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Stay classy, Scottish Labour

Posted on July 29, 2015 by

You can kind of see why they don’t think Ian Smart is a problem.


Previous record-holder:


Still, those vile cybernats, eh?

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  1. 29 07 15 20:17

    Stay classy, Scottish Labour | Speymouth

238 to “Stay classy, Scottish Labour”

  1. Brian Powell says:

    I would say words such as rabid, snarling and frothing apply to these specimens.

  2. Well Read Ned says:

    Just let them gibber on.

    Reasonable people will see them for what they are.

    What are they?

    Deranged, embittered old has-beens.

    I can’t be the only one who isn’t remotely phased by getting abuse off Unionists on social media. I live in Glasgow, for fucksake and grew up amongst nutters who would stab you for a fiver. I’m really not scared of comments from eejits on the internet.

    I simply don’t care if someone calls me a “separatist cunt” on the internet. It is middle-class snobbery elevated to an art form this “cybernat” gibberish.

  3. Stoker says:

    Michael Kelly, what did you ever do about child abuse associated with your former place of employment? You sniveling waste of oxygen!

    George Foulkes, what have you done about the child abuse associated with your current place of idleness? Despicable scum!

    HEY, i’ve just realised, Foulkes is a anagram of foul kes.

  4. Effijy says:

    George Fookes:

    Horse Meat with Red Tory rosettes fighting for Labour leadership, Again!
    14 year olds, and younger,sentenced to Food Bank survival after Red Tories vote for extra austerity measures.
    Orkney Liar and waster of £1,000,000 of public Inquiry money,
    allowed by Westminster to keep job attained by deception.
    SNP, the only solution available, offers Independence!

  5. HandandShrimp says:

    What an utterly weird thing to say.

    Is Michael going to lead a mob with pitchforks and torches to the driver’s house tonight? It sounds like he has declared himself judge, jury and executioner so he might as well.

    That has to be one of the most ill judged political comments I have seen in some time. The desperation of these people borders on insanity.

  6. louis.b.argyll says:

    They know better, these elder statesman.

    They choose to aim below the belt.

    They want to be victims of online abuse, otherwise why post such pathetic material.

    I’ll do likewise next post o/the..

  7. David Agnew says:

    Scottish labour once again demonstrating the foaming mouthed fuckwittery that got them kicked square in the nuts on May 7th

  8. Chic McGregor says:

    Slab could raise funds simply by doing their usual thing but calling it Theatre of the Absurd.

    Excellent op. coming up with the Fringe.

    Critics from around the World would be wowed at such a daring revival, at least until they sussed, no, it is just how they act all the time.

    “Waiting for Gordo” anyone.

    Bella would be jealous.

  9. donald anderson says:

    Whatever is wrong with Labour is incurable and no amount of English left entryism will ever reform the unreformable.

  10. galamcennalath says:

    There are a lot of reasons for Labour’s demise in Scotland. Some of the analyses go back long term to reduced power on the streets with council housing and industry changes.

    However, the BIGGY has to be that for the last 8 years they have forgotten that there is just a little bit more to politics than chanting SNP BAD!

  11. George S Gordon says:

    It’s the perfect anagram. No need to be a crossword geek!

  12. peekay says:

    Talking of our esteemed and noble Lords one thing that has slipped away quietly for some reason, yet again, is a comment Lord Sewer meade in the infamous ‘hookers’n’coke’ video –

    “I think there’s all sorts of things going on. Not in a great way – not with women. I think the real problem is with, you know, erm… boys.”

    *sniff* just makes you proud to be British, dun’t it?

  13. Legerwood says:

    Reporting Scotland in its report this evening dealt with the issue of why the driver was not charged – and in a pretty clear and measured way.

    The reporter said that the Crown Office when it took the decision knew the details of the driver’s health and that he had not declared it when applying to the Council. If they had decided to prosecute the driver then if he was called as a witness at the inquiry the judge would be duty bound to tell the driver that he should not say anything to incriminate himself.

    In other words he would have just said ‘no comment’ to every question as had happened in a case last year where a driver had run down two pedestrians when he lost control of his car.

    So the Crown Office had a difficult decision to make – prosecute and never learn from the driver what had happened or clear the way for him to testify at the inquiry.

    Perhaps the Labour people who have taken to social media to drum up a lynch mob should think about asking Glasgow Council if it has taken steps to tighten up its application process for certain categories of workers such as drivers so that they get permission to approach the applicant’s doctor to confirm he/she has a clean bill of health.

    Typical of Labour to try to deflect attention from their shortcomings.

    This was a tragic incident and it must have been horrendous for the family to hear today’s evidence but hopefully what has come out will lead to Councils and other employers putting more robust processes in place when vetting people for such jobs.

  14. Lochside says:

    Michael Kelly: Irish Republican/Brit nat; an angry man who ‘smiled bitter’ his whole life; who feared and loathed ‘the bunnet’ for averting Celtic from flitting to an asbestos site in the East End.

    Trust him to try to smear the SNP by capitalising on human misery. The only connection with rubbish in this story is him….a piece of human refuse.

    Talking of which..o/t Reporting Scotland had a nice line in Subliminal BritProp…item about Govan Shibuilders completing the totally useless Aircraft carrier had a nice red ,white and blue underlined heading which came up mysteriously from no where and disappeared just as quickly.

    The previous item about the completion of the new M8, surely a greater contribution to humankind and the Scottish variety in particular, had no blue and white strapline, nor comments from Big Old Bird about how ‘big’ the section only being completed and the ‘biggest on the Clyde for twenty years…..nearly as big as the Lying Institution on the same side of the Clyde if you ask me!

  15. louis.b.argyll says:

    ..the UK is forever washing blood off its hands.
    Hope wee prince George, his great granny, uncle Andrew and all their chums are feeling pleased with themselves.
    Saudi jets kill 65 civilians, you know the evil family regime who are the most regular of guests at the palace, he’ll be heir soon, arranged marriage predisposed friends, and God help him if he falls for a commoner.

    I blame the royal babies for most of the death and destruction we see, sure they’re babies now, they have tricked us with their cuteness, same way lord Fuckes tricks us with his mental agility. Those princes fight only for themselves and their ilk.

    Aren’t these dynasties supposed to self destruct when they resist progress….

  16. Dr Jim says:

    Every day of the week Mr Salmond gets asked that question and every day he gives the same answer

    So why now,why are the BBC and the papers dirtying their bottoms over this now

    Surely it’s about the settled will of the people and truth and justice for all and shit

    I mean we got 50% of the vote at the GE surely if 55% is an overwhelming majority at the Ref then 50% is worth another wee look Foulkesey Boy

    I don’t know how to answer the Crown Office Question
    Maybe best to ask Reichmistress Brenda to ask FeldMarschal Cameron vat he vants to doo

  17. geeo says:

    While i would be reticent to defend non disclosure of such a potentially dangerous health issue, is it any wonder that some people do not disclose such issues when it would clearly result in loss of employment and all the financial implications which go with that.

    Not to mention they would probably be hounded by the DWP to get a job after being declared fit to work.

    Having said all that, people lost their lives that day, and that should be the main thoughts of people, the family and friends who lost loved ones deserve a lot more respect than shown by the utter morons quoted here.

    This tragedy is not a point scoring exercise, there are No winners from this tragic story.

    Shame on them !

  18. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Scottish Labour really are a bunch of half-wits. Michael Kelly trying to make political capital out of admittedly disturbing evidence to have emerged during the ongoing FAI.

    As I understand it, an FAI is a legal process. Surely the matter as to whether or not Harry Clarke is prosecuted for his part in the six deaths is best left until after the FAI is completed and the report is in.

    Certainly the fact of Mr Clarke’s previous fainting episode when a bus driver is worrying. There appears to be evidence of him being somewhat economic with the truth in his answers to questions posed on his Glasgow District Council job application form.

    It may be that the Council’s systems were not as robust as they should be. But, to, as Kelly has done, immediately try to divert blame for what has happened onto the Scottish Government is not only petty – it reeks of typical SLAB arithmetic: 2 + 2 = 5. It’s the SNP’s fault.

    As for Lord Scumnock, as those of us from the surrounding villages refer to the burgh which gives George his title – he was handed his arse on a plate in a long-running Home Rule debate with Jim Sillars in the Cumnock Chronicle, 40-years ago, and he’s still hurting.

  19. geeo says:

    *By “utter morons” i of course mean kelly and foulkes..

  20. louis.b.argyll says:

    Smear campaigns don’t work when the population is educated. Daft buggers.

    Or should that be buggerers.
    Easy this abuse thing, just make stuff up and be rude about it.

  21. Lesley-Anne says:

    So we now have two non entities spouting off about the S.N.P. … allbeit at different times … class … real class! 😀

    Now if we could only find a member of the Labour party in Scotland who has NOT yet had the full lobotomy then we may actually get a common sense discussion going. Until such times keep spewing yer bile guys yer the laughing stock of British politics! 😀

  22. De Valera says:

    Back in 1997 when most people were beimg swept up in Blairmania, a friend asked why I had voted SNP. I replied, “George Foulkes”.

    The whole bunch are rotten to the core, another electoral kicking needed in May 2016.

  23. Taranaich says:

    That would be this Michael Kelly, yes?

    When Yes loses, as it will, its supporters should not be awarded the consolation prize of additional powers for Holyrood. That will simply keep the argument open and continue the slide away from the Union. Losers should lose. The dream consequence of this loss should be a steady erosion of Holyrood’s powers until it can be abolished and the previous efficient unitary form of government restored.

    How’s that going for you, Michael?

  24. Lesley-Anne says:

    Lochside says:

    Talking of which..o/t Reporting Scotland had a nice line in Subliminal BritProp…item about Govan Shibuilders completing the totally useless Aircraft carrier had a nice red ,white and blue underlined heading which came up mysteriously from no where and disappeared just as quickly.

    I may be wrong here Lochside but I was always under the impression that an aircraft carrier … ANY aircraft carrier … is used to carry … erm … AIRCRAFT!

    Now I know I’m only the village idiot on here but even I know that there are NO aircraft in the U.K. capable of utilising the vast acreage of flightdeck on these alleged aircraft carriers. Therefore I am only able to come to one reasonable conclusion … well I think it isi reasonable. 😉

    These two humongeous collections of steel … regularly refered to as aircraft carriers by the BBC … are in fact nothing more that a couple of oversized floating football pitches! 😀

  25. Stoker says:

    Haw kelly, who emptied the biscuit tin?

    For those of you not in the know, Michael Kelly is one of the objects of ridicule blamed by many Celtic fans for almost destroying their football club – THE biggest and most successful football club in Scotland.

  26. Juan P says:

    Decisions on whether to prosecute are taken independently of Government by the Crown Office.

    Not only are Kelly’s comments ill judged but he is either ignorant of how criminal justice operates in Scotland or feigning ignorance to try and score cheap political points off the back of a horrible tragedy.

  27. Democracy Reborn says:

    So, Kelly is effectively calling for political interference in deciding who should be prosecuted in Scotland?

    Isn’t that the kind of thing that happens in dictatorships?

  28. louis.b.argyll says:

    Re the ‘aircraft’ carriers having no planes…

    Taxpayers now own a giant barge, maybe we should send it straight to the middle east, take back the jets we’ve sold to various undemocratic dynasties in that neighbourhood and do us all a favour and dump them in the Med.

    Said dynasties will no doubt be back at the palace in due course to wine and dine the hag til she sends her son to BAE begging for a cheap defence deal for her worthy vulnerable royal friends..

  29. ggreig says:

    @Stoker That’s the most fiendish anagram I’ve ever seen! They huvnae a chance against the likes of us 😉

  30. Rock says:

    According to the polls 60% would vote for the SNP to run the country. 45% or so actually voted for them last time.

    50% just voted for the SNP to represent them at Westminster.

    Labour’s attacks on the SNP are an insult to a majority of the electorate.

    But then they always took the electorate for granted.

    I hope Labour support reaches 0% by the time of the 2016 election.

  31. Angry Weegie says:

    Just had a look at his more recent tweets. Every one a gem. It’s hard to believe any normal human could be so bitter, even for a SLabber.

  32. AndyH says:

    This is on par with all the rants of those CyBritNats about the SNP killing Charles Kennedy.

  33. Rock says:


    “Saudi jets kill 65 civilians, you know the evil family regime who are the most regular of guests at the palace,”

    Labour’s “most successful prime minister” blocked an enquiry into arms sales to the Saudis.

    Labour is rotten to the core.

    Tony “foreigner mother” Benn was always a fraud.

    The likes of Corbyn and Skinner should have left a long time ago.

  34. heraldnomore says:

    Corporate charges Mr Kelly. Employer liable. Who did he work for again?

  35. Stoker says:

    @ ggreig.
    That’s as good as it gets from me i’m afraid. Sudoku is my thing.
    Mind you, i did complete a Dirty Redcoat ‘Quicky’ about 15-year ago.

  36. Democracy Reborn says:

    Labour have a track record of nauseating hypocrisy over matters judicial.

    At the time the alleged Lockerbie bomber, Al Megrahi, was released on medical grounds [note to SLAB : he’s now deid], they were all over the MSM like flies round shit, denouncing Macaskil and wee Eck. A remarkable bout of selective amnesia took hold. It completely escaped their thought process that a certain PM Tony Blair had met the leader of the country (one M. Gadaffi) who’s intelligence services were allegedly behind the planning and execution of the bombing.

    Tony met Gadaffi in his desert tent. They hugged and shook hands. They ate and drank together. Tony wanted to ensure that UK business got in on Libyan oil production deals. Did Michael Kelly or the SLAB Justice Minister at the time condemn Blair for his actions?

  37. Harry McAye says:

    Are we certain it’s not a parody account? Reading through his tweets he’s only stopped short of blaming the SNP for Kennedy’s assassination.

  38. Croompenstein says:

    When are the SNP going to do something about this shit summer, I mean it is raining every fucking day.. Sturgeon must answer. Tourists will be put off coming to Scotland it’s time the SNP got its priorities right and got off their arses 🙂

  39. Hamish100 says:

    The Procurator Fiscal service is independent of the political arena as it should be.

    Kelly— brings it all back , Provost of Glasgow — what a surprise, companies paying a penny to clean the city chambers (outside) and going bust. The wheeling and dealing of labour …. Fighting with labour and the council houses riddled with damp. Similar problems with predecessors and council leaders. All council vehicles painted orange and green no doubt to save money!

    As with justice the Lockerbie Bomber — alledged tried in front of several judges– security vetted. No jury, evidence hidden. Tories this time, paedophile rings Tories and labour sit on the evidence , Iraq war. Labour.

    Current Inquiry taking place as we write . Could Kelly not be in contempt? I hope so. Can he be called as a hostile witnes!!

  40. call me dave says:

    Both beneath our contempt. They, on the other hand, in their sense of entitlement, cannot see the disservice they do, not only to the folk who are labour voters, but to all decent people in Scotland.

    I wanted a second opinion about it, so I went to the doctor. This is what he wrote.

    Mr Bateman’s back, all fired up too.

  41. Bob Mack says:

    Orkney firm in administration? Bloody Hell,the whole country is nearly in administration.Idiot.
    These lunatics have been part of illegal wars ,financial mismanagement on a colossal scale,plunging the whole Middle East into the abyss, and the list could go on all night.
    I despair.

  42. crazycat says:

    @ Harry McAye

    Unfortunately, having just read a couple of dozen of his tweets, I think it’s real. I suspect he’s beyond parody, as is Foulkes.

  43. Scott Borthwick says:

    Never heard of him. And from a brief look at his twitter feed, most of his followers haven’t either. An average of less than one retweet per post.

    I can only assume people followed him by accident and haven’t figured out how to unfollow.

  44. Albaman says:

    My turn to go O/T,
    As I see “Fluffy” Mundell is going to the aid of his old Scotland Office boss, going to offer the Shetland isles all sorts of powers, no doubt, with “you know how” standing at his side,
    Ah,the Westminster’s devide an conquer tactic brought out again.

  45. Paula Rose says:

    @ Croompenstein lovely summer – no snow.

  46. Lesley-Anne says:

    Think you could be right Smithie … at least these bi planes would be cheaper to build and could be built here in the U.K. 😀

    I’ve just been watching the news about the Calais fiasco and wouldn’t you know it I’ve had a wee thought … don’t worry folks my meds are on the way! 😀

    Why not stick all those trucks stuck on the M20 on these *ahem* barges then they can sail over the seas to France and be deposited in France. At least they would be useful! 😀

  47. dakk says:


    ‘time the SNP got its priorities right’

    Spot on.I’ve been saying for years they should be investing in a giant fan to blow the rain-clouds away instead of wasting money on crap like hospitals and bridges.

    We could turn Scotland into tropical paradise,easy.

    Maybe I’ll run for dictatorship on that ticket. 🙂

  48. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Haud oan a meenit, maybes we’re being a bit hard on SLAB.

    I noted a piece in the Guardian tonight, suggesting Donald Trump wants Sarah Palin as a running-mate for the presidency.

    Now, compared to those two – don’t Dippity Dug and Blow Job look like a competent twosome?

  49. smithie says:

    Croompenstein says:
    29 July, 2015 at 9:41 pm

    When are the SNP going to do something about this shit summer, I mean it is raining every fucking day.. Sturgeon must answer. Tourists will be put off coming to Scotland it’s time the SNP got its priorities right and got off their arses 🙂
    Croomp on behalf of the SG, i apologize. i am afraid we have not had the money to afford sunny weather. I hope you will appreciate we have spent all our money in trying to look after those that have nothing. So sorry pal, it may take a few years for us to get our shit together, but believe me the people do come first, and with you and others help we will make Scotland a nation again, in control of it’s destiny again -Smiley face x

  50. galamcennalath says:


    You guys ever thought of a career with Beeb? 🙂

  51. Still Positive. says:

    Paula Rose @ 10.04

    Just seen on one of the FB indy sites I am on that there is snow forecast in some parts of Scotland tomorrow – I am assuming it is overnight but you never know.

  52. Joemcg says:

    Wonder what slab got up to in the decades they were in power before such scrutiny as this site and others? I bet they were corrupt as fuck and shat all over Scotland behind closed doors. Thank christ we can easily expose them now.

  53. louis.b.argyll says:

    Labour may well be “rotten to the core”.

    But if Westminster is already rotten…
    …then failing political parties merely add their decay to the already infected system…
    …stinking sleaze, proactive privilege and budgets for misery abound, in the rotten pit that is the elitists’ profit-driven gene-pool.

    Is that online abuse? Doesn’t seem as bad blaming a respected political party for a singular rape or an actual accidental killing.

  54. Stoker says:

    dakk wrote:
    “I’ve been saying for years they should be investing in a giant fan”

    A giant fan, eh!
    Have Slabbore not just got rid of one of those, named Jim?

  55. louis.b.argyll says:

    Yes Labour did spoil Scotland over the last few generations, as was mentioned earlier, those whose parents and family were nationalists or supporters of independence were ridiculed and in effect locked out of community influence.

    This allowed the Labour Party in Scotland to operate their power and patronage without the scrutiny that todays Scottish parliament and council regulations.

    Rotten then.
    Rotten now.
    Gone tomorrow.

  56. call me dave says:

    Here’s a comfort. Five years of this kind of stuff. 🙁

    Hidden away in paragraph 2.103 of the “red book” (the budget) is the following sentence: “The Department for Work and Pensions and HMRC will develop protections for women who have a third child as a result of rape, or other exceptional circumstances.”

    In other words, a rape test will be introduced into our welfare law. The implication being that those mothers who can provide evidence of rape will not have their tax credits removed, presumably because they did not choose to have a third child.

  57. Paula Rose says:

    @ Still Positive Shhhh!

  58. Paula Rose says:

    @ Lesley-Anne 8:19 – sorted, floating world cup stadia!

  59. dakk says:


    Giant fan eh! called Jim

    That wouldnae work.

    Too gummed up wi glue 🙂

  60. Ian Brotherhood says:

    “…these guys, when they retire, always need a nice retirement niche.”

    What a clumsy sentence…but nowhere near as awkward as the belter he released today. Kelly crops up in this Newsnight piece, at 2.48, and at 4.06.

    Isn’t it strange how, looking at his coupon, some of us still see the beard even though he ditched it years ago? 🙂

  61. heedtracker says:

    Other end of this is BBC Scotland-
    So started watching Sarah Smith Scotland 2015 tonight do a Lords reform thing with “Lord Sewell resigned over a tabloid scandal” which is a pretty sneaky way of not saying out loud what he was doing.

  62. Midgehunter says:

    Snow in Scotland!

    Do you think you could send some over to Frankfurt, we could use it..? 😉

    For weeks we’ve had nothing but sun, tempratures up to 39-40 degrees with the odd thunder storm in between.

    At the moment it’s down to a cool 21-24c and at night bout 15-16c but at the Weekend it’s forecast to top the 30c again.

    Looks like the crop harvest will be down due to the lack of rain this year.

    Ah well (sigh), I’ll have to get my bronzed body back on the mountain bike again and fetch another ice-cream. 🙂

  63. Stoker says:

    @ dakk.
    Tea nearly all over the place, doon the wrang hole and back up
    through the nostrils, revolting.

  64. wee_monsieur says:

    Oh, Good grief.

  65. Still Positive. says:

    Just want to get your thoughts on a post I saw on a closed FB indy page today in which one woman claimed to have phoned the Scottish Parliament and was told that even if we vote yes in another indyref we will have to beg Westminster to agree to it. Most of us disagreed!

    One woman claimed that the Act of Union has provision to repeal it if there is a majority of SNP MPs or MSPs.

    I know Nicola said the GE wasn’t about indy but I wonder if the SNP members – the grass roots- could change that to what it was in the 70s – a majority of MPs in 2020 and MSPs in 2021 .

  66. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Lesley-Anne.

    With the lack of an aircraft carrier / plane interface, maybe they should be thinking of going ‘old school’?

    You can see the full (9 mins) newsreel clip here:-

  67. Tam Jardine says:

    I’m with Rock on this one.

    Was reading my wee lassie’s space encyclopedia the night about black holes. Apparently if an astronaut was to venture into one the gravitational field would crush him or her to the size of an atom.

    I’m with you on the fate of labour 2016. Mibbe not the size of an atom but effectively 0% support would do nicely. The list will save them of course but currently they are staring into the abyss wondering what the lib dems and all the unionist Scottish MPs have been sucked into.

    The single measure they could take to escape is by forming an independent Scottish Labour party with no cost and potential to save the ship. But they cannot change. Labour MSPs have had their chance to cross the floor or rebel, split or agitate to change direction.

    We can watch the USS Slab descend in under a years time. With Kez on the bridge.

  68. dakk says:


    Try doin it wi wine 🙂

  69. Dal Riata says:

    Talking of zoomers and abusers online and on Twitter, WTF is that Wings Over Bath site and the ‘kin eejit who runs it all about? On it, there is a link to a blog which, presumably, is written by the same guy responsible for the whole creepster shabang.

    So, then, continuing the assumption that it is him, what can you say, FFS… He copies statements made by Stu here on the WOS website and on the Twitter feed onto his BOS website to smear and sneer at… and that’s it.

    The guy is a parasite, living off a host (to its possible detriment), like hookworm or trichomonas vaginalis (which infects the genital tract of men and women). Contrary to normal professional opinion, though, the best treatment for this parasite is to ignore it, which presumably Stu does.

    His blog itself is an attack on all facets of Scottish independence and all who support that cause, and not just Stu and WOS.

    Dearie, dearie me, what a parasitic saddo.

    Love your work, dude!

    (Do note that I don’t give him the honour of naming him (Yoohoo! [waves]). No doubt he’ll be adding this to his collection of Cybernat ‘abuse’! LOL!)

  70. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Not unlike the NME pages Rev put up a few posts back, this PMQs from 1990 is well worth a look – Thatcher, visibly waning physically, but batting away Kinnock with no obvious discomfort nonetheless.

    But she’s getting some very awkward questions about the Birmingham bombings (presumably, this was just after the World In Action documentary) and, tellingly, the most awkward moment for her comes when a fellow Tory (close to the end of the session) objects to the Poll Tax. This is where the end of Thatcher’s reign was instigated – her ‘loyalists’ sitting on their hands while non-entity backbenchers and sundry other Tory losers lobbed hairy questions from directions she hadn’t been covering.

    It’s also worth a look just to see some well-kent faces, but a quarter-century younger (e.g. Foulkes – where is he? It’s a political geek’s version of ‘Where’s Wally?’!)

  71. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Still Positive at 11.58

    It would be useful if all our people were made aware that we alone decide how we are governed and this is the position endorsed by the UN.

    We take independence whether Westminster likes it or not as long as we follow an acceptable democratic process to establish majority support for it.

    A referendum is the most obvious and the most sensible way to do this but other countries have achieved independence legitimately through general elections or parliamentary votes.

  72. Tam Jardine says:

    Still Positive

    Robert Peffers would be able to tell you that we currently have a mandate to dissolve the union right now as the representatives if the people of Scotland (who are soverign) so decide. We voted for them and independence is their driving policy.

    It would be messy though – tanks on the lawn and fighting in the streets. The union only stands with the consent of the Scottish people – the woman is correct. But we need another bleedin referendum to do it without bloodshed.

    The repression of the will of the Scottish people was extreme at the start but it’s been boiling a frog territory for years and in my opinion to do a UDI would need a phenomenally aggressive move by Westminster or a crazy level of support amongst the general populous. 50%+ in the next indyref seems more likely.

    Where is Robert? Anyone ken if he’s ok?

  73. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Another great catch by Peter Curran, immortalised via Youtube:

    From February of last year – all about currency-related woes. Ed Balls appears at 1.15, eyes popping out of his head, and Danny Alexander quickly follows, looking like he’s been dragged through a hedge backwards.

    Michael Kelly doesn’t appear until 11.32, but from then on it’s pure mental so it is, with Ivan McKee and a’body’s favourite seffoligist, aye, for it is he, The Bold Curtice!

    Splendid stuff, which will surely be rare and much-sought-after in years to come.

  74. Flying Scotsman says:

    Has anyone seen the tabloid front pages on the news?
    Calling for Uk troops to be sent into France?
    Apparently people fleeing from a failed state which was created by UK/France/USA in the first place,just isnt on.
    ‘…….they arent entitled to share our way of life,afterall.’ was one of the quotes.

  75. dakk says:

    Noticed Robert hadnt posted for a while now which is unlike him.

    I’ll be glad to see his important contributions again soon.

  76. James Dow A voice from the diaspora says:

    Tam Jardine reply. To avoid the messy scenario you described Scotland need only draw up a friendship pact with Russia. I’m sure in gratitude we could offer access to our ports for their navy. Game over for rule Britannia.
    Russians have a high regard for Scotland and would both welcome and value an alliance as we should with them.

  77. Iain More says:

    You would think from the above rabid comments of Fookers and Kelly that the SNP had called another Referendum and set a date already.

  78. Truth says:

    Stormin Corbyn’ll sort it out.

    Oh wait, word on the street is he did nothing about child abuse either.

  79. bugsbunny says:

    Still Positive,

    Both the next Westminster Election and Holyrood Election are both in May 2020.


  80. iain taylor says:

    Kelly’s mouth & brain are only loosely connected. The contents of the latter are quite sparse, and (I suspect) now well past sell by date.

  81. woosie says:

    Just 2 of the valid reasons these mugs, and others of that stamp, should be exposed and excluded from holding powerful positions in future. Only in british politics would fools like these have a voice.

    And did kelly, during his tenure as Celtic financial mastermind, tell Celtic fans that a united Ireland was a bad idea? I suspect this would have been at odds with his view on indy for Scots.

    Thirsty fooker, of course, was never taken seriously his whole career; hence the peerage.

  82. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Appeals if covered above. I’m in a rush.

    Is the Crown Office a politised department of the Scottish Government?

    That is to say is it directed by the government of the day?

    That would be an edge towards a Police State?

    Is that how Michael kelly sees our Justice system, politicised and directly under the control of a politician?

    Beware Kelly and Labour’s direction of travel. T

    This does not bode well.

  83. Nana Smith says:

    O/T links

    While some children in the UK go to bed hungry, wee Georgie gets an £18,000 wendy house

    TTIP puts profit before people: is that the food future we want?

  84. Still Positive. says:

    Thanks Dave and Tam for confirmation of what I think is the case.

    Bit worried about Robert Peffers like others. Hope he is OK.

  85. Robert Kerr says:


    Front page of the National is a belter.

    Farron has raised Carmichael from the dead.

    Looks like we need a silver bullet! And I thought we would win by the ballot!

    As Foreign Affairs for Libs he will go face to face with Alex Salmond!

    More popcorn please!

  86. Macart says:

    @Tam Jardine

    Exactly so Tam.

    Just as crucially, the aim is a negotiated settlement carrying the majority with you. Get them round a table using the ballot to apply pressure.

  87. call me dave says:

    But the Scottish Labour Party can no longer turn to the big beasts. It falls to a new generation to take the Scottish Labour Party forward

    Ian Murray MP. in the Hootsman.
    Kinda still looking back though to those happy days! 🙂

    I’ll save the paper and ink with stamp and not write home to my mother about it just yet.

  88. ronnie anderson says:

    George Foulkes need’ent worry aboot horse meat dinners in the auld folks home HOS payed for by the Tax Payer, wie the amount of shit that comes oota that mans mooth he,s the Horse.

  89. GallusEffie says:

    Nana, on the same topic of child poverty, Forth One radio launching an appeal to get beds for deprived kids, £100 per bed compared with £18k for wee Dodie’s. Absolutely insane.8

  90. Maybe these two Labour clowns -Kelly and Foulkes – should explain why paedophiles in the commons weren’t prosecuted,
    when the police were allegedly informed of for example Cyril Smith’s activities?

    Or is it the case that different standards apply to those
    in the house of commons?

  91. Flower of Scotland says:

    Noticed a rise in Britnat trolls on a lot of Facebook sites. Especially Indy sites.

    Maybe GCHQ and the new Cyber warriors are getting going before next years elections!

    O/t Great links Nana! I’ve been making good use of them.

    What would we do without Wings to keep us sane. Great job Rev.

  92. ronnie anderson says:

    @ lesley-Anne Airfix are a prolific producer of all kinds of aircraft.Brigade 77 could build them on the nightshift,job done & at alot less cost ha ha rule britania ( that ah 12inch rule BTW)

  93. Ken MacColl says:

    It is worth reflecting that those individuals are both deeply entrenched members of the UK establishment. Kelly is a Knight of the Realm and Baron Foulkes of Cumnock is an enthusiastic member of the House of Lords.
    What they say is what you would expect from such sources.

  94. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Robert Kerr –

    National front page should be up for a prize – now we know that Carmichael in drag would look like Jackie Baillie. It’s uncanny.

    I’m going to pin it up on my wall and throw furniture at it.

  95. Robert Peffers says:

    I’m rather busy just now, so I’ll be brief.

    Under the independent Scottish legal system the people of Scotland, (and neither the Crown nor the UK government), are sovereign.

    So they will not be telling the People of Scotland when, or if, we may be allowed to hold a referendum.

    We, the sovereign people of Scotland, will tell THEM that we will hold a referendum and when we will hold it.

  96. ronnie anderson says:

    Of all Foulkes,s utterances the Vile Cybernat will long survive his passing PROUDLY A CYBERNAT.

  97. manandboy says:

    Scotland’s only Labour MP, to make an appearance in Morningside Parish Church, preaching a message of revival for the Labour Party’s Scottish Branch.

    For the first time, Murray reveals his prophetic gifts as he foretells a miraculous return to power in the Promised Land of Westminster, but only if the young generation of Labour believers turn away from the sins of their Labour Fathers, and follow the saintly Ian for the next 20 years of Morningside Parish Church based Labour politics.

    Life for future Labour supporters will include the daily chanting of Labour mantra, obeying Ian’s Commandments, and an unshakeable belief in political miracles. Hallelujah!

    A spokesperson for Mr Murray said that Independence was for dreamers and the feeble minded, and that by recommitting to corruption, the Labour Party will win out in the end.

  98. Jim says:

    Maybe these two Labour clowns -Kelly and Foulkes – should explain why paedophiles in the commons weren’t prosecuted,
    when the police were allegedly informed of for example Cyril Smith’s activities?

    Or is it the case that different standards apply to those
    in the house of commons?
    Maybe explain why three children are being tracked down by police for wearing Golly costumes at a gala day parade in Caithness, seriously, the hunt even made the Torygraph pages. Golly bad, never mind the pedophiles.

  99. heedtracker says:

    But the Scottish Labour Party can no longer turn to the big beasts. It falls to a new generation to take the Scottish Labour Party forward

    Ian Murray MP. in the Hootsman

    Got this far ” a defeat we hadn’t expected” Its nice that red tory SLab are so comfortable with hard core unionist right BBC/hootsman though. Without that lot of shysters propping them up and which election is only three years away etc etc.

    “Here we were, three years from the next election, just getting over a defeat that we hadn’t expected, facing yet another leadership election, emerging from a bruising internal fight over party reform,” he will say.
    “This was Labour at a low ebb, at a time when we could have easily descended into chaos.”

  100. Nana Smith says:


    I helped at a large charity which regularly sent out items to eastern Europe. We were shown videos and pictures from the areas which to be honest I would rather not have seen as I had many sleepless nights, still do!

    However over the last few years I’ve seen poverty on the rise here in our country and I’ve seen things which made me weep. More charity shops opening up but some are paying executives to chair and supposedly run their affairs and the renumerations seem to be rather excessive.

    The smaller charities such as Bethesda in Lewis is staffed and run by volunteers, take stuff in and sell it on or give away with no high pay packets for suits.

    That’s as it should be, keep it simple so that the people in real need get the benefit of what the public have donated for nothing.

    That’s a great cause, so here’s the link again

  101. Nana Smith says:

    @Flower of Scotland

    Good to know. Going away on hols soon, but I know wingers will keep posting links.

    As you say where would we be without Wings.

    I wish I hadn’t seen the national’s front page before going to bed last night, stuff of nightmares and now Ian Brotherhood has likened it to Jackie Bailey I see who it reminded me of.
    Thanks Ian another sleepless night awaits! Shudder

  102. GallusEffie says:


    I read the books years ago, liked them fine for what they were, but saw the first episode of Outlander last night.
    Similar high production values as something like Game of Thrones.

    Even though it’s just at the very start of the story, I can see exactly why David Cameron suppressed it being shown in the UK before the Indyref.

    Is there no element of Scottish life that the establishment won’t leave be?

  103. gordoz says:


    All Scots voters best look into this little England Anomaly to transfer of Crown Estate

    Absolutely WTF is going on here

    Watching Viceroy Fundily Mundelly flub-a-dub before Holyrood committee on 25th BBC Parl now

    Def worth a watch !!

  104. heedtracker says:

    Granted Ian Murray is quite thick but it would great to hear him discuss

    ‘The terrible disservice that Gordon Brown, Ed Miliband and other people in leadership positions did to the Labour party was that they trashed the reputation of a Labour government that lasted from 1997 – 2010. They not only trashed it by refusing to defend it, they disowned it.’

    Gun for hire and blue tory apparatchik MacTernan, Spectator, did Crash Gordon really disown his reign over teamGb future Lord Ian Murray of Morningside?

    Would Ian Murray not be the last ever SLab seat warmer if Crash and Milliband had actually defended the Bliar/Brown glory years?

  105. chris kilby says:

    Eh? WTF!?!

    “Scottish” Labour has clearly scraped through the bottom of the barrel and is now furiously burrowing its way to China.

    They never, ever, EVER learn.

  106. The Man in the Jar says:

    Re Wee Georges £18,000 wendy house. Did Marie Antoinette not have an entire mock farm built so that she could pretend to be a pesant. History repeats?

  107. chris kilby says:

    Sad, sad, sad.

    (At least they still have their dignity though, eh?)

  108. galamcennalath says:

    GallusEffie says:
    “Is there no element of Scottish life that the establishment won’t leave be?”

    If it’s Scottish, then it’s on the list for correction or suppression. British, British that. Union flags here, there, everywhere. Rule Britannia.

    They are failing miserably, of course. 🙂

  109. Grouse Beater says:

    saw the first episode of Outlander last night.

    The Tories got the series delayed until after the Referendum in case it influenced the vote.

    On the other hand, a false Vow made a few days before the vote is quite another thing.

  110. GallusEffie says:


    If you have the time, have a read around the #justiceforLB at

    It is not an issue of child poverty, but of systematic failure by ATU’s ( assessment and treatment units ) similar to Winterbourne that was on the TV.

    LB ( Laughing Boy ) was Connor Sparrowhawk, an amazing young man with learning disabilities and challenging behaviour who was allowed to drown, unsupervised in a bath in an NHS ATU in Oxford, following a seizure. This was July 2013 and his mum Sara is still fighting for answers along with a crowd sourced justice campaign, trying to get the “LB Bill” into parliament. The right for people with learning disabilities and their family carers to be front and centre of their life choices.

    The reason I bring it up, apart from the horror of losing a beloved child in an entirely preventable death, is the topic that you highlighted, which I’ve been thinking about a lot of late: the purpose and economy of big charities.

    When do they stop being the good intervention of someone trying to meet a need and end up having franchises like the Trussell Trust, employing professionals who can apply for grants and vastly overpaid CEOs/advertising. In the case of Mencap, we have been chatting about it’s split and success ( or not ) between its campaigning and providing services and is covered very nicely by Sara on her amazing blog, My Daft Life.

    I was a parent rep for a while for Contact a Family, and while I continue to promote their phenomenal helpline/database, it is another big charity that has lost it’s personal touch.

    I think that you are spot on. Keep it simple.

  111. GallusEffie says:

    So what you’re saying, in effect, that it’s my patriotic duty as a Scot to leave the ironing for an hour and watch the next episode? 😀


    Grouse Beater:
    One rule for us, another for MSM.

    I read the books with that wee pinch of salt I reserve for historic dramas, and sympathy for the horrors of battle and privation that people lived through, but the combination of the seeing the story, the acting and the music is pretty stirring, I have to say.

    Call me a sentimental fool.

  112. galamcennalath says:

    @Grouse Beater

    Outlander and The Vow. You have to admit they have a lot in common … Works of fiction with implausible plots which require you to suspend your understanding of reality. Better looking cast in Outlander, though.

  113. Dorothy Devine says:

    Gordoz, I don’t suppose that somebody’s pal is in to fracking and there is a possibility that beneath the whole thing is a wee bonanza for some business?
    Just a thought.

    I wrote on WGD that I am ” learning to hate” I’m not – I am being taught.

  114. Capella says:

    Prof John Robertson reports on Misreporting Scotland and Jackie’s valiant attempts to pretend that the Scottish Government and Nicola Sturgeon as First Minister don’t exist:

  115. Fireproofjim says:

    Well, if you insist. You are a sentimental fool!

  116. Clydebuilt says:

    @louis b.argyll. 29 July 8.59. The reason there are no UK aircraft for the “useless barges ” is that under Liam Fox the squadron of Sea Harriers were literally rgiven away to …….the USA…… Then to get planes we can use on the barges the UK are going to buy aircraft from ……the USA…… And they are going to cost a lot more than the barges. Many decades ago an old English aircraft designer told me that the USA was intent on closing down the British aircraft industry. Remember Lord John Reid , he sold off the Crown Jewels of that industry, Farnborough, to the USA well below market value. Within days of the first Cameron government getting into power with the deceased lib dems, Liam Fox got the Nimrod fleet destroyed (using JCB’s).
    Game Set and Match to the USA.

  117. Nana Smith says:

    @GallusEffie I certainly will read those links, thank you!

    Here’s Mark Frankland’s new blog…people power

  118. Muscleguy says:


    I veto the fan to blow away the rainclouds, where will the water for the making of the water of life come from then?

    Instead of giant fans we need giant wind turbines tall enough to reach the jetstream, always on power. The weather is because the jetstream has been destabilised by the warming of the Arctic. That is why we have alternately had either deep, deep freeze or mild and dank winters in the northern hemisphere of late. We freeze when great fingers of the jetstream settle over us sucking Arctic air down to us. We get the mild winters when we are between one of the fingers, while some other bugger gets frozen. One of these fingers is dragging lots of lows over these sceptic isles.

    IOW the current summer is global warming. Much of the weather cycle is driven by the temperature difference between the poles and the equator, the effect works even out in the depths of the outer solar system where sunlight is very attenuated. But fiddling with it on earth is likely to have nasty effects, like frequent superstorms. Do we punks feel lucky?

  119. GallusEffie says:


    haha! I asked for that, didn’t I?

  120. Capella says:

    @ GallusEffie
    You are certainly not a sentimental fool. Diana Gabaldon gave an excellent interview at the 2014 Edinburgh book Festival. She is a scientist to trade and takes her research very seriously. If I had to bet on accuracy between Diana and a Unionist Historian then I’d bet on Diana!

    Stuart McHardy also makes the point in his Livestreamed talk given recently on Scotland’s Future History.

    Scotland was under military occupation at the time and this is a part of history which is airbrushed away. That’s why we cant watch Outlander on MSM. It is still banned except on Amazon Prime.

  121. heedtracker says:

    Game Set and Match to the USA.

    The UK is merely the 51st state of the US war machine. Its much like Scotland and England, without any of real world cross border benefits like immigration etc for the plebs, although the Irish have a far closer relations with the US for all kinds of reasons.

    UK’s a giant American aircraft carrier and Westminster loves a good war too. ministers etc get treated very well for their endless cooperation with Washington, its not just Bommber Bliar that’s got more money than god now but a Scot is as much an alien foreigner to the US than is a Russian or Chinese.

    If Trident blows up in the Clyde, diddums. New Zealand stood up to Washington ages ago over nuke weapons alone but NZ’s not full of proud Scot buts, orange men, nutters at the BBC, all teamGB newsrooms and on it goes, UKOK.

  122. Dr Jim says:

    I was interested this morning in watching Nigel Farage explaining his position and taking questions from journalists on the in out referendum on the EU


    The question was asked about the affect on Scotland and Wales position given what we have said in respect to this

    As Mr Farage opened his mouth to answer the BBC decided to “Well we’ll leave Mr Farage there for the moment”

    So there’s the answer Scotland and Wales from the BBC
    We are probably less important than we even thought we were

  123. Nana Smith says:


    On learning to hate

    David Cameron is a racist fascist moron.

    Desperate people fleeing from war and persecution which he perpetuates and he says “swarms of immigrants”

    Oh yes I’m learning to hate

  124. dakk says:

    That National front page does indeed look more uncannily like Jackie Baillie after a bad oyster than Carmichael.

    But actually more attractive than either of the real things.

  125. woosie says:

    So libdemboy appoints Carbunkle as spokesman for justice! A self-proclaimed liar and slanderer. Such total disregard for the people of Orkney and Shetland, as well as all of Scotland, betrays a detachment and arrogance deserving of its latest election results, and future, I hope.

    I see Cleggie turned down a post. I hope a fall-out within the westminster party doesn’t ensue – that’ll mean 2 taxis home!

  126. GallusEffie says:

    Nana : not ashamed to say I had a wee greet at that blog, so glad that First Base is benefitting from renewed donations etc…

    Capella: thanks very much for those links. Shamefully I don’t know enough about Scottish history to know how accurate Gabaldon’s writings are, I assume authors broadly follow history with artistic licence to make the plot flow well.

    And history is one of these huge topics that I feel overwhelmed about learning because – where the hell do you start? And who is telling the truest or at least, the least adulterated story without becoming an academic about it?

    Any suggestions welcome, learned Wingers.

  127. Joemcg says:

    Austerity? What Austerity? Prince George gets a £18K Wendy hoose for his birthday. Let em eat cake.

  128. Nana Smith says:


    The crofters tale by David Craig very good on the Highland clearances.

    I’ve read lots over the years but this one sticks in my mind.

  129. While racism and bigotry should not be tolerated in our society, I think it is a complete waste of police time investigating a complaint about 3 children wearing Golliwog costumes at a gala.

    I am of the generation that was brought up reading Enid Blyton’s Noddy books which included golliwogs, I never equated the golliwogs with black people.

    When I attended primary school I was given a book to read about a little boy named Sambo who lived in the Jungle.

    While I understand that such characters in books are now unacceptable and offensive to people from ethnic minorities.

    My main concern however is that there are those who are
    trying to rewrite history and if future generations are given a sanitised version of history, then they will not learn from the past and could end up making the same mistakes.

  130. heedtracker says:

    The weather is because the jetstream has been destabilised by the warming of the Arctic. says July 30th, 16.1c at/near North Pole, the pc windows 8 weather app says Aberdeen 12c, 30 July:-(

  131. Fred says:

    Glasgow City Council has been under a cloud since this tragedy in George Square and has been keeping schtum. Now that it looks as if they might be off the hook we have this arsehole Kelly trying to make political capital from this sad business. The fact that the enquiry still in progress makes Kelly’s intervention despicable. Being charitable we can only blame decrepitude.

  132. gordoz says:

    Hilarious own goal by idiot now in charge of the ‘Dib Lemmings’.

    Garrulous clown appoints liar to role on justice / comedy capers right enough.

    Absurd decision (We’ll show them whose boss Al’ !)

    That lot deserve everything that has come their way.

  133. Fred says:

    @ Nana, all the best with the hol’s, off to Engerland next week myself & swithering whether to pack the passport for a dry-run. 🙂

  134. Big Jock says:

    How to twist the news!

    SNP urged to drop British Transport Police plans

    Who called for the SNP to reject this…..The police, The Courts, The people, the union….don’t be silly

    A back bench Tory MSP with an agenda against the SNP

    Once again individual opinion is offered up as official guidelines.

    Next time she dials 999 I am sure she will tell the officer they are in meltdown!

  135. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi GallusEffie.

    You may find these links of interest. They document what was going on re self-determination for Scotland, over the past 40 years or so, generally unreported by the MSM.

    There are also a pile of links at the bottom of the page below, after the article.

  136. Nana Smith says:

    Sorry Effie that should be On the crofters trail.

    Geez my brain is freezing along with my feet, its that flipping cold up here. Summer some summer!

  137. Dr Jim says:

    Are cabbage patch dolls offensive to white people
    Or Barbies Or muscular soldier dolls to skinny men or fat men even

    I’ve always thought it’s all a bit too stupid
    kids don’t discriminate only nasty minded adults think of these things

    Ethnic and religious segregation was the cause not kids

    If you don’t teach children they’re different they won’t be

  138. Colin says:

    So let me get this straight. Michael ( I screwed up Glasgow when in chage) Kelly is suggesting that a minister in Holyrood dictates what prosecutions take place? * Carlsberg dont make twats……but if they did”

  139. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi heedtracker.

    “The weather is because the jetstream has been destabilised by the warming of the Arctic.”

    And of course, all that fresh water from melting ice at the polar ice cap could upset the salinity of the North Atlantic, just where the Atlantic Conveyor (Gulf Stream) drops down for its return to warmer climes.
    From the link below:-

    “The evaporation of ocean water in the North Atlantic increases the salinity of the water as well as cooling it, both actions increasing the density of water at the surface.

    The formation of sea ice further increases the salinity. This dense water then sinks and the circulation stream continues in a southerly direction. Global warming could lead to an increase in freshwater in the northern oceans, by melting glaciers in Greenland and by increasing precipitation, especially through Siberian rivers.

    It is by no means clear that sufficient freshwater could be provided to interrupt thermohaline circulation; the Younger Dryas is a period where this might have been the case, although there is some disagreement as to its cause.”

    Also, on climate/weather anomalies:-

  140. Dan Huil says:

    Just when you thought rabid unionists couldn’t sink any lower…

  141. Nana Smith says:

    Haha Fred, that’s very good. Enjoy and hope you manage to find the sun.

  142. heedtracker says:

    Hilarious own goal by idiot now in charge of the ‘Dib Lemmings’.

    Garrulous clown appoints liar to role on justice / comedy capers right enough.

    God loves a sinner, even just one more big fat lying UKOK slob. Hate the sin, not the sinner, SNP bad.

    All together now,

    What a friend we have in cheeesecake,
    All our sins and griefs to bear!

    Rancid Graun’s fun this lunchtime as red tory con artists grapple with blue tory hopes and prayers

  143. louis.b.argyll says:

    liars liars everywhere…

    Get up my nose and in my hair…

    Polite, I rant to lay it bare…

    No need no more, it’s time to swear.

    Time to stick the boot into the liars, if we up the ante on the online abuse (using the very best of our language of course) maybe a judge will have to rule. He/she’ll have to follow threads and knuckles will be rapped on all sides…
    A price worth paying..?

  144. heedtracker says:

    Rancid The Graun sets the political zeitgeist on fire in their Scotland region, boosting last ever SLab chancer with 7 retweets, mainly by silly old Duncan Hothersausage. Ian Murray looks far more like a butcher’s delivery boy than shadow anything at all really.

    Sincere apologising to all butchers boys reading WoS and to sausages.

    Libby Brooks ?@libby_brooks 2h2 hours ago
    .@IanMurrayMP calls to a return to politics that is rooted in local communities; this is how Labour will win back the trust of voters
    7 retweets 5 favourites
    Reply Retweet7 Favourite5

  145. @Brian Doonthetoon

    That UN com. has been debunked many times as there is only one man involved a Mr Wilkie if memory serves me well. Red herring surfaces yet again.

  146. Jack Murphy says:

    Gordoz at 12:54 pm:-“Hilarious own goal by idiot now in charge of the ‘Dib Lemmings’.
    Garrulous clown appoints liar to role on justice / comedy capers right enough.”
    They have no shame,eight LibDem MPs,and one hundred and one (101) LibDem Barons and Baronsesses in the Upper House at Westminster ! 🙁

  147. Jetstream link for those interested.

    Jetstream Forecast

  148. GallusEffie says:

    Nana and Brian Doonthetoon – many thanks for your suggestions. Much appreciated.

  149. Legerwood says:

    Gallus Effie @ 12.53

    If you want to make a start on Scottish History then T C Smout’s two volume “History of the Scottish People” is a good place to start – available from Amazon in paperback. It is well written and starts from the 1550s or thereabouts.

    Then Professor Tom Devine’s trilogy is another well written set of books but a bit more detailed in some areas than T C Smout’s books covering a similar time period.

  150. heedtracker says:

    This is nice too. From Morningside, Embro, to infinity, Labour will rise to power, again, and then you’ll all be sorry.

    Odd that same hootsman creepshow take no credit whatsoever in their part in destroying the SNP guy that stood against a seat warmer like Murray and with the most ferocious attack campaign since the ongoing one the Press and Journal farts out, day after chilly day, at everything Scots democracy.

    I cant be arsed even reading Murray’s waffle. All that’s sure is he wont be explaining why absolutely all of his May 7 campaigning bumf had no reference in any way to the SLabour party.

    Its certainly an exciting innovation though, standing as the last Labour candidate but never actually mentioning it. “I nearly mentioned Labour but I think i got away with it.” Vote Ian, he’s nice.

  151. Dorothy Devine says:

    Nana, it ain’t worth it , indigestion of the extreme kind accompanies it!

    Have a lovely, refreshing holiday.

    Dr Jim , being of a certain vintage my favourite toy was my golly – he went everywhere with me.I would also claim to have no racist bones in my body.

    It is fascinating ,is it not , to look on words and objects once used on an every day basis which are now deemed unacceptable – for the better I hasten to add!

    That said I reckon expurgating words from Tom Sawyer ,Huck Finn and others , sent me careering out the door to Waterstones to make quick purchases of two other major favourites of my childhood.

  152. bookie from hell says:

    Jeremy Vine Show ha ha

    Cecil the Lion

    Two Scots they manage to find are on the dentists side

    aristocrat Monkton defends dentist

    Ian the hunter

  153. Famous15 says:

    LibDem liar and conspirator to be LibDem spokes person on justice matters.

    How can the “fruit of the poisonous tree” ever contribute to justice.Alistair Carmichael is a poisonous tree.

    Michael Kelly blames the Scottish Government for the bin lorry crash forgetting his own part in the tragedy as a former Labour leader in Glasgow failing to set up protocols to stopsuch s person being employed as a driver. Glasgow Council and First Bus blaming each other and the UK Government agency DVLA reissuing the man’s licence.

    The only way the Scottish Government could be blamed for lack of prosecution would be to smash the rule of separation of powers and become a dictatorship. I do not think Kelly has thought this through.

  154. Andy-B says:

    Labour just can’t help themselves when it comes to attacking the SNP, their members and in some cases ex-members are full of bitterness.

    They have very little power or credibility left in Scotland now, so the main recourse left to them and their peers is to try and degrade a SNP government.

    Jealousy springs to mind, when thinking of the Labour brach office in Scotland, they’re jealous of the SNP.

  155. orri says:

    Check the end credits of Outlander. That and a relatively recent documentary on BBC Scotland about various “historical” dramas set in and around that time leads me to a suspicion that Outlander was destined to be another “Tudors”. The kind of joint production that earns the BBC big bucks in foreign sales. If true that means the BBC withdrew after doing some of the groundwork.

    If anything that’s the only suppression that the Westminster managed. The letters between Sony and Westminster don’t actually hint at Westminster having anything to do with it’s release in the UK being delayed. They’re more about Sony mentioning it as leverage for changes in the law that would make it illegal to store copies of media you’ve bought online if there’s a commercial alternative, such as Spotify or Netflix for example. Similar to them making it illegal to make backups of CDs and, DVDs for use in your own player are covered by that ban.

  156. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi cynicalHighlander.

    (Thinks… must do more research…


  157. Nana Smith says:

    @Dorothy Devine

    You are probably right Dorothy, I do seem to be chewing on antacids a lot lately!

    Was never in my nature to feel bitterness or hatred but watching some people it’s difficult not to. Some of them have me literally foaming at the mouth, rising acid I guess. [reaching for another antacid]

  158. Marcia says:

    I found this amusing comment on twitter;

  159. lizg says:

    @ Heedtracker & Briandoonthetoon

    Interesting stuff about the jet stream messing up the summer
    But you haven’t told us HOW the SNP managed it.

  160. Capella says:

    @ orri
    Problem with that explanation is that Outlander has been broadcast on MSM all over the world – North and South America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, (don’t know about China) without any problem.

    Only in the UK is it not available for the general public to watch in a simultaneous broadcast. Not a single TV company bought the rights.

    In her Edinburgh interview, Gabaldon speculates that the reason was because of the Referendum. She thought Sony was very keen to sell the rights. Given that the action was set in Scotland, with Scottish actors, you would have thought it a popular series?

  161. heedtracker says:

    Uh Oh! Something’s upset not a doctor Dr Scott again. I quite like not a doctor Dr Scott. He’s down in England a lot and really really loves it too, which is an odd characteristic thingee about cringers and bettertogetherists.

    They should travel more, there’s a whole world out there, other than England, not that England isn’t a very nice little country, currently fighting successfully? to maintain ownership of their neighbour but loads of EU countries do that these days:D

    Scott Arthur
    Twice this week I have been retweeted by @kdugdalemsp and each time my time-line is invaded by #cybernat pondlife.

    SNP must harness haters.

  162. Robert Peffers says:

    @Jim says: 30 July, 2015 at 10:17 am:

    ” … Or is it the case that different standards apply to those
    in the house of commons?”

    For those paying attention, the Establishment’s Prime Minister is under severe criticism for calling the would be illegal immigrants at the Chunnel a, “Swarm”, but, Hey!, it’s all right for anyone from the establishment or from south of the border, to call the people of Scotland, “Sweaties”, or the SNP members, “Nazi’s”, or the YES voters, “Insurgents”, or the Independence seekers, “Cybernats”.

    What’s us put in our places then! Stop the World, we Scots want to get out of the UK and join the World.

  163. Graeme says:

    I think a good first book would be Kingship & Unit by G Barrow, that was the first book I ever read on Scottish history and it got me hooked, since then it’s amazed how little i was taught at school about our history, I remember being taught about the battle of Hastings Henry 8th, Dissolution of the monasteries, Civil war & Oliver Cromwell etc, all of it ENGLISH history,

    I was taught nothing about the wars of Independence, the battle of Bannockburn, or Robert the Bruce (other than a wee quaint story about a spider), the rough wooing the bishops wars or the covenators. Nothing about the Darien disaster (and our orangemens much loved King Billys part in it)

    That’s something I’d like to see in the next SNP manifesto that kids are taught something about our own history lest they grow up thinking King Billy was some kind of hero

  164. Graeme Doig says:


    ‘If it’s Scottish, then it’s on the list for correction or suppression. British, British that. Union flags here, there, everywhere. Rule Britannia.’

    I make a point of boycotting any product with the union flag on it. Pretty soon i’m going to have to emigrate if i want to eat.

  165. heedtracker says:

    Truly ghastly rancid The Graun puff for Ian Murray “major speech.” F only knows what his minors ones are like. Poor Libby Carrell, itching to say a failed party planner and seat warming bullshit artist is the next John Smith but not even those chancers dare even try and pull that off. References are enough for rancid Graun, maybe the seat warmer will grow into those giant shoes, like a clown.

    “It falls to a new generation to take the Scottish Labour party forward. I want us to look back 20 years from now, in government in the UK and in Scotland, and be able to say that when the burden of responsibility passed to the next generation we were up to the challenge.”

    And if not, he’ll be able organise all kinds of parties in Morningside.

  166. Dr Jim says:

    @Dorothy Devine


    Kids know nothing until their parents do the “No… that’s bad” thing along with “No… Burny”

    The only thing kids know is the look on their parents face or the sound of their voice

    Unfortunately it’s always been our fault
    Trouble is, we keep the programming up without even realising it and now that we’ve done the damage we’re overcompensating like mad to fix the unfixable stupidity of it all

    Society now has too many Faux outraged people in it (who are only being outraged for everybody else’s benefit of course) and the news media love a good nothing story to rile folk up over, saves actual news coverage though

    In todays society you have to be aware you’re not racist, bigoted, sexist and all the rest of it
    I never knew as a kid we were all so evil just as well there are always plenty of helpers to let us know we didn’t know we did or said something we didn’t know we did or might do

    Backside…. Vanish

  167. Fred says:

    @ Marcia, superb! 🙂

  168. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Robert Peffers.

    “Stop the World, we Scots want to get out of the UK and join the World.”

    This is a badge we came up with a couple of weeks ago.

  169. Clootie says:

    Their posts no longer matter. Nobody reads them and if they do they are not influenced by them. They now live in a political vacuum and are akin to a man in a padded cell screaming at the world in a rant.

    Ignore them – they are a mere decaying echo of another era distorted by time. One sees the World through the bottom of his whisky glass, the other speaks through his bottom.

  170. Fireproofjim says:

    Ian Murray’s ” major speech” consisted of a boring series of platitudes read fom a script. How not to engage an audience.
    No comparison with Nicola or Alex but to the BBC it was the sermon on the Mount. ( no, that was Broon)

  171. Iain More says:


    Sony itself came under political pressure from the Brit Nats to set back the release date so as not to clash with the Referendum. I haven’t watched the series so I have no idea if it is politically sensitive or not.

  172. Iain More says:

    I am in a perverse way enjoying what is happening with the Channel Tunnel since it was all in the end financed by Scottish Oil money or at least the Brit Nat contribution to it was. The irony of it escapes the ‘little Britishers’ at the BBC etc.

  173. gillie says:

    On the shocking evidence given today in the Glasgow bin lorry inquiry I would not want to be part of the ruling Labour run council in Glasgow.

    I suspect Michael Kelly will be ducking for cover.

  174. Socrates MacSporran says:

    In the course of some research work involving back issues of the Cumnock Chronicle, this morning I came across a piece, written in March, 1956 by the then local MP, the late Emrys Hughes.

    A product of the Welsh non-conformist school of left-wing Labour politicians, Emrys, who was Keir Hardie’s son-in-law, would aybe think Jeremy Corbyn a tad right-wing. He would think, I am sure, very little of the other three stooges standing for Labour Leader.

    Any way, in this piece, Emrys was writing about a West Minster Abbey service to mark 50-years of the Parliamentary Labour Party and making the point that the Party had in that time come from public meetings in Trafalgar Square to services in Westminster Abbey. he made the point it had also become afraid to offend and terribly middle class.

    Emrys went on to speculate that Labour’s next port of call would be the British Museum – approaching the 100th anniversary of the PLP, he is just about right.

    I note a couple of posters making points about King Billy. “Management” and I were recently in London and went round Hapton Court. The William and Mary section was very interesting, but, I ha difficulty reconciling the official version, as per Hampton Court, of King Billy as an erudite supporter of the arts and philosophy with the image given off by his present-day supporters in Scotland!!!

  175. Dal Riata says:

    Iain Murray, Labour MP for… Morningside and its environs. ROFL! Cracks me up every time that one.

    Edinburgh’s Morningside, staunchly Conservative, votes in a Labour MP in their deluded opinion that the Daily Mail’s ‘How to stop the SNP by tactical voting’ fraud would work in Ye Goode Olde UKe’s favour. And now they’re the ones stuck with Iain Murray, a Labour MP – Labour’s only Scottish constituency MP…

    Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Oh, the blessed irony of it all!

  176. chossy says:

    Were labour not in control of the council at the time? So having a go at the SNP is a little like saying sure yeah I shot the guy a couple years ago but you are in charge currently so it’s your fault.

  177. Luigi says:

    Dal Riata says:

    30 July, 2015 at 4:07 pm

    Iain Murray, Labour MP for… Morningside and its environs. ROFL! Cracks me up every time that one.

    Edinburgh’s Morningside, staunchly Conservative, votes in a Labour MP in their deluded opinion that the Daily Mail’s ‘How to stop the SNP by tactical voting’ fraud would work in Ye Goode Olde UKe’s favour. And now they’re the ones stuck with Iain Murray, a Labour MP – Labour’s only Scottish constituency MP…

    Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Oh, the blessed irony of it all!

    That’s all those unionist, blue-rinse babes of Red Morningside for you:

    Fur coats and red knickers. 🙂

  178. Petra says:

    George Foulkes the nasty wee hypocrite.

    George Foulkes vs the BBC

    Tommy Sheridan – Biased BBC on Radio 2 (15/9/2014)

    Ian Smarts brother’s opinion of him, the Labour Party and Jim Murphy.

    ‘’He’s (Ian) an ass …….he’s got a Disease called a Labour Party card … Lamont, Curran waste of space ….

    Jim Murphy … paid agent of the Israeli Government …..they’ll find him another job. He’ll no go hungry’’.

  179. Grouse Beater says:

    Fireproofjim: Ian Murray’s ” major speech” consisted of a boring series of platitudes read fom a script. How not to engage an audience.

    … and some have greatness thrust upon them.

  180. Dal Riata says:

    Dearie, dearie me, Murray’s speech is, whichever way you look at it, cringingly embarrassing in its pishness, or pure comedy gold… or both!

    From an article in the Guardian:

    “… he accused the SNP government of failing to take responsibility for creaking public services, “from the GP crisis to the shambles of Police Scotland”.

    “We need a government that isn’t just using Holyrood as a platform for independence, but as a way to change the lives of the people of Scotland.””

    This, basically, repeats the present SNP BAD mantra being pushed by the UKOK’s representatives, from MPs to journalists who have, just like magic, collectively decided to stick to the lies about the Scottish NHS, Police Scotland and Scottish education to try to discredit the SNP. And, of couse, it stinks like Labour’s Scottish carcass covered by Carmichael’s spew and Mundell’s pish.

    The Scottish NHS:

    Of course not perfect, but which health service is? The SNP has been active in investing in Scotland’s NHS. Was that huge new hospital in the south of Glasgow, built on time and under budget, all thanks to the generosity of Westminster and their caring-sharing concern for their Scottish partners in the Greatest Democracy on Earth [sic]? Clue: No.

    Schools and schooling:

    Regular guff about under-investment in Scotland’s schools. Yet Scotland, has, according to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), the best educated population in Europe! Ergo, that is one of the best in the world. Yes, there are issues regarding those from lower income families, but these have been ongoing in Scotland from before the Scottish parliament was even established.

    Police Scotland:

    Yes, not perfect, with issues of occasional incompetency and fuck-ups here and there, but overall doing okay. Oh, wait. Labour were supporters of the centralisation of Scotland’s police, were they not? Indeed they were. Ah, riiiight.

    Murray, being in a church as he was when making his speech, should have forgone nearly all of his verbal crap, stood at the pulpit and said, ‘Here is today’s semon. SNP BAD.’ Then waited for about two seconds before anouncing, ‘And here endeth today’s UKOK sermon.’, and walked out. It would have saved himself and the unionist media so much time.

    PS I can write this stuff BTL of an article on a blog on the internet, yet the maintainers of truth and justice in Scotland and rUK – yes, I’m looking at you, BBC Scotland and your friends in the print media – seem to be unable to tell their viewers something similar, even with all the resources, financial and technological, they have at their disposal. How.. odd.

  181. Les Wilson says:

    The furore from Unionists et al, are now showing the grounds the next ref will be fought on.
    Constantly belittle the SNP, and their supposed failings. Starting now and keeping it up (easy for them).

    Telling any lies they want with impunity, manipulate all figures that meet their agenda. Pensions, price of oil etc etc. Encourage anti SNP in the media as usual. They then have a starter for ten.

    It is just how we counter these things is our issue.

  182. dakk says:

    Robert Peffers

    ‘Scots want to … join the world’

    Glad you are OK and rejoined Wings World

  183. GallusEffie says:

    Graeme and Legerwood, thanks for those recommendations. Really appreciate it.

    Have written a wee list so I can work through them. Wonder if our library has any/all of them?…though there is a potential cull on libraries in Fife at the moment…

    Interesting bits of info re- Outlander. Didn’t watch more yet as I was good and beasted into my ironing. All done. For now.

    Nana, if I don’t see you again before you go on holiday, I hope you have a really good break. This summer has been so dismal. At one point I took 150 litres of rainwater off of our collapsed gazebo before we dismantled it. Just living the dream.

  184. call me dave says:

    @Robert Peffers

    Good to see your post. 🙂

  185. Ken MacColl says:

    Great report in The National today on McTernan’s comments about the possibility of Jeremy Corbyn successfully contesting Labour’s leadership contest.

    “McTernan, who was the mastermind behind Jim Murphy’s General Election campaign, told The Spectator magazine that Corbyn should not be allowed to be in charge of the party…….”

    The Murphy reference is masterly.

  186. Archie [not Erchie] says:

    O/T – Polls open and busy for two of the Aberdeen City Council positions recently vacated by 2 of our 56 at Westminster. My excitement bubbled over while windae-hingin as I noticed a grey rain-coated man lurking near the Polling Station handing out the occasional leaflet. [GUILTY]

    Emergency tweet to MSP Mark McDonald, armed with a moth eaten copy of the WBB and bolstered with the breastplate of Polling Station guidelines I ventured out into the wilderness of Woodside, Aberdeen to confront this ne’erdo well. My camera cocked, my reputation as a Winger on the line, I sallied forth in an expectation of a scene from ‘300 Spartans’. My last words ‘Oh Paula, I am but a fool.’

    Oh it was like standing in line again with Christian Allard and Tasmina ootside Markies last September as the protagonists faced each other across the cobbles.

    Approaching the silver haired elderly mannie I spotted a clutch of neatly folded newspapers and flyers in his grey mac pocket. [GUILTY]

    Resulting conversation went like this:
    Me – ‘Aye, aye. Which candidate are you supporting?’
    Him – ‘The SNP one of course ya dolt. Can you no see mah badges’
    Me – ‘Oh thats good [hiding my silver bullets]…can I get you a cuppa tea?’
    Him – I prefer gin…..

    Moral of this true tale – Windae Hingin has its drawbacks.

  187. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Les Wilson at 5.51

    Exactly, Lles. It’s about choosing the battles we want to fight and making sure we get to the people with our arguments

  188. heedtracker says:

    Funny because its true.

    “However, renowned democrat and proven election winner John McTearwan, writing in the Guardian, said: “Corby’s too much of a square to understand the beauty of triangulation.

    “He just doesn’t get that the Electorate in England is almost entirely made up of Tories nowadays. So it’s only by becoming truly Tory ourselves that Labour can hope to win any future elections in England.”

    Is there a bigger UKOK twerp than Macternan, what came first the twerp or the UKOK twerp.

  189. Socrates MacSporran says:

    Just been watching BBC Scotland’s report on today’s proceedings in the Glasgow bin lorry FAI.

    It appears Glasgow District Council has been somewhat lax in how it handles job applications etc. Proper scrutiny of the driver’s job application might well have seen him denied a job.

    Thus, it seems to me, Michael Kelly’s Crown Office outburst is just one stage in a diversionary row – shout “SNP Bad” loud enough and often enough and it will take attention away from the failings of the Labour-controlled GDC.

    If I am a cynic, it’s because I can see this outburst by a leading Labour figure for the cynical ploy it is.

  190. Iain More says:

    Well I have just about calmed down from subjecting myself to London’s Calling Brit Nat outpost at Scotlandshire TV in Aberdeen this evening.

    More thinly veiled gloating about job losses in Oil and Gas sector followed up by some barking mad Yank called Trump railing against Scots Indy and Mexican Immigrants into the USA.

    I expect more of the same in tomorrows Trump Journal otherwise known as the P&J. You have been warned.

  191. Sinky says:

    From Red Clydesiders to Red Morningsiders. How Labour’s core vote has changed.

    Just heard the Declaration of Morningside and Ian Murray’s party will look back in 20 years time and say if only we had supported Indy instead of suffering 20 years in opposition thanks to the Tories’ boundary changes and EVEL which made us unelectable in England.

  192. Robert Peffers says:

    @Still Positive. says: 30 July, 2015 at 8:48 am:

    “Bit worried about Robert Peffers like others. Hope he is OK.”

    Don’t worry, Still Positive, I’m just up to my ears in stuff I should have done months ago. I’ll try and keep tabs on what’s going on. I’m also attempting to redo my old website but I’ve forgotten what HTML I once could just rattle into Notepad.

    However, HTML has moved on from version 4.0 while I have not, so it’s new learning as well as re-learning. CSS has moved on a bit too so that’s another thing to relearn. Not to mention that as the Window’s versions have also changed such things as the standard installed fonts used the old blank templates I had designed just don’t work on modern machines that don’t have the older standard fonts installed.

    The old page templates I had designed used such fonts as Arial & Times New Roman but these seem not to now come as standard. As a famous polar explorer once said, “I may be some time”.

  193. Joemcg says:

    Trump says second vote ridiculous and he thought another vote would not take place for 50 years!

  194. Still Positive. says:

    Robert Peffers @ 6.53.

    Glad to see you are well and keeping the brain cells active.

    Good luck with your task.

  195. Dr Jim says:

    If Donald Trump says NO, well it’s all over then and good enough for me, can’t say fairer than that, we tried, but you can’t argue with logic, shame, I was looking forward to my Independence as well

    Better just get another hobby then,..Oooh,, Golf,..Now if I only had a set of Bats,..and could afford to get in to one of those places

    Maybe Donald will let me in if I don’t vote Yes and I support his bid for President

    Nah more chance of me getting a set of Golf Bats than Donald being President

    Although he won’t have to have another fight with England that cost thousands of American lives to get his own Independence

    Do you think he knows that?

  196. heedtracker says: UK media really excited about Donald but guess who’s the most really BBC excited.

    C4 thrilled but Good old BBC vote SLab Scotland, grovelling hard to a rich American racist, or anyone that hates Scottish democracy really.

    Also, C4 news camera operator fell asleep just there listening to Macternan just now. lol

  197. Robert Peffers says:

    @Graeme says: 30 July, 2015 at 3:15 pm:

    ” … That’s something I’d like to see in the next SNP manifesto that kids are taught something about our own history lest they grow up thinking King Billy was some kind of hero”.

    This was proposed in Holyrood but the Establishment’s elected representatives claimed that Scottish history was really just SNP propaganda and they voted it down.

    On the subject of King Billy – It was perhaps the most significant change in the History of Britain as it made the three country Kingdom of England legally into a Constitutional Monarchy. However, as this was in 1688, (and thus before the Union), it did not change Scottish Law. Far as I know the sovereign people of Scotland were declared sovereign in 1320 by the Declaration of Arbroath and they still are legally sovereign.

    Which is one very big reason why they want to suppress Scottish history. Fact is that if, as it seems, we Scots are legally sovereign, (and I see nothing in history that says we are not), then if we specifically mandate our democratically elected representatives to withdraw from the Treaty of Union then our legal sovereignty means they must legally do what we elected them to do.

    Yet Westminster has always tacitly assumed they hold sovereignty over Scotland and Scots. Yet the facts say otherwise. In the three country Kingdom of England the Queen is still Sovereign but, in 1688, King Billy & Queen Mary traded away their sovereignty to be exercised by the Kingdom of England’s Parliament in order to get the crown as joint monarchs. This is still English/Welsh/N. Irish law. It is the Royal Navy, Her Majesty’s Government, The Royal Mint, HM Prisons, HM Treasury – et al.

    To the best of my knowledge the Royal person, under Scottish Law is legally, “The Defender, (or The Protector), of the people’s sovereignty and that Sovereignty has never been explicitly, or implicitly, given away.

    Unless, of course, you know better.

  198. Dan Huil says:

    Numpty Trumpty

  199. cal says:

    O/T Meanwhile,9000 km away to the east some people are working hard to raise our profile in the world… (this site is especially good)

    …and what’s more they’re doing it deliberately!

  200. call me dave says:

    I see that leech Murray is associating himself and his clapped out party with Heart of Midlothian… 🙁

    “There’s no limit to what a man can do, or where he can go, if he doesn’t mind who gets the credit.”

    Aye right! I see his oration earlier must have bombed and he’s pulled out another rabbit from inside his union jack sleeve. Geez!

    PS Footie link.

  201. Graeme says:

    “Unless, of course, you know better.”

    No Robert I don’t know better, I have read a lot of Scottish history but I’ve probably forgotten more than I know and I wouldn’t pretend to know nearly as much as you obviously do.

    I don’t consider myself an expert on the subject by any means but I know enough to know there’s a lot of ignorance out there

    Scotland has a rich and colourful past and not all of it make me proud of my country but it’s our history and it shapes who and what we are and it’s nothing short of criminal to keep it from our children


  202. Still Positive. says:

    Re Scottish history.

    In 1995/6 I was a Learning Support teacher in a Glasgow state school and the History Dept had been teaching Scottish History for some years. In fact that is where I learned about the Battle of Stirling Bridge (aged 45).

    The History teacher told me that the release of ‘Braveheart’ had made a huge contribution to the pupils’ enjoyment and enthusiasm and they learned the real story as opposed to the film one.

    I also think my 15-year-old grand-daughter was taught about Mary, Queen of Scots last year.

    Some years ago there was a similar argument about teaching Scottish texts (novels, short stories, drama and poetry) in schools. Basically, it was, and still is the teachers’ own preference.

    However, in my experience as an English teacher, I never knew anyone who didn’t make use of Scottish literature. It may well be the same for History teachers.

    Just because something is not in the guidelines does not mean it is not taught.

  203. cal says:

    Never fear Robert Peffers (@7.42), my children may not be getting Scottish history at school but I’m making sure they get a good gounding. They can’t stop us doing it ourselves (much as they’d like to).

  204. X_Sticks says:

    O/T – Proposal to keep the Yes movement going and connected – I’m not punting this – you’ll have to make up your own mind.

    National YES Registry

    Advancing Scottish Independence by creating a campaigning collective from within the grass-roots.

    Their crowdfunder is about half way there and 60 hours to go.

  205. Mealer says:

    Still Positive 8.24
    There surely has been a sea change in recent times.Those thousands of teachers who voted Yes,and indeed many who considered the arguments but plumped for No,will not put up with the idea of anyone teaching our children that we’re too wee,too poor,too stupid to run our affairs.And let’s face it,that was an undercurrent in every aspect of life,even if unsaid,til very recently.In every profession and trade,in every business sector and segment of the community you’ll find people who believe in independence.The genie is out of the bottle.

  206. Legerwood says:

    Gallus Effie @ 6.01

    If the Library does not have them then ask them to order them. It might mean that you have to wait a week or two but they should get them for you from one of the bigger libraries.

  207. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi heedtracker.

    “Also, C4 news camera operator fell asleep just there listening to Macternan just now. lol”

    Yes, I spotted that too!


  208. De Valera says:

    The lack of Scottish history in schools is a very interesting point. My daughter is a keen viewer of Horrible Histories and before I put her right, she was unaware we had our own Kings and Queens. I have done my best to teach her (propaganda free of course!). She finds the stories of James V’s incognito journeys particularly interesting.

    Where else would figures such as Sir Andrew Wood and Sir Andrew Moray be virtually unknown? It was once put to me that the English are to blame and I said no the Scots are. If your country doesn’t care about it’s own history, it can’t expect another to care instead.

    So Unionists, it’s your history too (even Brian Wilson).

  209. Graeme says:

    If the declaration of Arbroath was written in any other country in the world it would the the first thing every kid would learn word for word in school

    I would bet if you stopped 100 kids under the age of 16 in the street and asked them if they could recite the last paragraph of it none would know of it’s existence let alone recite it



  210. Still Positive. says:

    De Valera @ 9.45

    You just reminded me that 5 years ago I took my then almost 11-year-old grand-daughter on a tour of Glasgow Uni ( she had wondered what the spire was on a visit to Kelvingrove ) and we visited the souvenir shop where she chose, amongst other things, a ruler with all the Kings and Queens of Scots and the dates they ruled.

    So I guess she must have had some Scottish History at primary school. Perhaps that is why she loves History, as well as Politics!

  211. Fred says:

    It must have depended on your primary teacher, 60 years ago I has a Miss MacPhee who made sure we knew about Stirling Bridge, her tale of Sir Marmaduke Twenge getting wannered was a big hit wi the weans, cheering broke oot as I recall!

  212. S Jardine says:

    The National Yes Registry ( is an attempt to draw the grassroots YES campaign back together again as a campaign group and to be ready for indyref2. A lot of work has been done behind the scenes bringing, I believe, over 70 yes groups on board. They are only trying to raise just under £9000 by Saturday evening but are just half way there – can you help?

  213. Legerwood says:

    The Scottish Government has made efforts to improve the teaching of Scottish History inb Schools.

    You can find out some of what has been happening here

    But everyone should bear in mind that schools both at primary and secondary level have a limited time to spend on any single subject and cannot go into great depth as some people here seem to expect.

    It is also worth remembering that many pupils drop history after 2nd year at Secondary School when it is time to select their subjects they wish to study towards their leaving qualifications.

    However, that does not mean they cannot continue learning about history because one of the most important things schools teach people is how to read. Once you master that then the only limiting factor is the individual’s lack of interest in a subject.

    There also seems to be a generational difference in what has been taught. In the 1950s I remember getting quite a bit of the highlights of Scottish History enough to spark my interest first via fiction based in specific periods then later onto more academic texts. I dropped history at the end of 2nd year in favour of geography as many did and still do but I still maintained an interest in the subject and not just confined to Scottish History.

  214. Tinto Chiel says:

    Anent our own history and its suppression (e.g. Scottish Education Act 1872), Mosstrooper gave us an interesting quotation some time ago which Stuart McHardy also used in his Independence Live talk linked to WoS by X_Sticks recently:

    “Deprive the people of their national consciousness, treat them as a tribe and not a nation, dilute their national pride, do not teach their history, propagate their language as inferior, imply they have a cultural void, emphasise their customs are primitive and dismiss independence as a barbaric anomaly.”

    I know this sounds like something out of the BBC Management Handbook, but this quotation is attributed to Reinhard Heydrich, SS Gruppenführer, Director of the Reich Main Security Office, regarding the Germanification of Czechoslovakia during WW2.

    Oh, I forgot, we’re the Nazis, aren’t we?

  215. louis.b.argyll says:

    The teaching of history in schools is often used as a means to gain wider understanding of a variety of subjects other than the facts at hand.

    Too many kings and queen’s and pharoahs when I was in school. And bloody henry viii..yawn, he was a fascist, but all we get are useless lists and stats about who killed who…

  216. Still Positive. says:

    The only Scottish History, as I recall with a very good memory, I was taught in the 1950s to early 60s in primary school was the Picts, crannogs and the Romans.

    In secondary from 1962 was English History. In my second year I had a lovely Englishwoman, married to a Scotsman, teach me English History. It ended with the Tolpuddle Martyrs.

    Like Legerwood I chose Geography but read a lot of non-Scottish History after I left school.

  217. SquareHaggis says:

    The Scottish history dished out to me at school consisted of being bussed up to Culloden on a dreich and foggy morning and telt here’s where you ancestors died.
    This was in the 1970’s and it haunts me still.

  218. Ian Brotherhood says:

    The 11 p.m. Radio North Britain News reports that Donald Trump, the famous American, has declared his belief that a second referendum on Skattish Independence would be ‘ridiculous’.

    The BTUKOKers heave a sigh of relief and go back to sleep…

    (Donald Trump believes that his crowning glory looks authentic, and that he has a chance of becoming the next president of the United States of America.)

    So, there you have it! We might as well all pack up and go home, or stay home, whatever, you know what I mean… 🙁

  219. louis.b.argyll says:

    Enough about us…

    My son has just completed the first full Curriculum for Excellence…

    Results of highers next week.. I won’t spout about the merits before the chickens etc

    But I do think it’s more engaging in its’ bending of subject boundaries.

  220. Ken500 says:

    British history was taught at secondary schools (Robert Owen, Lanark etc was included as part of the wider context.

    Scottish History (specialised) was only taught at Uni.

    Labour Unionists are trying attention away from the corruption of GCC, again. SNP blame game.

  221. Joemcg says:

    That prince Phillip docu tonight had a revealing quote and is still true to this day summing up the British establishment mindset. Churchill to Louis Mountbatten “you gave away India!” Spat my coffee out when I heard that yin! They think they owned (own)other countries. Wonder which one springs to mind.

  222. Robert Peffers says:

    @gillie says: 30 July, 2015 at 4:02 pm:

    ” … I suspect Michael Kelly will be ducking for cover”.

    Almost exactly my thoughts on hearing that reported. My exact thought was, “This whole thing reeks of the usual Glasgow Council, ‘Job’s for the boys’, way of working.

  223. James Barr Gardner says:

    Does make you wonder?
    Not quite sure of the date possibly 1998 November, there was an ambitious scheme to have one night screening (drive-in) with the soundtrack through your car radio tuned in to a specific frequency, location was Flesher’s Haugh, next to Glasgow Green.
    However, even though the picture quality was okay, the sound was screwed up as the frequency clashed with a German radio station and due to freak weather conditions the German signal strength blotted out the local Glasgow signal. Funny that?
    Oh, by the way the film being screened that night was BRAVEHEART!

  224. caz-m says:

    I had to laugh at what is happening to poor old England and the United Kingdom.

    The Migrants are trying to break into the England in the South and at the same time in the North, the Scots canny get away from England quick enough.

  225. Grouse Beater says:

    Ian: Donald Trump, the famous American, has declared his belief that a second referendum on Skattish Independence would be ‘ridiculous’.

    It appears his Scottish antecedents don’t stretch as far as supporting his homeland, only owning chunks of it.

    How did he manage to own a piece of Scotland, and why are we not legislating against foreign ownership of our land?

  226. Kenny says:

    From what I can recall, the school I went to in the early 1980s did lots of Scottish history and I cannot remember anything British — at least, not until we got onto the O Grade course.

    Most of all we seemed to do Mary Queen of Scots. Also lots on Glasgow (tobacco merchants, history of the “dear green place”). I remember also doing Scara Brae. The only thing outside that I recall is the building of railways in America and the voyages of discovery in the 16th century.

    We did very little history in primary school. All I recall is our teacher telling us Bonnie Prince Charlie should never have stopped at Derby but kept on going!

    So lots of Scottish history and zero English history… and all this in Jim Murphy’s unionist constituency!

  227. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Grouse Beater (11.57) –

    Good question.

    ‘Call Kaye’, yesterday, or morning before, gave ample airtime to vociferous forelock-tuggers who can’t get enough of Donald and his munificence, even if it involves the utter absurdity of granite being imported from China.

    ‘There’s nae granite left in Aberdeen!’ cried the outraged serf.

    Donald will soon hear ‘The Voice Of America’ – it’ll be telling him to fuck off. What a pity we have no-one with the authority to do likewise on our behalf.

  228. Rock says:

    Tam Jardine,

    “Labour MSPs have had their chance to cross the floor or rebel, split or agitate to change direction.”


    Malcolm Chisholm in particular.

    And Labour MPs like Corbyn and Skinner.

    If you stay inside something that is rotten to the core, you too are rotten to the core by association, or a coward.

  229. gordoz says:

    @ Grouse Beater says:

    Ian: Donald Trump, the famous American, has declared his belief that a second referendum on Skattish Independence would be ‘ridiculous’.

    Nah Donald … now your hair ..that is ridiculous 🙂

  230. Petra says:

    @ Ian Brotherhood says at 11:12 pm ”The 11 p.m. Radio North Britain News reports that Donald Trump, the famous American, has declared his belief that a second referendum on Skattish Independence would be ‘ridiculous’.”

    Ian I was just reading that Mr Trump who has had so much to say about (against) windfarms has actually been investing in the technology. Now that the news has broken he’s stating that he didn’t know about the ‘windfarm investments’ as they were made on behalf of him by brokers managing his finances. I don’t think that he’s the type of man who wouldn’t know how his money was being invested at all. Just another wee hypocrite and God help us if he does become US President next year.

    Lang Banks, director of environmental group WWF Scotland, has also pointed out that “Those looking after his investments have clearly realised what Trump himself hasn’t – namely that that wind power not only works, but is a sound investment for the future.”

    Patrick Harvie MSP said: “The more we learn about this greedy, racist bully, the more ashamed we should be of letting him establish any presence at all in Scotland. The sooner we see the back of him, the better.”

    @ Joemcg says at 11:31 pm ”That prince Phillip docu tonight had a revealing quote and is still true to this day summing up the British establishment mindset. Churchill to Louis Mountbatten “you gave away India!” Spat my coffee out when I heard that yin! They think they owned (own) other countries. Wonder which one springs to mind.”

    Yeah that’s exactly how they see us Joe. Just another wee Westminster colony ripe for rape and pillage.

    Another story along the same lines relates to Queen Vicky. I was watching a youtube video recently about the Greek Royal Family and heard that when Greece was looking for a new King they were lumbered with the seventeen year old Danish Prince Vilhelm (British Foreign Secretary came up with this great idea). Vilhelm found out about his new role as the forthcoming Greek King (George 1) when he read about it in a newspaper wrapped around his packed lunch sardine sandwiches …. lol!

    As it turns out Vilhelm was actually the brother of Victoria’s daughter – in – law Alexandra (keep it in the family). Anyway to pacify the troubled Greeks, who had this king thrust upon them, Queen Victoria ”gave” Greece the Ionian Islands by way of a ”dowry”. This mollified the Greeks because they had considerable ambitions to expand their frontiers. Now the Troika want to take the islands from them of course. What power they all seem to have over us.

  231. gus1940 says:

    My schooldays in Edinburgh were from 1946 to 1958 and bearing in mind that it was a long time ago my recollections of the extent of my history education are as follows and illustrate how little of it was Scottish History:-

    History lessons started in Primary 3 and the text book was titled Scotland’s Capital. The following year covered Scottish History and was primarily Kings, Queens and Battles.

    The rest of the Primary Years was almost wholly English History and the only appearance of Scotland was when it impinged on England. All the usual stuff – 1066, Magna Carta, Crecy, Agincourt, Wars of The Roses, Spanish Armada, Drake, Raleigh, English Civil War and of course the acquisition of the Wonderful Empire.

    World Exploration was covered with Columbus, Diaz, da Gama, Magellan, Cabot etc.

    On to Senior School and in first year we were subjected to the contents of a boring text book with a black cover titled ‘From Ur To Rome’.

    My recollections of the content in 2nd. & 3rd. years is a bit vague but I think it was again primarily English/UK History with little or nothing about Scotland. I can’t recall it going much further than Clive of India and the colonisation of India which means that we never really got as far as serious study of the American War Of Independence, French Revolution and Napoleonic Wars.

    That was it as after 3rd. Year we had to drop either History or Geography and I dropped History.

    I was left with a very vague understanding of the causes of the ’15 & ’45 Risings and unsure whether or not The Covenanters were the Good Guys.

    I was in my twenties before I ever heard of The Clearances or Adam Smith and The Enlightenment.

    Apart from the lack of Scottish History being taught there was the complete absence of any Modern History in particular the origins of the 2 World Wars.

  232. The only history I remember at Primary school in the 1960s was British (English) history of Drake, battle of Hastings,
    black death, great fire of London, defeat of the Spanish Armada etc.

    I also got World history about the Cabot Brothers, Marco Polo, Vasco Da Gama, Magellan.

    As for Scottish History I was told about Bonnie Prince Charlie fleeing across the heather after that Battle of Culloden.

    It was only after I left school that I read and learned more about my Country and its people and about the reality of life for those living under the “British Empire”.

  233. r esquierdo says:

    Good old lord Fuckes. He who assaulted an auld woman and a policeman outside parliament after a binge on free whisky. Aye blootered on free yull. Appeared in court the next day and was driven back to the hoose in the boot of a car to avoid the press .Let them whithout sin cast the first stone

  234. Fred says:

    For Ffoulkes sake, ye shag wan sheep!

  235. Stoker says:

    Rock wrote:
    “Labour MSPs have had their chance to cross the floor..”
    “If you stay inside something that is rotten to the core, you too are rotten to the core by association, or a coward.”

    Dirty rotten cowards seems to cover most bases.

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