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On the frontline of the Gender Wars

Posted on June 16, 2024 by

I’m a professional community organiser, and a tenant and housing activist for some 20 years. I saw the old Scottish Tenants Organisation get smashed by Jack McConnell’s government to make way for council housing privatisation, which in Glasgow created the Glasgow Housing Association.

I’ve long wanted to rebuild a national body to give housing schemes a political voice and to push to end the housing crisis. That’s why I got involved with Living Rent, organising my community to become their first branch. Little did I know that would lead to a brush with crazed gender ideology, and see Queer Theory used to try to destroy it.

On the back of my successful organising I went to work for Living Rent as a community organiser building another branch in Broomhill and working to take on Scotland’s largest landlord. I fought for justice for scheme tenants and against the metastasised spawn of the Glasgow City Council housing stock transfer, as it increasingly became a massive housing corporation, under it’s new name, Wheatley Homes Glasgow.

We met with some successes exposing their CEO’s enormous salary (more than the President of the USA or the head of the European Commission; a package that would make even rich Rishi Sunak blush) to the scheme tenants who pay for it, while he was jacking up their rents. That campaign saw “Big Martin”, as he called himself, resign.

During the pandemic Glasgow City Council also tried to privatise public land at Collina Street that had been scheme housing until being demolished by Big Martin’s predecessor at the stock transfer landlord (then still called the GHA). I organised to take that on, and it led to the defeat of the privatisation.

In 2020 I got a new boss, Emma Saunders, who strongly believed in Queer Theory. Initially we got on well, as I respected her hard work and talent at fundraising and she recognised my talents, promoting me to running our national campaign to win progress for tenants in the Holyrood election.

Indeed during that campaign, as a friend, she suggested I join Alba, as she knew how frustrated I was with the right-wing drift of the SNP. But friendship counts for little when it comes to the Queer Theory cult.

In those pandemic years when online activism was the only show in town, the membership started to surge in response to the union’s call for a rent freeze and now prolific online profile, and throughout Emma continued to expand the staff team. This new membership tended to be politicised, tended towards private tenants in the 20s and 30s, more often than not with university educations.

The leadership of the union at this time reflected this (and the activist culture that had preceded the formation of any branches), and so it was especially galling to find that without asking the branches, the executive had decided to pursue a hobby-horse of Queer Theory and post modernism: the idea that prostitution is a valid form of work that should be encouraged and supported, usually sloganised as “sex work is work”.

In their capacity in that first pandemic year (2020) the union officially responded to a Scottish Government consultation on the Nordic model by decrying the criminalisation of brothel-keeping:

“Laws that aim to ‘manage’ sex work mean that a range of other people, including landlords, can be arrested with ‘pimping’ charges and there is evidence that under the ‘Nordic model’ this frequently leads to sex workers being evicted from their homes.

Already, the criminalisation of ‘brothel-keeping’ discourages sex workers from living or working together in shared housing and therefore often increases both housing insecurity and exposure to violence at work.”

The executive noted that “We are happy for our response to be made public”, but they certainly hadn’t gone around the working-class women I was working with and asked them what they thought. Things would go downhill from here.

Despite success in the campaign (we won a range of commitments from politicians, stopped the Collina Street privatisation, defeated a student flats scheme in Partick, secured social housing commitments in Muirhouse and put social landlords on notice that privatising public housing land is not on, while the union worked for a rent freeze and rent controls), one man decided to pursue other priorities.

Sam Sharp, a self-styled “anarchist” and “critical theorist”, had had an issue with me ever since in the previous year I had pressured the Wheatley Group and the cops to run so-called “street valium” out of the Wyndford.

At the time he’d complained to the national committee that the union should never work with the police, and conflated a permissive attitude to cannabis in the community to the deadly drug that was being pushed on children.

(In fact the local headmaster at the scheme’s nursery school had been attacked by teenagers high on the pills, and a young family’s car had been torched by the drug-fuelled youths. Clearly anyone sensible would put politics aside and work with the police to stop weans getting killed by this stuff. The national committee did not take his side but it was a portent of what was to come.)

Just after the election in June 2021, Emma told me there had been complaints against me. Every weekly check-in, more mad stuff would happen. She talked openly to herself one time, saying, “If you were an anti-Semite I’d know what to do with you”.

A formal investigation was launched. I had no idea of the complaints. ACAS guidelines were thrown out of the window and employment law was chucked under a bus.

My boss, who had been my friend, seemed out to get me. I got to see pieces of “evidence” which amounted to some comments I had made on Facebook saying I thought Judith Butler, the intellectual leader of the Queer Theory movement, was a crank, that this movement was conservative, reimposing gender stereotypes, and that mutilating children for this ideology was wrong and perverse.

Fortunately an old-school trade unionist from Unite who knows the law inside out had my back and I was able to fend off the attack. I later found out that behind this absurdity had been the same Sam Sharp, who had convinced two others (a crime writer who moonlights as a non-ordained Zen Buddhist monk and poet – below right – and a trans identified man who goes by the name Emma Wilcox, who is now a great friend of the Wheatley Group) to also complain.

Although the process found no case to answer I was immediately demoted, and under suspicion thereafter. I went to work at Living Rent to rebuild the STO but from here on in I was battling gender ideologues who had it in for me for believing in sex-based rights and opposing their dangerous ideology.

I had been told that the investigation was confidential but a whispering campaign began immediately. One of the outcomes of Emma’s investigation was that staff had to be trained in gender ideology. On the designated day we were greeted on Zoom by Ellie Lowther, a trans-identifying male who’s made a career out of this sort of thing, and who proceeded to talk for an afternoon.

Using the examples of a Victorian-era Govan politician who had masqueraded as a man to do the job and upon death was revealed to be female, and of a 19th-century British army doctor who was female and presented as male to practise medicine, we were told that “trans has always been with us”.

It was clear that this was not up for discussion. Emma Saunders had specifically sought this training out to explain the organisation’s new ideology.

The final part of the hours-long monologue, however, was significantly darker. Lowther boasted in bombastic detail how he had personally transed over 500 young people, outlining his methods for telling confused teenagers that they should pursue a medical transition, and how much it excited him. (Quite why a late-middle-aged man should be spending so much time online with young teenagers was never fully explained.)

Lowther proceeded to tell us about a “friend” who is “a little girl” some days, a man on others – Lowther said he can tell which it is based on this man’s voice – and that they would play together, enjoying the “fluidity” and dressing-up.

This was where the presentation ended, and we were invited to speak our first words of the afternoon. Eventually it came to my turn to speak. I chose my words very carefully, but it didn’t matter. Another staff member, who identifies as “genderqueer”, launched a personal attack asking why “even at this time” I could not strike a right note, and how this made them feel victimised and under attack, and that working alongside someone with known bigoted attitudes made everything extremely upsetting. After this tirade the session was closed down.

About a month later came the AGM, in which a group of well-heeled Momentum activists proceeded to boot scheme homeowners out of the union, arguing that they were part of the capitalist class. Scheme homeowners bought their houses under right to buy, and most are not well-off at all.

During the online years of COVID, which favoured keyboard warriors over real activists, the union was changing from one which could take up the mantle of the old STO to something quite different.

It wasn’t long after that that the whispering campaign emerged into the open. A person whose Facebook bio reads, “neuroqueer, autistic disabled, anarcho-feminist, anti-racist, ktf, gaymer, pronouns: fae/faer/faem” started to spam comments on my work social media that I was a vile transphobe who made her feel unsafe.

My position was now shaky and Emma and my new line manager were looking for ways to force me out. So in line with the new work online policy of “not engaging with trolls” – a position Emma took to mean anyone who disagrees – I blocked this person, but it was clear as day that a growing number of members were angry that I wasn’t sacked for thoughtcrime.

Days later a bombshell revelation from the Wheatley Group hit the Wyndford. They planned to demolish 600 social homes, and the Maryhill Hub community centre (owned and managed by the Council). A fait accompli consultation with loaded questions joined a pamphlet entitled, “A Bright New Dawn for Wyndford”.

Seeing that the Council clearly had a hand in this, I phoned a local SNP councillor, Franny Scally. Scally informed me that it was a good thing that 300 mid-market rental homes (expensive private tenancies) would be built, as in his view this would lead to a new school.

The second part was fantasy but the first part was a huge threat. Wheatley would demolish 600 social homes (let at around £300 per month), replace them with flats costing £900+ a month, and the government would pay for it. £73 million in fact, and the council would make tens of millions from the sale of the land where our community centre had stood.

Clearly plans were at an advanced stage. The most important thing now was to provide a united front to prevent the loss of hundreds of precious social homes in yet another Wheatley demolition.

This was when the main attack happened. On Living Rent’s housing advice forum on Facebook, a couple of weeks after “fae/faer/faem” had attacked me personally, they decided to launch attacks on me and on “institutional transphobia in the union”. A new board member, who had previously run a medium-sized charity, responded:

“As a woman I am damn well sure that I will continue to have an opinion on the loss of my sex based rights. As a human being I am damn well sure I will continue to be respectful when engaging with other humans who hold a difference of opinion. As a tenant I am damn well sure I will continue to support Living Rent as it seeks to ensure tenants are treated fairly the rights of tenants as a group are campaigned for”

My wife, Ellenor, a moderator on the forum, seeing that the new board member was now under vicious attack for these comments, and that the discussions had nothing to do with housing advice, closed the thread. Emma Saunders then removed her as a moderator, for “tone-policing the oppressed”. Our new board member resigned that day. But this didn’t draw a line under it.

A hitherto-unknown member called Brian (they/them) posted a thread of invective against me, people associated with me and feminists in the union on the general forum of the union’s Slack workspace, demanding that these people be sacked or expelled for “transphobia”.

Under direction from Emma Saunders, rather than try to de-escalate, this guy was encouraged to continue with his invective, both by staff and board members. I posted to the thread to explain that there was a complaints procedure and that this was a more appropriate way to conduct a complaint than demanding expulsions and sackings and abusing everyone.

I was immediately contacted by Emma Saunders and informed that if I commented any further it would be a disciplinary offence. Brian then went on to threaten violence against me and my family. I was told I had to put up with this, again because we can’t “tone-police the oppressed”.

In a message exchange with Emma about this threat of violence Emma became irate instead that I called Brian a man, and if I did that again I would be reprimanded.

It took fully nine days to remove this post from the general Slack channel, where every union member could see it. Myself and another colleague finally convinced Emma that leaving the post up there could leave the union as a whole an accessory to a criminal harassment case.

Brian then took to Facebook (where only three previous posts he has made are visible), tagging dozens of leaders in the union in a long paragraphed post, noting who had associated me (members had to, I was their organiser, but he focused only on those in the Wyndford). The post ended with a picture of Laura Jones’ (a Wyndford committee member)’s home, with the address visible.

Brian urged people to “take action” against these “TERF cunts”. It was chillingly obvious what was meant. Sam Sharp had been all over this praising Brian, so he was ousted from the committee, because you can’t carry on working with people after you’ve publicly endorsed beating them up for wrongthink.

But that didn’t matter to my bosses. My job was now to “please the cult or get sacked”. Everything that happened thereafter was an attempt to get me to resign, or to force me out. I had Emma try to guilt-trip me into resigning one day, the next she’d be telling me it was vital to go and apologise to Sam Sharp and let him berate me, or to go to his breakaway meetings and demur from saying anything.

Sam’s splinter group decided they would not oppose the demolition but would just seek compensation. I was then told by my new line manager that this was now the union policy, as saving my community wasn’t “winnable”.

Emma and my line manager began efforts to trustee the Wyndford branch, kick out anyone who Brian had attacked, and enforce that there would be no campaign to save the high flats and community centre, and that those who had attacked me would be put in charge of a new branch team.

The elected Wyndford committee team and those who had been named fought back, issuing internal complaints. These were then dealt with by a committee of Queer Theorists, some of whom had been supporters of Brian’s attacks, and so the complaints went nowhere, and some of those sitting on the complaints committee spent their time smirking and asking stupid questions to try to make the process humiliating.

Nobody in the governance of the union stopped to ask who Brian was, why he’d never attended a single meeting before, why his Facebook page only had three posts on it, and why immediately after the attacks he resigned from the union and vanished.

My efforts to rebuild the Scottish Tenants Organisation through the nascent union Living Rent saw the use of gender ideology and Queer Theory weaponised against my community and its cohesion in its hour of darkest need to such an extent that the union I had worked for and built became the greatest ally of the country’s largest landlord in a multi-million-pound gentrification bid.

I went off sick. Within a month or so I had tendered my resignation. My community then had to fight to prevent Living Rent from stopping us opposing the demolition, and establish an independent tenants union. It took two critical months where we should have been fighting Wheatley, to ensure we still had a union in the Wyndford, and see off Emma’s planned Queer Theory coup.

But there’s a happy ending. The first year of the newborn Wyndford Residents Union was a fruitful one. Dozens of new members helped the union grow and defeat SSE, ensuring that all of their district heating customers across the UK had no bills rises in October 2022 when the rest of the UK was being hammered. (Indeed in the Wyndford we won a rebate.)

With a new chair from one of the flats under threat we fought back against the demolition, stalling it by two years.

Unburdened by the need to police “transphobia” and promote Queer Theory at the expense of everything else, we worked with everyone we could, building a coalition of leading architects, environmental campaigners and architectural historians.

We didn’t just stop there. We rebuilt the STO, who with three branches now are hosting an AGM on the 22nd of June. The STO is now the leading force against the housing crisis, despite being small. We’ve proven that not only can we stand up to Queer Theory cancellation and bullying but that the involvement of that kind of politics is a massive dead weight on the capacity to grow in working-class communities.


Nick Durie is the Alba candidate for Glasgow North.

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0 to “On the frontline of the Gender Wars”

  1. robertkknight

    Thanks for sharing – an excellent example of how not to let the bastards grind you down!

  2. Jeannie McCrimmon

    Well done and good luck.

    TRAs are destructive bastards. Look how they’ve also destroyed the SNP.

  3. I. Despair

    Well done, Nick. Your endurance against the scumbags and commitment to common sense and the decent people in your area provide a bit of cheer on a dreich Sunday. Nil illegitimi carborundum.

  4. Campbell Clansman

    I wonder what percentage of the vote Nick Durie (Alba) will get?
    Less than 1%? 2%? 5%? 10%?
    Any predictions?

  5. Liz

    Brilliant Nick.
    I first heard about this at the Alba, Glasgow West meeting where you and Tony Osy raised the housing problem
    I had no idea how bad it had got.

    Unbelievable how Big Biz manages to take over previously local groups and our elected reps bend over bloody backwards to accommodate them.

    Corruption far and wide.
    Thanks for your hard work.
    Where did Queer theory come from because as sure as day it has nothing to do with trans or any other rights

  6. Cherrybank

    Nick Durie has an online fundraiser and badly needs contributions to his election campaign.

  7. GM

    Extreme economic liberalism using gender ideology and queer theory to destroy opposition to their money making schemes. Communities are under attack by these ideologues everywhere in Scotland. Money, status and the power to destroy that which they do not believe in is what they seek. Anyone local is a threat and anyone local who shows disobedience must be removed. The capture of the local organisation, top down in order to bulldoze that community is evil. They’ll destroy your communities because you are non-compliant, Scottish, hold ‘primitive’ beliefs and values. You deserve it don’t you see? The ideologues believe they are in person the highpoint in the evolution of human values. Scumbag gangster politicians and their managerial consultancy allies are taking full toll.
    Well done Sturgeon.

  8. Garrion

    Campbell, would you not be happier in whatever passes for your soul pulling the legs off spiders?

  9. Patricia Spencer

    It’s despairing, and severely pissing more and more folk off! Well done for your tenacity and sheer determination to remain principles.

  10. AnneDon

    Three thoughts:

    People who campaign to legalise “sex work” just want to make life easier for pimps and punters.

    That last paragraphs is a doozy, and shows how much we need housing co-operatives involving residents, not housing associations employing groomed graduates.

    Proof yet again that gender ideologues are poison to social cohesion. They destroy every organisation they infiltrate.

  11. Hugh Kerr

    Well done Nick it sounds horrific and you have fought a great campaign and helped to shape Alba policy on housing. I shall be stopping my subscription to Living Rent !

  12. panda paws

    As laid out above, this very much sounds like a case of constructive dismissal. And as for what % of the vote he’ll get, precisely what relevance does this have to the article? If he got a 100% of the vote or 0% it will not change the situation outlined will it?

  13. Anton Decadent

    “By now we are even unsure whether we have the right to talk about the events of our own lives.”
    ? Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago.

  14. dan macaulay

    good luck Nick

  15. Republicofscotland

    Excellent article Mr Durie, big Martin’s salary is a gigantic £418,000 a year.

    Glasgow is my home town and I know the Wyndford (the high rise blocks) its a system of a broken council housing system, where students flats and mid-market properties come before social housing.

    Nearly all council owned lands end up as student flats or Mid-Market to rent properties in Glasgow now, its a f*ckin disgrace, GHA or as they are known now the Wheatley Group, its an insult to use the great socialist housing mogul John Wheatley, who’s also know as the Father of Social Housing name.

    I can only hope the STO goes from strength to strength, and that more are formed

  16. Ebok

    Liz @ 2.43pm

    ‘Unbelievable how Big Biz manages to take over previously local groups’

    Naw, Liz, they’re doing it for … charity!

    24,000 Scottish charities
    Plus 1,200 cross border charities
    Annual turnover (Scotland) £14 billion
    Equal to 25% of the entire annual HR budget.

    Top 5 charities based on income are: –

    British Council
    University of Edinburgh
    The Open University
    University of Glasgow Court
    Glasgow Housing Association (Registered Social Landlord)

    Makes you wonder why there are ANY needy people in Scotland with all these brilliant charities and such vast sums at their disposal.

  17. joolz

    TRAs can’t do anything without making it about themselves. Everything TRAs get their mitts on turns to sh*t. Look at the SNHS, SNP, Greens, Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre. All a mess. Even LGB acceptance has been dropping since the misogynist and homophobic TQs took over Stonewall. They even hate any transexual who respects women and uses men’s spaces.

    For those asking about Queer Theory, this is a long but informative article about their aim to remove societal barriers, including the age barrier on sex with children. I wouldn’t normally share from this source, but the piece has direct quotes and sources that can be verified.

  18. holymacmoses

    Your community is very lucky to have you around and Alba is very lucky to have you as a candidate. Thank you for this article and the very best of luck with the election.

  19. Campbell Clansman

    Alba claims to speak for what Scottish voters desire–even though they’re currently polling at 1%.
    Polls are fine. But intelligent people would prefer to look at actual votes, as a better indicator of whether they represent a broad section of public opinion in Scotland, or just the opinion of a dozen trolls on WoS.
    So I’ll ask again: any predictions on Durie’s vote percentage? Or the percentage for Alba across Scotland?
    Less than 1%? 2%? 5%? 10?

  20. Bunty M

    That is absolutely shocking. I take my hat off to you for enduring such a ‘punishment process’.

    The cult of gender identity politics at the expense of everything else. So sad and vindictive whilst those in real need are abandoned to the privitisation takeover.

    I get sad when I hear the odd comment (usually from artistic types): ‘why do people feel so strongly about the poor, TQ+++ community – they’re nice people who have been marginalised.’

    This kind of behaviour IS what the TQ+++ community represents to many ‘average’ people, including those who are LGB (as far as I know, you can’t ‘identify’ as an immutable characteristic). Ugly and unreasonable behaviour expecting to be accepted as normal.

    Good luck to you Nick. Thank God for people like you, representing, with heart, the things that matter most to those communities (Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs).

    The word is out, the Cass Report started the ball rolling, these little Emperors have no clothes on. Let’s hope the SNP ‘progressives’ get their comeuppance at the election and the corner is turned.

  21. Anton Decadent

    @joolz, thanks for the link. I have posted on here before about having people in my personal circle who have both transitioned or promote it in educational and mental health environments. Without going into detail both had damaged childhoods/teens, not necessarily abusive but seriously dysfunctional.

    With regard to the MO of if you cross us in any way we will ruin you, anyone else noticing a familiarity with other lobbies?

  22. twathater

    Is this what we expected from the snp run cooncil, where have all these deviants and perverts been hiding, and why do they now feel that they are so empowered that they will not be defeated
    TBQH I don’t believe anything will change under a Labour administration or if it does it will probably be for the worse , as we have all seen the devotion and adulation given to the deviants and perverts by Sir kid starver and his fellow perverts, liebour run Glasgow cooncil have always had a preponderance of pervs,brown envelope dealers,grifters ,liars and carpetbaggers, Scum Nonce Party cooncillors took no time in learning from corrupt liebour cooncillors

  23. Tricia

    Well done Nick.


    QUEER THEORY…..priapic Foucault and his sexual tastes.

    «Rumours of Foucault’s sexual abuse of children have long been known to Tunisians, but recently there has been a new devastating account by well-known French essayist Guy Sorman.
    In an interview with the French public TV channel France 5 Sorman confirmed that while visiting Foucault, he “witnessed what Foucault did with young children in Tunisia … ignoble things. The possibility of consent could not be sought. These were things of extreme moral ugliness»
    from al Jazeera.

  25. Confused

    What an awful story; it should be turned into a dystopian drama. It’s like one of those overly rich cakes you sometimes get – it’s got every ingredient and every filling, except all the ingredients are toxic, a poison of some variety. Profiteering, big business, local corruption, crazed activists, witch hunts, trotskyite infiltration, a dash of orwell, a shot of kafka. Might be a decent novel if he chose to write it up.

    Housing is definitely broken and the main reason is – in a country mostly empty with loads of land – we are hitched up to the english business model, that the purpose of housing is to ensure profits for banks and housebuilders; Thatcher pretty much killed council housing and the notion that a roof over your head is a human right and decided that the market would provide; this leftover “social housing” done by arms length quangos is similarly rotten. Made rottener by the men in dresses (YWNBAW).

    Where I live, the problems are a bit different (but the outcome is the same, ordinary folks get fucked) – the principal goal of most housebuilding seems to be as a conduit for the laundering of drugs profits, of which about 1% of it is intercepted

    – so you get all these 500K+ houses, but I reckon most of them are empty; the agents park fancy cars in the driveway, put internal lights on timers – a handful are occupied, rental income only. And all the while the local cooncil declares it is now in a “housing emergency”. The “war on drugs” aspect to it all is laughable as the local politicians know that drugs money does at least circulate in the economy, providing some flow of wealth; crime, firebombings, beatings, murders are reported on as if a random occurrence. Welcome to the narco state.

    The article, like anything good, merits a second reading.

  26. David

    That’s incredible resilience. My congratulations.

  27. John

    Wether it’s the Clamball cuntsmen , hunty mc fuk face, big Jim , Emma or any of those deviant UKers. It’s gloves off now . Bring it.
    Obviously a square go is the most terrifying prospect for these dirty vermin . Fair play and a level playing field are taboo. Cheat, lie and Knick what you can is the way .
    We see you

  28. John C

    so it was especially galling to find that without asking the branches, the executive had decided to pursue a hobby-horse of Queer Theory and post modernism: the idea that prostitution is a valid form of work that should be encouraged and supported, usually sloganised as “sex work is work” I’ve seen women who were prostitutes being told online by people in their 20s who do Only Fans, that ‘sex work is work’ in reply to them telling stories of being beaten up by pimps or what punters would do to them.

    They don’t get there’s a world of difference between keeping that divide online & that actually, for the vast majority of women forced into prostitution it isn’t ‘work’, it’s survival. But this is Queer Theory. Anything goes, and if it involves women being exploited, especially poorer women or ethnic minorities, then it’s perfectly fine.

    At the time he’d complained to the national committee that the union should never work with the police, and conflated a permissive attitude to cannabis in the community to the deadly drug that was being pushed on children.

    One of the basics of Queer Theory is that children, including very young children, have the ability to make their own informed decisions. They have ‘agency’. Of course we know exactly what sort of people think this & what they want of children.

    I thought Judith Butler, the intellectual leader of the Queer Theory movement, was a crank

    Complete crank. Also an antisemite, not to mention classist who despises women which is bizarre but I’ve seen the argument that she’s been struggling for decades with her internalised homophobia.

    Lowther boasted in bombastic detail how he had personally transed over 500 young people, outlining his methods for telling confused teenagers that they should pursue a medical transition, and how much it excited him. (Quite why a late-middle-aged man should be spending so much time online with young teenagers was never fully explained.)

    When I first started to explore Trans ideology and break out of my ‘be kind’ mentality, it was an evening on Tumblr that opened my eyes to some of what was going on. It was full of what seemed to be (and probably were) men in their 20s and older grooming mainly young girls in Trans ideology. Some of them were clearly barely in their teens & were being told that actually, puberty was a ‘condition’ that could be stopped & that they were probably Trans if they liked ‘boy’s stuff’.

    Reporting this to Tumblr resulted in complete silence. There was no safeguarding on display because as I later found out, most of the moderating teams and social media platforms were completely captured by TRAs from the late 2000s onwards.

    Using the examples of a Victorian-era Govan politician who had masqueraded as a man to do the job and upon death was revealed to be female, and of a 19th-century British army doctor who was female and presented as male to practise medicine, we were told that “trans has always been with us”.

    Of course it hasn’t been. At the very best. Trans has been with us 25 years with the real explosion happening in the late 200s/early 2010s as it’s that generation who are seeing desisters from that generation now warning us of a tide of people desisting & endless amounts of young people with crippling medical and mental issues. This is why this makes any previous medical scandal look like a blip as it’s going to be a real issue for societies, health services and governments to deal with.

    Sadly, it seems Labour’s conversion to Cass was a false dawn. Their manifesto supports ‘conversion therapy’ bans so kids can use therapy to explore issues, and when Labour form a government next month, the industrial scale abuse of children and young people will carry on.

    About a month later came the AGM, in which a group of well-heeled Momentum activists proceeded to boot scheme homeowners out of the union, arguing that they were part of the capitalist class.

    One of the reasons Labour were so riddled with TRAs is Momentum. They from day one were full of entryists, ranging from people who were rightfully expelled from Labour as well as other parties not to mention every fruitcake & dangerous activist you could imagine. As terrible as the Tories have been, we’d not have done much better with Momentum in real power & the likes of Owen Jones directly influencing policy.

    Brian then went on to threaten violence against me and my family. I was told I had to put up with this, again because we can’t “tone-police the oppressed”.

    One of the reasons so many TRAs claim ‘oppressed’ identities is because they know people will push this line, and if they’re in positions of power they’ll be basically allowing these people to get away with abuse while at the same time being protected. Society is handing abusers a free pass to get away with whatever they want & if there hadn’t been such a public outrage over the Isla Bryson case, it’d have gotten completely out of control by now.

    I’m glad things sort of worked out. It’s a shocking story but it shows just how little these people actually care about the poor and working class. To TRAs and Momentum they’re just pawns at best, plus many of them see the working class as ‘bigots’ and worse.

    TRAs and Trans/Queer ideology have destroyed traditional left wing class-based politics. They’ve colonised it with their American identity politics and this weird mix of capitalism, Marxism, and a huge chunk of anti-intellectalism as well a huge amount of authoritarianism. It’s also telling many of them are from very comfortable, even incredibly wealthy backgrounds & what we’ve got here is a case of these people making life potentially harder for those not with their parents to back them up.

    What genuinely worries me is some of these type of people will be MPs very soon & with Labour looking to have a massive majority, they’ll be ensuring that things continue to get worse. If The Greens get another few MPs then Westminster could be rammed full of TRAs in a few weeks and I genuinely fear what might happen if/when it does.

  29. Alf Baird

    TURABDIN @ 5:51 pm

    “«Rumours of Foucault’s sexual abuse of children have long been known to Tunisians”

    Colonialism and absence of sovereignty always leaves ‘a people’ open to external abuse, cultural recreation of the colonizer, and the whims and desires, ideologies and dubious values of cultural imperialism.

  30. John C

    Proof yet again that gender ideologues are poison to social cohesion. They destroy every organisation they infiltrate

    They’re wreckers but here’s the thing, they can’t build anything for themselves. They have to take over things & reshape them in their own images even if it means destroying the thing they’ve taken over.

    Hence why people I know who are HR managers or work in recruitment when they see a CV with pronouns in it ignore them. They’ve all had their fingers burnt with them & they’re not worth the hassle, regardless of how good their CV may well be. You don’t want these people in a company or organisation destroying things.

  31. John C

    I get sad when I hear the odd comment (usually from artistic types): ‘why do people feel so strongly about the poor, TQ+++ community – they’re nice people who have been marginalised.’

    This kind of behaviour IS what the TQ+++ community represents to many ‘average’ people, including those who are LGB (as far as I know, you can’t ‘identify’ as an immutable characteristic). Ugly and unreasonable behaviour expecting to be accepted as normal.

    I have LGB friends, even an old school transexual who transitioned in the 80s, who’ve done a lot to educate me as to how bad things have gotten for them since 2016 especially. It seemed the minute lesbians and gays got full rights, the Trans movement upped a gear to muscle in even though many Trans people are heterosexuals, they saw the LGB movement as something to colonise.

    And now we’ve got Stonewall and other Trans groups working to redefine ‘sex’ as ‘gender’ which in one swoop would destroy decades of work LGB people have made. That’s why the Equality Act needs scrapping, or at the very least ‘sex’ is cemented in law. Of course one thing we never get is a consistent, believable meaning of ‘gender’.

  32. Witchy

    Sorry to read you’ve been dealing with a ‘shower of weans’ with no acumen, foresight, or understanding, backed surreptitiously by capitalists!
    Social housing is for everyone regardless of their sexual ‘orienteering’, disability, age, ethnicity, and those eejits too!
    I also HATE the term ‘affordable housing’ Affordable to who? They will be out of reach financially to the ‘weans’ around that table arguing on behalf of the ‘men’…But more importantly, they impact acutely on all of Scotland’s future homes!
    Sorry you were targeted! We know how they work…nothing changes…all wolves in rainbow coats, this time! Good luck to you Sir!

  33. Witchy

    Sorry to read you’ve been dealing with a ‘shower of weans’ with no acumen, foresight, or understanding, backed surreptitiously by capitalists!
    Social housing is for everyone regardless of their sexual ‘orienteering’, disability, age, ethnicity, including those eejits too!
    I also HATE the term ‘affordable housing’ Affordable to who? They will be out of reach financially to the ‘weans’ around that table arguing on behalf of the ‘men’…But more importantly, they impact acutely on all of Scotland’s future homes!
    Sorry you were targeted! We know how they work…nothing changes…all wolves in rainbow coats this round!
    Good luck to you Sir!

  34. Lorna Campbell

    You deserve a medal for what you have endured, sir. People need to remember that the TQ++++++ into infinity is a middle-class initiative; nothing whatsoever to do with the working-class. Likewise Post Modernism (Post Culturalism) and Queer Theory. All spewed out by middle-class well-heeled people, from the universities who are so bored out of their skulls with their own thoughts that they decided to inflict them on the rest of us – without consent.

    The p**n addled paraphiliacs and fetishists who make up most of the movement, enabled by the stomach-churning handmaidens like this Emma creature, are only the front-line troops. Big Business and global corporates are actually behind it all. Nick’s post confirms it. There may be shortage of housing in Scotland, but there is no shortage of those who are happy and willing to remove huge chunks of public money and siphon it into their own off-shore pockets and of those who are willing to be gulled by these duplicitous and corrupt crooks masquerading as public allies. Sadly, many of those desperate to be taken to the cleaners on public monies that are not theirs to waste, are wasting even more on keeping us tied to a Union that died long since, but the rotting corpse lies unburied. Serious corruption is now a massive problem – with Third World dimensions – in Scotland and the rest of the UK, but, certainly, in Scotland.

  35. David Hannah

    The flats are being demolished. I know the area well.

    They are gutting them every day without permission if you walk past. It’s enraging me.

    I went into that housing office Maryhill housing – a man in stilettos and a skirt came out to greet me.

    The writer will know the man in question. The people of maryhill don’t stand a chance.

  36. David Hannah

    I’m delighted there’s the alba party to vote for in Maryhill. The working class voice can be represented.

    Seeing Salmond outside of the Wyndford estate was brilliant – he’s a fucking hero – his Scotland speaks episode nearly brought a tear to my eye.

    Good luck and save these fucking flags for the working class Scots. The natives.

  37. David Hannah

    Nick if you read this.

    The flats are being gutted. They are but a shell. They’ve been torn to shreds.

    How can this be going on? What’s the latest? Stalled by two years. Look what they’re doing to them. They’re letting the water in.

    Its a fucking disgrace nick. Housing crisis. SNP fucks can get to fuck. And the tranny in the office. Unbelivable.

    Pack patrick grady’s bags into a blag bin bag and throw them out into the street.

    SNP paedo party out now.

  38. David Hannah

    Gay shame – Gareth Roberts – “Critical theory is the belief that our society, and all of its culture and laws, etc. are infected with prejudice and the oppression of marginalised identity groups, and that it needs to be completely destroyed and reshaped by an enlightened elite of the middle class. (though they pretend its about liberating the workers hilariously)”

    “Judith Butler is the most influential person you’ve probably never heard of. Oh how I envy you. Butler is an American academic that’s elavated bullshit to something higher than an art form. Only with such a juicy crowd of mugs and marks as contemporary academia could she (goes by they, inevitably, but let that not detain us) could get away with it.”

    Butler won the Bad Writers award – google it. Absolutely fucking brain rot.

  39. David Hannah

    Queer theory pushes destruction. Dissolving all boundaries and breaking down all definitions.

    It also talks about dissolving the idea of the child. And the relationship with adults – 1999 – Thinking sex by Gayle Rubin

    And has nothing do to with being gay. Queer theory can get to fuck along with Judith Butler. Scottish universities should shun her.

  40. Campbell Clansman

    David Hannah: “Seeing Salmond outside of the Wyndford estate was brilliant – he’s a fucking hero – his Scotland speaks episode nearly brought a tear to my eye.”

    Alex Salmond labels his youtube home “Scotland Speaks.”
    As his Alba Party is at 1% in the polls, shouldn’t it be relabeled “1% of Scotland Speaks”–you know, truth in advertising?

  41. David Hannah

    £900 a week. Gentrification on steroids.

    They want access to the river kelvin. Walking distance to the west end with all of their pretentious pals.

    gentrification on steroids. Maryhill is up against it. They want the natives to commit suicide and throw themselves in the canal. To make way for the they/thems.

    It feels that way. Rise up and stand up. Save the flats. They’re being gutted. They are letting water in they’re nearly gone.

    So i don’t understand the article and how they are allowed to get away with this.

    Get salmond on the phone when he’s back from the euros. Get him back for a second visit. look what they’ve done!!!

  42. David Hannah

    All the pubs on Maryhill road have closed. Including Framptons the nightclub. Partly as a result of shunting everyone from the Wyndeford out as far as coatbridge.

    IT’s ethnic cleansing that’s what they’re doing Nick. Get them told. Ethnic cleansing.

  43. George Ferguson

    When I see an author write such a comprehensive article I give them thanks. I don’t know enough about the particulars of the rental our housing association situation. I can get the insidious encroachment of the Woke brigade. Welcome to the club. Glasgow North has an 81% probability of a Labour Gain. But Alba are laying the groundwork for 2026. My prediction for Alba in 2026 is between 6 and 10% of the vote. Definitely enough for an MSP representation.

  44. Republicofscotland

    !3 of the 91 countries in attendance at the Knnee-o-Nattzz–i (U) conference in Switzerland didn’t sign the agreement.

    Meanwhile Europe imported more gas from R00Shh-ia than the (US) in the lst quarter due to the shutdown of a large LNG plant in the (US). Already the EU is paying more for its gas/oil, due to third parties buying R00Shhi-a-n oil/gas and selling it on to those clown in Europe at a profit.

    The EU’s RePowerEU plan isn’t quite going to plan.

  45. sarah

    Well done, Rev, for giving Nick a platform so Wings readers know the truth about yet another dark episode in Scottish public “service”.

    Nick’s crowdfunder is now looking better – 11 of 12 donations were today – at £505, target £999.

    Other Good Guys need help: all on Crowdfunder so just google crowdfunder and their name:
    – David Henry, independent – £230 so far;
    – John Hannah ISP – £340 to date;
    – Colette Walker ISP – £1465 to date
    – Steve Chisholm, Alba – £735 to date.

  46. Republicofscotland

    I gotta add these two muppets in if only for entertainments value.

    Rod Stewart almost got booed off a stage in Germany when he unveiled a U flag and called for support for Z-e-e.

    Stewart said.

    “If the U loses, it’s the end of civilization as we know it. It’s all over.”


    Sean Penn a C-IA asset, says he’ll melt down his Oscar awards (I didn’t think he was a good enough actor to win any) if Z-e-e isn’t allowed to speak at the Oscars.

    These two numpties brightened up my evening and gave me a good laugh.

  47. Confused

    Google Maps, being brilliant, tells us about Maryhill – and in 3D.

    When I went to the uni, many moons ago, it was the biggest in the country, having some 9000 UG students (and 2000 PG). Sometimes I would go to the library and choose a favourite spot, with a nice view, either across the city, or of some nice ovary-owner chest-feeder front opening person. Well, you won’t get to choose your perch anymore – there are now 43000 students (23K UG 19K PG), and the sprawl of it, the number of new buildings is just massive.

    On the maps you can see the encroachment upwards; they always had associated facilities up Summerston and Dawsholm, but we see the pressure for housing and Maryhill is next in line; the ordinary fowk don’t figure in these plans – student accommodation and executive housing are where it’s at now.

    The people who lived on these sides of the Clyde would once have worked in the shipyards, but now what they want to do is get a postdoctoral fellowship in cutting your dick and fanny studies at the yooni; I am sure the jobcentre will help you with retraining and upskilling opportunities.

    In a way, I feel sorry for the students too; it must be -shit- now, like rats in a cage, now the “business model” has become accepted. I think they are being ripped off, paying for an inferior product, online exams, and with an explosion in the amount of useless degrees, even in STEM, which has a lot more weak-arse, dumbed down shit for the number-challenged.

    But the common people don’t fit into the model and are thus, surplus.

    In a way, it is justified, to our morally righteous woke new puritans of the acceptable “left”, as, no doubt, the so-called “working class” are nothing more than white racists and likely reactionary transphobes, who get what they fucking deserve.

    – but in a way, this situation is universal as we, the Scots, are all being lined up for a right fucking.

  48. Geri

    “institutional transphobia in the union”

    Oh for fcks sake! *Facepalm*

    These cretins are absolutely toxic. Everywhere they go things are guaranteed to turn to shit & rapidly. Probably cause every single thing is turned into being all about them & their fcked up ‘feelings’ until everyone’s ears are bleeding.

    This indoctrinated bullshit needs shown the door. This cult spends more time thinking about itself than it does with the job in hand. It sucks the life & enthusiasm out of everything.

    Well done for tolerating it for so long but ppl shouldn’t have to put up with this bullshit in the workplace. It must be torture. Bombarded with not just ‘presentations’ by fetishists but the pronouns crew of made up shit of Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum FFS.

    Good luck with your election Nick & keep up the good work x Lets hope sanity returns to being fashionable & these self obsessed eejits are put out to pasture.

  49. Geri

    Stewart has lost his marbles. Imagine showing that flag/support in Germany of all places?! No self awareness.

    As for Penn – only good film he was in was Mystic River & that wasn’t cause of him but the cast. News to me he won an oscar for that. From memory he was hardly in it as it was mainly flashbacks & Tim Robbins character. Good film & storyline tho.

  50. Geri

    “or of some nice ovary-owner chest-feeder front opening person”

    Spits coffee…LMFAO!


  51. Radical Cartoons

    So happy that story had a happy ending. It shows that by working togethet, men and women, of all politics and none,we can beat this puerile and dangerous ideology.

  52. Breeks

    Campbell Clansman
    Ignored says:
    16 June, 2024 at 9:45 pm

    Alex Salmond labels his youtube home “Scotland Speaks.”
    As his Alba Party is at 1% in the polls, shouldn’t it be relabeled “1% of Scotland Speaks”–you know, truth in advertising?

    How very British of you “Clansman”, always obsessed with labelling people and skewing the narrative to suit your agenda and oppress opinions you don’t like with sneers and derision.

    Nothing new… the “Brits” have been at it for decades.

    Did you also forget? You were challenged ages ago to present a positive case for the Union, but you only ever produce more of those sneers and derision. It’s almost like you’re not here for a discussion at all, but just another nasty BritNat mouthpiece with nothing constructive to say.

    Go on “Clansman”, make a positive and progressive defence of the Union you serve. Ha! Ha! Ha! You haven’t got it in you. Troll.

  53. President Xiden

    Is JK Rowling standing in this election? She would get my vote.

  54. Jontoscots21

    Sadly this is just another form of middle class privilege disguised as victimhood. They ally with prostitutes ,refugees and illegal immigrants, even criminals because they hate the working class. Why? Because it’s most resistant to Queer pish, critical racism based on hatred of white people, and insane misanthropic environmental policies which are neo-austerity. They want to take over working class communities, the charitable sector and the NHS. On the south side Govanhill has been turned from an affordable housing oasis for working class people of all races into a slum playground for criminals and deviants. These parasitic wasps take over community organisations and their fingerprints are all over every aspect of common people culture from football to beer. They need to be resisted and Nick has shown how. But one more thing; this is the left showing us what it has become. It’s not about liberation. It’s about the control of a vanguard of middle class overlords who know what’s best. That’s why protecting private property, supporting free speech and resisting the growth of the state, is better than the yoke of woke socialised control.

  55. Luigi

    Sigh. I hope if/when Alba and other real independence parties gradually gain traction in Scotland that powerful structures are already in place to protect them from infiltration by queer theory and green/woke nonsense. Because any party on the upward trajectory will attract power-hungry monsters with bad agendas like flies to rotten meat. Better to be well prepared before this happens, because it will happen as surely as night follows day.

    When the SNP Titanic and her Green tow-along finally go down, the rats that destroyed them will be swimming around looking for other boats to board. They don’t like cold water.

  56. Stoker

    “…the rights of tenants…”

    LMFAO! Outwith the “right to repair” social housing Tenants have almost *zero* rights.

    To prove my point i recently contacted the housing Ombudsman in Scotland and asked them politely if they could forward me a comprehensive list of “Tenants rights”. Or to point me to the appropriate source for such information. Fair play to the Ombudsman, at least they responded, my suspicions were confirmed.

    Not only that but the whole complaints system in Scottish social housing is woefully inadequate and at the very least needs to be brought into line with the process for England & Wales. The Scottish system is wrongfully built around housing personnel having “discretion”, that’s not the case down south.

    For example, in England & Wales, they cannot ignore any questions a complainant may ask. They can ignore whatever they like in Scotland. Down south the complainant must be placed central to any resolution attempts. In Scotland they can cast you aside if your face doesn’t fit. These are just 2 facts from a very long list of important differences between the process in Scotland and the process down south. Corrupt doesn’t even begin to cover it.

    BTW, thank you for your article, Nick, and good luck with your future endeavours. You are going to need it.

  57. PacMan

    16 June, 2024 at 2:49 pm

    Extreme economic liberalism using gender ideology and queer theory to destroy opposition to their money making schemes.

    Taking a step back from the political aspect of queer theory, when it is applied to the workplace, whether in the public or private sector, it is no different from any other ideology that comes with the latest fad.

    I’ve seen this many times throughout the years working in private sector companies where high management comes up with the latest trendy philosophy and it filters down to the bottom where those in middle management adhere to it in an almost cult like manner.

    The difference here though with the latest one, Diversity, Inclusion & Equity which queer theory is now a bit part of it courtesy of the likes of Stonewall is that the ideology is endemic in every part of our society and is impossible for a lot of people to escape from due to our obsession with social media.

    Given how much it is in our lives 24/7, is it hardly surprising that people can lose their moral compass when bad decisions like for instance what is mentioned in this article is dressed up as DI&E?

    While the article describes the workings of Wheatley Homes Glasgow, it is no different form any other public or private sector entity which has the same well paid top-heavy middle and senior management.

    It’s easy to shall we say look the other way due the possibility of getting up the ladder and holding such lucratively paid jobs so it comes as no surprise that they will throw anybody under they bus to get that chance to slide up the greasy corporate ladder.

    The biggest question is how do we defeat this particular ideology?

    The simplest and most effective way is to stop public sector bodies to outsource their DE&I processes with the likes of Stonewall and have them inhouse so that they are accountable to the taxpayers whom they serve and there are any abuses, those responsible are held accountable and appropriate action taken against them.

    It may be simple but is very hard in today’s environment to implement. All it takes is decent people with a proper moral compass to be elected.

  58. Cuilean

    A great podcast on the dangers of the new Trans religion is ‘Queens Speech,’ on Substack, hosted by 3 gay men fighting back against the TQ etc (i.e. mostly straight men with sex fetishes): Clive Simpson (retired senior psychiatric nurse) and Noel Dennis Kavanagh, (an eloquent, working K.C.). Both are on X too. They have great guests on too, the last guest was the actor James Dreyfus, from House of the Dragon’s new ‘Hand’, no less! Very funny snark too, very much needed these days! We will overcome some day!

  59. Fearghas MacFhionnlaigh

    Extracts from article THE TRUTH ABOUT WOKE by Helen Pluckrose:

    « The idea that we have all been socialised into horrible bigoted beliefs like white supremacy and patriarchy, and that even those of us who think we abhor them have them lurking deeply in our unconscious, has been impacting people for some time now in places they simply have to go to and cannot avoid. At work, at university and in many other vital institutions, people find themselves obliged to allow specialist trainers to dig these unconscious bigoted beliefs out of us, tell us what they are, have us affirm them and commit to dismantling them via approved processes and re-education materials. Further, these ideas have been adopted and integrated across a wide range of academic and professional fields.

    « We need to push back. We, as a society, need scholarship and expertise that is not influenced or corrupted by this ideology.

    « Critical Social Justice (wokeism) is a worldview that aims to make everything into a zero-sum political struggle around identity and the power dynamics, experiences and knowledges believed to be tied to them. Critical Social Justice texts – forming a kind of Gospel of Social Justice – express, with absolute certainty, that all white people are racist, that being non-racist isn’t possible, that masculinity is pathological, that sex is not biological and exists on a spectrum, that disbelief in the concept of gender identity is killing people, that language is literally violence and that everything needs to be decolonised. In a matter of a few years, these ideas went from being discussed in obscure academic departments and journals to enjoying significant social prestige and political capital and having immense influence on mainstream media, major corporations, institutions of higher education, and the policies and proposals of major political parties.

    « The dominance of these ideas needs to be challenged more assertively and more unapologetically from a basis of knowledge and consistent principles if we genuinely want to create a better society for everyone.

    « The above is extracted from Helen’s new book, ‘The Counterweight Handbook: Principled Strategies for Surviving and Defeating Critical Social Justice Ideology – at Work, in Schools and Beyond’, published by Swift Press.

    « Helen Pluckrose is a liberal political and cultural writer and speaker. Visit her Substack, ‘The overflowings of a liberal brain’. »

  60. Red

    Where do all these disgusting weirdos come from?

  61. Geri


    Universities who churn out this rubbish lol

    Imagine going to uni to learn how to turn yer head tae mush. lol

    Maybe what we need is to introduce some tuition fees? That’d soon clear some classes. Fetishist & victim class closed lol

  62. Red

    Geri. Tuition fees aren’t gonnae be enough, we need a young priest and an old priest and a swimming pool of holy water.

    A person whose Facebook bio reads, “neuroqueer, autistic disabled, anarcho-feminist, anti-racist, ktf, gaymer, pronouns: fae/faer/faem”

    Jeremy Beadle must be hiding behind a bush, laughing into his wee hand.

  63. James Che

    The intent to punish or other those that do not adhere to the new belief systems is interesting.

    The motivation is to bully and breakdown old belief systems in society through division, the same tactics where used through government advertising During the virus days. The name and shame method of bought upon peoplw by accusing someone on being a granny killer.

    We are now discovering through Inquiries and investigations that it was the people who locked granny and grandad into isolation from their families in care home that may have been in the demise of grannies life.
    Reverse phycology and deflecting blame is known as projection = to blame others for what you are about to do or have already done,

    However this projection phycology can equally backfire on those instrumenting the use of this “name and shame” , “branding and calling out” , “and othering people in society methodology.

    We see this in America and this is a good example,

    The attempt to name and shame D Trump has made him more popular with voters after every accusation, every court case each has won him more and more popularity, support against all the odds, and a large portion of society have recognised the attempt to remove him as a obstacle by those whom wish to control and create the new society, to “build back better”:for the elites you have to Dissolve the values that people once held dear,

    The population Backfire of those whom did not uptake the Climate change ideology, attacking the population by othering them the named and shamed tactics was also on the rise, but it backfired with the same reversal effect, because once again when the change includes enforced extremism by oddities glueing themselves to the roads, or throwing paint on valuable artifacts or pulling down statues, in the attempt to break down the norms of social values.

    The trans groups like all the other “dissolve and build back better ideologies” will backfire because all societies have revered values they Can see are under attack,
    The populations openly see The oddities of ideology are highly funded and and placed in high positions, payed high wages to create havoc and bully them, to demoralise and break down societies and populations beliefs,
    Once broken down, the controlling of peoples with no “shared values” becomes easier to control and build back better for governance.

    However populations are objecting around the world to the destruction of their Countries values and Societies, to their governments crashing their economies, which is aided and abetted by a deliberate influx of migrations, which quickens a pressure on housing, and all other infrastructures

  64. SusanAHF

    Queer Theory and its adherents, along with Social Justice and Critical Race Theory are a cancer in society. Nothing else to be said

  65. Confused

    told ya – with no surprise whatsoever

    this cunt’s a fucking cunt but he’s not fucking wrong

    there you have it, you have about 5 years to get out of this rancid abomination or you will be annihilated – wealthy and independent or totally-fucked, throat slit, dead in a ditch

    … aw, it’s a tricky one …

  66. Cuilean

    Comments disparaging ‘Alba’ remind me of Scottish Labour sneering at anyone voting SNP, til the people ended them and crowned SNP.

    The equivalent current disparagement in England is the Tories against ‘Reform’.

    Both disparagments are motivated by a sense of entitlement and underlying fear.

    Let the votes fall where they may. All parties rule by the grace of the people’s vote. Disappoint and underestimate the people at your peril.

    As some politician once ruminated, (on losing), “The people have spoken – the bastards”.

  67. James Che

    It is interesting and noteworthy fact that those whom govern us have changed legislations and laws to enable their ordinary populations to be bullied….to change laws that will always make the ordinary peoples of their Countries on the wrong side of the laws by default automatically.
    That has a deeply disturbing effect of children and women”s rights being taken backwards to neolithic times,
    Whilst men will be forced into bloody battle fields like in a medieval bygone era..
    It is but a theoretical idealogical game for the few. Who will sit safely behind to prosper. And move the pawns of the game across the table,
    I wear my new “ignored” badge like a badge of honour for all the people, for I know that I am close to home.

  68. James Che


    Another interesting fact.

    Labour have won the election in all MSM before the Country of Scotland has even cast their vote at these elections,

  69. Andy Ellis

    Meanwhile, some positive news according to Labout List that Lord Cashman has has the Labour whip withdrawn for his disgraceful tweets about Rosie Duffield:

  70. Republicofscotland

    “TONY Blair has been criticised after claiming Scotland not being independent shows devolution has been successful.”

    What is shows Mr War Criminal, is that post 2014 and the rise of Sturgeon and the House Jocks that currently infest Holyrood, that Scots are obstructed by Westminster and its House Jocks including the SNP from exercising their rights to dissolve this illegal union.

  71. Republicofscotland

    U is in such a state now, that Conscript Officers are roaming the streets, like a pack of wolves shanghaiing young men and sending them to the front to be turned into dog meat.

    Unsurprisingly many, many young men are in hiding in U, things must be bad when the English state broadcaster and propaganda machine the BBC is reporting on it.

    I get the impression that young men in U know its a lost, and unjust cause and not worth dying for.

  72. Republicofscotland

    Get ready for English Frankenstein Foods to hit our shelves, and you won’t even know what they are as no labelling of them is required to show what they are.

    “A NEW Westminster law, the Precision Breeding Act, sets in motion changes that will allow farmers in England to grow genetically modified (GM) food for consumption by people and livestock.

    Agriculture in Scotland is a devolved matter; Scotland’s Parliament makes our farming and environmental legislation. While Scotland still bans GM products in our food and drink, the UK Internal Market Act means there is nothing to stop precision-bred English foods and animal feeds from making their way into our food chain – and the English law puts no labelling requirements on precision-bred products.”

  73. Sven

    Surely only Mr Blair would have the brass neck to claim that the devolved system with which he and the late Mr Dewar landed Scotland had proved a “success”.
    The closed list D’Hondt system, which ensures there is no connection between the electorate and List MSPs whilst extending the power of patronage within the political Party. The absence of any way of recalling sitting MSPs by their voters irrespective of how appalling their conduct.
    And, am I alone I wonder, in thinking on seeing his latest photos that just perhaps David Icke may have something in his theory about shape shifting Reptilians.

  74. James Che

    For your interpretation,

    In 2002 I had one another of those warning dreams, in this case it was just a surround sound voice, no visions or other phenominem.

    The voice said,

    To Tread carefull, For “the watchers” are being taken,

    I had to go research this.

    In biblical terms there are two variants, a good kind and a bad kind, both refer to watchers over mankind that reside in heaven and the other kind that used to reside in heaven until they had thoughts, they were above god,

    As my family through out the many centuries have held a great deal of different religions and faiths and some not at all.
    It was a bit surprising to me to get or be given this information

    It however appears to be true if you accept that laws originally came down to us , and were used to protect mankind, and were supposed be the gateway between good and evil, and if these laws are taken or removed their is no longer anything to protect mankind from the rulers whom think they are above mankind and all personifications god or gods in heaven,

    If the watchers are being taken I have yet to work out which of the watchers are being taken as we presently sit in flux at a crossroads between good and evil.

  75. dasBlimp

    Ignored says:
    17 June, 2024 at 1:28 pm
    Get ready for English Frankenstein Foods to hit our shelves, and you won’t even know what they are as no labelling of them is required to show what they are.

    Divn’t ye worry! Whether it be GM, whole, organic or any other type of food. It’ll all be the same old shit tomorrow,

  76. Alf Baird

    Andy Ellis @ 1:03 pm

    “Meanwhile, some positive news according to Labout List that Lord Cashman has has the Labour whip withdrawn for his disgraceful tweets about Rosie Duffield”

    Their connection to Scotland, aside from being part of more than a thousand MPs and peers from another country who see it as their right to rule over us Scots, is what exactly? What can possibly be ‘positive’ about any of England’s MPs or peers for a country that is colonised by them?

  77. David Hannah

    Dear James Che; SusanAHF; lorna campbell, confused, Witchy and john C. And all the brilliant contributions on critical theory being posted.

    Have a look at this. This is from the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Policy and guidelines webpage. Gender reassignment. Scenario for nurses! This sickens me I don’t mind in saying it –

    The official guidlines is to classify “cross-dressers and travesties” – a sexual fetish – in the same group as gender dysphoria.

    If you read anything today. Please read this scenario of instruction for nurses in NHSGGC.

    Inpatient Scenario:
    A nurse is summoned to a patient’s bed in a female ward. The patient appears to be agitated. When asked what’s concerning her, the woman explains she didn’t expect to be sharing the ward with a man and points to the bed opposite. She states it’s inappropriate to have ‘him’ in the ward with the other women. She tells the nurse she can’t relax and wants ‘him’ removed from the ward. If this doesn’t happen she’ll make a formal complaint – the hospital has a duty of care to look after her and
    they’re not taking this seriously by putting her in this situation.

    The nurse listens and tells the woman she’ll see what she can do. She says that she understands having a Trans person on the ward will be upsetting to other women and leaves to talk with a senior colleague about the matter. The response to the patient’s concern isn’t appropriate and may breach legislative protection afforded to Trans people. Someone’s Trans status should not be disclosed to a third party without the express permission of the Trans person and the assumption that others in the ward will feel uncomfortable is unfounded. In this instance there is no need to either disclose or seek permission to disclose gender

    The nurse should work to allay the patient’s concerns – it would be appropriate to re-iterate that the ward is indeed female only and that there are no men present. ******

    Duty of care extends to protect all patients from harassment and should the patient continue to make demands about the
    removal of the other patient and be vocal in the ward it would be appropriate to remind her of this.

  78. David Hannah

    So there you have it. NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde gaslights nurses. and gaslights patients and nurses into validating the feelings of transgender ideology.

    “In Scotland, it is currently common to use the term trans people as ‘umbrella’ term to cover
    the many diverse ways in which people can find their personal experience of their gender and possible variations from the assumptions and expectations of the society they live in. The umbrella term trans people can therefore include transsexual people, cross-dressing people, people with non-binary gender identities (such as androgyne, thirdgender and polygender
    people) and others.”

  79. David Hannah

    And then I’d like you to take a look at this. How’s this for critical theory. NHS Greater Glasgow And Clyde. Workplace Policy report 2023-2024.

    They launched a “stand against racism program” in march 2024.

    They are planning a “sexual harassment campaign” next – what type of men will be on the posters I wonder?

    And get this.

    NHSGGC has supported the establishment of the ‘One NHS
    Family’ programme which offers further support to the Forums and Network through
    dedicated administration support, funding for specialist training, and career development
    activities. This has enabled us to access additional funding for our first dedicated
    leadership programme for 30 BME employees – delivered in partnership with PATH
    Scotland – which supports the aspirations for employees to move into senior and
    promoted posts. This programme first ran in 2022/23, with a second cohort of 30
    employees undertaking the programme in 2023/24. ”

    So they’ve come out with the most racist as fuck policy in the history of NHS GGC – the BME leadership program to promote people based on their skin colour.

    I think is is absolutely disgraceful. Made even more disgraceful about the fact that the organisation doesn’t have the ethnicity data for 25.7% of their workforce. Beyond belief.

    What’s your thoughts of critical theory now?

  80. David Hannah

    Fancy a promotion in NHS GGC? Sorry – No whites need apply.

    Something needs to be done. If anyone intelligent reads this. Well.

    They didn’t fly the union flag on d-day.

    They didn’t fly the salitre for the euros.

    The veterans of D-Day are not the right type of men. And the saltire and the mens national football team – not the right type of men to celebate.

    Fancy a promotion? Sorry – You’re too white. no whites. Need a apply for the BME management VIP lane!

    This is shocking isn’t it?

  81. David Hannah

    Not only are these people coming over here and being given houses in Glasgow that don’t exist. They’re coming over here to become your boss. Someone needs to say something about it.

  82. David Hannah

    I feel like men – scottish men – are getting a really hard time.

    And for the organisation which you can’t avoid going to coming out with all these divisive polices. It’s just not on.

    It’s absolutely not on.

  83. robertkknight

    I tend to see the apparent tripping over themselves to accommodate the trans fascists on the part of business and public institutions as simply an exercise in corporate arse covering.

    They don’t subscribe to this bullshit any more than the rest of the silent majority in society, but their lawyers have them running scared of litigation concerning discrimination charges and accusations of constructive dismissal.

    Combined with bad PR in the event a tribunal makes it into the news, it’s cheaper for the NHS etc. to pander to these idiots than risk ending up in the shark tank with the no win no fee brigade.

  84. David Hannah

    Tread carefully brothers and sisters. Tread carefully. You’re not allowed to speak about these things.

  85. Northcode

    Mrs Che @ 2:20pm

    You’ve gone all paranormal and biblical today, Mrs Che. I went a wee bit biblical on another thread just there. What are we like? And it’s not even Sunday.

    Anyway, to put your mind at rest, I’ve taken the Watchers – they needed a clean up and some maintenance. I’ll put them back soon, promise. 🙂

    Did you know that good and evil are the same thing? I’ll explain it sometime.

    My grannie on my faither’s side was a bit of a seer – always seeing ghosts and such. She was a grand old lady – I was very fond of her.

  86. Confounder

    This really just illustrates how queer theory and its fellow travellers are just means by which power accrues to people without any of the authority, knowledge, or skill that would give them a genuine right to it. In that regard, it’s not unique among socio-political movements but, boy, is it OBVIOUS.

  87. John C

    The official guidlines is to classify “cross-dressers and travesties” – a sexual fetish – in the same group as gender dysphoria.

    It’s been part of the Trans ‘Umbrella’ for a decade at least. The ‘+’ in LGBTQ+++++ hides an awful lot of things which the general public has no idea of. It was Dundee Pride at the weekend and an ex gf of mine (who is bi) a decade ago would have made a day of it, but now she’s got no intention of going anywhere near it as its full of straights, deviants and so, so many TRAs not to mention homosexuality is barely celebrated as normal. It’s now presented to the general public as part of this cavalcade of perversion, mental illness and some genuinely dangerous people.

    Trans ideology has done possibly irreparable harm to LGB people and how they’re percieved by the public and though I think people are, on the whole, still tolerant, there’s a reaction to trans ideology that’s only going to get worse when Labour get in and if they push ahead with self ID, not to mention ignoring the findings of Cass, then the next 5 years could be very bad.

    As for Scotland, I fully expect Labour to form a government in the next Holyrood election possibly with support of the Lib Dems, and probably the Greens. If that happens then expect Scotland to have self ID and anything the TRAs demand.

  88. Republicofscotland

    “Not only are these people coming over here and being given houses in Glasgow that don’t exist. They’re coming over here to become your boss. Someone needs to say something about it.”

    David Hannah.

    Lets not forget the 28,000 folk from U that are in Scotland who even had their own SNP minister.

    As they came here, we sent U £60 million quid, on top of the £7 million quid we’d already sent to U, whilst oor ain folk canny even get a hoose, or a doctors or dentists appointment, never mind get into A&E.

    The SNP treats Scots like shite.

  89. Northcode

    “Did you know that good and evil are the same thing?”

    Correction: they are ‘…aspects of the same thing’. Obviously, they aren’t the same.

  90. James Che

    David Hannah.

    My apologises David, just got back home so missed your comments.

    Theoretical ideology is just what it says on the tin, theoretical,
    And our governing bodies are accepting it as a valid large scale experiment because they are financed and funded and encouraged to do so from the unelected Cabals managing our governing bodies across the world,

    It is no coincidence that all these various world individual leaders and individual Countries are acting as if they have all been hypnotised and have started thinking in the manner of syncronised Zombies,
    They go to the same extravegant meetings .

    Sunak calls an unexpected snap election, in Britain, low ‘n’ behold Macron synchronised, calls and unexpected snap election in France, almost identical time line,.
    All have the Same policies as in Canada, America, Germany, New Zealand, France and Britain, and Scotland and Ireland, etc,

    For those that have not joined the dots yet you soon will,
    The election day in Britain hasn’t even started yet and already they are claiming that Labour have won the election,
    MajecK. Done Deal,

    No point in Scotland really going to the polling Station then is it,? If Scotlands vote doesn’t count in Britains elections down South.

  91. Republicofscotland

    R-ooshia and Belar-us have been refused visas to participate in the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly in Romania at the end of the month.

    Of course it is well known that OSCE personnel spied for U’s SBU intelligence services, just as IAEA staff always leave the ZNPP just before U’s forces attack Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, in the hope of causing a major disaster.

    The UN, EU, OSCE, IAEA etc are all captured western bodies that have very little credibility left.

  92. Republicofscotland

    Think tank Best for Britain launched a tactical voting guide on Monday which urged voters in Scotland to vote for BLiS.

    Best for Britain is funded via George Soros Open Society Foundations that has more NGO’s in countries around the globe than McDonald’s has outlets around the world.

    The NGO’s do a number of things such as captured politicians (fund them) set the ground work for regime changes, demonise those politicians that have socialist tendencies, the NGO’s are general safe havens and staging posts for all manner of nastiness.

  93. Murdo Ritchie

    I attend Living Rent AGMs and, occasionally, activities of the Dennistoun branch. As the former Vice-Chair of the Glasgow Campaign Against Housing Stock Transfers, I feel I could have contributed to their campaigns. But I am very uneasy about going to their meetings.

    I have known Nick for long enough to know that he has never acted in a discriminatory or prejudicial way towards anyone. I fear what has happened to him could easily happen to me.

    Part of my hesitancy on becoming more involved with Living Rent has been the fear of unexpectantly discovering myself on the end of accusations even when it has nothing to do with the issues involved. This issue has become a “wedge issue” used mainly to cause divisions.

    My own beliefs are pretty mainstream that sex is determined by biochemical processes that have established themselves by evolutionary processes. Sex is not something that can be chosen from personal preference, consumer choice or self-identification.

    As a life-style choice, transsexualism or transgenderism would be pretty harmless, but the demand that I must accept someone else’s wishes regardless of whether I consider it absurd is offensive and authoritarian. Someone can can themselves Napoleon or the Queen of Sheba, but it doesn’t make them so.

    Objective material reality is being abandoned for personal choice or wishful thinking. When this was done in the Soviet Union it created Lysenkoism -another cult that didn’t like the role of chromosomes. It held back Soviet biology for decades.

    Sadly, it is the way this cult’s demands encroach on issues that have nothing to do with sex, sexuality, or mutual respect is frightening. Nick’s story of how a housing campaign can be corrupted by these insistent demands has been duplicated elsewhere in academia, the arts, charities and elsewhere.

    Unfortunately, weak-willed liberals who are afraid of being called intolerant have cowered against the storm of disruptive behaviour, hissy fits and threats from this cult. The Scottish government only gave this marginal viewpoint a legitimacy it did not deserve.

    Tolerance recognises difference, but recognises facts. Black is not white, right is not wrong, a man is not a woman or a woman man no matter how much anyone wishes it or self-identifies.

    I feel I could have contributed a lot to Living Rent; only now I venture near them with hesitancy

  94. James Che


    Hello young Sir,

    I hope I do not offend you in addressing you this manner, my age often voluntary pipes up prior to the age of my brain, they just do not seem compatible sometimes. And as you may witness from my posts are not quite so synchronised as world governments regime Change to one world governance.

    I analyse many events and situations, from global to personal, wether it is a sunday or a leap year, however I try not to let personal beliefs hinder an analytical mind, it pays to research different papers and other peoples research,
    That is my sin, never to take someones word for it, but to check it out for myself, it can be time consuming and a hinderance and enlightening all at the same time,
    As you have noted today it has little altered.

    Good and evil are indeed various aspects of the same thing, and I can only further your comment to philopophasise that two various degrees of good and bad are supposed to hold each other in equalibrium as a counter balance to each other, similar to ying and yang,
    To deliberately tilt that counter-balance for greed and infamous reputation meandering ever closer to an evil in favouring an imbalance to a specific small selection of mankind is creating dissonance on the planet.
    We can all but wonder as to the end result of humankind going out of balance in nature to favour a few,

    God that hurt my brain and displayed my poor education,

    Paranormal or normal, also has a balance,
    The question arises which, if any are wrong, other than what scientific theory suggests,
    I suspect religion super- imposed a natural ability that all human kind once had for their survival.
    For instance, The sense of foreboding when you are in dark street that makes you quicken you’re step,
    Or when you try phoning a friend and you can’t get through, only to find you’re friend was trying to call you at the same time.
    Or when you look up because you sense someone is looking at you,
    Even to spontainious laughter or spontainious grief, such as when princess Diane died,
    Or “deja vu”

    I suspect rather than being paranormal, these were once normal survival skills,

    You can find something akin to this in the Catagorizing of plants,
    At one time man would have evaluated plants on wether it would kill them or help them if they ate it, nowadays someone decided that one plant was a weed and another plant was a flower,

    Both can be beautiful, but if a supposedly learned body or scientist makes you believe you should not grow A weed in your garden you usually don’t. Incase society frowns on your garden,
    And yet take the common nettle, it has a multitude of vitamins and minerals and is high in natural iron,
    With very little known side effects, but we eat expensive shop bought greenary instead, but if the shops stopped supplying veg and greens how quick we would be to learn what other greens we could eat,
    So hear I close with a paradoxal question to you, what is normal and what is paranormal in that that has been lost for survival when using your sense and old wisdom and knowledge,

    A lighter note will prevail in my next communications with you I am sure:-)

  95. Red

    Ignored says:
    The SNP treats Scots like shite.

    They don’t like white people, Christians or heterosexuals so that’s most of Scotland the SNP can’t stand.

    David Hannah
    Ignored says:

    The official guidlines is to classify “cross-dressers and travesties” – a sexual fetish – in the same group as gender dysphoria.

    Fran’s story broke my heart. 🙁

    Fran transitioned from male to female 10 years ago.

    Did ye, aye?

    She has spent her life experiencing bullying and harassment because of her gender identity and has been the victim of several hate crime incidents.

    Like all true and honest women, Fran has the polis on speed dial.

    Fran was experiencing pain in her right thigh

    Doctor, ahve goat a sore franny!

    and attended an outpatient appointment. When Fran entered the waiting area she gave her name and confirmed her appointment time. The receptionist explained there wasn’t an appointment for a Fran Walker but there was one for a Mr Frank Walker. Fran explained that she should now be referred to as Fran as she had requested all records be updated to reflect her gender reassignment. The receptionist explained she was unable to do that until the medical records were updated. Fran was asked to take a seat in the waiting area. Fran was in discomfort but before taking a seat explained again it was Fran or Ms Walker, not Frank or Mr Walker.

    Or Jacqueline McCafferty.

    While Fran was waiting for her appointment she heard a member of staff calling for a Mr Frank Walker. Fran sat where she was, angry, frustrated and embarrassed that she was still being referred to in the wrong gender. Eventually after a repeat call she stood and walked into the treatment room. She was still very upset and asked why, despite explaining she wished to be called by her new name, staff insisted on calling her by her previous name. The member of staff explained the name on her record was Frank Walker, not Fran, and until they heard otherwise, she would continue to be addressed as Frank or Mr Walker.

    Fran tried to remain calm and explained that if she was referred to as Frank again she would make a formal complaint. The member of staff reiterated the position so Fran explained that staff were in breach of legislation protecting trans people. They were deliberately disclosing her previous birth gender and so could be held liable and receive a significant financial penalty under UK law. Fran stated that if it happened again she would take formal action.

    Anyway, it turned out he had testicular cancer.

  96. Republicofscotland

    The head Zzio-M-onst-er Net–inya-hu has dissloved his g-en-ocide aka war cabinet after a bust up with Benny Ga-ntz who left and former I-DF Chief of Staff Gadi Eisenkot and Kne-ss-et member Yechiel Tropper.

  97. Shug

    What is it with the bcbc giving an open floor to farage.

    Has somone upstairs decided they was to shaft the labour and conservatives.

    His form of english nationalism will play well with English working class and conservatives.

    The bbc have no bases to promote the man guven he in not in parliament and has no seats behind him. Its a nonsense

  98. David Hannah

    Rod Stewart booed off stage in Germany for waving a the flag of Uk-raine and dedicating his song “rhythm of my heart” to Zelensky.

    I like Rod Stewart but when he enters into politics he makes himself unlikable.

    He once played in front of 4 million people at Copacobana Beach in the 1990s. A world record crowd.

    Now he’s just an old scrote striving for relevance with virtue signalling.

  99. David Hannah

    The reason I know Rod Stewart played the world record crowd is. Granny Madonna played to a crowd of over 1 million. I YouTube it and looked closer to 100,000.

    65 year old Madonna is going for the old prozzy look – and had an on stage dance orgy with topless Brazilian transexuals.

  100. Anton Decadent

    From todays Guardian, Humza Yousaf claiming to be a victim of Islamophobia. Some of you may remember that a few months ago I posted a link to the main organiser of the cross party anti Islamophobia groups in Scottish politics, a white academic based in England who appeared to support biological men in womens spaces. Another Dear fellow whites type.

  101. Confused

    It is a tell of psychopathy to falsely accuse others of things they are guilty of – thus every accusation becomes a confession – racism, bigotry, supremacism – it’s built into the Anglo psyche, but defend yourself against his predations and he accuses you.

    The people who would disarm you of your “hate” are attempting to make you incapable of defending yourself; the summer of hate continues, cask strength, without the merest drop of water …

    Scots need to wake up; this country is going to be over-run, carved up, sold off, split, and the bit the indigenous people are left with, poor, overcrowded and dependent. Just because it didn’t happen overnight does not mean it is not happening, look what happened to the pals (- civic nationalism doesn’t work with ethnoracial-supremacists.)

    On wings we have covered – the pillage of the hydrocarbons, the theft of the wind, the bad decisions, the awful infrastructure and lack of investment, the UK’s crazed obsession with all things nuclear, the desperate comparison with our peers in EFTA – and making the point you cannot even try to fix any of this without independence, and yet people seem complacent and passive as this all seems rather abstract; they are in the eye of a hurricane, where all seems calm, failing to notice the upcoming and more direct threats to their very existence. The anglo “has a plan” for you, boy …

    Most Scots don’t seem to have a clue (even wingers) about the evil plans the ukgov have in play; there is going to be pillage and restructuring you have never seen. There will be good jobs and good homes in nuScotland, but they are not for you, they are for middle class anglo s3ttl3rs (cheap by SE England standards, unaffordable to the Scots); the Scots will also likely be dumped upon by large numbers (relative to our population) of aggressive 3rd worlders, who will have special protections in law, even complaining about them will be a “hate crime”. Note that the furore over the “asylum seeker”/refugee nonsense, where everyone gets called “far right”, conveniently hides the other side of the thing, internal clnisation from “nice white people” (don’t notice that, just blame the brown people). Calling people who are mostly working class and socialist “far right” is a nasty, but effective, form of guilt tripping; ignore it.

    Any political party who might represent your interests will be starved and attacked by all – there will be no way out, exits closed. There will also be a free for all for the pervs, but that is happening worldwide, at least in the west. We may even be declared “terra nullius” or a “land without people for a people who already have lots of land, but want yours, because it’s what they do”.

    A couple of infographics you might have seen are “Palestine from 1948 onwards” and/or “Red Squirrel/Grey Squirrel habitats, UK, 1900 onwards”.

    – you can see “interesting” trends and I reckon something similar is planned for the Scots, the natives, the people who were here before the johnny come latelys, the rightful owners and rulers of this land.

    the trend is clear – the Scots are going to be offered a “2 state solution” with their own little gaza strip, the M8 corridor.

    The best way to defend is in depth, in a layered manner, and you can see the deviousness of our enemies re indy, consider

    – first of all, a fucked up “parliament” with no control over anything of importance

    – then a fuckedup voting system designed to promote “PR gridlock”, dominated by unionist parties and generally cementing the status quo

    – then the “independence party” riddled top to bottom with agents, infiltrators, sellouts, sexual deviants and any genuine nationalists chucked out, or smeared

    despite all this, an extraordinary political leader appeared who managed to break through these barriers – and so they then tried to put him in jail

    – the little englander clnists are not new scots, are loyal to uk only and constitute half the scottish middle class

    – the other half of the scottish middle class are sellouts, more concerned with their careers (academia, the law, media, politics, business)

    – then the “controlled opposition” e.g. the national/bella crowd, who have such a nuanced and particular version of indy, it can never happen or be pure enough for them, for we have to solve every other problem in the world -first- i.e. climate change, capitalism, antisemitism, misogyny, racism, transphobia, and so on …

    and despite this yet more opposition, it still might happen, for you never know how stupid the ukgov can be, in their arrogance they might fail to read the room and the Scots will wake up and have had enough; right now Penny Morcunt and Jacob Rees Mogg are prone to “saying shit in public you should only whisper in private” – call me a dog, I just might bite you.

    but there are more layers, for suppose indy did actually happen; won a democratic mandate, recognised at the UN (mind, a place where almost everyone in it truly HATES the english) but the next problem is the negotiations; I could see a reluctant “nationalist” team (packed full of closet unionists) selling out the country, right left and centre; military bases to become UK protectorates, giving away the oil fields, preferential trade agreements with england, you name it – paying the english for a squadron of clapped out jet fighters (the best of 80s tech!), that we already paid for … no talk of reparations or asking about the financial assets stashed in the city and the tax havens … the english send their best, the chess grandmasters, the smooth sir humphreys … we send farquhar mac-tractor of that ilk (eton, balliol, guards, fuckpig for angus grossart) and mcrainman with forrest mcgump (- except not macrainman, as he would be working out the numbers in his head)

    But this is yet one more scam the UK can pull – the big switcheroo – they now become ardent promoters of the “rights of self determination” except applied to the clnisers up north and down south; we see secessionist movements, like in orkney, about 40percent english by now, saying “we wuz vikings nsheet”. They lay their bullshit deep – weaselly po0f rory stewart got to make a program about “the borderlands”, then some history dude was on about “the debatable lands” i.e. the borders is not really ours, its some nowhere place, like narnia, or ex regio. A carve-up is in order, which is what they do, historically, typically leaving a terrible mess.

    “Scotland” becomes this tiny, landlocked, rump of a place, totally dependent for survival on the lorries which come through england or the “new countries” to north and south.

    The people who hate you, have always hated you, will finally get to wipe you out, for you embarrass them (why is Scotland still a place and not part of England); it hurts they never conquered us, sure they pulled some fast tricks, but it was sold out, never conquered; they also got successively r4ped by the romans, and a motley gang of pirates, everyone has had a go at them. The celt is a natural anarchist, who understands what freedom means, while the anglo is a slave at heart, this is why the english idolise their truly terrible rulers – henry 8 (bluebeard), “good queen bess” (elizabeth bathory), cromwell (religious maniac), churchill (a drunk with debts), thatcher (took a wrecking ball to the economy). We are not them, nor do we want to be, or should be; the cuckold-Scots who idolise them and ape their dress and accents, should be scorned and pitied.

    – we have been “siamesed-twinned” to the worst people on earth for 300 years, and we need a rest. Some people think I exaggerate when talking of the english in this manner; I don’t – it takes an essay to get into it, but when you consider what the english have done as a collective over the past 1000 years, directly, indirectly, and set in motion – their crimes are too numerous to list easily; no other people on earth comes close to them, and on the weight of evidence, to an impartial outsider, should be considered hardly human beings at all, more a predatory subspecies, beasts walking on two legs, in a way – vampires.

    Empire is the greatest crime, it is the uber-crime from which all other great crimes follow and the British = ENGLISH empire was the greatest (the nazis were lightweights), i.e. the worst that ever existed. And even what we live under today, this piss-poor bootleg tribute act “imperial amerika” is no more than the drunken vomit of an exhausted Britain.

    Fuck the English – people who disrespect you, treat you like shit and steal from you are not your friends – quit bending over for them. Have some self-respect. I won’t beg for their vote, I would rather put my toe up their arse, not new scots, just little englanders.

    The Anglo is a psychopath and his patriotism is imperialism, narcissism codifed at a collective level, even his religion is a form of worship of a mythic past (d-day, the cenotapth).

    – time to go.

  102. Northcode

    Mrs Che @ 17th June 7:34pm

    “I hope I do not offend you in addressing you this manner”

    Not at all, and me being only 5,000 years old, it seems quite appropriate. 🙂

    In answer to your question, I suppose the paranormal is just a ‘normal’ we haven’t figured out yet.

    ““Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” ? Arthur C. Clarke

    Maybe the paranormal is just some kind of ‘technology’ we don’t yet understand. Although perhaps our distant ancestors had a better understanding than we do now – having forgotten it. Who knows?

  103. Anthem

    Shug @ 10.10pm
    I agree totally.There’s something not right about this election. Some strange maneuvers going on and it smells.

  104. Sven

    Northcode @ 00.32.

    “Magic isn’t magic, when you know how the trick is done”.
    Richard Bach, “The Messiah’s Handbook”.

  105. sam

    Off topic.

    I find what is at the link below of interest. It could be Scotland. It’s Ireland.

  106. Robert Louis

    Nick Durie, a man of principle. Literally fighting for tenants rights. A champion of the people. As an ALBA candidate he truly deserves a vote.

    As to the folks aggressively pushing so-called ‘queer theory‘ on everybody, including homosexuals like myself, I just wonder where it will end. Those folk are unbearably aggressive, refuse to even discuss ideas, and simply refuse to allow those with alternative ideas to live or speak.

    And then we have the so-called gender training, with a person who has a friend who is a ‘little girl’ some days, and likes to encourage teenagers to undergo damaging medical changes, to fit his own personal belief system. I do hope the cops are keeping an eye on him.

    Honestly, these people are nutters.

    Anyway, Nick Durie, the ALBA candidate is to be applauded for his continuing efforts to actually work for tenants rights (rather than dictating ‘pronouns’). Throughout he demonstrated great resolve amidst a barrage of abuse. Literally keeping his head whilst others lost theirs.

  107. Mac

    Listening to Alastair Crooke there on Judge Nap and he said that the Reform party were polling above the Tories within 24hrs… wow.

    If they are running throughout Scotland and it looks like they are then I am voting for them.

    I am a founding member of ALBA but they are no where near take off velocity at this point. Reform are…

    If Reform offer an alternative (a meaningful one, one that can actually win, do serious damage) to the SNP that does not involve voting for Keir Starmer or the tories then I am seizing it with both hands.

    I have got a funny feeling they are going to do really well as well with that start.

    We can ride this wave and use it to wipe out not just the SNP but all these uni-party wankers that infest our political classes.

    I say fuck it, let’s do it.

    We absolutely need a revolution here, and this is our chance to completely wipe the slate clean. Not just in Scotland but across the UK.

    We have to roll those dice, otherwise we are looking at war, that is a racing certainty.

  108. Mac

    As someone who predicted Trump would win in 2016 (pre primaries as well) I can see a very similar situation brewing here with Farage.

    People underestimate Farage, much like they underestimated Trump, he is capable of destroying these motherfuckers, he really is. Especially in a snap election… they are not ready for him, just like they weren’t for Trump..

    Instead of being ultra-boring this election could end up being sensational.

    There is so much frustration and anger built up… these are seismic forces and when they move you get earthquakes and tsunamis and Nigel Fucking Farage.

    I am stocking up on popcorn as this could be fantastic viewing.

    People are so desperate for an alternative and suddenly they have one… hmmm what happens next do you think.

  109. sam

    ” what happens next do you think.” ???

    Reform and Tories split the vote allowing a Labour landslide.

    Labour policies do not do enough for “broken” UK and it is one term government which changes little in Scotland.

    What happens next…

  110. Mac

    And as easy as it is to draw parallels between Trump and Farage so it is equally easy to draw them between Keir Starmer and Hillary Clinton.

    Both lacking any real charisma or voter appeal, both neoliberal woke war mongers masquerading as left wingers, both devoid of any natural personality, both inherently dislikeable and untrustworthy, both the choice of the war machine, both thinking they are a shoo-in for the job… it goes on.

    If Starmer debates Farage on live TV Farage could end up rag dolling him around the room. Farage is a battle hardened political street fighter and I am really not sure Starmer is.

    Farage has also been on a long political journey to get to this point and I think this now is potentially ‘his time’. He could do a lot of damage here man… might have to go check the odds at the bookies.

    But with just over two weeks is there enough time to get that snowball really rolling down the hill.

    If Farage can capture some sort of ‘time for change’ 2014 vibe that Salmond did and offer it to the English… things could change fast.

    Its all about momentum and all his competition are as flat as can be. If Farage gets going, he will steamroller over them like they are not even there.

  111. sam

    Irish historian, Brendan O’Leary, BO’L, suggests a Border Poll may come in 2030.

    Comment suggest earlier.

    “Labour shadow SoS for NI Hilary Benn has said a majority in favour of a BP at Stormont would be sufficient for him to call a BP or words to that effect.

    The next NI Assembly election is due on 2027 & a majority of MLAs in favour of a BP is expected, assuming the APNI remain neutral. Therefore, the earliest practicable date for a BP is 12 months later, so 2028.

    However, if the DUP bring down Stormont again within a few months a new NI Assembly election could be called, which may also return a majority in favour of a BP.

    Therefore, the earliest possible date of a BP is 12 months after the next Stormont election: 2026-2028.”

    This is only 2-years earlier ie 2028 than BO’L’s 2030 “early BP cut-off year”.

    One difficulty with a 2030 BP is that this is after the end of the term of office of the British Government 2024-2029 & a BP would need to be a year before a British GE, which coincidently is 2028.

    Therefore, BO’L’s “early BP cut-off year” modified for the British electoral cycle = 2028.

  112. MaryB

    Anton Decadent @ 11.09
    This is Humza’s looking for his next job. It’ll be something supporting his faith. It’s from the Nicola playbook.

  113. Luigi

    So Labour may be willing to allow a NI border poll by 2030 if there is a majority in favour in Stormont? That’s mighty generous of them.

    So then, the same will apply for Scotland if there is a majority in favour of an independence poll at Holyrood?

    Hello! Hello? Can you still hear me?

  114. Stoker

    Reform Uk, a right-wing Unionist party whose message is “Let’s Save Britain”. It’s ‘The BNP’ in suits. And very suspiciously they don’t seem to have any Scotland specific policies.

    As far as i’m concerned voting for them is a major mistake Scotland would struggle to recover from. I will stick with spoiling my Westminster ballot papers. I’d rather be dead than give my vote to a bunch of English right-wingers.

  115. Hatuey

    Did someone recently ask what SNP MP we are going to most enjoy seeing lose his or her seat?

    How about Stewart McDonald in Glasgow South? According to Electoral Calculus, he has a 25% chance of winning.

    Reasons to be cheerful 🙂

  116. James Che

    IS it not the case that Scotland never gets whom they vote for, and this will repeat in this election if you intended contributing towards choosing the prime minister of Britain,

    It is already a done deal. Labour will rule Britain, and Nigel Farage has passed his opinion on Scottish independence many a time, from Englands Colonial point of view.

    So Scotlands vote has no voice in electing the prime minister of Britain, or the opposition. We are out numbered and it has already been decided weeks ahead to anyone taking themselves actually to the the polling Station for election day on the 4th in Scotland,

    That leaves People in Scotland with no voice other than a local voice again, that is outnumbered by big funded parties from down south.
    When the pretence is that your vote counts, in better together Britain, but actually is not recognised.

    That is not Democracy that is Colonialism,

  117. Alf Baird

    Mac @ 8:24 am

    “If Farage can capture some sort of ‘time for change’ 2014 vibe …and offer it to the English… things could change fast.”

    Indeed, and as Reform is essentially an English national party, this implies two possible outcomes for Scotland: most likely we will be totally subsumed and made legally into a region of England (i.e. only English law applied to Scotland, as in Wales), which is the current trajectory anyway, or; our parcel of troughers (and hence Scotland) will be removed from England’s parliament, willfully or otherwise.

    Coincidentally these are the only two possible outcomes for a colonised people – perish or liberation (Memmi).

  118. James Che

    The independence supporters long since dropped the Snp as a Scottish Independence party, it seems that it is yourself and perhaps even Stu that hang on to this notion,
    The problem for Scottish voters is there is no one other replacement party other than a Colony better together political party to vote for,
    And Alba do not have enough members to cover Scotland,

    As it is already been decided down South, The people of Scotland might as well abstain from voting or spoil their ballot paper,

  119. Mac

    Does that mean the SNP are the BNP in kilts then. Stupid line of argument to go down if you are a nationalist and lazy.

    But it is another parallel, calling Farage a right winger, a racist… that is exactly the same stuff they said about Trump and still do. (The casual anti English racism thrown in was amusing though.)

    Like it or not there is nothing anymore wrong with British or English nationalism than Scottish nationalism.

    Farage is offering the ‘British’ amongst us but in reality mostly the English their own brand of it. You could compare him to Salmond as much as compare him to Trump.

    But he has also got this whole ‘reform’ angle in there now which is also very appealing to many… that is their independence hook if you like, reform.

    The continual smearing of these people as racists and right wingers is the same trap that Team Clinton fell into. The deplorables remember…

    People seem to have forgotten that England is a right of centre country. Just a few years ago they handed the tories a Thatcher sized landslide.

    Starmer is IMHO only popular as the tories were so disappointing to them. Whether they can recognize it or not yet Farage is now offering (to them) a much ‘better’ alternative than Starmer.

    Plus Farage (like Trump) does not come across like a plank of wood, which is generally an advantage when trying to win votes.

    The irony of course is that Starmer is more tory than the tories.

    As for Farage… who fucking knows what he is. Again exactly like Trump! lol.

    Farage in Downing St, Trump in the Whitehouse… there was a time I would have laughed out loud at the possibility. Now I am thinking it not just possible but maybe probable. Funny old world.

  120. James Che

    Alf Baird,

    Would it not be more noticable in this election to have No votes from Scotland, it would certainly be mentioned on Englands polling day results.

  121. Southernbystander

    James Che – we vote for your constituency MP in a GE and the majority of voters in that constituency do indeed get ‘who they vote for’. We are not voting directly for a PM. Very many people across the UK do not get the PM / Party in power at Westminster they desire (hardly ever if in a safe seat) though in Scotland for many decades that is exactly what you did get whenever Labour was in power.

    Any Scottish nationalist party will only ever stand in Scottish constituencies so can never be in power in Westminster / have a PM, by their own decision.

    Funny comments about Farage (from Alf). If he were a Scottish rather than English nationalist, his policy platform would mirror many of the btl comments: anti-immigration, anti-Green agenda (in all its aspects), gender critical, sceptical about the war in Eastern Europe and friend to the aggressor etc

  122. sam


    The Labour party position now is that it is a political decision whether there is a majority in favour of a re-unified Ireland.


  123. James Che


    It is a strange snap election that the people of both sides of the country are not involved via their vote in the decision making of political party changes that includes changing prime minister of Britain yet are asked to go to elections to vote on it,

    Are you suggesting that the people in Englands and Wales votes are worthless to, that Britain does not do Democracy for the people. It only fakes it,

    Just like Scotland, Why bother voting in England and Wales then,

  124. Alf Baird

    James Che @ 10:08 am

    “Would it not be more noticable in this election to have No votes from Scotland”

    Those of us who have nobody to vote for will likely be in that category. However, half of voters in Scotland are expected to vote for colonial parties. And perhaps half or more of independence supporters look likely to still vote for the pseudo-nationalist SNP, with the remainder voting Alba, ISP, or for I4I candidates. This would probably not leave that many spoiling their votes with #End the Union or whatever, though that looks like my only option.

  125. James Che

    I need someone a bit more genned up than Southernbystander on the political make-up of Britain. To answer this Question.

    Is the Country of Scotland in the Commonwealth?

  126. Geri

    A vote for the Labour party is a vote for the Z lobby.

    They’re raking in millions with donations & personal payments.

    The two unionist parties are as corrupt as feck & the two in the USA is exactly the same.

    Is the *reform* party offering changing the voting system completely to get rid of the two party state? Or is froggy face just wanting reform of immigration?

  127. James

    Southern bystander;
    “…that is exactly what you did get [who you voted for] whenever Labour was in power.”

    Only because that’s what England voted for. Scotland gets what England votes for. Every time. Till the end of time. Till the end of “the Union”.

    “…Like it or not there is nothing anymore wrong with British or English nationalism than Scottish nationalism.”

    Hmmm. English Nationalism, currently “union-jack” waving exceptionalist, Empire-celebrating asset-stripping colonisers. The Land of Hope and Glory brigade. And Farage – on record saying the NHS will go and be replaced by private healthcare paid for by insurance premiums to private companies, just like the good ‘ol US of A. (Got chased out of Edinburgh – fantastic!)

    Scottish nationalism; Scottish Water still a public utility, free bus passes for the elderly, free prescriptions, the Scottish Welfare Fund to shield the poorest from English Tory Government policies, (you know, the Tories that Scotland doesn’t vote for) the NHS kept out of private hands (just-so far).

    Add the excellent quote from Luigi above which says it all;

    “So Labour may be willing to allow a NI border poll by 2030 if there is a majority in favour in Stormont? That’s mighty generous of them.

    So then, the same will apply for Scotland if there is a majority in favour of an independence poll at Holyrood?

    Hello! Hello? Can you still hear me?”

    I’m with Stoker;

    “I’d rather be dead than give my vote to a bunch of English right-wingers.”

  128. Confused

    English nationalism turns, within a millisecond, into british empire loyalism, i.e. their nationalism = imperialism, which is why it will always be invalid.

    Civic nationalism can never work between one group of relatively open and easy going natives and an incomer group of viciously bigoted ethno-racial supremacists; it can never work and when you try it, the consequences for the natives will be disastrous.

    Most english in Scotland are viciously bigoted anglo supremacists, whose prejudice is so deep that they do not notice it; they think our country belongs to them, a notion they need to be educated upon.

    Their narcissism is constantly on display, and they do not even do us the courtesy of moderating their accents in our presence –


    They are Little Englanders, first and last and it puzzles me why the Scots, the people who have suffered much at their hands, don’t seem to want to see it, want to go easy : but the whole of Europe hates them, and even on their holidays to the med they have pissed everyone off to the extent that these protests look close to becoming pogroms.

    “say what you see” – they are the worst cunts on earth, screeching voices, ugly faces, reeked in their own narcisssism about how being english is a win in the lottery of life … there is a vagrant squatting in your front room, at what point do you have the self respect to boot his arse to the kerb?

    – nigel farage will solve the boat problem in 100 days – I could solve the “range rover” problem in 1 day.

    All anglos should be called nigel, for they are all nigels to me.

  129. sam


    “What should we do now?”

    This might have some answers.

  130. Northcode

    “Magic isn’t magic…”

    No, Sven. MagicK isn’t magic, but magic is…magic. I’m a big fan of Richard Bach, but his wise words aren’t always on the button.

    Thanks for the laughs and the ‘love’ on the last thread, by the way.

  131. Graf Midgehunter

    James Che at 11:11 am

    “I need someone a bit more genned up than Southernbystander on the political make-up of Britain. To answer this Question.

    Is the Country of Scotland in the Commonwealth?”
    Hallo Mrs. Che.
    It is when it’s the Commonwealth Games, another Jekyll and Hyde anomaly which plagues our Scottish Nation.

  132. James Che

    Thank you for taking the time to explain Scotland position to southernbystander, as I was busy researching the following

    “The legal jurisdiction of the Sovereign State of Uk, covers England & Wales,” interesting,
    Not Scotland?
    So why did Westminster in England under Labour find it was capable to pass outside it legal jurisdiction the Scotland Act in Scotland.

    You can look up the legal jurisdiction of sovereign state of UK on google.

  133. Geri

    Well said James

    Farage would never go for English Independence – what would he..

    A. Vote for something he already believes he already has?
    B. Watch the cash cow just walk out the door? What would fund the lifestyle they’ve become accustomed to?
    C. Lose his spot on the world stage being a cretin?

    He’s half way up Trumps arse but they all are. America says jump & they don’t even have the bottle to ask how high. That’d be considered back chat & they’d be sanctioned tae fck LOL.

    English nationalism – ultra far right. You only need to look at twitter & all the f*sci*t flags they have in their bio next to the jack. Tells you all you need to know about where they’re heading & their worldview. Absolutely nothing like Scottish nationalism. Couldn’t be more different.

  134. sam

    Labour is stalling on NI border poll only because of the potential knock on effect on Scotland.

    Like all UK governments it refuses to say how/when a border poll is needed. Same as in Scotland. Not now.Not now (ever).

    What the 2022 piece by Brendan O’Leary (linked upthread) does is explore potential ways of measuring support for a border poll. Despite what Starmer says there is potential for Irish re-unification to be an issue in the next decade.

    Though I haven’t yet watched it all the Q&A video linked upthread sets out groundwork to be done to prepare for re-unification. It might be of interest and relevance to Scots.

  135. Dan

    @ James at 12:11 pm

    Re. “Scottish Water still a public utility”

    Aye and no. From my experiences with Scottish Water I know they outsource a lot of what should be pretty basic maintenance and engineering work of their infrastructure to private companies.
    And some of those private companies then sub-contract work to other private companies.
    The private companies just invoice back to SW and we pick up the tab on the water supply and sewerage charges of our council tax.
    It’s a shite state of affairs because nobody really gives a fuck about the quality of the work, or that we can be paying for repair work which should be getting covered by a damages claim against the individuals that caused the issue.

    I heard Martin Kennedy, President of NFU Scotland had a few outspoken things to say about beaver damage the other week. Good on him for calling it out.
    It’s farcical watching the efforts the pro-beaver groups use to try to mitigate the issues.
    EG 2 months back a crew came to install a “beaver deceiver” through a dam which is supposedly meant to fool the beaver and allow the flooded area to drain. They installed two larger plastic pipes through the existing beaver dam and a wire cage on the pipe inlets so the water flows through the pipes. Well less than 2 months on the beavers had just built a new damn 30 yards upstream and the area is flooded worse than it ever was.
    It’s an utter joke the way they are fucking around with watercourses. There is no way there has been proper detailed broad spectrum assessments on how beaver activity and mitigation measures affects the diverse range of aspects in the area.
    Speaking to another local farmer about this and he was quoted nearly 300 grand to install a riverbank protection measure in an attempt to stop further beaver activity and erosion of farm land.
    After considering the method that was proposed, he declined to proceed as it was highly questionable it would actually work in any meaningful manner.

  136. Geri

    James Che

    I’d assume cause that’s what 72% (?) of Scotland voted for in the devolution referendum?

    Salmond was hoodwinked by Dewar. Lying barstewards. The infamous *gentleman’s agreement* there’d be fck all in the Scotland Bill/Act that would deny Scottish independence should a majority vote for it at any time.

    Should’ve had that in writing FFS.

    Then along came 2014 & them nearly losing so they’ve done what all colonisers do – change the rules.

  137. James

    Geri and James Chi;

    Thanks, it’s good to be on the right side, eh? (Haven’t the trolls gone quiet though? Celebrating Engerlands glorious footbore team nae doot).


    Yeah, I take your point. I guess I was meaning to say in Scotland we don’t get water bills from private companies (yet) and said private water companies aren’t ‘flooding’ our seawater with human shite to save money.

    Privatisation – what a gas.

  138. Ruby Tuesday


    I’ve decided it’s time to have fun and tell jokes.
    I can’t see how you can have a united anything if your country is divided up into hundreds of different communities.

    Catholic community, Protestant community, Muslim community,Jewish community, Seikh community, Hindu community & Trans community.

  139. James Che

    Graf Midgehunter,

    Your response was nearer the truth than even perhaps you realised

    I have just looked up, “The Commonwealth of Nations,” on google.

    This is a rough quote,
    The Commonwealth of Nations is a Voluntary association of 56 Nations,
    King Charles is the Symbol of this free association as head of the Commonwealth,
    Baroness Patricia Janet Scotland, ( thats her name, strangely enough , not our Country) of Asthal is Commonwealth Secretary – General of the Commonwealth Nations ( incumbent ) since April 2016, and was Attorney General for England and Wales and Advocate General for Northern Ireland,o

    Not finding The Country of Scotland mentioned at all, and wondered does this relate back to the other subject I had researched this morning,
    That the legal jurisdiction of the sovereign State of the Uk does not include Scotland, and makes a body curious if the crown is Sovereign in any way over Scotland.
    Another one of those jigsaw pieces that does not fit into the story of a union between Scotland and England,

  140. paul Cockshott

    Ian this is dire.
    Do you want to collaborate with me on a YouTube video for my channel exposing it.

  141. James Che


    Did you know that Beavers are a threat to our water system as they often carry Rabies,

    If you want to point anyone in the direction of this health alert to our water supplies , then you will find Aquachigger on youtube who got bit in the arese by a Rabied Beaver,
    His wife is a vet,

  142. sam


    Hope you have fun. Mebbe you might bookmark the links to Brendan O’Leary to return to when/if you feel more serious? It is seriously useful. About the franchise. Minority views.

    For fun you might google tommy cooper all at sea.

    It’s an anticipation of Brexit and a good metaphor of brexit

  143. crazycat

    @ James Che at 1.32

    I’ve just followed your suggestion to look up Aquachigger. He’s in the US. Beavers in the UK are not rabid.

  144. James Che

    The Devolution referendum and the 2014 referendum are both a bit of a Scam,
    Because the UK Sovereign State has been extremely busy for the past few years advertising to the world that the Scots were not asked to join the treaty of union,

    And no matter how unionist persist on here saying the treaty of union is old guff,
    The uk sovereign state bring that old guff, bang up to present day date on with their Westminster parliament site statement 2024.
    There may be a debate held on wether the monarch is the monarch over the devolved parliament
    But from the horses mouth itself comes the information that
    The Scots are not in and were not ever in the treaty of union. Because England made the mistake of not inviting them in,

  145. James Che


    How do you know that? , do you have the beavers inoculation certificates? , and are able to trace the origin from hence they came from and Country, ? when and were history,? transport history? date of delivery into Scotland history?

  146. Southernbystander

    James Che – the FPTP system is what it is and affects all voters in the UK. Is it undemocratic? I would say no since in nearly all GEs the party with the most actual votes for their MPs (the ‘popular’ vote) gets in power, though I am aware of rare exceptions. But it is clearly limited democracy compared to PR.

    I used to be against PR due to what others rightly highlight as the scourge of extreme forms of English and indeed British nationalism and the danger of it getting a serious political voice (notwithstanding the Tories veering into that territory). I speak about the time when the NF and BNP had growing traction, now arguably represented by the more media friendly and savvy Farage and Reform. But I have changed my mind despite that due to the fact that whatever you think of them, their votes should potentially count for something. UKIP got 4 million votes in the 2015 GE (12%) yet no MPs / parliamentary representation and this bothered me on a democratic level as much as I was against them.

    James – you are right of course that Labour got in on the strength of English votes, but still at that time the majority of Scots’ voters got what they wanted too. It is the fundamental nature of the Union. I should make clear it is therefore a very good argument for Scottish independence (which I support) as it will alwasy be this way.

  147. James Che


    I think a conversation with Crazycat might not go amiss,

  148. Ruby Tuesday

    Will do Sam. You always post excellent links.


    I’ve archived it & bookmarked it all ready to read later.

    You got me interested with the mention of franchise.

    Moonhowlin’ for more than a mile
    We’re doing it in style today

  149. sam

    From YouGov.

    Is there later polling from YouGov?

    “The latest YouGov polling in Scotland – conducted on 3-7 June – shows that the 10pt Labour lead we had for Keir Starmer’s party in mid-May has now fallen back to four points. This is a primarily a result of Labour’s vote share falling back by five points (from 39% to 34%) rather than the SNP making any noticeable progress – the party currently stands on 30%, compared to 29% last month.”

  150. James Che


    Firstly thank you for your response,
    It has to be said that FPTP is not only not a democratic in Scotland, but is a undemocratic system across Britain,
    And as I have spent sometime the last month analysing this system of unfairness and the effect it has in Scotland not having a voice in elections I have become aware that England is also against the FPTP system and complaining.
    In fact is that not what the Reform party in England have said on their interviews.

    So I Doubt you will convince Scottish people that this election is fair or democratic, or that their vote is not going to be a wasted vote when it has already been decided for them by Englands
    Country simply holding more people than Scotlands.

    At the same time as Scotland constituencies are being amalgamated. Which reduces seats in Scotland,
    This started long ago when Westminster breached the treaty of union and removed Scotlands Burghs, and has steadily continued since.


  151. crazycat

    @ James Che at 1.58

    Introduced beavers were all quarantined. Beavers born here were not quarantined, but in order to be rabid they would have to have been bitten by another rabid animal. For decades, the only recorded animals in the UK that have transferred rabies are bats; one isolated incident occurred a few years ago when a man handling a bat was bitten and infected. The UK is officially rabies-free because of the extreme rarity of such incidents.

    Do you think bats are likely to interact with beavers and bite them? It’s not impossible, but so unlikely that I really do not accept your assertion that beavers are a problem because they’re rabid.

    I haven’t said anything about other potential beaver problems; your invitation to Dan to debate beavers with me implies that you think I would reject all his arguments too, not just yours that was based on a misunderstanding.

  152. Republicofscotland

    Liberation/Salvo are making progress even though they are completely ignored by the foreign media in Scotland and are constantly under attack from foreign forces.

  153. KT Lorimer

    The beavers in Scotland are the European species not the American one. They do not have rabies and they have different behaviours to the American – if you want to be taken seriously here do not post rubbish.

  154. Republicofscotland

    Teflon Don John Swinney (VONC’s never stick to him) critcises Fifth Columnist and branch manager of BLiS in Scotland Anas Sarwar over BLiS’s failure to do away with the Two-Child benefit cap if they get into power.

    Of course the SNP have been promising free-School meals for all school children for years and have failed to deliver this among many other failures.

    I’m highlighting the lies and deceit that the SNP/BLIS tells to the voters in order to win their votes, the SNP/BLiS/Lib/Dems/Tories/Greens will all say anything and everything to get your vote.

    Don’t vote for any of them, infact don’t vote in this GE at all its a foreign countries elections and if you do vote all you’ll be doing is sending Scottish politicians to an alien parliament to live well at your expense for years whilst they’ll achieve nothing for Scotland.

    Boycott the GE.

  155. sam


    I would be seriously interested to have your opinion of the 3 min parody of Brexit by tommy cooper all at sea.

    Cooper is UK gov.

  156. Southernbystander

    James Che – yes in that sense I cannot disagree.

    But the obvious point is that it all depends on your perspective. A nationalist would say exactly what you say and with justification but a Unionist (or simply non-nationalist) would say we vote in a GE as the UK, not as individual nations within the Union, which is the way it actually is.

    I understand your decision not to vote. I will vote Labour.

    I live in a marginal in West Yorkshire, currently Tory with every chance he will be ousted by Labour this time.

    I am more left than Starmer who annoys me, was quite enthusiastic about Corbyn and I do not support all proposed Labour policies, but I am not especially ideological and desperately want the Tories out.

    Whatever people say, I do not buy the idea at all that there is no difference between the two parties. This view is based on their policy platforms and general worldview / outlook plus the fact that Labour is not simply about Starmer as PM.

    If I were in Scotland and rooting for independence there I am not sure what I would do tbh.

  157. James Che

    Alf Baird.

    What you say is true, and the only option I have is to not vote,
    I am no surprised that the Tory party is crashing, as I just had o e of their leaflets through the door,
    The main issue on their manifesto was to fight the SNP vote,

    No policies, not a word about energy, housing, rising prices, taxation, not even potholes,
    Just vote for this party not that party, perhaps that is because the tories recognise that their labour opposition party is the actual Snp party,

    Both have been in the Scottish parliament long enough to have made a difference long since
    But as always it is not about the people or Country it is about self interest and survival of their party first which provides their finances.

  158. James

    BLiS and Tory leaflets here (good for cat litter) claiming ‘we’re the only party that can beat the SNP in this area’ – that’s it, nothing else. Two cheeks of the same arse.


  159. James Che

    Union nationalist – Scottish nationalist- English nationalist,
    They are all the same. Each one fighting to hold onto their Country, their culture their language their way of life with out big brother or nanny state interference, and with less immigration infiltrating and over and diluting their national identity,

    The only difference is unionist think all nation Countries of Britain belong to them, and are often on the wrong side of right,
    Many Treaties made are made to be broken…. I was reading the Edinburgh- Northampton treaty recently between Scotland and England,

    No offence is meant to yourself or anyone else in England wanting their own Country back, their old systems back, and their old laws that stood For centuries,
    For your Country is just beginning to experience what Scotland has felt like for the past three hundred years or more,
    Colonised by people that often do not speak the same language, a new replacement population,, that come to your country and oust the locals from housing, employment and take over their land and resources,
    England is protesting that this should happen to them….and yet they did the same to Wales, Ireland, Scotland, and every other native nation that became their Colony,

  160. MaryB

    The beavers in the official test site at Knapdale were all tested when imported from Norway. The ‘unofficial’ beavers in Perthshire and at Aigas were all tested too at the time they were legalised. They are all Eurasian beavers.
    Beavers have been relocated to various sites in England and Wales and are all tested first.

  161. Stoker

    According to BritNat media one in every 10 votes now going to Reform UK, and rising. One of their major policies is to introduce a much higher rate of tax for companies to pay for immigrant employees compared to lower contributions for British employees. Their popularity in England is soaring. What are they natives like, eh? LOL!

  162. James Che


    I think they must deliberately bowing out to Labour,
    But a one party state becomes a dangerous dictatorship, especially if the peoples vote has no reality of democracy attached to it,
    It would be funny, if you could “not” see the or foresee the direction that Britain is heading, now its just plain scary,

    Even the Monarchy is reducing then slowly bowing out,

  163. Colin Alexander

    As far as I’m aware, there are no abstentionist candidates in my constituency (those who would refuse to swear fealty to England’s Crown cos they reject English Crown in WM Parliamentary sovereignty.)

    So, I won’t be voting.

    Good luck to the Independence for Scotland Party (ISP) candidates as they are abstentionists who uphold Scottish sovereignty. Just a pity there’s not one standing in my constituency.

  164. James Che


    Here is another one coming out the woodwork for you to get your teeth into, excuse the puns,

    These ideologists never think of asking or consulting the “people” in Britain, England Scotland, or Wales first, they just arrogantly go ahead paying no heed to how it will damage peoples lives, as long as the funding gives them a home and employment,

    Beavers, Wolves, Bears, bufcalo or bison, yet they all shite like cows, but thats bad farming, who needs a food supply when you can eat GM or bug burgers,

  165. Xaracen

    It seems it is clearly time for a reminder of the true basis of the Union!

    The fundamental basis of the UK as currently ‘constituted’ and governed is a crock of English bullshit of the most abusive and dishonest kind.

    The two sovereign kingdoms of Scotland and England agreed via Treaty in 1707 to give up independent self-governance, and to adopt instead joint self-governance of their two territories. They chose to implement this joint governance simply by putting both sets of their MPs into one shared parliament based in Westminster, the premises of the prior parliament of England.

    Scotland’s MPs formally represent Scotland in the Union’s parliament, and they are alone in representing the entire sovereign kingdom, country, nation, territory and people of Scotland and their sovereign authority as a nation in the Union’s parliament. And of course England’s MPs formally represent the entire sovereign kingdom, countries, nations, territories and peoples of England and their sovereign authority as an entirely different foreign kingdom in the Union’s parliament. Because of England’s far larger population, England’s MPs number around ten times Scotland’s MPs in the parliament’s main chamber.

    All decisions of the parliament of the Union are ‘jointly agreed’, and that ‘agreement’ is determined by a flat vote of all the MPs by simple single majority. But with ten times the number of MPs, this not only means that virtually all Union decisions are taken by England’s MPs, it also means that there is little to no need for them to compromise with Scotland’s MPs on any matter to gain a sufficient majority to pass their English decisions as ‘Union’ decisions.

    Functionally, then, Westminster treats the Union as if it is a Union of 650 non-sovereign constituencies rather than of the two sovereign kingdoms that actually founded it, so that flat vote actually deprives the Scottish half of the Union of any meaningful say in it. Scotland is ‘disappeared’.


    Nothing in principle subordinates the Kingdom of Scotland in any way to the Kingdom of England, neither before nor after 1707. Both kingdoms being sovereign in their own territories, neither is obliged to submit to any authority of the other.

    Given this, then Scotland’s MPs cannot be deemed subordinate to England’s MPs, nor vice versa, unless there is an actual formal agreement between the two kingdoms to that effect in one or other of the three founding documents of the Union. Absent such agreement, and it IS absent, the very fact of those two equal sovereignties makes the relative numbers of their two representative bodies completely irrelevant, and the numeric superiority of England’s MPs is therefore completely meaningless in terms of authoritative weight in any vote of the two bodies.

    It is obviously constitutionally and democratically inappropriate to use a flat voting system with such a highly asymmetric MP population in the Union’s parliament, and the use of that flat voting system is another imposition that obviously needs but totally lacks any formal agreement between the two kingdoms in the Union’s founding documents.

    England’s MPs’ authority over Scotland’s MPs, and over Scotland, and over the Union, based solely on its huge MP numbers coupled with that inappropriate and unwarranted flat voting system, is therefore fundamentally bogus.

    It then also follows that much of the UK’s existing legislation and other governance decisions is fraudulent, too, and ultra vires of the parliament that passed them, if they had been passed on majority approval of the English half of the Union, but without majority approval of the Scottish half of the Union.

    Likewise, there is no formal agreement that England’s constitution would become the constitution of the UK, and that Scotland’s constitution would be null and void. Quite the reverse in fact; Scotland’s constitution as cited by Scotland’s 1689 Claim of Right is formally guaranteed its permanence by the Scottish codicil to Article 25 of the Treaty of Union as a condition of its ratification, and is thus binding on Parliament and the Union. No such guarantee exists for England’s constitution.

    A consequence of this is that Scotland’s people are still the formal owners of Scotland’s sovereignty under their own still extant constitution, while England’s people are not under theirs. Therefore when the UK parliament imposed Brexit over the UK and over Scotland despite the very decisive vote of the sovereign Scots for Remain, that decision directly breached Scotland’s sovereignty and constitution because it very deliberately denied the formal settled will of the sovereign Scots regarding the constitutional status of their own country.

    Any aspect of WM governance that contravenes Scotland’s constitution, or the settled will of the sovereign people of Scotland determined by direct plebiscite, or Scotland’s sovereignty as wielded indirectly by Scotland’s MPs on their people’s behalf, is ultra vires and unlawful, and represents a fatal breach of the Treaty.

    On top of that revelation is another; prior to the Union, neither Scotland’s monarch nor England’s ever held territorial rights over Scotland’s open territory. Those rights belonged formally to Scotland’s people, and still do.

    England’s monarch held such rights over the territory of England’s kingdom only, thus England, Wales and Ireland. As such then, the British monarch cannot possess such rights over Scotland’s territory, because those who did hold those rights never gave them up! Thus Westminster’s exertion of territorial rights on behalf ‘the Crown’ regarding Scotland’s oil, gas, and other minerals and all other territory-based wealth of Scotland is also ultra vires, fraudulent, and unlawful.

    I don’t actually know just how much further down this black and rotten rabbit hole goes, but it’s certainly more than deep enough already to bury the Union in and on several different grounds!

  166. Breastplate

    Conservative Party and the Labour Party are the same party funded by the same people pulling the strings, slightly different flavours of the same shite.

    The people and institutions behind the curtains pulling the levers of power couldn’t care less which party has the most representatives in Westminster as they are absolutely sure it won’t make a blind bit of difference.

    Corbyn and Salmond were the only 2 in recent times that threatened to change the power dynamics, that’s why they were a problem that needed to be solved.
    It’s no coincidence that their own parties turned against them.

    But you’re entitled to believe what you want, it’s pretty much what most people do anyway.

  167. crazycat

    @ James Che at 4.27

    There was a Scottish Government consultation about the re-introduction of beavers in 2017/8:

    The responses of 498 people/organizations who gave permission for those to be published can be accessed via the link above. It isn’t difficult to respond to government consultations, though many people may not be aware of their existence.

  168. James Che

    I will end on this message today,

    If Scotland does not wake up and get its independence very soon we will be living in a one Country one party dictatorship.
    That has stolen the farming producing lands of people and turned us into a nature reserve for the elite,
    You will own nothing and will be happy so they tell us,
    You will be owned by big corporations, big pharma mandating untested vaccines through the WHO treaties,
    You will be locked up or down year after year,
    I believe the next virus is already discussed,
    Ucing Your right to travel, your right to own a car, and your right to free speech is already being taken,
    Its no longer a joke or a conspiracy theory, its there for you to experience through the trans rights activists, removing free speech, the Climate change activists, the Re-Wild Britain activists, the black against white activists like anas Sarwar and Yousaf, The attack on our food suppling farmers, and reducing fishing rights, and men faking being women, and leaving children of Scotland to become sex toys for phedophiliacs.

    Its happening now, you are in the regime change of Britain at the present,
    It is not a matter of waiting to cast your vote in an election we won’t win,
    If You must write anything on a ballot paper, it must say , ” I do not consent” to spoil your ballot paper,
    For once this election has passed we may never get the opportunity again to be free of the new laws regime change that is taking over the normal laws in Britain or Scotland .
    It require a serious note for Scots to ask themselves are some these things happening to us now? Are some in the pipeline?
    Will the rest come in with the new Labour one party State?

  169. twathater

    @ Sam re the border poll and Varadkar’s interest , I note he is of the same opinion as our “supposed represenratives” SF proposed a citizens assembly but Varadker has opposed this because in his OPINION “expertise and political buy in is required” in other words fuck the plebs they cannot be trusted to know what’s good for them, we NEED politicians to make decisions for us

    Just another politician trying to CREATE a nice cosy troughing situation that they are in control of and will extend indefinitely their access to the money

    It never ceases to amaze me that these politicians feel that they have the god given right and the superior intellect to ignore the wishes and demands of the electorate and cannot accept that most of them are just PARASITES and are as dumb as a box of rocks

    @ Xaracen 4.32pm once again explanerised in great detail the REAL meaning of the TOU supposedly as was agreed to , BUT I wonder if ANY of our politicians can explain their interpretation of why they are so IGNORANT of the FACTS and WHY they continuously FAIL to act

  170. James Che


    Just in case you have missed a important bit of information over the years here on Wings,

    The devolved government is not Scottish, it is under the legislation and Statues of the Sovereign Westminster parliament of England which derives it Sovereignty from the monarch of England through the 1689 bill of rights, still part of the constitution of England, the act of settlement and limitations acts

    The reason I do not always agree with Xaracen is because Queen Anne was Coronated as the Queen of England 1702 and in line to the succession to the throne and Crown of England.

    All those English parliament Acts converted the possible future monarch in Scotland to become the monarch of England.
    Queen Anne was the Monarch of England officially in line to the throne of England when she gave royal assent to the 1707 treaty of union in England and was officially Queen of England at that time,

    But she was in line of succession to the English Crown, the English throne and the Country of England when she gave royal assent to the Scottish side of the treaty of union 1707.

    Scotland did not posses a monarch in line to their Scottish crown or throne of Scotland in 1707, , and the Crown of Scotland has sat redundant ever since,

    The devolved government in Scotland comes under the statues of the monarch of England, the crown of England and the parliament of England.
    ” Devolved” translated means = rolled Down,

    It is rolled down from the Sovereign parliament of England from the Sovereign monarch of England from the bill of rights passed by the parliament of England and after the hoax 1707 treaty of union was ( Extended) to Scotland by the Sovereign parliament of……England.

    Because Scotland did not have a Sovereign parliament, the people are Sovereign in Scotland.
    Hence the dispute if Westminster is a “union parliament”; why is it claiming English Sovereignty unless it still is the parliament of England.

    So your consultations were approved by the rolled down sub-parliament from and of England.

    Unless you are suggestng that the Westminster parliament is not a Sovereign parliament great britain.

  171. James Che


    So you consult the “all the Sovereign people of Scotland” in Scotland, not a rolled down sub parliament under the parliament of England Statues and legislation

  172. Dan

    @ crazycat

    The thing about consultations is that a lot of the responses aren’t necessarily from folk that have any significant knowledge and comprehension on the various wider aspects of the subject matter. How did that consultation shizzle play out with the genderwoowoo where anybody even outwith Scotland could respond. “Your concerns are not valid”…
    I randomly clicked and read quite a few of the responses and the similarity of responses immediately stood out like they were almost a generic template of pro beaver support being submitted, and those responses also seemed to lack a proper depth of understanding on the subject. Some grand ideas about eco-tourisn even though you rarely if ever seem them but can enjoy the delightful wonderment of looking at hunners of gnawed to death trees, and also these folk had complete belief that mitigation measures would work.
    Which after the fact has shown that the pie in the sky mitigation crap posted on the likes of Nature Scotland site isn’t really viable or even liable to make much of a difference.
    The example I mentioned earlier is a fine example of the woeful attempt to keep the water level controlled. Some folk are now going to have to wade back into the swamp and try to recover the 15 foot long 12” diameter plastic pipes and the big wire mesh cage they installed two months ago because the beavers just built a new dam 30 yards upstream ripping the pish out of that mitigation measure. Humans outsmarted by large rodent is a classic example of where we are at.
    But at least that pitiful attempt has only been in place a short time so should be possible to remove relatively easily, and not like 100s of yards of wire mesh run along a burn or river bank that will become a tangled mess with plants and trees growing through it.
    Down the line that will be a real problem as you’ll basically need a large powerful excavator to rip all that shite out. But oh, you can’t use machinery like that near a watercourse because pollution and the environment… and most of the time access for such a machine is very difficult due to constraints of the terrain.

    TBH I’m done with it as it is fucked and nobody seems to have the slightest clue about protecting or maintaining existing infrastructure. The local village sewer pipe eventually got fixed and I’ve since called Scottish Water and asked why the heck they hadn’t addressed the 3 feet of eroded river bed beneath the pipe and left the new pipe sitting totally vulnerable and unprotected mid-water ready to be hammered by anything big that comes down in the 4 meter floods this winter. Mmm, like those two big trees the beavers gnawed down sitting just 50 yards upstream from the pipe…
    This afternoon I went on a 5 mile fishing walk along what used to be a braw burn with brown trout in. It’s just a muddy mess. Fell through the bank twice when the ground collapsed beneath me due to beaver burrowing, fortunately didn’t break my legs in the 5 feet falls but got soaked and muddy legs as would have needed waders rather than wellies lolz.
    Beavers aside there’s trees growing out of the stonework of beautifully built old bridges and retaining walls along the roads. So the stonework will get wrecked as the tree roots grow, expand and displace stones. Ach, it’ll be a job for Breeks!
    I also now see that the invasive species of Himalayan Balsam and Japanese Knotweed are all along the edges of the fields and burn bank for miles so very difficult to even attempt to deal with that due to amount of effort and chemicals needed to kill it, and the proximity of these areas to the watercourse. Interestingly I did note that the Himalayan Balsam right next to the barley or wheat crop field that had been sprayed seemed to be dying.
    But as there are now virtually no sections of the burn holding fish I don’t care anymore as I will never be going back again. It’s done.

  173. Northcode

    Colonialism has got to be one of the dumbest survival mechanisms ever devised by simple minds. To believe that the long term survival of one people can be secured through the oppression, exploitation and eradication of other peoples is supersonically stupid.

    But gangsters be gangstas and smarts don’t much figure in their (mis)calculations.

  174. sam


    When I searched online I found that what you were remarking has nothing at all to do with what I was interested in. That was Varadker’s stance on preparing Ireland to reunify.

    That there are citizen’s assemblies in Ireland and they take part in constitutional issues I had forgotten (if I ever knew) (memories are made of this).

    What I found when exploring your remarks to me was not at all the conclusion you reached. Each to his own?

    I’ve put up a link to a great piece involving Brendan O’Leary talking about Irish unity. He’s talking about Irish unity. Because he’s talking about how to get there I think much of it also applies to Scotland.

  175. crazycat

    @ James Che

    I am well aware that the devolved administrations are creations (and creatures) of Westminster.

    That isn’t the point – the point is that you claimed there was no consultation, which is factually incorrect, as was your assertion about rabies.

    I wasn’t talking about whether the consultations were “approved”; or, indeed, whether they were taken into account. If not via “consultation” how do you propose that the Sovereign People of Scotland be asked their opinion of beaver re-introduction – or anything else?

  176. crazycat

    @ James Che and Dan

    In the hiatus between my writing my post and its appearance, you both responded to some of the points in it. I’m not going to risk more cross-posting. Thank you for taking the time to write your posts.

  177. Northcode

    The UK has become a ludicrous, lurching zombie ‘nation’ staggering about in mumbling confusion looking for some ‘brains’ to eat – desperately trying to keep its limbs attached with political sellotape and using the rusty old chains of a crumbling treaty as bandages; unaware that it is already dead .

    Alf Baird – didn’t you consider ‘Zombie Nation’ as a title for your book, Doun-Hauden, at one point? I wonder if that’s why the term popped intae ma heid when I was writing down this thought that popped intae ma heid .

  178. Dan

    @ Northcode

    Kernkraft 400 beat Alf to that name with this mindless somewhat pish techno tune.

    In other breaking news for the Scottish zombie nation… Huffing yer way through a fruit vape counts as 1 part of your daily fruit and veg intake.

  179. David Hannah

    100,000 people – net migration all to the health service.

    Turning the NHS into little Africa.

    It’s unbelievable what they’re doing. Subsidised houses for the international workers.

    Two sets of standards in care.

    Families coming over.

    Tell me this. Why are there so many immigrants here. That came to study for 1 year. Completed their course and are now still here?

    Can someone explain to me on what Visa these people are still here on.

    If anyone’s seen what’s going on in Dublin. Its even worse. Croke Park home of the GAA turned into a mosque.

    It is disgraceful. I’ve had enough of the immigration.

    And btw. I walked past the wyndford estate today. It’s being taken apart. It’s being destroyed. 2 blocks almost completely gutted out to a shell like state. It’s looking like Uk-raine.

    The they/thems want access to the west end . £900 a month. I can’t believe this.

    They fucking hate the scots. I’m more anti immigration by the day. I’m fucking sick of it. I’ll need to say something about it forever hold my peace.

  180. David Hannah

    40,000 illegal migrants crossed the channel this year.

    Where’s the Royal Navy? Why is no one handcuffing these bastards. Boating them off to Gilbraltar and saying – Home’s that way!!

    They’ve crossed all the safe countries in Europe. They come with no documentation.

    Riki Sunak – stop the boats – fuck off sunak you cunt. fuck off to california and don’t come back.

    I’m not watching Sky news tonight – immigration crisis special.

    I hope the country votes for the toughest hardest immigration candidate possible.

  181. Campbell Clansman

    The latest YouGov poll shows that if the vote were held today, “Independence” would lose by a healthy 53%-47% margin.
    The latest YouGov poll also shows that, despite the vocal support from moonhowling “Salvo” trolls, Alba and ISP have so little actual support they don’t even register.

  182. Ruby Tuesday


    I listen to the Brendan O’Leary for the whole 72 minutes. He is an excellent speaker.

    I’m at disadvantage because I know nothing about Irish history, politics or geography.

    I followed along with the talk because of comparisons between the situation in Ireland & Scotland.

    He did say one of the Unionists top priorities was British citizen ship. This came up during the IndyRef and at that time Teresa May said there would be no dual British/Scottish nationality that would not be allowed. I believe the right to dual nationality is built into the Good Friday agreement.
    Can the UK be trusted to honour the Good Friday Agreement.

    Not sure why anyone living in a EU country would want British citizenship.

    The other thing I wondered about was how much interest the UK Gov might have in keeping N.Ireland.
    Brendan O’Leary suggests that Labour & less so the Tories are more committed to the Union of Great Britain than it is to the Union of Great Britain & N.Ireland and that the Scottish question might have an influence on whether there is a reunification referendum in Ireland.

    It was an interesting talk but I missed the bit about the franchise.

  183. David Hannah

    P.S. England out of Scotland. Ban cash offers from English colonizers! Natives first – no cash offers from English setllers!

    Build the great wall of Scotland. Reclaim the estates. For the Scottish people! the 96 mile wall.

    Nae mair will the bonnie callants
    Mairch tae war when oor braggarts crousely craw,
    Nor wee weans frae pit-heid and clachan
    Mourn the ships sailin’ doon the Broomielaw.
    Broken faimlies in lands we’ve herriet,
    Will curse Scotland the Brave nae mair, nae mair;
    Black and white, ane til ither mairriet,
    Mak the vile barracks o’ their maisters bare.

    Build the wall. England out of Scotland.

  184. Republicofscotland

    “France intends to reduce the number of its forces stationed in West and Central Africa to around 600 troops, in compliance with President Emmanuel Macron’s policy of limiting the country’s military presence on the continent.”

    Macron’s military has recently been kicked out of a number of African countries, France will keep some troops in Gabon, Chad and Cote d’Ivoire. At one point France had over 5,000 troops in the Sahel region as part of Operation Barkhane, which in reality was about assets stripping and seeking out and killing dissenters to the asset stripping.

    France will now have thousands of troops standing by and if they are standing by they aren’t making money for French corporations in foreign lands that can be exploited.

    I suppose they could be sent to U’s meat grinder like previous French Special Forces.

  185. David Hannah

    P.s. Shamima Begum’s got more chance of – ‘coming home’ – to England, than the European football Championship!

    All she’s got to do is get herself to France. And the French will provide a rubber dingy.

    What the fuck is going on?

    Why is this being allowed to happen. Where is the royal navy? Why are they not arresting these people. Tying them up. Handcuffing them and deporting them within 24 hours. Why has nobody suggested sending them to Gibraltar and process them there? Just me that’s thought of that?

  186. Northcode

    Thanks, Dan.

    That video brings back memories – Mindy was my second wife. She dumped me because I kept bangin’ on about rhetoric in my sleep. As did my first wife…as I found out a few years later chatting to her when she was a guest at me and Mindy’s wedding reception.

    The Kernkraft 400 was a rubbish microwave – we only had it because Mindy got a huge discount for her part in the video.

    I didn’t realise their was such healthy benefits to be had from vaping. You learn something new every day on here.

  187. Republicofscotland

    The President of Poland Duda might talk a good game on supporting U and the near million immigrants from there, but ordinary Polish folk think differently.

    “The vast majority of Poles want government benefits for U refugees slashed, a recent survey has shown, according to local media. The number of Polish people who believe Warsaw should not provide any additional aid to K-i-e-v has also risen in recent months, the study indicates.

    According to data from the EU statistics agency Eurostat, as of March 2024.”

    “Only 17% of respondents said they had no issue with U refugees settling in Poland permanently, while 61% said they wanted them to go back to their country once hostilities there are over.

    The same study showed that the number of Poles strongly in favor of providing aid to K-i-e-v has declined from 62% in January 2023 to 31% at present.

    Some 72% of respondents told the pollster that Poland should put its own national interests first despite the difficulties experienced by its neighbor.”

  188. Dan

    @ Campbell Clansman

    47 to 53 is still quite close. Still waiting for you to post a positive case for the union that would knock support for independence on its arse.
    Ye surely have got something or are ye jist here bumping yer gums.
    Maybe start with explaining and putting a positive spin on how yer beloved London Rule managed to so monumentally fuck the UK energy industries.
    In yer own time. I’m aff to make a cuppa and the number one dynamic Indy site takes aboot 15 minutes for posts to appear…

  189. Northcode

    “I didn’t realise their was such healthy benefits ”

    I apologise. I don’t know what happened there with the grammar and structure of that sentence – nostalgic thoughts of Mindy intruding on my cognitive functioning, probably.

  190. David Hannah

    We need a trade war against France.

    9pm tonight. Sky news immigration crisis special from Calais.

    I can’t watch it. It’ll make me sick to my stomach. My needs are being failed by my leaders. Our country is suffering. We’re becoming poorer. We’re second class. We’re being told to

    Be Kind. for those stunning and brave life endangering people – Willie Rennie BBC Scotland newsnight – “these people are doctors and nurses.”

    Are they fuck. These people are fighting aged men. They are coming to make our country poorer.

    40,000 illegal immigrants – let’s call them what they are illegals – criminals that should be handcuffed. To hell with a criminals human rights.

    Legal migrants – cut the numbers but there’s nothing wrong with them as people or professionals.

    I want these illegals sent back to where they came from.

    We need a trade war with France if Britain had any spine – what’s left of Britain that is!

  191. Ruby Tuesday

    Multi-culturalism is a huge attraction for immigrants.

    They are not going to a foreign country they are coming home.

  192. Republicofscotland

    Meanwhile Stolt the Dolt aka Jens Stoltenberg has said that Ch-ina must pay a heavy price for supplying Rooshh-ia with parts and equipment to keep it going in the conflict with U.

    Of course its supplying R, just as nearly the entire West is supplying U. Anyway Stolt the Dolt will soon stand down as Na-t-o’s mouthpiece, and ex-Dutch PM Mark Rutte really fancies the job, 29 of the 32 Na-t-o members backs Rutte for the propaganda position, Slovakia and Romania oppose him as does/did Hungary’s Orban, but Rutte sought out Orban and event and had a good talk with him and Orban might now not block Rutte’s route to the Lord Haw Haw mike.

    Klaus Iohannis Romania’s president wants the job for himself.

  193. David Hannah

    My personal immigration plan – thought up on the back of a fag packet. But it seems like common sense.

    Rwanda is a waste of money. Cancel that.

    Channel crossings would be cut from 40,000 to zero overnight if the Royal Navy were deployed.

    We need to produce thousands of handcuffs. Zip ties. The lot. As soon as your boat is picked up. You’re fucking tied up. like a criminal would be escaping jail.

    The women and children on the boat would be allowed through – and the 1 husband. The rest can fuck off. and social services be called in for the protection of the child.

    Last I checked. Gilbraltar is british. Africa is that way! Or spain is that way. You’re free to go. But you’re not getting in across the channell

    Why has no cunt in the entire history of this whole debate thought of this idea? Why has nobody said anything about it.

    What the fuck do we pay our taxes for? The royal navy. There’s your answer to stopping the boats. Mary’s your auntie. And Bobs your uncle.

    We can have the gibraltar express Royal Navy ship.

  194. Breastplate


    There was a film on Netflix called Siege of Jadotville based on true events that were kept secret about the French and Belgian influence in the Katanga region of the DRC culminating in the UN Secretary General’s death in a mysterious crash in the region.

    All about the resources of somebody else’s country and who controls it, some things never change, eh.

  195. Breastplate

    Mysterious plane crash, I should have said.

  196. Dan

    @ Northcode

    If you tan one fruit vape, a few ciders (apples), and a bar of chocolate (cocoa beans) a day you’ve hit the recommend 5 day allowance.
    Technically, even a black pudding roll could count as a veg coz like the cow ate grass. Fry that bp in sunflower oil or go all planet killing woke and use imported olive oil, and then lash some tomato ketchup on it and yer close to overdosing on healthy stuff.
    It’s actually a fucking miracle anybody dies these days.

    An ex-girlfriend used to cook an epic carbon disc. It’s basically just a pizza cooked until the smoke detector goes aff.

  197. Republicofscotland

    PayPal Mafioso and Tesla mogul Elon Musk has come out and said that (EVM’s) Electronic Voting Machines are open to being hacked by not just humans but AI.

    Musk came out and said this after reports suggesting that Puerto Rico’s primary elections had experienced voting irregularities related to electronic voting machines.

  198. Northcode


    “It’s actually a fucking miracle anybody dies these days.” 🙂

  199. Campbell Clansman

    The latest YouGov poll also shows that the pretend “Independence” Parties (SNP, etc.) will get about 32% of the vote, compared to 60% for the non-Indy parties.
    The best argument (of many arguments) against “Indy,” other than the continued existence of John Swinney as FM, is that the people don’t want it.

  200. Alf Baird

    Northcode @ 7:13 pm

    “Alf Baird – didn’t you consider ‘Zombie Nation’ as a title for your book, Doun-Hauden, at one point?”

    Yes indeed I did. It seemed rather appropriate. A useful analogy for the colonial mindset, where ‘the native’s brain is emptied’ (Fanon) more or less; colonialism results in a ‘disease of the mind’ (Memmi), where the native ‘craves dependency’ (Cesaire), all of which helps facilitate the economic plunder.

    But although the colonized native is made ‘zombie-like’, this is not the fault of the native, it is the result of colonialism, which is racist oppression; and an oppressed people are a ‘doun-hauden’ people.

  201. sam


    Yes, Ruby, there were a lot of parallels, I thought.

    Small majority in favour of Irish unity in NI and up and down small majority in favour of Scottish independence.

    Timescale of 8 years to prepare for unity/independence.

    Put forward the models of independence. Not yet done in either country (sorry).

    With a majority in favour of unity/independence likely or definite the planning needs to involve as soft a landing for the losers – Unionists

    The planning developing the model of independence and key policies within it should seek to accommodate the wishes of the losers.But not to the degree where it would disaffect your core base and not to the degree where it would affect the operations of an independent state.

    Being British citizens could be on offer. But if that was chosen there would be limits on the franchise unless they took and qualified for Scottish citizenship

    That was discussed about 18 mins in. The case of Cyprus with a large Turkish minority was discussed 38 mins in.

    I think the talk gives us a broad but clear picture of what we need to do.

    We need to develop and plan the ideas of what an independent Scotland would look like talking to opponents as well as independistas.

    Sturgeon had some ideas around what O’Leary spoke about. Sovereign Wealth fund to cover the transition. National energy company. Then phut it wis aff.

    I guess O’Leary might advise Alba on the way forward. He might want a fee. mebbe not. As you heard he thinks Scotland weighs down on NI’s chance of a border poll.

    I would like our political leaders to listen to folk outside Scotland. Advice on colonialism from…? advice from Mike Hudson and Steve Keen on Land Tax and public services and advice from O’Leary about planning for independence – what a breadth of learning, worn modestly.

    Tommy cooper gives a great performance as UK’s brexit???

    Try to accommodate the likely losers. Unionists. That’s where the offer of British citizenship can come in. We can make that to our fellow country folks.

    Note what O’Leary said about NI Unionists. Offers to the losers should not be allowed to jeopardise unity/independence. They don’t get to vote

  202. robertkknight


    Got the Sham Nationalist Party crap through the door this evening.

    Sadly, not delivered by some blue haired social anarchist but by an octagenarian wee ginger fud, who I couldn’t bring myself to dismantle verbally on the door step. Poor old bugger would probably get home in such a state he’d forget to take his meds.

    So I contented myself with blistering the air at their blatant lies that only the SNP will stand up for Scotland…

    Like how the SNP stood up for Scotland, when in the face of Brexit and having 56 out of 59 MP’s and nearly 2/3 in Scotland having voting Remain and having the SNP leader in Westminster standing up on a near weekly basis to tell anyone who would listen that Scotland would not be dragged out the EU/single market against our will.

    Look at how successfully the Sham Nationalist Party stood up for Scotland then, when it had the numbers to have made a difference.

    Imagine how successful the Sham Nationalist Party will be in terms of standing up for Scotland in future with just 15 MPs…

    Dear Sham Nationalist Party,

    Do fuck off!



  203. Republicofscotland

    BreastPlate @8.19pm.

    The CIA, MI6, South African & Belgium agencies all worked hand-in-glove to kill Dag Hammarskjöld UN Secretary General (1953-61).
    The Swede was on his way to try and make some sort of peace deal in Northern Rhodesia now Zambia, Hammarskjöld and fifteen others perished in a plane crash when the plane was shotdown.

    US president Truman had this to say about the assassination of Hammarskjöld.

    “Dag Hammarskjöld was on the point of getting something done when they killed him,” Truman was quoted as saying. When pressed to say to whom “they” referred, Truman replied: “That’s all I’ve got to say on the matter. Draw your own conclusions.”

    Here’s a bit more info on the matter.

    A few brave Swedes have stood up for what is right and have paid the ultimate price for it such as Olaf Palme and Bernt Carlsson

    Of course now Swedes have been won over by Gr–eat Sa-t-an and it minions and they partook in the the false prosecution of Julian Assange.

  204. David Hannah

    On a serious note. The world is going to go authoritarian on this one issue – immigration.

    The British Government is going to have massive scale protests to deal with on the streets of Britain.

    All stammer is saying is “smash the gangs.”

    He should be saying. Stop the French corruption.

    We could treat them humanely. Figure out who’s got documentation. Who’s family. protect the women and children don’t separate families – if they can prove they are who they say they are.

    I’d seriously, arrest them. I’d handcuff them. I’d put them on a boat armed with british soliders to keep them in line in case of a revolt.

    Take them to Gibraltar for processing. All under British law.

    They’ll be riots in the streets in Gibraltar, everywhere. International condemnation.

    But the alterative is worse. Poverty for everyone in Britain the destruction of our way of life as we know it.

    Legal migration = fine.

    Legal refugee routes = fine

    illegal migrant crossings = shut it down.

  205. Ruby Tuesday


    6.8 km²

  206. Dan

    The latest tosser rocking up btl, Campbell “Fanny Baws” Clansman still forgetting (even when it has been previously pointed out to him) that a considerable amount of Labour supporters in Scotland also support Scotland returning to self-governance.
    Cough up that positive case for retaining London Rule will ye…

    We ken fine oor Scottish Government is shite, trouble is so is London Rule. At least with the ending of the union we could soon knock oor oan government into shape, which is something we can’t currently do because London Rule means our puny 10% representation in the supposed equal union of the UK counts for heehaw when England keeps electing roasters intae government that control all major powers.

  207. sam


    I have to leave the country for a few days so won’t be about to correspond.

    More Shakespearean mystery.

  208. robertkknight


    Scotland, as perceived by Yoons…

    “Look at the state of that Alkie! Just as well they never gave up the booze when they had the chance in 2014. Imagine the state they’d be in now if they had?”

  209. Northcode

    Alf Baird @8:48pm

    Yes, I remember now, Alf. It was mentioned in one of the first posts I read on here – before I had any knowledge at all of postcolonial theory.

    ‘Zombie Nation’ is a good and relevant title, but I think you were wise to go with Doun-Hauden instead. It’s Scots and works perfectly within the context of your book.

  210. Campbell Clansman

    Temporary Amnesia is a sad circumstance.
    Indy supporters like “Dan” seems to forget my pointing out that the YouGov poll of ALL Scots voters (including Labour voters) shows Scots voters voting AGAINST Indy.

    To sum up:
    Polls show Indy loses.
    The 2014 Referendum: Indy got trounced.
    The 2024 election polls show the Indy parties getting trounced.
    The political parties of the Moonhowlers get 1% in the polls.

    To repeat (for Dan and others afflicted with Temporary Amnesia): one of the best arguments against Indy is that the Scottish people dae no seem tae want it

  211. sarah

    ISP are the ONLY party that supports Salvo/Liberation wholeheartedly [and also protects women/children against self-id] yet their crowdfunders aren’t doing great and there is little time left.

    Crowdfunder titles are:

    – Vote Colette Walker ISP in Renfrewshire East.

    – 4th July General Election 2024.

    – John Hannah – GE Campaign – Bathgate & Linlithgow.

    Nick Durie, Alba, Steve Chisholm, Alba, David Henry Independent, are also short of their target.

  212. Agent x

    Flynn has now reached £1905 of his crowd-funder target of £2000.
    Lucky for him he was able to go to Germany for the Scotland game.

    Will he produce receipts?

  213. robertkknight

    Campbell wannabe…

    Despite the entire machine that constitutes the British Establishment… Unionist politicians, Unionist press, Unionist state broadcaster, Unionist trades unions, Unionist British Government, Unionist Armed Forces (who can forget AFD in Stirling), Unionist church, Unionist judiciary, and Unionist Head of State – who can forget her staged aside to Jo Public at Balmoral that was conveniently overheard by the press and her purring down the phone to David Cameron…

    Despite all of that, the majority of Scots voted Yes in 2014. It was only the non-Scots who swung the result to a No.

    Furthermore, despite the shit show of an SNP administration who has been resoundingly incompetent and corrupt for almost a decade since, Indy still regularly polls 47-50%.

    So crow all you like, we’re going nowhere soon, even if the SNP disappears around the u-bend, which hopefully it will, we’ll still be here.

    But this ought to cheer you up…

    “Most people in Scotland say their only national identity is Scottish – with the number of people describing themselves as Scottish and British plummeting.

    Census data released on Tuesday shows that 65.5% of the population had Scottish as their only identity – an increase from 62.4% in 2011.

    The 2022 census also shows an increase in those who identify as British only – up to 13.9% from 8.4% in 2011.

    But the largest shift, was among those who only identified as Scottish and British. In 2011, 18.3% of the population thought of themselves as both – but in 2022, this fell to just 8.2%”.,%25%20from%208.4%25%20in%202011.

    Nighty-night 🙂

  214. David Hannah

    So it’s a daft idea because Gibraltar is too small? Why should we house them on the Clyde? You could put a cruise liner in the port of Gibraltar. They could sleep on that.

    You could tell them – Morocco’s that way ->

    Spain <- that way.

    United Kingdom – You're not getting in! They're criminals. They should be treated like criminals. Smash the gangs.

    No documentation. No entry. Keep them in the port of Gibraltar and away from the locals. Ramp up security. Ramp up the military Prescence on the streets.

    Give them 20 quid. There's the boat to morroco. Go back home. Tough. No entry. Want to try again. go to spain. But you're not getting into Britain.

  215. David Hannah

    Smash the gangs. Stop the boats.

    The problem is these thugs are being given hotels – like the Brittania at Charing Cross.

    They are working deliveroo. Look at the bikes all chained up. All illegal as fuck squatters. Coming hair. Getting their wives up the duff.

    AH. Then they can get the free homes. The free healthcare.

    Fucking hell man. Wake up. Treat them like the criminals that they are – this could be Boko Haram we’re pandering to. ISIS. This could be jihadis. We’ve got to protect our borders.

    If it means getting tough. Roughing them up a bit. Processing them somewhere else. Telling them you’re not getting in. You’re not getting the British people’s benefits. The british people don’t want you here. They’ve voted time and time again for you bastards to fucking leave us alone.

    And yet here you are once again.


  216. David Hannah

    At the same time the brits should take personal responsibility for their financial affairs and their health.

    The natives need to come off the drugs. Stop the fags. Look after themselves a bit more and realise that you’re lives problems weren’t caused by Johnny Foreigner.

    But you can’t just be allowed to arrive. To cross the channel.

    I’m not watching the sky news show. I’m not wasting my time.

    Not a single one of them. No one in the media has a fucking clue how to stop them.

    Smash the gangs. Who are they kidding? The fucking frog legged french government IS THE GANG. ARE THEY THICK!

  217. David Hannah

    The gang is the French Government.

    So if you’re going to smash the gang. You start a trade war with France.

    It’s the french that are so clearly behind this.

    There’s no migrant camp at Calais anymore. There’s life jackets. And french government rubber Dinghy’s ready to take them to Britain.

    Well. Let’s put them immediately on a navy war ship. We’ll call it the gibraltar express. And we’ll load the illegals up like cargo. And take them back to the edge of europe. So they don’t have far to go!

  218. Dan

    Campbell “Groundhog Day” Clansmen suffering from temporary amnesia when his pish has been called out previously…

  219. Ruby Tuesday


    The Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas)
    Area: 12,173 km²

  220. David Hannah

    The last point on this hypothetical idea – i made up btw in my head – this evening.

    They would only need to do something drastic once. Don’t tell the British public as it would give the public time to object

    like the 1 million on the streets of London marching for Gaza – of which I support.

    We need to go authoritarian on the one area only – immigration – if we want to protect our borders. We are not doing that.

    And that probably means bending the rules of human rights laws.

    It would be a deterrent. You’ve crossed all the safe countries of Europe to get to Britain. The british have voted to protect their borders. You will be prosecuted. Treated like a criminal. Processed in Gibraltar. on the edge of Europe. You may be handcuffed. And contained on a cruise liner with armed guards.

    You’ve got two choices – spain is that way. Or here’s the ferry to Morroco.

    Women and children can be processed in England as I don’t agree with treating them so badly.

    I am clearly unhinged in my thoughts at times but. Our patience is up. 10 years ago I remember being in Budapest Keleti train station and there lots of families sleeping And I being woke – and drunk – felt like saying “let them in.” As I continued on revelling.

    Not anymore.

  221. Ruby Tuesday

    The French Government should just cancel Le Touquet agreement and let the immigrants pay their own ferry crossing.

    These rubber dinghies are not cheap.

  222. Derek

    The French government are hardly going to object to un-documented arrivals leaving the country, are they?

  223. Anthem

    Will the Scottish taxpayer have to cough up for this one?
    Earlier this year, a source told the Sunday Mail newspaper that Biffa agreed to the contract “on the written assurances of Lorna Slater about the deliverability of the scheme, and the Scottish Government’s commitment to doing it”.
    Surely it should be Slater that’s being sued. She clearly lied in a written statement FFS!

  224. Shug

    I see the labour party has suspended andy brown who is standing against Douglas Ross in aberdeen.

    Apparently he said something nice about Corbyn years ago

    Now thats a strange coincidence.

    Do i smell a unionist conspiracy to give Ross a better chance.

  225. Mac

    The Reform manifesto ‘at a glance’…. it is going to be ‘popular’ IMHO. People better start taking Farage seriously. He could win this from a standing start near enough.

    (One policy line that will leap out. “Ban transgender ideology in primary and secondary schools.” See, you are liking it already…)

    “Migration: Freeze all non-essential immigration.
    Stop the boats: Leave the ECHR, illegal migrants will be detained and deported, small boats will be picked up and taken back to France, set up new department for immigration.

    NHS: Introduce tax relief of 20% on all private healthcare and insurance. All frontline NHS and social care staff would pay zero basic rate income tax for three years.

    Tax: Lift the income tax threshold to £20,000 and the inheritance tax threshold to £2 million.

    Going green: Scrap the Net Zero drive and green levies to bring down energy bills.

    Spending: Save £5 in every £100 that the government spends.

    International development: Cut foreign aid spending by 50 per cent to save £6 billion.

    Businesses: Lift the VAT threshold to £150,000.

    Education: Introduce a patriotic curriculum in primary and secondary schools. Ban transgender ideology in primary and secondary schools. Tax relief of 20% on all independent education.

    Welfare: Enforce a two-strike rule for job seekers with benefits withdrawn from people who repeatedly turn down work”

  226. Mac

    I think we should be very concerned about the rise of Reform and British nationalism… not for all the bogus reasons we endlessly here.

    This nationalism that Farage is offering up could quite easily supplant the nationalism being offered up by the SNP for sure but also ALBA.

    This has been talked about before on here but Salmond’s nationalism in comparison to Farage’s is wishy washy, luke warm, tepid, lacking balls… Farage is a much more effective politician than Salmond.

    This is the threat. That Farage is a bigger nationalist than any of ‘us’ are in the independence movement.

    We are frightened to be nationalists, don’t even like the word, it scares us, “ethnic nationalists” are dirty words. Salmond says it himself.

  227. robertkknight

    Farage is simply England’s answer to Trump. He’ll no doubt have Truss, England’s answer to Sarah ‘Dumb as a rock’ Palin, in his team post the GE when she jumps ship – assuming Reform take more seats from the Tories than Labour.

    Frankly, I think the Farage/Reform ticket is still a pretty toxic brand in Scotland and they won’t make much headway. Let’s face it, Reform are just the BNP in a Crombie coat.

  228. Spartan 117

    The Reform manifesto ticks all the boxes for me… bin the Net Zero guff, sort out the freeloaders waltzing in the open door, de-nonce the curriculum, take the axe to the hideously bloated state, cut taxes. Its a breath of fresh air compared to the utter dross being served up by Pishi Nutsak, “Sir” Sneer Smarmer, “Sir” Post Office and Honest John.

  229. Republicofscotland

    So the Teflon Don (VONC’s never stick to him) John Swinney has said he’ll never work with Alex Salmond again, oh I’m sure you’ll be a big loss to Salmond-NOT.

    Swinney has also said that even if the NuSNP suffers a bad result on July the 4th that an indyref should still be held, Swinney really is a desperate dude now, lurching from one BS carrot dangling comment to another, in the hope of duping punters into voting for his now irrelevant party.

    Swinney is also pushing the manifesto/mandate BS, Christ knows how many mandates on indy that the NuSNP have let slip on by without action and Swinney expects us to believe him this time around. F*ck You Swinney and your party you lot have let a decade go by and done NOTHING on the indyfront, only a mug would now vote for the NuSNP.

    Infact just don’t even vote in the GE for all you are doing is sending Scottish politicians to an alien parliament to live the good life, for they know as we know they can’t achieve anything tangible at this foreign parliament for they are grossly outnumbered we sent 57 supposedly indy minded MPs to Westminster and it achieved zero, nil, nada, all that happened is they live high on the hog at our expense, the ones that are backup for re-election will tell you any shite you want to hear in your constituency as long as you re-elect them again.

    Boycott the GE.

    Boycott the GE

  230. Alf Baird

    Mac @ 9:09 am

    “This is the threat. That Farage is a bigger nationalist than any of ‘us’”

    For sure, and certainly as far as Scotland’s neutralised ‘pro-indy’ ‘wishy washy’ bourgeois lacking-in-courage political classes are concerned.

    The question is, is Farage more a British nationalist than an English nationalist, or like many of his ilk does he see any difference? Could the threat in due course be turned into an opportunity for those seeking Scottish independence?

    His manifesto is certainly very appealing to millions of folk in the UK incl many here in Scotland, even for some disillusioned SNP voters. Importantly it is also highly differentiated from all mainstream (i.e. woke) parties.

    This election could well be a significant turning point in UK politics.

  231. Ruby Tuesday

    Farage is a con man.

    “Banning transgender ideology in primary and secondary schools.” isn’t going to help that much with the problems caused by gender identification.

    The choice seems to be between Union Jacks or Rainbow flags.

    Gender ideology or British English Nationalist ideology.

  232. Mac

    As has been shown on here many times it does not matter who we vote for we will get what England wants.

    They say history does not repeat but it sure fucking rhymes.

    As I used to point out over and over with Trump. He is not a racist.

    And neither is Farage. It is such a mistake to play that card. It did not work with Trump and it will not work with Farage & Reform IMHO.

    But that is exactly how this is going to play out. They are doomed to repeat the same mistakes. It is fascinating to watch…

    Also we have Scottish nationalists playing the race card on British Nationalists and where are they getting that, from the MSM unionist press. Suddenly that is all gospel now it is about Farage / Reform. That is odd. Don’t you see how the exact same thing is said about you.

    If Farage / Reform take off it will be a massive opportunity. We are talking about the possible emergence of brand new populist / nationalist party. That is big news.

    Farage is not going to support independence but whether he does or doesn’t if he came to power it would shake everything up and make people in Scotland really think again about independence, one way or another.

    But if these policies proved successful or just popular it could really set us back. It will depend on whether we have opposed them or not.

    Personally I welcome this (the rise of Reform) if it happens. It is better than the stagnating pool of dross we have had the last ten years.

    And it has created new political competition for all the other parties. They are going to have to raise their game here and by that I mean actually listed to what people want for once. I am not sure they can do it. Certainly they are not going to be able to react before this election. They are all flat footed.

  233. Republicofscotland

    So BLiS has suspended a candidate that wrote on his social media that he doesn’t buy the British version of the Skrip-al Af-fair in Salisbury, who does buy it?

    There’s at least ten point about it that doesn’t add up including how the Skri-pal’s just happen to be found unconscious on bench in a park by the head of the British army’s Medical Unit who just happened to be sauntering by at the time, yeah right.

  234. Ruby Tuesday

    All the other political parties with their insane policies have given Farage the perfect opportunity to con the British public into voting for Fascism.

    The two main problems are

    1. The GRA 2004
    2. Multi-culturalism

    Neither work.

  235. Republicofscotland

    “This election could well be a significant turning point in UK politics.”

    Indeed Alf, part of me wants Reform to win big and then set their sights on neutering Scotland, then we’ll see what kind of backbone Scots have (present company excluded of course) would we rise up and dissolve the illegal union, or would we just take whatever Farage had to throw at us.

    As you say Alf with colonialism its freedom or extinction, we don’t have another decade to waste.

  236. Republicofscotland

    Not only is Scotland a country its the elder of the two-countries (England) in this illegal union which we must dissolve.

    “SCOTLAND is not a country but a “region of the UK”, one of Michael Gove’s most senior advisers has said.

    Henry Newman, who according to the UK Government’s special advisers register was paid a six-figure salary to advise Gove at the Levelling Up Department, made the comment on the BBC’s Politics Live.”

  237. Mac

    Alf, crossed posts there.

    Yeah you bet it will be an opportunity but also a commensurate threat.

    Farage & Reform also embody something else that I think will garner mass appeal.

    A vote for them is effectively a giant ‘Get It Right Fuck Up Yous’ from the electorate to the people lining up Sir Slimy’s (Clinton’esque) ascension to power.

    That alone could see Farage elected. But as you remark this manifesto will be very appealing.

    Everything is coming together for Farage at the right time… it is noticeable. The stars are starting to align.

    It is ridiculous to say it, Starmer is something like 1-33 on at the bookies, but I think Farage will be a real threat here come election day. I am thinking of placing a wager while the odds are still high.

  238. Geri

    All the Yoon parties are BNP in a Crombie.

    Listen tae Starmer over independence. They don’t respect democracy & don’t even have the slightest embarrassment about it either. Salmond is wishy-washy. He’s a small fish in a pond of sharks & I think we’ve all had our fill of the ask nicely gang – all they’ll end up doing is scunnering the fck out of everyone just as the Brexit pish did. We need someone who’ll just rip the plaster off & be done with it.

    Farage won’t be able to ‘send boats back’ What makes him assume France will take them? It’s against international laws too which the UK signed up to. An asylum seeker is entitled to choose where they live, not the travel guide of where little England think they should.

    Also leave the human rights? Whit? And have their own version? Oh dear god help us!! LOL

  239. Mac

    Here is something else which I think makes Farage a major threat.

    He is likeable.

    I used to listen to his speeches occasionally in the European parliament and he is also a very slick orator, witty and funny.

    I also have never really found myself disagreeing with anything he has said outside of Independence. He is very agreeable.

    Now compare that to ‘Sir’ Keir or Sunak or Swinney… they are cardboard cut-outs in comparison.

    I am starting to wonder if Sunak also called this election so abruptly and early in order to limit the time Farage/Reform had to build momentum. Certainly a factor I feel.

    Despite that I think this election (like 2014) will be much closer than they are planning.

  240. Geri

    Trump is a racist. He has done racist things all his life. I & the USA is built on racism & he’s a fully paid up member of both. His son in law is also racist – he’s choosing wallpaper for his waterfront properties while weans are being halved in two with bombs & there isn’t the slightest hint of distaste at the cleansing going on. They’re in their way. That’s ok.

    The whole U thing is the same. U Ruskies killing other Ruskies = win win for them.

  241. Spartan 117

    @RoS – Thanks for the CM link regarding the Skripals. Very interesting reading.
    One cannot believe anything this corrupt state says anymore, nor its sheepishly compliant “media”.

  242. Ger

    The establishment may use Farage. Shitty things are in their immediate future & what better way to escape the backlash than to put an eejit at the helm to take the flack.

  243. Mac

    Farage and Trump are are friends. If he was PM and Trump President you would actually have something truly resembling a ‘special’ relationship for once.

    I could see them inviting each other to State visits, tons of British and American flags everywhere… an absolute orgy of nationalism on display.

    When you think about it if there is any country where the Trump slogan truly applies it would be to Britain. So much so I am amazed Farage has already not adopted it…

    Make Britain Great Again.

    This is essentially what Farage is running on. That manifesto could have been Trumps manifesto for the US. That is not a coincidence.

  244. Ruby Tuesday

    Any mention of Le Touquet agreement?

    France is being seen as the enemy.

    Farage says all the boats will be taken back to France.

    I can see France cancelling ‘Le Touquet’ agreement and all the immigrants will be able to get on the ferry like everyone else they’ll be no need for small boats.

    I can’t see ‘Le Touquet agreement’ being of that much benefit to France. How many illegal immigrants are going from the UK to France?

  245. Ruby Tuesday

    France protects UK from migrant crisis, a fact Britain will never accept

    This seems to be missing from The Reform Manifesto.

    Does he have anything about women’s rights?

    Hospital wards
    Same sex spaces
    Rape crisis centres

    or is it just schools?

  246. Hatuey

    Mac, you seem to be talking up Reform’s prospects… for those of us who can’t bear to watch TV or take part in society these days, what sort of numbers are you predicting in terms of seats?

    My only interest in the election is in seeing the SNP crumble further but you make it sound like there might more to it than that. I can’t see why a few seats going to Reform would make much difference to anyone but the Tories.

    The policies of Reform you outlined above seem to reflect that ‘Singapore Upon Thames’ model that we feared would follow the Brexit vote. For a lot of people that would be a disaster…

    It’s hard to take much of it seriously from an economic/fiscal standpoint.

  247. Mac

    Wow, another parallel.

    Instead of ‘Build The Wall’ you have ‘Stop The Boats’. Amounts to exactly the same thing.

    I think Mr Farage has at least copied his friends homework here or they may even be actively working together. Probably the later.

    Farage is England’s Trump for sure but maybe much more directly than I first thought.

  248. James Che

    And the old British butchers apron fades as the remnants of the British Empire turns its face and offers it self towards Americanism as a vassal state,

    The reform party are the last, but certainly with strong memories dregs of how great the British empire once was, are busy in attempts to re-susatate the butcher apron for Englands Pride and Old Colonies,

    It matters not to Scots that the reform parties head leader thinks Scotland is Englands, and Englands Great-Britain rules the waves around the of these Islands.
    Scotland belongs to the butchers Apron, Wales belongs to the butchers Apron and Ireland belongs to the butchers Apron,
    And the butchers apron through treaties was sold to Nato to the WHO, to Davos, to the G7,

    The new butchers Apron has expanded its old Empire by joining forces with other old Colonial Empire alliences , and I have doubt that the stratigic position of Scotland in war games will not be allowed to just remove itself at a later date,

    The new British butchers apron reform party talk the talk of make Britain Great again, build back a better Britain,
    How far we are willing to foolishly go in Scotland before those Apron strings tighten to contribute to our own suicide is debatable,
    As Alf, often states the mind of the Colonised becomes more synchronised with the Coloniser as time passes,

  249. Northcode

    “Why are they [migrants] so determined to go to Britain? ” – extract from Ruby’s linked article posted @10:23am

    Maybe they think it’s their entitlement and are coming home – home to the mother country of the British Empire.

    A quarter of the planet and half a billion people were told for centuries that England was the centre of the world and that they were ‘citizens’ of the empire.

    Looks like their descendants want to live at the centre of the world now.

    The British Empire? Not such a great idea after all, perhaps.

  250. Red

    Mac. That’s amazing.

    Nobody thought we should stop foreign benefits tourists and criminal gangs bleeding us dry before Nigel Farage mentioned it.

  251. ronald anderson

    What ah load of pish Swinney spouts

    ( ie ) Independence then Abolish hol is he on dope . cause i cant make heid nor tail of the message he,s trying to make.

    Oonyhows ballot paper ripped up .

  252. James Che


    You may not post anymore but I am aware you will read, as you were drawn here in the first place,

    The error that you and the Re- wilding Scotland made was to approach the Sub government sent to Scotland as if that government held the Sovereignty in Scotland,

    It does not,
    In Scotland the Scots are sovereign over their territory, land and sea.

    You should have consulted the Scots first by leafleting all the people in Scotland through their doors and then held consultations with them in each Council area, then asked on a questionaire if the Soots wanted this interference with nature in their territory of Scotland,
    Then you should have approached the rolled down government set to Scotland from England and said this is the will of the Sovereign Scottish people,wether the results favoured re- wilding or not as the case may be,

    The the rolled down Scottish parliament is not Sovereign in Scotland.
    This should be how all consultations are done in Scotland,
    Including the questions over gender issues and teaching it in Scottish Schools, as the “Claim of right” and the “right of self determination” belongs to the Sovereign people of Scotland,
    not the sub-government,

  253. Dan

    Seems half relevant. Older article from 2018, but nobody can seriously think that all the vast array of efforts these folk put in to achieve their ultimate objectives stopped.

  254. Shug

    I think you all need to stop being so mean to Mr Trump, he is the only person wanting peace. He will put the war munger in their place and will be beyond the control of outside forces.

    Ok he is an odd colour and his hair has some challenges but none of us are perfect.

    I know some don’t like his as he can come across as a wishy washy liberal at times but he must be worth a punt

  255. Northcode

    Correction: Ruby posted the link to the article my previous comment refers to @11:23am

  256. Sven

    Red @ 11.51.

    Nice to see you back, Red.

  257. James Che

    ronald anderson,

    Swinny is funded to think and speak those comments,

    We do not need to alter the HoLs, what we need is for the Scottish MPs to withdraw from going to Westminster, however they are not going to willingly withdraw from “their bread and butter” employment.

    It is up to us then, the Sovereign people in Scotland
    Not to vote them in, we will take the decision about going down to Westminster out of their hands for them.

  258. Ruby Tuesday

    Why do immigrants want to come to the UK?

    It’s because we bend over backwards to accommodate them.

    We are a multi-cultural society.

    You can just say the word ‘racist’ and you can have anything you want.

    No need to integrate you can just carry on living in exactly the same way as you always have.

    We are very accommodating! Welcome!

    It’s all the fault of the British Empire.

    We feel very guilty about that. Sorry!

  259. Northcode

    “We feel very guilty about that. Sorry!”

    There might be some truth to that, Ruby. I have wondered in the past why Britain is so open to the idea of multi-culturalism. It might well be that some sub-conscious national ‘guilt’ is to blame – in part at least.

    I have no idea, of course. It’s just a thought triggered by your comment.

  260. The Flying Iron of Doom

    Take #3, let’s see if this one goes through…

    Why does the Scotgov webshite not just present all of the replies to the consultation on a single page or in a pea dee ef file? Would that have been, you know, too sensible and too useable? I mean do they seriously expect anyone to manually click through each link? Ye gods… 🙄

  261. Mac

    Hatuey, no idea. With FPTP you get almost nothing until you hit certain thresholds, and then you can be deluged with not that much more votes, witness the SNP getting from 6 seats to 56 seats in a short space of time. They might do surprisingly well and still get SFA.

    All I can say for sure is that I reckon there is a lot of value in the odds the bookies are offering right now. But time will tell maybe like ALBA Reform will be a damp squib.

    I now realize it is really not a coincidence this is so similar to Trump. Farage is actively using the Donald’s playbook.

    And they all laughed at him and said he had no chance.

  262. Mac

    Red, since when did that matter a fuck in politics, no one says you have to be original. Timing is more important…

  263. Mac

    Sorry I forgot the original source.

    “ConservativeHome Assistant Editor William Atkinson writing in the Telegraph said that the manifesto “will strike many Tories as exactly what we should have been doing in Government these last 14 years”. “Lifting income tax thresholds. Scrapping carbon targets. Net zero migration, quitting the ECHR, and cutting NHS waiting lists to zero. What’s not to love?”

    (But apparently it is ‘unserious’ and Sir Humphrey would thwart it.)

    Considering the nature of the English heartlands, and all that has happened the last 15 years, that looks like a voting winning manifesto to me.

    You might not like but that is not my problem, it is what it is.

  264. Red

    Good to see you too Sven.

    Mac – aye, his timing is quite good. Hopefully the Reform party will eat the Tories alive.

    Reform and Alba are the only political opposition we have. Labour, the Tories, the SNP, Greens, Liberals etc. are all on the same side against the public.

  265. Republicofscotland

    Forces from Y-em-en and Le-ban-on are doing well against the Zzz-i-o-Mon-st-ers, maybe that’s why the Win-gate W*nkers in here have been quiet over the last 24 hours they’ve been redeployed elsewhere.

  266. Robert Hughes

    A word of caution , friends . Don’t fall for * useful * idiot Farage’s poison-camouflaged-as-panacea routine .

    For one (crucial ) thing …given the opportunity , he would grind our aspiration to Independence into dust ; making it all but impossible to be * legally * achieved .

    As myself and others have been saying , we’ve arrived at a point where it APPEARS only the ” Right ” are aware of and are mounting resistance to many of the lunacies we too object to and that the ” Left ” has abandoned it’s traditional values , eg defending the interests of the perennially disadvantaged , anti-militarism / promoting Peace and International co-operation and a fairer distribution of wealth etc and has become the agent of Authoritarianism , the most feral advocate of closing down Free Speech/Thought and enthusiastic supporter of interfering in other countries’ affairs whilst throwing our own borders wide open to all and sundry .

    This shouldn’t mean we succumb to the simplistic blandishments of snake-oil salesmen like Farage . Doing so would only open-up a new set of aberrations .

    We have to sort these problematic issues out ourselves : to do that requires Independence – unless/until we have that , we’re always going to be at the mercy of whatever socio/political wind is blowing through England ; ergo the reclaiming of our status as an Independent Nation must take precedence over any other consideration .

    Voting for a mob like Reform – or any of the other Unionist Parties – would be a retrograde step and will not help to progress our Cause .

  267. Alf Baird

    The Flying Iron of Doom @ 12:42 pm

    “Why does the Scotgov webshite not just present all of the replies to the consultation on a single page or in a pea dee ef file? Would that have been, you know, too sensible”

    Aye, and why does the Scotgov specify ‘heavy displacement’ ferries that weigh 3000 tonnes when the best designers offer the same capacity boats with a weight of just 1000 tonnes, and costing one third the price too?

    Mebbe the crisis in maist devolved policy areas suggests the Scotgov objective is tae intentionally aye get awthing wrang?

  268. Alf Baird

    Northcode @ 12:38 pm

    “I have wondered in the past why Britain is so open to the idea of multi-culturalism.”

    There were always large numbers of elite collaborators and functionaries which necessarily kept the colonial racket going in many countries across the world. When colonial rule ended, these people and their families often had to find a safe sanctuary and the mother country tends to offer that place, along with national citizenship, which can still be bought. Recent examples include Britain’s exit from Afghanistan and Hong Kong, with tens of thousands of locals following the troops back to Britain. Recent and ongoing Western proxy war zones offer another example of mass migration.

    It therefore seems that so-called ‘multiculturalism’, which has been and remains driven mainly by the West’s three main imperial/post-imperial powers – Britain, France and USA (and their ‘dominions’) – is to some extent an imperial/post-imperial legacy.

    British 100+ universities and 1000+ colleges endless commercial drive for cash from higher overseas student fees amidst plentiful visa offerings also plays a role, as Farage’s manifesto suggests, as does the mass of student accommodation now filling British cities, and planned.

  269. Republicofscotland

    The pier that was built to make it easier for weapons to reach the hands of the I-DF (the media story was to supply aid) has failed, the pier which cost $230 million dollars to build, of which the UK provide £100 million quid of, will now be dismantled, and possibly a new one will be erected at as yet an undisclosed location, one wonders how this new one will cost the UK taxpayers.

  270. Republicofscotland

    Trumpists and Atlanticists will love this slogan.

    “Hungary has revealed that the slogan for its upcoming presidency of the European Union will be ‘Make Europe Great Again’ (MEGA).

    Observers immediately noted the similarity to the ‘Make America Great Again’ (MAGA) motto deployed by Donald Trump during his successful US presidential campaign in 2016.

    Hungary is set to take over the presidency of the Council of the European Union on July 1 and will remain in charge until the end of the year. During the six-month period, Hungarian diplomats will chair meetings in Brussels and shape the EU’s political agenda.”

  271. Republicofscotland

    As France sends Mirage fighter jets to U, the G-reat S-ata-n has upped the ante by sending F-16 fighter jets to U. The US, Belgium, Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands, have pledged to provide U with up to 60 F-16 jets by the end of this year.

    Expect an increase in hostilities.

  272. Geri

    They’ll not make it off the ground.

  273. Northcode

    Alf Baird @3:03pm

    Thanks, Alf. Your explanation makes a lot of sense.

    ‘Multi-culturalism’ in Britain; the legacy of an empire combined with its continuing greed – even in its death throes.

    Actually, now that I’ve read your comment, I’m sure I’ve read, either in your book, Doun-Hauden, or in one of your papers, about those coloniser ‘helper’ types .

    Do you think we would see the ‘helpers’ here in Scotland scampering off to what they believe is their mother country if Scotland gains her independence? I suspect we would – hopefully. Yet another confirmation, as if any more were needed, of postcolonial theory’s manifestation in Scotland.

    I think there’s an opportunity after independence for you to write another book on the aftermath of Scotland’s liberation and how the Scots achieved it.

    You have one pre-sale in me that’s for sure.

  274. Republicofscotland

    Well it didn’t take long for the UN to jump onto the anti-Se-mitic AI bandwagon, though there’s no mention of Isl-amophobia, or any other form of bigotry/racism.

    “Artificial intelligence (AI) technology could cause a surge in false narratives about World War II atrocities, including Holocaust denial, the UN education and culture body UNESCO has warned.

    According to a report published in partnership with the World Je-wis-h Congress on Tuesday, the generation of false content, such as deep fakes and misinformation, could undermine the authenticity of historical evidence and spread anti-Se-mitic ideologies.”

  275. Geri

    Ruskies lost 27 million & don’t even get a mention or an invite to their wanking ceremonies. Do we see them cry intae their beer & change laws restricting ppls liberty & freedoms?

    They have numbers assigned to their AI drones. You couldn’t make their shit up that the UN has wasted time on this shit that someone may get hold of some false information on the internet FFS.

  276. ross

    Perfect example of a campaign getting their single, overarching aim confused.

    I’d vote for you

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