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Royal Week

Posted on July 03, 2021 by

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    1. cirsium says:

      @Ian Brotherhood, 7.59, @Fred, 10.05

      Don’t let them start on the weans. It’s criminal

      It’s criminal that these experimental gene therapy treatments continue to be administered to adults when the yellow card adverse reaction report cards show the scale of the deaths and injuries caused.

      “The MHRA now has more than enough evidence on the Yellow Card system to declare the COVID-19 vaccines unsafe for use in humans.” a quote from Dr Tess Laurie’s letter.

    2. Hatuey says:

      Breatplate, Yes, as you say, “Dr Corey warns of the mutated variants explicitly arising from the halfway house of giving 1 dose and waiting too long for the second… What he warned us about explains exactly the position we are in now, does it not?”

      That’s all correct, but he is speaking (like you) with hindsight. Vaccine developers couldn’t see the variants coming, of course, and couldn’t tailor vaccines against the variants we see today.

      Government experts have been caught out too to an extent too — It’s a highly complex, fluid, and unpredictable situation — and on this particular issue I don’t see grounds for criticism.

      As for the escape variants springing from the partially vaccinated, I don’t see evidence of that. Delta for example came out of India which had less than 0.2% of the population vaccinated at the time (from memory so feel free to correct me). The same is true of the Kent and Manaus variants — they came out of unvaccinated populations.

    3. J.o.e says:

      ‘We are opening everything up, just as you wanted, letting the fake virus blow into every little corner.’

      Of course we are. This is not going to stop. This considering ‘opening up’ is a play in order to discredit the other side. If things were to go back to normal and we could function properly most of these people would quickly end up in court. They have come too far now.

      They will lift some restrictions, people who have dutifully taken the vaccines will start to die in numbers when autumn starts coming on and the statistics will continue to be fluffed up by our fraudulent use of PCR while the media does what it does.

      I can almost hear the news presenter:

      ‘…the Prime Minister also commented that after the disaster of lifting lockdown too early a whole new raft of stronger measures will have to be considered, including how to deal with the continual appearance of variants mostly from the minority of people who are still refusing to be vaccinated. He added that tough decisions will have to made and soon.’

      Of course you and others will be on here cackling with delight and saying ‘I told you so’ but we already know what manner of lowlife you are.

    4. Dave Somerville says:

      Covid has been a God send to our perverted Lesbian leader.

      She has hid behind it since the beginning of 2020.

      All things Indy and all things Brexit have been conveniently side stepped because of Covid.

      But don’t think because Covid is being defeated that she will suddenly get back on the Indy bandwagon, not a hope in hell of that happening.

      The Lesbian freak still has her 60% minimum benchmark to fall back on and also don’t forget the fragile economy she says she wants to sort out long before she even considers thinking of holding indyRef2.

      So for anyone thinking the Lezzy freak is going to deliver indyRef2 next year better think again.

      And Don’t forget, Vote SNP 1 and 2, what could possibly go wrong?

    5. Saffron Robe says:

      Breeks says:

      Jesus wept. Here’s Wishart at it too…his Scottish Affairs Committee grovelling for “…post-Brexit cash for Scotland to replace EU funding”.

      I was thinking the same thing myself today, Breeks. Did the SNP not realise that EU funding would dry up when we were taken out of the EU against our will, and that without independence, they would need to go cap in hand to Westminster? Everything they have done has locked us deeper and deeper into the Union all because they don’t have the guts or intelligence to stand up for Scotland. They have made us prisoners, entirely dependent on the scraps thrown to us by our gaoler for survival.

    6. Daisy Walker says:

      Hamish Henderson wrote, ‘we’re th eD Day Dodgers, out in Italy, always on the vino, always on the spree….

      ’tis on You Tube – look it up.

      But tae the same tune…

      We’re the Indy Dodgers, within the SNP
      Always dangling carrots, always on the spree
      Eigth mandate holders, or the rest,
      A new Range Rover – hid yir wheesht
      We are the Indy Dodgers, that’s from the SNP

    7. Effigy says:

      I do know of Lesbian Indy supporters and I’m sure there are thousands of them.
      Some people here seem to use the term as an insult?
      It’s a life choice, it’s a right and thankfully it’s all legal.

      If Nicola is gay then it’s a pity she feels too insecure to come out
      but as in my own job, what my personal preferences are at home
      is nobody’s business.

      I’m hertrosexual and married and admire the female form.
      How do you think it strange if a woman is also attracted to the female form?

    8. Willie says:

      Lesley loves Leslie, Lesley loves Lesley and Leslie loves Leslie.

      Tis a mixed up muddled world and so’s Nic Ola. Maybe the name of the SNP Scottish Government should be the Kinks.

    9. Ian Brotherhood says:

      Have transcribed this from a Tik-Tok video. ( )

      It’s the kind of really simple explanation which Hatuey hates…

      As of June 16th 2021, you can find all these numbers on Google.

      World population. 7.8 billion

      Total covid cases. 182 million

      Total covid deaths. 3.94 million

      So, to find % of people who got covid…

      182 million
      divided by
      7.8 billion
      = 0.023, or
      2.3% of world population

      Next, to get the % of people who’ve died from covid…
      3.94 million
      divided by
      182 million
      = 0.021 or

      So, the chances of getting covid and dying?
      0.023 x 0.021
      0.0004 or

      That is not a pandemic.

    10. Dave Somerville says:


      Nobody is saying being a Lesbian is bad.

      So fuck off with taking the moral high ground.

      She uses her position to put the thoughts of her freaky pals way ahead of what she was meant to do, which was to deliver on indyRef2.

      Her freaky pals like Daddy Bear, Pat Harvie and the nasty wee bastards in the the Trans movement, (and that arranged marriage to her wee Pervy man), is where the “Perverted Lezzy Leader” comes from.

      Add in the Alex Salmond stitch-up.

      She is not fit for the job she was appointed to do. But with idiots like you sticking up for her, she will probably be there for a long time to come.

      And don’t forget Effigy, it’s always SNP 1 and 2, what the Fuck could ever go wrong?

    11. Sensible Dave says:


      As someone with experience of making the mistake of assuming that a commenter is of “normal” knowledge. intelligence and outlook – may I respectfully suggest that you are wasting your time and threatening your own sanity by trying to debate with the likes of JimuckMac.

      He is cut from the same cloth as the likes of old stagers like Heedy and Cameron B Brodie, and the more current crop of nut jobs like Ruby and RoS.

      Save yourselves!

    12. Effigy says:


      You don’t mention Lezzy 3 times in the one post unless
      your set against it or trying to promote it.

      I agree 100% far too much focus is on Trans people
      but good luck to them in trying to sort their lives out.

      I left the SNP because of their priorities, their lack of progress toward independence and lack of transparency. I was SNP 1 and Alba 2.

      Does anyone seriously try to avoid the morals being on any high ground?

    13. Dave Somerville says:


      Haven’t got a fuckin clue what your last post was all about.

    14. from twitter,

      `The Scottish Govt has refused an FOI request to access GRA Bill consultation responses, despite committing in the consultation itself to publish them`

      Looks like She/Her/Stonewall don`t want us to see the responses,

      and the SNP have the gall the complain about the Tories abandoning democracy for personal ideologies.

    15. J.o.e says:

      @Sensible Dave

      The saddest thing anyone can do online is linger around a forum that was created for discussion on a subject they fundamentally disagree with.

      You have gone past the ‘having fun with a bit of trolling’ shtick.

      You are clearly a sad bastard with too much time and not enough imagination on your hands. You giving your opinion on the sanity of other commenters is somewhat comedic.

    16. Sensible Dave says:

      Hey J.O.E

      …. Unlike “johnnie come latelys” like you Joe, I have history, commitment and loyalty to the site and lived through the good times and the bad.

      Being blessed with knowledge, experience, intellect and insight together with long held mission to share, educate and inform is, as I may have mentioned, a heavy burden when faced by those that …. are not.

      It requires true grit, perseverance, humility and wit – exactly the characteristics that feature so strongly in the english psyche.

    17. Ruby says:

      Sensible Dave says:
      9 July, 2021 at 8:44 am
      He is cut from the same cloth as the likes of old stagers like Heedy and Cameron B Brodie, and the more current crop of nut jobs like Ruby and RoS.


      Is that the best you’ve got Sinister Dave?

      Perhaps you should have a word with the other Dave for tips on how to be abusive.

      PS Did you ever manage to define what you mean by anti-English?

      Perhaps you could also post your definition of debate. Judging from your posts I don’t think you know the meaning.

      FYI Debate doesn’t mean trolling and flame-baiting.

    18. Ruby says:

      Sensible Dave says:
      9 July, 2021 at 9:45 am
      Hey J.O.E

      …. Unlike “johnnie come latelys” like you Joe, I have history, commitment and loyalty to the site and lived through the good times and the bad.

      Being blessed with knowledge, experience, intellect and insight together with long held mission to share, educate and inform is, as I may have mentioned, a heavy burden when faced by those that …. are not.

      It requires true grit, perseverance, humility and wit – exactly the characteristics that feature so strongly in the english psyche.


      Sinister Dave is as mad as a box of frogs.

    19. Sensible Dave says:


      … and btw, I ambivalent (like the majority of English folk according to the polls) as to whether Scotland becomes independent or not.

      If you paid attention, you would know that.

      Given that you have provided clues that you may not be the sharpest tool in the box, it might be worth pointing out, again, that the only reason that Scotland is now not an independent country – is simply because the majority of the Scottish electorate voted not to be.

    20. Republicofscotland says:

      Brian @8.25pm, thanks Brian I’ll give that ago.

      Meanwhile Sturgeon the Betrayer of Scots and EU citizens, has paid tribute to those women and girls raped in the Srebrenica atrocity, in which Dutch troops were also to blame for not doing their jobs correctly.

      A thought crossed my mind that as Sturgeon the Betrayer pays tribute to the women and girls of Srebrenica, that back home in Scotland her policies are leaving Scottish women and girls open to the possibility of rape, and even violence in their safe spaces.

    21. Republicofscotland says:

      So Ruth (I love the rape clause) Davidson, in an interview said that Boris Johnson wouldn’t let a second indyref go ahead and that she wouldn’t take the role of Governor General, aka Scottish secretary to Scotland.

      Davidson, soon to be ermine vermin, said that she had let her friends and family down by breaking promises, Davidson has let Scotland down, and we know it, she won’t be missed on the political scene in Scotland by many folk.

      Davidson refused on several occasions to answer whether she’d campaign for Better Together if a second indyref arose.

    22. Mist001 says:

      “In a briefing, the First Minister said that she hoped to outline next Tuesday whether further lockdown easing to Level 0 could go ahead.”

      How can you have a level 0? It’s not a level if it’s 0.

      She doesn’t even talk any sense.

    23. Breeks says:

      Scot Finlayson says:
      9 July, 2021 at 9:20 am
      from twitter,

      `The Scottish Govt has refused an FOI request to access GRA Bill consultation responses, despite committing in the consultation itself to publish them…

      Also seems more and more like a FOI request to the SNP carries about as much weight as a complaint written to the BBC.

      A fine organisation that is now a mere shadow of what it once was. It has lost it’s way and become a bloated, top heavy, distorter of information, a faithless disseminator of indoctrination, which is utterly besotted with it’s own reflection, while it’s heart is corrupted by power and a jealously guarded monopoly.

      And the BBC isn’t much better.

    24. Republicofscotland says:

      A Scottish knight of the realm has been appointed to advise Boris Johnson on Scotland and the union.

      Baron Mark McInnes of Kilwinning, is the director of the Scottish Tory branch office, David Cameron nominated him for his life peerage.

    25. Hatuey says:

      After finding out his intellectual commander in chief (Dr. Fleming) was a convicted fraudster, debarred in the US by the medical authorities, Ian Brotherhood has given up on YouTube and decided to open up a new front on TikTok — yes TikTok, the preferred platform of kids.

      Regardless, let’s continue with the strategy of responding to the inept of the world with rational, reasoned, and intelligent rebuttals.

      The first thing to point out is that it would not only be pointless to try and work out a global mortality rate for covid-19 at this stage, it would be impossible. We simply don’t know how many have caught the disease and how many have died as a consequence of catching it. In just one example, India, respected sources have suggested ten times more have died than has been reported.

      The best indicator of mortality when it comes to diseases like this is the CFR (case fatality rate) which attempts to measure the number of deaths relative to the number of infections. Again though, the data is skewed by a lack of testing and reporting, making it quite impossible to come up with a global figure.

      The data becomes more meaningful when localised, especially where there’s good testing and reporting, but even here we see that the disease impacts very differently on different age groups, etc., making it difficult to generalise meaningfully.

      Another problem with generalised statements about mortality and CFR springs from the varying levels of health care available in different countries. In Yemen, for example, where our arms sales and bombs have been put to good use destroying hospitals, the CFR is almost 20% — that is to say, 1 in 5 who catch covid-19 die from the disease.

      Finally, this isn’t over. Covid-19 just arrived last year. It’s a relative baby right now and has already killed at least 4 million people. We can only imagine the sort of damage it might do when it hits those difficult teenage years and adulthood.

    26. J.o.e says:

      @Sensible Dave

      I happen to get along with the English and think of them as generally a great people, so you are wasting your time with your play at the condescending Englishman.

      I have been around in one form or another for quite some time also and have added more thought and substance on my off days than you have managed in pretty much any post of yours I could bring myself to read, which grew less as time went by after seeing that you have nothing to offer except snark, bait and official narratives.

      Whether I disagree with the commenters here or not is besides the point – most of them believe in something that they feel needs to be shared. You, however, are a tool that seems to lead so empty an existence that you will linger around a forum on a subject you are ‘ambivalent’ towards, taking each rise to your pathetic 3rd rate baiting as a sign of your intelligence.

      Sane people get involved with what they believe in. Sad bastards with personality issues hang around internet forums on subjects they add nothing to while fishing for reactions from people who do care.

      You offer nothing at all except a facade of the educated English middle class toff looking down on the Scotch to fill the holes in your own life and personality.

      And then you go on to warn people of certain other commenters. Sad bastard.

    27. Ruby says:

      “In the Sexual Offences Act 2003, indecent exposure is outlined as intentionally showing your genitals in a public place in order to cause alarm or distress. … This means that in cases where someone’s genitalia is exposed it must also be done with that intention.”

      Sounds as if ‘self-id’ would make it impossible to prove ‘indecent exposure’ in what used to be called ‘women’s safe spaces’ especially ‘unisex changing rooms’.

      I wonder what was the point of having separate changing rooms/prisons/hospital wards etc for men & women in the past? Anyone know?

      These flashers who expose themselves to children can now do it in ‘unisex changing rooms’ with absolutely no risk of being charged with ‘indecent exposure’

    28. Sensible Dave says:

      J.O.E. 10.18

      …. my spidey senses are telling me you may not be my greatest fan.

      Amongst all your twaddle, you appeared to indicate that you may have contributed here under other names in the past. Go on, tell us your other aliases – or are you a bit embarrassed?

    29. David Caledonia says:

      Vaccine unsafe for humans lol

      Tell that to the millions of families who have lost someone to the virus…………….. Twats

    30. J.o.e says:

      @Sensible Dave

      Joe and J.o.e

      That’s all I needed.

      You claim to be making efforts to enlighten people – tell me how your haughty tone, mindless bragging and constant baiting is getting people around to your way of thinking?

      It’s not.

      Of course in fairness to you that isn’t actually your goal, to get people to think of a certain subject. Your goal is to fill the gaps your life has left you with by getting people who believe strongly in something to rise to your bullshit.

      People react to your mindlessly smug and empty posts with annoyance and you take that as some sort of sign of your superiority.

      I don’t care 99% of the time. You are just another insecure, empty sad arsehole online and the content of your posts, and your tone, show it.

    31. David Caledonia says:

      The big lassies on here are turning on themselves now, it always comes to that in the end, all the people who just want to discuss and debate issues get sick of them and stop posting so much

      Such is Life, starts off well and sometimes turns into shit

    32. J.o.e says:

      ‘all the people who just want to discuss and debate issues get sick of them and stop posting so much’

      Scroll on by and debate then.

    33. Dave Somerville says:


      You’re another apologist for the Perverted Lezzy Leader.

      So is it up to you who posts what on here?

      I don’t give a fuck what you post, and I expect you to give me the same entitlement.

      So away and take a good fuck tae yersel.


    34. Dave Somerville says:


      And remember,

      Vote SNP 1 and 2, what the fuck could possibly go wrong?

      In’t that right JOE?

    35. Dave Somerville says:

      Fuckin calm doin JOE.

      Who the fuck do you think you are?

    36. J.o.e says:

      @Dave Somerville

      Learn to read, Dave

    37. Robert Graham says:

      I am a bit confused as to why Sensless bothers to post on here a bit bored ? Too much time on its hands given the advances in Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence this could be a machine that people are resounding to , The older I get the more I realise I really don’t know anything the machine has caused so much doubt and confusion most people are on edge .

      On a lighter note I am listening to James Obrian a presenter on LBC this guy presents himself as honest James the listeners friend, the same presenter won’t allow any discussion or comment on Mr Microsoft Bill Gates , nor anyone who has doubts about this Scamdemic discussion is totally closed down with the phrase Conspiracy theorist Anti Vax flat earth nutjob .

      The same Radio Station had a woman caller saying she had just found out she had become pregnant and was a bit hesitant about taking this Jab , the presenters comment remember this is a Talking head on a a Radio Station not a doctor or anything to do with the medical profession , he told this woman caller oh it’s alright all the testing has been done , oh fkn really from conception to birth approx 9 months , and it’s perfectly safe my that’s something that renders Mystic Meg redundant the amount of pish that’s being promoted is scary and beyond belief .

      After a year and a half of daily mind numbing brainwashing it’s no wonder people are confused and their mental health is probably borderline just now any question about this chemical is greeted with heretic , flat earther , tin foil hat wearer , This fkn Juggernaut that crushes all dissent and anyone who questions what is going on is branded as the enemy spreading pestilence and death by their selfish behaviour in not swallowing this very dubious story .

    38. Breastplate says:

      A summary of what the doctor believes is that a bunch of people who are not fully vaccinated is a breeding ground for new variants, ergo, a bunch more people that are not fully vaccinated is worse.
      Surely, you understand this?

      It’s immaterial whether you believe it was a warning or it is hindsight. You either heed the warning or learn from hindsight, we seem to be managing neither.

      Changing one side of an equation changes the other.
      Likewise, not changing one side will not change the other.

    39. Dave Somerville says:

      Quick change of subject. (if that is ok with the bold JOE)

      C’mon Italy, get right intae the cheating Bastards.

      Scotland has to be the unluckiest Nation on earth, to have a land border with the most Detested and despised non-entities on earth.

      (The SNP Administration come a very close second)

    40. J.o.e says:

      @Dave Somerville

      I have to admit Mr Somerville, your outburst and that last comment actually lends me some sympathy to Sensibledave.

      Ive not done any trolling on here since the progressive Sturgeonista types left and I won’t start now however.

      Take it easy.

    41. Sensible Dave says:


      … and now you may have an inkling as to why I am here.

      “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil … is for good men to do nothing” an’ all that.

      In a previous post, I listed just some of the stuff that gets written here – and which is never challenged or corrected by the “homeys”.

      I do it – because no one else does.

    42. Hatuey says:

      Breastplate: “a bunch of people who are not fully vaccinated is a breeding ground for new variants, ergo, a bunch more people that are not fully vaccinated is worse.
      Surely, you understand this?”

      I genuinely don’t.

      I don’t understand why partially vaccinated would provide more of a breeding ground than completely non-vaccinated.

      And, as I said, the variants of concern have all come from concentrations of non-vaccinated.

      My point about hindsight was in response to your criticism of health experts who made the decision to vaccinate as many as possible with one does rather than give both doses as in the timeframe prescribed. I think that was a logical decision at the time. Only with hindsight could you argue otherwise but even then I think you could make a case.

      Ideally we’d have more vaccine and would not need to make decisions like that.

    43. Jack Murphy says:

      Hi folks.
      For anyone who doesn’t do Twitter, here’s one where you can keep up to date with the latest without signing in to Twitter—it also has useful Links. Just trying to be helpful:

    44. Breeks says:

      So much piss has been taken I’m surprised Scotland doesn’t have a water shortage.

      I’m extending a wee note appreciation for Alex Salmond. Please stay strong Mr Salmond and don’t lose heart. It cannot be at all easy to see this malignant toxic turncoat burning down all that you created as a gift for Scotland, with the barest minimum taken for yourself.

      The day will come when ALBA will be the much loved party of an Independent Scotland, and history will not be kind to this sitting cabal of two faced dissemblers and charlatans.

      I’m now in my mid fifties, and while always an objective believer In Scottish Independence, my younger life was too full to be distracted by actual politics, and I never even joined a political party before ALBA. I do not give my allegiance easily or cheaply, and I have a tendency to be withering in my criticism and condemnation, with my own side more likely to suffer the lash of my displeasure for the simple reason it’s the only side who’s weakness and incompetence outrages me.

      Throughout the ebb and flow of Scotland’s soul and desire for Independence, and the waxing and waning of the SNP’s political fortunes, the one shining light which burned with unparalleled constancy and earned my absolute trust was Mr Alex Salmond.

      Sturgeon by contrast, puts me in mind of a junkie offspring, who had it all, but it was never enough, and will readily plunder bank accounts, purses or piggy banks, steal and sell off family heirlooms, nothing is too sacred, just to feed their insatiable habit. And when the money is gone and the home is broken and wrecked, there’s nothing but derision for the parents who put their heart and soul into the dream… but even at the last, the poor fools would forgive her.

      But I wouldn’t.

    45. cirsium says:

      Tell that to the millions of families who have lost someone to the virus

      SARS-CoV-2, whatever the variant, is treatable. Doctors around the world have successfully treated this disease with safe, cheap, readily available anti-viral drugs.

      Professor Harvey Risch-Newsweek article “The key to defeating Covid already exists: we need to start using it

      Dr Peter McCullough testifies to Texas Senate 10 March 2021 about treating SARS-CoV-2

      Dr Peter McCullough’s treatment protocol from August 2020 , American Journal of Medicine

      Professor Thomas Borody uses ivermectin

      Why haven’t UK doctors been allowed to treat the disease?

    46. Ruby says:

      Sensible Dave says:
      9 July, 2021 at 12:26 pm

      … and now you may have an inkling as to why I am here.

      “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil … is for good men to do nothing” an’ all that.

      In a previous post, I listed just some of the stuff that gets written here – and which is never challenged or corrected by the “homeys”.

      I do it – because no one else does.

      Sinister Dave!

      Perhaps that is because you haven’t defined what you mean by anti-English.

      I’m wondering which of the Daves is the maddest frog in the box!

      Can anyone imagine either of these mad frogs turning into Prince Charming?

    47. Republicofscotland says:

      How modern football isn’t coming home even if England wins on Sunday.

    48. Lochside says:

      ‘robertknight says:
      8 July, 2021 at 9:23 pm
      ‘I’m afraid I’ve consigned Lesley Riddoch to the status of Useful Idiot.

      To believe the New SNP under Nicolae will deliver IndyRef2, let alone Independence, is naivety verging upon the delusional.’////////////////////////////////////////.

      You joined the ‘Useful idiot club’ a long time ago Robert, along with fascist JOE 90; Dave Somerville the ‘lezzy hater; and others now too numerous to mention.

      Lesley Riddoch’s article is a measured and nuanced attack on Sturgeon and the SNP. She is and has never been, to my knowledge, a member of the party. She is not delusional. She is hinting to the ‘waverers’ that Sturgeon and the SNP hierarchy are frauds. In the article she appeals to the SNP branches to pressurise Sturgeon on the REF. I don’t agree with her. I am a fundamentalist, always have been. Dissolve the Union at source, Westminster and walk out of the Union forever. I believe that the SNP are defunct in all but name as anything but a poor accounting unit administrators of Scotland branch (uk).

      Most of the surviving long term commentators on here ( including me) voted SNP right up until the last election when ALBA became an option, even when we hated the direction of travel. So we all were duped for a long time, because we were lied to, by Salmond and Sturgeon and so it continues.

      As I stated, she has done educational work on successful small independent countries..not devolved.. along with stalwart film maker Phantom Power, in order to raise the political consciousness of the Scottish electorate. . Are you going to miscall him too?
      There are many roads to Mecca ( sorry JOE, you islamophobe) and I don’t mean the old Bingo hall franchise.

      Divide and conquer is England’s way. This site is being diverted by anti-vaxxers, including old contributors such as Ian Brotherhood, and complete trolls who are either idiots or very clever British agents, I exclude ‘Insensible Dave’, as he appears to be the real thing: a cockney oddball no-mates who enjoys masochistic banter with ‘Jocks’. There are other sites for that argument. It is significant that every time a specific political point about our ongoing colonial oppression is mentioned, there is an immediate derailment.

      The hoodie craws are feasting on the rancid remains of this site. It’s time the REV returned or killed it off.

    49. Dave Somerville says:

      Lochside AKA Dildo Nut,

      Can you point to one post where I have said I Hate Lezzies?

      And from memory, I think you have always been a bit of a Nicola Luvvie.

      So you jump on any critisism aimed at the Perverted Lezzy Leader.

      I bet you were first in line to get your SNP 1 and 2 vote in at the last election.

      After all, what the Fuck could go wrong voting SNP 1 and 2 Lochside?

      The term “Perverted Lezzy Leader” is not a critisism of your run of the mill Lesbians, it’s a fact

    50. Dave Somerville says:

      Our Lesbian leader is a Pervert.

      I hope that clears things up a bit for you Lochside?

      Ya poor wee snowflake, did you drop a stitch after reading my post?

    51. Ruby says:

      It’s impossible to challenge ‘anti-English’ comments or to defend yourself against accusations of being ‘anti-English’ if there is no definition of what ‘anti-English’ means.

      1. Who are the English? Are they an ethnic minority.
      2. Are the English a race?
      3. Is it a religion?
      4. Are they just supporters of the English football team.
      5. Is it another name for Tories?
      6. Are they racists?
      7. Are they arrogant upper class snobs?

      ‘Sinister Dave’s defined ‘English’ as everyone registered to vote in England.’

      He couldn’t explain why he didn’t use the term ‘Anti English Voters’.

      In view of the fact that English voters voted for Brexit & Boris Johnson I would say being ‘anti-English voters’ is perfectly valid.

    52. Republicofscotland says:

      SNP ran Glasgow city council, which runs Glasgow Life, will see 500 jobs axed from libraries museums and sport centres, this is totally unacceptable, some of these facilities will close into the bargain.

      The city’s streets are filthy, huge swathes of community grass have gone uncut, but million of pounds have been spent on cycle lanes around the city that in my opinion are very rarely used.

      No doubt Sturgeon the Betrayer will instruct Susan Aitken SNP head at GCC, to brush the city centre up a wee bit and give here and there a lick of paint, as the COP26 approaches.

      We’re getting used to Sturgeon the Betrayer of Scots and EU citizens papering over the cracks.

    53. Ruby says:

      Dave Somerville says:
      9 July, 2021 at 1:44 pm
      Our Lesbian leader is a Pervert.

      I hope that clears things up a bit for you Lochside?

      Ya poor wee snowflake, did you drop a stitch after reading my post?


      ‘did you drop a stitch after reading my post?’

      Spot the sexism!

      What makes the lesbian leader a pervert?

    54. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Lochside (1.27) –

      Not sure why you singled me out for a name check. The ‘anti-vaxxers’ as you lazily refer to them, have legitimate concerns and are entitled to raise them. Aren’t they?

      I agree with most of what you say, and usually do, but you appear to believe that the quest for independence exists in some form of vacuum that should not be contaminated with other matter.

      It doesn’t. This so-called ‘pandemic’ is the greatest outrage of our lifetimes. If you want to align yourself with characters like Hatuey, so be it, but it seems a bit churlish to suggest that this place should be ‘switched off’ because it’s hosting conversations you don’t want to hear.

    55. Dave Somerville says:

      Note to self,

      Ignore the resident screwball they call “Ruby”.

      If you get caught up in her crazy views of the world, you’ll end up as nuts as she is.

    56. J.o.e says:

      ‘There are many roads to Mecca ( sorry JOE, you islamophobe)’

      Don’t be sorry. Im anti-semitic as far as declaring the truth goes too, you know.

      In mecca stands a giant black cube

      A kabah allah. Cube god

      Funny enough worship of the black cube is a Semitic thing (kabbalah). It is basically Saturn worship, which is more commonly known as Satan nowadays. You can see them worshipping the black cube god (Saturn) with a black cube tied to their forehead (look it up).

      It is interesting to note that the USSR symbol of the scythe (another Saturn symbol) and the hammer looks like a modified symbol of Saturn. The USSR and the Bolshevik revolution were organised and led by Jews. The 1st soviet government was over 80% Jewish and that includes the people who ran the NKVD secret police, the murder/interrogation rooms, the gulag system and ultimately were responsible for 1 of the greatest genocides ever committed, probably only beaten by Mao who im starting to learn that they may also have help set up (David Rockefeller was an admirer).

      They tried to get Europe the same way with multiple attempts at invasion, infiltration and revolution. Critical theory comes from this kind of cultural fuckery including the transgender nonsense.

      Currently 8 out of 10 of Bidens top government posts come from the same tribe. The biggest and most powerful lobbyists of the American government on their domestic and foreign policy are also of this tribe.

      I see ‘the great satan’ being mentioned in regards to the US. This is actually surprisingly accurate in many ways.

      A certain mustachioed German philisopher could never shut up about it and seemed to have been mightily pissed off with the whole thing.

      Sorry…am I sounding slightly ‘phobic’ here?

    57. Breastplate says:


      “I don’t understand why partially vaccinated would provide more of a breeding ground than completely non-vaccinated.”

      I’m not arguing that position.

      Vaccine escape has been known about for decades, Professor Corey is either right or wrong.
      If he is right, it would explain perfectly what has happened, what is happening and what is going to happen regarding the monumental increase in the number of cases to be expected.

      If he is wrong, I would like to hear a better explanation of past, present and predicted events, and don’t spare the hindsight.

    58. Dave Somerville says:

      All the Nicola Luvvies are crawling out of the woodwork today.

    59. Dave Somerville says:

      Did our Lezzy Leader ever get charged for going Loco when she found her Burb with another Burd in some big fancy hotel?

      Just askin.

    60. James Che. says:

      There would be some comparisons you would be able to make from recorded statistics here in the uk,
      I mention the uk solely as that is where we live and it’s uk government that is managing our covid statistics and lockdown, also due to unknowns from other countries such as unavailable health care during wars or mass poverty and hygiene issues amongst the poor of India, can not be made as comparisons deaths in the uk,
      However it could be very relevant to take overall deaths of a very similar nature in the uk to covid deaths in the uk as this comparison would be reasonably compatible with logic behind it,
      Does any one know for instance how many deaths there were in the influenza pandemic in 1991 here the uk, what age groups were hit the hardest, and wether there were any connections with obesity to deaths,
      I have chosen 1991 as related comparison as this was considered a mild pandemic by the uk government, and there were talks of possibly closing down schools,
      So has similarities.
      I profess to not being a mathematically minded genius for surveying statistics so I anyone out there that may be of help, please do.

    61. Breastplate says:

      This is a political blog.
      Like it or not, restrictions, Covid and vaccines have been political right from the beginning with all politicians trying to score points anyway they could.

      You may not agree with what people are saying but that leaves room for debate, does it not?

    62. Ruby says:

      Dave Somerville says:
      9 July, 2021 at 2:07 pm
      Note to self,

      Ignore the resident screwball they call “Ruby”.

      If you get cTaught up in her crazy views of the world, you’ll end up as nuts as she is.


      Sexist Dave not keen to have his sexist ways pointed out.

      Like Boris Johnson he’s probably happy to use terms like ‘Big Girls Blouse’ and be totally unaware that he is being sexist.

      The two Daves the Sinister and the Misogynist very keen for others not to read my posts!

      Earlier Sexist Dave asked Joe the following:

      So is it up to you who posts what on here?

      My question for Sexist Dave is:

      So is it up to you who reads what on here?

      Obviously I can understand why you & Sinister Dave would prefer others do not read my posts. However I would advise that you look up ‘The Streisand effect”

      Sexist Dave says:


    63. Republicofscotland says:

      The Tory government at Westminster has sent nearly £65 million quid of taxpayers cash to six repressive regimes in the Middle East.

      The Tory government will not say why this money has been sent to those oppressive dictatorships. The FCO which works in tandem with MI6 said it would not disclose what the monies were used for.

      In my opinion the cash was probably a slush fund used to pay off middle men and keep certain individuals in the lap of luxury, and in return information and armourment sales went the other way.

    64. Ruby says:

      Dave Somerville says:
      9 July, 2021 at 2:17 pm
      Did our Lezzy Leader ever get charged for going Loco when she found her Burb with another Burd in some big fancy hotel?

      Just askin.


      Spot the sexism!

      WTF is a Burb?

      Why upper case on Loco Burd & Burb!
      Not only sexist but really shit at punctuation!

      Could Burb by short for ‘Burberry’

      Was one of the Balmoral pigeon’s wearing the ‘Lezzy Leader’s’ good raincoat?

    65. Ruby says:

      Sexist Dave says


      I would go loco if a pigeon just shite on my Burberry raincoat & I would shoot the fucker if it was flying around the Balmoral wearing my Burberry!

    66. Confused says:

      “new scotgov economics guru, arch unionist”

      – makes me think of “Goodfellas” where the airport guy is telling Jimmy (de Niro) about all the GI money coming back, unmarked bills, to become the famous “Lufthansa Heist” …
      – he blethers excitedly, Jimmy listens, intrigued but skeptical, then says :
      “but what about security”
      and the guy replies :

      turned out nice again, trebles all round

    67. Hatuey says:

      Ah okay breastplate, I see. And I agree that what he said was right.

      Apologies for misunderstanding.

    68. James Che. says:

      Politics and covid are undeniably linked, to view how Scotland and England governments play each other for scoring points and media foretell the future like fortune tellers with vagueness on statistical details and reality.
      To hear closing the Scottish border discussions due to covid or no you’re not going to close the border from the other side,
      And to hear NS say we’re all in lock down in Scotland and then watch bojo come to Scotland for a strange holiday during that peak time was a thumb against the nose to Sturgeon,
      Of course covid is political, it maybe did not originate in Britain that way but it has certainly been used as a tool to control recent politics and movement of people and the economy,
      Politicians themselves are not adhering to the rules they stipulated for us,
      The covid rules are also being used to cancel any marches regardless of topic,
      To ease Councils expenditures,
      To change the NHS and local surgery visits,
      Covid is certainly become political.
      I am waiting for the new linked covid climate change variant of lockdowns, which I hear joe Biden talking about in America, it being so contagious it is bound to spread to Britain. It’s just a matter of time.
      The sad thing about the new variant in America is there is no known vaccine at the moment,

    69. Captain Yossarian says:

      Has anyone heard anything from John Swinney these past couple of weeks. Last I heard was when he advised all folk from Manchester not to come to Scotland and then, a day or two later, we found-out that our infection rates were actually worse than theirs.

      Sometimes when things get really bad the only thing to do is to hide under the bed. Maybe that’s where he is.

      He’s supposed to be Minister in charge of Covid Recovery, isn’t he?

    70. Tinto Chiel says:

      This clip dropped randomly into my YouTube gander-bag this afternoon:

      I know we always think The Meeja in The Great Wen/Londinium hasn’t a clue about Scotland but this supplies absolute proof and you don’t need to go further than the first 90 seconds.

      Love the way Helen Dale blithely ignores Mike Graham’s multiplied-organism Britannia cue and goes off on a demented haver about the offside rule in two different sports……..

      I laughed so much I nearly dropped my deep-fried Mars bar straight into my sporran.

    71. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Tinto Chiel –

      Cheers for that link.

      I suppose we should expect much more of the same.

      The baw is on the slates…we should all just chuck it.


    72. Lochside says:

      Ian Brotherhood says:
      9 July, 2021 at 2:06 pm
      @Lochside (1.27) –

      Hi Ian, take your point. I’m not suggesting no discussion on the vaxxing subject on here. I just feel the usual suspects on here use it as a break on other subjects. I admit sometimes to being disappointed that your name appears at same time as the zoomers, only because you contributed a lot of good and often funny stuff over the years. But maybe it’s just your particular focus at this time and that’s how the cookie crumbles I guess.

    73. Lochside says:

      Talking of Zoomers:

      ‘Dave Somerville says:
      9 July, 2021 at 1:44 pm
      Our Lesbian leader is a Pervert.

      I hope that clears things up a bit for you Lochside?

      Ya poor wee snowflake, did you drop a stitch after reading my post?’//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

      The only stitches that I am aware of are those in the back of your head where they lobotomised you. Stop playing heiders wi’ buses will ye?

    74. robertknight says:

      @Captain Yossa

      “Has anyone heard anything from John Swinney these past couple of weeks”

      There’s a field full of John Swinneys near me. Always making a bloody noise. You’d think being shorn they’d be happier in all this hot weather. Can’t tell which is the ‘real’ John though – they all look and sound the bloody same!

    75. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Lochside (6.37) –

      Really appreciate that reply, thanks.

      It’s never my intention to annoy anyone here but I appreciate that this particular topic has brought us all into uncharted territory. I would love nothing better than to just work with others to try and find a way out of the morass our independence movement is in but there seems no obvious route.

      Anyway, here’s hoping we get to keep arguing about it for years to come. It’s when the arguments stop altogether that we’ll know it’s all over because the bastards have won.


    76. Izzie says:

      Caption Yossa you sir are an idiot

    77. Hugh Jarse says:

      Welcome to WoS Mr Swinney.

    78. Charles Hodgson says:

      Lochside says:
      “The only stitches that I am aware of are those in the back of your head where they lobotomised you. Stop playing heiders wi’ buses will ye?”

      The lobes are at the front of the head, as per the old saying “I’d rather have a bottle in front of me…”

    79. Republicofscotland says:

      A brilliant article by Iain Lawson, which shows a winning route to independence.

    80. Saffron Robe says:

      Republic of Scotland says:

      “SNP run Glasgow City Council, which runs Glasgow Life, will see 500 jobs axed from libraries, museums and sport centres. This is totally unacceptable, some of these facilities will close into the bargain.”

      I completely agree Republic of Scotland, it is totally unacceptable. The city council are missing in action, hiding in their offices behind computer screens and automated phone lines. No doubt the money will be found to airbrush the city for COP26 but it will be abandoned again just as soon after. That’s politics these days – it’s all about appearances and nothing to do with reality.

    81. Republicofscotland says:

      Its rather comforting in a bizarre sort of way to see England’s football fans live up to their global reputation.

    82. Dave Somerville says:


      Just admit you’re a wee Nicola Luvvie, and you took offense at my criticism of her.

      You are a diehard SNP Sturgeonista, and one of the SNP 1 and 2 Brigade.

      You won’t hear a bad word said against your wee Nicola.

      Well sorry sunshine, but our wee Perverted Lezzy Leader needs removed from power ASAP.

      And I will continue to attack her at every opportunity.

      If she said jump, Lochside would ask her politely, how high, your greatness?

    83. Fred says:

      Republicofscotland says:
      9 July, 2021 at 7:59 pm
      “Its rather comforting in a bizarre sort of way to see England’s football fans live up to their global reputation.”

      I wonder if there’s someone called Republicofengland who thinks the same about Scotland fans after reading this. 🙂

    84. Tinto Chiel says:

      @ Ian B: “The baw is on the slates…we should all just chuck it.”

      I believe by the normal rules of MSM football responses I am compelled to say, “It’s a funny old game, Saint.”

      Actually, if Italy can lose a few players before the final after a positive Covid test and get a man sent off early (I believe the usual cliche is “early doors”), then England may have a chance.

      The only problem with this is that I have never seen an Italian team play with more intensity in their pressing style (to add to their other skills). They are also more cynical in the diving stakes than even Kane or Sterling, so I think The Real Queen’s XI TM are in for a difficult Sunday night unless the ref. does them a few favours (again).

    85. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Tinto Chiel –

      It’ll be interesting to see what the bookies are saying.

      For the semi they had England 8/11 and Denmark 9/2.


    86. Shocked says:

      You’ve got to laugh at hard core New SNP cultists complaining about council services when it is they and no one else who are responsible for Glasgow turning into a third world shithole…

      And you’ve got to laugh even harder as hard core anti English xenophobes clutch to isolated stories in the media to justify their hatred of English people when if an alien used your average wings poster as an example of your average Scottish person said alien would think your average Scottish person was an english hating bigot.

      When all you’ve got to cling to is your hatred of other people you really need to take a look at yourself… but then again that requires intelligence, something that is in very short supply around here. Instead of focusing your hatred against English people perhaps you lot would be better off directing your hatred towards the real bad uns like the lying corrupt criminal Nicola sturgeon.

    87. @Tinto Chiel,

      VAR was shown up to be just another tool to help get the big teams through.

      Like they did against Denmark the English will play for penalties,

      and i don`t mean after extra time.


      Manxman Mark Cavendish won his 4th stage this Tour de France and his 34th stage overall same as legend Eddy Merckx.

    88. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Ian B: “Do not despair, one of the thieves was saved. Do not presume, one of the thieves was damned.”

      Mind you, I doubt St. Augustine knew much about fitba’.

      Don’t bookies’ odds merely reflect bets made (and the need to minimise losses) rather than some kind of rational/actuarial assessment of What Is Liable To Happen?

      I speak as someone whose only (illegal) bet was on a beautiful grey horse who fell at the first or second in the Grand National c.1967 and broke its neck.

    89. Tinto Chiel says:

      @Scot F: “VAR was shown up to be just another tool to help get the big teams through.”

      Yup, Scot. As soon as any interpretation/opinion is called for beyond an offside decision based on a vertical line which we can all see, it’s open to all sorts of outside influence. Amazing how much more complex decisions on dismissal based on more variables can be successfully made in cricket, for example, by what they used to call Hawkeye.

      Had I been the referee, I think a booking for simulation would have been on the cards for Messrs. Kane and Sterling but call me old-fashioned.

    90. Republicofscotland says:

      Fred @ 8.31pm.

      Interesting link Fred one Scots fan has a rammy with Met police officers, in which he inevitably comes off second best, as opposed a Danish women set about by six or seven England fans, whilst being told she doesn’t belong in England even though she’s lived there for fifteen years.

      Not to mention the bloke beaten up on the bus with his nine year old kid watching for having a Denmark top on, along with kids with Denmark football tops on being intimidated by England football fans.

    91. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Republicofscotland –

      The Met’s finest are in for a busy Sunday, that’s for sure.

      They’ll be pining for the days when all they had to worry about was a few thousand ‘merry’ Scots with bottles of Fairy Liquid.

    92. Republicofscotland says:

      The British Foreign secretary claims that UK forces are not part of the terror coalition currently bombing civilians in Yemen, yet at least thirty British military training personnel are in Yemen training Saudi troops at Al Ghaydah airport on how to kill efficiently.

      Also at the airport is a torture facility where civilians and suspected freedom fighter are taken to be brutally tortured, Human Rights Watch and groups including Amnesty International have complained to the UK authorities about the crimes against humanity carried out at the base deep underground.

      The (SBS) Special Boat Service has also made violent incursions into Yemen and have suffered casualties, British air defence is also operating radar in the country to defend Saudi jets from attacks at a cost of £2.3 million pounds to UK taxpayers.

    93. Dave Somerville says:

      Re Italy v The hated englanders.

      3.0 victory for the glorious Italians.

    94. Republicofscotland says:

      Ian Brotherhood.

      The Met are a institutionally corrupt organisation according to the Daniel Morgan report. Its current head Cressida Dick was Gold Commander when Charles de Menezes was gunned down by trigger happy police officers at a London tube station. Incidently the millionaire knight of the realm and current Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer found the officers had no case to answer on the shooting/murder.

      Cressida Dick then moved onto working for MI6, of which no information is currently available as to what her roll was it is still shrouded in secrecy.

    95. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Republicofscotland –

      And institutionally racist too, if memory serves?


      Don’t have much going for them, do they?

      Mind you, I daresay they’re up to their oxters in Stonewall points and their offices are ablaze with every colour of the rainbow.

    96. Republicofscotland says:

      Sturgeon the Betrayer of Scots and EU citizens is really sticking the knife into indy supporters. She’s appointed a ex-Civil service head, who was meant to portray neutrality in the 2014 indyref, Sir Nicholas MacPherson, has been brought onto a committee to try and grow Scotland’s economy over the next ten years.

      This is the man who advised George Osborne on weaponising currency in the 2014 indyref. SNP are totally wedded to neoliberalism and establishment. Indy supporters and Yes groups are furious at the appointment of the arch unionist.

      It looks to me as though Sturgeon the Betrayer isn’t even attempting to hide her disdain for indy supporters anymore.

    97. Confused says:

      “new scotgov economics guru, arch unionist”

      how bad can it be? – here is a sneak peak at the economics guru’s plan for ScottishJockLandShire

      on independence … (tee hee hee … says the bridge salesman …)

      – we take on a massive chunk of the UK national debt

      – we use the pound, meaning the Bank of England stills runs the show, whatever our politicians say

      – we don’t get rid of Trident, but pay the English to use Faslane as a protectorate, and pay for our protection

      – we don’t raise our own armed forces, keeping them under a joint command

      – we buy weapons from BAe Systems, or rather – we “re-buy” second hand fighter jets – Typhoon, the cream of 1980s technology – that were already ours

      – we pay the Royal Navy to patrol our waters

      – we engage in a massive infrastructure program by taking out massive loans from the City, which creates a massive national debt, unheard of in an oil-rich nation

      – the new roads and bridges utilise an automatic wireless pay by the mile toll system, collected via smartphone; the Skye bridge “fiasco” is repeated 100-fold, but done cleverly, in a way no one notices

      – the infrastructure programme does not include fast ferry links to Europe, Ireland, Scandiwegian or America; the standard of the procurement is so bad we get ridiculed by African countries who laugh : “at least we used the Chinese and got something out of it, that works …”

      – we won’t bother with a national energy company – like StatOil or Saudi Aramco – ScotOil, not so much, or if we do, let BP, Shell and the other corporations run it, as no one could do any better

      – we conduct our financial and economic program according to the modern orthodoxy; privatisation of everything, bailouts for the rich, austerity for the poor

      – at no point will we consider “unconventional” economic measures like public banking, MMT, debt free money, “backed” money, bitcoin, national income, tally sticks, jubilees, public works backed money, islamic finance, land tax, wealth tax, all your favourites here … none of that shit works anyway. Honest – it works so badly, the Pentagon will bomb you just to prove it.

      – there will be no serious attempt to prevent massive and systemic tax evasion, the serious fraud office will be one guy on work experience, with a 2000 era laptop and a dialup modem.

      – at the top, running the show will be an ex Goldman Sachs/Barclays guy who loves Scotland, as it is where he does his shooting; he will take up the post in a ceremony at Rosslyn Chapel dungeon, where he is ceremonially bummed by Angus Grossart wearing the bloody pelt of a just-skinned child.

      – Edinburgh will BOOM, due to the (short range and selective) effect of “trickle down” and everyone inside the bypass will think they live in the best of all possible worlds; pauper hunts become popular for a time, until the bloated middle class realise they need plumbers, cleaners etc. and so a small contingent from the dormitory towns will be allowed entry between working hours. The middle class, woke to a non-binary, consider themselves to be “communists” and rationalise this social class apartheid as being “anti racist”.

      – land reform is a roaring success as billionaires like Poulsen and aristos like Buccleuch find they can sell off the shitty bits they don’t like at well above market price, which is obviously a “triumph”

      – our harkis/piednoirs (huns and anglo financiers) suitably placated, everyone agrees indy is a success, “inside the rim” (as the A720 is known). “Outside the rim” is a savage barren land, rarely visited by anyone who matters.

      – and we all stick Pride flags everywhere, get ticks from twitter and blame it all on covid

      – in a stirring expression of “national consciousness” a Scot (eton, queens, guards, RSC, BBC) finally is put in charge of the Edinburgh Festival



      I hate Leonard Cohen, but here he “hits the nail”

    98. Tinto Chiel says:

      @RoS: I know we are now very cynical about the MSM and its reporting but this is nothing new. The day Cressida Dick was in charge, her officers killed the unfortunate Mr de Menezes by shooting him without warning but you wouldn’t know it from our media.

      A former colleague of mine was in Austria on holiday at the time and its TV media accurately reported eye-witness accounts of the man’s brutal death, much to his shock and surprise. When he got home it was very much a case of nothing to see here, move along, which caused him to really question what he was seeing in our Meeja.

    99. Lochside says:

      Charles Hodgson says:
      9 July, 2021 at 7:29 pm
      Lochside says:
      “The only stitches that I am aware of are those in the back of your head where they lobotomised you. Stop playing heiders wi’ buses will ye?”

      The lobes are at the front of the head, as per the old saying “I’d rather have a bottle in front of me…”

      Correct Charles, but Jimmy , sorry Dave Summerville’s brain, when they found it was arse about face.

    100. Dave Somerville says:

      Lochside, the fanatical Nicola Luvvie is taking this right to the bottom of the page.

      I touched a raw nerve when I had the temerity to actually post a negative comment about Lochside’s hero, and our leader, the renowned Lesbian Pervert, NS.

      Lochside physically drools over pictures of her, the guy is obsessed with her, hence the reason he is chasing me to the bottom of the page with this.

      But I will hound the wee Pervert until she leaves office. So lochside, I hope you are in this fight for the long term.

      Coz am here until she goes.

      You were another one missing in action when the Rev was highlighting all the corruption and lies within the SNP government.

      You have just newly resurfaced after the wee bastard won the last election.

      You are a dyed in the wool Sturgeonista.

      And now you have the fuckin cheek to pull punters up for posting things you don’t agree with.

      Away take a good fuck tae yersel.

    101. Saffron Robe says:

      There can be no economic recovery without independence. How do the SNP expect to regenerate the economy if they can’t generate any income? On handouts from Westminster? Only independence allows a nation to generate its own income and invest it wisely for the future and for the benefit of its people. They really are as thick as shit in the neck of a bottle.

    102. Dave Somerville says:

      Lochside, where did you disappear to when the Rev was giving it full on Nicola Bad?

      I’ll tell you where you where, you couldn’t stomach the comments the Rev was making regarding the Perverted Lezzy, so you probably hung about the wee ginger dugs place, that is where most of the Nicola Luvvies met up.

      And now you suddenly turn up here and you are trying to stamp your Sturgeon view of things on every post

      As I said on the last post, take a fuckin hike

    103. James Che. says:

      For those English people as yet unawares and are trying to antagonise hatred of Scots against English and English against Scots, let’s be clear as to the ignorance displayed in those comments,
      A realistic large per portion of the Scottish independence movement have joined the Scots are English, in marches for independence time and again, many people in England have said publicly that they would move to Scotland if we gained independence. From Yorkshire to Liverpool.
      Only politicians and media make it a deliberate Scots English divide or those paid to hype this up.

      The population in Scotland is very much mixed culturally. And all the people here seeking independence are not anti English but they are anti Westminster London rule and the way those at the top are lining their pockets and at the expense of the middle and working class, and the populations of countries that live outside London.
      London’s rule passing laws that have limitations on how ordinary people live, work and enjoy life.
      If we do not see fairness here in Scotland we tend to go against the injustices and speak up,
      This includes our own devolved government, we are no more endeared to the central rule of a totalitarian acting devolved government than we are to Westminster,
      What surprises me personally is not that we in Scotland are fed up with the one way unfairness,
      But that those living in the rest of England being treated as second class citizens are not beginning to protest more and become restless with their lot.
      Although this may be the case as more English people are joining the Scottish independence movement as there is no go to place similar in England.
      I have cousins born in England for two generations, are married to English partners and their teenage children that have said they would move to Scotland if we gained independence as the England they and their parents once knew no longer exists.

    104. JGedd says:

      Tinto Chiel @ 10.24pm

      Actually I remember one of those strange moments soon after the de Menezes murder when the true details briefly emerged. I can’t remember which TV channel was reporting it but there must have been a bit of a muddle going on with editing, probably since it was a fast-moving story.

      There were interviews on the platform with visibly shocked and distressed women passengers, telling of sitting in their carriage waiting on their train moving off and a young man entered the carriage calmly and sat near them. Shortly afterwards, they recounted how two men leapt on to their carriage and shot the first young man through the head.

      At that time, they seemed justifiably unable to process what they had actually witnessed but it appeared that they had no idea then that the passenger had actually been shot by the police and had no notion what had triggered such a violent event. ( I think they might have thought that they had witnessed a terrorist incident, with the shooters being the terrorists. Can’t quite remember how they interpreted what they thought happened since it was the only time I saw the footage.)

      Not long afterwards, these interviews disappeared from broadcasting and the story was the one which became the official narrative of de Menezes refusing to stop for police, leaping the ticket barrier and rushing onto the train sitting at that platform. Believing him to be a terrorist the pursuing police had to shoot him through the head as they had been trained to do, in case he carried a bomb.

      I don’t remember seeing the footage of the passengers thereafter and couldn’t check to find out if it still existed anywhere. Cressida Dick, who had actually taken the decision to order the shooting, was absolved of responsibility and it was held to be an unfortunate accident.

      Perhaps your friend who saw the reporting abroad could verify this, since footage that ended up being swiftly edited out, could well have made its way onto European networks

    105. Dave Somerville says:

      C’mon Italy,

      Get right intae the Detested englanders.

      Do the world a favour Italy, you must defeat the most unbearable nation on earth to live beside.

      3-0 will do just fine Italy.

      Viva l’italia.

    106. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      It is obvious that there are one or three people commenting btl on WOS, who have certain beliefs and opinions that they would never voice in public.

      They see the web as an outlet for their frustrations, frustrated because they know that if they voiced their opinions to a face-to-face audience, they would be roundly castigated for their bigotry.

      Not naming any names but, when you look back at the btl comments here over this week, it becomes obvious that there are certain commenters who are full of indignation that they are not treated seriously and spout vile anti- this or that to an extent that would find them up on a charge if they dared to utter their nonsense in public.

      The strategy of “divide and conquer” springs to mind. Are these commenters active to promote the concept of an independent Scotland, or are they here to foment concocted disagreement within the pro-independence movement?

    107. Dave Somerville says:

      Brian doin toon

      Are you the same guy who was allegedly accused on here by witnesses of taking money that was collected in buckets at Rallies, for your own personal gain?

      I might have the wrong person, if so I apologize.

      All you need to do is answer yes or no.

    108. James Che. says:

      Brian doonthetoon,
      Something similar to what many of us have been thinking for a while.

    109. Dave Somerville says:

      Brian doin toon

      Were you also allegedly accused on here of being the site grass.

      With neverending emails being sent into the Rev’s complaint box.

      I apologize again if I have the wrong guy.

      But I am almost certain you are the same guy.

      And as we speak you have probably bombarded the Rev with dozens of complaints about punters who you don’t agree with.

      Me included.

      I think you also got labelled the “site bore” on a few occasions.

      Very apt lol

    110. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Dave Somerville – you are sailing close to the wind of libel. I will act.

    111. James Che. says:

      Dave Somerville is that a made up name, I like family history, and just wondered.

    112. Dave Somerville says:

      Brian toon

      You’re funny.

      I asked you a question, is that now against the law?

      Or is your guilt coming through?

      Again, mere questions.

      I bet you wish you stayed in your bed now Brian.

      LoL, funny end to the day.

      Well done there matey.

    113. Breeks says:

      Confused says:
      9 July, 2021 at 10:16 pm
      “new scotgov economics guru, arch unionist”

      how bad can it be? – here is a sneak peak at the economics guru’s plan for ScottishJockLandShire…

      Where you getting that from? Is it wry conjecture, Andrew Wilson’s Growth Commission or is it Sir Nick Macpherson himself?

      Sometimes there is too much of this shite to take in. You look back at where YES and the momentum for Independence was, then look at where we are now, and the heady mixture of hubris, complacency and indolence oozing from the SNP is simply nauseating.

      It becomes difficult to differentiate between what is satire and what is reality. Sturgeon is doing one almighty number on all of us, yet there are still those who will have none of it. It’s surreal, like sitting in a burning car that’s hurtling towards a brick wall, while the other passengers are rejoicing because the cigarette lighter has never worked better.

      I suppose if proves the Mark Twain saying, ”It is easier to fool people than persuade them they’ve been fooled.” But Jeezuus, these people push denial and wilful blindness to new and unprecedented levels. You’ve almost got to stand back a little secretly admire the self delusion for it’s remarkable extent and profundity.

      I will never, ever, lose my faith in Scottish Independence, but I would genuinely fear for Scotland’s welfare if these “Thugee” type SNP cult-swindlers and justice deniers were put in charge of Scotland’s emancipation at such a critical stage of proceedings. I am almost, repeat almost, at the point of suspending my heartfelt aspirations for Scotland for as long as it takes for these charlatans and fraudsters to come unstuck and be thoroughly purged from the system.

      Truth be told, the one thing that keeps me hanging on is the very real possibility that the SNP has been nobbled, and as many now openly suspect, it is a Unionist / Establishment initiative which has infiltrated the SNP and set about pulling the wings and legs off the Scottish Independence Movement. If that is their objective, it simply cannot be allowed to succeed, and hanging up my keyboard might be handing the bastards victory on a plate.

    114. Hugh Jarse says:

      En marche went from zero to power in less than a parliamentary term Breeks.

      All’s not lost, there’s another Alba shaped way.

    115. Confused says:

      – yes, the vexed notion of “satire”; someone said it died when Kissinger won the Nobel Peace Prize. I mean, no one could top that.

      Those who enjoy “The Onion” might notice its spoof headlines have a habit of actually happening in the real world, about 3 years later.

      That was just an off the top of my head list of all the really-bad-shit that is quite likely to come down the line; one part missed, to be assumed, was that we will be told “GERS is not far off, you know …” – which is not really selling it. “Independence” under such an economic structuring will be next to worthless, banana republic levels of corruption; foreign journalists will write of our country using phrases like “comprador elites”.

      If you imagine the worst that can happen, then the only surprises will be good ones, I suppose. Not much to cling to tho.

      DId 60s era shows – that was rhe week … really bring down the tories? Did Chris Morris the day today put a stop to the pompous lying bullshit of “serious” TV journalism? No, in either case, but there is something – by ripping the pish we can say “I SEE YOU – I KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO DO” – and maybe it makes them think again.

      – that the new guru is someone from the other side, whose only possible remit is to facilitate pillage – maybe someone will “get it” who otherwise wouldn’t.

      While listening to Cohen is painful, every verse of that song has some resonance to our plight.

    116. Saffron Robe says:

      I would just like to echo James Che’s sentiments above. I do not believe in Scottish independence because I am Scottish (although there is that too!), but because I hold to the universal principle that all nations should be independent i.e. not reliant on another. In that sense I am as much an English nationalist as I am a Scottish nationalist. I do not need to be English to support English independence. A nation should be able to govern its own affairs without external interference, just as one nation should not interfere in the internal affairs of another nation. Unfortunately the latter is particularly true of England, a pattern which recurs throughout history, but it would be better for England and their neighbours if they could just learn to govern their own affairs. It is, after all, much easier to manage one’s own affairs without trying to manage someone else’s affairs at the same time.

    117. Tinto Chiel says:

      @JGedd 11.55: my “informant” said Austrian footage included witnessses who had seen de Menezes being shot several times without warning. I remember myself confused accounts on UK TV immediately after the incident before the official narrative had been communicated to media editors/stenographers for the state.

      Hope you are feeling better and will soon be able to storm up Cairnpapple Hill with a full ruckie.

    118. J.o.e says:

      ‘or are they here to foment concocted disagreement within the pro-independence movement?’

      So far the pro-independence movement has managed to agree that we should wait and vote.

      If that doesn’t work then we should wait and vote some more. Mibbe with some extra effort from certain talented bloggers who most of you outsource your thinking to.

      If that doesn’t work we can appeal to a now politically defunct individual who wasn’t all that great to begin with and THEN wait and vote.

      Of course you shouldn’t pay attention to the far right conspiracy theorists who are pointing out the obvious while you wait and vote some more.

      Then you can pretend that Scots are just people who call themselves Scots with a fancy piece of paper to prove it. Then you can wait and vote.

      Then you can ignore all the warnings and obvious fraud about the covid situation while waiting to vote.

      Lastly you can ignore the cries of help from your underclasses while wrinkling your noses about ‘bigotry’ and THEN wait and vote.

      The Scottish independence ‘movement’ is basically a hobby for middle class, middle aged, virtue signalling liberals who will continue to stuff their ears and cover their eyes while playing at patriotism.

      In short the Scottish independence ‘movement’ is good for sweet fuck all and the results (or lack of) from the ethos of the people who make up the cliquish little club tell the tale more truly than I ever could.

      You have achieved nothing. You have preserved nothing. You will achieve nothing. You will preserve nothing. Your legacy is the SNP, Nicola Sturgeon, the ‘woke’ (read: communist) division of our society and the mass influx of non-Scots who will make political cohesion impossible. People who warned you you dismissed time, after time, after time while you wrapped yourself up in your own sense of superiority.

      The reason is because you are too politically correct to get ahead of the curve. You are too busy thinking the right things to ever clearly look at reality.

      Scotland is in the hands of an independence movement that is nothing more than a liberal protest movement against Britain. It is incapable of being anything else thanks to its membership. The results are there for everyone to see.

    119. David Caledonia says:

      Scroll on by the debate then

      Scroll on by an abusive tit you mean

    120. David Caledonia says:

      What is EU funding when its at home ?

      Its taxpayers money coming back to them, less a little something
      kept back for the gravy train travellers ofc

    121. Breastplate says:

      I was meandering through the internet and came across this..

      … and thought it’s as good an explanation of GERS as any.

      Hopefully the link works.

    122. James Che. says:

      You read it as I meant it to be read,
      There is no need for animosity between the ordinary English and the Scots, as either country can not run away, and the average person on the streets are under going the same political meanness, power grabs, nonsense and stupidity from our politicians.
      I am frustrated by the our side of yes movement not making a move, that they throw away their written constitution of being sovereign like rubbish,
      And by that I do not mean the snp or the Scottish government, they do not speak for us and most of here understand that they were infiltrated a long time ago. We have a false government and a false party in Holyrude
      Micheal Gove has not been employing people to work in Scotland for nothing, with no particular job description for a few years now,
      There are people on here that are so obvious in their purpose I want to ask them about their pay rate out of nosiness.
      I disagree with the covid rules in Scotland As Nicola sturgeon is acting as if she holds sovereignty over the people and uses the police to back this up. It should be advisory only in Scotland.
      The reality is the Scottish people are sovereign and even breeks does not separate the issue of NS illegal covid rules and the policing of her rules in Scotland, compared with the legal rules of people sovereignty written as part of the Scottish constitution in the Scotland act and in the treaty of the union.
      Covid and advisory is to be recommended in Scotland.
      But under NS she is claiming devolved government sovereignty over the Scottish people by stealth tactics.

    123. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Breastplate at 10:18.

      Good link! I’ve read Part 1 and have Part 2 sitting in a tab.

    124. J.o.e says:

      @James Che


      The political elites, almost globally, have already stated that they will use Covid to make everything ‘better’ and we won’t go back to normal.

      Now, onto the fitbaw…

    125. JimuckMac says:

      I like that guy Somerville, shoots from the hip.

    126. Pixywine says:

      Christ. Susan Aitken on a bike? No. No. No. Never. Hahaha

    127. Pixywine says:

      Sturgeon doesn’t run Scotland the UN does.

    128. JimuckMac says:

      England will be rewarded tomorrow for the only team willing to comply to the kneel. I’m wide awake.

    129. Ruby says:

      James Che. says:
      10 July, 2021 at 5:52 pm
      Re you’re comments,
      10 July 2021, 10:53am.
      Your comment:The posts of the last thread are very unpleasant that could be one of the reasons why people are going elsewhere.
      I just wished to make the point that you are tarring an awful lot of people with the same brush indiscriminately.


      James Che. says:
      10 July, 2021 at 5:52 pm
      Re you’re comments,
      10 July 2021, 10:53am.
      Your comment:The posts of the last thread are very unpleasant that could be one of the reasons why people are going elsewhere.
      I just wished to make the point that you are tarring an awful lot of people with the same brush indiscriminately.


      I get the impression that you are just looking for a fight with me and I wonder why?

      I did not say:
      “The posts of the last thread are very unpleasant”

      I said:
      “The posts on the end of the last thread are very unpleasant that could be one reason why people are going elsewhere.”

      I will accept that I should have stated exactly what I meant by the end of the thread but I thought posters would have been able to figure it out especially those who were posting around midnight.

    130. Breastplate says:

      Sorry, just noticed your comment, I’m just about to read part 2 now.

      The correlation between a manager telling his band that they have no money reminds me of Scotland’s position in the Union.

      I suppose there will always be predators, parasites and prey.

    131. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Breastplate.

      Yeah, I saw that as well. But my interest in the music biz appreciated the read. Have now read all 3 parts and bookmarked for future reference.

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