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Rage Of The Wokerati

Posted on February 05, 2021 by

It’s safe to say, readers, that our light-hearted new impromptu fundraiser has well and truly unhinged a few members of Scotland’s unhappiest community: the WokeNats.

So when the lovely and super-talented film-maker Phantom Power very kindly tweeted about it this afternoon, asking “where would we be without Wings?” and suggesting people might possibly donate a pound or two, one of them saw no contradiction about making these two replies, less than an hour apart.

We clear on the rules? Death threats bad, putting my head in an incinerator good.

What the charming Mr Nicol means by “death threats”, incidentally, is our admittedly appalling history of openly calling for gun violence against female politicians.

We’re really not sure that we ever “professed” ourselves to be the “saviour of women”, to be honest. But if you’re having trouble remembering all the times we called for gun violence against them, he’s got the PROOF:

If we sued everyone who ever defamed us on Twitter we’d be in court until we died, and frankly we’re a bit tired of spending money on it, but maybe Mr Nicol has a point and we should make an exception here. We’ll mull it over.

The rest of the response poor Al of PP got was barely any less deranged.

We were especially intrigued to hear about our “huge house” (we live in a rented 2-bed flat), although not as much as we were by the idea of someone spoon-feeding a dildo.

Imagine having hundreds and hundreds of people who thought it was absolutely fine and acceptable behaviour to run around saying things like this about you every day of your life, readers. No wonder we need a wee glass of gin once in a while.

But if you’d rather not buy us one because you don’t want to upset these delicate little flowers, we entirely understand. There won’t be any gun violence over it, promise.

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99 to “Rage Of The Wokerati”

  1. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Are all those tweets from today?

  2. true scot says:

    Murrell has been recalled

  3. Alan Mackintosh says:

    Aye, they’re no very happy are they… Well enjoy your Turkish Gin. You have earned it, having to put up with that pish.

    I’m snowed in and the house is dry…

  4. Neil Wilkinson says:

    The sooner these juveniles go back to school the better. Bath is expensive Stu, things are cheaper up here in Gloucester

  5. AYRSHIRE ROB says:


    Am glad am no on Twitter and don’t have to listen or read these tweets of theirs on a regular basis. Fecking clowns the lot of them

  6. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    ‘Be better. This is a stain against your brand.’ How pompous-Christian-cum-capitalist. Love how they ORDER folk to do things, cos they feel so powerless in their own unhappy lives. Christ, I would be sick of these horrible wee self-righteous, hypocritical selfshooters (as in chugtuggers, not a gun ref)(just in case anybody says I’m trying to encourage suicide)(laughing) if I took anything they said seriously. I almost feel sad for these people.


  7. Liz g says:

    That’s probably as low as they can go for Scotland.
    Phantom Power have since the early days tried to film all the Yes movements “stuff ” without fear or favour.
    They do not deserve that shite.
    We all agreed on the 19th of September 2014 we needed our own media..
    And ever since phantom power have been steadfast in their work, they will go where the BBC don’t dare and film us without a British producer led set up.
    They do it all on a bloody shoe string too.
    That this lot would hound even them tells us all we need to know, I think.
    Shame on Them they are disgusting

  8. And spouse says:

    That made me donate, added a bit for tonic water.

  9. Evidence, if it were ever needed, that Care in the Community was a very bad idea.

  10. J says:

    Unfortunately, that’s the kind of content you can expect from a so-called lefty male who puts “intersectional feminism” in his bio without any hint of irony.

  11. JOML says:

    What bollocks – you deserve a beer – donation made.

  12. Liz says:

    I love the smell of self destruction any time of day

  13. Morag says:

    Somewhere in a web page poking fun at homoeopathy I wrote, “… and anybody pointing out that insulin will cause coma in non-diabetics will be taken out and shot.”

    I guess I’ll be had up for calling for gun violence against diabetics, or something like that. It would make about as much sense.

    If they’d had any sense they’d have ignored the fundraiser. I’m tempted to go back and chip in a bit more at this rate. What’s the living wage for a year? Maybe that should be the target?

  14. Suzanne K says:

    Jeez, that reads like a copy of my block list.
    One male in that tirade above was so aggressive I reported him and he received a temporary ban. Something I don’t normally bother doing, but he is seriously unhinged.

  15. Effijy says:

    I do hope the fund hits £10k over the weekend and perhaps
    you could post out tranquillisers to these poor people.

    I love it, he has a big house, it’s in Bath.

    He plays poker!

    He lives with someone.

    He drinks strong spirits and helps the Turkish economy

    Rumour has it he set fire to cigarettes when he was young?

    There was a cartoon character in the Glasgow Times Cartoon of
    Yesteryear called Rank Badyin.
    Looks like he has relocated to a saloon in Bath. lol

  16. Jm says:

    Proof that juveniles shouldn’t be given access to technology without adult supervision.

    What a bunch of imbeciles.

  17. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Paul Hutcheon sent a tweet out this morning about the Holyrood committee being in chaos because bladhy blah…

    This is a ‘top’ Scottish journalist, right?

    His tweet, in the past 12 hours, has had 28 retweets, 2 ‘quote’ tweets, and 51 likes.

    A bit of perspective for non-Twitterers – if you tweet a tweet containing nothing but a randomly-chosen emoji or GIF, you’re almost guaranteed to get a better response than Hutcheon’s tweet.

    The moral of the story? These fannies just don’t matter any more.

  18. Craig Macinnes says:

    Just added a wee bit extra Stu. Gotta love the tolerant woke!

  19. Morag says:

    Do you think that idiot genuinely believes that tweet is “calling for gun violence”? The recipient of the metaphorical shot isn’t Crawley anyway, it’s the SNP.

    Is he actually that dense? Is this another “I was threatened with violence, something about taking a blowtorch to my neck” sort of thing? (Only worse.)

  20. stonefree says:

    Paul Martin? that’ll be Micheal Martin’s boy, works for the Labour party or some sort of created job?
    Is Bella still in existence?

  21. Paul says:

    An (incognito) Google search of “Spoon feeding a dildo” not recommended for anyone but the Woke. I’ll stick to Porridge for the moment

  22. Stuart says:

    To be honest, I thought today’s fundraiser was just a bit of a carry-on. If I’d known these idiots were going to spit the dummy out, I’d have put in a hell of a lot more than the measly 7 quid that I did, just to rile them even more.

  23. Morag says:

    You can add another donation. I might do just that.

  24. Steve ashton says:

    Don’t worry Stuart. The promise is they will only “thkweem and thkweem until they make themthelveth thick” Violet Elizabeth Bott. Richmal Compton.

  25. ClanDonald says:

    Hah, the minute I saw your fundraiser I just knew Bella would be along in any second seething with jealous rage, just like he does with every single fundraiser you ever did. Maybe if his utterances weren’t so predictable people might want to give him some dosh to hear them.

  26. Craig Jones says:

    FFS,,, they’re fuckin back.

    Need to invest in a stronger fuckin germ killer.

  27. Willie Jay says:

    “Hell mend every gullible twit flinging their money at him”

    Och aye, Stu! Here’s anither Twenty Quid I am flinging your way!

    May Hell mend me … mebbes …

    I sent my very first £20 the other day and this latest episode when you have them *ALL* dancing *AND* chanting and effing and blinding is music to my ears.

    Please “sow more division” like the dummies claim you do!

  28. Ken says:

    I was thinking about sending a non-fundraiser bung just the other day after I found an old tweet that read something like “you’ll never need to buy a drink in any pub ever again”

    With said bung to be spent on some beer or Stivvys or swizzles. (Dentist permitting)

  29. David Earl says:

    You’re living in their tiny brained heads rent free hahaha. They must permanently drool and burst blood vessels every time they hear or see your name. It’s a great sight to behold. Keep it up Stu. You annoy the right type of people. Enjoy your sherbet dib dabs and Turkish delight aperitifs ?

  30. Ian Brotherhood says:

    It’s £8,063 now.

    And that’s just the dry rehearsal for the actual fundraiser.

    Isn’t it Rev?

  31. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Sorry, that should’ve been £8,603

  32. Johnny says:

    I wonder what it is that Bella Caledonia do that makes them
    think they’re elevated to a higher plane?

    As far as I can see, it’s just another blog, and a boring one at that, thoroughly lacking in any practical insight of any kind.

    But if blogging is grifting, isn’t Bella a grift too?

    As it happens I think grifting is an overused term – if folk want to pay for something, who cares? But I can see a certain snobbishness to the claims – “oh I’m a genius and these dupes don’t realise it because they are falling for that grift!”.

    Perhaps, instead, it’s because folk just don’t want what Bella is selling, you don’t reflect how folk think or have any understanding of it and are just too far your own backside to know,

  33. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Aye, the Unco Guid appear to all have joined the SNP.

    What we need is a 21st century Burns to write Woke Wullie’s Prayer.

  34. Dramfineday says:

    I worry about your teeth. I’m worried that you’ll misuse my donation on drink and sweeties. Best if you brush often.

    As for the gun obsessive above, take a chill pill Iain. Have a sweetie oh, and brush often.

  35. Craig Jones says:

    I bet the Wee Gingerbread Man doesn’t have to put up with this shit.

    That wee twisted bastard has a site full of weirdos already, so a few Wokerati will fit in quite well over there.

  36. Tannadice Boy says:

    So I signed up to Twitter a few minutes ago (after years of saying never again) to comment on George Galloway’s entry into Scottish politics. My message to him, who was born a few yards from me. Understand Scottish politics, the list vote means nothing. If the SNP wins the constituency vote then you have wasted your money. Stand against Nicola in her constituency instead. So what were the first 12 people to follow? First and foremost was Nicola Sturgeon followed by Obama, Biden etc. Try signing up to Twitter to confirm. We are up against it folks.Free speech is at stake. In the parlance of the day Galloway is a big hitter but seemingly only on the list. And now primary schools are giving Nicola Sturgeon masks as a famous Scot?

  37. Sharny Dubs says:

    Awwww children what are they like poor dears.

    Almost made me donate again! Good publicity! They’re not working for you are they Stu?

  38. @ Craig Jones: Is it not possible to disagree with someone’s views without being abusive and insulting? Paul Kavanagh, whether we agree with his faith in Sturgeon and the SNP or not, is a strong and resolute supporter of independence. He is not our enemy. If we can’t have unity, can we at least stop stoking division and hatred?

  39. Grouse Beater says:

    Wonderful. I didn’t know all but one of those assassins have me blocked, one presumes so they can read my site and comment but I have no right of reply. Well, now I have their ID, I’ve block ’em.

    Wings provides a handy service. Thank you.

    And so abed….

  40. Derek says:

    “The Wokerati”

    Is that like a Maserati, but with rice or noodles instead of pasta?


  41. Graham says:

    RevStu thanks for your work, long may it continue; your analysis, writing style, and tenacity are excellent, and I’m not one to dish out complements. I would not have known what’s really going on without your blog.

    But please, stop giving your detractors ammunition. You DID call for gun violence. You DO call people “Rapey McRape face”. You DO provoke disharmony on sex and gender issues. You DO exacerbate polarization.

    I’ve said it before; an argument is so much more powerful delivered in a respectful manner.

  42. Winnie says:

    Sturgeon United FC at their finest

  43. Charlie Farlington says:

    I did like “Stuanon”. Showed a degree of wit and topicality. A sharp contrast to the vile, disgraceful and witless comments of the majority of your critics.

  44. holymacmoses says:

    They’re remarkably linguistically challenged Mr Wings. I honestly think they’re all special needs except for Craig H who seems to be misled and behaving stupidly.
    Seriously though, it would be silly to take this lot to heart BUT I can understand how it must be very depressing and damaging to the psyche – which is of course what their ‘handlers’ want it to be.

  45. Daisy Walker says:

    Does it still count as defamation if the defamers have zero credibility?

    What a deeply, deeply, nasty wee crowd they are.

    I can forgive the odd smart arse, inappropriate comment – since I’ve been known to be guilty of it myself. But this lot are petulant poison and I don’t want them anywhere near power.

    Its like the worst and weirdest entriants of the worst ever series of Big Brother – so completely up their own arses, with no professional reference points – that they can’t understand why no-one is watching the show anymore.

    Anyway, am away to contribute to your gin fund. You absolutely deserve it and I’m very grateful for all you’ve done.

    Best wishes. And Cheers.

  46. Sharny Dubs says:


    Aye, stompying around

  47. Morag says:

    Graham, if you think saying “so-and-so needs taken out and shooting” is a call for gun violence, you need to grow up.

  48. Morag says:

    Oh, I just noticed Bella in there. That’s pure green-eyed jealousy that is. Maybe if he learned to write, learned to spell and learned to proof-read, someone might bung him a tenner one day.

  49. shug says:

    Have a drink Stu

    Is there no way you can identify and out them like you did with Brian Spanner

    That was pure class

  50. Craig Jones says:

    Micheal Laing 12.25am

    That’s why Scots never get anywhere in life.

    We are just too nice, we are Snowflakes.

    The english walk all over the top of us.

    Sturgeon walks all over the top of us

    The Wee Gingerbread Man tries to walk all over the top of us.

    And to prove the point about us being Snowflakes, just read back what you posted.

    Michael, you just proved my point, WE ARE JUST TOO FUCKIN NICE.

    So my advice to you and Scots like you, is to start fighting fuckin back.

    Then, just maybe, we might start getting some fuckin where.

    The Wokerati have the ear of Sturgeon and will mix it big time, The gloves have to come off and hit back at these weirdos HARD.

    That is why I admire everything the Rev is doing.

  51. David R says:

    The crème de la crème of Scotland’s chattering class. If this is an example of the leaders and politicians in an indy Scotland then we’re screwed.

    I thought that when they were pushing the “once in a generation” nonsense it was because they had bugger all else. Starting to think that they really believe that it literally meant once in a generation. I’d better be careful or I’ll be in the jail for “pot calling kettle ….”

  52. Unlimiter says:

    The 21st century has seen the birth of this whole “if you’re not with us, you’re against us” culture, first instigated by George dubya and enthusiastically endorsed by Tony Blair whilst leading us into all manners of illegal/immoral wars. I get it on Facebook as well from time to time – “if anybody on here voted for the Tories at the last election then consider yourselves unfriended”. My response is always “trust your friends not to be cunts. If they were cunts, you wouldn’t have chosen them as friends in the first place”

  53. Tannadice Boy says:

    Ah well time for bed. One last comment well done Stu. 9 grand raised. Totally deserved. The last bastion of truth.

  54. David Holden says:

    I see Small Mike nipping out of the undergrowth for a cheap shot. What a bitter twisted little man. If he wants a successful crowd funder he should launch one to pay him to bugger off and shut upit would be a success.

  55. And spouse says:

    With regard to Paul Martin’s tweet regarding monies, I am reminded of Boris’ “pound better spent in Croydon”. The figures are insignificant.

  56. DebzoHighland says:

    Few quid in the pot for you Stu, for a wee gin or two.
    Thank you for being a beacon of truth in a world gone mad!
    Sick to the back teeth of reading posts from Nicola’s ostriches.
    Past the point of even responding to them now, as I am only piled on by more ostriches calling me a yoon and a ("Tractor" - Ed)!
    Posted a link to Nicola’s submitted evidence to the parlimentry enquiry the other week, on the Hands around Scotland group, and pointed out the correspondence between herself and Alex, where he warned her in summer 2018 that she had a duty under the ministerial code to step in if she discovered that her government were acting unlafully.
    Best response was “I’m not reading that! And nobody else should either!”
    Yip, that’s the type of idiots that we are up against folks.

  57. Al-Stuart says:

    Over 1,000,000 reader posts to celebrate and if that Wokeist twatt posting on Phantom Power’s Twitter page is accurate with Wings grand total reaching £899,806, that almost equates to a pound a post.

    No bad at all, Chief oh the Bath Campbells.

    As Dave Gorman might say, this leads us to a “found poem”, or more likely a dodgy found cover song

    At first I was a maid, with a makeral face,
    Kept thinking I could be like Nicky with Wokies at my place
    But then I spent so many gyros tweeting how Stuart did me wrong
    And my words, they did all did pong, I knew I’d done it all so wrong
    And I learned how to sneak in back
    Of the New Wokeist SNP
    You can’t see me. I’ve masterminded Murrell’s unholy strategy

    I just walked in to find Declan’s photo with that sad look upon his face
    I should have changed that stupid cock, I should make you leave your tweets
    If I’d known for just one second you’d be back with a big old fundraiseee
    Go now, go, let me stalk you all the more
    Just see my writ, for 50 quid I look a tit
    ‘Cause it cost me three hundred smakkers from my Wokey piggy bank
    I am a plank and something that rhymes with Declan is a wankk.

    Weren’t you the one who tried to hurt me with your words on Wingeree
    You think I’d grumble?
    You think I’d go to bed and pee
    Oh no, not I, I will now cry
    Oh, as long as I know how to tweet, I’ll wreck the Indy lobby don’t you see
    To make so much noise and screw the SNP

    But now I’ve been found out and I only have 3p
    I guess I’ll flee, Andy Wightman’s left his key
    Oh dear Greens, please can I join?
    I screwed Queen Nick and now she’s toast and no one’s tea.
    I need another place to plant my dodgy ide-Wokeist-ology
    I am a Woke, from the Wokerateri….

    Sorry Gloria. That went off the rails a bit. But then have most of the McWokeist lobby on Twitter losing the plot.

    Stuart, Declan effectively gave us the incentive to send you £8,000.

    Effectively an eight grand present from Declan “The Face” Blanch gifted to Stuart “The Wings” Campbell. That has to hurt the McWanky McWokeys.

    How does that feel Dex.

    I hear some quiet sobs as all those deluded thieves of the REAL SNP are now begining to see they have been rumbled.

  58. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    You know, Stu, by giving these people halitosis-smelling oxygen, you do feed this a bit, you have to admit. If you never mentioned any of them, and it’s often the same strange few lonely, confused, angry people time and again, nobody would pay any attention to them, just like on most social media, with most people. I would never had heard of any of these people (none of whom I could give a damn aboot) without you pointing them out, or looked for them or their kind on social media, because life’s too fucking short. Then they wouldn’t be able to get together in their wee pompous victimhood-themed happiness-free glee clubs to whine aboot the ‘big bad Bath man who gave me a thrill and made my night by acknowledging my otherwise unremarkable, unremarked-upon existence.’

    What use is ANY of this, except as a sort of juvenile trolling revenge on utter nobodies, who in turn obsess over, and want trolling revenge on you? It’s almost obsessively masochistic, on both sides, and it’s meaningless and pointless. Why not do a bit on interesting people with opinions you support on Twitter, bring in some positive energies to buoy us all during these unprecedented, utterly fucking horrendous, tradition-end times? It would make a welcome, interesting change. Cos Jesus Christ, my heart is fucking broken enough by everything going on in the world today, let alone just this damaged, lost, disintegrating country, and this is only making it worse. I really need to stop reading all this madness. Depressing and tragic.

    She falls asleep the same way every night
    she dreams of new worlds in the TV light
    she’s lonely, she’s tired, she’s lonely, she’s crying
    it makes her feel like something is going on
    it makes her feel like people are around
    to tell her she’s all right
    to keep out the night
    she wonders why she feels this way
    she wonders if she’ll ever be okay
    there’s nothing she can laugh about
    no anthem for a new tomorrow
    cut off a long time ago now no one wants to hear about it
    she thinks about how everybody smiles
    but no one ever seems to have the time to
    ever stop and try to think
    to ever crack a little bit
    she knows that someday things are gonna change
    things will get a little better
    but it just seems like everyday
    it slips a little more and fades
    it should feel good to be alive
    the world keeps dropping back but she’s still trying
    she leaves the TV on at night
    so she won’t have to keep on crawling inside herself

  59. t42 says:

    I heard [insert] built a mansion in the [insert] countryside paid for from the sweat of impoverished people. It’s the size of 3 football pitches and has 24 carat gold bathroom fittings and everything, i saw it on tv so it’s definitely true. Ostentatious when you consider the average [insert] earns less than 20 [insert] a week!

  60. Skip_NC says:

    t42, are we back to dildoes again?

  61. Willie Jay says:

    @ WhoRattledYourCage:
    “You know, Stu, by giving these people halitosis-smelling oxygen, you do feed this a bit, you have to admit. If you never mentioned any of them, and it’s often the same strange few lonely, confused, angry people time and again, nobody would pay any attention to them, just like on most social media, with most people.”


    “These people”, who you claim are strange, lonely, confused and angry have a *HUGE* following on their Tw@tter accounts. This was amply demonstrated yesterday when the wee lad claimed he had won a “victory” over Wings.
    Did you not see/read the many sycophantic responses to his vacant claims?

    As was soon demonstrated, it was a totally empty victory. His claim of a “victory” was an out-and-out lie. In fact it was a total defeat under any other name, and for anyone at all to suggest, “Oh, just ignore them and they’ll go away … ” is so absolutely and totally wrong.

    These people DO NOT go away if ignored. They create Tw@tter tsunamis and publish more lies when not challenged. Their lies are then repeated ad infinitum by their followers.

    Even alleged “sensible people” join in to spread these falsehoods even further and attempt to give some legitimacy to out-and-out lies.

    NO! NO! NO! NEVER! These liars must *ALWAYS* be challenged whenever they are seen to be attempting to publish untruths.

    If you, “WhoRattledYourCage”, have come to the conclusion that lies are best ignored, simply to make life easier, you have already thrown in the towel and lost the battle.
    I would suggest that you hand in your sword, close down your blog, and go and have a nice cup of tea.

    Meantime, others with much more integrity will challenge lies *wherever* they come from.

  62. GlenIslay says:

    oooooft…their arguments are hilariously bad.

    Not a good sign of where schools are going with their curriculum. Needs more remedial logic classes, and less of well…whatever the hell they’re teaching kids these days.

  63. GlenIslay says:

    And cults don’t go away if they just ignore them. They keep growing and growing and growing until they are challenged.

    We ignored this cult for too long, trying to wheesht for indy, while they wouldn’t shut up. Now they’re on the verge of killing the SNP like stage 4 cancer.

  64. twathater says:

    Stuart this unrelenting drivel and malevolent behaviour must be oxygen sucking to see every fucking day , can I ask you to look at the success of your posts on WOS and take comfort at the number of people who RELY on your truth and honest exposures every day .

    Without gein ye a big heid it is your determination and fighting spirit that has encouraged other bloggers to also mirror and expose the fetid rank corruption that lays at the heart of the Scottish Government ,

    I am NOT being flippant or sycophantic when I say that without your integrity , honesty and determination to expose these scum within the Scottish system of governance most of what has gone on would have passed by barely noticed

    What I am saying is DON’T let the bastards grind you down , ALL the sane people who post and read your blog have your back

  65. Hatuey says:

    “Two people have died and 18 others have been hospitalized after a “respiratory outbreak” at a Virginia retirement community, according to officials.” 11 July 2019

    “Deadly Germ Research Is Shut Down at Army Lab Over Safety Concerns” Aug. 5, 2019

    “ The rumour claims the US Army brought coronavirus to Wuhan when they participated in the Military Olympic Games last October.”

    “French army returned from Wuhan military games in October with mystery illness”

    “ Athletes at World Military Games may have brought coronavirus to Europe”

  66. William L. Greaves says:

    Dear Stuart, Despite being SNP all my life, I have more experience with the American Wokesters than their Scottish counterparts. Why is the crew of Biden cronies so incompetent? Skin colour and gender (all 300 of them?) are much more important that competence and then there is that great fear that if you hire only competent people then you are brutally discriminating against the incompetent.
    Your threat to kill me with hammers is appropriately ironic because one of my pet remarks is to describe people as being dumber than a bag of hammers and that, surely, is a deft description of the Wokesters; sorry, wokerati.

  67. paul says:

    How many good people on the NEC would it require to reformulate the dwindling organisation as the scottish dependent party?

    It would be a bold and,that rarest of things, an honest statement.

    In this manufuctured era of robust individualism, who would openly declare themselves dependent over indepenent?

    Is there anyone in the leadership willing to acknowledge their transparent cross dressing is just a pathological mirror of the prison of unrequited love?

    It’s love of a kind.

    The kind that is easily,and forever, unrequieted.

    What miserable bliss!

  68. Bugger le Panda says:


    Stuart is not a Rank Badjin, a Loby Dosser aye.

  69. StuartM says:

    Rev Stu, surprised you haven’t commented on this story in The National:
    “Boris Johnson claims to be ‘voice of the Scottish people’ despite Union Unit chaos”

    “BORIS Johnson is the “voice of the majority of the Scottish people,” Downing Street has claimed.

    “The bizarre comment from the Prime Minister’s official spokesperson came as more questions were asked over the ousting of Luke Graham, the former Scottish Tory MP in charge of the No 10 Union Unit.

    It emerged last night that he was being replaced by Vote Leave chief and Dominic Cummings’s protege, Oliver Lewis. Known as Sonic, the aide is set to take control of Downing Street’s campaign to save the Union – despite having no known experience of Scottish politics. Graham’s departure also means that there are now no Scots in the Union Unit.”

    Good to hear that Boris knows what Scots think better than they do themselves, as shown by their overwhelming support for the Conservatives in the 2019 General Election. And that the Union Unit that’s going to convince the Scots that being ruled by England is best has finally become Scot-free. Those Scots can be an awkward bunch you know.

  70. Dorothy Devine says:

    Rev, as a gin drinker and a Turkish delight enthusiast may I ask , is there really a Turkish delight flavoured gin??

    I will be donating via the bank in the very near future.

    Please take care ,Scotland needs you and it needs WGD, Talking up Scotland, and all the others who work for independence.

    I am no prude but the language below the line has deteriorated and can hardly be attractive to all.

    As for the foolish abuse of other bloggers I can only imagine a pea brained usurper is placing them there in order to cause division.

  71. 1971Thistle says:

    I think you should adopt “His Vileness” as a formal title

  72. Tom says:

    be sure to watch your Dentist, Rev. Does he/she/they look anything like Olivier as Szell?

  73. Tinto Chiel says:

    Of course, Mr Nicol is right, but only if you completely twist what “Ever-Vile” (copyright, Pete Wishart) Campbell actually said, until the truth is wrought quite out of shape.

    Just as well encouraging someone to incinerate Stu’s head is entirely benevolent, eh?.

    Bunged in a small extra contribution for your TD gin habit.

  74. Muscleguy says:

    @Ian Brotherhood
    In the week I tweeted about my new job and last I looked it had over 350 likes. So you are absolutely right.

  75. Indy says:

    Expressing your continued disappointment at someone for having a difference opinion is arrogance at its finest (& a little emotionally abusive) – the encapsulation of the woke. The young idealists that thrive on public shaming.

    Hope you’re ok Stu. Aye, we could take what you said literally, or we could apply common sense and context like we do in everyday life, but we their agenda is plain for all to see.

  76. Mc Duff says:

    These people are quite deranged and are not interested in independence and are merely want to belong to the weird Sturgeon cult/coven /club, whatever she actually represents now. But they clearly have only one oar in the water.
    The irony is that the rev has done more for independence from his two bedroomed flat in Bath than the SNP has done in the past six years. Fact.

  77. Robert Hughes says:

    A friend of mine recently posted a Pro-SNP message on Facebook , alas , the image was a sign on what looked like a Glasgow Underground train saying in bold TRANSPHOBES …..blah blah . Now , I haven’t lived in Glasgow since the 80s but I’m pretty sure the city is not teeming with gangs of vicious bigots on the hunt for poor defenceless Trans people , correct me if I’m wrong .

    No , it’s all about reinforcing this idea of victimhood , oppression and threat .

    The irony ( and very possibly the intention ) is by creating this phantom enemy they will likely create the very thing they are supposedly fighting – a self-fulfilling prophecy .

    ” Transcult ” is exactly the correct name for this bizarre phenomenon .

    The abandonment of a capacity to tolerate dissent , informed criticism , the sense of embattled righteous struggle ( hahaha , WOOMEN OF THE WORLD UNITE , YOU HAVING NOTHING TO LOSE BUT YOUR BRAINS ) narcissistic disregard for anyone not onboard’s concerns , the paranoid perception of being assailed on all sides by nebulous enemies intent on denying ” us ” our ” rights ” and so on . All classic indicators of cult-mentality .

    And , like we don’t already have our troubles to seek in Scotland , one of the biggest cheerleaders for this garbage is St Nicola Patron Saint of Jiggery-Pokery-Wokery .

    Like WRYC above I’ve wondered if the best policy would be just ignoring them , as they do seem to thrive on any reference to them , negative or positive , but as someone else said , ignoring them won’t make them desist or disappear , these fanatics have an agenda and will have to be opposed all the way

  78. Graham says:

    @WhoRattledYourCage I agree, it’s become more about personal bickering than independence, and turns most people off, which is a shame, because some of Wings analysis is golden.

    @morag if you don’t think saying someone needs to be shot is advocating violence then there’s probably not much more to say, except that telling someone to “grow up” does absolutely nothing to evidence your contrary view, it shows you have no argument except personal insult.

    Calling for someone to be shot, even with figurative intent, detracts and distracts from whatever point was being made and convinces no one. The author of such thereby loses credibility. And by the way; some people act on words like that. Remember Joe Cox?

  79. katherine hamilton says:

    Keep sticking it to them pal! They don’t like it up ’em. Every insult adds a fiver. Dicks.

  80. Bob Maxwell says:

    Jeezo, how did Scotland end up with so many infantile roasters? These cry babies love playing the victim card; look at me, look at me, don’t look at me. Looks like daddy bear is teaching all his little baby beavers the art of victimhood, as they seem to cry wolf at every given opportunity, using transgenderoonies as a vehicle to manipulate the system for their own greedy ill gotten mitts.

    Keep up the good work Rev, and I hope Denise can produce another excellent list of good guy, good guy, wank for the up and coming Scottish elections in order for us to see who is part of the Wokeratti club sandwich gang.

    Maybe it will be best if everybody gave their list vote to the ISP, as most of the SNP list and a fair chunk of the constituent contenders are likely to be part of the munchausen brigade.

  81. Patsy Millar says:

    Your only despicable crime as I see it is liking Turkish Delight flavoured gin. That is an abomination and you should be ashamed of yourself. Can I begin your re-education by pointing you in the direction of Arran gin. If you promise to give it a try I might be able to continue as one of your supporters.

  82. Jason Hoffman says:

    What a shame we now inhabit these parallel universes. I’m fairly certain that most of the angry tweeters above never read WoS but they know so much about the content and the Rev. At the same time they turn a blind eye to the machinations of the SNP. It’s ust sad and divided in-fighting when we should be united against Boris.

    Frustratingly the Tory govt in Westminister is so open for a good kicking but the Indy movement is mired in in-fighting and scrabling for influence – too many big fish in a wee puddle. I fear the Indy movement does more to hold back the progress towards Indy than all of the Unionists combined.

    I’ve taken a break from Indy on Twitter because it was doing my head in, and have recently started reading WoS again. Not much mas changed in six months.

    The more indepth detail I read about the inner workings of the SNP on WOS, the less I want to vote for them again. But there is no other realistic choice if we want indepedence (which I think is still the goal, yes?)

    But the Faustian bargain on offer is giving the SNP even more power when we get Indy. I’m not sure I like that.

    Scottish politics is such a mess.

    I sometimes wonder now whether we want Indy on the terms the SNP are offering (more of them until Scot Labour/Scot Tory/Scot LibDem/Scot Green/Scot WoS/Scot whoever) comes into being to challenge them.

  83. Wee Crabbit Bas says:

    WokeNats strap-on line: “Sharp as a tin tack, and as flat in the heid.”

  84. David Caledonia says:

    My stance is clear, as an SNP voter for 50 years I will never vote for them again, anyone who does is just helping to kill our goal of independence
    We should get organised and get our people to vote for one pro/independence party that has the most candidates in the coming elections
    I have just joined now scotland and believe me its a breath of fresh air, I will instruct my back to cancel my annual £5 to the SNP as they are not even worth a fiver, I will give that fiver to now scotland

  85. David Caledonia says:

    not my back, my bank, oh I feel such a fool lol

  86. David Caledonia says:

    What the feck is turkish delight flavoured gin, and who drinks gin anyway, even my mother wouldn’t touch that stuff, she was like me a bit to fond o a wee goldie lol

  87. Lenny Hartley says:

    Patsy Millar as one of 5he few remaining Arranachs , i agree with your Liking of Arran Gin ( i pass the place its made most days walking my dug. Its very marmite though, only tried it once, took a bottle to the Isle of Man as a pressie to folk i was staying with, there was a BBQ and bugger me didnt I end up drinking the bottle ?

  88. Ian Mac says:

    They are very eloquent in demonstrating how the SNP has become a cult which brooks no criticism. The most revealing fact about them is that the very tactics and behaviour they pretend to abhor is the very ones they use – abuse, crude innuendo, smears and lies. That is apparently fine when it is them doing it, but sends them into a tailspin of confected rage when they fabricate lies about others doing it.

    It is obvious they can’t handle criticism or questions in any form, and what appears to rattle their cage so much is the revelations which continue to leak out about their antidemocratic, closed shop fiefdom.

    Let us remember what Joanna Cherry, infinitely more talented and intelligent than most of them, said quite reasonably and without rancour:

    “As to the internal politics of the SNP, what is now in the public domain is the tip of the iceberg of behaviour which I and others have had to put up with for years. I really do understand why people say – “sort this out in private, it’s harming the cause”, but please be aware there is no internal way to properly discuss policy or strategy and there is no functioning link between MPs and the leadership. ”

    A damning indictment on what they have become, from somebody who has done more for the independence cause than any of them, whose sole interest is power, not independence.

    And let us also remember, she is the target of threats and abuse from within her own party, with no senior members defending her or condemning the abuse.

    So let’s get it right where abuse and foul language is coming from – the SNP and many of its members. Toe the line, or be an outcast, abused and ridiculed.

  89. Derek says:

    “Stuanon” made me laugh, though.

  90. James Che. says:

    MR NICOL? Incitement and hate speech, the use of mental manipulation of others as a tool to gain traction of own self importance and distorting truth to incite others to act on your behalf against a persons future health and well-being, also with the purpose of also causing them financial loss, to intimidate a person into submission in a hateful manner by incitement of others.
    To put down or destroy the character of another on social media to gain and use social media for the purpose of hate speech.?

  91. Saffron Robe says:

    Very interesting comment, Ian Mac. From what Joanna Cherry says, it seems that the SNP are no longer a functioning democratic party.

  92. Yasmin says:

    Shooting could just as easily be via a bow and arrow :-). Crackpot seems to have gun on the brain. V worrying.

  93. Sharon says:

    Oh it must be killing them that you started the fundraiser to cover their wee £50 “win” and ended up with £9k and counting. Every penny is well deserved and thank you for not putting annoying adverts all over your site too! 😀

  94. qwertyfiable says:

    Two bedrooms. Fucking liberty.

  95. James Miller says:

    I chipped in despite making the Wings block list for some reason, think your doing good work, keep it up.

  96. Brian says:

    I know it’s not where you really want to live Stu but you really get to live rent free in the heads of everyone of these idiots.

    I’m still working out how they can make death threats and

    A) not have a visit from the Police and

    B) Still be complying with Twitters Rules on hate ?

    One rule for the woke and another for the sane.

  97. Kingu says:

    My granny used today “he/she/they should be shot with a ball of their own shit”. Now I’m sure you didn’t mean that anyone should actually be shot, but you gave them fuel for their fire. I’ll hold my hands up I never used to like this blog well when I say I didn’t like I mean I had no strong feelings either way. However, I now truly believe that we do need wings, we need the corruption to be exposed and you’re the one dedicated to doing it.

    I’ve thrown in £10, please enjoy, sorry it couldn’t be more. I don’t need Pension Pete to feel sorry for me, I’ve donated of my own free will. Here I’d rather give you than keep him and the rest in their comfy seats. #NoVotesSNP do you think we could get that trending and give them all a scare?

  98. L.U.T.B. says:

    I cheerfully self-identify as a Unionist Tory Bastard & I’ve been lurking here for a few months: I was looking for info on the whole Sturgeon/Salmond stushie, sadly missing from the MSM. (Excepting The Spectator which is arguably a bitty too niche to qualify as main-stream!)
    What I’ve found here and other on other sites such as Craig Murray’s and Iain Lawson’s is deeply worrying. It gives me none of the enemy-in-disarray comfort I’d been hoping for.
    I resigned myself to Scottish Independence after the English & Welsh voted for Brexit & knew the Union was totally fucked after Boris the Bastard & Begetter of Yet More Bastards became it’s main champion!
    I’m old enough & rich enough that I’ll be okay come what may. But I really do not relish the idea of Scotland becoming a one party state, ruled by a Supreme Leader and her husband & Chief of Staff with a tame Lord Advocate prosecuting political rivals or cheeky bloggers willy-nilly!
    So power to your keyboard. If Scotland is to stand alone, then whatever direction it takes, it would be better if it was decent & democractic.
    I’ve made a wee contribution to your Turkish Delight Gin fund. If instead you choose to squander it on doing what you are doing then that’s up to you!

  99. Geri says:

    Does the Iain Nicol guy not remember the doctored red circled ‘Target’ pictures of SNP MP & MSPs? Jeez!

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