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Penny Royalty

Posted on July 08, 2023 by

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  1. Tom Kane

    What a fine collection of kings. Every one a trailblazer… And a hero.

    A new and amazing biography of MLK just came out. Just called ‘King’. A corker.

  2. Astonished

    Great Cartoon.


  3. Ted

    The bloke with the placard has been on the deep fried Mars Bars.

  4. SteepBrae

    As Thomas More so eloquently put it 500 years ago:
    “One man to live in pleasure and wealth, whiles all others weep and smart for it, that is the part not of a king, but of a jailor.”

  5. duncanio

    What a missed opportunity!

  6. Frank Gillougley

    Like it. Absolutely cheery. Oh! What a divide!

  7. Doug

    Taking the mic in the best possible way.

    A one two three four…

    # You can shove your coronation up your arse #

  8. Captain Yossarian

    I speak as someone who has no axe to grind about Nationalism or Unionism and I will go along with the majority as I did with Brexit.

    My point though is that the Alba party’s policy of abolishing Trident, the Monarchy and all the rest of it will inevitably cost them a lot of votes.

    Does that make them unelectable? Most would say it doesn’t, but on a purely practical level where vote numbers count for everything, it probably does.

  9. Ottomanboi


    Lets make the protest embarrassingly ethnic, for the republican Guardian.


    How dare those Jocks queer our pitch!

  10. Beauvais

    He’s not anyone’s king in Scotland since he didn’t wish to be crowned King of Scots. We are de facto a republic.

  11. Republicofscotland

    One House Jock politician sticking another House Jock politician in, as Scots pay through the nose for the foreign monarchs pretendy coronation in Scotland, the costs for the mock/fiasco coronnation in Scotland was willingly paid for by the NuSNP government at our expense.

    Get the SNP/Greens out and Alba in, the current SNP are not a party for indy anymore, they now compliment the fifth column branch office parties of London that squat in Holyrood which have a foreign governments interests closest to their hearts.

    Scotland can NEVER progress as long as we’re held against our will in this undemocratic prison of a union.

    Down with the union.

  12. Ian McCubbin

    Lovely take on not my king by Cairns.
    Republic is coming and Alba will be electable no other choice for independence.

  13. Republicofscotland

    As SNP MPs, and our FM, urge the millionaire knight of the realm and leader of the Labour party (Anas Sarwar’s boss there is no Scottish Labour) not to let further privatisation of the NHS occur, Starmer was proposing at PMQs, it turns out that privatisation is well under way in Scotland via the NuSNP as £130 million was spent sending patients to private hospitals in Scotland.

  14. No no no...YES


  15. Ian McCubbin

    Lovely take on not my king. Do think Alba is electable so many want independence, no trident and a Republic.
    Just look at non media pics of the crowd on Wednesday on Royal Mile.
    There was none.

  16. Republicofscotland

    Those clowns that runs Glasgow city council (my home town) are to waste over £30 million quid on upgrading council vehicles to meet the LEZ, these idiots in their haste to fleece drivers entering he city who don’t meet the LEZ requirements, forgot to factor in the huge cost of upgrading council vehicles.

    That is £30 million quid that could’ve been spent on much more worthier causes in the city and there are many such causes in a now rundown Glasgow.

  17. Republicofscotland

    Re my previous comment on the LEZ, and what a money making scheme it is for the GCC.

  18. JockMcT

    to the tune of.. Billie Jean, He’s not my King…he’s just a….

  19. Scotsrenewables

    Captain Yossarian,

    Why would supporting policies that command majority support in Scotland (no nukes, republic) make ALBA unelectable?

  20. Red

    My King is Jesus Christ.

  21. Beauvais

    JockMcT @10:04 am

    Last line of your verse…

    Prince Harry’s not his son.

  22. William Walker

    Captain Yossarian is right. Alba is building up so many objections to Independence.

    IMO, Chris is becoming far too clever in his cartoons – only understood by the cognoscenti!

  23. Graeme

    Comments here seem to have gone slightly off topic but another great toon from Chris and nice to see Kenny in the hoops once more

  24. Beauvais

    William Walker @10:42 am

    William, you are echoing the followers of John Redmond in early 20th century Ireland. They supported the crown as Irish nationalists and volunteered for the British Army in 1914 in the naive belief that this would endear their cause to Westminster after the war was over. They couldn’t have been more wrong.

    If you don’t first free yourself mentally then you don’t free yourself.

  25. Captain Yossarian

    Scotsrenewables – Dan goes on at great length on these pages about Scotland’s wealth of hydrocarbons and renewables. Why the SNP have never done any real work on this subject is anyone’s guess but when Alba finally produce a paper on it, they may be on to a winner. I understand that is now underway. Only then should they start on nuclear weapons, the monarchy and all the rest of it. There are respected figures within Alba, but they need to start explaining the benefits of independence to the public.

  26. Antoine Roquentin

    The predictable Edinburgh Royalist/Tory element, curious tourists, resident colonisers and serial apolitical rubber-neckers, as framed by the cosmopolitan media who own the outside-broadcast facilities and the journalists, told us nothing very meaningful imo regarding the strength and popularity of the monarchy in Scotland.

    As always, clever material! Just one wee nerdy point, if I may, Chris: BB King’s “Lucille” wasn’t a block-marker, red Gibson, according to my pardner, BB’s axes were always ebony 355s.

  27. Geri

    *Should Scotland be an independent Country?* Yes/No

    That’s the only question ppl are asked.


    The monarchy

    That’d be for the majority to decide & an newly elected government to implement.
    We’d be like Switzerland -we could hold public opinion referendums every now & again.. democracy in action.

    Personally, why would Scotland want to hold onto an unelected king from another country? The Scots would be returning to an independent sovereign nation – why on earth would we want to maintain someone else’s?!!
    He is no more important to us or useful, or to an indy Scot, than a King found out in Elleore. Aye, exactly! I’d to Google too lol!

  28. Effijy

    Why on earth wouldn’t make their non compliant LEZ vehicles exempt until their age demands replacement?
    They give exemption to those who live inside LEZ with older vehicles so why not their own.

    There was a story a couple of years back where the council over spent on more electric vehicles than they could use or charge. It was a cost to store them apparently.

    Where are they now?

  29. Geri

    Captain Yossarian says:

    Based ust from what I hear by various experts -they are hogtied by bureaucracy, an unwilling/instructed civil service & planted meddlers.

    Nothing happens in Holyrood without the great overlord, the Secretary of Scotland, knowing about it.

    Holyrood is a mini Westminster. They’re only allowed to do what Westminster says they can through jackass.

    They can’t have success cause that’ll get the natives thinking. Even Alex said the only way around that in Holyrood was soft leaning indy put into positions & as we all know, Sturgeon filled her roles with staunch unionists cause she’d never any plans for us to be going anywhere soon.

  30. Willie

    Jo King might be the name for Chuck the Smuck.

    Describes him to a tee. Everyone knows he is a a joke of a man. Puffed up serial sleaze ball like his brother Andy, or his old sloozy aunt Margaret, or his many other odious family.

    Anyway, the six foot steel fences along the Royal Mile brought into sharp focus how unpopular Charles and his prentendy Kingship is in Scotland.

  31. Breeks

    Captain Yossarian says:
    8 July, 2023 at 8:45 am

    Does that make them unelectable? Most would say it doesn’t, but on a purely practical level where vote numbers count for everything, it probably does…

    There was a time I might have agreed with you. Back in 2014, there was very much a sense of priority; Independence first, everything else later.

    It made sense.

    But now, I don’t think there is any prospect whatsoever for another 2014 style referendum, and furthermore, I have doubts about ALBA’s future in any UK electoral protocol.

    Regards a referendum, “They” don’t want it, because all their cheats and lies are busted, and if we’ve any sense, we don’t want it either, because we’d be compromised by the protocols and franchise of a 2014 style ballot.

    To get a binary vote thatconstitutes a binding resolution on Independence will, I think, need to be Constitutionally derived, and in my opinion, might be a ratification plebiscite held in the wake of “something” more radical, such as declaring the Treaty of Union breached and at an end, pending dissolution negotiations.

    To be frank, having seen all the spivs, weirdos, Trans Loonies and gravy slurpers who’ve attached themselves to the SNP, an “all inclusive” Indy campaign is already giving me the dry boak.

    “IF” they’re Independence supporters, they’ll vote in that plebiscite, but we cannot allow these bellends to steer or manage the primary campaign.

    The thing about the Royalists specifically, is that Claim of Right issue, which simply doesn’t sit well with the UK interpretation of monarchy.

    Furthermore, I strongly suspect loyalty to the royalty was a Queen Elizabeth thing… Charlie boy and his adulterous queen just ain’t “got it”, and neither has whatshisface the heir.

    Right now, I’m watching two things… SALVO, and that man Salmond. Whatever happens, they’ll be near the epicentre of unfolding events.

    Not only is the 2014 style rhetoric sounding dated, but even the “Settling Up not settling down” rhetoric feels like a busted flush which the SNP busted themselves.

  32. SteepBrae

    Such a good cartoon but my Dad would have said there’s one missing:

  33. Geri

    Edinburgh seems to have an unhealthy obsession with fences.

    Is it the capital city of Scotland or a no go area unless you’ve an admission fee? They’re such an eyesore.

  34. Dan

    @ Captain Yossarian.

    Re. Power generated by renewables in Scotland’s geographic are.
    Indeed, Scotland is exporting considerably more (3 GW) more than we are using (2.3 GW) at this time.

    If you scroll through the pages of feed on Kenny MacAskill’s site, he does with some regularity post releases that highlight various aspects of Scotland’s energy situation.

    And there are also articles on the Alba Party site that also cover the energy angle.

  35. Anton Decadent


    It is Crony Nationalism, the same as Crony Capitalism and Crony Communism. The same as anywhere else in which cronyism is practiced anyone not in the club is going to be out in the cold and marginalised and if they are not on message and have the gall to vocalise their concerns they will be smeared. In the sphere of politics activists posing as journalists are more than happy to do that.

    What do you think of the idea that the SNP was deliberately scuttled to get Labour back into power in Scotland? Labour has the same cronyism, ingroups, factionalism and reality defying concepts such as Women Have Penises as the SNP but this will be ignored and it will be back to business as usual.

  36. Dan

    *Why is the ginger King of Cats, Hamish not in that picture! He would have been a purrfect addition…

    *Probably on holiday like its creator…

  37. Kenny

    Must copy and send to my unionist, royalist acquaintances (both of ’em)

  38. Beauvais

    Breeks @11:59 am

    Excellent post. We can’t aim simply for a rerun of 2014. A more creative approach is required involving Salvo.

    BTW Breeks I think I was alongside you for a wee bit of the march in Stirling going by your saying on here that you had the dug and were wearing a Salvo top. I didn’t know who you were at the time otherwise I’d have said hello.

  39. Geri

    If Labour rise in Scotland will it be the deviant Greens abandoning the SNP & latching onto their next host?

    I Canty see indy supporters voting labour. It dumfounds me 40% claim to be indy but vote for a unionist party that’s stiffed Scotland more times than the Tories!

  40. Geri

    I’m going to have to throw my hands up & admit..

    I don’t get it!

    I know, I’m an idiot! I’m sure the penny will drop the moment I press submit!

  41. Stoker

    I second that first comment by Dan @ 12:21 pm. LOL! 😉

    OK, Chris, you’ve got me flummoxed. I got all the rest but who’s the big guy with the placard? Or has the point just flew completely right over my head?

  42. Al-Stuart

    Hi Breeks,

    As often is the case, you nailed it…

    Two observations…

    (a). Your comment: “To be frank, having seen all the spivs, weirdos, Trans Loonies and gravy slurpers who’ve attached themselves to the SNP, an “all inclusive” Indy campaign is already giving me the dry boak. – Breeks, that had be roaring with laughter.

    But it also sums up a huge risk. In fact it already happened. In America.

    The Yanks got sick of Washington DC and the cesspit of corrupt lobbyists, plus a septic dose of the trans pushers and minor-attracted-persons are normal brigade.

    So those American voters gave a collective F.U., and elected the most bizarre clown they could find. Donald Trump. A vaginaa (sic) grabbing proven liar whose dodgy property dealings are obviously funded by many Russian Oligarchs. Trump is passing many boxes of “secure documents” to Vladimir Putin.

    The American electorate got even more divided by the Trump Circus, so they voted in the next senile, touchy-freely octogenarian Amadan. Creepy old Joe Biden – the child hugger. Even when parents pull their kids away from President Biden, he lunges towards kids to sniff their hair and stroke them. Deviant-in-Chief.

    This is my point!

    When the electorate gets pi55ed off with the political liars, cheats and thieves on the gravy bus, they elect a nut-job.

    We see it in America and expect it here. We already had the Trump Mini-me: Boris Johnson. Then Liz Lettuce Heid, the 44 day Prime Minister.

    In Scotland we got the latter-day John Monteith – in a skirt. The Dreghorn Bus Hurler..

    Breeks, the danger now is that Scots voters will be that scunnered they will end up inflicting the political class with a Scottish version of Nigel Farage.

    The sensible thing would be to elect some Alba MPs and Alba MSPs.

    Instead, such is the Woke-Captured nature of the SNP that, as Stuart Campbell mentioned, we seem to be zombie walking to a Vichy government headed by Pinkey & Perkey. Otherwise known after the next Holyrood election as…

    First Minister Humza Yousaf.
    Deputy First Minister: Anas Sarwar

    Heaven help us all after that.

    The second part (b) is marginal but crucial. Alex Salmond got the balance right in 2007 and subsequent elections. A significant minority “lent” their votes to the SNP in 2007. Of those, many were RAF or Army, plus the police etc.

    Whatever you may think of our Head of State, all these voters swore an oath to the monarch. Alex Salmond (back when he was FM) put IndyRef first and the Head of State question (in Scotland) until after Scotland wins an IndyRef.

    Alba have been kept out of the news and the leader, one of the greatest Statesmen Scotland has ever produced has been neutered worse that Russell Crowe in Gladiator.

    I worry that Scotland and England are to be governed in the words of Ewan MacGregor, by “efette wan7ers.”

    Move over Rishi, it is finally Michael Gove’s turn to be Prime Minister. Then Dianne Abbot as PM.

    Whilst Scotland’s gravy bus for the elite is kept going by giving Patrick Harriet his turn as FM and of course, the highly competent Lorna Slater the job as deputy FM.

    Maybe just as well Vladimir Putin and Smirnoff Medvedev will be pressing the big red button to the tunes of Vera Lynn singing “We’ll Meet Again” as the penultimate cacophony of nu6lear kerbooms finally see us all put out of our misery.

    Jeezo, this all makes the Reverend I.M Jolly seem the personification of happiness.

  43. William Walker

    Re Beauvais, I am indeed a Scottish Nationalist and republican.

    I share Geri’s view that a future referendum/election should be YES/NO to Independence, without the “complications” of monarchy, nuclear weapons, trans etc. That is just giving opponents of Independence a further weapon to shoot at YES campaigners.

    I rest my case.

  44. Geri

    I get Elvis, Kenny & Billie but no idea who the other three are.

    Is it the slogan? Should read Not *our* King.

    Everyday is a school day. I didn’t know Elvis had Scottish roots.

    Before my time lol..

  45. Stuart MacKay


    There’s strong move to pretend everything in the UK is like it was in the 1990s – the reliable swing back and fore between Labour and the Conservatives; no tension, or at least not much, with the EU; everybody going about their business; a somewhat-loved Royal family and generally everything jolly. The UK version of a place for everyone and everyone in their place. Too bad the world has moved on and a lot has changed.

    It’s the proverbial ostrich syndrome. Both Labour and Conservatives are jamming on the rose-tinted glasses and hoping that if everyone ignores the problems maybe they’ll simply go away.

  46. Captain Yossarian

    Dan – Remember all of the white papers that used to be produced by Glasgow University Academics, agreed and signed by everyone and their granny? That wasn’t that long ago, was it? MacAskill goes on about this as often as you do, Salmond too, and I personally accept it. It’s data and it’s indisputable. We use 2.3GW but we export 3.0GW, FOC. That means something to me, but it should be explained to the public so that they see what the future may hold in an independent country. I’m fundamentally not a Nationalist but I am not dyed in the wool or antagonistic or anything like that and I have no problem in accepting that there could be real advantages. But, they need to be explained better.

  47. Stoker


    The other 2 are B.B.King and Martin Luther King Jr.

    Also before our time. LOL!

  48. Tom Kane

    Geri –
    BB King
    Dr Martin Luther King Jnr

  49. James Che


    Do Scots want a vote on joining a political and trade treaty of union with Englands parliament?

    That should be the only question.

    It has never been asked yet.

  50. Dramfineday

    An absolute cracker Chris.

    Geri @ 1.19…..B.B.King, Martin Luther King and (possibly) Nosmo king ?

  51. James Che

    Scots are not in the treaty, perhaps that is Why Charlie faked a coronation, The Scots, were not asked if they wanted to join the treaty of union,

    If you want to discover why ?

    You will find the explanation on UK parliament Site, 2023.

  52. James Che

    Englands parliament admitting it has not asked the Scots if they want to join in the treaty of union 300 years ago,

    Proclaiming to the world on a public site that they could halve put the vote to the Scots 300 years ago, they thought about it, they talked, they were aware that Scots should have got a vote on it all those years ago when it was discussed between them,

    So up until the present date (Scots have not been deliberately asked )if they want to join the treaty of union as England thought the question should be avoided as they knew the Scots would say “No”.

    Hoodwinked Scots whom did not realise they have never been asked the very most important question.

    This treaty of union has more holes in its construction from its concept than any other contractual agreement I have ever witnessed.

  53. Republicofscotland

    James Che.

    “The charade with King Charles visit to Edinburgh is another example, where every effort will be made to present Charles as already King of Scotland. This has been bizarrely welcomed by the First Minister, despite him knowing that Charles has not sworn the Scottish oath and is therefore not the King in Scotland. A title that does not legally exist. Our monarch is titled King of Scots and it requires a pledge to acknowledge and respect the sovereignty of the Scottish people and a solemn promise to protect the rents and privileges on behalf of the people. Without it he is no Monarch of Scots or Scotland.Charles cannot swear this oath as it would expose the crime of our oil and gas, our renewables all being stolen from the sovereign people of Scotland to fill Westminster’s coffers, all following on from the “Union of the Crowns in 1603”, an event that never happened. A myth that enables the Crown to seize all Scotland’s assets. All that happened was that Scotland’s King also became King of England. A single monarch but with two crowns, not one. ”

    We can be certain of this for two reasons, firstly neither the Monarch or Parliament ever held the power to make deals involving the Scottish crown. They never owned it in the first place. Secondly think about it, this was happening 104 years BEFORE the Treaty of Union. There was no United Kingdom. Scotland and England were separate independent countries. Why would an Independent Scotland surrender the Crown of Scotland?

    “Ask yourself if the Crowns were United and the Scottish Crown extinguished why are there two Crown Offices? The Crown Office in England and Wales stops at the border and a separate Crown Office in Scotland is required to administer Scotland’s wealth. They can’t even call it the Scottish Crown Office because it’s necessary to maintain the ruse that Scotland’s Crown does not exist. But exist it does because legally in terms of International law the UK is not a “ voluntary union” but in practice an illegal annexation by England of Scotland’s resources.”

    “They have no choice but to have two Crown offices because they need different rules to enable the theft to operate. In England the Monarch has the rights over every asset. This cannot be challenged but in Scotland these assets belong to the Sovereign people of Scotland. So they created a separate “Crown Office in Scotland” supposedly acting like a trustee on behalf of the people and it is this which they use to illegally plunder our resources.”

  54. Geri

    Thanks everyone who replied on who the others were. Cheers!

    James Che – different unions I believe. Isn’t the monarchy another separate Act of bullshit. Union of Crowns..?

    There should be a referendum in Scotland because it’s an absolute farce that an administrative office with a set budget is paying for these multi million shyters! 50k charge to move OUR stone for a multi billionaire to grace his lard arse on while sticking Scots two wingers & a mason handshake to. That money could be spent far better.

  55. Truman Cup O'Tea

    Chris left out the Burger King unless that’s the guy holding the sign.

  56. Anton Decadent

    Yesterday I walked by the SHELTER shop across from Argos in the town. In its windows were rainbow stickers with Every Love Deserves A Home. It is saturation propaganda/ideological capture of the type 1984 warned of and it creates an intersectional structure of victimhood worthiness which puts men into female shelters etc.

    It is the result of enforced pathological tolerance. I’d posted upthread about crony nationalism and did an image search for it. The results were things like the NYT and Newsweek etc portraying any kind of nationalism within a white majority Christian nation as one step away from Hitler. Black and brown nationalism, on the other hand, are portrayed as a natural response to white imperialism and bonus points if they are in white majority Christian nations.

  57. twathater

    Another CRACKER Chris, on the subject topic CHUCKY big ears is NOT MY KING, and useless YOUSELESS is NOT MY FM

  58. George Ferguson

    I have tried over the years to secure Scottish Independence. But unthinking left wing Scottish Republicanism has taken over the farm. And Alba to boot. The one Alba policy I agreed with was taking ownership of public utilities. Part way through the positioning paper on how to do that I have stopped!. If you are not interested in creating the conditions for Scottish Independence why should I be?.

  59. Breeks


    What the fk were they thinking? I truly despair about the running of “Scottish” Rugby. How much lower can they sink?

    Beauvais says:
    8 July, 2023 at 12:42 pm

    BTW Breeks I think I was alongside you for a wee bit of the march in Stirling…

    Double or quits for Ayr? 😉

    I don’t know Ayr at all, but I think I can get there…

  60. James Che


    The myth of Charlie being the king of the UK never mind Scotland goes much deeper even than you suggest or have grasped.

    1: the Scots have not been asked to join the treaty of union,
    It was discussed at the time to give the Scots a vote on it, however it was decided not to give us
    Us the vote in 1707 due to the fact that Scots would probably vote NO.
    This is the Statement on UK parliament site, 2023.

    2: both Countries parliaments ceased to exist on LIEU of a future agreed promise.
    Neither Countries parliaments is in the GB parliament.

    3: the GB parliament has not ever signed up to a treaty with the old English parliament prior to its ceasing
    The GB parliament has not signed up to a treaty with the old Scottish parliament prior to it ceasing.

    4: the English parliament Ratified the treaty under domestic law of England, (not international law) then ceased as a parliament.
    The Scottish parliament also Ratified the Treaty under domestic law of Scotland ( not international Law) then ceased as a parliament.

    5: both Countries parliaments legal obligations to the treaty of union agreement ceased, even although ratified in their own domestic law, when the respective parliaments ceased and closed their doors.

    6: neither of the parties parliaments agreement ratification could be converted into international Law once both parliaments ceased as parliaments, as neither of those parliaments had or held or signed a treaty with the parliament of Great Britain,
    Everything ceased to be legally binding. Even the domestic ratification legislation of each parliament

    7: ceased,extinct, extinguished parliaments do not belong to any Country nor can or do they operate within a kingdom or State once its ( parliament) position has ceased.

    The ” entity” “Great Britain parliament” is a myth based upon a promised parliament in lieu, ratified in domestic law of each now non existent parliament.
    The Great British parliament is just a name, it cannot exist with representatives from either parliament that has ceased.
    The promises made for the treaty of union wether they refer to religion, monarchy, Trade or kingdoms cannot be considered to have become or be converted into a international treaty of parliamentary union without a number of dues,

    One of those being a major issue,
    Both parliaments must be seen to still exist within the the parliament of Great Britain parliament,
    Both ceased to exist or at least the Scottish one did according to statements of the present UK parliament,

    This is in evidence today by the “entity” “Westminster parliament” legislating a ” Sub” devolved government to Scotland.
    Scotland Not having its own parliament sitting in the treaty of union since it was extinguished from the treaty of union in 1707.

  61. James Che


    The Scots were not asked to join the treaty of union, you will find this info on UK parliament site 2033.
    The territory of Scotland is not in the treaty of union,
    If the Scots and Scotland are not in the treaty of union….what do we need a referendum for.

    Both parliaments ceased to be, and therefore were unable to join a parliamentary union.

    The old parliament of England did not sign a treaty of union with the GB parliament before it ceased.

    The old parliament of Scotland did not sign a treaty of union with the GB parliament prior to it ceasing.

    The ratifications were made under domestic law of each parliament respectively before both ceased and closed, neither therefore was capable of being converted into the law of a international treaty.

    Neither parliament respectively can be challenged with breach of treaty of the union in law now. But both Countries have retained their kingdoms as the parliament of GB is based upon a mythical entity and false entrant as a governing parliament.

    The monarch is not our king,
    The Westminster government is claiming to be under a international treaty but actually does not exist other than by a promise in lieu from two parliament that ceased to exist over three hundred years ago,
    Both these ceased parliaments did not sign a treaty with the GB parliament, it exist under “self proclamation”

  62. Dan

    @ George Ferguson

    That is disappointing to read that you have stopped work on your proposals. It certainly would have been something interesting to read and consider the options you put forward.

    @ Breeks

    Yer dugs (and many others including yon big Great Dane) have probably attended more indy marches than aw they “pro-indy” SNP and Green politicians!

  63. George Ferguson

    @Dan 6:09 pm
    I still know what to write. Scotland is more than the machinations of a single political party. Perhaps I should give it to the Labour Party. They have declared they are in favour of a return of utilities to public ownership. I am thinking brown paper bags and not being able to break out of them. Here is what I think Labour will win the next General Election and the next Scottish Election. And then a follow-up campaign victory in each Parliament. 10 years away for us. Why help them?

  64. Alf Baird

    The disgraceful ceremony handing over Scots sovereignty on a wee cushion to another in a long line of English monarchs this week takes us back more or less to pre-Bruce times, as the Scottish elite assembled in St. Giles paid homage to the oppressor. The Scottish crown went nowhere near his head and no oath to uphold the sovereignty of the Scottish people was ever uttered. No crowning and no oath means he cannot be King of Scots. He aye wears only England’s Imperial State Crown and if that isnae a wee clue I don’t know what is.

    It is almost as if the Scots native elite have no awareness of their own condemnation, or the continued enslavement they enable of the people they supposedly represent or the exploitation of the territory they seek to lead.

    Their actions are explained by Albert Memmi, writing about the authorities and cadres recruited from among the colonized, and who: “by choosing to place themselves in the colonizer’s service to protect his interests exclusively, they end up by adopting his ideology, even with regard to their own values and their own lives”.

  65. Dan

    @ George Ferguson

    Labour talk of returning the utilities into public ownership, oh aye jist like they were going to abolish the House of Lords… You actually trust them to deliver in any meaningful form and don’t just think it’s carrot waving.

    But why give or tie your proposal to any political Party as they are all either corrupted or unable to get any decent exposure. Any threat to established power and the status quo can be nullified and removed. Have we forgotten Corbyn, Salmond, and Whiteman so soon…
    When you floated the idea you were going to put something together re. the utilities I suggested you contact Common Weal or Robin McAlpine to put your heads together as there would undoubtedly be some alignment on certain elements of any proposals, but also because it would distance the proposal from Party political involvement for exactly the reasons re. the monarchy which are now tainting your motivation to continue with it.

    I’ve said for a good while now that party politics is the problem what with the electorally successful Parties being captured, or just stacked full of careerist zoomers who apparently don’t seem to have a clue about the real trials and tribulations so many folks in our society have to endure in their lives.

    You could put your proposal out there and then it could be supported by a load of decent non-Party affiliated independent local candidates to run with. Seriously, who with any integrity or political nous would stand for a Party these days when the Parties are either totes shit, or have been tainted so badly by the very obvious machinations of the mainstream media influencing the masses.

    Talk of ten years is too far away imo. There will be even less viable contingencies to re-build what is left of Scotland by then as the selling off or depletion of our assets and resources continues apace. Add in the ageing demographics / low birth rate, and the not insignificant rest of UK immigration also in the mix, it will mean Scotland will just be a hollowed out shell of what it once was. End game colonisation effectively complete.

  66. Ian Brotherhood

    @Alf Baird (6.39) –

    Small consolation perhaps but it was priceless to see his face when he eventually emerged from that car. He really looked as if he might burst into tears.

    OTS had a good piece on it.

    ‘All the months of preparation, the commissioning of original music, art and ceremonial weapons, the pageantry, the diplomatic tip-toeing around constitutional detail, the hours spent on considering the PR value, the optics of the whole thing – all culminating in the sight of a stony-faced velvet-clad old man unable to face his ‘subjects’ (or even give them a wee wave) while the ‘Not My King’ mantra echoed around the Royal Mile.’

  67. James Che

    Alf Baird,

    We have to remember that anyone behaving in this manner, is under the English legislating colonial sub parliament to Scotland,

    It is a case of self anointing.

    As is the self proclamation of a Great British parliament.

    It is the Scots that are to dumb at this moment in time. To recognise that the Westminster parliament is openly telling them

    1: that Scots were not to get a vote on joining the treaty of union because they would vote NO.

    2: that the Scottish parliament was extinguished in 1707 from the treaty of union.

    3: with one parliament extinguished there can be no “international treaty” of union.

    4: give Scotland a Sub parliament the same as devolved regions of England.

    Talk about being openly mocked by the Westminster colonial governing body holding NO international treaty with Scots or Scotland while we beg for a referendum of them like idiots.
    Not whispered behind the palm of a hand, but in plain site for the whole world to read,

    We have to be the slowest nation in the world on independence while the magnitude of what we are being told is right before our eyes. And the eyes of the world, easily accessible on UK parliament site in 2023.

  68. A Scot Abroad

    Alf Baird,

    there is no sovereignty of the Scottish people. That’s an ancient concept removed by the Act of Union in 1707. There is now only the sovereignty of the United Kingdom, whose peoples, wherever in the U.K. they live, get votes at a general election.

    Scotland was never colonised, either. Scots (and the Welsh, English and Irish) have done a great deal of colonising of others, though, from 1707 through to around 1925, when some colonies were granted Dominion status, and there were border adjustments and freedoms granted in southern and western Africa.

  69. James Che

    King of Scots? Who Charlie?

    Excepts Scots were denied a vote in joining the treaty of union, after it was discussed by the commissioners and politicians in 1707, because it was thought the Scots would say No,

    So Charlie is not king of Scots,
    He just king of England, annexed Wales and part of Ireland,

    The old Scottish parliament ceased to be and was extinguished in England,
    So again not king of Scots or Scotlands territorial realm.

  70. James Che

    The act of union is piffle.

    There is no international treaty of union,
    Both parliaments made a promise they could not and did not keep as soon as they ceased to be legal entities.
    And prior to the self proclaimed GB parliament annointing itself.

    The GB parliament was a parliament in lieu.

    It Is not signed up to a treaty with either the Scottish or English parliament.
    The GB parliament cannot become or be converted a international treaty while on its own,

  71. sog

    Andy W questions Royal ownership of Holyrood property, two parts –

  72. chic.mcgregor

    Too wee, too poor, too stupid.

    Almost 100% of Scots would say we are not too stupid,

    But with Scotland around the middle in size and population out of the World’s approx 200 countries and in the very top echelon for GDP per capita (even with fiddled UK accountancy) with indy support still at only around 50% you begin to wonder if maybe the ‘Too stupid’ accusation might not have some justification.

  73. A Scot Abroad

    James Che,

    no King of Scots was ever confirmed by a popular vote.

    Stop making things up.

  74. Ian Brotherhood

    Wur auld pal John Nicholson gets an absolute pasting here.

    ‘Not only did Nicolson argue lesbians can have a penis. That’s become a classic comedy line that no one other than our elected representatives and deeply creepy blokes with badly fitting wigs take seriously. Nicolson also argued that “it’s one of the most offensive things in the LGB Alliance’s submission that they say they do not believe that you can be born in the wrong body”.’

  75. George Ferguson

    @Dan 7:15pm
    I remember your call for the Common Weal or Robert McAlpine sharing, unfortunately if I go on their website I have to donate to access Common Weal. How many years has Robert McAlpine got in public utilities?. Their think tank I wouldn’t pay tuppence for. There is a growing industry that have made money from Scottish Independence the wee ginger dug, Ruth wishart, people selling books. It’s cost me, being an Independence supporter. Financially, time, emotion, and effort. After my holidays I will start it up again and give the paper to Stu. A trustworthy source.

  76. James Che

    Great Britain parliament is self proclaimed

    The Great British parliament cannot be in a international treaty as sole entity.

    It has to have a treaty with the Scottish parliament still extant and English parliament still extant,

    These domestically ratified pieces of legislation ceased to be valid when both or either one of those parliaments respectively ceased to exist and are no longer extant.

  77. Geri


    That’s a fanciful tale.

    So Who is Chucky & why the two coronations?

  78. Republicofscotland


    Labour are just as bad as the Tories the prominent ones are members of (BAP) its mission in the UK to put down socialism and republicanism to help groom future leaders and their funders are unknown.

    BLiS manager in Scotland (Anas Sarwar) is also a full blown member of BAP and says they’re his second family.

    As for Starmer anyone who thinks he’ll change England and Wales for the better as opposed to the nasty Tories is in for a rude awakening.

  79. Geri

    Dan 7:15

    Excellent idea regards approaching Common Weal & McAlpine.
    That’s what I would do.

  80. Beauvais

    Breeks @5:19 pm

    I’m afraid Ayr might be out for me, but I’m determined to be there for at east one more of this year’s schedule.

  81. Captain Yossarian

    My house used to be the gardeners house for a big joint two doors away. It’s the size of a castle, designed by Greek Thompson and built in 1855.

    It’s just changed hands for the first time in about 50-years and the new owner has invited me to take a look around the place a few times now.

    The roof is fascinating. Ballaculish slates which are very thick and hard. It’s not perfect but most of it is pretty much perfect.

    There are leaks all over the place but that is due to the leadwork wearing thin over time and cracking.

    It’s got a lift which is powered by water, so that water fills a tank and the weight of the tank of water drops down and the lift rises up.

    Fireplaces everywhere, even in hallways. 18No in total.

    Interestingly, even although my house is a honky-tonk compared to this place, some things are the same – the stair balustrade, vestibule tiling and things like that.

    Anyway, the roofer was telling me that in 1855, when this place was built, that was when Ballachulish was cutting the best slate and transporting it all over the world. I think it finally closed about a century later because sea water was flooding the pits and the slate was becoming poorer in quality due to pyrite.

  82. A Scot Abroad


    it’s well known who Charles is.

    Two coronations because James VI and I never managed to get through the English Parliament a law combining the crowns. And nobody after him was that bothered.

    Hence the 1745 and all.

    But it’s all ancient guff. Charles is the head of state of the entire U.K. Nobody doubts it, except weirdoes.

  83. Beauvais

    One of the army NCOs doing the ushering at Wimbledon centre court this evening had OTT military mustachios like Kitchener. The imperial cult takes a long time to fade. A bit like radiation I suppose.

    Maybe this guy served with ASA and was a first class chap.

  84. Dan

    @ George Ferguson

    FYI Here is a link to Robin’s site welcome introduction in case you didn’t find this particular page.

    Take time out to recharge and enjoy your holiday though, and hopefully a wee break will allow time to have a think and mull things over.
    Contacting Stu would certainly be an option. But he needs to get the contact page function sorted again as it has been out of commission since the site’s “upgrade”.
    Couple of times there have been dodgy posts on old threads on this site needing reported, and had to chase folk up to contact him via twitter.
    But now twitter is out of sight to folk without time to manage and view extra online accounts, that is closing down the ability to see and share articles. Really don’t know why folk seem so drawn to twits and Farcebook as they are shit for having any decent in-depth conversations, and the way Musk and Zuckerberg control them there are less people able to view content on those platforms.

  85. msdidi

    #NotOurKing is really taking the mick now. Not content with giving his missus the Garter of the Thistle he is found to have purloined Holyrood Palace for his own personal property! Holyrood belongs to us….the sovereign people….he has stolen it.

  86. Effijy

    I’m sure that Army chap was on my gangway at Wimbledon earlier this week.
    I thought he was a regimental sergeant major from the paras.

    He was like a doppelgänger for Windsor Davies in it ain’t half hot mum the comedy TV show.

    If he wasn’t so big I’d have shouted “Sing Lofty”.

  87. Republicofscotland

    “The act of union is piffle”

    Indeed it is.

    “legally in terms of International law the UK is not a “ voluntary union” but in practice an illegal annexation by England of Scotland’s resources.”

    I doubt the ICJ would recognise the Treaty of Union if pushed, Scots had no vote on it, Scotland was coerced and under duress with a English army in Edinburgh at the time and another English army waiting at the border. The union was opposed by all the churches and burghs in Scotland.

    At the time the illegal/undemocratic union was being forced upon Scots, At the time the Treaty of Union was signed in 1707 Scotland had no debt whilst England’s national debt was £18 million.

  88. Republicofscotland

    “But it’s all ancient guff. Charles is the head of state of the entire U.K. Nobody doubts it, except weirdoes.”

    Brilliant absolutely brilliant, I had a good wee chuckle to the above, if you ever get tired of hitting the keys at Denison, I’m sure you’d make a mediocre comedian.

    John Main eat your heart out.

  89. George Ferguson

    @Dan 8:33pm
    Thanks for your reply. Robert is not one of my peer group. His website might be free but Common Weal isn’t. I still await on his record of competence in public utilities. My record is mounted on the Battery Point Power Station. Winning team leader out 0f 3000 teams. The Sir Michael Joughin Trophy. I received the award from the penultimate Governor of Hong Kong.Still I am a principled Independence supporter despite the money makers and grifters.

  90. Dan

    @ Captain Yossarian

    I’ve been on my roof slating recently and mentioned on here that we have lost that industry which could have provided locally sourced quality roofing material, and instead just import in crap roof tiles from abroad. So we lost the slate producing jobs and also create the large carbon footprint of transporting tones of heavy freight across continents.
    Of course when plots of land now costs so much there is less capital left for folk to actually buy the materials to build the house, so cheap crap is sourced instead of paying more for locally sourced higher quality materials.
    Couple of articles on slate you may want to read.

    This one has other hotlinks in the texts to further reading too.

  91. Beauvais

    msdidi @8:41 pm

    Looks like Not My King has been My King money at the expense of the Scottish public purse.

  92. Geri

    Just been catching up with Robins latest articles..

    Lol at MiNGAs!

    **There is now a quite distinct Make Nicola Great Again movement (or MiNGA), and the MiNGAs seem to represent the mainstream of the SNP. **

    Hey SNP member – where are your red lines at?

  93. Republicofscotland


    I’m at the stage now that I believe that Scots would allow England to steal just about anything they wanted from Scotland and Scots and Scots would just shrug their shoulders and grumble a wee bit to themselves then move on. What a cowed and sorry bunch the Scots have become.

    “Following all of the publicity and questions about there ownership of the Palace of Holyroodhouse, it came as something of a surprise to discover that in April 2019, a title to Holyroodhouse had been recorded in the Land Register on behalf of “Her Majesty the Queen and Her Royal Successors”. On 21 December 2022, the owners was amended to His Majesty King Charles III and His Royal Successors.” [tilte here and plan here].

    “This was the first ever recorded title to Holyroodhouse. There is no suggestion that ownership was being registered “in right of the Crown” as public property. The form of words used implies the personal ownership of the Sovereign despite the fact that Section 4 of the Crown Private Estates Act 1862 prohibits such personal ownership unless vested in Trustees (which is how Balmoral Estate for example is owned).”

    Not that long ago the people of Sri Lanka stormed their governments building fed up with lies deceit and corruption they got active. The French, well we can only dream about being as active as they are, they have what we lack courage and determination they act when its needed.

    Even the much oppressed Palestinian people who are in a worse predicament than we are, have the courage to act and have been doing so for over 70 years.

    I used to wonder at what point Scots would rise up and say enough is enough, that there was red line that would see Scots take action and say, that it no more, but I’ve come to realise that there isn’t a red line, and Scots will swallow all manner of shite piled on them by the English government.

  94. sarah

    OK, Chris, I give up – who is the bloke holding the placard?

  95. A Scot Abroad


    the ICJ haven’t the jurisdiction to rule on the Act of Union. It’s an internal matter within one state.

  96. John Main

    Wow, Wings BTL taking exception to gentlemen’s facial hair now!

    Well, why not?

    It’s a subject permitting endless greetin, faux outrage and puling, seeing as how there is just so much gentlemen’s facial hair, and of such diverse shapes, luxuriance and hue, around.

    And like all the other greetin, faux outrage and puling on Wings BTL, that devoted to gentlemen’s facial hair will have the same end result.


    Got to say, though, I am disappointed in RoS. I was confident he would have already posted a rote diatribe about cluster bombs and Great Satans. But the night is yet young.

  97. Xaracen

    A Scot Abroad said; “there is no sovereignty of the Scottish people. That’s an ancient concept removed by the Act of Union in 1707.”

    That’s a supremely asinine statement even for a smugly abusive git like you, ASA!

    No-one and no body involved in negotiating, signing or ratifying the Treaty had any authority remotely high enough to remove the sovereignty of the Scots from them without their consent, and transfer it to a foreign body. Not the Scottish nor English commissioners, not Queen Anne in either of her monarchies, and not either of the old Parliaments.

    It just never happened; you made it up because that’s all you know how to do. If the facts don’t fit (if you even know them), just make suitable ones up and rely on bluster and insults to try and cow us into accepting your endless tripe. But a lot of us know better.

    “There is now only the sovereignty of the United Kingdom, whose peoples, wherever in the U.K. they live, get votes at a general election.”

    More lies! The sovereignty of the UK is a myth. The only verified sovereignty is that of the Scots, and the sovereignty of England used to reside in its old parliament, if only for about 18 years before it ended when it was replaced by the parliament of Great Britain in the same building; there was no transfer of its sovereignty to the new GB Parliament, because it never occurred to anybody to conduct a formal transfer of its sovereignty to the new one before the old one died. Oh, dear, how sad, never mind. No use crying over spilt milk, eh?

    So, guess what? Westminster did exactly what you do, just made up a story that the new parliament is just a continuation of the old parliament so of course it’s sovereign. But that’s a flat out lie, because that isn’t what happened, as Carwyn Jones pointed out to the Welsh parliament a few years ago. But even if that sovereignty was somehow transferred, it could only ever cover the kingdom of England, and not the UK. So you’re still stuffed.

  98. John Main

    @Geri 9:27

    There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed about in being dyslexic.

    Nevertheless, it is necessary to point out to you, and for you to understand and recognise, that “Make Nicola Great Again” cannot be abbreviated as “MiNGA”.

    Do you want to claim that being forced to use English is colonialist oppression of you as a Sovereign Scot? Or that being reminded of your grammatical and spelling shortcomings is “ableist prejudice”? That might work.

  99. Muscleguy

    @Captain Yossarian
    Polling has shown that supporting the monarchy is now a distinctly minority pursuit in Scotland. So your ideas are bogus.

  100. Beauvais

    Looks like another big name nonce at the BBC to add to their extensive historic collection of nonces. And they sent me a licence fee demand the other day. They ain’t getting it.

  101. A Scot Abroad


    there’s stuff all in the ancient guff about the Scots people being their own sovereign. Never written down, never voted upon. No basis in reality, apart from fables.

    It’s meaningless. And for over 300 years, not ever questioned that the UK is the sovereign power.

  102. Beauvais

    Maybe one day cybernats will post comments that in content and phrasing at last meet the approval of that tireless umpire of public discourse, His Correctness John Main.

  103. Geri


    Fear not. Come divvy up time Scotland will be compensated for everything that’s been stolen & land & property will be returned to its rightful owners, Scotland.

    Reparations will be demanded.

    & Dumbza, the serf boy, his *political career* is below gutter, right down there with Pisharts. He’ll struggle even to win a gig writing the TV guide in the fanzine.

    I missed where he gave SNP colleagues an ultimatum to love Nicola or for them to stand down – wtf?!
    What a great idea & with it lose a majority if enough of them accept his challenge. A vote of no confidence later & *poof* he’ll be gone – he can keep the kilt!
    Also missed yet more powers stripped from their membership – they can no longer vote a deputy leader.

    This farce will soon be over when the handcuffs start being issued. All the planets are aligning & it looks like they’ll start to come thick & fast.

    In the meantime if he does just one more thing royal related he’ll be run out of Scotland. Can he not read the room ffs!?

  104. Geri


    You have no sovereignty. You have no democracy. You may vote but that’s pretendy too because King Chucky can refuse to form *his* government from the rabble you have voted for & knobble up one of his own instead.

    He can also terminate what *his* parliament votes for in parliament & refuse it royal assent & have it binned.

    You clowns just spout utter shite. You’ve been listening to Jacob Reese-mogg & the Brexshiteer gang too long. England’s sovereignty lies with the English king in *his* parliament. YOU, serf boy, are a SUBJECT of his with hee-haw sovereignty of any kind.

    John Main.

    Take it up with Robin – it’s from his article.

  105. Ronnie leitch

    A great cartoon.

  106. A Scot Abroad


    the ones spouting utter shite on here are you, Baird, RoS, Xaracen, Che, and a couple of less frequent posters.

    There’s not a single thing that you lot say that is truthful, or that forms a logical argument. Far less anything that is justiciable. It’s all just pish and wind, and totally meaningless.

  107. Geri

    Actually, thinking about it..

    If he didn’t take the full oath to Scotland then he can’t open parliament & no one can swear an oath to him before sitting because he is only an English king & Westminster is a GB parliament ..

    That’ll be awkward? If he didn’t take the oath to Scotland then there’s no United Kingdom’s & that parliament is now only an English one.

  108. Geri


    Then why are you here?

  109. A Scot Abroad


    I’m here because the utter shite that your echo chamber creates needs to be called out.

  110. Geri

    When do you think you’ll start because you haven’t called out a single thing so far.

    Do one.

  111. Derek


    Regarding slate, it’s because the the cost is seen purely as financial and the energy required to move things around is kind of discounted, I think. Because you can buy cast terracotta roof tiles from a builders’ merchant for less than more locally-sourced slates, no matter where they’ve been manufactured.

  112. Northcode

    Most folk on here have probably heard of the Dunning-Kruger effect.

    If you haven’t it can be summarised thus:

    The Dunning–Kruger effect is a cognitive bias whereby people with low ability, expertise, or experience regarding a type of task or area of knowledge tend to overestimate their ability or knowledge.

    But do you know what prompted the social psychologists Justin Kruger and David Dunning to embark on their study of incompetence?

    This from an article on the subject:

    Dunning and Kruger started their journey after hearing the story of Pittsburgh resident McArthur Wheeler.

    In 1995, Wheeler robbed two banks. To hide his identity from surveillance cameras he spread lemon juice on his face. He was convinced the chemical properties of lemon juice would make his facial features invisible to surveillance cameras.

    Wheeler’s arrogant self-assurance stemmed from his belief that as lemon juice can be used as a type of invisible ink, it would do the same for his face.
    His story prompted Kruger and Dunning into researching the “miscalibration of the incompetent”.

    They concluded Wheeler was no isolated example. They found that the arrogance of ignorance is commonplace.

    Unfortunate souls thus afflicted don’t know what they don’t know – and reject any evidence that suggests their beliefs are wrong or that there might be knowledge about a particular subject of which they are unaware.

    Professor Dunning came to believe that “If Wheeler was too stupid to be a bank robber, perhaps he was also too stupid to know that he was too stupid to be a bank robber — that is, his stupidity protected him from an awareness of his own stupidity.”

    Explains a lot, doesn’t it? If you thought education was expensive, try ignorance.

    According to Dunning and Kruger, arrogance, ignorance, and stupidity all go hand-in-hand. So, if you come across a ‘Wheeler’ don’t try reasoning with them, you’ll just be wasting your time.

    Wheeler was easily identified, convicted and imprisoned.

  113. John Main

    @Northcode 11:59

    Intrinsic to the Dunning-Kruger effect is the realisation that anybody choosing to deploy it must also accept that they may unwittingly be subject to it.

    It’s a real paradox, and thus smart people won’t deploy it. Very likely that if they do, it will rebound on them, or in other words, blow up in their face.


  114. John Main

    @Geri 10:55

    Your post, so I’m taking it up with you.

    Try to grow a pair and have the guts to own what you post.

    If it’s shite, acknowledge it, resolve to do better in future, and move on.

    Nobody wants to see the Indy movement made into a laughing stock.

  115. Dan

    A Scot Abroad says: at 11:40 pm

    I’m here because the utter shite that your echo chamber creates needs to be called out.

    Au contraire! You’re actually only on here bumping your gums because Scotland provides England with enough energy to keep your computer running. 😉
    It’s leeches like you that are draining Scotland. You regularly say nae cunt would need Scottish leccy coz of ohm’s law pish, and that they can make it themselves anyway; So chop chop old chap, get yer arse off t’internet, grab some of those squaddie mates, and go build some generation infrastructure in lovely old England instead of being a parasitic drain on Scotland.

  116. Dan

    @ Derek

    Nae danger terracotta roof tiles are acceptable on a traditional Scottish hoose roof around my way.
    Interestingly I did notice around Scottish borders / Berwick upon Tweed that some individual roofs actually have a mix of both slate and pantiles for some reason.

  117. Alf Baird

    A Scot Abroad @ 11:40 pm

    “utter shite”

    As is your ‘contribution’, every time. Everybody kens it tae.

  118. Anton Decadent

    Re guy in cartoon with placard, Matt McGinn?

  119. Geri

    It’s marching season. He’s probably busy collecting pallets at the mo. They’re the only eejits who love a foreign king they’ll never meet.

  120. A Scot Abroad

    Alf Baird,

    I’ve already pointed out the utter shite that is the idea that you push of a trans-shipment port in Orkney.

  121. PhilM

    Way down in the deepest heart of Norfolk, lived a man, a Scottish man, who gave the best years of his life to the British Army, serving with distinction in multiple theatres of war, leading by example, a true believer in the army leadership code, all the while knowing that army life and army discipline together have the effect of setting a man above his peers. With higher rank, such a man might think he has earned the respect of his fellow soldiers, who might see in him the calm steady rational demeanour of a type of Scot that only art can truly capture, like Gordon Jackson for example, not as leader (that would not do at all) but as the dependable second-in-command in the Great Escape…what our man in Norfolk won’t know is that when he’s absent, his buddies, his comrades, his soldiers will impersonate him, not as Jackson, but as Ives, wee 5 foot 4 Ives…(coyly) oh Cooler King…what did ye study in college, physical education?…(simpers)…oh Hilts, thae were the days, some of those Saturday nights in towns such as Musselburgh and Hamilton, huh huh, you had to fight off the birds, you know…girls man, girls, (plants seed in Hilts’ mind, I’ll play catamite if you want Hilts)…d’ye know have them in the States…gush, blush, simper, flatter, deprecate, repress, cry tiny years inside as ‘och aye the noo’ rings incessantly around the officers’ mess…puir wee Ives…shot to death for his troubles trying to escape…martyred, crucified like a wee St.Jock o’the Cross…ah well…there’s plenty more wee Jocks where he came from and all they require is the odd word of praise and a pat on the head…good boy! Jocko, good boy!!!

  122. Captain Yossarian

    Muscleguy – I don’t feel strongly about it. Sometimes, when you ban something that you think is unpopular, you make it more popular. Like coal-fires or diesel cars for example.

    Remember there used to be “think-tanks” in Scotland? Maybe they’re still around, but no-one pays attention any more. So, we are drifting and rudderless.

    The demographic in Scotland is starting to move away from Nationalism and so you have to re-group and choose the ground you want to fight on.

    Some of the people writing-in here have good ideas that would make Nationalism more appealing again.

    I tend to vote Labour but I don’t respect them or even like them that much. 20-years ago they started a decline and I cannot see that changing much. People say it will, but I’m not so sure.

    I respect Nationalists and the comments on here are written by them and some of them are convincing.

    Most Scots are against nuclear weapons and the monarchy and I accept that, but these arguments tend to divide people and so don’t make you popular.

    Kenny MacAskill is an example of someone who I find convincing, but his party are fragmented, aren’t they. He’s trying to lead them in one direction and because it’s a democratic party, people argue the opposite and so the message he is trying to deliver gets lost.

    That’s the conundrum for you. The way I see it anyway.

  123. SteepBrae

    Captain Yossarian 4.16am
    Good comment – “drifting and rudderless” although “moving away from Nationalism” isn’t supported by the polls.

    Surely a political party that accomodates folk with a range opinions is a healthy thing. In the real world, we all have our own experiences and opinions and so there should be no need for a party to try to constrain us. Listening and debating help shape policy. Differing opinions in an atmosphere of cordiality are to be welcomed especially in the wake of the nine-year democratic demolition we’ve lived through.

    As for the decline in Labour – lots of info out there. Not pleasant. It’s not going to get better. However, after independence we’d have a choice of parties and could vote them in and vote them out. Our votes would finally count. Then you could vote for a Labour party that was actually socialist.

  124. Breeks

    Alf Baird says:
    9 July, 2023 at 12:50 am

    A Scot Abroad @ 11:40 pm

    “utter shite”

    As is your ‘contribution’, every time. Everybody kens it tae.

    Don’t trouble yourself responding Alf.

    There are none so blind as those who are truly thick as mince.

    It’s also interesting to quote Captain Yossarian, “…Most Scots are against nuclear weapons and the monarchy and I accept that, but these arguments tend to divide people and so don’t make you popular.”

    I hear what you’re saying Captain, but we have Alf Baird, University Professor with life long professional interest in shipping, currently liaising with Stuart Ballantyne, designer and manufacturer catamaran ferries, to hopefully alleviate the lamentable Scottish Government’s incompetence.

    Over many years, he’s made informed, and profoundly interesting observations and proposals to rectify what’s gone wrong with Scotland’s maritime heritage under UK Tory misrule, and articulated meaningful ways to correct it.

    It isn’t fanciful stuff. If I remember correctly, there was even an Operator physically prepared to step in an run the proposal at Scapa Flow.

    Then in the red, (white and blue) corner, you have a Proud-Scot-But, Desert Hat, imbecile with a Commission, but minus his tank these days, firing peurile insults on rapid fire in every direction, while gaslighting the unwary, declaring black is white, white is black, without the merest hint of reference, corroboration, or source.

    Alf presents cogent and germane propsals which would turn a disadvantaged and criminally mismanaged Scottish Port infrastructure left to rot under London rule, into a powerhouse which would deliver potent and lucrative investment, prosperity and opportunity for an Independant Scotland working closely with our friends and allies in Europe, Scandinavia, and the Baltic, and also, right on point “IF” there’s to be an Arctic Sea lane become viable.

    The point is, there isn’t an exchange of arguments here. There is no point and counterpoint. There are diligent proposls for an Independent Scotland having mud thrown at them from a blinkered deluded walloper who thinks everybody who isn’t prepared to swallow gallons of the UK Koolaid like he has, can be derided as Scottish “Untermenschen”.

    I’m quite sure the likes of Alf Baird would thrive in an objective debate about Scotland’s Maritime potential, but instead, we’re all treated to bile, rudeness and ignorant disinformation from blinkered dunces like the Ascot Hat.

    But please don’t call for him to be banned. He’s a constant reminder of what it’s like to be a BritNat shill and product of UK indoctrination. Not a particularly attractive end product, is it?

  125. SteepBrae

    Backshift hours appear to exacerbate Ascot A broad’s grumpiness. The technique is wearing a wee bit thin though. Combative, mainly baseless, often with a parting left hook. These careers in conditioning clearly take their toll. Sad.

    Time to try out alternative pursuits for the unfulfilled retiree maybe? Something a bit gentler on the old constitution might help: meditation, yoga, landscape painting, flower arranging…

  126. JockMcT

    All this talk of parliaments, has anyone looked into what it would take to re-constitute our Scottish Parliament and declare it open for business. Is is even possible, just a thought…

  127. Republicofscotland

    “Fear not. Come divvy up time Scotland will be compensated for everything that’s been stolen & land & property will be returned to its rightful owners, Scotland.”

    Nice thoughts Geri, but we are neighbours (England) with a country with long history of nefarious activities. the English government only recognises international law when it suits it.

    The Chaggossian people can testify to that.

  128. Republicofscotland

    “I was confident he would have already posted a rote diatribe about cluster bombs”

    Now that you mention Main.

    The US which has ran out of weapons that IT wants to send to 404 has approved the sending of cluster bombs (which are banned) to 404’s military, or should I call it international brigade. (Nato)

    Of course the English government approved the sending of those banned weapons to Saudi Arabia, which were used on the civilians of Yemen years ago.

  129. Republicofscotland


    We’d need the right people in place and right now we have House Jocks in those positions.

    When the right folk are in the positions, this can happen, unless of course the Scots rise up before they are in the positions.

    From Craig Murray’s blog.

    “A Scottish government, whether arising from the Scottish Parliament or from another body, needs in declaring Independence to ensure it has practical control of Scotland.

    That means that the organs of the state have to acknowledge the Scottish state. All taxes collected must go to Edinburgh, not to Westminster. The judiciary must apply Scottish laws and not Westminster ones, where they conflict, and specifically apply all new laws post the Declaration of Independence. The police must answer only to Scottish authorities. Ultimately so must the military stationed in Scotland.

    At the time Independence is declared, immediate action must be taken to ensure all civil servants, judges, police and military take an oath of loyalty to the people of Scotland and its new government, and renounce any previous loyalty to Crown and to UK political institutions. Anybody refusing must be summarily dismissed from their positions.

    We have the example of Catalonia before us. We also have the example of Egypt’s only ever democratically elected leader, President Morsi, who died horribly in jail after being overthrown by a CIA coup because he failed to take the elementary precaution of dismissing and imprisoning all the military regime’s corrupt judges. He should have learnt from Fritz Bauer.

    Let us not make those mistakes.

    Ultimately, it boils down to this.

    1) Westminster will never agree to Scottish Independence.

    2) Scotland therefore has no option but to declare Independence unilaterally.

    3) Any independent state must be prepared to defend itself by physical force from foreign attack. So must a newly declared Independent Scotland.

    4) All who refuse to serve an Independent Scotland must then be removed from all organs of the state.

    5) Once an Independent Scotland has physical control of its territory and resources, international recognition will soon follow. Brexit has completely changed the political atmosphere with regard to the crucial attitude of the European Union to London’s government.”

  130. Stephen O'Brien

    “Westminster is toxic”.. The sum total of SNP strategy!

  131. Breeks

    Republicofscotland says:
    9 July, 2023 at 9:26 am

    … has approved the sending of cluster bombs (which are banned) to 404’s military, or should I call it international brigade.

    Aye, and thus the Country with severely limited capacity to actually drop any clusterbombs, sets a very grim and ominous precedent for the Country with overwhelming capacity to drop loads of them.

    I wonder what humanitarian genius thought that one up.

  132. Republicofscotland

    Mark these words by Craig Murray, for we’ll need to take our independence, it won’t be given.

    “To put this another way, no matter how many irregularities there might be in the 1689 Act of Settlement, no domestic or international court is going to annul it now. It is realpolitik again – no state exists whose form and institutions would survive re-examination of all their historic foundations under modern criteria.”

  133. Republicofscotland

    This company and its parent company are, and have been, giving large amounts of cash to the Britnat parties at Holyrood to keep them afloat to help stop Scots from dumping the union.

  134. Alf Baird

    A Scot Abroad @ 1:48 am

    “I’ve already pointed out the utter shite that is the idea that you push of a trans-shipment port in Orkney.”

    Scapa Flow has been a successful transhipment port for the last 50 years. Where did you think Orkney Council’s (and Shetland’s) oil wealth fund comes from?

  135. A Scot Abroad


    that’s all a bit moonshine from Craig Murray’s blog. The vast majority of the forces stationed in Scotland would simply refuse. The planes would fly south, the submarines sail south, and the Army drive south. I have no doubt that a good proportion of the public servants and Police would also not comply with illegal instructions.

    Most of the taxation collected from the financial sector would disappear along with the sector itself. 7.5% of Scotland’s GDP, and 200,000 jobs. Add in another 55,000 jobs in U.K.-wide public employment. Most oil and gas revenues would disappear, as would all foreign direct investment.

    The EU isn’t going to recognise any form of UDI, as that would merely encourage separatist movements around Europe.

  136. John Main

    “bile, rudeness and ignorant dis-information”

    Once again, the selective outrage that appears only when the bile, rudeness and ignorant dis-information comes from one deemed to be anti-Indy is noted by alert readers.

  137. John Main

    @RoS 9:45

    Intrigued by your point 4.

    As what organ do you intend to serve the newly born iScotland?

  138. John Main

    Apropos of nothing.

    This Sovereign Scot won’t be taking an oath of loyalty to HY. Not ever.

    RoS & Breeks, fill yer boots if you like.

    It’s a symptom of your infinite capacities for self delusion about just how far out the tide of Indy has ebbed that you are now “planning” for the aftermath of a putsch on an open forum.

    Whilst simultaneously bleating about things that are “banned”.

    Jeezo, is it really so godamned difficult to just show us Scots the fucking money and win popular support that way?

  139. Geri

    Cluster bombs

    There go those great bastions of world peace breaking international law, AGAIN in its obsessive need to dominate. Another despot imperial regime.

    & Weirdos think pu-tin is unhinged.

    Reeves *we should pay tribute to the USA for all they have done to help Ukrainy -they’ve helped more than any other nation*

    So they should! That started it ffs!

    So a new government, same shit. America’s bitch. 51st state. Meanwhile, here in skintland, we’ve a nice big target strapped to our back..

    You can almost hear how that conversation went – house it in Scotland lads. So what if it’s obliterated. The Scots cost nothing & they’ll be doing us a favour.

    No. Scotland is against nuclear weapons. Only despot britnats think the topic is decisive & dividing because everyone won’t bend to their control.

  140. Geri

    States recognise other states.

    Not a permission slip from London.

    Scotland is a country. Not some region of England that’s locked in under a written constitution. We had our own which still survives & is valid.

  141. Dorothy Devine

    Breeks , not banned but perhaps stop the personal references , leave it in neutral don’t quote them.

    It is QI when someone uses that method how quickly it is claimed by those attempting disruption.

    Rev Stu, I love this blog and I also love most of those below the line as they provide interesting snippets of information or other paths to follow.

  142. John Main

    As all of the fighting is taking place on the territory of 404, it is the right of the people of 404 to decide, as a Sovereign Nation, what weapons they are prepared to use in their existentialist struggle to expel the imperialist aggressor from their homeland.

    So-called Scots Indy supporters who won’t acknowledge the fundamental right of a Sovereign Nation to defend itself from extermination need to be kept as far away from any possible real world influence and responsibility as possible.

    If nothing else, the looney tunes nature of the posts from some of the regulars on here clarifies just why the SNP, once in power, had to distance itself from them as soon as it could.

    The exact same process will have to happen should Alba or any other new Indy party gain power.

  143. Ottomanboi

    I do not know if was a bomb of the type that killed a member of my extended family, it was not a WMD, that is for sure.
    Those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it, Mr Sunak.

  144. Geri

    You’d think, as the great con is peddled on the state funded propaganda channel, that if the yanks are winning they wouldn’t need anymore weapons.

    Yet Uk-rainy comes with a shopping list like someone’s nipping down to Tesco & dared to ask if they need anything…

    Not a member of NATO or the EU but look at the free bounty, the instant free passes to the clubs, the superstar treatment around the western world in their fight for (pretendy) *self determination*

    *The EU isn’t going to recognise any form of UDI, as that would merely encourage separatist movements around Europe.*

    DON’T TALK PISH! They’re already doing it ya roaster!

  145. Dan

    Aah, another weeks begins and John Main once again slips effortly into his now customary Jerry Maguire role play mode with his “Show me the money!” demand.
    The trouble is though that every time he’s shown an example of where the money could come from, he shits himself and self IDs as a Plato’s cave dweller who lacks the fortitude to break out of his delusions that anything other than his current perceived reality is possible.

  146. Geri

    John Main

    Get real. 404 is the puppet.

    That sovereign nation broke the terms of their internationally recognised treaty. There were only two rules to follow. Signed by the Yanks too..

    No NATO expansion.
    Must remain neutral.

    Agreed – here’s yer independence. Go in peace..

    The yanks swooped in before the ink was even dry, to their own agreement to lock & load and install a puppet to break it. Surprise surprise.

    Mayhem everywhere. One unhinged despotic nation. Here we go again to another war – wouldn’t be so bad if they ever won! For having such a big gob they always end up gubbed!

  147. Xaracen

    ASA and his English establishment overlords don’t have the gumption or the integrity to understand that an English MP majority is not the same as a Union majority. These are two different things, because Scotland is not a junior partner in the Union, it is one full half of the Union, the other half being England, and that makes any Scottish majority vote fully equal to any English majority vote.

    England’s MPs are not sitting in the English parliament, they are sitting in the Union parliament. The Union parliament cannot pass legislation on the majority approval of only one partner, it needs the approval of both partners. England’s MPs cannot pass any legislation on their own because their majority or even unanimity does not represent the Union on their own, and Westminster has no bloody business pretending otherwise. They don’t speak for anybody except for England, they can’t speak for Scotland and therefore can’t speak for the Union. And yet they presume to do exactly that without any proper justification other than that they outnumber the Scots MPs.

    But outnumbering isn’t the same as outvoting because that depends on how the votes are counted, and Westminster’s voting system is still the old English parliament’s voting system which assumed that all MPs represented English constituencies, and thus only one sovereignty. But the Union parliament represents two sovereignties, making that voting system completely inappropriate, but despite that, it has never been updated to reflect the new circumstances that came into effect in 1707!

    It is that continued inadequacy that gives unwarranted power to the far larger numbers of England’s MPs than they can ever properly justify, though you can bet that if the numbers had been the other way around, England’s establishment would have seen that voting system amended so fast it would make ASA’s head swim.

    Even if England’s MPs vote 100% for a matter, it’s not enough to pass it, because they only represent one sovereign partner in a Union of two. The other sovereign partner in the Union also gets a vote, and if their MPs vote against it even if only by a majority of 1 then the matter must fail because the Union’s two partners did not agree to pass it.

    It’s well past time our Scots MPs robustly informed their English colleagues to stuff their abusive voting system.

    A Scot Abroad said;

    “It’s meaningless. And for over 300 years, not ever questioned that the UK is the sovereign power.”

    Then you’ve not been paying any attention. No surprise there.

    Geri said;

    “Actually, thinking about it..

    If he didn’t take the full oath to Scotland then he can’t open parliament & no one can swear an oath to him before sitting because he is only an English king & Westminster is a GB parliament ..

    That’ll be awkward? If he didn’t take the oath to Scotland then there’s no United Kingdom’s & that parliament is now only an English one.”

    I like the way you think!

    A Scot Abroad said;

    “Geri, the ones spouting utter shite on here are you, Baird, RoS, Xaracen, Che, and a couple of less frequent posters.

    There’s not a single thing that you lot say that is truthful, or that forms a logical argument. Far less anything that is justiciable. It’s all just pish and wind, and totally meaningless.”

    ASA, you’ve been talking to the mirror again!

  148. Confused

    the great thing about cluster bombs is when they don’t go off they have a secondary value as childrens toys (thank fuck we are the good guys and there is no moral equivalence going on); all such problems can be solved via language – landmines, bad? – no, we use landmines, landmines good, landmines legitimate military usage … other guy using landmines? – that bad … but landmines and landmines good and bad, head hurt?? – no, bad guy use IED = BAD, good guys uses landmine = GOOD

    cluster bomb? – BAD? – try – antipersonnel area denial ordnance = GOOD

  149. John Main

    Thanks Dan.

    Still peddling your coal I see.

    But that’s nit picking on my part. You are smart enough to understand that I am not fundamentally questioning the existence of the bountiful resources you list.

    I am pointing out that these resources are owned, and thus I am asking how that ownership gets transferred to new owners who will more equitably share them with me. And the 5.5 mill other Scots.

    You are smart enough to know that history provides several examples of how this wealth transfer can be attempted, that some attempts have been more successful than others, that unexpected results have sometimes occurred, and that not everybody has always benefitted.

    So, show how Scotland will do it in a way that stands a high chance of success.

    Show all of us Scot’s, Sovereign and New, then stand aside as the rush to achieve Indy sweeps all in its path.

  150. A Scot Abroad

    Alf Baird,

    Orkney is a convenient transshipment place for goods produced in Orkney or Shetland. Of course.

    What it isn’t is a convenient transshipment place for the 70% of European imports that come via the Mediterranean, and it’s less efficient than west Atlantic ports such as Brest or Bilbao, or even Rotterdam (with road and rail infrastructure already there) that come across the Atlantic. The polar routes are still theoretical, and even then, there’s Norway and Denmark barely further away.

    You will know how to look at trade routes. You’ll notice that barely any shipping passes close by to Orkney that isn’t doing a local hop.

    The entire concept is utterly bonkers. And it’s no wonder that nobody in the commercial world is taking it seriously. It isn’t going to happen.

  151. Geri

    John Main

    That is so easy that every country does it (shock! Horror!)

    You write a (new &0updated)constitution for parliament.
    You have ministers take that oath to uphold it before sitting.

    You dispense with eejits who go rogue.
    The Westminster parliament is ABNORMAL in this regard. The public cannot sack MPs or MSPs because Thier oath is to a Draconian monarchy. NOT to their public who voted for them.

    Easy, peasy.

    In an iScot we will.

  152. Northcode

    It’s Sunday – Hallelujah!

    Good day to you all my brothers and sisters.

    Today is a day for rest.

    Today is a day for giving thanks for the bountiful gift of life on Earth.

    And today is a day for reflection.

    My sermon today, coming to you direct from the Northcode pulpit, reflects on the true nature of reality.

    Let us begin…

    It is finished, the British monarchy (and if you saw Charlie’s face as he arrived at Holyrood the other day you’ll know he knows that ,too). It will remain a diminished English monarchy only. And all of its stolen Scottish property will be returned to the Scots.

    It is finished, the ‘Scottish’ devolved government. It will be swept aside to make way for a real Scottish Government. A real Scottish Government of the Scots, by the Scots, for the Scots (I’m sure Abraham Lincoln would approve of me paraphrasing his line).

    And it is finished, the ‘United Kingdom’. Because without Scotland there is no United Kingdom. And everything it stole from Scotland will be returned. And what can’t be returned will be compensated for.

    Nonsense, you say. And yes, it might seem like nonsense – just like the notions of our world being spherical and not flat, or that the Earth revolves around the Sun and not the other way about, were once considered nonsense.

    But despite how defeated us Scots might seem right now, it only seems that way, because all of what I have written above has already happened; we just have to wait a wee bit for it to catch up with our current reality.

    We humans don’t know anywhere near as much as we arrogantly think we do. We, all of us, are susceptible to setting our thoughts and beliefs in stone; excluding ideas and concepts that don’t immediately fit with those beliefs.

    The future, all our futures, is foretold by the millions upon millions upon millions of, often apparently insignificant, actions and events that happen in what we call now. And by now I mean the now that is already the past – now is pretty much the past as soon as now arrives.

    These millions of apparently insignificant actions are not the cause of the changes in reality themselves – it gets a bit weirder than that.

    In science there is a phenomenon called the ‘observer effect’ when carrying out experiments:

    Two-state-vector formalism (TSVF) of quantum mechanics postulates quantum events are in some sense determined by quantum states not just in the past but also in the future.

    It is known that a sub-atomic particle can change to a waveform and then back again.

    But something else that was discovered shocked the world of science, particles can be in two different places at the same time. A phenomenon called superposition.

    Even more shocking to scientists was the discovery that during experiments, depending on the observer’s intentions, particles could change to waveform or from waveform to particles.

    In other words, the thoughts of scientists observing experiments in sub-atomic particle superposition influenced whether it would remain a particle or a waveform.

    These results have been interpreted by some to suggest that a conscious mind can directly affect reality – reality at a sub-atomic particle level, at least.

    Scientific American

    Often – most times – things that have already happened take a while to manifest in the everyday reality we see around us at any given moment.

    So what does this mean for an independent Scotland?

    Well, thanks to all the folk thinking an independent Scotland into existence, it has already happened and its manifestation is now unstoppable, it just hasn’t arrived in what we call reality yet.

    So, even though we have already achieved Scottish Independence – albeit it at the quantum level for now;

    keep thinking of Scotland as an independent nation.

    Keep thinking Scottish not British.

    Keep thinking sovereign not servant.

    And keep thinking that anything is possible.

    But above all, keep thinking; because according to some quantum physicists our thoughts create our reality – although my lottery jackpot win I’ve been thinking into existence is taking a long, long time to manifest; maybe next weekend.

    Here endeth today’s sermon. May all your days be blessed with happiness and joy.

    And don’t forget that love is the most powerful force in the universe – perhaps the only ‘real’ force that actually exists.

    Anyway, until next Sunday’s sermon – play nice, fellow humans.

  153. A Scot Abroad

    Xaracen, at 1140.

    The entirety of that post about the union of two equal parts ignores reality, and it isn’t going to change. For a while, there’s even been issues on which Scots MPs voted down or passed legislation that only applied to England: see the West Lothian question.

    What sort of a world do you live in that allows you to ignore reality?

  154. Geri

    For something that *isn’t going to happen* you ain’t half shitting yerself & spouting absolute nonsense.

    We could take pointers from our friends around the world, see how they do it. Nothing is beyond possibility if you leave yer bile, spite & sense of exceptionalism at the door…
    The too wee, too poor, too stupid mantra is old now. It’s just a pathetic attempt at coercive control.

    You’ll be notttttthing without meeeee! Pish found in all abusers playbooks…pathetic.

    There are smaller independent countries who mange just fine. Scotland will too.

    & We’ll have full control of our sea boundaries to do wtf we like with them in negotiations that won’t include the UK if they like. Let them feck off & worry about their tiny channel crossing & gies peace.

  155. Confused

    I see our very good friend has been putting in double shifts …

    ASA, the adults are talking – go back to the kiddies table

    – tell them about your degree in operating a walkie talkie from the army “college”.

    it’s a shame the taliban (or the serbs, whatever) didn’t get you and cut your nadgers off – you would have been a general by now in the new rainbow nato

    Post indy we need a clear out – all scottish regiments should be disbanded and new ones formed, then a monument of shame built to the


    and once a year on “victims of empire” (Nov 11 or thereabouts) day the public will be encouraged to spit on their battle honours, which are displayed upside down.

    while NATO will likely be a default for Scotland, neutrality would be the best; swiss style neutrality, armed to the teeth, it all set to blow and everyone packing heat

    – there’s only one group of people who I might like to enjoy shooting, so why make enemies of foreigners who have done no harm to you

    (cocks the spandau)
    “feed me … “

  156. Ebenezer Scroggie

    It is utterly bizarre that the separatista fantasists simultaneously convince themselves (and eachother) that the United Kingdom doesn’t exists AND that the United Kingdom was imposed on Scotland by the English.

    They are mind-blind to the truth that the United Kingdom was imposed on England by Scotsmen, in two stages spread a little over a hundred years apart, for the benefit of Scotsmen.

  157. Geri



  158. A Scot Abroad

    Confused, at 1235.

    that sort of lunatic ranting only results in good people getting horrified by the Indy types. You don’t appreciate the great affection within Scotland for Scots regiments.

  159. Ebenezer Scroggie

    The idea that ships from Asia, which is where we get most of our cheaply manufactured goods from, will steam North to Scapa Flow to tranship for onward transmission to Europe is deeply bonkers.

    It’s the sort of geographically ignorant fantasy which got so many Scotsmen embroiled in the Darien scam.

    Somehow, the separatistas have become entranced by their own fantasies of an imaginary world.

  160. Geri


    I’ve just spat ma tea! Lol!

    Rainbow NATO..LMAO!

    Our enemies are shitting themselves..

    I think the yanks pumping everyone full of the wrong hormones to create an aggressive super violent breed of army has malfunctioned. They escaped to the wild of Tik Tok & can’t stop crying long enough to adjust their walkie talkies that their mission has failed & please send Tampax & some makeup. STAT!

    Ruskies must be shitting themselves with this brave new world..

  161. Xaracen

    A Scot Abroad said;
    “The entirety of that post about the union of two equal parts ignores reality, and it isn’t going to change. For a while, there’s even been issues on which Scots MPs voted down or passed legislation that only applied to England: see the West Lothian question.

    What sort of a world do you live in that allows you to ignore reality?”

    Your interpretation of what I said is dishonest, again. I stated the reality of the legal and constitutional make-up of the Union, AND I stated the reality that the English establishment that runs Westminster ignores that constitutional reality in order to impose a false, unwarranted authority over Scotland. Westminster’s and England’s MPs authority over Scotland and her MPs is illegitimate, and you carefully avoided answering that reality.

    One day, the reality of that illegitimacy is going to bite Westminster’s precious Union in two.

  162. Dan

    @ John Main at 11:49 am

    Aye, you just focus in on the coal again like you did last time coz it’s now considered bad. For consistency you really need to point out other bad stuff like clusterbombs usage, and tbh all munition use and warring in general, as it is hardly environmentally sound practice to blow the shit out of any area’s land and infrastructure.
    And I recall you were unable to show me any of your concerned online contributions relating to 404’s fate during the Euromaiden stramash. But I digress…

    But back to resources, and you again try to focus and divert onto the question of asset and resource ownership, ignoring that my proffered example makes no suggestion of altering the ownership status of these assets and resources, instead the change of Scotland returning to self-governance would mean that the revenue streams generated by licensing and taxation of these assets and resources in Scottish jurisdictional areas would be diverted to a Scottish Treasury, to be used and distributed across Scottish society made up of 5.4 million folk, rather than them flowing into the UK Treasury which serves 67 million folk.

    Scotland has about 65% of the UK gas fields, and supplies approximately 50% of UK domestic gas use. You and ASA will come back with “but gas is bad and nobody will want it”. Aye, fossil fuel use will taper off but it is being used now in considerable quantities. Even today at this moment 25% of GB Grid power is being produced by burning gas in CCGT power stations situated in England. So someone wants it…

    But moving on to cleaner energy sources. The ScotWind auction giveaway will potentially create up to 10 times the current generation capacity in Scotland and we are already a net exporter of renewable produced power. Obviously Scottish leccy use will increase as we taper off fossil fuel derived energy.
    We all well know how much energy companies profited recently while we consumers were paying the highest ever prices for our energy. Having a government that was empowered to better regulate and or slap windfall taxes on these big corporate entities would be handy.

  163. Gei


    Not since they became the problem by being invaders & occupiers & all the poppy porn shit & domestic abuse.

    WW2 ended.

    Everything since has been colonising & racist bullshit in an attempt to keep the rich, rich & in control of coveting other countries assets.

    This loyalty is all in yer head, but that’s no surprise, you’ve not to think or look around you to see public opinion. You’ve tunnel vision.

  164. A Scot Abroad


    in reference to the union being two equal partners, with both holding a permanent veto over the other, you won’t mind linking to the text of the “reality of the legal and constitutional make up of the Union”, then? Because it’s not something that I, or indeed, anyone else, have read in the last 316 years.

    And if you cannot, then the rest of us will just have to conclude that you are making it up as you go along.

  165. Robert Hughes

    ” So-called Scots Indy supporters who won’t acknowledge the fundamental right of a Sovereign Nation to defend itself from extermination need to be kept as far away from any possible real world influence and responsibility as possible. ”

    John Wean .

    What about the sovereign nation of Rusha , IT doesn’t have the right to defend it’s borders ? It’s not allowed the sovereignty you insist on for 404 .

    Here’s a wee thought experiment for you : imagine – if yr capable of it , if yr blind hatred of R is not total ( which I doubt ) – Mexico or Canada were aligned with R and decided to allow the presence of weapons on their soil with the capability to strike anywhere within the U.S . What do you think the latter’s response would be ?

    Zelensky was voted into power on a platform of constructive engagement with R . He immediately reversed that position when he * won * the election – we can only speculate why , but let’s assume ” Fuck Europe ” Nulands had something to do with that . Or maybe he just woke-up in a bad mood one morning and thought ” what the World needs is more bloodshed , nuclear armageddon would be , well , kinda cool , let’s go for it ” .

    Were R threatening U before Feb 22 – no , but U had been waging savage aggression on the R-speaking areas of U , proscribing the speaking of R , burning civilians alive and generally being the exemplars of West-approved * good guys * . What any decent person would call genocidal psychopaths .

    Were the people of U clamouring to join NATO ? No , the vast majority simply wanted to get on with their lives and live in peace with their neighbours – similarly to the vast majority of people any/everywhere . They were not allowed to , Yank geopolitical/financial interests Rools OK ? eh…naw , not ok .

    Was U not considered one if not THE most corrupt countries in Europe ? Yes , even by it’s new-found allies in Western MSM – including the nauseating Guardian .

    Your pathetic attempts to frame this conflict in language that would embarrass ” Rambo ” only succeeds in showing you up for the armchair warrior happy to feast and pontificate on the blood of human beings far way from YOUR home that you undoubtedly are

    Anyone not calling for an immediate end to this wholesale slaughter is a cunt who should be sent into the heart of the bloodbath and see what the REALITY of war looks like up close and personal .

    You volunteering , Main ? Na , didn’t think so

  166. Geri


    ***The entirety of that post about the union of two equal parts ignores reality, and it isn’t going to change. For a while, there’s even been issues on which Scots MPs voted down or passed legislation that only applied to England: see the West Lothian question.***

    That problem arose because the English forgot that Westminster is not an English parliament. It’s the parliament of Great Britain. Are you suggesting it’s not? If so, then that parliament is rendered illegitimate.

    They need to feck off & open a devolved parliament eh if they want EVEL & to cure the west Lothian *problem*. Why don’t they? What they tried to do was to use a GB parliament that doesn’t belong to England. It exists to pass legislation for ALL of the union. Scotland & England.

    They better hup-to a devolved parliament. I can’t wait to see the first ever GERE report they need to provide with a full breakdown of revenues..

  167. Geri


    Then you haven’t been paying attention.
    The parliament was set up for Scotland & England. As equal partners & with equal members.
    That has been eroded to now resemble an English parliament with their self appointed air of supreme authority.
    In direct violation of the treaties that they signed up to.
    Each time it comes up in parliament the English dare not vote against it because they know & recognise the ramifications even if your ignorance won’t allow you to.

    Chucky takes his oath to uphold it. He doesn’t do that to a bunch of peasants from a backwater..he does it because it is a requirement of the union. But keep it up with you pretending to yourself that it’s made up shit & Scots have no authority. It only insults Scots more to get rid of it once & for all.

  168. A Scot Abroad

    Robert Hughes,

    has it escaped your notice that:

    U is a sovereign nation, with internationally recognised borders?

    That R signed a treaty with U that was meant to guarantee the sovereignty of U’s borders?

    That R invaded and seized two parts of U in 2014?

    That the OSCE on the ground monitors ascribed 75% of the shelling and killing being done in Donbas between 2014 and 2022 to R?

    That R invaded U in February 2022, and has engaged in numerous well-documented war crimes since then?

    And you claim that R wasn’t threatening U…

    You are a pathetic excuse for a human. No morals whatsoever. A total disgrace.

  169. Geri

    ASA proves Scotland should withdraw our MPs from Westminster & no longer take our seats in an illegitimate parliament.

    Scotland should vote for indy candidates who will stand on that ticket then withdraw completely.
    As others have said – that parliament can’t function on its own authority as a union without a union. It’d end immediately & bring parliament & the monarchy to an abrupt end in one stroke.

  170. Geri

    Propaganda bullshit.

    US troops played war games on that sovereign nations borders, willy waving for a reaction.

    They received one.

  171. Alf Baird

    Northcode @ 12:12 pm

    Good”keep thinking of Scotland as an independent nation.
    Keep thinking Scottish not British.
    Keep thinking sovereign not servant.
    And keep thinking that anything is possible.
    But above all, keep thinking”

    Excellent advice.

    We are reminded here of Fanon’s ‘3 phases’ on the eventual downfall of colonialism where each native who realises the hoax and ‘goes back over the line is a radical condemnation of the methods and of the regime’:

    Phase 1: the native becomes aware that he has assimilated the culture of the occupying power;

    Phase 2: the native is disturbed; he decides to remember who and what he is and creates ‘a literature’ of liberation;

    Phase 3: comes ‘a fighting literature, and a national literature’ – as they feel the need to speak to their nation in a way ‘which expresses the heart of the people and to become the mouthpiece of a new reality in action’.

    This is arguably the role of the pro-independence bloggers (for we see nothing from institutions taking their orders from the colonial power). Which also explains why the colonizer’s paid forces seek to disrupt the process.

  172. James Che

    The reason that the Parliament in England acts as if it the sole entrant to the treaty? of the union,

    Is because it is,

    I know Scotland has not grasped this yet, even although that same parliament in England are openly mocking Scots world wide on their parliament site down south in 2023, on their slow up take of this information.

    1: It was decided in 1707 by politicians and commissioners after debating not to give the….. “Scots”… a vote on joining the treaty of union.
    This is there for all to read.

    The slow uptake by Scots into acknowledging what that statement actually means to their own position out-with the treaty of union as a nation is wanting.
    Regardless of wether the treaty is international or simply domestic legislation.

    2: That the Scottish elites whom had ” personally” entered into that treaty on union were the only entrants by signature.

    But even those signatured individuals were soon dismissed from the 1707 treaty? Of union, when the Parliament in England and Queen Anne announced that they were extinguished in 1707 by agreeing to the treaty of union once ratified.

    With the signature individuals from the Scottish parliament extinguished prior and in lieu to the GB parliament, and the Scottish nation never been asked and not in any Treaty of union at all,

    We can observe that only Members of down south are in any sort of treaty, hence their actions and Statements.
    However it highlights why? with curiosity’ Scots are so slow in believing they are somewhere or other in a treaty with England.

    The question has to be asked of Scots, where and when and what evidence do have you believe this actually happened to your people and nation.
    Other than from a self proclaimed parliament of propaganda.

  173. David Hannah

    The US sending the cluster Bombs. Biden says there out of ammunition. And the EU is now turning full military block. It’s frightening what’s going on. I don’t want any part of it.

    He’s already spend £113 billion dollars according to Kennedy JR. I hope he unseats him.

    Independent Scotland outside the EU. Outside NATO.

  174. Anton Decadent


    Re an overabundance of stuff from your garden, if you don’t already have one invest in a blender. I am sitting just now drinking an apple, banana and beetroot smoothie, fifty percent water, fifty percent unsweetened soya milk. The beetroot makes it look like a strawberry milkshake and you have a glut of strawberries. Anything goes with them, spinach etc, adjust to personal taste.

    Re allotments, I’d love one but my back is wrecked, chronic sciatica. A couple of women I know maintained allotments for years but both had to give them up because of things like osteoporosis. It really does taste different directly from the garden.

  175. David Hannah

    113 billion dollars. 350,000 dead. Days democratic candidate Kennedy Jr. He wants to stop the war. Trump wants to stop the war.

    Joe Biden, send in the cluster Bombs. Unbelievable. When will they negotiate peace?

  176. Anon Decadent

    @Rev, I get the Nirvana reference in title.

  177. Robert Hughes

    A Flaccid Prick Abroad

    Fuck off : I don’t have the slightest interest in anything you have to say . Away and neck a couple of viagra and have a ham-shank to that photo of Prince Andrex in uniform you keep under yr mattress .

    What the hell , it’s Sunday , treat yrsel , take 3 . Yr worth it .

    That’s all yr worth .

  178. A Scot Abroad


    sovereign nations joined NATO because they don’t trust Moscow.

    Finland most recently, Sweden next. Georgia has an application in. U has stated that it wants to in the future, and you can be certain that once Lukashenko gets his chips handed in, Belarus will want to join as well.

    Nobody trusts R. And with their track record, it’s easy to see why.

    The more interesting question is who is R’s next leader? The current one is toast.

  179. Xaracen

    A Scot Abroad said;
    “in reference to the union being two equal partners, with both holding a permanent veto over the other, you won’t mind linking to the text of the “reality of the legal and constitutional make up of the Union”, then?”

    It’s called sovereignty as you well know, because you agreed to its usual definitions already. Both partners are sovereign Kingdoms, so neither is subject to the other, unless there is a clear formal agreement that states otherwise. There is nothing in the Treaty of Union to that effect. If you think there is, you won’t mind linking to the relevant text in the Treaty, then.

  180. Sven

    Just a simple query from an old guy who skims the non repetitive posts with great interest.
    If folk are here because they are genuinely interested in the independence movement and constructive steps towards strengthening it, what is the point in bothering to respond to/ swear at or about/ or abuse posters you believe to be MI6/77th Brigade/ paid provocateurs or similar.
    Every time you reply, their presence here is justified (in their minds at least). And does anyone truly believe that someone popping in here out of curiosity will be impressed by such a level of reasoned debate as “have a ham-shank to that photo of Prince Andrex”? Honestly ? That’s how the independence debate is really presenting itself these days ?

  181. James Che

    There is of corse the matter of wether the treaty of union is a international treaty between Scotland and England.

    This is very questionable.

    The agreement may have continued into one if the correct proceedings had been followed,

    The 1707 Scottish parliament ratified the treaty that promised Scottish parliamentarians to sit in Westminster,
    However the Scottish parliament ceased and was extinguished prior to any Scottish parliament members having been chosen for the lieu GB parliament,
    It was the later GB parliament that called members of the extinguished and now closed Scottish parliament to Westminster,
    Etymology is important in this matter.

    The Scottish parliament had only passed and ratified the treaty of union in and under their own domestic law of Scotland. Before closing its doors.

    With these details in mind, the Scottish side of the treaty of union agreement and promise in lieu of a GB parliament , when the Scottish parliament ceased , their domestic law cannot now be converted into a recognisable international side of the treaty.

    It is a almost identical situation for the old English parliament,

    Two extinct and ceased parliaments cannot not bind each other under the domestic law of either Of the others Country,

    Neither these extinguished and ceased parliaments can at this point be recognised as active parliaments of their respective Countries, nor can their agreement of promises

    Some say the acts of the parliament is what the treaty is judged on.

    But the detail and legitamacy of those Acts also ceased and were extinguished the same manner as both when both parliaments ceased.

    It is questionable wether two ceased parliaments, two ceased sets of promises, two ceased sets of Acts and two ceased sets of articles of a ” Union ” waiting in lieu could be construed as valid or binding after all effects ceasing along with the parliaments

    Forthwith a spurious question arise.

    Can two ceased and voided parliaments continue on to create a third parliament of union between the elites if’ and once the original parliaments have closed all active rolls as parliaments.

    It would appear that two obsolete parliaments whose Acts have been extinguished with their respective parliaments cannot create a international treaty for the parliament GB parliament waiting in lieu.

    The self proclaimed GB parliament ( as it would become) in of itself cannot create a international treaty on its own merit. With itself.
    On a promise domestic Acts from respective parliaments and ratifications that had both ceased to be binding and existing.

    The Acts in of themselves cannot stretch beyond the jurisdiction of the ceased parliaments.

  182. Ebenezer Scroggie

    Veering wildly off-topic, for which I may be rightly excoriated or even banned, I would point out that civilised countries, including the UK of which Scotland is a rather minor cluster of counties, have banned cluster munitions.

    For the US to supply cluster munitions to their neoNazi allies in their puppet regime of Ukraine is totally barbaric.

    It is an indication that the UKUSA/NATO war against Russia has failed.

  183. A Scot Abroad


    ludicrous. You are just making stuff up now.

    There isn’t a Scottish constitution. There never was. There’s only a U.K. constitution, and it’s not written down. It’s just the body of past decisions and precedent, interpreted ultimately by the UKSC.

    All of this nonsense about Scotland and England having their own sovereignty and being equal partners with a veto over each other is just drivel.

  184. James Che


    How Sovereign are Scots?

    Well, been as it was debated down south under considerable discussion in 1707 on wether to asks Scots in a vote if they want to join the treaty of Union,

    The outcome of that debate down south by the commissioners and politicians in 1707 was they would not allow Scots to vote on joining the treaty of union,

    The question has never been put forward to any Scots. And deliberately avoided in 1707.

    Thus we find No native Scot in the treaty of the union,

    And they remain to this day, ultimately Sovereign Scots from the treaty in all respects.

  185. Geri

    David Hannah

    There’s no money & control in peace. Uk-rainy needs to tell all outside meddlers to get tae feck & leave. The Israeli minister let the cat out the bag a few months ago, both sides wanted peace. It was the colonisers (Biden & Bojo) who insisted they didn’t accept it.

    O/T Lolz at Prisms title this week..

    *Fannies of the week* 😀

    Rugby wins that cup hands down for appointing part time baroness tank commander who thinks all Scots are drunken thieves.

  186. Republicofscotland

    “that’s all a bit moonshine from Craig Murray’s blog”

    Hm… Lets see now who to believe a paid Britnat mouthpiece doing England’s bidding, or an ex-British ambassador who has been around the block and knows far more than you know, a no brainer if you ask me.

    As for the EU not recognising Scotland as an independent nation, its not Catalonia, it has possession of its lands (a major factor in dissolving the union and obtaining international recognition) and has done so for hundreds of years, infact the Treaty of York is one of the oldest border treaties in the world.

  187. James Che


    There is no UK constitution for the Scots,

    The parliamentarians and commissioners discussed in 1707 wether the Scots should have a vote on joining the treaty of union,
    It was decided not to ask the Scots to vote join the treaty of union as they would probably vote NO,

    So no Scot in the treaty of union or in the UK constitution.

    The Scots have ultimate Sovereignty today from the rest of the UK.

    You can find this information on the UK Westminster parliament Site,
    Glad to be of help.

  188. robbo

    A Scot Abroad says:
    9 July, 2023 at 1:56 pm
    Robert Hughes,

    Aye ok, “I FIRE BIG BULLETS” aASA .

    Why do you and John Rambo and yer wee band of ultra x Pongo’s go and sort it all out.
    We’re quite literally fed up listening tae it.

  189. Republicofscotland


    You know fine well what point 4 means.

    The English government played it part in the overthrowing of the Egyptian democratically elected Mohamed Morsi, among other things it set up in Egypt a a proxy news agency to counter anything Egypt’s first democratically elected president had to say.

    The English government aided and abetted the detention of thousands of Egyptian citizens who backed Morsi as thousand more were murdered all to install the dictator Abdul Fattah al-Sisi.

    Ever since the English security services have been in bed with the dictator Westminster (England) has grown increasingly close to Egypt’s regime as repression has increased. The head of MI6, Richard Moore, met with Sisi in Cairo in late 2020 to discuss “intelligence cooperation”.

    Senior officials from MI5 and MI6 train Egyptian spies every year at a UK military base just north of London.

    Craig Murray is right to say these steps should be taken on ditching the ball and chain union, we know just how nefarious English governments can and have been over the centuries.

    Anyone who thinks that the English government will just let Scotland walk away without some sort of action is kidding themselves on our strategy and defence plan must be in place before we dump the union.

  190. John Main

    @Bob 1:29

    There’s 2 countries, a border between them, and military from one of the countries across the border in the other country, a killing, destroying, torturing and raping as they go.

    A short post from me, but it summarises the reality.

    How long did it take you to write your shite?

    Anyways, keep away from Scottish Indy please. Scotland will never be safe if people who think like you ever get near positions of influence and power.

  191. James Che

    The Statement on Westminster parliament site 2023 is peculiar, in debating wether Scots should get a vote to join the treaty of union is it not?

    1: obviously those negotiating the treaty did not see the Scottish parliament as the Sovereign parliament of the Scots.

    2: it obviously thought the “Scots” were a separate entity and Sovereign people as a nation from the Monarch and the parliament in Scotland at the time.

    3: old or new Westminster parliament still have not asked the separate entity and nation of Scots if they want to join the treaty of union, no vote has ever been held on this issue,

    4: the 2014 referendum was a cart before the horse scenario.

    5: unless most or all politicians in Scotland are illiterate and have never read all the in’s and outs of the political union, I personally would suggest it is not just England that wants the forever never ending fight for Scottish independence to be a forever battle for benefits and personal purse strings.

    It obviously is a very industrious rewarding financially winning stratergy for politicians on both sides to keep that boat afloat.

  192. Republicofscotland

    Infact Main the English government stoops to whatever level it wants to whilst attempting to look respectable to the outside world.

    Indeed the English government has even offered to train the military junta in Myanmar, which as oppressed and murdered thousands of Rohingya people in the country.

    “Senior spies representing regimes such as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Egypt, Jordan, Oman, Cameroon and Algeria attended an 11-day International Intelligence Directors Course in 2019.

    Top intelligence officers from notoriously brutal security agencies in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Nigeria were also in attendance.

    The course is run by the UK military’s Joint Intelligence Training Group (JITG) at Chicksands, a British army intelligence base in Bedfordshire, north of London. ”

    The Ministry of Defence (MOD) repeatedly refused to answer question son the course.

  193. John Main


    Bob at 4:29 accusing rationalists who support the right of independent sovereign nations to defend themselves of being Rambos.

    RoS 4 minutes later telling us how iScotland must get its defence plan in shape before splitting from rUK.

    I reckon RoS has it right.

  194. Ottomanboi

    I shall reach 20 this year. Until Scots get really, really, really serious about the great matter that cat in hell has no chance.
    Adieu mes amis et bonne chance!

  195. Chas


    You are 100% correct.

    Unfortunately if any one comments on the repetitive shite we see umpteen times every day they are immediately classed as a troll, a unionist or whatever.

    If somehow the colonialism, the 300 year old mince, Sovereignty and all the ‘clever Scottish’ words, in whatever version of Scots you prefer, disappeared, then there might be a small chance of reasoned debate breaking out. I am not holding my breath.

    Che, Baird, RoS, Geri and the rest of the nutters in the BPHB please take note.

    I shall make another repetitive point-change will ONLY come via the ballot box. Ancient treaties will NEVER be repealed by anybody. If they ever were going to, it would have happened a long time ago.

  196. A Scot Abroad


    there’s quite a lot of similarity between Catalunya and Scotland. Both have control of their own land, a similar level of devolution, their own police services, and so on. Catalunya was first independent in the 14th century, and entered into a royal union with Spain in the 15th century.

    Look at how Spain reacted when Catalunya tried to get away. International arrest warrants, and forcing a firm declaration from the EU that the proposed referendum was illegal and that they wouldn’t recognise iCatalunya.

    Where there’s differences is that Catalunya actually has a productive economy (19% of Spain’s GDP, unlike Scotland’s 8% of U.K. GDP), and would have been a net contributor to the EU in day one. And still the EU said no. So there’s no chance of Scotland going down that route with success. Spain would just veto it. As would the other 5 EU members with significant separatist movements.

  197. Robert Hughes

    @ Sven

    I only talk that way to people I deem to be worthy of nothing better .

    As for the ” Independence debate ” . The time for debating is long gone ; and if you think people like yon are actually interested in debate you’ve clearly not noticed the countless times their fatuous arguments have been blown away , despite which , they repeat them ad nauseam .

    * Sorry * if I offended your delicate sensibilities , but , y’know , this is WOS , not Readers Digest

  198. Republicofscotland

    “Catalunya was first independent in the 14th century, and entered into a royal union with Spain in the 15th century.”

    Not really it was in a dynastic union with the Crown of Aragon for much of the time.

    Speaking of crowns Scotland has its own honours and still does as well as its own Crown office, if their really had been a union of the crowns in 1603 Scotland wouldn’t still retain its honours which are older than England’s, nor would their still be a border, or for those b*stards at Westminster colluding with House Jocks to move the maritime border in 1999 to include oil and gas platforms.

    Plus you are forgetting one major event the 2014 indyref which proves beyond all doubt that Scotland is in a political union with another country and that, that union CAN be dissolved.

    However you are right about one thing the English regime will not let Scotland go without a fight it desperately needs to keep hold of it to continue to fleece it.

    Scots will need ton take their independence in whatever manner that happens to be, as for Spain not recognising an indy Scotland that old chestnut has been debunked a million times, Spain wants Gibraltar and the minute Scotland dumps England, and it feels England has been weakened, it will make its move, as England is now out of the EU and a third party state, the EU will probably side with the Spanish.

    We know Scotland is a wealthy country and its wealth will go towards its people and infrastructure on instead of into the coffers of Number Eleven Downing street and to its corporate buddies, but Scots must be prepared to fight for what’s there’s on the declaring of independence in whatever manner that takes.

    Craig Murray had years of insider knowledge of what goes on at Westminster and the FCO, if he say we must be ready to make a stand, then ready we must be.

  199. Xaracen

    A Scot Abroad said;

    ludicrous. You are just making stuff up now.

    There isn’t a Scottish constitution. There never was. There’s only a U.K. constitution, and it’s not written down. It’s just the body of past decisions and precedent, interpreted ultimately by the UKSC.

    All of this nonsense about Scotland and England having their own sovereignty and being equal partners with a veto over each other is just drivel.”

    Erm, if the UK’s constitution isn’t written down, how can there be a body of past decisions and precedent, to be interpreted ultimately by anyone? Is there an 800 year old audio recording of Magna Carta that still works?

    And what on earth makes you think that Scotland has no ‘body of past decisions and precedent, to be interpreted ultimately by the’ Scots, or anybody else who chooses to read them?

    That’s your worst fear, isn’t it, that the Scots are increasingly interested in examining the online records of the old Scottish parliament, which St. Andrews University thoughtfully assembled for the convenience of the Scottish public and academics? There are some 16,000 documents in it, all written in Scots as the formal legal language of Scotland, and some very interesting things have been discovered, I understand.

    Ooh, you told me you understood what sovereignty was! Did you lie about that, too?

  200. Republicofscotland

    “I reckon RoS has it right.”


    You bet I have it right, we just need to look at the history of English governments on other countries with regards to colonialism.

    In a 150 or so years the English government robbed India of around £45 trillion, its been robbing Scotland for far longer. Ireland suffered a similar fate until the people of Ireland woke up and did something about it.

    No English government will willingly allow Scotland to ditch this undemocratic prison of a union.

    As David Davis (English politician) has said, there’s not a treaty in the world where one country has to ask another country for permission to leave it.

    Partition and violence is the order of the day for English governments, when the indigenous people decide that they don’t want to play the colonial game any more, we must be ready for this, or suffer the consequences.

  201. Sven

    Robert Hughes @ 17.31

    A clydesider and manual worker myself, for decades, I promise you that my sensibilities, delicate or otherwise, were unoffended by your post, Robert.
    It just seemed so typical of the pointless insults wasted on folk you obviously believe to be trolls, professional or otherwise.
    It just seems unfortunate that the most frequently visited and best informed journalistic blog on independence online has descended to the level it has. To me at least.

  202. A Scot Abroad


    you must be smoking something very illegal if you think that Spain is going to recognise iScotland having declared UDI, and then trying to seize Gibraltar (of whose people, about 98% don’t want to be part of Spain).

    Craig Murray has some interesting points, particularly about Uzbekistan, which I find I largely agree with him upon. But in a large number of other ways, he’s become a bit like David Icke, and shouldn’t be relied upon to talk any sense. The grown ups in the FCO managed him out when he became too embarrassing.

  203. Republicofscotland

    “So there’s no chance of Scotland going down that route with success. ”

    “I shall make another repetitive point-change will ONLY come via the ballot box.”

    One chinthe says one thing, whilst another say something else, you think these Britnat paid mouthpieces would at least be in synch especially when they are sitting in the same barracks.

    Maybe one’s a GCHQ lickspittle and that’s why they are confused.

  204. James Che


    Here in this very year the parliament in England has put it in writing for Scots and for the world to read, that they decided not to include (Scots) in the treaty of union,

    They cannot retract it as a error after running it for more than two years,

    When will Craig Murrey, other diplomats and Scottish politicians actually read the writing on Westminster parliament wall,

    Scots are not in the treaty of union, it was not all incorporating apparently,
    When will the drop.

    Scots remain separate,
    Westminster and all involved having made a conscious and calculated political choice decided after discussing and debate not to include giving Scots the vote to join the treaty of union in 1707.
    The debate having took place itself brings to the table, the fact that even although 300 years ago All were aware that Scots were entitled to have a vote on joining the treaty of union,

    Having purposely and deliberately avoided this vote for Scots in 1707 , as a acknowledged and separate entity from the parliament in Scotland,

    That remains the Status at present,
    Scots are not in the treaty of union,
    The old Scottish parliament was extinguished from entry to the treaty of parliamentary unions at a later date not long afterwards.

  205. Xaracen

    James Che said;

    “The Acts in of themselves cannot stretch beyond the jurisdiction of the ceased parliaments”

    Sorry, James, that statement is demonstrable nonsense if you mean that Acts of the now non-existent parliament of Scotland no longer apply. Once passed into law, the law maintains its authority as long as it sits on the statute books, until a later parliament with the relevant authority rescinds it or it is declared in desuetude. Parliaments do not enforce their Acts, they make law with their Acts, and leave the courts to enforce them.

    If you think that only the ratifying Act of Union lost its authority, but not the rest of Scots law, then you need to explain what actually made the difference. But if you meant it’s a general principle, then you are certainly wrong.

    You cannot seriously believe that the entirety of Scots law ceased to have legal force in Scotland when the old Scottish parliament ended? Or that the same thing happened to England’s laws when the old English parliament ended in 1707, too?

  206. Robert Hughes

    Sven @ 5.59

    You’re right . I’ll go back to my usual policy of scrolling on by the names that elicit such responses .

    BTW my grandfather was Red Clydesider , my father and numerous uncles also worked there later , so , point taken

  207. Dan

    @ Sven

    Why don’t you add some insight and discussion points yourself which may stimulate and steer the comments into different areas.
    There are so many facets to our differing lives here in Scotland. I always find it interesting taking in different folk’s views and experiences as it further develops my own comprehension of how we all knit together as individuals to form a wider society.
    Just back from a motorbike ride to visit a father and son who were having car issues. We had three hours of chatting on so many different subjects whilst I looked over the car’s problems, it was an all round fine positive experience.

    @ Anton Decadent.

    I do indeed own what the hipsters and millennials call a smoothy maker, though I’m old enough to remember when they were just called blenders, which was also a time when slices of bread actually fitted correctly in a toasty machine!
    I can recall I was once going to stand for election on a manifesto of implementing legislation that would guarantee that no less than 90% of a sliced loaf should conform to a regulation size so toasties are properly sealed in a Breville toasted sandwich machine. No longer should our population endure third degree burns as molten magma-like cheese leaks out of improperly sealed snackage.

    FYI I used to be plagued with lower back pain with a bit of sciatica in the mix for a couple of decades. Muscles would go into spasm for weeks and nowt would look at the pain. Could see in the mirror that my torso had a twist up the spine.
    I’ve always been fit and active but years of lifting heavy engines, gearboxes, paving slabs, building materials, etc, can create a muscle and posture imbalance that cants the pelvis to the point the lumbar vertebrae are at an abnormal angle that can make the pinching and pressure on the nerves more likely.
    Sedentary lifestyles spending too much time sitting also do not help.
    So I started getting out on my push bike a couple of times a week and this helps the muscular skeletal system re-balance and get my pelvis and spine back in kilter. Can state that I have not had any back issues over the last decade since the start of regular cycling.
    Obviously folk need to check that they have no underlying issues cycling might exacerbate, but I do recommend anyone suffering the grief of bouts of back pain gives biking a try at a time when they are not suffering, as it may well reduce the propensity or frequency of back pain occurring as it helps build up better balanced core strength.
    We’ve previously covered btl that the simple application of a topical vitamin C solution treatment can in some folk successfully eliminate basal cell skin cancers.

  208. Sven

    Dan @ 19.59

    Fair comment, Dan, most particularly since I love your own informative thoughts about both improving our community as well as individual lives by such, apparently, obviously sensible procedures as returning to our own native building materials and the sklls to use them.
    Electric storage heaters, how much simpler and more convenient to supply the power to homes for silent, non mechanical conversion into heating and cooking.
    Pump storage hydro schemes as I believe we’re now implementing at Loch Sloy. In a country abounding in Bens, Munros & Lochs (not to mention the annual rainfall) why are we so totally sold out to the windfarm concept at the apparent expense of all other eco schemes.
    Folk such as Professor Baird (who drives me to distraction with university level discourses on ‘post colonial theory & his version of a language which is totally foreign to this Whiteinch reared boy) and Stuart Ballantyne bring years of maritime experience to areas such as Ferries and Freeports.
    Those are just a few of the areas I’d love to read more about on this site. And see discussed, pro & against, to attempt to thrash out some of the potential strategies to present to an electorate tired, dispirited, disillusioned, cynical and desperate for some attainable betterment.
    If the state of the present Westminster government and some 9 years of Nicola Sturgeon’s devolved administration don’t provide a golden opportunity for some sound, sane political alternative to be presented I can’t imagine what circumstances ever will.
    These are some of the areas I genuinely feel could have a better chance of catching the public imagination than abstractions about legal moves to international courts or the UN.
    But, I’m just an out of touch old man who remembers the shop stewards and trades unionists of the 1960s who were inspired by a real, burning commitment to helping others. Not a few of them devoted adherents to a totally different national church which believed in the worship of God expressed in the service to man.

  209. Republicofscotland

    “Elite British special forces coached Kenya’s presidential protection team in the 1980s, despite diplomats knowing leader Daniel Arap Moi was a typical African dictator.

    Although UK diplomats knew Moi was subverting Kenya’s democracy, British special forces from the elite 22 SAS were allowed to coach his personal escort team. The English government of the day even gifted Kenya £1.5m in 1983 to buy 90 Land Rovers and communication gear for police intelligence and GSU riot control teams, knowing fine well Moi was dictator.”

    The reason I post comments like the above is to show you what we’re up against English government have been subverting and getting into bed with all manner of nasty leaders in the ME and Africa and other places for decades if not if not longer.

    Anyone who still thinks that we will waltz away from England after declaring our independence without some sort of retaliation from the English parliament is kidding themselves on.

    A 50+1 at the ballot box or in the event of UDI, we’ll need to be prepared, unfortunately in my opinion there’s no one on the horizon in politics that’s indy minded, that has what it takes to dissolve this union, not even Alex Salmond has what it takes to do what it takes to go that extra mile, a mile that Craig Murray described in a comment of mine further up this thread.

    The English security forces are already our enemies working against the cause (you can see that first hand in here and on other indy sites) imagine how much they’ll focus on Scotland when we dissolve this undemocratic prison of a union.

  210. Republicofscotland

    “and then trying to seize Gibraltar (of whose people, about 98% don’t want to be part of Spain).”

    Tell it to the Chaggossians who were violently forced from their lands by the English.

    Of course The English government has several listening posts and bases on Gibraltar, there’s also a Nato spy base on the rock. There’s at least eleven military and spy bases on Gib and close to a thousand military personnel as well.

    The Foreign Office, which oversees GCHQ and MI6, refuses to say if there are any intelligence facilities located in Gibraltar.

    However surveillance radomes are a telltale sign especially the ones at Windmill Hill Signal Station which are visible.

    General Franco closed the border in 1969 and it didn’t reopen until 1985 things got really tough for the Gibraltarians back then with a shortage of just about everything, whose to say that Spain won’t do it again when Scotland leaves, and Spain seizes its chance to weaken England’s grip on the rock, the EU won’t side against its member for a third party state England, if Spain closes the border, on Scotland breaking the union.

  211. Geri


    The world of internationally recognised treaties. They’ve always existed. They all have an exit clause.

    Can you imagine if the EU said to Brexiteers *Sorry chaps, you can’t leave. Go home & sort out your sea ports & we’ll think about it*

    Regardless of whether you are for or against independence – the exit route must be clarified. Then it’s up to us to go from there.

    The UK has some explaining to do – not just to Scotland but to the whole international community because they claimed we were in an equal voloutary union to gain access to all their clubs when that is clearly no longer the case.

    They only started to forbid us from leaving after 2014 referendum despite the Smith Commission clearly stating we could leave if that’s what the majority of Scotland choose to do. Thatcher said it with majority of MPs, Cameron said it with the Edinburgh agreement. Westminster said it by ratifying the the claim of right. Lizzie acknowledged it with all her oaths & jewels she accepted knowing of Scotland’s retained sovereignty.

    It’s only Brit nat mentalists, arrogant Tories, the toxic culture of Mayhem & Bojo who have made it a new thing that we can never leave. Well where did that change?

    Because in the era of a million revisionists – given enough time their idiot notions will be taken as law further down the line because the SNP under sturgeon has allowed Scotland to go back to sleep. Neale Hanvey has booked in a debate to clarify our exit with Westminster.

  212. Alf Baird

    Sven @7:39 pm

    “who drives me to distraction with university level discourses on ‘post colonial theory”

    We all know there is much that could be done to make our society and economy much better, and as you refer to. But it cannot happen until a people are truly independent and running their own affairs without external interference. That’s the main benefit of postcolonial theory, it tells us, among other things:

    that the colonized ‘wish to develop but the colonizer holds him back’; that every colonial institution ‘protects only the interest of the colonizer’ at the expense of the colonized; that colonial institutions are always run by a ‘mediocre meritocracy’, and; that the colonized cannot do anything about his poverty so long as it remains the consequence of colonial plunder.

    Hence the people need to first get rid of colonialism not just to visualise a new world, but to enable it to happen.

  213. Captain Yossarian

    Sven – In an urban situation, solar panels and ground source heat pumps are or limited use. Very, very limited use in my view. You know what noise a fridge makes, or a freezer? Multiply that 20 times and you have the noise a heat pump makes and most people don’t appreciate that. In the country it is different but I live in the country and no-one here wants them either. We have an excess of electrical power available, most of the time, here in Scotland. Give people incentives to insulate their homes properly and fit modern storage heaters and that is a solution which fits our specific set of circumstances.

  214. Geri


    I don’t think it will come to that because once Scotland declares it’s independence every one will holler back what the feck took us so long.

    The UK will be at the table first like vultures to see what they can blag.

    The thousands of civil servants here are already meddlers doing that. That’s why Sturgeon turned & why fck all works straight in the devolved parliament. Listening to Alf & Ballantyne spells this out as clear as day. It’s deliberately set up to fail. Who in their right mind thought a brand new design (whose specifications kept changing mid build) would ever be anything but a massive disaster & a complete humiliation.

    Scotland needs to reconvene it’s own parliament & with its own workforce & with its own ppl at the top. Sturgeon has allowed her arrogance to breed a toxic culture in Holyrood where they think they’ll tell the electorate what to do while they sit on their arse. That’s over. They work for us & that wake up call is here..

  215. A Scot Abroad

    Geri, at 8:52pm,

    so go on then, what is the exit clause from the Treaty of Union in 1707? You know, the actual words? After all, you state the “they all have an exit clause”.

    I look forward to you pasting the exact words, copied from the text.

  216. Geri


    The only thing that would drive me to distraction is the word *theory* lol.

    We only need to look at Holyrood to know it’s a fact.

    To many Scots actually believe they have a Scottish parliament with copious amounts of money to fix everything while in reality it’s hogtied by reserved matters, the Scotland act, a budget & a set of instructions not to go into the red.

    Salmond should never have changed the name & should be changed back imo. It gives the the air of a parliament when it is the colonisers branch office.

    That’d be a first step on our path to decolonisation.

  217. Rab Clark

    @Alf Baird,
    Hi Alf, we see you posting here frequently so we would like to let you and other wings regulars know that we are hoping to publish a page highlighting your ‘determinants’ series. Iain Lawson was very helpful in giving us some links because we couldn’t find them all gathered together in the one place and that’s partly why we’re doing it. We’re aware that Grousebeater also published the series.
    We are using the ‘Amazon’ blurb for the introduction to the page but it you would like to change that or give us something else that would be great. We also want to include some Youtube links and recent tweets, not too sure how that will go copyright-wise but I suppose we just have to try and see what happens. So long as you’re cool with it all. We want to get some discussion going about all the different ‘determinants’ and it’ll be in the one big comment thread on a permanent page. The idea is that the conversation will get a bit of flow going and it wont be interrupted, hopefully!
    Your page will be the first in a series looking at different aspects of the case for independence. So yours comes under the ‘cultural’ category, the other main categories are ‘economic’ and ‘constitutional’. Of course there is some crossover between the categories but itsreally just for filing purposes to keep things tidy. We want to make our site a kind of archive that people can visit to easily get their hands on good stuff they need to show friends and family or neigbours who still need persuading – if its all gathered in the same place so you dont have to spend ages and ages searching for it.
    There’s not many of us on OTS and its just over a month old so we can’t have people doing moderation all the time, that’s why we’re very strict about posters who could be shills and suchlike. If they can’t behave we just ban them right away. The way you are spoken to in here sometimes is out of order and it won’t be allowed on OTS.
    Hope this all sounds okay to you but if there’s any problems you can think of,especially copyright issues?? please let us know.
    If you want to contact us directly, our email is

  218. A Scot Abroad


    the man with the idea of detaching the Chagos Islands from the colony of Mauritius , which loosely administered the islands, 2,500 miles away, was a Scotsman, Sir John Shaw Rennie. A Glaswegian. Yet another in the vast number of great Scots who made the British Empire the greatest the world has ever seen. Some call them colonisers.

  219. Ebenezer Scroggie

    Scotland ‘colonised’ England, to form the United Kingdom.

    It was never the other way around.

    Forget the Hollywood Braveheart crap. That crap is just fantasy.

  220. Geri


    Scotland’s claim of right. The non negotiable terms before the Act of Union even came into being. The original. Not the butchered shortened version.

    & The fact it’s been ratified in both parliament’s on a number of occasions now with no yoon daring to vote against it.

    & The fact that we’ve now had TWO monarchs swear to uphold it by taking the oaths required to sit in Scotland.

    Scotland retained its sovereignty, it’s territory, it’s laws & all it’s constitutional rights in that agreement. Ratified as recently as 2018 in both parliament’s.

    & exercised in 2014 with a referendum.

    Scotland’s right to exit is alive & well. It’s only the mentally challenged who spout absolute bollocks that we can’t like we’re all living in North Korea.

    PS I’m not yer lackey. Go do yer own research.

  221. Geri


    You claim to be Scottish. You claim we can’t leave.

    That makes you a coloniser.

    What’s yer point caller? Scottish knts exist. Tho you seem to have shades of NI about you. Anyway, Your the proof they exist eh!

    Scotland invented half the modern world. So? They still can in an independent Scotland ffs! In fact, we’d be able to retain all of our talent in an iScot rather than export it for other countries to capitalise on instead. There’s Stuart Ballantyne for a start! World class ship designer willing to design & build for cost but rejected by Holyrood bureaucracy & meddlers it can’t be done by absolute roasters who’ve never say their arse on a boat. You can include yerself there too.

  222. Fearghas MacFhionnlaigh

    “The grown ups in the FCO managed him [Craig Murray] out when he became too embarrassing.” (6.00pm)
    “Embarrassing” for all the right reasons of course —

    (Michael Buerk interviews CRAIG MURRAY, BBC Radio 4, 18 Sept 2007).

    Half-hour audio archived here —

  223. Dan

    Captain Yossarian says: at 9:08 pm

    Give people incentives to insulate their homes properly and fit modern storage heaters and that is a solution which fits our specific set of circumstances.

    ^^^ This, and this again, and again, and again, and again until folk wake up and stop getting mislead by charlatans pushing idiotic emperor’s new clothes policies that lead folk into clagging needlessly complex PV and Air Source Heat Pumps systems onto unsuitable properties.
    Economies of scale and simple efficient system design also mean that just utilising the ever growing abundance of renewable energy fed into the leccy grid to power quiet state of the art storage heaters in folks’ homes makes way more sense than manufacturing many thousands of individual ASHPs and solar PV panels in far off lands using highly refined minerals and energy intensive processes, and then shipping them round the world on bunker fuelled cargo ships. Fuck! Now that’s a sentence and a half but with no post preview function on this site I can’t be arsed trying to put some punctuation in it. I’m thick as with all this lingo communication thing anyway as only managed to obtain an English “D” pass so y’all jist gonnae have to deal with it as is.

    Anyway… It’s like the world has forgotten the laws of physics and conservation of energy principles.
    Also, the legal noise limit for an ASHP is 42 decibels… but “an ASHP may emit 40 to 60 decibels”. Eh, nobody notice a problem there…
    And just as I type this one of my neighbour’s ASHP (there’s now 6 in close proximity to me) starts up and is humming and droning away. You couldn’t make this shit up.

    Oooh, but all that fancy kit might save a few quid some might say. Well it might, but that is only because of the ridiculous way the energy market is structured. If one factors in the inevitable costs of ongoing maintenance and repair of all this extra kit then savings or even paying back outlay can soon be affected. Solar PV controller goes pop after 2 years and out of warranty, kerching, that’ll be 300 quid plus the call out and cost of an engineer removing old one and installing new one. But you’ll take getting that fiscal humping coz you’re “so hip and green” and saving the planet…
    And with a power cut none of that fancy shit works anyway. At least with storage heaters there may be a little stored heat to keep you warm till the fault is rectified.
    Storm Arwin took out power for 4 days at my late Mum’s hoose. She was enduring the hellish symptoms of untreatable cancer and had to decamp to stay with other family who had power. You can see a large windfarm on the hills looking out the window of mum’s house…
    After the storm I went down and installed a woodburning stove so it was cosy warm and to eliminate total reliance on leccy.

  224. Geri


    England should leave.

    Take back control of its money & it’s borders. It was absolutely bonkers not to include Scotland. That wasn’t their independence. That was a shit deal.

    They home Nations should start demanding England has a devolved parliament immediately.
    It’s not right that everyone has a set of (factitious) accounts while they abuse the parliament of GB as their own personal playground.

  225. A Scot Abroad


    Scotland’s “Claim of Right” has never been ratified in any Parliament: Scots, English, or of the Union. It has only once been debated and approved by the Convention of Estates, which did not have legislative power. Even the latest version, supported by Gordon Brown, doesn’t have any legal effect.

    It’s all ancient guff. Meaningless, and ruled non-justiciable in 2019 by the Court of Session in Edinburgh when Boris was trying to prorogue parliament.

  226. Zander Tait

    Geri is right. England should free herself of the historic burden that is the colony of Scotland. The malcreant cancer way up North of North only sucks revenue from the coffers of the treasury and should be cut loose with immediate effect to suffer the same fate as those misguided benighted territories that rejected the wonderful English Empire such as Canada New Zealand the USA Australia India and all the rest.

    There will always be an England.

    Of that I am sure. ?

  227. Alf Baird

    Geri @ 9:34 pm

    “Salmond should never have changed the name & should be changed back imo.”

    The fact he never knew he was heading a colonial administration should be a cause for concern. Maybe he knows that now?

  228. Geri

    I’ll leave that to constitutional experts & layers on international law rather than take your word on that.

    Either way – there are options. We’re either in a voloutary union or we are not.
    If we’re not then we’ll apply for decolonisation at the UN.
    If we are – we’re leaving with immediate effect.

    As I’ve said before – Neale Hanvey has secured a 2nd reading for November. This is their last chance to come up with a cohesive answer. It’ll be heading external depending on the outcome.

  229. John Main

    Sunak and Biden meeting tomorrow in Downing Street to discuss The War.

    Far more relevant to Scotland’s future than anything discussed BTL here today.

    Reality eh? What’s it like?

  230. Geri


    *It’s all ancient guff.*

    We’ll see about that. You forget & as I’ve already pointed out, the UK government has questions to answer to the international community on international law because they sign up to their directives, one being the right of a people to self determination.

    That cannot possibly be – all people have a right, except you Scotland. You’re chained whether you like it or not.

    Another is the right of refugees having the right to choose the country they wish to live.

    They’re not doing well on that front either & far from you thinking they’re untouchable – they really are not because England can’t be on the International stage if it’s not in an agreed Union. There’d be no UK.

    Alf – lets hope so. The amount of Scots who believe they have a *reconvened* Scottish parliament is staggering. I don’t even know why that was even allowed to be inserted on its opening either.

  231. North chiel

    “ Geri @ 1041 pm “
    Right on the money tonight Geri . How can the “ supposed” United Kingdom government “ devolve “ powers to a supposed” Scottish parliament without devolving the exact same powers and voting system to an exact equivalent English parliament . Under the supposed Treaty of union 1707 Scotland and England were the sole original kingdoms supposedly “ United” . Where is the devolved English Parliament ? Or is the answer really quite simple ie The Westminster “ supposed” UK parliament is the de facto English parliament?

  232. John D

    The dogs of war and men of hate are happy as pigs in muck .
    By that I mean the uk and us arms industry.
    The UKers postings on here are quite the psychological study. I wonder if their conditioning in ways of deceit have, after too many years, denied them any recourse to honesty. Poor cunts.

  233. msdidi

    I am so angry. The sovereign Scottish people are still having our land and buildings stolen by the King of England #NotOurKing #DissolveTheUnionNOW

    Abbey Strand were leased by Scottish Ministers to the Royal Household. 20 yrs later the building is luxury self-catering apartments with all income going to the Royal Collections Trust.

    Abbey Strand is part 2 of Andy Wightman’s study of Holyrood Palace (Part 1). When do we put a stop to this?

  234. David Hannah

    In light of the BBC presenter who’s send pictures in his underwear to underage teenage 17 year old girl. I want to ask the question. And it is this.

    Why is the sale of sex. Illegal in Scotland?

    But the purchase of sex is legal?

    Why should the vulnerable woman be prosecuted?

    Answer me that Scotland?

  235. Geri

    John Main

    I’m sure you’ll be there, slavering over the BBC reporters orgasim at Sunak committing to however many cluster bombs a senile old warhawk demands (he can’t even club steps ffs! He falls upwards LOL!) & performing acrobats to explain why it’s not really against international law, common decency & international outrage.

    As long as the Sovereign Nation of Uk-rainy has its right to self determination eh? You’ll enjoy yer custard cream. Has Za-lensky submitted his accounts for your perusal? Just a thought. I’d hate for you to be wasting yer tax if they’re just going to continue being corrupt.

    All you Walter Mitty military wankers have zero self awareness & learned absolutely zero from the sexed up dossiers on Iraq. Gullible eejits.

  236. Geri

    North Chiel
    That’s what they’ve been getting away with. Using a GB parliament. Cameron & Bojo claimed they didn’t need a devolved parliament because Westminster is an English parliament.
    That was news to everyone but it’s slipped out of the spotlight. It needs to slip right back in..

    David Hannah

    I think it’s to do with explicit communications. It’d depend if these pics were of himself or if he sent pictures involving underage children performing lewd acts. The trans butcher was also charged with that recently because of who was in the pictures??

  237. David Hannah

    This story about the BBC presenter. And his anonymity. It is absolutely despicable.

    Why the BBC is hiding his identity. Well never know. It is truely sickening.

    Who is the pervert you are protecting?

  238. David Hannah

    BBC. A bunch of paedophile scumbag protectors.

    We aren’t allowed to know the name of their sex pest paedophile employee.

    He turned a 17 year old child into a crack headed junkie with his 35,000 scumbag vile pervert payment.

    I want him rotting in a cell.

  239. David Hannah

    The trans butcher?

    My heart breaks for the poor girl.

    I hope he’s slashed. With a blade. I hope his balls are kicked so hard they rupture.

    Shall we go on for the trans butcher?

    The death penalty is the get out clause.

  240. David Hannah

    The trans butcher wants to be a woman.

    I hope the criminals of Barlinnie perform their own medical DIY mutilation of the trans beast.

    At least we’d be getting value for our tax payers money.

    Thank you.

  241. David Hannah

    I’d like paedophiles to face the death penalty.

    Guilty. Breakdown of democracy. My arse.

  242. David Hannah

    What do they want us to do.

    Sit down. Lie back and say?

    Russia bad?

    US? GOOD?

    Cluster Bombs?

    I can’t stand Joe Biden. I think he’s a senile old bastard. He’s horrible.

  243. David Hannah

    Here’s a message not written once.

    The United States. Get to Fuck.

    They don’t give a dam about the people

  244. David Hannah

    I’ve spammed up the chat.

    Joe Biden?! Get to Fuck.

    NATO!? Get to fuck!

    The United States?


    Get to fuck!

  245. Geri

    The death penalty doesn’t deter, imo.

    But a wee stint in jail does – that’s if they make it out alive because most sex offenders were abused which makes them rabid for blood when one locks onto their radar & prison officers love a wee blether on exactly what they’re in for.

    If you want an insight into how they treat pedos watch

    What happened to David Huckle?
    By the disturbing Truth channel on YouTube.

    What a sick individual & right here in the UK there’s millions off them on networks.

  246. A Scot Abroad


    the Claim of Right has already been ruled non-justiciable, in 2019. By the Court of Session, in Edinburgh.

    You could take it further, to the UKSC. It will cost you, though, perhaps a quarter of a million. And nobody serious in Scotland is trying to do that.

    Until you do, the official legal position in Scotland is that it’s ancient guff, and meaningless.

  247. Breeks

    A Scot Abroad says:
    10 July, 2023 at 3:55 am

    the Claim of Right has already been ruled non-justiciable, in 2019. By the Court of Session, in Edinburgh.

    The Court of Session traditionally sat below any Convention of the Estates in the Scottish hierarchy, with the Community of the Realm empowered to overrule even the mighty Court of Session where it was in the common good to do so.

    Taking “it” to the UK Supreme Court is frankly absurd to anybody au fait with Scotland’s Constitutional integrity, but as with virtually all UK styled “government”, the UK Government just makes it’s own rules up as it goes along, and defies anybody to dispute it’s legitimacy.

    Happily, it is my understanding that a formal dispute over that legitimacy is now on the horizon, and the UK’s colonial style misadventures with Devolution and a UK Supreme Court will only bear further testimony to the UK Government’s long running infidelity with the Articles of Union.

    The Treaty of Union didn’t disassemble the Scottish Constitution, it simply hijacked the process of administering it. When pressed, the Westminster Government, and indeed Monarch, both concede the Claim of Right anyway. It’s only Unionist foot soldiers who seem to quibble and bluster about it.

    I recommend to all reading up precisely what it is that SALVO is actually doing and what it stands for. A storm is brewing, and it will be good for Scotland.

  248. Captain Yossarian

    Dan – So, the noise from a heat pump is 40-60dB. You need to wear ear defenders for anything above 100dB. A chainsaw is about 110dB, which is about 30 times louder than conversation. They appear to me to be a total nightmare.

  249. Republicofscotland

    “the man with the idea of detaching the Chagos Islands from the colony of Mauritius , which loosely administered the islands, 2,500 miles away, was a Scotsman, Sir John Shaw Rennie. A Glaswegian.”

    Big deal. your point is? its well known that many House Jock aid and abet the foreign government at Westminster, such as MI5 director Ken McCallum, we’ve had Blair, Brown, and all manner of House Jock politicians help England, and to help subvert Scotland over the centuries.

    It not uncommon for this to happen, Afghans helping Washington/Westminster, Iranians/Venezuelans doing the same, etc, even the indigenous people of North America helped track down other indigenous people for the white Americans to capture or kill them.

  250. Republicofscotland

    Alba’s Neale Hanvey trying to get the ball rolling.

    The other two Supposedly indy parties at Holyrood want nothing to do with it.

    “Alba has repeatedly called for pro-independence parties to join forces and stand one candidate in each Westminster seat, but the bid has been rejected by both the SNP and Scottish Greens.”

    Just to highlight what a undemocratic prison Scotland is trapped in, this union, remember Northern Ireland can vote whether or not to have a reunification with the RoI every SEVEN years.

  251. Republicofscotland

    Scotland a country teeming in mineral resources that produces far more energy than we need yet.

    “Over 4,500 Scots died waiting for a lifeline benefit to help with winter fuel costs. Social Security Scotland is now looking to see if the £50 Winter Heating Payment can be given to the next of kin.”

    “Of the 399,690 people that were identified to be eligible, 4,597 are known to have died between the eligibility window in November 2022 and payment of Winter Heating Payment following receipt of the data file by Social Security Scotland on 31 January 2023.”

    We are all to blame for these deaths for allowing a foreign country to steal our resources from us, and for allowing a treacherous b*stard of an FM now stood down, to get away with not delivering indy to secure our resources.

    How many more Scots will die this Winter in a country with more than enough energy to go around at a cheap price.

  252. Stoker

    David Hannah says on 10 July 2023 at 1:23 am:
    “This story about the BBC presenter. And his anonymity. It is absolutely despicable. Why the BBC is hiding his identity.”

    Because in the eyes of the law, David, he is innocent until proven guilty. And they open themselves up to being sued for large amounts if the individuals reputation is harmed etc.

    Also, PLEASE take note folks, that applies too, in law, to ANYONE even stating the persons name, say, as a guess etc online. Be very careful what Yous say on these matters because once you put it in print online, or anywhere else for that matter, there is no taking it back. You leave a digital footprint.

    One thing i will add about the BBC. You would have thought that after Savile, and a stream of others, they would be far more proactive in dealing with this sort of thing. Instead, questions are now being raised why the BBC took so long to act. This was first revealed back in May, apparently. And only recently is it being tackled by the BBC. It’s time the BBC was gutted from top to bottom and a system put in place to deal immediately with these situations. The establishments mouthpiece, the BBC, disgusts me more than words can express. Thank goodness i don’t pay a penny in licence fee. Never have done, never will do.

  253. Republicofscotland

    How could the SNP ran Glasgow City Council give this festering shithole over £6 million of taxpayers cash, instead why not actually build some half decent flats.

  254. stuart mctavish

    Scot Abroad @3:55 am

    Thought the non justiciable part of that case was the apparent absence of political intent that, if proven, would render any judgement hypothetical (Scot government may even have been respondent but not in a way that called it out for its own failure, if any, in the matter?)

    If so the (lack of) intent argument was turned inside out* by Supreme court’s reliance on its findings (/failure to strike them out to prevent misunderstandings such as your own) to allow Lord Reid to embellish its judgement, on whether the question to be asked in a referendum (“Should Scotland be an independent country?”) related to reserved matters, with some staggering nonsense about Holyrood having no power to enact ANY legislation that relates to reserved matters .

    *inference being that if Supreme Court is obliged to defer to Scots Courts on matters where Scots Courts declined to pass judgement it shall certainly be obliged to defer to them in ALL cases where they did (possibly even those where the judiciary has misconducted itself (aka Craig Murray)) to extent that it must now be obsolete in Scotland – unless agreed otherwise on a case by case basis 🙂

  255. Xaracen

    A Scot Abroad said;

    “the Claim of Right has already been ruled non-justiciable, in 2019. By the Court of Session, in Edinburgh.”

    Nice try, ASA, but your dishonest and incomplete framing is exposed once again. That statement is a demonstrable lie.

    The Scottish Court of Session has two Houses, an Outer House, and an Inner House. It was only the Outer House of the Scottish Court of Session that made that ruling, but the higher ranked Inner House of the Scottish Court of Session reversed the ruling of the Outer House, ruling the issue justiciable and the prorogation unlawful.

    Thus the correct statement is ‘the Claim of Right has already been ruled justiciable, in 2019. By the Court of Session, in Edinburgh.’

    “You could take it further, to the UKSC. It will cost you, though, perhaps a quarter of a million. And nobody serious in Scotland is trying to do that.

    Until you do, the official legal position in Scotland is that it’s ancient guff, and meaningless.”

    Well, it never got to the Supreme Court. So, until you do that, and succeed in reversing the ruling, the official legal position in Scotland is that it’s both current and meaningful.

    You deliberately misrepresented the situation, again.

  256. Xaracen

    Oops, my mistake, the Supreme Court did look at this case! The Wikipedia article I found didn’t even mention it.

    But importantly, ASA, the Supreme Court agreed with the Court of Session, so you are still stuffed.

  257. Alf Baird

    Republicofscotland @ 9:08 am

    “its well known that many House Jock aid and abet the foreign government”

    Yes RoS, and Scotland is hardly unusual in this aspect; universally colonialism is always “a co-operative venture” with native elites (Fanon), and necessary for ‘indirect rule’ as the preferred ‘system of British colonial administration’.

    Once the native embraces the values of the colonizer “he adopts his own condemnation” (Memmi). St. Giles seemed full of such people last week, each paying homage to the oppressor, meekly handing over Scottish sovereignty, perpetuating the enslavement of their own people and the plunder of their lands.

  258. A Scot Abroad


    how is England to blame for 4,500 Scots dying after Scottish Social Security – an organisation staffed by Scots, under the control of a Scottish Minister in Holyrood, and with a fully devolved budget paid up front back in April, didn’t get them the £50 additional welfare for 3 months?

  259. John Main

    @Geri 12:54

    You aw right there?

    Only, you don’t come across as aw right. In fact, a long way short of aw right.

    Important day today for the Uk and her people, and hence in the world of reality, for Scotland and her people. Biden and Sunak getting together in WM to discuss and hopefully agree the future direction of The War. Implications and ramifications reaching out through Europe and the EU, to include China, India, and the rest.

    To believe, or to pretend to believe, that this is irrelevant to Scotland or the future iScotland is the sheerest, juvenile, ignorant stupidity.

    In fact, it is an attitude that screams out for its own descriptive term. “Moonhowling” comes to mind for some reason.

  260. John Main

    @ASA 10:17

    That money would have come through in good time if the necessary online and physical paperwork was couched in Scots.

    It’s having to translate everything into the forced speech of the colonialist oppressor that added the delays, and consequently killed these people.

  261. Stuart MacKay

    On the viability of a transit container terminal at Scapa Flow. Here are some useful numbers…

    … at 12,800 kilometres, the distance from Northern Europe to China is approximately 40 percent shorter via the Northern Sea Route than it is across the Suez Canal (21,000 kilometres) and 10-15 days quicker; it is also 60 percent shorter in terms of distance than the journey through the Cape of Good Hope.

    So, only one question remains. Why hasn’t construction started already?

  262. Alf Baird

    John Main @ 10:31 am

    “To believe, or to pretend to believe, that this is irrelevant to Scotland or the future iScotland is the sheerest, juvenile, ignorant stupidity.”

    Of course it is relevant to Scotland. But so long as Scotland is ‘out of the game’ when it comes to decisions affecting our territory, our people, on matters of war or peace etc, in this sense – yes indeed it is us Scots who are rendered irrelevant. Colonialism makes us bystanders, ‘no longer a part of history’.

  263. Alf Baird

    Stuart MacKay @ 10:47 am

    On ‘The Economics of Container Transhipment in Northern Europe’, a container transhipment port at Scapa Flow would be very competitive as well as environmentally advantageous for much of the existing Transatlantic trades, and especially vessels/strings already transiting via the Pentland Firth. Liner op-cost savings were estimated (2008) to exceed $100 per container – a port throughput of 1 million containers would thus yield shipping operating cost saving today well in excess of $100 million per annum.

    There are also cost savings with a transhipment terminal that needs no dredging or much in the way of landside access infrastructure, and offers higher productivity. Plus environmental savings, less ship steaming and lower ship emissions etc.

    However Scottish Transport Ministers and local gov refused to develop the opportunity to concession/lease the terminal/site to interested parties. Fergus Ewing & HIE etc instead gave the Lyness/Hoy ex naval base site over to the ill-fated Pelamis wave energy research project which went bust after several years and £50 million of gov spend on it.

  264. Dorothy Devine

    OT I have just found out that Glasgow east end and west end will be closing main roads for the world cycling do. Quite frankly after all the messing about with broadband road closures , I am appalled that the city will be tying itself in knots yet again.

    Whose bright idea was this?

  265. Stuart MacKay

    Alf Baird @11:38am

    So the decision was made because wave energy has sexier green credentials rather than shipping and all those greenhouse gases. A transit terminal opens up the possibilities of electric powered ships completing the connections across Europe and the terminal itself could likely be powered by renewables – there’s more than a few turbines just off the Caithness coast and the installation could likely be extended north. When you add in the fuel savings of the shorter route and you end up with a very big number indeed. However that’s across continents and across timescales larger than the evening news bulletin.

    This is why the Green Transition is doomed to failure. The decision makers are doing for the media optics and very little attention if any is directed to projects that would actually make a difference. Morons.

  266. David Cobby

    @ Dorothy Devine 10 July, 2023 at 11:40 am

    Lucky you don’t live in Flanders, when during the Spring roads are closed constantly for bike racing.

    Why is it in Scotland when a cycling event is held, everyone and their granny get their knickers in a twist but ignore that the knuckle draggers get the roads closed every weekend over the summer?

  267. Geri

    Exactly Alf.

    This Union is only one sided & not fit for purpose . Not just Uk-rainy but in all matters. Scotland wouldn’t be champing at the bit to book flights to Rwanda either or considering a new yacht for the benefit scroungers yet we’re paying for it with absolutely hee-haw say on it.

    As an aside, I’ll never understand the roasters on here who claim to be Scottish yet are cheering on their own extinction while at the same time cheer on another countries right to self determination from a larger, bullying neighbour. That must take an extra special kind of fuckwit. A fascist one too & that’s where England is headed. Con or Labour = same toxic shit from the failed two party state.
    Thank God Scotland will move on without them..they couldn’t erase us over 300 years ago & they’ll fail to do it again.
    Scotland can hold referendums outside of the branch office.

  268. A Scot Abroad

    Stuart MacKay, at 1047,

    The northern polar routes aren’t feasible for anything other than ice-breaking ships for over 9 months of the year. I’m not aware that there are many ice-breaking container ships. Even if there were, Denmark is a better place for most to go to, being only 500 extra miles, and with the road and rail infrastructure to take the goods onwards to the European market.

  269. James Che


    9 July 6: 32pm.

    That is the very point I am making,

    The acts remain in Scottish domestic law, when the Scottish parliament ceased,
    The acts cannot be converted into international law because it is Scottish domestic law that is held in suspension,

    Scotland does not loose any of its previous laws or existence to 1707 due to the ceasing of its parliament being unable to enter the treaty of union because it was extinguished in England.

    The Scottish parliament voluntary closed its own doors in Scotland under Sine Die.

    The confusion is entangling the English and Scottish version of how the Scottish parliament was closed and in what Country.

    In Scotland voluntary closed our own parliament,
    In England the Westminster parliament and queen Anne closed the Scottish parliament in the treaty of union

    These are two different closures of the same “Scottish parliament” by different bodies in different Countries

    I would suggest the one in Scotland was the valid one concerning legalities,
    As Scotland did not have authority to Close Englands or Vice Versa

    The domestic Acts that were passed by the Scottish parliament are suspended (in Scotland ) under “Sine Die”

    They cannot be Stolen, they cannot be used by the English parliament for it own purposes to create a new GB state, and that domestic Scots law cannot be borrowed or be altered into international law as soon as the Scottish parliament closed it doors
    The domestic law/ Acts of Scotland cannot be borrowed. They were not transferrable once the Scottish parliament closed its doors.

    It is a strange perception to presume that once the Scottish parliament closed it doors and suspended the Acts under Sine Die that you think England could then borrow the suspended Acts and use them Whilst extinguishing the old Scottish parliament from the treaty of parliamentary union in 1707.
    And then only Englands parliament at Westminster had the authority to use those Scots Acts to convert Scottish suspended domestic Acts into a international treaty to create a new State of Great Britain.

    The suspended domestic acts of a Sine Die Scottish parliament were not Englands law or Acts to borrow,
    The treaty of union domestic Acts from the Scottish parliament were suspended under Sine Die in Scotland prior to the parliament of Great Britain being self proclaimed.

    The treaty of Union Scottish domestic Acts were also extinguished from the treaty by the parliament of England and by Queen Anne, Queen of England….. queen of Scots,

    But as you will recall if having read the Westminster parliament Site recently,
    That the politicians, the commissioners, the queen of England discussed and decided that in 1707 the Scot were not to have a vote on joining the treaty.

    The Scots are not in the treaty of union, It IS WRITING on Westminster Parliament Site,

    The Monarch of Scots is therefor not in the treaty either,

    The Scottish parliament is not in the treaty since it was extinguished in 1707 in England.

    The Scottish parliament is not in the treaty from 1707; since it Sine Die’d in 1707.

    There have been no representative of a Scottish parliament in Westminster at any period of time,

    due to the etymology of chosen Scots peers and barons to sit in Westminster parliament after the Scottish parliaments doors were officially Closed by Scotland and England.

    It is a legal impossibility to convert suspended Scots Law / domestic laws of extinguished and Sine Die’d Scottish parliament into Acts for England to use,
    To then convert suspended Scots Law into a international treaty.
    After it was agreed in both Countries, England and Scotland that the Scottish parliament and its laws stopped and ceased in Scotland and England to exist before / prior the creation of the Great Britain self created parliament.

    But another issue comes to the fore, besides England acting on its own to making a international treaty with itself.

    The Scots themselves are acknowledged as not being in the treaty with England,
    We all know the Scots were Sovereign but and even more so from the rest of the UK legislation due to that acknowledgement in Writing on the Westminster parliament site.

    After all the these instances of how far the domestic but suspended Scots law in Scotland and Extinguished Law of Scotland in England can travel outside the jurisdiction of its own Country for the purpose of England to make use of thereafter,

    How do you Perceive the position of the “Scots”?
    whom it has been admitted are not in the treaty of union regardless of wether the peers and barons of Scotland were.

    For Westminster has made a very distinct written voting definition between which of the two entities are within the fallacious treaty of union.

  270. Stuart MacKay

    A Scot Abroad

    There’s this little problem called climate change. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. The arctic ocean is projected to be mostly free of ice in September, regardless of any changes made, in 30 years or less. That leaves plenty of open water for cargo ships.

  271. Confused

    I really hope the lickspittle sunak (discussions with Biden? “discussions” – I think senile Joe is just passing on orders) sends a lot of british troops over to ukraine; this is a good thing as a lot of them will be killed, and even better, a lot more will be maimed, and thus given oppportunity to think about the good sense of fighting in some war that doesn’t concern you, for reasons you are unaware of.

    The majority of these casualties will be english, which is good obviously, and a smaller number, Scots, who already prove themselves to be stupid and also tr4itors to their own nation by simply being in that evil institution; they have removed themselves from our gene pool, a freely chosen form of eugenics.

    (Maybe our very good friend indeed, ASA, will get called up; he can continue to post his pish from over there via elon musk’s starlink, but the phone signal might bring down russian artillery on his arse, I can’t wait.)

    Also, helluva paralympics team for next olympics.

    – you have to work through consequences, chase the dynamics and look to outcomes. Technically I am -against- war and all that, but this – what’s going to happen will happen, it has been decided elsewhere – and it could work out quite well for us.

    It could all be so different.

    Smedley Butler, the most decorated marine of all time, wrote a little book on war when he was older; the penny dropped – “war is a racket” and he came up with a great suggestion to end all wars.

    Warmongers should be drafted, firstly, the sons and daughters of the rich, the politicians, and the middle class. Let’s have a referendum on war, and if you vote yes – YOU HAVE VOLUNTEERED, also – your kids. For maximal comedy, the “you are drafted” clause will be written in very small font on the back of the ballot.

  272. A Scot Abroad

    Stuart MacKay,

    of course I’m aware of climate change, but that’s no reason to spend money on building something that might not be used for 30 years.

    In any case, Denmark still makes more sense, because the main market is Europe, and it has rail and road infrastructure in place, so transshipment is not necessary.

  273. James Che

    If the original Treaty exists we would not have a sub Westminster legislated devolved parliament sent to manage Scotland,

    Perhaps it was sent to manage the Scots that Westminster says are not in the treaty of union,
    Of course that being the Case, King Charlie is not king of Britain, crrtaonly not of Scots.

  274. Dan

    A Scot Abroad says: at 1:17 pm

    In any case, Denmark still makes more sense, because the main market is Europe, and it has rail and road infrastructure in place, so transshipment is not necessary.

    Fuck sake, what a heid the baw. The NuEnglish yoon openly admits how shit his precious UK is by stating we don’t have the infrastructure in place to take on and benefit from the business such a hub would facilitate in terms of economic activity and job opportunities.
    But that’s pretty much the normal modus of having a total lack of vision, imagination, and foresight, when the world is viewed shitey union jack spectacles.

  275. Alf Baird

    Geri @ 12:19 pm

    “I’ll never understand the roasters on here who claim to be Scottish yet are cheering on their own extinction”

    Yes, they appear oblivious to the fact that a colonised nation and people/culture are in the process of perishing. They do not understand because they are conditioned to view Britishness/Englishness as a vastly superior culture to their own. Their eventual rejection may come as a shock to them, for to the colonizer they will always be Scottish, hence subordinate in the present arrangement. Such is the inevitable “failure of assimilation” (Memmi).

  276. robbo

    Ah the old ancient guff trope gets the full support of the loyalists on here. They come on here and tell us old treaties dinnae matter. Scotland has no say blah blah.

    THen we have to listen ,read and see this mob on a regular basis with their ancient guff!


  277. robbo

    Remember folks the only ancient guff that matters to the loyalists who infest this site is the ancient guff from Orangemen and the British empire!

    The most long lived empires are auld ancient guff to them to I suppose.


  278. James Che

    The parliament of Scotland closed its doors in 1707, due to varying actions of both Countries individually at that time,

    But what is misunderstood is that the “Scots remained as a separate nation entity” from the conceptual treaty of non parliamentary union.

    The politicians, the commissioners, both the parliaments and indeed the Monarch did not view the SCOTs, as being the same entity as the parliament of Scotland, but as Sovereign from the parliament of Scotland,

    The debate that took place was wether to decide, if the SCOTS should have a vote on wether to join the treaty of union as well,

    All those mentioned above calculated it would be a risk and not be in the interest of a treaty to give the SCOTs a vote on Joining the Treaty of union because in all likely hood the SCOTS would vote NO.

    So what is the treaty of union and who is in it,

    1: Not the Scottish parliament that was extinguished and Sine Die’d.

    2: Not the SCOTs. Who were refused the risky vote to join.

    3: Not the Monarchy of Scotland.

    4: Not the representatives of Scotlands parliament to sit in Westminster, who were chosen after the Scottish parliament had closed its doors.

    5: Not the territory of Scotland.

    So who is in the treaty of union,?

    Basically and legally those individuals whom signed their name to it,
    Those that entered Westminster parliament as ordinary rich citizens of Scotland, but were not actual legal members of a closed Scottish parliament.

    These individuals held no deeds of Of all the Scots Lands in 1707 or a bill of sale that states they had bought Scotland from the sovereign community in Scotland.

    ” Scotland was not legally theirs to sell” or for them to transfer into a personal or international treaty of union after they were out with the parliament of Scotland.

    There are so many cracks in the fallacious treaty of union concept legally. it is a wonder any Scot believes in it,

    But they do, without query, reason or rhyme.

    So can anyone name all those private citizens that signed that personal treaty with Westminster parliament in 1706/1707,

  279. fruitella the hun

    The Arctic trade route depends on unchecked climate change. So does the exploitation of Arctic fuel and mineral resources. No doubt its fish as well. Unless we are moving goods and raw materials (and diseases) across the planet – rather than living more self-sufficiently – that trade is pretty pointless anyway.

    The warming that is melting the Arctic is destroying living conditions in the lower latitudes, which is displacing their populations northwards. Nothing good comes from that, unless you foresee the benefits to you of a slave economy rebuilding war-torn countries.

    The folk on here cheering this along are Left-wing, marxists probably. Marxists have never supported the environmental, or more precisely, the ecological view. Of couse they have learned to shield themselves from attacks by people who understand physics, chemistry and biology by pretending to take “green crap” seriously. But they do it badly and are much more interested in sociology and economics.

    Many of the trans-allies are marxist activists. The “sustainable growth” mantra long promoted by the SNP and still found here is also theirs. Commenters who claim that 220,000 green List voters (note VOTERS, not even party members) are all “nonces” as the ludicrous Geri did, reminds me of the way some Communist Party GB activists (and most members were active) disparaged the Ecology Party in the late 70s. It’s not far from “Cockroaches” or “Rats”, othering, and, if not a deliberate prelude to Pol Pottiness or similar, an excited wee keek down that road.

    It scares me that “she” is meeting little resistance from those ostensibly humanitarian-leaning commentators here. No doubt laughed-off as “banter” and needling the Woke.


    On reflection, willing climate catastrophe (on to some Peoples) for personal economic gain, having been shown the money, is probably much worse than anything done by individual Tutsis, Hutus or Khmer Rouge. They want the power residing in the oil. They claim Carbon Capture will prevent catastrophic global warming but they are also aware (one would hope) the technology for that hasn’t reached Earth yet, it’s just a green crap password to riches. No surprise to find the Left in cahoots with their bitter enemy – but ally in fighting nature – the capitalist corporations (and their GMB and such buddies). Don’t know who’s worse, the denialists or those who would invest in it happening. They would both keep us on the road to war.

  280. A Scot Abroad


    so you tell us what the road and rail links are like from Orkney to mainland Europe?

  281. Stuart MacKay

    A Scot Abroad

    So Denmark, and I guess by inference, Germany, has the road and rail infrastructure to distribute goods all over Europe – from Portugal to Romania. That I’d like to see.

    Your talents are clearly under-utilised. Straw-grasping at this professional level is wasted on mere Scottish independence. You should consider a career in Brussels. With van der Lying moving on, there’s a comfy seat at the Commission where failure to face up to reality is the number one requirement. It should be a shoe-in for person of your capabilities.

  282. Chas

    I seriously question the sanity of the individuals who post the same shite on here umpteen times EVERY day.
    They probably number about 0.001% of the population and their historic ramblings will do absolutely nothing to convince the overwhelming majority of sane Scots. Any normal person who has the misfortune to actually read any of the posts, will simply think they are all nutters and leave them to it.
    Independence is decades away, if ever.

  283. James Che

    There are many facts taken from the Westminster parliament site, whom are the Colonial overlords of that supposed treaty, one of the major ones being, that even ‘they’ admit the Scots are not a party to the treaty of union.

    While trying to remember all those on the Scottish side that signed the treaty and therefor are legally bound to it,

    We must remember that Scotland they did not own, and the Scots are not in that treaty.

    We also must remember that Scots whom were not invited to vote or participate in the treaty of parliamentary unions that never proceeded are not bound under the normal legalities on declaring UDI,

    UDI took place almost immediately for Scots in Scotland when the Scottish parliament was closed in Scotland and by England in 1707 under varying circumstances.

    There are no Scottish representatives in the parliament of Westminster to cement a union of parliaments from its very concept.

    There are no Scots in the treaty of union. Not even with a X signature on a vote, other than those that made a personal union with Westminster, and their names are well known and would be legally bound I suppose.

    There is no Monarch of Scotland at present and No legal Crown Estates in Scotland at present.
    Therefore neither does the monarch of the Crown of England have a right to be in Scots Law.

    With Scots having been denied the choice to vote to enter a treaty with England in 1707 I would presume that UK legislation and the Supreme Court decisions could not apply to Scots,

  284. A Scot Abroad

    Stuart MacKay,

    how do you think goods reach central, non-coastal parts of Europe apart from by road or rail? There’s a limited amount of barges along the Rhine, but they don’t do containers, only bulk. Everything else goes by road or rail.

    Now try to explain why it would be better to offload large ships to smaller ships in Orkney, and then try to get the goods to the main market areas in central Europe. The small ships then have to be offloaded themselves at a place in Europe which has road and rail links. That’s a total waste of time, when there are places such as Denmark and Germany that already have the infrastructure to move goods and containers onwards. And a total waste of time is more expensive to commerce than sailing a few hundred miles extra, but only having to offload once.

    Plus, 70% of European trade by volume comes through Suez and the Med. Why sail an extra 2,000 miles to the far north of Scotland?

    It’s a completely bonkers idea, dreamt up by lunatics.

  285. Geri


    By their deeds you shall know them.
    If you want to munch on dandelions knock yerself out. They rest of us live in the real world. You know, the one with hospital’s & stuff. Not witchdoctors, three huts down past the composting shed & turn left..
    The greens are out of government cause sexualising other folks weans is a step too far. They should’ve stuck to the environment but that isn’t where their priorities lie.

    As for Act of Union. The guff will be sorted cause the UK cant be a member of various international organisations under the membership it’s in a voloutary union when it’ll have proved that it isn’t & our application is lodged to the decolonisation dept.

  286. Republicofscotland

    “how is England to blame for 4,500 Scots dying”

    Not England but the English governments, who’ve stolen our energy resources for decades, thus our folk have to rely on these energy payments from a not functioning properly Scottish social security. SAS was appointed as SSS minster in 2018 she’s as thick as shit and twice as ugly, but she’s a loyal Sturgeon the betrayer rat, in other words she doesn’t give a toss about Scots, she’s since moved onto Education minister, pity the children.

    The SNP under Sturgeon had no intentions of achieving the dissolving of the union, a new computer system for the Scottish Social Security costing millions and years late, was set up in such a way that it won’t fully function unless its working in tandem with England’s DWP system.

    The matter is further compounded by sanctioning Russian oil, when Scotland’s own oil and gas are sold to the highest bidder, when a majority of the profits and a state ran energy firm that gives Scots cheap energy should have been the order of the day, but Westminster aided by their Scottish House Jock politicians made sure that hasn’t happened.

    These deaths aren’t a new phenomena Scotland is a colder country in the Winter than England, god only knows how many Scots have died from symptoms of fuel poverty since the first English government began stealing our gas and oil resources aided and abetted by some treacherous Scots b*stards.

  287. Republicofscotland

    I’m no fan of the SNP now, but SNP MSP Jm Fairlie makes a very good point when he tells the likes of Marks & Spencers, that they are buying in Raspberries from Portugal and Southern England for their Scottish shops when Scotland has had a bumper crop of Raspberries this year.

    Of course this isn’t confined to raspberries, all manner of Scottish products are sidelined, sold at a higher price than their rivals, or pushed onto and end shelf at the back of the store, whilst English produce is brought in to the main supermarket chains in Scotland with prime positions on the shelves.

    Also the English Red Tractor is now placed on goods along with a never ending livery of union jackery, my local Sainsbury’s quietly dropped a Saltire outside it store a while back.

    Scottish agricultural industries are slowly being reduced to sending their food stuffs abroad, as English produce swaps Scotland.

    I advise shoppers to shop at Aldi’s or Lidels they provide a lot of Scots produce, not only does our own local farmed foods taste better but less travelling of the goods is better for the environment.

    Buy Scottish foods, eat Scottish foods, help our very own industries.

  288. Republicofscotland

    Another useless SNP trougher knows the games up, good riddance.

    “SNP MP John McNally has announced he will stand down at the next General Election.

    McNally has served as the MP for Falkirk since 2015 having first become an elected councillor in 2005 for the party.”

    Vote Alba, Join Alba.

  289. Republicofscotland

    These two will appear at the aptly named Gilded Balloon Debating Hall.

    “HUMZA Yousaf and Kate Forbes will appear at the Edinburgh Fringe, it has been announced.”

    Neither have a plan for dissolving the union except to ask a foreign country, sorry to beg a foreign country (England) for an S30.

    Is it any wonder GCHQ, Murrell and a significant percentage of the SNP membership who DON’T want to dissolve the union, made sure, out of the three FM candidates they came first, and second, with number three (Ash Regan) having the ONLY plan to ditch this undemocratic prison of a union finishing last in the shambolic fix of a leadership contest.

  290. ScotsRenewables

    “The Daily Record understands there are still a few more SNP MPs who are to make public their intention to leave parliament.”

    Come on Stu, how many of the useless lazy troughers know the game is up, do you reckon? Will Pishfart see the light?

  291. Stuart MacKay

    A Scot Abroad

    A transfer terminal at Scapa Flow is specifically for container traffic across the ice-free Arctic Ocean into and out of Europe, Nothing else. I’m sorry you didn’t realise that.

  292. Alf Baird

    A Scot Abroad @ 1:17 pm

    “In any case, Denmark still makes more sense, because the main market is Europe”

    Actually its a wee bit more complicated than that. Key variables in container transhipment include the deviation distance for the mainline vessel, and feeder ship distances to transhipment markets served.

    On the first aspect, Scapa Flow is on the short Great Circle Route and at the point where the Atlantic Ocean meets the North Sea. The deviation distance for mainline vessels already transiting the Pentland Firth is therefore virtually zero.

    On the second aspect, the main feeder markets in northern Europe are UK-north/Ireland, Baltic/Scandinavia, Nordic/Atlantic, and Iberia/W.France. These markets are all currently served by transhipment via North Sea Basin hub ports. The comparative feeder ship distance for Scapa Flow for most of these markets is less, and also avoids Kiel Canal expense + ship size constraints for Baltic traffic.

    Most container transhipment ports are located at former naval bases, which is a further illustration of their strategic locations. In transport geography terms the ‘intermediacy’ of a transhipment hub location tends to be more important than its ‘centrality’.

  293. Stuart MacKay


    Portuguese raspberries. Most of the work is carried out by Nepalese migrants, shipped in specifically to do the work. Their conditions can only be described as squalid. The pay likely matches their conditions. The border agency. SEF, has been clearing out the migrant camps as it finds them.

    You have a moral duty not to eat them. No human should have to live in the conditions these workers have to endure. In 30+ °C weather, all day, every day.

  294. bluegrass banjo

    bbc internal email saying ,prepare to leave space, news reports tonight

    GB News

  295. Dan

    @ fruitella

    Hey, it’s not the fault of most folk on here the Green Party isn’t what it once was. Likewise the SNP, which quite a few of us on here at least attempted to steer on a different trajectory. That albeit came to nothing because of the membership being so dis-empowered once the Sturgeon cabal got their claws onto power.

    What do we actually get from the current Green Party on environmental matters, presumably the DRS debacle and other “green” initiatives like the solar panel and ASHP pish being badly rolled out.
    And of course the big jobbie stinking up the room is the genderwoowoo, which so many folk think is just such a load of pish that any credibility the Party had is lost. Welcome to Clownland.

    Please tell me what’s green about using up loads of highly refined mineral resources in energy intensive processes to make lots of machines to capture and change the state of energy, or collect certain types of waste when the 32 local authority areas in Scotland already have recycling services in place.
    Just try to get the humans to put their waste in the correct existing bins, and then you don’t need the extra layers of administrative grief and practical logistics of utilising all those bloody machines.
    And just get the State to supply renewable energy with properly thought out large scale generation schemes through the existing leccy grid, and at a reasonable price so folk can heat their homes quietly using simple storage heaters. Not guilt them with greenwashing bullshit into having the burden of ridiculously over-complex stacks of expensive equipment clagged onto and into thousands of individual homes.
    This isn’t rocket science…

    In the scheme of things I live a pretty low carbon footprint life, but I fully understand most folk have little to no interest in significantly altering their existences to reduce the impact their actions and choice cause to the environment.
    Ever considered or think that humanity and other life on this particular rock floating in space is just an incidental flash in the pan bloom, like a bacteria grows and dies in a petri dish.
    Effectively just like a malignant cancer grows slowly until the bad shit is just too overwhelming for the good shit to keep in check.

    @ RoS

    A few years ago I was on a motorbike trip and stopped in Blairgowrie in berry picking season. (For those that may not know, Blairgowrie is surrounded by raspberry fields), and the COOP had raspberries from Morocco on their shelves! Hence my previous paragraph…

    It was one aspect of “Brexit” that I thought might have been a positive, in that we would begin to grow and eat more locally produced seasonal food, instead of importing stuff from far flung lands with the inevitable increased carbon footprint such follies create.

  296. twathater

    @ ROS 4.05pm re Jim Fairlie is he not just kicking up a stink because he’s a fermer or someone in his family is, but equally funny is that most fermers are rabid unionists aside from ones like Alex Cross and a few others, and guess what, the good ones are being shafted by the glorious uk incompetence alongside their unionist voting brethren

    I have no sympathy for the unionist voting self destructive clowns they were well warned and had previous experience of how as Scots they were lower than cow shit in the eyes of WM , SO they can reap what they sow , vote unionist don’t be surprised when you get fucked
    And MAYBE Jim Fairlie should have fought for independence instead of cocks in frocks, who knows we might then be eating Scottish FARMED produce

  297. Sven

    Great, constructive comments from Capt Yossarian & Dan re the supply of energy to homes utilising heat storage within decently insulated properties. Obviating any requirement for heat pumps, with their complexity, noise levels and unsuitability for so many (I’d say the vast majority, however don’t wish to over state the case) Scottish homes.

    Professor Baird lays out sensible, informed knowledgable information as to the potential for an integrated, international shipping plan which even I can follow.

    Gosh, what an encouraging series of posts for an old duffer feeling a bit down after helping a broken hearted neighbour to bury his much loved companion cat to come home to read.

  298. James Che

    Fruitella the hun,

    You are barking up the wrong eco tree,

    Scotland does not have a Scottish parliament.

    Scots are not in the treaty of union.

    Scotland has officially policy on Climate change Since 1707.

    Under Westminsters legislation the devolved management colonial government of Scotland is not Scottish,

    The same legistaive governing body that has destroyed the lives of many animals, many plant species and many human beings lives with war since WW11.

    It just sent depleted Uranium to contaminate another Countries populations and wildlife,
    What steps have you taken when nord Stream blew aquatic life to pieces. Where is the eco shill thumberg that should protesting about these atrousities.
    No where to be found.

    Scots do not issues the licences for these industries and they certainly do not receive the revenues from these industries into a non existant Scottish parliment or government.

    You’re in the wrong Country nipping the ears of Scots whom are not signed up to any climate change agenda.
    You have confused us with Englands Westminster legislation

  299. fruitella the hun


    “The rest of us live in the real world”

    Great, could you tell me then, as you’re on-the-spot, do excess CO2 emissions cause global warming? And if so, does global warming cause serious problems?

    Oh, and how do you know that 220,000 green list voters are nonces, even the 18yo girls? Is it personal experience of a representative sample or do you have supernatural skills? If you have supernatural skills why don’t you apply them to the other stuff you say?

  300. John Main

    It’s certainly innarestin and informative to look at an image of the Earth as seen from a location directly above the North Pole.

    We immediately see that a “certain country” has by far the largest coastline adjacent to the Polar Sea, and in fact, has a record of recent claims to national ownership of the Pole itself (claiming the sea bed from its coastline, all the way to the Pole and beyond).

    Given the militaristic, colonialist, aggressive, ecocidal, Orc-like behaviour of that “certain country”, I question if any sane industrialists will want to put their eggs in the polar trans-shipments basket.

    But if they do, and decide to ship, e.g. Chinese tat, directly over the contested-ownership Pole to Europe, a quick squint at that same image suggests that a German, French, Dutch or Danish port would be the obvious destination.

    With the occasional container straight to Leith for us. How much Chinese tat do we consume every year in Scotland anyway?

    That could change a tiny bit if iScotland finds itself dumped in the EU against its will, as is the current policy promise of the SNP. But then again, what are the chances of the SNP ever doing anything it has promised about anything?

    Anyway, rule nothing out. There was an innarestin and fascinating programme on the Beeb just this afto describing how a herculean effort by 404 and her allies has resulted in new export routes for millions of tons of 404 grain per annum. Feeding the third world, creating new markets, and all safe from the depredations and interference of the Orcs.

    Incredible to realise how quickly new routes for commerce, new resources, and new ideas can be opened up and exploited.

  301. sarah

    @ Dan at 5.17: “most folk have little to no interest in significantly altering their existences to reduce their impact…”.

    An old neighbour of mine sums it up:

    “There’s no stupid animal – except Man”.

    And yes, a bumper raspberry harvest here in W Ross.

  302. John Main

    @James Che says:10 July, 2023 at 6:12 pm

    You left the destruction of the Kakhovka Dam off your list of environmental crimes.

    No need for apology or explanation, I am confident it was an honest error.

  303. Dan

    I’ve ran out of olive oil for my salad dressings, and it made me recall seeing footage of Israelis ripping up ancient Palestinian olive groves, which presumably is an environmental crime. Killing Palestinian children is bad mkay, but the middle classes not having virgin olive oil for their avocado salads is just not on.

    The UN and COP20Whatevs reps no doubt be coming in hard to sanction such behaviour by the Israelis for killing the olive trees on this planet… Well at least they might once they’ve jetted in first class to a conference somewhere on the planet, and after tucking into some of the finest global scran one can get, which will also be jetted in specially for them. They be the L’Oréal of planet savers… Coz they’re worth it…

    Mind you, the Greens are all for beavers which are causing havoc round my way gnawing and felling trees indiscriminately and ruining wee trout streams with their dams. Pike be loving it till they have to eat themselves coz as the apex predator the food intake they require to sustain growth rates quickly depletes, so they best live it up whilst they can, but still, #BrownTroutLivesMatterYaBass

    So all in I guess deciding whether to sanction the Israelis or the beavers may be too difficult a task and nowt will be decided and the same shit will continue for another year till Cop20Whatevs+1 rolls in.

  304. Geri


    Yer ruskie phobia is kicking in.

    Capel Celyn & toxic mud dumps by yer glorious English overlords in Wales. To provide England with water. Not to mention the toxic dumping in Scotland..

    Get back to me on environmental issues when the Greens move past docking puppy dog tails for the gentrified & mutilating mentally ill weans.

    They’re not environmental. Gender woo is about.

    That’s how I can take a good guess along with the rest of the population.

    Any Wightman was the only sane one amongst them, highlighting criminality & pushing land reform & they made his life unbearable, again, due to the freaks how of biology denial. The new flat earthers..

  305. Geri

    Btw, does Ruby not post here anymore?

  306. James Che

    Scots not being in the treaty of union does not diminish their claim of right,
    It emphasises it.

    Scots not being in the treaty of union does not ciminis their Sovereignty.
    It emphasises it.

    Scots not having a parliament in the treaty of union .
    Emphasises Scotland is not in the treaty of union.

    All these issues and facts emphasise that the people and nation of Scots still exist as a Country with borders

    Scots loose very little in acknowledging that they were excluded from voting to join the treaty of union, but have much to gain in return,
    Their Country.
    Their own laws.
    Their own new parliament
    Their own government.
    Complete Sovereignty of the people.
    The return of their sea boundaries.
    Their Claim of right reinstated.which was made prior to the union with Scottish oligarchs.
    New laws on licences,
    Drug control.
    Our own Treason laws returned
    The rights of Children not to be indoctrinated in education.
    The rights of women.
    Shipping and ports.
    Ridding ourselves of Climate change idiotology to a more commonsense approach.
    Renewing our languages.
    The list is is endless.

    All it requires is for Scots to recognise they missed the boat when it came to join the treaty of union,
    and that may be the most intelligent political decision any Scot could make,
    As there is rather a large emphasises for Westminster to return all Scots assets to reset, rather than negotiations that would rob Scotland of its resources.

    Where and how holyrood is registered explains all that is needed for you to know that the devolved government would favour Westminster,

    This is why I have a preference for dissecting the treaty of union at the beginning, rather than being left with the scum aftermath negotiations of a breached and broken treaty concept.
    That would take years and years.
    But if the Scots are not in the treaty, them it is a automatic reset and reparations scenario for Scots and Scotland, which also establishes that Scotland was Colonised.

  307. Iain More

    Why hasn’t Angus Macneil walked away from SNP and joined Alba???? It is yet another one of life’s mysteries

  308. Sven

    Iain More @ 19.27

    The only reason which suggests itself as to why MPs such as Mr Macneill & Ms Cherry choose to remain with the SNP through the Murrell years is that, essentially, it is where they find their political views most at home.
    Almost impossible though this may appear to be to believe, what possible other reason could there be. And, bearing in mind the years they have spent (right up to the present time) in that party, why would anyone feel that they would suddenly be an assett to Alba should they decide, when it suits their own interests, to honour Alba with their presence.

  309. sarah

    @ Sven and Iain More: Angus Brendan MacNeil and Joanna Cherry could be staying in the SNP for good reasons, I think e.g. stubborn resistance to those who are stealing the party from its members – don’t let the b….ds get away with it kind of thing; and because 2 parties are needed to get the most out of the Holyrood voting system – and the SNP voters aren’t going to disappear overnight so need to be utilised. Both of them have a strong personal following in their constituencies, I imagine – if they left the SNP their seats would probably be lost to Unionists.

  310. Geri

    I think Joanna stays as a big *fck you* to her detractors in the WM group who’ve tried their best over the yrs to get rid of her. What better way to annoy the hell out of Blackman? Lol

    No idea about Angus.

    I won’t be voting in GEs now unless it’s a candidate who refuses to take their seat. It’s a total waste of time & it only gives that cesspit legitimacy that we’re in a Union of equals.

    I don’t know what rabbit they can try pull out the hat. Sec 30 & a shit load of MPs has been futile.

  311. sarah

    O/T Happy Wimbledon news – a SCOT is still in. I’ve only just noticed that a real Scot, Maia Lumsden, raised Bearsden, is in the QF of the women’s doubles.

  312. Dan

    Rode past a windfarm the other day on my motorbike and the wind was so strong it felt at times like I was doing 100 miles per hour. (Natch as a law abiding citizen I was doing the legal 60 limit, but with 40mph headwind gusts it adds up to 100. 😉 )
    Anyway I was getting blown harder than Bill Clinton with a young intern under the table, yet I noticed the turbine blades were not moving. Turns out I was probably witnessing some this shenanigans as reported earlier this year…

    New analysis from Net Zero Watch has revealed that the cost of paying windfarms to “switch off” has soared, from £143 million in 2021 to £227 million in 2022, an increase of £84 million, or 60%.

    So the generation figures often floated about do not actually truly represent the potential full generation capacity.
    You’d think with all this modern tech for switching stuff on and off remotely and smart meters they could just dump that excess of leccy locally by heating folks houses and water tanks free of charge. But no pleb, not for you, these big energy corporate companies wouldn’t give you the steam off their shite on a cold morning, so instead we pay them not to generate.

  313. Dan

    In other news…
    Just about managed to start a revolution in town today.
    After the past week’s antics I decided to trail round the banks to check I haven’t been cancelled for my non-conformist views, and also to get interest statements which is kind of pointless as the accounts never generate enough to matter, but I still need to declare the meagre amount to HMRC to keep our new monarch and no doubt that cretinous btl NuEnglish twit ASA happy.

    Because I’m a renegade oldskool cash using luddite, I get maximum shafted and am on about a 0.00000000000000012% interest rate, which I point out to staff should technically be termed a losings account these days rather than a savings account as they nearly without fail only give reasonable interest rates close to inflation rate to online cashless app using sellouts. (I tend not to go into the whole fractional reserves banking topic these days as that can really blow their minds.)
    As I pointed out to the tellers that their bosses implementing banking strategies that were effectively pushing folk online and away from branches it would mean they’d be out of a job soon enough. The penny does indeed appear to be dropping and I’m pretty sure I perceived the feeling that they see what’s coming and were not particularly happy about it.
    I imagine rounding these tellers up for a bloody mayhem of a banking revolution would be frowned upon by the State, but the idea of starting up a much needed franchise branch of one of the few remaining decent banking services providers may be a more productive and positive way to proceed.

  314. Geri

    It’ll be the wrong kind of electricity or something ..

    Speaking of wind. Sky News…

    *The king’s soft power*

    Who are they trying to kid?

    & Biden putting his hand on heart to the British National Anthem ffs!

  315. A Scot Abroad


    there’s a secret, unwritten provision to the banking rules.

    The banks can “no-account” someone merely for being an irritating little jerk. You’d better watch out.

  316. fruitella the hun

    James Che said at 6.12

    “You’re in the wrong Country nipping the ears of Scots whom are not signed up to any climate change agenda.
    You have confused us with Englands Westminster legislation”

    I’m Scots. Not proud of it (particularly after reading some of the stuff on here), but glad I’m not English. So I’d appreciate not being mis-nationed.

    And what’s this: ?

    Apologies in advance should I not spot your reply whilst soeed scrolling the repetitive posters

  317. Captain Yossarian

    Dan – I see Volvo are only going to make electric cars soon. No petrol or diesel and that’s a lot of heritage they are giving up. Toyota’s not doing that. They sell a lot of their cars to the middle-east and no-one drives electric cars over there. We see the change as inevitable, but they don’t. Anyway, Toyota is what my wife always drives and so I have a healthy respect for them and when they develop a battery car, it will be good. Batteries are filled with liquid electrolyte just now and that is what takes so long to charge. I understand Toyota are developing a solid state battery which can be charged in 10-minutes and last 700 miles. It will be ready in around 10 years time. I hope I’m still alive to see it but I don’t think I will be somehow.

  318. Dan

    @ NuEnglish

    Bit of a self-awareness fail there old boy, have you never considered that you may also be considered an irritating little jerk by some bank staff.
    Judging by the fact one of the tellers today was clearly pissed off that there wasn’t a Scottish nationality option on the form I filled in they may be minded to cancel you for your irritating little jerk tendency of being yoon pish spouting fountain.

  319. Dan

    Norfolk based NuEnglish yoon pish spouting fountain, powered by the 1.4GW Scotland is currently exporting to England.

  320. Dan

    @ Captain Yossarian

    A neighbour has a smallish Toyota hybrid car which is probably a reasonably good way go at this point as it can still propel and recharge itself using the engine, so it effectively isn’t range limited and won’t just leave you stranded trying to find a charging point miles from home on a pishy wet and windy night like this evening was.
    Plus the internal combustion engine does generate heat to keep the compartment warm and has an alternator to keep things like lights, wipers, fan, window demister/ de-icer going.
    A leccy car has to use the battery charge for all those things. Think of the wind chill on a freezing winter day and how many watts it would require to draw to keep the car warm and all the necessary ancillaries running. That power draw will drop your range considerably, plus a loaded vehicle is heavier and also consumes more battery power thus further reducing range.

    I have previously mentioned a palliative care MacMillan nurse was unable to get to an end of life situation because they didn’t have enough charge in their leccy car. That’s a perfect but very unfortunate and no doubt upsetting for the nurse example of the unsuitability of solely leccy powered vehicles for certain usage. But likewise stuck with a no or low charge leccy car at a critical time could effect anyone needing to quickly get somewhere in an urgent or emergency situation.
    Someone takes ill and you need to get them to hospital asap, or someone need to get away quickly from a bad situation like an assault or robbery, but they have to wait and fuck about with charge cables.

  321. A Scot Abroad


    I not worried about my accounts being cancelled. I have 3 in the UK with different banks, one in Canada, and one in Luxembourg. And I’m not a politically exposed person, which is what they seem to be worried about.

  322. Graf Midgehunter

    Looks like Ron C. is on the bottle again, his other yoon pals are not getting through with their fairy-tales so he’s coming to the rescue.

    Oh dear, dear, poor wee thing.. 🙁

  323. Geri



    England is fast becoming fascist totalitarian one party state & there you are like a typical serf & *supposed* ex military GI Joe cheering on state imposed ideology.

    Shame on you, ya Nazii prick!

  324. Breeks

    sarah says:
    10 July, 2023 at 9:10 pm
    O/T Happy Wimbledon news – a SCOT is still in. I’ve only just noticed that a real Scot, Maia Lumsden, raised Bearsden, is in the QF of the women’s doubles.

    There’s the thing about Sport, the BBC was happy to do an article last week warning about how perilous the state of Curling was in, despite Scotland’s internal prowess in the sport, with half of Scotland’s Ice Rinks facing closure.

    Then of course we’re whisked off to see English Cricket on the International News, the English women’s fitba team, and even the English U21’s playing Spain, followed by the annual wall to wall, multiple channel coverage of England’s Tennis championship.

    Just imagine if Scotland had a state funding broadcaster which supported Scottish sport, got behind our National squads, and encouraged youngsters to get involved either supporting their side and/or getting involved themselves.

    Aye, until the BBC’s booted into orbit and replaced with a professional Scottish broadcaster, imagining it is probably all you can do.

    Scotland should follow Syria’s example and cancel the BBC’s media accreditation over what it called “biased and misleading reports”. Come to think of it, why is the BBC broadcasting biased and misleading reports in Syria anyway? It’s the usual BBC sprouting wherever it’s not wanted like an invasive species of Japanese knotweed.

    It can’t even hold it’s own against foreign broadcasters, who have to be blocked and prevented from broadcasting in the UK because the perfidious lies and disinformation on the BBC would crumble under scrutiny.

    The BBC is no friend to Scotland.

    Speaking of which, has anybody learned who the latest pervert / paedophile the BBC is protecting actually is? Or is he getting similar lifelong anonymity to the Alphabetty Conspirators, and we can expect Kirsty Wark to come along at any moment and do a prime time hatchet job on the reputation of this latest pervert’s victim?

    Good ol’ BBC eh? A “remarkable” British institution.

  325. Captain Yossarian

    Dan – My old grandfather repaired wristwatches as a hobby. When quartz watches were introduced in the 1980’s, folk thought that was the end of mechanical watches. Slowly though, folk have drifted back and quartz has disappeared back into obscurity. I somehow don’t expect that to happen to electric cars.

  326. John Main

    @Captain Yossarian says:11 July, 2023 at 7:00 am

    Quartz movements are ubiquitous in timepieces today – which is exactly why they no longer see any advantage in sticking “quartz” on a label somewhere.

  327. John Main


    It’s a real bind when a “conventional” car runs out of gas, especially when it’s an emergency situation.

    Regarding non-generation payments, these occur when the generating capacity exceeds the distribution capacity. As windfarms are being built faster than power cables, these payments will continue to increase for some time, peaking possibly as high as £2.5 billion per annum, before declining as the new cables come on stream.

    So, you will have years of gurning about these payments, followed by years of gurning about how much electricity is flowing north-to-south, so that’s a win-win for you.

    Regarding, the selling of excess power cheaply, that is the underlying concept behind smart meters, real-time unit pricing, and full internet connectivity. Future consumers will know the unit price from minute to minute, with accurate predictions, so can choose when to schedule high-load activities for the lowest price.

    This “show them the money” approach will be key to building popular support for this revolution.

    Obviously, it won’t work in Scotland. As you never cease to point out, we Sovereign Scots don’t care about the money.

  328. Captain Yossarian

    John Main – I am sure that you an extraordinarily learned chap and that you know everything there is to know about everything. You write in here all the time. So much of it needlessly antagonistic. I am not a watchmaker and I will say that right away, but I was brought-up in that environment and so I continue to be fascinated by the subject. Very cheap watches, Timex for example, are quartz. Some very cheap Seiko and Citizen are quartz. Just about all of the others are mechanical, mainly automatic but the very best Seiko are manual. Omega, Rolex, Patek are all automatic or manual. Oris, Hamilton, Tissot, Longines, Roamer, Eterna, Certina, Zenith are almost all automatic. You can tell that because they have what are called “exhibition” case backs nowadays so that you can see the movement. I suspect that it has something to do with folk’s want to keep some engagement with their timepiece. That might be simply to wind it every morning or get it serviced every 5-years. Whatever the reason, old wind-up watches are back and are exactly the same as they were in the 1960’s. The earliest watch I have is a “dirty-dozen” watch from WW2 and the most modern is from the 1960’s. The watches you buy today, from £200 upwards, are more or less exactly the same as they were in the 40’s, certainly the 60’s. Most watch companies only actually manufacture the case, dial, hands and crown themselves. They buy-in the movement from a company like Eta or Salita so that what ever watch you choose to buy, will essentially have the same movement as all the other watches in that price bracket. So, quartz isn’t dead, but it is at the bottom of the market nowadays.

  329. Stuart MacKay

    John Main

    The journey along the coast of Orcland is no likely more disadvantageous than the Strait of Malacca, the Lombok Strait or the Red Sea. I doubt there would be much in the way of pirate activity above the Arctic Circle but I guess you never know. With Orcas pushing the envelope of maritime law off Iberia maybe the polar bears would want their cut too. Pity there won’t be much in the way of sea-ice to enable them.

  330. Southernbystander

    ‘Geri says:
    11 July, 2023 at 1:36 am


    England is fast becoming fascist totalitarian one party state & there you are like a typical serf & *supposed* ex military GI Joe cheering on state imposed ideology.

    Shame on you, ya Nazii prick!’

    One of the most ludicrous posts I have ever read on here. People wonder why nationalism has a negative image but if this is the direction of it in Scotland, then your decent Scot desiring independence must be in despair.

  331. Republicofscotland

    “Anyway, rule nothing out. There was an innarestin and fascinating programme on the Beeb just this afto describing how a herculean effort by 404 and her allies has resulted in new export routes for millions of tons of 404 grain per annum.”


    The good old BBC, a paragon of truth and honesty…NOT.

    Staying on the subject I see the Lord Haw Haw of Nato Stoltenberg (who was due to stand down as Nato spokesperson, but no else wanted the lying position) has released a statement that Turkey has finally agreed to allow Sweden to join Nato, and that 404 will partially join Nato in some sort of preliminary membership.

    The violent bully gang Nato, that’s used depleted uranium shells in the like of Bosnia, helped sack Libya and Afghanistan, and aided and abetted in the destruction of the likes of Iraq, now has a new member in Sweden, and 404 with its belligerent fascist military politicians will fit right in with the bullyboys group.

    Not only that but Nato has expanded to East Asia where it has no remit whatsoever, except to incite conflict which it excels at.

  332. Republicofscotland

    Read the article to find out where and when you can watch it. Scots must be the most propaganised people in the world with no tv channels of our own, we are blasted with English lying propaganda 24/7.

    “A NEW Scottish current affairs show led by Alex Salmond is to be launched later this week.

    Billed as an “unremittingly positive exploration of the big issues facing Scotland”, each episode of Scotland Speaks will focus on a wide variety of topics.

    This will include current affairs and economics as well as some history, sport and show business.

    Salmond will host the show and it will be produced by his co-presenter Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh.”

  333. Dan

    Captain Yossarian says: at 7:00 am

    I somehow don’t expect that to happen to electric cars.

    I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how it things turn out.
    I just pointed out some of the realities of running a solely leccy powered car in a damp and cold climate. The laws of physics and conservation of energy principles will always still come into play though, even when our supposed brightest and best don’t seem to understand them.

    @ John Main

    That’s a poor comeback. How often does anyone let their conventional fuelled car run out of fuel. (They really shouldn’t do this as running the tank dry can damage fuel system components and also make it very difficult to restart the engine once there is fuel in the tank due to the fuel system needing bled)). They can fill up with fuel quickly using existing widespread infrastructure so their car always has decent range capability and will still manage around 50 miles even when the low fuel light on the dash comes on, so would be able to make essential travel if it was needed and get to a fuel station to quickly top up if required.
    Or if folk are sensible they could carry a full 5 litre fuel tin in their vehicle so they have a further 50 miles range, and the ability to help folk that find themselves low on fuel.
    But clearly in the example I gave this was not possible as the leccy vehicle did not have enough charge so could not travel the 100 mile round trip until it had been charged properly which would take considerable time as not everyone has access to a fast charger.
    The pavements in our cities and towns will be covered in cables to charge all these leccy cars from home, bit of a health and safety issue with trip hazards I imagine.

    Re The Grid. Energy is a reserved power and it shows the woeful lack of foresight by Westminster that they are so behind the curve with putting in the necessary infrastructure to move to generation through non-fossil fuel derived resources.
    You may have noticed I said any surpluses could be dispersed locally ie. in a local network (which is what fruitella has hinted at previously), and the fact that the windfarm can when turbines are operating put most of the power generated into the grid shows the local power cable infrastructure could handle that level of transmission, bare in mind this was a few weeks ago so in summer rather than winter so consumer draw on grid and cable networks was significantly less than in cold midwinter.
    We might not have so many power surplus issue events requiring paying generators not to produce power if basic stuff like our rail network had the track infrastructure electrified north of Dunblane. FFS, Scotland, leading the way in clean power generation yet still using diesel trains…

    But it isn’t just about physical infrastructure capabilities though, there are no doubt contractual obligations in play to ensure adequate return of investment figures are met for stakeholders. Which brings in stuff like like lorry loads of general rubbish waste being driven from Glasgow to Dundee in diesel powered trucks so they have enough fuel stock to run the energy from waste incinerators at a rate that meets the required ROI generation threshold.

    “Smart meters” don’t work in my rural area…

  334. Republicofscotland

    This is absolutely disgraceful, my local council (Glasgow) the largest in Scotland is far too busy wasting millions on bike lanes and LEZ’s to bother with such a petty requirement as housing.

    Humza Youseless FM appointed Paul McClennan as the Scottish Government’s Housing Minister.

    Here’s his remit.

    “According to the Scottish government’s website, Paul’s specific responsibilities will be focused on:

    Affordable Housing Supply Programme
    Housing to 2040 strategy
    Homelessness and rough sleeping
    Cladding remediation
    Welfare and debt advice
    Regulation of existing housing systems”

    “SCOTLAND faces an “emergency” amid a “critical lack of capacity” of social housing, a report has warned.
    The Solace report, made up of council chiefs and senior managers, estimates at least 125,000 homes are needed to meet the current demand.
    It revealed that 243,603 people are currently on the waiting list for social housing, however, only 26,102 allocations were made across the entire country.
    Cleland Sneddon (below), chair of Solace Scotland, said local authority housing faces “unsustainable pressure” amid the lack of new homes after analysis revealed just 18,583 affordable homes have been delivered since 2022, with the supply falling 20% in three years.”

  335. Republicofscotland

    Re my previous comment.

    Well it appears that the 25,000+ Ukrainians that headed to Scotland, sorry were welcomed in by Sturgeon the Judas have all now found accommodation even the ones living on the luxury cruise liners thanks to their dedicated Ukrainian Minster in the SNP government Neil Gray.

    As for Scots being homeless well they can go an f&*$k themselves.

    I don’t recall Yemenis or Palestinians who were fortunate enough to dodge England’s Home Office mad dog deportation rules, and find themselves in Scotland, greeted by their very own minister, ah, maybe its because they have the wrong colour of skin, and their countries weren’t usurped by the West and used as a proxy to start a war.

  336. John Main

    @Captain Yossarian says:11 July, 2023 at 8:52 am

    Here you go – Google “percentage of watch movements that are quartz”.

    Answers range between 97% and 99%. Some imprecision, I will accept, but hardly quartz has disappeared back into obscurity territory.

    Hope this reply has not been too needlessly antagonistic for you.

  337. Geri


    All true.

    New police state, voter suppression, moving boundaries, unelected Prime minister, racist policies on eviction,forced transgender ideology,closing dissenters bank accounts, jailing jurnos, banning strikes, breaking international laws, selling peerages, corruption, changing judiciary, overriding & undermining the HoL selection commission, overriding the electoral commission, overriding OFCOM, dodgy donations from lobbyists, continually breaking ministerial code, hostile environment to immigration & their latest bullshit Scotland must remain in some sort of voloutary colony..

    & The English vote for this shite.

    People marched to war to nip this in the bud – we’ve loyalist pricks cheerleading it on.

    If you don’t think England isn’t heading to being a fascist state – you are part of the problem.

    ASA claiming he’s all right jack coz he doesn’t do anything to upset the powers that be, Jesus Christ!

    Do point out where I’m wrong tho.

  338. John Main

    @Republicofscotland says:11 July, 2023 at 10:03 am

    The good old BBC, a paragon of truth and honesty…NOT

    Just for shits and giggles, it is worth pointing out that most (all?) of the “facts” you list have been reported by the BBC.

    So by your own logic, it’s all lies.

    What’s you purpose then, RoS? Coming on here and posting lies?

    Anyhoo, nearly 11:30 AM, time for your meds.

  339. Geri


    *don’t recall Yemenis or Palestinians who were fortunate enough to dodge England’s Home Office mad dog deportation rules*

    Thanks! I missed one!

    Police closing down gatherings.

    Police have closed down Palestinian meetings & protests. The new bullshit buzz word is *We can’t guarantee safety* to get venues & gatherings shut down.

    We must all embrace a fascist regime committing untold atrocities by order of the Tories..

    People don’t seem to see what’s right under their nose..

  340. A Scot Abroad


    try looking up what fascism in Europe actually was. The nearest thing to it in the world today is in China, North Korea, and possibly Venezuela by some interpretations.

    But then you never were that bright.

  341. John Main

    @Geri says:11 July, 2023 at 11:03 am

    Do point out where I’m wrong tho

    I can’t find any definition of the word “voloutary”.

    How’s that for starters?

  342. Captain Yossarian

    John Main – Electric cars are relatively popular in the UK, but are nowhere to be seen in the Middle-East, Africa and much of the rest of the world. Quartz watches are popular in China, India, Africa, South America – all over the place really, but not in the UK.

    If you own a cheap watch, can I suggest you look up one of these internet auction sites and look for a second-hand “Roamar” or “Record”, something like that, preferably one that has been recently serviced, it will cost you about £250 and will last you a lifetime. Easily.

    You can pass it down through they generations and they will remember you by it and they will say: “That John Main was a smart guy you know…he knew what he was talking about”.

  343. Geri


    Fascism : a way of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator controls the lives of the people and in which people are not allowed to disagree with the government.

    Fck off & learn something.

  344. bobo bunny

    ROS is a Right wing, nuSNP supporter – a tartan Tory.

    Just here stirring up shit to distract from the mess his so called ‘independence party’ has left Scotland in.

  345. Bob Mack

    Is N Korea trying to create an empire ? Is China? Is Venezuela?

    Mussolini did. Hitler did. Liebensraum.

    The UK were perhaps the biggest fascists of all. Murdering native opposition all over the world then and even now. Courtesy of guys like A Scot Abroad. Tosser.

  346. John Main

    @Captain Yossarian says:11 July, 2023 at 11:39 am

    they will say: “That John Main was a smart guy you know…he knew what he was talking about”

    Ach, they already say that. 🙂

    Incidentally, I own a Rolex, a family heirloom, on its second generation ownership and about to pass on to its third.

  347. A Scot Abroad


    that’s a very weird definition. It’s actually about state control of markets. It doesn’t need a dictator. Labour is closer to fascism than the Tories, although there’s not much in it at the moment as the Tories have moved leftwards.

    Bob Mack,

    fascism isn’t about empires. The UK has never been a fascist state. We’ve had one fascist party (Mosley’s) before the second world war, with ever weakening echoes since such as the BNP.

  348. John Main

    Off topic but still relevant, especially in the current SNP’s Scotland, Unherd has a short but innarestin article today: “Gender surgeon promotes bizarre range of ‘nonbinary surgeries’”.

    Coming to a SNHS facility near you soon, if they get their way.

  349. J Galt

    ASA @ 10.16

    “but they don’t do containers” (on the Rhein).

    Sit with a nice glass of “Alt” on the Rhein bank at Duesseldorf for half an hour and you’ll see that is nonsense!

  350. Geri

    What gets me is when these spineless wonders interject with banal shite that *I’m* somehow negatively bringing down the independence movement LMAO!

    What? By stating facts?!

    The sooner we cut loose from the cesspit of England the better. They seem perfectly happy with their new police state & new government laws – but they’re not fascist ffs! The usual *Points over there – they’re worse!*

    Red or blue – they’re fascist. English ppl need to pay more attention to their own country instead of obsessing about one they don’t even have a vote in.

  351. Geri


    Britannica Dictionary definition lol!!!

    But you’ll have absolutely no problem taking each & every single thing I’ve listed above that the English government has introduced to instil & secure a perpetual Tory government & a police state to enforce it.

    & How the red Tories, should they win power, will not be changing a single thing.

    Get moving. Let’s see how much you actually know about the government you are cheering on.

    Or just do us all a favour & fck off, ya fascist prick.

  352. Geri

    The British Empire wasn’t an empire! LMAO!

    I guess they were all in a voluntary colony too eh?!

  353. Alf Baird

    A Scot Abroad @ 11:24 am

    “try looking up what fascism in Europe actually was”

    You only have to look at colonialism to find the root of fascism:

    “what is fascism if not colonialism when rooted in a traditionally colonialist country” (Frantz Fanon)

    “imperialism gave birth to fascism”; “The doctrine of fascism, with its extreme jingoism, its exaggerated exaltation of the state and its comic-opera glorification of race” (Ralph Bunche)

    “I knew Hitler and Mussolini were fighting communism and using race prejudice to make some white people rich…but it was not until later that I realized that the colonialism of Great Britain and France had exactly the same object and methods as the fascists and the Nazis” (W.E.B. Du Bois)

    “What is fascism, if not a regime of oppression for the benefit of a few? The entire administrative and political machinery of a colony has no other goal” (Albert Memmi)

    Only once you recognise the colonial procedures Scots remain subject to will you begin to understand also the nature of fascism, which generally ‘shows its fangs whenever colonialism is imperiled’.

  354. A Scot Abroad

    J Galt,

    having spent a very pleasant 5 days cycling along the Rhine cycle path, from Cologne to Basel, I didn’t see a single container on the barges. The water levels get too low for heavily laden barges.

  355. Fearghas MacFhionnlaigh


    “There was a reminiscense of irrationalistic romanticism in the German national socialist ideology of the ‘pure racial community of blood of the German people’, though it was deprived of any Romantic idealism. It was connected with the old Germanic myth of a common descent claimed for all Germanic peoples. The mythology of Italian fascism, on the other hand, consciously fell back on the old idea of the eternal Roman empire. Therefore Italian fascism was State-minded whereas German national-Socialism was folk-minded, an ideological difference on which the German nazis laid strong emphasis. Compare Mussolini’s statement in the article quoted from the Enciclopedia ltaliana: ‘It is not the nation that creates the State, as was asserted in the naturalistic doctrine of the 19th century. But the nation is created *by* the State which only gives the people the consciousness of its own moral unity, a will, and therefore its real existence’. The German national-socialist doctrine of the nation as ‘a community of blood’, as a ‘racial community’ was unconditionally rejected by Mussolini.”

    (From ‘A New Critique of Theoretical Thought’, by Dutch philosopher Herman Dooyeweerd, 1894-1977)

  356. John Main

    @Alf Baird says:11 July, 2023 at 12:31 pm

    shows its fangs

    If only it would show its fangs, eh Alf?

    If only it had fangs to show, we Scots would be Independent by Xmas.

    Plenty of people in our midst who can explain what real colonialist fangs are like. And how real colonialist fangs turbo-charges a nation’s sense of culture, language, traditions and solidarity.

    RoS was carpet-biting about these people just a wee bit further up-thread.

    Go figure, if you can.

  357. Merganser

    Captain Yossarian and John Main.

    Mechanical v quartz watches.

    As a collector and restorer of pocket and wrist watches, I find quartz watches are simply good utilitarian bits of kit, but have no ‘soul’ like a mechanical watch.

    America made the finest pocket watches, much better than Swiss or English. The Waltham Premier Maximus, 16 size, 23 jewels in gold settings set into damascened movement plates is a work of art and an absolute joy to look at and work on.

    The 18 size Waltham Vanguard 1892 model 23 jewel lever set pocket watch is similarly just stunning to look at and see the balance wheel operating.

    Many other American firms made superb high quality, accurate watches for railroad use.

    Everyone knows about Rolex and Omega wristwatches and how good they are. Other makers who are much undervalued include Zenith, Eterna (who made the Eternamatic) and Cheltenham made Smiths Astral and De Luxe models. Smiths watches were taken on the first succesful climb of Mount Everest.

    Part of the attraction of mechanical watches is the fact that you use some of your own energy to keep them going, either by winding them if they are manual, or by your writ movement if they are automatic.

    I’ve heard it said that as the energy stored in a mechanical watch is never completely used up, when the owner dies, the next owner will carry that tiny amount of stored energy which will remain there unless and until the watch is taken apart for servicing. That can be a nice thought at a difficult time – that you carry a bit of your mum or dad’s energy with you on your wrist every day.

    I never tire of getting mechanical watches going when they have stopped. But a quartz when it stops is usually just discarded, and a new one is purchased.

    Time for me to stop rambling now, and fix that Smiths Everest on my bench.

  358. John Main

    @Geri says:11 July, 2023 at 12:22 pm

    you’ll have absolutely no problem taking each & every single thing I’ve listed above

    It’s like I posted earlier, Geri.

    I have a big problem with voloutary.

    If you want to spread your message and persuade people, you have to make every effort to engage with those readers who don’t have the fortune to be on the same intellectual level as yourself.

    That means you have to be prepared to help people out when they are struggling to comprehend what you mean.

    For all you know, there may be thousands of readers in the same boat as myself. Why ignore their silent pleas for help?

  359. A Scot Abroad

    Alf Baird,

    you have been whining on for months now in WoS about Scotland being colonised, and you have even persuaded a few on the intellectually challenged lightweights commenting below to take up your refrain.

    The fact is that Scots were the very greatest of colonisers in the world since 1707, and it has been a great thing for Scotland, as all of the profits were sent back to Scotland (and not even taxed by London). Hundreds of thousands of Scots made a great living by it, including half a dozen of my forebears. An absolute mint. And all the while, Scots had far more Prime Ministers, Ministers, and colonial administrators than their share of the population than was warranted, in the grand, great enterprise that was the British Empire. The greatest empire the world has ever seen.

    You’ve got it all wrong. Scotland is a colonising country, powered by the peace and union of 1707.

    But then, I’m not surprised that you’ve got it all wrong. You are a specialist in dull trade, and not even good at that. You worked for a fourth rate Poly, with a sham “Professorship”. You know absolutely fuck all about commerce, history, or human endeavour. Frankly, you embarrass yourself every time that you opine about Scotland being colonised, and double that embarrassment when you try to write in Scots.

  360. John Main


    That’s a good post. Sounds like a fascinating interest. I guess the ‘soul’ concept may extend to vehicles, where we can compare a living, breathing internal combustion engine with an inert, silent, battery powered electric motor. At least when the lights are red.

    I used to swear by Casio digital watches, but became scunnered at the rapidity at which the strap would wear out.

    I still have one that is keeping good time years after its strap broke.

    When I thought I would try one again earlier this year, I noticed that ebay was selling watch and replacement strap pairs, so obviously the problem is widely recognised.

    Then I saw a Casio with steel wrist band for around £20. Made in China, obvs.

    It keeps very much better time than the Rolex, although that hasn’t been cleaned in decades.

    Returning to the vehicle analogy, once the lights change, that electric car may well leave its combustion powered older sibling in its (smoke free) wake.

    Will people be lovingly restoring “classic” electric cars in future years? Time will tell.

  361. Geri


    Save yer Bojo bullshit of the greatest ever union that ever was pish for yer Gestapo, loyalist jamborees.

    I’ll ask again because you seem unable to put us Independence supporters bang to rights despite you claiming that’s your mission here.

    1. If we’re not a colony, why are we forbidden from leaving?
    2. If we’re not a colony, why are we not in full control of our own resources?
    3. If we’re not a colony, why don’t we have our own parliament?
    4. If we’re not a colony, why don’t we have an equal number of seats as England in a GB parliament?
    5. Why doesn’t England have a devolved administration with full income & expenditure?
    6. Why is Scotland forbidden from traveling the world to promote Scotland?

    Let’s see if you can answer..

  362. Dan

    I imagine with having to spend 15 to 20k pounds for a replacement EV battery pack, the “classic” leccy car market won’t be that active. Maybe folk will do what they did with Sinclair C5s back in the day and just chuck the leccy shit away and convert to either pedal power for the fitness freaks, or just retrofit a fossil fuel powered engine for propulsion.
    Young cops are so busy reading up on the hundreds of genders relating to “hate” crimes that they probably wouldn’t notice a stealth Transit 2.5 DI engine installed in a Prius shell.
    “Yeah officer, that noise and smoke is from the wheel bearing failing and overheating, and I’m just taking this planet saving car to the garage to get it sorted. But Look! LOOK!! over there officer, there’s a rainbow coloured dildo sporting bare butt monkey getting hassle from parents concerned about it interacting with their kids, best you go an arrest some parents.”

  363. Republicofscotland

    Ha, ha nice one Bobo, they do say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    I recall a few months back someone posting on Yours For Scotland using my handle with a S at the end, defending Sturgeon the Judas and her clique.

    I must be doing something right, when accounts are being created with my handle.

  364. Alf Baird

    A Scot Abroad @ 1:51 pm

    Colonialism only works by ‘debasing the colonized’, devaluing everything about him; in this respect you are doing a fine job.

  365. Republicofscotland

    The usual BS being spread by the Chinthes in here, especially on Venezuela whose democratically elected Socialist president garnered more of the vote than England’s Boris Johnson did.

    Of course England played their part in trying to destroy socialism in Venezuela.

    Britain put tens of thousands of pounds towards Juan Guaidós efforts to access $2bn worth of Venezuelan gold held in the Bank of England.

    Guaido was the US backed puppet that they tried to install in Venezuela to destroy socialism in the country.

    Britain’s Foreign Office spent £80,697 in public funds supporting Venezuelan opposition figure Juan Guaidó’s campaign to seize roughly $2bn of gold held in the Bank of England, documents obtained by Declassified show.

    The data highlights the extent to which the UK government has assisted Guaidó’s efforts to access Venezuelan state assets, with the Foreign Office investing both political and financial capital into this case.

    With a coup in Venezuela now firmly on the cards, the UK government provided the Bank of England with “political air cover” to keep the gold frozen.

    This came in the form of a “robust letter” from the Foreign Office to the Bank “outlining the growing doubts over Maduro’s legitimacy”

    The thieving b*stards at the BoE still have the stolen gold in their possession.

    Mind you the West is know to rob other countries of their assets, as England steals Venezuelan gold, the US is stealing Afghanistan’s gold, the West is also in the process of stealing more than $300 billion in frozen Russian assets.

    Any country with a leader with any sense, will not ask the US or England or the EU to store their gold for safe keeping.

  366. robbo


    I see you restore old mechanicals. Do you live in UK? I have a funny feelin you’re in Europe?

    I have a couple of pocket watches I need looked at. An good condition(working) moon face ( circa 1890) that needs glass redone and small sub seconds hand fixed(I have the hand).
    The other is a old silver Lancashire fusee that needs looked at-service – I have the keys.

    I used to get an old watchmaker guy in Glasgow to fix them but no one has seen him since covid. These rest of them (repairers) are usually middle men(bandits) in Glasgow who charge the earth.

    How to get hold of you is issue if you’re up for a job at fair price?

  367. robbo

    Stu Campbell

    I don’t have twitter . Is it possible to send @merganer my email addy. Re my post just sent? Many thanks if you can.

  368. Anton Decadent

    I am enjoying the thread within the thread about watches. Informative.

  369. A Scot Abroad

    Alf Baird,

    I should have added to my last post that you know fuck all about colonialism as well. You are 180 degrees wrong about colonialism and Scotland.

    Basically, Scots noblemen begged to join England, Scots moved south in great numbers to seek their fortune, and overseas to colonize large parts of the world (they weren’t alone in that, but did so in greater proportion than the Welsh and English), and they made a huge success of it for the most part. And modern Scotland was built upon their foreign endeavours: the ship building on the Clyde, the trade, imports of foreign goods, the exports of Scottish wool, steel and the like. None of which previously existed.

    And you, completely foolishly, and with malicious prejudice, now laughably try to claim that Scotland has been colonized. All you do is to quote two somewhat discredited outliers in academic theory, without for a moment looking at what our own country has done in the last 300 years.

  370. A Scot Abroad


    Venezuela’s elections are completely rigged. Maduro didn’t get anything like the percentage that he claimed.

  371. Dan

    @ Anton Decadent

    Add to the threads and we may get a tapestry…
    I have a Waltham USA pocket watch from my late grandparent’s belongings. I presumed it was my grandad’s who was a station master on the railways. Him having a decent watch makes sense, but the inscription on the back of the watch shows it was presented to someone else previously and earlier in 1921 so maybe my grandad knew this person or just bought watch 2nd hand.
    Anybody know the surname Sorlie with a connection to Plockton from now or back then. I understand my grandad came from up Sutherland way.
    The Sorlie chap was the head teacher of Plockton school for 32 years and was presented with the watch by friends in the district in 1921 after 32 years service according to the inscription on back. His surname was Sorlie with the name seemingly having Norwegian or Gaelic connections.

  372. Republicofscotland

    “Venezuela’s elections are completely rigged”

    Its well known that the US and England’s government want to remove Maduro’s left (socialist) leaning government to benefit US and English business interests that’s why at least two coups have been carried out against Venezuelan presidents.

    The English government gave £450,000 to “Transparencia Venezuela” a NGO to cause instability in Venezuela, a tried and tested route to destablise a socialist/any government that wants to use the cash from its assets to the benefit of its own people.

    There’s far too much money (profit) at stake and that’s why Maduro’s government must be discredited.

    The Foreign Office disbursed a further £200,000 to Transparencia Venezuela.

    There are similarities between England stealing Scottish oil and gas, and the English government attempting to steal (via oil companies) Venezuelan oil under the guise that it belongs to Guyana (Essequibo).

    For clarity.

    “Essequibo, a former Dutch and then British colony, became part of Guyana in 1899, following an arbitration court decision in which no Venezuelans were present. It covers 160,000 square kilometers and is rich in natural resources such as gold, bauxite and sugar.

    However, its main asset lies in its offshore waters, as US oil giant ExxonMobil found in 2015 when it made a significant oil discovery in its oil block 120 miles off Guyana’s coast.

    Despite protests from the Venezuelan government, the company was granted a licence by Guyana in 2017 to drill in the area and has now discovered over eight billion barrels of oil.”

  373. A Scot Abroad


    couldn’t give two hoots about your nonsense diatribe, but Venezuela’s elections have been completely rigged, by Maduro.

  374. Alf Baird

    A Scot Abroad @ 5:51 pm

    “Basically, Scots noblemen begged to join England”

    Colonialism ‘is always a co-operative venture’ with native elites, no matter if its India, Kenya, Ireland or Scotland; these elites generally ‘crave dependence’. The colonizer always finds its ‘tribal leaders, caids and witch doctors’ to provide for ‘indirect rule’, as well as ‘sufficient functionaries’ all of whom are well pensioned off. The same cultural class that sold Scotland and enslaved its people in 1707 still contains us today. As Cesaire put it:

    “colonization…has gotten on very well with all the local feudal lords who agreed to serve, woven a villainous complicity with them, rendered their tyranny more effective and more efficient, and that it has actually tended to prolong artificially the survival of local pasts in their most pernicious aspects.”

  375. A Scot Abroad

    Alf Baird,

    you are getting even more ridiculous with every post. Now you are trying (very poorly) to claim that Scots were “enslaved” by England.

    I’ll iterate. You know fuck all about history, or anything about colonisation. You’ve read a couple of deeply dubious and widely discredited cod-academics, haven’t understood them, and projected their havering thoughts onto your wildly wrong concepts of Scots history. No GCSE student would get away with that, and neither should some fool with a sham Professor title from a fourth rate Poly. You are an embarrassment to not only yourself, but your past work. You are quite possibly even more loopy than James Che.

  376. Beauvais

    ASA @10:14 pm

    I thought officers were supposed to be cool, calm and collected.

    You are increasingly vituperative, flustered and near demented.

    Which inclines most of us here to suspect you were not a very good officer.

  377. A Scot Abroad


    no, I’m direct. Alf Baird needs to be called out.

  378. Alf Baird

    A Scot Abroad says:

    “to claim that Scots were “enslaved” by England.”

    England (aided by native elites and local ‘functionaries’, and the usual mankit imperial treaties) enslaved half the world – before the UN told them to return their acquired territories to their rightful owners.

    Scotland proved difficult but not impossible to overcome, more especially after our elite became Anglicized and altered their identity to that of the ‘superior’ oppressor, taking on his dubious culture and its ‘values’ – i.e. the standard colonial MO.

    Given your interest (albeit lacking in theoretical background), you have heard of ‘Internal Colonialism’, I presume:

    ‘Internal Colonialism: The Celtic Fringe in British National Development’ – by Michael Hechter

  379. Cactus

    As a sovereign Scotsman of Scotland, I will never recognise any of foreign England’s residents as a king or queen of my country or people. There are many Kings of the world and when we eventually reclaim our independence… in the words of Ben E. King, I won’t be afraid or shed a tear for the UK, just as long as the Scottish people stand-by as one and we.

    On initial viewings, the cartoon caricature with the placard looked a bit like Patrick & Jo’s pal, Bugger King John Heinous (in disguise), just drifting away there up on the roof.

    Here’s Kurt with some Saturday Nirvana:

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