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The other side of the mountain

Posted on June 13, 2017 by

We’re going to take our own advice, chill out for a few days and enjoy the show as the No Surrender Tories desperately try to Frankenstein some sort of hilarious government together. There’s nothing much anyone can do to advance the cause of independence right now, there’s no urgent crisis in need of addressing, everybody’s pretty frazzled and crotchety, and a wee bit of downtime is probably the best thing for everyone.

It seems a better plan, at any rate, than running around panicking, screaming that SOMETHING MUST BE DONE IMMEDIATELY! or that nothing must be done ever again, that we must either declare UDI or give up on what many of us have believed in our whole lives and settle meekly for 2017’s feeble equivalent of The Vow – a shoddy, snivelling “soft Brexit” that’s not going to happen and would be awful even if it did.

Independence will still be here next week, folks. It’s not going anyplace. Obviously if anything dramatic should happen we’ll be on it, but otherwise we’ve got some movies and books and games and stuff to catch up on, and we recommend that you all do the same. Recharge your batteries. Smell the flowers. It’s been a long five years, frankly.

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    1. 13 06 17 16:56

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    1. Liam says:

      What a good idea.

    2. Peter says:

      Fair comment. We expect to be first to hear if an outbreak of rampaging bears occurs

    3. Ian McLean says:

      Enjoy Stu!

    4. Anne Bruce says:


    5. call me dave says:

      I’ve been doing it for a few days…what else is there to do until this plays out a bit more over the next week.

      Been reading the threads and feeling the pain but we are where we are. “Anything can happen” someone said and it will. 🙁

    6. David says:

      I allways carry on as usual, politics is a very small part of my everyday life, all i know is that, when there is any particular time the SNP, socialist national party need my vote, they get it
      I have allways been on the side of scottish independence and that is one thing that will never change, no matter what !

    7. Steve Bowers says:

      On yersel, personally I’m just back from 2 weeks in the sun in Utjeha, great.

    8. mogabee says:

      But but but but…Oh..ok then!:)

      I’m still peeking though…

    9. John O says:

      Yep think I wiil just sit back and watch the fireworks, especially since some on the left of the yes side are talking mince, about the SNP getting free pass, typical opportunist muck coming from them.

      Enjoy yir break min.

    10. Ruglonian says:

      First really sensible thing I’ve read in days 😉

      (if that video didn’t pick you up then you seriously need a break – chill folks, enjoy the show, and we’ll do the work when the work needs doing!)

    11. jfngw says:

      Great laugh on Jeremy Vine today, some ultra tory claiming to be ex labour (that was the funny bit) having mad rant because in her mind independence is dead and buried. She is in for a shock

    12. Bob Mack says:

      Just to mention that the Green Party has today reaffirmed their aim of independence.

      Time to chill out for a week or so methinks. Politics can get you very very cranky these days.

    13. Derick fae Yell says:

      And so say all of us

      Amen, Brother

    14. Kevin Cargill says:

      Games are a good idea. I’m playing Resident Evil – Biohazard!! Quite apt I thought.

    15. Neil says:


    16. Jack Murphy says:

      Take the cat for a walk—-whatever,but relax and unwind. 🙂

    17. John O says:

      @Kevin Cargill

      Think I’ll join yi, but play some Jurassic park on the pc or Lego Starwars. 🙂

      Kevin Cargill says:
      13 June, 2017 at 4:40 pm
      Games are a good idea. I’m playing Resident Evil – Biohazard!! Quite apt I thought

    18. Macart says:

      Works for me. I’ve been itching to catch up on E3 releases and scope out Prey (Dropping hints to the weans for da’s birthday). 🙂

      Also… stocking up on snackage and watching the train wreck of the Tory government from a comfy seat sounds pretty cool t’boot.

    19. heedtracker says:

      High comedy on planet toryboy but have a great holiday, go somewhere far far away too,

    20. Inbhir Anainn says:

      If anyone deserves a wee short break then it’s the Rev Stu Campbell thanks for all your continued hard work. Enjoy your few days off you have earned it.

    21. blood of bruce says:

      before you all bow out for a few days has anyone seen Kezia “do anything for union and tell scots to vote torry” Dugdale?

      maybe rape clause ruthie has asked her to keep the heid doon until she needs her to do her bidding again?

      anyway if you see kez tell her that her teas oot.

    22. J Galt says:

      For once the SNP’s and the Tory party’s interests coincide – another General Election soon is the last thing the SNP should want, whatever they have to say in public.

      The longer this cobbled together mess can last the better – preferably until next spring.

    23. gerry parker says:

      Perhaps just a wee convoy when the bridge opens?

    24. brewsed says:

      Indeed, time to sit back and wait for the next episode of HP Sauce to develop, though viewers in Scotland will find it hard to avoid the endless repeats of Ruth in the Attic, Ruthwatch, Ruthless, Yes Ruth, The Ruth Show etc.

      Chill out and for those of a technical bent whose memory goes back far enough why note revisit the Rev’s earlier career and look at his article on how to upgrade the maybot’s eeprom’s to version 3.11 work-group edition with built in TCP gargle and the new empathy gooey front end – the back end remains the same.

      Or you could spend your time round the camp fire thinking up new tautological inducing questions to pose to the upgraded maybot; ones which could cause a Blue Stare Of Death and reboot, such as asking if a castrated male sheep should be left out in the rain – ‘whether a wether would weather the weather would… boom!’.

      Normal service will be resumed when appropriate – probably a lot sooner than anyone can anticipate.

    25. Dorothy Devine says:



    26. Proud Cybernat says:

      The BritNat Establishment threw literally EVERYTHING they have at us in GE17 and polls still have Indy just shy of 50%.

      And that’s without us even campaigning.

      When YES actually do start campaigning we will be unstoppable. That is why the BritNat Establishment are desperate to stop a referendum, to deny us democracy. The longer they deny us, the larger will be our final victory.

      Onwards, upwards…

    27. scunner says:

      I’m in need of a break from t’internet.

      Made the mistake of checking out the timeline of some Yoon bam on one of the rev’s retweets.
      Deep into the dark underworld of Yoon tactical voting. They’d been busy the whole time with their scheming, a CROSS-PARTY effort of literally anyone but the SNP – fuck Scotland’s best interests, basically fuck Scotland.

      Worst bit was the post-vote crowing and their determination to carry on with it for next election, whatever comes first.

      Anyway, I’m off to Amsterdam for the next few days, family trip not Ooer-missus :-). No time for internet thank god.

    28. Desimond says:

      Whatalazybastard when you could be more like Duracell Bunny Davidson


    29. Capella says:

      BBC and other opposition parties still desperately pushing for Insyref2 to be taken “off the table”. They are horrified to find that the Scottish cabinet met this morning and didn’t even discuss referendums.

      I’m certain Nicola hasn’t left it lying about on a table but has stored it safely away in the Scottish Independence vault for use when the time is right.

      I hope you’re better at chilling out than I am Stu.

    30. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      In the spirit of this thread, this tune seems just as relevant to us all now as it ever was:

    31. Marcia says:

      In my decades of political awareness people have shorterm political memories.

    32. Smallaxe says:

      Ah think ah’ll learn how tae knit!
      Peace to All

    33. Mark McQueenie says:

      Excellent advice. Sit back, pour a dram, enjoy the success.

    34. HandandShrimp says:

      Sound advice, Wonder Woman, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and one or two others would be a good wind down recipe.

      The next few weeks are going to focus on the Tories and what they can and can’t do. The DUP have a constituency in Northern Ireland to answer to and I can’t see them being particularly pro-austerity. They are reactionary Christians not dyed in the wool economic, right wing libertarians.

      While there is some residue of the pish that was thrown about by the media regarding who won the Scottish end of the election, I think that is beginning to wear thin. It doesn’t mean anything and the wolf at the door is Brexit. That is a bun fight for the Tories. The remainers in the Tory Party are emboldened. The Brexiteers could start to get very tetchy.

    35. schrodingers cat says:

      just a thought

      if after brexit goes tits up in 2 weeks time, nicola’s request for a section 30 might be accepted, especially if we promise the snp mps will abstain during the campaign period, and obviously leave westminster after a yes vote

      it would leave treeza with a majority, even if the dup dont like it


    36. Jock McDonnell says:

      Well said Rev.
      To those that are despondent, many of us have been there before, several times.
      But it gets better, always. Remember Bruce & The Spider.
      We go again, we always will.
      Some are fear ridden but the reward is priceless, enormous, a chance to make history, literally.
      A story which will reverberate around the globe & down through time. Forever.

    37. yesindyref2 says:

      Yeah, I agree mostly. The Tories are going to be like a Pot Noodle. Frankly disgusting, smelly, very poor for the diet, no nutritional value, but needing the occasional stir so as to annoy everyone else.

    38. Brian McHugh says:

      …and avoid the BBC/MSM like the plague. 🙂

    39. Albaman says:

      I’ve got this gut feeling that your “chill out ” period, MAY! not last long.

    40. Suzanne says:

      Apparently Tory HQ will be helping some ex-Tory MPs who have lost their seats after this election “because they’re having financial difficulties”.

      Since they claim practically everything on expenses – for costs related specifically to being an MP, of course *coughbowlockscough* – one wonders what those financial difficulties might be. From the perspective of those of us who have watched the Tories clatter out “helpful advice” to those struggling on low to practically non-existent wages, it might be kind to remind them of that advice:

      – A bag of porridge can keep you going for a week.
      – Take cooking lessons.
      – Learn to budget responsibly and plan ahead.
      – Only heat one room in the house.
      – Buy basics. A tin of Tesco value tomatoes is far healthier than a tin of poached artichoke hearts.
      – Wear several layers rather than throw half a ton of chopped logs on the fire.
      – Sell your house and downsize.
      – Get a job.

    41. Dramfineday says:

      Good idea, I’ve lined up a) making Raspberry jam this evening (courtesy of Rasps from Craigie’s farm South Queensferry). b) walking a section of the John Muir way tomorrow with some no voting chums and c) A night out with a yes voting rangers fan pal. I promise, my lips will be sealed………mmm.

    42. galamcennalath says:

      Have a well deserved break, Stu.

      Sorry guys, I’m not ready to relax from politics yet 😉

      Theresa May thinks IndyRef2 is dead.

      Doh! The SNP have just won another election. And we have no idea how Brexit will turn out.

      If we don’t like the Brexit deal then our elected representatives will facitate another plebiscite to gauge the voters’ response to it. What is hard to understand there?

      UKOK making it difficult will only drive people to Yes. They must know that, surely.

      I do hope the EU insist on referendums in the countries of the UK which rejected Brexit. Then it will be a done deal.

      Whatever makes May, with her minority in every parliament, think she should have a say!?

    43. fillofficer says:

      that’s ok for you but what about ruthie, she needs all our attention ffs

    44. Hamish100 says:

      When the new bridge over the Forth is opened can I ask that Alex Salmond former FM of Scotland does it and the public walk over with 17000 saltires with the pipers leading.
      Why ?
      He deserves it.

      Why? it will also annoy the the Dugdale , Davidson and Rennie Tories. If they want of course they can join us. I’ve some spare saltires.

      No need for a purring Germanic Queenie to attend

    45. Ian McCubbin9 says:

      Great idea we in Starthtay SNP branch decided to do the same. Apart form me as I could not resist replies to soke of the Yoon site I say on Twitter.
      But I have eased back and over the rest of the summer will contribute less.
      However whenever next election is capled I will ramp up the action tweets again challenging Ruth Murdo et al.
      One final point my one best tweet last week to Murdo was just simply a tweet quote on something he had said. The content of my part was 21.
      Enjoy a break Stu

    46. Craig says:

      Took the words right out of my Mouth, WE all definitely need to recharge our batteries, I will be honest, Saturday was the very first time I couldn’t give a rats arse about Scotland in Football and Rugby.

      I simply had no desire seeing those hypocrites singing that line and then cheering on a “Nation” that isn’t allowed to be a “Nation”.

      I wish everyone well and stay safe everyone

    47. Tinto Chiel says:

      Good advice, Rev.

      I’ve hugged five trees since Friday in an effort to switch off calm down.

      Think the monkey-puzzle was a mistake, frankly.


    48. ronald alexander mcdonald says:

      I quite agree. Oh,and no surrender to the Orange Order!

    49. Hamish100 says:

      When the new bridge over the Forth is opened can I ask that Alex Salmond former FM of Scotland does it and the public walk over with 17000 saltires with the pipers leading.
      Why ?
      He deserves it.

      Why? it will also annoy the the Dugdale , Davidson and Rennie Tories. If they want of course they can join us. I’ve some spare saltires.

      No need for a purring Germanic Queenie to attend

    50. Meindevon says:

      Good idea Stu. Although I think I am getting the shakes just thinking about no articles! You have made us all addicts of WoS. You naughty man.

      Dramfineday, have fun, I know I would! I’ve already promised friends and neighbours down here lessons in flute playing and sectarianism. They really have no idea at all! (God Bless them).

      (PS Thanks to all who replied to my query on EVEl:-) )

    51. msean says:

      My heart bleeds for those poor tories. How on earth can anyone on 70 grand a year be broke or heavily indebted? What does that say about their stewardship of the economy? They probably didn’t even pay for their own paper clips.

      They will end up on the boards of banks or some other company that benefits from the magic money tree. That or the house of lards.

    52. Hoss Mackintosh says:

      Great advice Rev Stu.

      indyref2 vote is already in the bag and can be pulled out as soon as the Brexit disaster hits the rocks.

      The EU27 have kindly put up this website to publish all the negotiations so there is nowhere for DUP/Tories to hide…

      Enjoy – it is going to be a blast!

    53. Ian McCubbin says:

      Agreed our Strathtay SNP branch activists have agree to do the same.
      However I have felt compelled to comoment on Twitter at some of nonsense from Ruth and others on their spectacular win in Scotland.
      But as things unfold now its into ‘you could not make it up’ territory so I am going to now sit back too for a while.
      I leave you with comment I posted when quoting one of Murdos tweets,
      Have a good break Stu

    54. K1 says:

      Funnily enough I hugged a very old (over hundred years) a tree over the weekend too Tinto…it was soothing and a reminder that we’re aw really very young, as a species. 😉

    55. Suzanne says:

      @ Hamish100 says:
      13 June, 2017 at 5:52 pm

      When the new bridge over the Forth is opened can I ask that Alex Salmond former FM of Scotland does it and the public walk over with 17000 saltires with the pipers leading.

      What a fabulous idea.

    56. Dan Huil says:

      Jist been cuttin the gress. Fair therapeutic it wis.

    57. Tinto Chiel says:

      “It was soothing and a reminder that we’re aw really very young, as a species.”

      Agreed, K1. I’m moving on to Pictish standing stones next week to recharge my life force :grin:.

      Will The Rev really be able to sit on his hands if something monumentally bat-shit crazy happens?

      Could be interesting…..

    58. Stoker says:

      Hoss (6:01 pm):

      Thanks, very useful, bookmarked immediately.

      Gardening is therapeutic….

      Lara’s Theme

    59. euan0709 says:

      Has anybody seen or heard from the most famous Poll Expert in the World…………….YES-Prof John Curtice ???????

    60. Artyhetty says:

      Good idea, will try to stem my addiction to WOS and twitter, short trem. Also got a clear out to do, cathartic necessity. And another new home made sketchbook to do some more crazy stuff in. Therapy.

      Love the music vid, fab song.


      Blimey, great vid as well, so long ago. G.Michael was gorgeous, I have to say, but the barman, well, what can one say.

      Have a great few days all, but probs see you tomorrow. :-)!

    61. ian says:

      I’m probably a good example of someone who needs a bit of downtime from UK politics and i don’t even live in the country.Its become a bit of an obsession and i’m not normally that type.The problem i have found is i take it all a bit too personally and cant get my head round the fact that so many of my fellow country men and woman are happy with the status quo.I also have found it difficult not to have a go at family and friends which isn’t healthy.
      Anyway I’m going to have a beer and watch my rabbits its always good for the soul.

    62. Wullie says:

      Aye Rev, chill oot good advice, how you have managed to keep this up goodness knows.
      One question. The good Friday agreement seems to be focusing the minds of some people.
      Yet Scotland only has a treaty with England and know one appears to be bothered. It’s a 50/50 treaty, are the Europeans aware of our status, our legal system does not appear to be capable of protecting us.
      What the hell are we

    63. Sounds like a plan,

      no telly no internet no political arguments no getting wound up by north brutish tory excrement voters,

      i`m away up to Aviemore to do some walking and cycling and get some clean Scottish air, free from north brutish tory excrement voters,

      any decent books that are not crime/detective/scandic related these days.

    64. J Galt says:

      Hamish100 – above

      Yes, you’re right, shove it in their faces!

    65. Paula Rose says:

      Bear traps all checked – now on to gardening xx

    66. HandandShrimp says:


      He has an article on Commonspace today

    67. David Smith says:

      Aye. Good shout. I’ve had the day off from providing the good folk of Carlisle with much needed transport.
      Taking your advice. Already blown out my old fb account and started afresh on a small scale. Got two rooms to redecorate, stacks of modelling to do, guitars to learn (at last!) and a boxed set of The Prisoner to watch.
      Be seeing you..

    68. Sarah says:

      @ian 6.26 p.m. – same here. Husband and I drag ourselves around with lead in our stomachs thinking it is down to us to bring every No voter to Yes. Mad. We’re trying to cheer up, calm down and do some nice things instead.

      But don’t forget that we need to be like Momentum and gee everyone up, and get organised, and…..Sorry, getting obsessive again…

    69. Thepnr says:

      Rev take the time to relax, don’t even read the posts on Wings. If you can might be good to give up twitter for a few days too.

      Though I doubt you will but hope you do.

      I hope you take a real break, leave the computer at home and when you come back you can observe the carnage on Wings btl that you left behind. LOL

      A purge of all our disappointment and anger is definitely a good thing, gets it all off our chests, maybe then we might be more rational. Haven’t been ratonal myself last few days as too bloody angry.

      Chill and relax, I hope to do the same. Thanks for all the work.

    70. Lollysmum says:

      Very good plan Stuart. I’ve just taken over a much unloved patch of woodland at the bottom of my garden 30-40 conifers so a fair sized piece of ground. The nettles are above my head & I’m 5’7″. It’s been a dumping ground for many years & I got fed up with seeing it.

      I plan to spend the next week on clearing it if the weather’s kind to me so no singing you lot please. Woman on a mission so rain not needed!

    71. Thepnr says:

      @Scot Finlayson

      An excellent book is His Bloody Project which was recommended to me by Fred on Off Topic and I’ve just finished it.

      I haven’t read a book like this before and it’s very good so much so that I would recommended it too others.

    72. Paula Rose says:

      Oi Thepnr you read that book I gave you yet?

    73. gerry parker says:

      I’m sure you could get some volunteers from wingers if you asked.


    74. Dr Jim says:

      If any of you are around the Great Glen Friday through Sunday look up and wave a Saltire, you wont see us but we’ll see you

    75. Johnny says:

      I love Grandaddy 🙂

      Enjoy your break, Stu.

      As an aside, I haven’t heard many pundits asking how those voters who voted Scots Tory the other day on the basis of Brexit feel about Ruth abandoning her support for a Hard Brexit.

    76. yesindyref2 says:

      When my ex-vegetable jungle garden gets too high, I used a hedge trimmer. Soon cuts it down to size!

    77. mumsyhugs says:

      Whit? Nae Wings? So turnin’ intae a slacker like that Chris Cairns are ye? 🙂 Enjoy yer break boss man xxx

    78. Thepnr says:

      @Paula Rose

      No sorry, will do though soon. Only getting back into reading recently after the internet seemed to grab all my time. Can’t read books and Wings at the same time.

      Promise to read it soon.

    79. Auld Rock says:

      Sit back and let chaos commence. They are doing the work for us but we need to be ready and UNITED when the time comes.

      Auld Rock

    80. Cadogan Emright says:

      Well, while the Rev puts his feet up – lets see who can find the best Tory-DUP cartoon or post

    81. Cactus says:

      Enjoy yer reflective break folks…

      I’ve had mine, ahm re-charged.

      Let’s get this article over 1,000 comments…
      Talk about Scotland..
      Raise a topic, discuss.

      Off topic is main topic.

      Mon the mountains.

    82. Nana says:

      Good tune, not heard it before now. I just know it’s going to stick in my head for a while now.

      Enjoy your time out. Have a choccy bar or two or …

    83. starlaw says:

      Just heard Donald Trumps State visit has been cancelled. Anybody else seen or heard of this ?

    84. Flower of Scotland says:

      I’m off on holiday, to see my daughter and her family in Trump country for 3 weeks. It’s the non Trump California State who are hugely interested in Scotland.

      I won’t be abandoning Wings. I’m afraid it’s too addictive!

      Get a break, people. Indyref2 still there on the table and won’t be taken off by BriNats.

    85. Ghillie says:

      Thank you thank you Rev Stu = )

      Permission to stand down happily received.

      What a relief to take a wee break.

      Oh love Nature Anthem!!! Gonna sing it up the mountain and down the other side = )

      Love and hugs to you all folks xxx

      (YES including our trolls too, wouldn’t leave you out x )

    86. Liam says:

      I’m going to draw some more comics:

    87. heedtracker says:

      They’re blocking ref2 because they know they’re going to lose.

      This was what I would have posted everywhere for Mayhem’s snap GE, if I was the decider. We just have to be honest.

      C4 news taking different vote tory and Ruth for FM beeb gimpery er, angle on SNP tonight, total black out, its all about England.

    88. jfngw says:

      Nothing much going to happen, SG don’t need to utter a word as the EU are probably fully aware that they have a Scottish Parliament referendum vote already passed. Scottish resources are still not guaranteed to be on the table no matter how much noise the unionist parties and the BBC make.

    89. Shinty says:

      The most sensible thing I’ve heard for days – enjoy your break Rev.

      Hope you wingers enjoy my chill out choice.

    90. Breeks says:

      Take a breather by all means, but don’t stray too far from the campfire.

      Time off or not, the worry I have about broadcasting isn’t going away.

      I hope against hope that deep in Nicola Sturgeons command post, that able lieutenants have been instructed to hold talks of a constitutional nature with the Law Society of Scotland. I hope that further lieutenants have been given the task of preparing an “all options” feasibility study to find some loophole, precedent, or ambiguous turn of phrase which would allow Scotland to commence broadcasting our own news and current affairs.

      Be bold. Show initiative. Announce plans to set up a Scottish / EU festival of Broadcasting, and make it happen. When Westminster objects, point them towards our inalienable sovereignty and ask them if they want a noisy test case about Scottish sovereignty it in the Court of Session. If they don’t stand clear, then try a different counter stroke, impeach the BBC for its failure to provide adequate balance and professional objectivity and thus fail do deliver satisfactory broadcasting. Put them on trial, but all the way through, we keep right on broadcasting.

      Recruit allies in our mini broadcasting coup. Give it selective and occasionally exclusive rights to cover EU summits and constitutional debates. Set up journalist exchanges, so there is pan-European awareness of just how narrow and suppressed our “Free” domestic broadcasting is under the malevolent umbrella of the BBC.

      If Westminster gets heavy, and it will, pull in the UN and the ECHR. We have the right to cultural self expression, and I would love to witness the “Mother of all Parliaments” being hammered by the UN for being a tin pot dictatorship which harasses and suppresses the organic Scottish Press, arrests journalists, and tries to suppress democratic elections and referendums. Let them complain. Let them boil in their own bile. Keep broadcasting.

      We have so little time to get these massive gear wheels moving.

      Write to your MP. Write to your MSP. Write to your MEP. Write to Nicola. Write to Michel Barnier. Write to Guy Verhofstadt. Write to Jean Claude Juncker. Write to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. Write to France 24. Write to ARD in Germany. Tell them your worries. Raise their awareness. Ask their advice. Start building momentum for change.

      We think Theresa May’s Election was a big story, but I guarantee the whole of Europe will want to tune in to the Brexit soap opera that sees the arrogance of Westminster getting its self inflicted just deserts, and the desperate wee struggle of a Europhile country in waiting as it kicks and struggles to escape the cataclysmic whirlpool of Brexit.

      The UK has threatened war with Spain, dawdled over triggering Article 50. They built a 50 ft high billboard of May on top of the White Cliffs of Dover flicking the V to France. May has refused to recognise and protect the rights of EU Nationals living here. And now, pinch me I’m dreaming, they’re going to send Ruthie to assault the Normandy beaches and demand a soft and open Brexit.

      This would be funny, a genuine tonic to lift your spirits from the deepest melancholy, if only it wasn’t such a tragic danger in waiting for Scotland.

    91. ian murray says:

      Here is my contribution to the kick back session
      An old Canadian documentary on Cree Indian fiddle playing that was brought over from the Orkneys

    92. t42 says:

      Popcorn at the ready. Latest lie is that the queens speech is delayed because..”they’ve run out of paper to print it on”.
      This is like a faulty towers episode-Theresa May is playing Miss Tibbs, George Osborne is playing Terry!

    93. Paula Rose says:

      Lots of lovely wingers from times gone by all chilling out – lovely…

    94. Paula Rose says:

      And this my dear punks…

    95. HandandShrimp says:

      Sorry Tommy has decided not to stand as deputy leader, that was were my vote was going. Oh well, I will have to mull over who I prefer from the other three. They are in my mind all equally capable, but I liked Tommy’s quick wit and leftward lean.

    96. Legerwood says:

      OUTLANDER is coming soon to MORE 4

      Just saw the trailer for it. No specific date yet just ‘coming soon’.

    97. Paula Rose says:

      And while we are at it – be astonished by this –

    98. yesindyref2 says:

      Wanna laugh?

      Used an extra 10% discount code for already highly discounted sports direct sandals – from the old enemy – the DM 🙂

      Take that you swine.

    99. sassenach says:

      Rev, your post and that video certainly did the trick for me, I’ve been ‘chilling’ now for a couple of days, no TV, no papers, not seen or heard anything about Rooth the Mooth – my own wee heaven.

      I will watch things unfold, and, when necessary, return to Indy matters with a vengeance!

      However, damn you Stu, that tune will not seem to go out of my heid…..!

    100. kestral says:

      Here is somthing to ponder

      look at the vote swings that then show no movement or small gains for the third party

      these are comparisons with 2015 vote

      not quite sure, but I find it really weird that there wasn’t some with -negatives drops on both sides

      ie where Lib Dem lost most seats, labour gained some, but didn’t have any drop in any of them – no double removal from both labour and lib dems

      where labour lost seats lib dems didn’t have any drop (although very modest gains)

      Discuss? Tactical voting only targeting one side of the possible swap over to Tory, big data companies profiling how best to target resources?

      Not particularly familiar with all these areas so not sure if it can be explained.

      Right now I am seriously wondering what data mining would reveal in these figures

    101. Paula Rose says:

      How lovely – Off topic regulars take over the main thread – onward mes amis…

    102. X_Sticks says:

      Good call Rev.

      I’ve heard, though, that when the cat’s away the trolls will play. Keep your cool all you lovely wingers. As the Rev says, we’re all a bit frazzled and tetchy, so let’s just chill and don’t allow the bed bugs to bite.

      Will still be keeping a weather eye on horizon. There’s mony a slip twixt cup and lip. Who knows where we go from here. Onwards is all we can do. Orrabest to everyone.

    103. dakk says:

      Good idea Stuart.

      Keep your powder dry for the battles to come.

      Enjoy some R and R.

    104. Chris F says:

      I’ve been half-heartedly trying to refrain from looking at Twitter for the past couple of days as it’s been depressing me needlessly. I’ve not been wholly successful in this endeavour.

      Twitter is very addictive at the best of times. But reading your post has somehow made it feel more legitimate to take time off completely from politics for a few days. Thank you for reinforcing my belief that distressing myself over something I have no control over is unproductive and a waste of my energy. I’m determined to enjoy a couple of days reading and gardening, and letting what is to be, be, without the need for constant recourse to the iPad. Over and out – for now.

    105. JPJ2 says:

      There is no vote for Depute Leader of the SNP. The vote tomorrow is for Westminster Leader as Angus Robertson is no longer there.

      This is a vote of the MPs, and is the basis on which Robertson was originally appointed. It was only when Hosie stepped aside from being Depute Leader, and Robertson won the depute job, that the posts of SNP Depute Leader and Westminster Leader became one and the same person.

      At the present it is unclear as to whether Robertson will stand down from Depute Leader. That is probably a matter for him, as there is no rule saying that the Depute Leader has to be anything more than an SNP member, which he obviously still is.

      I am a bit concerned as I believe we have lost most of the seats we are going to lose to the Tories but there are an awful lot of vulnerable seats to a Labour upsurge, particularly in an early election. Tommy Sheppard was probably the best bet to resist that.

      I urge the SNP to keep emphasising that even zero seats at Westminster is irrelevant to a referendum and independence, and it is a majority voting for a referendum at Holyrood that will always count in determining that issue.

      I hope the next Holyrood election comes before the next UK GE 🙂

    106. justin fn minty says:

      gone sniping on C.O.D. back soon
      might even verbally takeout some yooners on bbc hys in mean time

    107. heedtracker says:

      Just when you think it cant get any weirder in Westminster…


      Sinn Fein’s MPs fly to London to take up their Westminster offices sparking fears they will wreck plans for a Tory-DUP majority

      Should be interesting watching all the tory propaganda spin this “important intervention,” as as well as ramming Scotland’s First Minister Ruth down our throats.

    108. Clapper57 says:

      Apologies if someone else has already mentioned this or added a link :

      Go into Bella Caledonia Twitter

      Retweet of Malcolm Tucker : video of excerpt of German film ‘Downfall’ with subtitles which are based on current Tory party position …..really is hilarious….will cheer you all up.

      Have a good evening everyone

    109. geeo says:

      I completely avoided STV/BBC on election night, i like ma big telly.

      I have stuck to the avoidance of tv news by and large since, unless it is to watch and laugh at the WM omnishambles.

      I do not do twatter, so just facebook to vent.

    110. Rock says:

      There is no denying it.

      We have been outsmarted and lost for words.

      Above all, Nicola should keep quiet until the purring queen’s speech.

      Demanding a seat at the Brexit negotiations is completely stupid in my view.

      As was wasting months flogging a dead horse – a separate deal for Scotland which was never going to happen.

      As soon as the queen’s speech is out of the way, state clearly that there will be an independence referendum before Brexit is completed, with or without Westminster’s permission.

      It is time to take back the initiative and stop the unionists setting the agenda.

    111. colin Alexander says:

      Nicola Sturgeon is incredibly hardworking and a skillful orator, but for many voters, it’s a case of: “not her again”.

      It’s like the SNP has become the NSP – Nicola Sturgeon Party.
      A similar thing happened in the YES campaign: not HIM again (Alex Salmond).

      Don’t get me wrong. I have the utmost respect for them. It’s just an effect of seeing the same face on TV all the time. It becomes BORING and irritating. People switch off emotionally and switch channels.

      If you have nothing new to say, that doesn’t help either.

    112. Ken500 says:

      After Alex has a wee break. There could be a major suitable task to be taken. Alex Salmond off to Brussels to save Scotland from the Brexit muddle. Total candidate.

      Good luck and nice break for every Independista.

      Nice break for Stu. Thanks a Billion for all you do. Everyone is sick of the Westminster nonsense. Over and out. Enjoy. Well deserved.

    113. Clydebuilt says:

      Before pressing the CHILLIN BUTTON …….

      WHY Did Tommy Shephard withdraw from the election of the Leadership of the SNP group in the Commons ?

    114. K1 says:

      Ah that ‘twilight’ time has arrived. You could time the interventions accordingly. Out of the shadows they emerge, something of the night about them 😉

    115. K1 says:

      Can I ask do the SNP and their politicians get back to back coverage on our telly’s? Do they get unfettered access to our political programmes? Is Nicola Sturgeon on the telly all the time?

    116. Hamish100 says:


      your just a sad troll. You outsmarted? Never. Whats the world coming too. Read the National to help you out.

    117. yesindyref2 says:

      There is no dancing it.

      We have been outreeled and lost for jigs.

      Above all, Nicola should keep singing until the purring Larry speaks.

      Dancing on the seat at the Breakfast negotiations is completely delightful in my view.

      As was wasting months dancing with a dead horse – a separate reel for Scotland which was ever going to happen.

      As soon as Larry the cat’s speech is out of the way, purr clearly that there will be an intermission before Breakfast is served, with or without dentabits.

      It is time to take back the floor and dance with the unionists, setting the quickstep.

      Take your partners for the Rocky Horror Picture Show!

    118. K1 says:

      Good twitter thread on why a default No voter changed their mind in the lead up to indyref in 2014:

    119. Fireproofjim says:

      I heard on the news that Tommy had decided, after taking soundings, that he would not get enough votes. Pity. I like Tommy.

    120. Ken500 says:

      Nicola is brilliant. Totally wonderful. A genius. So is Alex Salmond. A major world statesman.

      No one has ever done more for Scotland and still have more to give, The majority in the NE are totally in mourning. Shocked and in total disbelief. .

      Alex Samond done more for the NE in five years than the Unionists did in fifty. He took vital investment to the area. Got all the essential projects off the ground. The essential AWPR, the airport expansion, the major Trump golf Development, the Bay wind turbine Project. All Blocked by Pygmie Unionists for over fifty years.

      Alex Salmond a giant of a person. The NE’s hero. A consummate politican. Also more to come. Always looking out for the NE and Scotland. The Improvements made have been outsatanding. Now reverting to a lowlife waste of a Space. Tory/Unionist. The usual self centre waste of space from the ignorant, useless right wing, extreme Tory/Unionist lying fascist Party. The bscklash is already started, against the usual sash their father used to wear. Useless Ruthless Party.

    121. Fireproofjim says:

      Alec would be good at Brexit, but Angus even better as he is bilingual in German and English (German mother) and also speaks French.

    122. heedtracker says:

      colin Alexander says:
      13 June, 2017 at 10:09 pm
      Nicola Sturgeon is incredibly hardworking and a skillful orator, but for many voters, it’s a case of: “not her again”.

      You’re a tad out of touch there colin, Ruth Davidson is now Scotland’s First Minister. Just ask massed ranks of beeb gimps, up and down this farce union.

      Do keep up colin.

    123. Sarah says:

      @Breeks 7.47

      OK, I will try yet again to arouse a response from MP, MSPs and MEP about tackling media bias by setting up our own broadcaster.

      I’d like to see Scotland’s sovereignty declared too.

    124. yesindyref2 says:

      And here’s one for our evening guest, I think he/she makes an appearance in the first few seconds …

    125. Fred says:

      Some good stuff on here tonight folks, Trump would love the Gaelic psalms! & Ian Murray’s James Bay fiddlers were a delight.

      Heids up my manky mates, battered aye! but unbowed. We’ve aye been provided for & so sall we yet!

      @ Dramfineday, long time no see, enjoy the trail kid!

    126. Paula Rose says:

      Better together St Kilda

    127. yesindyref2 says:

      hey, was that our Paula on the juke-box, then doing the tapdance?

    128. Chick McGregor says:

      Oh dear!

    129. Morgatron says:

      Stu , have a great break . For the next week i will just search for my fav chinese takeaway. Wongs Over Scotland. Hey Hey!

    130. Fireproofjim says:

      Missing you already.
      Anarchy will break out on this site. Mark my words.

    131. Chick McGregor says:

      Does anyone here who contributed to the SNP fundraiser believe they were donating to anything other than an indyref2 campaign?

    132. Morgatron says:

      Chick; only indy ref2 was the final destination of my Scottish £s donation and no reason to doubt otherwise.

    133. Ken500 says:

      Nicola is brilliant. Does more for Scotland/EU than anyone, So is Alex. Alex Salmond did more for the NE and Scotland in five years than the Unionists did in fifty. Got all the essential projects off the ground in five years that the useless Unionist troughers had blocked for years, Alex Salmond got the essential AWPR built, the Airport expansion, the Trump Golf Development off the ground. The Bay wind turbines project EU funding investment secured. Thanks Alex Salmond. A true NE, Scottish/ world hero.

      Alex the world statesman, with class who has done more for the NE and Scotland/World than anyone. Also more to give. The NE in mourning. In shock, horror and disbelief. Part of the fabric gone. Now reverting to a useless self centred Tory/Unionist. The useless Ruthless Party but not for long. The backlash is starting.

      Best news ever. Sin Fein going to Westminster to muck up the Tory/Unionist. Nine is the lucky number. Against the unlucky for some 13. Ace move. Check mate. The Tory/Unionists see off.

      Have a nice time off. Rev Stu. Always appreciated. Thanks.

    134. Roland Smith says:

      Disappointed at Tommy Shepherd dropping his leadership bid in the HoC. His views on how and why the SNP need to change are vital. If there was an election in October Labour would wipe out a large number of SNP seats.

    135. jfngw says:

      Good to see Sarah Smith down at the Forth, doing the same shot that Davidson did before election, no shot of new Forth crossing. They don’t want to remind anyone about the infrastructure improvements under the SNP. Turned out to be just another Davidson eulogy, then some words from deep thought James Kelly, although he could only come up with 7 not 42.

      Then onto Rep Scot with some words about an indyref from Davidson, just after another FOI negative NHS story. The Forth crossing will be opening soon get ready for the late delivery stories. Although good to see SNP ignored them, possibly the best way to deal with BBC.

    136. Alistair Donaldson says:

      For those of you wilting just a little – I`ve just seen a Scottish Tory photoshoot on the Beeb with Mundell quipping “Indyref 2 no more”. Bear that in mind next time you feel down.

    137. colin alexander says:

      Seeing as it’s intermission.

      Can someone explain to me why the SNP didn’t walk away when the Vow / Smith Commission was shown to be a stitch-up?

      Why did they give it any air of legitimacy by engaging in it when it was clear there would be no Home Rule?

      Will Kezia Dugdale get roasted for campaigning for the Tories?

      Will the SNP have the funds to fight another GE in a few months time? Should they? Or should they do a Greens and save their campaigning and funds for future battles? Or do they do it because they also rely on the WM gravy train?

      What’s the SNP gonnae do if SLab steal my idea and offer Scottish Sovereignty instead of full independence? ( I know, offering it, but then not delivering it is a SLab speciality, eg Devo-Max.)

      Scottish Sovereignty would be Holyrood led, but deliberately confusing the distinction between what is a Holyrood and WM policy is normal practice for Labour and the Tories.

      Of course they would not deliver it, for as people have pointed out, it would be a major shift of power within the Union for the first time since it’s creation. England would not be the supreme power in Scottish matters. That would be unacceptable to BritNat England. Because WM domination of Scotland would be ended after 300 years.

      Oh wait, BritNat England – with their Scottish allies – need the DUP ( Kezia must be so jealous she can’t go to WM to vote Tory). If Tory reliance on the DUP wasn’t such a threat to peace, I’d laugh about that.

    138. Effijy says:

      I watched a snippet of Channel 4 news with some Tory Toff MP,
      Jolly Hockey Sticks Swinton, and a Lady from Sinn Fein.

      Had to admire the Irish Lady, as UK Gimp Reporter tried to cut things off without her response to Tory nonsense statement, she demanded to get her word in and shoot them down.

      Gimp didn’t dare try to stop her, she wouldn’t be stopped.

      SNP on TV are too nice, well mannered. Let’s change that as we need to attack any of the propaganda crap UK Media throws at us.

      Our Reps seemed to take much of the allegations about our “failing” NHS.

      We are by far the best of all UK NHS Bodies by a mile.
      Why don’t we ask the reporter who was behind such a pathetically inaccurate question, do they know 1.8 Million people in England have to wait more than 6 months for urgent operations, do they know the number of Tory NHS England Deaths by neglect, do they know that Labour’s NHS Wales is even worse than NHS England.

      How dare they try to defame the excellent work of the NHS Scotland Staff. If the Tories or Labour cared about the Health of the people they supposedly represent, they would be on their knees in Scotland to try and find out where they are going wrong.

      I would like to see some walk outs after such responses are made. It just highlights the true story and deters such idiotic and unjustifiable questioning in future.

      the.8 a

    139. manandboy says:

      Take it easy Stu, relax for a bit and enjoy the things you like best. You do a superb job, but even you needs some down time. Cheers.

    140. Ken500 says:

      Anyone can donate to the SNP campaigns. For any reason. Just go on the website and donate at anytime. People do it regularly. It is all regulated and publish in open public yearly accounts. That are kept for the record as per the Law. Unlike many other political Parties. Covered in deceit and illegal manipulation. Impunity under the Law, The ‘Press’ reporting the usual nonsense. Par for the course. A total turn off. Press usual muck up, make up, made up report.

      Over and out.

    141. colin Alexander says:

      If NS is on better terms with the EU than she is with the UK Govt, can she no ask the EU to be present at talks as the EU’s guest observer?

      Imagine the UK civil servants’ faces if they walked into negotiations and NS was sitting there with the EU’s civil servants.

    142. schrodingers cat says:

      old maps

      lost kingdom of mannan

    143. Footsoldier says:

      A lot of SNP people on the media don’t know how to rebut and attack. Been doing that for years, they need media tuition.

    144. Morgatron says:

      Totally understand what your saying at all. Im sure Chick is just raising the question due to the shite raised today by Blah Blah Cs. Making the SNP look like their squirreling away dosh.

      Cheers fellow wingers

    145. Morgatron says:

      Don’t know where “at all” came from ? Perhaps my sausage fingers.

    146. Chick McGregor says:


      According to RT the fundraiser started when indyref2 legislation was announced has closed with the SNP saying it was not for that purpose but just a general donation.

    147. Ken500 says:

      Gethins has EU experience. Appontment there MEP? Lived in Brussels, Knows the administration and working really well and speaks five languages. Very personable. Great experience. A multi EU representation. Alyn Smith as well, who got a standing ovation and cheers from other EU members.

      Massive talent.

      Thanks for the video yooney tubes. Doom and gloom and laughs. Step to the left. Step the right. ‘Let’s do the time walk again’ – Let’s do the IndyRef again. It was great fun last time but a bit of a let down at the end.

    148. louis.b.argyll says:

      Some chap on the twitter thing saying..
      ‘SNP must act now re referendum or wither away..’

      Speak for yourself short-term-ist. We’ve had worse.

      We’re a thousand years old.

      We are a nation intact inside a union we never asked for.

      The British Empire stalks us still, intent on inward expansion.

      Always desperate for glories, to control, something/anything- whether it’s the Scots, the workers, the poor, or ghetto-ising centuries of immigrants and students from the Commonwealth, Unionists raison d’etre is to be overlords of these islands.

      Our nation is both born and adoptive.

      Our neighbours is inherited and enslaving.

      We cannot escape the Union until we crack a system that was designed to thwart us.

      I was thinking of getting a lawyer and trying to sue the UK government- for ‘mental and environmental cruelty’, backdated of course.

    149. Chick McGregor says:

      Sorry Morgatron I don’t watch Blah Blah C if I can help it.

    150. Capella says:

      Chic – I donated to the referendum fundraiser. It has a dedicated website. You can still pledge support but maybe not donate:

      No idea why this is being raised ATM. RT is not prone to smears AFAIK.

    151. Ken500 says:

      @ The Maps are interesting, Thanks for that.

    152. Cactus says:

      In ra Clutha.

      Keep going..

      Love Scotland…


    153. Cactus says:

      Love Scotland.



    154. Ken500 says:

      Herald similar rubbish report. They have nothing better to do than peddle regurgitated pathetic nonsense. What a waste of time,

      The rubbish ‘Press’. Laughable.

    155. William Wallace says:

      Peace Stu and enjoy yir break.

      Apologies fir turning into a full blown mentalist these last couple o months when pished 🙂 I think I was starting to burn oot tbh. Total meltdoon was imminent. Sorry fir causing ya bather fae time to time.

      Already ahead of ya on shutting doon and rebooting. Been avoiding all media and enjoying the simpler things in life this last week and I feel a lot better for it. Guess it’s popcorn time and kick back and watch the current shambles unfold.

      Take care and all the best.

    156. Chick McGregor says:


      Hope the story on RT was wrong. It may well be, some of the English presenters there are clearly anti-indy from my perspective at least.

      Time will tell.

    157. Dave McEwan Hill says:


      If I can just make a point. I’ve had a couple of little nips (not on here)about the piece Stu kindly reproduced of mine yesterday.
      I am not blaming anybody.

      I was perfectly happily sailing along on an assumption of a collapsed Labour vote coming to us just like everybody else.(I have however told up top that we should be campaigning for independence on a continuous basis, regularly).

      We have just had a lesson. Short term tactics are just that. But long term strategy has to be correct and in place on a permanent basis accommodating changes in short term tactics. But we only had a short term tactics.

    158. The Dog Philosopher says:

      Is there a hotline, just in case?

    159. Chick McGregor says:


      Old Maps.

      The European perspective of Scotland in the Middle Ages.

      In their mind Scotland was as big as England with as many towns of note.

      Mind you, at that time Scotland had a third to a quarter of the population of England.

    160. manandboy says:

      Ok, I think Stu’s off to relax, so we can chat among ourselves for a few days while he rests up.

      This is a bad time for all of us, but it is also a very important opportunity to reflect, to think, to allow ourselves the chance to discover, or just to be sure, that we understand what has actually happened. Never forget the first rule of State propaganda – never tell the truth.

      The BBC’s account of how the election in Scotland ended up is just a lie, a deliberate squirrel set loose to make everyone look in the wrong direction and away from what the Unionists are going to do next. Their last surprise was to call a general election out of the blue, catching the SNP asleep with not enough time to prepare a campaign properly, while the 3 Unionist parties knew 6 months ago and prepared their strategy behind closed doors. Theirs was a cleverly orchestrated plan and it worked extremely well – just not well enough in Scotland and not nearly well enough in England.

      But the SNP are far from being disabled as had been hoped, so the Unionists will move to the next stage in their goal of crushing the Independence movement. Has the co-ordinated propaganda ceased? Not one bit. They are moving on to the next attack. Let us not be fooled twice. Relax, yes, switch off and fall fast asleep as we did when Theresa May repeated there would be no General Election, lulling the Scottish Government into thinking the next one would be in 2020. The rest is now history.

    161. louis.b.argyll says:

      DMH, aye, true.. What you were saying was fine, all good, but some fear the blame culture and up-shields at every danger, also good.

      These minor rhetorical spats are healthy, with no hard feelings.

    162. Cactus says:



      We are here.

      We are always one.

      We are Scotland, we are.

      We are the most amazing people that ever learned to live.

    163. Capella says:

      @ Chic – the fundraiser was due to run for 100 days but I don’t know the date it started up. Maybe it was suspended until there is a clear response to the election chaos. We’ll find out soon enough.

    164. yesindyref2 says:

      @Chick McGregor
      The made-up story by James Kelly and faithfully reported by Tom Gordon without even botherting to phone the SNP was false.

      The Referendum donation fund is ring-fenced for Indy Ref 2, and this has been confirmed by the SNP – as reported in the Herald as “SNP forced to reassure donors …”.

      What that article didn’d do was apologise for spreading a defamation amounting to accusing the SNP of fraudulently collecting monies.

      Shameful by Tom Gordon.

    165. Cactus says:

      To learn.

      That’s the meaning of..


    166. Chick McGregor says:

      I sense it is time, the nth to the nth time, to suggest that there is a working-day lunchtime, phone/text-in programme on Holyrood TV called ‘Ask the Government’ where a Government spokesperson (preferably a Minister) answers questions from the general public.

      There would, of course, have to be an ‘Ask the Opposition’ programme for balance and a ‘host’ to weed out/intervene for ‘nutters’.

      Break new ground in Government transparency and provide an almost instantaneous refutation of MSM misinformation.

    167. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      yesindyref2 @ 00:16,

      Thanks for nailing that alt-truth down. As they say, a lie is half-way round the world before the truth has got its boots on.

      These days The Herald seems to be happy to roll in the sharny dubs along with the Daily Porn Slug. Remember that promise their leader column made on the eve of indyref1 to reconsider in the event of Brexit? =hollow laugh=

      You may feel like taking a timeout, peeps, but the opposition are getting steadily more frantic. (As their recent guest appearances here also reveal.)

    168. Cactus says:

      Give it one lang week fellow folks…

      They’re going down..

      We’re goin’ up.


    169. yesindyref2 says:

      I think it’s Kelly trying to hide the poor campaign he ran. It should have been Labour with 13 or more seats, and the ories with 7 or less. And Corbyn would be – barely – in Number 10 rather than May and the DUP.

    170. Cactus says:

      SO let’s have a new topic, Stu’s on a break…

      Let’s talk about Scotland..

      You’re 1st.

      It HAS indeed been a long 5 years..



    171. yesindyref2 says:

      That’s something I sat on my hands about during the campaign by the way. If Labour in Scotland had run a good, positive campaign, and recognised early as I did that Corbyn was a real chance, Labour could have taken many of the the seats the Tories took – and some more as well. The SNP could have been down to around 22 seats, but we’d have a UK Labour Government, propped up by the SNP.

    172. Meg merrilees says:

      Apparently there is a debate on the Scottish economy in Holyrood tomorrow.
      It is expected that Nicola Sturgeon will be challenged by the ‘moaning minnies’ to abandon indy ref 2.
      I suppose tRuthless will get all pointy-fingered and shouty and be generally unsufferable now that she is acting First Minister and Kezia will just copy her.

      Hopefully the DUP/tory deal will be known and that will give Nicola an extra big stick to beat tRuthless with.

      At least the Greens have come out today reinforcing their backing for Indy – now we know why!

      Also, the Welsh finance secretary has said that if the DUP get any extra cash for anything that is devolved he would expect that Wales and Scotland should also get a proportional extra amount too. Good man!

      And the Welsh have decided to rename their Assembly, the Welsh parliament.

      Oh dear, the natives are getting restless- what will T may do now?

    173. Cactus says:

      Talkabout freedom.

      Lift it up!


    174. Cactus says:

      SO what’s ur thoughts on future Trident and ra Tories/DUP…?

      New topic.

    175. Cactus says:

      FUCK weapons of NMD.

      Nuclear Mass Destruction.

      Weapons BAD.

      SCO good.

      Edge of,



    176. Cactus says:

      Just met an X factor condentee.

      ‘Cathy’ fae ra city…

      Ye ken?

    177. Robert Peffers says:

      Yep! I beat the Rev to it and been not really chilling out but certainly cooling it down a bit.

      Revisiting Grand Theft Auto IV & V again and contemplating the PC version. The word on the street is that the PC version is to be updated so that GTA IV can be accessed from within GTA V like both cities as one big game.

    178. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      yesindyref2 @ 00:55,

      Well, maybe. But what people need to keep in mind, (and quite a lot still did this time), is that much of the “hope” of better things to come from Corbyn is the reality that the SNP has already achieved for us.

      I mean, talk about preferring the proverbial bird in the bush to one already in the hand!

      Plus, Corbyn may have come over as Mr. Reasonable in the election, but in respect of independence he’s in essence no different from Kezia. If Labour didn’t need the SNP to get into government, we could kiss any hope of independence goodbye. If they had any chance of going it alone, you wouldn’t even hear a squeak any more from any of them about “federalism”.

      That’s how they were in the Smith Commission, reneging rats. They haven’t changed, have they? People need reminding of that.

      Those in Scotland tempted to give his party another go – once again “over the top” for Jerry – are simply sacrificing themselves for someone’s else’s benefit, just like every single time before. All those big-spending promises – they need Scotland for their UK coffers. Always have, always will.

    179. Cactus says:

      Shindeed Robert Peffers.

      Trevor kicks ass.


    180. yesindyref2 says:

      But this was for the Westminster election, and for them it would be better having Labour than the Tories. And they’re right on that, we’re the same, we’d prefer SNP MPs, some of those who voted Labour didn’t care. I’d have taken a Labour MP rather than a Tory one, if that was the only choice.

      That move to Labour could be temporary, but we’ll have to see. If James Kelly has anything to do with it, it’ll be short-term! He’s still obsessed with the SNP as is much of Labour, and that’s got to displease any new Labour voters.

      It really is, just wait and see for a time.

    181. Cactus says:


      That’s where we’re at.

      Love you.


      Tis only 2:22

    182. Cactus says:

      Here’s one for ra Resident Evil fans…

      * S * T * A * R * S *

      Chris n Claire.

      Will you take the green herb?

    183. Cactus says:

      When’s GTAVI comin’ out?

    184. Cactus says:

      SO many questions…?

    185. Cactus says:

      Feel the pain.

      One more time.

      Song for Gavin.

      It’s important.

      It’s wiki Wednesday!

      Look, see…

      It’s 3.


    186. Cactus says:


      There used to be.

    187. Cactus says:






    188. Cactus says:

      This post is about GTAV:

      See once ye purchase the barracks truck.. it doesn’t display, is there a flaw?

      NB: Have you seen the SALTIRE flag down by ra beach?

      Looking forward to your linkies Nana Xx

    189. Breeks says:

      2:47am and I’m suddenly wide awake and seeing something crystal clear.

      The dirty bastards. I have been so slow.

      Theresa’s Election wasn’t a snap Election at all. Join the dots. Black money funding a targeted campaign in Scotland deluged 10:1 with Tory propaganda leaflets, and gradient in literature replicated nowhere else in the country. The timing. Right before Brexit negotiating begins. The crosshairs on Alex Salmond and Angus Robertson.

      I see it now. Damn it.

      That was no General Election we had back there. That was destroy the SNP election. That was a “Brexit negotiations cannot be done” Election because Theresa in Westminster cannot deal with Europe while she has no mandate to speak for Scotland.

      It WAS an ambush. It was a hit and run campaign designed to smash the SNP and the SNP’s grip on Scotland.

      By thunder Nicola. You raged at Westminster for their failure to react to the SNP’s compromise proposals for Brexit, but by heavens, you’ve had that reaction now. A devious and cunning campaign to pull the rug from under the SNP, and march into the Brexit negotiations like some regal Boudicca with the scalp of Scotland on a spear point behind her.

      It all makes crystal clear sense now. The devious bit ch.

      AND SHE FAILED. She didn’t just fail, she failed in an all or nothing gamble that nearly paid off but it didn’t.

      The dark forces ranged against Scotland, the BBC, the dark money, the Tories themselves, the PM coming to Scotland with unprecedented regularity, the strategic deals with the other parties, the paper candidates. Ruth the Mooth “triumphalism” in Scotland.

      Ha ha ha. Theresa May’s Election was a snap Election, it was a snap the SNP Election so that she could start Brexit talks speaking for the whole UK with the SNP muted and lying in pieces with Ruth Davidson pictured posing like some fat grinning big game hunter who’s just bagged a mighty and dangerous tiger.

      And she fu__ed it. All that money, all that collusion and underhand jiggery pokery with paper candidates… Do you see it now?

      The SNP’s Scottish majority at Westminster has just survived, and survived damaged but intact, a massive tsunami of dark water dirty politics. That whole election strategy took it for granted English power was in the bag, so EVERYTHING was thrown into smashing the SNP and it didn’t work.

      Do you see Nicola? You have just survived a metaphorical drone strike. Theresa May has given you her answer. She won’t deal, she will connive and collude in the shadows to take you out.

      My blood is boiling. Oh Nicola, Nicola. Tell me you see. She went for you hardcore, fast and dirty. She failed.

      Now it’s payback time. Now is get even time. Now is sink your f____g Brexit deal you conniving sleekit bitch.

      There’s your answer Nicola. May that awaken such rage in you the next time you meet Theresa May there are icicles in the room. Give her nothing Nicola, but take from her everything.

      And the rest of us? Take a step forward all those who doubted Nicola and agreed it wasn’t the time for A referendum. Step out the ranks and report to the rear to be assigned to your penal battalion.

      Roll on Brexit negotiations. Seat at the table Nicola? Take the table away Nicola. Make Theresa stand up too.

    190. K1 says:

      Well people have been saying this on Wings for a wee while Breeks. This is why we need to stay calm and focused.

      We won. Doesn’t matter how much they attempt to reframe it, or how many knobs come onto Wings saying Nicola was outsmarted by May, or how much the snp got the strategy wrong, none of that is the issue. They threw everything at us, us = independence movement.

      We won.

      Ruth Harrison just laid down with DUP. What does that tell us about their fantasy ‘win’ here in Scotland? As you says this was always about taking out the big guns of the SNP and reclaiming Scotland as UK. Without Scotland there is no Brexit. They waited till Nicola played her hand just after the HE, it was going to be their only opportunity pre Brexit to get rid of a slew of SNP MP’s, those voices were gaining traction across the political divide. Chick said the other day, Corbyn has taken a leaf out of Mhairi Black’s book and the whole of Labour’s (London) manifesto is virtually copy and paste SNP actual policies.

      It’s a Unioist stitch up. They failed. Let’s just watch the shit show. Steady as we go, we are in the eye of the storm. We’ll need our wits about us when the time comes…we’ll be ready.

    191. Cactus says:


      An when ye learn tae understand..

      Yer a Starship Trooper.

      4 coming up.

    192. Cactus says:

      Has been really interesting taking a brief back seat in the hoose…

      I have watched a few different posters develop.

      Checkin’ out in the heat of the moment.

      Everybuddies leanin’



    193. Cactus says:

      Has been really interesting taking a brief back seat in the hoose…

      I have watched a few different posters develop.

      Checkin’ out in the heat of the moment.

      Everybuddies learnin’



    194. Breeks says:

      I read, and I heard the words K1, but I had to step back to fit the whole thing together and “see” it.

      But see it now – I do.

      Ha ha. Brexit negotiations are going to be most enjoyable.

      If ever I had sympathy for the misfortune of England and its troubled time in government, I feel nothing now. He’ll mend the nasty fools at Westminster. This battle is for keeps and we must win it.

    195. K1 says:

      Wee bit tired, ‘just after councils elections’ rather than HE. (Dirty money in those targeted seats too by the Tories, exact same campaign as GE ‘no referendum’. Also no policies, well how could they have any policies of their own, the (London) Tories policies are the Scottish Tory policies).

    196. Cactus says:

      Ahm learning, Aye!


      (Next up Nana @Smallaxe ~ I hope you got that fresh filtered water ready?)

      Ahm feelin’ linky 😉

    197. K1 says:

      Aye Breeks, there is nothing quite like having that very personal instant of ‘insight’. When the whole picture falls into place at once. Indeed we must…win it. 😉

    198. Petra says:

      Spot on Breeks. I reckoned that this was what they were up to from the day that she announced she was going to hold an Election. She even slipped up with her dates on the One Show when she was asked about her ‘epiphany’ during her walk in Wales.

      She didn’t require a majority to get into negotiations. What difference would that have made to EU negotiators? Nought. Some reckoned she was concerned about the Electoral Fraud fiasco but she would know that it wasn’t going to go anywhere, other than one scapegoat taking the rap, because the whole Establishment kit and caboodle are in it together. Check out Craig Murray’s comments. As to the Labour Party they were far from being a threat to her. If anything if she’d left well alone the party would have imploded or split eventually.

      This was ALL about decimating the SNP, as you say, to ensure that she would have a free hand to ‘negotiate’ away our fisheries, for one, with no interference from anyone in Scotland. Well it has backfired on her big time and hell mend every last one of them. English Labour, more united than ever, are a force to be reckoned with now. DUP involvement could lead to a United Ireland and Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP, against ALL odds, have managed to hang on in there.

      Nicola should announce that she’s sticking to her original plan, Indyref2 is still on the table, and then sit back and watch them continue to destroy themselves. I’m in no doubt that we are going to win the next Referendum and it’ll be long before the next Election. I would say that as we strive to get control over broadcasting the SNP should employ someone to put together a comprehensive educational package and then send ‘educators’ around the country, to every town and city, to hold classes to produce further ‘educators’ who will move ‘out’ and spread the word. The ‘classes’ should also be made available to the public. I reckon this would really help to combat MSM bias as around 80% plus of the people I’ve spoken to don’t seem to have a clue about the basics, such as that we DO have oil, that Westminster still has control over around 82.5% of powers etc.

      Anyway once again spot on Breeks and I have to say that some of your previous posts have been brilliant too, such as at 8:36. Many thanks for your (and others) contributions.

    199. yesindyref2 says:

      Fair idea, and who knows?

      The thing that goes against it is the opinion polls. To risk calling a GE May must have thought she had it in the bag, which she did according to the polls at the time showing a large Tory lead over Labour.

      But the polls at the time also showed the SNP on 42% fairly solidly, with none under 40% then, or until the last minute. Which would give the SNP 40+ seats.

      So she’d have had to presume that that 42% could be dropped to 35%, and that’s a big presumption.

      But it could have been a part of her mind, that and Welsh lamb and mint sauce!

    200. Graeme says:

      Spot on Breeks

      I’ve came to the same conclusion myself over the last few days and the more the muddy waters clear the more convinced I am this was all about neutralising the SNP and the threat of Indyref2.everything points to it,

      Wish I had the foresight to have seen it before although I never believed it was about strengthening her hand going into the Brexit talks because I could not understand how an increased majority would do anything strengthen her hand

      Yes we took a hit and it did some damage but by all accounts it was a spectacular failure and completely failed in it’s objective and it’s wounded them far worse than it’s wounded us.

      The question is not so much how we recover from this but how we capitalise on it and I think that’s what Nicola is reflecting on.

      Indyref2 is our Trident missile our weapon of mass destruction it doesn’t have to do anything it just has to sit there and she must not take it off the table until we’re ready to press the button


    201. Dorothy Devine says:

      When I donate , I expect my donation to be used in whatever way the recipient thinks fit.

      Robert Sutherland , haven’t heard the expression ‘sharny dubs’ for years – I can think of a few heids I’d like to hold under some!

      Takes me back to being a wee quine!

    202. Petra says:

      Oh my God another disaster in London. A fire in a tower block, 24 storeys, and seemingly loads of people have been trapped in it. Eye witnesses saying that they’ve heard many children screaming for help. Hellish. Praying that they all get saved.

    203. Iain says:

      I agree with the posters that the recent election was all about smashing the SNP and nothing to do with Brexit.
      We must stick to our guns about the referendum and improve the social media performance.
      We should overhaul and buy the best experts for the campaign.
      We should look around the the world for someone with a good track record to lead the campaign.

    204. Capella says:

      @ Chic McGregor – The BBC now “reporting” the fundraiser story. The start date was 13th March and it was down on 13th June. So obviously ran for three months. Which is 7 days short of 100 days. Wow. The money is ring-fenced. They seem to be recycling the Herald story, which is recycling James Kelly’s story. Still, every little smear helps.

      SNP removes independence referendum fundraising page –

      In other news, the opposition parties will be demanding the referendum comes off the table on Thursday in a debate scheduled to discuss the economy.
      Now is not the time.

    205. ian murray says:

      Excellent Breeks

      It was of course the perfect time to try to destroy the SNP
      The polls were showing the Tories ahead of a Labour party in chaos and the gap widening daily, it was too good an opportunity,to pass up, a chance to increase their majority and neuter the SNP, two birds one stone

    206. Capella says:

      I too believe this wasn’t a snap election. It was planned in advance to defeat the SNP. The council elections provided a starter. Dark money, collusion between the unionist parties, NoRefetendum theme harped on about endlessly etc.

      The high ratings in Scotland for the SNP weren’t a deterrent because they intended to use collusion to win in the rural seats. That mostly succeeded but not completely. Pete Wishart and Stephen Gethins survived.

      The reason the polls got the SNP rating wrong, 40 % plus, is because the collusion unexpectedly raised the Tory result.

      There will be a back up plan. Probably another “snap” election. Hopefully not something more devious.
      Stay alert!

    207. Fillofficer says:

      Regarding the ‘snap the SNP’ GE, I am suddenly recalling the impromptu meeting maybot had with Nicola in the foyer of the crowne plaza hotel, (March 2017) a short stroll from BBC HQ Glasgow. Was this perhaps the moment PM May decided to go all out to kill off SNP opposition to Brexit ? I remember clearly the frosty atmosphere between them. If true, then they’ve been planning this all this time…..& failed. U gorra laff 🙂

    208. heedtracker says:

      “For decades the Tories in Scotland have also been held at arm’s length, emitting an unpleasant smell. Davidson has charm and political instinct on a par with Alex Salmond – and it could take her very far.”

      Ends latest bizarre The Guardian thing on UKOK goddess Ruth D and how great she is, hagiography doesn’t come close. Fair enough and no wonder, sneaky shits Hammer of the Scots Severin Carrel and all red and blue tory yoon hackdom is revelling in taking out Alex Salmond, Daily Record really vicious especially.

      But whoever it is running the Graun, it must be feel pretty slimy putting out this level of anti Scottish democracy stuff. As has been pointed up this thread, looks like the tory of merry olde England really thought they would wipe out the SNP last week.

      Cant think why:D

      BBC r3 Today show tories bashing on and on about a flat fire in London. And that’s it tory news national style.

    209. North Chiel says:

      BBC “Kremlin Quay” , Specifically still droning on about ” taking Indyref 2 ” of the table. Give it a rest Catriona , Jackie and the rest of the Unionist broadcasting corporation. The Holyrood parliament gave our democratically elected First minster a MANDATE in a DEMOCRATIC vote . What do these paid unionist propagandists not understand about a 69 for 59 against WIN and a 35 -24 GE WIN .If you do not want to accept democratic votes in SCOTLAND why don’t you go live and work in a DICTATORSHIP ,( there is plenty around the globe to choose from), instead of the MEDIA DICTATORSHIP you have imposed on our country??

    210. starlaw says:

      Indy Ref 2 must stay on the table it is scaring the hell out of them, Also feel re-naming BBC in Scotlands HQ. Kremlin Quay as very apt.
      Just hearing about the awful fire in London and thinking What a gift for the Tories this will keep the news soap opera busy for a few days.
      Sad I’m learning to think this way.

    211. Capella says:

      The BBC were also complicit in the attempted coup in Scotland. Recall their insistence that the “debates” in Scotland focus on devolved issues, plants in the audience such as the nurse. Nick Robinson insisted that Nicola “stick with education, first Minister, stick with your record” when she widened the debate to Westminster issues.

      Post election they have kept up a megaphone campaign to get Indyref2 “off the table”. They are circulating smear stories generated by opposition parties. They announce that Ruth Davidson “won” in Scotland. Ruth Davidson is paraded on TV as if she was the First Minister.

      They failed. The Tories lost. But they are pursuing a sustained and dangerous fight to neutralise the SNP, reduce support for Nicola Sturgeon and get the referendum dead and buried.
      I do hope Nicola sticks to her plan to protect us from BREXIT. If Westminster caves in and changes their policy on BREXIT, that would be another win for the SNP.

    212. Nana says:

      Good morning Smallaxe.[wherever you are] Thought I would post some extra links this morning to help pass the time.

      Yet another reason TM and the Tories need booted out.

      Article from March

      To protect Scots Nicola and our government need to attack the media,especially the BBC. They are attempting to portray the DUP as cuddly all round good guys. Dangerous tactics which must be called out.

    213. Legerwood says:

      heedtracker @ 7.19am

      It is not ‘a flat fire’ as you have characterised it.

      It is a 24 storey block with 120 flats in it that is on fire. Goodness knows what the casualty total is going to be but people have been seen jumping out of windows to try to get away from the fire which seems to have engulfed almost the whole building at one point.

      Not surprising then that the news on the Radio is full of that story. I expect the TV is the same.

    214. galamcennalath says:

      Capella @ 8:09

      A good summary of recent events, the BBC’s part in it, and where we are.

    215. Col says:

      Call Kaye, should the SNP shelve another indy ref? Get calling.
      Just woke to the news from London. Tragic, I think the loss of life unfortunately will be many. Guy on saying because it’s London it’ll be difficult to find homes for some of those affected. Really??

    216. Famous15 says:

      Just thought,I did not have a vote for the Mail or Express or the Herald or the Scotsman yet they are more powerful than any politician. Especially when they are the mouthpiece of theUnionists.

      Just sayin.

    217. john young says:

      We need to adopt most if not all of the ideas/visions set out by the excellent Robin McAlpines “A book of ideas” inmo,it is visionary chock full of imaginative ways to being and make our country somewhere to be proud of,instead of the same tired/clapped out political agendas that have failed us so much in the past,the SNP proving themselves to be just another dour cautious middle of the road party,they have failed to energise the those that drove us forward at the last referendum they have failed to galvanise the young,we should be striving/driving those in-betweeners and stop dwelling on the Unionists they will not ever listen,they will never convert,they typify Scotland in the eyes of the world,subservient head bowers lacking in confidence with fight only for another country fcuk them.

    218. sinky says:

      Indy Ref 2 on call Kaye now

      Being discussed on BBC Radio Scotland Morning Call at 9 a.m.
      Contact details
      • Phone
      0500 92 95 00
      • Sms
      • Email
      morningcallscotland [at] bbc [dot] co [dot] uk
      • Facebook
      • Twitter

    219. Petra says:

      @ Capella @ 7:06 …. ”There will be a back up plan. Probably another “snap” election. Hopefully not something more devious. Stay alert!”

      I wonder what they will do now Capella? If they call for another election Corbyn could win. Then again that might suit them. Get them out of the mess and scapegoat him. We of course would probably lose even more seats because this is a straight Tory / Labour battle now, more so than ever, not a Referendum.

      BBC giving it laldy this morning. Nicola Sturgeon should give up on holding a referendum because it’s affecting our economy. Holyrood’s Chief economist has produced data to that effect. Oil slump blah, blah – great visual with currency notes fluttering downwards etc, etc. It would make you sick. I’ve just phoned the BBC and complained about the bias, AGAIN, and suggested that Donalda should hire Angus Robertson, Alex Salmond and John Nicolson if she wants to prove that she’s unbiased. Scunnered with the lot of them.

      Anyway off to chill out after I post this, lol!

    220. gerry parker says:

      Petra at 4:44am. Each SNP branch has a Political Education Officer. I saw very little activity in our own branch that any attempt was being made to get any message out to members new and old alike. Should have been HQ led.

    221. manandboy says:

      The BBC’s reports and video of the fire engulfing a tower block of flats in west London make it clear that this is very very bad.

    222. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Effijy at 11.20 pm

      With you exactly. I’m fed up with nicey nicey and have been for some time.

      The fact of the matter is that a huge section of our population have received and swallowed half wit nonsense.

      If it takes telling them they are being taken for fools to get the truth out that is what we have to do.

      If some are offended initially,well tough. But they’ll try harder next time. Wouldn’t want to be with the daft boys. That’s the way it is. That’s what our enemy well understands.

      A bigger long term issue is the structure of the SNP which was overwhelmed with new membership without an adequate structure to cope. I get quite annoyed with people on our own side who don’t understand how difficult this was to deal with and how much work so many people struggle manfully to deal with as politics accelerated away from us. It needs a well designed regional structure and most power over various matters returned to local decision.
      But there may be another election……..

    223. Breastplate says:

      The Unionists trying to block an independence referendum should be a absolute gift to the SNP.

      They can easily show that trying to suffocate the Voice of the People of Scotland is completely UNdemocratic. This is a huge stick to beat every Unionist over the head with.
      It shows every single person, whether they’re politicians, media journalists or Joe and Josephine Public that they are hypocrites.

      We’re the ones holding to the principles of democracy, not them.

      Have I got this wrong somehow because there doesn’t seem to be much of a fuss made about the Unionist diverting from this fundamental credo?

    224. Petra says:

      @ gerry parker says at 9:26 am …. ”Petra at 4:44am. Each SNP branch has a Political Education Officer. I saw very little activity in our own branch that any attempt was being made to get any message out to members new and old alike. Should have been HQ led.”

      Exactly Gerry. Someone should be putting something (concise) together to cover, for example, the oil situation from the 70’s until now, such as, how many oil fields are in operation, where are they, what do they reckon they will yield, why is Westminster the only country of 24 that’s actually subsidising BP etc. The Constitution. The NHS. True facts about education in Scotland because I don’t know how often people like Alex Salmond, Hosie etc were cut off as soon as they started to outline the positives. Trident – costs, risks, accidents etc. GERS. Who controls what at Local Council level – Councillors or SG? How much and exactly what does the SG have control over? Well you all know what I’m talking about – a long list that should include how abysmal the situation is in England in comparison.

      Following the programme being put together (and updated as necessary along the way) Nicola should call for volunteers to attend a class / classes in Edinburgh or Glasgow. When people are totally conversant with the programme they should be sent out to hold meetings in every city and town in Scotland. As more and more people know what they are talking about and can answer any question thrown at them they should spread out into the villages etc. Have handouts at the ready / Stu’s books / data.

      There are thousands of highly intelligent people sitting twiddling their thumbs all over Scotland, searching for information online (never knowing if it’s correct other than on here) and then trying to get the word out on social media. Let’s get some boots on the ground and fight back.

      Another thing that really irks me is seeing SNP shops / hubs with nothing more than SNP signs in the windows. Why don’t they use the windows to display information, such as the McCrone Report, Stolen Seas etc? In fact we should be getting together and chipping in (those who can afford to do so) to rent premises all over the country to do just that.

      And much as I support the SNP communications ain’t great. For example their Local Election broadcast should have included the numbers of Councils they had control over at that time (few), how long Labour had been ruling the roost in Glasgow and the fact that they have a measily 17.5% of piecemeal powers ‘gifted’ from Westminster and only 7% up until 2016.

      Then there was the General Election broadcast with one lovely kid being trotted out after another. Why did someone not use that opportunity to get facts / data across? And of course someone at Head Office should be working on the SNP site to ensure that there’s masses of facts and figures that we can tap into.

      Anyway I’ve had my say and accept that some on here wont agree with me. Just a few suggestions, LOL.

      Definitely off to chill now!

    225. Meg merrilees says:

      I think Cactus needs an award for keeping the thread going single handed.
      WELL DONE THAT MAN, while we were sleeping, keeping the night watch.
      Make sure you drink some water when you waken up though, laddie.

      Dreadful news about that fire in london – poor people.

      ( but all these catastrophes so close together can’t help but make me wonder if the news is being manipulated. I hope to God it isn’t.)

      Well said Breeks. We’ve known that ‘dirty money’ has been accumulating for a while.
      Obviously the Council elections allowed tRuthless to have a much longer campaign in the targeted seats. ( from November, I believe.)

      Also, the tories built up their campaign chest all through the spring. Then, after the Council elections, when no party has a lot of funds left, especially the SNP and there is voter fatigue, perfect time to announce a snap General election.

      Makes a lot of sense – if they are that intelligent- don’t think the tories are that intelligent, but probably MI 5/6/ or whatever number is actually in control.

      I remember some BBC twit saying on saturday morning that a round up of the election means that ….the Union will be in place for many years to come.

      C’mon Nicola.
      Go for it. I’m ready.

      “He either fears his fates too much or his deserts are small who dares not put it to the touch to win or lose it all” James Montrose, Marquis.

    226. Breeks says:

      Still joining dots here.

      Remember Brian Taylor’s famous lecture to journalists about the SNP? Join those dots with Nick Robinson’s career busting gaffe with Alex Salmond not answering, and yet Robinson’s career didn’t even ripple. “Stick to your record” he demands of Nicola.

      This man Robinson is not a journalist in the sense his involvement in this is not journalism.

      Sarah Smith is not a journalist in the sense her involvement in this is not journalism.

      This is evidence of strategic and systemic seditious activity against our SNP government.

    227. Dorothy Devine says:

      Seen below the line on the Guardian,

      ‘Has anyone thought of an acronym for the Conservative and Unionist Negotiating Team?”

      Made me laugh!

    228. starlaw says:

      Breeks 10.45
      This is exactly why SNP leaders should not appear on their programmes. These have long ceased to be Interviews but are now blatant Interrogations.

    229. Graf Midgehunter says:

      Nicola S has absolutely no need to rush into a hasty reiteration of Scotref2, to do so now would waste a lot of the impact.

      The SNP not only survived the GE onslaught but came out, apart from some painfull casualties, politically stronger.

      It’s May/Roothie/Tories who are struggling to cobble, with the help of the Beeb/Msm, something together to save their own skins.
      The horror of the Brexit negotiations is staring them right in the face. Living in their surreal bubble they’ve comletely miscalculated their own position and severly underestimated the solidarity of the EU partners.

      The thing is, they can’t avoid the start of the negotiations and the fact that they are dealing with world-class opponents and not some second-class, chinless establishment idiots who fester “British” politics. Secretive, backdoor wheeler-dealers.

      IMO Nicola should just wait till the first day of the negotiations and call a press conference for 10.00am to tell the world that Scotref2 is definately ON THE TABLE and will be activated when the Scot.Gov. deems it to be necessary.

      That signal would immediatly go straight to the heart of the negotiations, Scotlands assets are not for England to use as bargaining chips.

      Nicola can wait, May/Roothie can’t..!

      Be savvy. 🙂

    230. Nana says:

      Nicola writes to TM. Letter here, click on pdf to download

    231. Sam says:

      Worley weir(claverton down) is nice this time of year.
      Hope to get there after pilton(Glastonbury). It’s a long way from Aberdeen but when in Bath?

    232. Graf Midgehunter says:

      I too don’t know what CACTUS is on every night but whatever it is it must be pretty good stuff..! 😉

      Is it something for gargling the throat or powdering the nostrils? Maybe stimulus from the heart?

      One of the great WOS mysteries of our time…

    233. Macart says:


      Good catch on the letter. The last couple of paras are especially interesting. 😉

    234. Valerie says:


      Your theory is the only one that makes sense.

      Nicola announced intention to seek indyref2 after Brexit, on 13 March, 2017. She made a point of saying it had been a difficult decision. We knew A50 was being triggered at that point, and we all agreed Nicola made that call as a strong signal to EU.

      May came up here on 28 March, remember the Heil ‘Legsit’ pic from Crowne Plaza?

      When has that type of attention ever been paid to Scotland. When has that type of private meeting ever happened? So seems clear, May was asking Nicola to take call for indyref2 off the table officially, and Nicola probably said she would maintain its after Brexit known.

      The rest is history. There is nothing about her calling the GE, that makes any sense. The vague reason she gave about other parties trying to scupper, makes no sense at all.

    235. Nana says:

      @Graf Midgehunter

      Wouldn’t mind finding out the answer to that mystery, sometimes find it hard to get through the day never mind the nights.

      Come on cactus, what’s your secret??


      Indeed Sam, good stuff. I like Nicola’s tweets from earlier this morning. In her own time…

    236. Glamaig says:

      @ Petra says:
      14 June, 2017 at 10:09 am

      Well said.
      Voters need to be informed, and they are not, they are deliberately kept in the dark by BBC et al.

      Surely its not political campaigning for example just to deliver concise leaflets containing just the sort of stuff about Scotlands economy, resources, history etc that I learned at primary school FGS! Its just general knowledge, not political, and can all be backed up with references to official publications. One of the biggest obstacles to independence is the ‘too poor’ narrative. Scots have no confidence in their country.

    237. Breeks says:

      starlaw says:
      14 June, 2017 at 10:54 am
      Breeks 10.45
      This is exactly why SNP leaders should not appear on their programmes. These have long ceased to be Interviews but are now blatant Interrogations……

      I wouldn’t even give them that much credence. They are wilful attempts to discredit the SNP and all it stands for. Even an interrogation seeks to learn something, but all this tripe seeks to do us smear and discredit.

      The fight we must fight is not in a BBC studio, it is in a Scottish News Studio which at present does not exit.

      Nicola’s letter is fine, but it isn’t the letter I would be writing to someone who had just attempted a manipulative political coup to cripple the democratically elected Scottish Government because it was an obstacle in Westminster’s way. I called it in an earlier comment a metaphorical drone strike which Nicola survived. That is the response which Nicola gets when she extends the offer of political compromise and mitigation, a the staged and thoroughly foreplanned political bushwacking of the SNP.
      It failed. The SNP must, and I think does recognise what has just happened, but the billion dollar question is what it does next. For my money, it has to be a coup of our own, to unseat the BBC and get Free Scotland broadcasting at all cost and any cost, with brief preamble from the Court of Session in our hip pocket too.

    238. Nana says:


      I read the letter and to me it comes across as calm and measured, unlike the hysteria from the other side.

      I don’t know what is being planned behind the scenes, and if Nicola and the team are clever they will not be telling anyone right now. Keep them guessing.

      I’m all for bashing the bbc, but how?

    239. K.A.Mylchreest says:

      @ Dorothy Devine

      Re the unfortunate acronym :
      Potentially a fertile area, but can we really expect anything to come forth within nine months?

    240. Nana says:

      Last links for now

      Belfast council storing 1,500 pallets for bonfire builders

      Summing up of the cabinet

    241. Breeks says:

      Meant to emphasise too, this is the same covert campaign which we saw when Brian Taylor let the mask slip back when he lectured about the SNP. The same Brian Taylor still on our screens and telling us Ruth Davidson just won that election.

      This is not an act of reckless skullduggery we can pin on Theresa May, it’s was there before Brexit, it was there before YES 2014, it will still be there even if Thereasa May jumps off the cliffs of Dover, and it will still be there if a Corbyn government takes over. It will continue to exist exerting its malevolent influence over Scottish affairs for as long as we give the BBC houseroom in Scotland.

      We must see this in all it’s monstrous complexity before building our ScotRef strategy around a BBC based narrative and debate.

      This “shadow” saw a dismal and laughable Better Together campaign run by grossly incompetent diddies defeat a slick and popular YES campaign replete with constructive, visionary arguments and progressive ideas. It patted us on the heads as 2014 fell back into history as democratic result that we all had to respect, when it should have been recorded in historical texts as a blatant con and insult democracy after all the false promises, broken vows and complete disregard for electoral protocol.

      It manipulated the narrative throughout the YES campaign, it manipulated how the 2014 result was perceived, it manipulated the arguments about Brexit, and every day since it has been downplaying the risk and perils of Brexit and constructively undermining Scotland’s desire to remain an EU Member state. It choked on its cornflakes that the desire for Independence didn’t melt away in 2014, and it didn’t know which of our buttons to press prior to Brexit because the big money was on Brexit voting remain.

      This dark influence ached for UKIP sentiments to take root in Scotland but they wouldn’t. It aches for sectarian division to take root in Scotland and divide us, but to date we resist but the pressure is unrelenting. But always, always, the SNP bad cauldron is forever on simmer.

      It exists to control and manipulate what Scotland does, and let the air out of our tyres whenever we have aspirations to govern ourselves and remove our affairs from the hands of the Establishment.

      I make a bleak prediction I hope the SNP hears and takes seriously. If we fail to instigate Free Scottish Broadcasting, and the clock runs out before ScotRef, we will lose the Referendum and never know how or why.

    242. blood of bruce says:

      well played folks on call kaye this morning, the last few political call kayes the yes voice has been sadly lacking but today id say 75% off calls were us, keep it up. fight back and fight back hard.

      as usual my text never got read out, which said to keep indie ref on table so uk has to trade off english assets (if they have any) for a change rather than sell our fishing, oil and gas and food and drinks industries not forgetting our farming and renewable/green energy markets.

      think im black listed for them even though they take my cash in texts and license fee. i only text to criticise bias usually whether thats glasgow football bias with celtic or new rangers or political bias on bbc or political bias full stop.

      once again, chin up and stick it to them.


    243. Nana says:

      Oops one more for you

      Media coverage of the 2017 General Election campaign

    244. Jack Murphy says:

      Nana said at 12:01pm:

      “Nana says:
      14 June, 2017 at 12:01 pm

      Last links for now……”

      An excellent article on the Ruth Davidson Tories in Scotland and the BBC in Scotland.
      Anyone believing in democracy and the BBC in Scotland should read it.

      The article concludes:
      “So BBC Scotland can’t or won’t question them,and we can’t question the BBC. What a stitch-up eh?” 🙁

      Until this week,with trust as my default position,I was always inclined to give the BBC in Scotland the benefit of the doubt—–not any more.

    245. David P says:

      Re Nana’s link 14th June 10.58am

      Nicola Sturgeon’s letter, dated 13th June, to Theresa May

      Could I suggest that people read this letter regarding Brexit
      negotiations,especially if you are feeling a little off-colour
      after last week’s mixed election result. Edited highlights:

      “UK yet to appoint a negotiating team with a stable mandate”
      “Brexit will cause severe damage”
      “You sought a mandate to leave the single market…
      “|That proposal failed to gather support”
      “UK Gov must adopt a much more inclusive process”…

      Demonstrating that while Nicola Sturgeon may be “reflecting” on IndyRef,
      she is still working flat out keeping the pressure up on the UK Government re Brexit.

    246. clipper says:


      Re your various eloquent posts concerning broadcasting it was always clear to me even before indyref1 that in the final analysis it always – always – comes to down to media and education. Even before I’d made a firm and non-returnable decision to back indy I knew that ultimately it would be won or lost depending on the situation with regard to broadcasting and to a lesser extent print media.

      Well we know what the media situation was like in the run up to 18/9/14 and we all know what happened and we know that the media situation now is if anything worse. Unless something is ACTUALLY DONE to counteract unionist propaganda we’ll be relying on nothing but luck and hopium next time round too.

      I was going to suggest that some kind of committee should be formed to agree on and outline the first steps to be taken with regard to getting free and fair broadcasting in Scotland, then I remembered inform-scotland. Problem with that is is that they have run only ONE campaign, the bbc misreporting scotland campaign, and nothing before or since. Exactly what it is that they’re supposed to be actually doing I’ve no idea. Someone said they’re there to pressure the bbc well apart from the couple of weeks that campaign was running I don’t see the bbc breaking a sweat, therefore I have doubts about whether that is the right organization to be taking this on.

      Various posters on here have previously suggested crowdfunding for billboard/advan campaigns, organized mass leafleting campaigns, a series of full page ads in the Scottish Sun. Which would all be great and would at the very least add a few percentage points in support for indy but the problem is that these suggestions are always just ignored, nothing ever comes of it and so support for indy stays more or less static.

      What would you suggest would be the way to start getting this off the ground? (I mean in relation to what you’ve said about broadcasting).

    247. manandboy says:

      A reminder that Brexit is a squirrel. What is occupying the minds of the Westminster Establishment is Scottish Independence and how to stop it, hence the reason for GE17.

      manandboy says:12 June, 2017
      Let’s work this out.

      Theresa May, for months, emphatically insists there will be no General Election, and then suddenly and without warning, she announces that she’s changed her mind.

      Fast forward to the Election and the highly financed and amazingly well coordinated and orchestrated Alliance of the three Unionist parties in Scotland, featuring paper candidates and huge numbers of Unionist voters shifting to a pre-arranged party so as to avoid splitting the unionist vote.
      Such careful organisation takes time, a lot more time than was available after the announcement of GE17 by Theresa May. And yet, the three Unionist parties were more than ready.

      They knew from the start what the plan was when Theresa May first declared there will be no General Election, that this was to lull the SNP into inactivity. Not so Labour, they knew. Jeremy Corbyn announced 6 months ago that he ‘thought’ there would be a General election soon.

      The Unionist organisation in Scotland could only have been possible with prior warning.

      In other words, the whole thing was a set up to damage the Independence movement in Scotland. Keeping the SNP in the dark about the GE, while the Unionist parties could do all the necessary planning in secret. Treachery from Westminster against the Independence movement.

      It must be highly questionable that the election was legal. I’m being polite.

      And then it backfired. Almost – thanks to Jeremy Corbyn.

      May isnt bovvered by the DUP’s history or it’s policies, or its association with the UDA terror group. She is only interested in securing power at Westminster SO THAT THE BRITISH ESTABLISHMENT CAN CONTINUE WITH THEIR EFFORTS TO CRUSH THE MOVEMENT FOR SCOTTISH INDEPENDENCE.

      This is their top priority. Brexit is simply an irritation to Westminster but it serves one useful purpose – as a diversion, to take the great British public’s attention away from what the Establishment are really doing.

    248. Legerwood says:

      Nana @ 12.09pm

      Some very interesting information in the article about media coverage of the election.

      Loughborough University seem to have done a very detailed analysis.

      I have just had a quick run through the article but the graphs showing media coverage in 2015 GE vs 2017 GE showed a striking fall in coverage of SNP. That certainly bears out the impression I had that the SNP were to all intents and purposes written out of the 2017 election.

      Perhaps all the publicity they got in 2015 when there was a possibility of a hung Parliament did them a favour in keeping their profile in the public eye.

    249. Cactus says:

      Evening and cheers folks, was fun & games last night. The secret is starting the night later. I headed (walked) into town for some musical entertainment. I’d grabbed a few beers as suggested, but then somebuddy handed me the all secret ingredient.. ra whisky.

      Alot of what I was witterin’ on about was tae do with computer games (past & present ~ you should have been there.) Aye, sometimes I speak in riddle, other times on message, a bit like a crossword, I’m a crypticac.

      I like to walk, so I walked it back HOME as well, had good water and kept the beat going… somebuddies got to look out for the insomniacs.

      I am a night owl, seeking wisdom 🙂

      ps This was the lady I met last night (she was lovely)


    250. Rock says:


      “The dirty bastards. I have been so slow.

      Theresa’s Election wasn’t a snap Election at all. Join the dots. Black money funding a targeted campaign in Scotland deluged 10:1 with Tory propaganda leaflets, and gradient in literature replicated nowhere else in the country. The timing. Right before Brexit negotiating begins. The crosshairs on Alex Salmond and Angus Robertson.

      I see it now. Damn it.”

      Rock (18th April),

      “The Tories only make extremely carefully calculated decisions.

      Saint Theresa has outsmarted Nicola Sturgeon.”

      Saint Theresa’s gamble unexpectedly backfired, but the unionists have still succeeded in causing a major setback to Scottish independence.

    251. Shinty says:

      Dave McEwan Hill @ 9.51
      The fact of the matter is that a huge section of our population have received and swallowed half wit nonsense.

      Yup, had one in my shop today – nearly flew at her, then I remembered it’s supposed to be ‘chill time’. besides there were too many others so didn’t want to cause embarrassment for anyone.

      Next time with a calm head I will call her out on her remarks. She is a lovely person, but these folk are living in a fucking bubble.

      Instead of folk going on about who should have a vote, can I suggest a pre voting questionnaire before you can pick up your ballot paper.LOL

    252. Nixon says:

      Aw, Grandaddy. One of my favourite bands of all time. Cheers, Stu.

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