check that as well.The other day on the Sky review of the papers they mentioned Scotland with one of the reviewers burbling about the Devolution thingy, Well the dog got an early walk that day and it is becoming a regular feature. The English were never interested in Scotland and now though they still aren’t they are getting disturbed, hence the spit and venom. We get called racists but given the laughter on so called comedy shows when anything to do with Scotland is used for a laugh we rank above the French and Germans nowadays in their hate rankings.

  109. john king says:

    “It’s time we started to retaliate …….. Go get them.’”

    Done Cindie
    email duly sent thanks

  110. Croompenstein says:

    It’s all Alex Mugabe’s fault with his personal vanity project national self determination..wot a spiv he is

  111. boglestone says:

    Played this to English friend and they’re now “dying with embarrassment”. Its toe curling in the extreme. They send their apologies.

  112. liz says:

    I think Sandy Toksperson was really patronising – I feel sorry for poor wee Scotland …. yada yada.

    I hope Fred McAuley realises they were laughing at him rather than with him – he was on as the token jock.

  113. Angus says:

    Surely the guy that wS cracking these amazing jokes sounded like he was having a stroke?

    Maybe that is what the audience were laughing at, otherwise it is rather a puzzle.

  114. hetty says:

    They’ll be laughing on the other side of their faces when, pray to god, we do vote for Independence and they are ousted out of the eu and their economy truly will go pear shaped! Utterly disgraceful attitude aimed at a whole countries population, hope they rot in hell. In fact it was very possibly designed to rattle and get a response, do they read from a script? Too thick to think it up themselves.

  115. hetty says:

    should have said country’s…oops.

  116. farqhuar kennyson says:

    the joke will be on them very soon they cant say they haven’t had it coming. as for the pet jock mcaulay well what can you say a spineless brit bootlicker.


  117. JGedd says:

    I sympathize with all of you who listened to the News Quiz. Kudos to you because I chickened out. It sounds like the usual casual racism.

    @joe kane.
    Thank you for that reference. Sums it up quite eloquently. A perfect explanation for the types encountered in the referendum debate like Fred MacAulay, Calman etc.

    For those of you who would like to hear an antidote to the BBC, check out Bella Caledonia who have an English podcast, titled IndyRef: What Could It Mean for Scotland and the Rest of the UK?
    You will hear informed English people discuss the prospects for Scottish independence in a refreshingly supportive manner. I promise you, it will cheer you up.

  118. Alexandra-M- says:


    “O/T – Rev there’s seems to be issues being raised on FB regarding what can be viewed on school computers regarding YES and BT – may need some investigative journalism ( sectors off Scottish MSM may not apply )”

    Apparently this was an “oversight” by the school in question, which was reportedly being sorted yesterday.

  119. Helpmaboab says:

    Radio Four is the distilled and concentrated essence of the BBC. It’s smug, superior, self-important, pseudo-intellectual and bourgeois. It considers itself to be above criticism.

    On the rare occasions when it deigns to deal with subjects from beyond London and its hinterland the default position is to assume the characteristic tone of the UK’s ruling clique: Ignorance, hatred and arrogant contempt mixed with a half-hearted attempt to disguise its bigotry with humour.

    I’m a mild-mannered wee soul but the very sound of the braying, nasal, public-schoolboy laughter emitted by the audience of a Radio 4 ‘comedy’ programme makes me grind my teeth and reach for a metaphorical claymore.

    There’s one foolproof way to boost my ardour for independence and that’s listening to any Radio Four output hosted by James Naughtie or Eddie Mair.

    (N.B. I’ll admit to a soft spot for ‘I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue’. Does this make me dirty?)

  120. Helpmaboab says:

    Thepnr and Brotyboy,

    I’ve belatedly watched the ‘Cundeez’ video. Thank-you. This song is as Dundonian as a Wallace’s peh, wrapped in jute, sitting on a copy of the Tele.

    I’m getting a wee bit moist-eyed now so I’m off for a brisk walk around the block.

    Just for the record I never threw stanes at doos. I was a good lad.

  121. Betty Boop says:

    @ David 11.01

    No hope for Calman, but, I reckon Fred McAuley needs to mind his back if he wants to keep in work at the moment. I do feel kind of sorry for Scots who think they have to hold their tongue.

    I think we have to save our ire for those who join in with the racist, condescending, arrogant, ignorant (oh, I am fed up with adjectives now) bitch fests, which cannot be described as “just banter”, where every utterance referring to Scots/Scotland starts with “they”.

  122. GRAHAMHANSON says:

    I got a love bomb today from the Pension Service. My increase for next year, four pence and I know a lady who is getting 25p. Does this amount to sex discrimination?

  123. Betty Boop says:

    @ Itsagoinwrang

    “…hardly merits a mention”

    I’m with the Rev on this one. It does matter. Having a laugh is okay, but…

    The trickle down effect of abusively ignorant comments ingrains itself in the psyche of those who believe it and those who suffer it. I’ve heard people deny they are Scots because of rubbish like this because it makes life easier. It once ruined a perfectly good Christmas dinner I was having in a restaurant in the Caribbean when an English “lady” decided to have a go because “all Scots hated the English” and continued to make the usual condescending remarks. For many, it is real, it isn’t banter, it is rarely good humoured.

    Where does it stop? Those who have influence in the media don’t seem to know when it comes to casual racism. My son and his friends went to a football match in north-west England a couple of years ago and had to leave one pub because they were “white” and the next because they were Scots. Repeated often enough in media, it ends up confirming prejudice.

    I’ve often said we would be better neighbours if we just minded our own business. Yes?

  124. MochaChoca says:

    So you see, my son, there is a very fine line between love and nausea.

  125. helpmaboab says:

    That’s bra.

  126. tartanarse says:

    That Cundeez video was brilliant. If you’re Dundonian, you would have a hard heart not to get a bit sentimental over that one.

    I particularly liked the photie of the 37 bus just left Wullie Lows and heading into Mid Craigie.

    Taken in mid June by the looks of it.

  127. BuckieBraes says:

    ‘I particularly liked the photie of the 37 bus just left Wullie Lows and heading into Mid Craigie.’

    Thanks, tartanarse. I took that picture, on St Andrew’s Day 1985. The Mid Craigie (Kingennie Terrace) shot was taken the same day.

  128. ScotFree1320 says:

    @Salt Ire
    Yes, I saw it. It seemed like a ‘patronise the Scots’ special, with the usual TWTPTS nonsense we’ve come to expect from London based comedy shows. I expect that theme to both continue and increase in frequency over the course of the next seven months.

  129. Thepnr says:

    BuckieBraes says:

    ‘I particularly liked the photie of the 37 bus just left Wullie Lows and heading into Mid Craigie.’

    Thanks, tartanarse. I took that picture, on St Andrew’s Day 1985. The Mid Craigie (Kingennie Terrace) shot was taken the same day.

    Fecking brilliant, I was the wee hun waving his arms. Only kidding lol.

  130. ian foulds says:

    ‘Betty Boop says:

    22 February, 2014 at 5:12 pm

    @ Itsagoinwrang

    “…hardly merits a mention”

    I’ve often said we would be better neighbours if we just minded our own business. Yes?’


  131. Jenny says:

    Just listened to this…. “Is that real”?? was the reaction from the kitchen.


  132. Rusan says:

    I just listened to the recording again. I normally like Sandi T, but I dunno if Ill be listening to her again!

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