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Losing the rag

Posted on August 03, 2014 by

Here’s an extraordinary display from Labour’s Jim Murphy, still standing on an Irn Bru crate and drawing crowds of up to a dozen people (several of whom sometimes aren’t even Labour staffers) in 100 locations across Scotland. This one’s apparently Ayr.

Not only does the former Secretary of State for Scotland spend most of his time bellowing furiously despite already being the only person with a microphone, but the demented rant he embarks on when asked a question by a lady in the crowd about Gordon Brown’s disgraceful lies over organ transplants will have readers used to Mr Murphy’s normal TV persona blinking and rubbing their eyes.

Most striking, though, is his complete refusal to meet the woman’s eye at the end of his extended “SNP BAD!” outburst, in which he’d completely ignored her simple and reasonable question. Several times at the end you can see him consciously turn away from her so as not to catch her gaze, presumably out of shame.

Vote No and trust him with Scotland’s future, readers.

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203 to “Losing the rag”

  1. Drew Peacock says:

    An embarrassment of a politician and a disgrace of a man.

    Pretty well the poster boy for a Scottish, Labour politician.

  2. Croompenstein says:

    It is Ayr, and why is he shouting FFS, there are a few more parts to this Stu in one of them he asks the person filming if they are from Wings Over Scotland.

  3. Drew McMorrin says:

    Skelator has lost the plot

  4. TJenny says:

    Ah, now we get to see what the man’s really like, and the typical SLabour no answers so I’ll just shout louder about something I wasn’t asked, approach comes to the fore. Do they usually have him sedated for TV appearances?

  5. goldenayr says:

    Ambulance for Murphy!

  6. Calum Craig says:

    I literally caught the last thirty seconds of his pish yesterday on Ayr High Street. Within half an hour of him finishing (latest 12 o clock I reckon) the Naw mob had packed up and buggered off for the day. Yes South Ayrshire manned their stall a wee bit further down the high street all day…

  7. Dcanmore says:

    Deflection! Deflection! Deflection!

  8. Chris G says:

    She gives up and walks away in disgust. Says it all really, the man with the mic thinks ignoring and shouting loudest will prevail? It’s a bit like the bbc take on reporting.

  9. JPFife says:

    Is anyone splicing his comment that the NHS in England getting privatised is a lie with Andy Burnham’s comments about how the tories should stop privatising the NHS?

  10. AlBa says:

    Oh yeah, classy performance, what a dickhead, respect to the lady, he showed her none whatsoever! Shame on him.

  11. Pat says:

    Just answer the feckin question!

  12. T.C says:

    Sorry I missed him in Ayr what an Asshole…Maybe good thing I did miss him..

  13. CameronB Brofie says:

    Indeed, no March Violet.

  14. Croompenstein says:

    If you can stomach it there are 5 parts to this and he shouts through them all, I watched them today it’s like passing the car crash you just have to look!

  15. Dcanmore says:

    Question: ‘What about Gordon Brown’s disgraceful lies on organ donations.

    Answer: ‘This is not about freedom, it’s not about Mel Gibson, it wasn’t even a good movie.’

    This is man fighting for his job and future living standards.

  16. HandandShrimp says:

    I wouldn’t waste my time going to listen to him. He is not very interesting. Even his abuse is lacklustre. God knows what he thinks he is doing. He has wasted days on this and hardly anyone gives a damn.

  17. Training Day says:

    We’re watching someone have an extended mental breakdown in public.

    And he didn’t answer the question. Well, except for a Braveheart reference.

    An appalling, unprincipled, amoral excuse for a human being.

  18. HandandShrimp says:

    This is man fighting for his job and future living standards.

    I think Ed is already moving him out the door anyway so he needn’t bother.

  19. Harry McAye says:

    That ship called Dig-ni-ty.

  20. R-type Grunt says:

    I think he got most of the bullet points in, lol. No privatisation of the NHS down south & Braveheart. His mum must be proud. And yet some cheer at the Braveheart smear.

    We can’t lose to these people. Not these people.

  21. Kryczek says:

    I managed to listen to 4 minute’s of that. Do i get a badge or something. I’ll accept a cotton bud just to get the **** out of my ear’s lol.

  22. pa_broon74 says:

    “Its all lies and bluster…”

    Blusters Jim Murphy MP.

    Nuff said.

  23. pa_broon74 says:

    (I also wonder who did shout ‘freedom’ – seemed like perfect timing…)

  24. anne Gorman says:

    What a total embarrassment of a man. Shameful that he started a rant because he was unable to answer a simple question.

  25. Rookiescot says:

    They are worried.

    They know YES is winning.

  26. Indy_Scot says:

    Thank god there is only another month to suffer this mans shit.

  27. kendomacaroonbar says:

    The man’s a fraud.

    Always has been, always will be…it’s in his DNA

  28. ronnie anderson says:

    Anybody know the lab timetable for Jims appearances.

  29. Paradox says:

    @JPFIFE 11:14

    Andy Burnham I think Burnham suggested slowing down the privatising of the NHS in England. Don’t think he is for abandoning the policy that LABOUR introduced.

  30. BrianW says:

    Now that’s BLUFF & BLUSTER folks..

    (think porky pig doing the end of a warner brother cartoon)

    God forbid he answer a question from one of the Electorate who have a vote in the Referendum – he’d have been as well sticking his fingers in his ears and shouting la, la, la.. I’m not Listening.. la, la, la..

    Silly, silly man…

  31. Susan says:

    Jim is holding a public meeting to persuade people to vote No, he is just shouting at people, no one is going to take him seriously except die hard Labour voters. His conduct is comical at the best! I think the 2 guys at the beginning put him in a bad mood, he does not like being associated to the Orange order or the BNP.
    Has anyone noticed the Bitters do not hand out any flags?

  32. Marco McGinty says:

    Is anyone really surprised by this BT attitude?

  33. Salt Ire says:

    A man teetering on the brink.


  34. davidb says:

    Back from a terrific weekend at the Festival. Once again I can report that on the section of the High Street from The World’s End to David Hume’s statue I didn’t see many windows declared, but I did only see Yes ones. This is a most curious thing to me. I understand the reluctance to make any public declaration, but if No is shooty in, why don’t I see more No windows?

  35. Paula Rose says:

    Well it worked for John Major according to his tory.

  36. BuckieBraes says:

    What is this ‘No Thanks Campaign’ of which he speaks? Silly me: I thought it was called ‘Better Together’. Or ‘UKOK’. Or ‘Vote No Borders’…

  37. CyberNiall says:

    At the end he says “I can only tell you what I know.”

    Tip: If you don’t know much, dont travel the country lecturing people!

  38. Taranaich says:

    Did he just say the privatisation of the NHS in England was an “SNP lie”!?! When his pal Andy Burnham JUST ASKED the Tories to STOP this privatisation?

    … Why do they do this? This two-faced nonsense doesn’t work in the age of the internet.

    Apparently he was at Gourock Train Station the other day doing his soapboxery. I’m heartbroken to have missed him, my wee mammie would’ve wiped the flair wi’ him!

  39. Drew Peacock says:

    He has, over his career, went from campaigning for the rights of Palestine to being a member of Labour Friends of Israel.
    Tells you all you need to know about this man of principles

  40. Paradox says:

    Jimba come on in yer teas oot son.

  41. Dr Ew says:

    Piss away billions on an ineffectual, immoral weapons system, wring your hands while Gaza burns, shore up the bankers’ bonuses while stocking up the foodbanks, bleat about scroungers as you slash benefits and turn people out of their homes. Public spending BAD, Private contracts GOOD. Get in bed with the Fascists while smearing nationalists as blood and soil. Rake up a scare story a day like Malcolm Fucking Tucker in a Tardis and tell us you’ll take the Doctor away. Throw up borders and tell us the pound’s no’ ours. Bully and frighten old folk, people desperate for transplants and anyone else who is poor, weak and vulnerable.

    Like all the other Labour apparachniks Murphy is clinging on for the House of Lords, with no interest in socialism or in any way upsetting the social order that serves him so well.

    His sepulchral countenance – the face of the Labour Party as it marches to its grave.

  42. heedtracker says:

    The lady that asked the Brown question looks so nice too. So much for respecting each other. Flattened by the Westminster juggernaut of No, but she won’t be though.

  43. CyberNiall says:

    Also, I love how he yells at the top of his voice that the SNP have become “increasingly desperate! INCREASINGLY LOUD!”

  44. some guy says:

    Aye, how was he meant to answer with all the abuse and accusation of being a ("Tractor" - Ed)? He did say he would answer questions AFTER he finished his speech. Surely that’s fair enough?

    Or is it the done thing in an Independent Scotland to shout over someones right to free speech, and not let them talk? Don’t see that sort of abuse fired ad too many nats…

  45. Brian Mchugh says:

    Only response is this…

  46. Truth says:

    Dear oh dear.

    Any thinking person is not going to be impressed by that Mr Murphy.

    Keep up the good work, turning those don’t knows to yes.

  47. No no no...yes says:

    A shocking display from a discredited man. He is in serious danger of a mental breakdown, as well as being a danger to his own health.
    I also thought the thread title, “Losing the rag” was a reference to the Scotsman going out out business, Oh well…

  48. Tam Jardine says:

    A recurring theme of the referendum for me has been the belligerence of labour politicians. Finally they are realising that that they are no longer the default choice of the majority in Scotland and it enrages them.

    I guess Jim is thinking “how dare this ******* yes **** ask me, Jim Murphy a question that I can’t possibly answer”. He despises that wee wummin – and he is terrified of her.

    What a turn off – that hectoring, aggressive approach is just so off putting. Quite fun to watch, but. Respect to the Ayr Yes lady – she deserves a medal for her restraint.

  49. Schiehallion! Schiehallion! says:

    Ah, the lies, the lies, James Murphy. The lies and the father of lies. I can think of far more wholesome uses for whatever’s in your shitty wee soapbox.

  50. McNic says:

    Poor deranged Jimbo was given a body-guard from the Ayr Tories, even the Orangemen weren’t intrested after he dissed them.
    I think Jimbo will regret Saturday, the tweets haven’t stopped since the frist film was put up.
    This could be the begining of the end of a fucking waste of space and expensenses.
    About time he had a proper job anyway.

  51. Andy smith says:

    Thought it was nice of the yes supporter in the background to hold Murphy’s umbrella for him though.

  52. Justin Ross says:


    How dare that woman asking questions not be a handpicked Labour Party member / official! How dare anyone in Scotland think of criticising the Omniscient Gordon Brown!

    Usual Labour performance. The elected representatives of the “people’s party” are always mentioning Braveheart and are always the worst offenders at treating ordinary voters with blatant contempt.

  53. wee folding bike says:

    @No no no…yes

    Losing the rag comes from the practice of tying a rag round a halberd to stop blood running down the shaft and getting on your good shirt. If you stick the weapon into the other guy too hard then when you pull it out the rag stays inside his body hence losing the rag.

  54. kendomacaroonbar says:


    Perhaps they were hoping for a lightning strike ?

  55. heedtracker says:

    @ Tam Jardine, it is an extraordinary display of belligerence and all aimed at lovely grandma too. How many of us out here have grandmas like this lady and just the thought of her being roared at and shouted over like Murphy here is just horrible.

  56. Minty says:

    Anecdote alert:

    Nephew lives in England, was out canvassing for Lab (he’s worried about the rise of UKIP where he lives). Got talking to CLP big wig about #indyref and the guy said they felt it was lost, they were resigned to it, hence the big names from Westminster weren’t making any effort to campaign for BT.

    Wonder what party internal polling is showing.


  57. Tackety Beets says:

    They’re coming to take him away haa haa ! a la Napoleon XIV

  58. Justin Ross says:

    Murphy clearly has a great intellect and fearsome debating skills though. 9 years spent studying at uni at the tax-payers’ expense without ever graduating seems to have equipped him superbly for public life.

  59. Seepy says:

    Is Slabbering a word? I think it might be now

  60. ronald alexander mcdonald says:

    I think his biggest weakness is he thinks he’s highly intelligent.

  61. BuckieBraes says:


    ‘About time he had a proper job anyway.’

    Such as?

  62. kendomacaroonbar says:


    a Jim Murphy impersonator ? 🙂

  63. MoJo says:

    what’s wrong with that shouty man , mummy? …..

  64. grahamlive says:

    “It’s all lies and bluster” says Jim Murphys, while lying and blustering. What a pathetic show.

  65. X_Sticks says:

    There’s no doubt the unionists are getting angrier and angrier by the week.

    Now the CWG is over we’re on to the final rollercoaster to the 18th. We just need to hold our nerve and work our asses off. That 63% isn’t going to happen without us all putting in maximum effort.

  66. Paula Rose says:

    @ Seepy – slabbering now has a new definition xx

  67. McNic says:

    Something along the lines of zero-hours, minimum-pay, menial labour.
    So the fud can learn to appreciate the true meaning of earning a living in a Scotland he and his fellow f#ckwits have created.

  68. Jim says:

    Why bother taking questions if you have no intention of answering them. It is okay to accuse the SNP of refusing to give straight answers but when a woman asks a genuine question about the lie propagated by Gordon Brown you don’t even get a slightly bent out of shape answer, you get nothing, not even a rebuttal.
    Vote no and the NHS in Scotland will be privatised of that there is no doubt, there is too much money to be made from the sick to let this goose lay it’s golden eggs for free.
    Vote no but have your credit card at the ready because you are going to need it when one of your own falls ill.
    What, you can’t afford it? Ah well, sorry but there is nothing we can do, better contact that priest and make funeral arrangements.
    The American dream, coming soon!

  69. SquareHaggis says:

    Must be shakkin up in the bus, puir loon.

  70. caz-m says:

    The problem all Labour politicians have is that they don’t know how to answer difficult questions. They have never been asked difficult questions in their recent history.

    In Scotland they were the majority ruling, party of the people. They could tell us any bullshit they wanted, knowing that the media would never follow up on it.

    So, the only way they know how to answer a difficult question now, is to mention Alex Salmond or the SNP.

    And they don’t even realise that we can see right through them.

    Ronnie Anderson

    I don’t think Murphy tells anyone where he is going, he just turns up.

  71. Mealer says:

    The man will say anything to keep his snout in the trough.Shameful.

  72. Jim says:

    All politicians are pathological liars.
    Someone said labour introduced the start of the privatisation of the NHS but what is labour other than a component part of the same dick, labour are the shaft, lib dems are the ball sack and the tories are the bell end.

  73. Jim says:

    Corrupt, the lot of them and hell mend them.

  74. Dennis Smith says:

    @ seepy at 11.52

    “Is Slabbering a word?” The Concise Scots dictionary says:

    Slabber (verb) 1) wet with saliva, beslobber [etc.] 2) wet with a messy semi-liquid substance 3) slaver, dribble [etc.] 4) make a snorting, bubbling sound as in weeping or sleeping 5) work carelessly, messily [etc.]

    And much the same as a noun. A very versatile word

  75. goldenayr says:


    “I don’t think Murphy tells anyone where he is going, he just turns up”

    Gents toilets,womens lingerie,that flat,he gets the taxi to,where he left his wallet/watch/phone(delete applicable)…

  76. Ieuan Roberts says:

    As a “neutral” Welshman do I get a prize for watching this drivel to the end? I kept thinking he’s going to answer the question, but it didn’t happen.

  77. Seepy says:

    Thanks, Paula Rose and Dennis Smith. It’s all becoming much clearer 😉

  78. caz-m says:

    “That 63% isn’t going to happen without us all putting in maximum effort.”

    Paid Ladbrokes a visit yesterday and put another £100 on over 55%. (7/1)

    Out and about today and there is definitely more and more YES stickers appearing on the back of cars.

    By coincidence, I turned on to the slip road onto the M8 behind two other cars. And it turned out the three of us all had YES stickers on our cars.

    It’s lookin good.

  79. CameronB Brofie says:

    Why do you think I used to refer to Scottish Labour as “Slabour”, until I corrected this error to “British Labor”? 😉

  80. JimnArlene says:

    Does no one in Slab, know how a microphone works? Remember the wee shouty man at the beginning of the Commonwealth games?
    Spud’s obviously mashed.

  81. caz-m says:

    “Gents toilets,womens lingerie,that flat,he gets the taxi to,where he left his wallet/watch/phone(delete applicable)…”

    Do you know something we don’t?

  82. Jim says:

    What makes me laugh, sadly, are the people that say, don’t worry because when/if we reclaim independence you can vote for whoever you want, this is not about the SNP.
    Who in the name of the God will ever vote labour again except those that will be voting no anyway.

  83. caz-m says:

    CameronB Brodie


    as in, what a Slabbering idiot Murphy is.

    Very good.

  84. goldenayr says:


    Put it this way,he’s using more than a Mars Bar a day for this gig.

  85. Jim says:

    Public servants my arse. Don’t deliver the manifesto I voted for then you are sacked, that is the way it should be.
    Remember, they are elected by the people for the people.

  86. Jim says:

    Scrap political parties, it is the only way forward.

  87. CameronB Brofie says:

    That’s the one. 🙂

  88. X_Sticks says:


    Yup, looking good.

    One of the Yes signs we delivered on Sat is up already – great location

    And had a cracking day a the Turriff Show today – flat out all day, really busy. Vast amount of info, badges, stickers and signs distributed and loads of signatures for the Declaration.

  89. Defo says:

    How to lose friends, and alienate people.
    I hope this gets seen by the thinking OO/ Bluenose voters.
    It isn’t totally wishful, to hope that many of those who profess loyalty to Liz, will pause for a minute when in the polling booth, and go with what they know is the right thing to do.
    How many Murphy roadshow camp followers will wonder wtf they are doing there, come the end of the tour ?

  90. goldenayr says:

    Are there no people with depression in Ayrshire?

    Anyone watching that vid would think Diazepam was in short supply.

    Or is it only available for TV interviews?

  91. Jim says:

    Same at the Black Isle show,absolutely flat out.

  92. thoughtsofascot says:

    Someone please take a megaphone to one of these soapbox stunts and shout that dirty lying little fool down, please.

  93. Jim says:

    Only Diazepam needed is to calm the boner Jim gets when extolling the virtues of the union.

  94. frankieboy says:

    All those years in politics and this is what he amounts to? He should go back and have a go at finishing his degree and maybe take politics as an elective.

  95. Jim says:

    Quote of the day, “Scotland and England are like Siamese twins, Better together”.

  96. goldenayr says:


    So you think he’s bi-polar?

  97. Liquid Lenny says:

    Right just in from a brilliant concert in Corrie Hall Arran by Glen Tillbrook (ex Sqeeze) and his son liam aged 11. anyay on leaving the concert every body is high and I said to a couple that was brilliant we have to vote YES.
    She seemed to be onside, he started on about 30% were tories/liberal and why didn’t they have a vote? Im going on what are you talking about, when I won the argument he started on that we are deserting the socialists in England and Wales and Northern Ireland, I asked how do u make that out?
    Incoherent rubbish was the response. Basically they don’t have any positive reason for the union. WE ARE WINNING

    They have no positive reason for staying in the union
    the rest is basically not worth worrying about, we can sort than out, we are going to win this.

  98. joe kane says:

    The all new Action Jim doll from Scottish Labour with realistic swivelling eyes and real gripping hands to hold onto all that taxpayers cash he claims on expenses.

    Note, there is not one word about socialism, in these 5 videos, from one of the leading members of the Scottish Labour Party. That says everything about them.

    Instead Murphy froths at the mouth about what a great British nationalist he is and how he hates foreigners so much he doesn’t want to be turned into one by, er, intolerant Scottish nationalists or something. Wasn’t Murphy the one who claimed he can’t be British as he supports Celtic and he isn’t a nationalist because he’s a unionist?

  99. Jim says:

    Bi something, not sure if it’s polar. nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

  100. Liquid Lenny says:

    X-Sticks keep that old bugger Rab Honest. He was in his house for at least two hours today, far to long a break , keep him working!

  101. Sandra D says:

    Hello everyone, this is my first post! He is in Elgin on Tuesday. I got a letter about it. I won’t be able to go along but it’s funny because i thought of asking him about the transplant lies as well to see what he would say.

  102. goldenayr says:

    Oh crap…need to change myself.

    Jim Sheridan MP on beeb news about internet dating sites.

    His face on a mock up site “Lovenight” complaining that they don’t match people up accurately.

    The mind boggles as to his “perfect” match

  103. Jim says:

    Another “fake tan Dan” would probably be a good match.

  104. CameronB Brofie says:

    Surgery to separate conjoined twins may range from relatively simple to extremely complex, depending on the point of attachment and the internal parts that are shared.

    Though not always the best course of axction, in terms of the resulting quality of life of each twin, I think it is the only moral choice for Scotland. Otherwise we might end up a withered husk. A little bit like a South Park episode I linked a clip from, referring to the Scottish themed media being as accomplished as officer Barbrady. 🙂

  105. goldenayr says:


    It’s the “No tan lines,guaranteed” that leaves you wondering.

  106. goldenayr says:

    There’s that bloody Zebidee again.

    Richt,oichde mhath folks.

  107. Jim says:

    @CameronB Brofie
    Pretty much sums it up but I think it will indeed be complicated but not life threatening.

  108. Jim says:

    Yep, leave me wondering and feeling slightly queasy at the mental picture you have branded onto my thoughts.

  109. CameronB Brofie says:

    If it is possible and necessary for the survival of both twins, it is immoral to prevent their separation, IMO.

  110. Jim says:

    @CameronB Brofie
    One may die an economic death, I am sure it wont be us.

  111. CameronB Brofie says:

    Is that not a ‘lifestyle choice’ sort of thing though Jim?

  112. Jim says:

    The ones that make the lifestyle choice are the ones we have to worry about.

  113. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Jim Murphy, Slab’s answer to Diogenes, in a barrel, up to his knees in his own shite…

  114. galamcennalath says:

    Sad really. The guy is clearly having some sort of breakdown, and doing so in public.

  115. thedogphilosopher says:

    People like Murphy, Sarwar, Curran and Lamont are pretendy socialists (they never utter that word now) but they know how to pull the wool over the old school Labour voter’s eyes by reading from scripts.

    So it is heartening to know that many on the left, including true socialists like Sillars and Canavan, are in the Independence fold. For anyone tuning in from outside Scotland (hello Catalonia!) this is the full picture: a campaign for Self-Determination that will guarantee democracy and protect us from an English political class hellbent on protecting the rich and victimising the poor.

  116. Brian Mchugh says:

    Leuan Roberts… brilliant Gold for Wales today. Geraint Thomas did you proud 🙂

  117. superjaxx says:

    Disgusting way to treat a senior citizen. My ears were hurting listening to this, tge screeching tone of his voice was something awful. Must have been worse for the people who were actually there. Disgusting way for a public representative to behave. His mother would be ashamed of how he treated that lady I am sure!

  118. macart763m says:

    That lady skewered him with one simple question.

    What an angel and well done missus. 😀

    Mr Murphy was a shambolic ranting disgrace.

  119. bigGpolmont says:

    Isn’t he brilliant! The charisma! The Magnetism! The sheer personality! The way he can defeat any form of dissent from dozens of strategically placed, hired thugs within the huge crowds with his sensible well reasoned arguments. These huge crowds some of whom have walked for hundreds of miles just for a peek at this demi god They had waited days, sheltering wherever they could in sub arctic conditions to hear Him speak. They were not disapointed!
    All their questions were answered and more! Much, Much,More! he gave us all a rare insight into the future of the union This incredible union that has been so good for us all. It is little wonder BBC Journalists have voted to have him as our new governor general.
    For more unbaised reporting and a full in depth interview with messiah murphy himself tune in to tonights Scotland 2014

  120. bigGpolmont says:

    dcanmore says
    Deflection, deflection, deflection.
    did you not mean

  121. bigGpolmont says:

    dcanmore says
    Deflection,Deflection, deflection
    Did you not mean Defecation, Defecation, Defecation?

  122. bigGpolmont says:

    Seriously well done that Yes lady
    When you see his rant there, and other reported tantrums
    I would honestly warn anyone doing the same be careful !
    I think that its only a question of time before someone confronts him and he is going to lose it completely.
    Seriously if anyone gets the chance do it ! but please do be careful a couple of well placed heckles and that will be it!just light the blue touchpaper and stand well back

  123. Clootie says:

    Sums it up really. The woman’s asked a perfectly reasonable question. She was totally ignored and eventually walked away in frustration.

    Ignore debate just keep shouting “SNP bad”. They don’t even appreciate that the debate passed party politics quite sometime ago. People are discovering that we have much more in common in our desire to build a fairer nation and we will decline this Westminster distraction of divide and rule.

    On the particular question – Gordon Brown lied. However they have never had to defend their false claims in the past because of media support.

    Loud lies are still lies!

  124. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Par for the course

    In TV debate, Murphy constantly interrupts anyone who is from a different side, as does Stair Heid Curran, and talk over them during their chance to present their pposition,

    Not much of a democrat, just a bully.

    Just a bully whose time is up, and he knows it so, he is a very frightened bully, even of little wee women.

  125. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    I see we have a doppeltroll haunting us, CameronB Brofie.

    So CameronB Boufie, please just bugger aff.


  126. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Losing the rag


    No. I’ll not go there.

    Courage mes braves.

  127. heedtracker says:

    They should take some of their own advice, sober and statesman like, like Jim Murphy MP?

  128. heedtracker says:

    Jim Murphy MP Vote No Graun CiF?

    eg. “You’re really insulting the intelligence of Scotland’s women if you think any of them would be stupid enough to vote yes because Darling flipped some homes”

    That “stupid enough” to vote Yes, Murphy on tour classic.

  129. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    kendomacaroonbar says:
    3 August, 2014 at 11:25 pm

    The man’s a fraud.

    More than that, Murphy is a construct of his own warped imagination.

    A bit Frankensteinian.

    Talking of monsters, here is Murphy in an earlier existence.

    Ever wonder why Murphy came back from South Africa.

    Not much sunlight in Scotland.

  130. Boorach says:

    @ Ronnie Anderson

    He’s coming down the East coast of Sutherland and Ross-shire today and will be given a warm Highland welcome in at least one of his stop-offs.

    Won’t say which one lest he gives in to his inner coward and decides to by-pass us which would be a huge disappointment!

  131. caz-m says:

    BBC/Westminster remembering the 100th anniversary of the start of the WW1.

    Are these events taking place all over the world, or just in Countries that are holding a Referendum on 18th September?

    What Commonwealth Games? BBC Scotland really pushing the boat out for the WW1 anniversary.

    I will respect and honour those who died in my own time, not when Westminster or the BBC decide.

    Did the UK government hold 50th or 75th anniversaries of the start of WW1?

    Glasgow Cathedral is going to look like it is holding a House of Lords day out today.

  132. Bugger (the Panda) says:

    Why don’t we ambush him with a posse of women.

    I would pay good money to see how he tries to handle that, especially is all the women video it, so making goon intervention impossible, recordable and actionable (?).

  133. Croompenstein says:

    @caz-m – EBC in full Meh mode, why are they at Glasgow Cathedral? you’d think there was something in the wind!

  134. uilleam_beag says:

    Absolutely disgraceful the way he completely turns his back on the woman who dared ask him about Gordie Broun’s lies on heart transplants.

  135. Macart says:


    One pensioner had him skewered, a posse would have him looking for the nearest subway. 😀

  136. caz-m says:

    I hope BBC Scotland get their best investigative journalists onto the case of the missing Oilfield off the West Coast of Scotland.

    They will probably put top investigative journos Glen Campbell and Eleanor Bradford on it. (Joke)

    There has been NO mention of the Oilfield or the Prime Minister’s visit to the Shetlands on BBC Scotland.

    Maybe they need a wee reminder sent to them.

    Newsnet Scotland are also running the story.

  137. Bugger (the Panda) says:


    A Subway in Sutherland (no more)?

    Would make a great viral video.

    15 women all with megaphones and smart phones on video.

  138. Giving Goose says:

    He’s decided to really set out his stall, hasn’t he.
    There will be no middle ground and room for manoeuvre for Jim in the event of a Yes vote. His career will be over.

    What he also doing is sending an internal message to London Labour and the Establishment. It says;

    “Look at me, I’m Jim Murphy. I’m giving my everything for the Union and for London. If there is a No vote, remember me in the New Years honours list. My loyalty should be rewarded. I want a peerage. I want to be Lord Jim Murphy of Where Ever! (by the way, F*** the voters, they are a means to my end :)”

  139. Macart says:


    What an image. 😀

    Cue the Benny Hill chase scene.

  140. alastair seago says:

    I once asked him if he agreed with Yugoslavia returning to its original states but he refused to answer.

  141. Muscleguy says:

    @Ieuan Roberts

    Next time a WLAB drone gets on a soap or pop box in public try asking ‘difficult’ questions like that and see if you get any sort of answer either.

    That’s the sort of thing you need to do to break the LAB stranglehold on your homeland. Should work on Tories and that yellow lot, sorry too insignificant, can’t remember their name.

  142. Macart says:


    Now that is a scary one Nana. I knew Cameron intended to continue with invasion of privacy legislation for security services, but this would be a step beyond even that. Basically vote no for big brother.

  143. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Aye, how was he meant to answer with all the abuse and accusation of being a ("Tractor" - Ed)? He did say he would answer questions AFTER he finished his speech. Surely that’s fair enough?”

    This IS after his speech. He’s taking questions from the audience, you dope. That’s why she got to ask her question in the first place. Did you watch past the first five seconds?

  144. Robert Peffers says:

    T.C says: 3 August, 2014 at 11:15 pm:

    “Sorry I missed him in Ayr what an Asshole…Maybe good thing I did miss him.”

    What was it you threw at him T.C? You do realise, if you had hit him, they would have charged you with Assault and Flattery, don’t you? Flattery by admitting you had paid any mind to him.

  145. ronnie anderson says:

    @Boorach. Give him a gid heiland welcome,an a repeat of the wee wummins question on Broon the Loons lies.Looking forward to your vidio.

  146. Nana Smith says:


    With Westminster there are no freedoms for the ordinary folk. Privacy only for the elite, especially when they have so much to hide.

    The latest scandal seems to have gone very quiet.

  147. Macart says:


    Well Nana we’ve got one last chance to head them off at the pass, because as sure as bankers love bonuses, they’ll make that legislation a reality.

  148. heedtracker says:

    It is a spectacular lie from Brown though. Most con men would have scarpered at this point in the proceedings but only teamGB politicos get away with it, protected by press and BBC propaganda. It’s really only City banksters and the media that can match Westminster’s appalling attitude towards us but look at how they behave in public view.

    Arise Lord Murphy

  149. john king says:

    The only message that clown will listen to is is if everyone gathers round, then as one turn thier backs on him!

  150. Grouse Beater says:

    Politicians only appeal to reason and common sense when their jobs are at risk.

  151. Calgacus MacAndrews says:

    The back of the bus they canny Slabber …

  152. Bill McLean says:

    Let’s get our vocab sorted out. British Labour politician talking is “blabber”, Scottish Labour politician talking is “slabber” – I know, nit-picking, but I do like to be correct like Ian Smart – my God what have I done?

  153. Robert Peffers says:

    @Dr Ew says:3 August, 2014 at 11:36 pm:

    “His sepulchral countenance – the face of the Labour Party as it marches to its grave.”

    Not to mention Poe Face Cameron just been on TV going on about the situation in The Gaza Strip. The weasel words of the Westminster boorach o triplet parties who have all supported the Israeli killers with weapons sales and by turning blind eyes to their genocide.

    Anyone else feel as I do that these empty vessels of MPs who condemn the killing of foreign people while at home starving people in Scotland and driving disabled and old people to death with austerity measures while at the same time cutting the tax rate of the rich are mealy mouthed hypocrites?

  154. ronnie anderson says:

    Skelator on a TANtastic tour of Scotland,be ALERT WINGERS,we can be TANtastic tae an TAN his arse fur him,Lochgellie Twase TANNED.

  155. TYRAN says:

    Jim’s big rammie around Scotland

    LOL from 4:23

  156. heedtracker says:

    Great CIF from a Scot in Australia that will send Westminster troughers like Jim Murphy apoplectic with rage, or like in the video when someone does something completely outrageous to these guys and asks them a policy question…

    The people of Scotland have largely by-passed the mainstream media to educate themselves on the issues that matter to them, and they have shown a willingness to reject the neo-liberal policies of the right in favour of genuinely progressive and socially enabling policies.

    Family circumstances prevent it, but I really wish I could be there to be a part of it. As it is, I am resigned to following the debate here on the G and watching the occasional segments on Australian TV, which, unfortunately, are typically dumbed-down with spurious Braveheart and ‘freedom’ references.

    Van, imagine your envy massively multiplied and you might come close to the excitement, anguish, pride and terror that I feel watching this unfold from afar. I’m sure there are many ex-pat Scots who feel the same. It’s the greatest political awakening of my generation and I can only look on and watch.

  157. Proud Cybernat says:

    I bet Ian Paisley could hear Murphy from Ayr.

  158. Gavin Dowds says:


  159. Robert Peffers says:

    A Naysayer in a group of people yesterday said, (loudly),about the Murphy display, “The Nats wir shouting Jim doon, hiv they no heard aboot free speech.”.

    I replied, “Weel, neebour, hoo div ye ken ony o thaim wir, “NATS”, an whit ain in yon video wiz haudin the microphone an shoutin his bliddy big mooth aff through a muckle amplifier?”

    The guy said nothing more and walked away.

  160. Betty Boop says:

    Oh Mr Murphy, I knew the lid would blow off that cauldron of bile you try to hide below that sleekit smile.

    Nice to know that Ayr provided a welcoming Yes stall just like Troon the day before. Same there, maybe 9 or 10 listening and they “looked like” a local conservative group. Speaking to some of those in his entourage, they ended conversations when their stock phrases were challenged and couldn’t back them up. No seems to mean “no thinking here”.

    The lady in Troon who handed him that NHS leaflet he was waving about in Ayr had a discussion with him at the Yes stall. He said of the leaflet that it was lies and asked how we came to the conclusions described. She went through the funding process and he kept saying “right, I am with you”, finally agreeing there would be reduced funding, but, said that did not mean privatisation, it meant that we would have to raise taxes to meet the shortfall, something that the Scottish Government was able to do as it was a devolved matter under devolution granted thanks to the Labour party.

    He also said there was very little oil left in the North Sea. When challenged by an ex-oil worker and handed a leaflet he would not answer his questions and stated that he (Murphy) was an ex-Energy Minister. I asked Murphy to pass the mike to the man so we could all hear questions, but, he joked that someone had run away with his mike last time he did that. He then started going on about west of Shetland and said all the oil companies said it was difficult to get the oil there, so I asked him, several times, why the UK government had issued so many oil licences to companies for west of Shetland in the past year or so, why would the companies want them. He never did answer.

    He was asked so much more, but, the usual spin was the only thing to emit via that mike he held on to so dearly.

    So, there we have it. Thanks to the Labour Party we don’t have to worry about funding public institutions because as NHS England, etc. is passed on to private corporations for profit in , the tax payer in Scotland can just pick up the bill by paying more tax.

    Where oil is concerned, there is nothing worthwhile for companies west of Shetland according to Mr Murphy. Maybe he Mr Cameron hasn’t been telling him about the investment there nor why he took that wee, unadvertised jaunt to Shetland just the other week. Results from the test drilling just too good maybe to be advertised before the Referendum?

    Well done, Ayr, you broke him and got the full Murphy tantrum, full of bile and insults. Well, you know, if he can’t stand the heat……

  161. Quentin Quale says:

    And with this he is trying to convince people to vote No? Who would walk away from this and say ‘You know what? That man makes a very good argument and raises many good points. I think it’s a No vote for me’. He really is doing us all a very big favour. Thanks, Jim.

  162. Robert Peffers says:

    @heedtracker says:3 August, 2014 at 11:48 pm:

    “How many of us out here have grandmas like this lady and just the thought of her being roared at and shouted over like Murphy here is just horrible.”

    What made me laugh, heedtracker. My paternal side Grannie has long since turned to dust. Yet I couldn’t imagine the lugubrious Mr. Murphy, even with the aid of a big Amplifier, overcome that quietly spoken lady that everyone in the village called, “Grannie”.

    She would have reduced him to a little pile of grit, (did I spell that right), in the corner. She would have done so with nothing more than the truth and good sense. A tiny lady that commanded great respect and who treated everyone from the most humble to the grandest in the land exactly equally. Her staunch belief was that we were indeed, “Aa Jock Tampson’s Bairns”, no matter what rank, colour, creed or country of origin. As already said – she was everyone’s Grannie. Even to the prisoners of war held in the compound across the lane that led to her wee cottage.

  163. Tom Platt says:

    He’s certainly trying very hard there to hang on to his Westminser job and to obtain “promotion” to the Lords before “Yes”.

  164. john j says:

    I live in Ayr and didn’t know Murphy was here, what an opportunity missed. However he was clearly getting pelters from the crowd and sounded and looked rattled. I just get the feeling that the No campaign are beginning to sense, as I have over the last few weeks, that they are making no headway and that they are losing the argument.

    What a devious plonker the man is, and typical of the self serving Labour clique that has served Scotland so badly over the last 40 years or more while feathering their own nests. Even as an ex member of the Labour Party I have only contempt for what they have become.

  165. X_Sticks says:

    Liquid Lenny says:

    “X-Sticks keep that old bugger Rab Honest…keep him working!”

    The impossible I can do Lenny, but miracles are beyond my ken 😉

  166. Nobby Power says:

    “I can only tell you what I know”, the great lie, right at the end.

    He knows he’s the foghorn of a sinking ship, and yet he won’t say. Double standards, eh? Who’d have thunk it…

  167. Devorgilla says:

    From the Shetland Times last week. Cameron’s secret visit. Could it be the new oil field?

  168. Robert Peffers says:

    @Seepy says: 3 August, 2014 at 11:52 pm
    “Is Slabbering a word? I think it might be now”

    Yes indeed it is, Seepy.
    This from the Concise Scottish Dictionary :-

    1 – slab v, slaver, esp while eating; to eat or drink noisily, slabber.

    2 – slabber v wet with saliva, beslobber;stain, (one’s clothes etc), with saliva or with food when eating

    3 – vi slaver, dribble; eat or drink noisily, sloppily.

    4 – Make a snorting, noise

    There are more – many more – Scottish meanings but they all mostly do describe the lugubrious Mr Murphy. It is my opinion that when you get so many English definitions for a single Scots word that it has a meaning never quite described properly by any English term. Rather like Dreich, or haar, have no real English word to properly describe what it is.

  169. Joe Swan says:

    Roseanne (name changed to protect the innocent), an ordinary hard-working grandmother, was asked before leaving the pub the other night what she thought about that Ed Milliband and answered “I don’t know, I don’t think I’ve heard them. Tell me one of their hit songs that I might recognise”.

    Unfortunately for Labour she was serious.

    Like Theresa (oops), many people in Scotland don’t know who the so-called ‘leaders’ of Scottish Labour are, don’t recognise anything they stand for any more and may never trust them again to deliver on any of their promises. They have done nothing for us in the recent past. They have lied to all of us and are still doing it. They snipe and name-call at the SNP constantly, but can’t come up with their own coherent Scottish policies. Some of them are so up their own egos they see ordinary folk as nuisances/stupid/bigoted who should just be told what to think and how to vote, so they (the charlatans) can remain doing the square root of FA to improve our society.

    As a former Labour voter my hope is that after a Yes vote, together with a regenerated civic responsibility, the political landscape can change for the better for everyone in Scotland. I do not know how I will vote in Scotland’s first General Election after the Referendum, but without a clear and credible alternative I might just vote SNP again as they seem to be doing ‘exactly what it says on the tin’ so far.

    After a Yes, it will probably be a difficult and hard-working time for us and we will need leaders who stand up for their country and their communities. We will NOT need shallow-minded, self-centred career politicians who look the other way when food banks, poverty or attacks on the very weakest in our communities are discussed. We will NOT need sniping and bickering immature antics if we are to properly negotiate the re-birth of our country and we will definitely NOT need ‘colleagues’ and supporters of the Tory/LibDem/British Nationalists who have run our country down and are far more likely to ‘revert to type’ and negotiate firstly for themselves and their pals before thinking of what is best for all of us and our country.

    I cannot see how ‘traditional’ Labour supporters in Scotland can stand back and let the rest of us think that these ‘talking heads’ are representing the views of many hard-working and socially conscious political workers, let alone the views of the people who elected them and desperately need their help.

    Perhaps a different Labour Party for Scotland should evolve so we can start to decide who are the true and socialist party of the people and who are the ‘pied pipers’ who have stolen the name and the flag and are now attempting to steal our children’s future.

    Regardless of the outcome, the Scottish Labour Party, in its present form, may well be seen as toxic or untrustworthy after September 18th, especially if they are still singing that Ed Milli Band’s ‘We’re More Tory Than The Tories’ chant.

    Can’t wait for this week’s blabber and slabber.

  170. Robert Peffers says:

    @ronnie anderson says: 3 August, 2014 at 11:25 pm:

    “Anybody know the lab timetable for Jims appearances.”

    Don’t be daft, ronnie, not even the smurph knows where he will end up next.

    Try this : –

  171. heedtracker says:

    If you do go to watch the Murphy vote no or else road show, watch out for the character that shouts “("Tractor" - Ed)” down his sleeve.

    You will only hear the dude shout “("Tractor" - Ed)” when Murphy starts to lose it and it’s a trick they copied from the George Galloway vote no or else road show. Same audience member shouted “("Tractor" - Ed)” when that carpetbagger was either losing the audience with sheer boredom or someone asked the old git something he too struggled with.

    There’s nothing quite like con artists and hucksters on soap boxes sensing they may well need to get the hell out of there. In the good old days they were tarred and feathered.

  172. Capella says:

    His theme tune must be Chuck Berry’s “Nadine”
    “I was campaign shouting like a southern diplomat”

  173. Robert Peffers says:

    @Ieuan Roberts says: 4 August, 2014 at 12:27 am:

    “do I get a prize for watching this drivel to the end?”

    Sorry, Ieuan, but we cannot afford prizes for things like that. If we did we would have no funds. We all just put such things down to experience and, believe me, it is not a steep learning curve where such things are concerned.

  174. norrie says:

    Do we need a Murphy watch so we can let Yesers know where he is. Just inorder to ask the odd question or two you understand.

  175. G H Graham says:

    This is a gruesome display by a man who knows that next month, will likely mark the beginning of the negotiations to dismantle all the privileges, perks & cash he has enjoyed for years.

    Don’t be fooled by the ranting invective. He is genuinely petrified because he knows that his season ticket for the gravy train is about to be declared null & void.

  176. Jim Murphy – ‘Lecture to thick voters’ tour visited Dunoon recently.

    Due to complete lack of interest from public Jim had to move position 3 times to try to find an audience, eventually virtually blocking pavement. Still nae luck and ended up being ignored. (Sunny day – no takers)

    Surprising disinterest in No Thanks message in the town. Public avoided leaflet handouts and so activists (10 or so) faked leaflet take up.

    Doesn’t mean anything tin the big picture, but nice to witness anyway.

  177. Col the Viking says:

    Absolutely gutted I missed him, was raining pretty bad that morning and kids would not have been impressed a) being dragged out in the rain and b) listening to that cacophony of crap and noise being spewed out by someone who is supposedly a good public speaker and can engage in democratic debate.

    First rules I remember from debating club were engage with the person, answer the question, persuade with a coherent and logical argument.

    JM approach – listen to question, ignore, turn away from questioner (an OAP for fecks sake!) and start ranting about something else, don’t answer the question and don’t look at the questionner in the eye!

    Good to see the positive arguments fro remaining in the Union were well articulated and the crowd swayed by a persuasive coherence!

  178. Dan Huil says:

    Vote No and get more of the same brutal British nationalism.
    The lady who asked the question showed the patience of a saint.
    Maybe the FM can get an answer form Darling?

  179. Stewart Glendinning says:

    The local Yes campaign knew that Jim would be in town but many of us chose to deny him an audience and continue campaigning and talking to ordinary people at our stall next to the Wallace Tower.

    Accusations of “("Tractor" - Ed)”, shouts of “freedom” are meat and drink to Murphy. They simply allowed him to pursue his rant about nationalism.

    Those local “no thanks” campaigners are the usual faces we see each Saturday on Ayr High Street. They are so “together” that the tories and labour campaign at opposite ends of the High Street FFS!

    Sadly their is little in the footage of the tall chap who confronted Murphy with the series of signs, like the Dylan video, silently but effectively reminding Jim Murphy of his voting record, his expenses scandal and that he used to be a Socialist. It clearly rattled Murphy.

    It’s great to see Jim out and about fighting for a cause he believes in. Just a shame the cause is saving his job!

  180. jim watson says:

    he did a speel in Gourock and the local paper reported he packed up 30 minutes early due to the arrival of some yes supporters…

  181. Dan Huil says:

    @ caz-m

    Labrokes now down to 6-1 for over 55% Yes vote.

  182. muttley79 says:

    Is the Murph really saying Scotland will not be in the EU in the event of a Yes vote? Is he really saying that Scotland’s NHS will not be privatised in the event of a No vote?

    One thing is certain though, SLAB’s Unionists hate discussing the status of the NHS in Scotland in the event of a No vote. Poor old Kezia Dugdale lashed out in her article in the DR, and Murphy has completely failed to answer, or even attempt to address, the issue here. We have to turn this to our advantage, and bring it up as much as possible. They cannot handle the issue and have no answers.

  183. Indy_Scot says:

    You can almost see the Westminster gravy train expenses draining from Jims pockets as he speaks.

  184. Fay says:

    If you shout loudest!!!!!!!!! Disgrace treating lady like that.

  185. Andy-B says:

    Jim Murphy, “Gordon Brown is a remarkable politician.” enough said.

  186. stonefree says:

    I remind readers of the EDM against Murphy for being dictatorial and bullying

  187. I saw Jim in portobello a month ago,about 10 of his supporters and 20 YES folk turned up.

    Much the same as this really,yelling into a mic he didnt need,and not allowing people with questions to use it.He was asked a simple question about how he feels about trident renewal,but changed the subject completely and carried on yelling at us.

    Does he really believe the shite hes spouting?

  188. TYRAN says:

    Better Together really don’t have anything. The vote may well be 90% yes on the day. Someone has paid/orchestrated bots to spam twitter with the vote no message. The latest bot is username “Hotcock” @sexysnapbel who sports pictures of an erect penis along with the message to vote no.

  189. pete says:

    One word to describe this man , ( PRICK )

  190. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Post-Yes, Murphy and his ilk will need productive employment of some kind.

    I propose that he be issued with a boiler suit, goggles, a safety helmet and a half-decent pair of secateurs, and sent to help eradicate ‘the rhododendron menace’. Enough work there to keep him busy, and prevent him annoying decent citizens in built-up areas:

  191. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @Stewart Glendinning –

    Stewart, you and your Yes Scotland colleagues have been at the Wallace Tower week-in, week-out, for how long now? Please remind us.

    And this creepy clown thinks he can turn up for half an hour ONE DAY, just weeks prior to the vote, and shout and bawl at residents of Ayr who have the audacity to object to him nawbagging at high volume on their High Street?

    I hope the Sunday Herald track down that woman, and then pursue Murphy on her behalf – her question was not answered.

  192. Ken500 says:

    A desperately unpopular politian shows why he is so desperate and unpopular.

  193. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Jim Murphy is a ‘Friend of Israel’.

    There must be thousands of sickening images of what’s happening in Gaza right now.

    Here’s one of them. It’s horrible. You’ve been warned.

    Jim Murphy has no business lecturing citizens in Scotland on how to decide their future while he and his party tacitly condone this treatment of citizens in what remains of Palestine:

  194. Peter Mechan says:

    Please help – one plot, lost in Ayr, last seen with Jim Murphy just before a wee wummin distracted him with a tricky question!

  195. Haggis Hunter says:

    I’m no psychologist, but pretty sure he is insecure and telling lies, hence the shouting and overbearing behaviour. He is really a cowardly mouthy man. After Independence evil feartie Murphy will continue his career south of the border, he’s not interested in Scotland, only himself

  196. Not amused says:

    YES Nairnshire campaigners go over to the dark side just for Jim Murphy

  197. Tackety Beets says:

    @ Not amused Well done . You clearly made Jim welcome . I like the picture when Jim was sitting on the bench speaking to a young lady , as an attractive lady in navy Cardy and BK&White flowery dress passed by with a “Rye Smirk ” I noticed Jim was flirty with the attractive lady in later photos , what a naughty boy ! There was a spread in HN about it all . I heard Jim got a similar welcome in Inverness the next day ? Jim you plonker !

  198. Tackety Beets says:

    @ Not amused No pics with the Famous “Question Time” Mannie , I got the impression he was from Nairn . I thought he would be there to support Jim Numpty ?

  199. donald anderson says:

    Talk aboot losin’ the rag. The mask slipped gain for this Labour sterrheid harpy.

    The Hootsmon sub editor seems to share the same Salmonditis as did Jackie Bird tonight.

  200. Lenny Hartley says:

    New panelbase poll , looks like its for SNP or to co-incide tith SNP Spring Cnference. Amongst questions asked aside from obvious are ones regarding OBFA and transgender issues.

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