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Sunny spell welcomed

Posted on July 08, 2017 by

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    48 to “Sunny spell welcomed”

    1. jimnarlene says:

      Nicely done.

    2. starlaw says:

      Nice one Chris. Indy 2 is coming in oor ain guid time.

    3. Marker Post says:

      Wow, a Scottish lion.

    4. You exaggerate, Chris.
      Dr Liam Fox is negotiating a trade deal with The Gambia for a dozen jars of English Jam a year as we speak.
      The world is beating a path to Mighty England’s door to buy Cumbrian sausages, and pre-baked Yorkshire puddings.
      Who needs the 500 million well off customers in the EU?
      We sit, we wait.
      The Brexshit has hit the fan.

    5. X_Sticks says:

      Well done, superb toon Lorna! So much better than the stuff that slacker Cairns comes up with 😉

      Is Armageddon officially cancelled for now then?

    6. Fixitfox says:

      Will Hamish be able to afford that French Champagne on the beach in Benidorm when the Brexit tariffs kick in?

    7. handclapping says:

      Hamish … now with added bite!

    8. gerry parker says:

      Alex, are you doing that on purpose?

      Great cartoon Chris.
      Jack, and we’ll be able to produce all the cumberland sausage and Melton Mowbery Pies and Cheshire cheese we can as these goods will no longer have protected regional ststus. Bonus for us.

    9. galamcennalath says:

      Excellent cartoon! They gloat at everything, and are disappointed when they can’t!

      Fixitfox says:

      Will Hamish be able to afford that French Champagne on the beach in Benidorm when the Brexit tariffs kick in?

      He will, if he’s flying south from an iScotland. 🙂

    10. heedtracker says:

      Haha. It does make you wonder if all the sneaky twerps in UKOK newsrooms can actually talk down and up, economic growth.

    11. Grouse Beater says:

      I take it that’s you on holiday again, Chris, sunning on the beach! While you were away we decided we’ve had enough of John Bull’s bullcrap.

      Your weekend reading

      A Scottish allegory:
      A Chinese puzzle:

    12. Marie Clark says:

      Quality Mr Cairns. Delighted to see Hamish so relaxed.

    13. galamcennalath says:

      Aye, John BULL, a very apt name.

    14. heedtracker says:

      More economic woenews from the lala land of BBCness.

      Kamal Ahmed, BBC Economics editor
      Today’s productivity figures are bad to the point of shocking.
      A fall of 0.5% in the first three months of the year takes the UK economy’s ability to create wealth back below the level of 2007.
      If an economy cannot create wealth efficiently, then the debates about government spending, public sector pay and austerity become all the harder.
      If an economy cannot create wealth, then tax receipts – the mainstay of government income – weaken.”

      A certain giant hulk on Pacific Quay stuffed with high salary liggers, never looks very busy either.

    15. Dave Robb says:

      In further disastrous news Scotland can now make fuel from whisky waste – if only there was a nearby government to take 90% of the tax benefits, so that there would be no volatility to the Scottish economy caused by this finite resource which has almost run out and is worthless anyway – unless you have broad shoulders and the need to pay bribes to stay in office.

      It’ll turn out to be the wrong kind of draff or something according to dismal Willie, or Kezia will claim the Scottish Government failed to invest early enough because – well, just because, so there, SNP bad. Colonel Rape Clause will try to get a photie astride the top of a whisky still, claiming that it’s all down to her winning the election, and an example of opportunity created by Theresa May’s brilliant Brexit negotiating strategy.

    16. Street Andrew says:

      If Hamish has any sense he won’t be wasting money on champagne, he’ll buy Cava and not know the difference except by the size of his shopping bill.

    17. gerry parker says:

      sorry, not Alex, Colin.

      Nice article on cars there Grousey. Didn’t realise Volvo had been snapped up by the Chinese.

    18. heedtracker says:

      Your weekend reading

      Great reads GB. One giant BBC message in the match last night, from BBC Sport liggers, their endless close ups of Beckham in the royal box.

      BBC Sport Wimbledon has a global audience, can’t have a Scots athlete that level of world stage alone, so let’s keep plonking an Englishman in the frame, just to make sure no one anywhere gets the idea that Scotland isnt bettertogether British.

      Anyone can be a beeb gimp:D

    19. Grouse Beater says:

      Heedtracker: “BBC’s endless close ups of Beckham in the royal box.”

      He’s a handsome fella; shame about the squeaky voice.

      (PS: You were the first person to spot I could write well and inspire, it was in response to a piece on the Guardian. Much obliged for the boost then and now!)

    20. Bradford Millar says:

      on gaining Independence … i would like to see the Scottish government block that vile anti-Scottish channel the BBC, why should a Independent allow a channel to broadcast in Scotland when it constantly tries to bring Scotland down …

      just my opinion like

    21. ailsa craig says:

      Foolishly turned on radio to hear Tom Harris complain that the reason the Nuffield Trust had such a good opinion of the SNHS was because the SNP SG were so busy concentrating on indyref2 they had no time to introduce new ideas into Hospitals. Without SG interference the old methods worked just fine! Agreed by 2 other unbiased commentators.

      Positively un-positive doom and gloom analysis of economic figures. Grudging slight praise from Alison Rowatt but Harris very definite about SG incompetence, no real planning, no proper signs for future. Just a one-off. Taking the credit but not deserved.
      Fed up with anodyne replies to complaints by BBC so going to download this section of the program and send it back to them asking for explanation.

      Time for pro-active complaints; time for acceptance well over.

    22. Meg merrilees says:

      Love the cartoon – is the colour of the umbrella significant given the activities this weekend?

      What dangers is T May committing the UK too today as she has her private chat with Trump
      Maybe we’d all be better off if the whole Brexit shebang was cancelled.

      Hope it’s not too soon to wander slightly O/T…

      Re the 12th July
      Heard from my cousin that where she goes on holiday in Turkey there is a bar festooned with Rangers colours and one on the other side of the village festooned with Celtic colours.
      Apparently in the last couple of years, the Rangers lot have taken to parading across town with drums and flutes, once a week, and taking over the other bar.

      The tourists and locals think it is wonderful to watch.

      My cousin and her husband have tried to explain to the mayor that it is actually an offensive tradition but he has fallen for it.

      Gerry Parker –

      Re Volvo

      Yes, I heard on the radio this morning that Volvo is owned by the Chinese who just happen to be the biggest manufacturers of Lithium batteries.

      Volvo’s will use Lithium batteries – simple really!

      But of course the mileage distance will be a stumbling block initially and hey would mostly expect the take up to be urban not rural drivers.

    23. Sinky says:

      Hootsman determined to continue with SNP Baad this morning.

      An editorial and Tom Peterkin attacking Alex Salmond for attacking the BBC.

      Full page from economic guru Jackie Baillie attacking the SNP

      Then prints a letter from American praising UK Government and NICE (only guidelines in England and Wales) for his excellent treatment in a Scottish NHS hospital.

    24. Dr Jim says:

      Tom Harris ex Labour politician who now plies his mouth on our airwaves as often as he can spouting pish thinly veiled as reasonable pish to fool the possibly still gullible in the hope of one day returning to his trough of political gravy, this morning on the radio blows it to pieces the way every Labour politician always does when they can’t disguise their hatred of the SNP for doing what Labour should have done but became too lazy to be bothered when he says:..

      The SNHS is succeeding in Scotland and doing better than Inglind despite the SNP attempts to ruin it and because the SNP have been so obsessed with Independence they haven’t done anything with the SNHS so the SNHS has done it all by themselves

      Now in order to pull that argument off you’d really have to NOT have been screaming for ten years about how badly the SNP have been handling the SNHS in the first place to now NOT place the credit where every other commentator who has knowledge of these things is placing it and that is firmly with the SNP

      And that makes Tom Harris and his Labour mates look and sound like the absolute jealous incompetent Diddies that they all are

      Tom Harris to his credit does however make the very valid if incredibly infantile observation that the fall in the oil price is not ALL the fault of the SNP (genius) OPEC were involved

      If Tom Harris has children of school age they must die of embarrassment when they look at their phones or every time they set foot outside the house

    25. Dr Jim says:

      I know nothing about Rugby so I would ask this question of Scottish Rugby players
      Do any of you think you are good enough to play for the English Welsh Irish Lions and if so “I can’t hear you”
      also if you think you are good enough does that not call into question of what the Inglish think of you, and if you come to the obvious conclusion why would you want to play for them in the first place

      Asking for a Country!

    26. Dan Huil says:

      Spot on as usual, Chris. I see trouble ahead for Bull and all the other narrow-minded britnats. Which is nice.

    27. Dr Jim says:

      Now that it’s been almost universally recognised by all the clever clogs who recognise these things that the SNP have done a marvelous job of everything in Scotland and Scotland is progressing wonderfully and everywhere else should be learning from us, the Labour party and their friends in the Scottish media are busy rewriting their criticisms of the SNP around issues that were never ever mentioned before in order to maintain the absolute indisputable fact that the SNP are indeed Baad in some way or another

      So far we’ve had “Yeah but it could all be better” “Yeah but they’re still threatening us with democracy” “Yeah but a poll says we don’t like Nicola Sturgeons voice” and even more stupid things like Alex Salmond’s still alive so that means the plotting will still go on to FORCE democracy upon us

      There is a danger attached to the efficiency of the SNPs efforts to improve our country and that danger is the lazy complacency of NOT the politicians but the electorate, in that if folk keep getting this high level of service from the SNP, when it comes to the referendum they might just say well why change anything if they’re doing everything so well, and that’s a big danger
      For if Scotland votes against Scotland being independent again all this good stuff will come to an immediate and rapid END as the Inglish will take that as a sign that we love being governed by them so please take even more of what we have

      And they will!

    28. Valerie says:

      Haha, snottery John Bull. I like that.

      @Dr Jim

      Did you hear Tom Harris tell us he had NEVER heard of Low Moss prison? I nearly ran the car up on the pavement at that.

      So, this bastion of socialism (no really) had only just heard of Low Moss prison this week, thanks to some type of prison documentary he had to review for this morning’s show.

      Wtf can his alleged career in politics have been about if he knows nothing of a prison just outside Glasgow?

      I really was gob smacked.

    29. Gary45% says:

      Close ups of Beckham in the royal box! was this before the watershed??
      Another cracker Chris.

    30. scottieDog says:

      I’m not into football and care not who wins the old firm games.
      Sitting on holiday for the first few days surrounded by scots, English, Irish families enjoying playin with their kids in the pool.
      Then the contingent turn up singing ‘rangers are shite, fuck rangers’ with toddlers walking around.

      Fuckin neanderthals. What an embarrasment to scotland.

    31. Foonurt says:

      Nae Scoattish lying-lion, lying.

      Jist Joke Bull in, UkRap meejah.

    32. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Dr Jim

      The Lions is not now run by the (English) Rugby Football Union, although this was once the case.

      The coach, who had the final say in selection, is a New Zealander who has coached in Ireland, England and Wales, but, never in Scotland.

      He did invite Scottish coaches to be involved in subsidiary roles, but, they declined. Our players are perhaps paying for this refusal.

      Certainly, rugby opinion in this country is largely driven by English, Welsh and Irish journalists, working for London-based media companies, so, yes, they do tend to favour and boost English players.

      There was, to my mind, an anti-Scottish bias in selection and in media perceptions and our players got a bum deal, but, our best answer to this is to start winning six Nations tourmaments, Triple Crowns and Calcutta Cups, regularly.

      In rugby, as with any sport in the UK, a Scot has to prove him or herself measurably-better than a competitor from elsewhere in the UK, and particularly from England, to be considered their equal. It was ever thus.

    33. Robert Peffers says:

      @heedtracker says: 8 July, 2017 at 10:19 am:

      “Today’s productivity figures are bad to the point of shocking.
      A fall of 0.5% in the first three months of the year takes the UK economy’s ability to create wealth back below the level of 2007.”

      You do not have to be very clever to discern the truth behind the Westminster Establishment thinking on the subject of United Kingdom productivity and how to increase it.

      When the thinking is that you must reward the, laughably titled, “Wealth Creators”, with obscene levels of salary, then add on obscene levels of bonus payments all with the view that to get the best productivity it must be by forcing the workers to work harder by giving the workforce ever lower wages, increasing their working hours and a reducing their in pension rights, annual holiday agreements and workplace safety as the best way to get the best out of the workforce and forcing them to work harder.

      Plainly that basic of thinking that you should reward the bosses, and owners, even when their paid by results efforts are failing to increase productivity while cutting the incentives of the workers is somewhat idiotic.

    34. Jack Murphy says:

      I make no apologies for quoting a comment found on the excellent Phantom Power Films–From No to Yes.
      Main Youtube Phantom Power portal:

      “I have always said if the people of Scotland were told the truth through a balanced media the YES vote would have won easily, however, the British state-run media will never allow that to happen……?”

      Exactly. In a nutshell.

    35. galamcennalath says:

      Aye, John Bull will have much more to greet aboot if they don’t moderate their ideas on Brexit and it all goes pear shaped.

      CBI … director general Carolyn Fairbairn …

      “Our proposal is for the UK to seek to stay in the single market and a customs union until a final deal is in force.

      “The prospect of multiple cliff edges – in tariffs, red tape and regulation – is already casting a long shadow over business decisions.”

      So, are the mad bad über nationalist Brexiteers going to ignore the CBI? It would be changed days indeed for the Tories to not do as they were told!

    36. Mr Beckham is an English gent who remains presentable in a crazy commercial and celebrity world. That’s his skill. The Wimbledon camera finds many faces, many of whom I don’t know. It is a unique UK event, we don’t have to knock it.

    37. heedtracker says:

      It is a unique UK event, we don’t have to knock it.

      It is a unique English event. The Murray’s have done an incredible job for Scottish tennis that gets almost no BBC Scotland gimp coverage at all.

      Its a disgraceful, disgusting, entirely predictable tory beeb led media blackout, of so much work put in to build tennis as a Scottish sport by Judy Murray alone. Tennis in Scotland is far more popular than say the ball aching bore that is cricket, for example.

      Scottish media gimps have done sterling work keeping the staggering Murray athletic success away from any sense of Scottish nationalist sense of pride.

      That really is a unique UK event.

    38. heedtracker says:

      Grouse Beater, you’re a terrific writer, far better than all the UKOK tory nonsense dumped us by the ton day in day out.

      I quite miss the glory days of btl Graun though. If anything, it was nice to show Graun’s 6 million viewers(they say) what you’re average Scot might be thinking.

      Keep it coming GB.

    39. MacGille-Mhuire says:

      Mr Coutts
      Beckham, English gentleman, presentable in the dog eat dog world of commercials and mercenary media contrived celebrity, Wimbledon as a “unique UK [whatever that is] event” – an intriguing combo of BritNat cliches surely satirical?

      Who wants “to knock it”? Why assert so? You are welcome to it and may the courts be tie-died orange and Butcher’s Apron hues for you in the future but do we non-Brits have to be subjected to its attendant constant adjunct stream of strawberries and cream AngloBritNat imperialist commentary when it is broadcast and its co-option of Jocks as substitute exceptionalist Englishmen when the genuine, second rate article gets gubbed yet again ad infinitum?

      I trust I misread your post as Anglo apologist trolling one and wish you well if you are a satirist for you are an epic one.

      If not, you have entered the lion’s den and hope your overhead smash is in good shape. Myself? I always much preferred badminton to the braying environment of tennis introduced, I think, to the English court’s aristocratic yahoos by Jaime the Saxt as was gowf to the subsequent detriment of all humanity (and dinna get me started on fitba’ and the pricks who play for the national team plus those who manage the set up. Rugby, too).

      Shinty is my much preferred team sport for it is refreshingly decent and athletic.

      Wishing your forehand well on the march to Scottish re-independence
      The Badminton Man

    40. ronnie anderson says:

      Meg Merrylees 11..08 And here’s the kicker on those bars in Turkey , they are both owned by the same guy who’s making a fortune from those clowns lol.

    41. yesindyref2 says:

      So that’s what David Mundell looks like in a hat and boots – who’d have thunk it?

    42. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      yesindyref2 @ 17:23,

      No, no, that can’t be right. Everyone (including those in the UK Cabinet) knows that Fluffy is totally invisible! =grin=

    43. K.A.Mylchreest says:

      According to Garry Parker above, “we’ll be able to produce all the cumberland sausage and Melton Mowbery Pies and Cheshire cheese we can as these goods will no longer have protected regional ststus.”
      I can forsee an Indy Scotland being flooded with refugee unemployed Cheshire cheesemakers, Melton piemen etc. And we might just to sufficiently inclusive to welcome a few Cumberland butchers, although the last do make me a little nervous …

    44. Ghillie says:

      So that’s where oor Hamish has been !!

      A well deserved holiday pet = )

      You’ll be needing all your energy for the wee fecht that lies ahead 🙂

      Hey Chris, spot on again =)

    45. Cactus says:

      Excellent, relaxing in the shade and having some well deserved bubbly 🙂

      (the other chap being interviewed by his bosses, is irrelevant to and does not speak for Scotland.)

      That’s what holiday times (or even ‘political holiday’ times) are about, taking the chance to take a break, reset, take the weight off, have a laugh, relax, then return to the important business of running, protecting and securing the well-being of beautiful Scotland.

      If you can have fun too, even better.

      Have fun!

    46. Fred says:

      Checked my taps Cactus, I’ve picked mair oot ma left nostril & won’t be buying bottled water anytime soon. The purest water is distilled & that can prove fatal in the long run as it drags the necessary ions oot your system. Put more whisky in your water if in doubt!

    47. Cactus says:

      Aweright Fred ~ hehe, glad tae hear yer taps are good dude 🙂

      Yeah, getting the right kind of ions into your body is important, just like the good negative ions from fresh air, straight to the centre of your cells mitochondria. After a lightning storm, pine forests and waterfalls are good places to breathe in yer NI’s.

      Aye aye, same as millie de colchon (from the next thread) I might try some more of that Talisker in my tap water next time… whilst relaxing at a waterfall.

      Tis called ra talkin’ whisky, cheers!

      It’s all about the water, only go there if you dare…

      …Lies spring eternal »»»

    48. Fred says:

      Watter, the new oil Cactus! when’s the Summer comin?

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