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The slow learners

Posted on May 03, 2019 by

Poor old Gary Smith and the rest of the super-unionist GMB. We wonder how many times the UK government has to kick them up the arse before they stop bending over.

We’re pretty sure we’ll need to take our shoes and socks off to count, though.

Because he didn’t twig in 2015.

Or in 2016.

Or in 2017.

Or in 2018.

But maybe one day, eh Gary?

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    1. 03 05 19 14:56

      The slow learners | speymouth

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    1. yesindyref2 says:

      With Penny Mordaunt being the new defence secretary there’s a slight more chance auxiliaries could be built in the UK, unless it’s too late already. The unions are actually on the job already.

    2. call me dave says:

      Aye Gary it’s Déjà Vu all over again.

      Here’s an idea, lets go independent and build our own navy ships.

    3. Vestas says:

      They’ll bend over just as long as their unionist members pay them to do so.

      Back in the day it was catholics they tried to exclude from the industry, now (as proven in court) they try to exclude (via “security”) SNP members/elected officials.

      Yet clueless fuckwits like Smith are still “big men”.

      No sympathy. None. They voted no & they deserve the consequences.

    4. Giving Goose says:

      Unionism before jobs (and the knighthood/peerage that is the agreed price for Gary).

    5. Malky says:

      Silence is a golden hand-shake.

    6. Lollysmum says:

      When is the penny going to drop with folks. UK Gov has been dangling these contracts to build ships for years now. The reason they haven’t materialised is because there’s no money to pay for the carrot to persuade us to vote no.

      Ministry of Defence has been hopelessly overspent for years & it’s getting worse. Each new minster writes a shopping list, then finds they’ve dropped a clanger then whoops they’ve done a Grayling & those ships slip further down the trinkets list. Those contracts will never materialise & if they did, UK would find a reason to mess Scotland about or even cancel.

      We’ve had a couple of years to see them in action aka negotiating. They can’t be trusted to tell us the correct time let alone behave with honour in contracting. Let’s just ignore the propaganda & let shipyards trade in the open market. If other small countries can have full order books then why can’t Scotland?

      When are we going to start thinking & acting like an independent country. Let’s get behind the country. Getting tired of hearing & seeing folk saying we’re too wee. We aren’t-we’re a medium sized country lacking in infrastructure. Lets tell UK to do one & we’ll be off. Scary I know but exciting too. Just think about it & stop circulating the propaganda online whilst were here. We’re doing their job for them- no wonder folks get depressed.

    7. Artyhetty says:

      Forget it Scotland, you won’t be getting the contracts, simple.

      Is this on the front pages of the daily rags in Scotland today?

      ‘Union’, a word which has strange and curious meaning in Scotland. Shafted by the ‘union’ and the ‘unions’, who’d of thought.

      What with the UKgov restrictions on visa’s for our EU and overseas students, and removing major contracts for ships etc, the ‘union’ is not doing Scotland any Favours is it. Did it ever.

    8. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      So “Separation” really does “Shut Shipyards” just not the kind of separation they meant!

      This will be another hypocritical reason why BritNat Labour are Pro Brexit but Anti IndyRef2

      Has Paul Sweeney or Dick Leonard been asked for comment yet?

    9. Hamish100 says:

      The GMB, EIS, UNITE have been agitating for industrial action in various areas to distract from the lies they told during Independence referendum that only in the britnat union would you have job security– What they meant was their jobs were secure.

    10. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Where is Ian Davidson these days anyway?

    11. Eric McLean says:

      This is reminiscent of the EU Maritime College tender.

      Glasgow invested time and money in a tender, while secret deals were done in Westminster to give the college to Portugal in return for Surrey(?) getting the EU Police College.

      Another ‘FuckYou’ Scotland by Westminster Politicians.

    12. winifred mccartney says:

      Well we know something that will not be being discussed at Scottish tory branch office conference. Surely the shipbuilders will realised now they were sold a pup and tory promises are meaningless.

      And of course the other thing not being discussed will be the local council elections in England because TM has already said labour have done just as badly, so that is fine then.

      A plague on both their houses and some.

    13. Ken500 says:

      Build, ferries, oil supply vessels, fishing vessels, liners and patrol boats to patrol the shore. Like Norway over 100 vessels a year. In an Independent Scotland that would be the case.

      The Tories Westminster unionists are taking £20Billion a year on average out of Scotland with total mismanagement of the Oil & Gas, fishing and farming sector etc.

      Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion costs Scotland £Billions. Hinkley Point, HS2, Trident a total waste of money.

      The Condem/Tory high taxes when the Oil price was falling ruined the Oil & Gas sector. Lost Scotland £Billions and 120,000 jobs. Taxed at 40% since Jan 2016 by Westminster Gov.Totally mismanaged causing unneccessary deaths.

      UK Health & Safety Law/rules not enforced. Even when UK Gov Transport Committee supports an Inquiry. Westminster unionist Gov cover up. Robert Goodwill Tory MP minister covered up. Helicopter firm owners culpable sold up for £250Million. Getting away with it. Not censored or held to account. Bond brothers. A complete disgrace.

    14. Merkin Scot says:

      I saw first hand that the GMB does not represent the workers.

    15. Breeks says:

      Just for badness, we should ask Guy Verhofstad if he’s needing any ships for the European Navy.

      Maybe the Express would spontaneously combust, and save lives doubling up as a firelighter when there’s no gas or electricity after Brexit.

    16. Clydebuilt says:

      Inchgree Dry Dock ….Where’s Gary Smith or the SNP

      at 300m * 45m one of the largest ” operational” dry dock’s in Europe sits unused. A few years back Peel Ports blew up the cranes. This magnificent facility should be providing jobs in Inverclyde not turned into another riverside housing estate as Trafalgar house did to Scot Lithgows in Greenock.

      Using Google cant see any link between Gary Smith and the dry dock. So once again Smith doesn’t apear to be lifting a finger to create work or safeguard existing jobs in Scottish Shipbuilding.

      There’s a FB page for the “Save the Inchgreen Dry Dock”

    17. mike cassidy says:

      Don’t worry!

      Rory Stewart has said thousands of ships will be built on the Clyde when he becomes PM.

      And he’s a man whose numbers can be trusted.

    18. geeo says:

      I took my employers to the cleaners several years ago, via a tribunal, in which i represented myself, after the GMB reps actually colluded with my employers to shaft my case.
      I also successfully sued the GMB and got a large sum from them as well.

      They are a very poor shadow of the union of the
      time when my old man was Scottish organisor, a ferocious fighter for the workers who struck fear into employers when he turned up at a shop floor.

      He also stopped or reduced a lot of the ‘perks’ of senior GMB figures, for example, senior reps got a brand new car every year, which he fought to be reduced to every 3 years, which compromised at 2 years.

      Doesn’t sound much, but they were driving over 100,000 miles a year back in those days, which they used to justify new cars every 12 months.

      The fact they drove over 100,000 miles per year in itself, shows how out and about senior Union figures were, unlike nowadays.

      Gary Smith is an utterly disgusting creature who has the interests of himself high above all else.

      Met him twice, the 2nd time was to relieve his union of a lot of money.

    19. I think it is a done deal and don’t see Westminster awarding the contract for those three Royal naval auxiliaries to any yard in the UK.

      I wonder has Paul Sweeney MP explained yet to his former work mates about how wonderful it is to be part of the UK, as they see the work building ships,they should have gotten going to Spain.

    20. auld highlander says:

      We are just not going to give you any worthwhile contracts that will put money in your pockets because you don’t vote for us.

      We are going to continue starving the snp of billions so that you dim wits will blame them. You can all die of malnutrition for all we care. Now f off you troublesome jocks and eat your gruel.

    21. Marie Clark says:

      Oh well, we did try and tell them, but, they widnae listen. They KNEW better.

      Hell mend them.

    22. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Munguin’s New Republic has an interesting post up at the moment, detailing the sums paid-out in bribes to certain Scots, by England, in the run-up to and aftermatch of the Treaty of Union.

      I ran the figures through the online Bank of England online inflation calculator, which measures £1 sterling in 1707 as being the equivalent of £235.89 today. Thus, the 32 lords, knights and provosts in England’s pay sold out Scotland for (in today’s money) a grand total of £4,501,541.53.

      In today’s money, they pocketed between £2618 (Lord Banff) and £2,907,344.25 (the High Commissioner, Lord Queensberry.

      Lord Queensberry is an ancestor of the present Duke of Buccleuch.

      But, four and a half million pounds sterling – the ten DUP MPs screwed a better deal out of Theresa May than our parcel o’# rogues ever managed.

      And, as can be seen from the shipbuilding deal, Scotland is still being sold shor6t.

    23. galamcennalath says:

      Perhaps Gary Smith should consider his job title …. GMB Scotland Secretary. Yes, “Scotland”. His job is not act as erse coverer for the Westminster TORY government, his job is to look after his members’ interests in Scotland.

      It’s about time the GMB and other unions realised the best interests of working folks in Scotland is independence. Like the RMT outside the conference demanding renationalisation of railways – under what circumstances are Scotland’s railways most likely to be taken in public ownership, they should ask themselves.

    24. Ken500 says:

      Cable the liar who covered up child abuse now crowing. Gie’s peace. The Condem/Libs caused Brexit. Shameless liars.

    25. yesindyref2 says:

      Ross Murdoch, GMB National Officer and CSEU National Chair of Shipbuilding:

      Once again we are paying the price for the Government’s betrayal of UK shipbuilding. Rather than ensure a steady drumbeat of shipbuilding orders that keep the industry alive, the Conservatives seem content to let UK shipbuilding die out in the name of the free market. Appledore is on the brink of closure, Cammell Laird is slashing jobs and now this. When will the Government step in to save our centuries old shipbuilding heritage.

      The Unite union also said the news was a “kick in the teeth”. Steve Turner, the union’s assistant general secretary for manufacturing, said:

      The men and women whose skills built the UK’s two new world-leading aircraft carriers at Rosyth are at risk of being lost for a generation in a blow to the Scottish economy and UK shipbuilding.

      We all saw this coming, the Clyde getting screwed, 13 Type 26 including 5 lower spec General Purpose, down to just 8 T26 anti-sub (if that lasts and doesn’t go down to the absolute basic 6 needed for carrier escort – or less), and tender how kind for the Type 31 and you might have a chance except BaE aren’t interested, now Rosyth with the replenishment ships, oops Babcock no chance Gibraltar is more important screw you, or rather Navantia get to put the screws on and in fact the whole ships.

    26. CmonIndy says:

      It’s 2020.
      Indyref2 campaigning is in full flow.
      Rory Stewart the UK new defence minister vows frigate factory on Clydeside.
      Ruth Davidson backs promise up by “swearing on her sons life”.
      Shipyard workers vote No again.
      Champaigne corks fly at Tory Central office and at Merseyside and Portsmouth dockyards.
      Scottish shipyard workers look to SNP for redress.

    27. HandandShrimp says:

      Very , very bored of the perpetual hagiographs provided by the media for Davidson. She has no substance and they consistently cover that up. The rare moments that Radio 5 or C4 have put her under pressure she crumbles or literally runs away from the interviewer. She is such a media construct it beggars belief.

    28. I recall Lord Carmichael of Portsmouth, more commonly referred to as Lair Carmichael, when SoS, visiting Portsmouth, Proud Scot that he ain’t, and promising them the Govan and Rosyth work if Scotland voted Yes.
      I know that we are supposed to be forgiving but, why the fuck did any sane person vote No in 2014.
      Is it a shipyards/masonic thing that these wasters are still in charge of a Union?
      If I were 30 years younger.

    29. galamcennalath says:

      Pro Indy politicians continually get interviewed by anti Indy media.

      Perhaps pro Indy media (National, Phantom Power, individuals even) should be inviting anti Indy policians for interview.

      In a fair balanced interview, most BritNats would go into meltdown trying to answer questions.

    30. Bobp says:

      Cmonindy. Aye they are that f*****g stupid or bigoted, they will probably lap it all up again.

    31. Bobp says:

      Jack collatin. It was cowards, i’m alright jack and jills,and bigots who voted no in 2014.

    32. Marcia says:

      You wonder as to what rubbish the GMB union will try topush in the next referendum. All the previous promises to be aired and flung back at them next time. Most of the GMB officers are only interested in themselves.

    33. geeo says:

      Good grief, BBC just had a SNP perspective on things…

      All of 89 seconds.

      In that time, Stephen Gethins refuted treeza’s claims it was because tories have been in power 9 years (look at our results-implied) and got in that SNP won by-election last night, and SNP message for EU election is simple, we voted to remain, so thats the message.

    34. Bobp says:

      Socrates Macsporran 2.01pm. Aye the house jocks like to sell themselves cheap.

    35. yesindyref2 says:

      In fairness, the GMB have complained a few times about the state of the T26 orders, and the T31 tendering – and about Rosyth as well – over the last 2 or 3 years. They’ve actually been abused as much as the SNP over it. I could dig out some articles but can’t be arsed, just take my word on it. THEY are not the enemy.

    36. Bobp says:

      I’m 25 mins away from glasgow central and looking forward to tomorrows march. A pint first.

    37. call me dave says:

      In Scotland:

      Trains and boats and planes are passing by
      They mean a trip to Paris or Rome
      For someone else but not for us

      Some might imply there was a substantial ‘remain vote’ darn Sarf yesterday as the big picture comes more into focus?

    38. Davo says:

      Check this link for an idea of what a Scottish Navy would look like. Our yards would be well into building this lot if they had voted Yes.

    39. yesindyref2 says:

      @Bobp “Jack collatin. It was cowards, i’m alright jack and jills,and bigots who voted no in 2014.

      My daughter voted NO, try saying that to my face you tiny dickhead.

    40. Hamish100 says:

      yesindyref2 says:
      3 May, 2019 at 2:52 pm
      In fairness, the GMB have complained a few times about the state of the T26 orders, and the T31 tendering – and about Rosyth as well – over the last 2 or 3 years. They’ve actually been abused as much as the SNP over it. I could dig out some articles but can’t be arsed, just take my word on it. THEY are not the enemy.

      I know you like ships and such like but c’mon the GMB made Independence their enemy. Could dig out some articles wi Margaret Curran, Davidson (both Tory and liebour),GMB leaders and co but my memory is pretty good.
      Still this is a classic from the Scottish Labour research in 2014– read on.

      Campaigning for a ‘No’ vote

      GMB political officer Richard Leonard set out some of the reasons the union is campaigning for a No vote in the referendum:
      • solidarity — the strides forward, from winning the votes for working men and women to the enactment of equal rights for women, disabled, black and minority ethnic and gay citizens, have all been achieved by acting and organising and winning political power with our fellow workers across Britain;
      • jobs — thousands of GMB Scotland members’ jobs exist because of the sale of the goods and services to the rest of the UK.
      Making that critical market a foreign one over which we would no longer have any direct political say, with a different currency and additional costs, is not a step forward, but a step back;
      • pensions — thousands of GMB members in Scotland are in cross-border pension schemes.
      The requirement that these should be self-funded within three rather than 10 years would be catastrophic for both working and retired members.
      • change — securing fundamental change in the balance of power in the economy, including at work and with publicly-owned and accountable public services like electricity, gas, the railways and Royal Mail, requires political and economic intervention at British level where the power lies.
      More than four out of five big businesses in Scotland are now owned outside Scotland;
      • devolution — with devolution we can have the best of both worlds with powers over public services and economic development and more tax and borrowing powers already on the statute book, while retaining a political voice in the UK and as part of the UK internationally; and
      • irreversible — there will be no going back from a Yes vote.
      Leonard concluded: “It is not the formation of a separate state and divorce from the rest of the United Kingdom that will bring about the fundamental economic and social change we need, it is the stepping up of political pressure and uniting even more closely with working people right across the UK that will produce change that GMB members want to see whether you live and work in Ayrshire or Yorkshire.”

    41. Wullie says:

      You can fool some of the people some of the time. But. The Scots , you really have to laugh your arse off at them. 24/7/365 they can be taken for mugs. Or is that 24. 7. 365 + 300 and odd years as a country we have some real bad bastards amongst us. When I was younger I was one of those mugs.

    42. twathater says:

      WHOAH am I dreaming or just being stupid or not remembering , did not our bitter thegetherer lying arsewipes not THREATEN that if jockland went independent the gracious magnanimous wastemonster could not countenance a FURRIN country building our suuuuuuuperb ROYAL NAVY warships , that would be totally unacceptable

      So my question to Gary Smith and his bosses would have to be , have we just invaded and taken over Spain , or as would seem more likely were the lying bastirts just lying as usual Gary , and more to the point Gary why do you still believe ANYTHING the lying bastirts of unionism say

      Join us Gary and vote for jobs for your members , not lying promises . VOTE FOR INDEPENDENCE

    43. yesindyref2 says:

      GMB certainly did in 2014. The question is, what would they do now? GMB campaigned for a reformed Remain, and don’t really like Brexit though they pretend to accept it reluctantly.

      They’ve been regularly humped by the Tories, humped.

    44. yesindyref2 says:


    45. galamcennalath says:

      twathater says:

      have we just invaded and taken over Spain

      TBH they certainly wouldn’t be my first choice! Others? Wouldn’t be hard to find better than London Tories. How about we arrange a re run of the Battle of Largs? Our lot could sing a few rousing songs then capitulate … voila …. or should I say her er det ! 🙂

    46. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Aye, @HandandShrimp says at 2:19 pm

      “…Davidson. She has no substance and they consistently cover that up.”

      A media construct, a modern day Operation Mincemeat (but using a living body) and instead of disguising an invasion she is used to disguise subjugation.

      With Colonel Yadaftie, just like with the damage Brexit will cause the British Nationalist Media are trying to sell us how wonderful, fabulous, amazing these “Emperors New Clothes” really are!

      Scotland sees the truth, The Union is naked with only recycled lies (like shipbuilding promises) and empty threats (like England won’t trade with you) in the face of the will of the Sovereign People of Scotland.

      You better believe their internal polling tells them this which is why it is now “No IndyRef2 ever” rather than “Now is not the time”.

    47. Bobp says:

      Yesindyref2. Away and chase yerself ya clown. You dont like the truth.

    48. Jack Murphy says:

      Off Topic.

      Scottish Television News on-line reporting of tomorrow’s [Saturday] AUOB march in Glasgow:

      An interesting read.

      ” Tens of thousands expected at Scottish independence march

      Activists will make their way from Kelvingrove Park to Glasgow Green on Saturday……..”

    49. The reason the yoons do not want another ref., on Scottish freedom is they. Know that their lies will not work a second time around also I note in the photo the shipyard workers are still wearing their YELLOW hard hats how appropriate I was a stager in the yards most of my working life and a shop steward I stopped paying the political levy to labour and I have never voted for them and I was laughed at and jeered when I argued for independense as the only way to get justice well who’s laughing now ???

    50. Ken500 says:

      Some Tory was getting bluelighted by the Police at the Conference for the 100 Tories attending. Holding up the traffic. Causing an annoyance.

    51. geeo says:

      Sky News: Tory losses -888

      BBC news: Tory losses -955

      Live coverage of treeza at Ruth Davidsons party conference on Sky, obviously.

      Beth Rigby: absolute catastrophe for LABOUR.

      All you need know abour Sky News.

    52. Ken500 says:

      Jumped by the Tories? Not a nice vision. Jumped up Tories.

    53. Ken500 says:

      The blue rinses getting bluelighted. Not a nice sight.

      The Tories going, down, down,down. Away off into the wilderness.

    54. Ken500 says:

      Someone seems to have made a quick recovery?

    55. ronnie anderson says:

      Glasgow City Council has informed us any person who does not have permission from the Main Organiser and the City council themselves who breach City legislation and Rules will be fined and shut down. Regarding setting up stalls at Glasgow Green all stallholders need to contact AUOB and make sure they meet all requirements. ( We welcome all yes independence stalls.)

      That’ll will be more of Auob’s little white lies, they tried to pull that one at Dundee NO Such INSTRUCTIONS were issued then as No Such INSTRUCTIONS have been issue for tomorrows event .

      Auob are NOT licensed for stalls thats up to the individual groups who choose to erect a stall Nobody will fine them .

      How do I know this ! I phoned GCC .

    56. Proud Cybernat says:

      Tory loses in England now over 1,000.

      Hell slap it intae them.

    57. Proud Cybernat says:


    58. Ken500 says:

      Govan unemployment was 26%. Davenport unemployment was 4%. The Westminster unionists gave the work to Davenport. It cost £Millions more. They dumped the contaminated hulks at Roysyth. Still lying there. Scotland pays on average, £4Billion towards Defence but gets short changed. Hammond sneered and mocked at the proposition of a Scottish Navy based at Faslane. £Billions have been spent on illegal wars and redundant weaponry by the Westminster unionists. Costing Scotland £Billions that could be better spent.

      The Tory Royals attended a service today in London to honour nuclear subs, unbelievable. They support illegal wars. Killing people’s mothers. To protect their wealth and privilege. They cause mental health problems. Over consume,but lecture others. Their descendants caused the 1WW. Royal cousins. Inbreds. The divine right to rule. Killing millions of people. No apology. Nuclear removed from 40 mins from London in 1992. Dumped in Scotland without permission. 30 mins from Glasgow. No apology. They had to apologise to the Irish for the Troubles that were caused. Illegally partitioning Ireland for unionist votes in Westminster. DUP still keeping the corrupt Tories in power for wasted £Billions and bribes. The corruption at the heart of Westminster Gov.

    59. Ken500 says:

      Great start for the hunner at the conference. 1000 loss. It gets better and better.

    60. Ken500 says:

      Aye enjoy the March for those who can’t make it. The millions who wish they could be there. They will be out campaigning. It just gets bigger and bigger.

      Donate, campaign do whatever folk can. Even reluctantly, get a conscription to the ‘National’. Get the Party started and join in. It will be fun. Get one other person to vote. Job done.

    61. Petra says:

      @ Jack Murphy at 4:24pm ….. “AUOB March.”

      The article highlights once again that we should all be on our best behaviour in particular as infiltrators will be waiting for that “Kodak moment.” Some infiltrators will be wearing body cameras.


      Can anyone tell me why our shipyards are so reliant on work from the MoD? Is there anything preventing them from building ships from elsewhere?

    62. Tatu3 says:

      Have the SNP ever suggested or even hinted that when we become independent that the shipyards will get work building ferries, fishing boats, patrol boats etc, that an independent Scotland will need?
      Would surely boost YES votes if they did?

    63. Robert Peffers says:

      Have a look at the election map and graphs on this link:-

    64. galamcennalath says:

      Media still insisting both Lab and Tories have suffered badly …

      Conservative 3079 -1084
      Labour 1797 -102

      Labour down, yes, but the impact on the Tories is much greater.

      A lot of people will still have the sense to vote local on local elections. But just wait till the EU vote! Then Brexit is up front.

    65. Ken500 says:

      There have been multiple books written about Unioni collusion with employers to shaft the workers, Them lining their pockets with remuneration and privilege. Some Trade Union barons were famous for it. The Unite strike when the women were receiving their money due from GCC. SNP. After years of unequal pay. Some Trades union’s causing trouble. Agitating for a teacher’s strike to cause disruption. Their settlement was being negotiated. They do an excellent job.

      Len McCluskey supporting Trident for jobs in Barrow on Furness. Funded by Scottish revenues. They could build something else, worthwhile. Like renewables. Funding Blair’s illegal,wars. Killing people and causing the worse migration crisis since the 11WW. Then blaming migrants, unfairly. for economic problems. Racist, misogynists and bigoted. Supporting SNP Scottish Gov policies but not Independence for Scotland. Gross interference. Same as useless Corbyn. They should retire at the Official retirement age they set (70).

    66. Petra says:

      Gary Smith from March 2019. Complaining but no mention of the word Westminster.


      @ Robert P at 5:16pm …….”Election map / graphs.”

      Tories getting hammered. Shame, lol. I wonder if this featured at the Scottish Tory Conference and will anyone ask Dirty Money Davidson how she reckons this will equate to Scotland?

    67. geeo says:

      Petra@ 5.24pm

      No chance of dissent at Tory conference.

      Old guy tried that, heckling treeza, got huckled out the hall by security as the minions yelled “OUT OUT OUT” at him.

      No dissent allowed in the rhuthenfuhrer party you know !!

    68. Ken500 says:

      The Scottish SNP Gov is funding building new ferries. A special case for investment and support. There are problems with there construct because the sailing company irons on changing the design. There should have been tighter contract. They were supporting the fishing industry by negotiating the use of larger nets to conserve fish in exchange for bigger quotas. Supporting training facilities for fishing skills and education. Learning new tasks and getting qualified. Engineering ticket, There wa EU funding for a new modern fish market. Now built with updated facilities and open in Peterhead.

      The SNP Scottish Gov have always advocated and endorsed a Scottish army base at Faslane instead of Trident, It was included in the Independence Campaign 2014. Alex Salmond often talked about it. Along with others. The Scottish Defence bill could be less. With patrol boats patrolling the shores.

      Brexit would mean a higher Defence bill. One of the benefits of EU membership is shared Defence keeping costs down. The UK borrowed French naval vessels when they were still being built in Britain. Without planes? Cameron destroyed the air cover in the North. Scrapped aircraft. They had to order more at more expense. The £100Million? for the Tories jet. Instead of taking of regular transport. Taking military flights at great expense. Cameron took military flights and helicopters. Instead of even hiring transport at much less expense. Wasting public money. All the Westminster and Royal troughers do it. Freebie perks.

    69. Ken500 says:

      The seals eat the salmon up and down the coast. Annoying fishermen. Less to catch.

    70. galamcennalath says:

      In all seriousness, what does the Tories-in-Scotland branch do at their conference?

      Make policy, pass resolutions, debate the issues of the day? Or, as I suspect, is it just all self congratulery speeches and SNP-very-bad baseless rhetoric?

      Actually, I don’t think I care enough to go and watch to find out!

    71. Abulhaq says:

      English establishment lackeys Davidson, now out of pardah, and Gove, looking for another back to stab, apparently ‘get the Union’.
      High time we ‘got’ the pair of these shabby, smarmy opportunists and booted them out.
      Tolerance does have its limits.

    72. Hamish100 says:

      The GMB had a demonstration over workers conditions at Hairmyres Hospital this week. PFI agreed by Labour at great expense to the public purse and impacts on the ordinary worker.
      They demand action by the Scottish Government says the GMB.

      Could Karen Leonard the organiser be related to someone in the Parliament?
      You could be right. GMB = LABOUR LACKIE= Anti- Independence
      This is 2019

    73. Brian Powell says:

      Labour would normally be expecting to pick up seats and be in the plus situation, going down
      100+, after all the disasters the Tories are suffering is bad news for Labour.

      The LibDem gains will be an empty victory.

    74. Petra says:

      @ Geeo at 5:30pm ….. “No chance of dissent at Tory Conference”…

      I can just imagine it Geeo. All slapping each other on the back. Rooth the Mooth sooking up Big T’s erse. Aren’t we doing well …. bonhomie and all that. Living in a wee Tory bubble soon to be burst by the Independence movement and many from south of the border.


      ‘Can British Shipbuilding be revived.”

    75. Hamish100 says:

      indyref 2 implies the GMB of 2014 is different to that of 2019.

      Sorry they haven’t changed their spots.

    76. Robert Louis says:

      Tatu3 at 511pm


      Shipbuilding is mentioned in the Scottish government’s white paper from 2014 for independence.

      Pages, 255, 267 and several others, I think.

    77. Robert Peffers says:

      @Hamish100 says: 3 May, 2019 at 5:57 pm:
      ” … Sorry they haven’t changed their spots.”

      Is it just a case that Leonards don’t change their spots. Hamish100?

    78. Scottish Steve says:

      But will the Clyde workers stop voting Labour and stop supporting the UK? Probably not. I guess the government outsourcing shipbuilding contracts to a foreign power counts as looking after Scotland’s interests.

    79. Clootie says:

      The GMB and others have accepted their fate. In fact they actively campaigned to be treated as serfs.
      Still grovelling under the table hoping some crumbs will fall.

      You live in the world you create as the GMB have discovered.

      …..their back-up plan is that Labour will save them.

    80. Welsh Sion says:

      Council Election Day here in leafy Middle England, yesterday.

      A list of 13 candidates (6 Lab, 6 Lib Dems, 1 Independent) to choose from for the Town Council. (Put an X beside a maximum of 6).

      A 2nd list of 6 candidates (2 Labour, 2 Lib Dems, 1 Con, 1 UKIP) for the County Council. (Put an X beside the name of a maximum of 2 candidates.)

      (c) Local Government ‘democracy’ in Central Bedfordshire, 2019.
      All Rights Reserved


      Con. 41 (-12)
      Ind. 13 (+10)
      Lib. Dem. 3 (+2)
      Lab. 1 (-1)
      UKIP 1 (+1)

      Con. HOLD

    81. Shug says:

      Its just natural selection unionist dinosaurs will die out

      Old arab saying better to be the englishmans enemy than friend
      If your his enemy he will try and buy you if your his friend he will sell you

    82. yesindyref2 says:

      Sorry, was catching up a couple of jobs delayed because of hospital, including one I forgot about which didn’t forget me though when the Sky box rebooted half a dozen times and the last I noticed the whole 6-way “surge protected” indicators flickereing on and off. Mmm, so that’s what the smesll was, didn’t quite smell electrical, it was plastic melting. So new wall socket, luckily wiring into socket not affected, and not to self check if the 6 way is one watchdog listed as being faulty and a fire risk. Note 2 to self, NEVER use a socket behind a bookcase where you can’t see it. Ho hum.

      Anyways, GMB and all that, solidarity, yes as the argument went, why just the UK, why not other workers too? And remember Salmond who won the heart of Liverpool so they’d have happily have voted SNP rather than the 2 party shower and the sell out third one Rev used to support.

      Yes, don’t know whether it’s the forced rest in hospital, the last antibiotic today, or giving up smoking, 5 days and 15 hours now not all by choice, but I feel more energy, and nobody daur mess wi’ me or mines. I might extend that mines’s to the whole of Scotland.

      Good to see you’re back in the form of Rev again. Who was that stranger?

    83. Republicofscotland says:

      “But maybe one day, eh Gary?”

      If I were you Rev, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

    84. chicmac says:

      Just checked latest count, Tories have lost 1,321 compared to 2015 and Labour only 77 but the BBC narrative is that the electoral rebuke for both is somehow equivalent.

      Loathe them or hate them the BBC is and always will be the BBC.

    85. Gary says:

      They’ll make ANY promise to get what they want, then break it again. In Scotland there is simply no downside for them, no votes to lose, no seats to lose, no government to be ousted.

      The have strategically closed every single thing they can, they have moved work, materials, men, bases etc out of Scotland for decades. They are preparing for independence by emptying Scotland out beforehand.

      It’s like someone stealing all your money out your wallet before handing it back to you and claiming that the money was theirs anyway.

      Thieves and liars and yet, people like this union boss are helping them do it. Is he on their side, or is he stupid?

    86. Mad Unionist says:

      Wonder why people get exited about who will be in charge of our whelly bins. And the SNP going on about British Naval contracts is hilarious. The SNP do not want to be part of the British Armed Forces. They want to join the Juncker EU forces. My sides are in stitches with the sheer SNP hypocrisy. The Lib Dems and the SNP should teem up as both are yellow and deep down Tories.

    87. Bob Mack says:

      Scottish yards have more chance of receiving orders to build longships for Vikings than they have for building ships for the MOD.

      The depth of stupidity is quite staggering.

    88. Welsh Sion says:

      chicmac @ 7.50pm

      Poultice is reading from the same script, too. (What’s new?)

    89. Cubby says:

      Just in case there is anyone out there who is not aware – there is a big, probably very very big AUOB independence march in Glasgow tomorrow afternoon. If you are sick of the lies, broken promises and deceit of UK governments then get yourself along to Kelvin way tomorrow at 12.30.

      Alternatively, you can go along to the Tory party conference and join the couple of hundred attending and grovel to your masters in London.

      Independence or continued serfdom and subjugation. A simple and easy decision for most people to make.

    90. defo says:

      What threats the establishment can’t destroy, it assimilates.
      Can’t find a good word for yer modern day union’s!
      Feck the workers, i’m alright jack.

    91. Mad Unionist says:

      Cubby 8:18pm. I thought you Nationalists were going to transform our living standards by taxing the rich! How many more years do you need?
      If I turn out at your Nuremburg flag waving day will the Union flag or Irish Tricolour be welcome.

    92. Liz g says:

      Mad Unionist @ 8.06
      The SNP, the Scottish Government and the Tax paying Scots will be having something to say about “British Naval Contracts” while are still FUNDING them. ..cause we’re Entitled..
      Get it,Got it,Good…

      Now do yer usual when ye canny answer and do a personal insult so ye don’t have tae.
      But know this…. We all ken ye do it…

    93. Iain More says:

      We clearly have a mad cow present bitter at the cun!!!! the Tories took yesterday in Ingerland well that and watching the slow demise of his precious UKIP.

    94. Robert Peffers says:


      Have a look at this:-

    95. Terry says:

      See you at the march in Glasgow tomorrow folks. Let’s show them our appetite.

    96. James Westland says:

      Off topic: Loch Vaa near Aviemore is disappearing

      BBC asks local “expert” Charlie Whelan for his opinion (remember him Gordon Browns spin doctor?) Anyway, true to form, he blames Scottish Water (and by implication the SG)

      Not just a Britnat arsehole, but apparently a hydrologist as well

      The real experts have a totally different much more credible explanation

    97. Petra says:

      @ chicmac at 7:50pm …… “BBC narrative is that the electoral rebuke for both (Labour and Tory) is somehow equivalent.”

      Channel 4 news went one better tonight chicmac by spending 20 minutes showing their reporters careering around England, interviewing people, and making a meal of Labour losses. Big, bad, unpopular Corbyn and all of that. I reckoned that this would be followed by them doing the same too with the Tories, but no not a dickybird, not 1 minute spent, on discussing their massive losses. Then they interviewed a Tory politician and Labour’s Emily Thornberry. He was allowed to rabbit on. She was interrupted constantly and when she tried to mention the Tories 1300 losses she was cut off.

      Rooth the Mooth, of the fake laugh, was interviewed at the end of the programme and managed to slot in her latest mantra … her escape route … “I don’t think it would be fair to make comment after being away for 6 months.” Or words to that effect. Asked if she would work with Boris Johnston well she just waffled her way out of that one. Ended up by telling the interviewer that 8 out 10 Scots don’t want Independence and that she’d be there for them. I can’t wait to see the smirk being wiped right off of her lying physog.

      Oh and it looked as though the Tory Conference was held for the sole purpose of running down the SNP and bumming up Ruth Davidson, such as her being called “their General” and being praised to high heaven for holding the Union together. Not for much longer. Yer tea’s oot, Rooth.

    98. Mad Unionist says:

      Big Liz g @ 8:55pm. But you do not want to fund them so why do you want the contracts? Ask for a rebate so your German pals can fund a Scottish Navy. Recommision the Waverley paddle steamer with Para Handy Alex Salmond as the Russian Admiral.

    99. Cubby says:

      Mad British Nationalist

      I thought I made it clear to you so I’ll say it again – BYE BYE YOU MORON. Away and talk to yourself.

      Britnats have nothing but lies, broken promises, deceit and mad nutters that post on Wings.

    100. Robert Peffers says:

      Apparently we have a congenital idiot among us who has the delusional notion that Scots are not great sailors. Mind you it is understandable as the poor chap, or perhaps chapess, seems overly enamoured with our nearest neighbours. Seeming to wish he were one of them but is far too idiotic to ever be accepted as one of them. I;m sure you all know the type. So I thought to enlighten the poor person by listing for him/her 9 great Scottish seamen and for good measure a Scottish lady who could navigate and sail with the best in the World:-

      Alexander Selkirk (1676-1721)
      Emma Sanderson (1975-)
      Samuel Greig (1736-1788)
      Lord Thomas Cochrane (1775-1860)
      Admiral Andrew Wood (1450-1538)
      Chay Blyth (1940-)
      Admiral John McClure (1837-1920)
      Charles John Napier (1786-1860)
      Aleksey Greig (1775-1845)
      John Paul Jones (1747-1792)

      Checking them out should keep the poor deluded creature busy for a while,

    101. Mad Unionist says:

      Cubby @ 9:43pm. I am a Mad Unionist not a Mad British Nationalist. Now go and put on your Nationalist Tartan Lederhosen Shorts for your big NAZI march tomorrow and give the Scottish public a laugh.

    102. Simon Curran says:

      Davidson’s a media construct with little worth saying. If she ever left Scotland she would be found out by the Tory press as the lightweight she is.
      Unfortunately due to family reasons I can’t go on the march tomorrow but hope there’s a great turn out, show Davidson and May not only that appetite for independence hasn’t gone away but it’s growing and will continue to grow in spite of their contempt.

    103. Cubby says:

      Channel 4 tonight

      More English telly.

      Truthless Davidson once again says she can’t talk about Brexit because she has been away having a baby. Once again she is allowed to spew this pathetic get out unchallenged.

      Of course once again being away having a baby does not prevent her rabbitting on about being the person to stop Scottish independence. She churns out lies once again unchallenged.

      Of course like all the TV channels no mention of the independence march in Glasgow where 100k are estimated to turn up. Plenty of mentions about the British Conservative Party in Scotland Conference in Aberdeen where the stunning attendance of -approx 200 attendees will not be setting any records. At the conference the Maybot confirmed that Scotland is being held in a Britnat prison. The UK = The Soviet Union.

    104. galamcennalath says:

      The Sun tells us ….

      ” Theresa May admits Britain COULD stay in customs union after Brexit …. The PM said ministers had been having chats with Labour about a soft Brexit.”

      Right wing subterfuge …. customs union is NOT a soft Brexit. Turkey is in a customs union with the EU FFS!!!

      Customs union AND single market membership would be a soft Brexit.

    105. Cubby says:

      Mad British Nationalist

      I know you are a mad British Nationalist and I know you can read so what part of BYE BYE MORON DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?


    106. Terry callachan says:

      Mad unionist…it’s never too late to do the right thing, never too late to see the light, come and join in the march for independence tomorrow we would welcome you, wear your tartan lederhosen so we know who you are, I for one will shake your hand and give you a hug, I didn’t even know there was such a thing as tartan lederhosen but I expect they look fantastic, everything tartan always does.
      Hope to see you tomorrow.

    107. boris says:

      The political Hoi polloi decided early on that Stewart was “too unusual” to become Prime Minister but his friend Matthew Parris, once a Conservative M.P., and now a well-known writer and broadcaster said of him:

      “Most of the people who have become Prime Ministers have been strange,” he said. “John Major is much stranger than anybody thinks. Harold Macmillan—there are elements of Harold Macmillan, the showman, in Rory. Benjamin Disraeli was very strange, and so was Gladstone. Margaret Thatcher was completely bizarre. Tony Blair is some kind of delusional confidence trickster. And Gordon Brown is completely mad.” He added, “I think he might fly very high, and he might just drift and fizzle out.” He said that the initial concern of the Conservative leadership was that Stewart might prove to be “not really a sticker, not a stayer.”

    108. Cubby says:

      THE SLOW LEARNERS – that would be British Nationalists.

    109. galamcennalath says:

      Robert Peffers says:

      great Scottish seamen

      And there’s <a href=",_Earl_of_Orkney&quot;Henry Sinclair, Earl of Orkney who may, or may not, have explored North America 100 years before Columbus. Nice to believe he did 😉

    110. Liz g says:

      Cubby @ 9.59
      Aye…And what they don’t ask her is if she’s been away for 6 months and doesn’t know enough to comm “fairly”
      How does she know that most Scots don’t want independence?
      Because she would have to be sure most Scots are ok to Brexit,and she can’t talk about that…
      Logic is no a media strong point!!

    111. Mad Unionist says:

      Cubby @ 9:59 pm. One hundred thousand fascists on our streets in Glesga tomorrow! That is frightening I hope there is a counter rally of Unionists democrats. I will stay in the pub for safety. Have a good day folks and may the forth be with you nutters.

    112. Robert Peffers says:


      A nice wee song:-

    113. yesindyref2 says:

      Hard luck HYUFD, just 2 votes in it from your fellow Conservative, 11% of the vote. Very close. From the little I can see, the LibDems vote increased, same as elsewhere, at 14% and 13% getting 1st and 2nd.

      Basically, all over England, local elections let down by national politicians. Personally I think local elections should be about local issues, but I’m not great at party politics anyway.

    114. stewartb says:

      Just read this @ 9:55 pm: ” Now go and put on your Nationalist Tartan Lederhosen Shorts for your big NAZI march tomorrow and give the Scottish public a laugh.”

      I’m all for reading about different views BTL on this site and even to see folk engaging in (often) heated debate and disagreement, and expressing views that I profoundly disagree with. But, dear fellow Wingers, someone making a statement like this above about so many of our fellow citizens – whom this person cannot know – deserves no respect, no engagement in debate, no attention and no profile – perhaps not even the profile afforded by ridicule. This is not excusable as ‘banter’. I’m not so much angry but saddened!

      I wish there had been a way of expressing my view directly to you all without this individual gaining any additional profile but I did not wish to let this slur pass. This crosses a line! Whatever status some of this individual’s prior contributions may have had, their credibility in my view has as a result of this single statement now been wholly, completely and irrevocably blown. Time now to ignore completely? Time for them to change the name associated with their posts .. again perhaps?

    115. yesindyref2 says:

      Just heard the stupdest thing today – about Mundell: “He lampooned ….”

      David Mundell couldn’t lampoon a lightly toasted marshmallow.

    116. Mad Unionist says:

      Terry callachan @ 10:08pm. Terry I saw the light one morning when I found Jesus and the SNP then I woke up. I decided to vote Labour and the light went out.

    117. Welsh Sion says:

      Quick publicity – in case anyone interested.

      Sunday’s Marr on BBC1 @ 10 a.m. features Ruthie (oh Gawd!), but importantly also, ‘our Adam’ – the leader of Plaid Cymru.

      Jus’ letting you all know.

    118. Liz g says:

      Mad British Nationalist @ 9.15
      Because my wee cherub, we will have our share while we work on ending this accursed Union.
      Tis a righteous demand,that’s quite obvious to sane people!

    119. Robert Peffers says:


      A very short Open University video:-

    120. Liz g says:

      Terry Callahan @ 10.08
      Oh Terry well done for trying,but,I’m afraid even if there’s a light on there’s still nobody home.
      British Nationalism is … Em well… Mad!!

    121. Liz g says:

      stewartb @ 10.31
      Dinnay fash Stewart, there’s plenty here big enough for self confessed Mad British Nationalists.
      No he doesn’t deserve our time… And doesn’t get it when we’re in a serious conversation.. While it’s no planned we take turns at him when we’ve the time… Otherwise he’s just an irritant,if he steps over the line the Rev will deal with him.
      If you feel strongly that he has crossed a line, just report him! It would be nae loss to anyone here…but,he warned, another saddo will just show up,so don’t let them get to ye 🙂

    122. Cubby says:

      As I said in a previous post too many people according the British Nationalists way way far too much respect on Wings. They don’t come on Wings to debate, inform or even learn ( assuming that is indeed possible ). They are here to insult , post totally ignorant and abusive comments.

      They do nothing to deserve any consideration at all. They are disrupters. They are morons.

    123. ronnie anderson says:

      10.45 How many Tories does it take tae screw in ah light bulb

      Its ah bayonet fitment ya feking eijits

    124. Dan says:

      It’s been a busy week for me but all the hard dirty graft has been completed and I’m all cleaned up and looking forward to tomorrow.
      Weather looks cool but fair, so c’mon folks, let’s make this one a cracker.
      Here’s a tune and imagery from last year.

      And I recall a winger posting this tune a while back which is a bit more lively to get folk in the mood.
      Monster Truck: For the People.

    125. Robert Peffers says:

      @Liz g says: 3 May, 2019 at 10:42 pm:

      ” … Oh Terry well done for trying,but,I’m afraid even if there’s a light on there’s still nobody home.
      British Nationalism is … Em well… Mad!!”

      But Liz g, I heard on the wireless yesterday about news that medical science had found medications that can prevent the spread of the AIDS infection. Now think back to when that dreadful disease first struck.

      No one ever thought that they could find a cure for it and seems we were right. However, if they can prevent it spreading from one person to another then it must surely die off in time. So there is every hope that even the dreaded madness of unionism, even if it cannot be cured, can be prevented from spreading to others and thus die off.

      Anyway, Scotland won’t wait that long and it won’t help our cause but at least, after Scotland ends the Union, unionism madness must surely die off.

    126. galamcennalath says:

      One minute they tell us their country is ‘Britain’, then they tell us they are Unionists because they believe in a Union of countries. Both constructs aren’t simultaneously possible, however the sad truth is neither represents the reality.

    127. Mad Unionist says:

      Big Liz g. Are you in a serious conversation when you dismiss people who you disagree with. I reckon you are like the USA game boy Venezuelan fascist awaiting power.

    128. Graham MacQueen says:

      Are supporters of Scotland’s union with England so gullible, or is it fear of change that drives their decisions?
      I’m baffled beyond belief!

    129. Cactus says:

      Gig day is upon us People…

      Tune in to Indy LIVE Radio tomorrow morning from 10am for the big build-up to Scotland’s March for Independence ’19 live from Glasgow

      (Studio guests include Greg Drysdale & friend from Yes Stirling)

      Links for tomorrow:

      Peace, LOVE and Scottish Independence for all

      NOW is THE time

    130. Mad Unionist says:

      Poor big Liz g. You are a fanatic and please do stop at the level crossing tae let the train pass. You are an asset for the Union.

    131. Welsh Sion says:

      Ronnie Anderson @ 10.57 pm..

      How many Tories does it take to screw in a light bulb?

      – None. They prefer staying in the dark knowing there are more (power) cuts in the way, thanks to their influence over the leccy company, which they privatised. They ensure that they make obscene profits from the shares therein and keep the rest of us in the dark as well.

    132. shug says:

      Hay Mad unionist
      Are you really happy that Westminster has said that Ulster will be in full regulatory alignment with Dublin i.e Dublin passes a law and the same law will be implemented in Ulster. No representation for Ulster in that decision and a border up the Irish sea.
      Gibraltar will be left in the EU
      where is your precious union now?

    133. Fireproofjim says:

      Agree completely. Some people cannot be reasoned with, cannot comment without resulting to insult and contribute nothing to the debate.
      Anyway we are used to it. I recall in 2014 that Alec Salmond was described as Hitler, Stalin, Kim Jong Un, Mao, Castro and many other dictators, and the mildly left of centre and totally peaceable SNP were described as Nazis and Fascists and communists by the Unionist Press.
      Despite that we went from 28% to 45% so the mud did not stick.
      These accusations are so childish and silly, as anyone can see that they are nonsense.
      However I wish we would all desist from engaging with these kind of people. It makes them feel that their little world is important when it is just sad and pathetic.

    134. Robert Peffers says:

      @Graham MacQueen says: 3 May, 2019 at 11:04 pm:

      ” … Are supporters of Scotland’s union with England so gullible, or is it fear of change that drives their decisions?
      I’m baffled beyond belief!”

      It is neither, Graham, the poor folk are just so badly brainwashed they just wouldn’t know the truth if it bit their bums. Now add to that their total inability to be able to understand logical explanations about anything and you will understand them a bit more. Think on this, only such people could make such a total mess of the simple mess they call Brexit. Now the truth is that as Westminster does not govern all of Britain but only the United Kingdom and that Britain is a geographic feature and you mat begin to understand the mentality of these idiots.

    135. Dan says:

      yesindyref2 at 10:28 pm says:

      “Basically, all over England, local elections let down by national politicians. Personally I think local elections should be about local issues, but I’m not great at party politics anyway.”

      Tend to agree with aspects of this. Due to the politics of Scotland being completely polarised around the constitutional issue, our rural 3 Councillor ward elected 2 folk with barely a year living in the area between them so they knew next to nothing about the local area and issues. Previously we had 2 that combined had over 100 years living in the locality.

      On a side note, I hope you bounce back well from your recent health issue and that you continue to add your valued contributions to the site.

    136. Golfnut says:

      @ Robert Peffers.

      One third of the seaman manning Nelsons ships at Trafalgar were Scots, if you add in the Irish, Welsh, French, Dutch, Scandinavians, Chinese ans Africans, kind of begs the question on just how many Englishmen were there. CS Forester, the author of the Hornblower books, wrote that the stories were based on the exploits of 3 Scottish Admirals.

    137. Mad Unionist says:

      My Mrs says that rumour control says kezia is about to join the SNP! No doubt the SNP will extoll her virtues and withdraw all the former slaggin against her. She will get a safe seat in a working area!!

    138. Robert Peffers says:

      @Golfnut says: 3 May, 2019 at 11:24 pm:

      ” … the author of the Hornblower books, wrote that the stories were based on the exploits of 3 Scottish Admirals.”

      Let me put it this way, Golfnut, Scotland has the longest shoreline in Europe and probably the most inhabited and uninhabited islands in Europe but I’m guessing at hat last bit.

      It doesn’t take the Brain of Britain to figure out we must probably have the largest numbers of day to day sailors.

      Many crofters graze sheep and cattle on off mainland islands and many crofters have mixed incomes that include income from fishing.

      Furthermore I spent 50 years working for the Admiralty and it included sea-trials to set up the electronic gear I worked on.

      Believe me I sailed with some right doolally English Skippers including the Prince of Wales. Mind you I also sailed with some really good ones too.

      Sailed into the Rosyth non-tidal basin with one skipper and they timed it for when the tide was right to come in through the gate that was not a lock-gate as the entrance lock was under repair.

      The skipper navigated through the entrance gate into the basin well enough but then sailed right across the non-tidal basin and straight into the basin wall on the opposite side from the entrance gate.

      A newly refitted destroyer smacked into the dock wall at speed so hard that lots of gear mounted on bulkheads tore off and ripped connection cables out of the gear as the gear hit the opposite bulkhead.

      Now that’s what you don’t call seamanship. There were also lots of injuries too.

    139. HYUFD says:

      Yesindyref2 Yes very close, just 2 votes in it after a recount. Not much you can do about it.

      Bad night for the Tories and Labour in England, a good night for the LDs, Greens and Independents. Onto the European elections later in the month

    140. Fireproofjim says:

      Golfnut @ 11.24

      You are right.Scottish Admiral Thomas Cochrane was the inspiration for both Hornblower and Jack Aubrey. He was one of Nelson’s Captains.
      His life was an amazing adventure from beginning to end and he also went on to found the Brazilian and Chilean Navies as well as assisting in liberating Peru from Spain. He became a radical politician and was instrumental in setting up the first steps to parliamentary reform.
      The Chilean Navy still call their main training ship the “Almirante Cochrane.”
      He was brought up in Culross in Fife and there is a memorial to him in front of the Townhouse where the Chilean flag is kept flying.

    141. Cactus says:

      Checklist for later today:

      1) Meet at Kelvingrove Park (1pm latest)
      2) Bring somebuddy with ye
      3) Bring yerself a bottle of water
      4) Wear sunscreen
      5) Sing, smile, chant and have FUN!

      The five steps tae Freedom o ’19

    142. Liz g says:

      British Nationalist @ 11.03 & 11.17
      Ah, did say you’d go to personal insults when ye didn’t have an answer…… Bloody Hell I’m good…
      I’m so glad you see me as an asset to the Union,join my campaign then,, and we will really,really do the best thing for the Union…. This I VOW….Whit say you,wee Madders?
      Stop wasting time trying to deflect to auld Kezzie, get on board with the best asset the Unions ever had…
      It’s no that difficult,just agree wi Liz G and you’ll be the best ye can ever bee!!! 🙂

    143. Benhope says:

      Billy MacNeill had a suitably fine farewell today.
      He was a very good footballer and a genuine person but not in the same class as Willie Miller or Allan Hanson.

      Apart from lifting the European Cup his most interesting act was to thump that other celtic legend Gerry McNee at some airport.

      Billy,you finally expressed yourself. Well done.

    144. yesindyref2 says:

      Well don’t give up yourself, it’s on to the next and won’t be long now for a by-election or something. From the looks of it, you have local elections and district elections down there?

    145. Liz g says:

      Cactus @ 12.30
      But there’s also 3 steps to heaven!

      Step One… Ye find oor Glasgow Green!
      Step Two.. A Wings stall is stationed to be seen!
      Step Three… We convince and persuade Scots all day

      Now that sure seems like heaven to me. 🙂 🙂 🙂

      See ye the morra Cactus xxx

    146. yesindyref2 says:

      Mine got 1 SNP (out of 2), 1 Ind (who took the 2nd SNP’s place), 1 Lab and 1 Con. Which some would say were the best councillors regardless of party. I did the vote till we boak thing, against my conscience basically, so it wasn’t my fault the result was the right one!

      Yeah, recovering very well, but probably stay safe tomoro. And now I’m tired and off to the land of nod. If HYUFD explains the two levels of elections locally, I’ll catch it in the morning 🙂

    147. HYUFD says:

      We do, will be largely having a rest from active politics over the summer and will see after that

    148. HYUFD says:

      We have district elections 3 out of 4 years, town elections 1 of those 4 years and county elections the 4th year

    149. Kangaroo says:

      Robert Peffers @9:00pm

      Thanks for posting that interview with the FM.

      Despite all the prodding she didn’t give anything away. Good, keep them in the dark.

      When Oh when are the Scots going to wake up to WM and understand that they do not want Scotland to thrive, indeed they actively pursue policies to remove business and jobs from Scotland. If they had the water then the whisky industry would be shut down and moved to England, and if they could make the salmon swim South into English rivers they would do that too. Theirs is a “scorched earth” policy towards Scotland and Scots, the only solution is independence.

      AUOB March.
      Have a great time all and beware of marchers wearing Tartan knickerbockers or even lederhosen, they are probably loonies from a foreign country.

    150. Bobp says:

      Page 2 of fridays national ” Glasgow cuts homeless cash by £2.6million”. If Scotland were independent double this amount could be allocated. It aint rocket science. Indy is best.

    151. Cactus says:

      Hey Liz, aye yer right, three steps it’ll be me lovely xxx

      Aye, see ye there, ahm SO excited!

    152. Cactus says:

      NOW trending…

    153. Liz g says:

      HYFUD @ 12.58 & previous.
      While I’m sorry for ye personally,as I know you campaign on what you believe in… I’m a wee bit relieved that your constituents aren’t exposed to your current policies.
      I do hope(sincerely) that not being elected will give ye the time and the space (on here if ye must) to hone yer humanity tae become the councillor that ye could become fur yer people!
      If ye cared enough tae come here tae debate… I think ye care… Use that, use us..And serve yer people.. Kindly!!

    154. Bobp says:

      Mad unionist. Why do peeps even engage in conversation with this c**t.

    155. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      O/T Alas can’t join you on the next great march tomorrow, ‘cos I’m away on the Continent thanks to friends’ anniversary which was set well before those AUOB feckers set theirs (2nd time now – are they trying to tell me something? =laugh=). Though sis & the kids will be there to represent us.

      Have a magnificent time all of you, and show everyone that the Little Corporal is a self-serving faux-amnesiac and the times they are most definitely a-changin’…

      PS: Quite shocked to read on here about the sudden passing of cearc after having had a quiet wee chat with her so very recently. My heartfelt condolences to all concerned.

    156. defo says:

      Adrenalin Bobp

    157. Cactus says:

      THIS is it many bonnie Peoples of Scotland, THIS is the BIG one!

      We’re approaching the eleventh hour

      Aye aye

      Cheers jj

    158. Liz g says:

      Robert J Sutherland @ 1.43
      Aw … We’ll miss ye Robert j… But there’s other marches … So don’t feel too bad.. In fact have a wonderful time at yer party.
      Please tell yer sister and “the kids” ( are they actually wean’s, ma kid’s are in there 20s) ? to come to the Wings stall and make themselves known they will be more than welcome xxx..

      Yey have chatted tae cearc,so ye will realise how special she was and what a loss she is to us,,,we hurt, but we will be strengthened by her determination Robert J and we’ll not stop just as she would have instructed us too. xxx

    159. Cactus says:

      How’s about this then:

      We meet upon Kelvin Way at 1pm latest ~ we march at 1:30pm

      What happens in between that half oor, you ask?

      We ALL sit down…


    160. Col says:

      I just informed my work tonight there’s going to be a hundred thousand people marching near them tomorrow. Scared faces! I’m off tomorrow. All supportive I have to say! I also just got home and and was told my whole wage was swallowed up by a cheaper energy provider. I can’t stand to live in a country anymore because where companies can go against what they said would be. Maybe some small print somewhere. I should have checked but I’m miserable as hell right now. Small print maybe but I feel powerless. Can’t stand scraping by. At least I can see how well off the wealthy are. There’s endless programs on about it. Also how poor we are. What’s that all about?

    161. Petra says:

      @ boris says at 10:09 pm … ”The political Hoi polloi decided early on that Stewart was “too unusual” to become Prime Minister but his friend Matthew Parris, once a Conservative M.P. and now a well-known writer and broadcaster said of him:

      “Most of the people who have become Prime Ministers have been strange,” he said. “John Major is much stranger than anybody thinks. Harold Macmillan—there are elements of Harold Macmillan, the showman, in Rory. Benjamin Disraeli was very strange, and so was Gladstone. Margaret Thatcher was completely bizarre. Tony Blair is some kind of delusional confidence trickster. And Gordon Brown is completely mad.” He added, “I think he might fly very high, and he might just drift and fizzle out.” He said that the initial concern of the Conservative leadership was that Stewart might prove to be “not really a sticker, not a stayer.”


      In other words Boris we’ve been ruled over by a shower of bl**dy warmongering nutcases for decades now, most of whom the Scots haven’t voted for, and don’t we know it. The latest being the anti-social stookie like, dancing queen. Dancing away like some kind of a robot as her bombs blow Yemeni weans to smithereens (and starve them to death). Before that the Afghans, Iraqis and Libyans. We’ve had enough of this. If they’ve got personal mental health problems, usually linked to their abnormal childhoods, then just recommend that they get out of politics and see a psychiatrist. Bye, bye.


      Just to let you all know that Mundell made comments yesterday about our future Scottish currency by describing it as, ”Nicola Sturgeon’s chocolate money.”

      You know that ”chocolate money” that’s actually keeping England afloat? Yummy, yummy for them, but not for much longer.

    162. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Liz g @ 02:15,

      Many thanks for that. (Like yours, the kids are in their twenties so well able to fend – and choose right – for themselves!)

      Hope there aren’t too many other marches, though, not because I don’t enjoy them, but simply because I wish their purpose fulfilled! =grin=

      Looks like the EU elections could be very interesting, but that’s to catch up on anon…

    163. Cactus says:

      Aye LOVE Indy LIVE Radio centrally the NOW

      Frank has returned…

    164. Liz g says:

      Cactus @ 2.54
      Ah, my friend,what ye could do,if ye’ve the time..
      Is to meet up with ma lovely ladies at the Kelvin Band Stand,at 12.30,or anywhere after….
      They have a new banner that they now realise is a bit too big for them…..And they could do with a bit of a hand..
      I’m going to be at the Wings stall with Ronnie,so I can’t help..
      If ye can help carry it a wee bit of the way that would be so great!!
      It’s… Yes, Moodiesburn,Chryston,Mount Ellen,Coatbridge,Gartcosh and probably a few others.. So ye see why it’s hard to carry…
      If ye can find them please lend a hand either way see ye soon xxx 🙂

    165. Wullie says:

      I think where they keep the nuclear subs at Faslane is called HMS Cochrane.

    166. yesindyref2 says:

      Yes, as Lizg says, kind of. Carry on using us to hone your skills, plenty of us ready able and willing to abuse you to high heavens, a handling skill politicians need as much they can get! As I posted before, you’re pretty good at staying cool.

      What you post is crap of course, but you know that fine 😎

    167. Socrates MacSporran says:

      I noticed, on the Rev’s twitter feed: someone commenting, they had stopped at the AECC – where the Scottish Toerags are holding their conference, and the car park was almost empty.

      Hardly surprising, the entire Toerag Party delegates would all have travelled to the conference using their bus passes.

    168. ronnie anderson says:

      Morning all Car all packed up for the Glesga Green ( arsehole parked across my driveway) s’s hoping its moved soon . Looking forward to meeting auld & new Wingers / Lurkers , Wings volunteers might find me ah bit mair grumpy than usual up half the night wie noisy neighbours, have a good day Wingers .

    169. Breeks says:

      Ruth the Phoney on an open mic would be hilarious if it wasn’t spoiled by having to listen to Ruth the Phoney compiling her shallow artificial diatribe for a compliant pet media.

      For me, the most telling part of all is the laughter… there laughs an observer who knows the Cretin is rambling on an open mic, but hasn’t the wits to realise it. Ha, ha, aye, just keep spouting yer pish hen… Best chance in a hundred years of hearing something honest from Davidson.

      Career defining gaff? Not on your life. The Ministry of Truth will airbrush it from record. They have too much time and money invested in Project Ruth, and the backup prototypes still aren’t ready. Davidson is their propaganda Robocop… constructed for a specific objective, conscience suppressed, empathy removed, gobshite capacity accelerated, and a mechanically enhanced prototype unleashed to do the OCP Corporations bidding.

      Robocop is all a dystopian fiction. So is Ruth Davidson.

    170. manandboy says:

      Two pieces from BBC online news about the Mirror Group, and Ruth Davidson, lying big time at the miniscule conference of the Tories in Scotland.

      The two are linked however by this from the still ongoing Mirror phone hacking scandal –
      “The apparent willingness of the Mirror Group Newspapers and Sun owners News UK to settle cases at seemingly any price indicates a desperation to avoid having these claims heard in open court – which would expose multiple allegations of corporate wrongdoing and criminality to the public gaze,” he added.
      – with virtually no accountability for the executives who have presided over it.”

      The parallel between the Tories and the Mirror Group is such as to be easily interchangeable. It is against this background of behind the scenes criminality, that Ruth Davidson must be understood, even as Donalda MacKinnon, head of BBC Scotland/Propaganda, paints RD’s political persona with white emulsion.

      But nothing can seemingly now stop the continuing exposition of the Tories criminal nature through a litany of shambolic Brexit illegality, deceit and corruption.

      Ms Davidson’s current anti-SNP, anti-Independence lie is that the UK is no barrier to Scotland’s future prosperity. While behind the scenes, Westminster plans to enlarge the Colonial millstone around Scotland’s neck by every devious means possible.

      Propaganda – Perfidious Albion’s greatest weapon in the war against Scotland.

    171. Ken500 says:

      Another dawn. How many Tories have gone now 1300 or more, sniffed one down, anitger one gone, another one hits the dust. The Tories on their way out. Just milking it on their way out. Compulsive, manipulative lies like the rest of them. Cruel, coarse evil people. Now getting found out big time. It will not be long before May is gone. No one wants the poisoned chalice. The total mess and shambles to muck up the world economy and try and blame someone else. May has been doing it for years. They are just despicable beyond belief. The people. they have harmed quite unnecessarily.

      The Westminster unionist compulsive liars. The LibDem liars crowing. They caused the mess and shambles in the ferret place. Colluding with the Tories to line their pockets. Facilitating the total shambles in the first place. Cable covered up child abuse. Apalling people. The Westminster child abuse scandal covered up. Time and time again. Tolerated. They are shameless criminal liars.

      Gove reported to want to withhold monies and funding from Scotlamd. They have been doing it for years. Blatant total mismanagement. Scotland loses out in average £20Million. Scotland would be on par with Norway. Scotland loses out monies/funding because of appalling mismanagement by Westminster lying unionists, for whom Scotland did not vote.

      £3Billion tax evasion (whisky companies evade tax, Scotland gets nothing back from vast profits avd use of Scottish resources. £4Billion a year + Oil revenues. Tory high taxes when the price had fallen. Ruining production and losing 120,000 jobs, Westminster mismanagement killing people. H&S Laws not enforced. Discarding fish for years deleting stock and ruinig the fishing industry. Westminster policy. £Millions in CAP grants for poorer Scottish farmers were taken illegally and given to wealthier farmer in the south. A total breach of EU rules and policy.

      Scotland can’t borrow £5Billion? to aid the economy but had to make repayments on the rest of the UK debt, not borrowed or spent in Scotland. On average £4Billion, Hinkley Point, HS2, Trident,funding London S/E and Westminster Gov. etc. A total waste of money. When it could be funding jobs and projects in Scotland. Scotland has lost more the £3Billion because of 10% yearly cut in Scottish Grant since 2010. Totally illegally and unnecessary. Scottish revenues raised have gone up £4Billion every year. Westminster colossal mismanagement.. A total disgrace.

      Total £20Billion lost to Scotland. It would be on par with Norway. Scotland raises £60Billion in tax revenues. More pro rata than the rest of the UK. Norway raises £80Billion in tax revenues, Norway is far more equal and cohesive. Scotland raises £60Billion but could be £20Billion better off. £80Billion. The same as Norway.

      Scotland pays dear for all Westminster colassoll mistakes and mismanagement. Illegal wars, tax evasion, financial/bank fraud. Scotland paying for Westminster total mismanagement, Hinkley, Point, HS2, Trident etc. They should be improving railways in Scotland and the North of England. To make journey times throughout shorter for better connectivity.

      Oil & Gas, fishing, farming sector totally mismanaged by Westminster unionists for years. Losing Scotland £Billions in mismanagement. Non investment in renewables by the Westminster unionist Gov cut. A total loss making mistake of future revenues. Reap what they sow. Nothing.

      The Westminister unionists total compulsive liars and the rest. The imbecile sychophsnts of usefulness. Trying to ruin the world and the world economy. The muck up every time. The absolute shambles and mess. Chaos, They are the world laughing stock. No one can believe their absolutely mbecile behaviour. Lying psycho bastards. Their own description. Brexit.

      Thank goodness Scotland has the SNP to vote for better, governance, The AWPR, Queensferry Crossing. Taking Scotland into the 21C with great improvement. Mitigating Westminster cruel, uneccessary policies. Unionist Austerity is killing the elderly off.and causing poverty. A disgrace.

      UK Gov Welfare cuts £3Billion a year over six years £18Billion. Education cut £6Billion a year from 2015 to 2020, NHS cut £4Billion a year from 2015 to 2020. The ConDems, Now having to be mitigated Totally unneccessary. The UK tax revenues went up £95Billion in a year. From £533Billion to £628Billion.

      Still not as much Gov revenues as 2008 (ten years ago). UK tax revenues raised £600 Billion + £120Billion borrowing -= £720Billion. Labour borrowing. Financial crisis. Scotland always raises more revenues pro rata than the rest of the UK.

      The Tories have cut essential services, Scotland has to mitigate. The unionist councils in Scotland waste public money. They do not finance essential services properly. They waste public money like there is no tomorrow on grotesque monstrosities of no value. With no mandate. A total waste of public money. They are not fit for public ruining the local economy. When people want pedestrianisation and open spaces.

      The Tories are on their way out. Just milking it until they are finished. Waiting to lose an election. So someone else will have to clear up their mess. The usual suspects.

      Vote SNP/SNP. Vote for Independence. . Get someone else to vote too. Job done. Over the line. Donate, campaign and help. Everybody can do something. For a better more, equal, cohesive, well managed economy Scotland. Do the world a favour and all your fellow citizens. Citizens of the world unite against Wesminster’s lies and corruption. Polluting the world and ruining the world environment, Illegally keeping it secret under the Official Secrets Act.

      Iraq War, Lockerbie, Dunblane kept secret for 100 years.

      Free Assange. A world hero against corruption and death. The US/UK (France) illegal warmongers. Kept secret under the Official Secrets Act. To hide International Gov crime on a massive scale.
      Leslie Evans has been illegally shredding documents to cover up the duplicity, offence and corruption in the Scottish Office. Westminster unionist officials blatant corruption. Kept secret under the Official Secrets Act by lying colluding civil servants. An appalling conspiracy. Leslie Evans responsible for STV and D’Hond’t without a mandate. An unelected Civil servant with unionist loyalties, duplicity, swanning around Scotland like a FM on a higher salary. There is already an elected FM. There is no need for another one. What has been done to Alex Salmond is a complete and utter disgrace, The Westminster unionists psycho bastards. There own description. Now in their way out in disgrace. It can’t happen soon enough. Good bye and good riddance.

    172. Cubby says:

      Is Scotland independent? Did something happen overnight.

      Just wondering because as I turned on the telly to watch some British (English) news programmes there were reports on the new Thailand king being crowned, the Spanish elections, a technical (ha ha ) discussion on the age of ducks, reports from N Ireland, cyclone in India, elections in England, train problems in London, women’s football in London, new leader for the Tories, Vince Cable………………

      A 100k march in Glasgow – Scotland still part of the UK (unless I missed something) – not a word.

    173. Cubby says:


      What’s with encouranging a Tory to gain office.?

    174. Ken500 says:

      Mirror group Trinity Press? bought over the Express. Desmond porno. It was losing monies. Desmond made £Millions a publishing pornos. Express utimately losing monues and revenues. . Falling readership. Huge pension deficit/debt.

      The Scotsman JP financial reconstruction going down the tubes. No readership or customers. The rubbish nonsense produced. Not worth the paper it is written on. Vacant coupons of nothingness. Every word a lie.

      Dacre has gone. 70. Falling sales and readership. New Mail management. Supports EU. Voted Remain etc. The elderly are keeling over. More infirmation is on the internet, than the biased illegal Press/MSM which is carrying huge debt. Non Dom tax evaders illegal ownership.

      The UK Gov is supposed to support a free and balanced Press. Ministerial Code of Conduct. It does not. The UK Press is right wing and biased. Thatcher gave ownership to Murdoch illegally changing the balance. For right wing UK Gov support. Thatcher lied about it. Illegally broke the ministerial parliamentary code.

      Murdoch is a criminal bribing public officials, tax evading, hacking phones and illegal surveillance. Criminal activities. Supporting illegal wars and ruinig the world economy, He should be jail. He is away with £30Billion of loot for ruining the world. He could never spend it before he keels over. Greedy Master criminal. Ditto most of the rest. Habitual, compulsive liars. Liars always get found out. Boris Johnstone etc. Criminal liar. Along with the rest of them. May on the way out.

      The Guardian. The only paper of any freedom of editorial. The owners gave up £Millions achieve it. The Guardian £Billion in reserves. They lie about it and claim poverty looking for subscriptions. Oxbridge graduates ripping off the public.

      Without a free and fair Press there is no democracy.

    175. Robert Peffers says:

      @Bobp says: 4 May, 2019 at 1:26 am:

      ” … Mad unionist. Why do peeps even engage in conversation with this c**t.”

      Simples! He/she is hilariously funny. You couldn’t think up the crazy stuff he/she posts.

      It’s like those comedy double acts. A straight man and the numptie. Like Abbot and Costello, like Eric Morecambe (John Eric Bartholomew) and Ernie Wise (Ernest Wiseman).

      Where the hell is your sense of humour?

    176. Ken500 says:

      Davidson will be gone soon with the rest of them. If there is any justice. Liars always get found out. Now is the time. Good bye and good riddance. Lie, after, lie, after lie.

    177. Ken500 says:

      The ACCE conference is empty. On one would know anyone was there. Absolutekynno usual traffic congestion. They are still in the old AECC.

      Not the new bigger one, More expensive tariff.

      A total waste of taxpayers money with no mandated £300Million wasted. By the illegal unionist and Alliance council. No such Party exists. Just more unionist corruption. Not funding essential services properly, Borrowing and spending like there was no tomorrow. On non mandated groteque monstrosities.

      £1,2Billion in debt. Illegally selling the City on the stock exchange. Crookett, the master, greedy, criminal and associates. Ruining the City. ACC an absolute unionist disgrace. £200Million empty monstrosity. No one wanted Empty, shops and offices. Under occupied hotels. Wasting £200Million of public money. Total corrupt mismanagement. Not funding essential services, schools or affordable houses. An appalling disgrace. The UTG project supported by the people. Abandoned Lost a £80Million Gift to pedestrianise the City. Cost £20Million. A tenth of the cost. Lying unionist sychophants. Useless vacant coupons.

      The only disruption. A blue rinse being bluelighted by the Cops, escorted at 4 pm. Holding up the traffic causing a nuisance. Some Tory useless numptie wasting public money,

    178. Robert Peffers says:

      @Wullie says: 4 May, 2019 at 4:00 am:

      ” … I think where they keep the nuclear subs at Faslane is called HMS Cochrane.”

      HMS Cochrane was the name used for the Rosyth Dockyard Naval raining base and whichever RN ship that was used for Training RN Artificers. These Ships were usually scheduled for a refit by the Dockyard after their spell of training, “Tiffies”. So HMS Cochrane was really always the Rosyth Shore Base. Quite appropriate as Admiral Cochrane’s home town was within spitting distance a little upstream from the Dockyard.

    179. Cubby says:

      The British Nationalist TV seems to be on a journey to the far right. This journey will not end well.

    180. Ken500 says:

      It just makes folk want to jump on a train or bus to be in the metropolis. If only the millions could be there but many are represented by other folk. Doing other campaign stuff. It could be over loaded. So have a great time. The world is watching. Scotland wants to get on. It has already made greatt contributions.

      One of the first Marches in Edinburgh before the Indy. People in Edinburgh, working, did not even know about it. They do now, Give it lardy. Festival/Csrnival atmosphere.

    181. HYUFD says:

      Yesindyref2 LizG Thanks for your comments, will still pop here from time to time and while we will disagree the debate is always lively

    182. Mad Unionist says:

      Ken500 @ 9:00am. I will be on the train to Bridgeton. There is an Orange Wok oan.

    183. Kangaroo says:

      Mad Unionist @10:45am

      Eating chop suey with oranges eh!

      Definately got a correct moniker.

    184. Cactus says:

      Afternoon Liz, ahm at the radio the now, we’re gonna head tae The Green fae here once we come off air, hopefully someone can assist ye’s with the banner aye

      See ye on The Green xx

    185. David says:

      Hope the march goes well and safely if they ask for money don’t give a penny the SNP are very well funded .
      Complaints about BBC coverage remember most people me included are sick of politics on the telly and why do Sky and STV not get the samecriticism they dont do any live coverage including FMQS

    186. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi David.

      Your comment raises issues.

      What has the SNP got to do with “All Under One Banner”?

      AUOB is a grassroots organisation that has nothing to do with the SNP.

      Thus, I have to ask: why are you conflating the SNP and AUOB?

      Why are you suggesting that the SNP will benefit, financially, from any contributions to AUOB?

      I suspect you may live here…

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