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We need to talk about John

Posted on June 13, 2014 by

Alert readers will have had a hard time missing Labour spin doctor John McTernan on TV and radio and in newspapers this week. A former special adviser to Tony Blair, he’s been rolled out on heavy rotation across the media to pontificate on Campbell Gunn’s minor briefing error (which was swiftly apologised for) about frontline Labour activist Clare Lally, and to strenuously insist to anyone who’ll listen that abusive “cybernats” are co-ordinated and controlled by the SNP.


Anyone who’s followed Scottish (or, indeed, Australian) politics for any length of time will have been rubbing their eyes and syringing their ears in surprise at Mr McTernan being invited to cast aspersions on anyone else’s morals and ethics. Anyone who hasn’t might want to bring themselves up to speed.

Here he is making friends Down Under:

“Mr McTernan […] was a controversial figure who acquired more enemies as Ms Gillard’s prospects waned and her communications errors mounted.

The emails show he encouraged Labor staffers to mobilise so called “Twitter armies”‘ to ridicule the Tony Abbott-led opposition and attack individual Coalition MPs online, which he would later point out to journalists as proof of public opinion.

He would forward flattering articles, pictures and memes about himself to staff but lacked basic knowledge of some of Labor’s key policies and attacks, and regularly responded to media and stakeholder criticism with ridicule and abuse.”

Here he is yesterday, demanding ANOTHER war in Iraq:

“We have to go back to Iraq to rescue democracy. After all, as Margaret Thatcher said at the time of the Falklands, why else do we have armed forces?”

A Times piece from 2008 revealed that McTernan considers Scotland a racist country:

“McTernan, who was among those cleared of wrongdoing in the cash for honours affair, wrote to Karen Gillon, a Labour member of the Scottish parliament, before a visit to Sweden: ‘If you’ve not been to Sweden before, I think you’ll really like it – it’s the country Scotland would be if it wasn’t narrow, Presbyterian, racist etc. etc. Social democracy in action.’

Here’s one from the Telegraph, where he has a regular column, in 2011:

Liberal whingers are wrong – we should shut our libraries

Middle-class liberals are fighting to keep libraries open out of condescension for the less fortunate and guilt that they, like everyone else, no longer use them.”

And here he is describing himself as a “sewer”:

Mr McTernan described his own role in communications as being the ‘sewer’ and policy advisors the ‘sewage’, ‘I’m in Comms not policy, the sewer not the sewage’ he wrote when responding to an email pointing out a error in a policy-based claim he wanted to script for Ms Gillard.”

An opinion piece for the Scotsman just before the 2011 Holyrood election offered Scottish Labour the genius advice that they needed to be even MORE negative:

‘Muggers. Sex offenders. Burglars. Vote SNP.” That would be one side of my campaign leaflet if I was running Scottish Labour’s campaign. On the other would be a mock-up of a ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card with the strapline: ‘The SNP want to free 8,000 prisoners.’ Negative? Oh yes. A mighty row? Yep. Effective? Without a doubt.”

Then a few months after Labour’s negative campaign saw the SNP win a historic landslide, London-born McTernan demanded that the Scottish Government should have its funding slashed and the money given to the rest of the UK instead:

Tell the truth: Scotland has been indulged for too long

What does it take to make the people of England angry? As a Scot who has spent half his life in London, the unflappable amiability of the English is something for which I have endless admiration. But when it comes to their appallingly apologetic attitude towards my homeland, I find myself longing for them to get properly riled.”

John McTernan describes himself on his Twitter biography as “Writer, Thinker, Strategist”. He represents a prominent Blairite strain of ideology that remains powerful within Labour on both sides of the border.


If the party should win power again, a man who wants to close libraries, start another war with Iraq and cut the Scottish budget in order to spend the money in England will once more be in a position of influence, having had his profile kept high by the Scottish media throughout the intervening time.

It seems fair that people should know.

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184 to “We need to talk about John”

  1. Seasick Dave says:

    Top tip:

    Save time and take an instant dislike to Mr McTernan.

  2. Nana Smith says:

    My my what a fine upstanding gent…is he first in line on the way to Iraq.
    Seems like he’d be the ideal person for cleaning out the latrines or rather fill them up as he does describe himself as a sewer.

  3. Helena Brown says:

    I think his ego is what keeps him in the business, he seems to have the same success rate as our wee Doogie Alexander with whom he has worked closely.

  4. Jiggsbro says:

    He’s definitely a writer, thinker and strategist. Unfortunately, he can’t multi-task.

  5. Erchie says:

    I am sure McTernan stopped a Labour Presiding Officer happening in 2011. He was on saying the Labour PO (it was sort of their turn) should rule an Indy ref as not within competency of Holywood.

    He really is a noxious stain on the body politic

  6. Patrick Roden says:

    If I could add just one thing that would make this article better it would be to change the title to:

    We Need To Talk About John Part 1

    touch of his own medicine!

  7. Nobby Power says:

    Fair enough. I sometimes wonder if these spin doctors have a temple to Loki somewhere: spouting any amount of lies, just to see what happens is a way of life, rather than just an MO for them.

  8. Gary says:

    If he wants to start a war then let HIM lead the charge. Cretin!

  9. Alfresco Dent says:

    I saw him on TV the other night lying about how we’re all orchestrated by Alex Salmond. He is a liar.

  10. Gordon says:

    Odious man, man.

    We just have to keep spreading the word.

    We can do it!

  11. muttley79 says:

    McTernan has become a figure of fun.

  12. Maggie Craig says:

    What a charming fellow. I’m becoming really sickened – to a literal extent – by this attempt to paint those of who’re voting YES as Nazis. Also very sorry if Claire Lally was upset but to see Johann Lamont going on and on and on about Campbell Gunn yesterday was also sickening. Just seen a picture on the news of a man in Iraq being taken away to be “executed.” Yesterday there were the pictures of desperate mothers and fathers clutching their children as they tried to escape the violence. We in Scotland should give ourselves a huge pat on the back for having reached this point without any violence whatsoever through argument, discussion and peaceful protest over almost 150 years.

  13. Murray McCallum says:

    I struggle to look at that skewed picture on the wall behind McTernan. Everything in the picture is upsetting.

    If the Ministry of Defence can supply McTernan a rifle I am happy to pay for his one-way flight to Baghdad. Political people who wish to start real wars so far away from home really do need to personally participate in them.

  14. mogabee says:

    Despite him we are winning!

    We have to laugh in the face of nutters like him. 😉

  15. Capella says:

    Sounds like a real charm machine, Was Malcolm Tucker modeled on him? Not having TV I don’t know how he sounds in real life. But looking forward to catching his future philosophical gems.

  16. JPFife says:

    There’s also the report of the leaked emails, during which “This particular reporter experienced countless examples of McTernan’s foul language and aggressive nature while he was acting as Ms Gillard’s communications director.” the same story says he was caught lying trying to secure a job.

    Someone should see if they can get the emails and publish them.

  17. M4rkyboy says:

    The fact i am surprised that he is in the Labour party shows just how successful they have been at pulling the wool over the eyes of the Scottish electorate.
    You would think i would have learned by now that Labour aren’t a shadow of their former self.

  18. Paul says:

    This is EXACTLY the reason why Scotland needs independence, let Iraq and other countries sort out thier own problems without continual interference to make them “civilised” ie impose British values on them.

  19. Steve Bowers says:

    In the spirit of our new non reacting phase, I’d like to say that he sounds like a thoroughly nice chap and I wish him all the best in his new role, damn this hand cramp !

  20. Capella says:

    @Pilar 1.11
    Thanks for the link. Yes he was Malcom Tucker! Well spotted.

  21. DocFin says:

    Sorry, got as far as ‘former special adviser to Tony Blair’ as I thought that said it all. But having plucked up the courage to read further and see just how insidious a character he is I feel strangely elated. Imagine if our side had to resort to chappies like him to put forward our arguments.

  22. bunter says:


    Oh no, the Pope enters the indy debate. Keep religion out of it FFS.

  23. bookie from hell says:


  24. Lovely. Just the type of chap the mainstream media love. Does all the hard work for them, and delivers up linkbait and trashy headlines regularly.

    Luckily, fishwrapper journalism is on the way out.

  25. Bugger [the Panda] says:

    I thought he had breached the terms of his Visa and was to be sent to a holding camp on some remote Pacific island but the camp inmates threatened to riot.

  26. Seasick Dave says:


    Santa is next up.

  27. Luigi says:

    Why do I have the impression that many of the staunchest, nastiest, union-loving “scots” actually hate the place of their birth? It’s as if they deeply wish that they had been born elsewhere. Seriously. Why else would you have a go at your own people?

    Many of us, if we are honest, suffer a little Scottish cringe on occasion. 300 years of put-down does have an effect, after all.

    These creatures, however, take self-loathing to a new level.

  28. Jim Marshall says:

    McTernan seems fairly typical of the Labour wallahs I know. They have all morphed into right wing nutters.

  29. joe kane says:

    McTernan of Arabia and Loopy Labour.

    McTernan also claims it’s the international socialist working class thing to do to have nuclear weapons. They protected the welfare state.

    Here is a gloriously loopy McTernan thread –
    Socialists aren’t pacifists. It’s the Workers’ Deterrent.

  30. Malcolm Tucker would be impressed.

  31. Pentland Firth says:

    Is he Better Together/No Thanks’s strategy advisor? He is a revolting turd, and anyone employing him in any capacity will be covered in his excrement. If that comment is regarded as abusive, I offer my apologies to all turds for any offence caused.

  32. John says:

    excellent, never found Mr McTernan an appealing person and now i know why

  33. eezy says:

    He’d possibly be the guy who’d possibly come up with the possible idea of creating fake twitter accounts?
    I mean, it is possible?
    Isn’t it?

  34. Indy_Scot says:

    Is this the same John Mcternan that said ‘there will be no referendum’?

    To be fair to John, given some of his comments and his schizophrenic double standard thought process, there is a strong possibility he may have a chemical imbalance in his brain.

  35. Kev says:

    Jeez, just when we thought George Osbourne was the greatest asset to the Yes campaign, this guys an absolute diamond of a find, well done Labour and their compliant media for putting him to the forefront, all the undecideds out there are going to absolutely love him and his views!

  36. Famous15 says:

    O/T. Excellent article by Pat Kane in the Independent.Nicely and sincerely he points out how misguided Joanne K Rowling is in her blog.

    The tone is polite and friendly.

    In contrast a number of spiteful letters in the Metro on Rowling and Lally. Perhaps we take leaf out of McTier an’s book and start a club to respond to these letters.

    Finally could we repeat as often as we can that the internet is anonymous and is it not suspicious that cybernats would hurt their own cause by writing bile!

  37. muttley79 says:

    When McTernan appeared on Scottish Tonight this week, he followed his predictable routine. No substance to his arguments, or logic or vision; he displayed only his venomous hatred towards the SNP yet again. The guy is a propagandist out of the Brian Wilson school of charm and likeability. I have no idea where SLAB find these characters from.

  38. Seasick Dave says:

    Why do the Labour Party employ people to be deliberately nasty?

    Campbell, McTernan, McBride et al?

  39. JohnMcArthur says:

    The picture at the top fits well with the character described in the text.

    Can we not parachute him and Blair into Iraq as peace envoys but leave out the actual parachutes?

  40. Prof. Dumb Down says:

    McTernan should be on our screens every day, in fact I think he should take over the Better Together campaign from Darling at once!

    Nothing is more likely to convert people to YES than seeing his snarling unsmiling face on our screens more regularly. I dread to imagine his expression come the 19th when we are all celebrating.

    Since the media coverage this week has all been about the mythical evil cybernats and the abuse we pour on those who oppose us, why don’t we respond in kind? Perhaps Wings should run a new page: Britnat of the Day containing screen shots of the most vile and abusive comments from online Britnats. Wings readers should use their collective efforts to collate and then show for all to see the vilest most hateful expressions of the Britnats. Not only will this serve to equalise the coverage to some extent but it will re-enforce to YES voters the need to be different, to be better than that. We need to show our commitment to civilised respectful debate in contradistinction to those we face. We need to force our opponents to look themselves in the mirror.

    Just a thought…. but I am sure between the thousands of people who come here we could collate a vast and uncomfortable body of evidence showing the true nature of some Britnats.

  41. fairiefromtheearth says:

    so can i get away with calling this cunt a bawbag?

  42. joe kane says:

    Here’s what the brilliant Artist Taxi Driver Chunky Mark McGowan had to say after being exposed to McTernan in the recent Glasgow KILTR debate in which both took part –
    Met a guy today John McTernan… Omfg!!! Why you should be absolutely petrified of politicians and their spin doctors #indyref

  43. BigRik says:

    Just another self serving Labourite, more concerned with his own rather dodgy career than what is best for everyone else… what a clown.

  44. Chris Jack says:

    Was good to see MacWhirter calling out the Keich he was talking on Scotland Tonight on Wednesday night.

  45. heedtracker says:

    Is he not just another chancer cashing in with this sort of thing, like comical Cockers or Severin Carrell? How much is vote No you ingrates Guardian paying him to get jiggy with its readers and this is one masochist that seems to really love getting abused anyway.

    “Oh yeah hit me baby one more time with that outraged middle class whinging” Sound of whiplash striking McTernan quivering buttocks sort of BetterTogether creep show?

  46. JLT says:

    Personally …give him airtime. His attitude and manner stink. Once people put 2 and 2 together and realise that he worked for Blair and Brown, they will switch of from ‘No’ and ‘Better Together’ campaign in droves.

    People are screaming for change. McTernan advocates more of the same, and worse (a 3rd war in Iraq! Is he having a laugh?)

    The beats are slowly coming out (Brown, McTernan …hell even the Americans!) …let them. Nothing riles the Scots more than interference …or being dictated too.

    What looks bad …could be our good luck!

  47. Walking on Sunshine says:

    What a nasty, nasty individual.
    And you’ve guessed it.
    He writes regularly for the Scotsman newspaper.
    Now there’s a surprise!

  48. JLT says:

    Beats …should be beasts!

  49. John says:

    The way to overcome people like John McTiernan is to continue to deliver the White Paper Independence message to as many individuals as possible by every means possible and at every opportunity.

    The positive message will win the day and the YES Campaign, I believe are doing the business with a lot of grass-roots support.

    However, it is always good to know your enemies. Keep pointing them out Stu!

  50. Jenni Stewart says:

    What a thoroughly nice bloke…

  51. murtam says:

    On the other hand he didn’t do Julia Gillard much good did he? There was a landslide to the Coallition in Australia. So nobody won! Except big business!

  52. Andy-B says:

    God help us all if McTernan and Labour get into power in 2015, I’ll never understand the blind loyalty of Labour voters, when they have a chance to make a real difference by voting yes. Even if by some miracle ED Miliband does become PM, Miliband has vowed to keep cutting deep.

  53. G H Graham says:

    In essence, McTernan is nothing more than a coarse, rabble rouser; no sophistication, no charm, no finesse.

    All made worse by a haircut that I recall was used to frightening effect by Boris Carloff.

  54. Free Scotland says:

    Are those buttons behind him the triggers for the UK’s weapons of mass destruction?

  55. HandandShrimp says:

    Can we not give John a gun and a ticket to Iraq to defend democracy?

    If 800 insurgents can chase a 30,000 fully equipped army with tanks and helicopters out of northern Iraq he is wasting his time though.

    John is exactly the sort of advisor that Malcolm Tucker was based upon. The problem is we all know how it works now and so much of that sort of thing is discounted before it even hits the streets.

  56. fairiefromtheearth says:

    This guy can write anything he wants and nothing will be done about it, if anybody wants to complain to the police about anything ive wrote please give them my name Rev looking forward to the day i can prove in court that Tony Blair is a war criminal, or prove that i havent defemated anybody.

  57. stuart says:

    Deplorable as the man is, his techniques are adopted from successful techniques used in campaigns across the pond.

    Smears instigated by the campaigns with the biggest media clout are often a win-win for them. Their smears are easily buried and go unreported, but anything by the campaigners with least clout are seized upon and amplified to massive levels. This deflects issues over days and weeks, and in a time based referendum, the clock still clicks. Valuable days are lost and vital issues don’t get aired. What McTernan does – like it or not can be very effective but it is aimed specifically at drawing the debate into the mire to deflect and dissuade.

    It turns off voters – and this is EXACTLY what BT want. And if what I heard on a radio debate this afternoon is anything to go by, then the Clare Lally saga has worked in BT’s favour. I heard people saying that this online abuse has made them scared to ask about issues, to speak and even vote. Floating voters are there to be won and this is not good to hear.

    All the McTernan stuff is used in the United States. Smear turns off floating voters and in the IndyRef, it suits BT to have the mudslinging going on for days or weeks.

    But, effective as these tactics can be, they DO backfire, as has been shown in the USA. WoS do a great job of bringing this stuff to us, so let’s hope the BT tactics DO backfire.

  58. Luigi says:

    In essence, McTernan is nothing more than a coarse, rabble rouser; no sophistication, no charm, no finesse.

    Imagine John Mcternan and George Galloway debating the next intervention in Iraq.

    Now that would be worth watching!

  59. Marian says:

    The hypocrisy of the unionists must be exposed every time it happens, but YES supporters must never lower themselves to Project Fear’s level where the man is played and not the ball.

    Too much valuable time has been spent already playing to the unionists agenda of smokescreens and diversions when YES supporters should be focussed entirely on proving the case that Scotland can be a far better place without Westminster ruling over us and reminding us of what the consequences will be if Scotland votes NO, and YES supporting social media websites should be responding to the growing interest in these websites by flooding their pages each day with the overwhelming reasons why we should vote YES.

  60. big jock says:

    And the irony is. All the nasty things that he says about Scotland are a product of the Union. So if he thinks of Sweden as what Scotland could be surely that means independence is the answer.

  61. Mike says:

    This campaign is going to get horribly nasty with the likes of McTernan, Satchi & Satchi, MI5 and all the rest to be spreading muck and dis-information whilst making it look like YES & SNP are racis, fascist Nazi’s.
    We need to counter these people and organisations before they set the agenda.
    This article helps do that. Share.
    What else can we do?

  62. Stevie says:

    He is an active member of the forces of darkness – vile individual

  63. desimond says:

    Is someone asking Tony to demonstrate “How big a knob is John?” in that photo?

    Speaking of new Labour folk who give you the boak ( nice rhyme!)….from todays BBC

    Douglas Alexander said: “She(Hilary Clinton) has that broader view that recognises that the hallmark and the challenge of this time is not so much independence but interdependence – how do we establish networks of cooperation to meet common challenges, from getting global economic growth in a sustainable way to tackling climate change

  64. Papadox says:

    Vile nasty odious man that he is, one has to wonder who would employ such a person and for what purpose unless you were planning to attack and destroy someone’s character or policy. There is no positive facet to this guy he an attack poodle. Woof woof

    But he does love himself. So that’s one then.

  65. Gary Moyes says:

    If ever a clearer example of why independence is not only favourable, but ESSENTIAL if the Labour Party are to regain any kind of true identity it’s in the calculated and dangerous ramblings of this man. Somewhere within the ranks of LFI there exist a few who actually still hold the ideals of Hardie, Atlee, Bevan and co’ dear. Personally (and I’ve never voted Labour) I can’t wait for the day they step up and people like McTernan, Brown, Sarwar, Lamont and Murphy become an embarrassing but distant memory as Labour, once again, becomes a true representative of the working class voice.

  66. Oui Things says:

    ‘Don’t call the man a scrote.’ ‘Don’t call the man a scrote.’ ‘Don’t call…THE MAN’S A FUCKING BAWBAG!

  67. desimond says:

    Just realised, he could be the Dad of Jolly Boy John from Burnistoun

    “Jolly Boy McTiernan spreading tired old hate and pish all over the shoap wearing rollerskates and my wifes lipstick”

  68. Big mistake, I believe. We are falling into a trap set by the No campaign. The worst thing any of us can do is respond to their nonsense. This is what they want us to do. They have nothing left in their locker. We are winning, so keep calm and don’t be suckered into responding.It’s useless complaining. I know. I’ve tried on many times, B.B.C, I.T.V, S.K.Y, the P.C.C you name it. At best you get a bland reply, but more oftem than not, they ignore you. Don’t be drawn into an argument you can’t win. This is the British establishment we are fighting. They know they are losing the argument, and we are on our way to becoming an independent country. So please, don’t fall into their trap. As I do when I’m out on the street with the yessers and meet somebody, not many I admit, who tells us where to put our leaflets, say thank you, smile, and move on. It’s the only way.

  69. James Shorthouse says:


    Whilst I agree with your comments, we need to stop giving him oxygen. After experiencing him in Australia, just give him time and he will do the hard work for us and lead to a yes. For example do you think of Julia Gillard as the PM who gave Oz the NDIS or NBN? Do you pity her for the terrible abuse she received? No she is remembered as a terrible PM and leader of a dis functional government, all with his help.

  70. Illy says:

    Are those buttons behind him the triggers for the UK’s weapons of mass destruction?

    No, those are in The White House. Otherwise I could see the point in paying for Trident. (I realise I’m in a minority here on that point)

    I do second all calls to hand this guy a rifle and ship him off to Iraq, as he wants lots of other people to do that. Best way to deal with warmongering politicians is to stick them on the front lines without their expensive security details.

  71. Derek M says:

    you now i already have my suspicions that he has been active on wings and told us all to f off when he didnt get what he wanted but its just my suspicions , but still ran with the story anyway as that is what he does go ask the Australian labor party they are still suffering the train wreck he left behind,if the labour party think they can control him well best of luck with that lol
    Just set big Iain about him hes got his number 🙂

  72. Mary Bruce says:

    It really surprised me when the Labour party welcomed McTernan back into the fold after all the negative Australian media exposure. Did they think Australia was too far away for us to notice?

  73. big jock says:

    It’s the last throw of the dice.If M15 are involved then they are really worried. We must just rise above it. No matter what they do it will be the people that will decide. However I am now concerned that the vote counting might not be above board. Very worrying having to fight the British state.

  74. Marcia says:

    Remember this, I saw it on Peter A Bell’s site;

    Simon Pia: “Whether one likes it or not, it is in the interests of the unionists to lower the tone [of the referendum debate].”

    Don’t fall for their trap.

  75. bunter says:

    By all means highlight this information about this guy, but we must remember and focus on the message and big prize to win!

  76. Dcanmore says:

    Warning! This is a bit gruesome and utterly disgraceful, from another union-loving citizen.

    don’t expect to see it reported in the MSM any time soon (or ever).

  77. We’re in danger of turning ourselves into a Holyrood “bubble”. Our local Yes campaign had a public meeting this week, and I’m glad to say we had a far bigger attendance that we anticipated. How many asked a question about the Gunn/Lally fiasco? That’s correct. none. What the people wanted to know about were far more mundane matters, such as pensions, defence, health, housing, oil and gas etc. This where we are winning. Don’t be distracted.

  78. Nana Smith says:

    Good grief this guy is mad ugly’

    This is a quote from the guardian piece

    ‘The truth is that if we do not act now, we will surely act later. Having protected the freedom and autonomy of the Kurds since the Kuwait war, we cannot abandon them now, or leave them dependent on protection from Iran. We have to go back to Iraq to rescue democracy’

    So McTernan lets rescue democracy where we initially undermined it and at the same time destroy democracy in Scotland. Lord save us from these self appointed masters of the universe

  79. Indy_Scot says:

    The unionists know they can do and say whatever they want as they know they are protected by the unionist media, whereas if a Yes supporter makes a spelling mistake the BBC and STV makes it headline news. Hardly a level playing field is it.

    However, even with this clear disadvantage, Scotland will still prevail come September.

  80. Kalmar says:

    I’m just braced for a major Yes politician or campaigner to have some ‘revelation’ come out about them, we’re definitely going to get into dirty tricks territory soon.

    Stu can brush off the Scotsman thing but I won’t spell it out, they could make things up that stick and some topics people are just unwilling to defend. Fingers crossed though.

  81. Lesley-Anne says:

    I think Mr McTernan is such a thoroughly nice chap I think I’ll invite him round for some tea and biscuits! 😛

    (I hope that is not construed in any as being racist or abusive. If it is I whole heartedly and unreservedly apologise.)

  82. bunter says:

    BBC has just opened up story for comment on the Miliband stramash.

    Enjoy and let off some steam.

  83. Jamie Arriere says:

    Good collection of articles to see the cut of this person’s jib – excuse me if I don’t join in with the namecalling contest.

    It is interesting to note his ‘twitter army’ policy, and explains why he believes all the pro-independence activity MUST be coordinated as it is so large and effective. He can’t credit that it may be spontaneous reactions by autonomous people who happen to share common causes.

    He knows that if he does, there will no place in politics for so-called organisers like himself.

    And him a thinker? We can all call ourselves that – it’s the quality of the output of thoughts that he’ll get judged on….and he’s getting nul points from me.

  84. Luigi says:

    John McTernan is a real Death-Eater.

    He will suck the soul out of the Labour party (what’s left of it).

  85. TheItalianJob says:

    @Alex Beveridge at 2.00pm

    Weel spoken.

    What a grand person you must be. Totally admire you.

  86. Lesley-Anne says:

    Guess what folks, the Secretary of State for Portsmouth has woken up and spouted forth some more of his *ahem* wisdom. 😛

    Who’d have thunk it, the Secretary of State of Portsmouth CONFIRMING what we already know and have already known since day 1 of this debate DUH! 😉

  87. Famous15 says:

    @ Bunter

    But be POLITE! It is not rocket science!

  88. TheItalianJob says:

    @Nana Smith at 2.25pm

    Ok. If he and all the rest of the politician’s are starting to promote “We have to go back to Iraq to rescue democracy”, then to this I say to them.

    Get volunteering, get on your bike, take a gun and do it yourself.

    We need all our young people here in Scotland to build a democratic country to get away from these types.

  89. yabadabadoo says:

    The answer to 1984 is 1776.

    It’s The British Empire, Stupid!

  90. Derek M says:

    @Lesley-Anne i so wanted to read that but it looks like the link is dead already

  91. katsoft says:

    So nice to see what’s in store for us if no gets it on 18 Sept. Why can’t our “Scottish” journalists just look hard and see what they are trying to get us to vote for. I see he describes himself as Writer, Thinker, Strategist. And Labour let him continue. He’s right saying he is a sewer, if Scotland is so racist why doesn’t he campaign to be rid then he can live his life in Londonshire.
    Oh sorry if I upset you Mr Mcternan we all know how fragile youe egos are.

  92. aldo_macb says:

    I’m looking forward to getting back to reading about issues like the economy, welfare, external affairs,NHS and education,.

  93. galamcennalath says:

    Well, McTernan appears to be in the right political party, then. He should fit in with their ethics and methods just nicely.

  94. biggpolmont says:

    While I was reading some of the above I found I have just had an email from the Scotsman.
    I opened it to find that they have just opened an new independence website. I clicked on that. there is one feature “Pat Kane tells JK to get her story right” I read a couple of lines then “read on at the independent” I clicked on that to found that the original article was indeed in the independent today. now they are not even attempting to hide the fact that they are working together. They seem to be lifting any story that can find even remotely be construed as supporting a no vote and putting it out as truth they even have one on the pope warning on “National division ” They really are rotten to the core.

  95. Roll_On_2014 says:

    Been blogging, across many sites, for years, Indeed on the run-up to 2010 GE many bloggers referred to him as McTurnip… quite apt under the circumstances.

  96. Greg says:

    Definitely one of the most odious voices to show up in the debate so far. The silver lining to this is that John will inadvertently boost support for the Yes campaign due to his ridiculous and offensive views.

  97. MajorBloodnok says:

    @Alex Beveridge

    I agree. Most of this media bubble stuff passes the average voter by, even the well educated and informed ones. It’s a just a bit of media navel gazing. On the other hand it’s Stu’s site and he can write what he likes.

    I just see things like this as useful background but not where the votes will be won. And like you, when I get a negative response to canvassing or manning stalls I just smile and say thanks and make a joke of it, because it is absolutely necessary when out campaigning to be seen as informed, reasonable and civilized, particularly when dealing with the opposition.

    Plus it can discombobulate them in unforeseen ways.

  98. Tasmanian says:

    Stevie, the word ‘vile’ is a registered trademark of Johann Lamont Incorporated and may not be used in the #indyref context except to describe Yes supporters who communicate on the internet.

    I’d love to see a new run of The Thick Of It, but based on the Yes and No campaigns – can you imagine it?

    I don’t know that Malcolm Tucker is the appropriate comparison. He was reasonably effective in fiction. McTernan seems to breed failure; the collapse of Australian Labor last September was largely due to everyone being sick of the leadership shenanigans. Thanks, McTernan, for your role in bringing austerity politics to Australia.

  99. ronald alexander mcdonald says:

    He is a great asset to the YES campaign. Pity he’s not on the telly every night. Didn’t he mastermind Labour’s scottish election campaign in 2011?

  100. Lesley-Anne says:

    Derek M says:

    @Lesley-Anne i so wanted to read that but it looks like the link is dead already

    It worked OK for me Derek but here it is again anyway.

    Hope this one works for you. 😉

  101. ronnie anderson says:

    ‘fairyfromtheearth 1.41 naw you canny there’s gender issues

    with your post 2×1 would make that person a Hymphridite.

  102. lobeydosser says:

    OT. Thought this would make us smile.Or maybe not? Armando Ianucci’s take on Scottish tv programing.

  103. chalks says:

    MI5 have been involved for years. They’ve dug and dug for smears against Salmond, Sturgeon. They’ve tapped SNP activists phones, MP’s local offices.

    They can’t do anything now though, this is people power and don’t forget it.

  104. Dorothy Devine says:

    Dcanmore post that on every newspaper site you can – especially Cochranes.

  105. Dcanmore says:

    The thing is though he revels in his loathsomeness, he’s like an actor who’s played the same role for too long that they become the character they play. I suspect he hasn’t got much else in his life other than politics hence why he can dedicate so much time in the day (and night) to feed in it. The more he feels he has to be outrageous or plain nasty the more he thinks people will liken him to Malcolm Tucker, which he will wear as a badge of honour. The guy is a fantasist and a fanatic that’s all too prevalent with SLAB these days. At one time Labour used to keep the fanatics arms-length from the power-base, hold them off as mere activists in the local communities. But now, in Scotland at least, they run the party and they’ve run it into the ground.

  106. Andy C says:

    The number of pensioners I’ve put right on the pensions scare!
    Most of ’em don’t have internet access and are swallowing the media crap.
    I now carry around postcard versions of the English/Scottish daily express ‘pensions’ front pages to enlighten them…it elicits quite a surprising reaction and really puts doubt in their mind about the media.
    They are not total fools and do not like being lied to

  107. Nana Smith says:

    I’m unable to access this story just up on newsnow. What’s it all about?

    Scottish Tory leader in devolution U-turn 14:38

  108. Andy C says:

    Trying to donate to site but keep being directed to paypal.

  109. Lesley-Anne says:

    I don’t know if this will help Nana.

    Less than three years after becoming party leader, with a promise to draw a “line in the sand” against further devolution, she endorsed a proposal for more powers to be transferred from London that include full control over income tax bands and rates.

    The policy shift has far-reaching implications for the UK’s constitutional future since it means all three main UK pro-union parties now promise substantial devolution if Scotland rejects independence in September’s referendum.

  110. Jimbo says:

    If McTernan thinks our boys should be sent back to Iraq, I suggest that he should be the one to lead them – from the front.

    It’s easy for McTernan and his ilk to play fast and loose with other people’s lives when they’re safely ensconced elsewhere. Let’s see how keen he’d be to get there if it was his life being put on the line.

  111. Nana Smith says:

    Thanks Lesley Anne.

    Link didn’t open for me but from reading the 2 passages quoted seems to be a rehash of old news

  112. Juteman says:

    There is a lot of projection going on with these type of folk. You just need to look at the likes of him and Brian Wilson. There is something twisted in their souls, and they assume everyone must be as corrupt and self serving as they are.

  113. Haggis Hunter says:

    So he thinks Scots are all racist and Presbyterians.
    Oh well, reckon he has a major hatred for Scots, maybe bullied at school, or got filled in by some Presbyterian Minister?

  114. Dick Gaughan says:

    Let’s hear it for the brave Mctucker ternan. Another gallant hero resolutely prepared to fight to the very last drop of somebody else’s blood.

    Is this sick pig’s vomit really the best they can come up with?

  115. manandboy says:

    fairiefromtheearth says:
    13 June, 2014 at 1:41 pm
    so can i get away with calling this **nt a bawbag?

    It bears repeating that the blunt word is unacceptable and constitutes a serious mistake in PR terms.

    If your man Gunn had used the blunt word in his email to the Telegraph re Clare Lally, his career would be over.

    I’ll be blunt, leave **nt word out.

  116. ronnie anderson says:

    @Lesley Anne 2.19 You $****0+_-%3£”!!!! awe jist come tae the next Wings nite oot, tae ah hiv a word in yer shell like.

  117. Sinky says:

    Andy C

    Worth pointing out to pensioners that in Ireland the state pension is £182.50 compared to the UK’s £113.10.

    Also that in Ireland average annual salaries in Northern Ireland are more than £8,000 below pay packets in the Republic, shock new figures have revealed.

    A good letter in Hootsman to-day keeping JK Rowling and Ms Lally right on the state of the NHS in England and the threat to the Scottish NHS if she votes No.

  118. Craig P says:

    Malcolm Tucker was modeled on Alastair Campbell. Alastair was abrasive, and won elections. McBride, McTernan, Okasha were three New Labour spin doctors who also modeled themselves on Alastair Campbell – excepting the bit about winning elections.

  119. Lesley-Anne says:

    Just read these two tweets on Twitter. The first one is from Alexandre Dumas and the second from Angus B MacNeil M.P.

    @courierroadshow @Sneekyboy 2pints can be bought in Oslo for £13 that is £2 less than the minimum hourly rate!You can’t do that in Edinburgh

    @tartangladbach @Sneekyboy @courierroadshow avergare Norwegian wage is about £148.50 a week better .. or the balance of 40 odd pints !! 🙂

    I think this is something we need to spread around all those nay sayers who get all up tight any time we mention Scotland becoming more like Norway. They always quote the £13 for two pints line but conveniently forget to mention that this is still £2 less than the Norwegian hourly pay rate!

    I am sure if we could convince people to stop looking at prices in Norway through U.K. wages coloured glasses then they would see the benefits of a Norwegian type lifestyle.

  120. ronnie anderson says:

    @AndyC ,go in through contact page,mind legal fund.

  121. Proud Cybernat says:

    Proud Cybernat reckons you just stuffed Teary a right sore one there, Rev. But you know what it’s like with these UKOK types–they don’t like it up ’em. With his experience of working down in ’em sewers I reckon he’ll come out shighting… er, I mean fighting, of course.

  122. Jim Bo says:

    I feel McTernan’s Wikipedia page should be updated with a link to this page under ‘external references.’ Is this doable?

  123. Jim Bo says:

    *external links

  124. TheItalianJob says:


    Also wages are almost 80% higher in a lot of cases and you can offset all of your loans on houses, cars etc on your tax which means the tax rate is not much more that ours.

  125. Susan says:

    O/T Wings’ flyers and postcards have arrived, I would be out delivering some of the flyers if it was not pouring with rain.

  126. Derek M says:

    thank you Lesley-Anne it must have been one of those computer ghost thingies i got as both links work now 🙂

  127. Nana Smith says:

    Have a read of this particularly this line

    “I would be obliged if you would address these concerns swiftly as I believe that Mr Gunn’s actions have deeply damaged the public’s confidence in our political system.


  128. Nana Smith says:

    I meant to add its so funny coming from a labourite

  129. Lesley-Anne says:

    Just a wee quick follow up to my last post from AyeBorders on tour.

    @tartangladbach @0604Arb1320 @courierroadshow @Sneekyboy Chargehand stevedore in Esbjerg £100,000 pa ….. honest !! #voteyes

    THIS is the reality of living in Norway NOT the hairy fairy ideas put into peoples heads by Westminster!

  130. Jim Duthie says:

    O/T I know – but does anyone know anything about claims that Pope Francis is now supporting the No side?

  131. JLT says:

    God almighty! The pope now!

    I have to admit …I’m getting a wee bit tad annoyed at everyone beyond our borders having their say on what we should or shouldn’t do (mostly …shouldn’t)

    We are a sovereign people. We were a nation before. If we want to have full power of this nation again …then we’ll f**** well will! No one else is telling us what we can or can’t do! Am getting very ANNOYED!!!!!!

    Seriously …I wonder how many of the DK’s or No’s are getting peed off with this…

    Anyway …calm …Zen Buddha …and back to the higher ideal. Vive le Tartan Velvet Revolution of Scotland!

  132. Dan huil says:

    John McTernan, Brian Wilson and Ms Lamont. Who has the most acrid countenance? Surely it must add votes to the Yes campaign whenever their faces appear on telly.

  133. Geoff Huijer says:

    The man is to be pitied.

  134. JLT says:

    Jim Duthie

    Jim, I think the Pope is taking a neutral stance. I think he’s pointing out that there are different types of national division. I think his advisors will probably have explained what it is that the Yes Campaign are aiming for (a higher ideal and a more democratic and social nation). I can’t see the Pope going against that.

    As much as I’m Presbyterian, I like listening to what the Pope(s) have to say. At times, some of what they say, allows you to ponder on what direction the world is taking. In this case, I think he is just advising caution, and telling the Scots not to become to divisive in their debates.

  135. No no no...Yes says:

    More guff from the BBC News website:

    Iain Watson, political correspondent’s article updated at 14:28 today, includes this paragraph near the end:

    “Meanwhile, some Labour figures are experiencing a calming of nerves, believing momentum towards the “Yes” camp has been halted.”

    What planet does he live on, hasn’t he seen the latest Survation polls?

  136. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

    bunter says:
    Oh no, the Pope enters the indy debate. Keep religion out of it FFS.

    Who will be next up with their Indyref opinion?

    Where’s Paul the Octopus when you need him?

  137. HandandShrimp says:

    Jim Duthie

    I doubt very much that the Pope (particularly this extremely switched on and bridge building Pope) is taking political sides. I think it much more likely someone is hoping that they can sow seeds of division and lure pro-independence supporters into saying something offensive about a very decent and gentle religious leader (and I say that as an out and out sceptic on all things religious).

  138. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    McTernan does have a serial killers sort of haircut.

    Mind you, at this stage in life, i wouldn’t some more, even of his.

  139. desimond says:

    Latest BT advert

    “This is John….no-one will play Connect 4 with him”

    call 0800 999 9999 and help John find a friend!

  140. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Lesley Ann

    Esbjerg is in Denmark

  141. Papadox says:

    @jim duthie 3:31pm

    Was that MI5 who released that wee gem?

    So that’s the POPE, THE ORANGE ORDER, and HILARY CLINTON, and the EBC. shit this is getting serious.


  142. Meindevon says:

    Bit disappointed at some of the language and name calling here today. We don’t like it when it happens to us. Keep calm, folks.

  143. Lesley-Anne says:

    How much more information do people need to come down off the fence and say YES! Here’s a link to an article in the Welfare News Service about the possibility that the D.W.P. run by that awfully nice chap Ian Duncan Smith (note to self. If Mr. McTernan is unavailable to visit for tea and biscuits make alternative arrangements for Mr Duncan Smith. There that should avoid all possible claims of abuse. PHEW! 😛 ) are looking into closing down the Trussell Trust who run food banks!

    The UK Government’s attitude towards foodbanks has been called into question again today after it emerged that a senior aide to Iain Duncan Smith threatened to shut down foodbank charity the Trussell Trust for being critical of the government.

  144. Jim Duthie says:

    JLT and HandandShrimp

    Thanks for that. I couldn’t believe it when I heard about it. Apparently, it is being reported in the Herald. I’m a practising Catholic and most people I know at my Church are voting YES,

  145. Juteman says:

    At least the man from Del Monte is on our side.:-)

  146. Mary Bruce says:

    They are a strange breed, the labour media types. I’ve been “friends” with one on facebook for a number of years. They are arch-unionist, send the kids to private school, scathing of everything.

    Never has this person posted or shared anything related to foodbanks, poverty, workfare, bedroom tax, unemployment or threats to the NHS. No condemnation of student fees or the post office sell off scandal. But no shortage of posts slagging off the cybernats and Salmond.

    I thought about un-friending them once but I’m too nosey incase I miss something. Interestingly the most recent posts have received only one or no likes and hardly anyone responds to them any more.

    They are not all like that mind you: I know of a press officer who did a stint with the labour party in their youth but is now campaigning for a yes vote.

  147. haud on the noo says:

    Fruits for freedom !

  148. starlaw says:

    The Pope supporting No , In Scotland that’s worth thousands of more Yes votes . Wonder who McCafferty’s cat supports

  149. Peter says:

    Blair Mcliar should be confronted with his support for invading Iraq every time he is interviewed.

    Also remind every undecided voter that post Yes the war criminals will no longer have the Westminster establishment protecting them from prosecution. Brown, Reid, Murphy, Ingram will either be in prison or have fled to less democratic countries.

    And amongst the assets to which Scotland is entitled are all those government papers currently kept secret. Is there any legal reason why a new Scottish Government would be forced to keep them secret?

  150. Macart says:

    My what a fine human being. People get paid for that?

    And the opposition have the shear neck to cast asparagus about the morals and intent of others. 😀

    They really do have an odd grasp on reality and if ever we want to change our politics for the better, simply losing SPADS would right up there on a list of good reasons for getting it done.

  151. Haggis Hunter says:

    All Stalin’s head Hangmen were litte weedy guys, you know the type jumped up, evil, cruel, vindictive.
    Just saying like.

  152. desimond says:

    Its the usual, person in power makes a statement open enough for cynical folk to jump on it and use to their own apparent benefit.

    Its a day for smiling.

    Imagine what happens when next Poll shows YES increasing..”No!.We’ve tried The Queen, The Pope, Clinton and Obama and its still no working..Has anyone got Batmans number?”

  153. Cindie says:

    Iain Duncan Smith adds his plea to Scotland to stay with the union, that’ll be a few hundred more votes for yes then:

  154. Mary Bruce says:

    Lesley-Anne: that story about threats to shut town the Trussell Trust is unbelievable, it actually makes me feel sick. Politicians would rather people starved than than allow their party’s inhumane policies be criticised. Is this the future under this union? Oh my God…

  155. Coolheads Prevail says:

    The worst thing we could possibly do to Mr. McTernan is to ignore him and his angry babblings. It’ll drive him crazy

  156. desimond says:

    One for John and his likes love for using the Troops

    Have you ever been away – Beautiful South

    Your fight them on the beaches
    Speeches make me despair
    ‘Cause if there’s one thing we can guarantee
    Is you will not he there

    Tidying your room
    Making up your bed
    And if your diary’s full that week
    You’ll send us lot instead

    Send us lot instead
    Put a poppy by my lovers bed
    We believe you when you say
    You’ve hurt your back

    Have you ever been away
    Where were you when we took Calais?
    I don’t know, I don’t care
    I’m just glad that I wasn’t there
    You don’t know, you don’t care
    You’re just glad that you wasn’t there

    I’m afraid your Rule Britannia mania
    Doesn’t ring so true
    If I was captain of the waves
    I’d turn the gun on you

    Any last requests
    Before you join dead?
    I’ll crap into your Union Jack
    And wrap it ’round your head

    Wrap it ’round your head
    Take a look at all the blood we’ve shed
    We’ll believe you when you say
    It was worth it

    Have you ever been away
    Where were you when we took Calais?
    I don’t know, I don’t care
    I’m just glad that I wasn’t there
    You don’t know, you don’t care
    You’re just glad that you wasn’t there

    Liberate the streets of Europe
    Give our kids a chance
    Give them Beaujolais by tap
    And cheap day trips to France

    But you have never seen or smelt
    This ungodly death
    It’s like the stench of roasted lamb
    Upon your father’s breath

    I don’t know, I don’t care
    I’m just glad that I wasn’t there
    You don’t know, you don’t care
    You’re just glad that you wasn’t there

  157. Bawheid Bragg says:

    This guy’s like a cross between Senator Joe McCarthy and J Edgar Hoover. What a throwback!

  158. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Whilst I agree with your comments, we need to stop giving him oxygen.”

    I disagree. Every second he spends onscreen is like a free advert for Yes.

  159. Lesley-Anne says:

    So just a wee re-cap about Scotland being more like Norway is called for here I think. 😉

    First up are three tweets by Angus B MacNeil M.P.

    “Norway has saved up its oil money in a fund now worth $870 billion, or $170,000 per man, woman and child”

    The Norwegian Oil Fund returned ‘a moderate’ £7.75bn (1.7%) in the first quarter of 2014. This is 28% of the Scottish Government budget!!

    “The IMF has called on Norway to cut back on spending its oil income” – WHAT? Compare independent Norway to Scotland!

    So now we know that a charge-hand stevedore earns £100,000 p.a. and can buy two pints of beer for £13. We also now know that the interest paid in the first quarter of 2014 on Norway’s Oil Fund would have paid for around 28% of Scottish government’s budget. The I.M.F. are rather unhappy that Norway is *ahem* splashing the cash so speak and want them to slow down this process. 😛

    I have also read although I’ve now lost the tweet that in Norway people claim tax relief on car purchases AND mortgages!


    Norway is nuclear free.


    Norway is IN NATO


    Norway does NOT get involved in ILLEGAL wars.

    So my question to all NAY sayers is this. “What is there not to like about having a Norwegian styled economy if we can aim to achieve something similar to what I’ve just laid out above?”

  160. Alan McHarg says:

    Keep up the good work rev. Unveiling the ugly face of British unionism and highlighting how they hold the Scot’s in utter contempt will be their undoing. Hope, truth and the offer of a better tomorrow for Scotland and it’s people will win the day.

  161. Proud Cybernat says:

    That mush just goes to prove the old saying that Politics is just show-biz for ugly people.

  162. JWil says:

    It’s a great pity Ms Gillard failed in her attempt to keep her job. McTernan might have had a job for life over there.

    The one good thing about it is that he is not infallible.

  163. Dr Ew says:

    Just a quick word on the shrill headlines on Pope Francis’s “intervention” on Scottish independence: Be alert.

    Close reading of the Herald article makes clear this is carefully structured with select quotes to leave the impression of Papal concern. He’s actually very circumspect about what he says.

    Anyway, what I really want to say is KEEP THE HEID! This is a booby trap designed to explode in our faces.

    (P.S. I’m an atheist, I just don’t want George Galloway dancing around saying ‘I told you so’.

  164. a supporter says:

    Since McTernan is a spin doctor the way to discredit him is to spin back. Every time he appears on Twitter I put in some remark about how he has never been associated with a winning election campaign since Tony Blair’s time, and/or, about his failed Twitter Army in OZ, and/or his ridiculous views in the articles which Stu has critiqued above. He does NOT like that.

    I don’t tweet directly to him because he immediately blocks all criticism but you can bypass that by joining conversations where he is sounding off and tweeting other members of the conversation.

  165. Mary Bruce says:

    Dr Ew,

    It really is obvious that Pope Francis never came out in support of Better Together.

    What a risky thing for the no campaign to claim, there is the possibility that the Pope will respond to this, contradicting them, in the same way that Great Ormond Street Hospital did.

    Why risk the egg on their face, they really are getting very very desperate.

  166. keaton says:

    Malcolm Tucker was modeled on Alastair Campbell. Alastair was abrasive, and won elections. McBride, McTernan, Okasha were three New Labour spin doctors who also modeled themselves on Alastair Campbell – excepting the bit about winning elections.

    Indeed. Another difference is that Tucker is witty and can turn a phrase. Guy Fawkes once claimed that Tucker’s less competent sidekick, Jamie McDonald, was based on McTernan, but even that flatters him.

  167. Onwards says:

    The YES campaign has to be positive, but it would be nice to see the SNP taking off the gloves and going on the attack a bit more.
    All we seem to do is defend against smears.

    And we have the UK government spending £720,000 to send a pro-union booklet to every house in Scotland.

    Surely the Scottish government could do the same?

    Independence is the majority opinion in the parliament after all.

  168. Bill McLean says:

    For God’s sake be polite. Don’t attack the messenger. Don’t ever allow us to sink to the filthy levels of the unionist messengers. They are scared sh..less!

  169. a supporter says:

    “For God’s sake be polite. Don’t attack the messenger.”

    Unless the messenger is McTernan, Cochrane, Dalgety, Lamont, Darling, McDougal…need I go on? Attack people like these as hard as you can and there’s no need to be polite. And particularly McTernan who likes to think of himself as an attack dog for Labour. Just remember he was a cheerleading, bend over supporter of Blair, in FULL agreement with entering into the murderous disaster which Iraq has become.

    And he is still unrepentent as he thinks we should now GO BACK IN!!! Presumably to try to salvage Blair’s and his reputation for posterity.

  170. Onwards. This isn’t a boast, but this year I have delivered two editions of the Yes newspaper, and two sets of survey forms to over 1,600 homes in my area of the town where I live. That’s just me, and we have a team doing the same all over, not only my town, but the surrounding villages as well. And these people comprise different political ideals, and are incidentally, not all born in Scotland. But the one thing they do have in common, is a strong desire to make Scotland an independent country. We don’t need Royal Mail to do our work, we do it ourself.

  171. Bill McLean says:

    A supporter – Don’t attack the messenger unless (then your list). Don’t you understand that these people have the power of the media at their disposal. You as an individual attack them as an individual and they turn it back on ALL of us via the compliant media! Iraq was a horrible fact but it is not the issue at the moment. You attack McTernan over Iraq and give him and the media an excuse to appeal to Britishness and the clowns who think it is patriotic and noble to bomb the lives out of men, women and children – especially if they happen to be a darker shade than us!

  172. Kenny Campbell says:

    McTiernan is a typical of that whole era of knobs who think they were geniuses by making Labour electable aften an eon of the Tories, killing the whole party in the process. See Lib Dems of recent example of the same.

    Wholly wedded to New Labour despite its long overdue death. An utterly horrendous character, a dinosaur who didn’t see the meteor hit…

    He will still be saying there will be no referendum after a YES vote. Probably calling foul on some crappy technical point.

  173. Papadox says:

    @rev stuart Campbell 4:35pm

    Ok you’ve talked me into it. We should stop giving Mctiernan oxygen. Where’s the switch then?

  174. Onwards says:

    @ Alex Beveridge

    From that BBC article:

    The Scottish government own referendum rules also state that campaign spending does not apply to it or the UK government before 22 August.

    Given that the UK government is spending at least £720,000 on unionist propaganda over the summer, I would hope to see the Scottish Government do likewise for independence.

    Maybe not posted material, as like you say, we have activists that can do that anyway.
    But maybe paying for billboards or setting up official debates.

    It would be nice to try and level the playing field, during the last few months.
    And to see more well produced info from the official view of the Scottish Government.

    I understand some will gripe about any costs from the public purse, but it works both ways.
    And it can be seen as an investment in the future prosperity of the country.
    The same as taxpayers money is spent on inward investment.

  175. Papadox says:

    The main brain of the labour strategy think tank “Mcternan” on newsnight explaining what a wonderful job Tony and him made of Iraq and how Malachi has made an arse of it because he through the yanks out. This guy is seriously disturbed and unhinged he requires medical attention, urgently.

    He keeps saying we will need to go back in to sort the mess out. (He actually meant the yanks) because as everybody knows except the ” British nationals” we have a very small army and navy which in no way could fight a major action for any length of time, without the yanks to supply the manpower, material, logistics, munitions, transport, money and intelligence.

    I wish HMG would stop talking this shit about punching above our weight and admit we are a 4th rate power, that tries to tell the Scots we need them to protect us, from and with what? The only people I need protecting from is HMG AND WESTMINSTER, and our brave forces are barely big enough or equipped well enough to do that. Westminster has let the military down time after time so these politicians can play toy soldiers with these service personnels lives.

    Let’s send Mcternan back to Iraq with Tony and they two supermen can sort it out themselves. They could maybe offer some of SLABS troughers a chance to give them a wee hand.

  176. The Morgatron says:

    Would love to see the rest of that picture of McTearnan , I bet below hes wearing a ra- ra skirt In the bottom half of it? Get him on the telly more often , hes the best stand up I have seen in years. Comedy gold from a true clown.

  177. fittie says:

    Mcternan was on newsnight tonight making out the the Iraq\war was all about getting rid of Saddam and establishing democracy.

    The interviewer should have pulled him up on the WMD lies that was the stated reason for the war .

    Blair also said at the time that Saddam could stay in power if he gave up Wmds

  178. Auld Rock says:

    Naw, naw Pentland Firth writing at 1:30PM yesterday, by McT’s own words he is the “TURD ENGINEER” (say this with an Irish accent). So you can’t insult a person by quoting his own description of himself back at him!!!!

    Auld Rock

  179. Duncan Spence says:

    While applauding the contextual information about this nasty piece of [expletive deleted], does this not border on the kind of ad hominem argumentation that will be jumped upon by the [expletives deleted] of the no campaign?

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