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Crumbling walls

Posted on October 12, 2020 by

It doesn’t take a master analyst to see that the Salmond inquiry committee is running out of patience with the Scottish Government’s endless attempts to obstruct its work.

This afternoon it issued a statement, with obvious irritation, making clear that it did not wish to see documents the Scottish Government was trying to submit to it, which the committee had not asked for, and which had previously been struck down as unlawful by Lord Pentland in the initial judicial inquiry.

The Scottish Government’s only purpose in doing so was to try to put the details of the discredited and disproven-in-court allegations into the public domain with the intention of smearing Mr Salmond yet again, and the committee has made its displeasure with the plan clear, telling the Scottish Government to abandon its intended legal action to release the documents and get on with producing the ones the inquiry HAS asked for.

But there’s a little bit more to the story than that.

The real meat is found in a paragraph at the very end of the Herald’s piece.

The documents being requested from Salmond’s lawyers – which Wings understands will be delivered promptly – include the original petition for the judicial inquiry, but also the transcript of something called a Commission And Diligence hearing.

The hearing was ordered by Lord Pentland in December 2018 because he believed that the Scottish Government was lying when it said it had produced all the relevant documents for the judicial review. And sure enough, a veritable avalanche of other material suddenly arose as a result of the Commission’s deliberations.

We urge readers to hasten to this Craig Murray blog on the subject, which goes into a lot of detail and saves us repeating it here. But the explosive nature of the documents was the reason the Scottish Government completely caved in and conceded defeat in the judicial inquiry a matter of days later, because only by doing so could it prevent those documents becoming public knowledge.

But the current committee has now requested, and should receive, these documents, although we’re told the Scottish Government is still frantically trying to resist providing them. What the committee will definitely get, however, because it’s in the possession of Alex Salmond’s lawyers, is the under-oath transcript of the Commission And Diligence report revealing what was in them.

When it does, the embarrassment of being told to shut up about the crooked struck-out report will, this site suspects, rapidly begin to look like the happiest day of the Scottish Government’s life by comparison.

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229 to “Crumbling walls”

  1. Ivan says:

    Watched that Sturgeon interview linked in the last video. I’ve never seen her so floundered. Whatever these docs are the ScotGov must be bricking it.

  2. Ivan says:

    It’s a shame it was Sophy Ridge doing the interview, Sturgeon was on the ropes. Putting it squarely to her that the unwanted and unrequested release of the documents deemed unfit for the court was a blantant smear attempt would’ve been something to behold.

  3. Heaver says:

    One can but hope. But if she pointblank refuses to go… what then?

  4. Tannadice Boy says:

    OT Very early I know. Apologies. But just watched an SNP party political broadcast saying Scotland’s voice is being ignored. Agreed but by the SNP leadership!

  5. Big Jock says:

    Stu , you obviously know more than most about these documents.

    You don’t have to answer, but I will ask anyway. Is there anyway the Murrells can survive this?

    I say so knowing that she will try and hang on with her death grip. She will not go quietly I fear.

  6. Sharny Dubs says:

    Even more obvious that the blocking of Cherry was to ensure that a replacement candidate would be sufficiently woke to protect the current clique?

    Just postulating

  7. FacundoSavala says:

    Great work as usual Stu.

    How annoyed will you be if Sturgeon and Murrell both survive this?

  8. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “You don’t have to answer, but I will ask anyway. Is there anyway the Murrells can survive this?”

    Much of the conspiracy will never be publicly revealed because of the anonymity order. But no, at a minimum I cannot see a way for Sturgeon to evade being found to have lied to Parliament, and by the Ministerial Code that’s an automatic resignation. We do live in crazy times when none of the normal rules seem to apply, so I’d only undertake a modest wager on it. But it should still be the overwhelmingly likely outcome.

  9. Heaver says:

    I mean, so long as she and Murrell retain their positions of power and influence they have the power to influence their fates. Cast out, they may well find themselves facing charges of perjury, seeking to pervert justice + etc, along with quite a few other people, including journalists, civil servants, msps, a whole raft of what may as well be described as political and journalistic zombies.

    If pointblank refusing to resign is all she has left then that IS what she will do. What then?

  10. Contrary says:

    Good. It will be interesting to see how the brazen, persistent, brass-neck lying holds up under published evidence. Leslie Evans does seem to have ‘forgotten’ how the judicial review caught out her lies, because she’s still telling the same ones …as is NS.

    I’ve been waiting for Nicola Sturgeon to start her own #PoorMe movement. That suits their actions better than the other one.

  11. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “If pointblank refusing to resign is all she has left then that IS what she will do. What then?”

    Then the opposition would call a vote of no confidence and it’d be up to the Greens to decide whether to save her or not. And even as the unprincipled little reptiles that they are, I don’t think they would. It’d look absolutely terrible.

  12. Daisy Walker says:

    Worth reading the linked Craig Murray report, and within it the linked report about Leslie Evans doctoring a report and ensuring independent video producers/trainers (from poor backgrounds) are closed down.

    The pattern with regards what happened to New Labour and the mechanisms utilised (and very effective) are striking with what is happening to ‘new’ SNP.

    Labour didn’t know what had hit it (joined it) or how well organised, funded and co-ordinated it was.

    There’s hope yet.

  13. Ian Foulds says:

    Can we get Ms. Cherry to take over well before the May election?

  14. shug says:

    Well is got to be Whiteford or Cherry now.

    Its that simple – the sooner this is done the better and we can focus on the Scottish Election and IndyRef 2

    Nicola’s has done a great job but you can’t behave like this and stay. She must now put the party first

  15. David Morgan says:

    can anyone tell me why they did this to mr salmond?

  16. tartanfever says:

    Agree with Daisy,

    read (or re-read) that Craig Murray article. It is utterly damning.

  17. Bob Mack says:

    The good ship Nicola has sprung more leaks than a collander.

    Surely she must realise that all the evidence is mounting by the day. I think her showing on Sophie Ridge reveals that she does.

    The SNP must be saved from itself. It must be saved from further collateral damage. It must be wrested back from the Murrells and centralised control.

  18. robertknight says:

    If you haven’t already…

    PLEASE READ CRAIG MURRAY’S blog linked in Stu’s article.

    Anyone who posts on Wee Gingerbread’s Wee Nic Fanzine should link it there also. (I refuse to set foot in that place).

  19. Beaker says:

    That could explain why Blackford, despite the Speaker asking that MPs keep their questions to the PM short, waffled on for at least two minutes this afternoon.

  20. tartanfever says:

    On re-reading the Craig Murray article, it struck me just how long this fiasco has been going on.

    At anytime Sturgeon could have come clean, fessed up – basically just taken any other action to get of the path she chose. It would have been largely forgotten about by now if a remedial action had been taken to stop this charade a couple of years ago.

    But no, it’s clear, she’s just going to keep going – she will never u-turn, the hole she’s dug is so deep she can’t get out.

  21. Hatuey says:

    From Craig Murray’s website (link provided in Wings’ article above);

    “the Civil Service Code stipulated that the Investigating Officer must have “no prior involvement with any aspect of the matter”. She had in fact had intensive contact with the complainers over two months and had been active in the development of the procedure for three months.”

    But it’s even worse than that. Whilst drafting the “Procedure”, they seemed to be running it past the complainers to see if it met with their approval. Dangerfield talks about this;

    “On 29 November 2017, two days before Richards sent her “test” email to Hynd, a civil servant who had been appointed as a “sounding board ” for potential complaints had an email exchange with “Ms A”, an individual who subsequently made a formal complaint of harassment against Salmond.

    The “sounding board” wrote: “As agreed I sent your narrative on in confidence to Nicky [Richards] and Judith [Mackinnon]. I have now been asked by Nicky and Judith if you would be prepared to speak to them following receipt of your narrative.”

    The email continues: “As part of this discussion Nicky would like to share with you the developing policy for handling complaints against former and current ministers. This would give you an opportunity to test whether this would have helped at the time and also to consider next steps.”

  22. Andy Ellis says:

    @Rev Stu

    Ah hae ma doots about the Scottish Greens. Whilst wholeheartedly agreeing with you that they are a bunch of misogynistic reptiles, I suspect the attachment to gender woo and a-scientific TWAW absurdity on the part of roasters like Harvie and Greer may dictate that they’d sooner see a lame duck woke ally in place than any alternative who doesn’t share their faith based dogma?

    We certainly live in interesting times! 🙂

  23. Tannadice Boy says:

    @Rev Stu
    Agreed but don’t forget about the Ross Greers of the green world. Every month he gets paid is a bonus. He is out and he knows it but Harvie should be safe. The minor party of a coalition always get a doing. And that’s what it has been a coalition in all but name. Harvie needs to do the right thing.

  24. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Worth reading the linked Craig Murray report, and within it the linked report about Leslie Evans doctoring a report and ensuring independent video producers/trainers (from poor backgrounds) are closed down.”

    Jesus, that’s shocking. Not surprising, but shocking.

  25. Donald Peddie says:

    Loved your timeline Daisy… and the patterns you see… I’m sure you’re right.
    NS was a class act…. the class has gone…and her Mista Murrell was trying to pervert the course of justice… can’t believe all of Police Scotland are kowtowing to these servants of the Queen.. and their aim was to disgrace ,silence and have locked away effective opposition to their tenure…. and I saw her venom on TV when she kept trying to drop him in her shite ….What the hell did he do to the woman ? Say NO ??

  26. Ronnie Boyd says:

    Dear me.

    The Tory govt in Westminster isn’t even pretending it’s not going to destroy devolution in Scotland – and all you and your fanboys/girls can do is froth about Nicola Sturgeon.

    You’ve went from being someone who caused the British in Scotland real pain to someone who collaborates with them.

    How sad.

  27. Famous15 says:

    “Unprincipled little reptiles” (Greens)

    Stu,so you can use devastating language without a single sweary word.

    Try it more often!

  28. Famous15 says:

    “You’ve went etc”

    I prefer sweary words to such grammar.

  29. red sunset says:

    Rebus was on TV last night.
    It struck me he would have gone straight in there and enforced the law.
    Not like nowadays where everybody is afraid of the big bad wolf. Is there no Rebus out there?

  30. mac says:

    David Morgan says:
    12 October, 2020 at 7:05 pm
    can anyone tell me why they did this to mr salmond?

    Would like an answer to that one myself.

    All this was so uneccasry.

  31. mac says:

    jings I most have have hit the wrong button while trying to type unnecessary.

  32. Abalha says:

    From the Herald article, citing Linda Fabiani, should at least be coming to a head, resolution soon.

    ‘She said she hoped to hear back from both Mr McKie and Mr Swinney by October 19’

  33. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “You’ve went from being someone who caused the British in Scotland real pain to someone who collaborates with them.”

    Fuck off, Ronnie, there’s a good lad.

  34. Mike Fenwick says:

    Two dates appear to prevail in this discussion, both related to when Nicola Sturgeon first knew, the 2nd of April and the 29th of March – is there a third date that has to be considered – one described as “around this time”?

    Short extract from Craig Murray: “Geoff Aberdein, Alex Salmond’s former Chief of Staff testified under oath in the Salmond trial that he was contacted in mid-March by phone by Nicola Sturgeon’s office to discuss historic allegations against Alex Salmond, and was asked to a meeting with the First Minister on 29 March. Aberdein testified he was so concerned that he arranged a conference call with Kevin Pringle and Duncan Hamilton QC to discuss this.”

    Extract from the submission by Nicola Sturgeon to the Committee: “Around this time, I had been made aware separately of a request from Mr Aberdein for me to meet with Alex Salmond.”

    When exactly was “around this time”? Does it relate to the testimony given under oath by Geoff Aberdein?

    Is there therfore a date, a third date, one that can be established as relevant based on that one sentence and which occurred before the 29th March?

    One hopes the Committee ask.

  35. laukat says:

    The linked report for Evans prior behaviour is astonishing not just because of the behaviour but that was in 1992 and the person who called her out, Steve Cardownie is a SNP politician.

    How on earth was Evans appointed as permanent secretary without someone being aware of her previous behaviour? Did Sturgeon not speak to her Edinburgh colleagues to get an insight into her approach?

  36. Astonished says:

    Chickens coming home to roost.

    I expect jail terms for many. And the moorov doctrine now lies in tatters.

    The lying conspirators ( the 9 women et al) have this on their hands.

  37. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Famous15.

    I concur.
    “You’ve went from being someone who caused the British in Scotland real pain to someone who collaborates with them”

    Should be,
    “You’ve GONE from being someone who caused the British in Scotland real pain to someone who collaborates with them”

    I INFER from that grammatical error that Ronnie Boyd could be less than functionally literate. I don’t mean to IMPLY that, however.


  38. shug says:

    Over the last ten days Scotland has had 1.9 death per day (call it 2)

    Scotland has 8%of the UK population (call it 10%)

    That being the case England should be having around 20 deaths per day. Their actual 10day average is 64.2

    The death rate seems to be 3 times that of Scotland.

    Any observations on this

  39. Bob Mack says:

    @Ronnie Boyd,

    The Tories are allowed to destroy Scotland because of Ms Sturgeon. Brexit,Internal Market Bill, accepted without a fight.

    We have a kitten protecting us from wolves.

  40. willie says:

    It’s not just the Salmond enquiry process in Parliament and the other legal processes that will destroy Sturgeon but the rank and file of the SNP too.

    Branch after branch, member after member are recognising what Sturgeon and her clique have done and the shift against them is turning into a tidal wave.

    Keep up reporting Rev Stu, ditto Craig Murray and all the rest. The Canute moment is just about ready to happen.

  41. Abalha says:

    In reply to Mike Fenwick at 743pm

    I understand from Geoff Aberdein’s evidence there were three meetings in March.

    Two with Liz Lloyd and the 3rd on 29 March with Nicola Sturgeon and Liz Lloyd.

    The idea that Liz Lloyd did not appraise her boss of the previous two is fanciful.

  42. John Digsby says:


    Population density of England is 275 per square km

    Population density of Scotland is 65 per square km

    Denser population means greater likelihood of transmission. If anything, England’s rate should be more than 4 times higher than Scotland’s

  43. John Digsby says:


    Correction: England has 432 per square Kilometer

    275 is the UK as a whole (read the wrong line of a table)

  44. Abalha says:

    In reply to Tannadice Boy at 630pm.

    That SNP Party Political Broadcast was first shown in February 2020.

    Seems they’ve no new ideas.

  45. Bob Mack says:

    I suggest you read the Dangerfield above. It is damning.

    Basically Sturgeon set the process in motion. She approved the final version of the policy which removed the duty of the current FM to decide on disciplinary action against a former FM. Rather than accept a revision of the existing policy.a new one was created and tested with the accusers to see if it met with their approval.

    She left it to civil servants to make that decision giving her an escape route should Salmond be prosecuted. Although the process was inept ,signed it off in Dec2017.

    She knew what she was doing. Eviscerate Salmond but claim you had no part in it. Wow.

  46. Stan Broadwood says:

    Famous15 7.20pm

    “Stu,so you can use devastating language without a single sweary word.”

    “Try it more often!”

    Are you asking Stu or telling him?

    How about you trotting off back to the Wee Gingerbread Man Famous.

    Nobody is interested in what you greetin faced bastard supporters of Sturgeon have to say.

    So, Fuck Off!!!

    robbo wandered in earlier on today, then realised he was in the wrong place and wandered out again,,, why don’t you follow him.

    And remember,,, it’s normal to be an independent country.

  47. Jim says:

    “Fuck off, Ronnie, there’s a good lad.” Blast from the twitter past there, braw.

  48. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Rev, just for clarity – how long has it been since you, Craig Murray (and Alex S, presumably) pieced this all together? I don’t mean the finer details but the broad reality?

    I’m not asking as a dig-up (Why didn’t you tell us earlier!?) because you always made it clear that you knew more than you could tell.

    But just as a wee reminder for those who are still bad-mouthing this place even as the evidence is mounting – how long since you became convinced that indy was a dead duck under NS/Evans/Wolfe et al?

  49. Kenny says:

    So, in Craig Murray’s blog (referred to above);

    Evans’ blatant attempt to pretend she knew nothing, and thus throw Mackinnon under the bus alone, is morally disgusting..

    This business now unravelling at an increasingly fascinating rate, I wonder how long it’ll be before these rank amateurs, including the now thoroughly depreciated First Minister, start to accuse each other to save themselves?

    Judith Mackinnon, here’s something for you to think about, now that the cat has taken its leave of the mouldy bag:
    you were hired as nothing more than a patsy, maliciously placed, suckered, into taking-on a gig that, if it collapsed, you’d be the fall guy (no apology forthcoming) – you’re taking the brunt of the heat, regardless of when the press present you front page.
    Prior to that – and if I were you – I’d be sure to finger the smug, reprehensible and scheming Leslie Evans and ensure she doesn’t leave you carrying the full can. In fact, you could be fortunate and come out of this with a degree of sympathy by initiating the avalanche.
    As for other actors in this episode, there’s no hiding place, not for any of them.

    It’s no wonder this charlatan ‘First Minister’ conned the Scottish people with lame hints of Referendum – the bloody coffers are empty after tanking all my money – our money – on a needless witch-hunt against someone who wants only what we all want – independence for his country. Hang your heads, all of you, in endless shame.

  50. Elmac says:

    robertknight says:
    12 October, 2020 at 7:10 pm

    “Anyone who posts on Wee Gingerbread’s Wee Nic Fanzine should link it there also”

    Have just done so Robert and the post is showing at the moment. For how much longer though I don’t know. In the meantime maybe some Sturgeonites will follow the link and have their eyes opened.

  51. Denise says:

    Alex for goodness sake they are blaming Alex fir everything
    Now Margaret Ferrier was advised to go to the Press by the Salmond camp

  52. Kenny says:

    Ian Brotherhood @ 8:07pm.

    Yes, Wolffe, he’s as much embroiled, and perverting justice, as any of the others. I’ll be delighted to see that one’s resignation.

  53. CameronB Brodie says:

    Get this crap sorted out ASAP, so we can start defending Scotland from expansionist English nationalism. TA.


    Principles of Public Administration

  54. Al says:

    But is the issue not – that if enough evidence does not come out re anonymity orders – then NS will just brazen it out and stay in place? I mean it is already fundamentally clear that she at worst mislead parliament – and other than Alex Neil I have not heard a peer from any other MSPs.

    What makes you think this will lead to her resignation unless other significant materiel is published?

  55. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “What makes you think this will lead to her resignation unless other significant materiel is published?”

    Oh god, I get so tired of repeating myself.


  56. Thomas Potter says:

    Amen to thar Rev. Here’s hoping…

  57. Thomas Potter says:

    Amen to that Rev. Here’s hoping…

  58. Ian Foulds says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell

    At the risk of incurring your eternal damnation or worse exclusion from this site, I wondered if you could address the following, at your convenience?

    I have been following with admiration, your recent articles which have, with pinpoint accuracy and substantiation, pointed out many shortcomings within the Scottish Government, the SNP, the NEC and political advisers to the Scottish Government together wit comment – along with other Independence minded souls – in regards to apparent further shortcomings within our judiciary.

    Notwithstanding, how is this going to get us our referendum – sooner rather than later (for the purely selfish reason I would like to see it in my lifetime -as indeed admittedly did many others who have gone before me)?

    How do you see the unconverted part of the electorate interpreting what is going on with the Independence mob, when the Yoons capitalise on the dirty washing being handed to them?

    Is there no way we can put the day of reckoning for those transgressors on the back burner until we have achieved our goal and reconfigure our Society and Country with a clean slate.

    I look forward with trepidation but interest on your take on this.

    Thanks in advance,


  59. cynicalHighlander says:

    This is now becoming more and more like a police matter imo.

  60. CameronB Brodie says:

    I’d suggest we have little hope of progressing our cause, if we can’t overcome the legal, administrative, and ideological barriers, that impede our potential to access justice and the benefits of democracy.

    to the
    EU Action Plan on Human Rights and Democracy 2020-2024

  61. Tannadice Boy says:

    @Ian Foulds
    Pah I am still waiting for Stu to punt a tenner on the forthcoming United vs Aberdeen match next Saturday. Good luck with your request. And by the way don’t use the word Yoons. They are Scottish people yet to be convinced. I respect them we fell short the first time let’s not make the same mistake.

  62. laukat says:

    “Nick Eardley
    The gloves are off in the SNP.

    A party source texts: “Ferrier spoke to the press after being advised to by Salmond’s camp. They knew Ferrier would only damage her reputation further, but encouraged her as a way to attack the First Minister. It’s pathetic.””

    Don’t quite see why Salmond would encourage Ferrier to hang on but I do believe the gloves are off

  63. Sharny Dubs says:

    Craig Murray’s article is just gob smacking.

    The whole bunch of them behaving like some sort of “popular movement” rather than government ministers or bodies.

    This is worse than nepotism with the obvious inevitable fall out.

    We have to regroup the movement, cut out the cancer and get back to our day job.

  64. Lochside says:

    I read the Craig Murray at the time and it was a turning point for me. ‘Harry Douthwaite”s contribution btl struck me as the most accurate explanantion: consider Leslie Evans, ex Mundell associate. Also Liz Loyd another English aide conveniently part of the tight coterie Sturgeon decide to wrap around herself.

    A perfect arrangement, Sturgeon with her ‘Me too’ messianic mission combined with two Deep State Britnats carefully placed.
    Stupid virtue signalling combined with a possible personal grudge going way back with Salmond, and a burning desire to eclipse the former mentor ably aided and abetted by two or more paid Westminster controlled ‘sleepers’. Never forgetting the shadowy Murrell, lower profile than a snake’s belly, yet able to get a direct line to the MET apparently.

    Qui bono?….well Scottish Independence certainly is not the beneficiary. The cackhanded and malicious double jeopardy visited on Salmond costing the Scottish People millions of precious cash is a desperate lesson in just how useless Sturgeon has been, never mind her cowardly and treacherous submission to Westminster rule over Brexit and our Sovereign rights.

    ‘When the mode of the music changes..the walls of the city shake’…Well the secretive state walls around Sturgeon are about to start crumbling down.

  65. Robert Graham says:

    Oops happened to have a look over in La La Land all the usual fingers in the ears and eyes closed stuff , until some enterprising patriot chucked a Grenade that managed to get under the wire undetected , Well its there for the time being anyone not sure how long the comment will be visible

    Back to reality,

    I think the Guilty Beyond reasonable doubt is the only assessment of the current situation , all self inflicted, all ego driven,and all oh so pointless in the end was it worth it who knows .We would need to ask the ones who started it all but I doubt going on past performances we would get a straight answer .
    Total clear out of all top posts in the SNP and including Government Appointments is the only way , the sooner the better for all concerned .

  66. Andy Ellis says:

    @Tannadice Boy

    Who appointed you arbiter of acceptable nomenclature for British nationalists in Scotland?

    Po-faced tone policing isn’t a good look bud.

  67. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    “What she read, all heady books
    She’d sit and prophecise
    It took a tattooed boy from Birkenhead
    To really really open her eyes” – The Smiths.

    Nicola Sturgeon should have stuck to just reading heady fictional worlds, instead of trying to make us live in one of her own making. That’s the danger of being a dreamy literary wallflower type – reality can sometimes slap you right in the unsuspecting kisser.

  68. mike cassidy says:

    This has taken on such a momentum of its own

    That the Unionists and the MSM are having to run with it now

    Not in the run up to next year’s Holyrood election

    Where I’m sure they had hoped to cause enough damage to prevent an SNP majority

    Only takes a few seats after all

    Presumably now they’ll be hoping for a damaged First Minister clinging on grimly to May 2021

    I wonder who their worst fear would be as a replacement

  69. Kenny says:

    I think what we are seeing is the start of the Murrell diarchy’s plan… to burn the whole house down.

    Is that not what they threatened? To burn the whole house down if they did not get their way? {can you imagine AS saying something like this??}

    Glad they can arouse so much passion when their own skins are at stake… Scottish independence and our European membership? Not so much…

  70. Balaaargh says:

    Apologies for going OT but was anyone else aware the law on smoke alarms changed today in Scotland?

  71. Hatuey says:

    Rev: “ the opposition would call a vote of no confidence and it’d be up to the Greens to decide whether to save her or not…”

    I wonder if there’s any prospect of one or two SNP MSPs throwing the boot in. It’s hard to believe there are not a few who have been on the wrong side of Sturgeon over the last few years, given how nasty we now know her to be.

    My guess is she’ll resign though. A vote of no confidence would precipitate the sort of discussion and scrutiny that the lies and spin were intended to avoid. And if the truth of all this came out, I don’t see how she could carry on, even if she won a vote of no confidence.

    It’s time to start thinking about replacing her, how to heal divisions, and how we move on.

  72. Black Joan says:

    The British state is poised to pass legislation which would appear to permit actual elimination of anyone considered to be a threat to the “economic wellbeing of the United Kingdom”.

    A perceived need for “prevention of disorder” could also be grounds for summary neutralisation of anyone arbitrarily deemed responsible, with no legal redress.

    They’ve already told us to “get used to it”, “it” being the UK Government in Scotland.

    Wake-up time long overdue. Supine NewSNP need to act now, or say goodbye to independence forever, as the simple fact of being a Nationalist, opposed to the UK and therefore threatening to remove Scotland’s contribution to the UK economy, looks like becoming something actually “criminal”.

    All of which makes the gradualist, inward-looking, NS/Murrell behaviour even more culpable and intolerable.

    And if the whole ScotGov machine is exposed as not fit for purpose, a replacement needs to be ready to take over fast, before the “UK Government in Scotland” (get used to it) decides that it needs to “take back control”.

  73. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    ‘Kenny says:
    12 October, 2020 at 8:52 pm
    I think what we are seeing is the start of the Murrell diarchy’s plan… to burn the whole house down.

    Is that not what they threatened? To burn the whole house down if they did not get their way? {can you imagine AS saying something like this??}’

    Kenny, where did they say this, or words to that effect? Genuinely curious. Wouldn’t surprise me at all, mind you, because they both clearly have a massive axe to grind with this country, and have not yet tried finishing trying to remake it in their own twisted image.

  74. Shug says:

    John Digsby
    That’s not reasonable given the extent of land with sparse population in Scotland. The density in the central belt will not be that different from england
    They are seeing the results of the BBC covering up for incompetent government and presenting cricket in the main street when pubs closed as a jolly jape

  75. Yasmin says:

    I’m not sure why people keep saying cherry should take over. Sorry, Just don’t trust her either. She focussed heavily on brexit when she should have been focussing on independence, and only switched to the latter for leadership ambitions.
    Have said this before but in terms of leadership it has to be the likes of Salmond and Mackaskill. Both are strong principled and don’t buckle to Westminster demands. That’s the kind of leadership an independent Scotland needs!

  76. Kenny says:

    What are our two main problems right now? The constitution and covid… and who do we already have in the SNP? Cherry QC and Dr Whittford… The solution is so simple.

  77. Kenny says:


    I read it on this site, it was in one of the BTL comments, rather recently.

  78. Shug says:

    @John Digsby
    That’s not reasonable given the extent of land with sparse population in Scotland. The density in the central belt will not be that different from england
    They are seeing the results of the BBC covering up for incompetent government and presenting cricket in the main street when pubs closed as a jolly jape

  79. MaggieC says:

    The two letters sent by Linda Fabiani as Convener of the Harassment and Complaints Committee have been posted on the website ,

    Letter to John Swinney , Deputy First Minister ,

    Letter to David McKie at Levy & McRae ,

  80. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    ‘Kenny says:
    12 October, 2020 at 9:08 pm

    I read it on this site, it was in one of the BTL comments, rather recently.’

    Thanks. Would love to know the origin of that one.

  81. Tannadice Boy says:

    Sure the same John Swinney that has posted under an anonymous name subverting the Suprene Court. Let’s go for it.

  82. willie says:

    Undercover special metropolitan police officers were deployed to infiltrate protest groups with some of them becoming sleeping partners and fathering offspring.

    And I see today that council investigators in their hundreds are being deployed to visit and check on people said to be isolating.

    Sound like a sure fire recipe for unpleasantness. And this is just the start. Wait till Sturgeon’s Entitlement Cards hit the populace. Designed to protect health of course, these smart cards, linked to sate databases, will be come the passport, the identity card, the Pass Card ( so beloved in apartheid South Africa)

    Tells you what is lying waiting in the wings on Nicola’s new Scotland

  83. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Maggie C –

    Keep getting knocked-back for that second link…

    In the first, right at the end, is what seems to be a response to Lesley Evans’s ‘it’s impossible to put a figure on costs’ (item H requested)

  84. Graham says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    12 October, 2020 at 6:50 pm
    “If pointblank refusing to resign is all she has left then that IS what she will do. What then?”

    Then the opposition would call a vote of no confidence and it’d be up to the Greens to decide whether to save her or not. And even as the unprincipled little reptiles that they are, I don’t think they would. It’d look absolutely terrible.

    You said WHAT NOW about the Greens? Hey, I’m a member of the Scottish Green Party and a regular reader of your column. This is the first time you’ve personally offended me. Please think on.

  85. katherine hamilton says:

    Guardian on-line reporting Cole- Hamilton and Baillie calling for the inquiry to be widened to include the inconsistencies about the March and April dates.

    “Contradictory messages made by the First Minister suggest that knowledge of the complaints against Mr. Salmond were known about even before 29th March. That being the case then it is important that the ministerial code investigation is widened.”

    Wonder if the other inquiry members will concur? Ms. Fabiani, any comment?

  86. Andy Ellis says:


    Copy the link including the .pdf into your browser and it should come up?

    The hyper link has cut that part off, so doesn’t work.

  87. Ian Foulds says:

    Tannadice Boy says:
    12 October, 2020 at 8:42 pm
    @Ian Foulds
    ‘ And by the way don’t use the word Yoons’

    First I heard this was disrespectful.

    For the record there are few people on this planet I am ever disrespectful to, not that I am unfamiliar with being in that position.

  88. Lochside says:

    Black Joan says:
    12 October, 2020 at 9:02 pm
    The British state is poised to pass legislation which would appear to permit actual elimination of anyone considered to be a threat to the “economic wellbeing of the United Kingdom”.

    This is the unbelievable Fascist State metamorphosing in front of our eyes…yet our ‘leader’ can only posture that ‘Covid’ is the only game in town!…Yeah Covid is real and a present danger…but FFS Boris and Dom Doom are gearing up to allow Brit troops to shoot down civilians and not get arrested for it… know like they did in Ireland for 30 years?

    All the wellmeaning WGD ( He is a good guy, but too loyal) are deluding themselves..all this shite is really happening..and the colossal reality facing us is we have no leadership demanding that it stop!

  89. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Andy Ellis –

    Got it now, thanks.


  90. Graham says:

    To be clear, in my post on 12th October at 9:29, only the words
    ‘You said WHAT NOW about the Greens? Hey, I’m a member of the Scottish Green Party and a regular reader of your column. This is the first time you’ve personally offended me. Please think on.’
    are my own.

    And I might better have phrased that as
    ‘You’re calling the Greens WHAT, NOW? Hey,’ etc.

  91. cynicalHighlander says:

    1 Committee on the Scottish Government Handling of Harassment ComplaintsDavid McKieLevy and McRae Pacific House 70 Wellington Street GlasgowG2 6UA BY EMAILc/o Clerk to the Committee Room T1.03The Scottish Parliament Edinburgh EH99 1SP SGHHC@parliament.scot12 October 2020Dear Mr McKieJudicial review evidence – productions submitted to the Court of Session by the Scottish GovernmentI understand you received a copy of the attached letter from the Court of Session. The letter is very helpful and clarifies that the Scottish Government and Alex Salmond hold ‘productions’ submitted to the Court on their behalf. Furthermore, the letter clarifies that the Scottish Government and Alex Salmond’s lawyers can request from the Court the other productions submitted by them, that are still held by the Court from the judicial review. Given the repeated requests from the Committee to receive documents and the repeated undertaking from the Mr Salmond that he will co-operate with the inquiry in full, the Committee asks Mr Salmond to request the productions held by the Court of Session at its earliest opportunity and send these together with the productions that the Court has confirmed Mr Salmond already holds as soon as possible. As you know evidence taking on the judicial review phase commences in just over two weeks’ time, and so we seek this information as soon as possible. As ever, the evidence submitted must be provided in accordance with the Committee’s statement on the handling of information and evidence. This includes being within remit and in line with data protection legislation.We look forward to hearing from you further by Monday 19th October.

  92. Andy Ellis says:


    Only a party of unprincipled little reptiles would unselfconsciously declare that those who will not accept that TWAW are not welcome in their ranks.

    Perhaps you’re happy to be associated with the rank misogyny of Harvie, Greer and others: many off us find it nauseating.

  93. cynicalHighlander says:

    Only way it works sorry.

  94. robbo says:

    cynicalHighlander says:
    12 October, 2020 at 3:48 pm
    This sounds about right.


    Yup. Agree with a lot of that. Right old spaghetti dual we have now.

    Who’s Clint and Lee

  95. CameronB Brodie says:

    re. “tone policing”. I’ve not exactly been po-faced, but I do know a bit about the aesthetics and ethics of public discourse. We are trying to convince those still not sure that self-government is ethically rational, so the indiscriminate use of exclusionary language should be avoided. I do think “yoon” is a very evocative description of intransigent and irrational British nationalism though, but it needs to be treated with respect and deployed when appropriate.

    Power and Education, Volume 1 Number 1 2009
    Discourses of Inclusion:
    a critique


    This article presents aspects of a study that drew on Foucault’s notion of discourse as practice to critically consider prevailing discourses of inclusion in education. An aim was to take the seemingly self-evident object of inclusion and to interrogate and question it as a potentially normalising, hegemonic discourse and as a universalising concept.

    The study considered how the contemporary discourse(s) of inclusion is constructed and constituted in education, and critically explored its potential effects. A multi-method research approach was adopted to address the question: whose interests are served by the way that inclusion is spoken about and (re)presented in schools?

    A range of educationalists, including teachers, teaching assistants and lecturers engaged in professional development programmes, were invited to give their views and interpretation of ‘inclusion’ in written form, via an online discussion board facility or as a visual representation in the form of a drawing that was then discussed.

    The multi-textual responses were analysed and a critical reading of the data revealed various discourses that interacted and reverberated around the themes of ‘policy’, ‘othering’ and ‘self’. The ramifications of these are discussed and it is suggested that newly emergent (entrepreneurial) discourses of ‘self’ are compatible with neo-liberal forms of governance.

  96. cynicalHighlander says:

    Excuse my naivety would that be Eastwood and Oswald?

  97. Mist001 says:

    I don’t think Mrs.Murrell will resign, even though she lied to parliament. She’ll claim that she didn’t intentionally lie but rather that she got confused with the dates because she’s so heavily involved with e Covid situation.

    Covid now is the magic escape clause because if you’re seen to be doing anything involving Covid, you’re immediately inundated with waves of sympathy and excuses are acceptable.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be the first to put the flags out if she goes but I don’t think she will, no matter that she’s been proven to have lied.

  98. Tannadice Boy says:

    @Ian Foulds
    Ok accepted. And please me, by accepting the evidence of the senior SNP transgressions. First in a long line. John Swinney was actively posting under a pseudoym and breaking the law. What was it, Based on his mothers name and an acronym of his bairns name. I have archived the lot.

  99. Hatuey says:

    cynicalHghlander, thanks for that. Astonishing stuff really, when you think about it:

    “Given the repeated requests from the Committee to receive documents and the repeated undertaking from the Mr Salmond that he will co-operate with the inquiry in full, the Committee asks Mr Salmond to request the productions held by the Court of Session at its earliest opportunity and send these together with the productions that the Court has confirmed Mr Salmond already holds as soon as possible. ”

    All made possible by the ruling last week, I gather.

    So we have a parliamentary inquiry set up by the Scottish government being forced to circumvent that government’s “repeated” attempts to block it and stop it carrying out its mandated role. That’s madness.

    Are we about to find out why they hired those top lawyers? I won’t be surprised if they intervene to stop those “productions” reaching the inquiry.

  100. Contrary says:

    Ian Fould,

    I am not RevStu, but will butt in anyway with an answer. Wrongdoing has been done – it is just a matter of time before it is exposed. Security services know everything that everyone does online, legally too. That means our opposition knows it all too – why wait to expose a scandal of epic proportions that could see the Yes Movement and the SNP crumble…

    Timing. They wait for the time of greatest impact, just before voting in an election, say, for example. If it’s going to happen anyway, let’s take control of the timing at least.

    If the news breaks now, if it is all exposed now, there is half a chance the SNP can sort itself before the election, and come back stronger with far more determined (for independence) leadership. Possible. If we sit on this sort of shit, it leaves us vulnerable, Nicola Sturgeon has caused all this herself and made the entire movement and the prospect of independence vulnerable to a serious attack by those of a unionist bent.

    I read a good comment recently, by someone on some blog somewhere (sorry, that’s the best reference I can give), along the lines of ‘if the SNP are seen to be sorting out this mess themselves, internally, they stand a good chance of retaining their credibility – and their popularity.’ If people keep pushing, and keep exposing, there is a good chance the SNP will have to fix the problem now – and if they do, I really think it could indeed show the party to have some integrity, not this dark murky confusion we have now – and if they fix it now,,, it might be in time for the elections.

    If we wait, there is a risk of collapse of support, then a period of despair. Just now there is some hope, and a bit of time to weather the storm.

    It would be interesting to see if a temporary dip in SNP popularity makes a blind bit of difference to positive independence support.

  101. Kenny J says:

    So far no on has commented on Ms Sturgeons performance today on the Covit front. BBC Jockland.
    As she was giving out the figures etc, I was watching the eyes.
    Blink rate, I would estimate, maybe 20-25 a minute. Varied. Doing something she enjoys, so no pressure.
    UNLIKE yesterday, when she could have pushed a lugger along with the breeze created from the eyelashes.

  102. MaggieC says:

    Ian Brotherhood and others ,

    Just trying the link again as I got it to open without any problems, I even emailed the link to myself and as a text message to my phone and the link worked fine both ways , might have been a problem at the Scottish Parliament website ,

    Maybe too many people trying to access the site at once after I posted the link , LOL .

  103. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    Andy Ellis says:
    12 October, 2020 at 9:36 pm

    Only a party of unprincipled little reptiles would unselfconsciously declare that those who will not accept that TWAW are not welcome in their ranks.’

    This is not correct. This is not the main reason for disregarding them. The main reason is the perpetuating of the horseshit circle jerk of talentless clowns that comprises a large part of the Scottish poetry (ob)scene, with the party thinking they’re ‘cool’ with decades-outdated crap. To wit(less), from the other night:

    Laughing, as ever.

  104. Kenny J says:

    Here’s a think I would like to see in any new poll you do.
    A question on Mr. Salmond.
    On a scale of one to ten, how much do you hate A. Salmond.
    Let’s see the truth of the ” don’t like thon Alec Sammind” folktale.

  105. McDuff says:

    I understand that Salmond may have been considering a return to the political arena and that Sturgeon may have perceived that as a threat to her position, but there seems to be a raw hatred by her towards him and I wonder why it runs so deep.

  106. lumilumi says:

    Jeez, what an almighty mess!

    Looking from the outside, Scotland’s situation is dire, what with Brexit and an ineffectual devolved goverment not fighting for independence but going along with the UK government script, and seemingly near imploding with infighting.

    And the worst thing is that the “New SNP” seem to have dropped themselves right into it by their own deeds.

    Doing the Unionists’ job for them.

    The mainstream media have been surprisingly kind to Nicola Sturgeon so far, focussing instead on smearing Alex Salmond (with the help of Ms Sturgeon and parts of the SNP).

    Alex Salmond, who was aquitted of all charges by a jury in the highest criminal court in the land, mind you, and has maintained a dignified silence, no tittle-tattle or leaks to the press or gossippy, shifty-blinky TV appearances.

    But Ms Sturgeon’s “love-in” with the MSM will come to an end. She will be unceremoniously dumped in the cesspool of her own making at an opportune moment. The closer to the HR election, the better, the UK state, the unionists, and the MSM probably think.

    Then the now seemingly kind media will pounce on her – and gods know she has given them enough meat, not just bones!

    She might even realise all this, hence all the frantic blinking and squirming and prevaricating and obfuscation. She knows this bomb of her own making will go off.

    Independent-minded, independence-minded people would rather lance the boil now, when there’s still some time left to salvage what is salvageable.

    Nicola Sturgeon and her cabal/acolytes in power have been a liability to the Scottish independence movement at least since 2017, maybe even earlier.

    The awful Brexit vote in June 2016 – more than 4 – FOUR! – years ago presented an unique opportunity for Scottish indedendence.

    What did Ms Sturgeon do? Give one inspirational speech, and then reactively follow UK shambolic politics, hang on to her “good girl” idea of a “gold standard” referendum, meanwhile going down a dead-end street trying to mess with English politics re. Brexit.

    I remember the dynamic, creative, positive, irreverent, empowering, FUN feeling before the 2014 referendum. I remember the brief moment of despair, and then the new surge of determination for Scottish independence. Especially after the Brexit vote.

    Ms Sturgeon’s SNP has taken all that feeling, all that good will, all that dynamism, all that enthusiasm – and dampened, all but extinguished most it.

    They’ve misused the huge swell of independence sentiment to win elections and then push side agendas (GRA and Hate Crime Bill being the latest), only to dangle “independence” at election time. Holding voters captive. Blackmailing. In effect, saying, “If you want independence, you must vote for us… oh, and accept all our other policies, nah nah nah!”

    Just like Labour used to dangle “socialism” or “at least we’re not the Tories” at every election.

    We all know how that went for them once people saw through them. It’s only FIVE years ago, the 2015 GE, when Labour got wiped out in Scotland. Really. Only FIVE years.

    The New SNP would do well to heed that historical example. Not even historical, recent. Recent example.

    Being high in the polls, lulling yourself into (false) comfort and complacency, assuming people will vote for you because “independence”, and disregarding grassroots grumbles and concernes, and condescending to explain things to them, the “stupid” voters, is not a good look. It’s the Labour way.

    The SNP is rapidly becoming the new “Labour Party” in Scotland if they don’t stop and take stock. It seems some independence-minded party stalwarts (Kenny McAskill, Alex Neil, Angus Brendan MacNeil, Joanna Cherry, Joan MacAlpine etc.) are not happy about this “Labourization” of their party, but they’re silenced – even vilified – as best as the party can.

    I thought the idea of having an independent Scotland was to get away from the cesspool politics of Westmister. To do better than that pit of vipers. To work for the sovereign people of Scotland.

    When did that change into working for Mr Murrell, his wife, their clique… replicating everything that is bad in the political culture Scotland wants to escape.

    Lance the boil! Now!

    (Sorry for a long rant from someone who doesn’t live in Scotland anymore… or yet. Most people would’ve dropped off by the fourth paragraph anyway, ha ha! :-D)

  107. robbo says:

    cynicalHighlander says:
    12 October, 2020 at 9:47 pm
    Excuse my naivety would that be Eastwood and Oswald?

    I was alluding to the Clint (smooth wan) and Lee Van Cleef (the shrewd) .

    Interesting you mention Oswald(the patsy).

    Sure none of these two would want to be that.

  108. ben madigan says:

    @black Joan who wrote “the simple fact of being a Nationalist, opposed to the UK and therefore threatening to remove Scotland’s contribution to the UK economy, looks like becoming something actually “criminal”.

    The UK’s policy of “criminalisation” was used against Republicans in Northern Ireland. It led directly to the 1981 Hunger Strikes when 10 men died rather than be considered criminals

    “I’ll wear no convict’s uniform, Nor meekly serve my time, That Britain name Ireland’s fight, 800 years of crime”

  109. robbo says:

    ALSO, not sure any of them will be riding and horse into the sunset ,both satisfied, like in ” A Fist Full Of Dollars”

    -result was a draw then.

    On this ,one must fall on sword me thinks like Gian Maria

  110. CameronB Brodie says:

    Perhaps a bit OT, but discourse aesthetics are fundamental to resisting authoritarian and totalitarian politics, as is an appreciation of the semiotic nature of politics. Just ask Severin Carrell, a.k.a. the “Semiotic Kid”. 😉

    Marilyn Zurmuehlen Working Papers in Art Education, Volume 11, pps. 103-117
    Visual Cultural Practice and the Politics of Aesthetic Discourse

  111. Tannadice Boy says:

    @Ben Madigan
    Criminisation? Look no further than the Scottish Government.

  112. Brian Allan says:

    2 October, 2020 at 9:21 pm

    “Tells you what is lying waiting in the wings on Nicola’s new Scotland”

    Aye well, why not take the matter into our own hands Wullie. If we all sign up to the Digital Scottish Covenant we will have our unique identity but it will be in the hands of the people of Scotland. Not in the hands of would be uncontrollable ‘masters’. You know, not being scrutinised is beneficial to all those crooked goings on in Westminster and in Holyrood too. Lets have a more open democracy. That’s being worked on now by the folks who gave us the Digital Covenant who are providing the means to a Digital Assembly.

  113. Donald Raymond says:

    So you reckon the conspiracy against Salmond will not come out? That’s depressing and a massive injustice. I don’t think resignation is good enough. There should be an apology.

    The line that, “Salmond is angry with me for not agreeing on a cover up” is utterly despicable. Sturgeon should be absolutely ashamed.

  114. A Person says:


    Well, I read all of it and agreed with all of it!

  115. Black Joan says:

    ben madigan @10.07pm

    Exactly. And the proposed law offers carte blanche to state operatives needing to “prevent disorder” too. All horribly reminiscent.

    Angus MacNeil has had the courage to tweet this WoS article, provoking a distressing number of comments suggesting that this stuff would be best kept under wraps.

    Ironic, coming from those who revere NS, she who piously told the Baroness that the Tories were the party that sweeps things under carpets, and told Sky that she wouldn’t do that sort of thing, oh no, even if AS wanted her too.

    Also a lot of people reaching for the garlic and the crucifix at the very name of Wings because, you know. Vile.

    A good deal of support, too.

  116. robbo says:

    Actually it was FEW DOLLARS MORE

  117. Johnny Martin says:


    Well said on all counts and btw I for one wish I could hear more about “how others see us”. It’s good stuff and gives one an idea what observers from elsewhere make of it all. Can be most interesting, useful and provide a more realistic picture of matters.

  118. Hatuey says:

    Lumilumi, no need to apologise, your rant was good.

    The way Salmond has handled all this is totally impressive. How he’s managed it, I don’t know. They really tried to destroy that guy in a really ugly way.

    Look how calm and calculated he’s remained through this. His statement on the steps after he won in the criminal trial, a trial for his life, was remarkable. Instead of gloating and punching the air, he told the journalists to get home and stay safe.

    Alex Salmond, you are a legend. It’s tragic that you need to lower yourself to deal with these bottom-feeding bastards, but even in that task you have shown your true class.

  119. Colin Alexander says:

    I hope nobody despairs at the revelations at the sheer corruption of the colonial SNP administration.
    For me, this is a time of hope.

    A chance for the indy movement to replace careerist colonials with politicians who really want to restore the sovereignty of the people of Scotland. Only this time, we create a democratic Scottish state.

    We need politicians who swear their oath to the sovereignty of the people of Scotland, not to England’s Queen.

    I have longed for the day that the indy movement would see what the SNP have become under the Murrell / Sturgeon colonial SNP. A big thank you to Craig Murray and Stu Campbell, Alex Salmond, Mark Hirst etc.

    The sooner the Murrell’s are gone, the better. Hopefully won’t be long now.

  120. Craig Murray says:

    Ian Brotherhood somewhere above you ask how long I have known for certain that Nicola tried to fit up Alex.

    Absolutely for certain, since February 2019.

  121. Tannadice Boy says:

    @Ben Madigan
    So you have not answered. Scotland is not Ireland. So how much shit will it take to convince you. Bringing down the SG? Easy!

  122. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    ‘McDuff says:
    12 October, 2020 at 10:03 pm
    I understand that Salmond may have been considering a return to the political arena and that Sturgeon may have perceived that as a threat to her position, but there seems to be a raw hatred by her towards him and I wonder why it runs so deep.’

    Any protege has to sneeringly cast aside their main influence(s) to achieve their own escape velocity from their teachings. Plus if you think that somebody else brought your country far closer to independence than you ever could, and you were jealous of them having the eyes of the world as they did so…you’d want to bury them, and thus, vicariously, your own ineptitude and inferior feelings.

    Just a thought.

    Who knows.

  123. Short changed says:

    So Nicola is forced to resign. What happens next, in most political parties the deputy leader steps up. In the SNP the deputy leader is not a member of the cabinet having been completely sidelined by Nicola. His new cabinet would be…

  124. Short changed says:

    So if Nicola is forced to resign what happens next. In the SNP the deputy leader has been sidelined by Nicola and is not a member of the cabinet. In most parties the deputy leader would step up. Who would be in the cabinet then answering to first minister Brown.

  125. Achnababan says:

    If you want to remind yourself about another ‘big lie’ that everyone knew was a lie but the powerful wanted us to unknow it please watch ‘Offical Secrets’ – a film based on a true story about the illegal invasion of Iraq by Bush and his glove Puppet Bliar. Excellent cast –Keira Knightly, Rhys Ifans and Matt Smith.

  126. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    You know, though, having thought, like everybody here, aboot this case here and there for a while, I would have to say that I personally cannot think of a political conflict case where it has been less aboot wafflelicious politics and more aboot personal feelings and agendas and confusion and hatred. There is no clear-cut line here.

    Political genius brings teenage protege along with him for the heady giddy vertiginous ride. He cradles a feminist viper to his breast. She tries to destroy him. He rides it out and rises again. She loses steam and credibility and willpower and sanity. It all ends however it ends. But if these two had not been friends and initial allies in the first place, it would have been far less hateful, heatful, pained, and deranged.

    If you had asked a teenage Nicola Murr- sorry, Sturgeon, if she could ever have countenanced attacking her personal mentor, a man with iron-clad independence-supporting credentials, for personal gain, she would probably have laughed in your face.

    Nobody’s laughing now.

  127. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Craig Murray –


    So that’s the best part of two years you’ve been keeping most of this to yourself. And I daresay the time-frame will be similar for Rev Stu, longer again for Alex Salmond.

    Can’t be easy, even now, having to bite your tongue when you see so many of us clamouring to fill in spaces with pieces that don’t fit!

    More power to ye.


  128. Big Jock says:

    I think Swinney serves as interim leader.God help us!

    Then a normal selection round and votes. Then a vote in Holyrood. There is no one in Holyrood I would give the gig to though. Cherry would need to get voted in with help of Greens. Ideally getting a seat in Holyrood 2021.

    However she was denied the chance to stand by Nicola. Is the jigsaw coming together. Sturgeon saw Cherry as a threat, Salmond as well.

    So she makes sure no one can oppose her.

  129. CameronB Brodie says:

    If I was to imagine myself as a spaghetti western character, I probably go for “Harmonica”. 🙂

    Tort Liability of Administrative Officers

  130. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    ‘CameronB Brodie says:
    12 October, 2020 at 10:48 pm
    If I was to imagine myself as a spaghetti western character, I probably go for “Harmonica”. ?

    Tort Liability of Administrative Officers

    Whit the fuck ye even gaun on aboot, ya zoomer? How dis this ‘me me me I I I’ pish contribute tae onyhing IT AW? Seriously. Ah’ve kinnay an inkling why Stu pits up wi yer pish, bit really – EH?

  131. They can`t both be right, from twitter,

    Donald J. Trump

    The World Health Organization just admitted that I was right. Lockdowns are killing countries all over the world. The cure cannot be worse than the problem itself. Open up your states, Democrat governors. Open up New York. A long battle, but they finally did the right thing!

    Nicola Sturgeon
    Many countries taking similar action to Scotland. Nationwide restrictions on household mixing, temporary closing of hospitality, work from home advice – it’s all very tough, but necessary to minimise illness and save lives.

  132. Craig Murray says:

    Thanks Ian. If you want the honest truth, it has been absolutely bloody awful. It still is.

    There are a category of people in the SNP who are either just careerists loyal for personal gain, or are genuine feminist ideologues who believe Alex must be guilty as all men are guilty, as Nicola more or less said on Sunday. For both those groups I have enormous contempt.

    But there is a still larger group of good people, genuine independence supporters, who have been entirely taken in. They may even be the majority of SNP members. Just nothing will get the truth through to them. I really despair sometimes.

  133. Tannadice Boy says:

    @Big Jock
    Don’t go for Swinney. He is toast shortly. Plenty MPs in WM to go for. I will check my list.

  134. Big Jock says:

    That is concerning Craig.

    A level of demigod brainwashing , that no mortal can combat!

  135. ben madigan says:

    @Black Joan

    In my view, Scotland’s over-riding needs at present (due to time constraints) are to do something/anything to block the finality of Brexit and move Independence forward.

    Exposure of the FM’s, her husband’s and their Woke coterie’s behaviour is, I presume, to remove the major block to progress in those areas. As many posters have remarked, and as I myself have often thought over these past few years, she and her government have done nothing to advance the causes of Scotland’s place in the EU or of Independence.

    In the meantime, anything that can be done, should be done
    The exposure is gaining momentum
    Scots should sign that Digital Scottish Covenant – as Brian Allan proposed.
    Scottish leaders should send some documents to International Courts to delay in some way Scotland’s full exit from the EU at the end of the year – as Breeks has long been proposing.

    I feel very pessimistic about Scotland achieving Independence in a civil manner once she is left alone at the mercy of Westminster with the forthcoming IMB, plans to downgrade the Scottish Parliament and this latest “criminalisation” proposal.

    Remember there will be no European Human Rights Act or Court to protect citizens.

    The country will either be pacified within the UK or it won’t

  136. Big Jock says:

    Tannadice. Agreed , but he is deputy. So does he not have to do the interim stuff.

    He was another very good man ruined by Sturgeon’s agenda. Sturgeon gave Mackay his gig!!

    P.S By interim I mean a few weeks.

  137. Big Jock says:

    Ben. The Tories only need to direct fund our councils to virtually neuter Holyrood.

    That’s the first thing they will do. Bear in mind we need council approval for referendums and elections. Money can be withheld by WM if councils don’t comply.

    The process is well under way.

  138. Tannadice Boy says:

    @Ben Madigan
    Well be of Irish disposition you were always going to go for a violent solution. Being an ex NI veteran you lost didn’t you? Remind me of the outcome. Ireland United no didn’t think so.

  139. kapelmeister says:

    The Sturgeon/Murrell ship has now flooded in too many compartments to stay afloat. Buoyancy is all but gone. Their departure from the Scottish political scene will make the air feel inordinately purer. And the memory of what they did will stand for many years in independent Scotland as a salutary warning on what happens when people are given too much power along with too much unearned respect.

  140. Lothianlad says:

    @ Craig Murray 10.54

    Careerists in it for personal gain?

    Yep, look at Midlothian. Riddled with woke and careerists, lining their pockets at the expense if independence!

    Utterly shameful.!!

  141. Tannadice Boy says:

    @ Big Jock
    Ok he has got bairns I will always cut him slack as a result but he has form. His days are numbered. He shouldn’t have done what what he did

  142. Black Joan says:

    ben madigan @ 10.58pm

    Agreed. Something like that is the only hope.

    But it is so dispiriting to see a bunch of replies to Angus MacNeil’s tweet of this WoS article, from people saying shut up, look the other way, deal with it after next May, Wings is vile, this isn’t helping, etc, etc.

    They appear honestly to believe that the cover up can continue if we’d all stop talking about it (if it even exists, which they tend to doubt, because Wings is MI5) , when surely the only way forward is to shine a light on the truth and reform the broken system at once.

    And where is their sense of urgency about the power grab and the Brexitshambles? Our food standards have just been wrecked. It’s happened. Apparently all that can also be dealt with by another Holyrood “mandate” for NS in May and a Section 30 from an obliging Boris.

    Cloud cuckoo land.

  143. CameronB Brodie says:

    There is nothing wrong with supporting a feminist perspective, which seeks to secure social justice by reconnecting humanity with nature. So I’d be wary of anyone trying to convince you feminists are bad. Feminism needs to be critical though if it wants to be effective in rejecting neo-liberalism and cultural patriarchy. So feminist practice also needs to respond to its’ colonisation by neo-liberal theory (see genderwoowoo).

    So a critical (post-colonial) feminist perspective is exactly what Scotland needs in order to effectively mount a defense against expansionist English nationalism. However, the current NEC are strongly hostile towards this legal stance, which they exclude with utmost discrimination. So we’re pretty much Donald Ducked if the party doesn’t comes to its’ senses, as our legal Establishment are certainly not going to help them or Scotland. 🙁


    Forum: Qualitative Social Research, Volume 16, No. 3, Art. 13 – September 2015
    Gender, Reflexivity, and Positionality in Male Research in One’s Own Community With Filipino Seafarers’ Wives


    This article reflects on the epistemological, methodological, and ethical issues related to undertaking a cross-gender research (male researcher with female participants) in one’s own community. It also examines issues of analysis and representation germane to taking a gendered perspective in this study of the lives and experiences of left-behind women.

    The article frames the discussion of these issues within four interrelated sites or levels of reflexivity: theoretical reflexivity, gender and fieldwork relations, positionality and the insider/outsider dynamic, and representation. The conclusion reflects on the ethical obligation a researcher conducting a study in one’s own community bears and the consequences of this ethical burden on representation.

    Key words:
    reflexivity; positionality; fieldwork relations; male feminism; male research with female participants; representation; narratives; interviews; seafarers’ wives; Ilocos Norte, Philippines

  144. cynicalHighlander says:

    @ Short changed

    GRA antis hopefully

  145. A Person says:


    Seems to me that NS has created a cult around her, and it’s so pervasive that this must stem from some kind of narcissistic defect in her character. Consider:

    -Campaigns based around “I’m With Nicola”- not entirely unusual, but happened too many times (the fact she’s had so many campaigns speaks volumes for the effectiveness with which mandates have been farmed, but anyway…)
    -Doing the daily virus briefing herself, every single day of the pandemic. Nobody would reasonably expect her to do this, and as far as I’m aware, no other leader has.
    -Covid restrictions were due to be announced at 2.50pm last Wednesday. I had assumed the announcement if this specific time meant the FM would begin a statement at 2.30 and would get to the nub of the matter at 2.50. Instead we were treated to eighteen minutes of her pontificating until she got to the point at 3.08.
    -Weird stuff like the time there was a Hogmanay show called “New Year with the Sturgeons”. I mean, it’s just not appropriate, having a politician on TV on an occasion like that. She’s not Oprah Winfrey (or, if I was being a smartarse, Ellen de Generes…)
    -The weird online cult where she dispenses wisdom to her followers, like her favourite books and biscuits. Now, all politicians nowadays have to do a bit of this, but again, sometimes I feel like she’s trying to cast herself as Oprah.
    -Embrace of fashionable identity politics, beloved of “the right people” but disliked by the general public.
    -Cosying up to the transatlantic establishment, partly due to fawning puff pieces in publications like the Guardian or New York Times, but by palling around with the likes of Alastair Campbell- or Henry Kissinger! For crying out loud, the gallons of innocent blood on that man’s hands!

    One their own, you could maybe find a plausible explanation for each of these. Add them together, and it forms a sinister pattern of behaviour, familiar to those of us who have experienced this kind of person in our family. It seems like NS wants to be Queen of Scots, fawned over by devoted followers and the great and good. Pushing for indy threatens that. So do heavyweight opponents.

    On another thread the other day, somebody described this site as “Woman Haters Over Scotland”, so let me just be clear that if a man- to give the obvious example, Salmond- was behaving like this, I would be suspicious of that too. I don’t personally share your views on feminism but that’s by the by. Indeed, there are two other politicians who attract this level of blind devotion and cult-like behaviour, despite their actions- Trump and Johnson.

  146. ben madigan says:

    @ Tannadice Boy who said

    1)Well be of Irish disposition you were always going to go for a violent solution.
    I advocated no “violent solution”.

    2)Being an ex NI veteran you lost didn’t you?
    I am a veteran of no armed force. I have never in my life ever used any sort of weapon

    3)Remind me of the outcome. Ireland United no didn’t think so.
    The Belfast/Good Friday Agreement has so far protected N.Ireland’s status within the EU’s single market and customs union. The people living in NI can be British or irish or both so irish passport holders have freedom of movement to work and study in EU countries and maintain all the benefits of EU citizenship.

    Compare and contrast with Scotland’s predicament

  147. Daisy Walker says:

    @ Big Jock 10.46pm

    ‘I think John Swinney serves as interim leader’

    Hope not. When Wishart first mooted the idea that we really needed to let Brexit happen before we ‘do anything’ about another Indyref, you know, so that Scotland was REALLY hurting, and then they’d vote for Indy… John Swinney backed him to the hilt at the Constituency meet.

    His young children always attend and play outside, which is lovely. On this occasion he broke the news, ‘that having tried to win a local council election in Pitlochry, with a very good local candidate, and just losing, they had just woken up the fact that the area has a high percentage of English 2nd home types, now actively voting against the SNP. JS stated, we had our chance (re Indy) and we lost it, I’m so sorry’ He appeared genuinely heartbroken, and his young son came on stage and gave him a cuddle.

    Timing wise, this was not long after GE2017, but before Nov Brexit deadline Number 1. So everything still to fight for, full mandate…

    I formed the opinion then, (and I cannot prove it) that scary people had pointed out to him, just how easy it would be for accidents to happen to loved ones.

    We have a duty to our elected representatives and their families. It is not an ‘if’ that actions will be taken to compromise them. It is a ‘when’, or more likely a ‘Now’.

    This is one time, when we Must Not look for evidence, instead we must look at the ground that needs covered, and get on with it, and we would be stronger to do so without a visible leader, just a really good song sheet to sing from.

    Just to be clear, I believe whole heartedly that JS is decent to his core, and wholeheartedly wants Scottish Independence. For him to be in any way associated with the ‘tainted by bias’ unlawful actions taken against AS, and then remain silent about them, does not seem to me the kind of person he is. Duress is the word that springs to mind.

    I’m saying this now, so that some who remain desperate to see NS as a saint, can put that to one side, and look at what is coming down the line at us, and What Needs to Be Done by the Indy movement, and we can all get on with it. With or without possibly compromised politicians.

  148. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    ‘CameronB Brodie says:
    12 October, 2020 at 11:19 pm
    There is nothing wrong with supporting a feminist perspective, which seeks to secure social justice by reconnecting humanity with nature. So I’d be wary of anyone trying to convince you feminists are bad. Feminism needs to be critical though if it wants to be effective in rejecting neo-liberalism and cultural patriarchy. So feminist practice also needs to respond to its’ colonisation by neo-liberal theory (see genderwoowoo).

    So a critical (post-colonial) feminist perspective is exactly what Scotland needs in order to…’

    I know why you are allowed to post this shit, cos you’re very close to the owner of this site, but…Jesus Christ! You talk EXACTLY the same shit those psycho wannabe-American children spout! Crap that the average person isn’t meant to understand (I get it all – seriously) and thus the ‘intellect’ of the person using this vocab can be reinforced and their fragile, tenebrous intellect can be bolstered and their ego reified (anybody can use smartcunty terms). See what I mean? People come here for talk they can understand – or even tolerate, You post FUCK ALL but esoteric, tedious, psychotic gibberish that nobody cares aboot. It’s almost beyond me why it’s tolerated, but DAMN if you aren’t an annoying cunt who winds pretty much everybody up the wrong way.

    Fire on!

  149. robbo says:

    Up to 6 now in AYR & TROON seat

    Finally there is now 6 confirmed candidates seeking the nomination for the Ayr Prestwick and troon seat: Richard Arkless, Siobhian Brown, Jahangir Hanif, Gavin Lundy, Annie McIndoe, Richard Walker ,

  150. Big Jock says:

    A Person. It’s ironic the misogynistic accusations . Most of us guys on here would like Jo Cherry as next leader.

    A female and a lesbian!

    We don’t care. We just want a good leader.

  151. Stan Broadwood says:


    Who gives a flying fuck.

    Does the Wee Gingerbread Man know that you have left his webshite?

    You better get back pronto numb nut.

  152. Oneliner says:

    @Rev. Stuart Campbell

    I doubt you have ever read Andy Wightman’s The Poor Had No Lawyers

    If so, you would have to be from another planet to refer to him as an ‘unprincipled little reptile’

  153. A2 says:

    She can probably get away with standing down on Health grounds due to stress, blame it on the covid.

    I Reckon murrell’s a gaslighter and that the marriage won’t survive.

  154. Big Jock says:

    For clarity. I don’t want Swinney anywhere near the FM job. However the way things work he might have to do it for a few weeks.

  155. John Digsby says:


    It’s more complicated, I admit. And the Central Belt is 240 to 420 per

    But England has a similar issue – folk are concentrated into more metropolitan areas, so average density doesn’t capture the true picture (which is why I went for a simplistic like for like). No country is coming out of this well (maybe Germany?) and the UK is not even the worst in Europe now

    Truth is, I don’t think anyone has quite got a grip on how to handle this and it’s starting to show

  156. Big Jock says:

    A2 I suspected long ago that the Murrells marriage was a business decision. Something doesn’t quite fit with that pair.

  157. Tannadice Boy says:

    @Ben Madigan
    Sure I know where you are coming from. I resisted it before and will do so again

  158. Stan Broadwood says:

    Another theory why Sturgeon and Salmond don’t get on is that Salmond was going to reveal Sturgeon’s preference for women over men.

  159. A Person says:

    -Big Jock-

    Precisely, the misogyny sometimes directed against NS belongs in 1958, plenty to criticise in her actions, so never mind her sex. Plenty of smart, competent, tough women who would do a better job!

  160. A Person says:

    Similarly, the implications NS is a lesbian. So? Anything that goes on in her marriage in that way is her and her husband’s business. It’s when they start trying to send people to jail and otherwise ruining their lives that we all deserve a say!


    Then tremble, false Whigs, in the midst o’ your glee, Yev’ no seen the last o’ my bonnets and me.

  162. crazycat says:

    @ Oneliner

    AW isn’t little! But he does seem to have sold his soul for a seat in Holyrood; I wish he hadn’t got in, then he could still be a principled land reform campaigner. (One example is the way he caved in and apologized for attending – as an observer, not a speaker – a meeting at the Parliament about women’s rights.)

  163. Oneliner says:

    Re the Sturgeon blink rate.

    I’m no expert on these matters but have a couple of questions to any drag queens out there.

    1] Was she wearing false eyelashes?

    2] How easy is it to put them on (early in the morning)?

  164. holymacmoses says:

    The SNP accounts should be out soon – Yes?

  165. Michael Laing says:

    Stan Broadwood @ 11.50pm:

    “Another theory why Sturgeon and Salmond don’t get on is that Salmond was going to reveal Sturgeon’s preference for women over men.”

    What reason would he have for doing that? Given Alex Salmond’s statesmanlike behaviour, I doubt that such an idea would ever have crossed his mind, whether true or not.

  166. Achnababan says:

    John Swinney’s name has come up here a few times. He looks very strained at the moment and quite thin.

    He has either been exercising a lot during lockdown or something is getting to him or he is unwell.

    Hope he is ok as he is a nice guy who has made a big contribution to the SNP.

    A leader he is not!

  167. Achnababan says:

    Andy Wightman, the Greens…. gie me a break!!

    Waste of time and money!

    Land Reform has gone backwards since AW was ‘elected’ (from the list) to the Scottish Parliament.

    The Greens are only concerned with gender politics and look the other way as our planet is being destroyed by a neo-liberal system than turns millionaires into billionaires and impoverishes and disempowers the rest of us.

    Real land reform needs to tackle the ownership of Scotland by absentee landowners who made their fortunes corrupting and stealing from poor people all over the world.

    I live in Perthshire and there are now so many fences and warning signs up to deter and intimidate walkers….. much worse than before the right to roam.

    My MP, Pete Wishart who wanted to audition as Speaker of her Britannic Majesty’s government in Westminster, is very happy being wined and dined by people who like to kill animals for fun. What favours are they asking of him?

  168. Wee Crabbit Bas says:

    If NS believes in independence for Scotland with every fibre of her being, where did it all go wrong? Did she marry the wrong guy?

    30 years a disciple and apprentice. WTF happened?

  169. A Person says:


    That isn’t Andy Wightman’s fault, he is one who has been campaigning for land reform for decades.

    I **suspect** that the reason he is in the Greens is because rightly or wrongly he views them as the best vehicle for achieving this priority.

    Let’s be honest if right to roam didn’t exist there’s no way NS would introduce it.

  170. A Person says:


    Missed your comment, that is indeed a shitty thing to do, perhaps better if he had not stood for election.

  171. CameronB Brodie says:

    You’re clearly a bit of a misogynist who thinks themselves sufficiently wise to advise WOS readers what is the best course of action. This you are most definitely not, and I can assure you and the readers of that.

    “I know why you are allowed to post this shit, cos you’re very close to the owner of this site, but…Jesus Christ!”

    I’ve never met the Rev., and have only twice communicated privately with him. No pacts were sealed or plans hatched.

    “You talk EXACTLY the same shit those psycho wannabe-American children spout! Crap that the average person isn’t meant to understand (I get it all – seriously) and thus the ‘intellect’ of the person using this vocab can be reinforced and their fragile, tenebrous intellect can be bolstered and their ego reified (anybody can use smartcunty terms). See what I mean? People come here for talk they can understand – or even tolerate, You post FUCK ALL but esoteric, tedious, psychotic gibberish that nobody cares aboot.”

    I understand how to use science, ethics, and law to support public health and democracy, where as you’re a man who simply appears to want to bump your gums, in a manner likely to offend women. I’m no “Brain of Britain” and I learnt most of this stuff shortly after sustaining a serious brain injury, so it’s far from beyond the grasp of most, with a bit of effort anyway. It’s not necessarily easy to get in to, or a doddle to get your head around. I do accept that, though that’s no reason to deny folk the chance to extend the boundaries of their perception, thereby improving the likely competence of their judgement.

    “It’s almost beyond me why it’s tolerated, but DAMN if you aren’t an annoying cunt who winds pretty much everybody up the wrong way.”

    If you actually took the opportunity to inform yourself as to how shit works, you might not be so thoughtlessly xenophobic and sexist in your opinion. Just an observation from someone who knows a bit about how shit works. One might almost imagine you are desperate to punt a narrative that is hostile towards social justice. But that’s not for me to judge. 😉

    To Stay or Leave? A Plan for Using Phenomenology to Explore Gender and the Role of Experiential Learning in Engineering

  172. Hatuey says:

    That Sophy Ridge exchange is up there with Spud’s famous interview in Trainspotting.

    Maybe she wasn’t blinking, like. Maybe everything else was like twitching and it just looked like she was blinking, like…

    I wonder what her internationalist globalist elite friends will make of all this. They definitely owe her some support – she bought all their fake books.

  173. CameronB Brodie says:

    “You post FUCK ALL but esoteric, tedious, psychotic gibberish that nobody cares aboot.”

    Your man is either a total fannybawz or he’s a wringer. Simples.

    European Journal of Bioethics, Vol. 1 No. 1 (2010)
    Interpretation and implementation of UNESCO’s Universal declaration on bioethics and human rights

  174. Brian McGrath says:

    Can I just say thank you for the unbiased and frankly tough journalism you are continuing to produce. It can’t be easy having to keep telling people the truth even when it’s not appreciated.

    Holding power to account is what journalism should be.

  175. alistair x says:

    we need patriots, who will only serve one term, only (?)take 40k a year, a good blue colour wage, no family members employed, and a strong faith in god and Scotland to resist the threats of the security services,(why dont we call them for what they are, the secret police.)
    im from Stirling and i need a flamethrower to burn the nest of vipers that make up the local snp management , seems its common in many areas,
    im a 45 year nationalist, but i believe we can take these cowards and betrayers down and rebuild quickly if we rid ourselves of the murrells and there cliche now.

  176. Cactus says:

    Yes indeed.

    Choose a life… by choosing independence.

  177. Achnababan says:

    A person

    Andy Wightman is to Scottish land reform what Nicola Sturgeon is to Scottish Independence.

    AW does not support independence and NS does not support land reform.

    AW is ‘Donald Dewar labour’ at heart.

  178. Andy Ellis says:


    It’s obviously slipped your mind that Andy Wightman consented to parrot the TWAW mantra and issue a grovelling apology for thought crime when pressurised to do so by the Woko Haram extremists in the Scottish Greens.

    Given a choice between supporting women’s rights and scientific fact and kow-towing to misogynistic othering he chose the latter.

  179. Phydaux says:

    Craig Murray’s vivid and clear account of the main players in the stitch up of Alex Salmond is a damming indictment of their manipulation, abuse of power and abject failure to administer fairness and due process in the complaints procedure. It is blindingly obvious they conspired to destroy Alex Salmond.

    Having worked in the public sector, as a criminal justice social worker and in child protection, a crucial aspect of the job, when making difficult decisions, was that they always had to be defensible decisions and sometimes in a court of law. None of the decisions these women took were defensible in any way, shape or form. Alex’s victory in the judicial review was a slam dunk. The Judge said as much in his summing up. And not forgetting at great expense to the public purse.

    Nicola Sturgeon’s interview with Sophy Ridge was a calculated, scheming pre emptive strike whose sole purpose was to deflect blame and guilt on her part and a reprehensible and cruel attempt to continue to smear Alex Salmond, acting as judge and jury on her belief in his “ guilt”. Truly despicable.

    As First Minister, she has trashed the reputation and office of a high ranking public official and can no longer be trusted. Our aspirations and hopes for an independent Scotland will never be realised so long as she and her cabal are in power.

  180. Effijy says:

    An earlier post suggested that the UK wasn’t the worst
    Covid affected country in Europe?

    What on earth are you reading to make such a bizarre statement?

    On pro rata deaths, Spain is slightly behind the UK but they have
    Managed to provide much more testing.

    If you look at England’s figures they are much worse than Spain’s.

    Spain was battered early on and offered early warning signals that the Tories ignored.

    Please do remember that between 10-15,000 UK Covid deaths have been removed from the UK
    figures as they only appear in Excess Death stats or died more than 28 days after being diagnosed.

    I’d also like to know why Germany with a much larger population can advise their citizens that you are 5 times more likely from Covid in the UK than in their homeland.

    Westminster has mismanaged Covid at every turn and abused it to mask wholesale corruption within
    More likely

  181. Wee Chid says:

    Ian Foulds says:
    12 October, 2020 at 8:28 pm
    Rev. Stuart Campbell

    “I have been following with admiration, your recent articles …”

    Obviously you haven’t or you would realise that doing this:-

    “Is there no way we can put the day of reckoning for those transgressors on the back burner..”

    Makes this:-

    “..until we have achieved our goal and reconfigure our Society and Country with a clean slate.”


    The current “transgressors” have been shown to be delaying independence and look like they have no intention of letting us achieve our goal. It’s like waiting on a bus when there is 6 feet of snow on the road – you know it won’t come but you are scared that if you walk to your destination you will be late.
    Personally, at 62, I think I’ve missed the last bus before the snowfall – but I’m not scared of making my way through the snow

    We need to clear the obstruction before we can proceed at full speed.

  182. Wee Chid says:

    alistair x
    13 October, 2020 at 1:11 am

    You lost me at the god bit- I think Scotland has suffered enough trauma because of religion.

  183. Cuilean says:

    Can’t Alex Salmond complain against Nicola Sturgeon, Lesley Evans, Liz Lloyd etc. under the same Complaints System which Sturgeon, Lloyd and Evans drew up solely to destroy him?

  184. Wee Chid says:

    Stan Broadwood says:
    12 October, 2020 at 11:50 pm

    “Another theory why Sturgeon and Salmond don’t get on is that Salmond was going to reveal Sturgeon’s preference for women over men.2

    Who would care?

    If she does I’m quite surprised that she’d be such a big fan of the woke brigade. Some of the women who suffer most from the TWAW brigade are lesbians who are abused for refusing to go out with men who dress as women claiming to be lesbians???

  185. David F says:

    @ Elmac
    12 October, 2020 at 8:10 pm

    Have just done so Robert and the post is showing at the moment…

    It was still there this morning (13th)

    FWIW I posted this reply to a comment by “Petra”, but I’m on pre-mod so I’m not sure if it will ever appear:


    Has anyone asked CM who in actuality has the power to make LE resign? Hint: It’s not Nicola Sturgeon and he knows it…

    My reply:
    This is specious nonsense. I don’t know whether it stems from intellectual dishonesty, or a genuine lack of any understanding of the subject you are talking about. While the FM does not recruit the permanent secretary, (s)he has the right to choose the new candidate from a short list provided by Westminster, and the right to extend or terminate the appointment at the end of the contract.

    “I am writing to inform you that documents produced at the recent judicial review have demonstrated beyond doubt that the permanent secretary is a scheming, manipulative, incompetent liar, who chose to engage in conduct which she knew very well was unlawful and would be judged so by any competent authority. The Scottish government has had to withdraw from the proceedings at the outset, at a cost of several hundreds of thousands of pounds to the Scottish taxpayer, in order to prevent even more embarrassing information about her actions from entering the public domain. A subsequent text she sent that has been made public – “We may have lost the battle, but we will win the war”– indicates no remorse whatsoever at the consequences of her actions, and suggests that Ms Evans sees the role of permanent secretary as engaging in personal vendettas against individuals that she dislikes rather than working for the benefit of the people of Scotland. I do not wish to have her contract extended. Please provide me with a short list of new candidates…”

    Or this:
    “Nicola Sturgeon’s most senior civil servant, who led the Scottish government into a losing legal battle with Alex Salmond that cost it more than £600,000, has had her contract extended.. Leslie Evans, the permanent secretary, will remain in post until spring 2022 after the first minister and Mark Sedwill, the UK cabinet secretary, decided that she should extend her stay

  186. Big Jock says:

    There are many other mainstream bloggers howling at the moon at the moment.

    I won’t name names. You know who they are already. The narrative is “Don’t split the vote while Yes is winning”. ” Vote SNP 1 & 2″. “We don’t need this now”.

    Here are the answers to these head in the sand delusional bloggers.

    Nicola has spent her entire tenure claiming to be squeaky clean. She drops people as soon as they drop a bus ticket on the street. Yet we have to pretend that she hasn’t stitched up Salmond, that she is completely innocent. That we can just bury unsavoury news.

    I am afraid that is complete hypocrisy! What’s good for the Goose and all that. Sometimes you have to deal with bad stuff allow the good stuff to breathe. Sturgeon is tainted goods now. She is not trusted anymore. We can’t have a leader that we have no faith in.

    Addressing the other point. “We don’t need this now”. Unfortunately we do. The timing is actually Sturgeon’s fault. She knew this was coming yet covered it up , and is still doing so. If anyone is to blame it isn’t the movement or Salmond or Stu Campbell. It’s all on the Murrell’s. They have brought us to this point. So I have no guilt in exposing these bullies.

    You can either be part of the problem or part of the solution. Stop blaming us for your leaders transgressions. Get your collective heads out of the sand , and stop this transference onto us.

    Finally ” Just when yes are winning”. That may well be the case. But Sturgeon has no intention of delivering independence. She has had six years, 3 mandates and now wants another. When will you realise that you are being had. She is a devolutionist , obsessed with her narrow WOKE pseudo feminist agenda. Her focus is not on independence , and has never been since she took over.

    This is D Day. We actually ” Do need this now”. It is utterly essential. If you win and Sturgeon stays, then you are the ones who will have stopped Scottish independence, and we will be blaming you.

  187. David F says:

    @ Elmac
    12 October, 2020 at 8:10 pm

    I also posted a reply to yesindyref2 pointing out that you have to be seriously blinkered to be able to pretend to yourself that formally documented statements of fact recorded in official judicial proceedings are a “conspiracy theory”.

  188. Big Jock says:

    David – I honestly don’t know how these eejits think they can bury facts that have ben produced in a legal enquiry.

    The Sturgeon brainwashing must have been good. Talk about a Cult!

  189. stonefree says:

    Big Jock at 11:38 pm

    “We don’t care. We just want a good leader”

    That says it all

  190. Daisy Walker says:

    Re the Ongoing Enquiry by Scot Gov Committee – as to why Scot Govs legal action against AS cost the tax payer in excess of £500,000.

    NS went to great lengths to change the complaints policy so that First Ministers no longer had a decision making role in the complaints procedures – The Permanent Secretary became the decision maker.

    This enabled NS to be removed from the action, and claim plausible deniability.

    It may also be the reason why Scot Gov is refusing to disclose the legal advice it received about going to trial. I seem to recollect AS advising NS to get legal advice, as he had been advised he had a substantial chance of winning.

    For Scot Gov to continue with that ‘unlawful, unfair, tainted by bias’ procedures ‘if’ their own lawyers had told them it was going to fail. Is that not the height of incompetence.

    So, according to NS, her defence is, not me Gov, it was the Civil Servants wot done it, I had no role.

    Except that when you look at the evidence submitted to the committee by Scot Gov, as follows:

    Response to Committee on the Scottish Government Handling of Harassment Complaints: Scottish Government participation in the judicial review
    1. This statement is provided by the Scottish Government in response to a request from the Scottish Parliament’s Committee on Scottish Government Handling of Harassment Complaints (“the Committee”). In its letter of 19 May 20201 the Committee asked for a written statement from the Scottish Government about the judicial review of the Scottish Government’s handling of harassment complaints made against the former First Minister Alex Salmond.

    21. Under the devolution settlement the Civil Service is a reserved matter7 and, as Crown employees, civil servants in the Scottish Administration are part of the UK Civil Service. SCOTTISH MINISTERS HAVE DELEGATED AUTHORITY TO EXERCISE THE STATUTORY FUNCTIONS OF AN EMPLOYER FOR STAFF IN THE SCOTTISH GOVERNMENT AND IN DOING SO SET OUT TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF APPOINTMENT.

    In view of this I would suggest the buck continues to stop with the First Minister. Under her leadership, one of her ’employees’ took out ‘unlawful, unfair, tainted by bias’ legal procedures against AS – that went onto fail at court.

    She was warned by AS that this was likely to happen, she was advised to look at the procedure ‘as a qualified lawyer’ and take responsibility and her Scot Gov may have obtained private legal advice telling them the same thing (and since they are refusing to disclose it, it certainly did not tell them ‘go ahead, they’ve got no leg to stand on’ or they would have published it everywhere).

    NS was notified by AS the procedures were unlawful.
    NS was offered ‘binding arbitration’ procdedures to deal with the complaints in a legal manner.
    NS is maintaining the actions done against AS were the full responsibility of the Permanent Secretary (a Civil Servant).
    Above S.21 confirms – NS had statutory duties of an employer over PS at this time.

    The buck continues to remain with NS.

  191. Hatuey says:

    Sturgeon staying isn’t an option now. She’d be a massive vote-loser with all this hanging over her.

    The Tories and the papers would put this at the heart of their anti-SNP election campaign.

    There’s enough of this out there already to do untold damage to the SNP campaign, and there’s more to come.

    If she goes, she takes all that with her and more, including the “once in a generation” label.

    Joanna Cherry, in contrast, is squeaky clean. She’s a real brain-box, an excellent communicator, didn’t say “once in a generation” or anything like it, isn’t vain, and is very hard working.

    Leaving aside the shocking ethical implications of what Sturgeon seems to have been involved in, the question comes down to this;

    Who would the right-wing British establishment & media prefer to face as SNP leader; a wounded and compromised Nicola Sturgeon who has been committed to play by their rules on things like a Section 30, or a a fresh and driven Joanna Cherry who is keen to explore other options towards securing independence?

    That’s a no-brainer and it’s why a lot of people that would usually stand up for Sturgeon are conspicuously quiet right now.

  192. Mac says:

    Reading the linked Craig Murray post from January 2019 was an eye opener. Missed it at the time.

    Found the part about how her real passion ‘feminism’ has led her into to defending the indefensible and doing the unthinkable very plausible.

    We saw another glimpse of it during the disgusting interview with her “age old” shite.

    Maybe Nicola started off good. But then got sucked into a hell of her own making.

    Reminds me of that quote.

    With or without religion, good people can behave well and bad people can do evil; but for good people to do evil—that takes religion.

    Or in this case a poisonous ideology.

  193. MaggieC says:

    Cuilean 8.49 am

    You said ,
    “ Can’t Alex Salmond complain against Nicola Sturgeon, Lesley Evans, Liz Lloyd etc. under the same Complaints System which Sturgeon, Lloyd and Evans drew up solely to destroy him “

    That would be interesting but add Peter Murrell to that list and I would like to see Alex Salmond take them to court and sue them for every penny he could get from them personally .

    I’m pretty sure that he would get the support if he launched another crowdfunding campaign as there’s enough of us that would support Alex if he did decide to do that .

  194. David F says:

    @Daisy Walker
    13 October, 2020 at 10:05 am

    Hi Daisy.

    There’s a really important date missing from your timeline. I tried to flag it up to you a few days ago but I guess my post got lost in all the noise.

    The date is June 2018. That is when NS made her first official report to the relevant civil servants about her contacts and discussions re. the AS investigation.

    NS originally claimed that April 2 was the very first time she heard of the AS allegations. At the time she was denying the existence of the March 29 meeting.

    She has now acknowledged that the March 29 meeting took place. So that means March 29 was the “first” date she heard of the allegations. Whether she loved or hated AS, that must have been a momentous meeting that should be seared on her memory.

    And yet she has tried to claim that barely two months later, in June 2018, she had not only “forgotten” the subject under discussion, but she had completely “forgotten” that the meeting ever took place at all.

    And so had her senior personal assistant, Liz Lloyd.

    Of all the lies she has told, that has to be one of the biggest pant burners.

  195. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Please take a couple of minutes to read this – Craig Murray explaining why he hasn’t yet written up his notes from the final day of Julian Assange’s extradition hearing.

  196. Big Jock says:

    Hatuey – You are absolutely correct.

    Sturgeon is now damaged goods. That will be exploited by the MSM and the Tories for the rest of her time. We can’t have her leading the SNP into the next election. Her position is now untenable.

    Those like WGD who think it’s a good idea to keep a toxic leader, or bury bad news. Really need to give themselves an almighty shake. On what planet do they think this legal evidence can be buried.

    Once the can is open , you can’t put the worms back in. Sturgeon has been exposed as conceited, deceitful, antagonistic, a bully and narcissistic.

    She needs to go for the sake of the country. Remember when Blair went off the boil. He was almost mad by the time he was forced out. There are two choices for Sturgeon. Resign for health reasons, or face a vote of no confidence in Holyrood. She has plenty of enemies in the SNP benches , who will punt her!

  197. paul says:

    Big Jock says:

    Sturgeon is now damaged goods.

    Now is no longer her time.

    Just how long she twists in the wind is up to her.

    A party that can clean house would be one with a definite USP in UK politics.

  198. Daisy Walker says:

    @ David F 10.32

    So, what your pointing out is, it’s one thing to forget about a ‘small’ meeting and only remember about it a year later… but in view of her June 2018 briefing to Civil Servants – she actually managed to completely ‘forget’ about the meeting of 29/3/18 in less than 3 months.

    Have I got that right?

    And how wonderfully convenient that Liz Lloyd suffered exactly the same ‘carbon copy’ type of amnesia. That’s not an indication of collusion in any way, is it.

    Do you have a reference for the June 2018 briefing?

    @ Ian Brotherhood – deeply moving re Craig Murray’s article. There’s brave, and then there is BRAVE. Do you know when his next court date is, it would be good to ensure many witnesses for him.

  199. Breeks says:

    Big Jock says:
    13 October, 2020 at 9:18 am

    David – I honestly don’t know how these eejits think they can bury facts that have ben produced in a legal enquiry.

    The Sturgeon brainwashing must have been good. Talk about a Cult!

    The sad thing is that people who can find a way to excuse Alex Salmond being stitched up and nearly sent to jail on trumped up charges, Scottish Constitutional Sovereignty being squandered, Scottish European citizenship being lost, and the Scottish Government’s reaction to Brexit being a disgraceful capitulation, while Nicola and her coterie of chums can skew the NEC to suit the ends and political careers of the Wokerati, and yet somehow we’re the ones putting Independence at risk???

    Frankly, I see uncomfortable parallels between us ‘non-Sturgeonites’ and early YESSERS. All the movement was one way traffic from NO to YES, because once you understood the logic and arguments of YES and Independence, it was nearly impossible to be shaken those beliefs by the emotive horseshit and poorly contrived narrative of Better Together’s grubby propaganda.

    I feel that’s where we are with Sturgeon. Once you see the mendacity, the cynicism, the hypocrisy and conspiratorial collusion, there’s no going back. The trust is gone and will never be resurrected.

    Why the parallel is an uncomfortable one, is because we surely all remember just how exasperating it was trying to argue the case for Scottish Independence with angry people, blinkered in their prejudices and unshakeable in their Unionist convictions even though they couldn’t articulate a single progressive argument in favour of Unionism. You weren’t dealing with rational people.

    They cheated, and used despicable lies and scaremongering to stop YES reaching out to the people we needed to reach. And frankly people, that’s exactly what I’m hearing when angry people are shouting at us that’s we’re the ones putting Independence at risk.

    We are not. We are the people basking in the warm glow of truth, and once you have the truth, there is simply nowhere else to go. In time, the doubters too will be persuaded by the strength of evidence and obdurate truth, and will eventually step over into the light, but just like 2014, there is a massive difficulty about whether time is too much against us.

    If the WGDugger types, (and I don’t mean that in a harsh way, they are still Yessers on our side), but if they are prepared to turn a blind eye over the carnage wrought upon Scotland during Sturgeon’s feckless tenure as FM, then brace yourselves for another non-event capitulation in December, and Scottish Elections next year which will prevaricate over Independence, nothing more, but will install the likes of Rhiannon Spears to Sturgeon’s cabinet in a hung parliament. That’s what’s really at stake, not a second referendum.

    Frankly, I cannot bear the prospect. It makes me feel physically nauseous and in despair. That is why Scotland MUST initiate a Constitutional initiative which denounces Scotland’s Brexit as the unconstitutional colonial subjugation of a sovereign Nation, and Scotland must keep on banging that drum with absolute conviction, without missing a single beat until the International Community recognises Scotland as the sovereign Nation that it is, and a modern democracy which cannot be subjugated by Westminster.

    Frankly my friends, I don’t even think we have the time to depose Sturgeon and her cronies and re-tool the SNP to be fit again for it’s intended purpose. Not before December, when Scotland loses the protection of the European Umbrella.

    We need to launch Scotland’s own ballistic missile Joanna Cherry on an emergency Constitutional mission to the UN and Council of Europe to derail Brexit and Scotland’s unlawful subjugation. No more f’king about with Devolution or Holyrood or gutless political invertebrates.

    It is time to unsheath the blade of Scottish Constitutional Sovereignty and plunge into the heart of the Union.

  200. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Daisy Walker –

    It’s one of those images (i.e. the ‘cell’) that never leaves you. That’s why I didn’t describe it above, truly disturbing stuff. And CM has been covering this for weeks whilst under extraordinary personal pressure.

  201. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Daisy –

    PS Sorry, I don’t know when CM is next in court.

  202. Abalha says:

    In reply to Daisy Walker re June 2018, this from Sturgeon’s
    submission may help with context.

    In an earlier part of the submission she says the committee need to ask the Scot Gov for a copy of the letter.

    ”Mr Salmond sent me a further message on 3 June 2018.
    Both the tone and content of this message led me to conclude that legal action by Mr Salmond against the Scottish Government was a serious prospect.

    ”I decided that I should make the Permanent Secretary aware of this, and I wrote to her on 6 June 2018.

    ”At this juncture, it may be helpful to briefly set out for the Committee why I had not previously informed the Permanent Secretary of my contact with Alex Salmond or my knowledge of the investigation.

    ”The relevant sections of the Ministerial Code (4.22 and 4.23) seek to guard against undisclosed outside influence on decisions that Ministers are involved in. It seemed to
    me that this was the opposite situation. This was a decision I was excluded from and it seemed to me that the risk of inadvertently and unintentionally influencing it would
    arise if those undertaking the investigation were aware of my knowledge of it”

  203. Daisy Walker says:

    Re Craig Murray’s latest Scot Gov/legal battle.

    The Attorney General is attempting to make Craig legally responsible for others who reply to his tweets. The AG argues there is the ability to hide criminal or offensive tweets, therefore if Craig (or others) allow them to be shown on his Twitter stream, he is in effect publishing them.

    Twitter states it is the sender of the Tweet who is responsible for the contents. Which is fair and sensible.

    So, lets consider the AG’s position. How on earth could this legal position ever be Policed?

    A person has a twitter account. Some idiot posts an offensive (and lets just play devils advocate and for sake of argument ‘witty’ comment) on it.

    It gets re-tweeted 10,000 times. Are those 10,000 people now to be prosecuted? And in addition it attracts 20,000 responses, people of a like mind, with similar variations on a theme ‘witty/offensive remarks. They now get re-tweeted 100,000 times, Are the 100,000 going to get prosecuted?

    All in the space of an hour or 2 – from ALL OVER THE WORLD, and from all over Scotland.

    No Police service in the world, and no prosecution service in the world could possibly manage to have sufficient resources to deal with that.

    And the first defence would be that of a malicious set up. The tweet was deliberately sent to get CM into trouble.

    Is it not about time the AG was sacked for the malicious prosecution against Rangers whitch is going to cost the tax payer so high. Before he shows up his professional incompetence some more with utter bollocks like this latest twitter crap.

    Or am I just a bit grumpy this morning.

  204. Oneliner says:

    @Andy Ellis

    I don’t think I’d be too bothered about PC idealogy if my croft were being burned down by the landowner’s heavies.

    That’s my point – you may wish to ignore it in pursuit of a perceived greater good.

  205. SilverDarling says:

    A lot of people outwit this site bumping their gums about Twitter bubbles and what is important to voters. Many of them want to shoot the messengers rather than deal with integrity and decency in their elected representatives.

    If your leader is shown to be less than honest about an issue like this surely it must undermine your faith in them to keep their word about Independence?

    One thing that has always struck me is how NS seems to make such heavy weather of even the smallest task. She talks a good game but never actually does anything. Why no exploration of any and ever route to secure another referendum. Why consign it to the whims of successive Tory governments?

    We all know how difficult this past few months of governing have been regarding the virus but what about before then? What exactly has she been doing?

    Has she been so utterly consumed and paralysed with fear that AS or someone else is going to steal her job that she cannot function?

  206. Joe Morrison says:

    Was Sturgeon’s interview at the weekend equivalent to the Clinton/Lewinsky denial interview?

    That interview was also a game changer and is remembered to this day as one of the most memorable interviews of all time.

  207. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Has anyone ever asked Sky news whether or not it approached the Scottish govt re a ‘story’ about Alex Salmond, or vice-versa?

    ‘They didn’t run the story’ is such a loaded statement.

  208. MaggieC says:

    I’ve just seen this on Grouse Beater’s twitter and i hope that he doesn’t mind me posting it on here ,

    It’s a link to an article in the Daily Record from 2015 with the headlines

    “ Behave yourself Alex Salmond is no sexist “ – First Minister Nicola Sturgeon defends her predecessor over commons row “

    “SNP leader takes time out from her visit to the United States to insist the MP for Gordon “has not got a sexist bone in his body”.

    I’ve archived a link to the article ,

    Just a shame she didn’t say that on Sunday in her interview on Sky Tv .

  209. Andy Ellis says:


    The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Wightman and all other Scottish Greens are obviously content to remain in an organisation which is deeply misogynistic, and jettison their principles to avoid being monstered by the Woke Stasi.

    Of course, most people don’t vote on single issues, but the fact that the Greens have specifically said anyone who does not uncritically accept the TWAW mantra should give anyone who values free speech, women’s rights and scientific reality pause for thought.

    In the end, the issue will come back to bite those pushing their ascientific absolutist woo-woo. It’s already threatening to overthrow Sturgeon and her acolytes.

  210. Abalha says:

    In reply to Ian Brotherhood at 1120

    Yes, they did, here in their 2018 follow up.

    ”Sky News approached the SNP for comment in relation to the airport claims in November 2017 but, at that time, the party did not respond”

    And a 2018 report that his bodyguard issued a denial statement in 2017.

  211. Sharny Dubs says:

    Daisy walker @11:12.

    Naa not grumpy.

    Could even be a tune in there somewhere, grabs guitar.

    Smiley thing

  212. Republicofscotland says:

    Tories, including Scots ones voted down safeguards for our foods last night paving the way for a flood of cancer causing foods to flood our supermarket shelves post a UK USA trade deal that Scotland has no say in.

    Last night Channel 4 aired this horrifying programme on the terrible health standards of US food. Even their fruit and veg is saturated in EU banned cancer causing chemicals.

    Scottish meat and fruit and veg producers will be seriously undercut by these awful US imports coming our way very soon.

  213. holymacmoses says:

    Judging by the AG’s attempts to stitch up Craig Murray on a Twitter number, it looks as if he could have been party to the stupidity that led to the Scottish Government paying out over £500,000 for a waste of time against Salmond. There is a similar ‘Through the Looking-Glass’ logic attached to both these claims.

  214. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Abalha (11.26) –



  215. Breastplate says:

    Ian B,
    You’re right, it’s underhand and despicable.
    It’s in the same category of asking Alex Salmond “Have you stopped beating your wife?”

  216. Breastplate says:

    Craig Murray explains exactly what happened at Edinburgh Airport and there was no substance to these sexual allegations whatsoever, just a mud slinging exercise.

  217. Daisy Walker says:

    @ Silver Darling re NS
    ‘She talks a good game but never actually does anything. Why no exploration of any and ever route to secure another referendum. Why consign it to the whims of successive Tory governments?

    We all know how difficult this past few months of governing have been regarding the virus but what about before then? What exactly has she been doing?’

    Timeline – updated 13/10/20.


    18/9/14 Indy Ref 1

    Nov 2014 NS made leader of SNP and FM Scotland


    7th May 2015 UK GE – SNP win 56 seats

    1st July 2015 Leslie Evans becomes Permanent Secretary Scotland – was found out in early 1990’s Edinburgh doctoring an official report, in order to withdraw community funding to a Video training organisation. SNP councillors reported her. Due diligence??? NS is given a list by Civil Service of people she can chose to become PS – she picked LE.



    5th May 2016 – Holyrood Election

    23rd June 2016 Brexit Referendum



    16th March 2017 Terrible May officially rejects NS IR2 request. Now is not the Time.

    4th May 2017 – Scottish Local Elections

    8th June 2017 – Terrible May calls a GE and wins.

    AS loses his seat.

    NS takes IndyRef2 off the table. Now is not the time.
    A marked difference in her attitude is seen.
    ‘Not until the Terms of Brexit are Known becomes the mantra.

    13th June 2017 ? Not sure if this is correct date?- Ref-Scot taken down at £482,000 of £1 million target

    The Brexit deadline time line is I think November 2018 ish.

    Both Pete Wishart and Tommy Shepherd (Tommy did this in a public talk, as far as I can tell he was the first person to run this up the flagpole, since then he has kept his head down on this subject – his background is old/new labour) start to talk about ‘not until after Brexit and the hard effects are felt, should we go for IndyRef2’. PW is fully supported in this view by John Swinney.

    July 2017 (source Civil Service World) HM Revenue and Customs confirm the go ahead on a new Civil Service Hub to be build at Waverly St, Edinburgh to staff 11 Civil Servant departments – 3,000 positions. 20 year lease taken out. Artisan the contractor.

    Oct 2017 ScotGov begins review of complaints policy. Aamer Anwar makes allegations of ‘ticking time bomb’ ‘catalogue’ of sexual harassment at HR.

    November 2017

    9th November 2017 AS gets his own TV Show on RT. While the Yes movement is delighted at an evening up on the media inequality… the official SNP and NS – pursed lips all round.

    17th Nov 2017 – Sky New reported to be actively investigating AS over historic incidents from 2008. Incidents were never officially reported and only ever officially described as inappropriate behaviour – absolutely no use of the word ‘sexual’. Story never ran, confirmed witness at time debunked the allegations in full.

    First Documentary ‘The Only Game In Town’ is aired on WOS.

    Nov 2017 – Evans confirmed she raised the issue with Sturgeon after learning about media interest in an incident at Edinburgh Airport in 2008-9. Airport informed Angus Robertson (can’t pin down when).

    8 Drafts of complaints procedures (for dealing with current and previous employees with regards harassment complaints) – all of which have official role for First Minister with the procedure as is normal and legal.

    1st Dec 2017 Nicole Richards – Director of People – contacts James Hynd re draft number 9, its, ‘agreed with Permanent Secretary I would test it with some of the key individuals’

    5th Dec 2017 Judith Mackinnon – Head of Peoples Advisor has meeting with Ms A and shared draft procedures with her.

    6th December 2017 Nicole Richards sends ‘final draft (9) to PS Leslie Evans which is approved by NS. This draft, unlike the previous 8 excludes the First Minister from any formal role in the process.


    Jan 2018

    Sky News approaches the SNP re allegations of a sexual nature against AS. This may be the first complaint registered with Scot Gov against AS, or indeed the first complaint by employee may have been registered at this time, its not clear.

    Feb 2018 Murray Foote Resigns from DR

    March 2018

    Liz Lloyd meeting Aberdein 6th March 2018
    She claimed the complaints she mentioned to Aberdein re Salmond were to do with Airportgate
    Not the backdated Government enquiry about which she claimed she did not know at the time.

    Mid March Geoff Aberdein is contacted by NS aids to set up a meeting with NS on 29th March – this is not mentioned in any way, or officially recorded (as far as we yet know) in NS evidence to the inquiry.

    GA can corroborate this contact, and has provided this information under oath at AS criminal trial.

    29th March 2018
    NS meets with Aberdein (who is according to NS, in parliament to see former colleague) and is informed of AS issue – according to her for the first time. Meeting takes place at Holyrood, in her office – and she later ‘forgets’ the timing of this meeting possibly due to not being supposed to hold party meetings in this venue.

    Meeting and all those present is NOT officially recored in the FM’s diary.

    (At FMQ on 8/10/20 she refers to it (not exact wording) as an off the cuff type meeting, fleeting/head round the door.

    In contrast to GA who describes it clearly under oath as pre-arranged, and has since stated it lead to him seeking legal advice prior to attending.)

    She lied to Scottish Parliament about when she was first made aware of the complaints.

    April 2018

    2/4/18 NS thinks AS will resign (from her whats app messages/evidence)

    Rumours abound within Yes Movement at this time that NS is soon to step down from Holyrood, and possibly go on to a big job at UN.

    WM votes to illegally bomb Syria.

    Legal appeal against Brexit begins.

    22/4/18 AS sends NS message

    May 2018 Brexit – attitudes to Indy due to Brexit, ways of gaining Indy all still being talked about.

    31/5/18 AS sends message to NS requesting a meet.

    June 2018

    3/6/18 AS threatens legal action. Asks for Permanent Secretary to be notified re sorting the matter out by legal arbitration procedures. Alerts NS that her current procedures are likely to be found unlawful and as a qualified lawyer and FM she is expected to review it and made a decision.

    6/6/18 PS is officially notified by NS that she is aware of the complaints and that AS is undertaking legal action.
    7/6/18 NS meets AS alone

    SNP high in Polls

    13/6/18 SNP walk out of WM in protest at treatment of the Skye Banker and what was to become the UK Internal Market Bill. Marked overnight increase in SNP membership, international media coverage of same.
    Same Date Iain McWhirter writes about Devolution ending not with a bang but a whimper over this bill.

    23/6/19 MSP Mark Macdonald Scandal***

    July 2018

    4th July 2018 – Scotland Claim of Right passed at WM

    5th July NS has meeting with AS
    18/7/18 No further contact after this date

    Wings over Scotland has its You Tube BBC content taken down without its knowledge by BBC in London.*** Why? What footage did they want removed and why? Peter Curran’s web site also taken down. *** As far as can be seen there was nothing in the WOS footage that might have had any reference to the above. With regards Peter Curran’s website footage – unable to check. He took his site down later, concerned about criticism of the SNP GRA policy.

    August 2018
    17th August WOS appears in court re Kezia Dugdale

    19th August Campaign in Edinburgh by many English people campaigning for Peoples Vote on Brexit and begging Scotland to assist. Apparently they don’t think the Brexit Referendum was won fairly – when IndyRef1 unfairness pointed out to them – tumbleweed.
    Kirsty Hughes – lobbyist for same – also showed up on list of ‘journalists’ who have received same ‘support’ from some Anglo/America consortium. Dani Garavelli was also on the list. Later on DG reports on the AS trial could be construed as ‘jigsaw identifying one of the complainers in AS trial’ (For obvious reasons I’m being diplomatic with this sentence.)

    UK Brexit Appeal lodged

    Allegations against AS made public. Civil law complaints, 2 complainers at this time. (Was it 2 complainers on 29th March 2018? If not then when, where and by what means did the second one come forward?)

    AS initiates Record Breaking fund raiser and instigates Judicial Appeal. Rumours abound that SNP membership increased dramatically overnight in response – no confirmation from SNP re this in anyway.

    30th August 2018 Permanent Secretary Leslie Evans meets with Civil Servant Unions to attempt to gain support against AS.

    Sept 2018 Polling shows support of Indy increasing due to brexit

    Oct 2018 AUOB march – Edinburgh big turnout – no show from NS as usual

    Nov 2018 Brexit deadline reached – Transition period entered. No talk from NS or other top SNP members as to how we save Scotland. Not until the Terms of Brexit are Known is the mantra, and the sound of the can rattles down the road again.

    Dec 2018
    19th Vote of No Confidence in Terrible May at WM. Boris elected. Actions by the Labour party ensure Brexit No deal is the only game in town.


    January 2019

    AS Airbrushed out of SNP Website. NS has ordered top SNP politicians not to appear on his RT Show. AS puts pressure on her on his show, to call a second IR.

    During this month or the next NS manages to recollect she had that meeting with Aberdein on 29th March 2018. Does nothing to update the official record of same, at this time.

    8/1/19 AS wins Court of Judiciary process – procedure deemed unfair and tainted by apparent bias.

    The Times calls for Leslie Evans to be sacked.
    20/1/19 LE contract of employment extended (possibly with 20,000 £ pay rise)

    From memory – it was within weeks of AS initial win that Criminal Procedures were taken out against him. Over 20 Police officers allocated to investigate him, to come up with a prosecution case that can best be described as flimsy in the extreme.

    January 2019

    Feb 2019 Brexit, nothing resembling a plan from the SNP

    March 2019 Another Brexit Deadline comes and goes, no real progress, transition extended.

    23/3/19 Kezia Dugdale v WOS defamation trial – marked lack of support from leaders of the SNP for WOS.

    April 2019
    24/4/19 NS puts before Holyrood legislation for HR to hold referendums without permission from WM. This will be legally challenged by WM if it ever gets put into action.

    May 2019

    6th May AUOB march in Glasgow 100,000 no show from NS as usual.

    End May GE called for December

    June 2019 GE talk

    14th June 2019 – New Civil Service Hub at Edinburgh – Queen Elizabeth House, officially opens. To house 3000 civil servant staff. Widely thought to be preparation to take over duties from Holyrood, once power grab and Brexit are complete.

    To put this in perspective 1 year from announcement of 20 year lease, to building being ready for move in. All with public money at a time of Austerity!!!

    July 2019

    4th July Mhairi Black posts video of herself referring to all who have reservations about GRA Self ID as ‘Jeremy Hunts’. It is around about this time she is seen in HOC’s putting her hand in her pocket and then taking her hand out rubbing her finger round her gums. Concerns were raised that this is classic Cocaine misuse behaviour – she laughed this off dismissively and stated she was finishing off a piece of Kit Kat.

    30th July 2019 NEC attempts to de-select Joanna Cherry as MP.

    August 2019

    Westminster Brexit Coup

    Polling shows Support for IndyRef2 growing

    Sept 2019
    WM unlawfully prorogued – as found by court after action by MP Joanna Cherry
    SNP policy now officially ‘Stop Brexit’ Full support for Peoples Vote on a second Brexit Vote

    20/9/19 The Times reports on allegations NS is failing to keep proper records of her Government business, specifically referring to June ’19.

    Oct 2019
    SNP at WM prevent a Vote of No Confidence in Boris.
    Tories High in polls (UK)

    16th Oct 2019 – NS to DEMAND powers for Holyrood to hold Referendums. Pretty much empty rhetoric to play to the home crowd. Presumably she’ll thqeem and thqeeum and thqeem if Boris says no.

    SNP policy is now openly calling for second Brexit ‘peoples vote’ on Brexit.

    Electoral Commission demand 9 months notice for any further Indy Ref.. Indy Ref 2 now pencilled in for second half of 2020. ‘Trust in Nicola’ becomes the theme.

    Nov 2019 Only Game in Town part 2 is shown on WoS. Leslie Evens is named within for questionable actions.

    The Times reports NS handwritten notes have not been kept and have been destroyed, NS avoids using her Scot Gov e-mail system, Conservatives report her to Public Records Scotland Act 2011 for possible breach.

    Dec 2019
    Wings over Scotland Twitter account suspended weeks, just weeks before AS trial is due to go ahead, following complaints from woke members of SNP. And just in time for the GE.

    GE Neale Harvey and Denise Findlay suspended from SNP over dubious, if not spurious complaints, and with little regard for proper procedures for carrying out same.
    SNP withdraws all funding for Neil’s GE campaign and instructs SNP supporters not to assist him. He gets elected anyway.
    Motive thought to have been for having signed the Woman’s Pledge, and complaints thought to have been instigated by Woke element within SNP.


    Jan 2020

    11/1/20 Boris says No, with the full support of the English voting constituency.

    31/1/20 Brexit officially happens – NS gives much hyped speech during which it becomes apparent there was no Plan A, never mind a cunning plan B. ‘Trust in Nicola’ not such a good theme.

    Feb 2020
    Covid getting closer. GRA under ‘consultation’ open to every country under the sun to contribute. Somerville openly declares her determination to push it through. Only organisations openly biased in favour are getting ministerial time to present their case.
    Polls show agenda to be major vote loser.

    Murray Foote infamous creator of the VOW, converts from No to Yes and is employed by SNP as media expert.

    March 2020

    23/3/20 AS trail – Cleared on all charges. Journalists with pro indy credentials excluded from the trial and subsequently charged with contempt of court for quoting main stream media reports verbatim.
    Craig Murray the only journalist (as far as I’m aware) to record and publish, in any detail, the evidential statements given by defence witnesses. A trial in search of a crime, best description of it.
    No comments of support, or compassion or relief of any kind toward AS and his wife, over whole debauchle from official SNP reps.

    Covid Lockdown begins.

    Boris is a complete wreck. His cabinet are not any better.

    NS holds daily press conferences and receives good press for same. Support for Indy rises to 55%. No other campaigning. The official line from NS is two fold,

    I’m totally focused on Covid, and
    Indref 2 is off the table until the economic effects of Covid are dealt with – which could be a decade or more… The can is not so much kicked down the road as rocket launched into the stratosphere.

    Aug/Sept 2020 Kirsty Wark does a hatchet job on the AS trial, so biased even journalists on the Telegraph noticed. Widely referred to as ‘a nasty piece of Wark’.

    30th September 2020 – UK Internal Market Bill passes first reading at WM. Second reading scheduled for 19th Oct 2020.

    NS unable to delegate to her Health ministers for ANY single press briefings even months down the line.

    October 2020 – final transition period for Brexit deadline November – now approaching and No Deal the only thing on the cards.

    Rumours persisting of a second full Covid lockdown being imminent. Anecdotal evidence of significant less public support for same.

    Internal UK Market Bill passed at WM an open destruction of devolution and power grab. 3000 civil servants moved into Edinburgh to enable same. SNP official policy – `now is not the time’ ‘Only when we can win’ Covid, covid, covid, look at the polls, look at the polls, look at the polls.

  218. Breastplate says:

    I remember reading something years ago about a political campaign, in the US I think, when a knowingly untrue rumour was started that an opponent was indulging in bestiality with his pigs.

    The originators knew although it wasn’t true, that they could gain political capital from the denials.

    I don’t know if it’s a true story or not.

  219. Vronsky says:

    @Craig Murray

    What motivated the plotters against Salmond? What did they have to gain? I understand from – er – a source close to Salmond – that this was not their first attempt to remove him.

    It is hard to understand people taking a course of action like this when failure would almost certainly mean the end of their own careers. What led them to believe that success was certain and the project risk-free? Why did they refuse arbitration, which would have saved their careers even if they lost the case?

  220. CameronB Brodie says:

    re. the Greens and AW. The GRA amendments would require Scots law to reject medical philosophy and bioethics, in order to subourdinate nature to the will of man. This is an intensely right-wing philosophical position to take. So the Greens are only pretending to support democracy and environmental rights, and are simply as useful as a wet paper bag.

    Forum: Qualitative Social Research, Vol 18, No 3 (2017)
    A Journey to the Centre of Self: Positioning the Researcher in Autoethnography


    For a reader to trust the perspective of a researcher as presented in qualitative inquiry, the disclosure of the researcher’s position in relation to the data is vital. Who am I in relation to the research? becomes the central tenet in disclosing the positioning of the researcher.

    I contend that what we know (ontology), and how we know it (epistemology), are a result of our philosophical beliefs developed through our lifelong learning and not a precursor to them. In seeking to understand my philosophical positioning when researching my teaching a group of professionals from Timor Leste, I have found it helpful to answer four questions.

    What do I believe underpins my knowledge of life? Where did I gain this belief? How does this belief influence the way I react to situations and people? How do the assumptions, which I have accumulated from my life experiences, affect my reflexivity in my research? This article describes the process that I have used to reveal my position in relation to the data using examples from my autoethnography.

    positioning; autoethnography; teaching; Timor Leste; ontology; epistemology; methodology; reflexivity

  221. lawrenceab says:

    Re: that £500,000 + (++) hit to the taxpayer. It shows something, that the Scot Govt behaved very badly indeed.

    Gordon Dangerfield reveals this in his blog ( He really is a remarkable legal analyst. I am impressed. We owe him.

    He points out the important implication of the very high damages awarded to AS by Lord Pentland, after the Scot Govt abruptly collapsed its case 24 hours before NS’s private sec was to face cross-examination under oath.

    Since the Scot Govt withdrew, closing the case, Lord Pentland was deprived of the opportunity to roast them in his judgement, as he no doubt fully intended to do, after their dishonesty over the production of documents and much else.

    However, he still had a way to signal his profound displeasure – by charging them full whack on expenses. As Dangerfield points out in my quote from his blog below, this is highly unusual. More often a softer version of court expense awards, the so-called “party and party scale” is awarded, which often leaves the winning litigant with much less than 100% of his actual expenses. But here, he awarded “solicitor and client” expenses which are far higher.

    Although SG has been covering up desperately ever since, this award alone shows that their case was not just “tainted” but egregiously so. You have to wonder what their behaviour was, that moved the judge to penalise them so hard. And, luckily for eventual truth seeking, it is the eye-catching size of the costs award that led to the establishment of the Holyrood Enquiry.

    extract from Dangerfield’s blog:

    In the overwhelming majority of cases, court expenses are awarded or conceded on the “party and party” scale, which means that if you win your case, you get the expenses that the other side can reasonably be expected to pay as necessary for your conduct of the action. These are always less than your solicitors and counsel actually charge you – sometimes as little as 60% of your actual costs – and you just have to live with the shortfall.

    Only in the most exceptional of cases – I’ve never been involved in one, on either side – does a court award the winning party expenses on the scale which the Scottish Government conceded in the Salmond case.

    In McKie v Scottish Ministers [2006] CSOH 54, Lord Hodge reviewed the “well-settled” authority on this, and explained why such an award is so rare. (By way of illustration, this was the case of Shirley McKie, the police officer whose life was ruined when she was falsely accused of leaving fingerprints at a crime scene, whose entirely justified court action was disgracefully opposed and obstructed by her police employers at every turn and who still didn’t get “solicitor and client” scale expenses from Lord Hodge.)

    Lord Hodge said this:

    “[W]here one of the parties has conducted the litigation incompetently or unreasonably, and thereby caused the other party unnecessary expense, the court can impose, as a sanction against such conduct, an award of expenses on the solicitor and client scale. … [I]n its consideration of the reasonableness of a party’s conduct of an action, the court can take into account all relevant circumstances. Those circumstances include the party’s behaviour before the action commenced, the adequacy of a party’s preparation for the action, the strengths or otherwise of a party’s position on the substantive merits of the action, the use of a court action for an improper purpose, and the way in which a party has used court procedure, for example to progress or delay the resolution of the dispute.”

    This, then, is what the Scottish Government conceded about its conduct of the Salmond judicial review and, by extension, of the unlawful procedure which gave rise to it.

    Incompetent. Unreasonable. Lacking substantive merit. Improper purpose. Delay.

    The oft-repeated claim of Sturgeon, Evans and the Scottish Government that they just got unlucky in some late-discovered technicality in the Salmond case is just one more shameful lie.

  222. Kenny J says:

    Achnababan says:
    13 October, 2020 at 12:30 am

    Andy Wightman, the Greens…. gie me a break!!

    Waste of time and money!

    Land Reform has gone backwards since AW was ‘elected’ (from the list) to the Scottish Parliament.

    The Greens are only concerned with gender politics and look the other way as our planet is being destroyed by a neo-liberal system than turns millionaires into billionaires and impoverishes and disempowers the rest of us.

    Real land reform needs to tackle the ownership of Scotland by absentee landowners who made their fortunes corrupting and stealing from poor people all over the world.

    A comment on this.
    A while back, maybe 2017, out canvassing. Glasgow. MSP turns up. I had a few words with the MSP. Asked why the Land Reform Bill was so toothless. I thought they might say that that was just the opening round.
    Says, it was civil sevants who wrote, composed it. I said, I thought you guys told the civil servants what to put in. Just smiled, and shrugged.

  223. SilverDarling says:

    @Daisy Walker

    Wow! Thank you for doing that. What a timeline of wasted opportunity by NS. You wonder who is doing the whispering in her ear.

    It puts into context the energy spent on politicking within the party versus time spent achieving Independence.

    NS talks of her anxiety and ‘Imposter Syndrome’ – I guess if you constantly compare yourself to AS the doubts creep in and you have to bring him down.

    What will her biggest achievement be?

  224. Daisy Walker says:

    @ Silver Darling

    ‘What will her biggest achievement be?’


  225. SilverDarling says:

    @Daisy Walker


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