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Never understanding

Posted on February 26, 2016 by

An interesting and illuminating exchange has taken place in the last few days between the First Minister and Times columnist Kenny Farquharson, one of the many senior journalists who’ve recently jumped from the sinking ship of The Scotsman to take up less prestigious but more secure positions elsewhere.

It started on Saturday night, when Farquharson tweeted this:


And then people said more stuff.

Farquharson explained his question in a further string of tweets, combining to this:

“My question is, will it actually help Remain, or be horribly counterproductive? I suspect the latter. The last time Nicola embarked on a charm offensive with the English it didn’t end very well. The English ran scared to the Tories.

At best, this would leave Sturgeon’s motives open to question. Nicola’s aim is independence within the EU, and the only prospect of that at the moment is if UK votes for Brexit, triggering indyref2.

If England votes to Remain, Nicola’s plan is scuppered and independence is shelved for a generation or more. So why should people believe Nicola is sincere when she campaigns in England for Remain? Why is Nicola campaigning against her best-case scenario for Scotland’s future?”

We’re not here today to pick up on all the untruths and logical flaws in that argument. (Why would Scotland and England both voting Remain “shelve” independence “for a generation”?) What was more noteworthy was that in the manner that almost-uniquely characterises Scottish politics, the FM took to Twitter with a swift personal response:

“I feel a civic duty to help [Kenny Farquharson] uncontort (is that a word?) his logic, starting with [a] reminder that not everything is a cynical calculation. Sometimes (yes, even for pols), positions flow from principle.

Principle 1. I believe Scotland should be independent.

Principle 2. I believe UK should stay in EU.

If UK votes to leave EU (& Scotland votes to stay) I think it [is] inevitable (whatever I say) that demand for #indyref2 will grow.

However, that doesn’t mean this is the particular scenario for #indyref2 that, given the choice, I would choose, So, in principle, I’ll argue for an In vote & continue to make case for independence on its many merits. You’re welcome.”

Seems straightforward, right? Sturgeon wants independence but, like a great many other Yes supporters, doesn’t think being rushed into a second referendum amid the untold chaos that would be bound to follow a Leave vote over the EU is the most favourable prospect for achieving that goal.

(It’s a view shared by this site. In our opinion 2021 is likely to be a much more propitious time for a whole variety of reasons, not least the fact that nobody’s all that certain that a Leave vote actually would result in the UK leaving. A stable growth in Yes support would be much more reliable than a kneejerk reaction to a Brexit vote.)

But Farquharson had a lot of trouble getting his head round it, to the extent that he’s written an entire, rather petulant-sounding, 1100-word column in today’s Times about the dialogue, which culminates in this quite extraordinary claim:


Ladies and gentleman, meet the only person in Scotland who doesn’t know what the SNP’s position on independence is. [SPOILER: It’s in favour.]

Farquharson, then, is inexplicably bewildered about the difference between a position and a strategy. But it’s even weirder than that.


Firstly, if none of the SNP’s strategic pillars is being executed well then Farquharson must be utterly baffled by the party’s current 30%-plus lead in opinion polls. It certainly APPEARS as if Sturgeon and her party are successfully managing to juggle the two supposedly contradictory aims.

But the wider truth is that obviously those two things are NOT mutually exclusive. After battling with its own “fundamentalist” wing in the 1980s the SNP has absolutely accepted the “gradualist” strategy for independence, namely that it must be achieved via a referendum rather than a unilateral declaration.

And what that means is that it IS safe for those opposed to independence to vote for the Nats in elections, because they know that if another referendum comes along they can still vote No.

That fight has been conclusively and permanently won. People voted for the SNP in 2007 and 2011, there was a referendum, and a significant minority of people who had voted for the Nats voted No. They didn’t get their fingers burned. They had their cake (a competent SNP devolved government) and ate it (avoided independence). QED.

Nevertheless, the party also called a referendum at the first opportunity it got, fought it and came within 6% of winning. It didn’t betray its principles and anyone committed to independence knows that the SNP remains the only sane route to achieving it.

The SSP or Greens or RISE aren’t going to form a government any time soon. While a few impatient extremists will always trickle away from any party, there’s no danger of a mass exodus. That fight, too, has been won.

And this failure to grasp the most basic and obvious lessons of the last nine years of Scottish politics leads Farquharson to his bizarre conclusion:


“Those wary of separation” may or may not be “alarmed” at the prospect of a second indyref triggered by a Brexit vote – but if they are, so what? If there’s another one they can vote No in that one too. They still don’t want a bunch of diddies for a government.

Nothing has changed. You can still vote both SNP and No, and everyone knows that because they remember doing it only 17 months ago, and they know fine that the SNP is still in favour of independence. Nobody is confused, except Kenny Farquharson.

We can understand him not wanting to listen to the vile cybernatty likes of us. But when even a patient explanation, in words simple enough for a small child to follow, direct from the First Minister herself, can’t get the message across, we can’t help but wonder if the Times is thinking that perhaps it’s been sold a pup.

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123 to “Never understanding”

  1. Casper1066 says:

    Well said…

  2. frankieboy says:

    Mr Farquharson, leave the thinking to those more capable of doing it. It’s obviously giving you problems. Too long at the Scotsman, I suspect.

  3. Ken500 says:

    Farquarson should stand for election instead of being employed by a tax evading Non Dom. Or just stopping writing nonsense. ‘Journalists’ enjoy being irrelevant.

    Cameron intends to campaign in Scotland. Is that wise?

    Cameron should first convince half of his elected party members who do not support him.

  4. galamcennalath says:

    Good article highlighting just how far from reality Yoonery can stray. The motives may have less to do with blinkers, stupidity and misunderstanding and more to do with sticking to the same tired dog eared script.

    Mark Twain — ‘Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.’

    …. and from a Yoon perspective the story always has the same ending, yes, SNPBad.

  5. Steven Roy says:

    I think the biggest confusion for him and his kind is that the SNP are campaigning to stay in even though he sees that as the least likely option to lead to independence. He can’t understand a party that puts principles above short term gain. That and he is a deluded yoon.

  6. Macart says:

    Absolutely nailed it Rev.

    Flabber well and truly ghasted at Mr Farquharson’s reasoning, right enough. Still (shrugs), long may it continue. The longer it takes the blindingly obvious to sink in to the meeja set, the better. 🙂

  7. Bob Mack says:

    Creating scenarios in his own head. As Danny Kaye said.

    “The vessel with the pestle has the pellet with the poison, while the chalice from the palace has the brew that is true”.

    Intellectuals eh? Think Nicola is throwing them a curve ball by firstly not meeting their predicted strategies and not desperately calling for another referendum immediately. After all,they are the experts and it should have happened the way they predicted. Shouldn’t it ?

    They have obviously drunk from the pestle vessel!!

  8. Robert Louis says:

    The position of the FM and the SNP on all these matters is straight forward. It is therefore remarkable the contrived lengths unionists such as Farquarson will go to, to try to establish some ‘secret’ conniving or planning on the part of the SNP.

    Seriously, unionists need to understand, that just because the Labour party behaves in that way, it does not necessarily follow that the SNP do the same.

    I have watched as one unionist commentator after another have tied themselves in semantic knots, trying to ‘expose’ some secretive underhanded plot they suspect is being perpetrated by the dastardly Nats.

    I guess it helps fill a few columns in the dead unionist media. Still pretty daft though.

  9. Roboscot says:

    During the 2015 Westminster election campaign Nicola made it clear a vote for the SNP was not a vote for a second referendum so voters didn’t need the reassurance of a No vote. It’s trickier for Holyrood in May because the SNP must have some kind of manifesto commitment for a second referendum in order to have a mandate for it.

  10. Uni Toons. Wot’s he on? You mean you can get paid for writing such gobbledegook?

  11. Certainly not a pup – Farquharson is a bit long in the tooth for that classification to apply.

  12. scotspine says:

    All these Yoon journalists (Farquharson, Massie, Daisley, Bird, Noughty etc, etc) are becoming more than a bit stifling now.

    How can a Country have around 50% of it’s populous being FOR Indy have a media that is at least 95% against?

    That is an utterly untenable position and at some stage there must be a rebalancing.

    Its not a healthy state of affairs.

  13. HandandShrimp says:

    “there is nothing the nationalists hate more than being irrelevant”

    Written like a true propagandist. It isn’t a measured and reasoned analysis, it is just a silly tabloid hatchet piece by a hack who can’t contain his bile.

    The poor Unionists are falling over themselves to repeat this bilge. The SNP are conflicted, the SNP don’t stand for anything, the SNP voters are cult members, deluded and brainwashed. They are projecting. It is they that stand for nothing…or nothing much that anyone wants.

    Face up to it Kenny. The SNP fought the Treasury and won regarding Smith and the Fiscal Framework, poor offering though it be, when the press and opposition were braying for them to sign. There is only one party that fights and wins for Scotland and that is the SNP. That is why the SNP win. It doesn’t require a lot of thought, analysis or convoluted double think – it is plain to see.

  14. Ken MacColl says:

    While the article demonstrates that our First Minister finds time to keep her eyes on the pulse of the nation she should not really be wasting her time reading the likes of Farquharson who “sold the pass” so long.ago. I tried to read the “petulant sounding” article referred to in the link but gave up when The Times demanded cash on line. I stopped subscribing to that source more than a year ago, some years after I gave up on The Hootsman and Mr Farquharson in an earlier manifestation.I see that Hamish McDonnell is serving up mince on the front page of The “Scottish” edition of the Daily Telegraph
    As other contributors have commented it is difficult to understand how the SNP enjoys such a sustained lead in the opinion polls when everything it does is BAD.

  15. Valerie says:

    Uncontort. Bunch of diddies.


  16. Iain says:

    Hysterical. Good work!

  17. heedtracker says:

    Another Murdoch goon probably not picked for his IQ. His thing about the EU ref “drowning” out our May Scottish election, is not exactly rocket science either.

    His “assuming Nats hate nothing more than being irrelevant” insight also explains the BBC led UK wide black out on anything at all Scotland. But did he really need to point it out, the big dope.

    Ultimately red and blue yoon tory pressure on the UKOK media goonshow to make us stop voting SNP or in fact just stop voting, has gone mad.

    My fellow Scotland people types, we won, we cant get over it, so can you stop voting now, or else.


    Toryboy liggers.

  18. proudscot says:

    RevStu, I used to joke to my (greatly missed) late wife that the quickest way to lose an argument with her, and by implication with any female of the species, was to employ logic!

    I’m afraid you’re in the same boat, as you insist on using logic to demolish the arguments of the various Unionist politicians and journalists you slap down in print. This is a most unfair tactic, a bit like using simple arithmetic to rubbish the economic fantasies of our home-grown maths-lite twins Dugdale and Baillie.

  19. G H Graham says:

    I like debunking myths; Farquharson is allegedly an idiot. That’s why he was employed at “The Scotsman” for so long.

    But my March 2016, editor of comedy, Les Snowdon working at “The Times” (Scotland’s wee parochial branch office), might have felt that the formation a comical double act was long overdue.

    And having previously worked at “The Scotsman” himself, he possibly had first hand knowledge &/or experience of making shite up, on the hoof.

    So maybe he convinced Farquharson not to cash in his lousy pension contributions & save them for an even rainier day & carry on scribbling rubbish for a few more years yet?

    Ye see, that’s the thing about Scottish journalism. It really is crap but you are invariably guaranteed a laugh at its own expense.

    And the best bit, is not having to buy a print copy. You can find out all you need to know about this shite industry on line. For free.

  20. Dr Jim says:

    Fill column inches, maybe it’s just that, have ruler must use
    “There done”
    But what does it all mean Kenny? asks his editor

    Hardly the point is it boss eh

  21. Clapper57 says:

    Hey Alex Massie ….look whose ‘still’ WHINING , one o yir ain , yae better get him telt!

  22. Firestarter says:

    The SNP do not need a manifesto commitment for Indyref2. Its what they stand for, and everyone knows this, and it will be pursued if and when (ok… just when) the time is right.
    The EU referendum in June (called in part as a not-even-thinly-disguised two fingered salute to Scotland, Wales and NI) is just another excuse to get the Union Jacks out and sing Rule Britannia. Cameron’s flimflammery in Brussels was pointless and achieved nothing…. especially not healing the splits in his divided party. Which is already hilarious to watch, as it’s “handbags at dawn” every day already.. and there are 4 months still to go 🙂
    The UK has as much chance of leaving the EU (one of the largest trading blocs on the planet) as Wullie Rennie has of becoming FM.
    Friday “feel good” rant over 🙂

  23. Andrew McLean says:

    I do so look forward to the next installment in your fantastic organ, but imagine my absolute horror when not even reaching the culmination of the first sentence, when two words pounced out of the page and chilled me to the bone, the words or more correctly, the assemble of first and second names into “Kenny Farquharson”.

    I knew things and only would descend into a torrid malaise of unionist buffoonery and recrementitious word play. Regardless I persevered more in hope than expectation, and ran straight into his mental road block, “what is the SNP position on Independence”?

    I take my proverbial hat off to you Rev, how you remain sane is beyond me, I would be sticking pencils up my nostrils and running for the hills by now, if I had to disseminate the ramblings of the unionist hordes.

  24. Grouse Beater says:

    One of the populations biggest surprises issuing from the indie debate has to be how many journalists, once accepted on their own terms, are, quite frankly, dim-witted.

    They outed themselves.

  25. Capella says:

    A 30 point lead in the polls is SO IRRELEVANT.
    Almost as irrelevant is Tommy Sheridan. James Kelly is debating with him at 6.45 pm today. That will be about the irrelevant and completely overshadowed Holyrood Election. Probably.

    Who is Kenny Farquharson?

  26. Mark Fletcher says:

    How many times have we seen it: the integrity of the SNP leadership inevitably driving a coach-and-horses through Unionist duplicity and distortion? Though undeniably irksome and frustrating, the machinations and the co-ordinated smears can be cleaved through.

  27. Andy Borland says:

    “What is the SNP position on independence?”, asks the bold Kenny.

    Right up there with Iain Gray asking how a Scottish oil fund would be funded!

  28. Ruby says:

    Ken MacColl says:
    I tried to read the “petulant sounding” article referred to in the link but gave up when The Times demanded cash on line.

    Ruby replies

    If you really want to read the article and you are a member of Edinburgh Libraries you can go here and read it

    Just enter your libary card no. and then search for

    Resistance is futile when you’re Sturgeoned

    I would imagine most libraries offer this facility. This is the one for Glasgow

  29. jimnarlene says:

    SNP stand for independence, shocker!

  30. Jim Mitchell says:

    Rev, you sure he jumped and that he wasn’t pushed?

    I suppose he’s following the 1st rule of journalism now a days, don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story!

  31. AnneDon says:

    Is Kenny Farquarson’s column going out in all editions of The Times to explain Scotland to rUK? Or is it just in a Scottish edition, where people safely know they can ignore it?

    It seems that the possibility of a politician saying something they truly mean and believe, is something he, and the rest of the Corporate media, just can’t cope with.

    It meant that Alex Salmond was an enigma to them, and it looks like the same thing is happening with Nicola Sturgeon.

  32. Skooshcase says:

    These are not journalists (in the old-fashioned sense of the word), they are propagandists.

    They have their palms greased by their far-rightwing masters to regurgitate poisonous propaganda against those they view as a threat to the continuing state of Britnat racism, entitlement and faux-democracy – the SNP, SNP MPs and MSPs, SNP members, Scotland, the Scottish people, Scottish independence supporters, and… you and I.

    A dirty, dirty business. Very dirty indeed.

  33. yesindyref2 says:

    With paper copy sales plunging, and dubious value of the online version so over-stuffed with adverts there can be little point in anyone advertising there, nor anyone awiting long enough for a page to load, the columnists twitter each other in a blind panic, furthering their mirror-on-the-wall inflated views of themselves that despite these plunging sales they are informed, intelligent, capable of rational thought, and have an understanding of what the public believes and wants.

    Meanwhile Zebedee says “time for bed, boinggg” and Dougal runs round in circles chasing his tail. “Woof”. Oh, it’s a magic roundabout all right. One with mushrooms.

  34. Proud Cybernat says:

    Wait – weren’t we a cult of bots? So, it’s really okay to vote “No” to indy and still vote SNP cos their great in a really cool culty kinda way at running the country.


  35. Legerwood says:

    I never cease to be amazed by journalist’s capacity to turn truth on its head. It was not Ms Sturgeon the Unionist parties, the Tories especially but they all did it to a certain extent, used to frighten the electorate in England but Mr Salmond.

    Ms Sturgeon’s performance in the debates and the very positive reception she received from the viewing public followed almost immediately by her comprehensively demolishing the Telegraph’s smear attempt meant that the Unionist’s could not use her to frighten the electorate so they concentrated on Mr Salmond.

    Years of constant demonization in the press meant he was the perfect candidate to use as a bogeyman particularly for the Tories who, along with their fellow travellers in the media, constantly referred to him as if he was still the leader of the SNP and little if any mention of Ms Sturgeon was made.

    Remember the Tories’ billboard campaign featuring Mr Salmond?
    Although it has to be said some of Mr Salmond’s remarks, even if jokingly, did play into the Tory spin.

    Even the LibDems played along with the idea of Mr Salmond as leader. Nick Glegg, two days before the election, was referring to him as such.

  36. findlay farquaharson says:

    “sold a pup” hehehe, he wont like that

  37. DerekM says:

    Newspapers more like opinion papers as that is all this is,the opinion of a bitter hack who got slapped down by the FM.

    You would think they would have got that a political shift of volcanic proportions has happened but not to political parties, but hey ho i really shouldnt try to enlighten them it really is a waste of time you spend all your time trying to remove their heads from their own backsides.

    Got to hand it to the SNP though they do get it 🙂

    Keep floundering about in the dark yoons if anything its amusing.

  38. Ruby says:

    Here’s another library facility which allows you to read 4000 different newspapers & magazines.

    AnneDon says:
    26 February, 2016 at 4:55 pm

    Is Kenny Farquarson’s column going out in all editions of The Times to explain Scotland to rUK? Or is it just in a Scottish edition

    The headline in Proquest states

    ‘Resistance is futile when you’re Sturgeoned: The first minister’s use of social media is masterful — but it belies almighty contradictions in her party’s ‘strategy’ [Scot Region]
    Farquharson, Kenny. The Times [London (UK)] 26 Feb 2016: 25.’

    Here’s another extract from the article for those who don’t have a library card

    ‘There then follows a string of six tweets — count ’em, six — in which she challenges my argument. She signs off cheerfully with, “You’re welcome”, and a winking emoticon.

    That is being Sturgeoned. The Scots word for it is “telt”. Resistance is useless. The only thing you can do is turn off your phone for the rest of the day and go for a walk, as the FM’s 282,000 followers on Twitter queue up to gloat.

    The first minister’s use of social media as a political weapon is worldclass. Only Barack Obama does it better, and he has a team running his Twitter account for him. Our FM wings it, with a sureness and lightness of touch that allows her to set the Scottish news agenda with 140 characters or fewer.’

  39. galamcennalath says:

    There used to be a culture of Political Pamphets. Writings which were high partisan and opinionated, often not substantiated by facts. The common purpose was basically ramble rousing.

    There may have been a just cause behind them. Revolutions could be driven by them! ‘Common Sense’ during the American Revolution being an example …

    What used to pass for newspapers in Scotland are now no more than Unionist Political Pamphlets!

  40. JaMur says:

    I want Salmond down south with a megaphone telling the good people of england to help Scotland and snp and vote to stay in the EU.

    Brexit guaranteed.


  41. Ruby says:

    My opinion of the Kenny Farquharson article is that it is a rubbish article by a rubbish writer.

    The only question I have is why are Unionists so pre-occupied with Independence?

  42. Marie Clark says:

    Oh dear. Kenny Farq, oh dear.

    It seems to be so hard for these poor yoons to accept that they won, and they ramble on and on and on about independence. If I recall they are the folk who started on about indy ref2, most of the yessers just quietly got on with things. What’s their problem?

    Anyway Kenny son, you’ve convinced me. SNP X 2.

  43. Papadox says:

    @Ruby says 6:12pm
    The only question I have is why are Unionists so pre-occupied with Independence?

    They want a second referendum while they believe the “older” generation gaurentee a majority for Union. Then they will inform Westminster “no more referendums for the next xx years, twice the people of Scotland have rejected it, its now off the table”

  44. Big Jock says:

    The polls on yes or no following Brexit are 60% yes. So the effect would be a clear win for yes.

    There is a thrawn Scottish case saying well if you leave then we can leave you. A lot of people are genuinely fearful of Osborne in charge of an isolated UK.

  45. Johnny says:

    I can’t decide if Farquharson is really as confused as he pretends or his motive is simply to have any readers of his guff continue to mistrust the SNP’s motives (I say continue because they are, generally speaking, not likely to be reading him…in the Times…for anything other than a unionist perspective).

  46. heedtracker says:

    The only question I have is why are Unionists so pre-occupied with Independence?

    Or red and blue tories think they can reverse Project Fear enough Scottish voters that vote NO with the threat of ref 2. It looks like most YES voters will vote SNP for the foreseeable but it still leaves a lot for the red and blue tories to frighten.

    “Yes we’re varying degrees of UKOK shite but Sturgeon’s definitely going to hold Ref 2 and soon but you can stop her by voting for us. It must be true, its in the Times.”

    Catchy eh.

  47. Effijy says:

    I can see where he coming from!

    He, Farquharson, will not accept that if the majority of the Scottish Electorate want Independence, or to remain in the EU, or stop Westminster from cutting our share of the money Scotland generates, then they must be stopped because the guy who pays him said it!

    For Farquharson Sake, there must be idiots out there buying this

  48. Gary45% says:

    In or out, Indy ref 2 will happen.
    It will become apparent during the next few months, the real feelings the UKOK has for Scotland.
    I reckon the Scots will have their minds made up for them by our “friends dan saff” when the euro shit hits the fan.

    O/T Sports Alert.
    It has to be one of the saddest days in football.
    Tokyo Sex Whale has pulled out of the FIFA presidency.
    Even if the guy had no clue about footy, his name is classic.

  49. Lollysmum says:

    Tommy Sheridan & James Kelly debate live now.

  50. ArtyHetty says:

    Just wow! Aside from the rubbish this guy is spouting, the language he uses is akin to describing a religious cult, or a rogue, tyrannical political regime. Back to that again. ‘Seizing power’, ‘tightening it’s grip’, ‘a true believer’ and of course the thousands of people choosing to become members of the SNP, are described as having, ‘joined up’.

    And of course the usual crap, it’s ‘separation’.

    All the kind of speak used for the likes of Hitler or Mugabe, and such maniacs, never used for the likes of Cameron of course.

    I find this language dangerous, it panders to the extremists who already despise the SNP, and would do anything to hinder, or even finish them off.

    When I was in Newcastle last year, it’s exactly the kind of language my friends used against Scotland, creating rifts where non should exist and especially in touting the myth that the people of Scotland, in support of the SNP, and particularly in support of independence for Scotland, are irrational. They are in their opinion, followers of a cultish, and crazed leadership, and only capable of basing their decisions from an emotional angle, never a rational, logical one.

  51. Almannysbunnet says:

    The unionists sure do obsess about independence. Maybe they think we should be more open about burrowing our way under their unionist castle. Where’s the fun in that? Nah nah Kenny we know exactly what Nicola is working towards and we are right behind her. If you can’t work it out more fool you.

  52. Ruby says:

    Papadox says:
    26 February, 2016 at 6:32 pm

    They want a second referendum while they believe the “older” generation gaurentee a majority for Union.

    Ruby replies

    The idiot Kenny is not going to endear himself to the older generation using phrases like

    ‘It has more wrinkles than a Greenock pensioners’ tea dance’

    ‘Her reasoning, presumably, is that a new referendum in such circumstances would be a huge gamble. There would “almost certainly” be a surge in support for independence, she says. It would be “inescapable”. The impression she gives is of her hands being tied. And yet a leap into this sub-optimal referendum would risk her own political future and that of her party. The SNP has not even begun to address weaknesses from the last contest — on currency, for example — let alone new difficulties on borders and the oil price.

    Like I say, a burach. It should be easy to answer the question, “what is the SNP position on independence?” As we can see, it isn’t easy at all.

    Ms Sturgeon’s position on independence is, frankly, a guddle

    It has more wrinkles than a Greenock pensioners’ tea dance’

  53. JLT says:

    By God …I can see the Daily Mail headlines already! The ‘most dangerous woman in Britain returns’ and not just that, but also having the audacity to interfere in ‘their’ Referendum.

    This in one sense is on a par should both Boris and Nigel come up to Scotland to tell us that we are all absolutely barking in wanting to remain with the EU. Simply just putting those two symbols (one of English nationalism, the other of the British Establishment) in front of Scots will have many growling in disdain; let alone having them open their mouths to give us sound advice’.

    In one sense, it could be a win-win situation for the First Minister. Nicola visits England; the Mail and Sun froth; both screech that the Scots are interfering and the final result is that England votes itself out of the EU, thus triggering a very possible 2nd Scottish Referendum. If the UK votes to remain in the EU, then Nicola’s star rises that wee bit more since she is seen as a serious and highly aware politician with a very reasonable head for argument, and is therefore looking out for the welfare of all the British people; not just the Scots.

    Now contrast with Boris, Nigel, Galloway or any Blue or Red Tories that comes to Scotland and opens their mouth. If they do, then there is a very fair chance that they are fuelling the end of the Union. I can just see Nigel dribbling utter nonsense in some pub while Boris patronises us with ‘Well (…chuckle), you Scots are rather clever people’. Where it would be negative publicity for that mob, Nicola’s action in England won’t really damage her in any way. It literally is win-win.

    But what I think Kenny is really fearing here, is that if you’re a Unionist; then Nicola taking ‘the fight for the EU to the English’ is maybe not the real fear here. The real fear factor is if she goes down there, will it trigger Boris and Co to come up here?

    And if they should come here …then it’s no wonder Kenny Farquharson’s sweating bullets and got the shakes. It’s maybe not Nicola the Scottish nationalist who has him worried; it’s the British Unionists in Boris and Nigel coming to Scotland and letting their own patronising British views being aired.

  54. call me dave says:

    I see he’s crediting that other ‘journalist’ Torrance with the first use of being ‘Sturgeoned’. 🙁

    Fracking hell the Lib/Dems change their minds.

  55. galamcennalath says:

    ArtyHetty says:

    “the language he uses is akin to describing a religious cult, or a rogue, tyrannical political regime.”

    Propaganda of the nastiest kind.

    This garbage is not opinion forming in Scotland anymore, in fact it’s probably counter productive. However, what really annoys me it is still taken serious by some in England (which is your point). People down south express opinions now which are completely at odds with reality. Tensions, ill feeling, and animosity are being spread to bolster this dying Union. It is deeply immoral.

  56. Hotrod Cadets says:

    That’s a mighty fine JAMC track.

  57. carjamtic says:

    Yes they did win….but only just !

    In sporting terms,their journalistic job was to be as referee i.e. Neutral/ Balanced/Fair

    But yoons cannot help themselves,got to make sure their side gets every bounce of the ball,every rub of the green,every conceivable advantage,every unfair decision,every manky headline.

    But at what price ? They sold us a thing that is incapable of doing the thing it was designed to do,Westminster is not fit for purposes,the yoons know this,but it did’nt matter to them it doesn’t now.

    The price for all of this ? history will tell,but I think there ‘luck’ has run out… for all to see as corrupt liars,humiliated,shamed,ridiculed… they lie awake at night,knowing the people know…..they will go the way of all small people,into the shadows where they can find some contentment counting their pieces of silver,wrestling with their conscience,was it worth it ? Depends on how highly they hold themselves perhaps there is enough tea in China or maybe not.

    What now ?

    Proper referee’s is the answer,see where that takes us,in a fair game,I suspect a different outcome and by a wide margin at that.


  58. Thepnr says:

    Kenny should consider laying down his pen.

    Nicola certainly has him skewered along with the Rev and those of an Independent mind in Scotland are not too far behind.

  59. Thepnr says:

    Meantime if you fancy a break from posting, following on from James Kelly and Tommy Sheriden debate you can watch Jim Sillars at the SNP Club Edinburgh on Independence Live.

  60. Thepnr says:

    Jim Silars live at Edinburgh SNP Club, just started on Independence Live

  61. R-type Grunt says:

    Farquarson is a fuckwit of the very highest order. A detestable arsehole who would argue black is white for all eternity.

  62. Graham MacLure says:

    R-type grunt.@7:39

    Exactly. Why waste time talking about parasites when we could be discussing a better future?
    Tapeworm MSM journalists like the tool fellow are history. Now, how do we go about regenerating our less productive areas thereby improving living standards for real people?

  63. wull says:

    Barking Mad Farquhar
    Slipped Past his Marker,
    Ran the length of the pitch, and he scored…

    But he’d run the wrong way
    And there the ball lay …
    ‘Mad Farquhar – Own Goal!’… the crowd roared.

    He claimed that a witch
    Had got on the pitch
    And Sturgeoned him up when he ran:

    His shot had backfired
    Because, Sturgeoned and mired,
    His mind had contorted, and jammed.

    But kindness was there,
    Most civic, most fair:
    To uncontort him it quickly did come.

    For contortion’s not comfort:
    His illogic run-for-it
    Showed how far Kenny’s mind’s come undone.

    Quick to his aid
    Came the fair maid
    With good logic, to help him re-run.

    But our own-goal-scoring hero,
    His mind switched to Zero,
    Accepted no help, would have none of it.

    With his mind all unmanned
    He kept biting her hand
    And foamed at the mouth for the fun of it.

    So try as she might
    To make him think right
    No logic could reach his mad ranting

    Which has now moved to London:
    The Scotsman, unburdened,
    Lets the Times print his non-understanding.

    For never oh never
    Not once, and not ever
    Will Farquhar the Barker at last right perceive

    That his country that bred him,
    The fowk that long fed him
    Will not by his rants (his own-goals) be deceived.

    I’d hate to be Farqhuared:
    When you’re bit by Mad Barkers
    Mad you become, and soon you drap doon, and you dee.

    Oh Scotland! Be Sturgeoned,
    Of Farquhar unburdened:
    By her, and of his ilk, be freed:

    May all calculation
    Serve people and nation:
    Not madness or ill-will, the illogic, the cynical;

    Let principled positioning
    Inform all decision-ing
    In a Scotland that’s winning, whose future is winnable;

    Let all fowks think soundly,
    Clear and well-founded,
    E’en Journos and Pols, Let all be full grounded …
    in sound principle …
    yes …
    in principle.

  64. MJT says:


    Cheers for the link. Sillars is making some good points.

  65. Thepnr says:


    Worth repeating the best bit 🙂

    I’d hate to be Farqhuared:
    When you’re bit by Mad Barkers
    Mad you become, and soon you drap doon, and you dee.

  66. ahundredthidiot says:


    Jim Sillars is always making good points………right up until he puts his foot in it, I’ve said it before, but his ‘day of reckoning for the banks’ statement in front of a TV camera in the closing stages of indyref1 will forever sideline anything he ever has to say for me.

    Loose canon. Best ignored. Best kept away until we secure victory. Man’s a liability.

  67. Brian Doonthetoon says:

    Hi wull.

    I don’t really read poetry, an’ thah’, but your three line verses hooked me.

    Well done that wull!


  68. Iain says:

    The demented rantings of a yoon are hardly news. Can we not hear some good news from their negative, glass half empty, we are being cheated again media. Life’s a bastard and then you die is their motto.lighten up and live, like every day is your last day. How can they live with this day in, day out crap. There is more to life than negative bigotry. We are fortunate to live in the richest most beautiful country in the world.
    We should be truly thankful.

  69. Chic McGregor says:

    @Graham MacLure

    I prefer ‘Paparasites’ rather than ‘Parasites’ as per my ain wee composition done efter the 2011 election and updated last year efter the GE:

    Behold the carcass of a once proud and noble animal in its ruin on the Plain of Retribution!

    A vast putrid pile which rots and decays and violates the very air.

    In truth, this aged Leviathan, the last of its kind, had commenced its corruption long ere this final demise.

    The Paparasites which had fed on Laborusaurus Scotus, for that was its name, now reduced to whimpering prodders and pokers, try, hopelessly, to bring their former provider back to life.

    They had, fleetingly, ran to its nemeses, Nicola the sure-footed, the great Golden Queen of Govania, yea even as she wielded the fatal blow.

    But no succour were they to find there, for she is a Queen of hard justice.

    And so they return, pathetically, to the thing they knew, the thing whose time is past, the thing that will soon,… mark their own passing.

    But as the Sun sets in the West, so it rises in the East and the Land will fill with the good light and will renew and all will prosper and attain fulfilment.

  70. wull says:

    Don’t suppose anyone will read this (or preceding post) – too late with it as usual – but would like to suggest small correction in what, I think, is the 16th verse (never could count). That means the third last.

    Instead of:

    ‘Not madness or ill-will, the illogic, the cynical’

    I prefer:

    ‘Not madness or ill-will, illogic and cynical’

    That seems marginally better to me, though still imperfect.

    I suppose it doesn’t really matter. It’s only doggerel – feel free (if anyone’s out there) to suggest improvements.

  71. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Ruby belongs to that group of blinkered cringers who still do not understand that the case of independence does not rest on current oil prices,the currency or borders. These are the substance of the half-wit factor that the Better Together campaign targetted.

    The case of independence rests on a belief that the the Scots are as able as any body else,with an economy as good as anyone else, with natural resources that most countries would dream of and that all the peripheral issues which are the substance of the campaign against independence can easily be dealt with as they are dealt with daily in the 198 independent countries across the globe.

    If the bust UK economy we are trapped in has rendered us a basket case that is the fault of the union, not the Scots (except people like Ruby who vote for more of it).

  72. Robert Peffers says:

    This bunch of so called journalists always remind me a bit of that great comedy show, “The Goon Show”. In their case it is, “The Yoon Show”.

    Now, you know that bit in the Goon Show when Bluebottle always manages to get his catch phrase in, “He’s fallen in the water”?

    Well, I see, in my mind’s eye, Farquharson in the role of Bluebottle. However, in the Yoon Show it isn’t the water they guy falls into.

  73. woosie says:

    1100 words to say “I don’t really know what’s going on.” I fancy that job.

    This eejit (don’t know much about him, nor care) is saying something along the lines of what his paper wants the English public to hear – SNP bad!

    With all our grievances, subsidy grabbing, livng off their great big broad shoulders, surely the next referendum should be in England only; “do you think Scotchland should be booted out of the uk?”

    Bad news about Cameron the Hogfumbler coming to Scotland to campaign for Remain. Pig farms country-wide on lockdown!

  74. wull says:

    Many thanks for the encouragement, Brian and Thepnr. Thanks for the ‘Leviathan’ poem Chris (or is it Graham?). That’s real poetry: some very good ideas, and some very nice lines. Labour-Leviathan, indeed: well said. Thanks again.

  75. Dan Huil says:

    Farquharson is just another britnat Scot who eagerly displays his ignorance in order to please his masters in London. Meanwhile Farquharson’s masters snigger behind his back.

  76. call me dave says:


    Nice wee cameo there. 🙂 Really enjoyed that.

    Chancellor warns that austerity squeeze might have to get tighter.

  77. Big Jock says:

    As far as Sillars goes. Good guy and heart in the right place. However he falls for the oldest trick in the book. Divide and Rule!

    The goal is independence and that needs a united front. Not giving open goals to the media. The fact the BBC and Herald love quoting him, should be enough for him to realise the strange bedfellows.

  78. crazycat says:

    @ Dave McEwan Hill

    I think you have failed to notice the quotation marks in Ruby’s post.

    They are not very obvious (she could have used blockquote) but she has contributed here enough that it should be clear those are not her views.

  79. K1 says:

    Dave McEwen Hill, Ruby is quoting directly from the TImes article referred to atl, the one where Faqruason spouts all this pish? It’s not Ruby who is spouting this Dave. The body of her comment is in ‘quotes’ to signify this.

  80. crazycat says:

    @ K1


  81. John MacRae says:

    Reluctant as I am to contradict our guru Mr Peffers…
    Bluebottle’s catch phrase was “You’ve deaded me again”
    Or variations of the same.

    “He’s fallen in the water!” Was Little Jim.

    With apologies to all.

    Posting from nexus7.

  82. One_Scot says:

    It’s funny but when I think about these type of Yoons I cant help from feel sorry for them that they are wasting their lives away on negativity and bitterness.

    It really is quite sad given that a lifetime experience is so short against infinite time.

  83. Iain says:

    Just wondering about the yoons and how they live with the lie of the vow. It must eat them up, living with the guilt. Telling the biggest porky, it’s something you can’t be proud about. It must keep them awake at night. Living with the guilt of a nation betrayed is a heavy burden for anyone. Still you could change and help Scotland become a normal nation in the world. Then again you could just stay too poor too wee and too insignificant.

  84. Rock says:

    “the SNP has absolutely accepted the “gradualist” strategy for independence, namely that it must be achieved via a referendum rather than a unilateral declaration.”

    That is very wise of the SNP and I support that position.

    Doesn’t matter if the treaty of union has been broken a million times rendering it legally invalid.

    No point in banging on about 300 year old laws.

  85. Ian Brotherhood says:

    It’s all well and good to keep monitoring the pish these halfwits leave, in the same way that a hawk can ‘see’ the urine trail of rodents, but when it comes to doing anything ‘serious’ we really must start making an effort to ignore them.

    The old Alisdair Gray quote about working as if you were living in the early days of a better nation has never been more apt – we have to start doing that for real rather than referring to it as some kind of pipe-dream.

    Speaking personally, as a very minor writer of fiction, I’ve long-since abandoned any desire to have dealings with the ‘metropolitan’ literary scene, or any of their proxies based in Scotland. If it means that I never ever have any more work published, so be it. I’m a member of Scottish PEN, and have been for five, six years or so. It’s now opening an associate membership arrangement of some kind which means that non-writers, literature fans or whoever else can become members of Scottish PEN for slightly less than the members pay, so it’ll be £25 annually, something like that.

    As highlighted in today’s The National, it was Christopher Grieve/Hugh MacDiarmid who founded Scottish PEN, and we all know where his loyalties lay. We really need to set about the business of picking-up where the ‘Golden Age’ makars left us at or about the Union of Crowns in 1603 – Scottish ‘culture’ extends so far back beyond that, we can’t be sure where it started and English establishment cultural commissars HATE that fact with a vengeance.

    From 1603-now is a ‘blip’ in cultural terms.

    We have the people and talent to do whatever we like in terms of ‘art’ – the matter of knocking-together a ‘Scottish Six’ would have much more to with cash and logistics than want of ability and is, frankly, a minor concern in the broader picture, but there is a central and inconvenient truth which Stuart Cosgrove and his supporters will have to face, sooner or later – in an independent Scotland there will be no place for the BBC and many of the people who have manned its Scottish garrisons in recent decades.

    I’ve met many of the WOS regulars. Between us we have enough experience and talent to do pretty much anything, given the resources, and we represent a mere fraction of the talent-pool in this country. Those resources will never ever be granted by a WM govt. We have to take them – constitutional independence would just be the first step.

  86. galamcennalath says:

    Big Jock says:

    “As far as Sillars goes. Good guy and heart in the right place. ”

    Always struck me as typical of the ideological left. For them, being seen to fight the good fight is more important that actually winning!

    In the real world you have to be pragmatic, compromise, and cooperate with others to achieve progress. The ideological left just don’t ever see that.

  87. ArtyHetty says:

    Whistle blower, William McNeilly breaks silence ahead of London demo, interview on

    Not really news but a reminder of the things forced on Scotland, at our great peril. Especially when you hear McNeilly talking in terms of, “if anything does happen,then at least I will have a clear conscience”.

    I guess that’s good, cos rest of us will literally be toast if ‘anything does happen’.

    These are the things we need to concentrate on,the bastrd yoons do not deserve a moment more of our attention.

  88. bugsbunny says:

    John McTernan on Newsnight right now. Prick.
    And he’s campaigning for yes.


  89. call me dave says:

    Think a Brexit vote would push Scotland out of the UK? Think again
    Says Martin Kettle:

  90. bugsbunny says:

    Now we’ve got that right wing prick Melanie Philips of the Mail talking about project fear.

    Quote, “A campaign ruled by fear can be as effective as a campaign ruled by hope”.

    Shower of fucking hypocrites.


  91. ArtyHetty says:

    re; bugsbunny

    Wow, fear over hope from M.Phillips. Life affirming or what, she must sleep well at night. How very depressing, silly, negative woman.

  92. Gary45% says:

    The issue with Brexit is, The Yoonies will big up the Empire if they vote out.
    Listening to some comments on the EBC shortbread recently, they “still don’t get it”.
    The colonial empire died long ago.
    Pig worrier Dave and the rest of the Yoonies think banging the Empire drum will resurrect the Rule Britannia brigade, it may well do Dan Saff, but here in Scotland we have had enough, I suggest England votes out and shows its true colours, then watch Scotland tell them to “go do one”
    History shows England needs Scotland to survive, so FUCK THEM.
    SNPx2 + Euro Aye

  93. Grouse Beater says:

    Rock: No point in banging on about 300 year old laws.

    Yes, that about sums up English lawyers and politicians respect for the basic tenets of the Magna Carta. Just a lot of old Latin scribbled on decying vellum, really.

  94. Grouse Beater says:

    Oscars and movie clichés:

  95. yesindyref2 says:

    Silly farquhar

  96. Another Union Dividend says:

    Brian Wilson still backing London Tory rule over Scottish broadcasting in his latest Hootsman cringe.

  97. Onwards says:

    Big Jock says:
    26 February, 2016 at 6:39 pm

    A lot of people are genuinely fearful of Osborne in charge of an isolated UK.

    This is what gets me.
    SNP supporters got accused of being small-minded separatists, when they wanted to upgrade Scotland to an equal European nation state.

    Those in the Leave campaign are the genuine isolationists.

    And they want to leave a union where the UK retains FAR more sovereignty than Scotland does within the UK. Where we have limited devolution and a huge list of reserved matters.

  98. Thepnr says:

    I think one day enough Scots will get it. Looking forward to that day.

  99. Onwards says:

    Let’s face it – For the LEAVE supporters, it mostly comes down to immigration and xenophobia. Not fake concern about too many health and safety laws or wonky bananas.

    And leaving the EU doesn’t do anything to change the amount of non-EU immigrants, which comprise around half of all immigrants.

    From reading some of the pro-Leave comments on the internet, it’s the ‘non-White’, ‘non-Christian’ groups they are most opposed to. “Changing Britain’s character”, “Sharia law” etc

    So ironically, what the likes of the ‘Britain First’ mob is doing by advocating a Brexit, is reducing the number of white christian immigrants from Poland and Eastern Europe. Therefore increasing the ratio of ‘non-white’ immigrants from Pakistan, India etc.

    That hot Polish nurse is more likely to be replaced by a headscarf wearing Bangladeshi woman.

  100. willie says:

    In reality, the number of people who read the Times is quite limited. I suspect that many more people will read this article than those who read the Farquarson article. So good stuff Farquarson for giving Wings the feedstock to rubbish the Unionist claptrap.

  101. Capella says:

    OT VT has a shocking article on Scalia and child trafficking. How much worse can this get?

  102. Al Dossary says:

    Brexit & Immigration. Ironicaly I think if Brexit goes ahead, in the longer term it will lead to more immigration, but at a lower cost to the employers.

    We could see a full scale turnaround on policy due to the fact that our upper class Yoons may still be able to get their nannies, Au-Pairs, maids and handymen from EU – the rules altered to import them from further afield for a fraction of the cost.

    I believe the costs in Saudi for a Bangladeshi maid can be as little as 800 to 1000 SAR per month, rising to 1600 SAR (300 GBP at today’s exchange of 5.19 SAR to the GBP) for a maid from a more affluent country.

    Currently the rules are being changed to introduce a £35k minimum wage for immigrant visas – Nurses and Junior doctors will now laughably fall below this rate at a time when the NHS in Yoonland is under strain due to staffing pressures !!! No problem, the newly privatised NHS will be able to bring them back in again, at a much reduced rate than before once Brexit is secured.

    The scrapping of the minimum wage and Working time directive (statutory entitlement to 4 weeks holiday and maximum 48 hour week as it is at present) will surely follow Brexit. This will lead further to the erosion of workers rights.

    The ever escalating costs of Higher education will lead to a further dearth of lower income students in our Universities, leaving the way open again for the upper classes to dominate further the University system.

  103. Wuffing Dug says:

    I wish all these Yoon ‘journalists’ would form a circle and then disappear up each others arse.

    Seems to be what’s happening anyway, talk about a laughing stock FFS, what a shambles.

    I mean FGS that Daisley character on twitter, slethering mega Yoon!

  104. Robert Peffers says:

    @John MacRae says: 26 February, 2016 at 10:02 pm

    “Reluctant as I am to contradict our guru Mr Peffers…
    Bluebottle’s catch phrase was “You’ve deaded me again”
    Or variations of the same.

    “He’s fallen in the water!” Was Little Jim.

    Dinna be reluctant, John, you are not only correct but very welcome to correct mistakes.

    It was only after I had turned off the computer I realised I’d made that error but had also misquoted Little Jim, His phrase was “he’s fallen in, “Da” water”, with the sometimes variation, “he’s fallen in da water again

  105. Ruby says:

    Al Dossary says:
    27 February, 2016 at 6:46 am

    Brexit & Immigration. Ironicaly I think if Brexit goes ahead, in the longer term it will lead to more immigration, but at a lower cost to the employers.

    Ruby replies

    Any future UK Gov could do what Labour did

    Labour wanted mass immigration to make UK more multicultural, says former adviser
    Labour threw open Britain’s borders to mass immigration to help socially engineer a “truly multicultural” country, a former Government adviser has revealed. Telegraph

    He said Labour’s relaxation of controls was a deliberate plan to “open up the UK to mass migration” but that ministers were nervous and reluctant to discuss such a move publicly for fear it would alienate its “core working class vote”. Telegraph

    Why would Labour want the UK to be more multi-cultural and why were they afraid to discuss it with ‘it’s core working class vote’?

    I’ll need to be careful as any discussion about immigration could lead to accusations of racism.

    Was all the political correctness introduced by Labour a way of keeping it’s ‘core working class vote’ quiet!

  106. Nana says:


    This is just sick and he got off. Please sign the petition


  107. Ruby says:

    Wuffing Dug says:
    27 February, 2016 at 8:43 am

    I wish all these Yoon ‘journalists’ would form a circle and then disappear up each others arse.

    Ruby replies

    Mornin’ Wuffing Dug! How are you today?

    We could do what Ian Brotherhood suggests and just ignore their trail of pish.

    Well at least we could treat their witterings in the same way as we would any other troll.

  108. Scott says:

    This is just the SMSM starting Project Fear 2 in prep for Indyref2.

  109. Bob Mack says:

    What a couple of buffoons,or is that bouffants

    I can envisage Donald giving a demi- wave from his armour plated car, as his security team comb the crowd for danger which would be quickly brushed aside.

    Balloons which encourage static would be banned from Presidential proximity.

    Meanwhile in the UK ,everyman Boris would have to rein in his wayward locks as well as his wayward backbenchers to appear Prime Ministerial. Suit ,tie ,anthem etc

    Every time I look at this Cartoon,which is excellent,the words from Alice in Wonderland come to mind.

    Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee resolved to have a battle.

  110. Ruby says:

    Bob Mack

    I think you may have posted on the wrong thread. This one is about the buffoon Kenny and he doesn’t have enough hair for a bouffant but he does like a DA.

  111. I doubt its even worth bothering with hard line unionists they will ever want to understand why Scotland should be independent country.

    All they care about is the of that country they keep calling the UK, one Nation Labour, one Nation Tories.

    Their attitude rather reminds me of reading history about the rigged plebiscite on Anschluss, after the vote Hitler declared that Austria was now part of Germany proper i:e ceased to exist as a nation.

    That’s just how many of the unionists see Scotland.

  112. Robert Peffers says:

    @call me dave says: 26 February, 2016 at 10:48 pm:

    “Think a Brexit vote would push Scotland out of the UK? Think again
    Says Martin Kettle:

    I only required to read the first line of that numpties article to know he was talking utter claptrap.”

    He starts with the erroneous claim that Sturgeon doesn’t have the power to call a referendum.

    Under the still independent law of Scotland any Scot with a majority support of the legally sovereign people of Scotland has the power to call any bloody thing the sovereign people of Scotland agree to do.

    That is what the meaning of the word sovereign actually is and I defy any of the yoons to produce evidence that the Sovereign people of Scotland have ever lost their sovereignty.

    Under English law it is actually a basic tenet of the Law of England. Once sovereign it is not legally possible for a sovereign to renounce sovereignty.

    It was the reason the English parliament in 1688,(The Glorious Revolution), did not just take over and do away with the royalty to become a republic. They could not legally do so.

    Which is why they had their imported royals delegate their God Given, “Right of Kings”, to the parliament of England while retaining the royals as the sovereign heads of state.
    If King Billy & Queen Mary of Orange had not agreed to that demand they would not have been the Royalty of England. England and Scotland, at that time, were still both independent kingdoms.

    Which was why the English Kingdom first assumed that their change of royals also applied to Scotland and thus kicked off the Jacobite uprisings they still claim today were rebellions. The Scots couldn’t rebel against a foreign monarchy. Then the English forced a Treaty of Union upon Scotland.

    What the English teach as history and what is truth are two very different matters but the laws and the written evidence tells the truth.

    Under English law everything, including her majesty’s Kingdom of England subjects belong to the sovereign. It is, after all, “Her Majesty’s Government”. Which is why the Treaty of Union agrees that Scots Law remains independent – quite simply, under English law, there is no legal way for the sovereign people of Scotland to lose their sovereignty.

  113. Ken500 says:

    LabourUnionists caused mass Immigation in Europe because of lying and participation in illegal wars in the Middle East. That is the cause of mass migration in Europe. UK/US and France illegally bombing the Middle East to bits. Illegally, secretly and corruptly taking other countries resources for years. Making these country poorer. The policy of all Unionist Parties in the UK for 100 years,

  114. That’s the problem with those who argue that Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t have the power to call an independence referendum without the consent of Westminster.

    How did Kosovo again gain its independence when Belgrade refused to allow it to hold a referendum on independence?

    How many of the countries in the old Soviet Bloc sought Moscow’s permission to hold referendums on independence ?

    I know some of the Soviet Bloc countries may have gotten their independence once the USSR fell apart.

  115. Ken500 says:

    Wanting a country to be multicultural and bombing other countries too bits and taking their resources are incompatible.

    Balfour Declaration 1917 (unelected Lords) 1WW. 1930 World Depression. Wall Steet crash. 11WW. 1950’s Churchill took Iran’s Oil resources, disrupting the the country and and lying about it. Kept secret under the Official secrets Act. Reinsated the deposed Shah, causing havoc. Disrupting Kept it secret under the Official secrets Act. Suez crisis 1956. 6 day War. Israeli War. Israel/Egypt et al. West supported Apartheid State Israel (7.5 migrants)

    Westminster instigated. Iran /Iraq 7 year War. Westminster armed supported and aided Iraq and their ally Saddam. Iraq. Saudi Bin Laden recruited to CIA. Bush and Saudi King walk hand in hand for bribes.

    Israel an apartheid State supported armed and added by the US/West and neo Nazi’s émigrés. Westminster promised the vote to people in the ME and reneged. Saudi (ally) funded attack on NY. 2003- 2013 Iraq Illegal wars. 5 years Syrian War funded and aided by Westminster supplied weaponry. Causing mass migration in Europe. Costing £Billions causing increased depression, debt and hardship. . People are sick of it. Give it a rest.

  116. Dave McEwan Hill says:

    Robert Peffers at 10.09

    Interesting but not entirely relevant. The UN Charter espouses the inalienable right of any community to choose how it is governed without interference from any other power.
    It is very specific on this point. Neither Scotland,nor Catalonia nor any other community have to ask anybody else for permission to hold referendums on independence or face elections with manifesto commitment to assume independence.

    It is democracy

    Any thing else is a bluff.

  117. ian says:

    We are all well aware that the referendum re our membership of the EU is going to be based on the refugee and immigration problem.Scotland is 5th bottom in the world as far as population growth and England stands in 200th place out of 230 nations hardly countrys facing population explosions due to immigration.Scotland could do with some immigration to counteract our ageing population but trying to explain this to some of our low information fellow Scots is a hard sell.

  118. John Cowan says:

    As the gentleman from Wales said some centuries back: “If the enemy is an ass and a fool and a prating coxcomb, is it meet, think you, that we should also, look you, be an ass and a fool and a prating coxcomb, in your own conscience, now?”

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