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Posted on November 10, 2014 by

One week after the independence referendum we posted about a fundraiser by the producers of Dateline Scotland. It was an unusual fundraiser, in that it didn’t promise to actually produce anything – the team simply wanted money to sustain them while they worked towards something much bigger. The fundraiser was a massive success, reaching more than three times its target in the blink of an eye.

And today the something bigger started to take shape.

We had an exclusive chat to one half of the “talent”, James Devoy.

WINGS OVER SCOTLAND: So, what’s the pitch in three sentences or fewer?

JAMES DEVOY: The flaw we see in Scottish media is that it’s a regional media outlet and not a national one. We don’t get to understand Scotland’s place in the world because it isn’t reported to us, only its place in the UK.

We propose putting an end to Scotland’s reliance on London/UK-centric news and finding out what it feels is important for itself.

WOS: Sounds like a fun plan. What does that actually entail in practice? You walk into the office on day one – what’s your schedule?

JD: Day one will be putting out news stories that we think the people of Scotland would want to see. Some would be the same as you would see from the BBC but often from a different point of view, a Scottish one. At the same time there will be stories that aren’t covered by London. we want to avoid the trappings of regional news with stories from overseas and UK-wide.

WOS: So it’s not going to be all politics? Presumably there’ll be murdur and fitba’ too, but what else?

JD: Whatever is important to Scotland. The general election, fracking, foodbanks, the rise of the right, you name it. If it’s newsworthy we want to cover it. There’s very little coverage of the EU in Scotland, for example, but it’s unbelievably important, so why aren’t we seeing it?

There’s as much going on in Scotland as anywhere else in the world and its important to the people that live here so let’s look at it. We want to be everywhere we can be.

WOS: Is it going to be live or pre-recorded?

JD: It’ll go out live every weeknight. There’ll be an expanded element with extra footage online, like longer interviews and extra bits.

WOS: Presumably yourself and Jack are going to be the main anchormen. If so, how are you going to handle moving from satire to serious presenting? Even the trailer comes across a little bit, how can we put this, piss-takey – can you resist the temptation to put jokes in the news? Can you get people to accept the change?

JD: Jack and I will never be the anchormen at the same time. We’ll get two more, probably women to be on with us and rotate. One of us will be in the gallery for each show and one will be on set, at least once we’re set up fully.

When it comes to the transition, David Frost started in ‘That Was The Week That Was’ and he did all right. Most good news has a wry wit to it. Snow is funny, Paxman is funny. It’ll never be at the expense of the story and we’re capable of being serious. [Dateline Scotland] will just be something we did before, like Pat Kane was an 80s pop star.

WOS:You’ve got a proven record of delivering great-looking programming to a deadline, and nobody can say you’re lacking ambition. But you’re not going to get a million pounds from people donating two quid a month – obviously you’re not going to want to name any specific names yet, but what sort of backers are you hoping will put up that kind of money? How far along the line are you in terms of funding?

JD: It’s been a real learning curve in regards to possible funding opportunities. There are a lot of rich people out there that we’ve had some initial contact with and met with very positive responses. While we can’t say who they are and the money’s not in the bank I really think there’s a need for this, and savvy people can recognise that.

The one rule we have is any investor or donator will have no control on comment or content. 

WOS: So what do your backers get out of it? Presumably not just the warm glow of doing good. Is there a planned revenue stream?

JD: The people we have spoken to understand that there can’t be any advertising in the news, but we’re looking long-term at expanding content outside of news to include space for advertising. But that would take a channel and is a few years away.

We’re waiting for approval to change our company to a CIC which would create the chance to use us as a tax break too. That cheers up rich people – they’d rather give money to things that interest them than the taxman.

We won’t get money out of it. We’ll get paid a salary, along with everyone else, but that’s it – this isn’t a volunteer service, it’s a serious attempt for everyone to apply their skills to a service Scotland desperately needs.

WOS: What can we expect to see next, then?

JD: Where we are now is trying to raise more money to get this show on the road. Hopefully we’ll be releasing more content over the next few weeks – short stories and a wee taster of us being serious.

WOS: When you’re serious, will you be able to bring yourself to read out the Daily Mail front page, as you didn’t ever manage to do on Dateline Scotland?

JD: Well, never say never.

We’re hopeful and excited about this one, readers. We’ll keep you posted.

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115 to “The news where everyone is”

  1. caledonia says:

    Great but we still need to take the BBC down because most older folk will have it tuned on till they die

  2. AuldA says:

    Actually, it’s not one-half. It’s one-quarter, if the website info is correct! 🙂

  3. caledonia says:

    Should have said in the first post it is a great idea but most people apart will rather view their news from either newspapers or the TV

    Older people don’t even bother with the internet but still best of luck with what you have already done and are trying to do in the future

  4. muttley79 says:


    We need to take small steps to progress. Your aim is very ambitions and very difficult to achieve for one new media project! Change takes time, and we need to take a long term view.

  5. Inky pic says:

    Fantastic this makes me smile. Sign me up!

  6. Patrician says:

    If this is done right, my licence money will have a new home. I agree with their other comments online, that this would be a neutral viewpoint on the news.

  7. dramfineday says:

    Looking forward to this happening! Good luck to all concerned.

  8. jakedm says:

    A great move – the world is moving more and more to IPTV, make sure you invest in someone that can make this transition easy – smart tvs ipads and many streaming services! There are plenty geeks out there that can help get Scottish News out there! & good luck!

  9. Nation Libre says:

    Really looking forward to this. We must do all we can to make sure they achieve their aim of a TV channel

    Well done everybody involved

  10. Roboscot says:

    This is something desperately needed and it is a huge indictment of existing broadcasting that it hasn’t been done yet. It’s also great to see the ambition involved.

  11. caz-m says:

    I have asked this before, could they not apply for a slot on the STV regional stations that are opening up around Scotland. In my area it is STV Glasgow, I am sure it would be very popular on a programme like that.

    Or are they a direct rival to STV?

  12. muttley79 says:

    It can exactly reach many people using social media and the internet.

  13. Stoker says:

    caledonia says:
    10 November, 2014 at 1:13 pm
    “Great but we still need to take the BBC down because most older folk will have it tuned on till they die”

    Correct, whilst wishing the guys all the very best in this new
    venture and supporting them any way we can, we must never take
    our eye off the target as far as the BBC is concerned.

  14. Jim McIntosh says:

    Out of interest goes anyone know how much it costs to buy a ‘Freeview’ slot on TV for an hour or so a day.

  15. David Craig says:

    Sounds what Scotland needs! I hope it can instill a bit more self-belief and identity in Scots through a more accurate portrayal of its place in the world.

  16. Pam McMahon says:

    The Sniff Commission will never propose the devolving of Scottish broadcasting to Holyrood, celedonia, so we will be stuck with the BBC and channel 4 (see Scot goes pop today) and with no redress other than to cancel the licence and watch something else. That’s what state broadcasting means but at least in most countries in the world, state broadcasters don’t pretend to be disseminating unbiased news and opinion.

    Older folk will die out, with their BBC licences still clutched in their arthritic claws, but we are in an age where options exist for us to look elsewhere for information, and bright, committed people to deliver it to us, for the first time in our long history.
    It is the wee foot in the door, which we must support, which will lead to more open access across ALL generations. I have already sent them my cancelled BBC licence fee.

  17. One_Scot says:

    If we are to have any chance of moving Scotland forward, projects like this are a must to combat the bias and deceit from BBC Scotland.

  18. Ld Elon says:

    Scottish independence is a healthy idea, a notion we’re yet to approve, there is, and was, a need to bring the house of Scot to order, its also not without risk, in world affairs to break up the UK presently, cheers.

    Scottish independence failed because its house simply wasn’t in order to secede to an independent state.

  19. handclapping says:

    @Pam McMahon
    At 75 you get your licence paid for; just remember to vote BBC

  20. Macart says:

    Oh hell yes. 🙂

    Now we’re talking.

  21. themadmurph says:

    Become the media! When you have a media giving you proper news, not biased in favour of the establishment, you can achieve lots!

    Look at the result in Catalonia! Us next time (hopefully soon)!

  22. STEU says:

    Great step in the right direction but it’s just that, a step. The problem is that online is *not* where everyone is – far from it! For instance, (genuine doubt) what would it take and how much would it cost to get a freeview channel going?

  23. Nana Smith says:

    This will be very welcome however it will take too long. From their email [We hope to launch Scottish Evening News, our 30-minute daily news broadcast,in Spring 2015]
    The election is coming up fast.

    I think it would be a good idea if we could put an old caravan, van or whatever in every town. Manned by volunteers armed with information regarding the lies told by the media and westminster, slab etc. Even once a week would make a difference perhaps pension day.

    I am sure there are a lot of folks out there who have no idea how they have been manipulated so a set up in a car park or someplace sympathetic to indpendence would be ideal.

    Far too many people rely on the tv and again I believe they would welcome the chance to chat. So many clubs have closed down due to lack of funding the elderly don’t have many places they can go any more.

    Until we get a scottish media telling the truth we really have to do it ourselves.

    Aim to take down slab.

    They have lied for years,even before oil was discovered and that is the reason why slab can not and will not sign up to independence.

    For once we do become independent the ‘books’ will be opened and then Scotland will see just how much the labour party took Scotland for a long ride. For their own glory,pensions,seats in the hol and every scam going they shafted the people of Scotland.

    This is why we must fight dirty, put up the posters dishing the dirt on Brown, Darling, Blair and all of them. Expenses, deals on the side, everything you can dig up. Because if we don’t the bbc will make them out to be whiter than white.

    I firmly believe we lost the referendum because we were too bloody nice.

  24. HandandShrimp says:

    Delighted to hear that they are pressing on with this. I am so fed up with the BBC/Sky/ITV bias that I have given up on TV/radio news. I just can’t thole to listen to it anymore. I will be peeking out of this new window on Scotland and the World.

  25. Joseph Robinson says:

    Thank you Wings for bringing this news to us, i wouldn’t have known about it if i weren’t subscribed to your page.


  26. Murray McCallum says:

    I really do hope this builds momentum and funds.

    The article is implying that Dateline Scotland wasn’t serious. George Deary was one of the best UK political analysts I have ever listened to and I trust John McTernan has him in his team.

  27. caledonia says:

    See people have started to sue (charge a fee) on the BBC for letters sent out

  28. Valerie says:

    Love it, no matter what happens, this is badly needed, and would agree, it would be great to see it on Freebies, but I have complete faith in these guys looking at all the angles.

    I think some folk are getting worried in the UK, because rather ironically, there was a disparaging and patronising piece in The Guardian yesterday about the gullible moving to watch RT, which has just set up a UK outlet.

    Of course we know it’s Russia’s bullhorn, but actually there is a wide range of reporters doing factual reporting that is not spun, like a piece on Chicago gangs, all just vids and pieces by the community. It is Russia’s way of pointing the finger, but nothing wrong with that, as long as you are aware.

    Watching RT and Aljazeera, you will feel your mouth drop at what is going on in the wider world.

    It’s little bits of pressure building. When I wanted to see the Anon. March trouble in London, I went straight to RT 🙂

  29. Robert Louis says:

    The concept behind this is exactly right. What Scotland doesn’t need is another ‘regional’ news service like we are given by STV and the BBC. This new service will for the first time, give Scots proper world news but from a Scottish rather than UK or London perspective. Not before time.

    Very very exciting.

    I do however have a suggestion – radio in the morning. I cannot find anything of relevance in the morning on TV or radio for news. It would be truly wonderful to have a daily radio show in addition to the above, with say 7-9am broadcast of news.

  30. Aidan. says:

    It’s a great idea!
    If successful the greatest need is to extend this to journalism/reporting also.
    More than anything Scotland needs a daily/weekly newspaper that is owned in Scotland and reports the news accurately.

  31. One_Scot says:, you could not get a better sounding web address.

  32. Craig Brown says:

    Genuinely positive news 🙂

  33. Another Union Dividend says:

    On the News where everyone is, still no word of any BBC live coverage of Alex Salmond’s Conference speech on BBC1 or BBC2 on Friday when our State Broadcaster prefers to show a repeat of Escape to the Country at 3 p.m. Nice to know the BBC Scotland has its priorities right.

    A big shout out for Edinburgh Hip Hop band Stanley Odd whose new album comes out to-morrow and hope that all Wingers will buy it ..
    It includes the still relevant “Son I Voted Yes” song which brought the house down at the Night for Scotland event just before the Referendum.
    Got a very good review and feature in yesterday’s Sunday Herald.

  34. mogabee says:

    Quite simply, if we want to have news tailored FOR us rather than AT us, we all need to get behind this project.

    These guys are not messing about, they want to create something that’s been lacking for a long time.

    Even the bbc had to start somewhere!

  35. Lesley-Anne says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with Marcia on this one. I too think I’ve found a new and far SUPERIOR home for my BBC tax. 😀

    Like everyone else I thoroughly enjoyed their Dateline Scotland videos. Now they have to step up to the plate again and prove they can adjust to becoming slightly more serious in their news presentation. I know they are not only up for the challenge but are well capable of meeting this new and exciting challenge. 😉

    I wish James and Jack every success in the world in this new venture and look forward to the day, in the not too distant future hopefully, when Scottish Evening News overtakes the BBC as THE source of all things Scottish in the news each and every day. 😛

  36. Mealer says:

    This is very exciting.I hope they run a comprehensive online news website alongside it.

  37. gillie says:

    What sort of editorial rules will the Scottish Evening News have in place to deal with impartiality and bias?

    Will there be a complaints procedure?

  38. Looks great and I love the two presenters,sure they’ll do a good job.
    As I have now cancelled my licence fee,and not missing the BBC,I will be glad to use some of the money I saved to subscribe to this.

    Some how I dont see see broadcasting being devolved in the near future,so online news is the next best thing.
    Good luck guys, and Im sure you will get plenty of support from ex licence fee payers!

  39. Callum says:

    Not a lot of people know this; but Freeview has a feature whereby 100’s of extra channels can be added that only broadcast the IPTV link (your TV has to link up to the internet for this to work). China News took one of these channels recently.

    The “channel” doesn’t broadcast a picture, but just the hookup information for the internet. These channels also fall outside ofcom rules because they are not broadcast over the airwaves. Presumably they could have broadcast prawn all day (or other fishy content).

    Also, many people use media centres – in particular the XBMC platform – so adding channels like this to XBMC is relatively easy. You can get news channels from all over the world through XBMC, I regularly watch TF1 and try to keep up with my schoolboy French. XBMC is a great (but maybe slightly geeky) alternative to Sky or BBC.

  40. caz-m says:

    Please make this happen. We need to educate/inform the general public about BBC Scotland bias. Therefore why don’t we start a campaign of getting stickers, posters and banners spread all round Scotland telling them of the bias shit that comes out of Pacific Quay every day.

    The Rev handled the Blue Book, from writing, to printing, to delivery. So why can’t we use the same route again. If we could crowd fund to have thousands of posters, stickers and banners made, then get them displayed on windows, cars, flags, everywhere.

    I don’t know what word or words would be on them, but it would need to be short and to the point.

    So, I am up for a mass campaign to help bring down the mighty BEEB. Lets cover the whole of Scotland with BBC Bias posters.

    C’mon Ronnie Anderson, Kendo and the rest, what do you think.

  41. david mclaine says:

    Us older people are fair taking a bashing here. In another 4 years I’ll be able to get my linense paid, so I thought, just to be a wee bit progressive, I’d pay the money towards this new fangled tv show. But then I realised that we’d probably have our independece then. Happy days.

  42. Joemcg says:

    We desperately need this in Scotland.That one BBC report at the weekend says it all “Murray attempts to win back fans after supporting Scottish independence” made my blood boil.

  43. Steve B says:

    @Another Union Dividend

    I’ve just checked the schedule and it looks like the SNP conference is going to be covered in full on both Friday and Saturday on BBC Parliament.

    Whilst not many people will know its there, it is available to, I think, most people through Freeview. Therefore spread the word!

  44. Another Union Dividend says:

    Steve B

    Yes I know that but how many casual TV viewers check out BBC Parliament?

    I am sure that BBC2 carried significant coverage of the Tory and Labour conferences.

  45. jackie g says:


    i could not read half of that nonsence.what a total W***er

    What the hell will they blame us for next..

    Humourless Nats bloody cheek.

  46. chalks says:

    New flights to London from Scotland….routes are called ‘spirit of the regions’

    Patronising fuckers.

  47. FairiefromEarth says:

    Well done to the people of Catalonia for voting 81% in favour of Catalonia becoming an Independant State.

  48. Flower of Scotland says:

    This is, definitely, a step in the right direction. I wish them so much success. They are on Facebook and I’ve shared far and wide and asked friends to support them.

    I certainly think that folk who are on the poorer end of the spectrum can only afford Freeview and phone or cafe internet. It would be great to target these people too!

  49. Graeme Doig says:


    Did you have to? Morbid curiosity took me to some pretty dark places wi that one. Even went to the comments. Bad move!

  50. A.N.Surgent says:

    Another Union Dividend

    The state broadcaster is televising Alex`s speech on Friday. They are covering the SNP conf. from Perth on the parliament channel.

  51. Papadox says:

    This is exactly what is neaded.
    However a very high percentage of older people get all their info/propaganda from EBC, SKY, STV, MSM the companies that are licensed by HMG/ ESTABLISHMENT to broadcast (and control) their propaganda and lies.

    The MSM has to be shown up for what it is, and exposed for what it is. Using anything other than normal accepted broadcasting will not reach most of the older voters, who don’t understand or trust the Internet.

    As a oldster myself I understand the mindset very well we were brainwashed at school (circa 1950) to believe the world was run by HMG and the Brittish Empire. Unfortunately a lot of my age group still hold onto this propaganda.

    We really need to control our broadcasters in Scotland. The USA does not allow Canada or Mexico to control its broadcasters.

  52. MJarga says:

    I can’t get a handle on what the system in Scotland must be like.

    Here in Catalonia there’s a TV station for every big town on TDT digital telly – a big publishing magnate has his own channel, 8TV, and a Catalan newspaper ElPunt/Avui has just launched its own channel, licence property of the Hermes Communication group and partly sourced from existing material and local TV stations.

    They apparently make money (advertising from the start) they’re free to view, and there’s lots of other channels (even some fortune tellers appear to sustain their own) so why the communications desert in Scotland?

  53. Devorgilla says:

    Well I’m all for it. Sign me up! What will make this expand and get some serious attention is if it can cover some scoops not covered by MSM. They have identified Europe and EU as a gap. We need to be far better informed on Europe/EU and that is just not happening in the parochial evening news. TTIP, World Trade Organisation, the Arctic, now that the ice is melting, this all needs to be covered and nobody is doing it.

  54. ticktock says:

    A new Scottish News TV channel presenting Scottish and global news from a Scottish perspective debuts on Freeview TV later this week.

    Donations and a crowdfunding drive has made funds available for a billboard and newspaper advertising campaign throughout Scotland which will announce the channel’s debut. An army of volunteers and activists will be distributing leaflets with details about the new channel to households up and down the country.

    Also a new, free “Metro” style newspaper covering Scottish and international news from a Scottish perspective will commence distribution throughout Scotland this week.

    And then I woke up…..

  55. Brian Powell says:


    Because until about three years ago, folks somehow believed the BBC was not the state broadcaster but for all.

    Many see TV only for entertainment. Others think it wouldn’t lie to us or misinform us; it is the hallowed BBC.

    BBC, STV, Sky and press represent the UK establishment and big business.

  56. Chic McGregor says:


    The ECHR have heard cases where attempts by ruling domestic authorities to prevent community TV licensing have been thwarted. Thereby allowing the station to be set up.

    It is within the remit of the human right to freedom of expression (which also covers the right to receive information).

    Unfortunately, the Tories plan to leave the ECHR.

  57. ronnie anderson says:

    Osborne at the dispatch box now

  58. heedtracker says:

    Cripes! Blue Tory boys pumping even more austerity money into Englandshire says Torygrpraph, so news could explain how much Scottish money is being spent in England, year after year after decade…

    “New lanes will be built on motorways across the country as part of a “roads revolution” to be announced in next month’s Autumn Statement.

    The Government will spend £15 billion on 100 major roads projects by the end of the decade as the economy continues to recover.

  59. bjsalba says:

    Perhaps we could have a Scottish oriented satirical political magazine.

    I rather fancy the title “Scotland’s Private Aye”, myself – but would that infringe on copyright?

  60. Jim Graham says:

    I’d like to see this begin as a broader broadcasting Hub, fed by and featuring our best bloggers and podcasters, starring the very excellent dateline Scotland crew, but including loyal presenters such as Riddoch and Bateman. I’d happily pay a monthly subscription for such. Bring it on!

  61. Kenny says:

    I think there is a great demand for this. I think half the reason why the country is so gripped with politics is because it is long-overdue. The human mind can take only so much sludge as we have been forced to endure over the past decades — house porn, Harry Potter books, X Factor, reality tv, celebrity gossip…. The brain feeds on things of substance.

    I have every faith in these guys, you can tell they are your typical creative Scots and will succeed. It will also be a real eye-opener when they start showing the other side of the EU to counter UKIP, they might even get quite a few English viewers.

    There is also a real thirst for completely unbiased broadcasting, something between the BBC and RT. RT has great coverage of British and American internal events, but then spoils it with its clunking promotion of the Russian state (I am afraid they have yet to achieve the subtlety of CNN, who have simply been in the game longer and are slicker).

    I see this project going from strength to strength. I am sure these guys can fall back on what I would normally call a “plethora of talent” if I did not know that such words had already been copyrighted out to BBC Scotland for their description of the Red Tory front-bench team…

  62. Graeme Doig says:

    It becomes more and more difficult to reconcile how we’ve allowed the state broadcaster the freedom to push propaganda so hard for so long.

    The establishment have had a free run at influencing the belief systems of a population blinded by it’s ‘respectable’ and ‘trustworthy’ reputation.

    There seems to be a critical mass that can see through the ‘lie’ now in Scotland. Let’s capitalise on this as much as possible.


    I’m on your team. Lets get stuff out there for those that are not on the net and at least try and influence against this insidious propaganda.

    BTW. Really impressed with the work these guys are doing with this and will be happy to support further.

  63. crisiscult says:

    Great news, although I’m a little confused, and concerned, that to watch this new news programme I’ll need a licence! How will that be avoided, or will I need to watch it on some kind of catch-up service. I don’t plan to pay a TV licence till after Scottish independence.

  64. caledonia says:

    valerie @ 2.24 never thought of it and never watch it but will now go out my way to vote for Andy Murray’s mother

  65. fred blogger says:

    spot on lads! about time we had news we can trust.
    plus you can be assured of constant updates and feedback from you’s and us.
    we need our voices to be heard.

  66. Oneironaut says:

    “See people have started to sue (charge a fee) on the BBC for letters sent out

    Love this! 😀

    If I could afford the costs I’d probably do that myself…

  67. Oneironaut says:

    “So, I am up for a mass campaign to help bring down the mighty BEEB. Lets cover the whole of Scotland with BBC Bias posters.”

    Definitely up for this!

    If you need a volunteer in sunny North Ayrshire, you can usually find me lurking over on Off-Topic 🙂

  68. Sinky says:

    Yes let’s upset the cosy London metropolitan bubble by voting for Judy Murray to WIN Come Dancing and put SON I VOTED YES and Stanley Odd’s new Album A BRAND NEW THING top of the charts.

  69. Helena Brown says:

    MJarga says: Trouble is that everything in this country is extremely well controlled by a Government which has had years and years in the business. We should have realised that we would not get a chance with them. I am really pleased that you have your own broadcasting and press, we now need to build ours.

  70. Steve B says:

    Yes indeed apart from BBC Parliament coverage is very sketchy on BBC2 – just 15:00 – 17:00 on Saturday.

    Additionally, any “casual” watchers inadvertently browsing BBC2 on HD will miss it because HD just gets the English BBC2.

    The coverage seems similar to the Scottish Labour, Tories conferences, but it is a very small fraction of what UK Labour & Tories get.

    Therefore Labour and Tories get full coverage of their UK conferences AND coverage of their Scottish conferences whereas the SNP just gets “regional” coverage of their conference.

    But does anyone expect anything else from our state broadcaster?

  71. scotspine says:

    OT, but still media based,

    I just noticed on a newsagent stand that Murphy is making a VOW with regards the NHS in Scotland (I believe it is something to do with the quality of food – didn’t read it).

    A VOW? A BLOODY VOW?……………

  72. Valerie says:

    I know that Strictly stuff is nasty crap, but we have to remember it never stops, it’s no wonder Lewes acts like it does. This abuse is disgusting, and it indoctrinates/incites

    Don’t get mad, get even

  73. Valerie says:

    I know that Strictly stuff is nasty crap, but we have to remember it never stops, it’s no wonder Lewes acts like it does. This abuse is disgusting, and it indoctrinates/incites

    Don’t get mad, get even

  74. Grouse Beater says:

    From little acorns do great oak trees grow –
    I wish the enterprise every success.
    I’ll make it a place to check for news on all things Scottish.

  75. Scotspine says:

    For clarity, it was a Daily Heil headline.

  76. bald eagle says:

    you dont need freeview go into any caravan supply shop and pick up a cheap satdish and decoder

    thats what i learned and tune it in to any one of the sats above if you read the booklet you can get hundreds of channels+pirate channels for free the bbc cant do anything about it as the sats dont belong to them

    you dont even need the dish just buy the decoder and plug it into any descent tv outlet thats wired for sky or virgin they can also be adapted for the internet no bills either and loads of freeview channels if thats what floats youre boat dont forget freeview +freesat belongs to the bbc and sky

    and if you are of the godly type they have hundreds of channels for that to i should know watched the bloody thing for weeks before i read the booklet i think it can also be argued in court that you dont need a licence someone here with better knowledge will know

    remember that lady down south that was taken to court about the football she was getting from a decoder the courts wouldnt prosecute her as the people that made the decoder said that sky tv didnt have anything to do with the people that broadcast from the satelite and sky plus the bbc should never have taken her to court as broadcasting wasnt the sole domain of the bbc or sky

    sorry any bbc reporter reading this and paying youre boss to watch bbc crap youre mates at Gchq could have told you this if anyone tries this speak to youre mates down the pub and any bet you will have hundreds more channels my last count i had over six hundred happy bloody viewing

    sorry for the long rant freeview + freesat are not the only free channels just open youre minds and the answer is there bye the way my decoder cost me £25 happy hunting

  77. Craig P says:

    When I started reading this I immediately thought of Eorpa, the Gaelic EU current affairs programme, and was gratified to see EU issues mentioned straight after they came to my mind! Hoping for the best with this 🙂

  78. Stoker says:

    “The Wireless Telegraphy Act of 1967 (as amended) has been repealed meaning that from 25 June 2013 onwards, TV dealers are no longer required to notify TV Licensing when they sell or rent out TV equipment.”

    source: TV Licensing and the law.

    The way forward:

  79. Steve Bowers says:

    Love it, I’m in

  80. pa_broon74 says:

    Already using the cash Yes Scotland were getting monthly for this, its worth it.

    We don’t need and probably couldn’t take down the BBC, we can replace it though but it’ll will take money and public interest. These guys are really good, the Dateline Programs entertained and while it wasn’t news in the traditional sense, it certainly highlighted certain home truths. Plus, their ticker-tape content was the stuff of cracked ribs and spat-oot tea.

    Instead of complaining about the BBC, get behind a plausible replacement. The digital channel output is in the works so I’m all for it.

  81. msean says:

    I think one of the most important,if not the single most important, aspect of the referendum was the ability to beam your narrative without proper rebuttal into voters homes for during the entire campaign. YES didny huv that. A balanced view is all that is needed,would have made a difference.

  82. galamcennalath says:

    “…. that would take a channel and is a few years away”

    Thing is (as people have said) the internet is a great start, but it needs to go Freeview and Astra satellite.

    There is a point in its development at which it might take a HUGE step up …. if it has a reasonable audience (online) then it could become serious enough to get Scotland related exclusives, especially political content from Indy politicians. This would propel it forward because other MSM would need to report the news as having been an exclusive and give credit. Any repeat of content would need to have the source and logo clearly shown. At thia point, people (old people) with only msm will become aware of it.

  83. bald eagle says:

    forgot to say some of the channels you get are very very good at ripping the pish out of world governments

    great movies sport is broadcast when the game has just finished so its not live unless you know what you are doing this can be overcome with a small screwdriver hmm hmm

    only problem is once you get loads of channels it takes days before you can get any sleep as you dont want to leave incase you wake up and think it was only a dream the best £25 i have ever spent have not watched any british tv for over two months and dont miss it one bit

    news channels from around the world really opens your eyes to what is going on and not the bullshit that we here get spoiled with my partner loves it for all that womanly stuff i.e bloody shopping channels

  84. Capella says:

    Great news and look forward to the first regular broadcasts. I got the threatogram from TVLicensing today which I will ignore as per website:

    Haven’t had a TV for years. I enjoy watching RT news and the Kaiser Report. I haven’t noticed any clunking state propaganda Kenny. Watched a good interview of Alan Cumming by Larry King today. Good comment on the referendum.

    But there is a great need for Scottish news and comment so good luck with that.

  85. Chitterinlicht says:

    I would pay.

    Can’t watch bbc scotland news anymore it is like cbeebies

    Can’t take Jackie Bird seriously (never did)

  86. Pam McMahon says:

    Thanks handclapping at 1.50pm. Yes, I am an older voter, who has fought for Scottish independence for 50 years and no, I don’t need a BBC licence for the over 75’s. I cancelled my licence a long while ago, as many of us beneath-your-recenthly-New-Scots-Nats notice did.
    You have successfully accomplished removing me, and many others of my generation from contributing to these blogs, but will never remove us from fighting for the independence of our country, which most of us have been doing our whole lives. So, well done you, and up yours.

  87. tombee says:

    I have a seeking suspicion that this is going to be “just the ticket”.
    Good luck to all involved. ????

  88. YESGUY says:

    These Lads and lassies put a smile on many a Wingers face over the ref period. They have a large young support and although they added satire to the show it did get the odd message out.

    MSM are struggling because of the same old shite regardless of channel or rag. No one reads more than the headlines or sports pages.

    They have my support because of their commitment to Scottish news and even if they only get a few thousand viewers it will make an impact. Especially if it is as good as i believe they could be.

    Well done to them. They have my donation.

    Stu brought this to our attention folks. 😉

    We should support this .

  89. Gallowglass says:

    Excellent news, and timing. I was about to start ranting in the other threads a day or so ago that, while needed, a vibrant blogosphere alone is not enough and we need inroads into the mainstream media.

    These guys undoubtedly have brilliant skills, and it is good to see this forming. I haven’t paid the BBC a licence in years, so I will happily give that annual sum to this venture once it starts, hopefully, to take form.

    I myself hope to venture away from my ‘cushy number’ and position myself to be able to engage directly in politics, or a field such as this.

    Transferable skills they say 😉

  90. AuldA says:

    I hope they find generous patrons, because they’ll need more than a few quids to keep the boat afloat. The paraphernalia to buy, the salaries to pay, the necessary spaces to rent, and then, if they want to go live on air, the broadcasting licence.

    But even if they plan to go web only at first, they will still need network bandwidth and maybe a solid mirroring infrastructure to ensure every possible viewer gets a smooth stream. Bandwidth for a blog such as this one and a video stream server are not really in the same ballpark. That’s gonna cost… a bunch of ponies.

  91. Ann says:

    Looking foward to getting my news from elsewhere.

    No longer watch the news on the BEEB or STV. Pop onto RT.TV in the mornings before I leave for work.

    Saw the Catalan flag and I’m sure I saw a little bit of the blue Saltire being burned in Spain from one of their reports.

    It is however safe to say that they are obsessed with anything American, but at least it’s honest to goodness reporting.

    …. and in most cases they show both sides of the story.

  92. Effijy says:

    We only require another 14,000 signatures to reach the target figure of 100,000, that will qualify for a Public Enquiry into
    Blatant Bias at the BBC. Please submit your details via this link

  93. Paula Rose says:

    My offer to be the agony aunt still stands.

  94. Taranaich says:

    @Valerie: Seriously??? Do not read if you have high blood pressure, but its why we need media, regardless

    I cannot help but laugh at how pitifully insecure these people are if they think nationalists have set their sights so low. After all, what could sending SNP MPs in double figures to Westminster compare to voting for a celebrity’s mother to sabotage Strictly out of spite?

    It doesn’t seem to have occurred to the author that the majority of people who watch and vote on Strictly aren’t the sort of people who would cancel their license fee altogether out of disgust for the BBC. Or, indeed, that the sort of people who watch and vote on Strictly are more likely to be the same demographic which voted Better Together in the first bloody place.

    Gotta love this bit, though:

    Ever since the Scottish Nationalists lost the independence referendum they have had trouble coming to terms with the fact that they lost the independence referendum (you need to keep saying it and eventually it might get through).

    Ever since the British Nationalists won the independence referendum they have had trouble coming to terms with the fact that they won the independence referendum. They stupidly seem to think that the people who campaigned for a Yes vote were just going to shut up about it after they lose, as if they were somehow proven wrong. “Oh, it’s a No vote, I guess that means we were wrong. Oh well, let’s pack up folks, no point bothering any more.”

    Well, here’s something we’re going to keep saying, and eventually it might get through to the British nationalists: we won’t shut up about independence until we win. This is the price you pay for your victory: putting up with us until it’s done. Oh, we’re being unreasonable for sticking to our guns and refusing to give up despite losing with “only” 45% of the vote after starting with 30%?

    Far from being bothered by the “come on, you lost, get over it” brigade, I’m taking immense pleasure in depriving them of unearned satisfaction and peace. Oh I’m sorry, am I annoying you? Is my struggle for self-determination, a concept tethered to my political beliefs, bothering you? Does my continued belief that independence is right despite what was hardly a resounding, decisive defeat in a weighted and unfair referendum make you angry?

    Good. Because you don’t get to enjoy a victory without opposition when it’s stolen through fear and lies. You have no entitlement to our courteous silence when we don’t respect how your victory was won. We have no obligation to be “good losers” when you have been such sore winners.

    bjsalba: Perhaps we could have a Scottish oriented satirical political magazine.

    I rather fancy the title “Scotland’s Private Aye”, myself – but would that infringe on copyright?

    I’d go for “Public Aye” myself.

  95. Caroline Corfield says:

    I second Eorpa as a very informative programme, as are many on BBC Alba, and most have English sub-titles, the channel is available on sky and cable UK wide but I don’t think the freeview in England shows it.

    Internet is good, I am more inclined now to watch video online for news such as the livestreaming stuff than I was before, once you are aware things are going on you’re not getting to see on MSM you want to see what you’re missing.

    That’s the key to getting more people weaned off of the BBC, point out what they’re missing. Wee questions like “did you see that massive demonstration on the news last night?” “you’ll never guess what the Americans are up to now?”

    They’ll be a few who dismiss it as propaganda, much the same as they are trying to make out RT and Al-Jazeera are, but Al-J were set up by the BBC originally. And RT only get dodgy when it’s something to do with Russia and her sphere of influence.

    I wish the lads every success in their venture and hope to see a broadcast channel in the future. I’m also waiting on my first copy of the Scottish Statesman to arrive.

  96. Grendel says:

    I wrote a letter to the BBC cancelling my licence and revoking their right of implied access.
    Then I posted it without a stamp. Nice to know they paid the postage for me.

  97. Tackety Beets says:

    I appreciate the beauty of WOS is the annon etc
    Missing a lot recently is Tartan Tory and quite a few others.

    In line with this thread tho’ is The talented “Ken Macaroon” ?

    I remember he posted some excellent video stuff and suggested he was on a mission , I understood it was a media project

    I may have missed a post , is Ken involved on this or on another project ?

  98. Paula Rose says:

    Tackety Beets honey – fret ye not, the lovely Tartan Tory is taking pictures of tits in the highlands, it’s one of his many hobbies.

  99. Sannymac says:

    I’m sick to death of youngsters claiming that the Oldies do not use computers or the internet. I’ve got into my 80’s and I had a PC [Apple C2 I think] from 1980, that is probably before many of these people were born. In those days the programming language was Basic. Unfortunately we did not have the internet system. Today I constantly use my PC on the internet to maintain contact with many of my OAP friends. I take offence when I read these misinformed articles and comments.
    Many of the youngsters should learn to close their mouths and open their ears, listen and learn. My interest on “Home Rule for Scotland” started in 1950 when it was part of the Labour Party Policy. That is the real Labour Party not the junk that uses that name today.

  100. Yesitis says:

    I forgot to mention, I like this.
    A lot.

  101. wannabescot says:

    That’s EXACTLY what’s been missing! World News from Scotland, Scottish point of view.
    You could have Craig Ferguson as an occasional presenter!

  102. fionan says:

    This is fantastic news and I wish the venture all the very best. Contrary to the many comments about ‘older people’, I get ALL my news now from the internet. I stopped buying newspapers around five years ago, and stopped paying the EBC tax when AS was refused a place in the Leaders debates for the 2010 GE. I rarely bother with iplayer as it is also full of propaganda. So the only news I get is from online sources, and I am aware that I miss much of what is happening in the world. Ventures like this will make all the difference to accessing daily news. And their format sounds excellent.

  103. Ken500 says:

    Can the Scottish Gov not give an Enterprise Grant or something to help fund a Scottish News outlet. Public money from taxpayers is used to waste on the BBC News.

    It is surprising how much better people feel not accessing the UK Gov run ‘News’ outlets or Westminster biased Pish.

  104. Valerie says:

    @Sannymac, I agree there needs to be less stereotyping on the basis of age, or the site will alienate supporters, and what’s important is the person’s goal, not their age!

  105. skozra says:

    Sweeeet. Monthly donation set up for this !

  106. Paul says:

    Really hope this succeeds. It’s needed.

  107. Robert Peffers says:

    @caledonia says: 10 November, 2014 at 1:23 pm:Should

    “Older people don’t even bother with the internet. …”

    What do you mean, “Older folk”, Caladonia?
    I’m older folk and I have no on-air TV reception whatsoever. I am on-line all the time while at home and via a mobile phone & a net book when out and about. I do have radio available at all times though.

  108. Robert Peffers says:

    caz-m says: 10 November, 2014 at 1:39 pm:

    “I have asked this before, could they not apply for a slot on the STV regional stations that are opening up around Scotland.”

    Perhaps not a good idea to be involved with an existing commercial enterprise, caz-m. However, there is a, “Community Channel”, on Freeview.

  109. Robert Peffers says:

    @Jim McIntosh says: 10 November, 2014 at 1:43 pm:

    “Out of interest goes anyone know how much it costs to buy a ‘Freeview’ slot on TV for an hour or so a day.”

    No but there may be some merit in a slot on the Community Channel.

  110. Robert Peffers says:

    @Pam McMahon says: 10 November, 2014 at 1:47 pm:

    “Older folk will die out, with their BBC licences still clutched in their arthritic claws …”

    Will you cease this denigrating patronising claptrap against older people, Pam McMahon?. Many commenters on this website ARE members of that section of the Scotland’s population.

    Many, who like myself, do not generally watch or listen to the broadcast media. Most, like myself, for the very good reason that the absolute rubbish being broadcast is aimed at those younger listener/viewer who, generally speaking, have never had a chance to listen/watch and experience either good music nor good entertainment. They have thus become accustomed to “music”, and, “Entertainment”, fit only for morons.

    Hundreds of radio stations pumping out mind numbing, so called, “Pop-Music”, that all sounds exactly the same and has as much to do with actual, “Music”, as a dog turd has to cordon bleu cookery. Hundreds of TV channels, all pumping out very old films and repeats of very old soap-operas or older junk pop-music. Most of which was total pap when first foisted upon the public and has not improved with age.

    The real reason there are older voters who are not yet convinced independence for Scotland is the best way forward is because for the past 308 years the Scots have been subjected to a totally Westminster centred political agenda that has promised much but delivered little. Thus, like the younger broadcast listener/viewer they just do not trust ANY politician.

    Like the younger listener/viewer has no taste in music or entertainment the older person has switched off to politics and cannot distinguish good from bad. In short they have been made to fear political change for their lifetime experiance has been that political change has always been bad for them.

    Think on this, Pam, if your crass denigration of the older person can upset this old, (supporter of independence for 68 years), then what must it feel like for an old person who has never considered independence before? If you want to alienate them then you are going the right way about it.

  111. Robert Peffers says:

    @Ld Elon says:10 November, 2014 at 1:49 pm:

    “Scottish independence failed because its house simply wasn’t in order to secede to an independent state.”

    While you are entitled to your own opinion, it remains just that – Your own opinion. The reason the Referendum failed was due to the bare faced lies and propaganda of the Better Together, Westminster Establishment and National Broadcaster. These were aimed at frightening the poorest, oldest and most vulnerable Scots into voting against political change..

    The truth, in case you had not noticed, is that independence has not failed. In truth the Scottish electorate instantly reacted by each and every independence supporting political party, (and several non-party organisations), growing in membership and thus, obviously, strength of numbers, feet on the ground and financial support.

    So much that the SNP membership gains have made them the third largest political party in the United Kingdom in spite of only drawing from around a 10th of the United Kingdom’s population. The Greens also have gone to unheard of strength of numbers as have the SSP, Solidarity and Labour for Indy. Not to mention all Scottish unionist parties have lost greatly in membership as have the Scottish Dead Tree Press and unionist broadcasters lost readers, viewers & listeners.

    If you seriously imagine the independence movement has lost the argument on independence then, while that is your personal prerogative to do so, it only serves to indicate your poor judgement of the political situation for although the referendum vote itself was lost the campaign for independence is growing massively by the day. We are NOT going away any time soon. Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock! … … …

  112. Robert Peffers says:

    @handclapping says:10 November, 2014 at 1:50 pm:

    “At 75 you get your licence paid for; just remember to vote BBC.

    Aye! handclapping, and some of us old guys & gals have told them what to use their licence for. (it saves them spending on toilet rolls), the TV Channels are not worth the effort of renewing the licence. They should be paying folks to watch that rubbish as it really is mostly painful and hurts the brain.

  113. Robert Peffers says:

    @Another Union Dividend says: 10 November, 2014 at 2:23 pm:

    “still no word of any BBC live coverage of Alex Salmond’s Conference speech on BBC1 or BBC2 on Friday”.

    Oh! Yes there was. My wee pal had it on his TV live and sent me a text to come and watch it. It was on the Parliament Channel and they were covering the SNP conference live. I watched a bit of the conference before Eck’s speech and for a wee wile after it. Then his wife came in and changed the channel.

    Let’s face it, where else would you look for politics but on the Parliament Channel. Matter of fact I’m in his house now watching the SNP conference. It includes the speech by Nicola Sturgeon. There’s a wee wifie, (Kirsteen Fraser) on just now. A lady who was a lapsed member who returned to the SNP and is now on the stage making a speech.

  114. Robert Peffers says:

    @bald eagle says:10 November, 2014 at 4:17 pm:

    ” … also be argued in court that you dont need a licence”

    Sigh! Oh! Please can we put this daft one to bed, once and for all? Read your bloody licence, bald eagle. That is if you have one. In spite of being well over 75 I do not have one but did read it when I did have one. You are ,licensed to receive, Television broadcasts from, ANY LIVE SOURCE of terrestrial, satellite or cable. This has nothing whatsoever to do with what the BBC owns or doesn’t own.

    Fact 1 – The BBC is NOT funded by the TV Licence but by a Government Grant.

    FACT 2 – The BBC collects the Licence Fee and issues the Licence on behalf of the UK Government. It does not directly get that Licence money.

    FACT 3 – You are licence to receive TV broadcasts from anyone, from anywhere and by any receiving system.

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