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The asymmetric war

Posted on March 20, 2018 by

We’re at the halfway point of our 2018 fundraiser, and the all-sources total so far is a thumpingly impressive £103,266 in just two weeks. But while that’s a tremendous sum, it’s sobering too.

Firstly because with an average monthly readership of  nearly 304,000 people it comes to an average contribution of slightly under 30p per reader. As with most crowdfunded ventures, fewer than 1% of the site’s users have actually backed it financially so far.

And secondly because for perspective, the average Scottish adult – independence supporters included – sends the BBC about £72 a year. (£323m from 4.5m adults.)

While obviously a minority of folk do boycott the licence fee, that still means that the average Wings reader gives the BBC 240 times as much money every year as they give Wings to fight it.

And as well as its own output, which is hugely financially incentivised in favour of the Union, the BBC is now using your money to directly fund Scottish newspapers hostile to independence by paying them to hire more reporters.

(It’ll then also massively amplify those hostile voices by featuring them on multiple daily “papers review” shows from which online media with readerships many times bigger are arbitrarily excluded, enabling the anti-independence outlets to dictate the political news agenda every day without having to sell a single copy.)

So, y’know, it’s a tough job.

We know that a lot of people simply don’t have cash to spare these days, and that’s fine. Never, ever, ever send us money you can’t afford. And we know that a lot of people contribute in other ways than financially, with story tip-offs and expert inside knowledge and the like, and that’s great too. We couldn’t do what we do without you.

But if the Yes movement’s media were funded to even a tiny fraction of the level that Yes supporters (however grudgingly) fund anti-independence media, it could truly bring about a Scottish political revolution.

So if you’re one of the 99% of people reading this who haven’t donated anything yet, all we’d ask is that you think about whether independence is important enough to you that it’s maybe worth kicking in £10 once a year – 19p a week – for.

David slew Goliath in the end, of course. But he needed the stones.

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    613 to “The asymmetric war”

    1. Cactus says:

      Sticking with the theme:

      And SWW ‘in continuation’.


    2. yesindyref2 says:

      Oops, that should have been @Iain mhor, not Bob Mack. Takes me time to wake up.

    3. Cactus says:

      The asymmetric war.




    4. Cactus says:

      Cheers to ye on a Scotland midnight.

      To learn.

    5. Robert Peffers says:

      @kinters says: 21 March, 2018 at 10:50 pm:

      !Heedy and Peffers are now officially the Wings Over Scotland:
      Thou shall not pass !!!”

      There, told you so. Rock Oops! kinters cannot comprehend basic English Language and seems rather inept at Scots as well.

      Were did he read, anywhere on Wings, where I have prevented him from posting comments? I’ve always advocate debate and always will. Far as I know no one else has banned kinters either.

      Just where does he get that strange idea from?

      “Between them and their wee gang of Trolls, they have frightened the shit out of anybody posting on here with an alternative view.”

      Claptrap, Rock Opps! Kinters, the point about holding opposing views to someone, or everyone, else on an open forum is to engage in debate about those different views.

      However, if someone consistently post claptrap, or continually post view that are oppose to the basic raison d’être of the forum can that person be surprised when others, who support the basic reason for the blog’s existence, then oppose their views.

      Reasonable people don’t throw a hissy fit and start screaming they are being banned, they do as others do and argue their case. If anyone on Wings is actually attempting to block off debate it is Rock and his band, and at the moment yourself, attempting to, in your own words above:-

      !Heedy and Peffers are now officially the Wings Over Scotland:
      Thou shall not pass !!!”

      You are one of a fairly recent influx of commenters who have consistently run down the FM and other elected to government members of the SNP SG. This Blog exists to support Scottish independence, There is no other political party in Scotland that has members in either Holyrood or Westminster nor parties with no elected members who has the slightest chance of ever winning back Scottish independence.

      Not Labour, Not Tory, Not LibDem and the other specifically Scottish parties cannot even get a single MP or MSP elected. There is, of course, very good reasons they can’t get someone elected.

      So, Rock Oops! Kinters, as you seem hell bent on opposing those that other indy supporters have elected you really cannot be surprised when your comments are opposed.

      And Again in your own words:-

      “Wings is reduced to the same couple of dozen posters, posting the same pish day in day out 24 hours a day 7 days a week.”

      Well then, if you bothered reading what others are saying you would be aware that I have said on several occasions that I don’t want Wings to become a cosy wee clique with everyone agreeing with each other.

      That, though, is quite a different matter to people who obviously opposes the SNP/SG and SNP Westminster contingent in everything these hard working members do.

      I’m also on record for telling those complaining about what the SNP are doing to take the complaints to the Local branches. I do not agree with everything that every elected member says or does but I do not air my complaints on an open forum that I’m quite sure the Unionists read and rub their hands in glee when they get numpties like you airing grievances on an open forum that is dedicated to promoting Scottish Independence.

      Just as example, read through today’s Wings and note how many Wingers are delighted when the a unionist disagrees with another unionist. If you really want to know what I think I’ll tell you. I believe you and the others on here, that some Wingers think are Trolls, are in fact plants sent here to do just what you are doing right now – disrupting debate.

      Right! That’s your erse weel skelpit – I have nothing further to say to you. Consider yourself ignored but, I’m not, and never have, told you not to comment, go ahead and comment.

      like I do with Rock I’m going to ignore you and like Rock I’ll probably get to know what you are commenting as others will probably retort to your claptrap.

      It drives Rock into a fury for the last thing he/she can stand is being ignored. If he is nothing else he is an attention seeker.

    6. kinters says:


      Sorted that last post fur ye.

    7. Cactus says:

      Stardate… 21stC, hey Daisy Dubya mwah 😉 xx.

      We are the ones, YOU are the ninety-nine percent.

      Make it count.

      IF u can.

      Feel good.

      All of your ayetime.

      Ah feel good, ah feel left:

      Restraint… never.

      This is YOU.


    8. Ken500 says:

      Don’t blame the Rev. It takes a while to dislodge the zoomers. They get embedded and he has to go though some crap to get rid of them. He has to control the twitter to stop them infiltrating there. Keep the equipment on track, Answer e-mails and collate the data. Research and analyse. Plenty to keep busy. Especially in these ever changing times. Best just to ignore them.

      Sometimes hard when they are posting nonsense and annoying folk. Just to deve and deceive. Of course the motive is to disrupt and block the site. Don’t stop support that is exactly what they want. They have done it with just about every other site available. That is why Wings is unique the agent provocateurs are blocked. Keep strong and united or the imbecile Tory – unionists will benefit. Stay strong and carrying. Believe in what gives strength. Protect the vulnerable.

    9. Cactus says:

      Restraint, NEVER.

      HowsABout. U.?

      17 across.

    10. heedtracker says:

      kinters says:
      22 March, 2018 at 12:06 am

      Sorted that last post fur ye.

      Thank you! As long as you keep voting YES2 kinters, do the scary clown thing as much you like.

      G’night kinters.

    11. Iain mhor says:

      FPTP “debate” etc. Neither a debate nor argument, merely non-sequiturs – polemic riddled with false dichotomies, a plethora of fundamental logical fallacies and a glass and a half of full cream dairy batshit prognostications.
      Argumentum ad nauseam.

      “Hah! No-one can confute my reasoning!”
      “Behold, I’m the King of Keen, The Duke of Debating,
      The Princess of Perspicaciousness!


    12. Cactus says:

      iScotland has a date with the S*T*A*R*S*

      Och aye that’ barry..

      But “Where’s Barry…?”

      “Will you take the G.H.?”


      Give blood… True Blood, Sookie.

    13. daisy Walker says:

      Big big thank you to Peffers and Heady for all the gatekeeping work you do.

      Much appreciated.

      Wish I wuz oan the list. dinnea post often enouhf nae doot.

      Cactus, check oot Pete Seeger ‘Brng em home’ on you tube, works well for Scottish MPs in Londinium I reckon, may even ween ye aft Bon Jovi.

      Cheerilee Aye tae aw.

    14. Cactus says:

      Ahm all for oor E.U.

      Or whatever comes 1st, naturally.

      Aye will always see us as international iScotspeoples.

      Tonight aye learned from a close family member…

      … that they are now 80/20, to voting FOR independence!

      It was the fishing thing that did it.

      That’s why ahm SO jolly 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Howsabout you JockScot ~

      Are “you Jolly?”

      Real soon.

    15. Cactus says:

      Aye aye aye, they ‘WERE’ of a time Daisy ~

      Ahm better NOW.

      They became a “company”.

      Zeppelin every time.

      The time is cool

      Good ps.


    16. Cactus says:

      Aye, as soon as music becomes a so-called “said” business (to the people) it’s game over.

      Hey Daisy girl.

      What is your favourite song girly? xx

    17. Cactus says:

      FUCK Bon Jovi!

      There… Ah… Said… It.

      Here’s just Richie:

      Do you ever feel like…

      Hey Stranger!

      Somebuddy PLAY some death metal Sepultura like eh?

    18. Cactus says:

      Richie Sambora is an excellent guitarist.

      Accompanied with good tubes 🙂

      FUCK you John BON Bonjiovi.

      Go U.S.A.

      Ur cool.


    19. Cactus says:

      Death metal warning, caution, beware, BEHOLD!

      FUCK IT, ah’ll do it:

      What do you think A Wilderness of Peace.

      Al Harron 🙂


    20. Cactus says:

      Playing the field.

      There be here a very big musical stadium.

      Happy spring Scotland ’18.

      Coverin’ the bases.

      Mwah x.

    21. Cactus says:

      Look what aye found:

      iScotland is FUCKING cool.

      Never forget that fact.

    22. Cactus says:

      Cheers for your earlier Daisy Walker ~

      Ah wanna do bad things to you.

      You set me on FIRE.

      Are ye up furrit?

      Ahm an Aries.



    23. Cactus says:

      “1 day remaining. Total at noon, April 2: £132,072 (Since last update: £975)”

      Main page target+:


    24. Cactus says:

      Here is where it is at:

      Boxsets are SO cool.

      LOVE Scotland.

      So love.


    25. Cactus says:

      From the top…

      Bad things:

      Nice panning on the headphones btw.

      Gonna do real bad things with you Daisy ~

      Hehe 😉

    26. geeo says:

      Rock the unionist kiddy fiddlers friend…and oxygen thief.

      The closer indy gets, the more desperate he becomes.

      Paedo lover.

      Aint insults fun ya diddy ?

    27. ian murray says:

      When we get independence if we did not go for full membership right away but chose the lesser membership EFTA or
      Would we not have full fishing rights restored pre common market boundaries.
      An EFTA type arrangement would also allow us to trade more easily with the UK

    28. galamcennalath says:

      @ian murray

      Norway is in EEA but retains full control over it’s fisheries.

      Even if iScotland were a full member, we don’t have to give away quotas the way WM has. They traded off our fish for other benefits, probably down south. And in negotiations we would have a seat at the top table, not relying on London to do our bidding.

      IMO Scottish fishing would get a better deal, one way or another, with independence. Those in the NE with an interest in fishing need to get their heads round that!

    29. Breeks says:

      This “handing back of power” is all bullshit.

      Take one of these powers, say for example food standards…

      It doesn’t matter whether this power came back to Westminster or Scotland, because both of these options are inferior and represent a fracturing of the EU’s collective strength. The whole point of Europe is that the “many” speak with one voice and negotiate through collective bargaining.

      I have no doubt Scotland wants the power to resist the deregulation of food standards, but ask yourself whether an Independent Scotland, even the whole UK, has the economic muscle to resist the pressures, leverage and inducements which a determined US economy could and would bring to bear? Yes of course we want to control standards, who the hell wouldn’t??? But the best way of securing that control is not unilaterally but through the collective power of Europe.

      I am sick and tired that nobody is defending the EU, and the collective strength we enjoy as part of a formidable team which can protect us and defend our interests against the powerful economies from US, China, and India in ways which the individual countries of Europe simply could not do unilaterally.

      We talk about rescuing powers from Europe, but this is Brexit vocabulary grossly distorting the issue and lacking the important perspective that having these powers at the heart of the EU collective is the very best place for these powers to be.

      This whole Brexit adventure is laced with antiEuropean rhetoric, and it is disgusting and shortsighted that nobody is presenting the case FOR Europe and benefits which a community enjoys, where the sum of the whole is infinitely stronger than the sum of constituent parts.

      We are all blinkered and brow beaten about what unity and Union means, because we are Scots, and our Union is an abusive straight jacket, which numbs our senses and paralyses our limbs. It’s not a bonus for us, it’s a cursed affliction. But the EU is different. It is not an abusive or exploitative Union like the UK.

      The UK Union is a parasite which rides on Scotland’s back. The European Union is friend who will help us carry our burden. No normal friend either, but a champion who look out for us and use our strengths on the team.

      Take off the British Beer Goggles Scotland. We WANT our camaraderie and Union with Europe. It is not the same loveless, abusive, demeaning partnership which “Britain” suffers upon us. We should not judge one by the grubby standards of the other.

      Britain is a dodgy spiv who would exploit our Scottish excellence in food as “British” while undercutting it with backdoor deregulation, GM modifiers, steroids and growth hormones. The European Union is the Master Tradesman, who will defend the identity of Scotland’s produce, market it’s strengths and cultural distinction, and challenge other nations to raise their standards to meet ours.

      FFS Scotland. Stand up and defend our EU Membership. Time is running out, and EFTA is a divisive distraction which does not deliver anything like the protection of membership. EU membership puts you in the team. EFTA puts you on the terrace.

    30. Breeks says:

      And with specific regard to Fishing, ask yourself whether an Indy Scotland trying to heal Europe’s injury after the reckless breach of Brexit would be looked upon kindly by the EU or ripped off and exploited?

      If I was Michel Barnier, I would be more than willing to be flexible, maybe even generous about Scottish fishing, because securing Scotland as an EU Nation is a bigger and better catch in the round than a share of fish quota.

      It’s the same old chestnut. Sovereignty. – Sovereignty, recognition, and interlocutor status, THEN at least you can talk.

    31. Undeadshuan says:

      How cambridge analytica where used in Nigeria’s 2015 election and Isreali special forces hackers assisted

      MOD granted cambridge analytica access to secret documents..

    32. Ken500 says:

      @ Cactus

      Go off topic it is more appropriate to help the movement,

      Honestly don’t know what to comment. Everything is such a mess. Caving in on the Tory – unionists. Tompkins the ignoramouses and his band of clueless imbecile. The 3rd rejects who should not even be there cluttering up the Parly. How anyone can vote for that clueless unionist mob. Is a mystery. Rumbles voting with the Tories. Have they no shame. Form the NE. People voted to remain.

      Cambridge Analytic. If there was every a non name. The bunch of crooks. Did the non expert Sir BT misanalyse it. Or were they in on it. Did the Misrepresentation of the People apply or was the non expert pro part of it? The duplicity and lies. Heads should roll because of it. No credibility Wonder how they inform the students. Go out into the world and cheat. The main topic at Oxbridge. Cambridge Analytic misrepresentation.

      Wonder what the prof chump thinks of it. The corrupt Pollsters being used to manipulate the vote. An electoral system that is corrupted beyond repair. The Westminster crooks who should be put in jail. Now in a cover up. It is just beyond belief. How corrupt the Unionists parties can be. How can anyone vote for them to muck up the world is a mystery. Thank goodness for the SNP. The Scottish Gov standing up for Scotland.

      The Russian Consul should get his staff to research ‘reserved’ matters and Independence. Putin was one if the Ines who supported Scottish self determination. He would not kowtow to Cameron and his lies. The UK crooks doing everything to muck up Scotland and destroy the world economy. The Russians are not in favour of the EU. It challenges their power to much. Bigger. Maybe that is why things are being questioned.

      It is a total disaster the way the corrupt unionists are trying to illegally take £Billions out of Scotland to line their pockets, mismanage it and waste it. Sanctioning people and starving them to death. Worldwide. Illegal war, financial fraud and tax evasion. Trying to destroy the Scottish economy with cynical mismanagement and misappropriation. Destroying the world economy. So they can line their pockets. Totally shameless and cruel.

      Westminster fraudsters at the base of it. Farague and the hooligans are the cause of it. Throwing back dead fish for years. Disgusting evil parasites. A lying bunch of hypocrites. How can some people let themselves be used like that. They must be brainwashed. In every way possible. The 3rd of May council elections in the rest of the UK. Should be a revelation. The rats in a sack. Face oblivion. Anarchy. The wee pretendy Tory rebels have their duplicity earmarked for insanity.

      Johnston and the rest are criminal liars beyond belief. Their duplicity and lies are unparalleled in history.

      Scotland needs a central bank. To go for it. That is being done. Witness the evil May, the total incompetent Tories holding in for dear life. Lying through her teeth at every opportunity. The end game is in sight, Do not lose it.

    33. admiral says:

      Couple of interesting stories in the Grauniad today.

      1) Several police forces in England are taking DAYS to respond to 999 calls. Due to severe cuts in bdget, initiated by none other than St Theresa May. Now what’s the betting that wee Willie, Colonel Ruth and Trick Dickie will be screeching and squawking how terrible it is? What’s the betting that the rest of the media will pick it up and use it as a stick to beat the Tories with?

      2) The new true blue post Brexit passports will be made in Europe by a French-Dutch company. Predictable outrage from Brexiteers – however, will anyone point out to them that this is the sort of thing that will be required in a “global trading nation”?

      I won’t hold my breath, just in case.

    34. Dorothy Devine says:

      It would be sad to see folk vanish from the website because of a few disrupting elements infiltrating.

      Personally , I fins it easy to avoid them , as easy as it is to avoid the BBBBC , the Herald , Scotsman , Daily Record and uncle TomCobbley and all, by scrolling on past.

      Those who insist on responding with names should resist the temptation – it is easy enough to make your point without naming the perpetrators and , much like the BBBC et al deny the SNP oxygen , works all too well.

      While I am here may I just say that Boris Piffle Johnson should be sacked.

    35. Nana says:

      The SNP’s @Dr_PhilippaW tells @SkyNews the SNP have campaigned for changes to the Common Fisheries Policy for decades – the problem is that Scotland has not been at the top table to try and get changes. In the meantime the UK has traded away tons of Scottish quota every year.

      Unrolled thread from Stewart McDonald mp

    36. Nana says:

      Brexit: getting absolutely nowhere

      The Russian Foreign Ministry has summoned foreign ambassadors to a meeting in Moscow in the wake of the scandal, involving the poisoning of ex-spy Sergei Skripal, which London blames on Moscow. Russia has strongly denied involvement in the case and called on Britain to give Moscow access to the case’s materials, with the UK rejecting the request.

    37. heraldnomore says:

      Oh dear I see I missed kindergarten time again. Oh well back to the cricket, kiwi cousins roaring with laughter, but then they did escape London rule, and thrive to rub their noses in it.

    38. Nana says:

      Forgot to post this one last week

      The scandal over the collection of data by Cambridge Analytica is only one small part of a huge industry that uses Facebook and other services to manipulate people’s behaviour, experts have warned.

      Lobby of Cambridge Analytica’s office in London. This really does not look good, and the Information Commissioner has confirmed it has nothing to do with them.

      BT were using Patriot software

    39. Ken500 says:

      ‘Handing back the power’ is nonsense’ The power is not going anywhere. It is just matters being under sensible EU regulations nrgotisted with the EU commission. In which every country has a say. Light touch regulation (small proportion) for safety and trade. ‘Control’ identified and illegally used by SCL (Tories). Analytica to brainwash people. Mind control

      The power the EU rules has over any country is negligible for the good. (10%) negotiable. For easy trade and safety. A united front in the the world.

      The powers Westminster have over Scotland is of complete non negotiable, intangible and intransigent. Dragging Scotland down in misappropriation, mismanagement and misrepresentation,

      The quotas had to be excercised because of the decline in species of fish. Some fishermen overfished the seas. They threw back dead fish for years. 40 years. Destroying their own industry. The quotas were to save it. Not destroy it. Just blind ignorance. There were no unemployed in the NE. They worked in the Oil sector Preferred it for better pay and conditions. Fishermen from all over. They had tranferrable skills. 2% unemployment.

      The Buchans and others have a vendetta against the SNP, They want to be part of the union but do not want to pay UK taxes. Tax evaders. Breaking the Law and convicted under UK Law. They blame the SNP for unionist policies, with which the SNP did not agree for over 40 years.

    40. ian says:

      I’m with you on this Dorothy.How hard is it for people just to scroll by the usual peretrators, its easy.They produce little of value and those that respond give them oxygen and make the problem worse.This site is to important to be damaged by those responding to the obvious trolls.

    41. louis.b.argyll says:

      It’s not about the EU/CFP/CAP for those bigger farm and boat owners.’s about their ego and maintaining their bigoted superiority. .

      Most are made rich by the hard work of others and subsidies from ALL TAX PAYERS.

    42. Robert Louis says:


      If you want to see everything that is currently wrong with England, wrapped up into a single TV interview, then watch the interview with Tory cabinet minister Matt hancock on Good morning ‘britain’england , on ITV+1. The interview was aired at around 0735-0742am.

      In it, what we see is the pure unadulterated petty-minded English nationalist, racist, xenophobic, small-minded arrogant bigotry, that is at the route of all that is currently wrong with England, and our colonial English Government in London.

      Just imagine how these b******* will behave once they actually leave the EU.

      Possibly the worst I have seen so far, particularly towards the end of the interview. These bigots in London have forgotten that when London hosted the Olympic games, they did EXACTLY what they are accusing Putin of with the World cup – including pretending to fly in the unelected head of state in a helicopter. Oh, and who was London Mayor at the time? Why, a certain Boris Johnson. Pot, kettle, black, as they say.

      These rampant English nationalists just cannot see what is wrong with everything they say and do. If I were Russian, even if I hated Putin, I would utterly despise these London liars even more.

      Good luck to England fans going to Russia. They will need it.

    43. Robert Louis says:

      ian, at 0748,

      Absolutely. In my mind, those who spend all night responding to these trolls, are JUST AS BAD (or worse) as the trolls. I tried to read comments last night and gave up, as all the usual morons were playing their pseudo intellectual games with trolls.

      I wish they would grow up, and realise the damage they are doing. I guess they all have ego’s which are too big, so they try to prove over and over again how clever-clever, they think they are.

    44. louis.b.argyll says:

      Robert Louis,
      Yes the nasty side of England has taken over. It’s official.

      Ian… Phew, missed the trolling, I agree, but probably woulda got my tuppenceworth in. I’m guilty, now reforming my urges and energy into better countermeasures.

    45. louis.b.argyll says:

      Nana, spend so much time reading your links, forget to say how much we appreciate your daily cut-to-the-chase.

      So much corruption and wastage out there.

    46. Ken500 says:

      The two psycho bastards Forsyth and Lang (Barnett Formula) have reared their ugly heads agsin , The fork tongued serpents who should gave been jailed for corruption years ago. Thatcher’ henchmen who destroyed the U.K./world economy. Took Scotland’s wealth misused and misappropriated it. Left Scotland in adject poverty. Then blamed people in Scotland for it. Lying corrupt bastards.

      They caused more unecessary poverty, destruction and death than anyone. Kept it secret illegally under the ‘Official Secrets’ at Thatcher’s bidding. Destroyed the Scottish economy. ‘This must be kept secret’ written in her hand on the Official documents realeased two years ago. Plus the McCrone Report. Nasty sycophantic bastards. They deserve to be put in prison. If there was any justice. Lying, greedy, vicious, malicious bastards. Still at it. The most dishonourable people ever on the planet. Now ‘lording’ it over others, Dirty common cowards. Pure poison.

    47. Nana says:

      Good morning Louis.b

      It’s a beautiful morning here. Does you good to stand still for a moment or two.

    48. Black Joan says:

      The torrent of anti-Russian hate-speech this morning, faithfully reported by the BBC, is appalling.

      The PM and her Foreign Secretary are a national embarrassment.

    49. wull2 says:

      That is the next tactic to stop us sharing the truth, they know our friends and family are older and that only way they will get the truth as they wont get from our media.
      Keep sharing and vote YES

    50. Famous15 says:

      O/t It is not about a pug dug doing a nazi salute,the hate crime is the accompanying
      remarks about “gassing the Jews “ The non sentient dog only provides hideous comedy.

      Charlie Chaplin used comedy on naziism to devastating anti nazi effect.This was not that!

    51. ScottieDog says:

      @Dorothy Devine
      “It would be sad to see folk vanish from the website because of a few disrupting elements infiltrating.”

      I agree that’s why they are here. This isn’t the time to be precious. If we falter because of simple trolling how on earth will we take on the WM establishment?

      Just ignore folks.

      Common space articles had there fair share of them and I quickly realised they weren’t there for debate. They used provocative language designed to stoke anger and name calling so I read the articles, made my own comments and completely ignored the provocation.

    52. Breeks says:

      Lots of sites which can rate posts up or down have a sub routine that once a post gets enough down ratings, it remains there, but the text is unseen unless to click on it to read.

      I’m sure the Rev will have considered it, and might still be considering it, but such an action would get my +vote.

      The trolls are not muzzled, but you only see what they say if you make a positive decision to read it.

      My own personal perspective is ignore them. Don’t feed the trolls is a universal convention. This is a Pro-Indy blog, and I don’t mean it’s Rev Stu’s fault, but with Indy2 on indefinite hold there is precious little Pro-Indy dialogue going on with which to progressively engage. The Trolls hang around and have resonance because there is no overriding campaign or momentum to drive and sustain a constructive dialogue that engages people and sweeps away their whining disruption.

      In short, it’s not just trolls that bore the shit out of people, it’s the stagnant water and myopic naval gazing that was once a vibrant Independence Campaign with a momentum all of its own. Time will tell whether this strategy will indeed whet the appetite and engage pent up frustration of impatient YES2 voters and hit the ground at the gallop, or whether YES2 will find itself saddled with bored indifference and apathy and have to overcome a mountain of disinterested inertia.

      Trolls are a nuisance, but don’t blame them for an insipid lack of progressive momentum.

      Personally, I think we are somewhere in between, with everything to play for. I too have faith that YES2 will be a shorter, sharper, more concentrated YES1, but right now, with one year left to save our EU souls, waiting for “something” to happen, reminds me of waiting for “the big YES howitzers to open up”, and that’s a less welcome spectre from 2014.

      I know the Constitutional ramifications of continuity legislation could be the watershed / tipping point in the definitive argument over Sovereignty. But “could be” isn’t good enough.

      Our 2016 Sovereign Remain vote “could” have been a Constitutional watershed with a democratic sovereign majority, but wasn’t.
      Our 2014 Sovereign No vote “could” have been massaged into a Constitutional watershed with a plebiscite over powers guaranteed by the Vow, but it wasn’t.
      Our SNP landslide majorities in Holyrood and Westminster could each have been a Constitutional watershed with appropriate democratic majority. None were.

      Do you begin to see why I have misgivings about continuity legislation, which incidentally, is only relevant to a post Brexit landscape?

      I have said for a long time that Sovereignty is a Constitutional absolute which trumps democracy, and had pelters for going on about it again and again and again. Finally, we seem headed towards a Constitutional Test Case in Court. Hallelujah!!!

      We have left it dangerously late, but we need this done before we are dragged out the EU, and we should also be ramming a Constitutional stick into the spokes of the Brexit wheel. By recognised incumbent legislation, Michel Barnier is obliged to negotiate with the “sovereign” UK government. Perhaps, nothing short of a constitutional court ruling will change that, however I fervently believe we should be formally contesting UK sovereignty, perhaps for nothing more than to give ourselves a Constitutional datum we can come back to.

      Perhaps we cannot stop Brexit, but we can drive a Constitutional pile driver through whom Brexit applies to.

    53. Nana says:

      Posted earlier but think I must have left the youtube start so reposting before I go out.

      Lobby of Cambridge Analytica’s office in London. This really does not look good, and the Information Commissioner has confirmed it has nothing to do with them.

      Just have a think on this: Facebook, who are implicated, had access to Cambridge Analytica last night, and the official body investigating both of them is still waiting for a warrant. Talk about contaminated crime scene.

      For any new readers here are two old articles coming to you with a warning – mind the blood pressure.

      Better Together Campaign Chief: We Would Have Struggled To Win Without ‘Scaremongering’

      Rob Shorthouse – Key takeaways from Scotlands Better Together campaign!

    54. Hypocrisy,

      the practice of claiming to have higher standards or more noble beliefs than is the case.

      Boris said yesterday about Putin,

      “And as many non-democratic figures do when facing an election or facing some critical political moment, it is often attractive to conjure up in the public imagination the notion of an enemy.”

    55. Famous15 says:

      O/t Listening to the anti Scottish debate in the Lords on the “power grab” the big surprise for me was I thought the speakers had died years ago..We are ruled by zombies.

    56. Proud Cybernat says:

      ScottieDog says:
      22 March, 2018 at 9:06 am
      @Dorothy Devine
      “It would be sad to see folk vanish from the website because of a few disrupting elements infiltrating.”

      I agree that’s why they are here. This isn’t the time to be precious. If we falter because of simple trolling how on earth will we take on the WM establishment?

      Just ignore folks.

      Common space articles had there fair share of them and I quickly realised they weren’t there for debate. They used provocative language designed to stoke anger and name calling so I read the articles, made my own comments and completely ignored the provocation.


      This is a ‘war’ people. These ‘posters’ are here to disrupt and, hopefully, to put people off coming to WoS. That’s their job.

      Don’t let them win.

      Oh, and don’t forget about the WoS 2018 crowd-fundraiser. Think what ONE MILLION WBBs could do:

      Let’s get this fighting fund smashing all previous records and show these clowns we are not put off with their disruptive antics, that we are focused on the job ahead.

      LET’S DO THIS!!

    57. Fred says:

      @ Nana, thanks for John Pilger’s take on Russia!

      @ Breeks, good posts!

    58. Robert Peffers says:

      @galamcennalath says: 21 March, 2018 at 10:46 pm:

      “I read somewhere recently that it all comes down to two words. Either of these could be used to describe the relationship between devolved administrations and WM.”

      What it ultimately comes down to is exactly what I’ve been harping on about for most of my life.

      The SG’s view assumes, correctly, the term “United Kingdom, refers to the political union of the two equally sovereign kingdoms of Scotland and England that signed a legal, (under both kingdoms and international laws), contract a.k.a. Treaty.

      While the Westminster unionist view, illegally, assumes that the term, “United Kingdom“, isn’t a United Kingdom but is de facto a four country union in which the Westminster Parliament is the de facto parliament of the country of England and the, country of England’s Parliament is thus the master race with the three subservient dominions [1] of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland operate as devolved parliaments of the de facto Parliament of the dominant country of England.

      To explain that simply – if Westminster is the actual parliament of the country of England then the powers devolved to Scotland, Wales and N.I. are English sovereignty granted to them and thus they ignore that Scotland is the only equally sovereign partner kingdom</b. and is thus being treated like Wales, (annexed by the English Kingdom in 1284), and Ireland, (annexed by the English Kingdom in 1542).

      The truth being that in April 1707 the Parliament of England passed an act that permanently dissolved the last legally elected Parliament of the Country of England. No such legal parliament has been elected since that day.

      If you need proof that this is indeed how Westminster views this matter just look at this YouTube clip:-

      Note [1]:-

      dominion noun: dominion; plural noun: dominions

      sovereignty or control.
      Example – “man’s attempt to establish dominion over nature”

      synonyms: supremacy, ascendancy, dominance, domination, superiority, predominance, pre-eminence, primacy, hegemony, authority, mastery, control, command, direction, power, sway, rule, government, jurisdiction, sovereignty, suzerainty, lordship, overlordship.

    59. Proud Cybernat says:

      BRAKING from Pravda Quay
      with Union Jackie Kim Ono:

    60. jfngw says:

      You know what it’s like when you go for a job interview and try to make sure you say the things that they want to hear. I think I just spotted one on Politics Scotland.

    61. starlaw says:

      Good to hear the Russian Consul in Edinburgh on Radio Shortbread this morning telling Garry what he did not want to hear. Yester day the Russian Consul held a meeting with Scottish Government officials and was satisfied with the outcome, which he elaborated on. Not what Garry wanted to hear.

    62. Bob Mack says:


      Think your referring to Angela Haggerty ? Slowly but surely the establishment are purchasing former figures in the Indy movement. Now Haggerty is taking the editor position on the Sunday Herald, I will refuse to buy it.

      The Establishment have what we do not. They have money, influence, and are able to offer the likes of Loki,Haggerty advancement in their careers and projects. It is insidious.

      Still ,we have much more. We have a core support and determination.

    63. auld highlander says:

      What sad sad lives these trolls have, day in day out they creep on here posting their trivial opinions. Changing their user names and posting more of their rubbish is not uncommon. These slimy unseen creatures full of their own self importance really are a bunch of insecure objects with nothing better to do.
      Regular readers know who the pathetic trolls are and newbies will catch on very quickly as to who these transparent creeps are.
      The trolls are getting more desperate every day, now they crawl out of their sewers and resort to personal insults and foul language.

      Best to IGNORE these obnoxious cretins completely.

    64. mike cassidy says:

      Now I know we shouldn’t mock the afflicted.

      But the Westminster government has given the contract to make the new UK passports to a French company.

      But what’s even funnier is that the boss of the UK company complaining about this contract going ‘abroad’ is more than happy to be on the receiving end of such contracts from ‘abroad’.

      ” De La Rue’s presence is truely global, providing services, products and solutions to more than two thirds of the world’s countries, from it’s newest to some of the most developed.”

    65. Robert Peffers says:

      @heedtracker says:21 March, 2018 at 11:51 pm:

      kinters says,“You should write a book and call it:
      “Heedy in Bedsit Land,,The life of a weirdo”

      heedtracker replies,“Thanks kinters, are you a publisher and scary btl clown too?”

      Now what was that I was saying earlier on the thread that kinters is unable to understand basic English and directed him/her/it to an article listing the worst 15 mistakes made in attempting to debate.

      The very first of which was Argumentum Ad Hominem. So obviously kinters either didn’t read what I wrote, didn’t comprehend what I wrote, ignored what I wrote or, more than likely, is only here on wings to indulge in Argumentum Ad Hominem.

      So here he is now, as predicted implementing the biggest mistake anyone can make in reasoned debate.

      The point being that those who do so have lost the debate.

    66. admiral says:

      Famous15 says:

      22 March, 2018 at 9:33 am

      O/t Listening to the anti Scottish debate in the Lords on the “power grab” the big surprise for me was I thought the speakers had died years ago..We are ruled by zombies.

      Interesting (i.e. scandalous) that an Archbishop in the Church of England can have more say on the devolution of returning powers than the Scottish Government, the Scottish Parliament or indeed any resident in Scotland.

      Imperialist? Not ne, guv!

    67. heedtracker says:

      Great coffee time links Nana!

      Molly at Molly MEP is amazing but the real Brexit tragedy is how all MEP’s were ghosted by our BBC led msm completely, clearly for loads of tory creepouts. Unless ofcourse you’re name is Nigel Farage.

      “The more we learn about the highly dubious and possibly downright illegal ways in which the Leave campaign manipulated voters, the less and less robust the result of the EU referendum appears. Unlike in the US, the investigations into electoral tampering in the UK are taking place behind closed doors so I am asking the Electoral Commission to tell us what they know. I am also questioning at what point interference in an election or referendum makes a result illegitimate.

    68. heedtracker says:

      Robert Peffers

      These scary clowns are not here to debate Rabbie! Exact opposite really.

    69. Ottomanboi says:

      @Robert Peffers
      Those responsible for the union with England had only one thing on their mind, money.
      The small print of this sale of their country effectively counted for little. Whatever parliament they sat in it was ‘the end o ane auld sang’ and good riddance to poor, fractious Scotland.
      However having secured the position of the big ticket items the Scots Kirk, Law and the short lived Mint the auld sang was plainly not ended. Scotland did not cease to exist, contra Mundell, as a legal, constitutional entity.
      The logic of creating a new state usually assumes the old order is succeeded by a new one. There is no automatic continuity. England however assumed there was. The new parliament of the freshly coined United Kingdom was also the continuing ancient parliament of England in which Scots now sat, were now absorbed.
      That view, as you well realise, prevails. Whether it is worth banging our heads against this brick wall of anglo-saxon arrogance and hubris is a matter of cui bono.

    70. Proud Cybernat says:

      Remember folks – by-election in Penicuik today. If you’re in the area please help get the vote out.

      Also, ‘Hands Off Our Parliament’ (HOOP) tomorrow at Holyrood 9am-5pm.

      The WoS 2018 crowd-fundraiser:

    71. Glamaig says:

      ah yes perhaps EU Ref result declared invalid, 2nd Ref coming up, the establishments way to avoid that Brexit cliff-edge, defeat the Brexiteers, save the ‘precious union’ all in one. Even better if it could be pinned on the Russians.

      I have heard Brexit Ref mentioned twice now on BBC in relation to Cambridge Analytica.

    72. cearc says:

      re. Haggerty the new tory.

      I rarely comment on a persons appearance but one has to question the judgement of a person who considers that the outfit which she was (almost) wearing is suitable for a political interview.

    73. Dr Jim says:

      88% of leave voters happy to sacrifice Scotland for a better Brexit deal says new poll according to Iain McWhirter

      That’ll be an English poll I guess where the real people live

    74. Robert Peffers says:

      @galamcennalath says: 22 March, 2018 at 6:17 am:

      “@ian murray
      Norway is in EEA but retains full control over it’s fisheries.
      Even if iScotland were a full member, we don’t have to give away quotas the way WM has. “

      More to the point, galamcennalath, at that top table Scotland’s government would have a veto over EU decisions.

      Now, while on that particular subject, it is helpful to remember that the United Kingdom Government had that veto until they put in their formal written request to leave the European Union. Which, of course was the reason the EU stood firm that no formal negotiations would take place until that formal request was received.

      Now I know from my own personal experience that most Scots have not realised that each EU member state has a veto and thus most think the EU does exactly what the big three EU member states tell them to do.

      It simply isn’t true and furthermore the EU presidency rotates to all member states irrespective of their size.

      Now here’s the bottom line – everything that the Westminster Government complains to the EU about has been agreed by the United Kingdom Government. It has to be so as they, like every other member state, have the veto. In other words they are complaining about things the UK has already always agreed to but the United Kingdom Government is a myth as it operates as the de facto, unelected as such, parliament of the country of England that has three countries as England’s dominions but the Treaty of Union is a union of only two kingdoms and so the title United Kingdom is a bare faced lie.

    75. heedtracker says:

      Robert Peffers

      Just one line from the Cambridge Analytic er, how to win elections analyse has clearly been well taken, even by assorted dingdongs WoS btl, Rock style.

      “It’s no good fighting an election campaign on the facts. Its all about emotion.”

      But a big loon in a lovely south side Glasgow suburb, must going wtf watching Cambridge Anal stuff, he invented and won Scots indyref1, with his spectacular Project Fear. Well not his alone ofcourse but he deserves all credit.

      Was Trump for Pres 2016 watching Blair MacCheeseball, Project Fear the living shit out of Scotland, 2014?

      Its a 2 year prez campaign over there. Trump was heavily used to monster Scottish nation statehood by the whole of UK media and that dreadful Alex Salmond was Orange Hitler’s greatest friend, who certainly could not be trusted to look after Scotland’s landscape.

      Were Cambridge Anal old Etonian posho’s also watching Blair’s Project Fear Scotland triumph, where likes of Gordon Brown would be all over BBC Scotland teatime news Sept 2014, explaining to Scots pensioners that they would have no pension day, if they voted YES?

      Orange Hitler in Washington, Blair MacDofuckall south side burbs, bettertogether.

    76. Dr Jim says:

      Amusing watching voices who previously stated they supported Independence changing their positions now that they’re working for the MSM and getting paid regularly and rather handsomely

      Principled prostitution? Brain washing? or the * It’s not as simple as that* brigade

      Other names I’m sure must be available

      Scotland eh, It’s always your best pal who knifes you in the back for £30 English quid

    77. Robert Peffers says:

      @Breeks says: 22 March, 2018 at 6:28 am:

      “This “handing back of power” is all bullshit.
      Take one of these powers, say for example food standards…
      It doesn’t matter whether this power came back to Westminster or Scotland, because both of these options are inferior and represent a fracturing of the EU’s collective strength.”

      That, Breeks, is a hell of a long screed just to say, “SNP/SG BAAAAD!”. And don’t start screaming that you are an Indy supporter for you are indeed misrepresenting the case.

      Just because you personally have not read, heard or viewed the efforts made on a daily basis by the SNP on councils, at Holyrood, at Westminster and at Brussels is not proof that it isn’t going on day in and day out by hard working SNP elected persons.

      Just because you do not read, see and hear it on, the Westminster controlled, MSM or SMSM’s newspapers, radio and Television outlets doesn’t mean it is not happening.

      There are, though, live broadcasts from the Holyrood chamber, the Westminster Chamber and other than United Kingdom sources that do report the truth. Not only that but the internet, (and even that is being manipulated by the UK in many ways), can with judicious search engine use, expose the truth.

      However, you are not going to find the truth if you do not actively seek it out. No one is more deaf and blind than those who do not want to hear and see.

    78. Ottomanboi says:

      The tragicomedy of the British state having its blue passports, a symbol of rediscovered independence, printed in a foreign country is to be savoured as is a comment by a spokesman for the Danish fisherman to the effect that the Brits can’t reclaim rights they never had.
      The City is the driver for Brexit deals, fish who needs fish when you have cyberdosh to feast on.

    79. Dr Jim says:

      I don’t believe there’s more racism towards Humza Yousaf, I believe the racism is directed towards the SNP and he’s in it
      and the people who do the racism aren’t very bright so it’s all they can think of to have a go at him so they should resign for being too stupid to hold their jobs
      The same with all the idiots who attack the mainly SNP women and especially the FM with all the vile stuff, they’re not clever enough to engage the arguments so they just be vile
      If the FM were on their side they’d be defending her to the death

      So re educating them or retraining them won’t work, they were always stupid it’s just a matter of whose side they pick to be stupid on

    80. Robert Peffers says:

      @Breeks says: 22 March, 2018 at 6:44 am:

      “And with specific regard to Fishing, ask yourself whether an Indy Scotland trying to heal Europe’s injury after the reckless breach of Brexit would be looked upon kindly by the EU or ripped off and exploited?”

      I’ll answer that for you – go look at this clip and then tell us the EU is anti-Scotland:-

      What the EU says officially is governed by diplomatic protocol but what the EU parliament does in practice is quite a different matter.

    81. admiral says:

      Dr Jim says:

      22 March, 2018 at 11:40 am

      Amusing watching voices who previously stated they supported Independence changing their positions now that they’re working for the MSM and getting paid regularly and rather handsomely

      Principled prostitution? Brain washing? or the * It’s not as simple as that* brigade

      Other names I’m sure must be available

      Scotland eh, It’s always your best pal who knifes you in the back for £30 English quid

      Sic a parcel o’ rogues in a nation…

    82. wull2 says:

      Squirrels, The beast from the east, Russia and now Facebook.
      Next time vote YES
      Short and to the point.

    83. heedtracker says:

      From thug life btl WoS to just another day of whatever the feck it is this chap thinks he’s up to.

    84. Robert Peffers says:

      Just reading a news item about Moray Council cross-party delegation, “heading to Holyrood”, to tell Finance Secretary Derek Mackay how much the authority is, “Struggling”, to balance the books.

      Local MSP Richard Lochhead set-up the meeting in the wake of cuts recently confirmed by the authority. “The council will also use millions of pounds of its reserves to prevent further cuts.”

      Just what the hell are they thinking those Millions of pounds of reserves from their council tax payers are reserved for if not to cover the council making cuts?

    85. Abulhaq says:

      Boris Johnson’s irresponsible Putin/Hitler remarks deserve reprimand. Is this man aware of the suffering endured by the Russian people in WW2?
      Makes you so proud to be British, doesn’t it.
      In the first round of the Great Game the Brits came near to losing, in the second round, now playing, they don’t have an Indian empire to count on. I weep for them, not.

    86. heedtracker says:

      Everytime you wtf look. The Graun’s got a nice example of toryboy political dissimulation going on. What did they expect Brexit wise?

      EU leaders accused of not protecting citizens’ rights in Brexit deal
      Campaigners say withdrawal agreement leaves millions of Europeans facing a bleak future”

      No mention of who these “groups” are, as per.

      It all makes you wonder how NO Thanks Scotland 2014 EU citizens must be feeling right now.

      Never trust a tory, in all kinds of European languages.

    87. Calum McKay says:

      Dr Jim says at 11:57

      “I don’t believe there’s more racism towards Humza Yousaf, I believe the racism is directed towards the SNP and he’s in it”

      I think its a mixture, a mixture of racism, anti SNP and being unable to articulate yourself in an acceptable manner.

      I detect that Humza and Anas Sawar have come to the stage where they are completely and utterly fed up with behaviour that should have died out years ago – rightly so.

      I view Humza as an effective minister. I don’t really have a view on Sarwar other than I could comment on information publicly available, but I can do so with out referring to colour, religion or culture.

      What I don’t understand is, is this increase in racist abuse due to brexit or the continued frustration of a small percent of unionists at being unable to topple or hurt the SNP? I say unionists, I have also seen rare cases of nationalists making racist comments, these should be condemned forcibly and equally!

      I took pride that post the brexit vote in June 2016, there was an absence of hate attacks in Scotland contrasted with England, I don’t believe we have regressed here, but can’t say with similar certainty on the on-line cases of abuse and remarks by individuals that Humza and Sarwar experience.

      What can be done? The passage of time for racism to fade away is insufficient, we need to take a proactive approach, punish offenders and educate.

    88. Ken500 says:

      McWhirter is just another hypocrite. Another MSM stooge, They only person McWhirter cares about is himself. Or he would not write such pathetic twisted nonsense.

      The greens just what to muck up the Scottish economy in the ill thought though, naive, unworkable, unpopular suspect theories and ideaolgy. They help the landowners. The ignorant, unwarranted criticise the SNP st every turn putting people off Independence and helping the Tory – unionists. Try and do a bit of research.

      They want to change a local land tax for a progressive income tax. The implication will be expensive and unworkable. Totally not popular for good reason. A collection that is minor for local services. It is topped up by the national progressive to for most of the funding. With a progressive exemption for those who are less well off.

      Then change a progressive national income tax system for a land tax. Totally unworkable, unrealistic and would ruin the economy. Putting up the price of land, food, exports, housing building. Affecting the poor the worst and helping landowners. Just beyond ridiculous. Not thought through. Simplistic.

      6 white, middle class, wealthy green men sitting in Holyrood. Is a example of how the greens renege on their own policies and any consideration of responsibility. The poison chalice.

    89. heedtracker says:

      Skim over the beeb r4 gimp zone news, very excited tory gimp exclaims,

      as UK flounces out of Europe.

      So be proud of Mrs May!

      Another day of BBC tory rule farts along.

    90. Dr Jim says:

      If Humza Yousaf wasn’t a politician and ran a takeaway food outlet or was a doctor I would bet money a guy as nice as him would receive very little racist abuse but if he displayed a SNP logo he’d get loads

      Except of course from the knuckledraggers who have to get drunk to do it right enough

    91. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      There’s a “racism problem in Scottish Politics” according to Radio Shortbreid @heedtracker says at 12:38 pm

      Whilst in the same breath the BritNat Broadcasting Corporation (Scottish Division) neglects to say that the Scottish Political racism problem is a BritNat Parties one.

      Just Scottish Politics Baaaad as no SNPBaaaaaad angle.

      Just as well Westminster is planning to shut down Holyrood seeing as Scottish Politics is so beastly 😉

      Archived your article for you.

    92. heedtracker says:

      McWhirter probably just wants to keep making a living. Look at how beeb gimps have ghosted Lesley Riddoch completely, since 2014.

      A once beeb regular, she’ll never cross the threshold of a BBC office again. Our beeb gimp masters have to make examples for any others who think they can get away with not kowtowing to BBC tory rule, on their network.

    93. Dr Jim says:

      Is that the last we’ll see of Leslie Riddoch doing the press bit after FMQs she even got out she supported Independence with Toodle Oooh the Noo trying to shut her up

      She’s doomed, no more BBC dosh coming her way

      The Wummin has principles, BBC don’t care for that at all when they’re the wrong principles, you must have the *RIGHT* principles

    94. Lenny Hartley says:

      So there starting a new cold war with Russia , they must be very very desperate, probably think its the only thing thats going to save the Union with Scotland. Are there enough idiots in Scotland to believe their lies? Watch support for Indy dropping as “We are better together standing up to the Russian Bear” surely we have seen it all before and it wont be taken in, Sadly I fear not.

    95. orri says:


      The idea that RP needs to still be reading your posts to recognise their style is beyond farce. He stopped reading them because he can’t be sickened by their “style”.

      Think we all get your tedious bag by now. Attack the SNP and anyone that might actually win independence. You might be serious or not in wanting independence. It doesn’t matter.

    96. Breeks says:

      Robert Peffers says:
      22 March, 2018 at 11:52 am
      @Breeks says: 22 March, 2018 at 6:28 am

      That, Breeks, is a hell of a long screed just to say, “SNP/SG BAAAAD!”. And don’t start screaming that you are an Indy supporter for you are indeed misrepresenting the case…

      Well Robert, I respectfully suggest you may be a little wide of the mark there. If I wanted to say SNP Bad, I am more than capable of saying it with full effect and blunt force trauma.

      What I am doing is spelling out my anxieties about my European Citizenship which the powers that be, wherever those powers may be, seem to think is an expendable technicality that I’m not going get uncontrollably angry about forfeiting. Spoiler alert – I will be so incandescent with rage if I do lose my EU citizenship that nearby paint will blister.

      We are not holding our ground in Europe. We are losing ground. My EU passport remains in jeopardy. Donald Tusk is now telegraphing signals that there is even a solution to the Northern Ireland issue in the offing, an agreement can be reached it seems, and thus Scotland is about to lose its proxy constitutional stalking horse whereby Irish Sovereignty and EU membership would provide deliverance for Scotland by precedent and default. If we Scots think Brexit is going to collapse, it is now us who are being delusional. One way or the other, the EU will find a way to be rid of the UK, and Brexit with or without skyhooks and tartan paint, is the mechanism which will do it.

      Brexit is going to be a deal agreed between Westminster and Brussels, and if Scotland waits until after that deal is concluded to pressure for its own separate deal and sovereign recognition, we will not invalidate that hard won Brexit agreement, we will just be seen as Johnny-come-latelys, acting like a very ordinary secessionist State which suddenly wants to reject and overturn a brand new European diktat, set to be the new status quo patiently agreed and settled by 27 member states. Up pops Scotland to challenge this settlement before the ink on it is even dry, after months and years of prevarication and inaction.

      Once we are out of Europe, it is too late. Scotland will effectively be dead to Europe. Not a country of interest, but as the UK Region which failed to make to its case for being treated any differently from the rest of the UK over Brexit. Scotland’s subsequent emancipation from the UK, if it ever happens, will be no more relevant to Europe than Nova Scotia seceding from Canada and wanting to keep the FTA that the EU and Canada took 7 years to negotiate.

      I am not saying this as the opening chorus in another verse of SNP Bad, I am inviting discussion from those closer to the SNP than I am, to pile in with their better insight and closer understanding of what the SNP’s strategy actually is, and explain to me why my considered and objective anxieties are groundless and my misgivings are misplaced. That’s how persuasion and bridge building works.

      Persuade me the SNP have the winning of this, and I will fall in to line blissfully happy to be the lowliest private in the Battalion, but in the meantime, do not take me for a fool who cannot read for myself the warning signs of trouble ahead, nor treat me like a sheep who can merely be herded with the flock, even by the most formidable, redoubtable, yet increasingly ill-nittered sheepdog.

    97. Abulhaq says:

      Fortunately very few who comment here will have been the object of racial or religious intolerance.
      If you have, the chill feeling that you might be in the wrong place may well arise.
      Scotland has a government which takes racism and sectarianism seriously. That makes it the right place to be, even if oppositions play point scoring political games with the issue.

    98. heedtracker says:

      BJ’s a star in New York and a star in LA. If toryboys and their beeb gimps anger the Russians beyond any toryboy reason, they’ll probably get England banned from the World Cup.

    99. heedtracker says:

      NT Times is slack as feck too, England becomes Britain, and is it a coincidence that the ed of NT Times is an ex beeb gimp, a top one too?

      “The comparison to Nazi Germany came after Ian Austin, a lawmaker from the opposition Labour Party, suggested that Britain pull out of the World Cup altogether, citing the fear that the tournament would serve as propaganda.

      “Putin is going to use it in the way Hitler used the 1936 Olympics,” Mr. Austin said.”

      Tbf, America thinks NY Times is broadsheet leftie, much the same way UK thinks stinky olde The Graun is.

    100. Abulhaq says:

      Having a ‘supranationality’ is great in theory but it pays to keep a constant check on who is managing the supra bit. Avert your gaze and we know, by experience, what happens. This caveat has universal application.

    101. heedtracker says:

      God is also a unionist.

      THE ARCHBISHOP of York is set to vote for Westminster to grab Scotland’s powers, saying Scots need to know that they’re part of the UK and not independent.”

      Our Father, which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy United kingdom come, Thy will be done, in earth as it is in heaven. Heaven is tory too.

    102. Scott says:

      British Union and Sovereignty Party, Glasgow, United Kingdom.
      Wow this is really a very anti SNP shower.

    103. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      Nana: “Key takeaways…”

      Speaking of which, I see Humza Yous….ah shit, Dr Jim beat me to it.

    104. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      “God is also a unionist” @heedtracker says at 2:36 pm

      Thought he was a Nazi?

      Anyway there’s always been a strong link between Church and State.

      Noble heirs got the family title, while noble spares got theirs via Becoming Bishops or Senior Military Honours.

      Just remember the family history of “We love you Scotland” Better Togethers Dan Snow.

      State, check (a Priminister no less)

      Military, check (a General, one of WW1s lion leading donkeys

      Church, check (a Bishop)

      It’s the UKOK BritNat way.

    105. Rock says:

      Robert Peffers says:
      22 March, 2018 at 12:06 am,

      “It drives Rock into a fury for the last thing he/she can stand is being ignored. If he is nothing else he is an attention seeker.”

      It took the nastiest person in Scotland a couple of hours to get out of greaving for his son and dog before flooding this site with his verbal diarrhoea and attacks on posters who don’t agree with him.

      And he has the brass neck to accuse other posters of being “attention seekers.”

      “like I do with Rock I’m going to ignore you and like Rock I’ll probably get to know what you are commenting as others will probably retort to your claptrap.”

      The coward “ignores” the points I make because it exposes his pish and he is left speechless, resorting to snide references in posts that have nothing to do with me.

      Let us see how many times the bastard has “ignored” me in comments in this article:

      Robert Peffers says:
      20 March, 2018 at 4:07 pm

      “If they do not know the truth now in spite of me nagging them for years they are just too bloody thick to take it in or, alternatively, they are Rock and the sock puppets supporters.”

      Robert Peffers says:
      21 March, 2018 at 3:16 pm

      “I suspect you to be a Rock Sock Puppet”

      Robert Peffers says:
      21 March, 2018 at 4:16 pm

      “Sounds very familiar – rather like any other Rock comment in style.”

      Robert Peffers says:
      21 March, 2018 at 4:46 pm

      “Hilarious! He/she/it gets more like Rock with every retort.”

      Robert Peffers says:
      22 March, 2018 at 12:06 am

      “There, told you so. Rock Oops! kinters cannot comprehend basic English Language and seems rather inept at Scots as well.”

    106. Rock says:


      “McWhirter is just another hypocrite. Another MSM stooge, They only person McWhirter cares about is himself. Or he would not write such pathetic twisted nonsense.”

      Rock (3rd April 2016):

      “At best, Macwhirter is a fair weather friend of Yes.

      At worst, he is a opportunist unionist troll.

      I think he is the latter.”

      Rock (26th June 2016 – “Notes from the madhouse”):

      “The independence referendum questions should then be:

      Should Scotland become independent?

      If Yes,

      Should Scotland continue as a member of the EU, or

      Should Scotland leave the EU?”

      Hamish100 says:
      19 March, 2018 at 7:30 pm (Plenty more fish in the sea)

      “Independence question.

      Do you wish Scotland to be independent Y/N

      If Yes do you wish membership of EU/ EFTA etc”

      Rock (13th May 2015 – “Moodievision: The Fall And Fall…”):

      “Ruth Davidson is the most disgusting and nastiest politician in Scotland in my view.”

      Thepnr (16th March “The greasy poll”):

      “Ruth Davidson is the most dishonest politician in the UK and that’s saying something.”

      The usual suspects who attack me, with hindsight, come to the same views as I express with foresight.

    107. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Dionne Warwick did a decent song in 60s called “Walk On By”.

      I guess that could be paraphrased as “Scroll On By”. Dinnae even bathir reading any kinterin’/rockin’ input.

      Your brain will be better for it…

    108. anthony armstrong says:

      I think you do ok without needing to squeeze more out of even more readers.

    109. Liz g says:

      Antony Armstrong @ 1.54
      Well there’s a campaign coming up Antony!
      The Rev use’s every penny that is not for living expenses to further the Righteous Independence of our country.
      Of course he should ask,and as far as I can see everyone who contributes is happy to do so.

    110. anthony armstrong says:

      It’s Anthony thanks.

      I’m not saying he doesn’t need to raise funds I’m just saying that his guilt trip to squeeze more sheckles out of readers just smacks of greed to me.

    111. yesindyref2 says:

      @anthony armstrong
      Nobody’s forced to give Anthony, and the Rev’s posted a few times to say for Heaven’s sake don’t give if people can’t afford it.

      As I understand it the extra money over his average wage is to pay for 1 million wee black books, and opinion polls which he does every so often. I think people just pay postage to get them sent in batches, rather than cover the cost of the WBB. Seems reasonable to me, the bigger the warchest the better, considering what the opposition like SiU have to play with. Maybe 2 million WBB …

      Anyway, it’s hotting up, hopefully not long now.

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