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A series of coincidences

Posted on August 07, 2017 by

Earlier today we reported on the mysterious failure of the Herald to notice that its front page lead story about supposedly poor ScotRail punctuality figures made a number of serious errors with regard to the facts, most notably confusing the excellent figures for last month with a 12-month rolling average which was significantly worse.

But as we read the rest of the papers, we noticed the oddest thing.

Because every single one that reported the story made the exact same mistake.

It wasn’t like it was difficult to spot which period the figures – which were published openly on the ScotRail website – referred to. The word “Annual” was in big purple text right at the top of the table.

And immediately below that the measured criteria were explained even more clearly.

Yet bizarrely, when the Daily Record investigated the story in its prime page 2 politics slot, it missed both of the data stipulations, falsely reporting that 43 of Scotland’s 73 terminal stations had missed the PPM target “last month”:

Amazingly, the Courier, which also made the news its front page lead, did the same:

Somehow the paper’s political reporter also managed to misread “Annual” and “rolling 12-month average” as “July”. And it just kept getting spookier.

Because the Scottish Daily Mail (page 3) suffered the curious visual impairment too, also attributing the stats to “last month”:

Remarkably, FOUR completely different, independent Scottish political journalists had all inexplicably managed to seriously misunderstand a very straightforward chart in completely identical ways. They hadn’t taken it from a newswire – they were all original articles – yet all made the same basic error. And all of their reports featured extensive “SNP BAD” quotes from Scottish Labour list MSP and transport spokesman Neil Bibby (pictured below pulling his very cleverest expression).

It was almost as if, cynical readers could be forgiven for thinking, Bibby was too dim to understand the table but had written it up anyway as a press release, sent it to all the papers and they’d all rewritten it and published it as their own self-penned truth without even the most cursory of checks to see if it was total thicko cobblers or not.

We’re sure there’s another explanation, though.

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    103 to “A series of coincidences”

    1. winifred mccartney says:

      Total thicko labour and total thicko newspapers unable to do anything which remotely smacks of ‘journalism’. Surely even they should know labours calculator just spouts snp baaad and all figures are made up or doctored by labour ‘arithmetic not my strong point’ and neither is statistics nor for that matter reading and comprehension.

    2. John Moss says:

      Looks like a clear case of copyitis. Simples

    3. Alex Clark says:

      The journalists themselves are “total thicko cobblers” for publishing such “total thicko cobblers” misinformation without bothering to check the accuracy of Labour in Scotland’s press releases.

      Same as it ever was.

    4. heraldnomore says:

      Clearly our journalists are not genetically programmed to disseminate Labour Party press releases. Or they’re doing it deliberately…

    5. Jason Smoothpiece says:

      Deliberately is what it probably is.

      Decided at the morning press LabTory briefing.

      I don’t think they are as thick as they think we are.

    6. Macart says:

      Neatly done. 🙂

    7. Our Big Fat Scottish Liars.
      The Fourth Estate, Fifth Column.
      Get down on your knees before your Imperial Masters, ye Scots semi educated tenement dwelling craving social status good retainers. You will do anything for English gold.
      Tens of thousands die prematurely every year, 500,000 of your fellow Scots citizens live below the poverty line, and we are expected to meekly leave the EU because England is bigger than us, and these whore scribblers are still dancing to the tune of a Labour Party which has wreaked havoc in Scotland for fifty years. Report lies and distortions, and hide the truth.
      They are slugs, leaving a slime trail everywhere they go.
      How you look their kids in the eye at night, I wonder.
      Over dinner do they remind their kids that the country they live in is a pile of shite, mooching off a munificent England?
      Pond life.
      How’s that for a vile barrage of cybernat bullying?

    8. jfngw says:

      You insult journalists by inferring any work for the Scottish media, they are merely reporters of opposition press releases. If they can manage to get off their arses they will generate a FOI request, they will then report this without any contexts.

      The agenda is clear and they believe it is working, we will see.

    9. Robert Graham says:

      thank f/k these papers act independently just like the unionist parties here ,can you imagine the force we would be faced with if they all acted in concert .
      Oh wait i have a sneaky feeling they do , then again it might just be a rumor .

    10. Street Andrew says:

      Perhaps they should be nationalised.

      The papers that is.

    11. Capella says:

      Has the BBC reported this yet? A newspaper review? Probably David clegg and katie Grant will be available to comment.

      Brilliant work again Stu. No wonder they want you to just shut up.

    12. Dr Jim says:

      Total thicko cobblers Labours Bibby writes to Total thicko Journalists who write for total thicko readers who believe any old total thicko shite they’re told by thicko party of the first part

      Then they go and vote for it, whit wiz it again? Aye but it’s Labour innit

      We’re turning into America the land of the thicko and pass the drugs

    13. HandandShrimp says:

      Are Neil’s bs the wrong way round?

    14. I can only imagine how rail workers felt this morning when their Blahs splashed this lie across their front pages.
      I am sure that the RMT, the STUC, and all those Labour supporting shop stewards will be withdrawing support and cash from Kezia and her wee band of MPs.
      If I recall the RMT Executive backed leave in the EU Referendum.
      Yet statistically 62% of their members at least, voted Remain.
      I’m sure many will be reviewing their membership today.

    15. sassenach says:

      Excellent dissection of these ‘journalist’s??’ efforts.

      Really does make them look like the idiots they obviously aspire to be. As has been said, no wonder they are trying to shut Wings down (but nae chance!!).

    16. Gary says:

      Never mind, when it’s all died down in a few weeks time they can print some kind of tiny winy retraction. SNP BAD!!

    17. Chas says:

      Labour is hand in glove with much of the media. I’m sick hearing Labour MSP Lewis MacDonald’s voice on the local radio commenting about everything political as if his opinion matters. It’s all snp bad but, of course. but he seems to be the only person they interview.

    18. CmonIndy says:

      I think you are being very reserved Stu. With all the recent and not so recent examples of organised misinformation, it could rightly be called out as media lies.

    19. gordoz says:

      Proof positive of what many of independent mind have been saying for a long long time plagiarism & collusion rife and accepted within propagandist media mindset.
      Lazy & stupid at best, one sided and biased by any other name
      Caught red handed.

      Well done Rev, but easily outshone by a Ross Greer bottom burp obvs ?

    20. blackhack says:

      Now if this was exam results, I think a few of them would be getting charged with plagiarism and cheating by just copying someone elses work.

    21. heedtracker says:

      Bibby the Diddy.

      The hacks are reeking havoc with reality though. When you consider how Scotland’s rail infrastructure has been sidelined completely by England, for England, because that’s what its all about…look at the yoon rage at that tiny reopened stretch of line from the borders to Edinburgh. Christ yoons be crazy.

    22. Calum McKay says:

      Same process is and used to be used for bbc Scotland reports on the Scottish NHS.

      labour sloppy research that is skewed and manipulated to present an SNP BAD story is being passed off as news by the and the bbc taking credit for it. A parasitic symbiotic relationship between the bbc and labour.

      Anyone with half a brain knows the branch party in Scotland are idiots led by a complete idiot who reports to and bunch of idiots in London!

      So, assumption to be made is that journalists and editors of English owned papers in Scotland do not have half a bran, just like their idiot pals in labour!

    23. yesindyref2 says:

      Yeah, I was a bit worried because over the rolling 12 months 43 out of 73 stations DID fall a little short of the rolling annual ppm target for the 12 months ending in July.

      But some headlines are totally wrong, the Herald gets it all wrong, the Record next worst, and the Courier though seeming to actually have some understanding, then spoils it by mixing up the 5 minute and the 59 second target. Close call though, it needed a bit of head-scratching.

    24. yesindyref2 says:

      What’s interesting is that from what Bibby is quoted as saying, it’s possible Bibby said nothing wrong, but was quite content for the papers to make an arse out of themselves mis-using what he said, relying on their sheer cupidity and stupidity to make some sensational and inaccurate headlines and articles about it.

      I’m sure they’ll be happy about that one when they get stuff from him in future …

    25. crazycat says:

      @ HandandShrimp at 7.51

      I had the same thought.

      It’s a common mistake for children learning to write; perhaps some people never grow out of it.

      (I then wondered if there is an association with left-handedness, and it seems there may be:
      – if you’re interested, there’s a downloadable pdf)

    26. Marcia says:

      A train I was on last week arrived into Edinburgh one minute early. Yes early, who is going to take responsibility for this?

    27. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Neil Bibby should be publicly invited to a public meeting to explain himself..

      The same goes for James Kelly. Hire the Ru’glen town hall,invite Kelly to a meeting to explain his bigots charter, make sure the whole area is leafletted with an advert and make sure the hall is packed to destroy him. These clowns are getting away with all this.

    28. yesindyref2 says:

      Just had another read at what Bibby is quoted as saying, and he says”… services at nearly 60 per cent of stations failed to hit the performance last month” which isn’t completely wrong, but isn’t right either – it fails to mention that it’s not last months’s performance in itself, but last month’s rolling annual performance. In fact if the stations had hit the performance target 100% for July, since it’s a rolling annual target many of them would still have missed that annual performance [1].

      I’m sure he had not the slightest intention of deceiving the eager “journalists”, or leading them astray.

      [1] I’m getting bored now.

    29. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      If anybody hasn’t heard this yet.

      If you haven’t heard Michelle Thomson’s interview, this is the segment BBC Scotland news bulletins are not reporting

    30. Kenny MacLaren says:

      I had the misfortune of being a councillor in Renfrewshire when Bibby was a Labour councillor. He was a total numpty then – even one of the local papers were surprised when they turned up at one of the council meetings when Bibby sat there in silence yet had issued a press release condemning the (then) SNP led council over some issue or other. Apparently he was prone to put out press releases saying how he was holding the council to account yet the reality was that he sat there as quiet as a mouse too scared to open his mouth.

    31. jfngw says:

      @Dave McEwan Hill

      Mr Kelly was personally out and about last week posting handouts through the letterbox, are they short of volunteers. It was about the local Labour team and their achievements, only one really, his bigotry bill abolition. The other ‘achievement’ just seemed to be a SNP Bad on the NHS.

    32. galamcennalath says:

      And yet again we are faced with that recurring question …. was it plagiarism or was it coordinated conspiracy?

      The result was the same, either way …

      That shrinking group of gullible folks will have been taken in.

      Meanwhile, the expanding group of alert and informed voters will be even more aware of the bias and propaganda Scotland is being subjected to!

    33. defo says:

      Henceforth, this sort of amateurish shit stirring will become common currency as ‘Doing/done a Bibby’.

      Carry on.

    34. twathater says:

      @ Jack Collatin @7.38pm
      Your interpretation and description of these twattish ar**wipes is very accurate they are contemptible , do these people not have any integrity or honesty have they no self awareness , when working i always endeavored to do my job to the best of my ability these HACKS are a disgrace to their profession , do they ever try to even fact check ANYTHING ( stupid optimist me )

      As for bibs and cohorts within liebour when claiming expenses they all share jacksies calculator

    35. K1 says:

      Scotland’s journalists are too stupid, too stupid, too stupid.

    36. mogabee says:

      I can’t even think of anything to add ‘coz this is article shows up glaiket SLab to a T…

    37. Auld Rock says:

      Still Scottish MSM I forced myself to listen to Nick Eardley’s interview with Michelle Thomson on GMS yesterday (Sunday). At the end they got round to talking about apologies due to Michelle from the MSM but Michelle was not going to let the EBC off for she said nearly at the very end, “……….and I believe I’m due an APOLOGY from the EBC as well.” A point that was quickly glossed over by Eardley so I listened intently to the evening news and fair does the earlier interview was covered but guess what – that’s right not once mentioned that Michelle had also said that she wwas due an apology from the EBC as well. Enough said!!

      Auld Rock

    38. Pentland Firth says:

      I look forward to the day when a newspaper, any newspaper, publishes a story rubbishing a Labour/Tory press release as errant nonsense, and mocking the party spokesperson responsible. Sadly, Scotland has probably the most dysfunctional and biased newspaper press in the western world, so that day is not coming any time soon.

      PS. Michelle Thomson please understand that the newspapers and BBC Scotland, who were apparently keen to listen to your account, were really only interested in turning it into “Sturgeon Bad” story. You have been used.

    39. Thomas Valentine says:

      Any of these jour– I mean typists contact to say how they made this “mistake” ?

      Probably not.

    40. yesindyref2 says:

      Liz Rannoch has posted in the other thread that the Herald article has been pulled.


    41. Thomas Valentine says:

      It should be possible to insert a story anyone could have written just by attaching a fake email address.
      You know just to see what they are willing to print and just for a laugh.

    42. Cactus says:

      Wings of Justice update:–2#/

      SO probably double that in total collected to date.
      Nice one Alice Scout early this morning.

      Howsabout that big full circle in the sky…
      It’s worked the opposite way hehe!



    43. Liz Rannoch says:


      Beat me to it! Didn’t realise that this thread was more on the ‘tall tales of the rails’. I’m sorry I’m a bit late!

    44. McDuff says:

      Another example of distortion by the Unionist papers and neatly exposed once again by the Rev. The problem is as he himself has stated, its all about the headlines and this is what the public are exposed to and absorb on a daily basis.
      Until these WOS articles get out to the masses they will continue to have a detrimental effect on the Scottish government and on independence.

    45. Az says:

      Neil Bibby is a horrible wee man. I had my own run-in with Bibby in the centre of Paisley, at the front entrance of the Piazza, for those familiar with the town.

      I believe I reported it on these pages at the time. You see, wee Kneel is a master of propaganda, and has this Goebbels worthy technique of – the petition!

      Let me give you an example of how you could use this for yourself. You set up a stand in a prominent place, let’s say central Stirling. You then ask people to sign the petition so that they feel they are supporting a worthy cause.

      Our clever petition asks people to sign to stop the exploitation of local workers being paid £5 an hour. When the person agrees to sign it, you hand it to them and it cunningly states – “we, the undersigned, demand that Ruth Davidson’s Scottish Tories stop exploiting workers at £5 an hour”. That’s really clever isn’t it?

      As an aside, I don’t think Bibby is a common name. Paisley has had for many years a “death burger van” that has been run by the same guy in all that time. Its name has changed, as I believe many years ago it was called something like “snack bar”, but these days and for some time it has had the excellent, nay genius, name of “Bibbylicious”. And looking at Kneel’s complexion, this may be his staple.

    46. Robert Peffers says:

      The really funny bit about all this is that Scotland has long had a media industry that is dying on its feet as we here on wings debate the current topic of media inaccuracy.

      The Scottish media and that includes the Press, TV and Radio. They all also have an an-line presence so there is nowhere any Scottish person can turn to professional journalists in the Scottish Main Stream Media with the expectation of getting the true facts.

      Which clearly explains why the SMSM viewer/listener/reader figures are falling so fast while a handful of high standard individual bloggers are constantly increasing their following.

      Quite obviously these professional journalists, by all propagating almost identical mistakes simultaneously, and often almost word for word, are operating in unison on behalf of a central agency.

      It does not require a genius to figure out that these people are being primed to write anything whatsoever that will show Scotland, and the parliament of Scotland, in a bad light. By doings the insult the people of Scotland who democratically elected an independence supporting majority of our Scottish Westminster MPs and a majority of independence supporting Scottish Government at Holyrood.

      There must be only one conclusion that fits all the facts. This is an orchestrated Westminster Establishment campaign to save the Union that they have abused for 311 years come next May !st.

    47. Alex Clark says:

      @Liz Rannoch

      Fake News printed by the fake newspapers. What a surprise.

    48. manandboy says:

      ‘Journos’ working in the Unionist press are like the gamekeepers on grouse estates who lay out poisoned bait for Scotland’s iconic birds of prey including the golden eagle. Of course the ‘journos’ lay out their poison in the form of lies in the Press, and on the British Brainwashing Corporation, courtesy of Donalda MacKinnon, she of the talent and the treachery.

      Killing eagles and democracy in Scotland.

    49. Cactus says:

      Aweright Az, howz ur travels been… trains arriving on time?

      With iScotland comes unlimited opportunities.

      The press schmess are in a mess.

      Choose iScotland.

    50. yesindyref2 says:

      @Liz Rannoch
      Sorry, didn’t want to steal your thunder, but it was too bibbylicious to pass over 🙂

    51. Meindevon says:

      Surely this could have a detrimental affect for the unionists though.

      If I worked for the railways I’d be blooming fuming at these lies and misrepresentation from the unionist papers. They are giving a great service a bad name. Are the Unions not furious? They should be jumping up and down with anger at their members being bad mouthed. Not seen anything from them condemning this tripe in the papers.

      If you know someone who works for Scot Rail, they should see this and send a copy to the railway Unions too.

    52. mike cassidy says:

      Is Bibby that daft?

      On his twitter page he doesn’t link directly to the Herald ‘story’.

      He retweets a link to it provided by one Alan Roden – who happens to be communications director for Scottish Labour.

    53. Rock says:

      “But as we read the rest of the papers, we noticed the oddest thing.

      Because every single one that reported the story made the exact same mistake.”

      Surely not the “independence supporting” The National?

    54. velofello says:

      C’mon, cheer up,many folk reading this nonsense will be taking a train to work regularly, and will experience + 90 punctuality. The problem is these “the trains are late” numpties, political and press, will be with us post-Indy. Though mebbe, they may flee to post-Brexit, taking back control, anti-immigrant,prescription paying, NHS privatisation,Uni fees,casino economy England.

      i wouldn’t bank on it, they would rather grumble and denigrate Scotland, and stay here.

      To the Herald journalists, man and woman speak up for your country Scotland, or piss off to elsewhere. i’m sick of you.

    55. Liz Rannoch says:


      Steal away! Been doing a quick sortie through the others.

      Can’t find anything in Courier or Daily Mail and the Record seems to have changed the layout, making more of the fact that it was Labour whot done it!

      Mind you, I didnae spend too long searching. Like shovelling pig shite – can only do it for a couple of minutes at a time!

      Bibbylicious – lovin’ it.

    56. mike cassidy says:


      If you haven’t had enough irony for one day.

      Check out Alan Roden’s own twitter page – and the retweet above his Herald link.

      “That, ladies and gentlemen, is why you need reporters. We check stuff”

      says a Sun journalist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    57. velofello says:

      O/T Has Michelle Thomson played smart, has the BBC been dumb? Seems her BBC interview complaint against the SNP retained, her complaint against the BBC has been edited out. Oh Aunty how so silly of you.

    58. yesindyref2 says:

      I just put – Record – into google, and this was first:

      Daily Record is fifth in the rankings. “Going down, menswear, childrens clothing, bibbies”.

      @Liz Rannoch
      Can’t take credit for Bibbylicious either, it was Az.

    59. Liz Rannoch says:


      We’re a caring, sharing bunch here on WoS!!

      Away to have a bleach bath ‘fore I go to bed after shovelling.

      Az – thanks.

    60. heedtracker says:

      says a Sun journalist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Roden’s worse, he’s a Daily Heil gimp. Shameless too. Its neo fascist thing, in between earning world class pervert of year awards.

      Alan Roden?Verified account @AlanRoden Aug 6

      Perhaps those who still claim #indyref was joyous and civic for everyone will now think again.

    61. yesindyref2 says:

      Neil Bibby is using Labour’s detailed analysis on Scotrail’s times tables, and is waiting on the through train to Greenock.

    62. heedtracker says:

      C4 teatime news tonight was all about the USA really, drug abuse, the coming Orange Hitler/Teresa May war with North Korea, google.

      So trifles like Scottish regional news are of no interest to C4 tory gimps. Its all about London or the USA and how terrible it is across the pond.

      Ofcourse its not at all.

      California is booming and its all down to Democrats in charge really taxing the rich, not til peeps squeak but way beyond anything teamGB rich pay.

      Naturally, economic resurgence of California now leading the US, and certainly the how and why, is never reported by any of our world class UKOK tory news corp gimps.

      Cant think why.

      It stuck out tonight on C4 vote tory news because they chuntered on and on about an internal email written by some anon google programmer but they left out the really big stuff.

      Its all about the money supply. Who’s got all the money in teamGB, why are their gimps like the BBC protecting them, how can we change it?

    63. sinky says:

      Far from admitting they were duped by Labour, tomorrow’s Herald front page compounds the felony by promoting Labour plan to give refunds for all those alleged train delays.

    64. Hamish100 says:

      BBC FOI request is the same as a full investigation.

      For the so called journalists and papers it does show that in order to try and get at the government tory, labour papers will print the same lies.

      Please Mr Bibby please don’t blubber because you have been found out. Complete twat supported by the press twats.

      Well done WoS

    65. Az says:

      Hi Cactus! Marvellous trains, the first one from Paisley stated on the board that it was one minute late. It was indeed one minute late. It arrived in Central on time though, because they can go over 100mph from Penilee or the edge of Hillington Industrial Estate up to about Kinning Park. Not that I was in any kind of hurry.

      The train from Central to Mount Florida and the one back – they were both on time. All were comfortable and clean. I am killing time in the city just now which means having a beer! Last train back is 0015. Journey cost -£4

      Cheaper than the bus! Bloody marvellous way to travel.

      Bibbylicious, that had me laughing uncontrollably on the train! If you could share photies here I’d show yese! It’s pure Bibbylicious, byraway

    66. yesindyref2 says:

      Ah well, they have the headline: “Lawyers back plans for smacking to be banned” and the subtitle “Holiday starts with horsing around”, above a big picture of the Queen.

      That’s how I see it anyway.

    67. Hamish100 says:

      Oh dear the National must have prevented Rock from getting a job.

      He is one bitter yoon — considering he often runs down the only pro independence paper and he doesn’t even read it.

      Rock are you sure your name isn’t Gordon or Begg. he he.

      get back to the rail stats and remember your abacus.

    68. stu mac says:

      Jack Collatin says:
      7 August, 2017 at 7:54 pm
      I am sure that the RMT, the STUC, and all those Labour supporting shop stewards will be withdrawing support and cash from Kezia and her wee band of MPs.

      I’m glad that my own union had a policy of not supporting any one political party. Any politicking they did was calling for support for policies that would help their members (and for cessation of policies damaging to unions). Time all unions went down this route.

    69. Petra says:

      I reckon this is all about pooling and sharing between Scottish Unionist supporting politicians, journalists and the Scotland Office. Anyone got access to the number, seemingly increased dramatically recently, and names of journalists now working for the latter?

      As to Paisley born “stand up for Renfrewshire” Bibby well he has a real brass neck bringing up the subject of trains being late when it can take double the time to get from A to B in Renfrewshire, such as from the villages to Paisley, due to having to navigate through a maze of potholes. Renfrewshire described as the second worst area in Scotland after Glasgow. He did nought as a Renfrewshire Councillor and is seemingly less than useless at Holyrood. Just another pretty thick gravy train (pay cheque arrives on time) rider, imo, with equally useless relative Derek Bibby, Councillor, who has jumped on the bandwagon too. Oh for those heady days, long gone, when some Labour Politicians actually demonstrated that they had an IQ of over 100.

    70. Hamish100 says:


      I see the Herald is quoting COSLA attacking the SNP- well not really. The quote a guy named McCabe who supports the poor of Port Glasgow while residing in the plush environs elsewhere. He attacks the SNP of rejecting democracy based on what you might ask!!

      Really the Herald is scraping the barrel here. He attacks education policy yet his authority is hardly the best in the land. He should speak to his wife — a heidy in Inverclyde his own authority. Is it the heidy’s fault or the other McCabe? Could they get a Bibby to do the stats?
      Press release to the Herald and the Record on the way.

    71. Petra says:

      @ Meindevon at 10:26pm ………. “If I worked for the railway I’d be blooming fuming at these lies …..”

      Spot on Meindevon. These Unionist politicians and journalists seem to have forgotten that the lies that they are telling involve real people such as the millions of individuals working for / been treated by the NHS annually, staff in schools etc. Then you’ve got people watching the news which highlights constantly that every establishment in England is imploding from their NHS / Social care, education, cladded buildings, prison service and so on. They’ve lost the plot especially if they think that hiring spin doctors such as Roden is the way forward. ‘Spin’ doesn’t work anymore, as they’ll find out soon enough.

    72. Still Positive says:

      It may well be worth noting that Inverclyde voted no by 86 votes but then voted in an SNP MP then re-elected him this year.

    73. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      It seems there are lies, damn lies, statistics, and Bibbystats.

      The latter gleefully picked up and passed on in unison by the Dead Tree Scrolls. The only fact they seem to be interested in checking is that it came from a BLiS cribsheet. So all good, innit?

      I wonder when ordinary people will wake up and realise that this relentless Unionist media slagging-off of all things Scottish is actually dissing them?

    74. Dr Jim says:

      Regarding The FM, Michelle Thompson and the media
      just wait a wee whiley and you’ll see what’s about to occur, and it’s not what our delightful Scottish media are desperately trying to promote

      They’re the ones who’ve been had

    75. Dr Jim says:

      Unionist liars are deleting stuff tonight so they can be innocent in the morning then lie about the next thing and repeat

    76. iain says:

      If these reporters and Labour commentators were writing a student essay or report, what grade would they be awarded for accuracy, use of evidence, and interpretation? Their tutors would be slamming them for sloppy work and poor analytical skills. But such output seems OK in the print media.

    77. Robert Peffers says:

      @Meindevon says: 7 August, 2017 at 10:46 pm:

      ” … Are the Unions not furious? They should be jumping up and down with anger at their members being bad mouthed.”

      Sorry to say, Meindevon, the Trade Unions were infiltrated way back in the Thatcher era by the Westminster Establishment. Thatcher’s Tory philosophy not only took on the unions with the aim to destroy them but they infiltrated the trade unions and took them over.

      Note that the current batch of trade union leaders are also leaders in the fight to save the United Kingdom union that Westminster long ago sold its soul to preserve at any cost.

    78. Al Dossary says:

      Couple of ones in my mind about newspaper lies.

      One was a former colleague, who had some very embarrassing information printed after actually speaking with them “on the record”. When asked why – they had told him they were printing the story either way, so at least he had a chance to put his side.

      Another one was a Motherwell player immediately after he had floored Celtic’s Peter Grant with one of the finest reverse elbow smashes to the face I have ever seen when running up 5he touchline – all missed by the referee.

      The Sun had contacted hom with a ghost written story,offering cash to put his name to it. Again, “we are running the story either way” was their statement.

    79. Macart says:

      Heh! That’s got to be embarrassing.

      (Apparently a couple of titles have removed the story from their sites.)

      They’re a victim of their own editorial policy. So eager were they for any SNP bad story in the quiet period, they simply took Bibby’s guff and printed without even a cursory check.

      Mind you it’s been S.O.P. for yonks where any statement damaging to the Scottish Government are concerned. (shrugs)

      Ayup. That Karma thing can be a bit of a bugger right enough.

    80. Smallaxe says:

      Nana; Good Morning. Overcast here today.Thank you for your lovely links. Kettle’s on! 🙂

    81. Macart says:

      Many thanks Nana.

      Seems egg on face is going round these days. Did I miss much over the weekend?

    82. Nana says:

      Good morning Smallaxe, wee bit dull here at the moment. Hopefully clear up soon.

      @ Macart pretty much the same as usual, Scots being Scots stabbing themselves in the back & the front.

      Never mind it will soon be over. It’s been nice knowing you all, lol

    83. sinky says:

      Rev Stu attacked by Keith Howell in Scotsman letter pages and blamed for latest bout of Yes infighting. Also Loki bumping his gums on topic

    84. Cloggins says:

      I used to deal with publicity for a machine tool maker. The advertising trick was as follows. Every so often, we had some good reproducable and scalable b/w pictures made of a machine. Write up a press note as follows. A/ call it press release B/ title it “NEW development shocks world” or something. Doesn’t matter if it has been on the market for 40 years. C/wite a single paragraph condensed version which can be used as a standalone. D/write the longer version not exceeding 1.1/2 page. E/ send to 70 or 90 tech magazines worldwide. And F/ wait how about half of those result in an unaltered publication in the next issue.
      Journos are expensive, editors are lazy. If copy comes in it will be used if it meets technical criteria. Nobody gives a shit about the contents. as long as the inches get filled.

    85. galamcennalath says:

      Nana says

      “Britain prepares to show its Brexit hand

      British government to release a series of Brexit position papers in attempt to counter suggestions it is underprepared. “

      Better late than never. This sort of information should have been formulated by the Leave side BEFORE we voted in EURef!

      Personally, I think these Brexit papers will tell us less about the final outcome and more about how serious and realistic the UK side is in negotiations.

      If the papers present a position which breaks all the EU red lines then we know it’s just a ruse to have their hard crash and burn Brexit, but blame it on an unreasonable EU!

    86. The Isolator says:


      Noticed that too.I suspect Michelle Thomson will further detach herself from the SNP over the next few months then take up the challenge of fronting Yes2 (insert smiley).She is now teflon coated if you like.

      She is a real” gets things done operator “by all accounts and will be a real force in the battle ahead.

      Your move bitter together!

    87. heedtracker says:

      BBC Scotland gimp’s headline this morn, really lovely morn too.

      Imagine how hard everyone in Pacific Quay is praying to the great gods of yoon, that Scots kids did really really badly this year.

      Only in the BBC Scotland gimp region of teamGB.

      “Thousands of Scottish students receive exam results
      08 August 2017 Scotland

      “Thousands of students across Scotland are finding out how they performed in their exams.

      Almost 140,000 candidates will learn the results of their National 4 and 5s, Highers and Advanced Highers.

      More than a third of students opted to receive the news by text or email from 08:00 with the remainder being notified by post.

      A free helpline is available on 0808 100 8000 for anyone seeking practical advice regarding their results.”

      The helpline is for all the hacks in Scotland seeking practical advice on how to spin good results SNP bad, and, well the gimps don’t need any help if results are not great, as we can see from the fraud;s late Scots trains tragedy/con.

    88. Dorothy Devine says:

      I do not apologise for re-posting this,


      Death by a thousand lies!

    89. dakk says:

      Nice piece Stuart.

      The Bibby surname is an old Scots appellation.

      Origin from ‘one who always requires use of bib due to involuntary Slabbering’.


      By the look of his photo he ticks all the boxes.A pure Bibby right enough.

    90. Petra says:

      @ Dorothy Devine says at 9:02 am …. ”I do not apologise for re-posting this. Death by a thousand lies!”

      Reposting for you Dorothy.

    91. K1 says:

      Hi John, hope you are doing well, all the best to you 🙂

    92. Dorothy Devine says:

      Thanks Petra – I will conquer my lack of internet knowhow one day!

      I happen to like Watching the Hawks on RT but I really like the message they’re sending in that trail.

    93. Cactus says:

      Hey Dorothy Devine above x ~

      “I do not apologise for re-posting this,


      Death by a thousand lies!”

      Yer almost there…

      1) You removed the ‘https:’ bit at the front of the pathline ok.
      2) You also need to remove the ‘ // ‘ bit at the front too.

      All youtube postings here should start with ‘www’ 🙂


    94. Jack Murphy says:

      Thankyou poster Nana for all your links at 7:30am approx.
      You’re a busy bee on behalf of the people in Scotland.

      Putting The Record Straight on so many things. 🙂


    95. Farflung says:

      OK the press are looking for negatives – what’s new? The more interesting aspect of the rail punctuality issue is how the manufactured hype over slippage in ScotRail punctuality over the winter seems to prompted excessive reaction from the Transport Minister. There seemed reasonable justification for ScotRail falling below the 90% punctuality (improvement works etc) but this prompted not only the opposition parties to pile in but the Transport Minister to jump and promise immediate action, threaten the franchise holder and now, in the new rail strategy HLOS promises priority to improving the existing network as opposed to, for example, extending this to other deserving areas waiting for reconnection. There’s an article online commenting on how any minor problem on the Edinburgh-Glasgow routes warrants major attention because journalists and politicians use it. And I’m afraid it’s difficult to discern much of a progressive agenda in the Govt preference for road and air travel.

    96. Davosa says:

      Is Alan Roden that big fat Daily Fail twat that the BBC Shotrbread wankers used to wheel out for SNP bad stuff ? WTF are labour doing employing him ? Bibby seems like an oxygen thief tbh – probably best ignored.

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