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The Jim Murphy Fan Club

Posted on June 19, 2014 by

Labour MP and nuclear weapon enthusiast Jim Murphy is out and about this week, flitting bat-like across Scotland as part of his “100 Corners” tour where he stands on a box and tells wide-eyed Ordinary Members Of The Public ™ about the splendour of the union. Some of Jim’s pals have been proudly tweeting shots of the packed crowds.


But our eagle-eyed viewers couldn’t help spotting something.

There was no mention in the tweets of where the shots above were taken, although the bottom one would logically seem to be somewhere in the Stirling area. But a sizeable proportion of the modest gathering in the second one appears to have also been present at the first.

The blonde woman with the strappy, stripy top (1) is pretty much beyond dispute, as is the dark-haired young chap in the candy-checked shirt (2). We’d put a fair bit of money that the older gent in sunglasses and a blue striped shirt (3) is the same in both – in the bottom shot he’s Labour MSP Richard Simpson, standing next to Labour MP Anne McGuire – and a super-alert reader also noticed the distinctive low-slung pink and black rucksack on the wee chap at (4) poking out from behind a bloke in a suit.

[EDIT 4.54pm: And what also looks like two instances of the young man with short dark hair, shades, a grey t-shirt and brown trousers at (5), although he’s almost out of shot in the second pic and we again can’t be certain.]

Of course, that one could just be a coincidence. Perhaps they all are. Or maybe Jim Murphy just has a gaggle of dedicated groupies following him around Scotland for reasons entirely unconnected to the independence referendum.

What we’re definitely sure of is that they’re NOT the same few Labour activists being shipped around to pad out photos and create a false impression of grassroots support, because that’s the sort of thing Scottish Labour would simply never do.


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369 to “The Jim Murphy Fan Club”

  1. Gavin says:

    Well spotted! (although I think no 3 may be two different people?).

  2. Peter Macbeastie says:

    Not sure about three, might be the same guy, might not be.

    But I don’t doubt four. There is no way two men in Scotland would have a rucksack with pink bits on it. 😉

  3. Luigi says:

    I love all those bubble heids. Where’s Wally?


  4. Luigi says:

    They might at least have changed their shirts!

  5. Ian Brotherhood says:


    And they can’t even muster a full bus-load?

  6. desimond says:

    Nr 3 doubtful, although same hair look in person far right in 2nd shot.

    I thought Nr 4 was a girl judging by that candy striped golf visor!

    Tomorrows headline will be “Cybernat highlights faces shocker”

  7. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Reminds me of the children’s comics, the ones for wee tots, where there’s a scene containing twelve screwdrivers or hats or whatever and you have to find them.

  8. chalks says:

    There isn’t seats on the bus though, it’s padded cells.

  9. GrahamM says:

    found another! (whats my prize??) Uber cool guy in shades on extreme left of second picture stands proudly nearest wall, left hand side of first picture.

  10. scottish_skier says:

    Guy with dark hair, sunglasses, greyish/bluish t-shirt, light brown / khaki trousers right next to the wall at left of top photo and possibly holding is hand up to his face just at the very left / partially off shot in the second photo.

  11. desimond says:

    be nice….The Scottish Gene pool is very small and of course Primark is very popular!

  12. john king says:

    Im sure your right Peter but why don’t we ask our resident style guru, Paula?

  13. john king says:

    Wheres Wally? 🙂

  14. ronnie cowan says:

    The guy smack in the middle of the 2nd of 3 (with jacket on) is the same guy over sarwars right shoulder in the 3rd picture (but he has cunningly taken his jacket off). Good game.

  15. tommy kane says:

    re no. 3 its the guy next to the left of where the number has been placed I think

  16. desimond says:

    The guy sitting down isnae the same guy with his back to us standing up is he?

    BTW…Murphy is standing on a ginger bottle crate….this man has been on plenty of Arms Deal Hospitality gigs, he must be affronted!

  17. eezy says:

    Astroturfing to perfection.

  18. eezy says:

    Nothing wrong with a family day out though….
    Nice day for it.

  19. heedtracker says:

    Clothes dummies on trolleys Home Alone style worked with string, has more cred than this farce. Looks like someone has fainted with the tedium in the left side of the first one. Murphy’s £100+ billion “nuclear bombs give you world stage clout” bullshit does that to normal unpolished people.

  20. muttley79 says:

    This political machine is the one that the MSM is fighting tooth and nail to support and preserve. The Lib Dems and Tories no longer have much of an organisation left in Scotland. Propping up SLAB has become the name of the game, even Poor Old Cochers is doing it, and he is almost as right wing as you can get. No wonder growing numbers of SLAB voters and figures are supporting the Yes campaign.

  21. Holebender says:

    The guy standing on the crate, speaking to the ‘crowd’, looks like the same guy in both pictures. 😉

  22. Jim Marshall says:

    Perhaps they all Friends of Israel as well as Murphy.

  23. Morag says:

    In my opinion 3 in the upper picture is the guy immediately to the right of Murphy in the lower shot. Bear in mind the different lighting conditions.

    Similarly, 3 in the lower shot is the chap to the left of the guy marked 3 in the upper shot.

  24. Liquid Lenny says:

    How will these proud Scots be able to sleep at night if there is a no vote. It beggars belief.

  25. Oneironaut says:

    I wonder why they shell out for the bus? Could probably fit that lot in the back of a second-hand Transit van…

    Maybe he can claim more expenses for the bus though…

  26. DocFin says:

    Spot the Bawheid.

  27. Richy Duncan says:

    Brilliant Stu,

    Saw one last week and had a wee chuckle this one caught me out. Spat my tea everywhere …… again.

    Was out watching the Baton relay for the games and watched with admiration a few local folk handing out bags with YES badges and stickers and the amount of people wanting them surprised me. i live in a strong labour area but almost everyone wanted a badge etc.

    i knew there were plenty of us out there but to see it for real is incredibly uplifting. hundreds of them .

    Hope to catch Murphy’s road show myself . I have a few comments to throw him that can’t be put here as they are bad…

    Desperate bunch o’ chancers……. no bloody thanks

  28. Davy says:

    Busted, Busted, Busted, oh dear Jim Murphy has been playing silly buggers with his crowd control, is it his popularity or just his aftershave.

    Perhaps himself and Anas Sarwar could get together with their buses and swab crowds, I wonder who gets first pick ?

    I mean the crowd not Murphy or Sarwar, I’m not that inhuman.

  29. Morag says:

    It’s possible that the outstretched legs that can be seen in the upper photo belong to the guy sitting in the wheelchair in the lower photo, but there isn’t enough in either shot to be sure.

  30. mogabee says:

    Are they giving away free irn bru?

    Love the way the “grass roots” are spreading the message!

  31. muttley79 says:

    Jim Murphy is happy with the retention of nuclear weapons next to Scotland’s largest, while many people suffer from austerity spending cuts in the UK. How shameless can you get?

  32. desimond says:

    The boy holding the No sign with Anas appears in all 3 pictures( wearing a red jacket in 2/3), are they sleeping on this tour bus?

  33. muttley79 says:


  34. Murray McCallum says:

    Entire Scottish Labour paying membership on that bus!

  35. Tom Platt says:

    I wasn’t at the Barrhead Gala Day myself but talking to two of the “Yes” people manning the “Yes” stall there confirms that Murphy was nearly on his tod for much of the time that he was there.

    He has given himself a load of future trouble in the constituency. If he is re-elected as MP in May 2015 without taking the “Yes” pledge, then I’m a monkey’s uncle. I’ll not forgive him for trying to make “cybernat” a dirty word, the silly little man. If he read the actual cybernat site more often:-
    he might discover a little more about defence and other matters that he speaks in Westminster about.


  36. desimond says:

    If you walk down any high street you will hear some guy shouting out about the Second Coming or the wonder of religion. His fantastical claims are just as viable as anything jim Murphy was touting Im sure.

    As for Anas on Tour, i hope the young Pakistan Entrepreneur community werent missing him too much.

    BTW…Murphy, Anas, least their out there, JoLA, less visible than a pair of sheer knickers

  37. G H Graham says:

    There’s at least two more in each picture who are the same person. And if we could have seen everyone, I’d wager there are a few more on top of that.

    In summary then, Jim Murphy is bussing around the same people to different places to give the impression that at least a dozen members of the public are interested in listening to what he has to say.

    Well, that’s surely a flat out lie. I cannot possibly imagine who, except from his missus and perhaps his kids & the guy who approves his expense cheques, could be remotely interested in a die hard member of the Labour party making the case for spending >100 billion quid on a new nuclear weapon system.

  38. Gillie says:

    This must be the cheapest option Jim Murphy could afford from Rent-A-Crowd.

    A van would have been more appropriate means of transport.

    It does highlight a truth – Better Together is not a grass roots campaign.

  39. NODROG says:

    Well at least his constituents will know where he is. I do not see Westminster in any of the photos.

  40. donald anderson says:

    Jim Murphy as a student President leader destroyed the Scottish Union of Students, on the grounds that the English National Union of Students was more left wing. We still have a separate education system and no student fees or grants cuts, etc. a nasty little anti Scottish group, now defunct and its old leaders are lecturers producing videos and articles for the English media attacking socialists, peaceniks and nationalists. He was also in the Irish Freedom Movement, another suspect nasty wee group. A short course in America and he came back an openly Right Wing Labour careerist.

    To me he sounds like an advert for a funeral parlour.

  41. David says:

    Number 3 isn’t the same guy. But… in top pic the guy with the brown trousers and sunglasses to the left of number 3 is at the extreme left in the bottom pic (only half shown). Pal of women number 1 with her head in the read no sign in the top pic is standing to number 1s right in the bottom pic (in front of the guy in black).

  42. Walking on Sunshine says:

    I must admit I find Murphy smug, condescending and totally insincere.

    The type of person I would sprint across the road to avoid.

    As far as I’m aware he’s never had a real job in his life.

    And he’s careering around the country pontificating to everybody else.

    A thoroughly dislikable individual to the nth degree.

  43. Sinky says:

    On Jim Murphy

    Session: 1995-96
    Date tabled: 12.06.1996
    Primary sponsor: Livingstone, Ken

    That this House condemns the intolerant and dictatorial behaviour of the President of the National Union of Students, Mr Jim Murphy, who has unconstitutionally suspended NUS Vice President, Clive Lewis, because he took part, in a personal capacity, in an open debate at Queen Mary and Westfield College on the issues raised by the Campaign for Free Education; further notes that along with President Elect, Douglas Trainer, both men have warned NUS Executive member, Rose Woods, that if she attends the Scottish launch of the Campaign for Free Education she too will be suspended from the NUS Executive; reminds Mr Murphy and Mr Trainer that freedom of speech is a right in the United Kingdom, that they have no power to overturn the results of elections that went against their preferred candidates and that, whilst these methods are a common practice in dictatorships around the world, they are not acceptable behaviour from someone such as Mr Murphy who is putting himself forward as suitable for election to the House of Commons.…/991

    And o/t One again Derek Bateman tells it how it is in the BBC over Kezia Dugdalegate

  44. Gillie says:

    This is a classic case of astro-turfing.

  45. Gary says:

    Ahh, the ‘Dark Arts’. This, there regular hate column in The Telegraph, BBC on tap, Messrs McTernan and Crosby poll fiddling and smearing fecal matter over the campaign via Alistair Darling et al and assorted fears and smears via an assortment of HMG’s pet journalists and GCHQs pet trolls (now claiming that their actions are legal because its happening out with the UK). Will the public notice?

  46. Brotyboy says:

    Looks like someone has fainted with the tedium in the left side of the first one


  47. Sorry if it has already been mentioned but is that not a castley looking thing in the top right hand corner of the first pic?

  48. donald anderson says:

    In Revolutionary boy student days he condemned Tommy Sheridan as a reformist.

    His Labour Party is neither; socialist, reformist, or even liberal. It is just an election machine providing a gravy train for skinny skum.

  49. niall says:

    That’s Raploch and Braehead, Stirling.

  50. Brotyboy says:

    fainted with the tedium

    Sorry, but this one needs repeating as I am still pissing myself.

  51. Susan says:

    The women with the short died blond hair standing in front of the man with black jacket nearest to us is the same women in the second picture in front of the man in black t-shirt who is holding a bottle of juice. The hair is the same, what are the chances of 2 women having exactly the same hair in 2 of Jim’s talks?

  52. Thepnr says:

    If there is such a creature as a Labour activist in existence then they ought to be ashamed of themselves. Join LFI before your potential goes up in smoke.

    As for Mr Murphy, get the greasy silver spoon oot o yer mooth as it’s disgusting.

  53. Geoff Huijer says:

    I’m really not a fan of Jim Murphy.*

    * Does that make me a virus, Death Eating, Cybernat?

  54. Nobby Power says:

    Thankfully it’s the same Jim Murphy every time, which means there’s only one of him.

    Or is it? The plot thickens…

  55. Jamie Arriere says:

    There’s a woman with a blonde streak in her hair standing to the left of No.1 in top pic and to her right in bottom pic obscured by the big guy in black – the two women are obviously together.

    This is like ‘Spot the Naw’ – spot the nawheids?

  56. Sinky says:

    O/T and apologies if posted before

    Angus Roxburgh in New Statesman on lack of Scottish Six

  57. Red Squirrel says:

    Looks like nobodies buying – how disheartening it must be to have to bring your own audience.

  58. Oneironaut says:

    “This is a classic case of astro-turfing.”

    It doesn’t even qualify as astro-turf. More like that cheap plastic grass they use in the butcher’s window display!

  59. Edward says:

    I’m impressed, you can see Raploch on street view
    but cant find the second one in Braehead

  60. niall says:

    Drove past the Raploch one earlier. Around 15-20 folk there I would guess.

  61. Satnav Sid says:

    The bottom photo is outside the Post Office in Springfield Road, Braehead, Stirling and the building on the left is the North Parish church.

  62. Edward says:

    Found Braehead 🙂
    Like this

  63. Barry Caldwell says:

    Yip, second pic is def Braehead in Stirling, Springfield Road to be exact just next to North Parish Church.

  64. Conan_the_Librarian says:

    Jesus, just spent twenty minutes of my life peering at NaySayers…

    Spotted two sun hats the same though 🙂

  65. Edward says:

    All of 2.2 miles between the two locations, man that’s travelling 🙂

  66. Tumshie Howker says:

    There is at least 2. One on show while the other is getting its batteries recharged and software updated.

  67. Jamie Arriere says:

    Might have made the day a bit more fun if they’d all swapped clothes on the bus.

  68. Jamie Arriere

    The stripy lady and her pal are in both. It’s quite obviously the same hair on stripy lady’s friend.

  69. Dave Greenhill says:

    It’s all staged. The numbered faces travel round the area with him, activists are contacted and encouraged to turn up. There will always be the odd member of the public who happens to be passing or just nosey as to what’s going on. It’s a stunt for media purposes, nothing more.

    Reminds me of those ‘Find The Lady’ card sharks I encountered up Brick Lane in London. Everyone in the crowd was part of the deception and the poor unsuspecting victim wanders in to see various folk win. As soon as they play they lose their lot. Lol.

  70. Brotyboy says:

    @Jim Marshall, Muttley79, Donald Anderson and Sinky

    Putting all your info together, the picture which is painted is of a deeply manipulative and deceitful individual who has used organisational structures all his life to achieve status and wealth.

    The two political positions I most despise are Imperialism/Unionism and Zionism and I look forward to a time when an Independent Scotland is represented at the United Nations and puts its wholehearted support behind the right to self determination of the Palestinian people.

  71. Ian Brotherhood says:

    A reminder of the kind of people we’re up against, by G.A. Ponsonby, in NNS:

  72. Jamie Arriere says:

    Thanks Steve, looks like blonde-streak lady is number 6!

  73. Thepnr says:

    Your choice.

    Yes v No
    Lies v Truth
    Rich v Poor
    Holyrood v Westmister
    Democracy v Dictatorship
    Expansion v Austerity

    An opportunity to rid us of the parasite, the greedy and the troughers.

    You Choose with an X in the box?

  74. Jim Marshall says:

    Brotyboy 5.24

    Murphy is clever though. He increased his majority in Eastwood at the last general election. Eastwood formerly the second safest Tory seat in Scotland. This proves how far right he is.

  75. Andy-B says:

    I wonder if they’re actors paid to pad out the photo’s or maybe BT have scoured the phone book for rent a crowd, this types of crowd massing happens regularly in the USA, either way it definitely has the look of a false flag type gathering.

  76. Fraser says:

    It would appear that politics have changed forever we the public view them now with great contempt. We do not need to put up with their false promises and lies

    Voting yes is our best policy.

  77. Jon D says:

    The man with the just visible black socks next to the woman with the 2 week old perm, by the lamppost, with the sticker on top of the silver paint, recently pee’d on by the wee black dug now in the arms of the young lad with the hoodie who’s uncle used to own the shop in the second picture, in 1976, is just like the old boy that I used to know who said Jim Murphy used to live next door to him and attended this event the other day, or would have done if it hadn’t been so sunny because he was out of Calamine lotion


  78. Michael Kane says:

    Both photos look like they were taken in Stirling. The first looks to be on Drip Road outside the Raploch Community Campus and the second is on Springfield Road outside the post office and North Parish church.

  79. Mike says:

    Further investigation may find some of these people to be blood relations to party members possibly to MSPs themselves. Its worth checking.

  80. Stoops says:

    As long as they only have one vote each…

  81. Mike says:

    Anas Sarwar is claiming a grand total of 150 people travelling around on the Red bus but his photos show a max of about a dozen at any given time. Photos inside the bus show it to be mostly empty.
    The man takes bare faced lying to whole new levels.

  82. Capella says:

    Murphy’s Wikipedia entry is not entirely complimentary:
    “In 2011, The Daily Telegraph published documents,[23] compiled by a senior US official at the US Embassy in London and published by WikiLeaks, it was revealed that throughout 2009, Jim Murphy was in charge of organising a coalition of Unionist parties whose aim was to “block an independence referendum” in Scotland. The documents state:[24] Throughout 2009, UK Secretary of State for Scotland Jim Murphy played a leadership role in organizing the opposition parties, hoping to move Scotland toward implementation of the Calman recommendations as an alternative to an independence referendum, according to Murphy’s advisors, Labour party insiders, and opposition party leaders. First Minister Salmond’s response to independence critics (such as Murphy) has been to accelerate the implementation of the Calman recommendations as soon as possible – “to call the bluff.”

  83. Haggis Hunter says:

    Let me guess, they are all ordinary housewives, husbands and grandparents? Please don’t mention that they are Skelotors parents in law and siblings, that would be abusive.

  84. Findlay Farquaharson says:

    the thin guy standing on the crate who looks like jim murphy is in both pics too.

  85. BuckieBraes says:

    If this wasn’t so serious, it would be funny.

    Well no: it’s funny anyway, but also rather sad. There’s Jim with his ‘NX THANKS’ devotees; and Anas and Co tumbling from their ‘VOTEXNO’ play bus. Are its supporters really fully aware of the extent to which Scottish Labour is being taken for a ride by the Tories and the Westminster establishment (which of course includes Jim and Anas themselves)?

    It seems not, as yet.

  86. Jim Marshall says:

    Stoops 5.42

    ” As long as they only have one vote each.”

    Would not be sure about that.

  87. Clarinda says:

    At least the seating arrangements have improved from sitting on pavement in Photo 1 to Luxury Padded Black Plastic and Utility Fold Away with Secret Beer Pocket in Photo 2.

    Only 98 meet’n greets to go for Mr Murphy and the Murphettes.

  88. joe kane says:

    Anybody notice the same bus seems to be turning up in Anas’s photo-ops too?

    I’m just wondering if Jim Murphy always uses the same Irn Bru crate?

    Talking about their stage props is infinitely more interesting than anything these two neoliberals have to say about anything.

  89. Auld Rock says:

    Can’t blame folks for taking a free tour of Scotland on a beautiful sunny day. They’ll be handing out free ice creams and ice lolli’s next, LOL.

    Auld Rock

  90. ronnie anderson says:

    JHC Rev, kin you no finnish wan fight on the abuse front

    without starting anither ( Jim Murphy’s GROUPIES )

    mair like Jim,s GUPPIES. O ah hiv a jist gone n done it,

    a venerial abuse of Slim Jim & his Guppies. Aye is a small

    world in a Goldfish Bowl.

  91. joe kane says:

    Jim gets landed with Irn Bru crate, but Anas gets the big shiny new bus. What’s all that about?

  92. Jim Mitchell says:

    Watch out for them this weekend:


    This week – and every week – until September the 18th, hundreds of Labour activists will take to the streets across Scotland to share the message that Scotland can have the best of both worlds – a strong Scottish Parliament with more devolved powers along with the strength and security of the United Kingdom.

    This referendum will be won by you speaking to your friends, families and neighbours about how we’re stronger together within the United Kingdom

    That’s why we’re asking you to join us this weekend at one of our local campaigning events.

    We have events across Scotland including doorknocking, leaflet delivery and street stalls – you can find the event closest to you and play your part here.

    From Monday 23rd we will be running telephone banks contacting key voters in the referendum. If you can spare an hour or so please sign up here or come into either the Glasgow or Edinburgh offices between 4pm and 8pm Monday to Friday.

    The next three months will decide the future of Scotland, and if you believe that Scotland’s future is in leading the UK rather than leaving it, then we need your help!

    We’ll see you on the doorstep.

    Scottish Labour

    I would have to travel from Sauchie to Falkirk, so much for hundreds of activists!

  93. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Is the third photo Dunoon? The battle bus rolled in with Arswar yesterday – 4pm Castle Gardens we were told – and we had just gathered up a few YES posters in the YES shop to go down to have a chat at about 3.50 when the bus rolled past us making its way out of town.
    Apparently it stopped ,a few folk clambered off for a photo and then they got on again and drove away.
    I’m told there is a photo in tomorrow’s Dunoon paper. Could be interesting.

  94. lochside says:

    Meanwhile ‘Real Labour’?? Leader Bernie Winters look-a-like Milliband is proposing cutting young people’s broo money.

    Well they need the dough for more nukes, don’t they Skeletor? you disgusting hypocrite.

  95. Pete the camera says:

    Who is going to report Jim’s stalkers to Polite Scotland

  96. Haggis Hunter says:

    Think I will make an appearance at one of his soap box appearances and get a real debate going

  97. ronnie anderson says:

    Audit Scotland calling for Johann lamont to opilogize for her

    comments at FMs questions.Im sure, sure Josie that she will

    forthcoming & contrite.

  98. donald anderson says:

    Dunoon, Dunoon,
    Is a bonnie wee toon.
    Don’t vote Yes the noo
    Or Murph will shut it doon.

  99. bald eagle says:

    is the guy with the camera

    the same guy in all the photos

  100. galamcennalath says:

    OK, that’s a couple of dozen No voters with Labour allegiance I reckon?

    Do anyone think they’ll get many more Labour folks to vote No?

  101. donald anderson says:

    Let’s pretend we’re Better Together all alone
    And tell your MPs way down there they’ll have to go.

  102. galamcennalath says:

    OT I really let the side down today, guys (: – I eat a Tunnocks snowball.

  103. Big Del says:

    Number 3 is not the same guy, different colour of trousers!
    But he could be the guy sitting down on the slabs that you can see the legs of.
    Also, no. 1’s friend is in the second photo, just over the top right shoulder of the chap with the black tee shirt on.

    Very SAD

  104. ronnie anderson says:

    An hears me thinkin the Evening Times stopped playing

    Spot The Baw Heid years ago.

  105. Jim Marshall says:


    Sin bin for you.

  106. John grant says:

    If that eejit is traveling the country with rent a crowd the only person he’s fooling is himself as I said before, eejit

  107. joe kane says:

    Jim Murphy is on Twitter openly threatening to visit Raploch.

  108. Adrian B says:

    @ Dave McEwan Hill,

    Scroll down through the pictures.

  109. Nana Smith says:

    Reminds me of the Joe Cocker lyrics

    No, I get by with a little help from my friends
    Mm, I get high with a little help from my friends
    Mm, gonna try with a little help from my friends

  110. Martin says:

    Someone may have said this already. Maybe he is copying his hero John Major who was in town earlier this week.

  111. Gordon E says:

    Can anyone find a list of places and dates for Murphy’s 100 corners?
    I looked when I first heard about it just in case he came anywhere near but there is nothing to be found.

  112. Proud Cybernat says:

    What a group of sterling observers we are.

  113. gerry parker says:

    @ Dave,
    more here, looks like the Stadium in one of the shots.

  114. gerry parker says:

    Do you not know that Lees make better snowballs?

    10 in a packet for a pound in Asda.

  115. Grouse Beater says:

    Reminds me of the Joe Cocker lyrics

    Now, Nana! You should know better. Lennon and McCartney!

    Cocker used a line of the lyrics for his album title.

  116. Les Wilson says:

    Jim Murphy reminds me of the Rev Jolly, but without the wit!

    Ok, I know, I know, a bolt through the neck and he would be a dead wringer for well, lurch! Even the voice…………

  117. Grouse Beater says:

    Proud CyNat said: What a group of sterling observers we are.

    Ed Balls said he’d rather die than share sterling.

  118. Nana Smith says:

    I know Grouse Beater…no doubt what I’m about to say will cause uproar so I’ll say it quietly…I never did like the beatles.

  119. heedtracker says:

    Its when he simpers “now don’t you worry, ofcourse there’ll be a Labour government next year ” cheeky smirk, boakin.

  120. Anne Scotland says:

    I believe man number 3 is actually region MSP Richard Simpson. There are also a few local labour councillors there including the labour council leader Johanna Boyd and a lady who looks very like Anne McGuire MP.

  121. Derek McLean says:

    We caught BetterTogether fake canvassing in Govanhill last month! And their Shawlands event was a strange closed door hush hush event, they didnt want us streaming it! (we did anyway). They are a bunch of liars!
    I also see they are charging £20 for tickets to hear Alistair Carmichael speak! Thats pretty low. And desperate too!

  122. Democracy Reborn says:

    @donald anderson

    So, Murphy was formerly in the Irish Freedom Movement? Clearly a kindred spirit of George Galloway : vociferous supporters of self-determination for peoples around the globe….errrr, except their own.

  123. Grouse Beater says:

    My prediction: England 1 Uruguay 2

    Englishmen refuse to accept Rooney, like the UK, is a dud these days.

    Okay, here goes nuthin’ … pressing the Submit icon… gulp!

  124. Derek M says:

    ha ha he he ho ho i think i just pissed myself.

    poor show Labour you shower of plonkers

    ha ha ha he he ho ho aww man im going to be laughing at this all night now 🙂

  125. Alan McHarg says:

    They are just fooling themselves and now talking to themselves. A vote for SLab is a vote for food banks and Trident! Wake up Scotland!!

  126. handclapping says:

    Gosh those moves are good. Now that Frederick Ashton’s dead can we ask who was the choreographer?

  127. Robert Peffers says:

    The best description I can think of for the Smurf is The Lugubrious Mr Murphy.

    It’s jist a posh, ae wird, wey tae say, Lang Dreep

  128. Conan_the_Librarian says:

    “The Gang’s all here”

    By the Dropkick Murphys…

  129. heedtracker says:

    If he comes near Aberdeen, Im going to heckle him. “My question to future Lord Murphy of Castle Grey Skull is, what’s it like knowing that you’re a war criminal, Gordon Brown’s a war criminal, the whole of the Labour party are war criminals with the blood of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi people on your hands?”

  130. Clootie says:

    I think it’s quite sad – no pathetic.

    If you were going to fake crowd scenes you would have a full bus and a large “wardrobe” of hats/ jackets/ etc. various hairstyles. Various groupings to change structure.

    This is the best they can do? They could not even organise local party members to turn out for 20 minutes for a quick speech and photo?

    I’ve never seen a BT activist yet?
    Apparently you need a camera with BBC written on it and an event close to Pacific Quay.

    It does cheer you up though when you witness the hordes we have to face over the next few months. At this rate we will know them all by name so it may become a social event.

  131. JimnArlene says:

    Indymeanies, moany jolo, catch a no vote, by the clone, indymeanies, moany Jolo. Murphy, Darling and Broon Cannae let auld Scotland doon, indymeanies,moany Jolo.

  132. Robert Peffers says:

    Seems there has been ‘owls of protest from the other UK political parties about Labour’s latest promises. The YES campaign has cried (F),OWL, and claimed they don’t give a hoot.

  133. Thepnr says:

    My wife’s a Murphy she wishes to make it known. NOT in her name.

  134. heedtracker says:

    Or “Hey Jim, Jim, Jimmy, James,latest reports say teamGB national debt is actually £4.5 trillion, so why should the people of Scotland or England ever trust you again with our nations public finances?”

  135. john king says:

    galamcennalath says

    “OT I really let the side down today, guys (: – I eat a Tunnocks snowball.”

    Send him to the cooler
    Maybe when you get out you’ll understand I like Baxters soup, others like Mackies Ice Cream but we held out for the cause, 🙁
    take him away,
    I cant even look at you.

  136. Jim Bo says:

    Ronny- thanks for making my day. You’re a funny man!

  137. Sammy says:

    Bottom photo in Stirling: Number three is Richard Simpson MSP, the lady to hus left is Anne McGuire MP. Number four is local Labour Councillor Danny Gibson – the guy who tried to ban the Saltire from Stirling Council HQ which led to a Scotland-wide condemnation of his stunt and him withdrawing the motion under pressure from Better Together.

  138. I did wonder about the students/young people up on carlton hill the other day(holding up the’no more powers for scotland’letters)

    Are these people paid at least minimum wage? we need to know,or name and shame Better/UKOK/no thanks.

  139. john king says:

    Les Wilson says
    “Ok, I know, I know, a bolt through the neck and he would be a dead wringer for well, lurch! Even the voice…………”

    you rang?

  140. joe kane says:

    What’s Jim’s empty crate tour of Scotland called anyway – One Man His Sheeple?

    Not exactly Gladstone’s famous Midlothian campaign.

  141. Morag Graham Kerr says:

    Well, we seem to have established that it’s mostly all the same people in both shots. Well done us. Not sure where that gets us really, mind you. Indyref trivia.

  142. donald anderson says:

    Who’s the guy in the pin strip suit and pretty blouse hiding in the hills.

  143. john king says:

    “I’m really not a fan of Jim Murphy.*

    * Does that make me a virus, Death Eating, Cybernat?”

    Well you did ask.

  144. Jim Bo says:

    I am convinced that most if not all BT politicians read Wings. And I like to imagine the loathing and dread with which they do in case they are caught out in such an embarrassing way as this. Are they not ashamed of the constant humiliation? What must their friends and family think of them or don’t they care?

    Alternatively they are just blinkered and genuinely believe they are in the right which I find equally as dismaying.

  145. john king says:

    Jon d @5.37PM

    Pity you missed the blonde hair on the guy with the greasy hairs jacket, it was obvious he’s been having an affair with the woman with the bottle blonde hair,
    not so hot Sherlock.

  146. biggpolmont says:

    Since they’re hard pressed to get enough people to “set up” a decent photo I can understand if they used party workers, but could they not invest in a wee trip to Primark so these good folk could at least look different.
    Remember when the pro Russian forces in Crimea staged their little bit of trickery they at least bought that big fat ugly wife half as dozen headscarves.
    This lot have to make do with the lost property box from last years conference.
    But what of the good folk that are not in it two or three times Are they real? are they the bus driver, The conductor ,are they really mannekins from Primark? Or some poor fool who was passing who thinks hey I’ve got my fifteen minutes of fame.
    Where oh where are these pillars of investigative journalism who could ferret out an untruth and write 5000 words about the wrongdoing in half an hour.
    Please dont say back row second from the left I had already thought of that!

  147. Brian Mchugh says:

    BBC Scotchland evening news story on how Scotland were utter amaturish in the 1950’s against Uruguay in the World Cup and lost 7:0.

    …not a mention of the 1986 meeting, where we put on a great performance and the game went down in history for the cheating antics of Uruguay.

    Give it to the BBC, they do propaganda and brain washing well.

  148. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Sorry folks wrong clip

  149. Paula Rose says:

    Stop it – no, keep going ROFL

  150. ronnie anderson says:

    @ bigpolmont, hear hud on big yin you leave Primark oota this

    thats the poorman Genes supplier.

  151. a2 says:

    Stirling castle top left?

    which after consulting googly street view puts number one at or near rapploch community centre ,, drip road. I may be wrong.

  152. Thepnr says:

    Jim Bo says:

    “I am convinced that most if not all BT politicians read Wings.”

    Of course they do, from which other source could they read the “news” or gauge the pulse of the nation?

    Hi Blair, Hi Joanne. By the way that was a pretty poor show at FMQ today, will you ever learn?

    You will when your on the buroo.

  153. john king says:

    “Only 98 meet’n greets to go for Mr Murphy and the Murphettes.”

    OOHH ha ha ha ha
    that one slipped in under the radar
    now who do we have that would accurately represent mr Murphy and the murphettes hmmm?
    I think I just smurfed in my mouth.

  154. Paula Rose says:

    Talking of full bus loads – still a few seats on the Wings over Angus charabanc heading for Auld Reekie on the 4th of July – go to Off topic and claim a seat (£15)

  155. Kev says:

    Hilarious! And thats in blazing sunshine as well, id imagine even his handful of loyal groupies won’t be so loyal once it starts pishin wi rain.

  156. Conan_the_Librarian says:

    Oh dear, Uruguay have scored.

    What a shame.

  157. ronnie anderson says:

    @ John king do you want tae cause a diplomatic incident

    compairing Murph with the Smurfs the Belgian High Commission

    will be making a complaint next.

  158. Paula Rose says:

    Is that thingy with men showing their knees and chasing balls still going on?

  159. a2 says:

    ah yes here , although it appears to be a different part of the building that google street view dosnie reach.,-3.948693,3a,90y,177.11h,82.57t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sR2ZoypRSfr5ZPjkzfaa-4g!2e0

  160. john king says:

    Jim Bo says
    I am convinced that most if not all BT politicians read Wings

    Yes, kinda like the rabbit watching the headlights coming towards it, or

  161. yabadabadoo says:

    Jim Murphy loyal friend of Israel. What about the 700 children that Israel detain each year?

    Thank god some state broadcasters have still got some independence left. Here is the ABC (Australia’s national broadcaster) documentary on the treatment of these 700 per year children:

    Why does the BBC never produce such a documentary as it is supposed to be so unbiased? The Westminster controlled BBC’s silence is deafening.

    Murphy/Blair shame on you.

  162. Thepnr says:

    Nobody said it was ever going to be easy. People like you that regularly read Wings are the most committed. You will have up days and down days as I’m sure you’ve both noticed and felt.

    Jim Murphy’s 100 towns in a 100 days is pure fantasy and spin to get mentioned on the radio, TV and in the papers.

    Reality, unfortunately for Jim and his ilk is that the great big web of spin is unravelling before their eyes. If you’ve ever felt on a downer, just imagine how they feel.

    We are winning, so keep positive folk. Take the message to your neighbour or even better a stranger every chance you get.

    I spoke to two retired chaps today both “DEFINATE” No’s. The irony is one was lifelong labour the other a tory and they couldn’t agree on anything. We had a good chat, both now have an Aye Right card. For sure they labour voter was considering his position. I’ll get the tory again, next week maybe.

  163. john king says:

    Clootie says
    “It does cheer you up though when you witness the hordes we have to face over the next few months. At this rate we will know them all by name so it may become a social event.”

    Mibbie we could arrange for them to have their own personal polling booth’s with their names on them?

  164. biggpolmont says:

    Are you sure Anas Sarwar says there is a hundred and fifty people travelling on the bus? maybe he is thinking about the total number over the hundred days

  165. Findlay Farquaharson says:

    jeezo, england have 3 centre forwards playing and still look like they coulndt score in a china shop.

  166. Juteman says:

    I was brought up reading Enid Blyton and the Famous Five.
    Simply scrumptious.

  167. john king says:

    You forgot the lashings of pop.

  168. Thepnr says:


    You must have read The Secret Seven first?

  169. Thepnr says:

    “I don’t know why, but the meals we have on picnics always taste so much nicer than the ones we have indoors,’ said George.”

    Didn’t come from foodbanks then. There were no foodbanks then. Why now?

  170. john king says:

    “jeezo, england have 3 centre forwards playing and still look like they coulndt score in a china shop.”

    Sorry, I’m still trying to work this out, am I missing something?

  171. TJenny says:

    john king – I’m glad you asked that. (weepuzzledfacedthingy)

  172. john king says:

    “Didn’t come from foodbanks then. There were no foodbanks then. Why now?”

    For much the same reason as there was no rickets then either

  173. Findlay Farquaharson says:

    things must be desperate if murphy has to go round the country scaring us peasants so he can keep his expenses account. im sure he would rather be lunching at his gentlemens club in westminster.

  174. Peter says:

    Bloated ginger faced freak tells the truth for the first time ever.

    BBC could be shared with independent Scotland, says Treasury secretary

    Danny Alexander concedes Scotland could continue using the BBC and national lottery even if it votes for independence.

    So says the guardian in a shock horror report by Severin bigot.

  175. Thepnr says:

    @john king

    That’ll be why the tory government is bringing back free school milk then. Thatcher snatched it. Greedy bastard.

  176. Retro_Rabbit says:

    Have you had a look.on his blog about this tour…? Not sure that link will survive but my Mrs went along to see our Jim… local MP n awe that… anyhoo… she replied to his post pointing out his exaggerated numbers… I still think it’s the terrorising old folk tour…


  177. CameronB Brodie says:

    Armies of ringers and a MSM full of shills. Has it come to this? Sorry, but there won’t be a prize for the first correct answer.

    P.S. I just heard a rather loud roar (sitting in Edinburgh with open window). Has England just scored?

  178. ronnie anderson says:

    When did the National Lottery belong to the Bbc ah thought

    it was Camalot that owned it,Bbc only have a contract to

    broadcast the draw, there again so does that Hinternetty

    thingy show the numbers drawn.Oh Dannyboy stop playin wie

    yer toy it warps yer brain W****r.

  179. Thepnr says:


    The comments on that link are great, labour supporters letting him know what they really think. Doesn’t seem to have much support does Jim even from his own. Tough.

  180. Robert Peffers says:

    Oh! Dear! England trailing by a goal in the 92 minute of the game. What a shame.

  181. ronnie anderson says:

    Uruguayan supporter wie ah see you jimmy hat on PMSL.

  182. Stitchintime says:

    Good Evening Scotland,

    I am a new reader of this brilliant and informative site on what is happening regarding Independence, I am a scot living and working in England for many years. I went home to Inverness to see my mum and sister as I do every year and am very angry with the bias that I have been reading that the governments vessels have been spouting. I see nothing fair and without prejudice in anything I have read.It would serve them better to help it along with good grace even my colleagues say to me we would vote yes as well if they could. I read all the newspapers at work and there is hardly any articles in them that would inform me. Its very bad form and by the way I have asked for a copy of the white paper so that I can inform them here on what the plan is for an Independent State of Scotland.

    Please keep up the good work all of you.

  183. willie fae kilwinning says:


    if it was the same guy, he had a Scotland strip on and was waving the Saltire.


  184. Conan_the_Librarian says:

    Unbeatable winning combination of Suárez and Gerrardo for Uruguay.

  185. Findlay Farquaharson says:

    “Uruguayan supporter wie ah see you jimmy hat on PMSL.”

    and a saltire.

  186. Grouse Beater says:

    Grouse Beater said at 7:16 pm

    My prediction: England 1 Uruguay 2
    Score: England 1 Uruguay 2.

  187. Luigi says:

    England 1 Suarez 2

  188. Fireproofjim says:

    England lost to Uruguay. OK but don’ t rub it in.
    To gloat is not worthy of us., and not relevant. As Alec said England will be our best friend next year.

  189. Grouse Beater says:

    Post-mortem time …

  190. heedtracker says:

    @ Grouse Beater, you called it! Sad though. If Wayne was just a bit lucky…

  191. Findlay Farquaharson says:

    if italy beat costa rica and uruguay and england beat costa rica, england can qualify.

  192. Grouse Beater says:

    Far more skill evident in the Uruguayian team, bravura, but Rooney got a tap-in to add to his curriculum vitae.

  193. Joe Swan says:

    I think England just suffered their ‘Gascoigne moment’. Karma perhaps? His Holiness the Dalai Lama says ‘Yes!’, but not out loud in case it’s mis-translated!

  194. John H. says:

    Glenn Hoddle – Suarez was very quiet…apart from his 2 goals.

  195. Morag Graham Kerr says:

    Very grateful to the footie. Was able to cycle round an almost deserted village putting up loads of posters advertising the indy debate on Monday evening. Harassed only by the bloody Culicoides impunctatans.

  196. scottish_skier says:

    if italy beat costa rica and uruguay and england beat costa rica, england can qualify.

    This sounds like a Scotland approach to qualification. Just missing actual scores on top.. ‘if italy beat costa rica 3-0 and least 2-0 then..

    Man I have England and Ivory Coast in the office sweepstakes.

    Need a decent Y/N poll to cheer me up.

  197. ronnie anderson says:

    @ willie fae kilwinning, ah feel like busting into a song

    WEE Are Not Alown

  198. Dorothy Devine says:

    Bugger , I shall have nightmares thanks to you – Nosferatu was always the creepiest ,Chrissie Lee was a dish even with fangs!

  199. Angus MacDonald says:

    Stu that bloke in the suit with the bald spot is in both Jim Murphy pictures as well.

  200. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

    @Luigi says:
    I love all those bubble heids. Where’s Wally?

    Just as long as nobody says “Where’s Lally?”

  201. Findlay Farquaharson says:

    “Need a decent Y/N poll to cheer me up”

    are you expecting one?

  202. CameronB Brodie says:

    Just caught up with the comments (spotted your score update Conan). Which tv pundit do you reckon will try to introduce the concept of ‘gloating Scots’. Did anyone see the ITV presenter infer that Neil Lennon was one, a few days back?

  203. john king says:

    Harassed only by the bloody Culicoides impunctatans.
    I seem to be immune to them,
    Maybe its the beer, hic? 🙂

  204. Kev says:

    Im confused, we are constantly told that you need to be a big country to be successful, yet Uruguay’s population is only 3.3 million, hmmm…

  205. john king says:

    ” Did anyone see the ITV presenter infer that Neil Lennon was one, a few days back?”

    I am personally sick to death of the, “anyone but England”chant,
    I wish to god those people would get over it,
    personally I was hoping for England to win (just don’t tell them)

  206. heedtracker says:

    Its a complete Scots team and Scots pundit free world cup from BBC/STV England this year but there is one Scottish fan down there.

  207. john king says:

    “Im confused, we are constantly told that you need to be a big country to be successful, yet Uruguay’s population is only 3.3 million, hmmm…”

    Aha but you see they have oil.

  208. ronnie anderson says:

    @Morag Graham Kerr,noo Morag yer taxin ma brain & you know how fragile that is Culicoides impunctatans is that Latin
    fur Midgies.

  209. Kev says:

    The atmosphere in the ITV studio at full time is a very good indicator of what it promises to be like in the BBC Scotland studio on the 19th of September, cannae bloody wait!

  210. Sora Lochiel says:

    4’s a definite. That pink rucksack!
    Not sure about 5, though; one of them seems to have a lot more hair than the other

  211. caz-m says:

    Scotland supporter going crazy when Suarez got the winner has just made my summer.

    Has anyone got it on youtube yet.

    Got to be worth a barrow load of YES votes.

  212. Sora Lochiel says:

    Oh wait no, I’m dumb. Looking at the wrong guy. 5’s a definite too!

  213. Suzanne says:

    Oh what fun. The BT/UKOK/NoFanks (phew) crowd giving us a little game – “Spot the Same person In Every Photograph”. How thoughtful! 😀

  214. Morag Graham Kerr says:

    Ronnie, don’t mention the Candyman.

  215. Thepnr says:


    This is so easy, just picture the tory/libdem cabinet, the BT group and the Krankies.

    Then laugh hahaha.

  216. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

    O/T – i.e. Nothing to do with Skeletor or football, but a Braveheart anniversary update:-

    The special Braveheart showing at the Dominion Cinema in Edinburgh on the evening of 24th June (20th anniversary of Braveheart, 700th anniversary of Bannockburn) is invitation-only, as far as I am aware.

    It has been organised by 20th Century Fox, and should see the largest gathering of cast members in the 20 years since the movie was filmed.

    A this exciting time in Scottish history, there should be extensive MSM coverage (I can’t believe I just wrote that!).

    There will be a ‘tartan-carpet’ start, a showing of the documentary “The Journey Home” (paying tribute to Braveheart and its relevance today), a Q&A session with cast members, and the movie screening.


  217. ronnie anderson says:

    @ Morag Graham Kerr, (Candyman) noo who sung that hummmm lol

  218. Twenty14 says:


    must have slipped it in his wife’s handbag

  219. Vronsky says:

    Souls in torment. What did these people do in a previous life so terrible that they are condemned forever to listen to Murphy speeches? Lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch’entrate.

  220. Derek M says:

    i dont know Vronsky but what ever it was it must have been real bad lol

  221. john king says:

    Abandon hope all ye.

  222. crazycat says:

    Are the 3 Sarwar pictures all in Ayr? The top one could be Heathfield Retail Park, the middle one any one of a number of streets, and the third one the seafront looking out to Kintyre. (I could be totally wrong; I haven’t managed to find a matching image of the last one.)

  223. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

    Before joining the Jim Murphy fan club, please read this :

    (Especially the bizarre bit about him falling down a pothole.)

  224. MochaChoca says:

    Dunno if this is relevant, but the Anas bus photo op looks to be at Heathfield Retail Park, Ayr (top) and quite likely Ayr beach (bottom).

  225. Morag Graham Kerr says:

    You know, I’m far more interested in the Scotsman’s non-apology than any of this, but nobody’s talking about it.

  226. Sinky says:

    John McTernan defending the UK system of government full of privilege and attacking the proposed “bogus Scottish constitution”.

  227. MochaChoca says:


  228. alexicon says:

    if italy beat costa rica and uruguay and england beat costa rica, england can qualify.

    England can only qualify, under that scenario, if they have a better goal difference than Costa Rica and Uruguay.

  229. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

    @MochaChoca says:
    Dunno if this is relevant, but the Anas bus photo op looks to be at Heathfield Retail Park, Ayr (top) and quite likely Ayr beach (bottom).

    Maybe the only safe places for the Labour bus to visit are Tory-ish places.

    Says it all.

  230. alistair says:

    Hope everyone is going along to protest at BBC next Sunday at Pacific Quay at 2pm. Only 150 or so of us last time. Really need a couple of thousand at least as there is a big area to fill else it looks a bit feeble. 3k would be more like it. Please get all your pals invited along.

  231. Defo says:

    Fireproofjim says:

    “England lost to Uruguay. OK but don’ t rub it in.”

    For those of us old enough to have been baptised in the fountains of Trafalga Square on the ‘away’ years, and are sentient enough to have assimilated the constant referral to 1966, that’s an awfy big ask.

    The national conciousness has changed, for the better re the auld enemy since devolution, but this is different.

    GIRUY. With bells on.

  232. caz-m says:


    Do you think the BBC, ITV and Sky news will show the racist, anti-English Scot who was in the crowd.

    I do hope so.

    We need to find out who this crazy Scot is.

    I think they will finally get the message, that we don’t support England in World Cup tournaments.

    We support Scotland and anybody who is playing against England.


  233. Anne Lawrie says:

    Talking of REAL crowds, don’t forget the protest at BBC Glasgow Sunday 29th June at 2pm. Then we will see what a REAL grassroots crowd looks like. Wonder if the BBC will actually broadcast it this time, or their neighbours, STV? Let’s see if any of the MSM report it. As far as I know, only RUSSIAN TV broadcast it last time.

  234. RogueCoder says:

    Evening Wingers,

    About to watch ScotNight. I assume the Rev is still watching 11 grown men chasing a pigs bladder around an overpriced lawn?

  235. Bob Sinclair says:

    Anne Lawrie,
    I’ve been posting about it on BBC Scotland’s Facebook page, but for some reason they keep deleting my posts. One would almost think that they don’t want us there.

  236. Brian Mchugh says:

    The point I made earlier on was not anti-English… BBC Scotland clearly ran a ‘put down Scotland’ piece, mildly related to current affairs, in that Uruguay were involved in both cases.

    What the BBC did tonight, in full belief that England were going to be victorious, was to degrade Scotland in advance of the coming English Glory.

    It didn’t quite work out like that, but regardless of any healthy rivalry and due gloating on the Scotgish side… the BBC will now endevour to portray that very gloating as ‘Evil’, ‘Nasty’, unwanted anti-Englishness, which is vile and disgusting…

    …but in the name of healthy sporting rivalry… get it right round my English mates and collegues (who would say the same to me had the boot been on the other foot)…. HaHahaHaha.

    …hell, it’s getting really bad guys, when we start to feel that we have to be all apologetic, because there are those who jump on faux outrage at innocuous and innocent teasing and healthy rivalry.

    …so in the name of being a Tartan Army soldier… get it right f¥€&!/\ up em!!! 😉

  237. Graeme Doig says:


    GIRUY indeed. Can get a bit tiring being PC.

    There’s a good chance of a more conciliatory attitude when we finally get our country back.

    In the meantime ‘come on the Uruguayanees’!

  238. Fireproofjim says:

    The Germans (who always win the penalty shoot out) have a word “schadenfreude ” which means taking delight in another’s unhappiness. The English fans are hurting. We don’t need to express sch mean sentiments such as “anyone but England”.
    The English are not our problem. Westminster is.

  239. MochaChoca says:

    I know we wouldn’t want to capitalise on anyone elses misery, but events in Iraq are having quite an impact on oil price.

    OBR doom and gloom revenue forecasts are based on their Dec’13 predication that oil prices would slump from $108.9 per barrel last year to an average of $103.7 this year and $98.8 next year (despite prices holding pretty steady for at $109-$111 over the last 3-4 years)

    The price at the moment is $115.

  240. crazycat says:

    @ MocaChoca

    Aye, snap – glad you agree. The style of the buildings in the middle one is right too, could be somewhere between Main Street and the shore, for instance.

  241. CameronB Brodie says:

    I know where you are coming from, but does the performance of the England team and the hopes of their supporters, really have anything to do with the real ‘auld enemy’. Westminster and it’s not so silent partner Whitehall?

    I support any footballer who isn’t a total cheat or stroker. Regardless of nationality. You are, of course, your own man. Pardon the assumptions. 🙂

  242. Defo says:

    The story of Red Eds plan to grind the young unemployed into the dust needs bigging up Rev.

    Played nicely, that statement of future Labour policy could get a good few voters on board, & motivated to turn out on the 18th.

    Could it be that the Blue & Red Tories are playing a sort of political ‘top trumps’ on who can fuck the vulnerable over most and get away with it.

    When we leave, Osbourne will have them back on treadmills, running furiously on a £4T road to nowhere, to try & meet impossible CO2 emissions targets.

    “More Pimms Rupert ?”

  243. caz-m says:

    “The English are not our problem. Westminster is”.

    I knew someone like you would stick there wee PC nose in.

    Away and take a good fuck to yursel pal.

    It’s tongue and cheek banter.

    C’mon Costa Rica! ABE.

    And I don’t drink.

  244. Rock says:

    After a Yes vote, should all those in the No campaign who lied about Scotland be forgiven?

    I think not.

    A Truth Commission must be set up. And my preference is for it to be headed by Rev. Stuart Campbell.

    Every liar must be reprimanded, named and shamed.

  245. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    gerry parker at 6.47
    Yes. That is the stadium in Dunoon in the background. I can see one Dunoon resident in the photo. The rest will have been on the bus

  246. Ian Brotherhood says:

    For all my English pals, at this difficult time…

    The Streets, ‘Dry Your Eyes’ –

  247. Rock says:


    “Do you think the BBC, ITV and Sky news will show the racist, anti-English Scot who was in the crowd.

    I do hope so.

    We need to find out who this crazy Scot is.”

    What are the chances that this Scot was planted by UKIP TV or their subordinates in the No campaign?

    My view is 100%.

  248. Fireproofjim says:

    Do you always respond so crudely to a perfectly civil comment?

  249. Peter says:

    Nice to see john McLeprosyface indulging his drink addled brain cell once more.

    “Mawkishly titled Independence Day!” What does every country on the planet call it if not Independence Day? The man needs to be eradicated. Maybe Australia will help?

  250. Defo says:

    Spot on with the gender Cameron.

    TBH, I’ve evolved past footie really. An over commercialised, Bread & circus’ diversion I was born in 66, and as I implied I do not see the anti Englishness of old in people here nowadays.

    Apart from this 🙂 and even then, it’s milder. Tongue in cheek. Almost.

  251. CameronB Brodie says:

    Re. Jim Murphy. Would you identify him as a March violet?

  252. Thepnr says:

    All hell seems to have broke loose. Take it easy guys and gals. We are and will win. I make that my promise to you.

    Footy? Who cares?

  253. CameronB Brodie says:


  254. heedtracker says:

    @ Fireproofjim, 50 years of truly ghastly BBC teamGEnglandB football/we’ll win everything because football’s coming home coverage, and you even have to ask.

  255. ronnie anderson says:

    @caz_m you supply the two straws I’ll buy us a can of Irn Bru

    fur the 29th Pacific Quay demonstration.

  256. caz-m says:


    Are you an England fan by any chance?

    I hope you complain to the English press as quickly as you have done on here, when you see the vile comments you get in their newspapers.

    Are you really surprised that Scots are happy when England get beat.

    Shock horror, Scots delighted at English football team’s defeat.

    Lighten up.

  257. Marcia says:

    A squatter has taken over 10 Downing Street;

  258. caz-m says:

    Ronnie Anderson

    Sorry about the wee rant there Ladies and gentleman.

    I’ll take you up on that drink Ronnie.

  259. Defo says:

    Rock says:

    “After a Yes vote, should all those in the No campaign who lied about Scotland be forgiven?”

    I bloody hope not, I’ve spent days doing the logistics for the camps, and agonised over the re-education programme format. Furer Eck just asked me yesterday when the draft version would be ready !

    It’s hell, what with the numbers were talking about, I think we might need to ‘outsource’ the hardened cases abroad. One of the Stans, Kazak or something , does a cut price, one way deal I hear though.

  260. Andy smith says:

    OK rev, I give up. Which one is Jim Murphy, and which one is the wooden box ?

  261. haud on the noo says:

    Brian’ I’m with you 100% . The BBC coverage of the record defeat to uruguay marks a new low ( one a day.), the almost gloating glee was utterly embarrassing. Aye run Scotland down again , shower of bastirds.

    How do these people sleep?

  262. Fireproofjim says:

    I am no English supporter. I travelled to Wembley in 1967 when Jim Baxter and Denis Law demolished the “world champions” and have been at dozens of Hampden games.
    I have been an SNP voter all my life and I don’t find it necessary to send obscenities to a complete stranger who expresses a slightly different opinion to my own.
    However let it go. The goal is more important than a little difference over football.

  263. heedtracker says:

    How do these people sleep? On big piles of licence fee money, with lots of beautiful ladies like Jacky Bird. The head of BBC Vote No Scotland trousers 200 grand a year plus expenses, not bad for running a crappy propaganda machine and few hundred bettertogether liggers.

  264. Zorbathejock says:

    Maybe they are all on community service and are there to clear up the bullshxt after Murphy has gone.

  265. heedtracker says:

    @ Fireproofjim. yes but it runs much deeper than this though. ProudScotbuts like Gordon Brown and the Flipper have pumped billions into most English sport and not just the London Olympics either. Whatabout all their vast football academies for example? This England team tonight was no better than Uruguay, a nation of 3.3 million and it must be seriously worrying our spendthrift friends in the south.

    Never mind England, Wimbledon next week with a Scot on target to win the men’s singles, again.

  266. Brian Mchugh says:

    Thanks Haud on the Noo… I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who saw that disgrace.

    The propaganda really has more than surpassed Orwellian predictions now.


  267. caz-m says:


    “Let it go”,

    Considering it was you who butted into someone else’s comment that had FA to do with you in the first place. Nice one.

    You might have been at Wembley in 1967, but by your reaction to my comments, you must have been supporting England.

  268. CameronB Brodie says:

    It does look like Dave is the ‘meet-er’ and the Chinese guy the ‘greet-er’. 🙂

    Further to my earlier comment re. China’s purposefully restricted development, I think this article has some resonance with our current predicament.

  269. Brian Mchugh says:

    Heedtracker… you hit the nail on the head.

    A small nation of 3.3 million, have the self belief and pride to stand on the world stage and proudly say “we are here… we are equal to anyone else”…

    …If ever that is a lesson.

  270. Fireproofjim says:

    Why so aggressive? We have the same aims. I thought that comment was open to all but if you feel I “butted in” then that was not my intention, and I am sorry.
    However I am a lifelong Scotland supporter in both football and politics. Now let us call it a day. OK?

  271. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Have Frank Skinner and/or David Baddiel been Tweeting much this evening?

    Just wondering…

  272. caz-m says:

    Brian McHugh
    “A small nation of 3.3 million”

    And Uruguay are double World Cup winners.

    We keep getting told that Scotland is too wee to go far in an International Tournaments. With the right investment, Scotland could start to compete against these larger nations.

  273. CameronB Brodie says:

    Anyway, I thought butting in was my perogative, or John K’s. 🙂

    One of the lessons I picked up from the Pele soccer school broadcast in the early ’70s, was the importance of keeping your eye on the ball.

    The early ’70s were Ace, as there was also a Johan Cruyff soccer school on tv. I was also very young and there was no internet, so I didn’t know how badly Scotland was getting screwed. I would imagine the MSM were less obviously supportive of imperialism, and subjects of the realm were less easily dehumanised in polite society. Oh, wait. Alf Garnet. Bummer.

  274. SquareHaggis says:

    “Driver, pull over, wiv got a live yin!”

    Doddery auld mannie wanderin doon the street in Saltcoats or somewherr nearby when a bid reid bus, chockfu o cairpits wi blacked oot windaes pulls in and a door swishes oot.
    The bricht sunlicht sklenters doon aff the gless an intil his een.

    “Scuse me” he goes, near blinnert “You a library?”

    A heid poaps oot, smiles baith weys an sais:

    “Dae ah look like a f***in library?”

    Auld guy, unfazed, kinda deef, goes:

    “Ah dinna ken, ah hivna ma glessis”
    “You’ll no be the mobile oapticians wull ye?”

    A nod and a wink an a stepdoon aff a bus:

    “Yer right, wir nae the opticians, we’re the guid guys”

    A protective airm goes in.

    “Now, ye widna be needin a wee haun wi yer votin slip for the refarendum wid ye?”

    Auld boy, sniffin a guff staips back an manages tae zoom in on the twa BIG wurds alang the side, stammers oot a:

    “No __ Thannks”

    Camera clicks

    “Whit is it yer protestin aboot?”

    Door shmoozes shut, engine purrs, pulls awa. High fives.

    “That’s anither yin in the bag”

    in the papers naebdy reads…


    jub dun ;*©

  275. Horseboy says:

    Calm Down Calm Down Calm Down.
    Keep Calm and Carry On.

    YES Scotland obliged to come out with strong statements.
    To hobble the MSM and to comfort our YES rightwing.

    BBC Scotland didn’t run with Tory MSP Alex Johnstone faux cybernat outrage today. Reading Glasgow Herald’s political editor Magnus Gardham story, its a non story. BT Unionist trying to control airwaves by criticizing and censorship.

    Sticks and stones. Words don’t physically injured or physically hurt. In a true democracy, which both my parents actually fought for in WW2, freedom of speech is paramount.

    I’m centre left centre right centre, depending on weather.
    We all want same outcome, Scotland’s Independence.

    After Independence Day I don’t know who I’ll vote for, but I know it will be a Scottish Party not a UK Party.

    ps. Bill Bailey has come out for YES, as Billy Bragg did.

    Derek Bateman saying Labour MSP Kezia Dugdale dropped already from BBC Radio Scotland’s Ken MacDonald’s Headlines Sunday morning show, before she begun! Tune in to see who takes over. BBC Surprise Surprise.

  276. CameronB Brodie says:

    Couldn’t figure out which was the most appropriate thread to post on? 🙂

  277. Oneironaut says:

    “Never mind England, Wimbledon next week with a Scot on target to win the men’s singles, again.”

    Except he’ll only be “Scottish” if he loses. If he wins, he’ll be “British”.

    Either occurrence will no doubt provoke some degree of gloating from the BBC. Hence why I don’t mind having a little jab at their football team losing a match. All is fair in love and war as they say 😉

  278. CameronB Brodie says:

    Just as well it’s not Wimbledon. 😉

    To be serious, I hate those hats, which I think are a sad reflection of how Scottish culture is diminished. If I were to try and encapsulate the ‘Scottish Cringe’, it would probably be one of these demeaning comic props.

    Great to see the troops are out though. 🙂

  279. CameronB Brodie says:

    A 503 then a duplicate post message. Ach well, just to be safe.

    Just as well it’s not Wimbledon. 😉

    To be serious, I hate those hats, which I think are a sad reflection of how Scottish culture is diminished. If I were to try and encapsulate the ‘Scottish Cringe’, it would probably be one of these demeaning comic props.

    Great to see the troops are out though. 🙂

  280. Again, I’m sorry if this has been raised but near 3 hunner comments are hard to get through. Surely someone can do a wee calc on the length of the shadows! If they are meant to be from the same day then you could easily gauge the time difference.

    The wall behind Murphy is Six foot?

    The building facade in the second is maybe ten?

    Figure out the shadow lengths.

  281. Thing is Cameron, the lad is in Brazil!! He’ll be wanting to use every trick in the book to look as “Scottish” as he can. And he will be dining out on it for his whole holiday.

    Lad wears a see you Jimmy hat. Never expected to be on telly. He wore it to get in wi the Brazilian lassies!!

  282. CameronB Brodie says:

    steve stewart
    I agree with what you say and think the guy is a total star. I was probably expressing distaste at situate we have a chance to end in September. For ever, hopefully, though that will be up to future generations.

  283. CameronB Brodie says:


  284. joe kane says:

    In case the Unionist mainstream news media start girning about the Scot at the Uruguay game and calling him an anti-English racist (etc etc etc blah blah blah), these seem to be his bona fide credentials –

  285. CameronB Brodie says:

    I think Alasdair Gray covers a few of the issues posted hear recently, amongst this sheathing rat’s nest of “blood and soil”, anti-English hatred. 🙂

  286. CameronB Brodie says:


  287. donald anderson says:

    The Candyman song is about a drug dealer.

  288. donald anderson says:

    Murphy. Labour’s cure for insomnia.

  289. donald anderson says:

    “Fireproofjim says:

    “England lost to Uruguay. OK but don’ t rub it in.”

    For those of us old enough to have been baptised in the fountains of Trafalga Square on the ‘away’ years, and are sentient enough to have assimilated the constant referral to 1966, that’s an awfy big ask.

    The national conciousness has changed, for the better re the auld enemy since devolution, but this is different.

    GIRUY. With bells on.”

    I know. Hee. Hee.

  290. donald anderson says:

    Red, White & Blue Lab-Con

  291. donald anderson says:

    “Never mind England, Wimbledon next week with a Scot on target to win the men’s singles, again.”

    Except he’ll only be “Scottish” if he loses. If he wins, he’ll be “British”.

    Either occurrence will no doubt provoke some degree of gloating from the BBC. Hence why I don’t mind having a little jab at their football team losing a match. All is fair in love and war as they say ;)”

    Will Andy complain of St Gorge and Butcher’s Apron flags?

  292. CameronB Brodie says:

    Bruce J. Katz is a Vice President at the Brookings Institution, a visiting professor at the London School of Economics, and advises federal, state, and local leaders on shifting demographic and market trends as well as on policies that are critical to metropolitan prosperity (e.g., innovation, human capital, infrastructure, housing) and new forms of metropolitan governance. After Barack Obama was elected president in 2008, Katz co-led the housing and urban transition team and served as a senior advisor to Shaun Donovan, the new Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, for the first 100 days of the Obama administration.

    Anyway, I wonder how far he thinks Scottish governance should be “pushed down the system”. Also, just think of what “clustering” is likely to come about as a response to HS2. How will Scotland’s economy compete against a ‘technology bubble’ that we are helping fund?

  293. CameronB Brodie says:

    Do we really want to privatise public welfare? I suppose we have nationalised private risk.

  294. CameronB Brodie says:

    It says that schools must promote British values of respect for the law, democracy, equality and tolerance of different faiths and religious and other beliefs.

    Oi, no laughing in the cheap seats.

    Programming may vary due to regional differences.

  295. Ken500 says:

    Are they more PR company employees or just getting a wee hol on the house. Is Murphy no supposed to be in the House supporting Trident against the electorate’s wishes or telling fellow MP’s to FO at the ‘room tax vote’. Supported by Labour/Unionists. Murphy awaiting the seat at the HoL. What a crew.

  296. JLT says:

    Love the new game, Rev. Spot the difference …or rather …Spot the similarities!

    Maybe we should dig out other photos and begin comparing them. Any other MP’s doing roadshows.

    As to the footie. Ach, I’ll give England their due, they’ve tried at this one. Don’t blame the players …it’s bloomin Andy Townsend and Adrian Chiles that are doing my nut! Felt sorry for Gus Poyet last night. He had to act all sombre and sober in front of the media last night even though he must have been grinning like a Cheshire cat deep inside!

    Will they get out of the group. Doubtful. Italy will win tonight, but it’s not England beating Costa Rica that is the main game. England can win that 10 nil if they want. It’s the Italy ‘B Squad’ v Uruguay. A draw there will suit both teams down to a tee. Yep …they think it’s all over …it sure is now…

  297. Grouse Beater says:

    Thos photographs of Murphy are rather sad. Anybody who takes his opinions to the public and stands on a soapbox to espouse them must really believe in what he is saying. What a pity he stands firmly against historic change.

  298. JLT says:

    Ooops …I see Lord Reid has landed himself in hot water. Breaking the rules and now reported to the Electoral Commission. Over at the Herald. (Tried to save the link in the Archive but getting a error)

  299. Conan_the_Librarian says:

    “We just hope he doesn’t work in England, as he is probably out of a job now.”

  300. Ken500 says:

    Murphy’s Groupies

    Spot them all. Spot the ball with a difference.

    What were the six policies the SNP gov wanted Devolved to Scotland?

  301. Grouse Beater says:

    Heedtracker: Uruguay, a nation of 3.3 million

    Or as the commentator said, “Only 3.3 million, not even as big as London.”

  302. Ken500 says:

    Why does Murphy/Reid bother? It just looks bad. It’s embarrassing.

  303. Ken500 says:

    Out down the sound when watching the BBC/TV. Heard it all before? Or switch over, or switch off.

  304. Bugger (the Panda) says:


    So, Uruguay, population 3.3 millions beat England, population 56 millions in the World Cup and effectively knock them out the tournament.

    So how Uruguay is not too wee, too stupid and too poor to be an independent country?

  305. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    As for John Reid; arrogance personified.

    Hope he gets his erse skelped by the Electoral Commission but, I think he will just get a tellin aff.

  306. SquareHaggis says:

    Sure I saw a few Nob orders “ordinary” folk at the No Thanks Lally Rally the other week as well. Takes crowd funding to astronomic-turfing levels.

  307. Ken500 says:


    Just like the Japanese, Westminster is starving people to death to build a ghost libe to nowhere HS2. £70Billion to gain Westminster Politicans and their associates £millions/billions in public monies and subsidies.

  308. niall says:

    The second picture, where Jim Murphy is outside shop, is Braehead. However, its one of the quieter areas of Stirling. The shop is beside some sheltered houses and the houses across the road are mainly working households.

    Springfield road isn’t a through road, its sits at the back of a housing estate, and the only reason to go down there is to go to the shop/post office. Really, its a very quiet area!

    Out of all the places he could of gone in Stirling, why there? Why not outside the shopping center or near train/bus station? Or near Tescos? Or Bridge of Allan main street, which is about the same distance away?

    An obscure choice.

  309. caz-m says:

    CameronB Brodie

    Excellent points again Cameron, but I particularly liked your heads-up on what is happening in the South East of England, HS2 and all that.

    They are trying to turn the SE of England into a separate technically advanced super-state. They want all the main airport links going through the SE, they want HS2 running from the Midlands into London, etc.

    It is obvious that they are not interested in the rest of the UK. Most of Scotland’s taxes are being ploughed into turning London into one of the wealthiest cities in the world. So we are actually paying for Scotland to be at a disadvantage.

  310. Edward says:

    I think you have just answered your own question 😉
    Its because it IS a quiet area, that they went there

    Murphy and his merry band of fans, don’t want to be bothered with the hoi polloi in a busy area, such as busy shopping area or a main street, or bus or rail termini

    The idea is to grab a few snaps in a couple of quiet areas (these only being a couple of miles apart) and make out he is doing something and ‘connecting’ with the people.

    Its an old Labour ploy, a kind of extension of the publicised events, but its only an invited audience, so its safe for them (think that was actually borrowed from the Soviet era , showing the happy crowd gathering in the harvest kind of thing)

  311. niall says:

    I get the Raploch photo shoot, its always busy around there. But the other p!ace is just out the way. If he was trying to get the ‘working mans’ attention why not the shopping center across from the Borestone bar? Or near Lidl, St. Ninians?

  312. Edward says:

    Completely agree Niall
    If you want to have an effective ‘hustings’ type campaign to take to the people, then you have to go where most of the people are

  313. chalks says:

    Maybe didn’t want stoned

  314. SquareHaggis says:

    3 effs Murphy, poet is priest.
    Couldn’t Stewart Hosiie tak a wee mosey?

  315. Seasick Dave says:

    The Jim Murphy Fan Club has the same sort of ring to it as the My Little Pony Abattoir, first mentioned, I think, by the late Rik Mayall.

    Anyway, kudos to the fans for their resilience and pain threshold but nil points for lack of ambition.

  316. heedtracker says:

    Pissy old vote no Guardian staggers in from the boozer after watching England/Uruguay and takes a swing at Scotland. Lovely people, Severin etc.

  317. donald anderson says:

    Murphy, son of Thatcher, CIA, MI5, etc, etc.

  318. Brian Powell says:

    Bugger (the Panda)

    If you have a look at Newsnet Scotland’s latest article on their dealings with the Electoral Commission concerning the CBI, I wouldn’t hold out a lot of hope that much will come of reporting John Reid.

  319. Jim Thomson says:

    Ok, am I an “Alert Reader”, as per my shiny new badge, or is paranoia setting in?

    Just found this on the BBC website:

    Strikes me that the organ of the state is at it again.

  320. CameronB Brodie says:

    I posted these on the Guardian and I’m pleased to say they are still there. Tee hee.

    20 June 2014 6:55am

    As Gordon Brown has recently called for the harmonisation of Scots and English education systems, I think it is only fair to relate this article to the indyref debate. Sorry.

    It says that schools must promote British values of respect for the law, democracy, equality and tolerance of different faiths and religious and other beliefs.

    How does this square with the conduct of HMG Better Together, the BBC, STV, the Chamber of Commerce, the Electoral Commission, Vote No Borders and the MSM? Please feel free to add any you think I may have left out.

    A digitally enable untermensch (a.k.a. a cybernat).

    20 June 2014 7:02am

    Edit: A digitally enabled blood and soil untermensch (a.k.a. a cybernat)

    This oxymoron is only possible due to Scotland being located in it’s own unique parallel universe.

  321. desimond says:

    The guy with white shirt and tie in bottom 3 pictures has same smug look on his face and same passport in back pocket

  322. donald anderson says:

    Whit aboot Brian “Scotland is British” Wilson?

  323. Caroline Corfield says:

    Not only is Uruguay not too wee, it’s president is not corrupté_Mujica

  324. Thistle says:

    4 days left to end of crowd funding and not half way yet people.

    Loads cool stuff coming up. See latest livestream events via our website.

    Please help if you can or share…

  325. Jim Thomson says:

    Dammit @Cameron – you are now awarded the Oak Leaf Cluster to go with your badge 😉 or, maybe, we simply need another tier of them starting with “Even More Alert Reader” 😛

  326. Muscleguy says:


    Back in the ’80s in Southern NZ I was on my motorbike with a mate on the back heading from Palmerston back to Dunedin late one evening. We came down off the Kilmog hill and a hare ran in from the right obviously intending to cross the road. He kept pace with us for a good 2-300m. I was doing at least 110km/hr (approx 70mph). The hare didn’t seem to be straining. He eventually peeled off to the right out of my headlight range.

  327. caz-m says:

    From the BBC Scotland website, Jim Murphy, this time in Barrhead, with a familiar face looking on. Scroll down for photo.

  328. Capella says:

    @CameronB Brodie 12.08
    Thanks for the link to the Orwell article. It is scarily like our current situation.
    Re the Scottish fan at the Uraguay game in Brazil, he’s wearing the new “away” strip so isn’t he part of the new ‘Battenburg Army’?

  329. Capella says:

    Oops, Uruguay!

  330. Black Douglas says:


    But it did cheer me up this morning.

  331. Grouse Beater says:

    Caroline said: Not only is Uruguay not too wee, it’s president is not corrupt

    A timely reminder of alternatives. Jose Mujica He puts Westminster to shame, and our banksters who demand we pay them salaries and bonuses that make a Saudi prince envious.

  332. gavin lessells says:

    Humza Yousaf, Minister for External Affairs gave lady heading up BBC R4 Today a really hard time this morning. You might say that by end of interview around 8.45 that she was speechless.
    Maybe someone with greater tech ability might find a link to the interview. Well worth a listen. Greatly impressed by his handling of intended ambush.

  333. CameronB Brodie says:

    Jim Thomson

    Tom Lehrer – It makes a fellow proud to be a soldier 😉

  334. Grouse Beater says:

    heedtracker picks up on dumbass anti-Scotland book: Pissy old vote no Guardian takes a swing at Scotland.

    His ’50 people who screwed up Scotland’ malarky does not include Thatcher or the Labour party – the prat.

  335. caz-m says:

    It’s definitely changed days in Scotland, when we have to tip toe round any mention of an England defeat.

    It’s the only time you look forward to watching their news bulletins.

    C’mon, admit it, it does put an extra wee spring in your step, does it not. (Big Smiley Face)

  336. Jim Thomson says:

    @gavin lessells 10:18

    the iPlayer link is and start listening 2:32:00

    (would have posted a while ago but the infernal phone rang …)

  337. Helena Brown says:

    Caz-m, That will teach them for complaining we never support them, here we are supporting them and they get oor luck.
    Nice to see that the crowdfunders as opposed to the crowd finders have helped with another victory and the Wee Ginger Dug has sold his house.

  338. Helena Brown says:

    Apologises if someone has already mentioned it. Haven’t finished the comments.

  339. Free Scotland says:

    Murphy has no chance of landing a job as the pied piper.

  340. Free Scotland says:

    Surprising, really, that none of these photos feature officers of the law, drafted in to control the seething masses of adoring followers.

  341. Free Scotland says:

    To Jim Murphy:
    This is what a fan club really looks like. Scotland welcomed into family of nations by cheerful Uruguay supporters.

  342. CameronB Brodie says:

    Sorry, not really. I’m not wanting to make anything off this, especially after your nice comment earlier. It doesn’t really do anything for or to me, even though one of my grannie was English. Please don’t think I’m knocking you, I’m just not sure if I would want to rap dance in a minefield. 🙂

  343. caz-m says:

    Helena Brown
    “Caz-m, That will teach them for complaining we never support them, here we are supporting them and they get oor luck”.

    Brilliant Helena.

    We are just not born to support England. It’s not natural.

  344. CameronB Brodie says:


    tap dance

  345. Morag says:

    It’s certainly odd. For our indyref meeting in the village on Monday evening, we had 1000 flyers and 50 posters printed. A group of six of us leafleted the entire village on Sunday afternoon. On Monday another activist spent 4 hours leafleting all down the main A701 road where it runs close to the village, and on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I did more outlying hamlets and groups of houses. Ran out of leaflets somewhere in Dolphinton on Wednesday evening.

    I haven’t managed to place all the posters (50 was too many) but five outlying villages/hamlets have had one or (usually) more put up, and the main village itself is festooned with the things (the more so since I snuck round last night while everyone was watching the footie).

    I’ve placed a display ad in the local paper, out today, and I just emailed the Session Clerks of the three local churches asking for the meeting to be included in the church intimations on Sunday.

    And we’ve been tweeting it and I imagine someone has put it on the Facebook page.

    I’m whacked.

    If there’s anyone in the village or about a 4-mile radius who doesn’t know about the meeting, they’re comatose. I don’t know how big an attendance we’ll get, but if it’s poor it won’t be for want of trying.

    What the hell do Murphy’s team think they’re accomplishing with this big clandestine red bus tour?

  346. Wendy Shaw says:

    The lady standing with stripey strappy top is also in the second photo, almost totally obscured by the black tshirt guy. The hair is too recognisable.

  347. JWil says:

    The brown trousers must be significant.

    We have received two of the Better Together booklets several weeks apart. That sounds like good organization right enough.

    Jim Murphy is a look a like for the guy who invented the atomic bomb. It’s obvious that his interest in keeping nuclear weapons in Scotland is deep seated.

  348. Morag says:

    I think you’re right Wendy – the hair colour is quite distinctive.

    I’ve lost count how many that is now. And I disagree with Stu about 3 – I think his two 3s are two different guys who also have matches in the opposite photos. I suspect the seated guy towards the right of the second photo may own the pair of outstretched legs to the left of the first photo, though that’s a guess.

    It’s trivial, but it’s clear they are taking their own travelling support with maybe a handful of other people showing up at each (unpublicised) stop. What on earth is the point of all this, and is it worth an MP’s time?

  349. Grouse Beater says:

    Where is Wally?

  350. JWil says:

    Good game of spot the fake, or spot the balls going on.

  351. Steve Quinn says:

    Well spotted but no surprise. The no voter is extremely shy of photographs, save for the few paid hands. I notice much the same duplication on the facebook sites too. Shares seem to be much the same epic tom foolery. Facebook figures also do not reflect true no voter traffic.

    Alfred Hitchcock could not do a better job with his films replicating numerous scary birds in multiple locations at the same time. It is an admirable trick to be able to fool some of the people some of the time. The internet and sharp eyed readers are onto them though. It makes better reading, looking for the next body swerving curveball smoke and mirror fooling jape!

  352. Kevin Lynch says:

    I always find it odd how Jim Murphy manages to get around so much and yet he never seems to be anywhere near his own constituency in East Renfrewshire.

  353. Iain says:

    Top Stirling pic is in Drip Road Raploch bottom pic is Springfield Road Post Office Braehead.

  354. jake says:

    not convinced, theres too many of them, some must be cardboard cut outs

  355. Andrew Miller says:

    Just thinking, I wonder how long before ‘better together’ pose for a pic with their new ‘no thanks’ slogan. I can just imagine it now, MR Darling, Lamont et al, standing wearing ‘no thanks’ badges and a banner above them saying ‘no thanks’.
    Then someone puts that on a poster with the following written below:
    ‘We Think the Same’
    ‘Vote Yes’
    Or at least something similar, I think their new slogan is absolute gold.

  356. James Cormack says:

    Meanwhile, here in Dumbarton there has been next to nothing in the way of meetings or walkabouts from the BT mob. Ditto the Vale of Leven. Maybe we don’t count.

  357. donald anderson says:

    Someone has donated me 50 white lettering on blue badges with “YES please” on it. He offered them to the Yes Campaign but they were not interested.

  358. Enzil Dennistoun says:

    I’m sure I spotted my great aunt Euphemia (Effie) in that throng of supporters !
    I could be wrong tho..Maybe it was Jimmy himself! He has an aspect of Dickensian austerity.

  359. Nick says:

    we met Jim on his “tour” in Oban he seemed to enjoy himself was it Irn Bru or Coke??

    A certain egocentric delusional arrogance would suggest the latter!

    His coterie of lackeys included the fragrant Jackie Baillie his dung heap shield amongst

    other acolytes.

    Unforgettable and unvotable……Finished

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