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Stories of the week, 2-2-14

Posted on February 02, 2014 by

The top five most-read stories on Wings Over Scotland in the last seven days.

1. The honesty patrol

2. The lonely hours

3. Cybernat of the week

4. The Mars bar at your seat

5. You’d need a heart of stone
Idiot whines about cybernats.

Eesh. Grim stuff. Let’s hope for a more pleasant week to come.

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22 to “Stories of the week, 2-2-14”

  1. Donna says:

    Things can only get better…….Oh that was Blair…Just say Yes

  2. Mealer says:

    Aye.Pretty grim.Hope there’s something about penguins in next weeks offering.

  3. Andy-B says:

    O/T Rev. sorry.

    One of my favourite actors has just been found dead.

    Philip Seymour Hoffman

  4. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Don’t know about anyone else, but I thought it was a great week for Yes.

    It’s partly because I got a personal e-mail from someone in the Scottish MSM (who must remain nameless – it would cause probs otherwise). I’d mentioned to him/her that I was active in the SSP and Yes grassroots stuff. I’ve never been aware of the person’s voting intentions and/or party-political loyalties. His/her reply? ‘Keep up the good work for Yes – it’s our only chance.’

    Read into that what you will, but this person is a serious player with a contact book to kill for – if s/he’s reflecting the thinking of peers, we’ve got some very important friends in top MSM positions who haven’t yet, for whatever reason, shown their hands.

  5. heedtracker says:

    Lumping together cybercrime, paedophilia and cybernats(YES voters online) then saying “Let’s keep it friendly” is a new low, even for UK journalists daily attacking democracy in Scotland.

  6. Yodhrin says:

    Well, they should probably show their hands soon, because I don’t care how much positive thinking we do, we’re not going to win this with a 3:2 bias against us(and that’s just in the “proper” news, nevermind opinion and the papers).

  7. Dramfineday says:

    Cripes with all this cybernat stuff in the news, you watch, the absolute bounders will be buying badges next to advertise their infamy!

    PS Pssst Roddy, are they in the post yet mate?

  8. Quinie frae Angus says:

    Looking forward to receiving my Cybernat badge too. Ordered a couple of Wings goodies from the shoppie too, today. The momentum is building, folks.

  9. Chic McGregor says:


    The real story is out in the New Statesman regarding Barclay’s bail out from the Federal Bank.

    The truth is that Barclays got nearly 40% more than RBS and BoS combined (as well as borrowing significant amounts from the Middle East and BoE).

    Despite that, they were allowed to be posted absent from the ‘Gunfight at the UK Corral’, when Brown and Darling, the Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid of British politics, shot from the hip and took RBS and BoS down.

    Sorry for the Merkin metaphor, but it seemed appropos.

  10. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Yodhrin –

    Dinna fash yersel friend. We will win.

    But we should all spare a thought for the MSM well-kent faces and names – they’re the ones stressing over this, and this is why:

  11. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

    @Yodhrin says:
    Well, they should probably show their hands soon, because I don’t care how much positive thinking we do, we’re not going to win this with a 3:2 bias against us(and that’s just in the “proper” news, nevermind opinion and the papers).

    YES is going to win. The MSM don’t have the power they used to have. The MSM was mostly or all against the SNP in 2007 and 2011, and it didn’t matter.

    I myself know of individual MSM journalists who will be voting YES, but are not in a position to say this in public at the moment. There must be lots like this.

    Many of the public are still lying to the opinion polls (in a reflection of what the YES-voting journalists are doing), so it looks pretty neck-and-neck at the moment in reality to me.

    The wheels on the BT non-campaign look to be starting to fall off. Interesting days lie ahead. Everybody just needs to keep doing what everybody has been doing …

  12. Flower of Scotland says:

    Wonder if anyone can help me here . A NO person claimed that BOS debt book is 12 times the size of the Scottish GDP and that that outfit is a car crash at the moment .
    I feel if I could answer this question I might get them to turn . They are very interested and I’m doing ok but a bit stuck on this .
    BOS surely is owned by all British Taxpayers ?(I’m not sure )

  13. Peter says:

    The Bangor racist on the guardian runs that scare every single time.

    Scottish banks. Whatever they may be have loans worth more than 12 times the entire Scottish GDP. Unless I’m very stupid that actually means that they are OWED money by other people. So why would Scotland have to give them money? Makes no sense to me. But BS is a well named racist with neofacist tendencies so obviously knows better then the likes of me.

  14. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

    @Flower of Scotland
    In short the answer lies in Chris McGregor’s post of 11:18 this evening.
    If a big bank is in trouble the bailout comes from everywhere that damage would be felt. So if they have been trading big-time in USA for example, a big part of the bailout with come from the USA.
    So Scotland would never have had to deal with bailing out RBS on its own … those who peddle that story are telling a big fat lie, to try to frighten people in Scotland.

  15. mato21 says:

    The Itch They Cannot Scratch

    Like a pack of snarling rabid dogs we witness Scotlands hacks

    Rounding on the monkey who has climbed upon their backs

    Their foaming mouths spill out their bile, they know no other way

    To try to stop us hearing, what the good Rev has to say

    Each day he questions what they write and this they do not like

    For they all hear us telling them to go and take a hike

    They’ve compromised their honesty and their journalistic skills

    And when they sit with head in hands and have to pay the bills

    I wonder if they’ll have a wish their time to have once more

    Or if they’ll just be happy to fade into folklore

    The Rev’s become the itch that their scratching cann’t relieve

    And the people have decided who they choose now to believe

  16. Cindie aka CR says:

    @Flower of Scotland: 11.41pm RBS is not owned by Scotland, something like 95% of trade is outside of Scotland not regulated by us. Business For Scotland explains it here:

    Good luck!

  17. Thepnr says:

    @Flower of Scotland

    If you want to know the truth direct your friend here:

  18. Thepnr says:


    Nice, I enjoyed.

  19. TheGreatBaldo says:

    “Don’t know about anyone else, but I thought it was a great week for Yes.”

    Well Iain yer gonna just love how this week is starting……:-)

    You how us cyber/cabernats have been banging on for years about how Scotland pays it’s way, we’ll more than punch above our weight economically etc….in other words Scotland can and would be a viable state…..

    Where as in the past we’d have to provide links to Wings and various other sources for all the info….

    Worry no more…..all the arguments can be found in one piece in no less than the house journal of our City overlords… The Financial Times 🙂

  20. rabb says:

    @Flower of Scotland

    Complete and utter scaremongering.

    The debt (If that’s what were calling it) is secured in the countries where the it was accrued. No one tells you that Barclays were bailed out by the US Federal Reserve to the tune of £640 billion do they? Would I be correct in assuming they are an English bank? Of course I would. That’s half the entire UK national debt!

    Had the UK treasury been faced with that particular bailout we wouldn’t be discussing this civilly online, we would be foraging for berries just now and bartering with chickens.

    You can assure your friend that had the UK treasury been left with Barclays to bailout the UK would have sunk like a lead balloon encased in concrete and chained to even more lead.

    The host governments where the debt was accrued pick up the bailouts in order to contain and mitigate a collapse of their own economy. It really is that simple.

    Now I’m no accountant but if £5 odd million Scots are have racked up over £1.3 trillion of debt (The same as the UK national debt in it’s entirety) then I’m a dutchman!!

  21. Flower of Scotland says:

    Thanks for that folks ! Got my ammo ready now !

  22. joe kane says:

    heedtracker, thanks for that Record article where Moira Anderson gives her opinion linking perfectly peaceful, law-abiding political activity in a peacetime western liberal democracy to paedophilia. This is what the old Soviet Union used to do to people who dared to publicly engage in politics which the establishment disapproved of. They were demonised as anti-social elements and locked up in psychiatric wards.

    The irony is, of course, that Anderson fails to criticise the unionist alliance with the Daily Mail paedo-rag which is also engaged in persecuting ordinary individual members of the public whose only crime is to openly support Scottish independence.

    Another irony is that, because of the pro-independence grassroots activity on Friday, Better Together have had nothing to trumpet about over the weekend or in Monday morning’s important start-of-the-week news headlines about the phenomenal success of its biggest ever day’s campaigning.

    Pro-independence supporters are not the only peaceable, non-threatening political group which gets linked to criminal, anti-social activity by the news media. It happens to others such as disability human rights campaigners who even had machine guns pointed at them in probably the safest public space in the whole of the UK, the Westminster Parliament, when they went along to listen to IDS and his fellow DWP-Atos propagandists spout lies about them in public.

    I suppose we should be thankful there are no reports yet of any law-abiding pro-independence supporters being made pregnant by agents of the state.

    References –
    Machine Guns vs Disabled People : Ministers quake facing the wrath of disabled people.

    Undercover police had children with activists

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