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Wait, what did we miss?

Posted on November 13, 2016 by

You did WHAT in May now?



That… that looks a lot like last place to us. We know the world’s gone a bit mad this year, but we don’t think it’s actually upside down yet.

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    1. 13 11 16 11:57

      Wait, what did we miss? | speymouth

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    1. Valerie says:

      Only one response –

      Did ye, aye?

    2. Andrew Mclean says:

      Actually I don’t know what he is on about, I actually am first minister, and Pope, and I am not even a catholic.

    3. Almannysbunnet says:

      Aye Willie your slip’s showing. Your Freudian slip, must be the “Royal We” as in we the Unionists.

    4. Sandy says:

      What’s a ‘lib dem’?

    5. JaMur says:

      Mad mental wee Wullie Rennie.
      A bit of a comedian this clown.
      Shame his heid is full of mince.

    6. galamcennalath says:

      I agree with Almannysbunnet. I reckon he meant the anti-SNP grouping. The lose of the SNP majority may be what he meant.

    7. It doesn’t matter what these nonentities say, the M.S.M will still try to promote it as the gospel truth.
      Good to hear of the infighting amongst the Labour hierarchy as well. I gather from informed sources that the same scenario is taking place at council level, in major regions at the moment controlled by their party. Caused apparently by the deselection of some longstanding councillors.
      Augurs well for what will be a difficult task next year, because of the system of voting, to clear out these Augean Stables, and elect councillors who will put people first, and not their own party’s interest.

    8. HandandShrimp says:

      I just can’t take Willie seriously.

      Presumably what he was suggesting was “the reason we weren’t wiped out completely was because some votes fell the right way in a tiny handful of seats”.

    9. Andrew Mclean says:

      Alex Beveridge 10:12



    10. K1 says:

      I think some or Surkov’s ‘technique’s’ are being applied by political strategists on a local and global level now, he’s described as the PR guy who ‘really’ controls Russia:

      ‘In 2013 Surkov has been characterized as the engineer of ‘a system of make-believe’, ‘a land of imitation political parties, stage-managed media and fake social movements’. British film maker Adam Curtis has said that Surkov has imported ideas from the avant-garde art world into politics in order to undermine the Western perception of the world, to make politics a piece of theatre, and create confusion.’

      We’re experiencing this phenomenon when Willie Rennie can tweet ‘We won in May’ as an absolute ‘fact’. The object is to ‘confuse’ and state something often enough that it becomes ‘believable. Lot of NLP techniques are being used on the political stage to influence electorates and shape outcomes. The BBC are masters at this when you think on it.

    11. Croompenstein says:

      In other news Scotland’s world cup campaign remains on track after a stunning win over England at Wembley… 🙂

    12. Proud Cybernat says:

      “We won in May. Us Fibber yoons with the help of our yoon meeja stopped them nasty sep bastirts getting a majority at Holyrood. It was a glorious yoon victory. Even though the seps are still in charge. Even though there’s still a sep majority that can call IndyRef#2. Bastirts.”

    13. John J. says:

      You “offered an optimistic, progressive voice for the country” ?

      Aye. Right.

    14. Tory victories are Lib Dem victories these days.

    15. Big Jock says:

      Cmon he was talking about winning the Glebe Street Brae go cart race. He had fat Boab on the back aka Carmichael for downward momentum. The whole of Achenshuggle was talking about it.

    16. Proud Cybernat says:

      “We won in May… 1906.”

    17. Big Jock says:

      Well at least we have an insight into the brain washed unionists mind. Self delusionists! He still can’t believe the SNP are in charge!

    18. Stoker says:

      And here’s another cracker from gold medalist Wee Willie Stinky:

      “Rennie urges ‘hope not despair’

      Scottish Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie invoked the spirit of Robert the bruce by urging members at the party’s autumn conference to try, try again.”

      “The party is holding a one-day event in Dunfermline to discuss recent political events and policy positions.”

      “Mr Rennie urged members to embrace hope rather than despair over Brexit and the election of Donald Trump.”

      “He pledged not to give up on open and progressive values in America, Europe or the UK.”

      Source: BBC text service (12/11/16)

      Now, folks, i know that’s the best laugh you’ll have all weekend but please, *please* stop laughing and show some respect for Wee King Willie, Lord of the Munchkins.

      BTW, i’m all for progress but i do draw the line at referring to office Christmas parties as “autumn conferences”.

    19. MJS Dundee says:

      Remember boys and girls – “post-truth politics”

      Anything goes.

      Problem for Willie is that the “post-truth politics” presupposes an electorate with no alternative other than the craziest-sounding nutters opposing the parties who’ve been failing them for decades. In that circumstance the nutters at least seem different and possibly worth a punt. If they make a dog’s brexit out of things, it’s hardly going to be any worse.

      In Scotland we have a credible alternative – the most trusted govt in Europe, if not the mot trusted in the developed world. And an engaged electorate who will not accept and/or laugh at the delusional outbursts of those aping the Brexiteers and Trumpiteers.

      Post-truth works in the US and with much of the rUK electorate because in truth they have little other option. I doubt if many voting for loons believe much of what they say, it’s more a cry for help. Sorely needed help at that. I and we feel for them I have to think.

      That Willie, Ruth and Kezia think it’s going to work here is a fine measure of their capacity to understand the situation they’re in. Their sustained efforts to occupy the low ground in Scottish politics can only have the unfortunate (for them) effect that occupying the low ground always has.

      Here’s a thought – when the result comes in early of a morning not too long from now, and that result is Yes … .

      How quickly will we hear that it wasn’t the result they hoped for, but it’s the democratic will of the Scottish people and they will work to make the best of it?

      After almost 310 years, that day is now very close really.

    20. Tex Thomson says:

      I’d like to thank everyone who responded to our enquiry. We now have Willie back safe on the ward to the great relief of his hamster Peggy.

    21. louis.b.argyll says:

      You couldn’t make it up.

      Unless you’re the Fib-dems.

      What a stupid man.

    22. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Ideal job for this character would be as a hospital porter. A’body cheers up when they see that grin, and burst into laughter whenever he says anything.

      Or a milkman, whistling to himself, clicking his heels in the empty morning…

    23. David M says:

      Rennie gives me indigestion.

    24. annie says:

      @Michael Heron, You took the thought out of my head, I was just thinking surely he must think they’re still in coalition with the Tory Party and even they only came second.

    25. Grouse Beater says:

      I keep expecting a tannoy announcement:

      “Will the mother of a little gap-tooth boy answering to Willie, found lost in the store, please report to the Customer Service desk as soon as possible. Thank you”

    26. Scott says:

      From Rennie on Robert the Bruce

      “Perhaps we should be inspired by his relationship with that famous spider. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again. This is a Robert the Bruce moment for us.

      I have asked him if its ok for us to do the same regarding Independence I hope The FM will remind him of this when he goes mental on Indy again.

    27. louis.b.argyll says:

      So, the Lib-Dem’s Willie hardens against Scot Indy but remains limp towards Brexit.

      Somehow he’s managed all this while being a fud.

    28. Sarah says:

      Willie Rennie’s own win was down to the fact that his every antic during the campaign [sliding down inflatable ramps, visiting pigs etc etc] was faithfully covered ad nauseam by TV. Same as UKIP’s rise and Trump’s election – if you’re on the telly you are “good”.

      O/T The Brain family’s fundraiser in chief is Tony McCandless – @Ken 500 you might find bank details through him as he is Yes2, an SNP member and in Business for Scotland. Good luck ‘cos there’s only a day left!!

    29. mike d says:

      An optimistic progressive voice for the country.???

    30. Grouse Beater says:

      A gem of an insight.

      Michael Heron: “Tory victories are Lib Dem victories these days.”

    31. Smallaxe says:

      Willie,you’ve turned your clock back too far!

    32. Westviews says:

      Willie Rennie carrying on the LibDum tradition of Carmichaeling through his teeth.

    33. louis.b.argyll says:

      Message to the GOOD people of England, Wales, N.Ireland…

      Come the next world war.. Scotland will stand shoulder to shoulder with you.

      Unless it is YOUR government that is the fascist enemy of freedom.

      Just saying like, look where you’re headed. (following blindly is not heroic. It’s stupid)

    34. louis.b.argyll says:

      Willie Rennie.(Billy boy)

      Oh yes Willie..your nation has such a low opinion of you and your party. Only the BBC keeps you relevant.

    35. Like I said in one of the other Wings threads yesterday, I think a few of us have definitely slipped into a parallel universe. What the f..k is Rennie going on about?

    36. Another Union Dividend says:

      No doubt Willie regaled the telephone box venue with tales of SNP centralisation. Last week I got a local Edinburgh Lib Dem newsletter delivered and noticed it was printed in London.

      Good front page in Sunday Herald “Labour in civil war over unionism”

      However, someone should explain to Alex Rowley what confederation actually means:- it is a union of sovereign states, united for purposes of common action often in relation to other states.

    37. HandandShrimp says:

      I am may have misheard on the radio this morning but I am sure someone said that Putin sent Trump a beautiful congratulations letter and that Trump is going to stop backing the Syrian rebels and look for a lasting peace settlement with Russia.

      If true, I think we are about to enter strange times.

    38. Dr Jim says:

      Andrew Marr met and interviewed that spider and he denies any knowledge of ever meeting Rob Roy McGregor or indeed any other rebellious Scottish leader and has always voted with the government of R United Kingdom to rid Scotland of the scourge of Nashanalistik Secretists and their ilk

      The spider in question now resides at a secret location in Chingford with his wife and his 38,427 children who all have useful and full employment under this Conservative government a spokesgit for the government has said
      Mr Rennie would appear to have made an error in his assertion that this was a Scottish spider sympathetic to the Liberal Democrat party

    39. Effijy says:

      This just sums up how wee Willie and the Fib Dems assess things.

      As the Fibs will work with any Unionist party who will give them a job, I think his Royal We is in a so called victory that all the Unionist parties working against Scotland have
      prevented the SNP from having a majority in Holyrood.

      But Willie, the big party above you in the queue, The Greens, are also backing an Independent Scotland, so you
      are still sliding down that wee bouncy castle.

    40. Chic McGregor says:

      Seriously, I think therapy units will need to be set up for some of these characters post indy.

    41. Mochachoca says:

      Must be talking about their win in inter-unionist party sports day egg and spoon race in May….

      On a serious note though, even Clegg had the integrity to fall on his sword when the UK lib dems vote hit 7.9% the year before….says a lot about Rennie, although I don’t think I heard so much as murmur that Rennie should do likewise. The anti-SNP alliance do like to protect their own.

    42. Ian Burness says:

      Oor Wullie played the “local lad”card in NE Fife but Rod Campbell must shoulder some blame for his position on the closure of Cupar Sheriff Court – hardly a vote winner locally.

    43. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Chic McG –

      We’ll maybe need therapy for some of us well before then. Not sure I can take much more.

      Went into the Sainsburys in Prestwick t’other day and it was like running a gauntlet. Not hard to envisage a day when you won’t be allowed to buy half-a-dozen rolls unless you’re wearing a poppy the same size as your face.

      Never mind – following Marr’s logic we should soon be able to ‘enjoy’ hearing Bernard P or Gary R interviewing sundry SDL/SNF spokespeople on those special sofas which convey gravitas, a sense that one has finally ‘arrived’.

      It’s all about the’free speech’, innit?!

    44. louis.b.argyll says:

      Sad though it is..

      ..that so many died for cult and country.

    45. Legerwood says:

      HandandShrimp says:
      13 November, 2016 at 11:56 am
      “”I am may have misheard on the radio this morning but I am sure someone said that Putin sent Trump a beautiful congratulations letter and that Trump is going to stop backing the Syrian rebels and look for a lasting peace settlement with Russia.

      If true, I think we are about to enter strange times.””

      Don’t think you misheard. Telegraph on line had similar story last night and Guardian along similar lines about Trump and NATO.

      May explain Boris not going to meeting of EU Ministers, the UK Government has chosen sides:. USA rather than EU.

      With Garage ‘advising’ Trump he is likely to have his pre-existing antipathy to the EU reinforced and Garage will be even closer to his stated aim to break up the EU.

      Wonder where Trump’s red line/line in the sand is? When Putin asks for ‘his’ half of Germany back?

    46. Jimbo says:

      We won in May because we, the Liberal Party, collectively placed a bet on the SNP skooshing it.

    47. The Rough Bounds says:

      Dear me: Rennie trying to get cosy with Robert Bruce. Willie, Robert Bruce had a long memory for those who asssisted him and an even longer memory for those who opposed him.

      King Robert would have sent the Black Douglas with a couple of lads and thrown you lot over Stirling Castle wall. Ya daft wee puddin’.

    48. Arbroath1320 says:

      We won May ….. claims wee Willie Winkie at the Lib Dem “conference” in the phone box outside the Glen main gates in Dunfermline. 😀

      I have it from authoritative sources that he was in fact referring to the Lib Dems doing exactly this … in the alternate universe they usually inhabit! 😀

    49. donnywho says:

      End of Andrew Marr show we are regaled with an orchestral piece, newly composed to compliment the The Battle of the Somme Film.

      It was a 1916 British documentary and propaganda film, shot by two official cinematographers, Geoffrey Malins and John McDowell. The film depicts the British Army in the preliminary and early days of the battle of the Somme (1 July – 18 November 1916).

      The film had its première in London on 10 August 1916 and was released generally on 21 August. The film depicts trench warfare, showing marching infantry, artillery firing on German positions, British troops waiting to attack on 1 July, treatment of wounded British and German soldiers, British and German dead and captured German equipment and positions. The film was a great success, was watched by c.? 20 million British people in the first six weeks of exhibition and the film was distributed in eighteen more countries

      The British State just keeps giving, wear your poppy with Patriotism. But don’t read any of the wartime poets.

    50. liz says:

      Wullie is a useful but dangerous fool.

      When govs want elected politicians to act according to their will, they employ people of low intelligence,

      As someone else said, he should be a porter, although that is an insult to porters.

      He has no self awareness and will read any idiotic comment put in front of him.
      It is easy to mock and laugh but this guy is spouting lies and getting away with it.

      Apart fro the IMO OTT poppy overload during the Scot/Eng football match, we have also this week been subjected to BBC televised coverage of the Lord Mayor’s parade, that is the lord of the City of London and I accidentally caught a mention of the bishop of London at today’s event, presume that is also the City.

      These folk are hiding in plain sight

    51. Fred says:

      “Hush ye Willie dinna fret ye, the Black Douglas winna get ye!” Ya wee fanny.

    52. Proud Cybernat says:

      The Fibbers perspective…

    53. Glamaig says:

      that cant be right! surely it was the Ruth Davidson party that won the election in May?

    54. Jimbo says:


      ““Hush ye Willie dinna fret ye, the Black Douglas winna get ye!” Ya wee fanny.”


    55. louis.b.argyll says:

      Liz, 12:56. ‘Hiding in plain site’

      Aye, the City of London is in effect an independent and protected partner in the English constitutional set up. It has more clout than the Scottish nation in constitutional affairs, at the moment.

      RP, you posted some details, I remember.

    56. Arthur Martin says:

      If your gonna tell a lie, make it a biggie!
      Tell it often enough Willie and we’ll still think that you’re a bawbag.

    57. Proud Cybernat says:

      Perhaps wee Willie meant there’s a “Wee one in May…”?

      Grimaces at the thought.

    58. Arabs for Independence says:

      Dr Jim @ 11:59

      Do you have a web address for the spider?

    59. Arbroath1320 says:

      Sorry for O/T but Hitler has just found out who won the American Presidential election.

    60. Capella says:

      Maybe he was watching “Hypernormalisation” by Adam Curtis. Chunky Mark has a dark moment of reflection about it. “Believe what you like.” I think Oor Willie is doing exactly that:

    61. Valerie says:

      @Ian B

      Exactly the same at my smallish local Tesco. They had 3 middle aged local Rotary club chaps trying to flog poppies.

      Pleased to say I didn’t see anyone engaging, and there were no staff or customers wearing poppies inside the store. I was quietly pleased.

      I think many pay their own private tributes. I have utmost respect for the fallen, the survivors and the young men and women war injured, but the whole thing has been hijacked.

      I feel its not about learning lessons, but about continuing the killing.

    62. galamcennalath says:

      At the LD conference Wee Willie and others brought up federalism, again.

      I really really dislike the idea of a federal UK. So many things wrong with it IMO.

      It means a written UK constitution outlining federal rights, status and responsibilities and outlining the same for ‘states’ within the federation. You can be certain Scotland will be stitched up and actually lose power and sovereignty.

      To make it work, there would need to be a number of states of similar size. England split up and Scotland reduced to the same legal and constitutional status as an English region. What protection we have in the Act of Union destroyed.

      The UK is, in some ways a confederation – sovereign states working together for mutual benefit (allegedly). Belgium appears to be heading for confederation. As I understand it, confederated states retain their sovereignty, have a veto on joint actions, and have the right to secede.

      I get the impression confederations are short lived! ( In Canada they use the word confederation to describe the coming together as a federation. Canada is not a confederation.)

      I’m not suggesting actual confederation as a solution. I want Indy! But in my mind the current arrangement is actually superior in terms of Scotland’s status to any new federal arrangement.

    63. Hamish100 says:

      Federal uk state– how it works

      You will have nuclear weapons

      You will go to war

      No thanks

    64. Gary45% says:

      Mcternan writing wee Wullies scripts?

    65. osakisushi says:

      To be fair, I think he was inventing something for Readers Digest in the hope of earning 75 quid.

      “Liars, The Best Medicine” or something like that.

    66. Dr Jim says:

      @Arabs for Independence

      Sources close to “The Spider” have revealed today that he will be standing in the East Grichley ward of Englandshire as a UTRUMKIP candidate and looks forward to good support since the aforementioned Mr Willie Rennie of the Scotland Liable Dismocrats party have expressed their admiration for Mr Spider for which he is indeed most grateful

      Since the Spider party has been endorsed by such an august body as the Dismocrats many celebrities have come forward offering strong words of support Bob Geldof notably said “The poltetariat have woken up at last and will vote, this party has legs” he enthused
      David Beckham and three other footballers will line up alongside Mr Spider in his bid to become a SP (spider of parliament)

      Somebody help me stop the madness

    67. Scott says:

      This is something willie would indorse.

      England v Australia rugby union on BBC

      We will now have the English national anthem and they play God save the Queen not really bothered but it just shows up their mental state.

    68. Macart says:

      Apparently conference (all ten of them) have decided that independence and SNP bad… because.

      Huge if true.

    69. Robert Peffers says:

      @Gary45% says: 13 November, 2016 at 2:08 pm:

      “Mcternan writing wee Wullies scripts?”

      Mibbies Aye!
      Mibbies Naw!

      Mimmies Wee Wullie maun bi scrievin scrips fir yon McTernan, gadgie mair lik.

    70. Stu Mac says:


      I think you mean “stop America backing the Syrian rebels (AKA ISIS-lite)” – Trump actually said during the election that if ISIS was the enemy why weren’t they helping Russia fight them. Of course what he will do once in power and with the usual world domination generals advising him may be another thing. It will be interesting if he decides to ca’ canny’ with Russia – Clinton wanted to go to war with them (well maybe not want but it would have certainly be a possibility if her policies were followed).

    71. Dan Huil says:

      Rennie probably believes it himself – he has to because otherwise he would self-implode into a fooshy pile of britnat dust. Oh, and the bbc believes him too – because it has to…

    72. msean says:

      It’s like Labour,Tories and LibDems have unofficially merged into one party,shoulder to shoulder with the Tories. We can all remember how the LibDems kept them the Tories in power for 5 years.

    73. Ken Waldron says:


      5, 2, 3, 4, 1…

    74. Robert Peffers says:

      Just for the record, and like so many totally fictional Scottish history taught myths, the tale of Bruce and the spider is a totally fictional story, invented and first published by Sir Walter Scott, in ‘Tales of a Grandfather’ in 1828.

      That was over 500 years after the Battle of Bannockburn. It has been speculated that Scott may have adapted another story originally told about Sir James Douglas.

      Download the Scott story here:-

      Rather hilariously there are caves all over Scotland, and even in Ireland, that are claimed to be the legendary cave of Bruce and the spider:-

      The King’s Cave at Drumadoon on Arran.
      King Robert the Bruce’s Cave in Kirkpatrick Fleming near Lockerbie:
      Bruce’s Cave – Uamh-an-Righ, Balquhidder Glen:
      Bruce’s Cave on Rathlin Island:

      To name but a few.

      So there you go – yet another education system history taught, “fact”, exploded by the truth.

    75. defo says:

      Valerie says at 1:50 pm

      “I feel its not about learning lessons, but about continuing the killing.”

      Spot on pop pickers. Sometimes it’s worth trawling through (always nana) the btl bickering !

      Wee Wullies fair getting to grips with the post truth thing going on. Had a bit of a head start mind.

    76. Dr Jim says:

      I want to see Rupert Murdoch in the flesh when Sky news mouths all his words
      Nigel Farage for politician of the year award next “Defo”

      The news used to just misinform and lie to folk about what was happening now they’re actively insisting we do what they tell us and it wouldn’t be so bad if what they were saying was any good, but they don’t care about that they only care about the chaos they create and then have fun reporting on the fallout

      In the last couple of days a new phrase has been brought into much use and it’s when the interviewer says “You seem to be suggesting” followed by some crap, leaving the interviewee in the uncomfortable position of spending much of the interview denying the crap, but by mentioning it at all repeating the very thing they’re denying

      Then the interviewer will turn to another telly person and say “What do you make of what he just said”
      !!Hooraaay!! created a fact that never happened

    77. Andrew Mclean says:

      Ok explain how this

      Could be the answer not this?

      What next a political leader arranges the burglary of a political party’s office, then lies to cover it up,
      Called the great hog with warts tuck shop robbery?

      The world is full of gullible idiots, it’s almost like an infection.

    78. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Ah, Wee Willie Winkie, carrying on a proud FibDem tradition. (The only one to which they seem happy to cling.)

      But wait a mo. By “we” he may mean Unionism. (Which still didn’t “win” last May, but never mind.) He attended that recent “Scotland in Union” jamboree, after all.

      So maybe his party ought to know that their proud leader regards it as merely a Unionist front, and he is just a Unionist shill. Maybe they ought to find a real leader for a real party, or instead just merge with the Tories as the New Unionist Party. Or is that just a little too honest for them…?

    79. t42 says:

      what are the promiscuous libdems up to now?
      are they sniffing the friendly big Yes tent?
      i suppose, with a membership of about 3000, and holding their conference in a phonebox, a hailstorm or a cancelled bus service could leave them with an unexpected majority for indy?
      more likely struggling to pay their bills so offering themselves as indycamp moles.

    80. gus1940 says:

      Earlier somebody mentioned The Readers Digest.

      This US propaganda magazine used to have a substantial circulation but little is heard of it these days.

      Does anybody have circulation figures for today and say 30 or 40 years ago.

      Its main claim to fame was its persistence in bombarding lapsed subscribers with a steady stream of bumf trying to get them to mend their ways and renew their subscriptions – it was almost impossible to shake oneself free of their unwanted attention.

      To take out a sub or be given one as a present was a near suicidal event.

    81. Undeadshaun says:

      One word springs to mind whoever Willie rennie speaks.


    82. Robert Peffers says:

      @gus1940 says: 13 November, 2016 at 3:40 pm:

      ” … Earlier somebody mentioned The Readers Digest.”

      Oh! Aye! So I suppose any connection between the terms, “Digest”, and, “Rennie”, is purely coincidental, then Gus1940?

    83. There are winnable wins, unwinnable wins, winnable losses, and unwinnable losses, and then there is Wullie Rennie.
      The man is sadly deranged. Cole-Hamilton will take over when Rennie decides to spend more time with his stamp collection.
      His faux outburst at FMQ last week over the China Syndrome was uncomfortable to watch, especially when Cole Hamilton and the Gentleman Farmer Tavish Scott started squirming in their cushy seats.
      Like Fredo Corleone, someone will take him out fishing on the lake any day now.
      Hopelessly out of his political depth, he has amassed sea chests full of our money for nothing. The Black Spot any day now. Won’t be missed. Will we even notice him gone?

    84. McBoxheid says:

      Chic McGregor says:
      13 November, 2016 at 12:12 pm

      Seriously, I think therapy units will need to be set up for some of these characters post indy.

      It’s why they are always banging on about the SNP need to do more for the NHS in Scotland!

      I think Oor Wullie thinks because they got the same number of seats it means they never lost any, which means they must have won.

      There is a future yoonionist candidate for Shadow Finance Minister.

      In a Game of Thrones way, Hodor, Hodor, Hodor

    85. Brian Powell says:

      Did he mention what that was?

    86. Fireproofjim says:

      Robert Peffers,
      Re Bruce and the spider. I really don’t think anyone believed (or believes now) that this was anything other than a nice fairy tale.
      Certainly when I was at primary school in the 1940s we were taught all about Bruce and Wallace, and the spider tale was mentioned as a little story about persistence, but I never came across anyone who was taught it as a “historical fact” which needed debunking.

    87. woosie says:

      So the fibdems won. Buff Davidson is Scottish politician of the year. Dugdale drafted in to run Clinton’s campaign in the US.

      Whatever happened to the lassie Sturgeon? Will the SNP recover from this dreadful year? Surely independence is dead now?

    88. Bill McLean says:

      Silly Rennie and the Dismal Democrats – a hit sometime soon!

    89. Steve says:

      If your interested in an alternative viewpoint try this piece on why Trump’s election torpedoes the case for Scottish independence

    90. chris kilby says:

      The LibDems won two things in May, Jack and shit. And Jack’s left town.

      Willie Rennie – FM of Bizarroworld.

      (Hang on a sec – I thought Ruth Davidson won…)

    91. Fred says:

      @ Fireprooffilm, got the spider story from auld Miss MacPhee & still believe every word!

    92. Macart says:

      Why Willie Rennie isn’t fit to represent anyone.

      “The final judge of the success of a conference is the volume of the CyberNat howl”

      The saddest part is that he won’t see from that single statement just why that is case.

    93. K1 says:

      As long as we are ‘othered’ as Cybernats…he ensures over half the population eligible to vote in Scotland will never ever vote for his ilk again. That’s what truly defines his imbecilic mentality.

    94. Davy says:

      Eh Willie who ?

    95. Macart says:


      The stupid is strong with this one.

      He’s no just the brightest bulb in the box, is he?

    96. Malcolm says:

      Wullie always says the SNP are single issue politicians. But, from his own lips, he is willing, indeed keen, to sacrifice every political policy and belief he has ever held (including his EU stance) simply to hold Scotland in the Union.
      Hypocritical, yes.
      But also dangerous as May now knows that neither the LibDems nor Dugdale’s marauders are going to stand up for Scotland, WHATEVER policies she unleashes through her attack hamster, Mundell.
      Wull and Kez will simply lap up the scraps from London’s table with a grovelling thanks and a wee tug of the forelock.
      Can they not see what they look like to the rest of the world?

    97. K1 says:

      There’s just no analogy that can convey the total incongruity of his position and function as a professional politician Macart.

      The idea is that they ‘serve’ the electorate in the capacity of representing the interests/outlook of those who vote for them and if they are not in ‘power’, to act in opposition in a manner that befits that responsibility.

      To challenge the incumbent government on issues that reflect the differences in political views and offer alternative approaches and/or amendments to legislation that allow for ‘their’ take to be incorporated and reflected. Thereby fulfilling their obligations to those whose views they are there to represent.

      That he can come out with this lie openly without a hint of self awareness that his own supporters know the lie of this and they too can see his twitter feed. Followed by the twitter comment re Cybernats and fail to understand why this will actually backfire, shows a special kind of political blindness at work.

      These ‘unionist’ politicians like Rennie are so behind the curve, they are acting as if we don’t know that the landscape has shifted again and it isn’t shifting in their direction, so they are blindly following on from the same ‘old’ ‘beterthegither’ rhetoric as if this year hasn’t happened?

      What do people like him do when the majority of those who live in Scotland decide we are going independent. This isn’t a mature guy we’re dealing with here, another hypocrite that had a ‘position’ of Remain and now it’s UKOK and he wants to spend his time gloating over the ‘winding up’ cybernats?

      The guy’s a parody politician, a walking talking piece of cognitive dissonance living in a bubble of make believe.

    98. Macart says:


      Willie is no leader of… anything really. He is also spectacularly unsuited to politics, legislation or administration. He cannot find it in himself to appeal to those with whom he disagrees. His first port of call is the casual insult.

      Its one thing to denigrate or impune opponents. When used correctly and appropriately, it can even be effective and sometimes entirely necessary. However, it is quite another to denigrate the folk you want to vote for you. To Willie though, your insult is a scatter gun, a cannon, a mortar, not a scalpel. He really doesn’t care too much who gets hurt, just so long as they do and he gets some column space or air time out of it.

      Delusions of relevance kinda thing.

    99. Fred says:

      Willie’s no philatelist he has a “Dressin Doll!” 🙂

    100. Greannach says:

      I’ll have what the Liberals are drinking, please. Make it a double.

    101. Clive Scott says:

      Any idea how many (few) attended wee Wullie’s autumn huddle in Dunfermline?

    102. Andy-B says:

      I’m sorry but Willie Rennie, in my eyes at least, is a insignificant little pipsqueak.

      I see the LibDems, in Scotland as a cautionary tale to be heeded at all costs.

    103. Smallaxe says:

      Andy-B says:
      14 November 2016 at 5:43 pm
      “I’m sorry but Willie Rennie, in my eyes at least, is an insignificant little pipsqueak.”

      Andy, never apologise for telling the Truth 🙂
      Peace Always

    104. Kat hamilton says:

      Willie Rennie is a complete nonentity whos life mission is uttering ‘snp bad’ and no further talk of Indy 2, the people have spoken…pity these self same unionists cant analyse their false promises and down right lies to secure their phyrric victory in 2014..their self delusion even years on never fails to amaze…

    105. Dorothy Devine says:

      I must have missed this one – and it’s so good for a laugh!

      K1 ,your final sentence is a belter and Andy B ‘pipsqueak” is the perfect description.

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