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Arithmetic, Herald-style

Posted on January 30, 2013 by

    19 to “Arithmetic, Herald-style”

    1. redcliffe62 says:

      Was the Electoral commision report unanimous? Did Reid agree with the unionists?

    2. Hamish Henderson says:

      Aye, right. Noo jist let me get oot ma wee abacus here. hmmm ta da ta da hmm  
      Oh there it is, a pile o shite,  jist like his opinions.

    3. MajorBloodnok says:

      Jackie Baillie helped them with their sums.

    4. benarmine says:

      more nonsense. By the way Cameron just lip-synched something quite rude to Angus Robertson at PMQs

    5. gerry parker says:

      benarmine says:
      30 January, 2013 at 12:26 pm

      more nonsense. By the way Cameron just lip-synched something quite rude to Angus Robertson at PMQs.

      I think we should be told what it was – any lip readers pick it up? 

    6. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “By the way Cameron just lip-synched something quite rude to Angus Robertson at PMQs”

      It did look a lot like “Will you [or why don’t you] fuck off?”, didn’t it?

    7. benarmine says:

      Yep, looked like ” why don’t you fuck off ” to me too. Is this legitimate behaviour in that legislature? Are there any sanctions possible? Can you imagine if AS did that???

    8. Seasick Dave says:

      It did look a lot like “Will you [or why don’t you] fuck off?”, didn’t it?

      Give us until 2014 and we’ll be gone. 🙂 

    9. scottish_skier says:

      Dave’s lip syncing adds further support to my theory. 😉

    10. Cuphook says:

      While we’re discussing the silly things that people say about money, any idea who said this? I certainly raised my eyebrows when I read it.
      ‘The economic benefits of trading under the same currency as island neighbours are huge’.



    11. pmcrek says:

      Quite like the spin the SNP are putting on the whole affair:
      lmao tbh

    12. TheGreatBaldo says:

      Judge for yourselves what dave says…… 

      It might be me but I’m pretty certain if Alex Salmond did the same to Lamont or Davidson the MSM would go into full meltdown mode 

    13. benarmine says:

      BBC Scotland lunchtime showed the Cameron clip right up to the second before he disses poor Angus. No bias there then…   I’d been considering SS’s hypothesis just before he did that and thought it unlikely but now I’m not so sure.

    14. Cuphook says:

      Cameron actually says ‘What are you frightened of?’ You can even hear it, very faintly, on the audio track.

    15. Cameron says:

      Sorry to be a spoil sport but I don’t think the PM said FO. I did look like it, but I think his microphone died rather than him mouthing the words. Although I have absolutly no respect for Wasteminster, I do not think the Speaker would allow such language to be used just feet away from him. Then again, I’m no lip reader and it is Wasteminster.

    16. benarmine says:

      Well done Cuphook, I watched it again and you are perfectly correct. Geez, maybe it’s me that’s biased.

    17. Cuphook says:

      “maybe it’s me that’s biased.” You should get the Electoral Commission to look into that.

    18. John Lyons says:

      Spending by “other” organisations capped at £150,000? Isn’t that really free reign to bend the rules? Basically the Orange Order, Glasgow City Council and the BBC spring to mind so thats another 450,000 on “thier” side. That’s without the Bullingdon Club or anyone else chipping in. There are HUNDREDS of “Organisations” on facebook any rich campaigner from either side could “Donate” to.

      Am I just a paranoid old Cynic, or do I have a point?

    19. David Lee says:

      I worry about the potential “other organisations” loophole as well. 

      Hopefully the sight of money pouring in from such unsavoury sources is enough to make people question the motives involved. 

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