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The joy of faith

Posted on August 19, 2015 by

Here’s John “there will be no referendum” McTernan in today’s Guardian:


So there’s definitely going to be a second referendum, the No campaign is going to win it again and a shattered SNP will collapse as a result, sending Labour triumphantly back to Holyrood power. (Having now come out on top in not one but two internal elections, presumably Kezia Dugdale is now also a “proven winner”.)

It’s just that we feel like we’ve heard that before somewhere.


You’ve got to give him credit for optimism at least.

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79 to “The joy of faith”

  1. Jaggy Thistle says:

    A ‘Diddy’ is too good a word for him Rev. I’ll just settle for ‘Pap’ instead.

  2. Jon D says:

    I’m embarrassed by the fact that McTernan went to my secondary; Firrhill High School in Edinburgh.

    He was a bawheid then, and remarkably even more of a bawheid now.


  3. galamcennalath says:

    “The basis of optimism is sheer terror.” – Oscar Wilde

  4. Stoker says:

    Re McTermite – The Rev wrote:
    “You’ve got to give him credit for optimism at least.”

    I know what i’d give the wee runt and it sure as hell isn’t credit, of any sort!

    Deportation straight back to the land of his former failings.

    Red Tories out!

  5. Lollysmum says:

    And pigs will fly!!!!The SLab roadshow just keeping us entertained for a few more months 🙂

  6. desimond says:

    If Blackadder was alive today he would be sending John McTernan a Charlie Chaplin “Please.STOP” style telemessage

  7. Brian Powell says:

    I’m interested in knowing by what process does the Guardian keep giving him space.

    If a company kept giving the post of Strategic Director to the one who failed the most in making assessments, then it would be like, well, a lot of British industry and the most political parties and House of Lords..wait hmm.

  8. HandandShrimp says:

    I read somewhere that Paddy Power are paying out on a Corbyn win.

    I think the existential crisis will be in the vicinity of John.

  9. peekay says:

    I’ll never wish a man to lose his job, but sometimes you need to wonder how the *insert naughty word here* they manage to keep the job. As an example of not being very good at your employment, I think Mr McTernan can be called a global failure

  10. frankieboy says:

    I knew students at university who took Communication and Media studies and passed without ever reading a book. I asked one how she dealt with written exams ” make it up and believe it” was her reply. Maybe McTernan took the same course.

  11. Itchybiscuit says:

    This guy is one of the many reasons (albeit a very small one) that the SNP are doing so well.

    Please don’t deport him or tell him to shut up. I mean, the Labour Party are paying his wages but every time he opens his mouth it’s a propaganda coup for anyone but Labour. It’s free publicity after all. :o)

  12. Iain says:

    McTernan’s got nothing to lose now – it’s unlikely that he’ll get a job in politics, so he might as well go for the media, playing Mr Entertainingly Outrageous.

    I heard Glenn Campbell this morning, referring to “Kez”. Oh, how easily he slipped into Party familiarity!

  13. Itchybiscuit says:

    Excuse me while I laugh my head off…

    The ‘All New’ SLab front bench team.

  14. Brian Fleming says:

    It’s as if Independence were merely a policy choice among all the others. Oops, I’ve let my fundamentalist undergarments show. Now where’s my scary fanatic cape?

  15. newport dee says:

    Why do the msm interview this numpty? What next – bbc’s comedy department approach him to be their next scriptwriter?

  16. Helena Brown says:

    Surely there must be a Labour Party somewhere in the world who has use for this person. He may be an indigenous twat but goodness knows we have lost so many clever intelligent useful people abroad, surely we can get someone to offer him a position and get him out of our hair.

  17. Robert Kerr says:


    Kez was a Kestral


  18. Training Day says:


    I’m blinded! I’m blinded!

    Man, that was seriously unsettling..

  19. Robert Kerr says:

    We have not to use personal appearances as negatives. But J B is not the picture of health.

    Really is too much!

  20. NN says:

    As far as I know the only thing John McTernan has ever succeeded in is in somehow convincing a string of employers that he is useful for anything at all and even more astonishingly that he could actually be worth paying for his nonsense. Otherwise he is a man of constant failures.

    He failed in Scotland and ran away to Australia for a fresh start. He failed in Australia and became notorious enough he seemingly ran all the way back here again to try again. Unsurprisingly he has failed repeatedly with both his predictions and his given tasks. I don’t see what he contributes to society, employers, etc. in labour, ideas or work done. The country and systems of government and business are filled with these useless people who do nothing but drain large amounts out of the system and add nothing in (except more problems or bad ideas on occasion). Far more of a problem than the stereotypical doley.

    It’s not just numpties like this that are a sign of Labour and the WM system in extreme decay, it’s the fact that enough people in power above him are stupid enough to be convinced he is worth paying despite all the failures and idiocy he spouts that really shows how bad the country and government is now.

  21. HandandShrimp says:

    The notion of Baillie as, in true Blackadder style, SNPsmeller pursuivant is one that brought a smile to my face.

    The mentalism rests not in the ranks of Labour.

  22. call me dave says:


    I heard Glenn Campbell this morning, referring to “Kez”. Oh, how easily he slipped into Party familiarity!

    I wondered what happened to Glen, (that’s what I think of the SNP), ripping up their manifesto in a news item. 🙂

    BBC also telling us that Baillie has a broader remit in the new (same old) cabinet. Shurely shome mishtake!

    Does nobody check these things. 🙁 Seriously!


    McTernan working tirelessly to promote the chances of the SNP.

    That’s right! That’s right!… as James Stewart said to Zuzu.

    Zuzu Bailey: Look, Daddy. Teacher says, every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings.
    George Bailey: That’s right, that’s right.
    George Bailey: [Looks heavenward] Attaboy, Clarence.

    It’s a wonderful life if your not labour.

  23. One_Scot says:

    The man is clearly on drugs.

  24. Jules says:

    This guy is a great bellweather – whatever he thinks/says, the exact opposite happens. Not quite sure how someone can be so spectacularly wrong on so many things….

    But this gives me great confidence the Kez will be a disaster and we’ll romp indyref2. Thanks John!

  25. heedtracker says:

    Definitely a plant. Every time he pops up, its like watching Zelig outakes. Good work agent Macternan.

  26. Thomas Brotherston says:

    If even McTernan is resigned to the fact that a second referendum will take place and that Dugdale should prepare the economic case against, why has there not been an equal commitment on the part of ALL the forces FOR independence particularly the SNP to discuss and strengthen our case.
    Why has there been no attempt to unify ALL the pro Indy forces around a common platform that would be capable of being supported by all except unionists.

    Refusal to do this implies that the SNP whose white paper was the DE FACTO manifesto upon which the referendum was fought see NO NEED to revisit any of the policy battle grounds.

    For us to win our independence it will need an ongoing campaign to win the OVERWHELMING SUPPORT of the Scottish people not just a piddling 51% We would be conducting that campaign against the backdrop of the Tory destruction of the welfare state and the privatising of the arms of the state that serve the interests of working people. We voted for the SNP to fight austerity. It’s time for them to tell the Scottish people when and how they intend to do that. Pretty speeches just won’t cut it. Soft words butter no parsnips.

  27. desimond says:


    SkotchyLabours new team…wow!

    JaBa: “Public Services and Wealth Creation”

    Now does that not sound like a Tory manifesto pledge!

  28. Grouse Beater says:

    McTernan desperately trying to keep intact a reason for his job.

    The trendy word is ‘existential’.

    Everything is existential.

    Terrorist threats; Corbyn’s ‘misguided’ sway over English voters; threats from Iran and China; ‘orrible rash from giant Hogweed; showing your boarding card in the duty free thinking it cheaper to buy in airports when its the same or more; it’s all in the mind.

    And it’s another extension of fear mongering.

    Where will it end?

    Punch-line on a postcard, please.

  29. Thomas Brotherston says:

    The Rev Stu. The new HAMMER Of THE SCOTS!

  30. msean says:

    If Mr Corbyn wins the London based Labour leadership,what happens to unelected members of the party who don’t toe the London leaders plan? Just wondering because, in football for example,new managers like to have their own coaches and assistants in position in order to implement their plans.

  31. ArtyHetty says:

    Maybe he has a crystal ball, bought at a car boot and it’s a bit faulty. Otherwise surely he would be predicting the lotto numbers for tonight, being so self assured and all.

    Still, there are many intelligent people continue to buy and read the Gruan and take it for gospel, I can’t get my head round that at all.

  32. mike cassidy says:

    Surely even McTernan isn’t that stupid.


    Is he sucking up to the Kez in order to get a decent payoff?

    Or is he setting her up for the big fall – like Murphy?

    Or is he doing the groundwork for his new role as the Katy Hopkins of politics?

  33. Les Wilson says:

    Oh how the MSM are playing this up, especially “Scottish Labour” ( Iknow, I know!) especially the BBC.

    The media is our biggest enemies, how to nullify them are our biggest conumdrum. But Something HAS to give.

  34. Tinto Chiel says:

    @Call Me Dave, who said:

    “McTernan working tirelessly to promote the chances of the SNP.

    That’s right! That’s right!… as James Stewart said to Zuzu.

    Zuzu Bailey: Look, Daddy. Teacher says, every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings.
    George Bailey: That’s right, that’s right.
    George Bailey: [Looks heavenward] Attaboy, Clarence.

    It’s a wonderful life if your not labour.”

    Tee hee!

    My question is, where are Zuzu’s petals, McTernan’s drawers or Jackie Baillie’s handbag?

  35. Joemcg says:

    I’m wondering who pays this guy wages as they are definitely being robbed. He’s getting money under false pretences putting it mildly.

  36. mike says:

    Jules says:

    19 August, 2015 at 2:00 pm

    This guy is a great bellweather

    He is a bell…. something or other. I don’t know how to end this.

  37. Thepnr says:

    “and I will love it if we beat them, love it.”

    Kevin McTernan 1996 on the SNP. Kevin lost that game too. The man’s destiny is to be remembered as a loser.

    Thick as two short planks, he even fails to see that it is losers like him that have cost Labour half their core support by moving to support SNP.

    More power to his idiotic rantings, makes me smile at least 🙂

  38. Dr Jim says:

    There will be NO second referendum

    But we’ll win it anyway when it comes, but it wont and we’d Defo win it, WE WOULD WE WOULD WE WOULD

    OK Johnny Boy calm down and eat your cereal like a good boy
    If you say you’re in the Labour Party then you are, there now

    How would you like a wee walk in the gardens later eh

  39. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Thomas Brotherston (2.09) –

    Greetings from Stevenston brother, for I presume it is your good self – haven’t seen you in here before. If it’s your first time, welcome aboard.


  40. Grouse Beater says:

    Let’s make Referendum Day an annual event!!!

  41. manandboy says:

    McTernan is part of the Labour Establishment. He is the Labour version of a life peer. That he exists is enough, though he does have a talent; he appears articulate while talking rubbish. He is also by his own admission, an extremely arrogant individual. Labour are welcome to him – he has the same value as woodworm, without the looks.

  42. thedogphilosopher says:

    If I happened to be a visiting extra-terrestrial who landed here a couple of weeks ago on a fact-finding mission and only had access to BBC outpourings, then I would be able to report with assurance:

    Based on the overwhelming coverage, there is only one major political body here called ‘Labour’. Their people seem to dominate the airwaves. There is another party of whom not much is spoken, except that they possess something called a ‘Nazi Chandelier’, whatever that is.

    ?Blip ?Blip ? Bleep ?Bleep?

  43. Stoker says:

    @ Itchybiscuit (1.37pm) – Re; the new Slabber “front bench team”:

    I wonder why i’m not seeing a spokesperson for defense!
    Oh that’s right, Slabber are nothing more than a branch office for
    London HQ and defense is reserved for their warmongering masters in London. Slabber? – a mere accounting unit and that’s a fact.

    (((((RED TORIES OUT)))))

  44. Colin says:

    McTernan was a special adviser to former First Minister Henry McLeish, who resigned amid an expenses scandal…….Fail

    He also worked on Scottish Labour’s disastrous Holyrood election campaign in 2007, which ushered in years of SNP rule at Holyrood…….Fail

    And he was the director of communications for former Australian prime minister Julia Gillard until she lost the leadership of her party in 2013…..Fail

    What ever happened to the *3 Strike Rule*?

  45. Sinky says:

    Since SNP came to power in 2007, Labour have had five proven winners Alexander, Gray,Lamont,Murphy now Dugdale all lauded in the media as the person to sort out the SNP but apart from Wendy none of them had the intellect to be a credible First Minister.

    Kezia Dugdale in Daily Record 22 July 2015
    That’s why I support my Westminster colleagues efforts to abstain over the Tories welfare bill.

    Kezia on Jeremy Corbyn on BBC Radio Scotland 1st August 2015

    Mr Corbyn was not Prime Ministerial material and if the Left-winger was successful, Labour would be left “carping on the sidelines”.

    Last week’s by election results showed that Corbyn media mania is not having any effect on Scottish voters but is losing council seats to the Tories in England.

  46. Grouse Beater says:

    Tom: Pretty speeches just won’t cut it. Soft words butter no parsnips.

    With over 120,000 fairly new impatient and eager members I doubt there is need to be anxious about keeping the struggle uppermost.

    What can be done is for supporters to get together and organise conferences to debate a set issue or agenda, for example, to set up a committee for the creation and agreement of a Constitution, once composed to be laid before Parliament.

    So yes, there’s lots of things we can do, but I see it happening all around me … because I get out and about.

  47. heedtracker says:

    Thomas Brotherston says:
    19 August, 2015 at 2:09 pm
    The Rev Stu. The new HAMMER Of THE SCOTS!

    Oh dear.

  48. Macart says:

    Heh, sniffing for the job of campaign manager is he?

    Then of course there’s the fact Ms Dugdale may not be around long enough to front indyref2 for the establishment. Bad and bad enough her seat may be somewhat in jeopardy if current polling figures are to be believed, but if her new boss in London Labour HQ turns out to be Mr Corbyn her career prospects may be about to take a very definitive nosedive. 😀

    All this on top of the toxic legacy left by Labour’s referendum campaign. A campaign of othering, demonisation, smear and outright, unrelenting negativity. A campaign strategy which was deliberately calculated to cause the maximum amount of fear, uncertainty and societal division. That’s the politics of McTernan and Dugdale. They found those strategies acceptable and had/have absolutely no hesitation in employing them against their own electorate.

    They appear to believe we have short memories. I believe they’re both in for a rude awakening.

  49. GallusEffie says:

    Man oh man oh man…

    …I heard that they say there’s only seven basic literary plots, here’s John making up a whole new category based on utterly obdurate optimism. I don’t predict a happy ending to his pitch.

  50. call me dave says:


    Andy Murray invests in three UK start-up companies through crowdfunding platform


    I have the colour tinted version of ‘Its a wonderful life’ and watch it every two or so years.

    Unfortunately for Zuzu life didn’t turn out to be so good. As many of us older film watchers folk will know.

  51. frogesque says:

    Looks like the starting gate has already opened for IRef#2.

    Nothing to loose now, get a mandate passed at conference and let’s get on with it.

    2018/19 would do fine.

  52. call me dave says:


    Kevin’s rant.

    Glasgow George Square latest.

  53. Fred says:

    @ Jules, McTernan’s not so much a bellwether as a bell-end!

  54. Az says:

    @Thomas Brotherston, 2.06pm

    Hi Thomas. I think you might find that McTernan is a blabbermouth who airs the thoughts from inside his own head and would happily blab his strategic thoughts to anyone who will listen.

    Conversely, the SNP are likely to be many steps ahead of him and keeping quiet about the early formation of plans. There’s no need to go public when at the moment there is no known date for a referendum nor a mandate to hold one.

    I don’t know how you came to the conclusion that there is “refusal to do this”, as I’m pretty sure there is not refusal, and also that many strategic options have been learned from the previous ref.

    I hope you can ease your mind on this a little. I truly believe the SNP will always put Scotland first 🙂

  55. Andy-B says:

    I often wonder if McTernan is our secret weapon, he’s made so many blunders and boobs, over the years in the name of Labour and the union, I can’t for the life of me understand why he’s still around.

  56. Jimbo says:

    There’s a word I have for McTernan, it’s just not coming to me right now – though it’s definitely not optimistic.

  57. broonpot says:

    Anti-psychotic medicines are the primary treatment for delusional disorder. Sometimes, psychotherapy can also be a helpful adjunct to medication as a way to help patients better manage and cope.

    McT will no doubt continue to entertain us while he battles with his affliction but I wonder at what stage we will feel compelled to crowd fund some cognitive-behavioral therapy for him and the remnants of Scottish Labour. After all we are a caring society

  58. call me dave says:

    Glen Campbell (not him, the BBC one) reviews the front bench and avoids using the term ‘Kez’ on News Drive just a minute ago.

    Kezia meanwhile, in a short clip, has returned to the machine gun delivery so beloved by us all after attempting, over the last 4 weeks, to adopt a softer spoken approach.

    Ian Bellin the Herald has his say on the lesser spotted rhino that suddenly appeared at the weekend, bellowed, and then thundered away into the bush never,we hope, to be seen again.

    Unfortunately rumours abound that it’s name is Arnie so maybe he’ll be back!

  59. Big Jock says:

    Could Labour in Scotland be on the verge of breaking up. Like the socialists. I sense that after Holyrood 2016. The knives will become again. Party will collapse with only a few list seats.

  60. McTernan, Dugdale and co. aren’t the problem. It’s the constant promotion of them by the M.S.M, led by their cheerleader the B.B.C, that’s where the nub of the matter lies.
    If there was balanced coverage, which will never happen, then these nonentities would be laughed off the park. So I’m afraid it’s going to continue, as the Westminster establishment are determined to keep us brainwashed, as they have done for over three hundred years.
    That’s why websites such as this are so important, because they give us, the foot soldiers, the information we need to expose their lies.

  61. K1 says:

    GallusEffie @3.16

    ‘Man oh man oh man…

    …I don’t predict a happy ending to his ‘pish’.’

    Fixed that for you Gallus 🙂 You’re welcome.

  62. Kennedy says:

    Ha ha, what planet is he from.

    Good news about a new referendum though.

  63. geeo says:

    A huge problem for Dugdale and her ‘dream team’, or nightmares as i prefer, is that if Corbyn wins as expected, then where does that leave labour in Scotland exactly ?

    Considering they have been in total agreement with austerity, welfare cuts and renewing/keeping nukes, and considering they must follow the policy of the Electoral Commission registered labour party, how will they justify their complete u-turn on these important policy areas without looking extremely stupid ?

  64. Geoff Huijer says:

    McTernan’s very own version of ‘jam tomorrow’.

    ‘Wibble’ *pencils up nostrils/underpants on head.

  65. Hughonabike says:

    “Dugdale is good at it”. Good at making me gringe while watching 1st ministers questions. Good at making an arse of herself every time I see her on telly. But this is only what I see of her. I could be wrong, maybe she’ll good being in charge of the branch office.

  66. Brian says:

    does anyone know who is paying mcternan right now?

  67. K.A.Mylchreest says:

    @Robert Kerr

    “Kez was a Kestral”

    Which IIRC rather sadly ended up dead in a dustbin.

    Prefer “Dept. Dugg” myself.

  68. David says:

    So I wonder if Labour will be pushing for a 2nd referendum to kill off the threat from the SNP. I look forward to reading next years manifesto.

  69. gus1940 says:

    McTernan must be making a fortune these days – apart from being a fixture at The BBC and writing for The Grauniad he also had a column in The Barclays’ awful Telegraph yesterday.

    Today is a day that will go down in Infamy or words to that effect (Copyright Roosevelt) as Kamikezia’s Suicide Squadron took off leaving the SNP laughing their heads off in terror.

  70. Paula Rose says:

    Who pays McTernan? Amongst others the Grauniad and the Telegraph – giggle.

  71. GallusEffie says:


    superb, can’t believe I missed it myself…

  72. Alan Mackintosh says:

    @Brian “who pays McTernan?”. Apparently still the Labour party, Scottish accounting unit. Murphy employed him and he is still there. Herald has an article about how he won’t go till they agree a severance package. It seems he and Kezia dont have a good working relationship…

    Article was linked above ^

  73. Tackety Beets says:

    Thomas B @ 2.09 PM

    I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt , what you meant to write was

    ” The Rev Stu , the new Hammer For The Scots ”

    I can’t help feeling that the Labour Party have been spouting any crap for so long telling the truth and facing reality is alien to them.
    Why should they change a habit of a lifetime?

  74. Effijy says:

    I demand to know, and the electorate deserve to know, will a second referendum be in the next Labour manifesto? lol

  75. Effijy says:

    Mc Ternan’s story is a modern day version of the Emperor’s new clothes/

    He promises the ruling Westminster Labour party new policies, radical ideas, cunning tactics to overcome their enemies.

    Only those who are unfit for their positions, stupid, or incompetent would not see these wonders!

    When Labour parade their policies to the party members, no one dares to say that they don’t see anything beneficial or worth while, until SNP cries out, “McTernan is an incompetant bare faced lier and destructive Thatcherite manipulator!

    The tale has been translated into money for old rope!

  76. willie says:

    McTeirnan will only serve to hasten the demise of Labour.

    He and his kind do not reflect what the electorate in Scotland or elsewhere want. Rejected in two hemispheres it doesn’t take a lot of grey matter to understand why.

    He’ll be gone soon enough.

  77. Colin McKerron says:

    This so called ‘Guru’ keeps being pushed on the public by the media.
    Who is he being supported by?
    What is his purpose in life and has he ever had a real job?
    Can anyone help?

  78. BLMac says:

    Next time it will be harder to rig the referendum…

  79. Footsoldier says:

    When the second referendum comes along, Longannet Power Station will be no more and Scotland will no longer be self sufficient in reliable electricity generation and dependent on England.

    This will be the biggest weapon in the unionist armoury and will make a far bigger impact than not having the Pound which was used to great effect in the last referendum.

    Once Longannet is closed it will be too late, we must keep it open until an alternative is built. The SNP must get their act together on this now.

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