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Quick perspective check

Posted on September 27, 2018 by

From today’s Scottish Daily Mail:

Sounds terrible. Let’s take a look in more depth at this rising tide.


Do we have anything that we could compare it against for context?


See you again same time tomorrow, next week, next month and next year, folks.

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207 to “Quick perspective check”

  1. Fraser Reid says:

    “See you again same time tomorrow, next week, next month and next year, everyone.” just lets see when Nicola sets off Indyref II then we will see how long we must endure such shite !

  2. dakk says:

    The lies and treachery which John MacLeod and his fellow britnat propagandists perpetrate against Scotland constitute a far bigger crime than any other crime that has been committed in Scotland since 1707.


  3. Brian Powell says:

    It’s interesting, somehow over the years Scots have allowed these Tory sh.ts writing for the papers to take charge of describing our daily lives.

    ‘We’ have allowed Tory newspapers to describe our lives according to their propaganda.

    But the worst part is that supposedly left leaning Scotland believed what the Tories, we know to be Tories, write.

  4. raineach says:

    Actually, the government’s first duty is the maintenance of the realm, its second duty is the maintenance of law and order. In that sense only an SNP or Green government could get the priorities right.

  5. Alba Laddie says:

    WTF is John MacLeod anyway?

  6. Welsh Sion says:

    And from the West corner …

    As we are lumpen with our Eastern neighbours in this, some (but not all) of this increase in crime in EnglandandWales [sic] is due to the climbing murder rate and violent offences committed within the Great Orbital in the Grand Imperial Metropolis.

    Could this increase also be due to more offences being committed by Anglo-British-nationalists-who-profess-not-to-be-nationalists, too?

  7. Leslie Rutherford says:

    “He Bleated” just could not keep the contempt out of the article
    Great job Rev, as usual

  8. Greannach says:

    No wonder the people of Shawbost didn’t want this hack living among them.

  9. Corrado Mella says:

    This is terrorism.

    I want to see John MacLeod charged with it.

    Time to take on the BritNazis.

  10. Frank Gilougley says:

    I’d love to hear what the polis themselves make of this bollocks?
    I’m listening, John…

  11. Clootie says:

    One of the primary reason London parties have in opposing Independence is that they do not want comparisons made which highlight the failings of their policies.
    The MSM has one objective – run Scotland down! Ensure the mantra is maintained that we cannot succeed.

    We are shite – day after day after day.

    At today’s FMQs Patrick Harvie joined the club. The Greens are back on their high horse again – they will decide the policies of an Independent Scotland NOT the people. The Greens would prevent hydrocarbon exploration and production and prevent investment in long term development in renewables. Patrick seems oblivious to who actually condoned the rape of the North Sea and kept all the cash.

  12. James Mills says:

    …but John MacLeod is a good Christian ( well , a Wee Free anyway ) … he wouldn’t tell a lie …would he ?

    Then what is he doing writing for the Scottish ( LOL ) Daily Mail ?

  13. Andy-B says:

    Another unionist prevaricating rag, that many are now waking up to. Hit them where it hurts in the pocket don’t buy the paper.

  14. raineach says:

    I know John MacLeod personally, for 30+ years. He is a solid SNP voter. Despite his very strong religious views he voted for Jim Eadie, complete with poster in the window – albeit he was a Leave voter, a point on which he is unrepentant.

  15. desimond says:

    I reckon they just don’t like Humza…God knows what they will be like when he becomes First Minister or Scottish President!

  16. Dan Huil says:

    The British nationalist Daily Mail demands another anti-Scottish article and MacLeod duly delivers. Tractor.

  17. Petra says:

    John MacLeod kicked off of the Herald because of his cruel, callous, basically disgusting comments about the poor parents of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman.

    Thinks he’s living a “holier than thou” life on the Isle of Lewis and yet there he is, nothing other than an out and out liar and scaremonger. I wonder what God will make of that, make of him?

  18. Thepnr says:

    It really is amazing just how well this SNP administration have done over the last 11 years with the powers they do have under devolution.

    Criminal Justice: Recorded crime has been reduced by around 40% and is now at early 1970’s levels after rising for decades under other administrations. The introduction of Police Scotland too has resulted in significant savings allowing a pay rise to be awarded of 6% which is 3 times that of the amount to be awarded in E&W.

    Housing: More new homes and particularly affordable homes and those for social rent are being built at roughly 10,000/year and a committent to build an additional 50,000 between now and 2021. Homelessness though still an issue has been falling and new initiatives are under way to eradicate it for good. It can never be zero but the more homes we build the better the chances of finding somewhere affordable to live.

    Education: More pupils than ever are leaving Scottish Schools with at least one higher and record numbers are finding places at University which as we all know do not make the students pay tuition fees. This is remarkable really.

    Then just the week it was announced that with the limited powers Scotland have been given over social security they have scrapped disability assessments by private companies ATOS. Health care professionals in Scotland will undertake these in future and no more profits to be made off the sick by leaches like ATOS.

    All in all it’s a pretty dammed impressive record for a government working under budget cuts to the Scottish pocket money block grant imposed by Westminster on an austerity agenda.

    No wonder the right wing rag journalist hate the SNP, everything they do fly’s in the face of their neo-liberal wet dream for the future of Scotland. It doesn’t take much to know that with all the powers an Independent Scotland would flourish and there would be no place for the Tory sycophants like this John MacLeod to spin their pish and lies.

  19. Macart says:

    Really don’t want to hear any journo bleat about their loss of stature in the public eye at this point. There’s way too many examples in evidence of just why no one should trust them.

    They want public trust to return? They need to earn it. They need to clean their own house at every level and they need to make it hi vis. They’re not going to do that. It’s not in them.

  20. Johnj says:

    Alba Laddie.

    John MacLeod is a Wee Free (or maybe Free Church Continuing) commentator who operates on the outer fringes of religious fundamentalism. He’s been around a long time. He used to appear in the Herald and/or the Scotsman.

    He’s got the usual gamut of nasty illiberal opinions that you’d expect from such.

    He’s going to heaven though, unlike me

  21. Artyhetty says:

    Wasn’t Glasgow the most violent city in the world, or something, when er, the British Nationalists were at the helm, keeping Scotland poor, begging and drugged up, all to keep control of Scotland’s resources and revenues.

    The biggest criminals are roaming the streets, they have money and power, power and money, they are based in London.

  22. Pentland Firth says:

    I don’t necessarily blame the journalists for writing these highly misleading stories. In many cases they are merely following their editor’s instructions, which in turn are based on the proprietor’s political agenda. It’s a living I suppose, but I’m glad I don’t have to churn out crap to pay the bills.

    The only way to put a stop to it is to stop buying the rags.

  23. call me dave says:


    Yes indeed! 🙂

    Maybe a reaction to the Police 6.5% pay settlement that has hardly been reported on shortbread radio and tv.

    Cup draw: Celtic and Rangers ‘KEPT’ apart!!!

    Shurley ‘drawn’ apart but kept is so much more edgy init BBC!

  24. Davosa says:

    Nasty little creep is MacLeod. Ideal for the Daily Heil !

  25. bobajock says:

    Well – all goes to show, theres a government thats working, and the UK ones don’t work at all.

    Its rather a simple choice all in. I left an area where knife and gun crime are ‘the norm’ in the minds of most teenagers.

    (Rev – I assume you don’t mind me sharing this, given your blocking me on twitter).

  26. CameronB Brodie says:

    Reflecting on John MacLeod’s reflections on the performance of Scotland’s Justice system, I find myself reflecting on whether his assesment reflects reality.

    Ethos and Narrative Interpretation

  27. stewartb says:

    Pentland Firth @ 1:38 pm
    “I don’t necessarily blame the journalists for writing these highly misleading stories.”

    It’s notable that you choose to use the term ‘journalist’ in your statement of ’empathy’. I guess it depends on how you define journalism.

    Probably lots of definitions we could use but how about this characterisation (Source: ) .

    “While journalism occupies a much smaller space than the talk, entertainment, opinion, assertion, advertising and propaganda that dominate the media universe, it is nevertheless perceived as being more valuable than most of the ‘stuff out there’.

    That value flows from its purpose, to provide people with verified information they can use to make better decisions, and its practices, the most important of which is a systematic process – a discipline of verification – that journalists use to find not just the facts, but also the ‘truth about the facts’.”

    So I suggest that ‘journalists’ that strive professionally to live up to this description might argue that your empathy is misplaced – it is necessary to ‘blame the writer’ in cases like this one or at least call them out as imposters in the professionalism of journalism.

  28. Clootie says:

    Rainreach @1:19pm

    …if he was he wouldn’t write that crap…or is it that his principles come second to a pay cheque.
    He betrays his nation and his faith with such unionist propaganda.

  29. HandandShrimp says:

    Firstly, using the term the “he bleated” reveals the piece to be a party political polemic not journalism. No serious journalist would write such piffle and secondly, no, I never bring anything to mind that Thatcher said.

    It should also be noted that sexual crimes should rise as the scope has broadened. Revenge porn is now a crime and hundreds of cases have reported. This does not mean criminality has risen but that consciousness of what constitutes crime has risen. This might be too complicated for a Mail hack to consider though.

  30. Giving Goose says:

    Why does John MacLeod not change his surname to something that identifies him as someone other than Scottish?
    He obviously hates Scotland, so why exist with the trappings of Scottishness?
    These people are British ; British Johnnys all.
    Why not a new name, such as John British-Johnny?
    Henceforth they should all have their surnames changed to “British-Johnny”

    Kezia (formerly Dugdale) British-Johnny
    Wullie (formerly Rennie) British-Johnny
    Andy (formerly Kerr) British-Johnny
    Jackie (formerly Bird) British-Johnny
    *Insert name of your choice* British-Johnny

  31. mike cassidy says:

    For those nostalgic for those gentler, pre-twitter days.

    Macleod’s finest hour.

  32. inkypic says:

    It is all so exhausting! That tactics employed to bash bash bash.

  33. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    I’m just thinking, journalism is the backbone of democracy, isn’t it? Without the general public being well-informed, how can it make the right decisions in elections and such? We all know that. Suppose then you’re a young person with ideals who wants to contribute to this public good. What better choice, then?

    So where do you go in Scotland to get such a job?

    Think about it. (For all of 5 seconds.)

    No wonder there’s an upsurge in more-accurate and thoughtful analysis on the internet (besides all the half-baked idiot axe-grinding).

    Maybe then add a dash of pity on top of the heaps of well-deserved scorn for those miserable hacks who have to abase themselves to keep their kids fed and clothed.

    (And who probably know it. I imagine that all that self-hate goes into their articles.)

  34. orri says:

    The tightrope these people walk has to be precarious to say the least. Especially when they can’t remember which of the great disasters they recount are actually under Holyrood’s control.

    Scotland is shite they claim. In reality not as bad as the rUK. Or sometimes worse but in areas ruled from Westminster.

    In this case resting on your laurels is never a good look but compared to the rUK it’s certainly not an advert for surrendering autonomy to our colonial masters.

  35. Lenny Hartley says:

    Alba laddie John Mcleod was once the young journalist of the year when we had journalists and he worked for the Herald. he has always said he is pro-Indy, but some of his stuff is Strange to say the least but coming from the a family being the Christian equivalent of the Taliban maybe that goes with the territory, after all if you believe in talking snakes you will believe any old shite.

  36. CameronB Brodie says:

    Tactics? Might that suggest there is a strategy involved?

    Call for papers for CMS6:
    Critical perspectives on strategy as discourse and practice

    ….The roots of this hegemonic discourse can be traced to ancient military strategy. However, it is only during the past few decades that this discourse, linked with neo-liberal ideals, the development of the modern corporation, and the scientification of management, has gradually conquered businesses and other organizations around the globe. In many ways, it has provided means to develop and legitimate specific organizational actions, practices, and discourses. From the managerial point of view, this has created new kinds of opportunities for long-term planning and development of organizations. However, this hegemonic discourse has also created inequalities and other problems, many of which easily pass unnoticed…..

  37. HandandShrimp says:


    Jeepers Creepers! 2002 I was a Herald buying, Labour voting PCS rep and I recall being repelled by the sentiments in that utter pish at the time. I had completely forgotten who wrote it though.

  38. sassenach says:

    BBC have opened a HYS on the Vorlich oil development story – sounds like there are some thick BritNats (as usual) – but good for a laugh!!

  39. Bob Mack says:

    Doris Day played opposite Clark Gable in the film Teachers Pet 1958.

    She played the role of Erica Stone a teacher of journalism.

    Quote” Newspapers can’t tell people what happened any more, but they should tell them how and why it happened”

    Sounds as if our journalists need remedial classes.

  40. OT I hear,a labour mp has been allowed back on a committee he was removed from for saying Tom Watson mp received I think it was £6000 from a Jewish organisation and that Judas had received 30 pieces of silver well if Tom Watson did get that money ? And we all know Judas did receive the30peices of silver why was the labour mp removed in the first place ??? For telling the truth ???

  41. Vestas says:

    I see a photo of a memorial to a dead Back minister on his twitter timeline who I remember VERY well.

    He used to preach the pope was the antichrist and catholics were scum who nobody should deal with. Homosexuals were damned and should be shunned by all etc etc.

    Oh yes I remember that “minister” because he (and the fucker in Barvas) taught me that religion is bollox and those who adhere to it are usually the “scum”.

    I went to Sunday school in Shawbost once upon a time. I came home after the third week and told my mother I wasn’t going back. She asked why & I replied that my primary school teacher was a liar – during the week she had to teach evolution-based stuff but on Sundays she got to say what she REALLY believed. Yes she was convinced dinosaurs were all faked. I never listened to a single thing that teacher said from that day onwards and in fact called her a liar in front of the class. She went ballistic but couldn’t do anything as (in theory) she would have been sacked.

    These people (Wee Frees) aren’t just backward, they make the DUP look enlightened!

  42. Ghillie says:

    He’s just jealous our Police got a pay rise.

  43. CapnAndy says:

    It’s just not safe on the mean street of Ness. Torquil Crichton hails from the same village, I’d have thought Daily Record would be all over this like a rash.
    So what’s going on in Ness, we need to be told. Humza fiddles while Ness burns? Wild gangs of crofters roaming and mugging Ministers of their purses, fishermen openly smuggling tartan tat from the Ullapool souvenir shop. (Ok that’s enough… I’m fired.)

  44. CameronB Brodie says:

    Blair Paterson
    A perception or paranoia of anti-Semitism?

  45. haudonthenoo says:

    More likely jealous the Pope got a pay rise..

  46. yesindyref2 says:

    “But crime is crime is crime”.

    Indeed, and Scottish Daily Mail “journalism” is a crime in its own crimedom.

  47. Breeks says:

    Pentland Firth says:
    27 September, 2018 at 1:38 pm

    I don’t necessarily blame the journalists for writing these highly misleading stories. In many cases they are merely following their editor’s instructions…

    I know where you’re coming from Pentland, but if you walked past a man in the street kicking the shit out his dog, would you be OK about it, provided it wasn’t actually his idea but somebody else told him to do it?

    There are real journalists in this world putting themselves in mortal danger, occassionally losing their lives or liberty just to get the truth out to the wider world. Sometimes its a battlefield, sometimes the random act of a sniper, sometimes its working under cover, sometimes it is risking kidnapping or murder, but the news is more important to them.

    Here in Scotland, our “Journalists” don’t have enough backbone to stand up to their editor, or walk out the job on a point of principle. They take the money and do whatever they’re told. No integrity required.

    Journalists I respect. Propagandists are scum of the Earth.

  48. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    CapnAndy @ 16:20,

    “the mean street [singular] of Ness”

    Ouch! =grin=

  49. ronnie anderson says:

    Mike Cassidy And who pops up in that link Kevin McKenna lol . John MacLeod now wee see what a Bbc inducement buys the wee free that lives on the wages of sin .

  50. Referendum1707 says:

    Someone up thread said that MacLeod supports indy? News to me and doesn’t fit his “profile” either though of course it does take all sorts as they say.

    I’d have thought he’s the kind of ultra fundamentalist wee free nutcase who’d naturally be at home with all things britnat rather than support a dangerously radical and deviant notion like the people of Scotland being able to elect their own governments rather than the obviously far more sensible idea that England should elect them for us.

    I remember years ago he was going round telling anyone who’d listen that he was a virgin till his 30’s or something. I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if he still is. Not necessarily anything to be ashamed of depending on certain things but still not the kind of thing that any “normal” person would particularly want to broadcast.

    As for his writing for the “Scottish” Daily Scumbag? Maybe he’s a chaste virgin but as for who he’ll take money from for his witterings he’s a whore hack like the rest of them.

  51. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    ronnie anderson @ 16:44,

    McKenna and MacLeod, they make a nice complementary pair (in more ways than one), don’t they? =grin=

  52. CameronB Brodie says:

    Now that is a WEIRD form of virtue signaling, suggestive of a inability to empathise with others. That fits a particular profile. 🙂

  53. Colin Alexander says:

    All politicians are prone to not telling the truth. Many politicians often won’t give a straight answer. Doesn’t matter whether SNP, Labour, Conservative, LibDem or Green or whatever.

    Mhairi Black appeared to be more outspoken about this than most and was a breath of fresh air in that regard. She was willing to give her own opinion, not spout a line, whether she believed it or not.

    What is the real sickener is when they treat ordinary voters and Joe Public like this. The TV debate method is used to constituents and to people with genuine concerns. They are ignored or stonewalled or sent on wild goose chases.

    Once elected, our political servants act like our Lords and Masters and won’t give us the courtesy of a straight answer or an honest answer. UK Govt or Scot Govt, Labour Council or SNP Council, from my experience, exactly the same.

    I didn’t get an answer from Alex Salmond when I wrote to him, when he was FM. Likewise, no answer from Nicola Sturgeon or the former Justice Secretary Michael Matheson on very important matters.

    Shona Robison replied with evasive mince that was like a Theresa May response when asked about how well Brexit is going. Likewise the new health secretary Jeanne Freeman (I expected better from her).

    I’ve written to Euro MEPs – the SNP and UKIP MEP were the worst at responding. The best one – a Tory ( now retired).

    The best MPs I’ve ever dealt with was a Labour one (Katy Clark), and an SNP one (Carol Monaghan). The best MSP an SNP ( Sandra White), second best a Labour one (now ex-MSP) who I won’t mention. Worst MSP a different SNP one, I Kidd you not. That’s my personal view and personal experience.

    I’ve mostly dealt with SNP politicians. Some are good, some are woeful. My experience is that the Scot Govt is just as dishonest and prone to cover ups as the UK one. Councils are rotten to the core whether SNP led or Labour or Tory led.

    I still support independence. The Scot Govt is part of UK Govt. The SNP is a UK political party. So, no surprise they are no different from all the other UK political parties.

    I despise the dishonestly of the SNP and Labour and Tory and LibDem politicians. The culture of dishonesty throughout politics from Council to national Govt.

    I still believe independence is the better choice. But for party politics, the SNP are not the good guys either. For someone like me, they are perhaps the lesser of evils in UK politics.

    We, as the voting public,should be just as critical and judgemental of them as any other political party or Govt.

    In Scotland, we, the people, are sovereign, not the politicians. It’s a fundamental basic that the SNP need to be reminded of just as much as the Unionist politicians.

  54. CameronB Brodie says:

    B.J. Thomas spring to mind.

  55. Street Andrew says:

    The level to which unionist propaganda has sunk is below scraping the bottom of the barrel now.

    Do you smell utter desperation in these lies and distortions of reality? I do.

    The case for Indyref2 is unassailable now.

    We must concentrate our attention now on HOW we will make an independent Scotland work best for all who live here.

    Personally I believe our own currency is a fundamental requirement and am dismayed that so few, including our political leaders and some of our most energetic activists, don’t seem to understand this.

    Tied to any other currency, Scotland will have independence in name only. Will be entirely at the mercy of another central bank and the pillagers of the money markets.

    Venezuela is a basket case because it has borrowed in dollars. The US is bleeding it dry. Quite deliberately. It is no coincidence that Venezuela is (or was, and could be again) one of the biggest global oil producers.

    Greece is a major oil producer too…Olive oil. With its own currency and not tied to the Euro it would have no need to be bankrupt and in tatters.

    Scottish Labour will hope to win support on the back of what Corbyn is wishing to do in South Britain, but has no intention of implementing in Scotland. Richard Leonard is happy to keep exporting oil revenue from Scotland to his beloved City of London benefactors.

    In progressive policy terms South Britain lags behind Scotland by over a decade, and that lag has developed since 2008.

    That’s going some !

    At least they are now talking and thinking about progress, but for an entire nation to stand still for an entire decade is shameful.

    ……and Labour is a long way from government. They must first unseat the current regime (or sit on their hands and wait) even to create an election…then they have to win it……and hopefully there will be few Labour seats from Scotland, because Corbyn will need support from progressive thinking Scots and that means he must come to terms with the fact that currently the SNP is the only progressive party option for voters in Scotland.

  56. Effijy says:

    The greatest rise in crime is the way Westminster treats
    Scotland, it’s resources and its parliament.

    These Unionist Hacks should be in prison for
    Aiding and abetting confidence tricksters seeking
    Immoral financial gain.

  57. Old Pete says:

    Just listening to Prime Minister May on the radio and its crystal clear Nicola can forget about a section 30 order as it will never be “allowed” ever.
    So how can we force a second referendum ?
    Might be smarter to force a Scottish election stating that if the majority of elected representatives support Independence then when elected they will use the mandate to negotiate dissolving the Union immediately on taking office. Risky but might be a way to force the issue.
    Seems the only way forward, legally what else can we do ?

  58. HandandShrimp says:

    Old Pete

    May might not be around for all that long. Boris might have a very different take on things. Doesn’t he want shot us?

  59. ScottishPsyche says:

    The misrepresentations that occur in Scottish political reporting are truly damaging to the lives of people living in Scotland. Everything deemed a negative for the Scottish Government is magnified and distorted or reported without context. Positives are diminished and demeaned as irrelevant or inextricably linked to factors outwith the SG control.

    To see how different our lives would be without the SG mitigation all we need to do is look at the other countries in the UK. Would Ruth Davidson do the same as Theresa May given the chance? Would Richard Leonard adopt the Welsh Labour stance?

    The Unionists argue for a UK wide approach to everything but I bet they would not change much if they were in power. The timid tinkering around the edges SLab attributes to the SNP is miles better than anything Welsh Labour have tried. Davidson would run a mile rather than implement, for example, the measures taken in England regarding the NHS. They both know how much worse it could be.

    O/T As others have mentioned on social media, I also expect a rich donor to step in for Dugdale soon, that way they can take on Stu AND Corbyn. She has made herself a martyr for whatever her cause has become.

  60. frogesque says:

    @Old Pete 5.47.

    Basically May will not say No, she was evasive and twisted as ever not answering the question put (twice).

    BBC Scotlandshire of course have her an easy ride, no mention of Holyrood and a clear mandate for IRef2

    What did come over clear was that is that is sweaties should get back in the box and be grateful for all the Tory largess and let the big people at Westminster make all the important decisions.

    Like, aye richt!

  61. Meg merrilees says:

    They just don’t like to admit that things could be better in Scotland than elsewhere i.e. England and Wales.

    Huge item about economical abuse on the radio at lunchtime – interviewing abused women whose partners monopolise the money and control their partner by not allowing access to funds, including the man receiving the child allowance and other benefits.

    Women unable to leave- no money, too scared of partner’s reaction if they try to get the child allowance made over to them – the mother.
    Cut to social worker who states, that things are better in Scotland. The Scottish government is well ahead in addressing this issue but cannot finalise it until WM changes the rulings and gives them the power to progress. Also stated that Universal credit is failing for the same reason – only one person gets the money and all payments are lumped together, contributing to economical abuse.

    Then cut to an interview with a Tory under-secretary who also confirmed that things are better in Scotland but calmly stated that Universal Credit is working well, so long as you are prepared to move into the workplace. She stated that WM may have it’s Act together by next April because the PM is making this a personal mission and is so concerned about it –

    Aye right! sshh! don’t tell anyone- things are better in Scotland

  62. Lenny Hartley says:

    Old Pete, the Scottish Government can hold a referendipum legally without permission from anybody A section 30 order is not permission to hold aa referendum, go back to yesterdays posts on wings and see the links explaining all.

  63. sandy says:

    Just listened to shortbread radio, 6,00pm. May’s interview.
    Just what medication is that woman on. Sniffing powder or glue?
    “Nicola”, she says, “forget about independence, get on with day job”.
    For God’s sake, woman, she is doing an excellent job under very difficult circumstances yet still able to communicate with her Scottish population.
    Maybe May should spend some time with Nicola to get some tips on how to run a country.


    On this theme, can any poster let me know of any social/welfare/political situation where England outweighs Scotland

  64. ScottishPsyche says:


    I suppose in general life expectancy and the life chances of people are on the whole better in the SE of England but that comes from a position of astonishing poverty and inequality perpetuated by successive Unionist parties over hundreds of years in Scotland.

    Ten years to wipe that out is asking a lot of any government especially one with its hands tied and limited powers.

  65. Shinty says:

    o/t Sorry if this has been posted before

    Stick that on the front of a bus.

    Why is this not being highlighted by the BBC & MSM instead of their pissing contests to see who can come up with the best SNP BAAD story.

  66. CameronB Brodie says:

    Do you want that traditional style or gendered. 😉

    Sorry, I can’t be specific but here’s an overview.

    Theorising and researching welfare
    Chapter 10 Ideology, the state and welfare in Britain

  67. ian murray says:

    Was he making a case for Better Together ?

  68. sandy says:

    Colin Alexander 5,07pm

    How many mirrors have you in your house? Do you ever get out your house? You seem to write more than Val MacDermid.
    You’ve just personified what a boring ass-hole you must be. Prove it to be wrong. Either that or just piss off from this blog. Your not dangerous, just a waste of space. Do you really think that your contributions have any effect on the vast majority on this site?
    Get out a bit more. Change your attitude & you might find some friends.

  69. Wullie B says:

    @Vestas, the Wee frees are pretty much the same bunch of ooomers as the DUP, Ian Paisley opened a kirk in the town of Gardenstown or Gamrie if you hail from that neck of the woods, a Pesbyterian church that is a pretty important religion across teh water

  70. Cubby says:

    Raineach @1.19pm

    John McLeod is the Britnat’s Britnat.

    So your comment can only be explained by the fact that you are having a laugh. Or you have got the wrong J. McLeod. Or J McLeod has multiple personality disorder. Or he is just a phoney and a liar.

  71. ScotsRenewables says:

    “The prime minister has urged Nicola Sturgeon to stop focusing on independence and instead concentrate on the “day to day issues that matter to people in Scotland”.
    Theresa May said the independence issue had been settled by a “clear vote” of the Scottish people in 2014.
    And she said the internal market of the UK was far more important to Scotland’s economy that the EU.”

    Excuse me while I puke . . .

  72. Fred says:

    The last I heard of John Macleod he was a commentator at Donald Dewar’s state funeral in Glasgow Cathedral. He made a right arse of that & popped up in Harris for the last tango. Slainte’

  73. Fred says:

    @ Sandy, Colin Alexander has a very dodgy sphincter, the diarrhoea is not just verbal, so more or less chained to the lavvy-pan as his Largs misadventure with locked lavvies confirms.

  74. Gary says:

    He who controls the media, controls public opinion.

    This is why politicians from Tony Blair to Alex Salmond have gone cap in hand to Press Barons to help them win elections.

    None have ever gone with the majority of what Scots ACTUALLY think. For some reason they decide to back Tories, when we have never voted Tory and Labour, even when the public turned away from them.

    If the press know (which they obviously do) that by being friendly to Indy/SNP they would gain readership WHY would they decide to do the opposite??

    They MUST gain from this relationship, but understanding this, proving this and most importantly PUBLICISING this would be key to ENDING this.

    There has, today, been a scandal in the Australian state broadcaster over influence levied against journalists to ensure that the ‘wrong’ stories weren’t written.

    No such scandal here – yet…

  75. Dorothy Devine says:

    Scotsrenewable , was that speech penned for her by our very own ‘budding author ,bison rider tank commander?

  76. James Barr Gardner says:

    O/T With reference to Flamingo proposals in regard to Loch Lomond, all of a sudden the Lottery Heritage folk who encouraged the Maid of the Loch restoration to apply for grant have changed their mind, the Maid Folk have been working tirelessly for 20 years.

    Strange that Flamingo and the Lottery lot are both based in south britain ? Conflict of interest maybe too many tourists would opt for the sail on Loch Lomond rather than going to Flamingo Land, don’t forget Lomond Shores.

    Most folk visiting Balloch are only be interested in one attraction ! Yet again Scottish Projects being affected by people in another country !

  77. Hamish100 says:

    Old Pete,

    Even your name depresses me as much as your post. Oh what can we do?, maamm wont allow us to have a S30.

    We have a mandate already. We have with the Greens a majority in the parliament.
    we have a referendum– May ignores , we ignore May and declare that the sovereign right of the people to decide to be independent and/ or to be in the EU/ efta

  78. Cactus says:

    Behold, we now have a new #Indy narrative from the Tory PM…

    “Now is not the time”

    “Forget about the idea of independence”

    They are now ‘backtracking’ on their official held position, of unapposed to now apposing #Indy, observe the significance and inconsistency of that public statement.

    Kinda puts their political double standards into perspective.

    ps May and Mundell sound SO alike, like.

  79. ScottishPsyche says:

    The outpouring of love for Kezia Dugdale from the hard-bitten hacks of the Scottish Media is very touching. They want someone, anyone, to take on Wings but they won’t do it themselves.

    Benefactor with big pockets coming soon.

  80. CameronB Brodie says:

    Folk see things differently as we are all viewing the world from unique perspectives, including emotional state.

    Emotion and Perception: The Role of Affective Information


    Visual perception and emotion are traditionally considered separate domains of study. In this article, however, we review research showing them to be less separable that usually assumed. In fact, emotions routinely affect how and what we see. Fear, for example, can affect low-level visual processes, sad moods can alter susceptibility to visual illusions, and goal-directed desires can change the apparent size of goal-relevant objects. In addition, the layout of the physical environment, including the apparent steepness of a hill and the distance to the ground from a balcony can both be affected by emotional states. We propose that emotions provide embodied information about the costs and benefits of anticipated action, information that can be used automatically and immediately, circumventing the need for cogitating on the possible consequences of potential actions. Emotions thus provide a strong motivating influence on how the environment is perceived.

    Keywords: Emotion, Perception, Motivation, Embodied cognition, Psychology of spatial cognition

    Affect, Behavior, and Cognition


  81. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Seeing John MacLeod’s name rang a distant bell and annoyed me until someone mentioned him being a Wee Free, then it clicked – he’s the dude who used to write for the (then) Glasgow Herald, oooh, 20 years ago?

    It is him, isn’t it?

    Really didn’t think there was still a market for his strain of holier-than-thou pish but there ye go…learn sumthin every day so ye do!


  82. Shinty says:

    ScotsRenewables says @7.58pm

    “And she said the internal market of the UK was far more important to Scotland’s economy that the EU.”

    Watched a few debates in Holyrood recently, the tory branch office in Scotland is really pushing this big time. Same shite, day in and day out.

    Tell you something guys, Mike Russell makes mincemeat out of them: Murdo, Tompkins, Lockheart?,Rachael someone and A.N Other.
    Showed them all up for the shitebags that they are. Not one of them cares about Scotland, their sole purpose is to preserve the Union at all costs.

    I actually voted conservative in a past life, mainly because of my hatred for the labour party. I now hate them all in equal measure. There is only one Labour MSP I think is worth his salt. And not a single Tory MSP would I pass the time of day with.

  83. Robert Peffers says:

    @Street Andrew says: 27 September, 2018 at 5:16 pm:

    ” … The case for Indyref2 is unassailable now.”

    The case for independence was unassailable on 1 May 1707 and in those days the common people in the streets and workers in the fields of Scotland knew it. They were rioting in the streets and, “The Paircel o Rogues”, were running for their lives for fear of being lynched. Trouble is that since then the common people stopped believing in their rights as the legally sovereign people of Scotland. Hence, “The Scottish Cringe”.

    The Scottish cringe that many, even dyed in the wool YES supporters, still cannot shake off even yet and I see evidence of that right here on Wings every day of the week.

    ” … Personally I believe our own currency is a fundamental requirement and am dismayed that so few, including our political leaders and some of our most energetic activists, don’t seem to understand this.”

    And there it is the evidence you can read here on Wings every day. Scotland has her own currency but here you are claiming she need to invent herself another one.

    On 1 May 1707 The Treaty of Union, came into force. It was a bipartite agreement between only two, equally sovereign KINGDOMS, but it has never operated as such because of the Scottish Cringe and the majority of the people of Scotland never accepting they were equal partners in what is still calling itself, “The United Kingdom today.

    You, Street Andrew, have just proved that point. The Treaty of Union did not agree that Scotland was to adopt the English Pound Sterling. It legally agreed that the two equally sovereign kingdoms would share a common currency and it says so in the Treaty of Union. Scotland has her own currency – it is the pound sterling and it is every bit as much the Kingdom of Scotland’s currency as it is that of the Kingdom of England’s.

    Even to the extent that it was agreed the individual private Scottish independent banks could legally print their own banknotes. In England there was the independent Bank of England which was not then a Westminster owned bank. It remained a private company until 1946.

    When the Bank pf England ceased to be a private company it was a United Kingdom Government that nationalised it and it now as much owned by the legally sovereign people of the Kingdom of Scotland as it is by the legally sovereign Queen of the Kingdom of England. Yes, that’s right, the Queen of England, as legally sovereign in England so she owns the English Kingdom’s share of the Bank of England.

    Under only English law does Westminster have the delegated sovereignty given to only the Kingdom of England by Queen Mary & King Billy in 1688. The people of the Kingdom of England are Her Majesty’s legal subjects and Westminster took their Majesty’s delegated sovereignty of England in 1688 but the kingdoms of Scotland and England remained independent until 1 May 1707. Why then do Scots believe everything that the Kingdom of England unionists tell them to believe? The Scottish Cringe of course.

    ” … Tied to any other currency, Scotland will have independence in name only. Will be entirely at the mercy of another central bank and the pillagers of the money markets.”

    Rubbish! And your own words prove it so. An independent Kingdom of Scotland has as much right to the Pound Sterling as has an independent Kingdom of England and an independent Kingdom of Scotland is free to keep her Pound Sterling as an independent currency or to tie it to any other currency it cares to choose. In the first place the Pound Sterling doesn’t belong exclusively to the Kingdom of England, it says so in the Treaty of Union.

    However, Westminster made the United Kingdom’s pound Sterling an international trading currency – that is it is a tradeable commodity, and anyone who chooses can buy and sell pounds Sterling. You will get its value quoted in every newspaper and newscast in the World and on every stock market in the World as they all trade international trading currencies just like any other commodity. Scotland need not make the Scottish Pound Sterling an international trading currency and could choose to tie it to any or none of the World’s currencies.

    ” … Venezuela is a basket case because it has borrowed in dollars.” Serves Venezuela right for borrowing what it cannot repay. Scotland has borrowed nothing because Westminster told Scotland she wasn’t allowed to borrow all United Kingdom national debt belongs to Westminster – they, after all borrowed it.

    ” … It is no coincidence that Venezuela is (or was, and could be again) one of the biggest global oil producers.”

    Indeed but they went out and got themselves in debt.

    ” … Greece is a major oil producer too…Olive oil. With its own currency and not tied to the Euro it would have no need to be bankrupt and in tatters.”

    Indeed, but Greece too got itself into debt and Greece needs to pay back its debts. However, Westminster is on record as admitting the United Kingdom’s massive debts were run up by Westminster and not by Scotland. What is more every budget has shown that even although Scotland has no debts Westminster has charged Scotland a share of paying back those Westminster debts.

    ” … Scottish Labour will hope to win support on the back of what Corbyn is wishing to do in South Britain, but has no intention of implementing in Scotland. Richard Leonard is happy to keep exporting oil revenue from Scotland to his beloved City of London benefactors.”

    Ah! Yet more Scottish cringe, Street Andrew, there is no such political party registered in the United Kingdom as Scottish Labour – why are you claiming there is? It wouldn’t be because Westminster told you there was – would it?

    That’s been why Scotland has never been treated as an equally sovereign partner kingdom in the United Kingdom – because the Scottish cringers still do not see themselves as equally entitled to be equally sovereign.

    The laughable bit is that individually each and every Scot, or even every one who adopts Scotland as their country, legally has more right to being equally sovereign, not with their English Kingdom counterpart people of the Kingdom of England, but with her Majesty the Queen of England who, as Queen of Scots, is their subject.

    An independent Kingdom of Scotland can continue to use her own pound sterling and an independent Scotland can decide what currency, if any, it wants to tie the Scots Pound to. We can even choose to call it anything we choose to call it, for it legally belongs to us and is ours to do with as we choose.

    All it takes is a majority of the legally sovereign people of Scotland to stop cringing, believing everything Westminster tells them to believe and to tell Westminster that their place is as The Kingdom of England – not as an rUnited Kingdom – but I expect our friends in Wales and Ireland might just have something they want to tell the Country of England too.

  84. Gerry says:

    @Hamish 8:24

    I agree. Call it anyway.

    I have long said that we should declare indy just before voting starts in indyref2, making the default position independence and the vote itself one between independence Vs rejoining the UK. Otherwise we would be vulnerable to a unionist boycott.

    The absence of a S30 order to vary Sch5 of The Scotland Act does nothing to stop a referendum being called. What is worrying is that I am not getting a sense that the SNP are keen . I hope this is them keeping their cards close to their chest rather than what may appear to be expectation management.

  85. Only 1 day left to vote for your favourite international infrastructure project in ICE Peoples Choice 2018 awards,

    Scotland has 2 projects in the running inc #ForthReplacementCrossing #FRC,

    Vote here

    closes 16.00 hr 28th Sept.

  86. Fred says:

    Theresa May has a brass neck over the day job barb, she abandoned governing Britain to hawk her mutton globally to anybody daft enough to give her a hearing.

  87. Gerry says:

    my previous comment should have read “the SNP are NOT keen” sorry.

  88. Hamish100 says:

    With May mentioning Fishing it did occur to me how quiet the leader of the selfish sorry scottish fishing association has been of late. Been told by the tories to keep quiet? One thing it can only mean they are up to something and it smells!!

    Personally fishing rights should be reserved to new Skippers and not the old guard who sold the rights to fish to the spanish etc so they could become tory millionaires.

  89. Rock says:

    Hamish100 says:
    27 September, 2018 at 8:24 pm

    “Old Pete,

    Even your name depresses me as much as your post. Oh what can we do?, maamm wont allow us to have a S30.

    We have a mandate already. We have with the Greens a majority in the parliament.
    we have a referendum– May ignores , we ignore May and declare that the sovereign right of the people to decide to be independent and/ or to be in the EU/ efta”

    Nicola is an Establishment lawyer.

    She knows that the majority in the Scottish parliament is utterly useless.

    She would not dare hold an illegal referendum without Westminster’s Section 30 approval.

    Why would SNP MPs and MSPs want to go into exile in Brussels when they are doing fine here, almost completely embedded into the Establishment?

    Mark my words – Establishement lawyer Nicola will not dare call an independence referendum before Brexit has been completed and Scotland is at the mercy of Westminster.

    To the EU, Scotland will have the same status as Catalonia.

    The EU didn’t quite rush to defend Catalonia did it?

    Challenge to the clueless pompous armchair pundits posting here:

    With the honourable exception of Hamish100, does a single one of you have the guts to go on the record and state that there will definitely be an independence referendum before Brexit has been completed?

    Robert Peffers?

    Liz g?


    Dave McEwan Hill?



    Brian Doonthetoon?

    Thought not.


  90. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Gerry @ 20:52,

    I think you meant that you are getting a sense that “the SNP” are not keen.

    If so, I share that feeling, insofar as it appears that some in and out of the SNP (but thankfully a minority, I believe) are far more hesitant than merely waiting just a little longer for the right time to pounce.

    Your suggestion of a pre-declaration of independence would certainly liven things up! If not a little too much the other way, perhaps. It might scare every holiday home owner, absent family and dog to register and turn out to vote instead! =laugh=

  91. Old Pete says:

    Hamish 100 as dull names go yours is undoubtedly far more depressing.
    If the new Scottish Independence referendum is not deemed to be legal by the Britnats and they refuse to participate how does it take place ?
    I just want practical solutions when Britnat councils refuse to participate how will the referendum go ahead, who collects the votes ?
    I just want Independence why and how and when ?
    We have an opportunity but we need to do something and sooner rather than later.

  92. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Awww bless, Rock there with a wee list!

    That should be a badge of honour for true Wingers: ‘I Was Fingered By Rock!’


  93. Shinty says:

    @ James Barr Gardner

    I agree, the Loch Lomond National Park Authority are a bunch of ………… (insert your word of choice)
    They won’t be content until Loch Lomond is turned into one big ‘Butlin’s Camp’.

    Want to build a house on your own land: ohh err hmmm/pending
    Want to build a holiday house on your land; no problem, just sign here.

    True story, before the National Park, Stirling or Dumbarton council would approve or refuse planning applications. There were several useless twats in both councils, so they sent them to a cupboard out of the way.
    Then, when the National Park came about, guess who got the top jobs? Each of the councils couldn’t get rid of them quick enough – they are now the top guys in the NPA.

    I know several people who work or have worked with the LLNPA and they all say the same – happy for their job, but as an organisation they are completely and utterly a waste of space.

  94. Robert Peffers says:

    @Old Pete says: 27 September, 2018 at 5:47 pm:

    ” … Just listening to Prime Minister May on the radio and its crystal clear Nicola can forget about a section 30 order as it will never be “allowed” ever.”

    No one needs a Section 30 Order to hold a referendum because a Section 30 isn’t Westminster permission to hold a referendum.

    ” … So how can we force a second referendum?”

    We can’t force a referendum as no one can stop us holding a referendum. None the less it is the very best strategy to request a Section 30 Order under the sure and certain knowledge that Westminster will try to stop it – and fail to do so.

    The reason it is a great idea to have Westminster attempt to claim we cannot hold a referendum is because Westminster held an EU advisory referendum, and referendums are actually only legally advisory UNLESS AGREED BEFOREHAND BY BOTH SIDES as accepting the result as compulsory.

    However, there was no such agreement over the EU Referendum but now we have Westminster treating the EU referendum as if the results must be legally stuck to. So Westminster has created a precedent for referendums and when Nicola holds the indy referendum she can claim in court that the Westminster set precedent must be treated as such and, like the EU referendum, must be legally adhered to.

    Thing is there is already an appeal going to the international courts over the little matter of the Scottish People being legally sovereign. Westminster is walking into this with their eyes closed.

    Note that today that delusional woman, Theresa May, is, “Urging”, Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP, “to stop focusing on independence and instead concentrate on the day to day issues that matter to the people of Scotland”.

    Now I don’t know about you but I’m absolutely sure that Nicola Sturgeon is the one NOT harping about independence all the time but is getting on with the day job. The three unionist party leaders and the Westminster idiots are always the ones, along with their tame propaganda wing in the broadcasters and MSM who always bring up the matter of independence.

    What’s more Theresa seems to imagine we Scots don’t know that the Westminster claims about the value of the English Market to Scots exporters is greater than that of the EU is a pack of lies. After all as most of Scottish exports are not accounted as Scottish exports by the Treasury it is all lies.

    Most Scottish exports get to other countries, and in particular via the Chunnel and Heathrow and Westminster counts as exports where the products leave the UK from and not where in the UK they originate that her figures are sheer lies.

    The way it will go is Nicola will call a referendum and go ahead with it after being refused a section 30. Westminster will claim it can ignore the referendum result and Nicola will take it to the International courts and, what with the Brexit fiasco and the Westminster Brexit the international court will rule against Westminster and Scotland will be accepted as independent and quite likely even accepted by the EU as the, (now defunct UK), legacy member state.

    We are in the EU and the Kingdom of England out with both N. Ireland and Wales clamouring to stay with Scotland, Gibraltar throwing if her lot with Spain or Scotland and Little England suddenly becoming a much littler England.

  95. jfngw says:

    Reading some Brexiters comments is almost unbelievable. They think their is a Brexit negotiation going on, how simply does it need explained to them!

    Maybe giving them the Sky package description will work. There is no negotiation but a range of packages available that give different level of access to the EU. The EU has given them the choice of packages available, but the one the UK wants, full free access but not being tied to any terms and conditions is not.

    Can’t make it simpler than that.

    I can’t actually believe the Tories are that stupid so I can only assume they are working to another agenda. It looks like, and I can remember an ex Tory minister saying on air, that he wanted the EU broken up. It may be that they wanted to be top dog in the EU, failed and now its breakup would be advantageous to the UK. So far their moves have failed.

  96. Gerry says:

    @RJS 9:37

    You got what I meant correctly, despite me erroneously correcting myself ! And I agree that my suggestion certainly would put the cat amongst the pigeons, so to speak.

    I get what you’re saying about holiday home owners and the rest and I can’t disagree there either really. This waiting for the “right time” thing gets to me too, because there will never be that “right time”. What brought the SNP apparent hesitancy to the forefront of my mind was Craig Murray’s recent piece on being refused the hire of a hall at the SNP conference, in order to discuss plans for the prospective indyref2 campaign tactics. He was compelled to do so on hearing from an alleged SNP insider that talk of indyref2 was off limits for their upcoming conference.

    I am kind of torn on that issue, because we have no other bridge to our goal of indy other than the SNP. I only hope that this is a tactic on their part and is integral to a bigger plan to actually call it.

    Recent referals to the ECJ aside, I think that the SNP intent will become clearer in the light of the conference and also the supreme court ruling due in the next few weeks.

    Overall, my instinct is to trust the SNP, but to continue to try to push them to call it ASAP. If we can’t win it amid the current shambolic WM antics, I think we are lost for the forseeable future.

  97. Cactus says:

    Hey musicians of Edinburgh of 6/10…

    Bring yer strings
    Bring yer drums
    Bring yer da’s
    Bring yer mum’s
    Bring yer sister’s
    Bring yer brother’s
    Bring yer self
    Bring one and an other

    Wur having a ceilidh.

  98. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Old Pete at 9.39

    No free referendum is illegal.Neither in Scots law, English law or indeed in International law.

    The complication is the Section 30 by which the UK government agrees to accept the result of a referendum.
    That doesn’t mean they will not accept the result of a referendum without a Section 30.

    Anyway Mrs May has not said she will not agree to a section 30.
    She is indulging in obfuscation, not saying “no” – as was Mundell and Davidson.

    Actually I would love them to deny a Section 30. It would hugely increase our support. Then watch us win a referendum and watch the UK stand in front of the UN and the world and deny the UN Charter that the UK was an original signatory to. I think not.

    A General Election fought on the single issue of independence is as legitimate as a referendum if we achieve a popular majority.

  99. Lenny Hartley says:

    Jfngw, you have not being paying attention to what Daisy Walker has been highlighting. There is no mystery as why some of the more rabid Tories want a hard Brexit, the EU is going to make it illegal for business and presumamly individuals to pursue agressive tax avoidence from 2019.
    Total estimated loss to UK Treasury due to Tax Evasion/Avoidance per annum is an estimated 34 Billion Pounds which is about the same as Scotlands Block grant . So you can run a country of over 5 million people on the same amount as is lost to tax cheats. Now the black economy might account for a few hundred million but tens of Billions will be due by the friends of Boris and JRM.
    The EU is starting to play hardball and along with dinging the US Dollar as reserve currency , they are positioning to become a Global Superpower, just the time to get on the other side of the table as them then!!

  100. frogesque says:

    @Scott Findlayson: 8.53


  101. Dave McEwan Hill says:


    Alex Salmond on RT tonight with Edwina Currie. Very interesting indeed

  102. Wullie B says:

    Rock speaking shite again about Nicola Sturgeon, just a load of opinions spouted by a never was, just a pity there will be a referendum called just as soon as the details on Brexit are known, my guess is an announcement will happen on St ANdrews night, November the 30th for the pebble that thinks he is a big stane on Cullykan beach, mair like a big stain on his paters drawers.

    Rock see if you stop speaking out of your arse, the shite might stop

  103. Collie says:

    Just watched the Labour Party Conference and they are all singing “Jerusalem”.

    WTF is that all all?

    Are the Scottish and Welsh reps meant to sing along to this English anthem?

  104. @Shinty

    Have the Loch Lomond National Park Authority not allowed open cast mining for gold/silver to start in our national park,

    this will involve the extraction of thousands of tons of ore with massive machinery and then transporting it to get processed,

    can`t believe this has been allowed to happen in one of our national parks.

  105. Robert Louis says:

    Anybody can hold a referendum. You can, I can.

    Of course London can say no, once the YES result comes in, but just think where people will have moved to, in terms of their perceptions of Scotland. A refusal at that stage would only make things worse for London. So, even if London says no, when a result comes in, the debate will have moved on dramatically.

    We would then be in a position where Scotland tells the whole world that it intends ending the international treaty with England. It would then be up to London to either agree, or use force to prevent it.

    In essence once a result is in, the game changes. People really should not be worried by all this stuff about, ‘oh but London won’t respect the result’. A democratic mandate is a democratic mandate, London ignoring it only makes things worse for London.

    Be brave.

  106. Shinty says:

    @ jfngw

    As someone once said, (paraphrasing here) “when the UK is in the EU, it wants opt outs, now it’s leaving the EU, it wants opts in”.
    British Imperialism writ large.

  107. Collie says:

    “Hammer of the Scots” Ian Lavery on Question Time.

  108. sandy says:

    Almost ignoring nincompoop ROCK @ 9.35pm but what is ILLEGAL about Indyref2?
    Is he thick or what? I know better type?
    Don’t ask him for advice. Reminds me of that other person of mass knowledge, McTernan or whatever his name is.

  109. Cactus says:

    What’s that Ian Lavery awe aboot on QT…

    Howzat gaun Bonnie Scots..

    Inna Sooside bar.

    Now is the time for gin, never forget that.

  110. jfngw says:

    @Lenny Hartley

    There are lots of theories out there, none can be proven until after the event. The money angle may be the driver for some but I suspect it is just a part of the motivation, these people crave power as well as the money. There is no single issue but a multitude.

    The vast majority that voted leave have no stake in the money angle, most of them will be worse off. There seems to be an embedded issue within the leavers psyche that they need to be a dictator of laws, nothing else is acceptable, it has been this way for many since we joined the EEC.

  111. Cactus says:

    Now is the time for dinner… said Zebedee.

    Love ra poetic delay like x.

    “Hold” said MG/WW.

    Ye ken Love.

  112. Jock McDonnell says:

    Is there a dentist in Bishop Auckland?

  113. Ghillie says:

    Cactus @ 8.34 pm =)

    A very astute observation.

    ‘Behold, we have a new #Indy narrative from the Tory PM…

    ‘Now is not the time’

    ‘Forget about the idea of Independence”

    TM may think her shift can go undetected…

    But not with sharp eyed Wingers vigilantly scanning the range 🙂

  114. Gary45% says:

    “Hammer of the Scots”
    As Scotland is outnumbered approx. 10-1.
    I think Ian “Delusional sad baws” Lavatory better get a lot more “baddies” if he thinks we Scots are “back in our box”. That goes for the rest of the shandy drinking plamphs.
    Indy Ref 2, can’t come quick enough.
    Tick Tock.
    Away for a wee while winding up the southern brexiteers, great entertainment.

  115. CameronB Brodie says:

    Scott Findlayson@ 8:53pm & frogesque
    Tough one as each has merit and not enough info to make a proper unbiased appraisal. Picky, me? My choice isn’t in the top two and probably shouldn’t win on ethical grounds that aren’t immediately apparent from the blurb. Ach well.

  116. Phronesis says:

    The ‘country’ is a mess of its own making, with long roots in destructive politics and there should be no surprise when it does implode.
    Scotland the country is not a mess. It has a supportive hard working government and educated electorate that is politically engaged- the social contract is being re-worded in Scotland. It is a nation in waiting, inclusive progressive, internationalist.
    Its independence will not be gifted, granted or given-it will be grasped by this country, Scotland.

    ‘Many Leave-voters were from affluent homes in the South, but talk to Labour MPs in the North and they know this is the toxic space the far-right are waiting to exploit. Banks, Johnson, Rees-Mogg and Robinson don’t want a messy soft Brexit compromise. They want either want a no-deal Brexit or for Brexit to be stopped, so that out of the sense of betrayal, resentment and rejection they can build a populist hard-right movement…

    New Labour in its smug dismissal of all things Old Labour, its lack of concern for pay or houses, its failure to confront Murdoch, the Daily Mail or the bankers, its calling for British jobs for British workers, helped get it to this point. They had little good to say about the EU and no interest in democratising it…

    But what would happen if the Labour leadership got the SNP, the Liberal Democrats, the Greens and Plaid Cymru on side around such a coherent process – and got voices across Europe to back this move? It would at least put huge pressure on the Tories to shift and send a signal to the rest of Europe that the UK was serious about reconsidering Brexit…

    The country is in a mess and there is no easy or painless way out. I totally get that the priority for some is just to stop the ‘Brexit madness at any cost’. But I fear those costs as much as, if not more than, I fear Brexit. We will never build a progressive internationalism on the basis of a democratic fix’

  117. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Dave McEwan Hill @ 22:21,

    Pretty much.

    If we move to have a non-S.30 “non-binding” =cough= ref, as we may well have to seriously make a move to do in order to call May’s bluff, the most likely objections are:

    + The expected BritNat response will be to attempt a boycott. Then argue that 50%+ of the electoral roll is necessary. The old “dead vote against” ploy. I don’t think an attempted boycott would work though, since it would instantly bust the Tory “there is no demand” lie, and dedicated Unionists would be unable to ignore the challenge, especially if we incentivise them in some way as Cubby just now was hinting.

    + Then there is the question wording. It would necessarily have to be more long-winded and indirect, which would be a pity. Maybe though someone clever can think of effective wording that remains within the strict letter of the law.

    + Some BritNat local councils would perhaps be awkward in providing premises, but electoral officers, though often drawn from their admin ranks, are independent, so they should all be available. I’m sure there would be plenty of volunteers available to fill any missing “other ranks”.

    + Lastly – and this for me is perhaps the only truly unsatisfactory aspect – a “yes” result might not provide the instant transfer of sovereignity that an S.30 referendum undoubtedly would. The result would be there all the same, but it might offer the UKGov some wriggle room that they would probably try to exploit to the max. A dog-in-the-manger scorched-earth retreat to create the maximum divisiveness. (heh) But a retreat all the same, just a nastier and more protracted one.

    None of which means we oughtn’t to go for it. I believe we may well have to start making the formal moves, and see how May reacts when the live grenade actually lands in her lap. That one she won’t be able to casually pretend isn’t there.

  118. CameronB Brodie says:

    It is considered an extremely serious breach of international law for a state to prevent the self-determination a people. Scotland is an historical nation joined in voluntary political union with England. London does not have a leg to stand on, in legal terms.

  119. Collie says:

    As far as the English are concerned, Brexit is all about England, England and……….England.

    Scotland, Wales and N Ireland have sit there and accept whatever outcome England thinks is best for us.

  120. Gary45% says:

    Ian Brotherhood@9.44
    “I was fingered by Rock” sounds like a Meat Loaf song.

  121. Collie says:

    Gary 11.05pm

    Re: IndyRef2.

    I have been physically and mentally damaged by the defeat in IndyRef1 and will only be cured by victory in IndyRef2.

  122. sandy says:

    Switch to QT.
    Christmas has arrived. What a pantomime.

  123. @CameronB Brodie

    whit ?,

    jist vote for the fricken bridge 🙂

    Vote here

    it will soooo piss of the british nationalists if it wins ,esp that lickspittle thicko Cole Hamilton.

  124. Shinty says:

    @ Scot Finlayson

    It’s a tory boy world out there. Nearly every institution in Scotland is stuffed with Tories (in spite of the fact they cannae win an election in Scotland)

    Maybe some day in the future when Scotland is independent we will have National Parks worthy of that status, working for the country, the environment and it’s people. The current bunch are just a spin off from England.

    The Cairngorm NP is just another bunch of w**k**s, too cosy with the land and gentry.

    1707 to 2018 and we still can’t get rid of the f**Kers.

    Don’t get me started.

  125. CameronB Brodie says:

    Done. ;(

  126. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Lenny Hartley (10.23) –

    Cheers for that. Illuminating, for me anyway, as I often miss what’s staring me right in the face.

    ‘Tories are the fuckin pits.’ Aye, right enough. That’s a kind of ‘slogan’ I suppose, but it’s an inevitable summary when you try to explain what Life Under Tories encompasses for many folk who have proof to back it up – ‘they’re the pits’, ‘the proper depths’, ‘as low as ye can go’, ‘fuckin scum’ etc etc…

    Aye. Okay, we get that, we know that. But Tory/Establishment pits are far deeper than most of us dare even try to imagine. So, in a way, we don’t really understand *why* they do what they do because we genuinely cannot think the way they do. We have our own’groupthink’ and they have theirs. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

    It’s a fact that they know this, and capitalise on it – ‘common decency’ is something Orwell often cited and never managed to explain, but we all know when it’s missing. (“That’s just not right, that!”) That gap, ‘missing-ness’ if you prefer, is the space Tories (of all colours) seek to occupy. They know that ‘common’ and/or ‘decent’ people don’t go there and don’t want to.
    That’s why it requires a conscious effort to remind yourself – as a ‘common’ & ‘decent’ person – that these other human beings see exploitation of your apparent ‘weakness’ as a right, nay duty. You can only do that by putting yourself in their shoes and imagining how they see the world, their ‘nation’, their own fellows and family and, ultimately, you. How just far down their list of priorities are fellow human beings who they regard as little more than troublesome livestock?

    No-one is guiltier of this than me, but it’s just too fuckin easy to laugh at ‘Tories’ generally. Laughter, as we all know, signifies ‘fear’ in many ways. Perhaps, for ‘common’ and ‘decent’ people, (who surely form the vast majority of humans on this planet right now?) trying to see themselves as their oppressors see them is just asking that wee bit too much.

    The upside?

    Being genuinely unable to view the world as they do!


  127. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Gerry @ 22:12,

    There’s different versions of “right time”.

    Waiting for the supposed aftershock of yer actual Brexit to deliver the magical 60% is a fools’ game, IMO. A recipe for feartie losers, and one that we would come to regret for a very long time afterwards. Because it will never come.

    The unique opportunity will pass and support will fade – the same fate as El Gordo when he funked his UKGE election call.

    On the other hand, “right time” can mean that some tipping point has been reached among enough of the general public that when Nicola comes out of the starting gate with her “pedal to the metal”, people will increasingly rally to her campaign as plain good sense to get us free of the current developing and truly historic UK misstep and its enforcement on us against our manifest will.

    (Note the word “campaign” there. This won’t come for free, as some still seem to hope.)

    High stakes, true, but how could it ever be otherwise? We do need to be resolute, quietly self-confident and brave, so that this time we can inspire enough people to trust us and themselves, and carry all of us over the winning line.

    So a little more patience, but also hopefully a lot less self-defeating discouragement and apparent back-pedalling.

  128. CameronB Brodie says:

    Scot Finlayson
    I might have come across as a bit up myself but I jumped through hoops to become a planner. 🙂

  129. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    me @ 23:14,

    Oops, the reference therein should be to Gerry, not Cubby. Credit where due. Apologies to both.

  130. Dr Jim says:

    Was he joking, was it banter, did he mean it, is that what he’d like to do,did anybody care enough to even ask: NO—

    I have decided to kill all British English Nationalists in Scotland and take back my once great country

    How is that different to the Labour Lavery guy? Well because one of us said it and that apparently makes it NOT banter

    Can you imagine say John Swinney or Derek McKay saying words like that and the media doesn’t bat an eyelid, I don’t think so, it would be taken so faux seriously as to be front page death threats on every one of their rags with reports sent to police Scotland the heavens opening and British Nationalists screaming terror fear and alarm and keeping their children off school and emergency meetings of Theresa May’s Cobra cabinet to put the army on readyness

    For that reason alone moderate people everywhere in Scotland aught to be questioning the attitude of the British Nationalists behaviour and acceptance of being allowed to use language like that and get away with it at will …..because they own us like we’re slaves to the Massas to do with what they like

    Countries the world over were treated like this till they took their Independence, oh the British still hate them for doing it but look how the tables have turned on the *British* now, they’re begging those same countries to do deals with them pretty please and you know what these countries are saying to the *British*….Weeell we’ll think about it and get back to you because last time we spoke you were threatening us

    Scotland could be in that nice position of being asked

    X in abox and instant respect because they’ll have to

  131. Robert J. Sutherland says:

    Collie @ 23:17,

    Oddly enough, reading your first sentence, the exact same was true of indyref1 too! =laugh=

  132. Tinto Chiel says:

    @DMH 1021: spot on. WM will look very foolish trying to hold an anti-referendum line against the UN Charter. Let’s call their bluff.

    Ian Brotherhood @ 9.44: could we reduce “fingered” to “dingied”?

    John MacLeod is an unwelcome blast from the past. For some reason I used to read The Herald and I always found him to be a creepy type with strange views on women and alcohol. If he is a genuine SNP supporter then he is just a media tart who’ll write anything for money. The SDM seems a perfect berth for him now.

    Slightly O/T: having been zooming through Washington DC, Philly and Boston and have been struck by the principles, courage and intellect of the Founding Fathers of The Republic in their love of freedom, democracy and religious tolerance. Although these ideas have been largely subverted since the murder of JFK, people like Samuel Adams and Thos Jefferson were saying things about 250 years ago which are still relevant for us today, and they didn’t need a 600 page document or plan for their currency. Once you have the Right Idea, everything else falls into place, Groovers.

  133. Cactus says:

    Ahm out lookin’ for ra Rasputin: Ra-ra-ra-ra-ra-yourslike.
    (105,026,448 views like like like, go overload like)

    Question: COULD U Love it?

    Winger Juan kens as does Confused.

    Say, “HEY! HEY! HEY!”

    Ur cat is cool Rev 🙂

    Ahm HOME again.



    LOVE the squirrels!


    LOVE Scotland.

    LBC wireless radio fucked up right now like naw.

    Daisy mwah xxx.

  134. CameronB Brodie says:

    I’ve not dipped into normative political theory yet, have I?

    The Ethics of Secession and a Normative Theory of Nationalism

    The three major normative theories of secession are just-cause theories, choice theories, and national self-determination theories. Just-cause and choice theories are problematic because they view secession in terms of the application of liberal theories of justice or a liberal principle of autonomy, without regard for the dynamics of nationalist mobilitization and national politics. National self-determination theories can be supported by a collective autonomy argument. This is related to a particular view of the relationship between collective self-government and territory.

    Territory, Boundaries, and Collective Self-determination

    Justice, Legitimacy and Self-Determination: Moral Foundations for International Law

  135. sassenach says:

    Oooooh, as I scanned past I couldn’t help but notice that I’m still on Rock’s repetitive list of ‘fame’. Has he/she/it been awarded a degree in cut’n paste boredom, yet?

    I like Ian brotherhood’s idea of a campaign badge for us on the ‘list’.

  136. Confused says:

    Big shout out to the Cactus-Man!

    (I have an Aloe Vera plant in my study – it is rampant, with much new growth. A desert plant. Not unlike a Cactus.)

    Was going to post a bit this week, but … stuff … and … not well … and watching bloody labour just made me want to be put in a medically-induced coma – wake me up when Indy arrives (or rather, one day before voting)

    I tried a “funny” about “how to be a labour MP”, then I realised it wasn’t satirical, just a list of -what actually happens- and it wisnae funny at all
    – “that joke isn’t funny anymore” as the bard of manchester once sang
    – and then the post just turns into a bunch of death threats and so on.

    Was disappointed not to make the granite one’s list of infamy, but I don’t really post enough. No idea when Nikki will call it, but do trust her judgement, at least over random people on the internet.

    Be well, all, you too, stony one. No fratricide.

  137. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Tinto Chiel at 11.49

    McLeod was a fervent SNP supporters a long time ago. He struggles with a personal problem exacerbated by the Free Church attachment and he lost the thread at the Herald before he moved on to the Mail. He is no longer a reliable testament to anything.

  138. Thepnr says:

    Always lots of talk about the “right” time. I doubt there will never be a “right” time, let’s face it it would be a guess at most. That’s the point, the only “right” time to call another referendum is one where the future is known in advance and that Yes would win.

    Well that’s just not going to happen ever, is it?

    So maybe we should be thinking of the more opportune time, that being the one that give Independence the greatest possiblity of coming out the other side of a referendum as the victors.

    Victory is what it is all about after all and anything else to me is frankly unthinkable. I’ll tell you what a do believe though and that I cannot envision something coming along in the future that could possibly be more disruptive to the UK than Brexit will be.

    So that is an opportunity and one I believe should not be missed as you could wait a lifetime for another. I’m in no hurry while the Brexit shit show continues to gather pace as it is doing right now.

    You see when the “right” time does actually come I’m pretty sure you will all recognise it as it will be so fucking obvious. Have a bit more patience for just this one reason.

    We can’t afford to get it wrong and next time we won’t.

  139. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @TC –


    Good of ye to pop-in during your travels!


  140. yesindyref2 says:

    Dear Colin.

    Thank you for your email which I have pissed on for my staff to act on in the appropriate manner. As you can appreciate, the matters you raise are of a highly confidential nature and the GDPR prevents me from informing you of the steps of my progress, but you can rest assured that the matter you raised is indeed being treated with the importance it deserves.

    Yours very sincerely

    An MSP / MP / MEP

  141. Cactus says:

    “Ah want ah drug induced state of unconsciousness, coma, come on”

    Said aye like hehe.

    Aye could live SO easily.

    All aye need is some flucking clarity… and a steady beat.

    Big shout out to you too good Winger! 🙂

  142. Cactus says:

    Come back to life SCOTLAND!!!

  143. Cactus says:

    The answer to the question is… Yes Scotland.

    LOVE Scotland.

    Be quick.

  144. Cactus says:


    Welcome back to life Scotland!!!



    Just to survive… Scotland!”

    Friday 28/09.

  145. Cactus says:

    Cheers, goodnightage.

    All yours Scotland.

  146. Tinto Chiel says:

    @Ian B, 12.35: in Hell’s Kitchen at the mo. They say travel broadens the mind but it can’t explain the sheer irrelevance of Willie Rennie, the brass neck of Ruth the Mooth and the Whothefeckness? of Tricky Dicky Leonard.

    Steinbeck, he say, “Scotland is not a lost cause, it is an unwon cause.”

    Ya bass.

  147. Lara says:

    Oh my, it’s just unrelenting. I’ve never felt safer, and I live in the hellhole centre of the world’s crime that is Paisley. All these friendly people here, from around the world, are all just sociopaths, trying to trick me. I know I’m right to be scared, the papers say so.

    Shitting myself, hidden away from view, in a Paisley bunker, Lara x

  148. cyril mitchell says:

    Not heard of John Macleod for years. He always struck me as a”son of the manse” type like Gordon Brown-Church of Scotland and Freemason

  149. Iain says:

    Scotland is truly ill served by its ("Tractor" - Ed)ous media.
    It’s days are numbered.

  150. Petra says:

    As Theresa May tells Nicola Sturgeon to focus on doing her day job in Scotland hundreds of Heads Teachers from across England and Wales are travelling to London to march to Downing Street to tell Theresa May that she’s making a shambles of doing hers.


    BBC Reporting Scotland News:

    Reopening a 35 year old murder.

    Man being questioned about the murder of a 51 year old women.

    Trains: 4:31pm from Edinburgh the most crowded train. 8:07am from Neilston the second most crowded train (pathetic, eh).

    Scottish soldier acknowledged as being a hero.

    People are getting exceptional customer service at Holyrood and it’s a truly fantastic building.

  151. Andrew says:

    What kind of person writes such misleadi g stuff
    Totally shameless

  152. Nana says:

    The electronic wifie

    Brexit rules have no mechanism to reverse exit after Article 50 has been signed. Any second vote will merely delay the inevitable crisis and could even make it worse

  153. Nana says:

    Help save Loch Lomond – Object to Flamingo Land

    How the Brexit talks demonstrate the EU’s underlying resilience
    Despite British expectations, EU unity has not cracked

    Wall of Gulf money heading for London

  154. Nana says:

    England region, ambulances being stockpiled!!

    When this businessman agreed with Theresa May that the poor should work harder to get more money, James O’Brien made a brilliant point that he couldn’t answer.

    As reality lands, there are still people who believe a no deal outcome automatically means Brexit will not happen. This is a dangerous fantasy.

  155. Fred says:

    Anent the virginal John Macleod, what’s the Free Church’s view of fingering one wonders? Macleod kept rabbiting on about “The flying buttresses of Glasgow Cathedral!” at the Donald’s funeral, think he confused the place with Notre Dame.

  156. Petra says:

    And forgot to mention (BBC News) that there’s a choir at Central Station this morning all talking about feeling great, happy and so on. Imagine that, eh, happy in Glesga? and no bodyguards or anything like that hanging around. Amazing.


    ‘A new sickening low for Reporting Scotland.’

    ….”Reporting Scotland’s regular ‘ambulance-chasing’ disclosures of single or rare cases of failure in NHS Scotland remains their favourite proxy strategy to side-swipe the SNP by association with that case. Last night they fell further into the foul-smelling mire than even the Sun or the Daily Mail might go, with the story of the decapitation of a baby in childbirth.”…


    ‘BBC Scotland misses the opportunity to talk-up Scotland’s young engineers.’

    …”Oh, my!!! What did I uncover but news about a world-beating technology breakthrough led by young engineers in various Scottish universities for controlling the mind-blowing complete interactions of sources and demands on a 21st Century electrical power grid…”

  157. Nana says:

    Boris-world is rather like a child’s imaginary world where you can just ignore inconvenient facts and make anything happen just by saying it will happen

    Here’s the truth about Brexit, the supposed “punishment” that some people claim the EU is trying to inflict on the UK, and the real consequences of no deal. Buckle in, it’s quite long. Better to be thorough than to leave stuff out!

    That’s a lot of links! Should keep you going for a couple of days. Have a good weekend folks.

  158. Petra says:

    Has the Daily Rag dumped Kezia Dugdale too? I thought they were going to support her financially?


    ‘Scottish Labour in crisis over legal fees as Kezia Dugdale fears bankruptcy.’

    ”Richard Leonard faces his first real crisis as Labour leader after his MSPs turned against him over his reluctance to challenge Jeremy Corbyn on Kezia Dugdale’s legal fees.

    The Scottish Labour Parliamentary Group yesterday released a statement offering his predecessor “support and solidarity”after Dugdale said she could be forced to declare herself bankrupt.

    Speaking to the Daily Record’s weekly podcast, the MSP revealed she was brought to one of her “lowest personal moments” after her lawyers emailed her to say the party had withdrawn financial support.

    The former Scottish Labour leader is being sued for defamation after suggesting that a tweet by Wings Over Scotland’s editor Stuart Campbell was homophobic.

    Labour’s previous general secretary Iain McNicol promised to support Dugdale, but he was replaced by Jennie Formby, a Corbyn supporter, in March.

    “There was no question mark over it, they were going to support this case,” Dugdale said yesterday.

    “Fast forward 18 months – and it’s pretty shocking it’s taken that long to get to the preliminary hearing, we’re not even at the full proof yet – and I had to find out by email from my solicitor that the Labour Party weren’t prepared to pay any more legal bills.

    “Safe to say the one factor that’s changed in that time is the General Secretary, it’s a woman called Jennie Formby.

    “When I found that out by email, I was pretty crushed to be honest.”

    She added: “First of all, how was I going to pay? This could mean my house, my livelihood. You can’t be an MSP if you’re declared bankrupt.”

    Dugdale could also have to pay Campbell’s legal costs if she loses.

    “It’s enough to make me really worry about my personal financial security,” she said.

    “I had a moment of crisis around how I’m going to pay, and secondly, how could my party do this to me?

    “Because this is a real crisis point for me, I’ve been looking for support pretty much wherever I can find it. I twice tried to contact Jeremy Corbyn – someone I used to be in regular contact with, we’d regularly exchange texts – I know he’s read those messages but he’s yet to respond.”

    Speaking to the BBC on Tuesday, Leonard said he thought it unlikely bosses would change their minds: “I understand there is quite a lot of upset about that but my reading of it that the decision has been taken and the decision is not going to change.”

    In a statement, chair of the Scottish Labour Parliamentary Group Mary Fee said: “On Tuesday 25 September, Kezia Dugdale MSP updated the Scottish Labour parliamentary group about the status of the legal action against her.

    “The Labour group expressed full support and solidarity for Kezia in the case.”

    The case stemmed from Dugdale’s reaction to a comment Campbell made about MSP Oliver Mundell.

    Yesterday Campbell said: “It’s been mad watching Labour throw vast sums of money into defending the reputation of a straight white male Tory MSP, but I suppose that’s ‘Better Together’ for you.”

  159. Petra says:

    ‘BBC’s Question Time accused of ‘trolling’ with latest panel line-up.’

    …”Incredibly, they have decided to put someone Scottish on the panel – Ayesha Hazarika, a comedian and former adviser to Gordon Brown, Harriet Harman and Ed Miliband.

    Will this provide some balance? Well, here’s what she said in a BBC feature last year: “The SNP is obsessed with the independence question and they always will be obsessed.” Judge for yourself.”…

  160. Petra says:

    ‘Sir Michael Atiyah ‘solved’ an 160-year-old puzzle – now he’s set to prove the claim.’


    ‘Scotland could become a cyber security leader in three year plan.’

    …”It added that Scotland had already made a positive start in the field, with a growing number of cyber security companies set up and world-class academic expertise at its universities.

  161. Petra says:

    Wee dafty highlights how well the SNP are doing whilst making an erse of himself.

    ‘WATCH: Richard Leonard receives SNP applause at FMQs.’

  162. Petra says:

    Lesley Riddoch: ‘How the SNP must respond to Jeremy Corbyn’s speech: Be radical.’

    ….”Firstly, Corbyn spent a whole 20 seconds on Scottish-specific stuff. Again. Secondly, he “borrowed” quite a lot of SNP ideas, without acknowledging the fact. As usual.

    Take renationalising water – Scotland never privatised it in the first place. Take building council houses – Scotland’s been at it for years. Ending no fault evictions? They ended here last year. What about the promise of free higher and further education? That happened here in 2008 – at least for full-time students. Nationalising rail? Even without full powers. Scotland’s working on a public-sector takeover of the troubled ScotRail franchise. Ending the “rip-off” of PFI? The Scottish Government stopped using PFI 10 years ago – that’s why public money was used to build big infrastructure projects like the new Queensferry Crossing and Queen Elizabeth University Hospital instead. It would be nice if we weren’t spending millions to pay for Labour’s massive PFI mistake. But hey. Bygones.

    Still, Jeremy is offering free childcare for all two year olds. But Scotland already caters for all vulnerable two-year-olds and will extend that to all three and four-year-olds soon.

    There’s no doubt the Labour leader’s new green plans are impressive. He wants to impose green taxes on landlords, double the number of wind farms and increase offshore farms sevenfold.

    Fine – but Scotland’s already producing 50% of our electricity from renewables. We are now aiming for 50% of our heat, transport and electricity consumption to be supplied from renewable sources by 2030. That’s far in excess of anything Labour can achieve from a standing start.

    Jeremy wants to put solar panels on “every viable” roof in Britain.

    Dundee was about to do that in 2011. With 60% south-facing roofs and one of the longest winter sunlight totals in Britain, Dundee was made to become our first solar city. But the incoming Tory UK Government slashed the subsidy for solar panels and plans were axed. Dundee went for a huge (and award-winning) insulation programme instead, cladding multi-blocks with non-flammable mineral wool and then tackling low-rise homes – a programme that’s still continuing. So should the city get geared up for a solar future again now that Jeremy’s become a believer?

    Mibbes aye, mibbes naw.”….

  163. Clootie says:

    Kezia and Labour support:

    Interesting that she was happy to defame someone for political reasons when she had financial backing but now seeks sympathy as it will bankrupt her. However I haven’t seen any mention of an apology for her comments not any suggestion to seek an out of court settlement. In summary all she has done is switch to playing the victim for the same political motivation.

    She could start with a retraction and apology!

  164. Petra says:

    Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp: ‘Scotland will only back another EU referendum on our terms – not Labour’s.’

    ….”So, Labour want the Tories to agree to a Norway-style deal, meaning we only leave the EU on paper – follow all the rules on migration, can’t do trade deals with third nations, an individual EFTA style single market membership (which is unacceptable to 40% of England’s population) and the EU would have accepted such a deal (other than test two) the day after the Brexit vote. However, the hard truth is that they can call that a soft Brexit all they want – but all Brexits are hard on Scotland, because we export more, receive more support from EU grants and have more need for skilled EU workers.

    All Labour offer Remain backing Scotland is another slap in the face. Nicola Sturgeon should only support an EU referendum that rules out remaining if it’s accompanied by a Section 30 agreement for a Yes/No Scottish independence referendum allowing EU nationals to vote regardless of its timing.

    If we have an early GE then the SNP manifesto must state that an SNP seat majority of one is a mandate for a Section 30-agreed independence referendum, or if that is withheld, to declare Scotland independent and begin negotiations.”

  165. stu mac says:

    @jfngw says:
    27 September, 2018 at 9:59 pm
    I can’t actually believe the Tories are that stupid so I can only assume they are working to another agenda. It looks like, and I can remember an ex Tory minister saying on air, that he wanted the EU broken up. It may be that they wanted to be top dog in the EU, failed and now its breakup would be advantageous to the UK. So far their moves have failed.

    Many of the Tories (and neo-Liberals in other parties) have strong connections to right wing US politics and a big thing among these US guys is they see a strong EU trading block as one of the threats to US economic and political hegemony. It’s not even UK power they’re promoting it’s that of another country.

  166. Colin Alexander says:


    Regarding letters being pissed on and laughed at:

    What did Big Theresa write in her response to Nicola Sturgeon’s request for indyref talks?

    Personally, I think big Theresa just keeps that letter to look at whenever she hears BJ and Moggy sharpening the daggers at her back.

    Then she tells herself: at least I’ll die laughing.

    Et tu Brute? becomes:

    The UK Govt give permission for another Indyref? What planet is she on?

    ha ha ha ha ha ha

  167. Robert Alexander Harrison says:

    On another note seems dugdales in financial trouble of her own making by this court case against you stu as she’s facing bankruptcy and fears losing her home well it’s kind her own fault taking this to court over something that didn’t even phase oliver Mundell one bit where as if she’d left it alone none of this would of happened as it seems her own party might not help her at all some loyalty there by labour abandoning one of its own just shows once your of no use or value to them the English nats will toss you aside like trash as that’s exactly what it looks like from labour over this.

  168. Breeks says:

    Thepnr says:
    28 September, 2018 at 12:32 am
    Always lots of talk about the “right” time. I doubt there will never be a “right” time, let’s face it it would be a guess at most. That’s the point, the only “right” time to call another referendum is one where the future is known in advance and that Yes would win.

    Well that’s just not going to happen ever, is it?…

    In the spectrum of “How you get your own country”, there are many different variables to consider, and those variables change chronologically.

    Given the precedence of First Americans, or Australian Aboriginal people, clearly being a stoneage culture no matter how advanced is trumped by the colonial might of Empire builders with guns, but you’d like to think such colonial arrogance and its genocidal methodology would not succeed in our modern world.

    America is an interesting case, stolen from the First Americans, then fighting for its independence from colonial rule, fighting a civil war between divided factions, and now coming full circle with a president who wants to curtail immigration. Psychology, this must be a “trying” time to be a First American…

    The point I’m trying to make is that you are never going to have the perfect scenario for seizing control of your own country and it’s sovereignty. Sooner or later, you have to go with what you’ve got and trust the rest to destiny. Yes, there is the prospect of defeat, but it’s like our current Independence “gradient”… we only have to win once.

    To be honest, I think we suffer from a crippling lack of clarity and consistency in our struggle. Collectively, we still don’t sing from any single song book. We want Independence, but is that the creation of a new Nation state won through democracy? Or the liberation of an old Nation State from its own colonial chains?

    We are in a struggle for our countries independence, but NOWHERE is there any constructive debate ongoing between the wholly incompatible and irreconcilable arguments between the Unionists who insist both Nations of Scotland and England ceased to exist after the 1707 Union, and the Academic and Lawful arguments which define Scotland’s inalienable popular sovereignty. Yes, yes, yes, we all fall into one camp or the other, but there is no articulation of the respective arguments ongoing.

    We have a Constitutional stand-off, but for reasons I truly do not grasp, we step away from the inevitable litmus test and allow the stand-off to continue.

    That would be bad enough if the stand-off was affecting a kind of Constitutional stasis akin to suspended reality, but it isn’t. This Constitutional Stasis is entirely asymmetrical in its effect, and sees Scotland’s interests entirely compromised, while the Union Government in Westminster simply exploits the confusion to consume and exploit the prevailing Constitutional “uncertainty” for its own self interest and benefit.

    At its heart, and it does have a heart, the nucleas of our Constitutional predicament lies in the narrow and explicit definition of our Sovereignty. That point of origin, that absolute truth, cannot be altered by subjugation or democracy. It is an ABSOLUTE, binary, yes/no, black/white, question to be answered, yet month after month, year after year, we never lance the boil.

    Perhaps the greatest disappointment I have in our mighty YES leviathan, is that we all want the same thing, but everybody has their own bespoke understanding of what that thing actually is. If we wore a YES Uniform, we would all find ourselves in different colours with precious little uniformity.

    Put Scottish Independence in a pot and boil it to remove all trace of flesh, and what remains, the bare bones of it, the vital essence, … is Sovereignty.

    There is too much flesh.

  169. galamcennalath says:

    stu mac says:

    Tories … have strong connections to right wing US politics

    The far right Brexiteers are just US fifth columnists. Unabashedly.

    On every level. They idolise the freedom US private enterprise has. They hate European attitudes to a social safety net. The US sees the high standards the EU requires of trading partners as a threat to its own low standard, low price methods.

    There are different ways of organising society, and the US model is one. I don’t like it. I don’t want to see it imported to (imposed on) Scotland.

  170. Petra says:

    Thanks for the links, Nana.


    @ Robert Alexander Harrison says at 8:48 am … ”On another note seems dugdales in financial trouble of her own making by this court case against you stu as she’s facing bankruptcy and fears losing her home well…”

    More than anything if she is declared bankrupt she’ll lose her job Robert. Maybe that’s one way for Corbyn and Leonard to get rid of her?

    ”I’ve (Kezia) been looking for support pretty much wherever I can find it. I twice tried to contact Jeremy Corbyn – someone I used to be in regular contact with, we’d regularly exchange texts – I know he’s read those messages but he’s yet to respond.”

  171. @Robert Alexander Harrison,

    The slogan at the British Labour conference was,

    British Labour- For The Many Not The Few ,

    Kezia has just become one of `The Few`.

    Have to say that the supposedly all inclusive British Labour using a slogan that excludes minorities (Few OED: the minority of people) is confusing yet also telling.

  172. heraldnomore says:

    seems there’s been one or two interesting changes to Kez’s twitter profile…

  173. haudonthenoo says:

    Robert Alexander Harrison :

    I have some of these spare .. ,. . ,,

  174. Capella says:

    Fascinating – 3 English blokes in a pub discuss BREXIT. But these blokes know what they’re talking about, and it’s a disaster whichever way you look at it. 58mins.

    Graham Hughes is the first (and so far only) person to visit every country in the world without flying. He knows his Aarhus from his El Salvador.

    Jason Hunter is an international trade negotiator who has made deals around the world worth billions. His knowledge of the sector is as comprehensive as it is informed.

    Ciaran Donovan is LBC’s famous “White Van man”, the guy who took on Jacob Rees-Mogg live on air. He’s driven over a million miles around Europe, crossed every border. There’s not much about logistics, cargo, shipping and just-in-time deliveries he doesn’t know.

  175. jfngw says:

    Currently we have the perfect example of why someone should never be a First Minister. You make personal claims but then expect others to pick up the tab when things start to get difficult.

    I would really expect a FM to be aware what we are being exposed to before any action is taken. Perhaps there is a place in NI for this person, they seem to a dab hand at bringing in schemes without examining the consequences.

    It’s amusing in a way, I believe the original request was £10k compensation and an apology. It would have been in the dustbin of history now, hardly anyone would have been aware of it (tiny column in the paper probably). Some people are just not genetically programmed for top office.

  176. Macart says:


    Quite a selection Nana. I may have to put on an entire pot. 😀

  177. Clootie says:

    Kezia may be rescued by Tory Dark Money. The BT team like to stick together and any attack on Wings will have their support…if she suddenly gets support we will never know the source because the Tories are experts at funnelling funds via multiple channels.

  178. Daisy Walker says:

    O/T re the Peoples Vote and whit tae dae about it.

    I doubt there will be a genuine Peoples Vote, its just a bone for the voters in England to chew on, and a tool to attempt to put a spanner in the movement for Yes. No Deal is the planned outcome from what I can see.

    But, if there is one, I think the SNP and the Greens should point out repeatedly – the Scottish vote on Brexit was completely ignored the first time and nothings changed.

    They should neither be for nor against the vote, but what they should do, is use the opportunity presented, to hold a Consultative Referendum on Scottish Negotiating Powers AT THE SAME TIME (that way they don’t have to pay the costs 2 times over).

    The question should be along the lines of,

    ‘Should the Scottish Government have Full Powers to negotiate Directly with the EU with regards the wishes of the Sovereign People of Scotland.’

    This avoids the Indy question (for the moment), and incorporates Devo Max, it also incorporates the Scottish Remain vote.

    In this way, people could legitimately boycott the peoples vote and at the same time, achieve a really big vote for the Scottish Govt.

    Now wouldn’t that be interesting. And of course they don’t need permission for a Consultative Referendum.

    If they float this idea out there, the Britnats will brick it big time. Remember in 2013, while all the polls for Indy were in the 20’s, support for devo max was well over the 50% mark. That has not changed, except to get bigger, and once our former No voters take this step and see it traduced, the next vote for Indy is not nearly such a a big step.

    It won’t happen, but I think its a very good saber to rattle. (i don’t believe in rattling them unless your prepared to use them by the way.)

  179. Tatu3 says:

    Someone on my fb posted a link to the Scotsman with this Headline
    “FMQs: Nicola Sturgeon under fire over flu jab shortage for older Scots”
    Can anyone tell me anymore about it please. I’d love to be able to comment on fb that is all rubbish.

  180. heraldnomore says:

    Capella that is a brilliant watch, share it far and wide

    3 Blokes in a Pub, let’s hear more from them.

  181. heraldnomore says:

    I have a time and a date for my flu jab, and I’m not that old…

  182. mike cassidy says:

    Capella 9.48

    What a find!

    I had time for the first ten minutes.

    I love the idea that on the day we leave there will be transport limbo.

    We don’t let them in because we now control our borders.
    Recipe for disaster.

    We do let them in.
    What was the point of it all.

    I’ll be back for the rest.

  183. Dorothy Devine says:

    Tatu3 , I have just received my invitation for my flu jab from my surgery . They have a walk in appointments system as of the 4th of October .

    As this is the start of the flu jab season I am astonished that any credibility can be given to any source which claims a shortage , then again it is the laughably titled Scotsman.

  184. starlaw says:

    I got my letter from NHS about flu jag this morning, normal jags are ok. the shortage is another type of flu jag and this shortage is all over Britain suppliers could not make enough, all pensioners over 75 will get both jags the rest of us will just get one. Best ask at local health ctr.

  185. Petra says:

    @ Daisy Walker says at 10:45 am …”They should neither be for nor against the vote, but what they should do, is use the opportunity presented, to hold a Consultative Referendum on Scottish Negotiating Powers AT THE SAME TIME (that way they don’t have to pay the costs 2 times over).”..

    What about Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp’s suggestion Daisy?

    …”Nicola Sturgeon should only support an EU referendum that rules out remaining if it’s accompanied by a Section 30 agreement for a Yes/No Scottish independence referendum allowing EU nationals to vote regardless of its timing.

    If we have an early GE then the SNP manifesto must state that an SNP seat majority of one is a mandate for a Section 30-agreed independence referendum, or if that is withheld, to declare Scotland independent and begin negotiations.”

  186. HandandShrimp says:


    The standard flu jab is available as usual. There is also a new super strong jab on the market which was only approved for use a few months ago. The Scottish NHS have not been able to get enough shots from the only manufacturer of this drug in time for this winter so the SNHS are using what they have on the over 75s. Under 75s will get the normal jab. This is just a short term supply issue, thereafter both will be available as required.

  187. Petra says:

    I live in Renfrewshire and number of my friends, neighbours, relatives and clients have just received a letter from NHS Scotland offering the free flu vaccine.

    ”Flu immunisation begins in October. If you haven’t heard anything from your practice by mid-October contact your GP to make an appointment.”

    There is also a free pneumococcal vaccine available for everyone aged 65 or over: Protection against pneumonia and meningitis.

  188. Glamaig says:

    @Daisy Walker

    I have always thought that if the different party’s Smith Commission proposals were put to the vote in a referendum, the SNP one (which was virtually FFA) would easily have won. Then we would be a much smaller step away from independence.

  189. heraldnomore says:

    Hey Mike, just wait till you get to the Somalian pirates, the fees for Panama Canal, and then the ink for bank notes, amongst so many other gems. Brilliant.

    Where’s Boris and Ruthie when you need them…

  190. HandandShrimp says:

    Not sure what I ticked on Paypal but my iScot subscription renewed automatically which is fine, I was thinking it must be time to renew, but I seem to have ended up with another Sadler passport holder. Not a problem as such as I am sure I can use it as a gift but I probably need to do something before Sept 2019 if this is going to be annual offer.

  191. gus1940 says:

    I have just received my flu vaccine letter from NHS Lothian.

  192. Capella says:

    @ heraldnomore @ mike cassidy – it gets funnier and scarier as they press on through the disasters which await us.
    UK doesn’t make insulin. Insulin no more. Don’t know whether to laugh or cry!
    Here’s the link again for those who missed it. Three blokes in a pub discuss BREXIT:

  193. Daisy Walker says:

    @ Petra

    Re GMK’s comments… also good.

    Looks as if Scotland has a hand full of good cards to play.

    Terrible May really is between a rock and hard place isn’t she? Peoples Vote hmmm, no, not really, GE, hmmm, no not really, kick the can further down the road, hmm no not really.

    So no deal it is, then chaos, then state of emergency, then close holyrood, then keep Scotland shackled. Simples.

  194. Shinty says:

    I see from Nana’s links above, Ross Greer is trying to help the Save Loch Lomond (Flamingo Land Planning)

    All well and good, but he’s a BIT EFFING LATE.
    A local guy Bruce has been meeting with official and campaigning tirelessly on this since the beginning of the year.

    Sorry Mr Greer, I will not be giving you my name and address so you and your party can fill my letter box.

  195. CameronB Brodie says:

    Re. Boris-world. This might help shed light on what might be going on under those tousled locks. English culture is struggling to come to terms with 21st century geo-political reality. Chauvanists tend not to be critical thinkers. Neither are slaves to ideology. Btw, Bo-Jo isn’t thick and he’s the perfect personality type to project a supremacist stance.

    Fantasy and Identity in Critical Political Theory
    In an article entitled ‘Philosophy’s Gaudy Dress: Rhetoric and Fantasy in the Lockean Social Contract’, Linda Zerilli draws our attention to a section in An Essay Concerning Human Understanding that John Locke added in its fourth edition of 1700, four years before his death. The section is entitled ‘Of the Association of Ideas’. She claims this section introduces a kind of torsion into his Essay because it goes against the grain of his otherwise consistent and loud valorisation of reason and correspondingly loud castigation of rhetoric as a ‘gaudy dress’ or, more straightforwardly, as ‘the Abuse of Words’.

    In that section he appears to reveal a more ambivalent attitude toward rhetoric and an at least implicit recognition of the powerful grip that certain chance associations can exert over us. Consider the following extract:

    It is of a young gentleman, who having learnt to dance, and that to great perfection, there happened to stand an old trunk in the room where he learnt. The idea of this remarkable piece of household stuff, had so mixed itself with the turns and steps of all his dances that, though in that chamber he could dance excellently well, yet it was only whilst that trunk was there; nor could he perform well in any other place, unless that, or some such other trunk had its due position in the room. John Locke (1993: 222–223), Book 2, Chapter 33, Paragraph 16

    In light of this, Zerilli imagines Locke asking himself: well, ‘if a trunk can take on such significance for a Gentleman, what is to keep another equally unremarkable object from assuming the same strange status in the subject’s fantasy life? The answer is: nothing – [and] therein lies the disruptive power of association for an education in reason’ (Zerilli 2005: 152). In drawing out the implications of this insight for an analysis of the Lockean social contract Zerilli draws on the Italian philosopher Ernesto Grassi, arguing that rhetoric and fantasy are a potent ‘source of inventive political and philosophical thinking’ and ‘the very “ground” of rational thought’ (Zerilli 2006: 479).

    In a similar way it has been suggested that ‘there is no way of understanding political identities and destinies without letting fantasy into the frame’. So claims Jacqueline Rose in her book States of Fantasy because, for her, it is fantasy that provides the sticky psychic glue that binds together the elements of social and political reality (Rose 1996: 4). Far from confining fantasy to the private life of the individual, fantasy is here understood to play a crucial role in forging a people’s collective and political will.2

    Media Culture
    Cultural Studies, Identity and Politics between the Modern and the Post-modern


  196. ronnie anderson says:

    Dugdale bleating on Bbc news about the betrayal of BLIS , she might get a feeling of how we Sovereign Scots feel about BLIS betrayal of Scotland that cost Billions .

  197. Baldeagle58 says:

    Re Dugdale and lack of support…..

    If I remember correctly, didn’t Kezia make her comments about the Rev in her Daily record column?

    If she did, why isn’t the Record supporting her as they were employing her to write the article in question?

  198. Petra says:

    @ Daisy says at 12:07 pm ….. ”Terrible May really is between a rock and hard place isn’t she? Peoples Vote hmmm, no, not really, GE, hmmm, no not really, kick the can further down the road, hmm no not really. So no deal it is, then chaos, then state of emergency, then close holyrood, then keep Scotland shackled. Simples.”

    So they think Daisy but, hey, the penny doesn’t seem to have dropped yet and that is that they’ve got another think coming. Won’t be too long now before they get rid of the Scottish subsidy junkies and fall flat on their faces. Go running to the IMF for a loan. Sad or what, lol?

  199. Fred says:

    Whit’s aw this Anglified stuff aboot a jab? It’s a jag!!! Youse will be calling the grund the floor next, as they do on English TV.

  200. Shinty says:

    @ Fred, and we should know as the hypodermic needle was invented by a Scot.

  201. gordoz says:

    The utter lies of this idiot are astounding. MacLeod claims to be wee free religious & all ??? Aren’t they supposed to be truthful.
    How can this stand.

    Agent for Britain, no more no less. No real loss to Scotland.

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