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The forgotten women

Posted on May 28, 2024 by

Last week’s controversy around the Edinburgh Rape Crisis Centre put the spotlight on the need for single-sex services to protect vulnerable women, but it’s very far from the only example of how Scottish women are being let down in this regard by both the Scottish Government and civic organisations.

The homelessness system in Scotland has collapsed. Emergency accommodation is dangerous, sub-standard, and overcrowded. There has been an epidemic of deaths in hotels and B&Bs in recent years.

Shockingly, 67 women in Scotland have died in homeless accommodation over the three-year period up to 2022, the most recent figures available, and the situation is steadily getting worse.

In Glasgow alone, there are 242 women currently staying in hotels/B&Bs, as well as 70 families with children staying in such places. 

There is a clear lack of safeguarding in emergency temporary accommodation in general, but very little attention has been paid to the specific challenges faced by women who are stuck in the homeless system. Women are particularly at risk in mixed-sex emergency accommodation, and the hotels are notorious: multiple rapes and sexual assaults have been reported in recent months

One woman reported:

“In the first hotel I was put in, a man posed as a member of staff, so I let him in. He said he had teabags and sugar for me, and could he check my toilet was working. I let him in. He raped me and left.”

Women often have specific needs that are not addressed by the current homeless system. They are very vulnerable to being targeted by predatory men.

Glasgow Tactical Feminists have joined the campaign to demand the provision of women-only homeless accommodation:

“Becoming homeless in Scotland can have deadly consequences for women. Not only is it damaging to women’s physical and mental health, but the risk of death has increased exponentially since Covid. As local authorities fail to cope, women, including those with children, are being failed by a system frequently unable to provide even emergency accommodation.

For women who are offered Council resources, the standard of accommodation is not only beyond dire, it is often fundamentally unsafe. Women experiencing homelessness are at significantly higher risk of violence and exploitation, often from the men who are accommodated alongside them.

Similar to the threats, sexual assaults, and harassment homeless women are subject to from male members of the public, women consistently report experiences of abuse, victimisation, and violence from the men they are forced to share accommodation with.

Women’s lives are being put at risk through the absence of single-sex homeless accommodation. Safe housing and emergency resources are desperately needed now. Both adequate leadership and additional funding are essential to stop more women dying.”

Women have started to speak out about the situation in the hostels. Sinead Watson, a 33-year-old who spent forty weeks in homeless accommodation after struggling with issues related to gender detransition, described her experience:

“Over the past months, I’ve stayed in three separate hostels. I have been threatened, assaulted, and robbed. I’ve had no sense of security or safety. 

“There was literally no security keeping men away from women. Pimps hang around outside the front door at night and grab you while you leave or enter the building. The men prayed on the women like we were meat. I saw a young junkie giving head to a fat old man on my second day there, up the stairs. She was crying.

Alcoholics and junkies are bribed into sex. I saw it in all three hostels I stayed in. We need more women-only shelters. The women in these hostels are free game. It’s disgusting.

You could be my worst enemy and I’d still take you in to avoid that.”

From the testimony of those who have experienced it, it is clear that women are at constant risk in hotel and B&B accommodation and feel unsafe.

The STO agrees that the last thing Glasgow needs is to see yet more homeless services or accommodation shut down. In order to fix our collapsed homelessness services, however, the council must admit to the scale of the problem and recognise that the current system is not a success.

The record number of rough sleepers in Glasgow doesn’t reflect a change in lifestyle choices, but rather is an indictment of our lack of social housing and the difficulty of accessing services. Last December, Homeless Project Scotland took in a woman with a newborn baby because she’d been refused accommodation by the council.

The lack of emergency accommodation is not a new problem. Glasgow City Council has been failing to meet its statutory obligation to house people for years and has been the subject of several investigations by the Scottish Government which have failed to resolve the problem, and both Glasgow and Edinburgh have registered housing emergencies.

The Scottish Government has passed headline-grabbing “progressive” legislation around the problem, which has failed to translate into results. But the blame doesn’t solely lie with councils either: housing groups have warned for years that the shortage of social housing is the core issue.

The Scottish Government’s response to the housing crisis has been inadequate, and the blame cannot all be put on UK legislation. It was the Scottish Government that decided to cut the housing budget by a swingeing 24% in this year’s budget.

(Wings readers can contrast such decisions for themselves with the limitless funding that still appears to be available for certain more fashionable causes.)

The £200 million cut was made, reportedly, to appease the Scottish Greens, who have supported the mass demolition of social housing, in contradiction to their own policies and COP26 promises to retrofit buildings. The Housing (Scotland) Bill 2024 has been criticised by organisations such as Shelter because it does nothing to address the collapsed homelessness services and shortage of social housing.

Despite repeated calls for them to be made available, hundreds of homes have been lying empty while the death toll in homeless accommodation has mounted. Meanwhile, the hotels and B&Bs (the majority of which, in Glasgow, are owned by just two families) have made millions in profits, most of it coming out of taxpayers’ pockets while contributing nothing to a long-term solution.

The political climate in Scotland in recent years, led and driven by the Scottish Government, has made it difficult to raise women’s concerns, let alone have anyone pay attention or do anything. It’s been left to housing and women’s rights activists to stand up for some of the most vulnerable people in society and demand a homeless system that takes the needs of women and children into account.

Members of the Scottish Tenants Organisation will meet with Scottish Greens councillors Martha Wardrop (Hillhead) and Jon Molyneux (Pollokshields) tomorrow to discuss the homelessness crisis. We will share the accounts of women who have stayed in the hotels and B&Bs and put forward the demand for single-sex homeless accommodation. We can only hope that for once someone will listen to their pleas.


Laura Jones is a housing and homelessness campaigner.

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0 to “The forgotten women”

  1. GM

    An informative and disturbing article. Thanks for writing it Laura Jones.
    I was made aware years back (by a school pal of mine who was a police officer in Glasgow) of the situation with homeless hostels with regard to homeless men, who often prefer the street to staying in them, but did not realise that women were put in the same places. Deeply disturbing.

  2. Andouilette

    Thanks Laura, what an appalling situation. Of course you’d need to be blind to be unaware of the problem of homelessness in Glasgow but this is a whole extra level of truly awful. May we know which two families own so much of the ‘available’ accomodation? Surely they should be held to account?

  3. Robert McAllan

    A shocking indictment on those charged to look after the weak and vulnerable who through whatever circumstance have had to seek sanctuary. The fact a woman(?) was in charge of the SNP led Scottish government up until recently and in Glasgow a female heads the city council suggests that neither could ever be described as ‘women’s rights activists.

    I wish the Scottish Tenants Organisation well in their interaction with the Scottish Greens who to date have shown absolutely NO empathy toward women and their rights, Harvie, Slater and Chapman as examples to name but a few. The ‘two families’ alluded to need to be named perchance they have working connections within the Scottish political system.

  4. Lynne

    This article from last year in The Ferret names the owners referred to here. I shouldn’t think that has changed.

  5. Lynne

    Sorry, Ferret article is from two years ago!

  6. twathater

    TBQH can anyone be surprised at this,the BOASTS by ALL political parties to address the homeless situation when they are begging for your vote and the resultant non action when they are in power only indicates there is NO LEVEL of LYING they will not resort to to remain firmly fixed to the public TROUGH
    It should also be NO SURPRISE to anyone the level of hatred and disgust they have for REAL FEMALES when you look at their actions over the last decade, especially the Scum Nonce Party and their handmaidens the green perverts,followed closely by all the other perverts and deviants infesting HR

    They are more committed to forcing through science and biology denying legislation and policies against the opposition of the majority of Scots wishes,wastefully spending hundreds of millions of pounds fighting for reviled laws that no one voted FOR,instead of what they were elected to do, govern competently and effectively for the people of Scotland,ensure independence is achieved which will enable the magnificent and bounteous resources of our country to be utilised for the benefit of Scotland and Scots

  7. Robert Louis

    This is simply unacceptable. All the time, especially here in Edinburgh, I see road scheme after road scheme, all aimed at blocking road transport, except for cyclists. Yet, on the other hand, Edinburgh council claims it cannot find money for Schools, or social care. You know what the problem is (and it applies to the Scottish government) Wrong priorities.

    In times of plenty, it is fine for councils and governments to squander money on their little ideology driven pet projects. But that is not the current situation. Mainly due to BREXIT, and the economic damage it has caused, their is little money available, yet, due to that, a greater need for social care, subsidized housing and better care.

    Government and councils really need to sniff the coffee and wake up. They really need to stop all their sill ‘schemes’ for this and that and FOCUS on delivering essential services. Things like social care, housing, schools and education support, care for the elderly.

    Yes, it was racist England and its racist brexit shambles that has made us very poor, but up here the councils and government really, really need to focus on the ESSENTIALS.

    Scotland alone will NEBER fix the climate changes. Indeed, all these much vaunted ULEZ zones (which have squandered millions) will achieve the square root of f**k all to reverse climate change. Do politicians in Scotland even realise how tiny Scottish emissions are compared to even just ONE DAY of emissions from China?

    Focus on the essentials when times are hard, that is what the Scottish government and councils need to do.

    As regards housing, in part it is Thatcher’s legacy, selling off council housing, never to be replaced. That is THE Thatcher which red Tory Starmer heavily praises. Even worse, where I do see private profit-making developers building massive new estates, they provide NO NEW infrastructure. Thousands of houses, but the developer doesn’t need to provide a new GP surgery, or new Fire station, or even freaking bus stops. Huge estates on the outskirts of Edinburgh, built at great profit, but with ZERO social amenities, no shops, no schools, nothing. Why does the planning permission not stipulate such things be provided???

    But, look the red tories won’t fix it either. They used to hold immense power in Scotland, yet as soon as elected scuttled off to England, to doff their caps to their English masters. Gordon Brown was the English Chancellor, and did NOTHING for Scotland, or the poor, so it is a bit rich of him to yabber on abour the poor so much.

    I despair. If only the SNP had actually pursued independence, instead of the nonsense we have had under Sturgeon. We should have been out of the UK at brexit. No ifs, no buts. But sadly, the SNP were cowards, and refused to stand up for Scotland.

  8. JockMcT

    This is shocking, and very demoralising, given the backdrop of trans first at any cost. As for the greens, may they all rot in hell, with a big demon doing the routine stuffing of every orifice..

  9. Republicofscotland

    Thanks Laura for this article, Tammany Hall aka (Glasgow City Council) have been an utter disgrace in this department, yet they can house thousands of folk from U give them their own minister and house the rest on a luxury passenger liner with their own doctor and dentist, and Sturgeon the Judas sent £60 million quid to their homeland.

    Tammany Hall (GCC) has as you say been failing homeless folk for decades I can remember the homeless folk in Glasgow been given a bus ticket (at the homeless unit in I think it was Cook street) and told to ride around on the night bus all night, later the homeless folk were issued with a sleeping bag and sent on their way into the cold dark night.

    Tammany Hall (GCC) closed down many hostels, (yes they were drugs and drink ridden but at least a bed was available) such as Peter McCann House and Hope House but they didn’t replace these and many other hostels, preferring instead to shove folk into B&B’s.

    To compound the matter Scotland has no say on who can and can’t come to Scotland, we’ve been flooded by the English and immigrants all sanctioned by a foreign country’s Home Office.

    Women seeking shelter who are homeless are as you’ve pointed out particularly vulnerable, and I recall an East End facility that helped women and was praised by Humza Yousaf for it work, has or is about to have it funding pulled.

    I sometimes get the feeling that Tammany Hall and the SNP government don’t really care about Scots.

  10. Lorna Campbell

    Until a proper programme of social housing is back in place in Scottish society, nothing is ever going to change. Lots of unoccupied properties around the country, but, often in places where there is no transport service or shops or amenities of any kind. Joined-up thinking is required, especially where women and families are concerned.

    The moment that money becomes an issue in any service, it is women and children who suffer the most as services are cut to the bone. It appears that there is lots of lolly for certain special groups – usually affiliated to each other – who milk the system for cash and get it without a murmur. It is high time that these groups were vetted and their cash flow terminated if they do not provide the service they say they do. The EdinburghRCC should have its funding suspended till a proper inquiry is set in motion to investigate state-sponsored deviance and sociopathy and bring the board (previous) to account for its cruelties and lack of proper service.

    Women’s refuges are no longer safe spaces for females either now. Every party is guilty of deliberately alienating and harming female people or of putting them in harm’s way, not to mention harming children. We can’t fix the system in a day, and certainly not without investment. Long past the time when the wealthy should be taxed a lot more than they are, and when money being deliberately hidden off-shore should be stopped. No society and economy can thrive when its assets are allowed to be siphoned off out of the circular economic system. If little to nothing is being put back into the economy by those who make the massive profits, what else can happen except economic collapse and the consequent ills, homelessness being one of the most prevalent, closely followed by lack of employment opportunities and decent wages.

    The post WW II drive to create a better society worked because money was not allowed to seep away off-shore and because the rich were forced to pay their fair share, but also because the government created money and spent it on infrastructure. We need independence to do that again and very strict rules around financial services and the movement of money within the economy. The Tories want conscription. How about a post war economic footing to kickstart housing and other infrastructure? Maybe you can never set the clock back but you can borrow good ideas from the past.

  11. sam

    Rising homelessness is everywhere. All but one of 28 EU states, Aussie, NZ, USA.

    Record numbers in both Scotland and England.

    Research says it is associated with rising levels of social inequality. Neoliberalism rolls back social welfare provision.

    Crisis says this of a recent survey made.

    “Most local authority survey respondents (22 of 30) believed that the cost of living crisis had led to an increase in homelessness in their area, despite UK and Scottish Government support initiatives, with an even higher number (26 of 30) expecting the crisis to drive further increases during 2023/24.”,further%20increases%20during%202023%2F24.

  12. Ruby Tuesday

    Big problem in this country is there is a law that states men can become women. If Labour get into power it will be easier for men to become women they will just self-id.

    Women only spaces will include men and so will sport & everything else.

    Because you know what they say ‘transwomen are women’

    Only solution is for the GRA 2004 to be repealed.

    Sorry I just keep repeating the same thing like a robot.

  13. sam

    @Ruby and Northcode

    Further to yer research I’ve left a message at the end of the previous thread

  14. Tommo

    Ignored says:
    28 May, 2024 at 5:58 pm
    This article from last year in The Ferret names the owners referred to here. I shouldn’t think that has changed.’

    Och weel; at least it’s money back into the community, no ?

  15. John C

    Shockingly, 67 women in Scotland have died in homeless accommodation over the three-year period up to 2022, the most recent figures available, and the situation is steadily getting worse.

    That is an incredible figure. I knew the situation was bad but this is appalling & shows the decision by the Scottish government to take £200m out the housing budget for the Greens cycle lanes to be even more irresponsible than first thought.

    We can reuse office buildings, & other ways to ensure housing stock isn’t being wasted but we also need to have hard conversations about not just where to build new homes, but to ensure there’s infrastructure and transport links to ensure new homes are just deserts where people are stuck, and a real push on land reform is needed as well as both the SNP and Greens have had zero interest in really enacting that.

    Women often have specific needs that are not addressed by the current homeless system. They are very vulnerable to being targeted by predatory men.

    I’ll be honest, I never thought of this before reading this article & the implications of all of this is enormous. The system is broken and putting people at risk and there’s no political party dealing with this because women, especially homeless women, don’t matter. It’s simply shocking.

    The lack of emergency accommodation is not a new problem. Glasgow City Council has been failing to meet its statutory obligation to house people for years and has been the subject of several investigations by the Scottish Government which have failed to resolve the problem, and both Glasgow and Edinburgh have registered housing emergencies.

    I find it incredible that Glasgow council make life difficult for Homeless Project Scotland & I find it astonishing that so many SNP/Green supporters who bill themselves as ‘progressive’ turn a blind eye or worse, defend the SNP over this because it’s ‘their side’.

    Yes, I do appreciate the SNP were left with a hellish financial problem thanks to Labour, but the city of Glasgow is falling to bits & the council have no serious plans to rectify things. Instead austerity is being used as a tool to help aid the cause of independence & the SNP have given up trying to aid poor and working class people choosing instead to cement their support and support identity politics.

    Over the last decade the SNP have went completely off the rails to the point where they’re not a left wing party anymore, though I think the terms ‘left’ and ‘right’ have blurred so much as the edges and supposed left wing people are just as conservative as the Tories they despise.

    The Scottish Government has passed headline-grabbing “progressive” legislation around the problem, which has failed to translate into results. But the blame doesn’t solely lie with councils either: housing groups have warned for years that the shortage of social housing is the core issue.

    A friend recently applied to a housing association as she’s recently disabled, lives on a 3rd floor tenement flat which is privately rented and now totally unsuitable for her now. If it wasn’t for people like me she’d be totally cut off but she’s applied and now been waiting since January for a ground floor flat. She’s been offered a high rise flat from one association in the East End away from where all her social group and GP (it’s vitally important she stays in the area to keep her GP who knows her history & conditions) are.

    The system is broken. There’s not enough housing stock & so, so many people needing housing to live & some people get more offended by using the term ‘homeless’ instead of unhoused than they are people stuck in poor or unsuitable housing.

    Meanwhile, the hotels and B&Bs (the majority of which, in Glasgow, are owned by just two families) have made millions in profits, most of it coming out of taxpayers’ pockets while contributing nothing to a long-term solution.

    What?!? This surely has to be followed up with another article as nobody else will cover it.

    Members of the Scottish Tenants Organisation will meet with Scottish Greens councillors Martha Wardrop (Hillhead) and Jon Molyneux (Pollokshields) tomorrow to discuss the homelessness crisis. We will share the accounts of women who have stayed in the hotels and B&Bs and put forward the demand for single-sex homeless accommodation. We can only hope that for once someone will listen to their pleas.

    I’ve raised homelessness as an issue with Patrick Harvie (one of my MSPs) & got a stock email which included some empty platitudes about how The Greens are doing what they can, even though they’ve done nothing to help at a national or local level. I’ve got friends down south in cities where the Greens did well in the council elections and stand to do well in the general election & I’ve warned them what may well be coming if they lend them their vote.

  16. Ruby Tuesday

    Cheers Sam I saw that.
    Hopefully that thread isn’t finished yet. I’m planning on spending the next five weeks researching that particular topic and posting my findings on that very thread.

    It’s most interesting. Everyone should know the history of those particular words.

    Maybe the Captain will join in.

    PS I wonder if Creative Scotland would give us a grant to make a documentary.

  17. Frank Anderson

    This is not just a ‘bog city’ problem. Whilst we on West Lothian don’t have the same issue with rough sleepers, our council has continually failed to meet it’s homelessness obligations. It has been criticised by the Regulator every year.
    We have normally a 3 figure number of people in B&B, including families. Some are not even accommodated in West Lothian. One family was sent to Newcastle. The council spends around £5M a year on homelessness. We now have what are colequally called “limited service hotels”, cashing in on this situation.
    The SNP once claimed they would eradicate homelessness. Instead they have created a monster by banning hostels, not allowing councils to offer shared accommodation ( like students) to those single people who are willing. The cost of council furnished temp accommodation is more expensive than the council rent.

  18. Shug

    Can you believe it. The Mathieson case rumbles on because the fuckwits at the top of the SNP are so detached from reality they are incapable of reading the room.

    He should gave been sacked on day one.

    If I were the opposition I would help the SNP keep him in place and talk about nothing else.

    Alternatively bump him and talk about SNP fraudsters.

    Unbelievable in the run up to the elections

  19. John C

    Of course you’d need to be blind to be unaware of the problem of homelessness in Glasgow but this is a whole extra level of truly awful.

    I’d notice it getting off at Central Station, especially from 2017 onwards when the amount of beggars & people just dossing down where they can. The fact there’s a soup kitchen every night under the Hielanman’s Umbrella is a disgrace, and the fact the council refuse to give them a safe place to do what they do is outrageous.

  20. John C

    This article from last year in The Ferret names the owners referred to here. I shouldn’t think that has changed.

    Some friends came to visit just after Covid restrictions were totally lifted and they looked at the Chez Nous guest house as it’s not far from where I live & they stayed one night before leaving during the night to get a room at Jury’s in town. It was dangerous back then so god knows what its like now.

  21. Alf Baird

    There are no human values in a colonial society where the role of the native bourgeoisie is to widen inequalities, to protect only the interest of the colonizer, and to keep the racket going: “between colonization and civilization there is an infinite distance” (Cesaire).

  22. John C

    If Labour get into power it will be easier for men to become women they will just self-id.

    As much as I think Wes Streeting’s conversion to a soft sex realist position is genuine & welcome, I’m not convinced Labour with their history of endlessly triangulating are going to let him develop that within the party when they form a government in July. Labour, like all parties, are struggling for candidates thanks to Sunak calling the election in a panic so there’s going to be a lot of new Labour MPs in July who’ll be TRAs. I fear that Labour won’t follow through on Cass & we could find ourselves back where we were a few years ago.

    I hope however I’m proven wrong.

  23. Hatey McHateface

    Of course, homelessness was solved “overnight” in the good old Covid years, by the government of the day writing the cheques we are now all complaining about having to underwrite.

    Sorry, but blaming all the country’s fiscal woes on Brexit is too tired and pathetic a squirrel to need any serious response.

    My view is that any half-decent economist/politician could make a stab at costing the high priority policies the next WM government really needs to be getting on with.

    That could be presented to our mature and responsible electorate (!) under a slogan such as:

    “Vote for us and we will put your taxes up by X% but in return the NHS and other public services will be swimming in dosh and health, education, social care, etc. will be the best it’s ever been”.

    Haha, said no politician ever.

    Simply because, in the privacy and secrecy of the polling booth, the majority choke on that “X%” and vote elsewhere.

    Obviously the saints on Wings BTL don’t conform to that stereotype (! again)

    So it’s 5 years of Starmer’s austerity, as predicted by the grown up economists in the room, while our public services deteriorate even further.

    And of course, 5 more years in which the willingness of rUK to allow Scotland Indy declines even more too. Largely due to the increasing fiscal peril of the UK, and the reluctance of our own politicos to take responsibility for their home-grown, entirely Scottish, train wreck of Scotland’s indigenous income sources and governance.

    If only somebody had a plan.

    What’s Oor Kirsty saying these days?

  24. Willie

    Frankly the defeliction of support for people down on their uppers is utterly symptomatic of the uncaring neo liberal country that we have become.

    Sink or swim it’s up to the individual and if they can’t swim, well that’s up to them. It is, as the policy shows up to them.

    Help the helpless, defend the defenceless? Not on your Nellie.

    Just look at America and you can soon see how a developed country lives with a huge underbelly of disposessed flotsam people.

    Not that different here. Nu SNP, Nu Labour, Nu Tories, all the same.

  25. sarah

    It is so sad and also anger-making. Totally unnecessary to be in this state of things.

    Yes the Conservatives started it with Thatcher allowing money to go overseas, selling the council housing stock, privatising the nationalised utilities, making a bonfire of red tape etc etc etc but Labour have continued on the same course. It’s almost as if the Beveridge report had never been implemented.

    I can’t believe that we have councillors and parliamentarians who are such self-centred, brainless, unprincipled people that they just avert their gaze from real life and don’t even try to put things right. It is shocking. I detest them all. They should be in prison for breach of public duty.

  26. Hatey McHateface

    @ sarah says: 28 May, 2024 at 10:31 pm

    “They should be in prison for breach of public duty”


    I wonder how many homeless people that would help.

    Hows about naming the figure for the extra tax you are prepared to pay? Run that up the flagpole, see who salutes!

    I would hate to see this place turn into a parody of the Guardian BTL:

    “Somebody needs to do something, not me obvs, and somebody else needs to pay for it cos I won’t”.

  27. Sean clerkin

    Well written and to the point on women who are homeless. They need their own women only homeless accommodation that is suitable and free of pimps and predatory men.

  28. jockmcx

    The contempt is groing by the minute!

  29. twathater

    And as usual Geno John MOAN turns up with his usual GRIPE about paying tax, Jonny boy you are one miserable piece of shite endlessly MOANING about paying your fair share of tax, YOU are just another tory that thinks fuck everybody else I’m all right Jack
    What is it like John to hate people because YOU cannot stand anyone being poor or deserving, does it make you feel important or superior, is there anyone that you think has been dealt a bad deal and they deserve help or are you just happy counting your pennies of tax rebates that greedy rich bastards insult you with, because John if you really had money you wouldn’t expose yourself as the miserable whining bastard that you are

    Karma comes to everyone, enjoy your misery

  30. Breeks

    Far be it from me to defend “this” Scottish Government, but I would point out that all housing in the UK has become a massive, Ponzi style racket with a capital ‘r’, with powerful forces orchestrating the crisis in demand for housing in order to sustain the grotesquely overpriced market values of housing.

    Slake the demand, house prices tumble, and racket is in big trouble.

    It has a political element to it; but it’s English style Tory Neoliberalism under Milk Snatcher Thatcher which set the UK on this trajectory, and let loose the all consuming greed.

    They have always seen the weak, homeless, ill, and vulnerable as trash to be maligned and abandoned, marginalised and disempowered, while those in work and earning are to be shorn of their wealth like sheep. No good has come from any of it, and the whole system is a hollowed out house of cards.

    I deplore this last decade of utterly useless and contemptible SNP Government, not because the housing crisis is their fault, but because if they’d done their fkg job with a modicum of competence, Scotland would have walked away from this broken UK back in 2016.

    Yes, insatiable Tory greed and dearth of compassion is obscene, but Scotland could have waltzed out the exit door in a heartbeat, if it hadn’t been for Sturgeon the Betrayers sell-out SNP.

    Nobody wants a Unionist government in Scotland, but nobody wants a troop of delinquent, troughing charlatans playing us all for fools either. “They” were meant to be Scotland’s answer to the broken marriage; get us the fk out of this.

    The only remotely “accountable” prospect from the forthcoming Election is the prospect of the SNP being hammered as the direct consequence of their litany of acute failure and abdication of every advantage. So yeah, fk ‘em. But fk all of them, every last one of them.

    A very basic level of competence, just a simple honesty, could and would deliver Scotland its freedom from this corrupt and failing UK super-racket, but even that small ask has been too much to expect from Sturgeon, Yousaf, Swinney, and the whole stinking raft of them.

    So why isn’t ALBA thriving? They’re not giving the people a coherent Exit strategy. I believe things would have been very different if ALBA and SALVO, Salmond and Salyers, had gelled into our Sovereign / Constitutional Juggernaut.

    Scotland United yes, but united behind the Claim of Right and sovereign Constitution. Everything else comes later. Yes, EVERYTHING else.

    Another title fight in the same old UK boxing ring, with UK rules, UK judges, and UK referee? Jesus, how can I curb my enthusiasm?

    56 out 59 SNP doesn’t deliver, and an outright SNP Holyrood majority doesn’t deliver. So go get fucked with more of the same. Even if it was honest, the SNP fires blanks and can’t deliver.

    Independence isn’t just switching it off and on again. It’s switching off the UK crap permanently and decisively, and switching ON Scotland, permanently and decisively.

  31. robertkknight

    The SNP has sacrificed both Indy and competent government on the altar of Woke gesture politics and virtue signalling.

    Having squandered nearly a decade of opportunities, these troughing, corrupt and incompetent charlatans need a wake up call…

    Indy for Scotland!
    SNP Out!

  32. Mac

    “Meanwhile, the hotels and B&Bs (the majority of which, in Glasgow, are owned by just two families) have made millions in profits, most of it coming out of taxpayers’ pockets while contributing nothing to a long-term solution.”

    Who are the two families? We need names here.

  33. Willie

    Inflated house prices are indeed the UK’s big Ponzi scheme.

    The majority of people buy their home with a mortgage. Mortgages come from banks. And so when you double bubble prices through engineered shortages you create so called assets, double bubbled assets at that, but assets that the banks can nevertheless lend on.

    Of course it becomes a bit more complicated with banks selling on bundled mortgages and the execution of fiedishly opaque financial instruments like credit default swaps.

    But that is the simple truth of it. Short supply housing to create inflated price wealth on the back of uet housing demand. It is what mature developed economies do whilst the hapless who can afford it pay monster mortgages. But we’re all Tories now, Thatchers children and hell mend those who can’t get on the ” housing ladder”

    And for those forced by necessity into private rents that another story of paying through the nose.

    But hey ho, do the electotate really care. Suckered if you are without a home and or paying a private rent, and suckered if you paying a mortgage.

    But hey, don’t tell Sid if you see him because that’s another story!

  34. Hatey McHateface

    @ twathater says: 29 May, 2024 at 3:16 am

    Right on cue, along you come to post your insults at 3:16 in the AM. Here’s what I wrote earlier:

    “Somebody needs to do something, not me obvs, and somebody else needs to pay for it cos I won’t”.

    Got you to a T eh? Here’s another one you neglected to answer:

    “Hows about naming the figure for the extra tax you are prepared to pay?”

    Hows about it? I notice you managed to aggressively insult, whilst passively giving my question the complete body swerve. So tell us all, and secure your place in the Wings BTL virtue-signalling hall of fame.

    But you’re maybe not the brightest bulb in the ceiling, eh twathater? If you were packing any lumens, you might have twigged that “Karma comes to everyone” includes even you.

  35. Alf Baird

    Breeks @ 4:45 am

    “Independence isn’t just switching it off and on again. It’s switching off the UK crap permanently and decisively, and switching ON Scotland, permanently and decisively.”

    Precisely that Breeks: independence requires the ending of domination and oppression by another culture, the self-recovery of a peoples culture and the transformation of society. You cannot compromise with colonialism, which is what ‘devolution’ and colonial administration is, i.e. continued colonialism.

    A colonized people face only two outcomes:

    – to permit colonialism to continue, which leads to under-development of the people, and assimilation, where the people and nation are in the process of perishing;


    – liberation

  36. Hatey McHateface

    @Breeks says:29 May, 2024 at 4:45 am

    There’s a good debate to be had on what constitutes a reasonable percentage tax take from a population in return for reasonable services.

    There’s a good debate to be had on what responsibility a population needs to take for the effects of policies it voted for (Brexit), was widely enthusiastic for (the Covid hysteria) and was never asked about (The War).

    Haha, obvs that debate can’t take place on here, but that’s down to Rev Stu’s moderation decisions.

    Still, 5 weeks away from the WM GE and the message from the cruising home winner is “no new taxes”.

    I guess nothing substantial is going to change.

    As for building lots of houses to get out of the Ponzi home owning scheme, a substantial chunk of the ground and space going unused is in Scotland. Becoming more attractive too, as the climate hots up, and the south sinks beneath the weight of its own ever increasing numbers and its own ever increasing rivers of shite.

    Why does anybody believe Yousaf’s 1 million New Scots policy died with the end of his tenure?

    People need to be careful what they wish for!

    And before you respond to claim that Indy will solve all that, let’s just stop pretending that Indy is anywhere near at all. The arrival of Starmer will kick that can 5 years further down the line.

  37. Hatey McHateface

    @Alf Baird says: 29 May, 2024 at 7:16 am


    It all seems very simple when put like that!

    Alert readers might wonder what the hold up is.

    A part of me is thinking that as Scots look around the historical and contemporary world, and contemplate the hecatombs associated with the various historic and current liberation struggles, they conclude it’s just not worth it.

    Not yet!

  38. sgritheall

    Quote: The £200 million cut was made, reportedly, to appease the Scottish Greens, who have supported the mass demolition of social housing, in contradiction to their own policies and COP26 promises to retrofit buildings.

    Like Pol Pot, the Green Khmer want to transform society. We know what happened in Cambodia. I left the SNP after the Bute House Agreement, and every day I am feeling more justified.

  39. Mac

    Does this shady world where these women are preyed upon intersect with the activities of the grooming gangs I wonder.

    Funny how all that miraculously stopped at the Scottish border eh.

    Anyone might think they are turning a blind eye to it. Just as they are here.

    So who is involved in this?

  40. Effijy

    Labours Wes Streeting on BBC breakfast suggests that discussing NHS waiting lists with Scotlands SNP Health Minister Neil Gray he said he hoped that Labour would win the general election as the NHS would improve.

    Plug by Wes to say no point in voting SNP.

    This has to be checked and if correct Neil has these thoughts he should be heading down the job centre.

    A wee reminder that NHS Wales has been ran by the devolved Labour government and it has the record of being the worst NHS record and Scotland the best.

    Dianne Abbott kicked out of her Labour seat after 37 years.
    A trail blazer for ethnic women entering parliament.

    5 months ago the enquiry into her comments that contained the attack word of Jews.
    She suggested they don’t know the same discrimination as black people.
    Labour didn’t know what to do so sat on it until the media forced an announcement.
    Her local party supported her 100% but Labour leaders don’t give a damn about what they want.

    I have no issue with the Jewish faith but really is Labour saying that blacks have been as successful as the Jews or have the same influence in politics or big business.

    I hope Diane stands as an independent and takes the seat from Labour.

  41. Mac

    Alastair Crooke is saying that the reason Sunak has called the election is that he has been told that by the UK military ‘we’ are going to war with Ru$$ia’.

    Sunak does not want to be PM for that so they are ushering in Starmer for that.

    Terrifyingly this is the only ‘rational’ explanation I have heard for Sunak calling this GE.

    So I am warning every person of military age in the UK who is reading this and probably UK citizens living abroad in the EU….

    War with Ru$$ia = mass conscription. That is an absolute certainty and that is why it is being touted publicly now.

    Ukr@ine was and is the template. They are intending on rolling that out across Europe if they can. The UK for sure…

    In Ukr@ine they are just throwing a whole generation of men to their deaths… and this is coming to your country, real soon.

    Didn’t even give him a gun. So what are they really trying to achieve?

    As soon as Starmer is in place we are fucked.

    (Sorry to be off topic when it comes to this there is no off topic.)

  42. Geri

    Geo John

    “Hows about naming the figure for the extra tax you are prepared to pay? Run that up the flagpole, see who salutes!”

    Hows about you tell us why the mighty UK government allows this…

    “Amazon, eBay, Adobe, Google, Cisco, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple faced UK corporation tax liabilities of £297 million in 2019. That puts the total amount of tax avoided by the companies in the UK at an estimated £1.5bn in 2019, the latest year where figures exist. 2 Jun 2021”

    £1.5 billion dodged. Loose change to these guys but multiply that by every country & it’s a good chunk of change.

    Add in yer Tory mates who also dodge..

    Oh, hang on..those are all American companies. The UKs special friends in its quest to become the 52nd State.

    When ppl pay their dues things get fixed. When they don’t – don’t look to the little guy to vent yer spleen at. Look up instead.

    An indy Scot would fix it by regulations. The UK is a cesspit of corruption, greed & theft & tell us all something we don’t know eh? Of course Starmer won’t change anything. We live in a one party state.

    As for homeless. The UK is the fucking pits. They’ve no money for the poor but they’ve plenty£billions to blow up in seconds helping an illegal occupation outfit miles away that’s of ZERO fucking benefit to anyone living in the UK. Then they’ve £billions more to waste meddling in other countries affairs, again, for ZERO benefit to the UK.

  43. James Che

    The system is broken,
    I suspect the governments system towards women may be deliberately broken, as the homelessness crises goes much deeper than just housing for women,
    The Councils play a huge role in devious tactics to get around legislation, but the other necessary financial support systems for women who become homeless for various reasons is appalling,
    It can be no accidental single policy, it seems to be a systemic set of policies.

    The only housing I was able to acquire was in the private sector,
    Single Women living in this sector Are subject to varies kinds of landlord abuse and there is little protection in reality.

    My landlord failed to provide the agreed tenancy agreement stating he had been busy with work, but not to worry To go ahead and move in and he would provide the agreement by the end of the week, ,
    With a extreme housing shortage where I live there was not a lot of choice to dilly dally as someone else would have simple moved in,
    As suspected the tenancy agreement never appeared at the end of the week, nor the next week, the landlord was always unavailable when I pursued verbally, My landlord came in by at the end of the month with promises of a future tenancy Agreement but meanwhile he would collect the rent due for the last month while he was there.
    He began to be sexually creepy in the way he looked me up and down when talking.

    I decided to put this on a more official footing for security purposes and for protection and went to the Council, explaining the situation,
    The council said they would and could not house me as I had a house officially, only if I was homeless could they help. And there was a five year waiting list for a council house.
    As I started complaining to other official bodies, the landlord put my rent up, each time I complained the rent went up,
    The rent became so extortionet I took on a second job,
    Eventual I could not afford the rent even with a second job,
    The Council and officials still refused refused to help, and with no tenancy agreement I was unable to get benefits to assist with the up keep of my rent,
    This is one of the ways that women young or old become in a situation of entrapment and vunarable to preditory men.

    The scare tatics, which I presume had to do with my Landlord wanting me out as ( I had gone to official bodies )
    It Became unbearable and scary, with banging on the house door after midnight to three or 4 o clock in the mornings, and the feeling that someone had been in the house while I was at work, the police were of no help as they said there was no evidence of any crime having been committed,

    I left fhe property for the obvious state my mental wellbeing and personal safety,

    I approached the Council for temporary accommodation , until I could find another house, and asked if I could be placed on the Council waiting list,

    The Council refused to provide temporary accommodation, stating that “I had had a home” which I had “voluntary vacated” , however they would place me on the five year waiting list,
    I had to give up my employment now I no longer lived near my work, had no facilities to cook, wash no access to electricity or heating,

    My landlord Was a Councellor in the same Council.
    I also applied for a Council house in the next County, knowing that my ex-landlord had considerable control in the Council and over my being homeless in the first instance,
    The Council also sent me Council tax bills for the horse tack caravan,

    I was now officially homeless this continued for five years sleeping between my car, and in a caravan meant for horse tack in the middle of a field,
    The next Council County district said that “it was not their responsibility” to house me as I had not become homeless under their Council, but that I should go back to the the previous Council area I had been with and Apply there,

    The System is not only broken it is totally corrupt, Acting like a mafia,
    You hear a lot about homeless drug addicts or homeless addicts,
    But there are thousands of people in neither of those Catagories sleeping rough and homeless and the Councils are the ones creating the problems.

    For those of us watching the Council houses being filled with migrants and private accommodations being paid for by the Councils and government.

    We know how they are able to be housed by the Council.

    And I met many lovely ordinary people and families that had been targeted in a similar fashion.

  44. Cat-Sith

    I fully agree with the main point of this article, single sex provisions to try and reduce the risks of rape, sexual abuse and sexual exploitation faced by women in homeless accommodation seems like common sense.

    However I’m not exactly sure why you open with 67 women having died while in homeless accommodation “over the three-year period up to 2022”. That would be just 15%* of the lower estimate of total deaths in accommodation during that period. Women are far less likely to die in homeless accommodation or while homeless in general (27% as shown in the “Homeless Deaths 2022 Report” you linked).

    *While I seem to be unable to find your figure of 67 women having died while in homeless accommodation during that period in the linked report I have no reason to doubt your figure. A Salvation Army report released this month (Breaking The Cycle) has a section on deaths in homeless accommodation which gives minimum annual figures between the start of 2019 and end of 2022, the total of the three-year period up to 2022 by these figures is 454 deaths.
    67 out of 454 is 15%. Section 9. Temporary Accommodation

  45. Mac

    There is coming a point real soon where all this ‘off topic’ conversation on Ru$$ia / Ukr@ine is going to be the most on-topic subject possible.

    If/when they introduce conscription in Scotland and the wider UK, you can’t ever describe that as off-topic…

    All those war hawks cheerleading it for the last few years… wow they are going to get to walk the walk now after talking the talk.

    I have a horrible, horrible feeling that the deliberate destruction of the SNP (and Salmond) was very much part of the plan.

    I think we are up shit creek here folks. This is really looking ominous now.

  46. Lorna Campbell

    Sarah: yes, the Tories kickstarted the “give it all to the already rich, my friends” policy, but you are right about Labour. Starmer is trumpeting about Labour being the natural partner of business. It makes it sound as if he is talking about the struggling SMEs which are the backbone of the UK business economy, but he is not.

    He is talking about the global corporates who are fleecing us all – and the SNP, the Greens and Lib Dems are also up to their armpits here. Everywhere you look, the politicians are dancing to their tune. It is many of the global corporates which are financing the ‘trans’ revolution, under the guise of ‘be kind’, and using the deluded and mentally ill to do it, to bring our society head over heels in order to make even bigger profits as anti human social change takes place.

    Homelessness, and the plight of women and children, is no more than a side effect of such a disastrous economic policy. The hard left, once again, has thrown the door wide open for the right, and it will get worse before it gets better. Post modernists and Queer Theorists are making the situation worse in the West, but so many are falling for their siren voices.

    We desperately need independence, but not simply to enter another neoliberal/Post Modernist/Queer Theorist nirvana, but to throw off these crushingly anti social, sociopathic doctrines that are hell-bent on destroying every social consensus in order to leave us naked and exposed, all the better to exploit the wee man and woman, to control our every move and thought for their own ends. The totalitarians are on the march.

  47. James Che

    The singling out of women becoming homeless does not end with housing, it goes much deeper into government policies across a who.e range of financial issues too.

    By now most people have heard of the 1950s Waspi women. And how the government saved billions of pounds over womens pensions.

    Well a relatively new issue has arisen,

    Apparently DWP deleted thousands of womens NI records.

    And with the attack on womens rights through the gender issues it is far more dangerous than just housing,

    It is systimatically eroding all Womens rights to finances,, housing, freedom of speech, freedom to choose and raise a family safely.
    These abuses should not be viewed as a single problem or singularly, they are targeted in and aggregated just about in every aspect you would need to live and survive as a human,
    The de- humanising of females is part of government policies, across the board all overBritain.

  48. MaryB

    Can anyone on here tell me what is the relationship between the Salvo/Constitutional approach to getting independence – and political parties.
    Does Salvo actually want overt support from the parties, or would that taint their work by association?
    The Alba party has a policy that every election with an independence majority is a mandate for independence. Does this dovetail with the need for Salvo to demonstrate to the UN that there is majority support for independence in Scotland?

  49. Geri

    I think the batshit freaks at Elite Z HQ have a Frankenstein vision of the future; no sexes, no borders, no nations & with just one

    The eejit Polish government let the cat out the bag a few months ago regarding conscription (I think the Danish have complied too) – it’s compulsory & NO discrimination will be shown between the sexes. Women will not be exempt. (Unless pregnant but that still has a time limit) everyone is the same. There’s no faier sex – choose yer weapons, ladies.

    Well we all know how this will end. Just like these hostels. Rape & abuse on an industrial scale – either friendly or as POW..but fck it, they need cannon fodder cause some senile old cunt wants Zzs to rule the world..

  50. Vivian O’Blivion

    Five developments on this morning’s front pages, all of which amount to hand-break U turns from previous SNP policy / positions.
    * Michael Matheson to be suspended from Holyrood with SNP agreement.
    * A new, Gas fired Power Station to be permitted at Peterhead.
    * Scotland tailored Building Regs. to permit wood burning stoves (in specific circumstances).
    * Stephen Flynn hinting about Holyrood agreement on new drilling licenses in North Sea.
    * Lord Advocate to be removed from Scottish Government Cabinet.

    Why the outbreak of sensible, pragmatic decision making?
    The prospect of an impending Gravy Bus Apocalypse focuses minds.
    All of this should have been announced without the need for an election campaign.
    Swinney is weak.

  51. Geri


    I believe Salvo is to go the legal route. Showing where the treaty of union has been persistently violated & that the English government has no authority over Scotland & her territory & never has.

    The politicians route is to win seats & then try bargain with the UK government. Aye, that’ll happen..NOT.

    Alba made a huge mistake falling out with Salvo from what I seen on Twitter. Dismissing Salvo as some fringe crackpots. The treaty of Union is a legal document. That’s where the law sits. Another huge mistake they’ve made imo, is wishing to take their seats in WM. No one who wants indy should be sitting there like an eejit & swearing oaths to another country’s king. What do they think they’ll achieve there? NADA.

  52. JockMcT

    Geri 29 May 9:43

    You are right, ALBA seems in some ways to be old SNP 2.0, and they dissed Sarah & SALVO pdq. Seems to me they fancy their shot at the trough. We need a route 1 and we need a political party that will not settle down into the comfy seats at wastemonster.

  53. Hatuey

    In the previous thread I defended young people and said that in my experience they were better human beings than us older folks, more conscientious. It’s a generalisation, of course, with all the usual exceptions, but I don’t think you can discuss that in isolation without making comparisons, and that’s why I responded on this thread.

    The homelessness and associated problems alluded to in the above article reveal systemic failures of politicians and voters over decades. We are talking about a failure to build enough houses, failure to build proper support networks for women, and failures when it comes to the enforcement of basic law and order, amongst many others.

    We can’t put the blame for these or any of the problems we face today on young people — they simply weren’t alive. We also can’t blame them for our failure to mobilise and achieve independence when the window of opportunity had never been opened wider, and we can’t blame them for the skank who we let destroy the SNP and much else.

    (photographs from SNP conferences displayed on this very website make clear that it is predominantly older generations that were most supportive of the skank and the SNP in recent years…)

    One of the reasons they are talking about conscription is down to the fact that normal recruitment isn’t working — less young people than ever want anything to do with their murderous army.

    And why would they want to go and kill and die for a country that gives them nothing, leaves them homeless, jobless in many cases, denies them basic benefits, pays slave wages, then blames them for them for everything, including their own harsh treatment and neglect?

    Here’s the big question, though; what have you older people personally done to address any of these things in the last few decades? Let’s see the details. Does anyone really think moaning on here counts as making an effort?

    If you’re male and above 60, you basically got safe jobs, houses, pension plans and prosperity handed to you on a plate. You’re the most spoiled and arguably selfish generation in the history of the world. You should probably keep out of politics, if I’m honest… you really did fuck the whole thing up (or at least sat back and watched as others did).

  54. Big Jock

    I don’t think there is any party in Scotland that are worthy of my vote. I say that as an Alba member. I am completely uninspired.

  55. James Che


    Hear hear,

    Alba did make a mistake, or did they?

    It might be a case of party before the people or Country, because When Speaking with Alex a few years ago, he was well aware of many breaches in the treaty of union, and in fact it was himself that pointed me in the direction of the many flaws of the so called treaty of union ater having access to Westminster library.
    It rings alarm bells in my head,

    Still a photo taken with him which I am now considering getting rid of, due to it representing more Carrots.for Scotlands road to independence.

    Politicians should take all factors into acount, if they are running on that ticket.

  56. sarah

    Forgotten women won’t be forgotten by Sally Hughes, Colette Walker or Eva Comrie, the capable, strong women standing for real Scottish independence and direct democracy in this election.

    I hope very much that the voters in their constituencies will hear their message and vote for them. They need funds to fight for us – they are all on crowdfunder site – just google their name and the link comes up.

  57. Ruby Tuesday

    Have you seen John Main’s latest?

    He’s really surpassed himself here.

    Here’s a little preview (as he says)

    2) The pathetic inadequacy of many of the frequent commentators.

    The second is an ongoing stain on Scotland’s honour

    As for the others, there’s a good reason why one of the first things the SNP did on gaining power was to sideline the mouth breathers and knuckle draggers.

    It’s drip, drip, drip from the three cunts. You are all pathetic, stupid, inadequate, load of mouth breathing knuckle draggers.

    They are backed up by a never ending stream of the colonisers’ trolls all saying the same thing.

    I’m absolutely sick of their manipulation and I’m so glad they find the term cunt to be the most offensive word in the English language. Cunts!

    The vast majority of the people branded ‘homeless’ have serious drug & alcohol addictions. To call them homeless would suggest if you give them a home all will be well. It’s a ridiculous term.

    Maybe we would have fewer drug & alcohol problems if we weren’t being told on a daily basis that we were pathetic stupid and inadequate.

    Of course the colonisers need to keep us in our place otherwise we might get ideas above of station.

    You are all pathetic stupid and inadequate #AskAndy & Chas.

    Have a nice day thickos! Dah!

  58. sarah

    @ Big Jock: There is the ISP – Colette Walker and several others are standing. They support Salvo’s aims and are abstentionist – I would vote for them or for an Independent for Independence.

  59. Molesworth

    Stu – Please explain why you do not identify the two families who own the majority of homeless women’s hotels and B&B’s in Glasgow.
    It is not illegal so you need not fear an action for defamation.
    Are you reluctant to name a particular demographic?

  60. Northcode

    I’m a big fan of Agnes.

    She was born Agnes Lenore Rauh in Glandorf, Ohio, on December 17, 1898.

    Inspired by a lecture delivered by A. P. Sandies, editor of the Putnam County Sentinel, during her senior year in high school, Agnes decided to study journalism at Saint Mary’s College.

    Agnes passionately believed that journalism and American society would benefit from the presence of more women.

    In her essay “Women and Journalism” (1919), she wrote:

    “The profession of journalism long ago recognized that women have minds, perhaps in several aspects different from mens minds but of equal merit and that their ideas and works are not to be despised.

    Moreover, women have special aptitudes peculiar to themselves, whereby they fill a definite need in certain spheres of thought and endeavor.”

    She warned:

    “One cannot estimate the danger, the harm, that comes from insidious propaganda, which, under the cloak of high-sounding new movements, threatens to undermine the most fundamental principles of social and family life.

    Women must take up the pen, for, if this propaganda succeeds in winning the support of the women of our country, it has secured the stronghold because an entire people derives its ideals from the mothers.

    The battle must be waged and the most effectual means to combat this danger is to turn the enemies’ own weapons against them: to fill the magazines with articles based on the right principles.”

    The desire to be a journalist wasn’t the only passion that burned in Agnes’s soul. Answering the call of God, she entered the novitiate of the Sisters of the Holy Cross at Saint Marys in September 1919.

    The following August she was received as a novice, and within a year was teaching in a middle school.

    Agnes, now known as Sister Miriam Joseph, was taking steps to fulfill the call she herself had issued in 1919 – she would be directly involved in the process of training writers who would articulate “the right principles.”

    She went on to write The Trivium – one of my favourite books of all time.

    The women who comment here would be held in high regard by Agnes Lenore Rauh, I’m sure, for having the courage to ‘take to the pen’.

  61. Ruby Tuesday

    There is no point in talking about women’s right while there is a law in place that says men can become women.

    Any women’s rights, sports, spaces, opinions have to include these men who the laws says are women.
    Even before the law says they are women they are required should they want to become a woman to spend a year or however long they want to live as a woman. You can hardly demand that they live as a woman yet deny them the right to a place in a woman’s hostel & all the rest.

    There is no political party fighting for women’s rights because there is no party fighting for the repeal of the Gender Recognition Act 2004.

    Alba is a big disappointment!

    We are all ‘forgotten women’ well that is until such times as two blokes want a baby. Cunts!
    Surrogacy is the new sex work.

    Can you imagine the tantrum should the Gender Recognition Act 2004 be repealed. Don’t worry guys it would be replaced with the ‘Fetishists Recognition Act’. Fetishists rights are human rights.
    You’ll be able to wear your furry suit to work!

  62. Ruby Tuesday

    Mornin’ Molesworth

    This article isn’t written by Stu. See above.

  63. Ruby Tuesday


    What are they saying re the repeal of the GRA 2004?

  64. Ruby Tuesday

    One thing I disagree with JK Rowling on is this idea that everyone should be allowed to wear what they like.

    The problem with that is as soon as a man puts on a dress he requires to use woman’s spaces.

    Must use the ladies ‘cos he’s too scared to use the gents when he’s wearing his dress.

    I don’t agree that they should be allowed to put on ‘woman face’ either because it’s insulting to women. I totally understand how black people feel about black face.

  65. Hatuey

    “New opinion poll suggests the SNP will plunge to just SEVEN MPs with Stephen Flynn losing his seat”

    That from the Scottish Daily Express.

    And LOL.

  66. SteepBrae

    Hatuey 10.32am “If you’re male and above 60, you basically got safe jobs, houses, pension plans and prosperity handed to you on a plate. You’re the most spoiled and arguably selfish generation in the history of the world.”

    That’s one ill-conceived opinion there. Not only did people of this generation happen to be born at a time when a broad variety of jobs existed, social support and pensions etc were funded by tax that they paid throughout their working lives – the operative word being ‘working’ – but they also made up a large proportion of the grassroots activists that brought the country so close to gaining its independence.

    So to fling a “handed on a plate” accusation shows a failure to understand the reality and is grossly insulting.

  67. James Che

    If women have no voice that removes just over 50% of voters in the future, unless the future does not intend to include any voting and become a dictatorship government politicians and men in general should wise up to how the demographics are being changed,

    Men will stand on their own with no support from the other half of the population and when the time comes to do away with their rights………

  68. Geri

    “Fetishists Recognition Act’. Fetishists rights are human rights.
    You’ll be able to wear your furry suit to work!”


    Morning Ruby..

  69. Geri


    “One thing I disagree with JK Rowling on is this idea that everyone should be allowed to wear what they like.”

    Aye – the last time I saw her say that on Twitter someone posted a photo of a man in bondage gear mincing around the street with his arse out his trousers. (Obviously lost his Pride event)

    I think we can all live without that in the fruit aisle at Tesco’s. LOL.

  70. Northcode

    I meant to add in my previous comment that Laura Jones would be highly praised by Agnes Lenore Rauh for ‘taking up the pen’ and writing her excellent though disturbing article exposing the plight of ‘The Forgotten Women’.

  71. Aunty Flo

    Ruby Tuesday says:

    “I don’t agree that they should be allowed to put on ‘woman face’ either because it’s insulting to women. I totally understand how black people feel about black face.”

    Cultural appropriation isn’t it?

    A bit like when the royals are on holiday in Scotland – all got up in kilts & traditional Scottish dress, pretending to be Scottish. Lederhosen & dirndls would be more authentic, no?

  72. Vivian O’Blivion

    Survation Holyrood voting intention, field work 23 – 27 May, sample population 1,026, prediction model Election Polling, (change from 2021).
    SNP 33%
    Con 17%
    Lab 32.3%
    LibDem 9%

    SNP 29%
    Con 15%
    Lab 33%
    LibDem 10%
    Green 8%

    Seats summary (before regional variation *):
    Lab 48 (+26)
    SNP 42 (-22)
    Con 17 (-14)
    LibDem 13 (+9)
    Green 9 (+1)

    Unionist block 78 seats
    Independence (notionally) block 51 seats

    * ALBA at 6% in Highlands & Islands, 5% in Mid-Scotland & Fife.

  73. Geri

    JockMcT & James Che

    Aye, they caused a ruckus on twitter thinking they (Salvo & Liberation) were trying to undermine Salmond. Complete bollocks of course – it was to work in conjunction with it & with the added benefit of not aligning itself to a single political party. We’ve already been there & have the t-shirt.

    We’ve also had ten wasted years in WM to try *appeal to their better nature* Newsflash – they don’t have one & especially not where the cash cow & their imaginary *world* status are under threat.

    A convention & the legal position is the only way. The treaty is a legal & live document with international recognition. To dismiss that as cràckpot IS cràckpot. It’s the only thing we have in writing. Also, a convention wouldn’t be as easily taken over by egos & bribes as a politician would be in that cesspit they think is a parliament. It’s undemocratic from the get go & having to swear an oath first defeats the purpose of being there for independence.

    We’ve had ten years listening to Tories waffling & filibustering about all manner of exceptionalist shite – while SNP twiddled their thumbs or groped someone in the bars. We don’t need to listen to another five from their twins sitting in the labour benches.

    Scotland is getting hee-haw. Ever. From taking seats in Westminster. There, some free advice – no crowdfunder required.

    We need seats to abstain & give it zero legitimacy.

  74. Ruby Tuesday

    Northcode you write they most inspirational and educational posts they are just brilliant.

    It’s easy to be courageous and ‘take to the pen’ once you get over the fear of being called stupid.

    ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’

    I am very well aware that my writing skills leave a lot to be desired I’ve been told often enough. ie Lots of imagination and no technique. That essay should be published but it’ll fail the A level exam and on and on and on.

    I am inadequate but I don’t care anymore. There is no exam to sit BTL on Wings and I am definitely not interested in getting anything published.

    Only a special few have both imagination & technique. If I were to choose I would be happy with the imagination part. There is nothing more boring & scary than someone with no imagination.

    If I were looking to get something published I could always hire a ghost writer. 🙂

    My message to all the lurkers is ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’ just write something instead of lurking. ‘Take to the Pen!’ it’s all you can do here on Wings. No other medium possible.

  75. Alf Baird

    Hatey McHateface @ 7:39 am

    “A part of me is thinking that as Scots look around the historical and contemporary world, and contemplate the hecatombs associated with the various historic and current liberation struggles, they conclude it’s just not worth it.”

    As somebody used to say: ‘shows us the money’. Aye, you would think the £150+ billion annual price paid by Scots for staying in the UK union should get more than half of the folks interested. Mind you, its mostly the better off half who are content with our continued colonial plunder:

  76. Northcode

    Good comments eloquently setting down their authors’ points on here today.

    And all from independence supporters too – unsurprisingly.

    Especially those comments by Ruby Tuesday, Geri, James Che, Breeks and Lorna Campbell.

    And Aunty Flo delivered a neat point on cultural appropriation.

  77. Lorna Campbell

    James Che: I have come to the same conclusion. I believe that we are being targeted quite deliberately to get us out of the public square and back into the home, preferably sterilized to boot. We are just beginning to get a glimmer of how much worse for young females ‘transition’ is in medical terms and in mental health terms, albeit young men are also suffering from oestrogen overload.

    If NI contributions and so on were wiped from the system accidentally, you’d expect it to be random and to include males. They also upped the number of NI contributions females required to gain a full pension at the same time as they stole our pensions (WASPI), something else that was brushed under the carpet, so that many older women are now on a reduced pension, too. Yes, something very deep and nasty is going on in the UK to eliminate females from all public spaces and private ones and to force them into penury. It sounds mad and paranoid, I know, and I think they got the idea from Margaret Atwood and ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’. No kidding. We are seeing too many moves against women and girls for it to be just coincidence.

  78. sarah

    @ Ruby Tuesday at 11.11 a.m.: I know ISP are supporters of women. I don’t know the answer to your specific question about abolishing the GRA 2004.

  79. Hatey McHateface

    @Hatuey says:29 May, 2024 at 10:32 am

    “And why would they want to go and kill and die for a country that gives them nothing, leaves them homeless, jobless in many cases, denies them basic benefits, pays slave wages, then blames them for everything”

    Cracker of a question.

    And as per usual, missing the point by a country mile.

    Who’s it addressed to?

    Our indigenous youngsters (the ones we aren’t having, or did you not read that memo)?

    Or the youngsters we’ve been importing by the boatload for 20 years now?

    Because if you really have been in your bedroom for those 20 years, you won’t have twigged that they get plenty, including accomodation, jobs, benefits, medical care (free), education (free) etc. etc. Not to mention an ever growing say in what happens here. That’s why they are killing each other with sticks to get a place on the boats.

    They’ll fight, because they’ve never had it so good. Plus they know that the things people fight for, they can keep.

    TBQFH, I’d rather they weren’t here at all, but as they are, and they think the place is worth fighting for, while we Sovereign Scots don’t, then in harsh reality, it’s going to be all theirs.

  80. Hatey McHateface

    Ruby Wed Morning Just A Wee Sherbet Before Drinks O’Clock says:


    Scandalously ignored in the GE campaign so far, but it’s still very much at the top of most Scot’s concerns.

  81. Northcode

    Ruby @ 12:14pm

    I hope some few of my posts at least are inspirational, Ruby.

    Sometimes all we need is a little inspiration to bring out the latent talents most folk have but that have been suppressed by a poor education system, among other things.

    An education system hardly there to inspire and genuinely benefit the student in a colonised society.

    You say this:

    “Only a special few have both imagination & technique. If I were to choose I would be happy with the imagination part. ”

    And you would be making the correct choice. Technique is the easy part that almost anyone with the ability to read can learn.

    Knowing what to write using those techniques is the hard part – but that talent, too, can be nurtured and brought to the surface of a mind.

    And having read many of your posts I would say you have a creative imagination in abundance.

    You also say this:

    “I am inadequate but I don’t care anymore”

    With respect, Ruby, that is fucking (note my use of an ‘intensifier’) nonsense.

    You are obviously intelligent and you are obviously a creative thinker. As are many on here. That’s one of the reasons I visit this place.

    In fact, you have inspired me to write something on inspiration. But I’ll do that in another post.

    And once again, thank you for your compliment – you flatter me, but I’m okay with that. 🙂

  82. Confused

    I see the discussions have all gone a bit meta – everyone has a writing style, but the main issue is having something to say, some kind of point and powerful argument.

    Be direct.

    Just say it.

    – don’t worry about punctuation, sentence structure, trying to be a gude riter; all they teach at school is how to punctuate. I have read a lot of things, most of it is crap, especially academic writing with its stodgy, pompous style, usually puffing itself up to hide its own lack of substance.

    That “books are crap” is something a lot of famous writers have concluded, and that most people, should not do it, most books never published; Orwell says this in “inside the whale” I think.

    Cervantes “Don Quixote” is a satire about “crap books” – everyone at the time was reading knightly romances, which was like the “SAS porn” of its time.

    Roadl Dahl, in his advice for writers, says to avoid adjectives, or other puffing of what you say.

    Neitszche wanted to say in a sentence what others said in a paragraph, in a paragraph what others said in a chapter, in a book what no one else has said.

    Most people who style themselves writers have nothing much to say, really, and when they put it in the page it simply shows the limitations of their own intellect.

    Schopenhauer argues for “reading less” and also there are some books you shouldn’t read because they just lead you down some cul de sac.

    Alasdair Gray could write devastating sentences.

    Anyone here who has something to say should just say it, detailed information highly valued, and should never be intimidated by thinking their style is bad.

    ee cummings didn’t like punctuation much; when some publisher complained he replied with something along the lines of


    “pepper and salt it as you wish”.

    JK Rowling, the modern success, has always baffled me (it’s like why is a song a hit song) – the only thing notable about her writing is how perfectly punctuated it is; all “proper”, but stodgy as fuck. She’s made her money and I doubt if she gives a toss if anyone thinks she is any good.

    Within our own movement, the respectable side of it, middle class kosher, comes from “bella”, which produces these limp as fuck, flappy crappy, pseudo bollox articles from pseudobolloxistes, largely permutations of fashionable buzzwords and stock phrases; it is mostly awful, apart from George Gunn.

    The success of our own REV, is very notable; wings pisses on every other indy blog (and I would never waste my time commenting anywhere else) and he does it because he has a great combination of elements – sound, solid, basic journalism (which immediately puts him above most of the main media), then a fairly direct style, spiced with a tasty phrase or two and appropriate cultural references; it really hits the mark, and has the impact of a repeated stabbing motion, like a roman and his gladius. And this is why he is so hated. That word again. Let’s hear it for hate.

    Hope to read many hateful responses y’all.

  83. Hatey McHateface

    @Alf Baird says:29 May, 2024 at 12:17 pm

    “its mostly the better off half who are content”

    If half are content, that might explain why Indy support remains stuck at 50%.

    Using round numbers, 150 billion divided by 6 million gives each Scot £25,000. Each and every year.

    I would have thought that would be the easiest sell in the history of the world.

    Somehow or other, I don’t think a few dubious posts on here, or all the efforts of Sturgeon herself, could keep the lid on that story.

    So what happened?

  84. Northcode

    “Hope to read many hateful responses y’all”

    You won’t get any hateful responses from me, Confused. Yet another brilliant and insightful comment made in your own inimitable style. I say that with a little envy – I do like the way you write.

    If you ever want a big (no homo) hug, I’d be happy to oblige. 🙂

  85. Republicofscotland

    No working hospitals remain in Ra-fa-h, as the Zzio-monsters tanks roam the streets of Ra-fa-h on their quest to ethnically cleanse Ga–z-za.

    Always remember that the English government backs the Zzio-monsters to the hilt.

    End The F*ckin Union Now.

  86. sam

    “it’s always yourself you find at the sea”

  87. Ruby Tuesday

    Hatey McHateface
    29 May, 2024 at 1:13 pm

    Ruby Wed Morning Just A Wee Sherbet Before Drinks O’Clock says:

    This cunt is desperately trying to prove to everyone that I am drunk and we all know why that is.

    I love blowing up stuff especially covers and he doesn’t like that.


    I wish we could have more emojis. Words are great but a bit of visual art can often speak louder.

    Big explosion! Boom! Cover Blown! False face smashed in a hundred pieces!

    Cover blown might be tricky to do visually.

    Dustbin with the lid flying off and all the false faces flying all over the place.

    Maybe I will have a few sherbets and see if I can come up with something better. I might even write a poem called ‘Blown Covers’.

    Only kiddin’ I don’t do poetry only pottery! 🙂

  88. Campbell Clansman

    The latest Survation Poll (Scotland only) shows that the (nominally) pro-Indy Parties are going to be slaughtered in the next Holyrood election, with the Unionist parties garnering 78 seats of the 129.
    And that the Alba Party is going nowhere.
    The same poll shows that Scots voters would vote solidly NO on “independence”–55%-45%.

  89. Ruby Tuesday


    There’s a ‘Poetry Library’ in Edinburgh it’s next door to the SNP HQ.

    Thought that might be an interesting bit of information for all you poets out there.

    BTW Pottery is poetry it’s ‘poetry in motion’

    (See her gentle sway!)


    Latest polls indicate 55% of Scots continue to cling to the anglo skewed «union».
    Maybe the non event Westminster GE likely to put Scotland back in the rusted political junk box labelled «no longer needed» might lessen the cling but few would bet on it given that the average registered unionist displays in terms of political imagination and intellect the stultifying repertoire of a christmas turkey.

    Nevertheless, by the same polls a sound core of 45% subsists to unsettle the status quo.
    Independence is unlikely to be «delivered» by majority support as change usually scares the habituated many, but were that 45% given succulent «fresh meat» instead of insipid gruel in the political diet, who knows.
    There will be plenty of adulterated democratic slurry delivered in the coming weeks and like gruel, sticky, messy, pungent and throwaway.

    Democracy in the West is going East.

  91. Lorna Campbell

    Ruby: absolutely agree. If the 2004 GRA is not repealed, we are finished. Any gains we make are immediately undermined by the men in frocks. I also agree about ‘womanface’. It is such an insult that no one could possibly think it is anything else. As far as I am concerned, these paraphiliacs and fetishists can wear what they like out of sight. They have no right to flaunt their paraphilia/fetish in our faces and spaces.

    If they can simply step into our protected places, then it will be all-male representation in parliament in a short time because anyone who believes that these men have anything female about them is deluded even more than they are. How can they possibly understand female issues which, if we want a decent society, must also be understood and acted upon?

    Females have needs that do not impinge on men at all, and these include safe spaces for dignity and privacy, our own sports, lour own services, etc. If these violently jealous men, including the TRAs, can’t even let us have these, we are in great danger and young women even more so.

    I honestly believe that we are entering a pre war period now, when politicians are gearing up for conscription of both males and females, and things could go either way. When many males go mad in a sexual way, it has always, in the past, meant the denigration of women and girls, the disintegration of society and the advent of war. That our politicians just do not recognize this for what it is, is deeply disturbing. Uncontrolled deviancy is almost a metaphor for destruction.

  92. Hatey McHateface

    @Republicofscotland says: 29 May, 2024 at 2:15 pm

    Memory’s a funny thing.

    I remember the yellow monsters cowering behind their human shields, made up of the corpses of their own women and kids.

    I remember the terrified innocent lassies kidnapped and dragged underground – coming up 8 months ago now.

    I remember just how many stalwarts of the Scottish Indy scene thought this was all just fine – with you leading the charge. I don’t expect to be ever forgetting that one.

  93. Geri

    Indy won’t be delivered by attending Westminster. Nor will it be delivered through the new Tory Labour party.

    Scottish Yoons are gimps. They must get some sort of sexual pleasure from being badly beaten, robbed, insulted, gagged & treated like shite.

    I’d give them a good beating free of charge lol

    Take that *Wapeesh! Crack* Ya fud!..


  94. Hatey McHateface

    @Ruby Wednesday 14:00 – 15:00 GMT+1 says: 29 May, 2024 at 2:32 pm

    “desperately trying to prove to everyone that I am drunk and we all know why that is”

    You should be grateful. I’m cutting you some slack.

    Every plausible alternative explanation is worse for you, one way or another.

  95. Northcode

    If anyone would know why I trumpet the learning of grammar, logic and rhetoric in Scotland’s schools, Dorothy L. Sayers (1893 – 1957) sums it up nicely:

    For we let our young men and women go out unarmed in a day when armor was never so necessary. By teaching them to read, we have left them at the mercy of the printed word.

    By the invention of the film and the radio, we have made certain that no aversion to reading shall secure them from the incessant battery of words, words, words.

    They do not know what the words mean; they do not know how to ward them off or blunt their edge or fling them back; they are a prey to words in their emotions instead of being the masters of them in their intellects….

    We have lost the tools of learning, and in their absence can only make a botched and piecemeal job of it.

    Dorothy L. Sayers, “The Lost Tools of Learning”

    That be one of the reasons why.

    Although I would amend Sayers words slightly by saying:

    ‘by teaching them to read unthinkingly, we have left them at the mercy of the printed word.’

  96. Geri

    Aye the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah & the ending will be the same. Torched.

    I believe that’s why they’ve a deviant wet dream about R too = Orthodox Christian. The Zzs have been attacking it for years & persecuting priests in U & elsewhere & the guff he won’t join in with the deviant gender shit just drives them more into their Ruskiphobia.

    It’s satanic. Satan despises humans because they’ll be forgiven whereas he never will be. & No one hates human life more than the yanks with their fake Christianity. They’ve zero moral compass & will gladly rack up the body count & if they can’t do it through conventional methods of backstabbing, deceit & boots on the ground – they’re unhinged enough to just reach for the nukes cause there was no consequences last time they dropped the A bomb..

  97. George Ferguson

    O/T with apologies to the author of this article Laura Jones and her excellent support of women in terms of housing support. But I am watching the Matheson debate. I want to revise my prediction of 6 to 12 SNP MPs after July 4th. I am saying 3 to 6 SNPs after the GE now. I am getting WhatsApp messages from long standing friends asking what is the Anti SNP vote in their constituency. I have just informed a friend that he is no longer in Dundee East but the Arbroath and Broughty Ferry Constituency. He didn’t know. Looking for an anti SNP vote in the land of the Arbroath Declaration. I wished I had doubled up on my constituency bets.

  98. David Hannah

    Redfield & Wilton has Labour ahead by 23 points across the UK. 12,000. poll conducted:

    Steven Flynn protected to lose his seat to a conservative gain!

    Night of the fallen Nats incoming – unless of course you’re a liar and fraudster like Michael Matheson – you can do what you like!

  99. Geri

    “Looking for an anti SNP vote in the land of the Arbroath Declaration. I wished I had doubled up on my constituency bets.”

    No better constituency to vote #End The Union.

  100. George Ferguson

    @Geri 4:53pm
    Fair enough then vote Alba for Scottish Independence. I am lucky I have an Alba prospective candidate in my constituency. But spare a thought for those that don’t. End the Union without a mechanism is as politically aware as the long standing friend that didn’t what his constituency was.

  101. Big Jock

    Given that 55% no vote in the polls. Is the dream slowly dying?

    Maybe the majority of Scots are 90 minute patriots, as Sillars once said.

    Watch them belt out Flower Of Scotland in Germany, kilted and Saltired. Then come home and vote no to independence and get excited about team GB in the olympics.

    Are we just a pretendy nation that WM can screw over and over again? It looks like it.

  102. Dan

    @ Big Jock

    Most Scots are kept in the dark due to the relentless flow of propaganda generated by the controlling interests of another country.
    Ergo: All that they see or seem is but a dream within a dream…

    Due to the incredible lack of gumption and dour unimaginative bastard outlook of quite so many of my fellow servile Scottish citizens, I’m actually beginning to warm to the idea of beavers continuing their quest to take over and flood as much of Scotland as possible so it drowns the humans and puts them out of their miserable existences.
    I mean for fucksake, if humans have (de)evolved to the point they can be continually outwitted and have the pish totes ripped out of them by large rodents then maybe it is time to gie up and gtf outta here…

  103. Geri

    Big Jock

    What do 1,114 ppl know against 6 million? Wishful thinking methinks. I’m sure theres some science that escapes me. Why don’t they just ask everyone in a ref FFS Lol.

    “Number of respondents

    Age group
    16 years and older

    Special properties
    Scottish adults

    Supplementary notes
    Figures exclude those who don’t know or would not vote.”

  104. Geri


    “Most Scots are kept in the dark due to the relentless flow of propaganda generated by the controlling interests of another country.”


    The gender rubbish has been a distraction while the Tories beavered away slipping in all manner of shit through parliament on the quiet including disenfranchising the poor from voting.

    Don’t forget yer IDs folks! Nae ID. Nae vote.

    I’m sure franchise fanny will be writing a stern letter to the bigot moonhowlers as we speak about how it’s all grossly unfair to the poor..

  105. twathater

    @ Lorna and Ruby, I support the repeal of the 2004 equality act, BUT what are the opinions of the 3 ladies challenging the election, surely being REAL females they must be aware of the overwhelming disrespect and capture that the act has enabled
    I believe that women are TOO KIND,too considerate,and too empathetic,traits that I believe the 3 females have,so TBQH I don’t believe any of them would support the repeal of the 2004 act, and therein lies the problem, as Ruby says the FACT that the act states that anyone with a gender certificate (a piece of paper) can change their sex just ENABLES the absolute clusterfuck we have experienced over the last 10 years to continue

    The only way that people could show their opinion would be after independence a referendum would be held to decide whether to keep it or bin it,as it should be for ALL acts,laws and policies that severely impacts the electorate, I am sick of ALL mealy mouthed politicians begging for votes deciding what is in the best interests of the electorate

  106. Dan

    @ Geri

    Franchise Fanny has been quiet over last couple of days. Maybe as a defence geezer and Grade A antagonistic weapon he’s been deployed to the front line of a war somewhere or other and is firing off salvos of “Yer all moonhowling natvists”, “Civic nationalism or else”, “Badger, Badger, Badger…”, “International community ya bass” “Usual suspects” in an attempt to bore those fighting into a coma thus ending hostilities.
    TBF it is probably way cheaper and less environmentally damaging to deploy Ellis to “win over hearts and minds” than spending a fortune on armaments and blowing shit up.

  107. Republicofscotland

    Hatey Mchateface aka John Main, Or-de Win–gate a vile Ch–inthe like you was also a Zzzio-monster supporter.

    I remember the the Zzio-monsters murdering innocent Pall-estin–ians since 1948, I remember the UN issuing a couple of resolutions stating that the same people have the RIGHT to take up arms and TAKE BACK what is theirs including an armed struggle.

    G–aaz-za is occupied lands the Zzio-monster have no right to defend themselves in occupied lands.

    The West (well most of it) now backs Zzio-Knat-zzis in P=al-es–ne, and their equally evil Knneo-Knat-zzis in U, and so do you.

  108. Andy Ellis

    Why is it that all the usual thick as shit in a bottle neck types are amongst those writing any polling off because it can’t be true because only 1000 people were asked and/or they weren’t personally consulted and have never been asked.

    Mind you for the latter it’s probably because any sensible polling agent could probably smell them before they got close enough to pose any questions.

  109. Andy Ellis

    And for all those frothing themselves in to a lather about the recent polls Rev Stu (who knows a thing or two about polling after all) pointed out on twitter earlier that they’re within standard variation.

    Nobody really cares about Westminster elections: getting in a state about what they say just plays in to the hands of the yoons and the narrative they’ll doubtless come out with on 5th July that the loss of SNP seats means indy is dead for a generation, or indeed for ever.

    We know what Stuey thinks of polling sceptics, don’t we boys and girls (and non gender specifics). 🙂

  110. sarah

    @ Twathater: Have you heard any of the Independents for Independence or ISP ladies speak or read their blogs etc? I am impressed by them all – strong, principled, no nonsense, and fired up for independence.

    Eva Comrie and Sally Hughes are on today’s Through a Scottish Prism youtube. At 14 minutes Sally Hughes says that she is getting a surprising amount of support in Perth and reckons from being 60% No they are now 60% Yes. She reports that people are really fed up with the SNP and like the fact that she is an Independent so will respond direct to voters’ needs rather than do what a party tells them to do.

  111. George Ferguson

    @Andy Ellis 6:50pm
    Statistical significance is well established by sampling sizes. Usually over a thousand properly conducted random polling samples as an exercise, is a good guide. Excuse me whilst I try to make money out of the GE whilst others are denying reality. We will see. But add in your local knowledge and inside insights and information. A huge Tsunami coming the SNP way.

  112. sam

    Shelter says causes of homelessness are lack of affordable housing over years.

    Inadequate housing benefit. Many rely on universal credit or housing benefit to pay their rent and cuts to these and benefit cap. which Labour will keep makes affording rent hard.

    People can be easily evicted from their homes.

    Discrimination – against the most vulnerable.

    No rights.

    Access to a home as a right should be high on the agenda

  113. Lorna Campbell

    twathater: I fear you may be right. However, it will dawn gradually on everyone that, unless the 2004 GRA is repealed, this stuff is just going to go on and on, and become worse. It is the source of all the gender nonsense. The utterly unscrupulous politicians, female as well as male, are the second source because they witter on about “the most vulnerable people in society” as if having a paraphilia or fetish, or both, is somehow to be “vulnerable”. They are up to something and it has zilch to do with helping anyone.

    I have absolutely no patience with those who think that their gender nonsense is a distraction. It is far from being a distraction. Independence and a better society will be impossible if it is not dealt with first. If we go into an independent Scotland with this ordure still around, we will become even more engulfed in the slurry pit than we are now. Every society that has crashed has crashed in the same way: excessive male deviancy presaging collapse. Has nobody learned anything?

  114. Hatey McHateface

    @Republicofscotland 6:40

    You want us to believe that in some circumstances, some people have no right to fight back. They just have to sit there and get exterminated.

    Awa and shite.

    There’s some things that remain beyond the pale for decent folks, even in war.

    Cowering like a yellow rat in a hole in the ground while your helpless women and kids get pulverised is one of these things.

    Deliberately putting your women and kids in harms way is another one.

    Seeking to get as many of your women and kids killed as possible in the hope that you can “win” the propaganda war that way is yet another.

    You want “your side” to win because there’s something about skulking in a hole while others get blown to bits that appeals to you. That’s my best guess. Maybe the idea of the 17 YO hostage lassies sweetens the deal for you too.

  115. Dan

    Andy Ellis says: at 6:50 pm

    Mind you for the latter it’s probably because any sensible polling agent could probably smell them before they got close enough to pose any questions.

    Supposedly superior spokesman for the masses, Ellis, keeping it classy by posting that comment btl of an article highlighting the plight of so many that unfortunately find themselves homeless…

    Aye, the destitute and vulnerable folk in a precarious homeless predicament are always seen dragging around a bath or shower cubicle, barrel of water, and an assortment of toiletries to keep themselves fresh for when the likes of Ellis and pollsters are nearby.
    FFS, even some working folk trying to raise a family struggle to keep on top of high mortgage / rents and heating payments, so they can keep a roof over their heads and afford enough energy to heat home and hot water to wash and cover laundry needs of multiple occupant household.
    A nice young Scottish family across from me that moved to the village a few years ago are selling up because they just can’t cover higher mortgage costs and heating bills on lad’s working wage whilst the lass stays at home to raise the newborn and toddler. They are the very folk Scotland should be focusing on assisting. Meanwhile millions of taxpayers’ dosh is spaffed away on shite ferries, dodgy solar PV and ASHP installs, Deposit Return Scheme, and all manner of other pish. 🙁

  116. George Ferguson

    @Dan 7:57pm
    Same here a young family have had to sell up. Talking about the homeless I was in Princes Street Edinburgh today. (Relief from childminding). All the tents on Princes Street have gone. Relocated to Aberdeen, Dundee and Glasgow. Why? Apparently somebody called Taylor Swift is coming to town. And that tells you everything about the Scottish Government and Edinburgh City Council priorities.

  117. Geri

    Ellis is probably flapping away in his Yfronts in his maws spare bedroom. The type that thinks they’re superior to everyone else usually isn’t.
    He never fails to demonstrate he has zero breeding & was dragged up.

    He’s had good news.

    U is blasting fck out the Ruskies Nuke warning system. That can only mean one thing. Nukes are imminent.
    Can anyone remind us what this was about? LOL!

    I wondered at that date for a GE being chosen. Methinks it’s to celebrate something entirely different.

    Oh well, all the war hawks will be cheering through their terminal illness that’s on its way. For everyone else – get the beers in.

  118. Geri


    That’s a common theme. It’s tragic.

    Same with those with private landlords who increase the rent & can no longer afford to stay or a sudden illness or accident where circumstances can change overnight.

    The council should have been giving land to build council houses. Not to property developers building unaffordable homes.

  119. sarah

    @ Lorna Campbell: Caligula and Nero, 1930’s Berlin – decadence in the powerful = disaster and danger for everyone else.

    Today the chief of Police Scotland apologised to the transgender publicising fanatics. Why? For heaven’s sake, is there no-one in any part of our administration who can see clearly and talks sense?

  120. sarah

    If you vote for a Unionist in order to oust the SNP you are adding to the Unionist votes total and reducing the independence vote.

    Surely it is better to re-purpose your ballot paper with “#EndtheUnion” because this doesn’t increase the Unionist votes tally and it preserves the independence vote tally since all spoiled ballots are counted.

    I heard this argument today on Through a Scottish Prism and thought it valid.

  121. George Ferguson

    @Sarah 9:10 pm
    There is an alternative opinion. I am of the opinion that until the SNP are gone nothing will change. We rebuild Independence from scratch. I have given out advice today for an Anti SNP vote. Depending on the constituency. The common theme was they didn’t want to vote for Soon Out or Starmer but equally not the SNP. Kinda leaves your options limited. But the prevailing thought was an anti SNP. Don’t believe me, I am OK with that. I put my money where my mouth is. Either I make a lot of money or I will be skint.

  122. Hatey McHateface

    @Dan says:29 May, 2024 at 7:57 pm

    Do you expect us to believe that Andy Ellis was writing about the homeless in his comment at 6:50?

    It’s bleedin obvious he wasn’t.

    I think it’s also bleedin obvious to you too.

    So here’s the question that’s genuinely exercising me about you and the other posters like you who post obvious, in-your-face lies.


    Who do you think is attracted to a cause supported by blatant lies?

  123. robertkknight

    “If you vote for a Unionist in order to oust the SNP you are adding to the Unionist votes total and reducing the independence vote.”


    Voting against a party that has claimed for nearly a decade to be pro-Indy but displays ample behavioural evidence to the contrary is not “reducing the independence vote.”

    Voting SNP is voting for the status quo. It is NOT voting for independence.

    For the first time in nearly 4 decades of voting I’ll be voting Tory because it’s the best chance of getting A Smith out.

    It is more important to finish off Sturgeon’s rancid SNP than it is to give Yoons the opportunity to crow about the Indy vote collapsing.

    I want the SNP vote to collapse in order to get rid of the bastards. Polls showing support for Indy can stand on their own merit. This is a UK GE, not an opinion poll. If you seek an indy Scotland, voting SNP or spoiling your paper will achieve neither.

    If you’ve an ALBA, ISP or pro-Indy Indy candidate then vote for them… Otherwise, vote to rid Scotland of the biggest shower of tractors since the 1707 parcel o rogues who were bought and then sold their country and everything and everyone therein.

  124. Effijy

    Labour’s MP Nick Brown suspended.

    Remember this Labour clown still their advisor.

    In 2009, Brown was appointed to investigate the legitimacy of expense claims by Labour MPs between 2004 and 2008. According to The Daily Telegraph in this period Brown himself claimed a total of £87,708 for his constituency home.[3]
    Brown’s mortgage interest repayments for 2007–8 totalled £6,600, but he also claimed a total of £23,068, just £15 below the maximum allowable amount for the year. The claim included £4,800 for food – the maximum allowable amount – £2,880 for repairs and insurance, £2,880 for services, £897.65 for cleaning, £1,640 for phones and £1,810 for utilities. Brown, however, has said that he saved the taxpayer a considerable amount of money by turning down a Government car and driver upon being made Chief Whip, the annual cost of which would have been around £100,000.

  125. Geri

    Why vote a Tory FFS?!

    Vote no one.

    Are you seriously going to send a Scottish Tory to Westminster to get one over the SNP?

    What exactly will that achieve, besides sending a Yoon to help bring in a parliamentary vote that Scotland is bound forever.

    Don’t think it won’t cause it will.

  126. James


    I see what you’re saying, absolutely, but some of us, of a certain age, could never EVER vote for the vile, genocide supporting, corrupt, lying, warmongering Blue (or Red), Tories – or any Yoon party based in another country.

    I’m ashamed to say I live in what is now a Tory area of Scotland (yet local Scots don’t vote Tory – go figure) and so far there is no Alba or ISP candidate standing so it will be “#EndTheUnion” for me.

  127. carjamtic

    According to the second law of thermodynamics,systems of order will tend towards disorder and chaos (second law is a Mega Law: it refers to how different kinds of laws of physics can possibly work).

    On the other hand the theory of spontaneous order suggests the exact opposite : that out of chaos,social order can emerge among self-interested individuals who are not intentionally trying to create a system.

    A simple example is a dirt track across a field,it is unlikely that no one person chose to build a path in a particular place or direction,many people chose to walk that route for their own purposes and as a result structure emerged.

    No need to try and rebuild the independence movement, it hasn’t gone away, if people want to walk the same path they will.

    Just because the SNP put up some gates, its not going to stop them, in fact it is irrelevant, social order will emerge, the public twigs to situations in, infinitely less time than most souring westminster mp’s.

    If Labour,Tories and now the SNP appear on a tv set near you, they will only be running around like children trying to protect their snowman on a warm day, trying desperately to defy the second law of thermodynamics, enjoy the spectacle, embrace your inner Spock,hold out your hand palm up and facing away from you fingers splayed, two to each side, repeat the Vulcan creed “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”.

    theres Klingons on the starboard bow

  128. George Ferguson

    It’s time to leave the Yoon aboot the Toon mantra behind. That’s what the SNP rely on. A la Sturgeon. The strategy makes no sense. After a decade of promising Independence the SNP has run out of road. Opportunities to advance the cause of Independence presented since 2015. Multiple failures on that front and they can’t even Govern the country competently. At least since Salmond resigned. Luckily I have Alba to vote for laying the groundwork for 2026. Others have decided to vote for anybody but the SNP. An honourable position to hold. And they are not Yoons.

  129. Geri

    I think Daddy bear will be out anyway.

    The SNP won in 2019 to “Stop Brexshit” “Stop BoJo getting a majority” & for an “indyref in 2021”.
    They secured feck all out of three (Who knew! LOL)

    Add in the fourth disappointment; his yoof vote not getting self ID & conversion therapy – so I reckon his lights are well & truly extinguished by now anyway without having to sink to voting Tory.

  130. Geri

    “Others have decided to vote for anybody but the SNP. An honourable position to hold. And they are not Yoons.”

    Who are they then?

    They’re voting for the Union by voting for another country’s government. & When that government returns Scottish Yoons do you think, as Alan Bissett famously told Corbynites drunk on the bounce in 2017 – ‘Dinnie worry – they’ll separate the votes of who meant Yoon for real & who was just protesting’ NOT. LOL!

    An indy supporter with zero indy candidate to vote for should sit out in the sunshine with their feet up or pop along & spoil their ballot. Not pick a genocidal warmonger.

  131. George Ferguson

    @Geri 11:40pm
    Ex SNP members in the main like myself. My Independence strategy is to start again. I don’t see your strategy. If your right I will lose several hundred pounds. If I am right it’s the rebirth of the Independence movement minus the SNP.

  132. Dan

    LOLZ that ever-present btl warmongering disingenuous trolling cunt finds angle to be “genuinely exercised” about a btl post.
    Awa and boil yer napper ya bonkers radge.

    FYI, I’m generally exercised about pretty much all your repetitive tedious as fuck attempts to stoke discord rather than expending any effort trying to add decent content and working constructively to build and reach a consensus on any given matter.
    Even this morning you’re whining on about tax increases when the tax take could be kept at the same level and yield more beneficial improvements to our society if that money was spent more efficiently on policies that delivered services and stuff we actually need and want. Tax take revenues could be increased by higher levies on the profits of the big corporates, so increasing tax take needn’t just be off the backs of the public.
    There’s hunners of millions of pounds being spaffed away on virtue-signalling crud and other nonsensical pish whilst the basic necessary infrastructure our society requires to function goes underfunded.
    So in the scheme of things are you not more genuinely exercised about that sort of thing rather than pollsters going around sniffing the air to determine who they will speak to.

  133. Geri

    You won’t start again if you are recommending everyone returns a unionist if they’ve no one else to vote for. You will be helping to end it for good.

    If Scottish indy sends a contingent of Scottish Unionist MPs to Westminster (just to show the SNP – that’ll teach them!) the UK government will simply use their new unionist votes to pass the new Act of Union they’ve been planning for since 2015 which includes a permanent lock that requires ALL THREE Nations to agree who can leave the Union. Not just one.

    So you can forget starting again.

    Honestly, this is like the eejits who voted for Brexit just to get one over Cameron. D’oh! Completely futile & didn’t have the desired affect they were looking for.

  134. Geri


    My strategy is to start again too. The SNP is finished. They won’t recover. They may hold a few seats but I very much doubt it. They’ll be put out to pasture. Swinney not holding a vote is evidence enough they’ve no support left to even hold one.

    Salvo, liberation & a convention will deliver independence. Not politicians & certainly not those wishing to take seats. They take an oath before they can even sit on there arse in both parliaments & it’s not to Scots who’ve just elected them.

    Win seats & abstain. Nothing will be achieved there anyway. We’ve just had ten yrs of that bollocks & contempt.

  135. George Ferguson

    @Geri 12:02am
    Confirmation of a zero credible strategy from yourself. Read what I said!. Ex SNP members attempting to shift the dial. Including voting for Alba or others who genuinely support the Independence cause. If an ex SNP member decides to vote for anyone but the SNP that is their choice and not yours or mine. I only advise on electoral calculus and bookies betting. Eejits like me will make money and reinvest in the Independence movement. Eejits like you will repeat history ad nauseum.

  136. Geri

    No – eejits like you said it was a honourable thing to do. (To my reply on Robert voting Tory)

    ‘Others have decided to vote for anybody but the SNP. An honourable position to hold. And they are not Yoons.’

    “Eejits like you will repeat history ad nauseum.”

    WTF are you on about? A majority of Indy MPs abstaining is direct action. Turning up & picking out office space & parking yer arse on a bench is to give that place legitimacy it doesn’t have.

    I don’t see a future in Alba. The first sign of insanity is voting for the same thing over & over again hoping for a different outcome & Alba seem SNP part Deux. They also seem intent on replacing the SNP of being the sole voice despite their ‘Scotland United’ spiel & they’ve also dismissed any collaboration with Salvo & liberation. Anything else? Oh aye, they’ve a wet dream about 2026..why? What’s happening then? An administrative job is up for grabs at the colonial outpost?

    Same staff.
    Same civil servants.
    Same Yoon appointed Secretary of State.
    Sane Yoon appointed permanent secretary.

    Westminster is the ONLY seat of power. Nothing else. MPs are who represent Scotland. Not MSPs & sending Yoon MPs to Westminster to get the SNP out is as daft as your last notion to me was over illegal occupiers right to defend itself against unarmed civilians. Did you take bets on that too?

    I suggest it’s you that reads what I said. You decided to jump in to my post so don’t twist it into me calling voters yoons. My original reply was directed at Robert who said he was voting Tory. Tory is Unionist, therefore, a yoon, therefore he’d be voting a yoon MP.

    My 10:51 post “besides sending a Yoon to help bring in a parliamentary vote that Scotland is bound forever.”

    Your post 11.19
    “An honourable position to hold. And they are not Yoons.”

  137. The Flying Iron of Doom

    I get the whole sentiment behind not voting given the appallingly poor quality of the “goods”…but if nobody (including the candidates themselves) votes in an area, or if everyone simply spoils their vote, do the names of the candidates not just go into a hat for the returning officer to select one at random? At least I think that’s how it works…but who knows, I could be wrong…? Anybody?

  138. Hatey McHateface

    @Dan says: 29 May, 2024 at 11:55 pm

    Woo hoo, double down with another lie.

    Pants on fire, Dan.

    Your scarpering ape alter ego says it all. Don’t you ever change.

    “stoke discord”

    That’s a belter. The likes of you stokes discord in any room with a mirror.

  139. Ruby Tuesday

    Hatey McHateface
    You should be grateful. I’m cutting you some slack.

    Every plausible alternative explanation is worse for you, one way or another.

    ‘Hatey the Hate Monster’ hates y’all but he hates me most.

    He! He! He! Ha! Ha! Ha!

    Air punch!

    I am his favourite!

    ‘Fanny la Franchise’ isn’t too keen on y’all either.
    Add ‘shit in a bottle’ to his long list of endearments.

    I don’t think I’m his favourite anymore but I used to be.


    Both of them really love Stu it’s just his subscribers that they hate!


  140. Hatey McHateface

    @ Geri says: 30 May, 2024 at 12:02 am

    “the new Act of Union they’ve been planning for since 2015 which includes a permanent lock that requires ALL THREE Nations to agree who can leave the Union. Not just one”

    Got a wee link to back that one up? To some reputable news outlet I mean?

    It’s just that regular consumers of your dribblings have come to realise you’re essentially living apart from reality, sanity and the truth.

    I’ll wait, but not on a double yellow.

  141. Ruby Tuesday

    I’m rising above it all and having nothing to do with the General Election.

    I’m spending my time researching ‘country matters’ and posting my findings on ‘Virtual Reality’

  142. Geri

    “Got a wee link to back that one up? To some reputable news outlet I mean?”

    Go direct to House of Lords government website & be sure to follow all links to how many times this has been mentioned.

    The working group behind it..

    I won’t wait for an apology. Tosser.

  143. Geri

    I had a wee scout around the House of Lords links last night & looked up Lord Hee-haws speeches & mentions.

    Well lo & behold there it was, some mince about the SNP not taking seats in the Lords to add another voice to their discussions over the union..

    So now we can assume this is where Blackford & Wishart had their wee notions of taking some ermine. They’ve obviously been approached.

    If yer a genuine indy supporter the worst thing you could do is to vote for a unionist MP. The UK government will seize their chances & use Scottish unionist MPs to rubber stamp this through parliament. Job done indy deid.

  144. Andouilette

    I have done what you suggested Geri, and looked at your links. A private members bill in the HOL which ran out of time at its first reading 6 or so years ago is not exactly a clear and present danger, surely?
    The Constitution Reform Group is a complete non entity with no teeth whatsoever. It is a talking shop with a shite website, one of many. Have a look at their page at Companies House, you might find it reassuring…

  145. Bobbyp

    ” watch them belt out flower of scotland in germany, kilted and saltired. Then come home and vote no to independence and get excited about tean GB in the olympics.

    Are we just a pretendy nation that WM can screw over and over again? It looks like it.”

    Yes, a total f…..g embarrassment which makes me ashamed of the accent i speak with. TF i do a mean Irish accent to go with my passport when i holiday abroad, can’t have people thinking i’m a house jock.

  146. Shug

    BBC currently has an english voice on saying he is moving house in Dundee to avoid the emission zone.

    He knows a lot about the zone in Oxford, he knows about electric cars with diesel generators in the boot and busses that use diesel generators in the yard.

    Come on BBC you need to recruit people with some savie. This is pure propaganda

  147. Geri


    Still plenty of up to date chatter about it in the Lords.
    The bill may be six yrs old but it wouldn’t have moved beyond the first reading because there were 56/35/45 Scottish SNP MPs who’d have blocked it.
    Replace those with Scottish Unionist ones & it will kick start the process. The UK government isn’t known for sitting idle in the background.

  148. Republicofscotland

    John Main @7.44pm.

    G–a-z-za is occupied lands the UN’s Article 51 doesn’t apply with occupied lands in mind. The Zzio Monsters claim they are acting in self-defence by bombing refugee camps and murdering tens of thousands of women and children.

    “As Noam Chomsky once put it: “If we had records, we would probably discover that Attila the Hun was acting in self-defense.”

    “Is–he-ll cannot pretend to a right of self-defense if the exercise of this right traces back to the wrong of an illegal occupation/denial of self-determination (ex injuria non oritur jus [No legal benefit or right can be derived from an illegal act]).” National Pa–les–tin–ian rights are paramount, and protected by law.

  149. Ruby Tuesday

    I think you could be safe abroad your accent might not be recognised by many.

    I was asked once where I was from and when I said Scotland the Frenchman said ‘Ah you are Irish’

    That was OK it made a change from being ‘la petite anglaise’ I’m fine with being Irish just as long as they don’t expect me to do the ‘River Dance’

    They start early with the Irish dancing! Brilliant!

  150. Ruby Tuesday

    Top of the morning to you, Bobbyp

    My previous post was for you

  151. Hatey McHateface

    @ Geri says: 30 May, 2024 at 8:23 am

    “Got a wee link to back that one up? To some reputable news outlet I mean?”

    Woo hoo, Andouilette ripping you a new one at 8:54 am.

    You won’t be getting an apology. Deluded, potty-mouthed, lying fantasist.

  152. Republicofscotland

    That vile scumbag Nigel Farage might never win a seat in the English parliament (HoC) but he’s numero uno for the England’s state propaganda machine the BBC, as Farage is due to appear on tonight’s Question Time FOR THE 37th TIME!

    Orange jakit man has a long way to go to match that.

  153. Hatey McHateface

    @Republicofscotland says:30 May, 2024 at 9:18 am


    I’m kinda thinking you’re occupied too.

    Why not dig yourself a deep hole, line it with a couple of feet of concrete, stockpile it with stolen food and medicines, briefly pop out to torture, murder and kidnap a few hot lassies (make damn sure they’re the defenceless kind), then disappear back into it for a few months.

    Mind and drag down a couple of the hot lassies with you. The days are going to really drag for you otherwise.

    Stack the missus and the kids on top of your bunker, post online “You cannae touch me, yada yada cause I’m occupied”, then greet bitterly when your family gets blown to bits by those coming after you.

    We’ll pretend not to notice the glee behind your tears.

    And we’ll revere your memory forever. Honest.

    Ignore those sad sacks who will think you’re a craven, yellow, contemptible piece of sub-humanity.

  154. Ruby Tuesday

    Hatey McHateface

    You won’t be getting an apology. Deluded, potty-mouthed, lying fantasist.

    ‘Hatey the Hate Monster’ hates Geri too.

    ‘Hatey the Hate Monster’ hates everyone.

    Hatey hates y’all he thinks y’all are a shower of dumb fucks!

    ‘Fanny la Franchise & Chastitty’ feels the same about y’all! Boring shits in a bottle!

  155. Geri

    “make damn sure they’re the defenceless kind”

    What a tit.

    They were IDF soldiers. POWs. Not hostages as your media portrays.

    Yahoo doesn’t want them back. He was offered exchange in return for innocent children they have in their prisons. They refused.

    What a dullard you are.

  156. Hatey McHateface

    Geri says: 30 May, 2024 at 12:22 am

    Salvo, liberation & a convention will deliver independence. Not politicians

    Geri says: 30 May, 2024 at 8:41 am

    The UK government will seize their chances & use Scottish unionist MPs to rubber stamp this through parliament. Job done indy deid

    You could be useful, Geri, if you ever develop the ability to retain a coherent and consistent set of views!

    For now though, you’re going to have to settle for being merely entertaining.

    That’s good too, BTW.

  157. Alf Baird

    Bobbyp @ 8:55 am

    “embarrassment which makes me ashamed of the accent i speak with”

    There is of course a well-established scientific explanation for the colonial ‘condition’. The ‘colonial hoax’ played out on an oppressed people (i.e. the ‘UK Union’ charade) is part of the cultural illusion which gives an oppressed native group a ‘false persona’ (i.e. a perceived superior ‘British’ identity). We have to remember that ‘colonialism is based on psychology’ (Cesaire), which helps explain why the more assimilated colonized native ‘rolls over’ and ‘craves dependence’, and even ‘rebukes other natives’ for thinking they are something else (e.g. ‘Scottish’:

  158. Geri


    I dunno how he gets away with his constant insults.
    As Dan noted earlier – he adds fck all of any worth or substance to each & ever topic.

    He’s only here to agitate & annoy. He’d lose his shit at being ignored because he’s an attention seeking troll who has nothing better to do with his WHOLE day, night, week, month, year…

    Speaking of topics – who knew Scottish Enterprise was giving government grants to the weapons industry that is directly helping & assisting in a genocide.

    Yet more money that should be spent on other things. A multi billionaire company doesn’t require Scottish government grants. Scotland doesn’t have a foreign policy & has hee haw say in one anyway so why is OUR money being spent on this shit?

  159. robertkknight

    “If yer a genuine indy supporter the worst thing you could do is to vote for a unionist MP.”

    What is the nuSNP, if not unionist?

    The world knows the party cannot survive without Westminster cash in one form or another. They advocate Indy whilst quietly seeking something resembling Devo-Max, failing which they’ll settle for the status quo.

    2014 IndyRef:~52% of Scots vote Yes
    2015 UK GE: 56 out of 59 seats SNP
    2016 SCO GE: 63 out of 129 seats SNP
    2016 Brexit: 62% in Scotland vote Remain
    2017 UK GE: 35 out of 59 seats SNP
    2021 SCO GE: 64 out of 129 seats SNP

    And what’s been happening to the building of support for Indy all this time that the SNP have been in command?

    The question needs to be asked, just WTF has been going on in the SNP when the opportunities were there for the taking; particularly given the calibre and popularity in Scotland of Westminster Governments and Prime Ministers since 2015, never mind Brexit.

    Instead of action to ensure Indy support holds steady at and above 50% we got flawed legislation and gender woo-woo nonsense and the needles scraps in the UKSC, which were lost – not to mention the missing £600k and campervan-gate and the Salmond fit-up, both of them. I could also mention Craig Murray and Manny Singh and the noticeable avoidance by She Who Must Be Obeyed of any pro-Indy gatherings and the stifling of debate within and neutering of the membership of SNP in favour of fringe and minority interest groups, SPADS and other luvvy darlings as dictated by the “leadership”.

    The nuSNP has shown its true colours too many times to be ignored. It makes hee-haw difference at WM and does hee-haw that’s any good at HR, whilst simultaneously appearing to destroy itself from within. (Despite the Yoon MSM cutting them more slack than was ever cut during the Salmond years. Wonder why…)

    To vote for them again is to repeat the same action hoping for a different outcome, and we all know what that is the definition of.

    Time they were gone… not just have the same arseholes returned but with reduced majorities; which Yoons will still claim is a swing against any prospect of Indy irrespective and frankly who cares.

    Indy for Scotland!
    SNP Out!

  160. Breeks

    Mhairi Black’s most embarrassing moment in Westminster…

    Was is it Jan 31st 2020 when Sturgeon disgraced the Nation’s Claim of Right and acceded to Scotland’s unconstitutional, unlawful, and undemocratic Brexit subjugation?

    Was that it Mhairi? Huh? Was that it huh? Was that the most embarrassing moment? Certainly made my fkg toes curl.

  161. Dan

    @ Geri

    Scottish “Government” awarding grants to wealthy weapons manufacturing companies has been going on for years. Plenty turns up in a search on the subject.
    Here’s an archived Herald article from last week with some info.

    £2m in Scots public grants given to arms firms supplying Israel

  162. Geri


    I’m no way suggesting a vote for the NuSNP. Absolutely not. They’re unionists.

    I’m suggesting you don’t vote for a Scottish Unionist MP in its place. All he/she would do is join his other 500+ wee unionist mates in Westminster to vote shit through.

    Scottish MPs are there to represent Scotland. The UK government would take your protest vote as a vote for the Union.

  163. Sven

    Breeks @ 10.27.

    She’s had so many toe curling, “KitKat” moments that it’s challenging to pick just the one !

  164. Geri

    I accidentally hit the submit button before I’d

    Anyhoo, how you vote is obviously up to you.
    I’m just warning how it could be used as a vote for the union.

    Their United Kingdom is in danger of falling apart (See Hansard link & there are many others on the state of the union too & what can be done about it) Wales & NI has them rattled too, not just Scotland & I note one of the speakers brought up the risk to their world standing & their place on the UN security council under threat.

    They’d love nothing more than to lock us all in permanently & the way to do that would be Scots sending yoons to WM to rubber stamp it.

    Anyway, yas roll the dice & take yer chances.. Unionists are no friends to Scotland. Jackass already circumventing Holyrood in funding councils direct (with instructions on how to spend it) & flexing …

    Don’t revive the yoons LOL..

    Jeez, we were nearly rid of them all for good. Biggest mistake we made was having only one independence party. It just gave them permission to rule the roost completely without any pressure to behave & deliver.

  165. Chas

    I have to laugh at the gruesome twosome (Rooby and Geri) moaning about insults. Every day they are bitching, in pretty unflattering terms, about somebody who does not share their somewhat simple, childish and warped views.

    A wee suggestion for you-if you can’t take it back, don’t dish it out.

    I don’t know who I will be voting for in the forthcoming election but It will be for who ever is best placed to take the sitting SNP MP out. If individuals decide to ‘spoil’ their ballot paper they will have no grounds to complain whatever Party is returned to power. Unfortunately it will not prevent them from doing just that.

    ‘It’s jist no fair’ was the cry.

  166. robertkknight

    “The UK government would take your protest vote as a vote for the Union.”

    Spoiling ballots is a fair gig if that’s what you want.

    I did it last time around.


    Square root of bugger all.

    I want independence.

    Yoons will always try to block the path.

    The nuSNP are doing the same.

    To clear the path we need to firstly remove the nuSNP.

    If we don’t, we may as well go home and let the Yoons do whatever because the SNP won’t prevent them from doing whatever…look at Brexit…

    The SNP had 56 out of 59 of Scotland’s MPs in 2016 and we were dragged out the EU against our will, despite the balloon in the 3-piece suit repeatedly stating otherwise.

    If the SNP couldn’t/wouldn’t protect our rights and privileges when it had those numbers it sure as hell won’t any time soon with less.

    The SNP has spent 9 years Working for the SNP and not for Scotland.

    Indy for Scotland!
    SNP Out!

  167. Northcode

    Alf Baird @ 10:15am

    “which gives an oppressed native group a ‘false persona’ (i.e. a perceived superior ‘British’ identity).”

    Aye, Alf. But when it’s realised the oppressor is far from superior and is in reality inferior in many ways to those they would oppress, that false persona quickly falls away – at least in my personal experience it did – to be replaced with a new-found pride in one’s re-discovered true cultural identity.


    The seeds of division in Scottish nationalism were sown decades ago, their germination and grotesque fruits resulted from a change in the local political climate.

    This was planned, as any good act of subversion, well before the harvest.
    A state losing a third of its territory is not going to politely acquiesce.
    In dealings with the British state it pays to think like its most devoted servants.
    It is all a mind game as is the way of latterday imperialism.

  169. Geri

    Mhari Black

    Was she even there?

    Besides Brexshit & the Kit Kat snort for toe curling I’d also add her major strop over not being able to shoo-in her successor to Westminster & threatening to quit on the eve of a by-election (Really – who’d give a shit?) Lol..

    Then there’s the Jeremy Hunt comment to gender critics with her toe curling interview with politics Joe.

    Or her NED attitude to Forbes & Cherry.

    Any others? Lol

    She’ll slink off back to labour. Probably get a gig at the John Smith to keep her contained.

  170. Bobbyp

    Ruby tuesday, 9.24am


  171. Northcode

    Just as Scotland’s colonisers have their ‘watchdogs’ guarding their unjust claim over Scotland and her people, Ruby and Geri are two of the most fearless watchdogs for those who support the just cause of Scottish independence on here.

    And I have never seen either one of them attack ‘the enemy’ unprovoked.

    In fact, considering the abuse they both get on a daily basis – along with the rest of us in general – their restraint is admirable.

    Thank you, Ruby and Geri. Your courage and steadfastness in keeping the ‘barbarians’ from breaking through the gate is greatly appreciated.

  172. sam

    I think Al Jazeera’s investigative journalism is still relevant.

    The first piece, linked above, shows the beginning of the cull of left wing members of the party.

    Today, going after D Abbott it looks like it’s aiming for net zero Corbyn.

    One of the 4 pieces Al Jazeera does includes an interview with two Jewish women with Holocaust connections. They are the subject of an “investigation” done by a Jewish man from within the party.

    This man misrepresents/lies about what was said at the interview in order to be able to put these women out of the party.His claim that the remark made was antisemitic is a lie.

    It matters not that the women had filmed and recorded the interview with agreement and the lie is exposed.

    Labour and the SNP have both sewn up their NECs and made them unaccountable.

    Both intend to have only those in parliament who they choose despite what the constituency may want.The levels of corruption involved in this are remarkable.

    The BBC is staying away from The Labour Files. John Ware did a Panorama programme and swallowed the lie that the Jewish “investigator” made about innocent women whose only crime was to support Corbyn.Ware refused to admit he was wrong when shown the evidence.

    Some of the anti Corbyn faction are or have been members of BAP.

  173. Ruby Tuesday

    30 May, 2024 at 11:11 am

    have to laugh at the gruesome twosome (Rooby and Geri) moaning about insults. Every day they are bitching, in pretty unflattering terms, about somebody who does not share their somewhat simple, childish and warped views.

    A wee suggestion for you-if you can’t take it back, don’t dish it out.

    Aww diddums did I ‘unflatter’ you? Unflattering but true!

    The problem I have with what you posted above is I have no idea what your views are about anything other than what you think about other posters on this site and and how bored you are reading the posts BTL on Wings because you think we are all dumb & got bonnie purple heather sprouting out of our ears.

    ‘If you can’t stand the heat stay out of the kitchen’ I think might be the boring cliche you were looking for.

    Allow me to re-write that boring cliche just for you:

    If you always get bored in the kitchen stay out of the fuckin’ kitchen. Dah!


    PS I own up to making unflattering statements about you three but the difference between myself and you three cunts is it’s not all I do. Whereas it’s all you three do.

    Hatey hate, hate, hate! Shit in a bottle!

    Ever thought of trying a flame-baiting site or getting a job in Karen’s Diner? That might help get it all out your system. The golf certainly isn’t doing it for you.

  174. Geri


    Aww shucks! Cheers. You too. We seem to all hit the right nerve with those eejits Lol


    USA is now experiencing the sharp end of the monster they created. The Z lobby masquerading as I*raeli & marching about congress in their IDL garb.

    They’re disrupting their politics & now demanding they adopt the IHRA as they forced other governments to adopt it throughout Europe. To silence all criticism & a licence to take out any dissent on jumped up charges.

    & Word on the street is they’re responsible for taking out the early defence system so R can’t track Iran being attacked so Biden is backing unhinged nutters who’ve gone rogue.

    It’s no surprise they’re attacking Abbott. Three things they detest – colour & Corbyn supporters & anyone not a knuckle dragging warmonger.

    Starmer started the clear out the moment he was elected & hasn’t stopped. Even culling the membership who he no longer needs. He’ll be in the donors pocket.

    What fools to think he was in any way shape or form a socialist.

  175. Hatey McHateface

    @robertkknight says: 30 May, 2024 at 11:16 am

    “dragged out the EU against our will”

    That one loses its impact as soon as any informed and alert observer notices that Greater London, the place where all the English barstewards supposedly go to stamp on poor wee Scotland’s face, also voted Remain.

    I’ll re-write it in words of one syllable.

    Greater London was dragged out the EU against its will

    More people than Scotland. More votes. Maybe more money too. Alf will correct me if I’m wrong on that.

    It was a democratic vote, and the people charged with running our democracy, through gritted teeth, did what the voters told them to do.

    Ain’t democracy a bitch though!

    The usual suspects value democracy until it democratically doesn’t give them what they want, then it’s toys oot the pram time.

    Boo fucking hoo.

  176. Dan

    @ Geri at 10:18 am

    Plenty results turns up in a search regarding Scottish “Government” awarding large grants to wealthy weapons manufacturers.
    Tried posting this archived Herald link earlier before I nipped out, but post got held in moderation and now seems to have disappeared because I included the headline which contains a moderation triggering word…

  177. robertkknight

    Hatey Mcwhatever…

    Away go f**k yourself. And when you’ve done that, go f**k yourself some more.

    Last I looked, London wasn’t a country. So what London does, as with Paris, or Oslo, or Berlin, matters not to me, because I don’t live there.

    What you write matters not to me either, so may I refer you to paragraph 1.

  178. Hatey McHateface

    @Northcode says:30 May, 2024 at 11:43 am

    I was unaware Rev Stu also publishes this in braille.

  179. Hatey McHateface

    @robertkknight says: 30 May, 2024 at 12:42 pm

    So do you make a habit of communicating with people you don’t care about?

    My my.

    I hope nobody who cares about you, and gets communications from you, is reading here!

    BTW, sorry to hear about your tragic Brexit loss. You are not alone. Be as brave as you can, take it one day at a time, and one day you will heal. You have my promise on that.

  180. sam


    He meant to say “socialite”. A swell. Ruby.

    My guess is that divisions within Labour will emerge soon as they’re elected. One term gubmint.

  181. Northcode

    “Pottery is poetry it’s ‘poetry in motion’”

    Just noticed this from you, Ruby. It’s a clever line. I’d never thought of pottery as poetry before. But I like the analogy.

  182. James Che

    Life experiences
    If only you attain qualifications for those experiences as a guide line in a book to help others,

    Well at one time life experiences and advice used to come down to you through your mother first of all, then your father, from your grand mother grand father, aunties and uncles and through extended family,
    Even neighbours and your local old fashioned bobbies used to play a roll,

    It is becoming obvious that breaking down the early stages and construction of the family life unit is one of the methods to detach young children from family .
    Benign although it seems at first glance, is the introduction of nurseries for toddlers, that at one time would be with only family in those early stages of life,

    This progress to taking toddlers away from family into pre- school, then the primary and secondary School systems.

    The state has become the mother, father granny, grand dad, auntie and uncle,
    It separates child from family at earlier and earlier,
    local apprenticeships are replace by education like universtities or collages often miles away from home.
    Many Children no longer associate or connect with the generation before them, and you hear the teachings of what your child has been taught whilst in the big brother state,
    The next generations are blaming the parents and grand parents for all the ills, and woes of modern society, they have been educated to blame their families and elders by the system of educations,
    But they are not taught the truth, that the politicians make those awful or bad choices, often bringing in new laws and legislation that the ordinary parents or people were not consulted over, had no idea Were about to happen behind closed doors,
    Politicians and the system would prefer the youngsters point the finger of blame for the woes of the world at their family, the older generation and not at them,
    They are taught and falsely educated to think the previous generation are on freebee pensions, are causing a strain on the NHS, etc,
    But they are not taught that older previous generation paid for it all in advance through taxation, through NI,
    But the older generation can see that universal credit and the minimum wage the next generation live off are remaining residue finances left over from their own generations taxation and will eventual run out,
    A government experiment that will fail,
    Except for the division it schooled and created between the generations.

    The failures and divisions are educated into the schooling systems including the generational endoctrination divisions in the hands of the politicians today which includes gender issues, climate change, black lives matter, white supremacy, pedophilia , perverts and wokeness, freebee minimum wage wages,
    These are not things grandma, nana or grandpa, or your mum would have taught this younger generation, if they had been left to raise the family, instead they would have taught them how to respect each other, how one generation on either side Can help each other, nurture and look after each other for the benefit of all the family and neighbours and the community as a cohesive gathering of people,

    The government has become the nanny state through laws and legislation that no one voted them in for, and the States values are not so caring, do not have a parallel loving nurturing promise of the future,
    When this older generation have gone into their graves protesting and fighting the corrupt system of politics to protect the next generation, do the younger generation realise that there will be no oldies left to stand up and fight for them, that they will be left on their own in a totally chaotic upside down back to front world,
    Much easier for the politicians to control a younger confused generation than it was the older generation that had a cohesive family and community set of values,
    The nanny State Capitalisation of human resources education system will do what it says on the tin, and it will be the down fall of the next generations to come,

  183. Campbell Clansman

    To correct the fantasies of Robert Knight and others about how Scots vote, here are the actual voting percentages of the SNP (the so-called “Independence” Party) in recent elections:

    2007 Holyrood–31% regional (party) vote
    2021–40.3%, plus 1.66% for Alba

    UK elections show a similar trend, with the SNP averaging 38% of the Scots vote in the last 4 general elections.

    Not once did the SNP garner a majority of votes. Not exactly a mandate for “independence,” is it?

    Of course the 2014 Referendum was the clearest expression of what Scots want. And here the “Yes” vote was 44.7%

    Thus the later Survation poll, which shows only 41% of Scots voters voting for “independence” (and 49% against–it’s 55-45 when the “don’t knows” are eliminated) is not an outlier.

    The Alba/Salvo fanatics will, of course, reject these facts.

  184. Bobbyp

    James Che, 1.33pm. Absolutely spot on post.

  185. Northcode

    James Che @1:33pm

    Excellent post, James.

    Education, particularly that of children in their early years, is vitally important to a people and the preservation of their historical culture and identity.

    And the handing down of living knowledge from generation to generation within families and communities is, as you imply in your comment, an ancient system of social education that is broken.

    Broken either by the difficulties and complexities young families face in these turbulent modern times or deliberately broken by forces bent on destroying our ancient social fabric, or perhaps a combination of both.

    We know from Alf Baird’s papers and book Doun-Hauden that colonialism has a hand in the deliberate ‘dumbing-down’ of peoples in pursuit of its criminal exploitation of those peoples.

    Unfortunately, for us Scots, we have to deal with colonialism on top of what seems to be a sustained global attack on family values and the healthy social structures required to ensure the well-being of a people.

    Again, an excellent post.

  186. Republicofscotland

    There’s no point in sending MPs from Scotland to England, it serves no purpose, the likes of Swinney are upset that their parties aren’t included in the debate is down to money, pure and simple as that, the more SNP MPS the more Short Money they get, for we all know that Scottish MPs make not the slightest difference in this foreign parliament, infact one can easily say sending them to Westminster is detrimental to Scotland and those who support the cause, for all that we are doing is giving this English parliament credibility in Scotland when we vote in its GE.

    Like the Fifth Column branch offices of their London HQ’s BLiS, Tories and Lib/Dems at Holyrood, in which they have no right being there if they are not registered as Scottish parties, and they are not, Scottish MPs have no right whatsoever to stand and serve in England’s parliament its a foreign country, and represent Scots.

    The English GE means nothing to me, only the Holyrood elections in my country are pertinent to me. The foreign media in Scotland (just about all of it) does its best to play up the English elections (GE) as some sort of race between the parties at Westminster, and real change, when the reality is that its a two-horse race between two parties that are virtually identical albeit their rosettes are a different colour but not much else.

    The bottom line is for Scottish parties standing candidates in the foreign GE, its all about the money, it can’t be anything else for they have no power in this foreign parliament to change anything, and that tells me a lot about these parties.

  187. James

    Tory w*ankers out in force here today. Have they been spooked by something? Looking at you, Gas Main, Chas, Tory Clansman.

  188. Dan

    @ Campbell Clansman at 1:47 pm

    What you’re stating in those numbers is a bit simplistic, and for whatever your reasons… you appear to forget to factor in that a fair percentage of Labour voters in Scotland are also supporters of Scotland returning to self-governing status.

  189. Geri


    Also seems to have dropped the GE2019 45% vote SNP

    Turd face, the neo nazi who became PM, BoJo the clown 43%

    Elections aren’t referendums, sweetie.

    & The SNP is dead. No need to give us old news.

  190. Geri

    Dan 12:37

    Thanks for the link.

    We’re getting stiffed out our budget with all this crap that we shouldn’t be paying for.

  191. Xaracen

    Hatey said at 30 May, 2024 at 12:28 pm;

    “It was a democratic vote, and the people charged with running our democracy, through gritted teeth, did what the voters told them to do.

    Democracy is a bitch though!”

    It’s more a bitch of a dominatracy in the UK as far as Scotland is concerned!

    The Brexit referendum was not a valid democratic vote because it deliberately misrepresented who the voters were, and then deliberately misrepresented the result!

    Because it was a ‘UK’ vote on a constitutional matter, that put it on constitutional grounds, and on those grounds the UK is formally two sovereign kingdoms, not ~33 million non-sovereign voters. The result was that, formally, the Scottish sovereign half of the Union voted Remain, while the English sovereign half voted Leave, so with no actual majority for Leave, the status quo should not have been changed.

    As a still-sovereign nation, Scotland is under no obligation to accept English dominance in any matter of governance, and there is literally nothing in either the Treaty of Union or either Act of Union that attests to any formal agreement between the two kingdoms that subjugates Scotland to English authority, and that includes by England’s MPs, and by England’s population.

    Westminster does not get to pretend that the Union is a unitary one run by and for England. It is NOT unitary, it is binary! Binary because neither kingdom gave up its sovereignty to the other. They merely agreed to joint governance instead of independent governance.

    England’s MPs and England’s population are not entitled to any kind of formal authority over Scotland on any grounds, including ‘democratic’ ones.

  192. Ruby Tuesday

    30 May, 2024 at 1:30 pm

    “Pottery is poetry it’s ‘poetry in motion’”

    Just noticed this from you, Ruby. It’s a clever line. I’d never thought of pottery as poetry before. But I like the analogy.

    All credit must go to the writers of this song for the idea

  193. Campbell Clansman

    I predicted the Alba/Salvo fanatics would reject the objective vote numbers, showing that independence has NEVER achieved even 50% of those voting.
    And sure enough, “Geri,” “Dan” and “James” have rejected the facts. And responded with such intellectual (?) comments as “turd face,” and “wanker.”
    They embarrass the very cause they purport to support.

  194. James

    Xaracen. Well said! (They don’t like it up ’em).

  195. Dan

    @ Campbell Clansman

    The trouble with you punting that notion is that you have undermined your own credibility and embarrass the Unionist cause you support, because you have rejected the fact I pointed out to you that a decent percentage of Labour voters in Scotland are for Scotland ending the Union.
    Plus consider that people vote different ways, at different times, for different reasons, so your simplistic suggestion about Indy vote share based on folk voting along Party lines in elections is flawed.
    And I’ve conveyed this information to you without any abusive slant. 😉

  196. Northcode


    Aye, I well remember the song. Me an ma first love, the wee Mae Calhoun, danced tae it at the Barras Ballroom in Glasgow whin it first came oot in thon popular music charts.

    I’m sure I’ve mentioned the wee Mae before a while back.

    Aye, she’s lang deid nou…an only ever existed in ma heid onyway.

    The looks a used to get dancin’ , ma airms wrapped aboot masel, wi masel, on the ballroom fluir.

    Folks can be cruel, Ruby. So cruel.

    Anyway, enough of the nonsense.

    It’s always right to credit another’s work when it either inspires you or is used to supplement your own.

    But I don’t hear the words ‘pottery is poetry’ in that song.

    The inspiration might have come from the song and for that the song ‘Poetry in Motion’ gets some credit – but the line you created is all yours.

    Credit where credit’s due – it’s a good line and you made it; no thon Johnny whitsisname.

    I could tell you why it’s a good line, rhetorically wise – but a cannae be ersed the nicht, mibbe the morra.

    An a cuidna dance thait weel in 1961 onyway – bein juist a twinkle in ma faither’s eye, aye an ma mither’s tae, at the time.

  197. twathater

    James Che a very enlightening and truthful observation, unfortunately it will not change James until people realise that the situation has been designed for this purpose, to cause disruption and dissent between the generations

    TBQH when you have a grossly unbalanced demographic making the rules and laws of the land you cannot expect the family entity to take priority or precedence as we have experienced over the last decade, the governance of Scotland and the Ruk has been focused more and more on the sexual predilections of numerous politicians and their cohorts

    As usual Xaracen, unfailingly and respectfuly correcting the misinformation excreted by those who seek to undermine

  198. Dan

    Aye, there’s an old saying that “It takes a village to raise a bairn”.

    And on that note, I’m nipping out to bust some moves (relatively tame these days) on my BMX as it’s an excellent way to stimulate inter generational interaction and conversation.
    Plus there’s a shit load of physics involved and to be learnt with balance forces, leverage, and gravity, stuff that you just can’t get from sitting on yer arse swiping away on smartphone or pushing buttons on a video game.

  199. Campbell Clansman

    Dan, not even a good try at a response.

    Your assertion fails to answer, let alone refute, my posts pointing out the Survation Poll, and the Referendum RESULTS, show the Scots DON’T want independence. Actual numbers and statistics.

    Note that I give facts and numbers, and you respond with no numbers, but an assertion that you (mis)label a “fact.”

    I’m pleased with the contrast.

  200. Northcode

    He says assertion Dan says exertion (on a bike) let’s call the whole thing off.

    I be in a playful mood the nicht.

  201. Dan

    @ CC

    2014 was a decade ago now. Things move on over the passage of time, people change their their views and minds about stuff as events unfold. Folk die and new folk become voters.
    Indyref and “Brexit” referendums created a material change in circumstance to return to the question of whether Scotland should return to being a self-governing country.
    You are presenting polling stats and Party vote percentages and I don’t see you including up to 40% of Scottish Labour voters in your figures.

    You are also trying to portray those figures as if they are the result of a specific democratic event. But you can’t rely on them being accurate because voter preference stats would undoubtedly alter during the course of a campaign process.

    A democratic event and proceeding campaign process need to be initiated after a mandate is generated. Just who are you and what authority do you hold to deny Scotland and its people their right to self-determination?

  202. Northcode

    My playful mood has passed. I think I was temporarily bored.

    “Things move on over the passage of time, people change their their views and minds about stuff as events unfold. Folk die and new folk become voters.”

    Indeed, Dan – and that can change things dramatically.

    Numbers, percentages and statistics are often used in argument to give an air of authority and credibility to a proposition.

    But in argument statistics need to be approached with a very, very critical eye precisely because, at a surface level, they carry some weight, some authority in our minds.

    Statistics and percentages often don’t do the job they claim to do.

    So when one sees statistics and percentages presented as part of a proposition it always pays to thoroughly check them.

    Your critical eye has exposed your opponent’s argument’s flaws and revealed a different and more accurate picture from the one presented to you – therefore, your opponent’s argument fails.

  203. Campbell Clansman

    Dan: 2014 was a decade ago now.

    Which is why I gave the 2024 Survation poll numbers. From one week ago. One Week Ago.

    AS to your assertion of vast numbers of Labour Party Indy supporters. I note that you don’t give a source for that. Not surprising.

    And in any case, their views are reflected in the May 2024 Survation Poll numbers. Which shows Indy at 41% (45% if you don’t count the “don’t knows”).

    My Numbers vs. your unsourced assertions. And silly assertions at that. I’m comfortable with the contrast.

  204. Geri

    Why don’t you do one?

    Yer from Cheshire FFS

    What do you know about Scottish politics?

    The SNP is NOT the independence movement.

    Their demise does NOT spell the end.

    Sorry to disappoint you.

    45% isn’t a bad starting point. It’s been 53% before. It’s even been higher than that when WM conducted it’s own survey on the “(fkn) State of the Union” which must’ve been so bad they even refused to publish it.

    My last post to you flew into moderation & can’t be arsed typing it again about elections. GE 2015 was 50%
    So was 10 days out indyref when three arseholes broke purdah rules to offer us Devo max & a vow.

    Did Farage have a party to get Brexshit?

    I’ll leave out the link this time but stop being so fucking patronising about us ‘letting the cause down’ or other such bollocks you like to throw out.

    A. WTF do you think you are? Our captor? We’ll only get our independence if we ask the likes of you nicely? What arrogance.
    B. Not your decision.

    C. Worry about yerselves & yer own wee patch of land. It’s the one that’s embarrassing given BoJos wee shindig last week in parliament. What a fcking disgrace. WW2 vets are spinning in their graves. It’s a real shame our media is missing in action. Google it. That’s who yer beloved English leaders are cavorting with. Sort out yer own shit. T
    You’ve plenty to be getting on with.

  205. Dan

    @ CC

    The 40% Labour support in Scotland being pro-indy figure source is in the first link I provided in my last post if you bother to read the article. Or are you stating Stu is posting lies on this site?

    The Ipsos poll shows that almost 40% of Scottish Labour’s remaining voters support independence, something which has been the case for years…

    Over the years there’s been a seemingly endless stream of folk like yourself rocking up btl to put in a shift trying to tell us all to give it up and get back in our box.
    You may think you’re some innovative political trailblazer, but the reality is Wingers have seen and dealt with this tired old pish you’re dribbling out many times before over the years.
    Fair play to you though, you’ve really got your HTML bolding tags game down.

  206. Geri

    Aye it looks like this isn’t Clansmans first Rodeo..

    It always starts off so well LOL

    “I’m really interested in Scottish politics & others world views”


    “Yer all shite. Yer party is deid. Indy is over. Insert polls showing SNP is crap. Insert polls showing indy is deid. Tell everyone to behave cause they’re letting the side down. What’s yer economic plan?”

    Come back later in a new ID. *Rinse/Repeat*

  207. Captain Caveman

    “Yer from Cheshire FFS”

    “Campbell Clansman” isn’t ME, you cretin. It’s always the same with you idiots, isn’t it? Someone comes here with a cogent argument and/or data that you don’t like, so it’s time for potty-mouthed tag team abuse and trolling from your cohort of half dozen of so dribbling, foul-mouthed morons, all slapping each other on the back for crashing yet another thread or discussion. (How Stu puts up with this I’ll never know; it wasn’t always like this. Back in the day, dissent and disagreement were acceptable – nay welcomed – but being too thick for the board was always a red line resulting in banning, kept the quality of discussion & posters high).

    You can get back to spending your unlimited spare time shouting at clouds/random people on the internet now, love.

  208. Geri

    “Someone comes here with a cogent argument and/or data that you don’t like, so it’s time for potty-mouthed tag team abuse”

    Yer doing a bit of projecting there.

    You didn’t have a cogent argument or data.

    You were shown to be wrong & you don’t like it.
    You are trying to push ONE poll to do sort of happy dance that independence is deid.

    You also don’t want to accept the reality that a referendum isn’t associated to one single party but open to everyone & you also didn’t like being proven wrong about Labour supporters.

    One way to settle it would be to hold a referendum eh? See what the voting public actually thinks. Wouldn’t you agree?
    Even if it sits at 45% – that’s a good starting point before a campaign is even launched. Only 6% in it. I guess all those don’t knows would soon decide..

    So would you back a referendum? Or are you a democracy denier too & we’re going to listen to more of the ‘once in a generation’ rubbish?

  209. Captain Caveman

    Oh good grief….


  210. Captain Caveman


  211. Northcode

    Shush…there’s nae need tae shout, Campbell Caveman. Calm yersel doun or ye’ll dae yersel an injury. Captain Clansman and Campbell Caveman are easily confused monikers.

  212. Captain Caveman

    “Captain Clansman and Campbell Caveman are easily confused monikers.”

    “Easily confused” even when someone categorically tells you otherwise and yet she’s doubled down regardless…? LOL. Maybe if you can’t read.

    Sit down mate. I’m sure “Geri” can stick up for herself without your intervention, she’s plenty gobby enough.

  213. Geri

    Campbell Caveman

    What the fck is your point?

    “Easily confused” even when someone categorically tells you otherwise and yet she’s doubled down regardless…? LOL. Maybe if you can’t read.”

    I was actually responding to Campbell Clansman before you decided to embroil yerself.

    “I’m sure “Geri” can stick up for herself without your intervention, she’s plenty gobby enough.”

    Aye, yer right. Fuck off & come back when you actually have a point to make.

  214. Northcode

    “My silences he mistook for a lack of wit rather than a lack of any need to speak.”

    Robin Hobb

  215. Captain Caveman

    “I was actually responding to Campbell Clansman before you decided to embroil yerself.”

    Er, here is what you actually said (at around midnight lol):

    “Why don’t you do one?

    Yer from Cheshire FFS

    What do you know about Scottish politics?”

    So basically you thought “Campbell Clansman” was me, simply because he’s (calmly and dispassionately) providing hard data and making a serious point, as against a backdrop of rudeness, stupidity and abuse as per. He doesn’t come from Cheshire. I do & have said so multiple times, he hasn’t. Conclusion: you confused me with him.

    You then went on to say (at around 1am, despite his obviously not responding to your first post at such an ungodly hour):

    “Aye it looks like this isn’t Clansmans [sic] first Rodeo..

    It always starts off so well LOL

    “I’m really interested in Scottish politics & others world views”


    “Yer all shite. Yer party is deid. Indy is over. Insert polls showing SNP is crap. Insert polls showing indy is deid. Tell everyone to behave cause they’re letting the side down. What’s yer economic plan?”

    Come back later in a new ID. *Rinse/Repeat*”

    So basically, the usual laughably paranoid accusation that “Campbell Clansman” is a duplicate sockpuppet account (heavily inferred with my own, as based on an earlier “exchange” if you can call it that). Seriously, apart from anything else, don’t flatter yourself. Why would anyone bother to go to such lengths to converse with the likes of you?

    When I saw this this morning, I posted:

    “Campbell Clansman” isn’t ME, you cretin”

    In response, you STILL kept commenting as if I was “Campbell Clansman”:

    “You are trying to push ONE poll”

    HE was talking about one poll. Not me.

    Now finally, instead of graciously admitting the error (I mean, as if, right?), you now say, with all your inimitable charm:

    “What the fck is your point?”

    Well hopefully that’s sorted that one out, you idiot of the highest order. Feel free to have the last word.

  216. Northcode


    I’m sure you know that I deliberately mixed up their respective monikers.

    And I know you can most definitely stick up fer yersel and don’t need my assistance – but I’m hoping it’s a wee help now and then tae be geid a haun wi the heavy liftin’. 🙂

  217. Dan

    @ Captain Caveman

    Are you still supportive of some of Campbell Clansman’s “hard data” used to make a “serious point” when it is clearly flawed because it simplistically tries to prove support for returning Scotland to self-governance based along Party lines, when it has been pointed out to him three times, with supporting evidence to back it up that around 40% of Labour’s support in Scotland is pro-indy?
    If someone wanted to make a serious point, they may want to ensure their supportive data was harder than a skitter…

  218. Geri


    Appreciated, ta.
    Aye I kent you’d mashed their names LMAO!

    Jeez oh..for someone they’re unlikely to go to such lengths to converse with it’s sure kept them busy going to such lengths to reply eh?

    Caveman Clansmen needs tae calm doon..ach’s kept them aff the streets for a wee hoor..

    Clansman Cave – chill. Go tae yer happy place & breathe. You’ll dae yerself an injury typing all that. Yer no writing a trilogy.

  219. Captain Caveman

    Sit down both, you pair of back-slapping, potty-mouthed, drooling morons.

    Like I said. Amazed Stu puts up with the likes of you here.

  220. Campbell Clansman

    Captain Caveman, don’t expect these people to show an IQ much above that of a turtle. If only their IQ level matched their level of hate…
    The fact that they confuse the two of us proves that.
    They’re fanatics. They refuse to accept anything that contradicts their POV. For example, “Dan” keeps rattling off about Labour-voting Indy supporters making a magical pro-Indy majority even though I point out to him–repeatedly–that the latest poll–WHICH INCLUDES LABOUR-VOTING INDY SUPPORTERS–still shows Indy a minority view.
    Survation Poll, from two weeks ago: Yes at 41%, No 49%. Or 45-55 if you eliminate the “don’t know’ responses.

  221. Captain Caveman

    “Captain Caveman, don’t expect these people to show an IQ much above that of a turtle. If only their IQ level matched their level of hate…”

    Absolutely agreed. My own fault for even bothering to engage to be honest – and it’s not as though they even want said engagement, as has been made plainly clear. There’s no substitute for intelligence.

  222. Northcode

    Donatello is the smartest teenage super ninja turtle with an IQ of 240.

    “it’s not as though they even want said engagement.”:

    This is what, in literary terms, a penny falling from a great height looks like.

    “There’s no substitute for intelligence.”:

    Wrong. There’s compassion, empathy, kindness, understanding, tolerance, honesty, integrity, respect, courage, and, of course, apple pie with cream, fruit crumble, chocolate pudding, casseroles, chicken soup, mac and cheese, cheese on toast and my favourite, Hungarian Goulash.

    Intelligence is over-rated and misunderstood.

    Nous is far superior to mere intelligence; along with some of those noble characteristics listed above, a wee bit of humanity and, of course, comfort foods.

    There is, however, a substitution for dim-wittedness – it’s called nous.

    Oh, I forgot to mention wine. Wine alone is a good substitute for intelligence.

  223. Dan

    @ Campbell Clansman

    You seem fixated on past results and polls as if they are the be all and end all. But I’ve mentioned that before a democratic vote there is a campaigning period which allows folk to focus on and weigh up the pros and cons of the choices and help them decide which way they may vote.
    Do you think we shouldn’t even bother with all the hassle and cost of holding a General Election and a preceding campaign period, when we could just go with what a certain poll tells us at a given time after asking a tiny percentage of society what they think, and without allowing them the time to properly consider the information they’d get during a campaign period.

    It is known that polling stats prior to a democratic event can influence voter choices.

    And I’ll again ask that you read this previously linked to article. Because it touches on the matter that if you are so certain that Scotland would vote to continue in the Union, then why are you not jumping at the bit for that democratic event to happen and confirm what you are saying is correct.

    I’ll copy and paste it to save you having to click the link.

    After all, if you truly believe the Scottish people don’t want independence, why would you be afraid of letting them say so? If you were really sure they wanted to remain in the UK, why lock and bar all the doors? Let the SNP hold as many referendums as they want. Deny them the grievances they thrive on. Let them exhaust the electorate’s patience. As Wendy Alexander cried in a brief moment of clarity: “Bring it on!”

    But the Unionist parties don’t believe that. No matter how many polls show a No lead, interrupted only rarely by those like yesterday’s, they remain terrified of the voice of the Scottish people, as demonstrated by one more question from the Ipsos survey.

  224. Geri

    Well said Dan

    I asked a similar question but they didn’t answer. They just threw their toys & ranted insults about being far more intelligent than us fanatics.

    One way to settle it would be to hold a referendum eh? See what the voting public actually thinks. Wouldn’t you agree?
    Even if it sits at 45% – that’s a good starting point before a campaign is even launched. Only 6% in it. I guess all those don’t knows would soon decide..

    I’m on the edge of my seat…

  225. Campbell Clansman

    When I compared to IQ of the Indy fanatics (Dan, Geri, Northcode et al.) to that of turtles, I was being unfair.
    I hereby apologize to the turtles of the world.

  226. Geri


    Fix yer bot.

  227. James

    Pulls pin and throws grenade;

    Support for Scottish independence in the 16-35 age group currently at 72% YES.

    So the cave dweller and the Tartan Tory ‘clansmsan’ can, as they say, “go forth and multiply”.

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