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Posted on July 31, 2015 by

We couldn’t help but smile at the related tunes.


But really, any excuse to watch this masterpiece again:

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  1. 31 07 15 17:17

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  1. handclapping says:

    Man, Stu, you do give us some rubbish! 😀

  2. stonefree says:

    Hardly the Jesus & Mary Chain or indeed Alex Harvey’s Anthem,,,,,,,,,Whining Pish
    Was that Blair McSporran at the end
    Yours A Music Fan

  3. ranald says:

    To keep graffiti “artists” out?
    And in any event, it seems that some are wanting to build a wall or larger fences at Calais.
    What happened to “no borders” there? Just asking.

  4. Brotyboy says:

    There’s damned few of them ever used a sledgehammer, or know how to.

  5. Stoker says:

    Was it them who built and worked on Warminster?

  6. Jim Mitchell says:

    Every one a gem!

  7. Dinnatouch says:

    Thon’s a guy shoogly looking wall, I certainly wouldn’t be standing within toppling distance of it.

  8. Martin says:

    My first viewing. Preferred Roger Waters version.

  9. ahundredthidiot says:

    Yes, I mean NO, no borders – knock down the walls

    (but put that pipeline over there where no one can see it)

  10. rongorongo says:

    Numpties looking to fork out 99p for 2 minutes of silence might want to be aware that John Cage offers an additional 2 minutes 33 seconds for the same price.

  11. gerry parker says:

    I could only make it to 39 seconds of that song.

    Ah’ve no hud ma tea yet, ye should have gied us a warnin’.

  12. Robert Bryce says:


  13. R-type Grunt says:


    I think you’ll find that border is to keep brown people out. Hey, there’s an idea! Why don’t we all just buy ourselves a tin of Kiwi and black ourselves up? They’ll build the bloody wall for us.

  14. Craig Evans says:

    I hope they used an English bond type joint?

  15. Joemcg says:

    Certain I spotted those “actors” wearing sashes on yon orange walk the Saturday before the vote.

  16. Andrew Haddow says:

    Why listen to another caterwaul?

  17. R-type Grunt says:

    “Break down the government walls,
    Speak in tongues, power is money,
    I see our interests fall,
    Well behind their curtain.

    Break down the government walls,
    Infiltrate our television,
    Break down the government walls,
    Time to be outspoken”.

    from Government Walls by James

  18. Taranaich says:

    See that wall you just knocked down? It was the only thing keeping the Tories out. Now the Tories are in control of Scotland even with only 1 MP and the lowest share of the vote since the 19th Century.

    Thanks, No Borders.


  19. Joemcg says:

    Must be some walls built across the planet seperating all those 300 and odd independent countries.

  20. Graham says:

    My ears are bleeding——Be a nation by Macanta , far better.

  21. Tobias Hendry says:

    I remember vote no borders launching with wall to wall coverage of the “grassroots” No campaign while the hundreds of real grassroots Yes events were ignored.

    That’s the days when BBC Scotland bias still got me angry. Now I just find it funny.

  22. qwertyfiable says:

    I usually find walls work better with mortar in between the bricks.

  23. Gillian_Ruglonian says:

    Ha, listening to that (for the first time actually) I have to say that there’s no doubt which ‘side’ won in the creativity stakes 🙂

  24. Yew Choob says:

    We were going to choob this mince but even Jock has limits..who’d have thought?

  25. G H Graham says:

    Every one of those miserable faces look like they got caught playing a Jimmy Osmond record.

  26. Sheena J says:

    Dear lovely wings people, you are usually so good at supporting causes, can you support this one – closes tomorrow evening and still has £4000 to raise.

    (Not my campaign but would very much like it to succeed).

  27. Croompenstein says:

    It would have worked better if they’d had Miley Cyrus naked and sitting on a union jack wrecking ball whaling into the wall and then licking the sledgehammer suggestively.. could have gone to number one then but as it is.. pish 🙂

  28. K1 says:

    Wtf was that…I mean seriously just embarrassing, hadn’t seen it at the time, though to be fair was not remotely tuned into all the No brigade’s pish.

    I do recall the Gavin Estler report from Glasgow city centre though, building up this astroturf campaign as a ‘grassroots’ movement from the No camp. Stu and Wings had demolished it before it went to air on the 6pm news that evening.

    They were a shower of lying bastards then and they are a shower of lying bastards now. Ably assisted by the BBC. Who are also a shower of lying bastards. 🙂

  29. Jimbo says:

    Was that Albert Steptoe applying the graffiti?

  30. K1 says:

    Aye Yew Choob, that woulda been beneath your talent grade…agreed.

  31. Kirsty says:

    Um, thanks for sharing, Stu. I haven’t heard anything as bad as that since someone tried to prove to us all that they had untapped operatic potential at a party in 2006!

  32. G4jeepers says:

    Steptoe in a hoodie.
    Border please, with outposts, just in case…

  33. Stoker says:

    K1 wrote:
    “Wtf was that…I mean seriously just embarrassing, hadn’t seen it at the time,”

    Will one be participating in tomorrows demo then a few refreshments in The Clutha?

  34. Dan Huil says:

    Dicks and Mortar.

  35. Big Jock says:

    Sally Magnusson to Douglas Frasers when referring to Nicola’s China visit:” So what has she got for it!”

    Disgraceful. Just can’t help themselves cheap and snide.

  36. RogueCoder says:

    No Borders, but English Votes for English Laws, and we’ll vote down every suggestion you uppity jocks bring to parliament.

  37. HandandShrimp says:

    The only people that ever talked of building a wall were the No side including people Burnham. If there had been a wall we know which side of the border it would have arisen on.

  38. Tam Jardine says:

    Have we forgotten already the ‘Flowers of the Union’ effort?

    Where are those talented young NoBbers now? Enjoying Osborne’s welfare reforms. I know some clever winger will be able to find the footage.

  39. galamcennalath says:

    Vote No Borders was such a complete cowboy outfit ( with apologies to genuine wranglers, cowherd a and gauchos everywhere ).

    The astroturfing. The fake discussion / forums. The dreadful advertising.

    The advert about the lost passport in Rio suggesting Scotland would have no presence abroad. Talk of the UK Embassy in Rio, which doesn’t exists. It is a consulate. Ignoring the fact that you can seek assistance from out EU and Commonwealth countries consulates. Pish, badly researched.

    The Great Ormond Street cock up!

    One thing is for sure, Vote No Borders hindered rather than helped the NO cause.

    The one puzzling thing … how did the consultancy ( name forgotten ) who were behind it ever stayed afloat if VNB was their typical output!?

  40. caz-m says:


    Don’t forget that there is an “All Under One Banner” Independence rally/march. From Kelvingrove Park to Glasgow Green meets Kelvingrove 11am Saturday morning.

  41. skozra says:

    Dreadful ‘song’, dreadful video – absolutely dreadful. Awful.

  42. jimnarlene says:

    Speaking in my professional capacity, as a bricklayer. You’d need a bigger hammer and someone who could wield it.
    Still not watched/listened to to the pish, and ain’t gonna.

  43. Lesley-Anne says:

    So that’s where the blocks for Hadrian;s wall ended up!

    No wonder poor wee Hadrian ran back to Rome. 😀

    I seem to recall the Biased Brainwashing Company going big on this *ahem* song at the time. I thought it was s***e then and now almost a year later I STILL think it is s***e!

    Note to self … NEVER employ any of the bampots in the video when I need a wall demolished … they couldnae demolish a barn door far less a wall! 😀

  44. Morag says:

    I’d never seen that before.

    The girl singing has a nice voice, if she learned to use it properly. But I couldn’t make out a single word of the sound track so she was kind of wasting her time.

    Visually, I thought it was very clever indeed. The imagery was powerful and might well have had an effect on some people at an emotional level. Released with no fanfare less than two weeks before the referendum, not so much.

  45. T.roz says:

    Phish song and even worse video. Didn’t make sense, building a wall with used blocks and no mud, the old wise tom cat spaying all over it, then the worst bunch of labour(ers) possible to knock it. They probably weren’t even trying to demolish it, they were trying to straighten it up, then it just fell over. Zero hour contracts for the lot of them.

  46. smithie says:

    Ah memories, bless their cotton socks.

  47. msean says:

    Ranks 65,358 in amazon sales,looks like they need another indyref to boost sales for them 🙂

  48. gordie says:

    British nationalism whether it be the snot-nosed end of it, No borders, the bampot-radge Loyalist faction end of it and the colonial faction will never be attractive to any more than a minority of the scottish punters. Who has a percentage for me? 15% 20 max?

  49. David Wardrope says:

    I’ve no idea why, but this is the first time I’ve seen this. Pure class!! Although, no cement, no hard hats or hi-vis vests? Call the union…

  50. donald anderson says:

    Land of no hope and Tories

  51. SquareHaggis says:

    Pushing it a bit there Morag 😀

  52. heedtracker says:


    Takes you back though, vote NO or we put armed guard check points along that wall, said old what’s his face, mind that gormless dork that managed to lose a GE to a pack of rich blue Toryboys getting ready to slam even more UKOK austerity into the worst off in teamGB. What a bunch, red or blue.

  53. call me dave says:

    OK I looked at it as I’d never seen it before. 🙁

    Here’s a little picture to cheer you up.

  54. Paula Rose says:

    @ msean 8:17 – as good a reason as any, let’s do it!

  55. call me dave says:

    Looks like everything in our favours against us!
    The ONS decision is a blow to the Scottish government because it will have a direct impact on its accounts and will limit its ability to borrow more money in future after Eurostat issued strict new rules on private financing.

    Those rules – which raise similar problems for the UK government’s private financing of major infrastructure projects – prevent member states from using private finance and private contracts to avoid putting major public assets on their national accounts, potentially as a backdoor route to cutting government liabilities.

    It’s like walking through treacle sometimes, but it’ll be worth it.

  56. galamcennalath says:

    gordie says:
    “British nationalism … will never be attractive to any more than a minority of the scottish punters. Who has a percentage for me? 15% 20 max?”

    Second time today I’ve quoted from this …

    27% of NO voters gave their primary reason for voting NO as “an attachment to the UK and its shared history, culture and traditions”.

    So the primary reason for 15% of all voters. Also, it may be a secondary reason for some others.

    Of these figures include white settlers, so it depends how you define “Scottish punters”.

    15-20% seems the right ball park. Fear of Independence was the biggest reason, see tables.

  57. G H Graham says:

    Whatever happened to their lavish North British headquarters located in the prestigious New Town area of Edinburgh?

    26 Charlotte Square, if I recall; a completely refurbished 19th century townhouse featuring neoclassical façades designed by architect Robert Adam.

    You know, the kind of grubby chic building that you would find any normal, cash strapped, grass roots campaign based out of.

  58. smithie says:

    donald anderson says:
    31 July, 2015 at 8:35 pm

    Land of no hope and Tories.

    Now Donald, maybe You choob should dae a song aboot that.

  59. Stoker says:

    caz-m wrote:
    “Don’t forget that there is an “All Under One Banner” Independence rally/march. From Kelvingrove Park to Glasgow Green meets Kelvingrove 11am Saturday morning.”

    Thanks for the details caz-m.

    The demo details again for those who missed them:

    And Cactus has been trying to arrange a meet up in The Clutha Bar (in Off-topic) after the demo for those interested.

    Have a great and safe weekend everyone.

  60. Adam Davidson says:

    No borders? Fair point. Is that not one of the goals of the EU, to have no borders? Let’s do away with the one at Calais and see how much they BritNats want their borders. In fact David Cameron’s entire contribution to the disaster waiting to happen at Calais is to send over more specialist fencing and some extra dugs! Let’s build that border higher.

  61. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi stonefree.

    Your mention of Alex Harvey…
    At the Wings Over Helensburgh get-together in the Clyde Bar on Saturday, this was one of the featured videos.

    But… I’ve just found a far better upload of that video. It’s at:-

    Onnyhoo, Yoo Choob fans, if you go to the link below and scroll down, you’ll find Yew Choob performing live in the Clyde Bar last weekend – and a couple of pics of “Ginger”, the original Wee Ginger Dug, who brought along his pet human “Paul”.

  62. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    “Yoo Choob” = “Yew Choob”.


  63. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    For those in Glasgow tomorrow for the march, and BBC Demo in the afternoon (2pm), look for the new Wings banners hanging from a rather long pole, at Pacific Quay.

    Climb down to the bottom and you should find Pete the Camera and I and whoever else has turned up.

    We’ll have some new badges with us…

  64. Dal Riata says:

    Top of the pile of the Customer Reviews for that song, which must surely go down as a classic that will be sung with gusto by generations of Scots until time immemorial, is the side-splitting review from “SmilieMonkey” who is… well, good question. It would be unsurprising if it was found to be someone with a… ‘vested interest’ in its promotion, shall we say!

    Do note “Auld Lang sign” [sic]. LOL!

    Customer Reviews

    Beautiful and Poignant
    by SmilieMonkey

    This really is a beautiful song. Harmonious melody and poignant lyrics – a great adaptation on that old favourite Auld Lang sign.


  65. Mealer says:

    Best go on YouTube and punch in “hope over fear”.

  66. Brian Powell says:

    Anyone know if the rules on infrastructure projects that the Office of National Statistics introduced are a correct reading of the EU rules, or is it even EU rules they are talking about?

  67. Mark Coburn says:

    As Britney says: “Baby one more time”.

    She may have a point actually.

  68. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Och Mealer,
    You just click on this link!

  69. MJS Dundee says:

    Jings is that no awful and then some. Come back Nae Direction, all is forgiven.

    I couldn’t bear to watch other than the opening guff. It got to be too much very quickly and I scrolled down for some comfort in the comments. But I did see enough to wonder what the Health and Safety Executive might think of their wall building skills and practices.

    Nae mortar or cement. (I’ll guess they knocked it down later in the video I couldn’t watch any more of). Did you see the way it was shaking around as they put block on block? Hard to avoid thinking about crushed feet, toes and worse watching that. Wherein I wonder if it isn’t a good analogy for their Better Together UK, very shaky and about to come toppling down, causing no end of harm to innocent bystanders and flunkies buying into their rot.

    Still, we’ve cost those that made that and the rest of the BT/NB guff a good few millions and that’s no bad thing.

    Wonder where they got the actors from? They looked happy enough to be SLabbbers contemplating the next election. Can’t be too long now before we’re infested with WWF activists demanding that we do something about them being a critically endangered species. SLabbers are for life, not just May Day. Sponsor a SLabbber – £4.95 a month by direct debit, you’ll get a free cuddly (huh?) Slabber and regular incoherent tweets sent straight to your phone.

  70. The Moidart says:

    Heyy guys. Not been on for a few days. I thought that the time had been changed to 11.30 tomorrow?? Am I wrong?? Ps… I wondered what happened to the BNP recently.. I now see they’re available for hire for shitty pop videos…..

  71. Mealer says:

    Briandoonthetoon 9.58
    That’s the one! When I’m younger I’m going to learn how to post links.
    Will you be going to see Mr Cinnamon in Buskers?

  72. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi The Moidart.

    Assemble 11am onwards at Kelvingrove Park. March leaves at 11.30, arriving Glasgow Green for 12.45.

    Then BBC Bias demo at Pacific Quay, 2pm till 4pm. Wingers are meeting in the Clutha after the BBC Demo, for a “brainstorming session”. Take from that what you will!


  73. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Mealer.

    “Will you be going to see Mr Cinnamon in Buskers?”

    We’re hoping to. Are you also of the Dundonesian persuasion?

  74. Mealer says:

    Brian Powell 9.54
    I think the rules on infrastructure projects have been ignored by those clowns building their shooglie wall in the video above.

  75. The Moidart says:

    Cheers Brian. Appreciate that my friend. I’m sleepover tonight and leave work at nine. Have to go and get the wean and then get to the park. I’ll see you tomorrow mate and buy some more badges. Lol

  76. DaveDee says:

    Rumours that Michelle Mone is to be made a Tory Peer.

    Widnae surprise me

  77. Mealer says:

    DaveDee 10.13
    I think Michelle Mone would be a perfect choice for a Tory Peer in the House of Turds.As would Ms Rowling,come to think of it.

  78. Mealer says:

    Brian Doonthetoon 10.09
    Certainly not in the footballing sense but geographically I’m not far North.Culturally getting closer.

  79. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Mealer.

    You must be aroon’ Chic MacGregor or Paula Rose then?

    Unless you’re even further up the glens or into The Mearns, approaching Tartan Tory?


  80. Mealer says:

    Brian Doonthetoon 10.27
    Aye nae far from Paula and Chic.In a purely geographic sense,of course.

  81. Brian Powell says:

    Seeing the saga of Corbyn, the total collapse of Scottish Labour and the chaos in the Labour Party, the tragedy of the Referendum vote is brought into stark relief.

    Part of the vote went No on the message, by them and the MSM, that there was plausible alternative to Independence in the Smith Commission and the Vow.

    No matter how often it was pointed out there was nothing could be shown in real terms.

    Many people believed there was the strong Labour party about to make all things right.

    The reality is seen now, there was nothing.

  82. Jock Scot says:

    Thanks..there are just some places I won’t go.


    I’ll see what Ninja Penguin can come up with but am working on our next project..The UK national anthem..seems Ninja wants me shot by some onionists but hey that’s revolution for you


    no need to correct yirself dude..been called so many things
    and as far as brainstorming session go..we are wingers, expect the unexpected and good banter.

    Feels good to be out doing something again and a march and a protest has to be good for the soul. And a pint or two will get that evil song out ma heid.
    On saying that, the Yesbar is also very therapeutic. Cheers

  83. One_Scot says:

    Sad, but it doesn’t take much for some Scots to sell out.

  84. smithie says:

    What, What?, is there hope out there?

  85. Andy-B says:

    I wonder if David Cameron has seen that, afterall, isn’t he building a ruddy great wall to block the EU.

  86. Mike says:

    I took the liberty of adding a review of the song and video on the amazon site. It is quite simply the worst contruction guide I have ever seen, my review went:

    I can see why they have an aversion to wall building. The first mistake they made was using no mortar, if you try to build a single skin wall without any binding agent you are going to end up with a seriously deficient installation.

    On the video they ultimately realise their mistake and start to demolish the wall. Again I am forced to question not only their building skills but also their demolition credentials. You would have assumed that simply pushing over the loosely stacked pile of bricks (for wall it is not) would have sufficed. But alas no, we are treated to a collage of badly swung sledgehammers and a total disregard for safety with not a high vis jacket, eye protection or safety shoe in site. No Borders, No skills or building ability more like.

  87. Lesley-Anne says:

    Apologies if I’m repeating here but Twitter appears to be alive with the news that a certain bra maker is to become a dame!

    To put it another way Michelle Mone, or should that be moan 😉 , is to be made a dame … for services rendered to the Tory party!

  88. Mealer says:

    Lesley Anne 10.43
    A pantomime indeed.

  89. Clootie says:


  90. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Ach Lesley-Anne.

    yi kidnae mak it up iye, ken?

    And the winner of this year’s Dundee Book Prize is, “The Union Will Prevail”, by F.N. Thinkso.

  91. smitie says:

    Anne says: Apologies if I’m repeating here but Twitter appears to be alive with the news that a certain bra maker is to become a dame!,
    Yer right dear, same old, same old.
    What changes eh? ffs.

  92. Lesley-Anne says:

    Aye you are right Mealer … it is a REAL pantomime!

    Thing is Brian I’m quite sure if any of US did indeed make it up it would at least be FUNNY! This is just pure SICK!

    p.s. I also read Mr eyebrows himself appears to have been made a Lory Lordy Lord Lord!

    Pass the sick bucket … quick … please!

  93. GallusEffie says:

    Not surprised Michelle Pogmohone is headed for the HoL.
    She’s based her whole career on supporting tits.

  94. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Slightly O/T.

    Worth thinking about…

  95. caz-m says:

    Michelle Mone’s Coat of Arms will read,

    “Fuck You Am Awe Right”

  96. Richard McIntosh says:

    Brian Doonthetoon,
    Should that no be … Don F.N. Thinkso?
    Hi from a fellow Dundonian,maybe see you and other Wingers tomorrow?

  97. Richard McIntosh says:

    Brian Doonthetoon,

    Should that no be … Don F.N. Thinkso?
    Hi from a fellow Dundonian,maybe see you and other Wingers tomorrow?

  98. heedtracker says:

    This is KMN was invented for.

  99. GallusEffie says:

    I’m making 2 bids to counter the lovely UKOK vid above, a wee thing I did a week before Indyref.

    And the very talented Essex poet Luke Wright

  100. Dal Riata says:

    The whole Nobbers thing was but yet another scam perpetrated upon the people of Scotland by the British Establishment and promoted in a cooperated effort by the BBC and the unionist media. The ‘grassroots’ lie was just part of the scam.

    The Greatest Democracy in the World [sic] that works in eager collusion with its dark arts masters to conspire against the Scottish people… and on, and on, and on….

    A SCOTS millionaire has launched a pro-Union campaign aimed at putting ordinary Scottish voters at the fore of the independence referendum debate.

    Greenock-born financier Malcolm Offord’s No Borders project plans to highlight the emotional side of keeping Scotland part of the UK, which he believes has been missing from the Better Together movement.

    The £400,000 development will show videos of pro-Union supporters giving their views on why Scots should say No to independence.

    … Malcolm Offord, who has previously donated over £100,000 to the Conservatives, but insists No Borders is non-party political.

    The 49-year-old said: “This is going to allow the voices of ordinary Scots people to be heard, so they can express their feelings about keeping the Union in language which hasn’t been heard in this campaign so far.

    “It’s not going to talk about technical issues like currency or EU membership, but practical things like passports, the post office, the NHS or families being split up.

    “It’s about people saying they don’t want to separate. If we’re going to become two foreign ­countries we will need a border between us. We don’t want to put up barriers. [If we vote Yes] we’d take ourselves out of a very secure and comfortable place and be shivering, slightly alone, on the outside. We’d have made it more difficult for ourselves, unnecessarily.”

    … “We’re Scots. We know how to say No. We don’t believe the first thing we’re told. We ask questions. We don’t want it to be a negative thing to say No.

    … Offord will be partnered in the project by brand management specialist Fiona Gilmore, who runs London-based consultancy Acanchi.”

  101. Crash says:


    Here are the thoughts from Shropshire on a second referendum. Behold the voice of ‘Shropshirelad’

    The arrogance of this woman knows no bounds. Whether she likes it or not, she and the rabble that she represents, the Scottish Nasty Party have no right to demand or implement a referendum without the approval of the Government of the United Kingdom. Northern Ireland when, in one of it’s many recalcitrant moods have been taken over by the Government of the UK on a number of occasions and afterwards, again allowed to govern itself when it became more amenable. Scotland is no different, the UK government can take over the government of Scotland given sufficient justification and, in extremis, can send in UK troops to back up it’s position. This stupid woman is an odious troublemaker, she, and her “nasty” party and country should be given independence, merely to get rid of them. Nothing north of the border is worth a jot. The sight and sound of them is now beginning to “jarr”.

  102. heedtracker says:

    “THERE are suggestions that Mone may enter the House of Lords as a business tsar after receiving a phone call from David Cameron.”

    Daily Record reportage. Whatever they say about unionist, they are really are a bunch of arsehales.

  103. smitie says:

    caz-m says:
    31 July, 2015 at 11:38 pm

    Michelle Mone’s Coat of Arms will read,

    “Fuck You Am Awe Right”
    Caz, and so it shall provail, only independence will change anything

  104. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Richard McIntosh.

    Remember we’ll not be at the home of BBC Scotlandshire at Atlantic Quay – we’ll be at the spoof ‘BBC Scotland’ location at Pacific Quay, 2pm.


  105. CameronB Brodie says:

    I had fun that day we knackered the VNOB site. 🙂

  106. Dal Riata says:

    The Marvellous Michelle Mone made the excuse that “cybernat abuse” had driven her out of Scotland in a flood of despair and tears and into the warm embrace of England.

    Yet, here she is, a few months later, allegedly going to be ensconced in the House of Lords, unelected, but still having the unquestioned authority to approve or deny UK laws while all wrapped in skinned stoats.

    Here’s a wee conspiracy theory! The Marvellous One was made aware some time previous to her departure from the barbaric lands of North Britain that she was going to be, or very much in with a chance of, receiving recognition for her dedication to Rule Brittania and, thus, was going to be given her dream title of ‘Lady’.

    So, then, what to do to get conveniently closer to her soon-to-be ‘home’? Create a fake furore with the aid and assistance of the UK’s corrupt and rabid right-wing MSM, about those dreaded ‘cybernats’ forcing her to leave Scotland, a place she really, really loves, but now can’t because of all the ‘abuse’ …? “Sounds good! Why not. Let’s go for it!”

    And now here we are in early August and guess what? The Marvellous Ms. gets her Ladyship in a ‘surprise’ announcement, while living oh so much closer to her new spiritual home. And – Ta-da-ta-da! – it’s job done!

    An’ it wiz aw the faul’ ae they pure evil cybernats ‘n’ at, so it wiz!

    Mibeeze aye, mibeeze naw….

  107. Dal Riata says:

    @Crash at 11:57 pm


    The Guardian’s CiF is often visited by Rider000 who has been commenting/trolling on Scottish issues for a few years now (heedtracker and him were an entertaining double-act for a while, back in the day!). He says he’s a millionaire from Shropshire. Maybe it’s him in an angrier alter-ego!

  108. Tam Jardine says:

    Poor timing for Ms Mone descending to the House of Lords. If she’d of been ennobled a few weeks earlier she could of punted a couple of they push up bras to that crazy whoremeister Lord Sewel.

  109. Marcia says:

    Re MM. Will she keep abreast of Scottish politics whilst in self-imposed exile?

  110. call me dave says:

    Labour predicting electoral rebuff as peer donates to council boss’s deputy leadership bid.
    In the Herald: wee snippet!
    LABOUR is expecting further misery at the polls as Glasgow prepares to vote in a local election for the first time since the independence referendum.

    Four by-elections will be held across Glasgow on Thursday, with any result impacting on the council’s simmering leadership crisis and sounding the starting pistol for the battle to control the city in 2017.

    The polls have been triggered by the election of two former SNP councillors to Westminster, as well as the standing down of Green and Nationalist members on health grounds.

    The votes are the most significant of around a dozen by-elections held throughout Scotland over the summer and early autumn following May’s SNP landslide and several senior Labour sources have indicated they do not expect the party to pick up any seats.

    It comes amid pressure to oust the Labour leader of the council Gordon Matheson, who will find out the following week if he has been elected deputy leader of the Scottish party and who has announced his intentions to stand as a MSP.

    It has also emerged that Labour’s largest Scottish donor had given £4,500 towards Mr Matheson’s campaign to become the party’s number two north of the border.

    The donation by fridge magnate Sir Willie Haughey clearly marks Mr Matheson as the choice of the internal Labour Party machinery to become deputy.

    But sources have said a poor performance in the by-elections, all taking place in the wards of ‘big-hitter’ Labour councillors, including Mr Matheson’s Anderston and City area, would inevitably heap further pressure on the council leader to bring forward his timetable for departure.

  111. mr thms says:


    “Scotch loses its flavour”

    Takes awhile before we learn that..

    “The end result was a 5% rise in total Diageo sales, almost entirely made up of the growth from the Indian acquisition. Without it, sales were flat – and for a second year.”

    Good news from the Scotland Food and Drink website

    “Food and drink has been Scotland’s best performing domestic sector and fastest growing export over recent years. Sales of Scottish brands in the UK have risen 35% since 2007 and exports are up over 50% in the same period. Scotland has also developed an internationally recognised culture of collaboration with industry body Scotland Food & Drink now bringing companies, trade associations and government together around a single strategy and action plan. That strategy is on track to take an industry worth £10 billion in 2007 to £16.5 billion by 2017 (current value £14bn).”

  112. bookie from hell says:

    LINGERIE tycoon Michelle Mone is to become a Tory peer, according to reports last night.

    Sources who made the claim in a newspaper said the prominent Glasgow businesswoman was “delighted and thrilled” to be joining the House of Lords.

    The former Ultimo Bras boss told the news personally in a phone call from Prime Minister David Cameron.

    bfh–she has a bra** neck

  113. The Man in the Jar says:

    @call me dave

    Re the “wee snippet” in the Herald.

    “The donation by fridge magnate Sir Willie Haughey clearly marks Mr Matheson as the choice of the internal Labour Party machinery to become deputy.

    “fridge magnate” 🙂

  114. David says:

    It’s after midnight, are we all having the same nightmare? Did David Cameron really troll all of Scotland, and give us Lady Mone of Ultimotown?

    FFS, she’ll feel right at home among all those diddies.

    Beyond time for us to ‘lift up and separate’ ourselves from the sagging boobs who misrule the UK.

    Who’s next for the HoL, Lord Smart of Twittershire, or maybe Baron Murphy of Crateston?

  115. Malky says:

    A film to make Leni Riefenstahl blush.

  116. Grouse Beater says:

    Cometh the hour, cometh the fat man – Lord McDougall of Fooling and Sharing.

  117. Grouse Beater says:

    Cometh the hour, cometh the fat man – Lord McDougall of Fooling and Scaring

  118. Macart says:

    Heh,it appears the establishment parties are in a bit of a tiz this morning, well in fact all week.

    Burnham insists on Trident renewal, how’s that for ‘granting’ the northern branch more autonomy? 😀

    Ms Mone is to become a peer and Camo and his press corps are still in a bit of a tiz over the prospect of a second referendum. Oh and its all the fault of ‘that’ woman. Deliberately misleading the public as usual, no change there then. As I recall, it was the press who deliberately raised the question in the first place, who in fact have never let the subject go and which came to a head in the Marr programme when it was Andrew Marr who asked Alex Salmond directly for his thoughts on the subject.

    Ever since, the press have gone into a foam flecked over drive with auld Camo stirring the shite even further by his heavy handed intervention. Yet any time the FM has been chinned by the media she has gone out of her way to state the bleedin’ obvious. If there is to be another referendum it will be at the behest of the Scottish electorate and no amount of reasonable examination or restating of this fact appears to deter your average pundit’s narrative bilge that its all down to the FM.

    For any meeja type or policy wonk having a scan of the thread? We can read/hear and understand a written/spoken statement from source, so what’s your excuse? Mind you on the back of the Telegraph memogate debacle, and a place where the line between policy wonks and commentariat blurs considerably, that’s perhaps a redundant question.

  119. biecs says:

    Does anyone know what happened to the cairn the English who love us so much were building?

  120. ScottieDog says:

    Baroness Mone of Mamory.

  121. Arabs for Independence says:

    Their no cairn now

  122. Arabs for Independence says:

    They’re no cairn now

  123. morgatron says:

    Wiping the vomit off my phone now whilst remembering only too clearly this lot of chancers being interviewed by one of the usual puppets in bad morning scotland and listening to the drivel of why they recorded. Their wall in the video looks very unstable , im sure thats breeze block! . May I suggest to put everyone connected to no borders up against said wall, blindfold them , give them a woodbine willie and yeah , you know. Surely thats the only reason you would want to build another wall anyway?

  124. CognitiveGrenade says:

    This is proof that all the musical talent was on the Yes campaign’s side.

  125. Les Wilson says:

    Yesterday after lunchtime I turned on BBCS, there was a “comedy series” coming on so I listened to it.
    It was appalling, around 75% of the “jokes” were in some way or other anti SNP.

    Against Alex Salmond and Nicola, against their supposed mis management of the country was a bit of the theme. There were various “comedians” on, one was an English lady who made glaring statements about the SNP making noise in Westminster, in order to cover up a bad record at home with the NHS and education.

    Every negative by these people had rapturous applause, which led to believe it was canned laughter, or at the very least was turned up when the BBC wanted to.
    The whole thing was a propaganda exercise, and utterly shameful.

    As was their “comedy” stuff about the shooting of Cecil the lion. The BBC is truly the pits. I am sick to death of them.

  126. louis.b.argyll says:

    …”you can’t run a country by a book of religion,

    Not by a hint or a lump or a smidgeon

    Of foolish rules of ancient date,

    Designed to make you all feel great,

    While you fold spendle and mutilate,

    Those unbelievers from a neighbouring

    State..” FZ

  127. john king says:

    Biecs says
    “Does anyone know what happened to the cairn the English who love us so much were building?”

    they’ve rebuilt at the mouth of the channel tunnel… for ammo!

  128. Phronesis says:

    Agreed,let’s not build any more walls and that’s what the amazing YES campaign set out to do- tear down the establishment walls that impede open and critical evaluation of the arguments for independence.

    And the result- an enlightened electorate and a resilient independence movement that is still navigating and negotiating the obstacles to Scotland’s autonomy and independence constitution-brick by brick.

  129. Big Jock says:

    What happened to No Borders? Cameron wants to put one in Calais now.

  130. Robert Peffers says:

    The walls are not the problem. There were big black headlines last week about the glass floor constructed to complement the glass ceiling that keeps the middle Englanders beneath their upper classes so as to maintain those insular middle Englanders above the poor, sick, disabled, out of work and old of the great unwashed.

    Perhaps the just don’t want anyone to see the glass walls that they have always maintained around Little England to keep out the sweaties, taffies, paddies, frogs, huns, greasers, ragheads, yanks, wogs, et al.

    The middle-class Little Englanders have a very long history of bitter derogation of everyone, and anyone, unfortunate enough to be have been born a non-Englander.

  131. Robert Peffers says:

    @Brotyboy says: 31 July, 2015 at 4:59 pm:

    “There’s damned few of them ever used a sledgehammer, or know how to”“.

    And fewer still even able to pick one up.

    As it happens I had to show a young lady how to use a carpenter’s claw hammer just the other day. I had to explain to her that when, “driving”, a nail the operative word is, “drive”, and certainly not, “tap”.

    No matter how hard you tap a nail you are doing it wrongly. Driving a nail involves a follow through. You don’t just stop when the hammer hits the nail, you, “drive”, it into the wood or other workpiece.

  132. Robert Peffers says:

    @galamcennalath says: 31 July, 2015 at 8:53 pm:

    ” … 27% of NO voters gave their primary reason for voting NO as “an attachment to the UK and its shared history, culture and traditions.” …

    Trouble of all that, galamcennalath, is that the term, “British”, and , “United Kingdom”, are misunderstood by the vast majority of the people of, “Britain”. I’ve been chuntering on about this for what seems forever.

    let’s look at a few anomalies to show how stupid it is.

    The Southern Irish claim they are, “not British”, when what they mean is they are not part of, “The United Kingdom”. They are, of course still part of the British Isles and thus they are, “British”.

    The people of Manx are also British but not members of the UK. Ditto both Channel Island Bailiwicks.

    David Cameron claims to be, “The British Prime Minister”, but he has no function in the four above independent administrations. Although three of them are crown protectorates none are part of the United Kingdom.

    Margaret Curran claims that if Scotland becomes independent the Scots will cease to be British – which is utter tripe. Not only will the independent Scots remain British but the United Kingdom will cease to exist and will return to, the Pre-Treaty of Union, status quo anti as the three country, “Kingdom of England”, which is in fact legally a, “Constitutional Monarchy”, but a constitutional monarchy that the Scots have never legally been part of. This for the simple reason that under independent Scots law the people of Scotland are sovereign and, as such, cannot legally be part of a Constitutional Monarchy.

    The point being that in a constitutional monarchy everything, including the monarch’s subjects, belong to the Monarch who has signed away the right to exercise the Royal Powers to the elected parliament but as the monarch is not sovereign under Scots law then any sovereignty that the people of Scotland have given to Westminster is via the MPs they have democratically elected to represent them at Westminster.

    Simple England, Wales & N.Ireland are represented at Westminster by MPs given their power to govern by the sovereign monarch but Scots MPs get delegated their sovereign powers from the people of Scotland who elected them ad not from the monarch.

    As the Monarch in Scotland is not sovereign then the monarch cannot sign away rights the monarch does not have in Scotland. It’s not rocket science.

    Now you know some of the reasons I’ve been banging on about NOT for the Establishment’s propaganda of confusing the terms Britain, British, United Kingdom and England.

  133. IAB says:

    OT but Ms Moan received her reward

  134. Fraser Darling says:

    Aye but they just love building fences….

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