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Nobody said it was easy

Posted on April 22, 2021 by

We have to admit it, last night’s groundbreaking joint party election broadcast from the putative SNP/Scottish Greens coalition was pretty full-on.

But we suppose you have to play to your base.

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268 to “Nobody said it was easy”

  1. James Kydd-Corr says:

    Such hatred and aggression in one so young. The world is fucked

  2. Calum says:

    Who the fuck is this nightmare?

  3. somerled says:

    Oor Wullie has changed quite a bit 🙂

  4. Margaret Lindsay says:

    Well she/he/whatever the fuck seems nice.

  5. Debs says:

    Sorry but what sort of freaks how was that?

  6. Shiregirl says:

    Wait, what was that?

    All that anger. Demanding pronouns. Lolz.

    They just love being aggrieved.

  7. Littleladylotte says:

    What new hell is this….what the fuck is wrong with people. Its OK love I’d rather not speak to or refer to you in any fkn way, you’ve lost the plot. Stick your pronouns wherever you like, but keep them the fk away from me. I am so done with all this me, me, me, me, me nonsense

  8. Normski says:

    Delighted not to refer to her.

  9. sog says:

    So Patrick’s had a makeover?

  10. Marie Clark says:

    Aye, that’ll get my vote right away, NOT.

    Dear god, is that for real, what a load of nonsense. I widnae want to speak to the likes of you anyway.

  11. Eric McCue says:

    I remember meeting a young female American writer in Glasgow and a songwriter in Paisley two weeks later. Both really nasty, arrogant low life.

  12. Tommo says:

    Self obsessed foul-mouthed nutcase; welcome to your New Normal

  13. Elizabeth Hagan says:

    My mum used to say “swearing showed a real lack of vocabulary”

  14. oneliner says:

    So what comes after we sort out the pronoun issue?

    Plenty of work to be done on transferred epithets and misrelated participles

    Oh, and let’s not forget the gerunds.

  15. Dan says:

    I’m surprised the Greens are pushing this so much as using that much makeup and hair dye can’t be that environmentally friendly due to all the chemicals and packaging, plus there’s a load of recyclable metal on its coupon.

    Whatever happened to natural beauty and just being yersel…

  16. Laing b french says:

    I’m still confused? Is it a she or a he in the video?

  17. Pogrom69 says:

    Is that Nikla with her makeup?

  18. John Martini says:

    Me me me

  19. Mac says:

    What is it and why did I watch it.

  20. Breeks says:

    It’s like punk rock without the rock.

    Or originality.

  21. David Caledonia says:

    Imagine your son bring that hame fur its tea, fur fecks sake, apart from the merriment it would cause, it doesn’t seem to know what is is.
    Is a rocket, is it a plane, no its supernipple coming to the rescue, if the russians ever come over the wall we are fecked if this is all we have, the russians wouldn’t know whether to shag it or, marry it, or put it in a cage at the world famous moscow circus lol

  22. Mac says:

    somerled says:
    Oor Wullie has changed quite a bit ?

    Ahem. ‘She’ is Our Fannie now.

  23. Mac says:

    Damn spellchecker.

  24. Balaaargh says:

    Here is a bucket of pronouns:

    he, she, him, her, them, they, his, hers, theirs.

    If you choose to use he/him, then that means they are your preferred pronouns. Because you PREFER them from a list of available options. Words have meaning.

  25. David Caledonia says:

    I have seen more intelligence fertilizing my local farmers field

  26. Red says:

    I don’t like this dark, gritty reboot of the GREMLINS franchise 🙁

  27. Heaver says:

    Is she in Scotland?

  28. Mac2 says:

    Well that was respectful…

  29. Grumpy Old Cunt says:

    I’m glad I’m nearer the end of my life than the beginning. Mentally unwell children running things is the future.

  30. Cenchos says:

    Good grief.

    Sesame Street’s really going downhill.

  31. blackhack says:

    he, she, him, her, them, they, his, hers, theirs. are only words, but at this moment words fail me.

  32. Alison says:

    This silly, odious little person really needs to have a wee look around at what actually matters in the world & where in the hierarchy of needs their fucking pronouns sit.

  33. AnneDon says:

    If anyone told her that no-one cares, do you think her head would explode?

  34. T.roz says:

    What a nasty little video. This person is just needing some attention and correct nutrition. They are showing symptoms of B12 deficiency, possibly heme iron and some creatinine required too. Their cognition and communication could easily be fixed by introducing red meat and full fat dairy.

  35. Macaulay Culkin says:

    Stuart, tell me this is a hoax. Otherwise, it is absolutely unbelievable.

  36. Stuart MacKay says:

    There’s a simple solution to the pronoun conundrum. Just use “he/she”, “him/her” all the time, in pairs. I guess you’re going to offend the non-sexuals but you can’t please everybody all of the time.

    “It” might be better in this case however.

  37. Tom Robertson says:

    I’m not sure which pronouns to use, but i’m torn between using
    “foul-mouthed”, “mentally-ill”, self-important” and “aggressive-freak” as appropriate descriptors for this young WOOOOOOOMAAAAAAHN.

  38. MrRocknRoll says:

    Who is this mutant?

  39. robertknight says:

    Hi there, my name is Certifiably Deranged and my chosen pronouns are Arse and Idiot.

  40. Craig P says:

    Are we mocking random nutters off the intranet now? They/them is clearly not well. Unless there is a party link to this person, I don’t get this.

  41. Anton Decadent says:

    Remember a few years ago when we used to laugh at people like the Rik character in The Young Ones and Bono? Because people were made too scared to say no to them when the social media pile ons were used to have people fired from their jobs for using language which had been acceptable the previous week these people are now firmly in charge and they know it. The pushback has possibly started too late as their enablers have been embedded in politics, the media, the entertainment industry and education for a long time.

  42. Dan says:

    @ Red

    Haha, I was just thinking who spilt water on the Gremlin before I read your post!

    So I’ll go with Scotland in the near future being like the Star Wars bar theme instead. (1 min of mutants)

  43. Cenchos says:

    How about the all-inclusive she/he/it pronoun ‘shite’.

  44. chas says:

    What was that? Who is she/he/it? Who is she/he/it supposed to be representing?

  45. Jim Tadgercock says:

    If I happen upon it and find it injured am I duty bound to administer 1st aid?

  46. Clavie Cheil says:

    Chick with a dick. Or is it and “IT” with a dick? Nasty piece of work whatever IT is.

  47. STEVEN ELLIOTT says:

    Annoying brat

  48. Neil Wilkinson says:

    Stuart MacKay says:
    22 April, 2021 at 11:07 am
    There’s a simple solution to the pronoun conundrum. Just use “he/she”, “him/her” all the time, in pairs. I guess you’re going to offend the non-sexuals but you can’t please everybody all of the time.

    “It” might be better in this case however.

    ” It ” souns appropriate, reminds me of Gollum in Lord Of The Rings

  49. Astonished says:

    Charming !

    Is she on the SNP’s NEC ? If not, I suppose its only a matter of time. Daddy bear would welcome her with open arms.

    The sense of entitlement, complete lack of empathy, intolerance and general nastiness is very strong in this one.

    In ten years she will be actively trying to have this video removed from all platforms.

    And we should pity her now, because she will have great difficulty in accepting that she is neither stunning, nor brave.

    She is just another narcissist.

  50. John Martini says:

    My pronouns are lord and master

  51. Shocked says:

    Aye, vote SNP1 so we get a SNP/Green coalition with the country run by lunatics like this while Eck is left on the sidelines.

    The brass neck of sturgeon fanatics like Breeks is something else.

  52. Cenchos says:

    Jim at 11.15.

    I’d take Dionne Warwick’s advice.

  53. P says:

    How enticingly seductive is she?

  54. A wiman says:

    Her pronouns are Me / ME / MEEEE!

  55. Mac says:

    Grumpy Old Cunt says:
    I’m glad I’m nearer the end of my life than the beginning. Mentally unwell children running things is the future.

    Could not agree more G.o.C..

    That future looks so bleak I may have to take-up smoking again just to make sure of an early check-out time.

    As horrific as this ‘Generation Woke’ (or Generation Wank as I affectionately call them) are, I do smile to myself at the thought of the next Generation that will be coming up behind them.

    The generation who will be the (current generation of wokies) future ‘carers’, and doctors and politicians. The people who will be looking after them in their elder years.

    Ohhhh boy.

    They don’t have a clue just how fucked they are.

    This really does start to remind me of that film Idiocracy, but that happened over hundreds of years not two generations…

    It just goes to show the amazingly stupefying effects of a toxic and poisonous ideology.

    It takes able people and renders them into gibbering, slavering, obnoxious, gobshites.

  56. Salmond dindunuffin says:

    Just think, the under 25s could be furious about their economic prospects, the climate going down the shitter, the fact you have to work hard enough as you used to to virtually become a millionaire just to own a decent home.. but instead they’re spinning their wheels getting angry about this pish, all while alienating the older generation.

    Cui bono??? Think it’s a coincidence that this pish came out of America? Think it’s a coincidence that it’s all promulgated by billionaires. Hahaha. Divide et Impera, people!

  57. Cenchos says:

    Imagine if the Goths had tried to legislatively force The Sisters of Mercy on everyone, and the government has gone for it?

  58. Caledonia says:

    Is that a girl or a boy or a boy who now wants to be a girl
    genuinely confused

  59. Stuart MacKay says:

    Neil Wilkinson

    This the “beauty” of the pronoun attack. The ground is already primed with “Why aren’t you doing more about racism/sexism/ablism/ad infinitum-ism?” that as soon as the words start to form in your brain you’re already in trouble.

    Imagine if someone like this shows up at work, any human being with an atom of self-respect is doomed. Keeping your mouth shut is not an option either.

  60. revjimbob says:

    What a nice wee lassie.

  61. Cenchos says:

    Lobbied diversionary tactics taking attention away from economic and class division, while everything gets gentrified and the middle-class take the piss with their shabby-chic community-buy-out quince-conservatism.

    And they say it’s a leftist thing.

  62. mike cassidy says:

    Just tell them you are pronounfluid

    That you get to use any or no pronouns about yourself or anybody else

    At anytime

    Then watch their head explode

  63. Fred says:

    Another career politician in the making. These are already the kind of people who are influencing policy. In five years time they’ll be deciding it.

  64. Ruby says:

    Craig P says:
    22 April, 2021 at 11:09 am
    Are we mocking random nutters off the intranet now? They/them is clearly not well. Unless there is a party link to this person, I don’t get this.

    “But we suppose you have to play to your base.”

    It’s an example of the voter the SNP/Greens are looking to attract.

  65. Mac says:

    So as we see the argument that ‘the SNP2 regional vote is a waste of time’ winning the debate, we now see the next fall-back position for the SNP to retreat to.

    Now they implicitly recognize that the SNP2 regional vote is a waste of time, but they are implicitly pushing for their supporters to vote SNP1/GREEN2 by explicitly entering a coalition government with the GREENS (if that is what happens).

    It is just another way to try to spike the ALBA2 vote of course.

    But also I think this reveals something important.

    I think the real agenda with Sturgeon’s SNP and the GREENS really is all the woke shite. That is what really matters to the SNP and the GREENS.

    Neither of them give a monkey’s about independence is my strong impression.

    If they both get elected it will be the most damaging, self indulgent, woke nightmare of a government.

    I really would fear for Scotland’s economy, civil liberties and a lot more. The whole fabric of society is their enemy it seems.

    Fortunately I think a lot of people know that adding the GREENS to the SNP mix is like feeding more ‘wokecaine’ to an already fried-out junkie.

  66. Josef Ó Luain says:

    “It”, in its various versions, disguises and levels of self absorption, has always been around, but never until now, sponsored by a political party. Voting Green, to all intents and purposes, would be, for me at least, an act of political self-harm.

  67. Hoonose says:

    The more they try to freak us out, the more we must hold tight, vote SNP1 ALBA2 and sort out the mess once the voting is over.

    This is so surreal that it has to be designed to scunner us beyond belief.

    In reality, this is the separating of the wheat from the chaff. The SNP committed have now got to come out into the limelight and declare FOR INDEPENDENCE and support ALBA.
    Right on schedule.

    OK SNP devotees, let’s hear you defend this latest programme at your peril.
    Put your money where your mouth (or?) is and show your true colours.

  68. Cath says:

    I have no desire whatsoever to refer to that person. Couldn’t care less about he/she/they/it/whatever. No idea why such narcissists think others do care. If I did have to engage directly with them, the pronoun used would be “you”. I hope I never do have to engage with anyone like that though: hate filled, spoiled, way over privileged brat.

  69. Gordon says:

    Mac. 11.43

    Have you checked the latest Polls?

  70. Red says:

    Dan says: So I’ll go with Scotland in the near future being like the Star Wars bar theme instead.

    A wretched hive of septum piercings and villainy 🙁

  71. Cenchos says:

    TERF misgenders transwoman shock horror: (at 0.06).

  72. Gordon says:

    What’s that saying about the definition of a lunatic?

    Keep repeating the same thing over and over again and hoping for a different result.

    Are you listening all you who are voting SNP 1?

  73. prj says:

    So how do you establish the pronoun? Do you ask them, what are you?

  74. Ottomanboi says:

    OKay! but they’s on TikTok aka D?uy?n..that Chinese state sponsored teen snoop thing.
    In Chinese sex/gender is «xìng», one word for both terms.
    Not your kinda country.

  75. DJ says:

    I would rather read what Breeks has to say than consider what most of the btl commentators on here have to say. SNP 1 Alba 2

  76. Gordon says:

    Has there been any polling done on the Alex Salmond List vote?

    Would be interesting to see how he is doing.

  77. Mark Boyle says:

    @James Kydd-Corr says: 22 April, 2021 at 10:38 am

    Such hatred and aggression in one so young. The world is fucked

    They’re only aggressive if they think they can get away with it without consequences. Oldest rule of nature.

  78. Stuart MacKay says:


    Well #BothVotesSNP is obviously dead and buried. The brilliant strategists of the SNP are now falling back on what people used to think the Greens represented but that rug should be pretty easy to pull out from under them by pushing on the elimination of women’s rights and the elimination of women.

    All in all, not very well thought through and certainly not nuanced or resistant to attack.

    Actually it might just hasten the demise of the whole operation as if the gender insanity really gets out of the bag then there’s nowhere for the SNP to go.

  79. Neil in Glasgow says:

    Still none the wiser as to what to call them.

  80. Louise Hogg says:

    We used to say a person was ‘daft as a brush’. Orange feather dusters are clearly dafter!

    However, unless this be-studded woman has a political connection, we should ignore her. Foul-mouthed, entitled rants should be starved of the oxygen of publicity. And angry teens, thankfully often grow up.

    It’s the versions of this with POWER behind them that we need to halt. They need boundaries.

  81. SA Jackson says:

    what a funny wee boy? is he American or Canadian?

  82. Wee Willie says:

    Polling done for the Scotsman is isn’t good reading for AS. Only 1% of the List vote. Not so brilliant for El Sturgeo either. The good news is that a large slice of the Scottish electorate have their thinking caps on and are very skeptical of the free stuff promises.

  83. Sandra says:

    Is this what happens when you raise a generation without ever saying “No, you can’t”? There’s something of the toddler tantrum about her attitude. They are spoiling for fight, desperate for confrontation, to somehow validate themselves.

    When I was young oldies were fond of saying “A spell in the army would do them good.” Now I know what they meant.

  84. Confused says:

    Someone should do an islamic version of this video called “Honour Killing”

  85. Andy Ellis says:

    @Mike Cassidy 11.41 am

    Oh chapeau sir! I think we should definitely make “pronoun fluid” I thing.

    I’ve noticed the creeping (and creepy) spread of the “My preferred pronouns are…” schtick to email signs offs in a work setting now and on LinkedIn profiles. I’d put in the pronoun fluid disclaimer but imagine the gnashing and wailing that would inevitably follow!

  86. Scozzie says:

    TBH that video’s pretty tame compared to some of the ‘oooh don’t misgender Meeeeeeee’ vids out there. Most want to hit you with baseball bats.

    Fucking generation of entitled woke nutters with their sad lives and no concept of biological reality. I’m only in my mid 40s but jeez I sure hanker back for the golden age of normal!

    We can only hope in 20 years time they grow the fuck up and are utterly mortified at their biology bending wokery.

    And to think She / Her of the SNP is an enabler of all this crap!!!!

  87. Soda says:

    Is calling it a stupid little cunt gender neutral? I would hate to offend it in anyway…

  88. Gordon says:

    If Mr Salmond is elected to the Scottish Parliament then I can see FMQs after the election panning out like this.

    Alex Salmond will stand up and tell Sturgeon that the people of Scotland demand a referendum on Scottish Independence.

    And Sturgeon, who knows he has no right of reply, will scream across the floor saying:-

    “I will not take any advice from a man who STILL hasn’t apoligised to the women he tried to rape”

    Then the media will do the rest.

    Her reply will be the top story on all the evening News programmes and in every newspaper the next day.

    She won’t be long in closing down the Indy debate for the next five years.

    You still think Breeks plan is a runner?

    Or are we better Voting then OUT of office while we have a chance?

  89. Macaulay Culkin says:

    I would like to see a link to the source, specifically where it appeared, and its affiliation to SNP / Greens. Not because I don’t automatically disbelieve it, but simply because something as poisonous as this (hate speech?) would be toxic to any organisation supporting it.

  90. Milady says:

    Our world is now full of these angry young harridans. How, why?

  91. Kevin Cargill says:

    I was banned from Twitter for using the C word to describe a guy advocating sex with children (he wasn’t banned by the way) so hopefully I can use it here. What an obnoxious selfish little cunt that is!

  92. JSC says:

    I can guarantee the following about this person:
    -If they went to college, it was for a course with a name that ended in “Studies”
    -They still dropped out
    -At some point they have died their hair blue
    -Any private sector job they’ve had, they’ve been sacked from
    -They don’t get out their bed before 1pm
    -They wash once a week, at most
    -They want to smash capitalism, and via their IPhone they encourage others to also do so
    -They scream about racism and BLM, but will cross the road to avoid black people
    -They are destined for a well paid non-job in the public sector, with a job title containing the words “diversity” or “inclusion”

  93. T Hardy says:

    What the fuck is that? Looks like something that Emma Roddick has had tied to a radiator for days. How the fuck have these nutters taken over SNP? That YSI bunch are not representative of young Scots. Just a bunch of fannies trying to play at grown ups

  94. Famous15 says:

    I have noted all your names and you lot are sooooo going to jail just as soon as we pass the legislation.

    AND do not say I like to get pricked . I paid a lot for these studs and you only saw the wans that use pronouns pronounce.

  95. John McNab says:

    Good grief.

  96. Betsy says:

    God, what a pathetic specimen spitting it’s impotent fury from it’s box bedroom. Drop that in one of the less salubrious corners of the world and you wouldn’t hear a peep out the showboating little inadequate.

  97. Conan the Librarian says:

    Didn’t know teeth piercing was a thing until ten minutes ago.

  98. My name is Jesus. I shall call you Paul.

  99. Lenny Hartley says:

    Sturgeon suits her red hair and piercing ?

  100. Tam Fae somewhere says:

    How many people have died due to this pronoun “issue”?

    Once the world resolves all the issues causing death (war, hunger, poor health etc.) then we can look at the pronoun issue.

  101. frogesque says:

    It, or IT

    One is a pronoun, the other was not of this planet.

    Oh deary dear.

  102. rob says:

    Just two words describes them…. Fucking Sickos.

  103. susanXX says:

    Some people say ” no ad hominems” sorry but I say anyone standing up and saying that, deserves ridicule on all fronts. No point being ‘nice or ‘kind’ anymore.

  104. dropthevipers says:

    Well, those finishing school fees might as well have gone down the shitter.

  105. Mac says:

    I’ve got a dog that likes to drag its bum across the carpet. (I think it must be itchy but am not sure as I have never asked him.)

    I’d like to add that to the list of problems that get sorted before we look at the pronoun issue.

  106. Sharny Dubs says:

    Bearens will dae anything for attention.

    I feel sorry for the parents, I mean what an embarrassment everyone seeing the fruits of your loins.

    Nice job! I see what you did there, oh yeah.

  107. Red says:

    Milady says:
    22 April, 2021 at 12:10 pm
    Our world is now full of these angry young harridans. How, why?

    Modern life might as well be designed to drive people crazy. Weakened IRL social and familial relationships, substituted by parasocial, technology-mediated ersatz relationships. The “dating” scene has long since turned into the casual sex scene, which is a squicky parade of unfulfilling, transactional and sterile brief encounters. A whole generation of children who were helicoptered by parents and fawned over by self-esteem-obsessed teachers never got the opportunity to develop interpersonal skills and the self confidence that comes with it have reached chronological maturity without the emotional growth that used to come with it.

    Sanity is a social construct, it’s literally what everyone else around you agrees is sane. So when you’re immersed in people with funny gender pronouns and pants on their head and pencils up their nostrils, angrily screaming into the digital void like blood-crazed ferrets, wibble can start to seem attractive.

    So, so you think you can tell
    Heaven from hell?
    Blue skies from pain?
    Can you tell a green field
    From a cold steel rail?
    A smile from a veil?
    Do you think you can tell?

  108. Kiwilassie says:

    OH! Dear. How awful would it be if your son brought a girl like that home?
    What I was thinking whilst looking at that clip was, I hope she never goes magnet fishing with all that metal in her face.

  109. Dan Hardy says:

    Macaulay Culkin says:

    I would like to see a link to the source, specifically where it appeared, and its affiliation to SNP / Greens. Not because I don’t automatically disbelieve it, but simply because something as poisonous as this (hate speech?) would be toxic to any organisation supporting it.

    I think you’ve spent too long Home Alone to notice sarcasm and wit when it slaps you around the face.

  110. Dorothy Devine says:

    ‘you will use them or not refer to me at all’ – happy to oblige sweetiepie.

  111. JB says:

    Oh so many things one could note.

    As has been pointed out, when speaking to such an individual (X), one would make use of ‘you’. If having a conversation with a third party (Y), and referring to X, it is none of X’s business what pronouns are used, as X is not part of that conversation. Moreover, that video suggested that X does not care to have Y defend which pronouns should be used for referring to X. Oops, logic failure. This is the sort of thing were we’d normally tell someone to mind their own business, or neb-out.

    How dare this individual presume to ‘gender’ me (referring to ‘cisgender’), how does it know I believe I possess such a thing, rather than simply a sex?

    I also like that pronoun fluid approach. 🙂

  112. Hamish Anderson says:

    That thingy looks like an advert for euthanasia.

  113. Athanasius says:

    Was that a late April fools? Because if that really was official SNP, then Scottish nationalism needs to go right back to the beginning and start all over again.

  114. Ottomanboi says:

    The SNP/Green sex cacotopia is not going away and neither is totally committed and dedicated to independence as anything more than a cult object to be paraded occasionally before the faithful.
    How you rationalize that and manifest dissatisfaction at the ballot box is the diversionary consequence of a party infected with the Fuehrerprinzip become detached from its founding principle.

  115. Robert Hughes says:

    Illustrative of the madness that surrounds us , I thought for a few seconds this actually WAS a PPB from the putative SNP/GREEN coalition , only realising otherwise when noticing there were no TV screens displaying the grim features of She/Hur Nicky Strychnine .

    And what a grizzly prospect such an amalgam would be , the lunatic fringe moving right into centre stage .

    Preventing such a nightmarish scenario by voting ALBA has now become an even more urgent necessity

  116. Macaulay Culkin says:

    Dan Hardy thinks that this is sarcasm and wit.
    Dan Hardy says:
    22 April, 2021 at 12:40 pm


    I think you’ve spent too long Home Alone to notice sarcasm and wit when it slaps you around the face.

    Trust me, Danny boy, it’s not. It’s abusive crap, and I don’t spend any time on Tik Tok, mainly because it’s infested with specimens like you. So just trot along. BTW so pleased it is meant to be witty, but as I don’t follow the lady in question, she gets judged on face value. If you don’t like that, too bad.

  117. Stuart MacKay says:

    Mike Cassidy

    Pronoun fluid is simply excellent.

    Actually I’m kind of surprised that that the Woke want to use pronouns at all since they were most likely invented by oppressive, racist, rapist, white, old, men. All that nickel must be impairing their judgement in some way.

  118. Cenchos says:

    An odd thing about the pronoun people is that they have to use different pronouns to remind themselves who they’ve decided they are.

  119. JGedd says:

    The mask has really slipped from the caring, sharing Greens and look what is revealed. A snarling visage and in this case, one that looks as if it had just survived an explosion in a nuts and bolts factory.

    These people are so furious and dangerously anti-social. At last they are able to throw off that nice sandals-and-quinoa image and just show open contempt for all those who are not like them. It must be a tremendous release for them. (Think of Patrick Harvie’s angry hobgoblin face when he’s having to say the word ‘women’.)

    Down with the poor, the downtrodden, the halt and the lame! It’s really all about me and she/her, they/them, him, her, its…er, got lost in all that pronoun mince. Anyway, it’s not about YOU. OK?

  120. Macaulay Culkin says:

    OK Dan, I’ve had a look at the page, and the poor soul’s not very stable, so I’ll not clog dance on their (correct pronoun i assume) frail psyche any more.

  121. Macaulay Culkin says:

    But it ain’t clever putting shit like that online, then whining about being misunderstood when no one knows the deep tragic background to their irrational hatreds. You might want to pass that on..

  122. Dave M says:

    Aaaah, the joys of narcissistic personality disorder

  123. TheSNPLeftMe says:

    Sturgeon’s World – normal is the new freak

  124. Paul D says:

    Apparently to be diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder you must exhibit at least five of nine traits:

    1. A grandiose sense of self-importance
    2. Preoccupation with fantasies
    3. Belief that he or she is ‘special’ and unique
    4. Requires excessive admiration
    5. A sense of entitlement
    6. Is interpersonally exploitative
    7. Lacks empathy
    8. Envies others or believes others are envious of him or her
    9. Shows arrogant, haughty behaviors and attitudes

    I think we’re looking at a full house with this character.

  125. Soda says:

    Serious question(s) thats only very slightly off topic…

    Who else is uncomfortable with Alba advocating an SNP 1/Alba 2 vote?

    Who else thinks Alba should be standing directly against the current SNP?

    Who else will be spoiling their constituency vote?

    Surely i’m not alone here?

  126. Effigy says:

    Firstly, what is the thing spewing out aggressive demands?

    Secondly, who gives a damn what it thinks?

    I treat everyone I meet with respect and I expect it back or they lose it.

    Are they so stupid to think videos like that will warm people to them?

    I don’t want to meet people like that, I don’t want them near me, I would employ them
    or be employed by anyone who would insult me in that manner.

    It seems quite happy with themselves so I’ll guess it has a highly paid job
    in a political party as they want to be seen to be employing one of any kind
    of creature that walks the earth.

  127. AndyH says:

    These things are surely mutations…

  128. Liz says:

    Yeah no worries, whoever you are. I wont refer to you at all. In fact I’ve forgotten you already

  129. Cenchos says:

    The thing with a narcissicissicissicisstic personality is that they never know when to stop.

  130. James says:

    who in their right mind sanctioned that,the lack of self awareness is astounding. Scotland your fucked.

  131. stonefree says:

    @ SA Jackson at 11:57 am

    Canadian tend to be more sensible?

    The clip ? I am not often speechless,
    Education has failed

    A thought Is that from Dreghorn? And possibly related?

  132. Andy Ellis says:

    I wonder how long it would take the Woke Stasi to have a melt down if we all started posting the following statement on Twitter bios, LinkedIn profiles and work email footers:

    “Pronoun fluid: I can use any or no pronouns about myself or anyone else at any time. Compelled speech is hate speech.“

    How long would it take for us all to be cancelled? 🙂

    (HT to Mike Cassidy up thread).

  133. Effigy says:

    Soda, it all boils down to not voting for an Independence Party is a vote for
    a unionist party and ammunition for U.K. media to tells us nobody wants it.

    SNP have been pathetic for quite some time but Alba just couldn’t
    dream of aiming for both votes after 3 weeks of operation.

    We need to take Alex advice on snp 1 ALBA 2.

    I love the thought of Alex going for the throat in Holyrood.
    He can tear their pathetic policies apart and ensure the parliament
    works toward independence.

  134. Jason Smoothpiece says:


    I now identify as Napoleon.

    When I return to normal office working I will inform my manager of my new identity.

    I expect my employer and colleagues to respect my transition to an emperor.

    All on here better get used to it or I will report you to Stu who will take action or he can face my fellow Napoleons who will call him names and things.

    Seriously folks if I identify as someone or something which I clearly am not my employer would refer me to occupational health for assessment I know some of my colleagues would suggest I am being an arse.

    To say you are something that you are not means you are mentally ill or plain anti social.

    Anyone who agrees with you is also mentally ill or plain daft.

    Any political party which suggests that I have the right to be Napoleon needs shut down.

    If I say I am a lady same thing applies, as I am not a female.

  135. sog says:

    Mac at 1236

    Your dog might have worms.

  136. Paul McRae says:

    “I’ll skweam and skweam and skweam until I’m thick”

  137. Big Jock says:

    ‘The futures bright, the futures Orange’. Not!

    I think Nicola has completely screwed up independence as well. I think we are going back the way in the polls. We had a 2 year window to get independence , and now we are back at 45%.

    She should be sacked for that alone. She is an absolute failure and a dangerous one.

  138. PaulaJ says:

    “Oor Wullie has changed quite a bit ”

    He looked positively brooned-off!

  139. PaulaJ says:

    I forgot to add:
    I’d love to see that young person try to walk past a sizeable electromagnet…

  140. Gordon says:

    Soda,. 1.12pm

    You are far from alone Soda.

    I will never vote SNP.

  141. Cudneycareless says:

    David Caledonia says:
    22 April, 2021 at 10:56 am
    Imagine your son

    Imagine that this is a teacher or an msp or …

    This could be the future….

  142. Wee Chid says:

    Somebody should have smacked that weans arse when it was young. these wee f*****s have b=never had anyone say No to them in their lives and it freaks them out when they don’t get their own way. IK hen, or son or whatever you are – I won’t refer to you again I’ll just ignore you. Just don’t expect me to fall in line with your fantasy. F*****g eejit.

  143. Gordon says:

    Effigy. 1.32

    Dear God, how pathetic and deluded your post sounds.

  144. TNS2019 says:

    Whether or not the recent opinion polls reflect true public opinion, what we can conclude is that the SNP has failed to convince people of the case for independence and can no longer be trusted with that monopolistic position. Everything has been in their favour, from the election of an old-Etonian PM at WM to their dominance at Holyrood, and yet they have failed to articulate a credible vision for the country that many of us want to be.
    But leaving ideology aside, what is really depressing the indy vote is the incompetence of the current SG in terms of the econonmy and business, education, health & social care, and justice.
    The real risk with another 5 years of NS and her ilk is that it will kill the independence movement stone dead. So, paradoxically, the fastest route to indyref2 may be through a poor result on May 5th, a change in leadership and thus in direction, and the emergence of a competent leader to take us forward.
    For that reason I have no shame in voting Tory1, ALBA2 in this constituency. If we get rid of Swinney, we will have done the nation a favour.

  145. Wee Chid says:

    oneliner says:
    22 April, 2021 at 10:51 am
    “So what comes after we sort out the pronoun issue?

    Plenty of work to be done on transferred epithets and misrelated participles

    Oh, and let’s not forget the gerunds.”

    I’d rather we got the yoons to understand that the phrase “Once in a generation” is a figure of speech – a bit likse “sick as a a parrot”, which, I believe, no footballer ever has been or could describe what it would actually mean.

  146. AWhiteLife says:

    That monstrosity nails the ONLY reason these cvnts think they don’t have equality. Coz your deranged and gie folk the dry boak.

  147. Wee Chid says:

    oneliner says:
    22 April, 2021 at 10:51 am

    Or we could concentrate on protmanteau words – my favourite being funt.

  148. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Pronoun fluidity may be helped at this page –

    “There are more than 100 pronouns”

  149. Dan Hardy says:

    Macaulay Culkin

    Trust me, Danny boy, it’s not. It’s abusive crap, and I don’t spend any time on Tik Tok, mainly because it’s infested with specimens like you. So just trot along. BTW so pleased it is meant to be witty, but as I don’t follow the lady in question, she gets judged on face value. If you don’t like that, too bad.

    This article by Stu is sarcasm and wit, not the video, you f’n imbecile.

    Or did you actually think it was a PPB? Brain cells of a rocking horse you have.

  150. Dan says:

    The entity in the vids apparent hyper concern over the use of pronouns is so passé.
    I’m already on another level with my recent inter-species transing exploits after bravely coming out as a superstraight male monkey.

  151. Mac says:

    Good point on the electro-magnet risk Paula. Best avoid a summer job in the scrappies then.

    Also these rare earth magnets are incredibly strong as well. I have a little desk toy compromising about 300 little neodymium ball bearing magnets that can be arranged in all sorts of surprising dull ways.

    If this lassie were to venture to close to it she could end up being machined gunned in the face by flying magnets coming at her.

    Not sure you’d be able to see the difference but it could be painful or indeed fatal.

  152. Bob Mack says:

    She or “it” or whatever is right of course.

    I will not refer to her at all if it can possibly be avoided.

    They are all fecked in the head.

  153. true scot says:

    “These are my pronouns, you will use them, or you will not refer to me”. That seems like a fair trade?

    The world will only ever bend to fit extremes so far – however hard movements try to create new normals. The pendulum swings, wrongs are righted – but it keeps swinging, and the extreme reach of it’s swing, fresh wrongs are created. Then guess what? The pendulum slowly stops – and begins to swing back the other way…

  154. Stuart MacKay says:


    > If this lassie were to venture to close to it she could end up
    > being machined gunned in the face by flying magnets coming at her.

    Think you missed out a “metaphorically speaking” there.

  155. Stu says:

    OT — I’m sick of paying too much tax. Anybody got Bawbag’s mobile number?

  156. Tinto Chiel says:

    Yon nasty wee person reminds me of the dweeb fantasising in his bedroom what he’ll say to the big, bad classroom bully the next day at school. Of course, he never plucks up the courage to say eechie to him.

    Surprisingly, that’s only the second weirdest thing I’ve seen today. At 12.30 in bright sunshine I saw a pipistrelle bat flitting about trying to catch insects: passing strange.

    @Paul D, 1.09: thanks for listing the nine traits of NPD. On reflection, I’m sure The Great Leaderene has almost all of them, which would explain so much of her behaviour in the last seven years 😉 .

  157. Gordon says:

    TNS2019 says:. 1:46 pm

    “For that reason I have no shame in voting Tory1, ALBA2 in this constituency. If we get rid of Swinney, we will have done the nation a favour.”

    Well done there.

    Also for those with Sturgeon or Robertson standing in their Constituency should also consider not voting SNP.

    I personally wouldn’t piss on any of them if they were on fire.

    I will never vote SNP ever again.

  158. Cenchos says:

    Talking of Oor Wullie, has…um, maybe not.

    Don’t want DC Thomson launching their lawyers.

  159. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi Cenchos.

    RE: Oor Wullie.

    From the link below…
    “A member of Groucho’s staff found the following note attached to the toilet door at a Sepultura gig at Q.M.U. in Glasgow –
    ‘If I were Paw Broon I’d be suspicious of the fact that none of my children look like me or each other (except the twins of course, whose resemblance to Oor Wullie demands an explanation from Maw Broon)’.”

  160. Breeks says:

    Gordon says:
    22 April, 2021 at 1:38 pm
    Soda,. 1.12pm

    You are far from alone Soda.

    Who’s next?

    Can I get Schweppes in the dodgy name sweepstake?

    Come on Gordon. At least try to look convincing. You’re making people think you’re not really cut out for this online trolling business. This is Wings and we have standards for that type of thing.

  161. winifred mccartney says:

    Please someone tell me this is a spoof – surely it was not shown on television. Harvie on the radio this morning giving it nothing to see here – they are now womenphobics.

  162. Linny says:

    But, but, I ARE a princess! You IS gonna do what I say cos you is stupid and I is in charge. I learned it all on the internet.

  163. JGedd says:


    Apropos of nothing: my husband insists that many, many years ago at the same QMU, in the toilets, someone had printed a notice, placed above a toilet roll holder which said, ‘Sociology Degrees. Please Take One.’

    (Apologies to anyone with a sociology degree.)

  164. Cannae breath!!! ??

  165. Mark Fletcher says:

    Some languages do not have gendered pronouns.
    Other languages barely use pronouns at all.
    How difficult is it for non-English speakers to signal their gender woowooness? Are they not consistently both suffering and causing offence?
    Should the Woke be concerned?

  166. Famous15 says:

    With my independence hat on I stepped away to reflect.

    It is sad but the trolls have not only come home to roost but they may have won.


  167. robbo says:

    She’s kindo ready made for the recycling bin with those bull rings en stuff.

  168. Mark Fletcher says:

    Jacob Rees-Mogg’s pronouns are ‘thee’, ‘thou’ and ‘thy’.

  169. Captain Yossarian says:

    The picture most Scots now have of independence is of Sturgeon and Harvie gerrymadering all at Holyrood. Even Salmond, who is undoubtedly good, cannot erase that picture and all it represents from the Scot’s psyche.

    I think we need a good clean-out and start again. Swinney was on Twitter this morning talking-up some young SNP candidate who was formerly a lawyer and formerly a SPAD. All the credentials that should work for the public good but, we know by now, don’t work at-all.

  170. James Che. says:

    well that video no matter who they are, reconfirms that I want a different Scotland,
    I watched black lives matter and climate change protesters hold up traffic in London, police bended down on one knee as if they we’re bowing to Demi gods from outer space. While everyone else was locked up like prisoners.
    Up here in Scotland the beings from outer space that have invaded us are wokeratti, bringing in laws while we to we’re locked up like prisoners, and the police no doubt will bend down on their knees to these new demi gods also.

    ( “We the aliens”, have already defeated and subdued the governments across Britain, now we must follow our plan to confuse the minds of the minion populations, so our takeover is complete.)

    If I have to vote/shovel snp shit to make the Alba garden grow, I will.

    The more Scottish parties in hollyrude holding the snp and greens feet to the fire the better.
    The tories, labour and Lib Dem’s have been letting them away with blue murder by pretending to be politicians working for us, while letting this shit slide by. We have the same problem with unionist parties in Scotland as they do down in England, party worriers, not people warriors.
    Time for a change, its long overdue.

  171. cynicalHighlander says:

    A nitwit with the mental age of a 3 year old.

  172. Red says:

    JGedd – Fake news, I’m afraid.


    This is when the QMU was famous for up and coming bands, cheesy pop nights, and carefree merriment. Not the super-cissy-transophobic-patriarchal-rapeshed we are reliably informed it is now in Rihanna Speirs’ erotic Twitter fanfic.

  173. Gordon says:

    The SNP are the enemy Breeks.

  174. Captain Yossarian says:

    From the vainglorious Mhairi Hunter: “If you are a Yesser please don’t waste your vote on ultra fringe parties who can’t get elected. #BothVotesSNP for an SNP government and a referendum on independence.”

  175. kapelmeister says:

    Job interviews with that one must be fun for the panel.

  176. Gordon says:

    Breeks aka Mr Nasty,

    Are you reverting to the “Vote SNP 1” text book,

    “When you lose the argument, call them out as a troll”.

    Give in Breeks, don’t take my word for it, just check the latest poll figures.

    I told you before, no one is listening to you.

    The SNP are finished, they are a Party for devolution.

    Don’t shoot the messenger Breeks, just look at the facts.

    The only Supermajority you are going to see in Holyrood is for the weirdos.

    The way things are going, ALBA will be lucky to get more than five seats, and that’s me being generous.

    They have come to the party far too late.

    The best we can hope for is to take out the SNP MPs at the UK general election.

    And you still haven’t updated me on how your great saviour Joanna Cherry is getting on.

    Did she win all those Court cases she was going to fight for our Independence? Or did she become just another Westminster trougher?

    Don’t make me laugh Breeks.

    You Nasty little man.

    Stop boring the Arse of everyone with your irrelevant pish.

  177. Graf Midgehunter says:

    Poor wee thing. If that’s gender fluid, pour it down the sink and clean up the sewers.

    “Gordon” is just the newest Sarwar squadie to try his luck on WOS. Must be a new course starting.

  178. PaulaJ says:

    I first noticed this pronouns thing when watching an episode of Billions, in which an androgynous character introduced itself with ‘my name is… and my pronouns are they, them and their’.
    I remember thinking that an individual choosing plural pronouns must hint at a split personality. Why not ‘it, its and its’?
    Of course, now that it’s all gone mainstream, I’m having to consider how best to adapt. Since the word ‘pronoun’ doesn’t have any gender connotations, presumably referring to someone as ‘pronoun’ instead of ‘him’, ‘her’ or ‘they’ couldn’t possibly be held to be offensive.
    If it catches on, remember you heard it first here on Wings.

  179. James Che. says:

    Gordon, you are one of the Scottish people’s enemies on here, We know what we have to do, even if we don’t like doing it,
    We do it for the benifit and future freedom of the population in Scotland.
    Perhaps you would be wiser to think of people first, not politics or personal self.
    Sometimes in life you have to take the bad with the good to achieve your end goal, we’re not as dumb as you are implying.

  180. Stuart MacKay says:

    Gordon, Gordon, Gordon. What are you doing?!

    There’s no point trying to chase the big fish here. They’ve been around too long and know all the tricks. You’d get much better traction going after some tiny fish – the one’s who’ve been lurking a while and are getting enough confidence to start posting. If you scare them then they’ll run away and say “Wings is a nasty place”.

    Stick to the tiny fish Gordon. It’s about all you’re capable of.

  181. James Che. says:

    Breeks, Mia and many others on here provide well thought out comments.
    While you’re picking personally on people like a school yard bully.
    I like many others here do not like bullies.

  182. James says:

    Self obsessed, arrogant, aggressive, would this thing act like that if the record button wasn’t on?
    Bet they wouldn’t.

  183. kapelmeister says:

    Stuart MacKay @3:33

    “Stick to the tiny fish Gordon.”

    Aye, piranhas preferably.

  184. Wendy says:

    If I ran a cafe, she wouldn’t get a job washing dishes… wonder if mum n dad paid for all that ironwear and makeup on that sour wee face!

  185. Gordon says:

    Stuart Mackay 3.33

    Breeks is the “Big fish”?

    Don’t make me laugh. No wonder the polls are going in reverse, as is support for the ALBA Party.

    Blind leading the blind.

    I’ll do my own thinking thanks.

    And my number one priority is trying to persuade people NOT to vote SNP.

    “Big Fish”, hahaha, that’s the best joke I’ve heard for a while.

  186. Jan Cowan says:

    Now we understand. The Murrells are afraid and have to do as they’re told.
    Seriously, that child requires attention but imagine having to teach a class of these kids! No wonder we’re short of teachers.

    Thoroughly enjoyed David Caledonia’s contributions. Badly needing a laugh after the shock of that video.

  187. Gordon says:


    How many names are you working under, patting yourself on the back?

  188. Stuart says:


    Absolutely spot on summary of whats going on not just in Scotland but all over the world and the reasons why. I just wish that people whatever their politics would wake up and see whats happening.

    “Wish you were here” mmmm can I get back to you!

  189. Stuart MacKay says:


    Good to see you’re getting as much value out of us as we get out of you.

  190. Mia says:

    That video is very aggressive. It is not designed to convince, to bring people together under one idea, which is what you would expect to see in a political campaign. It is the opposite.

    It is deliberately confrontational, authoritarian, designed to provoke backlash, anger, rejection, to alienate people by imposing on you something you do not want. It goes against every rule of political campaigning.

    This to me is classic psyops on steroids, aiming to bring from you an spontaneous, unguarded visceral response rather than a logical, calculated one. In other words, it is deliberately designed to stop you thinking and forcing you to jump the gun.

    The last thing a middle age voter is going to take well is for a bedwetter telling them what words they can use or they cannot. It is crossing the line.

    Whoever designed this video and approved it for campaigning was deliberately aiming to alienate voters either to stop the supermajority or to stop the threat that Alba poses to their cosy status quo.

    This video tells me they are not shy of using psyops to influence public opinion. Psyops is what was used to win the EU ref campaign by the brexiteers. But judging by the bills served to Leave Campaign by Cambridge Analytica and Integrity Initiative, psyops is not cheap. The SNP has a hole in its finances of near to 600,000 pounds and we all have seen their accounts – there isn’t much money marging to indulge in out of the box, expensive niche campaigning. I am not sure how many members the Greens have, but they cannot be very buoyant either.

    So my immediate questions are who are really Sturgeon and Harvie working for, who is designing their promotion campaigns that are clearly aiming at losing them seats and more importantly, who is funding them?

    I was convinced Sturgeon was a lapdog of the British State. Now I am beginning to think Harvie is one too.

    Is Patrick Harvie related in any way to the crown agent?

  191. Donibristle says:

    Punk finds grammar or grammar found punk.
    Young and angry is okay. In fact it’s normal.
    Surely can’t be party policy ?
    They’ve gone soooo far down the wrong road.

  192. DJ says:

    Had to laugh at “I’ll never vote SNP ever again.”
    Only a Tory/Labour/LibDem/Green/77Bde troll would say that.

  193. Jim Forsyth says:

    The SNP have took us back 100 years.

    Our education, justice and civil society, not to mention job opportunities and our economy have all gone down the pan.

    What has Devolution done for Scotland?

    Apart from dragged us into the gutter.

  194. Andy Ellis says:

    @DJ 4.08 pm

    Not so. You don’t have to agree with Gordon, but there are plenty of us who will never support the SNP now. I was a member until November 2018, but could never bring myself to vote for them now, unless there were wholesale changes in the party leadership and its governance. Alba is full of former SNP members who left the party in disgust over recent months.

  195. Mia says:

    “And my number one priority is trying to persuade people NOT to vote SNP”

    Sure, just like that video above and just like Sturgeon has been doing for the last 5 years?

    Why are Sturgeon and Harvie attempting to alienate voters?

    1. is it because they need to stop the supermajority because they have been lying to us all along and do not really want independence?
    2. is it because they are working for the British state and helping it to preserve the unionist seats in Holyrood to maintain the status quo?
    3. or is it because they rather lose constituency seats to stop Alba gaining seats than helping a real pro independence political party entering Holyrood and exposing them for the political farces they are?

    Watching the British state lapdog Nicola Sturgeon attempting to alienate voters only serves to encourage me even more to vote SNP1 and Alba2.

  196. Captain Yossarian says:

    @DJ – “Troll”: to antagonize (others) online by deliberately posting inflammatory, irrelevant, or offensive comments or other disruptive content…..

    I don’t think there are many trolls on WoS. The problem is that the accusation is made of anyone nowadays who has a different point of view.

    We’re going into an election and almost all of us have different points of view. It’s allowed. At least you’re still laughing. Take it easy and relax.

  197. Gordon says:

    DJ. 4.08

    Yes of course DJ.

    What have I said that is so wrong?

    So you’re in favour of the Sturgeon/Harvie plan then?

    I’d rather see them lose their seats.

  198. The Dugs Paw says:

    I feel so blessed that I managed to bring up 4 normal children. They are all now in their 40’s. I feel so sorry for the biological parents of this he, she or whatever it wants to be called, it must be so upsetting .

  199. Gordon says:

    Andy Ellis. 4.14, well said.

    Captain Yossarian,. 4.15,. well said.

    If you drift a fraction of an inch off the SNP 1 message, you are labelled a Troll.

    For one simple reason, they are losing the argument, which leads to them losing the heed.

  200. James Che. says:

    Gordon, knowing that you’re scared stiff of a super majority becoming a reality in the Scottish Parliament, and due to the derogatory comments that you’re passing as trying to change people’s minds on how to vote,
    The best way to beat a bully is to thumb you’re nose at what they are trying to do and go about you’re own business, so am away leafleting snp1 alba 2.
    Cheers Gordon.

  201. Stuart says:

    Slightly but not completely off topic, someone above (presumably to complete his/her/it daily dose of whataboutery) said something about Boris, Dyson and tax.

    This to me is a symptom of the same things that produce the subject of this post I.E. your own “truth” which has replaced the “truth”. Try if you can to look at what ACTUALLY happened not what no mark media or politicians say has happened.

    Whether you hate BJ or not (and I’m no fan I can tell you),you seem to have a very selective memory. Most sensible non partizan people were clamouring for more ventilators this time last year and the more rabid were accusing him of personally killing thousands of people in part due to a lack of ventilators (as can be demonstrated by quotes from every party leader including your own precious Queen Nicola)

    So he asked for urgent assistance from the UK’s manufacturing sector and one of the most successful actors in this arena who in 2019 paid 115 million pounds in tax, an has since moved to Singapore texted him or whatever and said he could help, but quite fairly in my view asked that no employees of his should suffer tax consequences. What the feck is wrong with that? It was a global emergency .

    I always suspect people who can see no good deed in their political opponents only the bad, are a symptom of the wider malaise that effects society today. People like you are not the cause but being fooled by your biases is definitely a symptom and leads to demented fools like the one above and the prevalence on here of describing anyone absolutely anyone who has a different even nuanced disagreement of your Opinion as a “troll”

    It seems most people these days,have been brought up to critically think , just opinionated on what they call “My Truth” This unfortunately seems to apply to all sides of any argument so worry anot your not alone.

  202. dramfineday says:

    Good grief! I pity the poor souls that have to put up with that in their house.

  203. Stuart says:

    meant to say most people haven’t been brought up to critically think

  204. Robert Hughes says:

    I respectfully suggest ignoring all the bams who’ve suddenly decided they just have to comment on WoS , even if they address you by name , they have one common purpose – to prevent at all costs the thing that scares them the most ie a Supermajority .

    Note the trick of , for example Gordon the Gopher , giving it ” well said ” to people like stalwart Indy supporter Andy Ellis , the sole aim of which is to cause division amongst the commenters here whilst appearing to be making reasonable points , something demonstrably bogus , as they continually flog the line of people being ” really ” SNP supporters even when the people they label such have time and again stated otherwise .

    Don’t engage with them , they’re just a waste of time and space .

  205. BLMac says:

    Preferred pronouns works 2 ways.

    They can prefer whatever they like.

    And I’ll use the pronouns for them I prefer.

  206. Mags says:

    Siri can you show me an advert for abortion please?

  207. Red says:

    Stuart – thank you, I think David Gilmour made a lot of good points, though I find memories of red-faced teachers screaming about eating yer meat to be very triggering of the PTSD I caught from reading asexual demipansgender social justice blogs on Tumblr. Jazz hands, please.

    I think Boris has made many terrible decisions around the Corona thing but trying to procure ventilators and vaccines isn’t one of them.

    Mia says: Psyops is what was used to win the EU ref campaign by the brexiteers. But judging by the bills served to Leave Campaign by Cambridge Analytica and Integrity Initiative, psyops is not cheap

    Cambridge Analytica had nothing to do with the Brexit referendum and neither did the amusingly named Integrity Initiative, which is an FCO funded project to tell lies about Russia.

    I don’t think our brave pronoun paladin is attempting anything as grand as psychological warfare, I think it’s just the highly performative nature of wokeness which lends itself to aggressive scolding of imaginary enemies for social media likes. In the real world she’s probably a very unhappy young person who needs the avuncular psychiatrist played by Robin Williams in GOOD WILL HUNTING to give her a hug and tell her it’s not her fault.

    The world, you see, is a vampire.

    But despite all xir rage xe is still just a rat in a cage.

  208. Stuart says:

    oh Mia Mia Mia,

    Have you today checked under your bed not for reds but Britnat physcops as you seem to seem them in every conceivable situation. There are words for this Paranoid Delusion.(before any so called clever dick comes back with the worn out quote to counter this don’t bother)

    I was one of the 17.4 million people who voted for Brexit which included approximately 1 million of your fellow Scots if I recall correctly?

    You seem to think real life is social media, just the same as those so called Democrats in the USA when “Orange Man Bad” won in 2016 and and the delusional loony Labour Party who can quite figure out why they had the worst result since 1935.

    I and nobody I have ever heard of was accompanied into a polling station by Ivan from Moscow (sorry forgot you’ve dropped the Russian bit, wonder why?). Just be honest what your really saying (and if you did would get a job at the Guardian on a huge salary for clickbait the thing you rile against) is the majority in any election or referendum must be so thick as to see what you see in your fantastical world on Twatter, Facecrook or whatever. You people give bad losers a good name in comparison.

    One last think do you know who it was that first harnessed the power of Social Media to affect in his view an election?
    I’ll give you a clue he was the first American President of his hue, and was presented with a Nobel Peace Prize just before he proceeded to become a “winner” in the stakes of US Presidents for bombing and killing from 30,000 feet men woman and children .

    Funny old world eh?

  209. Scott says:

    Having never watched Black Mirror or Yes, Minister, I’ve never got the allegorical references. 1984 was a pile of shite to read in S2, with all the footery language.

    Dario Fo’s ‘Accidental Death of an Anarchist’ would be the bandwagon I’d leap onto. Gavin Richards’ C4 adaptation is sooperb.

    I’ve just watched it for the nth time (n> 1000) since first watching it during double English in 1984. The joy of seeing a big trolley with a telly and video player in a classroom is still a thing whenever I think back that far.

    Clive Russell says “cunt” in it. On the youtube in front of millions…

  210. Wobbly says:

    I hope he, she, him, her, them, they, his, hers, theirs is never about to be run over by a car. By the time I figure out the correct pronoun to use to shout out my warning it will be to late.

  211. Frank Gillougley says:

    Well, as they say – you, she, whatever, can just fuck right off.

    Next up will be Michael Caine doing the voice over for the new queer colour theory –

    M.C. – Do you know there are only three colours? Well lemme tell you all ’bout it. There is your black, and there’s yer white, and there’s RAINBOW!

    At the risk of repeating myself, just so as to avoid any possible misunderstanding – you, she, whatever, can just fuck right off.


  212. Breastplate says:

    Dan @ 1:55pm
    You Earthlings make me laugh.

  213. Daisy Walker says:

    @ Soda says:
    22 April, 2021 at 12:06 pm

    ‘Is calling it a stupid little cunt gender neutral? I would hate to offend it in anyway…’

    Your question is actually very pertinent and important, and has many possible answers particularly depending on the chosen ‘gender’ of the c’nt in question.

    I’m going to err on the side of caution, and as long as the word ‘tupperware’ is not utilised in conjunction with or anywhere near the c word, I suspect it will be OK.

    Sadly the only incident of transgender abuse I’m aware of, happened at the docks in Cape Town.

    Some er ‘ladies of the night’ in the ‘traditional mold’ so to speak got rather offended at a Transgender ‘female’ working their patch.

    Not only did they physically chase ‘her’ away, but the words ‘tupperware’ and ‘vagina’ along with the old familiar ‘F’ and ‘off’ were utilised – quite sucessfully it should be added.

  214. What an absolute fkin roaster.

  215. Hudson says:

    What a very strange video.

  216. A Person says:

    Folks, for about nine months I’ve been popping up here to argue that Sturgeon is going to lose the election because:

    -She will hum and haw about independence, showing up how little she cares about it
    -She will maintain overly strict covid rules and grandstand about them, to the despair of people who need to earn a living
    -The GRA will become an issue
    -The unionists will really go for Sturgeon personally
    -She and her acolytes are so arrogant that they will turn the election into a vacuous lap of victory that just looks completely out of touch

    I didn’t count on the formation of Alba, a successful vaccine programme undermining support for draconian covid rules, the unionists being (in my humble opinion) more effective than I thought, and just utter cock-ups like the thing with the Maryhill Library.

    Was I wrong? Today Yes was at a shocking 39% in one poll. The momentum is not with the SNP. She is losing this bloody election.

  217. Mark Boyle says:

    @Brian Doonthetoon says: 22 April, 2021 at 2:32 pm

    From the link below…
    “A member of Groucho’s staff found the following note attached to the toilet door at a Sepultura gig at Q.M.U. in Glasgow –
    ‘If I were Paw Broon I’d be suspicious of the fact that none of my children look like me or each other (except the twins of course, whose resemblance to Oor Wullie demands an explanation from Maw Broon)’.”

    The one thing about Glasgow Uni was you had a better class of graffiti writer. One that came to mind was along the (now demolised) covered row beside the car park below where the maths department used to be next to the Boyd Orr Building, someone meticulously painted up: “Tommy Sheridan – the Thinking Man’s Ned”.

    My all time favourite was in the toilet of the language department. Language teaching the world over appear to be the reserve of the eccentric, and one anonymous writer brilliantly encapsulated the head of the German Department with “Dr Fogg is tormented by mystic visions” – anyone who had ever encounted this delightful character (one of the refounders of the Green Party in Glasgow) – sort of a cross between Tony Benn and Foggy Dewhurst from Last Of The Summer Wine – would have been in full agreement.

    Glasgow Uni was of course also the home of the mysterious Boris G1 and Hymii Hämäläinen (The Crazy Smiling Finn) – about as near as it was ever possible to get to such a thing as Prog Graffiti …

    JGedd says:
    22 April, 2021 at 2:50 pm


    Apropos of nothing: my husband insists that many, many years ago at the same QMU, in the toilets, someone had printed a notice, placed above a toilet roll holder which said, ‘Sociology Degrees. Please Take One.’

    There was toilet paper in the QMU?

  218. Pixywine says:

    To the SNP and the Greens both the darlings of the banks, you are making nothing but enemies. You Will stay the fuck out of my way.

  219. A wiman says:

    The girl needs this cat…

    It even rolls its eyes at the end

  220. Stuart says:

    The lady in Englandshire who has a passing resemblance to Shergar (in happier times) and is apparently the leader of a party who are neither Liberal (unless it comes to deviance) and are no Democrats ( see Joe Swingtits for details) is a self confessed “pan sexual”.

    You couldn’t make it up and I didn’t

  221. Dan says:

    @ Red at 5pm

    Smashing Pumkins reference per chance?

    I jist dinae ken, these young uns get an internet connection today and think they are edgy.
    Johnny Rotten dyed his hair orange and did that shit almost half a century ago!

    Back in t’day we got or had to save up for a skateboard or BMX and rode the shit of them nearly every waking hour, so didn’t have time to be so self absorbed.
    When your brain has to process risk assessment, gravity, momentum, style and coolness points for earning potential nookie badges off of the preferred poontang of yer choice, shit like what pronouns to use just ain’t relevant.

    The internet didn’t even exist back then for self promoting yersel, the most angst I suffered, even when we had to squat off Leith Walk for 6 months, was either having no pocket money for toffee crisps or lion bars, or the utter the hell of using a 35mm film camera to capture my BMX exploits and pay 4 quid to get a film developed at Boots, only to find a week later most of the pics taken were half out of frame shit or an out of focus blur.

  222. Wee Chid says:

    For anyone who needs assistance, here is a useful song about pronouns from Mr Menno. Enjoy.

  223. twathater says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if this really was a PPB on behalf of Nicla and Patrick or is it Patricia (I never know) anyway the broadcasters and meedddya would have their work cut out defending this to the normal peeps among us

    So here’s an idea Nicla if you really don’t want a majority in HR hows about posting this as a add on to your trans one via the beeeeb

  224. Pixywine says:

    Daisy. I can’t get Tupperware parties out of my head now.

  225. MacLam says:

    Well I’ve been hammering the stuffing out of the Like button on my typewriter but I think I must need a new ribbon.
    Some class comments on here today, tears rolling down my cheeks, well done everyone.
    I agree with the chronological arrangement of the thread, but I do long to show my approval.
    Oh and I agree with the veterinary diagnosis for Mac’s dog, probably worms. Or too many chillies. Actually that could be the same diagnosis for the Poor Soul in the video.
    Neurocysticercosis, not very nice.

  226. Labour 4 Indy says:

    I am no supporter of the SNP, but I do support an independent Scotland.

    I will be Voting Labour 1 and ALBA 2.

    A bit disappointed in the Poll today.

  227. wull says:

    If someone wants to identify as a non-entity why should anyone want to refer to that nonexistent mon-being thing which it has identified as anyway?

    The word identity means ‘being that thing’. ‘Id’ = ‘that thing’ and the ‘ens’ (= ‘ent’ or ‘entis’) bit means ‘being’. How can you ‘be’ that thing if you are not ‘that thing’ which you are pretending to be?

    The only word that makes sense in the whole Self-ID thing is ‘Self’. People who self-ID should maybe just be referred to as Self. Or, in more affectionate terms, ‘Selfie’. Or, perhaps, ‘Selfish’ (except that that term might become ‘Fish’ for short, or, more affectionately, ‘Fishy’).

    Basically, Self-ID seems to be a Self-centred attack on being. That is, on being in itself, and things as they are. The triumph of freedom understood as an absolute, divorced from reality: I am what I decide to be. Worse in terms of its historical antecedents) the triumph of the will: I am whatever I want to be.

    This is a Self-centred attack on reality, which is now seeking to impose itself by force and fear. Since it has no respect for reality, it won’t have any respect for you, or for me, or for anyone who disagrees with it. Far less for anyone who dares to expose its inherent unreality.

    The whole thing is unreal; moreover in the major sense that it absolutely hates the real. Hating the real, it seeks to destroy it. That destruction of reality is the purpose of the Hate Crime Bill. If this ideology ever comes to bear sway, everybody is in big trouble. Every thing which is real, and every person who is real, will have to be eradicated. In the future, ‘the only way to be’ will be ‘to be unreal’. Every other kind of being, or way of being, will be persecuted, locked up and killed off.

  228. Career Politician says:

    Now that SNP–Green Coalition even if not actually necessary really is “gaming the System”.

    Cabinet positions for the Greens even if the SNP win an outright majority….

    That is actually outrageous.

    And all because Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t have the honour to resign.

  229. L.U.T.B. says:

    Despite being possibly the only person round here happy to self-identify as a Tory Morningside Pensioner, I think I need to say a few liberal-lefty-inclusive-diversity-embracing words in protest at the transphobic tone of this post and the majority of the comments.
    The objectionable & unfortunate person in the video may well be mentally ill and as such is not fair game for general mockery. Alternatively they maybe just showing off for the internet or conceivably giving a satirical performance.
    Whatever they don’t seem to be a public figure or official spokesperson of any sort, & given the SNP & Greens aren’t actually doing joint PPBs yet, I think we can safely assume that the Rev’s framing of the video was satirical.
    Whatever their state of mind, the implication that this is a typical member of the trans community is just wrong. My own main contact with erstwhile blokes claiming to be women was as visiting psychiatrist at a womens prison. As you might expect they were not all well adjusted happy individuals. But none had the attitude problems of this person. And of course the ones not making it to prison and my clinic were probably doing even better in life & manners.
    I don’t think you need to balance this out with positive videos of happy polite trans-sexuals but dredging the interweb for negative imagery of any minority group is best avoided.
    So, I’d not regard any of this as a hate crime. But maybe not a particularly good look?

  230. steelewires says:

    What a disgusting young woman! Who is she? This is how aggressive the SNP and Greens have become. They have no respect for people who refuse to accept genderism. This may well put people off from voting SNP or Green, and rightly so.

    “Gender” is a word that refers to words, nouns and pronouns. It has only recently begun to be used about people. This is causing confusion and doing harm. Check out the Relationship and Sexuality Curriculum for schools. Nouns and pronouns have gender. People have sex.

  231. Mia says:

    Sorry never heard of the word. I am talking about psyops.

    “as you seem to seem them in every conceivable situation”
    Look at the video again. Does it look like the attractive campaign material a political party seeking as many votes as possible would release, or rather it would be the kind of fear inducing material someone that attempts to alienate a particular audience would use?

    Is the video inclusive or alienating?

    Is the video attempting to convince you or rather attempting to impose something on you against your will?

    Does the video trigger your critical thinking or rather a visceral, opposing response?

    The video is pure psyops. If you cannot see it it is you with the problem, not me.

    “I was one of the 17.4 million people who voted for Brexit”
    And this is relevant to this video because…

    “You seem to think real life is social media”
    Do I now? Well, that is news for me because I don’t even own a social media account, nor have I ever been interested in owning one.

    “sorry forgot you’ve dropped the Russian bit”
    Did I? And where was that?

    “Just be honest what your really saying”
    I am being honest: that video from where I am standing appears deliberately designed to infuriate and alienate people, just like the vomit inducing 1984 video with Sturgeon in all those TVs. Both videos are dark, cold, uninviting, threatening. In other words, whoever designed those videos and approved their release is deliberately attempting to stop people voting SNP. They both appear designed to induce fear and I am questioning why. Why would Sturgeon and Harvie want to fight the supermajority.

    I knew the British state would do everything in their hand to stop a pro indy majority in Holyrood in 2021 so desperate they are to stop Scotland’s independence. But I never in a million years expected the so called leaders of pro indy parties would be its lapdogs doing the dirty work for them. This is what hurts the most, the betrayal.

    “One last think do you know who it was that first harnessed the power of Social Media to affect in his view an election?”
    Nope and I couldn’t give a rat arse about it either.

    Let’s come back to the meat of my comment, shall we? The leave campaign paid two companies that used psyops and that is a fact. This video is in my view psyops. It has all the hallmarks for it, just like the weird video of Sturgeon’s face in the TVs resembling 1984. Psyops is expensive. We all know the SNP has its coffers empty and the Greens have not the levels of cash at the disposal of the tories behind the leave campaign either. So let me ask the questions I sear answers for again:

    Who are Sturgeon and Harvie working for?
    Who is designing and approving their campaign material that appears to be designed to alienate rather than to attract voters?
    Who is funding their campaign and the design of these materials?
    Why are they attempting to alienate voters?
    Was this psyops and the exposure as the so called pro indy “leaders” as tools of the British state always on the cards or is a last minute damage limitation exercise by the British state to stop Alba accelerating Scotland’s independence?

    You can spare your lectures about social media. I am not interested on the least on them. I am only interested in the use of psyops by the SNP and Greens campaign to alienate their natural voters. Social media is just a vehicle. But the video, who designed it and why, who funded it, who approved its release is what I am interested in.

    So, rather than boring me with lectures in social media and USA presidents I couldn’t care less about, do you have the answers to the above questions?

  232. Shocked says:

    @A Person

    When the shit started to stick to St Nicola the party should have made her resign and get a new leader in place in plenty time fir the election. They didn’t because hubby and her are the party. The SNP is a corrupt personality cult built around a liar, they all need cleared out and jailed. We then start afresh.

  233. Meg merrilees says:

    I don’t have a TV.

    Is this really a PPB broadcast going out on the tv – public broadcasting? With the F word?

    Really goes well with the 1984 prequel….

  234. Shocked says:

    So Nicola Sturgeon works for the British State, heard some lame attempts to defend her but that’s a cracker.

  235. Doug says:

    Excellent posts today, Mia. There is definitely something rotten in the SNP state. I believe a non-majority election result would be a most welcome outcome for Sturgeon and company.

  236. wull says:

    Thank you L.U.T.B. @ 6.13 pm. I like your comment, and will take it as a correction to mine. You are no doubt right about the satirical intent of the owner of this website in posting the article. Stupidly, I missed it. Thank you again, L.U.T.B. for your correction and comment, which I much appreciate and endorse.

  237. Don says:

    Didn’t know Ross Greer had changed his look , but you can rarely hide the hair.

  238. Wally Jumblatt says:

    Am I bovvered?
    Seriously, am I?
    Maybe you stay in your world and I’ll stay in mine since you dont seem to be seeking to find any common ground.

  239. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Typing about Students’ Unions’ toilets…

    One of my proudest moments. When I was resident DJ in ‘The Bowlin’ Alley (The SU of ‘the Bell Street Tech’, now Uni of Abertay) in the late 70s,, I was shown my name scrawled on the wall, in a cubicle of the ladies’ bog, with a suggestion of what use I could be put to.

    Eh, them were the days…


  240. TNS2019 says:

    Labour 4 Indy says:
    22 April, 2021 at 5:58 pm

    I am no supporter of the SNP, but I do support an independent Scotland.
    I will be Voting Labour 1 and ALBA 2.
    A bit disappointed in the Poll today.

    The indy movement is more diverse than many folk and the MSM think.

    I do belive that it will come, but not in the short term. The SNP have damaged our chances by displaying their incompetence and misfeasance.

    It will come.

    But not under the SNP.

    That option died when NS took control.

  241. Jontoscot21 says:

    Not sure whether this concept has been shared but we are definitely dealing
    with a thoroughly minoritarian government. However much you believe in equality and inclusiveness
    this approach at it heart is exclusive. Can we start using that approach to name this assualt on democracy?

  242. Dan Hardy says:

    Mia says:


    Seriously, WTF are you smoking? The video is nothing but satire from Stu.

    The fact you think it an actual PPB and all the rest of your tin-foil hat conspiracy diatribe, is something that should make you crawl under your duvet and die of embarrassment from.

  243. Kcor says:

    TNS2019 says,

    “For that reason I have no shame in voting Tory1, ALBA2 in this constituency. If we get rid of Swinney, we will have done the nation a favour.”

    That is what I regard as an intelligent, rational vote.

    The shame is on those absolute morons who want the corrupt criminal liars like Sturgeon, Swinney, Yousaf, Robertson etc to be elected, when there is the possibility to get them defeated.

  244. PacMan says:


    I’ve just watched the video and I don’t think the individual is TS. Rather the individual reminds me of these Glasgow West end middle class Neds who just act tough and would brick it if they were unfortunate enough to tangle with a real Ned.

    Ultimately the individual will steadily lose friends and I doubt anybody would speak to her anybody, never mind using a pronoun.

    The rev is right though that the target audience of this woke nonsense is the virtue signalling middle class idiots seen in the video.

  245. PacMan says:

    Dan says: 22 April, 2021 at 5:42 pm

    Johnny Rotten dyed his hair orange and did that shit almost half a century ago!

    John Lyndon did the Rotten persona as a way of getting on in the music industry. He highlighted this when he talked about Sid Vicious being too naive and getting caught up in it. He said that they should have called him Sid Nice and he would have been helping old ladies across the road and volunteered for soup kitchens.

    The idiot in the video is just a virtue signalling narcissistic spoilt brat.

  246. Cadogan Enright says:

    Was this really on TV?

  247. Ruby says:

    I’m trying to imagine when anyone would use the preferred pronouns ‘they/them’

    Would this person’s boss be required to use these ‘preferred pronouns’ when writing a reference?

    What about them’s doctor writing a report about they’s health to the hospital?

    Sorry if I’m getting they & them mixed up I’m waiting for she/her to inform us about the new rules of preferred grammar.

    I was always told she/her was the cat’s mother so it might be difficult to conform with Sturgeon’s wishes to be referred to as she/her.

    What I am not clear about is when asking her if she wants a coffee for example if I should say ‘Does her want a coffee?’ Or ‘Does she want a coffee?”

    I’m guessing it would be ‘Does her want a coffee?’ ‘cos if I said ‘Does she want a coffee’ she might think I was talking to the man/woman next to her.

    It could get even more complicated if I made a mistake and misgendered she/her and used they/them instead then she/her might think I was asking if everyone wanted a coffee.

    I think I’ll perhaps re-think taking a job as a barista!
    She/her and they/them can all get thems own ***** coffees!

    Oh **** Barista! What gender is that? I’m guessing barista is what you call ‘she/hers’ and ‘he/hims’ would be baristo or something similar and they/thems would be baristi.

  248. Stuart says:


    You seem very angry. You again state as fact to paraphrase “that Brexit was won by that what you assert” From what I can tell you didn’t ask me any questions, you just went off on one of your usual diatribes so beloved of your fans on here and tried to impress everyone with your…..wait for it….spelling and non -interest in topics that don’t suit your narrative or opinion (as its more simply known) .

    The undeniable fact (check your posts) that you see predominantly British State conspiracies everywhere proves to me two things (1) you have more faith in “the British state” than anyone I know as to competence (see BJ et al for details) and (2) you don’t believe in anything approaching Democracy which requires losers consent.

    And Nicola Sturgeon a UK plant really? When or if you lose again will she be your go to excuse instead of the usual bad loser crap.

    I apologise for my references to Social Media that you feel so strongly implicates you perhaps you can excuse the impression I got from the almost identical twaddle that eminates from those cesspits.

  249. Al-Stuart says:

    Well Ms/Her/She, you have had your say. By the way get out of my face or use a breath mint.

    Now you WILL let me have my say…

    Your Wokeist movement committed a (currently alleged|) crime of dishonestly infiltrating the Scottish National Party and perverting its legal aims and objects by corrupt practices to further your own Wokeist bowel movement

    You will stop it very soon as people like you who unlawfully conduct themselves in the arrogant ENTITLED manner that pisses off 45% of a nation usually do end up experiencing the judicial system of the country you are colonising by your US accented Wokeism.

    It is EXACTLY people like YOU and your pronoun obsession Wokeism that caused the American abreaction that inflicted 4 years of right wing Donald Trump on the world. That is perhaps too sophisticated a leap for thesis for tiny metal-mouth mounted pubescent naïve brain to comprehend.

    Your septic Cockoo-Nesting Gender Woo Woo Wokeism by KIDNAPPING the Scottish Democratic Independence movement with your incessant me, me, me, I, myself, selfie, me, selfish, I, it’s all about me gender wokeism has destroyed so much empathy I and others had for you and those of your ilk.

    Your corrosively ill educated juvenile politco know-it-all in-your-face rants have done your, your, me, I, me cause a huge amount of harm.

    Now he/her/she/it., kindly FUCK OFF and stop stealing Scottish democracy for your own perverse ends.

    I shall describe your pronuon as Twat/Twit/Twatter/Twitter/Tedious/Turd.

  250. Stephen says:

    You’re wasting you’re breath.
    They don’t listen.

  251. Effigy says:

    Guys what are you talking about?
    Several saying you’ll vote Tory or Labour 1
    and then wondering why polls for independence
    are falling?

    You are telling everyone you will vote in a unionist party!

  252. MadCatWumman says:

    I blame the chemicals in plastics.

    And stupid, ineffectual parents who do NOT make these f*kin spoiled wee tossers just get a grip.

    I blame the crap drugs folk took in the 90s.
    I blame these wee entitled eedjits fir having zero resilience, intelligence or ability to understand it’s not all about them.

    Bang them all out on a building site for a wee while & see what their fkin pronouns are then….

  253. stonefree says:

    @ PacMan at 7:36 pm

    I believe they are called “Pseudo-ghetto gangsters”

    The ghetto could be Bearsden or indeed Stirling would have a certain attraction I suppose

  254. ClanDonald says:

    Now, now people, this poor child suffers from a debilitating condition called Facially Mutilating Obnoxious Personality Disorder. Because sufferers are at such a disadvantage when it comes to employment prospects the SNP classify them as having a disability so they can be elevated to the top of the MSP election list ahead of experienced and talented grown ups. It’s the only career option where these unfortunate victims can expect to earn more than the minimum wage.

  255. Lost says:

    Pipe down sweetheart.

    Firstly I won’t refer to you at all. In the words of Thanos “I don’t even know who you are.” Your one person out of billions, you’re just not that important.

    Secondly don’t wait on an apology that’s not coming. There’s no apology coming from me not meeting your expectations.

    Heard something in the past few days that just sums up this sickness of the extreme-trans mentality “You need to treat me special so I can feel like your equal.”

    It’s a sickness of the ego and the mind. Anyone familiar with any 12-step program will recognise the ego, the resentments, etc.

  256. Stuart says:

    And Mia, all due respect and not wishing to Labour the point, am not sure you understand “critical thinking ”

    It isn’t just being as critical as possible of your opponents it’s confronting your own biases towards your “own side”. Nobody is infallible whether you agree with them or not.

    I’m a prime example of this (or perhaps not I may be a double or treble agent) . Although I am not I guess your natural visitor to this site, I was alerted to the site by a “right wing” boo hiss site in the Evil Empire, albeit the host is Irish (confusing isn’t it). My curiosity was aroused because whatever I’ve heard on here I am actually a proud Scot.

    Anyway I came to this site around the time of the so called enquiries and was astounded at to what was happening to an innocent man no matter his politics in the land of my birth.

    So far so good… then when said man declared for SNP1 I’m afraid and I know we differ on this, my confidence in no way relating to his desively proved innocence was gone and has been in my view reaffirmed by the Revs subsequent posts which to me illustrate preparedness to collaborate with the deviants and sickos, and the potential harm to woman and children. All this on the gamble of getting enough Alba MSPs to make a difference, and then enough People to agree to Independance. You seem to agree its worth it. I don’t

    Finally (I promise) a few or a couple of weeks ago you made some very insightful comments here and I replied along the lines of “beautiful comment Mia” Does that ,make me a hypocrite or a critical thinker?

  257. Ruglonian says:

    It’s so sad to hear that our dear friend Pete has died.
    He will be sorely missed by all who knew him. His place at the Wings stall will be marked with a toast at the first event the stall goes to when we’re out of this current situation.
    Unfortunately Pete won’t be the only friend we’ll be missing when we all finally meet up again.

    Personally, I found Pete to be one of the most generous and kind activists I’ve ever come across in all my years in the indy movement.
    He freely offered me his time and his knowledge so that I could take it to my local Yes group and get them started in badge production. Yes Rutherglen & Cambuslang would never have had the confidence to start fundraising this way without Pete’s guidance. We’ve since used those funds to help countless other groups in our movement.
    YR&C have put out tens of thousands of badges now and I know that Pete, with Brian’s help, have done the same. He told me that the fundraising is an added bonus. That what a badge is firstly is a wee advert for independence! Spoken like a true activist.
    RIP Pete.

  258. Alastair Naughton says:

    Isthere NO END to their hypocrisy?

  259. mel says:

    Very hard to see other than mental issues. Serious mental issues.

    Imagine if this was France or Germany. In France all cats or he and all dogs are she. Le chat le chien. And no one ever had a problem with the fact that dogs and cats come in two sexes.

    And yet the French have no problem that people get the pronouns, when I apologised to a table full of French folk for an error, everyone said not to worry, no problem. They were more pleased at my attempts to speak French to even worry about getting stuff right or wrong.

    Germans, I have found, are slightly less forgiving. Even though there is much more opportunity for error. But still not the end of the world.

    Unlike this girl. Looks like a lass to me, so therefore a she. And if she wants to be a he, then a bit of work on the voice and looks is needed. Fortunately, if she wants to be an IT, easy, just a full length wig from head to toe will do it, though of course then we are likely to add COUNSIN to that pronoun!

  260. Morgatron says:

    Aye, she’s a lovely looking fella.

  261. Cheradenine says:

    Is “cunt” a pronoun?

  262. Charles Edward Stuart says:

    fucking weirdo

  263. Woodside Wullie says:

    Oh, it’s a another Exorcist sequel.

  264. Thistle's Bristles says:

    ‘These are not my /preferred/ protons.. These ARE my protons:

    e- / electron.

    This is how you WILL refer to me, or you positively WILL be charged.’

  265. Thistle's Bristles says:

    TheSNPLeftMe says:
    22 April, 2021 at 1:06 pm
    Sturgeon’s World – normal is the new freak

    Direct quote from the Scottish Green Party Constitution 2019
    (My bold italics):


    Throughout this document, any references to a specific gender denotes people who live full-time as the respective gender. Any references to gender in the abstract denotes all lived genders, and includes the rejection of gender norms and labels.

    Throughout this document, any references to disabled individuals denotes those people who
    identify as being disabled in accordance with the Equality Act 2010.”

    In fact, after prolonged search, the only specific gender reference I found in that entire document of 40+ pages (other than in this Definitions passage) is one occurrence of the word ‘woman’, where it is specified that of two co-holders of a post, ‘at least one’ must be a ‘woman’.

    Of course, by the definition above, that could mean a joint post being filled by two biological males (one, or both, being trans) – thus subverting the whole aim of imposed gender-balancing, to address lower numbers of females holding posts, traditionally.
    (True, two biological women could also be appointed.)

    Also, because the Disabled definition here uses the phrasing ‘identifies as’ rather than simply ‘is’, the field is intentionally thrown open to any and all – regardless of the Equality Act.

    Green members are – by Constitutional fiat – to be accepted by other members as just whatever they say they are.
    No objective criteria need apply.

  266. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    Who gives a fuck what spoiled, middle class, metal-faced mentally ill yank brats have to say about anything? Seriously. Why even post the video?

  267. David A. says:

    It’s all downhill from here. People like that will be deciding the future and ruling over you in your old age.

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