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The meaning of tolerance

Posted on September 23, 2022 by

The SNP have just revealed the agenda for their conference next month. As expected, and hilariously, it includes a proposal for a “code of conduct” as proposed by the Twitler Youth sturmjugend of the Aberdeen Independence Movement.

We can only salute their timing.

Because today is also when we found out (via Yours For Scotland) that this charming character has just been made Equalities Officer of the party’s London branch.

You’ve got to love that tolerance, haven’t you, readers? We’re sure young Mr Downing will be a massive asset to the causes of equality and respectful campaigning.

The agenda also includes a number of motions relating to poverty. On a day when the party has also been screaming its hollow outrage about Kwasi Kwarteng’s appalling, sickening budget, we found out something else we hadn’t known.

We need a bigger word than “hypocrisy”, folks.

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761 to “The meaning of tolerance”

  1. John Main says:

    HYPOCRISY is a wee bit bigger.

  2. sarah says:

    Alice through the looing glass? Mad hatter? Actually more like Lord of the Flies – nasty, dangerous, evil.

  3. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    The problem is that the MSM are “supporting” Ms Sturgeon and her sycophants so ‘yer average’ SNP voter (not member) doesn’t have clue how rotten the party has become.

    Once/if it becomes widespread knowledge, then all will be to play for. Which MSM journalist (and their rag) has the balls to blow the whistle?

  4. Astonished says:

    I did not think that I could increase my loathing of sturgeon and the nuSNP transcult. How wrong I was.

    Shocked by this.

    Still Shirley Anne Shambles and Humza “broughty ferry” Useless will never have enough ability to outshine anyone.

  5. Ian McCubbin says:

    The top cabal of SNP and its leader are worse than useless, cheats liars and narcissists.
    We need Alba and ISP to rise ASAP.

  6. David says:

    Doubt anything will happen to the toxic liitle pronoun wearer.

    Doesn’t matter anyway, they’d just replace like for like.

  7. John Main says:

    Maybes successful left-leaning politicians learn that the key to re-election is to keep the voters in poverty.

    Eliminate child poverty, and you go some way to eliminating poverty generally.

    Eliminate poverty, and the voters will vote Tory.

    If you are of the left, there is no future in ever solving the problems you are elected to solve, unless you have some other income stream to fall back on. Professional politicians don’t, hence they need to keep kicking the can down the road until they reach pension age.

  8. Lenny Hartley says:

    Spoke to an ex snp branch office bearer today who has had to withdraw from activism due to ill health. He was gobsmacked when I suggested to him that Sturgeon had done nothing for the cause of Independence and walked away mumbling about giving her another chance.
    Spoke with some rellies yesterday both SNP Members one of which accused Alba of splitting the Independence vote in the last Holyrood elections.
    When i explained (again) how the voting system worked, they asked me who designed it, when I said Labour they blamed Labour and not Sturgeon for SNP 1/2
    I had spent a lot of time prior to that vote explaining to them that voting SNP in the Constituency would elect Unionists, they told me they believed Nicola and told me no further discussion.
    So i suppose its progress that they are listening to me again, but I despair all three are pretty intelligent people and the Cult has them in their grasp.

  9. Effijy says:

    And will they bother their backsides to remove this whatever it’s called today from office?

  10. robertkknight says:

    My God…

    The lunatics are well and truly running the asylum.

    These individuals are a cancer eating the heart of the party that I once supported.

    Meanwhile, Sturgeon fiddles as Rome burns.

    What a cluster-f**k the SNP has become.

  11. Merganser says:

    ‘Sturgeon doesn’t read unaffordable proposals’.

    Has anybody else seen what the budget is for the Scottish Government offices in Brussels and elsewhere in the world?

    Brussels alone is £2,500,000. this year (up £500,000 on last year).

    It has 6 other offices, the cost to run them being many millions in total. The Washington office cost £800,000 in 2021 and had 4 members of staff.

    How are these ‘affordable proposals’?

  12. Ian Brotherhood says:

    It’s hard to remember now but the debates surrounding independence were once ‘serious’ and they were addressing the basics, just as SALVO/SSRG are doing.

    It doesn’t get much more basic than this – James Kelman laying out his position on royalty, the ‘Right to Vote’, and questions surrounding Scottishness/identity.

    How could anyone have foreseen the surreal mess it’s all become?

  13. Shug says:

    It is starting to look like Nicola is getting ready to set fire to the ship.

    The fuck ups
    Very odd people on the NEC and holding office
    People of very doubtful character (aledgidly) skipping the vetting process
    Commercial fuck ups a plenty
    Missing frequent open goals
    They can’t all be accidents

    The sooner alba is up and running the better

    Imagine an SNP conference not talking and the benefits of indy


  14. Angel says:

    This individual works for the NHS with his stinking outlook on life.
    Pity help the patients he doesnt quite like.

  15. Christopher Pike says:

    …and you lot still support independence? Lol A former US President once said, “Everything woke turns to shit”. I may have fundamentally disagreed with him on everything else, but he was right about woke culture. The independence movement went woke and now we’re watching it go broke.

    These are the same individuals who would be setting up and running the initial years of an independent Scotland, which is enough to give anyone nightmares. Woke culture is killing modern entertainment and now appears to be killing political movements. An independent Scotland would not be a welcoming place for straight, white males – unless you are of the soy boy variety.

  16. Lorna Campbell says:

    Perfectly in keeping with the fascist Brownshirts. This is the sort of young man who joined them and who beat up people in the street who did not bend the knee. I think these people forget what happened to the Brownshirts in The Night of the Long Knives, when Hitler decided they were a luxury his party could no longer afford. If Ms Sturgeon ever gets a sniff that they might become a threat to her hegemony…

    Read a piece today about a ‘transing’ doctor who was showing off amputated body parts in a videocast on-line – that is, healthy young female breasts – complete with close-ups. Dr Mengele also said that he was carrying out his experiments to “help” people, many of them young children and he, too, showed off the mutilated and still-living bodies. He pumped little Jewish and Gypsy children full of drugs to see what would happen. Sound familiar? This is what the SNP under Sturgeon supports.

    As for a fully-costed and sensible anything at all, forget it. She does not listen; she does not veer from the chosen path to oblivion for Scotland and independence; and she sure as hell gets rid of those in the party who rumble her real agenda and have the temerity to question the tablets of stone (sorry, back of a fag packet) written in sprawling capitals by herself with a coloured crayon.

  17. craig murray says:

    My only objection to the Scottish government offices abroad is that from my direct experience they are staffed largely by unionists who extol Britishness.

  18. Christopher Pike says:

    When will someone point out the over-representation of LGBTQ people within politics? We are constantly told that the over-representation of straight, white men is ‘problematic’, so surely the over-representation of any facet of society must also be bad?

  19. Robert Hughes says:

    So ya wanna be an Equalities Officer , huh ?

    Think you got what it takes son ?

    You know how many EOs are killed in the line of duty son ?

    None ! Not a single one ; wanna know why ?

    Two words son , just two

    Cameron Downing . The meanest E.O in ol’Edinboro .

    He kicked so much TERF ass them sumbitches done cleared outta town ; takin’ the goddam Dinosaurs with them .

    S’why they named him Tolerance Downing

    They won’t be comin’ round here no more

    Still want the job son ?

  20. Hatuey says:

    Been telling you all for months and years — forget everything and concentrate on getting rid of monsters inc. Fill your hearts with darkness and trust that negativity will find a way to defeat them.

    That’s basically how politics works; nobody really gets anything they want from it, the most you can hope for is to screw up things and people you definitely don’t want.

    Anyway, I have the perfect gift to cheer you all up, especially the Rev;

    It’s the best thing you’ll ever buy.

  21. Rab Davis says:

    How does Sturgeon plan to police this “Code of Conduct” if we break it?

    Will she be handing out lines?

    Confine us all to barracks?

    Do twenty press ups?

    What evil punishment has she got planned for anyone who breaks one of her Codes?

  22. Rab Davis says:

    Sturgeon’s Code of Conduct is turning out to be more like her version of the “Ten Commandments”.

    1/ Thou shall not…

  23. One of the 45% says:

    The SNP appear to have been taken over by middle class trans activists who will never accept legitimate concerns and opinions. It’s like a form of fascism which they are oblivious to. The same middle class ‘very entitled’ gang never want to discuss class entitlement! It’s quite ironic that left leaning elected representatives in the SNP views and ideas for genuine poverty reform are nudged out by the entitled SNP brats who now run the show. They have managed to reattach that old name that Salmond did so well to throw off ‘tartan Tories’ and do you know what? They simply couldn’t give a flying fck! Queen Sturgeon will go down in record as being the most pathetic FM in history but her band of sycophants will just do what they always do and blame everyone apart from the supreme leader!

  24. twathater says:

    Surely the ever correct and unbiased police Scotland and our esteemed COPFS should be having words with this young fellow me lad , I would think there is ample evidence to suggest he is behaving in an extremely threatening manner , a manner that could suggest that someone is at a serious risk of an extremely serious injury or even death , who knows what this young lad is capable of ,and the damage he may inflict on some poor unsuspecting innocent person and their respective families

    IMO if the police or COPFS are NOT looking in to and investigating the public threats this young lad is openly making towards certain people on social media where is the outcry from our politicians of every party , and WHY are the SNP promoting this IMO obviously disturbed young man into a position of responsibility where he is supposed to act and behave like a mature level headed individual with unbiased views intent on promoting and encouraging tolerance and acceptance

    Surely for anyone about to be promoted as an equalities officer the responsible organisation concerned would have a rigorous vetting procedure where background checks for physical threats or unbalanced behaviour of this type would raise alarming responses from the organisation

    I would like to state that any physical damage or injury that this person enacts or commits on anyone, the COPFS , Police Scotland and the SNP hierarchy should be investigated and pilloried for their refusal to address the blatant publicly issued threats against persons by this individual

    It is extremely concerning that there appears to be no action being carried out by the police or COPFS to these incendiary threats but rapid and enthusiastic action was expedited aggressively against the likes of Mark Hirst for innocent jibes deemed no case to answer

  25. Luigi says:

    Mmmm. Three very big SNP serious promises on the horizon: 1. Referendum in 2023, 2. A9 dualled by 2025, 3. A96 dualled by 2030. I wonder if any of these big promises will be kept, or will they quietly go the way of “Scotland will not be pulled out of Europe”? Fail promise 1 and the indy movement will tear them apart. Fail 2 or 3 (likely both) and the tories will tear them apart. The SNP plane is in trouble. NS must be desperately looking around for a political parachute. Perhaps she already has one stashed away? We will find out soon enough IMO.

  26. Luigi says:

    If the SNP fail to keep their A9 and A96 dualling promises, they will loose the North and north East Scotland IMO. It’s that serious.

  27. Robert Louis says:

    So, as the entire uk is dragged into the abyss by utter criminal incompetence within ten and eleven downing street, the SNP are wasting time on utter rubbish like this.

    Do they even understand how folk feel right now, do they even sense the seething anger and rage.

    The Lying Tories in England have just announced the biggest f*** you Scotland budget in history, and all the SNP do is whine, and pat themselves on the back for making ‘great speeches’.

    In the name of god, what will it take for Nicola Sturgeon to wake the f*** up and get us out of this utterly pointless, undemocratic and unwanted so-called ‘union’???

    Just take a look at the European and US coverage on the UK economy, and you will quickly realise the English colonial government is trashing the economy. When the markets open on Monday, just watch the pound crash, in real time.

    Scotland needs out. Next year is too late.

    Why, why, why will the SNP not get on with things, and take action. Are they all just too cosy down in London town. Just like Pete Wishart, they are all talk and no action.

    The way things are going, Wales will be independent and back in the EU, Ireland will be re-unified, and the SNP will still be discussing stupid childish motions about ‘tolerance’, or some other ridiculous ‘trans’ sh*te.

    Honestly, NOW is the time. Not next year, not next month. NOW.

  28. Newburghgowfer says:

    Well last election I had no candidate to vote for. It looks like the next election it will be the same. Imagine living in a Country where your choice is ‘ Which version of a tosspot do you want to vote for?’ It seems I won’t be doing any sort of vote in my lifetime again !!

  29. Breeks says:

    One of the 45% says:
    24 September, 2022 at 2:03 am

    …They simply couldn’t give a flying fck! Queen Sturgeon will go down in record as being the most pathetic FM in history but her band of sycophants will just do what they always do and blame everyone apart from the supreme leader!

    They won’t blame the supreme leader, because without the supreme leader these degenerates wouldn’t have a career and fat wage packet, but be shunned and marginalised as obnoxious imbeciles whom nobody sensible would be taking seriously, least of all giving advancement and prosperity.

    It’s one thing to create a world where cranks, perverts and weirdos aren’t beaten, abused and driven out of their homes for being cranks, perverts and weirdos. But it’s a whole different ball game trying to make their outlandish and disturbing philosophies mainstream, where normal people are expected to retune their lives and themselves to the aberrant lunacy suddenly becoming an official doctrine of the State.

    In the UK, and even more decidedly in Scotland, “something” is happening that the “good guys and gals” are not making the cut, and that the dross, corrupt and bottom feeders have staged a coup and are now running the show.

    With our Unionist media, Unionist Government, Scotland is essentially an amputee Nation denied the use of its limbs because the mechanisms which would ordinarily and allow a Nation to weed out it’s “reprobates on the make” are the very mechanisms installing these douche bags as gatekeepers and policy makers.

    The trouble is, by the time it’s festering in our Politicians, it’s already too late. When you look at Sturgeon’s evasion and selective amnesia before a rigged Inquiry with gross improprieties in the submission of evidence; you are not seeing a good system failing, but a bad, dysfunctional and corrupt “Parish Council” philosophy working it’s way to the top.

    Scotland’s Devolved “Government” is the freak show you get with the dark, stinky world of Scotland’s Local Authorities works it’s way through the system and into the top jobs. The slimy world of Lobbying is just a click away from the slimy world of Procurement.

    Without Independence, Scotland will never rid itself of perennial toxin being administered into our Nations psyche. Open your eyes. We do not have ANY home security or defence institutions overseeing what goes on in Scotland. Our enemies are free to run riot and infiltrate our institutions from top to bottom and there’s virtually nothing we can do about it.

    Just look at Alex Salmond. How “difficult” was it for the UK State to get it’s stooges close and all around him? It was effortless. In Sturgeon they seem to have gone one better, and have an arch-stooge dug in like tick.

    Look at what the CIA does to Countries (like Ukrn if you want to be topical), when it’s spooks have a free hand. The Cold War Security Services were all “at it”, from MI5, the KGB and Mossad. Who or what do we have in place protecting Scotland from the same adulteration of our politics and unchallenged media indoctrination? Nothing. Not a damned thing.

    “That” is why we have Sturgeon, and why she’s so impossible to remove or hold to account. She isn’t our leadership. She is the cork in the bottle designed to impede our real leadership, and cause Scottish Independence to stagnate and fail. She is the cork, and Holyrood is the bottle. The whole jig is rigged.

  30. Rab Davis says:

    Robert Louis 7.35am

    Robert,, you are absolutely spot on with your immediate concerns about the imminent crash of UK economy.

    I don’t usually read the details of how a budget will affect our future,,,but this one is different,,,and with the possibility that the pound against the dollar could be hitting parity,,, this is going to force up high st prices even more.

    Mortgage repayments are going to go through the roof,,,a crash in the housing market.

    An unfunded budget. With no answers as to how they are going to fund the energy cap,,,no answers as to how they are going to fund these massive tax cuts,,,so all the international Investors are dumping sterling.

    Rats leaving a sinking ship.

    Sturgeon does need to move fast,,, otherwise the Scottish economy is going to get dragged down the pan with England.

    Take five minutes to read this report about the economic catastrophy that lies ahead in the very near future.

    As I have said,I don’t usually follow up what a budget would do to the economy,,but this one is very different.

  31. stuart mctavish says:

    Sounds like a reasonable enough proposal – provided always there is an amendment to ensure it is applied without fear or favour and anyone caught blaming their woes on the English*, Tories, Donald Trump, EU/Brexit, each other, straight men, indy party leaders, young people enjoying themselves, or even the common cold (despite its use until now as a device to demonstrate quite how little is actually devolved at the string pulling level) gets sent to the corner in a pointy hat.

    *ie without the illegitimate prefix

  32. Dorothy Devine says:

    Everyone in Scotland should be made aware of the voting system – including the cluelesss members of the SNP from top to bottom.

    Then Scots would understand that ‘Both votes SNP’ is an outrageous piece of rubbish designed to prevent independence.

  33. Dan says:

    Pete Wishart could be deemed to be breaching the very code of conduct he supports by his continual “Albist” sniping.
    What use is a code of conduct for campaigning to return Scotland to self-governing status if said code is “built on the principles of freedom, tolerance, equality, the protection of individual and community rights and the rejection of prejudice and discrimination in any form”, yet doesn’t tolerate different political views…

  34. Rab Davis says:

    You learn something new on Wings every day.

    With the pound nearing parity with the US dollar, it got me thinking about how it compared in years gone by.

    For instance, during the American civil war, you could get TEN DOLLARS FOR ONE POUND.

    Amazing to think it is now not far off one dollar equal to one pound sterling.

    Here’s a 200 history of the pound to the dollar.

  35. Karen says:

    Not only are LGBT people over represented in politics, but so are childless people. John Swiiney has one child, all the rest (SNP and Green) none. I remember about 3 women MSPs saying they would not restart due to family commitments, just about the time all the trains stuff was taking off. I remember when the Greens deeply cared about children …

  36. Karen says:


  37. Hatuey says:

    Rab, your link which I was interested in doesn’t seem of work.

    With regards to this mini budget, and I’m not defending anyone, it’s difficult to see what any chancellor could do to make the economy better in a situation like this. It’s all sort of screwed up no matter what they do, and especially screwed up if they do nothing.

    In the background Brexit is playing a highly destructive role. Normally when Sterling weakens our exports would increase, as the weak pound makes everything we do relatively cheaper. That mechanism would usually kick in and help when times were hard but we don’t have any markets to export to — we pulled out of our biggest market.

    In the foreground, government borrowing — which is necessary to mitigate against rising energy prices — is weakening the pound further. The UK debt to GDP ratio is a lot worse than it looks and it looks shit.

    So, interest rates go up in order to make the government bonds more attractive. That’s debt for us but borrowing to everyone else. We are skint and tapping to get by, officially an economy getting by on payday loans.

    Nobody can see any positive signs or a way out of it either. There’s a good chance we end up begging the IMF for help and, if we do, there’s a good chance they will tell us what everyone knows — we need to re-integrate with the EU.

    Can you imagine how screwed it would be without our oil propping it up?

  38. John Main says:

    So we have Breeks at 7:45 am saying it is all the fault of malign, shadowy actors (CIA, MI5, WEF, MSM, assorted Satans, etc, etc).

    And Lenny Hartley at 9:54 pm explaining how everybody he talks to about the declining state of Scotland, the SNP, and the political situation, just doesn’t want to know.

    It might be possible that both are right, and both factors are in play.

    But I tend to side with Lenny, simply because Scotland is still a functioning democracy.

    Want to know why Scotland is in the state it is? You will have a mirror somewhere.

    Go take a keek in it.

  39. John Main says:

    @Hatuey 9:28

    Yada yada Brexit yada yada.

    I see no Covid.

    I see no War.

    Let’s pebble dash Wings BTL and pretend that if I ignore Covid and The War then they don’t exist.

  40. Derek says:

    Generally, it’s +/- 0.2mm at my work…

  41. stuart mctavish says:

    @Rab Davis

    Could be a coincidence, or just good business (depending how the macro economy guards against grifters), but, given what else happened in 1979, Fig1 & 2 might be of interest from a reparations/ fool us twice perspective regardless.

  42. Chas says:

    Following the new Chancellor’s ‘mini budget, where the Tories continue to look after their own, it must surely be dawning on the ‘hard of thinking’, who infest this site, that MONEY, or the lack of it, is central to just about everything. Of course the BPHB may disagree!
    Independence is dead for the next 10 years or more under the current SNP/Tory shambles. Who would honestly vote for an Independent Scotland run by the SNP.
    A radical but relatively simple solution. Vote Labour at the next General Election. Not only would we rid ourselves of the current Tory disaster, with hopefully the added bonus of the demise of Sturgeon and her acolytes in the SNP. The loss of the majority of SNP seats would mean she would have to resign taking the dead wood with her.
    A few years of Labour in power and in 5 years time we would see the rise of the Independence movement again but in a stronger, more determined shape.
    Politics has always been about ‘short termism’ with the long view being ignored. Look at China-they have planned for the long term and it will not be too long before they are the major world super power.
    The only drawback I can see is a lack of a leader to take the Independence movement forward. Salmond has too much baggage attached to him and is also simply too old.
    Where is that leader?

  43. John Main says:

    Stuart Mctavish

    I assume you believe that an analysis of the US economy applies directly to the UK and/or the Scottish economy?

    Let’s say it does.

    When charting the falling percentage of the GDP that is shared by the poorest chunk of the population, I am always struck by how inwards migration is ignored as a contributory factor.

    In both the USA and the UK, you have millions of people who have arrived with next to nothing. Then people are surprised when the stats show many more millions of people with next to nothing?

    Similarly, the arrival of millions of people with next to nothing serves to shrink the percentage of people who have most wealth, even if none of these people are any richer than before.

    Statistics, eh? They should come with a health warning.

  44. Republicofscotland says:

    Yeah, read Iain’s excellent piece yesterday, tolerance and impartiality are not words that I’d now associate with the SNP.

  45. Rab Davis says:

    Hatuey 9.28

    I’m no economist, I just know that the UK economy is in dire straits.

    For instance, this two years price freeze on energy bills is great news,,,but no one has a clue how she’s going to pay for it.
    The same with her tax cuts yesterday,,,all unfunded.

    Interest rates set to hit above 5%.

    Cost of living is going to hit record levels.

    And all the SNP can think of to top their conference agenda is a Code of Conduct.

    Who would be a realistic choice as leader of the SNP if Sturgeon jumps ship?

    Joanna Cherry seems to have waved it past.

    I can’t think of anyone who is going to unite the YES Movement.

    Any ideas?

  46. John Main says:

    @Chas 9:58

    You are right. It’s Starmer’s turn. That’s how the English will see it. And what the English want is what we will get.

    We may as well lend Labour the 40 or 50 seats they need to get a solid majority.

    That then gives them 5 years to try to sort out the clusterfuck of Covid and The War.

    As sterling (and the Euro) continue their downwards slide, the Indy movement will need that 5 years to grapple with the currency question, once and for all.

  47. John Main says:

    Rab Davis 10:15

    Hatuey suggested we raise money by selling our shoes …

    Could it work?

  48. J Galt says:

    So they’re going to dual the A9 and A96 thus undermining the remaining rail goods traffic to the Highlands and making life easier for the express coach operators who are already largely on the public teat to carry joy riding over 60s and weans?

    How does that fit in with a “Green Agenda”?

  49. Republicofscotland says:

    The SNP has a cheek to propose a code of conduct after what they’ve done.

    “A motion put forward by president Michael Russell – among others – will call for conference to support the adoption of a code of conduct which would be adhered to by all organisations involved in the Yes movement in all campaigning.”

  50. Grouser says:

    This business of a ‘Code of Conduct’ has come up before. The YES movement is independent of all political parties. The YES movement did not need a code of conduct during the last referendum campaign. Anyone trying to impose or enforce a code of conduct will be told where to put their code of conduct, certainly by the YES group I belong to. The YES movement has to be on its guard and resist attempts to take control especially by the SNP.
    The SNP is an obstacle and a disgrace but there are still those who live with their heads in the sand.

  51. stuart mctavish says:

    @John Main

    Whilst I’d be inclined to refuse them the vote on national issues until such time as they (can) become true Scots, I’d imagine Scotland’s inward migration raises property prices/ tax revenue and conclude that, but for the 1979 result, most of the people arriving in Kings X during the eighties could have been doing the same for you lot.

  52. John H. says:

    The only thing standing between us and independence now is Nicola Sturgeon. And she’s willing to use anything to prevent us from taking it. People like the character above are obviously mentally ill, and she is placing them in official positions within the SNP to aid her in her campaign of sabotage.

    She has no right to set rules and conditions outside of the party she leads ( for the moment). Before we can make any real progress she will have to go. Her betrayal of the Scottish people is obvious and we can only wonder why.

  53. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Rab Davis.

    For decades – in Dundee anyway – the half crown was referred to as a ‘half dollar’. Certainly, it continued through the 60s and into the 70s, when it went out of use with decimalisation.

    I have a Ready Reckoner from the 1930s which has a dollar = 5 shillings.

  54. Hatuey says:

    Of course, rab, the additional spending will be funded with national debt. There is no alternative. You can only borrow money if people are willing to lend though, and to entice them into lending you give them an incentive — by giving them a better return, i.e. higher interest rates.

    Mr Thicko above mentioned immigration. He thinks it reduces GDP but it actually increases it. It’s also the best way to dampen wage inflation and increase long term growth, which is what the UK needs. Brexit, again, hasn’t helped labour supply.

    It’s a mess. Other countries are a mess too right now but Brexit makes all of the UK’s problems much worse.

    What will happen to Sterling if they need to go begging to the IMF?

    It’s all starting to resemble a scene from the roadrunner cartoon, with the coyote realising he has gone off a Brexit cliff, parachute failing, a nasty landing, then just when he thinks it’s over a huge piano lands on him.

  55. Shug says:

    I am thinking if Nicola is working for the UK now she will try to burn indy ref2 if it happens and generally undermine the party in case it doesn’t happen, there by crippling the party.

    If you want to save the movement I guess we have to stick with the SNP, get involved and work for alba, try and dump Nicola and her bunch of nut jobs and pressure MPs and MPs to do the right thing. They must be having doubts about their future employment

  56. Breeks says:

    J Galt says:
    24 September, 2022 at 10:43 am
    So they’re going to dual the A9 and A96 thus undermining the remaining rail goods traffic to the Highlands and making life easier for the express coach operators who are already largely on the public teat to carry joy riding over 60s and weans?

    How does that fit in with a “Green Agenda”?

    What about the Borders Railway? I’m told it’s a great success through the jungle telegraph,, but despite living and working in the Borders, I’ve physically laid eyes on an actual train twice. If they’d dualled the A7, or even just improved a few straights so you could actually pass another vehicle, it would have had a direct benefit for me, a Borders resident, countless times.

    What is it about the Borders that we get roads where you cannot pass, and we get single line rail which means you can’t even pass somebody else when you’re driving a train?

    I’m all for the environment, but give priority to the less glamorous things which make a bigger difference. Then again, I don’t think it’s my vote the SNP care about, because I want Independence, and the hypocritical bastards don’t give a fk about that either.

    The “Borders” Railway was really all about Edinburgh commuters and extra cash for the crooks at SBC.

  57. Andy Ellis says:

    @John H

    The only thing standing between us and independence now is Nicola Sturgeon.

    I know it’s almost an article of faith for some BTL here that Sturgeon is uniquely evil and uniquely responsible, but it’s still a cop out. In truth, while acknowledging her manifest flaws and shortcomings, her role as leader of what is supposed to be the party of independence and the failure of the movement to make progress, there is plenty of blame to go around.

    The SNP party leadership bares huge responsibility. The SNP rank and file membership need a rocket right up their collective arses, and lastly the lumpen electorate who are too stupid to understand why SNP 1 & 2 was and is a crap idea.

    Perhaps things do have to get worse before they get better: folk have been saying as much for the past couple of years, or even since it was obvious there was going to be no brexit deal. Harnessing the collective dissatisfaction of Scottish voters to the cause of independence will be the issue. That’ll be easier is Sturgeon has been deposed, but in the end the SNP membership are responsible for making sure it happens.

    Given what we’ve seen, and the subject of this piece, I won’t be holding my breath.

  58. Andy Ellis says:

    What is it about the Borders that we get roads where you cannot pass, and we get single line rail which means you can’t even pass somebody else when you’re driving a train?

    What is it about Borderers that makes them vote Tory time after time after time?

  59. John Main says:

    @Hatuey 11:21

    So it’s “Mr Thicko” now. Tolerance abandoned by the time the comments get into the 50’s.

    Of course I don’t think immigration reduces GDP.

    It increases it, but the immigration of pennyless people decreases GDP per capita for the indigenous population. It’s not a difficult concept to grasp.

    But Hatuey has managed to grasp the concept that immigration “dampens wage inflation”. AKA keeping wages low. Quite why any working Scot would see that as a good thing I will leave to Hatuey to explain.

    Or perhaps not, as per his standard MO. Over achievers gotta do what over achievers gotta do.

    Educating Hatuey has been a long slog but his acceptance that other countries in his beloved EU are in a mess too may indicate a partial breakthrough. After all, if everything is really down to Brexit, WTF is going on in China, the USA, Sri Lanka, Germany, Italy, etc, etc?

    Still too early to mention Covid and the war? Perhaps. Baby steps for Hatuey for now.

  60. Geoff Anderson says:

    John Main @ 09:48

    This is exactly what the problem is! You can only harvest grievance votes when people suffer.
    The SNP Business model is Westminster Short Money and the HQ Internal safety net for the loyal (or silent)

    The NuSNP elite have put the key internal voting in the trusted hands of the Cult. They only need the zero cost demand of GRA to keep these “office bearers” and NEC affiliates happy.
    The Indy Carrot still seems to be keeping the voters in line.

  61. John Main says:

    @Andy Ellis

    I think Chas has it right.

    South of the border, it’s coming up to Starmer’s turn.

    Here, when NS falls, with no popular or competent successor because of the NS personality cult, Scots will return to their first love, Labour.

    Meantime, I’m going to say this again.

    Everybody claiming that a small country leaving a bigger union has to be a sure fire disaster for the smaller country is helping to assemble the coffin for Scots Indy.

    The question is not “are they doing it”, rather it is “why are they doing it”?

  62. James Che says:

    There is a big difference between the code of conduct the snp are putting forward and the grass roots Yes for a independent Scotland,

    We chase the out come of a independent Scotland.

    The do not.
    They can have their code of conduct, they are not in the same catagory or group as genuine independence for Scotland as a movement.

    But by implication of the wide umbrella they are trying to include everyone in Scotland under a new
    And false law.

    Now I presume it is for judges and courts to decide on the matter of Scots Law,
    I didn’t realise that a Westminster branch government in Scotland could change Scots Laws of Scotland without breaching the treaty of the union.

    As a code of conduct for those inside the political party of the SNP it might be legal.

    But Legal in Scots law to cover all the people in Scotland. I think not.
    Especially with the Claim of right stating who holds Sovereignty in Scotland.

    Pretty sure the new code of conduct is racist, in it only applies to people ( in )Scotland, not the rest of the world.
    Pretty sure the code of conduct is also discrimmintary in that it only applies to a selected group of people ( in ) Scotland,

    I have not heard that Scottish legal judications have entered this into Scots law for people outside a political party.

  63. Rab Davis says:

    Brian 11.14am

    I remember older guys in the 70s saying things like “that’ll cost a dollar” and similar quotes.

    I never did understand exactly how much they where talking about lol

    But was common in Glasgow in the 70s.

  64. Scott says:

    John Main says:
    24 September, 2022 at 12:12 pm

    Meantime, I’m going to say this again.

    Everybody claiming that a small country leaving a bigger union has to be a sure fire disaster for the smaller country is helping to assemble the coffin for Scots Indy.

    The question is not “are they doing it”, rather it is “why are they doing it”?

    Stop begging the question, ya halfwit.

  65. Cuilean says:

    I will never vote SNP again. Never voted Green either and never will due to both the SNP and the Scottish Green Party’s open misogyny.

    Alba til I die from now on

  66. Rab Davis says:

    While I’m here Brian,,,, who’d be your choice to replace Sturgeon as SNP leader?

    Trying to see if there is somebody out there that I haven’t heard of before,,,an up and coming Star.

    Because I haven’t got a clue,,, it’s as if they all get there brains and balls removed as soon as they become SNP MPs and MSPs.

  67. Merganser says:

    Craig Murray @ 11.41pm says:

    ‘My only objection to the Scottish Government offices abroad is that from my direct experience they are staffed largely by unionists who extol Britishness’

    Wow! So the situation is even worse than I thought. Over ten million pounds of Scottish taxpayer’s money being spent every year to employ a handful of unionists who extol Britishness.

    This by an SNP government whose raison d’etre is (or is supposed to be) independence.

    Would it not be better spent in a different way?

    p.s. So pleased to read that your appeal is progressing. Always remember the Latin phrase on all those postcards I sent to you when you were in prison. One day…

  68. James Che says:

    No wonder The Scottish devolved government are chasing to hold scottish sovereignty To be converted to the Scottish Westminster devolved government in Scotland as far back as 2017.

  69. James Che says:

    The mental position held that the Snp are the independence for Scotland in Scotland is a MSM one.

    That is not how the Scottish people perceive it.

    It is interesting that someone on here used that MSM propaganda and lumped them in together,

  70. James Che says:


    I have not voted for the wee green goblins nor the wicked witch of the north for a long time, they are just fairy tales.

  71. Hatuey says:

    Okay, so now we are being told by a pro-Brexit taxi driver from East Kilbride that immigration is bad for the economy, right in the middle of an inflation crisis with wage-related strikes breaking out all over the place. Duh!

    Every major economic boom in history had an abundance of immigrants driving it forward.

    Every. Single. One.

    Some say the industrial revolution itself was driven by internal immigration / urbanisation. Most accept immigration played a massive part in the rise of the US as an economic giant, too. The same sort of process is underway in China right now. The post-war boom, the German miracle, all the big ones and more, all had abundant supplies of migrant labour at their core.

    History shows us that the dynamic works in the inverse too. When migrant labour becomes unavailable, is hindered, slows, or drys up, economic growth slows, stops, and often goes into reverse. We are living in a good example thanks to Brexit.

  72. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Rab.

    If I were still an SNP member, I’d be leaning towards Angus B MacNeil MP. He seems to be a bit of a maverick and to veer from the cult’s view regularly. Or Joanna Cherry, if she stays in politics.
    Can’t think of an MSP… Certainly not Mr Dempsie Robertson.

  73. Ian Brotherhood says:

    This is, potentially, another interesting wee piece of the jigsaw – from 2017, Al Jazeera digging into connections between Angus Robertson and Israeli intelligence.

  74. Rab Davis says:

    Brian 12.56pm

    Angus MacNeil seems to have dodged the mandatory brain and balls removal for all SNP MPs.

    Maybe about time he started making noises in the leadership direction.

    Yes,,, good choice.

  75. Morag says:

    As I’ve mentioned before, I joined London Branch in 1992. I was soon on the committee. I seldom missed a meeting although I had to travel in from Sussex. I met so many friends there, I just loved the group. The camaraderie, being able to talk to people on your own wavelength (and in your own language) was wonderful.

    When I went to the first meeting (on your actual Black Wednesday as it happens) I was apprehensive. I’d never been near a political party before and I wasn’t sure I’d fit in. I wanted independence, not politics. I loved it from the start, and all because of the people.

    If I’d met that Cameron on my first day, I’d have run a mile and never been back.

  76. James Che says:


    You could be good at this.

    Check were outside lobby funds are coming from that enter into the Scottish government coffers.

    Then you will find the SNP are only the front, that the Scottish government is not Scottish in any way or form,

    Other than sitting in Scotland,

  77. James Che says:

    The tool that the SnP are using to control the Scots and the independence movement is the Scottish devolved government,

    Without it they are nothing,

    If you want to cut a tree down you don’t simple chop of the top, pruning is not the answer, it will probably regrow more crooked than ever. With more branches And you still have the problem to contend with every year.

    You cut it at the base.

  78. Bob Mack says:

    What can you actually say?? Bereft of words.

  79. Republicofscotland says:

    Ian @1.10pm.

    Thanks for the link.

    The SNP used to have strong pro-Palestinian approach, that has long since been dumped. “In January 2017 Al Jazeera published footage of him in conversation with a British parliamentary staffer, Maria Strizzolo, discussing “taking down” UK MPs, including Alan Duncan and Crispin Blunt.”


    You might find this interesting as well.

  80. Alf Baird says:

    “We need a bigger word than “hypocrisy”, folks.”

    Like any colonial administration in its blocking of liberation and co-option by an imperial power, the regime according to Aime Cesaire: “is unable to justify itself either before the bar of “reason” or before the bar of “conscience”; and that, increasingly, it takes refuge in a hypocrisy which is all the more odious because it is less and less likely to deceive.”

    We can only hope that any remaining sensible members of the dominant national party realise what they are unleashing on the people and that, also according to Cesaire: “a nation which colonizes.. is already a sick civilization, a civilization which is morally diseased, which irresistibly, progressing from one consequence to another, calls for its Hitler, I mean its punishment.”

    I think that may be the ‘bigger’ word you are looking for Rev Stu – punishment. Let’s also remember that the UN describes colonialism, which is our ‘condition’, as ‘a scourge’, i.e. a form of punishment.

  81. Scott says:

    James Che says:
    24 September, 2022 at 1:48 pm

    The tool that the SnP are using to control the Scots and the independence movement is the Scottish devolved government,

    Without it they are nothing,

    If you want to cut a tree down you don’t simple chop of the top, pruning is not the answer, it will probably regrow more crooked than ever. With more branches And you still have the problem to contend with every year.

    You cut it at the base.

    You can also use copper nails to kill a tree slowly over time, in the same way ‘carpetbaggers’ kill a political party slowly over time.

  82. Ian Brotherhood says:

    ‘The U.S. and its allies in the “collective West” now have to decide if the continued pursuit of a decades-long policy of isolating and destroying R**sia is a matter of existential importance to them, and if the continued support of a U***inian government that is little more than the modern-day manifestation of the hateful ideology of Stepan Bandera is worth the lives of their respective citizenry, and that of the rest of the world.’

    Scott Ritter.

  83. 100%Yes says:

    She committed treason to go to Cop26 and the UN gives her an open ticket and what does she do, I’ll pass I’m needed at the Unionist Queens funeral.

  84. Breeks says:

    Rab Davis says:
    24 September, 2022 at 12:31 pm
    While I’m here Brian,,,, who’d be your choice to replace Sturgeon as SNP leader?

    More important than the choice of leader is the required change in strategy.

    In either case, whether a Plebiscite Election being a referendum of Independence, or, a SALVO inspired Constitutional initiative, all of Scotland, both political parties, institutions and ordinary people need to muster under a united YES banner and singular Independence Movement. We can still be regiments and brigades amongst ourselves, but we must all be one and the same YES Army.

    We cannot risk splitting the vote with an SNP candidate sitting opposite an ALBA candidate, and have those parties divided by their respective manifestos. In a Plebiscite Election, your vote must go explicitly to someone unequivocally standing for Scottish Independence and nothing else. There can be no manifesto beyond simple Independence, because that introduces arguments and equivocation about what the vote then stands for. Candidates must be standing for Independence and that alone. There is no allowance which can be made for troughers. If the Plebiscite is won, there will not be a Westminster seat for them to park their arse on.

    That unitary camaraderie and level of commitment should be happening already, but it sadly isn’t to be seen. (In fact the division should never have been tolerated to begin with, nevermind openly propagated), but we”re back to square one again, confronted with the perfectly useless enigma that is Nicola Sturgeon.

    What we CANNOTaccommodate is a Constitutionally driven SALVO inspired initiative that is compromised by a democratically elected “pro-Independence” Holyrood government which does not back the same pro Independence initiative, or worse still puts up barricades and impediments to it’s progress as happened with Martin Keatings.

    To put it in bluntest terms, if we cannot bring the SNP onside in good time prior to any Plebiscite Election, then as I’ve warned people about before, we need to have a “compromised” and Constitutionally misguided Holyrood impeached and taken out of the equation completely. In real terms, that means Holyrood denounced as a puppet assembly and Vichy style Administration… But that’s hardly going to foster camaraderie either.

    It is my firm conviction that the Scottish Independence Movement must bring forward this “showdown” at the earliest possible opportunity, and lance this festering boil which has plagued the YES Movement for eight wasted years. Sturgeon must GO, or I fear all will be lost.

    I believe SALVO’s approach is legitimate and lawful, and will bring the Union to a state of existential Constitutional crisis, but the democratic mandate of a sitting Holyrood “Government” can either make it or break it, and I don’t want to see Nicola Sturgeon anywhere near that juncture, nor holding any such power.

  85. Dan says:

    @ Morag

    Indeed, I recall your resignation letter to the SNP in a past Wings article.

    So after putting in years of effort and commitment to the Party, you knew, like so many other long term members and activists that the Party had been captured and was no longer what it once was.
    Yet the likes of this person Cameron are now the norm in The NuSNP…

  86. Republicofscotland says:

    This could be right up Johnson’s street.

    “Boris Johnson could be set for another high profile political position, with senior Conservatives backing him to be the next secretary general of Nato.

    Incumbent Jens Stoltenberg is widely expected to stand down in September next year – about 12 months after the prime minister leaves his role.

    The Nato job, which is appointed unanimously by member countries, has also seen former prime ministers David Cameron and Theresa May linked to it as well as defence secretary Ben Wallace.”

  87. Andy Ellis says:

    A corrective for all the Vlad shills out there from someone who actually knows what they are talking about rather than swallowing the Kremlin agitrop handbook whole and regurgitating on here every chance they get. Maxim Boennemann of Verfassungsblog:

    “The Uk rainian Wonder”

    Some things are so self-evident that we do not discuss them. We take them for granted. In Germany, for example, I can be confident that a new Parliament will be elected in four years time. If I were to question that amongst my friends, it would be strange. In the last three days, I have learned another example of that kind of self-evidence: Uk raine will win the war against Russia. Russia may „partially mobilise,” “redeploy” troops, or hold “referendums”, but none of these events will alter the self-evidence that Uk raine will win. I have been in Kyiv with Democracy Reporting International (DRI) since Tuesday and no one (really: no one) doubts that. I don’t either. Because never before have I been so impressed by a city and its people; never before have I felt so clearly that I am in an European city whose pride and identity comes from being the antithesis of Russia’s authoritarian vision.

  88. Morag says:

    Surely for anyone about to be promoted as an equalities officer the responsible organisation concerned would have a rigorous vetting procedure where background checks for physical threats or unbalanced behaviour of this type would raise alarming responses from the organisation.

    It used to be “Women’s Officer” in my day, and people had to have their arms twisted to take on the post. We thought it was a tad insulting, that there was a specific post to coddle women into the party. It was patiently pointed out that women were still under-represented and that it was generally a good thing if one woman took on the job of looking out to see that policies, welcoming and branch structure were woman-friendly.

    I seem to remember Morven being generally pressurised/shamed into taking it on, but in the 1990s we didn’t realise that we were at a high water mark of women’s acceptance as human beings, and that men still needed a very beady eye kept on them. (Though we might have guessed, there was a MRA in the branch even then.)

    Vetting? Hardly. We all knew each other, liked each other, and trusted each other. Which was all fertile ground when Alyn Smith showed up as a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed new recruit.

    Now we’ve lost all the Women’s Officers and Women’s Studies and so on. We thought we didn’t need them any more. The whole field has been taken over by the genderwoo, and now we realise what we need we have to start all over again.

  89. McDuff says:

    Lenny Hartley
    Interestingly i spoke to an SNP member the other day who i had never met before and loves the Sturgeon as the Joan of Arc of Scotland and when i pressed him as to what exactly the Sturgeon and the SNP had done to promote independence, he couldn`t
    answer. On some further prodding i found out he knew nothing about self ID or the missing £600,000 or the persecutions of Salmond ,Murray, Hirst ,Singh or……
    His ignorance was startling but unsurprisingly his diet of information is The National and BBC Scotland. I wonder how many more there are like him out there with their Yes/SNP bumper stickers and closed minds.

  90. Andy Ellis says:

    I believe SALVO’s approach is legitimate and lawful, and will bring the Union to a state of existential Constitutional crisis, but the democratic mandate of a sitting Holyrood “Government” can either make it or break it, and I don’t want to see Nicola Sturgeon anywhere near that juncture, nor holding any such power.

    That “I believe…” statement is doing a lot of heavy lifting there, huh? The problem for the SALVO/SSRG proponents is demonstrating the legitimacy of their claim to “represent” the majority of the Scottish people, and that said majority is in favour of independence.

    Absent a referendum or plebiscitary elections, how is that going to be demonstrated exactly? Petitions? La Diada style national days? Storming Bute House, Holyrood and the Viceroy’s New Office?

    You’re entitled to believe that the British Nationalist establishment and/or the current SNP leadership are in a state of existential angst about the SALVO/SSRG platform, but I don’t see any evidence of it.

    By concentrating all your fire on Sturgeon, and the fact nothing can be done until she somehow magically disaparates, you’re placing all the eggs of the independence movement in to the basket of the hapless and clueless SNP membership. We all know their quality from the past eight years.

  91. Scott says:

    Wonder why Ellis chose not to include this bit and all the other gibberish opinion spouted as facts….from the relative safety of Kiev.

    “The city is prepared for anything, but at the same time knows that Russia’s troops will not come near it a second time. The basis for this certainty is clear after just a few conversations on the ground. The world has overestimated ‘R’ and dramatically underestimated ‘U’. It is on the one hand a rusting, brutalised, and “out of date” state; on the other it is an agile, intelligent, and above all highly motivated democracy. This contrast pervaded all our conversations, but without being expressed directly.”

  92. Scott says:

    “You’re entitled to believe that the British Nationalist establishment and/or the current SNP leadership are in a state of existential angst about the SALVO/SSRG platform, but I don’t see any evidence of it.”

    OP said will bring, ya cloth-eared fuckwit.

  93. Andy Ellis says:

    I believe SALVO’s approach is legitimate and lawful, and will bring the Union to a state of existential Constitutional crisis

    Will it fuck. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

  94. Andy Ellis says:

    Wonder why Ellis chose not to include this bit and all the other gibberish opinion spouted as facts….from the relative safety of Kiev.

    Folk can judge for themselves in the rest of the piece. It’s certainly more convincing than the agitprop spouted by Vlad’s home grown shills in here who probably have a panic attack if there isn’t a Greggs within 1 15 minute radius.

    The reason Kyiv is relatively sage safe of course is that the inhabitants handed the Orcs their arses on a plate. HTH/YW.

  95. Pete Wishart says:

    I will continue doing what I have done for 30 years and work to deliver our independence. That task is more difficult now though burdened as we are by ALBA and it’s hate

  96. Oneliner says:

    @Pete Wishart

    Tell you what Pete:

    ‘ALBA and it’s hate’ means ALBA and it is hate.

    The possessive of ‘it’ is ‘its’ (no apostrophe). But then again, the SNP vetting procedure………

  97. Andy Ellis says:

    @McDuff 4.05 pm

    His ignorance was startling but unsurprisingly his diet of information is The National and BBC Scotland. I wonder how many more there are like him out there with their Yes/SNP bumper stickers and closed minds.

    There are loads like them. That’s why those in the bubble pontificating about how vital it is that sovereign Scots rise up in righteous anger at the democratic outrages against the 300 year old treaties and the vital role of SALVO and SSRG in asserting the minutiae of constitutional law and history are delusional.

    Most of their own fellow countrymen know little and care less about such issues. The idea that they will somehow find them so central and persuasive when they have no clue about the missing £600k, the attempted fit-up of Alex Salmond and the TRA takeover of the SNP and Greens is fanciful.

  98. Republicofscotland says:

    Ian.B @2.12pm.

    Ian, this is an eye opener, even more so for who helped compile the report.

    “A covert online propaganda operation said to be the world’s largest promoting “pro-Western narratives” has been found to be operating primarily out of the United States, targeting Russia, China and Iran.

    “We believe this activity represents the most extensive case of covert pro-Western IO [Information Operation] on social media to be reviewed and analysed by open-source researchers to date.”

    The report:


  99. Scott says:

    Ellis seems to be enduring a nexistential crisis over the existence of SALVO et al.

    He’s a plamf.

  100. Republicofscotland says:


    Ha, ha nice one.

  101. Republicofscotland says:

    Ian (Scotland won’t stand for it) Blackford gets his priorities in order.

    “Balmoral Castle should be opened to the public following Queen Elizabeth’s death, according to the SNP’s Westminster leader Ian Blackford.

    The castle is typically only open between April and July before the Royal Family arrive for their summer holiday.

    The historic building is where the late Queen passed away, but generates only around half of its £3m upkeep through tourism.

    And Blackford believes that King Charles should open up areas of the grounds to the wider public year-round.”

  102. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Republicofscotland (4.43) –

    Thanks for link. Very interesting.


  103. DavidRitchie says:

    Would help if we did not have any name calling.I agree the no 1 priority now is the energy crises probably made worse by Fridays mini budget.

  104. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Breeks at 2:44 pm.

    You typed,
    “We cannot risk splitting the vote with an SNP candidate sitting opposite an ALBA candidate, and have those parties divided by their respective manifestos. In a Plebiscite Election, your vote must go explicitly to someone unequivocally standing for Scottish Independence and nothing else.”

    I mentioned this some time ago, after the suggestion had been put forward that the result of any plebiscitary election should be determined by 50%+1 of the vote.

    I gave my own constituency, Dundee West, as an example.

    I have no doubt that Chris Law would hold the seat for the SNP, because a lot of the voting public have no idea how rotten the party has become and now vote SNP out of habit.
    However, there would be a number of, for example Alba supporters, who would need a candidate standing for whom they felt comfortable voting. Step in Alba.

    That would give two pro-indy candidates against three pro-union candidates, rather than one against three.

    In 2019, Chris Law won with 22,335 votes. Here’s the full result:-

    SNP…………..Chris Law……………22,355….53.8%
    Labour………..Jim Malone…………10,096….24.3%
    Conservative..Tess White…………….5,149…12.4%
    Lib-Dem……..Daniel Coleman………2,468….5.9%
    Brexit Party…Stuart Waiton………….1,271….3.1%
    CPA…………Quinta Arrey……………..240….0.6%

    As you can see from that, there were 22,355 pro-indy votes, against 18,984 definite anti-indy votes.
    Let’s say Chris Ward’s vote drops to its 2017 level, 18,045. Who will these lost voters vote for, or will they abstain? If Alba had a candidate, these votes could go there, thus sustaining the pro-indy vote towards that notional 50%+1.

    Why should it only be the ant-indy parties that put up multiple candidates?

  105. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Breeks (2.44) –

    ‘It is my firm conviction that the Scottish Independence Movement must bring forward this “showdown” at the earliest possible opportunity, and lance this festering boil which has plagued the YES Movement for eight wasted years. Sturgeon must GO, or I fear all will be lost.’

    Kin right.

    And that’s precisely why the mischief-makers are suggesting that Sturgeon isn’t the problem. Keeping her in place suits them fine.

    The performance of the Scottish parliament last week was deplorable. Kowtowing to the new King didn’t have to be quite so embarrassing and obsequious and it provided dozens of images which will haunt the SNP for many years to come.

    Right now I’d happily see the Scottish parliament shut down. The Scottish Office hub is the new administrative centre and they’ve made no secret of that. So the closure or ‘suspension’ of the Holyrood parliament would perhaps be the ‘lance’ you mention. If nothing else it would concentrate some minds.

    But Sturgeon has to be taken down. How can it be done?

    We all have our pet theories about how this imposter came to be in her current role. There’s little doubt that she has committed perjury (the Harassment Inquiry) and we already knew that she had misled the parliament (was it three times, more?). Recent comments from Kenny Macaskill suggest that frustration is growing and ‘the lid is being prised open’. But who’s going to apply the final leverage?

    My own theory is that Lesley Evans is the key and that her corrupt relationship with Sturgeon predates indyref1 let alone the Salmond conspiracy. You’ll have seen Campbell Martin’s excellent ‘The Only Game In Town’. Evans was up to her neck in that affair and it has all the ingredients required to qualify as criminality: large-scale corruption, blackmail, the works.

    So if we can’t ‘get’ Sturgeon on the conspiracy to finish Alex Salmond, perhaps a better opportunity is to aim for Evans?

    For those who haven’t seen them:

    ‘The Only Game In Town’, Parts One and Two:

  106. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Looks like Sergei Lavrov is speaking at the UN right now:

  107. Andy Ellis says:

    @Brian 6.05 pm

    Why should it only be the ant-indy parties that put up multiple candidates?

    Exactly right. We can’t rely on the SNP and Greens to play nice and get on board with the concept of a “United for Yes” slate, and what counts is the total number voting for pro-independence parties.

    If we are to believe Sturgeon (OK, I know it’s a stretch…but bear with me…!) the SNP are committed to treating the next GE asa plebiscite if the Supreme Court finds against the SG next month. So if the Greens and Alba confirm they will do the same, it could be game over for the union.

    Of course the $64,000 question is why haven’t the SNP threatened the earliest possible Holyrood elections on that basis. I mean….time is of the essence, right? The SNP membership are the only ones who can make it happen though…so what are the odds….?

  108. John Main says:

    Ian Brotherhood

    My pet theory about how the imposter came to be in her current role is that her path was mapped out by AS.

    Do you really believe she became FM in the teeth of determined opposition from AS?


  109. John Main says:

    It’s not every day Mossad gets a name check on here as being responsible for some covert shenanigans, so kudos to Republic for giving us a day off from the usual Satans.

    And in an earlier post, Hatuey spills the beans on the Chinese economic miracle – yup, all down to immigrants, folks.

    And they say the Trans community is out of touch with reality!

  110. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @John Main (7.19) –

    ‘Do you really believe she became FM in the teeth of determined opposition from AS?’

    Eh, no, and I don’t recall writing anything which could have led someone to reach that conclusion.

    If AS had had the slightest glimpse of what his protege was going to become and the damage she was going to do to the independence movement he would surely have hoofed her bony arse out the door years ago.

  111. Scott says:

    Ian Brotherhood says:
    24 September, 2022 at 6:25 pm

    Right now I’d happily see the Scottish parliament shut down.


    Start a petition seeking a referendum on the matter then if you feel so strongly.

    Local authorities in England are legally obliged to hold a referendum if 5% of the registered electorate sign a petition seeking one, but not sure what the threshold would be here in Scotland.

  112. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Scott (8.11) –

    Nah, I don’t feel *that* strongly about it.


  113. Robert Hughes says:

    ” Why should it only be the ant-indy parties that put up multiple candidates? ”

    Because there’s millions more of the wee fckrs than any other demographic , they formicined a policy of putting up multiple candidates .

    I reckon the Ant-Indy parties should merge with the OutForIndy group to create an invincible Supergroup .


  114. Brian Doonthetoon says:


    That’s a word that reads ‘real’ but I can’t find it in any of my dictionaries.

    What do you define its meaning as?

  115. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @BDTT –

    I’m guessing that it may mean something that has been made to resemble an ant.


  116. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Can you imagine, back in Sep 2014, when we were heading to cast our votes, if the International Community had already decided that the result was illegitimate?

    That’s what voters in the Donbass are now having to deal with.

    And we have people – right here – who will defend that.

    Shame on them.

  117. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Ian B.

    “formicine” exists as a word but “formicined” is a makey-up.

  118. Robert Hughes says:

    Ian B @ 8.27

    Well spotted Sir . Correct . ( although I turned the noun into a verb : just coz I could 🙂

    For a bonus point ….name the source of ” Bodacious Cowboys ”

    If you can be bothered , obv .

    Correct also @ 8.56

  119. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @BDTT –

    And who did the makey-upping?!


  120. Andy Ellis says:


    And we have people – right here – who will defend that.

    Dam right there are. We’re the ones with moral compasses. Your view of what is happening in the Donbass is shared by a vanishingly small number of people in the movement thankfully, and even fewer in the population as a whole.

    The more apposite comparison would be the UK invading Scotland after indy and deciding the Borders, Dumfries and Galloway and the Northern Isles now belonged to them after “persuading” local *tractors to vote in a pretendy referendum. HTH/YW

  121. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Here’s a short video of people voting today, in Lugansk.!!!-(lugansk,:0

  122. Dan says:

    One should always take into account that 1.1 million folk in “the movement” also thought that giving their 2nd vote to the SNP in the last Holyrood election was a good idea.
    So it’s not like these folk are particularly blessed with an abundance of smartz or have their finger on the pulse of what is going on.

  123. Andy Ellis says:


    Some of those in the movement may not be the smartest, but even the dumbest of them know the referendums in Donbass, Zaporizhe and Kherson are illegitimate just as the one in Crimea was and will never be accepted by anyone other than Vlad and perhaps a few of his besties in bastions of democracy like Syria and North Korea.

    The general population fully support the people of Uk raine and scorn Russian shills spouting their false equivalence bullshit.

  124. Dan says:

    Some of those in the movement may not be the smartest…

    That “some” in “the movement”, that’ll be the majority of “the movement” then that you’re so quick to speak for and tell us what they think.
    My point was that a very significant amount of folk are utterly clueless about so many aspects of the aspects that shape their existence. This is in the main part through indoctrination of the stimulus they get fed through broadcasting. A power which you well know is reserved to London Rule.
    Not that I give a fuck for telly as gave it up almost 20 years ago, but disappointingly I imagine there are significantly more folk sitting watching some inane low brow shite on the gogglebox than there are folk avidly reading informative sites so they are informed and primed to be able to hold power to account.

  125. Andy Ellis says:

    I don’t think we have to worry too much about Vlad and his bombastic threats do you…?

  126. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Another short video explains how the NATO-backed Uk***nian forces are trying to disrupt the referenda by shelling civilian areas in an effort to frighten folk into staying home.

    The polling is open for another three or four days. There is much more footage of this kind being produced and released, almost on an hourly basis.

  127. Dan says:

    Grumble proof read fail, ignore double aspect…
    Need to get to the opticians as covid stopped that.
    At the moment with my eyesight my avatar could also be a Star Wars one with Chewbacca, C3-PO, and Princess Leia having an orgasm as she’s getting probed by an out of shot R2-D2…

  128. Andy Ellis says:


    A power which you well know is reserved to London Rule.

    You and others have to wean yourselves off this victim claiming that everything is always the fault of London Rule. Folk have access to media from all over. You can’t fool all of them all of the time. That’s why I – and indeed anyone with a functioning brain – knows that the worldview of Brotherhood, RoS, Breeks and other shills for Vlad is about as popular as a shit sandwich. They just don’t buy the agitprop.

  129. Dan says:

    LOL. One ponders why The BBC and “newspapers” bother…

  130. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Robert Hughes (9.09) –

    Without Google/Wiki-ing or any other cheating I guess that ‘Bodacious Cowboys’ has something to do with the SNP high-heid yins and/or Stirling-based wokesters?

  131. Hugh Jarse says:

    It seems we have a new CBB.

  132. Robert Hughes says:

    No , Ian . It was just a totally random thought : but now that you mention it !

    It’s one of Steely Dan’s cryptic creations – ” Gaucho ” .

    Are you a Dan Fan . ( as opposed to a Fan Dan )

  133. Effijy says:

    Please watch this and see the true colours of the English Fascist Party that rules Scotland

  134. Dan says:

    Andy Ellis says: at 9:35 pm

    The general population fully support the people of Uk raine and scorn Russian shills spouting their false equivalence bullshit.

    Again, the general population aren’t that switched on and just react to whatever the stimulus of the day is.
    The general population didn’t really know or give a fuck for what was going on in country 404 around 2014 because it wasn’t broadcast in their face 24/ 7 like now.
    Maybe if the “news” had actually raised awareness back then almost 10 years ago now, it wouldn’t have festered and escalated to where we now are with all the implications that brings.
    I asked John Main last night to highlight some of his past “concern” for the turmoil going on in 404 from that time but got no response.

    There was plenty footage on Youtube back then that soldiers / militias were posting from their mobile phones as they went about what they were up to. Clearly the vids had beat the YT moderation filter due to it being in a “foreign” (not English) language. Horrendous scenes of destruction with folk literally blown to bits from military weaponry. An RPG fired into a military personnel carrying lorry full of humans fair makes for a butcher’s window display.
    Ah, but folk killing each other with military hardware is absolutely fine, unless it is in a war, then it is bad for certain defined folk to kill each other.

    Ask the general population who Boko Haram are and a decent amount will probably say they were the dudes that sang “Whiter Shade of Pale”…

  135. Scott says:

    Effijy says:
    24 September, 2022 at 11:05 pm

    Please watch this and see the true colours of the English Fascist Party that rules Scotland

    I prefer Michael Spicer to Rosie Holt…

  136. AberdeenPict says:

    Effijy says:
    24 September, 2022 at 11:05 pm
    Please watch this and see the true colours of the English Fascist Party that rules Scotland

    Effijy, as I get older, my hearing seems to decrease accordingly. But in that clip, speaking about the up-and-coming fuel bills crisis etc. did she really say and mean that were ae all in the same boat when she said: “some of us own stables”?

  137. Breeks says:

    The point about the Donbas Referendums isn’t whether the West recognises them or not. The point is Ruskiland will, and thereafter, any attack in the Donbas becomes an attack on Mother Ruskiland, and the Ruskis will react accordingly.

    People in the West are so dis informed about what is actually happening that it’s creating a spectacularly dangerous level of delusion.

    And don’t fall for the false equivalence bullshit between a Donbas referendum and a Scottish one. If an Independent Scotland was intending to ally itself with the Ruski Federation, and stockpile weapons, bio labs and Ruski soldiery all along the border pointing South towards England, and actually start shelling Berwick and Carlisle, the English would find that as equally dangerous and intolerable as the Ruskis find bellicose NATO expansion on their immediate doorstep intolerable.

    Furthermore, because people in the West are so indoctrinated by the eye watering deceit of the media, you create an equally dangerous scenario where the “enemy” comes to recognise there is no point expecting the West to react in a reasonable and proportionate manner. We are literally mushrooms to them… kept in the dark and fed on bullshit.

    We are not looking at another Cold War scenario. We are stumbling towards new Cold War style tensions, but with an apparently dumb level of awareness in the West just how close we are to Doomsday and nuclear annihilation.

    If you still don’t see it, then ask yourself why the US and UK are also trying to agitate tensions with China over Taiwan. After decades keeping the peace by respecting the principle of One China, why are attitudes now changing? Why are US and UK ships sailing provocatively through Chinese territorial waters? WHY?

    This creeping Western belligerence has been a phenomenon for decades leaving death, rubble, and blootered infrastructure in it’s wake throughout the Middle East and North Africa. – Iraq smashed. Afghanistan smashed. Libya smashed. Syria smashed. Yemen smashed, and we all know the US would dearly love to smash Iran.

    By what authority? By what UN Resolution? Who is the common aggressor again, and again, and again? Because that’s the aggressor whom both Ruskiland and China see rolling up right on their doorstep. – A sinister aggressor ostensibly “led” by a senile old man and a screaming imbecile who thinks she’s channeling Margaret Thatcher, (who’s just replaced the screaming imbecile who thought he was channelling Winston Churchill).

    And you know what common theme you see spreading alarm about the West? The men dressing up in frocks and make up, strutting around as gross, angry and obnoxious parodies of women, who are determined to sexualise children and violate every known taboo of “civilised” society in the name of “freedom”.

    Are you alarmed yet? Because you should be. We are the West, and the West is perceived as a depraved fucking monster, and yes, they will bomb us if the provocations don’t stop.

    They are very reluctant to bomb us, but right now, the West is deluded, drunk and stumbling around on alert level 3 or 4, but those who feel threatened by us, those whom we scare, are on alert level 9.8 and rising. They are already at war, smashing every piece of Western Military equipment which the West is deploying on their doorstep.

    The people of the West are not evil, but our Leadership, our deep state institutions, the Western “Establishment” has a black heart and comes as close as anything to the living embodiment of evil.

  138. John Main says:

    @Ian Brotherhood

    What is wrong with you?

  139. John Main says:


    I was going to consider suggesting you could condense your post enormously and just write:

    “Look guys, I’m shitting myself here”

    But then I got to the men in frocks bit and realised it’s more complex than that.

    Let me clarify things for you.

    Russia and China are not expanding their areas of influence by force and threat of force because they fear our use of pronouns. It is much simpler than that. They seek land, resources, an external diversion from internal tensions, reduced internal threat to their unpopular political elites, and at the highest level, personal safety and enhanced personal wealth.

    I have neither the time nor the patience to address your ravings, but one of your stand-out carpet-biting claims deserves a response.

    Why don’t you devote your time to telling those millions of people, including Russians and Chinese, who are straining every sinew to come to the west for safety, freedom and personal advancement, that we are a “depraved fucking monster”.

    Find a site these people read. The people reading this one just see in your post somebody who needs help.

  140. Ruby says:

    Where are posters on Wings getting all their information from re the war in redacted from?

    Stu didn’t want war the in redacted discussed here that is why it triggers moderation.

    Why the disrespect?

  141. Robert Hughes says:

    Breeks @ 5.45

    Thanks for that – absolutely nailed it . And thank fuck there are people like yourself able to see through the – in this case ,truly – unprecedented levels of mind- freezing propaganda . We know there are millions who think similarly , but IN EXACTLY THE SAME way dissenting voices were ruthlessly stamped-on during the Covid hysteria , so it is with the W.I.U .

    Anyone who was a fan of Twin Peaks will recall the recurring phrase …..” It’s happening again ” , well, here we are, yes

    It’s happening again .

    That some clowns on here , parading their * well-informed * ignorance , their willing capture by the utter bullshit served-up as * truth * by a totally corrupt MSM and Political Class – either through a Gump-like naivety or some variation of ” West Is Best ” myopia – can talk only in terms of winners and losers , good guys and bad guys as we edge closer to potential oblivion – and have the fckn gall to accuse those of us crying out for sanity of * giving the Independence Movement a bad name * , or some such idiocy – is symptomatic of the general level of stupidity that prevails .

  142. Robert Hughes says:

    nb I won’t be reading a word of the usual suspects’ inevitable attempted defence of the indefensible . I know precisely how that goes .

    I can it read on the front page of every rabid warmongering UK tabloid if I wanted . I don’t

  143. Dorothy Devine says:

    Effigy and Aberdeen Pict – it was funny , made me smirk but then it was perhaps far too near the truth for a belly laugh.

    I see some of you are still entertaining the ‘troops’- never considered stopping??

  144. Ruby says:

    Has anyone ever looked at the comments to see who is interested in the topic and those who are just waiting to go off topic and get back to discussing what they are interested in?

    Which currently is a topic Stu doesn’t want discussed here.

    Basically they want this forum to be theirs.

    I’m pretty fed-up with Wings so as far as I’m concerned it’s all theirs.

    I don’t anticipate the Wings forum lasting much longer.

  145. Andy Ellis says:

    @Breeks 5.45 am (…man….get a life…!)

    Hard to disagree with John Main’s assessment of your ill-informed rantings. Some of your most egregious effluent deserves a response however:

    ..the Ruskis find bellicose NATO expansion on their immediate doorstep intolerable

    So what? It isn’t their decision to make. The Orcs are no more allowed to dictate whether Uk raine joins the EU or NATO than England is allowed to dictate how Scotland acts after independence. That’s not how the international system works. The attempted annexation of Donbass has no more legitimacy than the annexation of Crimea: that’s why nobody else recognises it. The fact some Russians wanted to secede from Uk raine and started a civil war to achieve their illegitimate aims doesn’t render it acceptable, any more than pro-union Borderer’s declaring their independence from Scotland and intention to unify with England and attempting to make it so by shelling the Lothians.

    We are stumbling towards new Cold War style tensions, but with an apparently dumb level of awareness in the West just how close we are to Doomsday and nuclear annihilation.

    The responsibility for that lies overwhelmingly with Vlad and the Russian people. The nuclear blackmail thing is a bluff: he knows it and we know it. Vlad will be strung up from a lamppost on Red Square before he has the chance to press the nuclear button.

    Why are US and UK ships sailing provocatively through Chinese territorial waters? WHY?

    They’re international waters, not Chinese waters. China has form for such cartographic aggression in the South China Seas of course, which is why all its neighbours in SE Asia resist Chinese attempts to assert sovereignty there by building islands and claiming reefs that aren’t theirs. The people of Taiwan have as much right to self determination as anyone else: no true nationalist can or should assert otherwise, unless they’re misinformed or a Chinese asset.

    The people of Taiwan are – understandably – worried that if Vlad got his way as you and his other apologists in here would like, they would be next for the same treatment from Vlad’s mate Xi. Given American security guarantees to Taiwan, and Taiwan’s own military strength, that would be a far more dangerous scenario.

    The reason Europeans have been quick to react to Vlad’s aggression is they know what happens when you appease dictators.

    We are the West, and the West is perceived as a depraved fucking monster, and yes, they will bomb us if the provocations don’t stop.

    This false equivalence nonsense has to stop. Western policy is imperfect: we’ve made mistakes. The idea that we are no better than Vlad or Xi however – or even more laughably than Assad or Khameini – is strictly for the birds or the doubtless paid assets of such regimes. It’s hard to beleive there are really that many Lord Haw Haw figures who support your worldview out of sincere ideological commitment, but doubtless there are always a few contrarians in any society.

    If the West is so black hearted and irredeemable, why is it folks from all over the world flock her in their millions to enjoy the benefits of the freedoms and economic prospects which are available here, but not in their home countries? Hundreds of thousands of Russians are leaving their country now to avoid serving in Vlad’s army, or just to avoid living in an authoritarian, gangster state dystopia. Millions have risked their lives to get away from these places: they don’t go to China or Iran or Russia do they?

    Vlad won’t bomb us. He has neither the political will or domestic support for doing so. The poor performance and quality of Russki forces and material in their latest aggression demonstrate to the world that they’re a second or third rate power with pretensions to international relevance. They’re well on their way to becoming Upper Volta with nukes, just like the 1970’s era USSR.

    The people of the West are not evil, but our Leadership, our deep state institutions, the Western “Establishment” has a black heart and comes as close as anything to the living embodiment of evil.

    You seem a little over-wrought. Posting at 5.45 am is always a red flag of course. Either you’re an asset positing from a different time zone, or you’re a mono maniacal zoomer whose meds either haven’t kicked in, or have made you a bit hyper. No reasonable person could read your output and see anything but an utter crack pot. It’s amazing you can even see your monitor for the amount of spittle that rant must have generated.

  146. John Main says:

    @Dan 11:18

    I didn’t see any post/question from you, soz, but I will answer now.

    I had no past concern over 404, because it was not until February that I realised the man pushing the buttons believes he is divinely chosen by God to be the figure of destiny who will restore the Russian imperium to its former glory. And he has the head of the Russian Orthodox Church at his side, telling him he is doing God’s work.

    I respect you as one of the more rational posters on here. So I have to ask: How do you expect Scots to achieve Indy if you believe that any attempt to push back against those who would deny Indy is immoral, aggressive, and encouraged by malign, external actors?

    And I have to ask: What is your reply to those soft-No’s who look on here and see a significant strand of the Indy movement cheering on the destruction and enslavement of a nation that wants to be free and sovereign, warts and all?

  147. Fionan says:

    Well said, Breeks @ 5.45am. The rising tensions are there for everyone to see, if they would just look past mainstream western media, and every time there is any slack apparent in these tensions, the western powers give another sharp prod to the Chinese and the Russkis. The insults from the west towards these two powers have been provocative and have ensured that Xi and Put have little choice but to react with further threats. It is crazy, no one will gain from WWIII and the use of WMD by several states, yet the west/NATO seems to think they can force the break-up of Rus to a point where it is no longer a world power, without anyone resorting to the use of nuclear weaponry. That is surely delusional.

  148. Ruby says:

    Are posters here really arguing that everything in the MSM is the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth and those who don’t believe it are ‘fringe nutters?

  149. Ruby says:

    To all those who have concerns about the war I have a simple question.

    What are you going to do about it?

    What do you think you can do about it?

    That could be a very interesting discussion.

  150. Effijy says:

    Aberdeen Pict.

    Yes she did.

    She makes it quite clear the rich should get richer and just who do the working class think they are.

    They get what the rich want to give them and they should be grateful.

    So many tricks and flips by this Tory government to fill the pockets of the rich the immorality and a decade of lies and the English would still vote for a Boris lead Tory Party.

    Scottish voters have nothing in common with these people any longer.
    God knows if it wasn’t a daily tsunami of media propaganda the Tories here
    could never get 10% of the votes.

    You can bet me anything from my shirt to my soul but Scotland will not vote Tory in the 2022
    That will mean we have rejected the Tories for 72 years straight come the 2027 election.

    We spent decades voting Labour who did nothing positive for the working classes since the
    1960’s. Even if Labour won every Scottish seat at the last election we would still have the overwhelmingly rejected Tory party ruling over us.

    Our Westminster votes for government and Brexit were absolutely worthless.

    As the Tories kept repeating during Brexit, why would a sovereign nation put up with foreign governments imposing rules and regulations on them.

    Yes Why Scotland?

  151. John Main says:

    I was going to post, stating it would only be a matter of time until Ruby popped up to complain that Wings is being hijacked again.

    If only there was some way I could moneterise this omniscience.

    Here’s the thing. I don’t care if nobody ever posts on here about UK raine again. But my perspective is that it is always the perps calling for the destruction of an independent sovereign nation that start it.

    There are plenty of sites where the BTL comments are in that vein. That’s fine, comment is free.

    But on a pro-Indy site, it is just too rich a seam of high-grade irony to be left unmined.

  152. Ruby says:

    John Main says:
    25 September, 2022 at 9:51 am

    But on a pro-Indy site, it is just too rich a seam of high-grade irony to be left unmined.

    Even if the owner if this site doesn’t want it?
    Where are you getting your information from regarding UK raine.
    Why UK raine and not the proper spelling of that country?

  153. Ruby says:

    John Main says:
    25 September, 2022 at 9:51 am

    There are plenty of sites where the BTL comments are in that vein. That’s fine, comment is free.

    Comment isn’t free Stu has to pay for you to comment here.

  154. John Main says:

    @Andy Ellis 9:33

    Good post.

    And always the same riposte is available to the Evil, Depraved West merchants.

    Right now, as I write, the packed rubber dinghies are in the Channel and the Med, the packed buses are traversing the Mexican deserts and the Central American jungle, Chinese families are arranging the emigration of their male children, and long queues of cars are at the border of Georgia and other central Asian republics.

    Looks like wicked depravity has never been more popular!

    Jeezo, it’s Sunday morning and a free day of evil, wicked depravity awaits. As Ruby writes, why waste it on here? 🙂

  155. Ruby says:

    John Main says:
    25 September, 2022 at 10:07 am

    @Andy Ellis 9:33

    Good post.

    What are you and Andy Ellis going to do about the ‘wicked depravity’?

    Just write posts on Wings and congratulate one another?

  156. Ruby says:

    It looks as if John Main has scarperer!

    Not to worry I think everyone would be better off not reading posts by these ‘fringe nutters’.

    What exactly are the ‘fringe nutter obsessives’ Andy Ellis & John Main trying to achieve?

  157. stuart mctavish says:

    Not sure how much more tolerance is expected but if the recent footie results aren’t enough to ease the pain its always worth remembering that, according to the official narrative, warmongers in the Donbass were, for good or ill, on the exact same side during the recent common cold war.

    Also Worth considering under the how/why of it all is that, at £500/ rated KW, the £150 Billion set aside for the so called energy crisis will buy you 10 times as much production capacity as UK is currently able to consume. As such, but for whatever agenda is being followed by the clown car steering committee, there could even be sufficient room for adjustment to give everyone an electric car/ 3 days overnight storage from the change.*

    *Godwin’s law re the last time the greeveryone was offered a government supplied new car notwithsanding

  158. Breastplate says:

    Excellent post @5:45am.

    Everything is shades of grey, not the black v white nonsense from MSM that gets farted out on here as informed opinion.

  159. James Che says:

    I think the point here is for those trying to persuade us to talk about war to redirect the talk about away from a independent Scotland,

    Is Scotland no longer believes in any news that comes from sources of government or MSM because both lie to Scots continuously for so long.

    It is not the war, it could be any topic nowadays, Scots will alway doubt their kind of truth after the years they have been fed shi…

    Those on here fighting to persuade the Scots to come round to their way of thinking or even to tag along have a long hard task trying to convince us the truth is on Westminsters side.

  160. James Che says:

    Once a Governments and MSM truth and trust has been repeatedly broken to the people its a ser ficht to ask us to follow them in anything.

  161. Hatuey says:

    Just popped in to say well done breeks @ 5.45. You nailed it.

    The question of why they are trying to start WWIII right now is a good one.

    Note that it isn’t about liberation any more, it’s about regime change.

    And it’s not a proxy war any more, not really.

    Isn’t it odd to see armchair weirdos like Ellis loving it? Maybe he thinks he will be safe up his own ass, if the worst happen.

  162. James Che says:

    From the MacCrones report to Iraq war, to Scotland will get more powers, to the lies and coverups from the Westminster finance tax havens,
    to this proxy wars Westminster has invited itself into,
    To colonising the treaty of the union and Scotland. To stealing women’s pensions,
    To the excuse of giving billions of OUR tax payers money to another Country for aiding war, while economics is so bad in Britain Scotland’s poor are suffering.

    You now ask us to believe more twisted truths and propaganda, it is not the war we do not believe, it is Westminsters truths,

  163. James Che says:


    Well said,
    This has been something of a blind spot for the independence movement,

    The Snp NOR the devolved government are on board with the independence for Scots, they try thwart, control and suppress it, from bias illegal charges to independence frontmen and leaders to the new illegal code of conduct for all Scots outside a political party.

    The puppet Globalist SNP use the devolved Government as there best weapon against Scottish independence advancing forward.

  164. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Anyone know what ‘remedial secession’ is?

    Me neither. I heard it used this morning on RT, some academic being interviewed about the current referenda in Donbass.

    Quick google search reveals a lot of stuff about it, why it’s important, why some laywers doubt its efficacy etc. The point is – it’s a legitimate term used in discourse concerning independence etc and it could hardly be more relevant to our current plight.

    Regardless of where you stand on the blue/yellow ‘war’, the fact that we cannot see RT on terrestrial TV here in the UK is a disgrace. We are not permitted to exercise our own judgement while viewing a ‘foreign’ broadcaster. That helps the whole ‘othering’ process which ultimately results in intelligent people referring to other human beings as ‘orcs’.

  165. James Che says:

    Ian Brotherhood.

    The irony of it all.

    Here we are under a news media dictatorship in Britain while happily going into a possible nuclear war to free another country from similar dictatorship,

    The blind are indeed blind that they cannot see the same principle dictatorship running smoothly in their own country,

    I hope other countries will throw their money at us for freedom of press, to halt dictatorship.

  166. Breastplate says:

    I was reading this article only yesterday.
    The ambiguous nature of certain aspects of secession is necessary to allow assessment on an individual basis.

  167. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Alexander Mercouris with highly detailed analysis.

    It’s about 5 days old, but note (at around 15 mins) his ‘guess’ that the referenda would be brought forward from early October. This dude knows his stuff.

    Compare/contrast with the infantile pronouncements from US/UK/EU ‘leaders’ and MSM ‘experts’.**ia-referendums-in-donbass,-uk**ine:0

    (Obvs, replace the asterisks)

  168. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Breastplate –

    Isn’t it interesting that we’ve never discussed this term before now?

    Or have we and I just missed it?


  169. Scott says:

    Can anyone remember the name of the website that was excellent at highlighting the lies issued daily in the press and broadcast media?

    I think it closed when MSM started to only ever tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

  170. Saffron Robe says:


    Your analysis is correct. The baiting by NATO and the West can only be for one reason – to provoke a nuclear war. I think they are actually under the illusion that they can survive a nuclear war, or at least the ruling elites can, by retreating to their nuclear bunkers. An interesting article I read recently mentioned that the US have changed their nuclear policy from one of MAD (mutually assured destruction) to one of nuclear primacy – actually believing they can defeat Russland in a nuclear war. Of course, it is all utterly delusional and foolhardy, but unfortunately the process has been set in motion now and neither NATO nor the West appear to have any intention of stopping it. Barring a miracle, it is no longer a matter of if; it is only a matter of when.**ia-responds-to-americas-plan-to-win-ww-iii/

  171. Breeks says:

    Another dangerous element about the deceit in the media is that planting the seed in people’s minds that Ruski is losing the war and desperate, feels an awful lot like setting the stage for a false flag incident designed to escalate the conflict.

    If that sounds mad or paranoid, that’s exactly what the white helmets were all about, with the narrative of apparent atrocities using chemical weapons and gas bottle bombs in Syria. It was all a cynical pack of lies completely staged for Western consumption.

    Why else would you want your own side to believe “U” was winning the war, when in fact they continue to be routed?

    What is the purpose of such wilful misrepresentation of the truth? What is the backup story planned to cover the dramatic change in fortunes for when the truth about casualties and losses actually gets out?

    “Somebody” is playing a dangerous game here.

  172. Confused says:

    UK will become a “failed state” once vlads missiles take out the power grid and critical infrastructure; they are selectively targeting the south east though, so it’s no problem. I hope he hits the rich districts of London – these fuckers need some “skin in the game”.

    It couldn’t happen to nicer people. Let’s swap waitrose for the walking dead.

    – even then though, if England was nothing more than a smoking crater, Nikki would be looking for an english corpse to obtain a Section 30 from.

    “Charles” really IS an unlucky name, waiting all those years for the old boot to die, finally get the job and now all this happens.

    Kwasi Kwarteng and his budget – what progress for the diversity – being shafted by a white spiv, now we have a black spiv; if only the p4ki spiv had got the top job we would all be laughing, and getting everything at wholesale prices, innit.

    – he reminded me of the black pimp in the back of the taxi in Magnum Force, pouring the drain cleaner down his hooker’s throat … bin holdin out on me b1tch?!

    Pimp = chancellor
    Whore = the british people
    Drain Cleaner = this budget
    Taxi Driver = any lucky bastard with a foreign passport who can escape

    and what else? – “Diversity” down in Leicester – hindus v muslims – no one could have predicted this, but since diversity is proved to work by “the science” it can’t really have happened and must be the work of far right neonazi conspiracy theorists on the internet. Riots in Leicester = shut down the internet.


    – that was actually footage from Alex Salmond attacking that woman while her husband was in the front seat, the “tan” being down to a weekend break in Saltcoats

    WHERE IS DANA SCULLIVELLI – she should be on this!!


    get in there, you wingers.

  173. Effijy says:

    Disclosure on BBC Tuesday at 8pm
    Propaganda piece on SNP Ferry disaster.

    Thank goodness they didn’t think to look at the hundreds of billions the Tories have wasted on Brexit, Tory supporting Emergency Contracts and PPE Contracts and NHS Contracts handed out to companies part owned by Hancock and Zahawi.

  174. Breeks says:

    Breastplate says:
    25 September, 2022 at 1:44 pm
    I was reading this article only yesterday.
    The ambiguous nature of certain aspects of secession is necessary to allow assessment on an individual basis.

    I find all these articles interesting, but at the same time, I keep returning to same starting position that Scotland’s Constitutional status doesn’t fit any particular precedent.

    It’s like Brexit, where Scotland’s options for re-joining Europe were pegged to Articles 46 or 49, (I think.. I forget in detail). We could only join as a new state, or be the Continuer UK state. There was no precedent for realising and recognising the emergence of a “hidden” sovereignty which pre-dated the European Union itself, where Scotland was already a sovereign Nation, technically in the EU by default, with no mechanism on hand to expel us.

    It’s fine to talk about Zimbabwe’s UDI, or a people’s right to self determination through their human rights… But Scotland is I think pretty close to being unique in having it’s original Constitutional status codified (admittedly through fragmented texts), but nevertheless cohesive and robust, and furthermore, formally recognised in corroborating contemporary documents which have also physically survived through the same centuries.

    So much of the process that a new, or seceding Nation would require to go through is completely academic in Scotland’s case because it has all been done before, codified before, and recognised before. We do not have to reinvent the wheel, because we still have the original wheel in perfectly serviceable condition. We even kept the receipts!

    If every “Nation in waiting” had Scotland’s documents and credentials, it would seem there is precious little for the UN to actually do beyond rubber stamping the paperwork. We are not Zimbabwe where white farmers were at risk of losing their lives and farms. We are not Kosovo where every line drawn on a map outraged somebody. We are not Palestine where territory has been seized by force and occupied. We are not the Chagos Islanders exiled from our lands and living abroad.

    This is Scotland, where Independence means a dysfunctional and repeatedly breached Treaty of Union being torn up. I repeat for emphasis, the contract is breached, and holed below the waterline. It is arguable we don’t even need a referendum, just a principle in International law upheld.

    What other principle or capacity in law is it that we are lacking? Pretty much none that I can see.

    Catalonia would give it’s eye teeth to have the Constitution and Sovereignty which Scotland has, but yet, seems hopelessly incapable of wielding effectively.

  175. James Che says:

    Fitting the puzzle pieces together.

    1: Scotland is not a Crown estate, as the Scots are sovereign over the Crown,
    In a reduced picture That buggers up the legalities of all Scottish treasure trove laws in Scotland going to the monarch.

    In a larger scenario what other rights do the monarchy not have, that they have been claiming for hundreds of years, that are also not true.
    When applied to Scotland.
    Such as buildings and land that have no immediate obvious inheritors being automatically claimed by the monarch after a certain time period has lapsed, if monarchy is not sovereign in Scotland?

    2: Scotland is not only a Territory with borders ( see: reach of devolved government of Scotland) and separate voting/ elections systems. ( see: Claim of right) with the and monarchy. (See also: treaty of union)

    3: Scotland is also a recognised Country, ( see treaty of Union) only other participant to create a POLITICAL union with England’s Parliament…..Not to create a new country, but a new political union government with restrictions in regards Scotland and Scots law.

    4: The nation of Scots are Sovereign in Scotland.

    5: Westminster parliament cannot claim Sovereignty of Parliament while it is in a political treaty of union with Scotlands Parliament.

    6: If Scotlands 1707 parliament is denounced, so is the Treaty of Union between the two parliaments.

    One wonders why Scotland and Scots do not make of these legal matters and therefore make the appropriate decisions when to walk away,

  176. John Main says:

    @Saffron Robe 2:35

    “Barring a miracle, it is no longer a matter of if; it is only a matter of when”

    FFS, Robe, unless you are writing about your next bowel movement, get over yourself.

    You expect anybody to believe that you are convinced of the imminence of nuclear Armageddon, yet you are taking time out to post cryptic comments on here?

    Run for the hills!

  177. Robert Hughes says:


    L.O.L . Big one

    Aye , what says * Progressive * more than being shat-on by a more * diverse * range of cuntz ? Bet Priti Vacant Patel is raging she won’t now get the chance to fuck us over with the same degree of venom her successor will . Wee Rishi Rich likewise .

    We’ve heard endlessly how we need more …..

    Working Class in Parliament . We end up wae red-faced balloons like the current Speaker and HOL stuffed with Labour Peers

    Women ” ” . We end up wae halfwits like Sturgeon who can’t even tell us what a woman is

    Ethnics ” ” . We end up with ideological savages like Kwarteng

    LGBWHATEVERS ” ” . We end up with , well , Nu SNP .Nuff said

    What we actually need in Parliament ( assuming we need a Parliament ? ) is people with honesty , integrity ,a bit of genuine life experience – other that School + Uni + Gap Year , a wee bit of suffering/hardship in their background and the willingness to do what they’re fucking told by the people that elected them . I wouldn’t give a fuck if the entire Parliament was composed of one of these groups – as long as they possessed the qualities referred to

    Doesn’t seem that much to ask ; yet it’s almost impossible to find amongst the contemporary Political Class

  178. John Main says:

    @Breeks 4:40

    “It is arguable we don’t even need a referendum …”

    Sure it is, Breeks, in fact, that argument is frequently made by those opposed to Indy.

    Refreshing to see it now employed by the pro-Indy faction.

    I like the way you are thinking, Breeks, but my personal favourite lunacy proposed on here is still the one where we have the referendum, then only count the Yes votes.

    It’s a forlorn hope, I see that now, but is there really zero chance of the posters on here simply making a good case for Indy? You know the sort if ideas I suggest. Show Scots how they will be better off in an iScotland.

    Is that really so fantastically unreasonable you can’t give it a try?

  179. Dan says:

    @ John Main

    I don’t recall you ever properly critiqued my previous plausibly evidenced coefficient of fuckwittery example where the revenue streams generated by all UK assets have to service 65 million, but with Scotland’s considerable and much better resource to population figures a self governing Scotland could run the exact same policies as the UK but the revenue stream would only have to serve the needs of 5.5 million.


    32% of the land area.
    61% of the sea area.
    90% of the fresh water.
    65% of the natural gas production
    96.5% of the crude oil production.
    47% of the open cast coal production
    81% of the untapped coal reserves
    62% of the timber production
    46% of the total forest area
    92% of the hydro electric production
    40% of the wind wave and solar energy production
    60% of the fish landings
    30% of the beef herd
    20% of the sheep herd
    9% of the dairy herd
    10% of the pig herd
    15% if the cereal holdings
    20% of the potato holdings
    90% of the whisky industry
    70% of gin production


    25% of Europe’s tidal energy
    25% of wind power
    10% of wave energy
    Over 60% of EU oil production (largest oil reserve in the EU)
    33% of the EUs total hydrocarbon production

    Now compare to those stats to England.


    68% of the land area.
    39% of the sea area.
    10% of the fresh water.
    35% of the natural gas production
    3.5% of the crude oil production.
    53% of the open cast coal production
    19% of the untapped coal reserves
    38% of the timber production
    54% of the total forest area
    8% of the hydro electric production
    60% of the wind wave and solar energy production
    40% of the fish landings
    70% of the beef herd
    80% of the sheep herd
    91% of the dairy herd
    90% of the pig herd
    85% if the cereal holdings
    80% of the potato holdings
    10% of the whisky industry
    30% of gin production

    Now those resource to population stats look a bit sketchy to me…

  180. Tinto Chiel says:

    @Breeks 3.44: as usual, I enjoyed the subject your post, if that’s the word for potential nuclear oblivion. I feel that I’m living in Dr Strangelove Land, but for real, like the build-up to the Cuban missile crisis. The difference then was that both Kennedy and Khruschev were determined to ignore the more hawkish elements in their military and save the planet. Kennedy, of course, paid dearly for standing up to Allen Dulles and the CIA over Cuba and those others who longed for war in Vietnam.

    Biden seems now to be locked into the attitudes of the Kissinger Death Cult which has influenced American foreign policy for far, far too long and is now entering very dangerous territory, as you say.

    The USA and its compliant EU and UK governments, the latter two happy to subject their citizens to winter hardship because of boomeranging sanctions upon R*ssia, don’t seem to have a brain cell amongst them (I respectfully cite Liz Truss as evidence).

    I’ve had a life, thank you: I want my granddaughters to have a safe one in an independent and prosperous Scotland. This will not be achieved with Sturgeon and her acolytes in charge, abandoning the historical SNP position opposing both conventional and nuclear war. Her predecessor got it in the neck for calling the bombing of Belgrade “an act of unpardonable folly” but my God, Alex Salmond was right. Once the EU began to act as a military outfit rather than a political one, the seeds of Big Problems Ahead were sown.

  181. John Main says:


    Good post.

    IMO you have to explain how my personal share of, say, the hydro electric generation, and the whisky, will increase post-Indy.

    If you are claiming that post Indy, everything in Scotland will be nationalised and divvied up between us Scots, then make that claim loud and fucking clear.

    Show us where it says that in the SNP and Alba plans for Indy, then step aside to avoid getting trampled in the rush to the polling booths.

    Cos here’s the thing, Dan. I’m guessing that on day 1 of iScotland, everything will still belong to the people, companies and foreign governments that owned it on the day before. And these people, companies and governments will be saying to us Scots that prices will be unchanged, and profits will be retained where they were retained previously.

    But, I am very, very happy indeed to be proved wrong.

    Over to you. Show me how the hydro electric generators and whisky distillers are going to sell their products to me for much less than they will be worth on the open market. Or, for the same products, show me how the government of iScotland is going to cream off the profits and send me a portion.

  182. Tinto Chiel says:

    For “political” in my previous, read “economic”.

    @Dan: you nationalists are so selfish, aren’t you? 😉 .

    Seriously, if the SNP based a billboard campaign using those stats, they might turn on a few light bulbs in the minds of complacent Scots. Wonder why it hasn’t?

  183. John Main says:

    Hey Tinto Chiel

    How do you “oppose war”.

    Tickle the aggressor?

    Chip away at her self esteem?

    What if the aggressor takes umbrage at your “opposition”?

    Ever tried going round the pubs on a Friday night, “opposing” brawling? How did that go?

  184. Dan says:

    C’mon John, I was up early and have had a busy day making complex insulation sheet shapes to retro fit into this old house, then measuring meterage (or yardage for “Brexit”eer you) of timber for studding out gable wall and combed ceiling areas, then cut grass, then lifted tatties, then made soup out of my homegrown carrots beans and kale. Do I really have to go out and paint “John Main will be better off in an Indy Scotland” on the side of a red bus for you to be convinced. 😉

  185. Pete Wishart says:

    People can call me anything they want. But if a party’s hate becomes an impediment to us securing our independence then it becomes a problem for us all. Alba will remain shunned by the mainstream movement until they halt the hate.

  186. Hatuey says:

    When the Cold War ended we got access to Soviet archives and found out that most of the central assumptions of US policy on deterrence and escalation were completely wrong.

    The US assumed there was a sort of ladder of escalation that would involve us going through a sequence of sorts, with limited nuclear strikes and exchanges eventually leading to a full-on nuclear war. Everything was based on what US game theorists believed was rational.

    It turns out the Soviet leaders didn’t share that definition of rational. The Soviets all along had a policy of going full scale right away if one nuclear weapon was used, even a relatively small battlefield nuclear weapon.

    One of the most disturbing aspects of western propaganda this week was the insistence that Putin was bluffing and that we should call his bluff. They’re basically trying to goad him into doing something that proves he isn’t bluffing…

    This is all part of the “rational” little game they think they are playing.

    Good luck with that.

  187. Merganser says:

    Pete Wishart @ 7.04.

    The biggest impediment to independence over the last 8 years has been the SNP. No hate, just fact.

  188. Ruby says:

    Pete Wishart says:
    25 September, 2022 at 7:04 pm

    People can call me anything they want. But if a party’s hate becomes an impediment to us securing our independence then it becomes a problem for us all. Alba will remain shunned by the mainstream movement until they halt the hate.

    What hate are you talking about?
    The SNP are the party with hate problems. See above article.
    The SNP have a problem with women. They are unable to define what a women is and use ridiculous names like terf, womb haver, chest feeder & other ridiculous names. The leader of the SNP has been a failure at everything she touches even down to being a feminist.
    Nicola Sturgeon a failed feminist! 🙂

    Imagine failing at feminism!

    I’m betting her GRA self-id malarky will also be a gigantic failure.

  189. robertkknight says:

    If Pete Wishart lifted his head from the trough in which it’s been buried for God only knows how many years, he’d see that the good ship SNP has been heading for the skerries for some time, and the captain is either asleep at the helm or, as I suspect, deliberately plotting a course to disaster.

    What you gonna do, Pete? Don a life jacket and slip quietly over the side, pension book tucked away in a zip-lock baggy, or organise a mutiny and take over the ship whilst you’ve still got time to save us all?

    Don’t bother to answer – we already know…

  190. Ruby says:

    School board defends trans teacher with oversized prosthetic breasts

    Is this or isn’t it a stunt on the part of the teacher.

  191. Derek Rogers says:

    @John Main at 6:43: “How do you oppose war?”

    You demonstrate, you lobby politicians, you hold meetings, you mobilise public opinion, you write blogs. It’s difficult, but in the right circumstances it works. Why did you ask?

  192. John Main says:

    @Dan 6:55

    Respect man.

    Maybes the bus is redundant for me.

    But maybes I’m playing devil’s advocate for whatever the current percentage of the unconvinced is.

    55% as I recall, but it could have moved in either direction.

  193. John Main says:

    @Derek Rodgers

    I assume you are not just aving a larff.

    But do tell. Is anybody doing any of the things you list, directed to either the government of Russia, or the government of the other one?

    And how’s that going?

    Your proposed “solution” assumes the warmongers are amenable to being opposed. If they are not, your “solution” hasn’t the proverbial snowman’s.

    And if the warmongers are in a foreign country, your “solution” is up there with unicorn ranching.

  194. John Main says:

    Does anybody know which Alba policy or policies are supposedly causing it to be shunned by the “mainstream movement”?

    I am curious what these policies are. I am curious if these policies align with the views, opinions and aspirations of ordinary Scots.

    If they do, then it is clear that the fault lies with the “mainstream movement”, not with Alba.

    [liking the term “mainstream movement” though, might use it myself]

  195. Chas says:

    Dan what an impressive list you produced. The BPHB will take it as accurate and be ecstatic.
    However, Scotland, the country, produces next to NOTHING.
    The Companies, mainly foreign owned, produce the bulk of all the commodities/energy/spirits.
    Individual farmers/cooperatives produce the foodstuffs.
    Do you think it would be a good idea for an Independent Scotland to nationalise EVERYTHING and reap the benefits? If yes, where does the money come from?

  196. Chas says:

    The members of the BPHB continually produce historical ‘facts’ outlining why Scotland should gain automatic Independence now.
    Unfortunately, they conveniently forget that, currently, the MAJORITY of the electorate might be a wee bit upset if this was to happen without being asked!
    The sad fact is that NOBODY is even trying to persuade the MAJORITY to change their views.

  197. McDuff says:

    Pete Wishart.
    It’s impossible to take you seriously when you spout such divisive putrid rubbish.

  198. Dan says:

    Those stats show that the land and sea areas that fall within the borders of the country that is known as Scotland have a rich and diverse range of resources and industries.
    Of course that in itself doesn’t mean anything, but it does mean that the implementation of prudent policies that are tailored to and better serve our country’s specific needs can only be done with the full range of powers Scotland would have through returning to self-governing status.
    That doesn’t mean a simplistic “nationalise everything” strategy would be implemented, but it could mean emulating certain other countries on how they better manage their resources and industries through taxation and licensing policies.

    Take a swatch at how Norway successfully manage their oil and gas resources and compare to how the UK does it.

    A wee bit of wind ootside, and the generating infrastructure in place within Scotland is producing enough leccy for ourselves, and still exporting double the amount we are using to England and beyond…

  199. Christopher Pike says:

    These woke-types are destroying everything with 007 being their next target:

    ‘The next James Bond films will have bigger roles for women and a more sensitive 007, according to the producers, who said “Bond is evolving just as men are evolving”…’

    I imagine the next 007 will start off as a man and transition into a woman by the end of the movie. They’ll probably call it Cocktopussy.

  200. Merganser says:

    Starring Pussy Galore as Oddjob.

  201. Rab Davis says:

    I use Wings as my headline breaker for current events.
    And because I try as much as possible to avoid all media outlets, I come on to Wings on a daily basis hoping to see the headlines,,,

    “Sturgeon Resigns”

    And maybe the whole website having a Party.

    And today was no different, you check through the posts and quickly realise the little poison Dwarf is still place.

    I now know for a fact that with Sturgeon still in her present position today, Scotland never moved any closer to becoming an independent nation.

    Heart sinks, she’s still there.

    Ah well,,, Tomorrow is another day.

    We can only live and hope.

  202. Breastplate says:

    IanB @ 2:13pm,
    It hasn’t been discussed before on this site as far as I know and I’m not sure how old the ‘remedial secession’ term is.

    I suppose it’s an attempt to clarify or rather compartmentalise an aspect of the ambiguity surrounding certain aspects of secession for evaluation.

    I could well be wrong but I imagine it to be a recent term, perhaps in the last decade or so.

  203. Breastplate says:

    Breeks @ 4:40pm,
    Yes, I agree that Scotland will have a good starting point if it ever does manage to gain self determination.

  204. Stuart MacKay says:

    There was some talk that Sterling would hit parity with the US Dollar some time next year. That event would seem likely to occur today or perhaps later this week:

    So, Nicola, are you going to act or let Scotland sink with the rest of the UK? You have 20 seconds to decide.

  205. Willie says:

    Seems that this morning it’s emerging that the slide in the pound continues with Sterling now worth $1.06.

    Soaring energy prices, food prices, sa ings destruction, real wages going down, used car prices up +35% due to shortages of new cars, other shortages too.

    Certainly showing how our Tory masters are putting the Great back in Britain. Wonder if they’ve got the broken £2bn flagship air raft carrier fixed yet.

  206. Breeks says:

    Once upon a time, it didn’t matter whether an SNP politician didn’t physically mention Independence because you just took it as read that they supported Independence.

    Those days are gone, because it provided cover for so many charlatans and carpet baggers infiltrating the SNP.

    I’ve not idea what Mr Hanif thinks about Independence, but not listing it as a priority now speaks volumes about yet another careerist on the make.

    The weird thing is, you almost don’t want to complain about it, because it makes the careerists easy to spot. Raise the profile of “not” mentioning Independence, and all the little creeps will be sure to take it on board as part of their trougher’s camouflage.

  207. Willie says:

    At least Mr Hanif will be able to avail himself of positive selection advantages.

    Skin tone is a key to selection for some for BAME individuals. Mr Hanifs views on indepence may be irrelevant. Alternatively, not professing a commitment to independent could be a career move in the nuSNP.

  208. Derek Rogers says:

    @John Main at 8:41pm: “@Derek Rodgers”

    1. Please spell my name right.
    2. I note your other points.

  209. Iain More says:

    It seems nobody wants the English Peso or the English Lira. It could be either I suppose and it is worth even less than those original currencies were.

  210. Andy Ellis says:

    @Stuart MacKay 7.29 am

    So, Nicola, are you going to act or let Scotland sink with the rest of the UK? You have 20 seconds to decide.

    It hit 1.0349 earlier. Of course with Supreme Court decision on whether we’re “allowed” an indyref2 coming in October, the current crisis would be a good time for any nationalist government and movement worth its salt to issue an ultimatum that if the decision is that Holyrood lacks the legislative competence to hold a referendum with several clear mandates from Scottish voters, then she will immediately stand down as FM and seek to precipitate fresh elections on a plebiscitary mandate.

    We can still dream I suppose? 🙁

  211. Colin the Keelie says:

    Another day, same auld shite.

    Come election time we’ll still have Craig Murray, Alex Salmond / Alba Party and other weel kent names telling people to vote SNP. That’s if Eck isn’t too busy arse-licking the UK Monarchy.

    Going round in circles with the SNP is the only Scottish revolution from this lot.

  212. Hatuey says:

    Black Monday II.

    Borrowing to fund tax cuts isn’t a good look, especially when you’re skint. They don’t have any reserves to prop sterling up and there’s talk of an emergency interest rate hike.

    It’s officially a currency crisis. Could be a long day…

    My guess is it ends with an IMF crisis loan and an application to join EFTA. That will take months though, at least.

    Brexit destroyed the UK economy. That’s the real story. They might actually tell you that on the news now that it’s starting to cost rich people.

  213. Hatuey says:

    Dragged into umpteen wars, dragged out of the EU, ruled by a bunch of totally incompetent Tory freaks, not to mention the ridiculous Royals, the country being fleeced with its abundant resources used to enrich others as the majority of Scots struggle to pay bills, vast areas of the countryside trashed and ruined with radiation and all sorts of pollution, WMDs planted right on the doorstep of our biggest city, and now the Pound, like everything else they said we could count on, falling like a stone.

    It hasn’t even started yet. We can confidently speculate that 100s of thousands of people are going to lose their jobs and their houses in the coming months. Because as sure as night follows day, runaway inflation always leads to a massive recession. And just when things get really dark and depressing, that’s when they’ll dismantle and sell the NHS — it’s almost the only thing left they have to sell.

    Better together eh?

  214. Dan says:

    Seeing as currency is in the news, I’ll jist drop this clip of Jim Rogers talking about the subject from a while back…

  215. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Hatuey (11.02) –

    Hard to disagree with any of that.

    More ‘big picture’ analysis: Garland Nixon interviewed by Alexander Mercouris. (Sept 22nd)

  216. James Che says:


    Thank you for posting those statistics, it a vey good reminder why Westminster government is willing to lie and cheat to keep Scotland,

    It appears England could struggle to support England if Scotland, Ireland and Wales left it.

    Its sea area and land resources would reduce considerably if Scotland alone.

    It appears that it is those attached to Englands side of the union are panicking the most here, for Scotland side have no reason to panic at all.

  217. James Che says:

    The first thing that would change after independence would be.
    The taxes from those big corporations which at present by pass Scotland, would be in Scotland treasury,

    Especially if it was charged and changed to land tax all the the way in and around Scotland territory

  218. Chas says:


    ‘Of course that in itself doesn’t mean anything, but it does mean that the implementation of prudent policies that are tailored to and better serve our country’s specific needs can only be done with the full range of powers Scotland would have through returning to self-governing status.
    That doesn’t mean a simplistic “nationalise everything” strategy would be implemented, but it could mean emulating certain other countries on how they better manage their resources and industries through taxation and licensing policies.’

    Do you really think the SNP have even got a clue where to start with any of the above? I don’t.

  219. Colin the Keelie says:

    Has everyone watched “The Labour Files” on Youtube yet?

    It reminds me of the Robertson / Murrell playbook on how they took over the SNP.

    Of course, Sturgeon / Robertson / Swinney et al were placed into positions of power with approval from Alex Salmond because they were right-wing “Tartan-Tory” “devolution-first” politicians – just like Royalist UK Privy Counsellor Salmond himself.

    It was under Alex Salmond that the SNP began proclaiming the lie that the Scottish Parliament was Scotland’s parliament and dumped a majority of MPs as the mandate for indy.

    It was Alex who sought permission from the UK Government for Scottish “self-determination” so giving Sturgeon the excuse that she is bound to the “gold-standard” indyref route.

  220. Big Jock says:

    Has anyone ever made the connection between the Salmond cover up, the Murrells Interdict and the funding of the MSM by Nicola’s government? Seems to me a very simple equation.

  221. James Che says:

    So this is what I foresee happening,

    The Uk government are presently ( and more than once) whispering about closing down the UK parliament in the future. Disbanding it,

    Of course that would be illegally while in a treaty.

    But Westminster has been busy with its levelling up programme since 2014 around the time of the last Scottish referendum,
    The Levelling up title is a bit of a misnomer in suggesting that it is to even out finances across Britain,

    In actual fact it is devolving Counties of England into smaller autonomous regions atering the treaty of the union,
    This is not widely advertised by Westminster government or the main stream media especially to Scotland.
    If this continues is there a possibility that it would be to late to hold Westminster to account if responsability for England has been divided up.

    Perhaps Westminsters Colonisation of the treaty of the union in this way should be contested by the Scottish government,
    But then why would a westminster branch office in Scotland protest at all?
    , there one and the same.
    The Scottish people have a a belief the Scottish devolved government is theirs and all who work in it are working for the Scottish people.
    The legislation and statue history of the devolved government tells us, a opposite story.
    The Snp are actually employed by the Westminster government and swear an oath to the Crown which is not Sovereign in Scotland.
    Getting rid of the Snp alone out of that devolved government will not suffice, it will not change the devolved governments structure to a Scottish government by magic.
    You will never hear a union minded person shout to loudedly about closing the devolved government,

    Perhaps they will eventually close Westminster and rule from Scotland as their new offfices, after all its more central, not so over populated as England, better shooting, clean water, and has many resources.
    Its England that is being totally devolved into smaller sections.

  222. Big Jock says:

    Andy – Possible issue with the SC decision. The SNP have appealed that holding a consultative referendum will be non-binding. I appreciate that all consultative referendums are such, even the Brexit one.

    However in the event of a Yes vote , this could end up being challenged, because stupidly in my opinion. Nicola has explicitly stated that the referendum is non-binding. Again her words always come back to bite her.

    I appreciate if the referendum was found to be above board and met the UN criteria. It may end up with an appeal to the UN.I would expect public outrage if the UK tried to dismiss the referendum result.

  223. Robert Hughes says:

    And those comfortably ensconced in the balconies and Royal Boxes , high above the seething throng below , observed the play with undisguised delight – signalling their admiration for the onstage players huffing and puffing their way through the well-scripted drama , by slight inclinations of the head and discreet , barely perceptible hand-clapping ; rousing themselves to more overt displays of appreciation only when one character or another was dispatched in a shower of blood .

    The sweating masses in the stalls – those that could see the stage at all – also cheered their approval , believing , with the fortitude born of generations of toil , the scenes of murder , carnage , chaos they were witnessing were the price the characters had to pay , though when pressed they were unable to say why this price was being exacted ; instead , pointing upwards to their superiors saying ” because they said so ”

  224. McDuff says:

    Always a good reminder of Scotland’s rich resources.
    Never heard the Sturgeon or anyone in the SNP acquaint the Scottish public with that critically important information.

  225. Stuart MacKay says:

    Andy Ellis @9:39am

    It seems that ‘Events, dear boy, events’ are arriving thick and fast and that they present a set of existential crises for governments, devolved or otherwise.

    Sturgeon might try and sit this one out and try to stay on the sidelines yelling “Tories Bad” however if the economic woes keep coming there’s a real danger that the conflagration will take the SNP with it. Extinction through sitting on too many mandates. That would be quite come legacy.

    And it’s only September.

  226. Dan says:

    Chas says: at 1:22 pm

    Do you really think the SNP have even got a clue where to start with any of the above? I don’t.

    Most probably / definitely not if their ferry procurement abilities and bizarre infatuation with genderwoowoo in these unprecedented times (to cite just a couple of examples) is anything to go by.
    But that is even more of a reason for folk to build and coalesce around a Party that has sensible policies for Scotland in their manifesto, as clearly the current lot in both Westminster and Holyrood are failing us badly by getting us into this mire, and neither are really doing Scotland any favours at the moment.

  227. James Che says:


    Has it ever occurred to you that the syphoning of British money out of Britain before a financial Collapse of the British pound might be a way for elites to protect their finances.

    When the billions have left Scotland/ Britain and America without financial tracking it would be very easy to then take that money through the back door to Swedish banks, this was done in WWll.

    We have no evidence where the British money has gone, we have no receipts, we have no tracking evidence for where this money has gone.

    Do you get the feeling that now most of the billions of finances has been shipped out they are quite content to follow their money in one flight out of Britain,
    Perhaps this is why every prime minster is asked if they would be happy to press the big red button.
    They won’t be here.
    Liz Truss said she would be happy to press it.

    The feeling of being abandoned and financially stranded in the not to distant future may be the real reason they are diveving up britain, every man for himself an all that,
    What goes on behind the scenes and money lanundering is nothing new to london.

    The Uk parliament has almost become openly hostile to the people of Britain, it does not seem to care that their, and the elites corruption, sexual misconducts and policies are destroying people in all four countries that make Britain,
    I think they have transferred their money out of Britain and America and now they ramp up the war talk for nukes against Britain leaving foot shoulders to keep everyone occupied until every detail small is finalised.

    It Explains why BJ went abroad and talked palenski out of peace talks with Rusks, not once but twice.
    And his recent disappearance to his fathers property in Greece, Stanley Johnstone whom wrote the book on over population of the world.
    And America are doing likewise to their people and billions of money shipped out of America,

    Leaving the the people, without Laws, policing, food shortages and no fuel or energy supplies.

    Horrible thoughts and very depressing

    But the governments certainly seem to be leaving a mess behind them without a care.
    With great disdain for how the average person would survive or look out for themselves against rising chaos and raiding hungry mobs.

    The foot shoulders left to hold fort would be the first ones that the mobs would turn on.

    I cannot see any other reason for why all governments would run their people and Countries into such a helpless food and fuel poverty situation, while encouraging and setting up black people and white people hatred to each other, male and female hatred to each other, old and young to hate each other, for climate change activists and fuel poverty people to hate each other,

    It seems to be a planned collapse of society across the world.

  228. James Che says:

    And yet if it does happen as I possibly foresee.

    We will all be in the same boat,
    The white and black people, the climate change activists along with the fuel poverty group, the men and women, the old and the young, the free speech activists with the cancel culture people, including the foot solders left behind whom thought they would not be abandoned by the elite.

    Perhaps it is time to lift our eyes to see what is happening in the bigger picture, to adk before it is to late,

    Why are all governments bringing down their Countries economies and people?
    Why are all governments causing fuel poverty?
    Why are all governments causing farm land to become redundant of farming?
    Why have all governments followed the same mass policy with lockdowns that severely effected education and businesses?
    Why have all governments set one section of society against the other with implemented policies?
    Why have all governments attempted to block free speech and restricted other media outlets except MSM of their country?

    In Scotland they have us occupied with ferries, trans, who is still in the party who shouldnt be ,with NS and AS, with who said what to whom, with getting the Snp out, its all like a soap on TV where the actors are foot soldiers,

    We can not afford the time to be occupied in this way. We can not afford to be sitting with nuclear weapons pretty much in our living rooms while Westminsters Liz truss says she willing to press that nuclear button with enthusiasm.


  229. James Che says:

    Scotland will be booming.
    No not the economy.
    The country.

  230. James Che says:

    Saffron Robe,

    You are not far off in your earlier comments,
    You do not poke and prod the nuclear bear, while the new British prime boasts on MSM with a happy smile, that she is willing to press the nuclear button on behalf of Britain,
    Britain Whom by the way is (pretending) not to be in a war with the nuclear bear,
    So why would she need to press the button against the bear at all.

    I am sure the american’s will give her permission to obliterate Britain,

  231. James Che says:

    Where the fall out of nuclear radiation wind blows will not be limited to Scotland, for the north winds blow it down to England,
    It might be wise to let Scotland gain quick independence to remove the nuclear threat from all of Britain, not just Scotland,

  232. John Main says:

    @ Hatuey says:26 September, 2022 at 11:02 am

    “We can confidently speculate …”

    Another sparkling nugget of pure joy from Hatuey.

    But here’s the thing.

    It doesn’t matter how confident we are, at the end of the day, it will still just be speculation.



    The forming of a theory or conjecture without firm evidence.

  233. Andy Ellis says:

    I don’t always agree with Craig Murray but it’s worth quoting the below from one of his latests posts as a response to the Vlad fluffers in here bloviating about the “rights” of the pretendy republics to referendums and “rejoining” the motherland.

    It goes without saying that appeasing authoritarian regimes like Vlad’s and Xi’s whether in the current war or some future crisis sets a particularly bad precedent given the major territorial changes and population exchanges experienced by many European countries over the past century.

    “Diplomatic solutions to territorial solutions always end with a certain amount of population movement to areas where people can be with “their” side in perceived greater safety and comfort. The second world war shifted territorial boundaries and moved populations to an incredible degree. Western Uk raine was historically Polish. Western and much of northern Poland was historically German.

    The simplistic narrative that the Donbass is Russian is just untrue. Pre 2014 the urban populations in the Donbass were very largely Russian. Urban populations are more visible and easier mobilised. But a substantial minority were Uk rainian, almost all rural. While only a small percentaage of those Donbass Russians come from families settled there pre 1946.

    The Crimea is even more difficult. The population was historically majority Tartar – Crimea was within living memory a Muslim land – and the Krim Tatars were deported brutally by Stalin. This is not ancient history. Much of the deportation did not happen until the 1950’s. I cannot understand those who join me in wanting the Chagos Islanders to get their country back, but do not take the same view of the rights of the Krim Tatars.

    (The same people tend to dismiss the human rights abuses against the Uighurs. Muslim Central Asia is a serious blind spot for many on the left).”

  234. Dorothy Devine says:

    Another heart wrenching advert for the RSPCA – may I remind you ,yet again, that here in Scotland we have the SSPCA who cannot afford to waste money on huge TV adverts. If you wish to donate to them the website is easy to find.

  235. Republicofscotland says:

    The SNP’s Supreme Court submission on the independence referendum.

  236. Dan says:

    @ Andy Ellis

    This part you quoted:

    The simplistic narrative that the Donbass is Russian is just untrue. Pre 2014 the urban populations in the Donbass were very largely Russian. Urban populations are more visible and easier mobilised. But a substantial minority were Uk rainian, almost all rural. While only a small percentaage of those Donbass Russians come from families settled there pre 1946.

    So what, why should a “substantial minority” get what they want and override the wishes of other folk that may have recently settled there. That’s civic nationalism for you. Suck it up or are you defending blood and soil now?

  237. John Main says:

    @ Robert Hughes says:26 September, 2022 at 2:07 pm

    Thanks for the link:

    Here’s a wee excerpt from the article that appealed to me:

    “The EU, in fact, far from encouraging solidarity among countries, actually makes inter-capitalist competition even more fierce, by depriving countries of the basic economic tools that are required to deal with external shocks. It doesn’t matter if the continent is experiencing a financial crash, a global pandemic or an energy shortage. In Europe, beggar-thy-neighbour policies aren’t an exception to the rule — they are the rule.”

    A scathing indictment of the EU, right enough.

    The usual suspects, who can never let a day go by without posting of the injustice behind Scotland being dragged by the hair, bleeding and dress torn, kicking and screaming, out of the EU against her will, better not read the article.

    Facts, eh? Too hot to handle.

  238. Republicofscotland says:

    James Che @5.15pm.

    It won’t matter James, Scotland’s largest city Glasgow has close to its heart BAE systems which builds MoD warships. The RF’s Sarmat missile is virtually unstoppable, the US/UK won’t be happy until we’re all vapourised.

  239. Dan says:

    @ RoS at 7.17 pm

    Ach, on a positive note, at least we won’t be charged extortionate energy costs by the corporate energy companies for that split second of warmth we’ll feel before the vaporising, and we then return our coagulation of atoms back to their respective places on the periodic table of elements within the space compost bin.

  240. John Main says:

    Andy Ellis

    “the major territorial changes and population exchanges experienced by many European countries over the past century”

    The population of Scotland is likely to change in a major way over the next couple of decades or so:

    1) Climate change, war and hunger accelerating the mass movements of people. AKA The refugee crisis writ large.

    2) Demographics requiring an influx of young people to pay for an evermore elderly, expensive and non-productive group. AKA Government policy, in both WM and HR.

    3) Softy progressives enjoying that warm fuzzy feeling they get from payback for colonialism, or just being in the nicest wee helpless country in the world. AKA Posters on here, but also in the wider world, as members of think tanks, “communities”, NGOs and the all-pervasive MSM.

    I have views and most certainly so do you, on which of the above reasons are justifiable. I don’t expect our views co-incide.

    But who cares. Neither us nor any other ordinary Scot will have much say in this.

  241. John Main says:

    @ Republicofscotland says:26 September, 2022 at 7:17 pm

    “the US/UK won’t be happy until we’re all vapourised”

    Naw. You grossly overestimate your own importance, then extrapolate your delusion to include us all.

    Get a grip.

  242. Breeks says:

    James Che says:
    26 September, 2022 at 5:15 pm
    Where the fall out of nuclear radiation wind blows will not be limited to Scotland, for the north winds blow it down to England….

    Around the time of Gulf War 2, I had a pal out there who described how some Americans were prepared to, excuse the expression, “turn the whole Middle East to glass and be done with it once and for all”. He couldn’t tell if they were serious.

    It’s a scary thing trying to figure out what an American is thinking sometimes, whether it’s just big mouth bravado or being quite serious. But I really do get a sense of fear; fear that they might win a war now, but in ten or twenty years, maybe less, all bets are off.

    Now while it sounds straight out of Dr Strangelove, “if” you can orchestrate a small, contained “mini-war” which doesn’t escalate to Nuclear Armageddon, “winning” that mini-war might be adequate to settle the bragging rights and keep the peace for a decade or two, because the top dog has asserted his dominance and everybody can relax and retire to a neutral corner.

    The two massive problems with that philosophy is that it’s one thing to bomb terrorists in open desert in a proxy war, but reckless beyond belief to start a war which even “might” escalate to something nuclear.

    Secondly, the US “might” be too late already, and the status of “top dog” might be a highly contested affair. There’s a lot of US tech currently lying in bits over there, manifestly not as decisive as some people thought it would be, and there’s a general acknowledgment that Ruski air defence might have an edge on NATO anyway.

    It’s not just US gear. Polish Krab howitzers and tanks are lying in bits, and even 8 out of 10 of the highly respected German Leopard 2 tanks (not in Ukr), have been getting blown up in Turkey by Kurds.

    Most recently too, I’ve seen footage of US mightily expensive MRAP vehicles sent out in August, designed with wheels for IED’s and desert warfare, which have already fallen victim to General Mud; bogged to the axles, going nowhere fast and bearing an uncanny resemblance to the Wehrmacht in 1941…

    I don’t think this will all be over by Christmas… But “somebody” needs to kick start some diplomacy and peace negotiations. Aren’t you curious why nobody has?

  243. Andy Ellis says:

    @Dan 7.10 pm

    Aw, Dan mate….nice try, but no cigar. You just don’t have the intellectual height for this ride. Of course it won’t surprise those with a functioning moral compass that nativists and shills for Vlad would try this kind of false equivalence BS, though from memory of your MO you’ll be intellectually dishonest enough to claim in retrospect it was “just bantz.

    The mote in you eye would be the fact that the nightmare scenario that nativists keep conjuring (and which is laughably overdone) in the case of the Scottish situation is the kind of thing that has happened elsewhere, as Craig points out in places like Crimea and the Donbass. The Russians of course have form historically for ethnically cleansing “troublesome” populations, deporting them and killing lots of them off and planting ethnic Russians in their stead.

  244. Hatuey says:

    John Main demonstrates again why I regard him as a tedious irrelevance.

    Will check out your link later, Ian brotherhood, for some reason my iPad won’t allow cut and paste on this website.

    James Che, of course, Britain is at the centre of a web designed to launder ill-gotten gains from every dark corner of the world. We call that web ‘the city’. Money in that web can more or less move freely around the globe without a trace.

    The plundering is constant though, and they want it to continue. Rich people very rarely say “okay, I have a couple of billion, that’ll do me, now to get out of here….” They always want more.

    Brexit, when you look at the way they pulled it off, represented a coup or coronation for that dark and illegitimate wing of the British economy; it basically went from being a parallel economy run bunch of influential crooks to being the government overnight. It was probably inevitable that that would happen at some point, looking at the way offshore etc. has grown over the years.

    There’s a funny side though. The traditional landed Toffs who retain a sentimental sense of ownership over the country are watching all this unfold in horror right now. A lot of them were and are beholden to that dark offshore world — they’ve saved a fortune in taxes, etc. — but you can tell they aren’t entirely comfortable with the direction of things right now.

    It’s more inevitable than ever now that post-Brexit Britain will become a low-tax, low-wage, anything goes free-for-all, and that the whole public sector (not just the NHS) is going to be stripped down to nothing on the basis that the economy can’t sustain it. They’ll call that hollowed-out carcass a tiger, of course, and all the usual idiots will convince themselves it’s true.

  245. Ruby says:

    Why no comments from Andy Ellis & John Main on the Craig Murray article
    “Diplomacy Is Always an Option”

    That is the perfect article for those wishing to post their views on UK Raine.

    Most posters on here are not interested and on top of that Stu doesn’t want it discussed here.

    Why would you want to restrict your comments to a forum where you consider all other posters to be ‘know nothings’

    That is very weird!

  246. Dan says:

    @ Andy Ellis.

    You ken, for all your supposed superior intellect and recall ability, I’ll remind you yet again that I stated it was for the bantz before I posted yer daughter uses pronouns. Not retrospectively.

  247. Dan says:

    And of course, nobody else has form for ethnic cleansing…
    It’s like the highland clearances never happened, and the British Empire was just fictional a fictional work by Enid Blyton.

  248. SERIOUS QUESTION: anybody know if there is any truth in this bold Scottish-self-asserting assertion?

  249. John Main says:

    @ Hatuey says:26 September, 2022 at 7:48 pm

    [rather tediously]

    “It’s more inevitable than ever now that post-Brexit Britain will become a low-tax, low-wage, anything goes free-for-all”

    Do tell us, Hatuey, how post-Brexit EU is going. High-wage perhaps? High-tax, or low-tax – whatever floats your boat. Strictly controlled and regulated, no doubt. Death to the unvaxxed, you like that.

    Once you’ve done that, do tell us how something that is inevitable can progress to being “more inevitable”.

    Or is that a special language spoken only by the over-achievers?

    Once you have explained all of that, get on to Alf Baird and demand a special exception for you from his Scotland as Colony theory. As he so eloquently explains, the colonised cling to external rule, lacking as they do the confidence to believe they are capable of running their own affairs.

    Not so long since you were claiming on here your acceptance of the theory. Didn’t take you long to run for the cover of the safety blanket though.

  250. John Main says:

    @ Breeks says:26 September, 2022 at 7:39 pm

    “reckless beyond belief to start a war which even “might” escalate to something nuclear”

    Well hallelujah – hoist the blue & yellow pennant.

    Breeks posting something I can agree with. Who’d a thunk it.

    Oh but wait. In Breeks assessment, “we” started it, by forcing the Rustis to send their tanks and troops across an international border with the aim of annexing the entire country of UK raine.

    The shadowy network of the Satans, NWO, WEF, MSM and IDF reaches even into the Kremlin, where it pulls the strings controlling puppet Put.

    Incidentally Breeks, and this is true, not something my “controller” has told me to write. A colleague of mine during Gulf War 2, a Scot, was endlessly excited about the deployment of US “daisy cutter” munitions. He couldn’t wait to see footage of them being used for real.

    I recount this tale to illustrate how pointless and useless your tale of your colleague’s experience of some Yanks he spoke to really is.

    Those Yanks were as representative of the USA as my colleague was of Scotland.

  251. John Main says:

    @ Ruby says:26 September, 2022 at 7:51 pm

    “Most posters on here are not interested and on top of that Stu doesn’t want it discussed here.”

    Haha, Ruby good one, but there’s nothing on the box right now so I’ll bite.

    If I can be bothered, I’ll monitor future threads and point out to you the first poster on each to mention the war, UK raine, or Nazis, etc.

    I am willing to bet it won’t be me, or Andy.

    I am willing to bet you will let all such posts pass unregarded, but as soon as myself or Andy respond in an attempt to call out some of the more lunatic assertions, you will jump in with the complaints.

    Face it, Ruby. Like many on here, you believe the route to Indy lies through lies and unbelievable exaggeration. You believe that, despite years of that approach making next to no headway.

    I believe that the majority of Scots remain open to the idea that the truth will set us free.

  252. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    I have a view that some here, btl, could describe as ‘simplistic’.

    USA has looked on Rus-sia as the enemy, from the time of the Yalta conference. And vice-versa. The whole ‘cold war’ was a result of this.
    Stalin’s behaviour towards his own people reinforced this belief of ‘the enemy’ of democracy.

    Thus, the USA planned to creep closer and closer to Russia’s borders, as they have done in the preceding decades, through western Europe and the former soviet satellites.

    Is it any wonder that Pyutin is trying to flex his oxters?

    Unless there is a de-escalation on both sides, this situation regarding the 2004 Eurovision song contest winners and the Krem-lin will not conclude happily.

  253. Hatuey says:

    The more attention one gives a tedious dolt, the more inevitable it is that he will tediously pester.

    Strictly speaking, nothing is truly inevitable, of course.

    I wonder if I’m as thick as John Main and I just don’t realise it. Oh fuck.

    The horror. The horror….

  254. Effijy says:

    Did you notice that Joanne Cherry commented on Truss tipping off Tory Hedge fund mangers about the mini budget so they could bet on the pound nosediving.
    That is at Watergate levels.

  255. Scott says:

    “A colleague of mine during Gulf War 2, a Scot, was endlessly excited about the deployment of US “daisy cutter” munitions. He couldn’t wait to see footage of them being used for real.” – Main

    Proof that squaddies are thick as fuck.

  256. Hatuey says:

    I’d say simple rather than simplistic, BDTT, certainly on the spectrum…

    In a nutshell;

    “The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias whereby people with low ability, expertise, or experience regarding a certain type of a task or area of knowledge tend to overestimate their ability or knowledge.”

    I wonder if anyone ever suggested to Dunning and Kruger that they had perhaps over-extended themselves with that theory — they’d probably have pulled out a couple of baseball bats…

    Anyway, the loudest barrels make the emptiest noise and all that, etc.


  257. Scott says:

    Hatuey says:
    27 September, 2022 at 12:06 am

    I’d say simple rather than simplistic, BDTT, certainly on the spectrum…

    In a nutshell;

    “The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias whereby people with low ability, expertise, or experience regarding a certain type of a task or area of knowledge tend to overestimate their ability or knowledge.”

    The written word exposes the limitations of those described by D & K as much as the spoken.

    Statement analysts must chuckle at some of the output in btl comments…it’s difficult not to.

  258. Confused says:

    Pound-Dollar parity is a “psychological level” for city traders, these wobbles are significant.

    Indy Scotland needs its own currency, that is for sure – but it needs smart people looking after it, and the competence of the SNP woke idiots – “got the job because I’m a tranny” – worries me.

    – it is thus crucial to get through the indy transition smoothly.

    Anglo twats : YOU CANT USE THE POUND

    Any competent Scottish leader would use the pound as in “we will use the pound (for a bit at least)” as LEVERAGE against the UK; the pound draws huge strength from being an effectively “oil backed currency” which is great if you import everything because you make nothing (- wait, what, the mobile phones of Yorkshire, the flatscreen TVs of Sussex?)

    – in the negotiations, the threat would be to use for an “interim currency” the Dollar, which would make the English shit themselves and you could probably extract a lot of concessions on the basis of it.

    I posted a comment on this on wings, years ago, framed as a “joke”, but now we see : all jokes are serious and all that was “satirical” will happen if you wait long enough.

    NEW INDY POLICY : USE THE DOLLAR in the interim period

    union shills = CRUSHED

    NB financial, particularly forex speculators are the “cold eyed assassins” of finance; they care nothing for the real economy, nation states, it’s all about profit – they are like sharks scenting blood, or a weak injured fish thrashing – and the “word on the street” is this Kwasi geezer (“the sheriff of rockridge”) DOESN’T KNOW WHAT HE IS DOING – so they are going to “mess with him”, let him screw it up, and make profits against him.

    Using another country’s currency is giving them a free ride and something you don’t want to do; the dollar’s reserve currency status has allowed it a gigantic “free ride” from the rest of the world for 50 years, essentially paying for their huge military. Michael Hudson is very good on this.

    – but if you are a country which doesn’t have the tools, or expertise, to keep things stable, speculators will put your money on a rollercoater ride, which in the end, sees your country bankrupt and them, owning it. Which is why, just for a while, having The FED at your back, could be useful. Worth it just to see the English panicked, scattershitting themselves, and the shadenfreude of the economic and political chaos.

    Also, the americans would be absolutely ecstatic about this – if you say “hey america, can we use the dollar as we’re just some little guys …” – they say sure, and within hours the gulfstreams are landing, full of ivy league guys and their laptops. Not telling you to fuck off for some pathetic political point.

    – just think of how much fun this will be – the Scots monetary deposits are changed into dollars, and then the pound drops another 20% on the basis of this … whew! – well done Scottish Chancellor (- and on the fly, the sovereign wealth fund, being tipped off about the move, has made a couple of hundred billion in forex options). UK gilts get downgraded to junk status.

    Watch your enemies burn, and get rich at the same time – gawd, sometimes financial markets are so much fun.

    KWASI tomorrow : “is it coz I is black?”

  259. John Main says:

    Got to say, the standard of personal insult on here is on the up.

    Am I right to think I can claim some kudos for that?

    “Dunning–Kruger effect”

    Wow, these boys are doing some research now. That’s defo an improvement.

    Not so long since a fact-free, fantasy-based rant, terminated with a cunt-call, was the best we could expect.

    But to be serious, boys, any time you want to post some rational, fact-based comments, backed up by references and links to respected authorities and websites, feel free. Rev Stu won’t mind.

    Just as I don’t think he will mind if you continue to pursue your daily policy of parking your breakfasts on here.

    Whilst it might be all the same in the end, one of these approaches could just be helping the Indy cause.

    I would tell you which one, but hey, you ain’t amenable to logic and reason.

  260. John Main says:


    You make some good points. One of them I don’t want to touch, for obvious reasons.

    Regarding the currency, I am losing count of the number of posts on here proposing different currencies. Looks very much to me like that question is not settled. Inexplicable to me that it is not, but hey ho.

    However, as we are still working through the aftermath of fantasists setting economic policy on their ideological preferences, without recourse to reality, I would suggest that the currency of iScotland be decided entirely free of all notions of shadenfreude.

    Why would we want our major trading partner to pay for our energy and other resource exports with junk?

    I predict with 50% inevitability that a broke rUK will take from Scotland what it can’t trade for by force. Remember that as the nicest, wee country in the world, we will have renounced all forms of military activity, so we will be powerless to resist.

    Best if we just work out some way to profit peacefully from our riches, eh?

  261. Dorothy Devine says:

    Grousebeater has some excellent articles – highly recommend them.

    Not to mention the comments below them!

  262. Ruby says:

    John Main says:
    26 September, 2022 at 10:42 pm

    Haha, Ruby good one, but there’s nothing on the box right now so I’ll bite.

    The question was why no comments from you or Andy on the Craig Murray article. Why restrict yourself to commenting on Wings where you consider other posters to by ‘know nothings/don’t have the intellectual height for this ride’?

    I find that a bit weird.

  263. Breeks says:

    Ruby says:
    27 September, 2022 at 8:56 am

    The question was why no comments from you or Andy on the Craig Murray article. Why restrict yourself to commenting on Wings….

    Not feeding the Trolls is a two stage process Ruby.

    Stage 2 is not commenting on their trolling.

    Stage 1 is not even reading their trolling to begin with.

    Scroll on by and enjoy the rest of your day with less cortisol in your bloodstream. 😉

  264. Ruby says:

    John Main says:
    26 September, 2022 at 10:42 pm
    If I can be bothered, I’ll monitor future threads and point out to you the first poster on each to mention the war, UK raine, or Nazis, etc.

    I am willing to bet it won’t be me, or Andy.

    I would bet you are correct because neither you or Andy post anything original you are both just waiting to pounce when someone else makes a comment.

    On any matter relating to any aspect of the Uk raine war, you are seeing one side of a story. Russians are seeing only another side. The space for truth is very limited, as the world crashes into full dystopia. Craig Murray

    I agree with that.
    Basically you have two sides arguing that their propaganda is correct and the other sides propaganda is just. ……well propaganda.

    I can fully understand why Stu doesn’t want to have that discussion here on Wings.

    Why don’t you and Andy go to the Craig Murray article to point out where he’s gone wrong.
    Surely the above statement must be wrong. Point out how you know the truth.

    I bet there are other posters on the Craig Murray article who need to have their mistakes pointed out. Why are you not posting there?

  265. Ruby says:

    Breeks says:
    27 September, 2022 at 9:15 am

    Ruby says:
    27 September, 2022 at 8:56 am

    The question was why no comments from you or Andy on the Craig Murray article. Why restrict yourself to commenting on Wings….

    Not feeding the Trolls is a two stage process Ruby.

    Stage 2 is not commenting on their trolling.

    Stage 1 is not even reading their trolling to begin with.

    Scroll on by and enjoy the rest of your day with less cortisol in your bloodstream.

    There is so much trolling it would probably be simpler just not to log in to Wings.
    I think that is what most sensible people are doing. Too bad I am not sensible.

  266. Breastplate says:

    John Main,
    Of course the question on currency isn’t settled, it never will be if we don’t have self determination.
    Nobody knows what the future holds including Westminster.

    What you can absolutely be sure of in an independent Scotland is that we will use the Sterling for a transitional period.
    How long that transitional period is will depend on the political landscape at the time.

    You know this already because you have been told a number of times, either you have forgotten the answer to the question you ask constantly or you don’t want to believe it.

    If you don’t believe we will use Sterling for a transitional period immediately after independence, tell us all why?

    Regarding what currency we transition to is anybody’s guess, it will depend on an UNKNOWN FUTURE political landscape.

    I’m sorry if this is confusing, but we don’t know what currency the UK will use in any future scenario because we don’t know if there will be a UK in any specified point in time yet to lapse.
    Pentagon analysts have put the chance of nuclear war at 50% so perhaps future currency might be irradiated tins of beans, wigs and sunblock.

  267. Republicofscotland says:

    This is utter mince from the BLiS branch manager in Scotland.

    “Anas Sarwar claims Scottish independence is ‘against the values of social justice’ at Labour Party conference”

    Social justice in Scotland can’t progress without independence.

  268. Republicofscotland says:

    Would any sane person now believe a word that the millionaire knight of the realm and leader of the Labour party now says after viewing the explosive Al Jazeera video.

    Even the renowned reporter Jon Pilger said of Starmer that he helped to keep Julian Assange locked up in the UK when he worked for the CPS, even after the Swedes dropped the rape charges against him.

  269. Hatuey says:

    The British Government now pays more to borrow than Italy or Greece. That’s official. And we are steadily climbing up that table just as we climbed up the ‘covid deaths’ table.

    The UK today has nearly all the characteristics of what financial analysts call an “emerging market” (code for ‘second world shit-hole’). Interest rates for ordinary people with mortgages etc., are about 5 times what they were just a year or so ago, and expected to rise further.

    You might think it would be a good time to consider disengagement in the East, concentrate on the unfolding economic crisis at home. But no, the plan is to escalate against the world’s strongest nuclear power, with increased threats and provocations right on its doorstep.

    People I know are worrying about this going nuclear. It’s slightly annoying that they come to me for comfort and reassurance. Believe it or not, for reasons beyond the scope of this comment, they think I know about this stuff…

    I tell them the truth; nuclear weapons are already being used over there. If Vlad didn’t have nuclear weapons, we’d be bombing his country into the stone-age, just as we bombed Iraq, Libya, Yugoslavia, Syria, etc., etc.

    Why didn’t people fret when we did that? As I said, it’s annoying.

  270. Scott says:

    Republicofscotland says:
    27 September, 2022 at 9:49 am

    Would any sane person now believe a word that the millionaire knight of the realm and leader of the Labour party now says after viewing the explosive Al Jazeera video.

    Even the renowned reporter Jon Pilger said of Starmer that he helped to keep Julian Assange locked up in the UK when he worked for the CPS, even after the Swedes dropped the rape charges against him.

    The guy’s a nerse.

    As for Julian Assange, I’ve long wondered why he or someone acting on his behalf hasn’t lodged an appeal with the nobile officium of the Court of Session.

    If his children were living in Scotland, they could raise an action for sure.

  271. Andy Ellis says:


    The question was why no comments from you or Andy on the Craig Murray article. Why restrict yourself to commenting on Wings where you consider other posters to by ‘know nothings/don’t have the intellectual height for this ride’?

    I find that a bit weird.

    I’ll take a “time out” from ignoring you to respond, because I think in this instance it’s worth it. Your propensity to try and tone police BTL comments here has been noted before, although why on earth you should think you are in any way entitled, still less qualified, to do so will doubtless have occurred to most alert readers.

    In the first case, what business is it of yours where anyone choses to post, or which sites they do or don’t contribute to? Why are we somehow obliged to contribute to Craig Murray’s site? I see some of the same people contributing there and here if the ID’s are to be believed, but so what? I have contributed BTL there on occasion, but prefer here. Big deal.

    People will have different motivations for contributing and posting. Others can doubtless speak for themselves, but as I’ve said before the reason I continue to post here and try and act as a corrective to the moonhowling fraternity is that I don’t like to see their unreason go unchallenged, or for those who obviously do still visit and read, to get the wrong impression about the movement as a whole by thinking that their views are representative of more than a nutter fringe.

    Think of it as a public service. It’d be tragic if all those undecided “soft No” voters out there thought the kind of sweary, cunt-calling low lives who have taken up residence BTL here were in any way representative, or that folk who thought the people of the Uk raine “had it coming”, and that the US or West generally was the Great Satan reflected the views of this site, or a significant section of the movement.

    I may not always agree with folk like John Main, Chas, Mark Boyle and others but at least their contributions demonstrate to undecideds, or those who aren’t already convinced conspiracy theorists, shills for Vlad and his nice bunch of lads, tub thumping nativists, anti vaxxers etc. that reason hasn’t altogether left the WoS site. HTH/YW.

  272. Scott says:

    “I may not always agree with folk like John Main, Chas, Mark Boyle”

    They may not always use ‘etc etc’ either, but only the four of them do.

    The four of them should get a room and save on heating and leccy when fluffing for ‘each other’, if ‘they’ haven’t already.

  273. Andy Ellis says:

    @Ruby 9.16 am (contd.)

    I would bet you are correct because neither you or Andy post anything original you are both just waiting to pounce when someone else makes a comment.

    Well no. John Main is correct as even you admitted. In general from what I’ve seen his assessment is bang on the money: folk with mainstream, reasonable views like ours respond to what we see as outrageous, fringe nutter views by trying to hold a mirror up to them, and demonstrate that – while they are quite entitled to hod those opinions – they aren’t entitled to post them unchallenged.

    I often post on other issues and have seen other grown ups in the room do likewise. It is overwhelmingly the moonhowlers and other conspiracy theorists that continually bring up the same discredited BS about Uk raine, “The Great Satan”, nativism/Scotland as colony, covidiocy. All of these are hobby horses for a tiney nutter fringe who shouldn’t expect not to be called out for their unreason.

    On any matter relating to any aspect of the Uk raine war, you are seeing one side of a story. Russians are seeing only another side. The space for truth is very limited, as the world crashes into full dystopia. Craig Murray

    I agree with that.
    Basically you have two sides arguing that their propaganda is correct and the other sides propaganda is just. ……well propaganda.

    People are entitled to their differing views. RoS, Hatuey, Breeks et all are entitled to think the USA / West generally is “the Great Satan” or a variant thereof, and that there is a moral equivalence between the two sides of debates not just about the current war, but about international relations more generally.

    Doubtless RoS sincerely believes the folk of the Uk raine “had it coming” and that the country needed to be de-nazified, de militarised, and that Vlad and his mates should not only be able to dictate terms about whether Uk raine joined NATO and the EU, but were entitled to take military action and/or annex the Donbas just as the had the Crimea. That belief, however firmly held, doesn’t make something objectively true.

    It’s doubtful there will ever be agreement between the opposing sides on much of the content of these debates, because views are entrenched. Much of it is subjective, not objective. Even if you try and discuss a concrete example, people will trenchantly disagree and reach diametrically opposed conclusion after examining the same evidence.

    To take a random example which came in to the early debates on the Uk raine: who shot down the Malaysian airlines flight? There is only one correct answer: it was either the Russian backed separatist forces in the pretendy Donbas republics, or it was the Ukrainians. Mainstream opinion says the former were responsible, including the Dutch authorities. The minority think the Uk rainians did it then blamed the separatists. But only one is correct. Unsurprisingly you’ll find that overwhelmingly those blaming the Uk raine will also beleive Vlad’s narrative about de-nazification, de-militarization, the Great Satan stuff etc. Go figure.

    In summary: It’s one thing to say neither side is lilly white, it’s quite another to go “full Great Satan” which makes one look and feel like exactly the kind of fringe nutter who would eventually see nothing wrong in parading around their parliament in a buffalo headdress looking for representatives to hang.

    I can fully understand why Stu doesn’t want to have that discussion here on Wings.

    And yet, here we are again. Why is that? Because people post about it and interact. Because it’s an important issue, perhaps even existential. Because it impacts on all our lives, our economies, our society, on the chances of independence for Scotland.

    Why don’t you and Andy go to the Craig Murray article to point out where he’s gone wrong.
    Surely the above statement must be wrong. Point out how you know the truth.

    I bet there are other posters on the Craig Murray article who need to have their mistakes pointed out. Why are you not posting there?

    Your point wasn’t worth making when you posted it numerous times before, so why you feel it’s worth regurgitating like a petulant child demanding an answer is beyond me. Why don’t you go and post there or on other sites John Main might suggest? Is that how it works? Who appointed you Prefect and arbiter of acceptable content BTL in WoS? How far do you think you’d get cunt-calling folk on Craig’s site, or on “Scot Goes Pop” or Iain Lawson’s blog Ruby?

  274. Scott says:

    Anyone fancy a pint?

  275. Andy Ellis says:

    @Breastplate 9.39am

    If you don’t believe we will use Sterling for a transitional period immediately after independence, tell us all why?

    The dismal science isn’t my forte, but why do you think Scotland shouldn’t or couldn’t just have its own currency from indy day +1? If it worked for countries like Slovenia when it became independent from Yugoslavia or Slovakia when Czechoslovakia was dissolved, why wouldn’t it work for us to establish the Scottish bawbee, merk, unicorn or pound?

    Is there something about Scotland and her circumstances that renders us uniquely incapable of doing what plenty of other countries did, when they had a lot less going for them and less in the way of our assets?

  276. Scott says:

    The currency Scotland will have as an asset will be £GBP – our share of which won’t be for negotiation, but determined by forensic examination of ‘the books’.

    What comes after that is speculation, but licencing of North Sea etc won’t continue on same terms for the extractors, but will for the workers.

    Likewise the utilities. And any other essential service currently sub-contracted to the likes of Serco.

  277. Breastplate says:

    It isn’t news that all governments deploy propaganda, that’s why it is important that alternative viewpoints are sought.
    That some people think this is somehow betraying their country or not what the majority believe is neither here nor there.

    Craig Murray is quite right about not believing the respective narratives of one’s country (elite).

    We should all be cynical.

    Andy, this may come as a shock to you, it is not existential or even mildly important that the people of the Donbas wanted autonomy, it wouldn’t have made one fucking iota of a difference to your life, my life or the life of anybody reading here if you were to wake up one morning in 2014 and discovered that there was a region of 404 that had decided to make their own decisions because they saw things differently from Kyiv.

    It’s affecting us now that we have railed against it and are now partaking in a mobile macabre theatre of self mutilation on the road to annihilation.

    All because we want to stop some plebs making choices for themselves.

    Please wake the fuck up!

  278. Scott says:

    Apparently letters have been sent in already about Margarine Thatcher.

    Is it wrong to infer that Boris will stand for the job again, and all the insiders will make even more money again, and all this has been planned.

    Tories are horrible bastards.

  279. Breastplate says:

    Andy Ellis @ 11:36am,
    For the same reason there will be a transition period for Scottish independence if and when we actually achieve it.

  280. Hatuey says:

    The term ‘moral equivalence’ was invented by Washington propagandists in the mid 1980s, btw, intended to shield the Reagan administration from criticism of its atrocities in south and Central America.

    This tool might be useful to some of you — you can use it to analyse word usage over the course of history, and other things;

    As you can see, the term basically appeared in the mid 1980s. Only a complete dick would rely on a meaningless phrase like that, and rely on it the dick does. It literally means nothing.

  281. Merganser says:

    Great article on Iaian Lawson’s blog about how (in)tolerant the SNP are to their own members who don’t toe the Sturgeon line.

  282. Robert Hughes says:


    Immediate entry to the Pantheon of Punologists for ” Margarine Thatcher ” .

    ” You just don’t have the intellectual height for the ride ”

    Hahahahahahahaha . Another cracker( jack )

    Is that a diddy-ride ? I never knew balloons could get that high

  283. Andy Ellis says:

    @Breastplate 11.57 am

    I’m quite awake thanks. The issue with what passes for your analysis is that most people have somewhat broader horizons than you appear to have. Nobody has said alternative viewpoints can’t be sought or expressed. Unlike Russia, folk won’t be jailed for having opinions the government doesn’t find palatable. Neither from what I can see does anyone believe your straw man that I or others believe our elites, or can’t see that they have agendas too. Most of us are capable of distinguishing between the errors of “our” side and those of the “other” side.

    Your tendentious claims that the carving out of the Donbas would make zero difference doesn’t hold up to the slightest intellectual scrutiny. Doubtless people made the same arguments about the violation of Belgian neutrality in 1914. One of the great “what ifs” of history is what might have happened if the UK had simply remained neutral in 1914: you can make a case that the future might have been no worse or even better if we’d stood aside and let the Germans win.

    Similarly, it’s fairly well rehearsed that there were significant numbers of people here, particularly in our elites, who were prepared to sit on their hands and abandon the Austrians, Czechs and even Poles to their fates at the hands of Hitler’s Germany.

    As others – including Craig Murray – have pointed out, the problem in the Donbas was that large numbers of Uk rainians and ethnic Russians wanted no part of the plans to establish pretendy republics as a precursor for union with Russia. There never was a majority in either oblast for leaving. The minority of pro-Russian inhabitants provoked a civil war in an attempt to balkanise Uk raine. The pro-Russian plebs in the Donbas may find themselves in the same situation as Germans in Eastern Europe did after 1945: they’ll have hard choices to make, but in the end they made their beds and must lie in them. Either they depart for mother Russia, or stay and face the music in Uk raine.

    Of course their actions, and the fact they were useful idiots for Vlad’s regime, has made their desired outcome moot. It’s vanishingly unlikely that they will now be able to negotiate a “land for peace” deal with Kyiv, which *might* have been possible pre-war. The west may have been able to persuade Kyiv to surrender parts of the Donbas in return for EU membership and security guarantees. Today however….? All bets are off. The RF must not only be defeated, but be SEEN to be defeated. Uk raine – including Crimea – must be fully restored.

    With luck Vlad’s regime will fall, and the RF may implode giving hopes of democratisation for the peoples it currently mis-rules. If not however, it must be contained and isolated as the USSR was in the past. We’re no more on a road to annihilation now than we were during the Cold War. We survived that, we’ll survive this too.

    We have to face down Vlad and his henchmen for the same reasons we faced down previous megalomaniacs throughout history. It doesn’t mean we’re lily white, or that our system of government, our motives or our history mean we’re perfect or divinely or morally entitled to prevail: it just means the prospect of inaction and the precedent it will set would in the end result in outcomes that would be intolerable, if not for us here today then for our children and theirs.

  284. Republicofscotland says:

    Scott @9.59am.

    It also makes you wonder why his own country Australia has done very little to protect one of its own. To their shame the president of Mexico, Obrador, has voiced his support for Assange and the Mayor of Mexico city, has bestowed the keys of the city upon Assange.

  285. Republicofscotland says:

    Looking at what’s on offer for the next GE South of the border, in Labour and the Tories, I have a bit of sympathy for the voters, in reality they can vote for the two cheeks of the same arse.

    Here in Scotland, it’s not much better, though we do have the Alba party, and come the next GE we MUST vote for them.

  286. Republicofscotland says:

    BBC Scotland running with this, enough leaked documents in their possession to cause concern for (CMAL) and the SNP government.

    Who if anyone, will take the fall, if this can of worms opens up wide enough.

    “Deputy First Minister John Swinney has said he has “concerns” over the latest allegations that the awarding of the ferries fiasco contract to Ferguson Marine was rigged and has promised a re-examination.”

  287. Breastplate says:

    Ffs Ellis,
    You have just stated western propaganda as gospel.

    404 had a democratically elected government overthrown in a violent coup d’etat, the people of the Donbas region didn’t much appreciate that and wanted no part of it. They wanted their own fate in their own hands, they didn’t invade anybody’s country. They stayed exactly where they were.

    Opinions have hardened since. Being bombed will do that to you.

    Trying to compare them to the invading German army of the 1930s is beyond ludicrous but perhaps you’re right and I’m just unable to think on your level.

  288. Andy Ellis says:

    For all the friends of Vlad in here, the latest from the UN on the “Special Military Operation:

    “The UN commission of inquiry investigating alleged human rights violations in Uk raine has concluded that war crimes have been committed.

    Delivering its report to the UN human rights council in Geneva, the commission said it had documented “violations, such as the illegal use of explosive weapons, indiscriminate attacks, violations of personal integrity, including executions, torture and ill-treatment, and sexual and gender-based violence,” and that “based on its investigations into events in the regions of Kyiv, Chernihiv, Kharkiv and Sumy, the Independent International Commission of Inquiry on Uk raine has concluded that war crimes have been committed in Uk raine.”

    The chair of the commission said his team had been “struck by the large number of executions in the areas that we visited.”

    The Commission is chaired by a Norwegian judge Erik Mose and contains Colombian Human Rights activist and academic Pablo de Greiff, and Dr Jasminka Dzumhur human rights lawyer and Human Rights Ombudsperson of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  289. Andy Ellis says:


    404 had a democratically elected government overthrown in a violent coup d’etat, the people of the Donbas region didn’t much appreciate that and wanted no part of it.

    Only clueless conspiracy theorists believe this. *Some* of the people of Donbas – largely those planted in the area in the Soviet era, much like they did elsewhere in their former Empire – wanted to secede and join Russia. The majority however – even most of the ethnic Russians – wanted to remain part of the Uk raine and secure self government and protection of their language rights. There was never a majority in either oblast of the Donbas for leaving Uk raine. Those who were determined to secure union with Russia tried to do so by force. Unsurprisingly Kyiv took action to stop them.

    They wanted their own fate in their own hands, they didn’t invade anybody’s country. They stayed exactly where they were.

    They tried to secede using violence when they didn’t get their way. They didn’t have majority support and squandered any chance they might have had of a “land for peace” deal with Kyiv by becoming Vlad’s willing accomplices after 2014 and even more so after February.

    Opinions have hardened since. Being bombed will do that to you.

    As we have seen since February. There is only going to be one winner, and it isn’t going to be Vlad and his proxies in the pretendy republics.

    Trying to compare them to the invading German army of the 1930s is beyond ludicrous but perhaps you’re right and I’m just unable to think on your level.

    Your lack of ability in thinking on a reasonable has been evident for some time. Glad you’ve acknowledged it. The use of the ethnic Russians outside the borders of the RF, the illegal annexation of Crimea, support for the pretendy republics and finally full scale invasion makes it an entirely apposite comparison. The difference is that unlike Poland vs. Germany in 1939, the Uk rainians gave Vlad’s invaders a bloody nose, and are on track to “de-occupy” the land currently under Russian occupation.

    Failing to reverse Russian adventurism would be the modern day equivalent of Lord Halifax as PM making peace with Hitler after the fall of France. You’re not going to get many takers for that amongst the public in general, even if there is a coterie of Vlad fluffers in here.

  290. James che says:

    Parallel communities,

    Those with money and to little empathy are busy chasing and instigating war, with paid insurgences for coup’s in other countries,
    Chasing other people land mass and resources as a long term hobby, that they actually pay for talking up war. Where human life to them are game pieces on a chess board,
    Where compassion to prevent wars is bereft in their hearts,.
    To them human life is despensable as trash.
    Something has died within people, that they are unable to associate the suffering of children, women, men and animals lying in separated pieces of limbs and heads from bodies lying on the dust or ground as a result of what they have done,
    They cannot perceive how other humans do not think in the same way as them.
    So they are willing to show abuse, aggression and instigate opposition to bully those that do not agree with them, to bully them into their thought patterns,
    These are the warmongers in the human race that cannot comprehend that others have peaceful hearts and minds.

    Then there are those,
    Whom believe in diplomacy, democratic voting rights for people in referendums without interference from other countries,
    That the poor, the invalid, the mother, the father, the family, the home, the community spirit, employment and a good wage, and peace must come first.
    Where laughter is joyful and normal,
    Where conversations with neighbours and friends is not monitored and policed, but free from fear,
    That wish to see small businesses back in the high street, and a economy that thrives.
    Where our children are taught the three R’s in School not perverted propaganda,
    Where women and children are part on mankind, not something to be used to satisfy only mankind.
    Where a father is respected in and as part of the family, not just an extra, to pay for the upbringing of a child.
    Where normality of playing in safety on a green piece of this earth.
    Where animals are not culled for the ideology of a few people whom consider it sport.

    And it does not matter to me how forcefully those that enjoy and cheer war, the death of humans and the destruction of our planet by a dissasociative illness, try to convince many by antagonistic behaviour , That what they do is the right thing to do,

    And those whom oppose these wars, death and destruction of the planet through wars are in the wrong.

    Peace to all.

  291. Breastplate says:

    Ffs Ellis,
    It’s not an opinion that the democratically elected government of 404 was overthrown, it’s a fact.

    What might normally happen in democratic countries when we are unhappy with our politicians, we elect new ones at the next election.

    I’m not here to change your mind, that isn’t going to happen but I think it’s important that people call you out on your nonsense.

    So there you go, my nonsense versus your nonsense, people can decide for themselves.

  292. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @James che (2.51) —

    Hear hear.


  293. Andy Ellis says:

    @Breastplate 2.59 pm

    You’re entitled to your view of what happened in Uk raine following the Euromaidan and the Revolution of Dignity, but you’re not entitled to your own class of facts.

    As you rightly point out no meeting of minds is ever going to be possible. I am content however that your views represent those of a negligible amount of people. ‘Twas ever thus: for any given major issue you will find a hard core of contrarians, conspiracy theorists, charlatans or those just unaccountably proud of their “truthy” views.

  294. Breastplate says:

    Stop putting glitter on the turd, it’s still a turd.

  295. Republicofscotland says:

    The OPCW, lost credibility when it sacked inspectors who reported that there was NO chemical attack in Douma.

    The IAEA, lost credibility, when it voted to try and remove the RF from the ZNPP after 404’s troops shelled it for weeks and almost cost a international disaster by breaching the largest nuclear energy plant in Europe.

    The OSCE, lost credibility when inspectors were caught spying for 404 in the Donbas.

  296. Ian Brotherhood says:

    John Beattie, on BBC Radio Scotland Drivetime, just asked a correspondent about the referenda in Donbass. ‘Are people being forced to vote or are the results foregone, they’ll just be made up anyway?’ (That’s pretty much verbatim but it can be checked at about 4.46 in the recording.)

    Does anyone see the problem with this?

    The possibility that citizens may actually be keen to cast their votes and are doing so freely is not even floated.

    This isn’t news and it’s not journalism.

    Given the BBC’s track record, isn’t it simple common sense to reject this rubbish? It has no value whatsoever except as anti-Russian propaganda and anyone parroting it is helping muddy the waters at a time when we all need some clarity.

  297. Republicofscotland says:


    There are observers from dozens of countries in the Donbas monitoring the referendums, one Dutch woman who went to the Donbas to observe fears prosecution when she returns back home to the Netherlands.

  298. robertkknight says:

    John Sweeny should investigate the missing 600k whilst he’s trying to shovel sh1t over the ferries fiasko.

    SNP wants judged on their record?


    Not just clowns… the entire frikking circus!

  299. Scott says:

    Someone’s comments are getting longer and longer in their desperation. Longer than posts on his own blog, and just as lacking in insight.

  300. Ruby says:

    I’ll take a “time out” from ignoring you to respond, because I think in this instance it’s worth it.

    The mystery is and what all alert readers are asking is why you thought it was worth taking time out from ignoring me to post these two mile long posts!

    Did I hit a nerve? 🙂

  301. Andy Ellis says:


    Some of the responses may be lengthy, but then they’re often detailed responses to posts from others which are in themselves pretty long or contain multiple points. Such is life. Nobody is forced to read or interact, any more than I’m forced to read or interact with, say James Che’s frequent and often interminable posts.

    As for the link to my wordpress site (which for some reason you seem a tad obsessed with given it’s not had any attention for a number of years from memory: I’m pretty sure the stats for it are mostly you looking at it or others from here checking it out after you point them at it), whether others find it lacking in insight is a matter for them.

    Given your MO I doubt many would take your critique at face value.

  302. Scott says:

    “given it’s not had any attention for a number of years from memory: I’m pretty sure the stats for it are mostly you looking at it or others from here checking it out after you point them at it”

    It’s not had any attention for years, apart from checking the stats and link placed on your GETTR earlier this year?

    Do you still pay hosting fees?

    Would you let someone call you a cunt more than once if you had the courage to open comments to readers?

    Are you unemployed again?

  303. Effijy says:

    Some very rich Tories just got a whole lot richer with the economy crashing.

  304. Gregory Beekman says:

    Ian Murray: “The Wings over Scotland blog is only superficially Scottish.”

    PS My satire.

  305. Andy Ellis says:

    @”Scott” 5.18 pm

    I never paid any hosting: it’s a basic free wordpress site. The only times I’ve looked at it recently were when you were stalking it. I’m guessing the stts of hits will correspond to the times you reference it on here: hardly rocket science.

    I’ve never been unemployed.

  306. James Che says:

    Ian Brotherhood,

    I think peace and a thriving well balanced community and country is in the hearts of the majority of people around the world,

    They are all fed up with how the leaders are not leading us to a better life, but a disasterious future of famine and wars, for their ideology and gratification.

    These dyscognitive sociopaths that Lack emotion to the human race, to animals , to the planet, are in a parallel universe living on the same planet as us, are not part of it nor well integrated into it.

    They lack depth to their emotions and often think every one else is in the wrong,
    These are our present day leaders in most Countries, often not voted into a political position of command, but running governments nonetheless by their ability to buy or pay for those positions.

    The protests of people globally, the new emergence of democratic vote results in other countries is changing.
    They unelected are not happy that people are choosing their future, so they threaten the voters, propaganda through the msm their view of elections, and attempt to change the results with deceit against the people.

    In Scotland nowadays it is hard to convince the people to buy the salesman sell,
    for the Scots have been lied to so regularly they see through the propaganda of misinformation as a learned skill, better and quicker than others.

    Long ago we stopped reading newspapers, listening to main broadcasters, gave up tv, gave up drama soaps,
    Thus due to heavily bias propaganda from msm towards the Scots and Scotland for decades, we have started questioning every narrative that spews forth from these outlets.

    They simply have no one to blame but themselves. When we do not take their words as gospel truths.

  307. John Main says:

    Here’s a wee quote from today’s Unherd article about Keir Starmer:

    “Not just about how a greener future will save the planet, but how it will save you money tomorrow. Not just what the industrial plan will invest in, but what jobs you will be able to get. Not just an end to Tory tax giveaways, but what Labour’s fair taxes will mean for families”

    Who’d a thunk it eh? Show us the money being touted as the key to Labour’s next government.

    Of course, here in Scotland, we enjoy being poor so much that anybody suggesting personal advantage could be a vote winner for Indy is crucified for ideologically impure thoughts.

  308. John Main says:

    @Ian Brotherhood says:27 September, 2022 at 4:53 pm

    Time to fess up Ian.

    You want the next Indy ref to be carried out by heavily armed militia of the Scottish Republican Army.

    You want squads of them going door-to-door throughout Scotland.

    You want the doorstep narrative to go something like this:

    “Is this the Brotherhood residence? We are executing the Indy Referendum. According to our records, there are three adults, one baby and two recently deceased linked to this address. We will put that down as 6 votes for Yes, unless you have any objections …

    [soldiers noisily slip off the safety catches of their AK47s …]

    Go on, Ian, tell us it ain’t so!

  309. John Main says:

    And a great analysis of the recent “far right” election victory in Italy:

    Here’s a gem:

    “she’s fully aware that Italy, by virtue of its adherence to the single currency, is no longer a sovereign country, and that therefore she needs the support of the EU establishment to stay in power”

    Best if the usual suspects on Wings BTL scroll on by. You won’t want to find Alf Baird’s colonisation theory alive and well, and fittingly applied to the EU colonies ruled by and for Brussels.

  310. Republicofscotland says:

    The stealthy approach is quietly working for Westminster, they are preparing their staging posts in Scotland.

    “Some 933 UK civil service jobs have moved north of the border since March 2020, in a programme called Places for Growth, aimed at relocating officials outside of Whitehall.

    The latest figures have been released as Nadhim Zahawi, a senior Cabinet Office minister with responsibility for relations between Westminster and the devolved governments, has visited the department’s new second headquarters in Glasgow.”

  311. John Main says:

    @Republicofscotland says:27 September, 2022 at 6:57 pm

    “The stealthy approach is quietly working for Westminster”

    Just wondering how a press conference, held by a senior WM government minister, and reported online and in the MSM is “stealthy”.

    Asking for a thicko.

    I can certainly see that WM is trying to tie Scotland more closely into the union. But claiming they are doing it by stealth is taking it too far.

    Why not report the story and deal with the issues it raises, leaving the melodrama out?

    It might strengthen your argument.

  312. Scott says:

    “Why not report the story and deal with the issues it raises, leaving the melodrama out?”

    FFS, Main has as much insight as Ellis. They could be twins as well as cunts.

  313. Stoker says:

    London’s propaganda ministry in Scotland (aka the BBC) was promoting its usual “top ten news stories”, on their Teletext Scotland page. Today at 3pm in the No5 slot was the story of the “SNP” (note, not ScotGov) publishing their arguments for holding a referendum without UK permission.

    Far more important stories in the pecking order, according to the BBC in Scotland was, at No4: Two Rangers replica shirt retailers fined almost £2m. At No3: Twins to stand trial for murder of cyclist. At No2: Liverpool or Glasgow to hold Eurovision Song Contest. And at No1: Document suggests ferries deal was rigged’.

    Their “No1” story was still in the No1 slot at 7pm tonight whilst the publishing of the SNP’s referendum arguments story had been completely removed out of the “top 10”. And straight in at the No4 slot was Scotland could have higher tax rates than rest of UK blah blah blah according to a top UK cabinet minister (Nadhim Zahawi). No counter statement from SNP or ScotGov.

    And just to further enforce their British Bullshit Corporation propaganda, and their No1 top story, the BBC are showing a documentary tonight at 8pm on BBC ONE Scotland about the ferries deal rigging.

    The propaganda is flowing thick-and-fast from the BritNat media, led as usual by the BBC, and we’ve got a load of self-serving troughers, led by Skank Sturgeon, sitting on their arses being played like fiddles. And that lot claim to represent the pro-indy movement?


  314. Andy Ellis says:

    @John Main 7.26 pm

    Why not report the story and deal with the issues it raises, leaving the melodrama out?

    Oh, I think we all know that ship sailed long since: we’re talking about a guy who unselfconsciously refers to the US as the Great Satan, who opined the folk of Country 404 “had it coming” because *de-nazification, de-militarisation, Vlad and his nice bunch of lads have a point*, all while sullying the name of Alba and the movement as a whole with his apologia for the actions of an imperial power attempting to crush its smaller neighbour, and bloviating about Scotland being a colony.

  315. Scott says:

    Stoker says:
    27 September, 2022 at 7:58 pm

    London’s propaganda ministry in Scotland (aka the BBC) was promoting its usual “top ten news stories”, on their Teletext Scotland page. Today at 3pm in the No5 slot was the story of the “SNP” (note, not ScotGov) publishing their arguments for holding a referendum without UK permission.

    SNP are interveners in the case, not the Scottish Government.

  316. Chas says:

    I dip into ‘Wings’ on an irregular basis and am becoming increasingly detached from many of the so called Independence supporters on here.
    Posters such as Che, RoS, Hateuy, Scott, Brotherhood and others continually spew out their bile in an attempt to influence when all they are doing is reinforcing the fact that their posts are not really worth paying attention to. Some of them appear to be very unpleasant individuals who simply crave attention.
    The supposed super power who are invading another country have passed their position of strength. All they can now attempt to do is make all countries weaker. In that, they are current achieving some success. This will not last.

  317. Stoker says:

    @ Scott at 8:04pm

    Thanks for the clarification, Scott.

  318. John Main says:

    @Stoker says:27 September, 2022 at 7:58 pm

    I don’t doubt your analysis of today’s news stories, but I have been struck at how much the BBC has been pushing “the time has come for Labour” narrative today.

    Certainly looks like there has been a paradigm shift since last week. As the great Peter Hitchens once observed: The BBC fulfills the role of the church in a medieval monarchy – they don’t get to choose the king, but no king can attain the crown without their approval.

    It sounded like wall-to-wall approval today.

    I am guessing that Starmer will be telling his party to “go home and prepare for government” by Friday, with the not-so-tacit approval of the BBC.

    Thereafter, the charm offensive to recover Scotland will commence. Labour won’t be forming a government at WM without Scottish MPs, and they know it.

    Will the paradigm shift stop at the Border? Ah hae ma doots.

    If the Indy movement doesn’t start to show Scots voters the money soon, it’s game over for the next 10 years. Because Labour can see where the money is and they are indicating their willingness to spread it about.

    Money in 2024, or “just have faith”. It’s no contest.

  319. Republicofscotland says:

    For Ian Brotherhood, Robert Hughes etc, and those that take an interest.

    On the referendums on whether to become part of the RF or not, here are some figures.

    “Counting commissions published the first results of referendums on the future of the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions.”

    “At the polling stations in Russia, the votes of residents of these regions were distributed as follows:
    —98.72% of voters supported the entry of the DPR into Russia (after processing 75.23% of the votes);
    —for the entry of the LPR into Russia – 97.9% (77.89% of the vote);
    —for the entry of The Zaporizhzhya region into Russia — 97.74% (57% of the vote);
    —for the entry of the Kherson region into Russia – 96.75% (100% of the vote).”

    “In addition, the first results of voting in Kherson and Zaporizhia regions were also published. According to the results of processing 11.62% of the protocols, 87.42% of voters voted for the entry of the Kherson region into Russia. In the Zaporozhye region, 29.19 percent of the ballots were checked, 93.11 percent of local residents supported joining Russia.”

  320. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Ros (8.46) –


    Where did you see that?

  321. Stoker says:

    @ John Main at 8:31pm

    Yip, i noticed that too, John. Not a peep about Labour earlier in the day though on their BBC in Scotland text page. But i do believe they’ve got something on there now. Something about Labour could make gains in Scotland blah blah blah.

    Let’s face it, if Slabber couldn’t make gains under Sturgeon’s reign, especially with the might of the Unionist media behind them, then they truly are as bad as a great many folk in Scotland believe them to be.

    In other news, folks, i don’t know where to start with this lot:

    Tory donor says bets against UK government bonds ‘gifts that keep giving’

    Can’t help but wonder how the pathalogical Tory liar ‘The Mooth’, and her Labour sidekick Alistair Darling are enjoying their newfound wealth, titles and life-of-luxury in their Mother England. I wonder if Crispin Odey shared some of his political wisdom with them. Sneeer!

  322. Andy Ellis says:

    Oooft…even the African Press can see Vlad is a busted flush: This from Abidjan4All

    “More than 260,000 Russians flee their country in a few days: “Russians do not want to die for P utin”

    From September 21 to 27, the flow of Russian refugees in neighboring countries is suffocating. An unprecedented exodus that illustrates the exasperation of Russian public opinion in the face of a war whose relevance many find difficult to grasp. The testimonies of Russians who have crossed the border as well as those of their compatriots who have remained in the country are evocative.

    The ongoing invasion war in Uk raine and in which the forces deployed by P utin are getting stuck, the Russians do not want it. Disoriented by the fierce opposition of its populations, which are increasingly killing their fear of repression, the regime in place in Moscow is multiplying its errors. Valentina Matvienko, the president of the upper house of parliament has also stepped up to reframe conscription operations. “Some, it seems, consider it more important to submit their report quickly than to properly fulfill an important mission for the state. Such excesses are absolutely unacceptable. Ensure that the partial mobilization is fulfilled in full compliance with the criteria announced. And without making a single mistake!”, she reacted.

    For Alexandre Melnik, professor of geopolitics at ICN Business School, interviewed on the set of Première Édition, this influx of Russians at the borders simply demonstrates that “P utin is trying to save his skin, but the ground is giving way under his feet”. Also, he adds, “Russians don’t want to die for P utin.” A truth difficult to hide given the chain of events in progress. AR

  323. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Can the usual suspects in here even begin to imagine what it would be like to have the chance for a referendum, go through with casting your vote despite threats and intimidation from your ‘government’, and all the while you know that someone thousands of miles away has already decreed that the results are ‘invalid’?

    The louder you characters echo the nonsense being spouted by MSM the more suspect your presence here becomes.

    How *dare* you act as judge and jury over the democratic process itself? It’s not your country, it’s not your business, and it’s certainly not your place to speak with any authority on what is or isn’t happening.

    Why not try submitting links to evidence for a wee change and keep your ‘expert opinions’ to yourselves?

  324. Andrew Smith says:

    @ John Main.
    You say that Labour can’t form a WM government without Scottish MPs. This might be of interest.

  325. Andy Ellis says:

    Statement from IDEA (International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance), an official permanent UN observer organisation:

    “The ‘referendums’ in Uk raine’s occupied territories are illegal and illegitimate”

    International IDEA deplores the illegal and illegitimate holding of referendums in Uk raine’s occupied territories on joining the Russian Federation. Staged to imitate the pursuit of self-determination of people, they are an egregious abuse of this direct democracy tool by a hostile occupying power.

    These referendums violate the Constitution of Uk raine, which states that the organization and procedure for conducting referendums “are determined exclusively by the laws of Uk raine” (Art. 92). They are conducted in gross violation of established principles of international humanitarian and human rights law. In the context of Russia’s continued assault and ongoing occupation, the organization of a referendum aided or organised by occupying forces presumptively violates the Hague Regulations of 1907 and the IV Geneva Convention.

    Based on the above, in no circumstances can these referendums be considered as an exercise of a right to self-determination through remedial secession.

    International IDEA calls on the international community to condemn these referendums as illegitimate and illegal.

  326. Hatuey says:

    Hard to argue with numbers like that, RoS.

    On Friday, Vlad is expected to make an announcement that rumours suggest is going to be of historic importance. There’s a lot of speculation but I don’t want to be called alarmist…

    His handling of all this has a lot of support. They don’t tell you that.

  327. Republicofscotland says:

    Ian Brotherhood 9pm.

    Here’s the link Ian, and the second link are testimonies from international observers on their fairness.

  328. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Ros (9.40) –



  329. Hatuey says:

    I think you’ll find nobody here gives a fuck, Andy. Nobody has heard of IDEA. Nobody cares.

    What people do care about, and will care more about as we roll into the cold winter, is paying thousands extra for energy just so that we can antagonise Vlad and line the pockets of arms manufacturers.

    Those areas you refer to are full of people that regard themselves as ethnic-Russians. That’s why the Minsk II elections were cancelled back in 2016/17.

    Escalation dominance. Vlad is wining.

  330. Hatuey says:

    Lol @ abidjan4all


  331. Andy Ellis says:

    @Brotherhood 9.15 pm

    The whole process is flawed, illegitimate and illegal. Nobody else will recognise the results apart from Vlad and his assets. Even leaving aside the fact it’ll never work (much like the Crimea vote), how about the following for starters:

    How about the usual suspects fluffing for Vlad explaining how you can accept votes as valid in oblasts that are partly occupied by an occupying army, and partly by Uk raine? Do you know how many hundreds of thousands of those on the electoral rolls have been displaced since February? How are they counted? You can’t just magic away all the press reports about people being threatened, the irregular nature and length of voting, the lack of any official observers.

    You’re honestly asking us to believe the % in favour being quoted, in time of war? What’s the turnout versus the total pre-war electoral roll?

    Of course we “dare” to pass judgement, and we do it on the basis of the evidence. It overwhelmingly supports the view that the votes are illegitimate, just as the 2014 Crimea vote was. You and others are just contrarians and dupes for a bunch of war criminals. Whataboutery won’t get you out if by trying to deflect the fact this stinks by pointing at Iraq or Afghanistan or – worse – painting the West as the Great Satan. Only Russian assets or Popular Front types take that remotely seriously.

  332. Andy Ellis says:

    @Hatuey 9.45 pm

    “Those areas you refer to are full of people that regard themselves as ethnic-Russians. That’s why the Minsk II elections were cancelled back in 2016/17.

    Escalation dominance. Vlad is wining.”

    On the contrary. Vlad is losing and losing badly. Those areas – including their ethnic Russians – wanted to and voted for staying part of Uk raine. Many ethnic Russians in Donbas and the other oblasts being polled oppose Vlad or any planned union. Even many who supported self government within Uk raine changed their minds after the February invasion.

    There never has been a majority even in the Donbas for union with Russia. There never will be, because lots of the ethnic Russians will end up leaving, and Uk raine will de-occupy the land illegally seized. There is no outcome acceptable to the west that leaves Russia with a victory. It just won’t happen.

  333. Hatuey says:

    Hard to argue with a source like abidjan4all, Andy, but is there any evidence that those people want to remain part of the incredible shrinking country?

  334. Stoker says:

    Chas says on 27 September 2022 at 8:06 pm: “I dip into ‘Wings’ on an irregular basis and am becoming increasingly detached from many of the so-called Independence supporters on here. Posters such as Che, RoS, Hateuy, Scott, Brotherhood and others continually spew out their bile in an attempt to influence when all they are doing is reinforcing the fact that their posts are not really worth paying attention to.”

    “…so-called independence supporters…”?

    Well fuck off, then! The one thing that bites my nipples worse than selfish arseholes who highjack every thread with their own grandiose belief in themselves, or their latest topic of interest, is folk like you moaning about other folk having different opinions from your own.

    Here, just for you, is one of those inconvenient truths: Paedophiles, rapists and murderers will support Scottish independence. And other paedophiles, rapists and murderers will staunchly support the Union. That is a cold hard fact.

    Scotland, just like every other country in the world, has always had folk of various beliefs and this will continue to be the case after we take back our right to self-determination. Who the fuck are you and others to tout this ‘we should all be sheep’ line of thinking?

    Personally, i like reading a variety of opinions & beliefs etc because it helps me to form, and fine-tune, my own opinions. I like to read a variety of opinions & beliefs even if that person comes across as an egotistical “cunt” or if that person believes himself to be the modern-day Wolfie ‘Citizen’ Smith.

    So please, get with the programme or GTF! Learn to scroll-on-by those you don’t want to read instead of bemoaning the fact certain folk are actually contributing to opinion-forming (or is that what is truly worrying you?) when you aren’t. Or simply just stick with your other ‘username’ and stop making the occasional puerile statement about other folks’ contributions.

    Those folk you attack i know to have been around WOS and the indy movement for, at least, as long as i’ve been aware of WOS (since just before indyref 2014). I’m also aware of their unstinting commitments to promote WOS and Scotland’s right to self-determination. But you on the other hand? Not so much! And even though i don’t share their positions on the UKRU war i’ve more faith in their support for ScotsIndy than you could ever deliver.

  335. Hatuey says:

    One of the things Garland Nixon pointed out in the video that Brotherhood linked to yesterday is that this is an information war and the target of that war is people in the west. Everyone outside of the information war bubble knows exactly what is going on.

    However, as Nixon pointed out, failure in that information war is virtually inevitable for the west — not because of anything Vlad might do but because of what mother nature will do.

    When the winter kicks in and people in Europe feel the cold in their toes, it’s going to be even harder to convince them that any of this is worth the effort. It looks like a lot of people are already starting to question the narrative. Is it true they are rationing electricity already in Greece?

    Anyway, I’ve tried cursing at the cold wind on various golf courses over the years. I can confirm that nothing you say, including lies and propaganda, will stop it blowing.

    Interesting how the winter repeatedly plays such an historically pivotal role in the military events of that region. It looks like it’s going to do so again.

  336. gregor says:

    SocialistWorker (2018): Let’s have 40 days of choice against 40 days of lies:

    “Michelle Farber, a socialist and Seattle Clinic Defense activist, explains the background to the anti-choicers’ 40 Days for Life campaign, which begins today…

    It has become increasingly apparent that the status quo of electing Democrats, writing to our senators and donating money to liberal NGOs isn’t enough…”:

    BBC (28/09/2022): US group to fight Scotland’s abortion buffer zones:

    “A US anti-abortion campaign group has said it will help mount a legal challenge if a law to implement “buffer zones” is passed in Scotland.

    Texas-based 40 Days for Life is already active outside clinics and hospitals in Scotland….

    First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said those who oppose abortion should do so outside parliament, not hospitals…”:

  337. Stuart MacKay says:

    John Main @8:31pm

    The BBC is simply saying that Labour are now an acceptable alternative to a Conservative government – the new compassionate conservatives.

    You’re right about the likely charm offensive on Scotland where they try to get the lefties and the centrists north of the border to embrace the Imperial Masters once more. As Scottish government spending dries up, wunderkind Kate Forbes will have to start wielding the axe. Labour will be presented as a way of restoring socialism but it will be a simple bait and switch operation. There’s no way the money is ever coming back to support profligate, or any form of spending on the disadvantaged.

  338. Andy Ellis says:

    @Hatuey 11.26 pm

    Everyone outside of the information war bubble knows exactly what is going on.

    So lets get this straight: the only people “in the know” with access to what exactly is going on are those outside the information war bubble? So where are these people getting their information from?

    We’ve seen it again and again in here: fluffers for Vlad columnising any source of information which disagrees with their worldview, irrespective of which country the source is from. Apparently they are all not just wrong, but ill intentioned / controlled by “the man” / part of the Great Reset / owned by the Illuminati.

    Any western news organisation is dismissed as partial, any NGO is somehow funded and controlled by partisan interests, any academics who don’t accept the Russian narrative are bought and paid for.

    The thing is, folk in the street don’t buy your conspiracy theorising snake oil. They don’t think either side is lily white, but they can weigh up the evidence and come to a reasonable assessment of the situation. It’s not that long ago that Vlad’s partisans in here were loudly regurgitating Kremlin agitprop about a high US army officer being captured in the Azovstal complex along with lots of other western forces. Funnily enough they went very quiet when asked for evidence.

    Despite the frantic efforts of Brotherhood and other apologists for Russian war criminals to paint the sham referendums in the pretendy republics in the Donbas and elsewhere as analogous to Scotland’s situation, nobody sane here buys the false comparison. They are standing shoulder to shoulder with an authoritarian imperialist regime attempting to balkanise Country 404 and then extinguish it altogether.

    As narratives go, it’s not just evidence free it’s actually laughable.

  339. Andy Ellis says:

    @Stuart Mackay 7.45 am

    I doubt Labour gives a tuppenny toss about Scotland in the general scheme of things. To win, they have to win in England. The tacking back to New Labourism and rehabilitation of Blair tells us everything we need to know. Doubtless they’d be quite happy to pick up a few extra Scottish seats if folk here are stupid enough to fall for their Blairite shell game.

    Scots voters aren’t going to like the optics or the undercurrent of Starmer’s trenchant unionism and the frenzied applause which greeted the pledge not to work with the SNP under any circumstances in the event of a hung parliament.

    Interestingly I see in the latest Social Attitudes Survey figures there is now a (bare) majority for electoral reform in England, and amongst supporters of all parties except the Tories. It’ll be interesting to see if that forms part of Labour’s platform going forward.

  340. Dorothy Devine says:

    Stoker , round of applause!

    I loved the C4 handling of the referendum in a far off land I assume the BBBC was even better. I suspect all those know alls will do the same to us if we ever get one – those big rough looking blokes outside the polling station eh?? Intimidation of the worst kind!

    I wonder if the West will ever get its nose punched by those in different lands with a different understanding of the world.

  341. Ruby says:

    It’s amazing that we can send a man to the moon and turn a man into a ‘woman’ yet we are still fighting wars pretty much as we have since Ancient Times.

    Men are given weapons and instructed to kill other human beings. It’s utterly barbaric.

    The weapons are more sophisticated but the thinking hasn’t evolved one iota.

    This article starts with:

    The word ‘war’ comes to English from the old High German language word Werran (to confuse or to cause confusion)

    Confusion is definitely what we have re the current war.

    Pretty much the same as we had during the Iraq War. Hence the seven year long £13k Chilcot Inquiry.
    Anyone know what happened as a result of the Chilcot Inquiry?

    One thing that is true and there is no confusion about is that men are given guns and instructed to/voluntarily kill other human beings.

    It’s all very questionable we have these hate crimes where a person can be charged for hurting another human beings feelings, no death penalty for serial killers yet we applaud our boys, their boys, for taking up a gun and killing other human beings.

    Why are we being manipulated into supporting all this murder?

  342. Stuart MacKay says:

    Andy Ellis

    I didn’t explain myself well. The charm offensive is to offer Labour as an alternative to the SNP, particularly when Forbes starts slashing the budget. The primary objective is to keep the UK together.

  343. Ruby says:

    Has the treatment of Julian Assange changed the way war is reported?

    The century-old tradition that the Espionage Act not be used against journalistic activities has now been broken. Seventeen new charges were filed yesterday against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange. These new charges make clear that he is being prosecuted for basic journalistic tasks, including being openly available to receive leaked information, expressing interest in publishing information regarding certain otherwise secret operations of government, and then disseminating newsworthy information to the public. The government has now dropped the charade that this prosecution is only about hacking or helping in hacking. Regardless of whether Assange himself is labeled a “journalist,” the indictment targets routine journalistic practices.

    The Government’s Indictment of Julian Assange Poses a Clear and Present Danger to Journalism, the Freedom of the Press, and Freedom of Speech

  344. Stuart MacKay says:

    John Main @6:53pm

    Thanks for the link, an interesting read.

    As for the EU-rophiles wondering what life would be like with our brothers and sisters on the continente. Well, it would be just like it is now with Holyrood as just another devolved administration. The policies would be the same and the profits from energy would still be flowing out of the country. Looks like Meloni and the Italians understand their place in the grand scheme of things.

  345. Ruby says:

    Support for rejoining the EU skyrockets among voters in Scotland

    A new Panelbase survey has found Scotland is even more opposed to Brexit than in 2016, when 62% voted against it.

    Now, 72% have said they would vote to remain, while 69% would vote to rejoin the EU, up from 61% in January.

  346. Effijy says:

    I notice the BBC a sneaking in support for Liverpool over Glasgow to host the Ukrainian’s
    Eurovision Song Contest.

    They list the reasons it should be Liverpool and then Glasgow has built a lot of new hotels.

    Nice to let the Jocks think they were considered but no Kewpie Doll.

    Is it the BBC or the Tory government guiding it to their powerhouse?

  347. Breastplate says:

    Stuart MacKay @ 8:37am,

    I think, as far as I can make out, most of the cats who have expressed an interest in Europe after Scottish independence would be more than happy with EFTA.

    There isn’t much divergence really.
    What many people are angry about the exit from the EU is not the exit itself but that it was a choice made for us.
    Basically, it’s the same old ‘what England wants England gets’ shit the grinds people’s gears.

    There were many discussions around joining EFTA before the Brexit referendum, after the treatment of Greece by the EU, looking at how well Norway were doing and thinking we could do the same.

    I don’t remember any disparaging remarks regarding EFTA so I think a huge amount of people would be onboard with a pro EFTA stance even if it’s not exactly what they might want.

  348. Robert Hughes says:

    ” Looks like Meloni and the Italians understand their place in the grand scheme of things. ”

    Indeed . It appears Globalism is facing mounting resistance from the ” little people ” it considers expendable pawns in it’s malevolent attempted checkmate of NATIONAL self-interest.

    How dare people vote for these ” deplorable ” Extreme Right/ * Fascist * Parties and their * regressive * * Populist * appeal

    Note how the term ” Populist ” has acquired derogatory connotations from the purveyors of Trans-National * Progressive * Politics .

    It just means popular you stupid cunts .

    These ascendant Right Wing Parties are no doubt , let’s say ….less than ideal , but they represent the inevitable , long-predicted backlash against the imposition of lunatic , unwanted , unasked for policies by robotic * consensual * elites or one kind – National/International or another .

    People are fuckn sick of them and their * we know what’s best for you , bend-over , ingrates ” superiority .

    Quite right they’re objecting . Not before time

  349. Stuart MacKay says:


    EFTA would appear to be the way to go. It’s also the way the EU needs to go to get back to its roots. Its current role as the political wing of NATO is regrettable.

    Robert Hughes

    The whole sham meritocratic edifice needs to be dismantled. It was taken over by the megalomaniacs and the kleptomaniacs and now serves only to enrich the few. Perhaps the rise of the right of centre parties can inject some democracy back into the West, particularly since the left has bought into the hysteria that the Democrats in the USA have exported.

  350. Chas says:


    ‘Personally, i like reading a variety of opinions & beliefs etc because it helps me to form, and fine-tune, my own opinions’.

    If you choose to read the comments from the BPHB to fine-tune your own opinions that is up to you. If I choose to ignore the same comments that is up to me. Agreed? Mind you, if you read one of their comments you have read ALL of them because they are virtually all the same and their is plenty of them every day.
    Have you noticed that the diversity of individuals posting on here has diminished considerably over the last year or two? Why do you think this is?
    The individuals you rush to defend have continued with their daily outpourings of woe, poor us, on a daily basis. Could it be that a number of previous posters are simply fed up reading the same shite over and over again and have lost interest in the site?
    By all means keep reading the dross produced by the oddballs. I won’t but I can’t help feeling that a lot of sane, educated people, who want Independence, are keeping well away as they do not want to be associated with the closed minds of the BPHB.

    ‘I’m also aware of their unstinting commitments to promote WOS and Scotland’s right to self-determination.’

    Wow-Do you really think that? I personally think that what they are doing is actually the opposite and they are preventing ‘soft No’ voters, which the movement desperately requires, from getting on board but, I won’t even try and tell you what to think as you clearly have everything sussed. However, it does seem strange that you are attempting to berate me for criticising others when you are doing exactly the same to me!

    What you fail to realise is that the individuals in the BPHB are in the MINORITY in Scotland. Just because they post on here more than everyone else does not alter this fact.
    I tip my hat to the likes of Andy Ellis, John Main, amongst others, who try and attempt to counter the barrage of outpourings from the nutters. I don’t know where they get the stamina to continually do so but they probably see it as their duty.

    Of course, in your warped way of thinking they and I are all the same person!

  351. Hatuey says:

    lol @ “where are these people getting their information from?”

    Certainly not the same place as you.

    Western propaganda is targeted at people in the west and always has been. Only in the west do you hear people talking about “white man’s burden”, fighting for democracy, WMDs, etc.

    And there’s a good reason for that. It’s very hard to convince people that dropping fire and bombs on them is intended to make their lives better. Propaganda in that context would be a waste of time and money.

    Try it, though. Try telling a guy from Iraq that you killed his mother, baby sister, and half the village because Saddam was a bad man… tell him it had nothing to do with oil, that he should be grateful. And if he seems uncomfortable with that, ask him where he gets his information from.

    The people of China, India, Africa, South America, South East Asia, the Middle East, etc., the vast majority of the world in fact, who have all historically been at the receiving end, aren’t under any illusions about Western means and motivations.

    Everything hinges on keeping the home audience dumb which is depressingly easy.

  352. Robert Hughes says:

    ” The whole sham meritocratic edifice needs to be dismantled. It was taken over by the megalomaniacs and the kleptomaniacs and now serves only to enrich the few. Perhaps the rise of the right of centre parties can inject some democracy back into the West, particularly since the left has bought into the hysteria that the Democrats in the USA have exported. ”

    Agreed , Stuart .

    The concern is how far * Right * things will go as the political pendulum swings away from the – failed – Left .

    The centripetal force that might be expected to pull towards the putative political Centre in these circumstances is also fraught : the Centre having itself shifted to the Right such that innocuous ’70s Leftists like J Corbyn was – successfully – able to be characterised as some kind of revolutionary Iconoclast intent on bringing down Western Society .

    Left . Right . Centre . Have all become redundant , drained of meaning as political signifiers .

    We urgently require new paradigms . They won’t emerge from the existing narcissistic , hopelessly myopic political spectrum

  353. Andy Ellis says:

    @Hatuey 10.43 am

    So where are the folks in Iran demonstrating against the Islamo-fascists there and calling for the death of the leaders of the Islamic regime getting their information? How about the quarter of a million Russians who have fled the country since Vlad announced limited conscription a feed days ago? Or the several hundred thousand – mostly young and pro western – who left the country since February? Few if any of them fled with the aim of settling in China, Iran or the Arab world I bet.

    You and others emoting over the Great Satan doesn’t really explain why folk in lots of these countries basically want western liberal values. They don’t flee their countries to go to Russia, China or Saudi do they? Do you really think the brave women in Iran demonstrating against the regime buy your “the west is the Great Satan and no better than authoritarian regimes like Russia, China and Iran” schtick?

  354. Breeks says:

    Ian Brotherhood says:
    27 September, 2022 at 4:53 pm

    The possibility that citizens may actually be keen to cast their votes and are doing so freely is not even floated.

    They also “forget” that the Minsk Agreement wasn’t for Independence for Donbas and Luhansk, but for a degree of devolved autonomy. There was a baseline contentment amongst ethnic Rus to be part of Ukr.

    A lasting peace was perfectly viable, but the opportunity squandered by the UKr, following on the heels of a US sponsored coup and regime change, and new regime which subsequently incorporated far right Neo Nazis into the Ukr Military, encouraged them to attack civilians in Donbas and Luhansk, while the area suffered economic impoverishment, suppression of Rus language, and twisted education in schools vilifying the Rus and sowing prejudice. All things documented in the West and supported with evidence, but strangely ignored, if not written out of the narrative completely. 50 people were burned alive by AZOV neo-Nazis.

    If you cannot join those dots together and recognise that malignant Western interests have be orchestrating instability and provoking confrontation in the region, then you’re really not paying enough attention.

    I absolutely do not condone the Rus invasion. To be frank, I think the Rus had the West wrong footed and seriously exposed for their malignant intentions in Ukr, but by seizing the initiative to invade, Mr Put squandered the massive moral and political advantage he had. Was it a mistake? Perhaps not, certainly not, if you don’t have any confidence in the UN and International justice. I can see a bad choice being a difficult judgement call, but still falls short of support.

    But the missing component from the Western sponsored instability and insurrection was underestimating the Russ capacity to read the Western intentions, and orchestrate effective counter-plots designed to trap the Western sponsored conspirators, frustrate their insurrection and provocations, circumvent their “sanctions”, and leave the NATO expansionists looking foolish, dishonest and incompetent. Meantime the Rus economy booms, BRICS takes a massive leapfrog in relevance, and the West is now paying exorbitant prices for the same resources which it’s own sanctions made exorbitant in the first place.

    It is facile beyond belief to think the Donbas Referendums are about the will of the people, because the will of the people was polarised the moment the bombardments began, and compromised the moment refugees fled the region. But the result will be an away goal for Rus, and what really smarts is Rus using democracy to out manoeuvre the “global policemen” and champions of democracy. Because that’s what they’ve done.

    If people don’t see this, then they really need to broaden their horizons and stop taking the word of the BBC and Western media as gospel. You are being spoon fed a badly tainted diet laced with meds…

    The same “philosophy” which orchestrated the trouble in Ukr, to force confrontation with Rus is the exact same philosophy, from the same actors, currently orchestrating trouble in the Taiwan Straights and what looks to be seeking a confrontation with the Chinese. Or do you think it’s just a coincidence?

    Who are the people who jailed Assange for whistleblowing on US war crimes and covert conspiracies? The Ruskis? The Chinese? Who own’s the TV and Newspaper agencies “reporting” on these foreign affairs? Who owns the Social media networks currently shutting down the RT, and a host of other information sources who “might” be neutral or dare to give air time to the Rus perspective? You cannot even search for the information because your browser has been conditioned not to find it. You’re not allowed to see and judge for yourself. It has been decreed.

    I give you Robert Webb’s meme wearing a Nazi SS uniform and asking whether they’re the baddies. Strangely, it’s not so funny given what’s happening in Ukr. In fact, it couldn’t be more poignant.

    Mark my words, if the West wants to get itself back in the driving seat, the West needs to solve the conundrum of how a space cadet like Liz Truss ends up UK PM, or a doddering old geezer gets to President of the USA. If not Truss and Biden, then Johnston and Trump. How are these utter flops making it to the top? These “specimens” are Leaders???

    Western Governments are increasingly just a cover story for an insatiably greedy and corrupt corporate imperialism pulling their strings and installing puppets who will do their bidding. Start there, and maybe you’ll get nearer to the truth.

    Understand all that, “then” you begin to understand Scotland’s “Devolved” Government and their second hand, “one careful owner” referendum. These aren’t our opportunities. These are our restraints.

  355. Chas says:

    The current political systems throughout the World will do whatever they need to do in an attempt for the individuals concerned to remain in power and make MONEY for themselves.
    When the individuals are eventually booted out, by whatever means, as they always are, they can take solace in the fact that they have lots of lovely cash to fall back on. Assuming, of course, that they are still alive to enjoy it. There are lots of examples in EVERY country on the planet.

    Some people enter ‘Politics’ with the notion that they will change the system for the benefit of all. With the odd exception, it does not take too long for their views to change and it is then me, me, me.

    You can all me cynical but nothing will change. Sadly, it is human nature.

  356. Andy Ellis says:


    It’s just not true though that people deny there are ethnic Russians voting in the sham referendums who sincerely want to join Russia. What is being questioned is not only the validity and legality of such votes in a general sense, but also whether holding them now during an ongoing conflict can possibly produce an accurate or fair result. No objective observer believes these votes are anything more than a cynical land grab by a failing regime.

    Half of Donetsk oblast isn’t even in the hands of the invaders, nor are they in control of all the territories in the 3 other oblasts being polled. People here don’t believe the Russian narrative not because they’re denied access to alternatives, or because they’ve uncritically accepted western propaganda, but because they’ve analysed the evidence and concluded that the votes are a sham. The fact that minorities in these areas supported Russian action doesn’t signify that we are obliged to accept Russian agitprop any more than we would uncritically accept everything our own governments or media tell us.

  357. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Breeks (11.22) –

    Agree with all you say there.

    As a fresh example, the disabling of the Nordstream shouldn’t even be a subject of conjecture. Why would Rus go to all that bother when they can just turn a tap?

    And yet MSM coverage – what little there is – will manage to suggest that P***n personally squeezed himself into frogman kit and did it himself.

  358. sarah says:

    @ Robert Hughes and others: Common Good seems to be a sensible place to look for how we would like our, and all, nations to aspire to.

    Our administration should be focused on looking after the wellbeing of our population, and do no harm to other countries.

    You would think this was a simple enough principle but looking at Scotland, and around the world, I don’t see many getting near to it.

  359. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Ursula von der Leyen is making noises about the Nordstream attack, threatening to deal severely with whoever is responsible.

    ‘Will ye, aye?’

    The investigation really shouldn’t take that long, given what Biden stated on February 7th, but how will she spin it?

  360. Christopher Pike says:

    The independence movement seems to attract three types:

    The “woke” LGBTQ+++++++++ crowd obsessed with Californian-style identity politics. Straight, white men are not welcome, unless you allow yourself to be dominated by women.

    Vlad-lovin’ types who just love autocratic states and despise the democratic world.

    The 1707ers who still think it’s the 18th century.

  361. Stuart MacKay says:

    Robert Hughes @10:45am

    There’s a real risk that with too far a swing to the right then we end up in exactly the same situation. After all it’s essentially the same set of elites on either side of the political spectrum and it’s most certainly the same set of faces providing the money.

    I’m hoping that the lesson that everybody, particularly on the right, should have learned is that when one side manages to drown out the opposition then there are no checks on the excesses that generates and everybody loses, eventually. Only when people are able to speak freely can there be any dialogue and give and take. While nobody ends up with exactly what they want at least everybody has a stake in the outcome and more importantly future outcomes . You only need to glance at the trans-hysteria to see what happens when one side runs amok.

    The SNP still have to learn this. They are still on the “my way or the highway” approach to independence. If only the skeptics can be convinced of the neo-liberal nirvana that awaits all citizens in Sturgeon’s Progressive Paradise then independence will be delivered. Well, the whole idea is to create a democracy not clone North Korea. There won’t be any real progress on support for independence until they realise this.

  362. DJ says:

    Christopher Pike @ 12:05 pm


  363. Stuart MacKay says:

    Andy Ellis,

    It doesn’t much matter whether the elections are perfectly fair and representative – after all the West doesn’t exactly have a great track record. The goal is to get the oblasts incorporated into the Russian Federation so the gloves come off if 404 continues with shelling civilians and executing government officials with car bombs and HIMARS strikes.

    The Russians probably couldn’t give a toss about what the West thinks but they very much care about what the other 7 billion people on the planet think. There were around a thousand observers brought in to monitor what’s going on. As long as the Saudis, Indians, Chinese, South Africans, Mexicans, etc. etc. are happy, what the EU thinks is irrelevant.

  364. James says:

    John Main – Tory Brexiteer.

    Craig Murray put it well;
    “..not all Brexiteers are racists, but all racists are Brexiteers…”

  365. James says:

    From Craig Murray’s site for Arms Industry Andy;
    Another experiment to test British establishment propaganda: Imagine R*ssia led a military alliance premised on hostility to the United States, an alliance that included every Latin American country and Caribbean island. All those countries had nuclear missiles that could reach the United States in 6 minutes. The closest, Mexico, had a government imposed by a Russian coup and a military flooded with genocidal anti-US ideologues. For almost a decade that government had discriminated against Anglos within Mexico’s borders, while its fascist military attacked and murdered Anglos living near the US border. Mexico City rejected all diplomatic appeals to stop, even though its latest president had been elected specifically to end the murder and mayhem.

    The experiment would be to ask British media and its consumers if they would consider the United States to be beyond the pale of civilised nations if it invaded Mexico in those circumstances.

    If the answer is no, then why do they consider Russia to be in 2022?

  366. Stuart MacKay says:

    Robert Hughes @10:45am

    Left . Right . Centre . Have all become redundant , drained of meaning as political signifiers.

    This might not be to your political taste but the latest post from The Duran touch on exactly this point.,-america-in-and-germany:9

    It’s a bit long if you watch the whole thing. In the segment from about 51:50 to 1:15:00, they talk about what the globalists want and how Left vs Right is gone forever. In it’s place there is Open Society vs Sovereignty. The former is based on the global elite deciding what’s best for everybody and the latter is focused on local populations making decisions for themselves.

    It’s a debate which already plays out here and it’s a line of thought worth following.

  367. Hatuey says:

    Andy, those thousands that you say “fled” are mostly just people who work for multinationals that are closing down. I’m not sure if you know what Moscow is like, it’s basically full of people from all over the world.

    The west always does this; pretends the people of whatever country they are targeting are victims, we are on your side, the poor people, we know it’s not your fault. Then they usually bomb them into the stone age.

    Everybody sees through this because we’ve seen it play out time after time.

    The difference here is you won’t get to bomb the people into the stone age. Sorry if that’s a disappointment. We all know why; this country can hit back and the west doesn’t pick on countries that hit back.

    You don’t even seem to know the rules of the game you think you’re playing.

  368. James Che says:

    Time for Scots to say goodbye,

    Regardless of the NS supreme court fiasco,

    The minority group are actually the Scots in Scotland.
    Quite rightly put they are the nativist, ie, the natives of Scotland, not so deplorable,

    They are spoken about in derogatory terms by union minded even here, like Colonial masters spoke of black slaves.
    That they should be ashamed of being a native in their own Country.

    Just as captive to to the Westminster UK laws as the were the slaves of old,
    Freedom of the natives only comes when the British empire decides to change its law on slaves and slavery.
    Its law on when the captive man or woman can be free with Westminsters permission,

    The act of Colonialism is to hang on to a nation of natives in their own country by force and LAWS made by the Coloniser.

    The native is not allowed a opinion on their own freedom.

  369. Christopher Pike says:

    Stuart MacKay says:
    28 September, 2022 at 12:25 pm
    Andy Ellis,

    It doesn’t much matter whether the elections are perfectly fair and representative – after all the West doesn’t exactly have a great track record. The goal is to get the oblasts incorporated into the Russian Federation so the gloves come off if 404 continues with shelling civilians and executing government officials with car bombs and HIMARS strikes.

    The Russians probably couldn’t give a toss about what the West thinks but they very much care about what the other 7 billion people on the planet think. There were around a thousand observers brought in to monitor what’s going on. As long as the Saudis, Indians, Chinese, South Africans, Mexicans, etc. etc. are happy, what the EU thinks is irrelevant.

    All the classy countries, eh?

    Saudi Arabia: Public hangings, chopping off hands in public and the repression of women’s rights.

    India: The dirtiest country I’ve ever had the misfortune to step foot in. Most of its people endure horrific levels of poverty.

    China: An autocratic, human rights abusing nation with zero animal welfare laws. Freedom of expression is non-existent and genocide is being committed against a Muslim minority in the west of the country. A nation still hiding away from a virus that will be with us forever.

    South Africa: Nobody cares about South Africa.

    Mexican: Like the rest of central America, it’s a borderline failed state with massive levels of corruption. Government officials are in cahoots with the cartels – cartels who make ISIS look like cute kittens. Beheadings, cannibalism (I’ve seen videos of cartel members eating the hearts of their rivals) disemboweling rivals while they’re still alive, dismembering victims while they’re still alive (including children) and flaying victims alive. No wonder any Mexican with half a brain wants to leave the country.

    Alba types really do love jerking off to Mad Vlad and any gangster regime willing to support him. You should appear on that shitty ‘Through A Scottish Prism’ YouTube show, as they’re always cock stroking to Mad Vlad.

  370. Breeks says:

    Hatuey says:
    28 September, 2022 at 1:24 pm
    Andy, those thousands that you say “fled” are mostly just people who work for multinationals that are closing down…

    I’m always suspicious about numbers, particularly given there is so much falsehood doing the rounds, but I’ve heard the biggest recipient of refugees from the conflict by far, has been Rus, and that figure is well into 7 figures, some say it’s over 3 million. Next is Poland, taking about 1.5 million, in a total given to be around 6-6.5 million total.

    That of course doesn’t fit in with the Western narrative… If not fake news, then it must be his cousin, non news.

  371. James Che says:

    Westminster, the Supreme Court, the MSM, the westminster devolved government in Scotland, the Advocate General For Scotland-the UK Governments top Scottish Law Officer, NS and the Snp are deciding for the natives of Scotland under Colonialism laws that the Scottish natives are still to be held captive.

    It is a difficult position for the Westminster Government and the law courts of the UK to argue against Colonialism over Scots and Scotland
    It is a difficult position for them to uphold that the Country of Scotland , and the natives that belong to Scotland are not being held against their will, by refusing them freedom of choice.

    It is now extremely difficult for the UK Government and law Courts of the UK to state that Scotland is in a voluntary treaty of union with England,

    In one sense the Scottish independence question going to law courts of the the UK rather than to the native Scots, magnifies the Colonising of the 1707 Treaty of union,
    It also shines a spot light for the Native Scot that the treaty was always a forced treaty upon the Scots in Scotland under duress and colonialism.

  372. James Che says:

    The natives of Scotland and their country can now claim that the 1707 political treaty of union that left the Scottish natives Sovereign is curtailing their right to freedom of self determination, and ignoring the agreed Claim of right of Sovereign Natives of Scotland under the terms of the political union, in the same illegal manner and pattern of other Colonised Countries and their native populations.

    The idea that the UK Government now requests that all the the people living in Scotland have a right to vote on the independence of a Colonised Scotland is akin to asking all colonising Americans to have vote on wether native indian’s have rights to be free in their own country,

    Or asking the colonies of New Zealand wether Moari’s have the right of choice and freedom in their native country, or the natives of africa.
    The same goes with any Colonised Country, the influx of new people to a Country under Colonisation- out populates the natives,

    The Coloniser then think it fair ask the the colonising population if the natives should be free and have their country back.
    The outcome of such a vote is obvious,

  373. James Che says:

    Under the conditions set out at the moment of the UK government and UK Courts it leads itself into the legal brackets and laws of Coloniser.

    The Fact that the UK government, aka the British government has come to exist at all is due to Scotland’s side of the political agreed union,

    Without Scotland’s Scottish government of the three estates from 1707 still existing there is no political treaty of the union,

  374. James Che says:

    The English government that entered directly into the Great Britain government in 1707 with out pause or voting in new government members continued their session until 1708, then held parliament votes of the same members in the Great Britain parliament.

    Englands old parliament and it’s member are continuious into the Great Britain parliament,
    Thus their side of the English parliament entering into the treaty of the union is upheld,

    However the Scottish members of parliament (of their parliament) can hold no Such claim,
    for their parliament closed its doors at the request of the English parliament, before the Great Britain parliament came into existence.

  375. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum: Great Reset:

    “The pandemic represents a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine, and reset our world” – Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum.

  376. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum: People:

    Tim Davie: Director-General, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC):

    World Economic Forum: People:

    Melanie Dawes: Chief Executive, Office of Communications (Ofcom):

    World Economic Forum: People:

    Liz Truss:

  377. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum: People:

    Kwasi Kwarteng: Chancellor of the Exchequer, HM Treasury of the United Kingdom:

    World Economic Forum: People:

    Andrew Bailey: Governor, Bank of England:

    World Economic Forum: People:

    Nicola Sturgeon:

  378. gregor says:

    BBC (28/09/2022): Nicola Sturgeon says UK economic crisis worst in memory:

    “Scotland’s first minister has warned that the UK could be facing a worse economic crisis than the 2008 global financial crash.

    Nicola Sturgeon described the fallout from tax cuts announced by the Chancellor last week as “extraordinary and unprecedented”…

    The first minister was speaking as the Bank of England warned of a “material risk to UK financial stability” if the volatility continued…”:

  379. Hatuey says:

    For Breeks: “Large Rallies In Support of […] Referendums And Mobilization 50x Larger Than Protests Against”

    Fiorella Isabel knows her stuff. She’s one of those old fashioned journalists that actually goes to places and finds out what’s happening.

    I’m not sure how abidjan4all does it, but that’s the sort of journalist I like.

  380. gregor says:

    The domino effect:

    “The situation in which something, usually something bad, happens, causing other similar events to happen.”

    “The situation in which one event causes a series of related events, one following another.”

    “The collapse of a bank could have a drastic domino effect on other financial institutions.”

  381. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum (2020): Agenda:
    To build back better, we must reinvent capitalism. Here’s how:

    “Thanks to the ongoing pandemic, the world is off-balance – and it will remain so for years to come. Far from settling into a ‘new normal’, we should expect a COVID-19 domino effect, triggering further disruptions…”:

    World Economic Forum: Agenda Contributor:


    Reuters (2020) Scotland’s Sturgeon says life will not return to normal in the near future:

    “Life is unlikely to return to normal even when the tightest coronavirus restrictions are lifted, and social distancing measures could be in place for the rest of this year and beyond, Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon said…

    Sturgeon …said it was important to have an open conversation and be frank about what life might look like for the rest…”:

  382. gregor says:

    “The World Economic Forum suggests that a globalised world is best managed by a self-selected coalition…

    …It sees periods of global instability as windows of opportunity to intensify…” (Wikipedia)


    “Choosing to be or do something yourself, rather than being chosen.”

    “Involving people or organizations that choose to take part in an activity, rather than being chosen by someone else.”

    “For all of these reasons, a pool of bad politicians may become a self-selecting elite.”

  383. gregor says:

    Reuters (26/05/2022): Global stability partly hangs on Saudi reinvention:

    “Saudi Arabia’s attempts at reinvention are in full view at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

    It has branded multiple cafés on the main drag, including one bearing Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s name…

    At his regular Davos dinner, philanthropist George Soros noted that so-called “closed societies”, or ones where citizens serve rulers, are in ascent while “open societies” – those where the state protects the individual – are receding. …”:

    BBC (28/09/2022): Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman named prime minister:

    “Saudi Arabia’s powerful Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has been appointed prime minister – a post that is traditionally held by the king. The 37-year-old son of King Salman bin Abdulaziz, 86, is already seen the de facto ruler of the oil-rich Gulf state.

    A royal decree announcing his promotion from deputy PM and defence minister cited an exception to the Basic Law.

    An official told Reuters news agency the move was in line with the king’s previous delegation of duties to him…”:

  384. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum: People:

    Dennis Meadows: Professor Emeritus and Director, Institute for Policy and Social Science, University of New Hampshire:

    Dennis Meadows: What lies ahead re. peaceful elimination of 6 billion lives:

  385. gregor says:

    HeraldScot (Sept 2022): Excess deaths: Why the worst is probably still to come:

    “…Scotland in 2020, the total number of excess deaths recorded – 6,324 – was the highest in peacetime since the Russian flu outbreak of 1891…

    …two and a half years on, excess mortality has barely changed:

    What has changed is the main cause, and it is no longer Covid…”:

  386. gregor says:

    Deacon blue: Dignity:

    “…and I’m thinking about home- and all that means…

    and a place in the winter for dignity…”:

  387. gregor says:

    BBC (29/09/2022): UN elects first female tech agency secretary-general:

    “Doreen Bogdan-Martin has become the first woman to be elected as secretary-general of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).

    The ITU is the main technology agency within the UN.
    Ms Bogdan-Martin beat her (redacted) rival Rashid Ismailov by 139 votes to 25.

    The American will succeed Houlin Zhao, who has been in the role since 2014…”:

    World Economic Forum: Agenda Contributor:

    Doreen Bogdan-Martin:

    World Economic Forum: Agenda Contributor:

    Zhao Houlin:

  388. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum: People:

    Anthony S. Fauci: Director, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID):

    WorldBank (2004): Founder of World Economic Forum Wins Dan David Prize:

    “Professor Klaus Schwab, the founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, has been awarded the Dan David Prize for his achievements…”:

    OpenTheBooks (29/09/2022): BREAKING: Fauci’s Net Worth Soared To $12.6+ Million During Pandemic – Up $5 Million (2019-2021):

    “Last night, our auditors at received Dr. Anthony Fauci’s FY2021 financial disclosures from the National Institutes of Health.

    The documents contain a wealth of previously unknown information…
    It’s been a dogfight to open the books on the Fauci …our organization has filed four federal lawsuits versus NIH to open the books…

    Here’s a summary of our findings from the latest document release:
    Net Worth: The Fauci household disclosed net worth increased from $7.6 million (January 1, 2019) to over $12.6 million (December 31, 2021).

    Top Paid:

    Fauci continued to be the most highly compensated federal employee earning $456,000 in 2021 and $480,000 in 2022. Fauci out-earned the president, four-star generals, and roughly 4.3 million other federal bureaucrats.

    Big Awards:

    In 2021, Fauci augmented his government income with nearly $1 million in prizes from non-profit organizations across the world. For example, the Dan David Foundation, based in Israel, awarded $901,400 for “speaking truth to power” and “defending science”.

    Investment Gains:

    Disclosures show $910,174 in gains within the Fauci stock, bond, and money market portfolio during 2021 – in 2020, …The total value of Dr. Fauci’s investment account was $10,271,626 and his wife’s investments totaled another $2,405,887, as of 12/31/2021…”:

  389. gregor says:

    BBC (29/09/2022): Google to close Stadia cloud service and refund gamers:

    “Google has announced plans to shut down its Stadia cloud gaming service and refund players…

    Analysis by Zoe Kleinman Technology editor…”:

    World Economic Forum: Partners:


    World Economic Forum: Agenda Contributor:

    Zoe Kleinman: (BBC Technology Editor):

  390. gregor says:

    DanishHealthAuthority (updated 13/09/2022):

    Vaccination of children against covid-19:

    “Children and adolescents rarely become severely ill from the Omicron variant of covid-19.
    From 1 July 2022, it was no longer possible for children and adolescents aged under 18 to get the first injection and, from 1 September 2022, it was no longer possible for them to get the second injection…”:

    RTE (30/09/2022): Sweden to stop offering Covid vaccine to teenagers:

    “Sweden’s Public Health Agency has said it was no longer recommending that children aged 12 to 17 get vaccinated against Covid-19, citing the “very low risk” for the group…”:

    NHS (01/10/2022): NHS vaccinations and when to have them:

    Covid Vaccination:

    “Everyone aged 5 and over (who turned 5 on or before 31 August 2022)…”:

  391. gregor says:

    PublicHealthScotland (accessed 01/10/2022): Why should I get the flu and COVID-19 vaccines during pregnancy:

    What you need to know:

    Are the vaccines safe in pregnancy?

    “The flu and COVID-19 vaccines available in the UK have been shown to be safe and effective. Evidence shows there are no pregnancy-related safety concerns following vaccination in pregnancy.”:

  392. gregor says:

    Reuters (19/07/2021): No trace of mRNA vaccine found in breast milk; gene found that helps identify COVID-19 early:

    “No traces of mRNA vaccines end up in mothers’ breast milk, a small study suggests…”:

  393. gregor says:

    Research Letter (26/09/2022): Detection of Messenger RNA COVID-19 Vaccines in Human Breast Milk:


    “Of 11 lactating individuals enrolled, trace amounts of BNT162b2 and mRNA-1273 COVID-19 mRNA vaccines were detected in 7 samples from 5 different participants at various times up to 45 hours post vaccination…”:


    “…presence and trace quantities of COVID-19 vaccine mRNA detected in EBM…”:

  394. gregor says:

    BMJ: Association between menstrual cycle length and covid-19 vaccination: global, retrospective cohort study of prospectively collected data (August 2022):


    “To identify whether covid-19 vaccines are associated with menstrual changes in order to address concerns about menstrual cycle disruptions after covid-19 vaccination.”:


    “Covid-19 vaccination is associated with a small and likely to be temporary change in menstrual cycle length but no change in menses length.”:

  395. gregor says:

    BBC (30/09/2022): Investigation into spikes in newborn baby deaths in Scotland:

    “Scottish government has ordered the review of neonatal death rates after two spikes over a six-month period.

    At least 18 babies under four weeks old died in March. That came after at least 21 babies died in September last year.

    A preliminary investigation found the September spike was not linked to Covid…

    The figures showed the death rate for babies under one year old in Scotland is at its highest level in 10 years…”:

  396. gregor says:

    CDC (Updated Sept. 16, 2022): Understanding How COVID-19 Vaccines Work:

    Facts about COVID-19 Vaccines:

    They do not affect or interact with our DNA:

    “These vaccines do not enter the nucleus of the cell where our DNA (genetic material) is located, so it cannot change or influence our genes.”:

  397. gregor says:

    PrePrint (posted September 27, 2022): Nuclear translocation of spike mRNA and protein is a novel pathogenic feature of SARS-2 CoV-2:


    “…To our surprise, S mRNAs also translocate into the nucleus. S mRNA colocalizes with S protein, 28 aiding the nuclear translocation of S mRNA. While nuclear translocation of nucleoprotein (N) has 29 been shown in many coronaviruses, the nuclear translocation of both S mRNA and S protein 30 reveals a novel pathogenic feature of SARS-CoV-2.”:

  398. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum: People:

    Neil Ferguson: Professor of Mathematical Biology, Division of Epidemiology, Public Health and Primary Care, Imperial College London:

    NationalReview (06/05/2020): ‘Professor Lockdown’ Modeler Resigns in Disgrace:

    “Neil Ferguson is the British academic who created the infamous Imperial College model that warned Boris Johnson that, without an immediate lockdown, the coronavirus would cause 500,000 deaths and swamp the National Health Service…

    …former chief scientist for the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention, has called Ferguson’s model “the most influential scientific paper” in memory. He also says it was, sadly, “one of the most wrong.”

    With all of his influence, it’s not surprising British media are making a great deal about Ferguson being forced to resign from the government’s virus advisory board yesterday after revelations he had violated lockdown rules he had championed in order to conduct an affair with a married woman…”:

    BBC (02/10/2022): UK looks to be winning the fight against monkeypox:

    “The UK’s monkeypox situation is looking “very positive” with cases continuing to fall, says one of Britain’s leading infectious disease modellers.

    Prof Neil Ferguson (OBE) believes vaccines and vigilance have helped drive cases down from a peak in July this year…”:

  399. gregor says:

    SkyNewsAus (15/09/2022): Be wary of King Charles III’s dangerous ambition to ‘reset’ society in the name of climate change activism:

    “…the unholy alliance between the public and private sectors at the World Economic Forum (WEF).

    As launched by the now-King Charles himself during a virtual address to the WEF in June 2020, the organisation’s “Great Reset” initiative seeks to use the shift towards big government generated by the pandemic to “reset” the global economy.

    The WEF would move it to a form of neo-feudalism, in which governments would collude with the private sector to facilitate a “reset” of capitalism, and supposedly fight climate change…”:

    World Economic Forum: People:

    Liz Truss:

    BBC (02/10/2022): King Charles will not attend climate summit on Truss advice:

    “King Charles will not attend the climate change conference COP27, which is due to be held in Egypt next month, Buckingham Palace has confirmed.

    It was responding to a story in the Sunday Times which claimed Prime Minister Liz Truss had “ordered” the King not to attend…”:

  400. gregor says:

    BitcoinNews (03/10/2022): ‘Trading Like a Lehman Moment’ — Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank Suffer From Distressed Valuations as the Banks’ Credit Default Insurance Nears 2008 Levels:

    “It’s been more than a decade since the financial crisis in 2007-2008 when Lehman Brothers, the fourth largest investment bank in the U.S., collapsed and filed bankruptcy. Close to 14 years later, Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank, two of the world’s largest banks, are suffering from distressed valuations and the banks’ credit default insurance levels are approaching degrees not seen since 2008…”:

  401. Geri says:

    Watch the three part ‘The Labour Files’ it charts the tactics of lobby groups & the downfall of Corbyn. He was an advocate of Palestine. That’s obviously couldn’t be tolerated with Friends of Israel bullshit.

    & Neither is Scottish independence.

    It removes nukes & the UK from the security council. Israel’s protection to commit carte blanche human rights atrocities.

    Corbyn supporters were singled out, do xed, followed on the school run – fkn shocking stuff.

    Now, back to Scots, they’re making noise here now. Police Scotland shutting down Palestinian groups & the media is currently protecting Sturgeon while her MPs are cozy up with free holidays. She’s signed up to both Palestinian & Israeli groups that’s completely at odds, when asked she has the excuse it’s a decision for Police Scotland. What a fking cop out!

    Enjoying media protection from her new friends? Reason for shelving indyref2 all this time? It’d explain a lot.

    Watch the labour Files. Explosive revelations & wait until you watch part 3. It’s fking rank from the top down & the lobby runs the party.

  402. Geri says:

    Btw, do xing ppl. No one would hand over how they obtained their info for even knowing the times of all thier movements, *I know where you live, I know yer car reg, I see you dropped yer kids off at xx time* sacked on fake reports &/or deselected.

    Security services all over it. They’ve already described us, Scots, as a threat to the state of Israel & our Independence drive *doesn’t please the Jewish community* it hurts Thier feelings. Explains Grouse, Denise, Niel? Craig? ejected from SNP?

    Maybe I’m just paranoid but this would explain the media giving Sturgeon an easy ride, shelving indyref2, lawyer fking up SC papers & Sturgeon giving the UK the clause they don’t have to respect the outcome even if they did allow it. All this time allowing this gender pish to be a distraction?

    & No indy talk at conference? I bet McDonald will be there brown nosing his new found friends who’ll be there overseeing the chatter of who speaks out of turn.

  403. gregor says:

    YahooNews (25/05/2022): Covid inquiry will not shy from holding wrong decisions to account – judge:

    “The chair of Scotland’s inquiry into coronavirus has said it will not “shy away” from making findings where the wrong decisions have been made.

    Lady Poole will chair the inquiry…”:

    BBC (03/10/2022): Covid in Scotland: Judge Lady Poole resigns from inquiry role:

    “…The aim of the review is to look at the Scottish government’s actions throughout the pandemic, from introducing lockdown to the delivery of testing and vaccines.

    Lady Poole was appointed in December to chair the inquiry…
    …she has given notice of her intention to step down from the key post for personal reasons…”:

    …10 months ago, Deputy First Minister John Swinney said Lady Poole was “highly qualified for the demanding task put in front of her”…”:

  404. gregor says:

    ‘Follow The Money’:

    “…suggests political corruption can be brought to light by examining money transfers…

    “…used the phrase to criticise Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation …including a uranium deal approved by the US State Department under Clinton after her charitable foundation received large donations from people with stakes in the deal; Clinton’s relationship with Irish telecom billionaire Denis O’Brien…”

    (source: Wikipedia: Follow the Money)

    World Economic Forum: Agenda Contributor:

    Denis O’Brien: Chairman, Digicel Group:

    World Economic Forum (2015): Agenda: Hutchison Whampoa buys O2 for £10.3bn:

    “Li Ka-shing added to his growing British portfolio by agreeing to buy the mobile network from Telefonica. Hutchison will combine O2 with its Three mobile group to create the largest UK mobile network with 31m customers – 41 per cent of the country’s wireless market…”:

    World Economic Forum: Partners:

    Telefonica (owner: O2):

  405. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum: Partners:

    Liberty Global (owner: Virgin Media):

    World Economic Forum: Agenda Contributor:

    Richard Branson: Founder, Virgin Group:

    EE (owner: BT Group)

    World Economic Forum: Agenda Contributor:

    Olaf Swantee: CEO (former), EE:

  406. gregor says:

    British Telecom: BT and The World Economic Forum:

    “BT is a strategic partner of the World Economic Forum…

    …BT actively participates…”:

    World Economic Forum: People:

    Melanie Dawes: Chief Executive, Office of Communications (Ofcom):

    BBC (03/10/2022): Vodafone and Three in merger talks:

    “Vodafone is in talks with Three (owner: Hutchison Whampoa) about merging their UK businesses.

    It would mean the third and fourth largest mobile phone networks respectively combining to create a business with 27 million customers, larger than current leaders BT, EE and Virgin Media O2.
    The companies say it would accelerate the rollout of 5G and rural broadband…

    Any deal would have to be approved by regulators, which have previously opposed mergers that would reduce the number of networks in the UK.

    …Vodafone has pointed to a recent report from communications regulator Ofcom which might suggest a new approach…”:

  407. gregor says:

    “Thinking about all the blood that flowed away…

    I wonder how it go on when it reached the promised land

    …When you go will send back a letter from America.”: Video:

  408. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum: People:

    Nicola Sturgeon:

  409. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum (source: Wikipedia):

    “…an international non-governmental and lobbying organisation…

    The Forum suggests that a globalised world is best managed by a self-selected coalition…

    It sees periods of global instability – such as the financial crisis of 2007–2008 and the COVID-19 pandemic – as windows of opportunity to intensify…”

    Power grab:

    “An occasion when a person or group takes advantage of a situation in order to take control.”

    “Critics call the move a power grab and a step backwards for democracy.”

  410. gregor says:

    MDPI (Published: 1 October 2022):: A Case Report: Multifocal Necrotizing Encephalitis and Myocarditis after BNT162b2 mRNA Vaccination against COVID-19:


    “The current report presents the case of a 76-year-old man with Parkinson’s disease (PD) who died three weeks after receiving his third COVID-19 vaccination…

    …histopathological analyses of the brain uncovered previously unsuspected findings, including acute vasculitis (predominantly lymphocytic) as well as multifocal necrotizing encephalitis of unknown etiology with pronounced inflammation…

    In the heart, signs of chronic cardiomyopathy as well as mild acute lympho-histiocytic myocarditis and vasculitis were present. Although there was no history of COVID-19 for this patient, imunohistochemistry for SARS-CoV-2 antigens (spike and nucleocapsid proteins) was performed.

    Surprisingly, only spike protein but no nucleocapsid protein could be detected within the foci of inflammation in both the brain and the heart, particularly in the endothelial cells of small blood vessels. Since no nucleocapsid protein could be detected, the presence of spike protein must be ascribed to vaccination rather than to viral infection.

    The findings corroborate previous reports of encephalitis and myocarditis caused by gene-based COVID-19 vaccines.”


    “Numerous cases of encephalitis and encephalomyelitis have been reported in connection with the gene-based COVID-19 vaccines, with many being considered causally related to vaccination.

    …this is the first report to demonstrate the presence of the spike protein within the encephalitic lesions and to attribute it to vaccination rather than infection.

    These findings corroborate a causative role of the gene-based COVID-19 vaccines, and this diagnostic approach is relevant to potentially vaccine-induced damage to other organs as well.”:

  411. gregor says:

    The Lancet: The Lancet Commission on lessons for the future from the COVID-19 pandemic (Published:September 14, 2022):

    The origins of SARS-CoV-2:

    “The proximal origins of SARS-CoV-2 are still not known…

    …all three research-associated hypotheses are still plausible: infection in the field, infection with a natural virus in the laboratory, and infection with a manipulated virus in the laboratory. No independent, transparent, and science-based investigation has been carried out regarding the bioengineering of SARS-like viruses that was underway before the outbreak of COVID-19…

    The laboratory notebooks, databases, email records, and samples of institutions involved in such research have not been made available to independent researchers. Independent researchers have not yet investigated the US laboratories engaged in the laboratory manipulation of SARS-CoV-like viruses, nor have they investigated the details of the laboratory research that had been underway in Wuhan.

    Moreover, the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) has resisted disclosing details of the research on SARS-CoV-related viruses that it had been supporting, providing extensively redacted information only as required by Freedom of Information Act lawsuits.

    The search for the origins of the virus requires unbiased, independent, transparent, and rigorous work…”:

  412. gregor says:

    NIH: Project Awards (21-September-2022):

    Contact PI/Project Leader: DASZAK, PETER

    Awardee Organization: ECOHEALTH ALLIANCE, INC.

    Analyzing the potential for future bat coronavirus emergence in Myanmar, Laos, and Vietnam:

    “…we will rapidly supply viral sequences and isolates for use in vaccine and therapeutic development, including “prototype pathogen” vaccines, via an existing MOU with the NIAID-CREID network.

    Our long-term goal is that this work will act as a model to build pandemic preparedness strategies to better predict sites and communities where wildlife-origin viruses are likely to emerge, and to disrupt emergence in EID hotspots around the world.”:

    Total Funding: $653,392

  413. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum: Agenda (24/05/2022):

    Europe can replace its lost Russian energy supply with this surprising partner:

    “…Forty years ago, the United States Central Intelligence Agency warned the White House that the 3,500-mile gas pipeline from Siberia to Germany was a direct threat…”:

  414. gregor says:

    Secretary Antony Blinken: Twit (01/10/2022):

    re. NordStream pipeline sabotage:

    “…offers tremendous strategic opportunity for the years to come.”

  415. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum: Agenda (2021): Scotland just blew up its last coal-fired power plant – as the country transitions…

    “…First Minister Nicola Sturgeon pushed the button on a controlled explosion…”:

    World Economic Forum: Agenda (22/09/2022): COP27 is a unique opportunity for emerging markets to shape global climate action – we must seize it:

    “COP27 offers a unique moment for leaders from across the world to build pathways for a more resilient and sustainable agenda…

    COP27 is widely seen as being the first ‘COP of implementation’. In particular, there will be a strong global push…

    …the signing of the Glasgow Climate Pact at last year’s COP26 firmed up the global agreement to accelerate action…”:

  416. gregor says:

    Golden opportunity:

    “Now they sensed a golden opportunity.”

  417. Dickie says:

    If you want an even better laugh have a look at wee mummy’s boy Cameron’s linkedin profile

    A catalogue of failure. The good thing is that because of his tweets above all future employers can now see what a nasty little piece of work he is.

  418. gregor says:

    BBC (04/10/2022): Covid in Scotland: Four lawyers step down from public inquiry:

    “The Scottish Covid-19 public inquiry has confirmed that four members of its legal team have stood down.

    It follows the resignation of the inquiry chair, Lady Poole, who is said to be leaving for personal reasons…”:

  419. gregor says:

    WELT (04/10/2022): All data must be on the table:


    “In scientific circles, doubts arise as to whether the information provided by the manufacturers about the mRNA vaccine is correct. Biontech/Pfizer and Moderna have so far refused to independently verify the data…

    Virologists, epidemiologists, pharmacologists – they may not have always been friendly to each other during the pandemic. But they are now coming together on one point: it is the demand for an independent review of the studies that led to the approval of the mRNA vaccines from Biontech/Pfizer and Moderna.

    The studies are published. However, the primary data, scientifically the decisive documents, are missing. All vaccine evaluations of the registration studies are based on them. Until now, the documents have been kept under lock and key by the manufacturers, and they are refusing requests to see them…”:

  420. gregor says:

    Politico (29/09/2022): Pfizer CEO pulls out of testifying to EU Parliament COVID panel:

    “Pfizer Chief Executive Albert Bourla has pulled out of an appointment to testify before the European Parliament’s special committee on COVID-19, at which he was expected to face tough questions on how secretive vaccine deals were struck…

    The decision follows an audit report into the EU’s vaccine procurement strategy published earlier in the month that raised new questions about contact between Bourla and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen that preceded a multibillion-euro vaccine contract…

    The report, by the European Court of Auditors, found that von der Leyen had been directly involved in preliminary negotiations for the EU’s biggest vaccine contract…”:

  421. gregor says:

    ScotGov (03/10/2022): Covid-19 Public Inquiry:

    “…Hon. Lady Poole is to resign as chair of the independent Scottish COVID-19 Public Inquiry…

    The Inquiry team has been drawing in key information as part of the important evidence-gathering process which precedes Inquiry hearings…

    …the independent Inquiry team, remain committed to this vital exercise…”:

  422. gregor says:


    “Complete nonsense or something that is not true.”

    “To try to persuade someone or make them admire you by saying things that are not true.”

  423. gregor says:

    NewYorkTimesWorld (04/10/2022):

    “Commanders of (redacted) celebrated Azov Battalion have held an emotional reunion with their families in Turkey…”

  424. gregor says:

    Intercept (10/09/2022): U.S. Military Aid to (redacted) Grows to Historic Proportions — Along With Risks:

    “(redacted) is on track to become the largest recipient of U.S military assistance in the last century. But questions surround the policy…”:

    NewYorkTimes (04/10/2022): U.S. National Debt Tops $31 Trillion for First Time:

    “America’s borrowing binge has long been viewed as sustainable because of historically low interest rates. But as rates rise, the nation’s fiscal woes are getting worse…”:

  425. gregor says:

    EvieMagazine (05/10/2022): 25% Of People Who Received Covid-19 Vaccination Missed Work Or Reported A “Serious Event” Affecting Their Normal Life Functions, According To CDC Data:

    “Official data from the CDC has been released due to court orders… The findings show that 25% of people who got the shot (from a database of 10 million) couldn’t perform normal activities and had to miss work or school afterward.

    …The court order required the CDC to release crucial information on the vaccine’s safety…

    The CDC has not yet addressed the released documents, and the information is not available on their website…

    These findings are very concerning; for years, the vaccine was advertised as “safe” and “effective.”…

    Well, now that we have the data, we could see that getting the vaccine caused 25% of people who got the shot – within this data set of 10 million people – to miss work, to have some serious event affecting their normal life functions…”:

  426. gregor says:

    CNBC (2020): You can’t sue Pfizer or Moderna if you have severe Covid vaccine side effects. The government likely won’t compensate you for damages either:

  427. gregor says:

    Snake oil:

    “A liquid substance with no real medicinal value sold as a cure-all or nostrum, esp. in a medicine show.”

    “Something which someone is trying to sell you or make you believe in when you think it is false and is not to be trusted.”

  428. gregor says:

    Pfizer (04/10/2022):

    “When Ultron wreaks havoc, the Avengers act as the first line of defense. People can help protect themselves by staying up to date with COVID-19 vaccinations. Head to …to get a first look at Pfizer, BioNTech, and Marvel’s comic book!”:

  429. gregor says:

    Wikipedia (06/10/2022): New World Order:

    “The New World Order (NWO) is a conspiracy theory which hypothesizes a secretly emerging totalitarian world government.

    The common theme in conspiracy theories about a New World Order is that a secretive power elite with a globalist agenda is conspiring to eventually rule the world…”:

    Wikipedia (06/10/2022): World Economic Forum:

    “…an international non-governmental and lobbying organisation…

    The Forum suggests that a globalised world is best managed by a self-selected coalition… which it expresses through initiatives like the “Great Reset”…

    It sees periods of global instability …as windows of opportunity to intensify…”:

  430. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum (2020): Great Reset:

    “the World Economic Forum is starting The Great Reset initiative…”:

    The opportunity:

    “Priorities of societies”

    “Nature of business models”

    “Management of a global commons”

    “New social contract”:

  431. gregor says:

    Joseph Borrell:

    BBC (06/10/2022): UK’s Truss joins big European club seeking ‘new order without (redacted)’:

    “The leaders of 44 European countries meet in Prague on Thursday, at a historic first meeting of a new political club of nations.

    EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell spoke of building “a European political community without (redacted)”.

    UK Prime Minister Liz Truss will join leaders from the EU, Turkey, Norway and the Balkans, along with (redacted) by video…”:

  432. gregor says:


    World Economic Forum: Agenda Contributor:

    Joseph Borrell:

  433. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum: People:

    Nicola Sturgeon:

    World Economic Forum: Agenda Contributor:

    Jens Stoltenberg: Secretary general, NATO:

    World Economic Forum: Organizations:


  434. gregor says:

    HeraldScot (09/05/2022): Nicola Sturgeon to promote Scotland’s global aims in US ahead of Indyref2:

    “Nicola Sturgeon is to visit the United States next week as she promotes her Government’s thinking on international affairs…

    …will meet business leaders and politicians to underline “Scotland’s key interests in global issues”.

    Scotland will focus on “global citizenship, maintaining close relations with the EU, gender equality, and respect for human rights”.

    The Scottish Government’s prospectus for enhanced international relations.… The Framework reflects on the impacts of Covid, the climate crisis and the war in (redacted).

    It does not mention the SNP’s desire to remove nuclear weapons from Scotland after independence, potentially disarming one of the three Nato nuclear powers:

  435. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum (04/10/2022): On The Agenda: Digital Identity:

  436. gregor says:

    Dr. Leslyn Lewis (5/10/2022): Member of Parliament (MP) for Haldimand – Norfolk:

    (source: Twitter):

    “The gov’t finally admitted that they have a $105.3 million contract with the World Economic Forum for the Known Traveler Digital ID. Take a look at this order paper. It’s no longer a conspiracy theory – it’s a contractual fact!”:

  437. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum (2020): Whitepapers: Known Traveller Digital Identity Specifications Guidance:

    “The Forum and its partners are currently piloting components of the KTDI concept in a real-life, cross-border context to further enhance the concept and inform future pilots…

    The pilot learnings will also help inform the development of best practices and standards in collaboration with international regulatory and standards-setting bodies and industry…

    As the pilot is underway, this White Paper documents the standards, open specifications and industry best practices that have shaped the initial pilot and that provide guiding principles for the KTDI concept and any related future pilots towards the end-state vision of global interoperability…”:

    World Economic Forum (2021): Whitepapers: Accelerating the Transition to Digital Credentials for Travel:

    “Initially started in 2018 …KTDI initiative has worked with the governments of Canada and the Netherlands plus private-sector partners to pilot digital travel credentials for paperless travel…

    This new white paper …is the result of a collaboration between the World Economic Forum, Accenture and industry, and government partners. It is intended to serve as a playbook…”:

  438. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum (2020): Global Agenda: Systemic Racism: Black Lives Matter – where are we now and what can you do?

    So what progress has been made, and what can we do to keep the momentum going around the world:

    “California Governor Gavin Newsom, a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader alumnus, announced a special task force to look into reparations for slavery…

    Senator Cory Booker from New Jersey introduced a bill with 12 co-sponsors on studying reparations for African Americans, while President-Elect Joe Biden has supported the idea of studying reparations as well…

    Some companies in the private sector are responding …while also contributing towards the fight… Accenture has been a leader in workplace diversity efforts for years, and is consistently named as one of the top companies…

    VMware, a Silicon Valley-based tech company, created an internal campaign on its intranet…

    McKinsey followed up their statement…”:

  439. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum: People:

    Gavin Newsom: Governor of California, United States Office of the Governor:

    World Economic Forum: People:

    Ansaf Kareem: Global Shaper: …served as Policy Fellow for former Newark Mayor, Cory Booker…:

    World Economic Forum: People:

    Joe Biden:

  440. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum: Partners:


    World Economic Forum: Organizations:


    McKinsey (2022): McKinsey and the World Economic Forum:

    “As a strategic partner, McKinsey supports the World Economic Forum’s mission…

    McKinsey collaborates with the Forum through multiple industry action groups…”:

  441. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum (2020): Agenda: Systemic Racism: After John Lewis: 21 civil rights leaders who are shaping America:

    1. Patrisse Khan-Cullors, Black rights:

    “…Khan-Cullors describes herself as an “artist, organizer and freedom fighter”. She is best-known for Black Lives Matter (BLM)…”:

    NewYorkPost (2020): Black Lives Matter co-founder describes herself as ‘trained Marxist’:

    “Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors said in a newly surfaced video from 2015 that she and her fellow organizers are “trained Marxists” – making clear their movement’s ideological foundation…”:

  442. gregor says:

    BlackLivesMatter: Our Demands:

    “1. Convict and ban Trump from future political office:

    2. Expel Republican members of Congress who attempted to overturn the election…:

    3. Launch a full investigation into the ties between white supremacy and the Capitol Police, law enforcement, and the military:

    4. Permanently ban Trump from all digital media platforms:

    5. Defund the police:

    6. Don’t let the coup be used as an excuse to crack down on our movement:

    7. Pass the BREATHE Act: The police were born out of slave patrols… President Biden has already drawn on the BREATHE Act in his executive actions…”:

  443. gregor says:

    BBC (06/10/2022): Premier League: Players will take the knee before next two weekend’s fixtures:

    “Premier League players will take the knee before the next two weekend games to show their unity against racism:

    Top-flight matches between 8 and 16 October will be dedicated to the No Room for Racism campaign.

    Club captains agreed before the season that they would stop taking the knee before every game and instead choose significant moments to demonstrate…

    Players will also take the knee at Boxing Day fixtures and cup finals.

    Top-flight clubs started taking a knee to support the Black Lives Matter movement, which rose to prominence…”:

  444. gregor says:

    ScotGov (31/08/2022): Agreement: Interim Governance Group to Develop National Anti-Racist Infrastructure: terms of reference:

    “…Following the racialised outcomes of the pandemic, and the follow-on from the Black Lives Matter movement, the Scottish Government has recognised (via its IPP) that racism is a systemic and structural issue…

    We will do this in stages, beginning with this interim governance group…

    The Group will not be subject to Freedom of Information (FOI) and will not be required to respond to FOI requests. This is because the Group is not established on a statutory basis, and because it is clearly reflected within the Group’s remit and appointment letters that they are independent…

    Any papers provided from the Group to Scottish Government Ministers or officials …means that any e-mails, notes, initial or formative advice and communications to Scottish Government Ministers or officials, would immediately become Scottish Government documents for the purposes of FOI. The Scottish Government can apply exemptions to withhold certain information…”:

  445. gregor says:

    SNP (2020): Facebook: Black Lives Matter:

    Nicola Sturgeon: Video:

    “I have total solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement…

    I am also a fervent supporter…”:

  446. gregor says:

    Average White Band: Pick up the Pieces:

    “…Pick up the pieces, uh, huh…”:

  447. gregor says:

    Kemi Badenoch (2022): Secretary of State for International Trade of United Kingdom:

    “…we don’t do this with communism…

    let me be clear… any school that teaches these elements of critical race theory as fact, or which promotes partisan political views, such de-funding the police, without offering a balanced treatment of opposing views, is breaking the law…”


  448. gregor says:


    “Someone who is law-abiding obeys the law.”

    “Such actions against law-abiding citizens will not be tolerated.”

  449. gregor says:

    World Economic Forum: People:

    Emmanuel Macron:

    World Economic Forum: People:

    Liz Truss:

    BBC (07/102022): Truss declares Macron a friend as pair forge working relationship:

    “Prime Minister Liz Truss labelled Emmanuel Macron a “friend” as they announced plans to work together at the first meeting of a new political club of nations…”:

  450. gregor says:

    “…It sees periods of global instability – such as the financial crisis of 2007–2008 and the COVID-19 pandemic – as windows of opportunity to intensify…”

    (source: Wikipedia: World Economic Forum)

    BBC (08/10/2022): SNP conference: Sturgeon will seek to exploit Truss’s faltering start as PM:

    “Chaos. Chaos. Chaos. It is a word you can expect to hear a lot this weekend as the SNP meets in Aberdeen…

    It is a risky strategy…

    Failure could throw the SNP into a chaos of its own…”:

  451. gregor says:

    GatesFoundation (21/09/2022): Gates Foundation Announces $1.27B in Health and Development Commitments to Advance Progress Toward the Global Goals:

    “During United Nations General Assembly week, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation—alongside governments, philanthropies, the private sector, NGOs, and global and community leaders—announced commitments totaling $1.27B…

    The funding will address overlapping global crises…”:

  452. Corrado Mella says:

    I don’t have to be “tolerant”, while I can also refrain from being intolerant.

    Medically, you can be made “tolerant” to poison by slowly increasing the daily dose you are given, up to the point that a lethal dose for anyone else is just a mild case of tummy ache for you. But that’s still poison you’re given.

    Equally, I don’t want to be made “tolerant” to the poison all these psychotic cretins, narcissists, sociopaths, psychopaths, nonces, murderers and assorted minus habens are injecting our society with.

    Have you noticed that there’s no need for “tolerance” toward good, well behaved, educated people?

    Beware of the lefties’ persistent and consistent reframing of words and concepts.

  453. gregor says:

    “…And if you tolerate this then your children will be next

    And if you tolerate this then your children will be next

    Will be next, will be next, will be next…”

  454. gregor says:

    Rep. Sean Casten (17/05/2021): Twit:

    “…All Illinoisans 12 years and older are eligible for the vaccine. They are safe, effective, and key to our path back to normalcy. Everyone in my family – including my 14-year-old daughter – has started their vaccination process.

    Here’s how you can get your vaccine…”:

    MedicalNewsToday (28/06/2022): Is there a link between COVID-19 vaccines and arrhythmias?

    “…research indicates that the COVID-19 vaccine may cause arrhythmia as a side effect…”:

    People (07/10/2022): U.S. Rep. Sean Casten’s Family Says His Teenage Daughter Gwen Died of Sudden Cardiac Arrhythmia:

    “The family of Illinois Rep. Sean Casten said in a statement Friday that his 17-year-old daughter, Gwen Casten, died of sudden cardiac arrhythmia.

    Gwen was found unresponsive in her family’s Illinois home on June 13…

    …Casten family explained …she was fine, and then her heart stopped,” adding: “We don’t know what caused the arrhythmia, and likely never will.”…”:

  455. gregor says:

    ScotGov: Open Government Partnership:

    “…our commitment to openness, transparency, and citizen participation across everything we do as a government…”:

  456. gregor says:

    SunScot (2021): Senior SNP figures ‘had secret WhatsApp group chat codenamed Vietnam to plot against Alex Salmond’:

    Spectator (09/04/2022): Nicola Sturgeon’s secret state:

    “The Scottish parliament is supposed to hold government to account..

    During the Alex Salmond trial, where his evidence against Sturgeon was redacted, members of the Scottish parliament were warned that they did not have protected speech as MPs do in Westminster: they can be prosecuted by Sturgeon’s lawyers if they speak out of turn.

    After 15 years of power, the boundaries between party and state have become increasingly blurred. The Salmond inquiry last year showed the lack of distinction between the SNP, its government, supposedly impartial civil servants and legal officers. This merger is embodied in Bute House, the residence of the First Minister which she shares with Peter Murrell, her husband – who is the SNP’s chief executive. Leslie Evans, the recently departed head of the civil service, is married to a prominent SNP activist…”:

  457. gregor says:

    NoToNP (2016): Oops! Info watchdogs exposed in embarrassing email gaffes:

    “…Freedom of Information (FOI) request, also disclosed concerning comments from the head of the ICO in Scotland, Ken Macdonald, who expressed his “disappointment” after judges struck down the Named Person scheme…

    …NO2NP spokesman Simon Calvert:

    The attitude on display here is breath-taking…

    The ICO as an independent body has been entrusted to uphold information rights… Yet here we find ICO officials behaving in a most dismissive manner about a court case which goes to the heart of their work and has profound implications for personal privacy and data protection…

    This is the kind of conversation that goes on when officials don’t think the public are listening. It is disturbing that this kind of culture exists within the ICO…

    The comments by Ken Macdonald suggest the ICO is only paying lip service to the idea of being an independent body…

    The ICO got the law wrong. They failed to protect the public. They should have warned the Government, not collaborated with them…”:

  458. gregor says:

    Scotsman (10/10/2022): Scottish Government report into harassment complaints against Alex Salmond to remain secret:

    “The former permanent secretary’s report that judged Alex Salmond had sexually harassed two Scottish Government officials during his time as first minister is unlikely to ever be made public following a ruling by the Scottish Information Commissioner…”:

  459. gregor says:

    Alexander S. Vindman (08/10/2022): Twit:

    “I’ve been dreaming of this moment.”:

  460. gregor says:

    ‘Das Armband’ (re. photo):

    Commander-in-chief of the Armed forces of (redacted) (06/10/2022): Twit:

    “A struggle continues on our land, the scale of which the world has not seen since the Second World War. We have no right to transfer this war to our children. The enemy must be destroyed here and now. And we can do it.”:

  461. gregor says:

    Former French politician, Jean Lassalle (09/10/2022):

    “Now everything is done to sabotage and destroy all the foundations of our civilizations. And then these vaccines, I didn’t have the Covid, I had the Johnson vaccine which almost killed me, which deformed my heart, I had 4 operations since January 3 of this year.”:

  462. gregor says:

    Rob Roos MEP (11/10/2022):

    “In Covid hearing, Pfizer director admits vaccine was never tested on preventing transmission.

    “Get vaccinated for others” was always a lie.

    The only purpose of the Covid passport: forcing people to get vaccinated.

    The world needs to know. Share this video!”:

  463. gregor says:

    Aljazeera (11/10/2022): (redacted) adds Meta to list of ‘terrorist and extremist’ groups:

  464. gregor says:

    DailyMail (11/10/2022): Tulsi Gabbard says she’s leaving the Democrats:

    Ex-congresswoman says party is controlled by ‘an elitist cabal of warmongers driven by cowardly wokeness’ who ‘stoke anti-white racism’ and ‘protect criminals’:

  465. gregor says:

    BBC (11/10/2022): IMF warns rising prices will be worse in UK:

    “…It expects high prices to last longer in the UK with only Slovakia out of the eurozone set to see higher inflation…

    After Mr Kwarteng unveiled plans for huge tax cuts in the UK, the IMF criticised the plans warning they were likely to increase inequality and add to pressures pushing up prices…

    …IMF warned the global economy was facing a downturn with “the worst yet to come”…”:

  466. gregor says:

    The Worst Is Yet to Come: A Post-Capitalist Survival Guide:

    (by Peter Fleming, 2019):

    “Capitalism is about to commit suicide and is threatening to take us down with it. But will it give way to a grand social utopia or the beginning of a new dark age… albeit WiFi enabled?

    The Worst is Yet to Come explores the disturbing possibility that the current crisis of neoliberal capitalism isn’t going to spawn an emancipatory renaissance, but a world that is much, much worse.

    Wealthy CEOs see it. They’ve been purchasing isolated bunker-retreats in New Zealand for when the shit goes down. Our politicians know it too, and are frantically transforming the liberal state into a militarized machine. Scientists are either uselessly decrying the looming eco-catastrophe or jumping on the opportunity to conduct ever-reckless experiments with the human genome…”:

  467. gregor says:

    Edwyn Collins:

    “…All it takes is common sense for anyone to see”

    As the world keeps turning…”


  468. gregor says:

    Telegraph (12/10/2022): Exodus of hospital doctors risks ‘complete collapse’ of the NHS:

    “Almost half of hospital doctors plan to leave the NHS in the next year risking the “complete collapse” of the health service, a survey by the British Medical Association (BMA) shows…”:

  469. gregor says:

    re. Durham: Igor Danchenko trial (11/10/2022):

    “During questioning from Special Counsel John Durham, Brian Auten, a supervisory counter intelligence analyst with the FBI, revealed the FBI offered Christopher Steele one million dollars if he could corroborate allegations in the Dossier, but that Steele could not do so.

    Auten repeatedly admitted under questioning from Durham that the FBI never got corroboration of the information in the Steele Dossier but used it in the initial FISA application and in the three subsequent renewals.”:

  470. gregor says:



  471. gregor says:

    WashingtonExaminer (15/06/2022): Texts reveal Hunter Biden’s meltdown over discarded gun incident:

    “Hunter Biden berated his sister-in-law Hallie Biden and accused her of ruining his life after he learned she had thrown his gun in the trash near a Delaware high school in October 2018, newly revealed texts from a copy of his abandoned laptop show.

    “…f*** you … What right do you f***ing have Hallie,” Hunter said in the Oct. 23, 2018, text exchange, just hours after Hallie discarded his gun. “There are 5 guns in dads house. There are f***ing more weapons in your sons room then in an armory.”…”:

  472. gregor says:

    SkyNewsAus (12/10/2022): Joe Biden reacts to Hunter potentially facing federal charges:

    Joe Biden has told CNN’s Jake Tapper he is “proud” of his son:


  473. gregor says:

    NationalScot (07/12/2021): Nicola Sturgeon’s message to Scots still to get vaccinated:

    “…The First Minister said: “What I would say, pretty bluntly to people, if you are eligible and able to be vaccinated right now and you are choosing not to be vaccinated then you are being deeply irresponsible.

    “I would say you are being selfish. You’re putting your own life much more at risk and you’re putting the life of everybody you come into contact with at risk.

    “That was true before the emergence of Omicron, it may be even more true now…”:

  474. gregor says:

    Saudi Arabia Foreign Ministry confirms Biden’s political coercion re. mid-term elections:

    Saudi Arabia Ministry of Foreign Affairs statement (12/10/2022):

    “…the Government of the Kingdom clarified through its continuous consultation with the US Administration that all economic analyses indicate that postponing the OPEC+ decision for a month, according to what has been suggested, would have had negative economic consequences…”:

  475. gregor says:

    LibsOfTickTok (12/10/2022):

    Joe Rogan tells Tulsi Gabbard about a teacher he knows who said her school was forced to install a litter box for a student who identifies as a cat:


  476. gregor says:

    BeckerNews (12/10/2022): Senators Prepare to Grill Big Pharma Execs After ‘Bombshell’ Confession Showing Covid Vaccine Fraud: ‘These CEOs Need to Testify Under Oath Before Congress’:

    “This has now proven to be a big lie.”

    “That is how Rob Roos, Dutch member of the European parliament, described the stunning confession of a Pfizer executive on video that the company had no evidence its mRNA ‘vaccines’ were able to stop Covid transmission. Janine Small, president of international developed markets at Pfizer, said during a Covid hearing at the European parliament in October that “no” the company did not have any evidence that the Covid shots stopped transmission because the company was working at the “speed of science.”

    Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer, recently pulled out of a scheduled hearing for Oct. 10 before the same Covid-19 committee that revealed the recent bombshell revelation. The sudden withdrawal follows an audit report on the EU’s COVID-19 vaccine procurement strategy…

    Republican senators are now publicly agreeing with the call to hold Big Pharma executives accountable for misleading the American people at tremendous cost to their lives and livelihoods…”:

  477. gregor says:

    LifeNews (12/10/2022): FBI Arrests 87-Year-Old Pro-Life Concentration Camp Survivor for Peacefully Protesting Abortion:

    “…one of the pro-life advocates arrested recently shows she is an 87-year-old woman who is a concentration camp survivor.

    A federal indictment alleges that the pro-life defendants “engaged in a conspiracy to prevent the clinic from providing” and patients from receiving abortion services and violated the FACE Act by “using physical obstruction to intimidate and interfere with the clinic’s employees and a patient.”

    Yet the event was mostly pro-life people staging a peaceful sit in along with signing and praying and it was so lawful and peaceful that local police let them go after minor misdemeanor charges.

    …if convicted on these federal charges from the Biden administration, Vaughn faces up to 11 years in prison, three years supervised release and fines of up to $350,000…”:

  478. gregor says:

    (British state publicly censored international news):

    RTNews (13/10/2022): (redacted) behind attacks on (redacted) regions, FM admits to prank callers (redacted) Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba apparently confirmed that (redacted) was attacking targets in (redacted):

    “(redacted) claimed credit for sabotage operations in (redacted), when Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba spoke with a person he believed to be a former American ambassador to (redacted), according to (redacted) pranksters with a history of similar deceptions.

    “Well, if you were to ask me who blows up things in Crimea or Belgorod, then speaking privately, as much privacy we can have in a Zoom call, I’d tell you, yes, that was us,” the top (redacted) diplomat was shown saying in footage, which was released on Thursday…”:

  479. gregor says:

    US Democrat Rep. Angie Craig (13/10/2022):

    “I will never stop standing up for big pharma and standing against my constituents.”


  480. gregor says:

    LawFlog (13/10/2022): The FBI is still trying to withhold records about Seth Rich and CrowdStrike:

    “Surprise, surprise. The FBI is dragging its feet.

    Yesterday the government asked for more time to respond to U.S. District Judge Amos Mazzant’s September 29, 2022 order directing the FBI to produce all records related to Seth Rich’s laptop…

    …people with nothing to hide don’t try to hide nothing.”:

  481. gregor says:

    CourierScot (12/10/2022): Forfar vaccination centre closed after man’s sudden death:

  482. gregor says:

    BBC (13/10/2022): Scotland blood stock appeal after England supplies fall:

    “People in Scotland have been urged to donate blood after supplies in England fell to a critically-low level…”:

  483. gregor says:

    Social communication skill attainment in babies born during the COVID-19 pandemic: a birth cohort study (Ireland):

    Published 11/10/2022:


    …Babies born during the early stages of the pandemic missed the opportunity of meeting a normal social circle of people outside the family home.


    We compared 10 parentally reported developmental milestones at 12-month assessment in a cohort of 309 babies born at the onset of the pandemic and 1629 babies from a historical birth cohort…


    Compared with a historical cohort, babies born into lockdown appeared to have some deficits in social communication…”:

  484. gregor says:

    The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) Results:

    Myocarditis Youth Report (Data current as of 30/09/2022):

  485. gregor says:

    BBC (14/10/2022): Footage shows Pelosi seeking help during riots:

    “…The footage was released during the Jan 6 committee hearing and was filmed by Pelosi’s daughter, documentary filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi.”:

  486. gregor says:

    TechnoFog (13/10/2022): The Igor Danchenko Trial – Day 3:

    Revealed – the FBI Paid Danchenko over $200,000:

  487. gregor says:

    EuropeanPublicProsecutor’sOffice (14/10/2022): Ongoing EPPO investigation into the acquisition of COVID-19 vaccines in the EU:

    “The European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO) confirms that it has an ongoing investigation into the acquisition of COVID-19 vaccines in the European Union. This exceptional confirmation comes after the extremely high public interest. No further details will be made public at this stage.”:

  488. gregor says:

    DailyMail (13/10/2022): Exclusive: ‘You’re going to enjoy being a butt boy. Lube up!’ Hunter Biden’s lawyer sent threatening texts to member of right wing group Marco Polo and faces ethics complaint for other ‘dirty tricks’:

    “Hunter Biden’s ‘sugar brother’ attorney sent ‘threatening’ texts to a group investigating the First Son’s laptop – and is now the subject of a legal ethics complaint over other alleged underhand tactics.

    In texts exclusively obtained by, Hollywood entertainment lawyer Kevin Morris called a member of right wing transparency group Marco Polo a ‘f***ing moron’, ‘f***nuts’, said ‘I’m going to take all your money’, ‘I know where you live’ and ‘You’re going to enjoy being a buttboy for 20 years dude. Lube up.’…

    Morris has been waging a campaign to try to discredit information from his client’s abandoned laptop, despite its authentication by multiple top cyber forensics experts, including first by the founder of the FBI’s cyber forensics unit…”:

  489. gregor says:

    Scottish vaccination helpline (re. dis-informed public consent):

    Public telephone call: Audio recording:

  490. gregor says:

    BBC (15/11/2020): Covid-19: Normal life back next winter, says vaccine creator:

    “The impact of a new Covid vaccine will kick in significantly over summer and life should be back to normal by next winter…

    …the jab could halve transmission of the virus, resulting in a “dramatic reduction in cases”.

    …analysis showed their vaccine could prevent more than 90% of people from getting Covid-19…

    “I’m very confident that transmission between people will be reduced by such a highly effective vaccine… we should not forget that even that could result in a dramatic reduction of the pandemic spread,” he said…”:

    BBC (14/10/2022): Fall in number of Covid infections across Scotland:

    “…factors driving the overall rise included waning immunity and and increase in the number of contacts people have…”:

    BBC (14/10/2022): Covid cases rise as one in 37 has virus in UK:

    “…Experts warn of a “notable rise”…”:

  491. gregor says:

    Terrence K. Williams (15/10/2022):

    Nancy Pelosi is asking people not to share this video of her threatening President Trump on Jan 6th:

    Nancy Pelosi:

    “…I hope he comes, I’m going to punch him out … I’ve been waiting for this… …I’m going to punch him out, I’m going to go to jail, and I’m going to be happy.”:


  492. gregor says:

    Nancy Pelosi:

    “I like to eat at 5:30 – like a peasant …hehehe…”:

    Video (Audio):

  493. gregor says:

    STV (17/05/2022): Nancy Pelosi: Nicola Sturgeon has been a model to women everywhere:

    “Scotland’s First Minister met with the US Speaker at the Capitol Building in Washington…

    Sturgeon said she had the “utmost respect and admiration” for the Speaker…”:

  494. gregor says:

    Minutes of meeting between First Minister and Bill Gates 2018: FOI release:

    Information requested:

    The minutes of the meeting between Nicola Sturgeon and Bill Gates in January 2018. I would also like to know how much money Bill Gates, The Bill and Melinda Foundation and any of his affiliated companies, charities etc have given the Scottish Government/SNP, and what this money has been used for? I would also like to know how much funding the Scottish Government has had from any companies associated with the production of vaccines and if these companies “lobby” the Scottish Parliament.

    FOI release:

    “…A clear theme for BGF, given their campaigning… was that frontline health workers are key advocates for international development and contributing to global health. How do we use them…

    Minister suggested to BGF that would be good to work with them on some of these issues – [Redacted] and I also spoke and agreed we’d be in touch further…

    …BGF said that BG would be back to the UK in April…

    …invite BG to SH in April to continue some discussions on global health? By that time, the new Global Health Programme will have officially launched…”:—202100156917—information-released—minutes/foi—202100156917—information-released—minutes/govscot%3Adocument/FOI%2B-%2B202100156917%2B-%2BInformation%2BReleased%2B-%2BMinutes.pdf

  495. gregor says:

    BlackLivesMatter (BLM): Our Demands:

    “1. Convict and ban Trump from future political office…

    2. Expel Republican members of Congress…

    3. Launch a full investigation into the ties between white supremacy and the Capitol Police, law enforcement, and the military.

    4. Permanently ban Trump from all digital media platforms.

    5. Defund the police…

    6. Don’t let the coup be used as an excuse to crack down on our movement.

    7. Pass the BREATHE Act.”:

  496. gregor says:


    “To ask for something forcefully, in a way that shows that you do not expect to be refused.”

  497. gregor says:


    “The fact of refusing to accept ideas, beliefs, or behaviour that are different from your own.”

  498. gregor says:


    “In response to the Black Lives Matter movement…

    …ensure that children and young people are knowledgeable about equalities and inclusion, and that they feel able to challenge discrimination, xenophobia and intolerance when they come across it…”:—information-released/foi-202000098366—information-released/govscot%3Adocument/FOI%2B202000098366%2B-%2BInformation%2Breleased.pdf

  499. gregor says:

    ScotGov (2020): Racial Equality And Diversity In The Curriculum And Within Schools In Scotland:

    “In response to the Black Lives Matter movement…

    …ensure that children and young people are knowledgeable about equalities and inclusion, and that they feel able to challenge discrimination, xenophobia and intolerance when they come across it…”:

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