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The Great Genocide

Posted on March 27, 2024 by

Last week SNP MP Fulton MacGregor told Newsnight that the grotesque, draconian Hate Crime Act was necessary because “hate crime is a major problem across Scotland”, which “wreaks havoc on individuals, on communities and on families”.

Now, we have to admit that we hadn’t heard of much havoc being wreaked across Scotland by hate crime. Hate crime stats in Scotland have actually been falling for years  – the most recent figures for racial hatred, for example, are 31% lower than the peak year of 2011-12.

If there have been stories of rampaging mobs terrorising gay people, of a wave of violence against Sikhs, or widespread arson campaigns against Italian chip shops, they’ve escaped our attention.

But of course, the onscreen discussion focused mostly on the group that the Scottish Government is obsessed with to the exclusion of all others – transgender people.

We already know that worldwide, trans people are the safest recorded demographic on the face of the planet. So perhaps it’s a problem exclusive to Scotland? We decided to do some research and see if we could find a pattern of hate crimes being committed against transgender people since the Bill was introduced almost four years ago.

The total number of hate crimes (that is, actual crimes of which someone was convicted, not just Non-Crime Hate Incidents where someone claimed to have had their feelings hurt) we’ve been able to discover in that period is… zero.

We found rather a lot of crimes committed BY transgender people, including extremely serious and infamous cases like the “Isla Bryson” rapes and the kidnap and sexual assault of an 11-year-old girl by Andrew “Amy George” Miller.

But as yet we haven’t been able to turn up a SINGLE case of a trans person being the VICTIM of a crime in Scotland in those four years, let alone one where being trans was the cause of their being targeted.

To find anything at all we had to go back further, to 2019. In June of that year, an Aberdeen woman attacked a transman (ie another woman) while they were on a night out together with two other friends, during a drunken argument about gender initiated by the transman, after the mother of four believed the transman had kicked her first.

(We love the Press & Journal’s assertion that the victim “was biologically female at the time”, as though that might have subsequently changed.)

Another report of the same incident listed the victim’s injuries as “a graze on his head”.

A fine of £333 was issued for this minor street rammy.

Earlier the same year, two young men were convicted of assaulting a transwoman in Fife, again after the parties had been out drinking together, in a seemingly unprovoked attack which prosecutors claimed was aggravated by antipathy to trans people, though both men denied it had been a motivation.

The victim was left with bruises and “a red line around her torso area”.

Despite one of the men having 13 previous convictions and the other having broken bail regulations to be out on the night in question, the female sheriff didn’t consider the matter serious enough to merit imprisonment, handing down community service and supervision orders.

And that’s it. Even going back to a year and a half before the Act was first introduced to Parliament in 2020, those are the only two cases we can find of transgender people being the victims of crimes in Scotland in more than half a decade.

Both were violent but minor, resulting only in bruising and grazing and non-custodial sentences, whereas trans perpetrators over the same space of time have been found guilty of serious violent and sexual offences punished by long terms of imprisonment.

(28 years in the case of Andrew Miller.)

(Ryan Scott is biologically female.)

Not a single transgender person is ever recorded as having been murdered in Scotland in all of the nation’s history, while around 15 women a year are. Women are excluded from the protected categories in the Hate Crime Bill.

And yet in a few days’ time, simply reporting these facts together runs the risk of being a hate crime in itself, if someone deems that doing so might contribute to “stirring up hatred” of trans people rather than (or even as an unintended side-effect of – the law does not require intent) journalistic inquiry into the comments of MSPs.

Wings is happy to update this article with any other examples of trans people being crime victims since 2020. Our interest, always, is in accurate data. But the reality is that Scotland appears to need more effort putting in to protecting it FROM trans people than it needs new laws giving them extra protections not afforded to everyone else.

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  1. Dorothy Devine

    Excellent , well done indeed.

  2. Andy Storrie

    Something tells me that Fulton is in league with London, and that his silly comments are designed to herd people away from the SNP. Classic herding techniques.

    Watch that space. Before long, London will ride to the rescue, right on cue, with a proposal to abolish all hate crimes.

    Clowns like Fulton shouldn’t be working in tandem with London. He should be concentrating on making life better for Scots. Period.

  3. Andy Ellis

    Facts are chiels that winna ding, and downa be disputed.

    How long before the words of the ploughman poet are seen as hate speech?

  4. AnneDon

    Of course, these criminals are not actually transgender. They haven’t transitioned, and in case, “Isla Bryson” he only decided to identify as a woman after being charged, as many of them do.

    The creation of the “umbrella” is a crime against transsexuals as well as the rest of us, because it lumps them in with fetishists and perverts.

  5. Astonished

    No wonder they want you stopped. Well done, again.

    Hopefully, Fulton McGregor MP will be voted out, soon. And this may help him finally understand the problems with Humza’s Hate Crime bill.

  6. twathater

    It is extremely disturbing and outrageous that a snp mp can state through ANY broadcast media that “hate crime is a major problem across Scotland”, which “wreaks havoc on individuals, on communities and on families”.Without being asked to provide ANY evidence that that is the case

    It is grotesque and disengenuous in the extreme, that a supposed politician is determined to justify through any means possible that the introduction of this reviled freedom destroying bill is warranted

    As a 73 year old Scotsman I am absolutely horrified and outraged that this person is portraying Scotland and Scots on a national broadcaster as participating in horrendous acts of hateful conduct requiring the intervention of draconian laws

    Police Scotland have stated that due to their inability to attend every reported incident certain incidents will no longer be investigated or pursued as live incidents, surely that is an ENCOURAGEMENT to criminals to determine what crimes will not be actively pursued and then base their activities and profits on THOSE activities

    This CRUSADE by certain members of our politicians was forced on voters without agreement or correct consultation

  7. Willie John

    My ex-SNP MP will likely be standing as an Independent – he’ll get my vote at the coming English GE.

    My SNP (devolusionist) MSP will NOT be getting my vote at the next Scottish GE. (That’s if we even have a devolved parliament by then!) The SNP will not even get my second vote for the list.

    And if any SNP sheep tells me I’ll just be letting Labour in then I’ll point out that it is the SNP themselves who have done that.

    H3ll mend them – and won’t Karma be a b1tch!

  8. Johnlm

    It’s a Scottish version of the Anti Defamation League, used to chill all debate.

    “a red line around her torso area”. – maybe that was his C-section scar

  9. Mark Beggan

    Fulton who?

  10. Mark Beggan

    He must be one of the Umpa Lumpas.

  11. Stevie

    It’s always a grotesque curiosity watching a political party committing political suicide; however, the high speed helter-skelter downward spiral of the SNP is a study in self-annihilation. Even the red tories took a tad longer to self-immolate. Sturgeon created this bride of Frankenstein and Frankenstein was created by Salmond’s dumbass resignation.

    What’s my point ? My point is, we’ll just have to wait for a new ‘Salmond’ – it took the best part of a century to make a Salmond, I’m not holding my breath (especially with the Brit infil("Tractor" - Ed)s infesting the SNP – they’ve always infected the SNP).

    Yet, the fight is not over and never will be over till it’s won.

  12. robertkknight

    Can someone archive/link this as I don’t support this rag getting hits…but it’s an interesting and timely read. (I’d do it myself but wouldn’t know how to start).

  13. John H.


    I’ve been reading tonight that fraud is being downgraded in Scotland to a RPW. Recorded Police Warning. I wonder who that’s to protect.

  14. Ruby

    I would have expected to hear of ‘transwomen’ being attacked when their date/hook-up discovered they had a lady penis.

  15. Ruby

    There you go Robert.

  16. crazycat

    @ Robert Knight at 6.53

    Here’s how I did that: I right-clicked on the link you provided, chose “copy link”, then pasted that into, and clicked “save”.

  17. Dan

    @ robertkknight

    Here you go, it was already archived.

  18. crazycat

    @ Robert Knight and Dan

    Correction and apologies:
    Archiving it via right-clicking only saves a picture-free version that ends part-way through with a “continue reading” button.

    This is the correct archived link:

    Unfortunately I had to visit the Express site to do that; I now see Ruby also posted the WEZaV link.

  19. Ruby

    I got the impression that it wasn’t easy (maybe impossible) to archive links on a phone or tablet.

  20. John C

    Not a single transgender person is ever recorded as having been murdered in Scotland in all of the nation’s history, while around 15 women a year are. Women are excluded from the protected categories in the Hate Crime Bill.

    There are issues with bigotry and hate in Scotland that we just refuse to deal with, one of which is the endemic misogyny in our society that sees women murdered by their partner or someone known to them at least once a month as well as countless reports of women being assaulted & raped. Then there’s the reports never made, not to mention how many women are locked in abusive relationships now who probably won’t escape til they die.

    Then there’s sectarianism, which is as bad now as it has been in decades. We’ve taken a massive step back in trying to eliminate it & yes, at one point it did seem like the SNP were trying to do something but now they, like the rest of Scottish culture and society they just begrudgingly accept it.

    And there’s a real issue with racism that you really notice when you’ve been away from Scotland for some time & return to see casual bigotry thrown at non white people, but there’s still a real anti English sentiment, especially in the extremes of the independence movement.

    We are in short, a society that fools itself in regards to bigotry & it’s a massive issue that this law will do nothing to solve. It focuses upon Transgenderism while excluding misogyny or even the homophobia the Trans movement is rife with so I’m not shocked in the slightest that there’s so few incidents with Trans people. Essentially white, mainly heterosexual able-bodied males are not a part of society that suffers even if they do wear dresses or have a castration fetish.

    The fact that in a few days time this could be seen as a ‘hate crime’ is insane. As said, it isn’t going to solve the very real issues in Scottish society, nor will it make the lives of people suffering from actual hate any better. All it’ll do is weaponise the police for a core of activists to make people’s lives miserable because they hate them. Sure, cases will be thrown out in court but as Stu constantly reminds us, the process is the punishment.

    One more thing, seeing the Scottish commentators in the arts, culture and politics who emerged a decade ago during the referendum who were pushing Scotland then as an enlightened place who now fall in line with the SNP to push this illiberal, authoritarian law depresses me. This is not what we were hoping for in an independent Scotland a decade ago & it isn’t something we want now, unless of course, you’re one of those people who’s mates are in power or your job relies on sucking up to those people.

  21. Willie

    And the utterly racist cry of ” white, white, white, white… ”

    Those words were intended to stir hatred, stir resentment. Skin tone politics at their most viciously divisive.

    I wonder how many Asian types Yousaf radicalised with resentment. I wonder how many ” white” people were stirred with resentment after the Yousaf’s rant.

    Hate, it actually oozes out the First Minister with snarling comments like this.

  22. Southernbystander

    It struck me that what this person is really saying with regard to “hate crime” being “a major problem across Scotland”, was that it will be once this law comes into force. It is a sleight of hand referring to the future, not the present, because yes, once you criminalise perceived hate with boundaries as woolly as an Aberdeen Angus and with a remit that invades your own home, then you potentially criminalise many people, who to that point were guilty of no crime.

  23. Ruby


    Clicking on the continue reading button works.

  24. Robert Hughes

    @ Twathater

    ” It is grotesque and disengenuous in the extreme, that a supposed politician is determined to justify through any means possible that the introduction of this reviled freedom destroying bill is warranted ” .

    That was my first ( enraged ) thought when I saw that lump of amorphous greyness mumble fckn slander – unchallenged – about our country . What kind of person thinks it’s acceptable to give a totally warped perception of his own country , just to toe the line , when the line is the thing that is warped and in order to justify bringing-in laws to oppress/suppress the people of his own country ?

    Answer : Every member of the MPs , MSPs , Party Members & anyone who intends to vote for them . They are all culpable .

    I better go , I heard screams outside , no doubt another vicious attack being perpetrated on a poor * trans * super-victim .

  25. Ruby


    Ooops I should have said if you click on the continue reading button in

    it works and you get

    give it a try.

  26. Mac

    The reporting of statistics on trans-committed crime is totally reversed. They are not the victims. Quite the reverse.

    Much like the race crime. Blacks are not the victims they are the overwhelming perpetrators. Overwhelming, it is not even close…

    No one actually gave a shit about them, the trans genders. Until all this ideological poison was rammed down out throats.

    The only significant violent crimes against them is when they fool someone into thinking they are a real woman / man. When he / she then finds out… they are humiliated and enraged and they kicks their heads in. This makes up the vast majority of trans ‘hate’ crimes.

    Whereas the crimes committed by transpeople is off the scale.

    The stats are of course well obscured but apparently the crime rates and especially of a sexual nature for the trans community are enormous. Fra beyond the base population.

    And it is because they in really most cases are mentally ill.

  27. Ruby

    John C

    And there’s a real issue with racism that you really notice when you’ve been away from Scotland for some time & return to see casual bigotry thrown at non white people, but there’s still a real anti English sentiment, especially in the extremes of the independence movement.

    If it is true that racism is a problem in Scotland then it is very surprising being the ‘The Race Relations Act was introduced in 1965.

    You would think that act would have reduced racism to zero by now.

    Maybe these daft acts don’t work.

  28. robertkknight

    Thanks folks!

  29. Republicofscotland

    So in reality there WAS NO NEED for the Hate Crime Laws to come into existence especially with trans folk in mind.

    What statistics does the MSPs/Scottish government give/refer to, to justify the implementation of the Hate Crime Laws, if there are none or just one or two as you point out against trans folk then these severe and extremely ill thought out laws should be repealed before they make a laughing stock out of Scotland.

    Either way remain or stay, we MUST get the SNP/Greens and any other MSP that voted for these vile HC Laws out of office, lets get the SNP MPs out of Westminster first and show our intent.

  30. Christine Sinclair

    I know of one incident that happened to a trans identifying man in Maryhill Glasgow. He was getting on his bike at the canal and some youths verbally abused him. As luck would have it 2 policemen were behind him at the time and witnessed this so it went to court. I’m unclear about the details and outcome but know it happened. I could make further inquiry if you need to know more. Let me know if you need his name.

  31. Young Lochinvar

    Is there any way of finding out what Stonewall lobbying and funding has been going ScotGovs way?

  32. Effijy

    Journalism at its best Rev.
    So SNP are just making up stories and not troubling themselves to check on the credibility of their fantasies being fact checked.

    So now we know this for a fact can this clown retract his claims and can SNP Abandon the Hate Crime bill as we hate being lied to by the incompetent.

  33. crazycat

    @ Ruby at 7.52

    It works now because I created the full archived version. Before I did that, “continue reading” in the curtailed version had nowhere to go!

    It is, however, useful to know that the archived versions are linked.

  34. Campbell Clansman

    Is it a “Hate Crime” to cite statistics that refute the whole justification for the “Hate Crimes Act?”

    As of April 1, will we now have Hate FACTS, with truth no longer a defense against a HCA prosecution?

  35. Mackenzie

    Mr Campbell – a FOI request was made in February this year asking for recorded hate crimes against people of South East Asian heritage. In Police Scotland’s response they were unable to provide the exact information to the person asking the question but in their reply they did provide a table of ‘hate crimes’ categorised by race, religion, disability, sexual orientation and transgender for the years 2017 to 2023.
    The table has to be read in conjunction with the caveats outlined underneath the results to understand how Police Scotland arrived at their figures.
    This is the link to the FOI request and subsequent Police Scotland responses

  36. Mark Beggan

    In the last days of the the third Reich it was reported that in the Fuhrer bunker the atmosphere went from neurotic laughter to manic crying. There was also the smell of pish.

  37. Geri

    Have the Poles let the cat out the bag of what the whackadoo Neocons are up to with this gender pish?

    Compulsory military service. No discrimination.
    Women are only exempt if they’re pregnant.

    Denmark also set to change.

    Just a thought – but as Scotland is always England’s lab rats & the Scots are expendable, maybe the grand scheme is to fill the system with hate crime offenders & make them an offer they can’t refuse = military service.

  38. Ian McCubbin

    Great Post with evidence.
    I hope you can survive Useless new hate bill.
    Surely he won’t last long now.

  39. McDuff

    Another great piece rev.
    This the only voice of truth and fact left in Scotland.

  40. Ian lecoup

    Here’s how it’s going to be from 1st April 2024 in Bonny Scotland:
    Officer I’ve been attacked with a knife,
    Officer say’s just get on with your life!
    I’ve just had a report of a crime of hate,
    So i’m afraid i really can’t investigate!
    I’m dealing with a woman with a hairy cock,
    She’s hysterical about the gender bill block!
    She claims Alistair Jack has caused her harm.
    And she’s too far away from the mushroom farm!
    The sex shop is closed and the library too.
    And she’s not even allowed in the ladies loo!
    Humza and Harvie love scooters and bikes,
    They love the Trans but hate gays and dykes!
    So from April the first if you want to do time,
    Watch as your innocent words become a crime!

  41. Shug

    Tom Gordon is claimed credit for washing out Angus Robertson.

    Ha ha he reads and reports the Rev’s work.

    When will he investigate robertsons wife.

    How long before he repeats this piece of the Revs work

  42. twathater

    @ Robert Hughes 7.42pm If only there was some way to hold these liars to account, oh wait! a people’s assembly might work, aw naw Scots are too stupid fur that according to the USUAL suspects

  43. twathater

    @ John H 6.55pm , a RPW that will work as a deterrent for shoplifters and fraudsters, and if they re-offend the polis will throw the book at them (the book of reports)
    I watch the english cop shows where drivers have no license and no insurance,they get 6 points on a license that they don’t have, and get a fine of £150-£200 for no insurance when the insurance would be £500-£600 a real deterrent, and we are the stupid ones

  44. John Main

    The dogs bark but the caravan moves on.

    I was pleased to hear a Scottish voice on Classic FM News this morning, even though it was some talking head announcing that Scottish assisted dying is the next big thing.

    Great, I thought. I wondered where oor pretendy FM HY was going to find the hooses to accommodate his million New Scots, but as we are all finding out, he’s thinking of everything.

    As the talking head bloviated about how “poll after poll” had expressed support for assisted dying, I wondered if there was anything else dear to the hearts of the Scottish people that “poll after poll” had shown majority support for.

    Anything? Anybody?

    C’mon Ted, there must be something.

    The message from ScotGov to this Sovereign Scot seems crystal clear this morning.

    Fuck off. And die.

  45. John Main

    @Geri says: 27 March, 2024 at 10:16 pm

    Compulsory military service. No discrimination.
    Women are only exempt if they’re pregnant

    Dinna fash, Geri.

    Self-id as a woman.

    Self-id as pregnant.


  46. President Xiden

    As an agnostic it is getting more and more difficult to deny that we are currently under a judgement of the almighty.

  47. President Xiden

    April fools day has been cancelled this year as it is now impossible to tell whether a ridiculous story or headline is an April fool or Government policy. Bring thine asteroid oh Lord.

  48. Mac

    (Oops trying again with a couple of modifications)

    Alexander Bortnikov, director of Ru$$ia’s Federal Security Service (FSB), has publicly stated that the US, the UK and Ukr@ine were behind the Mo$cow terror attacks.

    I think it is safe to say that as far as the Ru$$ians are concerned the gloves are coming off.

    Britain’s role in all of this is peculiar. Apparently of all the actors involved we are the most rabid for war. Which is strange as our armed forces are gutted.

    If it kicks off big time the UK is as good as gone. That is is your Union dividend right there.

  49. Johnlm

    It’d be a laugh if Genocide John is found to be an ally of IS1S through his fanboy support of 404.

  50. Andy Ellis

    @Mac 7.44am

    It’s a strange conceit that the usual suspects BTL here have that any more than a handful of fringe nutters agree with their woo-woo conspiracy theorising. Nothing will convince such folk that their faith based positions are baseless of course, they’ll still insist that their secret insider knowledge allows them to confidently assure us black is white.

    So “the West” is behind the recent attacks in Moscow, just as country 404 downed flight MH17 years ago. There’s no international crisis that can’t somehow be bent to their twisted logic. Meanwhile ordinary folk gie them side eye and try to avoid them in the street.

    We all know a few of the tin foil hat wearers: that woman at work whose default response is that any black swan event was caused by the Illuminati, or George Soros or “interntional finance”, or the guy down the pub who knows Mossad was behind 9/11 and chem trails are CIA plot to poison us all.

    If it weren’t so sad it’s be comical that a wee basket foo’ of a handful of deplorables has brought BTL discourse here to such a place. 🙁

  51. Mac

    What is strange is couple of utter neocon fannys on a Scottish website 24/7 with their put on Scottishface and appallingly bad Scotchtalk.

    Don’t these thick as pig shit arseholes realize they are mixing up dialects from completely different parts of the country. Literally no one in Scotland talks like this you fucking cretins.

  52. Mac

    These terrorists are not jih@dis. They are just mercenary thugs of rather low intelligence it appears. One of them held up ‘The One’ sign (the index finger pointed up) but he did it with his left hand… so very doubtful they are even Mu$lims.

    The attack was planned for a week before the ru$$ian elections but was postponed as security was too tight. Crazily the Ukr@inians (at least) decided to go ahead with it even though the main reason for doing it no longer existed and the elections had already happened.

    The ru$$ians have stated that believe the terrorists would have been killed by the Ukr@inians as the prearranged meeting point had they made it across the border. Thus eliminating all the loose strings…

    But it did not work out, as these guys were not so bright, they even fled in the same very distinctive car they arrived in. So now you have loose strings every fucking where, it looks like when of those mops there are so many. These people are all apparently blabbing, crying etc… It is like they did not realize what they were getting in to.

    I think it will turn out they were very low IQ people who were intended to be disposable after doing their mission.

    The ru$$ians are going to find out. Already have i guess as the director of the FSB would not be saying it to journalists otherwise.

  53. Geri

    The Britnats love a good bloodshed. Just ask the empire.
    They’ve always had a mouth almighty too who can’t cash the cheques so employ others to do their dirty work.
    It isn’t called the butchers apron for nothing.
    They also love a good famine & supplying terrorists. Look no further than the atrocities at home.

    Economists predict the UK has 18 months & it’s bust. Printing money is over.

    The USAs gig is up too & so is I*reals. Wordplay was bad enough but now to claim security council resolutions are not legally binding is a step too far.

    A lesson they’ve picked up from their country cousins. Just ignore international law.

    The usual suspects are they only ones wearing a tin foil hat. They’re so out of touch with reality it’s a joke.

  54. Hatuey

    “Literally no one in Scotland talks like this you fucking cretins.”

    Maybe they’re from Gurro.

  55. Andy Ellis

    @Mac 9am

    Be fair Mac, it wis Alf and some o’ th’ither nativists whit stairtit the wee fad fur scivin in Scots leid.

    O’ course, maist fowk cry it fur a load o’ auld codswallop an’ dinnae scriv or understaun Scots, but dinnae fash: *colonialism* and *Sassenachs dun it* mak us dae it.

    Anyhoo….naebuddy is gonna take the wurd o’ a roaster like yersel that ither fowk on here yiv taken agin’ are a’ neocons. It jist luiks like yer makin’ stuff up, much like a’ the nativist loons (and quines?) like tae mak oot that we a’ speak thon Scots leid.

    See, there ye, go: cracked it! Efter yon bonny day o’ independence I’ll be a shoo in when the Leid Polis ca’ roon to ensure thit only the puir o’ heart and blud kin hae a wurd, naer mind e’en a vote!

    As the locals hae it: awa a beil yer heid min!

  56. Alf Baird

    John Main @ 6:55 am

    “The message from ScotGov to this Sovereign Scot seems crystal clear this morning. Fuck off. And die.”

    Yes, well, it is a colonial administration, efter aw, wha’s main function is tae haud the fowk doun in order tae keep the racket and plunder going. Whit dae ye expect? Here the state gies itself lawful authority tae pit fowk doun, much like an animal, ane wey or anither. We do not need to look very far into the past, or present, to see how that ends.

    In a colonial society “colonization is legitimate in every sense and with all its consequences” (Albert Memmi), and where even “the most absurd prejudices are explained and justified; and, as if by magic, the moon is turned into green cheese” (Cesaire).

  57. Johnlm

    Fun fact

    SBU Document no. 5/26177 announcing visit of Defence attaché at the US Embassy in Ukra1ne,Joseph Hinox (Hickox?); Assistant Defense Attaché, Lt. Col Michael Willis; Assistant Air Force attaché at the US Embassy in Ukra1ne, Major Patrick Self: to Dnipropetrovsk airfield on 17 July 2014. Dnipro. Was fight control for MH17 on that day.

    The Crocus City attackers didn’t behave like jihadis but IS1S are just a condom that the US and Isntreal likes to put on.

    Does Ellis not have anything to contribute other than ad homs?
    He posts a lot for someone so ignorant.
    Re 911
    Five Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9/11 | Yusuf van den Beuken
    on youtube

  58. Red

    We are so lucky to have a Scottish Parliament, so that perverts and foreigners who hate Scots can take away our rights.

  59. Andy Ellis


    Johnlm is seein stuff that isnae real agin’! He’s wrigglin oot o’the strait jaiket to escape thon Illuminati Space Lizards that stole indyref1.

    Gies yon muckle needle an’ a dose o’ the hard stuff fur his next fix!

  60. Johnlm

    Do farts have lumps?

    Stick to subjects you understand.


    Everywhere but PRC.
    Is that a «hate crime» according to ScotGov/NuKode?
    Link to the PRC consulate general in Edinburgh for those transpersons and transphiles incandescent with righteous «hurt».
    Do give a mention to the Uyghurs and Tibetans.

  62. Duncan Strachan

    It has become patently obvious the labour infiltrators who have hidden in the SNP for years are achieving their aim (along with the greens who have ambitions to work with them in the uk).

    Introduce laws that nobody has a mandate for that will destroy their support base. Its classic divide and rule is it not.

    Pete wushart wants to be speaker Ian blackadder wants his rotundity
    Planted on a bench keeping cosy in ermine. It’s aww coming to fruition. vote I4I if you have one.

  63. Mac

    Johnlm, I forget which guest on Judge Nap was talking about it (might have been Mat Hoh) but the reason the neocons lied through their teeth post 9/11 to get the US to invade Iraq and destroy it was because Saddam was a huge hero of the Palestinians. He supported them.

    The invasion and destruction of Iraq and Saddam’s killing was intended to demoralize the Palestinians. To make them give up hope.

    I guess maybe the same is true of Libya and Gaddafi.

    How many millions died in Iraq how many millions more displaced…

    And then of course what was the enabling event of it all… 9/11.

    Hmmm…. five dancing whats you say?

  64. Dorothy Devine

    Duncan , you surely mean Pete Washout?? He’d make as bloody awful a speaker as a Scottish independence MP. As for the other one , what can one say?

  65. Rab Clark

    For those who haven’t seen it, Murdo Fraser’s letter to Police Scotland is reproduced in full here.

    Provides some solid insight as to the process of being fingered as a ‘hater’ by a person or persons unknown.

  66. Duncan Strachan

    Republic of Scotland 8.25

    Nobody will stop this going ahead because it helps to destroy the snp. This is a planned destruction in my view. No sensible political astute party would do this to themselves. We know many in the snp are numptys and place people but there are leaders and acolytes bending them to their will. In terms of how to destroy and powerful political force and make it look like their own fault it takes infiltration and policies that the electorate will hate. They joi Ed themselves to the Greens who have helped to destroy snp enormously

  67. Republicofscotland

    So Sturgeon the Judas is upset that a book festival has been cancelled due to lack of funds, I’m not surprised the festival has been cancelled Sturgeon the Betrayer left Scotland in such a state that lots of things have had to close down.

    “NICOLA Sturgeon has responded to the news that a top Scottish festival has been cancelled.

    The former first minister spoke out after Aye Write, a book festival held in Glasgow every spring, was pulled for 2024 due to funding issues.”

  68. Johnlm

    Yup. The Anglo/Americans don’t want Pan-Arabist leaders to succeed.
    Religious pot stirring is the weapon of choice.
    Hussein and Gaddafi were keen to deal in other currencies than the USD for oil, which would wreck the US economy.

    General Wesley Clarke said that, after 911, the plan was to take out 7 countries “starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.”
    They seem to be behind schedule.

    Zionism is integral to keeping instability in the region.
    Always follow the money.

  69. Alf Baird

    Rab Clark

    In colonial societies the assimilated bourgeoisie are not immune from oppressive laws.

  70. Mac

    (trying again as I forgot the usual tweaks)

    Johnlm, the fact they were dancing in celebration as they filmed 3,000 people being murdered in horrific circumstances, dozens of whom jumped to their deaths rather than be burned alive, definitely raises some ‘interesting’ questions.

    But the fact they were there filming for the FIRST plane to impact raises a lot more.

    Ir@q, Syri@, Liby@, Afgh@nistan, Leb@non, Ukr@ine… drooling at the mouth for Ir@n. What is happening in G@za is just the latest installment of a truly monstrous project.

    The level of suffering inflicted on these countries is difficult to comprehend it is so vast. And their complete indifference to it, indeed their seeming lust for it, makes it impossible to understand, as it is inhuman.

    This is a word just a few years ago I would never have used but now I think it is almost unavoidable. We are seeing Evil.

    That expression about it taking religion to make good people do bad things applies even more so to ideologies, especially supremacist ideologies. It totally consumes them and converts them into (exceptionally dangerous) monsters. As we can see…

    It is a real problem for the whole world at this point. And they see us all as various shades of ‘Palestini@ns’ be absolutely sure of that.

  71. Sven

    Republic of Scotland @ 11.08.

    Had Ms Sturgeon an iota of self respect or awareness she would by now have withdrawn to one of her homes (having resigned from her lucrative post as an MSP) to consider the damage she perpetrated during her tenure as First Minister. Both to this broken land and her alleged purpose in politics, the cause of Scottish independence.
    And, perhaps, the most genuine demonstration of her regret for what she did to Scotland would be a period of silence (20-30 years would be good) although I appreciate that this isn’t going to happen.

  72. Anton Decadent

    After no charges being brought let alone prosecutions in the two unprovoked assaults which were carried out against me where I live I approached several lawyers and on hearing the location in which the assaults took place and the demographic of the people who attacked me they declined to become involved. In my opinion this is because the people who attacked me are now the bread and butter of the legal profession. Take a walk through Govanhill and count the amount of lawyers which now operate in the area and read their own signs for what they specialise in.

    Sex Crimes
    Crimes Of Violence
    Weapons Offences
    Traffic Offences

    As I mentioned in the past Dentons purchased a law firm in Glasgow a few years back. The grooming gang made up one hundred percent of people either granted or seeking asylum which was operating at the Four Corners area of Glasgow city centre have all been granted lifelong anonymity and we have no idea who defended them in court. This took place whilst Michael Matheson was Minister For Justice and the Hate Crime Bill was announced just as details of this started to leak into the public sphere whilst Yousaf was Minister For Justice.

    If you believe that things are bad now buckle up because they are going to get far worse. In my opinion in twenty years time Glasgow will be completely unrecognisable and it will spread out from there, nowhere will be spared from the purge.

  73. holymacmoses

    As ever, accurate and to the point

  74. London Scot

    A bit insulting to ALLScots to state that hate crime is rife accross Scotland. Perhaps SNP & Green MSPs could make speeches on the wickedness of the people they want to vote for them.That will go down well.

  75. Confused

    The TRANSEE CONFERENCE was a secret meeting organised in secret, without telling anyone, to plan and utilise vast resources, without anyone noticing, to facilitate the TRANSOCAUST. So secret was this meeting, no records exist, because no one was there, in order to keep it secret.

    OPERATION PENIS-HARD had the trans pipul to be “resettled in the east”, but were disembarked to specially constructed pure killing camps in the middle of lanarkshire and lothian; one such was at hartwood “mental hospital” where the rainbow women would be sent for free hormones and dilators, but once caught inside, the doors would close and the guards would throw in gaseous vials of GHB and amyl nitrate, and to a banging techno soundtrack, the defenceless real wimmin either danced themselves or sodomised each other to death.

    – the bodies were removed and burnt with no trace within minutes; the piles of wigs, 80 feet high, can be seen in the ruins of the site.

    All the so-called “mental hospitals” of Scotland were used to murder millions of trannies; Scotland once had a population of 11 million, a figure falsified by transphobic historians. What do you think the wearing of kilts was all about?

    This is a true account and was written on an iPhone 17 in 1983, by Princess Beatrice Fantastico (see her at the Fringe) who escaped every single mental hospital in Scotland, where smart suited young doctors would “use her”, over and over (no reach arounds but).

    ‘Things are not that simple, Rebbe. Some events do take place but are not true; others are—although they never occurred. ‘ (Elie Wiesel: Legends of Our Time (New York: Avon, 1970)

    – who are you calling a liar, it was real in my mind.

    The ravings of histrionic narcissists make for very poor arithmetic; zero is not much to shout about. But you know – words are violence, and silence is also violence, and so we have “systemic” violence against trans people, and that becomes a genocide. Truth is not an out-there, but an in-here, in the feels, in the lived experience, of the narratives of the oppressed, which makes it real, to them. Now add a captured bureaucracy, and we’re all in fucking trouble. Thoughts are now also violence and facts are inadmissable as a defence; denying the charge is to aggravate it.

  76. James Che

    Amnesty International,

    Gender Discrimination that deny Women and Girls their Rights to excercise rights of control over their own body and enjoy protection from “Harassment” and demand gender equality.
    Governments around the World ( Scottish Devolved Government) openly support policies, laws and customs that subdugate and suppress Women,

    Amnesty international do not define LGBTI as actual women, but gives them a status of their own groups.
    The Scottish Devolved Government is subjugating “women and girls Rights” to a lower caste of humans in Scotland with their “Hate Crime Bill”
    that is Discriminating to Women and girls in suppressing their ability to have freedom of speech in all areas, victimising women and girls in particular as a target for Harassment and abuse if they attempts to complain,
    Stickers taken down, protests and voices of women and girls is now under a sub-heading of LGBTI Rights first and Scottish policing over “Women’s and girls rights” is secondary in nature when it involves privacy Rights and automony of their own female gender bodies, when they cannot enjoy their female Human rights and voice, other other legal basis because of a unjustified distinction in policy that is about to become law on the 1st April2024 in Scotland.
    This Hate Crime bill suppresses and victimises women and girls rights of freedom, and places them under oppressive policies.
    Going against all Amnesty International policies on Women and Girls.

  77. Confused

    just had the misfortune to catch some politics last night and questions today

    – jenny gilruth has mastered the art of rabbitting on aimlessly when asked any question, but also doing so without pausing for breath, something Thatcher was good at, never answering nor deflecting, and without the questioner to say – WTF DOES THAT NONSENSE STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS MEAN? – JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION

    in holyrood, christine grahame is defending XL Bullies; old folks homes are shutting down, but we will soon have assisted dying so we can rid ourselves of all the LIFE UNWORTHY OF LIFE, and I will volunteer to walk the chamber handing out the fentanyl sherbets to all the MSPs. Or I could bring the mobile gas van to the front door.

    gilruth was on about the schools – she seemed to think our teachers are paid better than elsewhere, ratios are better than the UK, and results are better (maybe because the exams are shit now) even though PISA results have been on the slide for a long time; but the discipline aspect was her prime deflection.

    I know a teacher and he says it is psychological warfare, bribery and corruption in the classrroom; roughly about 1/3 of the kids are fine and will get on with it, 1/3 not into it and will disrupt and the middle 1/3 will go with the dominant group. My mate was an entertaining banteriste who had the verbal skills to engage and subdue the difficult 1/3, many do not. There lies the problem for there is no sanction anymore – no belt, and not even physical contact (throwing items at pupils now will get you sacked) this extends to breaking up fights, so if some massive bully is leathering some pipsqueak you just have to let it run its course … handing out lines and detentions is a joke as they don’t do them and the ultimate sanction of expulsion never happens because the parents are involved and the head teacher gets dragged into it … also, many parents will “get a diagnosis” so its not his fault and its not my fault, but its your fault and the schools fault because little jonny has adhd autism bpd ptsd learning social anxiety isalittlecunt – disorder.

    then there is the tyranny of the mobile phone (should be banned in schools), not only do the kids use them to harass each other, but to bully the teachers or humiliate them, swearing at them openly and filming it

    – one underhand way some teachers maintain order (reminiscent of the english public school) is to bribe the biggest kid in the class who can keep order on your behalf; like an officially sanctioned “school bully”. He operates with a mere glare, anything physical happens in the corridor.

  78. Dorothy Devine

    If all and sundry are allowed to invade female only spaces will that mean that Muslim women will no longer be able to enjoy the swimming baths which had women only days? And does that increase or decrease the ‘popularity’ of you know who??

  79. James Che

    The UN,

    Does the Hate Crime (Scotland ) Bill advertise predjudice towards Women and Girls,


    Because the Hate Crime bill suppresses the Voice of Women and Girls, in comparison and in favour to another group.

    Women are not allowed to put up posters or stickers to advertise protecting their gender rights as women or Girls, by the Scottish devolved Government policy of Scottish policing,
    They are not allowed to remind society and communities in Scotland that they had a very long hard won battle to even have the right to vote with Suffergete posters and stickers.

    Scottish Women and Girls were never consulted over the issues of Women and Girls spaces of privacy by The Scottish Devolved Government, which again dismisses the Women and Girls Rights and voices in Scotland.
    Discrimination and predjudice are well advertised in this “Scottish Hate Crime Bill” as it will oppress and become a policy law weapon to suppress Women’s and Girls voices in Scotland in such a narrow context.
    I am surprised at the Monarch of Great-Britain whom gave this Scottish bill its “Royal Assent” as it not only suppresses Scottish Women’s and Girls voices, but makes them victims of gender discrimination, by becoming Hate Speech in law,
    but it also Discriminates between the Scottish nationality and the rest of Great- Britain in Nationhood by Comparison.
    The Scottish Hate Crime Bill discriminates on freedom of free speech being equal to all, on many levels

  80. sarah


    The only fairly quick way to regaining independence is by the existing political system.

    We therefore need people who are passionate about the goal to be elected as MPs and MSPs.

    This means supporting every initiative that such people are engaged in – Indy 1st, Independents for Independence, Schemes for Indy, Independence for Scotland Party, and perhaps Alba.

    To this end I have just donated to Indy 1st, being the newest and therefore the most in need – they have a donate button and bank account details [sort 873763, account 00047141] on their website

  81. Hatuey

    Anton Decadent: “Take a walk through Govanhill and count the amount of lawyers which now operate in the area and read their own signs for what they specialise in.

    Sex Crimes
    Crimes Of Violence
    Weapons Offences
    Traffic Offences”

    Most law firms “specialise” in most of those things. Immigration is a possible exception but if that’s a service that’s exclusive to Govanhill practitioners I’d be surprised — it’s not exactly glamorous or particularly lucrative, so I guess it makes sense for those with offices in Govanhill to focus on issues that are most relevant to their local community.

    Of course, we cannot comment on the veracity of your claim to have been attacked without provocation. That said, based on what you generally type here, I’d be inclined to question your working definition of “unprovoked”.

    No response required.

  82. Matt Quinn

    Anton Decadent wrote on the 28th of March 2024 at 11:56am:

    If you believe that things are bad now buckle up because they are going to get far worse. In my opinion in twenty years time Glasgow will be completely unrecognisable and it will spread out from there, nowhere will be spared from the purge.

    That’s been coming for a long time… I feel a bit of a rant coming on!

    I grew up in the Red Road… moved back to the flats in ’84-85-ish when I’d completed my training with Thames in London. – Set up on my own from a back bedroom in my flat back in ’86. Left the city (for what turned out to be for good) in 1990. From late ’99/ early’00 I started commuting back to the city to lecture at Stow and (for a while) Springburn/North Glasgow colleges… both gone now of course; a symptom of the city’s various cancers.

    So I’ve seen the tide flow in and flow out of the place…

    I resigned from Stow in 2012 after a period of work-induced illness… But of course by then, the city of my birth was already unrecognisable. Travelling back to the place for work purposes became increasingly infrequent; and the ‘morphing’ more obvious – the corruption on the part of those that occupy ‘Castle Numbskull’ (the city chambers) less hidden and more flagrant.

    How do they get away with it? Dogger Mathieson with his ‘little Nero’ plans to blow down the Red Road for ‘sport’ and stautes in carefully gentrified ‘magenta square’… The plight of Jaconellis and the already run-down community with its now non-legacy. Hazard-County style traffic schemes to keep the poor (i.e. most ordinary folk) out of the city etc. etc. etc… The Balornock and Barmulloch I grew up in razed and the barely-adequate housing replaced with reduced numbers of opportunity-limiting hutches; clearly designed to be tomorrow’s slums. – a strategy which has worked well in Glasgow since WW2 to keep the politcos in backhanders and the (well connected of course) developers in public money!

    If you’re born into Glasgow (and I suspect many other places in Scotland) as an ordinary working-class gadgie; then you stand a good chance of trying to survive rather than live a life – and you will be no more than a rag in the political spin cycle to those that hold the reigns!

    Multi-culturalism specifically isn’t about incoming groups setting up their own exclusive (by dint of which they are inherently racist) enclaves to undermine the established population. – And yet; that does seem to be what has been enabled and encouraged by the corrupt and dishonest people who have been running our towns and cities (not just Glasgow) for many decades now… There is no ‘melting pot’, no integration… no progress; quite the opposite in fact; they’re resistant to that!

    Try (for example) being a white boy who falls for a girl from certain Asian communities. I had a student once who literally lived his life in fear of his kid’s mother’s brothers. One day two of them literally walked into a class I was running and tried to sneak in at the back… when I told them to get (the eff) out they started feigning ‘no speeky inglish’; obviously thinking I was as thick as they were.

    Multi-culturalism has been engineered to become a misnome.

    Now, for ‘cards on the table’ clarity, I am all for integration. My (late) eldest daughter was of what some would call ‘mixed race’. Her (also late) Mother was born in the Rottenrow and brought up in Clydebank (My daughter’s maternal grandparents came were from Hong Kong and Shanghai; arrived here in the 60s)… and while you will undeniably find pockets of racism among the nominally-‘Chinese’ community such people are generally seen as regressive dinosaurs. – Because that group of people which came here to settle back then did so to make a new life in a better place; not to wallow in contempt for the communities that found space for and welcomed them.

    Something similar seems to be true of many other ‘immigrant’ groups… of which I am part myself; descended from what Molly Weir cited as being called ‘the dirty Irish’ back in her day – in our native Springburn; both sides of my family having arrived here in the 1840s-60s.

    Truth is… there have been immigrant communities arriving and settling on these islands for hundreds of years; arriving and integrating. …And that’s fine. The positive contributions to our wider culture and nature are generally welcomed. The eventual natural death of the negative and regressive aspects too. By this means we move forward.

    Perhaps it is just my naive perception and lack of knowledge; but from what can be observed it does appear to be the case that the issue of non-white racist enclaves is a relatively new phenomena (perhaps only 40-50 years at its roots); springing primarily from groups that originate from a particular place…

    Take a walk through Govanhill and count the amount of lawyers which now operate in the area and read their own signs for what they specialise in.

    Sex Crimes
    Crimes Of Violence
    Weapons Offences
    Traffic Offences

    If Glasgow didn’t have enough problems with plazzy gangstas it does seem to have imported and enabled a new breed.

    But FWIW Anton, back in the late 90s into the 2000s there were ‘grooming gangs’ being run here in West Lothian – particularly in a place which Widow Twankey (Angela Constance) defended as a ‘hard working community’ while there were old men with ‘church of Scotland connections’ openly overseeing wee lassies of 12 and 13 being plied with drink and then dragged into bushes to be abused. – All in plain site with the tacit endorsement of the ‘community’. – When reported both the local police and council tried to bury the story – it wasn’t ’till a dozen years later that the ringleader was caught and jailed! – and not a deep suntan in sight!

    Frankly, it’s corruption that sits at the heart of the problem here… politician and council officials that are as bent as four-pound notes; and maybe in more ways than one. – Issues of ‘orientation’ aside; how many politicos and officials are sex-obsessed bent shots of one kind or another? You could reasonably form the opinion that being susceptible to some form of ‘Kompromat’ or another was an essential qualification for the job!

    Racism is a useful tool in all this, but just one of many. Racism (like politics) isn’t a one-way-street, but a chaotic, corrupt, laneless, shambolic superhighway with no barriers or agreed direction; and the sewers discharging straight into it! Not all racists are white!

    – Try ‘reasoning’ with the academically-challenged middle-aged no-mark chicken-chopper who habitually calls you ‘Gweilo’ and your Mrs ‘Banana’! Or for that matter the over-privileged racist abusing a position of power to further promote an already over-represented minority on the basis of their skin colour and/or ethnicity!

    White! white! white! is it Humza? My response to him is that he’s a bent! bent! bent! classist parasite and racist to boot!

    I didn’t ask for my skin colour or my ‘Fenian’ surname or to go (by default) to catholic school; but as a result of that experience I damn-well know better than to abuse others just for the colour of their skin or the religion they had foisted upon them by circumstance! …And with my non-posh eduction, realised there is something better to do than become just another plazzy gangsta; a big fish with vested interests in the small pool of pish they swim about it.

    And there’s the rub. At the heart of the matter is the fact that these people – politicians and so-called ‘public servants’ of all shades and grades – are fundamentally dishonest people. – Trying to target one group plays into their hands because it keeps attention to the wider problem divided; that’s what they want!

    …At the end of the day a plazzy gangsta is a plazzy gangsta; and the fact that they’re enabled and supported by dodgy politicos is nothing new or surprising either. Worrying,yes; that this is what we know have in high office… but when was it different, really?

  83. Republicofscotland

    Speaking of Great Genocides, I thought the YouCrainian Kneo-Natzi’s were evil, but they have nothing on the Zionists ones, as their war crimes against humanity continues unabated, the latest atrocities include the murdering of unarmed civilians waving white flags, who were then buried with a bulldozer to hide their war crimes, and the dying of Palestinian children due to starvation.

    The Great Satan (US) has apologised for a number of Palestinians drownings due to the (US) dropping its aid into the sea, starving Palestinians drowned trying to retrieve it.

  84. James Che

    So Great- Britain parliament and the Monarchy now has Scotland Catagorised and labeled with restricted freedom of Speech under the Scottish Hate bill compared to England, Wales and Northern Ireland,
    Territorial Extent. Scotland.

    Why has the Monarch given royal assent to restrict the Scottish nation?

    Racism adapts and changes over time, and can impact different communities in different ways,
    Racism includes All laws, policies, ideologies and barriers to prevent people from experiencing Justice, dignity, and equality, because of their racial radical identity, it can come in the form of,
    Or intimidating behaviour.
    However Racism also exists in Systems and Institutions that operate in Ways that lead to inequity, and injustice,

    Australian Human Rights Commission.

  85. Ali Clark


    Your ‘rant’ makes more sense than most BTL folk’s ‘considered opinions’. Well put, well said, well done and many thanks for showing that it’s not all knee jerk nuttery in the comments. Be careful though talking sense seems to be a bit rare round these parts, some will get a bit uppity over that.

  86. stuart mctavish

    Rab Clark @10:52am

    Love it.

    Presumably his accuser thought he was being cruel to cats (& police Scotland were obliged to agree)

    Bigger issue might be his (or his advocate’s, or indeed Police Scotland’s) conflation of the mutually exclusive concepts of “common law power(s)” with “no requirement for evidence” (when discussing the hate crime national guidance in section 3 of his letter) – unless and to extent he (or they) are limiting the conflation to a policeman’s right to use common sense.

    In that respect (common sense), a positive spin on the new law can be drawn directly from its primary definition:

    Hate crime is the phrase used to describe behaviour which is both criminal and based on prejudice.

    That being that it can (presumably) be used to liberate Julian Assange, and interrogate his persecutors, as early as next week.

  87. Republicofscotland

    Sven @11.48am.

    I doubt Sturgeon the backstabber has any regrets on what she done to Scotland, looking into shark black eyes on tv its patently obvious to me anyway that Sturgeon the Judas is as cold as ice, and without conscience, she probably thinks that she’s done nothing wrong, and that she tried her best to do her best with Scotland in mind, such is the depths of her delusions, for me the Betrayer of Scots is a egotistical sociopath who was following orders given to her by her foreign peers.

    Sturgeon the backstabber doesn’t even have the decency (with politics in mind) to fade into the background, and then disappear abroad, basically to f*ck-off out of Scotland.

    When I see her mush I think of Tony Blair such is my loathing of her.

  88. Shug

    Which SNP’s pushed for the hate crime bill.

    Name them

  89. robertkknight

    Nicla’s fanzine claiming SNP staying at current office premises despite advert from letting agency

  90. Matt Quinn

    Ali Clark says: 28 March, 2024 at 2:47 pm


    Your ‘rant’ makes more sense than most BTL folk’s ‘considered opinions’.”

    Thanks Ali. …If only I could improve my typing/spelling (cringes). Sadly; no opportunity to edit out typos, and the ‘input window’ we’re stuck with is something of a barrier – I happen to be dyslexic you see.

  91. Sven

    Shug @ 15.35

    If you go back to the Thread “Into Darkness” Campbell Clansman has posted the list of how MSPs voted on this Act at 17.59.

  92. Shug

    I mean who drove it forward, the ministers responsible. They gave to be plants

    The rest are lobby fodder

  93. James Che


    Didn’t the tories think the Scottish Hate crime was a good idea too in Scotland?
    Along with allthe other parties that allowed this to go through the Scottish parliament,

    Because at the end of voting day in that parliament it got a thumbs up.
    Plus the Monarch gave its approval by given Royal Assent to the bill.

    As usual it was everyone but the Scots population,
    Same as joining the treaty of union, Oh how history repeats itself time and again if you are Scottish.
    Racism exists in systems and institutions that operate in ways that lead to inequality and defining and racially selecting certain groups for protection Whilst turning a blind eye to their own discrimination in doing so.
    Unequal laws of protection discriminate between all races, including being born without a pre-birth option to be men, Women, Girls and boys.

  94. Robert Hughes

    Matt Quinn @ 2.18

    Excellent post , Matt .

    My background – Irish descent/ Catholic ( not so much ” lapsed ” as collapsed ) , working class Glaswegian – is similar to your own ; likewise , I surmise , in age . Also like you , I haven’t lived in my home city since the early 80s .

    I never had a problem with any of the various ethnic groups – very different to our own – that lived in Glasgow in those days eg Chinese , Indian , Pakistani etc : neither though did I have any friends from these demographics , outwith as a customer in shops and restaurants run by such . They – particularly the Chinese – ” kept themselves to themselves ” ; fair enough , I knew plenty of * natives * who done the same .

    What’s happening now , though , is something completely different to the , let’s say… ” organic ” influx of people/s to our cities hitherto . It seems much more like a ” strategy ” , a deliberate , politically motivated attempt to undermine the cohesion and sense of commonality , shared values and ” ways of seeing ” that create national identity and mutual understanding.

    It’s worth stating again ….. Globalism in it’s ” you shall all think , act and consume as * WE * demand ” aspect sees National Identity – the Nation State itself – as the last remaining obstacle to it’s total dominance , and it’s commitment to eradicating this obstacle is total . Let there be no doubt about that . Why else have literally millions of people from various parts of the world been able to stroll unhindered into the U.S via it’s Southern Border in the last few years alone ? And why despite all the pro-Brexit-related shite about ” taking back control ” eg of our borders has nothing of the sort occurred ?
    I read the other day immigration into the UK has increased to record levels . All the faux-outrage & faux-efforts to ” address the situation ” deportation to Rwanda is mere smoke n mirrors : the FACT is more foreign people are entering the UK than ever before .

    Make of that what you will . Personally , I don’t feel threatened by that ; maybe because I live in small ( though getting larger ) community in the Highlands , where by far the biggest influx is from England . If trends carry on as they have been that could well change . Again , that possibility doesn’t worry me .

    Overall though , present Immigration trends will impact significantly on Scotland . Not , necessarily , negatively ; but the example of areas like Govanhill doesn’t fill one with optimism that this * experiment * will be productive of positive outcomes either .

    ” Melting Pot ” or ” Ball of Confusion ” ? Time will tell

  95. Anthem

    “Tory MP has trans row retweet ‘hate incident’ delete from police records. Now, I’m sure we’ve all read that tweet , I’ll bet MP Rachel McLean won’t be rushing to Scotland any time soon.

  96. Sven

    Shug @ 16.26.

    Sorry Shug, my bad. As to who was behind this rotten Act, my guess would be that it’ll be like the Ferries fiasco. An absolute bourach, but no one knows whose responsibility it is. This present administration are so unfortunate in how all these events just occur without any individual being able to say how they happened.

  97. Ebok

    Sarah @ 1.45pm.

    I admire your passion and commitment, Sarah, and agree with much of what you say. However, there are major stumbling blocks with the number of Independence initiatives that you highlight.

    We are certainly entering uncharted territory electorally as the electorate finally get it that political parties are the problem, not the solution: Sunak also got it as soon as the Rochdale result was declared, and couldn’t get on the podium outside Downing Street fast enough.

    But it would take a great leap of faith to foresee that sort of result (Rochdale) here in the forthcoming GE. In no constituency does there appear to be any groundswell of opinion that would swap a party politician for an Independent. Digressing slightly, I would add to Alf Baird’s thesis that the public has been conditioned to believe there is no alternative to voting for a ‘party’.

    The demise of SNP and failure of the Alba project has left the Independence movement in total disarray. If we don’t get our act together, I fear for the future. An assortment of small Indy groups will never cut it with the electorate – we need something or someone as one focal point, something new, someone different, some kind of inspiration.

    So, what about HR ’26: can independents point 2 million+ potential supporters in the right direction by then? Not with so many disparate groups, that’s for sure. Additionally, the scam that is AMS/D’Hondt makes it so much harder for independent candidates as they cannot win seats on the regional list – that is exclusively the domain of Political parties.

    To circumvent that criterion, independent candidates would need to unite under the umbrella of a new instantly recognisable political name, and, preferably, be fronted by a group of respected apolitical speakers able to articulate the aspirations of the movement.
    A monumental task undoubtedly, but without unity and leadership, what hope is there?

  98. Campbell Clansman

    James Che: “Didn’t the tories think the Scottish Hate crime was a good idea too in Scotland?
    Along with all the other parties that allowed this to go through the Scottish parliament,”

    Reality: The Tories were the only party to vote AGAINST the act. And the Scottish Conservatives continue to denounce the act. See, for example,

    As is often the case, James Che (or his AI comment generator) asserts the exact opposite of the truth.

  99. Anton Decadent

    Re Hatuey victim blaming and advocating violence against me, I prefer people to be honest.

    With regard to people like Hatuey claiming to be anti Zionist and pro Palestinian a bit of research shows that the organisations which are placing people they approve of into Western infrastructure or providing flawed statistics to use to tell people to shut up for the sake of diversity are funded by the Zionist banking Kabal, ex chairman of Lloyds Banking Group and other banking families at The John Smith Institute, at Unbound Philanphropy board members going there directly from JP Morgan and in todays Herald the token also provided by JP Morgan, see here

    This leads me to conclude that people like Hatuey are either as dumb as a rock or not who they claim to be.

    @Matt, my background is Irish Catholic and my dating history is a spectrum of creeds and colours. What I am seeing around me though is not natural population growth. The managed decline of the city reminds of what I witnessed when I was in Detroit and the blatant anti white prejudice of my time in Marseilles.

  100. Stoker

    It’s obvious to us on here that Fulton MacGregor (SNP) was either lying through his gums on Newsnight, about “hate crime” being “a major problem across Scotland”, or he was actually referring to something else he hasn’t got the spine to say?

    Perhaps it was “religious bigotry”, a fancy way for cowards to say “hate crime”. But just like everyone before him he’s too much of a coward to say so? I think he needs to be clear on what “hate crime” he was referring to and i think he needs to be revealing his source(s) if he is stating this as a fact.

    So, C’MON Fulton, or any other coward in the SNP-Green marriage, Stuart Campbell has put his facts out for scrutiny, can you lot say the same? And utter shame on the British Bullshit Corporation if they did not adhere to proper journalism and ask him on what was he basing his “major problem across Scotland” on? Where did he get his information etc?

    I managed to force myself to listen to that video excerpt at the top of this threads article, did anyone else notice Fulton’s Freudian slip? LOL! He says that “hate crime is a major problem across Scotland” then rather peculiarly he adds “and across the country.” That’s what Unionist presenters say on everything from documentaries to news bulletins on tv & radio when referring to a particular part of the UK and then the UK as a whole.

    Cat’s oot the bag, Fool-ton, you’re a BritNat and therefore a liar by default. LOL!

  101. George Ferguson

    The exchanges today on the HCA at FMQs offered no comfort. Humza is unaware of the law of unintended consequences and the dangers of introducing complexity to Policing. As Kate Forbes might say the Ferries didn’t work, the trains were late, patients suffered in the SNHS due to his so called recovery plan. And now one half of Scotland (The wrong half to him) will be put under pressure by illegal Police intervention. He obviously thinks he has greater resolve and courage than anybody else in Scotland. He will be proved wanting again. To the rest of the SNP the chances of you getting re-elected are diminishing by the day.

  102. James

    There are a lot of Tory# apologists popping up on here.
    Disturbing, they should not be excused anything but exposed for the corrupt, lying, warmongering bastarts that they have always been. And they hate the Scots. Fcuk them.

    ‘Lower than vermin’….them were the days.

    (Also; #RedTory)

  103. Chas

    There is really no need to buy newspapers, watch news programmes on tv, or visit your favourite internet providers to keep abreast of what is happening in the world, past, present and future.
    All that is required is to visit Wings Over Scotland and read the illuminating posts from the likes of RoS, Johnlm, Hateuy, Che, Mac, Geri plus another few whose names thankfully escape me.

    It always amazes me how they manage to get the inside track on almost EVERYTHING. As evidence, did the casual reader know that one of the above named was the first to accurately predict that China would be invading Taiwan months before it happened. The fact that the invasion, predicted two years ago, never happened, is simply an irrelevance. They know everything!

    Treat everything they say as gospel and you will not go far wrong. Assuming of course, that your intended intention is to join them in the loony bin.

    Whilst I am here, I cannot forget about Plagiarism Alf, who seemingly cannot write anything without including some quote from one of his heroes. I always love the wee bits of quaint Scottish words that he is so fond of. Come the revolution will all Scots be forced to use the spelling and dialect that Alfie Boy prefers or will there be discretion for Scots from different parts of the country to use their OWN dialect and spelling?
    Is it four, fower or ferr that we will have to use Alf?

    It is always disappointing to note that the accurate, well researched, informative and honest articles produced by Stu are swiftly followed by reams of mince from the site nutters whose endless repetition only serves to put sensible people off Independence. Who wants to be associated with folk like those named above?

  104. John Main

    @Matt Quinn says: 28 March, 2024 at 2:18 pm

    parasite and racist

    It’s worse than that, Jim.

    The process that put him in place was a flawed and fraudulent one. Just ask Ash Regan. She knows.

    But then the HR troughers went ahead and rubber-stamped it anyway. I conclude they don’t think Scotland needs a real leader, and thus a box-ticking, pretendy one will do just fine.

  105. Stoker

    Sarah posts:
    “Rev, before you go [if you go], what about doing a piece about Indy1st? Indy1st was launched yesterday with a video that includes Geoff Bush describing the AyeApp – an app to make voter registration easy and which will also analyse voting intentions etc in order to help campaigning strategy for Independents for Independence. The video is available on Barrhead Boy, Eva Comrie, Leanne Tervit’s twitter. Indy1st looks to be very worthwhile for helping boost the Yes vote so take a look, everyone – and if you can send them a few quid, even better.”

    Then posts:
    “Many thanks, Stoker for re-posting my comment. I was just thinking that it is strange that no-one has commented on the flurry of activity in the grassroots that is happening – Independents for Independence, Indy 1st, Salvo and Liberation, Schemes for Indy. These are all driven by grassroots Yessers, non-party, and aiming to tackle the indolence/incompetence or worse of the politicians. I would have thought that all Yessers and Wingers would be thrilled to see these happily-co-operating groups getting off the ground. They will have a good chance of success if everyone gets to know about them and give them a hand where possible.”

    I couldn’t agree more, Sarah. Personally i thought it was the best bit of positive Scottish political news i’ve heard in some time. Just remember, though, there are far greater numbers who read Wings than those who comment. Keep up your good work, don’t get disheartened. 😉

  106. John Main

    @Republicofscotland says:28 March, 2024 at 2:26 pm

    The Great Satan (US) has apologised for a number of Palestinians drownings

    Ah, the well-educated Scots of yesteryear would be able to tell you that the sea in that part of the world has always been at the beck and call of the Zionists.

  107. Anton Decadent

    @Confused 12.50pm, thanks for the laugh whilst I was eating my dinner.

  108. Ruby

    Campbell Clansman
    28 March, 2024 at 5:16 pm

    Reality: The Tories were the only party to vote AGAINST the act.

    Adam Tomkins was on Scotland Tonight on Tuesday sounding very supportive of the bill.

    The SNP should have asked him to appear on the BBC instead of Fulton MacGregor.

    Adam Tomkins voted against the bill only because complaints could be made in private (ie at the dinner table)

  109. willie

    Restrict free speech, use the law to harry and harass, censor the media, hollow out the political parliament, have a police force on stand by ready to do whatever political bidding.

    Hate crime. Think again. Where oppression pertains, the subjugated eventually turn against their oppressors and it becomes unpleasant to say the least.

    NI should be a lesson in that. Police Scotland is already has around 25% armed response police tooled up with everything from hand guns to semi automatic machine guns to flak jackets and other such attire. But are they enough. Yes like the great NI experiment in hard line control the country turned into a shit hole of violence and counter violence. And it didn’t end there either as slaughter spread to the ” mainland of England ” Gibraltar and other European theatres.

    Could it happen here. Could thing escalate and Scots, or certain Scots turn against their whip hand masters. I hope not but who knows.

    One thing for sure though is that when colonial administration goes badly Pete Tong, the statement that ” “Today we were unlucky, but remember, we only have to be lucky once — you have to be lucky always” becomes a chilling sentiment. But maybe it’s the cost of apartheid colonial control and a cost the colonist is happy to pay.

    So let us see how Plod, the rotten prosecution service and the judiciary play this HCA now that they have the weapon. Jim Sillars has already declared that he will take no notice of the Act in relation to the culling of free speech. And no doubt whatsoever there will be more.

    It’s scary and wholly unnecessary stuff but shit happens.

  110. George Ferguson

    @Willie 6:58pm
    I agree with your post. Operation Banner in Northern Ireland had over 300000 soldiers serving over the timescale of the troubles. I am speaking from personal experience when I say control of the population during that Operation was impossible. If they don’t want it they will resist in anyway they can. There is 650 armed police officers in Scotland. A tiny force in comparison. See the demise of the RUC, 3 days they lasted without Army intervention. Complacency amongst our Institutions including Police Scotland is a worry.

  111. Robert Hughes

    @ Stoker

    ” I managed to force myself to listen to that video excerpt at the top of this threads article, did anyone else notice Fulton’s Freudian slip? LOL! He says that “hate crime is a major problem across Scotland” then rather peculiarly he adds “and across the country.” ”

    Aye , I clocked that * subconscious * acknowledgement of Scotland’s inferior status by Foolton Och Aye .

    Seems there’s ” the country ” then there’s ” Scotland ” . What ” country ” is being referred to here ? It can’t be the U.K ’cause THE U.K IS NOT A COUNTRY . Maybe he meant England . As we know U.K = England = U.K . Scotlandshire = North Britain . Nae bother

    I suppose it could have been nervous babbling ; more likely it was an example of Internal ( ie psychological ) Colonialism .

    300+ years of being condescended to , having all the important decisions made * for you * , your resources plundered , being taken into foreign wars , your natural languages ghettoised n telt tae shut-it if you complain – or as the Anglo/Jock Ascendancy would have it ..” grievance monger ” will do that .

    You just have to note the wincing horror of some posters on here to any suggestion the Scottishness of Scotland might be kinda relevant to the pursuit of Independence to see how deep the effects of that internal colonisation run .

  112. James

    Robert Hughes;

    Spot on, well said. Tell #AskAndy and his wee pals.

  113. Andy Ellis

    @James 7.54pm

    Looks like me and my pals urnae the only ones to know a racist when we see one:

    Who’d a thunk it….

  114. John Main

    @willie says: 28 March, 2024 at 6:58 pm

    Jim Sillars has already declared that he will take no notice of the Act in relation to the culling of free speech. And no doubt whatsoever there will be more

    Of course.

    What proud, patriotic, free-born, Sovereign Scot is ever going to scrape and cringe before a ludicrous law set on them by pretendy, fraud Yousaf?

    FFS, all Yousaf would have to do to get half Scotland out on the streets is self-id as English. But because he won’t, and he isn’t, looks like masses of us are just gonna wheesht.

    Scotland the Numpty Nation finally proven beyond doubt to be true.

    People need to perform the simple thought experiment of trying to imagine a second-generation Christian Scot, fraudulently elected by a fraction of a percent of the people, running Pakistan and telling the proud, patriotic citizens of that fine country that they must trash their traditions and their freedoms.

    It’s an unimaginable picture.

    Yet its reflection will be the law here on Monday.

  115. Matt Quinn

    Anton Decadent says:28 March, 2024 at 5:47 pm

    “@Matt, my background is Irish Catholic and my dating history is a spectrum of creeds and colours. What I am seeing around me though is not natural population growth. The managed decline of the city reminds of what I witnessed when I was in Detroit and the blatant anti white prejudice of my time in Marseilles.”

    I’ve not visited Detroit, but I have certainly witnessed what you speak of in Marseilles and a couple of other places in France… there is nothing ‘reverse’ about the racism of calling for whites to be hanged; as I believe one attention-seeking nonentity did in a ‘rap’ piece just a few years ago. – Of course; that sort of thing is fuel to the fire of white racism; Le Pen et al. White racists, black racists, yellow and brown; all struck from the same anti-social die.

    My view is that Scotland and in particular Glasgow, are not particularly natural homes to racism. So I’m inclined to concur that what you are witnessing is indeed something other than natural population growth; something engineered. As a port city (like Liverpool, London etc.) it has been a found home to generations of people from all corners of the globe for hundreds of years… and most groups have (for the most part) brought new and diverse things to enrich the table.

    There are always exceptions of course; the cranks and gadflies seeking excuse not to contribute but instead play entitled victim; but those are exceptions.

    There is an irony in that much of the rhetoric rotates around multiculturalism, anti-racism, inclusion, diversity; yet the actual engineered outcome is entirely racist. – The enclaves; the non-natural population growth. The failure or refusal to integrate. – The opposite of the melting pot; the opposite of an inclusive, diverse society.

    White! white! white! that damned racist spat out… it would have been no less appalling had he been a white man in a hood ejaculating hatred towards a predominantly black population.

    Of course, you don’t have to be white to be targeted by Humza Hatred… seems he’s not keen on Indians either.

    Then of course there is his scant regard for motoring law, dodgy relatives etc. – why is someone with that sort of anti-social background and connections involved in any capacity in public service? How corrupt is the system that ‘parachutes in’ people like that to high office? – I suppose the answer is probably about as corrupt as back in the days when it was all dominated by funny handshakes and tales of the ‘dirty Irish’.

    – And there’s the heart of the problem again; corruption and dishonesty.

  116. Iain More

    I guess thanks to the Yoon Transgeneder ("Tractor" - Ed)s in the SNP we are all about to be criminalised.

    To the Yoon ("Tractor" - Ed)s that now control teh SNP – There are only two genders. there taek that down and use it in evidence against me. At least I will get fed and watered three times a day. What do I care as we arent going to get a Referendum or aUDI any time soon from those Scot haters at te SNP.

    Oh and anybody who tells me we should vote for the SNP in the useless and pointless fothcoming Brit Election can go and fuck thesmselves. It will be a spoiled ballot for me if ALBA aren’t standing in my Constituency. A Constituoency that has had its boundaries gerrymandered by the Ruling Brit Tranny Junta by the way.

    I guess the only Hate Crime not considerd a Hate Crime now by the Brit Tranny Junta SNP is to be an anti Scottish Bigot. The Brit State has nothuing to fear from such reptiles.

  117. John Main

    @Robert Hughes says: 28 March, 2024 at 4:43 pm

    ” Melting Pot ” or ” Ball of Confusion ” ? Time will tell

    No time needed, Bob.

    History is hoaching with examples. We don’t need to employ “Scottish Exceptionalism”. What happens here will conform to the historical norm.

    Diverse, multicultural societies will work in an expanding economy, but fall into conflict and civil war when times turn hard. The only way to keep them together in the latter scenario is by oppression, repression, and autocracy.

    What we are seeing in both WM and HR is tacit acceptance that the good times aren’t coming back, and that therefore by the laws of historical inevitability, more oppressive and repressive regimes will be needed.

    Once again, Bob, study history. All of this has happened before.

  118. Michael Laing

    @ Ian More at 8.53pm: There are two SEXES. Gender, inasmuch as it’s a thing (it is merely a human construct), is a continuum.

  119. Mac

    I am very worried Wings is looking for an exit. Because I know if I was him I would be.

    Independence seems so distant now and this shit today is so far away from the point he entered the scene. This is not what he signed up for.

    And this Hate Crime threat is an excellent off-ramp for him…

    I am very tempted myself. Things are getting scary.

    But then you just keep thinking… Fuck them.

    Talk is cheap though.

    I hope he keeps going. Otherwise I doubt I will bother.

  120. George Ferguson

    @John Main 9:09pm
    I was looking after my grandchildren today. They got away with everything, as it should be. Isn’t that what Grandparents are for?. A couple of years ago my wife and I seen this coming so we embarked on a relocation exercise. We had a great time selecting possible locations. Spent a lot of money but agreed on the location of the last chopper out. I have over the years been an advocate of non violence. Many of my comments to support that statement on WoS. Alas an Islamic Republic of Scotland has got the relocation back on the agenda.

  121. sarah

    @ Ebok at 5.10: “..political parties are the problem, not the solution.. But.. An assortment of small Indy groups will never cut it with the electorate – we need something or, some kind of inspiration.”

    I can’t disagree with this, Ebok. We certainly do need people to inspire voters. That is why I suggested a few days ago that the Rev might consider standing as an Independent for Independence in a constituency where Yes did very well in 2014 and the Wee Blue Book was in demand e.g. one of the Dundee seats.

    I do think that Eva Comrie is inspiring – a well known local character could do well. Look at Winnie Ewing, also a lawyer like Eva, known in the district and liked.

    But such candidates, including ISP, SSP, Alba, need a mass of support to do the legwork, help get publicity etc so WE need to talk about them and spread the word and donate.

    Two of the organisations I mentioned aren’t candidates – they are schemes to assist candidates. Schemes for Indy is Leanne Tervit’s project to get the poorer demographic onto the voters register. If those people turn out to vote it makes independence a lot more likely.

    Indy 1st are a support organisation – they will assist any independence group. Their major contribution is the Ayeapp to make voter registration easy – this will be a huge help to the Schemes for Indy project.

    I am certain that the Independents for Independence candidates will form a grouping of some kind so that in Holyrood elections they can be on the list. The Action For Independence format would be suitable, I think.

    My worry is that if Wings readers aren’t engaged in supporting these initiatives then it doesn’t augur well. To me, getting Scotland out of the false position at the bottom of the heap in the Union is an urgent necessity. We cannot afford not to get behind every effort being made by genuine, passionate, believers in Scotland.

  122. Iain More

    Michael Laing
    28 March, 2024 at 9:30 pm

    @ Ian More at 8.53pm: There are two SEXES. Gender, inasmuch as it’s a thing (it is merely a human construct), is a continuum.


    I was having a rant and when I rant I get mixed up. The Wokist Mind Virus causes me to fulminate and gives me rabies. We now have Wokists as in Jules Hardy at the BBC calling for the genocide of White Male gamers who do not share thier sick Creepy view of the World.

  123. George Ferguson

    @Sarah 10:22pm
    WoS the biggest political blog in Scotland has raised perhaps up to 15K to obtain legal advice on the HCA. The average spend to gain an MP seat in the forthcoming General Election will be around 20k. It’s not about losing a £500 pound deposit. Support leglisation to balance the odds by subsiding Independent candidates and capping the expenditure of mainstream political candidates. Labour have the Unions and Conservatives have business. I have more money than the SNP never mind Independent Candidates.

  124. sarah

    @ Stoker at 6.24: “Personally I thought it was the best bit of positive Scottish political news I’ve heard in some time. …Don’t get disheartened.”

    Cheers, Stoker. I must say that listening to the panel on Through a Scottish Prism lately everything they say chimes with my thinking and feeling. The party system has us in their corrupt grip and it is the same nearly everywhere round the world.

    So it has to be dedicated independent people elected who will state their principles and stick to them. And then when they have won we need a constitution that makes the people truly sovereign over any politician and over the elements of the establishment which currently have the whip hand over us i.e. judiciary and police.

  125. John Main

    @Mac says: 28 March, 2024 at 9:41 pm

    I hope he keeps going. Otherwise I doubt I will bother.

    What happened to that backbone you found just the other week?

    Don’t tell me – another cheap Covid Spreader knock-off!

    As me gran used to say, “Buy cheap, buy dear”.

  126. sarah

    @ George Ferguson: “Support legislation to balance the odds by subsidising Independent candidates and capping the expenditure of mainstream political candidates.”

    Yes, I agree with that, definitely.

    As for funding independents meanwhile, remember how much was raised for the Orkney Four against Carmichael. From memory that was over £400,000. So if we can do that again that’s enough to fund 20 candidates.

  127. John Main

    Good news reported on the BBC for the price of basic foodstuffs in the west and the wider world:

    404 has managed to get its grain exports back up to around 5 million tons per month, despite the best efforts of the Orcs to kill those exports at source, and starve millions throughout the third world.

    It’s all helping with our cost of living crisis too.

    Prior to the attempted re-assimilation of 404 back into the Russti imperium and the world’s largest open-air prison camp, 404 was exporting about 6.5 million tons of grains per month.

    So still some way to go. But heading in the right direction.

    I expect a deluge of posts from the usual suspects to applaud this achievement.

    Haha, I crack me up.

  128. willie

    Can you imagine …..English, English, English or Bastards, Bastard, Bastards.

    That’s the type of rant we want from the most senior politician in Scotland. Bastard, Bastard, Bastard, it’s the language of our First Minister

  129. Geri

    The immigration problem is Capitalism.

    The Employer doesn’t want to pay workers a real living wage.
    They want to keep all their money & pay peanuts. Suck their money out for themselves & their shareholders.
    No one wants to work for peanuts, especially menial jobs, so governments have to allow immigration.
    Governments don’t like the costs associated with processing immigration tho – so they don’t bother.
    & Businesses need slaves.

    Look at Brexit. Thousands of nurses left. Care workers. Hotel workers, fishing deck hands & fruit pickers etc. Business were soon greeting they’d no staff & to relax the *hostile environment to immigration* the Tories had caused.

    Lower birth rates too force immigration.

    & So does an absolute shit education system where the population is dumbed down or they’re an absolute genius but can’t afford the tuition fees.

    This gender shit is a good example. Lessons on anal sex & fantasy land biology that you can have a vagina if you want one – when they can hardly read or write. What life skill is that learning anyone?

    Oh, aye, sex work can be a good career choice. Churn out ladyboy prostitute’s. Wasn’t that Rihanna Spears great idea with her TIE campaign? While she trotted Prostitute’s around Holyrood.

    The EU is in the same boat because they, along with the UK, followed the dumb yanks & sold everything.

  130. George Ferguson

    @Sarah 11:00pm
    The money raised against Carmicheal was a lot less than that. And who got voted at the next GE?. Carmicheal. And who will be
    Voted in at the next GE Carmichael. And if
    you had to vote on an Island Ferry you would vote Carmicheal as well. Local politics great place Orkney. Unrepresentative of Scottish Politics. The Central Belt will be lost to Labour. Labour cannily supported all the unpopular legislation to trip the SNP up. Worked a treat. Meanwhile their will be no country left for Labour to enjoy.

  131. Johnlm

    The bid to hide the excess death numbers with the new counting system is underway.

  132. Geri

    Genocide John

    “404 has managed to get its grain exports back up to around 5 million tons per month, despite the best efforts of the Orcs to kill those exports at source, and starve millions throughout the third world.”

    Ever wonder why it went to the 3rd world?
    It’s not up to EU standards.

    “Prior to the attempted re-assimilation of 404 back into the Russti imperium and the world’s largest open-air prison camp, 404 was exporting about 6.5 million tons of grains per month.”

    Still peddling propaganda I see. Ruskies never wanted 404 as clearly set out in their peace agreement that BoJo went on to tell them to reject.

    Stick to yer own country’s constitution.
    No NATO membership.


    BoJo has been his usual *how to make things infinitely far worse than they are* just like he did with Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe.

    He’ll be in the dock for war crimes. Prolonging an unnecessary war that’s seen thousands more die & this time territory will most likely be secured given the additional threats of blowing up bridges, Nordstream & the latest terrorist attack.

    404 was conducting ethnic cleansing since 2014 & the coup. Targeting Russian speakers. You always like to gloss over that tho.

    Just as you gloss over Genocide in Palestine with yer two state, both sides pish.
    Palestine is already a state under international law.
    It’s already been recognised by the UN.
    It’s already been voted on by the UN & into LAW.
    It already exists.

    Guess who doesn’t accept it? It’s wee yappy neighbour & armchair generals.
    They also carried out a terrorist attack on a mosque a week prior to the 7th of October but yer wee propaganda channels drop that important point too.

    You crack yerself up cause yer insane.

  133. Johnlm

    The poles are dumping the Yookie grain off the trains as it crosses the border.
    Does Genocide John’s BBC mention that I wonder?

    Btw here are pictures of Johnocides throat-slitter friends working in the Biden laundry.

  134. Hatuey

    Anton: “advocating violence against me”

    You were the one that introduced and legitimised the issue of provocation when you said attacks on you were unprovoked.

    Matt Quinn: “The failure or refusal to integrate. – The opposite of the melting pot; the opposite of an inclusive, diverse society.”

    Assessments like that were made of Irish immigrants to Glasgow not so long ago. Actually, in many respects the Irish got it worse. Of course, being of Irish descent, I would expect you to know all about that.

    Do immigrants of today have more choice in where they live than Irish immigrants had in the second half of the 19th century when they were crammed into and associated with slums? Generally speaking, I doubt it.

    But there’s plenty of integration; it happens in the background, without fanfare and fuss, like a sort of magic. In 10 years we will be cheering when lads of Romanian descent are scoring for Scotland. Who knows, maybe one of them will show us how to achieve independence…

    Logically, though, the issue of integration can’t be meaningfully discussed or distinguished in isolation of the question of how immigrants are received. I am surprised that I need to point things like this out.

    It’s hard to integrate with people the shun and hate you, of course.

  135. Breeks

    I’m curious… If you get all your “hates” out your system now, (hurry, hurry, before April 1], would the hate crime pre-date the law making it a hate crime, and thus you could simply refer people you want to insult to a “hate” published before the Woken Ausgangssperre descends?

    You wouldn’t have to “publish” the remark, but just refer to it in the references.

    Would I go to jail for this indirect direction? Would I also go to jail if I referenced somebody else’s pre-Ausgangssperre hurty-words, not my own?

    If I printed a reference to pre-Ausgangssprerre hurty-words for academic reference, would that still be a hate-crime? Or would your prosecution be like today’s media, where somebody is pilloried for making an offensive remark, but you cannot establish what the remark actually was? Thus you cannot judge for yourself whether it was offensive. You are thus a passenger in your society, not a participant.

  136. John Main

    @Hatuey says: 29 March, 2024 at 2:04 am

    Logically, though, the issue of integration can’t be meaningfully discussed or distinguished in isolation of the question of how immigrants are received. I am surprised that I need to point things like this out

    Again, the history books are our friends.

    We have but to look at our very own Scottish diaspora, the emigration of millions of Scots, and thus by definition, the immigration of millions of Scots, from the perspective of the original inhabitants of their destination lands.

    And it’s a mixed bag.

    On one hand (USA), we have the descendants of Scottish immigrants routinely running the country (Trump) while the indigenous inhabitants are very largely absent from the political process. Name one First Nation North American leader, of any vintage, since the Indian Wars? Anybody?

    On the other hand (India), the descendants of Scottish immigrants have long since been expelled at gunpoint.

    So there we have the verdict of history plain to see, and no prism of Scottish Exceptionalism is needed.

    Expulsion or subjugation.

    Ah, but, but, that was then, and that was colonialism and exploitation and oor immigrants come here cos they love us and they really do just want to wipe oor erses when we get old.

    You reckon? Two words – Humza Yousaf.

    I am surprised that I need to point things like this out

    Yeah, well, I’m dealing with Hats here, so blank incomprehension is the order of the day. Alert readers have to reach their own conclusions on just why Hats is so pro-immigration when the historical record is so crystal clear.

  137. John Main

    @Geri says: 28 March, 2024 at 11:54 pm

    the latest terrorist attack

    What’s the internet telling you about the next terrorist attack? The big money is being made in prediction. Any eejit can read what the internet is telling her about the previous attack.

    Fun Fact.

    Advances in computerised facial recognition have allowed several of the Crocus suspects to be placed at the 911 atrocity too.

    Obvs the computer must first re-attach extremities such as ears, etc.

    But then, zooming in on some of the 911 “jumpers”, they have placed 3, maybes 4.5 faces. They reckon the “jumpers” detonated the towers from within, then leapt out onto pre-sited Bouncy Castles. All evidence of the bouncy castles was destroyed when the towers collapsed.

    The perps were living anonymously in illegal West Bank settlements until, after a secret visit from BoJo, and promises of seats in the HoL, they agreed to go “back to work”. They were heading for a pre-arranged hookup with 404 operatives and SAS, who were supposed to be bringing them inflatable, man-carrying drones, when apprehended.

    It’s all there on the internet if you just make the effort and do the work. Some of it is in Tajik, but no biggie. Chop, chop, Geri.

  138. Mac

    Happy Crucifixion of Jesus Day. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

    So as a result of the terror attacks the president of Ru$$ia is now saying it is no longer a ‘special military operation’ (SMO). Now he is saying it is war. All long term observers will know Vl@dP especially is meticulous in his use of language. This will have very serious consequences now for Ukr@ine.

    War versus a special military operation. I am not sure what that will mean but I can guess. Big escalation coming.

    Because of the saturation anti ru$$ian propaganda in the West most people here do not realize that Vl@dP is astonishingly moderate by ru$$ian standards and is holding back forces in Ru$$ia that want to really go for it, especially after the terror attack, they really hate us at this point and this is a big sea change in ru$$ia.

    Whoever it was who ordered that attack has pretty much finished Ukr@ine. Those people have been completely fucked over. It is very sad to witness.

  139. Geri

    The Ruskies have press releases & news agencies, ya eejit.
    They’re realising the information they have gathered so far.
    Not everyone gets their info from eejits like you or the BBC.

    As it happens I never bought into the 911 conspiracy but I am now. Iraq was a threat to I*sael. Saddam had to go.

    Do you never ask yerself why these supposed war criminals & nasty dictators never make the inside of a courtroom?

    The yanks are in a mess with the whole world shaking it’s head over the absolute bin fire they have made of 404, Gaza & now the UN. The UK, USA & the EU are all dictated to by I*rael because they fund puppet presidents. Their days are numbered, thank fck. The biggest threat to world peace was ever allowing them to colonise under the guise of peacekeeper. Why isn’t NATO in Gaza? Oh that’s right, it’s not in Americas interests. That blows NATO too. It’s only Americas army. Serving American interests.

    They’re on the way down. A new world order beckons. One that will ostracise these war hawks & take back control of their own lands. They’re already turning their nose up at Gilts & bonds LOL Nobody is interested. Nil points. See, you just cannie steal ppls reserves or declare election results (that’s not an American puppet) means that country’s reserves no longer belong to them.

    The UN will be their undoing or that will go too. It’s as clear as day a genocide is happening even by their own rules.

    Tick tock..

    Biden & BoJo have lost 404 territory. Oh dear..

  140. Johnlm

    It’s impossible to tell when Main is joking or if it’s something he heard on his beloved BBC.
    He believes 19 Arabs with box cutters conspiracy theory. Bless !

    fun fact

    0sama bin Laden was never indicted by the FBI for the events of 911.


    On the theme of «genocide»,, other people seem to matter more or a donkey being led away from the well into the wilderness.
    Focus or die.

  142. Andy Ellis

    I’m just wondering if anyone ever comes across someone in “real life” who is a rabid fluffer for Uncle Vlad other than the usual suspects who soil the BTL comments in here with their pro Orc propaganda?

    It’s a real phenomenon: when have you ever heard anyone you meet talk about the war in Country 404 and make the kind of excuses and allowances these hard of thinking Kremlin assets routinely come out with here? I’ve never hear a single individual do so other than in here: not a single person in any walk of life, whether at work, neighbours, socially, out on the bus.

    Uncle Vlad’s consulate is just a few streets away from here: I’ve seen plenty of people demonstrating against them and leaving pro Country 404 messages, but nary a one supporting the extinction of Country 404.

    The reason of course is obvious: Mac, Geri, RoS and the like are, if not out and out paid assets of Uncle Vlad, definitely the kind of fringe cranks people used to shun in the past who would loudly voice their support for the crushing of Solidarity in Poland, or for the intervention against the Prague Spring.

    It is of course something of a mystery why they have chosen this particular place to vent their pro-Kremlin agitprop: doubtless the fact Stuey has a famously hands off approach to what is posted BTL helps explain it, as does his determination not to routinely read the contributions. Can’t say that’s all that surprising given the low quality of the contributions from the usual suspects of course.

    I see Leasky has been having another pop at WoS over on X/Twitter. Much as I’m convinced that there is something of the night about Mr Leask, it’s difficult not to agree that the effluent of the usual suspects on here does nothing to advance either the cause of independence more broadly, but in particular to convince ordinary undecided Scottish voters that the movement isn’t actually represented by these carpet biters and tin foil hat wearing conspiracy nutters.

  143. Mac

    What is a stain on this web site is people making comments referring to human beings as ‘orcs’. I think this has been discussed on here before.

    That is the sort of dehumanizing language you find on the most extreme and poisonous neocon sink holes websites. This is exactly how they talk about them and they use similar language for Palestinians. The racism is simmering just beneath the surface…

    The kind of people who do that are the same ones who called the the Vietnamese ‘gooks’.

  144. Robert Hughes

    Wee Johnny Balrog Main out his cave at the crack of for another long day of being a minor irritation n hoping to catch some unsuspecting passersby in his web of pish .


    Well , no need to ” beware ” of it , really , turns out it’s not real , just a type of narcolepsy-inducing hollow gram ( sic ) being projected on the dank walls of a cave .

    A Shadow Puppet Show meant to scare the kids into obedience but in actuality just makes them laugh n mock the amateurishness of the production .

    I hear wee Johnny was involved in that other rip-roaring recent * success * .. the Willy Wonka Experience , yes , what an ” experience ” it was too .

    I understand his next venture will be themed around Stepan Bandera , a hero , apparently of wee Johnny and definitely of the country he loves most , that veritable Shangri La of E Europe , you know the one .

    We wish him as much success in this venture as he had in the W.W.E .

    No date as yet for this promised extravaganza – he had hoped for a premier on April 1st , alas , another clownshow had booked that day ; also , rumour has it he’s having some difficulties getting backers to ” show him the money ” .

    Maybe his other great mate – Netan The Yahoo would help him out with few shekels .

  145. Johnlm

    Ellis fluffs Leasky !?!?
    Carpet biters.

  146. Willie

    Mac @ 8.28

    Your comments about the potential for escalation are timely. Russia cannot stand by and take the US / UK attacks. The terror shooting in Moscow was ordered and facilitated by someone and I suspect the Russians know too.

    There will be reprisals. There has to be. Indeed, and whilst I do not know, the Baltimore bridge strike looked as intention as the twin towers aeroplane strikes.

    Baltimore would certainly fit the notion of a message being sent. Indeed the incident has caused huge economic impact way beyond a demolished bridge. This was a huge export hub shifting man many tens of billions of goods.

    The US are playing it down but the economic impact is huge and it shows how vulnerable countries actually are.

    Indeed, in an escalated war it doesn’t take to much imagination as to how vulnerable we could all be from strategic economic attack.

    As a young child you used to hear children chanting we one the war, ee aye adio,we one the war. Too many think the same today. Britain still rules the world, doesn’t it?

  147. Geri

    As usual – nothing of substance. No answers or factual rebuttal.

    Just a rant from a racist with delusions of grandeur who thinks he’s on the right side of history & knows the inner thoughts of the whole of Scotland. I must’ve missed when Scotland elected this eejit as spokesperson.

    I suspect the reason he never hears people talking about the absolute shit show in 404 is because they see that nutter coming & cross the road. Or wait for the next I know I would.

    404 was given every opportunity to accept terms & a peace deal. Nothing special. Just two simple instructions relating to 404s own constitution & agreements regarding; no NATO. No foreign military.

    They refused on the direct instruction of BoJo the clown sent by creepy warhawk, Biden. Resulting in thousands of more lives.

    A fact the propagandists can’t fluff over. So they rant instead & resort to name calling while demonstrating to everyone how racist they are.

    Surprise, surprise. Get back to yer wee pretendy war room in yer basement, ya rocket. Worst thing Stu ever did was let you back out yer cage.

  148. Mia

    The Claim of Right 1689 says:

    “That the causeing persue and forefault persones upon stretches of old and obsolete lawes upon frivolous and weak pretences upon lame and defective probation as particularly the late Earle of Argylle are Contrary to law”

    Anybody with an average IQ can conclude that without very specifically defining the boundaries of what is understood by “hate”, and by deliberately making this “hate” only punishable when directed to SOME protected characteristics plus other manufactured additions, specifically leaving out the protected characteristic of “sex”, this immediately becomes a piece of bad legislation which, under a frivolous and weak pretence, seeks to forcefully suppress freedom of thought and freedom of expression in Scotland. It is imposing toxic thought and compliance to an assault on females’ rights and self-imposed silence by force and by stealth under the threat of prosecution and economic ruin.

    I am of the opinion the wastes of space sitting in Holyrood left it deliberately vague with this purpose.

    The Equality and Human Rights Commission says:

    “‘Article 10 of the Human Rights Act: Freedom of expression’
    Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers”

    “Article 10 protects your right to hold your own opinions and to express them freely without government interference.

    This includes the right to express your views aloud (for example through public protest and demonstrations) or through:

    published articles, books or leaflets
    television or radio broadcasting
    works of art
    the internet and social media
    The law also protects your freedom to receive information from other people by, for example, being part of an audience or reading a magazine”
    From the Equality and Human Rights Commission, accessed 29 March 2024″

    I am no lawyer and have an average IQ, but I can read. In line with the above, this disgusting hate law is a direct interference and assault on the people of Scotland’s human right to freedom of expression. And in my opinion deliberately made so.

    I do not give a damn nor accept lectures from some pro-SNP, pro-Green, or covertly acting on behalf of the British state lawyer, no matter how senior, telling me that the intentions behind this legislation are pure or that they put enough safeguards in place. Because I can read, I can extract my own conclusions, and, because I can read, I do not believe them.

    And if they are lying to us so blatantly about this, what else have they been lying about?

    Who gives Yousaf, all those sitting in Holyrood and those advising them the right and the mandate to deny the people of Scotland this fundamental human right? Who do these people think they are to make the people of Scotland second rate citizens in this political union? Who/What are they working for?

    And isn’t the denying to the people of Scotland this fundamental human right by repurposing some obsolete law under such a weak and lame pretence, also a direct assault on the Claim of Right?

    Why are we tolerating this assault on our fundamental rights?

    To all those MSPs who attacked Scotland’s human rights and sought to make the people of Scotland second rate citizens in this union by voting for this aberration:

    You are a disgrace. You are an embarrassment to Scotland and to the world. Your actions are an insult to the trust the people of Scotland put on you to represent them and protect their interests. You are a stain in the concept of democracy. You were elected TO REPRESENT the people of Scotland, not to ABUSE your positions of power to stab the people of Scotland in the back, while forcefully seeking to silence them to stop them holding you, your bad policies, your disgraceful behaviour, your contempt for Scotland, and your deliberate pursuit of toxic causes to hurt the people of Scotland for the sake of lobbyists, donations to your party or a globalist agenda, to account.

    I hope your disgraceful actions come to bite you really hard in the arse and that history treat you all as the disgraceful embarrassment to Scotland you have become.

    The obvious conclusions from your actions is that you appear to seek the people of Scotland to reject their own parliament. According to the Scotland Act, Holyrood can only be closed down if the people of Scotland votes for it. It seems to me that this is what you are seeking. Your actions do not point towards protecting Holyrood, but rather towards doing everything in your power to make it disappear. You appear to be trying to reproduce the actions the tractors sitting in the 1706 Parliament of Scotland did to ensure Scotland’s parliament ceased to operate. In the big picture, it is obvious your actions are pointing towards the exact same outcome. Why? Are you trying to ditch our parliament in preparation for the UK acting as the lap dog of USA once again in another of its neoliberal wars to protect the hegemony of the dollar?

    When exactly were we asked if we want to take part on this?

    It has just been published that the UK economy was in recession last year. Should you have done your job of making Scotland independent after the people of Scotland sent 3 consecutive majorities of anti-union MPs to Westminster, Scotland may not have to endure the consequences of this recession, nor watching how its only refinery is closed down while you sit like cowards on your hands or how we are dragged into another of USA’s neoliberal wars.

    As a citizen of Scotland, you disgust me. Your actions do not reflect the mandate you were given by the people of Scotland. Your actions appear deliberately designed to hurt the people of Scotland, rather than to protect their interests and parliament. I think that, as representatives of the people of Scotland, you failed to do your job and have become a stain on Scotland.

    I hope history books and generations of Scots to come treat you with the same level of contempt and disrespect you are currently treating the people of Scotland and their parliament with.

    And before you rush to hide like cowards behind this toxic law you purposely passed to silence criticism, let me be clear: what I feel for you and your disgraceful actions and abuse of seats in our parliament is not hate. It is disgust at your lack of integrity and principles. It is contempt for the way you are misusing the power you were given to attack rather than protect Scotland and its parliament. It is embarrassment that I have to call you my representatives when you are not even attempting to represent Scotland’s interests. It is disappointment at how you have deliberately wasted the time and pro-independence majorities sent to Holyrood and Westminster to restore Scotland’s statehood.

    For all of the above, shame on you all. Here is to Scotland being able to clap in delight and relief while we watch how all of you, one by one, deservedly lose the seat in the upcoming elections.

  149. Andy Ellis

    @Turabdin 8.58am

    The student politics donkeys are far more interested in boycotting the evil zionists than actually putting the work in to achieving independence.

    ‘Twas ever thus sadly!

    It was never difficult in centuries past to distract the fractious Scots in to internecine squabbling, whether about which noble should rule the country and whether or to what extent they should kow-tow to the English, or later about what religion should rule the roost, and later still about whether the workers of the world uniting was more important than achieving actual improvements to the lived experience and prospects for ordinary Scots in their tenements or small holdings.

    Five will get to you ten that many of those bloviating about cutting all ties with the evil Zionist state and boycotting anything and everything Israeli, are also at the forefront of the trans rights movement too, which won’t go down too well with some of the usual suspects here of course. Those suspects represent the dregs of the movement in general of course, but they appear in general to be on the side of the angels when it comes to the gender debate.

    Perhaps we should be thankful for that small mercy, if for nothing else about them. Independence is an after thought for these lackwits, coming in a poor second to the atavistic imperative for ever more performative posturing about country 404, “furriners” stealing their referendum, or sticking it to “the man”.

    They’re the modern equivalent of the widely ignored and ridiculed tankies of my 1980’s student days: less Che Guevara and more Wolfie Smith, just not as funny.

  150. Ruby

    George Ferguson
    28 March, 2024 at 11:36 pm

    Labour cannily supported all the unpopular legislation to trip the SNP up.

    I was wondering why the Labour & the LibDems branch offices were so supportive of GRRB & HCB and I thought that it was because they were told to by the head offices. Not too sure about their views on HC but they definitely appear to be highly supportive of Gender reform.

    If Labour get into power I believe we will have self-id and every ‘trans right’ the trans/ want.

    As for the Tories being the only party to oppose the GRRB & HCB I think that might have been a bit a con on the part of the Tories.

    Adam Tomkins was on ‘Scotland Tonight’ on Tuesday and he was fully supportive of the act. He thought it was all excellent except for the part where you could be criminalised for something you said in your own home and that was the only reason he voted against the HCB.

    I don’t know why the rest of the Tories voted against the bill possibly they follow the Bain principle ie SNP propose Tories oppose.

    As for the GRRB it was probably some very small part of the bill that they opposed. There was no indication that they were opposed to sex changes or that they don’t believe ‘transwomen are women’.

    Rishi Sunak & Kami Badenoch are fully supportive of sex changes and believe that ‘transwomen are women’ if they weren’t they would oppose the GRA 2004. Don’t let them fool you into thinking they are fully supportive of women’s rights.

    You can’t have a law which states a man can legally become a woman and then argue that that ‘woman’ shouldn’t be allowed to enter women’s spaces or compete in women’s sport.

    The root cause of all the problems is this idea that people can change sex.

    There is only one party in the UK making sense and that is the ‘The Women’s Party’.

  151. Ruby

    With regard to being criminalised for something you said in your own home I’m not seeing many people complaining about that. The main worry seems to be as Michael Foran says is that you could be accused of a hate crime and have all your equipment confiscated for an unlimited amount of time.


    Michael Foran & Adam Tomkins on Newsnight.

    Adam Tomkins was nicknamed Professor Pish or was it Professor of Pish? I think that might have been by Stu as a result of something he wrote in the Spectator.

    He also assured us during the IndyRef2014 that the UK would never leave the EU. I don’t know if that declaration is still up on his blog I suspect not.

  152. Mac

    Yeah Willie I saw Lara Logan talking about how strategically important this bridge was and that it is highly suspicious.

    You think about Nordstream bombing and the bizarre obsession the west has with destroying the Kerch bridge… so the timing of this accident is very curious. Maybe someone is sending a message that two can play at this game… or it could just be an accident.

    As to the war I always ask, what exactly did Britain win in WWII? To the victor the spoils they say… we lost an empire and had rationing well into the fifties. Our great friend the US made us pay back every single penny of war debt while they forgave Germany theirs. We only finally paid it back fairly recently. So again what did Britain win? From empire to vassal state… wow that is a stunning victory all right. As for Churchill he was a disaster for Britain…. But yeah we ‘won’ that is the important thing.

  153. Ruby

    I have no interest in what John Main or Andy Ellis say nor do I have any interest in what people think about what John Main & Andy Ellis say.

    The World According to John Main & Andy Ellis is very boring.

    Especially when things in Scotland are falling apart.

  154. Republicofscotland

    Andy Ellis @9.07am.

    The majority of Scots don’t do any research on the likes of YouCraine so they are unaware that its national hero is a WWII Natzi enabler sympathiser or that many streets are named after Natzi sympathisers with many many monuments in the country to them as well.

    They are also unaware that the country is currently ran by Kneo-Natzis and that the Great Satan (US) brought about a coup of the democratically elected president of the country to install their own puppet president the main goal of the coup was to allow Nato to place nukes close to the RF’s border.

    The people of the Donbas weren’t pleased with this (to cut a long story short) and the Kneo-Natzi regime then tried to bomb them into submission in a similar fashion as to what the evil Zionists are doing to the Palestinians, and as the West turned a blind eye to the evil Zionists war crimes against the Palestinians, so the West turned a blind eye to what the Kneo-Natzis of YouCraine were doing to the citizens of the Donbas.

    To further hinder Scots finding out the truth, Scotland’s foreign media lies and twists the truth constantly.

  155. Roger Gough

    The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.Except where matters of sex or gender are concerned

  156. Geri

    They only forgave Germany cause they took control & stripped it bare.
    Germany can’t fart without the yanks say so.

    Re the bridge. To cut off the Russian navy. It’s always been a yankie wet dream to surround & cut off Ruskies from the EU. Nordstream backfired because Ruskies never needed the EU (much to their amazement). It was the other way around. Now there’s other customers for cheap gas & the car industry. Oh dear. How to crash yer own economy on the say so of their demonic overlords thousands of miles away.

    I loved the Ruskies spokesperson when asked about the Ruskies election having no real contenders..

    “how many did Sunak have?” LOL

    & he’s not even in the middle of a conflict.

    I dunno how they don’t choke on their own hypocrisy.

  157. Mia

    “many of those bloviating about cutting all ties with the evil Zionist state and boycotting anything and everything Israeli, are also at the forefront of the trans rights movement too”

    You have to be willing to adopt an incredibly myopic stance, meaning deliberately getting, or asking others to get, far too close to a particular point while losing sight of the big picture where that point sits, to not suspect that the attempt to conflating both causes on the same toxic vehicle is a political maneuver designed to demonise the support for Palestine.

    It is the exact same strategy used to conflate, under this distorted version of the SNP, the support for independence with toxic policies and assault on females’ rights, for example.

    If this “trans” activist movement were spontaneous and not fabricated as I suspect it is, you would expect to see a totally unrelated cause, which is support for Palestine/Israel to reflect among trans activists the same proportions you observe in the population at large. The fact that it doesn’t, points to fabrication.

    So, what is the real reason behind this fabricated and blown out of proportion trans activism other than being a good excuse to suppressing public dissent and freedom of expression by stealth? Was it designed also to boost support for Israel’s genocide against Palestine?

  158. Ruby
    Will the police finally see sense on ‘non-crime hate incidents’?
    Hate speech policing is Orwellian, warns judge in trans tweets case

    Anyone know the difference between the UK Hate crime bill and Humza’s Hate Monster bill?

  159. willie

    Aye Mac, the busted flush of Grande Bretagne indeed. They won the war and lost the lot.

    And now the Americans proceed with the same belligerence with the snarling poodle alongside. Where oh where will it end with the slide towards stilling free speech whilst controlling the media.

    In truth folks know nothing of what their governments do. But none of us should disregard the fact that oppression is inevitably always met with resistance.

    This statement in the immediate aftermath of the Brighton Hotel bombing in 1984 reinforces that very point –

    “Mrs. Thatcher will now realise that Britain cannot occupy our country and torture our prisoners and shoot our people in their own streets and get away with it. Today we were unlucky, but remember we only have to be lucky once. You will have to be lucky always. Give Ireland peace and there will be no more war ”

    And yes, in relation to the ultimate release after many many years of campaigning on behalf of innocent Irish people fitted up for bombings they did not commit, and bombings the authorities knew they did not commit the following statement by a very senior English judge, Justice Bridge who opined that

    ” if they had just executed these six ( innocent ) men then they would have avoided these interminable ( appeal ) proceedings ”

    The Birmingham Six, and after international intervention, were eventually exonerated after 12 years of imprisonment but not if the English judiciary had gotten its way.

    That is what folks are up against in authoritarian states.

  160. Ruby
    Will the police finally see sense on ‘non-crime hate incidents’?

    What counts as non-trivial can also be surprising: a person making a remark at a private party attacking a wheelchair user or a schoolchild insultingly referring to another child’s disability in class could still both end up with a police record.

    I have referred to the UK Hate Crime bill in an earlier post but I mean the Hate Crime Bill that covers England & Wales. I think it might be called ‘Hate crime, England and Wales, 2022’

    The above extract from the Spectator article which refers to ‘Hate crime, England and Wales, 2022’

    would suggest that this English bill criminalises things said in private.

    Are there any differences between the English/Wellsh hate crime bill and ‘The Hate Crime and Public Order Act (Scotland) Act 2021’?

    If you go here

    and click on the green link
    Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act 2021 (
    it takes you to UK Gov page which states

    Changes to legislation:

    Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act 2021 is up to date with all changes known to be in force on or before 29 March 2024. There are changes that may be brought into force at a future date.

    If the ‘Hate crime, England and Wales, 2022’ and ‘Hate Crime and Public Order (Scotland) Act 2021’

    are exactly the same then the UK Gov/The Tories cannot step in and save us from ‘Humza’s monster bill as some may have hoped they would.

  161. Ruby

    Not quite sure why Wales & England don’t have separate hate crime bills.

    Does Wales not have a devolved government?

    Things get confusing because England doesn’t have a devolved Gov.
    UK Gov. = English Gov.

    With regards to hate crimes would this not need to be the same through out the whole of the UK?

  162. Ruby

    What about Hate Crime in Northern Ireland?

    What is that bill like and what sorts of hate crimes do they have in N.Ireland?

  163. Ruby

    I think I may have figured out the answer to my question re England & Wales having a joint hate crime bill.

    Is it because England and Wales has the same law but N.Ireland & Scotland have different laws?


    From the «SPECTATOR» about YOUSAF’s first year.

    «The survey – carried out by the Diffley Partnership for the Holyrood Sources podcast – suggests SNP politicians should concentrate on making devolution work before demanding further constitutional upheaval. (that old canard)

    While 56 per cent of those surveyed said devolution had been positive and 43 per cent so closely identified with the project that they said it made them more proud to be Scottish, just 40 per cent felt Holyrood had served them well, while only 37 per cent believed their local MSP served their area well.

    The survey also found that just a fifth of voters (the same proportion as supports the abolition of Holyrood) are happy with the current devolution settlement.
    Support for independence, regularly at almost 50 per cent, drops to just 38 per cent when the option of a more powerful Scottish Parliament is offered» (an option in Cloud Cuckoo Land only)

    Scotland as a Anglo-British dependency for ever? With the young leaving and the old and infirm turning Scotia into Geriatrica, a Rwanda for seniors?

    Yousaf has done zilch to further independence the article opines.
    How observant!

  165. Hatuey

    Ellis: “I’m just wondering if anyone ever comes across someone in “real life” who is a rabid fluffer for Uncle Vlad other than the usual suspects who soil the BTL comments in here with their pro Orc propaganda?”

    Everybody I know on a personal level agrees that the war in the east was caused by the US and its gang of poodles. They also agree it has been a needless waste of lives. When, if, Trump gets in we can expect more freedom of expression on this subject.

    The blanket propaganda has no doubt made it quite an awkward subject to discuss openly in public, though, just as discussing certain things was quite difficult under Stalin. Is that something to celebrate?

    That’s really what propaganda is intended to do, to stifle and stop people openly discussing the truth. Given the intensity of propaganda we are seeing, it would be amazing if it didn’t work.

    I won’t pretend the propaganda levels shock me in what is supposed to be a democracy. The west is basically run by Blackrock and others who are reduced to making a living out of warmongering — “reduced” because people who make money from war and the misery it causes are the lowest forms of life.

    Nobody could have guessed that western capitalist countries, with economies that were once the envy of the world in terms of creativity and productivity, would evolve to such a sorry state where profitability depended on destruction and war.

    Most of us would prefer to see the money spent fixing our hospitals, schools, roads, etc., than destroying the infrastructure of others, but, there’s not enough money in that sort of thing — “shut up and rot” is the order from above.

    What’s interesting is that they are even crap at arms manufacturing. All of them put together couldn’t match what was once referred to as a “gas station masquerading as a country”. They’ve been completely humiliated, reduced to ineffectual acts of terrorism and sabotage.

    The desperate juncture they are at is interesting. It looks like they are thinking of throwing French troops into the mix, knowing full well that they will be annihilated, and the sacrifice will be used to activate NAT0. Good luck with that plan.

  166. John Main

    Mercy, the grievances are being aired this morning. ScotGov really should be seeking to ramp up the export of genuine Scottish shoulder chips. We could corner the market.

    With such a cornucopia of unpleasantly malodorous micturation to choose from, it is invidious to select just one post for further publicity, but I’m gonna do it anyways.

    Mac, you’re up for What exactly did Britain win in WWII?

    Well, Mac, we played an instrumental role in preventing the extermination of the Jews, and many of the Scots I like to associate with were proud and happy about that at the time, and still are.

    I’m gonna state that from my observation of your posts, you’re one of the Scots who lies awake at nights, bitterly regretting that happened, and gnashing your teeth in impotent fury that you will likely end your days long before the Jews are exterminated.

    Tough shit for you, and the tiny minority of Wingers who share your views.

  167. John Main

    @RoS 10:25

    Fun Fact.

    One of the bands due to appear at the interrupted Crocus Hall gig was a tribute act, amusingly and light-heartedly named Banderas Aid.

    Join the dots, Ros, join the dots.

    And just relax, tune in, and listen to what the internet knows.

  168. Shug

    Can I suggest making wings a subscription service with t&c requiring acceptance of” you might get upset” but thats tye service.
    Make registration involve full postal address and details to wash out the unionist trolls and plants.

    Happy to pay the cost if a paper for your work

  169. Xaracen

    @Mia at 10:08 am


  170. Republicofscotland

    “The Birmingham Six, and after international intervention, were eventually exonerated after 12 years of imprisonment but not if the English judiciary had gotten its way.

    That is what folks are up against in authoritarian states.”


    You just have to look at Julian Assange held in a high security prison in England for years without charge, the UK a democracy don’t make me laugh.

    The latest on Assange from Craig Murray.

  171. Republicofscotland

    “One of the bands due to appear at the interrupted Crocus Hall gig was a tribute act,”

    John Main.

    The terrorists were trained at some facility the way they moved throughout the murderous ordeal in tandem proves this, even though they were high on drugs, once the training ground is found (whatever country) then identification of who was involved will follow, already I suspect that many of those involved are dead to break the chain of identification, but the word is that Mi6 were involved, no doubt retribution will follow, but in what form we don’t know yet.

  172. John Main

    @Republicofscotland says: 29 March, 2024 at 3:16 pm

    many of those involved are dead to break the chain of identification, but the word is that Mi6 were involved, no doubt retribution will follow, but in what form we don’t know yet

    Ach c’mon now Ros. You must know. It’s inconceivable they won’t have tipped you off in advance.

    Dinna be shy noo, Ros. Spill the beans. There’s only a couple of more days for you to broadcast your special inside knowledge to the world.

    Don’t you care that once this place closes down, you’ll just be another maudlin, mumbling, twisted fantasist, greeting intae his dram?

    And they’re ten-a-penny in every pub in Scotland.

  173. Andy Ellis

    @Hats 1.53pm

    Your reality free diatribe contains a number of non-sequiturs so, situation normal.

    You can’t have it both ways: folk cant be so scunnered by MSM misinformation and neo-liberal agitprop, or none of these discussions would be taking place. Nobody would say our societies in western liberal democracies are without problems, but the idea that you and others have somehow become privy to truths not available to the rest of us because you have better sources, or are less impressionable, is for the birds.

    Anyone who can unashamedly put in to writing, even if as just some anonymous ned on a popular pro-independence site which has a limited reach in the general population, that Blackrock basically rules us can’t be taken remotely seriously. It’s as big a tell as unselfconscious use of the terms “Great Satan” by RoS and his vatnik mates. How far would ordinary citizens in Uncle Vlad’s homeland, or Chairman Xi’s for that matter, get if they were as critical of their government and system as the usual suspects are in here?

    As for you fervid imaginings about imminent French boots on the ground in the East, or the “fact” that everything depends on the profits made by merchants of death, they’ll prove to be as accurate as your other Cassandra like predictions about the imminent invasion of Taiwan and Turkish intervention in Gaza. For decades after the end of the Cold War western countries, particularly in Europe, assumed they’d essentially won: it was supposed to be the end of history as I recall.

    All the money saved by cutting defence expenditure didn’t bring peace and security though did it? It just allowed authoritarian regimes to expand and prosper as they has in the 1920’s and 30’s. The money saved didn’t go on fixing hospitals, schools and roads…at least not that I’ve noticed.

    Being an appeaser never works. History demonstrates it again and again, but we never learn. In our context, it applies just as much to TRA extremists trying to redefine biology and render opposition hate speech as it does to Uncle Vlad, Chairman Xi and the rest suppressing their own peoples, those minorities unfortunate enough to live within their neo-empires, and those they extend their hands to dominate like Country 404, or to the Mullahs in Tehran executing their oppostion, or to the islamo-fascists in the Muslim world.

    They’re all part of the same axis and all have to be faced down.

    We know what side you and the usual suspects have picked.

  174. Republicofscotland

    “It’s as big a tell as unselfconscious use of the terms “Great Satan” by RoS and his vatnik mates. How far would ordinary citizens in Uncle Vlad’s homeland, or Chairman Xi’s for that matter, get if they were as critical of their government and system as the usual suspects are in here?”

    Tell the above to Assange’s family with the UK in mind and see what happens.

    Tell it to Craig Murray convicted in a kangaroo court without a jury whilst several MSM journalists DID reveal the names of the Alphabet women, tell it to Alex Salmond where at least one Alphabetie was found to have committed perjury without any consequences.

    Its not China or the RF, or that’s turning Scotland into a draconian state.

  175. Andy Ellis

    @RoS 5pm

    You’re soooooo nearly there RoS, arentcha?

    The difference still is that, however imperfect our “draconian state” – even at this point in time with the imminent landing of the Hate Crime Bill – if this were China or the RF, all the journalists who were equally as guilty as Craig Murray would be in gulags, and/or falling mysteriously from upper floor windows. Of course it’s unlikely that any of them would even have been able to report at all on such things in those jurisdictions.

    The lack of perspective necessary to make, still less ardently believe as you appear to, the false equivalence between the two systems, is large enough to be visible from geo stationary orbit. It’s not a psycopathy shared by that many Scots luckily, despite its relative popularity amongst the usual suspects BTL here.

    Those behind the promotion of wedge issues like trans rights with negligible support share a whole lot with folk like you, advocating for extreme positions which have no intellectual, political or social hinterland. MAGA Trumpism, which mirrors the views of many of the usual suspects of course, enjoys considerable support in the USA.

    Such Trumpian worldviews and policy positions have (thankfully) yet to make much headway here, but being Orc-friends and a fondness for woo-woo conspiracy theorising, nativism, extreme anti-immigration rhetoric, opposition to NATO and the EU are all huge tells.

  176. Republicofscotland

    (US) Great Satan Sate Dept asset José Andrés has with the consent and help of the (US) and the Zionists built a jetty in the Med the jetty is made of rubble from the houses of Gaza and contains the remains of dead Palestinians who were murdered in Zionist bombing raids.

    The plan is usurp UNRWA and replace it with Andres World Kitchen company.

  177. Johnlm

    Trumpian and vatnik ?
    We appear to be reaching the end of Andy’s little dictionary of insults.

    Only w, x, y and z to go

  178. Hatuey

    Ellis: “Your reality free diatribe contains a number of non-sequiturs so, situation normal.”

    Dominic Cummings seems to agree with almost everything I said. Go read. You no longer have an opinion, though, all your opinions were turned into mincemeat by Vlad’s superior weapons.

    Nobody with even a passing understanding of world affairs could have expected Vlad to tolerate the crap you were supporting on his border. You revealed yourself to be a silly child when you started cheerleading for that. You still haven’t explained and can’t explain why Vlad should tolerate it when the US never has and never would.

    The problem really, as I see it, is the west elevates all these mouthy spoiled brats to decision-making roles (asswipes, in other words), and very few of them have any real balls when it comes down to it. Stoltenberg is a good example; safe enough hands when it comes to managing burger bars and grocery shops, but not when it comes to waging war.

    Anyway, ta-ta for now, little boy. It’s been fun.

  179. John Main

    @Hats 7:11

    Leaving us already?

    Bet you still have your hole you dug in March 2022. The one you used to hide in to tell us the 404 kids had it coming. Before you decided to change your story and claim that all statistics for dead kids in war are lies.

    Anyhoo, get back in yer hole and keep tabs on the invasion fleet sailing to Taiwan.

    Or the Turkish ground force heading for Gaza.

    Or just broadcast regularly about your lifetime record of over achievement.

  180. John Main

    @RoS 5:18

    So the Palestinians will be eating ideologically unsound food aid to stave off starvation?

    FFS man, you have to stop them!

    Post shite on here, CM, WGD, wherever you haven’t been banned.

    Post shite like never before. Don’t let the Palestinians eat that food aid. They know not what they do, but stop them, in the name of all that is holy.

    Dash the life giving food aid from their desperate hands!

  181. Johnlm

    Some of Genocide John’s greatest hits :-
    There are no civilians dying in wars because of oil.
    Petrocurrencies are a myth
    404 peacekeepers blew up Nordstream using a rented yacht.
    Rus tô invade Portugal.
    Gaza Genocide is totally justified ‘cos Hamas will overrun Isntrael.
    ‘Pallys’ are thick.
    Geneva Convention should be ignored.
    Iran and ISIS are allies.
    There was an actual, real, C*vid pandemic which killed millions, and was ineffective.
    Chy-na wrecked the world economy.
    Speed is the same thing as acceleration.
    UK is a functioning democracy. (We just need a £500 deposit)
    History is irrelevant. (anything that happened over 60 years ago is guff) except for Israel natch.
    The Wehrmacht were admirable people.

  182. John Main


    You missed one!

    But dinna fash, I’m not gonna spoil it for you by telling you, you’ll have to spend the evening poring over your archive and wall display of my posts. Earn yer biscuit!

    And dinna go thinking it’s yer birthday either cos I’m acknowledging your miserable existence. Your monthly post was due 1st April bit circumstances have intervened.

    I’m welling up here, just wondering how you will fare without me in your life. Dinna go doing anything daft, noo.

  183. Johnlm

    Genocide John

    You’ve only two days left to up your game.

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