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This is what a liar looks like

Posted on October 11, 2020 by

We’re grumpy this morning, readers, because it’s Sunday and we were planning a long lie and then someone told us about this. It’s the First Minister appearing on the Sophy Ridge show on Sky News at around 8.45am and you need to see it.

It was quite the performance.

Nothing we could say to you will be more revealing than just watching the entire clip for yourself. It’s such a piece of nervy, jittery evasion and deflection that sometimes it’s hard not to switch it off – indeed, the person who alerted us couldn’t make it to the end.

So we’ll restrict ourselves to noting a couple of key points, because otherwise almost every sentence of it could be dissected and we’d be here all day.

Sturgeon starts off by completely swerving Ridge’s question about when she knew of the investigation about Salmond, which we suspect is because she wants to avoid the embarrassment of having to repeat her pathetic excuse about having “forgotten” about her meeting with Geoff Aberdein on 29 March 2018.

She repeatedly – even when Ridge mentions Aberdein specifically – pretends to misunderstand that Ridge is talking about a separate matter in 2017, in which Aberdein had no involvement, when an allegation was made about events at Edinburgh Airport.

(Nothing ever came of that allegation, because it was so ludicrous and feeble that it didn’t even manage to get onto a charge sheet where Salmond was accused of crimes as heinous as “pinging” someone’s hair in a lift. It was also completely false.)

Quite interestingly, in an interview with Andrew Marr in October 2018, Sturgeon had categorically denied having ever heard ANYTHING about ANY allegations of a sexual nature against Salmond until the ones she heard about in “April” 2018.

Yet in her written evidence to the committee she says “I spoke to Mr Salmond about this [November 2017] allegation at the time”, which inescapably means that she was definitely lying to Marr when she denied any knowledge of it 11 months later.

Throughout the whole 10-minute section Sturgeon never does answer Ridge’s opening question, continually ducking it with the 2017 misdirection. Ridge is persistent but not quite on top of her brief, so she lets Sturgeon off the hook a couple of times, such as when Sturgeon remarkably denies ever having said she “forgot” about the meeting with Aberdein, even though she says so in her own written evidence to the committee.

RIDGE: You said that you forgot that you first found out from his chief-of-staff.

STURGEON: No, I didn’t say that.

Sturgeon also trots out her trusty squirrel of claiming that people are accusing her of both conspiring against and colluding with Salmond, although we can’t remember the last time anyone actually accused her of the latter. (The nervous giggle as she says it is almost as telling as the number of times she blinks throughout the interview.)

She repeatedly basically says Salmond’s guilty anyway, insisting that the whole thing is his fault for behaving badly even if what he did wasn’t technically criminal, and refers to the single such incident that Salmond admitted – an occasion when two mildly tipsy and fully clothed consenting adults slightly crossed a professional boundary, the more senior one apologised for allowing it to happen, the apology was accepted and they continued to work together.

Outrageously, she then attempts to claim that Salmond’s evident anger at Sturgeon ISN’T because she conspired to try to have him imprisoned for the rest of his life for crimes he didn’t commit, but because she refused to “collude” with him to stop any investigation ever happening – something that, once again, HER OWN submission to the committee shows as a plain and simple lie.

What Salmond actually did was attempt to solve the matter through arbitration and warn the Scottish Government that its inquiry was flawed, biased and illegal and would be expensively defeated in court – something which proved to be precisely the case when the Scottish Government backed down in a panic at the last moment rather than let its crooked machinations be publicly exposed in the courtroom.

(Indeed, on 8 January 2019 Sturgeon had told Parliament very firmly that after her meetings with Salmond on the subject she did not intervene, and did not feel under any pressure to do so, ie from him.)

Had Sturgeon listened then, she wouldn’t be digging herself into a bigger and bigger hole now. We watched Casino on telly a couple of nights ago and Joe Pesci’s grisly death scene was barely any grimmer than Sturgeon’s performance this morning.

It was the interview equivalent of being clubbed to a bloody mess with steel baseball bats and thrown bleeding but still alive into a shallow ditch. We fear Nicola Sturgeon’s eventual political end will not, unlike Nicky Santoro’s, benefit from the cameras turning away at the final moment to spare us the horror.

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    522 to “This is what a liar looks like”

    1. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Tried to count her blinks from the start but she was going too fast. My guesstimate is 100 blinks in the first minute.

    2. kapelmeister says:

      “This is not about my conduct, it’s about Alex Salmond’s conduct…”

      Take a running jump you despicable eejit.

    3. Daisy Walker says:


      She gets a real smug ‘you can’t touch me’ me look about her when she floats the ‘this is about AS conduct’.

      Having said that, once again, once she got a head of steam on her, if you didn’t know the facts around this, and you weren’t aware of her normal smooth performance compared to today’s shifty/blink/blink effort, you would probably be fooled.

      At one point the word I would have used to describe her is evil, a real twisted character.

    4. Ian Brotherhood says:

      ‘This is what toast looks like’

    5. kapelmeister says:

      Well she can always get a nice job in the library if she ends up in Cornton Vale.

    6. Liz says:

      Like the person who alerted you to this ‘covering her arse’ interview, i barely made it into 3 mins of waffle.

      She is a total wreck. Still claiming, we had to deal with these complaints. One complaint, already dealt with as you said.

      I used to be a fan of this woman, now I can’t bear to either listen to or watch a single moment of her.

    7. Milady says:

      That last comment about Salmond being mad at her because she wouldn’t cover up his misdemeanours is breathtaking in its audacity. Also the jaw dropping ‘well he’s a man…’bit, implying he is automatically suspect, ergo all woman must be believed”. Outrageous. It’s all unravelling now though.

    8. Republicofscotland says:

      I noticed in the interview that Sturgeon continually shifts the narrative from her own conduct to that of Alex Salmond’s, stating on several occasions, when asked about the earlier meeting with Aberdein that this is isn’t about my conduct.

      Unfortunately Nicola it is about your conduct, which has been disgraceful, devious and unbecoming of a First Minister of Scotland. You really need to step down now for the good of the country. Oh, and take your nasty wee husband with you.

    9. Oneliner says:

      ‘Alex Salmond still hasn’t submitted evidence’ –

      should read:

      ‘Alex Salmond still hasn’t submitted evidence to the satisfaction of the Scottish Government editorial committee’.

    10. The Dissident says:

      Well, I managed to get to 3:47. I’ll try again later when I have alcohol in hand.

      This is the problem with narcissists, they think that they just have to pitch up on TV and everything will be better.

      I suspect she just made things 10 times worse.

    11. Lenny Hartley says:

      Posted without comment, Could not watch! whats that song.

      From google
      Fast Blinking – Eye blinking tends to increase as stress increases. This makes sense, because as we’ve learned, blinking is a protection mechanism and if the body is stressed, then the eyes respond. BE CAUTIOUS. Just because someone is blinking fast doesn’t mean they are lying. It means it is more probable that they are lying. In order to know whether they are lying, you’ll need to test your observation by forcing them into a situation where they have to lie and then watching the eye movement to know if it matches the situation where you observed rapid eye blinking. Additionally, observe the other body language cues that the other party is displaying. Have they turned their heads? Are they averting their vision? Are they squirming in their chair? Has their posture slumped? I think it’s important to note now that no body language signal should be viewed in isolation. You MUST observe the entire body to make a more accurate reading of the message that’s being communicated. This takes practice and a lot of role playing to get better at.

    12. Andrew Davidson says:

      She had a narrative she came in with and was going to push hard. The distraction of WhatsApp messages that may or may not be what AS was referring to. The casually thrown in “I can see why you didn’t want to tell me” comment which was referring about RT but… that was added as a gloss after the line was said. Distraction from the meeting with Aberdein to go on about Sky News November Sky News November.

      Everything about it was a performance. They’ve obviously decided the only way out of this is by charging through it with obfuscation, smear and outright lie.

      That line about him being annoyed at her for not colluding with him… wow. I hope Alec’s lawyers were watching.

      If anyone had any shred of doubt about her culpability before surely to god it’s gone now.

    13. Liz says:

      She certainly made things at least 10 times worse.

      She accused Alex of wanting her to ‘collude’ with him in covering up the allegations.
      That’s defamation right there.

      Someone did say she would destroy the whole SNP rather than step dpwn

    14. Fionan says:

      The rate of blinking was quite remarkable – not the sign of a calm, confident person at all, but the biggest giveaway of dishonesty. As were the quick glances down to the left, and the tightness of her mouth as she was speaking, trying hard not to slip up and make a mistake.

      And so many ‘I, I, I’s then reforming the tone of the sentence to place less emphasis on ‘I’- I suspect she has seen criticism of her constant ‘I am..’ and is working to control that. But of course she can’t.

      The constant snide claims of AS’s ‘conduct’ were obviously done not only to smear him further, but to deflect from her own despicable conduct towards him, not to mention towards so many of her party colleagues and elected representatives.

      The whole sorry saga is developing towards a crescendo at which point surely Sturgeon’s credibility will finally be blasted to smithereens with the same ferocity with which these baseball bats were wielded- a scene which I had to turn away from – and which will be very, very painful. Yet it will be a necessary event if we are ever to salvage our country from the ravages of years of tory plunder, brexit, covid and the internal market bill.

    15. Albalha says:

      Something that jumped out at me was her saying, when reading out the WhatsApp messgaes she thinks Alex Salmond’s team are referring to as not being handed over, is that on the Ist of November 2017 she messaged him to ask when he was free to talk about the Sky News report.

      From memory Liz Lloyd’s submission to the committee says she was alerted to the Sky News reports on the 4th of November by the SNP press office and told Nicola Sturgeon at that point.

      Now the press office won’t have waited 3 days to alert her, so when did Sky News approach the SNP.

      A well briefed Sky News interviewer, of course, should have known exactly when that call was put in.

    16. DickieT says:

      Whilst I agree that there was a conspiracy to get Salmond out of the way and Murrell is at the centre of it I fail to understand the significance of focussing on when she first knew. It smacks of desperation when there must be so much more damaging evidence.,,it Murrells WhatsApp messages

    17. Grouse Beater says:

      Nicola’s limitations as a politician were evident a few years ago in a number of situations, particularly obvious when she decided to chase Brexit uninvited on behalf of half of England.

      Her creation of an SNP ethos where soldiers and messengers become dispensable, warned that in moments of extremis statesmanship would not be her strongest skill.

      There is strength in kindness, none in summary death by sword.

      The more she took over responsibility for all judgements, the more her limitations were exposed. That is the penalty of not delegating shrewdly, not surrounding yourself with vivid talent and letting it speak.

      I am also bound to observe how lost Nicola is when a pandemic precludes any chance of taking selfies.

    18. Hatuey says:

      It would be good to know more about the Sky enquiries mentioned. It wouldn’t surprise me to hear that they were in some way tipped off. It stinks, like so much else does here.

      Look at the pattern.

      1. She is asked when she found out about the allegations.
      2. she goes on the record with an answer (2nd of April).
      3. her answer turns out to be crap.
      4. she changes her answer to 29th March.
      5. it comes to light she called Salmond in “mid-march” to discuss allegations.
      6. she come up with a new story involving Sky news the previous year.

      We still don’t know the truth. And there’s a reason that question is difficult for her.

      It’s like asking Brutus when he first heard about the conspiracy to assassinate Caesar.

      The line about women being left to answer and explain the behavior of men is utterly revolting and shocking when you know what happened here. And we do.

    19. kapelmeister says:

      With Sturgeon it used to be all me me me. Now it’s all I I I.

    20. Daisy Walker says:

      Here’s the timeline again folks. Just skip down to back end of 2017, start of 2018 for sequence of when NS ‘knew/forgot’ etc.

      Kind regards

      Timeline – updated 11/10/20.


      18/9/14 Indy Ref 1

      Nov 2014 NS made leader of SNP and FM Scotland


      7th May 2015 UK GE – SNP win 56 seats

      1st July 2015 Leslie Evans becomes Permanent Secretary Scotland



      5th May 2016 – Holyrood Election

      23rd June 2016 Brexit Referendum



      16th March 2017 Terrible May officially rejects NS IR2 request. Now is not the Time.

      4th May 2017 – Scottish Local Elections

      8th June 2017 – Terrible May calls a GE and wins.

      AS loses his seat.

      NS takes IndyRef2 off the table. Now is not the time.
      A marked difference in her attitude is seen.
      ‘Not until the Terms of Brexit are Known becomes the mantra.

      13th June 2017 ? Not sure if this is correct date?- Ref-Scot taken down at £482,000 of £1 million target

      The Brexit deadline time line is I think November 2018 ish.

      Both Pete Wishart and Tommy Shepherd (Tommy did this in a public talk, as far as I can tell he was the first person to run this up the flagpole, since then he has kept his head down on this subject – his background is old/new labour) start to talk about ‘not until after Brexit and the hard effects are felt, should we go for IndyRef2’. PW is fully supported in this view by John Swinney.

      July 2017 (source Civil Service World) HM Revenue and Customs confirm the go ahead on a new Civil Service Hub to be build at Waverly St, Edinburgh to staff 11 Civil Servant departments – 3,000 positions. 20 year lease taken out. Artisan the contractor.

      Oct 2017 ScotGov begins review of complaints policy. Aamer Anwar makes allegations of ‘ticking time bomb’ ‘catalogue’ of sexual harassment at HR.

      November 2017

      9th November 2017 AS gets his own TV Show on RT. While the Yes movement is delighted at an evening up on the media inequality… the official SNP and NS – pursed lips all round.

      17th Nov 2017 – Sky New reported to be actively investigating AS over historic incidents from 2008.

      First Documentary ‘The Only Game In Town’ is aired on WOS.

      Nov 2017 – Evans confirmed she raised the issue with Sturgeon after learning about media interest in an incident at Edinburgh Airport in 2008-9. Airport informed Angus Robertson (can’t pin down when).

      8 Drafts of complaints procedures (for dealing with current and previous employees with regards harassment complaints) – all of which have official role for First Minister within the procedures

      1st Dec 2017 Nicole Richards – Director of People – contacts James Hynd re draft number 9, its, ‘agreed with Permanent Secretary I would test it with some of the key individuals’

      5th Dec 2017 Judith Mackinnon – Head of Peoples Advisor has meeting with Ms A and shared draft procedures with her.

      6th December 2017 Nicole Richards sends ‘final draft (9) to PS Leslie Evans which is approved by NS. This draft, unlike the previous 8 excludes the First Minister from any formal role in the process.


      Jan 2018

      Sky News approaches the SNP re allegations of a sexual nature against AS. This may be the first complaint registered with Scot Gov against AS, or indeed the first complaint by employee may have been registered at this time, its not clear.

      Feb 2018 Murray Foote Resigns from DR

      March 2018

      Liz Lloyd meeting Aberdein 6th March 2018
      She claimed the complaints she mentioned to Aberdein re Salmond were to do with Airportgate
      Not the backdated Government enquiry about which she claimed she did not know at the time.

      Mid March Geoff Aberdein is contacted by NS aids to set up a meeting with her on 29th March – this is not mentioned in any way, or officially recorded (as far as we yet know) in NS evidence to the inquiry.

      GA can corroborate this contact, and has provided this information under oath at AS criminal trial.

      29th March 2018
      NS meets with Aberdein (who is according to NS, in parliament to see former colleague) and is informed of AS issue – according to her for the first time. Meeting takes place at Holyrood, in her office – and she later ‘forgets’ the timing of this meeting possibly due to not being supposed to hold party meetings in this venue.

      Meeting and all those present is NOT officially recored in the FM’s diary.

      (At FMQ on 8/10/20 she refers to it (not exact wording) as an off the cuff type meeting, fleeting/head round the door.

      In contrast to GA who describes it clearly under oath as pre-arranged, and has since stated it lead to him seeking legal advice prior to attending.)

      She lied to Scottish Parliament about when she was first made aware of the complaints.

      April 2018

      2/4/18 NS thinks AS will resign (from her whats app messages/evidence). Has formal meeting with him at her home which is ‘seered’ on her memory. This is her first official recollection of first becoming aware of the incident.

      Rumours abound within Yes Movement at this time that NS is soon to step down from Holyrood, and possibly go on to a big job at UN.

      WM votes to illegally bomb Syria.

      Legal appeal against Brexit begins.

      22/4/18 AS sends NS message

      May 2018 Brexit – attitudes to Indy due to Brexit, ways of gaining Indy all still being talked about.

      31/5/18 AS sends message to NS requesting a meet.

      June 2018

      3/6/18 AS threatens legal action. Asks for Permanent Secretary to be notified re sorting the matter out by legal arbitration procedures. Alerts NS that her current procedures are likely to be found unlawful and as a qualified lawyer and FM she is expected to review it and make a decision.

      6/6/18 PS notified by NS
      7/6/18 NS meets AS alone

      SNP high in Polls

      13/6/18 SNP walk out of WM in protest at treatment of the Skye Banker and what was to become the UK Internal Market Bill.
      Marked overnight increase in SNP membership, international media coverage of same.
      Same Date Iain McWhirter writes about Devolution ending not with a bang but a whimper over this bill.

      23/6/19 MSP Mark Macdonald Scandal***

      July 2018

      4th July 2018 – Scotland Claim of Right passed at WM

      5th July NS has meeting with AS
      18/7/18 No further contact after this date

      Wings over Scotland has its You Tube BBC content taken down without its knowledge by BBC in London.*** Why? What footage did they want removed and why? Peter Curran’s web site also taken down. *** As far as can be seen there was nothing in the WOS footage that might have had any reference to the above. With regards Peter Curran’s website footage – unable to check. He took his site down later, concerned about criticism of the SNP GRA policy.

      August 2018
      17th August WOS appears in court re Kezia Dugdale

      19th August Campaign in Edinburgh by many English people campaigning for Peoples Vote on Brexit and begging Scotland to assist. Apparently they don’t think the Brexit Referendum was won fairly – when IndyRef1 unfairness pointed out to them – tumbleweed.
      Kirsty Hughes – lobbyist for same – also showed up on list of ‘journalists’ who have received same ‘support’ from some Anglo/America consortium. Dani Garavelli was also on the list. Later on DG reports on the AS trial could be construed as ‘jigsaw identifying one of the complainers in AS trial’ (For obvious reasons I’m being diplomatic with this sentence.)

      UK Brexit Appeal lodged

      Allegations against AS made public. Civil law complaints, 2 complainers at this time. (Was it 2 complainers on 29th March 2018? If not then when, where and by what means did the second one come forward?) Was Ms A one of the complainers.

      AS initiates Record Breaking fund raiser and instigates Judicial Appeal. Rumours abound that SNP membership increased dramatically overnight in response – no confirmation from SNP re this in anyway.

      30th August 2018 Permanent Secretary Leslie Evans meets with Civil Servant Unions to attempt to gain support against AS.

      Sept 2018 Polling shows support of Indy increasing due to brexit

      Oct 2018 AUOB march – Edinburgh big turnout – no show from NS as usual

      Nov 2018 Brexit deadline reached – Transition period entered. No talk from NS or other top SNP members as to how we save Scotland. Not until the Terms of Brexit are Known is the mantra, and the sound of the can rattles down the road again.

      Dec 2018
      19th Vote of No Confidence in Terrible May at WM. Boris elected. Actions by the Labour party ENSURE Brexit No deal is the only game in town.


      January 2019

      AS Airbrushed out of SNP Website. NS has Ordered top SNP politicians Not to appear on his RT Show. AS puts pressure on her on his show, to call a second IR.

      During this month or the next NS manages to recollect she had that meeting with Aberdein on 29th March 2018. Does nothing to update the official record of same, at this time.

      8/1/19 AS wins Court of Judiciary process – procedure deemed unfair and tainted by apparent bias.

      The Times calls for Leslie Evans to be sacked.
      20/1/19 LE contract of employment extended (possibly with 20,000 £ pay rise)

      From memory – it was within weeks of AS initial win that Criminal Procedures were taken out against him. Over 20 Police officers allocated to investigate him, to come up with a prosecution case that can best be described as flimsy in the extreme.

      January 2019

      Feb 2019 Brexit deadline approaching (do not waste this time), nothing resembling a plan from the SNP. ‘wheesht for Indy – now the theme.

      March 2019 Another Brexit Deadline comes and goes, no real progress, transition extended.

      23/3/19 Kezia Dugdale v WOS defamation trial – marked lack of support from leaders of the SNP for WOS.

      April 2019
      24/4/19 NS puts before Holyrood legislation for HR to hold referendums without permission from WM. This will be legally challenged by WM if it ever gets put into action.

      May 2019

      6th May AUOB march in Glasgow 100,000 no show from NS – as usual.

      End May GE called for December

      June 2019 GE talk

      14th June 2019 – New Civil Service Hub at Edinburgh – Queen Elizabeth House, officially opens. To house 3000 civil servant staff. Widely thought to be preparation to take over duties from Holyrood, once power grab and Brexit are complete.

      To put this in perspective 1 year from announcement of 20 year lease, to building being ready for move in. All with public money at a time of Austerity!!!

      July 2019

      4th July Mhairi Black posts video of herself referring to all who have reservations about GRA Self ID as ‘Jeremy Hunts’. It is around about this time she is seen in HOC’s putting her hand in her pocket and then taking her hand out rubbing her finger round her gums. Concerns were raised that this is classic Cocaine misuse behaviour – she laughed this off dismissively and stated she was finishing off a piece of Kit Kat.

      30th July 2019 NEC attempts to de-select Joanna Cherry as MP.

      August 2019

      Westminster Brexit Coup/Proroguing of Parliament

      Polling shows Support for IndyRef2 growing

      Sept 2019
      WM unlawfully prorogued – as found by court after action lead by MP Joanna Cherry
      SNP policy now officially ‘Stop Brexit’ Full support for Peoples Vote on a second Brexit Vote

      20/9/19 The Times reports on allegations NS is failing to keep proper records of her Government business, specifically referring to June ’19.

      Oct 2019
      SNP at WM prevent a Vote of No Confidence in Boris.
      Tories High in polls (UK)

      16th Oct 2019 – NS to DEMAND powers for Holyrood to hold Referendums. Pretty much empty rhetoric to play to the home crowd. Presumably she’ll thqeem and thqeeum and thqeem if Boris says no.

      SNP policy is now openly calling for second Brexit ‘peoples vote’ on Brexit.

      Electoral Commission demand 9 months notice for any further Indy Ref.. Indy Ref 2 now pencilled in for second half of 2020. ‘Trust in Nicola’ becomes the theme.

      Nov 2019 Only Game in Town part 2 is shown on WoS. Leslie Evens is named within for questionable actions.

      The Times reports NS handwritten notes have not been kept and have been destroyed, NS avoids using her MSP Scot Gov e-mail system, and issues guidelines only her SNP e-mail address to be used (is this professional? – I mean having been elected, would you use SNP headed paper to write official MSP/FM letters, or Scot Gov headed letters. All Scot Gov e-mails are recorded, SNP e-mails can be deleted at will and are not officially saved), Conservatives report her to Public Records Scotland Act 2011 for possible breach.

      Dec 2019
      Wings over Scotland Twitter account suspended weeks, just weeks before AS trial is due to go ahead, following complaints from woke members of SNP. And just in time for the GE.

      GE Neale Harvey and Denise Findlay suspended from SNP over dubious, if not spurious complaints, and with little regard for proper procedures for carrying out same.
      SNP withdraws all funding for Neil’s GE campaign and instructs SNP supporters not to assist him. He gets elected anyway.
      Motive thought to have been for having signed the Woman’s Pledge, and complaints thought to have been instigated by Woke element within SNP.


      Jan 2020

      11/1/20 Boris says No – re S30 request, with the full support of the English voting constituency.

      31/1/20 Brexit officially happens (what appears to be final transition period extended to end of year). – NS gives much hyped speech during which it becomes apparent there was no Plan A, never mind a cunning plan B. ‘Trust in Nicola’ not such a good theme.

      Feb 2020
      Covid getting closer. GRA under ‘consultation’ open to every country under the sun to contribute. Somerville openly declares her determination to push it through. Only organisations openly biased in favour are getting ministerial time to present their case.
      Polls show agenda to be major vote loser.

      Murray Foote infamous creator of the VOW, converts from No to Yes and is employed by SNP as media expert.

      March 2020

      23/3/20 AS trail – Cleared on all charges. Journalists with pro indy credentials excluded from the trial and subsequently charged with contempt of court for quoting main stream media reports verbatim.
      Craig Murray the only journalist (as far as I’m aware) to record and publish, in any detail, the evidential statements given by defence witnesses. A trial in search of a crime, best description of it.
      No comments of support, or compassion or relief of any kind toward AS and his wife, over whole debauchle from official SNP reps.

      Covid Lockdown begins.

      Boris is a complete wreck. His cabinet are not any better.

      NS holds daily press conferences and receives good press for same. Support for Indy rises to 55%. No other campaigning. The official line from NS is two fold,

      I’m totally focused on Covid, and
      Indref 2 is off the table until the economic effects of Covid are dealt with – which could be a decade or more… The can is not so much kicked down the road as rocket launched into the stratosphere.

      Aug/Sept 2020 Kirsty Wark does a hatchet job on the AS trial, so biased even journalists on the Telegraph noticed. Widely referred to as ‘a nasty piece of Wark’.

      30th September 2020 – UK Internal Market Bill passes first reading at WM. Second reading scheduled for 19th Oct 2020.

      NS unable to delegate to her Health ministers for ANY single press briefings even months down the line.

      October 2020 – final transition period for Brexit deadline November – now approaching and No Deal the only thing on the cards.

      Rumours persisting of a second full Covid lockdown being imminent. Anecdotal evidence of significant less public support for same.

      Internal UK Market Bill passed at WM an open destruction of devolution and power grab. 3000 civil servants moved into Edinburgh to enable same. SNP official policy – `now is not the time’ ‘Only when we can win’ Covid, covid, covid, look at the polls, look at the polls, look at the polls.

    21. stonefree says:

      @ Liz at 11:07 am

      I got to 3.45ish with difficulty

    22. Sania says:

      I’m an SNP member.

      Nicola Sturgeon is a snake in the grass.

      I now loathe her and her creepy husband.

    23. During the interview Sturgeon also said when first Sky News contacted her to ask about Alex Salmond allegation.

      Was this enquiry from Sky News before the 29th March?

    24. paul says:

      This is a person who was a close friend and mentor for thirty years etc etc.

      In all that time she did not notice a thing. (Not that anyone else did either).

      You have to wonder what power must the sirens of the inner circle have, to transform (if only for that discrete period)man into monster?

    25. Davie says:

      Every single person in Scotland is suffering in an attempt to divert attention from Sturgeon’s deceit.

      Do not think for a moment that the idiotic and unnecessary restrictions on our people are not in large part motivated by politics.

      I’d say she was a sociopath but are they not meant to be more convincing liars?

    26. J Galt says:

      “Alex Salmond is angry with me because I did not collude with him to cover this up”

      That is outrageous.

      This was a very ill advised performance to say the least.

    27. Robert Graham says:

      Maybe look in later when folks have calmed down a little , a bit uncomfortable with some of the comments more akin to the comment section of the Scotsman or the Daily Mail , not a very good look IMHO .

    28. Scozzie says:

      We need a Peter Snow ‘Blink-ometer’ for that interview.

    29. Albalha says:

      In reply to James Caithness.
      Yes the initial Sky News inquiry which refers to alleged issues raised by airport staff in 2008/9 and reported to Angus Robertson at the time, was in November 2017.

      Now today Nicola Sturgeon when reading out other messages said she first Whatsapped AS on 1/11/17 to see when they could speak about Sky News BUT in Liz Lloyd’s written evidence to the committee she states:

      ”Other witnesses have been asked if they were aware of a query by Sky News in relation to Mr Salmond and Edinburgh airport. I was made aware on the evening of Saturday 4th November 2017 by a member of staff in an SNP parliamentary media office that they had received a query in relation to Mr Salmond and Edinburgh airport.
      They called to alert me to the possibility of such a story running, in case any ministers were on Sunday morning media. I informed the First Minister of the query and that I understood that Mr Salmond would not be responding that evening”

    30. A Person says:


      Not to delve too deeply but my father, a cruel and cold man, fitted the exact definition of narcissistic personality disorder, and this is how he would have responded to this kind of “exposure”. They HATE being “found out”

    31. Breeks says:

      5:20 – 5:40 Why is the Scottish Government vetting itself and adjudicating on which evidence ‘is relevant’ to be evidence? I’m sure most Murderers would be happy to dismiss their fingerprints on the murder weapon as irrelevant to their trial, but that’s not how it works. Logic and common sense sees it isn’t their decision.

      5:40 – Why is Sturgeon then happy to skirt past her own Governments ‘screening’ of evidence to read out, then pick something off the cutting room floor which she “thinks” might be the irrelevant piece of evidence anyway? Are you kidding me??? She is just doing the same thing, but not content to be sitting as judge and jury, self appointed arbiter, she has now elected herself to be script editor too, on what the Committee is or is not allowed to see.

      And the part where she infers Alex Salmond is guilty despite being proved innocent is just despicable. There was no conspiracy eh? What an odd thing to say when there is absolute proof there was indeed a conspiracy, a thoroughly nasty, contrived and vindictive conspiracy, and but for the integrity of the trial jury, it might well have put an innocent man behind bars.

    32. GeeH says:

      Geoff Aberdein testified to the court, on oath, that a third person was in the office at the meeting that Sturgeon forgot about. One of the accusers according to accounts in the press, below. Now how do you forget that? An actual complainant there in the office, telling you that they’ve been a victim of sexual harrassment? Seriously, how do you forget that?

      Unless you’ve known for months, maybe? I suppose then the meeting would be less memorable?

    33. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “today’s shifty/blink/blink effort”

      I think I might just call her Shifty Blinkblink from now on 😀

    34. JayR says:

      Women haters over Scotland is soo boring. You bunch of sad fucks.

    35. The Dissident says:


      I have a few other names in mind!!!

    36. ClanDonald says:

      This is good from Iain MacWhirter today in the Herald on the Salmond inquiry “concealing a cock-up,” he’s not convinced about Nicola’s sudden lapse in memory either:

      “Few seriously believe the First Minister, whose powers of memory are legendary, would forget about that March meeting with Geoff Aberdein, Salmond’s representative on Earth. Did it slip her mind because of the presence then of her chief of staff, and close personal aide, Liz Lloyd?”

    37. Hatuey says:

      Albaha, 11.43

      Well spotted. So the lie is a lie too.

      Back down the rabbit hole we go, still no closer to the truth.

    38. Mike Fenwick says:

      This interview may bring forward the time when we hear from Geoff Aberdein (and perhaps also the independent corroboration from those he consulted prior to the meeting on the 29th of March) to restate (and one thinks amplify) the evidence he gave under oath to the court.

      Who indeed called the meeting, who attended, and what was discussed?

    39. Gerard McGhee says:

      bullshit 101.
      and what is particularly egregious is the continual attempt to throw mud at Alex Salmond. “Russia Today! “,”Russia Today!”.

    40. Hatuey says:

      correction “albaha” 11.43

    41. Joyce Cox says:

      The last time she was accused of both colluding and conspiring against Alex Salmond was at FMQs last Thursday by The new member of the HoL.

    42. Muscleguy says:

      The problem Sturgeon has is she has built her career as FM in being straight with people. In telling it how it is. This site has praised her for it and rightly so.

      This brazen, smug lying is so bad because it’s a betrayal of all we thought was good about her. She isn’t doing this for Scotland either, she’s doing this to save her sorry skin and the skin of hubby dear.

      Scotland’s needs are so far down Sturgeon’s to do list It’s getting chronic. All the indicators which were heading in the right direction have started back up. Things like knife crime under Sturgeon.

      I can attest as someone who as a tutor has to have lots of different syllabuses in my head that the curriculum for excellence when it comes to the sciences is a curriculum for mediocrity and being left behind by the rest of the world.

      The country which invented the modern world, of Watt and Stevenson and many others is failing to teach true excellence in the sciences. I could cry with frustration over it. THIS is an urgent matter First Minister and you are doing NOTHING about it.

      The SNP have stopped being the Party of Scotland. They have become the party of Nicola’s cult of personality and the religion of Wokeism. Trying to alert his bag of shit about science is on a hiding to nothing. As a Biologist I’m an immediate suspect as transphobic so I can be ignored.

      My joining of the ISP has never seemed to be so necessary. The business of policy development is happening apace. When our manifesto is ready it will have something for everyone.

    43. Hatuey says:

      The repeated mentioning of Russia Today is cowardly virtue signaling – she’s signaling to the UK media and establishment that she’s on their side.

    44. Republicofscotland says:

      Sturgeon ally the Lord Advocate seek a ludicrous way to imprison Craig Murray.

    45. ClanDonald says:

      Here’s an archive copy of Iain MacWhirter’s “cock-up” article today, if any of you can’t see behind the paywall:

    46. Sharny Dubs says:

      My god! I had to take it in stages a bit at a time, just too much all in one go.

      I guess better than me will break it down a piece at a time, but as a layman, how completely nauseating to see our first minister, our country’s representative talking like a cheap car salesman who has been caught selling a lemon to a kid.

      Mendacious, shifty, nasty, evil and so on does not even begin to cover it.

      A national embarrassment, we should all hang our heads in shame at allowing this to come about.

    47. Bob Costello says:

      The poor woman is now lying about lies. I forsee a health issue comming on, as I cant see the point in resigning because she wants to spend more time with a lier

    48. Patricia Spencer says:

      Couldn’t agree more with the repeated blinking and eye eversion (classic non verbal indicators of deception). I also wondered why her usual ‘diversion’ mantra of ‘look – I’m getting on with the day job’ was noticeably absent today? And don’t be fooled into thinking she actually cares about women! Any leader that can push ‘gender balanced’ public boards by allowing men with dresses and lippy is covering their (and their leadership) dire failure in addressing systemic and institutional sex discrimination across those public bodies.

    49. Gerard McGhee says:

      regarding the continuing attempt to slur Alex Salmond, her tactic is the exact equivalent of trying to destroy the reputation of the accuser in a rape case…it is nasty, underhand and quite transparent.. she is rattled! and the “Me? Am a nice person” act is definitely losing its power.

    50. Ian Brotherhood says:

      For those who weren’t aware – Margaret Ferrier has announced that she has no intention of resigning.

      If NS hadn’t done that interview that’s probably what we would’ve been discussing.

    51. Flower of Scotland says:

      I don’t watch SkyNews so didn’t see this. I was beginning to have doubts about Sturgeon last year about her commitment to Independence but I never saw her as a liar!

      I have gone from pride, watching her, to feeling nauseous today, in a few short years.

      Sturgeon has to resign but there a still too many Indy supporters unable to see through her!

      How could she say that Alex wanted her to cover up stuff for him?? I feel sick!

    52. Willie says:

      Keep saying it but Sturgeon is going to end up metaphorically hanging upside down from the lamp post Benito Mussolini style, whilst Murrell will end up in the metaphorical lime pit.

      Either that or it’s a spell in the jail.

    53. Allium says:

      If throwing it all back on Salmond’s ‘guilt’ again is all they have, then the SNP media management team is either very bad indeed, or very confident that this is all going to go away.

    54. Al-Stuart says:


      If there were any lingering doubt about Sturgeon wearing Parfüm D’Assine, that BLINK RATE is a phenomenal indictment. It may seem a minor issue, but this article and that interview is a turning point in finally getting some justice to bring Narcissist Sturgeon, Liar Evans, Penfold Murrell, Humza Orwell and the IndyKilling McWoke cabal brought to justice.

      This will be bigger than the Westminster Expenses Scandal.

      Nicola Sturgeon may be a talented solicitor and an impressive orator. She had us all fooled when she took over in 2014. But she is STILL subject to the law of the land. She has the aroma of Fiona Onasanya MP., Dennis McShane MP., Eric Illlsley MP., Elliot Morley MP., Chris Huhne MP., Jim Devine MP., David Chaytor MP. All reluctant tenants of HMP.


      Do YOU remember the shock you felt when news broke that former First Minister had been interviewed under police caution?

      That video of Nicola Sturgeon has the same gravitas, she just took six metaphorical steps toward the nearest police station (suspect + detainee + prisoner entrance round the back of the polis station).

      Sturgeon just experienced the shock of her first Salmond style moment when Alec was arrested.

      Nicola, if you or any of your McWoke chums read this, you can be certain there are those here that have the knowledge, qualifications, experience and credentials to force location the requisite evidence to see those that FRAMED Alex Salmond + those that PERVERTED THE COURSE OF JUSTICE face the consequences of their actions.

      On that matter it would be inappropriate to comment here further. But best make sure you wear a clean collar, possibly one made out of felt.

      Non non-verbal communications are beyond Nicola Sturgeon’s control and this interview is an INDELIBLE car crash.

      That hyperactive blinking is quite a sophisticated “tell”. As a former law officer in criminal proceedings, I have no doubt that this Sophie Ridge interview would have me putting Nicola Sturgeon’s name either at the top of the alleged suspect board or VERY close to the top in the Police Scotland room set aside for: “Operation Backstabber Inquiry”.

      Nicola Sturgeon is up to her neck in excrement. The backstabbing of Alex Salmond guilt is seeping out of her pores and she simply cannot control that giveaway blinkathon.

    55. Albalha says:

      In reply to Hatuey, yes cut and paste seems to
      default to Caesarlha!

      Anyway my take, for what it’s worth, on the Edinburgh Airport allegations, which I think we can agree was a catalyst for what happened.

      In 2008/09 Edinburgh Airport tell the Westminster SNP group leader Angus Robertson that staff have told them about ‘inappropriate behaviour’ by Alex Salmond, no formal complaint.

      We don’t know what was done. Nothing happens.

      Fast forward early November 2017 (NS today says 1/11/17 Liz Lloyd claims 4/11/17) and we’re told Sky News approaches the SNP about these past allegations. No Sky News report materialises.

      Then in November 2018 Sky News report that the police have interviewed Edinburgh Airport staff about the old allegation, (the odious) Angus Robertson is approached for comment, he declines on basis ‘ongoing processes’

      So to my mind Sky News were tipped off both in 2017 and 2018, by whom?

      Well interestingly Erik Geddes left the SNP Comms dept for the Comms job at Edinburgh Airport between 10/2015 and 05/2017, before returning to present post of SNP’s Head of Broadcast Media.

      There was another well known, very cruel, leak from Edinburgh Airport to the media in 2016 concerning Michelle Thomson.

      Of course could have been (the odious) Angus Robertson or I suppose a range of others in the inner sanctum.

    56. Oneliner says:

      So things are hotting up just when support for independence is at its highest.

      It should be apparent to all but the most blinkered Britnat that this is no coincidence; rather it is the culmination of years’ of diligent work by the covert operatives in Civil Sabotage Scotland.

      Say what you like about NS’s performance – and I agree with almost all the observations on here – the original chink in the armour; the original problem to be capitalised upon was the penchant of Alex Salmond for indiscretion (NOT, repeat NOT criminality). Compound that with the character limitations of Nicola Sturgeon and you have their hoped-for shitfest.

      Nothing good for the SNP was going to happen after all that was brought to light – by accident or design.

      This is no coincidence.

    57. Woodside Wullie says:

      Yon blinking lies,
      Are no surprise.
      They were so vivid,
      In yon wee eyes.

    58. iain MacGillivray says:

      Car Crash Interview. It has become clear that her career and her inner circle is what is important, not Independence. Time to go.

    59. Famous15 says:

      Has the dream died?

    60. Oneliner says:


      Has the dream died?

      You’re not blood and soil or you wouldn’t be asking that

    61. Daisy Walker says:

      Watched it again and scribbled some notes as I went.

      NS ‘I’ve got nothing to hide’
      ‘At the heart of this… this all came to light, complaints about AS conduct’
      Age Old

      SR, When did you know?

      NS ‘These are different, you’re conflating 2 different things’ His behaviour a separate thing – Sky News Investigation’

      SR, Important AS cleared of all Charges

      NS *** think this one is important, exact quote*** ‘SKY DIDN’T RUN THE STORY AT THE TIME’

      SR You said you had forgot

      NS No I didn’t, I’m trying to be upfront here/

      Scot Gov, Scot Gov, Scot Gov (not me gov, Scot Gov)

      Yes cleared of charges but all came about because of concerns raised about his conduct

      SR Daily Mail – you haven’t handed over al WhatsApp messages

      NS Bites her lower lip Reads from her whats app messages

      On 5/11/17 ‘what is this Sky thing?’
      Any developments
      Free for a word
      No wonder you didn’t want to tell me (re.. Russia Today ‘reflects my incredulity’)
      Not a big revelation really

      Gives a big sigh of relief

      NS I undertand for AS better for him if people believe there is a big conspiracy against him as apposed to focus on his conduct.

      ‘I understand party might want alternative explanation other than maybe at times he didn’t behave as he should have done
      I’m afraid that’s not the case – This is Age Old here.’

      ‘Man gets accused of misconduct against women and often its a woman who ends up sitting answering for him’

      Big smug smirk on her face as she delivers this one.

      Re concerns about her conduct

      NS I put it to committee. ‘I actually did it just 2 months ago’

      I will sit before this committee when it calls me to do so

      Smiting at this

      I’ve not been invited to do so yet – really big smirk

      You know I’ve got nothing to hide


      Worse thing ever – apart from Covid – Mentor 30 years – accused of serious sexual allegations

      Not cover it up

      ‘AS clearly angry because I didn’t cover it up, ‘I didn’t Collude with him to make these allegations go away’ Perhaps that is why he is so annoyed as he appears to be.’

      Recused myself, One person who has refused to cooperate (with committee) is AS

    62. holymacmoses says:

      The Sky news ‘enquiry’ to which she alludes was attached to three incidents which took place in 2008 and there was never any suggestion that charges would be bought. Robertson was asked to speak to Salmond about it. The Airport has never said anything publicly about the incidents.
      It is downright deciptive of Sturgeon

    63. kapelmeister says:

      Tweety Poo Wishart has posted that she was “excellent” on Ridge, and that she showed “a determined candour on the Salmond inquiry”.


    64. holymacmoses says:

      even ‘deceptive’ 🙂

    65. Angusthedug says:

      Was this payback for her husband’s humiliation over his WhatsApp messages?

    66. george wood says:

      JayR says:
      11 October, 2020 at 11:47 am
      “Women haters over Scotland is soo boring. You bunch of sad fucks.”

      It was a female judge and a majority female jury that found AS innocent.

      Most of his defence witnesses were women. These brave women will now be on the hit-list for the media because the media didn’t get the scalp of the biggest danger to the union.

      The alphabet sisters have done no service to women’s rights by operating such an obvious conspiracy.

    67. Hatuey says:

      thanks albalha, that’s interesting…difficult to know what’s going on but we can be certain that the Airport story was brought back to life intentionally for their nefarious purposes.

      Caesarlha has a ring to it eh… By way of explanation, I made a reference to Caesar earlier and had to check how to spell it. Been spelling it wrong my whole life tbh…

    68. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “the significance of focussing on when she first knew”

      The significance is that it proves she lied to Parliament, which is what should bring about her resignation. Much of the conspiracy will never become public because the anonymity order on the complainers will prevent the evidence being aired. So the lying to Parliament is the only thing that could – and in all normal circumstances would, and still probably will – cost Sturgeon her job.

    69. Daisy Walker says:

      Smiting at this should read – smirking at this.

      Though fair to say smiting is in the air.

    70. Socrates MacSporran says:


      Guilty as sin, get that taxi and the removal van round to Charlotte Square, before she does the Independence cause any more harm.

    71. Willie says:

      Don’t know what planet Wishy Wishart comes from but Sturgeon’s performance on the Sophie Ridge interview is absolutely cringeworthy.

      Never have I seen a senior politician comexapart like Sturgeon did today. Evasive, evading, dissembling, lying , uncomfortable, desperate body language, distressed facial expressions, it was all there. She was in bits and pieces.

      This woman is finished. Thanks Rev for posting the clip. It certainly exposes Sturgeon for what she is.

    72. David Holden says:

      Not so much a car crash as massive pile up that was not a lot of fun to watch. I had a lot of respect for the first minister up until about a year ago and it is all gone now.

    73. robbo says:

      So when these two have to square up,(eventually) will it be the good old “Queensbury rules” or

      The good old Scottish scrap- snaring of teeth, pulling of hair, kicking of balls and other bits?

      Get it done. Get the two of them together in front of the telly for all to see and get this finished with, otherwise i’ll be a 100 and folk will still be bleating on about and we’ll still be hem tied to London rule.

      That’s the travesty.

    74. G H Graham says:

      When you recruit your girlfriend(s) to a place of high office, expect to have your judgment permanently undermined & influence, especially if she’s a scheming, extreme feminist & take no prisoners type of careerist.

    75. Daisy Walker says:

      ‘AS clearly angry because I didn’t cover it up, ‘I didn’t Collude with him to make these allegations go away’ Perhaps that is why he is so annoyed as he appears to be.’

      I suspect the above amounts to slander – and I’m just wondering if that is what they want AS to do, tie him up with expensive court procedures again, and repeat all the salacious headlines again.

      His decision either way. Look forward to the Crowdfunder. Could also be turned around as a launch pad for Indy, if he used it for that purpose.

      When AS got the TV show I thought it was tactically brilliant for the Indy movement, especially as he was no longer constrained by the duties of an elected rep, but had all the national and international contacts.

      On this aspect alone, supporters of NS should be looking to get her replaced. A paucity of vision, mean and small minded – that would be the most generous reading of it.

    76. The Dissident says:


      If you go back to Evans’ first appearance at the Committee, you will see that she ‘inadvertently’ brings up the Sky News / Edinburgh Airport stuff.

      It was clear that this was a deliberate setting up of a straw man which others could use to obfuscate later in proceedings.

      Nobody was asking her about it, nobody cares about it, it is in NO WAY relevant to anything that the committee is considering yet it is ALL we seem to hear about now.

      Can’t help feeling this does nothing to dispel allegations of a conspiracy.

    77. Bob Mack says:

      I spent a lifetime helping people overcome events which had injured them mentally, and those in denial of such events.

      Me Sturgeon is clearly not telling the truth. She is in fact trying to believe in her version which will become her reality.

      I think she is far more injured than we know.

    78. Daisy Walker says:

      Pete Wishart will never get my vote again.

      John Swinney’s is on an extremely sticky wicket.

    79. Hatuey says:

      If I was Alex Salmond, I’d be enraged by this and be reaching for my bag of drips.

      Please don’t let Shifty Blinkblink away with this.

    80. Breastplate says:

      Good grief, I think that’s got to be the worst attempt at fire-fighting by a politician I’ve seen for some time. All she has done is pour more petrol on it.

      Very poor decision to go on tv, I think her pr strategist needs sacked.

    81. Frank Reid says:

      I think that the bottom line is that Alex Salmond’s inappropriate behaviour has allowed the exposure and use of this chink in the Independence movement’s armour by the British Establishment, their intelligence wings, and the civil service. Further to that it seems like the FM’s husband assisted the opponents of Independence in their attacks on Alex Salmond, willingly or otherwise, but at all times in his defence of the SNP and his wife. Nicola Sturgeon has tried to be seen to go by the book, in fairness to women generally. Alex sheltering with RT as an access to broadcasts was a calculated gamble to protect him alone. Ironic as the use of the historic honeytrap is a Russian ploy. There is more to the Independence movement than pro or anti camps for either Salmond or Sturgeon and the blinkered willingness to do the unionists work for them when Independence is within our grasp. The only result is the vilification of all and any prominent or strong, able, protagonists for independence, aye, everybody is in the targets of the Brit establishment. The talk of corruption is OTT naivety, there have been a few politicos defending their power bases and principals which is what they have always done. If you wish your politicians to be blemish free, and lilywhite you are living in cloud cuckoo land. There is a tendency in Scotland to subject successful folk in the public eye to “who do they think they are?” and observant knockers of Scotland utilise such traits to hobble those they fear, and both Salmond and Sturgeon are definitely Scots leaders that unionism fears. We should be protecting them for their human traits and avoid trying to be smartarses with the latest gossip. Lets unite around all independence proponents who find themselves under attack from the unionists and the bitter snipers. Its the only way.

    82. Bros. says:

      > we were planning a long lie

      Upset you were beaten to it?

    83. Shug says:

      A few observations

      1) I agree with her I would not lift a finger on hearing the acusations. He would face the music on his own
      2) it was a sky interview so o e wo ders about the motives.
      3) excessive throwng the hands up and she had her WhatsApp messages to hand!!
      4) so the narative was prepared
      5) she would not brush under the carpet but does not say like westmi ster frequently does. The snp is very bad at not adding the killer statement
      6) she did not point out scottish infection rates are half of England’s (taking into account population) allowing lo Don again to say Scotland is rubbish

      A wasted interview

    84. Bob Mack says:

      @Frank Reid,

      Yes let’s stop trying to put them in jail and unite.

      Err !! I see a flaw in your plan Frank.

    85. Beaker says:

      I’m a professionally trained interviewer, with several years experience (not in a police or legal setting). I watched the interview to the end. The impression I get is of someone who was distinctly uncomfortable and nervous throughout.

      What we need is Andrew Neil to interview her. He would box her in at every turn. I watched him destroy – and I mean destroy – Ken Livingston in a quiet but devastating manner.

      Perhaps she will say she’s infected by COVID as it makes you act irrationally – according to a certain Ms Ferrier.

    86. SilverDarling says:

      This is revealing in so many ways. NS using a prime interview slot to say what she won’t say in her submissions and the true breakdown of the relationship between the two sides.

      She has said she is relishing the opportunity to tell her side, well that did look like someone relishing her ‘story’ and trying to turn her snowballing nightmare. There appears deep resentment at how her ‘legacy’ will be tainted as she is being seen to be the Machiavellian character we suspected. To turn it into the ‘poor woman’ argument is disingenuous. He is living in her head as she knows she will never measure up.

      Come on Alex, release the hounds.

      Despite her and her cabal, we will get Independence.

    87. Robert Dickson says:

      JayR says:
      11 October, 2020 at 11:47 am
      “Women haters over Scotland is soo boring. You bunch of sad fucks”

      Grow up you fucking idiot

    88. Daisy Walker says:

      Breastplate says:
      11 October, 2020 at 12:53 pm
      Good grief, I think that’s got to be the worst attempt at fire-fighting by a politician I’ve seen for some time. All she has done is pour more petrol on it.’

      Yes indeed, and quite possibly slanderous. But be aware, she may well have done it on purpose, to tie up AS in more court proceedings, think of the Headlines, expense and energy it would need from him.

      Looked again at the video. Like Boris – she smirks when she lies – its not as pronounced as Boris, but it is there.

      Quite clearly the intention of that interview was to expand NS concern to AS’s Conduct, not just the specific, official Complaints and Scot Govs subsequent unlawful procedures.

      Since FMQ’s last week TRuthless is recorded quoting NS with all the pertinent questions SR needed to press NS on (not a difficult research job, or a long hunt) and SR clearly had that information to hand – I would say SR went gently on her and the purpose of that interview was 2 fold

      Increase the timescale of scope of AS ‘behaviour’ to take the spotlight off NS lying to parliament, away from AS’s being found not guilty, and

      Provoke AS into taking NS to court for slander.

      Once again preventing him from returning to front line politics.

    89. susanXX says:

      We need rid of this poison. Higher echelons of the SNP, the NEC and the woke fkrs. All hail Hilary Clinton, psycho x

    90. Josef Ó Luain says:

      @ Robert Graham

      Your discomfort is as nothing compared to the fact that an innocent man might well have had his life destroyed and been sent to prison for what may well transpire to have been little more than, an act of self gratifying revenge, perpetrated by an individual with serious mental-health issues.

    91. Liz says:

      There are a good number of people agreeing with Wishart over this.
      Staffers or loyalists, it’s hard to tell.

      I think the script was written to cast a cloud over Alex again, with the Edinburgh airport thing, the women always clearing up men’s mess, I paraphrase. He’s angry with poor me cos I wouldn’t ‘collude’ with him.

      These are all things that many will recognise as being ‘true’.
      The mistake was in the shocking delivery. She came across as a liar, she exposed herself. I hope she goes ASAP.

    92. Liz says:

      PS I agree with hoping to tie Alex up in another court caseIf he doesn’t, he will look quilty, if he does, it could take years.

      That in itself, is evil

    93. Daisy Walker says:

      @ Frank Reid,

      ‘There is a tendency in Scotland to subject successful folk in the public eye to “who do they think they are?” and observant knockers of Scotland utilise such traits to hobble those they fear, and both Salmond and Sturgeon are definitely Scots leaders that unionism fears. We should be protecting them for their human traits and avoid trying to be smartarses with the latest gossip. ‘

      Wow – you still think NS is feared by the Unionists! I sincerely hope she’s getting very well paid by them because she’s the best hindrance to Indy they’ve got.

    94. G H Graham says:

      I just watched this again, partly out of fascination to see someone’s body language give away so much.

      The excessively rapid blinking is demonstrably a nervous response; entirely uncomfortable at the possibility of having to lie again to cover previous lies. It gets harder to remember the truth when you lie so much & an untrained individual easily finds themselves talking in circles in an attempt to steer the conversation to a position they have rehearsed.

      When the question is particularly uncomfortable, she immediately leans back, an obvious subconscious defense posture.

      She also attempts to frame the problem in a new way because her original defense is to say the least, indefensible, unless she continues to dig her heels in an lie some more. But as I said earlier, this becomes more and more difficult, the deeper the hole she digs.

      To have her claim at this late stage that Salmond is bitter towards her because she failed to collude to cover up his “crimes” is laughable; another sign of lying where new details materialize, long after the fact. Truthful accounts tend to be more vague as time passes because people simply forget the nuanced details. But here Sturgeon is now throwing out some major revelation, many months after the failed criminal trial has ended.

      There is a suspiciously sexual motive behind this entire sordid affair & I’m not referring to Salmond’s inappropriate cuddle in Bute House.

      I wonder how long it will take for that to be exposed? Obviously it won’t come from Sturgeon’s mouth because she seems determined to keep lying here way into the next parliamentary election.

      Only three things matter in politics: sex, money & power. Looks like Sturgeon has scored a hat trick. Regrettably for her, I don’t think it will be enough to win the Championship.

    95. red sunset says:

      I saw it live. Couldn’t believe how angry it made me. Lie after lie. My partner pointed out the blinking. Sophie Ridge kept trying to bring the conversation back to something, but it was so obvious Nicola Sturgeon had an agenda she was determined to make certain statements in public.

      In retrospect I agree with comments above: this may well have been a put up job, trying to rile Alex Salmond. Trying to open up new “fronts for him to firefight” as Mr Murrell has put it.

      So much wrong with that interview this morning. So much wrong.

    96. Albalha says:

      Another thought on the interview. This conspire against – collude with, nonsense.

      Both can be on the face of it true, from reading her evidence, in particular regards the prospect of arbitration, on the one hand she gives sense to Alex Salmond she’s against and then later on gives impression, to him, she may be in favour.

      She appears to have played him. Very clear she was not supportive but to glean information,she gave impression of being on his side.

      All so tawdry. And if only people who could see what was going on over recent years under the Sturrell regime had spoken up, sadly people rarely do when they have something to lose.

      Ironically it may well cost them votes and some people their seats. Have no doubt the SNP will do very well in the election but gives the, admittedly hopeless opposition, something to throw at them.

    97. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “The last time she was accused of both colluding and conspiring against Alex Salmond was at FMQs last Thursday by The new member of the HoL.”

      No, that’s the last time she tried using that squirrel line. Davidson made no such accusation. Quote it to me.

    98. Helen Yates says:

      When she insinuated that Alex Salmond was more likely angry with her because she wouldn’t cover for him I honestly could have thrown something at the telly, I can’t help but think this plan to bring Alex down started when Alex started his own show on RT, they knew he had a platform to speak and that rattled her ego, surely she can’t survive as FM for much longer, I’m hoping she’ll be gone by Christmas.

    99. Beaker says:

      @Daisy Walker says:
      11 October, 2020 at 1:12 pm
      “But be aware, she may well have done it on purpose…”

      She might also be doing things to delay things further, as she knows there is no immediate replacement for her.

      The problem isn’t so much changing the leader, but the First Minister, as many people associate the Leader of the SNP with that position. The media will make no effort to clarify this either.

      Only a member of the Scottish Parliament can become First Minister, and theoretically that could be anyone. Willie Rennie anyone? Not exactly a great choice is it? Swinney or Brown? Nope, but then in a hypothetical situation where Nicola Sturgeon had to resign, then SNP will take damage from it. So who would want that position?

    100. Jan Cowan says:

      I’m sickened by Sturgeon’s attempt to smear Alex Salmond in order to dodge the true facts and disguise her lies. She’s finished as far as I’m concerned and unless the SNP get rid of the Murrells I’ll be leaving the Party.

    101. David Caledonia says:

      I don’t have a television so this was very enlightening for me, I already new that the woman was an idiot, and now she has opened her mouth again, and proved it to us all
      I will always vote for the SNP but I hope this feeble minded cretin and her despicable chums are long gone before that happens

      Alba Gu Bra

    102. CameronB Brodie says:

      “Women haters over Scotland is soo boring. You bunch of sad fucks”

      The fact is, Scotland’s Lord Advocate and the Scottish government appear determined to destroy the potential for justice in Scotland, BY LEGISLATING FOR THE DENIAL OF BIOLOGY REALITY IN SCOTS LAW.

    103. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Helen Yates @ 1.31pm

      I think, and hope, she has to be/is gone by Christmas.

      The longer she holds-on, the more damage she will do to the SNP’s chances of having the majority government they will need to properly oppose whatever nasty surprises the Tories have for Holyrood, and, the more damage she will do to the Independence movement.

    104. CameronB Brodie says:



    105. Allium says:

      An article about the interview, which started off in a small box about 10 places down the page, is now the head story on the Mail Online main page. This only happens when the organic interest of the readership pushes the feature up. It was a big strategic mistake for her to do this interview.

    106. Shug says:

      I want to hear how this can be managed up to the election. We are ahead in the polls will we really snatch defeat from the Jaws of victory
      If salmond waits till after the election what then if not how do we avoid a split

    107. F Mooney says:

      “Do the right thing” is a monstrous phrase, much used by the conservative party. I noticed this previously. She has been owned. She has to go. She is now the obstruction to independence. She has been owned.

    108. Malky says:

      You’re turning into a gurning, monotonous bore. Can’t believe anyone still reads your nonsense.

    109. Cuilean says:

      ‘made a mistake’, Sturgeon’s description of Lesley Evans actions branded ‘unlawful’ and ‘biased’ by Scotland’s highest court.

      Sturgeon accuses Salmond of wanting her to collude with him in ‘covering this up’.

      I am no court lawyer, but is what Sturgeon spluttered out today, not defamation?

      Please crowdfund this Mr Salmond. I’ll be glad to donate. Ironically so will every Britnat opposed to Independence.

      No w’s the day that Scotland needs a leader of the SNP free of all of this, and who puts independence first.

      No wonder The Murrells changed their private, SNP-fiefdom rules, to stop Joanna Cherry being elected to Holyrood and therefore the clear successor to Sturgeon’s leadership. It was so blatantly done!

      Only by being independent can Scotland protect itself from Covid 19. A fact Sturgeon must be painfully aware of, yet she chooses to stand by and watch our Parliament be neutered. So long as she and the Pilsbury Dough Boy husband hang onto their private fiefdom, the devil take the hindmost

      Westminster knows if it abolished Holyrood, as Tory PM Edward Heath abolished N Ireland’s so-called sovereign Parliament, Stormont, in 1972, it would force the SNP’s hand.

      People forget N Ireland was governed by its own people, called Home Rule, from England, for 52 years. It had its own Parliament opened by the King or Queen and its own MPs, who did not sit at Westminster, but Belfast. What we in Scotland would now call ‘devomax’.

      As the SNP’s current leadership, Sturgeon has shown, time and time again, she has ‘no stomach for the fight’ for Independence. Westminster is of course delighted to let the SNP do its work (of keeping the UK together for as long as possible) for them. As the Tories doubtless think, don’t interrupt the SNP as they blow their party’s best chance in securing Independence!

      Now Dominic Cummings’s plan is clear. I say him, as Boorish Johnson could not organise a booze-up in a brewery.

      “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist”, quipped Kiezer Soze (The Usual Suspects).

      The greatest trick Dominic Cummings ever pulled was convincing Scotland its Parliament still existed.

      Scotland has stayed too long at the fair. We are well & truly f++ked & I hold Sturgeon entirely responsible.

    110. susanXX says:

      NS has been shown to be a liar and an anti science lover. Disgusting. Dump her and her freaks.

    111. David Ferguson says:

      @ Jay R 11:47

      Women haters over Scotland is soo boring. You bunch of sad fucks.

      We have a congenital liar and sociopath as our First Minister and the leader of our main independence party, and your problem is with the people who are willing to talk about it?

      You sad useless fuckwit.

    112. Robert Graham says:

      Watched this clip , well what can you say I get the comment by Stu what guilt looks like, I can’t disagree it looks bad, and more than likely the story is and will be more polished as more questions are asked .

      I think rather than being a mere bystander as she apparently tries to have us believe she is dead centre of all that’s went on , all the mess,all the wasted time and money and she still couldn’t nail him , she obviously still doesn’t actually accept the Juries Verdict , she can’t even bring herself to mention him by his Christian name , it’s always Mr Salmond or Alex Salmond never just Alex a friend and mentor of possibly thirty years ,

      Well Honey you had your chance and you blew it big time and are still trying to convince everyone you are the innocent party here , on more than one occasion she made reference to its all about Alex Salmonds conduct inferring whatever the verdict he was guilty, sorry any sympathy has gone,long gone now , Stop digging sweetie you are making it worse because the ones who weren’t previously interested now they are paying attention ,and by the look of it you ain’t innocent .

      All the recent comments attributed to the Alphabet Sisters I believe can be laid at her door, I imagine one last attempt and continued drip drip of this never ending whispering campaign is because of spite that they missed their chance, not once has she shown any support for Alex ,not once ,with friends like her she makes enemies look almost friendly .

    113. David Holden says:

      Who woke up the troll.

    114. Robert Dickson says:

      Malky says:
      11 October, 2020 at 1:58 pm
      “You’re turning into a gurning, monotonous bore. Can’t believe anyone still reads your nonsense”

      You just did.

    115. David McCloskey says:

      I have previously stated my opinion, and been pounced on by the woke and gender confused elements, that Sturgeon has proven to be the most effective officer in maintaining Scotland as part of the Greater England project. She has proven to be more effective in denying Scotland the chance to reassert its independence than Cameron, May or Johnson. You could in fact form the view that no agent of Whitehall has ever been more successful in terms of disrupting the Scottish Independence movement than the current leader of the SNP. She must be removed. The SNP is in danger of becoming the next “New” Labour and going down a similar electoral cul de sac. As for her undoubted involvement with AS I have already commented that in attempting to imprison an innocent man of his age they were attempting to murder an ex FM of Scotland on trumped up sex charges, why? to suit the political ends of the current FM and her WOKE acolytes. Despicable is the only word that can truly describe this individual, she and her entire gang of cronies must be rooted out if we are to save the SNP if not then a new party fully committed to Independence must be formed and hopefully include AS, JC, ABMcN etc etc!

    116. Dorothy Devine says:

      F Mooney much used by Blair in his excuses for the Iraq war.

    117. laukat says:

      Might be wishful thinking on my part but I struggle with the idea that Sturgeon set out to get Salmond and invent a criminal case against him. She is and always has been a cautious super-work politician so to suddenly go for a high risk malicous prosecution of Salmond just doesn’t seem to fit.

      So I started to look back at @Daisy Walkers excellent timeline and wondered if the handiling of the Michelle Thomson, Natalie McGarry and Mark McDonald should also be added to the timeline and perhaps it sheds some light on what Sturgeon was up to?

      Thomson, McDonald and McGarry were suspended just on allegations. In Thomson’s case they were as per Salmond a smear attempt with no substance.The allegations against McDonald seem light. You could pretty much guarantee that had Salmond been in charge he would have backed Thomson rather than suspend her and probably found another route through with McDonald. However Sturgeon being ultra cautious and super woke suspended both in case they were guilty.

      So Sturgeon then hears about Salmond allegations and in her style of trying to the perfect woke politician realised she would have to suspend him as per Thomson but following the 2017 GE showing feared she wouldn’t have the backing of her party. Mix in that Salmond would have probably been more legally clued up and able to tell her that suspension by the First Minister would have been seen as prejudicial and impacted his trial.

      That leaves Sturgeon fearing a media backlash on why didn’t she do to Salmond what she did to Thomson. Evans comes forward with her procedure and again Sturgeon doesn’t feel she can say no without fear of the press getting hold of her refusal and being held to account in the press that she in some way stopped an investigation into Salmond. Sturgeon also doesn’t question Evans development of the procedure or how the investigation is taken forward for fear of being accussed of helping her old boss.

      Sturgeon and Liz Loyd then meet with Aberdein to indicate that the Scottish Government may start to investigate Salmond. Sturgeon meets with Salmond on the 2nd and says based on the Thomson and McGarry cases I need to suspend, Salmond being the bigger person offers to resign to save her the trouble.

      Murrell then makes a ham fisted attempt to protect his wife’s position by trying to inflate the smear story with the effect that Salmond would be finished poltically. Its so ham fisted it results in a criminal case when all he was really aiming for was a plague of innuendo to run in the press and hold Salmond back from a comeback.

      However Murrell’s postion is untenable and he should have lost his post and be suspended for breifing against Salmond. Evans should have fell on her sword for bungling the creation of the procedure, the investigation and costing the tax payer money.

      The part that I can’t understand is why Sturgeon met Aberdein on SG premises. She’s not the type to forget about a meeting and she’s not the type to forget that it would be a breach of the ministerial code to conduct party business on SG premises because she is very cautious and super-woke. She could have met Aberdein literally anywhere else so why did it have to be SG premises? Also why Aberdein feel the need to take legal advice prior to the meeting?

      Perhaps the answer is that when she and Lloyd where talking to Aberdein they were doing it in there SG capcity and where making him aware that he would be interviewed as a potential witness in the SG’s investigation. Both being super-woke wanted Aberdein to make himself fully available to the enquiry to ensure no perception of the enquiry not having access to all information and witnesses? Sturgeon doesn’t want to declare the true purpose in public as you never disclose private information about an investigation.

      If the above is plausible perhaps the worst Sturgeon is guilty of is digging a hole for herself with her cautious super-woke approach whilst not holding her Husband to the same standards as Thomson, McDonald, Salmond and McGarry. I would like someone to ask her why she hasn’t supsended Murrell based on the precedent set.

    118. Albalha says:

      Just spotted that Sky News wrongly said she claims that first message to Alex salmond was sent on 1/11.

      She clearly says the 5th, which ties in with Liz Lloyd’s claim she told Nicola Sturgeon on the evening of the 4th.

      Broadcasters, eh?

      Mistake at 0853
      ‘On 1 November, she says she asked Mr Salmond when he was free to speak about the Sky News report’

    119. Johnny Martin says:

      David McCloskey:

      Re comparisons with New Labour, it would seem that she’s closer to turning the SNP into a Scottish version of the Biden/Clinton/Pelosi wing of the US Democratic Party, which hardly bothers to improve the lot of people because it’s “too hard” and prefers to focus on identity. Sound familiar? The right of the current day Labour Party is playing much the same game, of course, because we must pretend that identity is more important to people than class or access to resources.

    120. Daisy Walker says:

      With regards adding Michelle Thomson onto the Timeline.

      Will do.

      Here is what Wiki says below (short version, allegations made Sept 2015 NS and Leslie Evans in charge – ‘encouraged to resign the whip” Police enquiry, no contact 8 months, enquiry dropped after 2017 election by which time she had lost the seat)

      I’m not going to add McGarry on as it appears her trial and convictions were well founded.

      In September 2015, Thomson was accused by an article in The Sunday Times of having built her buy-to-let property portfolio by buying homes for below-market prices.[21]

      In late-September 2015, Police Scotland announced it had launched an inquiry into “alleged irregularities” related to the property transactions which had seen her solicitor struck off.[22] The same day the SNP issued a statement on behalf of Thomson, announcing that she had decided to withdraw herself from the party whip whilst the investigation was ongoing. In resigning the whip, Thomson also lost her SNP membership and her role as the SNP’s Business, Innovation and Skills spokesperson at Westminster.[4] Thomson subsequently claimed she had been forced to resign the whip.[23][24][25]

      Eight months after the story broke, Thomson issued a press statement noting that there had been no contact with her from Police Scotland.[26]

      In August 2017, the investigation was dropped.[27] Former Scottish Government Minister Kenny MacAskill said the SNP had lessons to learn over their handling of her case.[28] Former First Minister Alex Salmond was also quoted as saying how badly Thomson had been treated by the media and the SNP.[29]

    121. mogabee says:

      Only one person will be remembered by lies and deceipt and unfortunately for the latest FM it will be her.

      She must be spitting feathers that Alex Salmond will be held in high regard despite all her and her wee cabal of fuckers have tried.

      Just go now…

    122. Albalha says:

      Reply to Laukat

      Interesting post, however it’s the differential treatment of people close to Sturgeon that throws a spanner in it, I’d say.

      Chris Law was interviewed under caution by police in 2016 over a claim of fraud over his 2014 fund raising, there was NO question of him being suspended. I understand he was helped by the SNP.

      Derek Mackay has never been asked to resign and the internal inquiry into him still hasn’t reported, 6 months on, hence he’s still a member of the party.

      On Mark Mcdonald who from what I can see when everything was boiled down was ‘guilty’ of sending a dodgy private tweet.
      However Richard Lyle who over a crowded room shouted to the same complainant: ‘How big are your tits anyway’ was allowed to apologise and that was that.

      It’s the selective treatment, unclear processes to deal with apparent wrongdoing, some would say what processes, that’s the root, corrosive problem.

    123. Daisy Walker says:

      @ Laukat

      2017 a GE year, about £400,00 ring fenced money for IndyRef2 raised. No accounts produced.

      About £400,00 extra money spent by SNP that year.

      AS loses his seat, but vows to return to the fray.

      NS officially puts IR 2 on the shelf – not until terms of Brexit known’

      SNP leadership widely condemned for ‘lacklustre’ campaign.

      If AS remained in the party – do you think he would not have got an answer re unaccounted for funds?

      With his own TV show, would NS have been able to hide that info.

      With AS back in the fray do you think he would have allowed IR2 to be left in the cupboards as No Deal Brexit and Holyrood shut in all but name?

      By holding the meeting with GA at Holyrood they could ensure a complainer/member of staff was present, without necessarily specifically saying so. After all its their place of work, of course they were there. Not the same story if they were present and the meeting was at her home.

      The use of her Holyrood office made gathering evidence of collusion, and apparent bias, more difficult to obtain, or more plausible to deny.

    124. Hatuey says:

      Since Laukat knows so much and has such fruitful insights, maybe he or she can answer the once simple question; when did Sturgeon first find out about the allegations against Salmond?

      I was careful to say “once simple question”. It was a simple question just two days ago. Now, as intended, it’s not so simple. Are we referring to the government investigations into Salmond or the allegations raised in November 2017 involving Sky news? You see?

      These are the darkest of the black arts. After being caught lying in answer to the question more than once, they have decided to obliterate the question itself.

      It’s painful to say it, but today’s interview was a success for Shifty BlinkBlink.

    125. Daisy Walker says:

      I posted the following on the last thread, it has bearing on standards and double standards…

      With regards Osama Saeed aka Bhutta cousin of Humza Yousaf

      Employed by Al Jazeera TV as an expert in Communications.

      Founder and Chief Exec Scottish Islamic Foundation set up in 2008. Intending to hold an Islamic Festival in Glasgow.

      Given £400,000 in public money.

      Humza Yousuf a Director of same 2008/09.

      SIF folded months later, Audit Scotland reviewed it, found Inadequate Record Keeping.

      Officially folded 2013 with ‘nothing to show for almost £200,00 public money’ From The Herald 29/9/20
      When asked why he wants to be an MSP Saeed/Bhutta replied,

      ‘ I don;t know really, it just kind of came about’ Then posted on video, ‘because elected representatives are turbo-charged merchants of deep solidarity and empathy’.

      Which for all those of us without the benefit of communications expertness – is called meaningless bullshit.

      Meanwhile in 1016 his cousin Humza Yousuf – while Scottish Justice Minister was convicted and fined for Driving A Friends Car. Stated that following his divorce he had renewed his insurance policy and assumed its policy continued to provide the previous ‘fully comp’ cover, which it no longer did.

      Be very interesting to see court records of the trial to ascertain if he produced, as evidence, his joint insurance policy from the time of his marriage and if it did indeed cover him ‘fully comp’.

      At the time he was under fire over Railway networks, etc. Jackson Carlow of the Conservatives said of this conviction, ‘its not a resigning matter, move on’ or words to that affect.

      Contrast that with a serving Police officer in Tayside Police around about 2013. Similar admin error re motor insurance – never received the letter requesting proof of no claims, continued to pay for her insurance by direct debit, unaware policy cancelled, 1? high snow at the time, history of mail going to wrong address’ Tayside Police Chief Constable Justine Curran considered it to be a sackable offence. Though luckily it never came to that.

      How do you drive someone else’s vehicle without checking you have proper insurance?

      So Mr Saeed/Bhutta is a really crap commuicator, and an ineffectual Chief Exec of a folded institute which did not keep proper records and may have lost £200,000 of public money with nothing to show for it.

      And Justice Minister Humza Yousuf was a director of the same institute during this time period, and drove another persons car, without insurance, while Justice Minister. And the tories were OK with that.

      And now Humza wants his new wife to get elected, and his cousin to get elected.

    126. Les Wilson says:

      Nicola needs to go and asap, we have a election in May, we need all the pieces in place well before then.

      I am too finished with her, Alex Salmond debacle, no Indy on the horizon, just when our ammunition to win a referendum is increasing. If she is quickly gone, and if she had principles no matter how flaky, she should step down quickly, we still could get our referendum.

      If she stays, Scotland will be sunk again. The SNP have also been working against the crowd funded ( 8,000 + Scots and a few others)you can find the Martin Keatings comments
      about what seems to be a betrayal Here-

      Pretty disgusting by the leading Scottish party, what the hell has happened to them? They are no longer what I signed up with them for, not by a longshot.

    127. Daisy Walker says:

      I wonder if we can stop using the following phrase that NS planted today…t

      he allegations raised in November 2017 involving Sky news?

      Sky News did not Raise Allegations, Sky News was attempting to dig up a story.

      In the words of NS today, SKY DIDN’T RUN WITH THE STORY AT THE TIME”

      A question, Did Sky News EVER ‘run with the story’. Anyone know? What exactly was ‘the story?’

      Newspapers tend ( I realise not always) .. tend not to ‘run with story’ when there is no story, or the cannot confirm the story in a sufficiently robust legal manner.

    128. Albalha says:

      In reply to Daisy re Sky News.

      As per last thread, Sky News reported again in 2018 when they presumably were tipped off that Police Scotland were questioning female staff about the decade old ‘concerns’ about Alex Salmond.No formal complaint was ever made.

      On 2017 they say
      Sky News approached the SNP for comment in relation to the airport claims in November 2017 but, at that time, the party did not respond.

    129. Bob Mack says:

      Incredibly over on WGD they have come up with a theory to explain Nicola blinking so much.

      She has apparently (wait for it) Vitamin B deficiency.

      Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    130. Lothianlad says:

      Until Stu exposed sturgeon and her woke brigade, she felt so comfortable in her governor general role.

      Her reach in the branches has a vice like grip, flooding them with careerist woke members.

      As the truth comes out, she now realises that her brit nat handlers can no longer protect her and that she will be utterly discredited as a vile power hungry deceitful liar!

      Truth and time will be her enemies and she may well end up a lonely, vilified failed politician, that achieved little m, when she could have been the one to lead us to independence.

      Scotland will look upon her as a liar!

      The storm is gathering

    131. kapelmeister says:

      Daisy @2:50

      Maybe he changed his name because he heard that Bhutta tends to end up with bread.

    132. Name (required) says:

      “Ian Brotherhood says:
      11 October, 2020 at 12:04 pm

      For those who weren’t aware – Margaret Ferrier has announced that she has no intention of resigning.”

      are you going to resign?
      are yo compelled to?
      are you a party member?
      how do you suppose to compelled a
      non party member …(decency in 2020? lol)

      so when they ‘ejected her’ from the party
      that is the end of there relationship. SO HOW THEN CAN THEY THEN …

      i give up

      she is an arse (Ferrier) but no worse a liar
      than, boris, hancock, werity, fox, davis, may,blair, brown, copper, day,sturgeon, – insert name of self promotionalist here-

      it is a choice to run ‘for office’ (cash from the public purse)

      it is a choice to run a website

      it is a choice to run a twitter account

      it is NOT a choice to catch a virus

      it is NOT a choice to be effected by that virus

      it is NOT a choice to pay your rent

      how do you pay yours ?

    133. osakisushi says:

      “Frank, call a taxi. Ma pants are on fire…”

    134. SilverDarling says:

      For the first time today I saw NS as someone not in control. Not just a bit of frustration but a petulant ‘it’s not my fault tantrum’ with all the deflection, venom and spite that came with it.

      Peter Murrell’s WhatsApp messages seem to have been the start of the unravelling – until then there was a veneer of control and assumption that the SNP hierarchy and the AlphaBetty’s loyalty would come through for her. That may slip away quite soon. Especially if it looks like she is a liability for the next election.

      Maybe that famous SNP ruthlessness will come back and bite her in the bum as her erstwhile ‘friends’ remember how she treated those that fell outside the unflinching discipline that she wrought on those who transgressed.

      She really needs to go soon.

    135. CameronB Brodie says:

      David McCloskey
      The WOKE perspective supports the rights and empowerment of natal women and those politically marginalised through ethnicity and poverty. So Scotland’s government and judicial actually currently hostile towards WOKE theory and practice, as they appear hostile towards natural justice, and determined to write the legal identity of natal women and Scotland out of Scottish and British constitutional legal reason and judgement. 🙁


      Does EU law take precedence over UK law?

      In an important ruling in 1964, the European Court of Justice said that member states had agreed to limit their sovereign rights in areas covered by EU treaties and could not adopt national laws that were incompatible with European law. This principle of the ‘primacy’ of EU law means that any conflicting national law in areas covered by the EU treaties cannot be enforced. However, the Court of Justice does not have any power to strike down national law – this is a task for national courts.

      For more information on the EU institutions as a whole, go to this explainer here….

    136. CameronB Brodie says:

      sorry….Scotland’s government and judicial SYSTEM ARE actually currently hostile towards WOKE theory….

      The GRA amendments are not compatible with EU Health Law, though neither is Brexit.


      The Application of EU Law by the Scottish Courts: an analysis of case-law trends over 40 years1

    137. Stoker says:

      Those who are able should be linking this article to Sturgeon’s 2 Twitter accounts with your message of choice. Liar exposed again! She needs to resign immediately. Her 2 accounts are @ScotGovFM & @NicolaSturgeon.

      Another point of note regarding Twitter: Following this article, full of factual proof, there is a Twitter account exposing itself as untrustworthy due to it badmouthing Wings Over Scotland and Campbell in particular.

      I’ve left the c@nt a piece of my mind & blocked it. It is also not the first time i’ve had reason to distrust that particular account. I guess I was right all along as it is now revealing its full dirty deck. The account calls itself: MSM_Monitor @msm_monitor

    138. Indyman says:

      Her behavior looks to me like that of a basically honest person who is very uncomfortable with feeling compelled to lie by circumstances outwith her control. If she carries on like this she will eventually be forced out of office with her reputation and that of her and her husband completely trashed. If she wants to live the rest of her life not being consumed by regret and bitterness she should offer her resignation along with that of her husband along with an honest account of what was behind the Salmond fiasco. Most reasonable people would respect her honesty and her reputation for integrity would survive. She could then go to her death bed with a clear conscience. Murrell is a different case.

    139. Livionian says:

      I want the truth to come out but I can’t be the only one that found this so awkward to watch that it was painful. It was like watching a George Costanza lie spiral out if control in Seinfeld. Painful viewing

    140. Willie says:

      Ah Daisy Walker you fill in detail about the £400,000 public grants that were given to the now folded SIF of which Mr Saeed now Mr Bhutta was the chief executive. And cousin Humza was part of the story too. Truly wonderful how an organisation like the one these boys were involved with, could get not one but two separate governmental grants in what is a huge sum totalling £400k and then not keep records.

      But then again, the no insurance conviction of Humza the Justice Minister is another concern. There’s many an other who would have been hounded out of public life for such, and that’s before the unfortunate reports marital – womanising emerge.

      And now we have Mr Bhutta, nee Saeed holding himself out to be the next SNP candidate for Cunnighame North when he is not, and publicly calling for people to join the SNP to be able to influence internal SNP candidate ranking, whilst his cousin the Justice Minister’s new wife contests a candidate selection in Fife.

      Conviction for driving without insurance, folded institutes, poor record keeping of use of public money, cousins and wife candidature, a cousin with apparent inside knowledge about selection timescales not yet announced – it all comes across very very badly.

      Well the public has a right to know about all of this, as do SNP members, And what else is there to come out?

    141. Republicofscotland says:

      Stoker I had a wee look on the site, and quite a few people have put him straight, though not in an offensive way as to why the Rev must focus on Sturgeon’s lies and deceptions.

      Of course its not pleasant for anyone but Sturgeon has no intentions of leading us to independence, and we can have great poll rating and loud cries for independence, however it will never come whilst Sturgeon and Murrell control the SNP/Scottish government.

      Too many within the party have settled in and are now content to rake in good salaries, whilst promoting family members and the wokests for office. Independence only gets wheeled out come election time, then sits stuffed back in its box until the next election.

    142. JGedd says:

      Leaving aside her current difficulties, the problems that I had with NS, started with her becoming leader of the SNP.

      She set out her stall in foreign policy quite clearly with her stated admiration for Hillary Clinton, as well as that other Wicked Witch of the West, Madeleine Allbright, not to mention the Prince of Darkness himself, Kissinger. I think that she was signalling over the heads of the independence movement to the international Atlanticists.

      You can mark the bingo card of those signatories to this group outlook such as the Guardian, Channel 4 & BBC. These are the ones that are not usually described by themselves as right-wing until they reveal their international views, which ‘oddly enough’ align with those of NATO.

      You have to accept their view of international politics – the new cold war with Russia & China & – a sop to a spurious new ‘liberalism’- a supposed care for the position of women that somehow was subsumed by a new movement which many women have realised, encroached on their hard-won rights. No deviation is allowed from the central tenets of this belief system. Tick all the boxes & you might go far in an international career.

      In fact, it mirrors what has gone on in the US, where the Democrats & Republicans are essentially just factions of the ruling elite. Despite mavericks like Trump, it’s why the foreign policy of the US – with minor variations – is the same no matter what administration takes over.

      Witness what is happening to Assange. Both Democrats & Republicans are out to get him, with the whole-hearted connivance of the UK establishment & the so-called ‘liberal’ media looking the other way, while without any sense of irony, righteously denouncing (certain selected regimes only) for their illiberal authoritarianism.

      Our politics & politicians are what we see on the stage but we don’t get to see what is happening behind the scenes. In this shadow theatre, we are not allowed to see the real players & can’t always see the connections.

      As long as this world is kept secret from us, it is like a parallel world in which we have no part & have no influence on decisions which impact on our little lives. We only get glimpses occasionally but that glimpse doesn’t reveal the whole picture & that’s what they rely on – the constant re-direction & deflection to contrive the illusion of another reality.

    143. Colin Alexander says:

      I showed this to my partner, who has no political axes to grind and is completely impartial; she commented: “What a blinkin liar”.

      Then she started singing blinkety blink, to the Blankety Blank theme tune.

    144. Joe Morrison says:

      “My husband and I”.

      Is there not a other woman who uses that particular phrase?

      That other woman also stays in a mansion, has chauffeur driven limousines, lives the Red Carpet lifestyle and is against Scottish Independence.

      The similarities between Sturgeon and Queen Lizzie are striking.

    145. Willie says:

      Maybe like Osama Saeed now trading as Osama Bhutta, Nicola Sturgeon should change her nomenclature to.

      She might even like to consider, like Osama Saeed did, set up a website declaring herself to be the ‘ Pride of Scotland ‘ . Osama Saeed did not however describe himself as the pride of Scotland, preferring instead another title not forming part of the title of the party he is standing for.

    146. Nosey says:

      Oh Dear,
      SNP are in deep shit. Why the F is she lying? You can see it in her face, and that nervous blinking gives it away, big time. The more she lies the more trouble she is in. They need to go and go fast. I cancelled my SNP membership because of her, no way was I paying for the lies and deceit. Why in gods name is she clinging on? Is it power? Money? Both? Or just sheer stupidity? I have a feeling that her horrible husband is to blame for this, he tells her what and not what to do. I’ve never trusted that excuse for a man since day one. I know it’s a marriage of convenience he has his wee Frenchie to comfort him. So why in hell is Nicola putting up with that? I heard a rumour that Nicola preferred women to men? So why are they together?? He is a first class slime ball, he shouldn’t be working beside Nicola in the 1st place? And this carry on with SNP being asked to suspend him, and they won’t, still adamant that P Murrell was innocent in the texts he wrote on WhatsApp to get folk to go against Alex Salmond. They are covering it up for him. It’s one big absolute mess, and could cause us out Independence the b@stards. Is there any way members can over throw SNP? And vote in someone who really wants indy? Say maybe Joanna Cherry? We are in some bloody mess and gets worse every day. We need to get them out ASAP to get Indy up and running again for the sake of the country and it’s good folk. Thank You for this Stu

    147. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Craig Murray has just tweeted that she blinked 133 times in the first minute.

      So I was close!*


      *not close. I guesstimated 100.

    148. Liz says:

      O/T but relevant. Apparently the woke crew have been ‘advised’ to stand for selection in several constituencies.

      Mridhul, a TW who failed to disclose this info when applying for and getting a job in a rape crisis centre and who was pulled up by Joan McAlpine for laughing and giggling through stories told by traumatised women of their experiences at a Holyrood meeting, is one of the chosen ones.

      The current SNP are destroying the party on several fronts.

    149. Daisy Walker says:


      Thanks for the update re the Sky News article in Nov 2018.

      I’ve read it. My god they’ve had thin gruel to work with, but they’ve padded it out and shuffled it back and forth.

      I’ll put the grist of it below, but it appears that the alleged ‘inappropriate conduct’ (no mention of sexual offence from the airport) was from a decade ago. No official complaint was made. Sky News went fishing for the story in Nov 2017 and as far as I can see, got nowhere and published no story, until the full allegations went public late 2018. At which point it publishes reconstituted rumour. That’s unless anyone can find a story from Sky News before then about the airport?

      Sky News Nov 2018

      Police investigating sexual misconduct claims against Scotland’s former First Minister Alex Salmond have spoken to staff at Edinburgh Airport.  
      Sky News understands that female employees expressed concerns to airport managers about what they regarded as inappropriate behaviour by Mr Salmond a decade ago.

      no formal complaint was made, airport officials related their concerns to the then-SNP MP Angus Robertson

      Sky News approached the SNP for comment in relation to the airport claims in November 2017 but, at that time, the party did not respond.

      Following publication of the airport investigations,

      (Publication by who?- presumably this publication – how very convenient.)

      the SNP released the following statement: “The SNP will not comment on matters relating to Alex Salmond while police inquiries are ongoing.”

      “Mr Salmond denies all suggestions of misconduct at any time and suggests that everyone should allow the police enquiries to take their proper course without briefing or breaching confidentiality.
      “Alex has not been interviewed by Police about any matter.
      “He is content to have his case against the Scottish Government stated in the Court of Session in January.”


      So to reiterate shifty/blink, blink’s tactic today was as follows:

      The first she became aware of AS Conduct was ‘allegations raised in November 2017 involving Sky news?’

      However, lets be clear here, Sky News did not ‘Raise Allegations’, Sky News was attempting to dig up a story.

      In the words of NS today, ‘SKY DIDN’T RUN WITH THE STORY AT THE TIME’. So exactly what was ‘the story at the time’, 1 year later and the best Sky could come up with from the airport was, ‘inappropriate conduct’ Which could have been AS getting fu and singing Flower of Scotland on the plane, for all we know.

      It would appear that Shifty, shifty/blink, blink is muddying the waters over when she was first made aware (and also going for Conduct rather than harassment/criminal behaviour – both of which have legal definitions), by referring it to a Sky Newspaper Story that was never published, and certainly never worded more strongly than a decade old ‘inappropriate behaviour.’

      How very kind of Sky News to bend over backwards and provide her with a platform to do so.

    150. Republicofscotland says:

      JGedd @3.43pm.

      Very good comment Sturgeon has ingratiated herself with quite few neoliberal warmongers. Including cosying up to the Iraq war weasel Alistair Campbell as pictured here.

    151. Liz says:

      O/T but relevant. Apparently the woke crew have been ‘advised’ to stand for selection in several constituencies.

      Mridhul, a TW who failed to disclose this info when applying for and getting a job in a r××e crisis centre and who was pulled up by Joan McAlpine for laughing and giggling through stories told by traumatised women of their experiences at a Holyrood meeting, is one of the chosen ones.

      The current SNP are destroying the party on several fronts.
      Sorry rewrote this as used the r word again

    152. A C Bruce says:

      For every WhatsApp message, text, email and phone call between Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond – there are 2 parties to those exchanges but only NS is being asked and answering questions with regard to them.

      Nicola Sturgeon did not appear as a witness in the criminal case against AS – either for the defence or the prosecution. She didn’t appear because she had no information to give regarding the allegations against AS i.e., she wasn’t a witness to any of it but she’s still facing questions that arise from it.

      NS gave her written evidence to the Committee some months ago and is ready to give oral evidence. AS has, apparently, not entered his written evidence. She said that in her interview because it’s a statement of fact. AS is not even asked about to explain that.

      NS is right, a woman (her) is answering question after question about serious allegations AS was involved in, yet we don’t see him facing questions on Sophie on Sunday or anywhere else. Why not? Why is Nicola Sturgeon facing the cameras and the journalists but not him?

    153. kapelmeister says:

      Tory MP Andrew Bowie has a piece in The Scotsman today, a load of mendacious garbage about the Internal Market Bill.

      He ends his tripe with the ominous line:

      “The UK government is back in Scotland. Get used to it.”

      And as things are, Sturgeon is our protection against that. Her removal from leadership is urgently vital.

    154. Joe Morrison says:

      So this is how a fully trained lawyer lies.

      She must have taken all sorts of oaths during her training as Solicitor which must have included “Always tell the truth and never tell lies” kind of oaths.

      So should she also not be “De-Barred” ?

      Chipped out the Law Society?

      I suppose that will be the least of her problems right now.

      I wonder if Peter and her sit at night in Bute House with there Union Jack pajamas on, drinking their best bottle of English wine and practice doing interviews where they have to lie to the interviewer all the way through it.

      But going by that interview this morning, she has forgotten everything she was taught.

      Peter will be beelin with her.

      The Gravy Train is running out of track for these two horrible individuals.

    155. A C Bruce says:

      Oh, and as for the blinking – get a grip!

    156. Willie says:

      Sophie Ridge – why have you resisted handing over documentation to the parliamentary enquiry.

      Nicola Sturgeon – I’ve handed over all documentation or at least all documentation ( I or my lawyers ?? ) consider relevant.

      Now some might say that this is sophistry. Me I’d put it as something else altogether. So would most other folk too. Sturgeon and the office of First Minister is collapsing in front of our eyes. A pitiful performance of a ragged malign woman being eaten alive through her behaviours.

    157. Albalha says:

      In reply to Daisy.

      I haven’t seen any other reports re Edinburgh airport.
      My hunch is that Sky News were tipped off in 2017, not convinced they just happened on it, after all who would know other than a few in the SNP when they were told by the airport in 2008/9.

      As I posted on last thread Erik Geddes left SNP comms to work in Comms for the airport 10/15 to 05/17, he returned to current post as SNP Head of Broadcast Media.

      In 2016 there was a very cruel leak from Edinburgh Airport about Michelle Thomson. Nothing dramatic, but a nasty thing to do.

      Of course I can’t be sure how Sky heard in 2017 but there’s no doubt in recent years some in the SNP top clique have leaked stories about colleagues to the media.

    158. Joe Morrison says:

      Sturgeon tried to build up a head of Steam on the back of the Covid Crisis and get the general population behind her.

      But even those followers are finally coming to realise Sturgeon was a plastic fraud.

    159. Daisy Walker says:

      @ Wilie

      And what else is there to come out?

      RE Humza Yousuf driving his ‘friends car without insurance’

      Was the Friend charged with Cause and Permit?

      Perhaps someone could do a FOI request and find out.

    160. CameronB Brodie says:

      The FM is human and fallible, and appears to be a bit out of her depth. She is also surrounded by a legal Establishment who are simply friends of fascism. Though I’m not trying to defend her, it would be hard for any low-flying product of the British justice system, to resist the endemic hostility towards the Natural law and justice, that characterises British politics and constitutional practice. 🙁

    161. Stan Broadwood says:

      Where is the Cat, Capella, Dr Jim, Famous15, Liz g, robbo and all the other lunatic Sturgeonistas today???

      Please feel free to come on here and tell us why we are all wrong, tell us why we should STILL stand by Sturgeon, no matter what.

      Hello there, can you hear me???

      Don’t be shy!!!

    162. David Morgan says:

      FFS, thats all

    163. Albalha says:

      In reply to Daisy and Willie on Humza Yousaf.

      Think as per second article only he was fined £300 and 6 penalty points.

      I understand he was driving his now wife’s car, she was his ‘Nats pal’. Not reported, but have that on good authority.

      ‘Mr Yousaf, 31, was sharing the driving with a Nats pal to a St Andrew’s Night dinner in Ullapool, when cops stopped him on the A835 at around 7pm’

    164. kapelmeister says:

      In Salmond we had an FM who liked a flutter or two.

      Now we have one with 133 times a minute.

    165. cirsium says:

      @JGedd, 3.43

      Well said.

    166. Stan Broadwood says:

      Grouse Beater 11.24am

      “I am also bound to observe how lost Nicola is when a pandemic precludes any chance of taking selfies”.

      This has to be the quote of the day.

      I was thinking the very same thing Grouse.

    167. The Isolator says:

      A C Bruce

      Surely you jest.It’s about lies,lies and more lies.It’s not difficult.

    168. Indyman says:

      Nosey 11 October, 2020 at 3:49 pm

      Do you have any links for this?

    169. Sarah says:

      @ Liz at 3.57: is Mridhul the actual name of a Holyrood candiddate? I can’t see that name on the SNP website list of selected candidates.

    170. When is A.S. Going to say something about all this everyone else is defending him me included but I would like to hear something from him ???

    171. Johnny Martin says:

      You are mad AC Bruce.

      1. It’s not ideal that something meant to be being heard in a committee is being aired on telly news and effectively by passing the committee

      2. The interviewer is a notorious pushover.

      3. Nicola isn’t “made” to go on

      4. I’m sure Salmond would love to go on and have a “right of reply” but he won’t be getting one.

      Now away and stop talking pish.

    172. Albalha says:

      In reply to Daisy

      Just came across this story. It appears that Alex Salmond’s security man gave a statement to Sky news in 2017 after they approached the SNP with the story.

      ”It was reported that informal complaints were made by female members of security staff and related to alleged comments and behaviour from Mr Salmond as he prepared to board flights.

      ”However, the airport allegations had previously been levelled at Mr Salmond by a journalist for Sky News last year, but no story was reported. The allegations related to 2009.

      ”A reporter for the broadcaster wrote last week that he had asked the SNP for comment at the time, adding that the party did not respond.

      ”It is understood Mr Cherry provided a statement in connection with the allegations after Sky News approached Mr Salmond”

    173. cirsium says:

      thanks for posting this interview, Rev. It made for painful but educational viewing.

      So two SNP members of the Holyrood Committee insisted that the report should mention Mr Salmond’s “obstruction” despite knowing that Mr Salmond cannot submit the documentation without committing contempt of court and now the FM is using this interview to mention this “obstruction”. To adapt a famous statement made at the McCarthy hearings – “Have you no sense of decency, madam? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”

    174. Ian says:

      Watching it was like watching someone walking across a frozen pond and hearing the ice crack under their feet. She made it this time, but only just and with a weak interviewer at that.

      6.11 Interviewer clearly fed up with all the hot air from the interviewee. Sturgeon’s ego will have trouble dealing with being blatantly ignored like this. Her control of the narrative has been broken. I doubt she’ll deal with that well. The more real pressure now the better and sooner rather than later.

      The good and bad thing is that the people who should and could lead the SNP are there. Bad because their talents are and have largely been seriously under utilised, but good because they would hit the ground running when they take over.

    175. Elmac says:

      A C Bruce says:
      11 October, 2020 at 4:00 pm

      “Oh, and as for the blinking – get a grip!”

      What? Of her eyelids?

    176. Republicofscotland says:

      Sturgeon trying to turn the focus away from herself citing Salmond’s behaviour.

    177. Daisy Walker says:

      @ A C Bruce,

      Scot Gov tried to introduce their ‘unfair and tainted by apparent bias’ report which the Court of Justiciary locked down, into the Inquiry Commission.

      The court lockdown of said ‘unfair and tainted by bias’ report is what AS reminded them of, and politely updated them that he would be breaking the court order if he produced it.

      NS, has not been called before the committee, because she, the Scot Gov under her leadership, and the staff closest to her (including her husband) have failed to produce the very documents and records the inquiry need (and have specifically asked for), in order to get to the facts of the matter and ask her questions about it.

      But she’s co-operating fully and being fully transparent – by the way but.

    178. Stan Broadwood says:

      If the SNP and every single one of their Representatives were to disappear off of the face of the earth today, would you miss anyone of them???

      No,,,me neither.

      Sturgeon, Yousaf, the fuckin lot of them could go today for all I care.

      Lies, corruption, favouritism, everything that turns a good Party into a bad Party, they have it in spades.

      Sturgeon had pissed six priceless years we had to fight for Scottish Independence down the fuckin drain.


    179. paul says:

      AC Bruce:

      NS is right, a woman (her) is answering question after question about serious allegations AS was involved in

      Not at all, she is changing the subject to the now disproven serious allegations, from the questions arising from the failed court case involving her government that the parliamentary committee is investigating.

      So she is, at least, failing to answer questions about several women she is professionally close to and their hubristic, spendthrift malice.

    180. Lenny Hartley says:

      A C Bruce, its the Scottish Governments handling of the Investigation that is being investigated, not Alec Salmond. He has been cleared of all allegations made against by a jury of his peers (mainly woman)
      Nicola Sturgeon is in charge of the Scottish Government so it is correct that she should answer question on the Scottish Governments handling of the allegations which were deemed to be unlawful and tainted with apparent bias. Alex Salmond is the innocent victim in all of this.
      I myself doubt if Sturgeon was involved in the alleged conspiracy, however it is starting to look like she will be collateral damage by continuing to protect her Husbands alleged part in the alleged conspiracy. The secretive Mr Murrell should be suspended whilst a Judge led enquiry looking at all the evidence including those documents which the courts have protected. His stewardship of the SNP has seen a well oiled party machine fall in to chaos. I have been aware for some time of the complaints being made against our MSP and it is utterly reprehensible for the SNP leadership to sweep these serious allegations under the carpet, which is what they have done by not responding to these serious issues.
      And as for rapid eye blinking, i was trained in Interview techiques, one of the triggers for concern if the person being interviewed was Being economical with the truth was rapid blinking .

    181. red sunset says:

      Thinking back over that Sophie Ridge show this morning. Afterwards there was some analysis by Kate McCann (Sky). In fact it was no analysis, it was pretty well just a repeat of the allegations made by Nicola Sturgeon. I know Kate McCann is a very light weight reporter, but even at that, there was nothing at all in what she said that showed any insight.

      I’m wondering how much of this goes back to the council elections in 2017. You could say that was stalemate election, there were few outright SNP victories. That result has caused difficulties for the SNP since. I could easily understand that Alex Salmond might want to get involved again after those results.

    182. paul says:

      Elmac says:
      11 October, 2020 at 4:29 pm

      A C Bruce says:
      11 October, 2020 at 4:00 pm

      “Oh, and as for the blinking – get a grip!”

      What? Of her eyelids?

      You’d have to quick, like david copperfield quick.

    183. Daisy Walker says:


      Thanks for that,

      ‘It was reported that informal complaints were made by female members of security staff and related to alleged comments and behaviour from Mr Salmond as he prepared to board flights.
      However, the airport allegations had previously been levelled at Mr Salmond by a journalist for Sky News last year, but no story was reported. The allegations related to 2009.’

      AS driver and bodyguard Mr Cherry was interviewed at the time and due to the nature of his job and nearly always being at AS’s side confirmed he had seen no such behaviour, and it would have been highly unlikely for him to have missed it if it had actually happened.

      Also, think about that location, not exactly private and discrete. I honestly think Alex had one too many and sung Flower of Scotland.

      What is clear, is that in Nov 2017 – Sky news went digging, and got No Story and Published No Story. For Shifty, blink, blink to refer to that time as, ‘sky news raised allegations’ is disingenuous bullshit of the tallest order.

    184. C Griffiths says:

      Please Stu, a word to the wise, let’s focus on indy, let’s win indy together, all this who said what to who and when can all be sorted after winning indy. Surely we can all agree that’s the priority.

    185. A C Bruce says:

      “Being economical with the truth was rapid blinking”

      You’re damned for blinking! Please spare me this bullshit.

    186. Mist001 says:

      You know, I’m asking myself why Mrs Murrells ‘mentor and close friend for over 30 years’ never tried it on with her?

      Are we looking at the revenge of a woman scorned here?

      Or is there a piece of the ‘jigsaw’ missing?

    187. paul says:

      AC Bruce: spare me this bullshit

      You first.

    188. Robert Graham says:

      Oh well as others have noticed a change of direction on the La La site not content with supporting a lost cause The new game in town is attack Alex it’s all his fault , Peculiar comments from a few individuals look like they are not exactly who they pretend they are particularly with regard to their opinion of Alex’s character ,or distinct lack of judging by their comments , A peculiar hint of Woke .

    189. Elmac says:

      A C Bruce says:
      11 October, 2020 at 4:46 pm
      “Being economical with the truth was rapid blinking”

      “You’re damned for blinking! Please spare me this bullshit”

      Not when rapid eye movements are not part of her normal behaviour and excessive blinking is a known indication of lying. She patently lied through her teeth is the long and the short of it.

    190. Daisy Walker says:

      With regards the article on Kenny Gibson – complaints of bullying towards women – in fairness to Peter Murrell he did say the matter would be dealt with in vetting.

      That must be why Saeed / Bhutti (Yousuf’s cousin) is being parachuted into the seat. Hardly an improvement. Count your constituency money folks, and put your ear plugs in for the ‘wankspeak’.

    191. paul says:

      C Griffiths: all this who said what to who and when can all be sorted

      It’s not gossip, it was action.
      Ruthless action that could have destroyed a certain man and elevated a certain woman.

      The latter would obviously have no interest in a situation (independent Scotland) when

      all be sorted after winning indy.

    192. Doug says:

      Independence, first and foremost. We need a leader who understands this.

    193. CameronB Brodie says:

      Time for a bit of Behavioral Science?

      American Psychological Association, July/August 2004, Vol 35, No. 7
      Detecting deception

      Some research links lying with such facial and bodily cues as increased pupil size and lip pressing but not with blinking or posture….

      ….And liars are more likely than truth-tellers to press their lips together. On the other hand, they note, liars don’t appear to be more fidgety, nor do they blink more or have less-relaxed posture. According to DePaulo and Morris, only when liars are more highly motivated – when the stakes are higher – do they seem unusually still and make notably less eye contact with listeners….

    194. Socrates MacSporran says:


      I suspect Wee Eck was well-aware, Shifty Blinkblink prefers Roberta to Boaby (allegedly).

    195. Albalha says:

      And of course this from the interview, Nicola Sturgeon having read out other Alex Salmond’s repsonses, steadfastly doesn’t with this one. Wonder what it says, just what that so called ‘oblique reference’, to the Sky news query was.

      “Later that week, I message him to say ‘no wonder you didn’t want to tell me’. That’s just after I find out he’s agreed to host a regular show on Russia Today and it reflects my incredulity at that decision.

      “I think his response to me then makes an oblique reference to the Sky News query. That may be what he’s talking about – it’s not a big revelation really.”

    196. MaggieC says:

      Re the Edinburgh airport story ,

      This is headlines on the article from the Herald on 18th November 2018 .

      “Alex Salmond’s former bodyguard gave a statement last year denying his ex-boss had behaved inappropriately towards female staff at Edinburgh Airport when he was First Minister. “

      And part of the article ,

      “ However, the airport allegations had previously been levelled at Mr Salmond by a journalist for Sky News last year, but no story was reported. The allegations related to 2009. “

      Ive been googling it but I cannot find out the actual date that Alex’s driver issued the statement in 2017 .

    197. Lenny Hartley says:

      Daisy Walker If it had been dealt with Gibson would not have passed vetting, There are three prospective candidates in Cunningham North.

    198. Stan Broadwood says:

      Mist001 4.47pm

      “You know, I’m asking myself why Mrs Murrells ‘mentor and close friend for over 30 years’ never tried it on with her?”

      Mist, there was a Fools and Horses episode “The Jolly Boys Outing” where Del and Rodney went back to a flat where Del’s future wife Raquel shared a flat with this guy, and Del thought the two of them where sharing the same bed.

      When Raquel had to explain to Del that the Gay guy “wasn’t her type”.

      After a few seconds of thinking about it, Del finally catches on that the guy who shared the flat with Raquel was infact Gay

      Which, I think answers your question about why Sturgeon and Salmond never got up to anything intimate in all their years of working together, because, EVEN IF SALMOND WAS THE LAST MAN ON EARTH, HE STILL WOULDN’T BE STURGEON’S TYPE.

      Hope that clears it up a bit for you.

    199. A C Bruce says:

      “Not when rapid eye movements are not part of her normal behaviour and excessive blinking is a known indication of lying.” NS normally blinks a lot. Watch FMQs regularly and that will become obvious.

      People on here appear to be actively supporting and believing in this amateur nonsense. You seriously want to condemn someone for blinking more than you would like? That is infantile; playground stuff.

    200. Sarah says:

      @ crazycat at 5.06: Thanks! Fingers crossed that this person hasn’t been selected – it would make for a tricky campaign.

    201. Daisy Walker says:

      Just paid a visit to the other site. Wow. No amount of evidence is going to shift them.

      Alex Salmond was accused of serious criminal behaviour and Found Not Guilty, and the first attempt at civil proceedings cost the tax payer millions and was deemed by a Judge to be ‘unlawful and tainted by apparent bias’, all the while with NS in charge and her crew doing the leg work.

      But no, we are the bad ones for not being prepared to go along with this.

      Petra – I was reduced to tears by your account of the women who worked in special schools and did not get equal pay, and the legal action you were privy to as someone on their legal team, as they fought it and won, fought it and lost on appeal. My step mum was a nursery nurse, she worked with some of them.

      You made mention then that they were betrayed by Labour, and betrayed by their union.

      You raged to have the Scots law principle of corroboration thrown out, because a child relative had been sexually abused – their word against the suspect. Heartbreaking. Raged at the dangers faced because registered sex offenders were seen on the beach at Portabello during a heat wave.

      And your rage turned to mute complicit silence as the dangers posed to women and children by the ill thought out GRA laws were pointed out – with evidence – time and time again.


      I didn’t leave labour, labour left me, and how many helped them at every step of the way by putting their heads in the sand and fingers in their ears and going la, la, la, la. And they’d do it all again.

      Nicola Strugeon is actively doing everything she can to prevent Scottish independence. Those high polls will melt like snow in summer.

    202. CameronB Brodie says:

      I do hope our Justice Ministry is still monitoring WOS, so they might better appreciate their “ambivalence” towards Natural law, is simply incompatible with the health of Scottish culture and democracy. Though it is supportive of English Torydum. 🙁


      The Moral Self-Image Scale: Measuring and Understanding the Malleability of the Moral Self

    203. Daisy Walker says:

      @ Lenny Hartley – fair point.

    204. Socrates MacSporran says:

      I may have found the stupidest Unionist in Scotland.

      I have just had an argument on Facebook with a Yoon who believes:

      Scotland has to accept the Brexit vote – because it was UK-wide.

      BUT, if areas of Scotland such as Shetland or Dumfries and Galloway vote to remain within the UK at an Independence Referendum, then they should be allowed to remain within the UK.

    205. Black Joan says:

      More essential reading from Gordon Dangerfield.

      “Every unlawful thing those civil servants did was done by them so that Sturgeon would not have to do it herself.

      It was done so that she could plausibly deny, as she does to this day, that she had anything to do with it.”

    206. Albalha says:

      Thanks to the twitter post from Crazycat spotted an
      updated list for SNP selection candidates.

      8 in Eastwood
      7 East Kilbride
      5 in Dumbarton -North East Fife – Stirling (AW)
      Uddingston + Bellshill (AW)

    207. Beaker says:

      Since the Rev suggested a new name, how about a gameshow to go with it?

      Blinkety Blink

      A panel of six tries to guess what the hidden word is by asking the contestant a number of questions…

    208. stonefree says:

      @ red sunset at 4:42 pm

      “I’m wondering how much of this goes back to the council elections in 2017. ” probably Sturgeon was selecting the candidates”
      I firmly believe it was to control the Local Government directly , two independent and one labour Councillors told me the SNP councilors have to be told what to vote on and/or which way.Instructions come from Bute House

    209. Mac says:

      G H Graham says:
      11 October, 2020 at 12:34 pm
      When you recruit your girlfriend(s) to a place of high office, expect to have your judgment permanently undermined & influence, especially if she’s a scheming, extreme feminist & take no prisoners type of careerist

      That NS interview was almost unwatchable. The shit she is coming out with. Her back is very obviously against the wall. Openly blaming AS for her and her team of utter cunts trying to stitch him up. She is disgusting. I can barely look at her. What a liar.

      That said I agree with the point above. Alex you put these arseholes into this position and you really need to sort it out. Why the fuck did you pick these rat cunts. Surely it is not just you promoting your girlfriends. Cmon man fight back.

    210. Dan says:

      @ Daisy

      If it helps I recall this Craig Murray article mentions airport “killer heals” incident.

    211. Dan says:

      correction – “killer heels”

      Three days of toothache and an inability to get treatment causing brain melt. I don’t have the virus though…

    212. laukat says:

      @Hatuey – I have no inside knowledge. My post was just conjecture based on what I percieve Sturgeons personality to be along with the position she put herself after taking the action against Thomson, McDonald and McGarry

      Also agree the sky news allegations, the SG investigation allegations as well as the criminal allegations make a simple question much more complex.

      I would assume that if the SG and SNP are like any other workplace someone having a sexual relationship with a junior colleague would quickly circulate around. If that happened in 2014 I’d be amazed if Sturgeon didn’t know about it back then. Is that the point she becomes aware of the allegations? No but it starts to either implant in Sturgeon’s mind that Salmond’s behaviour may not be squeaky clean or if she was out to get him may be the first she is aware that he may have ‘dirt’ that could be exposed.

      @Albalha – agree, in particular her blind eye to Murrell is going to be the thing that will end her career. If she had suspended him even under investigation when the whatapp messages came out she might have some way out.

      @Daisy Walker – agree that the McGarry case had evidence of wrong doing. Its also not clear if McGarry resigned the whip first so probably not as relevant as how Sturgeon dealt with Thomson and McDonald

      Also agree that had Salmond in charge over the period we would have had a second referendum by now although that is again why Sturgeon’s inate reaction is over cautious.

      Regarding the Inyref fund. I would agree that Salmond would have more oversight on the party finances but I’m also fairly sure Salmond wouldn’t have asked for funds and then not brough forward a referendum pretty quickly. Not sure if we’re able to say if the money has been used or not and if Sturgeon is aware though? Mind you lack of awareness is not an excuse if this money has gone missing.

    213. Daisy Walker says:

      Ref Sky News Airport Non Story.

      Around Nov 2017 Sky News approached the SNP hunting out a Possible story about what has been described by Edinburgh Airport as ‘inappropriate conduct’ by AS at the airport (in a public area within) a decade before. No formal complaints had been made.

      At this time they traced and noted a stmt from AS’s bodyguard at the time, a Mr Cherry – he was with AS at this time – and completely refutes the allegation.

      The SNP were contacted – and did not respond.

      Leap forward a year, and AS has insitigated a Judical Proceedings with regards 2 allegations of sexual harassment, this is now public knowledge, and in addition, Police Scotland have instigated investigations into sexual allegations.

      Nov 2018 Sky News finally issue a story stating that Police making enquiry into sexual allegations against AS have approached Edinburgh Airport with regards allegations over ‘inappropriate conduct’ from a decade ago, and which Sky News had been invetsigating (but not reporting on) a year previously.

      The cart and horse are getting moved positions quite a lot. What is clear is that in Nov 2017 Sky News did not have a story, and the allegations they investigated were fully disproved by the stmt given by Mr Cherry and the most they could describe them as, at that time, was ‘inappropriate behaviour’.

      Sky News had to wait a full year – for the full AS scandal to be in the public domain, before it could insinuate that the allegations it was investigating in Nov 2017 were of a sexual nature. The best they could substantiate for publishing purposes was ‘inappropriate conduct’. They managed this insinuation by stating Police investigation allegations of sexual harassment against AS, have approached Edinburgh Airport.

      For shifty/blink, blink to state she first became aware, following ‘allegations raised by Sky News in 2017’. What allegations? Based on what story that they published? And I repeat, they were not ‘raising allegations’ they were hunting down a story. So unless the story got published, anything they said they were looking for, when they contacted the SNP would have been bait, not confirmation of any kind.

    214. Sarah says:

      @ crazycat, al…ha: Mridul is applying for selection in Edinburgh Central. Other candidates are Angus Robertson and Marco Biagi. So why is Mridul bothering? Testing the water?

    215. stonefree says:

      @ Daisy Walker at 4:56 pm

      I would suggest it would be MacCann that actually was hands on at covering it up Check out the link I posted earlier , It has been a year or so since I was on there and wasn’t sure it still existed, some of the stuff is old but it gives and idea of what was going on
      I must say that the more I think about Murrell’s position as Data Controller and access to member’s data seriously worry me

    216. holymacmoses says:

      The next question is:
      ‘Ms Sturgeon, when are you going to persuade your husband to publish the latest SNP accounts?’

    217. Big Jock says:

      BBC headline:” Salmond angry, because Sturgeon refused to collude”. Why are the media protecting Sturgeon?

      This twisted truth beggars belief. Right now if I was Salmond. I would be making sure this lying bastard Sturgeon does time.

    218. Albalha says:

      So far 3 people standing for selection in 2 seats;

      Lee-Anne Menzies – East Lothian and Edinburgh Central
      Chris Hanlon – Dunfermline and North East Fife
      Mridul Wadhwa – Edinburgh Central and Stirling

      Nothing new there – many stood in multiple seats for 2015, didn’t John Nicolson stand in about 10 for 2015, ok maybe not 10, but was a fair few.

    219. Mac says:

      I think if anyone was waiting for the declaration of war moment it is that Sturgeon interview. Fuck this lying two faced woman.

    220. Liz says:

      @sarah Mridul wadhwa standing in Stirling- shock, horror, and Edin Central.

    221. Daisy Walker says:

      RE Killer heels,

      This is the quote from Craig Murray’s article – which hopefully he won’t mind me posting here.

      ‘You may be interested to know the police also spent a great deal of time attempting to substantiate the “incident” at Edinburgh airport that has been so frequently recycled by the mainstream media over years. MI5 also hired a London security consultancy to work on this story. The reason so many resouces were expended is that they were desperate to stand up this claim as the only incident from outside the tiny cabal of Scottish government insiders.

      They discovered the actual Edinburgh airport “incident” was that Alex Salmond had made a rather excruciating pun about “killer heels” when the footwear of a female member of staff had set off the security scanner gate. This had been reported as a sexist comment in the context of a much wider dispute about staff conditions. That is it. “Killer heels”. A joke. No charge arose from this particular substantial waste of police time, in which the involvement of MI5 is highly noteworthy.’

      I repeat that today’s interview of shiftyblinkblink was a deliberate move on 3 fronts.

      To ignore the disproven complaints of harassment and/or criminality – behaviour that has legal definition and widen it to include ‘conduct’.

      To muddy the waters with regards when NS became aware – so that her lying to Parliament becomes less defined, and the spotlight of exactly who was in her office on 29/3/17 is not uncovered.

      And to provoke AS into taking legal action against NS for slander – thereby tying him up in the courts as our country is about to be taken out of the EU against its will and the UK Internal market/power grab Holyrood shut down begins.

    222. Kenny says:

      I notice that Nicola Sturgeon seemed to be lying by saying that Alex Salmond agreed to host a programme on Russia Today.

      As I understand, that is not how things worked, which of course she knows very well.

      The show was proposed, as I understand, to Sky. Sky rejected it and it was taken up by RT.

      I also suspect Russia Today was brought in to try and “cosy up” to the establishment and win her support, as it was needless.

      It is simply appalling that the people of Scotland live under such a leader. Even John Balliol stuck two fingers up to the oppressors. She has sold us out more than the 1707 lot. It would have been better if we had lost our European citizenship through incompetence, but it has been a scheme all along: fighting Brexit in a way that could never win (trying to overturn England’s democratic vote Leave and not fighting for Scotland’s democratic vote Remain) and not using mandates for indy, while pretending all along (with the help of her ridiculous sidekick on the WM bench who plays his “stuck record” every Wednesday at noon).

    223. Sharny Dubs says:

      Last night I heard a mama singing a song
      Oooo eee shifty shifty blink blink
      Woke up this morning and the mama went on
      Oooo eee shifty shifty blink blink

      Where’s yer mama gone?
      Lying mama on
      Pretty clear she’s gone
      Lying on and on.
      Shifty shifty blink blink on!

    224. Daisy Walker says:

      A thought, if AS does go for slander against NS – for failing to collude/drop the charges.

      Would Slander by a serving First Minister constitute a breach of the Ministerial Code, thereby allowing As to introduce all the communications before the committee hearing (I appreciate it is likely they will all be released by the court and produced at the next hearing in any event).

      Or is this a case of NS throwing mud first and hoping it sticks enough to keep her in parliament.

    225. Sarah says:

      @ Liz: Stirling is a “Women only” constituency, I think. No comment.

      Except that I have been pondering on trying to get a Conference Resolution on the subject of abolishing “Women only” lists – on the grounds that it is foolish to reduce the choice of talent by 50%. Surely no-one could disagree with that? 🙂

    226. susanXX says:

      NS is no feminist. Feminists don’t centre men. TW are men, either mentally ill or fetishists.

    227. robertknight says:

      “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”

    228. Bob Mack says:

      @A C Bruce,

      It was a lot more than the blinking In afraid. It was her whole body language when answering those awkward questions.

      It was not good.

    229. Daisy Walker says:

      @ Sharney Dubs

      shifty shifty blink blink ooh ee – wink wink on.

      Like it.

      The blues tune fits perfectly too.

    230. Donald Raymond says:

      This is truly shocking. Will she get away with it? I fear she might. Opponents have no love for Salmond, and independence supporters don’t want to rock the boat. Will the conspiracy against Salmond ever be exposed? It doesn’t look like it. If we don’t get rid of Sturgeon I don’t know where that leaves independence or the SNP. If we do get rid of her, the same. Depressing times.

    231. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Black Joan (5.25) –

      Thanks for the Dangerfield link.

      It confirms what we’ve suspected for ages – that the whole Harassment Policy review process was about making it possible for NS to claim plausible deniability retrospectively because she knew what was going to happen.

      The words ‘hoist’ and ‘petard’ come to mind.

      Who would she like to play her in the film now?

    232. WhoRattledYourCage says:

      Whoa! The mentor-tormenting female supremacist is looking rattled.


    233. Stan Broadwood says:

      Cam B

      Dipping into your extended knowledge of Scots Law, will Sturgeon get kicked out of the Law Society?

    234. Sd says:

      That’s a fucking shocker of an interview.

      Not long now Nicola-and all the rest of them in the cesspit.

      It will all unravel very quickly from here.

    235. Alec Lomax says:

      Depressing times. Lol Never mind that the polls in favour of independence are stronger than ever or that we have a pandemic.

    236. Tinto Chiel says:

      Catching up after a family day.

      @JGedd 3.43: great analysis of her geopolitical shortcomings. Her knee-jerk anti-Russian stuff at the time of the ludicrous Novichok narrative was an eye-opener for me and her treatment of Hanvey was worthy of the Blairites. Full blown Atlanticist, I would suggest.

      @Willie: “Nicola Sturgeon – I’ve handed over all documentation or at least all documentation ( I or my lawyers ?? ) consider relevant.”

      Yes, noticed that myself. What SHE considers relevant!

      @Daisy Walker: great work again, this time with your “jottings”. That term “age old” comes pretty close to the All Men Are Bastards school of “feminism”, though she is decidedly no friend of women with her GRA insanity.

      I used to admire the FM. I ignored the hero-worship at the SECC(?) and Totty Rocks heels stuff early on, thinking she would take Salmond’s 45% to a winning position and I would have gone along with the Devil to achieve victory then anyway. Instead we’ve had six years of stasis at best, at worst a complete refusal to protect our sovereignty and our EU membership.

      I noticed the “Covid above all” get-out-of-jail card comment too, or words to that effect, a real independence killer. Daisy will have the exact quotation somewhere.

      “Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?” he Rottened.

    237. Stan Broadwood says:

      Sturgeon being female and leader of the SNP, had a huge female following.

      Many women of all ages looking up to her as a Roll Model.

      I hope when the truth finally comes out, that those same women show their disgust at Sturgeon, and don’t hold back when telling her so.

    238. WhoRattledYourCage says:

      Holy Christ. Jist finished watching the first video. So Alex Salmond is angry it her cos she didnae cover up the stuff he DIDNAE DAE (is wis the coort’s findings), n no cos she fucked him oor? The world really is upside doon these days. Sooner this zoomer n her ‘husband’ ur gone the better.

    239. Stan Broadwood says:


      Sounds more like an American underworld gangland leader.

    240. Liz says:

      @sarah I would back that motion. I cant believe conference were daft enough to vote that through.

      It shows we need to widen out the vote from just delegates.

      A lot of party followers and Oor Nicola types attend

    241. Harry mcaye says:

      For years I’ve stuck up for Sturgeon, especially on Twitter. Blocked every “nippy” and “Krankie” commenter. Sad to say they are going to have their day in the sun. I just hope we eventually still get the last laugh but right now I have grave doubts.

    242. Sarah says:

      @ Liz: I am sure you would but the flak I had in my Branch when I criticised NS – phew…

    243. WhoRattledYourCage says:

      Grouse Beater: the daily telly briefings are her self-compensation for not being able to walk goddess-like among the population, getting her photay taken with them. She is still keeping her image in front of us at all times. Hardcore sociopathic narcissist. Sad thing is, I don’t think she started out like this. She just got lost in the ferocious power vacuum like so many of them do. The sooner she and her useless idiot cabal of minority-obsessed clowns go the better. Then we can get back to serious business.

    244. John Jones says:

      I’m all for Indy 100% the problem is we have to have a vehicle to get us there.
      All the wee and not so wee groups for Indy have to have a team upfront to aim and combine all our efforts into a cohesive whole to achieve this.
      We can march,protest and write blogs until we’re blue in the face, but until there are people with enough fire in their bellies to actually get off their backsides, in our government, to start to force the issue we are all screaming out to for, it looks like I’ll be planted long before I see the promised land, Where is Moses when you need him?

    245. Dan says:

      Looks like it’s time to dump my stock of stylos jaunes for fear of guilt by association.

      Officer of the law: “Allo allo allo, do you or have you ever owned a yellow pen?”…

    246. CameronB Brodie says:

      Stan Broadwood
      You are being sarcastic? 😉

    247. Stan Broadwood says:

      Cam B

      Genuine question, is she a member of the Law Society, with her being a qualified solicitor?

      If so, should she get kicked out regarding her persistent lies?

    248. A Person says:

      -Harry McAye-

      Yeah, it’s pretty bloody grim, isn’t it? Not looking forward to the look on my Uncle Billy McHun’s face…

    249. A Person says:

      -Stan Broadwood-

      Yes, as far as I’m aware the definition of a solicitor is that they are a member of the Law Society. So if found to have committed these offences, she would be expelled I.e. “struck off”. Happened to Bill Clinton, he was struck off (“disbarred” in American parlance) for his actions in the Lewinsky scandal.

      However as NS has been in politics for so long she may have let her membership lapse.

    250. John Digsby says:

      To those thinking this doesn’t matter until independence is achieved:

      1) no chance of getting independence under the current management

      2) if by some miracle 1) was incorrect, I’m not sure I’d want this lot having a hand in writing the constitution of a new Scotland- embedding lies, hatred of free speech and inequity for all time

    251. Name (required) says:

      freedom of speech is freedom to offend
      (and that cannot be allowed)

    252. Asklair says:

      Trust and respect gone, end of, time for change within the SNP, will this happen? Look what happened with Blair and New Labour.

    253. mr thms says:

      How many blinks are there in this clip?

    254. robertknight says:

      The whole sleaze-riddled, WOKE-infested, ineffectual and corrupt edifice is crumbling.

      For the sake of Indy and for Scotland, Sturgeon/Murrell must go, and go now!

    255. WhoRattledYourCage says:

      ‘JayR says:
      11 October, 2020 at 11:47 am
      Women haters over Scotland is soo boring. You bunch of sad fucks.’

      I love that. Criticise a woman in politics in the modern world, no matter how mustified, and you ‘hate women.’ Meanwhile, men are torn to shreds by women…and it’s all allowed cos of the fucking ‘patriarchy.’

      Some people should not be allowed to communicate with the outside world.

    256. WhoRattledYourCage says:

      Addendum: ‘justified,’ not ‘mustified,’ obviously.

    257. Rm says:

      Sturgeon and Salmonds time is finished, need Joanna Cherry to lead a bunch of younger patriots who don’t take any rubbish or no for an answer from any of the Westminster lackeys who profess to be politicians and say they know what’s best for Scotland, because they don’t that’s a fact.

    258. McDuff says:

      This is one nasty individual. Her evident hatred of Salmond is quite remarkable, but why so deep.
      If it is proved that she and Murrell conspired to frame Salmond they should be sent to prison for a long time.

    259. CameronB Brodie says:

      The Scottish justice system is simply incapable of serving the interests of justice, as our legal Establishment is institutionally parochial in outlook, and hostile towards the justice of the Natural law tradition. That’s because their legal identity is institutionally British nationalists in outlook, and so constrained by the narrow intellectual rigidity that comes from valuing tradition over ethical reason. Which is an intensely right-wing approach to the law, btw.

      Placing the principle of Parliamentary sovereignty in front of a respect for the Moral law, and a legal respect of the legal principle of “universality”, simply does not serve the interests of public health or democracy.

      Without a respect for the Natural law, legal practice is simply an instrument of authoritarian dogma. So you are on to plumbs if you’re hoping the Scottish legal Establishment will ever look out for Scotland’s bests interests, as they tend towards an approach to law that will never question Westminster’s unsubstantial claim to legal authority OVER Scotland. Our legal Establishment’s stance simply considers Scotland had no cultural or legal identity until blessed through union with England. So they are certainly not the safest custodians of Scots law, or particullarly interested in serving the best interests of Scotland, or the Scottish people. Their ‘master’ is the Crown in Parliament.


      Journal of Consumer Behaviour
      An International Research Review, First published: 05 January 2020

      How do I see myself? A systematic review of identities in pro-environmental behaviour research

    260. CameronB Brodie says:

      Stan Broadwood
      I’m not a member myself, or lawyer, or looked at this stuff in almost three decades. So I think you might be asking the wrong person, as I simply ain’t got a clue about how our legal Establishment organise itself. Though I do know it has little connection to the Natural law. ;(

    261. Skip_NC says:

      I watched the whole video all the way through at the first attempt. For the first time in the last four years, I am somewhat relieved that we have Donald Trump as our nation’s leader.

    262. Stan Broadwood says:

      A Person 7.22pm

      Much appreciated answer regarding Sturgeon and Law Society.

      Cam B thanks for giving it a go anyway.

      I think the Law Society will be watching this very closely indeed.

    263. cynicalHighlander says:



    264. Stan Broadwood says:

      It looks like BBC Scotland and STV have Sturgeon’s back on this one.

      They are going heavy with Margaret Ferrier is the most evil woman ever to enter Scottish politics and should be taken to Westminster Hall, then hung, drawn and quartered.

      Or words to that effect.

    265. AYRSHIRE ROB says:

      So blinking a lot is a sign of someone lying now?

      Lmao .people don’t blink when their lying.Heavens almighty guys/folk.

    266. Skip_NC says:

      Several people have mentioned those thrown under the bus by the current SNP leadership, but have distinguished the case of Natalie McGarry. I would not be so quick to do that.

      Rather too often, when I take on a new business client who has hitherto done their own books, I find that I must make enormous and substantial revisions to correct the accounting records. Many people untrained in accounting are unable to reconcile the bank statement to the accounting records. This problem is compounded by the fact that several of the world’s “leading” accounting software will adjust the bank account automatically when one tries to reconcile it via the software. I have had clients that have, say, $10,000 in their bank account, yet the accounting software shows a six-figure sum, either positive or negative.

      Is it possible that the money that, according to the software, was supposed to be in the account was never raised in the first place? Of course, a forensic accountant (or even a competent regular accountant) should be able to come up with the truth. At the very least, they should be able to come up with alternative scenarios that can then be tested.

      I have no idea whether Natalie McGarry is guilty or not. I haven’t seen the evidence. However, given the manner in which others were treated, I do have to wonder if she is not guilty or, at least, not as guilty as has been made out so far.

    267. Lochside says:

      Well… well…. so NS decides to slander Salmond even more? Speculating about his ‘anger’ is strictly out of bounds legally on live tv I would have thought..or are we in Dani Garavelli/Kirsty Wark territory i.e. no woman ever lies and all men are bastards whilst Scots Law resolutely ignores any character assassination and harassment of Salmond or Real Scottish Nationalists.

      She really shows her puritanical hatred of her erstwhile mentor. He may may well been a ‘touchy feely’ pest but despite all the judicial and police resources thrown at him..zilch

      Could any neutral observer see this performance as other than a tacit ‘Salmond deserved it’..even though found not guilty, not once but twice. Such is Justice in the Virtue Signalling Sturgeon world… you are a male M.P.touch a woman’s hair go straight to jail and do not pass ‘go’….invite a transvestite ‘adult performer’ with a disgusting website into a primary school..oh it’s ok, you are a female M.P., so it’s ok.

      The world is turned upside down: 5 x years ago an almost complete whitewash of Westminster seats plus 50 % of the popular vote..within 2 x years 1/5 million votes lost, 21 x seats lost, and the commencement of total capitulation of our Sovereignty, which has continued until now we are three months off suspension of the devolved talking shop. Yet here she is the female Nero fiddling with the facts while the Scottish Constitution is being burned into nonexistence.

      Yet, she was prepared to connive with Evans, the Britplant and other malcontents to stitch him up once and for all

    268. North chiel says:

      “ Robert Knight @0616 pm . The lady doth protest too much methinks” .
      The “ statesman” says little or nothing ( His country comes first ?)

    269. Skip_NC says:

      Stan Broadwood, you can search for a solicitor, on the Law Society of Scotland website, by surname. There is only one Sturgeon listed and, unless the FM has changed gender, it is not her.

      I seem to recall that when Gordon Wilson lost his seat, he had to undergo a year’s retraining. the short article I read made it seem a pretty normal situation for someone who has not actively practiced for some years.

    270. Beaker says:

      @A C Bruce says:
      11 October, 2020 at 5:18 pm
      “People on here appear to be actively supporting and believing in this amateur nonsense. You seriously want to condemn someone for blinking more than you would like? That is infantile; playground stuff.”

      Not amateur nonsense. I have more than enough interviewing and public speaking experience to read body language. It’s a key subject when teaching public speaking techniques, to help speakers avoid distracting mannerisms. Human senses are primed to spot unusual patterns. When someone uses body language that is not been previously noted, that attracts attention.

      The most common changes include a pitch in the voice, due to tensing of muscles, a “clicking” of the voice due to dry mouth, blustering, rapid speech and more animated arm movements than usual. If they are standing, it can result in the “two step” as someone shifts on their feet. If sitting, the legs can shake rapidly. With the eyes, you either get someone looking away or rapid blinking when they have to look. It’s a reflex defence action; most people aren’t aware they are doing it.

      It certainly does not mean that someone is lying. But it can indicate high levels of stress.

      People have picked up the rapid blinking because it is unusual. Something is different.

    271. CameronB Brodie says:

      re. our legal Establishment’s profound legal parochialism. This is the source of the lack of justice enjoyed in and by Scotland. Our government and judiciary simply can’t respect international human right law, while standing under Parliament’s unsubstantial claim to legal authority over Scotland. This convention came about because the only human rights law available to either Scot or English law at the time of union, was the Magna Carta. This is no longer the case, though our legal Establishment appear blind to the wider legal universe, and apparently habeas corpus no longer applies universally in Brexitania.


      Fordham Law Review, Volume 69 Issue 6 Article 1, 2001
      Natural Law, the Constitution, and the Theory and Practice of
      Judicial Review

    272. Daisy Walker says:

      Had one more viewing of the video of shifty shifty blink blink.

      Firstly if you try to count the times she blinks its faster than 1 per second.

      Secondly, when referring to the Nov 2017 Airport incident – she never refers to it as a sexual allegation. She only uses the word allegation in reference to it. Sexual allegations/conduct is referred to elsewhere and the viewer ‘encouraged’ to assume the worst – ‘age old’ one might say.

      And lastly in Stu’s article, he refers to her comments on Marr. In it she says the persons responsible were not known to the SNP, and did not DIRECTLY contact the SNP so there was nothing further they could do.

      Again, disingenuous, as later evidence reveals, the Airport made informal complaints about the incident to Angus Robertson. And at the very least they should have notified AS.

      At the start of that quote, and I don’t know where the Rev got it from ‘Andrew Marrs show?, is the only time I’ve seen the incident at the airport referred to as ‘sexual allegations’ ‘Early November 2017 The SNP received enquiry from Sky News about allegations of sexual misconduct on the part of AS.’

      Everywhere else, including NS, have been extremely careful not to do that.

    273. Daibhidh MacRuaidhri says:

      Law Society of Scotland Standards of Conduct

      1. Trust and personal integrity
      Solicitors must act with honesty and integrity at all times.

      This duty applies not just towards clients but to all people that solicitors deal with, including the courts, witnesses and other solicitors.

      Solicitors must behave in a way which shows that they have personal integrity and are fit to carry out the duties of a solicitor.

      Today, Nicola Sturgeon has conclusively demonstrated that she no longer meets the standards of The Law Society with regards to honesty and integrity. If these standards mean anything then disbarment should be on the horizon.

    274. Rm says:

      Looks more and more like NS is part of the British bullshit brigade, putting it across on sky tv early morning, well planned and rehearsed.

    275. red sunset says:

      Skip_NC says:
      11 October, 2020 at 8:15 pm
      Several people have mentioned those thrown under the bus by the current SNP leadership, but have distinguished the case of Natalie McGarry. I would not be so quick to do that.

      I have no idea whether Natalie McGarry is guilty or not. I haven’t seen the evidence. However, given the manner in which others were treated, I do have to wonder if she is not guilty or, at least, not as guilty as has been made out so far.

      I have no personal knowledge of the Natalie McGarry case, but had some knowledge of the campaigning during the Referendum.
      Let’s just assume it was the final weeks of the campaign. Everyone is working with next to no sleep. Up with the lark and out delivering leaflets while the Service buttons work.
      In the afternoon, street stalls or other campaigning. In the evening door to door canvassing.
      And in between all your ordinary daily life. Catching up on organising for the next day. Catching up with social media. Ordering more campaign materials.
      During the day you’ve had tins out for donations on the street stalls, and the crowd funder has been pinging away merrily. Due to the way paypal works, you had to give them your personal bank account or credit card number.
      Come 9 o’clock at night, you’ve got 20 or 30 tired, hungry, people in the Hub. Somebody goes for curries and pizzas. While you’re catching up on the computer you shout to somebody to take the money out of the tin, and “get receipts”.

      Somebody else takes the car or the van to fill it up with petrol.

      Of course the inevitable happens. A month later when you’re trying to write up the accounts — there’s nothing. No receipts. No notes. Just the “proof” in your own personal bank account that you got the money.
      Nothing to show for what happened to it.
      Cue some folk with personality axes to grind, and boom … hello officer.

      As I say, I’ve no idea about the circumstances for Natalie McGarrie. I just recount some other circumstances.

    276. Effijy says:

      And as things stand it’s vote for the rock or the hard place.

      Anyone who got £400K in grants that can’t be accounted for
      should be in prison and not in a constituency candidates list.

      It’s becoming clearer that there may be no politicians beyond corruption.

      What chance a bill to strip politicians of all assets as they are no better
      Than the proceeds of crime?

    277. laukat says:

      Don’t know how to the archive thing but the sky news article has some interesting comments from a “source close to Alex Salmond”

    278. Albalha says:

      People commenting about Natalie McGarry probably are aware, but if not, her case was back in court last month, further hearing in November, possible trial next May.

      Whatever the truth is, she was treated like utter crap by the SNP leadership and if she was so chaotic etc when at Women for Indy why did the likes of Jeane Freeman entrust her with the cash?

    279. Saffron Robe says:

      I agree with those who are saying that this interview signals the beginning of the end for Nicola Sturgeon. She is now so thoroughly enmeshed in her web of deceit that she can no longer extricate herself, except by implicating herself even further!

    280. WhoRattledYourCage says:

      ‘Lochside says:
      I would have thought..or are we in Dani Garavelli/Kirsty Wark territory i.e. no woman ever lies and all men are bastards.’

      Beyond sick of Sturgeon’s fucking obvious, pathetic, in-your-face misandry. Have been so for years.

    281. Lenny Hartley says:

      O/T irish songwriter has a great way with words , i would love to hear his take on events.
      Have a listen, all his songs are brilliant.

    282. ahundredthidiot says:

      Something tells me the main player Tories are on here, skulking, monitoring, watching the comments, to formulate and fuel their attack on our First Minister.

      For the first time in my life – strength to their arm, I say.

      She is toxic and needs to go.

    283. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      1-0 Scotland, with around 30 mins to go.

    284. stonefree says:

      @ Albalha at 6:03 pm
      ” didn’t John Nicolson stand in about 10 for 2015, ok maybe not 10, but was a fair few.”
      He put his hand up another 4 seat,at the husting I was at.
      To be fair he said that straight away,so at least he was honest

    285. McDuff says:

      FR 12.28pm
      What planet are you posting from.
      Are you simple.
      Have you been following events,

    286. tricia young says:

      Just heartbroken for Scotland, what now? I’m just an ordinary person, who is a committed independence supporter. It takes time and debate to persuade people, which I did. I know this because friends and family have been converted to independence because of quite lively discussion and debate. They moved to indy because of this. Ah man, I am in tears. I think I’m done. I wish “Nicla” and her cabal all the worst.

    287. crazycat says:

      @ laukat

      Sky News link :

    288. Colin Alexander says:

      It was under Alex Salmond that power was concentrated in the leader. Under Salmond the Murrells reached the top of the SNP as husband and wife team. Concerns raised by the likes of Kenny MacAskill were brushed aside.

      The decisions of Alex Salmond and the independence movement, that’s YOUSE, have brought us to where we are now. Youse allowed the SNP to be turned into a happy-clappy flag-waving fantasy-world leadership-cult under Salmond and Sturgeon.

      Many of you need to take a look in the mirror then say to yourself:

      I was wrong to support Alex Salmond’s indyref policy.

      I am wrong to think England’s British Empire will meekly cooperate to give Scotland her freedom, when Scotland is more important to England’s British Empire than Ireland ever was.

      I was wrong to reject every piece of criticism of Sturgeon or the SNP or Scot Govt as Imperialist “SNP-bad” propaganda.


      I’m guessing / hoping the penny had finally dropped for Salmond that he backed the wrong horses with the Murrells and UK state approved indyref policy. That’s why he had to be stopped by having him jailed for the rest of his life.

    289. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @tricia young –

      Hang in there pal.

      ‘Darkest before the dawn’ an aw that.

      Or in other words, in form of a tortured metaphor my late gran was fond of using in times of distress and confusion:

      “Aye, it’s a bummer when the dog shites in your wardrobe, but when you find out where the jobby is, that’s when you can start doing something about it, so you can!”


    290. Alf Baird says:

      Thankfully there are just too many good and decent folks in Scotland to let this deceit destroy us and our nation. Rev Stu, Craig, Alex, Kenny Mac and many others are leading the line. Hopefully this week will clear the decks for the inevitable run in with the ‘auld enemy’ and their ‘little helpers’ still among us. National liberation is still within our grasp, and moreso now. Though proper liberation will aye need a guid dicht oot o thon mankit unionist elite slump!

    291. Sarah says:

      @ tricia young: you speak for most of us, tricia. I feel sad, and angry, at the way we have been let down by the Parliamentary and HQ bits of the party. But we are in the right and our cause is just so we must continue in order to encourage the right people to take the Parliamentary route.

      For the last five years I have been telling my MP that they were mishandling the campaign but I still thought they must have a plan and a procedure just waiting for the right moment. But the last two years made it less likely and since NS’s January 2020 speech it was crystal clear – no plan and other, very odd, priorities.

      However I hope that Kenny MacAskill, Alex Neil, Neale Hanvey have some irons in the fire and enough fellow MPs/MSPs to help us.

    292. tricia young says:

      Oh God Sarah, right now I don’t think they have, I think we have well and truly been had. I would love to be all unicorns and rainbows but I think poor all Scotland has been and will continue to be shafted. I am sorry for being negative but after “nicla” on sky news.. she is not for indy and I am done.

    293. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Final score: Scotland 1 – Slovakia 0.

      BTW: did anyone else notice that, at the start of the match, two of the Scottish team didn’t sing “Flower of Scotland”?

      Two tall blonde guys…

    294. tricia young says:

      @ ian brotherhood, thanks. I am frightened for Scotland.

    295. kapelmeister says:

      Pete Wishart now calling Wings a “vile hate fest” and demanding that SNP politicians must stop writing for it.

    296. ScottieDog says:

      I wonder if NS and PM will bring the good ship indy down with them.

    297. Grey Gull says:

      @Ian Brotherhood. Your gran was a wise woman!

    298. tricia young says:

      Stu is a GOD for go to evidence. I will vote for Indy always. SNP are destroyed for me. Someone help me out. Who do I vote for? NOT asking for a friend.

    299. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Grey Gull –

      She was indeed, god bless ‘er memory.

      Many hours we spent huddled at her feet as she dozed by the hearth, snoring raucously, rousing only occasionally to hawk up balls of phlegm which she expertly fired into the niggardly fire.

      Then, noticing us there, she would take a swig of her poteen, deliver a cautionary vignette, then tell us to feck-off before returning to coma-like slumber.

      Ah! Such, such were the joys!

    300. ScottieDog says:

      So will the media now form a protective ring around NS and continue to demonise AS. Interesting.

    301. CameronB Brodie says:

      @Pete Wishart
      Please take the time to learn how to support justice and democracy, before thinking you’re anyone’s superior. TA. 😉

      Natural Law, Justice and Democracy – Some
      Reflections on Three Types of Thinking about Law
      and Justice

    302. Ian Brotherhood says:

      If you’re a lockdown fan, don’t click this.


    303. ElGordo says:

      Good result for Scotland.

      And some nice, intelligent, controlled football too.

      Amazing the difference having a team without any wee neds playing for it.

    304. Big Jock says:

      Tricia you vote SNP on your first vote. Your second vote goes to another Indy party.

      It’s not Nicola or Murrell who own the SNP. It’s not the recent members, who think they know it all. It’s the stubborn bastards like me. Who joined the party in 1988 , and refuse to let Sturgeon destroy it. We are the party, not these pretendy nationalists.

      Vote SNP for Scotland on your first vote. Personally I don’t think Sturgeon will in charge next May.

    305. Michael Laing says:

      It occurred to me earlier today that a way to raise public awareness of the corruption amongst the SNP leadership and bring about pressure for Nicola Sturgeon’s resignation or dismissal might be to launch an on-line petition. This would list perhaps the five most prominent examples of corruption and failure under Sturgeon’s leadership; most obviously, the failure to make any meaningful progress towards the SNP’s primary goal; and would call for her to step down or be removed immediately. Readers of this site will have a good idea of other examples which might be listed. I would certainly put my name to such a petition, with the proviso that it was hosted on a web-site which didn’t immediately start bombarding my in-box with multiple spam-messages for the rest of eternity. Would this be an idea worth pursuing?

      I have left the SNP and will not be voting for it until there’s a change of leadership and direction. I will happily rejoin when and if that happens.

      I honestly find it incredible that Nicola Sturgeon hasn’t been removed from office already. She is acting like a deranged dictator.

    306. Fireproofjim says:

      Football played without “wee neds/“ is generally less exciting.
      The guys who stirred the blood all had flaws and I remember Jim Baxter, Jimmy Johnson, Willie Henderson, Billy Bremner,, all wee (except Baxter) and all capable of causing a rammy in an empty house, but all blessed with a touch of genius.
      When will we see your like again?

    307. Jack says:

      Sturgeon and Murrell , the Ceausescu‘s of Scotland. Discuss.

    308. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Just so we’re all clear…

      weegingerdug says:
      October 11, 2020 at 8:51 pm
      I will remind you (and everyone else) of what the stated purpose of this blog is. If a discussion isn’t going to help convert people from no or undecided to yes, if it risks putting people off because all they see is falling out and disputes amongst yes supporters, then it’s probably not a discussion to be had here.

      If you wish to discuss Nicola Sturgeon’s performance in that Sky News interview, there are other places to do it.

      As for “determining and controlling the subject of discussion”, I’d scarcely be the only blogger to do that – and I am considerably more tolerant than some.’

    309. holymacmoses says:

      tricia young says:
      11 October, 2020 at 9:44 pm
      Oh God Sarah, right now I don’t think they have, I think we have well and truly been had. I would love to be all unicorns and rainbows but I think poor all Scotland has been and will continue to be shafted. I am sorry for being negative but after “nicla” on sky news.. she is not for indy and I am done.


      I honestly think that the people in Scotland want rid of Johnson et al and I think Independence is coming. Sturgeon is NOT a necessary evil for an Independent Scotland. THINK Joanna Cherry and Philippa Whitford among many others and be happy:-)

    310. holymacmoses says:

      Big Jock says:
      11 October, 2020 at 10:28 pm
      Tricia you vote SNP on your first vote. Your second vote goes to another Indy party.

      It’s not Nicola or Murrell who own the SNP. It’s not the recent members, who think they know it all. It’s the stubborn bastards like me. Who joined the party in 1988 , and refuse to let Sturgeon destroy it. We are the party, not these pretendy nationalists.


      Well said Big Jock!

    311. Robert Louis says:

      Depressing. What a mess. What an awful mess.

      And here’s the thing, there was no need for any of it to happen. None of it.

      Lost for words these days. I just don’t know what to think.

      I keep asking it, but I’ll ask again, WHY? who benefits?

    312. Big Jock says:

      I for one am not worried about the fallout from Sturgeon resigning, or being forced out.

      I think her 6 years in charge have been like a road block on the journey to independence. By removing her road block. Things can move swiftly.

      The idea that we have to wait years for referendum bills, permission , electoral commission approval more mandates. Is just nonsense. We get independence when we decide to take it.

      Sturgeon is a complete con artist, and now a proven liar.

    313. CameronB Brodie says:

      The day is fast approaching when or legal Establishment will no longer be able to place their British nationalism in front of a legal respect for the Moral law. A people will only tolerate so much cultural and political subjugation through abusive and dogmatic legal practice. ;(


      Natural Resources and Natural Law Part I: Prior

    314. Big Jock says:

      Robert – Murrell was behind removing Salmond. He was a threat to his empire. Sturgeon happily turned Judas to suit her husband’s vanity.

      If you remember Salmond was supposed to be making Royal Mail bags in Peterhead for 10 years. The plan unravelled! What’s happening now is the cover up.

      That’s why it’s such a shambles. It’s ad hoc cover up. There has already been a few slip ups. The Whats App, Sturgeon’s memory?

      It’s just the inevitable collapse of a house of cards. Sturgeon only cares about her own career.

      Scotland could be just collateral damage.

    315. CameronB Brodie says:

      Silly me, our law officers can piss all over Scotland for as long as they like, or for as long as we allow them to.

    316. Daisy Walker says:

      Tricia young says:
      11 October, 2020 at 9:16 pm
      Just heartbroken for Scotland, what now? I’m just an ordinary person, who is a committed independence supporter. It takes time and debate to persuade people, which I did. I know this because friends and family have been converted to independence because of quite lively discussion and debate. They moved to indy because of this. Ah man, I am in tears. I think I’m done.’

      Dear Tricia,

      It comes in waves but not everyone gets it all at the same time. So we keep on keeping on.

      What happens now, and what happens next, is that you/we… keep caring, impossible to switch off, even when its painful.

      So tomorrow we get up, we stand up, we are Scotland, and we’re not going anywhere. And if/when the shit hits the fan over NS – well, that’s on her, that’s not us, and that’s not what Independence for Scotland is about.

      Every single Yesser is an ambassador for Indy, it is so much bigger and more important than one party. You must not underestimate the influence you have, particularly in these times of heightened ‘covid/brexit fear.

      There are times for debate/persuasion and god knows we’ve all done it, but there is also, a very quiet, dignified place where it is enough to occupy the space and be that Independent Scot – and the cut of that jib just rings out.

      WM is about to devastate our economy with Brexit, destroy devolution and steal our NHS – and we can do so much better than Boris.

      You keep up to date with WOS, so as hard as you are feeling it today, in the next week (possibly) the penny is going to drop for other Yessers, and they will be devastated. We keep paddling in the right direction, so that they can pick themselves up, catch their breath and join us soon.

      We have a country to save. One bit of decency at a time. An wir no done yet.

    317. tricia young says:

      @big Jock. Not feeling it.

    318. Joe says:

      Covid update:

      Look up: Great Barrington Declaration

      Apologies for posting this twice. I did it first in a now defunct thread in order to be as unintrusive as possible but the resident r3tard, who pretty much owns the btl section, hemmed it in with spam and it might be interesting to many on the skeptical side of the covid debate

    319. Daisy Walker says:

      @ Ian Brotherhood re WGD

      Read his latest, this part stuck out, ‘Instead all that your government is doing is to drive ever more people in Scotland into the welcome arms of the yes movement. It started as a trickle. It’s now a torrent. It will become a flood when your Brexit strikes. ‘

      When your Brexit strikes’

      Let them destroy our Parliament, and then it will be really really difficult to hold referendums, the economy will be screwed over worse than Thatcher days, no one will vote for the SNP any more, because they let Brexit happen while sitting on umpteen mandates…. and our country will be out of Europe and out of luck.

      A suicide policy. But on the plus side I’m sure Paul’s American husband’s residency will be looked upon much more favourably by the Brit Nat establishment.

    320. tricia young says:

      @daisywalker. Thanks. I cannot believe I actually cried, NS has killed indy for me. I thought SNP would get indy. I believed. I posted, marched and was on stalls. All in vain. Just a normal member of the public. Why tf am I so upset.,

    321. Effijy says:

      The link above reveals how £3 Billion of supposedly Covid
      essential money is unaccounted for by the Tories.

      Greens and Lib Dem’s demand accountability.
      SNP are only able to work on Covid as the nation is ransacked.

      Tories award £25 million to 60 marginal Tory seats.
      All other areas in need can piss off in Westminster’s corrupt cabal.

    322. CameronB Brodie says:

      tricia young
      You’re possibly despondent as you see no escape from English Torydum and SNP MacWokism, so here’s how you defend yourself against British ‘justice’. It isn’t esoteric knowledge, radical philosophy, or post-truth ideology, it is the path to justice and equality in law. So it might provide useful instruction for out law offices, if they are interested in supporting public health that is. ;(


    323. Sarah says:

      Resolutions are being written right now to present to Conference which will get some of the problems cleared up and the focus set back onto independence without a s30.

      Party members can take a look at SNP Members for Independence Facebook [members now 597], join it and help with drafting these Resolutions, and/or get to your them to your branch for submission to Conference selection by the deadline of 23rd October.

    324. CameronB Brodie says:

      As Joe is determined to punt a herd immunity strategy promoted by a climate science denying front for far-right corporate interests, I’ll just point out Joe’s a shill for right-wing extremism, which has managed to penetrate British academia. 🙁

      Climate Science Denial Network
      Behind Great
      Barrington Declaration

      The ‘think-tank’ behind the Great Barrington Declaration is part-funded by right-wing American billionaire Charles Koch, reports Nafeez Ahmed

    325. Big Jock says:

      Tricia – keeping Nicola will kill Indy.

      What we are doing is actually saving independence by removing a rogue leader.

      Far from being over, the SNP will go on and be strengthened when she and Murrell get binned.

      Independence is not about anything other than your country. If we need to use the SNP to get independence, then you use them as they have used us.

      If Nicola was serious about independence. I would want her to stay until we get it. That’s despite her being a figure of hate for me now.

      Without independence nothing can move forward in Scotland. It’s more important than any hate I feel for Sturgeon.

    326. willie says:

      ah well, no more comments – over to the nightshift now!

    327. stonefree says:

      Patsy Stands by her Ham as posted on Facebook

      Patricia Gibson MP

      t4Sponsfohredno ·
      It is with great sadness and disappointment I see the most malicious and vexatious allegations being levelled at SNP Chief Executive Peter Murrell and Kenneth Gibson MSP today, in a unionist newspaper, in what can only be an attempt to subvert the selection contest for Cunninghame North’s SNP candidate at next year’s Holyrood election. Those responsible are undoubtedly the toast of those who oppose the SNP in this constituency and beyond.
      Firstly, SNP Chief Executive Peter Murrell has nothing to do with matters relating to Cunninghame North and bringing in his name sparks concerns about a wider agenda.
      Secondly, I never thought I would ever have to defend Kenneth Gibson MSP or myself on a public forum, but the allegations made cannot go unchallenged as they are simply untrue. Entirely concocted, they have been long in the planning, their roots being in my securing the SNP candidacy for North Ayrshire & Arran in 2015.
      One of those quoted in today’s attack felt they ought to be a shoo-in for the 2015 Westminster selection but was overwhelmingly rejected by SNP members – something from which this person has failed to recover emotionally. Whilst this saddens me, personal hurt is not a reason for spite.
      Therefore, sadly, this individual’s leading of this attempt at undermining Kenneth comes as no surprise.
      Kenneth has won the support and respect of the vast majority of SNP members across the constituency of Cunninghame North and is held in high regard by constituents across the political spectrum. However, following the frustrated ambitions of this would-be MP and his supporters, many came to the view that discord was quietly being sown. Two snap Westminster elections meant automatic re-selection for incumbent MPs so attempts to remove me were thwarted by events.
      Therefore, the focus turned on Kenneth, for whom the electoral timetable was more certain. In spring 2019 as Constituency Association meetings became increasingly fractious, some activists stopped attending, citing “the appalling way the MP and MSP are treated” at these meetings as their reason for non-attendance.
      Kenneth and I continued to participate in these meetings which draw only a small number of members. During one particularly nasty meeting when Kenneth was not yet over the threshold, he was met with shouted abuse from across the room. At another he was shouted down for having the temerity to comment on the European election campaign during his monthly report. At that point Kenneth and I decided to stop participating, returning only when it was agreed that meetings would be recorded. Such meetings have now been recorded for over a year or so.
      Despite this, Kenneth and I continued to reach out to all members who attended CA Meetings. Whilst offering open criticism of the MSP, I have been told by island constituents that one of their local councillors has struggled to form positive relationships with island organisations such as the Arran Recovery Group and Arran Community Council. I make no comment on that except to say that Kenneth could have happily assisted this councillor but given how implacably opposed to him this individual is, it has simply not been possible.
      The allegations of bullying levelled at Kenneth are utterly without foundation. Every single Constituency Association meeting he has attended, I have done so as well. If there were any concerns about his behaviour at the CA or elsewhere, why was this never raised directly with Kenneth? Why were these concerns never discussed at a CA meeting?
      The people who decided to deploy unionist publications to attack Kenneth and SNP Chief Executive, Peter Murrell, have timed this vexatious attack entirely to derail Kenneth’s re-selection as Cunninghame North’s SNP candidate. However, if discontent with him is as widespread as those behind these allegations say, Kenneth would surely have no hope of winning any selection contest. The reality is that he has secured endorsements across both the party and the constituency. Far from activists being demotivated, in last year’s General Election campaign, this constituency had the highest number of canvass returns recorded of any in Scotland, save for West Aberdeenshire & Kincardine. I don’t believe any of those responsible for the allegations published today participated in these canvassing sessions. Indeed, one of the individuals behind today’s article insisted on being the Constituency Association “Organiser” but this individual was conspicuous by their absence for the entire 2019 election campaign. As for members leaving the party due to these allegations, membership in Cunninghame North has increased, not decreased.
      Clearly, this article is an unequivocal admission that without the use of nefarious practices those who prefer another candidate believe Kenneth will be reselected. They should have the honesty to say so instead of concocting accusations which are utterly without credibility in order to destroy a well-respected MSP with a 41-year history of activism in fighting for Scottish independence. Shame on them! They clearly do not believe their preferred candidate is able to beat Kenneth in the selection process on his/her own merits.
      Those responsible for this article have shown a disregard for the bigger prize for which we all strive, purely to satisfy their own petty agenda of trying to dislodge Kenneth Gibson as the SNP candidate for this constituency, while actively undermining this seat which was so hard won. I trust and believe SNP members in Cunninghame North will not be so easily manipulated and when they come to vote in this selection process they will consider the huge contribution Kenneth has made to this constituency, to the cause of independence and the people he is elected to serve.

      It’s been a while since I have part read such shit

    328. AYRSHIRE ROB says:


      So a wull JOE

      More crap.It’s a fraud.

    329. Graham says:

      Perhaps Liz Lloyd was the third person in the room with Geoff Aberdein and the FM; has powers of hypnosis over NS; and so induced her to ‘forget’ that meeting for reasons known to herself (Lloyd).. and also planted a post-hypnotic suggestion of a hefty pay rise for herself? Or maybe it was Evans?).

      Maybe all the complainants were hypnotised. It is known that false memories of abuse can be ‘retrieved’ (read: planted) through hypnosis!
      Perhaps there is a master hypnotist, let us call that person ‘M’, behind all these doings.. manipulating ALL these underlings..

      All tongue-in-cheek, of course.

      It’s just that when people get deep enough into a tangle of lies upon lies, mutually- and self- -supporting and -contradicting, with conformity, compliance, gullibility (and assumption of gullibility of the public), denial, obfuscation,and deflection
      all added into the mix, they come ever more indistinguishable from duped puppets acting absurdly at the whim of some devious and callous ego.

    330. Jack says:

      In my workplace, husband and wife teams are not encouraged . What about yours?

    331. Graham says:

      .. perhaps, too, Margaret Ferrier was hypnotised to do as she did (can you not picture her commuting, with a glazed, fixed expression, to-and-fro against reason and better judgement?).. and then to resist calls to step down, all as a ploy to distract public attention from the mess of the Salmond debacle, NEC fiasco and suchlike, and so that NS can instead signal virtue and win public plaudits by calling for her (MF’s) resignation?

      I jest. But without laughing.

    332. Hatuey says:

      Last week she was refusing to say if the whatsapp message were real and sent by her husband. They were.

      On Thursday in Parliament she refused to tell us when she first heard about the Salmond allegations – one day she says it was in April, the next she says March.

      Today, in one of the most unhinged political interviews I’ve ever seen, she was on live TV dragging our whole political system into the gutter of disrepute.

      It’s the stuff of Banana Republic nightmares.

      Someone above asked who benefits – Cui bono? I nearly choked on my Ovaltine.

      She’s totally destroyed the independence movement. It couldn’t be more fragmented. And now she’s destroying the SNP.

      Who benefits? Fuck knows. Even the British Government were against going after former Ministers.

    333. Stan Broadwood says:

      The clip that Sky News is running with regards Sturgeon is her telling Sophie Ridge that Salmond is really really angry with her because she refused to cover up for him.

      And that clip is speeding around the World as we speak.

      Jesus, if Alex Salmond wasn’t angry with her before this Sky interview, he sure as hell will be furious with this evil little bitch now.

    334. Hatuey says:

      Ian Bro @ 10.26

      That song’s brilliant.

    335. Joe says:

      Its very amusing the rebuttal RE: Great Barrington Declaration.

      Apparently its funded by an organisation linked to a billionaire businessman.

      If that’s true it means nothing those scientists say or claim has any value.

      The pharmaceutical industry and the WHO on the other hand…

    336. Beaker says:

      The Sun has published an article where Margaret Ferrier is claiming that the SNP scripted her apology, then when they saw the reaction advised the media that she had referred herself to the police – before she actually did this.

      There is no excuse for her actions, but the behaviour of the SNP hierarchy is open to question. Do they not have a duty of care to their members or ex-members, regardless of what has happened?

      Makes you wonder what else may be revealed.

    337. CameronB Brodie says:

      The determination of some to undermine human rights law with the intent of empowering corporate greed, never fails to impress. The same goes for those who deny the biological differences between the sexes, in order to accommodate the will of man. Both legal positions are intrinsically linked with right-wing authoritarianism and racism. That’s what has established the new state of Brexitania and controls the SNP’s NEC, so I hope you all support a state of fascism?

      European Journal for Philosophy of Science volume 10, Article number: 37 (2020)
      Social constructionism and climate science denial


      It has been much debated whether epistemic relativism in academia, for instance in the form of social constructivism, the strong programme, deconstructionism, and postmodernism, has paved the way for the recent upsurge in science denial, in particular climate science denial.

      In order to provide an empirical basis for this discussion, an extensive search of the social science literature was performed. It showed that in the 1990s, climate science was a popular target among academic epistemic relativists. In particular, many STS scholars used it as an allegedly clear example of claims by natural scientists that should be treated as mere social constructions, rather than as reports on the actual state of the natural world.

      A few connections between social constructivists and corporate science denialism were also uncovered, but the extent of such connections could not be determined. With few exceptions, the stream of criticism of climate science from academic relativists has dwindled since the 1990s. One reason for this seems to be that the contrarian position lost its attraction when it became associated with corporate and right-wing propagandists.

    338. Kenny J says:

      Could I draw your attention to two posts at 11.45 and 11.50 yesterday morning.

      Are these two accounts referring to the same meeting. It would seem so, so has Iain MacWhirter just outed one of the Alpha women.

    339. MaggieC says:

      It looks like the Snp have done it again and have hung Margaret Ferrier out to dry in the latest story in the Sun , Hope she spills the beans and tells her version of the story ,

      UNDER-fire Margaret Ferrier claims SNP chiefs wrote her a script apologising for flouting Covid rules — then “hung me out to dry”.

    340. Kenny J says:

      Re Natalie McGarry,
      I was over in her area canvassing with her team, before the Ref.
      She made a remark that she and her, then, boyfriend, now husband, had spent the previous night making badges.
      I thought when the news broke, if she had done the money, why bother making lapel badges.
      Not convinced.

    341. CameronB Brodie says:

      Sorry for going a bit OT, but I’ve got an open goal here to hit three targets at the same time. 🙂

      I could have structured my above post a bit better, as climate change denial, the support for genderwoowoo in law, and contemporary British nationalism, are essentially different faces of the ongoing, and ever persistent, legal attack against the principle of universal human rights.

      Social constructivism and anti-foundational law, require an epistemic relativism that undermines the normative values of culture i.e. our belief structures and moral foundations. Subsequently, our social cognition is impaired and disabled, which harms the potential for social justice to occur. That’s bad. Mkay!

      TOPICS IN COGNITIVE SCIENCE, Volume 8, Issue 1, January 2016
      The Ethics of Belief, Cognition, and Climate Change Pseudoskepticism: Implications for Public Discourse


      The relationship between knowledge, belief, and ethics is an inaugural theme in philosophy; more recently, under the title “ethics of belief” philosophers have worked to develop the appropriate methodology for studying the nexus of epistemology, ethics, and psychology.

      The title “ethics of belief” comes from a 19th-century paper written by British philosopher and mathematician W.K. Clifford. Clifford argues that we are morally responsible for our beliefs because (a) each belief that we form creates the cognitive circumstances for related beliefs to follow, and (b) we inevitably influence each other through those beliefs.

      This study argues that recent cognitive research supports Cliffordian insights regarding patterns of belief formation and social influence. From the confirmation offered by such research, it follows that informational accuracy holds serious ethical significance in public discourse. Although scientific and epistemological matters are not always thought to be linked to normative morality, this study builds on Clifford’s initial insights to show their linkage is fundamental to inquiry itself.

      In turn, Clifford’s ethical and epistemic outline can inform a framework grounded in “public reason” under which seemingly opposed science communication strategies (e.g., “information deficit” and “cultural cognition” models) are philosophically united. With public discourse on climate change as the key example, empirically informed and grounded strategies for science communication in the public sphere are considered.

    342. Hatuey says:

      “It looks like the Snp have done it again and have hung Margaret Ferrier out to dry”

      To be fair, they’ve hung the whole country out to dry. She shouldn’t take it personally. Actually, the SNP have even hung the SNP out to dry.

      They’ve turned the party into The Committee to Re-Elect the Babbling Wreck.

      Oh well.

    343. crazycat says:

      @ Kenny J

      I know Natalie liked making badges, because she showed me how to use a badge-making machine.

      But why would her husband (then boyfriend) be helping her when he was on the other side (Tory councillor)?

    344. CameronB Brodie says:

      Actually four or possibly five targets, as those two posts also address covid-19 denial and dodgy administrative practice, which supports global corruption. 🙁

      The World Is Broken: The Social Construction of a
      Global Corruption Problem

    345. Benhope says:

      Update on the golf.
      At Wentworth Grant Forrest fell back and finished about 32nd but in Las Vegas Martin Laird has just won a three way play off to complete his fourth win on the PGA Tour and win over $1million.

      Congratulations to Martin as he has not long returned to the tour after knee surgery .A very tense and exciting final round.

      With Scotland also winning thank goodness for a little good news !!

    346. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “The Sun has published an article where Margaret Ferrier is claiming that the SNP scripted her apology”

      My information is that this is true. Catriona Matheson and Liz Lloyd wrote it. Readers may wonder what other events they may have been centrally involved in.

    347. Skip_NC says:

      Red Sunset, well, if there was a PayPal or similar deposit to her personal bank account, the simple solution is to transfer it without adjustment to the correct entity account. I have no idea how much money was running through those accounts, but I would be totalling up the PayPal fees charged as the first order of business.

      I will refrain from further comment, but I will be most interested in the case when it goes to a retrial.

    348. crazycat says:

      @ Skip_NC

      The problem, I think, is that there wasn’t another account. WfI didn’t expect a lot of donations/other transactions, so it was not until after the referendum that they had a group account. It’s also possible that they required an official constitution in order to open an account; they didn’t have that either in 2014.

      To have a single individual passing monies through her personal account is not sensible, as they discovered when they did open a group account and there were, allegedly, deficiencies in record keeping and balances.

    349. CameronB Brodie says:

      Getting back to the wider topic of dodgy administrative practice and corruption, oh for the want of a constitutional order that respected international human rights law. 🙁

      NEW YORK UNIVERSITY LAW REVIEW [Vol. 78:461, May 2003]

      This Article argues that efforts to square the administrative state with the constitutional structure have become too fixated on the concern for political accountability. As a result, those efforts have overlooked an important obstacle to agency legitimacy: the concern for administrative arbitrariness.

      Such thinking is evident in the prevailing model of the administrative state, which seeks to legitimate agencies by
      placing their policy decisions firmly under the control of the one elected official responsive to the entire nation – the President.

      This Article contends that the “presidential control” model cannot legitimate agencies because the model rests on a
      mistaken assumption about the sufficiency of political accountability for that purpose. The assumption resonates with the premise, familiar in constitutional theory,
      that majoritarianism is the hallmark of legitimate government. This premise, brought to the fore by Alexander Bickel, now is questioned among constitutional
      theorists. Moreover, majoritarianism is not enough to legitimate administrative decisionmaking under our constitutional structure for the reason that it does not reliably address the concern for arbitrariness.

      This Article argues for a more direct focus on the concern for arbitrariness – an approach that has at its core a concern for good government, not simply “accountable” government in the post-Bickel, majoritarian sense of that word. The Article demonstrates how a more direct approach
      suggests new possibilities for resolving the time-honored problem of agency legitimacy and new ways of understanding the perennial puzzles of administrative law.

    350. CameronB Brodie says:

      Sorry, I thought I’d sorted the text to read properly, and sorry if this seams OT. It isn’t, as it give insight into how the SNP’s NEC have burst the ball, by encouraging the introduction of anti-foundational ideology into Scots law. ;(


      Methodological Innovations, First Published July 10, 2019
      Practising reflexivity: Ethics, methodology and theory construction


      Reflexivity as a concept and practice is widely recognized and acknowledged in qualitative social science research. In this article, through an account of the ‘reflexive moments’ I encountered during my doctoral research, which employed critical theory perspective and constructivist grounded theory methodology, I elaborate how ethics, methodology and theory construction are intertwined.

      Further, I dwell on the significance of reflexivity, particularly in qualitative research analysing bioethics concepts. Through an account of the universal ethical principles that ‘I’, as a researcher, encounter, and a micro-analysis of the observed relationships that influence the theoretical construction and arguments developed, I explore the quandaries an ethics researcher undertaking a reflexive approach faces.

      I elucidate that reflexivity unveils – for both researcher and reader – how the researcher(s) arrive(s) at certain positions during the knowledge construction process. I conclude by stating that reflexivity demystifies the moral and epistemological stances of both the study and researcher(s).

      Reflexivity, ethics, constructivist grounded theory, methodology, bioethics, qualitative research

    351. Albalha says:

      In reply to Stonefree, 11.51pm.
      Wow. Thank you for posting that, what an insight.

      Of course it’s possible that where she says the preferred candidate is struggling, i.e. Osama Saeed Bhutta, she’s right.

      And if people haven’t seen it here’s yesterday’s Sunday Post article on Leslie Evans turning down Salmond’s offer of arbitration three times. Looks like she’ll be back in front of the committee for a third time. How she has held onto her job is well beyond me.

    352. Breeks says:

      This seems incredible… or does it?

      Incredible first, that somebody is legally responsible for comments made in reply to a tweet, and not credible either, because surely the same accusation can just be passed up the chain to Twitter itself. Is it seemly for the Lord Advocate to be clutching at straws?.

      I am sad that Scotland’s Independence and our Indy people are being put through all this mess, but on the up side, and it’s an important up side, we are really finding out who are friends are, putting names to the freeloaders and subversive obstructivists in our midst, and discovering where our faith has been badly misplaced. The challenge now is to be rid of it.

      Start joining all the dots, and a much clearer picture emerges on the reasons why we’ve been suffering this grinding stagnation these past 5-6 years, while opportunity after opportunity has been squandered, and the whole Constitutional narrative twisted out of shape until it’s indistinguishable from sophistry. Many heads should roll.

      The proposed influx of Nicola’s Wokerati next Scottish Election would be the final nail in our coffin, a toxic injection that the Indy movement wouldn’t survive.

      It’s a heartbreaking revelation for some, but just like Theoden in Lord of the Rings, we will see the years fall away from us, and see our strength and vitality return to our limbs when we rid ourselves of this malevolent influence which has crippled us of late.

      They are strong, but we are stronger. We have endured their worst, and now they are trying to salvage what they can from defeat and failed conspiracy… but we can see them now, and being hidden in the shadows was their strength and modus operandi.

      Without wanting to sound sycophantic, Scotland owes yet another debt to the mighty man Alex Salmond, through his tremendous integrity and stoicism under sustained assault and withering condemnation, he has flushed our enemies from cover.

      What happens next is up to us, but my friends, for the first time in such a long time, change is in the air.

    353. Big Jock says:

      What really angers me in that interview is her insistence(inference) that Salmond is guilty of other things.

      Instead of just admitting he was cleared of all criminality. She tries to smear the man with , well you know…gossip.

      It’s absolutely beneath contempt. I would be ripping her to shreds right now if I was Salmond. It’s a chatachter assassination.

      I wouldn’t trust Nicola with my biro pen never mind the country.

    354. Big Jock says:

      Just a thought. Has Nicola done a deal with the British state?

    355. Lulu Bells says:

      @Breeks @ 7:10am
      ‘Scotland owes yet another debt to the mighty man Alex Salmond, through his tremendous integrity and stoicism under sustained assault and withering’

      Well said. I am furious that NS is allowed to suggest he is in some way behaving in a very angry fashion towards her when by her own admission she has had no contact with him for over 2 years and he has said nothing in public, that I know of, since leaving court. Sure, she might get some rumours filtering back to her but if thats whats happening she should have said so. Of course I am sure he IS well pssed off with her and deservedly so, but as a fact she does not know that.

    356. Stuart MacKay says:

      Hatuey @12:02am

      She’s totally destroyed the independence movement.

      On the contrary, she’s opened herself up to being removed. Her poor judgement and the vindictiveness in pursuing her agenda against Salmond also demonstrates that everyone who arrived in the SNP as a direct result of her assuming the leadership may also have been put there to further her agenda and are open for removal too.

    357. susanXX says:

      Truly dark revelations about NS and her clique. Looks like we have to win independence on our own.

    358. David Caledonia says:

      I was chatting with a very nice young lady yesterday and her intelligence just blew me away, she will be 19 years old on the 15th of this month and she is one of the most intelligent women I have ever met.
      She is not scottish, she is in fact colombian by birth and studying very hard with her education
      She told me she has a partner who is also colombian, all I can say is that he is one very lucky young man
      These two young people will eventually get married and have kids, and from what she told me about her young man those future kids will have a great life, and good luck to them all
      Over the years I will keep in touch, this young lady is going to do something special with her life in colombia, it won’t be in politics but I know she is going to make a difference whatever she decides to do
      God bless you Eliana Strada, you restored my faith in young people

    359. David Caledonia says:

      I have to renew my passport, can anyone explain to me why they charge 85 quid
      I know I could get it a tenner cheaper but I refer doing it through the post
      Why 85 quid ?

    360. David Caledonia says:

      having trouble with my Ps

    361. David Caledonia says:

      Sticky tyepwriter have to slam the letter P down hard
      Surely a little P should not be so hard to do lol

    362. cynicalHighlander says:

      See a doctor!

    363. MaggieC says:

      Beaker @ 12.39 am ,
      Me @ 1.03 am,

      Sorry I missed your post and I’ve just posted a link to the article about Margaret Ferrier in my previous post , it seems that the Snp have done the dirty on her also the advice that she was given was to travel home , This is from the previous article in the Sun ,

      “ Ferrier says her actions were in step with parliamentary rules emailed to MPs.
      Guidance sent to MPs by email said they had to abide by Covid-19 secure workplace measures and “understand what the obligations on each of us are”.
      The email sent to parliamentarians is dated October 5 – after the revelations about the MP emerged.
      But – having reviewed the content – the elected member is sure she followed the guidance to the letter.

      It states: “If you feel unwell and have symptoms of coronavirus (new persistent cough, fever or loss or change in your sense of taste) or have received a positive test result, please inform your manager/whip where possible and immediately make your way home wearing a face covering.

      “Please use private transport to travel whenever possible, or public transport wearing a face covering where there is no alternative.”
      Margaret said: “This is what I did “ .

      Whether she was right or wrong in what she did by going to Westminster on the Monday when she had already had a test it seems that the party didn’t give her a lot of support also they knew about her on the Wednesday but didn’t release the statement about her until the Thursday and that was a good distraction to take the news headlines away from Nicola Sturgeon as Ruth Davidson had asked questions about the Harassment and Complaints Committee at Fmqs that Thursday as the question below .

      1. Ruth Davidson (Edinburgh Central) (Con): In January 2019, the First Minister said that the Committee on the Scottish Government Handling of Harassment Complaints, also referred to as the Salmond inquiry,
      “will be able to request whatever material they want, and I undertake today that we will provide whatever material they request.”—[Official Report, 17 January 2019; c 14.]
      The inquiry has requested material and the Government has rejected the request. What has made the First Minister break her word “

    364. Albalha says:

      A further reply to Stonefree, 1151pm

      Daily Mail reporter has tweeted a screengrab
      of Kenny Gibson, is that from FB too?
      Clearly him and Dr Malcolm Kerr aren’t on speaking terms.

    365. David Caledonia says:

      thank you highlander but my doctor knows as much about Ps as I do

    366. Albalha says:

      The woman who was Kenny Gibson’s election agent is backing
      Osama Saeed Bhutta, sounds like all out intra party political war in Cunninghame North.

      All the hallmarks of the labour party at its worst, when they too believed they had the right to rule. The SNP have had other examples, of course, but they seem to be on the rise at a local level.

    367. Albalha says:

      In reply to MaggieC at 0811
      The current SNP leadership has done this before, forced people to resign the whip, issue statements etc.

      Nicola Sturgeon hides behind ‘due processes’ when answering media q’s about why they have not expelled Maragret Ferrier but surely before the whip is withdrawn there are processes to follow too? And if not, why not? Maybe someone here has access to the rule book. And that’s not to mention a basic duty of care.

    368. Mac says:

      The amazing thing about this interview is that Alex Salmond has not said a thing since he was acquitted on all charges.

      It really is true…

      A guilty conscience needs no accuser.

    369. Albalha says:

      In reply to Mac at 0830
      He hasn’t ‘said’ anything, but he did issue
      a statement yesterday,

      ”In a statement yesterday, Mr Salmond said: “I have made no public comment since I was acquitted of all charges in the High Court in March and have made it clear that the first time I will comment is in front of the parliamentary committee. This committee was established to inquire into the conduct of the first minister, her special advisers and civil servants after her government’s behaviour was found to be ‘unlawful’, ‘unfair’ and ‘tainted by apparent bias’, and at enormous cost to the public purse.”

    370. Bob Mack says:

      What we saw on Sophie Ridge was classic. Surgeon did not want to publicly tell Sophie to shut up about the topic, so instead she chose to attack the person who was her tormentor.

      That was Alex Salmond. She blames him for several reasons.

      1. She believed the accusations.
      2. She believed he should have been found guilty.
      3. She knows this misjudgement will come back to haunt her.

      She is frustrated she put all her eggs in one basket and was proved wrong. Rather narcissistic actually.

      Blaming others for the outcome of your own actions is never a good look. Casting doubt on your own justice system is also not a good look for a FM.

    371. Big Jock says:

      Is he not due to give evidence this week? All this Sturgeon stuff, is her getting her twisted side of the story in, before Salmond exposes her.

      All the years of chucking others under a bus , are coming back to her 10 fold. Fecking Karma!

      Also for lying to the movement about indy ref 2. We should already be independent, not worrying about ever getting a vote.

    372. Mac says:

      Issuing a statement essentially saying “I’ve not said anything since the court case” still counts as not saying anything for me.

      This interview is pretty funny really. If this is how unhinged and swivel eyed Nicola is with Alex not saying anything can you imagine what a fucking wreck she is going to be when he finally opens his mouth.

      What a mess she is in that interview. Some of the crap she is spouting is really vile. She is deeply rattled, it is clear as day.

    373. Phydaux says:

      A truly sickening sight to see and hear. I was struck by Nicola Sturgeon’s immaturity; positively adolescent in her total lack of empathy towards Alex Salmond. Endless speculation, innuendo and unsubstantiated observations re Alex’s “ anger” she didn’t “ collude” with him. WTF?

      She doesn’t seem to have much sense of the pain and suffering that she had caused her friend, colleague and mentor. Quite the opposite, twisting the knife in and adding insult to injury.

      Her “ bitches coven” and woke infested cult at SNP Mission Control are not remotely interested in Independence. They seem unable to deal with the world as it is and their immaturity becomes a virtue. This has to change. Loss of the Murrells and their cabal may cause some upset but if we don’t accept some loss, we can lose everything. The alarm bells are ringing and change is afoot.

    374. MaggieC says:

      Albaalha @ 8.30 am

      Re duty of care , is it a case of if your face fits that the Snp give support such as in the case of Derek McKay where it’s been reported that they’re paying for his counselling but then it’s rumoured that he was to be Nicola Sturgeon’s successor . Then hiring lawyers to act for Peter Murrell as Rev Stuart reported her ,

      Albaalha @ 8.39 am

      The fact that Alex Salmond has not said anything about the investigations against him says more about the character of him than any of the others re their drip feed of rumours to the press and that he has not said anything since he was cleared of all charges at his trial in March will be worrying them more than anything .

    375. Big Jock says:

      Bob -I agree.

      Also not forgetting her husband’s personal crusade to wipe Salmond off the map forever. He saw Salmond as a threat , because Salmond told Sturgeon he believed it was not healthy to run a party as husband and wife.

      She then abandoned a friend ad fed him to the wolves. Her track record is exactly the same for others throughout her career. No loyalty, back stabber and self righteous. Not good qualities.

    376. MaggieC says:

      Me @ 9.18 am

      Apologies that should have been a reply to

      Albaalha @ 8.30 am and Albaalha @ 8.39 am

      Bloody predictive text .

    377. Big Jock says:

      What’s interesting regarding her lack of action on indy ref -2.

      I once had a canvasser come round to my house from the SNP. I think it was just before the last Euro elections. We struck up a conversation. She thought the sun shone out Sturgeon’s arse.

      One of her comments nearly floored me. ” No-one wants another referendum soon, we need to park that for a while” This from someone trying to get people to vote SNP. I asked her why she was in the SNP , and shut the door before I lost the plot.

    378. Papko says:

      ” No loyalty, back stabber and self righteous. Not good qualities.”

      No doubt true ,Jock yet the “No” voters like her, and they are the key to indyref2, the 15% of the electorate who are amenable to Independence, PROVIDED it is based on economic sobriety (and the housing market is unaffected).

    379. Albalha says:

      In reply to Maggie C at 0918

      Undoubtedly it’s about whether your face fits, as well as Derek Mackay there’s Chris Law in 2016. When others were being thrown overboard for unsubstantiated, only accusations at the time, he was embraced and protected despite being interviewed under caution by police.

      His was a live investigation. The hypocrisy is off the scale.

      ”A spokesman for Police Scotland said: “A 46-year-old man was detained and has been released pending further inquiries. Investigations are continuing.”

    380. Big Jock says:

      Papko 17% of yessers are now no. You could argue that Sturgeon has lost 17% of the 45%, while gaining 28% of former no voters. Leaving a net increase of 11% when it should be nearer 30% overall!

      Also most of the no voters I speak to can’t stand the woman. I don’t think losing Sturgeon would make any difference. Except maybe it might bring more of that 17% back.

    381. MaggieC says:

      Big Jock @ 9.09 am ,

      There’s no Harassment and Complaints Committee meeting now until 27th October as the Parliament is in recess for two weeks .

      Here are the minutes of the meeting that was held on the 6th October ,

    382. stonefree says:

      Re the Gibsons

      As I have previously said I was at the hustings where Pat Gibson was selected.
      as I said there prospective candidates
      Malcolm Kerr , Gary O’Rourke, John Nicholson ( I hadn’t a clue to who he was) Pat Gibson , Somebody who didn’t turn up.
      Nicholson was professional, Kerr and O’Rourke were different in style O’Rourke was a kind of in your face ,hi energy, Kerr was softy spoken , the person next to marked him down for that , I pointed out he was a doctor , and as such that was in effect his professional persona, and given his real life experiences are an assert, They replied “I never thought of that”
      Gibson was terrible in the extreme, it was the SNP pamphlet
      Anyway the polling cards came in and Gary O’Rourke had with drawn for “Health Reasons” I thought what the hell … that point I didn’t give it much thought Gibson I had in last place, she really is unlikable , plus the “Arran Ferry protests” just seemed a set-up created by Yousaf and K.Gibson So she was in last behind the No Shows
      At that point I firmly believed it was fixed , and O’Rourke had been got at
      Slightlt off tangent for a week or so I have had conserns of Murrell as Data Controller of the SNP, the question being….Could he be using the data to force folk out,or to do his bidding? Seems a reasonable enough thing

    383. Willie says:

      Maggie C.

      I do not give my membership money to the SNP to pay for alleged counselling for Derek Mackay.

      Derek Mackay is an MSP. He is paid a reasonable salary by ( his employers) the Scottish Parliament. He is not paid by the SNP.

      To put it another way I am today feeling depressed. The performance of the wee liar has made me quite sick. Why then should the SNP not pay for counselling for me.

      Or to put it another way again. Twelve months ago I deliberately conspired with others to get my next door neighbour, who is an SNP member done for a wholly unfounded allegation of child molestation. I also encouraged others to put pressure on the Police to have as many charges brought as possible. And now with the charges dismissed utterly I find myself potentially at the end of a legal action. Can the SNP and the members therefore please pay for a top class legal firm for me.

      Ah, the SNP membership. Fine people. A dripping roast in fact. God bless them.

    384. Bob Mack says:

      This civil war in the SNP between supporters of both Alex and Nicola will like all wars have an outcome. This I feel very much depends on Alex. He may want closure by exposing the part Nicola and others tried to play in his persecution and prosecution.

      He may also want to hear a party for Indy. I simply don’t know.

      What I do know is that if nothing else he is a Statesman without peer in this country. He will not do things purely for selfish purposes.

      I will wait and see. As for Nicola.? Her common greeting of “friends” lies in tatters today. She knows not the meaning of the word.

      Alex to his credit told her how this soap opera would play out. She did not listen to him. She pressed on regardless determined that her view of “justice” would take her former mentor and friend of 30 years.

      I ask myself one question, and it’s an important one

      Would all this have taken place if Alex had resigned much sooner ?

      Therein lies the answer to this whole riddle.

    385. Willie says:

      And today now I’m off to drive someone else’s car without my having any motor insurance. I’lol be taking the bird with me. Off to a wee gay and hearty. And if I get caught, I’ll just say I forgot / got mixed up / was emotionally challenged.

      And when I get done, six points, £500.00 fine, I’ll just pay it out of my Justice Minister’s salary.

      But maybe I missed a trick. Maybe I should have got the SNP members to pay for a fancy lawyer to make a plea in mitigation. Good old SNP members. Salts of the earth. What would we do without em?

    386. laukat says:

      With the current round of MSP’s standing down Sturgeon’s cabinet already looks weak and inexperienced. John Swinney is really the only one with a decent pedigree but even he has struggled to cut through on education in the same way he did as finance secretary.

      If Salmond did bring a new party onto the seen and if it did carry the likes of Mike Russell, Alex Neil, Joanna Chery, Kenny MacAskill and others it would very quickly be a serious rival to the SNP. That is quite a strong team.

      Currently I will vote SNP 1 and 2 as its the only viable route to Indepedence. However is a Salmond lead party is available it will definetly get my second vote probably my first.

    387. crazycat says:

      @ Maggie C at 9.25

      It’s nothing to do with predictive text.

      This site’s filters replace the letters a, l, b, a in that order, regardless of context, with Caesar! so that s-a-o-r A-l-b-a becomes Hail Caesar! to deter people from using that expression.

      The filters do not seem to be infallible; the letters can obviously appear in someone’s user-name without triggering them, and sometimes they appear within posts too (I don’t know enough about the technicalities to work out why).

    388. Willie says:

      Bob Mack. I agree very much with your comments but I don’t run with this being a civil war within the SNP.

      The vast majority of SNP are onside. It is the small coterie of control who are offside. They planned and they schemed, and now the membership has woken up. For me I consider this more akin to cancer treatment. Cancer lies hidden, but once it is discovered, exposed, then action is taken to remove it. And that is what is happening now.

      Alex Salmond is a statesman. He is, and I say this from the bottom of my heart, a man committed to the cause of independence, and a man who stood tall above the poisonous political Pygmy who replaced him.

      But Sturgeon is exposed. The video of her interview with Sophie Ridge shows her to be broken women exposed for all the world to see as a liar and a snake. There a better than her, and we know it. Salmond may not come back. But there are others well capable and then some who can p, and will, with the support and experience of an Alex Salmond take us to where we want to be.

      And make no mistake, when we rid ourselves of the Sturgeon clique people will coalesce roundca stronger SNP, a stronger independence movement than ever before.

      That Bob is where I believe and trust we are headed. Taking back control from the poisonous few.

    389. Rm says:

      Scotland needs a totally different route to independence, every person who wants to stand and have a say should be an independent, not aligned to any party with a governing body who are only there for 5 years then replaced with fresh thinkers but with our own civil service looking after things behind the scenes but they can’t have any real power and must be vetted every few years.

    390. Big Jock says:

      Willie – As you say.

      The SNP is a massive organization ,with many diverse backgrounds. What Sturgeon has done. Is create a very narrow niche party based on her own personal agendas. An obsession with uber feminism, Sexual gender/orientation and political correctness.

      We need to remind ourselves that the SNP is the political arm of the independence movement , and not some club for wankers. The party needs to get back to the business of independence.

      When it does so , then we can get back to normality. To do so we must remove Sturgeon and every one of her cronies.

    391. Craig Murray says:

      Osama Saeed used to be a regular commenter on my blog and so far as I can tell is a very decent person. I don’t think it is right to be prejudiced against him.

    392. kapelmeister says:

      Since Sturgeon can’t go any lower she can join the Alphabet squad. They’ve got a vacancy for a Woman Z.

    393. MaggieC says:

      crazy cat @ 9.56 am

      Thanks for that , I’d forgotten about the site filters .

    394. robertknight says:

      We won’t get the party pack, and the likes of me will neither donate nor rejoin nor vote, unless and until the sleazeballs Sturgeon and Murrell, and their one-trick pony WOKE infiltrators, get the hell out and not let the door hit their collective arse on the way…

      I don’t recall being so ‘politically angry’ since the days of Thatcher – and this time against my (supposedly) own side!!!

      Never thought it’d come to this.

    395. Albalha says:

      When working on the media desk for Yes Scotland in 2014 I can
      honestly say of the many, many ‘YES’ supporting groups, those I dealt with from Women for Independence were by the far the most appalling, have never witnessed such rudeness in my working life.

      And whatever the rights and wrongs of Natalie McGarry it was clear as day she was, eh at best chaotic,they’ve taken no responsibility for their lack of structures. After all bloody Jeane Freeman was one of the main players, a woman who well knows the importance of checks and balances when it comes to organisations.

      I see a few of their current ‘board’ are standing for selection;

      Suzanne McLaughlin standing in Glasgow Kelvin. She was particularly horrendous about Natalie when the story first broke,indeed had eyes on her seat in the by-election.

      Cllr Michelle Campbell, standing in Derk Mackay’s seat, Renfrewshire North and West. She works for Gavin Newlands MP

      Lee-Ann Menzies standing in two seats Edinburgh Central and East Lothian.

      Rosemary Hunter 1 of 6 in the AW Stirling seat unsuccessfully stood for council elections 2017 in Dunblane and Bridge of Allan, No 10 on Mid Scotland and Fife SNP list in 2016.

      Other notable people on the ‘board’ Anne McLaughlin MP – her partner Cllr Graham Campbell standing in Edinburgh Western and Colette Walker who founded the ‘Independence for Scotland Party’.

    396. Albalha says:

      In reply to Craig Murray at 1025

      Eh ‘prejudiced’ against him, I sincerely hope you’re not
      implying what that may sound like, just because I, for example, believe Osama Saeed Bhutta is an utter chancer, based on personal experience at Yes Scotland and knowledge of his time at Aljazeera, where I previously worked,and that’s before talking about the widely reported Scottish Islamic Foundation bourach.

      Freedom of speech cuts more than one way.

    397. Breeks says:

      Bob Mack says:
      12 October, 2020 at 9:46 am

      This civil war in the SNP between supporters of both Alex and Nicola will like all wars have an outcome. This I feel very much depends on Alex…

      I hear what you’re saying Bob, but I think Nicola’s fate now depends on the extent to which her supporters are willing to suspend reality and continue to refuse to see the wood for the trees.

      I’m sure it’s coincidence this same demographic of people also believe that Boris Johnson, or indeed any future PM, will provide a Section 30 Agreement now that Nicola’s Constitutional illiteracy has turned it into a Westminster veto. How can you call them gullible without hurting their feeling?

      I’m going to cut the WGDuggers some slack here. It would be easy not to, and throw them on the bonfire as a lost cause too, but I kinda look upon them as bellwethers for Sturgeon’s security of tenure.

      They believe in a Section 30 Agreement happening, against all odds, and they believe the sun shines out Nicola’s arse, and that she is also committed to Scottish Independence, but that too is increasingly against all odds.

      I don’t exactly fear these gulluble people, it’s not difficult to argue them to a standstill, but they create a lot of stubborn inertia at a time when Scotland needs to be as fleet of foot as the sharpest gazelle.

      They, more than anybody else, are the “unknown factor” in whether either Alex Salmond (or Joanna Cherry for that matter), could move in to seamlessly to replace Sturgeon, root out the Wokerati, and change the SNP’s trajectory. Consequently, we need to ask the question whether a constructive insurrection at Bute House is our best bet, or whether the challenge should take the form of another Party… and thereby forfeit whatever levers of ‘government’ which might otherwise be helpful.

      Personally, I think it’s too late, and our ‘gradualist’ politics are much too pedestrian to save us. We need to move much more quickly, much more decisively, and suffer no fools along the way.

      We NEED a breakaway Constitutional initiative which circumvents Holyrood, Westminster, the SNP and Sturgeon, and formally, in an International Court of Law, resurrects the popular sovereignty of the Scottish Nation and democratic mandate which said no to Brexit, and have the International Community accept and recognise our emergency entreaty that Scotland’s Brexit constitutes colonial subjugation and is contrary to International Law.

      That Westminster is already girding it’s loins to break International law is surely the last impetus Scotland needs. In fact, why shouldn’t we use it as our trigger?

      I see myself off to sleep at night hoping against hope that Joanna Cherry and Alex Salmond have been working tirelessly doing the groundwork for this death or glory Constitutional insurrection, and it’s nearly ready to launch….

      I think opinion is right, that Alex Salmond is a genuine statesman who is not given to vindictive revenge, but for all that, I can think of no better justice than for Alex Salmond to deliver Scotland’s Constitutional Independence right under Sturgeon’s nose.

      I firmly believe too that the right Constitutional initiative could yet do it.

      I just hope I’m not living in a comparable world of self delusion like the WGDuggers. I have to admit however, it does feel like a long shot.

    398. Abalha says:

      In reply to crazycat and maggiec.

      Apologies about the user name.

      It was the name I used, based on my actual name,
      when I was an early commentator on here pre 2014.

      Anyway have now taken out the first ‘l’, so hopefully it
      won’t cause any more problems.

    399. Willie says:

      Well said Breeks, very well said. The time is right to grasp our prize. We can and we will and the rotten clique if control and their wokerti place people will not prevail.

      Control is already passing from Sturgeon. But you are right, things need to step up a gear, and I do believe they are.

    400. Daisy Walker says:

      tricia young says:
      11 October, 2020 at 11:22 pm
      @daisywalker. Thanks. I cannot believe I actually cried, NS has killed indy for me. I thought SNP would get indy. I believed. I posted, marched and was on stalls. All in vain. Just a normal member of the public. Why tf am I so upset.,



      You are entitled to be upset, the yes movement has been ‘let down’ shall we say incredibly badly.

      But take heart, it is not the SNP – or any single party – who will get Indy. Its you, and me, and rather a lot of others.

      100 years ago a bunch of wee Scottish wimmen, put campaigning for the vote to one side, and went to Nurse during WW1. And when the country (Serbia?) was completely surrounded, and the British wanted to quietly forget all about them, they refused to quite, refused to return to UK, and went on to nurse the civilians and soldiers as they suffered from Cholera.

      They are remembered and honoured there to this day.

      One bit of decency at a time. One step at a time, and a country full of Thrawn!

    401. Liz says:

      Believe me chancers like Alyn Smith, Robertson, Wishart will soon step back from supporting NS if they see it will impact them and their careers.

      Smith has already made that plain when he realised GRA had gone too far and said so on SM. His acolytes were horrified and soon let him know, so he went silent on that subject

    402. Hatuey says:

      I watched the video again. It’s hilarious on a few levels.

      The only person that has ever mentioned the Sky News thing, to my knowledge (and I’ve read just about everything on this), is Sturgeon. It was obviously intended to smear Salmond.

      She’s tripping over her own spin and lies all over the place. I think the technical term for that is Blowback.

      Look at all her books, eh… a real intellectual. Bling!

      Of course, education can only hide so much when you have the same value system as Gollum.

      It’s a big fail this video, but not just the in terms of the message and the messenger.

      The wide angle lens isn’t flattering, they never are, but I guess she wanted to show off the books. It makes her look small.

      She keeps rocking back and forward in her chair. You shouldn’t really do that, it looks bad, like you’re deranged and need a straight jacket.

      The bright light is an old trick for hiding eye-bags and wrinkles, but she’s gone too far. It makes her look ghostly.

      Look at those verticals, though. It’s almost as if she is on a sinking ship…

    403. Willie says:

      And meanwhile let us maybe go back to Humza Yousaf and his circle of friends.

      Yes he may have been convicted for driving without insurance whilst heading to a gay and hearty with his pal – or maybe more accurately his bird on the side – if that be the way to put it.

      And yes he may have a cousin, one Osama Saeed who now styles himself as Osama Butta, who is currently holding himself out as the next SNP candidate for Cunningham North Constituency despite NO selection having as yet been made. And yes, the very same Osama Bhutta , and previously Osama Saeed appears to be the very same one who was a few years ago chief executive of a so-called Scottish Islamic Foundation ( or SIF) that after secured £400,000 of government funding, folded with serious questions about poor record keeping and where the money had gone. And is this the same man who on his website is calling for people especially of diversity to joint the SNP, too late to vote in the constituency candidate selection but maybe able to catch the regional listing rankings.

      But what of Humza’s other family and friends.

      Well here is a piece from the Daily Record.

      “ A disgraced former councillor found guilty of sending racist texts to his former lover is appealing his conviction.

      Ex-SNP member Craig Melville, 37, was found guilty of sending “reckless rather than threatening” racist texts to Nadia El-Nakla.

      He was convicted of sending hateful messages to Nadia – who was also a political colleague – in which he blamed “horrible murdering Islamic *****” for the Paris terrorist attacks in 2015.

      After a three-day trial at Dundee Sheriff Court, Sheriff Scott Pattison found Melville guilty of the charge and fined him £1000.”

      So who was the ex lover who received Mr Melville’s anguished texts about the Paris massacre. Well it was no other than Nadia El Nakra, one of the current candidates contesting to challenge the Fife seat of Willie Rennie.

      And who is Nadia El Nakra. Well she’s now the wife of a Humza Yousaf, not that you’d know from her name.

      A circle of friend or close coincidences. Who knows, but mindcwhat you think, because a Big Sister is watching.

    404. David R says:

      It’s good to see that getting more women into politics has led to a such a positive change.

    405. Daisy Walker says:

      @ Craig Murray re Saeed Bhuttu

      With regards Osama Saeed aka Bhutta cousin of Humza Yousaf

      Employed by Al Jazeera TV as an ‘expert’ in Communications.

      Founder and Chief Exec Scottish Islamic Foundation set up in 2008. Intending to hold an Islamic Festival in Glasgow.

      Given £400,000 in public money.

      Humza Yousuf a Director of same 2008/09.

      SIF folded months later, Audit Scotland reviewed it, found Inadequate Record Keeping.

      Officially folded 2013 with ‘nothing to show for almost £200,00 public money’ From The Herald 29/9/20

      When asked why he wants to be an MSP Saeed/Bhutta (Expert Communicator) replied,

      ‘ I don’t know really, it just kind of came about’ Then posted on video,

      ‘because elected representatives are turbo-charged merchants of deep solidarity and empathy’.

      Which for all those of us without the benefit of communications expertness – is called meaningless bullshit and is really, really not going to convert anyone over to Yes.

      Meanwhile in 1016 his cousin Humza Yousuf – while Scottish Transport Minister was convicted and fined for Driving A Friends Car. Stated that following his divorce he had renewed his insurance policy and assumed its policy continued to provide the previous ‘fully comp’ cover, which it no longer did.

      Be very interesting to see court records of the trial to ascertain if he produced, as evidence, his joint insurance policy from the time of his marriage and if it did indeed cover him ‘fully comp’.

      At the time he was under fire over Railway networks, etc. Jackson Carlow of the Conservatives said of this conviction, ‘its not a resigning matter, move on’ or words to that affect.

      How do you drive Someone Else’s vehicle without checking you have proper insurance?

      So Mr Saeed/Bhutta is a really crap commuicator, and an ineffectual Chief Exec of a folded institute which did not keep proper records and may have lost £200,000 of public money with nothing to show for it.

      And Justice Minister Humza Yousuf was a director of the same institute during this time period, and drove another persons car, without insurance, while Transport Minister. And the tories were OK with that.

      And now Humza wants his new wife to get elected, and his cousin to get elected.


      Dear Craig,

      In view of the above, at the very least Mr Bhutta, going by the above CV, is not qualified to hold public office.
      And it is very concerning that Mr Yousuf is attempting to get him elected.
      Having genuine concerns about the above is not prejudice, its called due diligence.
      Glad to hear he’s nice guy though.
      If it keeps the peace I’m sending him nice thoughts of ‘turbo-charged deep solidarity and empathy’.

    406. Big Jock says:

      Something for all the Sturgeon disciples to explain?

      Why has Nicola lost 17% of former yes voters? This idea that she has boosted independence is garbage. The former no voters who have come over are pro Europe and anti Tory. Boris is recruiting people to yes. The corruption in WM and the UK is winning people like Ewan MacGregor over. He stated that. He didn’t say it was because Nicola is so fantastic.

      I think the next leader needs to get at least 5% of the former yes voters back. To do so they need to change the strategy.

      Nicola is an abysmal failure. Her legacy is baby boxes.

    407. kapelmeister says:

      Hatuey @11.28 am

      “The wide angle lens isn’t flattering, they never are, but I guess she wanted to show off the books.”

      It didn’t occur to her or her image consultant that it just put the word shelving into peoples’ minds subliminally. We’ll be shelving her alright.

    408. robertknight says:

      Oh FFS…

      More carpetbaggers and troughers being punted forward by friends and relatives simply because…

      If this is what an Indy Scotland can look forward to then I’ll be using my shiny new Scottish Passport once and once only, to GTFROH!

    409. kapelmeister says:

      Hatuey @11:28

      “…..I guess she wanted to show off the books.”

      Unlike her hubby, who wants to keep the books hidden from sight.

    410. Big Jock says:

      Kapel. Murrells books are in the Channel Islands!!

      He’s going to do a Napolean with Sturgeon.

    411. Willie says:

      And meanwhile, are we to discern stirring in the Westminster Corp.

      The National has it today that folks are unhappy with the BBC and that so too are the SNP MPs – and that they can understand why the wider Yes movement, along with people who are already legally not purchasing a licence, might now not buy a licence.

      Stirring stuff and thank you. But maybe, just maybe, the wider audience here in Scotland might of itself seize the initiative. We need to challenge every aspect of this rotten state as they seek to destroy our parliament and introduce Direct Rule. And you know what, we can, and we will challenge them, and we will win.

    412. kapelmeister says:

      Big Jock @12:04

      The Murrells banished to a island like Napoleon! Great. Or to employ an old joke, given the Elba.

    413. Beaker says:

      @kapelmeister says:
      12 October, 2020 at 12:07 pm
      “The Murrells banished to a island like Napoleon! Great. Or to employ an old joke, given the Elba.”

      Better be quick. The Home Secretary is block booking islands already…

    414. robbo says:

      Big Jock

      Where does this 17% move from Yes to No come from? That’s like saying metaphorically 17% of Celtic are now Rangers or 17% of Ayr are now Killie or 17% of Cumnock are Auchinleck – can’t see it mysel.

    415. Kenny J says:

      crazycat says:
      12 October, 2020 at 1:40 am

      “@ Kenny J

      I know Natalie liked making badges, because she showed me how to use a badge-making machine.

      But why would her husband (then boyfriend) be helping her when he was on the other side (Tory councillor)?”

      Maybe a torraig for Independence, under the parapet ?.

    416. Daisy Walker says:

      With regards the Ring Fenced IR2 Money.

      Was a ‘crowdfunder’ type company used to raise the money?

      In which case, by failing to declare the final amount raised, and failing to publish accounts of where the money stands now…. are they complying with the ‘crowdfunded company’s’ terms and conditions?

      If so, in the first instance, this might be the lever, required at SNP Party to ‘force’ the SNP to disclose same, prior to the ‘crowdfunded company’ being contacted and a complaint raised (if applicable).

      Just a thought. (I never contributed to this fund – it went/goes to other campaigners – so cannot register a complaint.)

    417. robbo says:

      Oh I forgot the Hibees and Jamtarts Jock.

    418. With all this going on I wonder how many brave hearts have given up the fight I am ruled over all by a government I have never voted for my countries assets I have no say in all I want is my freedom what is wrong with that ??? They go to war they say to free other countries and take me with them but they keep my country captive but we will keep trying to get our freedom even although all the world betrays thee

    419. Hatuey says:

      Any teachers ever come on here? Any knowledge of attendance levels in schools right now?

      I heard from a reliable source that a school in Glasgow with a population of 650 pupils has almost 200 absent right now.

      He said many other schools were in the same position and that there is some sort of media blackout on this.

      They’ve screwed up again, haven’t they.

      If you were to invent a factory for spreading disease through a community, it would look very much like a school.

      None of their restrictions have made a bit of difference. Last orders at 10pm? The rule of 6? All insulting bullshit.

      We’ll be in full lockdown by the end of October and because of their incompetence, lies, and refusal to accept the truth, it’ll need to be for months.

      Who will she blame in two weeks?

    420. crazycat says:

      @ kapelmeister

      I keep meaning to point you in the direction of this, if you aren’t already aware of it:

      Too late for this year, of course.

    421. Abalha says:

      In reply to Daisy at 1233

      It was done on the website and am sure it was straight to the party as per the SNP donate page

    422. Stan Broadwood says:


      Where have you been robbo, away looking for a spine?

      You are one of those spineless SNP Sturgeon apologists aren’t you.

    423. Ottomanboi says:

      A raging rant against the gruesome spirit of the times.

      “I hate victims who respect their executioners”.
      Jean-Paul Sartre

    424. Balaaargh says:

      @Albalha 10:46am,

      Are you my ex-wife? Because she said exactly the same thing to me about McGarry and Freeman!

    425. PacMan says:

      I had seen this video last night and wanted to sleep on it before I commented about it. I was going to write something long but I just want to keep it short.

      I believed, like many others, in Nicola Sturgeon but was disappointed how she blatantly threw Alex Salmond under the bus.

      I am disappointed also that, whether indirectly or directly, she has subverted the idea of progressive politics by promoting people in the name of equality that have no interest in independence or even in the progressive movement itself. This is the seen with this GRA nonsense and selective public defending of female members of the SNP.

    426. robbo says:

      Stan Broadwood says:
      12 October, 2020 at 12:45 pm

      Where have you been robbo, away looking for a spine?

      You are one of those spineless SNP Sturgeon apologists aren’t you.


      I’ve been here powder puff .Maybe you’re no good at English comprehension .I wasn’t either at school. I’m a wee bit better now (not much) that am not chasing the lassies. Suppose you didn’t have that problem.

    427. Abalha says:

      In reply to Balaaarg at 1250

      Never been married, so that’ll be a no! But your ex-wife sounds like a rather fine woman, with sound opinions.

    428. Christian Schmidt says:

      You talk about Nicola Sturgeon’s end. I think the interview highlighted why this may well be a long time away. Because it showed how little the London media understands the issue, and thus allows Sturgeon to give good-looking answers (and she is a good media performer, you can’t deny that) without actually answering.

      As to the Scottish press, as your own writing has shown, much of it has behaved so thoroughly disgraceful in 2014 (and pretty much non-stop since), the SNP can safely ignore it.

      So unless The National headlines for her to go, I think she’ll stay. And of course win next year’s election, as the opposition is doing its best to show they are far worse…

    429. kapelmeister says:

      crazycat @12:43 pm

      Didn’t know of it. Many thanks. Although I’m afraid Mr. Dryden was probably right.

    430. Balaaargh says:


      Easy there, tiger. She’s an ex-wife for reasons and not just her opinions! 😀

      But hey, you’re welcome to her.

    431. Daisy Walker says:

      @ Abalha says:
      12 October, 2020 at 12:44 pm
      In reply to Daisy at 1233

      It was done on the website and am sure it was straight to the party as per the SNP donate page

      Thanks for that – it was a thought anyway.

    432. Stan Broadwood says:


      Fuck knows what that reply of yours was meant to mean.

      It probably translates as,,,

      “I, robbo, will love Nicola until the day I die, because I am a spineless, hard of thinking prick.”

      The Wee Gingerbread Man is called you, now fuck off back to your comfort zone.

      And remember and shower before you visit us again, because you are stinking the place out.

      You and Capella, the dynamic duo.

    433. Hatuey says:

      It’s funny watching people setting themselves up for a fall over Sturgeon. Not everyone is defending her though – they aren’t all daft.

      There’s a tipping point with these things and those who would normally defend a leader and a regime understand that; they are left conflicted in a sort of no-man’s land.

      Support Sturgeon now and it could seriously damage your career prospects. You don’t need to explain that to the smarter ones.

      Apart from the usual suspects who are part of the regime, on the payroll, or have their snout in some trough, there’s an uneasy quiet and lack of support out there for Sturgeon right now.

      You say it best… when you say nothing at all.

    434. Fireproofjim says:

      Stan Broadwood
      You are an idiot. Even mentioning an assassination attempt.

    435. Sharny Dubs says:

      Hatuey @11:28

      You forgot to note the echo from the crap sound system.

      Makes her sound like she’s in a morgue.

      Smiley thing

    436. WhoRattledYourCage says:

      Sturgeon had already had to step aside once for Salmond, and she tried to make damned sure that it would never happen again, with this sick plot and inept farce. She clearly does not have any time for the male of the species and, in one way, the Salmond debacle was an attempt to get female revenge for every female put down in 20th century Scotland, when Sturgeon grew up.

      We are lucky she chose an alphabet cabal of starry eyed careerists halfwits to try and pull off her Scooby-Doo crap scheme – “And I would have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for you meddling blogging men, and questioning independentistas of both sexes!” If she hadn’t, and if these sub-local-council-level American-wannabe useful idiots (riding on a smarmy, hateful, retro-vengeful misandristic #MeToo wave from out of Chimpland across the Atlantic) had managed to put AN INNOCENT MAN behind bars for the rest of her life, we could be looking at a very different, much more politically horrible Scotland than we even have today.

      Make no mistake, the FM’s naked, blatant misandry, mixed with her weird daddy-figure legal and political revenge on the man who put her where she is, is a huge and fundamental aspect of this whole tragic abortive fiasco. Thank Christ he was found not guilty.

      Salmond’s case is victory for all wrongly-maligned men assaulted by a mendacious, vengeful, calculating woman, once she has gotten what she wants and needs from a man, and he can be of no further use to her. But deep down she knows what she has done, and she will never be one tenth of the person the man she is attacking will ever be, having a penis or not. And the halfwit cabal she has used a a manhating political attack weapon are going to go down with her.

      The whole fucking tragic thing is utterly timeless and Shakespearian.

    437. Robert Louis says:

      O/T, but relevant.

      Since Nicola Sturgeon, yet again decided to throw one of her MP’s ‘under the bus’, at the slightest sign of difficulty (despite the terribly behaviour going on in her own wokey clique), the number calling for Margaret Ferrier to quit has been endless. Well, endless among Sturgeon cultists.

      Fact is, Margaret Ferrier was daft to do what she did. She has apologised. She has no need to give up her job, and certainly not until Dominic ‘let them die’ Cummings, Boris Johnson, Michale Gove, and the many other Tory ministers spivs, spads, liars and MP’s who have broken covid lockdown rules also quit.

      What really sickens me however, are those people on social media posting things like ‘I am a friend of Margaret, but she needs to lose her job’, or similar, depending upon their faked level of hysteria. Fact is, if you post that about a friend, then you are, by definition, NOT a friend. And that includes you sturgeon.

      Margaret Ferrier is being used by NS, as a very convenient distraction from her own and her husband’s behaviour.

      Or, in short, ‘oh look, a squirrel!’

    438. Stan Broadwood says:


      What do you and the Wee Gingerbread Man have in common???

      The answer of course is the two of you have no balls.

      Away and grow a pair.

    439. A Person says:

      Ffs Stan Broadwood that’s a very foolish thing to say shame on you.

    440. John H. says:

      There was a time when I would have taken a bullet for Sturgeon, because I thought she was sincere and trying to take Scotland to independence. Now, I can’t stand the sound of her voice, or bear to look at her.

      I think that the sooner she goes the better for the Scottish people, and for her too. If she is true to her nature, she will probably fight on until she is forced out. What will her legacy be then?

    441. Stoker says:

      Republicofscotland says on 11 October, 2020 at 3:42 pm:

      “Stoker I had a wee look on the site, and quite a few people have put him straight, though not in an offensive way..”

      Folk are allowed to use whatever form of language they choose.

    442. robbo says:

      Stan Broadwood says:
      12 October, 2020 at 1:10 pm

      You’re a fool of a boy as i thought. I don’t worship anyone you fool. N Sturgeon and A Salmond can fall on there swords if that’s the way it goes.-that is the game they chose.

      A Salmond & N Sturgeon lost the ref in 2014. None should’ve been leader after. Alex resigned, then endorsed Nicola. That was a mistake IMHO. Both should’ve stood down-hear me fool, do you!

      See, told you English comprehension wasn’t and isn’t your forte.

    443. robertknight says:

      WRYC @ 1:14

      “The whole fucking tragic thing is utterly timeless and Shakespearian.”

      That’s a bit harsh.

      I’d have said Orwelllian, but each to their own. 😉

    444. Abalha says:

      I don’t know if John Mason is under serious threat of losing the nomination but his now two challengersn are, eh curious. I fundamentally disagree with some of John’s views BUT as far as I am aware he is a very dedicated, very hard working MSP. Surely that’s what matters.

      1/Cllr Katy Loudon who is on South Lanarkshire Council,
      so not in the constituency, close yes but…she’s one of the Councillors who issued a dictated tweet about Margaret Ferrier,after Rutherglen SNP put out their awful statement.
      In her promotional video she says she’s had Constituency Office experience since 2016, doesn’t say with which MSP. Member of Women for Indy.

      2/Valentina Servera Clavell – until an announcement today/yesterday she was standing in Clydebank and Milngavie but appears to have given way to ‘Glasgow Girl’ Roza Salih.
      I do not have a Linkedin account (seems rather naff) but if this is accurate then she’s a Sports Journalist with the Sun?

    445. Stan Broadwood says:


      WTF are you on this today?

      You are a Sturgeon fanatic and won’t have a bad word said about her.

      Even although she fabricated evidence to get an innocent man sent to jail for the rest of his life.

      But you can forgive her for that.

      So as I said before, get back to your comfort zone on the Wee Gingerbread Man’s place for Sturgeon apologists.

      robbo,,,fuck off!!!

      Is that clear enough for you???

    446. Ottomanboi says:

      Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

      Ever wondered how dictatorship usurps? Look around you.
      Usually begins with a fearsomely big lie, consenting media and a docile public….et voilà!

    447. kapelmeister says:

      WRYC & robertknight

      I just feel making Sturgeon out to be akin to a Shakesperian tragic character is too good for the wee twerp. She’s just too banal. I think of her more as the sort of absurd tragi-comic figure you find in a 1990s Blur song.

    448. Robert Louis says:

      O/T, but related, and, I think, quite important.

      Here is the full text of a speech given by Nicola Sturgeon from Bute House in March 2017.

      Note in particular that she asserts that they (the scotgov) have a clear democratic mandate for indyref. Note also she asserts it must be done before it is too late. I have bolded some bits. Sorry for lack of paragraphs (awaiting RevStu’s hammers).

      When reading it, just remember, this was in 2017! So what has happened?? Why did the SNP suddenly decide that actually a referendum could wait until May 2021, long after a hard, damaging brexit is forced upon Scotland, and Scots are forcibly stripped of their EU citizenship??

      Compare her rhetoric now and then. Full of fight then, no fight now. What happened???

      Here is the text of NS speech in 2017.

      ‘Before the end of this month – and very possibly as early as tomorrow – the Prime Minister will trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, setting the UK on course to leave the EU in March 2019.
      It is important, therefore, for me to report now on the Scottish Government’s attempts to find compromise with the UK government and set out our plan to protect Scotland’s interests.
      Right now, Scotland stands at a hugely important crossroads.
      We didn’t choose to be in this position.
      In common with most people across the country, I wish that we weren’t.
      But we are, and the stakes are high – so we must have a plan for the way forward.
      For better or worse – depending on your point of view – the future of the UK looks very different today than it did two years ago.
      As a result of the Brexit vote we face a future, not just outside the EU, but also outside the world’s biggest single market.
      In addition, the collapse of the Labour Party means that we face a prolonged period of uninterrupted and unchecked Conservative government at Westminster.
      Some predict that the Tories could be in power now at Westminster until 2030 or beyond.
      And after a period which has seen the establishment of the Scottish Parliament and, more recently, hard won extensions to its responsibilities, we now face the prospect of a centralization of power at Westminster.
      Indeed, the Prime Minister herself has been clear that the Brexit process will see the UK government reserve for itself powers in areas that are currently wholly devolved to the Scottish Parliament.
      All of this has massive implications for Scotland.
      It has implications for our economy: for jobs, opportunities, public spending, and living standards – and for our ability to protect and advance our vital day to day priorities in education, health and business.
      It has implications for our society – how open, welcoming, diverse and fair we will be in future?
      And it has implications for our democracy – to what extent will we be able to determine our own direction of travel, rather than having it decided for us?
      In short, it is not just our relationship with Europe that is at stake. What is at stake is the kind of country we will become.
      At times of change and uncertainty, the instinct to do nothing and just hope for the best is understandable.
      But, in my view, it is not the right one.
      At times like these, it is more important than ever to have a clear plan for the way ahead – to try, as far as is possible, to be in control of events and not just at the mercy of them.
      That is what I have always done. It is what I have tried to do since the day after the EU referendum last year. And it is what I am determined to continue to do.
      Since last June, my focus has been on trying to find an agreement with the UK government that would reconcile the UK wide vote to leave with the Scottish vote to remain.
      I was encouraged in this approach by the Prime Minister’s commitment last July to seek agreement with the devolved administrations on a UK wide approach before triggering Article 50.
      The Scottish Government’s paper, Scotland’s Place in Europe, was published in good faith.
      Our proposals represent significant compromise on the part of the Scottish Government.
      We accepted that Scotland would leave the EU – despite the 62% vote to remain – but argued that the UK should either stay in the single market or seek an outcome that would allow Scotland to do so.
      And we set out how greater powers for the Scottish Parliament could help protect Scotland’s interests in a post Brexit landscape.
      Over the past few months, we have worked hard – really hard – to try to find agreement.
      The Prime Minister and her government have been given every opportunity for compromise.
      But today as we stand, for all we know, on the eve of Article 50 being triggered, not only is there no UK wide agreement on the way ahead – but the UK government has not moved even an inch in pursuit of compromise and agreement.
      Our efforts at compromise have instead been met with a brick wall of intransigence.
      UK membership of the single market was ruled out with no prior consultation with the Scottish Government or with the other devolved administrations – leaving us facing not just Brexit, but a hard Brexit.
      There has been talk of special deals for the car industry and others, but a point blank refusal to discuss in any meaningful way a differential approach for Scotland.
      And far from any prospect of significant new powers for the Scottish Parliament, the UK government is becoming ever more assertive in its intention to muscle in on the powers we already have.
      The language of partnership has gone, completely.
      And there should be little doubt about this – if Scotland can be ignored on an issue as important as our membership of the EU and the single market, then it is clear that our voice and our interests can be ignored at any time and on any issue.
      That cannot be a secure basis on which to build a better Scotland. But it is where we stand today.
      Now let me stress, even at this late stage, I am not turning my back on further discussions should the UK government change its mind and decide it is willing to agree to our compromise proposals.
      And, in any event, I will do everything I can to ensure that Scotland’s interests are represented in the EU negotiations that lie ahead.
      But I cannot pretend to the Scottish people that a compromise agreement looks remotely likely, given the hardline response from the Prime Minister so far.
      That means I have to decide on the best plan to protect our interests now.
      It is time for me to set out decisively and with clarity the way forward.
      Doing nothing at this stage – in many ways, the easiest thing for me to do – would mean letting Scotland drift through the next two years, with our fingers crossed, simply hoping for the best.
      And, of course, I do hope for the best.
      I want the UK to get a good deal from the EU negotiations. That is clearly in Scotland’s interests as well as in the interests of our friends in other parts of the UK.
      But I am far from alone in fearing a bad deal or no deal.
      Nor am I alone in fearing that even a so-called good deal will turn out to be significantly inferior to membership of the single market – and that it will set Scotland on a course that will not only damage our economy, but change the very nature of the society and country we are.
      The problem with doing nothing now is that, by the time these fears are realized, it will be too late for Scotland to choose a different path before the damage is done.
      That would not be right or fair.
      Whatever path we take, it should be one decided by us, not for us.
      So let me set out the plan I intend to pursue.
      First, I will continue to stand up for Scotland’s interests during the process of Brexit negotiations.
      Second, I will now take the steps necessary to make sure that Scotland will have a choice at the end of this process.
      A choice of whether to follow the UK to a hard Brexit – or to become an independent country, able to secure a real partnership of equals with the rest of the UK and our own relationship with Europe.
      The Scottish Government’s mandate for offering this choice is beyond doubt.
      Last year we were elected, with the highest share of the constituency vote won by any party in the history of devolution, on a manifesto that said this:
      “The Scottish Parliament should have the right to hold another referendum…if there is a significant and material change in the circumstances that prevailed in 2014, such as Scotland being taken out the EU against our will.”
      So I can confirm today that next week I will seek the authority of the Scottish Parliament to agree with the UK government the details of a section 30 order – the procedure that will enable the Scottish Parliament to legislate for an independence referendum.

      The UK government was clear in 2014 that an independence referendum should – in their words – ‘be made in Scotland, by the people of Scotland’.
      That is a principle that should be respected today.
      The detailed arrangements for a referendum – including its timing – must be for the Scottish Parliament to decide.
      However, in my view, it is important that Scotland is able to exercise the right to choose our own future at a time when the options are clearer than they are now – but before it is too late to decide on our own path
      Let me be clear what I mean by that.
      The timing of the Brexit negotiations is not within the control of the Scottish Government.
      However, we must plan on the basis of what we know now.
      And what we know is that on the timetable set out by the Prime Minister, the shape of the Brexit deal will become clear in the autumn of next year – ahead of ratification votes by other EU countries.
      That is therefore the earliest point at which a referendum would be appropriate.
      However, it is just as important that we do not leave it too late to choose a different path in a timely way.
      If the UK leaves the EU without Scotland indicating beforehand – or at least within a short time after it – that we want a different relationship with Europe, we could face a lengthy period outside not just the EU but also the single market. That could make the task of negotiating a different future much more difficult.
      These considerations lead me to the conclusion that if Scotland is to have a real choice – when the terms of Brexit are known, but before it is too late to choose our own course – then that choice should be offered between the autumn of next year, 2018, and the spring of 2019.
      The third – important – aspect of planning ahead is this.
      I have already said that by the time a choice comes to be made, there must be greater clarity about Brexit and its implications for us.
      It is just as important that there is clarity about the implications of independence. And there will be.
      We will be frank about the challenges we face and clear about the opportunities independence will give us to secure our relationship with Europe, build a stronger and more sustainable economy and create a fairer society.
      Scotland’s choice must be informed and up to date.
      There is a great deal of talk – by all of us – about mandates from the referendums in 2014 and 2016. And neither of those results can – or should – be dismissed.
      But the fact is they tell us only so much about the circumstances we find ourselves in now.
      In 2014, we didn’t know the UK would vote to leave the EU – had we done so it is likely that some, perhaps on both sides, would have come to a different decision.
      And in 2016, independence was not on the ballot paper. We cannot simply assume that because someone voted to Remain in the EU that they would vote Yes for an independent Scotland.
      What Scotland deserves, in the light of the material change of circumstances brought about by the Brexit vote, is the chance to decide our future in a fair, free and democratic way – and at a time when we are equipped with the facts we need.
      It is – above all – about informed choice.
      We know that Brexit has made change inevitable. The option of ‘no change’ is no longer available.
      However, we can still decide the nature of change.
      Having Scotland’s referendum – at a time when the terms of Brexit are known – will give the Scottish people a choice about the kind of change we want.
      And it must be a choice for all of us.
      I know there are some who want me to rule out a referendum completely or delay the decision until much further down the line.
      I understand why some take that view. And of course these views weigh heavily on me. But so does this. And this, for me, is a key consideration.
      If I ruled out a referendum, I would be deciding – completely unilaterally – that Scotland will follow the UK to a hard Brexit come-what-may, no matter how damaging to our economy and our society it turns out to be.
      That should not be the decision of just one politician – not even the First Minister.

      By taking the steps I have set out today, I am ensuring that Scotland’s future will be decided not just by me, the Scottish Government or the SNP.
      It will be decided by the people of Scotland. It will be Scotland’s choice.
      And I trust the people to make that choice.’

      LINK :

    449. Willie says:

      Meanwhile, in Nicola Surgeon’s new Scotland, Craig Murray in his blog explains how the Lord Advocate is trying to make him criminally liable for posts put onto his Twitter account.

      Chilling stuff making individuals vicariously responsible for the actions of others. And here was me thinking back to my student days and thinking “ actus non facit reum nisi mens sit

      But legalities aside of the attempt to criminalise someone for the acts of another, one wonders what the effect of the free speech chilling effects of the Lord Advocates attempts to vicariously criminalise individuals and stifle free speech might have on the Twitter business model.

      Twitter like all of these social media platforms relies on patrons using the forum. Stop that and the corporate Twitter become nought. And so, if people are chilled, or should I scared into not being able to comment, then the business model fails. ( Moreover, the data analysis companies like Cambridge Analytica will have less data on people to analyse )

      Yes, Twitter vs the Little Lord Advocate of Scotland as the forum collapses in popularity. But I digress.

      As for the Lord Advocate I think he has shown himself to be nothing less than a political prostitute mendaciously pursuing legal argument like a hired mobster thug. Just like our political Snow White mafia don now being exposed.

    450. robbo says:

      Yir thick as mince Stan.

      I’ve never posted on any other indy blog- ever! IF YOU can’t get that through that thick skull of yours, it’s not my fault.

      I don’t believe you’re an indy supporter either, ya zoomer!

      Yir a wrong un.

    451. Stan Broadwood says:

      The Sturgeon mouth twitch.

      Did anyone else notice Sturgeon’s mouth started twitching today at her daily beefing???

      A reporter asked her about yesterday’s Sky News interview about the Salmond case.

      And during questioning today her mouth started twitching uncontrollably.

      She must be conscious of this, because as soon as it started she put her finger up to her mouth to hide it and to try and stop it twiching.

      This is surely brought on by lying through her teeth.

      Worth keeping an eye on.

    452. Republicofscotland says:

      As the machinations around Sturgeon begin to unravel and we get more than a peek behind the curtain. It got me wondering why LBC radio broadcasts Sturgeon’s daily Covid-19 briefings almost without fail. I mean for someone who’s main raison d’etre is to break up the UK, why would a English radio station owned by a English media firm allow her to gain popularity by broadcasting daily on their airwaves.

      Of course the more we put Sturgeon’s actions under a microscope the more she appears to be not what we thought she was a die-hard Scottish independence supporter, who desperately wants to see Scotland out of this unfit for purpose union.

      A hundred thousand indy supporters marched through Glasgow, yet Sturgeon was nowhere to be seen, and to top it off the organiser was sent to prison, as in the Salmond fit up, the police were encouraged by SNP councillors to take action against its organiser.

      We have no sound plans on currency, no central bank, our FM often doesn’t refute points made to her in the media on exaggerated claims by unionist media interviewers and politicians that an independent Scotland couldn’t afford to flourish. Instead of resolving these and other urgent matters, needed for independence, Sturgeon has focused on removing individuals from selection (Joanna Cherry) lying to the chamber, watching as a former FM (Alex Salmond) is fitted up (as was Mark MacDonald), concentrating on unwanted policies such as the GRA, Self-Id and the Hate Crime bill.

      We’ve continued to march, the grassroots movement has maintained its impetus as well, however the ring fenced indy funds are nowhere to be seen, and our FM and her husband have hired expensive lawyers to try and cover their tracks.

    453. Stan Broadwood says:


      The little Sturgeonista.

    454. CameronB Brodie says:

      re. the Lord Advocate going after Craig Murry. The Lord Advocate is simply not a democrat, he’s a British nationalist, ergo he’s a friend of fascism. If this were not the case, the legal identity of Scottish women would not face the threat of colonisation by men. Or Scotland on the point of colonisation by England.

      Scots will never experience the benefits of democracy, until we wake up to the right-wing and anti-democratic nature of our legal Establishment. Simples.

    455. Hatuey says:

      lol @ “during questioning today her mouth started twitching uncontrollably”

      Lying is difficult. It’s very unnatural and at odds with major foundational building blocks of the psyche. It’s like putting your hand into a fire or something when your instincts tell you not to.

      It’s a stressful thing too. A lot of stress derives from doing things that are contrary to nature and firmly held beliefs.

      All this talk of Salmond’s character, reports on Sky news, how he brought this on himself with his behavior, etc., she’s trying to resolve the contradictions and reduce the stress for herself.

      If she can convince the world Salmond deserved all this, maybe she can convince herself and the lambs will stop screaming or something…

    456. ElGordo says:

      Reports of smoke coming from sub on clyde this morning:

    457. ElGordo says:

      Original tweets now protected:

    458. ElGordo says:

      and this one, now circling glasgow:

    459. Monsieur le Roi Grenouilleverteetprofonde says:

      While I realise that the Guardian is not the favoured source for many here it isworth reading this article
      I see NS refers to AS being ‘angry’ at her not ‘colluding’ with her but one has to read a bit between lines.I think her testimony to he enquiry does not say that.Seems to me that weakens her case considerably. She is the quoted in the article and again this comes over as desperate obfuscation.The tone is distinctly waffly.Now of course my and othrrs impressions dont actually count as carrying much weight but this is a quote from the guardian quoting Sturgeon.
      “She told Ridge much of the criticism she had endured was “age-old”, “that a man is accused of misconduct against women and often it’s a woman that ends up sitting answering for them”, adding that the allegations could not be “brushed under the carpet”.
      If that is not the havers of a desperate person I’ll ingest my entire hat collection(small but select).It is actually pathetic in a way which I never thought to hear from someone like Sturgeon.It is tendentious drivel She really has lost the plot.

    460. Skip_NC says:

      Crazycat @ 2:32am, if that is the case then I agree it was not sensible. Whether it is criminal is another matter. I have a long-standing client where the husband is a stay-at-home dad. He’s started a business doing woodworking and I have engaged him to build me some office furniture. As we were chatting, it emerged that he hadn’t registered a business name with the county or opened a separate bank account – not even a separate personal one to at least segregate the funds. I am convinced that there is no criminal intent. His detail-oriented wife will make sure that I get the correct information to prepare their tax return. She will also make sure to complete the paperwork she now knows must be done.

      With comingled funds, it is extremely easy to lose track. Red sunset has noted what it was like on the campaign trail. A jury will, in due course, decide whether her actions were criminal in accordance with Scots law.

    461. Daisy Walker says:

      @ Robert Louis

      A definite change in tone and attitude when you see that speech in March 2017, compared to now.

      These bits of her speech also jumped out.

      ‘Doing nothing at this stage – in many ways, the easiest thing for me to do – would mean letting Scotland drift through the next two years, with our fingers crossed, simply hoping for the best.

      I am far from alone in fearing a bad deal or no deal.
      Nor am I alone in fearing that even a so-called good deal will turn out to be significantly inferior to membership of the single market – and that it will set Scotland on a course that will not only damage our economy, but change the very nature of the society and country we are.
      The problem with doing nothing now is that, by the time these fears are realized, it will be too late for Scotland to choose a different path before the damage is done.’

      These considerations lead me to the conclusion that if Scotland is to have a real choice – when the terms of Brexit are known, but before it is too late to choose our own course – then that choice should be offered between the autumn of next year, 2018, and the spring of 2019.
      The third – important – aspect of planning ahead is this.
      I have already said that by the time a choice comes to be made, there must be greater clarity about Brexit and its implications for us.
      It is just as important that there is clarity about the implications of independence. And there will be.’

      So folks, did she make good on any of that? or did, ‘Doing nothing at this stage – in many ways, the easiest thing for me to do – would mean letting Scotland drift through the next two years, with our fingers crossed, simply hoping for the best’ become the height of her achievements (plus Covid of course).

      The 2017 GE took place in June 17 and she lost 15 or so MP’s but still had a majority. She clearly looked rattled after and ‘took Indyref off the table at that time – ‘Not until the terms of Brexit are known’ became the mantra.

      Leslie Evans became her Permanent Secretary 1/7/17.

    462. Bob W says:

      Maybe they need to replace their DPF (diesel particulate filter)

    463. OldPete says:

      Not many blinks by Nicola today, back to her confident self.
      Journalists asking the usual pathetic questions. I don’t know how she manages not to lose her temper with some of these ridiculous British rag reporters.
      Blink-Blink-Blink for the SNP at least for most on here.

    464. WhoRattledYourCage says:

      Kspelmeister: I mean Shakespearian in what she was trying to accomplish, not in the pathetically poor, crap, inept way she tried to accomplish it.

      Robertknight: it’s Shakespearian AND Orwellian. A poor irritating imitation of both.

    465. ElGordo says:

      Possibly, i wouldn’t know much about that, maybe someone nearby can stick a cup of tea out on the windowsill, and see if it warms up.

    466. AYRSHIRE ROB says:


      What’s strange about planes circling airports ? Are they not supposed to like?

    467. David Caledonia says:

      reports of me being bored are true, the yapping classes can’t help themselves, welcome to groundhog day

    468. Daisy Walker says:

      A quick look on Wiki for SNP MSP Candidate Rosa Salih.

      She was one of the Glasgow Girls, she has a degree from Glasgow Uni, She has first hand knowledge of the Kurd situation in Iran and Turkey and campaigns for same

      I have no idea where she stands of the Hate Crime Bill or GRA (I really hope on the same side as Wings) – but if you compare (what is available of her qualifications and CV) with that of Humza Youssuf’s cousin – Saeed Bhutta – she is head and shoulders above and clearly someone who should be considered for election.

      Big, big difference between someone with the demonstrable qualities and qualifications needed for that job, and someone with questionable competencies and abilities being given the nod and the wink by a family member in the party.

    469. CameronB Brodie says:

      Honestly peeps, if the Lord Advocate’s clown-shoes didn’t so fundamentally impair his capacity to support public health and democracy, Scots would not be getting stripped of their EU identities, and subourdinated to a legal status of sub-human, by Westminster’s anti-foundational and populist re-interpretation of the British constitution. Scots law would not be on the point of being broken by the anti-foundational GRA amendments either. I know this as I amble to respect the Natural law and liberal science, so I’m able to support public health and democracy. Unlike the Lord Advocate, who apparently couldn’t think his way out of a wet paper bag.


      Palgrave Communications volume 4, Article number: 99 (2018)
      Individual liberty and the importance of the concept of the people

    470. Big Jock says:

      I always find it interesting when people plank themselves next to thousands of books. It’s a bit like folk who spend their days telling other folk how great they are on Facebook. Just ran a 5k, just read the complete works of Tolstoy, just had a shit and it was solid.

      I have read hunners of books as well, but they are all in boxes in the loft. They clutter the house otherwise. Anyway has she no heard of a fecking Kindle!

      To be honest , if she has time to read all they books. That explains why she hasn’t done a hands turn regarding independence for 6 years.

      I wonder if she keeps a collection of wee strikes on her fridge for all the colleagues she’s burned over the years.

    471. ElGordo says:

      @ Shires Rob

      RAF A400m plane continuously circling Glasgow area for last hour or so, it’s used for surveillance.

      Typhoon launched from Lossiemouth before this arrived that circled clyde around Helensbrugh, the area the sub was spotted with smoke coming from it.

      Westerly winds.

    472. Oneliner says:


      What’s strange about planes circling airports ? Are they not supposed to like?

      ……from Brize Norton – a military airfield?

    473. Big Jock says:

      El Gordo – Is it to catch all the folk going from Glasgow to Helensburgh for a pint. A bit over the top. lol.

    474. Mist001 says:

      I’ve seen this pattern with planes before, it’s simply refuelling another plane.

    475. Abalha says:

      In reply to Daisy Walker 241pm

      Yes all 4 candidates look decent in Clydebank and Milngavie – my guess it will be between Roza Salih and Marie McNair.

      Roza Salih you’ve referenced
      Debra Torrance – member for 10 years
      Kate Waddell – joined 2014
      Marie McNair – been a local councillor for 17 years

    476. WhoRattledYourCage says:

      Monsieur le Roi Grenouilleverteetprofonde: her blaming the man for the case she brought against him doesn’t mean she’s lost the plot. It just means she’s doing what a lot if women are increasingly doing these days, in blaming men for everything bad in the world.

      Men are the all-powerful ‘patriarchal’ bogeyman, and a gullible (usually) middle class sector of the general public, dissatisfied with the ineffectual men in their lives, will haughtily sniff and unquestioningly go along with anything that absolves them of blame and/or personal responsibility going wrong in their lives. They don’t even know how misandristic they are: “That Salmond, typical bloody man, they’re all pigs, he should be behind bars for the rest of his life, despite the verdict! Believe victims! Bitter vindictive hysteria over facts any day!”

      Aye, right.

      I think another phrase for what the FM did there, in spitting on her mentor, would be called ‘victim blaming’ were the sexes reversed. And you can be damned sure a million middle class media harridans with column inches to fill to make a living, and a misandristic axe to grind, would be up in sisters-in-arms screaming blue bloody murder aboot it were it said aboot a woman. “He was asking for it!” indeed.

    477. Big Jock says:

      Who Rattled – Salmond should sue Sturgeon for Defamation of character.

      She clearly doesn’t respect the highest court in the land. She is the master of her own jury of 1.

    478. Stan Broadwood says:

      OldPete 2:26 pm

      “Not many blinks by Nicola today, back to her confident self”.

      I posted this earlier on Pete.

      “The Sturgeon mouth twitch.

      Did anyone else notice Sturgeon’s mouth started twitching today at her daily beefing???

      A reporter asked her about yesterday’s Sky News interview about the Salmond case.

      And during questioning today her mouth started twitching uncontrollably.

      She must be conscious of this, because as soon as it started she put her finger up to her mouth to hide it and to try and stop it twiching.

      This is surely brought on by lying through her teeth.

      Worth keeping an eye on.”

      If she’s not blinking, she’s twitching Pete.

      A sign of nervousness.

      Telling lies usually starts her off.

      Let’s face it Pete.

      She is a lying little bitch.

    479. Tannadice Boy says:

      So what is it you have all missed about the blinking. It nothing other than morse code. Dot dot dot dah dah dah dot dot dot. It’s an SOS to her handler. I will translate, “I have been fund (sic) oot send me my bonnet”

    480. MorvenM says:

      Big Jock:

      Yes, the bookshelves backdrop was very interesting. It not only says “Look at what a cultured and intelligent person I am”, it also creates a strong visual distraction from the speaker’s face. Although, not as much as she would have liked:-)

      Interesting article from Iain Lawson on how the wokies are attempting to take over SNP candidate selection:

    481. Big Jock says:

      Morven -I read the Lawson article. Very interesting. My local candidate is Michelle Thompson….so I am one of the lucky ones. I hope she gets the gig.

      At the end of the Lawson he says, and I am paraphrasing:” When you start defaming someone’s character , then the games up. It’s when you have lost the argument” Wonder who that was aimed at?

    482. Big Jock says:

      Did anyone notice the book that was missing from the hundreds in the collection.

      How to Build Your Own Country


      Valerie Wyatt,

      How to Build Your Own Country is an interactive and totally original learning experience that shows kids how to build their very own country from scratch.
      This book, the only one of its kind, offers children the expertise and advice they’ll need to plant their flag in the backyard, in the bedroom or online. Kids will be amazed to discover that anyone can do it. (Except Sturgeon).


    483. kapelmeister says:

      MorvenM @3:33 pm

      Another batch of pieces of the jigsaw there from Iain Lawson.The SNP has been well and truly hijacked by a largish band of nutters. The NEC is Nicola’s Eerie Cabal for sure.

    484. Beaker says:

      @MorvenM says:
      12 October, 2020 at 3:33 pm
      “Interesting article from Iain Lawson on how the wokies are attempting to take over SNP candidate selection:”

      I nearly fell off my chair when I first read that. I thought it said “Wookies” 🙂

      Hiring a Wookie would be a good idea, no bugger is going to argue with one…

    485. CameronB Brodie says:

      The SNP’s NEC are NOT WOKE, they are MacWoke, and in fact hostile towards WOKE theory and practice. In other words, the SNP’s NEC is opposed to resisting neo-liberalism through the social empowerment of natal women and ethnic minorities.

      It simply isn’t possible to support an inclusive approach to educational and legal practice, if you deny the significance of biology. So the NEC simply needs to wake up to the fact that the denial of science is exactly what the Nazis did, though it is apparently acceptable to the Lord Advocate. Mkay!

      European Journal of Bioethics, Vol. 11 No. 1 (2020)
      Space and Ethos; fostering supranational citizenship in Urban Bioethics


      The article examines the inextricable conceptual connection of space and ethos with culture and citizenship. It claims that the city is a prominent space for deploying citizens’ codes of conduct, taking into account the particularities of all groups.

      It also suggests ways of academic activities, like the introduction of bioethical principles in schooling of the young parts of the population, in the education of a new generation of building industry professionals, and the underline of the role of bioethics in understanding the interactions between the built environment and health, human well-being, productivity, energy use and climate change.

      The article contains several urban space snapshots in order to illustrate the phenomena and it also refers to Thessaloniki, a Northern Greece city, mentioning the conduct of inhabitants or, works of the authorities, who viciously offend city’s memory traces and culture. Finally, it suggests a list of ten points in order to develop our understanding why Space and Ethos are inextricably and culturally bound as a basic bi-pole of Urban Bioethics and thus promote supranational standards of European citizenship. These ten points are certainly relevant and useful to the discussion of the topic, but vary in depth and domain.

      ethos, public space, culture, synchoresis, citizenship, collective memory

    486. Breeks says:

      I’m not being critical of all the body language and inadvertant ‘tells’ when somebody is lying, but I think I’m correct in saying this relates to a probability of them lying at best. I’d put it a notch or two below even circumstancial evidence. It’s a clue, but not much more than a clue.

      The lies to concern ourselves with are the ones betrayed by the words coming out the mouth, not those ‘let slip’ by too many blinks.

      The blinks and body language might be a hint she’s being deceitful, but the deception proper will be somewhere in the words.

      Much more than counting eye blinks, I’m wondering why Nicola is both so evasive, and goes all defensive when asked a simple question about the chronology of events. When did she learn about the complaints about Salmond? Simple question, but she’s determined to give us the answer to the question she wants to be asked, rather than the question she actually was asked.

      That’s being evasive, not necessarily dishonest, but of course, it provokes suspicion, and prompts the follow up question about why you’re being evasive. What is it you’re trying to hide? Could it be you knew about an impending complaint, but maybe didn’t know when it became an actual complaint? Aha!.. and maybe you anxious that people might have evidence to contradict and incriminate you… But, until that happens, this too is idle conjecture.

      Then there are direct contradictions; things said that conflict with things said before. When pressed to give the date when when she first knew about the complaints against Alex Salmond, she is clearly floundering and reluctant to give any answer. The problem here is that we’re all fallible and make mistakes.

      But she’s not out of the woods yet. If you’re not certain about a detail or date, the automatic response is so admit you’re uncertain or not sure, but Nicola doesn’t do this. I feel inclined to interpret from that, that the date isn’t merely significant because that’s what it happened to say on the Calendar, but because she recognises that the chronology of the dates is important, and giving away too much detail might contain a trap or tripwire whereby she might incriminate herself. “Honest” people don’t worry about incriminating themselves for a moment. Why would they?

      But lastly, and probably most damning, is throwing Alex under the bus. “It’s not about my conduct but his” she said. Well, no, actually it isn’t about him. Alex’s conduct was dealt with in a Court and jury trial, and he was cleared of all charges. The Inquiry is not a retrial of Alex Salmond, it very much is an inquiry about the conduct of the Government and whether the actions of certain people did indeed constitute a rather nasty conspiracy.

      And as for the ‘revelation’ Alex Salmond is angry she wouldn’t cover up for him??? The written evidence elsewhere in the public domain makes it fairly obvious this is an outright lie.

      Take it altogether, and I think the number of times she blinked is the least of her problems.

    487. WhoRattledYourCage says:

      The fact she had brought along a prepared read said something about her wanting to get her answer(s) correct, but not being sure of her ability to.

    488. Ottomanboi says:

      Lies, damned lies and politicians having their strings pulled.
      Something that is not a lie is the worldwide devastation to economies.
      Webcams, when switched on, tell the awful, grim truth of a world on the brink.
      Sturgeon, Johnson inter alia are up to their necks in the unspeakable cruelty of suppression.
      Theirs is a paradigm urgently needing a major seismic shift.

    489. Abalha says:

      Reply to Morven M, 3.33pm
      Thanks for posting that Iain Lawson blog.

      This seems a pretty extreme example of the situation.
      This person, Michael Sturrock, put up a fundraiser a month ago saying he was to be a candidate in Edinburgh Southern BUT was told a couple of days ago he had NOT passed vetting.

      He was endorsed publically by John Nicolson and Stewart McDonald seems he’s an (the odious) Angus Robertson fan too.

      What sort of party carries on like that? His crowdfunder was visible to all.

      As the Stranglers said ‘Something Better Change’. They really are becoming an utter laughing stock.

      1/ Crowdfunder

      2/ Report that he’d not passed vetting

    490. Tartanpigsy says:

      Stan Broadwood is still a troll for those in doubt.
      Not passing any further comment regarding that car crash interview, it’s all been said.
      Very sad for Scotland and our movement.
      The next moves are crucial and require to be made in haste by someone way more qualified than myself.
      Can confirm from my own branch the problem of slow boat nationalists swamping positions of power.
      Looking forward to change

    491. Campbell wrote: “My information is that this is true. Catriona Matheson and Liz Lloyd wrote it. Readers may wonder what other events they may have been centrally involved in.


    492. Sylvia says:

      Found this litte gem on Twitter

      10 JUN 2015 Nicola Sturgeon has launched a bracing defence of Alex Salmond over charges of sexism after he told a Conservative MP to “behave yourself, woman”.

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