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The King Of Wishful Thinking

Posted on May 17, 2023 by

We had to check this wasn’t Photoshopped.

It isn’t.

Here’s the actual quote.

And, y’know, the questions don’t so much line up as stampede at you.

(1) What’s the definition of “future”?

(2) How is a second referendum going to happen when despite being leader for seven weeks you haven’t even talked about convening any meetings of the party to begin to discuss coming up with some sort of strategy?

(3) Assuming you do at some point, what do you expect them to come up with, given that you said Nicola Sturgeon was the smartest leader the party ever had and she didn’t manage it in eight years, even with the benefit of 50,000 more members than you have now?

(4) As far as we’re aware it’s still the official SNP position that the £600,000+ of fundraiser money from 2017 and 2019 hasn’t been spent and is still available in the unlikely event of another vote. So what would you need more for?

(5) Or are you now admitting that it HAS been spent?

(6) Trust you with money, even in the middle of a serious police investigation into whether or not the party spent the last lot on Rolexes and crystal meth? Exactly how dumb do you think people are?

Honestly, folks, we think we might be having some sort of stroke.

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  1. 18 05 23 18:37

    We’re not ready for a Convention |

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  1. twathater says:

    FUCKETY FUCKETY FUCKETY , we know there are still some deluded creatures out there that will donate to this lying shower of ARSEHOLES but the CONTEMPT that this FUCKWIT shows to NORMAL people is off the scale

    GIVE you money I would rather give you JAIL TIME

  2. Jeremy Wickins says:

    Unless strokes are contagious, I think it’s just the usual level of “the SNP treat people as idiots”.

  3. SteepBrae says:

    And yet there are folk who will dig deep.

    Relying on grassroots members is pretty optimistic.

    Ah, wait – is there not a separate fund that holds branch money?

  4. Dave Llewellyn says:

    I think it was cocaine not crystal meth in the interest of accuracy

  5. Ladybirdonfire. says:

    “They can, and should.” Really? If anyone is gullible enough to give the SNP even more money he or she should get their head looked at. If anyone has any money that could be donated, do yourself a favour and buy a pro indy bumper sticker. It’ll do more good than giving money to the SNP.

  6. The Isolator says:

    Aw FFS … no words.

  7. PIND DADAN KHAN says:

    I don’t whether to laugh or cry…

  8. James Che says:

    It must be difficult for Humsaf to call a referemdum for Scotland while under Westminster branch office legislation,

    Its like bringing down you’re bosses demise, while working Under their laws and Monarch of the Crown office.

    Fair play Stu, I could never see Humsaf breaking that mold, and branching out for himself, going rogue on Westminster legislation, could you?

  9. James Che says:

    Scottish people providing funding a office in Scotland to fight its boss Westminster.

    I don’t think I will be dipping into my pockets any time soon.

  10. Astonished says:

    He is sounding shriller by the second. I imagine he’ll sound like mickey mouse by tomorrow.

    Humza is hapless, hopeless and full of hubris.

    I assume he is scrabbling around for a semi-believable excuse for not putting up YES candidates.

    Humza, I suggest you don’t send a messenger to find out for whom the bell tolls – It tolls for thee.

    He will not be leader for much longer.

  11. Grouser says:

    Oh, come on! It’s not even 1st April.

  12. Ian McCubbin says:

    When will Useless wake up to fact majority have left SNP because of bullying, corruption and false promises. With the revelations of the Sturrells can’t see anyone except the stupid giving that party any money.

  13. Beauvais says:

    Money (That’s What I Want!) by The (F)lying Lizards aka SNP.

  14. Den says:

    Donations ?? I would not give that bunch of thieving bastards the steam aff ma pish.

  15. Red squirrel says:

    Reality has rather passed him by.

    He really shouldn’t be allowed to interviews without minders.

  16. Garavelli Princip says:

    I blame Hutchies. Full of the idiot children of over-entitled, rich halfwits.

    This is what it produces.

  17. Den says:

    Apparently the Nigerian Scammers have knocked back the SNP Indy scam saying people are not that stupid 🙂

  18. Ruby says:

    How much money do you need to fund a campaign in this digital age?

    ‘The Let Everyone Speak Party’ will be doing a paperless campaign. They’ll be no ‘Let Everyone Speak Party’ campaign bus, campervan, helicopter or horsebox just the good old internet ie Twitter, Facebook, YouTube & email.

  19. Head-zip says:

    Does Yousaf think our heads zip up the back? Is he nuts? Or just so mind-bogglingly dim and/or arrogant that he thinks we are all going to fall for this again?
    Oh and if “the members” do raise another heap of cash for another non-existent referendum campaign, well then we can all just forget it and settle down to be nice wee compliant complainers, propping up a broken system with our broken backs and our broken brains!

  20. robbo says:

    No shame at all this lot.

  21. Graf Midgehunter says:

    The missing 600,000 isn’t missing anymore, it’s gone forever more.

    The “reserves” are probably gone as well, in two weeks time the guillotine will in all probability drop on the Short-money.

    No money, no income from the “ghost” membership, the pawn shops will soon be doing a roaring trade with SNP trinkets for cheap..! 🙂

    They need the money as desperation sets in, the mugs are thick so lets have another go. Begging cups at the ready… 🙁

  22. SusanAHF says:

    Just beyond a joke now. Donate and fund Murrell

  23. This bumbling, incompetent eejit has had a free run for far too long.
    He has lost all sense of reality when he thinks it’s appropriate to ask for more funds during a cost of living crisis when he can’t account for over £60k of indy supporters campaign donations.

    My money has gone to his GRR opponents For Women Scotland. Who are fundraising to appeal Lady Haldane’s judicial review decision that “sex” in the Equality Act is “legal sex” and not biological sex.

    I’m fuming.

  24. Dave Hansell says:

    It tells the general populace a great deal about the extreme dire straits these islands are in when Humza Yousaf makes it to any kind of “power list”:

    Seems reasonable to anticipate the New Statesman could well be open to prosecution under the Trades Descriptions Act.

  25. Jason Smoothpiece says:

    Pure brass neck.

    You have to admire the cheek of these people.

    The SNP should stand down clear the way for Alba.

  26. AnneDon says:

    I notice in all of this, Humza pretends the funds were only collected from SNP members, not from the independence movement at large.

    I have an auntie and uncle who have been in the SNP for decades. They are not online, and all of this has come as a shock to them. They’re raging at the party leadership, and deciding what to do about it (there are also a few family things going on, so it isn’t their priority).

    What I’m saying is that I think there are a lot of decent people out there in the SNP who are considering their options. The party might be in for another avalanche of leavers as those who are not online absorb the revelations of the past few weeks.

  27. Izzie says:

    Donated. Everyone deserves a second chance.

  28. Luigi says:

    Sigh. Here we go again. FM Humza fails to engage brain before opening his mouth. I’ll say one thing – he is consistent. This is becoming a worrying pattern – an apparent character/ intellectual flaw that just cannot fail to expose itself, no matter how many expensive coaching sessions he takes. The guy is an absolute gift – to everyone and anyone who opposes him.

    The media are going to have a field day with this dope. It won’t be pretty. I expect his low public approval ratings will dive even deeper after this latest foot in mouth episode. Sadly, I sense that we are not even near the bottom yet. Wait until the pressure really gets to him. Super cringe time. He is staring into the abyss. My, how the once mighty SNP has fallen. What a joke. Thank goodness there are viable alternatives.

  29. duncanio says:

    Is it Humza the Halfwit (for asking/demanding/expecting)?


    Is it Humza and the Halfwits (for coughing up)?

    Time will tell.

  30. Geoff Anderson says:

    They will execute the raffle plan. The £660,000 was used to buy 1000 items on Amazon. Those items will now be raffle prizes and that will raise a Million Pounds for Indy Ref2.
    Don’t laugh… is no more stupid than Humza’s plan!!!

    It’s too bad that stupidity isn’t painful.

  31. I Wright says:

    Whose campervan are we funding this time?

  32. mark says:

    @james che

    It must be such an inconvenient truth for you that the majority of Scottish voters reject separatism. Devolution was endorsed in the referendum to set up the Scottish Parliament, and then independence was rejected in Indyref. Unless and until you get a majority of voters in favour, give it a rest.

  33. Geoff Anderson says:

    It’s contagious……..look at this answer to Ash Regan!

  34. Fairliered says:

    Is the real purpose of the appeal to raise the bail money?

  35. JockMcT says:

    This grifting is getting trumpesque in its brass-necked bare-faced shameless hustling. Carrots for sale, thruppence a pound. Er, excuse me, where exactly will this next tranche be woven? How many campervans will it take, how many grannies driveways will be taken over… asking for a friend…

  36. JockMcT says:

    ergo, the SNP are skint, do not give them a penny, let them wither on the vine. Spare a coin for indyref2 guv….

  37. Ruby says:

    Is this an admission that the £600k hasn’t been ring fenced but has been stolen.

    Should he be saying this during a live police investigation?

    Sturgeon hiding behind legal smokescreen, says ex-police union boss

  38. Republicofscotland says:

    That Yousless headline deciphered reads as.

    Oi, you lot, yes you die-hard SNP and indy supporters, gives us your cash once more and we’ll yet again dangle the indy carrot under your noses, (Yousless mumbles in a low voice) mugs.

  39. sog says:

    I gave already

  40. Bob Mack says:

    I suspect any New money given for a referendum will be woven through the accounts again like last time.

    Desperate for ready cash perhaps?

  41. XY and Proud says:

    Wow- is there anyone that foolish ?

  42. Alisdair Mclean says:

    This what the SNP meant by the continuity candidate.

  43. stonefree says:

    @ Fairliered at 6:33 pm

    I’d chip in to get the bastards banged up
    Yousaf and his scumhorts Never pay for anything

    Make the shit-bags squeal

  44. Merganser says:

    When Yoosless said ‘Dig deep’ did he get his inspiration from Saturday’s cartoon?

  45. Iain Gray says:

    When very few people donate, this will be the SNP’s latest excuse for not having an independence referendum.

  46. Michael Laing says:

    I’d have thought even the most loyal of the SNP’s diminishing band of supporters must be pretty sick of the constant demands for money by now. I can’t believe that many will be happy to fork out yet again.

    It seems to me that every decision made and every policy adopted by the SNP is precisely the wrong one, and that it’s the deliberate intention to wreck the party and destroy support for independence. By the law of averages, surely we should expect at least some policy decisions to be worthy of support?

    Incidentally, I noticed today that Rail magazine has an article on Jenny Gilruth cancelling the electrification of the Fife Circle line. She’s obviously got her priorities sorted. This is the brilliant genius whose top priority as Transport Minister was introducing women-only carriages. How that’s going to work in two- or-three-carriage trains is one of the great mysteries of the universe. And what next? Black-people-only carriages? Catholic-only carriages? Muslim-only carriages? Tranny-only carriages? Why not just declare Scotland an apartheid state and be done with it?

  47. Antoine Roquentin says:

    He’s obviously relying on the party’s remaining true-believers to shell-out. What he’ll do with the sixty-quid is anybody’s guess.

  48. James Jones says:

    I Wright at 6:19 pm
    “Whose campervan are we funding this time?”

    They’ve realise they’ll need a bigger getaway vehicle.
    64 MSPs = a couple of (luxury) coaches.

  49. Anne J Butler says:

    No “ nom de plume “ – Anne J Butler says absolutely not a chance of one farthing!
    Why ?
    Cos they don’t want independence
    They have all the trappings and absolutely NO responsibility!

  50. Anja+Beal says:

    “A governance & transparency review” is meaningless.

  51. Sandy says:

    Errrr naw Humza.

    Get back to us when you have detailed expense sheets on how and when the £600,000 of ring fenced money you still claim to have, has been used to further the cause of independence.

  52. Northcode says:

    Why not just say “look for donations as other political parties do” ?

    The “and so on and so forth” bit sounds weird. Besides that, he’s used it in the wrong way and that has triggered my ADHD.

    You use “and so on or and so forth” at the end of a list to indicate there are other items that you could also mention.

    But “Donations” is NOT a list. It’s a single item.

    And even so, the list in this context must be so short why not just list the items in it?

    I am so angry about this blatant misuse of a perfectly bland and meaningless expression.

    Because although it is bland, lazy, and meaningless, it can be used perfectly legitimately, but only if you have a list to extend in the first place.

    For this reason alone, I will never vote for the SNP ever again.

  53. Ruby says:

    Michael Laing says:
    17 May, 2023 at 7:43 pm

    This is the brilliant genius whose top priority as Transport Minister was introducing women-only carriages.

    How will anyone know if you are a woman or not? Pop on your pink cagoule & insist that ‘it’s mam’ and can have a seat in the women-only carriages.

  54. Merganser says:

    “Oh say, don’t you remember? They called me ‘useless’,
    It was ‘useless’ all the time.
    Why don’t you remember? I’m your pal,
    Say, Buddy can you spare a dime?

  55. Alex Sneddon says:

    Surely hes just trolling now – or plain deaf – or stupid.

  56. David Hannah says:

    The false First Minister Humza Yousless won’t be getting a penny of my Independence money to swindle. Because I know the rejected referendum that 2 snacks has told him to keep begging for, has already been rejected in the wrong court in the wrong country. Thanks to the pathetic case for the union made by our clown lord Advocate Dorothy Bain of the Clown Office. The political operative for the Sturgeon Cabal.

  57. Robert Hughes says:

    The Acme In Dependence Co asking their shrinking customer base to pay-now-buy-later in a bold display of taking the total pish .

    That could work .

  58. David Hannah says:

    Sturgeon and Murrell have trousered the missing 600k. The ring fenced second Independence referendum fund. It’s vanished into thin air.

    The Indy Swindlers thought they could get away with the heist. With the case for Independence contained by her Unionist Lord Advocates sovereignty surrender.

    They probably wanted to make for the hills with a suitcase in the back of the caravan party treasurers had no idea about.

    We’re it not for the meddling nats foiling their swindle operation.

  59. Ian Murray says:

    Will this be for the October referendum ?

  60. Big Jock says:

    It’s a bit like a ponzi scheme for voters. The promise of something that doesn’t exist. like all pyramid schemes only the one at the top (the scammer) gets wealthy.

  61. Northcode says:

    Merganser @ 8:57pm

    Ha! Brilliant, Merganser 🙂 I’ll be hearing that song in my head every time I see him on telly now.

  62. Beauvais says:

    Wealthy Hutchie boy didn’t even preface his donations request with something like “I know times are hard for most folk..”.

    Instead it was “…I’ve no doubt our members will dig deep.”

    He’s a right charmless see you n tea.

  63. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Guess who’s been reading WOS and hearing what Ash Regan has been saying?

    “I have a piece ready to go in the next couple of days that calls for an independence convention. How it can be put together and what it could do. I think you’ll like it….”

  64. Merganser says:

    Humza say: The Lord Advocate and the Solicitor General would recuse themselves from any case involving a politician. Interesting. Peter murrell is not a politician is he? So no need for them to recuse themselves from the investigation into him.

  65. David Hannah says:

    What about the £20 million John Swinney cancelled? The 20 million called.

    Cancelled like the Independence conference.

    Cancelled like Sturgeon’s defacto referendum after her Unionist Lord Advocate cancelled Scotland.

    What about the FOI response from Rebecca White if the Referendums Scotland Bill team Rebecca says no work on Independence has been commissioned.

    What about that?

    How can Yousaf expect to swindle more cash out of Independence supporters when he’s doing no work and his party can’t cough up the missing 600k that’s vanished into thin air.

    He must think we’re all thick. Not as thick as him. That’s for sure.

  66. robertkknight says:

    These f””kers are taking us for fools

    Stick it right up yer jacksie Humzey… 600,000 times!

  67. TheSNPLeftMe says:

    I know they will get upset, I know they will scream “We are the biggest Party in Scotland”
    However my question is genuine. What are your red lines regarding the SNP?. Is it absolute blind devotion without any challenge !

    Come on, I know you read Wings. Please tell us. I was pushed too far and left. Why are you still there?

  68. Alf Baird says:

    It might be opportune to remind ourselves of the ambiguity between what is criminal and what is lawful in a colonial society when it comes to protecting the interests of the colonial power:

    “Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Act 2021
    29B Covert human intelligence sources: criminal conduct authorisations
    (5)A criminal conduct authorisation is necessary on grounds falling within this subsection if it is necessary—
    (a)in the interests of national security;
    (c)in the interests of the economic well-being of the United Kingdom.”

  69. Stephen O'Brien says:

    Tell me that you want the kind of things
    That money just can’t buy.

  70. Dumbarton Rock says:

    Anyone daft enough to donate to this really needs to try to get an appointment with their GP. They’ll get an immediate referral to psychological services!

  71. Andrew Kidd says:

    The treasurer’s report in SNP 2020 annual accounts admits, in a convoluted fashion, that the £660K was spent at that point.£51,760 had been spent on IndyRef2 and the balance was “earmarked”.(ie There was a big IOU). It also says that they intended to fundraise in 2022 to repay the IOU.

  72. 100%Yes says:

    Regarding the headline in this article, it had me thinking on these points:

    1 Youless has no intention of working with any other party when it comes to Independence or he would have asked the Yes movement to fund another Independence campaign.

    2 Thanks to Nicola Sturgeon the British Supreme court has ruled the SNP Government can not hold referendums ever. So, the only other options are (A) a convention that Ash Regan and have Alex Salmond have been talking about or (B) using a Westminster election as a plebiscite but neither A or B fits with the headline. Indyref2 is dead in the water because the Tories aren’t going to, give a section 30 order (the only option now open to have a referendum, thanks to Ms Sturgeon) and or call an election this year and may even wait until January 2025.

    3 The SNP membership only has 5000+ membership who actually wants Independence because that’s the figure who supported Ash Regan’s bid to be FM, the rest of the membership couldn’t careless if Scotland is Independent or not most of them are LGBT++++++++++++++++++++.

    4 This headline smacks of desperation to me. Desperate to stop the continual exit of SNP members, and the only answer Youless can come up with is the time-tested solution of if everything else fails talk about a referendum, but he has so little sense to realise that they public know that ship has sailed.

    Shouldn’t someone point out to Youless that asking for money for Indyref2 is the reason the SNP is in the shite, because we’ve all heard before the SNP crying wolf on Indyref2 just to obtain money.

    It might have just downed on the SNP that none of the UK parties are ever going to work with the SNP and the reason why was given by one of labour’s MP, she said you want to break up my country.

    I bet the SNP is losing membership every single day and donations to the party has stopped entirely, I’ll never put my fingers into my piggy bank to give to the SNP.

    The one decent thing this Youless leader could have done was to suspend both Mr & Mrs Murrell from the party, he failed at the first hurdle as a leader.

  73. Confused says:

    (song titles for post titles, one of revs habits)

    I hope the SNP do get a successful crowdfund – I hope they gather, exactly, 600K; makes me think of an old porridge where fletch tells mackay they hid the dirt from one tunnel, by digging another tunnel

    the pathetic grifting of the SNP … could be compared to many things, but I think it could be the thing that gets compared to, it could be the new benchmark

    rangers pre-death, would shakedown their supporters every couple of years in new share issues in order to “conquer europe”; well, the gers went bust (“naw they didnay its the same club … 55”) – they never conquered europe (had a riot down in Manchester) and I don’t think any of the fans ever owned any part of the club – maybe some have their certificates framed, curiosities, like old turkish currency before devaluation (I have 500000 lira with a photo of Ataturk, I sometimes attempt to pass it to turkish barbers, good lads, sense of humour, but not fast runners, thankfully)

    SNP “really going for it this time” stories are about as hefty as “talia storm sizzles” in the SUN

    rejects : Glasgow/Lanarkshire local politics is rotten to the core, with no “good guys” only “wanks” – the place is actually a narco-state with a byzantine/”chinatown” feel to it; it’s a club and you ain’t in it, and anyone who is in it, has no incentive to talk to anyone. Things catch fire, for no reason, all lone events, unconnected to anything else – conspiracy theorising is discouraged.

  74. robertkknight says:

    Humzey Yousless asking SNP members to “dig deep”.

    Is that as deep as plod was instructed to dig in a garden of a detached house in Uddingston?

    Not very then…

  75. A Scot Abroad says:

    Alf Baird,

    selective quoting, again? Without context?

    You’re a pretty poor Professor. Quite shameful, really. Your “university” should disown you.

  76. Brenzhnev's Eyebrows says:

    This new Ascot isn’t up to much.
    Must try harder.

    A Scot Abroad says:
    18 May, 2023 at 2:52 am
    Alf Baird,

    selective quoting, again? Without context?

    You’re a pretty poor Professor. Quite shameful, really. Your “university” should disown you

  77. Luigi says:

    Andrew Kidd says:
    17 May, 2023 at 10:58 pm
    The treasurer’s report in SNP 2020 annual accounts admits, in a convoluted fashion, that the £660K was spent at that point.£51,760 had been spent on IndyRef2 and the balance was “earmarked”.(ie There was a big IOU). It also says that they intended to fundraise in 2022 to repay the IOU.

    I’m no financial expert, but the line between “creative accounting” and criminal activity seems to be very hazy. Deliberately so, IMHO.

  78. President Xiden says:

    It’s not monetary donations they need, it’s a brain donor campaign they need to launch.

  79. President Xiden says:

    ‘Woven through the accounts’ is the new ‘it was only resting in my account’.

  80. Alex on Question Time,


    Ferries (BBC obsessed with ferries)
    Child poverty,
    Free Speech,woman`s rights,
    What currancy will we use in ….
    more Ferry stuff.

  81. John McGregor says:

    Thick as shite in the neck o a bottle is Humming Yousless How much has been raised by the memrobelia way Mrs?? Fraud n Corruption coupon on the tat ??

  82. dave the fish says:

    I’m sure the thousands of trans infiltrators or ("Tractor" - Ed)s will oblige ?

  83. Luigi says:

    No doubt Question Time tonight will be stuffed full of Scottish unionists. Drawn from far and wide. All in the interests of ensuring a representative audience, you understand. Aye right.

  84. Mac says:

    Even if the missing 666k of ring fenced indyref2 fighting fund money had been used to pay run-of-the-mill party expenses, it is still a fraud, raising monies under false pretences. This is what I expected when it all started… but to be spending the money on luxury goods, motorhomes etc has surprised me. That is so brazen.

    That pushes it well beyond ‘being a bit cash strapped and dipping the indyref2 fund’, to outright and blatant criminal activity.

    Raising the money fraudulently is one thing but if the money was used for legitimate party expenses it takes some of the edge off the fraud.

    But if the fraudulently raised money was then effectively stolen, misappropriated, it compounds the original fraud and turbo charges it in terms of criminality. It then also starts to look very premeditated.

    The motorhome might well prove to be inconsequential compared to the other things that get unearthed but it speaks volumes on the mindset of the Murrells and the people in the SNP who aided and abetted them. Totally out of control.

    I just can’t get my hopes here that justice will be done. I have zero faith in the Police and Scottish ‘justice’ system at this point. Despite everything going on I can’t my shake my expectation it will all end in nothing.

    There is nothing good ever coming out COPFS as it stands today. There are so bent it is unreal. Kenny MacAskill is correct. There needs to be a judge led inquiry into their activities. Some of these slimy bast@rds should face charges for what they have done.

    But clearly they all think they are untouchable. Just like Peter and Nicola do.

    Someone wise once said that the ‘Law is not an instrument of Justice but an instrument of Power’ and nowhere is that clearer than in Scotland.

    Calling it a two tier justice system is being kind, it is no justice at all.

    My bet is they will string us along for ages and then it will all amount to nothing, no charges. The cynic in me just refuses to believe COPFS and Police Scotland are going to change their spots here. Prove me wrong… please.

  85. Stephen O'Brien says:

    [high-pitched voice] Oooh! He’p me, he’p me! Somebody he’p me! He’p me! He’p me! He’p me!

    Isn’t anybody going to help that poor man?

    Hold it, men. He’s not bluffing.

    [Humza places his hand over his own mouth, then drags himself through the door into his office]

    Ooh, baby, you are so talented!

    [looks into the camera]

    And they are so *dumb*!

  86. Dorothy Devine says:

    I am sure oor Alf can defend himself excellently against asinine insults , but I wonder why anyone would bother making them in the first place – perhaps they are lonely or arrogant and don’t like being ignored.

    SNP gets no more money from me and the lady who says everyone deserves a second chance is obviously numerically challenged – they’ve had so many chances that I’ve even lost count of the ‘mandates’.

  87. Northcode says:

    @A Scot Abroad (the great-great grandson of the plunderer of Brurma, and who is really King Charles III, how’s Camilla the day, Charles)

    …is having a go at the great Prof. Alf Baird in his comment @2:52am.

    Well, Insults do not an argument make. (that’s a ‘Hyperbaton’ in rhetoric, by the way)

    But rather than resort to insults myself in response, I shall merely repeat, with a slight modification, something I said in a previous post:

    There’s nothing @A Scot Abroad can say that will persuade me.
    There’s nothing @A Scot Abroad can do to change my mind.
    There’s nothing @A Scot Abroad can say he hasn’t said a thousand million times before
    …and so on and so forth.

    Standards, it seems, are slipping at Eton.

  88. Alf Baird says:

    A Scot Abroad @ 2:52 am

    “selective quoting, again? Without context?”

    I quote the law as it stands (Covert Human Intelligence Sources (Criminal Conduct) Act 2021) which states that where deemed ‘necessary’, state entities (operatives, secondees etc) may be ‘authorised’ to embark in ‘criminal conduct’.

    The ‘context’ in which ‘criminal conduct’ may be ‘authorised’ includes, among others:
    (a)in the interests of national security;
    (c)in the interests of the economic well-being of the United Kingdom.”

    The question here concerns how Scottish independence is viewed and in whose interests, and what if any ‘criminal conduct’ may have been ‘authorised’ under the Act in that regard? Maybe an MP could ask?

  89. Mac says:

    I’d really like to see this site or Craig Murray or Gordon Dangerfield review the malicious prosecutions of the two Duff & Phelps Rangers liquidators. The treatment of them and the behaviour of Police Scotland and COPFS is I think very revealing.

    One of the liquidators recounted that after he was arrested he was held for 5 days in a cell without being given a mattress.

    He also said that at some point after his arrest a policeman entered his cell and sang a loud rendition of The Sash, no shit.

    Unsurprisingly these guys won massive payouts for malicious prosecution, massive.

    COPFS should have been cleared out at that point but of course it was medals and promotions all round instead as usual.

    These fuckers are out of control. Rotten.

    Hatred of Alex Salmond and the Rangers liquidators… hmmm it does sort of reek of certain bigoted demographic running through COPFS and Police Scotland.

  90. Northcode says:

    Dorothy Devine @ 8:34am

    Well said, Dorothy.

  91. Beauvais says:

    Ascot is back. The ghost of Better Together. And now he’s started to be rude to the pro-indy commenters. Why? Because you’ve lost every argument anytime you’ve appeared here, that’s why son.

    If you ask me though, I think you’re just trying to deal with guilt from the fact that you’re descended from one of the main despoilers of Burma. That might explain your particular antipathy to Alf Baird, our expert on colonialism.

    Here’s your theme song Ascot

    Myanmar shadow…strolling down the avenue..

  92. James Che says:

    Over a period of time I have posted the links, the numbered year, and the reference, to were I have accessed the information, and the recognised sources they came from,
    I think that one or two people are asking me to do computer links directly instead of them actually doing the research for themselves from the information That I gave,
    I presume they wish for a easier less work access typical of the modern world,
    All I can say is get of your butts, look up the information links I provided manually and go do your homework,
    The information is not hidden, and if I can find it so easily, then you and everyone else can. The references are provided.
    Feeding lazyitas is not my forte”

  93. James Che says:

    I believe the SNP have had more than ample second chances.
    Between many mandates and all the funded now missing money.

  94. Ruby says:

    A Scot Abroad says:
    18 May, 2023 at 2:52 am

    Alf Baird,

    selective quoting, again? Without context?

    You’re a pretty poor Professor. Quite shameful, really. Your “university” should disown you.

    C’mon ‘A Scot Abroad’ surely you could at least do option 1

    Warning: Even if you do decide to stop freeloadin’ you could still be banned for personal abuse.

    All it takes is for a couple of people to report you to Stu and you’ll be gone.

    Alternatively they could draw Stu’s attention to this post by posting the following in bold.


    Who wants to see the back of ‘A Scot Abroad’ aka ‘King Chuckie’?

  95. Northcode says:

    Beauvais @ 8:56am

    And you , too, Beauvais. Well said.

  96. James Che says:

    The Snp were never the Yes movement,

    The NuSnp attached themselves to the independence movement and attempted to take control last year, with attempted dictats on how we should behave under their new head rules.

    However we are not a membership all under the control of one head banner, We Are the people of Scotland.
    There is no political party that we the (people) all come under,
    But it makes us realise that if we were a political group registered all under one banner, how we would be manipulated.

  97. Den says:

    No collusion between SG and COPFS in SNP fraud probe.
    “SNP treasurer was on holiday at time Police arrested Murrell and tried to arrest him on the same day” Wur ye aye… Think we are all fools.

  98. Anybody who has looked at the Energy Distribution Map of Britain understands that there will never, ever, be another Scottish Independence Referendum.

  99. Den says:

    No collusion between SG and COPFS in SNP fraud probe.
    “SNP treasurer was on holiday at time Police arrested Murrell and tried to arrest him on the same day” Wur ye aye… To much coincidence is no coincidence .Think we are all fools.

  100. James Che says:

    This song by Home Free, ” Cold Hard Cash” is so appropriate for the SNP,

  101. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    O/T but pertinent to recent btl discussions…

    “The debate on our petition to make the Equality Act clear will be held in Westminster Hall on Monday 12th June. This is an important opportunity for MPs to discuss the issues and arguments on all sides. Afterwards a government minister will respond.”

    Only takes a couple of minutes to email your MP using the above link.

  102. robertkknight says:

    The only thing people can “trust” the SNP to do is to f**k up. The opposite of the Midas touch… everything the SNP touches turns to shit.

    If Humzey Yousless wants cash, he should speak to his predecessor. She and her handler might have a camper van they wish to flog and, who knows, they might be prepared to give the supposed party of Independence a few bawbees from the proceeds.

    Reassuring to know that IndyRef3 is in safe hands.

  103. PacMan says:

    If the SNP was a commercial interest then this request from Yousaf would be described as a scam trying to trick vulnerable people out of money.

    The SNP isn’t a commercial interest and those who are donating them by now what they are getting themselves into. If people are stupid enough to give money to the SNP, they are making a conscious choice to do so and in no way can go greeting and snorters when they are let down again.

  104. Stephen O'Brien says:

    Talking about funding..

    Have the books been thoroughly cooked yet? #ping

    Alison Thewliss’ local charity shop, summer sale, now on!

  105. John Main says:

    Uh oh, our resident expert on personal abuse is on the war path.

    The Indy cause can never be advanced among thinking Scots by shouting down the naysayers.

    Nobody can ever change the minds of the faithful, whether these are Indy supporters or Yoons. Faith is not susceptible to reasoned argument. It’s faith FFS.

    Rational decision making can be and is affected by rational argument. It’s the rational thinkers, and those who think with their sporrans, that the Indy movement needs to convince.

    Insult swapping doesn’t do it, soz. If it did, we would have been independent years ago.

  106. Geoff Anderson says:

    Please help if you can. The Cult have Governments, Businesses, and Big Money pushing their ideology.

    Women have only the fundraising fight them.

  107. Beauvais says:

    Sturgeon was given a Celebrity Ally of the Year award in London last night. At some LGBTQ bash called Rainbow Honours.

  108. John Main says:

    @Ronnie McNeill says:18 May, 2023 at 9:33 am

    Anybody who has looked at the Energy Distribution Map of Britain understands that there will never, ever, be another Scottish Independence Referendum

    How true that may be.

    Then there’s The War as well. An existential matter for the USA, the UK, and our dearly beloved EU.

    No Scots Indy until that is settled, one way or another. And that is defo true. Soz.

  109. Luigi says:

    A few of the remaining SNP loyalists are starting to come out of denial, but it’s been an excruciatingly slow process (and will continue to be for quite a while). Dragging their heals, shouting and screaming as reality bites. They will try and blame WoS, the Alba party and anyone else in order to avoid taking any responsibility for their own actions or inactions. Eventually they will have to face what they fear the most – the truth.

    The SG and their police chums have well and truly boxed themselves into a corner over the investigation of the party’s finances. There is no easy way out of this now. It’s messy, it’s dirty and it’s in full public view. Sure, they will try and string it out as long as they can, but eventually the road will run out and heads will roll. Popcorn ready and waiting.

  110. Iain mhor says:

    *Insert meme of choice.

    “I am Bender, please insert girder”

    “Oh Wait, you’re serious? Let me laugh even harder”

  111. JockMcT says:

    @Wilson McBride

    FFS, use this please

    Just add your yoon shitrag links in there and convert to archive links and post those. That way they don’t get any eyeballs or ad revenue.

  112. Ottomanboi says:

    Two new ferries being built in Turkey to serve Ile and Diùra, Islay & Jura to uisge beatha buffs, are to be given English language names.
    Figures..the cringe devil really is that detail.

  113. James Che says:

    OT, but nonetheless interesting to all those that receive money from the DWP.

    Universal Credit,

    Credit…..dictionary Definition.

    Credit is money you borrow which is a contractual agreement whereby the Borrower agrees to pay it back usually with interest.

    It seems the DWP are money lenders,

    Why not state that it is a Universal Wage?

    I presume any title or benefits received under the term “Credit” could be recalled if at some point it was suspected you are unable pay back the money,
    Similar to any other financial bank lending.
    Or is there a clause in the Contract that states you do not have to pay any finances or interest back to the DWP.

  114. Doug says:

    Unbelievable arrogance and ignorance from Yousaf. We’ll probably never know just how much will be donated especially if it is disappointingly low – as far as the SNP is concerned – encouragingly low as far as true supporters of independence are concerned.

  115. James Galt says:


    They always have been – either English language names such as “Pioneer” or anglicised place names such “Locheil”. So no change.

  116. Liz says:

    NuSNP gave the LBGTQ+ alphabet soup, £5 million of OUR tax money.

    They need jailed, how fucking dare they.
    Sturgeon bought that rainbow award with OUR taxes.

    Their brass necks can be seen from outer space

  117. John Main says:

    @ Michael Laing says:17 May, 2023 at 7:43 pm

    I’d have thought even the most loyal of the SNP’s diminishing band of supporters must be pretty sick of the constant demands for money by now

    Maybes, somebody could provide the numbers to allow the following calculation to be run.

    If a party has A MPs at WM, and B MSPs at HR, and each MP gets C in salary plus D in expenses per year, and each MSP gets E in salary plus F in expenses per year, plus the party gets G in “short money” per year, then to the nearest million pounds, how much do the direct beneficiaries of the party already receive each year?

    What is the total amount they have trousered, sorry, invested on competent governance, over the past decade?

    I’m willing to bet that compared with that sum, £600K is a mere rounding error.

    But wheesht, don’t tell the faithful. Let them go short to put their £10 in the SNP hat yet again.

    Eejits and their cash. Made to be parted.

  118. Andrew scott says:

    Supporter of snp/green gender nonsense Melrose butcher (who was transing )picked up and
    sexually abused an 11 year girl
    Melrose butcher dressed as a woman at the time
    He has pleaded guilty
    Horrible horrible

  119. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Andrew Scott (1.10) –

    Twitter is ablaze with fury over this.

    I put up one of my Twitter polls, asking ‘Should Shona Robison resign?’

    So far (after 1 hour) 131 have voted. 93.9% say Yes, she should.

  120. Ruby says:

    Andrew scott says:
    18 May, 2023 at 1:10 pm

    Supporter of snp/green gender nonsense Melrose butcher (who was transing )picked up and
    sexually abused an 11 year girl

    Aye it’s all kicking off about the transbutcher.

    Humza can’t confirm that he wont be sent to a female prison.

    If he isn’t Nicola might have to hand back her award.

  121. Mark Boyle says:

    The event that “never happens”:

    A man has admitted abducting a primary school girl while dressed as a woman before sexually assaulting her at his home in the Scottish Borders.

    Andrew Miller, who is also known as Amy George, offered to give the girl a lift home in February of this year.

    The 53-year-old instead drove her to his own house, took her into a bedroom and refused to let her leave. He then subjected her to a series of sexual assaults over the course of the next 27 hours.

    The High Court in Edinburgh was told the girl was only able to escape from the bedroom after Miller fell asleep on the second night of her ordeal. She found his landline, dialled 999 and the police arrived within minutes. Miller – a father of three who lived alone – was still sleeping when he was arrested.

    Judge Lord Arthurson told Miller that he had admitted “abhorrent crimes” of the utmost “deviance and depravity” and which were “the realisation of every parent’s worst nightmare”.

    The court was told that Miller identifies as transgender and is in the process of transitioning to female. He was not known to his victim before he abducted her. At the time of his arrest, he was presenting as Amy George but confirmed he wished to be addressed as Andrew Miller using “he” pronouns for simplicity.

    The girl later told police she had been unable to get a bus home and so started to walk when she was approached “by a lady in a car” who offered to give her a lift.

    She said she had accepted the offer and got into the Jaguar car because she was cold and believed the “lady” to be non-threatening.

    Miller instead took her to his own three-bedroom detached bungalow in a residential street in the village of Gattonside, near Melrose, where he placed his arm around her neck and carried her to the main bedroom, where he repeatedly sexually assaulted her.

    Miller, who owned a butcher shop in Melrose which had been closed for several months before the abduction, also watched pornography and fetish videos on television, with the girl describing how she had seen “weird” things.

    She repeatedly asked to be taken home but Miller refused, saying that he intended to keep her for a week and that she was his new family.

    The court heard that it was only by “complete fortune” that the child was able to escape once Miller fell asleep.

    She deliberately knocked a glass off a table and then turned on a light to see if he would wake up. The girl then managed to escape the bedroom and called 999 from his landline.

    The court was told that the girl’s “fear and distress was palpable” in the call and her relief at hearing the police arrive at the house was obvious.

    Officers found Miller still sleeping and wearing a bra, silicone breasts, female pants and tights.

    The girl was taken to a nearby hospital to be medically examined.

    Miller told the police he had stopped to “help” the child as she “looked freezing”, saying it was a “motherly thing” and that he was being a Good Samaritan and had “put her in bed with me to warm up”.

    He pled guilty to the charges at the High Court in Edinburgh via videolink and did not appear in person. He was wearing a maroon Scottish Prison Service sweater and had a short crew cut style haircut.

    The offences included abduction, sexual assault, possession of 242 indecent images of children and intentionally causing a child under the age of 13 to look at a sexual image.

    He will be sentenced at a later date. The court is considering the imposition of an order for lifelong restriction, which would see Miller held in prison for a set period and only released if the parole board felt it was safe to do so. He also would be monitored for the rest of his life.

  122. Ruby says:

    The only solution I can see to the problems with transgenderism is that the GRA 2004 is repealed that there are zero sex changes and that ‘woman face’ is outlawed maybe even made illegal.

    Should people be able to dress how they like?

    Should people be allowed to wear what they like to pretend they are something they aren’t?

    For example

    A policeman
    A lollypop man/lady
    A first aider
    A woman
    A Furry animal
    A pilot
    A doctor
    A lawyer

    You might think the last three suggestions are a bit OTT but keep in mind the film ‘Catch me if you can’ was based on a true story.

    Would you say children trust female strangers more than male strangers?

  123. Willie says:

    Another independence campaign Mr Yousaf? More donations please to add to the £650k donated to the last independence referendum campaign?

    More chutzpah than Charles Ponzi methinks. Mr Yousaf clearly just sees independence supporters as soft saps.

    The SNP will never deliver independence. They’re job is scupper independence. They are Westminster’s the continuity administration for Scotland.

    Time they were out and replaced by MPs and MSPs who do support independence and will act to deliver that.

  124. James Che says:

    Scot abroad.
    Catching up with some comments from yesterday, when I noticed that you produced the word Court into the mix,

    And I have to ask

    What court will challenge Scotland for the dissolved and extinguished 1707 parliament of Scotland that was finished and ended by westminster and the monarch?

    There is no Scottish parliament in existence to take to court for breaching or walking away from the treaty.

  125. Scot says:

    Humza is indeed the king of wishful thinking.
    He is in denial over his obviously sinking ship.
    His logic has failed him.
    He appears to be asking for money which is not needed as he claims the £600,000 is still, mysteriously, within the SNP accounts.
    He is asking for this unneeded money for an independence campaign which he has no intention of launching.

    False pretences methinks

  126. James Che says:

    Scot Abroad.
    following the logic from UK parliament site in 2023 that states The Scottish parliament was extinguished in 1707,

    Then it follows that we are no longer obliged to have Charlie as king of Scots.


    Not Wikipedia, This information comes from the parliament of Westminster as the source.

  127. A Scot Abroad says:


    in a fair and equitable Holyrood parliament, there would be about 45% of pro-indy MSPs, and 55% pro-Union MSPs. And the legislative agenda would reflect that fact.

    Currently, that’s a long way from what is happening, and the legislative agenda is simply crackers. Does Scotland really need to tear itself apart for the “rights” of far less than 1% of the population?

  128. Astonished says:

    Ruby – I’m with you. Putting on ‘womanface’ should be unacceptable. I would baulk at making it criminal but you should be fined.

    Identifying as something you’re not should be a crime. I actually think it is – I am fairly sure a pseudo psychiatrist went to jail after practicing for thirty years.

    Shona Robison has got to go from parliament. Never mind Humza’s cabinet.

    And to all those nuSNP MPs and MSPs hoping for re-election her quotes regarding trans sex offenders will be everywhere during election times. Best get rid of her now, she brings nothing to the party or the independence movement.

  129. James Che says:

    The old English Westminster parliament would have to bring a Challenge on Breaching the Treaty of union to the non- existent 1707;Scottish parliament.

    As Scotland never held a treaty of union with the Great Britain parliament or the UK parliament.

    If they bought a court challenge they would be ( acting ) as the English parliament.

    And neither Scotland or Englands parliaments Exist since 1707.

    Logic decrees that two parliaments that no longer exist cannot take each other to court.

  130. A Scot Abroad says:

    James Che,

    I’m not following your logic. If anyone (not just the Scottish Parliament, but anyone at all) declares some form of secession or a UDI, based on any ancient guff that they claim as a right, they are going to get dragged through the existing courts, and if they appeal, up through all of the courts until they reach the UK Supreme Court. And every court along the way is going to tell them to eff off, and to pay the costs of everyone involved. And they’ll end up very poor, and still being in the UK. The only way to achieve independence is to persuade the U.K. Parliament to allow and indy referendum, and for 50%+1 of eligible Scots to vote for it.

    Charles is the King of Scots. He doesn’t need to prove that he is, but he does need to swear the ancient oaths to the Scots.

  131. 100%Yes says:

    Finally, we have got to the real reason of the NUSNP existence, Stephen Flynn says party would demand more powers to support Labour Government, but hints Scottish independence referendum request not a red line.

    Ash Regan calls for cross-party independence convention amid Yes ‘divisions’.

    Yousless wanting more money for Indyref2, the new Independence minister can’t even answer the question about a cross party convention.

  132. JGedd says:

    Ruby @ 2.34pm

    It appears from the report on the BBC website, that the butcher from Melrose is being referred to as ‘a man dressed as a woman’ which is the truth. Later in the report he is described as transitioning to become a woman.

    This seems very different from the usual approach of referring to a rapist or a paedophile as a woman, or sometimes transwoman. Apparently he asked to be addressed by his actual name of Andrew Millar and to use the pronoun ‘he’.

    As has been pointed out many times, a man dressing as a woman is able to carry out a crime of sexual assault since the victim, specially a child, might not recognise the danger. In this case, he offered the child a lift in his car, dressed as a woman, and the girl had been lulled into a false sense of security by the disguise.

    During the commission of the crime which involved forced imprisonment and of course, repeated sexual assault, there was the inevitable viewing of pornography which the child was obliged to watch. Porn seems to play a very large part in the surge in this acted-out deviant behaviour. No wonder Lorna Campbell refers to them as porn-sick.

    I wonder if we will begin to see more news reports of the actual truth of a man committing these crimes and not the absurd deliberate disingenuousness of describing crimes like this as having been perpetrated by a woman? If you can’t tell the truth about this, then we have to wonder what is behind the lies.

    There is actually no law in force which obliges you to use the pronouns of said person. It would appear to be absolutely imperative when reporting on a crime of this nature to be clear in the description of the offender, so why are the media usually so coy about this? I can’t help but think it’s a form of gaslighting.

  133. Penvelope says:

    I think it’s almost certain that an Arrest Warrant for Sturgeon was granted on or about the same time as those for Murrell & Beattie.
    Has to be the cas as she was one of the those who signed off the accounts & ultimately the accounts will be pivotal in any fraud of this type .
    At the very least she should have been questioned by now over her state of knowledge or involvement in her husbands ex facie reckless expenditure of funds apparently ring fenced for their employer’s ,the SNP/ SNP Govt( of which she sat atop of both)principle objective( claimed).
    Notwithstanding the fact that if much of that spend was online & delivered to her home.
    The delay in the execution of the Search Warrant & the delay in at least speaking to Sturgeon
    looks even stranger in light of the visit to Holyrood by Chief Plod – then the two resign shortly thereafter.
    You have laid out the dots but who in Scotland has the will or power to join them up?

  134. President Xiden says:

    “It appears from the report on the BBC website, that the butcher from Melrose is being referred to as ‘a man dressed as a woman’ which is the truth.“

    Hold on, I have just fed all the information into my Humza2000 gender recognition machine and the result is………’he’s at it’.

  135. Joe says:

    ‘Identifying as something you’re not should be a crime’

    You see this is where things get silly and dangerous. Yes, here is Joe the Internet Nazi saying this.

    At one point it was thought of as highly bigoted and cruel to hold the position: ‘I don’t care what you want to think of yourself as, you just don’t get to tell me what to think of you.’

    Now we have people literally asking for another’s view of themselves to be kept in line with some kind of law, as if a man dressing himself as a woman (or vice versa) is comparable to impersonating a figure of authority.

    So there it is ladies and gentlemen. Joe is now officially not the furthest right on cultural issues BTL.

    But humour aside – when did anyone stop to think that these dangerous predators who can ‘identify’ as women, that are obviously an horrendous danger to children, ALREADY HAVE ACCESS TO LITTLE BOYS WITHOUT THE NEED FOR ID CHANGE? How do we cleverly legislate for this?

    Now here we get simple and brutal with a basic concept – adults who go out of their way to harm/molest children need to be put to death.

    No need for careful legislation on what you can or cannot wear, or think of yourself as. You may think of yourself as a handsome young llama so long as you understand that if you mess with our children you are a fucking dead llama.

  136. Ruby says:

    JGedd says:
    18 May, 2023 at 4:12 pm

    Ruby @ 2.34pm

    It appears from the report on the BBC website, that the butcher from Melrose is being referred to as ‘a man dressed as a woman’ which is the truth.

    Miller, who is in the process of transitioning but told police to use male pronouns, will be sentenced at a later date.
    Daily Record

    Perhaps it’s because he gave the police his pronouns/ gave them permission to call him a man.

  137. James Che says:

    Scot Abroad.

    What a load of tosh and hoodwinking.

    The Supreme nor any Court from England can Challenge a dissolved Extinguished Scottish parliament that does not and has not existed for more than 300 years for breaching a treaty it was extinguished from.

  138. James Che says:

    What does Westminster and supreme Court intend to.

    Resurrection of Scotlands old parliament after 300 years so it can bring a court case against it.

  139. Stoker says:

    “..Yousaf says he’ll ask SNP supporters to dig deep and fund new indyref2 campaign”

    What an absolute brass neck they have. More front than Blackpool. LOL! Anyway, good luck with that one. All the real grafters & funders have left Sturgeon’s Nonce Party.

    Someone should run a book on who gets the nearest guess on how much they’ll raise. Just for giggles. Put me down for them failing to reach the £200K mark. Loans masquerading as donations from Sturgeon or Murrell don’t count.

    On a more serious note, i wouldn’t be one bit surprised if these slimy chancers use that as their excuse for putting it off again if they don’t raise enough. That’s if it’s ever switched on in the first place. Dirty thieving b@st@rds are also said to have been squandering death donations made to the party.

    I bet Humza goes to bed at night repeating his version of Bruce Forsyth’s mantra; carrots mean cash, carrots mean cash, carrots mean…

  140. A Scot Abroad says:

    James Che,

    I can predict exactly what the Westminster parliament of the UK and the Supreme Court of the UK would do in the event of some group of wannabe Bravehearts starting to shout the odds about any form of ancient guff, or asserting factual misinterpretations about Scots rights. Completely ignore them, and if they persisted, get the police to arrest them for causing a public nuisance.

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