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Oh, wait, you won’t die

Posted on July 21, 2014 by

We got our reply (emphasis added):

“Good afternoon,

Thank you for your recent telephone call to the NHSBT Donor Line.

I can confirm that Scottish independence will not affect organ donation and the system will continue as it does currently.

I hope this answers your query, please let me know if you require any further information and I will be happy to help.

Kind regards,

Tom Kempster
ODR Assistant

NHS Blood and Transplant
Organ Donation and Transplantation Directorate
Fox Den Road
Stoke Gifford
BS34 8RR”

Tom didn’t actually say the words “Gordon Brown is lying through his teeth to terrify Scottish people into voting No”, but we think it’s pretty much implied.

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301 to “Oh, wait, you won’t die”

  1. Jim Lamb says:

    This is gold! Thanks for debunking another pathetic attempt by the morrally bankrupt Scottish Labour party!

  2. mjaei says:

    You would have thought No camp would’ve learnt their lesson after the Vote No Borders/Great Ormond St debacle…

  3. Dcanmore says:

    It really doesn’t take much to blast through Labour’s lies, they are so paper thin you could sneeze through them.

  4. mjaei says:

    *the No camp

  5. Croompenstein says:

    Oh good I look forward the retraction that Mr Brown will release

  6. Kenneth Shaw says:

    Another of Gordon’s ‘jobbies’ sits unpolished in a drawer….

  7. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    So, will the Daily Record print that letter from NHS Blood and Transplant, Organ Donation and Transplantation Directorate in a similar position and of the same prominence?

    Hank, I just check whether the Daily Record is suffering from shock horror outbreak of porcine-avain flu.

  8. Flooplepoop says:


  9. Robert Louis says:

    This is why this site can be so effective. Not one freaking so – called ‘journalist’ in Scotland has bothered their arse to do this one simple thing.

    Scare debunked, and shown to be ridiculous. All in one morning. Thank you, Rev Stuart Campbell.

    Will the Labour party just pretend, and keep on lying?? Probably.

    Gordon broon needs to take a good hard look at himself in the mirror. Shameful.

  10. HandandShrimp says:

    Once again the No people are demonstrably useless, lying clowns. You could not trust the time of day from these people. They are integrity free zones.

  11. desimond says:

    Cue Plan-B and Mags screaming “Immigrants will take all the donated organs!” on Newsnight later

  12. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    OK, before anyone points out that it was Broon and not Dugdale who brought the transplant canard up, I know.

    I just enjoy getting the verbal into Dugdale, because she is guilty by association and in view of that alone should be given her full title, The Accused, aka as Kezia Dugdale, every time possible.

  13. orica macdonald says:

    That will be a relief for Gordon Brown, as he badly need a new brain.

  14. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    orica macdonald

    He can get an upgrade at Whipsnade.

  15. Murray McCallum says:

    I trust better together and their supporters will apologise for causing groundless concerns to families – particularly those with serious health concerns.

  16. HandandShrimp says:


    To be fair she usually says furrrriner rather than immigrant. She really has a thing about furrrriners

  17. Davy says:

    I would like to donate a “FOOT” to be rammed up Gordon Browns arse at a considerable distance please, just to pay him back for all the misery he has caused the familys of people awaiting transplants and other serious medical procedures.

    As my mither would say ‘the mans as coorst as cat’s pish’.

  18. Let’s all not hold our breath for an apology, we’d all die before the vote.

  19. Peter Macbeastie says:

    Figured it was just more unionist bollocks, but it’s nice to have it debunked in such a clear, unambiguous statement from the people involved.

    It is also just another indication of how low and downright slimy the Unionist leadership is willing to get.

    It is lies like these which make people distrust everything they say, the ongoing insistence that there’s no currency deal in the future is just one of those things which no one believes. That and the ‘guarantee’ from Mags Curran that there will be more devolution after 2015 ‘if I am Home Secretary.’ Couple of snags there.

    1; polling suggests Labour have about the same chance of forming a government in 2015 as a snowball has of surviving a day trip to the Sahara.

    2; Even if that snowball actually survives there is no guarantee Mags Curran will get that role; she seems to have some delusion of granduer going on there.

  20. megz says:

    Robert Louis says:
    21 July, 2014 at 1:19 pm

    This is why this site can be so effective. Not one freaking so – called ‘journalist’ in Scotland has bothered their arse to do this one simple thing.

    exactly Robert, you’ve hit the nail right on the head and thats why they are so bitter towards wings because they either cant or wont be real journalists

  21. gillie says:

    Gordon Brown is all fukked up. The man is drowning in his own psychologicaly flawed shyte. Where are the men in white coats?

  22. Betsy says:

    Oh now there is a surprise. The mentality of BT is appalling. You would like to imagine that people would regard intentionally causing distress and anxiety to people waiting transplants is a step too far. How much lower can they sink?

  23. Stuart Anderson says:

    My colleagues and I have worked very closely with NHSBT over a number of years and the bottom line is that organs and blood are both rare resources, the supply of which rely on cross-border cooperation in order to save lives. The idea that any country with life-saving resources such as rare blood or organs would not share them, particularly with geographically adjacent countries, is just ludicrous.

    Hard NOs will of course only consolidate their stance when they read this, as they will want to believe this nonsense. Articles like this though, written by proper journalists who actually investigate, can open less intractable personalities’ eyes. Once they see one proven lie, they are on the road to truth, and sites like this help them take that first step. Great stuff as usual.

  24. Mealer says:

    Gordon Brown struggles a bit these days,I’m afraid.

  25. bookie from hell says:

    Gordon brown now a laughing stock

  26. muttley79 says:

    No matter how many times the No campaign are caught out lying they will never apologise. They are fighting for their careers, and they have no intention of behaving in an honest manner. All these false claims just show how much contempt and disdain they have for their own electorate. Which is a considerable amount. Lets put these spivs, chancers, careerists, charlatans, and smear merchants out to pasture. Lets vote Yes! 😀 😀

  27. desimond says:


    Do BUPA do white coats?

    I await the Rev showing the young Labour guy tweeting a humble apology along the lines of “Yeah, but still! Splitters!”

    Imagine how many folk have sat within the Better Together camp and had that “Wait a second” moment of clarity. That worrying thought of “How do I make a polite escape?” must be a constant in their HQ and beyond.

  28. Macart says:

    Well who knew?

    So just to be clear, on both the EU and NHS, BT are talking pants. 🙂

  29. gillie says:

    Gordon Brown is clearly suffering from an acute Personality Disorder.

    This man needs help.

  30. Training Day says:

    Doubtless Reporting Scotland, Scotland Tonight, and Scotland 2014 will still go ahead with the original scare untroubled and unhindered by the truth.

    And they’ll call themselves ‘journalists’.

  31. Dougie Bee says:

    Orica Macdonald @ 1.20pm
    Gordon Browns name is on the Brain transplant list..the’re waiting for a donkey having a trffic accident.

  32. Bunter says:

    The Daily Record have a policy of correcting barefaced lies. According to them anyway.

  33. Dougie Bee says:

    Digit problems today..that should be traffic..bloody fingers.

  34. HandandShrimp says:

    Better Together is the BBC, without the BBC Better Together would have withered on the vine well over a year ago.

  35. Graeme Doig says:

    Words fail me…. na not really.
    It is now apparent to me that what we are fighting against in the form of SLAB is a group of sociopaths
    ‘A person with antisocial personality disorder. Probably the most widely recognized personality disorder. A sociopath is often well liked because of their charm and high charisma, but they do not usually care about other people. They think mainly of themselves and often blame others for the things that they do. They have a complete disregard for rules and lie constantly. They seldom feel guilt or learn from punishments. Though some sociopaths have become murders, most reveal their sociopathy through less deadly and sensational means’. (Urban dictionary)
    Gordon Brown et al.
    I rest my case

  36. Quentin Quale says:

    But withering they surely are.

  37. CameronB Brodie says:

    Perhaps the Labour ‘Truth Team’ can clear up any uncertainty? They could send someone around to fix this echo, while they’re at it. 🙂

  38. MajorBloodnok says:

    Aha, excellent.

    Also, did I see somewhere that there is a 2012 EU Directive requiring member states to enact legislation to ensure that there can be cross-border transfers of donated organs? Why yes, I think I did.

    (apologies if this turns out to be a double post)

  39. bookie from hell says:

    reminds me of a Drop The Dead Donkey Sketch

  40. dennis mclaughlin says:

    Can we have a wee tick list and see if we are due any more’bombshells’ before September.
    So far it’s all been a bit Buster Keaton…..when does the main attraction start ?.

  41. Truth says:

    Labour caught lying yet again.

    It’s almost as if they are only worried about their own jobs and positions should Scotland become independent.

    Principles cost money you know, and it seems it’s only the SNP MPs putting their salary on the line by asking us to vote them out of a job.

    So for any wavering Labour no voters, just think about that one for a bit.

  42. Graeme Doig says:

    Comment awaiting moderation but just noticed i’m in complete agreement with Gillie at 1.37

  43. desimond says:

    Richer Sounds denies that Anas Sarwar has just asked “Will my Plasma Telly need Scottish Plasma or rUK Plasma if it breaks”.

  44. Schiehallion! Schiehallion! says:

    Damn where’s Investigations Editor Paul Hutcheon when you need him?! On a case likely.

  45. CameronB Brodie says:

    Big, baggy, grey ones that have been through the wash a few times too often. 😉

  46. Pin says:


  47. Rod Robertson says:

    As part of our education Stu has shown us how the headline and a sentence or two are what most readers register.
    Likewise with using certain words or phrases they distort without outright lying.
    Problem here is simple, Brown knew it was a lie ,he also knew the entire press pack and broadcasters would publicise his untruth without question .
    He also knows even though we in the political anorak community have debunked him the vast majority will not know ,nor will they be told by BBC or STV that our ex PM is a liar,and a twisted evil piece of work that has no moral compass and no compassion for his fellow Scots.
    The damage done BTNT can move on to their next lie knowing they will never be brought to account by a compliant ,complicit corrupt MSM.

  48. Craig P says:

    Thank you, Stu.

    For showing up the Better Together campaign for talking mince… and our media for failing to perform basic fact checks on the mince before regurgitating it.

  49. Macart says:

    @CameronB Brodie

    I think their elastic went a while ago too. They’re constantly to be found around BTs collective ankles. 🙂

  50. Morag says:

    HandandShrimp, are you receiving this? Poll on JREF needs your attention.

  51. heedtracker says:

    Facts are facts but when Lamont or Curran finally get their brain transplant’s they’ll still be having none of aye thone foreign brains, ya bastirts.

  52. Has BROON been eating yellow snow.

  53. heedtracker says:

    I think BBC Scot tv news ignored Crash and his vote no and no transplant con, Jacky Bird report that no way currency union will ever happen as it’s political suicide for anyone Westminster to even consider. So good solid BBC Monday lunchtime vote naw propaganda blast with, said it was “lame”

    The more desperate they get the better.

  54. Lesley-Anne says:

    gillie says:

    Gordon Brown is clearly suffering from an acute Personality Disorder.

    This man needs help.

    gillie, BEFORE someone suffers from acute personality disorder they must first of all actually have a personality that can become disordered! 😛

    Dougie Bee says:

    Orica Macdonald @ 1.20pm
    Gordon Browns name is on the Brain transplant list..the’re waiting for a donkey having a traffic accident.

    Jeez Dougie, just as well I wasn’t supping my normal afternoon cuppa when I read that cause if I was my screen would be covered in tea now. 😛

  55. IcySpark says:

    Here is even more proof. A copy of a letter from NHS Blood and Transplant to Nanette Milne MSP about a year ago:

  56. IcySpark says:

    Here is even more proof. A copy of a letter from NHS Blood and Transplant to Nanette Milne MSP about a year ago:

  57. CyberNiall says:



  58. G H Graham says:

    High quality, investigative, print journalism, especially in Scotland is dead.

    How many more examples like the one above, do people need to recognise that journalists in Scotland are but a treachorous cabal of self serving, small minded, buffoons, who have deluded themselves so, that they remain desperate to cling to a rotten, corrupt London controlled status quo?

    And they say cults are for idiots.

  59. gillie says:

    Imagine what sort of Labour monster you could construct from the body parts of Gordon Brown, Alistair Darling, Jim Murphy, John Reid, Dougie Alexander, Ian Davidson, Johann Lamont, Jackie Ballie and Mags Curran.

    It would hideous.

  60. X_Sticks says:

    Has Gordon been playing on Dalgety beach too much perhaps?

  61. biggpolmont says:

    BYING LASTARD and him the son o the manse too

  62. G H Graham says:


    Plasma TVs in an independent Scotland will be refused to be repaired because of a lack of plasma.

  63. CameronB Brodie says:

    Don’t they use pig organs?

  64. galamcennalath says:

    Debunked nicely!

    How many soft-NOs and DKs did the original scare story in the MSM harden into NOs?


    How many soft-NOs and DKs read debunking on WoS, see through the lies for themselves, or are educated face-to-face, then move to YES?

    Any analysis I’ve seen say DKs convert to YES in greater numbers. So debunking, grassroots and common sense do appear to prevail.

    BT must believe Project Fear works, or they wouldn’t keep doing this. Or, with no grassroots, is it actually the only tactic they have?

    If there is any natural justice, Project Fear should be BT’s downfall.

  65. gillie says:

    Imagine yet again what sort of BBC news monster you could construct from Jackie Bird, Brian Taylor, Sarah Smith, Jim Naughtie and creepy Glenn Campbell.

  66. HandandShrimp says:

    Done Morag


  67. Derek M says:

    nice one Stu and to all you so called journalists out there this is how it is done ,it wasnt to hard to find out the truth now was it.

  68. biggpolmont says:

    Brain transplants on the nhs I dont think so it would be far to expensive and you could never get them to work. how would you get something as complex as the human brain to work with a body that is used to working with a brain the size of a newt and the memory of a goldfish!

  69. Les Wilson says:

    Those who tweet should not miss those involved here.
    Also get it out across all social media. Please include McDougal!

  70. Morag says:

    Ta, H&S. I don’t know where the union supporters have got to, because I can name at least three. Still nul points though.

  71. HandandShrimp says:


    Didn’t there used to a kids game like that…Mr Potato Head or something.

  72. handclapping says:

    The Courier piece is a reprint of a PA story and PA is not making any claims. Notice Gordon Brown has claimed, The former Labour leader said, He said, according to Mr Brown, He added. Its a pretty good bit of we are vouching for none of these “facts” by PA. Its a bit of dire editing by the Courier not to have got one of his journalists to do the simple check Stu has. PA=1, Courier=-1.

  73. Les Wilson says:

    How could anyone with half a brain be supporting Labour these days. However, Stu was on the ball quickly debunking this crap. It does show though that they really are desperate.

    Secretly they must be getting pretty scared their cash cow is going down the swannee, expect more for these kind of scares are ALL they have got as they cannot put up a genuine good case for us staying in this dysfunctional Union.

    Anyone know if this was put out by BBC?

  74. Tattie-bogle says:

    gillie add george robertson then you have the beast mentioned in the revelations

  75. Murray McCallum says:

    I wonder if Gordon Brown scares himself?

  76. handclapping says:

    @Murray McCallum
    They say there are no mirrors in Broon Towers!

  77. Quentin Quale says:

    Looks as if even more Labour supporters are beginning to rethink their loyalty to the scaremongers. A group of seven from the Clyde work-in of the seventies have written an open letter to shipyard workers urging them to vote Yes. And so we go on to a Yes majority in September.

  78. HandandShrimp says:


    I doubt Gordon believes half the stuff he comes out with. He is a reasonably intelligent man…Kezia…not so sure.

  79. Nana Smith says:

    Peter Bell has written a terrific comment response to the dugdale clown over at the daily record.

  80. Fireproofjim says:

    Well done Stu.
    Once again I am amazed at how quickly you debunk all their lies.
    I have emailed the Record demanding a retraction

  81. YESGUY says:

    The depth that the Nt scum will go to , to confuse and twist and scare , all in the name of democracy . Aye right.

    54 countries have left the British Empire and with a blessing but the Scots attempt at leaving brings bile and abuse on a scale i never thought possible.

    Scots everywhere WILL remember this. Curren and their like will be history after the 18th. I will be furious if they come out with the old “it’s only politics ” routine , they are a disgrace and i for one will campaigning to keep everyone of these out of office in an iScotland.

    They have systematically scared and smeared the people they are supposed to represent. Traitors the whole lot of them.

    The agony they have put people through is unforgivable . The uk can sink for all i care and drag these scum down with them .

  82. Les Wilson says:

    YESGUY says:

    Some will get out, they will not be able to live down what they have done. Places like Argentina perhaps, those who try and tough it out will be humiliated. I can’t wait!

  83. Peter A Bell says:

    “Scottish independence will not affect organ donation and the system will continue as it does currently.”

    Unless, of course, Gordon Brown’s remarks were intended to be taken as a threat rather than a scare story. Is he intimating that a future rUK Government might end cooperation between NHS England and NHS Scotland? If so, shouldn’t the British parties be honest with people on both sides of the border about what they intend?

    Shouldn’t they be explaining the consequences for everybody of such action in retaliation for a Yes vote?

    And what if the health services in Wales and Northern Ireland decide they want no part of this destructive petulance? Will the rUK government be looking for ways to force them to abandon current arrangements?

  84. msean says:

    You would think that anyone who occupied a very high office in the uk government would know this information already,otherwise,they possibly weren’t very good at their job. Must be the turn of the Tories on the indyref-merry-go-round,we haven’t seen many since the reshuffle.

  85. thoughtsofascot says:

    Never before has a political party been dominated with such incompetent halfwits.

    That will be the epitaph on the tombstone of the Scottish Labour Party

    See, as much as I detest the Tories, they are generally honest. They make it clear they are going to screw society over and don’t pretend otherwise. labour on the other hand deceives and lies at every turn.

  86. Les Wilson says:

    Peter A Bell says:

    You are entirely right Peter, but what they should, be doing is being honest about the consequences to Scotland in a NO vote. However as we know, that ain’t going to happen. They are bitter to the third degree, they have so much to lose personally.

  87. muttley79 says:

    Can a small number of posters on here stop accusing people of serious crimes please? You are libelling people and they can take legal action FFS.

  88. Fergus Green says:

    There is a bit of a bun fight going on about this over at the Courier, just in case anyone wants to contribute:

  89. Nana Smith says:

    Tony Blair has come out of his crypt to say he believes we scots will reject independence

    Story over at the torygraph if anyone wants to go there.

  90. How could any decent person do what Brown has just done? I honestly don’t know how he can look at himself in a mirror. The same goes for Charles Kennedy after last week, wee shite.

  91. Luigi says:

    I wonder if Gordon Brown scares himself?

    Probably every morning, when he looks in the mirror.

  92. Andy-B says:

    Well done Rev, for getting to the bottom of this despicable lie, Gordon Brown’s disturbing and frankly, heinous lie that Scots would miss out on transplants across the UK, if we vote yes to independence, shows just what a deceitful, vile person Mr Brown really is.

    Meanwhile another member of Labour makes a claim, without any real evidence.

  93. Luigi says:

    The referendum campaign has certainly exposed the true nature of the Scottish Labour Party and the main characters that run the show.

    It’s not very nice, is it?

  94. TheGreatBaldo says:

    I doubt Gordon believes half the stuff he comes out with. He is a reasonably intelligent man…Kezia…not so sure.,

    I’m almost absolutely certain that Kezia is definitely not a man 😀

  95. Tam Jardine says:

    What I find most shameful is that once the story changes from ‘we are all going to die (pennyless)’ into ‘labour/tory/lib dem lying to frighten electorate into voting No’ the line seems to go dead. If Alex Salmond had been proved completely, perfectly wrong on an issue we would hear about it forever.

    And the scare story itself will be repeated by the media tonight despite it’s destruction with or without the caveat that it is ‘allegedly’ horseshit. They cannot not use it.

    Why Gordon Brown, a discredited sham taking money for nothing is offered this protection is one of the most surreal aspects of the campaign.

    As for poor old Kezia she has gone too far down the road to do anything but bite down hard and lie through her teeth. Some socialist – with a No vote she is culpable for the devastation facing the Scottish NHS she is so certain will not happen.

    Funny thing is, I don’t think anyone seriously expects the Scottish NHS to improve with a No vote – and confidence in the English NHS improving is even lower.

    Is the height of aspiration for all these proud Scots voting No that our lot will get no worse?

    I still yearn for a labour MSP to be brave and true to their principles, and put our country and her people first by crossing the floor. It would also mean putting their own career prospects first in a the event of a Yes vote. Too many are keeping their heads down hoping to come out the other end unscathed whatever the result.

    ((It goes without saying that no MP will switch to yes obviously – it is as inconcievable for me to beat the great Usain Bolt in the 100m as it is for a labour MP to put their country before their own financial gain.))

    Leaving it too close to the vote may have impact but it also smacks of opportunism.

    It would give me a labour MSP I could respect.

  96. No no no...yes says:

    Yet another fairytale debunked.It’s gross stupidity if crash Gordon can even think that such nonsense would go unchallenged.
    The Courier headline and article will only be believed by the most naive of readers-and that’s their aim.The Courier is losing respect and circulation, and is becoming more like the other comics it produces.

    DUGDALE is an attention seeker and she along with Jenny Marra are positioning themselves for post indie positions in Ed Milliband’s One Nation Labour. Curran and her likes will be sent back to Jockland.
    It can only be a matter of time until one of the SLAB mob sees the light. I wonder what are the bookies are offering?

  97. MajorBloodnok says:

    None of my posts getting through today?

  98. Vestas says:

    I wonder if the wee twittertwat Labour wannabee from Liverpool has the decency to apologise.

    Morality or honesty would probably fuck up any future career in Labour right enough so I’d guess not.

  99. Tam Jardine says:

    One last thing – isn’t It UKIP policy to bring in GP charges? If so it is conceivable that a CON UKIP coalition would happily impose them. As the Rev says it is certainly the direction of travel for the Conservatives.

  100. handclapping says:

    Only the uninformative ones. 🙂 Probably Aksimet having an information overload.

  101. Andy-B says:

    O/T Rev, I do apologise.

    Key figureheads of the upper Clyde Shipbuilders (1971) sit in back a YES vote. The seven veterans say, independence is the only way to save Scottish shipbuilding, claiming diversification is the only way the yards will survive. Due to the stark reality that once the MoD contracts are finished, the yards will close down, due to lack of orders.

  102. MajorBloodnok says:

    Peter A Bell says: Unless, of course, Gordon Brown’s remarks were intended to be taken as a threat rather than a scare story. Is he intimating that a future rUK Government might end cooperation between NHS England and NHS Scotland?

    This step could be tricky as there is an EU Directive of 2012, which member states are obliged to translate into domestic law, that requires member states to cooperate with regard to organ donations and cross-border transfers.

    Of course, if the rUK drops out of the EU then there could be a problem, though mainly for the rUK (amongst the many other problems they will have brought upon themselves by exiting the EU).

  103. YESGUY says:

    Well done Peter Bell

    The response in the wreckord was well said.

    Always follow your comments online. You have a way with words and said exactly how i felt after reading the diatribe this morning.

    One thing i do know is most folk are getting pissed off with the same old shite thrown out by the NT mob. I don’t get it, if they want us to stay in the Uk then say so without the rubbish and scares. But they can’t and that’s whats changing the DK minds.

    Scotland will be the only country on earth with substantial assets and natural resources that can’t survive with the rUK. Bollocks

    We as a nation have contributed more to the modern world than anyone including the rUk . We have a place at the table of nations waiting and we will soon take our seat. That day is coming soon.

    We are winning folks. We have waited for the reasons for union and they have failed to give even one positive. they have milked our wealth for their own and we have finally say NO MORE.

    Weeks to go and boy are we gonna party.

  104. Robert Peffers says:

    @Croompenstein says: 21 July, 2014 at 1:14 pm

    “Oh good I look forward the retraction that Mr Brown will release”.

    Tell me, Croompenstein, do you know the lyric of, “There’s a Long, Long Road Awinding”? ‘Cos I’m thinking that looking forward of yours might just be looking forward down just such a long, long winding road.

  105. Flower of Scotland says:

    Gordon Brown is such a liar! I hate the fact he comes from Fife, Scotland. He is such an embarrassment !!

    Sorry o/t Cameron just said in Parliament that no one should stand by and let a big country bully another country! Oh the irony of it all. ( He was speaking of Ukraine and Russia doing the bullying ). I literally laughed out loud in the kitchen. He’s one BIG Buffoon! Punching his weight on the world stage. Of course!

  106. Democracy Reborn says:

    Nothing surprises me now about Brown or Labour politicians generally in the referendum debate. They will stoop to whatever depths, exaggerate & spin any falsehood to save their skins.

    It pains me to now say that many years ago I had quite a bit of respect for Brown. The scales began to be lifted from my eyes when I read the serialisation of Andrew Rawnsley’s book “The End of the Party”. Any respect I had left evaporated when I read the whole book, & also Alistair Campbell’s Diaries. Brown is probably the worst example for the past half century of the tribal, machine driven Labour politician. Take your pick of adjectives to describe him : utterly egocentric, bullying, backstabbing, truculent, insecure, moody, behaving like a petulant child who for at least 10 years treated his own close colleagues & aides disgracefully. It says something that when you read the contemporaneous accounts, you actually begin to have sympathy with Blair for what he had to put up with.

    Incidentally, of relevance to the Indy debate, you may remember Brown’s attempts even as Chancellor to extol a sense of “Britishness”. He discussed it with Campbell, who thought it was contrived crap about sharing institutions like the NHS. Otherwise, Campbell thought it was essentially some refined notion of Englishness. Campbell concluded that it was basically an attempt by Brown to justify why a Scot could/should be prime minister of the UK. So even then, the agenda was all about what’s good for Gordon…

  107. Cheryl says:

    Great, speedy work!

    How many times has Wings now debunked the cross-border health scares?!

  108. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

    O/T – BBC in bother on a non-IndyRef front:-

    (Or has one of their mind-control projects gone wrong?)

  109. Jim Marshall says:

    Ah the Daily Record. Now occupying the fantasy world once exclusively the domain of the Sunday Post. Just sitting here wondering which of these mythological creatures is the eldest. Pat Roller, the HON man or Francis Gay.

  110. Cuilean says:

    Fan-bloody-tastic Stu. Another scare fib blown out of the water. God damn them.

  111. Jamie says:

    Something I find particularly interesting – I just Googled ‘Scottish independence organ donation’, and this was one of the top hits:

    TL;DR: it’s an article from March 2013 (that’s 2013, not 2014, so over a year ago) in which a kidney specialist debunked these exact Unionist claims.

    They’re recycling scare stories that they already know aren’t true.

  112. handclapping says:

    @Flower of Scotland
    No worries, he’s not a true Fifer. Born Giffnock, East Renfrewshire, Jim Murphy country. His assumption of the canny Fifer persona is as false as his “Labour” principles

  113. Sinky says:

    Of course BBC TV will not screen an interview with the past Chief Medical Officer for Scotland, Professor Sir Harry Burns who has come out for Independence as among other reasons he feared for the way the health service in England was being run.

    But they are happy top give a ten minutes anti Indy plug to Rory the Tory MP without questioning the failure of his hands along the Border stunt.

  114. chalks says:

    Perhaps we could all take a paper to email this to?

  115. Elizabeth Sutherland says:

    This story is just one of the reasons I donate to Wings over Scotland. Just keep on doing what you are doing every one and post on your Face Book and Twitter accounts. Go get em Rev.

  116. Croompenstein says:

    @Robert Peffers – Tell me, Croompenstein, do you know the lyric of, “There’s a Long, Long Road Awinding”?

    Sorry Robert I don’t know that one but I know The Long And Winding Road by The Beatles but I have learned today that if I vote Yes I may not be allowed to like The Beatles anymore 🙁

  117. gillie says:

    The Herald are blocking comments again.

    It simply can’t handle criticism of its reporting.

  118. Helena Brown says:

    The Labour Party Scottish Branch give politicians a bad name. No wonder that there are people south of the border who think we are gullible enough to swallow anything considering that this rubbish get elected.

  119. Muscleguy says:


    Pig pancreas cells have been transplanted embedded in gels permeable to glucose and insulin but not immune cells in people in New Zealand some months ago. There are no epidemics of novel pig viruses in NZ so they seem to have passed the safety tests. Not sure about the efficacy ones mind. Last I heard nobody was completely off injected insulin as a result. But as a proof of principle it’s a good one.

    It also shows what can be achieved in a small democratic country. This was a joint venture with Chinese scientists.

  120. Robert Peffers says:

    @Macart says: 21 July, 2014 at 1:37 pm
    “Well who knew? So just to be clear, on both the EU and NHS, BT are talking pants. “

    Well not really, Macart. BT are talking imaginary pants – remember the Kings new clo… Err! Pants.

  121. Croompenstein says:

    @kalmar – Just when you think you have read as much pish can be crammed in to a day of MSM pish this one takes it on to another level! Jeezo what is it with the Jones’s and Scottish democracy?

  122. desimond says:

    I’m looking forward to this weeks “Letter from Nicola Sturgeon” where she says “Gordon brown was Shown Up” and hopefully a wee link to Wings.

    The secret Rev and Blair Jenkins bromance hint in the Sunday Herald was a nice touch I thought!

  123. Helena Brown says:

    Tony Blair thinks we will not vote for independence, will that be the same Tony Blair who put in a second question on tax thinking we would not vote for that, thus scuppering the Devolution Referendum. As we say, Aye Tony that will be right indeed worked a treat the last time did it not.

  124. Croompenstein says:

    OT – Ha Ha BBC News 24 just asked the RT journalist ‘are you just a mouthpiece for Putin’ to which he replied ‘are you just a mouthpiece for David Cameron and UK Govt’ class..

  125. Nana Smith says:

    @Robert Peffers

    Is it this song you meant?

    There’s a Long, Long Trail A-Winding

    Nights are growing very lonely,
    Days are very long;
    I’m a-growing weary only
    List’ning for your song.
    Old remembrances are thronging
    Thro’ my memory.
    Till it seems the world is full of dreams
    Just to call you back to me.

    There’s a long, long trail a-winding
    Into the land of my dreams,
    Where the nightingales are singing
    And a white moon beams:
    There’s a long, long night of waiting
    Until my dreams all come true;
    Till the day when I’ll be going down
    That long, long trail with you.

    All night long I hear you calling,
    Calling sweet and low;
    Seem to hear your footsteps falling,
    Ev’ry where I go.
    Tho’ the road between us stretches
    Many a weary mile.
    I forget that you’re not with me yet,
    When I think I see you smile.

    There’s a long, long trail a-winding
    Into the land of my dreams,
    Where the nightingales are singing
    And a white moon beams:
    There’s a long, long night of waiting
    Until my dreams all come true;
    Till the day when I’ll be going down
    That long, long trail with you.

  126. heedtracker says:

    Torygraph fawning over Bliar like BetterTogether BBC do do but holy shit they are very strange best friends, far right liggers love Labour Party grandees. What ever next

    “While Lord (John) Reid, Mr Brown and Lord (George) Robertson – all Scottish-born cabinet secretaries who served under Mr Blair – have made major speeches on independence in recent months, the former prime minister has stayed away from the campaign trail.”

    Robertson was mad, Reed was creepy.

  127. Andy-B says:

    More scaremongering from the unionists, and Ian Davidson, who says regarding a currency union, “No if’s, no buts, no fudges no deals.” How I loathe Davidson, surely him, and Jimmy Hood, can’t really be Scottish can they?

  128. Les Wilson says:

    Ref Blair,
    let us also not forget he was the one, along with other “Proud Scots” that stole 6,000sq miles of Scottish seas and handed them to England.

    This to encompass the oil rigs in that area. He left us with a mess to sort out, he is another of the sneaky Labour fraternity.

  129. Nana Smith says:

    Bliar is a busy boy today. Peace envoy, jeez what a creep.

  130. alexicon says:

    Something sinister going on here.
    No doubt the Rev will get to the bottom of this group.

  131. heedtracker says:

    Ian Davidson’s reclining, £6 grand MP’s expenses worth, has spot for his favourite Profesor To kins here

    To be fair to Adam, he is being overshadowed by some cracking Brittish nationalist rule Britannia CIF types today for the Graun. Come on Aliesbadas, I have a fiver on you’re going to start shrieking Scots are fascist sheep and dictators by 6pm!

  132. lochside says:

    Radio BBC Scot 5pm news: German founder of Aldi dies; Yorkshire climber charged with crime in regard to pal that died; two murder stories….

    ‘Gordon Brown blow as Organ Donor Spokesman denies that Scots will not receive organs post Indy’?

    Well what do you think?…..swine might fly and SLAB might lie…..Get yourselves out to Pacific Quay on Sunday. The Palestinian demo had several thousands. Surely we can match those numbers?

    Keep the pressure on the ‘Ministry of Truth’.!

  133. Findlay Farquaharson says:

    “How I loathe Davidson”

    same here, nasty cowardly twisted self serving individual.

  134. heedtracker says: is certainly a great data base though. They list all tweets but link all facts and stats too which is very useful but probably not the point. Must have taken ages to put together.

  135. heedtracker says: cybernat watch has

    First Bliar Macbloater’s tweet, Yes fear mongering all weekend. It’s one way of going about your work day, get caught with your super size big boy pants on fire and call it Yes fear mongering. Love Bliar’s new 6 pack photos too, bless.

  136. lochside says:

    @ Alexicon. Looked at this shite, sorry site. Noted that Nige Farrago is planning ‘rally’ in Sept. in Scotland.

    Does this mean the kippers are marching with the bowler hatted twats in sashes? The mind boggles…colonel blimp, home county, estuary types ambling along with mono-browed Caledonian cretins in ill-fitting suits?

    Mayhem is guaranteed. One of the oddities is that in my experience OO types love being British but hate the English. Ask the good people of Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, etc.

  137. gillie, above, complained of the Herald blocking posts which criticise its reporting.

    I am afraid, that’s one of the no-nos listed in their terms and conditions – you can politely criticise other posters – provided said poster is Not an Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire – but not the Herald or its writers.

    I’ve had more red cards than Willie “Bud” Johnston for doing this.

  138. heedtracker says:

    This one too, straight in at no 1 with crystal ball lying. Wish they’d use their UKOK clairvoyant super powers to get the lotto numbers.

  139. heedtracker says:

    Sam F @SammF10 doesn’t exist on twitter anymore, sad face.

  140. CameronB Brodie says:

    Cheers. Xenotransplantation, is now my new word of the day. 😉

  141. Robert Peffers says:

    @Flower of Scotland says: 21 July, 2014 at 3:44 pm:Gordon “Cameron just said in Parliament that no one should stand by and let a big country bully another country! Oh the irony of it all. ( He was speaking of Ukraine and Russia doing the bullying ). I literally laughed out loud”.

    Yeah! Me too. I was giving the wee dog her quick, before evening meal walk and was coming back through a new housing developement. The street was full of people, mainly playing children. I have a tiny DAB radio and heard Cameron speak. I couldn’t help bursting into loud laughted. Boy did I get some strange looks.

  142. Chitterinlicht says:

    Lost all respect for Mr Brown.
    Thank you Wings for putting this Jobbie right back in the box.
    It’s like Jobbie tennis.BT keeping hurling them at us you send em right back across the net. Pity MSM can’t pick up an a few more and make them stick.
    “Brown admits stinky Jobbie was his” headline would be nice

    I also have no idea why Jobbie is being capatilised

  143. goldenayr says:

    Have heard there are a number of life science institutes competing to dissect Broon and the rest of the labour hierarchies brains when they finally gie us peace.

    There is a school of thought amongst doctors(more like a betting ring really).That these people have less folium than a goldfish.

  144. Jill P says:

    I thought I recognised one of the volunteers at Glasgow Airport on STV news just now. Then discovered her name is Elizabeth. Yep, THAT Elizabeth. The one in the Vote No Borders videos. At least she is Scottish, but did they have to have someone so openly anti-Yes greeting the athletes.

  145. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    @ Chitterinlicht

    Jobbies have life, they are sentient beings and are intelligent, in the case of BTUKOK, often more than their progenitors.

  146. heedtracker says:

    Thanks a bunch fake Slovene Professor Jezereena, you just cost me a fiver because you’re too busy publishing ” widely on British constitutional and administrative law as well as on EU law.” to call everyone in Scotland a fascist sheep and dictator worshipper before tea.

    Bet all all that “vote YES and you’re a fascist” goes down a treat in lectures Adam.

  147. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Davidson was on BBC R 4 this morning re no £ for Scotland cause we all say so.

    Stewart Hosie replied and literally took Davidson apart by mocking the absurdity of what he was saying.

    I could feel the heat from Davidson’s red face from here.

    I jave seen S Hosie on video before and he is good, at the top table of the SNP.

  148. Ken500 says:

    They get blood from the US. Westminster dangerously privatised a blood associated facility.

  149. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    re Cybernatwatch

    I see oor Morag gets a dishonourable mention.

    Good for her!

  150. alexicon says:


    I was in Stirling today and the council have put up bunting of Saltires along thistle Street, I suppose for the commonwealth games, but just to make sure there’s no confusion the UJ bunting was up as well.
    I’m sure Stirling council are trying their hardest for me not to want me to visit or spend my money there.

  151. Giving Goose says:

    Re heedtracker says;

    I’ve just emailed CyberNatWatch and complained that because I don’t use Twitter I’ve been excluded.

    I’m well pissed off 🙂

  152. Bugger (the Panda) says:


    Do you know, that if you get one of them alight the whole line burns very quickly and falls down.

    Just an observation.

  153. Dan Huil says:

    @ Jill P
    Don’t know about you but looking at the pictures of the baton’s progress there doesn’t seem to be much enthusiasm for the commonwealth games in Scotland. I viewed from afar a baton relay run near my home about a week ago and there were more police than spectators. I didn’t want a closer look because I feel the games are being used – because of biased reporting – as a front for the No campaign. There seems to be a conspicuous lack of saltires in the pictures.
    Am I alone in these feelings?

  154. galamcennalath says:

    OT Worth reading on Bella

    “A No vote will change things just as radically as a Yes vote.”

  155. heedtracker says:

    @ Giving Goose, no time for love sadly, just in from Glasgow law library with these very heavy tomes, by Prof Aliesbadas Tomkins. Its really more revision as I read all of it on his endless Guardian CiF

    Principal Publications
    2007 – The Rule of Law in Blair’s Britain 26 University of Queensland Law Journal 255
    2007 – British Government and the Constitution: Text, Cases and Materials (6th ed) Co-written with C Turpin Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, forthcoming, 845 pages
    2006 – European Union Law: Text and Materials Co-written with D Chalmers, C Hadjiemmanuil and G Monti Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 1235 pages
    2006 – The Executive and Public Law: Power and Accountability in Comparative Perspective (jointly edited with P Craig) Oxford, Oxford University Press, 355 pages
    2006 – The Crown in Scots Law (in ‘Public Law in Scotland,’ edited by A McHarg and T Mullen, Avizandum)
    2005 – Our Republican Constitution Oxford, Hart Publishing, 156 pages
    2004 – The Constitutional Law in MacCormick v Lord Advocate [2004] Juridical Review 213
    2003 – Public Law Clarendon Law Series, Oxford University Press, 225 pages
    2001 – Sceptical Essays on Human Rights (jointly edited with T Campbell and K Ewing) Oxford, Oxford University Press, 420 pages
    2001 – Magna Carta, Crown and Colonies Public Law 571
    1999 – Crown Privileges (in The Nature of the Crown, edited by M Sunkin and S Payne, Oxford University Press, 1999)
    1999 – Responsibility and Resignation in the European Commission 62 Modern Law Review 744
    1998 – The Constitution After Scott: Government Unwrapped Oxford, Oxford University Press, 275 pages
    1998 – Devolution and the British Constitution (edited collection) London, Key Haven, 120 pages
    1996 – Understanding Human Rights (jointly edited with C Gearty) London, Mansell Press, 650 pages; reissued as a paperback by Pinter, 1999
    1996 – A Right to Mislead Parliament? 16 Legal Studies 63
    1993 – Public Interest Immunity after Matrix Churchill Public Law 650

  156. heedtracker says: I was actually looking for this one but its been missing for ages apparently. Slovenia does look really nice too!

  157. X_Sticks says:

    Jobbies r Broon.

  158. Robert Peffers says:

    @Andy-B says: 21 July, 2014 at 5:07 pm:
    “How I loathe Davidson, surely him, and Jimmy Hood, can’t really be Scottish can they?”

    Indeed they can. There has always been sneaky, little fawning ("Tractor" - Ed)ous faction among we Scots. It was their type that got us into this hellish mess in 1707 remember?

    What force or guile could not subdue,
    Thro’ many warlike ages,
    Is wrought now by a coward few,
    For hireling ("Tractor" - Ed)’s wages.
    The English stell we could disdain,
    Secure in valour’s station;
    But English gold has been our bane-
    Such a parcel of rogues in a nation!

    Robert Burns.

  159. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    I took great delight in Kezia Dugdale making an arse of herself in today’s Record. She writes a whole column denying any danger to the NHS if we vote NO and she is followed on the next page by Sir Harry Burns, ex supremo of Scotland’s NHS, who just blows her completely out of the water and confirms vividly the danger facing Scotland from the destruction of the NHS in England.

    Bit sad really. I actually thought Kezia had something to offer. The lassie is on the wrong horse galloping the wrong way and she will be consigned to the dustbin of history. On a YES vote we must work to remove Kezia and people like her from national life.

    And what is the Record up to? Sir Harry Burns and the veterans of UCS declaring for YES over two pages with Nicola featured again.

  160. Croompenstein says:

    No mention of Referendum on STV or BBC news @6 but Scotland Tonight has moved on to the currency scare again so we will be faced with the Chairchoob spouting pish.

  161. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    @ Dave McEwan Hill

    Is is perhaps that the DR is starting to hedge its bets.

    Are they reading the polls and realising the Yes is gaining and possibly in the lead.

    If the DR comes over a bit more the Sun must do something too.

    Then it is Goodnight Vienna fpr BTUKOKNOBORDERS UK Plc

  162. Bugger (the Panda) says:


    I hope they get Stewart Hosie on with him to blow him out of the water.

    He did it this morning on R4


  163. BigRik says:

    Aye, Bliar getting involved, guess it must be quiet in the Middle East. The best advice is, do the exact opposite of anything he says…

  164. Robert Peffers says:

    @heedtracker says: 21 July, 2014 at 5:18pm

    “They list all tweets but link all facts and stats too which is very useful but probably not the point. Must have taken ages to put together.”

    Yes. I thought so too. I emailed them to thank them for the valuable information – for the YES side. Had a wee prod at them about the Crash Gordon and Kezia Dugdale error in lying about blood and organ donors when there was an EU directive saying that there was EU, never mind inter UK+Republic, exchanges already negotiated. All nice and respectful mind you.

  165. steveasaneilean says:

    All these cross border health care scares stories are just pathetic nonsense.
    Even if rUK were vindictive enough to withdraw cooperation (and vindictiveness would be the only real reason for doing so) there is nothing to stop NHS Scotland cooperating with Ireland, any of the Scandinavian countries, Holland, France, Germany…
    So where’s the issue?

  166. Vestas says:

    @ BigRik

    Spot on. War criminals lecturing me is something I can do without.

    However his tory buddies are working to fix that for him & the odious Jack Straw by making it impossible to prosecute anyone who’s been a member of the govt. In short they intend to place themselves entirely above and outwith the rule of law.

  167. Les Wilson says:

    Nana Smith says:

    Yes, usual crap from BT associates. Is it only me that thinks Blair is looking strange these days, looking slightly, well

  168. BigRik says:

    Nah, he’s not mad, just a pathological liar, as it seemed to work in the past. So his acolytes are blindly copying him.

  169. Les Wilson says:

    Had to laugh at this one
    Margaret Curran MP
    Margaret Curran MP
    More powers guaranteed. #LabNPF commits to new Scotland Act. And I personally guarantee to get it through Parliament.
    10:16 a.m. Sun, Jul 20

    SHE WILL PERSONALLY GUARANTEE???? Who thought she ran the Government? Hilarious!

  170. Dcanmore says:

    O/T It looks like the London Evening Standard is ‘doing a Scotsman’ tonight. Front page banner goes with ‘I get trolled over the Scottish Referendum’ – Nicola Bendetti on the polarising union debate, pages 20&21.

    Okay hold your breath… heading splash: ‘I get trolled about the Scottish referendum all the time’

    Now you might think the article, all 30 paragraphs of it, is about Nicola and her views on the Scottish referendum?

    Not quite, this article is indeed about one of Scotland’s amazing musicians, about her life, work and hopes for the future. Buried in there is a cheeky question about the Scottish referendum. Guess what, Nicola does NOT rise to the bait. All the interviewer, Charlotte Edwardes, could get out of Nicola was two skinny paragraphs about the referendum:

    ‘Last week Benedetti’s new album Homecoming: A Scottish Fantasy, soared to number 19 in the UK album charts… Inevitably, her detractors* claim her firecracker beauty and panduriform figure are the real reasons anyone is paying attention. But there are also suggestions** that the album capitalises on the emotional fervour around Scottish Independence. She won’t be drawn on where she stands on the referendum.’

    “I get trolled about it all the time. It barely makes its way to me anymore, because they’ve learned that they are not going to make me say anything.

    “People have to respect your right to private opinion. It was so emotional over JK Rowling. If I lived in Scotland I might feel differently. I might feel a greater obligation to speak up.”

    That’s it. The Evening Standard got a front page banner, a double page headline and a pull quote from that and it was only two paragraphs out of 30.

    *what detractors?
    **what suggestions and from whom?

    Last week in the same paper, a piece that had nothing to do with Scotland or the Scottish referendum, JK Rowling was introduced in the story as the ‘Scottish nationalists number one enemy.’

    This is the sort of shit journalism that the people of SE England are being fed on a daily basis down here. There is only one reason for it to stir up so much hate towards Scotland that in the event of NO vote any chance of further devolution or continuing Barnett formula will be met with outcry… ‘the majority of the people have spoken’ the Westmidden troughers would say.

  171. crazycat says:


    RIC have organized a lecture tomorrow night (22 July) at 7pm in the Mitchell Theatre, Glasgow, with Leanne Wood AM, leader of Plaid Cymru, entitled “Wales and Scotland – Our Independent Future”.

    I bought my ticket a long time ago, but they are still e-mailing me about it, so perhaps sales have been slow. Tickets cost £2, plus a fee of 77p. Tickets will be available on the door, but they advise booking/arriving early.

    Today the e-mail included the addition of Tam Brotherston, one of the UCS signatories to the DR letter, as a guest speaker.

  172. heedtracker says:

    Evening Standard is the Daily Heil for London. This is what Im talking about

    “I’m fed up with how standoffish and polite the English are being about the biggest debate to happen in and about Britain for who knows how long. This is Scotland’s decision, the mantra goes, and it is not for outsiders to tell Scotland how to vote. A silence that mutely accepts the dubious rhetoric of nationalism.”


  173. heedtracker says:

    One more massive boost for hands across the Hadrian wall failure Rory the Tory.

    Rancid old Graun, Libby Carrell and Rory the Tory hate Scottish democracy but love Scotland, confusion.

  174. Ken500 says:

    Everyone worldwide, and their dog, has had their say about the Scottish Referendum.

  175. bookie from hell says:

    I posted labour devo proposal s(basicly NO to everything) on the guardian,blair thread,and they have put me on watch,moderator has to view first,before I can post.

    I must of upset London labour (. : >. )

  176. Boorach says:

    Why is it I can’t see an image of T Blair without thinking of Alfred E Neuman?

    Younger readers just google Alfred E Neuman to discover a role model T Blair failed to follow!

  177. heedtracker says:

    Well I’ll never tire of hearing English Conservatives going “I love Scotland” but “I will hate Scotland, if Scotland does vote Yes” even in Slovenia:D

  178. Harry McAye says:

    If you read the Record View today you would realise that there is not a cat in hells chance of that paper coming out for Yes. They do publish the excellent piece from the Upper Clyde shipbuilders but the View then takes their views apart. They then close with another attack on the SNP’s proposal to cut corporation tax – So if you are an undecided voter and the Yes campaign call at your door, you might want to ask how cutting the tax of Scotland’s most profit-rich businesses will benefit the poor, the old and the jobless.

    Now, didn’t Crash Gordon cut this tax not once, but twice whilst PM?

  179. @crazycat

    OT/ Have just heard that event will be livestreamed if possible.

  180. ronnie anderson says:

    Awe FFsaky mair visitors tae Gretna ,Eastenders Ian Beale & Denise are likely heading North to tye the Knot,will they visit Rory,s cairn, all will be revealed before the end of the Week,I ah know am a sad case watching Eastenders, whit dey you,s want me tae watch, reality TV from the BBC news team.

  181. Grouse Beater says:

    I dropped some arduous chores this afternoon to assist a very elderly lady who had managed to get her car stuck side-on at the end of my cul-de-sac lane.

    A few minutes coaxing had her trust me with the steering wheel to reverse the car out to the main street, delighted to get out of the scrape and on the way to her hairdresser.

    “How can I thank you?”
    Give me hope you’re voting Yes for our full democracy.”
    “Oh, no! It is fearful!”
    “Oh, yes. Everything about it. I’m a No.”
    “Well, nothing much will alter for two years or so, and it might take ten to reinstitute the civil rights we’ve lost, and regain full sovereignty. I hope you’ll participate.”

    She smiled nervously and drove off.

    I wondered if she had realised a decade might see her out before we see full rights in.

    One poor creature well and truly inculcated by the Fear Campaign’s scaremongering. As far as she is concerned Armageddon is around the corner.

    Fats MacDee and his mob certainly know how to put the fear of death into the elderly.

    The South City Mob – grousebeater-wordpress

  182. Quentin Quale says:

    Grouse, on a happier note, my old mum (82) had John Swinney and a local SNP helper at her door the other week. She told them she is a dedicated Yes voter and has talked two of her chums into voting Yes. John smiled then rocked on his heels when the maw told them that her son & daughter in law keep her up to date and she likes to be told about Stu and Wings. So not all doom and gloom, Grousebeater

  183. cirsium says:

    @Alexicon – re cybernat watch

    that’s an interesting link. No background about who is behind it or who is funding it but the site does have a list. Must be following up on Mike Dailly’s idea.

  184. Tam Jardine says:


    We are so used to this blatant misrepresentation in the press it barely registers now – so sad.

    I have to say I feel a certain envy towards Nicola Benedetti and not for her incredible ability. People care about her opinion on this crucial vote. It is her absolute right to keep her own counsel, like Andy Murray and a number of famous, talented Scots.

    No one in the press will ever give a monkeys about my views on anything. Unless I go loco and start abusing people on the Web I remain just an ordinary Scot – opinion neither saught nor important.

    Like all of us I have 1 day to speak to the world and by God I will speak. There are people who listen to me before this day in September and if I can get enough of them to listen, and we all do the same we have this won.

    It is a privelage to live in this time. No one in Europe is having the conversation we are having about our country’s future. Love the fight for our children’s future – it is something we can all be proud of.

  185. Grouse Beater says:

    Ian Davidson MP, (Glasow South-West) chairperson UK Scottish Affairs Select Committee, lying through his filed teeth again, this time on a BBC radio interview.

    “All the leaders of the main political parties [true] and the governor of the Bank of England [big lie] have said there will be no sharing of ‘our’ currency.”

    An egregious error and no condradiction offered from the non-alert terribly polite BBC interviewer.

    It’s a crap chairperson who hears only what he wants to hear and wastes witnesses and expert’s time bringing them before him to give evidence.

  186. Grouse Beater says:

    Quentin’s solace: She told them she is a dedicated Yes voter and has talked two of her chums into voting Yes.

    Double that woman’s pension at once!

  187. CameronB Brodie says:

    I wonder when we can expect Ian Davidson to apologies to Mark Carney, for so blatantly misrepresenting his position re. currency union?

  188. Brian Mchugh says:

    I am just spending a moment of thought for all the so called ‘professional’ journalists operating in Scotland…

    If they are not utterly ashamed reading Stu’s last two articles, then they should be. Mainstream Journalism in Scotland has hit the bottom… The only question remaining, is how to quantify embarrassment?

  189. CameronB Brodie says:

    Brian Mchugh
    Temperature, as in the redness of beam-er?

  190. macart763m says:

    @Robert Peffers

    Heh, just as well we’ve got plenty of volunteers to point out that the emperor is butt naked. 😀

  191. Brian Mchugh says:

    It’s now so Embarrassing, that I honestly think the whole traditional media profession in Scotland is dead.

    Journalism is supposed to be about finger on the pulse too?

  192. macart763m says:

    Oh here we go.

    The last and nastiest of the dinosaurs is stirring.

  193. handclapping says:

    Compare what the Scottish Parliament has done and will be doing for the elderly, a NHS that works, free personal care and a better pension than Westminster’s with what Westminster provides and is promising:-
    A NHS that doesn’t work, A&Es have not hit their treatment targets for more than a year.
    Personal care if your Council can afford it even despite the rises in council tax
    An unaffordable pension promise even after putting up pension age
    An Assisted Dying Act so you can top yourself when life becomes unbearable
    and a promise from both big parties of twice as much austerity as we’ve already suffered yet to come.
    There is no way that the biggest cost, pensions, can escape Westminster’s austerity axe even though they are already the second worst in Europe.
    Vote No for a grotty old age in an English region

  194. cal says:

    Canvassing tonight in a fairly poor bit of Glasgow but with lots of blue noses (trying not to be too impolite!). Lots of people very cynical about politicians in general. Telling them that Gordon Brown is a lier doesn’t really have much effect on them I’m afraid. They think Yes and No are both lying and it’s hard work trying to explain to them that it’s No that’s doing all the running iin the lying stakes.

    As usual some really nice people. Even managed to convert a guy who’s opening line was,”I’m a loyalist so I’ll be voting No”. Pretty good eh!? One English lady liked my description of No voters as classic “Whinging Jocks”. They just want to moan about Westminster politicians making a mess of things but give them a chance to manage their own affairs and they recoil to their comfort zone of no responsibility. She was a don’t know her husband a nailed on Yes. I’d like think she moved a little to the light after our conversation. I really enjoyed talking to both of them. Gave them an Aye Right card. If you’re reading this folks, Hi!

  195. Paula Rose says:

    Cal – and everyone else, that is how we do this. When I die I want it to be safe in the knowledge that the future for Scotland is as a nation.

  196. Brian Powell says:

    Having put that letter on the Guardian comments, there was a comment from someone who might well be a fully developed homicidal psychopath, saying, “At the end of the day the decision could be overturned.”

  197. Thepnr says:

    @Paula Rose

    When I die I want it to be safe in the knowledge that the future for Scotland is as a nation.

    Well said Paula, since I know you are English the desire for democracy and socilal inclusion must mean a lot more than Nationalism to you.

  198. alexicon says:

    Cal, Grouse beater and anyone else who’ll listen.
    Most of us on here do canvassing and leafleting etc. and we all pretty know the areas we are dealing with, be it elderly or staunch blue noses we have to target these people by putting their fears at ease.
    I am posting the new YES booklets through 350 doors soon in an area that I know is about 90% pensioners. My intention is to post my own photo copy of the Scotsman article where a UK Government minister has said that the UK will still pay the pensions in an Independent Scotland. I’m using the Scotsman because it is not the YES side or the no side that’s saying it, it is a right wing pro unionist newspaper that many will listen too because it’s what they believe, it’s in the newspaper so it must be true.
    For blue noses? Maybe a printout (newspaper version) of the McCrone report will do.
    It is time to target different societies of the population.

  199. @macart763m

    To be fair we actually do have weapons of mass destruction.

  200. Paula Rose says:

    I think it would be a good idea if folk posted on off-topic pieces such as that suggested by alexicon. Pdfs of such material can then be printed and used in a targeted way – also useful in Yes shops and stalls.

    We might find these useful at the Seafest stall Thepnr.

  201. Grouse Beater says:

    Nicely done – and well thought out.
    I might just make a copy of that Scotsman article.
    Good, confident advice. Many thanks.

  202. crazycat says:

    @ cynicalHighlander

    Thanks for your response about 2 hours ago – I wandered off to the Guardian and have only just returned here for a bit of reality.

  203. Marcia says:


    The exact way to go. I have been saying the same to my local group and have seen some of the ideas been taken up.

  204. schrodingers cat says:

    tribute to rory the tory’s lets celibrate the 300 years of union by building a union patio


    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    notice mundell shelling out to the car, shortly after rory announces 700,000 stones need moved lol
    prof pennington in the crowd too (a crowd which couldnt hold hands at strech across the M1, let alone hadrians wall

  205. Croompenstein says:

    Ha Ha Chairchoob, trumped there by Stewart Hosie and the UCS sit in 7 advocating a yes vote. 😀

  206. Archie [not Erchie] says:

    I am in love with Stewart Hosie! I forgoe any other Hosies or Hosiery. Short, sharp and a blistering riposte to make that eejit grimace at the end.

  207. ronnie anderson says:

    Wee Duggie Alexanders interview with Sarah Smith, On Obamas comment to him re Scottish Independance, Dont look to close you can see the point of EDIT on Duggie’s face,Bbc cut & splice dept Failure.

  208. macart763m says:


    Well we’ve kind of been waiting for our boy to show his face from the get go. Wonder if they’ll release any of those findings prior to the referendum vote though?

    Somehow I think they’re just desperate and devious enough to hang on till after.

  209. Defo says:

    Broon is as much a war criminal as Blair, and I hope the screams of burning Iraqi children haunt his nightmares.
    Telling lies about transfusions and transplants is small beer for a man who knew fine well we were going to war on Blairs promise whatever, WMDs or not, and supported it all the same.
    Cookie was the only one with a conscience saying no, this is a line I’ll not cross. Poor sod, the good guys in that episode all seemed to die early.

  210. ronnie anderson says:

    Ian Davidson MP on the currency. This PARROTS DEAD,well Ian D shuffle of to that Great Squak box in H.O.L.nuts fur Ian ,nuts fur Ian,.

  211. @macart763m

    That report will be the usual establishment stitch up to protect The Establishment which controls Britain from behind the scenes.

  212. macart763m says:

    Its what they do best. 🙁

  213. cal says:

    I forgot to say that while canvassing tonight, I came across a woman who said she’d heard if you don’t vote, it counts as a Yes! We need to nip that one in the bud!!

  214. Croompenstein says:

    @Defo – Poor sod, the good guys in that episode all seemed to die early

    Bit of a pattern there I wonder if MI5/6 could help ?

  215. Bob Sinclair says:

    Kevin Bridges Commonwealth Games show, thus far, great, kudos to the Canadian Lass who has been bravely subversive.

  216. Archie [not Erchie] says:

    @ Ronnie – Will this be the new YES look – Stuffed parrots on shoulders with voice box ‘I’m Alive! I’m Alive’ [Monty Python, Life of Brian]

  217. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Why has the Chilcot Inquiry taken so long? We’ll need another inquiry to find out. And if that takes too long?

    ‘Big huge fleas have toty fleas
    Upon their backs to bite ’em,
    And dem wee fleas host smaller fleas,
    And so ad infinitum…’

  218. Grouse Beater says:

    Blair says Better Together has “pretty well saved the Union…”

    No mention of Cameron, Clegg, and Farage destroying it.

    I wish the press the media could throw off these jokers for wothier folk; not afflict us day in, day out with their vanity and their ambition.

  219. Nana Smith says:

    Chilcott and all the rest…

    Take these chains from our lives and let us be
    We’re sick and tired of all the lies from inquiries
    There’s more whitewash in Whitehall
    Than B&Q has in its stalls
    Take these chains from our live and gie us peace.

  220. Grouse Beater says:

    Cal: I came across a woman who said she’d heard if you don’t vote, it counts as a Yes!”

    Knowing how Better Under Westminster’s Thumb operate it would not surprise me if they used that tactic on anybody they thought seriously stupid.

  221. Thepnr says:

    @Ian Brotherhood
    Why indeed?

    Perchance they don’t like the truth to be shown and it has to be rehashed in order to support the status quo and the illusion of democracy?

    Oh look the squirrel has no clothes!

  222. Defo says:

    Croompenstein, I’ll be seen as tinfoil hat man, but I really feel there is nothing the establishment wouldn’t do to protect their own interests (and pretend it’s national interest, to salve their conscience’).
    There’s not a lot on my bucket list that doesn’t include a happy future for my kids, but seeing us free is at the top.
    Having the truth come out about Lockerbie is just below that.

    I’ll get the bacofoil…

  223. Defo says:

    Nana, Is that dead or alive 🙂

  224. Graeme Menzies says:

    @Ronnie 1050 pm.

    Has Davidson been bayonetting parrots now?

  225. Nana Smith says:


    Very good.

  226. Peter says:

    Bit of a Freudian from the Herald.

    US president Barack Obama has discussed the forthcoming Scottish independence with Labour leader Ed Miliband at the White House.

    Even Barry O’Bananarama knows that it’s going to be YES!

  227. Ian Brotherhood says:

    The NNS article on Blair doesn’t name which ‘think-tank’ he was addressing when he stuck his oar in re indy-ref.

    Anyone know if his comments were in response to a question, or a part of his speech?

    In any event, it would be splendid to see him make a day-trip north before Sep 18th – BTUKOKNOBORDERSNOTHANKS have run out of big-hitters, and he’d be sure to receive plenty of interest and huge crowds, naematterwhereveraboots in North Britain he chooses to show his preternaturally crumbling coupon.

    Come on up Tone, for one final ‘huzzah!’ – give a wee cheerio to your Scotchland fans!

  228. Nana Smith says:

    @Ian Brotherhood

    Progress centre left think tank in London. Not sure who asked a question or if he was spouting..

  229. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Archie [not Erchie]Stuffed parrots on shoulders. Well thats a lot lighter than Ian Davidson on your shoulder squaking Im DEED, Im DEED.

  230. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Peter –

    re Obama meeting Miliband.

    Can’t wait to see the still photos of that one.

    It’s prime Private Eye material. The two of them looking at one another, Miliband like a rabbit in headlights, with the thought bubble above each – ‘Who the fuck is this guy?’

  231. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Thepnr left message in O/T for you.

  232. alexicon says:

    I forgot to say that while canvassing tonight, I came across a woman who said she’d heard if you don’t vote, it counts as a Yes! We need to nip that one in the bud!!

    Go back and visit the woman Cal and give her a photo copy of Iain MacWhirters article on privatising the Scottish NHS.
    You could also give her an article on how the OO is signed up to better together. Find out what pushes her Independence button.

    Target that vote, it could lead to more votes for us.

  233. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Nana Smith –


    Will check that out.

  234. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Nana Smith –

    This appears to be it – the ‘Philip Gould Lecture’. No mention of Scotland and/or indy-ref that I saw in a brief scan. Plenty of stuff about Africa though. He’s ‘saving’ Africa. Lucky Africa…

    Interesting to ‘hear’ that voice again. What a master of bawbaggery. Really quite difficult to read without feeling the urge to vomit (‘my work is global’ etc) – nae worries Tony. If you were looking for immortality, you’ve found it right here, in Scotland, cause we’ll never ever ever forget you.

  235. heedtracker says:

    At least Dougie Alexander got to meet the Prez but its quite frightening to think what these twerps are capable of doing at the behest of the US. Actually its making me feel nauseated but at least we have chance of escaping from this wannabe rule Britannia buffoonery.

  236. Lesley-Anne says:

    What the hell is he doing saving Africa Ian, I could have sworn he was the U.N.’s *ahem* Middle East Envoy. How on earth did they let themselves get fooled into buying that one? 😉

    Oops! I’ve just realised his bested mates the Israelis are bombing the daylights out of Gazza so best he wasn’t anywhere near Israel then.

  237. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Lesley-Anne –

    There’s no end to Tony’s talents.

    And is he worth £100,000,000? – well, his DNA must hold valuable secrets as to how a human being can decay so quickly.

  238. Rock says:

    It didn’t take long for a ‘troublemaker without a degree’ to do some proper journalistic work and provide proof that “Gordon Brown is lying through his teeth to terrify Scottish people into voting No”.

    No doubt the Sunday Herald will point this out in its next edition.

  239. Thepnr says:


    There’s a wee song you might like over in off topic waiting on you.

  240. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @heedtracker –

    From the Grauniad link you provided:

    ‘A Miliband spokesperson said the meeting with Obama lasted 25 minutes. “The Leader of the Opposition and the President discussed a range of issues, including the situation in Ukraine, Gaza, and the future of the European Union,” the spokesperson said. “The pair also discussed the economy, climate change and the approaching referendum in Scotland.”‘


    Miliband managed to discuss all that stuff with the U.S. President, in TWENTY-FIVE MINUTES!?

    He must be a genius, and perfect PM material.

    Go Ed! Socialists all over the globe are right behind you! (No, seriously, they really are right behind you, and closing fast…the ‘fight or flight’ moment is upon you mister…)

  241. Lesley-Anne says:

    Q: What is the difference between the Labour for NO bus and the Business for Scotland YES bus?

    A: one has windaes the other disnae!

  242. Morag Graham Kerr says:

    Having the truth come out about Lockerbie is just below that.

    Thanks for that. You just reminded me to reply to an email from the very nice policeman who is seriously looking into this. We are arranging another meeting, soon.

    It will come out. Keep the faith. (I just wish it hadn’t decided to get serious right at the same time as the referendum, that’s all.)

  243. Lesley-Anne says:

    Thanks for the heads up Thepnr. 😉

    I think you are making a rather HUGE assumption there Ian, I’m not so sure that he was ever a human being.

  244. Lesley-Anne says:

    Forgot to add this to last post.

    I saw link to this story on BBC news website. Are we about to get another *ahem* love bomb from Cameron and his buddies?

    £18 Million funding for Business and Science in Glasgow. Hmm, I wonder if this comes with the usual Tory get out clause. “Glasgow will only receive this money after a successful NO vote in September.”

  245. Lesley-Anne says:


    I wonder if this is the reason that Margaret “stairheid rammy” Curran hates all those foreigners so much. 😉

  246. thoughtsofascot says:

    That picture of the Labour bus reminds me of what I hear from those that visit Pyeongyang up north. You get put on buses with blacked out windows so that you can’t see the utter devastation around you. SO that you can’t see the common people struggling to get by, and can only see what the tour leaders want you to see as you get off at each stop to take Communist Party approved pictures.

    Its absolutely frickin’ hilarious. Labour wouldn’t know irony if it backhanded them on the face.

  247. Defo says:

    Morag Graham Kerr.
    Thanks for that. I’ll put the bacofoil back in the pantry.
    I’m afraid that this is a case of a truth that is so shocking, it can’t be allowed to see the light of day.
    For what it’s worth (zilch), I’m of the opinion that every PM and President since ’89 has known that the Libyans were a convenient fall guy, to take the rap for Irans revenge, and are, by default, compliant in the cover up.
    If the Soviet union wasn’t collapsing at the same time, we would have seen the real culprits named, and Libya would never have come into it.
    And why ? Same as it’s ever been. The $$$ to be made from exploiting other nations natural resources.
    The Iranian government NEEDED to show they had had revenge for their airbus being shot down by the US, and the US gave them it on a plate.
    Airliners crashing from the sky, to suit political ends…

  248. goldenayr says:

    Has anyone seen this propaganda?

  249. alastair seago says:

    Goldenayr: Brilliant. Scotland only has 39 MP’s and the rUK is an island.They can’t even get basics right.

  250. goldenayr says:

    It would appear any tuppeny/hapenny prof now feels qualified to write shite.

    Here’s his contact page if you want to drop him a line.

  251. goldenayr says:

    alastair seago

    Do they ever get anything right?

  252. Bill says:

    A plethora of EU cross border agreements are in place to allow organ exchange.

  253. Lest we forget –

    In 2010, had the fibdems supported Labour instead of BamCam,Gordon Brown would still be Prime Minister and Darling would still be Chancellor.

    These serial liars and total incompetents would still be wielding political and military power.

    We can be thankful for small mercies.

  254. goldenayr says:

    This is the last time you’ll see so many “nos” in one place.


  255. caz-m says:

    Bella Caledonia gives us an update on how the Rally went last weekend in Glasgow in support of the people of Gaza.

    The also marched on the BBC Scotland buildings at Pacific Quay.

    BBC Scotland must be luvvin of this negative publicity.

    With another protest planned for Sunday 27th July at Pacific Quay because of their bias reporting against Scottish Independence.

  256. goldenayr says:


    Listening to the beeb yesterday and the PQ based staff moaning about how difficult it wiil be for them to get to work.

    I took from it,that anyone living outside the city centre,it might be wise to go to the nearest park and ride.Rather than negotiate the road closures.

  257. macart763m says:

    Has anyone seen a peep out of either Ms Dugdale or Mr Brown since their argument has been so thoroughly filleted? I’m one of those cave people who don’t do Facebook or Twitter and just wondered.

  258. caz-m says:

    Chancer George Osborne will announce today that if we all vote NO, then he will build us a Science Centre in Glasgow.

    I have a better idea.

    Vote YES and build Science Centres in ALL our major towns and cities.

    And no, “Chancer” was not a spelling mistake.

  259. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    I see that the Separatist Bastirts are now armed rebels.

    So are we rebellious Scots, to be crushed?

  260. goldenayr says:


    They’ve been trying to crush us for a millennia.

    They haven’t got very far.

  261. goldenayr says:

    I would love to have a phone tap on Gordon Mathesons line in the City Chambers and hear what he says to Gideon when he calls with more bribe offers.

    “Yes Sir…of course we’re grateful…no I’ll make sure the vote goes our way Sir…Thank you Sir,oh and Sir,I know a nice quiet carpark the cops have stopped going to for the next time you’re up.”

  262. caz-m says:


    I would think that the car park for the Science building next door to BBC Scotland will remain open.

    BBC Scotland are running shows outside their offices, so I would think that there must be parking for people turning up for them.

    If not, there is plenty of parking spaces in the surrounding streets that could be used.

    Ibrox Park is only two minutes from BBC Scotland and they deal with thousands of cars every home game.

  263. goldenayr says:


    Thanks for that.Since I’m not au fait with the changes that have happened in Glasgow recently(the last time I was there was over 10yrs ago,I used to get lost in Inverness)I think I’ll stick with bus or train,unless I can get someone else to drive.

  264. caz-m says:

    For parking at Pacific Quay on Sunday 27th July, use The Science Centre car park which is next door to BBC Scotland.

    Glasgow Science Centre contact details,

    They will let you know what parking is available for Sunday.

  265. Paula Rose says:

    Goldenayr (5:16) – BBC compares the rUK to Greece, been saying that for ages!

  266. goldenayr says:

    Paula Rose

    They are slightly nicer than the trolls who compare us to South Sudan,Sierra Leone and Somalia.

  267. galamcennalath says:

    Nice piece by Paul Kavanagh on Newsnet…

    “The Union died the day that the No campaign decided to base its strategy on scaring Scotland into submission.”

  268. Tattie-bogle says:

    Mr Matheson would gobble up any cash thrown at him as the brown envelope stuffing department at GCC has been operating with casual on/off staff since 2011

  269. The Sixth Verse of ” God Save the Queen ” follows :-

    ” Lord grant that Marshal Wade
    May by his mighty aid
    Victory bring
    May he sedition crush
    And like a torrent rush
    Rebellious Scots To Crush
    God save our queen ” – anthem ends.

    At the Commonwealth Games I will repeat only – this verse.
    When the Scottish Football team play the new nation created by FIFA later this year in the Euro Qualifying ties versus – GIBRALTAR.

    When, How did that one happen ?

  270. caz-m says:

    Typical BBC scare story about Scotland. This is the actual headline from the BBC website,

    “Scots coffee ‘stronger’ than Italy and Spain.”

    When you read the story, they are not talking about Scotland but Glasgow, then you discover that it is only espresso coffee they are talking about.

    And the final surprise is that the high caffeine reading was taken from ONE coffee shop in the West End of Glasgow.

    So to suggest that Scotland’s coffee has higher caffeine levels than that of Spain or Italy is just another BBC lie.

    I think super investigative journalist Eleanor Bradford has her paw prints all over this bullshit.

  271. Bigbricks says:

    Ian Brotherhood: interestingly, with reference to the meeting between President Obama and Ed Milliband, the White House website, in a (very) brief report of the meeting doesn’t mention any discussion of the referendum (says issues discussed “included Ukraine, Israel/Gaza and Iraq”), so if it was discussed, it was so unimportant to the US that it fell off the radar.

    If the Labour press release is accurate, they can have spent no more than 4 minutes on any of the issues, assuming an equal split. I doubt much of any value will come from that. Mr Milliband was probably just reassuring the President that in the highly unlikely event of him being a future UK PM, the troops will be on tap for any wee foreign jaunts (but we may have problems with air cover, unless we can buy back any of the Harriers we sold them).

    It’s simply an event designed to make a no-hoper look like a statesman. If the Labour Party could bring itself to be interested in true social justice, a fairer society, and true representative democracy, they might not be in the mess they are at the moment. Sadly, they’re too stupid to see that an independent Scotland would be their best hope of becoming a serious political force in England again, and moving back towards the ideals of their founders. Their loss.

  272. Further


    First leg of the tie – AFTER – IndyRef ?

    It would appear the SFA and EUFA are in collusion to delay this farcical game, so that ALL Scottish football fans will not erupt when UK Dependency – Gibraltar – has equal status to Scotland.

    Another despicable humiliation versus Scots.

    Believe it or not – Gibraltarians can get their British Passport in Gibraltar, while Scottish Passports are processed in Belfast since 2007.

    Thanx Gordon. Thanx Darling. Thanx SLAB.

  273. HenBroon says:

    Goldenayr, do you mean park n ride a la Matheson. Apparently attention was drawn to a car in Lyn Park by the sight of a bowler hat bobbing up and down. Turned out it was Coonsilor Matheson being enetertained by some OO chappie, who said he was just polishing his flute.

    Councillor Matheson pulls it of some said he’s blown it.

  274. “God save the effin queen ” ?

    Hope she gets thrush – at giant condor plague levels!

    Nae bedroom tax at Balmoral because that requires Royal Assent.

    Turkeys don`t vote for Xmas. D`oh ?

  275. goldenayr says:

    Wonder how many athletes are worried about a “private” audience with him.

  276. Robert Kerr says:

    Further to Goldenayr’s note from Bloomberg,

    It’s starting to dawn on the money-men.

    iScotland is a RISK to Sterling.


  277. Edward says:

    I heard that bull shit story yesterday
    on GMS.
    I thought it was weird at the time as why would coffee shops in Glasgow differ from all others across Scotland, never mind differ from the rest of Britain.

    After all the predominant players are ‘Costa Coffee’, ‘Starbucks’ , ‘Coffee Republic’
    All provide exactly the same as every other branch, in every town, city etc

    So came to the conclusion that it really was a complete crock

  278. Morag says:

    Lord grant that Marshal Wade
    May by his mighty aid
    Victory bring
    May he sedition crush
    And like a torrent rush
    Rebellious Scots To Crush
    God save our queen

    What “queen” would that be? In 1746?

    “Bring” rhymes with – you guessed it – “king”.

  279. Morag says:

    Defo, have you read my Lockerbie book?

    The one thing we know now for sure is that the Pan Am 103 bomb didn’t fly in from Frankfurt as the police believed, but was already in the baggage container before the connecting flight from Frankfurt landed. And that the investigators missed (or turned a blind eye to) an absolute shedload of evidence which shows that very clearly.

    That is SUCH a central finding that it turns everything else completely upside down. It throws the whole thing back in the melting pot and I wouldn’t care to speculate on what the case will look like when the kaleidoscope stops again.

    It’s proving very difficult to get the police and in particular the Crown Office to take this on board. Hardly surprising. It’s major egg on face territory. It shows that the original investigation was off the rails from a very early stage, and the entire case against Libya and Megrahi was complete candy-floss. It means that the Crown Office has been wasting thousands of pounds junketing off to Libya looking for the supposed “accomplices” of a man who had nothing to do with the crime.

    However, progress is being made, on three fronts. There is the appeal which was launched last month, and the public petition in front of the Justice Committee, and the work I and my associates are doing directly with the police and which I have a new meeting about later this week.

    I wrote a great article for Wings about the appeal and the grounds of appeal, but Stu didn’t publish it because of pressure of material directly relating to the referendum. I’m working on Bella Caledonia, so we’ll see what happens.

  280. Defo says:

    Morag. Thanks for the reply, and well done on your efforts to get things moving again. A difficult task, as it suits almost everyone to just accept the Libyan story, and put it behind them.

    As to it not being directly related to the referendum, I don’t see how the biggest miscarriage of justice we will ever see, & perpetuated by HM govt isn’t one of the better reasons to cut the link with London.

  281. Morag says:

    Oh sure, but Stu has enough work for three men just now and he has to prioritise. I’m still trying to get on the same page as Bella Caledonia, so it might be published there.

  282. cearc says:


    Is the Lockheed Hydra theory still in the loop?

    I see the original ‘attack or a trick?’ in The Firm, which I believe was by Robert Black, has been replaced with this . Which is undated and not attributed.

    I always felt this was very believeable having had knowledge of a totally unsuitable military cargo being sent (albeit by error or unbelievable incompetence) in a passenger plane, without documentation, where it sat until somebody opened the crates to what it was.

  283. At morag – what is your point ?

    Lizzie or Charlie as MONARCH ? AT 1746 – OR TODAY ?

    bring rhymes with King ?

    The same message has resounded through the centuries via this GERMAN/GREEK Monarchy – screw the Scots !!

    Of course, we Scots can obviously “Trust ” Charlie as much as did – Diana. D`oh ?

    “Royal Assent” ?

    Has anyone calculated the exact Scottish Land Mass Owned by the “Crown Estate” – Outside the actual LAND MASS of Scotland.

    I refer to the “TWELVE NAUTICAL MILES” around Mainland Scotland plus the TWELVE NAUTICAL MILES around the Inner Hebrides, around the Outer Hebrides and Around the Orkney and Shetland Islands – all owned by Crown Estate.


    Who gets the money from Wind Turbines – ANCHORED – on the Seabed Owned by the CROWN ESTATE ?

    Not Scots !!!

  284. Morag says:

    My point is that you misquoted the verse. Nothing more.

  285. Morag says:

    Cearc, there is no doubt whatsoever that Pan Am 103 blew apart in midair as a result of an improvised explosive device which was disguised as a radio-cassette player, which was packed inside a brown hardshell suitcase. This suitcase was loaded in baggage container AVE4041, very low down to the extreme left, towards the open side of the container.

    This is absolutely clear from the descriptions and photos of what was picked up on the ground by the search teams. Over the years a number of conspiracy theories have been mooted alleging a cargo of military ordnance, or a simple air accident due to a fault in the plane, and a number of other suggestions. None of them stands up to even the most superficial examination. We can all play “what if?”, but that’s all these suggestions are. The physical evidence speaks for itself and tells a very exact story.

    The point I am struggling to get over is that the story is more exact even than the investigators realised. The only real question was whether the suitcase with the bomb in it was the one on the bottom of the front left-hand stack in the container, or the one on top of it, on the second layer. This was important, because the one on the bottom was seen in the container at Heathrow an hour before the connecting flight landed. The one on the second layer was one of the cases transferred from the connecting flight.

    The investigators decided early on that the bomb had been in the case on the second layer, for no very readily apparent reason, and everything was then massaged into that theory. The problem is, if you examine the primary evidence carefully, it can be seen beyond any doubt at all that the explosion happened in the case on the bottom.

    Sell you a book if you like….

  286. Morag says:

    PS. Steven Raeburn (The Firm) is obsessed with Robbie the Pict and John Parkes. He’s absolutely impervious to reason. I have the emails to prove it. When I see his name on an article, I stop reading. No matter that it may start out well, he always comes back to Parkes, and Parkes was a volunteer helper who didn’t understand what he was witnessing and was quite obviously mistaken.

  287. cearc says:


    Thanks for that.

    Are you selling your book yourself as well as normal retail? I would prefer to give you the money than say amazon.

  288. Morag says:

    That’s very kimd of you. The book can be bought direct from the publishing firm, which as you rightly say gives me a much better deal than after Amazon’s cut.

    There is a discount offer running at the moment so it won’t be any more expensive even with the postage.

  289. Morag says:

    Kind of you, even….

  290. Chris says:

    It`s sickening that Gordon Brown would blatantly lie in order to scare the sick into voting no to keep his job, £66,000 salary and expenses. Morally reprehensible and he needs to apologise for his disgusting, appalling falsehoods!

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