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Stripped bare

Posted on May 10, 2014 by

We apologise on all sorts of levels.


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    88 to “Stripped bare”

    1. Murray McCallum says:

      You will never take his dignity!

      Blair must really start waxing his legs.

    2. Hi great night last night in Jollies. Please add me to your mailing list for your next one. More power to your elbow! Isobel F.

    3. RogueCoder says:

      It’s alright Rev, they’ll always have the alicsammin argument – it was him wot done it, destroyed our country.

      One truly has to wonder what, when the dust has settled and an independent Scotland flowers with prosperity, these worthless troughing clowns will say to the rUK electorate.

    4. Mark Harper says:

      “what a lovely suit of clothes” said Alistair Darling #indyref #voteyes

    5. goldenayr says:

      Ah..That’s where McDougall has been!

      Posing in front of the mirror.

    6. Jim Marshall says:

      Spot on Chris. BT fully exposed. Nowhere even to pin a UKOK badge !

    7. Helena Brown says:

      Ah! I see the Emperor has new clothes, but only for those who have the eyes to see them with.

    8. CyberNiall says:

      I’m glad you went with the media not exposing Better Together and not Wings Over Scotland exposing them!

    9. Clootie says:

      Once again Chris manages to cover a complex topic with one cartoon!

      Excellent work Chris – you need to put all these in a book. I would certainly buy a copy.

    10. heedtracker says:

      Sally Magnusson and the team were insanely vote no biased last night but does their conscience trouble them when they get paid or are they recruited specifically on their ukok vote no complete lack of professional integrity, is another question powerless tv licence payers will never get answered.

    11. Famous15 says:

      Porridge on the ceiling!

      But so damned apposite!(Parabla del dia!)

    12. Findlay Farquaharson says:

      i hope the people who have willfully mislead and lied to scotland through the media are held to account after indy, i really really hope.

    13. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      @Murray McCallum

      If the Yes momentum keeps rolling I suggest it will not his legs that will be due for a wax.

    14. Nana Smith says:

      Brilliant cartoon.

      The guardian and the torygraph are really nasty today.
      Cybernats getting the blame for everything as usual.

    15. The Man in the Jar says:

      Hiding up a close with a sheet over their heads then jumping out and shouting “Boo” at folk walking by.

      Thats about all that project fear has left.

    16. Democracy Reborn says:

      Blair seems to be missing some ‘broad shoulders’, but the potbelly is definitely ‘pooling & sharing’ something….

    17. iheartscotland says:

      Truly disturbing Chris,
      Thanks for the nightmares….! But is there anything to hide?

    18. Murray McCallum says:

      I think Chris has perfectly captured the image of a man who is very comfortable in his own skin. Lucky that he has lots of it too.

    19. Grouse Beater says:

      Yesterday was a bad day – bumped into a dozen No voters.

      “You’re rascist” said cafe owner, handing me my coffee.
      “I’ll abide by the decision of the Scottish people,” I responded.

      “I don’t know a single person voting Yes,” said the posh lady at the musical evening. “I mean, I suppose all those people in Glasgow, in housing schemes, will vote Yes. No one in Edinburgh will vote Yes.”

      “Erm, no,” I answered. The Glaswegian schemies will vote Labour. But as for Edinburgh, don’t forget Craigmillar.”

      She looked terribly crestfallen.

    20. RogueCoder says:

      @Findlay Farquaharson
      Tempting. Personally I’d like to burn the Hootsman offices to the ground. But Margo was right, after this we have to heal and work together. It’s what Mandela did in SA and it’s the right thing to do. Forgive and move on with a purpose.

      There will be so much to do starting on Sept 19th – but we’ve got to get there first. Don’t let the media get you down. We’ve come this far despite everything they could throw at Salmond and the SNP, and still we’ve got the biggest political movement the country has ever seen. They can lie and bluster, bully and threaten – but they can’t take people’s votes away, and they don’t control the internet.

    21. bookie from hell says:

      UK Independence Party leader Nigel Farage talks to journalists in Edinburgh
      By Ben Riley-Smith, Scottish Political Reporter9:28PM BST 09 May 2014

      Nigel Farage has praised “brilliant” Alex Salmond as Scotland’s best political operator “by a country mile” during an appearance in Edinburgh that was besieged by angry pro-independence protestors.

      The Ukip leader expressed his admiration for the First Minister and said they both lead “anti-Establishment insurgent parties”, adding that his “one criticism” of Mr Salmond was over not holding a vote on European Union membership.

      Earlier in the day Mr Salmond had called for demonstrators to use the ballot box to leave Ukip “humiliated” at the European elections, saying protests allowed Mr Farage to play the “victim”.
      Yet hundreds of radical hard-Left Nationalists defied that call by turning up to the Ukip rally to berate the party as “Nazi racist scum” in angry chants.

      More than a dozen police officers and at least two police vans with blacked-out windows ensured there was no repeat of the chaotic scenes that blighted during Mr Farage’s visit to Edinburgh last year.

      Speaking to journalists inside the city’s Corn Exchange, Mr Farage insisted it was possible Ukip could win as many as two of Scotland’s six European parliament seats when the country votes on May 22

      He said the party needed between 12 and 13 per cent of the vote to get David Coburn – the party’s top Scottish candidate – elected as an MEP. Two opinion polls from established pollsters last month predicted Ukip would get 10 per cent.

      Mr Farage defended Ukip’s right to hold a rally in Scotland, condemned protestors as anti-democratic and predicted there would be a No vote in the September 18 independence referendum.

      The MEP also admitted he admired the First Minister for his leadership of the SNP and drew comparisons between their two parties.

      “He is obviously head and shoulders the best operator in Scottish politics by a country mile [and has been] for a very very long time,” Mr Farage said of Mr Salmond.

      “My criticism of Salmond is simply this: I don’t think he is having an honest European debate with the Scottish people. You cannot be an independent, self-governing nation and a member of the European Union. The two are inconsistent.”

      Pushed on similarities between the two men, Mr Farage said: “I suppose we’ve led parties that are anti-Establishment insurgent parties … and he has been very successful at doing it.”
      The Ukip leader added: “He has been brilliant, of course he has.”

      Mr Farage called on Mr Salmond to promise an “immediate” referendum on EU membership to be held after independence, saying that would help create a “more open, honest debate”.
      “If you think about it, if the Scots had that referendum on EU membership then the one criticism I’ve got of Alex Salmond would evaporate immediately,” he added.

      Discussing the Scottish independence referendum, Mr Farage said: “I suspect it will be a No vote but it may not be with a huge majority, so it may not settle the issue. That’s the problem.”

      He said the pro-UK Better Together campaign had failed to have a major impact on the campaign and called for more power to be devolved to Scotland after a No vote on September 18.

      Speaking before the Ukip event, Mr Salmond said: “Nigel Farage and his party will not be defeated by demonstrations, which only give him the chance to play the victim, but by being humiliated at the ballot box – as they have been many times before in Scotland.

      He added: “This election is as clear a contrast and choice that Scotland has ever faced at the polls, and I am confident that people will make the right choice by keeping Scotland free of the politics of UKIP.”

      Before Mr Farage’s visit there were fears tensions could bubble over into violence as Radical Independence – a hard-Left Nationalist group – pledged to hold a repeat demonstration to one that triggered controversy last year.

      On that occasion Mr Farage was barricaded into an Edinburgh pub and rescued by police van when a media event was unexpectedly swamped by angry Nationalist protestors.

      Hundreds of radical pro-independence demonstrators attended Mr Farage’s visit on Friday, armed with “F*** Ukip” posters and loud speakers to chant their disgust at the party’s “racist” policies.

      Yet with Mr Farage inside Edinburgh’s Corn Exchange and entry carefully restricted by security, there was no repeat of the last year’s ugly scenes which saw the Ukip leader verbally abused and manhandled.

      Sipping red win from a tumbler inside the building, Mr Farage showed little sign of distress as he addressed members of the press.

      The Ukip leader defended his ability to speak to Scots – despite not being able to name Scotland’s football manager – and said he had done business in the country before becoming a politician.
      On the referendum, Mr Farage said: “If Scotland wants genuine independence that is fine, great, have it, vote for it if that is what a majority of Scots want. Of course I believe in national self determination. But they are not being offered it. That is the argument I am making.”

      bfh–I was there,majority of protestors were women,it was peaceful,songs,speeches,nazi scum was shouted when 6 skinheads showed up in a taxi,entering UKIP venue.

      the journalist never allowed,comment,reply to his article ,I wonder why?

    22. crisiscult says:

      Not wanting to be Mr Negative today but I’m finding more people in my circles (friends and colleagues) who have been quiet before now coming out admitting they’re voting no. Not passionate Brit nats on the whole, just people who have been infected through the drip drip poison of headlines about pensions, oil running out, we cannae dae it (over the last 2 years, and probably 200 years). Almost all the scare stories are debunked or undermined but not in prime time TV and Radio slots and on front pages. Getting round doors is helpful but how do we bring sites like newsnet and wings into people’s faces more aggressively? These people are being misled (i.e. taken for mugs)

    23. Grouse Beater says:

      Bookie from hell

      I insist on pronouncing Farage to rhyme with garage.

      Pronounced as he wishes it should have an accentuation above the second “a”. I’ll not have him sounding posh by making it faux French.

    24. heedtracker says:

      @ crisiscult, dont be like that. Most people I know are voting YES despite the day to day vote ukok propaganda pouring out of teamGB “journalism” eg. Saturday Gruaniad and the “fallout” after Sept. This is all aimed at making Scots teens vote no today and its really nasty stuff too.

      “In all the different Scotlands, one image always recurs: that of a marriage. Just for the sake of it, let’s pretend that there’s this couple, Albion and Caledonia. They’ve been married for a long time – more than 300 years – and it’s been a productive but troubled relationship. Albion is happy with things as they are, but Caledonia wants to leave. Albion flirts with other countries and Caledonia feels bullied. When Caledonia threatens to walk out, Albion reminds her of all the things she’ll lose: the house, furniture, money, security, music, pictures. Which only makes Caledonia more determined to go. Her blood is up, she’s made plans, she’s sure she’ll get by somehow. All of us – English, Scottish, Welsh, Irish, whether we have a vote in the referendum or not – get to be counsellors on this. So what chance would you give them?

    25. iheartscotland says:

      Ali D says: oooo….sexy..

    26. iheartscotland says:

      Eyebrows @200 mph

    27. Wilma Watts says:

      We went to a Yes meeting in Tarbert last night, 9th. In response to a question about media bias, Mike Russell assured the people there that after the European Elections we should see a big change in the media because we enter the official electioneering period. All I can say is, let’s hope so. Like comments already made, people I know well are now saying No were before they just kept quiet or said they were still thinking about it. Mind you I think mid Argyll is particularly Unionist.

      I must say I have been to a few meetings now and am always immpressed by the calm and measured tones of the SNP representative. By now I might have expected a bit of bitterness or weariness to have crept in, always having to defend against the negativity.But it is not the case. Never having voted for SNP before, I certainly will at the European elections.We need a stronger presence in Europe, especially now. I have been very impressed by the quality of the speakers at each meeting I have attended.

    28. Liquid Lenny says:


      Most of the people I talk to are coming round to YES, off course there are a lot of No’s around but most of them are soft No’s, there is a rump of around 25/30% that we will not convince otherwise, even when Scotland is soaring ahead whilst The Ruk outside London goes into further recession and depression.

      Remember we are still in the phoney war stage, our side have been keeping their powder dry, things will change after the Euro Elections.

      Just ask them one question, what are you most concerned about? once you have reassured them, give them details or
      WOS, Business for Scotland, Bella etc, if they are interested they will come online to check out the facts rather than the fiction they get from the MSM

    29. Mary Bruce says:

      Crisiscult: Keep positive, Remember, we will win even if 49% of the population remain no.

      I agree with the others, a lot of the no’s are soft and don’t knows leaning to yes. I’m seeing people move to yes all the time, especially people who are labour leaning and work in areas like health and education. I have 150 friends on facebook and 21 of them have liked the yes page, only 4 BT. I have never met a single person who has gone from yes to no. Even a close family member who has voted tory all their life and was a definite no now says they are currently planning on staying at home and will now definitely not vote no. I’m sure they will be yes by September.

      Last year people were saying that we only need to convert one person each to win. Now it is probably more like every one in five of us needs to convert someone. This is easily achievable. Nae Bother.

    30. mogabee says:

      I too was at Tarbert meeting last night, and do agree that Argyll and kintyre are “difficult”, but refuse to get down about that.

      I see engagement increasing though, people who previously would laugh at the suggestion that YES would happen, actually asking questions. Small steps…

      Chris, brilliant as always.

    31. Red Squirrel says:

      Looking good Better Together! At last, showing what you’ve got – nothing 🙂

    32. liz says:

      @crisiscult -it is worrying – you could maybe print off some articles from Business for Scotland and show them the video about pensions if they are scared to vote Yes.

      Also – I don’t get how these folk will not feel ashamed to vote against something due to fear.

      Nothing in life is certain – I honestly think the rUK will despise us if we vote no – we will not be able to hold our heads high anywhere in the world.

    33. Democracy Reborn says:


      We need to be realistic & accept that there will always be people in our individual circles – depending on who you are & who you know perhaps a majority – who will currently be No.

      2 things to remember though:-

      1. As far as I read the polling, the ‘soft’ voters are more likely to be No voters & the majority of ‘Don’t Knows’ are probably more inclined to Yes
      2. Remember what Margo said : you only have to convince one of your No friends for us to succeed

      Think I’ve persuaded a No/don’t know colleague past few weeks to Yes. He despises the Tories, which helps, so I’ve tried to talk up the gaping holes in Labour’s ‘more devo’ plans & the prospect of the Tories winning in 2015 GE. His fear seems to be another Tory govt. Less positively, a female colleague, prob typical Labour voter, is of the too wee, too poor, risks etc mindset. Chatted with her about the truth of our country’s wealth & potential, directed her to Wings. Ended up saying ‘if we’re so poor, why are they desperate to hold into us?’ Reply : ‘aye, I’ve never thought of that’… She did also say though ‘what about Salmond?’ Me : ‘what about him?’ Her : ‘do you not think he’s a bully?’ (!) Have to say, that’s a new one one me about AS. I said to her that AS is def not a bully, anyway it’s not about AS, it’s about deciding our own future, AS will be gone in few years etc. Maybe illustrates though the problem that Yes has with some female voters.

    34. call me dave says:

      Hi two weeks ago YES stand in Glenrothes in the town centre mall, table three volunteers and busy with folk approaching to get stuff and have questions answered. Today NO were out, it was their turn.

      One person inside at the entrance, handing out the single A4 coloured glossy ‘Save the Union’ -‘Who do you think you are kidding Mr Salmond’ version.

      Refused to take one, so did another couple as we passed. Had coffee but sat at the table where I could see what was going on, with a bit of stretching the neck.

      More folk avoided than took the leaflet but about 20 were taken in about 30 mins. On my return I picked up a discarded one from the cafe and had a quick read(no point in leaving it there) and walked back up to the man who says NO.

      I was astonished that he was offering me one having just been turned down before. We had polite words, he says not a member of a political party,just volunteered.

      He has no idea what actual UK debt is in £
      He does not know what Barnett formula is.
      He does not know that the state pension is safe (Brown says it’s not)
      He’s a gas engineer and he’s voting NO because… in Scotland there is no authorising body for service engineers!! I kid you not.. Stop tittering at the back of the class.

      I asked him about BPEC , City &Guilds and SQA being available. “I think C&G is internationally recognised” I said.

      But no he was not having it! Voting NO. 🙁

      Credit due though never said “I don’t like Salmond”

      The leaflet History , Culture, Embassies, Security wee photo Olympics joint training facilities, big say in the world.

      Nothing on pensions… Oh dear.

      This is ‘call me dave’ checking in , in the labour heartland of Fife.

    35. Liquid Lenny says:

      Democracy Reborn
      My Labour chums have been calling AS the Wee school bully for as long as I can remember, just one more of the smears they have been doing for decades.

      We will rise above this parochial view of Scotland, thinking about it , it is in there interests to paint Scotland as a small parochial society. That’s why they have being doing it for as long as there has been a home rule movement.

      Remember its 100 years ago this year that the third reading of the Scottish Home Rule bill was stymied by the start of the First World War, Some of my friends think they started it deliberately to stop Scotland having “Home Rule”. I have read and read and cannot come up with any reasonable explanation why Queenie Vic’s kids started fighting. Maybe my friends are right and if so, it shows the sort of campaign we are in for. Keep the faith.

    36. call me dave says:

      Footie links on Hibs V Killie in off topic in a minute.

    37. Luigi says:

      Great pic Chris. The jowly MSM “political editor” looks like Alistair carmiachael (must be the schnoz).

      Now at least we can see why his greasy MSM hands are so dirty. Yuch!

    38. Helena Brown says:

      I know it is quite depressing when you meet those say they will vote No, though I think they are more likely not to vote anything. I wish this was a better scenario with fair Media coverage, but it is not. I do think that we should say that if they do actually get to the polling station they should remember that there are people in the South who think they are feeding off them, that they are firmly attached to the teat and haven’t got a bit of courage to do anything other than vote No. A wee suggestion if you manage to actually get that far, I haven’t as yet.
      I keep reading in the English Press that we will not Vote YES let us prove them wrong.

    39. Alfresco Dent says:

      I’m not surprised to see that that tiny hand is more than big enough to cover anything that might be hanging under this grotesque pile of shite.

    40. Yesitis says:

      Another belter, Chris. Thanks.
      I hope the MSM person in the cartoon isn`t actually touching Blair`s boaby.

      Put me off my weetabix 🙂

    41. Democracy Reborn says:

      @Mary Bruce

      Good points. Although clearly we want to maximise the Yes vote, I personally wouldn’t care one iota if we won by only a single vote. That’s democracy. Because you can be sure that if No won by the same margin they would be ramming it down our throats & saying the people had delivered their verdict.

    42. Sinky says:

      Wilma @ 11.01

      A great post. You should write to newspapers along these lines.

    43. Morag Graham Kerr says:

      People are reporting different experiences in different locations and with different social groups. That’s only to be expected. Both are real, but the “I canvassed all day and never found a No voter” experience is no more representative than “everyone I talk to says they’re voting No.”

      That’s why we have to pay attention to the opinion polls. Only they have a hope of seeing past the patchy individual experiences that make this so hard to understand. Some who live in pro-Yes areas declare “the polls must be lying, I’m convinced Yes are miles ahead!” Those of us in pro-No areas hope to hell the polls are right.

      The polls tell us that we’re behind, but not by an awful lot, and the swing required is definitely doable. Hold on to that and keep working.

      And anyone who can’t find No voters to convert needs to volunteer to help in a different area.

    44. Flower of Scotland says:

      Great cartoon!

      O/t According to a tweet Bettertogether are showing adverts in cinemas!!! They were BOOED!! He,he! What about a Wings one Rev?

    45. Flower of Scotland says:

      The Courier Referendum bus touring round Fife called into Falkland, a bastion of Conservative and Lib Dems. The vote was a majority for YES! Quite unbelievable!

      Just got some leaflets through the door, all YES and a DUGGY DUG one! Yeah!

    46. TheItalianJob says:

      @call me dave at 12.00pm

      Good effort. I really like your posts and the work you do in Fife.

      Pity about the guy on the No stand giving out the leaflets. Fife is going to be difficult for Yes with Brown and Labour, but we’ve had a lot of exposure in Kirkcaldy meetings with, Tommy Sheriden, Alan Bisset, Lesley Riddoch, etc. So there’s maybe hope yet.

    47. Les Wilson says:

      Wilma Watts says:

      Wilma, I have a static caravan in Argyll, and lovely the area is. What is inescapable though is that the local papers are anti SNP and are very quick to knock them for any reason.

      The Unionist line of course, but being a rural area most folks will read them. I suggest all the negatives from them against the SNP and Independence is bearing fruit in that area.You should pop into the YES shop in Dunoon, take one of your friends with you.

      It is run by someone knowledgeable and friendly,open after 1pm, you may even get a free coffee!!

    48. Faltdubh says:

      That Courier Referendum tour is great – getting out and about to the local towns, villages and even hamlets.

      It’s offering up some interesting results, like mentioned about Falkland and then the parts of Angus and Pertshire being 65% No.
      No idea how the numbers are and it doesn’t exactly paint the exact picture either as you have to be in that certain location, for a few hours, but it’s interesting to follow it.

    49. crisiscult says:

      thanks for the positive encouragement folks. Yes, agree there are quite a small hardcore minority against independence for their own reasons (tribal largely – whether nationalistic or political) and most No’s are soft no’s, but I think the tone of this website in particular (largely due to the writing style and topic coverage of Rev Campbell) would be a glass of water in the face to many of those soft nos, if we can get them here. Are billboard posters for Wings allowed to say things like ‘Tired of being lied to by your media?’

    50. TheItalianJob says:

      @alexicon at 12.33pm

      Ref Telegraph article on cybernats. Yes caught it this morning. Written by the usual suspect Hjul. Usual nonsense by her. Best ignored.

      Interesting how the Torygraph wasn’t very pro Scottish until the referendum. Now they can’t do enough to try and make sure we don’t go it alone. Wonder why? Don’t want to lose a third of UK land mass and the revenues Scotland generates for the UK. It was only a few years ago Boris Johnson was writing an article in the Tele, on the moaning Scots, how they get subsidised by rest the UK etc, etc.

    51. heedtracker says:

      I really like the new old Torygraph stuff especially the one with a terminator in a kilt. The more annoyed teamGB journalists get, the more they are losing. Hasta la vista, UKOK

    52. scottish_skier says:

      Neighbour just ‘came out’ in style. Big style.

      A68 just south of Lauder as you leave the town.

    53. Morag Graham Kerr says:

      You want one of these? I can arrange that….

    54. Truth says:

      @Call me Dave

      Not a criticism, but if BT offer you blurb, take it!

      Ask for more for your colleagues at work etc. Then proceed to the nearest recycling facility.

      Refusing it makes you feel good, but take one for the team and stop them spreading this poison to those more gullible.

    55. Lesley-Anne says:

      Just back from Super Saturday in Annan. We had a great day. Many thanks to everyone from Airdrie who travelled down to help out. I hope you all en joyed the wee *ahem* extra entertainment we unconsciously laid on for you. 🙂

      Whilst we were all doing our own thing, leafleting in Annan High Street we were abused by a union supporter not once but twice. First time he drove past in his car and shouted nothing but abuse at our supporters. Second time he rode by on his horse with his Butcher’s apron flying. This time he was abusive so everyone could hear what he was saying. Apparently we are all Nationalist scumbags and we should go back North where we came from. I do enjoy a good discussion, well doesn’t everyone? 😉

      The best part of the whole abuse tirade from Mr unionist is that after he disappeared a woman who had been sitting on the fence came over to us and said she thought his behaviour was disgusting and that because of this she would now be voting YES. Yee Ha ya little beauty! 😛

      Now if we only could confirm our suspicions about Mr Unionist then we could invite him along to all of our events, he’d make our work just so much easier. 😉

    56. heedtracker says:

      @Lesley-Anne, you are one of Scotland’s unsung heroes.

    57. TheItalianJob says:

      @Lesley-Anne at 1.28pm

      Good for you. My big fear is all these people saying now they are going to vote Yes, is that they can be easily turned back to No, with the big onslaught of fear stories we have yet to endure in the coming months. And these are certain to be the biggest fear stories, we are likely to be subjected to, that we may not be able to counteract before polling day.

    58. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      @ The Italian Job

      Jenny Hjul, aka Mrs Cochrane.

      Yes that one, of the DT too.

    59. gerry parker says:

      @Les Wilson,
      Agree about the Yes shop in Dunoon, I pop in there when I’m over at Stratheck (which has a few saltires flying now)

    60. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      I have been getting “Dad’s Dancing” eyes from my daughters when I have been bumping my gums about Yes. Mind you that was 12 months ago and they were not really ready to even think about it, perhaps because it was so far away.

      One lives in London, to a Sir Humphry (really) and has no vote to use but the other is now a Yes as is her husband and their baby is due on the 19th of September!

      My nephew and niece are now firm YES as is his wife and family. I didn’t know until I sent the video of the Breast Surgeon to him and received an e-mail from his wife that the whole family is in the YES camp for all the right reasons. My niece is up for leafleting too.

      My old mate from my distilling days is now a Humanist practitioner in his retirement and a firm YES too, in a nest of Unionists.

      The only one left is my ex but not just yet. I need a lot of Dutch courage for that fighting ground.

      I feel it in my waters.

      EWe are going to win.

    61. call me dave says:


      Good outcome, horse + union jack, you must have given him a real fright!

      Bonus chalking up another YES. 🙂

      Sunshine missing in Leith today. Squeaky bum time!

    62. heedtracker says:

      Vote No Guardian said Glasgow is the capital city of Scotland this morning too. It wasn’t sneaky old Severin Carrell though.

    63. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Incidentally, I made two posts this morning using my iPad and from a different address as normal.

      They went straight into moderation and have since disappeared?

    64. Bugger (the Panda) says:


      I always thought it was sunny Maryhill, aka Inner Bearsden?

    65. heedtracker says:

      Here in Aberdeen today, rabid unionist on horse back at the Press andJournal daily vote no or your for it headline is, God says vote no. Apparently the Free Church of Scotland says God votes no because he fears “secular Scotland with Independence”

      Press and Journal have no response from the Devil yet

    66. goldenayr says:

      Sorry OT

      Received this earlier.


      I’ve re-read the story and don’t agree with your interpretation. I do not support Britain First.

      Thanks for your concern.


      Willie Rennie MSP
      Leader, Scottish Liberal Democrats
      Scottish Parliament
      0131 348 5804

      Sent from my iPad
      On 9 May 2014, at 08:20, “xxxxxxxxxx” wrote:

      After reading your comments in this article.

      It reads as if you condone the actions and threats of the far right group “Britain First”.If this is the case then I’m shocked.If not,then I suggest you contact the Scotsman and ask them to rectify it.

      Anyone else like to tell him?

    67. schrodingers cat says:

      a comments about protesting about bbc bias

      the bbc is fighting a rear guard action of an extinction event in scotland, they have nothing to lose, i doubt they will change before sept. i believe that we have managed to bring some bbc scotland reporters to account, to some extent, but they tend to be replaced if they are too even handed. come the glasgow games, the london branch will be here in force and they will have no qualms, they will no more be aware of their own biasedness than jimmy hill was all those years ago
      i think it would be better to pursue a more positive agenda, promote YES, wings, bella etc. be certain that only people wearing kilts and union jack t shirts will get interviewed, we could flood the routes of the torch route, marathon, bike cuircuiits with YES saltires on 5m lightweight telescopic flag poles(reusable during the entire games, we could crowd fund yes and wings flags, yes saltire face painting for kids, to be given away free outside venues, the wings blimp is a good idea but i doubt it will make it to anyones screens in scotland. just a few ideas to counteract the bbc biasedness in a positive way

    68. goldenayr says:


      Well Done LA.

    69. heedtracker says:

      Also P&J today have same vote no for “new contract” headline blast that the BBC in Scotland’s capital city of Glasgow all puffing up Labour in Scotland like crazy. It’s a Milliband “pledge” for a “contract” and Milliband is “committed” to “allow the Scottish Parliament to enjoy the benefits of devo and the strength and security that the United. Kingdom can bring” with a very odd photo of Milliband “allowing” Scotland to do stuff, with the say so of Labour that is.

      As per dire UKOK journos, there is no actual P&J info on this all new and exciting contrick contract. See what i did there?

    70. Appleby says:

      It is a very disturbing and dangerous situation to be in when the first knee-jerk response of the media is to constantly defend and cover for those government and those acting on their behalf.

    71. call me dave says:

      Blair Mcdougall, one of the unionist’s jewels in the crown.

      Was that drawn from life?… if so we should be told. 🙂

    72. cearc says:


      I saw that headline too. Weird eh? Considering that Scotland IS a secular country having no established religion,

      Does the Free Church support being ruled by Anglican bishops these days?


      ‘I can feel it in my water’.

      Too much information, keep your prostrate problems to yourself! Well done on the family though.

    73. goldenayr says:


      Re the dutch courage and the ex.

      Make sure she knows what she’s saying YES too..;-]

      Otherwise,well done.

    74. Oneironaut says:

      Big thanks to whoever posted that picture for helping me stick to my diet.

      Really don’t feel like eating now! (O.o)

    75. James Westland says:

      Free Church going to debate indie. Looks like Donald Macleod is a “no indie” Well theres a surprise – has a column in the WHFP – does what his britnat puppetmaster Brian Wilson tells him. Links to the Free Church stuff here;

      Actually, there are some fairly high profile pro-Indy ministers in the FC – David Robertson being the most prominent.

    76. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Lesley-Anne –

      That belter with the horse has been trying to scare people for years. Here he is in ‘The Devil Rides Out’:

    77. cynicalHighlander says:

      Wonder how Duncan H will spin this.

    78. bjsalba says:

      @Grouse Beater

      Garage Farage

      Doesn’t work for me. Spent too many years in the USA!

    79. call me dave says:


      Farage he’s a balloon so ‘barrage’ blimp to you 😉

    80. gordoz says:


      Take Ms Jenny Hjul was dumped by a YES supporter some time in the past, to be so bitter ?

    81. Lesley-Anne says:

      Thanks every one for your congratulations, it was well worth the effort. 😉

      I’m thinking of suggesting at this week’s meeting that we should invite him along to all our events. At least we can all stand back and take it easy then whilst the locals rush in their droves to join us in the YES camp. 😛

    82. Dorothy Devine says:

      Gordoz, think it was worse than – that I think Alex Salmond dumped both her and her husband .

      I’m just judging by the ” I hate Alex Salmond ” articles which they both pen day and daily – they are beyond ludicrous.

    83. James Westland says:

      Gordoz, Dorothy, the detestation that comes from those two is palpable. Its like some sort of disease – they utterly detest AS/SNP/nationaism/Indy

      Prob got a voodoo doll of AS that they stick pins in every day.

      Such hate filled ugly people are really quite unattractive. You can just sense the venom oozing out of them. Hideous.

    84. haud on the noo says:

      Are the journalists in question based in scotland ? I briefly visited the toryg site but I’d already had my daily hate intake…

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