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The boom blockers

Posted on September 13, 2017 by

A story from the Financial Times this week revealed the UK government’s latest act of sabotage against the Scottish renewable energy industry. It’s just one more in a long line stretching back to just after the independence referendum, when a string of “Better Together” promises were broken almost the minute the No vote was secured.

It was a particularly weak argument in the first place – if there’s a market in the rUK for Scottish energy, it’ll be there whether Scotland is independent or not. But it unravelled faster than most as soon as it had done its job.





All those U-turns came on top of the UK energy grid policy which already massively discriminates against Scotland, as noted by the BBC’s Douglas Fraser yesterday.

And it’s not rocket science to see why the Westminster government is so keen to slow down and hamper renewables in Scotland. A country surrounded on three sides by water and wind, in a world where climate change makes finding alternatives to fossil fuels ever more imperative, would be incredibly well placed to reap a bonanza that would make North Sea oil look like pocket change, and even more so if it wasn’t being penalised with huge surcharges from London  every step of the way.

(Just last month, even the modest array of wind turbines that are currently positioned in and around Scotland generated enough electricity to power nearly every residential household in the country, and that wasn’t even a record.)

As the cost of renewable energy and storage plummets and the rewards increase, an independent Scotland heavily focused on it would have an economy that was the envy of the world, utterly destroying the “too wee, too poor, £15bn black hole yada yada etc” mantra that blares daily from the Unionist press and opposition.

So it’s vital that in the crucial couple of years leading up to Brexit, the UK government does everything it can to obstruct the growth of the Scottish renewables industry, because the stronger it gets the weaker the Union’s only argument becomes.

It only has to succeed for a couple of years, because once Brexit is concluded and we’re out of the EU, independence gets a lot more complicated in a lot of ways. It’s all about stalling for time, until Scotland’s wealth can be safely extricated and squandered by London again.

Of course, we’re probably just being mad paranoid nats as usual. After all, it’s not like the UK has any kind of history of this sort of thing.

We’re sure it’ll all be fine.

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    1. John Gallacher says:

      You just know though that hard core Unionists don’t care. As long as London rules supreme and the UK (aka not Scotland) benefits.

    2. Proud Cybernat says:

      As the good shepherd said to his wee dug, “Let’s get the flock out of here.”

    3. Proud Cybernat says:

      “Boom Blockers” otherwise known as scorched earth policy.

      Come on, Scotland. Wisen up before it’s too late.

    4. scunner says:

      I’d imagine most of the old duffers reading that Sunday Post were after the Tablet and the Broons. Revelations of our constant shafting have never seemed to sink in.

      The shafting that paints us as too weak & pathetic to survive away from the Westminster teat, whilst sneakily engaged in scorched earth tactics to ensure it.

    5. Black Joan says:

      The vindictive punishment continues — a huge kick in the teeth for the low-carbon future envisaged in the Programme for Scottish Government 2017/18; for the Scottish economy; and for the planet.

      A few days ago the Scottish Government announced £100K investment for carbon capture and storage.

      It’s peanuts compared with the promised £1 Billion for that technology which Westminster withdrew, to Scotland’s disadvantage, in 2015, but it obviously cannot go unpunished and, anyway, they’ll be needing the £1 Billion for the DUP.

    6. Street Andrew says:

      You are, maybe, being a bit paranoid about the renewable subsidy cuts, Stu. BUT that certainly doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get us.

      The other element running alongside Scot-bashing is the powerful Nuclear lobby. Success in producing sustainable electricity undermines a very lucrative nuclear industry which has been a rich source of wealth distribution from public to private for three(?) generations. There is much criticism of the subsidies for renewables without ever mentioning the eternal subsidy of nuclear. If (and it’s a big ‘if’ IMO) the new Hinkley ever produces electricity it will be at huge cost and the deal makes no allowance for longterm waste management. So the real cost is incalculable.

      The anti-sustainable establishment propaganda campaign has been vicious and entirely based on nonsensical arguments.

      Otherwise apparently quite rational people become incensed at the site of a windmill. Most places you can’t see them for the pylons getting in the way.

      I know which I’d rather have in my backyard.

      Scotland needs battery storage to square the circle of inherently inconsistent renewable supply. Check out LAES (liquid air energy storage). If it works it beats chemical batteries hands down.

      Anti renewable dimwits will tell you the Sun doesn’t shine all the time QED renewables don’t work. When the Sun ain’t shining we’re all dead.

    7. john 58 says:

      It is not surprising that WM Government will go hell for leather at discrediting and frustrating Scotland , our resources are too valuable to them , and how dare we strive to want something fairer and infinitely better than the crap we are given by our Overlords in Westminster .

      I firmly believe that the time is coming fast that Scotland will waken up and demand full control of our Destiny. This TERRIFIES Westminster !!!

    8. Haven’t we been conditioned to believe that Westminster unionist politicians are such honourable and upstanding people and would never betray anyone or steal another country’s resources?

      We all know Westminster’s love for nuclear power, and I suspect Westminster’s the attacks to undermine the renewable sector in Scotland, is to make nuclear appear
      to be more affordable and reliable.

    9. Street Andrew says:

      Good links Black Joan. Thanks.

    10. Macart says:

      Any hint of self sufficiency. Any hint of success or progress is to be hampered, belittled and/or sabotaged.

      Exports, NHS, police Scotland, renewables, you name it. If it is of Scottish origin or has been a Scottish government project or policy. It gets stepped on hard by the usual suspects.

      Still, better together and something, something, lead with us.

      Pretty grim.

    11. Scrum5 says:

      This story is also part of the bigger picture, UK Gov actively looking for ways to disadvantage energy generation in Scotland and North of England.

    12. Macart, I see that the traffic is moving slowly on that new bridge Nicola Sturgeon built, AGAIN.
      What a waste of Cole Hamilton’s election expenses overspill.

    13. mogabee says:

      The benefit to economy is substantial ATM. It really is peanuts though compared to how much our rural communities could get to further ideas of housing, health ,heating and encouraging young people to stay and build a future.

      There have been many nasty campaigns funded by climate change deniers to paint a terrible picture of wind power in particular. And so much ignorance by shouty folk..

      I just imagine a country in control of it’s own energy supply, how great would that be?

    14. galamcennalath says:

      Good article.

      It could be a good Indy winning strategy – highlighting the extent to which WM has conspired to damage the Scottish economy and its massive potential to grow.

      Broadly there are three groups of Scottish voters. There are the confirmed YES, confirmed NOs, and those who could be persuaded to opt of Indy by persuasive argument.

      That middle group could be swung by the dual approach that Scotland has enormous potential, but that is being intentionally sabotaged by WM. To achieve the first, you need to remove the second. And that can only happen with Indy.

      Setting aside the NIMBY effect of some on shore wind farms, renewables should be a popular banner to rally round.

    15. auld highlander says:

      It’s quite plain for all to see,

      we are doing better than them

      and they don’t like it one bit.

      An animal is at it’s most dangerous when injured or cornered and it’s shit scared so at the moment the animal fights back with a deluge of negativity and endless deceit.

      They will stop at nothing to crush opposition.

    16. artyhetty says:

      Thanks for this, we need to shout this from the rooftops. It’s the sort of thing that should make people really wake up to what has been going on for a very long time. I saw something about the hydro power in the Pentland firth possibly not going ahead?

      My son was telling me recently how the Brits used to chop the thumbs off the weavers in India, so they couldn’t weave and keep their businesses going, when under UK, London rule. The britants hate that Scotland is rich in resources, and we all know it is why they want to continue owning and controlling Scotland. They would chop off thumbs, at least metaphorically, if it meant getting what they want.

      As an aside, sort of, I saw a brilliant exhibition at the Botanics in Edinburgh, called, ‘The Flow Country’. It’s still on and well worth a look, takes about half an hour to see it all. The Flow country being the massive peatlands in Caithness and Sutherland, the largest, most important wetlands in Europe. A staggeringly beautiful place it is too, though was well on it’s way to being destroyed in the 70-80s due to drainage and pine tree planting. I just wonder now who might have been planting those trees, for profit, which as it turns out were an inferior wood anyway, due to the acid soils.

      In the past few years, well, let’s say, with the SNP at Holyrood, it is now being restored and protected. It is a huge carbon sink, one of the most important on the planet, as Peatlands store more carbon, than even rainforests do.

      I just hope that the UKgov are not planning to do deals and sell Scotland for their own gain as part of the brexshit process. Would the EU27 stand up for Scotland, or buy our resources, at a knockdown price. Just a vague query.

    17. Flower of Scotland says:

      Thanks for this Rev.

      Theresa May at PMQs today lying through her teeth about Scotland,s success.

      “They” can’t have Scotland thriving, even though they cut, cut, cut our budget.

      I feel angry and nauseous at this fascist Government. I think they are goading the SNP into doing something too soon.

      Thank goodness for cool heads and strength in our Scottish Government.

    18. ScottishPsyche says:

      Of all the betrayals, the withdrawal of the Carbon Capture programme finance seemed so ill conceived. Why deliberately stop good research with real time economic benefit? Of course, we know that Tories go into Parliament, on the whole, to make the UK a place that benefits them and their cronies when they leave, hence the bizarre Nuclear investments.

      PMQs is turning into a smear fest for the Scottish Tories to tell tales to headmistress May. Caithness dobber, asking for advice from May on the SNHS. the absolute prick engineered opportunities for May to tell lies about the SNHS today after she launched into a diatribe about the Scottish economy.

      Not sure about Ian Blackford’s question today, he might have been better to go on the power grab. The questions from the SNP need to be on reserved matters which give her no way in to tread on Holyrood territory although it seems she does it anyway, no matter what.

    19. Dr Jim says:

      In an Independent Scotland the wind definitely wouldn’t blow as well without the broad shoulders of Inglind to make that possible, or what happens when the wind blows the opposite way thereby sucking the power out of the grid as opposed to putting it in or worse still the wind could stop and then where would we be without any new wind
      Plus we have the ever increasing threat of Kim Jong Bampot hurling missiles at Helensburgh and Scotland has no coal industry to hurl fiery rocks back at him or the delivery system to enable that leaving us defenceless

      Independence? Can’t be done! Fact! Read all about it in your local newspapers if you don’t believe me

      Madness I tell you, Madness

    20. Scott says:

      Sorry folks O/T but some might not have heard or seen this.

      We now have 2 Scottish MPs namely Jamie Stone Lib,Ross Thomson Tory doing there best to do the SNPbad thing at PMQs today.

      I still have a cutting from a paper about how PM Brown refused to back carbon capture project at Peterhead you just cant trust these Westminster shower.

    21. Dr Jim says:

      @Flower of Scotland

      When it comes to all things Scottish Corbyn will back Theresa May to the hilt in everything she says
      It’s the one thing they all agree on

    22. Legerwood says:

      “”Flower of Scotland says:
      13 September, 2017 at 1:02 pm
      Thanks for this Rev.

      Theresa May at PMQs today lying through her teeth about Scotland,s success.””

      I should imagine that Mrs May having a go at Scotland today may have had something to do with Ruth Davidson attending a cabinet meeting earlier this week. I am sure she would have primed her boss with an SNP bad take on things.

    23. gordoz says:

      The Radical War or also known as the Scottish Insurrection of 1820

      When you view Tory UK no mandate ‘true colours’, sanctioned by ‘so called radical’ Corbyn Labour UK, then ‘James Wilsons’ words from the Radical War; ‘Scotland free or a desert’, were not a warning or a threat as taken by some, but nothing short of supremely prophetic foresight, in light of the Political Nihilism from HM UK govs actions towards all things Scottish..

    24. Legerwood says:

      “”Scott says:
      13 September, 2017 at 1:15 pm
      Sorry folks O/T but some might not have heard or seen this.

      We now have 2 Scottish MPs namely Jamie Stone Lib,Ross Thomson Tory doing there best to do the SNPbad thing at PMQs today.

      I still have a cutting from a paper about how PM Brown refused to back carbon capture project at Peterhead you just cant trust these Westminster shower.””


      It was Chris Huhne, Lib-Dem Energy Minister in the UK Coalition Government who finally pulled the plug on the proposed CCS scheme at Longannet despite the fact that a lot of work had already gone into the pilot scheme there. They needed the finance to take it to the next level but it was refused.

      Meanwhile in Canada they successfully set up a carbon capture and sequestration system at Boundary Dam, a coal fired power station.

    25. MJack says:

      I read a blog post some time ago by a person who seemed to know about the electricity industry who stated that there was a disparity with when Scotlands wind power is exported to England and when its needed.

      He showed that it was exported more at night than during the day when its needed and turned off at times during the day when it should be consumed in favour of coal or gas power.

      I cant find the link but I’ll keep searching.

    26. Muscleguy says:

      The trees were or would be planted as a tax dodge by the rich. It was a major rort back in the ’80s with household ‘slebs involved. Didn’t matter that the trees would be worthless, it was the tax write off of simply planting them they were after. It was good for years of tax liabilities too.

      It took quite some effort to stop and limit the damage on the Flow Country.

    27. Rolodug For Indy says:

      Further news which is making me feel a thrombosis is imminent.

      Why ordinary citizens of this country seem content with this has me involuntarily cursing on a regular basis throughout the day. Possibly due to not enough information on quality outlets like this one getting through.

      As the planet gets more and more fucked over when will our water, which constantly tumbles down on us as well as providing the obvious benefit of tidal energy, become the most precious export of all.

      Looking forward to hearing from an outraged Patrick Harvey as well as the msm about this.

    28. galamcennalath says:

      ” While all who sign this may not agree on the position with regards to EU membership, most agree with the fundamental principle that a Conservative Government should not have free reign and that our fundamental rights should be protected at all costs. “

      A worthwhile petition. Only 4000 signed seems low.

    29. HandandShrimp says:

      Any party that could put Paterson or Gove in charge of the Environment doesn’t particularly care about environmental matters, whether Scotland or across the whole UK. No real surprise that the vow guff was forgotten before the ink was dry.

    30. Ken500 says:

      MSM ‘Journalists’ and false information has helped to create this mess. BBC biased, ill researched false information. They can’t count, read a balance sheet or even go on the internet to get a few facts. Instead repeating regurgitated lies. Overpaid, out of touch prima donna on another planet. Thank goodness for the internet. To call them out.

      The SNP is the only political Party in the UK that obeys the Law. If polical parties do not obey the Law. That is when democracy breaks down. It falls like a pack of cards. Less people turn out to vote because they believe it is not worthwhile. They get disgusted with the contempt. Say they ‘do not care’ but really give up on an accessed impossible situation.

      The Scottish economy has been damaged since 1928 by Westminster illegal lies and intransigence. The equivalent of £Billions illegally taken in false accounting and false information. Misused. In groteque projects of little value. Westminster politicians do not have a clue. An attack on democracy.

      Since 2010 Scotland has lost over £4Billion in Oil and Gas revenues. The Oil & Gas sector illegally taxed at 40% since 2016 when prices had fallen. Stopping exploration and production. Losing thousands of jobs in Scotland. Oil & Gas has to be imported. Fracked Gas from the US. Gas from Norway. Scotland exports over 25% of surplus fuel and energy but get less inappropriate recompense for the contribution. In fact charged more. A tax on the Scottish economy. It is colder. Despite this massive contribution being wasted.

      £Billions wasted on Hinkley Point, HS2 and Trident based 30mins from Glasgow and over 2 million in the Central Belt. Financial fraud and tax evasion. Illegal wars affecting Scotland (pro rata) disproportionately. Costing Scotland more disproportionately. A total waste. Financial fraud and tax evasion. Not enforced because of UK Law. £20Billion a year the cost of the Union. Laws broken by Westminster politicians who are not elected in Scotland and care even less.

      The Forth road bridge will be reopened when realignment work is done on the lanes and approaches. Closed for 4 to 6 weeks. For health and safety reason.

      The most effective renewables cut by Westminster. A total lack of awareness of the facts. The most economical and safe by comparison. Scotland stopped from producing and distribution. EU grants and investment lost because of Westminster indecision and intransigence with policies not suitable for the growth of the economy. CCS projects promised in Longannet and Peterhead. More Vows and promises reneged upon. Westminster inconsistencies. Lack of awareness Gov, The laughing stock of the world. Murdering warmongers. Despised throughout the World. Two faced hypocrites. Greedy sychophants. Disobeying the Laws, That they make.

    31. Macart says:

      @Jack Collatin

      A QED moment right enough.

    32. William Wallace says:

      Are my eyes deceiving me here? Is this a BBC article without SNP/Scotland bad in it?

      Value of Scottish North Sea oil and gas rises

    33. Ian says:

      The availability of low cost renewable energy (Hydro) allowed Norway to develop its aluminium industry well before North Sea oil added to it’s resource base. It was a major factor in why Norway has and continues to progressively develop it’s economy and by extension, it’s overall well being.

      Of course this relies on the productive use of resources rather than relying on a speculative financially based economy, something that UK governments have such a strong track record of not being able to do. Pissing away opportunities. It’s the UK way.

    34. Street Andrew says:

      MJack @1.29

      Wouldn’t surprise me.

      The much vaunted ‘dash for gas’ was justified on the ‘high speed gas’ principle that it could be turned on and off quickly and was excellent therefore as back up at peak times.

      Then you discover that when there is oversupply it’s the windmills that get feathered because the gas plants have negotiated deals where they get higher payments for being on standby.

      It’s all bent. Who’s surprised though?

    35. Tinto Chiel says:

      Another on-form dissection, Rev. and very timely.

      For once I’m going to be optimistic and say Westminster’s behaviour is like the salt-the-fields-and-poison-the-wells gambit in Roman times when they had lost a province and were forced to retreat. Perhaps WM pretty much know they’re fecked and just want to do some spiteful damage on the way out.

      Otherwise, all I’ve got is, “It’ll all be fine…fine…fine.”

      *rocks back and forth manically*

    36. mac says:

      Not one for this but it is increasingly likely that we will need EU backing and if we can gain this then ScotGov should call some form of assembly and go for UDI.

      Not ideal as you would have a large amount of the populace who were disenfranchised but it is a more reasonable prospect than what we face currently…

    37. Ken500 says:

      Changed times. The trees are felled. A major felling and replanting industry. Scotland has an ever growing successful forestry industry. A profit maker. Instead of importing. Using and exporting timber products. Land is excempt from inheritance tax because larger farms produce more. Worth £Billions. Subsidies should be published by the Scottish Gov. If they have the powers? Renewables in Scotland are being supported by major EU Grants and investment.

      The EU supports renewables and not harmful, uneconomic energy production. Nuclear bans in Europe. Chernobyl. Still not safe had to be recapped recently undertaken by £Billions of EU funds. Led by a French consortium of European workers. A massive engineering success which will only be adequate for under one hundred years. Still dangerous and unstable for leakage. A massive dome. Manoeuvre into place by precision methods. On slides and crane/lifts computer controlled.

      Scotland is one of the best places in the world for renewable energy production. Weather, wave and wind. Solar. The highest wind production recorded any where in the world was on Lewis. A world record.

    38. Ottomanboi says:

      What is difficult to understand is that a majority of Scots viscerally believe, despite ample evidence to the contrary, that sticking with mother England is a better option than the alternative. We’ve all met the type, just a little ‘provincial’, stubborn, packed with irrational fears, clinging manically to unionist mythology about partnership, the nonsense of the UK being greater than its individual parts and that code phrase ‘we couldn’t survive on our own’. A close look at our history indicates that we were in reality annexed and colonized, as much mentally as physically, that some certainly did prosper but the vast majority did not. That is still the case. We were bought and sold by that ‘parcel of rogues’. Nothing to be proud of and so very bad for the soul, the sense of self-worth. The British state, through its media, plays psychological games pressing the emotive trigger keys to induce the correct timorous pavlovian responses. After all Project Fear did work and the many do still appear responsive to the program.
      Deprograming is urgently needed. We must master ‘the fear’. Until we do we will continue to flounder in the mud effectively digging our nation’s grave. The strategy for the psycho-political war, the hearts and minds stuff, hasn’t yet been seriously considered by our politicians. Time to start?

    39. Ken500 says:

      UDI can’t be undertaken unless the Scottish electorate votes for it. Hardly likely. A majority did not vote for Independence. The did vote for another IndyRef manifesto. The mandate is passed and there in place. Voted upon. That is the way to go. Lawfully. The SNP will not likely support or hold another IndyRef until it can be won. Soon. It cannot ressonably, responsibly be undertaken in the present ongoing Brexit unstable situation. They will know when to go ahead. It will not be lost again. Lessons have been learnt, Everything will have been put in place. Being done now. These things take time. Legally. The stars are realigning. Reach for the moon to inherit the earth. Successfully. Have patience in participation. Stop frustration.

    40. orri says:

      I’ll be pessimistic and say that this is the start of a campaign to justify the hijacking of powers on the grounds that Holyrood is not fit for purpose. The fact that that verges into removing semi-autonomy from Scotland on the grounds of our inability to fend for ourselves takes it into the kind of arguments that aren’t accepted as valid excuse for denying self determination.

      It also raises the specter of a deliberate move to neuter Holyrood rather than outright dismantle it.

    41. Ken500 says:

      When the sun doesn’t shine the people are sleeping. Using less electric, fuel bad energy. Quite appropriate for solar. Being used successfully in Scotland for the outlay. Logs and charcoal possibilities. CCS. Scotland high level on carbon targets.

    42. Nana says:

      WORLD FIRST: EMEC has generated hydrogen from tidal energy in #Orkney.

    43. Dan Huil says:

      British nationalists would gladly make Scotland an energy desert – any kind of desert – if it meant their so-called united kingdom stayed intact.

    44. Calum McKay says:

      Colonies, which Scotland is increasingly looking like, do not find solutions to develop their economies or answers to their problems from those that seek to control them.

      It is not beyond the wit of mankind to build a connector from South East Scotland to either Holland or Belgium.

      Problem solved!

    45. Les Wilson says:

      With Scottish renewables becoming a real success, and with so much potential, it will not be long before the fingerprints of Westminster and the treasury will be all over it.

      Money to be made, that is all the incentive they need to carry out more interfering, and not in a good way.

    46. Sinky says:

      BBC Scotland Politics Scotland panel of MSPs again excludes the Greens yet has a Lib Dem to reflect their London centric thinking on all matters. Nice three Yoons against one pro Indy politician.

    47. dakk says:

      Whilst the SNP are still the Government of Scotland it is imperative that the gloves come off and they use this position to expose the Westminster destruction and exploitation of Scotland’s economy/resources.

      They need to call out the UK government and their duplicitous media acolytes in the strongest terms.

      Getting on with the day job just may not be enough to win Independence.

      If a true Scottish party of Government can’t get it out there that these fuckers are stealing from us then who can?

    48. heedtracker says:

      This is why the Greens really get on my tits. Scottish Greens should be going after the tory freak show in Westminster every minute of every day. But no.

      German Greens have changed that country into a renewable energy world power and the Scottish Greens have merely fed off it all. But UK politics and Scotland, is one pretty fucked up loonie bin at the best of times, so the Greens just want power no matter what.

    49. Arbroath1320 says:

      I cam across this recently and thought “you know what … you could remove Dr Shashi Tharoor’s references about India and replace them with Scotland.”

      The longer I have to listen to ANY Tory gobshite spew their shite about Scotland the MORE I’m convinced I am right. Feartie McFeartie is doing to Scotland what was previously done to India.

      Feartie is doing anything and everything she can to:

      a) run down Scotland
      b) remove as much as possible from Scotland before it becomes a basket case
      c)ensure Churchill’s “complicity in creating a famine” is repeated

    50. Dr Jim says:

      @Heedtracker 3.39pm

      Just so! Here was me thinking it was only me that thought that

    51. Chick McGregor says:


      Storage of electricity is the key issue facing all kinds of surplus to demand time electricity generation. That includes nuclear as well as renewables.

      Hydrogen can be stored in either gaseous or liquid form. Gasometers for gas or special tanks for liquid. Later it can be converted back into electricity, used in fuel cells for vehicles or even burned in ICE vehicles.

      Other energy storage methods are pumped storage using HE dams (limited by available viable sites), or various cell storage methods.

      My guess is that cell technology will win out eventually on the storage front.

      New advances in cell storage technology are well under way, but even if progress there does not happen, consider this.

      Most people must realise by now that the conversion from ICE to electricity for cars has already begun. It won’t be too long before all cars are electric.

      A typical electric car battery can store up to 30 or 40 kwh. Even if that does not improve as expected that eventuality will create a combined virtual storage reservoir of more than the existing pumped storage capacity in Scotland.

      But wait, there is more. Existing car cells are expected to last 10 years, by that they mean that their ability to hold charge will have dropped to 75%-80% of new round about then. So folk will naturally get new batteries for their cars right? won’t be cheap, but hey whenever was motoring cheap? The thing is, that ‘old’ battery they remove still has a useful electricity storage capacity, in fact still enough to power the average home for about 4 or 5 days.

      So you can see where I am going here, at the very least I think a secondary industry will emerge where those old batteries are used for back-up for your house. In time, a stack of them. Several weeks worth of electricity. Enough to ride out any imaginable shortfall due to adverse weather conditions for renewables or indeed breaks in transmission due to cable damage. And when renewables become virtually base load, as they would in that scenario, the hugely expensive (and mostly idle) fossil fuel back up systems will be scrapped at enormous savings in terms of electricity generation costs.

      It is also possible that house specific, cheaper ones, will also be made, but they will have to go some to beat the ‘free’ cost of old car batteries.

      It is expected that cell technology will increase capacity by a factor of around 5-10 for the same physical size of battery which would make those predicted changes even more likely.

      I can foresee a time when, by law, say a month’s electricity storage will be part of the building regulations.

      The great news is, Scotland has the surplus electricity generation to service that scenario.

      England would need to virtually double their current electricity generation to do so.

      Most countries do not have the renewables capacity to service their needs and a significant percentage of electricity World wide will still have to be generated from fossil fuel or hazardous fission until the hoped for eventual success of fusion (via a hybrid reactor phase to clean up the World’s fissile waste).

      Liquid hydrogen may find a large niche in future for aviation as it comes under increased environmental pressure once it is the last means of transport not to go electric. Aviation companies are working on this possibility already.

      Passenger/bulk freight carrying electric planes are not really on the horizon. But hydrogen burners would be environmentally friendly anyway, so who cares? And they would be electricity powered by proxy anyway.

    52. CameronB Brodie says:

      Blocking future prosperity for Scotland? Surely not, as that would suggest a political resistance to ethical paths towards inclusive social justice for all. It would also appear inconsistent with the rule-of-law.

      “The right to development is an inalienable human right by virtue of which every human person and all peoples are entitled to participate in, contribute to, and enjoy economic, social, cultural and political development, in which all human rights and fundamental freedoms can be fully realized.” (Article 1.1, Declaration on the Right to Development)

      “The human right to development also implies the full rea
      lization of the right of peoples to self-determination, which includes, subject to the relevant provisions of both International Covenants on Human Rights, the
      exercise of their inalienable right to full sovereignty over
      all their natural wealth and resources.” (Article 1.2)

    53. David says:

      Balls. Shafted. Deep.

      Rearrange the above words to make the popular phrase.

      A ‘no’ vote was and is an invitation in gold for the above.

      I wonder how many Scottish Unionists want spit applied before hand or will just rough it out?

      Thanks a lot, you cowardly brain dead bunch of w**kers.

    54. Breeks says:


      “He marched them up to the top of the Hill!!!

      …And he marched them down again.

      The word that’s just there, right on the tip of your tongue for isn’t respect Mr Sheppard, it is sovereignty. Westminster isn’t required to respect us a people, but it can and should be required to respect our sovereignty.

    55. Chick McGregor says:

      Aviation companies are working on hydrogen fuelled jet planes for passenger/bulk freight not electric planes as some might think when I re-read that post.

    56. Legerwood says:

      Chick McGregor @ 4.03

      Scotland already has a firm researching Hydrogen fuel cells as a means of storing energy from wind turbines.

      It is the Bright Green Hydrogen company

      It started in Fife around 2010 as the Energy Offices and was opened officially by a Mr A Salmond in 2011 if I remember correctly.

      Electric cars are certainly becoming more noticeable on the streets. Seen quite a few in Edinburgh but then it has a Tesla showroom beside Harvey Nichols. But I have seen electric cars in Perth, Stirling and roundabout.

      The more popular they become then the cheaper they will become.

      The NC500 route round the north of Scotland has enough charging points along the route to allow you to do the whole route in an electric car.

      Maybe from now on we should be future proofing our roads by putting in charging points whenever any work is being done on a road.

    57. manandboy says:

      Scotland – like Usain Bolt being forced to run in the under twelve egg and spoon race all his life.

    58. Arbroath1320 says:

      On the topic of hydrogen powered vehicles. Look out for a Hydrogen powered train coming to a place near you soon unless you live in broken UK that is . 😀

      We can’t forget of course that we already have Hydrogen powered cars but the government has been found rather, how can I say this, …erm … lacking in coming forward in supporting this mode of fuelling cars.

      There is also another alternative as well which most people seem to poo poo and that is water fueled cars.

    59. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @manandboy (4.36) –


    60. manandboy says:

      Make no mistake, Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II of England, has knowingly and willingly given her assent to every act of suppression, exploitation, deceipt and treachery by her Government at Westminster against Scotland these past 60 years.

    61. Arbroath1320 says:

      Think last post was a wee bit too heavy on the links front so I’ve cut it down here.

      On the topic of hydrogen powered vehicles. Look out for a Hydrogen powered train coming to a place near you soon unless you live in broken UK that is . 😀

    62. Arbroath1320 says:

      We can’t forget of course that we already have Hydrogen powered cars but the government has been found rather, how can I say this, …erm … lacking in coming forward in supporting this mode of fuelling cars.

    63. Arbroath1320 says:

      There is also another alternative as well which most people seem to poo poo and that is water fueled cars.

    64. Foonurt says:

      Aye, loast ah shullin, fun ah tannurr. Basturts.

      Mingin erses, fae yoan Belly-Ah-Thoan-Beast.

      Thurr aye oan yoan mooch, awe thae rid in blue-tiet tories. Haun-in-haun, tae stymie Scoattish Independence.

      Wahshurrs in folks poackits, wid gie iz thae nummurrs, tae makit ower thoan Scoattish Independence line.

      Tae yoan jougs, wae awe thoan naws.

    65. Chick McGregor says:



      And how many folk know that the World’s first electricity generating wind turbine was invented in Scotland 130 years ago by Prof James Blyth AND he used accumulators to store the electricity and used it to light his cottage. He offered to use it to light the streets of the village (Marykirk) but they refused believing it was the work o’ the Deil.

      My daughter has a Nissan Leaf, they’re great, and uou can already find used ones from taxi firms and the like quite reasonably priced.

      In Norway already over 30% of its vehicles are electric and they are planning to be 100% by 2021.

      Hydrogen fuelled planes are a long way off yet, maybe 40-50 years.

      The Russians converted one 160 seater airliner to one as far back as the 80s but the problem is, until the World is mostly a combination of renewables and fusion then the CO2 cost of making that aviation fuel with electrcity is going to be greater than using kerosene.

      But hydrocarbon costs will rise and environmentalist pressure will increase and oil will run out, so they will happen eventually.

      Plus hydrogen has a greater potential as a fuel and mach 5+ designs are already in existence.

    66. Gary45% says:

      SCOTLAND= “The only country that continually shoots itself in both feet”.
      You can give the sheep all the evidence to show how Scotland is being shafted, and they will still believe any shite that is broadcast on Empire Shortbread TV/media, just give them “soft fluffy buns” or some “celebrity!!”has-been arsehole dancing in a gimp mask.
      Is there anybody who follows WoS that didn’t see this coming?

    67. Arbroath1320 says:

      On the Nissan Leaf don’t forget folks a couple from Scotland have just completed something like 10,000 on the Mongol rally in a Nissan Leaf.

    68. galamcennalath says:

      ” General election cost taxpayers £141million “ say the Guardian.

      Has no one told them that Brexit could cost taxpayers £141BILLION, when everything is considered!

    69. CameronB Brodie says:

      Can ethical approaches survive under intense Anglo-American neo-liberalism?

      Irony, that’s a word I clearly don’t understand.

      By looking closely at practical issues we’ve found some real opportunities to make a difference that align closely to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals – of which we are a recognised supporting organisation.

    70. Robert Peffers says:

      @Street Andrew says: 13 September, 2017 at 12:30 pm:

      “The other element running alongside Scot-bashing is the powerful Nuclear lobby. Success in producing sustainable electricity undermines a very lucrative nuclear industry which has been a rich source of wealth distribution from public to private for three(?) generations.”
      A great comment, Street Andrew but still missing a couple of unmentioned little facts.

      This very week there was a news item that showed wind power is now much cheaper to produce than is nuclear power. The other Westminster propagated myth is that Nuclear power is a clean energy source. It isn’t and it never has been. It is factually the dirtiest fuel ever used by mankind.

      I spent over 15 years of my working life in a MOD RADIAC Lab. That Name, “RADIAC”, stands for :- RadioActivityDetectionIndicationAndComputation.

      We tested, repaired, calibrated and took responsibility for the effectiveness, reliability and accuracy of the many types of instruments,, both portable and fixed installation, of such instruments as Geiger Counters, Pocket Dosimeters, Doorframe monitors and such like. This meant we were working with Radioactive Sources that were as high as it is possible to get.

      You cannot calibrate an instrument to measure radioactivity unless you can expose it to the highest level of radioactivity it is designed to measure. In fact we had to actually exceed that level as all such instruments must be designed to go into a state of saturation if the radiation in the area goes above the level it is designed to measure. It then gives very clear and loud warnings for the users to get to hell out of the area as fast as they can move.

      So we were educated to understand all about the dangers of not just radiation of all types but of, the actually much more dangerous Radioactive contamination.

      Nuclear Power is, without doubt, not a clean fuel. What it can be described as is, “Cleaner at the point of use”. It is extremely dirty where the raw ore is mined, where the vast spoil heaps of still radioactive soil are dumped, where the ore is milled and where the milled ore is pelleted. All of which processes use conventionally generated power and/or diesel or petrol powered machines.

      It is also transported between these processes using fossil fuels and it leaves behind Nuclear Waste that needs re-processes and then guarded for thousands of years as it remains radioactive. Not to mention that those spoil heaps, (bings), contain radioactive heavy metals that are soluble in water and leech into the local water tables contaminating domestic water supplies. The raw ore also gives out Radon Gas.

      It is the dirtiest fuel ever used by mankind and it lingers longer in storage than any other waste from fuels. Furthermore renewables transport themselves to and from the generators.

      All that without the added dangers of radioactive contamination from the years, thousands of years, required for waste storage.

      Joe Public doesn’t realise that a radioactive source will irradiate anything that is placed in its vicinity. You see those old hulks lying at Rosyth? The reactors may have been removed but the hulks themselves have been irradiated and will thus remain radioactive.

    71. Legerwood says:

      Chick McGregor @ 5.03

      Actually I did know about the Professor. There was a short piece about him in a TV programme several years ago. Can’t remember the details.

      Did not know about the second hand market in the Nissan Leaf useful to know.

    72. Andy Anderson says:

      With no scheduled election for years I thought that maybe the yoonery idiots would ease of a little.

    73. CameronB Brodie says:

      @ David Torrence
      Here’s on for you son. When’s you next gig on the BBC then?

      Neoliberalism and Psychological Ethics
      This article draws attention to the relationship between neoliberalism and psychology. Features of this relationship can be seen with reference to recent studies linking psychology to neoliberalism through the constitution of a kind of subjectivity susceptible to neoliberal governmentality. Three examples are presented that reveal the ways in which psychologists are implicated in the neoliberal agenda: psychologists’ conception and treatment of social anxiety disorder, positive psychology, and educational psychology.

    74. Legerwood says:

      Robert Peffers @ 5.20pm and Street Andrew @ 12.30 pm

      Nuclear waste and the dangers and costs of storage and clean-up

      Here is a link to an article from the New Scientist that should make everyone’s hair stand on end

    75. CameronB Brodie says:

      @ David Torrence @ David Torrance

    76. manandboy says:

      The suppression of Scotland’s renewable energy industry is just the latest in a long line of abuses by our Colonial Masters, the English Establishment.

      An older example is the decline of Scotland’s historic native language. Gaelic was introduced to Scotland from Ireland in the 5th century and remained the main language in most rural areas until the early 17th century.

      It was outlawed by the English crown in 1616, and suppressed further after the Jacobite rebellion of 1745. Less than 100 years ago children were beaten into speaking English at school.

      But there is another language which is now being suppressed in Scotland, though also elsewhere, with a sustained ferocity not seen in living memory.

      I refer to the speaking of the truth.

      At this time, half the population of Scotland no longer speak the truth about many subjects. This is particularly the case amongst certain groups, notably Unionist politicians both local and national, as well as in London and in Brussels.
      The media is another outstanding case in point.

      Gaelic may revive in Scotland, though highly unlikely before Independence.
      Whether speaking the truth in the UK will revive is another matter, though that too is highly unlikely before self-determination for Scotland is achieved.

      The truth is that Scotland could very easily go it alone and be a successful and prosperous country for all its citizens. But very very few people in the UK talk like that. Yet strangely, David Cameron is one of them. (

      Suppressing the truth – its what the English do best.

    77. msdidi says:

      Todays PMQ’s was so contrived it was unbelievable. Badly scripted and farcically stage managed. TM avoided answering many of the questions….instead using them to put across her own agenda. She actually told JC he had forgotten to mention the employment figures and went on to answer the imaginary question that he forgot to ask her! Then there was Scotland…..two of the new unionist MP’s were given questions (given being the operative word – I wonder who wrote them?) What are the odds for that? Jamie Stone (LibDem) for some reason thought it was appropriate to ask for TM’s opinion on how to deal with a reserved issue…giving her the opportunity to tell her audience how badly Holyrood, the SNP, The Scottish gov, devolution and Scotland in general were managing things! Should I mention Ross boy and his No referendum plea…..pass.

    78. CameronB Brodie says:

      Suppressing the truth – its what the English Establishment do best.

      Fixed. 😉

    79. scunner says:

      Lol, thanks Rev for replacing the Sunday Post graphic, removing the “Free Scottish Tablet” banner – and making me look a proper numpty!

    80. Cactus says:

      They’re blocking our howevermany energy booms!
      (same as it ever was)

      Here’s a comparable present and future press headline…

      September 2017:
      “Upon BrUKexit, the Inglish Government will receive from the EU, then pass immediate control of Farmin’ n Fishin’ over to SNP Scottish Government.”

      (or maybe we’ll just try it out for ourselves first for 5 years, just to see what happens, nae promises mind.)

      April 2019:
      “Trick or treat?”

      But that’s for the future, we may have voted Yes2 by then and aye, aye2 have felt the wind stop before Dr Jim smashin’ stuff dj 🙂

      What y’all doing this Saturday Glasgow, ye near the square?

      This one’s the hat-trick.

    81. Cactus says:

      Just did a wordsearch for the word ‘wind’ on this thread.

      There were 17 of them, perfect.

      I am 18.


    82. Artyhetty says:

      Re; Legerwood@5.30pm

      Thanks, will take a look at the link. Here is a link to fairewinds, excellent site, real experts, but scary because nuclear must be the most idiotic way to try to create energy, imo.


      So that’s the Scotland branch of tory MP’s really there to undermine Scotland’s democratically elected government, by handing the ball to their master. All hail TM, all hail TM. So what is their agenda we may ask. The constant onslaught of SNP very very bad, is for the English and international audience. Demonise the SNP, democratically elected government in Scotland, coup in the bag, whatever form that may take, or however long.

      Tory puppets, taking a big fat wage, pissing on the poor and telling lies about Scotland. Their agenda is to undermine and put a stop to Scottish democracy, we can’t have such a ‘radical’ political environment in our last colony, now can we! Is that what the people who voted for them voted for? Seems so.

    83. Cactus says:

      Yes! Artyhetty x



    84. jfngw says:

      Reporting Shiteland in full SNPBad mode, even turned low unemployment and high employment into bad news repercussions. I believe it was three stories tonight, even allowed an austerity Tory to claim that the pay freeze and hence shortage of teachers was purely at he SNP’s door, no challenge as usual. Then subway Gray forgetting how Labour forgot to regulate things when they were in power, hence a massive financial crash.

      The Skye story was turned into a tut-tut SNP MSP rather than try and explain the difference between an island connected by a bridge and one that isn’t. Really poor quality journalism here, no attempt to inform anyone.

    85. Dorothy Devine says:

      So are al the Scottish Tories , Liberals and labour MPs happy to listen/ read this crap about their country ?

      They accept that everything here deserves to be held in contempt – including them?

      Do the Ruths of this world view themselves as winners?

      Nothing worthy ever came out of Scotland ? Nothing deserving of admiration – including them?

    86. Ken500 says:

      If the members of the Westminster political parties had voted as their Parties required and wanted them to do. The Tories would have lost by 4 votes. A vote of no confidence in the Westminster Gov. There would have been a new GE which the Tories would probably lose?

      A shambolic chaotic Gov backed up by DUP illegal racists and bigots. Unfit for public office. They are not fit people to stand for election. Break the code of conduct. Members of a secret, unequal, unfair misogynistic based on religious illegal discrimination. Not open to all without fear or favour. Blackball. A illegal political political funded with public money. A travesty of justice.

    87. Cactus says:

      Actually there’s a good point… re:

      “Upon BrUKexit…”

      Think back.. what was the original question again?

      “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union?”


      “Should Britain remain a member of the European Union?

      There is a difference between em.

      Britain vs the UK.

      Brexit is bullshit.

    88. Ken500 says:

      Do not view or listen to BBC News. That gives them oxygen and encourages them. Poison chalice, Do know scratch the sore, No matter what the itch. That is just causing it to fester further. Lance the pus. Get rid of the poison. There are plenty of alternatives.

    89. heedtracker says:

      BBC Scotland gimp headline, some arsehole tory says something meaningless. Beeb gimps allow comments, so you know there’s not an election anytime soon. Beeb propaganda gimps are getting worse though.

    90. Cactus says:

      Just thought I’d just throw a wee FUCK in here.

      I am 3 of three, tee he he.

      Ur next…

    91. Chick McGregor says:


      Aye bargains can be had but caveat emptor.

      Check that it has been paid for and there are no outstanding contracts for battery hire etc.

    92. Walter Scott says:

      There has always been Scottish MP’s who have done their own country serious economic damage. Some want the country to always appear more impoverished compared to England so that it would look like we will need to be subsidized for eternity. Others just like to punish Scotland for repeatedly voting snp. No country in the world would tolerate such sabotage from their neighbors or indeed a fifth column of native saboteurs working against their own country’s interests. But that’s Scotland for you.

    93. heedtracker says:

      C4 teatime news in Scotland right the noo! That tory crew hardly ever give Scotland a mention at all, but this time its, the “tartan” baby boxes getting a C4 tory news monstering.

      Its only just started but considering know how bad and how hard they hate the SNP, ooh here we go, posh English lady says baby boxes are worthless, a huge waste of hundreds of millions of not English quid.

    94. Cactus says:

      @Question ~

      “Should Scotland remain a member of the European Union?”

      Scotland says aye. Every ward. 68% total.



    95. Cactus says:

      See the last comment, on the last thread.

    96. galamcennalath says:

      This petition is clock up at a fair rate …

      ” We, the undersigned, call upon HM Government to give the people of this country the final say on the Brexit deal negotiated by the UK and EU. This would be done through a referendum that would take place prior to the April 2019 exit date. “

      Of course it won’t make any difference. But I registered my discontent with the whole Brexit fiasco.

      To be honest I want a really shite Brexit, a winnable IndyRef2, and an iScotland before the decade ends!

    97. Artyhetty says:

      Thanks Castus@6.49pm. 🙂

      Really, the britnats must be livid, they can’t and won’t break the will of most of the people of Scotland. I watch a programme on netflix, called ‘Brain games’, popular science, good though. They did one experiment where a person had to complete a complex task, with someone literally telling them they were crap at it, they did not complete the task. Next, they had to try, with someone giving them very positive encouragement, you can do it! They completed the task.

      The ScotGov need us to support them. It’s a huge challenge, challenging your enemy, keeping your cool, but they are doing it and doing it well.

      Glass half full.

    98. Rock says:

      “And it’s not rocket science to see why the Westminster government is so keen to slow down and hamper renewables in Scotland. A country surrounded on three sides by water and wind, in a world where climate change makes finding alternatives to fossil fuels ever more imperative, would be incredibly well placed to reap a bonanza that would make North Sea oil look like pocket change, and even more so if it wasn’t being penalised with huge surcharges from London every step of the way.”

      “Sovereign” Scotland’s colonial master obviously wants to hold on to its cash cow by all means possible.

      We cannot blame them.

      The blame lies squarely with those “Scots” who want to go along with it and do not care about their fellow “underclass” Scots who would be so much better off with independence.

      I blame the following sections of “Scots”:

      The vast majorities of the selfish middle classes, the British nationalist elderly, the thugs and the English.

      For the avoidance of any doubt, I do not consider English settlers to be “cadgers”.

    99. Cactus says:

      Who is Castus? Wanna meet im, gaun all Greek n that n awe!


      I can play ra castanets.



    100. gordoz says:


      Are we sure there was no political ‘SNPbad’ motive behind Trinity Academy School Head sending ‘unprofessional’ letter to parents about teachers shortage BBC ?

      Sure ?

      Lets not interview the Head lets go to the kids !

      Nah ! we’ll run with the normal guff anyway.
      Good old BBCshite

    101. heedtracker says:

      I blame the following sections of “Scots”:

      The vast majorities of the selfish middle classes, the British nationalist elderly, the thugs and the English

      Save some Rock broadband time, Rock.

      Its the tories, its always the f ing tories, English and Scottish, the tories, in Scotland.

    102. Cactus says:

      Block quote viewers!

      “Comment – please read this page for comment rules. HTML tags like and are permitted. Use paragraph breaks in long comments. DO NOT SIGN YOUR COMMENTS, either with a name or a slogan. Ignore these rules and I WILL KILL YOU WITH HAMMERS.”

      “Truth Always”

      Naedby kens who is who, cheers.

      Be good.

    103. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      The EU Reform Bill now allows Westminster to pass legislation without a vote in Parliament as long as it passes committee.

      The UKs version of this:

      The Tories have now rigged the Committees in their favour (along with their partners in crime the DUP) thanks to the impotence of the UK Labour Party.

      We now live in a Neo Facist Dictatorship.

      Regardless of whether you support an Indy Scotland or The Union, if you support Democracy ask yourself why this is not top of the news agenda in the U.K. As it should be.

      Dark and dangerous times lie ahead and the BBC and MSM were complicit in our arrival at this point in history.

    104. Artyhetty says:

      Oops Castus, @8pm.

      I did see that typo lol, hoped no one would notice. 😉 Haha. Far too observant here on WoS, just as well eh. Fabulous comments today.


    105. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      So with the threat of May Gen tidal power in the Pentland firth possibly not getting funding from UK Govt.

      Caithness FibDem Jaimie Stone does the SNPbad thing at PMQs today (Wee Wullie 1p wil be so so proud).

      F*cking sell out.

      Look at the generation costs in his patch in the map in this article:

      FibDems, Tories for those who don’t have the guts to be honest with themselves about who they vote for.

      Lot of cap doffers up there who used to vote FibDem to keep Lord Caithness in Westminster as well.

    106. CameronB Brodie says:

      OT. Scotland certainly needs more affordable social housing but England is a complete basket-case. IMHO, RTB (where receipts from capital sales are prevented from being re-invested into social housing) is a direct assault on basic human dignity and the spirit of international development law.

      The right to buy (RTB) policy introduced by the Thatcher government in 1980 has without doubt been one of the most significant housing policy innovations of the last half century. With more than 2.5 million sales raising capital receipts of over £50 billion it has had a massive impact in restructuring both national and local housing markets. At the end of 1979, the social housing sector comprised just over 30 per cent of the total housing stock in England; now it comprises just 17 per cent, very largely because of RTB.

      Since its inception the policy has been controversial, with polarised views across the political divide. With housing responsibilities now firmly devolved to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and with governments of different persuasions in each of the four countries of the UK, it has now become a policy that divides the nation.

      The Right to Buy? Selling off public and social housing

      The Right to Buy Public Housing in Britain: A Welfare Analysis

    107. Cactus says:

      Aye aye, you say OLA! Artyhetty x

      Do you know of the “bibbidi-bobbidi-boo”

      There’s this thing called a Normal Independent Country together wih a friendly gesture in the Spain, sounds like HOLA

      Put em ra gether an what ah’ve ye got?


      Be free. Be Scottish.


    108. Dorothy Devine says:

      Wonderfully crazy Cactus – thanks for that ,it fair cheered me up!

    109. Col says:

      The SNP, Scottish Government should as a pro indy party use the resources it has to inform the people of the constant injustices that come from Westminster. It’s not like they would think twice about doing such a thing. The brit nats would go crazy but they are crazy and really need to be shown up for it.
      For all we know this could be the last few years we have of an SNP government in Scotland for decades. Independence is a policy of our government and they shouldn’t shy away from pursuing it.
      They should be highlighting in the UN that we are nothing more than a colony, we can’t even decide what is broadcast in our country. American cities have more power over broadcasting than Scotland does.
      I really hope we don’t look back on these years and think why didn’t we go down every avenue in our efforts to get justice for the people of this country.
      At the very least, shit storm aside it would spark debate where otherwise there is apathy. We must fuel a constant debate or we will simply be ignored by our political and media masters.

    110. Cactus says:

      On the stroke of midnight, each and every night Scotland…

      Ur soon to know.

      How does that hit yer endorphins!?

    111. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Remember folks, Neo Facist Dictatorships need ‘shock troop boot boys’ and May’s coalition partners the DUP know just the boyos.

      Think the SD in ’30s Germany.

      “The loyalist paramilitary group, the Red Hand Commando has made an application to be removed from a list of proscribed organisations.”

      “and just this week The Red Hand Commando’s partners in the UVF were blamed for a gun attack which targeted a bedroom with three young children in it.”

      Still long as they’re legal, eh?


      Dark and dangerous times lie ahead and never forget the BBC and MSM were complicit in our arrival at this point in history and what follows.

    112. Artyhetty says:

      Re;Jockanese Wind Talker@8.10pm

      Absolutely, and who controls the BBC and the media in general. Do these people think that they and their offspring will inherit a world worth living in, obviously they do. They don’t see that they are the actual problem, and that their actions impact on their own kids as well. Bizarre really.

    113. Ian Brotherhood says:

      As well as persuading the people of Scotland that they’re fuck-all use at anything, the Establishment also has to convince everyone north of the border that this interminable indy-blethering is just an ever-so boring embarrassing nuisance.

      The last thing they need is anyone getting caught up in the excitement of helping to re-establish a nation whilst simultaneously ending one of the most vicious and exploitative ’empires’ this planet has ever hosted. Can’t have the proles going all ‘Outlander’ and getting ideas above their station…

    114. heedtracker says:

      Guy Verhofstadt
      33 mins ·
      Facebook Mentions
      The meeting room of today’s Brexit Steering Group reminded me of this Thatcher quote:
      “Just think for a moment what a prospect that is. A single market without barriers—visible or invisible—giving you direct access to 300 million of the world’s wealthiest and most prosperous people. Bigger than Japan. Bigger than the United States. On your doorstep. And with the Channel Tunnel to give you direct access to it.”

      Its interesting watching progressive liberal Europe try to work out the tory UK freakshow. But they’ve not been brainwashed by tory BBC gimp network their whole lives either.

      I can mind as a kid watching a news thing about tidal wave energy construction and development being built on the Clyde. It broke up in the Pentland Firth and Snatcher Thatcher scrapped the lot. She had to you see.

      Thatcher’s crew were only really just beginning to get to grips with how to blow half a trillion quid of not Scots oil and gas. There’s a good colony, Scotland.

    115. Legerwood says:

      “”heedtracker says:
      13 September, 2017 at 7:41 pm
      C4 teatime news in Scotland right the noo! That tory crew hardly ever give Scotland a mention at all, but this time its, the “tartan” baby boxes getting a C4 tory news monstering.””

      The Channel 4 news report on the baby boxes was not too bad until the contribution from the doctor representing the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.

      The new mother, the grandmother and their friend, who were all midwives, were very positive about the boxes.

      When it came to the doctor from the RCPCH then it became truly ridiculous. He said the baby boxes on their own would not work because you needed a lot more help for new mother’s such as health visitors etc. Clearly he thought Scotland did not have any of these things – just a backward 3rd world country. It is not the first time I have heard this sort of comment made in an attempt to rubbish the baby boxes.

      Let’s be clear. Scotland has health visitors and has done so for yonks. They visit the mother’s to be in their homes before the baby is born, after the baby is born and at regular intervals thereafter, usually in the local health centre, to weigh the baby, test its hearing etc. In other words check it is thriving. In addition they keep an eye on the mother too. 40 years ago when I had my baby the health visitor organised a slimming class for the mothers to help us lose weight, and provide an occasion for new mothers to meet and get to know people.

      In addition there is all the antenatal monitoring of mother’s to be and post natal.

      So a comprehensive network in which the baby boxes are just the latest addition. They are not being introduced into a desert which was certainly the implication from the doctor’s contribution.

      Sorry to go on at length but that man really annoyed me and as I said it is not the first time this sort of comment has been made by people trying to make out the baby boxes are a waste of money.

    116. Artyhetty says:


      🙂 Hola.

    117. Cactus says:




    118. CameronB Brodie says:

      OT again, sorry.

      Replacing housing association homes sold under the new Right to Buy (RTB) scheme with those for sale could drive up costs for low-income tenants and the taxpayer, according to a new report. The new analysis, published today (21 November) by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and written by researchers at the Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research in Cambridge University, is the first to look at the impact of building replacements homes as shared ownership.

      Here’s a review of one of my previous links.

    119. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Cactus.

      RE: ‘normal’ countries.

      One of indyposterboy’s offerings, who I mentioned on a previous page (today? I am old; I lose the place.)

      That one’s featured on the page at:-

      The front page is, of course:-

    120. Robert Peffers says:

      @Artyhetty says: 13 September, 2017 at 6:44 pm:

      “Re; Legerwood@5.30pm
      Thanks, will take a look at the link. Here is a link to fairewinds, excellent site, real experts, but scary because nuclear must be the most idiotic way to try to create energy, imo.

      Whoa There!Artyhetty. No one can, “create”, energy it is scientifically impossible. It is just there and can only be converted from one form of energy to another.

      No matter what is used to drive a, “generator”, that generator only changes one form of energy into another form of energy and in every case that, “transformation”, is accompanied by losses of one form or another.

      So, just take a simple diesel engine driving a, “Generator”.

      We use the diesel fuel to convert chemical energy into heat and heat to drive mechanical reciprocating movement and that is Kinetic energy. Then we convert the reciprocating movement to circular motion with a mechanical crank and we use the circular motion to turn a so called Generator that is actually turning magnetic energy into electric current.

      Then for another example if we have a hydro scheme. We pump water uphill with off-peak electric power by use of some form of mechanical pump and then let it run back down hill as hydraulic energy, (another form of kinetic energy), that drives a turbine, (mechanical energy), that drives the machine that changes mechanical energy to electrical energy by use of magnetic energy.

      So in effect a hydro scheme is just a sort of battery where we store kinetic energy until we want it to change back into electric energy.

      Then what do we do with it?

      We often then use the electric energy we stored as Kinetic energy to convert it back into mechanical energy in an electric powered vehicle.

      Everything has energy – drop a stone and it has kinetic energy.
      Run water down a pipe and it has kinetic energy.

    121. heedtracker says:

      Sorry to go on at length but that man really annoyed me and as I said it is not the first time this sort of comment has been made by people trying to make out the baby boxes are a waste of money.

      Me too. Its was a bizarre display of C4 tory propaganda, if only. Just the usual.

      It all just leaves you asking why the tory media gimp network’s targeted issues like this box. We’re out of the silly season, there is a mountain of issues affecting the future of Brexit Scotland, yet here we are, SNP bad, except that C4 crew never mentioned the dreaded SNP word, only Scots gov. Spooky.

      There is method in our tory and London centred perennial, Scotland’s a shithole news madness though.

      For months now, the whole of the BBC led tory UK media seems entirely focused on foreign big issues, totally outwith their UK, certainly BBC r4 gimps are, Africa, India, Burma, USA etc. Takes the heat of the tory neo fascist power grabbing catastrophe in blighty possibly. And so why not spend a day or two, up in Scotland, pissing all over new innovation.

    122. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi CameronB Brodie at 8:23 pm.

      You typed,
      “At the end of 1979, the social housing sector comprised just over 30 per cent of the total housing stock in England; now it comprises just 17 per cent, very largely because of RTB.”

      One evening in early 1979, after my stint deejaying at the Bowlin’ Alley, me and Pete found ourselves in a group having an apre-gig drinky-poo. The group comprised me and Pete, Joe the jannie, a former Students’ Union President and his wife (both staunch Labour) two of the bar staff, Angus and ???, and the Labour candidate for Dundee West in the election that happened that year. (Angus had been researching housing as part of his Uni course.)

      The three Labour people had been at a trades union function in the union HQ across the road from the Bowlin’ Alley.

      Eventually, Angus asked the Labour candidate, “Why is there a greater percentage of owner-occupied housing in England, compared to Scotland?” (I paraphrase.)

      The Labour chappie (who had been partaking of cocktails) remained silent, whilst looking daggers at Angus. Eventually, he said, “I’ll ignore this idiot on my left – now, where were we?”

      What the Labour candidate didn’t know was that, apart from the three Labour people, we were all voters in the constituency he hoped to win. (The previous Labour MP was retiring.)

      We couldn’t believe that a prospective MP could come out with such a crass comment. The conversation finished not long after. Joe the jannie, who lived in Ardler, said, “I’ve voted Labour all my life – but I’m not voting for that çü*†!”

    123. McDuff says:

      Dakk 3.33

      Couldn’t agree more.
      But when will the gloves come off.

    124. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Compare the following maps:


      Then ask yourself if the Neo Fascist Tory/DUP Dictatorship would ever risk energy poverty by letting us go our separate way??

    125. CameronB Brodie says:

      Brian Doonthetoon
      Hi Brian. Small people, world problems.

      Anglo-American neo-leberalism is the name of the tune and all the Yoon parties dance to it. Inclusive and sustainable social integration is unlikely to be found down that path.

      Neoliberalism as Concept
      This paper is a critical exploration of the term neoliberalism. Drawing on a wide range of literature across the critical social sciences and with particular emphasis on the political economy of development, it evaluates the consequences of its proliferation and expanded usage since the 1980s.

      It a dvances a case that neoliberalism has become a deeply
      problematic and incoherent term that has multiple and contradictory meanings, and thus has diminished analytical value. In addition, the paper also explores the one-­?sided, morally laden usage of the term by non-­?economists to describe economic phenomena, and the way that this serves to signify and reproduce the divide between economics and the rest of the social sciences.

    126. Robert Peffers says:

      @Legerwood says: 13 September, 2017 at 8:47 pm:

      ” … Let’s be clear. Scotland has health visitors and has done so for yonks.”

      I’ll be even clearer, Legerwood. I posted this a couple of days ago but it bears repeating. It is a bit of a cut & paste from Wiki on the History of the NHS Scotland history :-

      The bolding is mine.

      “Prior to the creation of Scotland’s NHS in 1948, the state was involved with the provision of healthcare, though it was not universal. Half of Scotland’s landmass was already covered by the Highlands and Islands Medical Service, a state-funded health system run directly from Edinburgh, which had been set up 35 years earlier.

      In addition, there had been a substantial state-funded hospital building programme during the war years. Scotland also had its own distinctive medical tradition, centred on its medical schools rather than private practice, and a detailed plan for the future of health provision based on the Cathcart report.

      Facilities were built during the Second World War that took hospital capacity to 30,000 beds.

      By June 1947, there were 112 centres that were part of the St Andrews and Red Cross service.

      The 1947 Act provided a uniform national structure for services which had previously been provided by a combination of the Highlands and Islands Medical Service, local government, charities and private organisations which in general was only free for emergency use. The new system was funded from central taxation and did not generally involve a charge at the time of use for services concerned with existing medical conditions or vaccinations carried out as a matter of general public health requirements.

      The NHS in Scotland was formed on 5 July 1948.

      So there you go. Scotland, as usual was way ahead of Westminster even back then.

    127. Cactus says:

      Normal independent country, hello?!

      Take it HOME.

    128. Highland Wifie says:

      @Petra 9.38 11th sept.
      Spot on Petra. You guessed identity correctly. Well done!

    129. Robert Graham says:

      A small thought on the above comments, I know a lot of people think David Icke is a bit unhinged, but one thing he constantly says is ‘ join the dots ‘ on their own the things happening in Scotland probably wouldn’t raise an eyebrow , But when viewed as steps in some kind of overall plan, and coupled with other things like Brexit all supposedly unconnected, something is going on ,as yet we don’t have the full picture yet , I don’t believe things just happen without reason, cause and effect . The English establishment don’t leave things to chance this lot are ten moves ahead of us, but it takes a deep thinker to join these dots.

    130. heedtracker says:

      I’ll be even clearer, Legerwood. I posted this a couple of days ago but it bears repeating. It is a bit of a cut & paste from Wiki on the History of the NHS Scotland history :-

      Also, the C4 news ligger in Scotland tonight, shitting into the evil and cruel baby boxes was very much like the great Eleanor Bradford, of BBC Scotland gimp fame.

      Its interesting why and how tory media editors pick women like

      From Eleanor’s BBC Scotland Project Fear vote NO glory days.

      These two are both merely hacks, top of the range tory hacks for sure but thats all they are. So are they picked by tory media propagandists/editors because they look and sound like the GP or hospital doc you might be treated by?

    131. heedtracker says:

      Victoria is originally from New Zealand and worked for the Sunday Telegraph before joining Channel 4 News. ..

      Eleanor’s now uni of Aberdeen spokesberk and holiday home renter up in Speyside. Loyalty UKOK wise is rewarded

    132. Cactus says:

      Good evening Ms Devine ~

      Be ye doing fine? x



    133. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Robert Graham (9.59) –

      No-one should be afraid to discuss the ideas of anyone else, especially at this time of year – more power to ye for even raising the name of someone who has been relentlessly vilified for decades.

      And the people doing the hatred just happen to work for the organisations he targets…

      Blimey! You wouldn’t imagine that involves the joining of many ‘dots’, eh?


    134. Cactus says:

      Check it out again…

      “As the cost of renewable energy and storage plummets and the rewards increase, an independent Scotland heavily focused on it would have an economy that was the envy of the world, utterly destroying the “too wee, too poor, £15bn black hole yada yada etc” mantra that blares daily from the Unionist press and opposition.

      So it’s vital that in the crucial couple of years leading up to Brexit, the UK government does everything it can to obstruct the growth of the Scottish renewables industry, because the stronger it gets the weaker the Union’s only argument becomes.

      It only has to succeed for a couple of years, because once Brexit is concluded and we’re out of the EU, independence gets a lot more complicated in a lot of ways. It’s all about stalling for time, until Scotland’s wealth can be safely extricated and squandered by London again.

      Of course, we’re probably just being mad paranoid nats as usual. After all, it’s not like the UK has any kind of history of this sort of thing.

      We’re sure it’ll all be fine.”

      In a matter of a few years we will be somewhere else.

    135. Artyhetty says:


      Arr, ta very much for the nuts n bolts lesson there. Pop over to this link, and tell us why the brains behind this madness couldn’t have knocked their heads together and come up with some nuts n bolts ideas as to how to deal with all that planet destroying nuclear waste!

      It looks like some nuts n bolts ideas are still needed to deal with this potential apocalypse.
      Lovely eh.

    136. winifred mccartney says:

      Compare and contrast – National News BBC unemployment at the lowest for 42 years and then talk of pay cap for public sector workers

      Scottish news unemployment at its lowest BUT skills shortage – heaven help it that the bbc could have something good to say about Scotland without the BUT.

      They should be ashamed of the damage they are doing to the well-being of the people of this country.

    137. Cactus says:

      Good evening Ms Petra ~

      If ye be free, come and join us an me this Saturday…

      🙂 x

    138. heedtracker says:

      Never trust the tories, DUP. Bet they never see that one thousand million of your English pounds pay off either. Suckas.

    139. galamcennalath says:

      So, to quote from the Independent …

      ” Theresa May will travel to Florence next week to make a major speech on Brexit, in a bid to kickstart stalled talks with the EU.

      She is expected to give European dignitaries her view on the state of Brexit talks and “assist” her negotiating team in nudging discussion on to critical future trading relations. “

      … what can she possible say to “assist” the situation?

      If she performs in line with recent Tory form, she will screw up completely and totally by laying out some la la land vision. It will be full of the usual UK exceptionalism and belief in entitlement to some special deal.

      The EU response will be … “bu99er off”.

      Or am I being just too sceptical?

    140. heedtracker says:

      That Gina Miller’s on a mission.

      Irish Times says,

      “The money has yet to be made available, and any additional payments must be authorised by parliament through the normal budgetary process.
      According to the lawyers, “no timetable has been established” for the release of the money.”
      Mr Wilson told the BBC that if the extra cash promised by the Tories for Northern Ireland is not in the estimates, the “deal is off” .
      ‘Not new or surprising’
      The Tories and the DUP have repeatedly said the £1 billion funding is not dependent on there being an Executive in place at Stormont.”

      They’ll never see it, never, never, never, never, never:D

    141. louis.b.argyll says:

      A brilliant article!


      Fact based journalism is so hard to find,

      you must be getting loads of job offers.

    142. Tinto Chiel says:

      O/T but isn’t just about everything?: back from WGD’s talk at The National Roadshow in a surprisingly snow-free EK.

      PK very impressive in his funny, off-the-cuff style, expatiating grandly on the Catalan situation and his perception of a renewed enthusiasm during his travels for Indyref2.

      A real morale-booster tonight: Paul seems convinced of victory next time, mainly because all the Nawbag arguments against a Yes vote have actually come to pass because of the No vote.

    143. Chick McGregor says:

      A little bit more on storage.

      The development of rechargeable air breathing batteries (pioneering work done at St Andrews) has some challenges, mainly in filtering out or removing in a PM fashion pollutants deposited on the carbon matrix from the air but if those are solved then we are looking at a 5 to 10 times the energy density over conventional lithium technology.
      i.e. instead of a 120 mile range we are talking something nearer 1000 miles for car size battery.

      On the bulk surplus to demand electricity generation (off peak) storage front there are things like Aluminium storage. For example, an Aluminium smelting plant could stock pile Aluminium during surplus to customer requirement production periods and the excess to requirements converted back to electricity and sold to electric companies when they need it. The efficiency loss means the resold electricity would be a higher cost than the original generation cost but still competitive compared to existing storage or other back up costs.

    144. Cactus says:

      “On the stroke of midnight, each and every night Scotland”

      It’s midnight Scotland:

      You may stand.


    145. crazycat says:

      @ Tinto Chiel

      It was good, wasn’t it? Shame I didn’t notice you there.

    146. Still Positive says:

      PMQs today was basically Scotland is shite, thanks to our Unionist MPs but we know different.

    147. dakk says:

      @Cactus 12.00

      Uplifting stuff Cactus.Cheers

      Mucho mejor than ra castanets or ra maracas anyday?

    148. Ray Visino says:

      Scotland is a colony of England and therefore like other colonies before it must not be allowed to develop industries that could threaten the well being of English industries.

      This is not unusual. What is unusual is the majority of Scottish people who do not realise they are being shafted and persist in wanting to stay in the Union. Why has the SNP not shouted about this in Westminster? They need to be more radical and make sure everyone realises what goes on although when the entire media are owned by billionaire Tory supporters or under complete government control it is difficult.

    149. Capella says:

      Philip Hammond spells out the Tory priority – a bespoke deal for the City of London and its hedge fund managers such as Philip May. Bespoke, mind you, as if getting fitted out by a Savile Row tailor, which he possibly is.

      Brexit: UK targets ‘bespoke’ deal with EU to protect City –

    150. Chick McGregor says:

      “Why has the SNP not shouted about this in Westminster?”

      Perhaps they feel it is something the people need to see for themselves.
      Perhaps they feel politicians, even them, are not trusted when they say things.
      Perhaps, they are right.

    151. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      galamcennalath @ 22:51,

      This would be her “initiative” on the 22nd previously signalled by Verhofstadt.

      The only way she could “nudge discussion on to critical future trading relations” would be if she ordered a UK cave-in to the EU27’s requirements over the present negotiations.

      Which is surely not possible without fracturing her party apart.

      Maybe if she just shouts louder in English at these pesky furriners they will all salute and jump to her command? =cough=

      (Like Soldier Gal and her little band of 13 deadbeats.)

    152. Petra says:

      @ Gordoz at 8:02pm ….. “Are we sure that there was no political ‘SNP Bad’ motive behind Trinity Academy sending ‘unprofessional’ letters about teacher shortages BBC? Let’s not interview the Head let’s go to the kids.”

      Yeah I saw that too on the news last night Gordoz and felt like pulling my hair out. There’s no doubt that individuals in this country are now using their professional position to push a political agenda. It was reported that Bryan Paterson Head of Trinity High in Edinburgh had written to parents seeking their help to teach math due to a shortage of teachers. Right away I thought that this is not permitted in Scotland. As the lengthy piece went on it was ‘changed’ to supporting teachers.

      What REALLY got to me however was that Mr Paterson was not interviewed, instead they had the Head Prefect (Head Boy?) and Depute Head Prefect being interviewed in the school grounds both of whom rattled off what was clearly WELL rehearsed speeches, such as “This is actually a national problem. Shortages in many schools across Scotland.” They’re probably nice kids in reality but they came across as a couple of supercilious wee plonkers. Their comments were followed up of course by Unionist politicians such as Tory Liz Smith bleating on about the SNP, the ‘scandal’ and that the Head of Blairgowrie school in Perthshire (Bev Leslie) had to do likewise recently. In newspapers such as the Scotsman now!

      I’m not saying that we don’t have a problem in relation to a shortage of math and science teachers, in particular, in Scotland which will be exacerbated with Brexit but there’s something sinister going on now. For example did the Head of Trinity High get permission for the two pupils to be interviewed and if so were the parents aware of what they would say? I’m sure they were but one wonders how and when that was all set up? A wee meeting in the school prior to BBC camera men / women arriving? And why wasn’t the Head interviewed? Why doesn’t the Head fork out some of the additional money he has received via John Swinney and employ support workers? Why did they announce initially that a request was made for parents to teach math? And of course one wonders why there was no mention that schools right across England are using parents to teach in classes, having to ask parents to buy school books / supply equipment, cutting schools hours etc, etc. TBH I don’t know if I can put up with another year of this, so hoping that the Tories will walk away from the Brexit negotiations and Indyref2 is called for ASAP. March 2018.

      Additionally I don’t know how Nicola, John Swinney et al are managing to hold onto their sanity under this onslaught. My heart goes out to them and of course I can’t thank them enough for all they’re doing for us.


      A similar situation is occurring in the Commons with Davidson’s Tories running down the SNP, usually by referring to reserved matters, to give T May the opportunity to do likewise / avoid answering SNP questions. Gove is a master when it comes to this so no doubt they are all in cahoots. Gove holding classes, lol. Our SNP MPs will have to play smart and pre-empt T May’s responses by throwing in some facts (NHS, education, policing etc worse in England) before they actually ask their question because they know that normally they won’t get a chance to reply. If not the next SNP MP up should respond to her pack of lies. I’m just saying however maybe Westminster ‘protocol’ forbids doing so?

    153. Petra says:

      @ Capella at 12:58am …… “A bespoke deal for the CITY of London.”

      Whilst the KINGDOM of Scotland gets a spoke up the erse!

      Good news as far as I’m concerned. That should really p*ss off even more dithering Scots. No doubt the kind of news that Nicola Sturgeon has been patiently waiting for.

    154. Dr Jim says:

      When a parasite invades your body it doesn’t intend to kill the host it lives off

    155. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Petra @ 01:53,
      Capella @ 00:58,

      Barnier has said repeatedly that the EU27 won’t agree to any cherry-picking deals, yet everyone and their uncle in Tory wonderland still seems convinced it’s going to happen somehow. Trade a la carte, BritNat style. Just ‘cos they’re worth it.

      This is beyond wishful thinking.

      Possibly May’s forthcoming lecture in Italy to the poor misinformed unfortunates over there is simply intended to lay the groundwork for an agenda where she and her cronies can smear the EU27 as “rigid” and “unreasonable” when the talks eventually founder. (With an SNPbaad thrown in for good measure, no doubt.)

      Then The Daily Slug and The Daily Heil can thunder furiously to the Brutish public that it’s all the fault of the furriners and we don’t need them anyway.

      Deflection and distraction, that’s the Tory way.

    156. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Anent a shortage of maths teachers. I used to work as a Sports Editor, this was around the turn of the millennium, well before the SNP assumed power in 2007 and, according to the Unionist parties, Scotland feel over a cliff edge and went to Hell in a hand cart.

      The manager of the local football team was a qualified maths teacher. He was sacked, as all managers eventually are, so, I asked him what he would do next.

      “I will go and get my old job back” he said. He duly walked back into a job as head of the maths department at a local school, he did that job up until taking retirement, quite happily, and with a lot less stress than he was under as a football manager.

      A shortage of maths teachers is nothing new – that was 15-years ago.

    157. Stuart Dickson says:

      So, according to this huge new YouGov survey, only 5% of the Labour Party’s members live in Scotland. That would be only about 15,000 members for Scottish Labour, not the fantasy figures they try to throw about.

    158. Macart says:

      Here comes the punchline to repatriation of powers.

      Do NOT say you weren’t warned.

    159. Nana says:

      Germany plans for ‘worst-case scenario’ Brexit

      This is what happened when @neilconneryitv tried to ask @LiamFox about connections between British arms sales and Yemen’s brutal civil war
      Video here

      Part 3 of an investigation into the resurgence of Nazis, covering the rise of the new German right

    160. Smallaxe says:

      Good morning, Nana, the rain is a bit warmer here this morning but it seems to be brightening up a bit. Thank you for your links. Kettle’s on. 🙂

    161. Nana says:

      Good morning Smallaxe, it’s a bit dull here right now.

      This petition doesn’t seem to be getting much publicity, needs a wee push.

    162. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      Re: Scotland banning GM crop growth (nana news).

      That’s great as we won’t be adding to the likes of Monsanto’s coffers, but I wonder if any biotech companies here will develop GM seeds for other countries to buy.

    163. gordoz says:

      Hi Petra @ 1.39

      Totally got me how it was reported. As you say why when he was in shot, did the bug brave Head not comment?

      Are his actions condoned by his profession ?

      Clearly stinks of an orchestrated set up, but I’m told th BBC wouldn’t do such a thing 🙂

      North Korean control right enough.

    164. Capella says:

      @ Smallaxe – well that was short at least! I notice the category is “Comedy”.

    165. Smallaxe says:

      Hi, Nana, I signed yesterday when galamcennalath posted it, there were only about 4000 signatures.

      Get it signed Wingers, please.

    166. Smallaxe says:

      Comedy right enough Capella, but only in the Westminster Funny Farm. Have a great day!

    167. Nana says:

      @Smallaxe, I posted it on Monday morning so it is way too slow. Not getting shared enough. Come on wingers on facebook and twitter, do your stuff.

    168. Smallaxe says:

      A Sea of Lies: Peter Bell;

      This vicious feud shows that Tories hate each other even more than they hate the rest of us;

    169. Smallaxe says:

      Nana, sorry I missed your post on Monday but Cactus, cearc, Paula Rose, Arbroath and Fiona left me knackered. Reprobates all!

      In a good way.

    170. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Unfortunately @Macart says at 7:18 am

      “Here comes the punchline to repatriation of powers.”

      It was always going to be this way the minute they started the whole “UK Single Market” Gish.

      And it won’t just be farm subsidies it will be everything that may disadvantage England and our Neo Facist overlords grip on power and riches.

    171. Macart says:


      ‘Get it signed’

      You know it. 🙂

    172. Smallaxe says:

      We all know it Macart and it only takes a minute of anyone’s time.:-)

      After the Repeal Bill vote: the race is on to protect our rights after Brexit (and lots more);

    173. Nana says:

      THE POWER GRAB – how Scotland will be robbed. With George Reid and Alan Bissett. Out soon.

    174. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Also following on fae FibDem Jaimie Stones EssEnnPeeBaaad in Westminster yesterday and the subsequent media reportage it doesn’t take a lot of imagination to work out what the forces of Unionism will be using as their line of attack at FMQs later.

    175. Macart says:

      @Jockanese Wind Talker

      Worth pointing out to readers that there is NO SUCH THING as a UK single market. It doesn’t exist. The only thing the nations of the UK share, is a common travel area and a shower of sociopathic, self entitled wossinames running a central government… badly.

      There has always been market competition. This is a thinly veiled excuse for a power grab. They want what you have pure and simple.

      As ever greed and desperation working hand in glove. The question is will our farming communities finally see the fate that’s been in front of them all along?

      It’s their livelihoods, their futures, their rights on the line at this point. Also as we’ve seen on this thread it’s our energy industry, our fishing industry and so much more.

      It’s not too late.

    176. Macart says:

      @Nana 8.45am

      Looking forward to that Nana.

    177. Nana says:

      Me too Macart, all the Phantom power videos are fab.

    178. Tinto Chiel says:

      crazycat @12.07: sorry I missed you too. I was the incredibly good-looking guy in the leather jacket who asked the Muriel Gray question.

      Thought The Dug was looking good too.

    179. Admiral says:

      Jockanese Wind Talker says:
      14 September, 2017 at 8:34 am
      Unfortunately @Macart says at 7:18 am
      “Here comes the punchline to repatriation of powers.”
      It was always going to be this way the minute they started the whole “UK Single Market” Gish.
      And it won’t just be farm subsidies it will be everything that may disadvantage England and our Neo Facist overlords grip on power and riches.

      I worry that things like Scottish Water, Scottish NHS, Scottish education will all of a sudden become part of the “single market” for UK services and taken over by Westminster in advance of mass privatisation at cut-price rates to the Tories’ chums in the City. It will be death by a thousand cuts as slice after slice of control over vital Scottish services, infrastructure and assets are taken away from control of the Scottish Parliament.

    180. wee bud says:

      @ jfngw

      You’re bang on with Reporting Shiteland and may I add Radio Shiteland.. What a depressing country to live in..The recent surveys saying Shiteland is best place to visit and to also raise your family in certain areas must be utter bollocks..

      I live in the Kintyre peninsula which has I believe the only wind turbine factory in Shiteland,sorry Scotland.. The place is full of British Nationalists and English settlers..They vote Tory or lib dem in droves.. The factory is the main employer in the area and has been bailed out by the Scottish government twice before..Most people are totally ignorant to the subsidy cut to the industry by the tories and vote for them out of greed or bigotry..

      I think the good times are coming to an end with another expansion of the factory,new high school,upgraded pier and roads and lots of new social housing all but finished..The people at the top are British Nationalists who are making a nice tidy sum on the back of the Scottish government and plebs like me..

      Irvine Welsh was right when he wrote” it’s shite being Scottish”

    181. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Aye you are right @Macart says at 8:49 am

      I should have made it clear regarding the “UK Single Market” being another figment of the UKOK Propaganda machines imagination

      Another snappy wee buzz phrase for BBC/MSM Facilitators of our Neo Facist Dictatorship to bombard and bamboozle the less politically aware members of society with.

    182. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Nana –

      Have signed and Tweeted link to this one here:

      Very busy here with boring but vital chores and am having trouble keeping up with current threads – is there another petition doing the rounds or was that the main one you and Smallaxe were discussing?

      Will clock-in later to check. Have a braw day there!


    183. The problem I see is that fishermen and farmers still appear to be in denial about the reality of how badly
      Tory austerity and Brexit is going to hit them and
      their industries.

      They seem to believe Westminster will still pay them the same level of subsidies they received from the EU, when their subsidies cut, as they will be, they will then blame the Scottish Government for not doing enough to protect them.

      You just have to look at how farmers reacted to the Scottish Government over the delays to their farm subsidy payments caused by an IT problem.

      I suspect its a similar attitude in regards to ordinary members of the public who believe what the Tories are saying about Brexit and how they will be better off.

    184. Nana says:

      Ian, it is the petition Smallaxe & I were discussing. Not sure if there’s another one out there.
      Thanks for signing and sharing.

    185. Ken500 says:

      The reason there is any shortage of teachers in Scotland. Is because unionist councils illegally spend £Millions/Billions on groteque projects of little or no value. Getting into £Billions of debt. Then cut spending on education and essential services. The Tories are complaining about the decisions made by Tory/unionist councils and lying about it. The left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.

      The Tory/Unionists are a bunch of sleekit, greedy, lying parasites who want to squander, and waste public money at every opportunity. They can’t count, read a balance sheet. No good at maths. Lying and troughing trying to line their pockets with taxpayers money. They are the modt appalling people. That us why so few people especially in Scotland join the Tory/unionist/green parties. They lie and cheat and do every thing possible to bring the world economy down. They have succeeded most if the time. UK in £Trns of debt. Robbing Scotland blind of £Billions and £Billions. £20Billion a year. Pyschopathic liars.

      The Westminster liars could have brought down Msy’s Gov. Had they voted how their Parties requested and instigated, The Tories would have lost the EVEL vote by 4 votes. Instead they were more interested in troughing and lining their own pockets once again. Despicable. More interested in bring the world economy down then voting to bring down the Tories criminals braking the Law at every opportunity. Some abstaining instead. Sonetines described as the ‘refuge of the scoundrel’

      The misery and harm they have caused to somany people over the last seven years and before is disgusting beyond comprehension. Yet they are still at it lining their own pockets and wasting £Billions. Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. Breaking International Law.

      Any teacher briefing in the Press and telling lies to support this illegal monsterous regime. Without the remit to professional standards is breaking their code and licence to practise. Breaking the Law. Lying to the Press at every opportunity, for political advantage, to line their own pockets. They will be found out and held to account by the public. Get found out. All teachers rep are not transparent, Most, the majority do an amazing job in sometimes difficult circumstances.

      These consummate professionals do an amazing job. That is why Scotland has one of the best education systems in the world. A higher no of people pro rata – proportionately go to uni than any other country in the world. Life long learning. Or to College or sporentuceships . 98%. Teachers need trainig in additional needs and support. So does the whole society, including the professionals. Unionism is holding Scotland back broken at every opportunity. UK Laws not enforced. Corruption of power at Westminster. A total and utter complete shambles. A danger to the world.

      The Tory/unionist/greens are on their way out befire they can do any more damage to the world Economy.

      Just vote SNP/SNP in Scotland. Vote for FFA/Independence in the EU. . It is that easy to prevent it and stop the unionists. To prevent ruining the world economy again. Join, donate and do anything possible to achieve it. Every little counts, The SNP standing up for Scotland and world fairness and prosperity. Sorted.

      Scottish invention (education) shaped the modern world. It helps to save the world from inequality and destruction. The ‘enlightenment’ etc. What an achievement for a small nation of 5million people. With a 40Million disporia because of the deceit of Westminster criminals who break the Law at every opportunity. Most of them should be in jail. There will be plenty of more opportunities to bring the Tory/unionist ‘psycho bastards’ down. Their own description of these small number of appalling people,

    186. galamcennalath says:

      Capella says:
      12:58 am

      Brexit: UK targets ‘bespoke’ deal with EU to protect City

      That article ….

      ” Hammond warned Brussels would not be allowed to … “
      ” Financial services … must be protected “
      ” UK would not accept … “

      … a lot of tough talk from someone with bu99er all to bargain with!

      All along I have believed there are three options: cancel Brexit, take what the EU offer with minor tweeks, or walk away. The UK is in no position to demand anything.

    187. Daisy Walker says:

      o/t – this wee ditty has cheered me up, and its catchy too.

      To the tune of ‘all around my hat I will wear the green willow’

      ‘All around my heart I will wear the blue Saltire,
      All around my heart for a lifetime and a day,
      And if anybody should ask me, the reason why I’m wearing it,
      It’s all for Scotland and Scotland will be free’

      Never let the bastard grind you down. Also, don’t wait for someone to organise billboards and campaigns, etc. Grass roots remember.

      We are not where we were in 2014. The info is here. Print it off and carry it, if the conversation happens, give them a copy. Every car is a billboard.

      Best wishes to all.

    188. Ken500 says:

      The only reason the Tory/Unionists ‘psycho bastards’ want out of the EU is so they and their cronies can continue to tax evade and embezzle and waste £Billions/Trns of public money. Illegally wasting it and illegally starving millions of people to death. So they can line their own pockets. £Multimillionaires for whom enough is never enough. No matter how many people they illegally harm.

    189. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      There are about 3000 schools in Scotland. A shortage of several hundred teachers at any one time is normally the case. Teachers retire, new placements take time. Since the SNP Government brought in targets for more effective class sizes the ratio of teachers to pupils in our schools is double what it is in England so we are doing so much better than they are.

      Where we are falling down is the fact that the SNP government never for one moment understood how totally unscrupulous and dishonest our media is.It is particularly in those areas that we are doing well and doing so much better than England that we are now being targetted with unbalanced distortion.

      The plan to govern well and get the credit for that is sunk. A new strategy is required

    190. Graf Midgehunter says:

      I’m glad I’m in the German single-market.

      The 16 States (Länder) can finally trade with each other as easy as pie..!

      No more smuggling beer from Bavaria to Hessen, Nürnberg sausages can be bought in Cologne. You can even buy a car in Stuttgart and travel to Hamburg without crossing borders and paying customs duties.
      Boot-leg “Black Forest Gateaues” freely available in Dresden.

      I’ve heard, in France they’re thinking of following the English initiative and getting a single market as well.

      Westminster leads the way to the future. Hurra, hurra. 😉

    191. Brian Powell says:

      The question for me is, who’s side are the police and the army on?

    192. Ken500 says:

      Imagine ‘the City’ to get a bespoke deal. The Tories have no shame. Trying to save themselves.and their cronies. Two faced DUPlitious liars. Destroy everywhere else. They couldn’t make a bigger mess. A shambles. They will ‘negotiate’ an EU settlement that cists more for less rights. Wasting £Billions. £Trns of debt. Causing the worst migration crisis in Europe since WW11 and wasting £Billions of public money.

      UK population 62,5Million.

      100,000 hard working migrant workers did not keep wages down. A numerical impossibility. Complete nonsense.

    193. Robert Peffers says:

      @Artyhetty says:13 September, 2017 at 10:22 pm:

      “ta very much for the nuts n bolts lesson there. Pop over to this link, and tell us why the brains behind this madness couldn’t have knocked their heads together and come up with some nuts n bolts ideas as to how to deal with all that planet destroying nuclear waste!”

      There’s a wee problem with that suggestion, Artyhetty. It is commonly referred to as, “The Official Secrets Act”, and is something the UK has in common with several other states –

      “The Official Secrets Act is a term used in Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom, and formerly in Canada and New Zealand for legislation that provides for the protection of state secrets and official information, mainly related to national security.”

      There is much that I cannot say that I would like to say.

      Here’s a wee bit of my background that may explain a few things -When I was a 15 years old I began a 5 year apprenticeship at HM Dockyard Rosyth as an Electrical Fitter. This is not the same thing as an Electrician and more concerns Electro-mechanical Engineering and included, Radio, Radar and electronics.

      As an 8 year old I had been building radios and such like so this naturally slanted me more towards the Radar/Radio/Electronics sections in the Dockyard. During those first 5 years we moved around the different departments in the Dockyard and, if we were lucky, we got our choices of where we worked and learned.

      On one of my several spells in the Radio/Radar and Sonar bay I had as my tradesman a really great guy who had been drafted into the Dockyard after being exposed to radioactive overdoses on 7th of October 1957 at the Windscale Pile No. 1.

      Fire in a graphite-cooled reactor spewed radiation over the countryside, contaminating a 200 sq mile area. This really great guy died from his heroic efforts to control that runaway nuclear reactor. That Windscale accident site is now named as Sellafield.

      Much later in my career, (after all I was there to earn a living), I was moved from the, better paid, Yard Services into the Radar/Radio/Sonar Workshop and then into the RADIAC Lab.

      So basically I’ve had more than the usual knowledge of what goes on in the world of nuclear energy but from the viewpoint of radiation protection.

      The truth about the Windscale disaster is that the Westminster Establishment has been covering up the facts since 1957. The scale of that incident has never really become general public knowledge. Nether has the deaths that this nuclear contamination, (note it is NOT the radiation but the contamination that is still causing deaths).

      It is a delayed action death and thus not blamed on such as the 1957 Windscale contamination that is still held there in the coastal mud around the Sellafield area, together with that deposited there ever since.

      Now here’s the little realised fact – as you add low level sources to other low level sources you are creating a HIGHER and higher level source for these low level sources are cumulative.


      Note the contamination at the site of the old Fleet Air Base at Donibristal , (Dalgety Bay), in Fife almost on Gordon Brown’s doorstep. This contamination was due to the many, very, very low level, radiation sources from the luminous painted dials of aircraft instrument. These came from the scrapped, burned and buried aircraft instruments that cumulatively make a serious source of contamination.

      Now consider that every time they refuel a reactor they are left with another batch of low level sources and they add that to the already stored stuff at Sellafield and every time they clean up such as Dounrey they increase the cumulative source at Sellafield. They do not get rid of it they just extract other radioactive sources from it that have to be stored and get left with a bit more stuff to add to the growing large active source at Sellafield.

    194. Valerie says:

      Don’t worry, London won’t get any bespoke deal, it’s sheer desperation, trying to threaten access to services, like Dublin and Frankfurt aren’t nicking business.

      Noticed how they keep hopping around subjects too?

      Here’s what’s really happening. The EU are quietly running round all those pan pacific countries that have been languishing/stalling on EU trade deals, and now they are fast tracking them.

      Trade minister for New Zealand shaking hands on Twitter with EU rep on agreement of FTA and on a fast track, with suitable warm words about how important EU market is to NZ.

      Why is EU got a shift on?

      Because, once those FTAs are in place, that country CAN’T do a better deal with UK (or any 3rd country).

      No flies on those EU guys!

    195. Smallaxe says:

      Ken500 says:

      “The Tory/Unionists are a bunch of sleekit, greedy, lying parasites who want to squander, and waste public money at every opportunity. They can’t count, read a balance sheet. No good at maths. Lying and troughing trying to line their pockets with taxpayers money. They are the modt appalling people. That is why so few people especially in Scotland join the Tory/unionist/green parties. They lie and cheat and do every thing possible to bring the world economy down. They have succeeded most if the time. UK in £Trns of debt. Robbing Scotland blind of £Billions and £Billions. £20Billion a year. Psychopathic liars.”

      I take it that you don’t like these people, Ken. 🙂

      The Five Things You Need To Know About Politics Today;

    196. Legerwood says:

      Wind energy.
      In today’s Daily Telegraph: “”Wind could make Britain an energy superpower to rival Saudi Arabia””
      By Ambrose Evans-Pritchard. Behind pay wall so cannot link to it.

      Also from 2016, Siemens investing £310 million in a wind turbine manufacturing plant in Hull

      Crew transfer vessels for offshore wind farm built in Isle of Wight

      This would be South Boats

      So England doing quite well out of the offshore wind farm business while Scotland?

    197. Robert Graham says:

      I could be wrong but as far as I gather Farm subsidies have never been paid on time by the UK government, The responsibility was passed to Holyrood knowing fine well the inherent flaws, so the Scottish government became the owners of a flawed system, coupled with having to set up new IT systems in order to try and deliver a balls up .They then assumed ownership and all associated pish that the media whole heartedly jumped on, what was being fixed became a SNP catastrophe.

      Nice one Westminster, I wonder what other little gems they have gifted us .

    198. When I scanned through yesterday’s daily stranger I noticed Labour leadership contender claiming he wants the real living wage to be paid to workers (I’m assuming he means £10 an hour).

      I read elsewhere, he is he paying his workers the poverty level minimum wage instead of the real living wage of £10 an hour?

      It has the stench of hypocrisy from him.

    199. Black Joan says:

      Ten years ago there was uproar among farmers in England because of the shortcomings of the Margaret-Beckett-supervised Rural Payments Agency. There was delay after delay and excuse after excuse and calls for Beckett to be sacked. Instead she was promoted to Foreign Secretary.

      At that time Scotland was praised for paying its farmers on time and without fuss while the English suffered the consequences of Westminster incompetence.

    200. Ken500 says:

      Any shortage of teachers in Scotland is because unionist councils waste £Millions of public money on groteque projects of no value. The majority do not want, Then cut funding for education and essential services. Non mandated projects of little or no value. No one wants. Totally mismanaged. They want properly funded essential services OAP’s can’t use their off peak (bus) travel passes on the under subscribed Trams. illegal discrimination, More public subsidies buses have to run. Wasteful. They went without to build it. The Trams were supposed to be for the whole of Scotland. Not just for the wealthiest City in Scotland. The only one with subsidised public transport.

      Aberdeen City unionist/council crooks illegally spent £200Million on Muse project of no value. PPI. Wasted £1.2Billion. Illegally sold the City on the stock market for unsecured debt, They should be personally libel for it. Now have to give a written undertaking to maintain it. Spend £300Million on a non mandate, non required, no wanted. no market. Conference Centre. The present one does not pay. Publically subsidised. . A Football stadium being built 5 mins away ( suitable for concert/conferences etc). Built in the constituency of the crooked lying council head. To try and influence re election. A known liar. In with the Tories.

      Wasted £Billions of public money against the majority wishes and the public interest. All over. Cut Education and essential services. 130 teachers short because of lack of funding by them. Essential services cut not funded properly. Despicable.

      Now cutting £125Million over five years because of their illegal mismanagement. Cutting jobs and services, Allowing teachers to take early redundancy with no replacements.cutting further. Fraud and embezzlement, Taking gross remuneration and expenses. Non declared financial interests, Not fit for public office. . Breaking public code of practice. Reported and not censored. Causing innocent death. Then blaming others. Not putting up Council tax for the wealthiest. Them and their cronies. After moaning about no enough funding because they have mismanaged and wasted it. £Miliions. Absolutely appalling. Changing council meetings so two jobs Torues can kerp them in power. To corruptly waste. even more.

      Aberdeenshire council Tories cutting education £Millions. Overcrowded schools. Matter of health and safety. Cutting additional needs funding. Approving house building without building school provision. Wasting public money a £Billion a year on plush headquarters. The education committee chair is a friend of May’s from the south. Hasn’t got a clue. Like most Tory/Unionists. . Ruining education provision but wasting public money on grotesque projects. The majority do not want. So they and their cronies can line their pockets with public money. Expenses and remuneration.

      Multimillionaire fishermen and farmers receiving £Millions in subsidies.Illegally not declaring financial interests and lying about it. Tax evading and wasting £Millions. Landowners/greens influence controlling the council. Illegally Cutting public services. Essential public services. They are supposed to maintain and lying about it. To the Press liars. They collude with for alleged remunerstion and favours. Promoting their nonsense. Totally out of touch. They can’t even go on the internet for a few facts. Regurgitating nonsense.

      Brexit reportedly will affect the NE of Scotland the most negativity in the UK. It will devastate the local economy. Disproportionately. Back to the bad old day of Tory/unionist rule.

      They illegally targeted and campaigned against Alex Salmond. Electoral fraud and over spending. No reprimand. He has done more for the NE of Scotland in five years than the unionists have done in fifty. Bringing capital investment during the downturn like never before, (because of illegally high Tory taxes) Getting the essential AWPR built after thirty years, The Bay wind turbine project. (EU investment), the harbour expansions, sports development, golf development, airport expansion, tourism investment, food and drinks projects. Capital investment all down to Alex Salmond.

      The NE champion. Illegally targetted by manipulating unionist liars. Voters who did not vote – because it was raining? Voters remorse. NE in disarray, but could be in good recovery. If good folk care about their community and get out and vote. SNP/SNP. Vote for FFA/Independence in the EU. Scotland is in Europe. .

    201. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Based on historical evidence of Third world States and in reply to your question @Brian Powell says at 10:30 am

      “The question for me is, who’s side are the police and the army on?”

      It tends to be whoever can pay them appropriately, regularly and on time.

    202. Ken500 says:

      The subsidies re organisation IT will prevent collosal fraud. Pay for itself, The EU is paying for it. Some people Donnit conside tge advantafe. new technology. Some £Multimillionare farming reps are lying about it and remuneration for political purposes. Pleading poverty. So they can receive higher remunerations. Even more off public purse To destroy the overall economy. In the interest of the public. The Scottish Gov should publish the CAP payments. It they have the powers? .

      That will separate the animals. The sheep from the cows and horses. Drive a horse and cart through briefing and misreporting. Too many bad eggs in too many baskets. Count to ten or ten pence a dozen. The village idiots, Mince, turnips and tattles, Thick as mince. Stirring the poison broth potent. There is no reasoning with some thrawn trawling folk who would destroy their own industry and the economy by not using bigger nets. Fishing for excuses, Just as well they are in the minority.

      Some subsudy /CAP delay were happening in the rest of the UK/EU. The (SNP) Giv sorted it out. To the best of ability. Some ignorant people want to cut off their nose to spite their face complain and not embrace the advantage of technology. A bit of re organisation to bring benefits. Save public money, corruption and EU contributions.

      All the farming community got their money in time from a fund if they applied for it in time. Gave enough information. Instead of moaning. Set up for the purpose. Any who did not apply were obviously in a favourable position of being able to wait a little longer. Not bother. Enough funds in the banks. £Millions. Or a bank loan mortgaged off the value of the non taxed land increments,

    203. Petra says:

      @ Robert Sutherland at2:24am ……..”Bespoke City of London deal – Barnier has said repeatedly that the EU won’t agree to any cherrypicking deals.”…

      However we have to take into account that people like Fox and Davis seem to be suffering from some type of cognitive deficit and / or a hearing problem Robert. Dave Davis’s latest announcement is that he’s considering not paying any divorce bill until March 2019, LOL.


      @ Gordoz at 8:11am …..”Totally got me how it was reported.”

      It was clearly some kind of a deal that was struck between the Head of that school and the BBC, Gordoz. When you separate the wheat from the chaff why would anyone send out letters to parents looking for teacher assistants and then stand back and let the Media make out that they were asking parents to teach math? Worse still hide away (Head) and use school pupils to do your dirty work for you. There may be a shortage of math teachers but there’s loads of teacher assistants out there looking for work. I just hope that it backfires on him as I’d imagine not every parent of pupils attending that school supports the Union or the tactics that they’re (he is) using.

    204. Ken500 says:

      Whose side are the Poice and Army on. Their own. Ultimately Duell controlled by Westminster unionists. Too much control of fiscal matters. Scottish Gov limited changes. Police recruited from the Military. Militia. No enough training in additional needs. Or restraining. Ignorant of the Law. Better training would save more. Putting too many (innocent) people in cells overnight on charges that can never go to court. Over zealous. Instead of giving a warning like before, Wasting £Millions. That could be spent on better training and social services who are better at giving support. Empire

      building when crime is going down. Re invent more to increase the industry. More Jobs. Self perpetuating. Orange Marches protection.Masonics mafia bigots and racists protected by unionists. Secrets control. Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion. Crooks and warmongers not going to jail protected under the Official Secrets Act. Westmibster criminals above the Law, The Law not used but abused and not enforced. Unless appealed to Internstional bodies. Wasting more time and money.

    205. @Ken500
      14 September, 2017 at 12:16 pm

      Excellent posts, there isn’t anything you have said that I would disagree with regarding farming and fishing industries.

      I too would also like to see the list of rich farming landowners widely published to show the taxpayers how
      they are subsidising these landowning Tory millionaires.

    206. Ken500 says:

      The Tories cut renewable investment and funding. Banned onshore wind turbines. Promoted fracking and nuclear. That went well. Importing Oil and fracked Gas from the US and Gas from Norway. Shut down the Scottish Oil & Gas sector losing thousands of jobs. Illegally high UK Tory taxes,

      Wasted £Billions on Hickley Point by the sea. The most expensive, dirty and dangerous. HS2, Trident a total waste of money. There a much credible, more economic alternatives. Tories and their cronies embezzling £Billions of public money to,line their pockets.

      Renewables are the cheapest, safest and the best. Wind turbines are like money trees printing money. Producing energy from the wind. Solar produced from the sun. Money tress printing money and energy. Electric cares 4 times cheaper to run. Wave, tidal, hydro, money trees printing money. Cheap as the wind blowing, sun shining, waves swirling and tide flowing and ebbing. Natural energy for a pittance. The future of energy shining bright.

      Scotland totally self sufficient in fuel and energy. 25% surplus, Getting ripped off because it is colder than the rest of Britain. An illegal tax on the Scottish economy. Once again Westminster failing to reach the potential. Useless criminal incompetence.

    207. Ken500 says:

      People are raging, angry and annoyed at the Tory/Unionists policies. They will not get away with it. Nor their co conspirators.

    208. louis.b.argyll says:

      Aye Ken,

      Some of those co-conspirators, editors, journalists and representatives, think that ‘ALL THIS’ WILL BE FORGOTTEN WITH TIME..

      Their supremacy within our failing establishment, their cocky arrogance, is wafer-thin compared to our determination for honest nationhood.

      Bring on the future, because everything’s shit right now.

    209. Jack Murphy says:

      Peter McCulloch said at 11:02 am:
      “When I scanned through yesterday’s daily stranger I noticed Labour leadership contender claiming he wants the real living wage to be paid to workers (I’m assuming he means £10 an hour).

      I read elsewhere, he is he paying his workers the poverty level minimum wage instead of the real living wage of £10 an hour?

      It has the stench of hypocrisy from him.”

      I think this may be the Labour contender you mention—he’s in the Evening Times and other newspapers:

      Evening Times:

    210. @Jack Murphy
      14 September, 2017 at 2:26 pm

      Yes, thanks, that is the same Labour contender I mean.
      It must be wonderful to be a millionaire and pose as
      a defender of the working poor demanding they be paid the real living wage.

      While you pay your workers less than the living wage.
      How Trumpesque of him.

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