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No Fun

Posted on October 30, 2020 by

The SNP’s message to you:

What they mean:

And our message to the current leader of the SNP:

From “There’ll Always Be An England”, ironically enough.

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  1. P says:

    So they’ll have a discussion about it next year!!
    Angus and Chris must be cursing the so called leadership.
    Meanwhile, New Zealand has had two referendums on euthanasia and cannabis use.

  2. Haggis trap says:

    I am waiting for the punchline : where stu tells us not to vote SNP in May

  3. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “I am waiting for the punchline : where stu tells us not to vote SNP in May”

    If you care about Scottish independence, it no longer matters who you vote for in May. You’re not getting it.

  4. dramfineday says:

    Sound of “boot” followed by “thud” and a satisfied smirk, well that’s independence into the long grass. Now, back to the trough.

  5. aulbea1 says:

    Sold out by Nicola Sturgeon – sickening is not the description.

  6. Iain More says:


  7. frogesque says:

    We cannot march, we cannot gather and now we can’t even dicuss a plan B.

    Looks like its up to the wider non SNP movement to go it alone. How, or what form that takes I don’t know but I really fear civil disobedience.

  8. Alan F says:

    Maybe they have the referendum money in a high interest Bradford and Bingley bond that cannot be accessed until 2027? It would explain why it’s not on the books.

  9. Johnny Martin says:

    If you don’t have the debate, you can’t lose.

  10. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    New SNP manifesto video:

  11. Ian McLean says:

    Is this whole article in the National just a reprint from one before the last conference?

  12. David Rodgers says:

    Wasn’t there a promise from the SNP management that a Plan B would be on the agenda for the conference? It must be true I read it in the National!

  13. David Ferguson says:

    S.30 is folly. There’s a very simple way of looking at this.

    Asking somebody’s permission to do something sends an explicit message that you need their permission to do it, and that they have the right to grant or withhold their permission. So once they’ve withheld their permission, as you yourself acknowledged that they had a right to do, essentially you’ve cut your own legs out from under you.

  14. Saorsacats says:

    The SNP and NS fanatics will have a good excuse! I mean, they think Nicola single handedly runs the country and, does all the decision making.

    They will come out with their usual platitudes and reassurances that there really IS a *plan B* but, it’s being kept secret.

    The National will be decried as a ("Tractor" - Ed), trying to split the independence movement.

    Point out any failings and you’re a phoney, Yoon Troll. I’m so glad I cancelled my party membership, a few months ago – I still get all the emails and postal rubbish though.

    They don’t care about the missing money either – “it’s not missing, it’s in a separate account that doesn’t need to be included in a an audit”

    How do you make them SEE that independence is not just round the corner? That even when they vote in the SNP with a massive majority, there will be another excuse as to why we have to wait?

    I’m sick of it. Might just vote ISP next year, if there’s an election. Or, abstain – oh wait, that would be me playing into the Unionists hands!

  15. Astonished says:

    mrs murrell has got to go. And soon.

    I bet we wont be discussing GRA reform or yusuf’s “have yir weans grass ye up” bill. But I bet they will be enacted next year.

    I could weep.

    Haggis trap – we have been stitched up ( if you are a member of the SNP ?). They have blown the ” ring-fenced money”, they have capitulated to our horrific media on every occasion, they have only defended the wokeratti, they are pushing a misogynistic agenda ad they employed the guy who wrote the vow.

    Our only hope is to remove the woke from every position. And never allow them to return.

    And their wokeratti handmaidens and wokeratti enablers.

  16. Richard says:

    Really disappointing news and on the day yet another poll shows a 12 point lead for Yes.

    Trying to play devil’s advocate here:

    Maybe the SNP believe that after the next elections somehow we will get a sec 30 and that anything other than that will chip away support. And yes I know its been discussed here so many times the chances of a sec 30 are practical zero, not that we should even have to ask for one.

  17. crisiscult says:

    So what is our plan B Rev. There are plenty of non-SNP yes groups (although looking at that phrase, maybe that’s a form of tautology) but little to rally around; I mean what are they supposed to be promoting? Don’t vote SNP. Do we need a high profile indy party actually standing against the SNP to give them the necessary nudge? Is that even realistic?

  18. Johnny Martin says:

    Richard @ 10:50am:

    I would be fairly willing to bet that, if pushed, they’d point to those folk who are ‘No to Yes’ (or ‘swing voters’ as identified in that poll they are talking about this morning) who say it would be ‘unfair’ if Boris says No to an indyref AFTER any SNP majority.

    I am not wearing it though because you can still talk about other options and make it clear you would only deploy them IF the mean man says no.

    I would also like polling on whether these folk think it would be unfair if the SNP were a minority but another party propped them up and supported a Plan B in the event of being told No. I suspect that question isn’t being asked because the (Tory, at least insofar as who the head guy used to work for) questioners were keen to help along the ‘only a SNP majority would count!’ narrative for some reason…..

  19. David Ferguson says:

    SNP. Otherwise known as the Wokeefenokee Swamp.

  20. Ivan says:

    The truth hurts, it really does. I feel washed out by the whole thing. There’s just no imaginable reason why the SNP didn’t head to court after Mrs May said no to s30 in 2017, if the core of the party actually wanted independence in the remotely near future that is.

    Party figures that are moaning about “Plan B-ers” and “naysayers” have only got themselves to blame. How short sighted can you be as a political unit? You have a base who remain galavanised for their ONE UNIFYING OBJECTIVE and how could they not be? Look at domestic UK politics if you can stomach it for a few minutes. The Party has been worse than intransient, they are actually going backwards, putting independence DEBATE beyond the economic legacy of COVID. People are angry and rightly so. I don’t see any attempt to appease these genuine concerns from the leadership. Parties need to pay attention to their bases from time to time and not be concerned about perception from the cabal of unimaginative unionist hacks and cries of “day job” etc.

  21. Bob Mack says:

    “Start where you are. Use what you have. Build what you can”

    Arthur Ashe.

  22. Richard says:


    Yes I pretty much agree with everything you say.

  23. Ivan says:

    Johnny Martin:

    These no-to-yes fence sitters are a completely insignificant, if not totally imaginary, subsection of the electorate.

    We’ve been having this debate for almost a decade, people’s minds are for the most part made up. Only an actual fixed date for a referendum and the concurrent debate will facilitate traffic between the two sides.

  24. Ottomanboi says:

    I doubt those running the SNP understand the full existential significance of the term independence and its intention of freedom both individual and social.
    These links join the anti-freedom, anti-democratic dots.
    The citizens of an independent Scotland under the current dispensation would be anything but independent and free citizens.

  25. Lorna Campbell says:

    There is not even the slightest intention to hold another referendum, and there never actually was, not from 19 September, 2014. In hindsight, everything that has been done by the SNP leadership has been to keep the UK afloat, even as we sink.

    So, we either have a coterie who will never be persuaded into any form of independence because, at a fundamental level, they are working for the British State (some knowingly, others not so knowingly, but self-preservation is all, even as our Scottish society disintegrates under the onslaught of their insane policies) or we have a Scottish government that will continue to hurrah as the Scottish people are punished ever more severely just for existing so that the naysayers (they think) will join the rest of us and throw off the shackles – except it is not going to happen, and the SG knows perfectly well it is not going to happen.

    What will happen in 2021, if there is a huge win for the SNP, is that the insane policies will be pushed through come hell or high water, eventually there will be no natal women in Holyrood (and that will be an amazingly fast process) or in any form of public life because it is not really about toilets; it is all about dislodging natal women from public life and taking over their spaces and rights. You will hear trans women tell women that their experiences of womanhood are far more valid, and the stupid, brainless females who support them just now will be cheering from the rafters – till their jobs, sports, public positions and sex-based benefits go – all of them. Meanwhile, girls who have changed their gender will be utterly marginalized and will never be accepted as boys or men – because they are not, any more than trans women are women.

    Madness and intransigence resides at the top echelons of the SNP, and it was there before 2014. I do not believe now that Nicola Sturgeon ever had any thought to bring in independence on her watch. I think Alex Salmond has learned a very powerful lesson about just who his protege really is, and the rest of us are still learning, even as she lurks behind the protective shield of Covid. Please, don’t call them feminists because they are not. They are as malign and sleekit as any male-led administration; they were just a wee bit more adept at hiding it.

    Corruption, self-seeking policies and a kind of frantic derangement is now the order of the day. Equality at last: women who are just as brainless, underhand, sleekit and morally bankrupt as any male-dominated administration; but not quite so foot-sure that they have seen off the brotherhood. Nah, the brotherhood is still there, just dressed in frocks and high heels this time. Real life, eh? It trumps fiction every time, and you don’t even get a happy ending.

  26. A Person says:

    Absolutely no excuse now for anyone to think Nicola Sturgeon will progress independence. None whatsoever.

  27. Kate says:

    Well Well, who would have thunk it? NO plans At all for another referendum, yet we are living in a time now, when we really should not even require a referendum, but still the bought for SNP under the leadership of St Nicola, will still insist that we must have permission to get out of the most corrupt WM UNION ever, they have broken every rule, even broken laws, intend to remove every devolved power back to WM under the guise of Lord Jack & his Colonist cronies.

    And we will have to ASK for their permission. The SNP Of today, is NOT ever going to deliver INDY for this country. NEC stated that what THEY want is QUALITY DEVOLUTION..Nic said she just wants FIVE more years, & the gullible who will still vote for her pathetic DRAFT BILL, not understanding it is just another mandate, will give her those FIVE YEARS. Covid has been the worse thing to happen to this WORLD in many decades, but it HAS been St Nicola’s saviour.. And she knows it & plays on it..

    Thank god I left that party, it is even more corrupt than LABOUR in Scotland ever were.. To listen to her say daily She just wants to be TRANSPARENT & HONEST, When she has taken the Whole country for MUGS Is heartbreaking to see. She could have beenUp there with Scotlands HEROS, Scotlands bravest, yet she has destroyed the only INDY party that has existed since the 1930, & she is ensuring that Scotland will be NOTHING more than a COLONY to people such as the BUFFOON, & his lying lazy dictator of an advisor CUMMINGS, who unelected is the one really running the U.K., that means SCOTLAND as well.

    Right now, I think that the AFI, ISP, & Common weal, need to come together, stand in every constituency seat, & List seats & REMOVE this corrupt SNP.. AND ALEX you really need to step up now, come back, head up an alliance party, & do what you have always done, FIGHT FOR SCOTLAND..

  28. David Caledonia says:

    Land of the purple heather
    land of the lousy weather
    Land where the Snp leadership blether
    Scotland the brave

    Land where our hearts are broken
    Land where the lies are spoken
    Land where we all ken then
    They don’t want a referendum

    land where Wallace bled
    Land of our glorious dead
    Land of our gory bed
    Feck you SNP

  29. Lorna Campbell says:

    Johnny Martin: the Treaty was always the only viable way to get free because it is the document that underpins the UK; the Acts ratified it. The old SNP of forty years ago knew it was the right route, difficult as it might be. For all his bluster and the commissioning of the Crawford and Boyle Report, Cameron knew it, too. The HoL (stuffed to the gills with superannuated lawyers) know it, which is why they want to renegotiate it and cheat us a second time. The first indyref showed conclusively that a second would be out of the question, but it also stimulated greater support for independence, so it served its purpose. I think Mr Salmond underestimated Nicola Sturgeon’s lack of enthusiasm for independence, which, I think it was Alex Bell who said it (apologies if I’m wrong) was never more than lukewarm. I’m afraid that I believe not a word she says now – on anything. That is what happens when trust is lost: it cannot be regained except in exceptional circumstances; and Nicola Sturgeon shows no sign of understanding that.

  30. Kenny says:

    That news, as inevitable as it is unwelcome, will jolt another few thousand of Twitter deniers to brutal realisation – big ‘victory’, I know, but tall oaks and small acorns.

    And Martin J Keatings is having similar fun with Scotland’s New SNP. Jeezus.

    I hope the *real* First Minister, Alex Salmond, and his crack team – including the brilliant and passionate Scot, Duncan Hamilton QC – smokes them out and forces the bastards at the top of the SNP to resign soon.

  31. Dave Llewellyn says:

    We need anarchy in the UK

  32. Giesabrek says:

    I’ve read since posts on Facebook criticising the Rev and the idea that the SNP leadership don’t want independence, and I’ve held back from commenting to avoid a pointless argument with those who refuse to see the truth.

    Now it’s clearly in black and white that the SNP hierarchy have refused to even discuss plan B, I’m not holding back any longer. I’ll simply post the link to the National article and let it show the Sturgeonistas that they’ve been very naive and been hoodwinked by the SNP hierarchy.

    So tired of this bullcrap now… And it’s more than Mr & Mes Murrell who are involved in this stitch-up of a nation.

  33. Helen Yates says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    30 October, 2020 at 10:24 am
    “I am waiting for the punchline : where stu tells us not to vote SNP in May”

    If you care about Scottish independence, it no longer matters who you vote for in May. You’re not getting it.

    Yep and anyone with even half a brain should know that by now. we have an administration which has tried to frame a former FM and who are now trying to cover that up, they’ve spent the money raised for Indyref2, they don’t want plan B discussed at conference and they are doing everything in their power to derail the peoples action on section 30 and still there are those who believe we should all just wheest for independence which we’ll never see under this government, and I used to think there was no one more stupid than a Labour voter. oh happy days.

  34. Robert Graham says:

    OH well I only guess the cunning plan is on schedule

    Nothing to worry about ,nothing to see move on ,trust us we have your best interests at heart ,just give us your unquestioning support your vote your money most of all your money so we can continue with all the good things we have been doing since 2014 .

    Aye well I seem to remember the exact same spiel that the last snake oil salesman was spouting ,any takers for this oven ready easily constructed bridge one careful owner can deliver or save on the delivery costs by collecting it yourself

  35. Johnny Martin says:

    Ivan @ 11:02am:

    I agree with you. I was laying out what they’d say.

    But I also agree with your wider point – if folk are angry, the SNP should look closer to home for the reason. If they simply gave people what they promised, then there would be no issue.

    If they really, genuinely, feel that it is not in their gift to give people what was promised, then they should stop messing about and say so. But they don’t want to because then their support would half. So instead we are getting ‘they can’t stop us forever!’ but that’s fine talk when you haven’t even ‘started’.

    They think this sounds strong, I am sure, but along with all the ‘Scotland will not be taken out against will blah blah’ it sounds as weak as a kitten. Coincidentally, it’s my view that this is no way to inspire confidence in the population that we are ready to be independent, when there is no real attempt to fight anything that the Tories are doing.

  36. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “So what is our plan B Rev. There are plenty of non-SNP yes groups (although looking at that phrase, maybe that’s a form of tautology) but little to rally around; I mean what are they supposed to be promoting? Don’t vote SNP. Do we need a high profile indy party actually standing against the SNP to give them the necessary nudge? Is that even realistic?”

    The only meaningful thing that will change this mess is the removal of Nicola Sturgeon and her clique. Realistically that isn’t going to happen at conference with the party riding so high in the polls, because it’s a PARTY conference, not a YES MOVEMENT conference. All we can do is keep up the pressure, wait for what should be an inevitable resignation in the wake of the Salmond/Ministerial Code inquiry findings, and then hope that there’s still time before the election.

  37. crisiscult says:

    Thanks Rev. At least there’s hope 😉

  38. Marydoll says:

    I have never been a member of the SN P but believed they were a party for independence. I am so angry at no plan B I contacted them to vent my anger. I don’t expect them to read it or care but I felt better for letting them know. Democracy is dead in Scotland as there is no-one for an independent supporter to vote for now.

  39. Ian Brotherhood says:

    Let’s just get on with organising permanent protest camps in Edinburgh – I’m not the only one who is prepared to spend all day every day at one of them but I’m fucking skint.

    We need proper support infrastructure for long-term peaceful protest. That’s where the dosh that used to go to the SNP should now be directed. ‘Protesters’ need to eat, somewhere to crash – the nuts and bolts stuff requires planning and finance. If we’re going to do it we must do it properly.

    Obviously, we don’t discuss detailed plans in public like this, but we really have to start registering general interest. Ideally, one significant camp should be established in time for the New Year.

  40. Hatuey says:

    You guys obviously didn’t watch the recent Pete Wishart interview, specifically the part where he was asked how the SNP intend to pressurise Boris if he continues to say “no”.

    In short, he says the SNP should offer to meet Boris in Windsor Castle. It wasn’t a slip of the tongue, he said it twice.

    Call it a Plan B or whatever you like.

  41. Mike Fenwick says:

    With no technology involved, 70 years ago, 2 million Scots signed a Covenant, one by one they stated their collective and unified demand for Scotland’s future.

    There is today an example using technology, the Scottish Digital Covenant, some are suspicious of it, some don’t have the required ID to participate, but does that mean there are not alternatives?

    Discussions to create and offer that alternative are underway.

    Question: If you were offered an alternative – not using blockchain – but as a parallel method of repeating what 2 million Scots did 70 years ago would you participate?

  42. witchy says:

    Was thinking re GRC, the government could stop all the fractions fighting by calming things down and making a clear statement…but they haven’t. If we’re fighting amongst ourselves, we won’t see the bigger picture on Independence, or lack of.
    Then, our Justice Minister and his dictatorship ‘the walls are listening’ hate bill. Policing what you can and can’t say in your own home. Curtailing free speech and sovereignty.
    NEC diktats; Women Only Short Lists, discriminatory, (but candidates only pushed forward if they haven’t signed the Women’s Pledge allegedly); Alec S. seeing reflections in the LP’s treatment of JC. Is his popularity still a threat, even though they’ve tried to smear him?; Joanna C.’s block to standing with no regard of the rules; MP’s and their allies encouraging pile-on’s, and blocking supporters for asking legitimate questions. Do they really want Independence? I don’t know anymore!
    Feeling claustrophobic. I hope they turn the Hydrogen Collider off soon…feels like we’re already living in a parallel universe!

  43. David says:

    Any mention anywhere of who was on this ‘key party committee’?

  44. Mike d says:

    Any chance of a couple of big names giving credence and publicity to the ISP . There doesn’t seem to be any alternative now.

  45. Mike d says:

    Mike Fenwick. YES.

  46. Daisy Walker says:

    @ Rev Campbell says ‘The only meaningful thing that will change this mess is the removal of Nicola Sturgeon and her clique. Realistically that isn’t going to happen at conference with the party riding so high in the polls, because it’s a PARTY conference, not a YES MOVEMENT conference. All we can do is keep up the pressure, wait for what should be an inevitable resignation in the wake of the Salmond/Ministerial Code inquiry findings, and then hope that there’s still time before the election.’

    With respect I disagree. It leaves us, the Yes movement, with all our eggs in one ‘bastard’ and no plan B of our own. The Cash for Ash scandal in NI should show us, just how insulated from justice are the BritNat chosen ones.

    The biggest lever to oust NS and co, would be a Criminal Investigation into her actions for multiple suspected acts of Fraud, and the Embezzlement of the IndyRef2 fund.

    Even if the Police were to entertain that, and in the first instance they would bat it back to the complainer to contact the Electoral Commission, arguing that they were the authority best placed to deal with it – which is not true, but won’t stop them trying.

    The Police would take their own sweet time on this, and it would take a minimum of a year before they published any kind of result.

    Given their actions re AS, I would seriously doubt their integrity on this, and it may even hinder further public disclosures, were they to libel a token charge with the Fiscal….

    The Yes movement, badly needs a pick up, but more than that, they need a plan and someone to vote for. Once they have that, they can and will campaign

    With or without full lockdown, the nearly / only effective method of campaigning just now is going to be via leaflets, and billboards, bumper stickers… and we MUST have someone to vote for at Holyrood (SNP or other) who will have as their manifesto your Bath Charter for Indy.

    One group who put the SNP lackadaisical approach to Indy absolutely in the shade was the ‘Led By Donkeys’ group in England. And I don’t doubt for a second that part of the inspiration for their Gallas was the IndyRef in Scotland.

    You have crowdfunded for the Wee Blue Book 2, and it is ring fenced.

    What would happen if you were to crowd fund now, to start campaigning now, for Indy For Scotland, and set the target at £1 million. The emphasis being on Billboards, and posters, and your Bath Mandate.

    At the very least it would put a fighting fund back in the Indy Camp’s kitty… and piss off some greedy, light fingered souls in the SNP.

    And in the mean time, on a local level, local candidates – some of whom might just currently be in the SNP – come to the fore and get ready to stand for election on this issue. Our very own plan B.

    And lets be ever so slightly devious here, were a local SNP candidate to campaign for Holyrood on ‘yet another mandate sometime in the future’… and in that the last month have their road to Damascus moment…. and drop the whip and sign up to your Bath Charter – the voters would know exactly what it was and what they were, or were not voting for.

    I’m sure there will be a few who would do exactly that, if the feedback they got at the doors was telling them it was that, or not getting re/elected at all.

  47. David Wardrope says:

    The SNP position of playing the long game (to be as optimistic as possible) is quite an egotistical and presumptuous one to take. It depends on a long term SNP stranglehold over Scottish electorate.

    Not so long ago Scotland was Labour country, and had been for decades. The fact that Scotland’s colours have shifted so dramatically in the last 6 years shows that the opportunity can evaporate in the span one day of the polls being opened.

    Alex Salmond seized the opportunity and we had a referendum based on the mandate they stood upon within that term. Quite simply, the current SNP heed-yins either cannot be interested, or have inherited the Labour mentality of having the right to rule Scotland.

    “Four legs good…” I forget how the rest of it goes.

  48. MacCumhail says:

    Absolutely mind blowing. This is the best chance we have ever had for independence, due to what has been building in Scotland and the whole Brexit situation.

    However it turns out that the people we elected to deliver independence are now the biggest blockers.

  49. Mike d says:

    Marydoll, since 2014 I’ve burst my family in Scotlands heads about how the sun shone out the SNP’s erse. Boy, do I feel a right fanny now ( excuse that woke pun).

  50. Black Joan says:

    Twitter thread here on how power goes to politicians’ heads and they do awful things because they believe their adoring fans and think they are infallible.

    He forgot to include Scotland, though.

    “All power tends to corrupt. Absolute power corrupts absolutely”

  51. Beaker says:

    John Lyndon sums it up perfectly. I’d rather have him in charge of the country.

  52. ClanDonald says:

    I see they waited till after 9am this morning when applications to be on the NEC/other committees closed before making this announcement (despite previously leading us to believe that it would be on the conference agenda).

    Honestly, f*ck this. If the grown up’s manage to take back the NEC at conference the first thing they should do is organise a National Council meeting for January and get plan B agreed to. Absolutely sick to the back teeth of them all. F*ckwits the lot of them.

  53. Sarah says:

    I am sick to my stomach. I can’t believe the stupidity and arrogance of the rejection of this motion. They must think they are untouchable. I was desperate for someone to stand as Leader in order to at least get some debate but I fear that no-one has. I went to bed thinking perhaps I should but I didn’t.

    This is just the worst news ever.

  54. winifred mccartney says:

    The SNP have been taken over or been infiltrated by the Woke brigade who can only see their own problems. No law should over ride the laws already in place to protect women and womens spaces.

    If they want safe places for men who claim to be women then create them and leave other women alone you can even make unisex spaces so that everyone can choose.

    What has just happened to Labour will in due course maybe 4/5 years happen to SNP over Gender Recognition and then for years after that we will have the court cases of children and young people who were sold a lie and are suffering from psychological disorders – hopefully they will sue the pants off the whole rotten regime.

  55. Vestas says:

    Rev. Stuart Campbell says:
    30 October, 2020 at 11:22 am

    “All we can do is keep up the pressure, wait for what should be an inevitable resignation in the wake of the Salmond/Ministerial Code inquiry findings”

    Would you bet on that happening?

    Not sure I would in today’s political world.

    I think (regardless of rules) she’ll just brazen it out. In the era of Trump/Johnson/Bolsonaro/Erdogan et al I doubt most of the electorate would bat an eyelid if that’s what she did.

  56. David says:

    Alone here in the kitchen
    I feel there’s something missing
    I’d beg for some forgiveness
    But begging’s not my business
    And she won’t write a letter
    Although I always tell her
    And so it’s my assumption
    I’m really up the junction”

  57. Roger says:

    Question – don’t know if anybody has though about it – were NS to resign who would succeed her? I do NOT mean who people on here would LIKE to succeed her, I mean, given the balance of power and the personalities dominating the upper-reaches of the SNP, who, being realistic, would be likely to succeed her?

    I’m afraid who ever it might be would be of the gradualist/woke tendency, and possibly worse than NS.

    Who gets the job after her?

  58. Willie says:

    Sold down the river.

    No debate, no marches, no referendum, no plan B, no operating branches, and no money. Worse than the Tories. At least you knew what they were. Unlike Gualeiter Sturgeon.

    Rev Stu is right. Whatever we vote we ain’t getting independence. Sturgeon must go and if she doesn’t maybe we should consider removing her the way she would remove her opponents.

  59. susanXX says:

    Terrible news Stu.

    Good btl posts @Lorna Campbell, a vote for the SNP is a vote for a woke dystopia where women are marginalized.

  60. Alec Lomax says:

    Willie – a round of applause from the green iunk mob.

  61. Sarah says:

    @ Roger: if NS resigned there would be an election with all party members having a vote.

  62. Republicofscotland says:

    Plan B rejected, well we may as well just shut up shop and all go home bye bye independence.

  63. Fran says:

    Can you just vote on the list in Mays elections? Im buggered if Im wasting anymore time on the SNP.

  64. R Ross says:

    David Wardrope at 11:55 am

    “…inherited the Labour mentality of having the right to rule Scotland”.

    I agree. Fortunately for the Scottish electorate, when SLab were in power we had an alternative – the SNP under Alex Salmond.

    Now, cast your eye around the unionist (and Green) seats in Holyrood. Do you see anybody fit to run a government? All I see are the dregs of Scottish political life and I wouldn’t give them the time of day never mind my vote.

    The SNP under its leadership of Nicola Sturgeon and her pals is, I think, gambling that the electorate will continue to vote for them despite all their lunatic policies as the prospect of a coalition of the aforementioned parties in government doesn’t bear thinking about. Well I’m thinking about it.

    If I don’t see either the SNP having a major clear out of Nicola Sturgeon and all her clique or the appearance of a new independence party led by Alex Salmond, then no party will receive my constituency vote. My 2nd vote will go to the ISP.

    SLab kept going for years after it should have withered because despite its highly visible deficiencies, people kept on voting for them. I’m not going to make the same mistake with the SNP. Besides, a spell of the unionists in power again should work wonders for the YES movement if nothing else.

    I know Nicola Sturgeon has nothing. Neither in the kitty nor up her sleeve – so I’m praying to God that Alex Salmond does and that he has both time and opportunity to show it before the election.

    As an aside, if Alex Salmond did form a new party and make a return to politics, I’d very much like to see the Rev Stu as a SPAD, with his brief being media communications. Not only would he be well worth his wage, he would offer excellent entertainment as he ripped it out of what passes for political reporting here in Scotland.

  65. Shug says:

    Why tell the enemy your plans

    Let them sit and worry

  66. Johnny Martin says:

    Shug @ 12:51pm:

    Stop this shite.

    If there is a plan B, they need to tell the electorate the course of action so they can claim a mandate for it come voting time. Folk cannot be expected to vote in blind faith that progress will be made and more to the point you need to ask to pursue that course of action for it to be democratic – and as we well know, it’ll be used against Yes if it’s not nailed down.

    The ‘why tell the enemy’ shit is past its sell-by, get it to fuck.

  67. David Caledonia says:

    I will not vote for the Snp if the same cretins are running the party, I will probably vote for Tommy Sheridan and his party if push comes to shove.
    Now is the time to think strategy before its to late, I cannot put my trust into their worthless promises any more.
    I must admit I have not been politically aware about what’s going on as I have been to busy having a good time. well life is for living and that’t been my life for a few years now since I retired 30 years ago.
    I am near the end of my 7th decade on this planet and It does pain me to give my vote to any other party than the SNP, but it seem’s I now have no choice in the matter if those people are still running the circus that the party has become.
    I am still a member of the SNP, but now its in name only unless something happens to change my mind before the action begins next year.
    I am going abroad for 6 months but I will be back for the election next year, I have to get out of this country for a few months of some kind of sanity, the country seem’s to be turning into a flock of sheep with all this pandemic nonesense.
    I can put up with that as It has never changed my lifestyle or prevented me from visiting my sons and brothers or anyone else I choose to visit.
    People with terminal cancer dying because of covid, the sheer stupidness of it all would make you weep with anger.
    Anyway, all the best for the future, and don’t let them spoil your christmas, because they certainly won’t be spoiling mine where I am going.

    Lang may yir lum reek

  68. Breeks says:

    R Ross says:
    30 October, 2020 at 12:51 pm

    The SNP under its leadership of Nicola Sturgeon and her pals is, I think, gambling that the electorate will continue to vote for them despite all their lunatic policies…

    A gamble? I see it as blackmail. If you want your Independence, then you have to buy the whole deal complete with wokist lunacy and hate crime legislation. Sign up here sucker and have your credit card details handy.

    I suppose it’s extortion rather than blackmail to be strictly accurate, but not really much of a vote winner.

  69. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “Can you just vote on the list in Mays elections? Im buggered if Im wasting anymore time on the SNP.”

    Yes. You’re not obliged to vote in both columns, you can vote in either one by itself.

  70. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    Ottomanboi, thanks for posting those fascinating links. Totally depressing. Wish I hadn’t read them all, now, especially the one on Yousaf and his drivel, but it only hardens my resolve to laugh in his pompous Orwellian racist face if I ever meet him.

  71. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    ‘Hatuey says:
    30 October, 2020 at 11:32 am
    You guys obviously didn’t watch the recent Pete Wishart interview, specifically the part where he was asked how the SNP intend to pressurise Boris if he continues to say “no”.

    In short, he says the SNP should offer to meet Boris in Windsor Castle. It wasn’t a slip of the tongue, he said it twice.

    Call it a Plan B or whatever you like.’

    Interesting wee gadgie, Pishart, isn’t he? Swans aboot up Big Ben, wants tae be Speaker ay the Hoose ay Lords, boasts tae the Tories aboot mocking and blocking evil cybernat types online…noo he’s wanting tae hing oot in the queen’s gaff n winch her ring! Whit a prick. Seriously. Whit a total…n utter…prick. Wonder if he’s even self-aware enough tae ken how far up Westchimpster’s backside he is. Bit ye ken be damned shair they themselves will ken. Right doon tae the last ermine millimetre.

  72. Bob Costello says:

    Well that’s it then absolutely no alternative other than a new party

  73. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    ‘Beaker says:
    30 October, 2020 at 11:58 am
    John Lyndon sums it up perfectly. I’d rather have him in charge of the country.’

    Beaker, if you mean that boring professional Trump-supporting contrarian Johnny Rotten, he’s firmly anti-independence for us, recently punkly sneering from his spacious American mansion for us sweaties to stop trying to divide his Glorious Britain (TM). He’s certainly changed his fucking UK-anarchy tune, the obnoxious, boring, brainless cunt:

    Mind you, the mockney maggot has been gibbering this pish for years, so who gives a fuck what he says?

  74. crazycat says:

    @ Fran at 12.45

    Yes, you can just vote on the list.

    There are two separate ballot papers, which go into different ballot boxes. You will be issued with one of each (or sent them through the post), and would have to put the constituency paper into the box, but you don’t have to have voted for any of the candidates.

    You can leave it blank, or deliberately invalidate it. If you write anything on it other than an X in one of the boxes, it will be scrutinized at the count, in front of the candidates and/or their representatives, so what you say will be made public. That gives you plenty of scope!

  75. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    I saw a member of staff wearing a red Make America Great Again cap, and a stars-and-stripes mask, in Asda in Grangemouth today. I think the guy is American; I was served by him ages ago. Surprised he was allowed to advertise his political affiliations like that. Doubt he could wear his Scottish political affiliations on his head like that, mind you. Odd.

  76. Graeme Hampton says:

    Christmas list
    1) Get shot of Mr and Mrs Murrell
    2) Clear out the NEC
    3) Find what’s left of the RAF
    4) Organise plan B
    5) Get the truth from the Salmond enquiry

    How well will Santa do?

  77. cirsium says:

    @Mike Fenwick, 10.32
    Question: If you were offered an alternative – not using blockchain – but as a parallel method of repeating what 2 million Scots did 70 years ago would you participate?

    Why would we want to repeat what 2 million Scots did 70 years ago? Do you recall the response from Westminster? It was that there was no place for changing policy based on a petition in the UK political system. It was shelved and mouldered in the UK records office along with the McCrone report.

  78. Colin Alexander says:

    The Plan B motion was a well-meaning “don’t rock the boat too much” plan anyway. The Plan B might have had credibility in 2017. But not now.

    The indy movement, including SNP politicians, need to start considering that the SNP cannot be rehabilitated as a pro-indy party and should be coming up with their own Plan A to achieve the restoration of Scotland’s national sovereignty.

    As mentioned up-thread, it is very simple goal: We need to resile or rip-up the Treaty of Union.

    We need a single-issue campaign / organisation to achieve a single goal: Establishing that the national will is the restoration of Scotland’s national sovereignty.

  79. A Person says:


    Johnny Rotten’s one of those guys that was lionised as dead alternative and edgy in the ‘70s and ‘80s and you thought it was cool that he outraged your parents and respectable society. Then you grow up and get a bit wiser and realise that your parents and respectable society were probably right and that he’s just an obnoxious dickhead, and if you met him in person you’d hate him. A bit like Hunter S. Thompson driving around on drugs or Richard Harris trashing restaurants. Nowadays they’d be regarded as clowns- which is what they deserve. Our woke youth are right about that.

  80. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    A Person – ah ah ah ah, no no no on Hunter S Thompson. Yes, the man was a drug addict and alcoholic, but he was also an amazing writer, a free speech advocate, a genius, fought for good causes, and wrote some amazing stuff. Lydon was an alienated first-gen London-Irish wheezy semi-disabled (some would have closeted homosexual) angry cunt who mocked England in songs like God Save The Queen (after all, he’s Catholic, and no Catholic can marry her) and Anarchy In The UK, etc. Then he fucked off to America, for disconnected from this island, and now sits and spouts tired contrarian shite. Who gives a fuck what his out-of-the-UK-for-decades uninformed opinion is, especially aboot Scottish independence? Fuck him and the career he basically constructed off of being a controversial wanker in 1976/77. ARSEHOLE.

    On the Hunter S front, he’s one of my writer heroes, with reservations. I interviewed his genial son Juan a few years ago. Hunter was far from the general public perception, although he was, of course, a deeply damaged individual. I will hear him criticised on a personal level, but not on a freedom-loving, country-loving, political-genius (he was part of the reason Carter got elected; I just finished reading Ancient Gonzo Wisdom, a book of collected interviews with him, and the man was SHARP AND SMART AS FUCK) libertarian. He would have advocated Scottish independence, I am sure; he was named after a Scottish doctor ancestor of his.

    If you’re at all interested in my interview with Juan:

  81. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    Actually, there was just in the last couple of weeks a documentary released aboot Hunter S Thompson. He ran for sheriff of Colorado in 1970. He got sick of traditional right wing politics, and decided to try and change the dynamic. I have not seen this yet, though I can’t fucking wait to, and maybe the New SNP could learn a thing or two aboot wresting power from clowns with HST’s personal, go-for-it, fuck-it-all, see-what-happens tactics.

  82. Balaaargh says:

    To be fair, National Assembly is where it should be discussed and then brought to conference for approval.

    However, that was what to do in 2015 not 2021.

  83. Kenny says:

    Fran says:
    30 October, 2020 at 12:45 pm
    Can you just vote on the list in Mays elections? Im buggered if Im wasting anymore time on the SNP.

    Yes, Fran, that is what I plan to do.

    Not yet decided for which indy party to vote on the list vote. I refuse to vote woke or unionist on the constituency vote. I will probably write “Alex Salmond” on the paper, because they have to read out spoiled / invalid papers. *

    * If I am drunk, I may write “any of the alphabet women”, but I believe one is standing, so it may be counted FOR one of the candidates!

  84. Sd says:

    An Atlanticist’s Dream.

    The Cabal are nearing total control,alas.

  85. Mike d says:

    Can the ISP not use the may Holyrood election as a vote for independence, put that in their mandate and target every Scottish seat, after all the Brexit party came from nowhere in a manner of months. Surely its not beyond us, we’ve nothing left to lose other than our nation and our pride.

  86. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    Yin fir Nicky Sturgeon. Ye want a confrontation hen, GO FIR IT. 🙂

  87. Sarah/Roger @12.32

    Are you sure that is the procedure if NS stood down/ resigned? I’m a bit worried that there might have been a change in the constitution, OR there could be one at this year’s conference , that allows a private meeting of the NEC to appoint the next Leader of the Party and who knows possibly even FM.

    Wouldn’t surprise me in the least…

  88. Tartanpigsy says:

    Straightforward civil disobedience from 1st January then.
    Make Scotland ungovernable.
    If we can’t get rid of Sturgeon at conference.
    Make her a known imposter in position of leader, undermine her authority over the SNP we will have nothing else left

  89. A Person says:


    Maybe a bad example then. Thank you for your videos which I will watch.

  90. Contrary says:


    They can fuck right off then. The SNP are a bunch of moronic imbeciles that can go fuck themselves backwards. If they haven’t got rid of all the scum that’s floated to the top by December, they get dumped into the Tory bucket* for voting intentions. Arseholes.

    (*Tory bucket = anybody but)

  91. Roger says:

    Thanks, I’d still be curious about nomination procedure, etc.
    BTW Craig Murray standing for party president at least gives people a chance to show their disapproval of the current direction the party’s heading in – MAKE SURE YOU VOTE!

  92. robertknight says:

    I can blame Ally’s Tartan Army and the opening titles of Dad’s Army for stirring in me thoughts and dreams of an Independent Scotland.

    As a Cub Scout, I’d attended enough Remembrance Day Parades to realise that Scots had also paid the ultimate price in dealing with “Mr Hitler”, (and Kaiser Wilhelm before that), so what was all this “old England” guff on the TV? Thereafter, England/GB/UK were interchangeable in my mind – Scotland was decidedly ‘other’.

    The purchase of my first Scotland football shirt, with commemorative World Cup SFA badge emblazoned on it, can take some of the credit also. Scotland on the World stage? An equal, with all these other countries – not in ability perhaps, but present all the same. Wow! Who’d have thought it?

    I’ll confess it was the heart, followed much later by the head, that drew me to Indy.

    Since being old enough to do so, I’ve voted SNP in every election where I’ve been able to vote.

    I joined the party in the late 80’s, attended my first conference in Inverness in 1994, (Drinks with Maggie then Winnie Ewing definitely the highlights. Meeting NS however…), was twice candidate, CA Office Bearer, general foot soldier and contributor of much coin, right up to IndyRef1 – after which I could barely look my fellow ‘countrymen’ in the eye, (55% of them that is), and Flower of Scotland had a decidedly hollow ring to it. (Still does, IMHO).

    But now, chiefly as a result of being ‘enlightened’ by Stu’s dogged determination to expose the current SNP leadership for what/who they are, I find myself contemplating the following…

    Do I think the current SNP will ever deliver Independence?

    Absolutely not!

    Do I think I can vote for the SNP in its current form?

    Absolutely not!

    Do I think the current SNP leadership gives a sh1t about that?

    Absolutely not!

    Depressing… isn’t it?

  93. Ian Brotherhood says:

    @WRYC –

    Enjoyed reading your interviews with HS Thomson’s son.

    We could do with a wee bit more of that spirit right now.

  94. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    Ian Brotherhood, thanks. I am working on an anti-censorship album of hardcore prose poetry (chuckling – you’ll see) that addresses and pisses on the whole Hate Crime Bill joke right now. Probably 75% finished. I will be artistically dictated to by nobody, ever, and people like HST, William S Burroughs, and Rudy Ray Moore have been my inspiration in this. Much more to come.

  95. maxxmacc says:

    Apols if i havent copied this quote crrectly:

    WhoRattledYourCage says:
    30 October, 2020 at 10:42 am
    New SNP manifesto video:

    Hey at least Plan 9 From Outer Space was a plan!

  96. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    maxxmacc: if ye dinnae laugh ye’ll greet. 🙂

  97. A Person says:


    Thank you for your interviews I enjoyed reading them!

  98. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    A Person: nae bother man, woman, midget. 🙂

  99. Muscleguy says:

    @P 10:10am
    And the Euthansia vote was won by about 65% in favour. Which would likely be the result here. But MSPs did not care that it was backed by the majority (polling showed it). So they killed it for the old religious reasons.

    Well I get a conscience too and haven’t voted for my SNP MSP since over it.

    I’m proud of my other country, NZ for going there. The cannabis one looks like it has been lost. too many people fail to realise a lot of the harm of drugs is their illegal nature. We can regulate the strenght of hash. Still outlaw skunk for eg. No ground glass in your hash either. You would be able to buy legal bongs guaranteed to reduce the harm of smoking it. Milder herbal forms for cooking with.

    And of course the medical uses could firstly be better proven and doctors would be able to prescribe them more easily. That a perfectly natural product cannot be prescirbed is frankly ludicrous.

    I doubt we would get referenda like that here. Civil society seems too conservative (small c) to do that. Too many of them are religious. More than in wider society. If you ever wonder why we can’t be more progressive, that is why. Vis most of the chattering classes deciding Salmond must be guilty.

  100. WhoRattledYourCage says:

    Muscleguy – despite valiantly trying to bring us into the (American) 21st century with obsolete, unworkable, hateful sexual (minority) policies, unworkable because nobody much really cares aboot hating gay or trans or whatever people, this country’s historically-inculcated braindead sexual repression loop continues apace. Which is hilariously embarrassing. Intersectionality is just pleasure-choice-stunned Calvinism under a different name. 🙂

  101. Dan says:

    Evolution and Scottish Enlightenment Part Deux…

    Scotland in da 1700s

    A man’s a man for a’ that – Rab Burns

    Scotland in da 2000s

    A man’s not necessarily a man for a’ that – Anyone who disnae want to be goin’ doon for a ten stretch for hate speech.

  102. ScotsRenewables says:

    A couple of points:

    a) There is widespread consensus OUTSIDE THE SNP that over 50% of the popular vote plus a majority of seats will make the granting of an S30 inevitable.

    b) Party grandee and constitutionmonger Mike Russell says he believes there could be a referendum next year. Mike is an egomaniac anxious to secure his place in history, so will not be making these noises thoughtlessly.

    c) Massive work is going on in Europe behind the scenes. Of course there is a ‘plan B’, but if you imagine it is going to be revealed at this stage then you are politically naive.

    Make no mistake, anything that reduces the SNP vote in May is the real threat to independence, not the ‘Jock cocks in frocks’ sideshow.

    I despise the wokerati infiltrators as much as the rest of you, but they are only a threat if you let them whip up anti-SNP hysteria at this critical juncture.

    Bite your tongues, cross your fingers and vote SNP 1 and 2 for 50‰ plus on both the regional and list votes. Keep your powder dry for the first real election, the one AFTER independence.

  103. Alex Montrose says:

    an increase in the Indy majority after next years Holyrood Election will be the last chance for Plan A, if a ref is still refused by Westminster, then and only then should Plan B be decided.

  104. Rev. Stuart Campbell says:

    “an increase in the Indy majority after next years Holyrood Election will be the last chance for Plan A, if a ref is still refused by Westminster, then and only then should Plan B be decided.”

    When it’s too late, you mean?

  105. ScotsRenewables says:

    Plan B already exists. That is so inevitable it barely bears repeating.

    Admitting that however would weaken the pressure for Plan A to be implemented.

    Plan A (S30) is the plan favoured by the EU nation states whose acceptance of the legitimacy of Scottish independence is vital. Any Plan B will only be reluctantly accepted when Plan A is a total no-hoper. That is not yet the case.

    It may be frustrating, but anything that undermines the chance of the SNP gaining a majority of the popular vote next May is sheer irresponsibility, not to be jeapordised IMO by a tiny handful of wokeist loonies and the odd sponsored cock-in-a-frock.

    – W

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