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Off the Bru

Posted on January 04, 2018 by

As if we hadn’t had enough controversy this week, it’s time to tackle the big issues.

The Scottish Sun’s been running stories for the last couple of days about the heresy that’s shortly going to be committed against Scotland’s most legendary iconic brand.

Penny-pinching Cumbernauld drinks giant AG Barr – which carefully avoided getting involved in the independence referendum so as not to upset anyone – is about to slash most of the sugar out of Irn-Bru despite there already being two low-sugar versions of it available, and the paper has called in a few consumers to decry the move.

But how does the wider public feel? Well, as it happens we’ve got poll data on that too.

“The UK government will introduce a ‘sugar tax’ next year in an attempt to tackle health issues like growing obesity and diabetes. In order to avoid the tax, drinks manufacturers have responded by reducing the amount of sugar in drinks like Irn-Bru and 7-Up and replacing it with cheaper artificial sweeteners which alter the flavour.

Which of these is closest to your view of the companies’ decision?”

– It’s the right thing to do. These health issues are serious and worth sacrificing some taste for: 43%

 – It’s the wrong thing to do. Diet versions of drinks already exist for those who are concerned about sugar, and everyone else should be able to choose the sugary versions if they want: 57%

The full data tables, including Don’t Know responses, are below.

By a wider margin than the “decisive” indyref, Scots wanted Irn-Bru left the hell alone. And the demographic breakdowns were fascinating.


Women were, perhaps surprisingly, significantly more opposed to messing with the classic recipe than men. They wanted Irn-Bru kept as it was by a 16-point margin (52 to 36), twice as big a gap as the 8 points of the menfolk (47-39).


Also unexpectedly, there was very little difference across the age ranges. Young people backed the beloved all-sugar recipe by 10 points, the middle-aged by 12 points and older voters by 10 points again.


The wealthier ABC1 group was quite closely split, with just an 8-point margin for Real Bru, whereas the working classes rejected chemical sweetener poisoning by a resounding 18 points.


Native-born Scots wanted to keep the drink they grew up with by a clear 15-point margin, while for those born in England it was just 9 points. Those born outside the UK were one of very few groups in the poll to support Barr, by 16 points.


Yes voters recorded a thumping 19-point majority for Classic Bru, with No voters oddly more in favour of change, though still backing the status quo by 9 points.


A pretty spectacular difference here, though both sides ultimately went the same way – Remain voters only just edged in favour of the traditional all-sugar version by 3 points, while Leavers wanted to keep Original Bru by a crushing 25 points.


Proper old-school Bru was favoured by Tory voters (10 points), Labour voters (5 points) and SNP voters (20 points), with only lily-livered nanny-state Lib Dems supporting the move to fake sugar – which they did by an enormous 33 points.


Celtic fans wanted their Bru to stay the way it is now by 5 points, “Rangers” fans by a comprehensive 18 points, and those uninterested in the sport by 16 points. Oddly, fans of clubs outside the Glasgow monsters backed artificial sweetening by 6 points, which we’re putting down to Partick Thistle hipsters.

We don’t expect this outpouring of public opposition will touch the hearts of Barr’s cold-hearted bean-counters, but the people of Scotland have registered their protest.

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    284 to “Off the Bru”

    1. David Smith says:

      “Patrick Thistle hipsters…” Fuck off! ?

    2. David Smith says:

      There’s supposed to be a LOL emoji at the end of that btw. 😉

    3. Davy says:

      Being a wee bittie on the plump side myself, I normally take the sugar free version of fizzy drinks, but if their is already a couple of Irn Bru’s sugar-free, why bugger about with the rest of it ?

      It makes no sense.

    4. Proud Cybernat says:

      Rangers fans clearly don’t like anyone messing with their orange stuff.

    5. admiral says:

      Sorry way OT, but should we run a sweep on how much howling, screeching BBC and MSM (Yoon) outrage this story will attract:

      And sorry, but I can’t do the archiving thingy.

    6. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      It’s surely an excuse for Barrs to pay less tax.

    7. rockhaggis says:

      …..but akin to ‘Brexit’ … where has there been an informed debate. Clearly, given that sugar is regarded by many scientists as one of the most addictive substances known and its links to serious health problems are irrefutable … perhaps basing you policy decisions on the wishes of the addicts .. might be flawed … dont you think.

    8. ScotsRenewables says:

      Recent research suggests drinking diet fizzy drinks makes you just as fat.

    9. Macart says:

      The humanity!

      Is nothing sacred? 😮

    10. jfngw says:

      From my cold dead teeth.

    11. bobajock says:

      Damn, came here thinking the Big Issue had got itself some ‘Scottish Labour’ love.

    12. Brian Fleming says:

      I refuse to drink anything with artificial sweeteners, which I believe are more dangerous than sugar. But Irn Bru is undrinkable. It’s far too sweet. Why not just reduce the sugar without adding the poisons?

    13. Martin says:

      I fear your views may have been less than hidden in the phrasing of the question….

      However, I agree there’s no need to do away with classic Bru. Even if it means it ends up costing a bit more- that’s sort of the point. People who don’t mind will have the sugar free stuff cheaper, and those of us with tastebuds can pay extra for the real stuff…perhaps buying it les often to compensate for the price rise.

      From a medical point of view there’s actually nothing good about any of these fizzy drinks (indeed just the fact they’re fizzy increases heartburn and risks oesophageal cancer) so having the stuff with real sugar but having a lot less of it and seeing it as a treat rather than a daily drink is by far the best outcome.

    14. Dr Jim says:

      The people of Scotland are quite right to protest as well
      all this sugar free diet artificial sweetener nonsense is exactly that, nonsense

      Drinks containing artificial sweetener make you thirsty so you drink more of the stuff because that’s how these chemicals work so more sales for the drinks company who are probably in league with the chocolate companies who reduce their nice natural sugar causing you to consume even more chocolate in the hope that your craving for sugar forces you to want even more

      When this garbage all started they advertised it as *reduce your weight as part of a calorie controlled diet* so all the fat folk jumped right in and started drinking the shit and forced themselves to go around saying they preferred the taste all in the hope of losing weight

      They didnae and they won’t because obesity isn’t caused by sugar it’s only caused by the over consumption of sugar and sitting on yer Arse too much whereas the now super duper chemical additives they’ve created to fool your brain it’s tasty tasty very very tasty taste like shit and nobody will tell us what these chemicals are going to do to us are they

      Hummingbirds live on nothing but sugar and there’s sod all wrong with them (huvnae seen a fat one) because they flap their wings a million times a day

      Kids are getting fatter because they eat 100 McDonalds a week and 100 kentucky fried chickens after that before they have their tea which is a carry out that’s phoned in and delivered to your door, they don’t even walk round for the stuff any more

      I was brought up on natural sugar in my ginger and full fat milk in my corn flakes and when I could afford my weekly treat of chocolate it was lovely and full of normal fat they way we used to like it, and I’ve never been fat in my life because I was too poor when I was young and walked to school 3 miles there and 3 miles back and then went oot tae play rain hail or shine 7 days a week

      Sitting in “Your room” was not an option coz ye didnae huv wan, ye didnae huv onything so you went ootside and ran aboot playing kick the can or kiss kick or torture wae the lassies, even hide n seek if ye were desperate

      More folk seem to have more stuff wrong with them these days so more folk need to do more stuff to activate their lazy bodies and also try a wee bit of actual cooking with ingredients n stuff, and that doesn’t mean frozen bloody nuggets under the grill that contain more fat than a whales Arse

      I’m excluding the diabetic side of all this because there are other factors involved in that and I don’t want to over simplify and complicate at the same time

      Suffice it to say leave ma ginger alane I like it with sugar in it and I’ve got some semblance of self control thank you very much

      Disgruntled of Bishopbriggs

    15. Peter Craig says:

      Being an old guy, I remember Irn Bru with that crazy cork and rubber top it used to have. I also recall that it had quite a spicy flavour to it , reminiscent of ginger wine, when I taste it now there is only the barest hint of the flavour I remember, dementia I suppose.

    16. ronnie anderson says: There you go Admiral .

    17. Bob Mack says:

      Revolutions have started for less.

    18. desimond says:

      Classic Irn Bru..the next Red Kola it seems

      Used to smile knowing it outsold Coke ( a world anomaly I believe) but those days it seems may be numbered.

    19. geeo says:

      I stopped drinking fizzy stuff and bread years ago (including beer) as i was just bloating up every time i drank it/ate it.

      Do not miss it, and feel healthier.

      I still do not think it should be tampered with, as other options are there already.

      Maybe the correct response is for Barr’s to publically state that a vote for Scottish independence is a vote for full sugar Irn Bru….!

      Just imagine the tory reaction to that !!

    20. ronnie anderson says:

      Peter Craig You’ve goat ah serious condition U had better book ah appointment wie Dr Jim dementia of the taste buds lol .

    21. Old Pete says:

      Iron Bru was like so many things much better in my youth.
      I remember Wagon Wheels were huge, you could buy toffee chews for an old halfpenny or ha`penny as we called it.

    22. Dr Jim says:

      @Peter Craig

      No it’s not dementia Peter, they already changed the recipe to the current syrupy stuff, it was better with the original zing fizz and careful opening of the bottle so’s no tae fire it all over the place

      The glass bottle then which was not dumped in the ocean to pollute everything coz it was too valuable at threepence a bottle return

      See how clever we used tae be

    23. galamcennalath says:

      Brian Fleming says:

      Why not just reduce the sugar without adding the poisons?

      Exactly. Market a less sugar tax free cheaper version with no artificial sweeteners. And have a high tax high sugar version available for purists

      Why has so much food and drink got to be so sweet anyway?

      Low sugar baked beans? WTF? Why do any baked beans have added sugar?

      Also, in most other countries you seem to be able to buy cans of pure fruit juice, perhaps with added gas, but nothing else. Appletiser is the only one commonly available here. Drinks here are almost all far removed from fruit juice. Though some clearly pretend to be ‘fruity’.

      IMO sweet things should be made with sugar OR artificial sweeteners and let folks chose.

      And the food industry needs to leave sweeteners out of food which traditionally isn’t sweet!

    24. ronnie anderson says:

      Well that’s wan less item ah need to load for the Wings Stall, fae noo oan its Tea Coffee Watter an that’s only if the generator keeps working .

    25. ewen says:

      This PTFC hipster wants his bru unchanged.

    26. Jockanese Wind Talker says:


      Best BTL comment in ages @Dr Jim says at 11:47 am

      Get it submitted to all the National papers and you’ll get a fair few ‘Letter of the week’ prizes I’d wager.

    27. Ken500 says:

      Sometimes a Gov have to ignore limited Polls and govern in the interest of the whole population not poll correspondents who are very limited and difficult to quantify of average 1000 people. Pollsters companies are not elected. Gov is not done by plebiscite. The results can reflect that. The electorate elect the Gov. They do not elect Polling companies who are out to make a profits. Just as other companies, Often by manipulating the results.

      Polling methodology ignored or poorly gathered and analysed. Poor question construction. Ask the wrong questions. As per their code of conduct. A small sample. They are often censored and fined for their lack of diligence. Resulting in poor results. They get it wrong. Not democratic.

      Some people and others have to be saved from themselves. That is Gov Responsibility. Keeping people healthy, (wealthy? ) and wise. So they don’t have to keep on taking the medicine but the cure. People should not be so sweet on every medical assessment or Report.

    28. Morgatron says:

      Fuck em, watch their profits dive like a Chelsea player and production of the original will restart. Gready so and sos,hell mend them. Lets crowd fund the re-introduction of the Alpine Lorry , class.

    29. One_Scot says:

      Is there anything you don’t have poll data on?:)

    30. HUGH KIRK says:

      I’m find it very difficult to be in the least concerned with the sugar content of fizzy pop…….It’s perhaps one of the reasons I have so few friends that aren’t weirdos.

    31. Capella says:

      Well I’m glad we cleared up that controversy. This poll is boldly going where eagles dare and angels fear to tread.
      Next burning issue?

    32. Ken500 says:

      Barr’s will find a solution. Just reduce the sugar in Irn Brew. Some consumers do not like change and want people to get sick and die earlier. Some people want higher health costs. The rest do not drink Iron Brew. Some Irn Brew sales pick up because it is not so sweet. Consumers can buy Irn Brew and put more sugar in it. Some people want people to keel over earlier on average. Some people want poorer health outcomes. Some people are bloody idiots. Some people do not listen to professional advice on health. They would rather ignore health professionals.

      Some people have poor taste. Some people can’t be promactive in their choices. Some people take no responsibility for their health and encourage others to do the same. Some people stuff their face and do not take enough exercise are over weigh and look unhealthy. Have relationship problems. Get depressed are in their own, Then want treatment increasing healthcare costs. All because they have an obsession with original Irn Brew and their addiction to it. Just be brave take cold turkey and reduce consumption. Some people should take up a hobby.

    33. Ken500 says:

      Irn Bru. Some people never drink the stuff. With no adverse affects. The majority? Some people like going to the dentist for massive teeth and gum restructure, All because they ‘love’ Irn Bru. Some people should find another replacement ‘love’.

    34. Street Andrew says:

      I think Irn Bru is fairly disgusting, but I think the same of the various colas aswell and reckon fizzy drinks are generally unsatisfactory. I extend that judgement to include Champagne, but I do like a little life in my beer.

      In a search for a non alcoholic beverage I tried some ginger beer brands recently and found them all vastly too sweet for my liking. I’m guessing a fifty percent reduction in sugar content would make them perhaps palatable.

      I generally will avoid artificial sweeteners, in part because I don’t trust their neutrality in health terms (by the same token I avoid margarine because it’s an industrial lubricant).

      I just don’t understand the obsession with sweet drinks. I find it …peculiar, possibly even perverse.

      There ought to be huge market for an adult drink given the strictures on drink driving. If it exists I have yet to find it.

    35. Socrates MacSporran says:

      Never really been an Irn Bru fan; I can take it, but, my skoosh of choice has always been Red Kola.

      I find it difficult today to get Red Kola in larger than 500ml size, but, that’s a small consideration, so, kudos to Dunn & Moore, who bought-out Currie’s, but, continue to produce the stuff and market it under the Currie’s label.

      But, to return to the main topic – I am not in favour of changing the recipe. I fear what this change might do to my Asperger’s-suffering grandson, who drinks nothing else but “full fat” Irn Bru.

    36. Lou Nisbet says:

      Oh! Gawd – Please please please Stu do more of this sort of stuff. Politics is all very well but NotHiNg not Onything is as good as a good laugh. hahaha to everyone who joined in the joke spree. Thank you all. I had a migraine before I started reading this page – laughter IS the best medicine – to quote the reader’s digest.

      ‘Rangers don’t want to compromise their orange stuff.’

      – Priceless.

      Just as a last gasp I think Barr’s are shooting themselves in the arse – they aimed for their foot and hit their arse. People do NOT buy a brand no matter what their bloody useless marketing people tell them. They buy what they LIKE. Fuck with the recipe and lose 56% of your buyers – great marketing there ya tits.

    37. wull2 says:

      With a lot of people Drinking soft drinks less, Reading news papers less, and watching Scottish News programs less, I predict there is going to be a lot of people looking for new employment in 2018. You know what to do, Vote YES next time.

    38. Martin says:

      “Street Andrew says:

      4 January, 2018 at 12:55 pm

      I extend that judgement to include Champagne, but I do like a little life in my beer.

      In a search for a non alcoholic beverage I tried some ginger beer brands recently and found them all vastly too sweet for my liking. I’m guessing a fifty percent reduction in sugar content would make them perhaps palatable.”

      Genuinely go to non alcoholic beer. I recently got into it to try and allow me to drink stuff of an evening without alcohol but not sweet. There’s some decent ones (birra moretti, heineken, bavaria and nanny state if you like hoppy modern rubbish) and they’re all about 50 calories a bottle and not loaded with sugar. You get to feel like you’ve drank a normal drink but without the furry teeth feeling of sugary garbage.

    39. nairnkev says:

      Next year (if it takes that long) AG Barr will revert back to their recipe they are removing the sugar from, sales will nose dive and drive them to it.
      I’ve only ever bought diet intentionally once and by mistake on a couple more occasions. I’ll never buy it again if it changes taste. I think I’m one of those unfortunate souls that can’t abide the taste of sweeteners and avoid them fastidiously.

    40. Darryl Stewart says:

      I have a friend who suffers from PKU which means she cannot breakdown the phenylalanine in the aspartame. She loves the bru and will no longer be able to drink it.

      She has been in direct contact with Barr and they insist the move is going ahead anyway. Profits before punters, bad move in my opinion.

    41. Muscleguy says:

      Except that research was confounded by the fact that the overweight and obese are much more likely to drink the diet versions of soft drinks.

      I’m a slim if muscular distance runner and I drink diet versions when I drink soft drinks because as a Biomedical Scientist I’m persuaded by the evidence. There is SO MUCH sugar in the non diet versions it beggars belief.

      The only time I consume that amount of sugar or even close to it is in the latter stages of properly long runs in the form of glucose gel sachets to fend off hitting the wall.

      I will register as overweight on normal BMI tables but you will hard put to find an ounce of subcutaneous fat on me as a regular exerciser you won’t find any visceral fat either. On athletic tables I’m pretty good. Lean muscle and dense bones weigh a lot and I work out ALL my muscles on a regular basis, not just those directly used for running.

      I’m 52 and I’m equally scientifically persuaded by Use It Or Lose It.

      As someone who has given up a LOT of sugar it takes a lot of willpower to do so. Yes your taste buds adapt but backsliding in the modern world is very easy.

      I suspect much of the supposed taste difference is not the sugar replacements which are present in order of magnitude smaller amounts but the ABSENCE of a sugar tang.

      That sugar tang which the Germans with their beer purity laws say they can detect in British beers. I can taste it too.

      It’s a bit like the put the milk in first or last in tea or coffee. It’s a scientific fact that putting the milk in last scorches the milk. I have no problem with people who like that taste, but getting them to accept that it is scorched milk is very, very hard.

      I’m very much reminded of that wrt to this stushie in a 300ml can.

    42. Arbroath1320 says:


      Barrs are going to cut the sugar content in regular IRN BRU?

      Whatever will they do next to upset the millions of fans of the regular drink … cut back on the number of girders they use to make IRN BRU?

    43. Vestas says:

      Ummm given they have two other brands of Irn Bru with reduced/zero sugar then why not charge more for the full sugar one?

      If it doesn’t sell then retailers will let them know.

      Frankly additional taxes shouldn’t be used to deal with health issues. Education works.

      We have enough taxes – its insane how many different taxes we have & most are regressive – and what’s needed is to get rid of most of these taxes and tax people on local revenue/wealth so the taxes don’t disappear offshore.

      Rant over.

      PS – can’t help wondering if major retailers have pushed for “standardised” drinks so they can group them by “harm”.

    44. Robert Graham says:

      Older contributors who remember real IRN-BRU , the flavour before all the adulterated concoctions we now have will be disgusted with the current difficult to describe taste , I tried a glass recently and after about 10 minutes my mouth felt like the Gobi Desert , drinking more just made it worse , result was a almost full bottle down the toilet , totally undrinkable , whatever chemicals go into it now would problem make a good paint stripper.
      A friend had a spillage of IRN-BRU last year on a light coloured carpet , while making a telephone claim he was asked what happened and what beverage was involved , as soon as IRN-BRU was identified, the reply was ok it can’t be cleaned and your carpet will be replaced , my friends reply was WTF is in this stuff , I remember people saying years ago Coke was good for cleaning Chrome parts of a car , I shudder to think what IRN-BRU could be used for .

    45. The human brain needs ~5.6 mg glucose per 100g human brain tissue per minute to function. See here.

      An average human brain weighs 1336g in males, 1198g in females. See here.

      Thus, a male human needs 5.6 * 1336 / 100 = ~75 mg of sugar per minute to work.

      There are 3600 minutes in 24 hours, so 75 * 3600 = 270,000 mg, or 270 g of glucose per day.

      Glucose can be synthesised by our body from many different nutrients and sources, so you definitely do not need to ingest 270 g of glucose per day – please don’t do that! – but the most immediate and easier to process source is sugar, generally made of glucose and fructose.

      If you have read the first of the two links, you will now know that no other sugars than glucose can be used by the brain to establish synaptic connections, and low glucose levels severely affects learning ability, concentration and long term memory. Improper or disturbed glucose metabolism is the cause of several brain disorders.

      Just the type of problems an establishment of fat fuckers want their sheeples to be hobbled with, so they can get away with murder and we don’t know, don’t see, don’t remember.

      Your brain needs sugar, because science.
      Cut the fat, if you want to be fitter.

    46. ronnie anderson says:

      Arbroath 1320 Barrs cut oot the girders with the closure of the Scottish steel industry china steel much cheaper .

    47. Happy new year everyone.

      I stopped drinking Irn Bru years ago, maybe it was my taste buds, but it didn’t seem to taste the same as
      it was when I was a boy.
      Tampering with the ingredients will only lose them more sales.

    48. Robert Peffers says:

      @Davy says: 4 January, 2018 at 11:27 am:

      ” … if their is already a couple of Irn Bru’s sugar-free, why bugger about with the rest of it ?
      It makes no sense.”

      It does indeed make sense, Davy, (if you had read the narrative correctly). Westminster are intent upon taxing sugar content in foods and drinks.

      So food and drink processors and producers are intent upon cutting their added sugar content in order to avoid paying the Westminster Establishment’s new sugar tax but they do so, not because restricting sugar content will alleviate the perceived obesity problems, but to save paying the so called sugar tax.

      In point of fact a sugar fed obesity problem doesn’t actually exist. The UK government, as usual, are just upping indirect taxation upon those less able to pay, while at the same time giving those best able to pay, more tax cuts.

      In other words neither the UK Government or the food producers and processors give a damn about the obesity problem but see a good chance to grab even more cash from those least able to afford to pay tax and for those best able to pay to avoid paying tax even more chances of tax avoidance.

      The Obesity problem stems directly from the modern decreased levels of hard graft, physical activity and sheer damned laziness.

      The truth being that sugar in the system will be burned off by physical activity. Furthermore Carbohydrates in your diet are turned into glucose, which your body burns immediately.

      If not used immediately the body converts carbohydrates into glycogen and stores glycogen in the muscles and liver for between meals. So cutting out sugar will only result in the body converting more carbs to glucose. So what is Glucose? The term, “Glucose”, comes from the Greek word for “sweet”, so it’s actually just a type of sugar that you get from the foods you eat.

      Thus, If you eat more calories, than your body can use immediately, the cells of your body store the excess glucose as fat.

      The only real solution to the obesity problem is to make the human body work harder – either by actual productive physical work or in games and sporting activity.

      The sugar tax effects will thus only last for a short time while the population of the United Kingdom collectively see their metabolism adjust to the reduced raw sugar intake and their body begins to convert their increased carbohydrates in their diet and they will increase their carbohydrate intake.

      In short the people who tend to fat will feel as if they have not eaten enough, (feel hunger), and eat more carbohydrates to compensate, In fact it is well known that faddy diets that restrict short term carbohydrate intake actually have the effect on the dieter of not only putting the weight back on when they stop the died but putting on more weight than they had before beginning the diet.

    49. artyhetty says:

      So what is the UKGovs agenda, I mean, a sugar tax? The shops are full of sugar laced goods, it’s hard to avoid. Sweeteners are disgusting tasting, and most likely very bad for health, but then too much sugar is bad and addictive. Sugar goes into bread, and many food stuffs, and of course brewing. Let people choose which poison they prefer, imo. Where did I put those sugar laced liqueurs, damn!

      Does the Tory UKGov need a few quid maybe to fund the desperately failing English NHS, or to fund some schools in England so they can continue to hand out food to kids who are being starved by the UKOK state? Maybe they need some money to give to GPs in England so they can continue to prescribe food for patients who are going hungry due to the UKOKGov state sanctioned starvation of their OWN people!

      The UKOKGov surely are not introducing a sugar tax for altruistic reasons, they must have something to gain for themselves or they wouldn’t do it, scheming and sleekit should be their first name.

    50. ailsa craig says:

      A couple of Guardian articles on the English NHS. in the second a politician, old TM is actually mentioned, whereas up here the Press would have Nicola working on the wards.

      Heard this name bandied about at my Golf Club. Off shoot or ally of SiU” It is called the Union Voice. Ears on stalks for future references, but the old fogies quite excited about it. Over to Stu perhaps…….

    51. galamcennalath says:

      What is cider? You might think it should be pure apple juice fermented.

      Nope. It only needs to contain 35% apple juice. Many brands, especially the ‘cheap falling over’ ones, contain added sugar, artificial sweeteners, flavourings, and ethanol.

      Basically cider has become another ‘juice drink’ style beverage with added alcohol.

      Unless you seek out and buy quality brands of ‘real cider’.

    52. Dr Jim says:

      Full breakfast please, two eggs, and for lunch two steakbakes wae chips, ring ring pick up a a couple of Doner Kebabs for tea on the way home cannae be bothered cooking and I got a box of cadburys roses reduced to £3 fur the film

      Oh aye and two bottles of diet Coke got tae watch the weight

      Defintely the sugary drinks eh

      Kinda flies in the face of bring some Lucozade up to the sick in hospital if it’s so bad for you

    53. Ken500 says:

      Irn Bru adverts offensive to transgender people. 2003

    54. Bob Mack says:

      Why can’t Barrs bring back the Orange jubilee. I used to buy this at the Saturday matinee. It was pure orange juice frozen in a carton with a picture of I believe a character called BaBru on the top.
      Inevitably of course once all the Orange juice was sucked out ,the remaining ice was lobbed over the balcony. I had several encounters with such an object. Fair made you alert though for 30 minutes after the ice cream women appeared at the front of the screen during the interval.

    55. msean says:

      Leave the Irn Bru alone. I would pay a few pence more. The price of the bottle varies widely anyway.

    56. Robert Peffers says:

      @admiral says 4 January, 2018 at 11:30 am:

      Sorry way OT, but should we run a sweep on how much howling, screeching BBC and MSM (Yoon) outrage this story will attract:

      Nah! Admiral, because it is ENGLAND’s NHS that had the crisis so the MSM won’t make a song and dance.

      “And sorry, but I can’t do the archiving thingy.£

      Oh! YES! YOU CAN!, (It’s still Panto season).

      All you need do to archive something is to put this link on your favourite’s menu bar:-

      then when you click on that favourite a page opens and you copy and paste whatever you want to archive into the red box provided. The website will archive it and give you a link that you then copy and past into your Wings Comment.

      Hope that helps, Admiral, and you are not alone in not knowing the details of how to archive. “THEY”, don’t want you to Know how.

    57. S,H,T says:

      Oh for the love of god. This is the only real hangover cure, I say leave the hell alone. Can you imagine the mess ppl would be in without it. ?

    58. S,H,T says:

      Oh for the love of god. This is the only real hangover cure, I say leave the hell alone. Can you imagine the mess ppl would be in without it. ?

    59. starlaw says:

      Ive nae problem with it , leave it oan the coontur stull in ra boattle

    60. G H Graham says:

      Barr’s can attempt to sweeten this any way they like, but the change is being made to avoid paying more tax & thus maintain or even increase their margins.

      Not for the first time, a major soft drinks manufacturer has gambled with their recipe against their customer’s loyalty.

      Time will tell if the money Barr thinks it is going to stuff in its back pocket is offset but a significant reduction in sales.

    61. Ken500 says:

      Waitroses banns energy drinks to under 16’s. The first supermarket to do so because of concerns about obesity in children.

    62. Arbroath1320 says:

      ronnie anderson says:
      4 January, 2018 at 1:34 pm
      Arbroath 1320 Barrs cut oot the girders with the closure of the Scottish steel industry china steel much cheaper .


      thanks for that info Ronnie.

      Come to think about it I have been able to walk through metal detectors with ease the last few years so was wondering why. Now I know … I’ve nae girders inside o me! 😀

    63. frogesque says:

      Anyone needing a sugar buzz?

      Not risking hammers, recipe for homemade tablet over in Off Topic!

    64. Legerwood says:

      Dr Jim says:
      4 January, 2018 at 1:41 pm

      Lucozade has long had a reputation as a ‘health’ drink to be liberally imbibed when ill – but not in our house.

      A number of years ago my husband was very ill – sepsis caught just in time. The GP as well as pumping him full of industrial strength antibiotics also recommended Lucozade because my husband was dehydrated and had not been eating.

      Duly went out and bought a bottle. Husband drank some but then spilled some on the carpet. I could not get the stain out of the carpet no matter what I tried. Husband switched to water.

      If it does that to a carpet what is it doing to your insides?

    65. Still Positive says:

      Ken500 @ 2.39

      The biggest danger with high energy drinks is the dangerously high levels of caffeine and other chemicals, even for adults.

      In 2009/10 we taught a unit to all S2 pupils because too many pupils were addicted to them. Although they were banned in school, they would binge at lunch-time and be ‘high as kites’ in the afternoon.

      I had a ‘bottom’ set and none of them could be classed as overweight far less obese.

      Needless to say, in spite of all the evidence, none of my class were going to give them up.

    66. Albert Herring says:

      Don’t know why anybody drinks that pish. What’s wrong with tap water?

    67. Brian says:

      So my auld man bought sugar free Irn Bru by mistake for me the other week and it was rank. The Xtra Irn Bru is weirdly better but I want full sugar Irn Bru…diabetes be damned. Did they learn nothing from the Classic Coke debacle of the 1980s?

      Some of us can tell the difference just by smelling the product. My girlfriend was freaked out by this when she put baked beans on my plate and I took one sniff and declared them Sugar Free. She just replied with yeah but how could you tell just by looking at them? It was the smell…it wasn’t right.

      Anyway Give us our Irn Bru or give us death..or Red Kola.

    68. jfngw says:

      What next? Stv In Union to commission a bacteriologist to give his opinion on the UK weather forecasters performance. This man’s knowledge is infinite it would seem.

      As for Irn Bru, it’s shite, move on.

    69. yesindyref2 says:

      I agree with the first comment about “Partick Thistle hipsters”.

      That’s divisive and totally unneccessary for the article.

      What on earth is the point of it?

    70. Willie says:

      But Rev, the biggest poll of all. The most important focus group.

      What do Wings readers think?

    71. Petra says:

      This Irn Bru fiasco will be shortlived when we get our Independence and following the drop in sales. You’ll just have to stock up with a year or so’s supply Stu (et al). Fill up every spare corner of your home, lol.

      And it’s back to the Tories not giving a damn for the UK populace at all. Just finding a way to line the coffers again. If they did they would subsidise sports centres, 100% for the poorest amongst us, and ensure that everyone had enough money to buy decent, nutritious food. Not queue up at a foodbank for tinned grub. They could also broadcast cookery programmes to reach the millions of people struggling to live on low incomes, rather than programmes such as the Great British Bore Off.

      I wonder how many of them support the sugar tax?


      ”Former members of the House of Lords can bring up to six guests, and dine among government ministers in Westminster’s subsidised dining rooms….

      Although the law requires all peers to pay full British taxes on their worldwide income as if they were resident and domiciled in Britain, those tax rule ceases to apply after resignation….”

      Tommy Sheppard said: “Peers are not accountable to the electorate and the chamber is now stuffed with party hacks, cronies and election losing has-beens, as well as convicted criminals. It is an utter affront to democracy…”


      And another Knight of the realm! Arise Professor John Curtice the man who advised Scots not to give both votes to the SNP in 2016, because the second vote would be lost. AYE RIGHT John.

      ‘New Year Honours: Knighthood for Scots political expert Professor John Curtice.’

    72. heedtracker says:

      Albert Herring says:
      4 January, 2018 at 3:15 pm
      Don’t know why anybody drinks that pish. What’s wrong with tap water?

      Fish fuck in it.

    73. HandandShrimp says:

      Artificial sweeteners leave a weird bitter metallic taste in my mouth that lasts ages. I can’t handle it so will be stuck with Coke or Old Jamaican Ginger Beer (which I quite like) and possibly 7up.

    74. Free Scotland says:

      This is all part of a cunning plan hatched by Jim Murphy, Irn Bru’s secret agent, to cause widespread illness among Scots and put the Scottish NHS under severe pressure, thereby reducing the likelihood that Scotland will continue to outshine Wales, Norn Iron and Engerland in health-service provision.

    75. yesindyref2 says:

      Mmm, just saw David Smith’s second comment, oh well. I’m maybe being a bit hyper at times, but though I think Indy Ref 2 will be early next year, the likes of Peter A Bell seems to think it would be in September this year which would give us just 9 months, time to heal divisions and be careful of creating new ones.

    76. Robert Graham says:

      o/t Therefor a wee change of subject .

      Over the last few weeks Labour controlled councils have been taking the piss and trying to give the Scottish government problems they really don’t need right now .
      Firstly it was withdrawal of classroom assistants , then it was school busses , after that was dropping subjects, all meant to get a reaction from pupils and parents .

      Recently a change in tactics by the Unionist Bloc that operates in Scotland , They’ve seem to have turned their sights on the Unions to carry out their latest wee piece of Mischief , The Union representing ferry workers are baring their teeth , Ambulance crews or lack of has been raised more than once by the BBC , expect some activity from them shortly , as probably will all workers in the public sector , a contrived grievance will be raised wether or not the Scottish government has any control and can actually remedy the perceived dispute , doesn’t really matter that’s not the point, the whole exercise designed to gum up the works and make it difficult for our government to operate effectively , If people come to any harm or lasting discomfort that doesn’t matter , the ones behind this don’t give a monkeys about the public they are just there to be fooled again .

    77. Colin Alexander says:

      Irn Bru is like indy.

      Many of us want to be free to choose the full flavoured version or be free to choose whatever ginger we wanted. Or a cup of tea instead.

      But the SNP white paper’s was like low sugar Irn Bru: indy-lite( Devo-max by another name with the addition of a sovereign Holyrood parliament). It certainly wasn’t full independence.

      But the UK saw the SNP’s recipe of Indy-lite / Devo-Max might be a vote winner, so they also offered full flavoured Devo-Max without the expense of a sovereign indy parliament- a key ingredient:new “improved” Devo-max on special offer.

      People went for that instead. Then the UK cut more of the key ingredients. Devo-Max became Devo-Lite.

      So instead of full flavoured indy / choose your own recipe


      full flavoured devo-max

      We are where we are now. Pish water devolution. It’s a Worse situation than where we started before 2014.

      The SNP (if they get their way) want a clear choice of:

      Scotland part of the UK single market with the UK Single Market part of the EU single market ( NO vote)
      Scotland out of the UK Single Market AND out of the EU single market, but wanting Scotland to rejoin the EU single Market, either via EEA or full EU membership. But no guarantees when or if that would ever happen. (YES)

      If Scotland is part of the UK and by membership of the UK Union so already has membership of the EU Single Market,
      Why would anyone who voted NO due to economic uncertainties last time feel tempted to switch their vote if the UK stays in the Single Market and a YES vote would mean leaving the two single markets with no guarantee of equal terms access to either in the future?

      Am I attacking indy? No, I’m saying, if the SNP manage to keep the UK in the EU Single Market, there is less chance people would vote for independence.

      As those who see a continued guaranteed economic advantage of access to a a single market as more important than political independence would again tend to vote NO to indy.

      So, there would be little reason for many NO voters to switch to YES. As YES would again mean out of the Single Markets.

      Whereas, if the UK is also out of the EU single market, an indy Scotland and a future rUK would both be in a similar position.

      There would be no safe option for business or those voters scared of change.

      So, what should the SNP do? I’ll tell you, seeing as you asked:

      Insist Scotland stays in the EU. No negotiations that fail to respect that decision to Remain in the EU. UK Govt can’t take Scotland out EU.

      Insist the EU prove in court that they can legally and democratically expel Scotland from the EU. If you want Scotland out, evict us by court order.

      Insist Scotland can decide whether it wants to end the Union or when.

      If Scotland decides to end the Union:

      Once independent, Scotland will be allowed to decide what it wants to do. Continue EU membership? Go EEA? A common trade area with rUK/England and it’s conquests? Some other options? Have elections to decide that.

    78. Highland Wifie says:

      I never drink Irn Bru now as whatever they’ve done to it, it doesn’t taste anything like it used to when I was young. Lucozade is the same. I used to love it but there’s no flavour now.

      Sugar is addictive and the more you have the more you need. Anyone who has gradually reduced the sugar in their tea from say two spoons to none knows that doing it gradually means you get used to less sugar easily, and once used to none tea with two sugars tastes disgusting and you wonder how you managed to drink it like that all these years.
      It’s the same with hidden sugar which is the most insidious. I could barely eat the bread in America when I visited recently because it was so sweet. After a month I barely noticed and that’s the danger. Manufacturers use so much hidden sugar nobody notices any more. Just cutting out processed food reduces your sugar intake massively.

      On the subject of obesity, carbohydrates, of which sugar is one, spike your insulin. Insulin has been called the fattening hormone because it will convert excess glycogen to fatty tissue. Simply, if we eat too much carbohydrate the body decides how you need and lays the rest down as fat for a rainy day. The more often you eat carbohydrates the more often this process takes place.

      If you can go without sugar for three days ( I know,it’s a challenge) the cravings disappear and you just don’t want it any more. Doesn’t mean you never eat sugar again. Just means you are then in control of when and how much you do.

      And I only drink “full fat” fizzy drinks. At least I know what I’m drinking.

    79. galamcennalath says:

      Robert Graham says:

      turned their sights on the Unions to carry out their latest wee piece of Mischief

      I’m sure you’re right. Provoking industrial disputes for political gain is a time honoured Establishment tactic. They will try it in Scotland.

      Unionists have their backs to the wall and will do anything now.

      They have a problem, though. I would think public service workers in Scotland will err towards being pro-Indy. If it is shown clearly that the agitation is politically motivated it could backfire and be seen widely for what it is.

    80. Marcia says:

      I used to enjoy Pola Cola and Cream Soda made by a local firm in Dundee in my younger days. Have now got used to the sugar free alternatives of various different brands.

    81. jfngw says:

      Anyone else feel the media are praying for a baby to die and that it can be blamed on the baby box. That’s how low I feel the media have sunk in this country. I can almost see some of them salivating at the prospect, or in the case of Toby Young going through ten boxes of kleenex.

    82. Robert Peffers says:


      Bloody Hilarious!

      COLMAN’S mustard are to leave Norwich after over 200 years. They are moving production to other sites including to a factory in Germany. Dozens of jobs to be lost in East Anglia where they were founded in 1814.

      The Unilever Group now owns Colman’s. The factory will start shutting down this year, and will be closed completely by the end of 2019. Around 50 workers are likely to be laid off as a result of the decision. This Unilever closure comes after the juice firm Britvic announced it was quitting the production site in Norwich that it shares with Colman’s. Some of the production of Colman’s will move to a Unilever factory in Germany, with other goods being made in the Midlands town of Burton upon Trent.

      Only 40 of 113 staff will be offered the chance to move to Burton but another 25 will be employed at a new mustard mill in Norwich. Unilever insisted the new mill will “protect the link between Colman’s and Norwich” – even though no mustard will be made there.

      A spokesman for the firm said: “Following Britvic’s decision to close its Norwich factory on our shared site, which has serious implications for Unilever, we have announced the outcome of a review of our manufacturing at the site.

      “Under the proposals which we have shared with our employees, Unilever’s Norwich factory, where we make Colman’s products, would unfortunately close at the end of 2019, with a phased transfer of production likely to begin in 2018.

      I wonder if they will still display the Butcher’s Apron on their products after these are produced in Germany?

      Of course this decision to relocate to Germany has nothing whatsoever to do with BRUKEXIT.

    83. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Stevia. which is a plant, is the best sugar substitute. It has been used in S America for centuries as a sweetener and can be as much as 40 times as sweet as sugar.

      It also has antiseptic and antibiotic qualities and there are claims that in its full leaf form it clears Lymes Disease.

    84. Auld Rock says:

      OK, so we all know that loads of sugar is not good for you but I’ve seen it reported that a large number of these artificial sweeteners are carcinogenic. Personally I’ll risk the extra few pounds rather than cancer!!! So Barr’s leave our Bru alone, and we’ll pay the few pennies tax.

    85. Reluctant Nationalist says:

      It’s just a publicity stunt, Rev. Barr will charge in with trumpets tooting at the 11th hour to rescue us all from aspartame tyranny, and we’ll all cheer as if it’s May 1945.

    86. jfngw says:

      Hold the front page, I have a feeling that Rep Scot are going to lead with a negative SNHS story tonight, almost mirroring the Theresa May one. Who would believe it!

    87. Hamish100 says:

      don’t drink the stuff. never believed the girders bit nor the cure for nere’day.

      Barr are money grabbing so and so’s. This is about saving them money. I’m surprised they haven’t put a union apron on it. oops that’s next. IS it not the case the bottled stuff is still manufactured in Scotland but a fair proportion of the plastic stuff is produced down south?
      Happy to be corrected. Any leaked emails on this send to Stu.

    88. Effijy says:

      I always felt that the so called secret recipe in Iron Bru included pomegranate juice?

      As Mr Barr has spare funds to support Scotland as an English Colony, he can put whatever he likes in his drinks as I won’t be buying them.

      He won’t give a damn about what the people want but money being his God, he will save on any sugar tax looming.

      I’m sure his friends will have tipped him the wink about the Tax coming in to play quite soon.

      Knocked out this morning by UK Media ganging up to degrade the Scottish SNP Government as a means of covering up the deaths in dire NHS England.

      Yes Scotland is short of teachers, as is the entire UK.
      The Scottish Government is trying hard to recruit new teachers with many incentives such as free University Education, but it is always harder to find people willing to locate to rural locations particularly.

      In England High and Increasing University Fees, Pay Caps, and a quest for Comprehensive schools has fueled their own shortages.

      Next for the Dirty Underhand Scottish Tories is the shock that Scottish Ambulances have made trips with only one person on board. They have come up with an absurd figure, a 4 year period,
      the Olympics and Leap years 4 years is fine but for the NHS
      its just the Tories trying to create a significant number.

      It all boils down to do we justify 1.5% of Ambulance Journeys being manned by one person or no one attends?
      I think that is a no brainer answer if you need an ambulance.

      The Tory NHS Ambulance Service of course lost 12,000 hours due not having anywhere to put their patient when they arrive at a hospital.
      Again I see a No Brainer answer to having a Scottish Ambulance Free to Turn up and put you into a Hospital bed as opposed to no Tory England Ambulance and no hospital bed.

      How sad the Tories and their supporters are devoid of a brain,
      and the UK Media refuse to use theirs.

    89. Training Day says:


      Reporting Scotland have been beaten to it by the Unionist propagandists at STV news, who’ve now led with actual Unionist party press releases painting a negative view of the Scottish NHS twice out of the last three nights.

      The time for giving even the slightest benefit of the doubt to any of the scurvy shits who make a living in the ‘Scottish’ MSM has surely long since passed.

    90. ronnie anderson says:

      jfngw Yep true to form news leading with SNHS story 10000 singled crewed ambulances what they wont say is that would only apply to non emergency , how many of those journeys were pick up & drop off for outpatient clinic appointments

    91. Eckle Fechan says:

      Hardcore Bru Dogs might still be able to get their fix by switching to Inca Kola, Peru’s finest!

    92. ronnie anderson says:

      British Unions in Scotland .

      The Membership of these unions had better start thinking for themselves & not to follow their unions mouthpieces . We have a clear demonstration of that re the promises made by Hammond & the MOD .

      The Establishment dog bodies Lambs lead by Mutton .

    93. KOF says:

      @ailsa craig 13:40

      UK Union Voice is the name of the group. They have a twitter and facebook page. Usual yoon stuff.

      On UKUV’s facebook page I clicked on a link to a page (United Against Seperation) who had “liked” their page and guess who had liked United Against Seperation’s page? The facebook page of the Scotland National (football) Team.

      I was never much one for football at the best of time, however, I hope I the Scottih national football team gets humped in every game from now till the day of independence.

    94. Graeme says:

      Colin Alexander says:
      4 January, 2018 at 4:06 pm

      “Irn Bru is like indy.”

      FFS Colin why don’t you give it a rest and change the fuckin record

      We all know how you feel about the SNP and you may be right but like it or not we don’t stand a hope in hell of winning our independence without them

      So why don’t you get onboard and give them some encouragement to win our independence instead of taking pot shots at them at every opportunity

      Frankly Colin you’re coming across as a first class bore

    95. galamcennalath says:

      I’m going highlight a site. They deserve it. While doing google searches to find out what food contains, I came across it.

      I have never actually shopped there. On arrival I spotted a wee St George’s flag. I wondered if they had their countries and flags all set up properly. (I admit assuming probably not).

      They get it right! Brownie points, gold stars! The first shopping site I have come across which treats the countries of the UK correctly.

    96. Bob Mack says:

      Union are not the friend of the SNP. When you consider that 13 of the biggest unions in the UK are directly involved on Labour party committees it seems rather obvious that they are more likely to agitate against the SNP than support them.

      Labour are unions.Unions are Labour.

      I refer of course to the leadership structures of unions ,as opposed to the membership.

    97. Ken500 says:

      No wonder the terraces are empty. Racists, bigots and perverts on the game to try and gain from the punters. Taking them for mugs. Taxpayers funded. Or cheating taxes. Bankrupt otherwise.

      The NHS lying Tory figures. One trip a day in the whole of Scotland. Figures for 4 years. Rapid response goes out single in a ambulance car with a follow up, For rapid response team emergency. To save lives. On numerous trips.

      The Tories are lying again. Deliberately. They can’t count or read a balance sheet, incompetent and totally useless. Racist, bigots and oerverts, They have to drag them off the street to stand. They have so few members. The average member is a 70 year old male. May will be gone before too long, a total hypocrite. Brexit shambles.

    98. carjamtic says:

      I’ve upgraded to Cactus Juice….(not that Cactus) actual Cactus Water.

      Excellent hangover ‘helper’ as well as a multitude of other benefits.

      Expensive to buy singly Tesco,better on multi-buy (Amazon).

      Stay Healthy this year,we need you strong.


    99. One_Scot says:

      ‘So why don’t you get onboard and give them some encouragement to win our independence instead of taking pot shots at them at every opportunity’

      Is it because he’s a Trojan troll? Asking for a friend.

    100. asklair says:

      David Smith says:
      4 January, 2018 at 11:16 am

      “Patrick Thistle hipsters…” Fuck off! ?

      Agree, fantastic football club, my kid was born in Glasgow and wanted to follow a football team, still a fan today, some people will never understand Scottish football.

    101. HandandShrimp says:


      If that is the case then someone at the SFA (not the Scotland squad) has made a very serious error of judgement and that should perhaps be highlighted to the SFA. They really shoudln’t be clicking like to either side or any political party.

    102. yesindyref2 says:

      Considering the antics of a certain poster who is getting worse and more extreme day by day, posting Project Fear stuff at the end of older threads, there’s this that was posted by a Winger some time ago, worth a read:

    103. Ken500 says:

      Some Trade leaders collide with the management against their members interest. Some interfere in political maters and fund the Labour Party. Some, McCluskey etc funded the ilegal wars with £Millions in donations and kept Labour/Blair in power. Even encouraged him. Wasting £Billions. £Trillions in debt. Support political parties that lowers their members lifestyles and damage the wider economy.

      They do not act in Scotland’s interest but theur own. They break the Law with impunity. Interfere in political matter paying candidates for donations and favours to illicit political influence against their rules laws/regulations. Or code of conduct/practice. .Cash for access against their members interest. Wasting taxpayers money. They can’t count or read a balance sheet. Some are dinosaurs. Stuck in the past. They can’t accept modernity or move with the times. Stuck in a rut of ignorance. Neglecting their members interest for favours.

    104. galamcennalath says:

      Letter in the National highlighted on WoS Twitter …

      “…. a wavering Unionist … said he had been surprised at how many people in the middle-class business community were now openly talking of independence as a possible alternative to leaving the EU. “

      I certainly hope so. About time, too (if true). I personally have no problems with people backing independence through self interest. I’d prefer they were also motivated by seeking a more democratic and just state, but wanting Indy for personal reasons is fair enough and to be welcomed IMO.

    105. David S. Briggs says:

      The telling protest will come when sales of Irn Bru plummet.
      I wouldn’t drink anything with aspartame in it. A stupid move by A G Barr.

    106. sassenach says:

      “Graeme says ‘ 6-48pm”

      I’ve spotted your error – you actually must have read Coco’s drivel ( for it always is).

      The sensible among us now just scroll past everything he writes. It’s a bit of a nuisance, but so is he!

    107. Scott says:

      Sorry O/T.
      How many people remember this.

      28th January 2016
      SNP health spokeswoman Dr Phillipa Whitford hits back at attacks over ‘moonlighting’ job with NHS

      Jackie Baillie, the Labour MSP,was one of those who complained.
      I have just heard a Labour MP who is a Doctor say she put in a 10Hour shift over the Xmas period come on Jackie what have you to say about her.

    108. Capella says:

      @ yesindyref2 – I once posted one of these helpful hints docs – it was on the methods of sabotaging organisations by working too slowly and making mistakes etc. Useful for the Czechs under occupation.

      I’m also impressed by the “Twenty-Five rules of disinformation such as the grim Rule Twenty-four:

      24. Silence critics. If the above methods do not prevail, consider removing opponents from circulation by some definitive solution so that the need to address issues is removed entirely. This can be by their death, arrest and detention, blackmail or destruction of their character by release of blackmail information, or merely by destroying them financially, emotionally, or severely damaging their health.

      I think I can identify at least three instances of this over the past few months.

      Link to the sabotage advice:

    109. colin alexander says:


      Ok. Indy. Indy. Indy. Vote YES.

      If there’s an indyref, I sincerely request everyone votes YES to independence.

      Even better, If there’s an election where candidates seek a manifesto mandate to end the UK Union, I request you vote for those candidates.

      Now, why didn’t the majority take that advice in 2014?

      How do we persuade a majority to choose indy next time?

      Tell me, please.

      Or should we just stick with calling everyone who voted NO “Unionists” and worse and blame them for betraying Scotland?

      Personally, I would prefer to understand the weaknesses in the YES campaign, address any failures, understand any issues for a new indy vote and discuss them and try to find answers to them.

      But if you would rather cheer for the SNP, discuss Irn Bru and gender politics, that’s your choice.

      That’s boring to me. But each to their own.

    110. yesindyref2 says:

      Thanks, I’ve bookmarked that one.

      There’s ineffective operators like the current ones, but there seems to me to be an increasing number on the march elsewhere, even going back to the “too wee, too poor” thing, as in our shipyards would close and we couldn’t afford a navy. Everything in Scotland is sh*te, we can’t do jacksh*t, Thatcher didn’t asset-strip our industries (particualrly Scott Lithgow).

      Grist to the mill I guess, but tedious and boring.

      Maybe they’re trying to put 24 into effect and bore us all to death 🙂

    111. geeo says:

      Fuck off coco (small ‘c’ today).

      You do not support independence you utter rocket launcher, so if you do not want to discuss irn bru or gender politics as per the topic, fuck the off.

    112. ronnie anderson says:

      sassenach Your singing ma song Scrolling just scrolling an no just by the light of the silvery moon .

    113. Ian Brotherhood says:

      On right now, an Independence Live broadcast…

      Dr. Mark McNaught & Elliot Bulmer discussing Constitution for a Secular Scottish Republic:

    114. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Hamish100 at 6:04 pm.

      You typed,
      “IS it not the case the bottled stuff is still manufactured in Scotland but a fair proportion of the plastic stuff is produced down south?”

      From the Irn-Bru Wikipedia page:
      “Irn-Bru (/?a??rn?bru?/ “iron brew”) is a Scottish carbonated soft drink, often described as “Scotland’s other national drink” (after whisky). It is produced in Westfield, Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire, by A.G. Barr of Glasgow, since moving out of their Parkhead factory in the mid-2000s, and at a second manufacturing site in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, England.”

      No correction required.


    115. colin alexander says:


      Project Fear? You ain’t seen nothing yet. Next time it will be Project Fear2 – the refined, improved version.

      And they will do it far better than I can as a YES supporter.

      You think if I don’t mention potential Project Fear arguments, the NO campaign won’t?

      I’ve no doubt many No supporters are smarter than I am, more experienced politically and some are even PAID to scrutinise and find weaknesses to exploit in any YES campaign.

      So, I’m doing you a favour by pre-warning you and giving you a chance to come up with answers to persuade people YOU have the best or right answer why people should support indy.

      Great natural resources. Good. We had that last time too and didn’t win. Scotland is an ancient nation. Great – it was in 2014 too.

      The Tory Govt are “&%$£”***”, they were the last time too, but NO won.

      Lying by dismissing me as a Troll etc might work on here among the SNP faithful.

      But it’s no going to work in persuading previous NO voters or non-voters to vote YES by dismissing everyone as Trolls or secret agents.

      You will just look like bullying thugs or bampots in any neutral forum if you use that tactic, so slagging people is best avoided.

      Project Fear1 used that very tactic of trying to provoke aggressive responses to brand YES supporters as thugs. I lost count of the number of times I was called Jihadist or Nazi or National Socialist.

      It was nonsense, but a PF tactic to provoke an abusive response and/or discourage support for YES.

      In my opinion Jim Murphy’s whole campaign was an attempt to get idiots to attack him. So he could say YES supporters are thugs.

    116. Capella says:

      @ yesindyref2 – there is a co-ordinated campaign just now against the health service in Scotland. Tedious and boring though it is for us, the people who work in the SNHS must be sick to death of it.

      G A Ponsonby has tracked down the Tory FOI on which their Press Release was based. He completely demolished the screaming headlines today about 10,000 driver only ambulance trips.
      From Stu’s twitter:

    117. Ken500 says:

      @ Ambulance one person – non urgent journey. With a following back up. 10029 for four years.

      Average less than one journey a day for the whole of Scotland. For four years.

      What an absolutely wonderful performance. What an amazing performance. The amazing Ambulance crews.

      The Tories are not happy with that. The lazy skiving bastard Tories believe that is a bad performance and are criticising the wonderful Ambulance crews and their excellent service,

      The Tory nasty blatant liars. They should be censored. Lying conniving bastards. .

    118. Ken500 says:

      The Tories – unionists should be sued for misinformation. They should be made to pay. They should be put in jail for malicious complaint. . The Police should be detainig these people. They should be censured and made to resign, for their complete and utter lies. Not fit fir public office and broken every code of conduct requirement. They are just disgusting. There lies get bigger and increase daily. They are not fit for public office. Wasting £Billions of public money. It is just not good enough. Time and time again.

    119. Dr Jim says:

      Why aren’t there pictures of failing organs and obese people printed on the labels like fags
      Or danger your kids will die of obesity if you drink or eat this product
      Make everybody stand outside places when they eat chocolate and drink ginger

      Noo some folk might say I’ve taken this too far but it’s what they did to my fags so fair’s fair

      It did occur to me though that they might just be getting rid of imported cane sugar so’s we have to use that widely grown English product of sugar beet contained in thae big pokes wae a big Union fleg on them

      Couldnae be a conspiracy though eh….Naw never

    120. colin alexander says:


      Vote Yes for full sugar Irn Bru and gender fluidity.

      Sounds a better campaign than some of the YES campaign in 2014:

      We’ll use the Pound in a currency Union. No you won’t, says the UK parties. Yikes.

      Customs Officers and Border Guards at Gretna? ( We’ll need to watch Ireland / N.Ireland for the answer to this one). Yikes.

      We’ll continue uninterrupted membership of the EU. No you won’t, says then European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso. Yikes.

      And Alex Salmond rambling on about UFO’s on the first big tv debate.

      YES became Yikes! That’s why YES lost, but it’s easier to blame the spooks and the English and the pensioners than accept the mess that was the YES campaign.

    121. Capella says:

      Good article by Wee Ginger Dug in The National. “Unionism strives to protect interests of the wealthy elite.”

      Sadly, Labour promote it.

    122. Graeme says:

      colin alexander says:
      4 January, 2018 at 7:50 pm

      “Now, why didn’t the majority take that advice in 2014?”

      I don’t really know Colin I suspect a combination of lies, propaganda, cheating,false promises & vote rigging who knows

      “How do we persuade a majority to choose indy next time?

      Tell me, please.”

      I don’t know the answer to that question either…do you ?

      “Or should we just stick with calling everyone who voted NO “Unionists” and worse and blame them for betraying Scotland?”

      Well I think it’s fair to say anyone who did vote NO is a unionist by definition, as for betraying Scotland well they may not have seen it that way

      “Personally, I would prefer to understand the weaknesses in the YES campaign, address any failures, understand any issues for a new indy vote and discuss them and try to find answers to them.”

      So would I and I suspect most folk on here would also but all you want to do is bash the SNP and blame them for everything but if you’re right about the SNP we might as well all pack up now close this website and join the loyal ranks of her majesties forlock tuggers because without the SNP we’re nothing and we certainly wont be where we are now, within touching distance

      “But if you would rather cheer for the SNP, discuss Irn Bru and gender politics, that’s your choice.”

      I couldn’t care less about gender politics or fizzy drinks either
      I only made one very short one line post regarding gender politics which probably wouldn’t be very popular on here but i don’t keep banging on about it

      “That’s boring to me. But each to their own.”

      At last something we agree on

    123. ronnie anderson says:

      Katherine Lovatt
      Admin · 9 hrs
      I’m up in Perthshire ATM and was talking to lovely chap in the pub last night – an elderly shepherd, Archie. Anyway he was telling me he’d been out walking with his old collie dug the other day when, whilst crossing a wee bridge he looked down at the burn and saw a well dressed gent hunched over the burn drinking from his hand. Well! Archie was horrified and shouted a warning,
      ” Hoi’ laddie dinna be suppin’ oota thon burn, even if’n ye urr drouthy, It’s fu o coo’s pish n shite!!!” In response the man stood up and glaring at Archie yelled,
      ” For Christ’s Sake man I’m an English man – why can’t you people communicate in a civilised manner?? I didn’t understand one bloody word you said, speak English you ignorant scottish oik! ”
      With that Archie smiled, cupped both hands, to demonstrate and said, very clearly,

    124. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Here’s the FB Site link for these latest Red, White and Blue BritNat Rockets of which you speak @ailsa craig says at 1:40 pm

      “Off shoot or ally of SiU It is called the Union Voice. Ears on stalks for future references, but the old fogies quite excited about it.”

      Appear very Right Wing Tory Fascist too with lots of SNPNazi and Anti Commie Labour stuff.

      Some Gowf Club you attend.

    125. heedtracker says:

      We need competition to Irn Bru, simples. Buckfast has a Scottish competitor, Eldorado, with a thistle on the bottle to make sure you know where its made. Its exactly the same too, or smells like it, as some alky shoved his empty between the bus seats this morn.

      No idea how the marketing people came from Buckfast to Eldorado though. Divine inspiration, Jesus is on the side of competition, Buckfast monk hypocrites are rich enough now. I know, you can never be too rich and or too Holy, on countless wads of dole money pissed away.

      Irn Broth anyone?

    126. stu mac says:

      @asklair says:
      4 January, 2018 at 7:09 pm
      David Smith says:
      4 January, 2018 at 11:16 am

      As a Jags fan I’, all for the idea we are “hipsters” (though that seems a somewhat dated term for one as young as the Rev to use, surely). Being a Jags fan is cool: or as Taggart might have said, it’s always Baltic up at Firhill.

    127. heedtracker says:

      Capella says:
      4 January, 2018 at 8:51 pm
      Good article by Wee Ginger Dug in The National. “Unionism strives to protect interests of the wealthy elite.”

      Why archive The National vitamin C:D

      Unionism strives to protect interests of the wealthy elite.

      Its generations of class UKOK class system and fantastic beeb gimnp pro toff propaganda.

      Cameronb has a lot of psych behind class in the grand old UKOK social construct and its like no other in the west, I’m guessing.

      Beeb gimps of the millennium BBC r4 news today was classic, get your tongues cleaned plebs, you’re all about to have the privilege of licking David Cameron’s arse, in between a royal prince’s ofcourse.

      In an actual democracy, he’d be tarred and feathered.

    128. hopper69 says:

      Ailsa Craig@1.40 pm That could be ‘The uk union voice’ which has been going for about 18 months.They go mental about anything non tory or pro green or SNP.

    129. Sinky says:

      Great Front Page in to-morrow’s National:
      Scotland’s NHS coping with double the number of flu cases + 20% increase in A&E demand … meanwhile May is forced to apologies for complete meltdown of English service

    130. colin alexander says:

      An Indyref, it is argued, cannot be refused because the sovereign people democratically voted for Indyref in the SNP manifesto and so gave them that democratic and sovereign mandate to hold an indyref.

      If the sovereign people democratically voted for a manifesto that said:

      If we win a majority of seats, we will declare within two years that the UK Union is ended.

      That is the same sovereign democratic mandate from the sovereign people of Scotland. No indyref required.

      Thus, an Indyref road to independence has always been an unnecessary extra hurdle that has NOTHING to do with democracy or the exercising of Scottish sovereignty.

      Ask Craig Murray if you don’t believe me.

    131. yesindyref2 says:

      Yes, 10,000 ambulances with only 1 on board which is a good trick for Scotland which has around 1,500 ambulances. I sincerely hope the Tories are going to provide the other 8,500 out of party funds, complete with paramedic of course!

      Wow, we could nearly have 1 each, using Unoinist maths.

    132. wull2 says:

      Lets expose WM next move and soil there game.
      Have we more than two eyes, YES

    133. Ricey says:

      It’s all marketing baloney, reflecting “corporate responsibility”. Reminiscent of the Coke Classic re-introduction in the USA a number of years ago. Full sugar Irn-Bru will make a come back due to “public demand” in about 12 months time. Yer 38% sugar ‘Bru will be back. Meantime, ye can still get the sugar hit from Barr’s Ka range, up to 43% sugar if yer so inclined. Their “flavours” range has had @ 8% sugar and below, down to 0% sugar for years.

      I know what you’re thinking; no, I dinnae work for them.

    134. heedtracker says:

      Ask Craig Murray if you don’t believe me.

      Modern therapy can work miracles these days Colin A. Bring back sensible dave, he’s my kind of tory roaster.

    135. Maria F says:

      @colin Alexander

      Seriously, this is looking unhealthily obsessive now Colin. 3 threads on the same day and you keep posting the same thing over and over and over again.

      Come on Colin, do tell us, why are you so petrified of the independence referendum? What do you think you are going to lose? Do you happen to be one of those aristocrats landowners donating to SIU? Have you got a stake in Scotland’s assets? Is your seat in one Parliament or another that you think you may lose? Or is the EU regulations on taxdodging what you are concerned about?

      Go on, indulge us…

    136. ScottieDog says:

      This is very good. You will never get this quality debate on BBC etc..

    137. Always thought Irn Bru was a West of Scotland drink,

      in Edinburgh we had bottles of Globe juice,orange,lime,red cola,dark cola (i think),lemonade,and a taste/thing called vimto,pineapple,american cream soda..

      red cola was great with a scoop of ice cream, in the days we got a summer,

      there was also bon accord and dunbars

      plus money back on the bottle,should do that now to get the empty plastic bottles out the parks and the streets,

      think the folk from the West call all juice, `ginger`.

    138. Hamish100 says:


      CANT FIND THE “SCOTTISH” BREXIT SPOKESPERSON ON BBC tonight saying no 2nd vote on brexit but then saying maybes aye- can’t rule anything out!
      However, Findlay said “we” voted out and must respect that.
      Which bit of “Scottish” & “we” does he not understand.
      Proves the point he is a wee Britisher Englander representing a wee britisher branch office

    139. Ken500 says:

      6-10 spoons of sugar in every can of fizzy drinks. Plus sugar from other food. Intake. The daily total healthy intake is supposed to be not more than minimum ounces. Obesity is rife with those who do not exercise as well. Less sugar, fat. Less exercise needed.

      Children will be dying before their parents. If something is not done desperately. Early deaths are increasing Plus alcohol abuse. Excess alcohol can damage the DNA and can cause cancer. They discovery has now been made. Several forms throughout the body. Adding to colossal problems for people.

      Young folk are starting to take heed and drink less, smoke less than their parents. Pro rata but it is still an overwhelming problem. Some folk do not take heed and encourage the insanity.

      That is why the Gov has to take action before even more folk keel over. There will be less folk left. In Scotland if nothing is done, There will be a collosal problems mounting up. Especially with Brexit. Even less folk left. If nothing is done.

    140. colin alexander says:


      Since 14 August 2017 Joan McAlpine, Dumfriesshire SNP MSP is no longer being paid by the Daily Record for a newspaper column. So, I no longer criticise her.

      Praise for the SNP Scot Govt:

      Speaking of Dumfries and Galloway Region. They now have a brand new Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary that has just opened.

      It is a credit to the SNP Scottish Govt that in difficult economic times the Scottish NHS has another new state of the art hospital.

      Just think how much more could be achieved if we had independence!

      I don’t have all the answers, nobody does. But amongst the Wings readership, I’m sure there are many clever, imaginative people who can come up with some information, answers, strategies etc to help Scotland win independence.

    141. Capella says:

      @ heedtracker – I archived The National article because some people can’t access it if they aren’t subscribers and have asked in the past to archive it. Just trying to be helpful. 🙂

      It doesn’t always archive though.

    142. ron murray says:

      The strength of opposition shows exactly why people should be encouraged to change their tastes to reduce sugar consumption and thereby hopefully reduce excess weight in the population. They will struggle to do so voluntarily. it is not only drinks but other foods as well
      Like reducing sugar in coffee i had to go down a spoon at a time to eventually not use sugar. But that was a personal choice.
      Interestingly I work in a well known supermarket and when they have coca cola promotions the sugar free bottles far outsell the full fat version. Its a muddle

    143. heedtracker says:

      Go on, indulge us…

      Its all about kicking out the SNP, then and only then, will Scotland become a nation again.

      Genius, is Colin A.

    144. Hamish100 says:

      Meant to say that I saw a para medic on his vehicle today blue light flashing all alone.

      I think it was called a motorcycle. It fair got through the traffic though.

      Time is of the essence as they say

      Q. Do I want a paramedic arriving in 10 mins or an ambulance in 20?

    145. manandboy says:


      Thatcher then, May now. The name has changed but it’s the same Tory Party.

    146. galamcennalath says:

      if you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at those he gives it to!

      (Courtesy of Death in Paradise on TV tonight)

      Scotland in Union sponsors immediately came to mind.

    147. Bob Mack says:

      I can name you many states that declared UDI, but in nearly every case it did not go very well.
      Croatia, who ended up in a bloody civil war
      Rhodes ia
      Several now non existent African states.
      Crime a

      Common theme seems to be ; if you want bloodshed in your streets then UDI is definitely the way to go. England would have no hesitation using whatever force necessary to restore the previous status quo, and most states would back them up.

      So Colin. Why are you agitating for something that never has a good outcome? Mm?

      Even the Americans lost thousands having to fight against the UK. I don’t think we have the manpower in any event.

    148. colin alexander says:

      Maria F

      To answer you:

      I’m just pointing out indy by election is THE SAME SOVEREIGN DEMOCRATIC MANDATE as indy by indyref following a democratic election.

      Independence by election is a legitimate preferred option for the reasons I have explained. But if it’s going to be indyref:

      Let’s make the new YES campaign the best it can possibly be.

      Much of that work begins NOW.


    149. ian murray says:

      Are the Tories suggesting that ambulances do not return to base until the have at least 2 sick people to bring back
      Monty Python would have fun with that

    150. jfngw says:

      @Scott Finlayson

      Globe made Sun-Kool cola as the dark cola, and in the part of Edinburgh I grew up in we called all fizzy juice lemonade (limonade to be precise). Don’t remember anyone drinking Irn Bru in 60’s Edinburgh.

      Just type sun kool cola into google if you want some label nostalgia.

    151. colin alexander says:

      Bob Mack

      Deciding to end the Union following the obtaining of the sovereign democratic mandate of the people is not a UDI.

      I think the end of the 1707 Union would lead to new cooperation with rUK; a looser confederation – confederation NOT federation- of mutual support and mutual interest that would benefit Scotland and the rUK.

      I think, if done well, it could even lead to a new European trading bloc to rival the EU.

      As it appears the EU has gone too far with trying to build a European SuperState that is crushing democracy.

    152. Wullie B says:

      heedtracker says:
      4 January, 2018 at 9:47 pm

      Ask Craig Murray if you don’t believe me.

      Modern therapy can work miracles these days Colin A. Bring back sensible dave, he’s my kind of tory roaster.

      I have been thinking one in the same heedftracker, , but going back to an earlier comment of yours, Old Jamaica Ginger beer is the only soft drink that passes my lips, and its better than the Barrs ginger beer pish as well

    153. galamcennalath says:

      @Scott Finlayson

      Ayrshire had Turner & Ewing, and Curry’s.

      I don’t remember Irn Bru.

    154. heedtracker says:

      Old Jamaica Ginger beer is the only soft drink that passes my lips, and its better than the Barrs ginger beer pish as well

      Interesting. I’m a total slut when it comes to all soft drinks, I have quaffed them all. When we were kids there was a company in Aberdeen that had its glass bottles with there logo of a polar bear, lets say straddling a bottle of their delicious products, huge grin on its face, saying “pure delight.” Simpler times and 5p back on the bottle. Who was that,

      Whatever happened to BonAccord soft drinks Alexa?


    155. Wullie B says:

      Bonaccord up in north east, was far better than any other drinks that I remember, especially the Red Kola and Cream Soda

    156. Breeks says:

      I seem to be over-sensitive to BBC shite these days, but it occurred to me that England’s NHS crisis and Colmans Mustard job losses in Norwich are both issues with a significant relevance to Brexit, but the somewhat obvious connection was never mentioned.

      Over sensitive? Or has the BBC decided to sugar coat Brexit?

      I also found it despicable that they attempted to smear Scotland’s NHS as suffering a similar calamity to England, but simply said “some arsehole” had apologised for some unspecified delays in a non specific location…

      I utterly detest the BBC nowadays. The BBC is quite literally an enemy of the Scottish people.

    157. Famou15 says:

      Hello Colin.

      I am a clever and imaginative person,not too clever and certainly not too imaginative and guess what?


    158. Ken500 says:

      Murderer Blair caused Brexit. The illegal wars caused the worst migration crisis in Europe since the 11WW which gave the Farage and the Tory bastards an excuse to have the EU Ref to destroy the world economy. The Westminster unionist bastards akways doing everything to destroy the Scottish world economy in every way possible.So these crooks and criminals can line their pockets with public taxpayers money and sanction, starve and murder people. They are lower than the low. Most of them should be in jail.

      Independence in Europe can’t come soon enough to stop these lowlives from destroying the Scottish and world economy.

      Can journalist not fecking count. They must have know they were broadcasting figures from a Tory liar which were totally false. And in fact showedwhst s fsntsstuc service the Scottish Ambulance service is and what a brilliant.job it was doing. They could/should have realised immediateky. Without doing a totally lying broadcast. Despicable people. Not doing the basic minimum of Research. Totally lying hypocrites. Why can’t they be made to make a major public apology. Firbtheurvappalling behaviour,

      Why can’t they be sued even in a civil prosecution. Why is the Legal system not doing something about these lying dangerous bastards.

    159. geeo says:

      coco still dribbling pish i see.

      Sad thing is, he actually believes the slobbering pish he spouts.

    160. Wullie B says:

      I remember the Bona lorry when I stayed in the Broch heedtracker, they had a yard in Rosehearty which closed since I mopved back upto the heilans in 2006, their juice was the best in the North east better than the stuff that used to get made in Macduff or Banff, cant mind the name

    161. galamcennalath says:

      Independence. My understanding is the main hurdle to achieving independence is to get acceptance from other countries.

      It has always puzzled me that the EU tolerated a member state with such a poor barely democratic UK FPTP system in its midst. It’s a historical legacy from a completely different era. Results bare little relationship to voters’ choices. Governments can achieve a majority of seats with less than 40% of the vote, and individual MPs can be elected on 25% of the vote. Democracy, it is not.

      I can’t believe winning a majority of MPs via FPTP would be acceptable by anyone. A mandate for independence based on an election would need to get >50% of votes cast.

      Given elections are party based, and the results declared on seats won, looking instead at percentage cast has no precedent.

      A plebiscite is the only way forward.

      However achieving a majority for independence in a referendum doesn’t guarantee international acceptance. However, given that the EU would welcome retaining Scotland rather than support secessionist London, backing won’t be a problem, I would have thought.

    162. Bob Mack says:


      It is most definitely UDI. Just about every state would treat you as a pariah nation. The SNP are trying to do this legally. That is important for the future trading and investment future of our nation.

      Now. Tell me one country that Westminster has given up without some form of destruction left in the wake. It did not matter that most of these countries populations wanted independence from the UK.
      It has never,repeat never been given willingly. Just ask the Irish.

    163. Ken500 says:

      Sang’s went out of business. The company struggled (to keep going?) The owner eventually retired? Packed in or amalgamated.

    164. Bob Mack says:


      It is most definitely UDI. Just about every state would treat you as a pariah nation. The SNP are trying to do this legally. That is important for the trading and investment future of our nation.

      Now. Tell me one country that Westminster has given up without some form of destruction left in the wake. It did not matter that most of these countries populations wanted independence from the UK.
      It has never,repeat never been given willingly. Just ask the Irish.

    165. Jamie says:

      Ken500, reading your comments remind me of the transporting choose life adage which I hear was based on a government advertising campaign against drugs. Choose life, especially ironic during a time of mass unemployment and misery as it was at the time. Now though times have changed and we have mass employment and misery. I guess it’s also true what they say, the more things change the more they stay the same.

      Maybe some people want to die young and choose death, because their choose life is maybe enjoying themselves through unhealthy but affordable activities which are generally heavily taxed to compensate health services.

      Unless your proposing putting lots of money in poor people’s hands so they can choose life, it might be best to live and let live.

      Scotland already has one of the highest suicide rates in the world, forcing poor people to be healthy is not going to make them happier, but I suspect that is not of much concern to the health conscious.

    166. dakk says:

      @ heedtracker said

      ‘Who was that,’

      Think it was Cresta

    167. galamcennalath says:

      Soft drinks. Back on topic.

      I remember, maybe 30odd years ago driving through Tayside. In a garage I noticed BLUE coloured lemonade for sale. Yes, lemonade, not paraffin or meths!

      Bought a bottle to take home for the novelty value and it was just sweet sugary lemonade.

      I guess it didn’t last long because of the potential issues of poisoning!

      Anyone else remember anything so odd!?

    168. Wullie B says:

      Ken500 says:
      4 January, 2018 at 11:02 pm

      Sang’s went out of business. The company struggled (to keep going?) The owner eventually retired? Packed in or amalgamated.

    169. Wullie B says:

      dakk says:
      4 January, 2018 at 11:09 pm

      @ heedtracker said

      ‘Who was that,’

      Think it was Cresta

      Aye it was

    170. Mateusz says:

      While I understand the concept behind the change, result is terrible. My 17 month old son was having a viral infection over Hogmany and few days ago he was refusing to drink. In this situation you want to get some sugary drink to get them going, we were lucky that near-by Lidl still had one last bottle of old-recipe Ribena, luckly.
      Not to mention my partner has diabetes, so if her sugar levels drop “Jamie Oliver says: `You’re screwed!`”.

    171. Moonlight says:

      Irn Bru. Much too sweet for my personal taste.
      But, own brand cola, in two litre bottles, makes a great job of clearing the odour out of the grey water tank on my camper van.
      Come to your own conclusions!!

    172. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

      “reduce sugar consumption and thereby hopefully reduce excess weight in the population”

      Sugar doesn’t make you fat.

    173. Colin Alexander says:

      Bob Mack

      Scotland is Scotland. It is not Ireland, Rhodesia, or anywhere else.

      “Now. Tell me one country that Westminster has given up without some form of destruction left in the wake”:

      How about: Australia, Canada, New Zealand (and post WW2) India to name a few.

      Many leading Unionists and rich toffs have family, investments, homes and businesses in Scotland.

      They might be lots of things, but they aren’t daft: they won’t shite in their own nest, especially if that risked their investments and their families lives.

      So, please can we be more positive.

    174. yesindyref2 says:

      Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?

      Eh, oh, maybe not too appropriate all the same.

    175. Highland Wifie says:

      Rev says “Sugar doesn’t make you fat.”

      As far as I’m aware the causal link between sugar and obesity is still disputed but the link to insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome is well established. What is certain is the sharp rise in obesity in both the US and UK mirrors the increase in sugar consumption in the same period. Doesn’t prove correlation but something is wrong.

    176. Colin Alexander says:


      Completely agree with VOTE YES.

      But, correct me if I’m wrong Wingers, but I remember reading the SNP strategy of vote SNP/SNP at the 2016 Scottish election damaged the pro-independence vote, due to the vagaries of the mixed constituency / Pr List system used.

      The constituency vote for the SNP INCREASED by 1%, but led to an increase in Unionist MSP seats won via the List.

      If the SNP had advised voters in safer SNP seats to vote for other non-SNP pro-independence candidates ( Scottish Greens) there would have been more pro-indy MSPs and less Unionist ones.

      Before SNP people start slagging the Greens, the Indyref vote and SNP budget got through because of backing by the Green MSPs.

      I hate to say it, but the Tories / Unionist campaigners have seen past party rivalry to back each other, as long as it furthers the Unionist cause. They acted like one party at the 2017 GE.

      As I’ve warned: the Unionists have raised their game and have refined their strategies.

      They aren’t all as incompetent as SIU.

      The SNP and YES have to up their game too and work more with other Indy supporters.

    177. Nasty stuff in put into drink by manufacturers is not a new problem,

      cider used to be made with the addition of a lead ball or lead powder to sweeten it,

      this went on for hundreds of years and even when the connection between the lead in the cider and the `Devonshire Colic` (joint and stomach aches and madness)was confirmed it took years before lead was banned,

      bit like mercury in fillings,without the banned bit.

    178. naina tal says:

      Moonlight at 11.22: It’s the phosphoric acid in the cola that’s doing the trick for you. I use cola in my brewery fermenters. Pepsi works best because it has more sugar and it sticks to the sides for longer. Hope they don’t take all the lovely sugar out of pepsi. I’ll just have to put it back in! Great for cleaning up rusty metal too…

    179. Ken500 says:

      Excess sugar consumption without it being burned off, and fat, definitely make people fat. People are now on average consuming more sugar in their diet. Then before. Process foods are used more with more sugar content then cooked from scratch.. More sugary and fatty food in general. People are now eating meals without knowing the sugsr content. Or checking.

      Special K is full of sugar calories. Rice crispies are sugar free. Similar products by comparison can have more sugar. Some fruit juices have more sugar or can be deluted with water. A pleasant drink can have less sugar calories but some fizz can be put in with machines. Children now are bigger than there parents were at the same age and taller proportionately.

      The average size by comparison keeps on getting bigger. Larger people size on average recorded. Average size increasing. Just compare old family photos. Or internet photo galleries. Historical photos. Wedding photos give folk a laugh. Changing styles. The average size pro rata has increased and keeps increasing.

      Sure? Sang’s were once a lively,family or controlled and run by a local family. Their lorries used to visit housing estates and developments. The wee helpers (p/t) running from door to door getting the bottles and the money. On average people were relatively poorer – on average income. People could only afford a bottle of juice (fizzy) one day a week. Often a Saturday. Only.milk or water the rest of the time,

      Milk and dinner – three courses ? (Seconds if any left). Supplied at school for a reasonable subsidised sum or free. Only a couple of pints one day a week. Often a Saturday. A nip now or again. Not a pack of wine every night for some people on average+ wages in some households. Fuzzy juice on demand. Free flowing.

      Alcohol as a % of average earning is now much less than 40/50’years ago. Sugary goods as a % of average earning are now much cheaper and available than 40/50 years ago, Drugs prescription or other are now much more available than 40/50 years ago. No drugs freely available and relatively cheap. Less drug addiction problems, Just alcohol. The addition information not as comprehensive. Medical science information has increased.

    180. Mik Johnstone says:

      i’ve been type 1 diabetic for about 40 years and in all that time i’ve never had full fat Irn Bru, it was only when they started producing Diet Bru in about 1990 ish i tried it for the first time, an i’ve been hooked since, previous to Diet Bru it was Tab, Fresca (Grapefruit flavoured), and early diet coke (god awful stuff) and most were fairly difficult to get.and i have no worries about them changing my Irn Bru drinks so i’m happy lol a bit less sugar for fols ain’t a bad thing 🙂

    181. Big Phil says:

      Right…A bunch a FANNIES tells US FANNIES that OOR FANNY juice (that sells more in Scotland than anywhere else in the world surpassing the mighty coca cola), will now have a new ingredient?? ask yersel what they’ll be adding?
      Im on water fae noo on, ye can call me tin hat or whatever but c’mon its Oor national bru.
      Mr Barr or should I say “ermine in the post Barr” ,stick yer irn bru right up yer feckin Erse.
      Anyone for a Tennents…….we’re next. ;-(

    182. Big Phil says:

      You may take my life ,
      But you’ll Never Take My ……ok… apart from that!

      Wake up?

    183. Training Day says:

      I posted earlier about the scurvy shits who populate the ‘Scottish’ MSM.

      I look at twitter and so called independence supporters are praising the editor of the Daily Record for his front page tomorrow.

      Until the fancy that ‘Scottish’ MSM journalists are capable of impartiality is broken we won’t be independent.

    184. Ken500 says:

      Do only poor people commit suicide or does it cross all classes . Drink and drug addition cross all classes and leads to early ldeath. Are suicide drink and drug addition linked thriugh families, Genetic. Can it be inherited. The richest man in Britain. Westminster suffered from depression (all his life? Clinical?) Died at 62? Relatively early. Can depression and suicide be linked to weather or environment. Or lack of sun Vitimin B. Other Vitamins?

      Finland is one of the wealthiest, equal counties in the world. Great healthier diet. Best in the world. Great education system. World class. No one starving? Poor? . Drink is priced high by Gov in relation to income. Less drinking and addiction ? Etc. Cold dark climate in the winter. Finland thas highest suicide rates in the world. Or did.

    185. Ken500 says:

      Foote is a creep. Check twitter. Arrogant, conceited. Fancies himself. What a chancer. The VOW. Some people never learn.

    186. David Caledonia says:

      I feel very uneasy when i see young people buying lots of sugary drinks, especially young moms who seem to load their baskets with the stuff, i used to get a publication sent from america, it is written by an american doctor, quite a well informed guy about how unhealthy so many people are, and how uninformed they are about basic health issues.
      One article i remember well was sugary drinks, he said, that stuff is poison never touch it or let your kids anywhere near it.
      He also said, never, ever, use sugar free lemonade, its sweetened by chemicals that have been shown to cause cancer, a lot of those chemicals are not allowed to be used in the american food chain, because the companies are afraid they could be sued for using them if anyone decides their cancer was caused by them, they even sue cigarette companies over there, the smokers say, if i new your fags caused cancer i would never have used them, now, i new cigarettes could cause cancer over 50 years ago, its a bit rich smoking the things for 50 years and then deciding that’s what’s killing you now, when your in your seventies, that’s america for you, the land of litigation and not taking responsibility for your own stupid actons, if you smoke 60 fags a day and a bottle of the hard stuff, do not blame others for your lack of common sense, your health is your own responsibility, after all nobody twists your arm up your back and says, here smoke this and while your at it, have a double whiskey, i smoke and quite often have more that a double, will it kill me, who know’s, do i care, not really, would i blame anyone it it did, Naw !, be too late then anyway………. Make mine a double please, i don’t do anything in small measures lol

    187. Ken500 says:

      Do people need ‘to just leave them enjoying thenselves’ ? as some people describe – committing suicide. Or ‘should more money be put in their hands’ as suggested by some to help them commit suicide and ‘subsidise healthcare for the health conscious’ or something,

    188. David Caledonia says:

      The healthiest eaters in the world are the italians as has been proven over the years, per head of population they have the most people living to one hundred and over in the world, i think they think its because a lot of their food involves healthy oils
      Something to consider i suppose, seems logical to me

    189. Big Phil says:

      Did I say a bunch a Fannies , guid few. 😉

    190. yesindyref2 says:

      OT – defence
      OK, back to normal a bit, an interesting and informative article about the often unconsidered part of a Navy, and that’s seagoing amphibious capability, the ability to carry and land troops, tanks (if iScotland actually needed any), armoured vehicles, lorries, engineers, comms, logistics and all the support vehicles to go with any sort of operation in foreign parts where it’s great to meet foreigners and apparently then shoot them for no particular reason:

      I’m taking a look at the Point class, which are glorified RoRos, and of course via Calmac / CMAL, Scotland has plenty of them at need, something which is rarely if ever considered when the Unionists try to do down iScotland’s defence force ability. Which is happening again. just like in Indy Ref 1. From a defence savvy poster:

      No chance an iS could afford to run a navy as you have illustrated – and F35B’s, give me peace. Would be looking at OPV’s and fishery protection similar to Eire“.

      It occurs to me that for Calmac’s normal operations it will be sensible once the ageing fleet has been renewed, to build in spare capacity – and make sure they’re fit for the dual purpose, along with joint exercises. Just a thought, but it could amount to a significant NATO contribution for iScotland.

      LCACs are nice by the way, article doesn’t give speed: “Speed (full): 45 kn (83 km/h; 52 mph) (water) 30 kn (56 km/h; 35 mph) (land)”.

    191. Breeks says:

      Jamie says:
      4 January, 2018 at 11:06 pm

      ”…Unless your proposing putting lots of money in poor people’s hands so they can choose life, it might be best to live and let live…

      Maybe some people want to die young and choose death….

      Scotland already has one of the highest suicide rates in the world, forcing poor people to be healthy is not going to make them happier, but I suspect that is not of much concern to the health conscious…”

      I used to feel that way about smoking. Live happy but die early and all that…

      But I’m older now, haven’t smoked for 25 years, but even so, I’m still learning about healthy living.

      There’s a “condition” called Adrenal Fatique which is stress related, but complicated. It isn’t an illness, because your body is trying to protect itself, but it is a condition, because it inhibits your bodies capacity to function.

      To cut a long story short, the stress hormones your healthy body releases as a fight or flight response, are the same hormones released through chronic stress. However, the fight or flight stress response is very healthy. When your body is under stress, your lymphatic system bangs a load of Adrenalin and Cortisol into your bloodstream, which accelerates your bodies capacity to react and get itself out of trouble. Once the panic subsides, the chemicals dissipate and return to normal levels.

      With chronic stress however, the body is still being stimulated to react by producing the same stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol, but because the stress is chronic and doesn’t go away, your body doesn’t get the chance to stop producing stress hormone, and the chemicals stay in the bloodstream all the time. That’s why somebody stressed is often wound up and flies off the handle. Their bloodstream is continually full of cortisol and adrenaline which has no chance to dissipate.

      If the body still gets no release from the stress, over weeks, months years, then eventually the body struggles to cope. Because the body is continually producing hormones to react with stress, but gets no recovery down time, it begins to struggle and eventually stop producing other hormones, like sex and motivational hormones, just so that it can keep producing stress hormone.

      Eventually however, if the stress continues, the lymphatic system and Adrenal glands become exhausted, and cannot produce any hormones at all. That is Adrenal Fatique. The sufferer has no drive, no motivation, no libido, no survival instinct, no reaction to flight or flight stimulus. Their hormone system has reached the point of exhaustion. Naturally the person struggles to cope with life. They stop caring, stop reacting to stress, stop looking after themselves, and struggle to cope with mundane problems.

      What makes it worse still, is the person tries to give their “failing” body a kick start, with caffeine from energy drinks or coffee. However, the body reacts to this “dose” of stimulating caffeine as it would react to a fight or flight stimulus, – and starts cranking out the stress hormones Adrenalin and cortisol, which keeps the body perpetually reacting to stress.

      This still isn’t an illness, because your body is reacting quite properly to the stress you are putting it under. The unnatural thing is not your body’s reaction to stress, but the unnatural and extended stress it is kept under, topped up with stress inducing hits of more coffee through the day. Our human bodies did not evolve to cope with chronic, never ending stress, because they never had to.

      So what’s the point I’m making? Well, it’s a frame of mind thing. A consequence of being stressed is the release of chemicals in the bloodstream which impact on the thought processes and emotions. If there is no respite, and the issues are not understood, the body can begin a downward spiral towards ill health which can and does get serious. But the point is, just a little bit of knowledge and minor tweak in lifestyle allows the person to break the cycle.

      People feeling stressed go to their doctor, who prescribes anti depressants because these drugs try to maintain a “healthy” balance of hormones in the bloodstream artificially, to keep the body functioning “normally”. It’s a bit like life support for your lymphatic system. But the downside is that the chemicals put in the bloodstream by the anti-depressants are there artificially, not as a response to the bodies trigger mechanisms. So you’re successfully covering up the problem, but not fixing the problem, which means you develop a reliance upon the antidepressants, and fall off a cliff if you stop taking them.

      Don’t worry, I’m finally getting to the point… There is a much simpler solution. It’s education and self awareness, because once you’re alert to the problem, a slight modification to your diet can turn things around without going to the doc and developing a dependency on drugs. If your diet is healthy, then you are fuelling the body correctly, and the body can function properly.

      Folic acid, which you get from green veg, like asparagus or green beans, is an excellent way to replenish the chemicals which your body needs to maintain a healthy balance of hormones. You don’t have to stop eating your sugary comfort food and “shite” you know isn’t good for you, enjoy it if you must, but for your own sake, just fire a bit asparagus or Brussels sprout down your neck too.

      Many of these chemicals your body needs are water soluble however. That’s important to know, because you’re body cannot hold on to them for more than 24 to 48 hours. Green beans eaten on Monday take care of business on Tuesday, but are completely out of your system by Wednesday. so you need a routine topping up of the correct nutrients, and crash, bang, alakazam, you’re having a balanced diet.

      So, for Mr Joe Average, starting every morning of his stress filled week with a hit of coffee for breakfast, a stressful commute to work, a hit of cappuccino when he gets there, stress from the boss or angst with workmates all day, and top-ups to stress hormones in the bloodstream all day, goes to bed and doesn’t sleep very well, -congratulations! – The finer things in life are passing you by, and you’re working your ticket to an early grave.

      All you have to do to change course is stop putting unnecessary stress stimulants into your body. That means drinking less coffee, less often, and start topping up your body with the chemicals it needs but can’t store because they’re soluble. Eat fruit and vegetables – and trying doing it regularly.

      As a former smoker who, for years, was happy to offset a few minutes of pleasure against the risks to my health, I totally understand the concept of being “content” in your misguided misery. But as somebody who was nearly destroyed by stress, but got my life back on the rails simply by drinking less coffee and occasionally eating green veg, I am now aware just how much a chemical imbalance caused by your lifestyle can totally screw up the way you perceive the world around you.

      It’s not enough to tell people to eat fruit and veg. Help people to understand why it’s important, and they will see the improvement for themselves. You are 100% correct Jamie. Forcing people to be healthy is not the right way to go about it, but it’s just as wrong headed to believe being healthy is a tiresome burden on being happy.

      If being healthy is a chore, you’re just not doing it right. There’s a big difference between a Happy life and mere existence. We only get one shot at it.

    192. yesindyref2 says:

      Good advice, but for those more careless I always added mixed dried herbs in my single days to loads of things, as they contain a surprising mix of nutrients. That and real ale, with a full wet roast on Sunday cooking slowly covered in foil surrounded with vegetables all bought often from markets back in the day, on the Saturday (good pubs around markets), kept me going healthy and fit for years when younger and careless.

    193. Liz g says:

      Breeks 2.56
      Great informative post Breeks.

      Health tips on here,recipes over there!
      Wonder if we are destroying our ” nasty nat ” reputation ?

      Or mibbi they will think we are speaking in code..LOL
      So the night shift government watchers are either makin tablet and sourcing fresh vegetable’s….. Or they are dusting off the enigma machine!

      Only on Wing’s!

    194. Undeadshuan says:

      Coke springs to mind, not the white stuff, the drink.

      Coke cola had its formula changed a few years ago and brought it back as coke classic..

      I wonder if we will get irn bru classic or mebbies irn bru independence edition. 😀

    195. Ken500 says:

      Some people do not kill with hammers but overdose on the biggest load of sugar induced poison on the planet. The addiction passes reason or rationality. Rations of toxic waste despite all the advice possible. Some folk. Never learn.

      Thanks to the wonderful brilliant ambulance service who today will make less than one person journey in an emergency to save lives bscked up by others. Thanks a billion. The SNHS is wonderful like no other. Thanks, thanks, thanks. Thanks to the world class education system too.

      Both of which unionist imbeciles are trying to destroy. It could be even better without their gross unwelcome lying interference.

      Thanks to the SNP Gov who do the ground work and make it feasible. Brilliant service.

      Congratulation to all

      Can’t wait for minimum pricing. So exciting. Sugar tax too. Great way to go.

    196. cearc says:

      While we’re on sweeteners. It seems that trehalose which is widely used in processed food since 2000, is responsible for the hypervirulent, edipemic surge of C. Diff. RT027 and RT078 over the same period.

      It seems that these two rather different nasties both have the ability, by different methods, to ‘feed’ off the stuff.

      People really should start buying more ‘real food’ and cooking it themselves. It doesn’t take very long to throw together a meal from fresh ingredients. At least you know what you are eating.

    197. Highland Wifie says:

      Breeks @2.56am
      Sadly Adrenal Fatigue still not recognised by the medical profession as a real condition. So many people are suffering from hormone related issues and struggle to get the right support from their doctors. I know because close family member has this problem. If you have clear cut thyroid deficiency diagnosed by T3 test – fine. They don’t test for T4 or TSH so many people go undiagnosed and end up back and forward to their GP with an endless list of symptoms making their lives miserable. Doctors that specialise in thyroid issues are few and far between and it usually means going private at significant expense. Not possible for the average person.
      The only option is to educate yourself and change your lifestyle to get better. I know someone who was so unwell that, after spending a long time educating herself, she now sources her own thyroid hormone, but it’s not recommended unless you know what you’re doing. However, she is twenty times better than she was now that she treats herself.
      Meanwhile, prescriptions for anti depressants just keep rising because as a society we are not addressing the roots of all this stress and anxiety in our people. When we are independent and have the power to make lives better we can start to reduce this burden of long term illness and misery.

    198. Liz g says:

      Anybody know anything about… Scottish Welfare Blog…
      I think they are on Twitter.
      Are they another front for Scotland in Union.
      Askin for a friend….. No really

    199. Bob Mack says:

      @Colin Alexander,

      Nothing has a louder voice than ignorance. You are very noisy.

      Check please the history of the British in India. New Zealand was a dominion of the UK as was Canada until several years ago. Australia too.

      The UK does not let her properties go until they are well stripped of assets, whether that be militarily or by owning the assets involved.

      I dislike wanton stupidity Colin. I detest wilful ignorance.

      You have both.

    200. Robert Peffers says:

      @Auld Rock says: 4 January, 2018 at 5:18 pm:

      “So Barr’s leave our Bru alone, and we’ll pay the few pennies tax.”

      So, Auld Rock, just how naïve are you? There will be no way in the World that you/we wouldn’t be paying the few pennies tax anyway. People like Barr’s don’t pay the extra tax they just pass the cost onto the consumers like they always have.

    201. ScottieDog says:

      The debt burden on individuals rise due to stagnating wages along with banks inflating house prices. More and more two parent working families mean less time to cook. Of course ready meals are convenient but reduce the nutrient intake.

      Forking off on the subject of soils which grow our food, I recently saw a study (must dig it out) claiming that there are only another 30 or so harvests left on UK soil as it has become so difficient due to farming techniques. Food for thought!

      Incredible the difference between the eggs from our own chooks compared to shop bought eggs.

    202. Cactus says:

      Not only will the Irn-Bru company save money (not paying extra money for the UKGov’s infamous sugar tax), they’ll only have needed to order in ‘500’ tons of granulated sugar for January ’18, as compared to the previous ‘1,000’ tons for the previous festive month. Savings all round eh. The raw sugar companies must be raging.

      Maintaining yer personal Sugar and Salt levels is important. Yeast turns sugar into alcohol, you drink alcohol, yer S&S levels drop, ye purchase fast food (salty) and fizzy juice (sugary) to replenish and lift yer levels back up, hmm mibbies more of an impulsive chemical reaction than habit?

      Whilst out shopping, ah buy honey for mah tea, but also picked up a back-up packet of ‘Half Spoon’ sugar from the big pallet-load, thinking that this would be ‘just sugar’ in my tea, turns out it wasn’t, knew it fae the first sip… “Granulated sugar with a touch of sweetener” be gone with you to the bin you imposter, yuk!

      They’ll be back, sugar rules this world OK!


      Also noticing a trend in some of the recent poll stats, where women appear to be overtaking the men in good higher percentage differences for the naturally correct reasons… lead the way ladies!


      Women were, perhaps surprisingly, significantly more opposed to messing with the classic recipe than men. They wanted Irn-Bru kept as it was by a 16-point margin (52 to 36), twice as big a gap as the 8 points of the menfolk (47-39).”

    203. Robert Peffers says:

      @Graeme says: 4 January, 2018 at 6:48 pm:

      “Frankly Colin you’re coming across as a first class bore.”

      Nah! Colin comes across as an out and out unionist activist.

      Anyone can claim to support independence, as Colin does, but Colin is 100% anti-SNP and that makes him 100% anti-independence no matter how many times he claims to support indy.

      Mind you he is not the only one who flies a false flag that comments on Wings. Most of his claims are utter twaddle anyway.

    204. Robert Peffers says:

      @galamcennalath says: 4 January, 2018 at 6:51 pm:

      “The first shopping site I have come across which treats the countries of the UK correctly.

      Except it claims to be the, “britishcornershop”, but does it mean all of Britain or just the United Kingdom. Britain contains four non-United Kingdom independent countries – three non-UK Crown Dependencies and one republic.

    205. Dorothy Devine says:

      OT currently I am attempting a collective noun for all those who follow the Boris method of diplomacy, accuracy and tact .

      So far the best I can come up with is a ‘ boorich of blethering skates’ – my gran used to refer to bletherskates , though I have no idea why, perhaps someone can enlighten me.

      There must be some good Scots words to apply to the ignorant , arrogant and downright daft – c’mon Mr Peffers gie it a go!

    206. Cactus says:

      Half Spoon sugar.

      “Sugar with Aspartame and Acesulfame-K based table top sweeteners.”

      Sweeteners (Aspartame. Acesulfame-K).

      Contains a source of phenylalanine.

      Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

      Bring back oor bru.

    207. wull2 says:

      I am more worried about Radiation killing me, rather than the odd can of the orange stuff. Get rid of one of them YES.

    208. Highland Wifie says:

      Liz@ 8.23am
      Don’t know Liz but judging by some of the RTs it’s populated by such as Spanner and the green ink brigade so not unlikely there’s a link. Whoever is behind it with their strange Dr Who avatar seems to use it exclusively to attack the SNP using mainly misdirection on powers the SG have.
      They don’t seem to understand the difference between real powers and mitigation and seem to expect SG to mitigate everything that is reserved including pensions.
      Just mischief makers imho.

    209. One_Scot says:

      ‘Mind you he is not the only one who flies a false flag that comments on Wings. Most of his claims are utter twaddle anyway.’

      Most of us have been at it long enough to spot these Trojan trolls. Pretty sure many of them will be journo/political/hack types that bathe in the twattersphere Yoonstream.

      The best advice I can give is to skim by and ignore them. Their main purpose is to disrupt and cause division, take that away and they have nothing.

    210. call me dave says:

      @Dorothy Devine

      I remember this word or similar in fairly common use when I was a boy. But it was ‘bletherskite’ that I remember being pronounced, in and about Cowdenbeath area.

      Anyhoo! A babbler and a braggart.

      That would suit said…Boris.

      Minimum pricing will encourage illict and dangerous ‘fake’drinks on the Streets of Scotland scare from shortbread radio and a few Glasgow ‘drinkers’ duped into commenting on the story.

      Quiet news day 🙂

    211. Maria F says:

      @colin alexander

      Dear Colin, I don’t want to be rude, but shouting is not going to make your ‘message’ any clear. On the contrary, it makes your comment more annoying to read.

      “indy by election is THE SAME SOVEREIGN DEMOCRATIC MANDATE as indy by indyref following a democratic election”

      The price of a car Colin is the one a customer is prepared to pay, not the one the owner wants to sell it for. It may ‘in theory’ be a democratic mandate, but it may not be ‘perceived’ as a democratic mandate by other countries and that at the end of the day is what really matters to be accepted internationally.

      And in my view there are a few good reasons for this:

      1. A general election is not simply a 2-option issue like a referendum is. A general election involves many political parties and each one of them can be sending a subtly different message. Besides there is pro-independence people in Labour, LibDems and Tories with visceral dislike for the SNP. These people would never vote to put the SNP in Westminster, but would be quite happy to vote for independence. Is that what you are after Colin, dividing the Yes vote?
      So no, Colin, it has to be a clear and defined campaign where political parties are at the back and independence issue is at the front.

      2. In a general election each party will be presenting a manifesto that includes a myriad of things not just the independence bit. So how can you measure the vote for independence? for instance, in the last GE: how many pro-indy people voted for labour because they like Corbyn’ alleged socialism? Or how many people voted tory not because they rejected the idea of independence but because they wanted brexit? Or how many people voted libdems because they wanted another EU referendum? See my point?

      3. FPTP is not exactly a beacon of democracy – you cannot decide independence on the basis of the number of MPs, that is clear. As per the number of votes, how many people considers voting in GE a farce and a complete waste of time because it is always England’s will what is forced upon us?

      4. A referendum allows you to have more control over the electorate – 16-18 year olds and EU citizens were allowed to vote in the last indy referendum. These 2 groups are not allowed to vote in UK GE. Is that what you are desperately after, Colin to eliminate these 2 pro-yes groups? Actually, in the same way Cameron chose to leave from the EU referendum group the 3 groups most likely to vote against brexit, the Scottish Parliament may decide to leave out of the vote in an indyref individuals with a clear vested interest in a NO vote, such as people that lives in the rUK but works in Scotland, or the rUK people that has moved to Scotland less than 5 or 10 years ago, in a few words, groups that will vote against independence in a percentage far superior to what is the national average.

      So let it go, Colin. What you propose is academic anyway. As I said, now 4 times, Indyref is already on the table and very much alive, a formal request has been sent to the UK government who, embarrassingly and as a reflection of the monumental shambles it is, has not yet dignified the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish People with a formal answer in writing.

      “But if it’s going to be indyref:
      Let’s make the new YES campaign the best it can possibly be”

      Absolutely, Colin. And that starts by not throwing stones on our own roof, don’t you agree?

      “Much of that work begins NOW”

      No Colin. It began on 19th September 2014, the day those British Nationalist thugs shouted abuse in George Square and the day Cameron reneged on his words by imposing EVEL and marking what would be the beginning of the disintegration of every single promise made by unionists, including the Devo Max. The British Nationalists never stopped campaigning, Colin, a little bit like Labour never stopped campaigning to get to n10 😉

    212. Robert Kerr says:

      @Scot Finlayson

      Indeed the sweetener in cider was “sugar of lead”

      High school chemistry when they taught things.

      WoS is Education.

    213. Effijy says:

      I’m a trade union member, and believe in them to protect workers rights.
      My Union allows you to drop a percentage of your monthly fee from going
      To the Labour Party, which I do.

      After many years, I’m close to dropping my membership, as I see so called Uniond like
      The GMB attacking our NHS and SNP when there is no doubt that the SNP Gov run the
      Service better than anywhere else in the UK and we pay our Nurses more and our Junior
      Doctors have never been forced to strike.

      So are these dim whit union leaders trying to dismantle our NHS so that they can reduce the
      Service to the pathetic levels of Labour Controlled NHS Wales and get a pay cut for their members

      Same situation with the EIS right now, SNP demand the Westminster imposed pay caps are stopped, but every year Westminster cut Scotland’s budget.
      SNP is the only viable option for Scotland if you want to see a fairer distribution of wealth.

      Look at the Champaigne socialist £Millionaires like Blair, Brown, Darling, and Kinnock.
      They drove us into decades of austerity and did very nicely for themselves.

    214. Naina Tal says:

      North Korean weans playing guitars. Incredible!

    215. colin comes over as more than a unionist activist, 77 more like. Wonder if that organisations members can work from home or if they meet in a room somewhere?

    216. Robert Peffers says:

      @Dorothy Devine says: 5 January, 2018 at 9:21 am:

      So far the best I can come up with is a ‘ boorich of blethering skates’ – my gran used to refer to bletherskates , though I have no idea why, perhaps someone can enlighten me.
      There must be some good Scots words to apply to the ignorant , arrogant and downright daft – c’mon Mr Peffers gie it a go!

      No problem, Dorothy – you actually got it almost correct.

      For , “boorich”, read it as, “Boorach”, a noun, meaning a group or cluster.

      For, “Blethering skates”, read, “Bletherskites”, noun, meaning babblers or braggarts.

      In point of fact Lowland Scots is rich in pithy derogatory words for fools, braggarts and blusterers.

      So, “A boorach o bletherskites”, is a very apt Scots phrase.

      Just by the way, there is correctly no apostrophe used with the , “o”, as that would indicate a shortening of the English word, “of”, but it is correctly, “o”, without the apostrophe in Scots.

    217. Cactus says:



      Sparkling flavoured soft drink.

      Carbonated Water.
      Acid (Citric Acid).
      Flavourings (including Caffeine, Ammonium Ferric Citrate & Quinine).
      Preservative (E211).
      Colours (Sunset Yellow, Ponceau 4R).

      Sunset Yellow & Ponceau 4R:
      May have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.

      Serve cool.

    218. Ken500 says:

      Rev Stu is very busy. Instead of being on the juice. The troll could be dropped quite easily. Cut off to everyone complete satisfaction. Or just ignored. Boring. Same difference, Needs R & R.

    219. ronnie anderson says:

      The willing stooges of the Unionists .

      I did a post yesterday about the the Establishment Unions this morning i heard on the radio the EIS are advocating strike action if the Scottish Gov don’t increase salaries , there will be more disruptive actions from the Unions , the Scottish Gov need to stand firm & not give into Margaret Smith & Larry Flanigans mob .

      Back in your box fucking Unionists .

    220. @Robert Kerr

      thanks for that link,

      new lead was used to sweeten cider and was the cause of the image of toothless lunatics coming from the cider making regions like Somerset (Rees Mogg ?),

      didn`t know how wide spread and how long it had been used in the sweetening of wines across Europe and from Roman times,

      the lead mines of England were one of the reasons for Rome`s invasion and occupation,

      lead is a nuerotoxin which crosses the blood-brain barrier like mercury in fillings.

    221. Dorothy Devine says:

      call me Dave and Mr Peffers, thank you both.

      Now my gran was born in Dundee , ended up in a convent in Ireland when her parents died as no-one else would take her and her brother and sisters in, then worked in Dumfries prior to marrying my grandad and living the rest of her life in Aberdeen . I always thought that she was referring to a loquacious fish!

    222. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi Highland Wifie at 8:22 am.

      You typed,
      “If you have clear cut thyroid deficiency diagnosed by T3 test – fine. They don’t test for T4 or TSH so many people go undiagnosed and end up back and forward to their GP with an endless list of symptoms making their lives miserable.”

      The usual Thyroid Function Test checks T4 and TSH; the measurement of T3 has to be specifically requested when the sample is sent to the lab.

      A normal Thyroid produces T4 and a very small amount of T3. T4 has a half-life of around 7 days; T3 has a half-life of around 6-7 hours. The T4 produced by the thyroid is converted to T3 at a cellular level and it is the T3 which regulates your metabolism. Too much in your body and you become HYPERthyroid; too little and you are HYPOthyroid.

      If you are hypothyroid, you are treated with Levothyroxine (T4). However, if your body is not converting T4 to T3 properly, a Thyroid Function Test could indicate a “normal” level of T4 but the patient could be displaying hypothyroid symptoms.

      This was my situation, after having my thyroid removed. After a number of years, it was decided to lower my dose of Levothyroxine. After 6 months, I had put on a stone. My dose was reduced again and I put on a further stone. In all, over 18 months, I put on three stones – with no change in diet or lifestyle. That was when I persuaded my GP to refer me to a consultant at Ninewells.

      I suspect that he surmised that I wasn’t converting properly because he changed my medication to a mix of Liothyronine (T3) and Levothyroxine (T4), which I’m on now.

      When I get my blood test, the nurse/GP has to specifically ask for the T3 measurement. My T4 is usually at the top of, or just over, the reference range. As long as the T3 is within its range, all is well.

      You may find this article of interest:- British Thyroid Doc Does About Face on Issue of T3 Treatment at

    223. Colin Alexander says:

      Ken500 or is that Falange500

      I would have thought your too busy polishing your portrait of General Franco and your spanish jackboots to worry about Trolls on WoS.

    224. ronnie anderson says:

      @ James Caithness 10.09 . U know what happens when you invoke the devil’s name he comes on all Fire an Fury , sos that’s that’s a reference tae anither nutter lol , there’s that many of them noo its easy tae get confuddled .

    225. Ken500 says:

      The effects of too much sugar in chikdren is totally noticeable almost immediately. They end up having to be scrapped off the ceiling. Goodness help the teachers having to deal with it. They go absolutely hyper with a sugar rush. Start running around in circles like a wee puppy trying to catch it’s tail. Or a cat with a ball.

      Especially when unionist Council are not keeping class sizes down with the allocated education money. Using the statute of limitation (30 per class) as the norm. Not the limit. When they are given ample allocated funds for keeping class sizes down and specialist teachers. Using the statute to cut the allocated funding. £Millions. Then spending £Million/Billions on grotesque projects of no value. That no one wants. Cutting funding on essential services. Letting people die.

      Keeping a healthy constant weigh can mean saving money. Less health problems. Not having to buy so many clothes Wearing them out. For years. Same favourites. Introducing more veggies and less alcohol saves money. Veggies can be much cheaper by comparison for healthy meals. Notice the difference. Alcohol gets more expensive. Some people can’t wait for minimum pricing improvement. A tax on sugar, a tax on disposable cups, plastic. No tax on straws hygiene measure. For hygiene freaks. Less germs transferred. Less people sick. Less need for more health care. More for less.

    226. (knew not new) div.

    227. Mark Harper says:

      On the Irn Bru debacle – Don’t give a flying fuck.
      On sugary drinks in general – They’re poison, as someone who works in a shop there is a correlation between obesity, sugar intake and poverty.
      Agree or don’t I reiterate.
      I do not give a fuck

    228. Ken500 says:

      @Feck off fucking useless troll. Bastard. Killer. Murderer, low life cretin unionist. Par for the course,

    229. starlaw says:

      I was once a union shop steward and voted for whom I was told to vote for in Union Ballots. I now detest Unions they are not for their members but for the Labour party.
      Now that the SNP have proved that they can run schools and the NHS these cretins pop out to wreck any SNP advances on behalf of the Labour party and the British state.
      Austerity started in 2008 these Unions stood idly back and allowed the Tories to get on with it. In England and Wales they still stand back and do nothing.
      Now that the Scottish government show some advance in pay and conditions the Westminster Union controllers decide this must be stopped and orders are passed to the Scottish Union controllers Mr Flannigan and his ilk. I hope these workers tell him and them exactly where they can get off in no uncertain terms. Scots workers need pay attention to what is happening in England and Wales.

    230. Colin Alexander says:

      Robert Peffers, Maria F, Wingers

      I’ve been thinking about what Maria F said.

      I can’t promise but, for the sake of YES / independence, I’ll try to put my personal views about the SNP to one side and try to focus on the positive.

      If people drop the insults and false accusations such as Unionist or 77th Brigade, I will try to cut the anti-SNP comments and focus on making a positive case for independence for Scotland.

      And hardest of all, I’ll try to haud ma wheesht, if I’ve nothing positive to say.

    231. Highland Wifie says:

      Briandoothetoon says
      “The usual Thyroid Function Test checks T4 and TSH; the measurement of T3 has to be specifically requested when the sample is sent to the lab.”

      You are quite right, got my T3 and T4 mixed up. Thanks for the correction. Really glad to hear you were able to get yours sorted out. Well done for insisting. Many people just give up in the face of intransigence.
      Thanks for the link. Will take a look.

    232. jfngw says:

      Well that’s the MSM maxed out on the SNHS I feel. What will it be next, I get a whiff of it being education week for them. Herald at the forefront, no doubt to be followed by BBC who no doubt will have a stack of old FOI’s from the Tories/Lab/LibDems to lead with.

    233. call me dave says:


      Yes indeedy…more than a grain of truth in what you say.

      Many ways to disrupt is a well used labour tactic and as an past member of the EIS I understand the call for better wages but urge a bit of caution.

      The SNP are marmite to many ‘union reps’ in the education world so as a certain cop used to say.. “be careful out there”

    234. call me dave says:


      Forgot to post linky thingy:

      Hark the Herald on Teacher’s wages:

    235. Fred says:

      @ Brian DTT, mebbes our salt should have iodine added as in the EU. Aldi used to sell iodised salt? Apparently we’re not getting enough of the stuff, mebbes it could be added to Irn-Bru?

      “Sugar doesn’t make U fat!” or a meringue!

    236. Iain says:

      Re Eis/Larry Flanagan.

      Larry Flanagan was my English teacher At Blantyre High during the 1980s.

      He didn’t seem to care too much about the students, but he had plenty of time to go on strike and swan about the streets of Blantyre posting copies of the socialist worker through peoples letter boxes. I asked him about this during a class and he went mental.

      Lo and behold, he is never off radio Pravda greetin about one thing or another. Yesterday it was maximum temperatures in the classroom and compelling the Scottish government to do something about it.

      larry the lamb cited health and safety legislation, but wasn’t specific.

      step for a hint Mr Flanagan. Its regulation 7 of the welfare Regs. it states 16 degrees Celsius as a comfortable temperature. Its not difficult. A five minute google search does it.Iam involved with health and safety, so I could go on and on and on, but in short, this is not the Scottish govenments responsibility, its the local authorities, and health and safety is a reserved matter.And now the eis are moaning that they are not getting paid enough.

      Mr Flanagan should go and get a job that he likes instead of being a talking head for the propaganda department of the tory government, a.k.a the bbc (socialist ma hairy tail)

      Apologies, but my knitting is suitably ripped.

    237. Jockanese Wind Talker says:


      Have a look at this.

      Turkeys still voting for Christmas 🙂

      Map is interesting as it appears Tory and OO Areas strongest in Scotland as you’d expect:

    238. KOF says:

      O/T @Rev Stu

      Re your twitter feed and the slipper tank indentification.

      Panzer v, Panther? Pfft! Despite what the hashtag tank geek chap says, the slippers are clearly bsed on a Panzerkampfwagen vi, otherwise known as a Tiger I. You can clearly tell due to the slope of armour along the side, the chunky nature of the turret and the two large exhaust covers.

      I may not know much in life, but I sure can tell the difference between a Tiger and Panther tank, even in knitted slipper form. 🙂

    239. Robert Graham says:

      As predicted earlier in this thread ~ Labour + all Unions ~ are going all out to cripple the scottish government’s daily work ,

      Thats 3 Unions so far starting to grumble and moan , all this starting shortly after the little guerrilla action by Labour controlled councils using schools and school children to further their twisted political aims ,

      Mr Leonard being closely linked to the Unions a Coincidence ? aye right these b/rds are trying a different approach ,

      Probably financed by some tory outfit SIU ? , Labour are so stupid even when it’s pointed out to them they cant see they are being played yet again .

    240. The reason the unions do not like the SNP is obvious the SNP have delivered to the working class of Scotland the things that the unions and labour should have delivered years ago the SNP have shown them up for the utter frauds that they are and always,have been I say this as an ex., shop steward who has never been daft enough to vote labour in my 79years of life they are hypocrits the whole lot of them and how anyone in Scotland can vote for any of the unionist parties is beyond believe they will strip away all the good things the SNP has given us and bring us put us back into line with England

    241. BJ says:

      Going by the size of the hem on his jeans he probably has “Wee Man Syndrome” and like a wee dumpy Colonel we all know, need something like tank feet or a uniform to to make them look important.

    242. Another Union Dividend says:

      O/T Was on driving duties this morning with Radio Scotland on most of the time.

      Astonishing the number of invited contributors with English accents throughout this morning. Does Radio Scotland not have any Scottish based contacts or do they just use a London HQ “go to” list?

      Often these “experts” don’t know the situation in Scotland and talk about “the country” without allowing for any “regional” variations as the circumstances here is Scotland can be quite different and that’s the whole point of having a Radio Scotland in the first place.

      If I want to get London’s view on things, which I do sometimes, I will listen to Radio Four or Radio Five.

    243. Scotspine says:

      @ Another Union Dividend

      Its a given now that the Colonial Radio “Service” will use posh voiced folk from outwith Scotland whenever they need an expert to comment.

    244. David Caledonia says:

      I was born with a curious mind, i am allways taking things apart to see how they work, i especially like to dismantle cars and watches, so if anybody needs any car parts or watch springs give me a call, i have loads of the stuff, i will need to stop taking things apart, my house is a cross between a garage and a clockmakers shop, if anyone has a book on putting watches and cars back together again, please let me have it
      I am partial to a can of draught guiness, but you don’t get the same amount of the draught as you get with the normal cans, so many years ago i set out to discover why
      So, here goes i thought, time to find out what’s going on here, into my cutlery drawer i went, dragged out my old tin opener and started to cut, i was so excited at what i might find, my mind was going crazy trying to imagine what was inside the can, was it some sort of secret contraption that guiness had invented, would i be put on some kind of hitlist if i discoverd it and let the cat out o the bag, omg i thought, what a dilemma, should i be doing this, what if i’m discovered
      Go on i thought, fortune favours the brave, ok, here goes, i cut the top off the can and looked inside, omg i cried, it can’t be that, surely to god it can’t be that, and i burst into tears, you see many years ago i was playing table tennis with my pal, we where having a can of draught guiness while playing the game, my pal go angry and squeezed the life out of the little pingpong ball, and we never had a spare
      Do you know what was in that guiness can i opened, a bloody table tennis ball, all those years ago i had a spare table tennis ball, if only on that fatefull day i had brought my tin opener with me and had a bloody look we could have finished the game, ofc i would have won anyway, my pal was allways a bad loser

    245. David Caledonia says:

      Coming soon

      The day i met Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon

    246. orri says:

      Thing about using posh english voices to spout political platitudes to the plebs is that these days it’s more than likely to backfire.

    247. galamcennalath says:

      Another Union Dividend says:

      … these “experts” don’t know the situation in Scotland ….Scotland can be quite different and that’s the whole point of having a Radio Scotland

      Radio Scotland and BBC 1 Scotland serve their audience very badly. Always difficult to know whether it is conspiracy or cockup. A bit of both I reckon.

      Pre devolution decisions were made in London for the whole UK. 50 years ago there were many UK wide institutions, nationalised industries etc.. The role of the BBC in Scotland would have been to primarily report sport and crime, with a bit of cultural coverage. Culture was mainly light entertainment, tartan, kilts, and comedy.

      Even then, no doubt the BBC had the role to promote UK wide cohesiveness. Nothing which painted Scotland as politically different got much coverage,

      Now, the UK institutions have largely disappeared and every day Scotland moves further away from a UK default. Institutionally the BBC has completely failed to deliver a state broadcaster service to Scotland where that state is becoming increasingly Scotland itself.

      Firstly it just hasn’t moved with the times, but secondly the UK state wants the BBC to be an apparatus of the London standpoint, certainly not a Scottish one.

      So why do they have these experts who are only experts about the Home Counties on to talk about Scotland? IMO I still put some of it down to cockup, incompetence frankly. However, mixed with this is an obvious agenda to push a London view, while ignoring Scottish reality.

      BBC’s news and political reporting isn’t just un-Scottish, it’s intended to be anti-Scottish.

    248. Petra says:

      Excellent post Breeks (2:56pm).

      I suffered from Adrenal Fatigue at one point in time. It followed years of fighting 4 Court cases concurrently (plus some more minor legal issues) over a 12 year period, trying to combat some corrupt lawyers, nursing my chronically / then terminally ill wheelchair-bound mother (plus supporting other relatives), dealing with a number of heartbreaking deaths, financial problems in the main due to the court cases, the fear of losing my home and my marriage disintegrating. On top of that I had a family to look after and a responsible job to hold down. More than anything I became extremely anxious and depressed about the constant bolts coming at me out of the blue. Wondering what tomorrow would bring.

      I hardly slept over that 12 year period (lay in bed churning over endless worries), didn’t find the time to eat well (although I’m up on my nutrition), drank coffee (even cold) from morning to night and smoked 3 cigarettes with every cup of coffee (and 2 with every phone call I made).

      I went from being energetic and sociable to being a veritable semi-functioning zombie. During that period suicidal thoughts also crept in.

      Eventually as one problem after another was resolved I found the time to change my lifestyle in particular my diet and dragged myself out of the downward spiral. However this is one of the things that enrages me most of all about the situation that poverty stricken people, in particular children, find themselves in. Where do they find the money to buy fresh fruit and veg every day? How nutritious is the food that’s being doled out at food banks? More than anything I’ve got to laugh at the endless number of cookery programmes that are being broadcast that include ingredients that are extortionate, that is if you can actually find them in your supermarket.

      Anyway I’ve responded to your post because I’d like to add to changing your diet. I found that that taking up meditation, starting with a few minutes a day, helped tremendously (and doesn’t cost a penny) and if and when you find the time and energy taking up yoga makes a massive difference too. If you can only focus on one opt for the meditation. Hope this helps anyone who is suffering from this condition right now X

    249. Clydebuilt says:

      BBC Radio Shortbread John Beattie’s show interviewed Alyson Pollock (Health Economist) . . . Stated several times that England’s NHS is in a terrible state compared to Scotland’s . . . . . England abolished their NHS in a 2012 Westminister Bill . . . pushing the myth that pensioners are a ticking time bomb is a con, it’s a decision for politicians to make whether they are prepared to fund the system . . . . The NHS was established when the country was on its knees after WW2 so if that was possible looking after OAP’s today is also possible.

      After this John Beattie read out a text . . . It went something like this . . . . . It’s wrong to compare Scotland with England, we should compare Scotland with the best in the World. It’s a Seperatist trick/con to compare Scotland with England . . . . The new fake news.

    250. Colin Alexander says:

      A wholly separate YES campaign – not run by and not fronted by SNP politicians – would put a distinction between the devolution administration and independence campaign.

      It would also allow the SNP Scot Govt and MPs to concentrate on domestic politics.

    251. Dan Huil says:


      The British nationalist media and its Britnat sympathizers continue to churn out anti-Scottish propaganda.

      This will always be the case, until independence is achieved, and even then…

      Time the Scottish government openly attacks the perpretators of such anti-Scottish propaganda. The Scottish government has nothing to lose in doing so. It will, at the same time, focus people’s minds on the corrupt media in Scotland.

    252. Bob Mack says:


      Independence is the SNPs prime reason to exist. Why would it achieve if it was to detach itself from a yes campaign other than to distance itself from their core support? Divide and conquer Colin.

      Try harder.

    253. Dave McEwan Hill says:

      Colin Alexander at 1.30

      Is that the best you can do? Dear oh dear. Running out of steam I’m afraid.

    254. Jack Murphy says:

      Capella said 8:51 pm last night:

      “Good article by Wee Ginger Dug in The National. “Unionism strives to protect interests of the wealthy elite.”

      Sadly, Labour promote it.”

      Thanks for that link, it’s about Scotland’s Press and Broadcasters [non]response re the discredited ‘Scotland in Union’ Group.

      A random quote from the article:”……The lack of interest in this important story in Scotland’s overwhelmingly anti-independence press goes to the very heart of the problem with the media in Scotland………”

      Welcome to journalism in Scotland. 🙁

    255. Jockanese Wind Talker says:

      Ping a note of approximate time comment was made on BBC Shortbried to GAPonsonby @Clydebuilt says at 1:27 pm he will then ‘grab’ the selected audio out and publicise it widely as the BritNat Propaganda it is.

    256. yesindyref2 says:

      Thanks very much for that, I’ve been on Levothyroxine all this century, diagnosed after constantly tired, and perhaps a bit mentally erratic (plus sensitive to lights – made me want to doze off) – my daughter used to say “Daddy’s whacko”. Up to 150microg, but steady now a few years.

      Think I’ll push to get the T3 test! I feel the need for a bit more.

    257. Ian Brotherhood says:

      @Petra (1.15) –

      Sounds like you’ve been right through the wringer over the years. But you’ve emerged intact, and more power to ye.

      Your post made me go back and read Breeks’s, and that practical advice is exactly the kind of encouragement many of us need at this time of year.

      Here’s tae Wingers healthy in all ways!


    258. Meg merrilees says:

      A few people going on about Adrenal fatigue on the thread.

      It is a horrible situation to be in, many people have exhausted adrenals because of the pressures of modern lifestyle and poor nutrition. It affects energy levels, immune system, nervous system and jus about every other bodily function, even the ability to withstand the cold!

      One really essential way to cope is to take Vitamin B5, Pantothenic acid. It’s quite hard to get hold of but every cell in the body needs this, especially the Adrenal glands and it will really help.

      A brilliant book to try and find is
      ‘Let’s get well’ Adele Davis ISBN 0-04-612029-7

      My bedtime reading.

    259. TheBuchanLoony says:

      Clydebuilt@1.27 and Dan Huil@1.45 I’m an active sender of scathing texts to the John Beattie show but on this occasion I must defend him. I was so gobsmacked at how truthful and factual the interview with the health economist guest Alyson Pollock was, that I thought they were going to have a ‘technical fault’ at any second and ‘lose the line’! I would ask everyone on here to try and listen to it at just before the 13.00 news. Its not on iplayer yet but when it does maybe somebody more techy here could post the interview on here for everyone to hear what is really going on in the Scottish and English NHS’s and how the privatisation of the English NHS affects ours, and how important it is to protect our SNHS.
      As I said I send many texts criticising his programme when due, to such an extent I suspect that I might now be banned from being read out, but I think John Beattie does try to be fair and does try not have an inherent political bias. Where he falls down or makes mistakes is when he is poorly (or even deliberately wrongly) briefed on a subject by his production team.
      The text you refer to John Beattie reading out after the interview was probably his apoplectic producer trying to regain some ‘balance’ and save his/her job!

    260. Maria F says:

      @ Colin Alexander

      I am sure the SNP knows exactly what they have to do, Colin, as I have no doubt have learned of the mistakes made the first time round. At the end of the day, the YES campaign in 2014 managed to bulldoze the support for the Union from an staggering 77% in January 2013 to a bare 55% in September 2014 and that was after the ‘vow’ and Mr Brown creating the illusion of Devo Max and of course bombardment with pro-union PR 24/7 in the MSM.

      This time round they are starting in a minuscule 51% support for the union and the people of Scotland has become wiser about project fear and and better togetherness false promises and is better informed thanks to the sterling job of sites like Wings and the massive effort of the pro-indy grassroots.

      Who knows, may be the British Nationalists celebrated too soon the pushing of Mr Salmond and Mr Robertson of their seats and out of the ‘supervision’ of Westminster. Because now these two SNP giants and all the other excellent SNP MPs that were pushed of theirs seats can actually dedicate far more attention to indyref.

      I bet you that some of the windbags down south realised of the huge mistake they had made the minute Mr Salmond appeared in RT and rumors started about him getting into the board of the Scotsman. Oh to be a fly on the wall!!

    261. call me dave says:

      John Beattie: and Alyson Pollock

      SNHS interview here. Got to 50:15 on time scale.

    262. galamcennalath says:

      Dan Huil says:

      The British nationalist media and its Britnat sympathizers continue to churn out anti-Scottish propaganda.

      It’s been going on as a containment exercise for decades. Minimise Scottishness, maximise their Britishness.

      Since the failure of IndyRef2014+Smith to roll back Scottish aspirations, the BritNat agenda to erode anything Scottish has moved up a gear, or three.

      We can resist this by rejecting their offerings while making anything and everything Scottish more relevant/attractive/successful.

    263. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      Hi yesindyref2.

      Have a look at these for further info:-

      Hi Meg merrilees at 2:43 pm.

      You typed,

      “One really essential way to cope is to take Vitamin B5, Pantothenic acid. It’s quite hard to get hold of but every cell in the body needs this, especially the Adrenal glands and it will really help.”

      Lidl sell 90 “Vitamin B Complex’ tablets for around 80-90 pence. One a day. Contains B1, B2, Niacin, B6, Folic Acid, B12, Biotin and Pantothenic Acid.

    264. yesindyref2 says:

      Thanks, I’ll have a look.

      I’ve long thought that the problem with the NHS – any in the UK – is that it’s passive, not active. If you don’t go to see a doctor, you can go years without being seen, as would happen to “healthy” people. But are we really healthy?

      At the moment if neccessary they take bloods and send for tests, and some GPs are perhaps reluctant to do this because they get “charged”. So the volume of tests isn’t that high, and they’re expensive on a unit basis. It can also mean early signs are missed, and it ends up being a whole lot more expensive, admission to hospital, surgery, even death of course (cheap for the NHS).

      What we need is an annual MOT as some executives get in some companies. Bloods, urine, number 2s, taken and sent for a barrage of standard tests. The price comes down, and things are caught early when they’re cheap to treat.

      Think of CD recorders, when they first came out they were like £800 if I remember, I thought of investing in one to make a business. Now you can get one for £8 and it does DVD as well. Volume drives prices down like there’s no tomorrow.

    265. Meg merrilees says:

      Thanks Brian,

      I take a multi-b supplement just now that contains pantothenic acid.

      I was meaning that it’s hard to get hold of the single supplement of pantothenic acid and for peeps with adrenal fatigue that’s the most direct method – plus it’s often a bigger dose.

      It all helps though.

    266. Meg merrilees says:

      Oh lord, there’s another Royal baby on the way…

      It was ‘breaking news’ on the BBC about 20 minutes ago!!!!

      At least now they’ve got a much more serious, actual piece of news to break.

      But that means wall to wall RoyalS from April-baby, May-wedding, June-Queens birthday, July – holidays, August- holidays or another baby? , September holidays or another baby? and last night of the proms ( groan) October/November WWI commemorations, run into Brexit …..

      Gonna need lots of popcorn and a good outdoor hobby, folks.

    267. Breeks says:

      It’s an aspirational thing, but I would hope an Indy Scotland with its NHS unmolested by a rabid “alien” media pursuing its doom and gloom agenda, might find time to invest in preemptive medicine.

      Something like a baby box for infants, except a kind of “adult box” where people get a regular health MOT, and lifestyle advice about diet, stress, coping, and general support.

      Prevention is better than cure and all that. Some people just need a little more help than others, but the help needs appropriate delivery without being preachy or unattainable.

      Maybe too, folks on benefits or ill should get the “correct” type of food free or bought at a discount as a matter of regular routine. Support shouldn’t just be confined to money. Everybody in a rich country should have access to a staple diet. My, wouldn’t that be a revolutionary concept?

    268. yesindyref2 says:

      I can’t agree with you – enough! Would 110% be enough? Yeah “5 a day” they say, see the prices, though in fairness supermarkets do have offers, follow the offers and get cheap good vegetable at least, don’t get the same for fruit. Morrisons for instance just before Christmas had 3 bags for a £, phenomenal.

      But the MOT thing couldn’t really be done on a “pilot scheme” system, as the benefits wouldn’t be easy to assess. The unit price would be too high, but the other benefit of a healthier Scotland is economic, less absenteeism, more motivation, brighter more alert, happier. That would need to be taken over the whole country, and perhaps even on faith as being unmeasurable.

      Yes, it might take Independence to make it practical.

      The other thing, a pet horse of mine, is to make dieticians available for appointment by patients. Currently I think it’s doctor referral and I suspect it’s not common. But again that can save money to the NHS + give economy benefits.

      One of the major obstacles to anything like this being tried is party politics, and I’m being general about that, saying they’re all to blame for stupid wasteful party bickering, I’ve done it at times btl in other forums. I daresay us Wingers have different views on who’s to blame, but the problem with doing that is it just makes the thing – party political bickering 🙁 Kind of a Catch-22.

    269. Highland Wifie says:

      Well said Petra @ 1.15pm.
      Meditation and yoga both excellent for rebalancing.
      Very sorry to hear about what you went through. No wonder your body rebelled!

      Another excellent source is Adrenal Fatigue by James L. Wilson ISBN1-890572-15-2

    270. colin alexander says:

      Maria F

      Aye, maybe the Tories / Unionists made a blunder in freeing Alex Salmond and Angus Robertson et al, from MP duties. Hopefully they can give more time and focus on preparation for any upcoming indy campaign.

      Personally, I think Scotland sending MPs to Westminster is a waste of time and money anyway.

      One of the many reasons for independence.

    271. Thepnr says:

      @Maria F

      I thought those were great posts both this morning and afternoon. Looking forward to hearing more of your thoughtful comments.

    272. Capella says:

      David Caledonia says 1:00 pm

      Coming soon
      The day i met Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon

      Did you meet him on the moon?

    273. yesindyref2 says:

      Agree. She’s also posted good stuff on other threads after they’ve moved on, earning a nickname of “Nemesis of Trolls”.

    274. Jamie says:

      Breeks, thank you for your post, the information was enlightening and interesting. I think that sort of information being made far more widely available will be far more successful than any sugar tax.

      Personally, the sugar tax will have no bearing on me, except, I suspect, the opposite of what was intended. I was on a diet, but when I heard the Irn Bru recipe was changing I ditched it and stocked up.

      I have enjoyed my indulgence so much and not gained much weight that I think I will carry on, as it has been a reminder just how awful tasting in comparison to sugar that Aspartame really is. Once the recipe changes though I will be buying full fat Coca Cola from now on instead of Irn Bru.

      On a party politics note, I do think the sugar tax is another example of where the SNP is getting things wrong. There is an abundance of potential SNP voters out there who are not political geeks, who may want independence but not support all these other policies, especially when it can appear like an attack on them. I suspect it is reasons like this that many of the new SNP voters failed to turnout last time.

      However, thanks to your advice I will be adding more vegetables to my shopping list. It is easy in the modern age to forget the importance of vegetables, what with time constraints etc. I imagine stories like yours can give real motivation to many. The SNP could learn a thing or two from your style, as opposed to the more “popular” preachy and authoritarian approach that seems so prevalent now a days, at least with the powers that be.

    275. Onwards says:

      >Sinky says:
      4 January, 2018 at 9:38 pm

      Great Front Page in to-morrow’s National:
      Scotland’s NHS coping with double the number of flu cases + 20% increase in A&E demand … meanwhile May is forced to apologies for complete meltdown of English service


      Yet it still reflects badly on the NHS as a whole.

      The SNP should have re-branded our devolved health service years ago. Even if just to the ‘Scottish Health Service’ or SHS.
      Right now, many people still assume they are both branches of the same overall service. People just refer to “The NHS”

      Confusion over geographical areas served was a reason given by the NHSGGC board for renaming the Southern General to the Queen Elizabeth university hospital, so there is a precedent here.

    276. Ken500 says:

      Sugar tax is UK tax. Westminster. If people want to complain write to 10 Downing Street to get a reply. Muck up their adminstration. Keep it frank. No e-mails or phone numbers. Then they have to reply. Sending it from John 0′ Groats.or Lands End and back again.

    277. Ken500 says:

      Rebranding costs lots of money and it would have made no difference. Better to spend the money on health care.

    278. Cactus says:

      To reiterate…

      ” “The UK government will introduce a ‘sugar tax’ next year in an attempt to tackle health issues like growing obesity and diabetes…”

      Regardless, it will be an interesting social experiment.

      Data to follow.

    279. Rock says:

      “whereas the working classes rejected chemical sweetener poisoning by a resounding 18 points.”

      Unfortunately, few people are aware of the dangers of chemical sweeteners.

      As far as I know, they cause much more harm than sugar.

    280. Joan Edington says:

      This is supposed to be for health issues. Although too much sugar is not good, the effects of many of the artificial sweeteners is far worse.

    281. Brian Doonthetoon says:

      I wonder if the change in recipe will result in the UK military reviewing its beverage procurement policy?

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