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Yoons For Yousaf, Fascists For Forbes

Posted on March 13, 2023 by

The Unionist media in Scotland (ie all of the media in Scotland) usually keeps up a pretty united front when it comes to the subjects of independence or the SNP. So it’s been fascinating in these last couple of weeks to see a genuine schism develop between them on the subject of the party’s leadership election.

(For the avoidance of doubt, we do not include Holyrood Magazine, whose splendid front cover image that is, in “the Unionist media”.)

Right back at the start of the contest we highlighted The Times’ full-on love-in for Kate Forbes, but most of the Scottish press has now made their preferences clear. And you’ll never guess who they really, really DON’T want to be the next First Minister.

The rest of the right-wing newspapers have joined the Times in throwing their weight behind Forbes, most strikingly the Daily Mail and Mail On Sunday.

Every day the papers that infamously proclaimed “Hurrah For The Blackshirts” in the 1930s in support of Oswald Mosely’s British Union Of Fascists run covers and spreads and opinion pieces attacking Humza Yousaf and/or backing Kate Forbes.

But over on the other side, Scotland’s biggest left-leaning paper and home of The Vow, the Daily Record (and its sister the Sunday Mail) is hitting hard for Humza, slamming Forbes at every opportunity and flogging their man as the favourite.

So it’s a pretty clear split between Tory papers and Labour papers as to who they want in Bute House. Meanwhile, the coverage of Ash Regan’s campaign in the Scottish press has been pretty minimal, and what there’s been of it has mostly focused on smears, scaremongering and mockery.

We’re trying to think why it is that the country’s Unionist media is desperate for Regan not to get the job, but we just can’t figure it out.

Choose your team, SNP members. The Daily Mail, the Daily Record, or independence.

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0 to “Yoons For Yousaf, Fascists For Forbes”

  1. gordoz says:

    So well put Rev.
    Im guessing on form the sheep will go for continuity…..
    Sad when there is only one offering a real shake up & reset…

  2. Geoff Anderson says:

    If you really want Independence… Ash
    If you want to find out what the Murrells are desperate to hide…vote Ash

  3. Anna says:

    I wanted to ask Smitty if he knows anything about the rumour that Yousaf has already shelved the new build Monklands hospital for north lanarkshire but holding off announcing till after the vote?

  4. Stuart MacKay says:

    Indeed. This, Anything Won’t Do, Mike Small, Bella Caledonia,, goes a long way to explaining why you are a fascist and why the SNP have turned their backs on independence.

    So you don’t have to click the link, here is the tl;dr; (too lazy; didn’t read;) …

    Scotland needs to be transformed into a progressive flagship before independence can be pursued. A green, sustainable, perfect society where everyone can express themselves to the fullest extent. We owe it the rest of the world to be the first.

    It’s a simple as that. Everything on the agenda is designed to implement the utopia. Independence will be the crowning achievement simply due to the fact that it’s last on the list.

    Now that the GRR is getting a lot of pushback the architects of this vision are going to double-down on your re-education so you can embrace Woketopia, with open arms. That is why independence is at least a decade away. Simples (and somewhat deranged).

    I guess everyone should be grateful they’re not going for the agrarian model where everyone can live perfect lives with the simple pleasure of not starving to death.

  5. Gordon Keane says:

    The NATIONAL paper hasn’t been too much better in this regard. Nor The (Glasgow) Herald, either.

  6. Den says:

    Keep your powder dry folks Useless is coming across as some kind of phoney TV evangelist , promising you your hearts desires for your credit card number. He won’t win.

  7. SteepBrae says:

    And if voters haven’t yet watched the video on Wings last night where Ash Regan talks about policies, please do.

    (‘Sight Unseen’ – Insight with Kevin McKenna).

    Scotland needs sensible policies again. Ash has them.

  8. Johnny says:

    Rev, forgive me for early O/T frippery, but I know you like HMHB and I had to remark that the song “David Wainwright’s Feet” came into my head upon reading the headline for this piece, with the lyrics to the tune now being: “Yoons for Yousaf, Fascists for Forbes, SNP is all out of sorts”.

    Well, it’s giving me a smile anyway 🙂

  9. Ottomanboi says:

    This kind of political infighting were Scotland independent might be taken as a sign of a fairly healthy system. Within the current structure the only winner is likely to be the status quo.
    Independence, the taken for granted shared aim, is now divisive.
    Like lambs gayly gambolling to the slaughterhouse and the little dears believe the stench of blood in the air isn’t theirs.

  10. Luigi says:

    In a perfect world, the majority of SNP members would be so hacked off by this blatant media manipulation, with the Forbes and Yousaf factions battering each other to oblivion, that independence would win out and Regan would quietly slip in through the middle. Furthermore, the result would be so clear that even a bit of dodgy vote counting would not be enough to steal the result. Regan is clearly the most feared (dangerous) candidate – the one apparently willing and able to upset the devolution applecart. Sadly, it’s a far from perfect world, folks. I think Forbes would grow into the job, but Yousaf would be an absolute disaster. One can but hope that, whatever happens, the Regan faction grows in strength and continues to exert pressure on the powers that be.

  11. joolz says:

    The lack of references to Ash shows exactly who the establishment is afraid of. We need to get her policies out there on social media as they aren’t getting in the media.

  12. Robert Hughes says:

    ” Yoons For Yousaf , Fascists For Forbes ” ….Shit-All For Scotland .If either of those two * win * .

    I understand we have to continue * as if * this were a normal election , where the candidates all have an equal chance of success based on their individual merits . Despite KNOWING this is not the case , we have to cling to the faint possibility the final outcome will be decided by the members of the Party , alone . And not – as some of us suspect – already stitched-up in favour of the worse possible candidate . You know who HE is .

    Though , even if this were to be the case , the likelihood of those members electing the ONLY candidate offering even the possibility of progress re Independence is not looking great .

    Who knows ? Maybe they’ll surprise us by doing the right thing

  13. Ottomanboi says:

    I think we may need an
    «Independence and How to Get It for Dummies»

    Chapter One.
    If the rules don’t suit, change them.
    Chapter Two.
    Nothing is Sacred.
    Chapter Three.
    If it doesn’t sting, it’s not working.
    Chapter Four.
    Never lose sight of thr destination.
    Chapter Five.
    Beware false friends.
    Chapter Six
    You just gotta be smarter.
    Chapter Seven.
    Honesty’s for wimps.
    Chapter Eight.
    Never trust the beardy guy in a dress.

  14. Astonished says:

    Excellent stuff.

    Ash, already has the yoons in disarray. I sincerely hope she wins.

    Sadly, I fear the fix is in.

  15. Ron Clark says:

    I haven’t seen much of Yousaf on TV (can’t bring myself to watch any SNP ministers), but from what I have seen of him, he always looks as if he has just left a drink and drugs fuelled weekend rave.

    He always looks knackered.

    And definitely unfit to lead Scotland to independence.

    C’mon all you SNP members, forget Sturgeon and her incompetent clowns. Get your brains into gear, and vote:-

    1/ Regan.
    2/ Forbes.

  16. Mac says:

    Getting the support of any Scottish or UK mainstream media organization should be seen as a very bad sign regarding any candidate.

    So in this sense Ash Regan is the only one to pass with flying colours.

    If Ash Regan is getting the same universally hostile media treatment that Alex Salmond used to get then that is best ‘endorsement’ a candidate can possibly get.

    And as pointed out previously with the transferrable vote thing you might as well vote Regan 1 and Forbes 2 and you never know… nothing to lose at all.

    What is crucial though is that the disastrous and completely rotten House of Sturgeon ends with the defeat of Humza Twoface.

  17. Vivian O’Blivion says:

    Worth mentioning that office manager at Glasgow’s MI5 outstation, Kezia Dugdale used her weekly column in The Courier to shill for Yousaf.

  18. stonefree says:

    @ Den at 8:55 am
    Two good points ,phoney TV evangelists don’t usually end well for them, It’s only a matter of time
    “credit card number” Oh that is needed big time.,Are the likes of the MPs,MSPs Cllrs really going to throw money at him ,they don’t usually it more usual to be the reverse
    Heating bill through the roof ?, Oh I’ll give Yousaf/Murrell a few quid, not seeing that

  19. Smitty says:

    I must reinforce my earlier comments with new information provided this morning;

    This has been set up by HQ and the leadership to maintain protection of people who did things they should not have. I want to be totally clear here; there will be people in handcuffs if Humza loses this. I was told this morning that Sturgeon intervened directly on Friday and secured the endorsements of Swinney and Flynn as the numbers for Humza look dreadful. This is the nuclear option and the Forbes camp is 100% accurate that this is panic. Sturgeon will not endorse Humza herself.

    Humza is not the candidate. He is the leadership choice who has been put into an election structure that was set up 2 weeks before Sturgeon’s resignation. If it was Robertson or Swinney, the messages and endorsements would be exactly the same. HQ set this up and then gifted it to Humza. I have had several messages from staffers who know that the Humza campaign is in deep trouble and now trying to distance themselves from some very bad practices as they know that a Regan/Forbes win will devastate careers. Leaks are springing out as once Forbes/Regan wins files, email trails and downloaded WhatsApp group messages will be handed over regarding behaviours and conversations in this election with one person currently clutching a treasure trove of information which she will be making available online. If this was ran by the election commission it would have been shutdown by now. One message contains the the statement by a minister that Forbes and Regan should be burnt at the stake.

    The cabinet will largely remain intact apart from Swinney and Sturgeon leaving. Everyone else has been promised to keep their jobs if they back Humza. Gray and Todd have been offered cabinet secretary jobs.

    Both list candidates have been told they will either gets seats or remain at the top of the regional lists.

    HQ staff, SPAds and the comms team will all keep their jobs. Books will not be opened.

    Councillors have been promised favourable selections to replace retiring MSPs and MPs.

    Regan will be deselected at the next election.

    Now they are all very worried as Humza has not broken over the 50% by now as they had expected. Forbes has remained in the race and Regan has totally fucked both of them by talking about independence. However the Humza side are in serious panic mode and all of those above who will lose their jobs are fighting for their careers. HQ staff, comms teams and the SPAds are now working on this full time, with MSP staff being roped in.

    If you are voting for Humza, please be under no illusion that it is not a vote for independence or good governance. You are voting to stop people being led off in handcuffs and to preserve the careers of a few.

  20. Geoff Anderson says:

    Let us not forget that the SNP voters…voters, are NOT the SNP members. Do they want Independence? How will they react to a Humza coronation?

    If they do manage to manipulate Humza into the role then we need to educate the voters that they are no longer voting for Independence. They are voting for a TransCult Utopia that has never been in a manifesto.They will be remaining in the Union for decades to come.

    Focus on SNP members at the moment but in two weeks we may have to open a new front with the VOTERS.

  21. desimond says:

    Its been quite startling some of the reaction to Ash.
    People whom I believed knew the score, knew the game, knew the players, suddenly reveal themselves to be just Trough supporters.

    From folks I believed wanted Independence, ALl I have been hearing recently is the long term “Gradual persuasion”…”Show good governance” “Indy winning” tactics.

    They actually believe Alex Salmond and Alba are the enemy.
    They see nothing wrong in the last 8 years or so of the SNP.
    TRhey just want to continue as is..letting SNP continue in power and blaming bad Alba and booing that Tory Govt in Westminster.

    Some even saying Labour might help us.

    I truly despair and sadly I cant see any light on the horizon.

    I cant see Ash winning and whilst I can see her second votes helping Kate beat Humza, I can see a ruthless Kate Forbes immediately pulling up the drawbridge and cutting her off as soon as Kate is in the big chair and picking out wallpaper in Bute House.

  22. Bob Mack says:

    There is one candidate the Unionist media clezrly do not want to win. Headlines for everybody except Ash Regan.

    She is the one they really fear.

  23. Robert Hughes says:

    @ Stuart MacK

    Re Small Mike/Bellend Queeradonia …tt,dr ( too tedious , didn’t read ) ,but yr precis suffices to confirm the attitude of the Tectonic Platonists eg Scotland is simply not evolved enough , is insufficiently * Prog * ( still a bit LED ZEP & lacking in Foucaultian YES-style triple concept album potential ) basically , too unsophisticated , to be * allowed * Independence .

    No , what has to happen first is the abandonment of Reason , Intelligence and – above all – anything that gives-off the merest scent of a Scottish National Consciousness – Yeeuch !

    Only when the * Trans * flag has replaced the Saltire , when female impersonators have taken-over every once-female position , when the stupidest are considered the wisest , the treacherous considered the most loyal will the rays of Prog Enlightenment shine on poor benighted * Scot*land .

  24. Johnny says:

    desimond @ 10:07am:

    I wonder how much of that is related to feeling like they’re “on the winning side”, while gaining independence (sadly) remains in doubt and is “too hard”? Much easier to “win” at something you were already winning at (i.e. achieving nothing new!) and “yah boo sucks-ing” etc at everyone else as you say?

    In truth, of course, it’s a very hollow “win” for those that aren’t financially benefiting from this arrangement which makes those continuing to vote for it the biggest mugs of all (and who will, far from their imagining they are great pals with the politicians gaining from it, be the ones held in the greatest disdain by those they facilitate the enrichment of).

  25. Beauvais says:

    The Sturgeon cabal have repeatedly contravened every election rule in their desperation to get Humza elected. There’s evidence of it everywhere.

    If he wins it’ll be the messiest installation since Tracy Emin’s Unmade Bed.

  26. TheSNPLeftMe says:

    The SNP is a Pyramid con.

    Why are the Police dragging their feet on the investigation into the missing £600k.
    The money was not given to bridge Angus Robertson’s unemployment period.
    A Women ties a ribbon on a tree or writes in chalk and plod is on their doorstep that day!

  27. Rogerborg says:

    Fascinating stuff from Smitty.

    However, the reality is that if something goes wrong with the fortification, and either Regan or Forbes does manages to win honestly, they won’t even get their feet under the table at Bute House before they’re Trussed up by the MSPs.

    Humza has been anointed, and Humza they shall have, whether it’s in March or May.

  28. Luigi says:

    The SNP mafia (and their minders) appear to be in full panic mode. If Forbes or Regan wins, the shredders at party HQ will be put into overdrive. If the painfully obvious unpopular Yousaf wins, then all hell breaks loose in the party and country at large. I think the FM had to resign a little sooner that planned, hence the panic and rushed operation to try and get their man elected. The trouble (for them) is that Yousaf is not a safe pair of hands. On the contrary. The SNP controllers (senior management and MI5/CIA) have made a few corkers this time. Desperate people do desperate things. It’s not the dirty deed, but the cover-up that usually gets em. Interesting times.

  29. Bortwhiskels says:

    @ Smitty at 9:54

    I had a suspicion Yousaf was given advance warning about Sturgeon stepping down. Not long before that the Courier ran a story that Yousaf had dropped his legal action against the nursery, in which I felt his wife seemed to be apportioned the blame for pursuing it.

    The dramatic fallout you speak of would give the unionists a field day, but the idea that in Scotland we don’t just accept corruption and criminality at the top, but root it out and punish it, is one I rather relish.

  30. Ottomanboi says:

    The cult of those Scots prostrating before the racist conceits of British Unionism ought to be the target. This pernicious «growth» must be excised.
    Extreme? of course.
    The treatment of an old malignancy is ineffective without radical intervention.
    A leader will need the requisite skills, psychological, intellectual and political to handle this.
    «Nice guys» look elsewhere.
    Machiavelli in, Paddington Bear out.

  31. Antoine Bisset says:

    Since 2015 when independence was supported by thirds of elected MPs and MSPs, – and we did not secede – it became clear that either the people for whom we voted were cowards or carpetbaggers. Nothing has changed.
    It is now crystal clear that secession is the only route to independence. We can argue about details afterwards. (Monarchy or republic. £sterling, £Scots, or Swiss francs. Customs borders or free trade, NATO or not, EU or not.)
    It needs to be done, and it does, the the English Bard put the appropriate words into the mouth of Macbeth, “If it were done when ’tis done, then ’twere well It were done quickly.”

  32. Anne says:

    Whoever wins, the SNP will split but if HY wins, it will be a pyrrhic victory. Not only will yet more members leave in droves, voters will abandon them too. Not sure where they’ll go as Scotland remains a racist country and for that reason, if not for any other, KF may yet romp home to lead a debased, spent force.

  33. Daisy Walker says:

    If, like me, you think the demise of the SNP is down to the British State, infiltrating, then encouraging incompetents to go on a mad recruitment drive for birds of a feather, then it follows that their game plan might be this.

    Let them select a complete bin fire of a candadate – self motivated as they are to keep a lid on criminal corruption.

    This candidate will wipe significant numbers of voters away, both for the SNP and for Indy, if they get in, but won’t last long.

    But ensure you have a spare candidate in the running, one who is ‘sensible’ and non threatening, competent enough…. who will make nice noises while ensuring the Indy bus never gets back on the road and the wheels are never found.

    And if you think that the Brits can’t keep a lid on criminality, even on a huge scale, think again, this is not their first rodeo.

    The DUP cash for ash scandal and missing millions – no sign of an investigation or prosecution there any time soon.

    Meanwhile, in Scotland, 18 months of an investigation into the Indy Ref £600,000 – with only 3 or 4 people who had the power to enable it to interview…. Mehhh.

  34. Robert Hughes says:

    @ Otto

    Agreed , mon frere .

    Yet , the Transcultists ARE de facto Unionists : at least , by promoting concepts that are anathema to most Scots , indeed , to most of Scotland’s residents irrespective of origin , they are doing the Unionists’ work for them ie ….making Nu SNP unelectable and effectively destroying whatever slim chance of
    Independence in the foreseeable remains

  35. Stuart MacKay says:

    Robert Hughes

    I like the “concept album” label. Scotland is just the right size for the project.

    For the Foucaultians, it’s a walled garden where they can implement their policies as a showcase to the world. Once Scotland is re-integrated into the neo-liberal, one-world, order, “nationalism” will have served it’s purpose.

    For the traditionalist nationalists, it’s simply “our bit of the world, where we can live in peace and do things the way we want”. Doing things differently is an anathema to the collectivists.

    The trans thing has clearly been hijacked by parties with vested interests. There is the “you have to believe that pink is blue and blue is pink, because once you believe that you will believe anything” brigade who use this as a litmus test for separating the faithful from the opposition. The there is the “whoa, I get to do what I want with whoever I want” brigade whose smiley faces we’ve seen on display here.

    I seriously doubt the Mike Small’s of this world really understand that they are doing the Devil’s work. They will plough on regardless.

    “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” C.S. Lewis

    You can see it written on their faces.

  36. Liz says:

    That shameless twat Humza, claimed that both he ahd his daughter suffered ‘racial abuse’, and there he is using her for publicity pics.

    Kate has a baby and Ash 2 sons, I think.
    You don’t see them using their children to garner support.
    He’s a disgusting individual

  37. willie says:

    Just reading these newspaper headlines some would think that Ash Regan does not exist. But she does exist. Very much exists and the media very much know it. Ash’s airbrushing out from the media all coverage more than confirms that.

    The media, the security services, GCHQ in fact are all aligning against Ash. But there are folk who know exactly what has been going on and are ready and waiting to see how things tumble out.

    And the folks who will get caught playing the bent balls, setting up innocent folks, rigging elections, committing perjury will quite frankly be shitting themselves.

    And Sturgeon? Hiding away in her luxury home abroad will be no hiding place.

  38. Luigi says:

    Think about the many strange things that have happened since 2014. The FM’s sudden apparent aversion to fighting for independence, the alleged Balmoral Hotel incident, the failure to capitalise on Brexit (what an opportunity that was), the missing 600k, the Alex Salmond stitch-up, THE appointment of unionist press experts etc, apparent CIA training programs for senior SNP staff etc etc etc. One strange event, even two can be be put down to coincidence. But 20-30 in eight years? Join up the dots, folks. This is classic establishment control. Certain senior individuals in the SNP are seriously compromised and/or are on the CIA/MI5 payroll. No doubt about it. I think we all have an idea who those compromised individuals may be. I wonder who their handlers are.

  39. Ian Stewart says:

    Wow that’s a hoary old reference to the Daily Mail supporting the Nazis, Stuart!

    So in the interests of balance, and it’ll be interesting to see if you let this post up, there is extensive evidence that Scottish Nationalists sought support, and even an alliance, with the Nazis in WW2.

  40. Ottomanboi says:

    IF you are not ready today, you will be even less so tomorrow.


    The getting of wisdom, such an up hill slog for some in the political class.

  41. Luigi says:

    A few unionist friends of mine (nobody’s perfect) seem to be convinced that Alex Salmond will be back leading the way soon. I’m not so sure, but it is interesting to hear their opinions and understand that unionists still worry about the big beast in Scottish politics. What a terrifying prospect (for them).

  42. davidritchie says:

    Less name calling please

  43. Bob Mack says:

    @Ian Stewart,

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend.Struggle often makes strange bedfellows.

  44. gregor says:

    The Media Whores (2022): Dangerous Minds: Do You Think I’m Lying:

    “…You look perfectly well to me

    Do you think I’m lying…”:

  45. mark says:

    @antoine bisset

    You didn’t secede in 2015 because you did not have a majority of the votes. And you still don’t.

  46. Dorothy Devine says:

    ‘Renegade Scottish nationalists’ – I wonder who they were.

  47. robertkknight says:

    Let’s face it…

    The SNP is infested with devolutionists and social anarchists with no interest in pursuing Indy – just pursuing minority interests, easy money and the votes of the Wee Ginger Fuds and the Beths of this world that keep their noses in the troughs.

    While Ash Regan might be the best of a bad bunch, she’s no Messiah for Yes and in the unlikely event she’s elected, the troughers at WM and HR will have her trussed up and out the door marked ‘Exit’ quicker than Liz Truss herself.

    The only thing to do with the Indy project is to rip it up and start again, with ALBA in the lead.

    As for the SNP, history will be the judge…

  48. mark says:

    Newsflash for you all: we Unionists do not fear Ash Regan. She is the joke candidate – and that is saying something when Humza is also in the race. Go ahead and elect her; all that would happen is that you would commence your slow descent to the fringes.

  49. Antoine Roquentin says:

    If Regan really can’t win, and we know what a Yusaf win will amount to, there’s nobody left but Forbes to ponder on. Either way, there’s nothing in it for the independence movement. Despite Forbes’s avowed religiosity, I can’t see that extending to the naming of names to the cops and the long overdue rid-oot needed inside her party. That she won’t be allowed to commit political suicide on their behalf, has already been tacitly signaled by her colleagues, in any case. For me, without a Regan victory, its a case of expect more of the same with Yusaf and similar fare from Forbes, if, in the latter case, with much greater emphasis in the way of trickle-down economic rhetoric.

  50. Alf Baird says:

    Luigi @ 10:45 am

    “The SNP controllers (senior management and MI5/CIA)”

    Aye, we can only wonder how much of mi5’s 5,000 payroll (+secondments) and £2.4 billion annual budget is applied to keeping strategic colony Scotland ‘secure’ and ‘protecting the wellbeing of the UK economy’, which for covert work also appears to incl. immunity for ‘authorised criminal conduct’ –

    Perhaps an Alba MP could ask a question?

  51. Ottomanboi says:

    We both know what Unionists, Brits, colonialists, exceptionalists or whatever really fear.
    History of imperial decline is informative.
    Whether the Scots have the guts to cut to the «fearsome», as most had to, is the heart of the matter.
    That living room carpet will require expert cleaning is certain.

  52. Breeks says:

    Smitty says:
    13 March, 2023 at 9:54 am

    I must reinforce my earlier comments with new information provided this morning;

    This has been set up by HQ and the leadership….

    You would imagine therefor that there was a degree of tension between Sturgeon’s cabal and the reluctant candidate Robertson, who obliged Humza had to step in…

    mark says:
    13 March, 2023 at 12:01 pm

    Newsflash for you all: we Unionists do not fear Ash Regan. She is the joke candidate …

    Good. You keep on thinking that. Tell your friends, spread the word… but it’s hardly a newsflash now, is it? 😉

  53. Breastplate says:

    Are you not weary of England’s parasitic designs on Scotland yet?

  54. Confused says:

    there are many ways to characterise unionism and the true nature of the union

    – a badly stitched up pantomime horse, with Scotland in the back, getting farted on

    – or having a siamese twin, who is gay, and you only have one arsehole

    – or cuckoldry, one of the most humiliating and disgusting of perversions : Scotland, a bountiful woman in her prime, being ravaged by her next door neighbour, while her husband, the PROUD SCOT BUT sits in the corner, spanking his tiny member, cumming to cries of


    (please sir, can you do my arse once you’ve finished)

    The “most successful political union in history” and “the greatest empire which ever existed” – which no one wants to join, everyone who got out of never asked their way back in, and the most successful countries are similar to us in size, but less well resourced. Why doesn’t Norway want to join the UK? Why does everyone in europe feel glad “les rosbifs” have fucked off?

    The unionist sucks english cock in perpetuity and never dares to spit; “we were never r4ped, it was consensual”

    Unionism is a mass act of self abuse never bested in history; it could be a whole chapter to itself in 120 Days

  55. Graeme George says:

    @ Breastplate

    Mark is I suspect Vichy Scot sometimes known as a House jock they never tire of serving their masters

  56. Matt Quinn says:

    “Stuart MacKay says:
    13 March, 2023 at 8:46 am

    So you don’t have to click the link, here is the tl;dr; (too lazy; didn’t read;)”

    Not too lazy. Speaking for myself; one of the main reasons I never click these links is that the .PH domain you link to is an apparently-dodgy site in the Philippines (the PH TLD denotes this) which triggers a very loud anti-virus warning.

  57. DMcV says:

    I’m not sure how choosing Ash Regan is choosing ‘Independence’, Stu.

    And you know well that the initial faux-enthusiasm for Kate among the media was so that they could then be shocked, SHOCKED, on discovering what they already knew, her Christian faith and its teachings. Which is what they did. Except she came out of it rather well because she seemed gracious and genuinely tolerant of things she didn’t agree with.

  58. Gordon Hastie says:

    16 years of SNP failure? There were seven years of excellent governance in Scotland from 2007, and there wouldn’t have a referendum in 2014 if that had not been the case. Even fair-minded unionists acknowledged that Alex Salmond headed the best devolution government Scotland has seen. Since then it’s been utter failure, and that feat is owned by Nicola Sturgeon and minions like Yousaf.

  59. Robert Hughes says:

    ” For the Foucaultians, it’s a walled garden where they can implement their policies as a showcase to the world. Once Scotland is re-integrated into the neo-liberal, one-world, order, “nationalism” will have served it’s purpose.

    For the traditionalist nationalists, it’s simply “our bit of the world, where we can live in peace and do things the way we want”. Doing things differently is an anathema to the collectivists. ”

    Spot-on , Stuart .

  60. Breastplate says:

    Graeme George,
    Yes, I think you are correct.

  61. Doug says:

    I don’t buy any newspapers these days; they’re all British nationalist propaganda sheets. I don’t even bother to spy the front page headlines when I pass a newspaper rack. I don’t think I’m missing anything.

    On occasions it is necessary for the Rev to delve into the abyss, however, in order to confirm the reality. Kudos to the Rev for his sacrifice.

    Any leader of a pro independence party or movement should encourage its supporters to boycott all British nationalist media. Nothing to lose; everything to gain.

  62. TheSNPLeftMe says:

    Humza is now promising to put Independence into 5th. gear………I didn’t even know we had 5 reverse gears!

  63. akenaton says:

    Still cheering for Kate, “F for Fascist” what the hell is that about? Disgusting slur on a young inspirational woman who has the ability to clear our Holyrood with her moral compass.

    We need to redeem ourselves after the Sturgeon years, in the eyes of half the country we come across as stupid weak perverts.

    Time for complete social and political renewal.

  64. Etticus says:

    So Nicola Sturgeon is in the pay of MI5/CIA and Scotland hasn’t become independent because she was blackmailed and threatened into compliance. She’s just an honest wee Scottish lassie and it’s no her fault. It’s always the big bad English who are the bad guys. Give me strength.

    Meanwhile in the real world Nicola Sturgeon is a con artist and liar who has only ever been in it for herself. She used all the mugs who voted for her time and time again to fund her lifestyle and feed her ego. Scotland hasn’t become independent because the majority of the population don’t want it and sturgeon knew any referendum would be lost and a second lost referendum would halt the gravy bus.

    Therefore the plan was to pick fights with the English 24/7 and pay Angus Robertson and others to pump out rigged polls to keep the restless natives onside and Nicola Sturgeon in Bute House. Of course this could only go on for so long and something fairly serious has eventually caught up with her. Let’s hope she ends up rotting in jail.

  65. Doug says:

    @Etticus 1:49pm

    “Scotland hasn’t become independent because the majority of the population don’t want it…”

    So there’s been another referendum? I must have missed it. Oh, you mean the polls? So polling companies are now the ones who decide a nation’s future?

    Give me strength indeed.

  66. SusanAHF says:

    Whenever I see the word “progressive ” I want to vomit. I don’t want a “progressive ” Scotland, I want a Scotland where reality is grounded, laws are fair and wokeism has died a death

  67. Merganser says:

    What a sick joke of an ‘election’ this has turned out to be.

    The full party machine mobilised to ensure the most useless idiot is chosen as the leader of the so-called independence party. Such is the state of Scottish politics. Not even pygmies when compared to Alex Salmond.

    There must be some shit under that lid they are trying to keep on. For the sake of Scotland’s future it has to come out now or it will fester for the next 8 years.

  68. Etticus says:


    I’m presuming you are going to be able to point me to the series of polls showing majority support for independence (that do not come from Angus Robertson / Mark Diffley / Scot goes pop / AN Other Nicola Sturgeon propaganda outfit).

    I doubt you will ever realise the SNP have been rigging the polls to try and drive public opinion and hide the fact that they have done nothing to increase support.

  69. Robert Hughes says:

    Etticus says:
    13 March, 2023 at 1:49 pm

    ” So Nicola Sturgeon is in the pay of MI5/CIA and Scotland hasn’t become independent because she was blackmailed and threatened into compliance. She’s just an honest wee Scottish lassie and it’s no her fault. It’s always the big bad English who are the bad guys. Give me strength. ”

    Are you another who sees dead things ?

    No one is seeking to exonerate Sturgeon . If she is being ” blackmailed and threatened ” it’s because her own actions made her vulnerable to such – ergo ….she’s completely responsible for what she’s done . And , hopefully , will , eventually , be held to account . Though as it now appears accountability is strictly for plebs , we shouldn’t hold our breath waiting for that to happen .

    Akenaton . The Fascist reference is to the emetic tabloid . Thought that was pretty ‘kin obvious

  70. Doug says:

    @Etticus 2:19pm

    I’m presuming you’re going to be able to point me to the series of nations which won or rejected their independence by going solely on the findings of polling companies.

  71. Breastplate says:

    It is quite evident that there is majority support for Scottish self determination but I’m quite willing to be proved wrong by a referendum, are you?

  72. Geoff Anderson says:

    Whenever the Cult use the word “Progressive” it means that the People are not Sovereign. The people cannot be trusted with shaping Scotland….The Cult will do it for you. All you need do is to learn what you are allowed to think, what you are allowed to say and who you should vote for….removing the last one comes next.

  73. James Che says:

    The runners for the snp party, in the devolved government to Scotland all enter and Act on UK legislation with allegiance sworn to Westminster.

    As a puppet show it does not rate very high in entertainment. It is common knowledge that politicians in Scotland like being shafted, so a hand up their a….e working them is nothing new.

    What is entertaining is watching unionist speaking up that they unionists coming out of the closet on a site that supports Scottish independence.
    They would not have dared do that in 2014.

    You would think they would be on a site that supported the union
    GCHQ infiltration ?
    Or the 500 jobs in Scotland Mick Gove advertised for?
    Are they all bundled up at a derelict mill, or have they moved on to single accommodation by now.
    Perhaps they are the ones that advertised on twitter to dress in, girl faces and move North to influence SNP policies.

    The infiltration goes further than just the SNP in Holy-Rude.
    Wait, wait…..for the unionist pile on of protests that claim they too want sScottish independence.

    What is Greta says, in Mock Horror, “HOW DARE YOU”.

    The climatic change is a chilling factor on the last Site that supports Scottish Independence. But talks softly of playing ball with party GCHQ choices in the Snp for the future of Scotlands People and Country.

    I notice the people of England are taking a much more serious line of approach and defence against the Global ideology taking over England,
    their even talking about withholding mass Council Taxes if the Councils In England do not work for the people,
    Their contesting the Monarchs position in the English Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Saying Westminster has no authority to pass legislation that remove those rights.
    Their busy organising to remove Councillors and mayors that bring in 15 minute Cities,

    I can understand why the likes of the Poll Tax, and the Gender ID was introduced to Britain through Scotlands doors first, as the Scottish Character and personality is not so volatile as the English Characteristics and personality.

  74. Etticus says:

    @Robert Hughes

    Nicola sturgeon is not being blackmailed by anyone. Why are people so unwilling to accept that she is just a “bad un” whose entire life has been one great big red flag that SNP members decided to ignore?

    Why do you need to delude yourself into thinking she’s been “turned”? Is it because you can’t own up to the fact that she’s been making a fool of you for years?

  75. Etticus says:

    @breastplate and Doug

    The only true test we have had was a referendum that was lost. All indications are that a rerun would have been lost as well.

    If polls were so irrelevant I’m interested to know why you think the SNP spent some of the missing £600k on pumping out rigged polls (including the poll released the other day to try and give Humza Yousaf’s campaign a boost)? It’s so blatant yet many do not want to see the truth because to do so would be to admit they’ve been played.

  76. Geoff Anderson says:

    Green Party create more giveaways to the greedy. I wonder how many Senior SNP personnel are involved

  77. James Che says:

    The fear, for unionist is not being in a union any longer.

    They fear that standing in the world as a Country on their own will not impress other Countries,
    They fear that England has very little resources of their own to survive.
    They fear that the old British empire that held many other Countries as captive slaves will not be taking seriously if Not attached to Scotland.
    Or Wales and Ireland for that matter.

    Englands politicians and Westminster incorporated GCHQ are afraid to stand like a toddler on their own two feet.
    The little person Country trying to be the big man. But needs Scotland to lean on for supporting crutch.
    It needs Wales as a supporting crutch under the other armpit.
    And with the Ireland a supporting wheelchair should Westminster need something to fall back on when they become weak.

    Without the support Scotland, Ireland and Wales, Englands parliament and politicians fall like dominoes.

    This is what unionist fear the most, falling and failing to be able to stand on their own two feet.

    The truth of this can be witnessed in the way they object so strongly to either of the other three nation Countries removing their crutches.

  78. Republicofscotland says:

    I still can’t believe the SNP membership has allowed Peter Murrell, who’s helping the police with a live investigation, and who will appoint the successor to his wife to head up this leadership contest.

    Not only that the membership has allowed Peter Murrell to call in a know enemy of Scottish independence in GCHQ, does the SNP membership not realise that if Ash Regan doesn’t win that the SNP will go into terminal decline.

  79. Lenny Hartley says:

    The rev will need to change his graph showing support for Indy under Sturgeon as FM flatlining at 45%! Its plummeted to 39% #Sturgeonlegacy

  80. James Che says:

    It is the british legislated devolved parliament put into Scotland under the Scotland Act breaching the highly thought of ” treaty” that has been making fools of Scots,
    They thought it was the Old 1707 Scottish parliament reconvened.

    But you cannot reconvene a Scottish parliament under Westminster Legislation legally.
    It has to be done in Scotland by the people of Scotland and their own decision. Not UK legislation.

  81. Ottomanboi says:

    Loss of territory = loss of prestige, face, clout.
    There’s the rump.
    England, the butt of the old empire, the arse end of the ex UK….not a good image to flog on the international market.

  82. Republicofscotland says:

    This is why I don’t understand why the SNP membership hasn’t broken down Murrell’s office door and demanded clarity. No one knows who is voting or how many votes they’ll be, this contest (if you want to call a contest) isn’t open and above board, its shrouded in secrecy, if I were a member with a vote I’d be very angry right now, knowing that the future of the party’s existence is at stake here, never mind the entire country’s, and nothing is clear.

    “There has not even been an announcement of the number of eligible voters on the register. Not even the candidates have been told.
    Even if you stood for Secretary of your local bowling club, you would be allowed to know how many members have a vote.”

    “We have every reason to query the lack of transparency, the failure to bring in a proper verification team to run it (ie Electoral Reform Society), the outgoing leader’s husband and team running it while under police investigation for fraud.”

  83. Republicofscotland says:

    I can remember when this guy (DD) supported Scottish independence, if I recall correctly he used to comment in here on it.

  84. Alastair R says:

    The facists are “promoting” Forbes to damage her. They fear her.
    The bookies have slashed the odds of Yousaf winning to 1/3

  85. Cynicus says:

    A friend who remains in the SNP Informs me that he has cast his vote:


    This chap has a habit of backing winners.

  86. Doug says:

    @Etticus 2:57

    “Scotland hasn’t become independent because the majority of the population don’t want it…”

    So your declaration is based solely on the 2014 referendum result and not opinion polls. So you should be saying, “…because the majority of the population DIDN,T want it” in 2014.

    You then declare, “All indications are that a rerun would have been lost as well.”

    When was this rerun supposed to have taken place? 2015? 2016? 2019? And what were the indications? It can only be more opinion poll figures. So you continue to slate polling figures, especially those showing a majority support for Yes, yet continue to base your “arguments” on them.

    The only thing blatant is British nationalist refusal to accept that the people of Scotland have every right to change their minds, and have every right to hold a referendum to show if their minds have indeed changed.

  87. Luigi says:


    You are missing the point by a wide mile here. Of course noone here is saying Nicola Sturgeon was ever a good soul (before she was potentially compromised – where did you read that?). Please don’t suggest otherwise. However, as previous posters have suggested – being selfish, nasty and vindictive AND being compromised by the security services is possible. These are not mutually exclusive. If this happened, then she had it coming. Noone is apologising for Sturgeon’s behaviour, but what is apparent is that there are numerous potential areas of, let’s say “vulnerability” that could have easily been banked against her. The powers that be don’t miss a trick, an easy target like that. If we are aware that something fishy happened at the Balmoral Hotel, the missing 600K, the Salmon stitch-up etc etc etc, then what the hell do you think the security services have been doing – sitting on their backsides laughing? Innocent bystanders? Aye right.

    Besides, not only NS is involved here IMO. Let’s turn it around – are you saying that only bad Nicola is responsible? It’s all her fault? All the other SNP leadership are squeaky clean? Wake up.

  88. Viscount Ennui says:

    If you have a passionate desire to see change, you keep on going even when times are tough, or other circumstances change.
    It interested me greatly that so many senior SNP figures ‘etired’ before the last HR election but interests me even more that they then chose to hide away and do nothing for independence.
    Where is Roseanna Cunningham these days? Joining protests marches or demonstrations?
    They saw the writing on the wall.

  89. Breastplate says:

    “Indications” are pieces of subjective guesswork.
    The last referendum is ancient history, people have changed their minds.
    I can understand that from your point of view, democracy can be quite inconvenient.

  90. Den says:

    @Geoff 3:17 , What a shocking read, as I’ve said before there is Fuck all Green about the Scottish greens. They are punting Scotlands resources to the highest corporate bidders. Selling us out by the pound. If the DRS gets the go ahead that’s going to be more millions for large corporate to the cost of the Scottish people who will need to absorb the cost at the tills whilst the corporates take the profits ..

  91. James Che says:


    Everything you mentioned in your list is why Westminsters elite cannot let Scotland leave it, nor can it let Ireland and Wales nations go.

    The loss of power prestige and face is indeed the reason for Westminster to refuse Scotland the right to self determination.

    It is not for the love of Scots Irish or Welsh people, but for the resources of those nations Countries that can provide the proverbial crutch of support that they need most.

    Their little man mentality trying to stand in bigger shoes.

  92. Ottomanboi says:

    The covid lockdown had no democratic sanction. A draconian imposition from top down.
    The masses, fed a steady stream of propaganda, believed the authorities were keeping them safe, they complied.
    We now reap the negative benefits of that compliance.
    Sometimes the demos can get it so very wrong.

  93. Skip_NC says:

    RepublicofScotland, aye, I remember Doug Daniel posting here. Always struck me as sensible and level-headed but he took the Queen’s Shilling a long time ago.

  94. Etticus says:

    I see I’ve upset a few sturgeonites.

    How dare I suggest that she and her equally psychopathic and downright evil husband didn’t need anyone to corrupt them. The poor wee souls must have been done over by a nasty Englishman.

    How dare I suggest that at no point in the last 8 years did sturgeon even try to answer the questions that the people who voted no in 2014 still wanted answers to and all we got was a bunch of useless papers that insulted people’s intelligence.

    How dare I point out that rather than Sturgeon building support for independence she has in fact eroded it to below 2014 levels thanks to her focus being on power and wealth for her and hubby. All she was interested in was dangling the Indy carrot when necessary to get elected again.

    And as an aside, to the one who glorifies an imperial regime that still had eunuch’s in the royal court at the turn of the 20th century and was still routinely enslaving and castrating male slaves at that time… including in the centuries before that people captured from the west coast of Ireland and Scotland… people in glass houses… and stones

  95. Anton Decadent says:

    Re the talk of UK security services, at least one of these was also flying the trans colours and a number of police forces are also ideologically captured as are parts of the Fire Brigade union etc. I even saw one of those tiny little bulldozers done up in rainbow colours when passing a building site a couple of months ago.

    Re Nicola Sturgeon, she denounced anyone who did not agree with her trans heist of Scotland as fascists and we see the same thing being done here by a number of posters with regard to anyone they do not like.

  96. Chic McGregor says:

    We haven’t voted yet. Still two weeks to go.

  97. Robert Hughes says:

    ” Why do you need to delude yourself into thinking she’s been “turned”? Is it because you can’t own up to the fact that she’s been making a fool of you for years? ”

    No , matey , for one thing , she hasn’t been ” making a fool of you ( me ) for years ” , I saw through her years ago and – as Luigi says ….. being * turned * doesn’t preclude her being a thoroughly contemptible individual .

  98. Breastplate says:

    You are free to point out whatever you like, it’s just your opinion after all but why not explain why you believe it is important to you, an English man, as you say, that Scotland should not determine its own future?

    I’m of the opinion that we should make our own decisions and that would entail removing England’s grubby hands from Scotland’s pockets.

  99. Cynicus says:

    “The bookies have slashed the odds of Yousaf winning to 1/3”
    That is correct.

    He was 8/11 this morning. That means serious money has been bet on him since online polling opened.

    Is someone receiving a tip based on real-time polling numbers?

  100. James Che says:


    The fear of letting Scots have a vote or referendum or the right to self determination is not Scotland fear, it is the unionist who fear it.
    The bravado of chosen which Scottish votes could be considered to go through behind close doors by GCHQ and the SNP within a devolved UK legislated devolved parliament tells us whose fear is the predominate one.

    No reruns allowed for Scotland…..and yet did the UK not change its mind with a new vote on wether it wanted to stay in the EU, after it had voted to join it.

    Obviosly Changing your mind is acceptable if circumstances change. The UK is a prime example.

    That is something that should be addressed, a rerun vote in Scotland again if we should gain our independence on wether we want to join the EU or not, as well as the alternatives.

    Meanwhile unionist fear they will become little people without Scotlands, Wales and Irelands supporting crutches,, land, sea, and resouces.

    So does England support Scotland ( the financial basket) case as it claims,
    Or does Scotland support a England that has no resources and prestige of its own.

  101. panda paws says:

    Michelle Thomson who is Kate Forbes campaign manager has tweeted the following

    “all @theSNP members – a press release has gone out describing the vote for leader as ‘one member one vote’ – but remember you rank your candidates according to preference so you can vote 1,2,3 across all 3 candidates (or you can just vote for 2 candidates or just 1)”

    One member one vote! Bloody hell they really are trying to fix it aren’t they. Venal.

  102. TheSNPLeftMe says:

    I would like to see Humza come in 3rd. I think that would send a shock through the comfy slipper brigade.

  103. Ottomanboi says:

    The Britnat.mag The Critic carries an article by Andrew Liddle, author of a biog of a certain R. Davidson and a guy called Winston something or other, for whom the current state of Scotland, après the «talismanic» Sturgeon, offers the prospect of enjoying the déluge in which the useful unionist idiots of the Labour party will soon overtake the current useful woke idiots in popularity.
    Meanwhile, the real masters of the Universe split their fatcat sides with glee..
    If your aim be mediocrity, stick to the rules.

  104. Liz says:

    The odds getting slashed after day one, they definitely have inside info.

    I don’t see how they’ll get away with it when Forbes seems to be the favorite in the polls

  105. James Che says:


    You are here, throwing small coinage in the Scottish independence fountain.

    It is no longer about the internal politics of the Snp governed by GCHQ or the Westminster state,
    But you are here trying to cause divide.

    But is about Scotland thinking about withdrawing its support system for down south and the unionist realising they are nothing and nobodies in the eyes of the world without Scotland, Ireland, or Wales.

    Their grip on the hem of the other three nations is looking more like a slipping grasp, as it clutches in desperation to maintain the status quo, and to save itself from falling into the abyss of little England.

    Besides America seems to own what was left of the old empire now, it follows that what happens in America first then happens here,
    Just like some Scots sold their sole to England.
    Now we see Englands old empire selling itself nakedly to America and the war machines.

    England perhaps needs to hold onto Scotlands land for America’s use when it comes to training ground and holding nuke power for

    Perhaps Scotland is fighting for independence against two Countries wishing ownership and control of Scotlands land and sea.

  106. President Xiden says:

    By employing Occam’s razor it can be predicted that as this is Clown World (it seriously is folks) Useless will be installed. Take that to the bank.

  107. Geoff Anderson says:

    Humza now 1/4

    Big money must be going on him to win!

  108. Frazerio says:

    Has WGD mentioned anything on this yet, I cant bear to tiptoe in there any more. Or is it King Brian bashing or Liz Truss thumping or has he even been well enough to offer up any meagre gruel for his wide-eyed flock?

  109. James Che says:

    Capturing employees in the police force, , fire brigade, nurses, doctors is not always voluntary by them

    They are harassed, cancel cultured, and a million little set ups are put in place to created difficulties in their employment to ensure that they do not have future employment if they do not bend to the will of others providing the funding or the support systems.

    I have relations in the nursing profession and friends in the police force, all of these have come under this pressure groups, very similar to the transgender pressure groups in Scotland at the moment.

    Some have been ousted out by these pressure groups and have been replaced by the new rainbow, defund the police, climate change culture cult rampaging through britain, and all the western and European Countries right now.

    Along with massive influx of immigration of new philosphocies and religions, to all these Countries.
    That is purposely being driven and funded to breakdown the natural cultures of all these countries replacing older style values, and morals based on old christian faiths.

    It is having a effect when you see ecclesiastical bodies becoming engrossed in the varies cults along with all our politicians in Westminster and Scotland, and universities and Schools teaching the new cult to our children.

    England is beginning to fight back,
    But the Scottish people are generally more passive by nature to their own detriment.

  110. twathater says:

    What I would like to see but unfortunately she would have to realise that she is finished in the snp is for Ash Regan if she is defeated DEMANDS OPENLY that the electoral commission immediately investigates the running of this election and concentrates on interviewing and investigating the STAFF, what involvement they have had in the election , what they did , who told them to do it , how was it funded and accomplished , who released information subject to the rules and regulations , who info was given to , how information was used , who gave permission for info to be released

    There is more than one way to skin a cat

  111. John Main says:

    @Anton Decadent says:13 March, 2023 at 4:56 pm

    Re Nicola Sturgeon, she denounced anyone who did not agree with her trans heist of Scotland as fascists and we see the same thing being done here by a number of posters with regard to anyone they do not like

    Close, but no cigar. Let me correct it for you:

    anyone who posts awkward facts, or irrefutable arguments

    The dislike then follows. Shortly after come the ‘F’, ‘R’ and ‘T’ words.

  112. Bortwhiskels says:

    Hang on! Big money getting placed on Yousaf winning? When one man, essentially, gets to call the result? Are the Murrells using the betting marketplace to backfill the missing £600,000?

  113. Doug says:

    Odds for Yousaf static on Paddy Power 8/15

    Forbes 5/4

    Whoever is putting their money on at 1/3 or 1/4 must be lazy.

  114. Republicofscotland says:


    The Electoral Commission ( a captured body if you ask me) won’t want to interfere in Murrell’s fix, for the result that we are all expecting (Regan loses) suits them as it retains the status quo.

    As I said earlier today I cannot for the life of understand the mentality of the membership, (this “contest” is an utter shambles, the time frame, the funding, the secrecy on who has a vote and who hasn’t, and no one really knows how many folk are voting, and then there’s Murrell himself involved in an active police investigation, not only that he’s involved in this “contest” and he’s the husband of the previous FM, this is outrageous) the membership, should be breaking down Murrell’s office door and demanding clarity on the entire process, then he should recuse himself from the whole process, and replaced with a group of folk with no dog in the fight.

    GCHQ should be told that their interference will not be tolerated, they have absolutely no right to be involved in the process whether it be monitoring or other there’s far too much at stake here.

    We expect Murrell to cheat because he and his wife have much to hide, and we expect GCHQ to do as much as they can to stop Scottish independence, however what we don’t expect is the membership to meekly go along with this fraud of a contest where everything is shrouded in secrecy, doesn’t the SNP membership realise that if Ash Regan loses so does their cherished party.

  115. Republicofscotland says:

    Sky news showing the leadership contest tonight it started at 7pm.

    Freeview channel 233.

  116. John Main says:

    @James Che says:13 March, 2023 at 5:43 pm

    Perhaps Scotland is fighting for independence against two Countries wishing ownership and control of Scotlands land and sea

    But of course, James.

    It has to be steady as we go until the war is won. Neither the UK nor the USA can permit distractions at this critical time.

    If you are interested, check out the latest polling figures for what English voters want done about the boats, and who these voters trust to do what they want done.

    It sure ain’t what Linekar wants, and it sure ain’t Starmer they want doing it.

    Sunak has a clear path to WM re-election; all he has to do is grow the pair to take that path.

    So will that be good or bad for Indy? Fucked if I know. It might put a brake on our Scottish demographic decline. I can just imagine the insults I will get if that happens, and I am still around to point out we need to thank Sunak for it.

  117. Big Jock says:

    If this election is rigged, and it certainly is beginning to have a whiff about it. Then a bonus for us who actually want independence. Is watching Humza the train wreck politicion being humiliated in public.

    This will hasten the demise of the fake SNP. We will then be able to start a rebuild with other independence parties,and the real SNP splinter groups.

    There is no point in a Humza led SNP actually existing. Because he has admitted independence is over until 2050. They are just a yellow Scottish Labour.

    He might just turn out to be exactly what is necessary for our movement.

  118. John Main says:

    As the veg shortage bites, carrots have run out, so Mhairi Hunter on Twitter is resorting to the stick instead.

    In reply to Craig Murray’s tweets raising concerns about the safety and probity of the FM voting process, she tweeted:

    “there may also come a point where preventing reputational damage becomes a real consideration”

  119. Doug says:

    No shame in voting with your heart, or your gut, as well as your brain. When it comes to a nation’s independence and survival it’s essential.

    Support for Alba up to 6% in NE of Scotland.

  120. Republicofscotland says:

    Well that’s the Sky hustings over, Ash Regan called out Yousaf on claiming he was a crucial character on building the Queensferry Crossing, when he presided over the last six months of it as Transport minister which was packed with delays. Yousaf was desperately trying claim he played a major role in the Queensferry Crossing, he didn’t.

    Regan also pulled up Yousaf on missing the same sex marriage vote, Yousaf again desperately tried to blame Alex Salmond for mischief making, but Regan pointed out it was SNP personnel that said it he missed the vote, Yousaf again claimed he was in Pakistan at the time, the interviewer appeared to jump in to save Yousaf from further embarrassment.

  121. Derek says:

    “Johnny says:
    13 March, 2023 at 8:57 am

    “Yoons for Yousaf, Fascists for Forbes, SNP is all out of sorts”.

    Well, it’s giving me a smile anyway”

    Never too early for a bit of HMHB…

  122. Feliks says:

    Anybody thinking that there is ‘big’ money being placed on Humza because of the reported shift in odds has obviously never tried to place a bet. These markets are miniscule- a couple of hundred quid would move the line and anyone trying to place substantial monies would either be refused outright or be offered the odds at a fraction of their request.
    The ‘movement’ in Humza’s odds is simply another attempt to persuade voters to persuade voters to support the winning side.

  123. Gordon Gekko says:

    SNP Leadership: Liberal Hegemony Turns On Itself

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  124. Big Jock says:

    Feliks. Let’s face it, Murrell has 600k. He might as well have a bit of fun with it. Yes I agree. It’s sublinimal with the bookies odds. They are trying to normalise voting for Humza as the most popular candidate.

    The media are doing likewise. Are they doing it to manipulate people, or to persuade the public he is winning? So that when he does win no suspicion will be drawn.

  125. Gordon Gekko says:

    The GreenParty members have voted to abandon their opposition to NATO.

    One of the trillion examples why Scotland needs a first passed the post parliament.

    Get rid of the neo colonial, neo liberal PR system.

  126. Alan Mackintosh says:

    Stu, I just had a thought…

    Say Forbes or Regan wins, when the chamber votes on the FM, could Yousless stand against the party leader for FM and try to get in with the sturgeonites rebelling against the Leader?

    Just musing, but interested to see what the FM candidacy rules are? I know its unlikely and would be hugely damaging to party and parliament, but I wouldnt put it past them.

  127. laukat says:

    Regan has improved massively in a few weeks. Much stronger and more combative tonight. She still has some things to learn. If the campaign was a couple of of months longer I think she would win.

    However with a short campaign it looks to me like Forbes is now the one to beat. Forbes questions to Yousaf asking him why people think she is better was clever and effective.

    Yousaf looked like an idiot trying to claim he was an outside favourite to win and on defending his record in office. Also got found out by Regan on cross examination.

    I felt Rigby was a wee bit unfair to Forbes on persistently asking a question on conversion therapy that she had clearly answered the first time. Also thought Regan’s questions on what Institutions were required lacked a bit of clarity, think Regan thought it was about currency, whereas Rigby I think meant what other institutions of state does a country require (i.e. foreign affairs, defence etc)

    It would be a right laugh if Yousaf didn’t get second place but after tonight I don’t think its impossible. However I seriously hope that if its Forbes she appoints Regan as Deputy First Minister with a remit to build the Yes movement and start preparing for Independence.

    Also wish someone would ask Forbes if she would commit to open the SNP books for financial inspection.

  128. Auld Nickum says:

    It was some ordeal endlessly scrolling down through the acres of sharn at the top of this post, it fair put me off my tea. The Rev can laugh, he likely posted it before eating his porridge. If in paper form, it could have been put to good honest use in the cludgie, but unfortunately that space is already occupied, for there a spider lurks unseen, spinning and weaving it’s gigantic web.
    Just when will the door be wrenched off it’s hinges so the clear light can flood in? The SNP shit-house is a construct of cards (all Jokers) just tap the spider and the whole caboodle gets flushed safely doon the lavvie!

  129. John Main says:

    @Gordon Gekko says:13 March, 2023 at 8:43 pm

    That’s an innarestin article. Thanks for the link. A couple of wee quotes:

    “the reason why Kate Forbes’ socially conservative religious views have drawn so much attention”

    “Scotland is one of the most socially liberal, secular, and atheistic countries on earth”

    Talk about ignoring the elephant in the room!

    There are two candidates with conservative religious views in this contest. One of them gets free passes left, right and center. His religion is not up for discussion, criticism, question or hardly even an acknowledgement of its existence.

    The second candidate with conservative religious views is constantly expected to apologise, recant, or step down as unfit for office.

    A despicable double standard.

    An in-your-face example of how the hierarchy of victimhood works.

    “Three steps behind, woman, and keep your eyes on the ground”.

    Such a shame no transwoman ever stepped up to the plate and stood for leader. That’s about the only victim category that would trump Yousaf’s one, in this Brave New Scotland.

  130. Cynicus says:

    There is an alternative to the narrative of improving odds on Yousaf being due to big money and inside information. I now suspect the Troughers are backing Yousaf in a thin market and distorting the odds.

    Moreover, I have put my money where my mouth is: 50 quid on Forbes at odds better than 2 to 1.

    You can get 46/1 against Regan.

  131. Philip Patrick says:

    ‘Fascists for Forbes’…hmmm. A tad hyperbolic perhaps? The evidence for the Daily Mail’s supposed support for fascism comes from the 1930s, nearly a century ago. According to ‘Mail Men’ a history of the paper, its brief pro-Hitler stance was solely the work of its then loony proprietor/editor who personally wrote the controversial pieces. The journalists working on the paper at the time found it as shameful and embarrassing as everyone else. As to the minimal coverage of Ash Regan, what do you expect? She’s a fringe figure with minimal cabinet experience. She’s shown some balls to take on the Murrell mafia, but a lot of what she’s come out with is bonkers – the indy thermometer, withholding the stone of destiny, etc. And the anti-Westminster anti-UK (code – the English) stuff is nasty and bigoted. If it was directed at any other country or people you can bet people would be screaming ‘fascist’ and ‘racist’. And they’d have cause.

  132. Michael Laing says:

    @ Philip Patrick: it’s Westminster and the UK establishment that’s robbing Scotland and doing all it can to prevent us from gaining our independence, so of course it’s Westminster and the UK establishment, not any other country, that we take issue with. Also, being angry about being ruled by political parties we have never voted for and having our wealth and resources robbed and being expected to be grateful for the paltry fraction that’s handed back to us is an entirely different thing from blind hatred of English people. Most Scots have friends and relatives in England. We do not hate English people; we resent what is being done to our country.

  133. Murray says:

    Cynicus says:
    13 March, 2023 at 5:07 pm
    “The bookies have slashed the odds of Yousaf winning to 1/3”
    That is correct.

    He was 8/11 this morning. That means serious money has been bet on him since online polling opened.

    Is someone receiving a tip based on real-time polling numbers?
    No , much more likely its just that He is the one getting most backings from senior party MP’s /MSP’s/ex MSPs. Most SNP Voters will most likely follow that lead but that isn’t a given yet. Forbes is the Dark Horse but is clearly more competent that Yousaf will ever be and will grow in the FM role. With Yousaf in the role it will just be more of the same. (Failure,Failure, Failure)

  134. ephemeraldeception says:

    “people should trust our process.”

    As my security colleage has often stated ‘in god we trust, the rest we scan’.

    Voting and politions are a mix that is know to be wide open to abuse. Any such process should have ways of means for checking validity.

    In Europe, eg France, you cannot postal vote as its considered unsafe. In scotland the voting process was also considered wide open to fraud but none of the recommendation sby audiors have been implemennted. Its not just an SNP thing its endemic.

    A big clue for me is that postal vote ratio versus physical vote ratio is not even checked by any returning officer or auditors. A test case in Argyll I think it was after the Referendum where turnout was suspiciously high, showed postal votes had a much higher Remain count than the physical vote. I recall it was about 70% remain, Im not certain, but it was in that order of magnitude.

    I do not trust any vote whatsover that we cannot audit the results in detail. We cannot do this as it seems its in not in the interest of any political party who make the rules.

  135. JockMcT says:

    Oh this is so fkn depressing! When did religion come into politics, thought we were for a secular society with all this sh1te out of the way. Yoons and brit staTe having a field day, well done sturgeon, what are you hiding here…what’s the real reason for your urgent departure, train to where..? As for the rest of us, well the cunning plan will become clear in time no doubt, but unless Ash wins this shit-show the clowns have overrun the circus, possibly for good, at least for a long long time.

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