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Stories of the week, 16/2/2014

Posted on February 16, 2014 by

The top five most-read stories on Wings Over Scotland in the last seven days. (Which have already broken last week’s all-time record for one-week pageviews, incidentally.)

1. Comical Ali’s perfect game
The “Better Together” mailshot where literally every sentence is a lie.

2. The killer inside
The Madness Of Prince George (Osborne).

3. What you won’t read today
Actual financially-literate people assess Scotland’s currency options.

4. Turn and river
The real meaning behind the currency threat.

5. They don’t care about you
Scottish Labour admit they’ll hurt Scotland to win Westminster.

This week’s theme: the positive case for the Union.

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    121 to “Stories of the week, 16/2/2014”

    1. cynicalHighlander says:

      This isn’t showing on general site!

    2. Morag says:

      Neither it is. How odd!

    3. kevrenor says:

      Looks all fine on my tablet here in Australia

    4. Wayne says:

      I am assuming Comical Ali’s effort is the top story due to the amount of hits from Bitter Together, as they re-double their efforts to squeeze even more lies and disinformation into their next e-mail.

    5. Ian Brotherhood says:

      This must’ve been the best week yet, eh?

      Hang on – I said the same last week, and the week before that, and the…oh, FFS, I’m (blink) turning into (spasm, eyebrow-collision) Alistair (jerk, treble-blink) Darling…heeelp…meeee…..

    6. Lanarkist says:

      What a week, the death of democracy, visible lies and manipulation, the snakes shedding their skins and masks. Shut up or else you will get a slap.

      Last week seemed outrageous enough, how on earth can they top this!

      Well done on the stats Rev, week on week accelerating through record viewing figures. Isn’t there anything on the telly?

      I need advice on rehab, cold turkey scheduled for sometime around Sept 20th 2014 after daily fixes of insightful dissection of the baleful media.

      Until then you are my main man, info dealer.

    7. Morag says:

      Lanarkist, while I’ve got you here, can you confirm if you are taking care of the newspapers up to the county boundary at Dolphinton? I’ve done our side, but stopped at the county boundary.

    8. Davy says:

      Just wondering what was the “official” reason for the Spanish guest “Barroso” to be on the Andrew Marr show today ?

      We know the real reason was a follow up of the currency union back-stabbing with a quick back-stabbing of Scotlands entry of the EU. But what was the offical reason for Barroso being in the UK and on that program.

    9. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      I’m sure we could make a leaflet out of that lying leaflet

    10. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “Just wondering what was the “official” reason for the Spanish guest “Barroso” to be on the Andrew Marr show today ?”

      I was wondering that too. Have only seen clips as I’m always listening to Headlines at the time.

    11. farrochie says:

      A wee indication of the effect of Osborne’s visit

      Twibbon campaign users.
      12 Feb 6688 YES 2002 BT
      16 Fwb 6830 YES 2013 BT

      YES up 2.1%, Better Together up 0.5%

    12. TheGreatBaldo says:

      Congrats again min…..

      For those feeling a little fatigued at the end of a trying week….

      Go make yerself a nice cup of cocoa….sit back and watch this…..

      And remember these people our on our side….from genuine dedicated socialists to calm rational business sense all united in common cause…..

      So as we go into a new week let us all channel our inner Chuck D and fight the powers that be

    13. Edward says:

      Davy – Actually José Manuel Barroso is Portuguese

    14. Morag says:

      Twibbon campaign users.
      12 Feb 6688 YES 2002 BT
      16 Fwb 6830 YES 2013 BT

      YES up 2.1%, Better Together up 0.5%

      I’ve looked at that, but it says it wants to post tweets on my behalf and follow people on my behalf and all sorts of scary stuff. I only want to add a Yes logo to my avatar.

      Is there anywhere I can get a transparent avatar image with the Yes logo to do it for myself in, rather than handing over my twitter account to these twibbon people which I do not want to do?

    15. msean says:

      Barroso is Portuguese

      Probably wheeled in a hatchet job on Scotland.Scotland really needs a balanced media.

    16. Papadocx says:

      STV 10 o’clock news:

      Totally HMG driven propaganda as bad and biased as I have seen. It won’t surprise me what the unionist will be allowed to get away with next. I think anything goes and I do mean anything.



    17. Famous15 says:

      What is so unique about Scotland? Borroso when in politics in Portugal supported independence for a number of Portugeuse colonies. I repeat what is so unique about Scotland? He was Potugals. PM for two years in 2002/2004. and now seeks to thwart our bid for a free and fair country. He disgusts me .

    18. msean says:

      Media blaring how much a hammer blow it is from Barroso,when the question should be what happens when you aren’t President of the EU anymore.

    19. Findlay Farquaharson says:

      the media dont do journalism, they do opinions, mostly wrong.

    20. Roll_On_2014 says:

      Jam Tomorrow

    21. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      Mrs Calgacus met again on business on Friday past a couple who are originally from London, but have lived in Scotland for 12 years.

      The husband raised the subject of the referendum, and asked Mrs Calgacus what her voting intentions were.
      She told him that she was a “very enthusiastic YES”.
      A fairly lengthy conversation about the issues surrounding the referendum then took place.

      Eventually the chap confirmed that he wasn’t normally interested in politics, but had raised the topic because he had seen the BBC Scotland programme earlier in the week.

      He said that he and his wife had never registered to vote, as they felt that, as “Sassenachs”, it wasn’t really their place to get involved.

      Mrs C told them, regardless of how they might vote, to get registered, and to make sure they use their vote.

      She explained that they, as people living and working in Scotland, had the same right as everyone else to participate in the democratic process, and she told them about the make-up of the SNP cabinet, and about MSPs swearing the oath in the Scottish Parliament in a variety of languages.

      They said that they would now get themselves registered to vote.

      Given the way the discussion had gone, Mrs C is pretty sure it will be another two YES votes, come September.

    22. Taranaich says:

      At the rate we’re going, we should expect it to be raining whisky in June.

    23. jonnybravo says:


      Barroso is Portuguese.

    24. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      The answer on Europe is:

      “Given that England will vote to leave the EU in David Cameron’s in-out referendum, the only way to guarantee Scotland stays in the EU is to vote YES.”

      In fact, given the deafening silence from BT on the positive case for the Union, it seems to me that the answer to pretty well everything these days is voting YES.

    25. Jamie Arriere says:

      Come on people, keep up the reputation for accuracy and truth – Barroso is Portuguese! (It’s like calling Alex Salmond English)

      OT I see Yes Dunfermline are fundraising for a rally in August – is this the plan for local rallies around the country?

    26. chicmac says:

      Barroso isn’t Spanish. He’s Portuguese, although admittedly Eurovision Song Contest rules apply.

    27. chicmac says:

      Sorry msmean

    28. muttley79 says:

      The Radical Independence Campaign is trying to raise £3000 for campaigning in the run up to the referendum. They have made a big impact with their conferences etc. They have nearly raised £900, and there is around 19 days to go. Their target is modest compared to others. Also, if anyone who is part of RIC is reading this, then it would be good if they could look at their e-mail as well (cough, wink etc 😀 ).

    29. chicmac says:

      Ditto Jamie

    30. msean says:

      AScottish independence laugh in on the newspaper review on tv,these guys just don’t get it.Keep calm and send more tories lol:-)

    31. Scotchwoman says:

      I wondered if the EU ‘opinion’ we’re expecting was being timed to coincide with latest GERS figures but it’s maybe too early for that. Possibly Barroso is being wheeled out as part of BTs’s current ‘shock and awe’ strategy where they’re playing all their big cards one after the other?

      They needed to shift the debate, as they were losing it. They may find their position only gets worse as a result.

    32. hud oan the noo says:

      Isn’t there an international body which overseas the press etc in the case of a referendum. Ye know the type of thing that might be called into some 4th world country…?

    33. KOF says:

      A bit O/T. Reporters Without Borders, World Press Freedom Index 2014.

    34. Lanarkist says:

      Morag, sorry did not spot your post until now. It is quite difficult to keep up with all the various threads and articles as well as real life, like feeding the family.

      I think you may well be thinking of Lanarkian, my nom de plume is an older one based on various other identities in other online personas, and least of all being brought up in Lanark and having many ongoing family connections still there, but I no longer am resident in that area of Scotland.

      I reside in NE Fife now and I doing what I can to read the message but Ido not have the network up here that I enjoyed in other areas that I used to reside in, not yet anyhow.

      Good luck on your hooking up with the Dolphington posse though.

      Onward and upward, we are seeing tipping point being enacted.

      All the very best, see you at one of the meet ups sometime I hope, likewise everyone else on here, especially those that I met at the Rally.

    35. chicmac says:

      Big question for me this week has been why now? Why have they decided to go with an emphatic double whammie (in their view) now? There is still plenty time for both the currency and EU membership issues to be played very positively by the independence campaign.

      The currency is bound to be a slow burning positive even if Scotland has to go for unilateral pound usage or even a new currency (Merk?). The unfolding real alternatives before the referendum are bound to instil anger in those who fell for the line.

      Meanwhile the EU bluff can easily be called simply by announcing that parallel talks with EFTA will commence after a Yes vote.

      Are they that panicked? Or do they know more from secret polling than is being revealed? Or are they just stupid?

    36. Edward says:

      A measure of much Barroso is a moron, he stated that it would be up to ‘the British and Scottish to sort out’ WTF
      He doesn’t even recognise that British can also mean Scottish. The guy really is a complete class A moron

      Of course the media are whipping this up big style, leading the charge is of course the BBC, making it number one news item on network. It’s also getting a feature on ITV News as well as Sky, with a completely moronic press review full of complete ignorance

    37. rab_the_doubter says:

      Once again the BBC conflating Yes with SNP and framing the debate in an ‘all major parties vs SNP’ style. My once huge respect for the BBC is at an all time low.

    38. Morag says:

      Lanarkist, sorry for the confusion. I must indeed be thinking of Lanarkian.

    39. James123 says:

      Has the media onslaught against independence reached a crescendo this week? They’ve really been all guns blazing this week, the Osborne fiasco backfired badly and it will be interesting to see how buffoon Barroso’s intervention will be received.

      These were perceived as two big weapons in the No campaign’s armoury and they’ve probably both gone down with a whimper rather than the big bang they were expecting. So if these two have failed what else have they got?

    40. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Chic –

      BT have, in desperation, opted to use the big guns.

      They haven’t worked.

      No doubt you’ll have seen this a thousand times, but it’s still thrilling:

      ‘That was no phantom punch…’

    41. liz says:

      Hi, Barrosa main item on all news.
      I ended up giving them the finger. totally fucked off but don’t get angry get voting yes.

      Received a leaflet thro the door today on a scale of 1-10 how likely are you to vote yes, 10 circled and sent off.

      Will now be spending summer hols campaigning in any form. I haven’t joined a campaign yet but live in south side glasgow/east ren.

      Any suggestions as to which is best to join would be welcome.

    42. Lanarkist says:

      Moray, no worries, glad you got the message, best of Scottish to you!

    43. Edward says:

      I noticed that as well, in fact they stated it was Osborne backed by three parties (isn’t Osborne a member of one?) against the SNP
      I don’t have any respect for the BBC what so ever, to me they are just dirt
      I will be happy to see a future Scottish Broadcaster tell the BBC to fuck off if the BBC try and hike pricing for programmes. I notice on some blogs that the BBC may hike prices when they sell to a future Scottish Broadcaster. What they don’t understand is that the BBC are not the only game in town!. Note the BBC in London will be loosing £ 130 million plus revenue, they really need to sell programming, but if they want to be stupid, like I see we can play hard ball.
      In addition we should have the cojones to asset strip the BBC in England and Worldwide.

      Think you get the idea , I don’t like them

    44. Lanarkist says:

      Morag., so sorry, bloody iPad and predictive text.

    45. Alba4Eva says:

      I got run over by truth one day… from this day on its’ grow or pay…

    46. jingly jangly says:

      Was in my van today with two friends, one DK one soft No. When it came on the Radio 2 News that Barroso said we weren’t getting into the EU, the No immediately said great I might vote Yes now, the other said it did not bother him either way. Whilst according to the Polls there is a majority for staying in Europe, there is still a big minority for not being in Europe. If this and the currency union are their trump cars, they are in bigger trouble than I thought…

      Maybe a good question for the next panelbase poll, ask what preferred option is between full membership, efta or out.

    47. James123 says:

      Watched the interview John Swinney had today on the Sunday Politics. It was the usual claptrap and lies from rabid pro-Unionist Andrew Neil. Such as the Spanish foreign minister had threatened to Veto Scotland’s membership of the EU, no he didn’t he said the exact opposite and that Scotland would have to join the Euro, no we wouldn’t that’s impossible.

      But the best part of the interview for me was when Neil suggested it had been a terrible week for the Yes campaign. The smile on Swinney’s face said it all.

    48. msean says:

      Do the upcoming Euro elections herald a change at the top in Brussels,maybe they got Barroso in before he is dumped.A new guy might want to do things differently.

    49. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Both the issues are fairly far down the list of voter’s priorities but the unionists are trying to spread doubt about the wisdom of theYES campaign.

      Plenty of time to let everybody know we can use the pound if we like and they can’t stop us and stating that we are entirely confident that in the EU like Denmark or out like Norway Scotland will manage just fine

      What continues to happen is that Better Together is destroying its support among informed and intelligent people, is showing its panic and is hoping that frightening half wits will win them the battle

    50. Alan Mackintosh says:


    51. Marcia says:

      The BBC are good with repeats, we had the same EU scare story months ago.

    52. Morag says:

      What continues to happen is that Better Together is destroying its support among informed and intelligent people, is showing its panic and is hoping that frightening half wits will win them the battle.

      This, a thousand times. However, this could be a bad miscalculation. Working class and poorer people are already inclined to a Yes vote. If they destroy their support among more middle class voters it will go ill for them.

      A big problem for them is going to be the contrast between the campaigns. In the end, who do you want to side with? The nasty shouty threatening frightening people who seem to wish you ill, or the people who are being calm and reassuring?

      A Yes vote turns Osborne into somebody else’s problem at a stroke, and I think some people will find that an attractive proposition.

    53. Calum Craig says:

      Not again…

    54. Calum Craig says:

      A Yes vote turns Osborne into somebody else’s problem at a stroke, and I think some people will find that an attractive proposition.

      Exactly Morag.

    55. Cindie says:

      @Morag – 11:55pm I think that they underestimate how well informed a large minority of the electorate are. The referendum will be won thanks to Wings and so many other sites, we have an enormous resource, which is referenced and exhaustively linked. Anyone showing any interest can be directed to find out more and many of us on this site now know far more about the issues than many so called journalists, plus, if we don’t know something we know where to look or who to ask.

      I think that, thanks to the internet and all of the dedicated people who have been building these resources we can and do counteract their assertions.

      That’s why the BBC continues to pump out such rubbish and why ‘Cybernats’ are so hated.

    56. Morag says:

      Cindy, in spite of what you say, my heart longs for something positive on TV. There has been not one single news story highlighting a good thing about an independent Scotland. No documentary exploring what we might do with this reborn country of ours.

      I expected the negativity, but I didn’t expect the exclusivity of the negativity if you see what I mean. I think I expected that there would be positive stories to set against the scaremongering, and that there would be visionary programmes as well as Brit-Nat tat.

      In my naivety, I even imagined that past betrayals would be highlighted, and people would get to know about the 40% rule and the McCrone report and the rest of it, from journalists eager to cover the full range of issues.

      Well, I know better now. We have to go round them, hard though it is.

    57. jethro says:

      How do the London establishment react when someone from Europe tells them they have to jump? Do they grovel and ask ‘how high’, or do they all run foaming at the mouth to that nice Mr Farage? So their latest great idea is getting some has been from Europe to wave a big stick at us? With enemies like these, who needs friends?

    58. velofello says:

      Frightening half wits is a wee bit strong Dave McEwan Hill. Smug, complacent, and disinclined to enquire, without vision or ambition, leaves room for them to manoeuvre to Yes?

    59. heedtracker says: is one of the BBC’s finest pack of vote no lies but the Treasury dude is on nearly £200 grand a year apparently to come up with vote no stuff like this

      “1. Uncertainty – The Scottish Government is leaving the option open of moving to a different currency later – “Imagine what would have happened to Greece two years ago if they had said they were contemplating reverting to the Drachma” He’s probably advised the Flipper too and may do so again but its an odd analogy by a Whitehall mandarin that watched English cities riot for days a couple of years ago.

    60. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      velofello at 12.28

      You’re right,probably but there is nothing more annoying than a half-wit who doesn’t know it.
      I would never think of describing any individual person as a half-wit. You allow them to arrive at that opinion of themselves by themselves.

      It’s quite easy to do.
      “See that wee Wullie over there. You’ll no believe it but he thinks England is hanging onto Scotland to subsidise us”
      “Oh.Does he?”
      “Aye. Doesn’t matter how often you show them the actual figures he cannae understand them.”
      “Can he no?”
      “Naw, he cannae. Just as well you and I know differently eh?

    61. Patrician says:

      To all those depressed with the negativity shown this week, you better get used to it. This is them just getting started. It is going to get much, much worse from now on, hard as that might be to imagine.

      Just ignore it, it is being deliberately pushed to dispirit the people on the YES side. I also think it will be to try to get some of the more hot-headed on both sides to lash out.

    62. Morag says:

      It’s not the negativity that depresses me, it’s their absolute refusal to show anything positive to counterbalance it. But you’re right, we just have to grin and bear it.

    63. The Man in the Jar says:

      I am just catching up on today’s posts. I notice that there are quite a few comments regarding Europe and Barroso.

      The “Wee Ginger Dug” blog as usual has a response to the latest flurry from Mr. Barroso.

      Wee Ginger Dug has an very good insight into Europe and Spain in particular. I find it an excellent source for information regarding Barroso`s bullshit. Worth checking out!

    64. James123 says:

      I know what you mean. It would be nice even to have just one mainstream media outlet that was either balanced or pro-independence. Just one newspaper, or just one TV channel that had a positive message about our future under independence. But we can take comfort in the fact that the constant negativity isn’t working, in fact it’s having the opposite effect.

    65. The Man in the Jar says:

      Cheer up guys!

      How about just after we win in September we hire a few of those open-top busses they have down in London. We get them done up in our own GIRFUY livery and drive around London all day while having an on-board party. We could drive past Westminster, Whitehall, Buckingham Palace (optional) Wembley I`m sure that readers can think of a few additional places of interest to add to the list. 🙂

    66. Jamie Arriere says:


      On that same theme, imagine on I-Day March 2016, the ceremonial retreat of the Scottish MPs (hopefully mostly SNP) walking out of Westminster for the last time, and driving up to Scotland. We could hire a convoy of buses draped in saltires – imagine that journey!

    67. John H. says:

      All very cheerful on GMS this morning. Something must have happened. Is it spring?

    68. Caroline Corfield says:

      {cough} could the person who was selling the cybernat badges see if they sent me one yet? I have my bill showing I paid for it. You’d have sent it to Newcastle, in the name above. Ta.

    69. Gus says:

      The positive stories on independence should be along soon according to the BBC College of Journalism views on impartiallity.

    70. scottish_skier says:

      Anyway, reflecting on the currency issue… how do folks rate our chances of Devo Max if we vote no?

      Thought so.

    71. scottish_skier says:

      back to the future

    72. Another Union Dividend says:

      BBC Call Kaye prog discusing whether Scotland “will get back in to Europe”.

      Is this just BBC ignorance like Andrew Marr’s failure to challenge Barroso or is it the words of Lord Foulkes “but they are doing it deliberately”.

      Worth reading Derek Bateman on Barroso and BBC

    73. Another Union Dividend says:

      Alex Salmond will be addressing 100 business leaders in Aberdeen while as a PR stunt Mr Darling will focus on the currency issue today in Edinburgh, where he is hosting a discussion in a city coffee shop this morning.

    74. Calgacus MacAndrews says:


    75. Fergus Green says:


    76. Edward says:

      Apparently Scotland is not in the EU, then I suppose this office hasn’t existed since 1975

    77. john king says:

      waiting for a callback from good morning Scotland re Barossos point that Scotland will find it diffulcy (if not impossible ) to retain membership of the EU I will argue the east Germany gain accession without a murmer in spite of not meeting the (and that where I forgot the phrase help ) Aquis

    78. Roll_On_2014 says:

      Decent article in the Grunard about Borroso by John Palmer.

      Barroso’s remarks on Scottish independence are as ludicrous as his record in office.

      No comments… yet.

    79. Robert Louis says:

      So, today, we can now see what the BBC state propagandists are up to. Over the weekend, we had Andrew Marr exhibiting utter incompetence in his ‘interview’ with Portugal’s Right wing failed politician, Barroso, re-hashing comments he has made previously. The fact that most of what he said was utter bull, seems to have escaped the BBC propagandists. Totally false statements regarding Spain were made, and left unchallenged

      This morning on BBC News, the BBC propaganda man in London whilst talking of Alex Salmond’s speech on the currency later today, raised the issue of the EU, and said words to the effect of, ‘so Salmond MUST address this new intervention regarding the EU today in his speech as well’.

      See what they have done. I guarantee, that in questions after the Speech, the BBC will ask about the EU. It is a quite deliberate attempt to dilute his speech focus on currency, so there cannot be such a strong message, to dispel the lies of Bullingdon boy George Osborne.

      To describe the BBC in its anti independence propaganda as machiavellian, would be way too generous. They are much, much, worse.

      Of course any REAL journalist, with a little checking, especially Andrew Marr, would realise none of this politicking from Barosso is new;

      In addition, much of what the man has said has been shown up as tosh, by some HARD FACTS;

      I do wish people like Andrew Marr would try justifying their over inflated BBC salaries, by at the very least getting up to speed on matters, and REMEMBERING their own channel’s identical political interviews.

      The more of this doom mongering from London and their BBC puppets I see, the more I know we will win. People are starting to see just what corrupted anti Scotland institutions Westminster AND the BBC really are.

      Anyway, knowing how ‘impartial’ and ‘balanced’ the BBC are, I am looking forward to full live coverage of the First Minister speech on both SKY and the BBC today, equivalent to the coverage afforded to George Osborne last week. That will happen, won’t it??

    80. HandandShrimp says:

      Was quite taken by the lady (forgotten her name) on GMS continually referring to Barroso as Josie.

      There is a fantastical desperation about the whole No onslaught at the moment.

      Scotland, an area of Europe that has been in the EU for 40 years, is the only country in Europe that would find it impossible to join the EU? What are we? A country whose human rights record makes North Korea look like California? A nation of flesh eating Zombies that has to be quarantined?

      If I was someone who actually cared if we are in the EU or not I might be annoyed but my inclination is to tell Barroso to sling his hook. With friends like Barroso and Rompuy we don’t need to look for enemies.

    81. john king says:

      As it happens I aws asked my voting intentions (to keep the phone in balanced ye ken ) stupidly I told the girl

    82. HandandShrimp says:

      Alex Salmond will be addressing 100 business leaders in Aberdeen while as a PR stunt Mr Darling will focus on the currency issue today in Edinburgh, where he is hosting a discussion in a city coffee shop this morning

      Be a shame if a lot cybernats wanted a coffee about then 🙂

    83. Calgacus McAndrews says:

      @Linda’s Back

      Re your link to the Newsnet piece on the grave that the BBC are digging for themselves, we are indeed living in interesting times.

      The curtain is coming down on the British Empire.
      Broken Britain is splitting.
      The BBC are committing ritual suicide.

      I blame the Cybernats!

    84. HandandShrimp says:

      Mr Palmer’s article in the Guardian is played with a straight bat. Probably the most sensible neutral piece I have seen on the topic.

      Alex Salmond would do well to note its contents if journalists try to derail his talk on currency. We know Westminster have been touting for foreign politicians to back them in talking down a Yes vote. It seems to me that Barroso is one of the few listening to them.

    85. kininvie says:


    86. mato21 says:

      Morning call

      Callers this morning were 15 for yes 4 for no and 2 I was not sure about

      Where do they get the poll figures from as these numbers are typical of what happens every morning Are the yes voters just more confident that they phone in?

    87. jdman says:

      And there we go , after the news and the conversation has changed to business, so I didnt get to ask Bliar McDougal how he can square Barroso’s empty posturing with East Germany’s accession without a murmur never having been in the EU but a country that’s been in it for 40 years would be unceremoniously dumped,but hey it seems McDougal was off on his roller skates after answering about two questions anyway, moving target and all that.

    88. Calgacus MacAndrews says:


    89. Iain says:

      ‘Mr Darling will focus on the currency issue today in Edinburgh, where he is hosting a discussion in a city coffee shop this morning’

      Is it this one?

    90. jdman says:

      “Callers this morning were 15 for yes 4 for no and 2 I was not sure about”

      What about the SNP voter for no because he wouldn’t vote yes on Alex Salmond’s watch?

      Yea because independence referendum’s are like buses you wait ages, and then three come along at once,
      a comment I hope he doesn’t live to regret.

    91. Flower of Scotland says:

      Alex Salmond addressing business leaders BBC NEWS 11o,clock !
      Cameron got his friend Barusso to do the job on Scotland ! I suspect we will see something NO everyday now until Sept 18 th ! Well just have to ignore it . It’s meant to frighten and frustrate !

    92. liz says:

      I’m still not willing to forgive the guardian even if they have a positive article.

      Their weekend editions were disgraceful.
      Kevin McKenna wrote a very good article which was immediately covered in a lot of BritNat crap CiF.

      You had the odd outsider saying something slighly supportive and they were then personally trashed – no attempt at engagement.

      I’m not sure if they realise but I think the UK’s reputation is going to get a pounding.

      People abroad, I think had this idea of fairplay and integrity about the UK – I think they will all be seeing it in a different light now.

    93. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

      @mato21 says:
      Where do they get the poll figures from as these numbers are typical of what happens every morning Are the yes voters just more confident that they phone in?

      Just wait, the NO-voters are hanging fire until the POSITIVE CASE FOR THE UNION is announced by BT.
      (Surely it must come soon?)

      Once BT make the big long-awaited announcement (fitting it in somewhere between all Fearbombing dates in their diary) the Morning Call phone lines will be well and truly JAMmed by excited positive No-voting types.

      Don’t hold your breath though …

    94. mato21 says:


      And the poor deluded woman who said if it isn’t broke don’t fix it

      I actually felt quite sorry for her when I heard her saying this

      Her comfortable life is certainly not down to Westminsters policies, and a No vote will not take long for this to become clear

    95. Edward says:

      Listened to the Call in programme on BBC Radio Scotland
      this morning
      Did we learn anything new?
      Well there seemed to be a lot of reference made that Barroso is ‘only’ a civil servant , that was mentioned by Bliar McDougall a number of times, to infer that Barroso didn’t have an agenda and that Barroso is ‘only’ saying how it is.
      Fact is Barroso isn’t a ‘civil servant’ in the same we as our civil servants are , he is a political appointment to head the commission.

      Second observation that really grinds my gears, is the No campaign and Bliar McDougal getting away with the ‘Scotland is leaving the UK’ mantra unchallenged. Really I am pissed of with this crap and should be challenged
      Scotland is ending the union its ending the 1706 treaty (no it was not the 1707 Act of union, that was a ratification of the treaty)that created the United Kingdom of Great Britain. The Great Britain part meaning, according to the treaty, England and Scotland. So no one is leaving ANYTHING Scotland will END the UK, so BOTH England and Scotland will be successor states.
      The unionists like to make great play of Northern Ireland is a nation that is part of the UK. Actually its NOT!! Look at your bloody passports and read out loud what it states
      The United Kingdom of Great Britain AND Northern Ireland

    96. Peter Macbeastie says:

      Yes, as pointed out several times, the President of the European Commission is indeed Portugese. Former PM of that country, in point of fact. But it’s surely an understandable error to assume he’s Spanish given his approach to the Catalan independence debate?

      Although based on that… you could also assume he’s a Brit since he appears incapable of staying out of ours as well.

    97. Desimond says:


      The open top bus around Westminster. Suddenly I remember an old school days History show called “How we used to Live”.

      In years to come, future Scots generations will hear about how we propped up Westminster and cry out “What were Scots thinking back then?”

    98. SquareHaggis says:

      Wee ginger dug has some fine analysis covering the past few days 😀

      Also, found a “unionist” site at

      Tried to work out what the thrust of thier argument is regarding their 59 seats in WM. Looks like they’d go if there’s a no vote and WM refuses to answer the question.

      Somebody with knowledge in this field may want to take a look at – though it is not a pleasant sight 🙁

    99. Helena Brown says:

      Well it has been some week and yes it has been a good one for YES. It has also been a week when I have decided to leave the British Media to itself. Totally fed up with insults and general rudeness. My bookmarks are all now for Scotland and Scottish Blogs at that, the BBC may get a very rude awakening this week as well. As we decide whether we should tell them to go to hell and back. I also noticed on Newsnet a commentator said he had sent Manuel Barroso a letter asking a few pertinent questions as I certainly would, like what and when do I and us Scots cease to become European Citizens?

    100. Cindie says:

      @Morag, I so agree about the negativity. I hardly ever listen to the news now on the BBC. I have no respect for them any longer, if they are so untrustworthy about the referendum then how can I trust them about anything else?

      The BBC and the rest of the media aren’t just letting Scotland down, but the whole of the British Isles. The result of the referendum is likely to be momentous, especially if it’s yes (which I truly believe it will be). The people of Britain are completely unprepared, they have no idea about how crucial a currancy union might be for the rUK, they truly believe that Scotland is subsidised, they are ignorant of the issues and they have no idea of the damage that is being inflicted by their own government. At least we have the hope and the possibility of something else.

      However, I do think that if I couldn’t check Wings etc for balance, information and a good laugh on occasion I would really be despairing right about now. xx

    101. Xaracen says:

      It’s puzzling that as of yesterday the WoS site no longer shows my username and email details, even though Firefox confirms my details are still present in the WoS cookies, and still valid.

      I wasn’t experiencing most of the difficulties others have reported until then, and now I also have to post something before I get to see more recent posts.

      BTW, Ian Brotherhood, thanks 😀

    102. Will Podmore says:

      Perhaps Barroso was invited because he had something important to say? When the President of the European Commission points out that Scotland would not automatically be an EU member, this is important – so important that Sturgeon and Swinney both have to comment on it.

    103. Tattie-bogle says:

      Has anyone written to the Eu asking from a legal point of view. asking what help can be given to you as you are a citizen of the EU and are under threat of your citizenship being ripped away from you

    104. heedtracker says: Start the week vote no Guardian style and their Barroso says you’re out of Europe too gets 5 million charming vote no comments. Quite a lot of of our friends in the south really do not want Scottish PR democracy for a neighbour but maybe if they insult Scotland hard enough, we won’t even need a referendum.

    105. jake says:

      Ok, so on the face of it there is nothing new in what Barroso says; it’s an opinion that he’s voiced before.
      However what is important is that he recognises that this IS a political matter and not a legal one. Of course he falls short of saying which member country will vote to veto Scottish membership. Personally I don’t think it will be Spain. To my mind it’s much more likely it will be one of the smaller, newer ones. One where small crumbs of economic comfort and reassurance from the EU might be welcome. You’ll rember that Barroso was a prime mover in persuading Ireland to have a 2nd referendum because the EU didn’t like the outcome of the first…you’ll also remember that conveniently at the same time Ireland got almost 15M Euros to assist them with economic regeneration after a factory closure in Limerick. I for one will be watching with interest for any signs of convenient political of economic generosity that any country wielding a veto might benefit from

    106. HandandShrimp says:

      Ctrl F5 thingy doesn’t work for me

    107. Macart says:


      They are so setting themselves up for a big fall Heed.

      On a YES vote their world will be turned upside down in an instant as UK gov struggle to explain to their electorate just why the Scot govs measures are being implemented.

      On a no vote the social carnage will be so awful the repercussions and social division will be felt for years to come.

      Westminster is playing an extremely dangerous and foolish game with the public, but whatever happens (and I believe we’re on our way to a win), Westminster and the media will have lost the trust of the electorate on both sides of the border. They’re screwed, they just don’t know it yet.

    108. Papadocx says:

      @mato21 says:

      Well put the poor deluded selfish soul.

      The other tragedy was the avid SNP supporter who was voting NO because of Alex Salmond, Nicola Sturgeon, Kenny McKaskill and the removal of the corroboration law.



    109. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      @ Cindie

      He must the BT R & R Clinic?

    110. Bugger (the Panda) says:

      Regarding José Barosso

      He was actually a Maoist some years ago, so I have been told.

    111. Mary Bruce says:

      Dear Mr Barosso,

      As a citizen of the EU, can you confirm that there is no legal process to remove my EU citizenship in the event of a yes vote in September’s referendum and therefore any removal of said citizenship is in fact illegal. Can you suggest a reasonable amount that I might sue you for in the event of you removing my EU citizenship illegally?

      Your sincerely


      Who is up for a crowd funded class action lawsuit then?

    112. msean says:


      Excellent point.

    113. heedtracker says:

      Hi Macart, you’re right but it is fascinating watching a progressive liberal British newspaper, the only one, writhe around in neocon England. Look at how they turned on poor old Brown, backed Clegg’s Liberal party then panicked after they showed they were merely toryboy chancers too. New PR democracy in Scotland next year is driving them bonkers with rage, envy and now they love future PM Miliband, very creepy abuse. I mean just passing the Mail, Express, Record etc on a newstand makes my skin crawl but et tu Guardian? 🙂

    114. Helena Brown says:

      Please may I thank Edward, just used the information to ask a pertinent or perhaps impertinent question as to what will happen to us citizens of Europe if we vote YES in September. I am I am sure about as fed up as everyone else with being told that we have to wait in Westminster asking, well I for one am fed up waiting so am asking as a private citizen now.

    115. farrochie says:

      Morag says:
      16 February, 2014 at 10:06 pm

      Twibbon campaign users.
      12 Feb 6688 YES 2002 BT
      16 Feb 6830 YES 2013 BT

      YES up 2.1%, Better Together up 0.5%

      I’ve looked at that, but it says it wants to post tweets on my behalf and follow people on my behalf and all sorts of scary stuff. I only want to add a Yes logo to my avatar.

      Morag, I have not experienced any scary things with Twibbon.

    116. Morag says:

      Morag, I have not experienced any scary things with Twibbon.

      Maybe not, but what they ask you to agree to when you sign up is ridiculous, so I haven’t. I’m surprised so many people have agreed to it, and conclude it’s not as draconian as it seems, but I’m still reluctant.

    117. Keith B says:


      Channel 4article and poll:

      Poll results:

      79% in favour of Scotland going independent from 2155 votes at time of writing.

    118. Will Podmore says:

      Keep up the censorship guys – to prove how much better you are than the BBC!

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