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Somebody make it make sense

Posted on August 26, 2023 by

Humza Yousaf today:

So… his job is to get a legally binding referendum (something which doesn’t actually exist), but he knows that if we’re likely to win it we’re less likely to get it, so… we need to look like we’re going to lose one if it happens?

So presumably with support for the SNP already plummeting through the floor, the next phase of his grand strategy will be to drive support for independence down too? We suppose that’s a more rational explanation of the party’s actions in recent years than anything else we can think of, right enough.

Or of course, it might be that the guy’s just a complete gibbering idiot. You tell us.

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0 to “Somebody make it make sense”

  1. fran says:

    Ahh so when they lose seats at next general election, the cult will claim it’s all part of a secret plan. FFS I can’t believe I was was a member of that freaking party.

  2. Captain Yossarian says:

    I was brought up in Glasgow. We used a few expressions at school which I still use to this day. One of my favourite expressions was calling someone a “spoof”. That means someone who claims he can do this and that but, in fact, he can do nothing. So, for me, Humza is a spoof and I think we can all see it, can’t we?

  3. Jill says:

    He’s a complete gibbering idiot.

  4. Morgatron says:

    Total agree Fran. Can’t believe myself and Mrs Morgatron gave them monthly subs too.
    Maybe the men In WHITE! coats will come to take him away ..

  5. David Hannah says:

    They backstabbed Margaret Ferrier, rejected a Scotland United approach to field 2 candidates in the Bute House agreement to replace her.

    The self sabotage must be part of Sturgeon’s cabals plan.

  6. Astonished says:

    No one, anywhere, has ever said Humza is clever. Not even his University.

    But, he is obedient, so Sturgeon loved him (the continuity candidate).

    Perfect choice to lead the “independence” party – If you’re a yoon.

    I can think of no one in history more deserving of the title “An useful idiot”.

  7. Stuart MacKay says:

    So the missing millions were spent on developing an infinite improbabilty drive. So, that’s why they needed all that top of the range Apple hardware. Indeed, it is a cunning plan. Go Humza. The lower you drive the number of SNP voters, the more likely Boris Johnson IV will be to grant that Section 42 order, from the Scotland Act ammendment of 2366.

  8. President Xiden says:

    He is a TIT. Problem solved.

  9. Jeremy Wickins says:

    There is more intelligent life in a toilet bowl.

  10. Geoff Anderson says:

    He is a gibberish idiot

  11. George Ferguson says:

    The sense is Humza is trying desperately to maintain the link between the SNP and the Independence movement. It’s already gone. The polling for Independence remains unchanged. The polling for the SNP is in freefall. A discontuity at last. We are OK. He is holding 2 deuce. Hence the attempted muddying of the waters. The SNP are so readable. They are gone and beginning to realise that. Get a real joab is my advice.

  12. PhilM says:

    Interesting choice of words…’my job [is] to lead the party to independence’. I thought the Scottish National Party exists to lead SCOTLAND to independence.

  13. David Hannah says:

    The SNP have given up all pretence of being a nationalist party for Independence. They are just another cheek of the red and blue yellow arse. In fact they are its shitey bumhole, with a missing 600K hidden somewhere inside.

  14. John Main says:

    To be fair, knowing you are a fraud, because everybody knows the election that put you in place was fixed, must mess with your head.

    We should probably help HY straighten himself out by ceasing to go along with the charade.

  15. Anton Decadent says:

    Re David Hannahs’ comment in the previous thread, that’ll be this Alison Thewliss

    Who is actively involved in this.

    along with these

    and funded by them

    Given our great leader Humza Yousaf I do not see how anyone can have any kind of issue with this unless they are some kind of a white supremacist (get ready for this being brandished at anyone who kicks up a stink about what is more or less a hostile takeover of every lever of power in our country.)

  16. How does this square with “we need a sustained majority in the polls before Westminster will agree to a referendum”?

    OT but something else that’s been bothering me. The SNP appointed Foote as CEO but, who exactly, in the SNP? Who decides who gets that job? Seems to me that they must be an even bigger problem than the person in the job. Who will get the job next after Foote, Nigel Farage?

  17. Geoff Anderson says:

    She didn’t hold back eh!

  18. Derek says:

    Two good SNP cartoons in the new Private Eye, and one observation on Wishart accepting freebies.

  19. Calum says:

    He’s a fucking halfwit.

  20. twathater says:

    Yuseless the fanny

  21. Rory Timmons says:

    His biggest crime here is ending his sentence with “you and I”!

  22. Iain More says:

    Sturgeon and Yousef will go down in History as Scotland’s Quislings.

  23. robertkknight says:

    “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt” – Abraham Lincoln.

  24. Captain Yossarian says:

    I read on here yesterday that Alba are not standing a candidate at the Rutherglen by-election. Alex Salmond’s judgement isn’t infallible, but perhaps he is expecting an SNP disaster at Rutherglen. A very large percentage drop in votes won by the SNP candidate against the number of votes cast – something like that. At which point, Salmond will have a winning hand in any negotiation he may have with the SNP. I have a feeling that the appreciation of Alba that is shown every day on these pages is not reflected in the general population yet and so maybe Salmond is biding his time and waiting until he is viewed as the real leader of the Nationalist movement. I am not a Nationalist and so I have no skin in the game so to speak, but this is the way I see it. Good luck to him anyway.

  25. David Hannah says:

    “Anton Decadent says: That’ll be this Alison Thewliss. Who is actively involved in this.

    That explains it. Thewliss is a member of the Byres Road gentrified mafia at Glasgow Uni…. They run the country like a masonic lodge don’t they?

    The ethnic minority take over program has worked clearly as they’ve managed to divide the entire country on identity Politics.

    Just reading about who’s in the preferential treatment gang… Wonah Martin Odey:

    “I am looking at sharpening my peacebuilding skills at the Emerging Leaders Programme and want to be UN’s General Secretary in 2035.”

    Sinister stuff. These people are hell bent on world domination.

  26. Breeks says:

    Captain Yossarian says:
    27 August, 2023 at 6:12 am
    I read on here yesterday that Alba are not standing a candidate at the Rutherglen by-election. Alex Salmond’s judgement isn’t infallible, but perhaps he is expecting an SNP disaster at Rutherglen…

    If ALBA stood, and the SNP got a melting, who do you think the Children of the Corn would blame for everything?

    Let them own it.

    Better ALBA pick up the pieces than create them.

    There’s a sense I feel that the SNP’s hubris and stupidity is running out of road.

  27. David Hannah says:

    The John Smith Institute, a secretive club of handshakes, they’ve taken over the country. Was Agent Sturgeon not groomed by the John Smith Institute?

    You wonder what type of grooming methods they use in there, water boarding perhaps?

    Under his eye.

  28. DavidT says:

    @ Captain Yossarian

    Also, there is the embarrassing prospect of Lord Buckethead getting more votes than Alba.

  29. David Hannah says:

    Kezia Dugdale is certainly accustomed to eating Kangeroo testicals, she’s a lecturer at the John Smith Institute.

    I’d shut it down if I had my way, and fire every single employee cheating their way to the top of public life and making us look stupid on the world stage.

  30. robertkknight says:

    Captain Y…

    I recon a shrewd move on ALBA’s part.

    The SNP will (hopefully) implode and if ALBA were to stand they’d be blaming them for splitting the Indy vote.

    Far better to let the SNP be seen to take a kicking on the basis of their shit leadership, shit policies and shit record, without ALBA being a convenient scapegoat.

  31. David Hannah says:

    You do wonder how there can be any freedom of speech at Glasgow University with that gang lurking around every corridor waiting to tear your poster off the wall?

  32. duncanio says:

    I’m in the ‘Humza the Halfwit’ camp.

  33. stuart mctavish says:

    @ Captain Yossarian

    Its a tough call. Looks like Margaret Ferrier couldn’t be persuaded to run against SNP, and SNP hatred (FFS!) for Salmond (FFS!!!) might have worked its charm on enough of the rutherglen electorate to ensure the result could be fixed against him whatever the truth of it (probably why they put a green in the running early on)
    Bright side might be if enough of the 90% that refused recall really are as deplorable as the (alleged)* 10% of hatemongering hypocrites that demanded it since they would thus have less difficulty voting conservative (or isp) in sufficiently impossible numbers that their anger could not be ignored.
    Any such act would thus prime the indy vwing of SNP to neuter the nulabour and brainwashed that managed to think devolved sharia under a sarwar-youssaf jv might be a good joke/ alternative – and leave all those that supported Humza’s leadership bid with the rather sweet option of moving to the greens or back to Alba and their overly forgiving nemesis, Mr Alex Salmond

    * still haven’t seen names and addresses posted anywhere which must be my own incompetence or good indicator of the process having been as corrupt as anything Fulton County prison ever been involved with – if not much, much more so, imho)

  34. 100%Yes says:

    Stuart, in order to understand the present, we have to look into the past. Here is where we learn the reason for Humza words. We don’t need to look too far into the past just to the point were Alex Salmond criticised Nicola Sturgeon on her timing of a Referendum, it’s at this point Salmond’s number was up within the SNP and action was taken to have him removed and silenced by whatever means.

    The other part to this story is, when the Indy movement started to call into question Sturgeon’s timing of a referendum this is when she turned on the Yes movement and started calling us Cybernat and Keyboard warriors. It’s from this point Sturgeon decided Independence was dead and it wouldn’t be revived ever.

    Carrying on from this story Sturgeon told us in full view of the TV cameras, that she as the SNP leader and she would remain that for a very long time to come (let’s remember this is a woman who has lost Scots two supreme court case, failed to deliver Independence and has made a mockery of everything she has ever touched). What Sturgeon couldn’t foresee when she made this speech at conference last year was her policy on Trans was in fact the very policy that was going to seal her fate and allow us to be rid of this vindictive woman once and for all. There is still a pattern emerging to all of this and once again Sturgeon was told that the trans bill wouldn’t work and it would fail but she would not be advised or told what to do, so she dug her heels in. It was only when Ayla Bryson was convicted that her world started to fall and it’s at this point, she knew that she had to leave and leave as quickly as possible, simply because she couldn’t answer the simplest of question “was a convictive rapist a man or a woman?”. She had put herself into a cul-de-sac with her own policy just as she had done with Indyref2.

    Humza is doing something Sturgeon has never done with the Indy movement he’s being honest. He’s told us he’s the continuity candidate, he’s being honest about the route to Independence and that the SNP is only interested in a section 30 order. The question is, are we prepared to listen and take the appropriate action (remove him and or the SNP) or is someone in the SNP willing enough to put country before party, well the answer to that is NO.

  35. Ian McCubbin says:

    Useless is as Useless does and now says.
    That’s about it for him.

  36. akenaton says:

    For the good times.

    Don’t look so sad
    We know it’s over
    But life goes on and this whole world will keep on turning
    Let’s just be glad, we had some time to spend together
    There is no need to watch the bridges that we’re burning,

    With apologies to the great Kris.

  37. Dave Hansell says:

    Don’t you just love a society run on the principle of post-truth?

  38. KITTYBEE says:

    I go for the gibbering idiot theory.

  39. Sandy says:

    Independence isn’t usually something that is “granted”, when will they learn they need to pull on their big boy/girl pants and stand up and take it.

    Had about enough of this timid “if they will let us do that” bollocks.

  40. Viscount Ennui says:

    Having worked in a senior position within a local authority, I can tell you now with some confidence that ScotGov is no better than an LA.
    In every single respect.
    The strongest argument against independence is not the currency or trade barriers, or blah, blah, blah, but competence.
    We will never convince the vital middle-ground after what Sturgeon and Swinney have done over the last decade.
    The indy movement must re-build, but clearly not around the current SNP.
    What is the holding strategy?

  41. John Main says:

    Viscount Ennui

    Scorched earth.

    Start from scratch.

    New people, new policies, new strategy, new tactics.

    It will take 10 years, but can’t start until the cognitive dissonance is rooted out.

    Key an eye on here to determine when the cognitive dissonance is ended. Right now, the cognitive dissonance remains strong, as can be seen from the posts looking forwards to the SNP troughers and time wasters jumping ship to Alba.

  42. Casper1066 says:

    So he thinks making SNP look like loser’s, Westminster will relient and give a referendum vote knowing it’s going to lose.

    Where as suddenly out of nowhere, all these people will come out of the wood work, all this money will suddenly appear to pay for it.

    F#cking Narnia.

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