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The game-changer

Posted on July 19, 2014 by

We can see that Hands Across The Border is going to just keep on giving.


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    1. 19 07 14 23:30

      The game-changer | Scottish Independence News

    161 to “The game-changer”

    1. Ally says:

      I must be getting old – Frank Spencer has fairly aged!

    2. Michelle van der stighelen says:

      Wow! Well that’s me convinced then.thats my aspiration, I wanna be just like that!:)

    3. Morag says:

      Pity you already used the Operation Yewtree joke.

    4. I thought he was trying to hitchhike, and the next photo made me wonder who was flytipping in the Borders.

    5. Tartan Tory says:

      Hahahahaha!!! 🙂

    6. goldenayr says:

      Whoever that guy is,he has a brilliant sense of humour.

      Give him a show beeb…got to be better than Rory’s “Mid,mud,dleland”.

    7. kendomacaroonbar says:

      There must be a SLAB joke in there somewhere

    8. Adrian B says:

      Dear God, is Max on day release or something. Travelling from Shropshire with his pet slab? How many buses did it take for Max to get to Gretna?

    9. Bevrijdingsdag says:

      They will leave no stone unturned.

    10. Bunter says:

      Sunday Herald, ”hot seat” interview with Stuart Campbell

    11. galamcennalath says:

      Let’s hope it becomes a memorial to The Union.

      R I P
      Born 1 May 1707
      Deceased 24 March 2016

    12. Findlay Farquaharson says:

      i dont mind guys like this. its a genuine plea, emotional but honest. its those scottish labour lying smearing cheating thieving so an sos that have tried desperately to turn the debate toxic i would like to see held to account and exposed.

    13. Kenny Shaw says:

      That reminds me . I’m going to see Monty Python tomorrow.

    14. Bunter says:

      And the other ”hot seat” interview, Jerzeena LOL

    15. Paula Rose says:

      Click here for more? So much less.

    16. Bevrijdingsdag says:

      Rock on!

    17. Heather McLean says:

      Laughing my socks off at the website ” 3 posts – 6 followers” ! Just about sums up the support!

    18. Paula Rose says:

      Is that the white spray paint left over from the recent footie thingy?

    19. Proud Cybernat says:

      OBE Mac – finally exposed. (Not in the Biblical sense, of course).

    20. Johannah Buchan says:

      The press will hammer you for laughing at the poor wee craiters. Ye coorse loon.

    21. Johannah Buchan says:

      The press will hammer you for laughing at the poor wee craiters. Ye coorse loon.

    22. Nikkii says:

      Oh bejeebus I thought this was a spoof!

    23. mjaei says:

      Is that Instagram page a spoof, or is it for real? I genuinely can’t tell…

    24. Colin says:

      My wife just said his trouser legs look like they stop at the knees and are held up by string.

    25. Marcia says:

      Ah bless. Is this really genuine?

    26. David says:

      I second Findlay above. Assuming that Max is genuine, at least he is making some effort to persuade Scotland to stay in the UK, and he is being polite about it.

      David Cameron, on the other hand, is not lifting a finger, let alone a stone, to retain the union. So yes, Cameron doesn’t have the stones for it!

    27. Graeme Doig says:

      See what they’re making the unemployed down south do for their sins

    28. Bill Pickford says:

      “Max arrives all the way from Shropshire with his stone”

      Och, the wee soul…

      Slightly OT: There was a boy in our village who had an accident involving a bike, a quick stop, and the handlebars. He went for an operation to remove a ruptured something and afterwards we all called him ’14 pun’ – (work it out).

    29. Grouse Beater says:

      Last time I saw a raincoat like that it was on Columbo.

    30. goldenayr says:

      I don’t think he’s trying to build a cairn.

      I think he wants to build a Maes Howe.

      Lets make sure it’s the union that’s buried in it.

    31. goldenayr says:

      Grouse Beater

      The last time anyone seen a raincoat like that they phoned the cops.

    32. goldenayr says:

      Still say Max is a comedy genious.

    33. G H Graham says:

      Over the last 3 & 1/2 years, Rory Stewart MP has made ….. drum roll …… 1 tweet.

      Have someone send him an email & tell him he’s allowed to send as many as he wants.

    34. Doug Daniel says:

      What are they doing here, checking for body-odour?

    35. James S says:

      This is the ‘build up’ to tomorrows, er, main event.

      I think most people would have spent their time in London protesting at a different injustice.

    36. crazycat says:

      @ Colin

      “My wife just said his trouser legs look like they stop at the knees and are held up by string.”

      An ideal pal for Rory then; shortly after his election in 2010 he apologized to his new constituents after being quoted as saying that “Some areas around here are pretty primitive, people holding up their trousers with bits of twine.”

      (According to Wikipedia.)

    37. goldenayr says:

      G H Graham

      Are you sure it was him.

      Maybe he was just activating it and sits feeding it bird seed wondering why nobody contacts him.

    38. Paula Rose says:

      Where does this photo come from Rev? I feel a bit uncomfortable mocking this.

    39. msean says:

      If this isn’t one of those ‘and finally’ pieces in disguise,why bring the slab all the way from Shropshire,should just have picked up a local rock lol.

    40. geeo says:

      It says something when stuff like this looks like a spoof or is impossible to tell the difference !

      Wouldn’t it be nice after a Yes Vote if Scots turned this stuff on its head and built “friendship” cairns ?

      A central cairn somewhere could be built at a suitable location with the slogan,

      Politically independent, publically interdependent.

    41. Morag says:

      It’s one that Rory uploaded to show the level of enthusiasm for his cairn project. Which seems to make it fair game.

    42. Doug Daniel says:

      GH Graham – wrong Rory Stewart. He’s tweeted a lot more than once:

    43. goldenayr says:

      See when we do the demo at PQ.Can we have a placard asking for more “Glasgow Girls” type productions?

    44. geeo says:

      goldenayr says:
      19 July, 2014 at 11:20 pm
      G H Graham.

      Maybe he was just activating it and sits feeding it bird seed wondering why nobody contacts him.

      This made me chuckle !

      It reminded me of the prank on “Off Their Rockers” (a show where pensioners play practical jokes on members of the public) when an old guy asks 2 youngsters how to send an email as he is having trouble folding his letter to get it into his phone to send it…the reactions are brilliant, well worth a peek.

    45. Dal Riata says:

      So then, Rider000, ‘millionaire from Shropshire’, that’s been trolling against Scottish independence all over the internet, especially at the Guardian CIF section, has been exposed at last as ‘Max’… Fantastic news!

    46. Alistair Livingston says:

      Could the ‘Max’ in the photo be Max Hastings? According to Rory Stewart’s blog “Last weekend, we were getting stones and support from local dairy farmers. Yesterday, it was soldiers…. Today, it was historians and writers – Simon Schama, David Starkey, Alain de Botton, and Max Hastings.”


    47. Morag says:

      Oh heavens, what a thought!

    48. Morag says:

      That last comment was about the Rider000 suggestion, by the way.

    49. goldenayr says:


      A smile is a vote on the doorsteps.

      Dal Riata

      You know as well as I do that rideroo,jmobe and the rest are Johnston press employees.

      They are breaking the law but the PCC won’t investigate until Levenson is finalised..sometime after the ref funnily enough.

    50. Morag says:

      I just noticed the funding for Rory’s cairn is fast catching up on the funding for the Margomobile. I think the latter needs a bit of a boost, guys.

    51. Paula Rose says:

      geeo honey – our revolution is the friendliest ever, we’ve promised not to bayonet the losers – it’s going to cost us a fortune in Earl Grey and cup cakes but so what.

    52. CameronB Brodie says:

      I think I know him, though he normally parts his hair on the other side. 🙂

    53. Morag says:

      I suppose the thing about the cairn, unlike the Hadrian’s wall stunt or the hiking idea, is that it can still be completed even if bugger-all people actually get involved. The thing can get built perfectly well by Rory and his mates, and the people they pay to build it, just as much as if thousands of people showed up to lay a single stone each.

      They don’t even have to have a picture of a lot of people all there at the same time, and it’s probably not impossible to stage something for tomorrow.

      More astroturf, I suspect.

    54. Paula Rose says:

      Lesley-Anne has already convinced all the stones on site to vote yes.

    55. Rookiescot says:

      I know its OT but check out the comments of Mr OBE on this.

      It realy is sick to use the deaths of over 290 people and 80 odd of those were kids to score some cheap political points.

    56. goldenayr says:


      Did you not read the recent press release saying that a new,radioactive,rock eating bug has been discovered in Dalgety Bay?

      Apparently a tourist who went paddling there,inadvertently,carried it to the Borders.

    57. Dal Riata says:

      Among the list of Funders is one coco.ferguson, with a substantial donation of £5,000. Now, there is a person named Coco Ferguson who has Rory Stewart on their Twitter list. A quick Google finds this Coco Ferguson:

      Maris Capital: Our team

      Cornelie Ferguson Founding Partner

      Cornelie Ferguson co-founded Maris Capital in 2008 and is involved in sourcing and managing investments in Southern Africa and South Sudan. Prior to Maris Capital, Coco was Director for Programmes at the Institute for Philanthropy. Before joining the Institute in 2005, Coco studied Persian and for a masters in International Politics from the School of International Relations, Tehran. She has a degree in Classics from Magdalen College, Oxford and is on the board of Bidoun.

      Blimey! Aren’t venture capitalists supposed to bet on, sorry, ‘focus on long-term gains’ when throwing their money around? And since when did Scotland/UK move to Africa?

      Most likely helping an old Tory pal out in desperate times, as in, “Ye gods, Rory old fruit, a bit embarrassing, what? Here’s some dosh to make the amount raised look somewhat less embarrassing than it is. And, heh, um, good luck!”

      Disclaimer: The person who donated the £5,000 might not be the same Coco Ferguson as mentioned above and may be someone using coco.ferguson as a pseudonym.

    58. Defo says:

      Listened to R4s re-imagining of Scotts ‘Red Gauntlet’ earlier on.
      Set post Yes twenty years hence, there’s border patrols with drones, and tales of women beaten for having English fathered children. All very apocalyptic, and absolutely taking the racist pish.
      Sat open mouthed listening, & wondering if it’s someones idea of a ‘joke’. The ‘blood and soil’ variety of humour obvs.

    59. ronnie anderson says:

      @ Paula Rose haw you stop spending oor money its a cup o Scottish Blend if they,re lucky an mibee a angel cake they can buy they,re ain Devon cream.

    60. Paula Rose says:

      Ronnie – you,re in charge o caterin
      cakes and shortbread, tea and bru.

    61. Les Wilson says:

      Sunday Herald front page anyone?

    62. Robert Peffers says:

      What else can I say than, “Rock on, Bobby”.

      Let us hope that when Tory Rory places the last stone on top of his harmless cairn he remembers to take his fingers off the edges before it meets the other stones.

      Mind you if, “The Stones”, are going to be there it might by a good musical rave.

    63. Flooplepoop says:


      Mr OBE appears to be in a loop, you can plainly see the spittle coming out of his posts.

    64. goldenayr says:


      I’m surprised “MacBeth” isn’t on every stage and screen as a warning that we’re “Too Wee,Too Poor and Too Stupid” to look after our own affairs without an omnipotent being(Westminster)to guide us.

    65. Adrian B says:


      Leave Mr OBE alone – he goes unmoderated it would seem. So everyone gets to see the type of person that he is and the message that he peddles. Trust me – he is helping us more than we could ever believe with his anti SNP/Salmond ranting across endless threads.

      The one thing that readers are picking up is just how prolific he is – look at his avatar – he hardly looks like a sensible retired gentleman now does he?

    66. Morag says:

      Mr. OBE isn’t doing himself any favours. Never interrupt your enemy when he’s making a mistake.

    67. Defo says:

      John OBE is certifiable. Like all unitrolls, it’s best not to engage with him. Nothing to gain, apart from a sore head, and a bad temper.
      I’ve no idea how heedtracker stays sane, messing with that ‘slovenian’ bint.

    68. goldenayr says:


      Sod comin tae your waddin.

      Tea?Cakes?Bru?…OK,if y’put whisky in it.

      Always liked a screwdriver.

    69. Robert Peffers says:

      Hey! Guys – is bricking a Cairn anything like bricking a camel but with two very small bricks?

    70. Franariod says:

      Wow, that demonstration has left me wi a lump in ma throat. Thats just a bigger advertisement for yes.

    71. caz-m says:

      It’s hard to tell who had the least on show, it was either the lack of stones at Gretna or the Saltire free zone at the BBC concert at Edinburgh Castle.

      Did anyone spot a Scottish flag at the Castle?

      And what did Max do with his stone?

    72. ronnie anderson says:

      @ PaulaRose naw am no its Gerry Parker thats oor Chef,noo you wuldna want tae cause disruption in oor ranks

    73. goldenayr says:


      Just remind jmobe that his career was in sewage and that old habits diehard.

      If that fails,email the editor stating you saved all comments from said respondent and you’re seeing a lawyer.

      Always worked for me,just run out of emails to counteract the sods now.

      Anyone got a new source of addresses other than the SPs and Google?

    74. ronnie anderson says:

      That 2nd photo is a pile of Scree fae Scarfell Pike, ah hope Rory hud permission tae take that. ? if people are suppying the stones how come its costing so much, Is Rory the Clerk of Works.

    75. geeo says:

      @Paula Rose.

      Alistair Darling has just read your Earl Grey Tea post and is going to issue a statement declaring that an independent Scotland will go bust in a month because of your “vanity” projects and irresponsible cake policy!

      Shame on you paula …lol

    76. goldenayr says:

      Robert Peffers

      Sprayed my gutrot there(I won’t say wine in defference to BtPs palate).

      I think a rubber band a’la a lambs tail would suffice.

    77. Paula Rose says:

      Gosh – just love the icing.

    78. Defo says:

      goldenayr. Macbeth cast list ?
      Three witches/weird sisters; Jola, Fifi, and Ruthie.
      Macbeth; Broon.
      Lady Macbeth; Flipper? Nah, she has a conscience.
      Banquo; David Kelly….

    79. goldenayr says:


      Right ya sods,I get one chance to afford a drink in ages and it ends up all over the keyboard..feckers.

    80. ronnie anderson says:

      FFS Lord Tonypandy acussed of rapeing a 9yr old boy, so where,s the FKin lists ya Btards, or is it awe them thats dead thats getting reveiled 1st.

    81. goldenayr says:

      et tu Defo?

    82. Indigo says:

      @les Wilson

      The Sunday Herald has a commonwealth games themed front cover, indyref looks low profile this week, although their twitter feed does mention an article from Stu

    83. goldenayr says:

      A bottle wine and it might as well have been mouthwash.

      Cheers..Y’owe me £3.99

    84. ronnie anderson says:

      @ goldenayr its yer ain fawt how many time is it said on here. Read the Health An Safety Manual for the site.

    85. geeo says:

      Please accept my humble apologies, but please try remember the bigger picture here…..Paula Rose started it !!!

    86. Defo says:

      Goldenayr, why I’m Daniel Defoe, doncha know. A teller of tales, and an English spy to boot. (Not really, just a joke gmail name, to amuse GCHQ and the moderators)

    87. Dr JM Mackintosh says:

      I think you are being a bit harsh on poor Columbo. At least he is doing something to try to keep UK together unlike his Scottish supporters.
      Most No folk I know are sitting doing nothing, slaggIng of Alex Salmond and hoping the polls hold up. This is one of our major benefits as we have a positive grassroots campaign which can overtake these lazy morons. They are doing absolutely nothing – amazing how complacent they are!

      On a positive note, we drove up to Glen Coe and back today and the road had loads of Saltires Flags out, Saltires and Yes stickers on lots of road signs, some houses covered in flags and Yes stuff.

      However, my favourite was a big Saltire on a raft in the middle of Loch Lubnaig. It was just brilliant.
      Always amazes me how creative Yessers are!

    88. patronsaintofcats says:

      I think this is your man, Max Hora. It’s on the sign if you zoom in. Image search looks to be the same guy. He’s a bit of a character, obsessed with The Prisoner.

    89. Les Wilson says:

      Indigo says:

      Appreciated, thanks.

    90. IcySpark says:


      Juncker sympathetic to Scotland bid.

      “Scotland on Sunday has learned that the hierarchy in Brussels would be unlikely to exclude an independent Scotland from the EU as it is already signed-up to “core EU requirements” for candidate member states on gender equality and workers’ rights.”

    91. ronnie anderson says:

      @golenayr there,s nae waddin Paularose is spoken for,an ave been there twice nae third time fur me ( twice bitten an awe that, beside,s am still married.

    92. goldenayr says:

      Right Y’Bstards.

      How many times huv a telt ye this a serious site for serious discu..dis..talkin.

      Anyone passing Highland Perthshire with a kerryoot,feel free to drop in.

      If you also have keyboard cleaner I’ll do b&b.

    93. Dal Riata says:

      Rory Stewart, Twitter

      Amanda Vickery, Max Hastings, Ian Smart, Eddie Izzard, Prof. R. Winston, Sting, Helen Skelton, Emma Freud, Dr. Amanda Foreman, Ben Fogle, William Dalrymple, Tim Montgomerie, Andy McNab, Gabby Logan, Sara J. Cox, Kirstie Allsop, David Aaranovitch, Simon Schama…

      “… hope to see you at our cairn for the union, bring a stone…”

      Some interesting additions there to the list of Scotland Must Vote No Project-Fear-Better-Together, No Thanks U KOK-ers!

    94. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Have just watched the Glasgow Girls. Jack McConnell doesn’t come out of it well at all. The word wanker springs to mind. I bet Greg Hemphill loved playing him.

      Having listened to the excellent Jeane Freeman (a senior assistant to Jack when he was first minister)explain that her journey to YES was initiated by the complete inability of Scotland to do anything about this sort of stuff and Dungavel I think there was a lot of truth in that little film.

      An interesting thing about the Glasgow Girls effect is what it has done to Glasgow sentiment. Paint a picture of a community that gets a positive reputation for that community and the community becomes the picture

    95. ronnie anderson says:

      @ goldenayr noo if that hud been last Sat nite ah could hiv geid you some terry wipes since ah wiz in the areabut yer oota luck the nite am at hame in Airdrie toilet paper perchancity.

    96. Paula Rose says:

      Are they all bringing a stone? Bless.

    97. goldenayr says:


      “However, Scotland on Sunday has learned that the hierarchy in Brussels would be unlikely to exclude an independent Scotland from the EU as it is already signed-up to “core EU requirements” for candidate member states on gender equality and workers’ rights”

      From the Scotsman site.

      Well that’s a lie from the start.Is it because they know nobody buys the SoS(apt name)and are trying to muscle in on The Sunday Herald?

    98. goldenayr says:


      I think it’s now full scale mop variety.

    99. Dave McEwan Hill says:


      Had a gent come into our YES ship yesterday ready for a fight. Started with an attack on Alex Salmond.
      I asked him “Have you ever heard Alex Salmond say a bad word about anybody?”
      Complete collapse of attack.
      This should be the automatic stock response when the “I don’t like that alecsammom” is offered as an excuse for a NO Vote.

      Gent then noticed James Connolly nestling with John McLean on our history wall and he is now offering to help

    100. goldenayr says:

      Dave McEwan Hill

      I would suggest that our chant next Sunday be..Mair Glesga Girls.

      I think this might be,somehow,misconstrued.

    101. caz-m says:

      Ronnie Anderson

      Hello Ronnie, hope you are in good health, got a couple of ideas for that Tower that re opened at the Science Centre at Pacific Quay.

      Get your spiderman outfit looked out and we’ll see if we can get a YES Saltire flying from the top of the Tower.

      Not long now Ronnie. Really lookin forward to PQ3 and meeting up with the rest of the gang again.

    102. goldenayr says:


      Taybank often?

    103. geeo says:


      The Scotsman goes with this story today (strangely) but normal service will resume on monday when they go with the story about a guy whose keyboard was trashed by cybernattery….

    104. ronnie anderson says:

      @caz_m climbing the dizzy hight of Bbc stairs is high enough fur me, but feel free if you want tae plant a Satire on the top of that Tower,jist make sure you hiv a parachute lol.

    105. goldenayr says:

      Dave McEwan Hill

      When somebody starts on that line,I find the most effective response is…Who?

      They then start explaining and you ask what/why/where/who/when.

      See,I knew my emergency training would come in useful sometime. 😀

    106. ronnie anderson says:


    107. cearc says:

      Dave McEH,

      Is your yes ship static or will it be sailing around the coast?!

      It would actually be a great idea.

    108. goldenayr says:


      Then we’ll le’it tae sunday next.


      Don’t get het up on those sites.Done them since the nineties,same old same old and naebody listens.

      I do agree that they have to be counteracted,is Cynicus still pretending?

    109. ronnie anderson says:

      @goldenayr no I was up in Invercowrie last week visiting my daughter an Thepnr in Carnoustie

    110. cearc says:

      I gave my extra Yes Saltire to a guy who had constructed a massive flagpole which can be seen all over the village.

      So, It seems that Rory-the-pet-tory is following nobs and going for the ‘unpolished’ look.

    111. goldenayr says:


      Ken’t that frae the posts.Thocht y’might a cam mah way hame.

      Wrang side o’the area,could’ve been worse.Might still hae been in Wester Ross,noo thon’s a detour.

    112. ronnie anderson says:

      Rite am affski good nite all

    113. cearc says:


      ‘Might still hae been in Wester Ross,noo thon’s a detour.’

      But a detour worth making.

    114. geeo says:


      Het up, moi ?

      Dont bother the hootsman natives any more, but i do enjoy toying with the record funksters !!!..

    115. goldenayr says:


      Oichde mhath


      And if the wife had realised what she had,before she dragged us down here we’d still be sitting on the beach now(swatting midges/clegs/sandflies).

      Instead she waited and I’m struggling to get back to the sea(and the wife moaning I hadn’t told her she’d miss it).

    116. goldenayr says:


      Non monsieur(?)

      I miss the Ptake but not the imbalance.

      Got any email address suggestions apart from those controlled by google and MSN,I seem to have used them all up.

    117. Kalmar says:

      Defo, that play on radio 4, I happened to hear 5 minutes of it in the car (the bit you referred to) and I was genuinely shocked and dismayed.

    118. goldenayr says:

      Funny story

      Two people file for divorce.Neither can get a lawyer to represent them in court and they go for a “quickie”.

      The clerk reads the reasons and decides that this has to be heard in open court.

      So both the wife and husband dutifully appear in front of the sherriff.

      “Now” says the sherriff “You both claim to have irreconcilable differences”.
      “Aye,y’re lordship,honour,majesty,thingy” they both declare.
      “Yet you both claim to love one another dearly”says the sherriff.
      They both reply.
      “Aye y’re maj..hon..thingy”

      “Ahem,now,could you explain,since you both love each other,WHY,you want a divorce?”

      After much elbowing and “Naw you,naw you” the husband stands forward.

      “Y’re Worship,it’s like this.Ah’m a naw voter,an the wifes a yes voter.An’everytime we hae eh,err”

      The sherriff is waiting on the next case by this time and getting impatient,he’s also extremely intrigued,so it isn’t surprising when he shouts..

      “Faur Gauds sake man,spit it out”

      The poor hubby has no choice but to reveal his embarrassment.

      “Everytime we hae sex,that bitch cums first”

    119. goldenayr says:

      Whits wrang guys?

      D’ye no like a wummin oan top?

    120. angus says:

      I’d like to put a Yes Scotland plaque as my contribution to the cairn as it would demonstrate context.

    121. geeo says:

      Had trouble sleeping and came across this link on the DR comments page .

      After a quick search i found the other side to the story..
      WOW says it best !

      Any you wingers aware of this story ?

    122. mr thms says:

      # Angus

      We can start our own independence cairn

    123. john king says:

      Paula Rose says
      “Is that the white spray paint left over from the recent footie thingy?”

      Isn’t that where the two who turned up play swingball while they wait for something to happen?

      Is the second picture them stockpiling ammo?

    124. Peter Mirtitsch says:

      I am sure “Max from Shropshire” is a lovely guy, but I honestly thought that picture was a joke. Are these real? A guy in a long raincoat holding a slab, a lorry flytipping, and a bunch of druids whos robes are in the wash?

    125. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Can anyone exp[lain who OBE and the other “in-house troll on the various inky fingered UKOK press?

      All names are allegedely, mind.

      On the Rory the Wee Tory with the Wee Cairn story;

      Please tell me that this is a sppf, a Monty Pythonesque fond adieu? The vignetting on the photos and the use of ageing suggests it is. Either that and I am still dreaming?

      In which case I will continue to sleep in and hurry up the Yes vote as this farce, if it is real, must add votes, if only for the comedic effect.

    126. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Can anyone exp[lain who OBE and the other “in-house troll on the various inky fingered UKOK press?

      All names are allegedely, mind.

      On the Rory the Wee Tory with the Wee Cairn story;

      Please tell me that this is a spoof, a Monty Pythonesque fond adieu? The vignetting on the photos and the use of ageing suggests it is. Either that and I am still dreaming?

      In which case I will continue to sleep in and hurry up the Yes vote as this farce, if it is real, must add votes, if only for the comedic effect.

    127. Tattie-bogle says:

      are those just trouser legs held at the knee with elastic bands ?

    128. liheartScotland says:

      Sorry,but it’s as lame as it looks….this is their best ‘grassroots’ effort yet.

    129. Muscleguy says:

      According to the instagram page that sign is stone. The poor guy is sagging at the knees with the effort of holding it up and still for the camera.

      Have some empathy please.

      Though why you would paint such a sign on stone is beyond me. Also if I were doing it, I would use chalk for the lines so they can be erased afterwards. Not good to show your working. And his K’s look lower case which just looks odd. Keep the day job, don’t become a signwriter.

    130. Tattie-bogle says:

      It’s shadwell from the naked video

    131. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      It is Monty Pythonesque

    132. alexicon says:

      Don’t go down to the woods today as you’re of a big surprise.

    133. alexicon says:

      ‘Sure’ should be in there.

    134. gavin lessells says:

      Aye Right Leaflets

      Need orders by end of this week for probable last print run.

      Minimum order 5K. Delivery possible at £5 per 5K.

      To order :- gavinlessells AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk

    135. Sandy M says:


      Support for SLab Weakens?

    136. Free Scotland says:

      Notice how he craftily avoided the U-KOK trap? If the photographer doesn’t click soon, he’s either going to drop that slab or it will drag his trousers all the way down.

    137. Muscleguy says:

      @Sandy M

      LOL! good one.

      @Free Scotland

      I’m not sure the judges are going to give him any marks for the lift, I can’t see him getting his arms locked out and stable, can you?

    138. Ken500 says:

      Rory’s Dad?

    139. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Earlier post should read “YES shop” not “YES ship”. The “i ” and the “o” have worn away on my key board. The “a” is following

    140. Defo says:

      Kalmar. On reflection, the R4 play was Project Fear epitomised.

    141. Maid_in_Scotland says:

      Meanwhile, looking ahead to 2017 …… I can see thousands of folk from all over Europe lined up along the coast of Northern France with big banners in a hundred languages saying …

      EECOK – Please stay …

      or alternatively …

      ‘So long, it’s been good to know yuh …..’ (apologies to Woody Guthrie) 🙂

    142. Davy says:

      You all have got it wrong !! this is a brillent idea, finally we men will have something to pish on when we cross the border.

      This cairn will be know as the “GOLDEN CAIRN”.

    143. Greannach says:

      All the way from Shropshire. In that raincoat. Impressive.

    144. Lesley-Anne says:

      Hmm, think we are planning to go past this *ahem* fantastic building site tomorrow on our way to Langholm. We might just stop off and *cough* investigate from afar how they are coping with this amazing, nay astonishing, building of the cairn. 😛

      We don’t want to stop too near you understand cause our ever so slightly poster covered Jeep might find a few stones flying in its direction. 🙂

    145. bald eagle says:

      workfare ukokay c&*ts why me

      luvya max

    146. Lesley-Anne says:

      Well he DID get his travel and meals paid for him B.E. so it isn’t all bad news. 😛

    147. Lesley-Anne says:

      Latest news from the cairn *ahem* building front line folks is that they appear to all be going home after two and a half hours *cough* strenuous work playing pass the parcel. 😛

    148. BuckieBraes says:

      In the name of health and safety, I hope they are building this cairn in a location where it’s easy to get their rocks off.

      (…off the lorry, that is)

    149. Lesley-Anne says:

      Don’t worry about them getting ther *ahem* rocks aff B.B. I think we should be more worried about how fast they play their “pass the stane” game. I mean too fast and some toes will surely be getting *cough* bashed. 😛

    150. Jeannie says:

      I wonder where Rory got the idea of a cairn from? It surely couldn’t have been from the one we built half-way up Calton Hill in the 90’s could it? Of course, we built that cairn to protest against the democratic deficit in Scotland pre-Scottish Parliament and to fight for democracy for Scotland – the opposite, it seems, to what Rory’s cairn is for.

    151. Lesley-Anne says:

      Think he might have read about a cairn Jeannie in one of his fairy tale books, you know the same one that said pouring beer over two rocks would turn these two rocks into a cairn overnight! 😛

    152. Lesley-Anne says:

      I’m thinking of visiting the *ahem* building site tomorrow in my latest reincarnation as a building inspector. Well someone has to *cough* inspect their stanes don’t they?

      Too big… too small… too sharp… too big… too big…

      I’d hate to think that they were playing “pass the stanes” game and a big heavy stane fell on someone’s poor wee tootsies. I would also hate to think that they were playing their wee game and someone cut themselves cause their stane was too sharp.

      Mind you the REAL inspections will begin once they get above TWO layers of stanes cause then we’ll have to move in and remove any *ahem* dangerous stanes in the *cough* wall. 😛

    153. Jeannie says:


      Good idea – oh and ask to see a copy of his public liability insurance while you’re at it 🙂

    154. Lesley-Anne says:

      Think I’ll be asking to see their planning permission as well while I’m at it Jeannie. 😛

    155. Free Scotland says:

      The guy in the pic is Max Hora. Read more about him here:

    156. Free Scotland says:

      U.K. Okay?
      Please stay?
      NO WAY!

    157. Erchie says:

      really? Six of One? “The Prisoner” fan club

      I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, they holiday in Portmerion pretending to be other inmates of Number Six’s prison of the mind

      Large scale missing the point there

    158. bugsbunny says:

      Ronnie, that can’t be true about Tonypandy shagging boys? He had a girlfriend, if I remember, who went by the name of Liubie Lou?


    159. bugsbunny says:

      Cearc, Nobs unpolished? Surely not? I thought high class nobs were polished, usually in English Public Boys Schools, and usually by the 12 year old fags? I’ll get my coat. Thank you and goodnight.


    160. James S says:

      Just a follow up on the hands across the border ‘event’.

      8 people turned up for the ‘100,000’ strong walk that was cancelled due to ‘technical difficulties’.

      Eight people went for a short stroll.

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