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  1. I'm enjoying reading this blog more power to your typwriter.

  2. Frank Gemmell says:

    Excellent blog – loved the item on Britain's Ticking Time Bombs. Keep up the good work – we need more like this to inform people not just in Scotland, but the rest of the world, and specifically the rest of the UK. I have English friends who are genuinely ignorant of most of the facts and figures about the Union, and some of the blatantly manufactured myths about Scotland, peddled by the elite of the English society. They are essentially racist, and treat Scotland in the same manner they have done with every single other country they have 'colonised' – plundered for whatever the mother country needs with no regard for the local population. The only difference with Scotland being the fact that we share an island so they called it a 'union' to settle the restless natives sitting on their doorstep

  3. John Ferry says:

    Great blog. Keep fighting the cause and raising the profile of Wings Over Scotland.
    best wishes, JF

  4. david mcgill says:

    Great site! Keep up the good work. I havnt yet bought a paper today and with what you tell me I’m less inclined now`(non reportage of positive poll for YES! campaign mainly!).
    I have noticed this before that coverage of independence related issues can be paper thin or non exisitant even in the Sunday Herald which is the only one I would even consider buying.Perhaps it is what has been said-they just give us aenough to keep us buying. More unionist control freakery!? 
    Someone should write to the press pointing out that there are other sources of information and see if the Herald or anyone else prints it! Davie McGil

  5. Alan Mitchell says:

    I can’t be the firsat to think that this site was somehow connected with Paul McCartney?
    Seriously I am glad to have been pointed in your direction i am enjoying your posts.

  6. Robert Craig says:

    Enjoying my recent find of WoS and busy pointing interest folk this way

  7. Peter Herbert says:

    Perhaps this bloke is as old as Napoleon? I seem to remember the Duke of Wellington had a hand in Spanish “independence”.

  8. Shelagh says:

    I have just discovered WOS. I intend voting YES next year, but I am so frustrated and angry at what I read in the newspapers. Is there one newspaper, Scottish, or other, that leans towards independence, or is the media totally controlled by Unionists, north and south of the border. I do not believe we are getting a fair hearing.  
    I am dismayed by the constant fear mongering that is constantly being put about. Theresa May’s recent comments, if it wasn’t that there are those in Scotland who will believe her, were quite laughable.

    It is a constant barrage of SNP bashing and yet there are people of all political persuasions who will vote YES. How do we get this across?
    Well done to WOS and those involved in it for raising the profile of independence in a sensible (however, sometimes amusing manner! We do need a laugh). I am glad I found your Blog.

  9. AvidViewer says:

    Utterly brilliant site, Reverend. Truly inspirational. I’ve loved it since discovering it about September 2013, but this is the first time I’ve written in.

    Wanted to draw your attention to BBC R4’s A Point of View broadcast at 8:50 today Sunday 23 February 2014.It was given by Roger Scruton, the retired academic philosopher. For a lover of knowledge, he is ill-informed- the Scottish economy is subsidised by England; Scots have two votes, the English only one; Scottish voters decide UK General Elections. His conclusion- England needs independence from Scotland.

    Thought that it would help the cause if it were better known.

  10. Lynne says:

    Bring all communities together and hear the roar! Start with George Square … set up Stage, PA, tents etc and let the crowds gather to voice and listen. This would be a media must see/broadcast … possible worldwide coverage 🙂

  11. leginge says:

    Agreed this website is an absolute marvel – a place for all us beleaguered Indys to congregate, the best pro-YES voice that we have at the moment although Business for Scotland is impressive.
    But we could do with some discussion as to how to get the message out beyond the pro-YES websites. Community meetings – great idea but what about the 700,000 daily newspapers (1.1M on sundays) – we need to counteract their black propaganda…somehow.

  12. M.Brown says:

    Sorry pressed submit too soon! Hi Stu, I am concerned about some very negative publicity circulating about you currently. The piece I was sent related to comments you are alleged to have made about the 9/11 tragedy. I am a Wings fan, so, as you can imagine I was unhappy about what I read. Can you clarify please?

  13. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    If you believe anything the sort of scumbags spreading that particular piece of bullshit around say, more fool you.

  14. Neepwhisperer says:

    “Arse Quackery” gives too much credence!

  15. Alan McPhail says:


    The challenge for all newspapers and television networks regarding the Scottish independence debate is to remain neutral and to expose lies and inaccurate statements when they find them from both sides. When newspapers choose a side to support they no longer become a trusted site for information but part of a particular campaign and in this case that means supporting the No campaign. All 37 newspapers in Scotland support the Tory funded No campaign which is a sad fact. But we should remember that all bar one is English owned and controlled from London. No wonder Scots are not buying newspapers like they used to. They mistrust the editorials which are placed to INFLUENCE them instead of INFORMING them.

    The internet and foreign TV networks are the only way a balanced viewpoint can be trusted by Scots as our own BBC, partly paid for by Scots has been proven by academics to favour the No campaign. Rev. Campbell, founder of Wings over Scotland has been pilloried by the establishment media because his site is undermining their drive for negativity and scaremongering and giving voice to the facts as they really are. Facebook also gives voice to all Scots to exchange viewpoints and discuss the facts of the campaign, which is a great thing and should be encouraged. I believe if F.B. was around in 1979 during the devolution campaign we would have had an even bigger YES vote, enough to overcome Westminster’s 40% rule changer.

    I personally would be happy to friend anyone who shares the same passion and desire to see Scotland become Independent because at the end of the day that is what we are aiming for. All the other issues, such as currency, important as they are, are secondary to the main event which is freedom for our country to break the stranglehold that Westminster has over our lives. The UK media would never print that, now would they?

  16. George Bowie says:

    When will the lectures from afar stop?

  17. Angus says:

    As your brother David about that one!

  18. Dave McCloskey says:

    Just a wee thought, but all the real polls show massive gains for Yes. The media polls, and lets be honest do we really trust the media, and those of the UK government seem to show No well in the lead.
    I may be really off here but it is starting to appear to me that this could be media manipulation by building an expectation that No is in the lead thereby allowing a wee bit of vote rigging or count interference on 18 September. Remember this mob tried to rig the 2007 election (Wee Duggie Alexander) by using vote counting systems that would have made G W Bush blush with shame. Eyes open!!!

  19. eezy says:

    “More Nukes Norma?”
    John Major likes peas….

  20. john bewrick says:

    The head of MOD stops the red arrows from flying the scottish colours over the opening of the commonwealth games

    yet The Queen’s State Bentley is carrying a Scottish lion motif. The flag flying from the car is the Scottish Royal Standard.

  21. Gus Sutherland says:

    Will UK just make a little statute dissolving the Treaty of Union and Act of Union and that’s it? No negotiations necessary?

  22. Ian Campbell says:

    Are you suing over the claims made about you and the 9/11 story? If not , why not?

  23. Ian Campbell says:

    If Scotland is so wonderful Stu, why don’t you live here? I agree Bath is nice but it’s not in the same league as Airdrie.

  24. Chris McGinley says:

    Sir Philip Hampton CEO of the RBS was finance director of British Steel in 1992 when Ravenscraig closed with the loss of over 10,000 jobs. That closure was politically motivated – perhaps RBS recent announcement about closing their head office in Scotland – with the loss of 10 jobs – is also politically motivated. Should we mention that RBS was bailed-out by tax payers to the tune of nearly £50 Billion. Ex CEO Stephen Hester left RBS with a George Osbourne sanctioned £1.6 Million leaving package – some of which will no doubt be donated back to the Conservatie Party…Hester being one of their many very, very rich banker donors.

  25. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    Because I’ve been to Airdrie. Trauma. Minimum 400-mile buffer required and Scotland isn’t big enough.

  26. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Are you suing over the claims made about you and the 9/11 story? If not , why not?”

    I took legal action against the Scotsman, who removed the story in question, published an apology and settled out of court for a significant sum of money. Suing individuals on the internet is a waste of time, mostly because the people who make the slurs are too cowardly to use their names.

  27. bob barbour says:

    Everyone in the country MUST pull together and make INDEPENDENCE happen. Come on YES.

  28. Gus Sutherland says:

    “Everyone in the country MUST pull together and make INDEPENDENCE happen. Come on YES”

    You sound like a daft actor dumb enough to paint his face with a flag and shout acting words.

    Evidence for your statement?

  29. Ernie Craig says:

    Glad to have joined.

  30. Bugger (the Panda) says:


  31. Arthur Mojo Moran says:

    Love this site…well what I mean is I actually trust it, I don’t want lies and propaganda not even if it helps us get our YES
    I buy the National but to be honest I don’t feel the trust somehow?

    Keep up the great work all.

  32. Graeme says:

    I honestly despair of my country sometimes. Marie Rimmer walks free (With a smile on her face) and our parliament votes for continued sectarianism and bigotry.

    All that in one day


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