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Return Of The Terror

Posted on December 10, 2018 by

On one level you have to feel a bit sorry for Scottish Unionists. Having believed until very late in the day that they’d win a crushing victory in the 2014 indyref and put the matter to bed for a century, they’ve never been able to relax since.

And this week the fear has them well and truly in its grip.

The hapless Scottish Secretary demonstrated the lack of self-awareness for which he’s famous when he said at the weekend that the thing he warned would threaten the Union (a defeat for the PM’s Brexit deal) was going to happen on Tuesday, at which point – having said he’d resign if the Union was threatened – he’s made it absolutely clear that he ISN’T going to resign.

And he wasn’t alone in the panic room.

The paper’s Chief Gammon Correspondent also had a dire warning about how Nicola Sturgeon’s eminently rational plan to moderate the impact of Brexit concealed a secret timebomb. Hold onto your hats, readers, but it seems that the dastardly underhanded nationalist still wants independence!

Who knew? But Linklater’s line of thinking is starkly illogical. The FM’s proposal does not require a general election and specifically seeks to AVOID a no-deal Brexit, so his suspicion of her plan is without reason. Outwardly, indeed, Sturgeon’s suggestion would inescapably damage the cause of independence, which is undeniably served by a disastrous hard Brexit.

(We needn’t concern ourselves here with the broader strategic positioning of the SNP – the party’s stance in so actively putting forward positive and constructive Brexit options has rendered its would-be critics impotent, to the point where, as in this case, they have to behave completely nonsensically in order to push an SNP BAD narrative on the subject. The party will of course happily – and quite properly – leverage any hard Brexit in pursuance of its core goal, but in the meantime has behaved in a manner impossible for Unionists to credibly attack.)

But why are Linklater and his ilk so terrified now? The answer is revealed in the next paragraph, where he abandons any loose hold on reality altogether.

Is it, though? Is it “doubtful”? If only we had some data on that.

Oh. In fact, just 24 hours earlier, a poll commissioned by Linklater’s own paper found that Scots faced with a no-deal Brexit would in fact support independence by almost a 20-point margin. That sounds quite a lot like “greater enthusiasm” to us.

And you definitely know support for independence is on the rise when the Union’s greatest pretend economist says it isn’t:

Just like Linklater, the brittle businessman has been forced to flatly deny the reality in front of him to try to keep a lid on his anxiety. The poll literally demonstrates the exact opposite of Scots valuing the UK over the EU – it unarguably and empirically shows that if they can’t be in both the EU and in the UK, they’d prefer the former to the latter, even if the Brexit were to be of the soft variety rather than a catastrophic no-deal.

The fact that the Panelbase poll showed current Yes-No numbers of 47-53 (still the firm’s highest Yes figure for more than two years) plainly indicates only that Scots are still clinging to the hope that Brexit can be avoided entirely at the 11th hour. But that’s a slim hope. The tipping point is almost upon us.

So perhaps it’s shock. Perhaps the Unionists had genuinely succeeded in convincing themselves that support for independence was in freefall despite polls barely budging since 2014. But whatever the reason, the dawning realisation that Scottish voters will react to Brexit if and when it finally happens by switching to independence in serious numbers has them visibly quaking in their Union Jack slacks.

For those of us near the end of our tether with boredom after a two-year-long phoney war with nothing to do but wait for the world’s slowest-motion trainwreck to unfold, it’s an invigorating sight. But we suspect that things are going to get a lot worse for the frightened Unionists before they get better.

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    646 to “Return Of The Terror”

    1. Dr Jim says:

      *The Irish should know their place* the BBC claims a Tory said
      Except the BBC don’t or won’t say who that Tory is so as far as I’m concerened the BBC said it and that’s how the news works in Britain today, the media can claim anybody said anything and nobody can hold the media to account as to whether they just made it up or not

      This protection of *sources* is a protection for media lies, how many times have we heard *sources close to the FM have said* and every single person in the SNP knows that’s a flat out lie because the SNP do not do that, ever!

      Tonight I watched a farmer in England who voted for Brexit but didn’t know what day it was then he got the worst price he’d had for his cows but was convinced it would be better once we were out completely, I watched a woman ask who Jeremy Corbyn was, I saw another woman who had voted for Brexit interested that the PM was on This Morning show with Philip Schofield so she might learn what Brexit was about, after she’d vote FOR it

      Compared to England Scotland is full of geniuses….well half full

    2. geeo says:

      Wonder when this “snap brexit” is going to happen ?

      Never gets a mention any more.

      I miss it…lol

    3. Rock says:

      geeo says:
      11 December, 2018 at 10:08 pm

      “Here goes coco, pretending he is an indy supporter again, just after spending days slagging off the SNP.”

      Are the Greens led by Harvey not always “slagging off the SNP”?

      Did they not side with the unionists to repeal the offensive behaviour Act?

      They are again holding the SNP to ransom about the budget.

      Does that mean Harvey and the Greens don’t support independence?

    4. geeo says:

      No Rock, it does not mean 70% voted No.

      Some of them will not have voted at all.

      You see, you and your fellow bigots, know nothing.

    5. yesindyref2 says:

      Well, rice crispies aren’t as popular as cornflakes or coco pops for breakfast, but Brexit wouldn’t be complete without a bit of crackle and pop as well.

      There’s probably a joke there somewhere, damned if I can find it.

    6. Colin Alexander says:

      Corbyn’s faction have only just gained the upper hand in their Labour power struggle. The Blairite’s daggers are sheathed, for now.

      If Corbyn is lucky, he’ll get one more GE as Labour leader, lose it and he’s finished.

      So, no suprise he’s no rushed to call a GE. The Tories might dig themselves into an even deeper hole over Brexit.

    7. Dr Jim says:

      75% of women over 55 will vote NO a *poll* says, do we remove the vote from women, what about people with big noses or all bald men or folk with a limp, Chinese folk lots of them

      Really to come on to WOS night after night with this drivel mostly from folk who don’t even have a vote in the party who makes these decisions, and that decision will not change unless the complainers vote for some other party who might change the franchise

      But be aware of what you wish for there are parties out there who would and are prepared to do exactly that and those are the ones we’re trying to get rid of….or are you just waiting for them to come for you before you wise up

      Like the 1930s

    8. geeo says:

      Fuck me gently….

      You did it rock…you did it…!!

      You made a post without ANY of your repetitive troll bull**** in it.

      This is truly a miraculous occassion.

      11.48pm 11th December 2018

      I was there man…i was there !!!

      Now i can go back to ignoring you, see ya.

    9. Rock says:

      geeo says:
      11 December, 2018 at 11:46 pm

      “Wonder when this “snap brexit” is going to happen ?”

      geeo (19th September 2017 – “The warning notice”):

      “There can be no such thing as a “snap brexit”.

      Article 50 is very clear that 2 years MUST pass before the uk leaves (brexit) no matter what WM says or does.

      Brexit date is known. March 29 2019, not before, not by even a minute.

      Rock has been told this SEVERAL TIMES yet STILL promotes this utter gibbering pish.”

      Rock (19th September 2017 – “The warning notice”):

      “How can you claim that a “snap” Brexit cannot happen without knowing what a “snap” Brexit means?

      For your information, a “snap” Brexit means the talks between the two sides will collapse without a deal being reached, which is the intention of the UK government as the EU is not going to give in to any blackmail.

      The UK might technically remain in the EU until March 29 2019, but it will be de facto out.

      Scotland will be at the mercy of the Westminster government, with no official status in the EU other than a region of the UK.

      I can say with 100% confidence that Saint Theresa of England and Wales will deny permission to hold Indyref2.

      Do you believe that Nicola will dare defy her and call one anyway and risk a Catalonia like situation?

      I can say with 99% confidence that she will not.

      Catalonians have a spine, Scots don’t.”

    10. yesindyref2 says:

      Poor Rock, you gotta feel sorry for him. He’s between a hard place and nothing at all.

    11. cynicalHighlander says:

      mike cassidy did you find that carved under a rock perchance?

      I found a couple of rocks, well pebbles, along the Speyside Way but none had any numbers only wee drawings.

    12. Colin Alexander says:

      @ Geeo

      And the SNP voted with the Tories to chop the tails off helpless wee puppies.

      Does that mean the SNP don’t support independence?

      Or does it just mean they support animal cruelty?

    13. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      Geeo, you not doing your old shtick of demanding people you don’t agree with meet you in a dark alley so you can creak your wee pin up taekwondo style? It’s almost like you’re not the same person.


    14. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      Oh jesus christ, it’s the ‘discreditors’ playing ping-pong again, with themselves.

    15. yesindyref2 says:

      Just on cue. Kind of like a Pavlovian dog.

      Ding ding.

    16. geeo says:

      I feel like i should be handing out bonio to these mutts …triggered so easily, har de har.

      @indyref2 “pavlovian dog”…quality !!

    17. yesindyref2 says:


    18. Thepnr says:

      Reuters “the world’s largest international multimedia news provider” according to their own guff has just posted this article as headline news.

      (Reuters) – Graham Brady, the chairman of the Conservative lawmakers’ “1922 Committee,” is not planning to meet British Prime Minister Theresa May on Wednesday after her weekly question session in parliament, a reporter with the British newspaper City AM said here on Twitter, citing a source.

      The BBC earlier reported, citing sources, that Brady had received the required 48 letters to trigger a vote of no confidence in the British leader. BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg had tweeted Brady sought to meet May after the question session in parliament.

      Was going to finish with lots of sweary words but truth is I’m speechless when I see that the world’s largest international multimedia news provider gets it’s news from twitter.

    19. geeo says:

      Rock managed to post without making a single reference to ANY of his collection of stock troll phases.

      You celebrate and clngratulate him for this miracle achievement….

      Next post …26 lines of usual inane drivel, the pick of them being this nugget.

      The UK might technically remain in the EU until March 29 2019, but it will be de facto out”


      So…legally STILL IN therefore a “snap brexit” is legally impossible, which means it is impossible to ‘catch the SNP out’.

      Say tomorrow, there is officially no deal.

      Apparently the uk has ‘defacto brexited’ ‘catching out’ the SNP.

      Except, because the uk is NOT ACTUALLY out legally, the SNP Scotsgov have 3 and a half months to react before actilual brexit day.

      Deary me, these guys are comedy gold.

    20. geeo says:


      There is only ONE source which matters or even has the slightest truth on letter numbers, and he is obliged to wait until treeza is in the uk before announcing there are 48 letters in.

      If that is indeed the case.

    21. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      You just have to wonder why there’s a wee gaggle of lunkheads on here now upping their campaign to alienate a chunk of the actual electorate.

      Whatever a person’s opinion on the rightful composition of the electorate might be, the name of the game is to win every possible vote for yes from whomsoever will actually have the franchise. This issue is beyond theory now, it has real-world effects. Setting out to alienate voters is ABH with intent, both on the reputation of the indy movement as a whole and on this site in particular.

      It’s always possible that the perpetrators are merely galactically stupid, but anyone wishing the indy movement well has got to suspect now that it’s deliberate, organised and malicious.

    22. Cactus says:

      Checkin’ IN Wingers…

      With 40% left like.


    23. Cactus says:

      Scotland is at sixty per cent fur Aye Love X.

    24. Thepnr says:

      From Wings twitter for those that might miss it.

      Late night talks are taking place between Buckingham Palace and the Cabinet Office

    25. Kenno says:

      Hi Cactus

      Was there a new IndyRef2 poll out???

    26. Kenno says:


      Just arrived home after being at Def Leopard Concert at the Hydro…

      Goof stuff, excellent night oot big man.

    27. Kenno says:

      Good stuff Cactus

    28. Cactus says:

      Aweright Kenno… ah’ve just worked it out..

      Ahm a political commentator 🙂


    29. Cactus says:

      Kenno, aye was there, aye saw you, looking good.

    30. Cactus says:

      And SO ahm on ma way, heading HOME over the Glasgow Bridge, an the first train has just pulled out of Central and the sirens are singing.

      Glasgow is alive.

      As am aye.

    31. Sharny Dubs says:

      Shooting in Strasbourg, gunman disappears without a trace says professional to me.

      Look a squirrel!!

      Who’s wants attention diverted?

      Tinfoil hat, I know.

      Dark days

    32. Breeks says:

      Crunching the numbers, is there any material change to anything important which follows Theresa May being deposed?

      The Brexit clock won’t stop, the Exit deal won’t change, with May or without May, the trajectory remains fixed on Scotland’s unconstitutional subjugation and barrelling out the EU on 29th March.

      Nevermind deposing May and replacing her with another Whack-a-mole Tory, you could right now this very instant switch Corbyn for May and trade in a Tory Government for a Labour one, and the whole cover to cover Brexit predicament would scarcely be altered in any meaningful respect. Haven’t we got more pressing things to do with our time???

      What will it actually take for the SNP to make a public affirmation to stand firm and resolute in defence of Scotland’s Constitutional Sovereignty??? It’s a binary Constitutional absolute condition that electoral majority proof, mandate proof, unshakable by enemy propaganda, and has just been indirectly ratified by the ECJ.

      Why is Theresa May touring Europe flogging a dead horse? Frankly, WHO CARES?

      A much more pertinent question is why the hell isn’t it Nicola touring Europe, meeting leaders, and building support for the imminent recognition of Scotland’s Constitutional Sovereignty and creating EU headlines favourable to Scotland about a substantive development that’s actually progressive and changes the whole Brexit dynamic?

      Why? Aye. Why. Because it isn’t imminent at all… Is it? It’s not even on the radar. Is it?

      107 days left.

      When do we go over the top for the big push? 100 days? 50 days? 10 days?

      (For clarity, let me stress the “big push” in my head is our all out attack to secure Scotland’s Sovereign Independence and safeguard our economic prosperity in Europe, not merely a minor skirmish to frustrate her plans and unseat Theresa May.)

      Forget about May, it’s the seat and office of “UK” premiership itself that we are supposed to be overthrowing. Or is that silly old me just getting the wrong end of the stick again?

    33. Cactus says:

      Number 57 is a taking me HOME.

      First bus hehe.


    34. Cactus says:

      One is always compelled with Wings…

      Hey Tinto Chiel, ah think ahm gonna try for another Dell after all.

      Ahm going directly to the source THIS time.

      Almost HOME, 2 more stops.

    35. Cactus says:


      Awaken Scotland, excellent gig Kenno aye, good to see ye posting fellow rocker.

      The early kettle is on, ra tea has been made (avec 2 honey) all we need NOW is Nana. 😉

      SO did anything political actually happen yesterday like or was it just all blah blah.

    36. Cactus says:

      This morning’s movie… is “Showgirls”

      Audio is in French and subtitles is in who cares!

      Smile for the 18 Cert camera. 🙂

      Ahm terrorising maself.

    37. Ghillie says:

      Hey there Cactus, Mhairi Black’s speech was fun 🙂

      To sort of paraphrase Jason Smoothpeace,

      ‘Pay attention folks, we are witnessing the final days of the British Empire’

      Awesome times =)

    38. One_Scot says:

      Just ordered a skip load of popcorn for today. Lol.

    39. Stravaiger says:

      Threshold for vote of no confidence reached. Official.

    40. One_Scot says:

      To be honest if she can’t even get out of the back of a car, she is gonna struggle to get out of this mess.

    41. K1 says:

      Here we fucking go…more pish on steroids.

      Let’s hope foe bojo or reesmogg…that should wake Scotland up.

      You want uj’s stamped on the forehead by a Tory boot for your kids and your grandchildren? Cause that’s what coming.

      For fuck’s sake just vote Yes in indy2!

    42. Undeadshuan says:

      Independence continues to be sold by westminster for us.

      Sit with popcorn until the dust settles after the tory leadership challenge and the final deadline for brexit.

      By then the uk government will be falling appart and to quote Sun-Tzu “In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity”

    43. Macart says:

      Huh! Sky news claiming the 48 letters have been received. So, a leadership challenge then.

      Just to be clear. Every other party in Commons has put forward the clear intention to oust PM May as leader, except Labour? (now including the (laughs) Tories themselves)

      Oh good grief! And this is only Wednesday. 😀

    44. Luigi says:

      Five minutes is a long time in politics. 🙂

    45. Breeks says:

      Piers Morgan saying “It doesn’t get bigger than this”.

      I rather think it might, if Scotland plays the Constitutional Sovereignty card…

    46. Breeks says:

      I so ache to see Piers Morgan or any BBC Gobshite trying to explain why Scotland actually can dodge Brexit by opting out the Union after the Scottish Backstop of Sovereignty vs subjugation cannot be reconciled.

      England can Brexit at its leisure, it will not affect Scotland’s place in Europe.

    47. Capella says:

      Boris Johnson has had a haircut. Lord Snooty is a Beano cartoon character. Michael Gove has made many enemies.
      Theresa May is making a statement this morning.

      From our point view, every one is a gift to Nicola.

    48. Nana says:


      The Scottish budget explained

      Scottish economy set to grow but forecasters issue Brexit warning

      UK Gov’t confirms continued Golden Visas for the wealthy, despite “fears about money laundering & organised crimes”, while blocking Scottish Gov’t payment of fees for EU Nationals. ‘Bring me your rich, your criminals and your gangsters; but not your law abiding workers.’

    49. Sharny Dubs says:

      Changing the PM will not change the circumstances. Europe will still say this is the best we can offer.

    50. Nana says:

      Bloody Sunday was ‘job well done’ says former paratrooper – Sinn Fein says families ‘hurt’ by comments

      Lancashire fracking halted after 1.5 magnitude tremor

      As May’s Brexit trainwreck smoulders, the world backs away from Britain

    51. Nana says:

      Ian Paisley facing new questions over luxury Maldives holiday
      What’s happened to you?’: EU27 diplomats watch UK tie itself in Brexit knots

      Let’s go back in time, to who knows where, who knows when!

    52. mountain shadow says:

      I notice the lectern that May is about to speak from doesn’t have a governmental cipher on the front. I wonder if that means she’s about to resign now?

    53. Doug_Bryce says:

      Scottish Continuity bill ruling still due today ?

      Might get over shadowed by over events at the clown house by Thames…

    54. Shinty says:

      Doug Bryce – tomorrow, I think?

    55. Terence callachan says:

      Across the water trump says he is ready to step in and help in the huwei arrest if a trade deal with china runs aground, so let me get this clear ?
      Th daughter of the guy that owns this massive Chinese tech company huwei lands in Canada and is then arrested because she works for daddy,s company and USA are accusing huwei of copying USA company technologies and also accusing huwei of trading with Iran when USA have taken it upon themselves to be world policeman by stipulating that no country in the world is to trade with Iran….
      The law in USA has become so squidgy that the president can step in and drop charges ?
      Will the Canadian legal system also be squidgy or will it insist on real evidence that huwei stol USA technology and real evidence that the company owners daughter was involved if it did because surely natural justice doesn’t allow for any company employee at all , to be arrested ?
      Will Canadian law address the second charge too ? or does Canada just accept that that USA is the self appointed policeman of the world

    56. Terence callachan says:

      You just have to wonder why there’s a wee gaggle of lunkheads on here now upping their campaign to allow English people who have lived in Scotland for as little as one day a vote in the next Scottish independence referendum

      Whatever a person’s opinion on the rightful composition of the electorate might be, the name of the game is to win every possible vote for yes from whomsoever will actually have the franchise. This issue is beyond theory now, it has real-world effects. Setting out to alienate voters is ABH with intent, both on the reputation of the indy movement as a whole and on this site in particular.

      It’s always possible that the perpetrators are merely galactically stupid, but anyone wishing the indy movement well has got to suspect now that it’s deliberate, organised and malicious.

    57. Macart says:


      Thanks Nana. A good spread this morning.

      It’s all going swimmingly again I see. 🙄

      P.S. Good luck tomorrow with the hospital visit.

    58. Nana says:

      Supreme court ruling re the continuity bill will be announced tomorrow morning Courtroom 1 at 9.30am

      As I won’t be around here are a couple of links to keep an eye on

    59. Golfnut says:

      Continuity Bill.

      Impeccable timing on having a no confidence vote. We will be watching though.

    60. admiral says:

      Of course, we shouldn’t all laugh.

      After all, this is Scotland and we are too stupid to govern ourselves. All these political giants on the banks of the Thames are just so much smarter and so much more capable of governing Scotland than us wee, stupid Scots could ever be.

      So laughing at your political masters and betters, you ungrateful repropbates! :o)

    61. Famous15 says:

      Call Kaye today is a choice between John from Aberdeen ,an awfie lot o Tory Johns from Aberdeen blaming SNP balanced by clown of a no dealer. At least John was reminded that this was not about the SNP but was about the machinations in the Tory Party and the stability in the SNP was a good thing.

    62. Iain mhor says:

      Hmmm a GE or another Brexit Referendum are two possibilities.
      The difficulty is, I would struggle to justify voting in either. Not doing so of course hands ammunition to the dark side, but it really would take a mental effort to justify.
      If that is a difficulty for me, then I (condescendingly) think it may be a lot easier for others to not bother.
      So I’d predict a really low turnout for us in both.
      Perhaps I’m wrong and the general public in Scotland would be energised to vote heavily, if so, would they have they compunction to go again in an Indyref2?
      Maybe the best hope is a No deal-Hard Brexit scenario following a leadership change and no GE/Breferendum. Then we may well get numbers out for Indyref2.

      I fully understand the stance of the SNP pushing all angles to keep some form of CU etc in place; because if the UK is Brexit f****d and Scotland rejects Indy again, then we live our lives out in a basket case country and it a sair fecht. The pragmatic view should be, that if Scotland wants Indy it will vote Indy and there is no reason to sabotage a future if they don’t and no reason to not vote Indy if some sort of trade deal is brokered – up to and including revoking A50.

      That’s where I differ from those howling about the SNP involvement in trying to broker some sort of deal instead of focussing purely on Indy. They may all be loaded and care not a jot – but decades of supporting Scotland and the 2014 result and a lifetime of working hard to fend off penury, tells me not to hang my future entirely on Scotland stoating up a result.
      Defeatist or Pragmatic? Does that make me not a true Indy supporter? I care not – always have a Plan B and C and cover your arse… Still can’t decide if I’d vote in a GE/Breferendum though.

    63. schrodingers cat says:

      treeza comes out fighting

      she has till 6pm to get 50% of tory mps to back her, or she must resign

    64. ScottishPsyche says:

      The usual guff from the talking heads on TV this morning. Labour in absolute knots trying to show how good they are at this politicking game. Barry Gardiner over-enunciating every syllable with that pained expression on his face is the main culprit. He was allowed to get away with more nonsense about the SNP on GMS as usual.

      After all, that is what is important in the bizarre Westminster bubble.

    65. Nana says:

      Morning Macart.

      Thanks Sam, typical my appointment had to be tomorrow just when the ruling is due.

      Tories in a búrach, leaping from one mess to another. As for Labour, I have run out of words for that shower.

    66. schrodingers cat says:

      i wonder if corbyn will miss the open goal again at pmq’s today

    67. Ghillie says:

      Robert J Sutherland @ 12.41 am

      Being the original and interesting ‘lunkhead’ comment:

      Well said =)

    68. Breeks says:

      Well, I’m not a Party Member, but if there is a case of no confidence, and the years of tiresome stalemate simply cannot be impacted upon, so much so that a new Leadership election now becomes arguably the best option to break the deadlock or is simply an unavoidable inevitability who’s time has come, then so be it. Let’s get it done quickly then hit the ground running after Christmas…

      I vote Joanna Cherry. 😉

    69. Old Pete says:

      Utter UK shambles. If we don’t get Independence off the back of this then we never will. If the Supreme Court judgment tomorrow goes Scotland’s way then Nicola might tomorrow “be the time”

    70. Ghillie says:

      Nana,on the up side, think of all NHS medics who will really appreciate your knowledge…whenever you feel up to talking at all.

      Thinking of you xxx

    71. IZZIE says:

      She is saved Fluffy has given TM his backing a wet bunny clinging to a lame duck.

    72. manandboy says:

      Welcome to the European Union World, courtesy of Simon Coveney.
      Tory world is off the planet.

      Some form of revolution is needed in UK politics, eg. demolition and rebuild.

      In Scotland, we need Independence. We have the heart, but we need a new pair of lungs, and possibly a new bowel, to get rid of all the Unionist sh***, which is the cause of our 311 year old constipation.

    73. Socrates MacSporran says:

      mountain shadow

      No government cypher, because she was speaking as Leader of the Conservative Party, rather than as Prime Minister.

    74. Nana says:

      Thanks Ghillie, some of them know independence will be mentioned at some point 🙂

    75. Ghillie says:

      Iain mhor, please always vote.

      And apart from being humane and wanting to save England from intense self harm, it is also in Independent Scotland’s best interests to have their immediate neighbour not a complete basket case.

      Interesting times indeed.

    76. manandboy says:

      The evidence of the past eight years since Theresa May became Home Secretary in 2010 and then Prime Minister in July 2016, points to the conclusion that she is not Prime Ministerial material.
      Her record as PM in charge of the management of the UK and Brexit is described variously in the media as incompetent, shambolic, and abysmal. As well as that, she competes with David Cameron for the title of ‘Worst ever Prime Minister’.

      But, spitting on a tic won’t shift it, and the no confidence vote has yet to materialise. More waiting, followed by more waiting.

    77. Daisy Walker says:

      Wouldn’t it be nice – a la Piers Morgan – to send a tweet to WM, ‘OK England, you’ve had your fun, now just cancel brexit and we’ll say no more about it.’

      I like the idea of NI having a re-unification vote, and Scotland having an Indy vote on the same day. The BBC wouldn’t know which way to turn, in terms of trying to spread its lies.

      I for one, would completely understand if the SF MP’s decide this issue is so important that a trip to WM is necessary.

      Meanwhile, behind the scenes, plans are afoot for the Police and the Army.

      Please remember No Deal was always the plan. Then food shortages, riots in the street, State of Emergency/Martial Law, shut down Holyrood, bye bye any chance of organising a second Ref.

      29/3/19, we have to be out by then, or we’re really screwed.

      Yes we can, and now we really, really must.

    78. Marcia says:

      Kirstine Hair 4 PM – now that would be a hoot.

    79. Legerwood says:

      Nana @ 8.21am

      Your link about the Golden visas and the Scottish Government being blocked from paying the fees of EU nationals.

      Last night CH4 news had a short item about Heathrow Airport in which it was stated that the Airport was going to pay the fees of its EU employees who wanted to stay.

      I thought the Scottish Government were told that 3rd parties, such as employers (?), could not pay those fees.

      Interesting to see if Heathrow is blocked and other employers who no doubt are thinking of paying the fees.

      Hope all goes well at the hospital today.

    80. jfngw says:

      Gove is 100% going to stand for leadership, he has just come out in support of May. Next statement will be he has been forced to take part by the overwhelming opinion of his colleagues, not ambition just doing his duty for the country. You know the rest of the BS lines off to a tee I’m sure.

    81. mike cassidy says:

      The possibility of Article 50 revocation has clearly unsettled the hard brexiteers.

      They could see the possibility of having to vote for May’s deal in order to get any brexit at all.

      So, a final play of the cards in order to get one of their own in charge and tallyho to the sunny uplands of a no deal brexit.

      Is there enough popcorn in Scotland?

    82. orri says:

      The logic in preventing employers paying the government fees for EU citizens is contrary to EU Law given that one of the possible restriction on Freedom of Movement is employment. An employer paying that fee would be one way of proving said employment.

    83. Nana says:

      Thanks Legerwood, appointment is tomorrow morning just as the Supreme court gives it’s opinion on the continuity bill.

      Re the EU employees fees, see here

    84. yesindyref2 says:

      @mike cassidy
      Good thinking, you could be right.

    85. Cubby says:


      Sorry but I have to go for everyone’s favourite Tory bampot Ross Thomson but I do agree Hair would be funny.

    86. Nana says:

      Seeing a few on twitter talking of a national unity gov, here is one suggesting the leader of the opposition making such a ‘statesmanlike’ proposal….MMmmm

      A vote of confidence has been triggered in Theresa May as leader of the Conservative party. Many seem to assume that if a new leader was selected they would automatically become prime minister. But it’s not necessarily true.

    87. ronnie anderson says:

      Tereza doing her presidential address to the nation LoL she cant help herself from making threats . Clear the decks of bounds of Holly she’ll cancel christmas next , unite the country lol she’s mair chancety of reuniting a broken empire bisquit .

    88. Nana says:

      BREAKING: Former Brexit secretaries Dominic Raab and David Davis have teamed up with DUP leader Arlene Foster to launch a campaign for a “Better Deal” for Brexit. 1/

    89. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Nana at 10:17 am.

      You typed,
      Re the EU employees fees, see here

      Strange, iye? The Scottish Government isn’t allowed to pay the fees for its staff from elsewhere in the EU but Heathrow airport is allowed?

    90. Footsoldier says:

      The coming period has to be some form of catalyst for independence. The UK is imploding – it’s a golden opportunity, not time for fence sitting. In time things will settle but it will then be too late.

      However I am not hearing anything about the benefits of independence or any clarion call to the cause of independence.

      General election is not an impossibility – has to be our chance and the people can speak.

    91. Marie Clark says:

      Jeez oh, what an absolute bourach. It’s kinda like being down the rabbit hole with Alice, it just gets weirder and weirder.

      I’ve stepped back from commenting as often as I just need a break, I don’t want my auld heid tae explode. So I’ve been busy doing the Christmas thing, you know, tree up, cards etc, but I have been keeping an eye on things. It’s not good for the blood pressure you know. I just wish we could get on with Indyref2 and at least give us a bit of hope of something better to look forward too. I understand why Nicola is holding back, but, boy is it frustraiting.

      Hope all goes well for you tomorrow Nana.

    92. Macart says:


      WTAF??? Davis, Raab and the DUP? A better deal…. Pffft (snigger)

      Bwahahahahahaha (breathe) hahahahahahahaha and HA! 😆 LOLMAGGEDDON

    93. Nana says:

      Thanks for that link

      Thanks Marie, I’ll hopefully only be away tomorrow. fingers x’d

      @Macart LOLMAGGEDDON 🙂

      Hands up Who likes me

    94. schrodingers cat says:

      mundell has come out in support of treeza

      no one else has

      if she survives tonight, the 100 or so brexiteers will back corbyns vote of no confidence

      either way, a ge will follow under a tory leader who supports no deal

    95. mike cassidy says:

      One of the main bookmakers clearly doesn’t think May will lose the vote.

      Even worse for those hoping Ruth Davidson would disappear over the border, she’s barely on the leadership radar at 50/1.

    96. Dr Jim says:

      England deserves Boris but I hope they get Jacob, he’ll still destroy their country but he’ll do it with jolly good manners

    97. Macart says:

      Heard Treeza’s speech and…

      … Jings! 😯 Just JINGS!!!

      Are you YES yet?

    98. schrodingers cat says:

      some commentators beginning to wake up

      James Patrick
      3h3 hours ago
      To be honest, I think May will survive the vote tonight. And I hope she does, because we wake up in a significantly more dangerous place if she doesn’t.

      3h3 hours ago
      We have to be soooo careful right now…
      This #NoConfidence motion (removing the Prime Minister) may be necessary to stop Theresa May wasting time, but if Jacob Rees-Mogg or Boris Johnson use it to slide into Number 10…

    99. galamcennalath says:

      I think May will survive. But if she doesn’t, so what?

      A lot of media chat about delaying Brexit. I thought that required the unanimous agreement of all EU27?

      We now know it can be cancelled. I can’t see the Tories doing that.

      New agreement negotiated? Another two years? The EU would require a total change in the UK.

      Labour? Who?

      The time for Nicola to push the big eject button must be approaching fast.

    100. starlaw says:

      I think that this is a Tory ploy to make sure May stays in place for another year.
      Who would be stupid enough to take the reins of this bloody mess. Don’t be surprised if she wins.

    101. galamcennalath says:

      My understanding of Tories choosing a leader is MPs whittle it down to two, and then it goes to the membership. That is, unless only one is left standing as others pull out.

      Is there a consensus new leader?

      I suspect who would win with MPs won’t be one of the swivel eyed far right brigade. However, if it came down to two and went to the membership, a far right loony might win.

      I wish I liked popcorn.

    102. galamcennalath says:


      Sounds about right

    103. manandboy says:

      Duncan Morrow on twitter says:

      “In theory, there are 7 standards for all in public life – selflessness, integrity, objectivity, honesty, accountability, openness and leadership.
      The extent to which they have been trashed by some politicians in NI is now a danger to the system. A priority for any future talks.”

      Applied to the UK,to Theresa May and the Tory government, these 7 standards are long gone.

    104. call me dave says:

      Why would most tories vote out Theresa when it is probably leading to a worse shambles than that which exists.

      Any (new) PM still has to deal with Brexit

      A GE still requires 2/3 majority in HoC if the opposition ever call a motion of no confidence (Labour not too keen on picking up the cudgels on Brexit or a UKGE)

      In my view only the SNP will improve their number of MPs in a GE but the land Sarf of the wall will probably still be tory win.

      A 2nd EU referendum may be the only way out and the Tories might have to suck it up and see. I hope that at least happens.

      Restocked on the popcorn … 🙂

      Raab and the DUP …get a better deal…FGS! What are they like?

    105. Baldeagle58 says:

      A friend of mine who lives in Fife has just received a letter from Fife Council asking if he’s still interested in doing Polling Duty……

      You’d think there was going to be a general election or something coming up!! 🙂

    106. Macart says:


      Neatly done. 😀

      It’s a or b really Nana. (shrugs) You pays your money kinda thing.

      A. They’re all utterly mental or B. This is pure political theatre with an order mental on the side.

      Either way, the populations on these islands are being both badly used and served by this shower. Happily, it’s just about that time. 😉

    107. schrodingers cat says:

      tories dont need to vote treeza out, 50% of them need to vote her in, if they dont, she is gone and cant compete in the subsequent leadership election

    108. Nana says:

      For a flavour of how all is perceived in the EU, see below

      EU diplomat says it’s unlikely there will be any official text to reassure the U.K. about the backstop before Christmas because there hasn’t been time to prepare one. Run up to summit is “crazy” and situation in London is “a mess”.

      “Even the funny elements of this are actually tragic,” says one EU diplomat on May and Brexit, “I still hope Beckett, Kafka and Havel are not those who will finish writing this piece”

    109. ronnie anderson says:

      There’s a song for every occasion

    110. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      schrodingers cat at 11.03

      Which particular Corbyn vote are you referring to?

    111. Daisy Walker says:

      Just seen Mharie Black’s speech in HoC – brilliant. Look up her twitter account to see it.)

      Scathing description of WM debauchle.

      ‘and to top it off, it ended wi a wee wimman wi a sword, running after a mannie wi a big stick’.

      Hope all you techno experts can get it circulated.

      Terrible May will likely survive. Labour will not go for VONC. There will be no Meaningful Vote. No Deal is coming.

    112. Arthur Thomson says:

      Who would have thought it could be so entertaining watching the Brits kicking lumps out of each other?

      And why is Nicola baiting the soft spoken one?

      Life is full of interesting questions.


    113. Kenno says:

      As Peter Griffin from Family Guy asked,,,

      “What grinds my gears?”

      And the answer is when we hear Treeza and others tell us that they are trying to get the best deal for the “Nation” or the best deal for the “Country”.


      Which Nation or Country do they speak of???

    114. geeo says:

      2 scenarios (part tongue in cheek btw)

      1. Treeza will resign today before the vote, if she thinks she will lose it or be mortally wounded.

      Shes going to answer every PMQ with a game of soundbite bingo… “im staying to see the job through..get a good deal for bwitain…..alternative is a Corbyn government….no brexit….SNP BAD…”

      5pm meeting of Tory MP’s at 1922 committee will be what decides her fate.

      Treeza: “honey, go under the stairs and dig out that old home office folder with those files about WM paedophiles in it…thats right…the one i ‘lost’ that time i was home secretary”…!

      2. Of course, the cynic says, its all a tory ploy to strengthen her hand in the party.

      Have a leadership contest, and win it, seemingly beating her brexit rebels.

      Wait as long as possible to hold cancelled vote, so it becomes Her deal or No deal.

      We already know it will be rejected, so she stays in charge, and the fannies get their hardest of brexit and the tories blame everyone who voted down her deal for the shambles to follow.

      She then calls an election and with everyone blaming opposition for no deal…boom…tories win a majority.

      Of course, thats just a cynics view…..

      Of course, both scenarios above make no allowance for 3 other things…

      1. A VONC in the Government.

      2. The Continuity Bill verdict causing a constitutional crisis however if goes.

      3. Scotsgov calling a referendum and demanding a S.30 or else.

      The only thing the media can agree on is that SNP are definitely BAD!!!

    115. Kenno says:

      Someone just told Sky News reporter that Treeza is full of True Grit.

      I think they meant to say,,,Treeza os full of True Shit…

      That would have been closer to the truth.

    116. schrodingers cat says:

      145 tory mps have come out for treeza

      she needs 158

      it is a secret vote

    117. Ken500 says:

      What a mess. A total shambles. Just a bunch of liars. McDonnell is deluded. Totally out of touch.

      SNP shut out from any debate.

      A GE soon.

      May is beyond belief.

      Davidson caused this.

    118. Thepnr says:

      Theresa May is behaving like she’s left her white coat that straps up the back in the van on the way to work this morning.

    119. yesindyref2 says:

      I think May will survive, and that would be her in place for another year unchallengeable for the leadership. No GE unless Labour find they have some and do a no confidence vote – unlikely as they’d lose a GE, and know it.

    120. bjsalba says:


      It doesn’t have to be popcorn.

      I would suggest crudités with a dip of your choice.

    121. schrodingers cat says:

      bbc sources saying 158 mps support treeza

      but it is a secret ballot

    122. Jack Murphy says:

      Daisy Walker began her Post at 11:41 am:

      ” Just seen Mharie Black’s speech in HoC – brilliant. Look up her twitter account to see it.)……”

      I think this is Mhairi’s speech from Twitter in the Commons. 🙂

    123. mike cassidy says:

      Looks like Paddy Power had a wee peek at that secret ballot?

      See my 11.06

    124. Nana says:

      Acting like big kids

      Fintan O’Toole says
      They thought BREXIT was going to be easy

      Blackford says
      We were promised ‘Strong and Stable’ but instead the UK government has become an embarrassment. Theresa May must take responsibility and resign.

    125. Nana says:

      Full interview with Mark Curtis

      Home Office trying to force two disabled children to leave country

      Ahem. Sorry to intrude on today’s Westminster drama but….

      A massive thank you to everyone for your amazing comments. As a thank you, here is the band playing together for the very first time. This was the first tune we played as a band on Sunday. Hope you enjoy!!PD/status/1072853481927704576

    126. Robert J. Sutherland says:

      Terence callachan @ 08:58,

      They do say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but wholesale re-quoting of someone else’s text without attribution is a violation of copyright. Twisting the start of it in a manner clearly at odds with the genuine part is adding insult to injury.

      What you did is well beyond normal fair comment, and not the act of someone who respects fellow Wingers. Unexpected even from the likes of you.

    127. K1 says:

      If she gets the votes it really was all just a publicity ploy to get her deal through…it doesn’t make sense they said ‘over’ the 15% needed wrt to the 48 letters, had been met…so how come everyone ‘knows’ she’s gonnae survive it?

      Were the whipping boys wi their files on misdemeanors and other crimes, employed to do the dirty work? This is a side show.

    128. Jack Murphy says:

      OT. NOW. Scottish Parliament TV.

      Scottish Government’s Draft Spending and Tax Plans for 2019=20.
      [Draft of Scottish Budget]

    129. Nana says:

      Nicola on the Tory party mess

      Two videos from Gordon Ross

      Integrity of the rump of British empire is more important to Tories and Labour, than the best interests of Irish residents.

      It’s time for Scotland to #EXBRIT
      Scotland is not the UK.
      Scotland is a discrete nation.
      Scotland is in a voluntary union with the country of England

      Universal Credit leaves applicants “scavenging in

    130. Nana says:

      Corri Wilson is joined by George Kerevan for analysis and discussion of today’s Scottish budget

      WATCH: The UK Government are refusing to provide the missing millions promised to Dundee and the wider Tay Cities region

    131. Nana says:

      Rolls-Royce to stockpile parts in case of hard Brexit
      Aerospace firm will also move some regulatory approvals to Germany amid political turmoil

      Does business want Theresa May’s deal?

    132. Nana says:

      Tories are filth

      If Theresa May falls tonight, the leadership contest that follows will be one of the most important elections in British history. It will also be one of the least democratic. We are about to discover how much damage the two main parties have done to our democracy. [THREAD]

    133. Bobp says:

      K1 7.49am. I think one half of Scotlandshire would love union jack boots stamped on their foreheads. I could be wrong mind.doubt it though.

    134. Gary says:

      Strange how, given the current vulnerability of the Tories (and May in particular) the Corbyn cancelled a meeting with Blackford over stategy, specifically on calling a no confidence vote when it has the public backing of SNP, LibDems and no doubt PLP too.

      It’s almost like Corbyn WANTS May in post. Her plan is to use up ALL the available time so the vote will be a straight ‘Deal or No Deal’ without any time to negotiate any alternative.

      Perhaps he WANTS to have May sail UK off a cliff so he can have his chance to captain a shipwreck??

    135. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Nana.

      Your Chris Law link says “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!”.

      This one does.

    136. aLurker says:

      FFS people!
      for those hard-of-thinking posters who seem unable to comprehend the parliamentary arithmetic,

      read the reliably cogently-arguing Yorkshireman-on-the-left.

      “Some people are terrible at maths. If you add all the Labour, SNP, Lib-Dem, Plaid Cymru, and Green MPs together they’re clearly outnumbered by the Tories plus the DUP, but some people still seem to imagine that Theresa May would lose a parliamentary confidence vote.

      from “Get real: The DUP won’t bring down Theresa May because they’ve got her exactly where they want her ”


      Judgment will be handed down at 9.30am in Courtroom 1 on Thursday 13 December in the case of the UK Withdrawal from the European Union (Legal Continuity) (Scotland) Bill – A Reference by the Attorney General and the Advocate General for Scotland,

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