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Preaching to the converted

Posted on August 29, 2014 by

A couple of months ago we observed that Jim Murphy’s sparsely-attended tour of 100 Scottish street corners appeared to be mostly populated by Labour politicians and activists following him around multiple locations to pad out the, well, let’s call them “crowds”. It’s interesting to note that he now seems to have abandoned any pretence.


And it makes the point of the exercise a little hard to discern.

If there are any ordinary undecided voters in this scene, they’re struggling to get near Mr Murphy in order to hear him for the ranks of people holding No placards, who one must assume are already on Murphy’s side.


In this remarkable shot (which would seem to be from somewhere in the Aberdeen area, judging by the presence of Labour’s Willie Young next to Murphy), we’re reliably informed that the delirious-looking fan on the right is in fact a local Conservative councillor. The older woman in the middle appears to be screaming in similar ecstasy, which must make it difficult for anyone behind her to hear what’s being said.

(Especially as the second row appears to be occupied by anti-Murphy protesters, who presumably are also making some noise.)

There have been various scenes of confrontation on the tour, including a particularly unedifying episode where Murphy bellowed at a little old lady who’d asked him a reasonable question about the No camp’s appalling and groundless scaremongering around cross-border healthcare. And this week the mobile shouting match predictably culminated in some idiot hitting Murphy with an egg.

Given that having two sets of diehard supporters yelling at each other all over Scotland seems unlikely to ever achieve any constructive purpose, readers might be forgiven for thinking the cynical and unworthy thought that the only point in the tour continuing at all was to try to provoke exactly such an incident, so that it could be splashed across the media as evidence of more vile separatist bullying.

We hope that nobody else is dumb enough to fall for it.

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  1. 29 08 14 13:11

    Preaching to the converted | Scottish Independence News

189 to “Preaching to the converted”

  1. Brotyboy says:

    Exactly. The tactic couldn’t be more transparent, especially when he tells someone that his/her arse is bigger than his/her argument.

  2. Brotyboy says:

    And when he insists on describing himself as a ‘socialist’.

  3. Morag says:

    I haven’t seen the egg-throwing incident, but several people are discussing apparently credible reasons for thinking it might have been staged by the No side.

  4. Andy Nimmo says:

    Aye their definitely trying to prod the nat’s nest

  5. Andy Nimmo says:

    oops should have been perkin they’re…perkin auto correct

  6. Maybe they’re all singing along to ‘I will survive’.

  7. JPFife says:

    What are they shouting? Praise the Lords?

  8. RogueCoder says:

    I’ll have mine over easy, thanks Rev.

  9. Mark says:

    Hold the front page: standing on a box and screaming nonsense at passers by in Fife will get you pelted with eggs. I don’t approve of throwing eggs at Unionist politicians. It only plays into their hands: they live in a fantasy world where evil cybernats lurk round every corner, and every minor incident can and will be exaggerated to fit that agenda. Ironic when you remember their campaign is supported by the likes of Britain First and the Orange Order. Instead donate your eggs to the food banks which are necessary because of their policies, and vote Yes to give Jim Murphy a P45 and a break from screaming nonsense at passers by.

  10. Zen Broon says:

    Come on, folks, throwing eggs at loud-mouthed reactionary right-wingers is is a wonderful British political tradition.

  11. Ray says:

    Jim Murphy was in Stonehaven this week and I wrote the following blog post about it. You’ll find that Jim and a couple of angry unionists were trying quite hard to incite some sort of incident, mostly at the beginning then ramping up the “nastiness” at the end.

    As for the Murphy pic above, yes the Tory councillor on the right is Ross Thomson, and that was in Aberdeen the day before Murphy visited Stonehaven.

  12. You and My Comb says:

    Hear. Hear.

    Maybe we can wave boxes of eggs at Jim then donate them to the local,food bank.

  13. R-type Grunt says:

    Well said Stu. We must be vigilant.

  14. Dcanmore says:

    Murphy needed the egg-incident to draw attention to his efforts. As evidenced before on his tour it only allows him to preach to the converted, and sometimes they are very thin on the ground indeed. As we enter the last stages of the campaign, for the NO side all publicity will be good publicity as they crank up the spin machine one more time.

  15. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    It used to be pebbles at 1707.

    Eggs, ge got off easy.

  16. Morag says:

    I’ve been wondering for a while what the point of Jim Murphy doing that tour actually was. I know we’ve had the Yestival, and Spirit of Independence and the MargoMobile are doing the rounds, but these are grassroots initiatives not elected MPs.

    Jim Murphy is a senior Westminster politician. Who on earth thought that this was the best possible use of his time, even assuming it’s ethical given that he’s being paid by us to represent his constituents in that time. Running round the country in a forbidding-looking bus that seems to have blacked-out windows, turning up unannounced, and shouting through a microphone at his own hangers-on and anyone who just happens to be passing?

    I could understand a well-publicised series of public meetings, with people encouraged to come to a hall and listen to the Great Man and ask questions. But this? What on earth is the point?

  17. todayinscotland says:

    New post, please share

    A Hard Rains A Gonna Fall, Part 1 | todayinscotland

  18. Mike Robertson says:

    Jim Murphy’s only goal is to provoke an angry response from yes supporters then get it in the news or on twitter. How do any of us know the egg-throwing Yesser was actually a No Thanks supporter? We don’t. Just take a look at Murphy’s tweets, he never fails to post up old images of people displaying “Jim Murphy’s a war criminal” signs and then crying “vile cyber-nattery!”. He’s the worst kind of politician.

  19. Chitterinlicht says:

    Agree. Pointless shouting designed to egg people on

  20. The monstering of Jim Murphy whilst on his soapbox tour is playing into his and the media`s hands.
    The media can portray the Yes side as undemocratic and aggressive
    Which in turn gives Jim Murphy`s soapbox tour loads more publicity.
    Whether what`s been happening is blackflag ,the only way to find out is if someone can verify the allegiance of the perpetrators.

  21. a2 says:

    Given that all these stops have been filmed, has no-one been charged with the egg throwing yet?

  22. turnbull drier says:

    Totally agree Rev.

    Rise above the shouting, lies and general pish, with a knowing smile, that it’ll soon be all over for them..

    And then we win.


    Wingers Of Midlothian..

    I’m still needing some volunteers to help out at polling stations with checking the opening and closing of the boxes.

    This is too important to have Jiggerypokery going on…

    Please email turnbulldrier AT gmail DOT com

  23. Dan Huil says:

    Murphy knows his Westminster job is in jeopardy, hence this obvious attempt to publicize his leadership bid as leader of Labour in Scotland.

  24. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

    Jimbo is toast.

  25. Colin Erskine says:

    I was at the event in Aberdeen. It was a rammie and if I was undecided and walking past I would have kept walking. Bad behaviour from both sides. But hey, there’s idiots everywhere.

  26. John O says:

    It looks like Jimmy boy is at the corner between George street and union street in Aberdeen I think, as for asking him questions at these get togethers real voters have no chance as his minions just call them nationalist or give the person asking a look that would put chills down Vincent price’s spine.

    To the people of Aberdeen the picture above shows that your labour party will work with tory party against your interests.

  27. Suzanne Bosworth says:

    Whenever I hear someone like him describe themselves as a socialist, I wonder if they’d have the balls to say so to Keir Hardie’s face, were he still alive.

    I don’t think so.

  28. msean says:

    Tory cheerleaders for a Labour politician,oh dear.

  29. faolie says:

    Jim knows he’s toast, doesn’t he? Unemployed soon. So he’s doing a tour of Scotland to raise his profile for the day that he takes a stab at Johann’s job (assuming he’s actually elected first of course).

  30. “Perfidious Albumen” really does it for me.
    (Someone else`s quote is a wonderful play on”Albion”.)

    So someone with a sense of taste Lamped lantern jaw jim with an egg.? So what.

    We must then subsume our fervour to suit this lying git who has served zero to anyone in Scotland in all his useless political life.

    Zero to anyone but himself and his SLAB scab buddies.

    In 2009 socialist jim claimed and got £3,900 in MP`s Expenses – for Food.
    After Krash and Flipper broke the Economy.
    And he is not an advert for healthy anything.

    Murphy is an obscene caricature of socialism who will vote to retain FOODBANKS.?

  31. bookie from hell says:

    I notice GREGGS in the photo,Jim is pastie his sell/by date

  32. Haggis Hunter says:

    Its all stage managed.
    Actualy the photo with the LabServative councillors having orgasisms at his preaching is scary, looks like the facial expressions and hand movements of Hitler.

  33. sausage fingered luddite says:

    Politician hit by egg, around 80 days into a 100 day tour. No eggs at previous sparsely attended events when the throng of photographers wasn’t present.
    Is this what they mean by Murphy’s Law?

  34. Derek Mcghee says:

    main witness was reporter from fife free press ( part of johnsone press) ie scotsman, edinburgh evening news ect. as biased as the bbc.

  35. liz says:

    Jim Murphy is trying to get a negative response so it will be faithfully reported by the supine MSM.

    Listening to his ranting after that wee lady asked a perfectly decent question showed him up in a bad light – he started accusing folk of saying and doing things they probably hadn’t done- like ‘your last for pushing that lady’.

    I think the Yes supporters should just leave him to his ranting – he was in Battlefield last week in front of the Bean scene cafe and there was no-one there but his own No folk – he looked ridiculous.

  36. eezy says:

    We done a Blog on The Phantom Egger this morning.
    Let’s find him.
    Whatever side he is on is irrellevant.
    After the mysterious Cumbernauld Bomber, this needs stopped now….

  37. Wings Over Reality says:

    Politician should not campaign because it makes opponents who cannot control themselves look bad?


  38. faolie says:

    The Wee Blue Book has a Facebook page as well as a website at

  39. joe kane says:

    If Yvonne Hama had her way she’d be throwing more than an egg at Murphy.

    There is no point to what Murphy’s doing except to noise up the locals so that British nationalists like Galloway can then get to denounce them as drunks on Twitter and a hostile news media portray them as intolerant Nazi nationalists.

  40. Dick Gaughan says:

    Rev Stu Cambell says:
    “And it makes the point of the exercise a little hard to discern.”

    He’s positioning himself for leadership of SLAB when he loses his job in WM with a “Jim is a man of principle” pitch –

    “I did more than anyone to fight for my belief that the Union was best and braved the wrath of egg-chucking and abusive Nats all over the country. But The People have spoken and as a democrat I respect their decision so I will now fight equally as hard to … blah blah blah. So gonnae gies a joab, eh?”

  41. Dick Gaughan says:

    sorry for the typo on “Campbell”

  42. Gordon Winter says:

    I feel completely let down, presuming a Yes supporter was responsible. It allows the anti-independence media to portray the Yes camp as irresponsible bullies, when most of us are showing commendable restraint in the face of exceptional provocation.

  43. Rory Borealis says:

    I would tour Scotland and shout at people for an hour if I was on his on his salary and expenses.

  44. Chic McGregor says:

    Looking at that picture, here’s hoping he did make some conversions, and not a forlorn hope I suspect.

  45. Doug Daniel says:

    Chitterinlichet – egg people on, or get egg on people?

    Morag – to me, the purpose of the tour is self-promotion. Jim knows his Westminster career is over, whether it’s a Yes or No vote, so he’s getting himself in place to be the main contender for when Lamont inevitability goes.

  46. Macart says:

    They’ve been trying to pull that stroke every day for the past three years.

    Let’s leave them to it.

  47. Doug Daniel says:

    Ah, what Dick Gaughan said basically!

  48. Grant says:

    Jim Murphy is a disgrace to the Scottish Labour Party.
    After a YES vote, please do not allow him to enter Scottish politics ever again.

  49. Dick Gaughan says:

    Doug Daniel says:
    “Ah, what Dick Gaughan said basically!”

    I’m glad I’m not the only hard-boiled cynical bastard here! 🙂

  50. Cag-does-thinking says:

    I actually preferred it when he had to go along and bring his audience with him. It only gives his mission some sort of media credibility when either A. he finds a busy street which can make it look like he has an audience (remember that BBC bit on the Royal Mile with the hilarious chance encounter with BBC news while most of the tourists wondered who he was) or B if something happens which is much more newsworthy than his message.

    Like the well known policy of Don’t feed the troll on internet sites we should just quite happily film Jim talking to no-one which in my book is far funnier. He’s my local MP so it kinda pisses me off that we have no representation while he takes in the sights and sounds of Stonehaven, and while I’d like to break down how much this “tour” costs during the referendum spending limits, a battle bus from Parks of Hamilton isn’t going to be cheap to run for 100 days and paying activists to turn up to give out the leaflets is going to make it a pricy operation. I suppose it’s justified expenses when you are a unionist politician.

    I do like the idea of heckling him and waving half a dozen eggs firmly in their box but tbh he really really craves the profile and just ignoring him is probably the hardest thing for his ego to bear.

  51. farrochie says:

    Just another wee plug for Ray McRobbie’s account of the Stonehaven event.

  52. Giving Goose says:

    Murphy is playing to the London Establishment.
    He is attempting to show his loyalty to them.

    In the event of a No vote his message is “please give me a peerage, I’ve proved my loyalty to the Conservative Party by selling out Scotland!”

    In the event of a Yes vote his message is “please give me a peerage, I still proved my loyalty to the Conservative Party but it didn’t work. But I still deserve a reward. If a peerage isn’t on the cards, I’ll take anything; a book deal, speaking tours, a job in rUK negotiating team, where I can still betray Scotland!”

    Murphy knows this is a pointless exercise. It will not convert undecideds. He’s thought this through and is cynically doing this for his own ends. Think about it. Whenever has Murphy done anything that benefited anyone else but himself?

    It’s a cynical ploy to feather his own nest whatever the outcome.

  53. Luigi says:

    Is this the same Jim Murphy, him who would not share a platform with David Cameron, now standing shoulder to shoulder with a bunch of admiring, Lesser spotted Tories?

  54. Chic McGregor says:

    “”So gonnae gies a joab, eh?””

    If that were verbalised rather than written, it could be misinterpretted 🙂

  55. Red Squirrel says:

    He’s auditioning alright, just not to the rapturous ‘audience’ around him – is his target the Labour elite or the Great British Bake Off?

  56. paul gerard mccormack says:

    Why has he not been arrested yet for a breach of the peace? This has nothing to do with freedom of speech, this is about him causing a rammy by shouting aggressively and upsetting passers-by with his vile outpourings. I’d have him lifted no problem. Christian preacher types get lifted for shouting quite rightly so as well. what makes him immune? This agit-prop has got bugger all to do with politics.

  57. Quentin Quale says:

    Chick – he got of lightly with an egg, then.

  58. raineach says:

    It is no more than an assumption that the egg was thrown by a yes supporter

  59. bigbuachaille says:

    Onlooker above the delirious Tory cooncillor’s oxter bears uncanny resemblance to the food banks apologist history teacher conservative Stewart Whyte from Aboyne Acad, I believe.
    I’m sure Jim Murphy loved sharing a platform with these Tories.

  60. Quentin Quale says:

    Ooops, I’ll take that K back, Chic. Sorry.

  61. BigRik says:

    I seen him and his incredibly small band of followers, i think he wanted to get me involved , as i had a saltire t-shirt on.I just ignored him , completely , under the old saying.. if you ignore him , he will go away. Not worth wasting an egg.

  62. joe kane says:

    An intolerant nationalist nazi heckled Brown the other day in Dundee, except he was actually a Labour Part member.

    The very eloquent and passionate guy with his own megaphone in Dundee at the Jim Shouty bawling match was in the Labour Party for 20 years. Scroll to 10.04 mins to hear what he had to say for himself –
    VIDEO: Furious scenes as Jim Murphy’s 100 Streets in 100 Days tour hits Dundee
    The Courier
    27 Aug 2014

  63. Flooplepoop says:

    we appear to be getting a bit worked up by 1 egg, Alex Salmond was almost run off the road by a No Voter, and that person was charged.
    We are not dealing with an egg here, we are dealing with the MSM!

  64. MajorBloodnok says:

    First photo has me thinking Murphy is reaching out and saying “I can’t get doon. Help. Me.”

  65. DaveDee says:

    Surely with all the cameras around Murphy there must be a clear picture or video of the egg thrower.

    It shouldn’t take the police long to find him.

    Unless it turns out like the guy that threatened to bomb the Better Together office (can’t remember where it was) but was never heard of again.


  66. While I recognise the tactics being deployed by Murphy`s Mob to incite a violent reaction from “YESSERS” there are times when we must act versus the travesty that is lantern jaw jim who is allowed his pretence as a socialist.By SLAB.

    His own recent history in the Commons belies his self-serving pretence.

    YESSERS are shouted down AT Meetings he invited us to attend and at least one child was physically abused by one of his minders who bruised a child`s arm with his grip.
    Police Scotland – nowhere to be seen.?

    Rev Stu always insists that we play the ball and not the man.

    When that man Murphy stands on a totally false prospectus of socialism – He is fair game in Perfidious Albion (ENGLAND) and even more in Scotland.

    Let`s see him hold a street gathering outside a FOODBANK.

  67. Hewitt83 says:

    Slightly O/T

    But I fear the city of Aberdeen will vote No, albeit marginally.

    I’m a proud Aberdonian so it sticks in my craw to say it.

    I’m hoping for comfortable wins in Glasgow and Dundee to counter this as I think Edinburgh will be a No as well…

  68. Luigi says:

    Murphy is playing to the London Establishment.
    He is attempting to show his loyalty to them.

    What JM and his Scottish Labour BT and Tory BT buddies don’t seem to realise yet is that, even if it’s a NO, the anti-Scottish Westminster backlash that’s coming will sweep all those proud, patriotic scots away with the rest of us. Collateral damage, friendly fire, call it whatever you want, Jim and his pals are screwed. Punishment will be severe.

    Westminster will be in no mood to trust any Scottish politician ever again, no matter how much loyalty to the UK they demonstrated before the 18th.

    Hopefully, for all of us, it will be a YES, and Jim and his pals will be put out of their misery quickly and more humanely.

  69. From the Herald’s comments: As a leading Trade Unionist said to me last week ” I have been involved in a few desperate struggles where people fought desperately to keep their jobs but this one must be the most fierce. These Westminister MP’s know what is at stake”

  70. handclapping says:

    I would have thought UKOK would be delighted. Hard evidence of people in Scotland wanting to keep up the good old British tradition of throwing eggs at politicians.

    Unfortunately that makes the egger a No

  71. Luigi says:

    But I fear the city of Aberdeen will vote No, albeit marginally.

    I would hide my head in shame. Imagine the stick we would get from visiting football fans.

  72. Chic McGregor says:

    Leave the K on if you want, the K version seems to be predominant these days. Besides I am a wee bit of a coward anyway so probably more appropriate as in chicken.

    At primary school I used to get ‘Chay’ but dropped that when a certain South American revolutionary came to prominence in case folk thought I was being big headed.

  73. McHaggis says:

    The incident on video…
    Interesting that as he screams down the mic that he “…will not be silenced by nationalists”, around 6 people applaud from he audience.

  74. liz says:

    @Ivan McKee – O/T but if you read this is it possible for you to do a short article on what our lender of last resort would be in the event of sterlingisation.

    I met a DK when out canvassing and that seemed to be his main concern.
    I didn’t know the answer so I directed him to the Business for Scotland web page which he said he would look at but when I checked myself, I couldn’t find any info on that.

  75. heedtracker says:

    But I fear the city of Aberdeen will vote No, albeit marginally.

    Based on what though? Aberdeen has three YES postal votes already!

    Give that clown a big fat bible, switch the sepia black and white and he’s a bible thumping zealot of ye olden days, just like his flock of hysterics in front of him.

  76. Big Jock says:

    There is a very simple and fundamental difference between Jim Murphy and the Yes campaign. He believes in winning but we believe in everyone winning!

  77. McTim says:

    Funny how quick the media is in tracking down Yes supporters and demonise them as Cybernats but so far no discernible effort has been made to verify if the eggthrowers and the mob were actual Yes supporters or people recruited to pose as Yes supporters and to stir up shit. Wouldn’t be the first time either for a politician to be hit with an egg. Don’t recall the outrage after Ed Miliband or any Tories got “egged”.

  78. Colin says:

    Obviously they are Jim Murphy supporters if they got off the same bus. 😉

  79. Hewitt83 says:


    Based on the fact I live here and always have! Most of my friends and social circle seem to be Yes but if you scratch beneath the surface there is also a solid pro-Union contingent in Aberdeen.

    I would love to be wrong but I think No wil squeak it in my hometown.

    What do you mean re the Postal votes in Aberdeen?

  80. les Wilson says:

    Front page of today’s “Scottish Express” shows up the security of the E/Commission is hopeless, as someone sells his postal form on Ebay, I just glanced and shook my head.

    Think it says he got £1.64 for it. Police are investigating,apparently.

  81. BigRik says:

    Murphy and co are what the Establishment call.. useful idiots.. he doesn’t realise yet that the Etonians and Harrovians are back in charge , and they have learned how to hold on.. hence the unstoppable lurch to the right in Westminster. We MUST end this nonsense for our kids sake.

  82. Dick Gaughan says:

    Chic McGregor says:
    “At primary school I used to get ‘Chay’”

    You could change it to “Chuck” and become a Country’n’Western singer.

  83. Bob Sinclair says:

    Ronnie Anderson

    Ronnie, thanks for the supply of WBB’s. I’ve got a feeling that these are going to go very quickly. I’ll hook up with John on Monday ang get them to him as well.

    Glasgow Postal Vote count – Assistance still required. I want to close this list out by Friday next week prior to the Glasgow Briefing.


  84. Macart says:


    Heh, he doesn’t need to be silenced, just ignored.

    That fella has an ego to keep him company, so he’ll no be lonely. 🙂

  85. Chic McGregor says:

    “But I fear the city of Aberdeen will vote No, albeit marginally.

    I’m a proud Aberdonian so it sticks in my craw to say it.”

    The better off areas are always going to be the ones which go for the least change option, and rightly or wrongly, and it’s wrongly, the most common view is that staying with the UK means least change.

    Most of the farmers in Angus are tories, at least that is what folk think, even though their CAP funding would have to increase by 50% if Scotland was independent just to meet the legal minimum for a member state.

  86. Clootie says:

    It may have nothing to do with the referendum. I know a few Labour supporters who would be tempted to throw an egg. It could be someone angry about the Iraq lies, it could just be a yob

    The more important point is the record of Labour and Tory aligned as best buddies

    My own view it was a set up for the headline set piece – yawn, next piece of spin please!

    With Tory MP’s moving to UKIP. Will we see Labour MP’s moving to Tory seats and LibDems moving to…forget the last one!

  87. Chic McGregor says:


    Maybe Murphy should call himself ‘Chuck’ 🙂

  88. heedtracker says:

    @ Hewitt83, so just hearsay for the No win? Its not enough to come out with stuff like that on a hunch as that’s what UKOK works from but whatever floats your boat. I’m Aberdonian with a postal vote, like a lot of other people. Funny how that’s not occurred to you considering the hue number of offshore workers there are, in and from Aberdeen.

  89. Hortense says:

    If he is resorting to the good old fashioned way of taking the message to the people then he must expect good old fashioned heckling. But I agree with others, I think he did it deliberately for the purpose of attracting Yes folk who would make a bit of a stooshie then he could stand back and say how terrible all these Nats were.

  90. Robert Peffers says:

    @Mark says: 29 August, 2014 at 12:33 pm:

    “It only plays into their hands: they live in a fantasy world where evil cybernats lurk round every corner”

    Ah! But! Mark, where in any of the reports does it provide evidence the eggcellent aiming egg thrower was in any way an opponent of Murphy? As he has reached this stage in his epic journey without any worse YES reactions than legitimate verbal opposition, jeers and accusations of telling lies, could not this be a Naysayer’s attempt to get the reaction you expect?

    Especially as, on the same day, we have someone on the radio swearing on air. Is this the underhanded attempts at stirring it many Yessers have been predicting. As usual I will reserve judgement until a culprit is apprehended, charged, tried and found guilty.

  91. Quite honestly,I think Jim just wants the negative reponse from the yes side and gets a big kick from it.sort of like an orgasm?

    He bellowed at us in portobello a month ago,failed to answer a single question and then shook our hands at the end of it.
    Had he convinced any undecided voters to vote no?Well I dont think so,as there was little engagement with the public other than hand shakes.Compair that with Blair Jenkins who visited our YES Musselburgh stall today,he was speaking calmly to the public and answered all questions they had,and most importantly no soapbox,microphone or mad supporters to put people off.
    Also,that man on the right of the picture, was at the portobello Murphy visit as well.

  92. Hewitt83 says:


    Steady on there old chap, so I’m not allowed to offer opinion on something because it doesn’t favour the Yes side? Because that’s all it is – an opinion.

    This has nothing to do with the other side’s propoganda, I don’t listen to or read a word of it. I work in the oil industry onshore and a lot of people I speak to are voting No.

    If I am wrong, and Aberdeen, and most importantly Scotland, votes Yes I will track you down and give you a big kiss on the heid!

  93. Another Union Dividend says:

    Talking about preaching to the converted I see some Organisation called Working for Scotland is taking out expensive ads and hiring Usher Hall in Edinburgh and Glasgow Concert Hall (Is this despite Glasgow council not hiring out schools to Yes campaign)at considerable expense.

    I have to get back to work at 2 pm but it would be interesting to find out if this organisation which seems have a web site has registered with the Electoral Commission.

  94. Chic McGregor says:

    Dick you’ve inspired me, not for the first time. I’ve had an idea for a C&W ditty, must put pen to paper, or electron to pixel or whatever.

  95. Murray McCallum says:

    People holding what appear to be “no hot cross buns thanks” placards receive donations that appear valid within their preferred criteria.

    Jim Murphy needs to better egsplain his symbolism.

  96. “The Trussell Trust FOODBANK Network” began in the UK in 2004.

    In 2009 Murphy claimed and got paid £3,900 in MP`s Expenses for FOOD.

    MP`s Expenses for Food – while he was Sec of state for Scotland for Bliar and on a Salary at £141,866 per annum.

    Murphy`s “Additional Cost Allowance” was £87,086. in 4 years.
    In 2008-09 his ACA was £29,704.

    All that money was ours, but, on an annual salary of £141,866 – he needed more of our money to feed his lantern jaws.?
    Gimme a friggin` brek from his socialism
    FOODBANKS STAY if you support this muppet.

  97. Breastplate says:

    I can’t believe that people think this incident is worth wasting police time on( tax payer money).
    Surely it’s just the harmless physical manifestation and conveyance of somebody’s thought on what Mr Murphy has to say.
    I thought it was an eggsellent idea.

  98. Paul says:

    This was written in response to DC Thompson’s article about the frosty reception he received in Dundee the other day. It’s worth noting the sentence about the general public flooding the yes stall for posters to display their displeasure towards him. “I write this in answer to an article in the dundee Courier as someone who was at this event yesterday and also as one of the people used by the courier to atribute comments to ,in the hope that I can put a more balanced view than has been reported in the Courier. It is a great pity that it could not have been reported as it actually was and therein lies the reason for the passion that was brought out during this debate . If we could be assured of a balanced press and media there would probably not be the perceived need for the efforts to put a positive message across in the way that was done yesterday.. The impression unfortunately given in the report by Graeme Bletcher in today’s Courier was that of a baying mob bussed in to confront Murphy. this was as far from the truth as could be . So here are the facts. We set up a Yes stall in the city square in early afternoon to distribute information and get people signed up to register for voting (there is a huge amount of people in Dundee ,not eligible to vote). We were asked to move to another position nearer H Samuels because the spot we were using required permission , this we duly did .A similar request was made by a council officer when Jim Murphy’s group (bussed in ) arrived in the Square but this request was ignored. So we had been there all afternoon and did not realise that Murphy and his followers were to be there until not long before he arrived. This was the reason that there was plenty of yes posters there and the general public inundated the stall looking to get posters to demonstrate their opinions regarding the way the No campaign was being conducted.I did not recognise the Baying mob portrayal deliberately portrayed by Graeme Bletcher in fact ,yes there was a fair amount of passion but if you watch the Couriers own video you will see that there was also a good amount of humour . I myself made several points and asked various questions which were not answered . I asked what the better together camps plan B was in relation to Trident , no satisfactory explanation,
    I accused Jim Murphy of terrorising pensioners by trying to make them believe that in an independent Scotland their pensions would be at risk and this is disgusting , I shouldn’t have to be saying these things to Murphy if we had a functioning press because as the press well know there is no risk to pensions after independence and there is letters from the department of pensions to prove this. I pressed Murphy on his party’s cover ups on Paedophilia rings operating throughout the Westminster establishment . I can only interpret the Couriers reporting of what I said on that subject as giving this scandal “the light touch”

    I was personally assaulted by a woman who was part of the Bussed in No group in a deliberate attempt to cause an incident ,presumably to stop me making uncomfortable points and I had the tell her quite firmly that the police would be involved if she attempted such a thing again. I was constantly hit with posters in an attempt to stop me making the points I was making. But you would believe from the courier report that this was all one way . I could go on but to sum up , there would be no need to take the opportunity to make these points if the press would do their job. I will be surprised if this answer is not taken off the Courier site but I will copy and put it on my Facebook. Thank goodness for social media because without it we would be led by the government propaganda fed to us by a willing press in the same way as the article in the Courier has just demonstrated.”
    Another “newspaper” soon to bite the dust….

    I am a local business man and have made available vehicles including a large double Decker bus for canvassing and also a coach to business for Scotland . Last weekend we had a magnificent display with both vehicles in the City square for canvassing although they were informed DC Thompsons were nowhere to be seen and that is for a local initiative. This tells a tale.
    The Courier really need to wake up and smell the Coffee , they are out of touch with the people of Dundee.

    This answer was originally posted on the Couriers web site and surprise ,surprise ,it has been removed.

  99. Dick Gaughan says:

    Chic McGregor says:
    “Maybe Murphy should call himself ‘Chuck”

    Hmm, you might be onto something here

    “And the next track is Big Jim Murphy and the Clydeside Chuckie Chuckers with their latest smash hit ‘Get Off the Stove, Jimbo, You’re Too Old to Ride the Range’

  100. heedtracker says:

    I will track you down and give you a big kiss on the heid!

    Ok, no tongues.

    Also your opinion is invalid because its hearsay. Look at the very last Aberdeen Holyrood election for Mark MacDonald SNP, never seen such a massive dirty attack campaign and all led by the BBC, to get Wullie Young elected and twas all for nothing, well they cut a 5000+ majority to 2000+ but even so.

    That’s over at the Brig o Don though. Wullie was a seat warming shoe in at Holyrood and then he opened his big thick greedy mouth.

    Even after they lost, the Press and Journal attacked Alex Salmond for weeks as they’d decided he was a threat to local children. Maybe journalists of our noble media are not fascists but its times like that you wonder just how bad it can get in UKOK politicking.

    Never forgive, never forget and then you read about the owner of the Press and Journal is worth nearly a thousand million quid and he no likee democracy one bit, just like his fellow liggers like oor Wullie

  101. Scotsbob says:

    I don’t think Jim Murphy is facing abuse for his pro union stance. I think he is facing abuse because he is Jim Murphy

  102. yerkitbreeks says:

    Others earlier have hit the nail on the head – this, Jim Murphy reckons, is his insurance policy to get his name widely recognised. For if it’s a YES where can he go ? Remember he’s from the Labour stable that puts self interest first.

    He’d have had it in England, so a safe MSP seat at his age would be the second and only choice, possibly bringing with it a senior role at Holyrood.

    Unless of course Labour for Independence can get organised and field enough able candidates. They’re starting from a low base, given the safe Labour seats have been a route out of the ghetto and to, ultimately, the House of Lords. Margaret Curran’s recent form would afford a good example.

  103. Dal Riata says:

    Sorry, O/T

    Re Wee Blue Book: on the WBB link above, it says:

    “Printed copies will be widely available very soon.”

    Sorry if I’ve missed it, but how will these be made available? Only bulk orders taken (numbers?)? Limited orders? Postage costs? And etc.

    If anyone could enlighten me about the process(es) involved that would be great. Again, sorry if this infrormation has been made available previously. And thanks!

    Loads of undecideds around here. It would be fantastic to have a supply of WBBs to offer, especially when canvassing. I believe the WBB can be a definite game changer.

  104. desimond says:

    I was wondering if the Rev was actually gonna cover this.

    I dont think Jimbo has been helped any by the egging. The headlines were all for David Cameron, CBI/Europe and UKIP jump so the egging is a side story and poor Jim must be raging to be honest.

    Theres a few people from his time as dictator of Students Union thinking maybe Karma does exists after all.

    As harsh as it sounds, I thought he would have been pushed front and centre for the NoCampaign just after the coverage of The Clutha crash. After that passed, he was reduced to standing on irn bru crates,I mean come on.

  105. a supporter says:

    I reckon the egg thrower is a NO-man. In the video you see him sneaking up to CRACK (not throw) an egg on Murphy’s back. He then scurries away as fast as he can. A genuine egg thrower would have THROWN the egg at Murphy from a face to face position and stayed to enjoy it.

    Here’s his picture. Surely someone out there knows which side he’s on?

  106. The Man in the Jar says: have just released a new in house tartain called “Aberdeen Forever”

    Mostly a red and white set over a grey background. Am I paranoid or is it reminiscent of the cross of a certain Saint whose name begins with a “G”

    The website claims that black is for oil, the blue for the sea, white for the grey / silver granite, and the red and gold for the city colours. Hmm no so sure.

  107. desimond says:

    @The Man in the Jar

    I was thinking Denmark to be honest when I saw it

  108. mike says:

    This is exactly right.
    I was at his appearance on Byre’s Road in Glasgow a couple of weeks ago and was 20 mins early. I watched as his activists, all with cameras, set up angles and shots from all positions including behind cars and across the road through car windows.
    They are waiting for some aggressive idiot to go over the top.
    Murphy doesn’t help matters as he fans the flames by goading and belittling anyone who shouts abuse hoping they lose it completely.
    Be careful and resist, however hard it is!

  109. Jamie Arriere says:

    He is probably trying to emulate another of his heroes, John Major, who did the same kind of soapbox thing at the 1992 General Election (though not in Scotland if I can remember) – and who astonishingly got the credit for it, conveniently forgetting Car Crash ‘Alright’ Kinnock.

    But it is all about him, you’re correct.

  110. cearc says:

    Dick Gaughan,

    You write the song we’ll sing it.

  111. YESGUY says:

    Every time i see a picture of Jim Murphy i always get the word “shouty bugger” flash through me. Even worse if you watch him in action.

    How can he possibly expect to change folks minds while bellowing into a megaphone a few feet away ?

    Labour have nose dived into oblivion for years now. Idiots like Jim know they are out of work soon and he’ might be doing this to keep his “image” fresh in the MSM’s
    mind, the plucky labourite speaking to the ordinary folk on his Barrs crate.

    If it wasn’t so funny , most folk would just ignore him but in these last few weeks of summer he adds a little spice everywhere he goes as ” the man who lies for the tory’s”

    No way back Jim. For you or your party.

    I’ve voted labour since the very early 80’s and even through the Blair days too, no more , the party of the people are gone. Funnily enough it’s the SNP that stand to the left these days, Who would have thought it eh?

    And as a wee foot note , Thatcher said her greatest achievement was ” New Labour”

    Says it all.

  112. Andrew says:

    @Bob Sinclair

    count me in, I’ve sent you an email.

  113. Jim Marshall says:

    I will never understand how a socialist with Irish republican tendencies can metamorphose into a right wing British union loyalist.

    Does money affect people that much?

  114. Chic McGregor says:

    OK Dick

    Here we go.

    To the tune of ‘Ruby, Don’t take Your Lurve To Town’)

    We’ve printed ballot slips
    Fir Referendum Day
    UK are you contemplatin’
    We might want tae stay?
    The writin’ on the wall tells all,
    that’s no whit’s commin’ round.
    Oh Yoo-OO-Kay.
    End rule fae London Town.

    It wisnae us wha stertit this
    Predictable divorce.
    But fir aboot three hunner years,
    Ye’ve treated us ooer coarse.
    Ye hud yer chance, in this romance
    But acted like a clown
    Oh Yoo-OO-Kay.
    End rule fae London Town.

    Its hard tae love a government
    That thinks we’re colonised.
    And its no the fault o’ yer common folk,
    UK I realize.
    Maist o’ they, wull cheer us tae,
    If we shuild bring ye down.
    Oh Yoo-OO-Kay.
    End rule fae London Town.

    We’re leavin noo, we’re votin’ AYE
    And headin’ oot the door.
    We don’t believe the lies ye’ve telt,
    A hunner times afore.
    The ‘Scottish’ Press is anti-YES
    And the telly maks us frown.
    Oh Yoo-OO-Kay.
    End rule fae London Town.

    Oh and Yoo-OO-Kay,
    We’ll still keep the pound.

    I’m thinking a KARAOKUK vid with the backing music and the words to sing along with, with suitable images in the background.

  115. a2 says:

    @Bob Sinclair
    Here I don’t know how that said Andrew, oh wait must have been a while back using this computer when I was trying to demonstrate you could use any name. as use multiple machines here.

  116. He’s now

    suspended his Scotland-wide tour ahead of the independence referendum, citing “coordinated abuse” from “Yes” voters. […]

    Pro-Union supporter Mr Murphy said his 100 Towns in 100 Days tour was suspended for 72 hours, pending police advice.

    He also called on “Yes” campaigners to “call off their mobs”. (BBC)

  117. Robert Peffers says:

    @DaveDee says: 29 August, 2014 at 1:23 pm:
    Surely with all the cameras around Murphy there must be a clear picture or video of the egg thrower.

    It shouldn’t take the police long to find him.”

    There is indeed a very clear video that could indeed be used to identify the thrower but you have to remember the use of that video depends upon the police actually wanting to identify the culprit.

  118. Dick Gaughan says:

    Chic McGregor says:

    *Loud Burst of Applause*

  119. YESGUY says:

    Paul. 2.08pm

    Superbly put sir. It’s a shame the media in Dundee cannot hear or see the huge support for YES up there. Dundee is a YES city for goodness sake.

    But take heart as your work and efforts will bring about a iScotland in three weeks and watch the MSM change it’s tune.

    Well done sir.

  120. Nana Smith says:

    @Chic McGregor


  121. Karmanaut says:

    Since the Orange Order are marching on Saturday 13th Sept, might it be an idea for all Yes supporters to march on the 14th? Even just to congregate in the capital?

    A huge gathering would be nice, so show just how much support there is for yes.

    A picnic on Arthur’s Seat? Crowds on Arthur’s seat would be seen from all over Edinburgh.

    Anyone know how such a thing might be effectively arranged through social media?

  122. Jim Marshall says:

    Chic McGregor 2.31

    Brilliant Chic, maybe Dick will add this to his repertoire.

  123. cearc says:


    Well done.

  124. Well he has “Suspended his Campaign Tour” …. for 72 hours anyway.

    Still he could use the time to get his voice back as he sounded rough yesterday in Cupar – actually he looked pretty unwell all round so a couple of days R & R will give everyone a break.

    And I did notice he brought a lot of people with him – its quite a small town and I didn’t recognise many faces at all on the No side except those I have seen in the videos. I did have a chat afterwards with a lovely local chappie who admitted “I have never been to one of these before” – neither had I!! Hustings newbies with at least 25 years between us …. and he shouted …. and called Mr Murphy out on some fine lies.

    So if a local Mum and that lovely old chap are part of an “coordinated abuse” – well I missed the memo!

  125. mike says:

    rumours on twitter saying the guy who threw the egg (he’s pictured in STV report) is one of JM’s activists! Other claims that he is pictured at other events.
    Cant be too hard surely for WoS to corroborate this with the amount of photos you have of JM’s roadshow??!!

  126. Chic McGregor says:

    I should be so lucky.

    Especially if he saw the two rude versions I came up with for the second verse.

    Where’s Alan Smart when ye need him?

  127. boris says:

    Broadcaster Sarah Smith rejoins the BBC-I Wonder Why?

    Sarah Smith yesterday told of her shock at the sexist culture she encountered during her time at the BBC.
    The Channel 4 business correspondent — who joined the Beeb in 1989 — claims female staff were regularly pressured into having sex with senior journalists in the early 90s.

    Can we have names please? Isn’t that what an investigative journalist does.?

  128. heedtracker says:

    You have to just stop and watch the liggers in UKOK action. It must be UKOK to crap all over Scottish democracy if you’re actually getting paid to do it

    But the Nats are not simply content to lie their way to the Sept 18 ballot boxes, they’re also in no way averse to stopping their opponents having their say in this debate.
    Jim Murphy, the former Scottish secretary, was pelted with eggs yesterday in Kirkcaldy, a day after he was howled down and subjected to a torrent of abuse by an angry Nat crowd in Dundee.

    The vitriol was astonishing even by the lively standards of that argumentative city but fortunately for those who still need a reason not to vote Yes it was videoed so that voters can see for themselves what it’s like to oppose the Nats in some parts of Scotland. See for yourself.

  129. Freedom Lover says:

    In the first pic Jimi looks as though he’s went all Tinchy Snyder- he’s no doubt down with the hood now that he’s a common man of the streets n that. In the second Bubba Jimbob resembles a Louisiana TV Evangelist hysterically dispensing the rapture to his demented followers. The whole endurance exercise in rank futility seems to be about Murphy proving something to himself- he’s no humpty dumpty sitting on the wall as the Nat barbarians are at the gates of the Union. He’s a valorous hero, full of Bulldog spirit, Westminster’s paladin, the establishment fighting cock full of defiant spunk to the bitter end. You’ve got to admire his gumption- there is a certain prowess to his delusion. The real tragedy for me is the waste of an egg in Kilwinnig ( have you seen the price of eggs recently?).

  130. Chic McGregor says:

    “*Loud Burst of Applause*”

    Thanks Dick, made my day.

    Been struggling trying to make staunchions to hold my Yes flag pole out at an angle on the street side of our flat.

  131. Midgehunter says:

    Murphy actually scrambled to get the red bus at first but Sarwar poached it from him. 😉

  132. les Wilson says:

    Jim Marshall says:

    Yes Jim, money does absolutely corrupt, anyone with Westminster aspirations, even more so. As for Murphy well………..

  133. @a supporter

    The chap in your picture:

    looks similar to the chap in the photo at the top of this page holding the no thanks poster in his left hand- the one staring straight into Jim Murphy’s eyes.

    Very similar.

  134. heedtracker says:

    Just watched some of old Cockers embedded clip. What sticks out is the most aggressive YES shouters and if you’re interested, all of them look like under cover cops or more likely MI5 agents of the old provocation.

    Exact same types, white, neat haircuts, in good shape, do royal protection, they get in close to big London football derbies and here they are in Dundee?

  135. YESGUY says:


    Superb my man. Chuckled all the way through it and would love to see the song on YOUTUBE .

  136. Kev says:

    O/T I see the terror level has been raised to “imminent”, the first time since 9/11, I think the full spectrum of fear has now been achieved by Westminster, can’t think of anything else they can try and terrify us with.

  137. Chic McGregor says:


    Go for it, if you know how. I’ve seen karaoke software on my web travels for free (danger Will Robinson, check for malware) so it might be easy enough, but I haven’t any installed and I have to get this flag out today or I’ll explode.

  138. Bugger [the Panda] says:

    Jim Murphy slid up the greasy pole without trace.

    He is first and only a self interested publicist.

    Nothing comes before Jim Murphy and the way the referendum is going, even the Labour Party if it can no longer serve him.

    He is riding two horses now, waiting to see which one will fall so he can jump on.

    Murphy is unemployable outside politics so let us make he unemployable inside Scotland too.

    A scheming reptile of a man, like Douglas Alexander and his close namesake, Danny is basically unemployable in the real World, except for the Red Cross, Unicef etc.

  139. les Wilson says:

    Chic McGregor says:

    Excellent Chic, would love to see it as described in a video.

  140. Dick Gaughan says:

    heedtracker says:

    Alan Cochrane needs to cut down on the hallucinogens. He’s completely lost his plotfinder.

    My favourite bit of all that was the comment from some other acidhead clown :

    “Scottish nationalism, which used to be a fairly benign, innocuous thing, has become one of the terrorist, blackmail organisations, on a par with ISIS and Al Qaeda

    No mention of aliens or vampires yet, though.

  141. David Stevenson says:

    That photo of the “egger” looks like a middle aged bouncer, or more sinisterly, something akin to heedtracker’s description of him.

    Weather forecast for the next few days isn’t great: good time to have a 72 hr break in transmission.

    Been posted here before, but the video of Murphy’s trip to Blantyre is more typical of his reception: nobody cares about him. No audience and his helpers were an MP, an MSP, two cooncillors, three older women, his wee coterie of interns and the 75yo “hardman” who tried to intimidate the Yes supporter who was filming the non-event.

    I have no doubt this was a set-up, pure and simple, but as has been noted, if he was local to where the incident occurred, he will be easy to trace…..

  142. heedtracker says:

    Is this the same man and if so, what a coincidence? 00.55secs in gives a good shot of this supporter of independence

    and same man in Dundee too at 4.50mins looks just like very angry shouting at Brown who seems more than prepared, as does Murphy in Dundee

    Probably not the same man but rather too similar to be a coincidence. They’re now at the stage where they’ll try all the old school dirty tricks.

  143. Murray McCallum says:

    It’s very disappointing if Jim Murphy does cancel his tour of empty street corners. I enjoyed the pictures of him shouting, not answering any questions and over-acting.

    Whoever threw the egg is a muppet for denying us Jim’s contribution.

    It’s a dangerous world and am sure Jim would never push to place others in a situations of high risk. I admire this.

  144. Keith Hynd says:

    Maybe Jim should ask Egypt to intervene as a peace negotiator lol, I have never read so much “it’s a shame fer me ye ken” attitude I would put it past him to have done this in order to 1. Take the limelight away from Elaine Colliar 😉 and 2. Try to create a sympathy vote. I’ve never trusted this man or any of the rest of the blue tory brigade.

  145. Chic McGregor says:

    ” terrorist, blackmail organisations, on a par with ISIS and Al Qaeda””

    There was an Alky Ada lived along at the end o’ oor street yince.

  146. TJenny says:

    Chic McGregor – brilliant. 🙂 You’ve got to get this to the Yew Choobers, pronto.

    I think Jock Scot has agreed to do a gig at DebbietheBruce’s Independence for the Undecideds stall in Edinburgh, Middle Meadow Walk Sat 6th Sept @ 7.30 – 10.30.

    I know he was looking for 3 songs to perform, so maybe this would be good option, as most folk will recognise the tune and be drawn to the stall. 🙂

  147. Robert Louis says:

    Is the raising of the terrorism risk level by Westminster today, just a few weeks before the referendum, a cynical, politically motivated move? Many journalists questioning why it has been done now, considering the risk of ISIS has existed for much of the year.

    Let’s see who tries to use it first in the debate. Over to you, ‘better together’.

  148. biggpolmont says:

    great fun When they drove through Camelon in the big red bus
    At least the kids thought it fun its a pity their flash mob to the bus wasn’t filmed and put on u tube 200 kids telling them they were bankers or anchors well it sounded something like that

  149. Hamish says:

    I wonder if any of the Scots MP’s canvassing for a NO vote to protect their careers have considered whether the majority of the constituents they were elected to represent would want them to do so on their behalf. I think in may cases the majority may indeed rather they supported YES.

  150. heedtracker says:

    Maybe there is a press protocol that they dont interview protestors like say the man that heckled Brown, but they give so much well filmed time on air in the Courier, why not interview him?

    The Daily Mail hounded several Yes voters that used twitter, with double page spreads attacking them.

  151. Alan says:

    The first picture is in my hometown of Leven in Fife.

    Much like the Labour party in Scotland, Leven High St was once well respected and thriving. Now both are on their arse.

    I hardly know of anyone back home (i live in London now) who support the No thanks campaign.

  152. Chic McGregor says:

    Don’t know any of them T Jenny. OK with that though.

    Still like to see a KARAOKUK version where folk sing along at home though as well.

    They could do that as well maybe.

  153. Harry McAye says:

    That pic looks like Murphy has reached the line “Go on now go, walk out the door” in a rendition of I Will Survive.

  154. cearc says:

    Robert Louis,

    Maybe ISIS have started chucking eggs at each other.

  155. YESGUY says:


    Left a comment on that rags site under ” Ricky”.

    These folk get my goat up so kept it simple. Arrogant snobs.

    If we lose this referendum to this bunch of abusive unionists then i will honestly give up on Scotland. The typical response from the MSM is to paint us as Nazi’s but a wee egg thrown at Murphy is on par with al Qaeda . For fuck sake come on. When are the Scottish papers gonna stop this utter shite. They will cost my country the right to choose it’s own path. A choice which should have been made with all the facts available to all.

    The unionist parties are liars and bullies and have already dragged my country down to gutter with all they’re drivel. Refusing to answer questions , exaggerating any retort as if we have no right to ask.

    Three weeks and freedom

    Or three weeks and the end of Scotland.

    That’s the choice.

    And woe betide the telegraph, Guardian et al if YES as i will hog their comments pages laughing as the rUK sinks under its own debt and corruption.

    Keeping it clean and being nice will not win our independence. Ignoring the MSM is allowing them to say what they like.We should be shouting from the roof tops about the lies and spin .


    Time we fought back.

  156. Jamie Arriere says:

    OT I see it’s now not just Scotland and Wales worrying about health cuts

    Or is he just another scaremongering GP?

  157. Black Douglas says:

    Just watched eggate on the EBC, looks staged.

    Also how many cameras was he caught on?

  158. Edward says:

    a supporter
    I reckon your right
    The egg was not thrown it was crushed against Murphy’s back
    and it probably was 2 eggs , for maximum effect.
    1 egg would not give as much coverage.

    Hate to say this buy I would say that this was a put up job to try and discredit the YES campaigners.

    Result is two fold, helpful coverage in the bias media to discredit the YES campaign and to give Murphy an excuse to stop his idiotic, poorly attended travels

  159. Keith Hynd says:

    @ Chic McGregor let us know when this is on yatube it is brilliant.

  160. JLT says:

    ‘readers might be forgiven for thinking the cynical and unworthy thought that the only point in the tour continuing at all was to try to provoke exactly such an incident, so that it could be splashed across the media as evidence of more vile separatist bullying’

    Stuart, I’ll give Jim his due. Taking to street politics is a very brave thing to do. You can’t stop the mob should they become unruly. You only have to look at Gaius Gracchus of ancient Rome who held sway over the mob one moment, only to killed by them the next.

    However, I don’t think Jim has anything to worry about being a Gracchus. If the worst he’s going to get hit with is eggs and rotten tomatoes, then he should consider himself lucky. Even if it does hit the headlines, I guess a lot of Scots will just shake their heads. Having a hissy fit like a little girl because someone threw an egg at you will not go down well. After all, this is Scotland …and nobody likes to see a full grown man whimper and strop around in the huff because a wee egg hit him. Jim should have just laughed it off, or offer to take the offender around the corner for a quiet word. That would have gained more respect. Right now, spouting ‘attack dogs’ is winning him no friends. As my wife would say, ‘Man up!’

  161. Chic McGregor says:

    Yus, think I’ve cracked the staunchion problem. Hammered flat the middle bit and ends of a length of aluminium angle-iron (oxymoronic I know but that’s what everybody calls it) bent it to the required V shape. Now all I’ve got to do is drill screw holes so it can be screwed to the wooden window frame.

    Re the eggscapade, my gut instinct is that it was a set up. If I were a betting man that would be where my money went.

  162. Chic McGregor says:

    Keith Hynd

    I’ve a flag to put up, a pile of Yes papers to deliver, another WBB to print for the Wife’s mystery bus tour she’s organised for Women for Indy and another three internet things on the to do list.

    But T Jenny said, I think, that she might see if Yew Choob want to do something with it.

  163. Mind you – cereal and then eggs all in one week.

    Another blinder like that then we will have no need of Foodbanks soon 🙂

  164. Onwards says:

    Protester eggs lying politician. Big deal.

  165. ticktock says:

    Hewitt83 @ 1.24

    1)What was the point of that post?

    2) Where did you get your crystal ball?

  166. tony O'neill says:

    Does the thrse red flag operation ring a bell ppl?

  167. In the interest of causality, shouldn’t someone now throw a chicken at him?

  168. tony O'neill says:

    If anyone pays attention to the crowds they will clearly see some sort ofteam aroud him,security or rabble rousers who knows.Just keep yer eyes peeled for them at future events they are easy to spot if you know what your looking for.

  169. Chic McGregor says:


    If Murphy gets up on his crate in a forest and there is no-one there to hear him. Is he still wrong?

  170. cearc says:



  171. Cag-does-thinking says:

    Of course getting egged would never be a big deal but having somebody do it to you and then taking “police advice” would be surely “wasting police time” which is a criminal offence and a serious matter for an elected politician. There’s so much good footage of the culprit that it seems inconceivable the video wouldn’t have found it’s way into the hands of the authorities by now.

  172. Hugh Wallace says:

    I wrote two blog articles about Jim’s Circus visiting Aberdeen. The young chap holding the No Thanks sign is indeed Ross Thomson, Conservative councillor.

  173. john king says:

    He was going out of his way to stir up the already wound up crowd,

    It was painfully obvious what his tactic was,
    I only lost my temper when one his heavies was bullying a young kid around and hurting by twisting his arm then I said to him if you dont leave that kid alone you will cause a riot.

  174. Ken500 says:

    The idiot surrounded by the ignoramuses of Aberdeen City Council at M & S. The most unpopular politicians in Scotland.

  175. Nicola Wood says:

    Hi Stuart, an egg is but a wiped shirt compared to what Jim and Alex have feared in this campaign!


  176. jamie macdonald says:

    is it just me or does the guy between the tory and the ecstatic old lady (second row) look a lot like ‘egg man of Kirkaldy’… THE PLOT THICKENS…

  177. john king says:

    I tried lord knows I tried, I told a guy in a yes tshirt the Murphy mob would be looking for an opportunity to use any yes people as an excuse and I was proved right, he had the sense to take off his tshirt but I could not persuade the folk at the yes shop to go without yes banners,
    but what is done is done,
    I am pretty much certain that (egg man) man was not in the crowd of people I was mixing with before Murphys arrival, and I went up the high street loosly in their company, keeping a distance from my wife who went up the street in front of me by a couple of hundred yards,
    now this is where it gets interesting, because before the great mans apperance (Murphy), we (seperately) took shelter from a heavy shower of rain and the doorway the wife ran to shelter in just happened to be the doorway Murphys advance guard also took shelter in and the wife had a conversation with an English guy who clearly was with the Murphy entourage,this man dissapeared after that conversation never to be seen again, where did he go?
    I think he went to the no shop,
    when Murphy had riled the crowd up enough to set his dogs loose and cause a false flag occurence, and a riot would have been even better,

    The egg man in question looked suspisciously like a
    military/ex military man and his gait, (arms swinging away from his body) implys he was amost marching away from the scene of the crime,

    Whats more interesting is the direction he marched away in,
    the lane he entered was the lane that takes you up to the bus station a few yards away from Hunter street, and what do we have on Hunbter street? a NO SHOP, yards from the lane he left from,
    A few doors along is none other than The Courier newspaper, that bastion of unionist bias!
    Now its fair to say he could have gone anywhere after exiting that lane but its interesting what was in the direction of travel thats all Im saying!

  178. john king says:

    thinking about it, how many times has Jim Murphy sent out pre notices of his appearances?
    My wife was sent an email from Better together advising of his visits to St Andrews, Cupar, and Kirkcaldy with accurate times!

  179. Bill Hume says:

    Funny thing is, many of the news releases are giving his age as 71……….well, he’ll probably feel like it on the 19th.

  180. Jimbo says:

    The whole thing was a sick yolk

  181. BB says:

    Interesting stuff John King! Cheers.

  182. Cod says:

    He was in Fife the other day, took the same crowd of No people with him to each stop, and only answered questions from them – questions which they repeated at each stop in St Andrews, Cupar and Leven. He point blank refused to answer any questions from anyone but people in his wee group.

    He also claimed to have “gotten a great reception at his last stop”, which elicited much jeering since he actually got booed at all of them, quite loudly. He couldn’t even tell the truth about that.

  183. jim watson says:

    Lord Murphy of Eigg has a nice ring to it…but clearly he ain’t no John Prescott…

  184. lorna cruickshank says:

    In the second picture above(which was in Aberdeen)my arm is just visible in the second row behind the guy with the no placard.Unfortunately there were many no supporters there but most were invited along by the liebour lot Ann Begg,Frank Doran
    Prof Hugh Pennington and our crazy liebour councillor Willie Young.Prior to Murphy’s appearance we had a lovely time handing out YES materials and chatting to lots of folks.Nicola Sturgeon paid us a quick visit before she went off to catch the ferry to Shetland.All in all a very successful afternoon.Murphy as usual failed to give a straight answer to any questions.

  185. dan says:

    Just read the Jim Murphy in stonehaven blog, best laugh I have had in ages. Bring on the donoughts.

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