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The Infinite Idiot

Posted on May 24, 2023 by

He just can’t grasp anything, can he?

Because no, they don’t.

Alert readers will recall the last time the SNP lost a lot of Westminster seats – the snap election of 2017, when the party shed a third of its votes and almost 40% of its MPs, almost the exact same number last night’s Times poll is predicting.

But those losses didn’t come because indy supporters voted for Unionists. The majority of the SNP’s 500,000 lost votes in 2017 didn’t go anywhere else – they just stayed at home. Labour made gains not because their own vote increased but because so many SNP voters failed to turn out that their vote fell below Labour’s static one.

We don’t detect any great surge of enthusiasm for Scottish Labour in the polling – and eesh, who could blame the electorate for that? – but the accelerating disintegration of the SNP is so catastrophic that standing still may once again be all they have to do to cash in.

We look forward, as usual, to Pete Wishart noticing that anywhere from six to 18 months after it happens.

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0 to “The Infinite Idiot”

  1. Dorothy Devine says:

    Think that last sentence is a bit optimistic.

  2. Vivian O’Blivion says:

    Shed no tears for the soon to be defenestrated SNP troughers. Thewliss will get one of Kezia “four salaries” Dugdale’s gigs at the John Smith Centre for Public Service. McDonald, Grady and Crawley will get gigs courtesy of NATO / Security Services thanks to their connections to the Anglo / American permanent state (as did Gethins in 2019).
    The “big hitters” in the vestigial ranks of the SNP at Westminster will include Smith, Nicolson and Wishart. The metamorphosis of SNP to the Irish Parliamentary Party will be complete.

  3. desimond says:

    Got serious Major Ali / Leslie Nielsen “Nothing to see here!” vibes about it.

    Wonder how long before some SNP MPS start announcing they are stepping down and jump ship into some tasty quango\consultant\directorship roles before the axe swings

  4. Beauvais says:

    Yes Pete. But you, the SNP, have also to get Indy supporters to vote for your brand of uncompromising unionism.

  5. Tom Rhodes says:

    Was 2017 not the election Pete only survived by a handful of votes after previously having a 10k majority? I don’t think he will survive this time.

  6. socratesmacsporran says:

    I far you might be a tad optimistic there, in hoping Weak Pishfart might notice the collapse of the SNP vote: “anywhere from six to 18 months after it happens.”

    By that time, Lord Wishart of Runrig will probably be ensconsced on the red leather benches of Another Place. After all, he has to find some means of staying on the gravy train.

  7. Athanasius says:

    People who vote Labour have always been voting for Heritage Labour, the party of Keir Hardie and Nye Bevan, and they continue to do that despite the party having been crooked as a barrel of fishhooks for the last fifty years at least. These people will probably keep Labour representation up at the next election, but those who aren’t marinated in the whole AJ Cronin narrative probably won’t turn up at the polls at all, or maybe vote for Alba.

  8. Whit is it wie that guy?

  9. Pishart only needs to lose the folks he has blocked from his Twitter account and he is out.Another one gone hopefully, he is possibly started spouting again as he knows he will need another job shortly and hoping someone will notice and be glad to employ someone who was nearly the speaker of the commons.

  10. Alexander Wallace says:

    This boy is staying at home at the next election, unless there is a radical change in SNP independence policy.

  11. Stephen O'Brien says:

    Has ALBA indicated when it intends to properly contest, in broader scope, in each election?

  12. Andrew F says:

    I describe this situation as “shit sandwich politics”.

    Voters are presented with a platter arrayed with various slightly different versions of exactly the same thing and told that they must choose one. And in essence they are all vile and disgusting excrement wrapped in some sort of packaging.

    If the voter actually picks one over another one, then that is taken to be a resounding endorsement for the consumption of that particular type.

    Pete is just one such sandwich among many.

  13. Ian McCubbin says:

    At least wheeled for Indy Pete will lose his seat.
    He is always way out of touch.
    My hope is Alba field enough candidates to pick up most of the votes not going to SNP

  14. Luigi says:

    Sigh. Typical arrogant attitude of long-embedded, selfish politicians. Sitting comfortably, thinking they are untouchable because independence supporters really have no alternative. Well, as the Rev correctly points out, the voters can (and many will) abstain this time, which could prove fatal for quite a few comfy SNP careers IMO. The big challenge for the Alba party is how to encourage those disgruntled, stay-at-homers to make the effort and at least give ALBA a chance. It’s a worthwhile statement. Not easy, but there are potentially big gains to be made if it can be pulled off. Even if no MPs get elected – a decent ALBA showing would be just the right message for the SNP. Hard work ahead.

  15. Luigi says:

    Alexander Wallace says:
    24 May, 2023 at 10:29 am
    This boy is staying at home at the next election, unless there is a radical change in SNP independence policy.

    Why not give the ALBA candidate a chance? That would be a good kick up the backside for the SNP.

  16. Scot says:

    The Standard is quoting Sturgeon saying that the probe into SNP finances was, “unexpected and unwelcome.”
    This is a rare glimpse into her world.
    Unexpected, in that she thought she could continue to get away with it.
    Unwelcome, in that it shone a light on her and her cabal’s corruption.

  17. Pat Blake says:

    Elections are often swayed by those who people don’t vote for. People in the US actively voted against Trump, rather than voted for Biden. A lot of people voted against Jeremy Corbyn rather than for Boris. Low turnouts are often the result of equally good or bad candidates. Most people are currently missing good candidates/parties to choose positively. But how to get better ones?

  18. Dorothy Devine says:

    Alexander Wallace, please don’t do that – spoil your ballot paper but please don’t stay at home. Remember they counted non voters as being against devolution and let’s not forget they bung in the deceased if they think that the establishment is losing.

  19. dasBlimp says:

    Yes. Many SNP voters will stay at home. Some will shuffle off to ALBA. The likely outcome is a labour/snp coalition and not a party calling for independence. Those days are gone. Sturgeon has killed that one for good. I doubt even our grandkids kids will see an independent Scotland.

  20. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Posted this on previous thread.

    No-one who was at that 2013 Calton Hill gathering will ever forget it. It wasn’t an SNP gig but no-one got close to generating the atmosphere Alex Salmond did and no-one has since then.

    To see Wishart still bad-mouthing him, in the light of all we now know, is nauseating. Karma is coming for these bastards and I won’t be the only one who hopes that Wishart is the first to fall.

  21. Beauvais says:

    If half a million disaffected SNP voters stayed at home in 2017 then how many could it be next time? So much has come out about nuSNP since then and so much more will likely come out before the GE. These voters don’t want to vote unionist and so Alba must stand candidates in every constituency.

  22. AnneDon says:

    My MP is Joanna Cherry, and she is the only reason I am considering voting SNP. And the leadership and their acolytes in the NEC are determined to get rid of her. If they do, I won’t vote SNP, unless it is a plebiscite election in unity with the other pro-indy parties.

    For the first time in my life, I spoiled my ballot paper at the last local elections, and I’ll do it again if I have to.

    The Rev is right. The SNP learned NOTHING from their loss of seats in 2017.

  23. Dorothy Devine says:

    IanB, thanks for that – great to relive!

  24. jockmcx says:

    They’re slugs…
    we got rid of the labour slugs…now we have snp slugs,slugs are

    No more slug’s!

  25. Northcode says:

    @ Ian Brotherhood 11:07am

    Indeed, Ian.

    Karma can be a cruel teacher in showing us the errors of our ways.

    And I suspect the school bell is about to ring for Wishart

  26. jockmcx says:

    People vs Slugs!

  27. Pat Blake says:

    I have a question. Do you feel that the SNP and/or the independence movement in general are left of centre or to the right? From south of the border I think of them as left wing. To me socialism is an essential part of our country but it never knows when to stop. Scotland reasonably wants to benefit more from its oil and gas but not only is the industry fading due to a lack of ongoing investment but the commitment to net zero will see it come to an end. The left are traditionally the ‘nice’ side but part of that is an almost suicidal determination to do away with commercialism, on which all our comfort sits. Would that lean to the left fade after independence? Would the practicalities of earning a living take precedence?

  28. Casper1066 says:

    Its like Mr Slippers has no close friends to tell him the honest truth. His grifting days are over and I can’t wait to see the vote come in which boots his ass out.

  29. robertkknight says:

    Weak Pishart would be better to say nothing and have people only suspect he’s an idiot. But no, he prefers to open his mouth and confirm everyone’s suspicions.

    P45 will be in the post soon enough. Hopefully for the rest of the troughing charlatans in Scotland’s Devo-Max party.

  30. Mac says:

    Considering that Pishart only kept his seat in 2017 by a measly 21 vote majority you’d think he would know how it worked back then.

    Next time will be much worse than 2017 is my bet.

    Next time it wont just be folk not voting for them. There is going to be a swing element where folk do tactically vote for someone else as they are so pissed off with the SNP. If I had a Mhairi Black as an MP I’d be voting for whichever candidate had the best chance of beating her irrespective of their party.

    And we have months and months of scandal and incompetence to come before any election.

    That dickhead Kenny Gibson MSP basically told me once long ago that my issues regarding their council tax changes were invalid as basically ‘who else was I going to vote for’. Well that only works for so long Kenny.

    These folks are heading for a big fall. It’s coming…

  31. jockmcx says:

    Long live the nematode party!

  32. Frank says:

    Lord Wishart of Turncoatery won’t be bothered. We all know his next move. The whiff of ermine has him intoxicated.

  33. Northcode says:

    @Ian Brotherhood

    Ian, did I say a wee while back I was going to point you in the direction of some information on a subject you were interested in?

    I seem to recall I did. But I can’t remember what it was specifically.

    If I did, can you give me a swift kick to the memory?

    If I didn’t just ignore me.

  34. James Che says:

    The humpty dumpties sitting on the political union wall. When the great fall happens, they lie there waiting to be put back together again.

    These politicians think they are great cannons of democracy, but if the kings soldiers don’t turn up with ermine to lie on, an bring the vinegar and brown paper, the Scottish people will.

    Hard luck, the people in Scotland Will be walking on by Pete.

  35. PacMan says:

    There is little difference between Labour and the Tories. Outside the deranged Green policies that the SNP have implemented, there is little difference between them and the Tories.

    Given the lack of difference between the parties, is the anti-Tory rhetoric of the SNP as well as Brexit, which the general public doesn’t care about any more, going to hold any sway with voters at the next election?

    The only thing that voters really care about is the cost of living crisis. What exactly is the SNP going to do about that?

  36. Red squirrel says:

    The ONLY way I’d ever vote SNP again is if they join a multi-party/no party genuine constitutional convention and agreed 1 Indy candidate per constituency with independence #1 on every manifesto. And even then, only if they ditch GRR & HPMA and offer genuine apologies to communities who’ve suffered under these autocratic neo-theocracy whims.

  37. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Northcode (12.25) –

    If memory serves it was something to do with AI?

  38. James Che says:

    Andrew F.

    I Tend to agree with you,
    It is a very small but very similar policy selection choice for voters,
    Behind the scenes they all sing from the same hymn sheet, and are great friends,

    It is only when the cameras roll, they sing slightly out of tune,
    However it is still, the same hymn.

  39. Ottomanboi says:

    When things go systemically wrong in «politics» those involved in politics, as a career move, are unlikely to be able to fix it, assuming they havethe wit to recognize things have actually gone wrong.
    Normally, some «thing» comes charging from «the wings» to do the job.
    Some «thing» definitely needs to charge into the post imperial, antique china shop of complacent Scottish politics.

  40. Northcode says:

    @Ian Brotherhood 12:43

    Ah, yes. That was it. Thanks for the reminder.

    Are you still interested, or has your curiosity been satisfied for now?

    I don’t want to bother you with a lot of ‘stuff’ if you aren’t.

  41. dasBlimp says:

    Who the fuck is the Pat Blake eejit?

  42. Colin Alexander says:

    SNP = English Crown in UK Parliament sovereignty.

    Labour = English Crown in UK Parliament sovereignty.

    Alba say the people of Scotland are sovereign but their leader went down the s30 begging bowl route, is a UK Privy Counsellor and has recently sworn that KCIII, the king of the UK, is his liege lord and sovereign.

    So vote for whoever you want or don’t vote.

    Same result: the MPs from England will decide your and your nation’s future.

    Scotland’s MPs will be the spare parts; trougher colonials on the UK gravy train.

    Giving fake credibility to England’s imperial parliament as a place of democracy.

  43. Charles (not R) says:

    Don’t feel too sorry for MPs who lose their seats, more or less for any reason. I believe they qualify for ‘pensions’ that may last for life, though these payments may not be called ‘pensions’.

    The same probably applies to MSPs – when they get booted out of Holyrood, they may end getting paid our money for the rest of their lives.

    MPs and MSPs voted for these arrangements.
    Who could blame them?

    Nice work if you can get it.

  44. Alf Baird says:

    Indy folks are clearly rapidly deserting the deceitfu colonial SNP cabal an no afore time. Bona fide Nationalist pairties hiv tae muive intae the political void now created.

    I’d suggest Alex Salmond stand for ALBA in the upcoming by-election, if it happens. A hopeful sign of things to come?

  45. PacMan says:

    Trawling through the Daily Mail website, there seems to be a larger than usual anti-Trans article. Also today Ron DeSantis, who has been recently promoting an anti-woke agenda in his Governership , has announced his bid to be the next Republican presidential candidateship.

    I think it isn’t obvious that given the state of the main parties on both sides of the Atlantic that the Tories and the Republicans will weaponise Trans and other woke issues in order to differentiate themselves between their opposition.

    This is something that that SNP could exploit. The question is though, how strong is woke issues among ordinary voters where as I said earlier, I think they will be more focused on the cost of living crisis?

  46. wullie says:

    I for one am not giving any politician a chance, they have had too many over the decades. They only look after their own self or their relatives.
    Give Alba a chance. WHY . They don’t give a shit about anybody Scottish as can be observed from Alex Salmond’s comment. I will have none of that nativist stuff. Oh really, well I will have none of that shit politics stuff. Trust Mr Salmond eh who gave us Sturgeon. Don’t get me wrong I contributed to his defence and would do so again but I do have to question his judgement.

  47. Geri says:

    In 2017 comfy Pete held on by only 21 seats?

    Let’s hope those 21 go down the pub instead, I’m buying.

    22 yrs at WM & achieved the grand total of sweet fck all.

    We should start a crowdfunder for a hand engraved wooden spoon, some personalised clown slippers & a lifetime ban from public office.

  48. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Northcode (1.07) –

    Always interested in new stuff, even if I don’t really ‘get’ it!


  49. Geri says:

    Alf – That would be braw..?

  50. Izzie says:

    Alec Salmond was never popular with women and I fear he will be even less so now. I would not want to hand the Unionists a propoganda victory. They have managed quite successfully to set up against one another. I say again please stop doing their job for them

  51. Geri says:

    Lizzie – that was a Yoonist smear during indyref.

    ‘I’d vote for indy but I cannie stand Alex Salmond’

    As if anyone who really wanted indy would vote no cause they didn’t like a politician. ?

  52. Ottomanboi says:

    If people are psychologically seduced by the notion of interdependence, in practice a species of dependency, touted by high profile, unelected, influential international/global organizations their media, plutocrats and on message government actors then you have an existential problem where the concept of national independence is concerned.
    Such notions of cannot go alone, all in it together and accompanying threats of chaos and poverty if you do opt out are readily deployed when some citizens begin questioning the credentials of the status quo.

  53. Northcode says:

    @Alf Baird

    Indeed they are, Alf. And is it just me being delusional, or is there a feeling of an approaching end game in the air?

  54. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Izzie.

    Is Shona ‘There is no evidence that predatory and abusive men have ever had to pretend to be anything else to carry out abusive and predatory behaviour’ Robison more popular with women than Alex Salmond?

    She is a danger to women: Alex was declared innocent by a predominantly female jury.

  55. JGedd says:

    Izzie @ !.35pm

    Still ploughing the same old furrow, Izzie.

    Disliking Alex Salmond was an invention of the unionist press. Unfortunately some politically naive women would put that as their default position but when you asked them why, you would get a blank, goldfish stare and the reply was usually, ‘ Um, erm.. I don’t know why, I just don’t like him’ If you want to suggest that most women are that easily brainwashed then that’s up to you.

    By the way, the SNP have been alienating me now for years and there are quite a lot of their politicians I could say I actually dislike and distrust. So what was your point about ‘doing the unionists’ job for them’?

  56. James Che says:

    Jury-less trial in Scotland.

    Union with Scotland Amendment Act 1707 c 40 ( Regnal 6_Ann)


    That Justices of the peace are to be appointed by His/Her Majesty in Scotland.

    Someone remind me if the monarch is Sovereign in Scotland or if Charlie was rambling a piece of verbal nonsense recently in his promise as king of Scots? Ie not of Scotland or its Laws and Justice system.

    Because the following post regarding amendments is interesting for Scots law and jury-less trials that is trying to be introduced in Scotland.

  57. Lorna Campbell says:

    I would vote, but spoil my ballot paper. I will not vote SNP or Labour. They have much in common, including anti independence sentiments and pro GRR sentiments. These people never learn because they do not hold Scotland dear, either of the parties. As for the GRR, Labour is just as much immersed in unreality as the SNP. Neither gets it that they have been used royally by a bunch of psychopathic shysters.

    Izzy: if there is anyone who has the ability to save us, it is Alec Salmond. There is no one else with his ability; you just do not get more than one brilliant strategist/tactician in an era. Kenny MacAskill and Neale Hanvey are outstanding, too. As is Ash Regan and Joanna Cherry, but the last two will not be moving to ALBA any time soon. We need Alec Salmond to keep on hammering home the message, with the likes of SALVO doing their constitutional and international law work, as well.

    The SNP has brought its woes on itself by allowing the odious Greens to call the shots with insane policies that few would vote for. The quite deliberate holding of the Special Conference on the Bannockburn Commemoration Day, with a huge march planned, was not just unfortunate; it showed many more people just how cynical and power-mad the SNP has become; and how many of its representatives put their own selfish interests before Scotland’s well-being. It is time to admit that the show is over and the fat lady is getting ready to sing.

  58. A Scot Abroad says:

    The next Westminster election will be interesting. Unless there’s a wholesale switch from SNP to Alba, or unless the SNP vote remains rock solid (seems unlikely, given what’s going on with the funds and police), then the Indy vote will be split, or not turn out. And that’s pretty calamitous for the Indy cause in a first past the post electoral system. It’s quite possible that Scotland would be down to a mere handful of pro-Indy MPs in Westminster, and that ain’t going to move the needle at all.

  59. robertkknight says:


    The Wee Ginger Fud is calling, far, far away… so why don’t you take you delusional wheesht for Indy, head in the sand, fingers in the ears, la-la-la not listening bullsh!t elsewhere.

    The SNP has been shown, repeatedly by Rev Stu (and others) to be just another sleaze-ridden political entity, driven by self interest on the part of those who make a living from it, and Woke zealots, who don’t make a living but would like to, who nonetheless devote time and public money to pushing minority interests which run counter to public opinion.

    Everything else, be it local or national, that the SNP touches turns to sh!t – all the elected Reps of quality having either left of their own accord or driven out by the Sturgeon loyalists or biology denying rainbow warriors. The dregs that are left couldn’t run a frigging bath!

    The whole machine is oiled by Westminster cash, without which, and the faux desire for Indy used to persuade idiots like you to vote for them, the whole thing shudders to a screeching halt.

    Admit it, Izzie… what we all knew and loved as a movement embodied within a party, having a common, unifying goal has gone, replaced by a revenue consuming machine of Special Advisors and troughing politicians; most of whom are obsessed with social media, public image, virtue signalling and next month’s pay cheque.

    Throw in the social anarchists, the sexual predators and those who comprise the 5th Column under the British Establishment, and I give you Sturgeon’s rancid SNP – about as beneficial to Scotland as hemorrhoids to an Olympic cyclist.

  60. Stephen O'Brien says:

    I’d imagine, considerable defection of SNP politicians, to ALBA, only a matter of weeks away.

    Only then, will the phoney indy war end. Genuine policy forthcoming.

    I’d add the caveat,’once bitten, twice shy’, whoever the ALBA party recruit, proof of intent, scrutinised, as demonstrated by content of party policy. Nothing can be left to interpretation. The mechanism to end the union, must be exact. The 2014 question is now completely inadequate.

    I’d prefer to see defection from SNP politicians, simply for the negative impact on that party. It would accelerate progress of ALBA. Many disaffected supporters are looking for a genuine alternative, rather than spoiling ballot papers.

    SNP must conform their policy, to definitively end the union or the party will pay the ultimate price when failing their base support.

  61. Oneliner says:

    We know the Humza ratings to be abysmal. A poll on Alex Salmond’s popularity rating would be useful.

  62. fruitella the hun says:


    Could you maybe provide a wee list if the green policies you think are insane? I’ll grant you TWAW and associated queer theory guff driven by the resident communists but what are the others you refer to?

    Is it anything that threatens oil pumping?

  63. James Che says:

    Jury-Less Trials, Sccotland.

    UK public General Act 1867 c 59.

    A list is provided,
    Click on.
    Union with Scotland Amendment Act 1707.
    You will see Introductory TEXT,
    Click on
    ,Appointments of Justices of Peace for Scotland.
    Read the text through to end of paragraph and in the last line you will see it states the following,
    Provided nevertheless that the Sessions of [ x1 the] peace methods of Tryal and Judgement shall be in according to the Laws and Customs of Scotland.

    1: It is and was not the Custom of Scotland to have a British Monarch appoint our Justices of the Peace in Scotland nor for it to be under the Crown. As Scots are Sovereign in Scotland not Charlie.
    That is Westminster legislation not Scots law.

    2: Juryless trials are not the Custom or law of Scotland.

    3: it is the Custom and Law of Scotland to have a third verdict of ” Not Proven”.

    For those that believe in the treaty of union, you would or should be jumping up and down screaming,
    Your Breaching the treaty of union. Scam scam scam.

  64. Joe says:


    I agree. Except I didn’t contribute to his defence and I won’t do it in future if it is required.

    His, let’s use the right wording here, heedless promotion of progressive issues is what helped open the door to him being put in the dock in the first place. Not to mention his obvious uncanny ability for zero judgement in the people he delegates to. In fact the judgement he showed in picking his successors seems so bad that I have trouble believing that he didn’t know what to expect. This coupled with the fact that he really just offers a light version of the same thing has me wondering why there isn’t more scepticism around the man?

    But that’s not what has me looking at him now in the same way I look at everyone in the political establishment.

    At this time we have demography changing immigration which is only felt by ordinary folk in a negative manner from lack of housing and services, increased competition for jobs (that’s even ignoring the progressive tendency to make sure non-white candidates get favourable consideration to ‘fight racism’) and with our progressive establishments unwillingness to look at crime honestly our streets are also less safe, especially for women.

    Then on top of all of the above we are considered as being some kind of backward peasant if we demand an appreciable barrier to entry for the right to vote on the future of Scots?

    I know Alex Salmond is still seen as some sort of hero, but the ugly truth is that anybody who takes his position on the matter is no friend, in practical terms, of Scottish folk.

    Here is the truth: Alex Salmond is not serving the Scots now and that means he won’t in the future.

    Unless of course you are the kind of person that believes there are over 8 billion potential Scots in the world and all they have to do is just get here.

    But lets look at this from a strategic angle – couple the shadow of Alex Salmonds court case in a culture that is poised, thanks partly to him, on a progressive hair trigger to mistrust any man who is even accused by a woman of wrong doing along with the fact that others will not support him for his ‘nativist’ position, well, I’m afraid you have lame duck politician.

    There is no political solution right now. Scots need to be thinking outside the box.

    I will not injure my self respect and dignity by lowering myself to vote for a man who is substantially no different from the rest of the political class who, in my view, are an absolute danger to the future of our children and our people.

  65. Northcode says:

    @ A Scot Abroad 2:57pm

    I’m pretty sure the SNP is already down to a mere handful of pro-Indy MPs in Westminster.

  66. Stephen O'Brien says:

    I’d ‘bribe’ Indy politicians to get the job done. If they succeed in ending the Union, they should be taken care of by the Scottish state, for the rest of their days.

    No more UK gravy train. Being rewarded by their own Nation, a small price to pay, for a monumental achievement.

    It’s either that or jail the bastards, right now! 🙂

  67. James Che says:

    The next election or the next election, Maybe the one after that, the promises of ever distant elections are the forever carrots dangled like SNP words in Scotland,

    I have’t seen so many rubber stretchy roads between elections as that in Scotland.

  68. Izzie says:

    Robert Kknight @ 3 03 oh dear me you are cross today. This is not your site and everyone is entitled to comment. If you only listen to those who agree with you you will never progress. That is why I continue to visit this site. As to Alec Salmonds unpopularity with female voters goes this fact goes back well before 2014. I heard it whilst canvassing many times. It has been the subject of many articles Google it. My point is that Alec Salmond is yesterday’s man he could lend his voice to support the SNP why doesn’t he?

  69. Ian Smith says:

    Interesting that the covid inquiry has asked for all unredacted WhatsApps from Boris, and also that they have passed on to the police potential crimes they have come across.

    Since the Salmond trial took place during the gathering clouds of Covid, will they do the same with Sturgeon?

    At least it would be interesting if police and Crown Office didn’t sit on it.

  70. Alf Baird says:

    Northcode @ 2:02 pm

    “is there a feeling of an approaching end game in the air?”

    Perhaps, the signs are all there, from the well-trod decolonization template:

    – the dominant national party ‘behaves like a gang’ and ‘feathers its nest’
    – it co-operates with the colonial power to delay/prevent independence
    – it becomes part of the colonial administration, introducing laws holding the people down
    – it becomes ‘an instrument of coercion’ and attacks so-called ‘radical’ elements of the movement
    – this leads to a ‘rupture’ in the independence movement
    – and a shift from an ‘independence movement’ to a ‘liberation movement’ (Salvo) as the people come to understand their serious ‘condition’ and its only ‘treatment’
    – new National Parties and organisations are created, with more focus on the urgent need for independence

    Aye, the colonial Genie’s mebbe oot the bottle noo, tho oor doun-hauder aye haes a stang!

  71. Luigi says:

    My goodness, the anti-ALBA concern trolls are out in force today. Away back to WGD with ye (and mind your backsides on the door). Hilarious. What’s all this guff about women not voting for Alex Salmond? Aye, right – speak for yourselves. So who do you prefer? Nicola Sturgeon? LOL Humza Yousaf? LMAO. Don’t bother quoting out-of-date opinion polls either. A lot of water has passed under that bridge. Mind that door!

  72. Peter C says:

    Stuart said: “Labour made gains not because their own vote increased but because so many SNP voters failed to turn out that their vote fell below Labour’s static one.”

    So true. My voting intention for the next General Election pretty much amounts to that. If there is no Alba candidate to vote for I will simply not turn out to vote. No way would I vote for a Labour, Tory, Green or SNP candidate. Should add that my local candidate SNP would be Hannah Bardell and as I’ve some dealings by email with her in the past (when she even bothers to answer emails) I would never vote for her again. If my local candidate was Cherry, or better still, Ash Regan I would more than happily vote for either of them.

  73. JGedd says:

    Izzie @ 3.47pm

    I canvassed too and when I encountered women who said that, I could see that these women were already No voters. The dislike of Alex Salmond was just a ready-made excuse provided by Unionist press. It was a simplistic deflection from the politically shallow who couldn’t think of any other argument.

    There weren’t very many of them but you keep peddling this line as it’s the only one you’ve got. Instead tell us what you think of the SNP leadership. They aren’t exactly a starry galaxy of political competence in government, nor are they interested in independence – or haven’t you noticed? Why don’t you ask them to support other independence parties instead of trying to ignore and marginalize them?

    I know you are of the Stakhanovite tendency and won’t accept that the SNP are only after their own enrichment and can’t even do joined-up government but at least realise that you are not going to affect any opinions here regarding the SNP. You are still living in 2014. Things have changed and changed utterly.

  74. stuart mctavish says:

    @Ian Smith

    Odd the so called covid inquiry would need Boris’s text messages to tell it was much ado about the common cold (ie something he personally advocated, in public, from the beginning) when they could get much better detail from all the folks that found themselves cancelled and worse contemporaneously.

    Since its unlikely they’re copying the script from the French judge who organised the whitewash in Canada, or hoping to blame UK for the coup in America, what odds they’re just having another go at him to deflect from an blatant politicisation of the standards committee (and judiciary) re Margaret Ferrier?

  75. twathater says:

    Stuart your naming of the post as “THE INFINITE IDIOT” on my email notification was extremely confusing as there is such a preponderance of them in the Sturgeon Nonce Party to choose from
    As for wet pishfart acknowledging the TRUE nature of the 2017 DEBACLE, that will never happen, because it would illustrate MAYBE even to the nicophants that even then with her “A vote for the snp is not a vote for independence “statement that all she was and is interested in is the power and money

    On ANOTHER INFINITE IDIOT I noticed Karen Adams being ha,ha,interviewed alongside the other unionists including BETH’S bestie english ACH on bbc politics jockland , what a bumbling, mumbling piece of incontinence she is

  76. Lenny Hartley says:

    The only way i will vote is
    A. A candidate from amy Independence supporting Party who is standing as part of a United Scotland movement with a vote for them is to negotiate Independence in a Plebiscite Election.
    B If no Scotland together candidate any Independence supporting candidate in my Constituency who does not represent the SNP or Greens.
    To get the former there needs to be a change at the top of the SNP, there are grumbles of a grass roots uprising so that may happen, I hope so, imo we need two strong Indy Parties working together to achieve Indy via a Plebiscite Election as I think its more likely to come via a Holyrood election.
    We also need to get behind Salvo, looks like rhe Spooks have been interfering with their Website to throttle the numbers signing up to the Edinburgh Agreement which upholds the Claim of Right, this could be a good thing as it shows how worried the Brit Establishment are that Salvo/Liberate.Scot will gain traction amongst Scots.
    We should have the opponents of Independence fighting on all fronts.
    So if you have not signed the Edinburgh Agreement do it now at
    (it doesnt cost you anything but a few moments of time but may help lead to the People of Scotland
    Having a more economically successful time for all time.
    In the meantime whatever party you are or none, get behind Salvo’s public drive throughout the summer to gain 100,000 signatures. (2 million was gathered in 1949/1950 for Home Rule). So 100,000 should be easily attainable.

  77. James Che says:

    Alf Baird,

    Your list can now contain additional evidence that,

    The Coloniser appointing the legal structures upon its Colony, after it dissolved it from the treaty.

  78. Anton Decadent says:

    Looks like some Alba supporters are morphing into SNP 2 with the no questions allowed attitude. Another cult of personality developing. The ones here who seek to address concerns are appreciated. Surely after the absolute shitshow which is currently in power and the prospect of the one which preceded it, Labour, returning to power we should be questioning everyone with designs to govern us?

  79. John Main says:

    @Joe says:24 May, 2023 at 3:29 pm

    Another first-class, reality-grounded post.

    Careful with the unpalatable truths, Joe. Sooner or later, somebody will try to shout you down with the ultimate Wings BTL epithet, English.

    What is it with Scots and living in the past? All over Europe, and our dearly beloved EU, new political movements are springing up, new faces are running them and leading them, and new policies are capturing the electorate and the votes.

    Yet the best we can dig up are time-served, past-their-sell-by dates, fatally-compromised has-beens. AS did something great in 2014. JC did something very briefly successful in 2016. Whoopy fucking doo.

    Ancient history to anybody who accepts that a week is a long time in politics.

  80. James Che says:

    Anton Decadent,
    Blind faith as the only faith can be debilitating
    We should also question those who are not so obvious as a front man, who often throw spanners in the works to stall, deflect and send others off in the wrong direction.

    We should also question which politicians are puppets.

  81. Doug says:

    Yes at 53% so there is only one conclusion why SNP support is falling: the SNP.

  82. sarah says:

    @ Lenny Hartley: re signing up to, they have had about 70,000 signatures diverted to fake sites, per Iain Lawson. That is 70,000 people who need to know that they must sign again on the real site.
    How will signatories know if they are on the real site? If they are getting Salvo emails they must be on the real site. If no emails they must try again.
    It is terrifying to think who must be doing this. Alba party may also have been similarly attacked. See Indycar’s video which has been posted on Iain Lawson’s Yours for Scotland blog for more detail.

  83. John Main says:

    @Alf Baird says:24 May, 2023 at 4:28 pm

    “is there a feeling of an approaching end game in the air?”

    I certainly am not seeing it myself, but I have been wrong before.

    See your list of signs of the impending denouement Alf.

    To what extent are they cancelled out when the dominant colonialist cadre can still put in place a leader and spokesperson via a flawed and fraudulent process?

    Would you say that the colonialists ability to ride roughshod over legality and Scottish sensibilities is evidence of their overwhelming command and control?

    The streets of Scotland are hardly afire with protest, are they?

  84. twathater says:

    I have to agree with Joe in relation to Alex’s and others within the political sphere’s insistence that the 2014 franchise should be kept and used for future constitutional arrangements ,where has the discussion for this arrangement been with the indigenous people, why have politicians DICTATED what they consider to be right and yet it has been proven that it WORKS AGAINST the common good,the usual suspects will proffer that if we had convinced enough Scots we would have won the vote, but the TRUTH is we DID convince enough SCOTS but we didn’t convince enough non indigenous people, PEOPLE who were not born here and didn’t have the heartfelt desire for OUR NATION and OUR PEOPLE to MANAGE and RUN OUR country

    People coming from elsewhere don’t have the same internal bond with our nation, they may want citizenship and love Scotland but it is not in their blood, and all the guff about how we should be so proud and thankful that they have chosen Scotland, no they should be so proud and thankful that we have accepted their desire to live here, they have come here for a reason whether financial or political it was THEIR CHOICE but that shouldn’t mean they should get to DICTATE what is acceptable
    Tranadian import anyone

    I couldn’t vote for Alba in good concience in the last election as their representative was I think from Uganda and TBQH I felt he was just looking for a place at the trough

    When you look at the representation within HR all the minority grouping representatives all favour their own minority interest’s , and no where is that more prominent than the deviant perverted snp, IMO THEY epitomise the lie of diversity and inclusion

  85. Izzie says:

    JGedd @ 511 actually I think that I am living in 1967 when Winnie won the Hamilton by election (smiley face). I don’t know what I think about the current leadership I didn’t vote for HY and have reservations, however, I think that he deserves a chance and I have donated to the Party. I think that all the detractors wil achieve is a Phyrric victory.

  86. John Jones says:

    I’ll never agree with not voting, people suffered years of abuse to get the vote, wonen more so than others, at least turn up & if there is nobody worth voting for, spoil your paper, it at least shows that you are not in favour of the selection offered.
    in Australiia you’re fined for not voting, time it was introduced here.

  87. Red says:

    McDonald, Grady and Crawley will get gigs courtesy of NATO / Security Services thanks to their connections to the Anglo / American permanent state (as did Gethins in 2019).

    It is weird how a bunch of SNP MPs turned out to be Neocon / Brit security services shills… and nobody in the party seems to care.

    Remember 2003, when people cared about stopping wars?

  88. Aunty Flo says:

    Oneliner 24 May, 2023 at 3:11 pm

    “We know the Humza ratings to be abysmal. A poll on Alex Salmond’s popularity rating would be useful.”

    Yes indeed it would.

    However I am convinced that if he were to take the bold decision to resign as a privy counsellor, his ratings would go through the roof!

    There are many of us who find this apparent conflict of interest where he has sworn allegiance and loyalty to KC III, to defend and protect his dominions etc, flies in the face of any aspirations to lead a movement for Scottish independence from the crown.

  89. John Main says:

    @Izzie says:24 May, 2023 at 6:58 pm

    I think that he deserves a chance

    Me too, Izzie, me too.

    I think that I deserve a shot at PM of Pakistan. Any chance of a sub?

    Sauce, goose, gander, etc etc blah blah blah.

    If I make it to the top in that fiercely proud and patriotic country, I promise to do all I can to bolster economic and political links to Scotland via your very own Scottish FM and leader.

    So, about that sub. £50 OK?

    Fit? You dinna think ma idea’s a guid ane? Hoo naw?

  90. AndyH says:

    I am looking forward to the SNP getting well and truly pumped at the GE.

    The sooner they are out of power in Scotland the better, as they are ruining the country with batshit crazy policies.

  91. Breastplate says:

    All the troubles the SNP have, is of their own making, they are the architects of their own downfall, the trajectory that they are heading in is nobody else’s fault, they made people tear up their membership cards, not the Tories, not the Libdems, not Labour and not Alex Salmond.

    You need to be quite delusional if you think HY or anyone else for that matter is going to right the ship anytime soon.
    Although, are you and the guys over at dugger’s still adamant that Boris will hand you a Section 30?
    Or will you seamlessly move to believing something else that is not going to happen, like Nicola Sturgeon delivering a referendum in 2023?
    Have you not yet twigged that you and the other gingernuts will be Olympic champions of synchronised drowning in the gullibility pool?

  92. Breastplate says:

    Breastplate says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    24 May, 2023 at 8:15 pm
    All the troubles the SNP have, is of their own making, they are the architects of their own downfall, the trajectory that they are heading in is nobody else’s fault, they made people tear up their membership cards, not the Tories, not the Libdems, not Labour and not Alex Salmond.

    You need to be quite delusional if you think HY or anyone else for that matter is going to right the ship anytime soon.
    Although, are you and the guys over at wgd still adamant that Boris will hand you a Section 30?
    Or will you seamlessly move to believing something else that is not going to happen, like Nicola Sturgeon delivering a referendum in 2023?
    Have you not yet twigged that you and the other gingernuts will be Olympic champions

  93. John Main says:

    @Aunty Flo says:24 May, 2023 at 8:02 pm

    aspirations to lead a movement for Scottish independence from the crown

    I see your category error, Flo.

    It’s a movement for Scottish political and economic independence. iScotland will still have a Head Of State – every country does. That will still be the Scottish monarch King Charles. Post-Indy, you will be permitted to argue over whether that should be 1, 2 or 3, just as we used to argue over Queen Elizabeth 1 or 2.

    But that’s your lot.

    Of course, you could decide that Indy can do without the 37% of Scots who support the monarchy (2nd May 2023 figures) or even the 51% of Scots who support the idea of King William. That’s entirely your prerogative.

    IMO, a suicidal prerogative for the pro-Indy movement.

    But then I never have quite bought into the ideological purity deal. Seeing where it has brought Indy so far, with New Pretender Yousaf now calling the shots, looks to have been a wise choice.

  94. Shug says:

    Interesting glance at BBC nine show tonight.

    Apparently everyone expect misogyny and it is normal and we need ways to stop it.

    All women face harassment.

    Scotland bad and expecting at any moment all men should be jailed without trail.

    Funny the BBC making a case for a flawed SNP policy. Why would the BBC support.

    Could it be a trap

  95. Northcode says:

    @Alf Baird 4:28pm

    Thanks, Alf. Not entirely my imagination then.

    And your last sentence. Aye, plain to see for those with eyes to see it.

    And those wha wid coorie up tae it are oot in plain sight, tae.

    Sorry about my Scots. I speak it better than I write it.

    I’m sure I’ve told you before (seems apposite, though) about how I was belted with a three-tongued leather tawse as a bairn when I was in primary school if teachers caught me speaking in Scots.

  96. Joe says:

    We have a chance, we ‘nativists’, to send a message that our Scots children and grand children must be given due consideration by any group, political or otherwise and that we will not be taken for granted.

    Mr Salmond feels like he can dismiss our concerns because he thinks he knows that you will vote for him anyway.

    This is not 2014. This is a very, very different reality.

    You are not alone. There is not a single major political party in Britain that is honestly representing their base. In fact, it seems that there are very few across the developed world.

    We are in a state of crisis, whether it is mentioned or not by the media or our so-called representatives.

    We have been coerced, by shocking propaganda and government threats, into taking what is now acknowledged as potentially dangerous ‘vaccines’ for what is now known to be an illness not much more dangerous than flu. The media spun the narrative desired and the people were duped.

    We have the potential end of normal public life for natural females with the grotesque ‘trans’ lie.

    We are seeing our countries population change before our eyes, while everything we need gets in shorter supply.

    We are watching the slow but steady normalisation of paedophilia.

    Supply chains and food are being undermined, such as the confiscation of Dutch farms due to bogus climate concerns.

    On top of it all we are told to reject the concept which every other non-European nation accepts as basic natural reality without even considering it – that we are a distinct group of people, a Nation, and that Scotland is our home first and foremost and it belongs to future generations of Scots.

    Something has to give. The first thing that must give is our support for politicians who are not sensitive to the above reality.

    We must become an electoral, economic and activist bloc that uses weight of numbers to push for the future of our children and our people. The very first simple step is to publicly deny support for those who would take us for granted and who act as apologists for everything that weakens us.

    This should have happened in the height of the SNP. It can happen whenever we decide.

    When we can act as a group against people who refuse to take our interests seriously in national politics we can do so with corporations and in local politics. It just needs some resolve and some discipline.

    These are not normal times. We are faced with agendas that could be easily described as demonic. It takes each of us as individuals to face this and act with some discipline. There is no other way in sight.

    Apologies for the preachy delivery, but it is what it is.

  97. robertkknight says:


    Your refusal to acknowledge the shit show that is the SNP and to accuse those who point out its multitudinous shortcomings as doing the Yoons work for them, speaks volumes…

    There are none so blind as those who do not see the SNP for what it has become.

  98. Alf Baird says:

    John Main @ 6:28 pm

    “The streets of Scotland are hardly afire with protest, are they?”

    Good point, however we are still in a process, which can only accelerate beyond this point. The compromised dominant national party has only recently begun its disintegration, and new national parties have just been formed. The peoples understanding is improving, and they are starting to move, meantime the fangs of the oppressor become less obscure.

  99. A Scot Abroad says:

    Alf Baird,

    far from accelerating, I’d say that the Indy movement is only going to fizzle out for the next few years, due to the previously dominant SNP vote disintegrating just in time for the next Westminster election, and Alba behaving with all of the political agility of a stunned slug. It’s been near silence from them for the last few months.

    That’s not to say something might come back to give the Bravehearts cheer in about 10 years. But at the moment….. it’s a bit tumbleweed.

  100. A Scot Abroad says:

    Having raised a petition for all (proven, via ancestry) Scots residents in the entire of U.K. to get a vote in any future referendum on Scots Indy, I have now passed the first hurdle, and have a response from the Scotland Office. It’s all London civil service guff, and doesn’t address the substance of the petition, in my view, but nevertheless, it’s what they have come back with. I’m not satisfied with the response, and so I think I’ll take the petition live via social media. See if we can get 100,000 signatures to force a Westminster debate.

    Text of official response below:

    “The Government believes the devolution settlement strikes the right balance. We are committed to working with the Scottish Government to tackle shared challenges and deliver for people in Scotland.

    The Scottish Parliament is one of the most powerful devolved parliaments in the world, and the UK Government believes that the current devolution settlement strikes a good balance. The UK Government is continuing to honour our commitment to deliver the Smith Commission Agreement and implement the Scotland Act 2016 in full. The UK Government continues to work with the Scottish Government on the ongoing implementation of the welfare powers devolved in the Act.

    A referendum on Scottish devolution was held in 1997, with 74% of the Scottish electorate voting in favour of a Scottish Parliament with devolved powers. Devolution offers citizens in Scotland the best of both worlds, benefiting from having two governments. It allows decisions to be taken closer to the communities they affect, while citizens and communities continue to benefit from the strength and scale of the Union.

    The UK Government’s view is that people in Scotland want their representatives to be concentrating on the issues that matter most to them – like halving inflation, tackling the NHS waiting times, ensuring energy security, and growing our economy. That should be the Scottish Government’s focus.

    Devolution brings a host of economic benefits and growth opportunities to Scotland through both UK Government and Scottish Government initiatives. For example, the UK Government has committed over £1.5 billion through the City Region and Growth Deals, helping to boost economic growth and create employment opportunities across all parts of Scotland; the UK Shared Prosperity Fund has awarded £212 million directly to Scottish Local Authorities, freeing them up from EU red tape; and earlier this year, the UK and Scottish Governments made a landmark agreement to establish two new Freeports in Scotland, which will help to regenerate areas, create thousands of high-quality jobs, and attract billions of pounds in inward investment.

    The benefits of devolution, which enables Scotland to share in the overall strengths of the United Kingdom, are also evident through initiatives such as the UK Government’s flagship Levelling Up Fund (LUF). The LUF has already delivered funding to 18 Scottish projects to the tune of £349 million, investing in projects that matter to local communities. Projects include a new ferry for Fair Isle, restoration of the Palace Theatre in Kilmarnock, and a green transport hub in Dundee. The Community Ownership Fund (COF) has already helped 15 Scottish community groups with £3.1 million to secure their local assets. This includes town halls, pubs, cafes and sports clubs, spread across 12 local authorities.

    In conclusion, the UK Government remains committed to devolution, and we will continue to work collaboratively and constructively with the Scottish Government to deliver for people, businesses and communities across Scotland.

    Scotland Office”

  101. Wilson McBride says:

    Main and his “names” (Trolls), have really moved.

    Joe, Chas, Scot Abroad, and fuck knows how many other names he is using, have fucked up Wings.

    And the wankers who actually reply to these “names” are every bit as complicit in the demise of Wings.

    The end result will be people just stop paying their monthly subscription.

    Causing Rev Stu to up sticks and move on.

    It’s bad enough when this shower are talking amongst themselves,,,,But it’s even worse when clowns like Ruby and Co actually bait them into replying.

    So, it’s your choice, ignore the Trolls, or risk the possibility of the Rev moving on because of a catastrophic drop in subscriptions.

  102. Wilson McBride says:

    Who would actually pay to read the crap that is getting posted on Wings at the moment?

    Times are hard enough for most people, so they are not going to use the limited amount of money they have to spare on paying Wings a monthly subscription for the mince that is getting served up on a daily basis.

    And you can bet your bottom dollar that not one of these “names” pay a monthly subscription.

    They are piggy backing off of your hard earned money.

    I for one will not be paying to read the nonsense that is currently on Wings.

    So it’s time to win back Wings,,,,AND TIME TO STOP FEEDING THE FUCKIN TROLLS.

  103. The Isolator says:

    “Who would actually pay to read the crap that is getting posted on Wings at the moment?”

    Wilson .. while I agree wholeheartedly with your post, I pay my dues for the above line content not the teeth gnashing below fortunately.

  104. John Main says:

    @Wilson McBride says:25 May, 2023 at 6:31 am

    fucked up Wings

    Bad news, Wilson. I can’t sugar-coat it, so I need you to be brave and take it like a man.

    Channel your inner Braveheart, to put it in a way you will understand.

    Here’s what has fucked up Wings, Indy, and Scotland. Fucked all of them up, and fucked up us above all, for the foreseeable.

    Humza Fucking Yousaf.

    OK, you’re a brave wee sodjer. I’ll leave you alane for a wee whilie, gie ye some time to come to terms with the reality of what has fucked up everything you hold dear.

    The SNP, the party of Scotland and Scottish Indy, has outsourced leadership of Scotland through a flawed and fraudulent election process. Broadcast to the world that although Scotland claims to want Indy, there’s nae Scottish cunt with the balls and nous tae lead the charge.

    Or, if you can’t handle that reality, broadcast to the world that Indy is so unimportant and unnecessary that a totally incompetent and flawed individual will do for leader, purely on the strengths of some box-ticking, virtue-signalling advantages.

    Or, if you can’t handle that reality either, telt the world and us Scots that who we get as leader needs the endorsement of only a few tens of thousands of eejits. And the rest of the millions of us can go and do one cos it’s none of our fucking business.

    So you tak some time oot Wilson tae adjust to reality. Get back tae us when ye’re ready.

  105. John Main says:

    @Wilson McBride says:25 May, 2023 at 6:54 am

    bet your bottom dollar

    A wee word of friendly advice in your shell-like, Wilson.

    Gie the gee-gees and the dugs the body swerve.

    Your grasp of reality is so poor, you’ll lose your shirt.

  106. Joe says:

    @Wilson McBride

    The wings BTL is pretty much as close to a public forum on Scottish (and other) issues as we have.

    It is about 95% free speech, and the stuff that is not allowed I either agree doesn’t much make for productive chat when it comes to Scotland or could get Mr Campbell in some sort of trouble.

    I don’t read everyone’s comments. I stopped reading A Scot Abroad when I realised that he is lying and not just delusional and I’ve mostly stopped reading replies to him. So I scroll by. It really is not difficult.

    Your real problem, I think, is that you are getting exposed to opinions or facts that make you upset or uncomfortable.

    To that I ask: what if you’d payed attention to those warning about the SNP’s real aims? What if you’d payed attention to those warning you not to buy into the Covid op? What if you’d payed attention to those telling you what the ‘trans’ movement was really all about? What if you’d payed attention to what some people were saying about the real reason for ‘mass migration’? What if you’d payed attention to unpleasant opinions before those opinions became massive societal problems in Scotland?

    The people giving you those unpleasant opinions were slandered as far-right, xenophobic, transphobic, tin foil hat wearing nutters while they were doing their best to help you. They were also all proven right.

    I stood at local anti-lockdown protests and anti covid vaccine protests. I helped people get information to teachers and doctors. I stood getting pelters from an ignorant, hostile public for trying to warn them that they might need to think about some things, especially before subjecting their children to it. I still haven’t had a word of thanks from those we tried to warn, even now when the information shows that we were right.

    That is just one example.

    You don’t need to thank us but do us a favour – if you think we are talking shite then perhaps cast your hat into the ring and speak the sense you think is missing?

    Be the change you want to see?

    A last point – I am anonymous because people who say the things I have to say seem to be losing bank accounts, jobs, are harassed by groups like Antifa and are even getting imprisoned.

  107. Mac says:

    For what it is worth I find your comments quite interesting Joe.

    But there are limits, this is after all a blog with a defined focus.

    I have posted twice now (yesterday and a few months ago) drawing a comparison between the respective leaderships of the western countries and the two big countries to the east (one that wears furry hats and the other builds walls around itself) and both never got through moderation. I am not really sure why this particular comment is a problem versus all the others on here but for some reason it is.

    The off topic does not bother me at all as there is just not much happening right now to talk about. We are all essentially waiting for things to become clearer. I am bored shitless for one.

    The bickering is tedious though but easy to scroll past.

  108. Effijy says:

    The BBC will happily present and appear to back any crackpot policy SNP put forward that
    is a sure fire vote loser.

    I’m love to know how many billions are spent on U.K. media propaganda.
    How many people are employed just to monitor this site 24/7 so they can jump on anything for their cause either posting negativity or sent directly to the Daily Hail, Express, Herald, Scotsman

  109. Ottomanboi says:

    Regarding who may vote in a referendum on Scottish independence I believe there are ultra BritNats who consider it a concern of ALL the peoples of the «United Kingdom» and ALL ought to have a vote on the matter. A referendum that certainly would have Westminster approval.
    Really time to bin the whole procrastinating, strategically pointless idea.
    Independence will be born from «crisis» in the system. Any opportunity sensitive Scottish leader worth the salt would be actively fomenting a few.

  110. Xaracen says:

    A Scot Abroad said;

    “The UK Government’s view is that people in Scotland want their representatives to be concentrating on the issues that matter most to them – like halving inflation, tackling the NHS waiting times, ensuring energy security, and growing our economy. That should be the Scottish Government’s focus.”

    Of the four items stated that should be the Scottish government’s priorities for the Scots, three of them are reserved to the UK Parliament; only the Scottish NHS is devolved, and that is critically dependent on adequate funding from the UK government, simply because all of Scotland’s public revenues bar Council tax go straight down to HM Treasury, who thus gatekeep the Scottish parliament’s funding.

    The Scottish government’s focus should be what Scotland’s people require it to be, not what England’s representatives want it to be. Otherwise it’s not a Scottish government.

    As for the UK’s English government, we shall be taking no lessons from that abusive institution nor its proponents, until it and they properly recognise that its precious Union has two partner kingdoms in it, and that its parliament must give equal weight to both of them in every decision it makes. In a Union of two equal partners, any unilateral decision to pass a matter made by one partner on his own, that is, without the approval of the other, is ultra vires and thus unlawful and unconstitutional and, given only two partners, undemocratic.

    This is for the obvious reason that neither partner can represent the Union on his own, however large his numbers; he can only represent his own kingdom.

    That such unilateral decisions are by no means uncommon occurrences clearly shows that ‘joint governance of the UK’ is a flat out lie, and it is no accident that all such unilateral decisions were made by England’s MPs.

    England’s MPs can produce only an English Yes or No in any vote, and Scotland’s MPs can produce only an Scottish Yes or No.

    To pass any matter in the Union’s parliament requires a Union Yes, and that means both partner votes must be Yes; anything less than two Yes votes means the matter voted on must fail.

    That’s joint governance!

    Notice I didn’t mention sovereignty in the above argument, which stands perfectly robustly on its own merits without it. Nevertheless, sovereignty is also of critical importance, and I’ve made that argument before, it also stands robustly on its own merits, and it comes to exactly the same conclusion as the one above.

    But as we all know, the UK Parliament doesn’t work like that, because it never suited the arrogant self-entitled English establishment, which wants to keep Scotland well under its thumbs, so fairness, legal and constitutional agreements, Treaty agreements, and properly applied democracy are all ignored whenever that establishment wants something else it isn’t entitled to.

  111. Effijy says:

    The BBC will happily present and appear to back any crackpot policy SNP put forward that
    is a sure fire vote loser.

    I’m love to know how many billions are spent on U.K. media propaganda.
    How many people are employed just to monitor this site 24/7 so they can jump on anything for their cause either posting negativity or sent directly to the Daily Hail, Express, Herald, Scotsman.

  112. Ruby says:

    John Main says:

    Here’s what has fucked up Wings, Indy, and Scotland. Fucked all of them up, and fucked up us above all, for the foreseeable.

    Humza Fucking Yousaf.


  113. Mac says:

    What makes France, France or Japan, Japan.

    One thought experiment is to ask what would happen if you could at a click of your fingers transplant the population of Japan with say Cuba or Java with Cuba…

    How long would it be before Cuba started to resemble Japan and Japan resemble Cuba… not long I think.

    It is the ‘natives’ who make a country, a country. Geography does matter but it is the people who give its national character.

    So if you significantly transform that indigenous population through mass uncontrolled immigration you are going to change the character of that country to a commensurate degree. That is obvious and inevitable as the thought experiment shows.

    Scotland being so demographically small versus England makes us particularly vulnerable to a demographic ‘attack’ where the natives are simply swamped by non-natives moving up from an increasingly overcrowded and swamped England. If just 2% of England decided to move to Scotland that would be over a million people. I suspect it is already happening…

    I agree with the highland clearances observation. I observed it many years ago. Nearly Every Highland pub and hotel I encountered was foreign owned it seemed. People have been talking about this for a long time… and it only gets worse and worse.

    Folk are so paralysed with political correctness they are incapable of addressing the potential demographic risks we face.

    And unfortunately large chunks of the younger population have been indoctrinated to despise their own ‘native’ character. Any talk of cherishing it and preserving it is white supremacy talk.

    That Billboard Chris tweet on the wings twitter account is very funny but very sad as well. Those girls are the real life versions of Millie Tant. Viz is slowly becoming reality. The comment from the young guy about hoping they all die soon was special as well.

  114. fruitella the hun says:

    wilson mcbride

    Courageous using your own name.

    “I for one will not be paying to read the nonsense that is currently on Wings.”

    You are paying, surely, for the stories provided by Stu Campbell. What’s below the line is a free for all, mostly a mess but sometimes very thought provoking or informative. That’s what’s really special about this site.

    Perhaps you could inform me how to distinguish a troll from a delusional obsessive from a piggy-back on hobby horse from an off-beat thinker from an AI algorithm from an honest challenger? Or are they all “trolls” and to be shunned, even if they have raised an interesting point or created the chance to make one? What does the true winger think, Wilson?

    I’m a refugee from CIF. There they can’t get past Brexit, on the few articles that still allow comments now. Bright Green and Open Democracy don’t attract much comment, a result probably of proper disciplined self-management by disciples, or authoritarian control by cadres.

  115. Republicofscotland says:

    I urge those who still have faith in the SNP that they’ll deliver indy to give their vote to the Alba party instead, we’ve not advanced the indy cause under the SNP in the last eight years, infact a case could be made for that, the SNP has damaged the indy cause, and pushed unwanted policies, on us instead, such as the GRRB and Juryless Trials.

    Lets now give our votes to Alba candidates standing at next years GE, and send the likes of Pete Wishart packing from Westminster his second home.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba, do it for Scotland and its people.

  116. Bobbyp says:

    Mac 9.43am. ‘ the potential demographic risks we face’
    Yes. And when over god knows how many protestant unionists scuttle over here after Irish reunification,between them. The uncle tams and the influx of daily mail readers, Scottish
    Independence will be a dead duck forever.

  117. Stephen O'Brien says:

    Sturgeon has reduced the party to a ghost ship.

    Having dismantled any hope of IndyRef2, over a period of years, going through the motions, due care, long gone. Under Westminster guidance, SNP has literally surrendered all responsibility.

    In those circumstances, while misleading the Scottish electorate and bowing to Westminster control, it really should be no surprise to see the collapse of SNP. It’s simply unsustainable.

    The path to self-destruction, always on auto-pilot. Subconsciously perhaps, to bring their own incompetence to a conclusion..

    The ones, now steering the ship, unable to change their plight.

  118. Republicofscotland says:

    Looks like support for indy is holding fast, pity the SNP/Greens are in power and not Alba.

    “STV doing its best to bury the stand out figure: 53-47 lead for YES. Not only that – the question is predicated on an IMMEDIATE referendum. Support for indy is proving remarkable resilient. But we need a strategy – and it’s not begging for a Sec 30.”

  119. Joe says:


    I detest the UN for various reasons. But for what it is worth lets look at the UN definition of genocide:

    ‘In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

    1 – Killing members of the group;
    2 – Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;
    3 – Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;
    4 – Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;
    5 – Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group.

    Elements of the crime
    The Genocide Convention establishes in Article I that the crime of genocide may take place in the context of an armed conflict, international or non-international, but also in the context of a peaceful situation. The latter is less common but still possible.’

    So it could be said that what is being done to all Europeans walks a tight line on the definition. What is happening to Scots I believe actually crosses it.

    Given that the UN considers ethnicity and race to be a factor worthy of consideration I wonder why politicians like Alex Salmond are so keen to despise those of us who agree?

    Well, there’s an answer for that.

    The truth hurts.

  120. Ottomanboi says:

    When the SNP became the largest Scottish party in both Edinburgh and London the leadership ought to have made the declaration that the Edinburgh parliament was the constituent assembly of country whose people are sovereign that it was no longer a devolved Westminster dependent entity and immediately set in train the framing of a constitution.
    Then let Westminster attempt to do its worst in the full glare of publicity.
    Just «tweaking» the tail of the British lion isn’t enough.

  121. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Joe, Mac et al –

    This excerpt from a 1977 ‘People & Politics’ show, featuring Hugh MacDiarmid, is extraordinary.

    It was probably controversial even at the time but I have difficulty disagreeing with any of it. The full show is also available on YT. I posted it here years ago – the difference in quality, both subject-matter and delivery of the contributors, is noteworthy.

    If MacDiarmid was what many now dismiss as a ‘blood & soil nationalist’ (and it’s hard to imagine him objecting to that description) then how can any of his concerns be raised?

    ‘How dare those bloody Scots be so damned uppity!’

  122. Izzie says:

    Republicofscotland @ 10.03 My concerns are 1 Divine and rule and 2 Could the Alba Party persuade no voters to change their minds?

  123. Ottomanboi says:

    How much do self styled Nationalists want independence?
    Enough to be inconvenienced, to «rough it», be a security risk, have the police call round at 03:15 to take you away for questioning…?
    An opened ended matter but marking X on a piece of paper is only a fraction of it.´

  124. Alf Baird says:

    Ian Brotherhood @ 10:55 am

    ‘How dare those bloody Scots be so damned uppity!’

    The Scots “are entirely conditioned by English standards” (MacDiarmid). That seems a fair description of the colonial mindset, which is a manufactured phenomenon, from India, to Kenya, Ireland Scotland an mony mair fowk. Independence “is far more important than any party political issues”, it is about self-recovery of ‘a people’, their culture and language, as well as their plundered land.

    As MacDiarmid implies, it all comes back tae oor langage an cultur as the root of who we are and the basis of our national consciousness: oor Scots language comes fae oor verra saul, whiles Englis aye gaes in ane lug an oot the ither.

    ‘Colonial bilingualism’ ends up with a people holding a confused notion of their identity, of who they are, or who they wish to be. This is the role of the imperialist, to impose on a people another ‘superior’ identity, and to eradicate oors, an oor naition wi hit.

  125. Stephen O'Brien says:

    SNP supporters keen to overplay the NO vote position, to justify delay of a ballot, to end the Union, while claiming ALBA divide the movement.

    We are arguably over 50% YES, right fucking now! Who needs Unionist opposition, when we have SNP clowns backing the status quo!

    Undecided voters waiting for politicians to bury the hatchet and concentrate on the task at hand.

    In any event, SNP has deferred matters, to the point of their own collapse. There will soon be nothing left of SNP, to divide! That downfall, integral to the rise of alternative agency, to eliminate the union! SNP demise, now irreversible.

    An alliance with ALBA, sooner rather than later, is the best SNP is capable of delivering.

  126. Anton Decadent says:

    My personal view is that the backlash to the trans lobby happened because it was affecting the middle class whereas the grooming gangs affected the working class so that is why there are even murders of white children with no convictions and unlikely to ever be one. The power to solve those murders is instead turned on those who complain about this.

    A couple of years ago the musician Stormzy donated one million pounds to put disadvantaged black teenagers through I think it was Cambridge. Seeing as the lowest performing group is white teenage boys a wealthy industrialist offered to match this one million pounds to put disadvantaged white teenagers through university and none of the universities would accept the money because the word white is poison in our country, just look at our First Minister and Sarwar in our parliament, both spitting it out. If that had been two white politicians complaining about the deliberate over representation of any other ethnic group in the workplace they would have been condemned out of hand.

    Here is a link to Albas position on Travellers.

    and here is a link to its position on Equalities

    Yesterday I was wondering why Alba is getting on this bandwagon and also wondered who is funding the party, I looked this up and found that its largest donor is the head of a finance firm which took over four hundred million in contracts related to Covid.

    In Govanhill at the primary school in Annette Street less than fifteen percent of the children attending speak English as a first language and it isn’t Doric or Gaelic which is being spoken. A couple of years ago the Herald published an article hinting at racism within the playground there but did not say who the victims and/or who those guilty of racism were, leaving it open like that makes it look as if the eighty five percent of the pupils who do not speak English as a first language are the victims when the sheer numbers would possibly suggest otherwise but, anti white racism officially does not exist, see the kill all white men tweet trial.

    When walking down Calder Street in Govanhill I pass the Holy Cross catholic primary school. Directly at its front gate old mattresses have been lying for months, fly tipped. Across the road from it is what used to be its dinner hall and which is now an Islamic nursery, this is spotless, no fly tipping at the gates to this. Why such a difference when they are literally across the road from each other?

    Over in the Herald a number of the supposed supporters of Scottish nationalism who post on a daily basis, one seems to have taken a leave of absence, were very vocal in their support of what has happened to Govanhill and two of them in particular expressed a desire for this to spread into the rest of Glasgow and from there Scotland. Another admitted that they travel into Govanhill to coach incomers on how to claim disability benefits and one told me that they have a greater say in what happens in Govanhill from Newton Mearns than I as a resident do because they pay a higher rate of tax than me and that this was right and proper. This person also claimed to be a Socialist.

    Re the people posting on here outraged at anyone who is not self flaggelating in compulsory white guilt, buckle up because it is going to get worse if the people of the West have any sense.

  127. Joe says:

    @Anton Decadent

    That is a first class post. I’m really glad that there’s more and more making points like this.

    The stand has to be made and it starts with recognising the truth of our situation.


    I don’t want to be rude or insensitive to you but I have to point out that I distinctly remember you posting very similar things about the SNP while I was telling everyone what they were really about 4 or more years ago.

  128. Joe says:

    @Ian Brotherhood

    Thanks for sharing that.

    It helps to show just how ‘normal’ has been shifted over time to where we are now. Looking back we see we are now abnormal in our views and normal is what we strayed from.

    Of course it’s dressed up as some kind of progress.

    The question is what is the fruit of our new progressive worldview?

  129. Ottomanboi says:

    In the struggle for a nation’s independence the buck stops at the door of all who say they want it.
    It is so easy to not answer the door, pretend to be not at home and the exclaim «sorry I missed you».
    Scotland, answer the door when the Freedom guy calls. He might never call again.

  130. Confused says:

    Was Rudyard Kipling an indian? Was he a “new indian”?

    Was the Duke of Wellington an irishman? Or a “new irish”?

    – seems a bit stupid to even ask these questions, and yet we have to suffer the abominable sophistry of the “new scot”. Maybe they should be called “trans scots” and if “trans scots are scots”, then they have to “live as a scot for 2 years” and apply for a nationality recognition certificate.

    For most people, who your parents are seems to be the deciding factor.

    Peter O’Toole, was he english or irish; he was from Leeds, born there, so “northern”, but his parents are irish; he ends up back in ireland with a cottage, his accent meticulously scrubbed at RADA (but good career though).

    Morrissey – second in the “greatest living englishman” contest, resolves his own identity in song, Irish Blood, English Heart. But I hear he is a “racist” now, so we just have to leave that; “bengali in platforms” is a bit of a toe-tapper though.

    All fun and games, but when it comes down to – who gets a vote – its a serious game, played for keeps. The highlands and borders are now rotten with the census defined abomination “white – other british” – but we all know what they really are; little englanders. Not our friends, so why give them a veto on our self determination?

    The Scots are a people, with a land; we don’t demand special rights for ourselves, only what everyone else in the world is entitled to.

  131. Beauvais says:

    Confused 12:45 pm

    Peter O’Toole’s mother was Scottish, not Irish.

  132. Beauvais says:

    I Righteous is to appear at the Aye Write festival tomorrow.

    Instead of being on stage at Glasgow Concert Hall interviewing authors, this ex-FM should be in a police station being interviewed. About the missing £600k, about the Salmond e-mails and about lots of other stuff.

    And why is she allowed to keep drawing her MSP salary since she’s never at Holyrood any more?

    The worst Scot ever.

  133. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Joe (12.27) –

    ‘The question is what is the fruit of our new progressive worldview?’

    Well, for a start, no broadcaster would dare let someone like MacDiarmid anywhere near a live microphone. But they’ve been doing that for years anyway with characters like Tom Leonard and James Kelman – they can’t be trusted not to go off on some rant about ‘settlers and colonists’, just as their great friend Alasdair Gray did. And look at the grief he got for what – in comparison to some of MacDiarmid’s work – was pretty tame fare.

    Gray was telling the truth. That’s why they hounded him and besmirched his name in his twilight years when he should’ve been going around the country receiving awards for all he’d done. Then, of course, he died and they were tripping over themselves to pay tribute to ‘the great man’. Hypocritical bastards. And they’ll do the same when Kelman passes on. And they’ll do the same when Tommy Sheridan kicks it. Same old story – those who they cannot control they eventually assimilate, one way or another, even if everyone knows they made their lives a misery.

    As to what other ‘fruits’ have become available, I don’t believe they’re getting it all their own way. Group like For Women Scotland are showing how we can tackle the madness head-on and more is coming to light about what’s been happening in schools – that video of interviews with woke dunderheids in George Square is valuable – it will surely have peaked a few who were vaguely aware of some controversy over ‘Isla Bryson having a tadger’ but didn’t want to delve further. At least some of them will now realise that they don’t have a choice.

  134. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Joe (12.27) –

    ‘The question is what is the fruit of our new progressive worldview?’

    Well, for a start, no broadcaster would dare let someone like MacDiarmid anywhere near a live microphone. But they’ve been doing that for years anyway with characters like Tom Leonard and James Kelman – they can’t be trusted not to go off on some rant about ‘s*ttl*rs and colonists’, just as their great friend Alasdair Gray did. And look at the grief he got for what – in comparison to some of MacDiarmid’s work – was pretty tame fare.

    Gray was telling the truth. That’s why they hounded him and besmirched his name in his twilight years when he should’ve been going around the country receiving awards for all he’d done. Then, of course, he died and they were tripping over themselves to pay tribute to ‘the great man’. Hypocritical bastards. And they’ll do the same when Kelman passes on. And they’ll do the same when Tommy Sheridan kicks it. Same old story – those who they cannot control they eventually assimilate, one way or another, even if everyone knows they made their lives a misery.

    As to what other ‘fruits’ have become available, I don’t believe they’re getting it all their own way. Group like For Women Scotland are showing how we can tackle the madness head-on and more is coming to light about what’s been happening in schools – that video of interviews with woke dunderheids in George Square is valuable – it will surely have peaked a few who were vaguely aware of some controversy over ‘Isla Bryson having a tadger’ but didn’t want to delve further. At least some of them will now realise that they don’t have a choice.

  135. sarah says:

    Getting back the diverted 70,000 signatures so the route to restore Scotland’s constitutional powers via the UN can be progressed is something we, the ordinary folk of Scotland, can actually DO something about.

    Download the QR code from the site, Resources and Blogs page, scroll down to the Promotional Downloads section. I downloaded to my laptop and then emailed it to myself so I can show it to others – they hover their phone camera over the QR image and the link comes up, they tap it, read the Edinburgh Proclamation and then sign up.

    Using the QR code means there can be no diversion to false sites – it is a secure, direct link.

  136. moixx says:

    For Women Scotland are appealing the judicial review decision by Lady Haldane that the protected characteristic of “sex” in the Equality Act 2010 refers to a person’s sex as recognised in law (ie including if they have a GRC), and not biological sex.

    Their fundraiser has 1 day to go, so you can still donate at:

  137. Stuart MacKay says:

    Confused @12:45pm

    What?!! Live as a Scot for 2 years? And then have to be interviewed by a native to be sure they’re not faking it. Come on, you’re impinging on their human rights.

    You have to take a more progressive approach. If they feel a tingle inside when watching Nicola on TV or want to drink their whisky without ice or water, even though it might have come from Japan or gasp, Ireland, then surely, Scots they are.

    Though come to think of it, feeling a tingle inside when watching Sturgeon, might be something else entirely. Hmmmm.

  138. jockmcx says:

    Ian Brotherhood… your 10.55am post was a great surprise…
    because only last night i was thinking of posting a link to that very same talk by Hugh MacDiarmid!

    What could this mean?

    Am i Psychic?
    Are you Psychic?

    Or perhaps it means (as someone else said earlier,things are coming to a head),and those who genuinely seek Scottish independence have
    had enough of the snp troughers and time wasters?

  139. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @moixx (1.51) –

    Copied your link to Twitter.

    Just under 7k to go to break the £50k mark.


  140. jockmx says:

    posted by Ian Brotherhood at 10.55am,
    i forgot to include his link,

    and about trolls,and wordwasters,

    and because i like it,

    Never give up!

  141. Northcode says:

    @Alf Baird 11:34am

    Thanks for the link, Alf

    I can’t even remember the number of times, often just before I ‘got the belt’ from a teacher, ah wis telt, “speak proper English, boy”, there were so many.

    This brought back memories.

    An excerpt from your 10 part series on the Yours For Scotland website:


    Historically, Anglophone elites running Scotland’s social institutions incorrectly regarded Scots’ language speakers to be simply speaking ‘bad English’ and held the view that Scots is not a ‘valid’ language, hence the lack of teaching provision in schools. This is ethnic prejudice and a discriminatory perspective that remains fixed even today within Scotland’s Anglophone dominated institutional hierarchy.

    It’s braw stuff, Alf. Yer a clever man.
    Here’s a strange thing, tho.

    Lately, after reading your paper (haven’t gotten around to buying your book, Doun-Houden, yet but I definitely will) and haein the odd wee blether wi ye, it sometimes, very occasionally mind you, feels a wee bit awkward when I’m writing in English.

    Is that no an odd thing? Takes me back tae whin a wis a wean.

  142. North chiel says:

    “Well said Xaracen@ 0925 am “ could we thus start with Brexit as Scotland’s electorate did not vote for it ?

  143. Republicofscotland says:

    Joe @12.24pm.

    Hind sight is a wonderful thing eh.

    Anyway, I don’t recall you posting more than four years ago, I do however recall the Rev posting the Betrayer thread, which light up a few light bulbs in indy folks minds, since that post which was posted on January the 31st 2020 it has been patently obvious that Sturgeon wasn’t going to push for indy.

    Alba were only formed on February 2021, and already they are the third largest political party in Scotland, mind you the Lib/Dems Labour and the Tories at Holyrood, are nothing more than English branch office parties, covertly and sometimes openly working for the benefit of the union.

  144. Republicofscotland says:

    Izzie @11.04am.

    Its not divide and conquer, the SNP are no longer the party for independence, ask yourself why Humza Yousef is willing to work with Labour at Westminster, but is utterly opposed to working with Alba, ask yourself why they tried to imprison Alex Salmond ask yourself why Sturgeon dangled the indy carrot for eight years and never delivered, ask yourself why Humza Yousaf said that Nicola Sturgeon is the smartest person he knows, and that if she couldn’t deliver NO ONE COULD.

    There’s one or two half decent SNP MSPs and one or two have decent SNP MSPs, but the majority are in it for the gravy train and self progression THEY ARE NOT IN IT FOR INDY.

    The only politician EVER to have led us close to ditching this rancid union (Alex Salmond) is back with an indy party in Alba, if you want indy vote Alba, Join Alba.

    Persuading no voters to vote for indy after Sturgeon and now Yousaf have done untold damage not just to the indy cause (though indy support stands at around 53%/47% no) but to Scotland as a whole will not be easy, but if you come across some swithering no voters tell them that Salmond ran a competent government and built things on time and even under budget (New Queensferry Crossing/Borders Railway).

    Salmond has a proven record (2014 indyref) in trying to rid Scotland from this undemocratic prison of a union.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba.

  145. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @jockmcx (2.19) –

    Must be something stirring in the zeitgeist, whatever that is…


  146. moixx says:

    Ian Brotherhood @ 2.25pm

    Thanks for doing that – it’d be great to see FWS reaching their target.

  147. Izzie says:

    Republicofscotland @ 3.30 You argue your case with politeness ande eloquence which is refreshing on this site. I didn’t vote for HY in fact I voted for Regan just to see what would happen. I have been a SNP activist since the days of Malcolm Slessor I am minded wait and see. My branch are minded to wait and see. I really don’t think Alba have the resources or manpower to make a difference in the next fight. And much as it pains me Alec is a liability

  148. Republicofscotland says:

    And that’s just this year, god only knows how many, and how serious other leaks have been over the years, we’ll never know as they will have been covered up.

    “QUESTIONS are hanging over the safety of Britain’s nuclear arsenal after it was revealed there were 58 radiation leaks at Trident facilities in Scotland this year so far.The Ministry of Defence (MOD) has revealed there were 15 recorded radiation leaks at Coulport and a further 43 at Faslane in 2023 as of April.”

    How much longer will Scots allow English subs to pollute our waters if they are not already badly polluted.

    Vote Alba, Join Alba, lets get these polluting foreign subs out of Scottish waters.

  149. Colin Alexander says:

    Re: Julian Assange

    I have received a response from my SNP MP:

    “While Julian Assange is in UK custody, all possible steps should be taken to ensure that he has access to the legal and healthcare support that he requires. Like all citizens, Julian Assange’s treatment must be fair, humane and consistent with the promotion of free expression.

    In terms of his situation in general, Julian Assange is not above the law and it is for the courts to now determine if there are valid charges for him to answer. While I appreciate this is not what you want to hear from me, it is quite simply not for me as a Member of Parliament to interfere in such matters. However, I would note that he also has the right to a full judicial process in the UK, which should be carried out with as much transparency as possible, and with all appropriate opportunity for review and appeal, as necessary.

    Certainly nobody should be extradited from the United Kingdom if they face an unfair trial or a cruel and unusual punishment in the destination country. The legal process must now be allowed to complete itself and, if Julian Assange is to be extradited, any extradition to the US must absolutely meet those rigorous standards.

    I appreciate you will not agree with my response, but hope it sets out my position on the matter.”

  150. Republicofscotland says:

    So Humza Yousless has announced a date for a pretendy indy convention on the same day as an AUOB march which was announced first which is June 24th AUOB’s march is in Stirling.

    This smacks of SNP desperation as they try and freeload off the back of the AUOB which DOES wants independence unlike the SNP.

    Vote Alba, Jon Alba, attend the AUOB marches.

  151. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @colin alexander (4.21) –

    That’s the third letter we’ve seen which uses the same template.

    They can’t even write/think for themselves.


  152. jockmcx says:

    new education channel for scottish “government msps,
    part 1

  153. Chas says:


    You are similar to Che in the repetitive nature of your posts.
    You drone on about ‘colonialism’ constantly whilst your pal likes to live in the dim and distant past.

    You generally include some ‘quote’ from someone really ‘important’ however when you use the same quote for the umpteenth time it does lose it’s sparkle and impetus.

    At least you include some guid Scots words in a pathetic attempt to show that you really are a man of the people.

    I notice that you have a fan. A deluded soul who always tells us he is threatening to buy your tome but, for some reason, never gets round to it. I wonder why?

    Repetitive posts actually weaken your argument instead of strengthening it.

  154. John Main says:

    @Republicofscotland says:25 May, 2023 at 4:11 pm

    It’s a tricky act to pull off, but Republic does his best. In one post, he manages to produce numbers that he reckons causes questions to hang over the safety of the subs, whilst also pouring ridicule on the numbers.

    Then, he speculates about how many other leaks there may have been over the years, and how serious, and how we will never know, and how all of that ignorance amounts to a good case for removing the subs.

    Go figure, while rotating your index finger against your temple.

    BTW, they are not English subs, they are UK subs.

    Myself, I like the thought of them being around. Ignore The War if you choose to, even believe it is all “our” fault. But the war is a reality, one side defo has WMD and regularly threatens to use it, and history tells us that when there is a war on, and one side has WMD, and the other hasn’t, then the WMD fucking well gets used.

    In this particular case, vapourising or poisoning all us friendly, harmless, blameless Scots, as well as the hostile, belligerent, evil English.

    So, just as well “our” WMD is balancing things out.

    Lots of reasons to Vote Alba, Join Alba. Getting these “polluting foreign subs” out of Scottish waters isn’t one of them though.

    So if that’s Alba official policy, then more fools them.

  155. Dan says:

    Well at least there’s been some progress and some have changed their minds…
    Quiz time.
    Who said: “I will not be voting for Regan as she is a loose canon.

  156. Merganser says:

    Izzie @ 4.09 says:

    ” And much as it pains me Alec (sic) is a liability”

    A short time ago you were complaining that Alex was not publicly supporting the SNP. Why would you want the support of someone you consider a liability?

  157. Alf Baird says:

    Northcode @ 2:44 pm

    “it sometimes, very occasionally mind you, feels a wee bit awkward when I’m writing in English.”

    Yes, postcolonial theory is quite explicit on the critical importance of the oppressed native language, in an environment where two tongues are in conflict and it is the mother tongue that is crushed. The first thing a colonized people grasp upon liberation is their ‘rusted tongue’, no matter if the vocabulary is limited.

  158. Joe says:

    @republicofscotland 3:15pm


    That’s funny in a pathetic kind of straw clutching way.

    Try foresight. The proof is there. Nobody was telling you what the SNP were up to before I was. Nobody. That’s a fact.

    I know, you are what is termed ‘voting fodder’ and I shouldn’t expect more from you than that.

    Very well. You may continue with your empty headed sloganeering.

  159. jockmcx says:

    Level 4
    theres only one way to go out!
    loose women perhaps,

  160. Republicofscotland says:

    “BTW, they are not English subs, they are UK subs.”

    Utter bollocks, the English subs are controlled from South of the border, as is the “English army” Oh it poses as a UK army but England decides which fake wars Scots/Northern Irish and Welsh die in.

    You’ll never see those polluting English subs at Faslane berth on the Thames, Main you can shove your English subs and their nukes where the sun doesn’t shine.

  161. Izzie says:

    Merganser @5.51 Alec Salmond is tainted so it seems to me that it would be difficult to promote him as the vanguard for the push for Independence however he has consirable talent and a die hard supporters . Undoubtedly he has much to offer but I doubt if he can persuade those who need persuading to vote YES

  162. Scotspine says:

    I’ve just bought a very good bottle of Malt to salt away until Wishart loses his seat, the c#nt!

  163. smithie says:

    Jeez is john main no a sanctimonious prick? thats all folks

  164. twathater says:

    Anton Decadent @ 11.47am, with regards to the ALBA statement on the traveller community, on watching a prism episode which I love and appreciate Eva Comrie brought up the traveller community and Yvonne Ridley brought up the Palestinian situation,both participants were quite vocal in their support for the communities and equally vociferous in their condemnation of their ostracism

    I made a comment BTL asking why these issues were comparable or related to Scotland’s desperation for independence and commented shouldn’t we be focusing solely on that instead of fixating and diverting on to individuals hobby horses, I was respectful in my questioning as I really do believe that both ladies are genuine independence fighters and work continuously for that end but it seemed that they were going off on a tangent

    Eva Comrie responded to BTL comments by saying that as she was the equalities representative she was quite entitled to comment and it was actually her duty to consider the representation of minorities , I have no problem with that but IMO the timing and discussion come after independence

    I also commented that I had worked extensively alongside the traveller, showman community and not everyone or actually very few had commented of having a positive interaction with those same communities, ALBA’S proposals and intentions may be honourable as laid out but how is the financing for these grandiose plans going to be raised

  165. James Carroll says:

    You’ve got to give people something to vote for. I’m glad to see that Alba will be.

  166. James Jones says:

    Alf Baird at 11:34 am
    “As MacDiarmid implies, it all comes back tae oor langage an cultur as the root of who we are and the basis of our national consciousness: oor Scots language comes fae oor verra saul, whiles Englis aye gaes in ane lug an oot the ither.”

    Either I can now speak Gaelic or that’s just pidgin English.

  167. jockmcx says:

    The equivilent of passing the time with trolls!

  168. James Jones says:

    Joe at 19:48 pm.
    “the UN definition of genocide”

    I have mocked the hysterical use of ‘colonialism’, ‘imprisonment’ and ‘hostage’ but you have seriously lost the plot with ‘genocide’.

  169. John Main says:

    @ smithie says:25 May, 2023 at 6:16 pm

    Jeez is john main no a sanctimonious prick? thats all folks

    Aw fuck smithie.

    Ye jist smashed ma arguments tae smithereens!

  170. smithie says:

    John Main says:
    25 May, 2023 at 6:50 pm

    @ smithie says:25 May, 2023 at 6:16 pm John i knew it would bypass you….prick

  171. Joe says:

    @James Jones

    So, mock away. Let’s see what you have.

  172. smithie says:

    John be you all you want…it makes no difference to you being a twat….keep posting your twat shite mate….it only reflects on you

  173. John Main says:

    @Republicofscotland says:25 May, 2023 at 6:11 pm

    you can shove your English subs and their nukes where the sun doesn’t shine

    Naw, Republic, you can rant all you like, but it don’t amount to a hill of beans when compared to the facts.

    There’s a war on, Scotland is in it, the UK is in it, the EU is in it, Europe is in it. Nobody rational disarms in the middle of a war. You can deny that till the cows come home, but facts are facts.

  174. smithie says:

    you have an argument John? really? lol

  175. Shug says:

    Viceroy Jack must be so pleased the SNP don’t know how to achieve independence after almost 100 years. They need a meeting to decide what they might do in 10 years time.

    What a bunch of absolute wasters.

    They are so bad they make the v
    Viceroy look good

  176. smithie says:

    John Main says:
    25 May, 2023 at 7:00 pm

    @Republicofscotland says:25 May, 2023 at 6:11 pm

    you can shove your English subs and their nukes where the sun doesn’t shine

    Naw, Republic, you can rant all you like, but it don’t amount to a hill of beans when compared to the facts.

    There’s a war on, Scotland is in it, the UK is in it, the EU is in it, Europe is in it. Nobody rational disarms in the middle of a war. You can deny that till the co………Duh??????

  177. Northcode says:

    @Alf Baird

    Just came across your poem, quite by chance.

    I understood most of it, although I had to look up a handful of Scots words.

    I was going to post a link to it, but thought I’d check with you first to see if you’re okay with that.

    let me know if you are.

    And ‘heeligoleerie’, what a brilliant word.

    This is a good one, too. You might know it already.

    I first heard it many years ago spoken at the end of a movie called ‘Walkabout’ starring a very young Jenny Agutter, and it always stuck in my mind:

    Into my heart an air that kills
    From yon far country blows:
    What are those blue remembered hills,
    What spires, what farms are those?

    That is the land of lost content,
    I see it shining plain,
    The happy highways where I went
    And cannot come again.

    by A. E. Housman

  178. Anton Decadent says:

    @John Main

    UK Subs-Warhead, I see what you did there (one for the boomers)


    Thank you for such an informed response, very much appreciated. Re travellers, people I knew got into it as a lifestyle choice but were not born into it. Some I have since spoken to and that part of their life is long in the past, it has since been a middle class striving for their family life but they seem to feel a kinship with the Roma despite having no experience with them outside of artificial environments of providing them with opportunities and services with an air of understanding their perceived victimhood as they once too owned a camper van. I work in an environment in which I have had doors closed in my face and repeatedly told “this is not for you” when I try to apply for opportunities/positions which are guarded by middle class gatekeepers whom I have had to come to accept will not give me the steam off of their piss. The same people also victim blame me when I am attacked by Roma and could not do enough for them. I can hardly blame the Roma for taking advantage of this and dislike those people more as a group than I do the Roma beyond the ones who have attacked me or members of my family or stolen things from my family etc. There is a difference between genuine travelling people and drugged up crusties.

    Re Govanhill, what many people do not realise or want airbrushed from history is that when they arrived in Govanhill there was already a small Somali community at the Langside Road/Dixon Avenue part just off of Victoria Road. The two groups did not play nice together and it culminated in a mass running street battle down Dixon Road with groups of Roma and Somalis attacking each other with sticks, bricks and bottles. The Somalis lost and were ran out of Govanhill by the Roma down to the Eglinton Toll end and the Roma claimed Govanhill as theirs and had what can only be described as a massive population explosion in the area. One of the ones who attacked me said “this is our area” whilst doing so.

    Whilst walking back from the town today I was noticing how all the way from the south side of the Clyde to Govanhill now looks like a foreign country, Tradeston, Eglinton Toll, Govanhill. This spread out will continue unless checked.

  179. James Jones says:

    Joe at 6:57 pm
    “So, mock away. Let’s see what you have.”

    I think the comments might have reached ‘peak loon’ but I’ll watch for even greater comedy.

  180. Smithie says:

    John Main says:
    25 May, 2023 at 7:00 pm

    @Republicofscotland says:25 May, 2023 at 6:11 pm

    you can shove your English subs and their nukes where the sun doesn’t shine

    Naw, Republic, you can rant all you like, but it don’t amount to a hill of beans when compared to the facts.

    There’s a war on, Scotland is in it, the UK is in it, the EU is in it, Europe is in it. Nobody rational disarms in the middle of a war. You can deny that til…….what a lot of shite

  181. Joe says:


    I want to apologise for the unwarranted insults in the reply earlier. You didn’t deserve it and it was wrong of me.

    It’s hard not to get pissed off to a very large degree when dealing with some of this subject matter, given the stakes, and I am not a passive person.

    Nevertheless I’m in the wrong.

    @James Jones

    So you are going to warm me up and leave it at ‘peak loon’? Alright then.

  182. jockmcx says:

    Life is so enjoyable when your not a c*nt…
    being Scottish is a bonus!

    no more slugs,no more c*nts!

    That’s what i want!

    And i think (probably because of the way i was brought up)we can do
    And if we do then we have something important to say to the rest of
    this planet,becauase they too are infested with slugs and c*nts!

    But clarity begins at home!

    Scottish independence,first,second and last or shut the f*ck up!

    Do you hear that snp?

  183. John Main says:

    @Northcode says:25 May, 2023 at 7:21 pm

    A. E. Housman was English.

    Maybes re-evaluate if you want to post his stuff on here, considering the insults you were dishing out just yesterday.

  184. Michael Laing says:

    @ Smithie at 7.37pm: Tell that to Ireland, or Denmark, or Iceland, or Belgium, or Switzerland, or any number of small counties in the world which don’t have and don’t want nuclear weapons. All they do is make us a prime target for annihilation.

  185. robbo says:

    Oh ffs. Looks like us men have a new term for being attracted to ladies. People actually get paid for writing this shite- mind boggles.

  186. John Main says:

    FFS Smithie.

    Put some effort into it.

    This is Wings BTL. Scotland’s most-read Indy blog, remember?

    Up your game, you’re making Wilson look like a genius.

  187. james murphy says:

    Wilson McBride says:
    25 May, 2023 at 6:31 am

    Main and his “names” (Trolls), have really moved.

    Joe, Chas, Scot Abroad, and fuck knows how many other names he is using, have fucked up Wings.

    And the wankers who actually reply to these “names” are every bit as complicit in the demise of Wings.

    The end result will be people just stop paying their monthly subscription.

    Couldnt agree more. I find myself coming on here less and less due to the proliferation of unionist troll posts and people using the forum soley to have private conversations. Ditto the excessive amount of posts from a few people about the treaty of the union etc. Important no doubt, but swamping the forum with extremely long and frequent posts, will only also drive people of the forum.

  188. Achnababan says:

    Anton….I also was very underwhelmed by Albas policies…they just seemed to be the SNP policies under Alex Salmond.

    I fear Salmond is going to take us doon the gairden path again.

    Let’s have a real pro scottish party. I am not against anyone else living here ..they are very welcome. But Scotland needs to embolden and bolster its own identity at the same time. And I dinna mean wearing the kilt at weddings and coronations.

  189. Michael Laing says:

    @ Smithie: apologies, I appear to have attacked the wrong target. I’m finding it difficult to work out from the comments above who’s in favour of there being nuclear weapons in Scotland and who isn’t.

  190. jockmcx says:

    Ian brotherhood’s link from 10.55am,hugh MacDiarmid

    Tried before but comment disapeared!

  191. John Main says:

    @ Michael Laing says:25 May, 2023 at 8:07 pm

    Tell that to Ireland, or Denmark, or Iceland, or Belgium, or Switzerland, or any number of small counties in the world which don’t have and don’t want nuclear weapons. All they do is make us a prime target for annihilation


    So nuclear powers only use their WMD against other nuclear powers?

    Not only contrary to the lessons that history teaches us (Hiroshima, Nagasaki, anybody, anybody at all?), but in defiance of simple logic.

    Rational countries don’t beat up on countries that can fight back.

    But I get it, I really do. Many of you on here are truly immune to rationality, logic, history, common sense, etc etc.

    So if I ask if you truly believe 404 would be getting pulverised now if it had retained its WMD the best I can expect is “la la la la la”.

    And if I say “look, like it or lump it, there’s a war on, and we are stuck where we are until it’s over” you will say “naw, there’s no war on”.

    That’s fine. You don’t do reality, so you can’t be educated into acceptance of how much your Student Grant outlook harms Indy.

  192. smithie says:

    Michael Laing says:
    25 May, 2023 at 8:07 pm

    @ Smithie at 7. Prime target? what why? jeez such shit

  193. smithie says:

    Michael Laing says: No probs

  194. Smithie says:

    John Main says:
    25 May, 2023 at 8:13 pm

    FFS Smithie.

    Put some effort into it.

    This is Wings BTL. Scotland’s most-read Indy blog, remember?

    Up your game, you’re ma Hey jonny i’m good here….. ive no need to wear lady pants…..if you need a hug,,,just say x

  195. Breeks says:

    zzie says:
    25 May, 2023 at 4:09 pm

    ….And much as it pains me Alec is a liability.

    After all you have witnessed with Sturgeon destroying the SNP from the inside out, selling out Scotland and Scottish Independence, and doing incalculable damage to the cause, your conclusion is that Salmond is a liability???

    You’re either an idiot, or a bigger troll than Main and the Ascot Hat combined.

  196. John Main says:

    @james murphy says:25 May, 2023 at 8:15 pm

    Maybes some of us Sovereign Scots are saying you’ve had your chance.

    You’ve had coming up 10 years to do your best. And what has Scotland got to show for it?

    Humza Fucking Yousaf. With a side order of international scorn and humiliation. An Indy movement so fucking useless, it had to outsource its leadership.

    As I wrote before, you numpties and eejits have screwed it up big time. So maybes new blood is needed.

    It’s not your Scotland, it’s abody’s Scotland.

    I am fucking raging about Yousaf, and I read hardly a peep about the travesty of his leadership of Scotland from all you died-in-the-wool trad Indy posters.

    Plenty of time to diss anybody who posts about the facts though, eh?

  197. smithie says:

    Jonny main says…….not a lot really

  198. jockmcx says:

    Haha!…I’m glad your raging…hehe!

  199. John Main says:

    @Breeks says:25 May, 2023 at 8:35 pm

    Aw Breeks, you are asking for it.

    Logically, Sturgeon being a disaster and Salmond being a liability are separate and distinct things.

    The truth or otherwise of the first has no bearing on the truth or otherwise of the second, other than in yer heid. Soz.

    Incidentally, remind us again, who was it stood down to make way for NS anyways?

    I’m not sure what stage of the grief cycle you are at. But it certainly looks like you are just lashing out at anybody who presents you with unpalatable facts. So still in denial.

  200. jockmcx says:

    A scot doing it better!
    just my opinion…hehe
    Julie Fowlis

  201. John Main says:

    @Smithie says:25 May, 2023 at 8:34 pm

    You need to re-post that one.

    Your cut-and-paste broke off just before it came to “Wilson”.

  202. Alf Baird says:

    Northcode @ 7:21 pm

    “Just came across your poem”

    Yes, please post a link if you wish. We should be seeing more poetry of an anti-colonial nature, however funding of the arts tends to promote only the dominant values of the colonizer. ‘The first duty of the native poet is to see clearly the people he has chosen as the subject of his work of art’ (Fanon).

  203. smithie says:

    Jonny is just some wallaper that thinks he knows best hhaaha as if

  204. smithie says:

    Just ask Jonny, happy to oblige. P.s if you need a hug?

  205. jockmcx says:

    A scot doing it better!
    just my opinion…hehe!

  206. Dorothy Devine says:

    For those who think that comments btl are putting them off visiting Wings – there is a simple answer , don’t read the comments just enjoy the forensic analysis presented by Stu.

    I understand that repetition can bore and there are those btl who insist on so doing but one comes to recognise them and bypass.

  207. jockmcx says:

    Good on u dorothy!
    A scot,scots doing it better
    soul music!
    Average White Band

  208. Robert Hughes says:

    @ Anton D

    Govanhil is an area I know ( or , used to know ) very well ; I lived in various flats there in the mid to late 70s , on some of the streets you mention eg Dixon Av , Govanhill St , Alison St , the first one on Boyd St .

    It was a good place to live . Largely free of gang-related aggro , and I don’t remember ever feeling threatened coming home at all hours of the night n in various * states * .

    The substantial Asian population seemed to be well integrated n neither caused nor suffered much grief ; as far as I knew anyway . Personally , my mates n I got on really well with the Asian people we encountered , typically , in the shops they ran , also as neighbours .

    What’s happening ( happened ) now is a whole different thing .

    It’s not happening by chance . Note the people creating these forced cultural * collisions * never themselves suffer any of the – inevitable – consequences of throwing people of wildly different cultural backgrounds into areas already suffering straightened circumstances and declining social provision .

    No , the enablers , our superiors , fly about the globe , hold conferences , summits , the whole unedifying Reality Show of money n power , telling each other how fckn * Progressive * they are . While societies burn n Truth is nowhere to be found . Not on yr T.V or * news*paper anyway .

    I still have cousins who live in Govanhill : sadly , they confirm what you describe – the drastic decline of a once decent community . Changed almost beyond recognition . Not for the better .

  209. jockmcx says:

    last post!
    I am going to give u all peace now,but before i go,i must insist
    that you you click on this link,you will watch a thing of beauty!
    Have no idea where the video comes from, but the music from the
    cocteau twins is astounding,a pair of young scot’s from grangemouth
    who created a new genre of music!…and there’ much more in thier


  210. Northcode says:

    Link to Alf Baird’s Doun Hauden Poem

    Well worth a read. It’s a braw poem:

    “The first duty of the native poet is to see clearly the people he has chosen as the subject of his work of art”.


    Prof. Alf Baird: Doun Hauden Poem

  211. Mac says:


    Oh yeah, good reminder. That is coming too.

    Despite NI’s small size when it happens (and it surely will, Irish reunification) it will still be a huge influx viz a viz Scotland’s population.

    And incredibly toxic. Beyond toxic…

  212. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @jockmcx (9.54) –

    Do you mind if I ask why it’s your ‘last’ post?


  213. In reply to Izzie @ 6.12pm:

    In what way is Alex Salmond “tainted”? We all know that Nicola Sturgeon engineered a Court Case against him and had a hell of a job trying to do so – remember that the Police had to interview about 400 women to try and find some women to accuse him of sexual advances towards him? Then in the end, when she and the English Civil Servant Evans found some women willing to come forward and lie in Court (after being given anonymity by a Scottish female Judge, whose reputation has gone downhill ever since). These “alphabetties” lied and perjured themselves but they can’t be prosecuted because they were given “anonymity” by a corrupt Scottish Judge!

    Most of us know by now who the women are and, more importantly, who they are married to and why a certain person didn’t stand to be Leader of the SNP!

    Alex Salmond was found innocent and the Scottish Government had to pay his Court costs. All because Nicola Sturgeon couldn’t cope on her own and she was so afraid that Alex Salmond would come back into politics!

    As for some comments I have read on here about women not being able to vote for Alex Salmond – Why? Did Nicola tell you not to?

    As far as I’m concerned, Alex Salmond has been fighting for Independence all his life and knows far more about Scottish history than Humza Yousaf, who knows even less about what Nicola Sturgeon was up to!

    Come the next GE, if we don’t have a strong ALBA candidate in my constituency – and we need a strong one – as I live in South Edinburgh where we have Ian Murray, Labour MP. We had a very weak SNP candidate last time around and we need a strong ALBA candidate to take the seat off Labour. Come on ALBA – show us how a true Independence Party can take this seat away from the man who dresses in Union Jack suits!!

  214. shug says:

    Quite funny the chief constable confessing to be
    institutionally racist as he leaves the building.

    What the f…. has he been doing for the last few years???

    Oh yes Scotland is every bit as shite as England, just after the police tent exercise, just after the Salmond case, just after the Craig Murray et al cases oh and I never tipped off anybody.

    Beyond ludicrous

  215. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Galloway Lass (10.38) –

    Hear hear.


  216. jockmcx says:

    1an Brotherhood says,
    Do you mind if I ask why it’s your ‘last’ post…10.29pm

    Because i’m knackered with hard work,and i’m pissed on gin,andI’m

    trying to get to grip’s with the grim reaper,and i’m shagged off
    with bullshit!

  217. John Main says:

    Cos his maw says it’s past his bedtime.

    ‘Uncle’ Wilson’s jist come in fae the boozer, wi ‘that look’ on his puss.

  218. jockmcx says:

    But i know ian brotherhood and galloway lass are real,so on we go,
    never give up!
    1’m strong as an ox by the way,,lol

  219. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @joemcx (10.50) –


    Four outstanding reasons, one outstanding comment.

    Well, I did ask!

    Hope it’s not as bad as it sounds and if your mind is made up, so be it.

    Bestest wishes.


  220. Joe says:

    I mentioned this video in a previous post as of great relevance today. I happened to just see it again to decided to post it. This should help inform those who can think of why people who ‘know’ can tell years before that any particular politician or party are ‘in’ on the game.

    I hope it helps.

  221. Breastplate says:

    I took it that jockmcx was done for the night and not forever.

  222. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Breastplate –

    Aye, well, here’s hoping.

    @Joe –

    I almost posted exactly the same clip earlier. The man talks sense. I don’t know of any serious beef the Scots have ever had with R***ia and, with ref to Main’s comments upthread, I don’t recall the UK making a declaration of war against it recently.

    Ach well, so it goes, being part of ‘Blighty’ whether we bloody well like it or not sah!


  223. jockmcx says:

    Breastplate 11.32
    Too right,me and mine are Scots…F*ck that giving up shite,
    I am pissed,and pissed off,but F*ck that to f*ck,give up…
    I will annoy the f*ck out of the trolls on here if needs be,but would prefer if the good guy’s on here would smarten up!

    I don’t have the time,too much grim reaper stuff to deal with,this is not a game,when you comment on here you are talking about the
    lives of over 5 milllion people,plus an historic nation,
    Plus I would say no one other than little old me (mr nobody)
    really get’s the importance of this fight…and it is a fight!

    But fight…and keep on…it’s important!

  224. Derek says:

    Tag team? Absence of the scot abroad but the appearance of smithie.

    Could they be related? (contd. p94).

  225. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @jockmcx –

    Hang in there bro.



  226. jockmcx says:

    Ian Brotherhood 12.43am
    I never lose… hehe!

  227. Breeks says:

    Galloway Lass says:
    25 May, 2023 at 10:38 pm.

    …. We had a very weak SNP candidate last time around and we need a strong ALBA candidate to take the seat off Labour.

    I think there’s a difficult trade off between a terrific Independentist with raw passion for Scotland, and the “grooming” required to make them articulate enough to deliver their arguments clearly and concisely.

    Go too far, and the raw passion and spontaneity is left diminished. Between you and me, I believe that has happened to the SNP in Westminster; lions turned into lambs, but all of them groomed in how to dodge answering a question.

    Part of me thinks / believes this is indoctrination from UK colonialism, because our MP’s must speak politely using “proper” English, and you always doubt the spontaneous rhetoric of an angry rebel who is worried about presentation.

    I stress, I said part of me, because colonial indoctrination aside, arguments do have to be sure-footed, articulate and presented with confidence.

    So what do we do? Canvas the country to recruit the most naturally articulate “best” of us? Or do we take the believers with purest faith, and polish their skills to a level they’re not accustomed to?

    The big problem I see is that politicians the world over are despised for their weakness, corruption, and inconstancy. I wonder how many “good” people we have, with no interest in politics because of the stigma of being a politician.

    The last irony is, in Alex Salmond we have the pinnacle of both; a devout and passionate believer in Scottish Independence, and a consummate statesman well able to defend Scotland’s interests on the global stage. Yet we all stand back and watch when the Establishment pillories him, and tries to destroy his reputation, treating him as Public Enemy No1.

    I think we Scots are so starved of competent and honest representation that we scarcely recognise it on the rare occasions when we see it.

  228. Wilson McBride says:

    I see Main has added ANOTHER “name” to his Wings collection.


    Not very original Main.

    As I said up thread, all this Troll/wanker is doing is driving decent people away, and by default, cancelling their subscriptions.

    Wings is heading in the same direction as the SNP,,,downwards.

    Maybe like the SNP, Wings needs to be killed off and come back stronger, without guys like Main and his collection of “names “.

    Why are we now not paying the SNP any money?,,,because it got hijacked by a lunatic (Sturgeon).,,,Wings has now been hijacked by a lunatic (Main).

    Stop paying your subscription until our very own Wings lunatic has been removed.

  229. John Main says:

    @Wilson McBride says:26 May, 2023 at 7:06 am

    Maybe like the SNP, Wings needs to be killed off

    Aye, richt.

    Wings has now been hijacked by a lunatic (Main)

    Aye, richt, agin.

    Stop paying your subscription until our very own Wings lunatic has been removed

    Sae, ‘Wilson’, let me see if ah hav this richt.

    Ye cry fer Wings tae be starved o cash and shut doon. Bit ah’m the baddie?

  230. John Main says:

    @Ian Brotherhood says:26 May, 2023 at 12:08 am

    I don’t know of any serious beef the Scots have ever had with R***ia and, with ref to Main’s comments upthread, I don’t recall the UK making a declaration of war against it recently

    Hmmm. I guess we can play the “Scottish Exceptionalism” card and claim that unlike other first-world European nations, we don’t care about rampant colonialist imperialism, aggression and genocide.

    Sure, I can see how that would be popular with some Scots. And it would certainly play to my preference for iScotland to be just that, Independent, and not some satrap of Brussels. Cos the EU has a quite a beef with R***ia, so Scotland is not going to be in the EU (or EFTA) without getting onside with that.

    You’re right. UK has not declared war on anybody. Just imposed eye-watering sanctions, supplied billions of pound’s worth of arms, trained tens of thousands of troops, and gone around the world drumming up support for 404. Don’t you think that makes the whole ‘declaring war’ bit redundant?

    Maybes you’re unaware of the calls on Russti TV for the UK to be nuked. They are particularly keen to try out their new “tsunami” warheads that are targeted in the sea close to the coast. They work by triggering a tsunami which it is expected will sweep in 100 feet high.

    So, not going to be stopped by Hadrian’s Wall.

    Read the Guardian yesterday? Russti tactical nukes now being stationed in Belarus. I know, it’s all the fault of the west and Biden, but still, it’s a fact that realists should be prepared to deal with.

    But the initial point is being lost. We are where we are. We can endlessly rant about how things might have been, or should have been, but that changes nothing.

    I don’t believe P is studying a map of the British Isles and saying “see that bit at the top – that’s to be left alone – cos that’s Scotland – and they’re special”.

    Soz Ian.

  231. fruitella the hun says:

    Salmond made a hash of conservation and planning obligations during the Trump fiasco. He’s almost as old as me and I’ll bet what considerable powers he had, physical and mental, are waning. He currently sees advantage in criticising the environmental offerings of this administration, paltry as they are against the scale of the problem. One way or another he gives the impression we can benefit financially from extracting the oil still buried in the seas we claim – but could never defend alone.

    What the current administration did to him was unforgivable and a huge warning of how precarious our freedoms are but that is not the same as a qualification to lead in the mid-twenty-first century. Leadership has to come from below – people attempting different ways of meeting our needs compared to the once glorious (for the well armed) but now wretched economic model we’ve had for a couple of centuries.

    I’d hoped the greens would organise that way but sadly they attracted activists who get-off on the power(i.e. jobs) trip of representative democracy. There are pockets of people working on more hopeful ways though – often involving green party members. Maybe Alba could have a look at that

  232. Xaracen says:

    Wilson McBride said;

    “Maybe like the SNP, Wings needs to be killed off and come back stronger, without guys like Main and his collection of “names “.”

    What’s the point of killing off Wings, when the only difference between this Wings and your proposed new Wings just boils down to a different moderation policy? Is that not a bit extreme?

    Why not explain to Stu why you think there’s a problem and ask him to amend the existing policy if he agrees with you?

  233. David Hannah says:

    Police Scotland saying they are institutionally racist.

    I’m disgusted by Ian Livingstone saying that. Talk about burning the entire house down on your way out.

    It’s just not true. And I don’t work in the police.

    This is all distraction for massive scale corruption of the Crown office the Salmond conspiracy and Nicola Sturgeon and Peter Murrell.

    The PFI contracts for the schools. The SNP are a fucking disgrace.

  234. David Hannah says:

    The police are not racists. What next black lives matter 2.0. Scotland? Give us peace. Scotland is going to the dogs.

    If you’re a white and a man you must apologise for existing. You’re the problem.

  235. David Hannah says:

    How do the cops measure their institutional racism?

    Let’s hope the new chief of police washes his hands of Livingstone. Reveals all the poison. All the corruption of his term.

    In fact. It’s time to disband Sturgeon’s Statsi police force. Now Yousaf’s bullying boot boys. If that’s the case. Unbelievable.

  236. Bobbyp says:

    Galloway lass 10.38pm 26th may. Lets face it the tory influx in edinburgh tactically vote for murray to keep any independence candidate out, if JC himself stood for Alba or Snp, he’d be on a loser.

  237. Joe says:

    ‘Read the Guardian yesterday?’

    ‘it’s a fact that realists should be prepared to deal with’

    Realists ditched the main stream media, all of it, a while ago.

  238. Mac says:

    Police Scotland now getting torched by its ratfink boss as he slimes his way out the door.

    Boy they are really going for it now.

  239. stuart mctavish says:

    shug @10:42

    Bit odd he’s allowed to do any of that when working his notice so could be interesting to see what punishment the chief’s apology risks attracting in the long run (dis-honorary discharge, loss of pension, full civil asset recovery, arbitrary detention & beatings on the fly, etc)

    More positive approach might be to think about what it could inspire though, and in an era determined to conflate slave trades with roping the Sunday school into manning the odd coffee morning stall, or tidying up after the picnic, what better way to build on his example than for the Scottish government to issue an urgent apology to Spain for not liberating them from the Islamic occupation between 711 and 1329* earlier.

    * ie when our ancestors finally won peace from their own troublesome neighbours for long enough to organise the resistance, only for King Bob to get whacked in the process and the occupation to earn itself a 163 year eot in possible direct consequence.

  240. Wilson McBride says:


    ANOTHER “name”.

    Fuck off ya Dildo.

  241. SteepBrae says:

    frutella the hun 8.05am

    Some curious assumptions and assertions in this comment.

    About Alex Salmond:
    “…I’ll bet what considerable powers he had, physical and mental, are waning.”

    (Waxing. You only have to look at the many videos online to see how thoroughly he understands and can explain important issues – and knows how to tackle them).

    And “What the current administration did to him was unforgivable…”

    (Understatement: it was criminal).

    “Leadership has to come from below…”


    “…the greens… attracted activists who get-off on the power(i.e. jobs) trip of representative democracy”.

    (Beyond an understatement. Anyone can go through previous Wings articles and look up the evidence or at least pay attention to what’s going on out there and who is promoting it).

    Everyone’s entitled to their opinion but eyes-wide-shut opinions do nothing to further the debate.

  242. David Hannah says:

    I’d hate to be a white heterosexual male police officer now. I really would.

    He won’t be able to arrest anyone anymore.

    My name is PC principle. Pronouns man/slaughter. I am here to reaffirm your bigotry you uppity white lesbian.

    They’ll be driving around in rainbow squad cars for pride month with savage garden – affirmation – as the siren.

    It’s ridiculous.

  243. Stoker says:

    I see the scummy Unionists are rounding on Margaret Ferrier with Sir Starmer coming out saying he’s going to be coming to Scotland to campaign in her constituency along with his Scottish lackies Sarwar and Bailey.

    I detest the current SNP but i detest English Unionist politicians even more, especially Knights of The Realm, when they act the big shot, giving it the “I’m coming up there” superior than though arrogance.

    Ferrier has been punished enough, especially when Bozo and his dad repeatedly broke Covid regulations and fuck all was done about them. This Witch hunt against Ferrier is blatant bullying. I hope she’s the only SNP rep that gets to keep her seat. How ironic, and sweet, would that be.

    I hope Sir Starmer, the great socialist (LOL!), is met by a welcoming party letting him know his presence is not appreciated. Arrogant tosser!

  244. Joe says:

    @fruitella the hun

    Just wanted to say that I enjoy your posts

    But just as a point about Salmond – I would bet my bank account that his insistence on adhering to the kind poisonous progressivism that people learned to hate under the SNP is his real Achilles heel. This means he is no fit leader for Scotland anymore.

    While I would love to see Salmond get real, my opinion is that until he does I am happy for him to crash and burn.

    Scotland needs more progressives like it needs more foreign land owners.

    The backlash to what the so-called woke ideology has done and what the people at the top of it, such as George Soros, planned for us is starting to reach the consciousness of more and more people and it is utterly horrific.

    There will come a day when every public figure who did not reject this poison will be seen as subversive actors and it will be entirely justified.

    Whether we have a civilisation left at that point depends on how quickly politically aware people, like on this blog, can recognise the threat and do something more than simply rooting for the next political promise.

  245. Mac says:

    I would argue that tweet above from Joe is not even off topic at this point.

    Scotland is at the tip of the woke spear. Everything the president of the country that likes wearing furry hats is saying in that speech could not be more on-topic at to what has happened in Scotland this last 9 years under Sturgeon.

    Also considering we are teetering on the brink of WWIII I think talk of R***ia and C***a are also perma-on-topic right now. Or should be.

    Listen to the speech from V.P. He talks about how all this woke crap was the exact same mental shit done by the communists when they inflicted their hideous reign on the R***ian people.

    We are in a really dangerous situation here. When you start adding in things like juryless trials it all takes a very different and sinister complexion. Look at these evil motherf***ers and what they have planned for us.

    The ‘Hate’ Bill. Yeah right.

  246. Jason Hoffman says:

    Is there anyone to vote for in Scotland now?

    SNP – dumpster fire and I would only vote for them because independence needs the SNP. But they’re not about indy and haven’t been since 2014.

    Greens – ha ha.

    Scottish Labour – nope and nope again.

    Scottish Tories – never

    Alba – pretty much the only option but even then.

    Scottish Liberals – are they even a political party?

  247. SteepBrae says:

    Jason Hoffman 9.30am

    “…SNP… I would only vote for them because independence needs the SNP. But they’re not about indy”.


  248. Alf Baird says:

    David Hannah @ 8:47 am

    “How do the cops measure their institutional racism?”

    Scotland having the largest prison population per capita in western Europe?

  249. John Main says:

    @Joe says:26 May, 2023 at 8:57 am

    Realists ditched the main stream media, all of it, a while ago

    Aw c’mon now Ted, sorry, Joe.

    Surely we can trust the fitba results?

    And maybes the weather?

    Can’t you see how your black-and-white narrative is putting people off? Few people are going to accept that the MSM, all of it, is unreal.

    There’s facts, and there’s opinions. The trick is to be smart enough to be able to tell the difference. It’s my opinion that many (most?) Scots are indeed smart enough.

    So your claim that all of the MSM is unreal won’t get you much traction.

  250. Mac says:

    Watching that ‘debate’ between Billboard Chris and those girls in George Square is well worth it.

    Even though they are just kids, the ‘tactics’ they use to try to silence the guy is chilling in many ways. Just watch it (all 4 clips).

    At one point they even start to suggest he is paedophile for taking an unnatural interest in children’s puberty. It goes on and on… absolute gutter level stuff. And I have seen all these tactics before from other wokies in other ‘debates’…

    Another woke guy pitches up and makes a lovely speech mentioning their age and sex and saying thankfully they will all die soon.

    They constantly reference his race, his age, his sex in a full on bigoted manner. Without having one iota of self awareness.

    But what you really detect is the rage, they are brimming with anger, and you get the distinct feeling that under different circumstances things could easily become violent.

    Look how easily they get upset and lose their tempers.

    And they feel they are justified, that it is ok to attack people because they have labelled them ‘n@zis’.

    These are the ‘useful idiots’ and large swathes of the younger generation have been indoctrinated with this woke poison.

    The guy in George Square is right, this a cult of sorts and someone has really done a number on those girls.

    This is full scale indoctrination and until these people are de-programmed they are a threat to us all. Because they are f**ing crazy.

  251. Lenny Hartley says:

    John Main, i think you are seriously misinformed by events in the other side of Europe.
    The West and in Particular the great old Us of A are the war mongers, they are the ones who have put an iron curtain of nukes around r u s s i a, and come out of international agreements on intermediate n ukes to do so. They organised the coup in UK raine so that they could put their miss iles there.
    This is about more than Europe, its an American attempt to keep their worldwide hegemony. .

  252. Breastplate says:

    John Main,
    You were commenting yesterday about how having nuclear weapons was good for us because nobody would mess with a country that had them.

    Following that rationale, you would have to argue that Belarus should have had them long ago, not only that but in the interest of world peace, every single nation should have a big red button.
    So, if nuclear weapons are a good thing to have, then we should all have them or if they are a bad thing to have, nobody should have them.

    No doubt you have some silly idea in your head that we are the good guys and we should be allowed them and the bad guys (that’ll be anybody who doesn’t agree with us) shouldn’t, because it doesn’t suit us and that’s just not fair and We’re going to throw the toys out of the pram and squeem and squeem until we get our own way.

    The truth of the matter is we are the bad guys along with the Ruzzians and the USA and any other country that seeks to undermine their neighbours and yes, that includes country 404.

  253. John Main says:

    @Alf Baird says:26 May, 2023 at 9:48 am

    Haha, I see what you did there. Your thesis must be gaining traction!

    Not quite seeing the linkage between prison population and polis institutional racism though.

    Unless the justice system is also institutionally racist.

    Maybes you could do some further research?

    Plot the racial self-ID in Scotland’s prisons against the racial self-ID in England & Wales prisons. Determine if the pro-rata difference is statistically significant, when adjusted for the very likely substantial differences in racial self-ID north and south of the border.

    Then if there is a difference that cannot be explained away, identify which direction that difference takes.

    An over representation of indigenous Scots.

    Or an over representation of “New Scots”.

    Explosive stuff either way, so good luck!

  254. Joe says:

    @John Main

    My introduction to what the MSM was all about was when I became professionally trained in the managing of financial assets.

    Only absolute amateurs and the uninformed public listen or read anything that is freely or cheaply available as ‘news’ in the financial world.

    You simply have to get your own data, build your own statistical models and come to your own conclusions which includes predicting GDP moves, industrial trends, central bank decisions from interest rates to money supply and much more.

    When I run my own global, regional, country and sector economic models I typically can gauge GDP, central bank decisions and sector performance very accurately. GDP to within 1/4%. This then translates to what governments will do, because politics is downstream from economic necessity 90% of the time.

    I, and people like me, are always 30 to 90 days ahead of the financial media, and that’s when they actually decide to somewhat honestly report on something. Mostly, and I am being totally honest here, what get’s put up on the media is information that allows institutional money a favourable move.

    A prime example is that I know of guys who literally retired from professional money management right before the 2008 financial crash simply because they knew it was coming, they knew their bonuses would be cut as a reaction (while the public gets fleeced for the money to pay for all the corruption) and then left to privately run their own money. Incidentally I tried to contact Alex Salmond asking what his thoughts were on that same upcoming crash in 2007.

    The financial media is pure herd management.

    The over all media itself is absolutely no better. They have proven time and time again to be exactly what I described for the financial media.

    Nobody who has been paying attention and has any brains left takes anything the MSM says seriously, beyond asking the question ‘what is it the regime wants us to believe or be distracted from this time?’

    That someone can come onto a blog like this and quote a story from a mainstream paper to back his position in a ‘I told you so’ manner is depressing.

  255. Luigi says:

    I’m slightly bemused at the number of posters here commenting on the ALBA party as if it’s the Alex Salmond show. ALBA is not a personality cult (unlike the SNP under Nicola Sturgeon, I would argue). Sure, Alex is a massive beast in Scottish politics, but if you care to look you will find a fair few big hitters in ALBA. In fact, most of the former SNP big-hitters have moved over to ALBA.

    Sure ALBA is an unknown entity. One thing is for sure, however: A decent vote for ALBA will certainly stir things up. Talk about setting a cat amongst the pigeons. If you want to shake the Scottish independence movement out of it’s current impasse, then give ALBA a try next time. What’s to lose? Vote in a small number of ALBA MPs and MSPs and feathers will fly. Guaranteed.

  256. Mac says:

    Do folk recall the Mitchell & Webb sketch where they dress up as N@zis and Mitchell asks Webb “Are we the baddies?”…

    The irony of that sketch is that the Nazi character being played by David Mitchell still has more self awareness than David Mitchell himself does.

  257. John Main says:

    @Lenny Hartley says:26 May, 2023 at 10:06 am

    OK, so let’s accept that everything you say is true.

    My initial point, yesterday, was and is, that Scotland has to live in that reality.

    So where do we go from here?

    If it’s the west that are the warmongers, how do we get Scotland out of the west? How do we persuade Scots that decoupling from the west is the best option? How do we square that with the fervent belief that Scotland’s future is in the EU or EFTA, both of which are very much in the west?

    I don’t have answers, and I would be surprised if anybody does.

    But, channeling my inner Republic, if you think that the answer is unilateral disarmament, make your case.

    Thing is, I would have been in broad agreement with you in 2020, but circumstances have changed. As the wise man says, when the facts change, my opinions change.

    So, it’s my considered opinion that the best and safest option for Scotland is a clear win for 404. It’s my considered opinion that none of the warmongering powers (UK, USA, EU) will be prepared to countenance Indy until the war is over. It’s existential for all of them – so every lever will be pulled to thwart the break up of the UK.

    But don’t get all excited. It’s just my opinion.

  258. David Hannah says:

    I’ve been thinking about this for the last half an hour. I can’t understand why this guy Livingstone would burn the entire house down on his way out.

    And it all becomes clear to me. Who is replacing the chief of police?

    The words that the cops are racist, sexist and homophobic, were spoken as if they were spoken Yousless himself.

    And then it all makes sense. I believe ghat Livingstone is corrupted. He’s up to his neck in the Salmond conspiracy. He’s up to his neck in the financial corruption of this country. And now he may well have been coerced into making this statement about the force.

    For what reason? Well it’s obvious isn’t?

    So that the police federation vote in some authoritarian, freedom of speech hating puppet of Yousaf, Lady Dorian and fucking Dorothy Brain chief clown of the clown office.

    They feel more safe with one of their own jury hating gender ideologues that don’t mind covering things up for the white hating Humza Yousaf.

    It’s all became clear to me.

  259. John Main says:

    @ Breastplate says:26 May, 2023 at 10:15 am

    No doubt you have some silly idea in your head that we are the good guys

    I have just replied to Lenny Hartley.

    I said, let’s start with the axiom that the UK, USA, EU are warmongers, stirring it up, just for the hell of it and maybes in pursuit of world-wide woke.

    OK, so now what for Scotland?

    Maybes you will have an answer?

    Magnificent isolation?

    Membership of BRICS?

    Complete disarmament and reliance on the good nature of our neighbours, rUK, EU, etc.

    That’s the rUK and EU that are the aggressive warmongers, BTW. rUK shorn of much of the resources and money it desperately needs from Scotland.

    It certainly has me stumped, so help me out.

  260. Alf Baird says:

    Breeks @ 5:54 am

    “this is indoctrination from UK colonialism, because our MP’s must speak politely using “proper” English”

    This is a consequence of the way colonial society is structured and the concept of a ‘Cultural Division of Labour’ favouring the dominant culture and language and its Cultural Values. The fit of passion for the colonizer’s values would not be so suspect if it did not involve such a negative side. We tend to forget that ‘the crushing of the colonized is included among the colonizer’s values. As soon as the colonized adopts those values, he similarly adopts his own condemnation.’ (Albert Memmi)

  261. Alf Baird says:

    John Main @ 10:20 am

    “Not quite seeing the linkage”

    As colonialism is racism, in a colonial society the institutions tend to be institutionally racist.

  262. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Unless there’s been some editorial change of heart, the ‘war’ is still a ‘banned’ topic here and the word filter remains in place.

    John Main is flouting the rules deliberately because he knows we can’t have a full and frank discussion.

    This is Rev’s site and the rules are his. To paraphrase his oft-employed Ivor Cutler quip, ‘there are no chains holding me down’.

    If another space becomes available to have this discussion then Main and his ilk are going to have some very heavy explaining to do and they’ll require evidence to back it up. Because right now, anyone who spends more than five minutes doing their own research online can see that the blue/yellow place is getting hammered. The very fact that UK-manufactured depleted uranium stockpiles were blasted last week, causing a radioactive cloud to head this way, has not, so far as I’m aware, even registered on msm news.

    Neither Joe, Mac, Lenny Hartley nor anyone else in here needs lectures on propaganda – it’s basically what this site is about and we’ve all learned a lot about it over the past few years. The shite we’ve been subjected to over the past 15 months is embarrassingly transparent.

    There is a discussion to be had, to be sure, and it affects us all. If young people here in Scotland are working in places manufacturing weapons intended to kill young people anywhere else, that’s our business. Deflecting from that basic truth with regurgitated tripe from the BBC, Guardian etc is nothing more than an insult to everyone using this place.

  263. Mac says:

    When I think of all the bad shit that (elements at least of) Police Scotland & COPFS have done over the years none of them were racial in nature, none.

    The witch-hunt of Alex Salmond was not racial.

    The witch-hunt of the RFC liquidators was not racial.

    Gail Sheridan’s miniature collection was not racial.

    This is a calculated misdirection away from where the real problems lie in Police Scotland and the COPFS.

    This guy Livingston is Police Scotland very own version of Sturgeon doing as much damage from the inside as he can.

    Agree with David above, this is also designed to control who the next Police boss will be.

    Now it will have to be some wokie to ‘clean-up’ all the ‘racism’. Meaning any good guy cops in Police Scotland will get screwed and woke twats promoted instead.

    (Is it still the case you have to become a freemason to progress up the ranks of the Police in Scotland? If so does that mean Iain Livingstone must be one? Why does all that freemasonry stuff never get a mention but suddenly now they are all institutionally racist. Does that mean the freemasons are institutionally racist as well?)

    I’d bet this guy Livingstone is absolutely hated by ordinary cops at this point.

  264. Northcode says:

    Interesting article from Sky News.

    22% of leave voters now think Brexit was a mistake, according to a YouGov poll.

    And only 31% of people now think it was right to leave the EU.

    This from Sky News; Monday 22 May 2023 22:45, UK:

    Brexit: Poll suggests just 9% of Britons think decision to leave European Union more of a success than failure
    Brexit regret has reached record levels, according to new polling which said just 9% of Brits consider it to be more of a success than a failure.

    According to a YouGov survey, 62% of people describe it as more of a flop – including 37% of Leave voters.

    It comes after arch-Brexiteer Nigel Farage admitted Britain’s exit from the EU had “failed” with the economy yet to see any benefits.

    The public opinion and data company suggested most people agreed with the former UKIP and Brexit Party leader’s assessment, with so-called “Bregret” at its peak.

    The polling showed the number of people saying it was right to leave the EU has dropped to 31%, its lowest ever level.

    Nearly double – 56% – say it was the wrong move.

    The number of Leave voters who think it was wrong hit the highest level to date, at 22%, YouGov said.

    And from Therese Coffey in the same article:

    Therese Coffey, the environment secretary, said the reforms enabled by the new (Brexit)legislation could still cut the price of a bottle of wine by as much as 50p.

  265. Joe says:

    @David Hannah

    I would say that he is helping to start an upcoming move that I spoke about a few years ago on here during the covid lock downs.

    They will find excuses to try to populate our police and security forces with as many foreign, preferably non-white, people as possible.

    That excuse will be, as usual, ‘fighting racism’. They will be institutionally indoctrinated into what amounts to racial hatred.

    This is when the security services and the police will truly be weaponised against ‘nazis’ like me. The irony is that a significant number of Scots will cheer this as some kind of victory for progress.

    Once we who are attempting to fight this are out of the way the anti-white agenda can get fully turned on because then nobody who has a clear idea of what is going on will be there to inform people.

    Ultimately in the fullness of time our children and grand children are prepped to become a hated minority of 2nd class citizens in their own homelands.

    The tyrant loves the foreigner.

    I would love to be wrong.

  266. James Che says:

    Its sad to see the mind that has been Colonised also has been taught it was in a treaty of union,

    And is feared and dubious that its mind may find out the truth of reality, fear mays it look for a alternative.
    So keeps fighting with blunt instuements for much longer than is necessary

  267. John Main says:

    @Ian Brotherhood says:26 May, 2023 at 11:14 am

    OK, so it’s a banned topic, the MSM is not reporting what’s going on, the blue/yellow place is getting gubbed, everybody on here is already at peak knowledge, and there’s a radioactive cloud heading our way.

    No links from you to back up anything you post, so just to be on the safe side, I’m off to pull my radishes.

    And, because the Guardian is predicting good weather, I’ll take in my washing too. Fucking liars, every single fucking one.

    There’s a new thread anyhoo.

  268. stuart mctavish says:

    Wee reminder about Scottish airport profiling (pre brain fog)

  269. James Che says:

    Keep repeating it often enough and people believe it.

  270. Joe says:


    Anybody who talks about the post-Brexit economy without also taking the covid/lockdown effects into consideration is a fucking vegetable.

    We don’t have a post-Brexit economy. We have a post-Covid economy.

    See my previous post to John Main.

  271. John Main says:

    @Northcode says:26 May, 2023 at 11:18 am

    Interesting article from Sky News

    So, lies then.

    Haud oan though. Because it says something you want to believe, it must be gospel.

    See? I’m getting the hang of this place!

    But you need to think things through.

    Posting that Brexit was a failure is only ever going to play to the “I told you so’s”, who will predict that Scexit will be a failure too.

    Anyway, if this is an attempt to bolster the “let’s get iScotland back into the EU” faction, is this the same warmongering EU that is fomenting strife and potential nuclear disaster on its Eastern frontier?

    The EU with these belligerent countries, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, increasingly calling the shots? Backed up with a rapidly re-militarising Germany? The EU that is fast-tracking membership for Moldova – whoops, big trouble ahead with that one!

    Why would iScotland want to hook up with that bunch of warmongering gangsters?

    As I said, you need to think things through.

  272. Northcode says:

    As I awaken from my long slumber and am rediscovering the Scots language, I am reminded of just what a fantastically expressive language it is.

    But I am nothing if not fair. And the English language is also one of the world’s great languages.

    And thanks to the ancient Greeks and Romans, the English language has become one of the most versatile tools of spoken and written communication humanity has ever known.

    So, with that in mind, I thought I’d revisit and expand on a rhetorical figure of speech I have mentioned previously.

    Because when you see how it is used by a master (Shakespeare, for instance) you can’t be anything but impressed.

    Just scroll on by if you aren’t interested., or know of it already.

    I’m using Churchill’s well-known speech because on these Islands, almost everyone is familiar with it. There is no other reason.

    Do you remember Winston Churchill’s speech about the invasion of Britain?

    Do you remember the part where he spoke of the Germans landing on
    the south coast of England, over-running London and beating down British resistance to a few fighters in the Yorkshire moors or the Lake District or somewhere or other?

    Do you remember that part?

    You might think you don’t, but you probably do.

    You’ve just never listened to his speech properly.

    What you did listen to, however, was the Anaphora.

    Apparently, Churchill used to write his speeches out on separate lines.

    So his description of the possible German invasion of Britain Churchill gave to
    Parliament in 1940, when Britain stood alone against Germany with no outside help and facing almost certain defeat, would have probably looked something like this:

    We shall not flag or fail.
    We shall go on to the end.
    We shall fight in France.
    We shall fight on the seas.
    We shall fight with confidence.
    We shall defend our island, whatever it may cost(and it cost a lot when the Americans got involved).
    We shall fight in the air.
    We shall fight on the beaches.
    We shall fight on the landing grounds.
    We shall fight in the fields and in the streets.
    We shall fight in the hills.
    We shall never surrender.

    Churchill knew exactly what he was doing with Anaphora.

    In Churchill’s speech they hear “We shall fight” and that’s good enough for everyone.

    They hear, and they believe. And they believe because they’ve heard it several times

    It seems Churchill wanted to deliver two messages:

    1. We shall fight.
    2. But we shall probably lose.

    It’s pretty clear, when you see it, what he’s talking of. He’s talking of defeat, defeat with honour.

    The Anaphora allowed him to emphasise one message, while sneaking in the other pretty much unnoticed.

    So, watch out for Anaphora. It’s a powerful rhetorical figure of speech.

    Clever folks those ancient Greeks, and the Romans too, of course.

  273. James Che says:

    It will be interesting to see what is left of of the virus implemented lockdown and forced to agree with war through black mail and threats, along with compulsory buyouts of farmers and food source for the ideology of climate change,
    15 min Cities, no transport or freedoms and yet with no shops or or health services and expensive energy.

    At the moment the attempt to block free speech by authorities around most of what once were thriving Counties, without doubt all this will backfire.

    It seems the least of their worries are going to be Scotland.
    I see many Countries that are now feeling the hands tied behind their back while restricting free speech will feel they have entered a modern version ghetto. Where homeless, disabled and aged can be euthenised and experimented on,

    The last time that happened the Nuremberg code was set up, and some were held to account,
    This time around the people that create these new ghettos might not be judged by there own kind, but by the people,
    Crimes against humanity is always classed as a ultimate sin.
    It may not pay to be on the ideological laws of governance and dictatorship against all humans.

    The safety net for those elite people already shows signs of disintregrating and unraveling.
    Many Roman empires fall when people are its first victims.

  274. PacMan says:

    The ‘institutional racism’ of Police Scotland that Livingstone has declared is just a way of getting individuals in that organisation off the hook of any criminal or internal disciplinary charges.

  275. Joe says:


    The funny thing about that Churchill speech is that it may well have been delivered by an actor. Possibly because he was very often drunk.

    But what I find the most interesting thing about that speech, isn’t so much how it was written or delivered but that it missed out the 20-odd German offers for peace and the contents of those peace offers.

    Right up to and including when Churchill had ordered the bombing of German cities a full 3 months before the Germans retaliated in kind.

    And when they did respond Churchill made sure to live outside of London, only returning long enough to wave his masonic V hand signals at the ordinary Londoners left picking up the pieces of their homes and loved ones.

  276. John Main says:

    @Ian Brotherhood says:26 May, 2023 at 11:14 am

    causing a radioactive cloud to head this way

    Any update on this?

    I’ve pulled my radishes, but would prefer to leave my tatties to the last possible minute.

    Where’s the cloud now? How fast is it moving?

    I know Scotland’s a wee place, but East Kilbride is tiny by comparison with the whole. Any chance I’ll be fine?

    This affects us all Ian. You can’t just drop this one on us and then run away. We need to know.


  277. John Main says:

    @Joe says:26 May, 2023 at 12:53 pm

    Superb post!

    You spelled Churchill right every time.

    Is it true that Churchill used to pilot some of the Heinkel 111 bombers himself?

    Every time he thought the propaganda might be wearing off, that is. The RAF were briefed with his aircraft’s identification insignia, so that he could be sure of bombing a maternity hospital without being shot down.

    His health was a mess, in fact, I read he only kept going to the end of the war by drinking baby’s blood.

    Chee fucking rist. Is there anybody on here who could persuade a psychiatric orderly to let them out, if they somehow or other got trapped in a secure establishment?

    Anybody at all?

  278. Northcode says:

    @Joe 12:33pm

    My only intention with my comment was to highlight the use of a particularly powerful rhetorical figure of speech.

    There are plenty of other examples, of course.

    But Churchill’s “We shall fight them…” speech is so well known I thought it would be a good example to use.

    The politics behind his speech is an interesting subject.

    And brighter political minds than mine, minds like yours, perhaps, Joe, are better equipped to discuss those politics.

    Having said that. You make several valid points in your comment.

    You highlight, with great clarity, the double standard for the wealthy and powerful.

    And we ordinary citizens are, indeed, often left to ‘pick up the pieces’.

  279. Joe says:

    @John Main

    The bit about the actor is popular speculation.

    It might also be that his victory ‘V’s were innocent enough though I doubt it.

    Everything else is absolutely verifiable fact. The less important stuff like –

    – 20 or so German proposals for peace which included the Wehrmacht fighting on Britains side should the British ever need it.
    – the fact that the British were bombing German cities for 3 months before Hitler decided to respond

    German senior officers are on record as having pleaded with Hitler not to give the British a few days to retreat at Dunkirk and to have him invade immediately for which Hitler’s response was an absolutely firm ‘No’.

    There’s much more but there’s only so much I can or would burden wings with.

    Maybe you can read about it in the Guardian instead?

  280. James Che says:

    Heres a good conspiracy to keep the disinformation control group occupied.

    Do you suppose pearl harbour was americas lets blow it up and blame japan, similar to blowing up Nord stream and blaming it on the russians.

  281. Joe says:


    I am sorry, I didn’t mean to sound so hostile. I was just thinking the other day that you are obviously of a keen intellect and an excellent communicator.

  282. Northcode says:

    @Joe 1:47pm

    Joe, your apology is completely unwarranted.

    I detected no hostility whatsoever in your comment.

    However, I have revisited my own comment. I can see now how it might have come across as slightly petulant.

    And that being the case, it is I who should apologise to you.

    Thank you for your kind compliment, by the way.

    Although you might now want to reconsider the part about me being an excellent communicator. 😉

  283. John Main says:

    @Joe says:26 May, 2023 at 1:41 pm

    Sorry, for some unaccountable reason I was confusing Churchill with R J Mitchell.

    Probably the unaccustomed heat today!

    In my (poor) defense, both names have that “ch” sound in them.

  284. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Joe (1.41) –

    It isn’t speculation, it’s true. The actor who did the speech was the same dude who was the voice of Winnie The Pooh. Forget his name. Seriously. Churchill was too ‘tired and emotional’, as per.

  285. John Main says:

    @James Che says:26 May, 2023 at 1:46 pm

    Do you suppose pearl harbour was americas lets blow it up and blame japan

    Undoubtedly James! Although, just to be certain we are writing about the same thing, you do mean “Pearl Harbor”, right?

    But there is no way the Japanese could have had advanced bombers and torpedo bombers in 1944. They had to wait for the US to develop theirs, and then copy them. That was the only route to advanced technology for a backwards nation like Japan at that time.

    So yes, a “false flag” event.

    As for Nord Stream, no gas ever flowed through it, in fact there is plenty of online evidence that only the European end was ever connected to anything. These bubbles in the pictures were air!

    The Russtis built a dummy to see who would react. As we all know now, their bluff worked!

  286. John Main says:

    @Ian Brotherhood says:26 May, 2023 at 4:44 pm

    Ian, thank fuck you’re back – I was starting to worry!

    What’s the latest on the radioactive cloud heading our way?

    I need an answer. It’s the weekly shop the morn, and I need to know if buying LongLife Milk is going to be a waste of money.

    That stuff is expensive, as you know.

    And then there’s green bananas to consider. Just how long have we got?

  287. Northcode says:


    Re my comment @1:30pm

    I said:

    “And brighter political minds than mine, minds like yours, perhaps, Joe, are better equipped to discuss those politics”

    Just so you know, Joe. I wasn’t being facetious when I said that. I’ve read quite a few of your posts and I genuinely meant it.

    And you did make some very good points in your comment of @12:53pm.

    One of them being:

    “The funny thing about that Churchill speech is that it may well have been delivered by an actor. Possibly because he was very often drunk.”

    A point backed up, and its veracity confirmed, by @Ian Brotherhood at 4:44pm.

    So, once again, I apologise if the tone of my comment in response to yours caused any misunderstanding between us.

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