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The vote of confidence

Posted on February 15, 2020 by

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    1. Republicofscotland says:

      So Alan Massie, who lives in a overseas tax haven donated £5000 pounds to Jackson Carlaws campaign.

      Massie appears to have backed both Labour and the Tories, financially, in a bid to save the union.

    2. Republicofscotland says:

      “It is impossible to overstate how devastating this UK gov policy will be for Scotland’s economy.” Says Nicola Sturgeon.

      Well you’ve had three bloody years and countless mandates to do something about it. You didnt, instead you ran on a stop Brexit ticket, instead of a independence one, you attempte to save England from itself instead of saving Scotland from Englands folly.

      Its high time you got your priorities right, and hold a indyref as soon as feasibly possible.

    3. twathater says:

      @ Liz g 10.55am Thanks for that clarification Liz , I am very socialist minded but until we’re independent we need to keep EVERYONE onside and happy to vote for the NEW party , without scaring the horses by introducing Solidarity or Rise as the new phoenix

      It would be fantastic to have many or all the well kent faces and bloggers as prospective candidates and even if they personally don’t want to stand their endorsement of the party and it’s aims would give credibility and reassurance to the indy cause

      The very fact that the likes of Pete ( maybe in a few years ) wishart is pouring scorn on the idea and is deliberately attempting to insist that it will damage SNP chances without looking at the possible advantages to indy , tells me that he is worried for the future of the warm benches at wastemonster

    4. Dan says:

      @Republicofscotland at 4.52pm

      #LedByMcDonkeys …

    5. Jason Smoothpiece says:

      I believe it’s Prince Andrews birthday today, so who are all having a party?

      Sorry, no one?

      Miserable shower.

    6. robertknight says:

      Come in SNP Troughers, Your Time’s Up!

      Sturgeon quoted on RT stating the bloody obvious re. immigration.

      WTF you being doing the past three years?

      Ample opportunity to get WM dragged into the tar pit of UK, Scots and English constitutional law and left to drown its own piss and shit.

      Instead of which, what were you doing all that time? Oh yes… trying and failing to stop the English from getting what they voted for whilst paying lip service, courtesy of your three-piece clown at Westminster, to what we voted for.

      SNP – as much use to Scotland as a chocolate tea pot to a diabetic.

    7. stewartb says:

      ben madigan @ 1:30 pm

      You write: “the Constitution Unit at University College London adds to the discussion on Scotland’s Claim of Right. The CU says it is the UK’s leading research body on constitutional change.”

      It’s kind of important to add who actually wrote the article you refer to – none other than that well kent figure here on WoS, Mr David Torrance!

    8. frogesque says:

      I’m tired, worn out, worn down like tire out of track. Marches, stone painting, manning bridges, talking to Unionist and Andy supporters.

      Fucking knackered and for what? Polls at 50%+- , donations to this and that, political infighting, SNP stasis, and Westminster laughing up its collective cuffs and taking the piss. Even Stu has fucked off and I can’t really blame him.

      We need a date or the Indy project is a busted flush.

      End of rant

    9. manandboy says:


      Scotland’s pro-EU stance triggers watchmaking firm’s move from England
      The Marloe Watch Company, which is relocating to Perth, said its values are ‘much more in line with Scotland than the rest of Britain right now.

      A watchmaking firm has quit England for a new base in Scotland as a result of Brexit.

      Bosses at the Marloe Watch Company said the move was part of a planned expansion strategy but was also influenced by Scotland’s support for the EU.
      Co-founder Oliver Goffe said the company’s values are “much more in line with Scotland than the rest of Britain right now”.

      He spoke out after the firm moved from Henley-on-Thames in Oxfordshire to Perth – where it plans to recruit new workers.

      As a business, we would have preferred to remain and, post-Brexit, this is more likely to happen for Scotland than for the rest of Britain Oliver Goffe

      The possibility that Scotland could become independent and rejoin the EU was said by the firm to be an “important trigger” in the relocation.

      Mr Goffe said: “As a business, we are certainly pro-Remain so a Scottish base sits better with our values.

      “We want our children to grow up in a global world, not one that’s ring-fenced.

      “Our values are much more in line with Scotland than the rest of Britain right now.”

    10. cirsium says:

      thank you for your articulate comments, republicofscotland(4.52pm) and robertknight(5.34pm). I could only splutter WTFF.

    11. Tannadice Boy says:

      Frogesque says…I say.. ok I feel your frustration. How about we apply intellect to this question. I campaigned in 2014 and this is the first time I have commented on this blog since I left the SNP in early 2015 after NS give us an insight into her world.
      A centre consensus party diving to the woke left. Why did we lose thd Ref are still unresolved. It’s all about the Murrells. Sturgeon has made a fortune on the back of your gullibility.

    12. manandboy says:


      ‘And Then – Nothing. Silence’ (Greta Thunberg)

      The Deadly Facade Of ‘Democracy’.

      As world leaders and CEOs met at the annual World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, in January 2020, Greenpeace rightly accused them of hypocrisy over the climate emergency. Twenty-four banks that regularly attend Davos have provided $1.4 trillion of financial support for the hydrocarbon sector since the Paris agreement set new emissions reduction goals in 2015.

      Jennifer Morgan, Greenpeace International’s executive director, noted that the WEF’s mission statement is to ‘improve the state of the world’. But, in reality:

      ‘The banks, insurers and pension funds here at Davos are culpable for the climate emergency. Despite environmental and economic warnings, they’re fuelling another global financial crisis by propping up the fossil fuel industry. These money men at Davos are nothing short of hypocrites as they say they want to save the planet but are actually killing it for short-term profit.’

    13. jfngw says:

      Tories texting about university places, how long before a Reporting Scotland expose.

      I hear they are ringing bells to celebrate Prince Andrew’s birthday, apparently they have chosen ‘Bring Your daughter To The Slaughter’ this year, I’m intrigued as to how this will sound on hand bells.

    14. Effijy says:

      Listened to BBC Radio 1 at 5.45pm tonight.
      Great deal of the 15 minute news summary
      Was dedicated to the Brit Awards for Music

      Really extensive report on who done what and
      Win what. Even a 22 second interview of a winner
      Making several excuses not to be interviewed and
      Gossip from the after parties.

      The one and only detail they didn’t touch was the Award
      Winner who call Boris out for being a racist?

      That was the big news of the event but the BBC don’t do
      Real news do they.

      BBC Cleaning up Boris’ Sick Racism with their tongue.


    15. jfngw says:

      I think we can all see now why Alex Salmond was taken out of the equation, now we have strategy from people like Pete Wishart. If your wondering who from the SNP will be first to accept a HoL place, I have an inkling.

    16. Peter says:

      Independence List Party for 2021 Holyrood Election.

      I can see why the idea is attractive and Stuart’s argument is compelling. However, for it to work there needs to be serious support for the party.
      Does anyone have answers to the following concerns I have?
      1. Will enough voters [who do not take much interest between elections] hear of or understand about the party?
      2. Will Stuart be the face of the party? No offence, but is his association an asset in getting support from MSM consuming voters?
      3. Who selects the List of potential MSPs?
      4. Being an MSP for five years is a job – it isn’t just a vote for Independence. Will those elected be there and work?
      5. Those elected will be for Independence..but what are the other policies? Holyrood has to deal with lots of matters – will the party have set policies on all other matters or will the voters be voting blind?

      The idea really has to be discussed and thought through. I am willing to support such a party but am not hearing practical answers to these issues.

    17. Dr Jim says:

      The UK government *says* things but the Scottish government only *claim* things
      Jimson Carsplot *says* It’s all good, but the FM only *claims* that it’s not

      As long as Scots tolerate being told they’re second class, they’ll continue to be second class, and the media tells Scotland that every day, over and over and over again

      You can’t be unless you can see, and you can’t see when somebody’s blinding you

    18. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      @ manandboy

      Re: Marloe. Their brand is all about being ‘British’, so they’re full of it. Opportunistic glish rats, nothing more.

    19. manandboy says:

      Reluctant Nationalist says:
      19 February, 2020 at 7:23 pm
      @ manandboy

      Re: Marloe. Their brand is all about being ‘British’, so they’re full of it. Opportunistic glish rats, nothing more.

      Cheers, Reluctant Nationalist.

    20. Robert Louis says:

      Seriously, it would really benefit the push for independence, if Pete Wishy-washy wishart shut the F up. Hardly a week goes by, when he is not personally utterly demoralising the entire indy movement, with his rubbish. I don’t know what motivates the man, but it certainly doesn’t seem to be independence.

    21. Robert Louis says:

      jfngw at 642pm,

      Oh, yes, Pete would be literally chomping at the bit.

      The SNP has sadly started becoming a party of careerists and greasy pole climbers. Just like Labour did – does Pete remember what happened to them???

    22. Mist001 says:

      RE todays news about the new immigration rules allows Mrs. Murrell to adopt her default position and blame Westminster and say how bad it will be for Scotland.

      That idiot had almost 4 years to do something about it and she didn’t.

      She’s as much responsible for Scotlands woes as Westminster is and it’s about time she recognised that fact and fucked off to let someone else to take over who can do the job she was elected to do, which was to facilitate Scotlands independence.

      Nothing will assuage my fury towards Mrs. Murrell and the SNP. Nothing.

    23. SilverDarling says:

      Well it’s obvious how Pete Wishart managed to get his majority back. He reassured all those Perthshire Tories that voting for him would ensure no Indyref2 as long as he was their MP.

      Every statement he has made since the election reaffirms that. Job done Pete.

    24. manandboy says:



      “People living in parts of Wales, Northern England and Scotland are bracing themselves for more heavy rain in the aftermath of Storm Dennis.
      The Environment Agency has warned there is a “heightened flood risk” across the Midlands. Six severe weather warnings are still in place, meaning there is a danger to life around the Rivers Lugg, Severn and Wye. The lower Avon remains especially high.

      The Met Office has warned that in the worst-case scenario, a month’s worth of rain could fall in the next 24 hours.

    25. Dr Jim says:

      John Redwood thinks it’s not xenophobic to want to control immigration, how can it be xenophobic to want to protect your own *culture*

      I must say it was the use of the word *culture* that surprised me the most, I’m sure he was thinking white people but culture sounds better

    26. mike cassidy says:

      Occasional reminder that the Trans issue is not going away.

      Twitter has banned the LGB groupings of all the parties.

    27. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Reluctant Nationalist @ 19:23,

      Ah, but it’s when the “opportunistic rats” begin departing that you truly know that the ship is holed below the waterline. They are the fast-thinking precursor of what’s to follow.

      You may not like the underlying motivation, but such hard-headed self-preserving calculation is far more convincing than a million pious or outright mendacious empty words. And before you know it, the trickle turns into a torrent as reality increasingly dawns, even among the natural sluggards. So be prepared for more of the same, and be glad of it.

    28. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Mist001 @ 20:07,

      Oh, there goes another one. UKGov declares UK immigration rules to exclude all but the already over-privileged, and somehow, by some kind of tortuous inverse magic, it’s all the fault of that “Mrs Murrell”.


      It’s getting so easy to spot, this. No subtlety. You really need to try a lot harder.

    29. iain mhor says:

      Brexit may apparently have been the usual ‘English xenphobia’ etc. That’s not an unique condition to ‘England’; there as many in all walks as well as Scotland. Xenophobia was merely stoked, levered and weaponised.
      Everything about Brexit, Scottish Independence etc. is about UK Parliamentary Sovereignty ie: the ability to interpret and apply a vague constitution as a Government sees fit.

      It harks back decades (I have long paragraphs on that too – jeezus no!) but the most recent triggger was the “Factortame” case in the 90’s
      TL;DR EU legislation was incoporated into UK legislation and that EU legislation, overrode any UK Pariamentary Sovereignty.
      Ohhh tae fuck! Naww naww naww, wur no huvin that!
      Even more recently the Miller case – naww naww absolutely naww – see! That’s what we’ve been talking about – taking back control

      I’m no apologist for the EU. I have severe reservation about political integration, but as for the trade etc side, I’m far more aligned. Yes there is a degree where they are not mutually exclusive; however the Prime principle of the “UK” etc. is Parliamentary Sovereignty uber alles and deil tak the hindmost.

      They will burn everything and salt the earth to preserve the ability to make anything up and be beholden to no-one. Laudable in the age of empires certainly – Not politic today. The age of Empires was the literal strength of the sword arm or the trigger – black was white if you said it was. The UK state is weak for only a short window. Let’s not stay our hand before we must wrestle with the 51st State.

      Aye, strong words – ye want chips or roast tatties the night?
      Eh, Naw, I wiz saying the time tae strike is now!… Roast tatties or chips I said!… eh, aye ok – tatties ta.

    30. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      RJS: “…and be glad of it.”

      Heheh. Yeah.

    31. Dr Jim says:

      Referendum legal this, not legal that, once in a generation legal not legal, consultative referendum legal not legal, you get really fed up listening to folk use that word as if it means something

      My mother was my legal guardian and threatened to kill me on multiple occasions as I’m sure many mothers do daily at the tops of their voices, we’re all still alive

      So legal shmegal, laws get made unmade changed and renewed and even scrapped or we’d still be burning witches and sticking folks heads in the stocks

      What constitutes making law, we elect a bunch of folk who sounded like they might want the same things we do then they make laws, Scotland’s a country and we elected a bunch of folk so make it so

      You would think it would be that easy, it should be, our lot can make laws on some things but not other things by an agreement with another country who don’t want us to be making any laws at all, so that’s a bad law for a start

      Even God made laws that nobody pays any attention to and he’s supposed to be a bigger boss than this other country that keeps telling us we can’t do things because they made a law that says so

      America has *In God we trust* written on their money so they must think that’s very important
      Maybe it’s about time for the combined churches and places of worship of all religions in Scotland to collectively make a call to the English Pharaoh to *let our people go*, after all they represent the word of the almighty on earth, would the UK Guv ignore that, the media wouldn’t, can you imagine the headlines

      I’m having a bit of fun but only a bit because ss daft as this sounds why not ask them, before the plagues of shit descend upon us, oh and them down there in that other country as well, is the Pharoah going to ridicule the clergy, would he dare

    32. Colin Alexander says:

      Talk of Joanna Cherry going for Davidson’s vacated Edinburgh MSP seat. But Angus Robertson is after it too.

      Isn’t he supposed to be busy running Progress Scotland? “Progress Scotland aims to help prepare the case for Scotland to progress towards independence” LoL.

      An incredibly talented, highly respected legal mind, a very pro-independence politician and rising star or a Sturgeon supporter that lost his seat?

      Hmmm I wonder who SNP headquarters would prefer as the candidate?

    33. Colin Alexander says:

      Dr Jim

      The SNP woke cult at Glasgow City Council blocked the son of the Rev. Billy Graham from preaching at the SSE Hydro.

      So, I don’t think the churches in Scotland will be saying many prayers for the SNP. Unless, it’s prayers saying: get rid of the the Murrells and their woke cult colonial administration.

    34. manandboy says:


      As parts of the UK brace themselves for yet another damaging storm, which is forecast to bring a month’s rain in 24 hours,
      the story goes that the 1% of the 1% have been advised by their very expensive financial gurus that the future is very bleak indeed. Consequently, the advice to them is to amass as much wealth as possible and to procure a bolthole, preferably on a remote island or country, or even a large Yacht, where they can find safety and security as the social order collapses and violent retribution against the wealthy breaks out.
      These very wealthy people are the ones who are holding back progress on Climate Change as they defend and protect the fossil fuel industry, from which the wealthy will be making billions. Paraphrasing Al Gore, its hard to persuade a man to support CO2 reduction, when he’s depending on coal and oil for his next £10billion.

      Even when his refusal will cost the Earth.

      The Climate Crisis – mankind’s worst, and longest, nightmare. Coming to a cinema near you – and everywhere else on the planet.

    35. Elmac says:

      Dr Jim @ 12.01

      Love your posts and the dry wit. Apropos of your reference to the exodus from Egypt I would like to be the first to wish a plague of frogs on our Fuhrer followed by lice and flies. That should keep him occupied for a bit whilst we go about securing our independence from the vampire state.

    36. Dr Jim says:

      @Elmac 12:46am

      You’ve got have a bit of whimsy now and then

    37. Breeks says:

      manandboy says:
      19 February, 2020 at 8:33 pm


      The Gods are very angry and vengeful because some genius started giving names to storms.

      We should stop the practice immediately and stop the Teletubbies from making executive decisions.

    38. Rm says:

      Where would the majority of Scots people do if they couldn’t get treatment from the SNHS ( Scottish National Health Service) it does a great job, the nurses the doctors the porters every person who works for the SNHS, listening to Anas Sarwar don’t know how anyone could vote for that happy chappy not one bit of anything good about Scotland as far as he’s concerned he especially has a problem with the SNHS if he’s nae happy why does he not go and move down south that boys got a big problem, all the opposition parties try to take it down but without the Scottish National Health Service everybody’s going to be lots worse off, we need it to look after us all.

    39. mike cassidy says:

      The new immigration system.

      “The entire country is being reformatted to make Nigel Farage more comfortable about hearing foreign languages on a train.”

      “We imagine we are restricting others, but in reality we are imprisoning ourselves.”

    40. Famous15 says:

      Colin Alexander 1206.

      Your wee hit at Glasgow Council declining to support Franklin Graham’s visit is breathtaking. Liverpool and Sheffield have already banned him for hate speech because he said that gay people will burn in the fires of hell for all eternity.

      Wee Colin thought he could do a pile on on the back of the trans woke “debate”

      Colin knows and the dogs in the street knows that Graham supports crimes like gross indecency and lengthy prison terms for simply being gay.

      Laugh is the Bible condemns gays as severely as those who eat shellfish or God help us,those who have a tattoo.Its in the same chapter FGS.

    41. manandboy says:

      Famous 15 says:
      “The Bible condemns gays as severely as those who eat shellfish or God help us,those who have a tattoo.Its in the same chapter FGS.”

      Which chapter and from which Book, Famous. Do tell.

    42. manandboy says:

      Ps… and which version?

    43. Al-Stuart says:

      Fascinating article in the National today….

      Former Speaker of Westminster House of Commons favours the Scottish Government having the national authority to call IndyRef2

      Whilst Pete Wishart prefers for Scotland NOT to call IndyRef2.

      Could this be a reflection of the fact Pete Wishart loves Westminster, enjoys the London lifestyle and wants to become Speaker of the House of Commons?

      Might as well go the whole hog Pete and take ermine….

      Lord Wishart of RunRig

      Like so many of our SNP MPs Pete Wishart has deserted their SNP work ethic. He, and many of our 49 SNP MPs have defacated on Independence for Scotland and are concentrating on advancing their own personal careers in London.

      Aye right.

      Robbie Burns was absolutely correct. In fact I would paraphrase…

      Bought and sold for corrosive gold

      I loathe the Conservative Party and detest their cripple-killing Dickensian ethos –

      However, the Tories and British State have played a blinder. The Independence movement under people such as Blackstock, Wishart and our current leader…

      …is at risk of being put back 50 years. We all knew that the British State would play all of its best cards. Who knew they had such well placed “leaders” within senior ranks of the SNP to carry out their wishes?

      It is NOT IndyRef that is corrosive. It is the CURRENT SNP leadership. Change its name to H2SO4 for Scotland!

      When it takes a Tory MP Speaker from THAT very institution which so many of us dislike, to show what a set of balls look like, whilst our own SNP high command as it currently sits, couldn’t call a taxi, then frankly, we are all screwed.

      Here’s a phrase using the named as banned by the village idiom (sic) on here (RJS)…

      Mr & Mrs Muriel do not want IndyRef2. Stuart Campbell has provided a ton of facts to verify this sad state of affairs.

      Enough is enough, for the love of Scotland, PLEASE can someone call IndyRef2.

      Show some leadership and stop being a lickspittle party that accepts £1,200.000 “short money” from England’s Westminster parliament every year.

    44. manandboy says:

      In the cooking of say, porridge or soup, it is a very good idea to give the aforementioned a good stir from time to time. Otherwise the ingredients will stick to the bottom of the pot and eventually burn.

      So I say ‘Well done!’ to Al-Stuart. The leadership of the SNP needs a right good stirring as it does appear to be stuck to the bottom of the political ‘pot’, and in danger of burning, particularly if the increasingly impatient and frustrated Independence Movement turns up the heat.

      Vigorous stirring. Bring it on!

    45. Graf Midgehunter says:

      John Bercow in the National:

      “My view, by the way, for what it’s worth, on Scottish independence is simply that ultimately, if you believe in sovereignty, if you believe in self-government, if you believe in the right of people to choose their own destiny, it has to be up to Scotland ultimately to decide. At the point at which they do, I think that decision has to be respected.”

    46. manandboy says:

      Graf Midgehunter, a great post, so well done!

      Quoting John Bercow, former Speaker:

      “My view, by the way, for what it’s worth, on Scottish independence is simply that ultimately, if you believe in sovereignty, if you believe in self-government, if you believe in the right of people to choose their own destiny, it has to be up to Scotland ultimately to decide. At the point at which they do, I think that decision has to be respected.”

      Ought to be carved in stone and placed in the entrance to the debating chamber at the Scottish Parliament, Holyrood.

      So also in both Houses of the Westminster Parliament. But that won’t happen until pigs can fly – to the moon and back.

    47. Rm says:

      Watching the article 50 inquiry on tv just now, everything seems like a big talking shop, are all the politicians in Europe and Scotland just part of a bigger plan to control the vast population, Al-Stuarts right we need pen pushers but pen pushers with a bit of bite to push for Independence now, not years from now, all the politicians will be getting their salary’s and their pension pot will grow and the thought of dissolving the Union will be forgotten about, we should have been pushing for it over three years ago, we seem to have swam right into their net. It’s one big talking shop.

    48. Republicofscotland says:

      “Graf Midgehunter says:
      20 February, 2020 at 9:41 am
      John Bercow in the National:”

      Bercow is just reiterating what some of us already know, including the Rev and Craig Murray, that holding a indyref is not in Westminsters hands, its entirely in our own hands to do so.

      All the scaremongering (again) from the likes of Pete Wishart, (God only knows why) is unfounded and holding us back. We can’t wait years to reach an imaginary figure in the polls that will only materialise when a date is announced and on the day I’m confident people will vote yes.

      You just have to look at Johnsons latest debacle with regards to his immigration policies, that will seriously impact on Scotland to know we must make a move towards the exit door of this unfit for purpose union sooner than later.

    49. SilverDarling says:

      Regarding Angus Robertson and the Edinburgh Holyrood seat, are we seeing Nicola Sturgeon starting to get her successor in place if it all goes wrong and the SG collapses because of the trial? If Joanna Cherry was in Holyrood she could contest the leadership by denying her what might seem a relatively safe seat that is so much harder.

      Robertson is a long time ally and of a similar gradualist philosophy. There does seem more to this than it initially may seem.

    50. Graf Midgehunter says:

      Bercow didn’t say stop brexit, S30, more mandates or the usual bromide.

      Indyref, if we get that far, will be an open gateway for the English dark forces and media to wreck havoc. An invitation to use everything to stop us.

      He said, sovereignty, self-government, the right of people to choose.

      J Cherry should be heading a team of legal experts to exercise our Sovereignty, expose WM’s assumptions, chase them in the courts, hound them in Parliament, Points of Order etc. etc.

      Be active and take the fight to them, get off yer knees SNP.

    51. Republicofscotland says:

      Re my above comment, now that I think about it, why are we even pandering to any Westminster politicians or ex-Speakers of the House, on their opinions with regards when to hold a indyref.

      The decision to hold a indyref is ours and ours alone, do you honestly think, if the shoe were in the other foot that Johnson would take heed of what our ex-Presiding officer at Holyrood Patricia Marwick had to say.

      We should not be scrambling for words of comfort from a foreign governments ex-Speaker of the House, nor any other Westminster politician.

    52. manandboy says:

      The case for Scotland’s Independence is unanswerable.

      All Johnson and Westminster have in reply is the response of any playground bully.

      In the English Establishment might is right. Muscle matters.

      That’s all they have – and a feeble Scottish Government.

      To the SNP Leaders: ‘Stand up to the devil, and he will run away from you’.

    53. Dr Jim says:

      The UK and Boris Johnson tells lies then manufactures politics around those lies, that won’t work with the EU

      Michael Russell this morning

    54. Republicofscotland says:

      And further more once we initiate a referendum watch Westminster quickly come around and jump on the propaganda bandwagon, what other option would they have, none I think.

      Rather than let us go without some sort of deceitful campaigning in Scotland, they’d soon follow our lead, and the indyref would go into full flow mode once again.

      Now all we need is Sturgeon to have the courage of her convictions to name a date. However I fear we’re at least two years away from seeing a second indyref materialise, by then I think Cummings and Johnson will have done significant damage to Scotlands economy, giving more weapons to the unionist branch managers at Holyrood, to use against the idea of a viable economoc independent Scotland.

      With the SNP just having enough funds in their coffers to fight next years elections and no more. Time I think is against us.

    55. manandboy says:

      Republic of Scotland – you have a point, but every little helps, and Scotland, with its present Government, needs all the help it can get.

      There are good people everywhere. Scotland should not reject their assistance or contribution.

    56. Republicofscotland says:

      “There are good people everywhere. Scotland should not reject their assistance or contribution.”

      I agree, and Sturgeon is already asking for funds, and a pound extra if you can spare it, but is it for next years election or a indy fighting fund, that’s supposed to already contain hundreds of thousands of pounds, but it can’t be located, its a secret.

      If I’m correct, then the only way we can have a indyref sooner than later is if Sturgeon includes an indyref, consultative or other, in her manifesto for the 2012 election, then if we win big (indy parties at Holyrood) and I sincerely hope we do, then Sturgeon must next year, not the year after, or the following year, but next year, name a date for indyref2.

      Harping on about mandates, just falls on deaf ears in London, and the unionist media always play them down, real action and courage will be required from Sturgeon, lets see if see possesses them, when it comes to naming a date.

    57. manandboy says:

      Dr Jim says: at 10:23 am

      “The UK and Boris Johnson tells lies then manufactures politics around those lies, that won’t work with the EU”.

      That won’t work with the EU, but it certainly does in Scotland.

      Is it because we are just mugs, or naive, or inexperienced, or lacking savvy, or perhaps even talent or ability.

      Whatever the difference is between Scotland and Europe which makes them better able to handle Westminster, we ought to find out soon.

      Perhaps Mike Russell can tell us.

      But frankly, I doubt it.

    58. Colin Alexander says:

      I’m no arguing for Franklin Graham’s views. I had never even heard of him.

      But, banning those whose opinions you don’t agree with or find distasteful goes against the freedom of speech principles of democracy. It also goes against freedom of religion.

      It is an abuse of power, whether Glasgow City Council or other councils in England did it.

      It also creates potential precedents which BJ and his mob will use to stifle freedom of speech against his English nationalism one nation creed.

    59. manandboy says:

      Right now, if there was an SNP leadership contest between Nicola and John Bercow, Bercow would win.

    60. Socrates MacSporran says:

      manandboy @ 10,48 am asked:

      Whatever the difference is between Scotland and Europe which makes them better able to handle Westminster, we ought to find out soon.

      The difference is well-documented, and perhaps never better than by this:

      “It’s SHITE being Scottish! We’re the lowest of the low. The scum of the fucking Earth! The most wretched, miserable, servile, pathetic trash that was ever shat into civilization. Some hate the English. I don’t. They’re just wankers. We, on the other hand, are COLONIZED by wankers. Can’t even find a decent culture to be colonized BY. We’re ruled by effete assholes. It’s a SHITE state of affairs to be in, Tommy, and ALL the fresh air in the world won’t make any fucking difference.”

      There’s your answer, right there. Thank you Mark Renton.

    61. manandboy says:

      Freedom of speech without respect, responsibility and self-control is usually just the produce of a foul and abusive individual with a big mouth.

      Everyone has the right to say ‘No’ to such an individual.

    62. manandboy says:

      That’s a fine point alright which Mark Renton makes, Socrates. He is obviously a man of considerable wit, not to mention diplomacy and discretion

      I’m still laughing!

    63. Mist001 says:

      @ Robert J. Sutherland

      Well, whose fault is it then? Mrs. Murrell has reverted to her default position of Westminster bad when she had the best part of four years to prevent this kind of thing happening to Scotland.

      Of course it’s her bloody fault. She’s the ‘dear leader’ after all. The buck stops with her.

    64. Republicofscotland says:

      Socrates MacSporran @11.01am

      Look that kind of destructive negative comment doesn’t help matters at all. We’ve come a long way since the Scottish parliament was reconvened. In the roughly twenty years since, we’ve held an indyref, and have shown that we can govern our country better than some other countries, even with one hand tied behind our backs, that in itself is a great achievement in such as short time.

      Lets not forget, that we are not Canada or Australia that are thousands of miles from London, no we’re right next door. With all, that entails, media etc. No I think we’re doing pretty well considering 300+ years of this union that’s continually attempted to phase out all things Scottish, whilst draining our resources.

      So lets not go down that self degrading road, which leads to nowhere but despair, think positive.

    65. manandboy says:

      Work to do – gotta go.

    66. manandboy says:

      Flooded Britain: a new normal? (In the Guardian)

      England is flooded in many places. How hard is it to use the word ‘England’.

      ‘Britain’ – the new England.

      Drip, drip, drip.

    67. manandboy says:

      That’s it.

    68. Ottomanboi says:

      Unless there is what amounts to a massive earthquake in Scottish politics that once in a generation thing may become a reality.
      The SNP is not ‘feeding’ its supporters. Where has the hope gone let alone the dynamic?
      The Johnson effect is rippling through and crippling political discourse. That ‘depoliticization’ was of course part of the plan. The Tories have the power. The rest can go to hell.
      Johnson may well be secure for a couple of terms. Like Trump he has set the cat among the opposition pigeons.
      A lesson in the uses of power.

    69. Dan says:

      “Flooding halts west coast train services

      A major rail route connecting England and Scotland was blocked as flooding caused more misery for rail passengers.”

      Haven’t seen Apex Troll-Hamilton demanding Westminster fix the weather…

    70. Jack Murphy says:

      A sobering and saddening article re the Tory new immigration policy, in today’s The National on Scotland’s fishing industry.

      News article begins:
      “ONE of Scotland’s staunchest Brexiteers has blasted Boris Johnson’s post-Brexit immigration plans, warning they will be “catastrophic” for fishing industry.

      Speaking on Radio 4’s Today programme, Jimmy Buchan, the CEO of the Scottish Seafood Association, warned that any “sea of opportunity” coming from Brexit would be lost if processing firms were forbidden from hiring workers from overseas.

      Buchan, a former Tory candidate, who joined Nigel Farage in a flotilla on the Thames ahead of the 2016 referendum, said the North East of Scotland was 70% dependent on migrant workers….”

    71. Famous15 says:

      Hey Colin

      Franklin Graham has not had his free speech denied by Glasgow Council and Liverpool Council and Sheffield Council. He was denied access to council owned or co owned property to stop him criminally supporting gays be damned for eternity in the fires of hell which failing encouraging them have the shit beaten out of them for being themselves by proponents of such hate.

      No Colin ,there is no thin end of the wedge,there is just you having a free poke at the SNP..

      It has being a while since any sane person supported “Thou shall not suffer a witch to live” from the same part of Franklin Graham’s favourite book.

    72. manandboy says:

      manandboy says: at 9:15 am
      Famous 15 says:
      “The Bible condemns gays as severely as those who eat shellfish or God help us,those who have a tattoo.Its in the same chapter FGS.”

      Which chapter and from which Book, Famous. Do tell.
      Ps… and which version?

    73. Colin Alexander says:


      I don’t support any party abusing their power to discriminate against those whose views they don’t like. It’s no the SNP running Liverpool, is it?

      So now your argument has moved from attacking Franklin Graham to all Christians and Muslims and Jews and the Bible?

      That’s very “liberal” of you. But, I defend your right to say these things.

      Same as I would defend others’ rights to hold different views from yours and Glasgow City Council.

    74. Famous15 says:

      Hey Colin

      You are annoying like trying to pick up mercury you slither to some other area.

      Yes I am an atheist but respect people of faith so long as they do not preach hate.

      So does Franklin Graham preach hate?

      Go online and read his hate filled sermons. Get back to me when you get informed.

    75. Rm says:

      It’s religion that’s ruined the world and still is, the world would be better without it, it’s been used to control the masses while the ruling class can please themselves, it’s a big universe out there lots to discover, I wonder if other worlds have gods flying about controlling their worlds, what a farce in the 21st century.

    76. Republicofscotland says:

      More head turning nonsense in order to boost the flagging union.

      Meanwhile I can only hope that those who are disgruntled inside the Tory branch office in Scotland make their feelings known. This aside, I’m sure I read some under Carlaw some want a second indyref, knowing fine well its the proper and democratic way to go.

      Lets hope their moral standards outweigh their gravy train lust….Naw who am I trying to kid.

    77. Colin Alexander says:


      “It’s religion that’s ruined the world and still is”. People say the same about politics.

      I would argue it’s people who ruin the world or make it better.

      That applies to religious people, athiests, political people or people who have no interest in any of them.

    78. manandboy says:

      With the news of a pipe bomb being thrown at the house in West Belfast of a brother of Pat Minivan, a brief reminder:-

      “Pat Finucane, 39, a Belfast lawyer who represented a number of high-profile republicans, was shot dead in front of his family by loyalist gunmen at his home in 1989.

      At the time of the murder up to 29 members of the Ulster Defence Association units involved in the killing were working as agents for one or more branches of the security forces.
      There have been long-standing allegations that members of the security forces colluded with the solicitor’s loyalist killers.”

      This was a murder of a citizen of the United Kingdom, authorised by the English Government, when Mgt Thatcher was PM.

      All the Republican groups in NI are reported to have said they were not involved in the pipe bomb incident.

      There are many good people in England. The rest, perhaps not so good. But more than a few are well capable of the odd atrocity or three. Such has been the English Establishment for over three centuries, both at home and abroad. They have no intention of stopping now, even though the SNP Government seem to think they are fully fair and democratic.

    79. manandboy says:

      Predictive text, bah!
      Minivan is Finucan.

    80. Clapper57 says:

      @ Jack Murphy @ 12.37pm

      Hi Jack, Ms Patel seemed to infer yesterday, in response to Scottish government’s concerns, that the Scottish government had powers to ‘mitigate’ the impact of the new immigration policy as dictated by the Tory government.

      If certain Scottish farmers and fishermen voted for Brexit and THEN voted to elect a Tory MP then tis they, their chosen elected Tory MP, who they should doorstep and seek a solution and most definitely NOT the Scottish government who forewarned them .

      Alister Jack, Douglas Ross, David Duguid, Andrew Bowie, David Mundell and John Lamont are the people who, post the 2016 Brexit vote, promised and indeed endorsed the future for their two industries would be rosy under a Tory Brexit government ……they did this by convincing (though not much convincing needed as some of their target audience were blinded by bigotry and would follow ‘cult’ like anywhere the Tories would try and lead them) them that the Common Fisheries agreement as agreed by Edward Heath TORY PM was detrimental and somehow they, the Tories, would address this with sunny uplands and fresh waters for all.

      Reap what you sow and cast your nets wide…..and look what happens…..

      The very fact that absolutely NO Scottish Tory MP, MSP etc were available to comment on Gary Robertson’s show re the new TORY immigration policy the other day speaks VOLUMES….quick enough to comment when opportunity for SNPBAD but predictably elusive when the sheeite hits the fan and unable to spin spin spin.

      I await the usual and as per predictable calls for ” what is the Scottish Government going to do for our farming and fishing industries….”…..and this will be instigated by the very party (Tories), aided by their BT colleagues Lib Dem and Labour, and we Scots will, as per, watch in amazement, frustration and anger at how f**ked up and corrupt politics and the complicit media are……to protect and maintain a (Non) Union who it would appear exists to f**k up everything that will benefit us Scots and the country we live in…Scotland.

      Brian Taylor, Glenn Campbell, Sarah Smith, Kaye Adams, Gordon Brewer et all….. tis over to you…..I await with bated breath at how you will present this…indeed if you will have the audacity to twist this into another SNPBAD …..Brasso sales await a surge and you, together with your Yoon politicians,are their best and most recurring buyers/users/customers….your collective necks gleam….the Brass neck brigade march on under the Union Jack flag trying to blind us Scots to the truth….unfortunately for you we, canny Scots, already know the truth and it is not WHAT you desperately try to present it as or indeed HOW you present it….there for you is the RUB…pun intended in relation to brass necks…Lol

    81. Daisy Walker says:

      O/t – started watching the series on Netflix about Malcolm X – really interesting to see how the FBI operated to spike the human rights movement which he was highlighting.

      Some other random thoughts.

      I’ve heard gradualists proclaiming that – just like in the 90’s – if we let Brexit take its course, things will get so bad, that our former No voters – will see the light and vote, overwhelmingly for yes next time out.

      This opinion takes no weight – that the fight for a devolved parliament in the 90’s had full ‘public’ support from the opposition parties (even if behind the scenes they were less than supportive) or the leverage of power the EU laws brought about in making it a legal necessity. And it puts its head firmly in the sand re the decommissioning of Holyrood – already underway. (It will not be by accident that the English Parliament at Westminster refused to publish its Budget – thereby forcing Holyrood to publish theirs first. Just wait for the money withdrawal now it has been.)

      I completely understand those who say, we must stick with the SNP, there is no time to create another party, etc.

      However, the SNP MUST answer the following point – In what way, will yet another Mandate force Westminster to change its current policy?

      The English Government in Westminster is already ignoring an 80% SNP win in the GE – where such constitutional matters are allegedly reserved. They will not give a monkeys shit about a Holyrood win.

      And even the SNP’s most loyal followers can surely agree, that failure to answer this – with a clear plan to achieving Indy, lends credence to those who deeply fear the SNP Leadership has become knobbled, and they are the ‘New, new Labour’ – always promising to abolish the House of Lords and never delivering.

      In 2017 the SNP got a bloody nose by the electorate for failing to ‘stand up for Scotland’. They promised they would learn. In 2019 they had to be dragged kicking and screaming to beef up the Indy message, and they won.

      A question – for the voters who held their noses, who are appalled by Brexit, by Boris – who voted at the last GE for the SNP, for the ability to protect Scotland and empower it a different route out of this madness. If the SNP are all talk and no trousers on this issue. Why will they ever vote for them again? And who else will be converted. They will be like Labour over Brexit… making disgruntled noises from the sides, but not actually offering the electorate a clear cut strategy to select a different policy.

      Some very small questions have powerful reverberations – like with Self ID GRA, the question remains unanswered – Exactly what human rights were they being deprived of in the 2004 GRA legislation?

      Or with the Brexiteers – Exactly what EU laws is it that you object to?

      Of answers came there none.

      So Mr Wishart, Mr Swinney, in what way will my voting for your party, and giving you yet another mandate, in what way will this mandate be different from all the previous mandates and ‘force’ WM’s hand?

      And if it is to be the gradualist method of ‘lets allow it to get really, really bad’ – then I’d respectfully suggest that not voting for the SNP would probably assist help quicken that policy along the way.

      The above question – is going to keep coming back, and back. It really goes to the crux of the matter.

      Kindness to all.

    82. Famous15 says:

      They are rattled when FM puts Scottish public service statistics in context by comparing other countries . Tory England and Labour Wales in particular gets them all hot and bothered to the extent that they have faux laughter sessions after each answer .The opposition are very shallow

      The Tories on twitter are in danger of blowing a blood vessel. They hate context. But most of all they hate Tory run England being shown to be poorly governed. How dare she! They have great expectations but little self awareness. Entitled from birth are the Tories

    83. Famous15 says:

      Mananboy 1.19

      The Bible and homosexualitytattoos,shelfish,sorcery,making your daughter a prostitute and lying with slaves etc etc go to Leviticus 18 or 19 or thereabout and be inspired.Any version will do.

    84. Clapper57 says:

      Also meant to add that I, a couple of years ago, wrote on this site that the Tories would state that the unemployed ‘Brits’ would take up the slack in jobs previously done by immigrants…..I added also that the perfect and winning solution for the Tories, AND supported by working class employed Gammons , would be that if the unemployed did NOT agree to do this then their benefits would be sanctioned…in a uber Brexit dominated society those on benefits are demonised and their reliance on benefits is presented as a black and white issue.

      To working class Gammons there is no grey area, no individual stories or tragic circumstances that lead people onto benefits…according to working class Gammons they, the unemployed, are ALL spongers who do not want to work so if their, the working class Gammons, Brexit Tory government CHOOSE to impose penalties upon those skivers who they, the working class Gammons, pay for, then that is only right…after all the mission is to ‘Make Britain Great Again’ and these skivers and benefit scroungers better get with the program…..Get Brexit Done…and nothing and no-one better get in the way and stop it happening…

      What a laugh (Not) the employed working class Gammons and retired working class Gammons turning on the unemployed working class while the Tory elite cannot believe they have manufactured such a scenario….obvs enabled by a complicit media who have done so much to portray those on benefits as worthless subsidy junkies ……where for many of those unfortunates reliant on benefits their past lives are full of sad and sometimes tragic experiences that have dictated their current circumstances which, by both the media and certain politicians , is never considered or highlighted as a factor in how they have ended up in such desperate situations where achieving any hope, prospects or happiness for the future is considered unattainable.

      The Haves and the Have NOTS…that is Brexit UKnotOK where some will flourish financially while others will descend into more misery and poverty….strangely the working class and retired working class gammons will fall into the category of have nots… but their attention is distracted by dreams of a new age and a golden dawn ……the reality is of course to follow the money and to understand that only those with money will gain even MORE money come what may…. but one cannot convince those disciples of Brexit who inadvertently are determined to help the rich get richer while simultaneously diminishing their own very limited ‘wealth’ ……twas ever thus …in UKnotOK for sure.

      Not sure if it needs to be “twas ever thus” for Scotland , if we all , together with whichever political party we choose to lead us, can get our collective act together and GTF out of this sheeite fest…..long overdue but NOT past achieving…

    85. mike cassidy says:

      Not just an occasional reminder that the Trans issue is not going away.

      A warning that it could be done and dusted before the next Holyrood election.

      Asked if the legislation would be passed by the end of this parliament, Somerville answered: “Yes – it can be done in time for next year’s election.”

    86. Dan says:

      @mike cassidy at 3.15pm

      One has to ask if enough specific mandates have been acquired to proceed with the implementation of this.

      Now that Holyrood has the ability to hold referenda it would be ideal to put the question to the sovereign Scottish people.
      I mean, we’re trying to get out of a monumental clusterfeck of what is the UnUnited Kingdom shamocracy, so aspiring to be more democratic and letting Scottish society’s views be known on such matters would surely be a fine way to proceed.
      If IScotland is just going to be corrupted with lobby groups and corporate capture determining our futures then fuck it all tae fuck, there’s fishing to be done…

    87. manandboy says:

      Scotland would, and will, be far better off without the BBC News & Current affairs division at Pacific Quay, as well as the Unionist-owned newspaper offices, together with their printing factories at Cambuslang and EuroCentral/Maxim Park.

      Scotland is struggling to stay afloat in an unending torrent of Westminster’s lies, all of it justified on the basis of ‘saving the Union’.

      Never mind, like the Titanic, Brittania will not sink quickly, till the very end.
      But sinking it most certainly is.

      As befits the most evil regime the world has ever known. Call the first witness please, India. The other 65 witnesses can go home for the afternoon. Thank you.

      It is a known fact that throughout the long history of the ‘Empire’, the truth about England’s conduct abroad was very carefully hidden. So even then, the power of propaganda was an essential tool in the Establishment’s strategy of accumulating wealth and power. And still going, as seen in Indy14 and the EuRef16.

    88. Dr Jim says:

      Alex Rowley says he will support a referendum on Independence for Scotland if demand can be demonstrated, then he goes on to say three polls of just over 50% isn’t a demand

      Michael Russell pointed to the fact that in elections and otherwise that’s what Scotland voted for when they voted SNP, Mr Russell went on to say that Westminster held a referendum on Brexit with no demand whatsoever, they campaigned to create a demand that Nigel Farage pressed them into

      Mike Russell said that Ministers in the UK government don’t reply to letters and don’t turn up to Scottish committees to give evidence or to answer questions and it’s been like that for at least two years

      The JMC is either snubbed altogether or cut so short as to being without point or purpose, Wales Norn Ireland and Scotland reps turn up for the JMC but England half the time just can’t be bothered because they don’t care

      The only questions Westminster politicians are prepared to answer are when journalists pose them if given the chance
      They do not read documents sent to them and refuse to reply to them when they are, they just say no to everthing without any knowledge of what the documents contain as evidenced by the recent immigration visa plans for Scotland, they said no before they even saw the documents

      Mike Russell said this is the attitude they are taking into the EU negotiations because they are deliberately seeking a no deal Brexit because they already know they cannot have a Canada style deal because of two things, Proximity and the fact that the Canadian deal was based upon the devolved areas of Canada being in the room and taking part in those negotiations as per the demands of the Flemish of Belgium and the UK will not tolerate Scotland being a part of what they consider UK negotiations even though devolved competencies are being discussed

      This is going to be a problem for the UK because fisheries are a devolved competency to Scotland and the EU will not fudge a deal that it cannot enforce legally so it may be that the province of Wallonia proves once again to be decisive in its previous interventions on Canada and that precedent has been set

      Mike Russell went on to talk about Michael Gove when he said that Mr Gove spends more time in the fishing communities of the North east of Scotland than half the people working there telling them eveything’s going to be fine and dandy in the new UK coastal state they voted for, and I have to tell you that Mr Gove is lying through his teeth to those people

      That’s mostly all of what I can remember as nearly accurate as I can

    89. shug says:

      This new party must be clearly for Indy

      AUOB is well known, Wings is known to those who count

      Anything that suggests socialism or conservativism or Liberalism is dead in the water

    90. Clapper57 says:

      @ Dr Jim @ 3.43pm

      Dr Jim…..once again I salute you…you are one of THE best commentators on this site…though there are a few others.

      Keep it up…your resilience, input and presence on here is indeed inspiring.

      Have a good evening

    91. jfngw says:

      They seek him here , they seek him there, where is that scarlet faced pimpernel. Jackson Carlaw the same as the original novel, working for another country to defend its aristocracy and maintain the status quo.

    92. Republicofscotland says:

      “Alex Rowley says he will support a referendum on Independence for Scotland if demand can be demonstrated, then he goes on to say three polls of just over 50% isn’t a demand”

      This is Rowleys way of trying to deflect from the fact that we have numerous cast iron mandates to hold a indyref.

      It wouldn’t matter to the likes of Rowley or Leonard or Carlaw, or the unionist parrot Rennie, if the polls were showing yes at 60% or more, they’d just change the language to fit the unions narrative.

      We have the mandates, we have the poll figures in our favour, we just need the SNP to set the date. The rest is just bluff and bluster.

      The Scottish government will promise to hold a indyref from now until the 6th of May next year, to win big in the election. We must hold them to account on that, Sturgeon must include a indyref in her manifesto.

    93. Republicofscotland says:

      One of the joys of Brexit, we could lose data protection rights now we’re out of the EU.

      Being part of this union just keeps getting better and better.

      “Google is planning to move the accounts of British users out of EU jurisdiction, which could reduce the amount of data protection afforded to tens of millions of users.”

    94. Dr Jim says:

      @Clapper57 3:51pm

      Aren’t you just made of sugar, you’re so kind

    95. MaggieC says:

      Stuart ,

      Just to let you know that this on Stv tonight at 7.30pm the discussing Gender reform act –

    96. Colin Alexander says:

      A new party, if it happens, should be a single issue party.

      Asserting Scottish sovereignty.

      We already have a parliament of colonial administrators at Holyrood.

      If Holyrood were the Parliament of Scotland, rather than a WM branch office, Sturgeon wouldn’t be bending the knee in subservience and we wouldn’t have been dragged out of the EU against our will.

      Holyrood could become the reconvened Parliament of Scotland but that means ending Holyrood devolution / colonial slavery.

    97. manandboy says:

      I am fully aware of the nature of this blog, and ordinarily I would never do this. But my friend in Independence, Famous 15, I thought could do with a little help.

      Famous15 says: at 3:12 pm

      “The Bible and homosexuality, tattoos,shelfish,sorcery,making your daughter a prostitute and lying with slaves etc etc go to Leviticus 18 or 19 or thereabout and be inspired.Any version will do.”

      The Bible comprises many books, brought together and presented in one volume.
      The books are divided into the Old Testament and the New Testament.
      The Old Testament is about the history of the Jews as the Chosen People, in their ‘journey’ of faith in Yahweh, God.
      It is about Judaism.

      The New Testament is about something quite different, something new. Not unconnected with the Old Testament, but nevertheless very different.
      The New Testament is about how Christianity came into being.

      Leviticus is an important part of Judaism. Not so Christianity.

      Christ refused to condemn the woman caught in adultery.
      Under Old Testament law, she should have been stoned to death.
      But Christ brought a new Law. ‘Neither do I condemn you’, he said to the woman.

      Do you think Christ would treat homosexuals any differently?
      Or condemn any other of the other activities involving tattoos and shellfish, which are of infinitely lesser importance than adultery? Of course he wouldn’t.

      Be inspired, you say.

      I say, be inspired by Christ’s love for everyone and anyone, without exception.

    98. kapelmeister says:

      Surgeon tweets about how wonderful it was to meet the new French ambassador and that the SG wants Scotland to stay as close to the EU as possibile.

      How about being in the EU? That’s as close as possibile.

      First requirement, an indyref.

      Salmond secured an indyref with just 6 MPs. Sturgeon couldn’t get one with 48 MPs.

    99. Mike d says:

      RepublicofScotland.4.02pm. Never mind the indy ref (which could be heavily rigged by postal votes). NS now needs to say, our manifesto is ,a majority vote for the Snp in 2021 is as margaret thatcher said, enough for a declaration of independence.

    100. iain mhor says:

      Haha! A new superhero for a brave new dawn!

      Well we did already have a Captain Britain in Marvel comics (away back in my plooky youth) and we also did have our own Judge – Judge MacBrayne of Glescal in CalHab; in the Brit-Cit episodes of Judge Dredd
      So nothing new under the sun.

      Calhab is probably our future if we don’t take care!

    101. mike cassidy says:

      Leviticus (19:27): “You shall not cut the hair on the sides of your heads, neither shall you clip off the edge of your beard.”

      As someone who shaves his head once a week

      Looks like I’ll be joining all the gay guys and gals in hell

    102. Republicofscotland says:

      “Never mind the indy ref (which could be heavily rigged by postal votes). NS now needs to say, our manifesto is ,a majority vote for the Snp in 2021 is as margaret thatcher said, enough for a declaration of independence.”


      Oh yes how wonderful that would be just to declare it then and there. However would the international community recognise it without a referendum? That’s what really matters.

      I don’t trust IDOX or the Electoral Commission the former ran by an old Tory, the latter captured by the state.

      But as I say its international recognition that counts.

    103. Rm says:

      It’s good to take in EU National workers into Scotland as long as it’s not cheap labour, how can a person live on the minimum wage and hopefully take their family over to stay on just over £8 an hour in this times, a lot of businesses just want cheap labour, they would get locals if the money was better, it’s the same old story keep a working dog hungry, the man at the top wants more and more, you need Buisness men and women and entrepreneurs to produce work but they could still make life a bit sweeter for all workers, Scotland have to be different from down south.

    104. Pete says:

      Clapper57 -3.15
      Actually, I would think that quite a large percentage of the population would agree with the notion of nudging people away from benefits into work.
      Apart from the savings in benefits, the beneficial aspects of being employed and earning a wage cannot be underestimated.
      If you look around, so many of the folks in wheelchairs are grossly overweight, and although some might have some ailment, some fat reducing activity can only be to the good.
      Lots of the jobs currently done by Europeans are very healthy and fitness improving, such as fruit picking and in the catering industry.
      There are obviously folks who cannot work but there is a very strong case for rigorous assessments to be made to ensure that our taxes are not being wasted.
      Just seems common sense.

    105. twathater says:

      I must admit to being totally sickened and disgusted by the SNP’S and Nicola Sturgeon’s actions or non actions over the past 4 years , I have always believed that Scotland and Scots were respected and liked in most of the places I’ve been , we have always been considered to be a hard working people with a fun but reserved attitude and woe betide anyone who tries to take advantage of our patience or niceness

      But over the past 4 years the woman my family placed our trust in to show the way to a better future for our country has lied to us repeatedly and has shown no remorse and has given no explanation for these continued lies

      As a previous liebour voter I am well aware of the disappointment that comes with electing a lying , corrupt cabal of self serving individuals , whose only interest is in furthering their own ends and ignoring the promises they uttered to the great unwashed in order to secure their places at the fountain of greed
      I truly thought we had invested our trust in a leader and a party who would FIGHT for Scotland and her citizens , whose AIMS and ambitions were to ensure that ALL our people were protected and encouraged to integrate as EQUALS in the world’s population
      But NO it appears that that achievement and accolade is reserved solely for our FM who endears herself to other world leaders whilst her SUBJECTS have to content themselves with being the laughing stock of our oppressors whilst they enrich themselves by the blatant theft of our resources

      For Scotland and Scots to end this misery they MUST stop this cowardice , reject Sturgeon and replace her with SOMEONE with BACKBONE

    106. manandboy says:

      Until today, I never considered that people might have been brainwashed with material from the Bible.

      Now I know.

      The Brainwashing of Scotland is bigger than Coronavirus.

      Just not yet recognised.

      If it’s not the Brits it’s the Bible.

      What a mess!

    107. Dan says:

      Apologies for the following mike cassidy!

      With all this talk of eugenics for the greater good, has Cummings really considered all the aspects rather than just focusing on engineering higher IQs.
      As a balding individual has he considered there may be other elements to focus on that would be more beneficial for future society.
      One example is if humans could be engineered using a “Barnet Formula” during the DNA selection process that ensured they would have copious amounts of thick hair to keep their nappers warm and between optimal temperature parameters.

      Most folk with a full napper of hair will at some point have endured brain freeze from chomping an ice cream too quickly, which renders the individual momentarily dumber than James Kelly of “Where would the money for an oil fund come from” fame.
      Well baldies suffer from this mind numbing condition regularly and this impinges on their brain’s ability to perform at consistent high levels.
      Obviously with less baldies in society there would be a negative economic impact to the woolly hat manufacturing business, but it is hoped this could be offset positively with a considerable increase in shampoo and conditioner sales, along with increased footfall and employment in our high streets as folk attend hairdressers.

      Taking the idea a step further, if fully furred folk could be produced they would require less energy to keep warm, reducing demand on global energy production and excessive clothing requirements, with the latter cotton production industry being a particularly high consumer of global resources.

    108. gus1940 says:

      The on-line National carries a report of failed Tory candidate Jimmy Buchan’s attack on Patel’s Immigration Plan.

      Surprise, Surprise the on-line Herald, Scotsman and Record seem to be blissfully unaware of this outburst from Buchan.

      Let’s see if it is covered by Misreporting Scotland and the STV News.

    109. manandboy says:

      Twathater, I find it very easy to agree with much, if not indeed most of what you say.
      But I have no idea how to achieve such a change. I don’t think anyone does. Perhaps we’re all guilty of the same weakness as Nicola appears to have re Westminster. We won’t face up to it.

    110. Dr Jim says:

      It’s funny though isn’t it, God never wrote the Bible if you believe in that sort of thing, God wrote the 240 odd commandments, again if you believe in that sort of thing

      Man wanting power wrote the Bible = Early politician
      Man whittled down the commandments to ten = Early politician

      Then man reinterpreted the whole idea into several different methods as to how to worship the God that didn’t write any of that stuff but man insisted that he/she did and if you didn’t worship in the style they wanted they’d kill you in the name of the God they reinvented = becoming smarter politician

      It’s all just like today where Boris Johnson has reinterpreted himself as God and the King and all the other titles he can lay claim to = a modern politician exactly like the early politicians except they called themselves priests until they became unpopular and changed the name to politician

      I’m quite sure if there is a Deity he/she wouldn’t ever have intended this level of mince and if he/she does exist he/she should get back here now and batter seven colours out of the bad people who keep repeating this shit over and over because everybody’s fed up with it, throw a few tables over and do a bit of smiting about the place

    111. manandboy says:

      For myself, I just want Nicola to give the Independence Movement an honest progress report on where Scotland stands, and what strategy she has for resolving our predicament as a result of simply being ignored by PMJohnson.

      May I quote John Bercow again:-

      “My view….. on Scottish independence is simply that ultimately, if you believe in sovereignty, if you believe in self-government, if you believe in the right of people to choose their own destiny, it has to be up to Scotland ultimately to decide. At the point at which they do, I think that decision has to be respected.”

      Let’s get on with it, Nicola. What is the hold-up?

    112. manandboy says:

      Dr Jim says, “batter seven colours out of the bad people”.

      How very Old Testament, Jim, and here’s me thinking you weren’t religious. You’re right up there with the best of them. Old time religion of course, but hey, it’s a start!

    113. Mist001 says:

      Does Mrs. Murrell actually spend any time at all with the proles of Scotland?

      For example, if I met her, I would ask her why she and the SNP allowed Scotland to be dragged out of the EU against it’s will despite Blackford clearly and publicly sstating the opposite. I would also ask her why she has managed to bring the independence movement to a standstill since it’s no longer doing any moving. There are umpteen other things that I would ask her about but my point is this:

      If I did meet her and managed to ask her these things, I’d be onto this blog like a shot telling everyone exactly what her answers to me were, so that everybody would know.

      But, the fact is that nobody is on this blog saying anything about anything that Mrs Murrell said to them and that suggests to me that she doesn’t actually speak to the little people because if she did, it would be reported here.

      BTW, have I told anyone here how furious I am with Mrs. Murrell and the SNP?

      Well, I am.

    114. Republicofscotland says:

      The ultra unionist STV news only carried one good story tonight (robot arms doing bowl surgery) on its flagship teatime programme.

      The rest of the stories were aimed at attacking the Scottish government and its councillors, via prisons, council tax rises, and other less prominent swipes.

      One story was that of civil servants allegations of bullying by Fergus Ewing who vehemently denies the accusations. It could be all very Salmond-esque in nature.

    115. Breeks says:

      Republicofscotland says:
      20 February, 2020 at 5:33 pm

      Oh yes how wonderful that would be just to declare it then and there. However would the international community recognise it without a referendum? That’s what really matters…

      It has always seemed a reasonable question to ask what threshold the UN and / or Council of Europe actually would accept as the basis for international sovereign recognition.

      I know of course, the answer will be diplomatic, probably along the lines that only a sovereign Nation or would-be Nation can submit a claim for recognition, and the UN or Council of Europe couldn’t possibly speculate…. but it would seem a reasonable beginning to a more expansive conversation…

      But it’s all idle speculation if the SNP is determined to double down on doing nothing. You have to ask yourself, when did this “do nothing” philosophy prevail? Would a more assertive strategy have driven a harder bargain about Scotland’s exclusion from Brexit Negotiations, or was Scotland to mealy mouthed to make any actual demands? “Everybody” got something out of Brexit except Scotland. Scotland, even with constitutional sovereignty and a democratic mandate, couldn’t negotiate a Scottish Backstop.

      Seems the SNP can’t forget about Brexit fast enough, and you’re left wondering how high a priority it ever was.

    116. Clapper57 says:

      @ Pete @ 5.36pm

      Your a naughty boy Pete…how you doin.

      “More rigorous assessments”…where have you been Pete..they already exist…some people have already died via these “rigorous assessments”…deemed fit to work and benefits cut resulting in the deaths of those poor people.

      These fruit picking jobs will not replace the need for benefits because they do not pay enough and to a farmer costs are everything so no living wage to be had from them….not sure presenting them as an alternative to a fitness camp will be a winning argument either Lol….

      As I said nothing is black and white…the grey area cannot be excluded no matter how much the powers that be and certain media outlets choose to exclude them as a factor for many having to live on benefits …..also some people in receipt of benefits also work, unfortunately as they are deemed ‘unskilled’ they do not ‘benefit’ from a decent livable wage that affords them the luxuries that (perhaps) you and I have access to and enjoy ….there but for the grace of God go you and I .

      So it may be “common sense” to you but to others it is just another way for the Tories to kick those already down while implementing a policy, Brexit, for the ‘benefit’ of the few and to the detriment of the many…..

      Have a good evening Pete….my God your persistent Lol

    117. Republicofscotland says:

      “For myself, I just want Nicola to give the Independence Movement an honest progress report on where Scotland stands, and what strategy she has for resolving our predicament as a result of simply being ignored by PMJohnson.”

      I’d have thought that it was pretty obvious where it stood. The people are ready to push forward, the polls show that, the mandates are there in numbers, but Sturgeon is concentrating on the May 6th 2021 elections, and she’ll keep on shouting out how Scotland won’t stand for Johnsons this and that, and that independence is now the only way out.

      But nothings going to happen until after May 6th, the SNP war chest is for fighting reelection first and foremost, as Cherry and Robertson scramble for a seat in Edinburgh.

      Sturgeon has us over a barrel and she knows it, who else are we going to vote for come May 6th next year?

      All I can suggest is some kind of mass protest outside Bute House sometime this year when Sturgeon is resident to let her know that we want what was promised to us a independence referendum, and not some time in the distant future.

      We must hold her to account, or watch independence slip through our hands. Independence won’t come to us we must go out and get it.

    118. Fionan says:

      Clapper 57 says “some people in receipt of benefits also work, unfortunately as they are deemed ‘unskilled’ they do not ‘benefit’ from a decent livable wage “.

      Many of these working people receiving benefits are skilled, some even to graduate and post-graduate level. The problem isn’t always just the low wage, it is also the abomination of zero-hours contracts and very part-time contracts which many workers, skilled as well as unskilled, are caught up in. Also, many disabled people, both skilled and unskilled, need certain benefits to enable them to enter and remain in the workplace e.g. expensive items to help cope with the realities of disablement.

      It is wrong to assume that the low paid and benefits claimants are all unskilled. They are not generally ‘scroungers’ either but disadvantaged individuals struggling, but yet determined to contribute to society and to lead as normal a life as they possibly can.

    119. Clapper57 says:

      @ Fionan @ 6.56pm

      Yep agreed , but I did say ‘deemed’ unskilled not that they ‘are’ unskilled…and I do not make any assumptions in respect to who is in receipt of benefits….and agree with most of what you have said in your comment…

    120. Fionan says:

      My bad, not reading carefully enough. 🙂 Glad we are on the same page.

    121. Republicofscotland says:

      “But it’s all idle speculation if the SNP is determined to double down on doing nothing. You have to ask yourself, when did this “do nothing” philosophy prevail?”

      Dare I say they’ve become comfortable in government, and that they’ve refused (when opportunity arose) to accomplish their original raison ? etre.

    122. Clapper57 says:

      @ Fionan @ 7.06pm

      Nope you are most definitely not bad Lol as you highlighted the many things I did NOT mention and you did it most eloquently as well…so yes we are on the same page…see how passionate we all are on here….thank God some of us in Scotland are passionate Lol

      have a good evening

    123. terence callachan says:

      Fionan 6.56pm…well said

      Many disabled and elderly people work because otherwise they might not see anyone from one day to the next

      There are many many justified reasons why people work and why people don’t work

      There are many people who work including those who earn a big salary that do not actually do very much
      All talk no action

    124. Graf Midgehunter says:

      Dr Jim

      Here’s your man himself: 🙂

    125. Dr Jim says:


      I’m not even close to religious, never have been, that’s why I wrote “If you believe in that sort of thing”

      Although I’d be quite happy to go all old testament wrath on some of their Asses, mibbees they had something there

    126. Dr Jim says:

      @Graf Midgehunter

      Aye that’s a God (good) one breathe deep and haud it in, keep haudin keep haudin till ah say keep haudin some mere

    127. Dan says:

      Breeks says: at 6:36 pm

      It has always seemed a reasonable question to ask what threshold the UN and / or Council of Europe actually would accept as the basis for international sovereign recognition.

      I know of course, the answer will be diplomatic, probably along the lines that only a sovereign Nation or would-be Nation can submit a claim for recognition, and the UN or Council of Europe couldn’t possibly speculate…. but it would seem a reasonable beginning to a more expansive conversation…

      Well at least it will now be difficult for Westminster to argue about undemocratic gerrymandering of the electoral franchise of those eligible to vote in future Scottish elections or referenda, considering how Westminster does things.
      For international recognition the new voting rights system passed today can only be a good thing. Just be handy if there was a vote to express that Scottish will some time soon though…

    128. Mist001 says:

      @ Republicofscotland

      I’ve said it here a couple of times before and I’ll keep saying it. If AUOB are serious about independence and they have a minimum of 80,000 marchers as *they* claim, then take them and march down to Charlotte Square to Bute House.

      Who’s going to stop 80,000 people? The police? The army would have to put up barricades to stop that amount of people.

      Of course, that’s just a fantasy. We all know that AUOB is a social gathering with no interest in fostering any kind of change, let alone independence because like the SNP, if independence ever happens, they lose their purpose and self importance.

    129. Rm says:

      We have to get Labour and Conservative MSPs on board I think a few of them are sitting on the knife edge maybe troubled in their own minds and some of the people who voted for them will be thinking the same it’ll only take one to start it rolling, some of them seem to be agreeing more with what’s happening at Holyrood.

    130. Republicofscotland says:

      “Of course, that’s just a fantasy. We all know that AUOB is a social gathering with no interest in fostering any kind of change,”

      Well no I don’t believe that, I believe that they march for independence in all, weathers, I might add, but they like the rest of us they rely on Sturgeon to lead the way on independence which she’s not doing and the AUOB are beginning to realise this, Sturgeon very seldom shows up at these marches, even more so now for fear of being held accountable.

      I agree with you that if Sturgeon doesn’t name a date at the very latest post 6th March 2021 elections (I’d prefer sooner but its highly unlikely as the coffers are empty) then protests outside Bute House, AUOB included, should take place, Sturgeon must be held accountable on her indy promise.

    131. Republicofscotland says:

      “We have to get Labour and Conservative MSPs on board I think a few of them are sitting on the knife edge maybe troubled in their own minds and some of the people who voted for them will be thinking the same it’ll only take one to start it rolling, some of them seem to be agreeing more with what’s happening at Holyrood.”

      Agreed, once the wheels are put into motion, and that can only happen when Sturgeon names a date, then yes, those in the unionist camps at Holyrood, who stil believe in the right to choose via a democratic referendum could hop aboard the indy wagon.

      However the catalyst is missing, the date, again we’re back to Sturgeon.

    132. North chiel says:

      “ republic of Scotland @ 0854 pm “ agree with your sentiments as regards the naming of a date for Indyref 2 . However, surely if our FM named the day , then funds would “ roll in “ irrespective of the 2021 Holyrood election. “ . In fact surely the very naming of a date would “ burst the dam” and the Indyref2 money would flow in and completely overshadow Holyrood 2021. Our FM says 2020 and I will give her until Dec 31 st as regards her “ promise” . If she calls it this year then I don’t see a problem with funding .

    133. Republicofscotland says:

      North Cheil.

      “However, surely if our FM named the day , then funds would “ roll in “ irrespective of the 2021 Holyrood election. “ . In fact surely the very naming of a date would “ burst the dam” ”

      Yes I’d imagine funds would roll in, however hundreds of thousands of pounds have already rolled in but where they went to no one knows. Of course naming a date would then bind Sturgeon to a commitment so yes I agree with you.

    134. shug says:

      There is no rush for indy ref2 let the farmers and fishermen see they have been shafted

      Let the Orange core of the Conservatives and Labour parties see their sacred Ulster is heading to unification

      Boris cant save himself from this

    135. HYUFD says:

      Shug Hardly, only 29% of Northern Irish voters back a United Ireland in the latest poll this week

    136. callmedave says:

      @ronnie anderson

      Thanks for posting that link. 🙂

    137. Liz g says:

      Manandboy @ 4.55
      The Jesus Christ character from the that book also says ” not a jot or tittle of the law shall be changed “, therefore it’s fair to say he clearly supports the old testament rules of his Da.
      So if you’re looking for inspiration from that book!
      I’d suggest Lucifer,he never killed anybody throughout the whole series and apples are much better for the environment that bread and fish… 🙂

    138. shug says:

      reasonable to assume in NI the vote is around 50/50 unionist nationalist
      Say to the unionists, and in particular young people with vision and NI farmers and fishermen reunification gives them access to Europe and it is in the bag for the supporters of unification

      End of the UK as we know it

      My only concern is the unionist knuckle draggers might head this way rather than stay

    139. Fireproofjim says:

      The Italian Jewish author and concentration camp survivor, who had seen women and children driven into gas chambers, wrote “Auschwitz exists, therefore God doesn’t”.
      Difficult to argue against that.

    140. manandboy says:

      Re Murdo Fraser MSP : The essence of the English Establishment is to be found in being paid a fortune for doing nothing.

    141. HYUFD says:

      shug No, as that poll shows Alliance voters, the swing voters in Northern Ireland are 70% for staying in the UK alongside the excellent Deal Remain voting Northern Ireland is getting ie avoiding a hard border with the Republic and staying in a CU and most of the SM.
      Leave voting England and Wales are getting the Brexit they voted for too.
      That just leaves Remain voting Scotland. Well Scotland voted 55% to stay in the EU in 2014 in a ‘once in a generation’ referendum so will leave the EU on the same terms as England and Wales with Boris ruling out indyref2. Sturgeon to her credit has accepted Holyrood cannot try and hold an indyref without Westminster consent and has a very well paid day job to get on with dealing with Scottish domestic policy, so there we are. The UK is fine

    142. HYUFD says:

      That just leaves Remain voting Scotland. Well Scotland voted 55% to stay in the UK in 2014 in a ‘once in a generation’ referendum so will leave the EU on the same terms as England and Wales with Boris ruling out indyref2. Sturgeon to her credit has accepted Holyrood cannot try and hold an indyref without Westminster consent and has a very well paid day job to get on with dealing with Scottish domestic policy, so there we are. The UK is fine

    143. manandboy says:

      Fireproofjim says: at 10:43 pm

      “The Italian Jewish author and concentration camp survivor, who had seen women and children driven into gas chambers, wrote “Auschwitz exists, therefore God doesn’t”.
      Difficult to argue against that.

      Behold, the absence of truth and understanding.

      Man chooses evil – therefore God doesn’t exist?

      Who gave man the freedom to choose?

      Who would not rail against his creator upon the realisation that he had been denied the freedom to choose.

      The truth is that humans have, uniquely, free will. ‘I think, therefore I am’.
      The German Nationalist Socialist Party exercised their free will and chose to exterminate those they considered unworthy of Arian purity. Hey, let’s blame God for humans’ freely made choices. No problem – he’s used to it.

    144. Shug says:

      Nah you are well wide of the mark
      Reunification or border up the Irish Sea changes all
      Nicola will move once the salmons case is done

    145. kapelmeister says:


      There is no such thing as a once in a generation referendum. Only an unscrupulous politician would try to sell that idea. Only a clueless person would buy it.

    146. HYUFD says:

      Shug No, Northern Ireland is very satisfied with the deal they have got and upper middle class Alliance voters have also been rather put off by the rise of Sinn Fein in the Republic and their ‘up the RA’ shouts so will stick with their nice soft Brexit while staying in the UK thankyou very much.

      Sturgeon meanwhile is quite happy with her nice six figure FM salary thankyou and luxury accommodation in Bute House with hubby and does not want to risk it and meddle with an indyref that cost her predecessor his job and perks, so no, she will throw you nats a few bones and get back to the day job

    147. McDuff says:

      HYUFD 11.02
      The UK is not and never has been fine and you can start with the history of Ireland.
      And there is no such thing as a democratic vote for Scotland given the superior numbers of English voters and MP`s. The Scottish ref in `14 was a sham with 100% of media attacking SNP and ending with the big (vow) lie.
      The Westminster regime disgusts me , from the McCrone report to MI5 spying on the SNP.

    148. BrianL says:

      manandboy at 11:11 pm
      I choose to agree with all you said in this post. Our free
      will is a gift.

    149. Dr Jim says:

      Northern Ireland, yet another place the Troll has never been to but knows everything about, I bet he’s got a wee Shamrock to prove his credentials on it just like when he visited the Embra festival once and got a see you Jimmy bunnet, when he talks about Wales he probably has a leek

      I have relatives in NI as well as everywhere else and they are definitely on the edge of reunification, their problem is does the Republic want to bear the cost of taking on a poverty stricken province of England to bring them up to the standard of living the Republic has, because every pensioner, every worker, every unemployed or sick person in the North has only two thirds of the income of their cousins in the south, that’s a huge amount of money for the Republic to come up with to fill that gap and that’s before they even consider the infrastructure the Republic would have to invest in the North

      I’m sure a way could be found but you know the English government will immediately threaten to cut off pension payments and tell them they’re all going to die at the hands of the terrorists and sellers of blood because no more blood transfusion or kidneys or visits from the Queen to make them all feel better, on the other hand NI costs the UK money and they’re all Bogtrotting Tinker Paddies like Scots are all Verminous drunk argumentative wasters, so who knows

      But you’d think the nicknames for our Nations alone would be enough for most self respecting people whoever they are, I hope so

    150. HYUFD says:

      Dr Jim As a matter of fact I was staying near Enniskillen in rural Fermanagh only last October, which has a Sinn Fein MP, as well as travelling up to Bushmills and the Giants Causeway, a staunchly Unionist, DUP represented part of the province. So saw both sides

    151. Fireproofjim says:

      You accuse me of being unable to appreciate truth and understanding when I quoted the famous Italian Jewish philosopher, Primo Levi, from his experience of Auschwitz.
      I suggest your understanding might improve if you read his memoir of Auschwitz and how he saw Jewish women praying to their God to save their children (Not themselves) prior to their gassing.
      That is when he said “Auschwitz exists. Therefore God doesn’t.”
      Your ramblings about free will don’t impress me. The victims of Auschwitz were not granted free will.
      Another philosopher said. “ if God sees evil but does nothing he is either indifferent to suffering or unable to mitigate it. Why then call him God?”
      I was brought up in the Church of Scotland but when I became a man I put away such childish things.

    152. Dr Jim says:

      As a matter of fact the Troll’s been on a holiday again so totally informed

    153. John D says:

      Fek in Abrahamics get my goat.
      Yeah they want their stories realised. Cunts.
      Chosen peoples, second coming , Armageddon. The shitstorm they want will affect most globally.
      Gaia will with or without get on most likely with a natural level of dragon people in the ascendency.
      Us safe Western European’s can hope for subsistence as care workers in the care home nations of the former wealth centres of recent centuries.
      Am considering a change

    154. John D says:

      Actually would like to declare here and now my decision to trans.
      I am no longer the man I was. My good friend dog , Yoda, had his knackers cut off today for supposed health reasons. I however have decided to make use of current policy and legal changes to be a woman. At present I prefer and will as long as I want to , retain my now female cock and balls.
      Unless I am mistaken that is now allowed?
      Tbh I don’t know of any immediate changes that might occur. Even though I might life model again soon I don’t think my decision will have any outward effect.
      Hope folk wish me well in this , my very first outing after decades of plain old vanilla heterosexual masculine roll play. Though I do consider myself a lesbian of course. Don’t feel like being a different age just yet.
      Who knows what tomorrow brings.

    155. John D says:

      I feel drawn to hyfud for advice.

    156. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      I guess HYUFD has seen this recently and assumed it was “official”…

    157. James Barr Gardner says:

      Polls are propaganda tools whereas demographics are hard facts. The No majority in 2014 was 400K since then 400K of Scots have died. The Union is dead time to bury the corpse.

    158. twathater says:

      I watched the stv prog about the GRA and was amazed I found it quite balanced , the usual terf calling nutjobs were absent and stonewalls young ruthy was unconvincing

      What was quite impactful was the young person who had changed sex and was now detransitioning due to the serious impact it had on their health and wellbeing , he/she was also making a strong argument about protecting the young from themselves

      I also think Shirley Anne Somerville came across as a person who is NOT interested in listening to anyone else’s opinion and that she is determined to DRIVE this legislation through irrespective of people’s objections and the unnecessary requirement for any changes to the current laws

      Being interviewed and challenged by stv John why the current legislation required a change when obviously people didn’t want it she became more shrill and breathless evidenced by her neck getting more red by the minute , TBH I associated it to a child being told NO pre tantrum
      I watched Ronnie Andersons link to indy truck Davy ( thanks Ronnie ) and as Davy says and Dan says if Nicola wants to TEST the SG referendum legitimacy why doesn’t she use this legislation as a TEST or would that cause ructions in woke central

    159. jockmcx says:

      manandboy says:
      20 February, 2020 at 5:49 pm

      Until today, I never considered that people might have been brainwashed with material from the Bible.

      It’s all in there…It’s now!

    160. Sinky says:

      I see the Scottish media have buried the devastating Tory immigration plans and any ongoing criticism while the Scotsman gives front page headlines to the fringe These Islands anti indy grouping.

      We need to keep the pressure on Tory failure to stand up for Scotland

    161. Effijy says:

      BBC have a new strap line for all Scottish news reports:

      “Under the freedom of information act, the BBC have uncovered
      That SNP are BAAAAAD.

      They must have a very extensive and expensive dept pestering the
      Bloody life out of the Scottish government for statistics and then the
      Team of Westminster script writer deciding who to word it, edit it or bury it,
      If the information should prove positive.

      Be nice if they used that resource to make entertaining shows that could replace
      Peak time Saturday night viewing that has been showing Dad’s Army repeats for
      The last 50 years.

      Don’t tell them our game Pike!

    162. HYUFD says:

      James Gardner Some of those 400k will have been Yes voters so wrong, the over 65 vote was not 100% No. Plus 54% of Scots still voted for Unionist parties at the general election last December, so Boris has correctly ruled out indyref2 for a generation and Sturgeon has effectively agreed no indyref2 without Westminster consent

    163. Ottomanboi says:

      @Liz g 10:12
      He also said the Law was made for mankind not mankind for the Law. The old order is superseded by the new. The end of text book religion and legalism. Revolutionary in its implications.
      Perhaps our nationalist politicians might consider ‘visiting’ the idea.

    164. Ottomanboi says:

      Free immigration to Scotland is a short term solution to a long term problem, Scots are not reproducing. Scotland’s abortion friendliness is sending out a anti-child message. An ageing population is not good for the independence cause either.
      The young are still taking the highroad to England.
      Nothing for us here?

      Two incidents linked by common element, London Regent’s park mosque and Hanau shisha bars attacks, mental health. Racism and religion played no motivational part: two disturbed loners, nothing more. No wider conclusions to be drawn Frau Merkel, Mr Johnson.

    165. robertknight says:

      Ottomanboi @ 8:48

      “The young are still taking the highroad to England.”

      And passing the wealthy retired types coming the other way to replace them.

      No wonder our demographics are screwed and the Tory vote in rural areas holds up to the extent that it does.

    166. John Jones says:

      Just heard on the news, local councils need more classroom space for the increasing number of pupils, if the population is falling where are they coming from?

    167. Famous15 says:

      The population of England is 56 Million so what country was that person on BBCQT talking abaht?

      Interpreter anyone?

    168. Dan says:

      News today on Fantasy Island…

      “Heathrow goes carbon neutral and pledges to become ‘zero carbon’ airport.

      Heathrow has announced it is carbon neutral and is aiming to emit no carbon from airport infrastructure by the mid-2030s.

      The west London hub said it has reduced carbon emissions by 93% since 1990 following more than £100 million of investment in improving energy efficiency and the generation and purchase of renewable energy.

      It will now offset its remaining carbon emissions through tree planting schemes in Indonesia and Mexico.”

      A fucking airport, carbon neutral, Oh really…
      An environmentally aware dude called Tatoo was heard to shout “Boss! De Plane! De Plane exhaust fumes!”

    169. Mike d says:

      Robertknight 9.20am. ‘And passing the wealthy english tory retired types coming the other way to replace them’.
      There….sorted that, now everyone can call me anti whatever.

    170. Shug says:

      Don’t see anything on the bbc Scottish politics site about immigration. Such silence can only mean they are trying to manage conservative fights, unless carlaw is just tipping his cap to his London masters

      Ah well another gong must be in the post

      Thanks for pointing this out bbc

    171. Breeks says:

      Sinky says:
      21 February, 2020 at 7:28 am
      I see the Scottish media have buried the devastating Tory immigration plans and any ongoing criticism while the Scotsman gives front page headlines to the fringe These Islands anti indy grouping….

      I find it difficult to call it the Scottish Media.

      BritNat Media? Vichy TV? British Broadcasting Indoctrination?

      Scottish? Nah. It is hostile to Scotland and prejudiced against Scotland’s progressive evolution. Don’t call it Scottish.

      True Scottish Media is online, and scraping a precarious living on handouts, but nevertheless conducting itself with much greater integrity and nobility than these glove puppets of the BritNat State. Douglas Fraser, the BBC mouthpiece who brand’s Scotland’s oil a “curse” is feart about losing Pacific Quay? It isn’t the oil that’s the curse Mr Fraser. Try looking in a mirror.

      You could if so inclined however, find a rich seam of SNPbad if you cared to look at the Scottish Government’s endorsement and support for this new media. Phantom Power were broadcasting powerful interviews with No to YES voters three years ago, but the SNP has only just cottoned on. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but it’s hard to un-see uninspired, day late, dollar short, plagiarism.

      Three years behind Scotland’s cutting edge new media, and this is supposedly Scotland’s great hope for Independence? Why not speak to Phantom Power eh? Do you actually know who I’m talking about when I say Phantom Power? Head buried too deep up your own backside eh?

      Frankly, I’m beginning to wonder whether the “Scottish Government” is cut from the same cloth as the “Scottish” media…. and even to be fucked off the park by the views of John Bercow? Really SNP? REALLY??? He wasn’t even trolling you. You really are THAT insipid.

      I hope Scotland rises up in April, as we commemorate the 700th Anniversary of the Scottish Nation’s birth certificate, and fully embraces that sovereign Constitution. Is there still time to invite every leader from the EU? Maybe they won’t come, but maybe they will.

      Waiting for a referendum in 2021 or whenever we stumble into one, is like watching larvae wriggle in stagnant water. I mean seriously.. How will Scottish historians and archivists right about Scotland, 2015 to 2020? The greatest ever non event and paucity of ambition, as Scotland was subjugated and dismantled by the dying colonial avarice of British Imperial vindictiveness?

      I was there in 2014. I saw it. I felt it. We were so close. We nearly got to our feet. How have we squandered the lot in five, such bland and colourless years? Was it all for nothing because we’re allowing a flat tyre to govern us?

      Be at Arbroath people. Independence is ours, not the SNP’s, and if you want the job done properly, seems we’ll have to do it ourselves.

    172. Shug says:

      Don’t see much on the bbc Scotland site about immigration so the conservatives must be having a major bun fight about it

      Have they told Carlow yet I wonder, having to keep the staff informed is such a bitch

      The bbc silence tells you more than anything what’s going on

    173. Jomry says:

      GRA reform is a difficult matter to talk about, not least because any criticism or questioning of the GRA proposals are without fail labelled ‘transphopic’ by (well organised) people on a mission and increasingly by well meaning people whose emotional impulse is to be ‘inclusive’ – even if the cost and consequence is irrationality.

      The consultation on GRA is open – not only to people in Scotland – but to people worldwide ~ and those advocates of the bill are very vocal in promulgating this to pressure groups and vested interests out with Scotland. This is a global minority movement.

      A majority of the 1500 responses to the previous consultation were in favour of the proposals. However only 49% of the responses came from Scotland. Analysis in the report, however, presents ‘results’ only in terms of percentages of the total responses received. There is no analysis of the leaning of Scottish respondents to the consultation and yet this should be crucial. Views from elsewhere are perhaps of interest in discussion, but why is our proposed legislation being subject to the views of others external to Scotland who are not impacted by it.?

      I do not know what weighting, if any, will be given to responses from those resident in Scotland in the current consultation, but it seems to me that it is extremely important that decisions taken on this matter will be made with reference to people in Scotland rather than to pressure groups elsewhere who will be unaffected by the consequences of the legislation – and this will form part of my own response to the consultation.

      My concern is that too few people will voice concerns. The narrative seems to be that women’s Groups, feminists and LGB people are most vocal in their concern – so maybe not something ‘straight’ men should bother themselves with. And yet my experience is that most of the men I have discussed this with are very uncomfortable with aspects of the legislation per se, but particularly when they become aware of the potential impact on wives and daughters. Whether they will take the trouble to respond to the consultation (by March 17) is another matter.

      The criticism of SNP is not so much that young activists are pushing an agenda (they are there in all parties) but that the aggressive and unacceptable targeting of fellow members is tolerated and perhaps senior levels within the party – and there seem to be many indications that this is the case.

    174. HandandShrimp says:

      Put the radio on at 8 to catch the headlines and weather. Turned it off after 30 seconds of some pish about PISA again.

      The subject matter may be one for discussion but it isn’t opening headline news. I didn’t think BBC Scotland could get any worse but apparently it has.

    175. James says:

      HYFUD early this morning. Must have shit the bed.

    176. Dan says:

      HYUFD says: at 8:27 am

      …Plus 54% of Scots still voted for Unionist parties at the general election last December…

      Aye, that’s the B side to your over-played OIAG record. The trouble is that statistic is total pish and not comparable to the percentage that would vote for Scotland to return to being a normal independent nation state.
      For an individual such as yourself that continues to have such belief in statistics and percentages, you really should acknowledge the stats mean fuck all when they are based on different electoral franchises.
      You’ve been told multiple times by many folk that the GE franchise does not include 16 & 17 year olds, or most EU Nationals, plus a significant amount of Labour voters in Scotland are also for Scottish independence.

      Much as it is rather annoying to see you continuing to post yer pish on here, it actually allows folk to continually rebuke said pish and thus highlights to any folk reading to the real situation, thus enlightening and strengthening their comprehension and knowledge on such matters.

      The term “a useful idiot” comes to mind, and as a fellow idiot, I thank you for your continued stalwart efforts in assisting the education of btl readers.

    177. Jomry says:

      Re my GRA comments above..
      I wrongly stated that there was no analysis in the report of Scottish responses. While this is true of the lengthy Executive summary on the SG website, the full report has annexes an tables which provide very extensive analysis which make for interesting reading. The majority of Scottish responses were favourable

      Nevertheless, I believe the points I was making still have relevance and it is not clear whether Scottish feedback would have more weight, should they differ from external responses. It becomes even more important to encourage wide scale involvement in the consultation which ends on March 17.

    178. RobertTheTruth says:

      An interesting comment by Professor Aileen McHarg about the view that the UK would cease to exist should Scotland

      Look particularly at the exchange with Rose A.l.b.a Mcdonald

      Note that a very prominent poster here used to swear blind that was the case and was very vocal and abusive should anyone argue there was a different interpretation of the Acts of Union and the consequences of attempts to break them. People wre trounced for using the term rUK.

      Prof McHarg has some expertise in this area (!) – the prominent ex poster had an opinion based on ego. This is why some of us got really fed up with taking unverified stuff at face value.

    179. HandandShrimp says:

      Plus who rattled Gordon Brown’s cage? His Scottish Future think tank and the These Septic Isles conference are hardly going to build bridges (metaphorical) when they are as rapidly partisan and anti SNP as Brown and Gallagher.

    180. RobertTheTruth says:

      Why it matters is that we would be negotiating not just with England but with NI and Wales should we gain Independence.

      This has to be borne in mind that they have there own anxieties and worries about us leaving.

      It is easy to put England as the bogey man here but there may be other unforeseen traps awaiting us.

      It is not as easy just to nullify or ‘dissolve the Union’ as we have been led to believe by posters here who think they can chant a mantra or refer back to a belligerent old man who knew far less than he led you to believe.

    181. Liz g says:

      Ottomanboi @ 8.29
      Well spotted…. He did indeed support
      “The Law” on many occasions which includes the owning of other people as property….. Lucifer didn’t do that either….see what I mean casting Lucifer as the bad one doesn’t make any sense!

      & @ 8.49
      Your no makin much sense here either,and no for the first time.
      You seem to want to “breed” more Scots and by supporting auld laws too.
      That’s a foolish thing to say.
      The world has plenty of good people who can become Scots, and we are a while away yet from having a genuine reason to shut out borders…

    182. Stuart MacKay says:

      Excellent opening to Chris Grey’s Brexit blog,

      During the Cold War, the Stasi perfected techniques of psychological warfare known as Zersetzung, sometimes translated as ‘disintegration’. Targeted at individuals and dissident groups, it involved “a systematic degradation of reputation, image, and prestige on the basis of true, verifiable and discrediting information together with untrue, credible, irrefutable, and thus also discrediting information; a systematic engineering of social and professional failures to undermine the self-confidence of individuals; … engendering of doubts regarding future prospects; engendering of mistrust and mutual suspicion within groups …”.

      Makes you think, doesn’t it? 😉

      Anyways worth a read.

    183. Golfnut says:

      @ Robert the Truth.

      McHarg is far from neutral in this matter, her latest contribution imo clearly indicates that. Her expertise is heralded as being one of the foremost experts on the non existent British Constitution, you know the unwritten british constitution that can tweaked to suit any occasion.
      Scotland’s Constitutional law is supreme in Scotland and will dictate how Scotland removes itself from this union. England’s status will be determined by the international community and whether or not they are prepared to accept England as the continuing state and I presume much of that acceptance will depend on England’s attitude towards Scotland during the withdrawal period. Much will depend on that acceptance, not least who owns Trident.
      Scotland’s main concern in this matter will be the acceptance of Scotland’s sovereign status.

    184. Effijy says:

      Yes indeed, HIFUD must have shit his bed early today.

      As you said it, he must obviously lie in it for a generation
      and lie there while been robbed, insulted and then ignored.

      Hope you don’t mind me abbreviating you’re name to FUD,
      But how many times can we all tell you the once in a generation
      Statement came from one man as that was his honest opinion.

      He also stated many times that the people of Scotland are Soveriegn
      and if they want a referendum or independence then it is theirs to take.

      Words on a TV interview do not trump over the declaration of Arbroath which
      Is ratified.

      How about Boris saying £350 million per week, so that must happen and be sent to the NHS now?
      How about May saying we leave the EU on 30th March no matter what and Boris being dead in a ditch if he wasn’t out of the EU on 31st October?

      Even better how about every word in the VOW, no less that has been broken in each and every constituent part?

      Does Scotland have the most powerful devolved parliament in the world when England claim they can remove 24 of our devolved powers at will.

      FUD, you, Westminster and the Tories are pathetic liars and the sooner we part company the better.

    185. Footsoldier says:

      The Herald has completely lost it with their headlines.

      Engineering topic on Queensferry Crossing described as “Farce Road Bridge”. Serious education results described as “Late Night Horror Show”.

      Talk about dumbing down,more readers will be heading for the exit.

    186. Republicofscotland says:

      I see the ardent fishing Brexiteer Jimmy Buchan, who campaigned vigorously to leave the EU, has given an interview with the National newspaper that the Tory immigration policy will devastate the Scottish fishing industry.

      Words fail me on the sheer stupidity of men like Buchan, who in their greed for more wealth, and hatred for EU fishermen fishing in Scottish waters, now find themselves on the verge of being screwed over by Westminster.

      I have very little sympathy for people like him.

    187. mr thms says: uses an uppercase ‘U’ not a lowercase’u’ for ‘united’ as used by Prof McHarg in her tweet, in the link provided by RobertTheTruth


      “That the United Kingdom of Great Britain be represented by one and the same Parliament to be stiled The Parliament of Great Britain.”

    188. Dan says:

      Scottish “regional” bridge trolls will be ragin’ to learn their not-so-perfect motherland has let them down badly…

      “London Bridge To Close To Traffic For Eight Months From March”

      “Nottingham A52 Clifton bridge closure: Repairs will continue for rest of year”

    189. mike cassidy says:



      Scotland and England merge to form Great Britain.


      Great Britain and The Kingdom Of Ireland merge to form The United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Ireland

      By definition

      Scotland becoming independent

      sees the end of Great Britain

      which sees the end of The United Kingdom

      Personally, I don’t give a feck what they choose to call themselves afterwards.

      I’m sure their shiny blue passports will come up with something appropriate.

      UK rUK Brexittania Narnia

    190. Republicofscotland says:

      Today is the day that Gordon Brown and his band of wishful thinkers hold their unionist meeting about Scotland in a foreign country’s city, namely Newcastle.

      Brown who frowns on Scottish civic nationalism, but hails all things British, will be discussing how he sees himself as the ideal candidate to heal the division in Scotland.

      Of course Brown ignores the fact that half of Scots cannot stand the man, let alone see him as some sort of arbitrary negotiator.

      Why anyone would take Brown seriously on any topic, let alone the future of Scotland is beyond me.

    191. Jack Murphy says:

      Republicofscotland said at 11:53 am today:

      “I see the ardent fishing Brexiteer Jimmy Buchan, who campaigned vigorously to leave the EU, has given an interview with the National newspaper that the Tory immigration policy will devastate the Scottish fishing industry…”

      Thanks for that. Here’s today’s Front Page of the on-line,The National edition:

    192. HYUFD says:

      Jack Murphy Except he is a big wealthy fishing CEO, the average voter in a fishing port will welcome the Tory proposals to limit competition from foreign workers for fishing jobs in those ports

    193. TheItalianJob says:

      Gordon Broon. More like Paw Broon. Waste of space as a chancellor and even worse as PM.

      Not of any use for the people of Scotland. Dinosaur who is irrelevant to a modern Scotland and its young.

      He’s an all right jack with his millions and to think he claimed he was once a Labour man. Man of the people and Scots my @@se. Then again same cut of cloth as Lord Alistair Darling.

      No wonder the people of Scotland have seen through that Labour lot for what they are.

      No friends of Scotland the lot of them.

    194. HandandShrimp says:


      Will it though? Or might perhaps boats stay in port for lack of crews?

      If, as we are told there, is only 3.5% unemployment where are all these agricultural, care, nursing, catering and fishing workers to be found?

      I’m not coming out of retirement to man a fishing boat.

    195. Colin Alexander says:

      Can anyone point me to the document or documents that say they are: “Scotland’s constitution”?

      If the constitutional assertions come from common law, which common law?

    196. Golfnut says:

      @ Colin Alexander.

      If you are insinuating that Scots Constitutional law doesn’t exist you may wish to drop Lord Cooper a wee line. You know, the guy who said this, ‘ the principle of Parliamentary Sovereignty is an English principle and not recognised in Scots Constitutional law ‘, or words to that affect, so it’s definitely out there.

    197. HYUFD says:

      Habdandshrimp The legislation defines trawler skippers and mates as skilled workers so overseas workers can still come to fill those roles. There will be plenty of local people in fishing ports who can provide the rest of the crew

    198. Dr Jim says:

      Jimmy Buchan is a man who stood as a Tory and failed and sees his country through the prism of his OO hatred of other religions, one of Ruth Davidsons troops who now realises that although he votes for them, although he supports them he’s not one of them and never will be, he’s a Verminous Scot albeit a millionaire Verminous Scot but nevertheless a Verminous Scot

      Not a soul in Scotland will have an ounce of sympathy for this very rich man who’s made his money off the back of immigrants now only to have those immigrants taken away from him before Massa Buchan got the chance to sell them, now he’s begging the Scottish government, the government he vehemently and vitriolically spewed out hatred for and stood with Davidson and Nigel Farage against Scotland, tae dae sumthin for him

      Buchan even now tries firing a parting shot at the Scottish government in the shape of a threat that he might have to move his business to England unless somehow the SG can dae the sumthin that he would still continue to fight against,(Independence) how will that be any different, are his Tory choice of *overlards* going to make different rules in England Just for him and the high percentage of his Philipino deck hands or allow him to buy more slaves in Grimsby when they arrive from Africa, the ones that Herr Johnson has advertised for but hasn’t yet told the English he’s going to replace the EU foreigners with African foreigners because the xenophobic English hate that colour or foreigner even more because they’re the ones they thought they’d be getting round to removing from their village greens after the terrible EU folk, then they could move on to all the rest of the people who they consider not worthy to be in their country

      Remember folks we’ll still always be under a bridge drunk Vermin, the Irish will always be Bogtrotting Paddies and the Welsh? well sorry Welsh people but you folks have had it

    199. Colin Alexander says:

      Golfnut said:

      “If you are insinuating that Scots Constitutional law doesn’t exist”.

      Not at all. Of course it exists. I thought someone more knowledgeable than me would list all the documents / case law on Scotland’s constitution.

      For a start, we know Sewel is only a convention of UK legislation.

      I suppose the Cherry prorogation case is useful for constitutional references.

    200. HandandShrimp says:


      I look forward to recounting your exploits on the high seas.

    201. HYUFD says:

      Dr Jim The Boris points system will apply to African migrants as much as EU migrants, if you have not got the points needed to be a skilled worker or a worker in a shortage area you are not coming in to the UK

    202. Gfaetheblock says:

      Dan @ 10.50

      Tend to agree, but you point also shows that any arguement that the SNP have a mandate from the 2019 GE is also nonsense, for the points that you make, + FPTP mechanics.

    203. Dr Jim says:

      Ffffffg Tories will be going back to sending kids up chimneys and pensioners selling coloured buttons to the rich folk on street corners, and the Arsehole Trolls will be infesting the Internet defending it as job creation for the *inactive* workers

    204. jfngw says:

      I earlier in the week wrote that education was coming to BBC Scotland news, Ruth Davidson had sent out her message and the BBC was listening. Yesterday they jump at Labour’s beck and call on prisons, when the dogs bark they will be given a bone.

    205. Dr Jim says:

      Since 2017 education standards in Sweden have fallen by 18%
      Sweden normally a high achieving country in education has explained the fall as an *apathy* amongst students

      Now one wonders what might have caused *apathy* in young people there, I guess it wouldn’t be too difficult to take a stab at answering that

    206. ronnie anderson says:

      Colin Alexander Fuck off and do your own research on the Scottish Constitution you never had any trouble in the years you’ve been a annoyance with your unionist rhetoric on this site .


    207. Dan says:

      @Gfaetheblock at 1:22 pm

      I certainly met a few folk on the doorsteps during the Dec 2019 GE campaign that were voting SNP because of the Party’s EU Remain preference, but also weren’t currently supporters of Scottish Indy.

      I guess we’re just lucky there’s that shitload of other mandates and the material change in circumstance to go with.

    208. iain mhor says:

      @Robert the Truth

      Not sure what your point is.
      It’s not complicated reading the Treaty & Articles whether 1706, 1707, 1800, 1921,1922 (or Unions of Crowns) Neither was it complicated reading and checking the statements of that ‘belligerent old man’ (of whom I’m no apologist)
      What is difficult reading, is lack of clarity. You refer to when the “UK” was created – which one, The United Kingdom of Great Britain, or the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland – pick a date too – though its generally accepted the creation of either was when the Articles (Acts) entered statute law.
      So the creation of the UK of GB & N.I was in 1922.
      I can stab a guess from context which you were vaguely referring to, but, I still don’t glean your point.

    209. Republicofscotland says:

      Well wouldn’t you know it, after all the unionist media cries on Council tax rises in Scotland, especially in Glasgow and Edinburgh, the former having to pay out half a billion pounds, yes that’s right half a billion, due to the Labour branch office in Scotland robbing Cordia women of fair pay for over a decade, and racking up a two million lawyers fees in the process to prevent them from getting justice.

      Any apologies for going off on a tangent, my original point is that the ITV English lunchtime news has reported that Council tax rises are heading across the board in England I recall one at 3.99% and certain bands will see a rise of over £80 quid.

    210. Colin Alexander says:

      Ronnie Anderson

      Away and fight wi AUOB again if you want to fight wi anybody.

      They soon chased ye away haha.

    211. Colin Alexander says:

      The point I was trying to make is that, saying we are sovereign is good but you only get so far with that by itself.

      But, the Unionists will argue: “where’s your proof?”, so its’ good to have it ready: a ready compiled list of constitutional authorities.

      Also, if anyone ever wants to take it to court to assert Scotland’s sovereign right to dissolve the union, it helps to to have documentary proof of the constitution of Scotland and right to dissolve the Union.

    212. Dr Jim says:

      Ronnie Anderson has many friends throughout the Independence movement and Scotland and is well liked

      You Colin Alexander have none of these friends anywhere

    213. Republicofscotland says:

      “Also, if anyone ever wants to take it to court to assert Scotland’s sovereign right to dissolve the union, it helps to to have documentary proof of the constitution of Scotland and right to dissolve the Union.”

      I’m under the impression that the UK, doesnt have a written constitution. The Scottish government have on several occasions drafted one, that will be used possibly updated or revised on independence.

      Not having one isn’t a game changer in anyway against Scottish independence.

      Here’s a draft of what it might look like.

    214. Capella says:

      @ Jomry 10.53 – re responses to the GRA consultation from Scotland – groups, such as Women’s Aid and Rape Crisis are dependent on Scottish government funding. To qualify for funding they must agree to accommodate trans women.
      It is very bad practice to ask people, whose income depends on giving you the answer you want, if they are happy to accommodate trans women. Conflict of interest.

      BTW it is the Sabbath that was made for man not man for the Sabbath (Mark 2:27)

      Also, thou shalt not wear mixed fibres. (Deuteronomy 22:11)

    215. Capella says:

      @ Jomry 10.53 – re responses to the GRA consultation from Scotland – groups, such as Women’s Aid and R*pe Crisis are dependent on Scottish government funding. To qualify for funding they must agree to accommodate trans women.
      It is very bad practice to ask people, whose income depends on giving you the answer you want, if they are happy to accommodate trans women. Conflict of interest.

      BTW it is the Sabbath that was made for man not man for the Sabbath (Mark 2:27)

      Also, thou shalt not wear mixed fibres. (Deuteronomy 22:11)

    216. Colin Alexander says:

      Dr Jim

      I accept Mr Anderson has done a lot of good work for Wings and indy but he should keep a civil tongue in his heid.

      Swearing and abuse at people is shameful conduct that only HARMS the indy cause.

      Ask your hero Sturgeon about that.

      No wonder HYUFD is on so much. A sprat to catch a whale. He lets youse make fools of yourselves with all the insults and abusive remarks towards him.

      Every insult and abusive remark another nail in the Wings Party coffin before its even born.

    217. James Barr Gardner says:

      HYUFD says:
      21 February, 2020 at 8:27 am

      Even if the 400K was split 50/50 and the youth replacement is spilt the No majority is gone.

      Then consider the future voting in IndyRef2 of EU citzens, Waspi Women and angry pensioners plus No voters wishing to stay within the EU. Demographics it’s just numbers that and more folk are totally fed up with the Westminster farce and the Eton clique, Scotland will not thole 10 years of tory rule !

      The Union is dead time to bury the corpse is beginning to stink !

      End the Union and Let Scotland Prosper !

    218. Famous15 says:

      The SNP supporting new Highland Clearance

      Unbelievably they have turned down the Coul Links golf course which would have provided a rescue for east Sutherland employment for young people.

      Locals all for it but RSPB and settlers against.

      Shame on youSNP. I never thought I would say it but our country will have to start another liberation movement.

    219. sassenach says:

      ronnie anderson @ 1-37pm

      Well said, I personally think it is more apposite to refer to Mr? Anderson as COCO, the name originally given during his ‘early’ years here – when he was much more open about his Britnat views. Now he tries to cover-up, incessantly (but with no success – we know what he is!!).

    220. Colin Alexander says:

      Republicofscotland said:

      “I’m under the impression that the UK, doesnt have a written constitution”.

      Exactly. How many times has UK constitutional “certainty” been challenged because of that very reason? How was much of it settled? Either by court cases such as the Cherry Case and Miller A50 case or mostly acquiescence to assertions of constitutional rights by the UK.

      Should we in the indy movement not recognise it would be the same for Scotland if we assert constitutional rights?

      It’s simple reality to recognise Scotland currently is in the exact same position: eg there is no single document called a Scottish constitution. So, assertions of sovereignty would likely be legally challenged, as in the case of Scotland holding an indyref without an S30.

      I’m no supporting Sturgeon’s position of best not to bother then. I’m saying those with the inclination may wish to research the matter further and prepare.

    221. Tinto Chiel says:

      Breeks @10.06 asks: “I find it difficult to call it the Scottish Media.

      BritNat Media? Vichy TV? British Broadcasting Indoctrination?”

      My French sister-in-law eventually used the term “Vichy Vision” for BBC Scotland’s completely biased and deliberately woeful output.

      Works for me.

      As the indybanners on marches often ask, “Donalda, where’s yer viewers?”

      This just in *holds imaginary ear-piece*: the updated version is now simply: “Where’s Donalda?”

    222. Colin Alexander says:


      Now you’re insulting Mr Anderson with your coco crap.

      I don’t agree with that either. I don’t want Mr Anderson insulted or anyone on here. I’m saying stop the insults.

    223. Colin Alexander says:

      ronnie anderson

      I apologise for the AUOB remark: Two wrongs don’t make a right.

    224. TheItalianJob says:

      Tinto Shiel

      Aye good one. Just read an article on BBBC Scotland website about our great independence actor from Dundee Brian Cox.

      He’s been asked to lead the Tartan Day parade in New York as the Grand Marshall. Apparently for the second time.

      Good in-depth analysis of Brian but low an behold no mention of his part in trying to secure Scottish Independence during Indyref2014 or his continued support for an Independent Scotland.

    225. Breeks says:

      For all intents an purposes, the Declaration of Arbroath is the Constitution of Scotland, the Nation.

      The Treaty of Union, is merely the Constitution of a Bilateral Treaty between two Kingdoms, it is not the Constitution of either Country, because the UK is not a country, but two countries; two countries before 1707, which remained two countries after 1707.

      The “Parliament of Great Britain” is not a country either, because all the Parliament of Great Britain means is a Parliament on the largest “main” island of the British Isles archipelago. The great British Island, not the multitude of smaller ones. It’s a geographical reference, even if you concede that wasn’t the intention. It’s not the only sloppiness in the Union.

      The Scotland Act and Sewel Convention provides the constitution of a devolved assembly. This is colonial legislation. It is not the Constitution of the Scottish Nation, nor is it implicitly the constitution of Scottish Government, (though you’d hardly believe it looking at the current “Scottish Government
      grovelling before the authority Westminster). The Scotland Act is merely, and arguably, the Constitution of a “form” of Scottish Government, that is, a Devolved Assembly, and a “form” of Scottish Government which is not altogether consistent with the Nation’s Sovereign Constitution.

      The Treaty of Union, and the Scotland Act would like the people of Scotland to be dumb and compliant, and believe that Scotland’s National Constitution is not relevant, and promote the fallacy that Scotland was extinguished in 1707. There is no evidence that it ever was, there is no legislation claiming it was, there is nothing, anywhere, which purports to rescind the Constitutional Sovereignty of the Scottish people.

      The closest the Union comes to formal usurpation of Scottish Sovereignty, is the extremely dubious and unwritten Convention of Sovereignty, which has all the legitimacy of two men walking into a public toilet, sounds of a scuffle, and one man emerging declaring himself the sole owner of two wallets and entitled to all monies therein.

      This isn’t rocket science people. This is about asking questions, and discerning the difference between fact, actuality, and truth, Scotland’s written National Constitution and contemporary international recognition, and the bewildering matrix of fallacy, falsification and sophistry of the Union, determined from the outset to confound rational deconstruction and understanding of a massive and unconstitutional fraud.

      Let us get this stinking fraud that has robbed our nation blind for generations exposed to the rigorous scrutiny of a Constitutional Law Court. Scotland has nothing to fear from the truth emerging from the fiction.

    226. sassenach says:

      ronnie anderson

      Sincere apologies, I inadvertently put your surname instead of Coco’s in my reply @ 2-40pm.
      It was definitely Coco Alexander that is the anti-indy plonker, not your good self of course!

    227. TheItalianJob says:


      You post good points ref Scottish Sovereignty. What I find unfortunate is, as we gave up our Scottish Parliament at the time of the Act of Union. Ever since then Scotland had an uphill if not an impossible task of having its Sovereignty of the people recognised by a Westminster Parliament heavily biased against Scotland and it’s representatives.

      We then had a referendum for a devolved Parliament which gave us back some level of Control on our destiny but what about our finances. That appears to have been given away too by the Act of Union.

      All Scottish revenue as we know goes to WM Treasury and all we get back is a hand-out calculated by the so called Barnett formula.

      I therefore don’t see how we currently can exert our Sovereignty when a great part of it was taken away by the Act of Union viz-a-viz our Parliament and our right to raise and keep up our own generated revenues. Both of which remain in control by WM.

      In my opinion it’s not a simple as you imply that we can take back our Sovereignty as easy as you claim it to be. Otherwise we (Scotland) would have done something more about our Sovereignty many years before now.

    228. McDuff says:

      I se you have dodged my post at 11.32pm yesterday. I`ll try again.
      The MSM and Westminster government have controlled and manipulated the Scottish electorate from the McCrone report through to MI5 spying on the democratically elected SNP.
      Are these the acts of a democratic government or the acts of a filthy dictatorship.

    229. McDuff says:

      I se you have dodged my post at 11.32pm yesterday. I`ll try again.
      The MSM and Westminster government have controlled and manipulated the Scottish electorate from the McCrone report through to MI5 spying on the democratically elected SNP.
      Are these the acts of a democratic government or the acts of a filthy dictatorship?

    230. Dr Jim says:

      BBC takes the biscuit as it blames the SNP for Scotland being rubbish at football
      In another of his rants Henry McLiesh and some BBC football journalist have decided that the Scottish government should put up all the money that SFA have never done and invest in youth football using taxpayers money to build indoor heated pitches
      and place curfews on 16 year olds like they do in Iceland to make them do sports instead of drugs

      And if the SG ever did that the next programme would be all about where’s the money coming from to fund football when there’s a pigeon on a hospital roof and how dare you curfew our innocent babies like some Nazi police state

      The front page of the Express today is a headline that reads *Sturgeon promotes bully to front bench* another one read Teachers perform miracles in Scotlands schools while Sturgeon hides the disasters

      Who’s writing these headlines? Colin Alexander!

    231. TheItalianJob says:

      Good post McDuff. Especially the McCrone report and how this report didn’t persuade another 20%++ to vote yes in 2014 is beyond me. But I support the non proliferation of this piece of news by the biased MSM in the U.K. was enough to keep it well suppressed and away from those who could have been persuaded to vote Yes and get us well and truly voted over the line.

    232. Colin Alexander says:


      Thank you.

      Have you come across any re-affirmation of the sovereignty of Scotland post-Cromwell’s Commonwealth?

      (For those who may not know, Scotland was invaded and under military control of Cromwell’s New Model Army. Scotland was forcibly incorporated into the Commonwealth republic).

      Scotland became a Kingdom again in 1660. But one ruled by the Crown, not Parliament, if Wikipedia is correct: “In the event Scotland regained its independent system of law, its parliament and its kirk, but also the Lords of the Articles (through which the crown controlled parliamentary business) and bishops. It also had a king who did not visit the country and ruled largely without reference to Parliament through a series of commissioners. These began with Middleton, now an earl, and ended with the king’s brother and heir, James, Duke of York (known in Scotland as the Duke of Albany).[27] Legislation was revoked back to 1633, by the Rescissory Act 1661, removing the Covenanter gains of the Bishops’ Wars, but the discipline of kirk sessions, presbyteries and synods were renewed. Only four Covenanters were excluded from the general pardon and were executed, the most prominent being the Marquis of Argyll, but also including the Protester James Guthrie.[28]”

      Clearly by the time of the Claim of Right 1689, Scotland’s Parliament was again asserting it’s power (arguably, the sovereign power of the people) over the Crown.

    233. Republicofscotland says:

      “Should we in the indy movement not recognise it would be the same for Scotland if we assert constitutional rights?”

      No because the English/UK constitution is there it just isn’t written down in one document, its scattered all over the place which allows Westminster and specifically in this case to play fast and loose with it.

      We can hold a referendum anytime we want without Westminsters consideration, if its done properly and a majority of Scots vote yes, I’d find it very difficult to see how Westminster could negate the result, constitution or no constitution.

      You appear to be bigged down in complexities that might not even come into play.

    234. iain mhor says:

      In order to be fair to @Robert the Truth; I have been trying to work out a meaningful point. I think perhaps it may be, that although the United Kingdom (of any definition) may cease, the nature of the remainder including N.I is the complex issue?

      As constituted, N.I was part of the duality of the UK of GB in 1922 – that is to say could be construed as a part of both the KoE & KoS. A counter to that, would be pre-partition Ireland as part of the KoE and therfore N.I remains part of the KoE, even though it owes its existence under the joint Union of GB – Scotland & England.

      Another argument would be to infer that the ‘claim’ of N.I lay under the Crown (Her Majesty’s dominions etc) With the duality of the Crown – Ireland lay under the English Crown and after partition and the creation of N.I it still lay under the English Crown – not Her Maj’s other hat, the Scots Crown.
      It could be a debate that Scotland may lay some ‘claim’ to N.I during any dissolution and Independence negotiations (doubtful in the extreme, but not impossible) it would indeed seriously complicate “negotiations”.

      As for what N.I chooses, to align with or claim – that’s entirely up to them. I dare say, by the prior example, N.I could claim it became (in part) part of the Kingdom of Scotland as well as England under their “Union”.
      That’s really stretching, but there is no bar to anyone claiming anything – As poor Wales isn’t getting a look-in, lets have at least Owen Glendower (in Shakespeare’s words) illustrate that point:
      Glendower: I can call the spirits from the vasty deep. Hotspur: Why, so can I, or so can any man; But will they come, when you do call for them?”

      Whatever; the prior political entities known as the UK of GB and the UK of GB & N.I definitely cease to exist. There is of course, no bar to a Nation or Country, calling itself whatever it likes (though offence may be taken – refer Greece/ Macedonia) Which entity would remain after Scottish Independence, can call itself the United Kingdom if it wants to, or the Glorious Kingdom of Poo-Bah-Yah. Not our concern.

    235. David says:

      As for the Scottish media burying the immigration report no they didn’t .
      Reporting Scotland STV News BBC The Nine CH4 news all covered it .
      No UK or Scottish Tory was available for interview on the Nine or Scotland Tonight CH4 news could only get John Redwood at least he turned up

    236. Republicofscotland says:

      Labour councillor who has hopes of becoming the deputy branch manager of London Labour in Scotland, throws a hissyfit over cuts to Glasgow City Councils agreed budget.

      Matt Kerr, didnt want the cuts, of course the hypocrisy of London Labours lackeys in Scotland is astonishing and embarrassing, after his branch office councillors cost Glasgow City Council a half a billion pounds in payouts last year.

      We know the Tories are actively attempting to damage Scotlands economy, however Labour, or at least Mark Kerr, is in denial that, they, already have.

    237. Republicofscotland says:

      Good to see Boris promoted to minister Moray MP Douglas Ross, get his priorities right. Instead of attending a immigration debate, Mr Ross decided to line his own pockets and run the line at the Shakhtar Donetsk vs Benfica match in Kharkiv last night.

      This is interesting.

      “The Scotland Office were refusing to put anyone up to defend Boris Johnson’s immigration plans despite desperate pleas from the BBC.”

      Sounds like the establishment isn’t speaking to itself.

    238. HYUFD says:

      James Barr Gardner Boris has ruled out indyref2 for the entirety of his premiership and as Westminster is sovereign that is final, the 2014 referendum only occurred with Westminster consent. Indyref2 will have to wait for a future Labour Government which would take us back into the single market anyway.
      Plus of course generally voters get more conservative as they are anyway

    239. HYUFD says:

      Republic of Scotland No a legal one, as Catalan nationalists found out when they tried to hold an unauthorised referendum then tried to declare UDI the Spanish government ignored it and Catalonia remainspart if Spain

    240. HYUFD says:

      McDuff Westminster legally and constitutionally can do what it likes, it is supreme in the UK and in any case over 50 Scottish MPs are elected to Westminster

    241. mike cassidy says:

      Anybody know why the revstu twitter page has gone into

      “These Tweets are protected” mode.

    242. Colin Alexander says:

      Good luck to Scotland and the campaign for independence.

      I’m off to do other things with my time now.

      Aw ra best Scotland.

    243. K1 says:

      Aye, I’d like to know why Revstu twitter has gone into protected mode too. As I don’t have twitter account I could always view his for updated info etc.

      Wtf Rev?

    244. Al says:

      Sad to see revstu twitter going protected.

      I don’t want a twitter account but do like to read his tweets. But I will understand if he has decided to do it for his own protection or sanity. It is a shame that a few idiots have to ruin things so often.

    245. iain mhor says:


      ‘Westminster legally and constitutionally can do what it likes’ History, including very, very recent history, lends a lie to that.
      But as you live under a bridge, I’ll let you off for not keeping up to date with such things.
      Westminster legally and constitutionally, can try do do what it likes” FTFY

    246. Republicofscotland says:

      “Republic of Scotland No a legal one, as Catalan nationalists found out when they tried to hold an unauthorised referendum then tried to declare UDI the Spanish government ignored it and Catalonia remainspart if Spain”

      Scotland isn’t Catalonia, we have history as an independent nation outwith the union. Also we’ve already held a indyref, that wasn’t challenged by Westminster, albeit with the Edinburgh agreement. The Catalan folk have not.

      Finally I’m pretty sure there’s nothing in Sewel Convention that says Scotland cannot hold a indyref. It would be for the British government to try and attempt to overturn the will of the people, of Scotland, when they vote yes to leave the union.

      Just as the EU could not retain the UK, so it is that England cannot retain Scotland. Again its not Englands Supreme courts that matter, its international recognition that counts.

      For England, and its courts, will never willingly allow Scotland, and its assets, land mass, and its talented folk who’ve been drained for decades to leave this union. This is why we cannot go down the Westminster route, to leave the decision up to a English courts would be madness.

      No if the English government wants to hold onto Scotland after we votes yes to leave, it will need to invade and occupy Scotland on a military level.

    247. Breeks says:

      TheItalianJob says:
      21 February, 2020 at 3:55 pm

      “… Ever since then Scotland had an uphill if not an impossible task of having its Sovereignty of the people recognised by a Westminster Parliament heavily biased against Scotland and it’s representatives…”

      I’m not so sure. I mean, I understand where you’re coming from, but look at it the other way… IF Scotland wasn’t recognised as a Nation and extinguished as BritNats would claim, then the Union has had a devil of a job expunging Scotland and all things Scottish.

      I think you could argue that the invention of Holyrood was undoubtedly a good thing, but yet, it hasn’t been good for Scotland’s awareness and alertness watching out for encroachment of Westminster’s greedy tendrils, and any erosion of Scotland’s Constitutional integrity.

      It may be because the Scotland of recent decades has been less rigorous in defence of Constitutional issues, and a degree of Holyrood inspired complacency has crept in, that Westminster suddenly feels emboldened and fully intends to exploit Scotland’s Constitutional uncertainty and confusion to chance it’s arm taking outright liberties which in the past would have been met with utter derision from learned Constitutional watchdogs.

      Perhaps a wee doze of Constitutional fanaticism is long overdue, and hauling Holyrood over the coals once or twice just to remind it of it’s place in the Constitutional scheme of things might be quite a good idea… and potentially a game changer if it lights a fire under the SNP.

    248. SilverDarling says:

      Pile on after pile on from the sinister SNP Youth wing on Twitter. Rev Stu responds and produces a meme comparing their dogma to the Hitler Youth and they go utterly ballistic. TRAs from across the pond trying to get the account taken down. So he locks his account.

      It will be interesting to see how far Independence progresses with only the mealy mouthed SNP apologists and GRA driven Youth wing allowed any views. We have seen here how mad they go when the decisions of the SNP hierarchy are questioned.

      Leave them to it I say, lets see how far they get.

      Back to 6 MPs and a protest vote as those of us who thought they would deliver Indy drop away. We will watch ias they allow women’s rights to be erased and a coterie of pimply lanyard wearing pastel rainbow ‘men’ climb the greasy pole happy to take any position they can get in a bloated and impotent SNP.

      The SNP are destroying themselves allowing these individuals to drive the agenda. Hell mend anyone who is part of this.

    249. HYUFD says:

      Iain Mhor Boris did not have a Westminster majority before so his powers as PM were limited but he has a big Westminster majority now so his powers as PM are virtually unlimited

    250. HYUFD says:

      Republic of Scotland Technically Catalonia was an Independent Republic under French protection in the 17th century. Had Remain won the 2016 referendum you can also be sure the EU would not have recognised another EU referendum for a long time.

      Scotland already voted No to independence in a ‘once in a generation’ referendum in 2014 as Salmond called it

    251. lumilumi says:

      OK, now I’m beginning to fear. It feels like an iron grip of fascism is extinguishing all my youthful, hopeful optimism from the 1990s. I did not imagine I’d live my middle age in a world like this.

      I’m not on Twitter (= don’t have a Twitter account) but for years, I’ve read tweets from lots of people and institutions to keep a eye on things, learn, find links to more info, also for cat videos and laughs.

      One of the Twitter accounts I regularly read was the Wings account, which got permanently banned in December last year. Since then, I’ve read Rev Stu’s personal account, but today he’s protected his tweets so that only his Twitter followers can see them – I never can because I don’t have a Twitter account to “follow” him. And I’m not about to sign up for a Twitter account NOW, when the whole platform is becoming a seething mass of misogyny and hate and misinformation and doxxing. My life is much better without being a part of it.

      However, what scares me is how different voices are being silenced. Rev Stu probably has a good reason for protecting his tweets, and I don’t blame the man, but his voice is now muted even if not silenced.

      Everything seems so polarised now. So black and white. Totally 100% with “us” or you’re an enemy, a “them”. Whatever happened to nuance, reasoned debate, finding common ground, compromise, finding a way forward together?

      Maybe it’ll take ten or fifteen years of misery and horror until we return to a more benign state of the world. (For a while, at least.) So maybe I’ll get to live out my sunset years in a similar hopeful world that I lived my early adulthood in.

      I mean, it can’t just keep getting worse forever, there has to be a turn for the better at some point, right?

    252. Robert Louis says:

      Silver darling at 643pm,

      Sadly, I think unless the leadership changes soon, then it may be a grizzly ending for the SNP. They currently seem hell-bent on allowing trans-obsessed gobsh*tes within the party to act with impunity. This does seem to have the full aproval of Nicola Sturgeon.

      The Gender reforms are not only going to destroy women’s rights, they will also destroy gay people’s rights too. And NOTE I use the word GAY, not LGRBTQQA+, or whatever it is today. Sadly, although some gay folk have started to understand the threat, many still do not. They glibly assume that those who oppose the ‘trans cult ideology are just bigots. I fear many of them will realise what is being done, once it is too late. At first, when I first heard of all this gender nonsense, I thought it was just being played up, but it turned out that it really was as mad as it sounded. And I say that as a gay person who actually remembers the fight for gay rights – they used to put people like me in the jail, FFS.

      This is why the LGB alliance has been started, in order to protect lesbian and gay rights, which are right now under serious threat from the Trans cult.

      What really irks me however, is that their is no need for the SNP to go down this road. They will alienate voters like never before, and for what??

      Oh, and make no mistake the opposition are just waiting to pile on, when the legislation is done. Just watch.

      Starting to genuinely fear that independence is starting to slip from our grasp.

      All political parties, over time do this. They forget why they were put in power. They start to believe that their core vote will never abandon them, that somehow they have a much higher ‘calling’. That is what Labour did, and look what happened. Some in the Labour party still haven’t got over it. I do not doubt for one second that the FM glbily thinks we will all go rushing to vote SNP once again in 2021. I won’t. I don’t like being taken for a fool, and especially not by politicians, even if they are SNP. If five mandates are not enough, then a sixth will make b*gger -all difference.

      The SNP leadership now has just a few weeks to do the right thing, either call indyref and grow a backbone, asserting Scotland’s constitutional rights, or step aside. It really is that simple.

      The resentment and hatred really is starting to grow.

    253. Robert Louis says:


      I totally share your views. It’s like folk no longer will tolerate anything that doesn’t fit their extremely narrow, and frankly distirted world view.

      Their was another time in history when that happened, and we all know how it turned out.

    254. mike cassidy says:

      Here’s one of those posters on twitter.

      Check it out before it disappears!

    255. Republicofscotland says:

      “Scotland already voted No to independence in a ‘once in a generation’ referendum in 2014 as Salmond called it”

      I’m sure you’ll agree circumstances have changed since then such as being dragged out of the EU, a mainstay of the 2014 vote no campaign.

      Of course in reality it doesn’t matter what Salmond did or didn’t say no government can bind the hands of its successor.

      Did Johnson die in his ditch when his deadline passed, no, your point is puerile at best.

    256. HYUFD says:

      Robert Louis Notice Starmer has also cleverly said trans rights must be balanced with womens rights. As a pro single market centrist he will be much more of a challenge if elected Labour leader than Corbyn was, for the SNP as well as the Tories

    257. iain mhor says:


      I think you are straying into the realms of projecting and ascribing, perhaps some personal megalomaniacal ideals, to both the Government and Parliament of Westminster. You failed only in ending your statement with “Muuwahahahah!”
      Even within those ‘hallowed walls’ of Westminster, you’d find them backing slowly away from you and reaching for the Webley secreted in the drawer of an exquisite ormolu table.

      Entertaining though, do carry on carrying on.

    258. Republicofscotland says:

      Robert Louis @7.06pm.

      I understand exactly where you’re coming from, though there isn’t yet a viable alternative party at Holyrood to vote for, do the Greens even stand enough candidates, and are they on the same wavelength as the SNP ultra woke brigade?

      When a government becomes complacent in office there’s two ways the voters can show their discontent, one is not to vote for them, not really an option at this crucial junction on independence.

      The other is to protest en mass outside Bute House preferably, and when Sturgeon is in residence. This option is open to us, and should be used to give Sturgeon a shake back into reality.

      The long we leave it the worse it will get.

    259. Al-Stuart says:

      A sad state of affairs and must be difficult for many dyed-in-the-wool SNP MEMBERS WHO ARE HONOURABLE, DECENT AND GENUINELY WANT indRef2…

      Rev Stu., has forecast this.

      Methinks the next few month are going to contain elements of that old quote…

      “May you live in interesting times”

      A curse for some and a great relief for others.

    260. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi mike cassidy at 7:12 pm.

      You typed,
      “Here’s one of those posters on twitter.
      Check it out before it disappears!

      The version I saw on Rev Stu’s Twitterage earlier today had an SNP armband on her left arm.

    261. lumilumi says:

      SilverDaling @ 6:43pm

      Thanks for an explanation of why Rev Stu’s account might’ve gone private today. I saw that “Twitler Youth” meme this morning while eating my morning porridge and thought it very apt. Harsh, but apt.

      Especially now that the “Twitler Youth” apparently proved the meme right by piling on and effectively muting/silencing a critic.

      Also, the SNP, or its leadership at least, has been so policy captured that it’s become pretty useless. Overly “nice” and politically correct, legalistic, playing by Westminster rules, prevaricating, kicking the can down the road to the next “mandate” and the next and the one after that…

      They should have learned from Labour’s implosion in Scotland but they seem determined to make the same mistakes. Get into power, take voters for granted, lose sight of the grand goal and start tinkering about all kinds of side issues. And become authoritarian and resist any and all criticism in a death purity spiral.

      UK Labour leadership candidates are calling for expelling “wrongthink” members, and the SNP is not far behind. What happened to the “broad church” approach? What happened to the singleminded goal of INDEPENDENCE?

      Ten, fifteen, twenty years of misery ahead… But things WILL get better. Too bad for all the indy-minded older folk, who might not be around to see their hearts’ desire become a reality.

    262. Allium says:

      The STV GRA programme was rather good. Shirley Anne Somerville is a truly woeful performer and politician. Just awful all round. Its a pity Nicola Sturgeon’s ruthless streak doesn’t extent to the sacking of her best friends. SAS would struggle to attain a position in a Jack McConnell cabinet, yet she is the captain of this doomed GRA voyage, alienating voters with every utterance. Appalling.

    263. lumilumi says:

      Allium @ 8:03

      I’ve only seen clips, but SA Sommerville is very tight-lipped, twitching.

      From the press (such as it is), I gather she’s adamant that the GRA reform (self-ID) will be pushed through before the next Holyrood election.

      She’s symptomatic of a strange mindset where TRA lobby groups’ objectives are more important than the stated raison d’etre of her party. Some men’s “woman feelz” are more important than INDEPENDENCE for the whole country. The “independence feels” of half the population don’t matter because they’re probably “wrongthink bigots”.

      This mindset at the very top of the party cannot end well.

      Independence bye bye, for at least 10 to 15, even 20 or more years. Well done, the SNP. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

    264. Confused says:

      the omnipotent wisdom of the party leadership has been finally revealed – the strategy for independence is thus :


      – then we can marshal the forces of the international trans lobby

      the new political idea is not nationalism, socialism, national-socialism, but


      – face it folks, we are all trannies now


      unionism, i.e. opposition to scottish independence becomes, de facto, “transphobia” – and so WE WIN – this is 12 dimensional – not chess, but GO – which the rank and file cannot conceptualise

      – do not question, simply respond as if their policy is the very word of GOD

      more so, “trans” ideology becomes an ideal for living, empowering every new idea and practice

      trans-species-ism – the furry movement becomes mainstream, petting areas in all farms, bedrooms at the safari park

      trans-age-ism – the child sexual liberation movement loses its unfair demonisation

      trans-racialism – we are all africans, remember; one race, the human race, from Afrikaaa

      trans-environmentalism – trans-green is green – hydrocarbons are stored sunlight, so lets use the bounty of nature

    265. lumilumi says:

      Robert Louis @ 7:11pm

      It’s like folk no longer will tolerate anything that doesn’t fit their extremely narrow, and frankly distirted world view.

      Their was another time in history when that happened, and we all know how it turned out.

      This is why I’m beginning to feel scared. 1930’s, 1940’s fascism didn’t just – BOOM – come out of nowhere. There was a slow build-up, an environment where certain seeds could take root.

      The seeds are old, taking root periodically, then washed away through war and misery and resulting societal change.

      We’re in the middle of this world turning ever more fascist, this future history now, several decades from now, historians will probably agree that the slide into fascism started in the “teens”, 2010s.

      The world now is very different from the 1930s but there are similarities. The rise of easy popularism, xenophobia, authoritarianism. Denouncing of wrongthink, hounding and silencing dissenting voices.

      Social media has served to heighten all these tensions. People hunker down in their bubbles, more “us” vs. “them” mentality. Lack of nuance.

      This might seem trivial, but I see this mindset even in entertainment. The fandom of my favourite TV show and the books has changed in the past few years. It’s a microcosm of the larger societal trend. You must either love the show or hate it, you must love Arya and hate Sansa, love Jon and hate Dany, or vice versa, etc. Poor George R.R. Martin, he wanted to write grey characters – and does it well – but nowadays too may fans want to slot characters into “good” and “bad” and totally miss GRRM’s point, and fight pointless “fan wars” online.

      Most online fanwars are relatively harmless, but when our whole society is beginning to resemble some reddit place, with flames, trolling, cancelling, silencing…

      What a time to be alive.

    266. One_Scot says:

      “Only approved followers can see @RevStu’s Tweets”

      You should apply the same criteria on this website to get rid of the fuckwits. #JustSaying #TheyAreJustAPainInTheAssWithNoBenefitToAnyone

    267. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      I think that we, in the greater independence movement, and we in the SNP, are going to have to ‘screw the nut’, before ulterior motives take over the SNP and the greater independence movement.

      If you’re an SNP member, this $h!t has to be addressed at local meetings.

      Let’s get to it!

    268. frogesque says:

      @Brian Doonthetoon 9.26

      Was all fired up to swing some lead weights (Bin the Bill) at our last meeting in Markinch only to find out the day before it had been cancelled

      Apparently new owners had the builders in and no one at branch office knew. Yet we are supposed to have an ‘Education Officer’


    269. TheItalianJob says:

      @Breeks at 6.39pm

      “Perhaps a wee doze of Constitutional fanaticism is long overdue, and hauling Holyrood over the coals once or twice just to remind it of it’s place in the Constitutional scheme of things might be quite a good idea… and potentially a game changer if it lights a fire under the SNP.”

      I like this but who in the SNP or SG has the guile and temperament to get onto this and counter Westminster and Bojo and challenge the blatant arrogance shown by them.

      Our reps at WM continuously get ignored at best and vilified at worst. The WM talking shop is no use to our SNP MPs and I agree we need and they need to do something more forceful to get the will of the Scottish people heard.

      We just get ignored and treated as an irrelevance. Look at the Labour leader contender Nandy and what she recently said about our elected MPs and most popular party.

      We need the support of all the Scots of Indepedence mind to work with and push the SNP in ensuring that they get the message over as to what we as a Nation are constitutionally entitled to and the rights we have to select the destiny we desire.

      How we go about that without the right leadership to assist is what is lacking at the moment as you keep alluding to.

      My concern would be, do the majority of Scots support such a stance to have a hard constitutional challenge made by our elected government reps in both Holyrood and WM.

    270. MorvenM says:

      Very disappointed to see the Rev’s tweets are now protected. I assume this is because of another TRA attack. Looks like I might have to join Twitter after all. Eek!

      Mind you, the way things are going, it probably wouldn’t take me long to get banned.

    271. kapelmeister says:

      All around Scotland and in varied societal groupings there is a mood of resistance to the Johnson junta and their dark plans for our venerable wee nation. Yet Sturgeon continues her reluctance to give direction and purpose to this resistance. The resistance of a people is a torrent that needs to be canalised, or else it runs away in a hundred different rivulets going in a hundred different directions.

      A well known sociological phenomenon is the one where the leadership elite of a movement has begun to diverge from the mass of the movement and to prioritise different interests. There is also a naive liberal trend very much in vogue that eschews robust extra-parliamentary mass action, and views it as being distasteful and out of date. The SNP leadership gives the appearance of having caught both these diseases.

    272. robertknight says:

      Revs off grid from me also – self banned from Twitter some time ago for the sake of my own sanity so can’t read up on his take on things.

      Given up buying the National too. Can’t bring myself to see anything positive in what the SG does these days under Sturgeon and her GRA cabal. Not that they seem to do much of anything but conjure up more negative press than is usual. It was Fergus Ewing’s turn yesterday FFS.

      Plus, I can’t get to Arbroath – at work.

      A bit shit all round really. Bloody weather doesn’t help either.

      Pass the malt someone…

    273. Breeks says:

      Brian Doonthetoon says:
      21 February, 2020 at 9:26 pm
      I think that we, in the greater independence movement, and we in the SNP, are going to have to ‘screw the nut’, before ulterior motives take over the SNP and the greater independence movement.

      If you’re an SNP member, this $h!t has to be addressed at local meetings.

      Let’s get to it!

      Tread carefully Brian.
      There is something rotten in this. It stinks of orchestrated disruption which seems to be having tremendous and disproportionate success damaging the SNP, and would seem to be in the process of bringing them down. This stinks of malevolent infiltration by agent provocateurs that is calculated to destroy Scottish Independence.

      What in God’s name did the SNP think they were doing going anywhere near this Trans militancy? It’s like a pervading toxin which is bypassing the body’s antibodies and self defence mechanisms.

      What a fucking mess.

      I’ve been a cynical and vocal critic of the SNP for years, got gyp for it from all quarters, but never in my worst imaginings did I anticipate this level fucking madness and profound stupidity. I now wish I’d been ten times more vociferous in denouncing this abject failure of Sturgeon and her stooges to defend Scotland’s interests, because my worst fears clearly weren’t worse enough.

      I really hope it isn’t too late, and the SNP membership, and I mean membership, NOT the flubadubdub leadership, can get hold of this and purge the toxin out the system. The thought paralysis and nerve damage has already robbed Scotland of its European Citizenship, and squandered the mile wide open goal to see Scotland propelled into Independence through the vehicle of Brexit. What an absolute fucking waste, yet not a single head has yet rolled because of it.

      Nicola’s got a plan eh? Has she Aye? I am so sick of ‘not’ hearing what it is. Does it mention “Acme” on the box like one of Wyle E. Coyote’s plans to catch the roadrunner?

      I’m in despair. Alex Salmond did all the hard work. Aye he run out of time, just, but he gave us such momentum and a trajectory which could hardly miss, and then, to put us out of reach we even got Brexit like a gift from the Gods. How the fuck did something so utterly simple get this fucked up and warped out of shape? Care to answer that First Minister? Nah. I’ll no hold ma breath.

      We’ll no get an answer. We’ll get a spoon and a bucket of cold sick from Pete Wishart.

    274. James Barr Gardner says:

      HYUFD says:
      21 February, 2020 at 5:23 pm

      Etonian Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson soon to be more hated in Scotland than Baroness Margaret Hilda Thatcher due to the horrendous ever increasing tally of needless deaths directly due to callous tory incompetence amongst their many crimes to ordinary folk of this Island.

      So do you think the youth of Scotland will meekly bend the knee to the Criminal Cesspool City of London in regard to their and their children’s future ? Your view of the Scottish psyche needs updating.

      In any case the fact that the next IndyRef2 will be a massive majority for YES is now beyond doubt especially as the YES Movement will campaign with heart and soul to make it so !

      The AUOB Marches this year will break all records for participants in Scotland, perhaps you should go along and sneak into a March and get a taste of strength of the Independence feeling of the Folk in Scotland ?

      Scots now know they have the right to be Independent, try putting that back in the box HYUFD as you snipe from the sidelines under an anonymous nom de plume. If you have the conviction of your views perhaps you should post with your name own name ? The mere fact that you don’t speaks volumes about your lack of conviction.

      The Bratach Bhàn nan Stiùbhartaich will fly again soon and Scotland follow with a resounding massive YES vote, as for the biggest party ever in Scotland HYUFD you are excused, you will not be missed !

      End the Union and Let Scotland Prosper !

    275. Mist001 says:

      @ Breeks

      I’m 100% in agreement with your post.

    276. Dan says:

      I struggle to comprehend the contrast currently displayed in the SNP.
      Scotland is a small c conservative country, so I could kinda get to grips with the slowly slowly catchy monkey gradualistic approach. Dinae scare the horses sort of vibe.

      So how and why the fuck has the Party that operates on that principle quickly taken on this new loud, in yer face biology denying, societal system damaging Self ID pish.

      I live a very unconventional existence which facilitates me interacting with a large and diverse range of people. Yet all these different folk from all walks of life that I meet are still pretty much grounded within conventional ideals and reality.
      I’ve spent years working and socialising with these different people, and by doing so we’ve slowly built trust, understanding, and honesty with each other.
      There’s no way I could or would attempt to sell this Self ID nonsense to them, so I’d just like to wish the best of luck to the next SNP activist chapping on all their doors, coz it won’t be me.
      The area is about 50 square miles with many hundreds of properties spread out all over the place, the new activist better be as fit as fuck to find and get round this area on a mtb because the miles of bumpy farm tracks linking remote properties and villages will fuck your car.
      And there is pretty much no accurate canvas info to go on because from past experience I’ve had an inkling things would go this way, so I kept it all in my head as I’m discreet that way with people I live in amongst.

      I’ll also say that most of SNP folk I’ve met that are aware of Self ID think it’s bonkers but won’t speak their minds, or they aren’t aware of it simply because they don’t have the time to see it on social media as they have been knocking their pans in non stop for years if not decades with all the electoral campaigns they have had to work through.
      I told the ones that hadn’t heard about it that they might want to get up to speed with this as these twits were trying to oust Joanna Cherry, suffice to say that quickly got their attention.
      But that said I suspect these ageing reasonable live and let live people won’t have the motivation or energy left in their tanks to chase hostile cuckoos outta the nest.

    277. HYUFD says:

      James Barr Gardner Hundreds of thousands marched to keep fox hunting too, we decide things in the ballot box not through marches and in 2014 55% of Scots voted No to independence in a once in a generation referendum

    278. Kangaroo says:

      Robert the Truth @11:04am 21 Feb

      Looked at McHargs twitter account but could see no reference to Rose A.L.B.A. McDonald. I dont know how to search for that within a twitter account either.


      Anyway I assume(assuming could be an issue) that the difficulty is because people, even in seemingly high and well educated positions, keep conflating Kingdoms and Countries, they are NOT the same and the distinction is CRUCIAL to a correct understanding of “What constitutes the UK?”

      Needless to say Robert Peffers is correct and even though he stated it over and over again, it doesn’t seem to have sunk in to the great majority of the readers of social media, MSM and others. So in order to try and clarify.

      In early medieval times Kingdoms were the norm. In the now country of England there were a myriad of Kingdoms – Wessex, Mercia, Anglia etc. If one King took over another then they incorporated that Kingdom into their bailiwick and the conquered kingdom lost its legal status. In 1066 the Kingdom of England was taken over by conquest as the crown was disputed.
      By late 1200s the Normans had laid claim to parts of Ireland and all of Wales (1284 Statute of Rhuddlan). Much later the Kingdom of Ireland was formaly taken over by Henry8 after a prolonged period of Lordship. So by 1603 the Kingdom of England had incorporated both Wales and Ireland.

      When James 1 took over the English throne it could NOT be incorporated because the two Kingdoms had different types of Sovereignty since the 1320 Declaration of Arbroath. Square peg round hole. So the so called Union of the Crowns did NOT happen, instead it was two crowns on one head. This means two distinct “Legal” jurisdictions.

      In 1707 Queen Anne empowered Commissioners for both Kingdoms to look at how a closer cooperation between the two KINGDOMS could take place and they came up with the Treaty of Union, an International Treaty in shape, form and substance.(An International Treaty has “Articles”). The Parliament of said United Kingdom was to be styled the “Parliament of Great Britain”.

      In 1801 Ireland’s Parliament was abolished and MPs were sent to Westminster. Acts to effect this were passed in Westminster and in Ireland. These were Domestic Legislation in shape, form amd substance.(Domestic Legislation has “Sections”). This confirms that Ireland was already included in the 1707 Treaty as part of the Kingdom of England.

      After the Irish opposition in the early 1900s and subsequent war the UK reached an Agreement and the Irish Free State was formed in 1922 as a British Dominion. The 6 counties exercised their right under the Agreement to opt out and remained part of the United Kingdom.

      In 1948 the Free state enacted legislation and proclaimed it as the Republic of Ireland ending its association with the monarchy. Westminster then enacted the Ireland Act 1949 to confirm that the Republic would no longer be part of the Commonwealth and was no longer a dominion. Northern Ireland would continue to be part of the United Kingdom.

      So there you go, a history and legal position. The United Kingdom as enacted in the 1707 Treaty included Wales and Ireland as part of the Kingdom of England. Therefore when the Treaty is #DissolveTheUnion the United Kingdom will “Legally” cease to be. The rUK will “Legally” revert to the Kingdom of England unless they decide to change the name.

      Apologies to those including RtTruth who already know all this.

    279. Liz g says:

      I keep getting a Facebook video popping up
      The News 247!
      Very anti Indy and in quite dummed down language speaks of Nicola Sturgeons independence plots exposed..
      Anybody else catching this?

    280. Dr Jim says:

      I’ve got nothing against you defending your country, that’s a natural normal thing to do, but you’re not defending your country, you’re defending an ideology that’s been condemned by the UN as offences against human rights as xenophobic and racist, and all led by a Nazi in the shape of Dominic Cummings who Johnson thinks he’s using to keep power and control, but he’s lost control now and everybody’s on to it but ultimately Johnson will carry the can for it while Cummings just moves on

      *We* don’t decide things through the ballot box if it doesn’t suit *us*,the latest debacle over Northern Ireland wasn’t decided through a ballot box, the EU issued Johnson an ultimatum after Johnsons ballot box victory claim and he caved in and did what he was told, and he’s about to do it again because he’ll have no choice

      Remember Wallonia and Canada, well that’s about to happen again

      So the maniacs will get the no deal they think they wanted but that’s not what Johnson really wants because the shit will hit the fan then and little England will pay the price, the EU won’t be intimidated by a powerless twerp with a big mouth, oh it’ll cost the EU something, but it’ll cost England everything

      That price is about to begin by around March this year then exploding by the middle of the year culminating in meltdown by November right in the middle of the COP 26 in Glasgow with every newspaper in these Islands front paging his clownfooted antics as more than a 100,000 Glaswegian Scots surround the buildings shouting for one thing

      Why do you think Johnson was blowing a gasket over trying to have Scotlands First Minister banned from the conference that’s only taking place in Scotland because of her on invitation from the UN the EU and every organisational body involved

      The silly buffoon even tried to move that but caved in again

      Nobody in Scotland will condemn you for being English we’ll condemn you for being anti everybody who’s not

      I have Spanish friends, Belgian friends, German and French aquaintances even a couple of folk in Norway and all of these people are in total solidarity with Scotlands need to remove ourselves politically from England, it’s a bad country with a bad political system organised in such a way as to always always deny democracy even to its own people

      In Scotland we found out a long time ago that the relationship between Conservative and Labour is a symbiotic one and that they are really one and the same party, in Scotland they boasted about it not long ago and are in coalition with each other in local councils and Holyrood in order to maintain that status quo, it’s just unfortunate that in England you have not been presented with a viable alternative to at least be allowed to think about change

      In the last 50 or so years England has been shrinking in the world, they are no longer the power they pretended they were before, the writing’s in big letters on every wall in every country, yet still you feel forced into defending an archaic dictatorship pretending it’s a monarchial democracy by waving the Royal family at folk and hoping they’ll fall for it again and again

      Because you have no other choice why be angry with Scotland for not liking what you like, if the whole of England voted for something different tomorrow Scotland gets stuck with it whatever it is, be fair for once man, Scotland is a country, not a region of England, nor a colony, nor a province, after Independence is done Scotland will carry on as will England, so just think for a minute and ask yourself, what’s the problem, Scotland will choose a Mars bar and England might choose a Snickers and that’s fine, the world won’t stop spinning

    281. manandboy says:


      Dominic Cummings is the English version of Vladizlav Surkov, Vladimir Putin’s political advisor. Using identical tactics, both men seek to establish a reign of confusion among the population, as a means of gaining and then maintaining control of the political process.
      The link connecting Cummings to Surkov may well be the visit to London several years ago by Surkov, to give a lecture on his political ideas, many of which are now already implemented by Cummings in UK politics, as described so eloquently by Professor Chris Grey in his blog, referenced below, but without making the connection.
      It is perhaps worth noting that when Vladizlav Surkov’s ideas were being first considered, shortly after his visit to the London School of Economics, the general response seemed to be that ‘it couldn’t happen here’. Well now we know how wrong we all were.

      “The generation of constant uncertainty, the endless revisions of even very recent history, the half-truths and lies, the divisiveness and the distractions are all plain to see and they are intended to have the effect of confusing and manipulating the public.
      It is disturbing, destabilising, and exhausting to be exposed to it. That is partly what I meant by the comparison with Zersetzung and why several serious analysts are describing these developments as Orwellian.

      It is also the reason why, as I’ve often written on this blog, it is important to keep attempting to hold on to recorded facts and rationality as the only antidote to these dangerous and shameless tactics.

    282. HYUFD says:

      Dr Jim Scotland is not the issue with the EU, the EU required no hard border with the Republic of Ireland to protect the GFA in relation to NI but have never made any demands in relation to Scotland. No the issue is the extent of regulatory alignment, Boris has said the UK will align as much as Canada does for its FTA but no more, otherwise WTO terms

    283. HYUFD says:

      In any case Scotland has already had one ‘once in a generation’ referendum and voted No to independence, tell that your Spanish friends whose Government used force to prevent the Catalans holding even 1 independence referendum.
      As for England, it will be fine regardless, England alone would be the 7th largest economy in the world but as the UK we are the 5th largest so still better together

    284. Mike d says:

      Fud is now like a broken down record…..once in a generation……once in a….once… he’s like dogshite, best side stepped.

    285. Golfnut says:

      @ Kangaroo.

      An excellent summary. Many unfortunately fail to understand the importance of the status of Scotland as a Kingdom, the oldest surviving Kingdom in Europe predating England by around a hundred years, the Crowns senior Kingdom. Nor, I think, do they appreciate the fundamental difference on where Sovereignty lies within those Kingdoms. Westminster has never been and never could be the Sovereign Parliament of Great Britain, and as Carwen Jones pointed out, no law has ever been passed to make it so. The assumption of Sovereignty by the so called glorious revolution was killed stone dead by the Treaty of Union.
      It was interesting that Johnson felt it necessary, or was forced to include ‘Parliament is Sovereign ‘ in the 2019 Withdrawal bill. It serves no purpose other than to lay the blame squarely on the English Parliament, absolving the crown against any responsibility for he shitstorm that is about to descend on England. Not in Scotland though.

    286. Dr Jim says:

      The trouble with the HYFUD is he has no story to sell so he repeats instructions as though to a dog in the hope it learns who its master is and obeys the commands given
      There is some merit in that behaviour as it has proved to work on humans in the past but unfortunately the delivery of the commands has been intercepted by information now and you can’t teach a human to sit up and beg if that human has learned he/she doesn’t have to

    287. twathater says:

      @ Dr Jim 2.14pm I salute your patience with the disruptive and brainwashed twat

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